Dear _____, A Farewell To My First And Only Love

The birth of the “Pajama Boy” meme, part and parcel of the debate over the government takeover of healthcare in the United States, underscored an important trend in our nation.  This trend was NOT the increasing “juvenilizing” of the American male, a trend that has seen expanding numbers of grown men return home to live with and leach off their parents.  Rather, it was the increased AWARENESS of the trend—a growing understanding that “Pajama Boy” and his ilk represent a category of male one will encounter in day-to-day life. But “pajama boy” is a feeler, a tendril, a probing tentacle of a greater mass of cultural foolishness.

The nucleus of the cancer is found in the “brony” phenomenon (and movements like it). The reason it is a problem is because it facilitates the deconstruction of necessary social gender roles.  Stated another way, there are (or were) social rules for how men and women are to behave.  When men adhere to these rules, when they conduct themselves according to these social guidelines, they enjoy more success overall.  They appear and behave as if they are worthy of respect, of treatment as adult men, of female attention, of reproduction and families.

If they fail to conduct themselves according to these rules, which have been established over centuries of social interaction, males become “unworthy” in the minds of other adults and in the perception of potential female companions.  To be branded unworthy is a self-fulfilling, self-perpetuating cycle of behavior, for once rejected by the sphere of adults, adult work, adult tasks, and adult responsibilities, the “juvenilized” male retreats into a world of fantasy, play, and diversion.  Cultural analogs can be found in the “grass eaters” of Japan, to cite just one example. These are males who have given up on female companionship, on productive work, and on adult responsibility, not because (as they may or may not claim) they are happier that way, but because, having forsaken adult rules of behavior and conduct, they have found that no social community of adults (or adult women) will tolerate them.

Giving Up Childish Things

First Corinthians 13:11 reads, “When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I became a man, I gave up childish things.” It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian, an atheist, or an agnostic; this verse is the centuries-old acknowledgment of a societal norm that itself developed over centuries.  Children grow into adulthood.  Adulthood requires a casting off a childish things and ways.

What characterizes children? They are impulsive.  They are irresponsible.  They break the rules and then try to avoid the consequences for their misbehavior. Left to their own devices, they will not be productive. They do not or cannot support themselves.  We accept these traits as perfectly normal for childhood.  A six-year-old who was obsessed with the practical realities of starting a business or overly concerned about questions of personal honor would be either a genius or a psychopath.  Adults do not expect children to behave according to adult rules.  The process of raising children is the process of introducing them to grown-up responsibilities and rules of behavior on a gradual basis, encouraging them to drop “childish things” and childish ways in favor of responsibility, productivity, and maturity.

What Characterizes An Adult Man?

What characterizes a functional adult and, in this specific case, an adult male (a man)?  A man takes responsibility for himself, his well-being, and his sustenance.  He engages in productive work to his own benefit and in support of his family (if he chooses to start one).  He understands that a man is judged socially by how well he keeps his word and how consistently he meets his obligations—in other words, he understands and operates according to personal honor.  He is capable of defending himself in a sometimes dangerous world and understands this “warrior” function of the human male.  He takes pride in himself and in his possessions and in the upkeep of both.  These qualities make him “worthy” to the human female.  When he displays these qualities he is understood to be a worthwhile investment by the opposite sex. He enjoys the corresponding attentions of women to the degree that he demonstrates his value.

These are arguably subjective guidelines, but they are also readily observable as cultural facts.  This is how adulthood and childhood work and compare. This is what one observes when one takes the time to analyze either in the context of modern society and its evolution over thousands of years. But to acknowledge these realities is also to acknowledge a cultural blight growing within contemporary culture.  “Pajama Boy” is a waypost on that highway to pussified male hell.  The fast lane on that route to juvenile waste could be no better represented than by the “brony” phenomenon.  We will therefore refer specifically to this particular tendril of cultural blight (while understanding that many others exist).

It is not normal for a grown American male to celebrate, exult in, and proudly promote a love of entertainment intended for little girls. There may well be functioning adult men out there, particularly fathers, who aren’t bothered by (and who may even be entertained, in passing) watching programs like “My Little Pony.” A rational adult man does not tell the world how much he loves My Little Pony, however. He does not indulge in this kind of childish foolishness for two reasons. First, this is entertainment very obviously intended for children and females, geared toward female sensibilities, and to revel in it betrays a lack of manliness on his part. Second, over-indulging in children’s entertainment is a diversion that facilitates shirking adult responsibility.

The Wretched Man-Children Of Popular Culture

In other words, a brony is a wretched, immature male who engages purposefully in behavior and entertainment that should have been left behind when he transitioned from childhood to manhood.  His devotion to a children’s television show calls into question his ability to function as an adult and to adopt and maintain adult responsibilities. All adults are, wisely, suspicious of age-contemporaries who exhibit inordinately immature personality traits.  If you work in an office where the shirt and tie are the norm, you don’t give big projects or bigger responsibilities to the guy in the pink “Friendship is Magic” t-shirt.  If you are looking for an adult to babysit your children, you do not select someone your children consider a playmate, who shares their interests and dresses as they do.  If you are a woman selecting a mate, you do not choose a “man” who behaves and comports himself as an overgrown child, an immature man-baby exulting in entertainments appropriate to preteens and tweens.

A superb example of how this attitude affects one’s function as an adult was recounted recently by Aja Romano in The Daily Dot.  On 24 April, 2014, Romano reported on a disturbing incident at the Bay Area Brony Spectacular Con, described as a fandom convention for the television show, “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.”  Staffers at a vendor table for Sacramento’s “Sac Anime” reportedly struck up a friendship with an 11-year-old girl.  When that girl reported that a grown man in a brony t-shirt had tried to grab her and take her to his hotel room, the staff of Sac Anime apparently allowed the girl to hide in their midst.

Supposedly the staffers felt they were “prepared to physically attack the human trashheap [should he try] to [mess] with her”—as if a grown man and would-be kidnapper would be at all dissuaded by the bared teeth and ridiculous posturing of a group of anime fops who cater to a customer base of stunted, sexually confused child-men.  Worse, the staff of Sac Anime never alerted security to the presence of a potential sexual predator in their midst, apparently because they felt their readiness to leap upon the brigand in question was sufficient to resolve the situation.

Bronies, Furries, And Their Ilk Are Children, Not Men

This is a single example among many you’ll find wherever this type of juvenilized mind congregates.  This is the type of thinking that children exhibit.  An adult would alert security and the authorities because an adult would understand the dangers. A grown, functioning man, if alerted to the presence of the predator in question, would likely attempt to apprehend that predator and hold him for the authorities, on the idea that this is what grown men do to keep safe the public at large.  Children, by contrast, believe they and they alone are sufficient to contain such a situation. Children misunderstand the danger to the public and don’t bother to alert anyone else to what they perceive as their localized drama. Children are more concerned with telling the Internet about how brave they were in protecting their new friend. They want the story and the credit that comes with telling it.

Children aren’t concerned with overarching issues affecting people in general, because children are self-centered.  We expect them to be because that is a natural facet of their mental and emotional development at that age.  It is these qualities that must be discarded as children mature.

The brony and countless other related indulgences—“furries” again spring readily to mind—represent the arrested development, the derailed maturation, of the American male.  A male who embraces childish things, who cannot adopt adult dress and behavior, is telling you he is not ready or able to accept adult responsibilities.  A population comprising such incapable, weak-minded man-babies would collapse in short order.  As our own culture sags under the weight of these useless Pajama Boys, it is no wonder, then, that our own foundations are beginning to show serious cracks. The brony and his ilk are the horsemen of an adult apocalypse.  The brony’s rise presages the extinction of the rational, responsible, grown-up men who once formed the backbone of our society.

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184 thoughts on “Dear _____, A Farewell To My First And Only Love”

  1. This is pretty damn bitter and oozes beta. I get what the author is saying, but as a man you have to earn the devotion and love of a woman based on some intrinsic/extrinsic value. You can’t just be fucking content as a man and expect your girl to keep sitting their, giving you a blow-job and handing you a beer.
    There are enough of these types of girls in high school who would end up staying loyal and faithful to their bfs, eventually marrying them, but most guys turn into blubbering beta schlubs that are only afraid to lose the girl.
    Own up to your own shit first, take responsibility and the women will ride along (it’s their nature).

    1. Yeah, agreed. I cut the kid some slack since he’s still in high school, at least he has some of the basics of life already peculating in his skull though, which is good. It does have a lot, awful lot, of oneitis written into it. But hey, as long as he continues to learn and grow I’m certain he’ll iron out personality wise just fine. Most of us at his age had no friggin’ clue.

    2. wooo look at me, I am alpha, everyone here i beta omg this is soooo beta like totally unmanly and unmasculine, you have to follow the laws of nature that some pick up artist created and you’ll be fine!!! love doesn’t exist, girls are only sex objects oh yeah I’m such a bad boy the whole world is against me!!!
      how about you go fuck yourself you narcissistic egoistic wannabe James Bond scum

      1. this is exactly what goes through my head when I’m reading comments on sites like these… a lot of fake alphas like this guy who think real men should shut their hearts and not enjoy or appreciate anything a woman has to offer except for sex. Its like there is feminist extremism on one hand and then these faggots on another.

    3. I agree with you Jason. I stopped feeling sorry for myself a long time ago and learnt to be the kind of man that women want to be around with. I’m actually happy that women can get an education. Why? Because if you learn and master Game, these women will happily provide for you! Women and their education are a resource. You just got to learn how to be the man that will be able to enjoy these benefits.

        1. Nope. Seen it happen with my own two eyes. Not an easy thing to accomplish though.

      1. That won’t work. The black community has already tried it. But keep fantasizing, by all means. Keep pretending that women who have busted ass in college to reach high status will be happy with a man, that holds zero socioeconomic status, who they probably view as an idiot/brute, ONLY because he is SO “alpha.”
        Society has shown that successful women would prefer to collect cats and complain that there are “no good men left” over marrying a working class man.

  2. That was actually pretty good. I thought it was going to be one of those “I only ever loved my dog” or “I married Game” kind of posts.
    Instead, you make a good point about how society’s expectations influence our decisions.

  3. I wrote this within a month of discovering the red pill, about a month ago. The first revision was far more beta and bitter.
    I might have been in tears when writing this, I forget. My feelings/opinions have changed a lot since but I wanted to preserve mental state I was in.
    Shit post I know but i’m excited it got posted.

    1. A lot of real growth as a person comes from pain and suffering. There’s no shame in it, and the important part is learning from the mistakes, pain and hurt then getting back up and getting back on the horse that tossed you. You’re on a good path brother and light years ahead of where most guys here were when they were your age.

    2. It’s not a shit post at all. Even the best post can be criticized constructively and many of those on a fault-finding mission have never even submitted anything, much had anything posted. Least of all at your age- so you are well ahead of most.

    3. You are light years ahead of most in high school. Am private school educated myself…. and I didn’t have a single understanding of “society” or even used the word in a sentence, or understood how social dynamics work. Many girls in school were vicious little bitches I remember… but nature has a really great way of *cleaning up a river when you just leave it alone*. You have MUCH to look forward to. Wish you every success.

    4. Your post was great and so far from being shit. It was honest and real and heartfelt, and you shouldn’t apologize for that. I think you nailed the sad truth that we all face (or will face), and only through acceptance of reality can we adapt and grow (and chase better things). BTW, you’re miles ahead of where I was in high school. Thanks for your article.

    5. Don’t feel bad brother, I went through a similar story as yours when I was in high school. You will learn and grow from it.
      What you need to realize is the fact that it wasn’t so much this individual woman you were in love with but more so the type of woman she was, and the type of relationship you were in. There are many more fish in the sea that have the same characteristics and value the same relationship as you. Now you just have to tread through the mud to find a good one again.

      1. This girl was closest to perfection I’ve ever seen. Still dating her but its winding down. Hopefully you’re right about the growth.

        1. Keep in mind that what Huss is saying is that, honestly, “I’ve ever seen” doesn’t carry a lot of impact when it comes from a teenager generally speaking. You’re just at the on ramp to the highway and there are hundreds of miles of road stretched out before you to start to drive down. You’ll see a lot more than you’d ever expect once you get in and merge with traffic.

        2. The girl I dated in high school was prom queen (I was the football player) she placed I believe 3rd in a Miss Teen Beauty Pageant in the state I live in. She loved kids, she went to school for elementary education and special education for kids with disabilities. Very nurturing profession. She was feminine, tall, petite barely weighing 100 lbs being 5’10” and beautiful blue eyes. She could cook better than me, she never argued with me, never said two bad words to me in the whole relationship, never embarrassed me in front of anyone, and basically respected me fully the way a woman should towards a man. I was fully content and satisfied with our relationship, and in turn respected her.
          I broke up with her before we went to college because I knew how things would go from watching older friends go through it. After dating a good amount of girls and getting burned in a bad relationship I realized how good of a girl she actually was and what I was looking for from then on.
          While in college I grew as a person and after keeping in touch with her for a couple years I realized I wouldn’t have dated her if I met her again today.
          You will grow and learn more about yourself and women, but like a lot of people in this thread have said you are light years ahead of other guys because you’ve stumbled upon the red pill which will lead you to the right type of woman you want, and the right type of relationship structure you are looking for. and hopefully after reading more you’ll learn about the right mindset/ frame to have to attract these types of women again.
          in the meantime, bang whores, work on yourself and keep your head up brother, stay positive. You got a lot to look forward to.

        3. Hey. I’m still in High School and I know exactly how you feel. BUT. There’s still 3.4 billion women out there. Once you’ve left high school and experienced the real world whilst comcentrating on building yourself through health, fitness, wisdom, money and game. You’ll wonder what the hell you saw in her in the first place.

        4. There’s no use in hyopothesizing though….either she could have turned out horrible anyway or she would have molded herself after you.

        5. Your right. I would drive myself crazy thinking about the “what if’s”. I had to learn that there is no good that comes off of constantly dwelling on it and over analyzing the possibilities that could have happened. Its tough but you just have to put it behind you and move on. Thanks for bringing that up, good point.

        6. The import thing to remember is that when your relationship ends, and it will eventually, that you need to maintain your dignity. Walk away and don’t look back. Also, you’ll find somebody else, IF you can continue to improve and don’t do into some sort of depression.

    6. Truly resonates. I also personally lost a girl I fell in love with to the Western ideals of independence and careerism. A Polish girl at that, now most of the globalized world is “West”.
      Roissy said that love is not a supplement to life, it IS life. It is the strongest feeling that exists, natural cocaine, and I pity those who have not experienced it. The reason we fear it so much is because of the power it has to destroy us.
      I stared at that final quote for a good minute. Probably the ugliest of all the red-pill truths.

        1. You certainly will Gary. As a side note, don’t get carried away w/ masturbating or watching porn to fill the void — both very slippery slopes that lead to mental / emotional / physical injury.

        2. taking the red pill leaves everyone depressed cause you wake up and see the truth…

        3. You will, if you find the good and the true that you CAN focus on, and work to make that a reality in your life.
          I don’t know if you’re religious or not, for example, but after a pretty harsh double-cross from a pastor’s daughter helped me realize some red-pill truths, I became a Catholic, took monastic vows and am preparing for the priesthood. I could have let myself sink into bitterness and evil, after I realized the pointlessness of making room for a modern woman in my life. But instead, I noticed that the sense of pain and loss, was itself a sure proof of goodness. For, if there is nothing truly good, I should have nothing to be depressed about. Depression and loss is only a sensible reaction if something truly good was missed.
          I found the Source of that good, and saw the many other goods in my life as a result of It, or Him. We can’t control everything, and we can’t set the whole world right all by ourselves. But if we live for the good we can attain – and we can attain to the Source and Summit, in which All good truly exists – then we actually may find a more intense experience of love (truly intense eros for the divine, not effeminate “wuv,” like most Christians talk about), a more intoxicating delight in goodness, and a more perfect sense of liberty and nobility than we ever would have attained with simply a woman. Sacrificing myself for God, learning how to practice asceticism and contemplation, growing in ability and desire for serving the people – perhaps even to help men find their way to the red-pill and to overthrow the “churchian” mentality in modern Christianity – has provided a great peace, for me.
          …Though, we should pursue God for His own sake, not for the peace; otherwise we get neither. Just a word to the wise.
          God bless.

        4. See, it was the opposite for me. Once I found it, I had the answer to all the confusing, contradictory bs in modern society. Before the red pill, I felt like I was beating my head against a wall. As soon as I took it, though, I thought: “Great, now I get it and can get on with life.” It was a liberation, and I was glad not to have to waste any more time on the futile quest for things that can’t happen at the present time.

        5. I echo this 150%; porn is NOT a good way to fill the void AT ALL. That shit will completely fuck your brain’s wiring and it takes some serious time to heal.
          Instead, learn game, and fuck the real deal.

        6. Watched porn, masturbated, not too often. It leads to mental erectile dysfunction (can’t get hard with a girl) and REALLY low libido. You think hiding boners is frustrating? When you don’t get any, you’d pay anything. Barely got them with real women.
          Obviously it won’t happen to everyone, but it’s important to know its out there.

        7. Go to 41:00, where he goes into the metaphysics of how masturbation will kill your sexual success.

        8. Hit the gym. Think and curse every women who has hurted you while making a bench press at your top weight. Groar and scream if necessary. Repeat. You will feel better.

        9. The truth is that there are better things to do than what you sought out.

        10. Gary, you will get over it. Ill tell you a little story. I moved to vegas when i was 18. for my first real relaytionship. Sex, cuddling, love, compassion, etc. Turned out not to last past 9 months. I told myself after that ill try it one more time or ill forget love and just go into the military. Well, turned out a beautiful british woman, whom i never met, messaged me on myspace at the time ( im 26 now). 5 years later, we are married, have a beautiful girl and the rest is history. Yes we argue, but about small things. we channel it into passion. lesson in the story: You can never give up. be true to yourself and always look into the horizon for the next stage in life. You only have one to live.

    7. The raw emotion and edgy reality makes this was one of the best posts I’ve read in quite a while.
      I would certainly welcome reading more.

        1. Gary, your pain , although deep and sharp, won’t last nearly as long as the time dragging agony that most “modern” women experience after their peak around 25-30. Most here agree that you have a good thing. You don’t see it through the depression of the now but by 25, you’ll be feeling more confident by the day.

        2. And don’t forget that you are missing out on the last 30-40 years of medical problems, post-menopausal hair where hair should not be, crankiness, etc.
          Sure, wife goggles exist, but some women will overcome even the the strongest of those.
          It will get better, I promise.

    8. Not shit. Unfortunately you’re preaching to the choir. The people who need to feel your pain are the young girls who are being told that their sexual freedom while young is worth more to them than the life people like yourself could have given them.

    9. That’s the real, unspoken tragedy here. There’s so many women out there who have the potential to become productive, healthy, members of society and contribute things with real meaning to the world.
      And so many of those women become corrupted by the culture of instant-gratification and shallow attention seeking…..and how happy are they going to end up in the long run? We all know where that road leads and it isn’t to happiness.

      1. First, you have no idea what this website is about if you give a shit about ” the potential to become productive, healthy, members of society and contribute things with real meaning to the world.”
        (See ABOUT: “6. A woman’s value is mainly determined by her fertility and beauty. A man’s value is mainly determined by his resources, intellect, and character.”)
        Second. This was the most beta post that I’ve ever seen. You all are whiny. Why would you care if a chick goes to college or makes any sort of investment if you don’t think that she’s capable of producing anything? Just say that you’re tired of not getting laid by the type of women that you want, do something proactive to change it, and quit bitching about how you can’t get any.

        1. I think you need to re- read the post. You have no idea what you are talking about. Most Alphas are not born but shaped over time through real world experiences. Sometimes its a death, sometimes its getting cheated on, and sometimes its a young girl you have known for most of you adolescent life that completely shatters both your heart and your world view. Then you take the red pill and simply just release.

    10. Hey, great work (and insights) for a high school guy. Unusual and impressive, Gary. Chin up and don’t get too bitter. Lots of low hanging fruit to sweeten things up.

    11. Not a shit post. No way. I wish I’d had your insight and taken the red pill at your age. Look forward for more of your thoughts…

    12. Its not really a beta-post. Its human. I wrote the most beta-shit after my realization that all is not what it seems. If I were still stuck in that mind-set you guys would have every right to feel sorry for me but I walked away from a shit situation and kept my dignity.
      The flip-side of this post is straight up rage and anger. Which I think is necessary at first to start making changes. But in the long run you gotta start making peace in my opinion… just for your own sanity.
      Personally, I feel great when I’m doing things that make me proud and it feels even better when I share that pride with others. I feel amazing when I can impart some wisdom unto younger people. For me game can actually be unsettling when I realize how screwed some girls really are…
      What I think this post highlights is sympathy for these girls that are fucking up their lives and society… even though it is sickening to watch. I don’t necessarily think we HAVE to wait for society to collapse… if it comes to that ok fuck it… but responding with hate if balance is possible only leads to more chaos.
      The only real solution is to take care of yourself and have some good humour.

    13. You have written a synopsis of ‘When Harry Dropped Sally’; too bad Hollywood will never make this movie.

    14. it’s a good posting… especially because it takes into account the fact that you also feel you have lost something…. you have however lost nothing.
      here is the thing… you can wait until 40+ and snag another girl like this… WHEN YOU ARE READY!
      If you ain’t got a six figure income and some real estate, you’re in no place to start a family
      and if you ain’t starting a family, just WTF do you want a ‘wife’ for ?
      your girl would be better off starting a family with a guy older and more cashed up than you…. that’s the bitter truth…. not the separation of college or the fact that she’ll be tempted to sleep with other men.
      if you were the catch she was going to spend the rest of her life with, it would be happening naturally wouldn’t it now ?

    15. Congratulations on the first RoK post!
      The reason this isn’t a “shit post” and as I originally suggested, IS RoK-worthy, is that your writing conveys the emotion of the moment very well.
      The technical craft of your writing will continue to evolve as you choose to ply it.
      More importantly, I would recommend, as others have, to be sure and put work into yourself. The natural confidence that comes along with getting your inner, outer and physical game on point, will lead you away from the crutch of self-deprication to a place where you are better able to see for yourself what is unique about your writing style and build upon it.

    16. Gary, did you already give her a speech or letter? Are you linking her to this? Or is this just something you’re putting out there to help yourself deal with the inevitable? I wish I’d had the red pill knowledge and the foresight you do when I was 18.

    17. I went through this 2 years ago when me and my gf of 5 years broke up. I was depressed for months, but eventually got over it.
      As you see, you have everyone’s support here. You’re a very young guy and hopefully, many more young men like you see your post and learn from it. Good that you go through this now than say, when you’re 23 like I did. Now, the world is your oyster.
      You’ll be a much more stronger man when all this is said and done, i fucking guarantee that.

    18. How do you get posted on the ROK? Do you just email the ROK staff?
      I want to write a History piece on Sir John Glubb

      1. Your picture looks like you want to write a History piece on Sir John Glubb.

      1. Bit of a necropost I know, but that anime is 5 Centimetres Per Second, which does have *some* elements of the Red Pill, as it focuses on a man’s struggle with Oneitis, and its detrimental effects on his life.

    19. Love this Gary. This is truly one of the best lessons any man can learn. There are so many guys out there that will learn things the hard way.
      Think of this: the next guy will have to pay for all her shit. Then, he will get tricked into a terrible long-term, long-distance relationship while she blows guys in her dorm room. She will go through dick after dick until so many dicks went inside of her, they could line them up longer than a canoe.
      Here is one of the best take-a-ways from this experience. Some day, Captain Pussy will come along and work that programming job, and file those papers, and pay for a pussy that you have already crushed. He will pay for her kids, and her house full of useless crap, and throw his hot dog down her tunnel once-in-awhile. Which guy is it better to be?
      Congratulations to you. It is great to hear stories like this.

  4. There is a very very bitter and beta air to this article. Look, my best friend married a lawyer and she does fine with her job and family life. She treats him very we’ll and they are in Europe celebrating their 1st anniversary together. Somehow, I don’t think this article applies to my friend at all

    1. So you’re friend isn’t in high school and just recently discovered red pill then? Well then you’re probably right.

      1. Sigh…my best friend is a doctor who discovered the red pill years before me when he was going through med school. After banging his way through shit loads of nurses and other horny chicks in the medical profession, he decided to marry this lawyer.
        I asked him why. His response “she’s the least likely to cheat on me”

        1. What I’m suggesting is that no man comes out of the womb as a hard full natural alpha (excepting perhaps Chuck Norris). Gary is in high school and just recently, very recently, discovered red pill. He’s internalized a lot of it, clearly, based on his observations in the article, and that’s a great thing, as it means he’s on the right path. Sure, oneitis is here in spades, but all of us made that mistake at least once in our lives, so there’s no shame in it, especially given as he’s learning.

        2. As a guy just out of college, I think the negative stereotype the manosphere has of lawyer cunts might cease to hold true in the future. The fact is that there is a surplus of lawyers now in many parts of the country, as it is not that competitive to get into law school as it is med school, because a lot of pretty decent, regular people just get the law degree because they don’t know what else to do with their life.
          I just don’t know if lawyer bitches are going to generally be such ball-busters in the future. The career has such a bad rap with my generation, (and it is no longer that profitable) and the doctors/scientists are venerated like deity, so the pre-law girls and guys (atleast at my college) were typically more chill than people in the manosphere would make them out to be. As long as you steer clear of the crazy feminists, you can find a really good girl in law school-even a conservative girl.
          Your friend in medicine made the right decision to marry a lawyer. While that is true, it is objectively true that there are too many college degrees going around, college debt is getting to be a huge problem, and college often does more harm than good for the students’ mental health. What I’m saying is someone needs to question the norm in America of unnecessarily long education. We have more school than most countries, and more school than we need.

        3. No man should marry a FEMALE lawyer. Double whammy of trouble and psychosis. There was a recent study that listed the professions that had the highest percentage of psychopaths and of course attorneys/lawyers were #1. So FEMALES + LAWYERS = disaster…

  5. Thanks Gary. Don’t listen to the chumps who want to call this beta. This is growing up. Don’t discount what you valued from her. Have women on your terms, which it doesn’t sound like sex object is your terms from the post. Women who don’t like your terms can go their own way. You don’t need them. I wish I had learned the lessons younger. Approaching 40, I have a woman who provides those things for me. My first round was a miserable one. I also remind that woman, when she is succumbing to her nature unfairly dealing with me or her ex-husband. She is willing to work at these things, and so am I. Love is illogical, so we have to learn to not check our brains at the door. Feel deeply, and try not to be jaded. Most people will either ignore you or treat you badly, so keep the ones who treat you well for as long as they treat you well. Protect yourself. Think hard before having kids. Kids take away all your power in society. I will recommend to my son, just a little younger than you, to not have children in the society we have built.

  6. I am a senior in high school. It’s great to see a fellow red-piller at our age.

    1. I’m curious as to how many of us there are. Maybe there’s a market for a red pill blog tailored to our age bracket…

      1. The way girls behave is so extreme at our age that we are either waking up or sink much faster. Either you wake up, or you sink. Alot of the guys here had time, but in 2014 for the average kid, things are more extreme.
        I feel like alot more guys our age are waking up, and realizing that girls don’t play fair. They might not be part of ROK or the manosphere, but they are practicing red pill ideas without knowing it.

        1. this makes sense. I work with an 18 year old. I told him when I was at his school there were 3-4 pregnant girls and asked him how many are there 7 years later. He said there’s too many to count. Whatever happened to the womem my age (24-25) must’ve happened to yours a lot sooner.

      1. better now than later, guys. Take it from an ’07 graduate. It’s great you know now, rather than go through much with women throughout college.

  7. This post is actually completely right. Having just graduated from a competitive college, I have been able to watch the progression of the students in my class and classes below mine. I have seen how students arrive exuberant and happy, and how college proceeds to beat them down, filling them with negativity and anxiety, and turning them into robotic, status-obsessed shells of people. I can hardly believe Gary understands this while he is still in high school. The guy is on top of things.

    1. You give me too much credit.
      High school carefree romance is pure. I’m depressed that I now have to voyage into the monochrome real world.

      1. Of course you are depressed, you have swallowed the red pill, and lost something very precious!
        As people in the manosphere have said, it has never been a worse time to try to lead a traditional life as a man, and it has never been a better time to be a player. If you adopt game and follow the guidance of the manosphere, you can surely find a form of happiness in this big Game.
        The happiness that comes from romance is probably out of reach for us men in the modern world, and that is a hard pill to swallow. This is because girls care more about career, attention whoring, and/or slutting than creating families. But I am living proof that there is happiness to be found in Game, even for a former romantic.
        Enjoy the Decline.

      2. Stepping out of the matrix is hell, man. However you’ve come out of it early enough and thus, won’t make HALF the mistakes here that a lot of us older dudes have (pending you actually learn game, improve yourself, and take the advice of the men here). And when I say older I’m only 26 but shit — I would’ve KILLED for the freakin’ red pill back when I was in high school.

    2. Dude it really hits you when you see it in your own family… I’ve known my cousin since she was a baby… One day I was at her place hanging out with her and her friends in the basement…
      They divulged that they’ve been partying with male strippers at some male strip-club venue I never heard of… She’s barely cracked 22 and now I can see that her lifestyle is hitting her physically… getting chubby around the face and not too ambitious either.
      It was a hard pill to swallow let me tell you. If my ties to that side of the family were tighter I woulda rocked the boat but that wouldn’t have gone down too well.

      1. “If my ties to that side of the family were tighter I woulda rocked the boat but that wouldn’t have gone down too well.”
        You can’t help those who don’t want to be helped.

      2. That sucks for her. But it is a pretty normal story. This world of narcissism, careerism, materialism, with its denial of community in favor of individualism, is taking a heavy toll on my generation psychologically. Often times girls “let go,” which for them involves developing a bad relationship with food- either anorexia or stress eating- and they also “let go” sexually, which manifests itself in a variety of ways. Lastly, they “let go” of their ability to love, which Gary actually predicted; and turn to lust, as your cousin exemplifies.
        I feel very bad for blue pill guys over age 23. They will put up with a lot of shit from these types of women. I have a two buddies (who are not quite red pill) who are dating these girls, and the girls are both hot, but they’re fucking crazy, whiny, manipulative bitches. No thank you.
        There is a very high probability that you will find more happiness in game than you will in hunting unicorns. I have lived this truth, and seen both sides of the story. To Gary I say: Never apologize to friends and family, just do it, and always remember that it is the best option you have.

  8. I couldn’t post on your blog so ill say here, I’m in high school and I’m going through exactly what you are. People seem to think you’re beta, maybe I’m a hybrid. Somewhere in between the red and blue pill. I want so badly to live the blue pill but I can’t ecause of what the world has turned women into. Nobody deserves beta me. I broke up with my girlfriend of a couple years and got my life on track.
    Good luck pal

  9. Next up, an in-depth report on love and girls from a fifth-grader…

  10. “Ten years and 47 dicks later,…”
    – Seems to be prudish figure by the average standards of today’s American women. 147 dicks would be a more appropriate and accurate figure. Let this girl enter first year at university and her notch count will be well over 60 even if she is averagely attractive – a 6.
    American women will usually tell you that they don’t remember whether they ever slept with a man before, and they’re usually telling the truth. Because they stop counting after they’ve crossed 100 bangs.
    Which happens with almost all American or Americanized foreign women.You can’t find a wife in America today, even if she’s a foreigner here. THAT’S THE TRUTH. America and the westernized world (even EE and CIS) are the lands of pump and dump. Trust is dead, and women killed it.

      1. Then you need to learn game and slay pussy, my friend. There’s no other alternative, or you’ll be writing another article “a farewell to my last hope for love.” Don’t believe in NAWALT and other bullshit. There is no perfect woman, because women are dysfunctional, irrational and hypergamous sluts. There is a whore and slut in every woman (her hamster), which will activate itself at the right oppurtunity. Be the one to control that hamster by game.Be the man the sluts want. Don’t consider yourself ‘lucky’ even if you find a ‘good’ woman. Always be alert to the fact that the hamster resides in her, she can’t remove it from her essence, and neither can you. You can only control it or subdue it through game. All women are guilty till proven innocent – follow that motto for the rest of your life. And remember they have to prove themselves to you again, again, again – till they die.
        Else become a celibate monk – if you can handle that.
        America and the western world is a ‘great’ place for men to masculinize themselves. Turn depression into hate. Hate is the primal masculine emotion. Women are sluts because they hate men and patriarchy. Slutting around is their way of shaming men. You need to learn that. Don’t be a depressed loser. There are so many articles on how to game women. Read Christian McQueen’s 41 commandments of pussy, digest it and you’ll attain realization of female nature. His article is the brutal but irrefutable truth.

      2. Now hold on, guys. What if some red pill men with daughters are reading this and decide NOT to send their precious princesses to college, but to encourage them instead to marry someone like you at a young age– then maybe there’s hope after all.

      3. Well. Gary that’s the truth and you need to accept it for what it is. I’m glad you found the red pill while still in high school. When I was in high school, I was fucking clueless to how the world really worked and and about the nature of females. Completely clueless. I didn’t find the red pill until last year, at 21. Be glad that you found it at your age. It will save you lots of time, money, heartache, regrets and pain. Now you can focus on making money, having fun traveling banging exotic women. You can focus on your hobbies. You life is more maneuverable now. You broke free from the social conditioning. Keep learning the game of life and laugh at it. Laughing at all this shit will keep you a sane and happy man.

    1. Wasn’t there an recently an article about how most of the sex in college is within a very small percent of the population, something like 90% of the bangs happen to 20% of the girls?
      The majority of women who go to college will become “queer for a year” (ie functionally celibate –see lesbian bed death). Or become social wallflowers that never get approached. Or actually just focus on their degree and then get the hell out of there. If she’s STEM, she will have likely have sex life. Likewise nursing, dentistry, and other health care related employment programs. If she’s majoring in worthless crap like Communications or Media Studies, however, well, yes, she will have too much idle time to slut around –buy her a copy of Worthless. and have her read it before she wastes her life and money on a worthless degree.
      One of today’s news stories is how even only 50% of STEM graduates are getting employed upon graduation, and it’s much, much worse for non-STEM. So the value of college is greatly overrated.
      So what are her reasons for entering college, what skills does she hope to add to herself that she doesn’t already have, and what kind of life is she expecting afterwards? Does she understand it takes on average 8 years of dating to find just one compatible man? Does she expect a guy to just magically appear at that common girl mental script of age 28? You may want to introduce her to

      1. Unfortunately yes, most of them have been brainwashed into believing that the guy will just magically appear when they’re 28.
        And nothing wrong with the wall flowers. They’re harder to notice but if you can get with them some will take good care of you.

  11. Very well-written, good job! You seem to have come of to a honest, sound start, consindering you’re in a very crucial period of a young man’s life when most choose to OD on Blue Pill propaganda rather than analyze the not-so-very subtle clues at hand. Most of us have gone through this scenario, and most of us did not unplug until several years later. Be sure to spread awareness among your peers.

  12. A mature perspective but perhaps a bit too pessimistic…she might become a slut. Or maybe she’ll meet a guy right away and be in a relationship the whole time. Or maybe she’ll be a serial monogamist with a low partner count. Maybe you guys will reunite after college…who knows?
    But you are smart to realize that things will change. But that is more a function of growing up, discovering yourself, and living life. Right now both of you are still living with parents and having all your needs catered to.
    What if you both got married right now, got jobs, got a place to live and started having kids right now? Do you think you would be happy skipping out on the college experience? Would you be happy not getting to experience other women?

    1. I wouldn’t marry her because she’d just divorce me. too much incentive to fuck me over.
      This was about how having a good marriage is nearly impossible in the present.
      I can’t tolerate 99% of people so I doubt I’d enjoy college very much. Of course I’d want to fuck other women, but I’d rather exclusively fuck my wife than her fuck anyone else. Maybe i’m deluding myself. I don’t know.

    1. He’s Russian; the actual cost to him will be one sniper bullet, or, if he wants to be less obvious, one “drunk” hit-and-run driver. If his ex has *any* brains at all, she should agree to take a much smaller, but still enough to live on forever, sum, and scram. Their daughter just bought Skorpios (hint: it’s a Greek island) from Athina Onassis. Maybe that’d be a good place to hole up while she figures out her life expectancy, expressed in “minutes”.
      You don’t get to be a Russian oligarch without breaking a few eggs…and skulls.
      À bientôt,

  13. As someone else heading off to university soon, I know what you are saying. Better we find out now rather than later.
    I’ve my chances with girls as well, and the majority of the time said girls were off the rebound, looking at me as a quick pick-me-up. Funny how after I rejected them they became pissed off at me and resented me for not wanting them.
    I graduated a kissless virgin by choice, because I see no reason in giving myself to someone who will leave me after a few months(all teenage relationships are doomed to fail). Rather, I focused on myself and plan to continue the focus so that I may better myself and improve my future.

    1. “all teenage relationships are doomed to fail”
      that is the tragedy here. Nature intended for man to impregnate the first lady who reciprocated his love. Our brains aren’t supposed to be thrown in and out of love multiple times without creating offspring.

  14. Well written for a high school kid!
    You should go to college! Great potential I see for you, young Padawan.

  15. Excellent first post, thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Every man has their oneitis and the emotions that come with it. Glad to see you’re approaching it quite wisely. One day you’ll look back and be grateful for the time you spent with hers as well as how laugh at how close you came to becoming a 40 hr a week paper pusher for her.

  16. Gary,
    You see the truth, you accept what will happen. They always tell you on ROK and RVF “it’s a bitter red pill to swallow”. It may be months or a year, but you’ll get better, and see the world for what it is. You can then take advantage of it, you’re light years ahead of the curve for guys your age. Just keep focusing on you, start lifting if you haven’t, read up, and imagine all the girls awaiting you in college. If you don’t choose that route make your own, be an entrepreneur, or find some trade schools. I’m 27 and came to the realization that I need to stop giving a fuck about girls and work on myself. Check out my brutal realization post on RVF (message me on there if you’d like). Keep going man !
    You can always find shelter in the Roosh V Forums
    Ron (kaotic on rvf)

  17. Gary good post. I think a lot of post-college guys are reading this and its hitting us with some nostalgia.
    Reading this from someone your age is quite telling.

  18. To Gary: Gary, if only I had been even 25 percent as wise as you are at your age, still in high school. You got a very bright future ahead of you since you have realized the truth at such a young age. Guys like me, I’m 29, I realized the truth a bit too late, and ended up getting married and now am enslaved to a woman.
    To all the ROK readers reading this: We need to nourish the younger generation of men and give them support. Let’s not be like our selfish fucking baby boomer parents and neglect the younger members of society, neglect to impart wisdom to them and guide them to the proper path of truth. It is this younger generation, the men who are under 18, who are going to really change the world. Let’s not be an obstacle in their path to progress, like our retarded baby boomer parents generation are.
    John Doe

      1. AMEN. I’m gonna try to introduce a couple of my younger cousins to the androsphere at the family reunion this summer.

  19. Yeah, sorry to break it to you Gary, but there’s no way your One is going to come looking for you after she hits her wall. One of the sharper edges of our friend the red pill is that at no point, do women ever own up to their own contributions to their relationship failures. Her hamster will just rationalize it away as “wrong place, wrong guy, wrong time”.
    The good news is, you will not hit a wall. You will retain the ability to love, to experience romance as you see it, to find new women to love, and to choose love on your terms, for the rest of your life. Believe it or not, you will retain the ability to feel as strongly as you do now, for other women. You won’t get this exact girl again, that’s true, but there will be countless others equal to or greater than her, that you will eventually have the option of choosing from, if you continue on this path of learning game and take care of yourself, and become the greater Alpha Gary.
    Romance is a man’s game. The only way you can ever win, is to stay in control, to realize that it’s all happening inside your own psyche. That the love you’re feeling is really independent of her, wasn’t created by her, can’t be taken away by her, that it’s all inside you.
    For all its pain, retaining the ability to feel love on your own terms is pretty much the only benefit of swallowing the red pill. It’s a great benefit though, worth trading in all your fantasies.
    This was the secret Disney never told you – men are capable of feeling that emotional high over, and over, and over again, for countless women.
    Your future is bright, my brother. Keep on learning.

  20. 5cps, on ROK?
    Don’t get me wrong, I approve. I just didn’t think I’d see the day.

  21. “You may come back searching for me.”
    Reminded me of my ex from high school that I was nuts over.
    Bumped into her at my high school reunion, and she was tore up from the floor up. Meanwhile, I was off to go bang tail south of the border with a woman half her age.
    I am like the Count of Monte Cristo – I relish in such victories….

  22. 1. Find a traditional woman
    2. Have lots of kids
    3. Taste liberal tears

  23. The rationalization of an American woman:
    Age 15-25:
    “Yes this is my time! I’d taste and experience as many cocks as possible. It’s my time to embrace my sexuality. Men love my holes, they’re willing to tongue my asshole and lick the poo out of it. Yes, I rule!”
    Age 25-40:
    “Yes this is my time! I’d taste and experience as many alpha cocks as possible. It’s my time to embrace my sexuality. Betas love my holes, they’re willing to tongue my asshole and lick the poo out of it. They’re willing to drink my menstruating vagina because they love me so much! Even if I made some ‘mistakes’ by fucking a lot when I was young, hell what’s the big deal. All women need to fuck and experience their sexuality. Fuck men who shame sluts. They won’t get laid by us! Pyjama boys and lonely losers! Yes I rule!”
    Age 40 – 50:
    ” Yes this is my time! I’d taste and experience as many younger cocks as possible. It’s my time to embrace my sexuality, I’m gonna reveal myself to the young cubs and grind myself into their crotches. Young boys love my holes, they’re willing to tongue my asshole and fuck it. They’re willing to drink my pussy juice, Older guys need to pass. They’re creeps for seeking out younger girls. I feel younger now that I’m still desired by young cubs. Wait, I need to schedule a vacation to the Caribbean. I’ll schedule a divorce accordingly.”
    Age 50-70:
    ” Yes this is my time! I’d stop younger women from getting married and tell them to enjoy themselves. They look at me as a role model. I don’t have a man, but for fuck sakes, I have my cats! Men need to fuck off now. I can masturbate to glory and live a good old age. I have money. But I don’t have kids. My third husband was fucked up beta, but he did a good job to give me a fat check at our divorce. I’m free…”
    Beta American man’s rationalization:
    Age 15-25:
    Womyn! Amazing asses, and sexy breasts! I need them! I need to have sex. What would my friends think of me? I need women. I must bow to them to get what I want.”
    Age 25 till death:
    “How to understand women? What do I do to make them love me?”
    Meets a red pill man. The red pill man smirks ” The day you understand women, is the day you’ll stop loving them.”

  24. This is for Gary, and it’s going to be a novel… Gary, I am the 28-year-old version of the girl you described. I grew up in an extremely sheltered religious bubble with strict parents. I was taught to value myself as being made in the image of God. I was taught that sex is sacred and should be saved for marriage. I was so sheltered that my family didn’t even own a TV, and my tiny private Christian school in the heart of Amish country had a grand total of one black guy. I was totally ignorant of American culture at large (and am all the more curious now, hence me reading this site once in a while). Like a lot of sheltered Christian girls, all the talk about sex without ever actually having it intrigued me. I was torn between wanting to stay a virgin and worrying that I would die young and never experience it. I was warned that being sexy would give me power over men, and it was the biggest turn-on to think about (although my idea of a “sexy” outfit at the time was something that showed collarbone). I was extremely shy around guys and incredibly awkward about them checking me out or hitting on me… at 17, no one had seen me naked other than my parents and the Doctor that delivered me! Sex almost seemed imaginary, and I was fascinated by it in private, but also terrified of it. Public school guys who had been sent to our school started calling me a snob because I didn’t know how to respond to their flirting other than to ignore them. I didn’t have my first crush until I was in high school: so different from little girls who grow up being taught to adore Justin Beiber from the age of 5. I was still a virgin when I went to college, and gradually learned to feel comfortable around guys. I started letting my walls down. I finally realized I actually was attractive to men, and they weren’t just trying to harass me! It was easy to say no to any sexual advances. I was 110% a virgin, and even a guy leaning in for a kiss was something heart-poundingly new. One night I had a few drinks at a party and made out with a guy, but it didn’t go any further than that. To this day, he probably wonders how I was so into him, yet never even let him get to 2nd base: the virgin barrier was still there. By 22, I was more than ready to try having sex (I was about where most 15-year-olds are nowadays). I knew that having waited so long, it had to be special. I studied abroad: thousands of miles away from my Christian parents and community, I met a Norwegian guy and fell insanely in love. We were extremely compatible, yet had grown up in completely opposite environments, which made everything all the more exciting. He assumed I was a nympho because of the way I kissed him, and invited me to his place one night with the promise that I could sleep on his spare mattress. He had no idea that I was serious about sleeping on the spare! It was crazy to see everything I had been warned about coming true: “every boy will want to have sex with you!” (haha) I slept on the spare that night, and the next morning I nervously confessed that I was a virgin, a true virgin who had done nothing–not an “everything but sex” virgin– and having grown up on a steady diet of American college humor movies & slutty cheerleaders, he was shocked. And he valued it and respected it, which made me love him even more. We started messing around gradually, and then finally had sex months later, the girl who had only dreamed about entrusting a boy to invade her sacred innermost parts, and the boy who had only had cheap one-night stands with easy but unenthusiastic women. It was mind-blowing. I’m convinced few people have ever had sex like we did. It was a soul connection, the type of sex that imprints you. He was reaping the rewards of my longtime innocence and my incredible eagerness and wonder, just like you described. To keep it short, we knew we had to break up over religious differences, so when I returned home to America he visited me, and then we cut off all communication because we knew it would never be over otherwise. I couldn’t bring myself to regret falling in love and sleeping with him, but I virtuously drew the line at ever marrying an Atheist… So, what happened next? When I did date again, I was my old self: expecting a long wait before becoming intimate, a lot of anticipation and non-physical foreplay, a connection and love before the clothes came off. I still had a natural shyness and protectiveness over my own body that most girls would have if they were raised how I was. But at the same time my body responded like it never had before. I knew what to do now, and I craved it. Something happened for which I wasn’t prepared: the virgin barrier was down, and I was vulnerable. I didn’t really know how to say no. I was defenseless, like a young virgin bride who has dedicated herself solely to one man and one man only, and then he leaves her, with countless men eager to have their way with her. Compared to other women my age, I hardly ran wild. The next guy I had sex with basically went ahead and did it even though I said “no.” I liked him a lot and we were good friends, and I was kidding myself into thinking we could be just friends. Part of me wanted to have sex with him, but I never did say yes! I kissed him back, then I protested about going further, but didn’t exactly fight him off. He even worried he had raped me afterwards–it had none of the emotional trauma of rape, and was done out of passion and not violence, but I deeply wish I had been stronger. I was vulnerable and needed a friend at the time, but the person I wanted to confide in and spend time with was also very persistent about wanting sex. It was also a turn-on, to have a guy want me so much. I never really believed any one would look at me that way–I spent years just being two arms, two legs, and annoying boobs that got in my way, without ever truly thinking of myself as sexy. But even though I loved the attention, I felt soiled. I felt sick inside. I broke up with him. It happened again: another guy and I became friends; I naively thought that was all we would be, but then he seduced me. I was flattered and aroused and enthusiastically lost myself, again. There is no one more vulnerable than a recently deflowered girl who loves sex, associates it with nothing but positive memories, and doesn’t know how to say no. Your girlfriend is probably in that position right now. If she was a virgin when she met you–she doesn’t know what it will be like to have that virgin barrier down. Luckily, I hit the brakes at 2. Both relationships ended because I refused to say that I was over the Norwegian guy. I was detached, trying to relive what I had with him. I was angry and disgusted with myself because I’d been taught better. My self-worth didn’t lie in only my sexual purity, but I knew it would always be part of it. I couldn’t just give away something I knew was meant only for my husband without feeling damaged and sick. I saw other girls going through much worse, and I didn’t want that. I started to rebuild the wall I’d had around men in high school: the snob. And then I met my husband, who was too bold and too friendly to notice the ice queen veneer. I’ve been happily married and faithful to him for half a decade now. As incredible as it was to finally express my sexual side and meet an “other half,” I regret all of it. I gave away what should have been my husband’s and his alone. We still have sex almost every day after all these years, and I love it and love him, but I think about what could have been. When I met him, I had all kinds of hang-ups. I was still struggling to get over the Norwegian guy. In trying to do things the right way with the right guy, I ended up worse off than my friends who lost their virginity to a random on a couch somewhere: I was in agony over losing my first love. I needed to get over him, and I wanted to do things the right way because I knew my now-husband might be the one, but he took it as an insult that I wasn’t a virgin but still insisted on making him wait. And that he had to wait because I needed to fully get over that other guy. It sickens me to think that my mistakes ended up hurting my soulmate, the man I love more than anyone in the world. I think your girl should read this, Gary. I think you are already on the right track with what you said, because the idea of being viewed as nothing more than a worthless sex object after having had love and the real thing might scare her straight. I think you are too jaded for her, but you can help her. I don’t want her to make the same mistakes I did, and I can only imagine the damage it will do to her soul to go down the route of giving herself away to one guy after another. Whatever high she gets from turning guys on and seeing how much they want her will not be worth the joy of having a whole self to give to her husband some day. I can’t believe I sound so much like my Mom, but my Mom was right.

    1. My girlfriend had never shown anyone her body before me. She had relationships with other guys but only ever kissed them. She fell for me hard, so we had sex. The way I see it, it was either me or the next masculine man to take interest in her.
      Believe it or not, her rationale for losing her virginity was, directly quoted, “I don’t want to be the little virgin girl at college.” She is one of the stupid hipster indie music types. When I heard this, I upped my game and made her fall for me even harder to the point where she doesn’t want to lose me. She ‘tries’ to kill herself regularly. She lies to me saying that she had sex with me because she wanted to ‘give herself to me’.
      I don’t have much sympathy for her.
      Women aren’t permitted to post here.
      You can talk to me through another medium because I appreciate your effort.

      1. “You seem like a decent lady and I think you deserve a response.
        You can talk to me through another medium because I appreciate your effort.”
        – Yawn, so beta

        1. I was wrong but she took the time to write that entire thing on my behalf. I have too much of a soul.

        2. Do not fight with ethics with those who are unethical. Do not be soulful with those who are soulless. Women are both unethical and soulless. And don’t believe in NAWALT.

      2. @disqus_KABRu7XjlW:disqus
        She needs to demonstrate repentance for her sin 1st. And that begins by admitting she sinned and take responsibility. Excuses won’t suffice it here.

        1. I certainly did not mean to imply I wasn’t repentant. I am. I take the blame for it, although it is to my husband and God that I “demonstrate repentance.” You seem like the only commenter worth responding to (other than Gary, but I respect him not wanting to get in trouble for starting a conversation) but I will say… The Norwegian NEVER commented that he thought I was slutty, but I know he assumed that I wasn’t a virgin. And when I said a 110% virgin, I’m pretty sure that implied I definitely didn’t do anal. I had only kissed, not even 2nd base. I was aware some readers would assume what they wanted… but my comment was already an extremely long one. And Gary if you’re reading this, don’t lose your soul. Don’t end up like these guys. Don’t let the men AND women who have lost theirs deprive you of yours.

        2. Fuck you, you cocksucking bitch. You call us soulless? What the fuck are you? How soulless are you? You’re a hypocritical cunt of misery. Which site are you on? Aunt Agony? Fuck you. GTFO from here. You fucked around shamelessly. Even if you are ‘repentant’, then don’t fucking write about it here. LIVE YOUR LIFE IN REPENTANCE. Stop playing men here. We’re not showing you ANY SYMPATHY, you little slut. And your Norwegian hymen invader would never call you a slut, because he comes from a land of beta feminists. Slut is a cuss word there. He implied to you that you were a slut by calling you a non-virgin. A dumb American fuck like you who got humped by four men so far in her quest to feel ‘loved’ would obviously think that he didn’t call you a slut. You need to fucking live in a rabbit hole with your delusions. That’s why women can never take the red pill, because they rationalize and justify their stupidities so much. You fucking bitches cannot see the world as it is, but see it according to how you think it is. That’s why you are not only mindless, but stupidly soulless too.

    2. I don’t have sympathy for you. You’re a hypocritical pseudo-religious slut. Am sure you’re still slutting it about now. If you were so ‘Christian’, why were you so eager to get humped when you were 22? You could’ve waited then to give your ‘sacred’ virginity to your husband, within marriage. Stop rationalizing your sexual encounters as emotional mistakes, on a men’s site. Go to Jezebel for consolation. Your slutty sisters will give you the emotional tampons that you seek.Not here, you’re damaged goods. Stop emotionally manipulating men here, you’re not gonna get the highs that you get from doing that, on this site. GTFO.

      1. She even fucked a non-Christian atheist to give up her cherry. I’m sure that was ‘sacred’ as hell. He even commented that she was slutty while kissing her. Possibly she had anal practice too, a lot of ‘religious’ women have that to save their cherries for marriage. But like an average dumb sow of American women today , she couldn’t control her pussy itch, so she got herself ‘opened’ in Norway. LOL. Her would be ‘husband’ felt right to be cheated, because he had to wait till marriage to taste something, she gave to others before. What a hypocritical cunt of misery!

      2. Ok, I was here thinking that what she was saying was something Gary/his girlfriend should hear but then here you come with the hammer… you picked up on things I read but didn’t process, such as her giving it up to an atheist but she’s Christian. If you got banned, worth the sacrifice to help other men see the reality.

    3. For fuck sakes cut the crap bitch. How do you know your present man is your ‘soulmate’? So what were the men before him, ‘cuntmates’ perhaps? It sickens me to hear when women talk about sex in spiritual jargon like ‘soulmates’ yet shamelessly fuck around with everyone. Looks like parts of these sluts’ souls were dispersed among so many dicks. Fuck this spiritual and emotional jargon hypocrisy. You wanted to fuck when you were 22, you mentioned you were desperate. Now you talk about being a born-again ‘virgin’. You need to marry the Mark Driscoll types.

    4. i really dont want gary to lose his girl i think he should marry her and write her lettersc while in college she will feel so emotionally attached she wont even makeup with another guy as i’ve said before if this is the last battle you’ll give for love fight it

  25. This was poetic. Beautiful. I’m sure we’ve all felt this way in our paths to becoming aware of the truth.

  26. god this is the most depressing thing I’ve read all fucking year. Thanks, Edgar Allen Poe

  27. Very good points. Hopefully we can work our bitterness, if any, into something more positive, like taking this society down. It’s not difficult. Just don’t white knight it and try to save it.

  28. Powerful story man, Fuck the naysayers saying this is beta, I understand the pain and it is not easier to get over.

  29. So the good news is, you’re learning all this stuff now, when it will do you the most good. You should be putting a plan together for what will be the Rest of Your God-Like Fucking Red-Pill Life.
    Some Random Advice:
    1. Read all of RoK and Become One With It. Find the guys in college who Know What’s Up and hang with them. Don’t waste time with Sad Sack “But…but…but I’m ESCARED to talk to GURLS!” no-play-getting-mfers. It’s like dragging an anchor….
    2. Languages. Pick a couple and learn them at college. Preferably ones spoken where there is Booty On Duty. Portuguese and Spanish for starters.
    3. Entrepreneurship. Learn skills that will let you work for yourself, by yourself, wherever you are.
    4. Fitness. I know, du-uh. Get toned and stay toned, b/c trying to do it later sux.
    5. Dunno if you play an instrument or not, but your age is a great time to learn. I have been a musician for years and the time I play writing and playing music (or just playing covers) is Pure Joy. The fact that chicks dig it is just frosting on the cake.
    6. Optional: Learn how to cook. Most girls can’t boil water these days, and being able to produce a few home cooked meals will make panties drop faster than the temperature in February. Have two or three “go-to” dishes for when company comes over, dressed in a miniskirt.
    À bientôt,

  30. Our modern, free ‘society’ makes a mockery of the values of our elders, that, while far from perfect held great value. I’m sure many of us had one true and only love, I did. Thank you for sharing your story Gary. It moved me.

  31. This post really resonates with me. I was in a similar situation when I left for college. If you’ve already made these connections and discovered the red pill you’re well on your way man. It took me years to get here, I’m 22 now, but I’ve never seen the world and myself more clearly. Great post

  32. Bitter Beta Faggot. It may be true but it sounds melancholic. If you want to be a Beta provider, offer her marriage.

  33. I liked this piece. I had the same feelings when I was finishing up high school. I had that one girlfriend who, because of her family upbringing and focus on her sport never got around with any guys before me. Well, we dated for 3 years and that feeling was the best for me. I was living a lie, of course. I believed all manner of blue-pill bullshit. I kept her attraction because I just happened to be somewhat of a natural alpha (despite being a bit short for the job), a “bad boy” with a brain, a fighter, class president and all that. But in the end, she went to college and that was that. I figured I could find another “fairytale relationship” at some point…I was wrong. I was wrong because that shit does not exist. I can be that way if I choose, but a woman never can.
    Now here’s the happy ending, and I hope you take this to heart. This is what you’re in for if you keep your head in the game. I am now 33, own my own business, I’m tan, in shape, have cash, freedom, all sorts of political and business connections, etc. I do what I want when I want to do it, and answer to no man OR woman. Every year since I turned 30 has been better and better. I date girls that are 19-23, the kind that work jobs that pay them for their beauty. Win.
    Her? Well, she’s 31 now, divorced and finally had a daughter at age 30. Probably out of wedlock, but I don’t really keep up or care anymore. She has a psychology degree and probably makes ok money, but she must realize her time in the sun is over. Probably settled for some chump she wrangled in with the sunset of her beauty (admittedly, she was a cute one). I feel nothing but sorry for the poor schlub who settled for my leftovers. He will NEVER experience what she gave me, because she’s utterly incapable of that type of submissive care at this point. She’s a feminist.
    Meanwhile, I’m still dating girls who are the age she was back in her prime. I’m still fairly new to actual red-pill thought and action, but it’s obvious that for the man who puts forth effort, there are pussy dividends galore just waiting to be snatched up. If you’re the type to really try, of course. My advice to you: kill the pain of red-pill awakening by studying until you really understand “why it happened”. Come up with a plan and start a business, it’s not as hard as people think. Eat well, work out and avoid heavy drinking/drugs to the extent you can. You’ll be the one laughing in the end, I promise you that.

  34. One thing i think the manosphere forgets is that we are human. Sex is great but we cannot ignore real human connection

  35. I wish you luck. Honestly, I’m not sure what to say. You seem to be running the Red Pill or at least enough for the article. I was in the same position of learning the information 7 years ago. While that was before this site, or Roissy, even the word “manosphere” existed, the same information existed through the sites back then and voices Rollo Tomassi as a forum poster. I have been similarly been told of the fortuitous of finding the Red Pill so young like the comments also been saying to you here.
    Yet, not you scare you… actually to be honestly to find answers really for me: I am still not some “Happy Ending” like the bottom 2/3 of InfoShinobi’s post. 7 years. I’m pretty I past the point “so lucky to learn so young” to probably the average unless the people here are actually in their 30’s (which is possible). Honestly, my understanding that accepting this knowledge will make me “awesome”, that with enough time to absorb the knowledge and as long I keep to habits to improve myself (like InfoShinobi) I’ll be there. Like those occasional post of “I-got-dumped/divorced/wrecked-but-then-I-found-the-red-pill and 1/2/3/4 years later I am awesome. I thought I would be in that trajectory, but younger.
    Yet, I’m not. Part of me say “it’s because I need to swallow more of the Red Pill”. Part actually wonders maybe it is just not helping me, even hurting me.
    It’s take too long to write enough to really explain it. Two areas to point out is the advice of InfoShinobi for one is arguably Red Pill, but not necessarily be a red pill to follow it. Plenty hit the gym, stick to younger girls, and etc without swallowing. Meanwhile trying to operate like Gordon say as a mindset has not been helpful or congruent. I could try to operate more like duirwood, which is not necessarily not red pill, and that honestly fits more to what I seen, but which seems to be viewed more as the truth?

  36. I just wanted to take a second and tell you: Don’t listen to these soap-box “Alphas”. They’re nothing more than keyboard jockeys. I honestly wasn’t aware you were actually referring to a specific woman until I read some of your comments. I though this was a “Dear future girl” type of thing. Either way, it really resonated with me, and I know I’m not the only player who feels that way. Keep on writing, you have a talent. Please submit future articles here, I for one would love to read more of your stuff.
    The real silver lining is that one day, this girl will use Google to search “Why don’t men love me” and run across this article. THAT will be your day of glory. 🙂

  37. “There was a time when I could start a family and consequentially have a purpose,”
    Sad that such would be your only purpose in life.

  38. I had a sad story myself. Though it had to do with cheating and not college.

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