Play Sports, Don’t Watch Them

It was late Tuesday night and I was contemplating taking a walk to my neighborhood bar.  I needed to get out of the house, but on an off night like Tuesday, it was iffy if they were even open much past 10PM.  I decided to risk it in that the worst outcome would be that I’d get some exercise.  However, as I approached my bar I could already tell it was not only open, but based on the number of cars parked in the lot, likely heavily attended.  I walked in and sure enough it was packed.  A ton of people, all excited and quite festive.

I ponied up to the bar to get my standard Rumpleminze when I asked the bartender “Hey, what’s with all the commotion?  You guys usually close early on a Tuesday.”

He looked at me with a blank stare, shook his head pitifully and said, “Clarey, only you would not know there’s a game on.”

I looked around and he was right.  Don’t know how I didn’t see it before as everybody was wearing  jerseys, but there on the screen was Minnesota’s beloved home-town hockey team, The Wild, taking on the hated and despised Chicago Black Hawks.

I quickly deduced that this wasn’t just a “regular game” as the decibel level indicated people were heavily vested in the game.  The Wild would come close to scoring, the bar would erupt.  The Blackhawks would get a penalty, the bar would cheer.  And after looking at the screen I realized this was a “do or die” playoff game The Wild had to win as they were already down 2 games to 0 in the series.  It was already the third period with only 6 minutes left to go, and The Wild were up 2-0, so it was likely The Wild would win.

Which they did.

And then high fives were about, additional shots ordered, and talk about how “we” beat the Blackhawks ensued.

As people celebrated I smirked at my bartender.  He knows me well and already knew what I was going to say.  Attempting to pre-empt me he said,

“Clarey, don’t you dare…”

But I cut him off.

“Yeah man!!! WE did it!!!  WE beat the Chicago Blackhawks!  Alright, man, dude I totally knew WE were going to win this one!!!  Boy it sure is great that OUR team, the one WE own and physically participate in beat that other team owned by all those Chicago Blackhawk fans!”

He shook his head and dismissed me as he attended another patron, but neither he nor any of the other bartenders ever argue with me because of one simple reason:

They know I’m right.

Many of us slam on women for wasting time, money, and resources on stupid frivolities in life.  Glamour type magazines, Harlequin romance novels, chick flicks, “Round-House-Kicking-Chick-Cop Shows,” clothes, worthless masters degrees, flirtini’s, soap operas, other men’s children, spas, trinkets, etc., and deservedly so.  The reason is that women squander their vital economic resources and thusly not only become financial liabilities themselves, but disproportionately cause the financial problems of the country as a whole.  Matter of fact, if women were to spend their money ONLY on needs and not frivolities, nearly all of our financial problems would go away.

However, men are largely hypocritical when making such accusations because we too waste our precious resources of time and money on something just as pointless and stupid – professional sports.

Understand a couple things about professional sports and why it is a wasting of your precious few moments in this life.

One, the professional athletes are not YOU.  THEY won the game.  YOU did not.  The athletes who are out on the field, the rink, or the course have nothing to do with you.  They don’t know you.  They don’t care about you (personally).  They’re not even from your local area.  This doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate their fans, but there should be no emotional or psychological attachment to any professional sports team.  Sadly, and all too often, you see people at a bar unwarrantedly get excited and prideful when “their” team wins, while at the same time, angry and depressed if they lose.

Two, not that there’s anything wrong with taking in the occasional game or watching the Super Bowl, but when doing so realize you are sitting on your ass.  You’re not doing jack.  Matter of fact, you’re probably stuffing your face contributing to your obeseness.  The athletes on the other hand are doing all the real work, you are merely living vicariously through them.  Again, who doesn’t love tailgating before a Minnesota Vikings game?  But if it’s a religious experience, where you need to attend every game, or heaven help you if you bought season tickets, you are paying a dear opportunity cost, your physical health not being the least.

Third, sports are ultimately irrelevant.  I always love watching people watch the Olympics because it ultimately boils down to;

Who can throw the sphere the furthest.
Who can twirl the prettiest on the rink.
Who can do the most flippy-things in the air.

None of it…

Cures cancer
Boosts economic growth
Promotes freedom and liberty

Alas, this is why everybody knows who got traded to New York, but doesn’t know what the national debt is as a percent of GDP.

Finally, the financial cost.  Forget the tickets, think of everything ancillary to those tickets.  Parking, food, drink.  You’ll spend more money going to a football game than you will in three nights of clubbing.  But if you take a false pride in a team that you neither own nor play for to the point you pay $250 to wear another man’s jersey, it borders on having a problem.  This kind of spending over the course of a life could very well easily put a kid through college or rapidly amortize your mortgage.

The ultimate point is to realize what professional sports is and isn’t.  Professional sports is entertainment, nothing more.  It is not a religion, it is not a club, it is not a soap opera, it is not a community affair.  It is a group of highly talented athletes executing amazing physical feats that ultimately mean nothing in this world.  Does this mean you shouldn’t watch the occasional game?


Does this mean you should never take your son to see the heroic Twins battle against the hated Red Sox?


But if you take a personal, psychological, or emotional vested interest in whether one group of guys throw the orange sphere into the ring better than another group of guys, then you are already down the road to a Blue and Green psychopathy.

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220 thoughts on “Play Sports, Don’t Watch Them”

  1. If you find yourself asking, “Who cares?” when pop culture is discussed,
    the answer is, “Everyone but you.” As Nick Gillespie once said to me,
    “Nobody remembers who the Speaker of the House was in 1938, but everyone
    remembers Shirley Temple.”

  2. Baseball: Interesting from a human interest point of view, terrible sport to get involved in if you’re trying to stay in shape.
    Softball: You’ll probably get into worse shape playing this with the corporate team.
    Soccer: Just dumb. You’ll get in shape like nobody’s business, but your upper-body will look like a girl when compared to your lower body. Besides which, at best you’ll have mastered a sport which does not tax your mind like a hand-eye coordination sport will.
    Football: You’ll kill yourself.
    Basketball: It’s OK all around, you’ll get in shape and it takes some quickness and hand-eye coordination to do well. However there’s a thug culture associated with it. Speaking of that, the guys at the local playground court usually aren’t very friendly to white guys (sorry black guys, but it’s just true).
    Cycling: Fantastic sport if you again want to have huge quads and no upper body. It just makes most men look non-sexy, period.
    Running: Possibly the best choice health-wise, except it’s horrendously boring without tunes.
    Extreme sports: Too expensive.
    Hiking/Camping/Wilderness: Great choice if you’ve got the area nearby to practice it. There’s no score, and the only accomplishment is cultivating new experiences, Recommended, especially if you push the envelope some, like camping in areas where you might get eaten.
    Swimming: Probably the best sport to look masculine without looking too bulky, recommended. If you want to go extreme in this, try water-polo.
    Weightlifting: You’ll get in good shape, but when you get serious about this it turns into mostly a beauty contest for guys. Recommend all men lift, but not get terribly serious about it.
    Golf/Tennis: Stay away if you’re trying to be an attractive man.

    1. This is either a troll post or a really bad one but I will bite in. If you play sports solely for aesthetics you are a tool. If you want to look good go to the gym and do an upper body routine and then wait 10 years to get anything since you don’t know what you are doing.
      Football doesn’t tax the mind and yeah it’s called football you twat. Clearly you have never watched, let alone played a game of it on a decent level. Weightlifting a beauty contest ? Are you, per chance, drunk ? Tennis players not attractive ? Who is Rafael Nadal ? Golf is more of a hobby than anything.
      According to you this constitutes a bad body:
      I don’t even.

      1. I don’t think he was bashing the professional athletes, they pretty much all look good and they pretty much all have extensive training programs beyond just their sport (they are almost all into power/Olympic lifting.) Even the golfers are starting to get built; following Tiger’s lead.

        1. They are into strength training not power or oly lifting – I don’t see Robert doing speed work squats or second position jerks.
          His post was Misc. tier nonsense which boils down to “Only train for aesthetics ‘cuz that’s what gets you women.”. Sports are glorified games. We play games to unwind and relax. Guess why people play games ?

      2. Another soccer fan who can’t take hits to his beloved sport. I’m talking about what that sport will do to you as an average person trying to play it, and in response you rummage through GIS to find a picture of a shirtless soccer player who lifts weights. The point flew over your head because you thought the ant-fight on the ground in front of you was more important. Soccer *does not* improve your upper body strength, period. Neither does basketball for that matter, but at least you have to use your upper-body during the sport itself.
        And yes, body-building *as a sport* not a life-hobby, is a beauty contest.

        1. It’s football you twat get it right and it is far from being my favourite sport. All footballers lift weights because the game has become more physical and unless you want to be pushed and shoved aside you need to have a base level of strength.
          ALL sports improve your upper body since they use it while the body performs the movements. However, if you want to build an upper body from sports then, again, you are a tool. Go to the gym and do some bench press+assistance work or some heavy rows.
          Bodybuilding is not Olympic weightlifting which is an actual sport. At least do some research before you post something.

        2. Just another douche who has never played a sport in his life.
          Apparently, you’re unaware that athletes of most sports, soccer and basketball included, train their upper bodies very hard in the gym.
          Stick to the video games, son.

      3. Yeah, that guy’s upper body is super weak. Not an athlete at all….

    2. Man up and deal with the “thug culture” of basketball. You don’t have to like each other to get something positive out of it.
      This is coming from a racist white guy who plays basketball with black guys. It just makes for better competition.

    3. Soccer players have undeveloped upper bodies? Are you fucking kidding? Have you seen a pro soccer player after a game with his shirt off. And no, that’s not a gay thing.
      Seems like you’re critical of every sport. Which one do you play? Tying and web surfing while eating Funyuns doesn’t count as a sport, btw.

      1. The very best soccer player in the world with undeveloped upper body. I see 16 year olds in my gym and boxing club who are considerably more muscular and massive 🙂 Needless to say I have seen maybe 5-7 men in the gym this morning who are just amateurs with no aspirations to compete and have stronger and more massive upper bodies than every player that will participate in world cup 2014 🙂 No shame in accepting the truth, Billy 🙂

  3. i do like watching TSM games every now and again. maybe C9 if its a good match up

  4. Oh god, seriously fuck off. I get the whole not having it as the biggest part of your life and being THAT obsessed with it, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying watching sports, just like there’s nothing wrong with enjoying movies or music. It’s not just about following the guys on the court, it’s about community and being part of something and sharing experiences.
    All this yada yada don’t follow sports when you could be out improving yourself by learning to build tree houses and purify water for the apocalypse or learn game and peacock as much as you can in front of all these hoes to generate attention and be a super alpha mountain man.
    I love sports, watching and playing. I don’t throw away my money on merchandise but I’ll be damned if some alpha imposter is gonna tell me that watching Michael Jordan wasn’t like watching art. Sports show people what you can amount to if you channel your energy the right way and dedicate yourself to something other than whatever the silly ho’s flavor of the month is.
    I’m all for red pill but some of you really need to get off the high horse.

    1. Funny thing is, this is an article that could easily have been written by a feminist – don’t congregate with other men, don’t be competitive and don’t forge bonds and friendships with other men.
      Sports are one of the last places where men can be men without being shamed for that.

      1. Watching and collecting stats on moves other men make is masculine?
        PLAY sports, don’t watch a bunch of corporate employees chasing a bag of wind. If you must watch, watch occasionally, not regularly.

        1. Why does everything have to be masculine all the time? I’m not saying get in your hello kitty underwear and high heels and start prancing around for the whole world to see, but people can do stuff just because it’s fun too.

        2. The men I know of whom participate in sports beyond age 21 are lazy slobs in pub leagues with an excuse to reminisce on their glory days. The guys who watch sports are taking their ladies to the game or picking up singles at the bar after the win

        3. I’d love to participate in sports. I used to play football (soccer) and tennis. I had an accident that took away my ability to compete in sports ever again. No cartilage in either knee (literally, no cartilage, walking is painful) and my right rotator cuff is shot.
          No, it wasn’t sports that destroyed my knees. No, that was the teenage bint that hit me with her car running a light, making an illegal turn (wrong way onto a one way), and didn’t stop. I was actually pretty lucky, I can walk ok most days.
          I miss playing football the most.

        4. Agreed. Balance is the key. Just watch to learn and improve your own game.

      2. This is ridiculous. To say “sports are one of the last places where men can be men without being shamed for that.” is implying sports are one of the few places men can RUN to. Which means instead of trying to enforce your expectations of allowing yourself to be a man anywhere, you instead choose to run wherever your feminist masters ALLOW you to run to. Last i checked, men were not ones to run from bullies trying to take away their freedoms, that’s what chicks do. You should never encourage guys to indulge in silly sports fantasies. Indulging in sports is no different than indulging in video games, both are just ways to escape the real problem. You being a pussy in real life. You need to get you balls back: MANHOOD101.COM

        1. Although I don’t agree with MAN-F*@k-HOOD101.COM’s cussing lickspittles, I’d have to say you’re right. And also add like someone said above, watch the professional game to IMPROVE YOUR OWN GAME.

        1. The pink thing has got to go. Pink should never be worn on the field, no matter the cause. Once Victoria’s Secret started printing Pink NFL shirts, I concluded NFL was too far gone.

      3. Hows those breast cancer pink jerseys and female grrrl power sports commentators?

    2. There’s a natural tendency to cast aspersions on things you don’t enjoy, but that other people do, and then write blog posts rationalizing your sour grapes.

      1. “Sour grapes” isn’t appropriate to your statement. It’s not as if sports fandom is out of reach for Capt Capitalism.

        1. No, it’s appropriate. Understanding allegory is apparently out of the reach of your intellect’s grasp.

        2. Are you sure you understand the allegory? In the fable, the fox couldn’t reach the grapes, so he rationalized that they were sour anyhow. Capt Capitalism can become a superfan of spectator sports if he wants: he can spend much of his time and $ on sports events; it’s not out of his reach. His negative opinion of going overboard with the fanaticism isn’t because he can’t be a fan himself. That’s why the allegory is not appropriate.
          Your need to have it explained twice doesn’t make your intellectual range look so good.

        3. You just demonstrated your ignorance of a critical nuance of ‘sour grapes’. How embarrassing for an arrogant pedant! Perhaps ‘hoist on your own petard’ is one that’s more down your alley? If not, perhaps Mark will explain that one, too, if you ask nicely.

        4. “Never wrestle with a pig” is what I take away from this experience.

        5. Casting aspersions on activities that you lack sympathy for is an example of sour grapes.

    3. Finish reading the article and get off your high horse. The author agrees with you.

      1. Maybe the author, but honestly the commenters I’ve seen in previous similar articles are so fucking uppity about following sports it’s a bit embarassing.

    4. Agreed. I really like the Capt, but this has jumped the shark.
      This is the same as saying. “don’t watch Hollywood movies, be an actor.”

      1. You really should read once more. The guy never said/wrote such thing. Read it again, especially the last part, where it says:
        “Does this mean you shouldn’t watch the occasional game?
        Does this mean you should never take your son to see the heroic Twins battle against the hated Red Sox?
        But if you take a personal, psychological, or emotional vested interest in whether one group of guys throw the orange sphere into the ring better than another group of guys, then you are already down the road to a Blue and Green psychopathy.”
        The writer simply is saying don’t become too invested. Viewing sports should be consumed like alcohol; take a sip once in a while, don’t overindulge.

      2. No, the author said that when Captain America defeats Hydra, you don’t say “We won! We beat ’em! Yay, SHIELD!”

      3. hanging onto movies and becoming too attached to them is just as pathetic nobody is disagreeing with taht

  5. I don’t know any guys who don’t either play sports or work manual labor that I would consider a man and not a bitch (you’re one or the other and if you have to ask…). Working out only does so much. Plenty of guys who only go to the gym are still soft as fuck. The gym builds your body while sports build your mental toughness.
    The best sport to play is basketball. It gets you in great shape, has some hitting/contact, there are courts everywhere, and you can always get a game going. Plus it’s basically free.
    Football or rugby are fine if you have time for a league but good luck playing informally. You can’t really wrestle after college, and fighting sports give you brain damage. Martial arts are great but usually expensive. Baseball, tennis, soccer and volleyball are all too soft.

    1. Hunting, fighting, fucking, exploring and inventing are what men are meant for. Pro sports take the place of combat arts, which is the ONLY thing men trained for in the old days. Because it’s IMPORTANT. No one WATCHED other men do it. Those guys died first in battle.
      Modern football, etc. is to keep you distracted so you are never aware of how the govt is fucking you in the ass. Watching OTHER men do ritualized combat does NOT get you ready for when you have to fight, which is coming soon. Lebron James is not going to fight the govt for you when they kick in your front door. Your couch potato ways are not going to help you then, it will just make it easier for them to give you the bullet in the neck after they force you to dig your own grave.
      The sports I PARTICIPATE in are manly as fuck. Weightlifting is not a sport, yet I do it every day, to make me stronger for the real thing. I train in boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, and FENCING every day. FIGHTING.
      I also used to be an Olympic caliber sailor, state champion, and raced at the Grand Prix level. I still hold world records. I still go sailing or kiteboarding all the time. Hunting and spearfishing are some of my favorite pastimes. I race motorcycles and dirtbikes on a regular basis. WATCHING sailboat racing, motorcycle racing, or indeed any type of racing is BORING AS FUCK, and that’s to me, a guy who understands what’s going on and is really into it.
      This weekend, me and the boys are going SKYDIVING. Next weekend, me and the boys are going on a camping trip to hunt wild boars with spears, while you all sit on the couch and watch a bunch of illiterate morons PLAY at combat with no weapons, while wearing armor. PUSSIES.
      Exploring, hunting, fighting, and fucking. That’s what I do. If I didn’t have to work to earn money to support it, I would spend the rest of my time studying or being a mad scientist inventor.
      THIS IS WHAT MEN ARE MEANT TO DO. Not guzzling booze while watching trained apes PLAY with a ball.

  6. As a rehabilitating Maple Leafs and Liverpool FC fan I could not agree more. The financial and emotional investment we make in teams that are full of overpaid sportsmen who don’t really give a damn about anyone other than themselves is ridiculous. It’s a waste of time, and in the end we can’t say for sure if the bloody thing’s rigged anyway so why not find something real to do with your life?

    1. Moderation is the key – I’m not from Liverpool or a big football fan, but I was rooting for them to win the Premiership. Seriously passionate fans and players.

  7. Pro tip: if you enjoy watching pro sports like I do, plan a productive or enjoyable activity that ends with 30-60 minutes of the game left. There’s no reason to watch the whole game, and you can enjoy that 30-60 minutes after having done something worthwhile with your day/evening.

    1. Sounds good. Is there really any sports game that is worth tuning into before halftime?

    2. Agreed. Listening to the game while working on something is great. Your team wins, you enjoyed the game. Your team loses, you got something done. Win win. You didn’t waste your time. Same thing goes for talk radio. I listened to Cappy’s podcast while sheetrocking my garage.

  8. Is this a modernized version of the Book of Ecclesiastes? Vanity of vanities and all that?
    I get that Cappy doesn’t care for sports, or see how any sane individual could obtain emotional catharsis through watching two teams compete in sport X. I don’t see how anyone could derive pleasure from jazz, but I know that people do. The difference is I didn’t publish a sermonette on ROK about jazz.
    Sports are ultimately meaningless. So are our lives, as the aged Solomon observed throughout Ecclesiastes. Oh, and so are books, fiction or nonfiction. And banging chicks you pick up at the bar. And your career. And the lives of everyone you love.
    Where do we draw the line on what is or isn’t a stupid waste of time? Could it be that we have to make this choice for ourselves with the limited time that we have to live?
    Sorry, Cappy, but I’ll be participating in my local religion, college football, come the fall, and won’t feel the least bit guilty that it’s a meaningless waste of time. I get a catharsis when my team wins, irrationality be damned.

    1. Wow, well said! I love to watch NBA playoff basketball, but I like playing it better. Soon, as time flies fast, I will be to old to lace up, and I’m sure there’s a baby being born out there somewhere that will allow me to enjoy the sport through him when that time comes.
      Speaking of Ecclesiastes, I think the book also says to beware of all extremes. One must find the line between abstention and indulgence.
      Narrow road!

  9. The only sport worth watching is the only sport that requires two balls.
    Drag racing.
    Everything else is gay.

    1. What about men’s synchronized swimming? Is that gay? I watch it all the time.

    2. OK, I will give you that. Drag racing is super badass, and fun to watch.

  10. sports don’t really matter, but that’s kind of the point…
    “But ultimately, in simple words requiring very little interpretation, baseball’s role after 9/11 – indeed its role after any tragedy, national or personal – was eloquently expressed on the morning of September 18. I had been downtown at the crack of dawn to cover the eerie reopening of Wall Street, and the juxtaposition of men and women in expensive suits, tracking through streets covered by this awful paste-like coating of debris from the Trade Center and the still-burning pyre, marching like prisoners past police and national guard with machine guns.
    It had been a long, long morning and I was preparing to go home for awhile, when I was approached by a policeman who obviously knew me from my ESPN days. “This is something,” he said as we stared at the giant American flag hanging from the Stock Exchange, still occasionally obscured by gusts of smoke coming from the Ground Zero fire. I agreed with him. “But I’ve got one question for you.” I braced myself. “Do you think the Mets can do it? Can they come back and win the Division? They were really getting going till last week.”
    I remember freezing for a moment and then giving him some poorly-devised and no doubt self-contradicting answer. Then I asked him how, given all he’d seen, given what he’d be seeing the rest of that day, and all the days and months to come – how it could possiblymatter.
    “It doesn’t, not really,” he admitted without hesitation. “But I’ll tell you what. All day today, all weekend, I’ve been thinking, ‘At 7 O’Clock on Tuesday night I can put up my feet and watch the Mets in Pittsburgh and pretend for a little while that none of this has happened. So, that way, it does matter.”

  11. Sports are the last bastion of masculinity left in this country, professional or otherwise.

    1. Nope. Death Metal. Sausage party aggressiveness. Maybe UFC. No need for any faux-macho posturing with no ladies around. These are the last male only spaces. Sports have been completely pussified.

  12. Sports, like a lot of other things, used to be at least tolerable during our fathers’ youth. Our dads enjoyed football or hockey or some other spectator sport, and so they passed down this “fandom” to us with all of its nostalgia. It is similar to patriotism. At some point in the past, it was actually probably possible to identify with and be proud of the U.S. Sports are like that. And sports are just another corrupted and anti-white, and soon to be anti-male cog of our once great society.

    1. Interesting perspective. I agree with most of it, except the anti-white part of it. There are plenty of white athletes.
      I do agree that they are trying to tear down sports and ruin it with women and Gheys though. Eventually there will be a female Michael Sam type trying to shove her way into the NFL as a kicker. When she inevitably washes out, she will blame everyone.

  13. As someone who has watched his channel and read a couple of AaronClarey’s books I have to agree with the gist of the article. People are generally fat and lazy(especially in America) and need an outlet to play on their fantasies. However I think that people should still enjoy the decline, as he talks about in his book. The federal government can’t talk away the experience I had at a football or baseball game. It was just my enjoyment.

  14. I agree. My question to pro sports fans is “Which corporation or limited liability partnership am I supposed to root for?”

  15. The manosphere is clealy running out of interesting topics of discussion, and now the writers are resorting to pointless, arbitrary contrarianism to keep it interesting. Watching sports is now not a masculine pursuit? Fucking Christ! I think this manosphere thing is burning itself out. It was good while it lasted.
    Cleary is a reasonable guy and his argument is good at the end of this article, but leave sports alone. It’s the ONLY masculine thing some men have left in this decaying shit society.

    1. “Watching sports is now not a masculine pursuit?”
      It once was but was has been feminized over the past few decades.
      There are a lot of positives in following sports (I won’t go through them all here). These have mostly been replaced with the hero worship of players and other beta behaviour.
      I think you and the author agree at least 95% on this topic. But since you are both wording it differently, it seems like you are in disagreement.

  16. Nothing is more beta than wearing a sports jersey of another man.
    Sometimes I think sports “fanatics” are closet homosexuals or at least have some homo leanings.

    1. Some of us fanatics are stats nerds. We like the numbers. And then some of us like competition. Nothing like March Madness and the conference tournaments that precede them. There is a reason why some of us listen to sports radio and nothing else. It’s about the analysis! Not everyone wants to get on a mountain bike and hammer a 26 mile trail of winding hardpack and hit the berms.

    2. Am pretty sure if you’ve ever fucked anyone she’s had another man’s love stains all over and inside her, so does that also make you a homer for loving all of that second hand love juice?
      More gay than any sports jersey stories if we’re going down that road.

      1. Having sex with a female is “more gay” than walking around with another man’s name on your back? Interesting theory.

      2. Yes you are correct. Fucking a woman that is not a virgin is more gay that a a fat ass wearing a sports jersey that can rattle of the dick size of a 70IQ retard that can run fast.
        Yes. So gay.
        Goddamn you are dumb.

    3. lol they’re also children that couldnt grow up
      really sad when they are wearing jersey of a guy that is 10 years younger than them, i bet these cucks wouldnt mind and would actually be honored if these sports stars fucked their girlfriends or wives right in front of them what a bunch of cucks

  17. Nothing is more beta than memorizing the stats and achievements of another man.

    1. You memorize the stats to make predictions about future performance. You guys are hating on a pastime that is a form of leisure. It’s not for everyone but everyone is different. Dudes will sit down and debate whether Tyson was better than Ali, or if Babe Ruth was a better on the mound than at bat. The stats are a way to perceive reality and derive a greater enjoyment out of a sporting event. Stats allow for comparison between eras. It allows us to compare performances within divisions and conferences. Is the Southeast Conference comparable to the American League East? Were the Islanders, in their prime, better than the Steelers? You guys are a bit unbalanced in your critiques. I’m all for registering for the local Duathalon or the 10k run but man does not live by amateur athletics alone.

      1. Unless you’re making money off those stats, it’s a waste of time and mental energy.

        1. If devoting all activity towards making money is your thing, that’s cool. Some of us want to sit down, have a cold one, and check out the game. Naught for nothing but you sound like a wife nagging his husband because he sat down to watch some football.

        2. Just like if you’re not leaving the bar with a woman you just wasted time and mental energy.

        3. It’s not a waste of energy. You’re casually applying and in some cases developing valuable skills. Early interest in sports in one of the main reasons boys are simply better at mathematics and physics than girls.
          There are seven year old boys who have a grasp of statistics, fractions, and other forms of measuration half a decade before it is introduced to them in a formal learning atmosphere. And it’s largely because of what @alfrombayshore:disqus wrote above.

        4. Sure, sports can be great to teach kids certain things. But we’re talking about grown men here.

        5. No, because you actually went out there and tried, you actually DID something where you can learn from your mistakes. The problem with grown men watching sports is that you are accomplishing nothing and doing nothing

        6. If my wife sat down every day to watch reality shows, I’d nag her too. If she just did it once a week, I’d leave her alone.

        7. Agreed. It’s as bad as grown men “collecting” Star Wars figures and toys. Grow up!

        8. The whole point of working is to finance your leisure time. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

        9. I bet you never watch a movie or read a fiction novel or listen to music. Quit bein such a twat, all of those activities are accomplishing nothing and doing nothing. It’s called entertainment.

        10. @johnathanblaze:disqus. I’m going to upvote your comment b/c I see where you’re coming from.

        11. People telling other people (especially men) to “grow up” should ALWAYS be met with utmost suspicion.

        12. leaving a bar is an attempt to try giving a certain chance above 0% of success
          the same goes for attending job interviews and sending in your resume
          but sitting down and watching a game doesnt even have a directive towards anything

    2. Is it beta to learn about Thomas Jefferson’s achievments? How about Tesla? Maybe Albert Einstein?
      I forgot that everyone who reads ROK is a fucking superstar in their own right.

      1. In all fairness, ROK is quite diverse. Some of us do the circuit: Dalrock, Cpt. Capitalism, Hawaiian Libertarian, and an occasional perusal of the Cabela’s catalog.

      2. Their achievements supported larger universal truths. What is to be gained from knowing how many yards someone rushed for? Or how many points they scored?

      3. Haha…comparing jefferson to a modern athlete. You realize they play a game right?
        Go ahead and memorize stats…im sure you can win big at triva at your neighborhood buffalo wild wings.

        1. Yet another reason ROK sucks: its commentators don’t seem to understand the concept of responding to a particular post. Fa-gface’s response is totally valid as a response to the “OP.” Plus, he brings to light an issue: the wishy-washy, (and retarded) dichotomy of alpha or beta, that is useless to people who aren’t mindless and have a proper understanding of their values and their mind.
          I think you’re hurt by his comment. And I agree with him. Everyone on here acts like they’re the wise and tough shit.

        2. Im sure you’re not Fag face. You fucking faggot. Fuck you bitch. Comparing legends that changed the world to athletes. How ignorant!

      4. lol scientists that actually made something towards technology and science we use today…. comparing that to sports players that just throw a ball around and create nothing to society

    3. Exactly. And wearing another mans jersey by definition makes you his bitch. Never understood, and will never understand, why grown men wear clothes with other mens names on them.

      1. The jersey thing has got to go. Jerseys are for children ONLY. If your a man…at least wear a polo styled team shirt to look presentable. Ladies…be feminine and wear a dress. Everyone knows women just jump on the bandwagon anyways. Lived in texas your whole life and now your going to a club, wearing a jersey, and screaming “who dat” ???

      2. “…wearing another mans jersey by definition makes you his bitch…”

        Finally understood the joke.

    4. Very true sir. I work an office farm job and am surrounded by guys who, for 8 hours a day, every conversation is about sports teams, players, stats, and who said what on some ESPN morning shows.
      Can they engage in equally stimulating chats about current affairs, history, or even engage? No. If it isn’t sports, it’s silence.
      It is mind-numbing. I like certain sports. I played football in HS and in college for a year. Hockey is occasionally enjoyable when one is at a game. But this constant 24/7 fantasy stat-fest is ridiculous. Playing sports is indeed quite better. On the other hand, I’m beginning to think this sort of activity is how these plain, vanilla cookie-cutter beta boys validate themselves and attempt to “prove” their manliness in some obscure way.

    5. There is nothing more beta that feeling threatened by the accomplishments of another man, be it athletes, actors, or rock stars.

      1. Lolz look at all the bung hurt homos here. Sorry dudes but how about we quit the shit and just say it? Watching sports is for emasculated low T level white beta males. Am I wrong?
        Gooo Team!!

        1. Yeah, that’s a piss-poor generalization (correlation, not causation), you stupid fuck. Just because that’s the reason you don’t watch sports doesn’t mean it’s a universal truth. People watch sports to be entertained. And people need to stop fawning over testosterone as if it’s some magical substance. Realize that biological systems are incredibly complex for you to reduce a wide range of very-high level features to testosterone, as they carelessly do here on this pointless website.

        2. yeah just a bunch of fat guys sipping beer lowering their T more with that poison and getitng more estrogen for man boobs while painting their faces like they’re doing make up and dressing up
          powerlifting meets are a lot more of what men should do where they actually participate in a competition to see who can out rank another in strength

      2. nobody has been threatened by their genius in exploiting people to make money off of
        there’s just people here hanging onto their balls and wearing their jerseys in public, that’s like a kid wearing a superman costume in public because he like’s superman or a fat nerd wearing a batman costume to his convention

  18. I suggest you all play the most important (and most interesting, IMO) sport of all: Making money.

  19. Sports Fan = One who revels in the talent and accomplishments of other men.
    EPIC beta behavior.

  20. Yo, some of y’all are bugging the fuck out! What’s up with SOME of the cold glasses of haterade being served up for sports fans? If you don’t like sports that’s cool but some of us dig sports. We like competition, good games, and following excellent athleticism. How many of you guys caught that game between ‘Bama and Auburn? Or the last minute heartbreak in the NCAA championship between NC State and Houston? What about the way Tarkanian coached UNLV during their run? And what about the way Dwight Muhammad Qawi MANHANDLED the entire light heavyweight division back in the early 80s? If you ain’t into sports, that’s okay but some of y’all want other to be something they are not.

    1. Nobody wants you to be anything. They are just correctly labeling your sports worship behavior for what it is — beta and faggy.

      1. It’s not worship, it’s watching athleticism. Sorry you don’t appreciate sports but you lack of appreciation of sports should not translate into being judgmental about the kinds of things that others like. Everybody is different. Some folks play music, some folks cook, some folks like to play the horses, some folks like brewing their own beer, and some folks like analyzing stats. Why you trippin’?

        1. Playing music provides entertainment, and can lead to money/status upgrades. Cooking/brewing also have an end product that all kinds of people can enjoy. Playing the horses can lead to financial gain. What is the outcome from someone following professional sports?

        2. Because people will appreciate the athleticism of, say, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe in the same way they appreciate the genius of Shakespeare’s usage of the English language. People dig sports the way others may dig economics debates between Keynesians and Free Market theory types. Stop being one dimensional in your idea of masculinity.

        3. What is to be gained from appreciating athleticism? Knowing Shakespeare can lead to enhancing your own knowledge of English, which is something that we use everyday.

        4. So kudos to those who play, because they are creating. Spectators, especially those who obsess, are beta. I used to be a sports fan, so I get it.

        5. Sorry man, but some of us like to sit down and watch the game. I ain’t mad at ya’ for your own personal pursuits but you might need to accept the fact that people are different in the kinds of things that interest them. You might see sports as an unproductive activity but for others, it’s leisure and there isn’t anything wrong with leisure.

        6. I like to take in some football, basketball, hockey, etc when my home/college teams are playing, and only in the post-season, when there is something at stake. But watching more than a couple games a week seems like a misallocation of time and energy.

        7. Some people are into sports like that. Now you might take issue with people who replace the rigors of actual living and becoming a better person with living vicariously through an athlete, and escaping reality by watching sports. I get that. But some of us will handle our business while watching baseball every single night of the seek. There are men in this world who TCB (take care of business) but love watching sports whenever they have the chance, which can be daily (and listening to sports radio on a daily basis is included. I’m a HUGE fan of Steven A. Smith and Mike Francesa).

        8. I guess man, just seems like that time could be used towards more worthwhile things where you are actually improving yourself/your family/your friends in some manner. Watching sports every day almost seems more like an addiction to me. Sports radio I will never understand. I just see it as something to feed the addiction…kind of like chewing tobacco indoors because you can’t smoke a cig.

        9. I’m not going to try to explain sports radio to you but I think I understand some of what you are saying. I see dudes who build their entire lives around sports and a particular athlete and seem to not have much else, and that strikes me as pathetic. These dudes seem miserable with their situation and station in life and their worship seems similar to what I see in persons who have seemed to have given up on trying to be something more than what they are. I’ve seen people do this with religion. They will quote the Bible and it almost seems more like a rationalization of things they are unhappy with rather than a formula to change their lives.

        10. I think you 2 are in agreement on 99% of what you are saying.
          Just wording it differently.

        11. So, basically, the only worthy hobbies are those that net more money and pussy. Is that what you’re saying?

  21. Okay, so how about some of us agree that people who use sports to escape their fucked up lives is problematic. It’s one thing to live through an athlete and a particular sports team. It’s completely different to see an athlete and a successful sports team as an example to emulate. Some people like Bruce Lee because he turned them on to studying Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun.

    1. It all comes down to moderation.
      Do you watch the game to relax for a few hours of your life? All good.
      Do you get depressed if your team loses? Not good.

      1. It depends. I’m a Yankee fan and in 2004 the Yankees lost the ALCS to the Red Sox after being up 3 games to none. The Sox came back and won four straight games! The winning game was in the Bronx. It was the worst day in the history of the Yankees.

  22. The bartender at the author’s watering hole probably had better sense than to disparage a crowd base who represent a serious revenue stream for him…
    That being said, I never got into the sports fan thing – I’d rather be doing it myself. I do enjoy the Olympics, however (in the traditional fields). The athletes there are in pursuit of excellence, and more often than not are educated and driven to excel in their lives outside the sporting arena. This, in stark contrast to the barely literate thugs that populate the NBA, NFL etc. who can sit back and rely on their multi-million dollar contracts to float through an otherwise unproductive life.

  23. I enjoy violence so American football and ice hockey are my sports of choice. Grew up playing both too. I respect a few more but most everything else is just a game to me. No colliding between the competitors is no real sport to me.

    1. What about sport where there is no risk of collision but risk of injury or death?

      1. I respect it but I would never take an interest in doing it myself nor in watching it. Racing is an example of that. Drivers/riders are at great risk and they exhibit an astounding amount of skill. But it just doesn’t interest me at all. True athleticism to me insinuates that you can physically dominate your competition.

        1. I agree. Competitive cheerleading falls in the same category as auto racing. However, I wouldn’t place Big wave surfing or men’s gymnastics in the same category as auto racing or cheerleading. I’m not sure though. I’m still developing this thought.

        2. I wouldn’t disparage anyone for those pursuits. I acknowledge that they possess a great deal of skill and mental fortitude. However, there is simply no appeal to me in participating or spectating.

        3. So, I’m going to go out on a limb but, perhaps, golf is not your cup of tea.

        4. I actually enjoy playing golf. I relate it a lot to shooting. Not a lot of overlap in those crowds which is ironic since the skill sets are similar. Very refined fine motor skills. That’s not athleticism to me. In both I know obese and physically worthless slobs that are superb performers. Put them in a real physical contest again most any functional man and they will be dominated. I just can’t respect a sport like that. It’s a game to me.

  24. Article misses the point.
    “Play sports” is more important than “don’t watch them.”
    If a man’s going to play any sport he needs A. appropriate conditioning and B. a game to join. This is great for anyone who really wants to make the most of his body. Knowing your goal is to compete head-to-head eliminates all excuses from your training. Lifting is great but lifting to win gives you a whole different sense of purpose. Also, just lifting and pretending that cardio is for girls is just a copout to make pussies feel better about having no speed and no stamina. To join a game you need to be confident that your conditioning and fundamentals won’t let down your teammates. If you want those oh-so-intimidating black guys at the playground to treat you with some respect, earn it on the court. Practice up and beat them or help them to win. It’s a great opportunity to build real masculine friendships the old-fashioned way: having someone’s back and helping him to better himself.
    If you take the basic steps of learning a game and becoming proficient, watching a pro game becomes worthwhile as you can observe top players’ form and gain insight into strategy i.e.exploiting advantages and mitigating disadvantages. The problem we’re talking about here is a mindset of living vicariously through athletes. If you become an athlete, watching the game becomes part of your training- and after busting your ass on the track and the in weight room and on the court/field you can enjoy a frosty beer while trying to steal plays or moves from the pros to baffle your amateur opponents.

  25. Great article. I would add that this obsession also allows sports franchises to operate as unregulated monopolies (with no pricing restrictions) in their jurisdictions, a system no free market business would be permitted to replicate. The Chicago Bears or whatever team have a complete monopoly on pro football within a geographic area…they can say no to additional teams in the area as can the nfl…given there is so much demand to watch it, they make monopoly profits…in a normal environment, there would be far more teams are far more people making money playing the game…its nuts. its like owning the only hotel in a city and being able to prevent anyone else from opening it…it only persists due to the rampant tribalist fans.

    1. If you believe in free markets and laissez faire capitalism, you would have to view sports leagues in north america as evil.

  26. Stopped following sports recently, but for a different reason. I started to realize that the games are nothing but a backdrop for advertising and political agendas. What stadium isn’t chock full of ads? TV commercials? And what about the NFL shoving pink down our throats every October? Too much for me to stomach.

    1. Alright mate, I’m from England. What does “NFL shoving pink down our throats every October” mean? Thanks.

      1. Breast Cancer Awareness is made “aware” though the month of October by every mangina in the world wearing something pink. This of course is celebrated by the corporate sponsors of every sports team that is playing in October so we get to see men paraded in front of us wearing pink. Not just television, but even going to high school games (my kids are in the band). It’s obnoxious. When I ask smug feminists why they think people aren’t aware of breast cancer, or why we don’t have Prostate Cancer Awareness month (prostate cancer kills the same percentage of men as breast cancer kills women, statistically speaking) they go into apoplectic fits on my ass.

        1. The politicization and political correctness infecting the NFL, NBA and even the NHL to an extent has become a primary reason as to why I actively stopped following pro sports. Grown men running around wearing pink to show “solidarity” and awareness with a disease that is predominantly female in affliction and the ever-increasing idiotic rules about ridiculous things like “where his foot was when the ball was caught” being profligate by the lawyers who run these leagues make it revolting.

  27. “However, men are largely hypocritical when making such accusations because we too waste our precious resources of time and money on something just as pointless and stupid – professional sports.
    Understand a couple things about professional sports and why it is a wasting of your precious few moments in this life.”
    Um…. not to be a troll or anything but a lot of guys do this over women too. Women are just as frivolous and a waste of time as sports.
    BTW if you want to play sports, might I recommend the shooting sports. NOT hunting! Hunting is merely a distraction to make men with guns forget the real reason why they have guns (because you can feed yourself with snares and deadfall traps)..
    The shooting sports I refer to are USPSA/IPSC and IDPA. There’s also ICORE and Tac 3-Gun as well as long range shooting disciplines. Fact is, “sport” should be for kids and adult-sized children. If you want activity, know the ways of the gun or other weapons.
    (You also learn the limitations of the gun as well, not become some bad-ass Rambo or something – because the real world Rambos don’t go acting bad ass for this reason)

    1. I shoot Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays, mostly to practice for the hunt on my 12 gauge shotguns. I Hunt up-land birds; pheasant, quail, and doves mostly, some Rabbit and Squirrel. I can field dress the lot and cook them on an open campfire; very tasty.
      I conceal carry a Bersa Thunder Combat .380 with hollow points at all times.
      I have a Savage Hog-Hunter .308 with a great Leupold Patrol VX-R 4-12×50 scope and a suppressor, I can cut you down at a thousand yards and you wont’ hear the bullet coming.
      Hunting is great sport I highly recommend it nothing like knowing you can survive on your own in the woods and eat well. Going to the out door range tomorrow morning with the boys will probably shoot off 200 rounds to keep my eyes and muscle memory in sharp shape.
      WTSHTF You better bet I’ll be motherfucking Read!!!

  28. After reading through the comments, I have to say there’s a lot of stupid people around here. Stop defending the ‘alpha’ of ‘your’ team, your sports idols are a bunch of useless faggots who will never do anything to improve your life, I may disagree with the Captain on some issues but he is right – people who are emotionally invested in sports are sick in the head.

  29. Living vicariously through the achievements of other men in order to supplement your own mediocrity is pure faggotry.

  30. I think doing anything w/ the boys that’s fun and lets out some pent up steam is bound to be a good idea — and watching sports can certainly fulfill that. But the OBSESSION that some guys have w/ their “heroes” is pathetic, especially when they repeat everything they read in the Sports Section of the newspaper verbatim as though they are some genius analyst. Fuck off.
    Further, some of these guys would rather blow LeBron’s leathery cock than bang some hot cheerleader standing next to him. These FANatics literally morph into pussies and put the (black)cock on the pedestal.
    And the mood swings when their team loses!!! Getting angry then depressed because some multimillion dollar douche bag didn’t do his job well enough, or didn’t put enough effort into it, or was zapped from fucking whores and downing Cristal the night before??? Please… grow up boys and do more things in your life that you can be proud of and make your kids proud of you. Wearing that LeBron jersey just doesn’t cut it.

  31. I see some guys apparently feel very threatened by merely expressing opinions about the topic.
    Look guys, the author of the article is not watching you or planning to take away your sports-viewing pleasure. You can ignore him and continue to waste your time and enjoy your beta behaviour.
    But it is true: closely following popular spectator sports, associated fandom etc is for the sheeple. Nothing wrong with watching a match occasionally. But too many people get too invested in following professional sports – the scores, which player was sold to what team and so on. They even buy sports magazines to read about this utterly unimportant shit – what a waste of time and money.
    And another thing. Here in Europe where I live, soccer is the most popular spectator sport. Years ago, even if following it as a spectator/fan, it was exclusively a men’s thing, European women largely ignored it. But recently, women have also been obsessing with soccer. A girl talking about soccer matches matches and championships and team and so on, trying to prove she can be an ‘expert’ on the game and she can be just like a man – a huge turn off for me and quite annoying.

  32. A bunch of fat, 35 yr old’s playing ball at their local YMCA doesn’t strike me as being any more alpha than a guy watching Durant and Lebron going at it.
    People waste so much goddamn time doing pointless crap every single day, how is watching a game for 2 hours even an issue? I’d say going around reading blogs and posting is more a waste of time. Should be out there chasing that poon and stackin’ that cheddar.
    How about watching movies or a comedy show? Should people instead be doing improv with their boys in the backyard instead of living through actors like Al Pacino or De Niro.That sounds homo to me. Running around with sweaty men instead of drinking rakia or toking and watching a game with my girl also sounds more homo.

  33. The funny thing about these comments is they’re giving the author credit for taking a stance on something, despite the fact that he isn’t. And so when people reply and say “He’s not saying that idiot!” They’re right, but what’s even more idiotic is that they’re right because he’s not saying anything. Once again, the minute you actual hold the red pill up to any scrutiny, the truths disappear, and you’re left with articles like this: Vapid stances that spend the last paragraph reversing the argument you started with.
    So sports are fine, just don’t get obsessed with them? Does the author really believe the “everything in moderation” stance is something that needs to be written about?
    It continually astounds me how this site keeps believing they have fresh ideas or any concrete stance on what this alpha/beta bullshit is. charlatanism is alive and well.

    1. It could be a wake-up call to people who watch a lot of sports and don’t realize what a waste of time it is.
      There’s a mistaken assumption that all things sports is alpha and watching other men play sports on TV is somehow a masculine activity, and that needs to be addressed regularly.

      1. Imagine what could be accomplished if all that masculine energy was directed towards something that actually matters? It’s a thought that occurred to me when I saw a commercial for that arm wrestling reality show. We have the potential to conquer the universe, but instead we want to destroy the other team.

        1. yup, there’s definitely an “opiate of the masses” quality to watching sports

  34. So you play sports all your life and you have fond memories bonding with your dad/brother/friends but suddenly it’s not ok to follow sports on TV because some asshole says it’s “beta”. I fucking like watching sports when my favorite team is playing and the only beta thing about that is if I stopped doing what I like because some dude told me to. If you have fun watching sports then fucking do it. If you don’t like it then don’t.

  35. I love watching a great game, then right after my team wins when you get that “high” from victory, going in the other room and doing some nasty things to my girl, often ending with me pounding her from behind with those tight cheeks spread.
    That’s alpha, bitches.

    1. So watching other men sweat and come into intense physical contact gets you horny such that you fuck your girlfriend? That’s alpha then?

      1. You see gayness in everything. A blanket of gayness before your eyes. Every thought interpreted through a lens of homosexuality. Interesting.

  36. Alas, this is why everybody knows who got traded to New York, but doesn’t know what the national debt is as a percent of GDP.
    And this is the actual money shot of the article. And there’s not a person who can deny its truth, and an unfortunate truth it is surely.
    While I agree that watching sports at the fanatic level is sheer goofy idiocy, the fact is however that this is normal human behavior. It was normal behavior in Roman times as well, they had sports and professional sports teams (look it up), and I’m not just talking gladiators. It’s some kind of expression of tribalism I think and it’s not going away anytime soon. End of the day, what can you do? If somebody wants to dedicate his life to watching sports there’s not a lot I can do about it except move on. Frankly I find it really boring to listen to guys chatter on about sports, but I suspect that they’re equally as bored when I start delving into fascinating facts about history or language. Que sera sera.

    1. “the fact is however that this is normal human behavior” – yes, perhaps normal for the average sheeple.
      “It’s some kind of expression of tribalism I think and it’s not going away anytime soon. End of the day, what can you do?” – actually, there is nothing you can do, and nothing that you should do about average people wasting their time and money on watching some semi-literate douchebags running around in a field like some trained apes.
      For me, the whole point of this article is that a real man should not think there’s something wrong with him if he doesn’t enjoy watching professional sports even if most other people seem to enjoy. Indeed, not wasting time this way should be viewed as an admirable quality in a man. “watching sports at the fanatic level”, as you put it, should be viewed in a similar manner as alcohol addiction or some other unpleasant personality trait and every affected individual should strive to ‘heal’ himself from the addiction.

    2. Many comments in and someone finally gets just what the fuck the author was getting at: if you know who the Sox traded to the Leprechauns, but don’t know who the current FED chairman is, kindly go fuck yourself and please don’t fucking vote! I don’t go into the bar and start making bets on the game with your money when I don’t have a fucking clue about the teams or stats or sport, so please have the same attitude for your own ignorance in regards to economics and governmental policy. It’s got nothing to do with “beta,” which way too many people here on ROK are obsessed with. How’s this one: if you’re obsessed with whether something is beta or not, you’re probably beta yourself.

  37. After reading this site for a while, I’ve finally decided to join the discussions.
    I chose this one because this was an important transition for me. I played baseball for 11 years and (American) football for 5. I was pretty good at both, and relished the male camaraderie, the exercise, and the life lessons that competitive sports taught me. As such, I also became a sports fan.
    I agree with the author in that PLAYING sports is beneficial. Many of the world’s ancient philosophers openly talked about physical activity being as important as – if not more important than – mental activity. If you boil everything down into a simple biological concept, women are most valued by their beauty, and men by their physical strength. I think it’s important to develop ourselves physically (which has also proven to help develop us mentally), especially in our youth when we have all the benefits of having higher levels of testosterone, greater strength and quickness, faster recovery times, etc. The bonds I developed with my teammates were essential to my development as a man. Competition, teamwork, leadership, sacrifice – all of these things can translate to the non-athletic world, be it military, business, or whatever.
    I think being a casual fan of sports is great. It’s something to do with the guys, it was a way for my father and I to bond when I was younger, and it’s a nice place to enjoy a day off with the boys.
    But I also agree with the author in that full blown fanaticism is more prohibitive than anything. Wearing jerseys, falling into depressions after a big loss, obsessively following the accomplishments of OTHER man (rather than accomplishing things on your own) can have deleterious effects on your life. Thus, I went from watching as many games as I had time for and truly rooting for teams to casually checking sports scores and thinking: “Dodgers look good this year. That’s nice. Hope they win a bunch. If not, no big deal.”
    I also cut down on who or what I watch. I chose to concentrate my sports attention to my university. It’s a way to reconnect with a place that I love and people that I shared that experience with. Becoming a casual fan is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It allowed me the soft pleasure of following the general outcomes of a team I like without wasting team or sucking the D of someone who doesn’t give a shit about me.
    I will also say that one of the major reasons for me cutting out sports from my life is beyond just the pleasure of gaining more time in my personal life, but also because sports got so corporate and PC and soft and femme-centric and whatever else. These aren’t the players or teams that our fathers and grandfathers followed. These aren’t modestly paid athletes who also work off-season jobs and fight in wars and relish the true aspects of the game. A lot of these athletes are blowhard pussies who make too much money and are completely disconnected from the average man’s world. Gone are the days of Lou Gherig and Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson and Dick Butkus and Larry Bird. Now we have overpaid, melodramatic, jewelry-loving, good-for-nothing cunt lickers. And if that weren’t enough, pro sports are overrun with advertisements and sponsorships from the worst corporations in America. And if THAT weren’t enough, they’re trying to become “more appealing” to gays and women and worrying more about attracting people for financial gain through pageantry than they are attracting men through competitions. There are not many masculine aspects left in NFL, outside of playing through injuries and training. Pink clothes, women’s jerseys, bullshit advertising – it’s all being tailored to fit the soft society we live in.
    Rant over. Tl;dr…sports aren’t what they used to be. It’s being largely pussified. Casually follow a few select teams – not players – and enjoy a sunny day at the ball park with friends, the same way you would enjoy a night at the movies or a concert. Don’t obsess over anything or attach yourself to closely with any team or player. In the end, get your ass on the field out of the stands.

  38. American sports are boring, however the article applies to European sports.
    I don’t followed club football, I do follow international event such as world cup and eurocup events. The reason is that club football is all about the millions and not about the sport, whilst in the world cup it’s all about national pride (there is little money involved in national teams relative to club teams)

  39. This has to be one of the most idiotic articles ever written. Loner who is unhappy with his life ridicules jovial masses who are enjoying themselves. This guy even calls into question the olympics? Can we not appreciate and enjoy as spectators near impossible physical feats? Can we not enjoy competition at the highest level simply for the sake of competition and maybe as a brief though ultimately fleeting vacation from our otherwise mundane and less than fulfilling lives?
    The visual of a smug lonely fellow meandering to the nearest watering hole on a tuesday night in order to get his rumpleminze fix is exponentially more depressing than throwing on a hockey jersey to go to a bar and have some drinks with friends while high-fiving each other. And by the way, the bartenders do not agree with you. They think you are an obnoxious, self-righteous twat.

    1. The Olympics used to be bearable to watch, prior to the late 1980’s, because they had not feminized the format on television. You didn’t have to hear every “life story” with melodramatic piano music in the background, of every stinking competitor. Today though? I’d rather gouge my eyes out than endure that. I’d watch them live, I do appreciate the high level of talent on display, but who goes to the Olympics on a regular basis?

      1. It’s what you said before. Sports satisfies the tribal urge. The Olympics were started to avoid wars. Now, sports causes violence sometimes, especially overseas in soccer, but you see it sometimes in the good old USA. On the rare occasions I go to the corporation-sponsored arena, I am always shocked at how many people are there, and that this is what they do with their free time and money. And that almost all of them could not answer a single question about economics, debt, government spending, etc. We’d be on Mars by now if humans put a small portion of that effort into science and materials research, and if women wanted to fuck genius scientists as much as they want to fuck the shit for brains quarterback. Humans have so much potential, but there is a millstone around our collective necks, and it is our tribal nature and how women select mates.

      2. Ha, ha so true. I remember as a kid I couldn’t wait for the Olympic Games to come on tv, it was like magic to me. I played a lot of sports as a young American kid mostly baseball and football and always had a great time watching new and interesting types of sporting events which the Olympics brought from different countries I had never seen before.
        But them this whole shit-fest started with the “life stories”, the melodramatic bullshit just rolling off the tv, the mini soap operas fest it has become. For me all it took was the first one. I haven’t watch an Olympic games in over twenty years, Its a feminist, Marxist black hole!

  40. There is something awfully sad and sick about men not understanding an appreciation of sports. Yes, you should play sports while growing up. Its a little harder as you get older and work and other obligations take up your time. But to not even have an interest? Even if it is -gasp- NASCAR? Thats some major mental fuckedupness right there. The author of this shit is a tiny, little, spindly prick of a man. I can surmise why he holds his dumb assed view. He should lift a little something from time to time, and stop wandering into bars ( says a lot there…) And being a fucking killjoy. I hate mean, nasty, negative, smart ass douchebags.

    1. I’m 6’3″, 225 pounds and have been lifting heavy weights since I was 18 years old, and I ride a motorcycle with other bikers, when I’m not shooting one of my various firearms. This is of course assuming that I’m not out for a nice flight around the countryside in a Cessna 172S. I don’t like watching sports except on rare occasions, and generally the “one off” sports like lacrosse, and then only in person, live, at the game. Sitting and watching sports on television (or frankly, watching anything on television) is the height of boredom in my book.
      You were saying?

      1. I was saying that the article sucks and the author is a dick. You point out the things you do, and make the point I was stating. Also, you dont say anything disrespectful and ignorant about those who watch sports. Men must do things, physical things, to be whole imo. Sitting on your ass at home until boredom drives you to a bar where you assume you are the smartest guy in the room is a bitch move. Of course everybody doesnt like the exact same things, as it should be. But ridiculing others for how they get enjoyment is a feminine charecter flaw. They author should have stayed home and revelled in his boredom.

        1. You sound mad. Are you mad because whitey is starting to wonder why the fuck he’s watching Jamal run fast?

  41. Notice: if you say something the author doesn’t like, it will be deleted regardless of the fact that the comment was not vulgar.

  42. I’m always astounded by the reactions from people when I tell them I don’t watch sports. I don’t have time to lust after other men throwing a ball around, because I actually have a fucking life in which I do interesting things. Somehow, sitting on my ass for 3-4 hours at a time becoming a bitch follower of some “star” just isn’t my idea of a good time. These are the same idiots that are often ready to burn said “star” at the stake the first time they lose a game. Maybe if as many people played sports as mindlessly watch them, there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic in this fattest of nations.

  43. The worst–men who wear other men’s name & identifying number on their bodies. So beta, so sad. Might as well give the guy a BJ while you’re at it.
    The butthurt coming from the comments section is reaching epic proportions. Male rationalization hamsters running wind sprints, trying to justify something that men know deep down is beta as fuck. The sports fans clearly need to learn to hold the frame, but that may be virtually impossible when you’re holding someone else’s frame–the franchise whose hat, jersey, and matching underoos you’re wearing.

    1. these cucks would probably pay their favorite sports athletes to bang their own wife or girlfriend right in front of them

  44. This is the part of the manosphere I take no interest in. Shaming men for jerking off, collecting toys, watching sports, watching too many movies, not deadlifting is a form of shaming men. This is the distinct difference I see reading MGTOW vs this site.
    I fall much more on the go your own way side. There are too many frat boy articles on here like “7 tips to keep your lady”, “a real man makes truckloads of money, “you aren’t male unless you do x x and x”.

    1. Agreed. I decided not to berate and shame men for doing what makes them happy. It may be the only thing they have. The point of the article, though, is that these same men don’t know shit about what really matters and affects their lives directly. We absolutely should shame men like this. They make our tribe weak and vulnerable.

  45. For most sports fans it’s entertainment not vicarious living.
    But then again, polarizing titles draw in eyeballs.
    To use a sports analogy, do you guys want to be the TMZ of the manosphere? Frequent “updates”, a proliferation of contributing “writers”, and sensationalistic headlines will get you there.

  46. I say let them squander their time watching sports, I WONT. This article is a great observation. As a child, I remember watching and participating in team sports. There is a positive for those participating. I say watch, but participate as well. As an adult, I enjoy participation in individual sports, I enjoy watching as well. There is no greater feeling than winning with your comrades/or being 1st place, glory! Strength! Strengthening of Character! This is for men, there is nothing more pitiful than a bystander who cowers at the chance of achieving this, this is feminine imo.

  47. I would venture to guess that you have never played sports….just an assumption. Men who have played sports have a better understanding and passion for their game. I do believe though, it should not be taken to the point where it controls their lives. But when you have dedicated a major part of your life to learning, practicing and competing in sports, even as you age and no longer play, you still tend to take a personal, psychological and even an emotional interest in your sport or sports of choice. From reading this article, I can tell you have never played nor have any understanding of sports, thus should not be writing on the subject (reminds me of something a female would do).

  48. As someone who used to play football -uk not us- I understand what you mean. Everybody wanted to talk about ‘their’ team, ‘their’ guys. They’d love every player until he left and then he was worthless. They’d adore t’heir’ team even when it was doing shit. I mean, who supports a tenns player when he’s doing shit? People may look back at his past matches or at his general awesomeness and feel sorry for him, or hope he’ll pick up soon. But nobodyt will fight someone over whether or not he’s doing shit. Nobody will angrily support him if he’s laying poorly. Nobody will place a bet on him until he gets his act together.
    People treat some sports like a damn religion. It’s often the only glue holding some friendships or neighborhoods toegther. They’d rather spend their time watching the game than talking, doing exercse, reading, or doing anything else. Which is why I had to stop playing. You spend more time talking about ‘your’ team, discussing matches to come and drinking beer whilst watching clips than you do playing footie. All in all it was a waste of time.

  49. Why the focus on professional sports? If anything, these criticisms apply to fans of college sports as well, even moreso.

  50. The worst part of it is the fact that white people worship a bunch of people that probably sees them as an oppressive outsider.

  51. … Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People
    have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed
    out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now
    restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses (Juvenal, Satire 10.77–81)
    Bread and circuses is right. People are more concerned with Kobe Bryants latest sexual fling than they are concerned with returning to the moon.
    Elon Musk or Eli Manning? Elon might get you off Earth, Eli might get you to the superbowl.
    “In short, their answers were so sententious and pertinent, that one said
    well that intellectual much more truly than athletic exercise was the Spartan
    ” – Lycurgus by Plutarch

  52. I make an exception on the Olympics for skiing. If you watch carefully, you can pick up technique tips.
    I love it when the Denver Broncos do well, though. The ski slopes are MUCH less crowded.

  53. I dont think there is anything round with liking sports as long as you’re well rounded. I mean I’m not spending money on game tickets, but I work hard, I work out, I am entertained in various ways and nothing wrong with watching a sporting event. I agree you should also have an active lifestyle, but most men over 30 who love baseball or football cannot realistically devote time to participating in an actual league. DOesn’t make you less of a man to watch. Now, being obsessed with a sport and every single stat, that’s different. (Also, the Green Bay Packers are publicly owned, and many of the fans are actual shareholders. SO if you ever hear a Packer fan say, “We won.” They may just mean it literally.

  54. of course you’d say this in a world cup year, you’re american and usa suck balls at football, bet you’ll be cheering again when it’s the american’s only “world” series super mega bowl thing.

  55. I hope you get treatment for your aspergers. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the drama and artistry of a great game.

  56. Well, watching the footy is fun, so kiss my arse. We invest in our teams because they are champions, and the represent our country. Watching a game takes my mind of the hellish reality of what my life has become, and if you came into the pubs I watch footy at and started talking to us like that, you wouldn’t be walking out the door, you would be on a stretcher.

  57. In my life I never thought I’d find myself agreeing with anything on this site but this is spot on.

  58. fuck that you know the bad thing is you can go on a fucking sports webpage and a bitch will come on there with some liberal/conservative bullshit or cry about al sharpton jesse jackson or PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA fucking faggots damn sports used to be an escape from a lot of bullshit

  59. Hey Capt: I could have written this article…once again I have to say I love this site.
    Great job man…My GF was just asking me the other day about one of the “things” thats different about me… that i give less of a crap about (pro)sports…and she asked why.. and I said I am a PLAYER …not a WATCHER… The double entrendre intended LOL…but she smiled and we laughed and then I put her to sleep 🙂

  60. Pro sports is there to keep you blind to the world around you …keeping you entertained as the world gets stolen out from beneath your feet…and an the pathetic life of a beta who does what hes told at work by
    his boss and at home by his wife/mom.

  61. Play sports, definitely. But if you want to be entertained – watch sports, too. Read about them. Athletics are a celebration of man’s achievements. It’s certainly better for you than watching/reading the news, which is a grotesque celebration of man’s folly. Just don’t overdo it (don’t become a couch potato or sports geek). Remember that watching sports has inspired many boys and men to get out and exercise. Finally – a little bit of tribalism (Us. vs. Them) is good for societies. Who doesn’t love a good border rivalry?

  62. Don’t watch any kind of sports on TV. I run, I bike, I move rather than sit on the couch watching that shit. The worse is men talking about sports. Sounds like a woman gossiping about stupid shit. I will never wear or own sports clothing with a team name. It isn’t my job to advertise a team. Now it seem if people aren’t watching sports they are playing and talking about video games. Damn.

  63. Thank you so much I needed this, I want to stop watching them. As I get a greet feeling of remorse and depression when a team loses. And there are so many horrible things in the universe that seem minute compared to the loss, which is ridiculous. I keep telling myself that sports are a distraction, and that my real goal in life should be focused on instead of these numerous money making schemes of humans.

  64. Whoever wrote this article is a stupid cunt who likes watching movies and sucking cock

  65. This whole thing reminds me of an Onion article: Walking sports “database” scorns sci-fi “database” and how ridiculous both are. As a first timer in fantasy football, i’m not too good at picking players as starters or bench them, and it really doesn’t matter what the stats say; they’re just predictions and guesses. But in my league, i have a guy who, in full definition of the term, is a “sports database”. Knows all stats from baseball and basketball teams from 40 some years ago to the present. And somehow, in the midst of all his encyclopedic knowledge of all things sport, he is in last place in our league. Now as someone who has a full-time job, a girlfriend/fiancee, he doesn’t blog or get too deep into the sports world, save the water-cooler talk around the office. But it just goes to show how completely arbitrary getting emotionally invested in something you have literally no control over is. As a saints fan, i am fully aware of how badly they’re doing right now, which i can admit. But i know that i have no monetary value at stake with how they’re doing and will never play in the NFL or own a team, so as it’s good old fashioned camaraderie, go out and play some pick up football, soccer, basketball, or whatever you want. Try and make your own legacy

  66. I agree ,I’ve found that sports fans are lost following a hollow ritual that will never fulfill them as for I don’t even have cable and I prefer the outdoors.

  67. i was just never into pro sports even as a kid, the super bowl, world cup and olympics were small pasttimes though but thats it, never hung onto another sports star’s balls like that because all they are is they’re entertainers no different than a clown in a clown suit at a kid’s birthday party, perhaps a more well paid one so more of a jester at a king’s court

  68. u guys are forgetting the men that dress up, put on makeup to go to the sports events are athletes too, they’re cheerleaders, just a lot less attractive and far less fit

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