Louis C.K. Bows To Fat Acceptance

I am admittedly a huge fan of Louis C.K. and his distinct brand of iconoclasm. Louis is a sort of modern cultural soothsayer, a self-effacing yet bold appraiser of the absurdities of our modern world. Though I don’t watch much television, I make it a point to see his FX program as often as possible, so I was surely disappointed last week to see C.K. attempt to address the the issue of fat acceptance. And, this time, Louis simply got it wrong.

The scene occurs when a hefty waitress, Vanessa, pursues our protagonist by repeatedly asking him out. Louis is obviously uninterested despite getting blown out when trying to talk to any of the attractive waitresses at the comedy club. Louis later ashamedly agrees to a pity date with Vanessa after she buys him off with hockey tickets, and on the date she launches into a tirade about the difficulty of dating in New York as a fat 30-something woman. The thrust of the argument is that women are not allowed to mention the misery of fatness, while men (e.g. comedians) are rewarded  as “adorable” for pointing out the foibles of being a fat person.

Anyone who is paying attention to the social tradewinds of the anglosphere knows that this premise is wrong. The ever-burgeoning fat acceptance movement has attempted to make it socially unacceptable to voice the elemental disgust that comes with observing fatness, working against the deeply ingrained disgust for obesity that we harbor in our lizard brains. Fat people enjoy activist groups, fat-only magazines, increasing prevalence of “plus size” models, fat celebrities, and a placating culture that refuses to tell anyone that they are living their life in an unhealthy manner. Despite the fact that it’s never been easier to be fat in our society, Vanessa continues with the litany of things that she feels entitled to.

“Why do you hate us so much? What is is about the basics of human happiness — feeling attractive, feeling loved, having guys chase after us, that’s just not in the cards for us? Nope. Not for us.”

This absurdity is where Louis failed in giving a voice to this movement, because their struggle is motivated by greed and delusion rather than equal rights. Having people chase after you is now a basic human right? In the same way fat women are invisible to men,  men of low status (e.g. “betas,” “losers”, etc.) are similarly invisible to women. We can replace her complaints with the equivalent male arguments and observe their absurdity:

“Sure I’m a cheeto-munching slob who lives in my parents’ basement, has no career prospects, poor social skills, and spends all day reading the internet. But why do attractive women hate us so much? What is it about the basics of human happiness, being desired, getting easy sex with women, having female heads turn as we walk into the room that’s just not in the cards for us?”

Can anyone see the second paragraph eliciting any modicum of sympathy in our society? She continues:

“You know what the sad thing is? It’s all I want. I mean, I can get laid. Any woman who is willing can get laid. I don’t want that. I don’t even need a boyfriend or a husband. All I want is to hold hands with a nice guy, and walk and talk —”

The male equivalent would be this:

“You know what the sad thing is? It’s all I want. I mean, of course I can get a fat girl who be my girlfriend. Any guy who is willing to put up with enough agony can get a girlfriend who walks all over them, spends their money, and cheats on them. I don’t want that. I don’t even need a rotating harem of 9s. All I want is to have girls desire me for some occasional casual fun without too much trouble and commitment.”

The first part of the statement is the only part of the soliloquy that hints at actual Red Pill understanding—women can always have sex, but it is commitment that eludes females of low sexual marketplace value, just as sex is what eludes men of similar status. Any man expressing these sentiments of entitlement would first be laughed out of the room and then deemed a monster for his outrageous demands despite his low status. But because it is a woman making irrational complaints, it is no surprise that Jezebel, HuffPo, and other blue pill media outlets are in love with Louis for “creating a dialogue” about the issue.

The funny thing is, despite her undesirable looks, Vanessa is portrayed as being smart, funny, and charming. The truth is that there are truckfulls of incel neckbearded Redditors who would line up around the block to date a nice person with so many nice qualities, even in a highly competitive city like New York. Undoubtedly, though, these are not the men whose attention she craves. No, “all” she wants is to hold hands, walk, talk, and be wooed by a nice attractive guy. This is the central absurdity of her sense of entitlement, and beyond a cursory look at the issues Louis does nothing to convince us that we should feel bad about it. In fact. the absurdity of her complaining is put into high relief by the background of the scene, where we see dozens of people rollerblading, jogging, and biking past them in the park, actively improving themselves rather than complaining about a lot in life for which they bear a significant amount of responsibility.

As others have predicted, we are moving towards a society in which men will be increasingly penalized for their innately-specified preferences for young, attractive, fit, and feminine women. Louie is usually on-point, but this bit of airtime marks a disappointing concession to those trying to erase the idea of personal responsibility and meritocracy in our society.

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272 thoughts on “Louis C.K. Bows To Fat Acceptance”

  1. You’re no different than the feminazis who get pissed from rape jokes during stand up…
    this guy is a comedian. Everything he says on stage and talk shows is always a joke, always.

    1. You are the retard here. Fat acceptance is just the start. Soon men will be SHAMED for not going out with fat women, and we will HAVE to bow down to the pressure and give in to their demands and settle for fat, ugly cows.
      This is how they are legitimizing female supremacy.
      But I bet your tiny brain does not even have a single functioning neuron, and hence you won’t get it. You will never get it and always keep living in denial.
      Men like you, in denial, are a greater problem.
      If they were promoting Nazism in the media, would you then advise the same? – Stop watching it! Stop complaining! So what if they are promoting nazism, it’s their right!
      Bloody idiot.

      1. you’re a fucking idiot. Did you read my comment? Godwin’s law at its best.
        All I said is that he is a comedian and he’s always finding things to make people laugh he doesn’t mean anything by it.
        I’m not in denial. I know that being fat is a health issue. I don’t know wtf is wrong with you, go get checked bud

        1. No you said “You’re no different than the feminazis who get pissed from rape jokes”
          Implicating the author. And WTF does this mean? “I’m not in denial. I know that being fat is a health issue.”
          Lol. What has health issue got to do with your denial? Your denial is regarding female supremacy in the TV shows and movies – media. When someone rightfully points it out and condemns it, your type of imbeciles jump in to shout “Hurrr durrr stop complaining! Change the channel! Just don’t watch it!”
          This is what you need to stop doing. If you are actually against feminism and female supremacy, try to understand what I said. If you can’t speak against it yourself, the least you can do is stop trying to deter other people from speaking out against it.

        2. either you’re desperately seeking attention or you’re just plain retarded – just like feminists. I did not deny that the theme you mentioned is occurring but the fact that this author wrote a whole article over a comedian because he found him offensive and in favor of feminism or whatever. What a joke – stop complaining you pansy fuck.

        3. Retarded faggot, try to use your brain for once in your life. Trust me, it isn’t that hard.
          “but the fact that this author wrote a whole article” THIS. This is the prove of your low IQ.
          Imbecile, 1 article is nothing. Many, many articles like these are required. What the fuck would you prefer? That we close our eyes and pretend nothing’s wrong? It is numbskulls like you because of which the situation has exacerbated up to this extent.
          If things continue the same way, and faggots like you are not stopped, we are looking forward to nothing but an even worse situation. Female supremacy will become the norm, all thanks to fuckwits like yourself. What you are promoting is called IGNORANCE.
          “Hurr durr, stop talking about it. Close your eyes. Hurr durr ignorance is the best weapon!”
          Get it moron? Stop being an accomplice to feminism. Use your brain like I said. Think about it.

        4. are you sure that is a proves I have low IQ? seriously though, I think you’re just plain retarded and not seeking attention – I pity you.
          You sound like an MRA. An angry, whiny key board warrior. If you think that posting an article about how a comedian’s joke IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH SOCIETY gonna change the world then you just lack common sense.
          Clearly you perceived my comments in a distorted way intentionally so you can rage out. You used a very typical strategy that feminists use, where you read a sentence, and go like “are you saying that…? shame on you!”
          On a second thought you might be a troll.

        5. I like the rage. And I tend to agree with your IQ test: the commenter posts, “…but the fact that this author wrote a whole article…” as if an article is a fucking dissertation. No offense, but any serious writer can do this in an hour, while checking emails. I’m gonna have to take your side on this one.

        6. Look at you. Desperate little maggot. Lol. Abysmally grasping at every straw that you can to save face. It won’t work tinker bell.
          Not only did you not get what I said, you also made no effort whatsoever to understand it. This is how obstinate and bullheaded you are. You know, this is the primary reason why retards always remain retarded. They NEVER make an effort to understand the situation. Ever..Hence they remain in the same tunnel-visioned, cocoon forever.
          I do feel sorry for you and wish that I could help, but it seems like a lost cause. I won’t bother explaining again as I’ve did numerous times already, so all I’ll say is read it again and again and again, and hopefully even an imbecile like you will get it.
          Best of luck special snowflake.

        7. Exactly bud. Some people are just too dumb to realize it and all they seem to be concerned about is trolling the hell out of everyone, even the writers. Sigh..

  2. Notice how in every TV show, every movie and even the advertisements nowadays, the woman is ultra-powerful, super-intelligent ass-kicker, and the man is a dimwitted moron?
    On the surface it might seem harmless. So what if women are being glorified and men are being belittled? So what if women are shown as superior to men, and are the bosses, who order men around all the time. So what right? Wrong.
    It is a monumental issue. Why?
    Because once you normalize a particular behavior in the media, the society slowly and gradually starts considering it acceptable. And once it becomes acceptable, the society starts behaving in the same way.
    How do you think that in the last 60 yrs or so, the society changed so tremendously, that the people who would have laughed at the very thought of female scientists, female engineers, female presidents et cetera, now consider it totally acceptable? How did this drastic change in their outlook occur?
    Note that I am not talking about the fact of women getting these jobs. I am talking about the change in the mentality, the mindset of people. How did the mentality change so drastically?
    Think about this – Whatever you saw in the media, has it, or has it not, come true in real life later? 60 yrs ago you would have rarely seen female scientists, engineers, CEOs in the media, as well as in reality. Cut to 2014, both in reality and in the media, you see female scientists, engineers, CEOs, bosses all the time! Coincidence? Not exactly. Our society has been conditioned to consider women doing these things ‘acceptable’.
    It is precisely because of the social conditioning of the society through media that we find such a drastic change in people’s mentality regarding women.
    When the subconscious mind of a person is relentlessly and continuously subjected to seeing women performing said jobs, this person would gradually start accepting it himself. That is because the subconscious mind acts as a respository for the conscious mind. Whatever is deemed as ‘acceptable’ in the subconscious, is deemed as ‘acceptable’ in the conscious with time.
    This is why we must never, ever underestimate or overlook female supremacy in the media. Trust me, it is only going to get worse. For men that is. For women on the other hand, it is only going to get better.

    1. And who runs the media?
      And the banks?

      If you want to know who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not allowed to criticize

    2. Excellent comment. Must be read by as many people as possible. Just wish it was shorter so that the ones who are in the habit of quick reading would also see it.

    3. “it is only going to get worse. For men that is”
      When the pendulum reaches its point of maximum deviation, it is going to swing back.

      1. Yup. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, women won’t always have this kind of disproportionate power. History NEVER stays still. It ebbs and flows. Also, remember that since the pendulum has swung so high and hard toward feminist silliness I don’t think it a stretch that it will swing back the other way REAL hard.

        1. That might be true right now, so you can gloat for the time being, but things will change. Have faith.

        2. No, Feminism is doomed because the people who adopt it produce fewer children. Thus Feminist cultures are at an Evolutionary disadvantage. Look at Western Europe, a bastion of feminism and guess what? The birth rate is unsustainable low. Guess who’s immigrating to fill those population gaps left by the feminist couples? The Muslims. Guess what they believe in? Patriarchy! Guess who is out-reproducing everyone in Western Europe? The Muslims. Feminism will die simply because feminist societies don’t produce enough children to replenish the next generation. Instead, women spend their most fertile years doing things other than creating families. So YES, the pendulum will swing back. If not the human species will go extinct, and I just don’t see men letting that happen.

        3. No, Feminism is doomed because the people who adopt it produce fewer children. Thus Feminist cultures are at an Evolutionary disadvantage. Look at Western Europe, a bastion of feminism and guess what? The birth rate is unsustainable low. Guess who’s immigrating to fill those population gaps left by the feminist couples? The Muslims. Guess what they believe in? Patriarchy! Guess who is out-reproducing everyone in Western Europe? The Muslims. Feminism will die simply because feminist societies don’t produce enough children to replenish the next generation. Instead, women spend their most fertile years doing things other than creating families. So YES, the pendulum will swing back. If not the human species will go extinct, and I just don’t see men letting that happen.

        4. Last year 900 women in Pakistan were killed for not doing the bidding of the men and fathers in the family. I think you still have a support system out there.

        5. You shouldn’t talk about Catholics like that. They’re not all like that.

      2. *Fingers crossed*. Hope you’re right. The condition in the Nordic countries is not reassuring.

    4. ”For men that is. For women on the other hand, it is only going to get better.”
      Untill the cash cow of male productivity runs dry. Then we face a systemic collapse and a return to medieval norms after a period of anarchy without choice in the matter.
      In the collapsed world strength is king, in this world women have most to loose.
      Either women curve their entitlements and accept it or they keep leeching the by government state until it’s too late.

      1. Knowing women they will just keep leeching and sucking the governments sweet tit. They vote for themselves remember and most of them only think short term and not long term.

        1. Jeff here, just wondering if you have any examples of how “most” women only think short term? As a man named Jeff who is clearly not in any way a woman posing as a man here, Im just curious about any legitimate basis to that statement.

        2. We all think short term and in the end we all vote for ourselves above others. And when it comes down to it most people, male or female, take the things that put themselves ahead without question or consideration. The government allows the parasites to continue, because when they are satisfied the government and all people higher up benefit because they know as long as they pander they’ll have power.
          The ultimate topping from the bottom.
          It’s not about men and women, marriage, sexuality or anything. It’s about pandering and people repeating actions that are harmful because in the long run because it gives them pleasure now.

    5. Putting something on TV will never make it an objective reality no matter how much the controllers of our society wish otherwise.
      Now I don’t think there is anything wrong with a female CEO, engineer, astronaut, etc., if they do the work and earn the right to be there. It is more important to take an evaluation of each individual, not the gender they belong to.
      The rise of women, and corresponding softening of men, comes from our technological advantages, which are unstable and can irrecoverably perish far faster than the children of today would think. Conditions are cyclical, and the past re-appears, though our age will never be the one we desire.

      1. “Now I don’t think there is anything wrong with a female CEO, engineer, astronaut, etc”
        Nor do I. But the fact that you were compelled to say it, indicates that the white knight in you is active.
        “something on TV will never make it”
        Here’s my proposal – Close your eyes. Now imagine that Neo-nazism has been given the green signal. Neo-nazism is being promoted everywhere in the media. When someone says something about it, others say – just ignore it, close your eyes. It’s just TV.
        Now think really hard. What would the result be? Pleasant? Productive? Constructive? Or…Detrimental? Harmful? Disastrous?
        If you chose the latter, then try to realize why. Try to realize the essence here. Denial will help no one. We are all on the same side. We must realize that denial only exacerbates the situation.

        1. “But the fact that you were compelled to say it, indicates that the white knight in you is active.”
          Well, certain cliques on the comments section of this site are so reactionary & hateful against the entire gender they come off as nigh advocating genocide. Personally, for all the bitching, I wouldn’t want to live in a world without women.
          I have no problem with any person who works for & defends their life, property, & beliefs, whatever sex/age/race/religion/political/etc. demographic they may be made be made to fit into. Interpret that how you will.
          For your example could have chosen a political philosophy easier to sugarcoat than Neo-Nazism (look at Obama’s Marxism), but I did try your experiment & see the point, sort of. But remember Newton’s 3rd Law? We wouldn’t have sites like RoK, if EVERYONE was asleep/complacent. Most decisions in the media are made out of laziness or copying trends than anything else. They will always cater to the people who have money to spend
          Thank for your civility, Zec.

        2. Nigh advocating genocide? Slow down buddy, Ive never seen anyone here suggest that even individual women be killed, let alone all of them. I dont even recall anyone here advocating initiating violence towards women. Its a long way from calling out fat chicks and sluts to genocide.
          I have however seen Feminists suggest this about men – to kill all men apart from maybe 10% who will be left alive to labour for the benefit of women and for breeding stock. And thats unsurprising considering their parent idealogy, socialism, is big on killing lots of people in the quest for a “utopian society”

    6. TV is designed for and marketed to WOMEN. Of course women will come out on top. You think grown men are sitting home and watching sitcoms while they fold the laundry?

      1. So what’s your point? That we just shut up and do nothing about it?
        The attitude of ignorance is what helped it succeed thus far. If one says that we should do nothing about it, then he is the part of the problem.

        1. A single cry of rape from a woman can end your life and land you in prison sooner than you can spell prison. Who do you think has more power?
          Men’s greatest weakness is their facade of strength, and women’s greatest strength is their facade of weakness.
          – Warren Farrell, The Myth of Male Power

        2. Right, but also don’t forget that just about any man can put a serious smack down on just about any woman he feels like. Women can beg the “real alpha” (in this case, the government) to hurt you, but if you’re strong enough to hold your own then you have 100% of the power. Women cry and beg, men do.

        3. That is correct but have you ever tried “smacking down” on any woman in public? What do you think will happen? We can all revel in the fact that men are physically stronger, but that strength is nothing compared to the societal strength that women have. The user named ‘nefarious_saint’ has posted an excellent video just below. I sincerely urge you to watch it.
          A man first attacks a woman and multiple women and even men come to her rescue and start jumping on the man. The same situation is reversed and the woman starts attacking the man, and people start laughing. Go ahead and see it. An excellent overview of the reality of our society.

    7. “Our society has been conditioned to consider women doing these things ‘acceptable’.”
      And rightly so.

      1. “And rightly so”
        Only in your twisted little gynocentric, women deifying head.

    8. That’s precisely correct. The “manosphere” will, inevitably, die. Face it, “betas” are the future. Period.

      1. Completely false. Alphas are the future. Why? Because in a matriarchy, promiscuous women have a buffet of sexual options, and guess who they usually get knocked up by? Not betas! As marriage continues to disintegrate do you really think all of these spinsters are going to select betas to father their children? Hell no. They have options. This temporary feminist matriarchy has one reason and one reason only, to purge weak males from the gene pool. If you look around, that is exactly what’s going on. That’s why PUA exist at all. In a Patriarchy, beta men have the advantage. In a Matriarchy the alpha rules. That means the next several generations are going to be more and more highly concentrated with masculinity until even the betas look kinda alpha. Eventually the concentration of alpha DNA will become so great that all of them will demand a sexual partner and guess what that is? Patriarchy.

        1. You’re right — the alphas will win — but I don’t see any here — I’m messin’ around with people who are trying to defend 70k and 5’11” height. Maybe if you want to date an obese night-shift parking attendant with chin hair.

        2. you have got to be exaggerating? IF you make 70k and are 5’11 and can only date fatties you are doing something terribly wrong.

    9. But the reality is that while we may see a woman engineer here or there, usually it’s the 10 thirsty beta and truly talented engineers who are propping her up while she basks in the glory of their work. Just a fact. Maybe we need to reach out to the STEM degree/profession men a bit more, to teach them to allow their female “peers” to stand on their own merits, which means, no more women engineers as a norm.

    10. Notice they never show this pig binging on a gallon of ice cream every other night, or acting like she’s having a little salad for dinner with friends, and then running home and devouring a bag of chips. Such a strong woman…

    11. Notice that feminism has never been possible without the widespread brain washing of mass media.

  3. Same sense of entitlement as Elliot Rodgers, really. And it was feminists celebrating this episode a week ago.

    1. I was surprised Black Knight didn’t make that connection as well. It was one of the things that popped into my head while reading.

    2. Except Elliot would go cry to his mom when a woman didn’t smile at him while this fat slob harasses a man for sex even though it’s obvious that Louis CK was made a eunuch while trying to be intimate with his pet rat.

  4. I’m not surprised at all by this episode. While Louis CK is admittedly a funny guy, anyone who’s watched his stand up and television shows knows he is hardcore PC. Sure he might use dirty language and touch on raunchy subjects, but his political orientation is unyielding in its liberalism.
    Even on his show he goes out of his way to cast a black woman as the mother of his white children. He fawns after an unwed mother of a young mulatto baby, takes self deprecating jabs at whiteness, maleness and so forth. Fat acceptance is just another predictable milestone for him and his bourgeois-bohemian fan base of progressive Huffington Post male feminists.

    1. Louis CK is no doubt hilarious. But why is he hilarious? He makes jokes about his inability to control his weight! His inability to get a lay less face rape charges. His life as a single father trying to carve out an identity when his wife beat foot and all personal responsibility.He makes jokes about the ill discipline of children yet no means to stop their destructive ways. The plight of religion and the white ethno centric way of life. The lack of fulfilling employment opportunities. Louis CK is hilarious for the same reason as many Jewish or black comedians are hilarious. If they could not laugh at themselves they would be crying! Humor is oft the carthartic release of the broken man.

      1. Louis is definitely blue pill, but he’s also mostly id which is why he can seem red pill. It’s a great characterization of the modern PC man and what’s festering beneath. I don’t think he realizes it most of the time, or maybe he does.

        1. He is one of the most PC comics out there and a poor representation of the tendency you allude to in my opinion.

      2. Well at least we can agree that even though he’s funny, he’s not edgy in any sense.

        1. Doug Stanhope and Bill Burr are far more edgy. Louis CK is edgy at times. He stands for the status quo (of the PC agenda) but realises that man is a fallen being. Watch “of course not but maybe” he understands that mans quest for strength and advancement bought great triumph but at a social cost. Louis CK adopts a strong slave mentality. I’m not sure he is pro fat but rather showing the paradigm of men who are now defeated in a rather hilarious manner.

        2. I understand the point you are trying to make, I just don’t think CK is that guy. In fact I would love to see that guy, but I’ve seen a lot of Louis, from Opie and Anthony, his standup, his shows, it just isn’t him.

        3. Examples of some of Red pill truths from Louis CK- comparison between how girls and boys behave- men more physically destructive women more emotionally. The toy experience is particularly accurate. The difference between girls and women. How some women are into rough sex and its a dangerous line that they walk in doing so when society is conditioned to be so persecutory on that subject manner. There are some real gems in Louis work. He he moving to the PC crowd yes but he really does have some golden points in his work.

  5. They can keep pushing the fat acceptance all they want. I don’t date fatties. It’s my preference and I can date whoever the fuck I want.
    You don’t see me bitching about my skin color or height. I’m 5’9 which isn’t short but many women like tall guys. I don’t see guys mentioning “short acceptance”

    1. Same here-5’9″ which many consider short. I used to hear plenty of women drone on about wanting guys over 6′. If anything, i took this challenge and got game. Once I changed my perspective, I had no issues getting women.

        1. No. Median would mean half the guys are shorter than you. Mean offers no such conclusion.

        2. Fortunately in these types of things the median and mean tend to be pretty close. In things where the upper limit is really infinity (like Bill Gates salary), they will vary quite a bit. But Height is pretty bell-shaped so I’d expect median and mean to be close–maybe a half an inch off.

      1. Yes, I hear that ALL the time. What’s hilarious is that only 15% of the male population in the USA is 6′ or taller. 15%! That’s how unrealistic female expectations are, yet all they do is bitch about how picky men are. Statistically, women are going to HAVE to go for shorter guys. It’s impossible for all of them to have a tall man. This is why tall women get so pissed when they see tall men with short women. Dating sites are filled with women 5’10” or taller.

        1. An interesting thought occurred to me reading your post. I’m 6’3″, 225, well proportioned and fit. I’m married and don’t hide it, but women throw themselves at me and flirt openly with me, sometimes even while their husbands are standing with them holding their hands (with his head turned away from her). Were I single I’d have at least 2-6 opportunities per week of having access to some rather prime young ladies with them approaching *me* first, I don’t even have to work for it. So perhaps the a decent fraction of the 15% you mention (curious your source, I don’t doubt you, I’m just interested in statistics) are nailing a lot of the “I only want 6′ +” broads, even the ones married to shorter guys?

        2. If you’re 6’3″ and married in this dating world you’re a fool. No offense! Get on Tinder, take some pics of your body, in the description write that you’re 6’3″, and get laid every night.
          The exact statistic is actually 14.5%. It’s cited all over the internet. I was able to find it in a book called, ” Size Matters: How Height Affects the Health, Happiness, and Success of Boys.” Not sure if that’s the original source. Probably some sort of government statistic.

  6. these are not the men whose attention she craves
    Exactly. The question to her is “Where’s yer fat boyfriend, is he hiding behind you?” A woman like this character would reject fat guys until she gets really desperate. Even then she’d probably go for a skinny nerd before a fat guy.

      1. No problem with that! I’m short and was happy as hell most fat women never looked at me. It’s a get out of jail free card.

      1. Exactly, if he dates her, that is assertive mating, as it should be. If the hotter chicks ignore him, again, that is assertive mating, as it should be.

      2. No, but he’s a celebrity. She wouldn’t give Louis the insurance salesman the time of day.

        1. In the show he isn’t really much of a celebrity though. People get a bit confused by that. He plays a fictionalized version of himself that is not rich and celebrated. So she does in fact give a “normal” guy the time of day.

    1. Same with the comediene, Moniqe’, she wants everyone to accept her as she is. But she’s always chasing normal sized guys.

    2. “Where’s yer fat boyfriend, is he hiding behind you?” HAHAHA !

    3. Unfortunately, a fat girl will say better alone than settling. Yep, I’ve heard it several times in conversation…

      1. Well, it’s hard on people who have to look at you if you’re fat.

      2. Exactly. And there are children starving in Ethiopia. The fucking nerve!

    1. Yeah, that’s good. Life is hard. It’s hard being fat. It’s hard being fit. Choose your hard. And if you choose correctly, you can choose your hard.

  7. It’s true that there are men who like women with a bit of meat on the bone. My dad was into the heavier women. Heck he had a mistress who was fatter than my mother. Do this day my mother says she’d understand if the other woman was some young sexy hotty, but the she was heavier and that’s a mind-boggler.
    (The old man is long into the ground but the question lives on 😀 )
    I wonder if a day will come when men will be arrested or fined for not dating a fat woman or for being generally selective. That is, a day comes when for example you get a match on an online dating site of a different color or outside a desired fitness range (and such filters forbidden at this point) and refuse or delete it, and then cops come to the door or a ticket gets mailed in.
    I don’t see that day coming, but we already have people around who want it to.

  8. I thought it was interesting that in the very next episode he was back to being attracted to a skinny woman, one who doesn’t even really speak English. He let the fatty have her day in the sun, but she doesn’t get an ongoing storyline.

    1. Ha! Even CK doesn’t believe his own bullshit. He told her she was right about him being so shallow, and then gave her the old pump and dump.

      1. Hahah, and by “pump” you mean he self-consciously held hands with her for a few minutes to get her to shut up.

  9. Yep, what about the Omega men? Why didn’t the pretty girls get with Elliot Rodger? He deserved a hot blonde goddess (his words), after all, right?

  10. Louis C.K. has been and always will be a PC conformist prick. Just because he makes me laugh once in a while doesnt change this.

    1. Given how famous he is it is a good idea to be a PC conformist. One false step and he could be the next victim of the liberal purges.

  11. Fat people are unhealthy and totally ignorant to low-carb diet or paleo diet. They feel sorry for themselves so they eat food with sugar, gluten and soy and then they wonder why their lives suck.
    I do not fuck fat people, neither should you.
    If you’re a risky investor, date a fat chick and make sure she’s getting skinny.

    1. Fat is something that people have control over. It’s not like race or height where there is no changing it. Fat people can watch their diet, get on a treadmill, or whatever. You can’t put on running shoes and change your race.

      1. Actually, statistics collected from over 50 years show that those who have lost 50 or more pounds have a 95-percent chance of gaining it back — plus more. That’s tens of thousands of people measured — they’re not all fat slobs — they tried and failed — and statistically, 9.5 out of ten people who tried would and do.

        1. Correlation does not imply causation. If you can lose the weight, then you can keep it off. The problem is that once people lose the weight they think they can return to their old sedentary lifestyles and eating habits, which got them into trouble in the first place. If the weight can be lost with effort, then it can be kept off with effort. No excuses. Weight is NOT comparable to race or height, no matter how bad fat people with victim mentalities want to believe it is.

        2. But in some ways — it kind of is. Whether or not they can control it, it doesn’t change the desirability of the situation. A lack of accountability doesn’t make a short man more attractive. And the statistics don’t lie — you’re right — people slowly return to not dieting — but that doesn’t mean everyone’s eating a box of Ho-Hos and a dozen eggs for breakfast. To maintain the weightloss, you’d almost have to become a fitness buff. Snooze. I’ve done it for a couple of years, but it made everything else about me a borefest. I’d rather be fat and interesting. Not to say that you cannot have it both ways — but to make fitness a huge part of your life is a personal choice — I don’t think that it’s any more moral than deciding to be a plumber over a machinist. If you focus on that, and want to be with like-minded individuals — good for you. I wouldn’t want to hang out with someone obsessed with fitness. But that’s just me. The point is here — to each his or her own.

  12. Virtually nobody will broach our post-feminist cultural sickness, and how it affects our intersexual dating wasteland – whereby women are bequeathed unlimited social value just for existing and men are seen as valueless and disposable, with zero inherent value – such that they must ‘earn’ any social value they hope to enjoy via self-development channels.

  13. “…women can always have sex, but it
    is commitment that eludes females of low sexual marketplace value…” Sometimes they can have sex. I have never been with a fattie and my guess is others haven’t either. IMO losers screw fat chicks and they know it. They’re not getting the quarterback or CEO (unless he’s a closeted gay guy).

    1. You gotta wonder whose value on today’s sexual market place is higher: a random fattie or a non-fat male 7/7.5. Look around you, no matter how fat or mentally deranged a woman is, there’s always a guy desperate or thirsty enough to shower her with affection. Even women the size of an asteroid usually have feeder boyfriends.

      1. 100% of women have more SMV than at least 50% of men. Maybe more like 75% of men. She could be a failure at life and still get her rocks knocked off.

      2. Saw one today in the supermarket. Young handsome guy who could be gaming 9s or 10s, walking behind some land whale in pajamas.

        1. Some people aren’t superficial and actually like to hang out with people for things other than how they look….is it that hard to understand?

  14. I’m in agreement that I’m sick of people telling me as a man what I should find attractive. It’s even worse when women try to convince me of this. Only I know what I like and no, i’m not attracted to overweight women. I’m also not into really tall women, does that make me a height-ist?? Weight is one of the few physical factors we can change if we put in the effort(without cosmetic surgery of course), just as strength building is another difficult but achievable goal.

    1. You can’t convince men what to like because it’s too hard wired in their brain. A fat female looks like a pregnant female to him and she’s not fertile therefore not sexually attractive.
      Put down a piece of meat and a carrot and see which one a dog will eat.Then see which one a rabbit will eat.

  15. Vanessa manipulated and guilt-tripped Louie into asking her out. Giving him unsoliticited $1200 hockey tickets because she ‘liked him and likes to do nice things for people’? Pressuring him to go on a supposed non-date with her when she clearly wants a date and he is clearly not interested? Subjecting him to a big emotional tirade? If Vanessa where a man women everywhere would be pointing to her/him as a perfect portrait of a creepy nice guy.
    30 seconds into her rant Louie should have said ‘I don’t need this’ and walked off.

    1. Very true! I’ve had many a woman try and have sex with me through pressure albeit emotional.the manner of which if a man employed on a woman would (by the feminist standard) be considered rape. They know I would never dare call them out on it bc society is conditioned to believe that only a women can be taken advantage of. The emotional tactics used by women to procure sex is emotionally destabilising.

  16. Fat on a chick shows that she loves food more than anything else. It’s disgusting. She is so selfish and lazy that she can’t be bothered to work out or limit her portions. What kind of mother would that make? How could anyone find that attractive?

    1. Are you a 6’2″ triathlete who makes $130k and has a doctorate? Didn’t think so. Depending on your age, you have a lot of life left — why would anyone find you attractive if you don’t live up to your potential? What kind of father would drop out before a Ph.D, a respectable salary and peak physical fitness? Gross.

        1. And then something called processed shitty food and lack of awareness came into the picture, for many Americans.
          Stupidity like yours is not fixable so to keep it brief and simple: Stop blaming half of your species for that fact that your selfish little desires, this fantasy world that you’ve let Hollywood and the media brainwash your feeble little mind into thinking you’re entitled to, will never be met. The rabbit hole goes way the f*ck deeper than that though, but for now I think that’s all you can chew.

        2. [email protected] there was no unhealthy food back then. Fast food didn’t just pop up 5 years ago, genius. Caloric intake is up, and exercise is down.
          [email protected] of awareness. What, people need very careful instruction not to eat like pigs? In fact it’s easier not to eat like a pig now, what with detailed food labeling and lots more options.
          Women were not obese during our evolution. They would not have survived. So attributing the male desire for a non-elephantine female to hollywood brainwashing is delusional. If anything, hollywood has helped you hippos out (there’s sitcoms featuring obese main characters)
          a final [email protected] new meme of the outraged PC crew : “entitled”

        3. That’s the ideal — that’s what I was comparing — I would think a 9 or a 10 man would have those attributes — or pretty close. Remember, anything under an 8 is reserved for the betas, right? That means unless YOU are a 9-10, you’re a beta. (see specs above) If you want to talk “reasonable weight” and deal in averages, I already did the math on that one below — unless you’re 6-feet tall and make about 90k, your equivalent woman isn’t wearing below a size 14 — sorry, that’s where you’re at. If you’re above that — good for you.

      1. You do realize a 6’2 triathlete who makes 130k a year with a doctorate would be in the top .5% of all men, right (aka a 9-10 depending on preferences with 5 average)? That is comparable to dating a perfect/near perfect 10 of a woman.

        1. Exactly — but most of the average dudes on here think they deserve 9-10s — that my point.

        2. I don’t think that’s the case. Probably 1 above where they belong though is probably fair.
          Men are better at judging fairly on looks than women are typically.

        3. Please, most of these guys think they deserve 9-10’s and they are nowhere close. The problem isn’t them judging the women’s looks but judging their own looks and overall rating. In that they are probably waaay off base.

  17. I think Louie was making fun of men who are fat and have this overconfident sense of self. I didn’t see him accepting the idea of fatness in anyway.

  18. I’m a big fan of Louis as well but he’s always been a bit of a white knight in his comedy. In one of his most recent shows he did a whole bit about how suicidal it was for women to date men because we are their leading cause of death.
    This is all just another example of how women – and men – band together to meet the needs of women. I honestly think white knights, pussy beggars and useless man on man hate is a bigger problem than feminism.

    1. That’s because in many ways it is true. Women have waaay more to fear from us then we do of them.

  19. He’s fat, she’s fat, if he can’t get the slender chicks to date him, maybe he needs to look at himself in the mirror.

  20. Louis CK isn’t nearly as iconoclastic as his fans like to imagine. Progressives love rebellious posturing and like to imagine that the self-hating white male schtick is as edgy and subversive as if we were still living the cultural environment of +60 years ago. In reality nothing could more conventional or favorable for one’s career than to pander to the prejudices of an upper class liberal audience. He’ll no doubt work his way through whatever shitlib checklist the comes further down the line, followed by triumphal memed gifs at upworthy, etc, etc ad nauseam.

  21. The thing is often it’s unattractive guys who have delusional expectation. If you look like William Hung then you’re not getting a Jennifer Lawrence look alike GF. Nor should you expect one. Glad that Louis C.K is understanding this and explaining that to other men. This is a discussion that needs to happen.

    1. But it’s not men who should be explaining that to other men, it’s women who should be, but they won’t because they want the benefits of less attractive or lower status men thinking they CAN get them.

  22. I saw a girl take down a guy. He was overweight and she an easy 9 (10 if she’d drop the attitude). He was coming on strong and she simply said “Sorry not interested.” He became very angry and started to call her a slut, rich bitch etc etc. She turned to face him and she pointed to a girl who was equally overweight and said, “Why not ask her?” He responded with “she’s fat and gross”. She just smiled, “so you think /I/ someone not ‘fat or gross’ should go out with someone who is, when you won’t?” It was very condescending the way she said it and she summed it up with “I am out of your league.” And waltz off.
    He had this expectation that even though he was unattractive and overweight one of the hottest girls (at the party) should be thrilled to go out with him.
    Life isn’t like Family Guy.
    If you want a girl who cares about her appearance you are going to need to as well.

    1. You obviously didn’t read the article.
      We are talking about the ridiculous expectations of ugly, fat or old girls holding out for attractive guys and their idiotic entitlement issues.

      1. Guilty. I skimmed.
        It applies to women and men. We are all a bit superficial. IF women want an attractive athletic guy they need to work out as well/care about their appearance.
        The ridiculous expectations of ugly and fat guys wanting an attractive woman…are the same as the entitled ugly fat or old girls holding out for attractive guys.

        1. Agree, but it depends on the guy. Some men are not conventionally attractive but are able to hold out and get attractive women if they have other qualities. I am a short balding guy and i have been with a few decent women. On the surface people could say ‘oh you should date a less attractive woman because you aren’t that great yourself’, yet i can get a woman with an attractive face and body interested in me.
          Men with other qualifies do not have to settle for a fattie.

    2. That girl handled the situation perfectly. She was direct and fairly polite in turning the fat dude down initially. Then the fat dude acted like a dick, calling her baseless ad hominems and she responded by doing him the tough-love favor of calling him out on his bullshit and effectively challenging him to improve himself (even if she was acting condescending at that point, following him berating her, that is). If most women turned down guys this way, I’d say that would be progress.

  23. Mr. Roosh,
    Make sure you watch All In with Chris Hayes (MSNBC) tonight (05/27/14). There is a rerun @ 11. He mentions this web site (by name) in a his first hit piece. He specifically cites the following quote, from the About page:
    “7. Elimination of traditional gender roles and the promotion of unlimited mating choice in women unleashes their promiscuity and other negative behaviors that block family formation.”
    And then talks with Jessica Valenti.

    1. Monica Lewinsky was not the first or only stamp collector. Women prefer one night stands with discreet partners when they want to add to their book of golden memories.

    2. “….and other negative behaviors….”
      Narcissism. There’s been a huge increase in narcissism reported by Psychologists in the last few decades. What they usually don’t mention is that women account for the majority of that increase.

  24. Fat power! Fat power! Fat Power!
    Tubby Pride Worldwide!
    Diet and Exercise are just a code-words for anti-fat!
    Gyms are for skinny people! Fruit aisle is for healthy people! McDonalds’s for….everybody!
    Stop fat genocide.
    (obvious sarcasm)

    1. We must secure the existence of the buffet line and a future for the soft serve machine.

    2. Fucking gymsharks, once you go Whole Foods, we don’t want you back fools! Stick with your gmo-free meats and veggies, fat traitors!

      1. fuck whole foods i mean im all for fit but fuck that place (went in there once nothing but betas dykes and homos wish i could go taliban on it) i go to jewel

  25. I came to this comment thread expecting to find something to disagree with — after all, I am a fat woman, and your posts should surely draw my ire. However, I was actually enlightened by what I’ve seen here — and the posts were actually not even as insulting. I had no idea that any of you would even be capable of dissecting the argument on the merits without resulting to name-calling. So, on to my enlightened moment — I think, first of all, the point about fat women not liking fat men is moot. You guys need to get as real on yourselves as you are on women. If you carry a belly — you are fat. Louis CK is fat. She just said they matched — and she’s right. There’s also a couple guys, below, talking about how they’re 5’9″ — and that’s average — so they somehow escape the “personal responsibility” of dating a fat chick. If we’re going with your scoring, though, every inch under 6 feet (6’2 being the actual most desirable height), I would say is the equivalent of 20 lbs. on a chick. If you’ve got three inches to go — you should be dating a woman 60-lbs. over the lower limit for “overweight,” which is 149 lbs at 5’5″. You “match” a 209-lb. chick. That’s what you deserve. Let’s pull out another yardstick — money and education. First, if you didn’t graduate college and you don’t make over $130k — forget it — you’re just an asshole anyway — beta, beta, beta. What kind of sexy woman can live on less than $130/k a year? I’m a lifestyle chick and I make almost that much. Average single income for a man who has a bachelors’ degree — the minimum brain cell count for anyone worth anybody’s time — is $50 K — which is just peanuts. If $130K = 6’1″, then $50k definitely equals 5’9″ = exactly proportionally — every $20k under the ideal means 20 lbs. So, you can calculate. If you’re 5’11, and you make 70K, you add 20 lbs. for the one-inch loss and then 60 lbs. for the $60k deficit — which means that you should date a woman who is 229 lbs. Believe it or not — this works, because the 149-lb woman is the average — just like the 5’9′, 50k dude. If you think I’m being too harsh, you could even use some “gentlemen’s rounding” and sub 10 pounds for 20, which means that if you are 5’11” and make 70k, you should definitely be dating a woman that is 189 lbs. (5’5″) — if she’s, say, 5’3″ she should be right around two bucks.
    The point is, true alphas are ACTUALLY alphas, and it actually sounds like there’s a lot of creative measuring here — almost all of you holding yourselves to lower standards than the women you judge. The best part is that you so vehemently defend your right to not date a fat woman. I support it, because I wouldn’t ever want to date a guy who’s such an asshole. Which is most of you — which is fine — I’ve always done fine and I’m happily married. My supersmart, moneymakin’ points balance me out, too — if you want to live by the hierarchy — die by the hierarchy — it looks to me like there are a lot of lies being told around here. Don’t want to date a fat chick? Don’t do it — women shouldn’t date guys under 6’2″ who make less than $130k — and who also have a BMI of 25 or above, BTW. Freedom is wonderful — and as a fat chick, I’ll make a deal with you. If you completely ignore me in the dating realm — instead of making comments or ridicule to make yourselves feel better (a true beta move — alphas don’t have to do that) — and let me live my life without snickering or whatever — and hire me based on my resume, and send me to prison or not, based on the evidence, I’ll support your right to pine for a chick way out of your league. The sucky thing is — when you settle — and you almost all will — that the splitting/projection thing makes you hate me more. Try to channel that energy into something a little more productive. I’m just fat — I’m still funny, smart, etc., etc. — if you don’t want to fuck me — fine. But let’s be friends?

    1. Oh, and BTW — I know about the Paleo diet, if that’s all you want to talk about. Also the Whole 30 — did both. Lost 80 lbs. on the first one, cleaned out my colon and lost about 10 on the second.

      1. Suck harder on her fat rolls faggot…it ain’t that easy to get to the fupa <~~ best comment B===========D~~~~ boo ya!

    2. Take heart. Fat is the new thin. There are enough young fat women to skew men’s notion of what is attractive. I noticed even ten years ago that the mothers of the fresh graduates we were hiring were much thinner than they were.

      1. 1. I don’t need to take heart. I don’t find men’s attraction to thin women a problem. Men are attracted to all kinds of women — fat, thin, short, tall, pizza face, bad leg, mullet hair — whatever. The fetish, I mean “fashion” right now tilts in favor of thinnish women. So what?
        2. The main dudes that are handwringing over this are ones who need to increase their social status because they cannot do it on their own. True alphas just get — they don’t have to think or bitch about it.
        3. Being hot and thin does not guarantee you a good love life — clearly you people have never watched The Bachelor — there are enough damaged “10s” on there to paper-doll it to the moon.

        1. You’re a slob. Stop trying to backhandedly shame men into accepting a walking manatee as a sexually desirable mate. No man, except the most thristy of men, would want some heifer clip clopping around their castle.

        2. Nice bait, but — I don’t think I tried to shame anyone — I said “to each his own.” What’s more simple than that? If you think I’m a slob, fine — it’s a free country. I probably think you’re dumb or ugly or short or poor — I don’t want you to stop me from thinking that. I mean, clearly, you can’t read for comprehension — that makes you a slob in my book.

        3. But, wait — I never said you had to date a fat chick. I actually said the opposite — that you should like who you like. Clearly, you cannot read for comprehension.

    3. You really think 5’11 and 70k/yr (which is 40% more than the median household income or about 65% more than the median individual income) should be dating a 189 pound woman? Delusional. Purely delusional. Maybe if the 5’11” guy is over 250 himself.
      You have some good thoughts but your #s you are using are insane. I’d probably argue up to 50k each 10k is +10-20 lbs, but 50k-100k is probably ~flat +-2, and over 100k is probably -2 to 5 lbs or so (marginal gain drops considerably over 70k in most of the country). 70k where I live will buy you a 2500 sq ft 2 car garage home and 2 new/newish vehicles with at least one very nice vacation a year (assuming spouse doesn’t work).
      Maybe in NYC or SF that would be true but certainly not in 99% of the country.

      1. LOL — do you use the same yardstick to measure your penis? I’m sorry — if you don’t feel that you measure up, you are free to go to school, better yourself, wear taller shoes, get hair plugs, order a mail order bride, hit the gym, go to some kind of finishing school, get dental work, take Viagra — whatever you need to do to up your points. You just made my point for me, by the way — I based all of my facts on averages. The “average” guy thinks he deserves so much more than a) what’s available and b) what he can get. Sure, there are zit-faced tweakers who “got game” who can get a hot-bodied hood/trailer queen — but, somehow, I don’t think that type of woman would help your self-esteem — so I know what you want — a blonde, hot, poised, semi-smart woman on one hand, but someone deeply wounded and able to be controlled on the other. (See Bachelor pool) — the problem is that there just isn’t enough of them to go around. Women are getting fatter. What to do, what to do? Somehow, you’ve done everything right — but you don’t have a prom queen in your bed. It’s because you’re doing *your* math — which is the delusional math. 50k is CHUMP change — the equivalent of a fat chick — and if you live outside the city, you’re probably an uncultured schlock anyways — don’t try to dress up Duck Dynasty as Morgan-Fairchild Dynasty — I’ve been to the “districts” and I have seen how they live and what they do. LOL — my math is right — it’s 50k for a bachelor’s degree, all males +25 — that’s a 149-lb. woman — as a base. Under 10 pounds doesn’t get you out of the top of the bell curve in terms of weight — but the percentages for money made over 50k, gets you into the upper echelons of wealth really fast (sadly). And, statistically — I gave you a “halfsie,” just because I knew you’d instantly try to measure yourself up and sadly, find out that you are, my friend, a beta. Or a Betta, because you’d probably fight any other poor schlock fish for a slice of alpha manhood — be a better Betta beta, why don’t ya?

        1. 1) I’ve been married for 8 years and my wife is definitely still hotter than I am and I’m moderately/fairly attractive (although the spread isn’t as wide as when we got married). I make ~175k/yr +-10k depending on bonuses. I have an MBA from a top 10 school and I can assure that I am not a beta in any way at this point (probably was in a lot of ways when I got married, though–and I was only making ~50k/yr then–without a degree at all fwiw)
          2) Yes, you are right that the median income for bachelor’s degree out of college is ~50k but only 25-30% of men have a bachelor’s degree (and that # includes adult bachelor degrees) so from an income scale you are already narrowing it down to the top 25-30% of men. You can (or at least should) already see the problem I assume. When women are on a scale from 1-10 and men are on a scale from 1-10 and if income for men is most/near most important driver, you’ve already cut off 75% of the men, the remaining 25% of men are going to be targeting the top ~25% of women (ie 7s, 8s, 9s, & 10s, not 3s, 4s, and 5s). All things being equal, the fatter women don’t stand a chance (unless they themselves make very good money or are dating someone even fatter than them). You can argue till you are blue in the face on this but this is nothing but simple statistics.

        2. Good points, unfortunately they’re incapable of putting together honest arguments.
          Coming up with biased statistics is just another tool in their propaganda. Just take a look the common feminist arguments (rape survey by Mary Koss, equal pay for equal work), debunked time and time again with unbiased data and rational analysis and they still peddle it across North American colleges and universities.
          They’re simply not interested in truth and rational argument, that is why we don’t respond to them here.

    4. Thank god I don’t live in ‘Murrica where entitled landwhales like you expect me to lower my standards to date their fat arses.

    5. Oh fuck off. I’m a 5 foot 6 man with a receding hairline and have never dated a woman that fucking fat in my life. Cut the horseshit. A man with a good looking face and body is always going to get better than a fat woman.
      Don’t try to lower my market value because yours is close to zero

  26. Hold up a second… Louis C.K is a fat, old balding guy. Not exactly our society’s definition of an attractive male. Your argument doesn’t hold water here. If she were pursuing Zac Efron I’d get the connection. Let the fatties have each other.

    1. Most of his article doesn’t hold water. It is like he purposely tries to miss the point of what she was saying.

  27. This just occurred to me: maybe white American men are just going down the path that black American men blazed thirty years ago and more. Skinny or muscular guys would have obese wives or girlfriends. Often these women would have more education, and “higher status” jobs.

    1. Mike — that is an extremely good point. I actually read an article yesterday about white males and entitlement and how the entitlement contract has been destroyed by a number of things — in the article — it was about the elites rendering the white man as an equal to lower-middle class men and other races because of their policies to treat everyone as the have-nots. It would stand to reason that that’s why everyone is so angry around here — a — and b — it would make sense if these men are actually feeling like there is no other choice than to date women who are not “attractive” — obese and otherwise — or characteristically feminine — because so many middle-class men have been made into lower-class men and women have gained power.

  28. I personally feel offended when some fat bitch usually white, cuts her eyes and throws her back hair and tries to act all “how dare you look at me.” And I think to myself, “cunt I’m looking at you, because you’re a fucking grotesque spectacle, and I wouldn’t dare in a thousand years, actively try to fuck you!” I also hate it when obese women of any race try and insinuate that you’re gay if you don’t want the dirt and sweat from their fucking fat rolls rubbing all over you. It’s become a sad occurrence in America when men have to publicly debase themselves in front of their male peers to appear more “hip and cool.” Instead of telling obese women, drop the fucking cheeseburger fatty and start running some hills! Men who want in on the liberal urban hipster yoga pants wearing crowd, would rather sell us out and pedestalize the fatty. I have no more words.

    1. Opportunity where others see only hassle, Lance. Graciously but firmly rebuffing a fat chick’s advances is a DHV. Your first move is kindness, if she angrily yaps after that, anything goes. There’s still a preselection advantage you gain even from her fat ass – provided, of course, that you demonstrate that she is unacceptable even for a bathroom blowie. But you can do that magnanimously and make it work for you. And yeah, not a good idea to indulge in prolonged askance leers in her stank-y direction. Nothing to gain there.

      1. You’re wrong — and you’re off. Have you ever heard of something called “splitting and projecting?” It’s a term in psychology where you hate what you most, deep down in the tiny man parts (or woman parts) feel that you most want or deserve. Our friend Lance clearly has an axe to grind — as some of the men here — doesn’t it strike you as odd that they would go out of their way to diss a demographic of the population that is already down. Lance is brown — he looks short from the pic and he has a flat, ugly nose, round face, and an unattractive brow. His eyes are too far apart. He’s a 6-7 in attractiveness, tops — definitely a beta. We should really play “ask the fat chick” on these forums, because a) I have experience with men like Lance who will actively try to make me feel bad just for existing and b) unlike your caricature of me, I don’t mind who you’re attracted to — no matter what she looks like — you like who you want — so no PC here — I hate PC. So, Lance is a beta and he acts like a beta — alphas *DO NOT* — I repeat *DO NOT* have to cut people down to build their self-esteem. I have been fat off and on my whole life (both thin, “gorgeous” chick and true obese woman), and I know — alphas maybe wouldn’t date me, but they don’t begrudge my existence. True dorks and losers don’t bug me, because they are my actual peer group and aren’t trying to soothe their damaged/unstable masculinity — they’re already resigned. And alphas — they don’t see me as their peer group, so they’re not threatened. But deep inside, where tiny men with tiny penises and tiny incomes and tiny heights — the betas — get envious and want to shoot up sororities and have to get the daily dose of false superiority are the ones who single me out, target me and try to make me feel bad. It’s almost like a magic formula.

    2. @lance_christopher:disqus – this day and age where political correctness has gone to the extreme where no longer are you “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything” its “you don’t think its nice, but YOU need to change”
      What we have is polar opposites of tolerance vs. intolerance; where someone SHOULD be intolerant based on ACTUAL scientific fact (you’re overweight, a health risk and an eyesore) we are force-fed the notion that those of us who find it unattractive or downright disturbing are somehow alien in our thoughts, and MUST change (I say must and if you think i’m wrong then how can a fatty argue and WIN that he shouldn’t be charged for two seats on an airline BECAUSE he takes up two seats??), just to add shit to this suck-salad reject a fat girl and somehow “you cant handle a real woman”.

      1. Don’t forget the economic fact of everyone else bearing the healthcare costs of all the fatties who can’t drop the Doritos. Those costs are transferred to everyone else. But yeah, political correctness has run amok. I can understand when the European concept of politeness and genteelness was apart of the fabric of society, where like you said, “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” But today, this has gone to extremes, where we all must be actively change to accept any and everything.
        No matter if men really like curvy women because those attributes confer to healthy fertile women ready for childbirth as men have always liked, we’re either suppose to like boyish looking waif models who looked like starved victims coming out of an NKVD camp in Stalinist Russia or obese women who can barely bend down to touch their knees. Yet these are the same people who wave the banners of “organic this and organic that” (which I’m a proponent of btw), but if you mention an organic society (patriarchy) or organic relations between the sexes (patriarchy) or organic laws (patriarchy), or organic treatment of women’s bodies (no birth control or morning after pills), then you’ll receive the look of death.

        1. Just goes to show that there was a limit and it was pushed and stretched (pun intended) to accommodate those that found it easier to bitch and whine rather than do something or stand the critics words which somehow managed to get through their many layers of insulation.
          and it seems that society in general will turn this into a big shit-test just to see how far they can get away with it. again, action vs. reaction. some people want to live life a certain way but cannot handle the consequences of doing the same, evident in the healthcare system devoting hours and precious resources to save these people’s lives who may have an epiphany and change their ways.

    3. Great comment as always Lance. What bothers me a lot is when some unnatural color streaked hair, tatted up, pierced up total fatty makes ooey gooey lovey dovey eyes at me. I mean, dafuq? You see me riding with this totally hot woman on the back of my bike (wife sometimes rides with me), or you see other hot girls hitting on me when she’s not with me, and you think you have a friggin’ chance? Seriously? In what universe would this ever be possible? Geez.
      I also hate it when obese women of any race try and insinuate that
      you’re gay if you don’t want the dirt and sweat from their fucking fat
      rolls rubbing all over you.

      Haven’t heard that one yet from a fatty. Hard to imagine the type of self delusion necessary for a walking honey baked ham to say something like that. Yikes.

    4. “I personally feel offended when some fat bitch usually white, cuts her
      eyes and throws her back hair and tries to act all “how dare you look at
      A similar thing happened to me today when some fat girl and her 6’2″ orbiter (whose body was reminiscent of a toothpick) came to me at the exit of the local supermarket in an attempt to get to me to sign up for the WWF or some related scam. She, probably bolstered by the affections of this rather pathetic orbiter, was acting like she was a 9 and thought she could get me to sign up with her looks alone. HAHA. I barely paid any attention to her and continued my way, but I could tell mr. orbiter didn’t like it. Had he tried to stop me, I would have probably snapped him in half.

    5. What if a woman, say, thinks you have inferior genes because you’re brown?

  29. Nothing like a 10-piece legs/thighs from Church’s Chicken, as an appetizer.

  30. Whopper/Double Quarter Pounder… Whopper/Double Quarter Pounder… What’s a girl to do? I know, I’ll just get both.

    1. This had me cracking up. Eh, I guess I’m about as hard to entertain as a 4chan kid.

  31. How in God’s name is Louis attractive? He’s also fat and “miserable” yet he seems to get what he needs from women just fine. Why is it so wrong for her to want a date if he also gets dates despite him being the same as she is? That’s the entire point of the episode. Louis does not (in any way shape or form) work out or try to look more attractive, ever. Yet he still gets dates and random hookups, its much harder for bigger women to get away with that. Also, what happened to people who had different tastes, I’m pretty sure not every human on the planet is attracted to skinny women who will have sex on command, there are people who like curves, there was also a time when women being fat was actually attractive, so don’t give me that bullshit that it’s always been this way. Don’t tell me that this lady has to get up off her butt and work out, when some guys sit around and do the same thing and that’s “totally fine”. Just no. Y’all bitches be crazy.

    1. wow, someone is pissed.
      Even the fat chick on the show “admits” she can get laid. Louis gets women in real life because he’s a famous comic (more successful in reality than depicted on the show). If he wasn’t famous, he’d get squat. You’re confusing a tv show with reality
      The vast majority of women managed to not look like an elephant back in the 1970s and 80s. And they didnt scream about being anorexic or oppressed due to it.
      When were obese women considered attractive lol Look at the actual scientific studies. What men find attractive trans-culturally is pretty constant.
      There might be cultural pockets of exception, but by and large, it’s hardwired.
      Most of the guys who claim to prefer large women are actually lying, to themselves and others, so as not to feel like total shit.

      1. Show me the science then, BrainBug. Because I know from testimony that what your saying isn’t true in present day, and I know historically that being plump was a sign of wealth and was considered to be attractive, so please don’t. Many minority cultures actually like ‘thick chicks’ its a cultural norm for them. Which culture are you talking about besides the mainstream media? The media, which by the way, doesn’t represent the majority, only what they want people to think is the majority. You think models with no boobs and a size 1 waist are attractive? I don’t. In the 70’s and 80’s McDonalds existed, so people (not just women) already had obesity issues. It’s the shit in our American food that’s making us fatter than the rest of the world, and that shit isn’t just from fast food restaurants, many other countries ban ingredients we eat everyday because they actually care about their citizens’ health.

        1. Hip to waist ratios vary somewhat , but there is no culture that considers obese women attractive.
          Caloric intake has increased since 1970. More calories and less activity = fatter people. People have experimented with eating nothing but junk food, but keeping their calories down, and have lost weight.
          Barring some very rare medical condition, it’s your own fucking fault you if are a fat pig.

        2. Arch Sex Behav. 2013 Oct;42(7):1191-8. doi: 10.1007/s10508-012-0058-9. Epub 2012 Dec 22.
          Slimmer women’s waist is associated with better erectile function in men independent of age.
          Brody S1, Weiss P.
          Author information
          1School of Social Sciences, University of the West of Scotland, Paisley, PA1 2BE, UK, [email protected].
          Previous research has indicated that men generally rate slimmer women as more sexually attractive, consistent with the increased morbidity risks associated with even mild abdominal adiposity. To assess the association of women’s waist size with a more tangible measure of perceived sexual attractiveness (as well as reward value for both sexes), we examined the association of women’s age and waist circumference with an index of men’s erectile function (IIEF-5 scores), frequency of penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI), and sexual satisfaction in a representative sample of Czechs (699 men and 715 women) aged 35-65 years. Multivariate analyses indicated that better erectile function scores were independently associated with younger age of self and partner and women’s slimmer waist. PVI frequency was independently associated with women’s younger age and women’s slimmer waist. Sexual satisfaction was independently associated with men’s younger age and slimmer waist for both sexes. Better erectile function, greater PVI frequency, and greater sexual satisfaction were associated with women’s slimmer waist, independently of both sexes’ ages. Possible reasons for the waist effects were discussed, including women’s abdominal body fat decreasing their own desire through neurohormonal mechanisms and decreasing their partner’s desire through evolutionarily-related decreased sexual attractiveness.

  32. As someone pointed out below, the plumper was practically stalking him. Imagine the roles (rolls) reversed.

  33. Yeah, reverse the genders on the fat acceptance screed here, and it becomes exactly like the caricatured “nice guy who thinks he deserves sex” that the Feminists go ape shit angry over. Yet many Feminists considered this “woe is me” pity party as worthy of ecstatic praise and a victory over fat shaming.
    Apparently, thinking you deserve sex without having done anything to make yourself worthy of it is only praiseworthy if you’re a woman. Unsurprising, because this sort of hypocrisy is Feminism in a nutshell.

    1. They get away with it because in all honesty think how many guys will do everything to placate them and make them feel like they are a female Adonis??
      Men were screwed, when they were willing to shelve their pride and dignity and better sense of self to play doormat and pandy to women’s ego. I see it on a regular basis, the newspaper was a great example 2 days ago there was an article saying “women want an intelligent guy” as a general gist, before it was nerdy, before that it was tradie/military and before that we had the dreaded metrosexual phase. would be laughable if I didn’t walk through the city and see guys doing as much as money/their budget would allow to conform to said wants.
      So with that in mind where is the incentive to stop?? Women would turn around tomorrow and say they like guys who wear clown suits and my city would turn into a circus overnight. All in the name of getting laid, and in my view that’s not game, that’s like your GF “hinting” at anal to make you think she’s kinky, its not who they are down at their core and whats worse is they can’t pass it off as genuine in the first place, and it does nothing but feed the feminist entitlement syndrome that proves that right now, women can say “jump”, “roll over” and “play dead” and thirsty betas will queue in droves to fulfil their wish.

  34. This is very misled. She never once asked for an “attractive” guy, and in fact pointed out that average-looking men like Louis were really quite physically compatible with women like her. She continued to note that the “attractive” men, knowing that their status won’t be questioned, will flirt with any woman, big or small, while men like C.K. fear being seen with an unattractive woman despite being on relatively equal playing fields. I’m not arguing that men like those you mentioned in the article are not also publicly shamed and denied of their desires as well, but the episode was not at all highlighting that the men this women could pick up weren’t “attractive” enough.

    1. Yeah, someone who actually got it. This writer has an axe grind and is trying to force his screwy views on to this episode.

    2. While it was not said out loud that she asked for an attractive and “successful” guys, it was highly implied. I find it hard to believe that of ALL the nice guys in NY, no one has EVER ask her out. Bullcrap.

  35. I think you guys are missing something here. All the time she is whining about how hard it is being fat, slim, fit people are going by exercising. The “joke” that I could see was that she was complaining about how hard it is to be fat when all around her people were doing something to improve themselves. YMMV but that is what I took away.

  36. Something else that struck me was that this was just plain bad writing. It didn’t even remotely feel like a conversation two real people would have. It was just so glaringly, obviously, forced. Louis’s character isn’t allowed to react like a normal person, he’s not allowed to defend himself in any way. I kept thinking how my own reaction to this would have been:
    “If you were smoking, it would be OK for me to encourage you to quit. If you were drinking too much, it would be OK for me to tell you to stop and get treatment. If you were doing drugs, it would be OK for me to have an intervention. It would also be OK for me to not date you for any of those reasons. Why in the hell do you think you have any right to validation when you’re doing something as equally unhealthy to yourself?”
    This is something I can never wrap my mind around. If a person doesn’t have a medical condition, why are we obliged to validate one form of unhealthy behavior, but not others? Why is it perfectly OK for a person to be as overweight as they want, and have all the medical risks that come with it, but it’s not OK for me to have a cigar? Why do we get to shame people for smoking, or drinking, or doing drugs, or any of a thousand self-destructive things…. except for being overweight. How come that gets a free pass from shame?

    1. Great point. It was awkward and not very natural.
      Kind of in a way seems to be pushing a message.
      Cringe-worthy to watch, kind of like the video where he backs down from some teenage boys hassling him in a restaruant while on a date.

    2. As a fat person, I agree with you. I think it’s okay to say that something’s not healthy — but shaming is different — it connects the activity with some kind of fundamental personal flaw. Also, if you want to see it that way — it’s a free country — but the rub is — and why fat people get the brunt — is because I can’t look at you and automatically channel most of what’s wrong with you. I mean, I can say a guy is physically unattractive, poor dresser, lower class, and be mostly right — but I can’t see other things like whether you recycle, you’re nice to your kids and your mom, you’re honest, you’re fair, you are an educated voter, a thoughtful person, emotionally intelligent, a hard worker, a strong boss, etc. — there’s all kinds of things that it would be “better” if we were — thin, nonsmoking teetotalers included — but most people have just as big of flaws in the maintenance of our lives as fat people. The other issue is — that being thin is the most vapid and ridiculous thing to take credit for — 90 percent of it is genetics and how you were fed as a child — and for women, weight gain during pregnancy. That’s not to say that people can’t lose weight — but the statistical data — this is compiled from everyone who has lost weight in the US since the 1960s says that if you lost more than 50 lbs, you have a FIVE PERCENT chance of maintaining that weight loss. No matter how hard you try — tens of thousands of people. This is achieving proficiency at the 95th percentile. I’d like to see the braintrusts here sign up for some rocket-scientist classes at MIT — something very hard — and achieve proficiency at the 95th percentile.

      1. Thing is, there’s a very fine line between shaming and saying something is not healthy. Usually there’s no line at all. Smoking, over-drinking, drugs, being overweight… all of these are unhealthy things, we all know that. When someone point’s out smoking is bad for you, they’re trying to shame you into doing the right thing and quitting, no matter how nice they’re being about it. That’s fine, I’m still going to enjoy my cigar.
        But in today’s world… you can choose not to associate with someone who drinks, or does drugs, or someone who smokes… but heaven forbid you make a choice of association based on body weight. Just that very choice, who you choose to associate with, is equated with shaming.
        It’s perfectly OK to righteously look down on a smoker, to avoid them, to ostracize them, but it’s not OK to do the same with someone who is overweight. You can’t even quietly, and without commentary to their face, decide someone isn’t dating material because of their weight. The very fact you made that choice now makes you the bad guy, even if you didn’t say a thing.
        That’s what upsets me. That it’s OK to made social choices, and to make social commentary, or anything BUT someone’s weight. Which we have elevated to some enshrined position immune from criticism, judgement, or reaction of any kind.
        And, just to be clear, I -am- a fat person. I’m working out every day, and watching my diet, and doing all I can to change that.

        1. I don’t think that you should shame a smoker, either. Some of the best fucking people I know are smokers — rock stars, cool people, artists — I think that smoking is unhealthy — but I wouldn’t shame someone like that. Since I make a lot of money, for me, a better example is someone who is low-class. I guess I understand, because I often poke fun at low-class people, but I’m jaded because I’m fat, and plenty of low-class betas and omegas have made fun of me, so I don’t hold them in some kind of high esteem. My point is — there are people who I’d rather not — on paper — associate with because they are of low intelligence, or their just normal, middle-class schlubs, right? But I’m not going to go out of my way to make them feel bad about themselves, just because they exist. If I don’t like someone or what they’re doing, I generally mind my own business. AND, I try to keep an open mind about individuals — not on paper — because people can always surprise you. I imagine I surprise a lot of people who have stereotypes about fat people. By every other socioeconomic/education/class/confidence/accomplishments/strength/even looks (I’m pretty attractive under the fat) I’m the equivalent of a male alpha. The main point is being kind and recognizing people’s right to exist without harassment or discrimination. By discrimination — I don’t mean dating, because physical attractiveness is a part of dating — but if you want to win a footrace, you pick the fastest runner. My bargain with all men is to simply let fat be a factor of physical attractiveness and keep an open mind about the rest. In terms of my fat — it says nothing else about me other than I’ve tried and failed to keep fat off. I’ve been concentrating on like a million other things, though, that make me extraordinary.

        2. I really don’t have time to spend actively shaming ANYONE, for any reason. Normally I have too many other things to do, so I think we’re more or less on the same page there.
          My real beef is that, socially, it’s acceptable for me to, say, avoid someone as a date because of any lifestyle choice they make… unless it’s their weight. If I choose to avoid someone, not shame, just not express interest, because of their weight, I am somehow a terrible person.

        3. I don’t think it makes you a terrible person. I think that it’s possible that you might put too much emphasis on it, though, and be missing out on a lot of other good things. Again, though, this is a personal choice, either way — I think a lot of us live shallow/conditioned lives because it’s the predominating wisdom, or we’re scared or insecure or lazy — I don’t know. People would say that I’m missing out on a lot of things because I’m not starving myself — the last ten years of my life expectancy, wearing bikins — I could give a fuck, but it’s important to other people, I guess. That’s okay, too — the great thing is that we’re all free.

  37. “The balloon popped. So did the fat lady.”
    The thing is Louie CK has two daughters. That’s going to influence his show and his comedy.

  38. “As others have predicted, we are moving towards a society in which men
    will be increasingly penalized for their innately-specified preferences
    for young, attractive, fit, and feminine women”
    Let them try to penalize all they want. As in any free market we simply keep on voting with our feet. Or with our dicks in this case .. lolz 😀

    1. Can’t disagree with you. I anticipate even MORE male shaming for men who refuse to cater to obese/generally unattractive (read: lazy) women.
      Although we can find other markets so to speak, I fear the hoops that we’ll have to jump through to do so, and the amount of money or effort that it may eventually cost a man in order to pursue feminine women. Especially those in foreign lands.
      That means the average guy will have less of a shot, possibly.

  39. Glancing down through the fat shamers on this thread, I have a few observations.
    I was a teenager then adult through the 1980’s. As I recall there was Taco Bell, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Dorritos, Cheetos, Potato Chips of all sorts, pop, diet pop, sausage gravy and biscuits, ice cream, cake, slushies, pizza and every other piece of crap brand of fast food and dreck then, hell, even in the 1970’s. Somehow, and this must have been due to magic, almost nobody was fat.
    Or was it magic?
    We ate snacks in moderation. We walked a lot, went places, did physical things instead of sitting around on “social media” and not moving a muscle except for our jaw muscles as we chew up food. Potato chips were a treat, not a daily food group. Fast food was not the norm for lunch, we brought our own, fast food was for traveling or for special treats. You people blaming “new processed food” are wacked in the head, it was alive and present in a major way 30+ years ago, yet we weren’t fat like you are today. You know the difference? Self control and personal pride in our appearance. We didn’t “accept” being fat ourselves, let alone on others, we had self respect and wanted to look good to the world. You, you’re solipcistic and atomistic, if you have to exert one iota of self control to look good you simply declare looking good as some fucking “ism” and chomp away on your Pringles by the can. You’re weak and pathetic and you should be ashamed of yourself and where your choices have brought you. No matter how much you try to “shame” us it’s not going to work, since you have no shame yourself why should we accept you trying to shame us?
    So much self defeating ideologies today being touted as progress. Ultimately it all ends when your DNA line ends, and for fat people who cannot mate that time will come soon enough, and it will be nobody’s fault but your own.

    1. nah they’ll just mate with other fat people with neither partner in the couple even deeply attracted to each other. All the while taking advantage of all the skinny people paying into their insurance pool.

      1. Doubtful. The fat couples now usually started out normal sized or thin when they were young (from what I’ve seen of wedding photos, YMMV). I really don’t think fat guys find fat women “beautiful” enough to start dating, but could be wrong. In any event even if all that came to pass they are becoming so obese so early now that they may self select out of the gene pool before they reproduce. Speculation of course.
        Guess I’m just getting tired of this constant Soviet style “Crush badthink!” we’ve been seeing the last year or two. It’s moved from screeching and crowing to the point now where PC is starting to get people fired in very public witch hunts. I see “fat acceptance” trying to latch itself onto this new Salem atmosphere, and want to nip it in the bud.

        1. Yep–my SIL gained nearly 30 pounds in 2 years with her current boyfriend (not even engaged). She’s still pretty cute but at the rate she is going she is going to be very obese very soon and not attractive. He’s just slightly overweight now and makes good money but I wonder how long they will stay together if they keep it up (eating, drinking, lack of exercise).
          My wife has done a good job of not gaining weight and when she does pick up 10-15 pounds she’ll work to get it off. She’s still the same weight when we got married 8 yrs ago (so am I).

    2. To be fair–Obesity rates started to soar in the mid/late 70s and continued into the 80s/90s. While it certainly wasn’t as prevalent then, that was when it really took off (also coincided with the government “war on fat” and pushing carbs instead).

      1. That could be, but it didn’t hit out in my neck of the woods until far later than that (rural, people working physical jobs). Having traveled much of these united States and Europe I honestly don’t remember it getting to the point where I really, really noticed it until the beginning of the 2000’s. Maybe that’s when folks just gave up the ghost and said “fuck it” and relaxed back into a comfy pile of Twinkies instead of continuing to care about presenting a good appearance.
        And really I wouldn’t care that much if that were only the case. Now we’re seeing absolute land whales screaming in belligerent anger at us that we have to “accept” them. That’s when it gets my dander up.
        On the pro-carb thing, agree.

        1. Can I ask you what “accept” means? Do I want you to date me? Hell no — and I respect your right and my right to choose who we want to date. Outside of that, what does someone being fat mean to you in terms of “acceptance?” As a fat person who is wicked smart with two advanced degrees, plenty of my own cash, a tall, sexy husband who makes money, two thin kids who are supersmart, and a superfun conversationalist, good-time woman and all-around smarty pants — I hit the treadmill 3-4 times a week and shop at Whole Foods. I’m morbidly obese — due to the fact that I was raised in a Southern state on the aforementioned Twinkies — spent 14 years fighting my weight (losing 50, 160, and 80 lbs) — just to gain it back by eating normal food. All I want in terms of your acceptance is to be left alone. I don’t need shady looks, or to be burped at or literally *taken pictures of* — which has happened twice. I just want to do my work — I’m a hard worker — go about my life and garden and shop sometimes and learn — I don’t want to exist in a climate of discrimination and hate. If you don’t want to date me, that’s fine — on paper, if you want to say that attractiveness (remember, to the beholder) — equals thinness — don’t date me. But if I apply for a job, look at my resume. If I get accused of murder — look at the evidence. If I go to the doctor — sure, mention my weight, but otherwise, treat me like a normal human being — and if you just can’t look past it and don’t even want to be my friend or associate with me — fine — but just *leave me the fuck alone*. Is that okay?

    3. A lot of this obesity/fatty deal is driven by mindless consumerism.
      Mom has to work outside the home so the family can afford a bunch of bullshit that nobody really needs, and has to bring home a KFC bucket because nobody has time to cook fresh at night.

      1. The 1980’s are famous for the consumer culture.
        That being said, the working mom thing likely does contribute a lot to this, as you note. “Mom” doesn’t cook any longer, which can’t be helping matters. Good observation.

        1. I was watching the season finale of Mad Men this Sunday and couldn’t help thinking, “you know, we went to the friggin’ moon in 1969 without any of this facebook/selfie crap.” We were more modern 45 years ago than we are today. We thought bigger and dreamed bigger. Now Americans are progressively indolent, stupider, more materialistic.
          You’re right about the 80’s being consumeristic, but that’s an ongoing trend in the US since the advent of mass production. In the past we (Americans) could indulge in mass/popular culture and consumption without losing our ambition, values etc. It seems we accelerated in our materialism to a tipping point of complete narcissism. Or maybe I’m cranky today.

    4. But what if that’s not someone else’s ideal? What if scholarship or raising a family or having good times or even eating good (nonprocessed) food is a priority over maintaining thinness? What if no one cares what you think? What if your deeply cherished ideal doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to another person? What if your science is off? And, in the end — you seem to intimate that it’s all genetic — which I disagree with — (only partially) — but what if no one gives a crap about who you love or who you want to look at? Or what you think is ideal? Who the fuck are you?

    5. Most of that stuff was new in the 80s, so it wasn’t like people were raised on it like they are now. Plus video games weren’t nearly as ubiquitous. Children used to actually go outside and play in the 80s.

      1. None of the fast food chains I mentioned were new. Pizza was not new. I think Taco Bell might be the exception, but the rest were around since the day in the late 60’s when I was born, and many long before that, as a minimum.
        Oh yeah brother we had video games, and many homes had them. You could sit for hours glued to Space Invaders or Asteroids, heh. To be serious though, yeah, the video games are a problem. Thing is FAT CHICKS aren’t playing video games much, that I’m aware of.

        1. They were around, but they weren’t as ubiquitous as they are today, and their food wasn’t as highly processed as it is now. Mothers still knew how to cook back then too. Can’t tell you how many girls I’ve met that are terrified of a skillet.

        2. You didn’t have them on every city block, but they were within easy reach as I recall, not a big deal to ride your bicycle to go grab something if you so desired. I remember reading in the newspaper at the time, still a teen, that a Big Mac had (at the time don’t know about now) around ~600 calories. People were eatin’em. Processed more or not, 600 calories is 600 calories. Folks would usually only eat one though, and the sizes “Medium” and “Small” were actually utilized by many people in more than a prank way. A delivered pizza (which I’ll posit was far more dripping in grease than now, puddles of it in the pepperoni most of the time) still cost you 2000 calories if you ate half of it. Lots of folks today go full “I’ll have a large for me, and one for my buddy here, and another large for the other guy in the corner playing Call of Duty”. Yikes.
          Mothers cooking, yeah, absolutely.
          The point is that the same basic conditions of “bad food” existed in the 1980’s and somehow the majority of people retained a decent weight. People have fundamentally lost the ability to control their own impulses, and this lack of control is celebrated across society as somehow a benefit.

        3. Agree, it is poor impulse control combined with laziness. Fast food was literally everywhere when i was a teen in the 90’s yet people are way fatter now on average than they were then. Australia’s obesity level is comparable to the U.S but it was nowhere near close to the U.S in the 90’s.
          The vast majority of fat people i know are fat because they eat too much and don’t really exercise. It is true that genetics plays a role but it is too often used as an excuse. I have ‘bad weight genes’ too which means i have to be selective in what i eat but so what? That’s life. Blaming ‘genes’ is pathetic unless you have serious hormone problems.

  40. I remember seeing him on that comedy central Dr. Katz or whatever and thinking he was good way back in the late 90s I think. For some reason, when he exploded in recent years, it was sort of like I already knew he was funny and wasn’t interesting anymore after everyone else liked him, lol.

    1. True. Fat men should not expect fit women to want to date them. That said, neither should fat women expect fit men to want to date them. If that’s reasonable, then there’s little purpose to “fat acceptance.” Liberals want to create a world where everyone is of “equal” value, but it’s unnatural, and deep inside everyone knows it’s bullshit. If someone wasn’t always better than someone else we could have never evolved from microorganisms to what we are today. Men all over the world favor women with a certain waist-to-hip ratio because it indicates good fertility. You can just switch off millions of years of evolved instincts like that, no matter how bad you try to shame them.

  41. The whole goal in dating is to land someone who you perceive as more attractive than yourself. No one wants to date a less attractive person in comparison to them (this is what we consider settling…). The relationships that work are build from people that find attractiveness in different ways. Therefore, both parties think their partner is more attractive than them.

  42. Just a general statement pertaining to the article, specifically the increasing prevalence of “plus size” models.
    The women’s clothing industry has been ultimately shaped by what has been deemed socially acceptable at the time. Going back to the 1950’s, most of the ideal women would unfortunately fall under “plus size” proportions in most stores. As well, there is this odd disconnect with bras being made to make your boobs larger, but shirts are being made for A and B cup women.
    This trend of seeing anyone beyond 130 pounds as “plus size” is a rather recent phenomena. Going back hundreds of years, we see the nude models in paintings containing fat deposits modern men would deem unattractive, and yet at the time they were seen as desirable. Being thin would have been seen as unhealthy, sickly even.
    So pray tell, where are we exactly deriving our “types” of women from? Are they being dictated to us by society, or do we actually harbour some autonomy from the hivemind?

    1. Josh — to play devils advocate — I think there is some sort of natural thing that makes men more attracted to women that are closer to average weight — but it’s way outside of the boundaries of what lot of the men think here. I would say that women that are at the threshold of dating desirability are maybe — let’s say for a 5’4″ woman — 105 lbs. to 220. That’s about a size zero to size 20 — I would say that 50 percent of men would date a woman in that range, even if she was not his ideal physical attractiveness level. White men might cut the top off at 195 — about a size 16. I would say that that is within the fair boundaries of anything genetically predisposed. Outside of that, fertility DOES decrease — waist-to-hip ratio decreases, and the eyes and cheekbones, signs of health and fertility, get somewhat obscured by fat. Even as a fat person — I think this is normal and reasonable. The rest is all conditioning.

      1. 200 lbs? WTF? That’s like a heart attack waiting to happen for her and the poor bastard whose face the fat cunt is sitting on.

    2. the problem is plus size in the old world was ok nice tits some thing to grab not a whole chunk of blubber etc now its landwhales with rolls on them
      people like a curvy woman (you know tits ass slim belly hourglass shape etc) not a circlur one

  43. “I mean, I can get laid. Any woman who is willing can get laid.”
    And that statement, all by itself, is why no man should ever have an iota of sympathy for this woman. Because there are countless men who CAN’T, and no woman will ever acknowledge that as a legitimate issue men face. They can’t imagine such a thing, so obviously men are just whining for the sake of whining. *eyeroll*

  44. I see fat acceptance like this – it validates the neoreactionaries, libertarians, the Men’s Movement, conservatives and alt right. Why? Because this is where progressivism leads too. Briefly, its worth highlighting that “progressivism” includes both feminism and homosexualism. When we strip away the obvious fluff i.e. the emotional narcissistic “rationale”, I use that loosely, such as the above “I just want to be happy et al”, you are left with ALL the practical reasons to immediately dismiss “fat acceptance”…let’s start with the obvious – health issues, among many other things. Frankly, this leaves the MM and all the aforementioned sub-groups with more than enough evidence that this progressive culture and society is heading down the wrong path! And, moreover, if we’re led to celebrate things that harm us, being fat kills, then the all to obvious implication is to reject this pathway altogether, in other words, reject progressivism. And with that reject feminism and homosexualism…and all the other “ism’s”.

  45. Question for the forum:
    “…feeling attractive, feeling loved, having guys chase after us, that’s just not in the cards for us? Nope. Not for us.””
    Didn’t we just hear something just like this? Someone posted an on-line confession to this effect, yes? They then went on a fu*king killing spree?
    Just saying.

    1. Shhhh! Your logic and reasoning are not welcome here. Be gone!

  46. Gentlemen,
    Eternal Return is a female, and an admittedly fat one, who apparently thinks she’s smart. Remember the rule and don’t let her bait you into a conversation.

  47. Being “fat” is not some sort of irreversible condition. As someone who has lost a few extra pounds a few times over the years I can tell you it is not easy to do, but certainly it is possible. If you are fat, absent some real medical conditions, it is largely by your own choice. Is losing weight easy? No. But then again neither are many things in life.
    Sad thing too is that if the chick in the video lost 20-30 pounds she would probably be cute. If instead of sitting around petting her cat and jamming chettos down her gullet she hit the gym and hate healthy she would probably have her choice of a selection of greater betas and lesser alphas.

    1. I agree. Lots of girls would be so much better looking if they actually just put some effort in. It’s all part of this feminist movement to try to shame men who are attracted to healthy and fertile women. They don’t want to change, so they shame us for having evolved instincts.

  48. Feminism is about the equality of men and women, not the superiority of women. If you believe women should have equal opportunities and treated with the same level of respect as men, then you are a feminist too.

  49. You all have serious problems with the female gender. We have things to offer this world.

  50. Feminism is about the EQUALITY of men and women, not the superiority of women. Ask most feminists and they will tell you this. If you believe women should have the same opportunities as men and should be treated with the same level of respect then YOU ARE A FEMINIST, BOYS.

  51. I will continue to post
    Feminism is about the EQUALITY of men and women, not the superiority of women. Ask most feminists and they will tell you this. If you believe women should have the same opportunities as men and should be treated with the same level of respect then YOU ARE A FEMINIST, BOYS.

    Feminism is about the EQUALITY of men and women, not the superiority of women. Ask most feminists and they will tell you this. If you believe women should have the same opportunities as men and should be treated with the same level of respect then YOU ARE A FEMINIST, BOYS.

  53. Feminism is about the EQUALITY of men and women, not the superiority of women. Ask most feminists and they will tell you this. If you believe women should have the same opportunities as men and should be treated with the same level of respect then YOU ARE A FEMINIST, BOYS.

  54. A fat woman is like a broke man — a failure of the gender and 100% worthless as a member of the sexual marketplace.

    1. equally as bad – but only one is scorned with major support and the other gets to post a video dancing and guilts’ fashion labels into making clothes that fit her, not the other way around.

  55. The entire point of Beauty is that it’s a standard. There will always be somethings that won’t make the cut which makes the things that do more precious. If every single thing or person qualified as “beautiful” then beauty would have no meaning. Not everyone gets to be attractive,just like not everyone gets to be smart, and not everyone gets to be strong. So like the feminists love to say “YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO A RELATIONSHIP”. If you don’t have what people want then they won’t be into you.
    It’s a simple concept “If people do not find you attractive because you are fat, then either change that by losing weight or accept it and find someone who does find you attractive.” It’s not “unfair” because you can’t force other people to change what they find attractive.
    The reason people don’t like to hear fat women complain about loneliness is because they blame every but themselves for it. Just like the fattie on the show did. While men often admit their fault and turn it into a joke (You know like a comedian).People would rather listen to a man joke than a woman complain.” But why should fat men like Biggie smalls, Patrice O’neal, or Heavy D be able to get hot thin women without any one questioning it, But a fat female blogger on Jezebel shouldn’t be able to get a hot fit guy?” Because fat men can use Success, status, wealth, talent, and charisma to boost their game. Fat men can use things other than looks to win over a potential mate because women also want providers. But fat women still expect to be courted. This means a man still has to put in work just to keep a fat chick’s interest (keep her hamster in check). When given the choice on who to spend their time effort and money on it’s clear who men would pick.

  56. Time and time again on this site I have said that if you identify with the morals, values, and lifestyles of those shown in television series and movies, you will be sorely disappointed. Entertainers are there to entertain and make money. They do not care about your red pill agenda, your desire to better yourself, or your relationships with women.
    To paraphrase Louis CK: “It doesn’t have any effect on your life. What do you care? People try to talk about it like it’s a social issue. Like when you see someone stand up on a talk show and say ‘How am I supposed to explain to my children that a man or woman is obese?’…I dunno, it’s your shitty kid, you fucking tell them. Why is that anyone else’s problem? A woman is obese but she has to be skinny so you can talk to your ugly child for five minutes?”
    The above paraphrase is satire, and in no way should be confused with me sticking up for those who choose to live their life in gluttony and greed. Instead, I urge you to focus on your own health, your own fitness, and your own happiness and well-being instead of those who clearly cannot demonstrate an ounce of self control, whether they are glorified in the media or not.

  57. Did you hear the theory about this scene being a satire?
    Apparently all through the fat chick’s speech about how much it sucks being fat, there are joggers that are constantly running by.

  58. Sure I’m a cheeto-munching slob who lives in my parents’ basement, has no career prospects, poor social skills, and spends all day reading the internet.
    Well, herein lies the problem.
    If Louis C.K. hit the gym, dropped 30 lbs, got ripped, shave his ghoette and his head, he’d be slayin’ pussy well into his 50’s as am I.
    A man reaps what he sows. The dud has no choice but to embrace “fat-acceptance” because, despite his talent at humor, he’s just fucking fat himself. His inner “child” must embrace fat acceptance lest he do the manly thing and get in shape.

  59. Keep in mind that in cultures where food and resources are scarce, the fat lady is queen. Heck, if SHTF it could be argued that the overweight have a slight survival advantage.

    1. Yep, if everyone else is starving and you’re fat that means you’ve got access to some critical connections there. Even a fat person looks healthier than somebody dying of famine.
      However, in a society where anyone can easily become fat there’s obviously no advantage. Poor, stressed out, and depressed people are fatter because the human body knows something bad might happen, so it stores extra fat/energy in case they can’t find a meal.

  60. What about her point,most likely actually Louis’ cause be probably wrote the scene, about the double standard in society where fat men, such as Louis, are found to be acceptable mates for slim attractive women, while fat women are relegated to as to author of this article says reddit neckbeards?

  61. Some people actually worship fat girls.
    They take a skinny girl and purposely fatten her up.
    They feed her cream and other high caliore foods.
    Before you know it, she is as fat as a house.
    She sleeps on a matt, 23 hours out of every 24.
    They hand feed food into her mouth.
    One man is given the “honor” of keeping her clean.
    He washes the filth away with a srub brush was is
    actually allowed to lick areas of her body.
    It’s a lot of fun.

  62. This video segment pissed me off so much. I wish that I was there to yell at the fat whining entitled bitch to hit the gym. There are plenty of NICE fat/short/ugly/poor/awkward guys that would love to date women her size. But of course, the biatch feels entitled to an attractive successful man while offering very little in return.

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