Why All That Glitters Is Not Gold

I’ve discussed male thirst before and explained why thirsty men are a problem. Today I wish to examine how such thirst can distort male perspective on the reality of maintaining relationships with attractive women.


Marko Jaric is a man who appears to have had a lot going for him. He spent 15 years (1996 – 2011) playing professional basketball, with almost half of those (2002 – 2009) spent in the NBA. It was at this peak of his career that his romantic exploits became the envy of men across the globe. In 2008, Jaric began seriously dating 26 year old Adriana Lima, then a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Lima was herself at the peak of her career – she was one of the world’s most well compensated and well recognized models, and widely considered one of the world’s most beautiful women. They were married in 2009 and she was soon pregnant with her first child (born 2010). A second baby followed in 2012.


Though all seemed well, there was trouble in paradise, and that trouble has come to the fore now:

Former NBA player Marko Jaric and Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima have split after five years of marriage. “After long and careful consideration, we have decided to separate after five years of marriage,” they said in a statement to People. “We are grateful to be the parents of two incredible young daughters that we will continue to co-parent. We would greatly appreciate your respect for our family’s privacy as we begin this delicate next chapter for all members of our family.”

The Serbian media has offered some additional information as to the reasoning for the split:

Brazilian model Adriana Lima has hired a team of lawyers who will divorce her from Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, because he allegedly cheated on her.

Lima allegedly complained to a friend during filming in Istanbul and the Turkish media immediately carried out this news. It is also said that Adriana is seeking custody of their daughters Valentina and Sijena. She does not want alimony nor the house in which they currently live. “Once I forgave cheating, the second time I will not,” the supermodel supposedly told a friend.


Assuming that Jaric’s infidelity isn’t a fib and had something to do with the split, one can easily predict the response of most men to the news. Most will label Jaric an idiot, and go on to post several photos of Lima (mostly older shots taken several years back when she was at the very peak of her modeling career) before asking “Who would cheat on that?!!!” They will go on to talk about how lucky Jaric was, and how he should have done everything in his power to maintain what he had because that is what they would do if they were in his position. Attractive women are, in their mind, the ultimate prize and they cannot see why any man like Jaric would not work tirelessly and unconditionally to hold onto them. This is only the perspective of a man on the outside looking in, a view that can only be held consistently by men who have not interacted extensively with very attractive women and are a touch starved (read: “thirsty”) for their attention.


Marko Jaric has been married to Adriana Lima for over half a decade now. He’s put two children in her. He’s had intercourse with her hundreds (if not thousands) of times. He’s lived with her for half a decade. He’s seen a personal side of her that none of us have ever seen, and knows things about her that are simply not public knowledge.

If you’re a typical guy, your knowledge of Adriana Lima comes from beautiful photos of her appearances at events or modeling lingerie for Victoria’s Secret. This surface image is all that you have to judge her on. Jaric, meanwhile, has had occasion to know Lima when she’s out of the public eye with her guard down and no need to censor herself or maintain a public image.


Who knows what she’s really like? Who is the real her? Marko Jaric is much more well equipped to answer this question than any of us are. Perhaps she’s a miserable bitch at home. Maybe she’s a cheater herself, but keeps it hidden well. Or maybe she’s not a great mother. Maybe she’s cold in bed and not particularly intimate with him. Maybe she’s just not all that compatible with him on a personal level.

Or maybe she’s a great mother and wife and he’s just a disloyal prick. We don’t know.


When examining relationships involving other men and beautiful women, too many guys let her beauty blind them to objective reality and guide them to a perspective that puts all of the onus on the men in the relationship to do it all, and assumes them to be entirely at fault whenever things go south. They neglect the fact that beautiful women are not perfect (nobody is), and have as many faults as anyone else. Men have become so thirsty for the attention of these women and so utterly supplicant to them that they’ve forgotten that they’re dealing with flawed human beings just like themselves, not divine angels absent human imperfection. This failure to see the humanity of the beautiful women, in turn, hampers the ability of these men to approach them realistically and form sold romantic relationships with them.


We only see Jaric and Lima’s public personas – we don’t know who they actually are. We see Adriana in public, but who is she really? For all we know, she could be an excellent woman who has done absolutely nothing to earn this behavior from Jaric. It is just as likely, however, that her private persona (the one Jaric can see and we cannot) is one that would make us understand why a man like Jaric would give her up. Too many men, blinded by beauty and their own thirst for it, are unwilling to consider this second possibility.


This is why it is important for any red pill male to quench the thirst, ditch the pedestal, recognize female humanity and act accordingly. Don’t let a woman’s beauty and your thirst for it blind you to her faults, or coax you into ignoring them at your own expense. All that glitters is not gold.

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322 thoughts on “Why All That Glitters Is Not Gold”

  1. Well, for all we know, these women are absolute idiots. Men get very hung up with their looks, then perhaps see the real side to them after living with them for a while..They seem to marry and divorce a hell of a lot…. ??

  2. put a ring on a woman’s finger and watch her turn into a cartoon version of her mother….
    Adriana maintained she was a virgin, which given the latin background might be true…if it is it would probably make her a complete prude, missionary only, tedious bore… I’d rather fuck a chubby 5 that rides cowgirl, than some stuck up starfish, beauty queen… especially long term….
    plus her beauty is largely crafted by gay photogs, getting her to pout and pose in figure hugging lingerie, being made to look 10 times better than it really is, for mass marketing purposes… that combined with wealth and success gives her a posture of confidence that any girl could have with a little effort…
    if you walked past her in the street, or put her alongside a bunch of fit college girls coming out of the gym…. I doubt you’d give her more than a 7…..
    She has an ugly face and terrible teeth, and I don’t doubt a traditional latin matriarchal peasant attitude towards family, that comes from her background…
    Combine that with a slavic NBA player and you have a recipe for disaster…..
    Where once a man could pump a chick and leave her stranded with the kid… now it’s the other way around… chicks look for rich guys to pump a kid or two into them and then dump them later on…..
    Jaric was just a convenient sperm donor….
    As was Orlando Bloom if you want an example of a real fucked up celeb split with a Victoria’s Secret model…. I thought about writing an article about it, but celeb gossip belongs 2000ft underground in steel containers…. along with radio active waste….

    1. So when your wife does not look so sexy to you anymore, you think it is alright to cheat on her? Dont marry in the first place if you are like this.

      1. Typical white knight/beta/incel/mangina/[male] feminist/faggot response. Did you even read the fucking article? OR Ray Wolfson’s comment in its entirety? Do you even read any articles available on ROK, or even the Manosphere, or are you just another femtard troll?

      2. The typical Key board warrior here hasn’t spoken to a woman in the past 3 months. The chances that he will ever get to cheat on a woman is pretty slim. This is all just theoretical bragging here.

      3. It’s never alright to cheat…at least not for a man who values his honor above a cheap piece of ass. If it’s over have integrity enough to split first.

        1. “It’s never alright to cheat..”
          Sure it is. If she’s not putting out. You have to give bitches motivation. We’ll never know if he was cheating or if she drove him to it or what though.

        2. Marko Jaric’s situation notwithstanding, I have to agree with @apeiron:disqus on this one. Why cheat on your wife? No one forces you to get married but if you do, keep your word. If he had doubts about her he should have stayed single. There’s nothing Alpha about breaking vows.

        3. If she’s not living up to her end I’m not living up to mine. Vows or not. But then, I would never marry in the first place. No marriage. No kids. Why do it. A man’s only injuring himself in the long run.

        4. Can’t argue with that. I cheated on every girlfriend I’ve ever had (because they’re just girlfriends) and I’m usually very forthright about. However, marriage is an entirely different beast. At this point, I doubt I’d ever ‘get hitched’ either but I do consider myself a man of my word. So, if hell ever freezes over and I do get married, I’ll keep my vows.

        5. In that case englishbob, you’re not paying them for the sex, you’re paying them to leave afterwards

        6. I think cheating is the way to go in a monogamous marriage. Or paying for a mistress/whore on the side is acceptable. You can’t risk pedestalizing a wife just because of male honor or vows. If you reflect deeply on it, you’re opening a chink in your armor to allow her to use it against you – the code of loyalty within a marriage. Every woman has a hamster, and even if she’s subservient to you for 10, or even say 20 years of a marriage, her hamster can come to life to bite you when you’re physically or emotionally weak. Never underestimate that. So cheating or paying for hookers on the side is to keep yourself mentally disconnected from your partner, and thus avoid pedestalization of her.

        7. I think cheating is the way to go in a monogamous marriage. Or paying for a mistress/whore on the side is acceptable. You can’t risk pedestalizing a wife just because of male honor or vows.

          Paying thousands of dollars to stand in a church and tell a woman you’ll spend the rest of you life with her is pedestalizing. Keeping your word/Honoring your vows is not and the two are loosely related.
          It’s a false dichotomy; There are definitely other options, like not marrying the bitch in the first place. I only trust a woman as much as I can control her. If you don’t command a woman’s respect, can’t manipulate her or suspect that, at some point, she will fail to yield to your authority don’t marry the bitch.
          Otherwise, keep your word because no one forced you to do some stupid shit like get married in the first place.
          The few married Alpha men, whom I look too (and there are very few married Alphas) have great businesses, great children, a wife who plays her position and will leave a lasting legacy because they handled marriage the right way.
          There is nothing Alpha about paying for strange on the side because you’ve lost control your marriage. That sounds like some shit a woman would do.

        8. If she’s not living up to her end I’m not living up to mine.

          Never get married if that’s how you genuinely feel. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I only trust a woman as much as I can control her. If you don’t command a woman’s respect, can’t manipulate her or suspect that, at some point, she will fail to yield to your authority; don’t marry the bitch.

        9. I’ve known guys like that who’ve kept a mistress or two on the side. I know a bunch of guys like that who work on the road and bone their way around the country. They are happily married. These are some seriously alpha guys. In their view, its simply their perogative.
          Is it honorable? Well, they say there is honor amongst thieves…

        10. I hear you, but no one cares about true honor anymore. The laws stacked against men aren’t honorable. You used to be able to fight a guy over something trivial and go home with your life. Now, you might be stalked and killed, if not jumped by a mass of people while you had a on-on-one going.
          Honor doesn’t mean a whole lot when you’re the only one interested in upholding it.
          I do have a moral compass, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t drawn to being more deceitful to get what I want out of life. Most people around me seem to be doing it and a LOT of those people are women.
          Also, mangina’s behave a lot like women toward other men. If they had half a brain they’d channel that energy in the other direction to get laid.

        11. I think it does mean something to other men though…
          You’re right, women and manginas have no clue about true honour… And most manginas are damned miserable keep in mind….
          But I think any man with any spirit whatsoever… even a criminal like you say… can recognize certain things in other men such as courage, skill, strength and honor.
          I’m referencing Jack Donovan’s “Way of Men” and I think it holds true… Life sucks for everybody… but I can’t fully agree that men don’t recognize these qualities in other men.
          Most men would prefer to ally with a man with honor.

        12. They may “prefer” to, but their actions don’t match. I’m seeing men who are willing to do anything for even a whiff of snatch and if your reputation suffers, so be it.
          I had close childhood friends totally try to cockblock and slander me to women because they were jealous. I felt really betrayed after that. I shared some of my most enjoyable experiences with them and their pettiness and backstabbing became too much.
          It was a very tough decision to stop communicating with them, but I got tired of making excuses for their behavior. I noticed it had been happening for quite a while and I just ignored it because we still had a good time together, then I woke up.
          There are still honorable men out there, but I’ve yet to run into any of them.
          This is the goal of feminism. Anything that provides solidarity to men is attacked ruthlessly. Men are made to be thirsty beggars so they may be enslaved and everything is working according to plan.

        13. I just did the same thing to a long time friend of mine. There was just something I could not quite put my finger on about the way he acted. He would belittle me in front of women when I would flirt with them, and even behaved strangely whenever we were out around girls. Then, like the flip of a switch, I realized that he acted just like a women. I even recalled having to logically walk him though everyone of our arguments because he would approach them emotionally.
          He gave me clues about his true nature many times but, like you, I rationalized them because I had known him for a long time. There are so many things I have experienced that caused me cognitive dissonance, and the people around me would cause me to believe that I was the crazy one. I am glad to know now that I am not alone in my thinking. This site and the manosphere continue to give me a strong foothold from which to climb back up the mountain of life. I am grateful for sites like this. They mean more to a lot of young men than some guys can even realize.

        14. I totally know where you and Monolith are coming from… its a sorry state out there for damn sure.
          IF you can find even a couple guys who realize what is going on you’ll be way ahead of many manginas and white knights who need female validation (or imagined female validation) to survive.
          I think having honor amongst friends is the thing… I don’t expect random guys I don’t know to give a fuck about me… but when you’ve developed a relationship with someone and they betray you over something like pussy, it is truly a pathetic sight to see and cuts to the bone… Don’t take it too personally though… these are dudes who have to resort to that in order to obtain a shred of self-esteem.
          I’ve seen “macho” dudes and “players” who have to put up such an act for so god-damned long… only to have to resort to the most pathetic things in order to get pussy (such as betraying a friend)… Don’t be fooled by their persona. In many cases it is an act and all things come to an end.
          At the end of the day when it goes quiet they have to deal with themselves.

        15. Its never alright to cheat on a chick who is putting out. If your wife stops putting out she is breaking
          “loving you faithfully through good times and bad,”
          wedding vow
          if she aint’ fucking you, you owe her nothing.

        16. She broke the vow first dude by not putting out, she didn’t love him or make love to him. And woman change after marriage how they act to men, so its not about doubts. You can have no doubt but the person can change. Women are notorious for changing after major life events like marriage and children. Frankly had they never got married his relation would last because she’d not think she could not fuck him and he’d do nothing

        17. She can leave you anyways even if you do have kids. And the longer you wait the bigger and longer the alimony cheques get for her.

        18. If that’s the case then 80% of traditionally acknowledged “alpha men” of history aren’t “Alpha”.
          Marriage is purely a partnership of child rearing and financial stability. Nothing more nothing less. Modern marriage is poisoned from the outset because of the romantic belief in never ending love and all that BS.
          Next to NO woman marries with the idea of pure unfettered love being her sole motivation. She marries because it’s the most convenient and logical step to achieving life-long security.
          Great men of the past understood and knew this. Modern men don’t.

        19. Marriage is purely a partnership of child rearing and financial stability. Nothing more nothing less. Modern marriage is poisoned from the outset because of the romantic belief in never ending love and all that BS

          This wasn’t always the case and is part of the problem. In western society divorce rates have climbed in correlation with the increase in autonomous marriage rates. The lowest divorce rates in the world are in cultures with high rates of arranged marriages.
          Arranged marriages were relatively common in the U.S. until the first half of the 20th century. Parents [or more correctly, fathers] married their daughters to men based on their wealth, accomplishments or aristocratic title, without consideration to the girl’s choice [Thank God]. Love matches were coincidental and very uncommon.
          If a woman didn’t honor her marriage vows, she could risk being alienated from her family, ostracized by her peers and dying alone as an old maid; Poor and disgraced.
          In modern society, it’s the exact opposite. Due in no small part to no-fault divorces [which led to a six-fold increase in just two years after a century of stable divorce rates], a woman can abandon her husband for absolutely no reason and take custody of a man’s children at his expense; In many cases where the man has done nothing wrong.
          Meanwhile, her friends-turned-cheerleaders scream ‘You go girl’ as she moves back in with her father [who doesn’t shame or shun her] to rest until she remarries a Beta, with a mean kowtow, willing to raise another man’s children and trust me, she won’t have to wait very long.
          My point is this: Previous generations didn’t understand the nature of a woman or the type of sadistic damage of which they were truly capable or they would have never given them the right to vote, much less rights in general. They were simply the beneficiaries of state-sanctioned patriarchy and societies that discouraged female deviancy.
          We don’t have those same luxuries and thus being as good as our forefathers isn’t enough. We have to be better; wiser, shrewder and more cunning.
          Further, I don’t believe cheating on someone who possesses a overwhelming legal advantage against you [if it blows up in your face] simply for being a woman; is wise, shrewd or cunning.
          With that said, if you can’t control your dick or your chick don’t get married.

        20. Then clearly there was no good communication between them. Communication is the most important in a relationship

      4. The topic of cheating is one of the things that I disagree with here on ROK. When you cheat on your SO, it besmirches your personal honor. A man’s word is what makes him a man. Like it or not, there is an implicit agreement when you enter an ltr. The agreement is that you expect fidelity from her and she expects it from you in return. Now, I’m not advocating taking shit from her or not putting her in her place when she needs it, but being honorable is the one thing that no one can take away from you. I will never cheat on my SO. I won’t do it not because I’m a pedestalizing beta, but because to do so would be damaging to me. Never compromise your honor for a piece of ass. If you set aside your honor so cheaply, than you never had it to begin with.

        1. Women almost NEVER have a sense of personal honor either. I’ve always considered over emphasis on sexuality to be a feminine trait unbecoming a man. A man with no or thin honor is less than a woman. But I’m VERY old school…I was raised by WWI generation people.

        2. We’re on the same page Doc…if I’ll break my word over something as common as pussy, what won’t I break it over?

        3. It’s a damn shame when you see a really stand-up guy who takes care of his woman, get cheated on under his nose, and when she’s done (for the moment) decides to have a baby because she’s nearing the wall. The whole time this guy is clueless and thinks life is great.
          People wonder why some of these guys snap and go on a rampage.
          They have no fucking shame.

        4. Never compromise your honor for a piece of ass. If you set aside your honor so cheaply, than you never had it to begin with.

          Well said. I agree with you but I doubt you’ll win any fans here. The way I see it, you can’t be married and discreetly pay for strange or married and have a side chick. There’s no way to rationally justify it and still feel indignant towards modern women for being the worthless sacks of shit they’ve become.

        5. I disagree. Imagine you have a business deal where you and a partner promise only to do business with each other (only buy and sell from each other). But x years down the road your partner your partner decides he has made enough money and gots what he wants and will no longer buy anything from you but will still sell to you. Such an arrangement will cause you financial distress. Is it honorable to still follow a deal that will ruin you despite the other side breaking the implicit agreement that you made this business deal to make profits for both side? That is like a woman and marriage. Once she stops fucking you, she has decided that she got what she wanted and she will still take your money but won’t give you what you want.

        6. You won’t get through to them. It’s similar to arguing with game deniers. It’s a core belief that will not be undone except through hard earned experience – if that.
          Oddly I respect their view and fully honor it. But experience, observation, and living life has taught me better.
          I wish everyone still believed and acted on honor, love, romance and chivalry. But the fact of the matter is that they NEVER existed in the first place. They are merely concepts that manipulate the masses of society to play by rules that are convenient for others.

        7. Agreed, I think they are pushed through movie and western propagandda to gfet men to be nice beta male slaves to females who crack the whip on them.

        8. I disagree. Imagine you have a business deal…

          and that’s where I stopped reading. Marriage isn’t a business deal enforced by courts, it’s a union sanctioned by god. The same god from which man’s power and authority over women is derived…

          Women are inferior to men: “A man is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man.”1 Corinthians 11:7

          You want a marriage that’s a business deal? Order a Ukrainian bride and let me know how that works out. RoK/the Mano-sphere needs to reconcile these views because they discredits us and make men appear childish.

        9. The other poster was right, you are irreconcialble. Marriage is a business deal with contracts, division of assets, splitting of expenses and incomes. Men in America have no power over women, women hold the power to call police to lock you up for abuse you never did.

        10. The other poster was right, you are irreconcialble. Marriage is a business deal with contracts, division of assets, splitting of expenses and incomes.

          Incorrect. What you just described, sounds like divorce.

          Men in America have no power over women, women hold the power to call police to lock you up for abuse you never did.

          This is true but I’ve yet to have a women call the cops on me for abuse and I’ve definitely put my hands on a few women in my day. The difference between you and I is control; You lack it and I always keep it.
          The system definitely works against men but not all men in America are powerless against women. I’ve held the reins of each relationship I’ve ever been in and I’ve yet to meet a woman I couldn’t manipulate to significant degree or capable of putting me ‘over a barrel’ and as you’ve said most are more than willing to do so.
          I’ve said this earlier and I’ll say it again: We don’t live in the same society as our predecessors. Nor do we enjoy the same advantages and luxuries they once did.
          You’re more than welcome to take foolish risks (e.g. cheating) if you’d like but don’t cry foul after once she finds out and takes you for everything you’re worth because you started thinking with the wrong head.
          A man has to be of a much higher caliber now, more than ever before in history, to maintain control and masculinity within his relationship.
          If you fall into the category of men who feel powerless against women then don’t ever get married. It’s not for everyone anyone. That shit is for reserved for men familiar with controlling women.

        11. you are trying to swim against a tide, you mighr be able to control women in the short term, but in the long term, her friends, society, etc. will always win, when you get cleaned out, you will probably end up on the news for killing your wife after “You lose control”

        12. I’ve never not been able to control women, especially the ones I’m involved with. It isn’t a matter of short-term or long-term control; You either know how to or you don’t.

          her friends, society, etc. will always win, when you get cleaned out, you will probably end up on the news for killing your wife after “You lose control”

          You’re confusing me here. You’re essentially admitting that ‘..her friends, society, etc. will always win, when you get cleaned out’ in a thread advocating cheating on your wife.
          If there is truly a state-assisted war being waged against hegemonic masculinity with women on the vanguard, I fail to see the wisdom in committing adultery and giving yet another advantage to someone with an already overwhelming number of legal and societal advantages against you just because you can’t fight your biological need for pussy. That’s terrible advice and no one here should be giving it because we are literally sleeping with the enemy and most of you don’t have control of your women to begin with.
          Why risk it? That’s a legitimate question and I challenge any to one to answer. Dozens of you have explained in detail what drives married men to cheat but I’ve yet to read a convincing argument as to why a man should risk everything he’s built over some fucking pussy? Why?

        13. You can convince yourself of that lie, but even the rich guy who beats his wife, at some point her friends, family, media will convince her to rebel and then you are done. While in the past it may not have blown up on you its like playing with a bottle of old school dynamite sure it won’t kill you this time, or the last5 times, but when you get a bad batch it might just kill.
          I agree, the woman will always win out on the long term, one way or the other. She either divorces you, or stops fucking you and grts fat and nasty, which is probably worse than divorce.
          Women of today are essentially large children. And like all children at some point they rebel and leave home.
          Yes women and beta males on the vanguard attaking true masculinity. You commit adultery because divorce can be a long and drawn out process. You cannot (at least where I live) get divorced very quickly. Just look at the basketball player and kim kardashian, how long did that take again? Court moves slowly. A woman gets no legal advantages if a man cheats on her.
          it is stupid to try to control a woman long term, all you can do is short term committment and cheat on her and monkey branch to the next.
          You risk nothing by cheating. Nothing you couldn’t already lose.

        14. This made absolutely no sense but I’ll address your most coherent points.

          it is stupid to try to control a woman long term, all you can do is short term commitment and cheat on her and monkey branch to the next.

          I once juggled four girls at once. The girl #1 was my 1st girlfriend, I started dating the girl #2 six months after my 1st girlfriend and started up with girl #3 shortly after that.
          Girl #4 was my ‘mistress’ and though she was fully aware of the other three, I was so deep in this bitch’s psyche she still did whatever the fuck I wanted, whenever the fuck I wanted and kept her fucking mouth shut. I had some serious mind control over this chick. She once saw me out with girl #1, played it completely cool like she didn’t know me and laughed with me about it the next day before sucking my cock.
          I was involved with each of these women, simultaneously for almost three years. I fucked a ton of girls while dating them and as of today, still fuck 3 out of the 4.
          My point is this: You say “it is stupid to try to control a woman long term…” which is the equivalent of a “I don’t know what the fuck I doing.” You paint these gloom-and-doom scenarios with broad strokes as if it were bad for all men all the time but I’m telling you, it isn’t. Sure, the cards are stacked against us but it’s not hopeless; A lot of us still get away with murder. You’re just not cut from that cloth.

          You risk nothing by cheating. Nothing you couldn’t already lose.

          No intelligent man believes this and if you do, it’s only because you bring nothing to the table to begin with.
          It’s possible for a woman to abandon her husband for absolutely no reason and take custody of a man’s children at his expense; In many cases where the man has done nothing wrong. This is possible but not certain. However, the possibility becomes a certainty once a woman discovers you’ve been cheating.
          Offhand, I can think of at least a dozen reasons why it would be a terrible reason for a man to cheat on his wife and you’ve yet to present one compelling argument that supports cheating. Just: she “stops fucking you” or she “gets fat and nasty”
          Just admit it. It’s bad advice.

        15. Proof the male rationalization hamster is just as strong as the female one are you.
          it is easier to juggle four women than one, because with 4 if you get no sex from one you have 3 others you can go and fuck so its no sweat. This is why most gamers advocate having a soft harem of women you can fuck at any time, and not just one.
          No it is easier to juggle 4 women than one, when you get one woman and she decides to get fat, rude attitude, nasty, demanding which they all do eventually, you’ll have a clue. Its not all bad all the time but it always heads there. It might take 6 month, might take 6 years but it always comes out.
          And you only prove my point, you admit you are getting away with murder when you have 4 women. Get one woman and try the same, go marry her and fuck other girls, see how that turns out for you.
          Its best to cheat when you are in a one on one because
          then her pussy doesn’t matter and losses all its power.
          Name one bad reason for cheating on a disloyal wife? I can think of none.

        16. Proof the male rationalization hamster is just as strong as the female one are you.

          You’re attributing your own undesired characteristics to me. I believe they call that psychological projection. Clearly, holding yourself to a female’s standards is a much easier task for you. Do what make you feel most comfortable.
          Further, all you’ve done is rehash overstated Manosphere talking points in broken English. Are you capable of forming one original, coherent thought or do you only parrot banal catch phrases?
          If you seriously can’t think of “…one bad reason for cheating,” go ahead, cheat on your wife. Let me know how it works out for you.
          Don’t be surprised if drags your stupid ass into court [once she finds out] and takes all your shit because you couldn’t think of one good reason to not to cheat and lacked the competence to perform due diligence before wifing the harpy.

          it is easier to juggle four women than one, because with 4 if you get no sex from one you have 3 others you can go and fuck so its no sweat. This is why most gamers advocate having a soft harem of women you can fuck at any time, and not just one.

          You’re obviously a poseur. You speak as if you’ve had harem but clearly you’ve never had a harem, have absolutely no idea what the fuck you’re talking about and I’ll tell you what gave it away:

          it is easier to juggle four women than one…

          That statement is alone is bullshit. I’ve had a harem and have friends with harems and one thing we all agreed on is that having a harem is not easy or even advantageous in the long run.
          Mind you, I’m referring to maintaining relationships with several girlfriends not seeing several women for casual sex [which is always advantageous].
          With several girlfriends, you’re having to manage the expectations of several women, maintain several stories, in addition to committing to memory, the slew of lies you’ve told each them to cover your ass; Make sure no one ever sees you in public [with any of them], while also isolating them from various social circles to be sure no one drops a dime; All of which is for the sole purpose of making sure they never meet or even become aware of the other(s) existence(s).
          I can tell you from experience, there is nothing “easy” about that.

          when you get one woman and she decides to get fat, rude attitude, nasty, demanding which they all do eventually, you’ll have a clue. Its not all bad all the time but it always heads there. It might take 6 month, might take 6 years but it always comes out.

          If you’re afraid that a woman will grow old: Don’t get married because everyone grows old. If you’re afraid that woman will get fat: Don’t get married because women can get pregnant. If you’re afraid that a woman will ever try to withhold sex: Don’t get married because women will try to withhold sex if she senses that she can and something tells me they always sense that they can with a clown like you.
          As part of my due dilligence I don’t even entertain a LTR until I meet her mother and see what kind of relationship she has with her father. If she passes that test, a guy like you might be able to get away with being timid.

          And you only prove my point, you admit you are getting away with murder when you have 4 women. Get one woman and try the same, go marry her and fuck other girls, see how that turns out for you.

          You’re a fucking idiot. I’ve had as much success at the at the helm of a relationship with one women as I have being at the helm of several; Manageability doesn’t decrease with quantity dipshit.

          Its best to cheat when you are in a one on one because then her pussy doesn’t matter and losses all its power.

          Yo, what the fuck are you talking about? This made absolutely no sense. The problem isn’t the type of relationship, it’s the quality of the man in the relationship. A man whose wishes are easily disregarded by women within the context of any relationship, was never a man who commanded much respect to begin with. This applies to you.
          Whether women have a switch that’s immediately flipped once she’s wed is entirely irrelevant. It’s a man’s task to maintain control, manage her expectations and make her submissive.

        17. You still can’t produce one good reason not to cheat, all you did was blabber like a woman. I think you prove my point. A woman can drag you into court and divorce you because she doesn’t like the color pants you put on, they are not rational they work of “Feelings” and usually they will make up illogical things like “the love is gone” or “i love him but i’m not in love with him anymore”.
          You believe you can fully control another human at all times, which anyone can recognize is gibberish. You have a mantra your brainwashed to think works, it doesn’t. Do what you want. i don’t care. Don’t come here when after 3-5 years of marriage her friends tell her to leave your controlling ass, and the media dubs you an abuser and her woman studies teaches her all men have debil horns and are evil and she divorces you despite all your control technicques, and cry.

        18. This site is quite interesting but I have to interject regarding your misinterpretation of this verse. It’s true, men are made in the image of God and he was created first but women are “the glory of man”.
          Glory meaning “high renown, prestige majesty, noble, ……prestige”
          A good and virtuous woman is a “glory” to her husband. How can she be inferior if her very presence crowns him?
          I’m all for macho honorable men but some of you guys take it to far when you wish to use the bible to demean women. The bible says a man is to love his wife as Christ lived the church. Ephesians 5:25. Well, last I checked Christ died for the church.

        19. Most, if not all, promiscuous people (men and women) were sexually abused when they were younger. It’s something so sad and common

      5. There is no point in getting married if your wife won’t fuck you on demand. If you do that, then you have been swindled. You are paying for her shit, food, clothing, housing, car, financing her lifestyle and she is doing nothing for you. Dump the wife, hire a cook or spend the $500 taking professional cooking lessons with a few chefs around town at top restaurants and you can probably beat her shitty cassarole any day of the week.

      1. Kerr ditched Orlando for Mr. Packer… older, butt ugly and married….. but very very rich (and powerful in Australia)…. then bragged about her amazing sex life in the press….. a genuine trollop..

    2. A woman’s concept of virginity before marriage in today’s world is only vaginal. Not anal or oral. Especially if she’s Latin or Catholic.
      You don’t know how many times Adriana must’ve sucked off or gotten assfucked by Marko (or for that matter other men too) before she ‘gave it’ in marriage. And don’t forget she’s Brazilian. Anal sex is a staple in every sexual encounter.

      1. Remember that Lima also dated Derek Jeter, who would almost definitely not tolerate a lack of (some kind of sex) in a relationship. I vote that Lima was a “technical virgin” before she got married.

        1. I’m sure Derek Jeter shot his swimmers into her rectum.
          She’s Brazilian, and culturally, she’s experienced to take it up her asshole. A lot of models take it in their ass during their castings. Forget the mouth, that is peanuts compared to assfucking a model.

        2. Yeah I am sure derek jeter and those brazlilian men with tight game didn’t fuck her up the ass, hgimme a break. Actually maybe jeter is a beta ball player, i don’t know but i doubt those brazilian guys weren’t fucking her crazy, why would anyone believe she is a virgin she was probably fucking with whips and chains.

      2. You boys are sick homos if you think women like it in the arse. Turn off that kiddie porn you watch

        1. I have to agree Maria. These little boys watch that nasty porn and believe all of the garbage they see. They’re all obviously virgins and if they do get lucky with a 2 one day and try to stick their tiny tallywackers in her arse she’ll probably cut it off.
          There are many negroes on here and as we all know they go both ways on that downlow or are outright homos. They love being in prison because they get to be fucked up the arse there.

    3. Wow I didn’t realize what a butt-hurt and bitter, miserable cunt you were until now. When a man gives Adriana Lima a < 7 rating he is only coming from a place of hatred, hurt, misery and jealousy Based on all the comments I’ve read by you “Ray” I really just feel sorry for you.

      1. Except that Ray is right.
        Adriana Lima has a skinny ass, and very bad teeth. Her strengths are in her eyes, skin tone, and slimness. And all models tend to have an obnoxious, fake sex appeal, just like actresses. You’d never know when they’re being real or fake. But to be fair, all women are like that. Just that models and actresses are more pronounced in their phoniness.

  3. Serbia has a very conservative culture dating wise.
    Don’t know anything about Brazil.
    I’m not surprised they would have broken up.

    1. That may be. But she’s now westernized. No woman’s base culture can withstand the assault of modern western culture because it seduces them to be like every feminist Americunt around. What pure and simple women can resist the trappings of money and fame when thrown into a situation (e.g. modeling) that’s a product of western pop culture? They can’t. Even the sweetest petunia will morph into a Maleficent over time. This girl is on track to become a Heidi Klum, Jenny McCarthy or Gweneth Palttow — crazy loon mega bitch slut ho’s.
      In the words of agent Smith, “It’s inevitable.”

      1. don’t pedestalize south american, ESPECIALLY Brazilian culture. they’re fucking whores, cheating whores from 12 years old. even the virgins are whores…and suck dick and take it in the ass from a extremely young age.
        A large portion of south american women are not fit for marriage even without the influence of western culture.

      1. I’ve spent some time in Montenegro, admittedly these people are different to a degree. The girls at bars don’t dance, and don’t talk.
        I’ve also had a Belgrade girl who was a really good submissive fuck toy. Man, was that a hot girl. They appeared quite conservative to me in general though.

        1. Belgrade is Serbia, big cultural difference. Montenegro is very conservative. But.. In summer 🙂

  4. I’ve learned not to envy guys who are married to a hot chick. Chances are she’s a miserable bitch behind closed doors.
    What Ray Wolfson said about her becoming a cartoon version of her mother is absolutely true. Your wife may be totally unlike her mother in looks or personality when you marry her. But if her mother is an ill-tempered land whale, your wife will eventually be the same no matter how hot and sweet she is now.

    1. I’ve learned not to envy guys who are married to a hot chick. Chances are she’s a miserable bitch behind closed doors.

      No matter how good she looks, someone out there is tired of her shit.

      1. This. Beauty fades rather quickly for women anyway. (Women have ~20 years of beauty / power, IF they work at it)

    2. when the first child is born then she begins to emulate her mother – all her teen years, MBA education, career, the works, go down the drain along with the babies first bath water….. this is the real gamble of getting married that no one ever talks about… she may hate herself as a bad version of her mother, but she can’t help it…… she is a mother now and that is who he has to copy…..

  5. I never really considered Adriana Lima to be that great looking. Heck I’m not that into any of the Victoria Secret models personally. Most are just skinny, flat chested chicks with an artificial pouty look about them. Not that I’m going after a fatty but the real women I meet and bang are just that: real, with their flaws, and their personalities revealed to you. Oh and naturally busty as well…lol

    1. Exactly. Look carefully, and except for the somewhat exotic eyes, the rest is smoke and mirrors (makeup, hair, wardrobe). Her body is surely suffering from popping out a pup.
      I see much “hotter” girls on any given Sunday at the beach. With $1000 of glamming up they could also model lingerie for some boutique retailer. Oh wait, some of them already do at the Sultan’s Strip club.
      This girl is a product. Or, she was a product that someone bought, paid for, and will continue making payments on long after the product had depreciated by half its value. That’s the marriage trap.
      Divorce is getting stuck with paying the 30-year mortgage on an upside-down depreciating house needing ever greater maintenance long after you’re kicked out of it.

        1. No one forces you to marry a girl you dont like. But if you swear before God and men to be loyal to her until death sets you apart, you keep up your word. Period. Doing otherwise only makes you an oathbreaker. Lets have some respect for the institution of marriage, even if everyone else out there is making a mockery of it.

        2. INteresting points. Let’s see.
          1. I don’t think any man marries a girl he doesn’t like in this day anymore. That would just be insanity, unless there’s a pragmatic motive like getting a green card or something similar. Like the military, marriage is voluntary. And like the military, it can easily cost you and arm and a leg, if not your life.
          2. I agree about the vows. Vows are made and should be kept. Its a contract, would you agree. Now, everyone talks of a man’s infidelity and breach of the marriage contract. However, I guarantee you that long before that vow is broken, wives blatantly violate the vows to lover, honor, and OBEY their husbands. f fact, a new bride is predisposed to break one or more of these oaths on their wedding day in front of many witnesses. Of course, that’s just normal for our out-of-control feminist women of today.
          Now, why is a husband’s discrete infidelity so egregious when a females conspicuous rebellion and contempt so permitted — even promoted by women and the culture.
          So, if you want to keep oaths, let’s start with ladies in keeping with the “ladies first” mantra, shall we.

        3. Does it really matter what is she doing for you to keep your oaths? Being true to your word does not depend on what other people does. If she has turned out to be an horrible wife and you have no way to control her anymore, then separate from her. But lowering yourself to break your vows and cheating on her? Why would you do something like that.

    2. i’d take a cute excitable chick with an ass over a “supermodel” any fucking day of the year.

    3. Victoria secret is not for you, though. It’s for women who think blow jobs are kinky. So, the models will be what women think of as beautiful women, not what men idealize. She can’t be too hot, because the average woman can’t see herself as that person, it has to be some one hot, but not too hot so as to arouse women’s jealousy, they won’t buy in.

  6. She’s not putting out.
    Most women don’t seem to understand a basic rule: drain his balls at least daily, if not more, and he’ll remain faithful. I know my thoughts start to creep to other women if I’m in a LTR and the sex starts to be rationed out (as it always does eventually.)

    1. Most women don’t seem to understand a basic rule: drain his balls at least daily, if not more, and he’ll remain faithful.

      I mostly agree with this. Don’t forget to take into account how some men just need something new. I call this the “old and busted vs new hotness” syndrome, in honor of MIB2. I’m ashamed to say it but I’ve cheated on almost every girl I’ve ever dated because of the basic fact that, unless you’ve convinced yourself you’ve found your ‘soulmate,’ there will always be a girl who’s more fun, sweet or attractive than the one you have. Period.

      1. There is no ‘soulmate’, ever. The concept of ‘soulmates’ was invented by women to manipulate men into monogamy. If soulmates existed, a man’s dick would only get erect or he’s have sexual thoughts when he sees his soulmate. Which doesn’t happen ever.

        1. If soulmates existed, a man’s dick would only get erect or he’s have sexual thoughts when he sees his soulmate. Which doesn’t happen ever.

          Therein lies the rub. A man will think he has built a unique rapport with a woman until another (more attractive) woman appears, turns him on then they begin to build their own unique rapport; Separate from the one he had with the previous woman.
          At the end up the day, a man with a broad range of options can realistically “live with” a few of those options but ultimately, it comes down to making a conscious decision to live with just one of those options; If you’re even willing to make such a decision at all.

        2. Right – these are all supporting arguments for why a man is foolish to ever go *looking* for an LTR specifically.
          If a man is banging a woman who he finds to be particularly, extremely attractive – moreso than other girls he’s fucked – then and only then should an LTR be considered.
          A man is cheating both himself and this woman if he consents to enter an LTR with her, but doubts that he will remain attracted to her in perpetuity (insofar as he can ‘see down the road’).
          She has to be, or at least he has to consider her to be, among the hottest chicks he’s ever met. Then it can work.

        3. There’s always a hotter chick than the one you’re with. It has to be much more than that for an LTR to work.

        4. Mos promiscuous men if not all,were sexually abused in their childhood. It affects their psychology

      2. This is at least partly due to women feeling that when they have “won” your attention, they no longer need to compete for it. It was a sweepstakes, right? Once they’ve “won” they can just act however they wish and you’ll still give them attention, right?
        Women are just as bad, if not worse, at keeping relationships interesting for men, as men are keeping their SOs interested in them.

        1. Like Chris Rock said, “At the wedding, she isn’t throwing the bouquet of flowers. She’s throwing the pussy away — won’t be needing THAT anymore!”

      3. I agree.
        This is probably why I will probably be in my 40s and 50s still bachelorized, fucking chicks and not LTR’ing them (and if so, not too long).
        I believe we men love a conquest. A sexual conquest. I want to get int quadruple digits for a bed post count.

      4. Question OG, have you ever cheated on a girl who gave you sex every time you wantedd. Like say you found a girl who would fuck you any time and any where, wouldyou still cheat? And if so why?

        1. Question OG, have you ever cheated on a girl who gave you sex every time you wantedd.

          Lol. Is that a loaded question? I’ve cheated on every girl I’ve even been with (said so above). I once juggled four girls at a time and it was the most stressful period of my life. Not ashamed of it but definitely wouldn’t recommend it.
          3 of the 4 thought they were my one and only ‘girlfriend’ and the fourth was this fucked up chick who knew about the other three but did whatever I wanted and kept her mouth shut.

          Like say you found a girl who would fuck you any time and any where, wouldyou still cheat? And if so why?

          If it were 5-7 years ago yes, I absolutely would cheat and I honestly couldn’t tell you why.
          If I were dating someone now and had an opportunity to cheat? I would have to say ‘outlook not so good’ Why? because I would never be in a relationship. Being single (e.g. non-committed) and fucking whomever I want makes more sense to me than dating some one and having to lie about fucking whomever I want.
          I think the main difference between a few years ago; when I had three girlfriends and a mistress and now is that before I lied about my modus operandi because I didn’t want to deal with the consequences. Now I’m unabashed and entirely unapologetic about how I get down and don’t ever compromise my flow.
          If a female asks what what my deal is, I give her the raw and uncut. If she doesn’t agree with how I operate, like that I see several different girls and her or isn’t down with my program in any capacity, I tell that bitch “best of luck with your future endeavors” and let her go.
          If I were married with a wife and/or kids, would I cheat? No. I’m a man of my word and I don’t believe it’s more difficult to lead effectively while being a hypocrite.
          If you’re married and you’ve worked out an agreement with your wife and/or she’s aware you’re with other women, that’s one thing but if you’re cheating (i.e. she doesn’t know) you’re a liar and thus a coward. Period.

        2. OG, you always have insightful opinions I agree with. But it kills me how EVERY guy who talks about keeping his word, and not being a hypocrite when married, isn’t married.
          You NEVER know a woman like you know her after a few years of marriage. And I guarantee you that there is no married guy doesn’t entertain a casual distraction or two on a regular basis. Many don’t follow through for reasons beyond their abilities and control…some because it’s not worth the hassle. The rest just keep their mouths shut and have their women – wife and mistress – on lock.

        3. OG, you always have insightful opinions I agree with. But it kills me how EVERY guy who talks about keeping his word, and not being a hypocrite when married, isn’t married.

          I can respect that. I have a moral objection to dishonored vows, despite the fact that I’m not married, have never been married and likely won’t ever be married. I can’t speak from experience when discussing adultery because I have absolutely no frame of reference.
          The above notwithstanding, as someone said in an earlier thread the problem isn’t the type of relationship but the quality of the man in said relationship. A man whose wishes are easily disregarded by women [within the context of marriage] was never a man who commanded much respect to begin with.
          Whether women have a switch that’s immediately flipped once she’s wed is entirely irrelevant. It’s a man’s task to maintain control of the ship, manage her expectations and make that bitch yield.
          Further, if there is truly a state-assisted war being waged against hegemonic masculinity with women on the vanguard, you don’t have to be married to see the lack of wisdom in potentially giving [yet another] advantage to someone with an already overwhelming legal advantage against you, for no good reason other than you can’t fight your biological need for pussy. You are literally sleeping with the enemy.
          I don’t want to read another post in RoK’s blog roll or comment section from another man who has been taken for everything he has because he was thinking with the wrong head.
          As I said below, we don’t live in the same society as our predecessors. Nor do we enjoy the same advantages and luxuries they once did. Don’t take foolish risks then feel indignant once you’re caught then metaphorically drawn and quartered in court.
          A man has to be of a much higher caliber now, more than ever before in history, maintain control and masculinity within his relationship.

        4. I am curious, would you be okay with one of your girls having sex with another man? Not a loaded question at all, but as a woman I am interested in understanding how you would feel about that.

      5. correction……there will always be a girl who’s more fun, sweet or attractive than the one you have, but who will also NOT want to have you. Period.

      6. If your woman doesn’t drain your balls daily, then it should be accepted
        that you, as a man, will cheat. But when you fart, burp, scratch your
        balls and then touch our face, pick your wedgie/booger, grow a beer belly, etc. then it can be expected that she
        will not really be turned on by you everyday. If she’s not putting out,
        the fault does not always or only rest with her. Both women and men have
        to work on upkeep…
        I understand and agree that humans are not
        built to be monogamous, but the fact they everyone gets upset when their
        partner cheats on them does say something about LTRs, whether
        biological/evolutionary… etc.
        The comments here are saddening
        because it makes me afraid to commit to a man, knowing that the
        inevitable day will come when he will cheat (either I get too old or not
        as much sex as he wishes). Perhaps this is why most women treat men
        like dirt for as long as they can, a form of pre-revenge.
        How would
        you explain your thoughts on cheating to your daughter? Most men/fathers
        I know turn violent when they find out their daughter has been cheated

      7. Exactly! The guy is an international star and has women throwing themselves at him. He saw opportunity and took it disregarding everything else. He isnt cheating because she drove him to it. He is cheating because he likes having his family and eating some strange pussy too. Simple as that.

      1. Chris Rock wasn’t the first man to point this out or use the term.
        Married men get rationed pussy, it’s no secret.

        1. At least they get some you little wanker. You’ve never even seen a pussy in real life outside of porn.

        2. “ALL men get rationed pussy”
          Fixed that for ya. The only difference between unmarried and married pussy is single guys don’t have unfettered access to the pussy the way a married guy does just before and in the early stages of marriage.
          There fore, when she starts dialing it back many don’t even notice till it’s too late. OR, unlike married guys, when she does start; they can just leave, where as a married guy needs to check her or leave her, or pick up a ‘side piece’. All of which can end very badly for the married guy. the single guy? He can just move on.

    2. I question if there is a man in history who has ever cheated on his wife who fucked him as often as he wanted. Perphas he suffered from too much of a good thing.
      I think she stop puttin out for whatever rreason. Women do it all the time when they get older, they are too tired, or are too busy or are simply too lazy, to many women with low sex drives (Which most have when they get older). Then they expect the man to stick around like a lap dog with a woman who doesn’t put out. I think one would be better off divorced than in a sexless marriage.

    3. I agree with this to an extent. But there’s much more to a relationship than just sex.
      I’m seeing a cute Polish girl at the moment who I’ve been having regular sex with on a weekly basis, and i’m starting to lose interest because I simply don’t feel anything towards her despite my greatest efforts.
      8 months ago when I first met her, all I wanted to do was stick my dick inside her as quickly as possible. Now that I have (dozens of times since) I’m now starting to wonder whether I should stick around.
      These are questions most guys ask themselves once they’re in a relationship. Along with seeing their girl at their worst behind closed doors without the glitter. Sex simply doesn’t solve all the answers in a relationship and requires more.
      Anyone who says it does simply doesn’t know what it’s like to be in a relationship.

    4. Nope. The need for change is more powerful. Try everything possible with a woman and you’ll get bored just because it’s the same goddamn person. That’s why even the hottest chick get cheated on. This guy probably didn’t even find a mistress half as beautiful as his wife, but she could fuck better. Hot chicks usually don’t put as much effort in sex as an average or an ugly woman would. Even with escorts actually, the hottest ones tend to be boring. They think your dick only goes up for their looks, and lie there like a dead fish. Anyway, the man found a woman who made millions out of her looks, didn’t even need to provide for her and was still stupid enough to get caught.

    5. Laughable. You are pathetic and don’t get laid. Women who enjoy sex don’t go for guys like you, which leads you to assume we don’t like sex, when in reality, we just don’t want sex from you.

  7. Beautiful women are often very ugly on the inside. Most men who have dated a lot of beautiful women tend to marry rather ordinary women.

    1. Ordinary women aren’t much better. Plus they have all sorts of annoying insecurities. I’ve dated both beautiful and ordinary (thinking erroneously to myself a less attractive girl would have more honour/integrity – Lol); while beautiful may not have much in the way of personality, you get more bang for your buck.

  8. The more attractive she is, the less she needs to cultivate her mental faculties. She powders her nose, instead of reading. She fluffs her hair, instead of learning. Let’s face it, women like Lima are often dumber than a box of rocks.
    All that attention goes to a woman’s head, and she starts believing that she knows what the fuck she’s talking about. This happens in the West all the time. Just look at Tyra Banks, talking like she’s a rocket scientist. It’s disgusting.
    If Lima caught this arrogance, confusing beauty with intelligence, it’s only a matter of time before she became insufferable. What follows is usually the rejection of domestic duties: cooking, cleaning, etc. When that happens, her worth as a wife is, in my eyes, close to nothing.
    A wife’s job is to make a man a home. A comfortable retreat from the hostile world. Hot chicks often believe they have a pass in this regard.
    Of course, as the article states, this is all speculation. That being said, I tend to be suspicious of any woman placed on the public pedestal.

    1. Dating a supermodel sounds like a nightmare. I have known a few “normal” models and they are bad enough (drugs, parties, clubs). Marrying one? Huge mistake.

      1. I lived (roomed) with a couple of models in the early 80’s…they gave credence to Esther Villan’s quote, ” a beautiful woman could theoretically have less intelligence than a chimpanzee & still be considered an acceptable member of society”.

    2. A model is a dainty sperm toilet for men, very much like escorts.
      They’re full of shit, and full of themselves. Look at Heidi Klum, or as you mentioned Tyra Banks. The more beautiful a woman, the more airheaded she’s likely to be.

    3. And do you want a wife or a lover for phylosophical discussions on Nietsche and Kant? Whether you like it or not intelligence is NEVER one of the features one should look for in a wife or lover.

      1. So true, J.M, so many guys have been duped into thinking intelligence should be on top of their requirement list for women.

      2. Intelligence ? Being a lover of philosophy has to do with being educated, not intelligent.
        I couldn’t stand being married to a dumb bitch or someone with zero personality, that’s personal. But if you expect your wife to raise your kids then choose someone who will be smart enough, your kids will be more like her than you, because they will spend more time with her. An intelligent woman is also more likely to understand the right choices, you as a provider and her as a homemaker is the most comfortable configuration. An entire generation of educated women interrupt their careers to build families, because even if they can work, they can afford no to. What nobody wants to marry is a calculator, and men or women, these people are usually intelligent but rarely use it for good purposes.

      1. You’re instinctually programmed to be more turned on by new women than women you’ve already fucked a lot. It’s a primitive brain function to create the most babies that have your genes.

  9. My ex cheated on me with a guy that told her “Clark is the luckiest man in the world”.
    He immediately fell in love with her. She dumped him as soon as her pussy realized he was a mangina.
    Now she might never properly bond to a male ever again.
    The end.

    1. Typically it’s the dumped that never trust and bond again. IE you.
      She is likely going on with her just fine. You are still sitting here talking about her.

      1. You’re right, it did hurt. It split apart two families actually.
        I disagree with you though. I’ve been backstabbed by people my whole life but I still give my trust to those who earn it. To those who display integrity, character, and virtue. Its worth it when you find someone you can count on. Fuck the rest.
        And this is a manosphere website. I appreciate it from the others when they share their actual experiences so we can gain insight. In example, it turns out that the divorce rate is actually quite high… and that population growth is steadily declining within the middle class (which soon might not exist at all). A lot of ex-husbands have committed suicide from grief after seeing their families destroyed… they end up blaming themselves for something that was simply out of their control.
        I’m contributing my 0.02 of experience to the pool.
        I can honestly say that finding RoK helped me gain some perspective on what I went through. Knowing that other men go through this shit all the time… even when they are doing their best… and doing what everyone is telling them is the right thing… is very helpful.

      2. “Typically it’s the dumped that never trust and bond again. IE you.”
        That is true. But it is also the very reason why a lot of the men here are writing what they are writing. It is a recovery/avoidance program aimed at the pain from having your woman wreck years or decades of your life, and everyone’s around you. Men are figuring out the game here on RoK.
        “She is likely going on with her just fine. You are still sitting here talking about her.”
        Typically, women will go on and on with their lives, and they will forget the people they’ve destroyed and left in their wake, but they do NOT often feel “just fine” about their lives, even when they have everything they ever asked for. Women are notorious for the discontentment issues. They’re never happy, always complaining, oblivious to what they have, oblivious to the suffering around them they’ve caused (show a woman a starving kid in Africa and watch her her weep, show a woman her slutty teenage daughter who grew up without a dad and watch her spin that hamster!)
        So although men often wish that women (specific or in general) would be forced to pay for their crimes and suffer for their transgressions, that day will never come, because those things are not features of the typical modern female mind. Women cannot be morally reasoned with, they must merely be under the strict control of a responsible man at all times.

        1. “Typically, women will go on and on with their lives, and they will forget the people they’ve destroyed and left in their wake, but they do NOT often feel “just fine” about their lives, even when they have everything they ever asked for. Women are notorious for the discontentment issues. ”
          This right here.

        2. as beyonce sang…. “I’m a survivor”…. women don’t have time to weep over exes, they just move on…. spread those legs and find another meal ticket….. they never trust a man in the first place, so there are no trust issues, even if you dump them……
          a woman is only built to get married to no#1, no#2 or maybe no#3… after that she’s a bona fida whore….. maybe no#4 or no#5 cock can get lucky and straighten her out, but it’s unlikely….. 3 strikes is all they get to create a real lasting bond…..

  10. Oh you RoK commenters talking as if you are too good for Adriana Lima! What a fucking joke! The majority of you can’t even get an ordinary girl on the street to acknowledge that you exist.
    This entire article is psychological bandaid for some sad guys: “see, men much better looking and richer than me get divorced too! Maybe my life sitting on the couch in my mom’s basement isn’t so bad.”

    1. I am to good for Adriana Lima. But you hurt my sensitive basement-dweller feelings.
      Truth(er) is that model, beauty pageant contestants, spokes models, and pole dancers are a dime a dozen. Yeah, I’m too good for them because I HAVE A DICK and I’m a man. That alone sets me apart and makes me better.
      There may be a few basement dwellers who never get up the courage to talk to beautiful women. But I’d say most of here not only get acknowledged by VS models (cause we go game), but even bang a few along the way.
      After you swallow the red pill, that weird thing has to happen when the new reality crawls up your arm transforming your entire being. Then you wake up and understand the real world in which a supermodel is nothing when you strip away the hair, makeup, wardrobe, lighting and let’s not forget PHOTOSHOP (talk about a digital fantasy world). We RP men understand that there’s really nothing so special about a supermodel. In fact, women like her are 100 times worse because they attract so much beta male white knight attention parasites that she can sue an accomplished man into oblivion over an alleged indiscretion.
      Whatever. My basement is calling.

    2. Beauty is fleeting. If that’s all you bring to the table, you’re not worth long-term investment.

    3. She’s not all that special mate. I see hotter girls out on a Saturday night. Are you speaking for yourself here?

      1. Truther seems to be projecting his own frustration. I imagine he’s every bit what he’s trying to shame, in hopes that we are just as lame so he can feel better about not improving himself.

        1. I think you should use “she” instead of “he” when you’re referring to Truther(ess). She’ a female troll.

  11. Usually 2 weeks is enough for him. 5 years it too too much. In Serbia we have plenty of beautiful girls, Jaric just do not need to be slave of ex model. Best from Serbia

    1. Exactly. A Lot of men, especially younger guys, don’t know that in the real world hotness caps out. The difference between this guy’s wife and her non famous but equally hot (in terms of fuck ability from a straight guys view not how some homo thinks a piece of fabric hangs on her) is nothing more than professional help from photography, makeup, hair, photoshop, etc.
      Bottom line is that this guy has always been and will always be fucking a very hot young woman. She will not always be a hot young woman.

      1. You are quite right. I am in marriage with pretty women. But after one year I am happy because she has great organize skills and give me peace after job. She is not demanding like spoiled hot girls. After 12h in military camp, I do not need pretty face, I need peace in the house. 🙂

    2. Living in the country that produced Milla Jovovich would make Jaric aloof and unimpressed with beauty.
      It’s also interesting that Adriana has declined alimony and the house, which would suggest that Jaric alpha’d himself out of a divorce rape.

      1. this is a female game, so she can push him out of the lives of his children (and fuck them up), plus get preggers with sucker husband no#2 and integrate them into the new family without the pesky father hanging around….
        it’s a massive baby momma’s shit test to set him up and shoot him down, to be labelled as the shit father that cheated and ditched her and abandoned his own kids….
        the fact that she probably wouldn’t give him so much as a handjob in the shower and expected him to be faithful is never mentioned….
        she says “i forgave cheating once, but twice it’s over”
        if men took that attitude… “i forgive frigidity once, but twice and it’s over, 90% of marriages would be over before the end of the week.”

      2. Exactly. I probably look on all situations from different side. He can have in every time hot girl, maybe better than body called Lima. So he do not need to be slave of “just body” girl…. Maybe in her country she is one, so she think that is OK to be demanding princess. In our country we have lot of hot girls on very corners. 5 girls on 1 man. Because that, girls in Serbia training to catch and save man with something else beside body and face.

  12. No real man would ask the question “how could he cheat on that?” Its like asking a lion how he manages to eat a wildebeest (one bite at a time).
    I have heard the same about Ashley and Cheryl Cole. To me it was obvious. She’s a monumental bitch, stuck up and has a massive thigh tattoo. She also bore him no children. For me the question is “how could he marry her in the first place?”

  13. Concise & well written. I too, have had amazing good looks spoiled by bratty behavior & entitled attitude to the point that I, rather quickly, wanted NOTHING more to do with the person. Their shock at being held accountable is something to behold.

    1. When all you date is hot chicks, hotness becomes a mere baseline. Personality then becomes more important.

      1. Making 10’s more common through genetic engineering would come to ensure greater selective pressure for character.

  14. Let Jodi Arias out of prison-now!
    It’s a travesty that such beauty is caged up for all
    time. Any man that goes with her knows what he’s
    getting. Travis Alexander had more then enough
    warning about who he was dealing with, and opted
    to take the chance. There’s no reason to believe she
    would recidivate.
    If you let Jodi out of jail today, the line of men
    desiring her would go around the block! She’d
    have to beat them off with a stick!

  15. My pops has given me plenty of advice over the years. Doesn’t matter what we’re talking about—money, sports, politics—somehow, some way, this guy finds a relatable thread that brings him to this inevitable closer:
    “Well, Steven, basically what I’m trying to say is, you show me a beautiful woman, I’ll show you a guy that’s tired of fucking her.”
    Doesn’t always make sense in the context of our conversation; nevertheless, still seems to be the only way that any father-son interaction should go out.

  16. Marrying a famous beautiful 10 is always more bothersome than a no-name equally pretty model. He should have known it. Besides marrying a famous rich Alpha dude it should be clear that he would cheat on her from time to time.
    Those guys who criticize him never know what it’s like to be in his shoes.

      1. “I’m gonna judge Tiger Woods? I golf, I don’t walk off the 18th hole and there is no busload of Scandinavian women waiting to fuck my brain out. Sorry ladies, gotta go home to the wife.”…
        “There is nothing out there (for famous men) to prepare you for the platoon of whores waiting on the horizon. Braveheart – faces painted, skirts on, run down the hill to jump on your dick in front of your wife, they don’t give a shit.”

  17. Remember, no matter how hot the chick is, somewhere there is a dude who’s sick of her shit

    1. Getting tired of this saying, I’ve now heard it over 100 times-Christ this is the third time on THIS comment thread. Almost as much as “doing the same thing over and and over and expecting a different result insanity” blah blah blah.

      1. Hey, y’ever heard of this quote by some guy? It goes like this…
        “No matter how hot the chick is…”. Wait for it… this is really quite a good quote.
        “somewhere there is a dude…” XD Oh man, its so jokes I don’t know if you can handle it… buckle up bro…

        You know what…
        I’m not gonna tell you the rest man sorry my bad.
        I don’t think you’re ready for a quote of such epic proportions.
        My laptop might actually explode and I simply cannot afford to buy a new one.
        My apologies for this waste of a post. I have to leave my house and run errands because I have to catch a flight in 9 hours… I can’t believe how pointless this post is.
        So long suckers!!!!!

  18. In case not everybody has figured it out yet, “truther” is a chick, that’s right, of the #yesallwomen variety.
    I used to do it too guys, but rules are rules, stop replying and they will go away. You can tell by how intellectually dishonest there comments are, which also include a side of shaming…

    1. Shame is a healthy and useful emotion. If any time someone points out a truth or a fact to you, you cry “I am hurt! He must be a woman/blue pill/etc,” you will never grow.
      Start being honest with each other: do you write here to help you feel better when the failures and rejections you face real life? Does it give you a sense of power to trash men and women whom in real life would never give you the time of day? After you click post, do you just go back to your pathetic, lonely life?? Consider that.

  19. The bottom line: however hot she is, in the end you’re gonna get bored of sexing her — whether she’s a waitress or a world-famous supermodel.
    Look, guys are programmed to want variety. The hottest chick on the planet can’t compete with that instinctual drive. Even when you have steak at home, sometimes you just can’t resist going out for a hamburger.
    Also, looking at recent pictures, I can’t help feeling that AL isn’t far from the wall. She’s still beautiful, of course, but her face is definitely starting to harden. It happens to all of them in the end, unfortunately. Jaric was probably able to access younger, hotter and tighter elsewhere.

  20. There is much to learn about women and long-term relationships.
    “Or maybe she’s a great mother and wife and he’s just a disloyal prick. We don’t know.”
    The two of them do not have enough sex. A good looking girl like Lima has one tool to 99% ensure her husband is not fucking other girls; it is quite simple really. Women can have much more sex than us men can. If they fuck all the time until HIS limit is reached, he will have 0 energy for others.
    Moreover most of the time him getting sex elsewhere is not the problem but the symptom. It is very rare to meet a woman who devorces a *GOOD* husband and lover because he fucks other women too. If anything they try harder to please him, if they sense others prey on “their” man.
    *** No in this particular case the attraction did drop (on her part) first, then did the sex frequency drop and THEN came his cheating and her using this as an excuse. ***
    What should he have done to prevent this?
    1) Wife stay at home and look after our children. No more stupid modelling for you.
    Brings on in contact with bad people and lets you forget your duties as a wife and mother.
    2) Dont leave her a choice, ever.

  21. The problem is not only in the polygamous nature of men, or the hypergamous nature of women. As Troy put it aptly below, men get BORED OF SEX after some time.
    Secondly, it’s a common thing for men once they age, especially when they start approaching their 40’s in their 30’s – that they start getting bored of sex. They start valuing other things in life. A man who’s been starved of sex will rarely go in that path, they’ll still pedestalize women out of sexual starvation.
    Women are NEVER the destination in a man’s life, nor SEX is the validation of a man’s life – especially in today’s times. Living your life only to have sex with women, or only for sex, can distract a man from achieving his personal growth.

    1. I’m in my mid 40s and I can relate to that. Women don’t even come third in my life now. First is my personal development, second is leisure time and third are my kids.
      The irony is I’ve never had so many young chick hitting on me. There were just now two hot chick sitting in my bar and we chatted. They both showed IOI, followed by the usual question: Do you own this place or you just work here?

      1. Same thing here. I feel indifference towards women now., in my early 30’s. But the more I don’t care and act indifferently, the more I attract them or they chase me.
        It’s strange that when I was in my 20’s, I had my share of women. Now I reseal I wasted those years on a fleeting pleasure. Women are not the goal, and will never be. They’re a distraction.

  22. The more a man depends on women, the more he loses self-reliance.
    Whether it may be the need of sexual contact or physical/emotional companionship.
    You were born alone, and you will die alone. Women will never go to your grave with you.

    1. Too late I already did.
      Hey, we need Truthers and the like here to we can make counterpoints to their points. I welcome them.

        1. I am not so sure. I have found that entering into conversation with an idiot merely creates ever decreasing circles of idiocy. I now no longer concern myself with refuting idiots as only an idiot is irrefutable.

  23. Great article for me to segue back into the community. I really can’t say anything bad about Adriana Lima or my top crush in the world, Doutzen Kroes. Great mothers, non-Americans, go-getters and seemingly good people. However, this does bring up a very good point that I think people on the right need to understand. Most of the manosphere is right-leaning (myself included), but, the very fabric and foundations of Judeo-Christian society in the past is monogamous and upholds monogamous values. I do not believe in monogamy, no successful species has ever been monogamous. Humans have been on this planet for 250,000 years and only about 1-2% of our existence was spent forging civilization, while civilization was a noble effort, our proclivities for sex, and our diets did not succumb to the whims of church or the philosopher. More importantly, on a micro-level, if men are being honest with themselves, we need variety, not because we are pigs, dogs or players, but because the species needs fucking variety! This shit is literally encoded into our DNA. Civilization arose out of the need to verify paternity, and controls on women were much needed, but make no mistake men did not apply this to ourselves. Even though fathers married their daughters off to who they wanted to, our biology suggests that many diseases arose because cousin and other close marriage evolved out of property. I don’t care how good looking or beautiful someone is, people want to fuck variety, some variety more than others. We are stuck between a rock and hard place as humans, 99% of our evolution vs. 1% of civilization. Where do we go from here?

    1. As much as nature encourages variety, she has made sure the genes are selfish and would do everything to ensure the continuation of the line. That’s why men have invented monogamy, the virgin bride and jealousy as an evolutionary strategy to ensure paternity. Even the chimpanzees our closest relatives have not developed such successful strategies. The certainty of paternity guarantees that the male will look after his offspring and by doing so he contributes to health of the species as a whole.
      The problem only occurs now when the culture in fact goes again the very foundations of this civilisation by unleashing the female sexuality.

    2. I hear what you are saying and you often make cogent points; I for one, however, am not interested in giving men a pass for something for which women should be rightfully judged. But then again, I don’t want marriage.
      I’m all for people ‘being who they are’. I think women are and *should be* at cause to make their own decision as to whether or not they wanna slut it up. So – if they choose that path – fine. I’ve met ‘EPL chicks’ out traveling the world and they’re good company, some are funny as hell, some are even sexy enough to fuck. But if they go this route, they are not and will never be ‘wife material’.
      What I hate in this feminocracy is our overarching bullshit paradigm in which women deserve to have their cake and eat it too. That they deserve to ride the carousel for 10-12 years and then settle down with beta bucks-guy (and then have the legal ‘right’ to NFD his ass). If we could just roll back that one insidious cultural hypocrisy, I’d be happy with that.

      1. Oh I definitely agree. Monogamy attributes its own value to it. The more partners the less value. No one wants to invest in a product that has been used and abused. This is a function of economics more-so than morality. Primordial sex is a different story and our genes want primordial sex, not some shit from a Victorian Romance novel. We want to fuck and impregnate as many women as possible if we could as humans. It’s just that no man with an IQ above a 100 would risk his financial future for his genetic predispositions. My comment is a sentiment to the amount of fucking discipline we need to uphold to deny our true human nature.

    3. From an evolutionary perspective it makes sense. Impregnating as many women as possible increases the likelihood that your line will continue.

      1. look up r/K selection
        There is a hardwired split in male strategies. It also has a racial profile too.

    4. Fuck as women as you would like. Just make sure you educate your children. What I can not stand are these guys who have 6 kids with 5 babymamas – and all of them headed to jail. Take care of any offspring you produce or vasectomy. Monogamy or not is not really my concern.

    5. I agree with you but I think there might naturally be different mating strategies with humans, in which case monogamy (or something like it) may not be entirely a social construction.
      There are going to be men who just want to fuck everything and spawn many children. Nature will sort out which of those children survives.
      I think there are also going to be men more inclined to invest more resources in fewer children naturally.
      I suppose I’m curious if both of these cases are different strategies that a human male will take given the specific circumstances he finds himself in
      if different human males would nonetheless still have preferences to focus on either mass reproduction or pooling resources into fewer women and offspring to ensure success.
      I have to catch up on evolutionary/animal psychology as I haven’t read that material in like 5 years… I’m sure that field has developed quite a bit in that short time.

  24. The sad part of the story is that pretty quick someone else will eat recycled pussy. Regardless of her look, she’s now bitter, emotionally tired and the pussy is too loose. Stay away guys!

    1. Lol. Wasn’t there some trashy tabloid story of her hooking up with Justin Bieber? Terrible taste in boys…

  25. Women are a necessary evil in nature’s creation. But not necessary in a man’s life.
    True all men want to have sex. I too felt the same, when I was younger.
    Now it’s all gym, eating well, making my own business, and learning about life by meeting new people and studying new cultures by travelling. Women in fact represent the opposite, they’re time wasters.

    1. Bravo!! We have much better ways to invest energy. We are not animals to spend all day chasing pussy. That is for beta.

  26. Great article. However, I don’t think infidelity should ever be rationalized, but those were the cards we were given in this recent news story.
    The author does a good think of pointing out that we should never side with someone before we know the facts. I have seen many people I know tell one sided stories in hope to mask their contribution to the issue at hand. Always wait to hear all accounts before you begin picking sides.

  27. “They neglect the fact that beautiful women are not perfect (nobody is), and have as many faults as anyone else.”
    I have seen this with guys who are in a relationship where they refuse to believe that the woman they are with is just plain shitty.
    My buddy and business partner has a bad case of this. He previously dated a woman that made him pay for 3 different implant surgeries, more than 20K. Later, she convinced him into putting over 100K into remodeling one of the apartment buildings she owned. She never made it a point to thank him. All she did was drain money from him.
    Now he’s dating a girl with a serious addiction to pain killers and who is also married and still living with her husband. The girl is a plain idiot and told him she still fucks her husband. I’m sure she is fucking others as well.
    They both were very good looking girls, and that is what corrupts his sense of judgment. He can’t see the bad until they have completely fucked him over. Just recently he acknowledged that his previous ex- was a leeching, ungrateful cunt. He finally stopped talking to her and “lending” her money. I’m just waiting to see what the new girl will do to him before he wakes up. I’m guessing it will be an STD.

    1. These guys are being taken advantage of because they want to be.
      Women do not hold magic powers to warp our perception. 99 percent of the time the man knows exactly what he is getting into, but just dives in for the torture any way. “Oh geez, I am being played and it is because she is pretty.” Riiiight.
      No one can play you for a fool unless you allow for it to happen. The guys in your story have themselves to blame.

  28. Oneitis (or Monogamy) is for betas.
    Whether you’re monogamous to your present squeeze, fuckbuddy, whore that you hire on the weekend, wife, girlfriend or any one else.
    If you want to stay emotionally sane, there are only two sexual options for a man:
    1. Polygamy (fuck as many women as possible. If you are in a commitment, keep atleast two other (not one) women on the side – ie. 3 women you should be fucking on a rotation basis. The same applies if you’re married. If you can’t get a fuckbuddy, keep two whores as mistresses on the side.
    2. Celibacy, not involuntary, but voluntary. Yes, that is no sex at all.
    But the trick to this is to act like you’re a man who gets laid all the time. And then bait women into approaching you, then flake to throw and turn them down. This may sound stupid to men who desire sex. But I’ve done this many times. The cruel sadistic satisfaction you derive from rejecting women (more if she’s hot or desperate) is incomparable, especially since they are the ones who are in controlling sexual supply. The look on their face as if they’re less of women when you sexually reject them is priceless. Not to mention the awe you generate. Women can’t handle rejection, or flaking by men.

    1. I’ve been trying to stipulate this shit on the manosphere for about three years now. Monogamy is not a staple trait of alpha males now or ever. The best men amongst should and need to spread their genes amongst a wide variety of women. Take a fucking beast of an alpha like Richard the Lionheart, 6 foot 5 inches tall (which was a giant during that time) and strong as an ox, always out in the vanguard of his soldiers, slaying men personally on the battlefield as the King of fucking England, when he could have easily stayed behind in safety the echelon of columns of his troops. I’d rather have a man like this impart his genes to me, and remain absent than a well providing beta who lets his wife run roughshod over him. You can’t tell me even in the absence of this great man, that I wouldn’t inherent those traits. Monogamy when it was invented, was invented for women, not us! It was to ensure paternity. Simple equation… 100 women, fuck 1 man, all get pregnant and all can trace their paternity back to this man. On the other hand, 100 men and 1 woman…. yeah…. If civilization is tie down the genes of great men, then I’d suggest we move to a post-civilizational phase. Because whatever this shit is now, is not only psychologically and financially repressive but physically repressive as well. I truly now get Nietzche. Slave religions and the weak have held down the ubermensch for far too long.

      1. Well said, brother. But the fact is that most men will not accept this fact that polygamy is the key to emotionally protecting a man, and keeping him detached from women. Not to mention the various benefits of passing down genes as much as possible. The proponents of monogamy will always be betas who want to have a woman to fuck with (like that Elliot fool), or women (who want a man to provide companionship and resources for them). In today’s world, discount paternity from monogamy because women are also cuckolding men into raising someone else’s children in the context of ‘monogamous’ marriages. I could never understand why and how a man could limit his own sexual options, personal freedom and growth by entering into a monogamous marriage. But this proves that betas are aroudn 90% of the world’s population.

        1. True, which means that for the benefit of humanity, the top 10% should maximize their genes and impregnate as many women as possible. Monogamy now that’s it’s divorced from its true purpose, has become something like a “mommy syndrome” for grown ass men. They want women to love them like their mothers. These women don’t want to be that, they want to be dominated by strong men. However, they want security as well, and according to evolutionary biologists, these women when they ovulate want to fuck alpha males, but they want to pair with men, who possess beta male characteristics. What men need to start understanding, they can’t be all things to women, because these require two vastly different types of men. You’re either the guy she wants to fuck or the well-moneyed beta she wants to marry. And if she can get you to support an alpha’s bastard or even better multiple bastards, then she’s fulfilled her primary genetic function. The last 3-4 centuries of Western Civilization has a propagated an enormous lie, second to none, that has psychologically castrated men and that is romance. Romance is the death of ambition, it is the death of masculinity.

        2. This post is full of sweet irony.
          Are you part of the top 10%, Lance? Are you seriously wealthy? I doubt it. Then you voluntarily deprive your genes of procreating.
          How beta is that? LOL

        3. The top 10% is not a function of wealth in genetic terms. Some 5,6, 230 lbs hedge fund manager is hardly at the apex of humanity in genetic terms. In fact, I see a lot of well moneyed betas marrying than other men. If a woman is married to a man worth a billion, but has 3 children from another man, who’s the alpha and beta in that situation? I fucked your current wife, and you’re supporting my bastards, is alpha. Wealth is not a function of alphadom, but it goes a long fucking ways.

        4. It seems your definition of alpha and beta is skewed. Just because you can trick a woman into sex, it does not mean you’re an alpha. It means you’re a con artist. In fact, among the primates those are exactly the betas who could not compete head to head with the alpha and so they corner the women when he is not around.
          When it comes to mating the number one criteria for a woman is resources because evolution favoured women who were highly selective about their mates.

        5. Wrong. Read the book, “Why women have sex” written by a Harvard evolutionary biologist and evolutionary psychologist, I trust them more than your opinion. And the fact is, is that alphas can fuck a wide variety of women and thus commit less resources to each of them, their traits make them highly desirable to women. Science has proved when women ovulate, that they are attracted to men with more masculine faces, men perceptibly “alpha,” but when they were not ovulating, they were attracted to men with softer features, conferring the benefits of pair-bonding and marriage. Science suggests as is self-evident from reality, that women fuck alphas for character and physical traits and marry betas for monetary reasons. No one is lining up to fuck some fat banker because he’s attractive, women line up for this man’s resources, not him, and they will fuck alphas on the side in addition. The stories of the pool-boys, GIs and handymen are real, not men possessing wealth, but men possessing characteristics that make their genes highly desirable for married women to fuck and probably become impregnated. Dude watch the average episode of Maury and that will show you what we’re all about as a species.

        6. You can say whatever you want about how shitty monogamy is. That is fine. But if monogamy isnt for you, then dont go and make a sacred oath that involves monogamy. No one is forcing you to get married in the first place. You think people that marries are losers? Fine, whatever, suit yourself. But people that marries and then cheat, these have no excuse for their behavior.

        7. Scienctific analysis makes a fool out of any man
          It’s art that matters, the form, It has no real purpose except aesthetic awe. The meaning of life is aesthetic value, Follow the money , it points in the direction of aethetics, What is the most existentially hellish position to a man? Ugliness in forms, Arthur shoepenhauer the world as will and representation

        8. I’d say as long as you are gainfully employed and doing ok, if you live a spartan lifestyle your $$ can go a long way. You don’t have to be slogging 100 hours a week in a bulge bracket investment bank.
          A 50 hour a week engineering position which keeps your mind stimualted, along with plenty of healthy foods, steady sleep, lots of weights and minimal materialistic expenditure ( aka throwing away a 40 inch tv to buy a 50 inch tv oy buying dumb statues online without the intent of re selling them).
          Women wise. Go out. Explore. Try your best to meet em and engage with em. The problem is we fuckin take all this shit too seriously. Think of it a play you’re watching for a while . Observe it and fuck off. Don’t keep harping on bitches and their useless attitudes. You can’t change it. You can work to create a life for yourself though.

        9. I’ve read enough books by David Buss. It is his research exactly that points to resources as No1 criteria. What you talk about is why women could still cheat even if they have already secured a resourceful man which is slightly different matter in evolutionary terms.
          They would cheat on a strong handsome healthy guy, one that you call an alpha, if he fails to provide the resources.
          In reality, the humans mating strategy is complex game which does not involve just one criteria.

        10. Dumb ass comment.
          If men are con artists for tricking women into sex, then aren’t women greater con artists for choosing mates for resources instead of real attraction? Aren’t they tricking the providers that they ‘love’ them, instead when the fact is these women are only chasing resources?
          So the fact is men chase pussy, and pussy chase resources.
          So if both are tricking each other, you can’t blame men. It’s simply the case of the pot calling the kettle black.

        11. Yeah presuming you’re black as your avatar indicates it won’t take much for the billionaire guy to figure out your strategy.
          “That butt nugget has kinky hair, wtf you stupid cunt?”

        12. 500 years ago a sneaky bastard such as yourself would have been strung up or knackered. What you are talking about is enabled by unconstrained female population that is not policed by the male population. It also sounds like racial cuckoldry.
          This set up is also about r/K selection. Your strategy is ideal for Congo or Nigeria or Detroit a war zone full of bastard morons. It’s poison for a real civilization. It’s great for a society full of Bonobos plucking fruit off a tree that bears fruit year round. It’s an apocalypse for a society with scarcity and a winter.

      2. Here is the thing though. Polygamy causes a shortage of pussy. And many men on the lower rungs of the SMV is likely to become violent. Causing instability and undermining the kingdom of the alphas. Likewise other rival leaders of men that do give wives to men due to monogamy and the fact that there is no shortage of pussy as a result will win over your polygamous kingdom.

        1. There is no such thing as “shortage of pussy”.
          What are prostitutes for? To help men depedestalize the sexual control of ‘normal’ women.
          Keep two or more prostitutes on for rotation basis, in addition to your usual squeeze. The caveat is that you should not get addicted to the one who provides you the best sex.

      3. You do not need to be slave of you dick. You are not animal to jumping on every girl. You will be tired, you need something Niger in your life than pusy. Too much energy man spends on pussy.

    2. I was going through some medical issues and couldn’t hook up even if I wanted to, so I did what you described.
      I did it for multiple reasons. I wanted to experiment and test my game and also observe reactions to my behavior.
      Women do everything within their power to obliterate even the slightest hint of rejection. The amount of effort was astounding to me. Most men think women are walking around oblivious to those around them, wrapped up in themselves and it’s partially true, but they’re also constantly gauging the interest of men in their vicinity, especially those that may be close to their SMV.
      They use the fuck out of their peripheral vision, I mean they’re masters at it. They can also see a guy they find attractive (or might) from long distances. I’m seriously not making this shit up. They are fully aware of what men are checking them out at all times. They will place themselves in strategic positions to “accidentally” run into you, making it seem like such a coincidence. I’m talking, to the point of superficially befriending people to get close to you.
      Men are like toys to them. They’re in such control of everything that when you ignore them or show indifference it really fucks with their heads. They are also very patient when they play these games. They can go months without contacting you and then attempt to reconnect to see if you were serious about leaving them. Sometimes they do it in earnest with the purpose of revenge dumping you if you fall prey to taking them back.
      Don’t sleep on women, they’re formidable.

      1. “Don’t sleep on women, they’re formidable.”
        The greatest weakness of man and the greatest strength of woman is between their legs.

      2. Thats probably one of the best fucking comments I have read on here in weeks. But the game is changing, men are changing. The higher value men are showing less interest in them and the lower value betas are showing them more interest – probably to their surprise and frustration lol.
        Female “games” only can go on so long before men just sick of playing.

    3. After enough girls you will be tired. Sex and girls will be too boring and you will hate yourself because you spend 20 years on chasing pusy! You can be slave of your dick all life.

  29. She probably decided he’d reached his peak earning power and wanted to stick it to him when he had the most property and the court would fix all his payments at a likely higher level than if she’d waited a bit more.

  30. Bill Burr:
    “I’m gonna judge Tiger Woods? I golf, I don’t walk off the 18th hole and there is no busload of Scandinavian women waiting to fuck my brains out. Sorry ladies, gotta go home to the wife.”…
    “There is nothing out there (for famous men) to prepare you for the platoon of whores waiting on the horizon. Braveheart – faces painted, skirts on, running down the hill to jump on your dick in front of your wife, they don’t give a shit.”
    Until you know what it feels like to reject a busload of Serbian and NBA-sluts, then no man should judge this guy.

  31. This is one of the best posts I’ve seen on RoK. As I’ve heard other guys refer to this phenomenon, “show me the hottest girl you can find, and I’ll show you a guy who is tired of fucking her.”

    1. Show me a hot girl, I will show you a group of losers who bitch about her as if they would have a chance in hell with her!

      1. Eh… I don’t think this is really about bitching about the girl. The writer here has just made the point that she’s only one girl, and a real high value man could get bored with her, even if she is easy on the eyes. Also, you talk about hot girls as if they are so special and hard to get with. They’re just human beings, and its really not that hard to snag a girl everyone thinks is “hot”.

  32. This is the best interview I have read for a very long time. By Rocco Siffredi.
    All men should read it. You’ll understand how men should think. Rocco must have slept with around 4000 women in his life, including off-screen and on-screen. And the red pill wisdom he shares is superb.
    On American girls:
    ” I was a little concerned coming over here because American girls they are not a joke. When they start to fuck they want to get fucked.” (Proof that whoredom and sluttiness runs in the genes of American women)
    On why men can’t be monogamous:
    “I tell you a funny story now, which makes really sense the way I see life. The first year I stopped (a break from porn in 2004), I probably fucked more than 1,000 hookers on the street because I was so crazy.
    I shoot the girls and then I can’t fuck them. It wasn’t [that I was] missing the pussy. My wife she’s so pretty. It was missing the variety of it, what I had before I stopped. … So when you go back home, you love your wife, you fuck your wife. It’s like you eat, but you’re still hungry. You can’t eat always the same. So I had those problems, one year after, getting a little better, a little better.
    When I hear about the golf guy, Tiger. I’m like man, how you can be so famous and of course you’re fucking so many girls. It’s normal this poor guy. It’s normal, man, you will do it. I’m so sad for him because everybody’s making like, ‘Oh he should go up there and say he’s sorry to the world.’ What the fuck is this? Say sorry to the world. It’s his private life. He may have to say sorry to his wife, not to the world. I don’t understand this, controlling the sex of people.”
    On what makes a good wife:
    “The studio is called Rosa. It’s dedicated to my wife because I think everything that I have it’s thanks to her. To have Rosa gives me what a real-life man has. I had lots of women, lots of sex, good money. But it was missing the side of family, wife. I’m a
    parent so, she give me the other side of a man which was missing. I have this balance in my brain all because of her. If you have in life a good woman who helps you, you grow incredible. She gives you strength. If you have some girl who is breaking your balls, who is complaining about everything you do, who’s creating problem, how can you go forward?”
    ” For me I was little concerned about my wife that she would be upset. But since
    my wife she said, ‘just do whatever makes you happy. If you want to go back in front, if that’s what you like, just don’t worry about me.’ And that’s given me the big strength to go back in front of the camera.” (Superb wife who understands her husband’s sexuality, no jokes here)

    1. There is no doubt in my mind that a good woman can help a man propel himself (and those he cares about) to success.
      With real support, real understanding, real trust, real potential for a stable family… a man will work himself to the bone. And be PROUD of it.
      Without that sense of pride he gets from a real woman it doesn’t matter if he’s married or not.

  33. “This is why it is important for any red pill male to quench the thirst,
    ditch the pedestal, recognize female humanity and act accordingly. Don’t
    let a woman’s beauty and your thirst for it blind you to her faults, or
    coax you into ignoring them at your own expense. All that glitters is
    not gold.”
    All young men must get this at heart.

  34. Perhaps I’m biased because I’ve been obsessed with Adriana Lima ever since I was a little boy (I’ve watched every VS fashion show since I was 8), but I really don’t think I could cheat on her. Purely because, where could you possibly find someone worth cheating with? If the second hottest girl in the world was a 10/10, Adriana would be a 10 thousand. I’m all for variety and everything, and I’m sure Adriana would get tiring after a while, but I really can’t see the logic in risking it. You would have very little to gain, and everything to lose.

  35. I think you are all missing the point. Why are you debating wheter Adriana Lima deserved to be cheated on? If she was such a horrible person, the guy should not have married her in the first place. Even assuming he made a mistake and married her because he did not really know what she was like, that is no excuse for cheating on your wife. We dont even know if he cheated for real or if that is a story she made that up, but if he did, I dont see why should you go and try to find excuses for it. Cheating is ok when you are not married. But if you did marry and made your vows, cheating is no longer an option. A man is only worth as much as his word.

    1. We dont even know if he cheated for real or if that is a story she made that up, but if he did.
      Woman who gets bored with her husband often confesses that she wished he cheated on her with another woman. So you might have a point there. Maybe that Marko is not such an alpha after all.
      Woman is usually the devil, so I’d put my money on her initiating this divorce.

  36. Perhaps unrelated, and for fear of sounding like any other farcically critical internet virgin, I just never found Adriana Lima particularly attractive at all. And these pictures do noting to change that.
    I still don’t think it is cool to cheat on and divorce your kids mom unless whatever she did to deserve that is something you feel justified explaining to your kids’ face without embellishment. And/or to God. She sure ain’t “letting herself go”, by any reasonable standard.

  37. Any Women who is too stupid or unwilling to keep their man happy deserves to get cheated on. Or maybe he just bored with her and wanted new pussy. Either way Marko doesn’t deserve the blame.

  38. Proverbs 31:30
    Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised

  39. The article almost force-fed the blue pill but brought us all back to reality.
    Absolutely correct. Everyone assumes Marko should have put her on a throne due to her hotness “so-fuck-her-and-enjoy-it”.
    And its funny its indicated they probably had sex thousands of times but we only know of twice…..curious if its any more than that.

  40. Athlone McGinnis.
    I like how this guy has a YouTube Channel. One of his videos I saw was with his girlfriend. She seems like a very loyal girl, especially with the stuff he states on his YouTube videos. It’s kinda dope. He definitely holds frame, saying the same stuff he writes on here, but in front of a woman. He practices what he preaches.
    I love this dude’s posts. Always keeping in mind, NEVER pedestalize anyone woman! I have a chick at my job, a cutie. But even though she expresses interest in me, I put my eyes somewhere else but my ears to her, and my ears closed but my eyes to her. What I mean is, taking a woman for what she says is totally different than what she REALLY means (Nonverbal communication). As I have figured, her first impressions are not the best, already. On the top, she comes off cute and sweet, but underneath she is a spoiled, bitchy, controlling chick.
    I like this whole ROK “turn chicks all into 4’s out of 10s and below.”
    It’s all about identifying red flags as early and as often as possible.

  41. I think Marko dumped her because of:
    1. Adriana was cheating with another man – possibly Derek Jeter again, this time he’s fucking her vagina, not anus or mouth as before her marriage
    2. Adriana’s asshole was looser than her vagina (again cheating related). Probably she used to dirty the bed sheets when they used to sleep together because of fecal leakage from her overfucked asshole.
    3. Marko got a UTI due to Adriana’s cheating.
    4. Marko later discovered Adriana’s anal and oral adventures before marriage after he got married her to take her hymeneal virginity. He suffered a bout of retroactive male jealousy. THIS POSSIBLY IS THE MAIN ISSUE.
    5. Either one of his children or both are not his biological children
    6. She kept complaining that his face (especially his eyes) reminded her of the favorite pig she had raised in the favela she was born in. Unfortunately, they sacrificed that pig for the feast when they had at home for Christmas when she turned 14 – the same year when she had her first oral or anal experience.
    7. She kept complaining that he started cross-dressing in the Victoria’s Secret lingerie gift sets she used to receive each year. Especially she found him hideous wearing the angel wings along with the panties.
    8. Marko kept bugging her to get him a break as a Victoria’s Secret model himself, considering his career is in slumps. And she refused.
    9. He got tired of his mates on his team who kept ribbing him on marrying used goods ( especially her pre-marriage dubious anal virginity).
    10. He swallowed the red pill.

  42. I think models are overhyped when it comes to beauty.
    The true indicator of a woman’s beauty is how long you can last when you’re fucking her doggy style looking at her ass. The female ass is the great leveler when it comes to equalizing a woman’s beauty. As Benjamin Franklin said, all women look the same from behind and below.
    Models have skinny asses. The annoying part is when you bang her butt bone with your pelvis in doggy style. Secondly, if you see her vertebra running down to her ass.
    That’s not sexy.
    Secondly. almost all models are butt fucked. Seriously. Most of the castings are actually casting couches. Which involves the talent scout, the selection committee, talent agents, talent managers, organizers, makeup artists all butt fucking them. And the more butt fucked a woman is by many men, the more hysterical and psycho she is likely to be- you can see it with any woman who sluts around her asshole. Models tend to have looser assholes than cunts. There is always a gape when they bend over.
    Thirdly, models are entitled princesses. All men around them harp about their beauty, to slide their cocks into these models’ holes. Even if these models are sluts themselves, they entitle themselves to a man’s commitment. Almost all models live in a dream world. That’s why they take to drugs, part time prostitution and other wacky self-destructive behavior when their beauty fades.
    Models are the easiest fucks you can get. No other woman has a more shallow ego than a model. If you praise her, you’ll get your dick inside her holes faster than you think. These girls are hungry for praise and acceptance of their beauty. Just don’t pedestalize her. Once you fuck her, rinse her. Don’t marry her ever, these women are not the type to marry. That’s why I never think highly when a man says I dated or fucked a model. I’ve fucked almost 20 of them myself. It’s more easier to game a model than to game a normal woman, trust me. These girls are also open to opening their holes for cash or networking faster than other girls. They have no standards, or dignity. The only thing they have is beauty. That’s why beta men boast about fucking them.

  43. Just watch any porn.
    See the depravity all these women can fall to.
    See any woman on the street, and think they can do the same.
    That’s enough to get them off the pedestal. All women are horny depraved creatures.
    There is nothing, and will never be anything angelic about the female sex, wherever they may be on this planet.

    1. Sure, I agree that they shouldn’t be put on pedestals. No one should. But to say that all women are “horny depraved creatures” reeks of misogyny. You really need to stop getting your ideas of women from porn.

  44. A friend of mine who was a professional hockey player had no problem attracting puck bunnies. When he made the show, the pros came out after him. He married a very nice looking lady, but she is not even close to the one above. But one thing that happened to him was the threat point. Once there were 2 kids and his career was just starting to fade, she started making his life hell. In a moment of penitent reflection he told me that he wished he had never married, or met her and that sex 4 times a year is not something he signed up for. I always thought she was pleasant enough, but as it was said above, you just never know what goes on at home.

  45. maybe he just got bored with her. 5 years of the same woman, my god!, sends a shiver Down MY spine at least.

  46. The real reason why he got bored of her, is because all women turn into nagging bitches as they age. Seriously, no kidding.
    I’ve had sex with both older and younger women. There is a VAST difference fucking both of them.
    Younger women have sex with you on your terms. Older women have sex with you ON THEIR TERMS.
    Which means you’re more likely to hear:
    “Don’t put it in my ass”
    “Don’t touch my asshole”
    “Go easy, will you? Slowly please”
    “Fuck you! You want anal sex?!!!”
    “I can’t go down on you, I’m tired”
    “I can’t do it in that position, I’m OLD now” (Yes I’ve heard this from many older women – in their 30’s and 40’s)
    The irony is that older women will actually CHASE you more for sex. But what they want to do is to DOMINATE you, not fuck you. Pulling you to dominate you – both in and out of bed- gives them more satisfaction than fucking with you.
    Even if a younger woman throws tantrums as an older woman does as above, it’s more easier to deal with. An older woman’s tantrums in bed is simply fucking inexplicable and non-understandable.
    Adriana must’ve been a lousy fuck in bed that’s why Marko dumped her. A sexual relationship within marriage should evolve with time, not dissolve. And it’s probably he stopped fucking her because of her bitchiness and stinginess in bed. Good riddance.

    1. If it is true that she was vergin until 26, what can you expect?
      Such a low sex-drive woman (no matter how hot she may look) is not going to have sex with you every single day, or even every other day.
      For such a woman 1-3/month is about the max you can expect…if you u re lucky that is.
      Dont listen what they say.

  47. Don’t understand why good looking men need to get married.
    Marriage is for men who don’t have options, or those who suffer from a need of companionship. Which involves a hell lot of compromises for the sake of PEACE in marriage.
    Fuck marriage. In the end, you’re still paying for a woman in one way or the other.
    With that shitload of money, he could have had any hot damn hoe for every day.
    It’s funny to note that men who have the most amount of money tend to actually suffer from oneitis syndrome more.
    Bill Gates. Marko Jaric. The LA Lakers Boss. Elliot Rodgers.
    All these men can spend money on whores. But they want to spend money on wife or on a single mistress.
    I’ve realised one thing: Men today are more emotionally weaker than women. They get married for companionship. That’s where they fuck themselves up.
    Because women don’t marry for love. They only marry for their own selves, to secure their future on a man’s resources. Just that they’re more patient and cunning on how to trap men and ensnare him for his emotional weakness. Shame on modern men for choosing to marry.

  48. IMO girls like Jenny McCarthy and Scarlett Johansson look way better than chica above. White meat #1 imo.

    1. I call that the rule of 3 – for every one girl you see, there are at LEAST three guys who have been there, done that and REALLY don’t want to go back.
      and for the feminazis and semi-femi’s we have this:
      for every guy that you see and think “he’s a chauvinistic prick!!”…..he banged 3 girls like you AT LEAST last fortnight.

  49. Men can’t grow in their lives if they focus on making their women happy.
    If you want to be truly happy in your life, find yourself a woman who makes you happy. Doesn’t restrict you, yet at the same time is brutally faithful to you. At the same time she should be young, beautiful (to you, not for others), and some one you don’t bore of having sex with you, neither someone who stops you from having sex with her when you want it.
    Asking too much? In the context of today’s world, yes it is. And that’s why marriage is not the right option for the sane man.
    Better to have children out of wedlock. The way Johnny Depp did.
    There are exceptions to the rule that marriage doesn’t work in the western and modern world, but don’t consider the exceptions as a rule to influence your decision when deciding on marriage. The overwhelming majority of men today are unlucky when it comes to marriage.
    A black man or dark skinned man may think his unicorn is the white woman.
    The white man thinks his unicorn is the Asian or Slavic woman (especially in America).
    Don’t think like that. Unicorns don’t exist. That’s just self-delusion, because men tend to fall in love faster than women, when it comes to getting a little bit of ‘love’ and regular sex.
    You want to know how to judge if you really love a woman? Fuck her non-stop, regularly for 3 months. See if you love her after that. See if you can tolerate her gross habits. You’ll realize that sex blinds people when it comes to love.
    There is no such thing as ‘love’. It is an illusion fabricated by women to ensnare men since the very first man. BE PRACTICAL at all times, gentlemen, even if being practical and rational is the most difficult thing for a man to do, when it comes to women. Don’t ever let emotion or lust overcome your rationale.

    1. Love (or Marriage, for that matter) is the illusion that one woman is different from the others.

  50. Adriana Lima, born from a mother who was a social worker, lower class, no money, Salvador de Bahia, bitter about men (her father abandoned them), typical South American love story, finds foreign sport star, lots of money, greed, wants to realize American Dream, makes 2 babies, needs to settle down, knows will hit the wall, but wants to retire with bank accounts filled to capacity, some charity work to make it all look good, virgin (sic) before marriage, what a nice publicity stunt, everything there just smells of exploitation, Marko just got owned, he’s gonna have to provide for the rest of his life… not like her father, meanwhile the bitch is laughing hard at the revenge she could pull on him (and men on general) through her husband. Just realize that these girls from the lower classes are true survivors, they do not give a damn, if they want to exploit you they will do it. It’s not like if she were coming from a higher class family. Then it would have been different. But then she would not have married Marko, but a local lawyer or doctor form a well-to-do family instead. Again, poor Marko, he just got owned like tons of other foreigners who fall for Brazilian charm. And just be honeset, in nature she is not even that beautiful. There are tons of girls like her or even better looking in Brasil. She got lucky, that’s all, and now she got the big money, and all is well.

  51. Even if you are alpha, it’s hardly worth playing the game. Women want alpha genes, that’s it. So for ever 1 alpha there’s 9 betas, and I don’t think alphas are happy. As an attractive man, it’s easy to see that the 9 out of 10 other guys are the ones that live desperate lives and build civilization that I enjoy. I would never wish that kind of existence on myself or on them. So alphas by definition aren’t necessarily happy; they just see what’s going on at the top and although it has its benefits, being top chimpanzee just means you’re a chimpanzee too. An alpha guy can have 10 kids and half of them might wind up to be genetically undesirable or natural betas and I wouldn’t really wish that kind of life on anyone. There’s only so much porn and video games you can play before you realize life for being the fucking sham that it is.

  52. I think the author is taking the comments made about that breakup too seriously. People say those things in passing. They aren’t really analyzing the situation. Most normal human beings would not stay with a person that did not compliment with them, regardless of how beautiful they are.
    Plus we know Marco has access to women that look better than Adrianna, so it’s not like he would be losing in that situation anyways.
    However, a beautiful woman with a great personality is the goal for me. I’m not budging on either one of those critieria.

  53. How about you just not cheat on your wife? I just don’t get the idea that you can blame your wife for your infidelity. If it’s so bad, then seek a divorce, or get counseling. They can obviously afford the former so it’s safe to assume they can afford the latter.
    I’m not saying that all women are angels, but there’s just no excuse for cheating. It’s the easiest thing in the world not to do. I understand that he also has a lot more women vying for his attention than the average man will ever have, but he had that before he got married as well. He didn’t have to get married in the first place. Hell, he could have at least married somebody who is willing to try an open relationship. The point is, there were plenty of options, so don’t justify cheating and lying by saying that it could have been her fault, too.

  54. “He’s had intercourse with her hundreds (if not thousands) of times.”
    I can assure you that he had already fucked her hundreds of times within the first couple of months of seeing her. If you get together with a woman like that you fuck her at least three times a day in the beginning.

  55. All right then guys, I actually used all right. Now let’s make one about why all that stinks is not shit! That could possibly be even more valuable to our lives. Note that I’m serious about this.

  56. “Every chick, no matter how hot she is perceived to be, has someone who is completely tired of her shit”.
    No one should be put on a pedestal.

  57. Here’s a female POV: why do men get married or have relationship at all if they are aware that they are going to cheat eventually? Whats the point of hurting someone intentionally? The good Thing is – Karma is a bitch and all those happy bachelors will die alone in the end unless they are loaded with money and find a young Chick who waits for them to drop dead. So have fun sleeping around its Not going to last forever everything older than 45 is a big turn-off.

    1. Do you honestly think men get married or have relationships at all while holding in mind the idea “I’m going to fuck the first pussy I can get a hold of other than this person?”
      Consider why women cheat. Which they do, in great numbers. Invariably the excuse is to get back at a partner who isn’t paying them sufficient attention or because “we drifted apart”. Or, often, “because he cheated on me first.” Why do you say that was not the case here, with Maric getting revenge on Lima’s infidelity?
      As the article points out, appearances are not necessarily reflective of the reality. This is even down to the accusation that Maric cheated. Consider exactly what evidence you have that she ended the marriage because he cheated: it is solely a quote that “supposedly” Lima “told a friend” that her husband cheated twice. Against that, it is common practice, according to celebrities themselves, to simply make up quotes and attribute them to nameless insiders, since nameless insiders can’t be sued for defamation .
      More telling is the report that Lima doesn’t want alimony or the house they lived in, only custody of the kids. Now, maybe that’s because she’s just an All Round Nice Person … but another possibility is that she’s been told by her lawyers “Don’t even try for it. You earn more than he does, and he’s got your text messages to half a dozen Italian soccer players demonstrating how seriously you regarded your marital vows.”

  58. Poor Adriana, she’s a real natural beauty, she’s humble and helped her entire family with her model career, she has come from Bahia – a beautiful but poor place even for Brazil’s standards – and made it in the super competitive/mean modeling world. She is a wise, traditional girl (you’ll never see her drunk in a party) and this article wants to paint her like a witch. As a Brazilian lady I’m offended, especially with the “anal sex” comments. I’m not sure if she was or not a virgin when she married him but the fact she’s from Brazil doesn’t make her an instant slut who loves anal sex. Many women here hate it, the majority I’d say. But let’s assume Adriana is a super, evil witch who made the poor guy cheat on her. Still, not a single word in your article about the family he destroyed if he cheated on her. Not a single word about the kids and his obligation to them (and don’t tell me visiting them once a week will make him a great daddy, it won’t). Not a word for the fact that (assuming he cheated on her, no one knows) he should have honored his marriage and at least split first if Adriana was not enough for him or was such a witch. You demand to be honored but you also have to honor, it’s the same for both men and women. Marriage is not a paradise and we (men and women) have to put up with a lot of mutual crap. But if you’re marrying to cheat your wife/husband (and kids) better stay single and don’t make any innocent child suffer the destruction of a family. This world is really going to the dogs.

  59. Jaric is Billy Joel. Who could get tired of Christie Brinkley, his Uptown Girl, right? Well, you can. Pussy gets old. Just because she’s cute today doesn’t mean she’s not SUCH a pain in the ass she kills your boner no matter HOW beautiful she is to blue pills. Men get jaded. At that level, so much pussy is being dropped on your dick you can’t resist. Look at Tiger Woods. I used to drive a limo down in DC through the 90’s and 2000s.The golfers would come in for the Kemper and those guys were all snickering about how much pussy Tiger Woods was pulling. Tiger was having a party. He was single, it was cool, the press, his caddies and his pals on the Tour, everyone kept their trap shut.
    Along comes 18 year-old Swedish (or whatever blonde female version of the Master Race) fashion model-nanny Elin Nordegren. Tiger is smitten, marries the cunt, pumps two kids into her in three or four years and starts cheating. In Vegas, in Orlando, from hookers to waitresses, Tiger was laying pipe on every broad that crossed his path. And WHO could blame him? Meanwhile, he didn’t manage the pussy and we know how it came out.
    “Elin Nordegren, come ON DOWN, YOU are our next contestant on the Divorce-Price-Is-Right!”. 200 million dollars later, Tiger is dating Lindsey Vonn, the washed up rag of a skier, another blonde female member of the Master Race.
    Point is, pussy is pussy no matter the level. Average guys get tired of THEIR pussy, Tiger, Billy Joel and countless others at their level get tired of THEIR pussy. I love Tom Brady. Gisele Bundchen is gorgeous, TB12 pumped two kids into her and another into some other broad who’s name escapes memory that’s old now and I hope he comes out ok, but 7 or 8 years later, even BRADY is getting tired of Giselle-ass. Only thing TB12 isn’t tired of is Super Bowl Rings. Hopefully, he gets tired of engagement rings and stays with that beautiful fucking broad.

  60. men who use the term, “drain balls,” do not have sex, or a relationship. I have dated guys who dislike sex, prefer less sex, and do not like to self pleasure. I personally believe sex is a natural healer, and refuse to live without it. And here I am reading how you guys think that we don’t like sex, or understand, or even assume you know what’s going on in this relationship. Men always jump to the conclusion that we don’t want sex or don’t want to put out.
    If your not getting It from us, we are almost always getting it from someone much better at it than you.

  61. I think women don´t need to be beautiful, but smart. That keeps you away from stupids asses like those and prevents you from being cheated. In my humble opinion.

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