A Guide For Getting Laid At Anime Conventions

Do you remember watching Dragon Ball Z as a young teenager? That is a scenario that many of us have gone through our youth. We would watch stylized cartoons from Japan as young children. Many of those children grew up and still wanted to enjoy cartoons of that nature as an adult. Some of those people decided to make conventions based on this premise (take a comic book convention but with the premise of Asiatic pop culture). These conventions aren’t necessarily about the cartoons but the subcultures that it spawns.

The average convention goer is most likely the reverse of what you expect from a nerd convention. The skinny lanky nerd and his buddy the obese manchild are still going to conventions. They will be there giving presentations, but a whole new breed of people is in to anime.

This new breed is young attractive women with mental issues. Women have jumped on to the anime bandwagon. Most of them joined because they’re the second tier of attractive women. They can’t compete with the front runners because of a flaw or two (they might have the body but the nose is way too big). These women would be considered Bargain Bin to regular society. However, to anime loving nerds, these are the new 9’s and 10’s for the anime world. Women love it, because they have a ton of beta orbiters and some creepy omegas. They get to rule over and be the queens of anime conventions. I decoded the code for an alpha guy to go to these conventions and make that second string duchess bow down to your manliness.


Not all anime conventions are made equally. The ones with the most participants usually have the better quality women. No chick is going to wear 5-inch heels and squeeze her ass in a corset for 50 neckbearded manchildren, but she will do it for 5,000 neckbeared manchildren. The smaller conventions attract the typical manchild and their female equivalent. I went to one of those small conventions and a dude in a dress was trying to hit on me. Go for the bigger conventions because the prettier girls will be there.

The next aspect of these conventions is lodging. Location is incredibly important for maximum efficiency. A hotel room that is a 10 minute walk or less is extremely preferable. In fact, if you want to, registering months before gets you the best deals and the best locations. Many conventions are host to college-like parties and having a bed nearby can be the difference of a bang or not. This is one aspect that you can’t skimp on at all. It’s easy to rationalize a fun night at the convention center with her vs taking a 40 minute drive back to your place.

Where to go

Most conventions on a bigger scale have a multitude of things to do. You can go play some imported SNES games or stay in some dark room watching VHS era fansubs. Most of it is actually counterproductive to getting a bang however. The places to go are not uniform as all anime conventions aren’t alike but I will list the do’s and don’ts. Specifically, stating the reason in a small sentence for those new to the anime convention game.


  • Most panels. These are mostly garbage and highly misleading. Most of the panels are run by beta’s and transgender freaks. Some of them include buying body pillows and omega sex toys. Others include LGBT representation.
  • Video game room. No quality ladies in there whatsoever. Also, the body odor is worse than a century old carcass.
  • Burlesque and adult-themed shows. Most of these are populated by unattractive and disgusting women. You can’t call them out on it because of the “harassment” policies made by white knights for anime conventions. Spend your time somewhere else.
  • Video rooms. Mostly filled with obese neckbeards and mangina white knights. There are some exceptions but it’s not worth the effort.


  • Dealers Room. This is a must. Imagine a place where you can day game all you want. Women are known to spend big bucks here. So they spend a lot of time in the dealers room. This is the venue to day game.
  • Events focusing on Lolita. Lolita is a sub culture of Japanese fashion relating to a mixture of British Victorian fashion and Japanese fashion. Most women in this subculture are thin because Japanese companies don’t cater to landwhales. These clothes are also extremely expensive usually meaning that these women have a rich daddy or a male sponsor. This combine with the fact that most of these women are more likely to have a personality disorder other than autism. If a woman is in to this culture she must keep thin and must be in to looking good. A great requisition for a bang.
  • Raves. Imagine a nightclub filled with almost all betas and at least 20 percent of the women there are bangable. This is nightclub game for toddlers. The sharks of a normal nightclub are replaced by clown fish. Just make sure to card the girl because many under 18’s love to get an older man from these sorts of events.

You’re at the convention center and you notice scantily clad women in tight clothing. You think they might be hired guns to market body pillows. You don’t know what to say or act. This is a common scenario for people going to game at conventions of that sort. Instead of spending 3000-5000 words writing a Tolkien length guide on this, I will write about the personalities that go to anime conventions and their backgrounds.

Types of females

Cosplay Girl

These women are dressed up as animated characters out in public. Most of them spend hundreds of hours to get the details down right. They also have to make sure their diet is right and everything matches. This type of woman is slightly smarter than the average American bar-fly. She can talk about more complicated subjects, but it comes at a price. There is a high chance that an attractive women walking around half naked at a convention center is mentally ill. I can ascertain that a lot of the famous cosplayers have personality disorders like borderline and narcissisism. Generally this is noticeable through things like cut marks, daddy issues, eating disorders and a lot of them are in to hard drugs. These “nerd” girls have the same problems as the average American girl. They are just slightly more intelligent and have lower self-esteem.

Game Tips: These women are constantly getting hit on by omega males. If you want to get her attention, ask for a photo. Don’t hover-hand and have some witty banter. These chicks can appreciate alpha behavior. They’re in a den of beta and omega males. A reasonably sane attractive man who takes care of himself and doesn’t have mental disorders will do well. Just remember to have a separation plan. These chicks will do something rash if they perceived being wronged.



These are the main species of women at anime conventions. They’re the thirstiest women in existence. These women require no game whatsoever but doing fat chicks lowers your reputation a lot if you want to be with the skinnier hotter cosplay women. You need to not let their advances succeed. The attractive girls will think something is mentally wrong with you if you slept with a hippo. Also, note that these are the chicks who publicly complain about “sexual harassment” because only creepy ugly men would give them the time of day.  Even at the anime conventions themselves.

Game Tips: If you’re enough of a degenerate to have sex with a landwhale from an anime convention, wrap it up. They are not the types to take care of their innards including the part you want access to. Vagisil and antibiotic’s aren’t a miracle cure for jumping in to the garbage dump of a vagina.


tranny cosplayer

These aren’t women at all but I will tag them as such just because this is the type of degeneracy you will see at anime conventions. Many in the anime community allow transgendered freaks to parade around as women. Some of these people even go as far as try to pretend to be female anime characters. The anime community tends to say they’re more open minded, but if you call out a freak in a dress, expect all the neckbeards, white knights and fat chicks to explode with anger. All you need to do is say no and go on to the next.

Game Tips: ROK isn’t a homosexual blog. Go to Jezebel, Slate, or The Atlantic if you want tips on how to sleep with men.

Types of men

Fat Neckbeards

trench coat

These are the mostly stereotyped males who go to an anime convention. They’re fat, usually not into hygiene and have a multitude of social problems. Generally, these men will only offend through the olfactory gland. I can’t state enough how smelly the overweight neckbeards are at anime clubs. It is probably illegal under the Geneva Convention to allow these men in the same room as POWS. These men are also white knights but aren’t of the active kind. They just want to eat their fried foods and stock up on body pillows. Compared to all the types of men at anime conventions, these are the most benign.

White Knights

white knights

They’re quite similar to the neckbeard but more virulent. The white knight is fat but not as morbidly obese as the neckbeard. The neckbeard wants to sit in the videogame or video room most of the convention. The white knight has more energy to walk around. They will beta orbit the hottie even if she publicly calls them losers in front of their face. White knights and ugly fat chicks are the ones to be on guard of. They will do anything to stop a player from scoring, even by spreading horrendous false rumors. You may have compassion for the fat neckbeard, but I would give none whatsoever for white knights who want to impede your goals. They also tend to smell but that’s the least offensive thing about them.

Con Security/Con Staff

Observe and Report

Con security/staff is a cheap excuse for the convention community not to hire actual staff. These are white knights with power. While you’re trying to score pussy based on game, these men tend to try to use their miniscule authority to try to score. If they can’t score, they will use any method to white knight possible, including following around the hot cosplayers trying to show you their authority. As a person who has known con security, these people are mostly dimwits who shouldn’t hold any power at all. I’m not saying all people are bad on this position but you really have to keep an eye on them. These people will use their wraith to score pussy. These are the ultimate Machiavellianist in existence. Some are chasing for the pussy and the other to white-knight. A hellish combo.

Going back home

The convention ended and you’re on your way back. You were able to get some notches but feminists have taken notice. They are writing articles like this about “consent”. The undesirables of society (fat chicks, manchildren, ugly women) are trying to keep anime conventions in the domain of blue pillers. Anime conventions will always try to shut us redpillers out but if we start to invade, and remain stealth about it, they can’t do anything. I hope I see more members of ROK at anime conventions. Cosplay chicks are sick of betas and need some alpha’s to come to the conventions and satisfy their sexual needs.

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806 thoughts on “A Guide For Getting Laid At Anime Conventions”

  1. Yeah, anime conventions.
    Not a fucking chance, dude. Do yourself a favor. Enjoy the gaming rooms, buy want you want from the dealer room, then get the fuck out of dodge. Don’t even waste your time validating anime ‘chucks’.

    1. Lol. I would think most of the bitches at an anime convention are just “more of the same” attention whores. Maybe they have built up a tolerance to their facebook.

      1. Most of those skanks are thirsty, but I am paranoid cuz I can’t tell if they are 16 yet and you know bitches lie.

      2. Have you ever had a date that lasted longer than 15 minutes, or one that you didn’t have to pay for? I seriously doubt it.

    2. You (or someone) should write an article about game at a gun show. Now THAT would be interesting!
      On a separate note, I am actually going to see the white knight in the picture (Lewis Lovhaug) at a gaming convention. I don’t care for him, but I’ve never been to a convention, and the Nostalgia Critic is going to be there too.

    3. C’mon Bridagon you wouldn’t bang that Cosplay chick pictured above???
      Your tips about the gun /motorcycle/house/cookware venues are top shelf….

      1. I don’t know about gun show game… Most of the gun shows I have gone to I have either taken a date, or hooked up with a girl ‘for serious’ there… Most gun girls are quite a bit more old-school, country girl types… about the last remnants of ‘good girls’ you can find in this country. Although now that I think about it, I have never really tried to game them… usually an invite to a range is enough to secure a decently entertaining time, and sex either happens or it doesn’t. On the plus side, feminists and gun enthusiasts seem to be mutually exclusive in real life.
        Car shows? Car show girls are just…. easy. I dunno how to explain it, but if you are halfway decent looking and show more interest in them than the car, they are fairly easy to game. Just use the same stuff as you would at a concert, although your ‘competition’ is clearly wealthy, most of them are pretty old, so it’s not a real rough stretch to come off as the scary one.
        I am not good at telling other people how to game, probably because being 6’4″ and ex-military always made it sorta easy for me. I usually just have to be myself. my normal, tattooed, oversized, hirsuite, violent-looking self. Usually my problem is deciding WHICH one to go home with, not getting one to take me home.

    4. This post, like so many of the last few months, is merely an attempt at hitting certain Search Engine terms and getting more hits (and therefore revenue) for the site. I respect that Roosh has built this website and garnered traffic and is therefore entitled to compensation for his work, but I am dismayed at the methods he continues to use to further these ends. Regardless, as long as quality articles continue to be published on RoK (this is certainly not one) I will continue to be a faithful reader.

      1. Roosh didn’t write this post, give its a free site you have to take some good articles with the bad. That said conventions might be a bunny slope for a new red pill guy.

    5. the best tactic is not to go to the convention and waste money to rub shoulders with nerds…. simply hang out in town….. when comic con is on in san diego, there are dozens of events, club nights, and general party atmosphere… you don’t have to be part of the show, or even be hitting on a chick that attended the convention, just the general vibe in the air gets the panties wet……

    6. Thanks from bringing this up ! I think its time men who genuinely love comics and anime…show women, especially those cosplayers that they are worthless…That men go to conventions do stuff that does not concern women and their attention whoring in the slightest…
      It would be nice if we have a method to identify red pill men in events like this and be able to make friends.
      Nothing would please me more when I go to anime or comic conventions than to go there, get new comics, some merchandise, play some fun games and make new male friends who are not blue pillers.

      1. You are a misogynistic asshole who does not deserve to even breathe the same are as the “worthless” and “whoring” women at conventions.

      2. Yeah, those women who like the same things you do are totally worthless because they have a vagina!

      3. It would be great to have a way of identifying everyone of you jerk offs. The beatings you could get tossed would be worth watching and being a part of.

      4. Wow so if someone cosplays it’s for attention? I wish I knew that when I started.
        I’ve been doing it for my own pleasure this whole time! I can’t believe I’ve been doing it wrong!
        Oh and FYI: Even if someone is doing it for attention, that’s not your problem, and you have no right to bitch about it. If it bothers you that much you could always go cry about it in the bathrooms though!

    7. If there’s anyone who’s a queen, it’s you with your generalisation about anime fans. I take it that a cock-sucker like you never got laid in your life?

    8. And I thought Roosh was a small-dicked, sad, pathetic, hateful misogynist!

    9. So what about the girls who go to gun shows *and* nerd conventions? I do enjoy watching Attack on Titan and dressing in cosplay, but I can damn well out-shoot you with my bolt action 308. I can also guarantee that you’re not taking me home from either venue. Dickwad.

  2. Having dated two cosplay models, I can confirm that conventions are gold. If you have a modicum of game – especially day game – it’s fish in a barrel. Plus, the girls are cool and it’s like a Halloween party with all the costumes.

    1. I’d like to point out I have seen better, easier, and more satisfying targets in a local supermarket. The only reason you might have for going after cosplayers is because you need the ‘crutch’ of a common interest… and if you need that crutch, you are looking for a ‘relationship’ not a fuck.
      If that’s what you are after, fine, but be warned that anime cons are like a funnel for crazy.

        1. I don’t understand why, even in the manosphere, people still pull this derogatory bullshit. Again, respect for views, and no need for death threats and negative labeling. It’s girly and childish. Brigadon, even though you didn’t capitalize, you’ve won back my respect in the seven minutes you lost it for the way you handled the situation.

        2. Let’s put it this way… anonymous posters, without even a link to a profile, are not real people. There’s no more reason to get angry at them than there is to get angry at a video game AI putting together random sentences as ‘trash talk’.

        3. I’m new to this age. Didn’t know so much crap existed…it’s just not natural for a civilization to be so damned morally (and intellectually) unrefined. Thanks for the tip buddy!

        4. Anonymity, more than familiarity, breeds contempt. This is a new era, the era of truly unlimited freedom on the internet… and one has only to look at what it has wrought to truly understand why freedom is truly precious… and should be rationed accordingly.
          Most humans are little more than beasts when left to run riot without responsibility and with absolute freedom. The internet, more than any place else, shows exactly the sort of utopia that liberals and leftists imagine…
          I agree that the internet should remain utterly and completely free… so that we may see what COULD happen if we allow the real world to become that way. The internet is both a beacon for hope and a savage warning at what may come to pass.

        5. I finally understand why Roosh replied to Acehole the way he did. Not only did he use “a” instead of “an”, but he forgot to write out a number less than 100.
          I’ll end this conversation now. I feel strange coming back here over and over again, when it’s an article I can barely relate to.
          Ah yes, and fuck unnatural conditions, which make all of this shit happen. More on that later…

      1. Why don’t you just admit that you’re just saying this because you’ve been to these type of events and got shot down big time and as a result, you’re now being a misogynistic cunt, am I rite?

  3. Do NOT go to anime conventions to pick up! Don’t even go to them period unless you’re into obscure shit you can’t get anywhere else AND you don’t mind obnoxious teenagers spouting reddit shit and talking about entry-level shows ad nauseam. However, other types of conventions are usually ok. My town has a tattoo and horror festival, as well as Geek Media Expo, an ‘everything geeky that’s not anime’. Having gone to all of them, GMX is the best for the people, tattoo and horror festival is best for panels and stuff to buy, and the anime con has literally nothing going for it other than a few voice actors and cosplayers I don’t give a shit about.

    1. You guys have absolutely nothing on the mother of all conventions – a global arms bazaar where you can buy and sell anything from a simple handgun to a fleet of Mil Mi-24s. Top-shelf pussy guaranteed and the biggest baddest alphas you will ever cross paths with this side of the Styx. Think I saw Putin at one once. Or maybe it was just a dream after falling asleep watching “Lord of War”. I should really stop doing that from this point on.

      1. Wow. Those arms dealer shows are usually in Dubai or some other exotic locale. The national NRA conventions getting more popular with ladies. The gun makers always have hot models peddling their wares….
        Also the Safari Club International is epic. Competition is stiff though with the uber wealthy ferrari-yacht driving dudes that go

        1. What else but a firearm can a woman use to defend herself from physical violence from a male? If they’re not a female Chuck Norris, then 99% of the time, the male is going to win the physical confrontation.
          Mrs Rational Logic carries. And she’s a decent marksman.
          She’s fit but no way she can overpower a normal man.
          It is no surprise that some women are letting go of childish liberal fantasies and coming around to reality that men are more physically powerful than women, and an individual man, at any time he chooses, can overpower and take an individual female.
          The only thing stopping that other than a bypassing male will be a firearm or some other deadly weapon.

  4. This post is right on time, man. Summer Time is definitely when these conventions pop-up. My personal favorites are the comic cons.
    Seeing all these hot women dressed as Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Harley Quinn, and Psylocke is an awesome event in deed.
    Boothe Girls at video game conventions are great to.
    Video Game, Anime Conventions, Comic-Cons are an untapped resource. A guy with True Game can clean-up at these type of places.

  5. I’d like to go just for the comic books. 🙁 However the warning about the land whales is to be taken into account. My dad was a notorious chubby chaser, and I an Son of Chubby Chaser, but blubber is a huge turnoff to me. I don’t want to find out the hard way that I got an inner chubby chaser and then be in conflict. XD

    1. Don’t forget that blubber helps with buoyancy and heat conservation – though it also helps to have a nice dense well-oiled coating of fur. I would personally recommend the (female) Wookies as your go-to thing. Otherwise, Sasquatch game can serve as a perfectly acceptable fall-back to sate your latent needs.

    1. “…a furry con.”
      A what? What the hell is that? On second thought don’t tell me.

      1. Let’s just say that some people have a thing for shag (in the old sense of “a tangle or mass, especially of rough matted hair”). I will let your fertile imagination do the rest.

      1. hey, I got suckered once, two decades ago… Stayed almost 4 hours before I was invioted to a room party by a hottie and walked in to see two naked fat dudes wearing animal heads playing ‘hot fudge sundae’ right from the tap.
        Some things you cannot unremember. gahh.

  6. Funny article. I’ve heard of a situational alpha. I’m sure going to an Anime convention makes you a situational beta.

  7. Ah, I used to have so much fun at Anime conventions when I was a younger lad.
    I would recommend it to any young man as a great way to hone his day game, because you can make 100’s of painless approaches in the day and have fun the whole time doing it. I would always chat up a hot cosplayer girl, ask her if she was going to the rave later, tell her I’d see her there and then leave quickly on high note. Guaranteed I would run in to a lot of those girls later in the night. Then my legendary anime con mischief would follow…

  8. I also loved Ren Faire’s. Where else can you go dress like Khal Drogo and drink all day?

    1. Home?
      Oh, do you mean Kaah D’Argo?
      Try salt lake Comicon. The local businesses have yet to learn not to fuck with the guys in the white plastic armor.

  9. I’m finding it harder and harder to relate to the manosphere as it’s evolving. Bronies, Anime conventions, video games, etc. And then the young guys wonder why they’re struggling to get laid????? It’s because you have the interests of a 8 year old! The women aren’t taking you seriously. Why should they?
    My god! I understand this article is meant to be a joke, but is there a manosphere exclusively for guys over 30?

    1. Chill, man. The author is probably born in 1985. So he is 28-29.
      The article is good, because he is reporting on the pussy availability at anime conventions. Even if game at anime conventions may not appeal to men over 30, it will appeal to readers in their 20’s or late teens who visit such conventions. Or older men who still wanna fuck young fresher sluts in their late teens and early 20’s. It’s a good article. Game articles don’t appeal to everyone, as everyone has different tastes in women, and seduction style.

    2. What kind of hobbies women have though?
      Dancing and sometimes pony riding.. They spent their entire days on facebook or in a club.

      1. Yeah. Good point. Young women aren’t exactly into high-brow stuff either. This younger generation has got some strange things to deal with. Too much technology or something.

    3. Acehole its called dangerandplay . well it has 20somethings too but they’re there to learn not preach

      1. Danger and Play is too much tough guy, MMA, lets all do steroids and punch other guys type of material. It’s not for me.

        1. Danger is Play is the aggressive approach to life, taking action above all. You seem to be more of the passive low test guy, 9-5 mofo who likes his women pasty and ugly as fuck, so I dont think you were welcome there anyway.

        2. HAHA! I’m glad you were able to determine all of that about me from that short comment.
          From your comment I can tell that you’re a guy who likes glory holes and champagne coolies. And of course, MMA so that nobody will suspect a thing.
          TAPOUT for life, bro.

        3. You are a hater and wouldn’t even be allowed at D&P. You whine about ROK. You whine about D&P.
          Why don’t you start your own site?

        4. Look I imagine it must have sucked to have daddy fuck you in the ass everyday when you were a kid, but no need to project onto others your obession with public restroom handjobs.

        5. Just because men have less empathy for different views on lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to verbally bash each other with derogatory assumptions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand each other’s views; just give and demand respect.
          And if you can’t do that, then ignore! Replying the way you guys are is what American teenage girls with masculine knowledge and brilliant syntax would do.

        6. Eh, I tried. I understand the viewpoint that some fools don’t deserve any respect, and if you truly believe AceHole is worthless, then ignorance would still be the proper route. Even if you were to physically thrash him, you can’t change a man’s ideals.

        7. Don’t knock it till you try it. There’s a lot to be said for blowing a wad in a girl’s face in a disneyland bathroom.

    4. 100% agreed, look in yoga, pilates, hipster music, foodies, fashion and R&B music events for lots of stylish and friendly ladies. I didn’t know what a bronie was until seeing it on this site. Lmao who takes this serious

    5. “I understand this article is meant to be a joke”
      Not at all. This article has actionable and specific information for a particular venue that can’t be found elsewhere on the internet. While it won’t appeal to everyone, it will make an impact on those who have this kind of hobby.

      1. While I understand full well the marketing aspect behind this let me state that you really are debasing yourself here Roosh.

        1. RoK is all about the degeneracy of modern society from the degenerates themselves. As long as those degenerates are aware of the degeneracy and honest about how filthy it all is then I am greatful for the information. At first it was too disgusting, but then I came to grasp the coding of the RoK matrix. Now I can see the real story behind the lines of text in each article. The real story is the willing destruction of our civilization, and the lives of the men who have no choice but to enjoy it for what it’s worth, because they have no recourse.

        2. I disagree. Go where the gold is. And why does self improvement around here always include giving up everything you enjoy?

        3. tl:dr “Life sucks, the deck is stacked against you, the place is going to shit, learn to get what you can while the getting’s good because it’s almost last call.”
          Good technical synopsis, though.

      2. One of the ROK Community Beliefs should be, “Respect the preferences in game and women of other (real) men.”

        1. Unless those preferences are stupid. Do not suffer fools gladly. Some ideas are just flat out bad.
          like ‘republican convention game’. or ‘trailer park game’.
          Lesbian film festival game is surprisingly productive, though, even though on the surface it seems like a bad idea.

        2. If it gets a guy laid (and he has some fun with it along the way), WHO CARES?

        3. but it doesn’t… it’s like hitting booth babes at E3 while they are ‘on the job’ or Strippers. Certainly it is possible, I have tagged booth babe bumper a couple of times.. but it’s like the lottery… 99% of the guys that take this advice are setting themselves up for failure or worse. But Con ass? It’s either there professionally (doable but requires a whole new level of game) Or it’s chock full of crazy… at which point the game changes from ‘can we bang her’ to ‘how to bang her without letting her have any real information on how to stalk me or get me arrested when I bail on her’.
          So, yes, if you bang strippers regularly, con is just another target-rich environment. If you do not, Then maybe you should just avoid cons altogether, since that might be what’s holding you back.
          Not to mention cons are fucking expensive.
          As far as trailer park game? That’s just common sense. Sure it gets you laid easily. It also gets you crabs, Lice, HIV, gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, ringworm, unwanted children, and an unpleasant, clinging odor made up of the smell of unwashed obese pussy and old burning tires.
          Political conventions? all the sweet ass is over at the dems. That’s the only thing keeping them afloat in a sea of stupid. If you can get into dem conventions, go for it. Pub conventions are only a hunting ground if you are into cougars… serious, octogenarian type cougars.

        4. Hey, I put “real” in parentheses for a reason! Men are partially defined by what they choose to do. After all, no one calls bronies men. And no one calls crime lords pussies (other than movie protagonists who should’ve already been dead by then).

        5. define ‘crime lord’.
          I called a ‘crime lord’ a pussy, kicked his ass too. Of course, someone who is in Jail for heading up a really shitty con ring ripping off insurance companies on bumper replacements really is probably not what you mean by crime lord 🙂

        6. Just an amusing anecdote. don’t read too much into it. Lots of people do time. Especially in Indiana.
          I suspect half the manosphere was brought here due to doing time for one ridiculous female or another.

        7. I just had an exciting revelation! To residents of a state, all the other states have funny-ass shapes.

      3. I would have to agree with this. While I would not touch Anime with 10′ pole, it was still an interesting read and had some good observations that could apply to gaming culture overall (as they seem to be linked).

    6. I think what Acehole is getting at is “why would you go to such a dreadful place just to pick low-hanging fruit?” This article acknowledges that even the pretty ones hat go there there are mentally ill.

      1. So girls who attend these type of events are mentally ill? How about I say “go fuck yourself!” to you, you bastard…

    7. I am personally not really into Anime, My Little Pony, nerd cons, etc. But why should you stop liking what you like just to please some woman? Do they stop liking what they like to please men? No. Granted, I will admit liking My Little Pony is pretty gay. Anyway, If a woman isn’t interested in what you are interested in then F her. You don’t need to COMPLETELY (keyword) change who you are to get laid. This article is obviously not for the over 30 crowd so IGNORE IT.

    8. yeah, but it’s not online. Sorry. It exists at yacht clubs, country clubs, The VFW, in basements, at the rotary and Lions clubs, and in bike clubs.
      No, women have not invaded bike clubs yet. They are guest bitches and know it.

  10. If you are into neckbeard and landwhale/war pig spotting, anime conventions will offer plenty of opportunities…

  11. Word of warning, though. I’ve met two of the clingiest, craziest girls ever at an anime convention. It is definitely a vortex of crazy. One of them drove two hours from where she lived to my house without warning one night, didn’t want to have sex because she was a pure Mormon and then ended up cleaning my bathroom dressed as a Japanese school girl. That was a new one for me.

    1. I think that’s par for the course for LDS chicks (ever seen Skippy from Virgin Diaries? they’re the female version.) Regardless, thanks for the laugh.

      1. No, that’s especially bizarre for Mormon girls. What’s bad about them is generally being too picky about unimportant things that they, in particular, want.

    2. omg I spit out my coffee reading “then ended up cleaning by bathroom dressed as a Japanese school girl” ….lol

    3. This is so funny, because a few time ago ,i did show this blog to an Otaku female friend xD and her first impession of the site was negative,to be honest, ok, i don’t know her in person, but she is a youtuber into Anime, and have talked a bit with her online, and she is a pretty Otaku girl, you can find women like this in Anime conventions

    4. “But, but… I only masturbate twice a day to hentai (cartoon anime porn)”
      Only twice a day? Fucking casual!

    5. And what’s wrong with Mormons? I have Mormon friends myself and they’re really nice people in my opinion

      1. Mormons are usually very kind people, dont think anyone said they’re distasteful. They’re just very awkward people (from my experience)

    6. The dirty bathroom might have been a factor in her decision to pass on sex. Get a maid to visit once a week its worth every penny.

  12. To a lot of the other guys who are saying anime conventions are shit and say fuck them, I say fuck you, as an Alpha I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to do, because I want to do it, you old guys are sounding like women, if a guy likes doing something why should he be discouraged from liking it? FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR BITCH FRAME! Do whatever the fuck you wanna do, that’s what it means to be Alpha, go ahead and listen to others if you want Beta Bitches!

        1. No, I think he’s cool with his desperate attempt at shaming his fellow man.

        2. Seriously it’s incredible how even in atmospheres like the manosphere people STILL ACCEPT society’s idiotic ideas, in a place where we’ve rejected the bullshit ideas women have programmed into their minds.

        3. False. The manosphere promotes timeless values of masculinity. Sometimes it promotes these values by illuminating the darkness, so to speak. A story about animae conventions like this just points out how degenerate our society is and serves as a contrast to what is truly masculine.

        4. I guess you and I approach being Alpha and masculine in two different ways. I do what I want to do, if you want someone to tell you how to behave feel free to do so, Feminists have been telling men what to do and look where our society ended up then.

    1. It’s the same nonsense you hear about video games, as if they’re all created equal. They insult it because they think any activity that doesn’t get you laid is a waste of time.
      Like true blue pill, slaves.

      1. Precisely, just blindly following societies ideas and expectations with no thoughts of their own, pathetic, glad someone else understands.

    2. “as an Alpha I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to do”
      Says the dude waving the huge plastic Final Fantasy sword never.

      1. It’s all about what frame you approach it from, if you enjoy yourself and have fun women respond to that and if not then fuck her, why would you even change yourself just to fuck some bitch? My happiness is more important than ANYTHING A BITCH WANTS!

      2. Thats kind of funny a good friend of mine actually is a blacksmith and makes “fantasy” swords. People pay good money for tempered steel. No doubt in my mind he is an Alpha came up with a good plan and has a very profitable business making fake weapons out of steel and iron. Shoot he has a booth at a few conventions selling designed blades or doing preorders.

    3. The key is that you have to stay committed to self improvement. I mean, being “alpha” is NOT JUST doing what you want. The fattest men on earth definitely do what they want (eat) and don’t let anyone interfere with their “frame.” But their behavior is objectively crappy, and they are failing themselves. People worry that anime nerds are crappy as well.
      Be the best you can be. If someone has a problem with your behavior, you should be able to defend it, if it is right and good. You should be prepared to defend anime as a legitimate art form. That is part of the deal. A little challenge from one brother to the next is natural, as iron sharpens iron.

  13. It’s very important to understand that the entire
    mannosphere is a Jewish conspirasy to alienate
    white males and females from one another so
    that Jews and blacks can collect the spoils.
    You see, there ARE NO WOMEN except beautiful
    white women. This is what EVERYONE believes.
    When white men and women are at eachother’s
    throughts the white woman rebels and goes with
    blacks and Jews.
    Women have been BRAINWASHED to be the way
    they are. Have you seen the terrible comments
    that have been made about women on the incel
    sites? This Is EXACTLY what our enemies want!
    To create a rift between white men and women.
    White men will be a minority of workers in the
    future. White women will spend LONG HOURS
    at work beside black men. They will be able to
    support the white woman. The white man will
    be unemployed. It’s dire straits for the white guy.

    1. The Jews are everywhere, they control the whole planet, they are not white!!! Even though half of these “jews” are blue eyed white skinned people.

      1. I discovered a useful metric in determining whiteness:
        1. Does the person identify as white? If yes, then probably white. If no, then not white.
        2. Does the person identify as white but hate whites? If so, then not white.
        3. Does the person look white? Then probably white.
        So if a Jew does not consider themselves white, they are not white. If a Jew considered himself white but has the typical self-loathing, then he is not white. If a Jew hates all whites for their history then he is not white. If a Jew does not even look white then he is not white.

    2. People like yourself who shoot from the hip in some sort of sloppy manner do more to hurt white racial politics than you realize.

  14. Why can’t we have anime and video game conventions where attention whores (= women) are banned completely?
    Who wants to see or interact with ugly female cosplayers, if he is really into this 2D stuff?

  15. LMAO at this article. Well done guys, you are really diversifying your client base and venues. Bravo!

  16. Having gone to a “brony” convention I can admit, it’s worth the effort to change things up every now and then.

  17. Much the same as the Renaissance Pleasure Faire crowd. Security wasn’t obnoxious in my experience but the women were fast and easy. Even got a threesome once. Lots of pseudo-alphas though.

  18. I had a bit of contact with this stuff through family, coworkers, etc. I think that the main problem with this “scene” is that it’s not a very ‘target rich environment.’ If you’re really shooting for 8-10s, then the handful of girls you’re going to meet are immediately going to be biased against you because you’re attending a comic convention. There much more likely to hook up with some guy who’s there for work than one of the attendees.
    I’ve known a couple of really hot women who’ve dressed up in cosplay and went to these conventions, but they were basically narcissists that wanted to engage in exhibitionism in a safe environment — and would claim that they were there for the prize money (total BS, by the way, the prize money is WAY too low to justify the money and time spent on the costume, but that’s another matter….)
    I wouldn’t recommend going to one of these conventions for the express purpose of getting laid for two simple reasons; (1) ALL of the men who pay to attend these events are COMPLETE LOSERS, and the fuck-able women that attend these things have already been strongly biased against men who attend these events because they’ve met them before (even the ones who appear normal eventually show they’re pathologies.) If they’re looking to get laid, then they are likely expecting it will be someone other than the attendees (perhaps some Hollywood type there to help promote a new film?)
    And (2) The truly disturbed ones may flirt, or suggest that they are interested in a guy, but in fact may be asexual or so insane that any traditional tactics are likely to be inapplicable. Even if she’s a viable candidate, the disgusting smell of the unwashed, sweaty bodies of 5000 fanboys isn’t really a romantic environment. Add to this the lack of alcohol and you’re really stacking the cards against you.
    Honestly, the only reason why a guy would do this is because they have a fetish. Is it really worth your time, money and energy to go hang around a bunch of disgusting, SMELLY, losers for several hours on the one in a million chance that you get to fuck an 8 in a Wonder Woman costume?

    1. So I’m a complete loser because I go to these events to have fun. In any case, may I say to you; “Fuck you, asswipe!”

    2. > Add to this the lack of alcohol and you’re really stacking the cards against you.
      Uh, at the larger cons people go around drunk and fucked up in the con center when it’s night….

  19. Maybe you can practice your game / build confidence at these conventions, but don’t walk out of them with anyone you didn’t come there with in the first place. Unless you really, really like the personality cocktail of batshit crazy and immaturity, of course. I’ve never been myself and maybe I’m unfairly stereotyping, but what’s the likelihood of finding a sane, pleasant, well-balanced individual at an event where 90% of the people are dressed up like cartoon characters?

  20. Which famous cosplayers have these issues, and why? This kind of stuff is always fun to hear. God I feel like a catty dame.

  21. I don’t really understand the issue with guys on here having an obscure hobby like comics, anime, video games, etc. I really doubt anyone on here is running around in public like a beta idiot, screaming memes and making Reddit references.
    I understand that these hobbies are known to make guys into basement dwellers and consume their lives. However if a guy is fit, stays productive, and has ambition, what’s wrong with him having a hobby like this?
    This site is about self-improvement for guys. However from some of the comments posted, it seems the only way a guy can improve his life is to make woman and getting laid his only priority. That doesn’t seem like an alpha male concept to me. I can bang all the hot sluts in the world, but if I can’t make my own choices, and have my own hobbies in life, than i’m no different than the beta’s following the pack.

    1. Just as an afterthought there is another realm to the nerd culture that is more shall we say aerobic. I am a huge nerd, however, I actually train with Broadsword and shield and enter competitions and such. There is a place in nerd culture for masculinity you just have to find your niche

      1. SCA. yeah. I strongly recommend it for any man that doesn’t like MMA or play other sports.

        1. SCA is fun and all, but it’s not real combat. Try some real European martial arts like longsword.

        2. Have you ever actually tried heavy in SCA?
          I have fought Markland, Dagorhir, Amtguard, Darkhan, and Dagorhir, as well as being heavily involved with Navy boxing, the Original UFC, Kendo and Amateur wrestling feeder leagues, and I have to say that SCA heavy is perhaps the most realistic version of real-life weapons work you are going to find outside of an illegal sporting event.
          At least the SCA _I_ was involved in (East Coast). Although I have heard that pennsic started allowing plastic armor, I don’t personally know anyone that would wear something like that.
          Believe me, it’s a hell of a lot more real than choreographed combat. People would die if they weren’t wearing armor. Sure, we use rattan instead of steel, but that is to prevent manslaughter, not to prevent realism. Yes there are rules regarding strike locations, but a more authentic deadly fighting experience you are NOT going to find, anywhere. No pulled punches, no avoiding deadly strikes, the only illegal blow is to the feet, and that is simply because not only is it dishonorably, but it’s almost impossible to design armor that will truly stand up to a 300 psi tip strike… foot injuries suck, and enough surface area to distribute a tip strike effectively would leave you unable to walk.
          I strongly suggest not mentioning ‘longsword’ and ‘real’ in the same sentence again, the two cannot exist alongside any more than ‘true feminism’.

        3. You had me until you opened your mouth and said that bit about “true feminism”.

        4. More like “Original KFC”
          Get out of here armchair keyboard warrior.

        5. Nerdsport play by nerds that can kill you. just sayin… http://www.usaknights.org MMA style (submission) melee group and 1 vs 1 fights with real weapons. Unlimited force. Same rule as 1500’s tournament. (no thrusting, no hitting behind the knee) blindsides, jump kicks and closelines encouraged.

        6. Real weapons. Sounds like it crosses the fine line between ‘dangerous’ and ‘stupid’.
          There are people that truck surf and masturbate with a belt sander too. Doesn’t mean it’s a decent combat sport.

        7. “…blindsides, jump kicks, and closelines encouraged.”
          LOL! I laughed so hard at that. The mental image of a dude in full heavy armor being able to jump kick someone would be real entertainment.

        8. And there are people who run from bulls but that shit is like the most popular thing to do in Spain.

    2. I can assure you that there are alphas that collect comic books, keep up on geeky conventions and even own rare Batman collectibles. I don’t think I’ve hit on a female cosplayer at a Comic Con yet, but it’s usually because I’m too busy talking to artists and deciding what t-shirt I want to waste more money on. To be honest, I’d probably be more likely to hit on one of the celeb guests. In fact, come to think of it, I have.

    3. And why are hobbies like being into playing videogames, watching anime, reading manga and comics as well as cosplaying as your favourite geek culture character considered obscure?

  22. blech
    I think we should take our chances and nuke the site from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

  23. The thing is, geek cons are not just places where people hook up. I would say that actual steady relationships outnumber the one-night-stands.

  24. Pretty good Intel on this type of event. I have been to several of these and you can get laid easily if you stick to the basics. Most of the females who attend these things are looking to fuck and the only thing holding you back is how much of a degenerate you want to be.

  25. As a person into lolita fasion, the idea that lolis are mostly thin is way off the mark. Yes, deigner Japanese brands cater mostly to thin women but most lolitas don’t even bother wearing these brands. I would advise you to actually go and experience a lolita comm before you write about them but I wouldn’t expect much from a /pol/-tier author.

  26. I’ve been attending conventions for many years, but stopped going for financial reasons. However where I live there are many within driving distance. I have to say that much of what this article covers is true. Awhile back a lot of these cons would allow adult models and video stars to attend and set up booths. I actually met a few playboy models back in the day. However these being family events they banned all adult business. The types of guys written about here fill up the place. Often hovering around the cosplay girls. Some of the hottest ones include Jessica Nigri, Yaya Han, Monika lee, and Riddle messy wardrobe. These women make a ton at these shows selling prints, photos, etc. Now I don’t know if they have personality issues, but when they spend thousands of dollars on costumes and fake tits, that only speaks for itself.

  27. Parts of this article is true, most is stereo typing though, I don’t know how it is over in America but the cons in Australia aren’t THAT bad, yeah there’s the typical guys you expect to see there, but there are a large amount of girls that attend that I would rate between 8’s and 10’s, at the con I attend there is even a cafe filled with good looking girls whose entire job it is all weekend is to serve the people in the cafe in maid dresses (come on you can’t say that’s bad)
    As for cosplayers, all of the ones I know aren’t the way it has been described in the article, most are fully functioning women, who have normal jobs and lives but enjoy the hobby of cosplay… Also keep in mind there are MANY MANY incredibly famous female cosplayers out there that make thousands out of their crafts and are paid to attend these cons…so it can’t be that bad or no one would want them there…
    I will admit though cold approach at these cons won’t work as most of the girls you approach though they will be friendly won’t fall into the pua traps as easily as the clubbing types, also they normally have a white knight nearby (especially those scantily clad) as a form of protection….Warm approach is the best way to handle…
    The loli part is incorrect, they are mostly of the larger variety and can be HUGE bitches….stay away!
    Furries….yeah probably best not to even go there…..even as a con goer this is part of the scene I do not understand in the slightest….
    Unless you have an actual interest in this stuff I wouldn’t even bother in attending a con (you will probably feel the same way as the author) but if you do enjoy anime/video gaming/ card gaming/seeing hot chicks in almost nothing do give it a go!

  28. This subject and the comments raised reminds me of something.
    What’s inherent to liking cars or guns versus liking anime? No one here would talk down about going to a car show, but there’s plenty below, above, and in the article itself written disdainfully to anime. But logically it doesn’t make sense. For example, we all hate a white knight – the reasons behind are inherent as being a white knight entails being that guy going around “defending” women, it is not possible to be one while not doing that. But that problem can be a problem at a gun show or at an anime convention. Regardless that one may have proportionally more at one than the other, it still means they are independent from the actual problem.
    Yet, it seem red pill means “invading” the anime convention – implying an outsider and not a another member. I doubt “invade” would be used if the post was about banging chicks at a gun show. Words like “invading” is a key word here – like having to love guns and hate anime and etc. Not to be confused with liking guns or anything – but the emphasis is the “Having”. What reason that it is a must? And I ask that honestly to all here.
    There’s some good advice here. It make sense logistics is important and thus the hotel room. Make sense with the celebratory mood of a convention that women would be more open. Make sense in the theory that the subculture having more betas means that despite there fewer good-looking women (and fewer still being well-adjusted), it is actually easier to stand out. It just doesn’t make sense to paint everything around it as the most skull-fucking degeneracy place you have to endure rushing to grab a girl and get out. Because, you know, some people may actually like the *insert-nerdy-thing* (and again, while unfortunate it seems a certain type also likes it – arguably it is not inherent with it).

    1. It should be obvious: Anime conventions get looked down on because omega males attend. You aren’t likely to find fat neckbeards at a car or gun show.

      1. But this is RoK, and I think we can differentiate better. I see why the writer and the commentators are disdaining, but it is misdirected. Take an Omega to a car show and he’s still an Omega. Make him take shower and lose a few pounds and he moves up a point.
        Meanwhile, as can be seen form the comments, there seem to be plenty here who are into such stuff – I’ll assume they are red pillers. The strategy bit is useful. The disdain is not – unless you view stop liking it is what it takes, but that seems questionable.

      2. Actually, a LOT of Fat Neckbeards attend Gun Shows because they are all right wing gun loving people just like everyone else who apparently posts on here and believes they have a right to go around and spout of shit like what I am reading here.

    2. Why do people look on anime with disdain? Go on youtube and look up “Davido-kun.”

      People like him are routine at anime cons. Notice his general aura of failure and loserdom? Even the Japanese are laughing at him because of how sad and pathetic he looks.

  29. I’m 43. You youngsters don’t know how good you have it. As a comic reading geek in the ’80s and early ’90s, you would only find beta men in comic-book/hobby shops- and I’m talking about New York City! Now, when I walk into Forbidden Planet or Midtown Comics in Manhattan, its wall-to-wall hot (& crazy) tatooed skrillex goth chicks and normal looking ones too. Young art student majors from nearby NYU, Parsons School of Design, Columbia Univ., School of Visual Arts and not to mention the female STAFF at these shops. It’s Day Game heaven for anyone who has read both of Rooshs volumes. You don’t have to wait for the next New York Comic Con, just go into any comic, costume, or anime video, or hobby shop.

    1. Quote: ” goth chicks and normal looking ones too. Young art student majors from nearby NYU, Parsons School of Design, Columbia Univ., School of Visual Arts and not to mention the female STAFF at these shops. It’s Day Game heaven…”
      All those universities you mentioned are feminazi Al-Queda boot camps. Yeah man I’d love to game some of those sweeties.

      1. someone shove a poker in your butt recently? Must be because apparently people can’t have different opinions and views from your own.

    2. Agreed. The rest of these poser posters on this thread are merely children who talk a big game, but have never even been out on a single successful date, hence their use of childish terms for the opposite sex. I don’t attend these cons, but many of my young female students do. They tend to be extremely intelligent, witty, sexy and savvy women who I’ve often overheard discussing the pathetic losers who attempt to talk them up or grope them at these conventions. None of the childish manboys hurling misogynist terminology on this thread would ever have a chance with any of them, hence their sad, sorry, sour grapes insults. Those women see right through their bullshit, and are way, way out of their leagues. These manbabies damn well know it, too. Hopefully they will mature someday and learn to respect women, and when they do they may *earn* respect in return. If not, they’ll spend the rest of their sad, sorry days jerking off angrily to porn and blaming everyone but themselves for their circumstances.

    1. Red pill people already know that the HIPAA law was created to keep men from finding out their women cheated on them, and kids where not their’s.

  30. All you deniers are gameless chumps. Anime conventions are awesome places to get laid. Hot women do so come to these things, and there often done up as sluttily as possible (I know, I know, you guys are scared of sluts on this site, because they might actually ask to see your weenies, but bear with me).
    These things are generally male neckbeard-dominated affairs. That means that ANY woman who comes is guaranteed male attention. Any woman in attendance gets a significant boost. Pigs come to feel average. Average women come to feel attractive. And attractive women come to feel like GODDESSES. What woman wouldn’t want to feel that way? That’s why they come.
    Now, if you don’t think you’ve got what it takes to confront, game, and fuck a woman who thinks of herself as a sex goddess, that’s cool. I get it. Takes a lot of confidence to do that. But for those of us who do, it’s a GOLDMINE.

  31. Whatever you do, DO NOT GIRLFRIEND an anime chick. Let’s just say I know the guy online who dated the first girl in this article(red fireball, showing stomach, they both used to post in the same board). It did not end well for him…

  32. ” a high chance that an attractive woman walking around half naked at a convention center is mentally ill” I’ll say!

  33. Good read. These conventions (and the newer Halloween costumes) are good examples of attention whoring at it’s finest. The excuse: to dress up like a whore for attention from the masses. Yes, they could use more real men at these conventions but dealing with a girl dressed up in costume (who clearly has mental issues) is very challenging. There is always the threat of her tracking you down (home or work) after you’ve had your fun…lol!

  34. You forgot to mention another group of men that will usually be around.
    The Red-Pill Men.
    Usually they will go to the convention to primarily get comics and merchandise and not give much of a damn about cosplaying wenches because they don’t care for them.
    No idea how would you approach one though. Perhaps RoK should do an article for men to try and identify other red-pill men.
    Would be nice to get something else other than annoying glances from women cosplayers who somehow expect me to pay attention to them because they dress up at conventions…Like a new bro to go out and have a drink with…

  35. From experience, raves are raves, lolicons are victorianey stuff where they get angry at men for even appearing and use the roleplay to excuse resisting your every advance and normal conventions don’t have dealer roms. How many has the author even been to?
    If you wan to get laid at an anime convention using these tips, good luck with that. Especially considering that most readers here probably still look like the average neckbeards these girls have traind themselves to ignore.
    On the other hand , if you use these tips in actual raves, nerd parties and festivaks, it may work out for you. But those aren’t conventons.

  36. Dude, really? Attending an anime festival and wanting to get laid? Why not just go to the bath house?

  37. I’ll keep that in mind next time I go, but you don’t specify what type of game to use on the cosplay chicks.

  38. I will remember that next time I go, but chicks in comic shops in New York have no etiquette and will give you creepy stares. Buyer beware when hooking up with them. I had to learn that the hard way. Which is why I’m glad that women never frequent the comics shop down the street from me.

  39. Alright i’m just gonna say this right now whoever wrote this is a fucking tard.Sounds to me like this was written by some Frat boy wannabe Player who just goes to Anime Cons just to score some free pussy because they think Congoing females are as week minded as the Hoes they usually hookup with.And “Neckbeard”?…I have never heard anyone with an IQ above 70 use that phrase.Do your research before you judge.

  40. The author of this blog is a fucking asshole and needs to die in a fire. Good luck with the cob webs you’re going to get on whatever your trying to compensate for. I’m disgusted by this post. You compare other human beings to animals! You’re the one with the “mental disorder.” Scumbag…

  41. The guy who wrote this ain’t getting laid by the way he talks about women.
    Probably too busy sucking the cheeto dust off of his fingers as he creates more disgusting articles.

  42. Absolutely disgusting.
    The point of anime convention is NOT to get laid. If you want to get laid that bad, go to a prostitute.
    You sir, are a disgrace.

  43. Mate. You are an absolute disgrace to blokes everywhere! I can’t believe that there are still idiots out there who think talking about another human being in this way is acceptable!!

  44. Wow, what a jackass! Odds are he’s a virgin little pussy who would never even have the confidence to speak with any
    member of the female sex. Talks a big game and goes home to hentai and the lubrication of his tears… Poor guy…

  45. You’re type of person isnt welcome at cons period. And there are white knights out here that will do more than ruin your game ace. YOu can get laid at conventions by just being a cool person too works for the rest of us. The time you have spent in analyzing the social structure smacks to me of the efforts of a person desperate for interaction and attention who lacks the means to just make friends be nice to get what he wants. Not the behavior of an alpha….as if alpha males were a real anywhere but in their own minds. Treat my friend or my sister like shit…and we will white knight a hole in your face, brudda.

  46. Your language and objectification of women is disgusting. The fact
    that you have profiled them psychologically says you are a sexual
    predator and should be locked away. You are more than likely the kind of
    male who doesn’t accept NO for an answer from a female that you
    Alphas are not sexual predators.
    True Alphas are PROTECTORS of their packs, INCLUDING the females.
    are the lowest form of human being, you are a sexual scavenger, and I
    hope that every con-going female sees this and sees THROUGH your crap
    and you get hit in the nuts with LARP weaponry by every woman you try to
    sleaze over.
    And before you ‘white knight’ me, i am female.
    go fuck yourself. Because i am spreading the word among the cosplay
    community. SOMEONE will know who you are, and when your identity is
    uncovered I hope you will be banned from attending any and all anime/pop
    culture conventions in the future.

      1. It’s like you literally just proved her point. Maybe you should take your own advice.

      2. Uh, if you’re trying to score with a female, maybe you should try to be a little bit respectful. Calling someone “worthless”, “irrelevant”, and “silly little child” is not a pickup line.

  47. The fuck is wrong with you people.This is blatant idiotic stupidity is misinformed “macho” shit that is a few things:
    1. wrong
    2. offensive to the LGBT and cosplay community
    3. Sexulaizes women.
    If anyone took this article seriously. Stay away from cons.

    1. what you meant is “objectifies”, because we’re all “sexulaizes” beings. Both women and men constantly objectify each other in various ways, but it’s only bad when men do it.

  48. If you need tips like this apparently you are lacking in skills and all your senses. Not to mention you are desperate. I read this for a giggle or two and I feel sorry for those who need guides like this.
    Also if you can’t tell a hot dog from a honey pot than you should re-examin your eyesight.
    Freaks. ;p

  49. Oh whats that you deleted my comment? because i am woman and therefore not worthy of having an opinion?
    Sorry guys, you just messed with the WRONG chick.

  50. I said it before and I’ll say it again. And again. And again.
    Men like you are scum.

    1. I agree.. Do you think these are the “*tips fedora* M’lady” type or the “absolute fuckwit” type of men-scum? Maybe even both!
      “Transgender freaks” “lgbt crap” “landwhales”…
      I lost all my respect for these people here by reading one article.
      These things are sexist, probably racist, objectify women as “prey” or “targets” and I hope they will meet again in the pits of hell

      1. God. I got like, nowhere in the wall of stupid idoitic text. You think you know me? Please. I do hate dudebros and guys acting “alpha”. Guys who need to try to act macho and manly are little boys playing pretend. Acting like you “have game” is not the same as actually having it. There is nothing attractive about guys trying to act super manly. I don’t want to be “dominated”, or whatever point you tried to make…I can’t tell because whatever you wrote made me want to kill myself it was that bad. Please do not breed, you’ll do the world a favour.

        1. Who are you talking to…? No one in this chain said any of that o-o
          I think you replied to the wrong person.

        2. Lesbian, and prob only likes boys if they look and act like girls. It’s why we can’t have nice things

      2. I thought anime convention goers were the fedora type. Around here, most of us are weightlifter/trust fund daddy/Ivy pedigree/frat daddy scum.

  51. You are sexual predators, not alpha males, and you should all be shot like the slobbering rabbid dogs that you are.
    Alphas PROTECT their packs/clans. that INCLUDES the females.

  52. If you think that the women of Cosplay communities are stupid enough to fall for this kind of crap, then you are even more deluded than i thought, and I hope you enjoy the sensation of being hit in the balls, because if the GOOD men at these conventions dont take you down, i guarantee the women will nut you with their LARP weaponry or whatever prop they have on hand.

  53. You need to learn that women have the RIGHT to consent and to NOT give consent.

  54. There
    is nothing wrong with finding someone sexually attractive/appealing.
    What IS wrong is taking away their right of consent. Whether that is
    consent for sex or just for being in their personal space, your kind clearly don’t believe that anyone you target have any rights but to be
    submissive to you. You are nothing more than the next Elliot Rodgers just waiting to

    1. Agreed that’s completely wrong and unacceptable, however it wasn’t in the article, wasn’t in the comments, is a complete straw man and smear job. I think you are projecting

  55. The world is onto your kind, and we would as soon as rip your nutsack off before letting you sleazebags lay a FINGER on these women!

  56. flag me as much as you want. delete my words. you will NEVER shut me up about this. you’ll all drop dead before I let you get away with this kind of crime against women!

  57. I hope that some gay Bubba Bear finds this, reads it and applies to each and every one of you sleazebags!

  58. You know some of us women go because we actually like video games, anime, comic books and such. I’m really hoping this is a joke because if it isn’t the person who wrote this is ridiculously ignorant.

  59. Holy shit, this article actually makes sense in a practical way. I’ve recently gone to a few starter conventions and noticed a LOT of this stuff. Though I’ve been one one hanging out in the video game room since it’s the easiest place to not be bored as hell. So, the best place to meet the women are the networking type places, not the exhibits. I’m more in it to actually meet a woman for long term purposes, but everything starts somewhere. Thanks for laying it out in such a matter-of-fact way.

  60. someday the good cosplayers, male and female are going to track down every single male here who thinks he has a right to a womans body and go Jay and Silent Bob on your asses!

  61. This
    is degenerating to women, objectifying of women, and just shows how low
    some people really are. It is not funny in any way shape or form. It is
    just disgusting.

  62. People that write articles like this are the real ones with mental issues.
    He is clearly a sociopath.

  63. Men like you CREATE feminazi’s.
    Because men like you wont ALLOW women to be equal to men.

  64. I had to make an account to comment how pitiful you have to be to even try to talk down on the cosplay community like this because you’re too pathetic to get a chic regularly. How sad the man children on this page have to stoop to calling hundreds of thousands of people mentally ill or some name pertaining to weight because they feel the need to validate themselves as “normal” when the even the most normal of people go to events like this. Oh well. You probably wouldn’t even be able to score a “landwhale” anyways. They have higher standards for the most part.

    1. You know what’s fun to do when fucking a fat chick? Make a comment about their weight or looks while they’re cumming. Totally fucks them up. I’ve done that a few times to varying but equally entertaining results. Some finish cumming and cry. Some stay in bed with you but leave when they think your sleeping. Some laugh at the insult and pretend it doesn’t’ bother them. The latter will usually suck your cock after fucking to show that your insult didn’t get under their skin. Aaahhh, the joys of fat girl fucking.

      1. You sound like somebody who’s clearly in need of mental health treatment with an attitude like yours…

  65. The fuck is this guy on? People like this are the ones that go to conventions and stare at other people like wierdoes because they’re just there for the tail. What a douche, GTFO

  66. Allow me to share with you experience from the other side. I am a woman. I go to a large anime convention every year. I cosplay. I am attractive. I am unafraid to approach men I find attractive. Want to know what happens? Zero.
    In my experience guys at anime conventions are kind of like gerbils. They’re cool with the idea of exchanging glances, but as soon as you try to interact with them, they lose their shit. I chalk this up to the fact that the average age of the guys there seems to be about 16-18, which is nuts.
    Also PS – calling transgender people freaks = not cool, yo. You don’t have to want to sleep with them, but that doesn’t make them freaks.

  67. I run security for a large anime convention. Yes, my team and I do have power. On my word, people get banned from the convention. On my word, police are called. On my word, people have been arrested. I don’t do it because it’s a power trip. I don’t need a power trip. I’m an Army veteran, and now a firefighter. My assistant director is a police officer in his day job. We don’t care about your pathetic man-child, hyper-entitled whining, and your “gonna-get-laid” posturing. If you’re writing a blog like this, it means you really don’t get it.
    However, you can definitely meet hot women at conventions. I met one, and I married her. We go to conventions together now. And she doesn’t mind if I flirt with the Lolita girls, either.
    Go watch a ballgame at Hooters. That’s more your speed than an anime convention. Your blog talks a big, macho game, but it just shows how much of a whiny man-child you really are. Real men don’t need to play these games. Maybe someday, you can grow up and join the rest of us.

    1. You win the Manly Man Award, honey. 🙂 Real men don’t need to barrel-shoot for girls.

    2. You, Sir, have my most utter respect! I’ve flirted with countless girls at anime and comic cons and cosplay balls and that’s all I’ve done, not picked them up or anything like that because I go to these types of events to have fun more than anything, and I think that people who want to go to these events just to get laid are seriously sad losers.

        1. I meant in a pick-up sense… I’m the type that would rather flirt with a girl and show interest in them than act all Neanderthal-like towards them (Then again, from reading some of the posts supporting the writer of this piece of shit passing as a article, I’d say that they ARE Neanderthals in one way or another! LOL)

        2. Has it ever ocurred to you that women actually ENJOY when men act all “Neanderthal-like” towards them? (well, men better than you, obviously)

        3. Has it ever occurred to you that women want to be with decent HUMAN beings and not the prehistoric half-beasts that you compare yourself to?
          You call yourself an animal, a Neanderthal, and whatever wolf-pack gibberish was above. Have you ever thought that people (including women) want nothing to do with your sick philosophy and twisted metaphors designed to dance around the fact you are a terrible person?

        4. Listen to the deluded guybaby trying to convince himself that one day he’ll score.

        5. I know you want my dick pretty bad, Jessica, that’s why you won’t stop replying to my comment. I’m not interested though, so piss off fatass.

          El oh el. If that’s your game, no wonder you’re still a virgin. Has it occurred to you that maybe you shouldn’t reply to me?
          Keep your greasy little microdick in your hands. Apparently nobody wants it. Not even in a Lorena Bobbit way.

        7. Oh god people who follow the whole red pill outlook on life crack me up. It’s even more funny that you guys sling the word degenerates around but commonly associate yourselves as being Neanderthal like mindset as if saying that your like a cavemen is a revolutionary social step forwards and not free will chosen Down syndrome.

        8. dude you have zero clue what an actual convention is like. the majority of people who fuck at cons.. had arranged it before they arrived. and those Lolita places.. sorry to say bro but you need to card them because i can promise you they lied about their age congrats you’re now a statutory rapist good job “bro”
          You such a child and it shows. i’ve been ot only 3 different cons and your “main species of women “are under 18 cosplay girls in high school. Surprise! you fucked a child good job pedo.

        9. Neanderthal man was intelligent as well as brutish, if also forward and not endowed with much of a prefrontal cortex.
          Humanity exists because of them.
          Baka chi.
          Wait – they pride themselves on being “Neanderthal”
          hahaha, as if.

        10. As opposed to bluepill sycophants drinking the koolaid and waiting until a woman hits her mid to late twenties to even consider seeing her tits?

      1. I think Vox Day woud call you a Gamma.
        “It isn’t that I’m a loser, it’s just that those guys obliterating me in competition simply have the ruleset wrong.”
        “Real men” (how much I hate that term) don’t “flirt” you idiot. They approach and try to get laid. The fact that you would label people infinitely more determined and ballsy than you “sad losers” is entirely consistent with your Gamma male persona. Please go drink some bleach.

        1. I think Vox Day woud call you a Gamma.
          Dipshit is an idiot who screams that evolution isn’t true, that vaccines cause autism, and that his daddy doesn’t belong in jail. He’s managed to fool a bunch of mouth-breathing morons into thinking he’s competent while the rest of the world laughs at him and his fear of women.
          Ask him whatever happened to him suing the SFWA over kicking his pasty ass out sometime *snicker*.

        2. “Dipshit is an idiot who screams that evolution isn’t true, that vaccines cause autism”
          Strawmen. Cute.
          You literally fabricated these things you dumb little cockroach.
          “He’s managed to fool a bunch of mouth-breathing morons into thinking he’s competent while the rest of the world laughs at him and his fear of women.”
          Hahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
          Why do rabbits love to project so much? Or does “fear” mean something else in lapine?
          I look at filth like Scalzi and McHines, then I look at people like Vox. I think I know who has a more confident attitude towards women.
          In short, go drink some bleach you dumb cunt.

        3. gu, you should probably stop. It’s illegal for adult women to fornicate with 12-year-olds.

      2. I’d love to actually find someone I liked looking at in and OUT of clothes AND that I got along with so much I went full tilt oneitis.
        But I know better..

    3. thank you for protecting the women (and the men) from getting unwanting sexual herrassment and stuff 🙂 you guys are the reason we should feel safe at conventions . you have my respect

    4. You are a badass. You remind of my friend Jesse, who is nothing but pure muscle (if you saw photos from Denver comic con recently he cosplayed Goliath, look it up) Anyways, this is something I can hear him saying. This troll site needs to be swarmed with more good people like you.
      We need to show these pansy ass return of kings children who the real men are.

      1. Odd to be reading a random article and see a comment about your boyfriend on it. But yes, Jesse doesn’t need to resort to the type of behavior in this article.

        1. Is this supposed to be in reply to my comment? Because I am not sure how this is relevant to my comment in particular.

        2. “He is manly” Funny how sycophantic you cartoon losers are. All of you, it seems. Always ready to worship.

        3. Coming from a kid who can’t even move out of his parent’s basement. Your stupidity would be mildly entertaining, if it was even remotely original.

        4. “Better sycophantic than sociopathic.”
          You do know that sociopaths get laid like tile, right?
          Holy shit, there is prolly literally NOTHING worse than being a sycophant, no joke.

        5. So a person literally without a conscience is BETTER than kiss-ass?
          What the fuck is wrong with you?
          No shit they get laid, they’ll do anything they have to because they won’t feel bad about it later.
          A sociopath is the kind of person who could go murder a bunch of children and only regret getting caught. And you’re saying that’s better than acting like a sycophant? Are you serious? Maybe you should be in a mental institution.

        6. “No shit they get laid, they’ll do anything they have to because they won’t feel bad about it later.”
          Holy shit. Did you just imply that the reason why you and your ilk fails to get pussy is because you have a conscience? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
          No. Even if sociopaths don’t do anything, they’re still more desirable to women than you are. Chew on that a bit.

      2. LOL “You are a badass.” You probably even mean it! Looking for a strong man to hide behind. Poor little child.

      3. I agree! Real men are manchildren who refuse to grow up and attend cons to “flirt” with women (because doing more might actually lead to sex. Eek!)
        By your definition, I’d be happy to not be a “real man”.

        1. If your only goal in life is to have lots of sex then yeah I’m pretty sure that makes you a boy.

        2. All that gamma. Lol.
          Boys don’t have sex baby. They play Pokemon on their Gameboy.
          MEN engage in sex with women.

        3. Their definition of a real man is a beta sissy that takes orders from his wife and lives in an dogloo and if she cheats on him he blames himself

    5. You married a beautiful woman and you then tell us how great you are and that you flirt with Lolita girls. Maybe you should respect your wife and not flirt with other women.But that is a pretty Army thing to do.

      1. Just because you know what’s for dinner doesn’t mean you cant look at the menu. Anyways, it depends on the relationship. I’ve been with women who wanted me to flirt (and more) with other girls. It was a confidence boost for both of us.Don’t throw your two cents in about a relation ship you know nothing about.

        1. LOL – Oh man, my wife has even had me pose for pictures using some of our friends’ cleavage for pillows. Flirting is as natural as breathing for some people. I don’t give people the creeper vibe because they know I’m happily married and not interested in cornering some woman and trying to pressure her into something. So I flirt with women. Women flirt with me. My wife flirts with men and woman, and they flirt back. We joke, laugh, and have a good time. Then I go home with my wife. Life is good.

        2. Isn’t it nice? And then you go home and gush about the amazing people you met & pounce your SO. 😉

        3. EXACTLY. The family that geeks together stays together. I totally married my best friend. It’s like getting to hang out with your best bud anytime you want, with sex when you want it. And she has no problem with me having guy time with my other buddies, either. The great thing about a good relationship is that everyone gets what they need out of it. It’s fantastic.

        4. When it comes to my relationship with my girlfriend, we have our ups and downs and she gets jealous at times when I go to cons and events where I take photos of various cosplayers (including girls) and I’m always having to reassure her that I’m not going to cheat on her or anything like that, but for all her faults, I still care about her (and before anyone asks, she’s just as much into anime and manga and cosplay as myself)

        5. “I don’t give people the creeper vibe because they know I’m happily married and not interested in cornering some woman and trying to pressure her into something.”
          Except no one here advocates that you subhuman shitstain.
          In fact, if you were even a little bit honest, you would realize that “creeper” is nothing but a synonym for “unattractive male who actually DARES to try to get laid, worst of all, with me”.

        6. “and I’m always having to reassure her that I’m not going to cheat on her or anything like that,”
          Oh wow.

        7. You are retarded man. I can’t think of a nicer way to put it but I authentically feel bad for you cause you’re being fed a load of shit and you’re falling right for it.
          She doesn’t think for one God damn second you’d actually cheat on her. It’s just so you coddle her and she can further have you in her clutches. I know you won’t believe me until you catch her sucking down a big black dick and or she leaves you. But I just hope when that happens you blame her instead of yourself.

        8. Or it’s a synonym for “a–hole who can’t take a hint and doesn’t understand the meaning of no” but whatever.

      2. She flirts with the other women, too. Our marriage is open to a limited degree, and she’s bi. We communicate, and we’ll often flirt with the same people together. We’ve been married almost six years, and we’re happy. Does that bother you?

        1. “We’ve been married almost six years, and we’re happy. Does that bother you?”
          Dude, nobody, I mean NOBODY gives a shit about you here.
          At least have the courtesy of pointing out some´thing worth being envious of (like wealth) before implying anyone is bothered by your marriage to your degenerate wife.

      3. If it’s done with his wife’s permission, then it’s open or poly, not cheating. You really should have read more carefully.

      4. Maybe you should respect other people’s relationships and not impose your personal views on them.

      5. Actually, it is what secure people who are married do. My husband and I do the same thing. It’s not sex, it’s TALK. And if I offend a young lady telling her that her tailored costume is beautiful, I’m quick to apologize and fuck off so that she feels more comfortable. I always ASK to touch/hug before doing so. Women AND men are not meat and not there FOR YOU. More people need to realize this.

        1. “And if I offend a young lady telling her that her tailored costume is beautiful, I’m quick to apologize and fuck off so that she feels more comfortable.”
          …….Are you guys for real?
          I mean, nobody could possibly this much of a pussy.
          Holy shit.

        2. Gu, “nobody could possibly be this much of a pussy”. We are talking about “adults” that feel the need to play dress up either because they are deeply psychologically disturbed or their “lives” are so meaningless they have to play pretend.

      6. “But that is a pretty Army thing to do.” Army taxfeeding filth are many times more likely to rape than productive ordinary people are. Gamblers, alcoholics, junkies and wife beaters in far greater proportion than other people. Yeah, so glorious, right?

        1. Taxfeeding filth, eh? Does that make you feel better about your pitiful existence? I’ve been out of the Army since 2007, and am not collecting any government benefits. I do not gamble, and drink in moderation. I don’t touch illegal drugs because 1) I have no interest, and 2) firefighters have to be able to pass drug tests. And I only beat my wife when she pulls her favorite flogger out of the closet, hands it to me, winks, and walks back to the bedroom. Good times are had by all.

      7. Honey, real women like a man who is with them because he wants to be, not because he has to be. My husband and I have an open marriage because we don’t see a need to limit our diet. That actually makes quiet nights at home very fun. Too bad you little kids will never grow up enough to appreciate it.

        1. That’s cool because when he doesn’t want to be with you he can go out and bang some hot chick.

        2. Why are you still here? Shouldn’t you be dead and in a ditch somewhere after you poly’d up with some dindu on okcupid?

    6. Nowhere in your comment did you mention what was actually wrong with trying to score at an anime convention. In fact, you literally said that you met your wife at a convention, so is it just okay for you to do it? I fail to see the distinction. I guarantee some readers genuinely like anime and gaming culture, and picking up girls could just be a bonus.
      What you are imagining is a bunch of muscular gorillas going around beating their chests and ruining the experience for everybody else, and thats not what the post was about at all.

      1. But that’s exactly what it was. It said people at anime cons primarily fell into the groups of “hot, mentally ill, B-level attractive girl,” “fat, ugly girl,” “trans women,” “ugly, fat men who smell,” “ugly, fat men who smell and care if you sexually harass the women present,” and “security who are also ugly, fat” and that ALL of the people present are worth laughing at but the hot ones are good for hook ups. That’s exactly the point of this.
        The summary here is basically, “Everyone at anime cons is a loser, but some are hot and half naked and have daddy issues, so disdain or ignore everyone and avoid going to anything related to your personal interests. Look for hot girls in places you may not even care about going and f*ck everyone else.” If this was an article about how cons are super cool and you may or may not meet someone worth dating or hooking up with, I don’t think anyone would be grossed out. This isn’t that article.

        1. Typically cartoon-obsessive adult children are losers, yes, you are correct. By the way, ugly lipstick, freak.

        2. I notice that you like to comment on other peoples looks, but you have failed to put a picture in your profile. I wonder why?

        3. resorting to school yard taunting, well this definitely shows your lack of IQ
          so i retort in nerd fashion a taunt to you, i quote ‘your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries’

        4. What’s wrong with a lack of IQ? You do know black people have much lower IQs than whites, right?

      2. There’s kind of a gigantic difference between being a pig who manipulates women into sex, and a person who meets people and treats them as a human. One’s a parasite trying pathetically to get laid, and this guy is clearly just a normal person who doesn’t treat women as objects. I doubt he was trying to get laid, or even specifically looking for a girlfriend. He probably just clicked as if they were anywhere else. I also don’t think you understand the context of “picking up women” for this article.
        And while they might not be gorillas, they are definitely snakes creeping in the shadows.

        1. “a pig” “parasite” “gorillas” “snakes”. LOL Someone is butthurt and only has slurs, not arguments. What a pathetic loser you are.

        2. And you’re saying calling someone a “pathetic loser” isn’t a slur? Grow up man.

        3. You’re commenting on every other comment on this page and then calling them pathetic losers.. bro, trolling skills are high, but find something better to do than sit on the internet.
          Clearly not an alpha getting laid, am I right? haha

        4. hey when the women have sex with 5000 plus men and we get left in the dust we learn we begin to come up with tatics we dont want to end up the guy whose wifes cunt is larger than his car

        5. Wow. Not only are you sexist, you know nothing about female anatomy.
          If you need “tactics” then maybe you shouldn’t be in the dating game. But this article is only about trying to get a one-night-stand with vulnerable women/girls.

        6. Sexism and ignorance make you look like a bad person.
          P.S. Learn more about female anatomy. You clearly know nothing about the vagina (not that that’s surprising).

        7. Oh THAT canard again.
          Listen you dumb fucking faggot: women manipulate men into liking them ALL the time. It’s called make up.
          I a not at all suprised that a bottomfeeder such as you would refer to actually going for it and trying to get laid “pathetic”. It’s Nietzsche all over again.

        8. “But this article is only about trying to get a one-night-stand with vulnerable women/girls.”
          THIS is why people like you deserve to be gassed.
          Womyn are empowered and modern for fucking around but the men who do it are “exploiting” “vulnerable” women.
          If I could save you from drowning, I wouldn’t.

        9. Are you fucking retarded? This whole article talks about how everyone at these things are mentally challenged, and goes on to say that specifically the “attractive ones” are likely to be borderline.
          If you think they actually have a personality disorder, then it’s pretty fucking obvious she might not be in her right mind all the time, so why would you go for that unless you think you could abuse that?
          Women aren’t empowered. They’re trying to be, but if you ask the average person all you’ll hear is “slut slut slut slut”, whereas the dudebro at the bar is getting praised by his bros. Yeah, I’m so sure you’re not mentally challenged either, “guest”.
          If I saw YOU bleeding out from stab wounds, I’d probably grab some popcorn.

        10. LOL so you’re the kind of person who thinks makeup is deceitful and immoral but you’re okay with (based on all your comments) sociopathy, mental manipulation and just plain disrespect.
          And you say we have problems hahahahaha

      3. I wasn’t “trying to score” at the convention. I went to have a good time, enjoy some geekery (it wasn’t an anime convention, it was a sci-fi/fantasy con), and bring home some souvenirs. I ran into a group of people I knew from social media, including my future wife. The bunch of us talked about some of our favorite books and writing, hung out, and had a great time there. Future Wife and I continue to stay in touch via e-mail, chat, and phone, despite living halfway across the country from each other. A half year later, we hooked up, and started traveling back and forth. Finally, when I got out of the Army, I moved to where we now both live.
        So… no, genius, I wasn’t “trying to score” at a convention. That is, unless you count scoring some autographs and Star Trek memorabilia.

      4. Let me see if I can distil this down to a level you can understand, because his comment went over your head. I’ve been in fandom for some time. Sexist bastards that see women as sexual conquests always think they are smarter than women, and they never are. We know when you’re only looking to get laid. We can spot the guys a mile away that are not at the Con because they are fans, but because they are looking to hook up. That’s because they are usually the most boring and unintelligent people in the room. We go to conventions to hang out with our tribe and discus things we love. Mijan126 is talking about flirting, which is an art far beyond ‘game’ and pick-up lines. One of the key differences in that flirting is an intellectual dance, not a come-on. It is also clear from what he said that the reason he is successful at flirting is because he is not actively trying to get in anyone’s pants. What you clowns miss is we girls are often looking for sex too. That difference is we know we’re the gate keepers. When you are trying to get in our pants, we know we have all the power. We know that if we can’t find someone smart enough to stimulate our minds, we can always come back to you to scratch the itch. You are not a conquest, you are merely a back-up plan.
        Frankly, with some of the ‘Artists’ on this site, I’d rather pick up an over-weight neck-beard in gaming, and convince him showers make great foreplay. At least then I’m getting more brains and less ego-trip.

    7. As one Head of Security to another, thank you.
      As a “Hot Cosplay Girl” I’m also going to let the “author” know something, we’re intellectuals, which means we have the brains and self-respect not to sleep with you, if you can’t figure out how to use warbola and a sewing machine, there’s no way you’ll be able to get me out of a costume.

      1. “As one Head of Security to another” Ohh, caps! You losers really love worshipping power. It’s fun to see how similar you are.

      2. I don’t know how to use warbola but I’m okay with a sewing machine…..mind you I’m not really flirtatious since I go to a con with my dslr to get photos and most of my friends on Facebook are cosplayers but it’s prob only because I’m a photographer lol

      3. He won’t need to get you out of the costume, you’ll do it yourself.
        On the internet they all sound like douchebags but in real life they are the one getting laid like kings. You won’t even notice he’s an evil returnofkings reader before it’s too late, that’s what the game is about.

      4. Every woman that says that leaves the actually remotely intellectual or potentially intellectual guy to rot – begging the manosphere for aid…..
        Every one of you. I would know. Do you know how often I’ve heard “oh you’re intelligent” or “I value intelligence”
        Why do you only mean it when your tits are closer to thirty than eighteen? Or when you’re full of tattoos, or I can see the years of drinking and casual sex written on your skin, face?
        Plus I get so nervous I’ll get caught staring at you in costume and look obviously pathetic, my heart would race (if you weren’t ugly)
        Also – thanks for saying how someone should use a warbola and a sewing machine….
        Because you know, nerds are totally known for manual dexterity/sewing 😉 (well males aren’t anyway)

    8. You are 100% correct.
      But unfortunately also an idiot, this is a satire site, don’t beleive a word of the article or anyone who says otherwise (you can clearly see it for yourself if your ead any other articles)

      1. We’re at a point in society where it’s hard to tell the difference between satire and an absolute idiot. Unless you can show me where he admitted being satirical, I’m going to continue to believe that the author has his own mental disorder.

        1. Aww, someone hurt fattie’s feelings, then he must have a “mental disorder”. Poor little fattie.

        2. I’m not quite sure who you’re trying to insult. If it’s me, then I can’t really take offense to it, since I’m probably even more built than you.
          If you’re not insulting me, then you need to work on your english.

      2. I’ve heard of this site before, and I’ve seen no evidence that the people here are attempting to engage in satire. I’d hoped it was satire. I looked for some indication that it’s satire. And it if IS satire, then it’s really lousy satire because it only succeeds in making all you folks look like entitled children. Maybe take a few lessons in quality satire from the Daily Currant or the Onion. You missed the mark here.

        1. Poor baby, crying so hard. And with zero arguments, like the rest of the cartoon-obsessive losers. None of you can come up with a single argument, it’s all “You’re mean! You’re not allowed to say that! Waaah!” That’s why you deserve zero respect.

        2. All you’ve done is try to insult people. I haven’t seen you reply to a single person with a full argument. You don’t deserve an ounce of respect either.

        3. It’s like a broken record. Mijan says something, Carpenter E responds, then you respond.

      3. Truth hurts you, “wang”. Dumbest user name by far. You cartoon obsessives always need to beat your chests with transparent, embarrassing symbolism. And you quickly attach yourselves to someone who you see as an authority (or who simply can do ten pushups, nine and a half more than you). It’s pathetic.

        1. Your personality probably gets you no where in life. I bet you’re surely the man to be going around collecting ladies numbers and getting invited to parties. Oh wait, probably not, because you are a toxic, keyboard warrior with an inflated sense of self over the internet. Enjoy your life on the internet, you pathetic loser.

    9. “Yes, my team and I do have power. On my word, people get banned from the convention. On my word, police are called. On my word, people have been arrested.”
      Ohh, how cool you think you sound. LOL
      Typical. Masturbating over a shiny badge.

      1. Right. Whereas, you’re jacking off while replying to everyone with counterproductive bullshit. You must think your fedora is the coolest.

    10. Thank you, mijan126, for protecting people like my friends and I at events from entitled perverts like the one who wrote this article.

    11. I have to say I found your white knight post entertaining in a sad, dissappointing way. Yet so predictable.
      I think you’re confusing being a man with actual masculinity, not bragging about “power” that amounts to calling the police, the equivalent of an elementary school hall monitor.
      Real men don’t need to play these games. ” Note: “real men” are capable of handling things on their own, and certainly don’t go posting delf-indulgent white knight silliness on the internet seeking validation/upvotes.
      FYI your wife is “hot” in your opinion. We’ll be the judge of that. Ill bet $5 shes 5/10 and no more.

        1. That’s cute, but no, I don’t throw tantrums.
          Not interested in playing this game any longer. Good day.

      1. FYI your wife is “hot” in your opinion. We’ll be the judge of that.
        Nope, you won’t. Your opinion doesn’t count.

        1. I call out men who act bravado and make claims.
          What I’ve learned is that for the type of personality of the guy who posted that comment is that more often than not the woman in question is average at best. And likewise for him.
          A man who thinks his woman is “hot” is subject to judgement by both other men and women. So you see, their opinions do indeed count.

        2. Except that YOUR opinion, and the opinion of every fool who believes in this “white knighting” and “alpha/gamma” crap doesn’t count. You’re children who hide your fear of adult women under preening machoism and blatant misogyny.
          Your opinion doesn’t count to grown-up people in grown-up relationships, because the views of children don’t count to adults.

        3. One notices you edited out your original:
          “But seriously, I don’t care. I do not argue with 1) women or 2) weak men.”
          Of course you don’t – you’re scared of women, and you’re scared of men. You have to limit yourself to talking with the other boys on this site.

        4. It matters, and you having a public tantrum makes it much worse, and doesn’t make your case at all.

        5. His wife wears the pants, no doubt, and lets him think otherwise. That’s why she’s steering and monitoring him in the forum.

      2. See the avatar up the page, “5” would be extremely generous for that degenerate dyke.

    12. To all the clowns who fancy themselves Kings, this is a man. This is the sort of quite strength that makes a girls panties wet, or makes her take them off.
      BTW: when you speak derisively of White-Knights, guess who is the one actually getting laid at the Con? No, not your silly little posse; it’s the White-Knights.

        1. At least they get the positive attention of real women. We look at your crowd, and laugh at you behind your backs.

        2. Laugh all you want you fat cunt. I’ll laugh too when you make 80 cents to the dollar.

      1. If you or anyone else took that article with offense than you have issues or anything negative said there you took offense to represents yourself but lets be serious here nobody wants to see your fat old wrinkly ass cosplaying and if anything we would rather you keep your panties dry the smell would upset anyone’s senses and stomach

      2. I’m sorry but are you talking about literal knights that are dressed in white armor because the other type of white-knights don’t get laid.

    13. hey you married the damaged bi chick (bet shes fucking other people but then again i bet your banging others as well) what does that say about you
      also roosh dont ban me the rules said dont reply to women not fucked up people like him (if he turns out to be a tranny i will ban myself)

    14. Thank you for maintaining a safe environment.
      The original writer thinks, ” These women require no game whatsoever but doing fat chicks lowers your reputation a lot if you want to be with the skinnier hotter cosplay women.”
      What he fails to comprehend is that getting creepzoned is far worse for his reputation. Women warn each other about a creep. A creep gets remembered from one event to another. Creeps get shunned except among other creeps.
      Usually the creep is left a lot of leeway because most people would rather avoid conflict. So he doesn’t have a whole lot of pushback against his fantasy of being an alpha male until the day comes–and may be years in coming–when handcuffs and a courtroom and an orange jumpsuit result. It’s hard to feel sorry for a guy like that if his larger stronger cellmate is a “crossplayer.”

    15. Am I missing something here? Why is this mangina piece of shit getting voted up? ROK getting brigaded?

      1. The trolls took some time off from playing dress up to assault this site with their inane comments.

    16. “Go watch a ballgame at Hooters. That’s more your speed than an anime convention. Your blog talks a big, macho game, but it just shows how much of a whiny man-child you really are. Real men don’t need to play these games. Maybe someday, you can grow up and join the rest of us.”
      Because nothing screams adult like going to anime conventions. Lol.

      1. Because nothing screams adult like doing things you actually like instead of flipping people off.
        Oh wait.

    17. In all seriousness, you do realize you’re a colossal faggot, right?
      I mean, where do I even begin?
      “Yes, my team and I do have power. On my word, people get banned from the convention. On my word, police are called. On my word, people have been arrested.”
      Fuck your mother with both fists you imbecile. Banning hapless, socially awkward aspies for clumsily trying to speak to girls isn’t anything to brag about.
      “We don’t care about your pathetic man-child, hyper-entitled whining, and your “gonna-get-laid” posturing. If you’re writing a blog like this, it means you really don’t get it. Anyone who needs to bleat and brag about being an “alpha” certainly isn’t one.”
      mijan is so incredulous that some men are confident in their ability to bed women that he can only assume that they are “entitled” (protip: it doesn’t mean, what you think it means)
      But it isn’t your logorrhea that marks you as a pustule on the ass of the earth. It is the all too predictable, “Thank you for Wking hun” type of replies you receive from the mostly overweight, sometimes fuckable, mentally ill cumdumpsters flooding this comment section. I have yet to see a man worthy of being taken seriously get those.
      In short: go hang yourself you annoying little turd.

      1. “I can’t actually counter any of your points so I’ll just attack you as a person so I look better despite being a sociopath”

        1. Strangely enough, the fact he brings up the issue that people with Asperger’s clumsily try to talk to women and then have these jackasses kick them out under the pay of their feminist superiors shows he has empathy for them, therefore not making him a sociopath.
          You seem to be quite well-intentioned Jared, so I want be as aggressive as some of the people here. What you have to realize is all this consent/sexual harassment talking point only leads to women being able to cry “RAPE” when even the most perfunctory of pick up mistakes arises and have an army of jerks with authority trying to white knight their way into a girl’s pants come to their rescue. This isn’t insulting, this isn’t sociopathic and it most certainly isn’t sexist. It’s true. Women manipulate men all the time into doing this, but when a person comes even one smidget of a nanometer close to even suggesting he has a somewhat inappropriate attraction toward a woman, “SEXISM!”.
          You have to realize that the people commenting here have been hurt many times in this way by women and this is why they even bother to visit these sites. I don’t agree with half the things that get posted on this blog, but this issue is one that particularly pertains to society.

        2. Aside from the feminazis, the macho man white knights, and the sociopaths, you’re probably the most legit and sane person here.

      2. Gu, you cannot reason with “people” that are incapable of critical thinking………….and are psychologically disturbed.

    18. Amusing. I’ll be sure to leave the camera running if you try to violently white-knight while I use “photo-op” as a pickup tool.
      I’ll get laid and be able to sue the convention as well.

    19. “on my word,” “on my word” etc. you pretty much just proved his point in a nutshell. gj

    20. I’m kinda in the middle here. On one hand, I agree there’s an infection of fat ugly creepy slobs in these communities that pretty girls need protection from. On the other hand, I’ve been mistreated and judged by many authority figures who’ve stereotyped me as a fat ugly creep. I’m fit in comparison to the neck boards and take pride in being clean cut to the metrosexual standard. I was even kicked out of a brony convention by people similar to you for something I didn’t even do and was let back in by the chairman himself. So I agree with a lot of what you said, but I also agree with many of the ops points as well.

        1. Men internalize this shit and then spew it like they suffer from Stockholm syndrome.

    21. Sorry if I ask, but is your wife maybe bisexuell?, cause she flirt with girls.

    22. I work Guest Relations for an east coast convention company, before that I was part of the security team, and I can tell you right now, any con worth writing home about staffs their security with vets (like myself), reservists, police, firefighters, and the occasional athlete. We didn’t carry pepper spray, batons, or tasers, we had walkies. That’s it. That’s all we need. We walked the halls without announcing ourselves, dressing up, or identifying to the con goers in any way that we were security. We didn’t flaunt it, because that would be counter intuitive to our job. The trick to putting together a freelance security team is not to hire people who are itching for a fight, it’s to find people with the discipline to avoid fights, and if necessary, stop them.

    23. You, unlike the dickless basement-dwellers who run this site, are a REAL man. 🙂

      1. basement apartments are cheap, but please go ahead and leverage yourself to the hilt for two cars and a nice picket fence and die of heart attack in ten years due to overwork.

    24. Oh, you’re an army vet? Then at one point did you give up on life and join ISIS? Because if you ban anybody, that’s terrorism. And if it were me I’d pull out my gun and put a bullet in your head and piss on your wound you worthless shit.
      And I do security too. So if I saw you banning someone I’d swiftly kick your nuts off and tell you to go home as you’re not fit to be an officer. Let your fag boyfriend police officer side with you, clearly neither one of you know the law. Maybe you should go back to Iraq if you think banning is ever an acceptable way to handle your problems.

    25. Hey now, that might not be the case dudebro.
      I might have actually became depressed because a lot of what he says is TRUE……. and hell I don’t like myself for being too close to the beta cliche stereotype.
      I’d love to meet a genuinely ATTRACTIVE younger nerd woman at an anime con…..
      But they are mostly sjws and the pretty ones are brainwashed by manhate/beta hate anyway. Yes. Really.
      Oh, you mean you’re going to hate on ROK AND a former member of your own? Hmph.
      I wouldn’t mind knowing some of these Victorian Lolita types myself – the style/fashion is really pretty after all… though I hope they still look the part in track pants/dress/formal wear etc.

    26. PS I smell the guy who would have been mediocre or a six anywhere else becoming a nine there.

  68. This is hilarious. I am a con girl as well and guaranteed, most of you boys are too busy ogling the T&A (which is there to be ogled, I give you that much) but are too shit-scared to actually say a word. Why? Easy answer: convention girls in costumes have the balls to be out in public in those skimpy costumes, they don’t take shit from anyone and aren’t afraid to let everyone know it. If you’ve got the balls to approach a convention girl, you better impress her because she’s already heard it all.

  69. This whole topic is ridiculously immature and inappropriate.
    Isn’t there better things to do than seeking a person to take advantage of at a anime/game convention?
    These conventions are created for people to express their passion of what they love at the convention and possibly to socialise and make new friendships/relationships with people that have a common interest.
    If you’re planning to get a quick f*ck with some person and are now stuck with a stalker crazy person. No one told you to. You chose to mislead the person, so it’s yours to blame.You could have just got to know the person first before making any mistakes.
    Don’t prejudice, not all people are like how you described.

  70. First off I would like to tell the head article person behind this. That you are a piece of work. I have never been to an anime convention before, but I know a ton of people who go. Just because you are trying to get laid at one and can’t. Doesn’t mean you have to go off and say all this garbage about how others look or how they are. They are there to have fun at what they want to do and that’s it. It is people like you who make me sick. What gives you the right to say how to get laid at the cons. The way you put it seems like its nothing more then sex at one. When there is more things to do then just sit there an ogle at the women who put so much time into the costumes. It doesn’t seem fair to anyone for you calling them neck beards or land whales or anything of that sort. If you don’t like how people look at them. Then please don’t go to anymore of them and stay home. I have wrote all that I needed to say.

  71. I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the losers who pretend to be men here by writing this childish crap, or the pathetic neck-beards who read the crap, believing that either they, or the writers are men. Sorry little boys, but you are the very losers you try to stand above.

    1. Says the girl who more than likely likes double penetration from her cuckolded husband/boyfriend and the African American neighbor who finish you off with some bukake and then have you drink your own piss.

      1. You silly little boy. I get more women than you do. My idea of 3-somes is my husband and I meeting up with a nice young woman for the evening. It’s just so sad how many of you spoiled little man-children don’t get that this is a satire site, and the authors are laughing at you for believing the crap they publish,

      2. I get more women than you, or most of the clowns here. My husband and I like to share young women. We succeed at it because unlike people acting the way this site advocates, we’re not childish pricks acting like we’re entitled to anything. We even, I know your shocked, treat our lovers as people we are interested in, as people.

  72. This article is pathetic. Anyone who even remotely enjoyed reading it is pathetic. I know all the girls in the top photo personally and none of them would give any of you fedora douchebags the time of fucking day. Cheers, losers.

  73. To be fair, Almost all con-girls are easy. Its extremely rare to find one that isn’t.

  74. This entire article is the product of a disgusting, mysoginistic pig. Likely written because he doesn’t have a snowmans chance in hell of actually getting with a self respecting woman of even moderate intelligence. Think women can’t pinpoint the boys that show up at conventions for the sole purpose of getting laid? Most of us are far more aware than you think. Stick with your hentai videos and Jergens lotion, dude, because that is the most action you will ever get in the otaku community.

  75. This entire article nearly set my teeth on edge. Why does this guy talk about people like they’re objects? This article is disgusting and who ever typed this up should be ashamed of themselves.

  76. The author of this is a fucking moron, and should remove himself from the planet.

  77. Like honest to god, this was the most hideous list ever… xD i’m so suprised your name isn’t PEDOBEAR.

  78. Maybe you wouldn’t need “tips and tricks” for sleeping with women if you started thinking of women as people rather than things to put your dick in. You could try being less repellent also, but that’s going to be much much harder for you.

  79. Author and followers of his opinion are bunch of looseroids. Honey, if u need to go conventions and score “mentally ill pussy” then that means one and only one thing about you. You are not capable of scoring regular hot babes cuz they are way out of your league cuz in their eyes you’re that same beta shit. What alfa males, u kidding me? Being able to use deo and not do hover hand doesn’t make u alfa cuz it’s same no status, no manners issue. And I dunno what desperado-land conventions u use ur methods in that they work, but where I’m from attractive cosplay girls are all either in stable relationships or married and same goes for guys, so they wouldn’t even cast a glance ur way. So shoo, run along…

  80. Author and followers of his opinion are bunch of looseroids. Honey, if u need to go conventions and score “mentally ill pussy” then that means one and only one thing about you. You are not capable of scoring regular hot babes cuz they are way out of your league cuz in their eyes you’re that same beta shit. What alfa males, u kidding me? Being able to use deo and not do hover hand doesn’t make u alfa cuz it’s same no status, no manners issue. And I dunno what desperado-land conventions u use ur methods in that they work, but where I’m from attractive cosplay girls are all either in stable relationships or married and same goes for guys, so they wouldn’t even cast a glance ur way. So shoo, run along…

  81. As someone who’s attended quite a few anime conventions in their time as well as comic cons and similar events, I just want to say that the guy who wrote this article is nothing more than a sad, inbred cock-sucking cunt with some serious major issues and that anybody who believes this prick’s advice is either a virgin who’s really desperate to get laid or they think that they’re better than everybody else.
    Face facts, you cock-suckers, you’re not better than other people, in fact you’re nothing more than a bunch of sad nobodies who are so angry at the world that you’ll never be able to see the bigger picture.

    1. I take it that you’re referring to yourself, you misogynistic piece of shit?

  82. So, I am just going to leave this year and I suggest everyone reads this instead: http://www.doctornerdlove.com/2011/07/pick-girls-comic-con/
    As a cosplay girl, and knowing many other cosplay girls let me tell you something that perhaps you have overlooked. We are not there to pick up or get laid, and it is usually the last thing we are thinking off and many of us are already in relationships. And when you get fucking dudebros coming up to you acting ‘alpha’ you pray that your soul is going to leave you body so you can escape them. Like, seriously, fuck off. No one wants to hook up with you. You are probably worse than the neckbeards. We don’t like you, and no amount of bullshit cocky attitude is going to change that.
    If you act like a dick and/or get handsy 9 times out of 10 you will be reported to the con staff and thrown out. If you want to spend all this time and money at a con, do it because you want to be there…Not because you think you will score. Otherwise just got to a club. I cannot stress this enough, do not try to get laid a con – it is a waste of time, expensive, already full of drama and let’s face it, people at cons are usually not the most mentally stable people.
    And remember boys and girls, if you want to have sexual relations with another person, make sure they say yes first.

    1. As an anime convention security director… seriously, if creepers like this are harassing you, just let us know, and we’ll show them the curb. As the Star Wars fans would say, “We don’t serve their kind here.”

      1. Once, somebody filled a body bag with vomit after a night of binging. mijan126 was the result.

    2. I love these kind of girls. The talk tough kind of girls who are always “don’t try that alpha shit on me, asshole! I’ll report you!!” But these are the girls that, 9 times out of 10 are dating an alpha and in private are demure little slut subs who like getting the shit fucked out of them with an aggressive, pounding cock. They’re always “we like the sensitive guys! amirite girls?” but that is far from the truth when you get them in the sack. The writer of the above article gets it wrong in most cases but he does get it right about chicks and alpha dudes. It’s just another example of women saying one thing and doing another(which is what women are genetically predisposed to do).
      I can remember going to Dragon Con(which is fucking cosplay hookup city) several years ago with a former girlfriend who had recently gotten into cosplaying. We were in a hotel bar with some of her cosplay friends and their friends and they were being nice to the nice fat guys asking for photographs and talking about harassment and creepers. But as the evening wore on and they drank more the truth came out about their “preferences” in men and it was predictably the cocky alphas that turned them on. They even started eye rolling and mocking the white knights the drunker they got(to all you chubby nerdboys at cons, be warned! If you buy a drink for a cosplay girl at a hotel bar, chances are she’ll smile and wave and then mock you to her friends. Sorry, but it’s true). I met several of their boyfriends and they were definitely the kind of dudes who like to mark their territory in more ways than one. I even ended up hooking up with one of the cosplayer chicks who was given the jacket on me by my ex. And yes, she was clingy. Especially when she found out I was ex military(CAB and ABN before getting injured and honorably discharged), and, incidentally, I highly doubt “mijan” or whatever the fuck this JC Penney’s security guards name is, is real military. He might be national guard or coast guard but he isn’t military. He’s too chatty about being in the military and how swell a guy he is and how awesome it is to be a security guard. Real military just don’t talk like that, ladies. So don’t be fooled by wanabees.
      I definitely like to sport fuck and manipulate women into the sack but con’s really aren’t the place for the most part. It’s just too much work. They like to talk too much and are focused on cosplaying and hanging with friends and going to panels. Unless it’s a four day con and you have an in with a crowd that has been going regularly for several years. Cosplayers really only get loose when they’ve had a few too many or when they’re with their inner circle. If you’re in the circle then it’s a fucking sport fuck buffet. They spread their legs quick when they’re with their own. But they do like the alphas. The writer of the above article doesn’t seem alpha. Just a guy that’s gotten lucky with fucked up chicks. The fun is finding a normal chick, fucking her and then playing mind games and making subtle comments about their body image until they become fucked up.
      But here’s a tip: if you want some quick pussy, hang out at hotel bars near the airport. Wear an expensive suit and shoes and pick up on some stewardesses or business women away from home. If you’re not military then get some business cards and just fake it. Finding a bar near a hospital where nurses hang out is also fuck city. But cosplay girls? They are colossal wastes of time and about as labor intensive as college girls. Both like the sound of their own voices way too much and rarely pay off in pussy. Nurses, business women from out of state and stews are the easiest and most fuckable.

      1. tl;dr lookit my epeen im a dumb shit who needs to feel good about himself

  83. this.is.horrible. first of all , whats wrong with LGBT members ? what did they ever do to you ? second of all , some women have another size than fucking size four . dont judge them just because they might be a bit larger . third of all , mental issues ? are you fricking serious ? just because we like anime and manga and like to have a hobby that makes us happy does NOT mean we have mental issues . fourth of all : whats wrong with crossdressing ? if they dont bother you just let them be . and if you’re just going to anime conventions to grab a random chick who randomly goes to bed with you you shouldnt come there . what were the bars becoming a bit boring so now you have to pick the girls out that have a “strange” hobby ? oh plz just go to a fricking mixer . and if you just care about sx i hope youll get aids . whore

  84. May I add a pointer on how to get laid at an Anime convention?
    1) Respect all women
    That is all.

  85. It’s quite apparent you’ve never been laid other than the times you’ve paid for it.

  86. lol this is lame. The fact the writer is assuming that girls are dressing up at conventions for men is totally inaccurate. Sure, maybe there are some who do, just like there are some guys there who are trying to pick-up … but I think most people who go to conventions (aka shelling out all that cash) are there for a reason. Convention =/= nightclub. I dunno, theres more to life than getting laid but I think a convention is the wrong place to be looking unless you’re one sad case lol. It sounds like a manchild (of the non-neckbeard variety) wrote this “guide” lol.

  87. This article reads kike it was written by a 13 year old on 4chan trying to get the internet to validate his self proclaimed alpha status. Anime conventions arent for you dude. When you spent 75 dollars on registration just in hopes to score, that makes you look like a desperate pencil dick and no one likes you for it, not even desperate landwhales. At least the neckbeards and cosplay girls have fun while you stand in the corner, smug look on your face as if you just havent wasted a bunch of money and time being around people yiu dont like, and who dont like you.

  88. Are you that much of a God’s gift to women to put such an article out or are you being sarcastic? Those “hot chicks” wouldn’t give you the time of day! I would love to see what YOU look like that you think you are so great. Keep up that attitude and you’ll be single for a very long time. Hope you enjoy your retirement party for one!

  89. How DARE you treat women like OBJECTS. Some of the ‘pretty’ ones don’t give a RAT ASS about jerks like you. We go because we enjoy the genre, not MEN. You are horrible and disgusting, the scum of the earth, and I hope you get what is coming to you, a girl who sleeps with you, for the sake of giving you Gonorrhea.

  90. This shit is buck.
    The best way to get laid in general is not not be a fucking loser.
    Maybe if you were actually getting lid you wouldn’t have to waste your time creeping around anime conventions like a velociraptor. DICK GAME TOO FUCKIN WEAK BITCH. Like most people see the irony in trying to get fucked at a lolita event, but I guess it totally escapes you.
    I think most people don’t have to spend money on animecons just to creep about and throw game at a “rave”, because it isn’t that hard to get your dick sucked when you aren’t a fucking judgmental, self-important bigot.
    Step up your game bitch, you don’t have to chase it when it comes to you..

  91. Look, just because we like to dress sexy at the cons doesn’t mean we’re in the market for a “banging”. Many of us are happily married. And I just love your stereotypical views on the types of people you find at a con. I’ve been cosplaying for years and I must respectfully disagree with your theory. If you’re really looking for a “quality” woman, there’s better places to find one. Besides, what type of quality woman are you going to find who puts out to someone she barely knows? If she does, then I hope you use protection because you’re surely not the only one she’s banged in the past 24 hours.

    1. These men just want sex. They don’t care about anything else. To them, you may as well be a masturbation sleeve.

  92. This is fucking disgusting. I feel like I need to scrub my eyes w/ soap & a steel brush to unread this.
    Is it a crazy idea that Some women simply like anime & cosplaying? Is it difficult to comprehend that we ‘re not all looking for male attention? How self-centered/ full of shit do you have to be to actually think that this is ok?
    It’s gross.

    1. User name “shakes 118”, yup I bet everything does as you stagger by. An it most certainly is “gross”

      1. And I take it that you’re a total utter inbred cocksucker who takes it from behind…

  93. I’m not sure if this is a parody that fails to hit the funny marked, or the product of a genuinely warped perspective.

  94. I REALLY hope this was just written as a joke! If not, just
    wow….as a PhD candidate and a Cosplayer I am disgusted by this
    article. There are PLENTY of girls that are “slightly smarter than the
    average American bar-fly”. I’m pretty sure I am way beyond bar-fly.
    Not to mention I don’t have ANY mental disorders and I haven’t met very
    many others at conventions that did (plus my self-esteem is rocking)…they are there yes, but not in the
    waves the author makes them out to be.

  95. So that’s what being alpha means? Considering the rest of your fellow men like smelly clowns and women like a mentally disordered alien species?
    Haha, fuck this shit.

  96. You are disgusting people! Cosplayers are not just pieces of ass that you can bang. Just because they dress up doesn’t make them easy. You are shallow people who don’t deserve any cosplayer’s time of day.

  97. what the hell is wrong with you people ? This is the worst and actually most offensive article i’ve read in ages. Not only is it an insult to women, its an insult to a whole genre of people. Heck.. i’m a guy and this frankly disgusts me.

  98. This article I hope is a joke but this is extremely degrading to those who like to enjoy these conventions. I’ve never been but I sit and watch my friends prepare for months for these things and this article is bullshit.

  99. You are a shallow jerk. You should be banned at all conventions!!! I don’t go to these conventions to be judged whether or not I am f**kable! I go for unconditional love and acceptance for who I really am. It is a place you can go to be whatever you want to be and not be judged for it by ass hats like you.

  100. Wow!! What a jackass you are. I’m a cosplayer. My costumes have never been for you or any other man. My costumes are for myself! Security isn’t there to score with girls they are here to keep us safe from creepers like you. If a man would think about something other than where he can stick it you might get my respect. Do NOT mock what you don’t understand.

  101. You’re objectifying women! This us bullshit you’re basically saying “Have sex with women who have mental disabilities/issues”. This isn’t okay and it’s not a ‘guide’ it’s just making women sound like objects that you can fucking buy. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself for this bullshit.

  102. Oh wow. Just wow. Never read something so ridiculous in my life and reading this without having attended an anime convention would put me off greatly. Thankfully what I see here is a pathetic little dweeb sat in his bedroom wondering how to actually pull rather than knowing how to…

  103. You’re a disgusting piece of trash.
    btw, a lot of people that go to cons are underage

  104. This article is demeaning and obtuse. There is no place in modern society for these archaic ways of thinking.

  105. This post makes me angry and really pissed. If you are so desperate to get laid, so desperate that you go to con’s in an attempt to get laid, you have nothing there to do in the first place according to me. Con’s ain’t some freaking brothel if that’s what you think.
    Con’s is about having fun, meet new and old friends, meet people with the same interests as you, talk about your interests, buy things as posters, key-chains, stuffed llamas etc. Where to meet others from your fandom, cosplay, have fun with others from your fandom, meet others that loves the same character and so on.
    I don’t know what your view of what a Con is but it sure doesn’t seems to be that good. To me, you who wrote this article feels like an upper class sexist dick who only thinks about getting laid and how to make woman to be your personal bitch. Well think again: We are strong women, every con person in generally is strong, who won’t just sit by and being humiliated like this. I would never consider to even hang out with a sexist dick who is only thinking about who to get laid with and who devalues a human being.
    To people like that I have only two things to say: Fuck off and grow up. =)

  106. Good God these commenters are exactly the white knights this entry was talking about.
    What a bunch of pansies

    1. Guess you can’t handle white knights. Maybe you’d like to put that pansie’s accusation to the test sometime? No? Didn’t think so, much easier to look hard behind an anonymous disqus account.

      1. ^Makes fun of someone for “looking hard” on the internet in the same post they’ve already written, “Maybe you’d like to put that pansie’s accusation to the test sometime? No? Didn’t think so.”
        Pot, meet kettle.

        1. Your reading comprehension is just atrocious. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of your post. I’m not agreeing to meet you for a physical confrontation.

        2. Who said anything about a physical confrontation? There is no hypocrisy here on calling you out for your dutch courage behind the keyboard. I at least have the courage to take this out to you face to face. Do you?

        3. First, I am not the original poster, so I’m not sure you are talking about me with your “dutch courage” comment, whatever that’s supposed to mean.
          Second, you said something about a physical confrontation. Do you remember typing these things? “Maybe you’d like to put that pansie’s accusation to the test sometime?” “Sure when and where?”
          Third, sure, lets meet up and “take this out.” There’s a park on the corner or 139th St. and Lennox Ave, I’ll be waiting for you on Saturday at 10pm. If you’re not there, we’ll know who the real internet tough guy is.

        4. “First, I am not the original poster,”
          So why did you respond?
          “There’s a park on the corner or 139th St. and Lennox Ave”
          I’ll be there. Unfortunately I fear you’re more dumb than you come across as you didn’t state a city or state. Well done. Lots of 139th and Lennox Aves in America, and a a lot to arrange for.
          Give me a break. I’ve been places you wouldn’t dare visit. Seen my friends killed by an isrealie bulldozer, my Isrealie friends hiding from a scud missile attack, witnessed a child loose his hands for stealing in a backward country and nursed him back to health. My talk isn’t internet tough guy talk. Mine is experience. The itnernet has created way to many pretentious assoles like you, and what good you do? Fuck all.

        5. “So why did you respond?”
          Because I felt like pointing out how hypocritical your first post was.
          “Unfortunately I fear you’re more dumb than you come across as you didn’t state a city or state. Well done. Lots of 139th and Lennox Aves in America.”
          Am I “more dumb?” Are you sure? “More dumb?” That’s what you want to say here? Regardless, please enlighten me about all of these intersections. I mean, you said there were “lots” of them. How many cities even have numbered streets going up to 139? Must be a “lot” right? I mean if there are “lots” of those intersections in America. I thought there was only one, so please, prove me wrong. Give me two examples of places streets with those names intersect. It should be easy for you, because you said there were “lots.” And you are serious on the internet, not some tough guy or moron who makes up facts.

        6. You’ve seen your friends killed by an Isrealie bulldozer and don’t know how to use Google maps huh? Someone so stupid shouldn’t have to endure witnessing such tragedy.

        7. Actually I do. I just think that sticking up for displaced people is worth more of an effort than wasting my time doing something you’re clearly too afraid to just tell me.

        8. I guess we’ll never be able to fight this out because you won’t use google maps. You’re clearly just an internet tough guy, acting hard behind your keyboard. What a coward you are. Not willing to stand up for your convictions. How sad.

        9. Circles and roundabouts.
          When show the balls, let me know. I got nothing to prove to you unless you really want it. Last I checked I wasn’t the one refusing a challenge or expecting me to the foot work for you. And at least I have a face.

  107. Comicon by definition is a fan convention where comic book fans gather to participate and hold programs and other events. As well as to meet experts, famous personalities, and each other. Please lets get back to the real meaning of things people…..

  108. Getting laid at a comic convention (getting laid anywhere, really) is not nearly as complicated as this. All you have to do is be cool and interesting.
    If you feel like you need a guide like this, then the problem is you 😛

  109. This is written by a sad, lonely beta pretending to be an alpha. No amount of convention hookups will make up for your parents not loving you enough.

  110. I’ve come to the conclusion that you have been shot down one too many times at an anime convention, though this is no surprise, and this blog is the product of your butthurtedness. If anyone comes to you for sex advice, or really any advice, I hope they are prepared to make porn and their hand their soul-mate.
    If you want to get laid, try NOT being a dick… I fear, however, it may be an impossible task for you.

  111. So this article here is a prime example of an entitled male complaining more about the common decency expected from convention goers than actually giving any real “tips” as he says. I guess he’s had his cock blocked more, and well deserved too. I can also see the author of this article getting banned from many conventions once this goes viral for encouraging sexual harassment,

  112. The Author of this is clearly that fat, gross guy at cons who drools over and makes unwanted sexual advances on cosplayers before getting offended when they say no, so he goes on a rant on the internet.

  113. The amount of nerdrage about this article is like a fine whine. (grin)
    Hey roosh, where’d this article get linked from? I want to know where all these manginas and whores are trackbacked from.

    1. And I’d like to know why you’re a total utter inbred bunglecunt…. ^_^

  114. I would like to hope that this is satire.
    …sadly I doubt that. So dude, kriff off.

  115. Super sad when i see articles like this. Sad for the person writing it and sad for the people reading who are depending on its perceived nuggets of wisdom.
    I have studied pua for years and have followed the red pill for quite some time. I also am a huge geek/nerd, fit, good-looking, with a super hot cosplay participating girlfriend.
    Let me be the first to tell you, “redpill1985”, you’re doing it wrong. I think you and your readers missed the point of “pick up”and the red pill. Its just shit to make you confident and comfortable being the best you you can be. The red pill in particular is about focusing on you and bettering yourself. Does making a more confident you translate into female attraction? Normally.
    But here’s how i know you’ve missed it. You write that there are hot chicks at cons with mental disorders. That is the LEAST alpha thing ever. What does that say about your confidence level (or should i say insecurity level) that you need a woman to be mentally broken for them to be interested in you?
    Many could argue that the red pill is about woman bashing, but your bashing fat dudes with neck beards! Many of the very people who get onto the red pill to try and change their life. You’re not being alpha, your just a fucking asshole bully.
    Also I’ll point out that you’re clearly a fucking horrible person. “transgender freaks”? We don’t need your closed minded, discriminatory views at our cons. You can fuck right off.

    1. As someone who’s read Neil Strauss’ “The Game” books in the past (and had one of them signed by Bernard Chang who’s the artist for most of Neil Strauss’ books), I think that PUA is OK for gaining confidence more than anything and getting a girlfriend or finding love through it is a bonus as well, but at the same time it doesn’t give certain PUA’s the right to be a dick!

      1. Anybody has a “right” to be a dick, but it’s usually counter productive. But it’s also gross to be be pandering, women worshipping, yes-man, pansy. Grow a set, and be somewhere in the middle.

  116. Now here’s the problem, no girl (none of them) even at an anime convention would be stupid to hit it off with an idiot and asshole like you, go back to jacking off alone in you room crying.

  117. This….is honestly pathetic. If, in your mind, women are things to be hunted down like animals–that they are nothing more than sexual pieces of meat for you to pork, and then notch into your bedpost as a means of recording your ‘conquest’, you VERY clearly are not emotionally ready in any way to be involved with women at all. In the end, no female wants to be with a guy who’s desperate and sexist like this. Do us all a favor–stop being an embarrassment to your gender, get a therapist to deal with your issues, and put some effort into growing up into a man and out of being exactly what respectable men and women would label a “pig”. Do it for your own sake.

  118. I find this entire article disgusting beyond belief. I cannot believe a fellow human being would write about other human beings in such a manner as if we were only slabs of meat.
    You can discriminate against women all day long if you want to try to get a cheap fling. No one in their right mind would buy your “alpha male behavior”
    If you treat women like human beings, you’d get somewhere in life. That my son is a fact.

    But seriously; you are a sad, strange, little man. And you have my pity. Farewell!

  120. I still can’t believe guys like this exist. Like there is a science to getting women. Generalizing all women, especially at an anime convention is horrid. Stereotyping these girls as all having issues is wrong, a lot of them are actually in happy healthy relationships and normal people. Sure some are narcissistic. but by the sounds of your article, I’d say YOU are the one who is narcissistic. The kind of guy who girls would laugh at if he actually tried any of this bullshit. Being a real man means you respect yourself enough to be yourself. And you don’t need to get laid to feel better about yourself. If you find a girl, you respect, and if you get her, you keep her and keep respecting her. end of story.

  121. OP is the epitome of a fake geek guy. This asshole is really traversing cons not because he likes anime but because he wants to fulfill some creepy childhood sex fantasy?
    This is the kind of person I’d like to see demonized. Not insecure guys attacking women and doing everything in their power to paint them as “fake.” Ironic of the author to accuse mental illness of these congoers when it’s clear he’s the mentally ill one here.

  122. The writer of this article is disgusting and a disgrace to men in general. Its funny how the majority of friends I made at the conventions I have gone to don’t at all fit your stereotypes. You sir are the exact type of person we don’t want at our events. I may not be the most muscled out person, but I am far from the “obese neckbeard” you bring up.

  123. I do the staff/security thing at a con every year (old friend of mine runs the thing). Honestly, watching these guys making awkward sexual advances at the cosplay girls is actually a source of amusement. I only intervene when there’s inappropriate touching, overtly obnoxious remarks, creepy stuff like “up skirt” cellphone pic attempts, and/or the girl seems visibly annoyed. I hope you’re not calling this “white knighting” or cock blocking.

  124. Can somebody tell this “bronad” that I cannot stop laughing at his article and almost pissed myself at how hard he’s trying to act cool?

  125. Well I only got to say most hot anime con girls are models hired to dress up or attend a booth n this article is hilarious

  126. I feel like I’m trolled. There is no way someone could be this stupid, this much of a misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic filth. How could someone become as hateful as this pathetic person?
    I hope security throws him out on his ass and he loses all the money he spent at the con. He deserves far worse though

  127. I do hope this is a joke. I honestly cannot see the author of this post “getting laid” aside from date rape, with or without the “date” part. Hell, even the term “getting laid” tends to make me think that the person using it — if it’s not 100% ironic — really needs some serious shrink-time.
    That being said, my irony meter is a bit off today, so if this was intended to be ironic, my apologies.

  128. If you really think like this, you are the one who is mentally ill. I have multiple friends who are attractive and not mentally ill that dress up in full cosplay. I have multiple friends who you might not consider “attractive” who dress up in full cosplay. I have multiple friends who are staff and security who I respect (and fear when drunk) at the convention. My boyfriend is also staff at a local convention (yes, I’m a guy). You’re on par with the bro’s that got drunk at the bar in the convention center and snuck into our event one year. The security got them kicked out.

  129. Or you could, ya know, actually be a decent guy and treat the ladies like the human beings they are. I get flirted with by lovely, intelligent women, both in and outside of conventions, quite frequently because I actually talk to them, joke around with them and look at them, not just their bodies (Which, lemme tell you, some convention girls I’ve had climb in my lap [Playfully] have some pretty rockin’ bods) when I speak with them. But then again I’m not going out there chasing tail to try to validate myself. I’m going out to meet interesting people with shared interests, some of them just happen to be very attractive women who I politely turn down when they ask bout going back to their room since I am engaged (my fiance’ knows I flirt, even though I’m not trying to flirt so no jealousy issues happening there) but I do often come out of conventions with a few new friends.
    So yeah, actually being a decent man seems to work pretty well, even when you aren’t trying to get laid at a ‘con.
    P.S. Also, as one of those transgender “freaks” as you call us, I sure don’t seem to have a shortage of beautiful, interested women approaching me. Maybe you should take a few pointers from us “freaks” instead of constantly trying to validate yourself though meaningless sexual exploits.

  130. If you’re going to a convention to pick up women, that’s your problem right there. I’m a male cosplayer, and honestly if the first thing on your mind is to pick up a “hot chick”, you’re wasting your time. I’m almost positive I can speak for most women, they don’t want the bullshit “macho” attitude from some dumbass who CLEARLY has no respect for any human being. It’s simple, be respectful. This article is disgusting in every way, I can’t believe you could actually think this way about somebody.

  131. Still not seeing anything here on HOW to get laid. Just random info on who is attractive which is obvious no surprises there and random speculation on the feminine hygiene of fat women that begs the question how would he know this unless he was diving in nose first. So yeah nothing useful here.

  132. You are without question one of the most repugnant people I have ever had the displeasure of reading. You clearly and obviously know nothing of geek culture. You are a Misogynist bigot without a compassionate bone in your body. Your idea of conventions is disgusting and you should never attend one again.

    1. he wrote this article with the intention of pissing the entire nerd community off, that’s what made this article so funny, because it was so overt and so douchey. Don’t feed the trolls!

    2. Romans 1: 20-32:
      20 For his invisible [qualities] are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable;
      21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify him as God nor did they thank him, but they became empty-headed in their reasonings and their unintelligent heart became darkened.
      22 Although asserting they were wise, they became foolish
      23 and turned the glory of the incorruptible God into something like the image of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed creatures and creeping things.
      24 Therefore God, in keeping with the desires of their hearts, gave them up to uncleanness, that their bodies might be dishonored among them,
      25 even those who exchanged the truth of God for the lie and venerated and rendered sacred service to the creation rather than the One who created, who is blessed forever. Amen.
      26 That is why God gave them up to disgraceful sexual appetites, for both their females changed the natural use of themselves into one contrary to nature;
      27 and likewise even the males left the natural use of the female and became violently inflamed in their lust toward one another, males with males, working what is obscene and receiving in themselves the full recompense, which was due for their error.
      28 And just as they did not approve of holding God in accurate knowledge, God gave them up to a disapproved mental state, to do the things not fitting,
      29 filled as they were with all unrighteousness, wickedness, covetousness, badness, being full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malicious disposition, being whisperers,
      30 backbiters, haters of God, insolent, haughty, self-assuming, inventors of injurious things, disobedient to parents,
      31 without understanding, false to agreements, having no natural affection, merciless.
      32 Although these know full well the righteous decree of God, that those practicing such things are deserving of death, they not only keep on doing them but also consent with those practicing them.

  133. I have been going to an anime convention for 6 years. This will NOT get you laid and you are an idiot to think it does. People are banned for any sort of harassing behavior. Also if you need to spend about 300 dollars (con fees and hotel costs) to MAYBE score with someone you are clearly doing something wrong.

  134. Well played. This looks like the rantings of a genuine shitwit. I commend you on writing something so outrageous. How scary it would be if someone actually believes this shit.

  135. I’m assuming the author is a 10?
    Clearly, you deserve bargain bin of you believe the only thing real men are interested in is a pretty face.

  136. @redpiller1985 Read your article a few things
    1. you are huge douche and your article reads of someone with a thimble sized dick.
    your writing reeks of someone who was rambling incoherently. I’m
    surprised you have 2 braincells to rub together and that your keyboard
    works at all considering the amount of drool that must be on it.
    3. I also am fairly confidant I make more bank than you at any time.
    I know I am more alpha than you, as in I am stronger than you and can
    beat you into the ground if I had to. BTW that is not a threat I’m just
    telling you to not go around screaming your alpha when there are bigger
    and badder than you out there and at the Anime and gaming con no less.
    White Knighting here either. I’m happily married to a hot wife. I’m
    calling out a a little boy pretending to be a man and has no idea what
    he is even talking about.
    In conclusion back off my people or come at be bro!!

  137. Damn, you just ooze machismo, and it smells like bullshit. You guys are supposed to be the most macho around. Why hide your face? Why don’t you and the rest of the popped collar, spray on tan dude-bro troll dicks go back to your jager bombs and fist pumping at the night clubs and stay the fuck out our subculture, you’re not welcome here and one way or another you will be found out. Misogynistic piece of shit.

  138. This whole article is at least 14 different kinds of Offensive. People like this make me sick. Judgmental and need to just bug off of things that they clearly don’t belong in. Cons are made for people to have fun. not hook up and rip on the so called *outcast’s* of society. Just goes to show that we are more humane and people like you are the monster’s.

  139. I just want to know where all this cap is coming from. How are big woman the “thirstiest”? Obviously you have issues because real men don’t need a guide to follow to get laid especially one as lame as this…

  140. Redpiller1985…you and this article are both the lowest form of trash. Your objectification of women is disgusting. You classify people as “landwhales”, “manchildren”, “neckbeards”, “transgendered freaks”, “mentally ill.” WTF is wrong with you??? You may or may not be an “alpha male” but it really doesn’t matter. The moment you open your mouth, the ugliness comes pouring out and your brand of ugly is deep down to the bone. Ugh, I feel soiled for having read your astonishingly misogynistic manifesto…what a bone-headed douchenozzle.

    1. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if everything bad you ever say about women is showcased to potential love interests? It would probably ruin these people’s lives. :3

  141. I could only skim through this because it was so bad. You’re a perfect example of what my grandmother taught me long ago: men are pigs. You’re the sort of person where when a girl poses, you’ll take a picture of her back, not her front. Anime conventions aren’t bars. Activity like this will either get you banned from the community unofficially via word of mouth (we take sexual harassment quite seriously) or officially (because the conventions also take sexual harassment quite seriously). If you assume there’s such a thing as “omega” or “beta” males, I don’t know what planet you live on. And girls don’t “rule” a convention. We participate in it just like everyone else. And we actively try to avoid jerks like you.

  142. lol you’re a troll right? You can’t obviously be that retarded.

  143. Just the way you’re writing, it’s already obvious that you’re a neck beard, atheist brony that considers himself to be the nice guy and wears the ugliest fedora known to man. Girls don’t dress for you,so don’t flatter yourself there bud, and go look at some porn instead.

  144. Whew. This article is amazing. I mean, who knew that people were so easy to organize into these neat little groups? You, Sir Author, are seriously doing the world a favour having posted this gem.
    In case you were unaware, that previous paragraph was completely sarcastic. Not going to sugarcoat it: this is the biggest pile of abhorrent writing I have ever had the misfortune of reading. You talk about sleeping with bigger women as if that’s a badge of shame, and you classify the “cosplay girl” as potentially mentally ill? First, there’s the age-old saying of “never stick your dick in crazy” that I have heard passed around like candy. That would mean that it’s a bad idea to sleep with a “cosplay girl”. Second, your categories are laughable at best and shameful at worst. It’s bad enough that you’re shaming EVERYONE at conventions, but then you add on top of that the idea of scoring with women that you just shamed.
    And you call con-attendees mentally ill? Might want to get yourself evaluated.
    Trust me, most experienced con-goers recognize PUAs and their ilk, and it’s strongly suggested at nearly every convention or expo I’ve attended that, if you feel uncomfortable in any way, it’s best to find security and have them deal with the situation. Since, y’know, it’s their JOB to make sure the people who are there for the convention’s purpose (which is to have fun and meet people with like-minds and common interests) feel safe and happy.
    It’s a wonder they allow pathetic examples of humanity like you to have Internet access.

  145. Also, loved how you used freaking LINKARA as a reference. Do you even know who he is? Clearly not, or you wouldn’t post an internet reviewer/mild celebrity as your example. Oh, by the way, he’s a staunch feminist. He’d probably be real pissed at your categorizing him as a “White Knight”.

  146. Oh… I get it. Alpha doesn’t refer to the Greek word for ‘1’ or the ‘leader of a pack’, It’s an acronym! Judging by this article, I think it means Asshole Losers Perpetuating Hateful Anachronisms.
    Question on ‘landwhales’. Oh, by the way, great grasp of creative writing with the naming choices. I don’t think anyone ever thought of using the word ‘landwhales’ to describe an obese person, because if they did, I am sure we would have hoisted them on our shoulders, showered them with gold and whores, and named them our fucking king. Seriously, though, my dog shits better writing.
    Anyway, I digress. If fucking ‘landwhales’ is such a reputation killer, how is fucking crazy chicks any better? I mean, wouldn’t that suggest that you are so disgusting and unattractive that only people with a tentative, at best, grasp on reality would find you even mildly appealing? Or, if you meant mentally deficient rather than mentally unstable, doesn’t that imply you can’t get a girl to have sex with you unless she is incapable of higher thought? Honestly, that makes you look pretty fucking pathetic.
    My only hope is that this is meant to be a very, very, almost imperceptibly, subtle satire, but judging by the site its on, I doubt it. Which is actually really sad when you think about it.

  147. This article properly retitled:
    A Guide For Getting Thrown Out of an Anime Con and Being Laughed at by Women and “beta” males

    1. Really? I was thinking “How To Be An Asshole And Disrespect Basically Everyone (Straight, Cis, White Male Edition)”

  148. This makes me laugh. As a female cosplayer and someone who is friends with people that are cosplayers, security and helpers at Cons I must say that this is a sad excuse for men that have little to none self esteem if they think that people, and mostly females, at Cons are losers in life. Honey, you are sadly mistaken. I haven’t met someone at a Con that isn’t dealing with his/her life in a proud and hardworking manner. Most of us dedicate our very tight budget to do awe worthy cosplays for our and other’s enjoyment and if we have mental issues, well let me give you some news flash, everyone has a mental issue or another yet that doesn’t mean that we all go begging for an “Alpha” male to get us all sweaty for them. I bet’cha that those girls that you are so easily degrading are the females that will ignore your stupid advances because they see through the bullshit. Because after all, we get that all the time. If you are so into an easy lay, jerk off at home…. Your hand won’t mind your lack of pick up skills.

  149. Saw this linked on my FB feed. I can see what the author is going for, but this article is ignorant and offensive.
    First of all, you are a terrible PUA. Being confident and not being afraid of rejection are the most important elements of success in this “field,” not that I agree with any of your philosophies. You are teaching people to be judgmental and potentially miss opportunities due to stereotypes. Real PUAs know how to entertain, and quickly build rapport with strangers. Casting a wide net and hoping for bites does not work if you don’t know how to close. You are teaching people to look down on others in order to cover up their insecurities.
    Second, I’ve been down this PUA road before. To anyone reading this blog, please keep in mind that while PUA strategies can work for sex, they are totally ineffective for relationships or happiness in general. I’m not joking, many people in the PUA community end up with depression and become suicidal. If you want to sleep with random strangers you know little about, feel free to keep reading these articles. Enjoy your shallow pleasure and STDs.
    Do you want women? Get an interesting life and do interesting things. Be confident and don’t be afraid of rejection or failure. Don’t rush things by listening to articles like this.
    The other commentators are doing a fine job of correcting you and your convention ignorance, so I’ll leave the rest to them.

    1. Very true. My uncle was a PUA. He got laid a lot (probably) but hasn’t had a relationship last more than 4 months his whole life…

    2. No, there are also right ways and wrong ways to act if you are looking for relationships, vs a one night stand.

  150. Anime cons, lol. No thanks, man. If you want a first-hand look at the dreck of society, then look no further than the sad masses you see gathering at these conventions. A cesspool at acne-ridden, effeminate males, ugly chicks, and landwhales. You might see a handful of cute chicks at these things, shining like rubies in a dumpster filled to the brim with turds, but they’re degenerates, all of them. Well-adjusted, normal folks laugh at these fools.

  151. I speak for all us cosplayers. Do us a favor and stay the frick away from conventions if you’re going to be this kind of douche. I would love for you people who write articles here to get out of your parents basements (or whatever equivalent you are) and actually do some growing up. This isn’t high school or college anymore. This was an absolutely disgusting read from someone who obviously has no interest in what these conventions are about.
    Conventions are supposed to be SAFE places to go to have fun, be yourself and enjoy a shared hobby. You people coming in with this mentality will only ruin that. If you have no interest in this, do not come for the love of all that is holy! Cosplay/dressing up does not equal consent, and we aren’t pieces of meat for you guy’s to appraise and evaluate. If I were to see your kind talking to friends of mine or being derogatory I’d call security on your ass AFTER I give you a piece of my mind.

  152. Okay dude who wrote the article, I have to say the way you fancy yourself an “alpha” as you call yourself is at best laughable and is up for debate here.
    The error of your article just begins at the title, A Guide for Getting Laid At Anime Conventions. Since when was an anime convention a brothel, or a strip club, or the prostitute down the street? Why don’t you make an article saying “A Guide for Getting Laid at PTA Meetings” next?
    Are their sexy girls at the anime conventions? YES! This however does not mean they are going there to satisfy their sexual desires, women come out and want to be known they are fans of a certain part of geek culture. They want to make FRIENDS and share similar likes and even debate on dislikes, it’s not for them to come by and say “Hey, come to this room and try to impress me and I will take you back to my room”. I guarantee you, no girl worth their salt who are very attractive needs to go to an anime convention to satisfy their sexual desires. While most anime shows women as meek and sometimes even frail, girls who cosplay are far from fucking meek let me tell you.
    I also fun it funny that you point out your blatant mysogyny for women who are overweight (and the ones you don’t find attractive) and misandry for all men who go to an anime convention that isn’t “alpha”. Now I know usually misogyny means the hatred for all women (and misandy means hatred of all men) but when someone openly excludes a whole group of people based on prejudiced that is nothing more than bigotry. Overweight men and thin women, overweight women and thin men, and overweight men and women can get together just the same and love each other just like thin men and women. Your scope of an overweight man and thin woman being together may not reach outsides the shows of Seth Mcfarlane or the Simpsons, which maybe par for the course here.
    You get on the people who buy the merchandise (the sex toys, the body pillows, and so on) and you get on white knights and betas here, but who really is the bigger loser here? The so called Neckbeards and white knights/betas who pay $50 to $80 for a weekend at a convention and pays of the merchandise, meets new friends, gains a valid interest for new things, goes to the game room and panels, and just all around has a good old time, or the so called alpha who paid $50 to $80 to scope out women for the entire weekend and see where some hang out and do absolutely nothing there other than try to get with women? I can tell you that the alpha would of had a better time going to Hooters or a strip club, it certainly would be cheaper and cost effective than scoping out an anime convention.
    So Mr. Alpha, please do not go to another anime convention. You obviously don’t belong there because you don’t go there to have fun, and I mean the fun that is supposed to be happening there, not the fun that’s in your own bedroom.
    In other words, grow the fuck up.

  153. Dude. You’re a fucking asshole. Don’t degrade women who like to cosplay, don’t make fun of body types, and don’t make fun of other guys that enjoy going to cons.
    Plus you probbaly made this article because you’re the one who fails are getting “laid” at cons.

  154. This is satire right? Seriously, if this is not satire then you’re an idiot.
    Who the hell would allow this crap on their webpage?

  155. This guys HAS to be either a virgin, a rapist, or a pedophile. Just sayin’.

  156. You’re an Idiot. Good luck when you are 40, when your parents are too old or dead to take care of you, you have a shit job at Wal Mart you can’t leave, and the girls you knocked up drain your pathetic paycheck, for your miserable kids that hate you for being a dipshit behind on child support. Grow Up Fucking Wanking Loser and find some bills to pay

  157. This article is the product of someone actually believing in something so hard that he doesn’t want people to know that he actually believes it. From what I can tell, he wants so badly to be an alpha male that he’s going to tell you how to take on his “alpha male” ways and get convention girls. However, a true alpha male would go after an alpha female, such as the cheerleaders from the high school which he stays outside of creepily in a windowless van. This man is, at best, a beta or a weak delta male who obviously has to act like he’s packing a big dick when in reality he used a microscope and tweezers to masturbate. The fact that this guy didn’t get hired by Cracked or The Onion should tell you everything you need to know about his lack of journalistic integrity as well as his obvious lack of judgment about men and women in general.
    On top of ALL OF THIS, the guide itself is worthless. Despite being written by some fratboy douchebag with a trust fund, it provided no tips for where you can go to buy date rape drugs without being ripped off by mark-up pricing or what to do once the woman overdoses on said illegal narcotics. Obviously, this man has never followed his own advice and the closest he has ever gotten to the fantasy of picking up a convention girl was writing this article while watching videos from every rape fantasy porn website on the internet.
    In short, following this fool’s advice would make even Sailor Bubba slap you with a sexual assault charge.

  158. I find it telling that so many faggots and cunts chose to comment on this article. Clearly there are a lot of fat people and ugly bitches who are upset by the writer’s characterization of some of the more socially challenged convention attendees. I would not worry if I were you though because if you are the kind of retarded misfit or corpulent self-harmer to whom this article applies you have far bigger problems than a bit of Alpha competition. Anyway, enjoy the masturbation and self-harm.

    1. Way to use an alias to defend your own article you bag of pickled dicks.

    2. I won’t say I agree with the gist of the article (You know that already…) But you are right, it’s even more amusing watching the fatbeards and social knights trying to troll the message boards.
      Did we get 4channed or something?
      On the plus side, virtually every ‘grrl’ that’s saying “You would never pick me up there!” is either a fucking slob, or honestly believes that they are not an easy stop on the cock train. ‘feminist avengers’ are by far the easiest pump and dumps in existence, just make sure you conceal your real identity or know where to hide the body.
      The ‘boys’? Hehehehe. They are simply confirming that they are absolutely no competition. It’s fun to watch them falling all over each other trying to shame people on the INTERNET.

      1. And you’re not a fat, ugly, inbred, hatefilled, cocksucking mysoginistic neckbeard yourself, right?

  159. This to me seems like flat out trolling with just a hint of I haven’t been laid ever. “Alphas” as you would call them don’t need big note themselves and don’t provide such judgmental opinions on people and how to “pick up chicks at conventions” guides, this kind of talk stinks of someone who sits around with his buddies getting drunk and telling them how easy it is to pick up, but yet hasn’t touched a woman since the last time he got kicked out of a strip club or chokes on his words when he gets a chance to talk to a woman.
    If this article actually reflects your true thoughts on female and male convention goers then I dare say if I ever see you, it will be just after you’ve grabbed some poor girl/woman’s ass and you’re disappearing into the crowd.

  160. I manage many big gaming rooms throughout most of Northern California’s anime conventions. Looks like the article writer either went to the game rooms at the wrong times, have excessive expectations, ignores the tournaments or games that attract those so-called sexy women, or simply has not banged a girl before. The statement could apply for shitty game rooms that have nothing to offer. For quality game rooms, however, he seem to miss out on the selection of hot girl gamers that appear.
    Anyone could follow all these tips on how to get laid. By attempting so, the only thing they’ll get banged by are boots from security or possibly laid in jail, especially when the common congoer can’t tell who is legal age. Everyone here probably remembers what happened at Aki Con 2013, where a guest DJ (DJ Victor Malice aka Leslie B Shotwell) raped a girl and was arrested for the actions.

  161. People like you are exactly what is wrong with whats happening to conventions. Do us all a favor and take a flying leap off a balcony sometime.

  162. Speaking as a single attractive cosplayer without daddy issues, drug problems, cutting scars, an eating disorder, or an unappeased sexual appetite you can fuck right off. I almost hope you try to hit on me, just so I can enjoy the pleasure of rejecting your sorry ass. Grow the fuck up.

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