The Hypocritical Discrimination Of Relationships Between Young Women And Mature Men

Recently, BuzzFeed writer Andrew Kaczynski commented about an interesting trend he observed with regard to data from the dating website OKCupid:

Kaczynski thinks that it is “deeply disturbing” that men find younger women attractive. My question is this: why is this trend actually disturbing? Aside from the obvious biological realities (men are as naturally inclined to desire younger women as women are naturally inclined to favor taller, wealthier men), why are some of this nation’s most progressive people so close-minded when it comes to age-gaps in heterosexual relationships?


Modern society has come a long way with regard to discrimination and the fight against it. In the romantic context, this has led to a lot of interesting changes.

Ethnic Boundaries

Religious and cultural boundaries that once stood in the way of many romantic unions have now largely been broken down. It was once quite difficult for a gentile to form a romantic relationship with a Jew in many parts of the developed world, with such unions coming under intense shaming and scrutiny from wider society invested in maintaining a separation between the two groups.


Today, such unions are fairly commonplace, and they are now often formed absent the kind of shame that was the norm during the adolescence of our grandparents. It simply isn’t okay to throw vitriol at a Jewish-Gentile couple in this day and age. If the individuals involved in the union are consenting adults who enjoy one another’s company, we rightfully see fit to leave them alone.

Racial Boundaries


Similarly, it was once quite difficult for those of African descent to form romantic relationships with non-blacks, especially those of European heritage. The social pressure and shaming directed at those who participated in such unions was astronomical, and even the legal system in the United States was oriented to crush such relationships until just over 50 years ago. Though such unions are still subject to a significant degree of negative social pressure, it is no longer politically acceptable in mainstream western discourse to throw vitriol at a black-white couple.

We leave consenting adults alone to make their own decisions, and we respect them. The same goes for other interracial unions. Unions between Hispanics and whites in the USA were once generally discouraged, but are now the most common inter-ethnic combination in the USA. Asians and whites mingle freely, as do Hispanics and African-Americans. If you’re an individual seeking to form a romantic union with someone outside of your racial or ethnic group, you no longer face the wall of social shaming and legal discrimination your grandparents may have come against.

Gender Boundaries

Society has come a long way with regard to the treatment of same-sex couples and their relationships. Gay men once had to live heavily closeted lives, even if they possessed large degrees of wealth or fame. The use of slurs designed to insult their preferences and their lifestyle was common in the mainstream media. People across society could voice their “disgust” for the “unnatural” acts associated with homosexuality openly and vigorously without facing any social consequences at all.


Today, prominent celebrities have to beg for forgiveness for merely uttering the word “fag”. Gay men live their lives openly in the mainstream media in full view of the world. Mainstream television shows now feature homosexual couples and even go as far as to openly display gay sexual activity. Those today who voice their “disgust” for these “unnatural” developments are now openly and vigorously shamed and face severe social consequences.

Age Boundaries

One may be led to wonder why it is that, despite all of the progress described above, it is somehow alright to shame older men who seek to date younger women. Older men who seek to date younger women are regularly described as “pervs” in the mainstream media, even if their younger partners are fully capable of legally consenting to a relationship. Their desire to date significantly younger women is described as a societal ill by some.


Andrew Kaczynski argues that the mere attraction these older men maintain for younger women is “deeply disturbing” in and of itself. He implies that this attraction that male adults feel for female adults really is a problem that should, ideally, be addressed and corrected.

If someone were to write an article about same sex unions claiming that the attraction that lesbian and gay adults feel for adults of their same sex is “deeply disturbing” in and of itself, would Andrew Kaczynski agree with it?

If someone were to write an article about interracial unions claiming that the desires of those who seek to form relationships and start families with individuals outside of their ethnic or racial group are “deeply disturbing”, would they be right?

Somehow, I do not believe that many of those who are most vocal in their opposition to older male-younger female unions would take kindly to either of those hypotheticals. Despite this, they remain vocal in their opposition and shaming of age-gap unions, as though those who maintain a desire for younger women have no real right to do so. Older women who seek much younger men are exciting, daring, sultry “cougars”, while their male counterparts are nasty, dangerous and highly undesirable “dirty-old men”, “perverts” and “creeps”.


These people are fine with individuals who choose to date outside of their race, their socio-economic class, or their religious group and don’t attach negative labels to them. They’re alright with men and women who choose to date other men and women. They’re alright with men and women who choose to change their gender and then date whoever they like. But an older man who seeks to date a younger woman is somehow out-of-bounds?

If discrimination is not alright, then it isn’t alright. You’re either committed to tolerance and determined to fully respect the choices that consenting adults make in their personal lives, or you aren’t. You can’t have it both ways.

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285 thoughts on “The Hypocritical Discrimination Of Relationships Between Young Women And Mature Men”

  1. It’s pure hypocrisy. In Europe it’s less of a big deal, people accept it more, but in the Anglosphere it’s like the ultimate sin for an older man to pursue younger women. On a website i was on just recently all these women were commenting on how Johnny Depp looks ‘pathetic’ with such a young woman by his side and how he ought to be dating a woman like Demi Moore who looks younger than him anyway. LOL. Demi Moore is all smoke and mirrors. Without makeup she looks like an old hag.
    Bruce Willis’s wife is stunning. She makes Demi Moore look shit, even in her prime. He is a lucky man.
    For real though, nobody has the goddamn right to tell men who to date or where and how to invest their resources. The biggest threat to women’s dual sexual strategy is men realising the full extent of their value in the dating market.

    1. That was my comment, but for some reason it came up as guest.
      Either way, no sane man is going to overlook Willis’s wife for some 50 year old, not matter how good she looks for her age. Bottom line!
      Most men with age appropriate women can’t get any better. One of my rich uncles is dating a woman close to his age but he is an academic type and only dates really smart women, but even then he still went for the hottest woman he could get that was reasonably close to his age range(-5 years)

      1. Readers of ROK should not use feminist shaming language such as “age appropriate women”…..there is NO SUCH A THING.

    2. It is sort of disturbing to be honest. I believe there are some rare true love relationships, but I think old woman/very young man or old man/very young woman relationships happen most often for all of the wrong reasons. I think it’s gross. People who date for looks only need to evaluate their lives and the reason for their innate inconfidence in themselves.

  2. “If discrimination is not alright, then it isn’t alright.”…..and… “You can’t have it both ways.”
    So you will use logic and rational arguments to make a point to feminists and Beta manginas like Kaczynski?….yeah…that will work!
    Having it both ways is what feminism is all about…..they want equality BUT only when it is beneficial to them….
    I’m past the point of caring of what these creatures want/need/think…..
    I only care of what I want/need/think….forget about anybody else…they don’t matter.
    Live by your own rules…..

    1. Think you hit the nail on the head, people who inherently value emotion more than logic are almost unreachable. Manginas are the biggest cancer ever to have infected the western world, they don’t realise that the movement (feminism) that they support, in the hopes of getting some pussy, will ironically almost make it impossible for them to score with the bulldykes they so valiantly ‘defend from oppression’. .

    2. Yes. I’ve come to those conclusions myself lately. It’s good to hear someone else say it so clearly. Every day my understanding of what I really, really want becomes clearer. (Ignore the Spice Girls lyric). It’s actually not an easy thing; to come to a true understanding of what is really you and what you really would prefer in life. There are so many learned paradigms that have to be recognized, isolated and starved. They don’t starve immediately either. It’s a good ride though. Every day gets better.

  3. It is part of our general society-wide cultural zietgeist whereby anything that a woman does toward expressing her sexual nature is great, and anything that a man does toward expressing his sexual nature is creepy.

    1. I remember the shit I got from a few bluepillers at work when I was dating a smoking 18yo.

      1. How old were you?
        I’m 27 dating an 18 y/o and I’m not telling anyone at work :/ would be a shitstorm

        1. 24 at the time. The irony was that this fling happened between her HS graduation and leaving for college, where I knew by her personality she would be sampling “lotsa coksas.” She wanted to be a slut and I just was one of the first she met. Why shouldn’t a man enjoy a woman like that while she’s still early in her career?
          Older men don’t corrupt younger women, at least in this day in age where innocent girls hardly exist.

        2. Thats awesome. Yeah this 18 I’m with takes satisfaction in saying “my parents think I’m such a good girl”
          She’s doing what the Disney girls do when they turn 18, trying to shake that good girl image.
          Its a great opportunity and if its not me doing it, it would be someone else

        3. What the fuck is right. You get no kudos for doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing just like there is no prize given out to parents who refrain from beating their kids.

        4. It should be but some people do get funny about it. Especially other people in their mid-20s.

        5. Because society is full of jealous beta male losers and jealous old ugly feminists

        6. they’re all just jealous that no one wants them and like this article says are hypocritical when it comes to the word “equality”. they wanna have their cake (doing as they please and fighting against “discrimination”) and eat it too (yet they discriminate and judge others choices of dating outside their age range). you can’t have it both ways!

        7. Wow, people on here are incredibly uneducated. Feminist isn’t an insult and I’m not old or ugly.

      2. I’m 39 and my girlfriend is 19 and I’ve gotten nothing but praise. The only negatives were said behind my back by a neck beard and an aging divorcee. I find the whole relationship and the associated shock factor to be deeply satisfying.

        1. Please do elaborate! Would be excellent to hear more about people flipping their lid.

        2. Could not agree more.
          My first son’s mom is black-Jamaican, and my wife and mother of number two is south Asian.
          I was at a hooters the other day, and the white girl was none to happy about it wwhen I told her my views on marriage, then replied to her accusation of hypocrisy with “I married foreign.”
          Her and her loser beta orbiter rolled out in anger and shame.
          I too, was very content.
          When my ex and I were dating, it was hilarious how many times I got bigoted black men who would tell me in no uncertain terms that I should be forbidden to have sex with, impregnate, and continually fuck a black women. Especially attractive ones.
          When I charged that I saw them dating outside their race all the time, the usual response is “I’m black, I can do that.”
          I just started sharing lurid details of sex acts to try and “commiserate” with their feelings.
          I have no sympathy, nor mercy, for such assholes.
          Shame appropriately, and often when confronted by them without mercy. They deserve none.

        3. Absofukkinlootly love it!!! great reply letter you really should write an article to ROK I for one would definitely read it …oh by the way my wife is a 10 young and smart black as well

      3. Same here. I was 31 and showed up to an event with a 19 year old. You guys just wait until you’re in your 30s. That’s when it really ramps up and you will be wondering why YOU keep getting older…. but the chicks stay the same age.

        1. Ew, you realize that quote is from the creepy guy who stalks underage girls in Dazed and Confused, right?

      4. I’m 37 and I thought I might have finally hit the dreaded wall..turns out it was just a I’m dating a hot 23 year old latin girl-people stare when she walks by. She just confessed to me the other day that she had masturbated to the thought of me before we had sex for the first time. You young guys if you do nothing else, learn what thoughts and ideas make a girls head spin around., its not something that comes naturally..but with a little fearless experimentation and reading you might get there too.

        1. You just use women to make yourself feel better about yourself.. It’s gross. I think it represents how little you respect people and use them for your own gain

      1. Look to history for your answer, since what people say and do are often two different things.

      2. Where I am the law says 15 is too young so there you have it. No matter what I would not mount a willing 15 year old. I would, however, host a willing young lass on the eve of her 16th birthday! Call me a pig! Oink! Oink! I care not. Young is hot. Legal is legal.

    2. I’m 44 dating a 27yr old.The only negative feedback I get is from some married men which I promptly tell them there opinion doesn’t matter you’re fucking married what do you know and of course older women who’s opinion really doesn’t matter.I enjoy rubbing there nose in shit every chance I get and all it takes is to be seen with her.It’s not like I even look 44 it just burns there ass.

      1. My brother is 50 and his wife is 26. He gets high fives from men and the evil eye from any female over 35 (espic’ if they are divorced)

        1. I’m 40 and my girlfriend is 22. However we don’t live in America, so basically nobody cares. lol

    3. Thing is, all of those “acceptable” relationships the author mentioned are relationships that come with the stamp of approval of women who’ve hit the wall. Think about it. No more religious or racial taboos? Now a woman over 30 who can’t snag a man in the States can go overseas and, like Stella, get her groove back. Same sex marriage benefits them because almost ALL of them have at least one gay friend. I’ve known women who would take a bullet for their gay BFFs but would curse and fight if their husbands just asked them to bring them a beer. You’re not going to see support for older men/younger women relationships for the same reason you won’t see anyone waving around “legalize prostitution” signs; neither of those two things benefit the Golden Girls or their antiquing, white-knighting lapdogs. These things give men OPTIONS other than settling for washed up, high-mileage throwbacks (who are usually carrying kids in tow). IMHO, if they’re gonna give guys like Clint Eastwood grief, they also need to set their sights on guys like Aaron Johnson, the star of “Kick-Ass,” who I feel should get his ass kicked for at least 5 minutes by no less than 3 MMA guys for marrying a woman who’s TWENTY-THREE YEARS OLDER THAN HE IS. How he got her pregnant is anybody’s guess. When rich guys who are SUPPOSED to have options drop the ball, that just makes the regular Joe’s job a whole helluva lot harder.

      1. Look at the demi Moore / Ashton kuchar affair all the msm loved that one and how many kids did she have with Bruce and he was always around like a bizarre triangle

  4. My current girlfriend is 10 years younger than me and I’m just about to hit 37. I love to rub it in the faces of the manginas and feminazis about the age gap.

    1. Dude they’ll give you all the typical crap about how your girlfriend has been duped and blah blah blah but remember inside they are dyeing that you manage to score with that young of a chic at your age while they are slowly rotting away due to loneliness.

      1. Either that or you are being ‘used’. It’s generally one or the other in their minds.
        Funnily enough nobody really says that if the woman is close to your age, unless she was a former model or something.

      2. This is a great vid on why men over 35 should date younger women. It really hits all the points on my relationship with my current girlfriend.

    2. She’s way too old for you! I’m 39 and my girlfriend is 19. I have no idea what older ladies think of this either because I don’t associate with older women.

      1. Hahaha…look I admit, my Game isn’t that good. Otherwise, I will be hitting up the hot 19 year old chick.

  5. My girlfriend is 11 years younger and I love it. I’m 43.I’ve never fucked a woman in her forties and I won’t till I’m in my 50’s.Not a bad thing. I met her when she was 19. I used to ask her how old she was before I cam hard in her pussy.

  6. Typical female hypocrisy. When a 40 year old women has sex with a 19 year old its perfectly fine but when its the other way round the guys is a pervert. In fact when I was 17 I hooked up with a 32 year old, the woman got no shaming or criticism. Honestly if I’m 40 years old there’s no ways I would be looking at post wall women.

  7. The issue is that the loosening of other social rules expands women’s choices to maximize their hypergamy. But, desirable men choosing based on factors women cannot control, like age, limits their choices so they bitch about it.

  8. I would say my daughter was my girlfriend if only to troll feminists that condemn the interaction of men and younger women as always contextually predatory. For that matter given the ambiguous nature and self destructive policies pushed by left I’m yet surprised that incest is not one of them. Game of thrones may yet be the start for them trying to break that as a taboo.

  9. Interracial, queer and assorted other dating and partnering are perverse. A man dating a woman 10 years his junior is a good match therefore it is to be criminalized. Especially when it is over the age of consent. The left are going to normalize Paedophiles and make them mainstream and condemn a grown man of 40 for dating a 30 year old. Ain’t that Black and Queer run America?

    1. If it wrecks civilization, it’s PC. If it maintains it, it’s not.
      PC is evil.

  10. They have now tried to brand it as a psuedo psychological disorder – Peter Pan Syndrome, the refusal to grow up.

    1. It’s sick. Was drinking last night and accused of chauvinism by female company. Too much contact with young honeys. AKA a 26 year old. Fits your paradigm.

      1. I’m waiting for the day that college freshman will be asked to write essays on Peter Pan Syndrome, in the same way they are coerced into writing papers on the mythical gender pay gap. I predict this will be the next front of the feminist war.

        1. I was fighting that war Saturday night. Jewy feminist burst out crying because I suggested older men like younger women. And vice verse. Sexy Italian across the table basically agreed with me. Strange allies.

        2. What you said amounted to “the sky is blue”. But the modern woman is so detached from reality, that the truth sounds like a personal insult to them.

        3. Not only does it ‘sound’ like a personal insult to them, they literally believe it is one in their whacked mind and direct their vitriol cannons at you.

        4. The Italian is an ultra sexy lesbian. You wouldn’t know to look at her.but she agreed and said that she also prefers girls a decade younger than herself.

        5. True. And their counter arguments are based on bullying body language. If they can lose their temper, and make indignant facial expressions, this will serve as a replacement for a coherent and logical argument.

        6. No doubt the Jewish girl thinks that lesbian freedom of choice is a good thing. A sign of LGBT empowerment. These girls get away with misandry on a daily basis.

        7. Our valiant RoK writers and their many converts will make quick work of that silly nonsense no frets I tells ya. They simply cannot keep this ridiculous charade up forever.

        8. Manipulative bitch started crying at me.
          Lesbian Italian was hip to her bullshit though.

  11. The current cartel that women hold over pussy will not allow men to excercise their genetic imperative to find young fertile females attractive.
    The reason for this is because it would greatly devalue the sexual market value of all the post wall career women out there who are trying to snag a husband at the tail end of their fertility window. Why would a man wife up some ex carousel rider when he could get a younger, more fertile, more beautiful option?
    If young women want to have a decent chance to live a fullfilled family life it would be in her best interest to pair bond with an older male who has the status and provisioning capabilities to carry her through her child bearing years, and provide for her children.
    By shaming older men as creeps and pervs and pedos; these women are mearly sabotaging the chances of their younger sisters from having a decent shot at life.
    This demonstrates the selfishness of modern women; and how older women who want to ‘have it all’ are not looking out for the best interests of their younger female peers despite their claims to the contrary.

    1. Agree but let’s be real, the push back is going to come from somewhere. If it’s not women giving us a hard time, it will be men. Younger men are not going to sit back idly while older guys take their women, so the age/creep shaming rhetoric works in their favour too.
      Younger men will go along with these shaming tactics because they are advantageous in their 20’s, but they will realize the folly of their ways as they age and find it more difficult to locate suitable partners within their cohort.

      1. “Younger men are not going to sit back idly while older guys take their women.”
        I’m pretty sure they already are.

        1. Women don’t belong to anyone. They’re not “your” women or “their” women. They are women and they have a choice too.

    2. You know what? You got me thinking. Who is it that benefits the most by saying adulthood, and therefore in most cases, the age of sexual consent, is 18 years old? Catherine de Medici was married at 14. Marie Antoinette was married at 15.
      Think about it. Setting it at 18, you eliminate 4 years worth of more fertile, and more attractive, competition.
      Qui bono?

      1. Excellent point but it’s not only “more fertile and more attractive”.
        A woman will never look, feel or taste better than her teen 15 to 16 yrs. old. The beauty, relative innocence, kindness and lack of perversion of good girls at this age simply outshines everything.else older women have to offer, including smarts or whatever.
        The 15 to 16 yrs. old good girl is the embodiment of feminine nature at its cleanest peak. She’s pre carrousel, not yet corrupted at heart and not yet in the business of selling sex for resources. Hasn’t become a prostitute yet.
        This is the reality the hags know in their hearts that they must fight tooth and nail.

        1. Man, I wish I could upvote your comment a thousand times. It could stand alone as an article. I think about this fact all the time when I see those young girls around, happy and smiling and feminine. Women my age, on the other hand… already clearly rotting on the inside and outside. And I’m still young- 22.

        2. Having sex shouldn’t determine a woman’s’ or man’s worth. These comments are disgusting! They’re full of slut shaming, virgin shaming clueless meatheads who have a very poor understanding of a meaningful relationship. No wonder you want to get with women my age. Women your age probably see through your bullshit a lot faster.

      2. It’s actually more dangerous for teens to reproduce( greater chance of having high blood pressure, preemies, or low-birth-weight babies) and they are more susceptible to STIs. Your examples come from a time when little was understood medically, especially regarding women.

      3. Sounds totally Pedo to me. 14 year old brains are not fully developed at that age. It is too easy to take advantage of them. And the lifespan of a person was much lower than it is now. Puberty happening later is actually a biological sign of a healthier person. Also, women were forced to have sex and raped, asshole. Women have a choice now and their choosing to have babies later than 12 years old, which I think is a very good idea. Early puberty can happen in young kids as early as 5 years old and it’s a sign of severe malnutrition or a hormonal imbalance.

    3. Most of these old crones and their ridiculous attempts at preserving a heavily slanted and unnatural dating market can be readily swept aside by any man with some balls about him. It is the enlisted “keepers of chastity” (aka white knights) who can pose a greater problem if they get in your way. Best to bring along you cattle prod when out and about with your fresh young conquest to keep the more brutish ones at bay. You would be surprised at what 20.000 volts can do to an enraged bull having just seen red.

    4. It’s not a modern phenomenon. Woman have been desperately trying to disqualify their younger sexual competitors since the beginning of time.

    5. Lmao Using fertility is no excuse. Women could look for young fertile men too but their preferences of men actually age as they age. Men seem to be stuck in this strange zone of 20-25, which I think is a sociological development. And to an extent, a lot of older guys dating really younger men IS creepy. It’s also creepy when an old woman dates a really young guy. It screams “I just want them for sex and how they look” or “Someone in this relationship is taking advantage of money or power” most of the time.

  12. Some of this hooplah comes from single mothers who are having a difficult time finding victim #2. They refused to be the good wife the first time around, and now they want the world to return to a simpler and gentler time – their early twenties, when male attention fell like rain from the sky.
    Now they are in their mid thirties, and a cursory glance is showing that men their age have more options than before. They can’t stand that a system that once catered to them now caters to someone else.
    So they resort to shaming tactics. These tactics will work on a few chumps with limited financial resources – the cool drummer she banged in her twenties that now works at Taco Bell. Or the computer geek she ignored years ago.
    But she doesnt want those men. Her hypergamous nature still demands the cream of the crop. The dashing millionaire, Christian Grey type. She hates that the successful entrepreneur is now cashing his chips in though – with a 24 year old exchange student from Chang Mai.
    Nature provides justice in its own way.

      1. I have seen some of her videos. Pretty spot on. Good to see that those videos have a high number of hits, along with far more likes than dislikes.

        1. I think she has a son which is why she is on the side of men.
          Im not 100% certain I trust any females but she does articulate her points well albeit a bit lengthy her videos have more chance of being viewed and possibly acknowledged by females then ones made by men.

        2. Yes, same here. she has a red pill undersanding of the world. However, she is an MRA, and wants for evolution to bring the sexes closer together, meeting in the middle of male and female, an androgynous utopia.

        3. She has two sons. Is a sexual assault survivor. Is in a heterosexual relationship LTR, but says she identifies as bisexual with emphasis on same sex/butch. She has acknowledged that ther interest in men’s rights is because of her sons.

        4. It’s nice that she is countering feminist insanity. That being said, it’s still problematic that women are incapable of hearing public critique from men, going to the length of classifying it as a threat to national security.

      2. My favorite quote:

        When women say ‘There are no good men left…’ what the astute observer hears is ‘…there are no good men left thanks to a combination of my increased expectations and decreased attractiveness’

  13. Great piece!
    Funny – an ancient cougar at my workplace asked how old my girlfriend is the other day. I told her she is 23. The cougar’s face shriveled in disgust. ‘That’s entirely inappropriate,’ she said. Predictable, and a lesson to me not to discuss my personal life with colleagues. ‘You can’t have anything in common with her,’ she continued.
    Well, actually we have a lot in common. We both love Bowie, contemporary art, travel, fine food, literature. And having great sex together.The idea that people of different ages can have nothing to talk to one another about is entirely false, and is anyway somewhat irrelevant in the context of a relationship based on sexual desire. I would much rather be with a fun, sexy, inspiring 23 year old than an aging, embittered hag in her late thirties.

    1. It’s not the side effects of the cocaine.
      I’m thinking that it must be love.

    2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN! Let’s spread this gospel of good news! haha.. Young women are perfectly suited to be with older more experienced men.

    3. My response to the “What could you possibly have in common?” comment: “I have very little in common with any woman, but have no desire to have sex with other men, so I may as well date the most attractive (i.e. youngest) woman that I have very little in common with.”

      1. That’s my response. As a straight man, I probably have more in common with a butch dike than a straight woman.

    4. This was my exact experience. I was told repeatedly by media that I, being 40 could never have anything in commeon with a young 20 year old woman. Now after dating a young 20 year old woman I’ve found that to be so beyond false that I distrust most media now. I have more in common with this person than anyone I ever had before. In over a year, I haven’t noticed one thing disparaging that our age difference has brought about as ‘they’ had promised it would. Not one thing.

      1. That just means you need to meet more people in general. Are you sure it isn’t just because she agrees with you most of the time and you think she’s hot? That can cloud judgement a lot. I can guarantee that generation gap starts to show in many ways. Haha I know from experience

    5. It’s the way you talk about older women that’s incredibly disturbing, as though she has no value because she is older and has a different opinion. I’m 25 and I would never date someone like you because you sound like an asshole who uses someone to feel better about yourself. Get your own confidence.

  14. It all started when men suddenly worried about the uncertainty of paternity and decided to guard one woman to ensure it. Prior to that men were free to engage in sex with whoever they saw fit. It was the natural way but we gave it all up OURSELVES.
    Now we’ve come too far down the line and it is impossible to reverse the trend. It’s actually going to get worse and worse. Here’s my advice to young unattached men:
    1. Never keep a woman. Never ever even think about getting married.
    2. Never offer anything to a woman UNLESS she pleases you on the stop. Treat them all like prostitutes. They love it.
    3. Never worry about pleasing a woman in bed, be selfish. If she likes the sex she’ll come back again and again and she’ll trick you into a relationship.

  15. Look at who is doing the scolding: young guys and old women, so they reveal that their hypocrisy is nothing but a mating strategy.

  16. You know something is politically correct if it erodes/wrecks civilization. And the converse is becoming the rule as well.

  17. Has Andrea Kazinski (of OKStupid) forgotten that women actually START this game? They mock and reject boys their own age in favor or older men – and they will even make fun of older women, themselves.
    My niece is not the only 8 year old that would pull out her eye teeth to date Justin Bieber. But when she’s 38….. she will still be crying in her soup and call him “perv” because 54 year old Justin Bieber is now dating a 24 year old. This is their hypocrisy exposed for all the world to see – and it knows no cultural boundaries.
    The very women who wanted a 31 year-old boyfriend (at 19) because “girls are so much more mature than boys”…. finally have to eat their own words when he’s 31 and looking to the new batch of 19 year-year olds that want him now.
    Just how STUPID is OKSTUPID to pretend this is “disturbing”? If it’s “disturbing” I recommend they take their objections to my niece…… because frankly, I have had enough of the goddam Bieber Balloon Birthday parties with his face on every napkin and paper plate.
    Now THAT’s fucking disturbing.

    1. Spot on mate. Spot on. You just shot the eye out of a gnats chuff at 1000 paces.

  18. I’m reminded of W.B Yeats whenever a woman thinks she deserves love or tries to shame a man in his love as purely born of lust that: “in courtesy I’d have her chiefly learned; Hearts are no had as a gift but hearts are earned” – a prayer for my daughter

  19. “Society has come a long way…..”, the more this phrase gets uttered it makes it true….. doesn’t it????? “Its 2014!”, blah, blah, blah…..

  20. And you think this is progression? It is nauseating
    It’s a quite a tip off that you include Jewish/Gentile
    first in your examples of debatchery. You wouldn’t
    even get to first base with white women had not
    the Jews cleared the way for you! Once that filthy
    debatchery was accepted ANYTHING was allowed!
    Queers marring? What next? Women and chimps?
    How delicious it must feel for you to slip it between
    the thighs of a human female. We can all thank the
    Jews for your acess down the yellow brick road to
    paradise, and for the bi-racial mutts these sluts will
    give birth to.
    The Jewish agenda has always been the eradacation
    of the white male, which is accomplished by the
    very advice this article advocates.
    But just keep those Hedi Klum types rolling off the
    converer belt. They can be created without the
    presence of a single live white man. Just inseminate
    the dumbed down Klums with stored white male
    sperm and you can get an endless of living sex dolls
    for the Jews and other subhumans.

      1. Pew found there are about 1.6 million Christians (not atheists — Christians) of Jewish background in the USA. I was astounded that it was so high.

  21. I am 38 my last fuck buddy was 20 , fun, sexy and feminine without a care in the world. People say that it is weird that I dated a girl that young, I think it would be weird to chase a woman my age. All women my age have children, are fat, bitter, no fun, and demanding. They have long ass checklists and baggage from old relationships. Young girls are fun and easy to control. People ask me what do I talk about with young girls, we are too busy fucking to talk!

    1. This is probably why women your age don’t like you and are bitter toward you; I would be too and avoid you like the Plague. And no, I’m not your age, I’m 25. You talk down to all older women as though they’re one been group of the same person. It’s offensive and rude. You don’t have sisters or aunts or mothers you love? Friends? You sound very vapid. It honestly sounds like you have mommy issues that you never dealt with…

  22. Seriously, where does one even meet a woman in her early twenties and hit on her without seeming like a perv?
    Tips please?

    1. If you are in shape, and dress with style, just go to a local night club. If you know how to talk music and art festivals . Day time , hit book stores near college campuses, alternative city spots, and anything involving current fashion. That’s just off the top of my head.

      1. If you only want a quick pump and dump then I can agree. But I would caution you to use a fake name and carry a fake ID. Don’t let her know your address or see you license plate.
        If you want something more significant, then I recommend going outside the Anglosphere. The specific location is based on your tastes, but you will stand a much better chance of finding a quality woman and any age difference will not make a difference. We have only gotten so stupid in this regard in the west. Act quickly because the feminist plague is spreading.

    2. Anywhere. Because unlike sour older women, younger girls are upbeat! and friendly! A lot of the time they want to break rules, so an older guy fits right into that. I find it easier to casually talk to women ages 18-25 than anyone over 30. This goes for online as well.

    3. Don’t worry if other people think you’re a perv. Especially if it’s true.

      1. My father was not an educated man but he had a wealth of practical knowledge. One of the earliest lessons he gave me was:
        “Don’t worry about what people think; they don’t do it very often.”

  23. There’s so much whinging about the infantilization of women, yet “there they go again” as Reagan would say.

  24. The reason why there’s so much hate is because young hot women love the silver foxes. And in my experience, young women who do look askance at age gaps tend to be damaged goods.
    If you’re an alpha, you have nothing to worry about. After all, the only difference between a silver fox and an old perv is the former is alpha and the latter a beta/omega.

    1. So that explains all those commercials for male hair dyes promising to make you look younger and reinvigorated. They are attempting to convince you to cover-up what amounts to a natural young-pussy magnet, whereas it is simply nature’s ordained transition to the venerable status of silverback (though hopefully not literally on that one).

    2. Let me add as a guy married to one of these young women, you better bring the alpha and keep on bringing it after the wedding or you will be yesterday’s newspaper. Game is still required.

      1. Yeah, I’m sure that’s one reason why so many marriages fail. “I got the woman, I can relax and go beta now”…. uh, no.

  25. A successful good looking 40-yr old man finds the prospect of settling with a 40yr old woman as repulsive. That man could easily find a much better prospect in their 20s.
    Youth is beauty. Younger women make men feel alive in ways that same-aged women just can’t.
    They day you see man dating women the same age is the day you’ll see women dating men with the same salaries.

  26. Older men also benefit medically from dating younger women. I conjecture that the threat of sperm competition with younger men causes the older man’s body to ramp up DNA repair to maintain his own sperm quality, and it has the side effect of increasing DNA repair in his body’s somatic cells as well.

  27. The majority of racism is coming from WHITE WOMEN. White western men are very liberal and tolerant. But white women are still barbarians living in the stone age.
    I’ve spoken to many white women about the trend of white men dating Asian women, and almost always, the white woman will make a racist or sexist comment about Asian women.
    Fuck white women, fuck them straight to hell.

    1. And guess who enables their racism? Yup, your whipped white knight mangina variants.
      That reminds me, back in 2009, a former classmate (Anglo American land whale) told me privately how another former classmate of ours (part-Japanese, to be exact) has a “cache of boy toys.”

    2. “Fuck white women, fuck them straight to hell”
      – That’s what they’re doing already, aren’t they? The cock carousel never stops for them.

    3. Indeed, if you look to the British Empire as an example, white British soldiers were perfectly happy to bonk whatever shade of tawny the local lasses came in. Once the steamship travel became practical, suddenly the white women showed up, the party was over, and racism was institutionalized.
      À bientôt,

      1. Oh yeah, definitely. The white men of the past were thrilled with the indigenous women, and I bet you the native women made GREAT wives (as long as their people groups were generally at peace), far superior to the naturally bitchy anglo-broads.
        There is a reason there is so much native american blood in white people in USA. You would think, if white men were the racist Satan-worshipers that the left makes them out to be, they would never mate with a non-white woman. Instead, reality shows they made sweet love to these sweet women.

      2. This was true of the British Empire but not so much the Spanish. When the white women showed up in Brazil the white men basically told them to go fu*k themselves, they were happy with the women they had. Only Androsphere heritage guys like me were such pussies.

        1. As an incidental point, I think you mean “Anglosphere”. Also, my underlying point holds true w/r/t men happily bonking away with the local flavor.
          À bientôt,

  28. The female is the most powerful commodity. I don’t think that is a new concept. In other societies both past and present, a good looking fertile female only comes along with a certain level of status. It’s just that in our society, the level of material wealth that correlates to that status is excessively high. Millions of dollars for a decent one. Also, not only does the price go up, but the quality of the woman goes down. You are only exclusively purchasing their later years. The quality years of 14-25 are auctioned off on a different, short term social status market.Social status and material wealth is the main order of the day. Women play their part in this by parading around in provocative clothing (posting pictures of themselves online in case you miss them on the streets) like a luxury car commercial that you are forced to watch 800 times a day, only more powerful.Our female worshipping society is a perfect for our consumerist society. Think of all the money you need to waste to get women. From food and drinks, to diamond rings and weddings, cars, houses, vacations, nice clothes for yourself, etc. An attractive woman is an absurdly expensive commodity.

    1. Top comment.
      I no longer invest in female stock as it depreciates rapidly over time.

      1. Females today are the equivalent of holding 1000 shares of circa 2000.
        Felt like you were king of the world at the time until later you realized you were holding a handful of worthless overpriced SHIT.

    2. This is what is so disturbing about this trend: it goes with this chauvenistic attitude. I can’t believe there are men who still refer to women as a commodity. That’s disgusting. Using examples from the past as a rule for the future of humanity doesn’t work. It’s called progression, not stagnation. There were also a lot of uneducated, diseased, undiagnosed psychopathic rapists back then too when it was considered just fine to treat a female like an inanimate object. We are moving past that now; onto the next one. The “good old days” wasn’t that good and society is changing. Sociology plays just as large of a role as biology and that’s a fact. Environment is proven to shape our behavior, brain, and even our genes.

  29. Interesting article, and coincidentally great timing. I’ve been browsing latin profiles for women 15 or so years younger than me.
    Last week I was returning from South America and while there several younger women took fancy with me. Also, in the airport a cutey who was probably 25-26 was heading back to Chile and took interest in me.
    I’ve noticed another man-shaming tactic in which “age appropriate dating” is used to imply a man who chooses to be with a younger woman is perverted or “needs help” or “wants to control her.”
    Whereas typically if an older woman pursues younger men, it’s celebrated and given the “you go girl!” rally cry.
    I’ve learned do not listen to this propaganda. Do what suits you (legally) and be happy with it. You’re your own man; NO ONE ELSE DEFINES HOW YOU ARE—you do!

    1. You forgot: “You are trying with young women cause you can’t get along with a strong, full woman”
      Isn’t lovely when the hamsters hit the wall at top speed? Old bishes be crazy!

      1. Exactly. Although I usually see it phrased, “a strong, independent woman who can think for herself”, blah blah blah.
        (insert strong woman “don’t need a man” complex comment here)

  30. Older men-younger women are the right relationship model.
    Ideal age difference should be between 5 years+ onwards. Anything more than that is better with more age difference, especially for the man.
    I would recommend reading a 15th century North African sex manual called the Perfumed Garden, translated by Richard Burton in 1888. There is a chapter instructing men on the virtues of copulating with younger women, and the dangers of copulating with older women.
    “As to coition with old women, it acts like a fatal poison; and it has been said, “Do not rummage old women, were they as rich as Karoun.” And it has further been said, “Beware of mounting old women; and if they cover you with favours.” And again, “The coitus of old women is a venomous meal.”
    Know that the man who works a woman younger than he is himself acquires new vigor; if she is of the same age as he is he will derive no advantage from it, and, finally, if it is a woman older than himself she will take all his strength out of him for herself.”
    Shaming older men for going with younger women is feminism’s way of demeaning men. And their hypocrisy is complete by exhorting younger men to date older women by saying older women are better and more responsible lovers. Seriously, older single women need to fucking rot and die for not having chosen to settle down when they were young. Enough of the manipulative rhetoric that older women are more responsible, blah blah.
    It makes sense that if you want to fuck an older woman, just fuck her ass. Disregard her vagina.

    1. “Eat slowly, if your food shall do you good,
      And take good care, that it be well digested.
      Beware of things which want hard mastication;
      They are bad nourishment, so keep from them.
      Drink not directly after finishing your meal,
      Or else you go half way to meet an illness.
      Keep not within you what is of excess.
      And if you were in the most susceptible circles,
      Attend to this well before seeking your bed,
      For rest this is the first necessity.
      From medicines and drugs keep well away.
      And do not use them unless very ill.
      Use all precautions proper, for they keep
      Your body sound, and are the best support.
      Don’t be too eager for round-breasted women;
      Excess of pleasure soon will make you feeble.
      And in coition you may find a sickness;
      And then you find too late that in coition
      Our spring of life runs into women’s vulva.
      And before all beware of aged women,
      For their embraces will to you be poison.
      Each second day a bath should wash you clean;
      Remember these precepts and follow them.”

    2. The Perfumed Garden is a classic sex manual, up there with the Kama Sutra. Thank you for bringing it to the attention of our brothers at ROK.

    3. off topic, but every time I read such old books it amazes me how humanity seems to have a habit of discovering truth only to forget/suppress it again.

    4. “Enough of the manipulative rhetoric that older women are more responsible, blah blah.”
      Ain’t that the truth.

    5. Makes sense. Older women need sperm from younger men to nourish their looks. That’s why the modern feminist propaganda glamorizing older women as sex queens, to horny young men.
      If you think deeply, it is a cycle to favor women.
      Age 17-30: the slut fucks around with as many alphas, while rejecting most men of her age, to nourish her ego.
      Age 30 onwards: She becomes the desirable, sexy cougar. Now she focuses on any man below her age, even the rejects of younger sluts than her, to use their semen to nourish her looks.
      Comparatively, men at
      Age 17 onwards: want to fuck anything. Sometimes, end up expending precious sperm in the asses and wombs of cougars, to prematurely age themselves.
      Also, women who fuck around too much age faster. Look at sluts and pornstars. They all end up looking like cow like hags. The face may lie, but the stretch marks, the looseness of the holes and flab on the body never.

  31. When coming from other men I believe it to be no more than a combination of misguided white-knighting combined with an underlying layer of jealousy and envy that is more readily publicly expressible in these parts due to America’s Puritan heritage. When coming from other (especially older) women well… no explanations needed fellas.

    1. I scuba dive. A couple of years ago I was diving in the Cenotes on the Yucatan peninsula. One of the other divers was a young guy. He had just come from diving in Thailand, a place where I used to dive quite often. I asked him about how it was as I had not been there since the tsunami in 2004. He told me the diving was great but he couldn’t stand the sight of all the old guys with young girls on their arms. I let it drop and didn’t tell him that I was married to a young Asian woman 28 years my junior. Does he not realize that someday, if he is lucky enough not to die along the way, he will be the old guy?

      1. any question he was
        a) a mangina
        b) a beta who saw his pool shrinking?

    1. yep, and a man to be attracted to a younger woman is just “wrong” (if a sarcasm font existed that last statement would be perfect).

      1. Western society; where homosexual marriage is an perfectly acceptable option and an older man mating with a young woman is a pervert.

        1. Jesus, I think I said that word for word somewhere else. It really has all gotten completely f****d up beyond belief.

  32. Why do I date younger women? Because I can. I’ve put myself in a position that younger women find me attractive. I take care of myself, I look 10 years younger than I am, I have fun toys to play with like motorcycles, jeeps, etc that they all love to ride in. Funny thing is, anyone my age doesn’t find those things very fun but I still do. So not only can I date younger women, but women my age wouldn’t be interested in my interests anyway. So it works perfectly. I’m 39, current girl just turned 26.

  33. Andrew Kazynscki is a fucking hypocrite.
    Either he is fucking an used slut, or old hags, or he is a closet faggot.
    Or he is fucking young sluts himself, and he is disturbed with himself.
    This guy must be punished in public by making fuck with old wrinkled 60+ slutty hags.

  34. Age is relative. Even for an older woman who is past her prime, she can always find someone older than her who thinks she is young.
    Catherine Zeta Jones was 31 when she married Douglas, who was in his mid-50s. Same with that chick who’s engaged to Clooney.

    1. Clooney is marrying an attractive attorney wife so he can enter politics. It is the same reason the total lesbian Hillary married Bill back in the day. She is cover. He could not get elected in the US if he was not married, and the woman could not be too young and she had to have had her feminist merit badge career.

  35. The best age to marry a woman begins right from the age of consent in her country till she becomes 20. In today’s world, you must catch them young.
    The older the woman, the more cocks she’s had. A young woman in her mid to late 20s on an average has a cock count of 10+. If you’re a man in your 40’s or even 50’s, aim lower in the age bracket of available women for marriage. Don’t go for the ‘responsible’ girls in their late 20’s or early 30’s even, as even these women are often not good enough. They’ve already sobered down after innumerable rides on the cock carousel. Aim young, between 17 – 25. Pull them out of the slut pool before they get corrupted.
    Marriage is a lottery. It’s better to play with the tougher but best option, than to go for the average but safer option…

  36. The problem with most of the suckers pictured is that they married them.
    Rich and famous, sure, but still idiots.
    There are few men who look great bald: Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, myself.
    A handsome man is a handsome man, with or without hair. James Gandolfini and Forest Whitaker are examples of bald men who hair could never help.

  37. while this article is good, and highlights either extreme denial or ignorance on the part of Mr. Kaczynski, its another Beta/Feminist sham to perpetrate a relationship dynamic that has existed for centuries. Furthermore it also highlights the divide in hypocritical assumptions made by aforementioned Beta/Feminist twats – So an older woman dating a younger man is “empowered” or just normal and accepted (and the poor schmuck will get hi-fives for banging an already banged-up cougar) yet older men will be seen as pervs, reeks of older women getting shitty that their ex (husband, partner, boyfriend etc) is tapping something that they either once were or wish they were.

  38. Marriage is only for the very- rich, A man with 3 million still has 1.5 million in the event it doesn’t work out, he can re-start his life easily with that. A middle class man is destroyed by a divorce. In relationships, and life in general, We only figure out the mistake when it’s too late. It’s hard to imagine that your princess can turn into a toad for most people. Marriage doesn’t work because love s strongest in the first 3 years, both parties assume the love will last forever, and get married in this “romance” stage, than 5-7 years later they are stuck and unhappy, it’s like lusting after a sports car, initially for a couple of years you are happy, than after 3 you think about what you should have done with the money instead, but you were low, had a void, and advertising won. Most rich men who are into cars have to have collections, proof one is not enough, trinkets do not lead to a rich existence, neither the fleeting love of a woman
    There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed.
    Napoleon Bonaparte^

  39. yea the concepts of “dirty old man” and “robbing the cradle” have been expanded to include large age gaps even though both are consenting adults and its old man younger lady.
    Being a cougar on the other hand is ok and empowering. Then you have stuff like this:
    Never an “oh thats a bad idea she is robbing the cradle”. He is called a boytoy.
    Andrew Kaczynski can stay in betaland if he wishes.

  40. Why would any sane man of any age be in a “relationship” with woman over 30? I really don’t get it. I mean, fuck one in a pinch (not over 40), but in a relationship? That’s crazy.
    Women over 30, and especially over 40, are miserable wretches. No matter how much they exercise, their bodies go to hell. Their twats, which have been on the cock merri-go-round all those years, are all stretched out and like airplane hangers. Their tits either sag, or look ridiculous with a boob-job. There hair is natty, because all of them start dying their hair at the first sign of gray, and that makes there hair stiff and course. Their butts start to take on a weird shape, regardless of their level of physical activity. They cut their hair short, often because it costs less to dye short hair than it does to dye long hair.
    I could go on about how horrible they look and how awful they are for sex. But what’s even worse are their personalities. Their behaviors. All of them are angry Hillary voters. All of them grew up in a culture of victimhood. All of them have spent a lifetime manipulating people (esp men) and are exceedingly good at it. They are usually loud and obnoxious. They are bossy. A very large percentage of them have Borderline Personality Disorder.
    Women over 30 that are not wives and mothers and in the home are a huge burden on society. A disproportionate share of government expenditures goes towards them. They raise the cost of everything. They are the dysfunctional employees in companies and thus reduce the productivity level of the country.
    They are useless. They should be sent to China, where there is a surplus of men, so they can make the lives of those Chinese men miserable.

    1. HAHA! Send ’em all to China. Maybe that’s part of the West’s long term strategy to undermine China. We just don’t know it yet.

      1. Those china-men ain’t interested in frumpy old anglo-hags unless the wench in question is much richer than him.

  41. You have to look after yourself, first priority. Red pill daily.
    I’m 51 and girlfriend is 29. Being going out 2 years +.
    I see the look in older women who see me and it only reminds them how now inadequate they are. Especially ex wife.

  42. Essentially, this is part of a broader trend of pathologizing all expressions of male sexuality and preference:
    Men don’t like fat or frumpy chicks? They’re shallow and need to like her for her personality.
    Men find a woman’s personality too aggressive and abrasive? They’re paternalistic sexists who can’t handle a “strong and independent” woman.
    Men find foreign women preferable to North American women? They’re losers who can’t get any and expect women to be sex toys.
    Men prefer that women have a low number of partners? Slut shaming! A woman can do whatever she wants with her body!
    Ad Nauseam.
    Same thing with age shaming for men. Men are essentially chided for being attracted to what they find attractive. As much as those on the left like to mock the right for being “anti-science” (with regards to evolution and creationism), they seem to have a real problem with accepting male biology and the obvious differences between the sexes.
    And of course, seldom are young women taken to task for dating older men, even though they’re ultimately the gatekeepers of intimacy.

    1. I want some data, namely the waist-hip ratios of the partners of viagra users.

  43. If the Devil would take her,
    I’d thank him for his pain.
    I swear to God I’ll hang meself
    if I get married again!

  44. I find that rolling your own smoke at the table before you go outside to puff garners one attention.

  45. The main reason for the suppression of male sexuality is fear. Women fear it and so do other men. If it was allowed to freely flourish only the most violent and dominant men would get sex. And it would be very fucking rough; not in the 50 shades of gray fantasy kind of way either. Women would be longing for a safe environment and a stable “beta”. Rape of Nanking kind of shit. The very survival of society depends upon men never realizing they don’t have to play by these imaginary rules. White knight cops and military really are protecting “freedom” and “serving” the public; just not the other men. Someone on here mentioned Comanche culture awhile back, I thought that gave good insight into what a real “patriarchy” would be like.

    1. “The very survival of society depends upon men never realizing they don’t have to play by these imaginary rules.”
      You might be onto something there. Good insight.

    2. We simply do not know how humanity would have developed if men did not give up their freedom. It all started when men wanted to be sure about paternity. So they settled with one woman.
      My guess is that we would have developed a far more natural civilisation based on the individual’s merits rather than the collective good.
      This civilisation erodes the quality of the genes and so it’s self-destroying.

      1. “My guess is that we would have developed a far more natural civilisation
        based on the individual’s merits rather than the collective good.”
        You are wrong. There is absolutely nothing admirable living closer to nature. See how the Comanche lived, and their barbarity. By claiming you want to live in a more “natural” civilisation you are essentially saying you want to live in a society ruled by bloodthirsty, savage, aggressive, hyper-masculine macho lunatic(s).
        If anything we must get as far from nature as possible. Burn the rain forests, empty the seas, kill every living creature and turn the human beings into cyborgs.
        Nature is inherently evil.

    3. When feminists claim that men are essentially lust driven beasts, i think they are not that far from the truth. The Nanking Massacre, among many, many other such brutalities carried out by men who went off the line -basically becoming free, if only for a moment- proves that men are still brutish, primitive animals at heart, with very few redeeming qualities. This site is a treasure trove of red pill truth, for most men here are indeed little more than mindless beasts, unceasingly chasing pussy, owned by women they claim to despise.
      It’s both hilarious and pathetic.
      But i do not by any means claim that women are any better. If anything women are even worse, because while men express their bestial, animalistic nature more openly and violently, women express it in more cunning and subtle ways that are often more damaging than any massacre or mass rape could ever be.
      Although we are perhaps slightly more intelligent than other animals (and even that is debatable), humans are still primates, a mammalian species every bit as cruel, violent and selfish as all other animals. The elites are right to oppress species as fucked up, arbitrary and irrelevant as Man.
      The people who say God created Man in His own image are either joking or batshit insane.

      1. A correction:
        men have NO redeeming qualities.
        But then, neither do women. We are all shit -no, not THE shit, just plain shit- so at least in that way we truly are all equal.

  46. This sort of “shaming” is the flip side of women claiming that “men think they are entitled women’s bodies” brought out in the wake of Eliot Rodger. Men start out lower on average, generally-speaking, in SMV, but we’re on an escalator up and women are on an escalator down, and there comes a point where the escalators cross and the men wave “buh-bye!” to the women. After a certain age, it’s women who think they are entitled to men–men’s support, love and bodies–no matter how much of a porky hag any given woman happens to be.
    Why does a successful older man date young, attractive women? Because he can. I’m in my 40s, and the ladies I am dating and mating with on the regular in the past year have been 19, 21, 23, 23 and 24. Why? Because I *can*. First, being around younger women is like drinking from the fountain of youth. Second, the ones who will date an older man aren’t cranky, entitled bitches. None of the girls in my five ever complained about what she “deserved” from me, didn’t bitch about me not doing any housework (they were overnight guests, not live-ins, but they fell in to feminine roles at my pad, b/c they are *feminine* women), and were NEVER to tired for fun. Do you know when a 19 year old has a headache? On the 12th of Never.
    Do I get crap from other men? No, unless they are married to a harpy that they have to mollify. Young men want to know how I do it, and older men (and often younger women–behold the power of pre-selection!) want to congratulate me. The folks who want to shame me are older women who lingered to long on the carousel, and to whom my options present a threat, because they represent a decrease in their options….gather ye rosebuds while ye may….
    À bientôt,

  47. Racism was invented for the sake of the white woman.
    When white soldiers or men conquered lands of dark skinned people, they were happy to have sex with any women of any color. Pizarro etc are examples of this.
    When white women were brought to them, the first thing they did was that they started their own men for fucking these dark skinned female monkeys. The white man, shamed by his white princess, obliged. But the tables were turned, when the white women started fucking around with the dark skinned slave men themselves. So the white man had no choice but to amp up racism, out of the fear of his white wenches’ sluttiness. End result? The unfortunate dark skinned races get fucked either way. First the white woman instigates racism out of her jealousy for dark skinned women, and then she fuels the fire of racism further by her own sluttiness with dark skinned men, which ignites the jealous territorial instincts of her white man.
    Today the same thing you see with age. The white woman shames men who fuck with young women. But she personally want to fuck any man who passes her path. The good thing is that there is no ‘ism’ when it comes to age. Otherwise people would be persecuting each other, only because of age, as they did based on race.

    1. Racism was started by Leon Trotsky and other leftist theorists.
      All human groups can tell who they belong with just by looking. Don’t be a retard.

  48. An added factor is the misery that feminism has caused in women for various reasons. Imagine the rich kid bawling amidst her pile of toys. She’s gotten every single toy she ever asked for and it just sets her off into tantrums. That’s feminism; a woman thinking whatever she wants in any situation regardless of anything. It doesn’t work and it leads to misery. Then, the sight of men being happy really irks them. In their subconscious mind, true equality won’t be attained until ALL men are as unhappy as they are. The image of happy men provokes anger in the average American female.

    1. “The image of happy men provokes anger in the average American female.”
      So true. However this trait is not exclusive to Western women. All women are generally like that, or at least after their looks are gone and the steady stream of male attention ceases. They naturally blame men for this.
      Women are really difficult to like, let alone respect or take seriously once you understand them better. Men and women are definitely not friends.

  49. Older women CAN’T REPRODUCE. Don’t you get it? It’s more population control bullshit being shoved down our throats. Like online porn where a VIRTUAL girlfriend is for YOU western boy. Yeah, she’ll never reproduce. Just get a virtual girlfriend and click her on and off as you please,and as the eyes in the sky and at big brother headquarters watch your stupid ass die out like the Shakers. Or like they taught you in public school to use contraception if you’re heterosexual. Otherwise you must turn gay or adopt a puppy. IT’S POPULATION CONTROL, CAN’T YOU SEE IT? And if you insist on having any family of your own, then get sterilized and simply adopt, absorb the third world orphan population, BUT BY NO MEANS do you dare produce native born apple pie american youth in this generation. And don’t marry anyone. Be a MGTOW.
    Actually an older women could serve a purpose if she’s pro polygamy. She could teach the younger sister wives to make bread,etc. She may be a ‘dry hen’ but still a ‘fun hole’ when lolita has her time of the month. The older wife can never be the mainstay, but an accessory of value yes.

    1. I’ve always been curious as to why women don’t kick the bucket in their 50s. Biologically, that would make more sense rather than letting them linger into their 80s.

    2. At this point, anyone who doesn’t believe there’s a population control agenda (Agenda 21, anyone?) is deluded beyond reason. The rich bastards up top can’t keep fabricating wars and other foreign conflicts with which to kill people off in droves anymore, so now they’re pushing abortion and homosexuality harder than ever before, telling women that they don’t need men and that Duracells and pocket rockets make for handy substitutes, and trying to sell the majority of men on the idea of settling for women who already have kids in lieu of having their own, all while hoarding all of the attractive, fertile 18-25 year olds for themselves. I guess Mel Brooks was right…it IS good to be the king.

  50. This is one of the most important articles on RoK. It should be made a sticky.

  51. Fred Sanford:” I’m gonna be a dirty old man till I’m a dead old man.” The appeal of fertile young women never ends.

    1. I always said I planned to be the dirtiest old man ever. Never figured that would (according to the FemiNazis) be when I was just in my 30s though…

  52. ” Asians and whites mingle freely”
    obvious that the author has completely no idea what he is talking about
    1. for white male to date asian female is easy as taking candy from a baby
    2. for asian male to date white female is harder than taking candy from US government

    1. Corollary to 1: A white male dating an Asian female gets tagged as an automatic beta.

      1. Jesus dude, you’ve outted your age with that ancient Doom reference! heh

        1. Or “Can I play Daddy?” mode on Wolfenstein. Except at that time I really was a little kid asking “can I play Daddy?”

  53. Thing is, all of those “acceptable” relationships the author mentioned are relationships that come with the stamp of approval of women who’ve hit the wall. Think about it. No more religious or racial taboos? Now a woman over 30 who can’t snag a man in the States can go overseas and, like Stella, get her groove back. Same sex marriage benefits them because almost ALL of them have at least one gay friend. I’ve known women who would take a bullet for their gay BFFs but would curse and fight if their husbands just asked them to bring them a beer. You’re not going to see support for older men/younger women relationships for the same reason you won’t see anyone waving around “legalize prostitution” signs; neither of those two things benefit the Golden Girls or their antiquing, white-knighting lapdogs. These things give men OPTIONS other than settling for washed up, high-mileage throwbacks (who are usually carrying kids in tow). IMHO, if they’re gonna give guys like Clint Eastwood grief, they also need to set their sights on guys like Aaron Johnson, the star of “Kick-Ass,” who I feel should get his ass kicked for at least 5 minutes by no less than 3 MMA guys for marrying a woman who’s TWENTY-THREE YEARS OLDER THAN HE IS. How he got her pregnant is anybody’s guess. When rich guys who are SUPPOSED to have options drop the ball, that just makes the regular Joe’s job a whole helluva lot harder.

      1. Just saw the picture (Jose shakes his head and face-palms simultaneously). Surprise, surprise, they’ve adopted. Imagine that…a woman in her 40s with fertility problems. I wish people could make this stuff up.

  54. I suspect this criticism of men with younger women must come from Feminists, while the actual FACT that younger women are attracted to high status males is more of a statement on the hypergamous nature of females. Men who achieve — whether it be wealth, power, or fame — will always have nubile nymphs at their disposal. Men grow richer and their women grow younger and hotter. Women grow older, and well, they just get old.

  55. I married a 25 year old (virgin) Filipina when I was 53. The age difference is enough to get me comments and hate stares. I have been called a pervert and a pedophile. I will admit that she looks much younger than she is. The first week after she moved in a kid in the neighborhood asked her to come out and play with her, because she thought she was another kid. She is a grown woman in every regard. We are just used to grown women in the west being fat. The sight of a slim woman triggers the “it must be a young girl” response. Even now that she is in her thirties (and still as slim as when we married) other women still assume she is in her late teens.
    I expected, and have received, the general hatred of the bitter middle aged and older women (what other kind is there). I am used to the hate stares from women that would not have stopped to piss on me if I had been in the gutter with my guts on fire. I have had young men pull me aside in bars and tell me I am robbing the cradle and I should just stop. I have also been pulled aside by young men and congratulated. It is a good thing I stopped caring what other people thought (good or bad) a long time ago.
    A few years ago I went to a dance place with my wife and a friend of hers that is even younger. Her friends husband was going to go with us but at the last minute had to stay late at work. (BTW her husband is a little younger than me, so their age difference is the same as between my wife and I.) Anyway, I walked in with two hot young Asian women on my arms. We found a table. A youngish couple asked if this was our table. I said yes but they were welcome to join us as there was plenty of room. My wife and I got up and went to dance. When we came back to the table later we found the youngish couple gone and my wife’s friend pissed as hell. She told us the woman asked her how much I was paying for the two of them. This is the level of common courtesy as well as deviant thought process to which the common western woman has sunk.

    1. BTW I met my wife in the Philippines and she only has Filipina friends here in the US. Her opinion of American bitches is about as low as mine.

    2. Part of it may come from your wife being Asian. I know of an older guy who is dating a young attractive white girl, and he seems to be treated very deferentially for the most part. (I could be wrong about that, but other younger women seem to like him at least.) Many people think or feel that white guys who date Asians are playing on easy mode because they can’t hack it with their own women. I don’t ascribe it to racism on the part of white women, since they certainly aren’t racist toward blacks. (Although the possibility that it’s because white women don’t see black women as sexual competition cannot be ruled out.)

    3. It would be great if you could elaborate on the bit about being faux-shamed as a “pevert” or “pedophile”, which doesn’t surprise me at all that it happened given how the comments I’ve seen/written/heard from women regarding men who are attracted to women even who are clearly of legal age, often of childbearing maturity.
      For example, where/who/what situation?
      Also, how have you handled that bullshit you’ve received? Given that you’re not an inexperienced man I’m curious how you’ve dealt with it.
      I’ve been curious for some time as I’ve noticed those Filipinas looking for a foreign man for serious relationships are often in their early 20s or so. Thanks.

      1. The most egregious case was of a woman that I have known basically all my life. Her father and mine were best friends. We had had an ONS many years ago which resulted in a son, but no long term commitment (she didn’t want it and I didn’t either). We had remained friends over the years. At her father’s funeral, which I attended out of respect for my father as much as her father, She loudly told our son that I was a pedophile for being married to that girl. My wife was 26 at the time. We married when she was 25. How could this possibly be pedophilia?
        I reacted to this by completely cutting her out of my life. I blocked her emails, did not return her calls, and did not respond when she acted through our son. I only deal with my son directly and have told him I do not want to have any discussion of his mother. I did have to deal with her when I attended our son’s wedding last year. She was vile again, but I simply shrugged and ignored her. My wife was for getting in her face and slapping her down, but I restrained her and told her not to give the bitch the satisfaction.

        1. Wow, that’s heavy. Sounds like the best thing you ever did was cut her out of your life. Glad to hear your wife would actually deal with it hands on, instead of just sitting idly by like many women would.
          I remember some years ago when there were some comments in the Atlanta Journal regarding girls during summertime raising money by having a carwash. Obviously, the don’t wear burkas and a robe when outside in the hot sun.
          As you might have guessed, the comments included accusations of “pervert!” when there was the normal, healthy reaction of men to be interested in seeing cute women in bikinis.
          I think this speaks volumes regarding the mentality of some women.

        2. Filipinas are passionate and have very strong family protective attitudes. As her husband she took the comments from the vile piece of dung very personally. When I say I restrained her I mean I physically held her and dragged her away. Passion can be nice but it can be deadly too.

      2. Yes, Filipinas tend to get involved long term in their teens and early twenties. Because there I no divorce in the Philippines the couples formed when the Filipinas are young, often postpone marriage for quite a while. As a case in point, a friend’s Filipino brother in law got married in 2010 to the woman that he had been living with for many years. They decided that now that the oldest child was entering high school they should probably make it permanent. Another case is my Filipino brother in law that is living with his longtime partner and their two sons. As far as I can tell there are no plans for a wedding anytime soon. Things are different when the guy is foreign because they have to actually be legally married to get the visa.
        My wife’s family was solidly middle to upper middle class and not too receptive to her marrying a foreigner. They reluctantly Okayed the marriage because, at 25, she was an old maid and they were relieved that she was finally marrying someone. They have not adopted the western attitude that marriage is for your 30s. They had no issue with the age difference. My wife’s father was about 20 years older than her mother. And all her aunts were either widows or married to men 20 years or so older.
        I started this journey because of a dive trip to the Philippines. I was very impressed by the women there and the seeming lack of concern for the age difference. When I got home, I remarked to friends that were married to Filipinas that I had met no nice girls. They told me of course not, that you had to be introduced. So I made the fatal error of asking to be introduced through their family networks. I told them that I was only interested in women over 35. Things got out of hand quickly. I did meet some very beautiful 35 to 45 year old women, but they all had never been (legally) married and had 3 or more kids. I have 6 children and couldn’t see taking on so many more. The other way it got out of hand was word spread to the younger women too. There was an absolute sex bomb 18 year old from Cebu with a 2 year old child that was relentless in her pursuit. I had to block her on all electronic communications to make it clear that I was not interested. She wanted to meet me in person in the worst way. I was sure, that she was sure, that if I ever met her in person she would completely cloud my mind with a fog of sex. She was probably right too. In other words don’t start this unless you are sure about what you want, because you will be tempted beyond any reason. Look at my example; married when I really wasn’t sure at the start that that was what I wanted. It is really hard to say no to a truly beautiful, inside and out, young woman that wants to bond with you.

  56. Men prefer women in their early 20’s? LOL… if anyone finds this offensive they are fighting a losing battle.

  57. About time you got onto the demonization and growing criminalization of normal male sexuality to appease the sagging old bats.

    1. Exactly. Judging from increasingly facist feminist movement i wouldnt be surprised if age of consent gets raised to 25+ (females only) after few decades

      1. Some frickin’ female Senator actually proposed just that the other year. Their hatred of men could not be any more blatant.

  58. honestly the only people i see complain about this nowadays are manosphere dudes who are upset she only is with the old guy for his success/money. That’s the point.

    1. Now days, no woman marries a man except for his success/money or the expectation that he will be getting it someday soon. I had a friend that married the hottest girl I had ever seen in person. He had known her all through his undergraduate days. But quelle surprise, she wasn’t interested in him until he got into med school. They got married just after he graduated from med school. I have a nephew that is a doctor; he also married a girl right after med school that he started to date in med school. And she is a smoking hot blonde with an identical twin sister. I’m just saying.

  59. Good article.
    I’m 15 months post split with the ex and after spending some time improving myself through reflection, reading and generally getting my shit together, my world is a very different place.
    I’m 37 and my girlfriend is 20. We have many laughs together, great sex and enjoy each other’s company. The guys I know cannot help but show more than a touch of envy.
    On the other side of the fence, my ex who is 33 and not unattractive has been frustrated by her lack of success with moving on. Her post break-up love-life would make a good disaster movie and you know what? I couldn’t give a toss. She’s reaping her rewards and I’m in a net positive situation.

    1. Wait until the 20 year old wants marriage and kids, with no pre-nup. Are you in, dude?

  60. 34 here, gf 20 … and the only ones asking about her ages are aging women and manginas. Girls around her age look in admiration. My friends want a 20 y.o themselves. … so who cares about old bitter “where-are-all-the-good-men” women?

    1. these same old bitter “where-are-all-the-good-men” hags where the same bitches who would reject “nice guys” like us back when they were younger for those asshole douchebags who used and abused them rightfully so and now that they still refuse to take responsibility for their own bullshit choices wanna ruin our fun! oh fucking well! sucks to be a old washed up whore!

  61. Whenever I meet single female friends in my age (mid 34) I let them know that they also could improve their mating pool: Are you ready to date guys in 45+? Cause look I’m 34 and I’m with a 20 y.o but I’ve never been with anyone older than that. So they guys interested in girls in your age are those over 45.
    Those faces in panic.
    Panic cause they know it’s true. Although they still wait for the unicorn which sometimes comes disguised in beta/gamma

  62. Thanks for this. The ex is 12yrs younger, past 2 LTRs 21 & 22 years younger. I’ve sometimes wondered if the occasional stare was how it was for mixed-race a few decades ago.

  63. The age-shaming falls right in line with fat-acceptance: women want to make unacceptable anything that rules out THEM in particular. Many of the women who protest these age differences were the very same ones attracted to and dating older men when they were younger. Now that they are not turning heads, it is up to men to collectively reject what they find attractive and pursue these older women anyway.
    My ex-wife turns 45 this year and was the one who filed for divorce from me. Her replacement is 25. Recently, my ex referred to her as a “prime example of your pedophilia.” Yeah, no bitterness and jealousy there…

    1. prime example of your pedophilia
      This bullshit is infuriating to hear…I hope you almost slapped her. Extreme disrespect.
      I’m always amazed when women pull the “pedophile” card when referring to a man being with grown, adult, indpendent women, even of the age like the one you mentioned. Amazing.
      Good for you getting a fresher model! I love to hear stories about the bitter biddies getting upset when a man has a PYT (pretty young thing) with him now.

      1. Not just a pretty young thing, but a pleasant one. And no history on the carousel, either. Her N=1.

  64. My husband is eight years my senior. I look young for my age of 32 and he looks very distinguished and handsome. I get snarky comments from women about my husband looking “old”, but these are always trashy fools who let random men use them as pump stations. They were all unhappily single with at least one child for a deadbeat dad.
    I have always preferred older men because I found them to be far more interesting and tender than stupid little boys my age. Older men make much better lovers. They also tend to be more chivalrous. My husband treats me like a princess. In return, I am the consummate lady in public and whore in the bedroom. He can be a little bit possessive but that doesn’t bother me at all. When we need to make a decision, I give my opinion and then trust that my hubby will make the right choice for both of us.
    I am black and my husband is white. We get so many stares but we don’t care. Sometimes we like to wave or kiss so that the gawkers can talk more. LOL We found love and that is all that matters. His family has a few members who have been open about their discomfort with my race, but generally they are a tolerant bunch. My family is very accepting as well.

  65. Here’s the deal.. Older men who have money and status will ALWAYS get the younger women. The majority here do NOT fit that description. Good luck!

    1. you have a good point. but on the other hand, i’ve heard of many poor losers who are over 30 who still get their hands on some hot younger girls

  66. “If discrimination is not alright, then it isn’t alright. You’re either committed to tolerance and determined to fully respect the choices that consenting adults make in their personal lives, or you aren’t. You can’t have it both ways.”-Exactly! I think this is part of a larger effort to demonize all sexual choices and mating habits of men, and this shaming of men who date younger women is the socially acceptability format on which to do so.

  67. This is a moot issue outside the states. In most of the world large age gaps are normal and nobody gives a shit if you are 40 and she is 18.

    1. i think part of the reason why age gap relationships are frowned up in america is because we have one of the highest age of consent laws in the world. 18 is super high for the age of consent to have sex whereas most of the world the age of consent for sex is usually around 16. to add insult to injury i think most young girls families tend to stigmatize (wrongfully) that older men who desire younger girls are likely to prey upon girls who are under the legal age of consent. i personaly dgaf if some young girls family wants to hate on me for dating their 18 year old daughter! they need to get their heads out their asses and swallow their own pride and stfu! maybe if they were doing their job right and young guys who are that girls age weren’t such fucking immature douchebags then older guys over 25 wouldn’t be using biology to their advantage! c’est la fucking amour! i’m only human! on the flip side it’s sad how most young american girls become washed old hags before they even turn 18 with the out of control teen pregnancy epidemic that even yours truly is a product of 🙁

  68. This is only a big issue in the US. I’m an American living in Slovakia and nobody cares about age differences. This is something feminist women have concoted in America for some reason.

  69. Athlone, speak for yourself about racial boundaries. Plenty of men in this country are disgusted – and rightly so – by the proliferation of mudsharks.

  70. Why would you even pollute this website with a picture of a race baiting pile of shit like sharpton?

  71. When I was in my early 30s I dated a couple of teenagers: a 19 year old for about a month, and then an 18 year old – a 16 year difference – and that went on for 2-1/2 years. I got a lot of heartache from my dad in the form of sarcastic comments, and my sisters (2 and 4 years younger than me) though it was a bit weird.
    The thing was, we would go to parties and people would mistake her for maybe 24 and me for about 26, and all was good until we chatted with people and they started comparing notes: she was a university freshman and I was a law graduate with 10 years in the military. Once the jig was up, there were always people with attitude.
    Now I am 48 and have given up on women who are not at least a dozen years younger. There are two basic reasons. First is that if I decide to get out of the game and have a family, a woman my own age is biologically incapable of participating in that. The second is that as women age, their notch count increases, they accumulate more baggage, and they will blame you for every bad thing their exes ever did to them. Many have one or more kids, one or more divorces and a pile of issues that you can’t manage because they think they know it all.
    A buddy of mine is a half dozen years younger and he says that 20-somethings are simply more interesting than older women. This is not to say that you can have a serious discussion about macroeconomic policy or Hume’s epistemology, but who cares? You discuss that with people you aren’t dating. His point was that when you talk to young women they will tell you about their dreams, while older women will complain about all their failures in life.
    The sex is almost secondary. It’s true that the typical 26 year old has a better body than the typical 46 year old, but there are still a lot of hot women in their 30s and 40s who you don’t have to teach how to give a proper blow job.
    As for me, my last gf was 32 as was the one before that. Now I am dating a 26 year old and couldn’t be happier. Still, I haven’t met any of her friends and the idea of meeting her parents makes her apoplectic. There is definitely that bias there (plus, she is Chinese). I think I can live with it.

  72. “natural”? I hate that term. It denotes that men who don’t follow that behavior are somehow “unnatural”, whatever that means. I personally find it disturbing and feel it’s a symptom of a mid-life crisis and wanting to hold onto the past.

  73. A lot of these commenters are starting to sound like creepy pedophiles who shouldn’t be getting married or getting into serious relationships at all. It’s clear a lot of you use people simply for your own narcissistic gain instead of getting with them because you care. It’s disturbing.

  74. I am male, 70, I prefer the company of 31-32 yr old girls.
    I like younger people for their fresh attitude to life.
    Without hurting anybody – but older woman stink and have an awful skin.
    Except older Japanese women.

  75. old hags are jealous that the high value men their age want nothing to do with their old wrinkly asses so this is how they try to combat that

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