Should Women Get To Decide What Men Find Attractive?

Recently, Tom Junod penned a brief article in Esquiredeclaring 42 year-old women to be the most attractive age for a woman. Predictably, he got slammed in the comments, with women quickly showing why they hated the piece (the unasked question: why they were reading it in the first place?). This lead a writer named Anne Brenoff at Huffington Post to write a rebuttal.

tom junod

Tom Junod

anne brenoff

Anne Brenoff

Brenoff’s position—shared by many women—is that men, as a class, oppress women. They believe that this male oppression has led to men ignoring all of women’s positive qualities. Instead of being seen by men as beautiful, talented, intelligent and just about any positive superlative, women are often seen as ugly, mean-spirited and catty. Further, they believe that all this sexism leads men to only judge women by skin-deep beauty standards. Denying woman’s humanity and souls are the bread and butter of the male mindset; this terrible mismeasure of women by men is a fiction invented by the patriarchy.

She goes on to do what women are often wont to do: owning other women’s lives. She mentions three female relatives of hers who apparently transcended the backwards muck of sexism and lived lives on their own terms, undefined by social convention and only concerned with their own well-being and happiness. She glowingly recounts single motherhood, serial monogamy and the elevation of careerism and materialism over all else. Brenoff is offended that man-children like Junod are just now admitting they find older women attractive, as women have been keenly aware how hot and sexy women of every age are. I am assuming this realization pre-dates the patriarchy.

you decide if your body is attractive

It is obvious how primitive and immature this sort of mindset is. Women feel incredible amounts of shame over their bodies, so instead of learning to grow up and deal with it, they simply pretend that they fit the standardI’m sexy and you can’t tell me different! while also attacking the standard: GRRR! Those goddamn sexist beauty standards!!! Further, Junod erred because women also feel intense amounts of shame about their age and its relation with sexual attractiveness. Here, it is obvious they ignore the inalienable truth that we will all grow old and, yes, youthful sexual attractiveness will fade.

Brenoff is 64. Any woman in her ’60’s who would still write a piece such as this is immature. Instead of claiming the mantle of aged womanhood and ushering young women into healthy adulthood, she is still on the outside, looking in on adulthood. She is still pretending she is some sort of cultural rebel, some elderly vixen who is chipping away at that glass ceiling erected by men to hold women down.

Women like Brenoff brand themselves as sexy, intelligent and “fierce” and get supremely offended when somebody ruptures that mindset. Brenoff’s reaction to Junod reflects this. She drops a link to the Jezebel reaction to his piece—surprise! It’s hysterical and nonsensical—in the first paragraph and says she won’t call him out, but “help him out.” She then spends the rest of the article with an air of smug indignation about awesome women are and real men appreciate that. Real men will find a woman in her 80’s sexual attractive, if they can only stop thinking with their wayward penises and follow their heart. I wonder if she would swap the sexes in this scenario.

Regardless, the women who agree with Brenoff see themselves as diamonds in the rough, caged birds that whose songs are incredibly beautiful, but those infantile, privileged men refuse to recognize them as such. But all the other birds believe our songs are beautiful! Sorry, but singers don’t get to decide what their listeners will find pleasing to hear. A person simply cannot decide what others desire in their lives. It is puerile to demand other people prop up the delusions you have about your life.

beyonce fierce feminsm

Women like Brenoff can’t see this. Since they have been spending their entire lives weaving a dense web of lies about who they are, it is to be expected they won’t understand why somebody else will not see them as a sexy rockstar of a human. They challenge men to rise above their immaturity and value women for who they really are: people who know more about their positive qualities more than any man ever could. As if masculinity and maturity depends on massaging the egos of women.

I have no doubt there are many intelligent, accomplished women in this world. The healthy ones don’t write narcissistic screeds for HuffPo. Her piece is little more than chest-beating about her life and other women’s lives. Oops, Brenoff didn’t list any accomplishments in her life, so I can safely assume she has no accomplishments, unlike her trio of aunts.

So, what can we take away from this piece by Anne Brenoff? She’s awesome, intelligent and sexually attractive, just like all other women since time immemorial. She thinks Tom Junod is immature, sexist and can’t appreciate the true value of women, which apparently only women themselves have the ability to discern. Real men suck it up and live their lives at the whims of women. If they want to keep a man around, they do. If a woman thinks he is a “jerk-husband” then he is out the door, the man just washed right out of their hair.

I suppose when you spend all your time obsessing over how awesome you are, it can be tough to see that the world does not revolve around you.

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275 thoughts on “Should Women Get To Decide What Men Find Attractive?”

    1. That picture looks like a man in a woman’s clothing. If her husband thinks she’s hot, more power to him. Although it sounds like he has less power in THAT relationship.

        1. As the old saying goes, “When the lights are out….” Except this one Sahara snatch.

    2. Truly scary. 98 guys agreed to go on a date with her? Maybe the problem isn’t feminism. Maybe its us. There might be flaws in our logic when it comes to women getting validation past their prime, because this bitch is going in nonstop at 64 years old.
      Prostitution needs to be legalized. This whole dating thing will switch gears in a second.

      1. Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…
        That statement could have been true 40 years ago.

  1. I am 38 years old, I religiously hit the gym, work on my career, and watch what I eat. As a result I am able to date women in their late teens and early twenties. I get a lot of shit from women my age who claim that I do not appreciate their ” experience” that I am afraid of a “strong woman” who is going to “challenge me” and “call me out on my shit”. They fail to realize no man really wants this, the only men who date older women are the men who cannot get younger women. It is perverse to be attracted to 42 year old women when 22 year old women are available. Demi and Ashton were not female empowerment expressed they were a sick perversion at best, a public distraction from closeted homosexuality at worst. Old ,dried up women are not sexy compared to young firm women period. To take it a step further fat is not sexy, it is unhealthy. I am sick and tired of women trying to define what I find attractive, sexual desire is not a negotiation it is zero sum. If you are a single mother, 42, and bitchy you do not qualify. It is like a convicted child molester applying for a position in the FBI, you just don’t qualify.

      1. What trips me out is how a 40 plus single mother still has a checklist of stupid shit they will not tolerate on a date. I have a friend who took a older single mother to Atlantic Seafood on a first date and that bitch had the nerve to call the restaurant generic, and criticized him for lacking imagination. Older chicks do not get it, you want experience when you hire a surgeon or a lawyer not a girlfriend, to be honest experience with older woman just translates to ” baggage” or ” damaged”.

        1. Whats also very amusing is how on dating sites like POF they recite their long list of mundane interests, hobbies and traits ie; I love my family and friends, my dog, yoga and being “sarcastic”…
          As if ANY of that shit would interest ANY guy.

        2. you want experience when you hire a surgeon or a lawyer not a girlfriend, to be honest experience with older woman just translates to ” baggage” or ” damaged”.

          Perfect metaphor. Kudos.

        3. “Experience” translates to more penises in her vagina. So the more worried you have to be when you get tested, the more likely she is to continue riding other men’s cocks after you’re together, and thus the more likely you are to end up unwittingly raising another man’s child. Google paternity fraud.

        4. Dating sites are literally overflowing with single moms now-a-days.
          It’s funny too when they have a big disclaimer on the bottom of their profile that clearly states their “son and god are the most important people in their life and if you can’t handle that, don’t message me.”
          There’s a reason the last guy LEFT.

        5. or just a pain in the ass, really.
          They are usually the bitter ones and you end up listening to all of their complaining.
          Check, please.

    1. I am 36 years old now, just recently swallowed the Red Pill (found the PUA/Manosphere world following the Elliot Rodger-shootings’ Media coverage), decided to turn my life around. Started going to the gym last week, and for the first time in my life I am positively looking forward to the future. I was always a shy and nice beta guy, and I am thrilled to the prospect that women are turned on by our masculine selves which I for example always suppressed in me, because I thought it was expected of me, although it got me exactly nowhere (self-destructive drug addiction is that nowhere where I ended up).
      And I would NEVER, EVER date a woman of my own age, let alone an older one! Why did they not come 10 years ago when I was young and lonely? Now when I got money from working hard and these women are used up and fucked over by those guys who I always envied (but now I try to become one), and their beauty is starting to go away, now they find me just good enough, graciously lowering their standards, and I should be happy and jump for joy because they are condescending to me? LOL fuck them sideways. Below 30 women can come, over 30 for pump and dump if she is hot (a bit of revenge fucking for my fucked up youth), over 40 they are invisible.
      Their opinion on who we date? Their negative opinion on us dating much younger women? Their opinion does not count. Don’t care, not interested. I will laugh in their faces, just like you do!
      Keep up the good work pal!

      1. What do you mean? you don’t want to date 40+ old single mothers with drooping bellies and shitty attitudes and you prefer hot young tight girls who just want to have fun? No, I will tell you what you find attractive! I will tell you to go against what is in your interest and shame you if you do otherwise! Fat acceptance!
        Fat entitled dried up single mother

      2. Needle,
        Hit the gym hard. At 56 and after 10 months of working out I am a different man. My biceps fill the average golf shirt sleeve. My parent’s genes are a blessing and I look better than I did at your age.
        Hit the weights hard.

      3. With the raising of the age of consent feminists seek to make sex with younger women illegal. So laughing at their faces is not good enough if they have wield ther power of the state.

      4. The feminist bitches are just jealous that younger chicks get all the attention.

      5. Man I am honestly more on your side than anyone else’s, BUT if you would like to chat to a 28 year old female who has in the last 2 years developed awareness about red pill stuff, anti feminism etc… then i’m here. I visit this site and others to get honest feedback, so i’m offering mine in kind. My comments about your article: good for you for finally maturing and growing into your masculine self! Keep it up, but don’t become a jerk, just because those female jerks jerked you about, doesn’t mean you’ll get much retribution from treating them the same….there are lots of other ways of relieving that anger from the past. Also, try not to think of women as ‘one unit’ like feminists do. I do my best not to do this to anyone, because it just makes you blind to those who have also seen the light of self acceptance and matured into reality. Western society is not encouraign young people to settle down early. As a 28 year old in the UK, I can tell you that guys under 35 are for the most part NOT interested in settling ‘down’ whatever that means. This is why females should look to 5-10 years older, but unfortunately they are mostly not going to look to you for ‘fun’ because you are older, you are that possible husband. So maybe you should have fun with the older women?> loool
        Moving on my silly comments, can you answer my honest question, when you were younger, would you have ‘settled down’ before the age of 25 with one of those pretty girls if she was down for it too?
        The solution for everyone is to stop this ‘soiling of the oats’ for more than 2 years. Because it makes everyone loose out. Women are encouraged to have fun, so they have fun with the alphas, if they were encouraged to ‘settle’ down quicker then they may be much more down to earth about the level of those settle with.

        1. Dear Natty Kadifa,
          No I would not have settled down before age 25, but see, all men mature at age 30, myself included. While a woman should marry in her 20s, she should settle down with a man who is over 30, IMO.
          And as a matter of fact, I do not harbor resentment or revenge wish or hatred towards women, because I am mostly angry with myself and the world instead.
          My case is a bit fucked up I think. See when I was an adolescent and my interest in women and sex started, was the time when that whole metrosexual thing took over the culture. I was always a hairy guy, lots of body hair, and this was the time when hairless legs and torsos and whatnot on men became all the rage, and body hair was something which was considered the biggest sexual turn-off, something utmost sexually disgusting. I was always mocked and ridiculed because of this, I always got the impression that the body I live in is sexually disgusting and that even the notion that such a man like me may dream of having sex is outright ridiculous, and that because of this I must suppress my masculine and sexual side altogether. Of course there was nobody I could talk about these things. To cut a long story short, because of these things I was an Incel till age 27 (not counting my occasional visits of prostitutes, which made the whole thing even worse), I turned to drugs and ended up hooked on Heroin. The funny thing is, if I look at photos of my young self, all I see is a normal young boy, not the horror monster I felt myself to be that time.
          So no, I do not aim to be a jerk. I feel angry for my lost years, but all I wish for is to desire and being desired, to love and get love back.
          Have a nice day!

        2. Thanks for the honest reply. It’s appreciated. I’m wondering how your doing now?

    2. Haha, their “experience” is definitely a huge turn-off – why would I want to wife up some chick that is more calloused and world-weary than myself?

        1. 21 is the magic age; at that point 18-20 years old girls throw themselves at you. Until then it’s an uphill struggle. My case is a little extreme with a 20 year gap, but mostly girls like to date older guys 3-10 years older. Your time will come though, just focus on self-improvement in the meantime.

      1. I have recently been reading blogs similar to this one, along with comments about older men dating younger women. I’m 45 years old and just got out of a marriage with a woman 7 years older than me. She was pure evil, and had always had something to hold over my head, complaints and nagging about everything. So, intrigued, by reading most of these posts I just have to ask: is she hot? Is sex good? Do you plan on marriage with someone a decade younger or is it just a hit and run? I feel if I could go back in time I would much rather be with a hot younger woman rather than a old bitch. Granted, they have their own income (most of them) it must be nice being with someone younger. How does the relationship work her being so much younger? Any advice to give a lad looking for a hot younger lady?

        1. I could say quit a bit on this subject. 1st, I’m 39, never been married and don’t have any children. I would never date anyone with children either, no exceptions. My girlfriend is attractive, I get a lot of people telling me she’s hot and I have to admit it’s nice on the ego. She’s pretty fit too, she can climb a 30 ft. rope and runs sprints with me so she’s pretty atheletic too. So it’s not like I’m dating some 19 year old fatty or something. I did not go out looking to date a 19 year old. It just happened that way. I had tried dating the appropriate age range late 20’s and 30’s and found that not only were the girls of lesser quality, but they brought nothing to the table other than debt and emotional baggage but with insane expectations. The worst age seem to be 27, these girls get bombarded by betas ready to settle which leads to all sorts of problems.

        2. Last word, I actually am considering marriage and children. It’s the whole reason why I have a girlfriend. If I wasn’t entertaining that idea then under no circumstances would I have a girlfriend. If there was no possibility of children, I wouldn’t tie myself down to even the hottest woman on the planet. It wouldn’t be worth it. No matter how hot a woman is, not matter how much your ego is stroked with her on your arm in public, eventually you’ll get sick of it. Peace and quiet. Freedom; these things can’t be compromised.

        3. If you love her don’t lose it. She may be the one you never know. Thanks for the posts, Sam. I now have a little bit of hope in finding a younger woman.

        4. Also, a wife doesn’t need to be “hot”. She just needs to be good in bed, good with children and look after the house without moaning that you aren’t doing “your share” when you get back from your 10 hour shift.
          Dinner on the table. That’s all I want to hear.

        5. Does she know your age? At the same age as you, I dated an 18 year old briefly but she shouldn’t handle the difference.

        6. first read about all the good advices on self-improvement provided in this blog, and don’t forget to lift. At 45, you’re in your prime, you have money, status and many things that 18-25 y/o girls finds attractive. But what they are looking for are fit and muscular alpha men who are FUN

        7. A buddy of mine told me he’s dating a younger girl for just “young pussy” he has no plans of marrying or having children with this woman. He says men our age don’t go for young girls to marry, just a fuck will do. He said his “girlfriend” is aware of this and that’s all she wanted to. Is this the same with your girlfriend and all women? I’m looking for a younger woman but not some train wreck who’s been with everyone and their daddy.

        8. I went to a dating service in my mid 30s, and told the head honcho, a woman, that I did not want to date a woman with children. She said I was unrealistic and picky. I thought, what the fuck am I paying this bitch for? I was out of there shortly after.

        9. I’m not in it for the pussy. Having sex with attractive girls was never a challenge for me. I don’t get any validation or sense of achievment from that. Once you get a bit of that you realize it’s not that big of a deal and not much of a challenge. If your priorities are right the women will come to you if your available. Sex is really overrated. It’s something you do then go about the rest of your life. Now if you can’t get quality sex then maybe it’s a problem depending on the individual.

        10. Don’t try and be ‘young’ be the older, wiser man you are. Look for someone with potential, not necessarily someone who is fully matured in their approach to life, that way when they do ‘mature’ they’ll think of you are part of it and you’ll have a larger place in her heart. You should receive support and loyalty for that. Relate them as a mature equal, rather than a condescending parent…i’m sure you know this already.

        11. *sigh* it is annoying to see that you haven’t really thought about the bigger picture with this comment. Young women are not encouraged to settle down quickly in the western world. If men are encouraged to wait until their thirties ot settle down, then these women are either looking for the older guy or they are waiting a round not having sex, as if people would go that long without having sex with guys when they can and enjoy it to! Because of this they are encouraged to soil their oats like men do. So, the ones who ‘haven’t slept around’ a little bit are looking marriage, therefore their very unlikely to let you in with casual agenda. Now, if you are NOT ‘ok’ with those who’ve slept with 1-20 people, then your expectations are unrealistic. What do you define as a train wreck?

      2. Hi five brotha!! Of course I’m sure you have heard the obligatory “that’s creepy/gross”, ” you’re just manipulating her”, “she doesn’t have enough life experience” from jealous old feminists.

        1. We’re still together. I’m 40 and she’s now 21. It’s a good relationship. Plan on getting married soon.

    3. I feel bad for them, to be honest. They’ve fallen so deeply into their entitlement complex that they’ll never get out. They’ve been sold a pack of outlandish lies and standards that The God of Biomechanics (as Heartiste calls it) is not at all willing to abide by.
      There’s nothing more off-putting than “sexual leftovers” women that have the attitude of of sexual-prime women. All that they will have in the end is their cats and memories of cocks past.

      1. Why fell bad? They can still make some cash whining (err, writing books) about it.

    4. No man wants a battle axe for a wife. Not only that, a woman over child bearing age is pointless unless you already have children. It is perfectly rational for an older man to seek relationships with a young fertile woman who has something to offer.
      These older women rage because they wasted their time, did not have children and have absolutely nothing to offer the discerning male.

      1. I’m 29 now and think I want to have a kid, hopefully a son. Plus, my parents do want grandchildren, all of their siblings are grandparents. I can say 1 thing though, the mother of my kid will be 17 to 21.

    5. 37 years old here. The gym is my temple and I go to pray almost everyday. I regularly score with women 10-8 years younger and sometimes even more than that. I am often criticized by feminist and young betas who just do not understand how do I do it. However, no feminist indoctrinated weirdo is going to tell me what to fuck. Self-improvement is the key for living a good life and not associating yourself with loosers.

      1. Stay hitting the gym, eat lots of leafy greens, make fish a staple in you diet, drink plenty of water and make sure you get lots of sleep and you can stay in the game until your early 50s. My brother is 46 and his girlfriend is a 23 year old bad chick and she is one of many. Hershel Walker is a good example of how hard work pays off late into life.

        1. It’s nice to see others in their 30’s on here. I’m 38, in the gym daily, run my own company and I have zero baggage and have to answer to nobody. Life is good.

    6. What are you doing talking to women of your age? There is no upside, no benefit to be had. Ignore them. Avoid them if you can. If that’s not possible, chit chat should be kept to a minimum. I don’t understand why guys engage ugly old fatties and stand around listening to them, then come back to us guys and complain about what said irrelevant women think. If you are stuck in a room full of ’em, talk to the other guys. If the room is full of thirsty simps chasing said women, don’t feel obligated to talk to anybody. Enjoy your beer (you DO have a drink in your hand, right? Otherwise you are truly in hell) and just observe the situation, or catch up on stuff on your phone.
      You only talk to these women if you are Al Bundy.

    7. Though if you have high intelligence, the conversation flows a lot easier if the chick has come brains as well. Which most 22 year-olds don’t.

      1. What has a woman outside of a professional context ever said in conversation that you found illuminating? If I want an easy interesting conversation I will talk to a dude, if I want to have sex I talk to a young woman about whatever inane bullshit she thinks is important. Seriously I could care less what any woman has to say because it is not relevant to me, I just want to have sex.

        1. Nothing illuminating, but the convo is easier to endure. You generally need some semblance on common ground to get into a girl’s pants, and it’s difficult when their brains as so lacking.
          Smart, intellectually curious 20-something girls (not the libtard ones)? Now we’re talking.

    8. “able to date women in their late teens” at 38?
      more like FORCED to date little girls because they’re easy tricked. I was one of those young girls who made some bad decisions with gross older dudes like yourself because I didn’t understand that I could do so much damn better. Now that I’m older, educated, and more independent, I can pull sexy, educated, funny guys because I know what to look for and I have a lot more confidence. Young women are settling for you because they don’t know what they’re worth yet, I guarantee would wouldn’t stand a chance with the same girls in 5-10 years because they’ll know how out of your league they are.
      Some 38 year old loser that can only sleep with inexperienced, young girls is no catch.

        1. If it’s considered trolling to let people know how sad it is that they can’t land women then sure, I’m trolling.
          Truth hurts.

        1. I was born in the 90’s hun. I turn down losers like you and “Atlanta Man” on the daily.
          Take your mommy issues elsewhere.

        2. Maybe if you weren’t so desperate, you wouldn’t be so angry at those of us that lead normal, active sex lives with people our age. So sorry that you old men with mommy issues can’t pull hot girls your own age, maybe you’d do better not trying to punch above your weight. Or seeing a therepist. Or learning proper English. Or really just fixing your garbage personaility in any way.
          It’s hardly the fault of women that you can’t get laid. You’re just fucking gross bud.

        3. Old lady says what??? I can’t here you over my banging your 18 year old great granddaughter.

        4. Oh man. Not only is your English awful but you can’t do math either. The 90s would put me at a maximum of 26. Maybe the high school drop outs that you have to fuck have grandchildren by that age but where I come from that’s not the norm.
          And I’ll pass on the photos, thanks.

    9. Why would a woman want to challenge her man, call him out on his shit ? It sounds like she wants to date her son and yes, women do not want to have sex with their sons. The only woman entitled to do this is a man’s mother while he is still her dependent, and only because she needs him to grow up strong and independent and capable to make it in the world by himself.

    10. Good points here. I find it funny that the guy was called out (or helped out) for merely stating his opinion ‘He finds women the age of 42 most attractive’.
      When the hell did it become a crime to state your opinion (or preferences)?
      I’m sure women over 40 (or about that age) are loving this guy’s article but someone (much older) had to add their comments. Sorry, lady…he didn’t say 62…he said 42 (his preference).
      Many women will not even give a guy a chance if he’s under 6 feet tall or some other ridiculous ‘requirement’ on their list. Women do this all of the time (and it’s considered acceptable by society but men aren’t allowed to have preferences?
      Where is the equality?

    11. >It is like a convicted child molester applying for a position in the FBI, you just don’t qualify.
      I can actually imagine the scenario where this actually happens. The Feds have free access to CP, after all. They’re the largest honeypot of CP.

    12. “call me out on my shit”
      Translation: Nag you and look for faults to criticize you on.
      In what universe would this ever be a desirable trait to pursue?
      I’ve heard the same thing expressed by women, and it always strikes me as the oddest thing to get mad at a guy for. Yes cupcake, he doesn’t find your promise to bitch at him incessantly desirable. Duh.

      1. I have had to work in an office full of women and listen to them prattle on about how no man is ” ready for the challenge of a successful woman” and how all the men they went to professional school with” only date teachers or young girls instead of professionals like them because they are scared of a challenge ” and I would just cringe at the thought of dating any of them. There was two other guys in that office and we would hang out and shoot the shit about what we wanted in a woman, one day one of the office harpies accosted us and said” you only talk about the young interns and secretaries here what about Linda, she is a lawyer and up for partner” no reply was possible just snickers.

    13. okay Atlanta man, you keep thinking that’s what your good at, your metaphor at the end was nonsensical.. i’ll give you a metaphor that describes your perception of sexuality.. your sexuality is like working in a morgue because your a ‘people’ person.. it’s all a meat locker to you anyways 🙂 or here is a better one.. when it comes to sexuality or even love, ‘you know the words but you can’t hear the music.’ keep it moving and don’t waste anyone’s time with your bullshit.

    14. I’ve noticed that the most vocal critics of older man/younger women dating or sexual relationships are women. And the farther they are away from the age of said younger woman, the more the outrage grows

  2. Collapse By Feminism
    They can try to push for pseudo “equality” in jobs, pay, the courts, but the god of time, Chronos, is not going to give them equality in beauty. The old hag without children and the landwale with her own gravitational pull will not manage to pull off that attraction should be governed by feminist doctrine.
    “Naturally, the concept that women are unable to maintain themselves is contrary to feminist ideology. Thus, alimony is proof that women are incapable or unwilling of self sustaining. However, the goal of feminism is to impose a communistic version of equality between men and women. That is to say, feminism believes men and women to be equal, salve for their respective reproductive systems. When women are given equality under the law, and these fail to achieve as much as men, laws are passed to give the females a leg up thus “equalising” the genders.”

    1. Yes, but there are so many land whale 2’s, that think they are 9’s. The worse part, there are men dating them……

      1. Anytime I see a couple on the streets/in the mall/wherever, the girl almost always has a larger mass than the guy. I’ve seen girls who must weigh at least double that of the guy they’re with, and I’ve seen girls who weigh so much, they actually appear to have caught someone in their gravitational field.

      2. Watch. Someday the gov’t would make it compulsory to date/marry these land whales before you hit 30…like it is compulsory for men to register for the selective service at 18 or have Obamacare.

    2. I look forward to the coming collapse of the post modern western empire and for all this “equalization” to come home to roost. If a woman won’t pull her weight (and if she has too much to pull) she gets left behind.
      Just like a man.
      Because that “women and children first” thing was not chivalry, it was an expectation that when a ship sinks, it’s a shitstorm of confusion and if a man is going to get hysterical and curl up in a ball he gets left behind. But women and children are expected to get scared and panic and become hysterical so it was imperative to make sure they made it to the lifeboats.
      Not any more. When the collapse comes, the 40-something middle manager and her bastard austist kids are not getting any help and if they ask they should be reminded that they are equal now and need to stop crying and man up. They can call up their government, already collapsing under the weight of its own lawlessness, for help but I’m not lifting a finger for anybody outside of my tribe.

      1. It’s already happened. Look up all the bitching surrounding the Costa Concordia disaster and how the crew automatically acted to save themselves forgetting completely about the passengers they were supposed to take care of.

      2. Look carefully at the Titanic statistics. What women and children first meant was:
        Women first.
        Children a distant second thought, and
        Men not at all.

      3. God. Once these women are forced to live off the land again, no electricity, no cell phones, no refrigeration or natural heat, etc, we’ll hopefully see them fall back into their roles.
        As it is, they’re nothing but spoiled, overgrown children who can’t accept anything but perfection from men. They have no understanding, patience or tolerance for humanity. Who the fck wants to be with such a snide, controlling narcissist as a modern Western woman?? You can never depend on them. You can never trust them to be good mothers.
        I like to think that those old women, living in mud huts, the original settlers on the Great Plains would spank the sh!t out of these modern women.

  3. Beyonce’s feminism didn’t stop her from getting surgery and hair extensions to look more caucasian.
    #yesallwomen who buy into feminism are hypocrites.
    By the way, we’ve let women decide who they date and marry (decades ago, their families would take this decision). Look what we have now: tons of single mothers, tons of sluts, tons of people who carry STD’s within them.
    I don’t want to imagine what would happen in a world where women are allowed to tell men what is attractive or not.

    1. Beyonce also married a guy whose greatest hit was “99 problems and a bitch ain’t one”
      She is truly the world’s greatest feminist… Just listen to some of her terrible songs about kicking guys out of her home or leaving them for being unfaithful etc. You just know she would treat Jay-Z the same way and he never ever has been unfaithful to her…
      All the bs hate they have for men only applies to the lower 90% of men. The funny thing is the hate is generated from the success of the top 10% of men and the lower 90% get to serve as whipping boys.

      1. Beyonce is so empowered that she found the only single black guy under 50 richer than her and married him. She regularly flaunts her husband’s high status including calling last year’s tour the Mrs. Carter World Tour.

  4. Being a young black male I actually am into thick chicks. But some (read: understatement) of these broads be like #MzThickness and I’m like “no bitch, you have no real curves or shape you’re just fat.”
    I was watching an 80s era music video yesterday and it was Pebbles in her 20s. I wasn’t born yet. Looking at her, she was skinny but she had them hips and her hair was big and feminine. It made me feel like in 2014 that I really got the raw end of the deal; the women look nowhere near as good as when I was a high school teen just 10 years ago; tats, tramp stamps, retarded bull nose rings, guts (not that I’m muscular myself but I’m skinny, not with fat that folds over my waistline), stupid hair.

    1. It will only get worse as as the social justice warriors push their agenda…

    2. Check the Rump Shaker video by Wrex n Effect. The bar’s been lowered nowadays. Now we get flubbyness, flatness, and raggedyness.

    3. Men are attracted to a wide variety of body types and sizes. If you ask 10 different guys their preference, you will get 10 different answers. This is why it is obvious that females are the ones that do more “fat shaming” than anyone. How many times have you seen/heard a women post pictures of perfectly chiseled men as their ideal male, and then turn right around and say that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is sexist and wrong. Its just their insecurities talking. Until I see skinny women walking around with fat men on their arm, they can STFU.

    4. Its true, women are definitely getting fatter. Thing is, Pebbles wasn’t skinny, she was a normal healthy weight. But now our perspective has shifted, and in comparison to the land whales walking around she looks skinny.

    5. I keep saying this on the forum. Glad I was in Gen X before women got fat and tatts. and I remember Pebbles. Her big hit was “Mercedes Boy,” but she also did a great duet with BabyFace, “Love Makes Things Happen,” one of the best early ’90s ballads.

    6. Do you want these thick chicks to tell you you’re wrong or evil for suddenly wanting Beyonce over that chick from Precious??

      1. I don’t care if fat women shame me for my tastes. There’s a difference between thick and fat.

  5. “The healthy ones don’t write narcissistic screeds for HuffPo.”
    They will, when the environment is right and the situation calls for it. NAWALT…I’m not buying it, I’ve seen and heard enough to believe otherwise.

  6. No man gives a damn about the opinion of women re what is or is not sexy. The only thing that counts is what men think. In addition, let me add, to close: No fat chicks.

      1. The problem is how these women don’t care what men think or what men want. They might actually find real confidence in themselves if they actually strove to take better care of themselves – to land a man.

  7. The only value in a woman is:
    – her appearance
    – her ability to please sexually
    – her ability to procreate
    – her ability to serve a man
    – her ability to care for children
    All else is bull shit.

    1. I also appreciate my woman’s ability to homeschool my 5 children and her commitment to The Way And The Truth, and will not bless my children’s future unions without similar qualities in their spouses.

    2. Getting them to be good and valuable, that’s the tough one. That’s where feminism really hit us below the belt.

  8. That jewish cunt is so ugly that not even my dog would want to mount her.
    Speaking of jews I’ve never come across one who didn’t speak garbage whenever they opened their mouth – I’ve come to the conclusion that the word of a jew carries less importance than the fetid fart of sow on her way to the butcher, and about as enjoyable.

    1. Wow, JEWS must really be holding you down. They are the cause of all your problems. Whats your “solution”, young Kliener?

      1. Guanyanyo has shared with me his plan of learning math to an advanced degree, entering the investment banking world, and making a fortune for his non-Jewish bank account.
        He will then begin to change things from the inside, slowly winning one Jewish banking convert after another to his side with his sensible conversation and straightforward thinking.
        Once the world’s financiers have turned, it’s all downhill from there. Hollywood has to come to Wall St for loans, as does every other Jewish-run enterprise: and with practical, common sense Guanyanyoese coming out of the mouths of their now-converted fellow Jew banker peers, the rest of the Jew Overlords can’t help but be turned too.

        1. Well, if the elected government of the United States of America would begin by taking back the right to issue currency, many of the countries problems could be solved in a few years.
          Right now, currency is created by a private bank called the Federal Reserve and the US government pays them to do it in the form of interest.
          The government could just issue it’s own currency without incurring a debt that taxpayers have to pay back. The USA has done this many times in the past. Unfortunately, Presidents who oppose a private central bank tend to be assassinated by lone gunmen.
          There is nothing Federal about the Federal Reserve. The name was chosen to fool the sheeple. Their policies since the tech bust have created a Depression and there will be another finanical collapse after the November elections.
          Who owns these private banks, you ask? Strangely, that is a national secret.

  9. Women are inferior, depraved creatures – who can’t decide what they want.
    It’s only when men decide for them, that they can understand what civility is all about. Give them freedom, and they’ll show what depravity they are capable of.

    1. LOL that last one is funny. We need a quote for “Women should not drink too much”.

        1. You can toss them quarters like bread crumbs to ducks at a park. Have a following that way.

  10. Goddamn. Even when you attempt to compliment these old broads, they still find it offensive. The fuck is wrong with these women?

      1. I knew that. It’s just mind blowing the audacity. You have a writer from the liberal establishment ( esquire) being attacked by a feminist for essentially agreeing with her on the age of a woman’s prime ( which is total bullshit IMO). It shows how ungrateful these women are and how you can believe the same, but if you don’t think for the same reason they do, you’re shit in their eyes.

      2. They are inherently delusional creatures made worse by a society that caters to them.

    1. I suggest Junod publish a retraction: I’ve Changed My Mind; 42-Year-Old Women Are Ugly As Fuck.

    2. A similar thing happened when some article came out saying that mens ideal body size was a little bit larger than womens (think playboy centrefold size as opposed to skinny catwalk model). The response from women was “Why do men think they have the right to tell women how they should look?”
      The lesson? Dont try and make women happy by pandering to them. Not only does it not work, it backfires on you.
      Should women get to decide what men find attractive? If you’re even asking yourself that question you’ve failed. Be attracted to whatever you want in a woman. Women who you dont find attractive might have a problem with this, but its not your purpose in life to make them happy, so who gives a fuck.

    3. The fucked up part about all of this is that women like Ann could encourage women to take care of themselves so that they can look good in their older years. The entire feminist movement could encourage healthy eating, exercise, and low stress and women would be beautiful for many more years. Instead she advocates working a career with long hours and going through boyfriends and husbands like its an accomplishment.
      Feminists are leading young women to misery and despair, and they will cheer and “empower” each other the whole way down

      1. I hit on a woman who turned out to be 43, but I swear to god she looked every bit of 23. I didn’t believe her at first.

  11. There’s no use trying to let them know what you like. They don’t even see men as individuals with different preferences, likes, fetishes. They ask alpha females what men like and base their assumptions on that, not on what men tell them. They actually ignore what you say and go by celebrity or local alphas tell them.
    What I find baffling is females who have a kind of contempt for you if you like the way they look — because it’s either a lie or shallow or whatever. Well, it’s not exactly baffling it’s more like listening to an idiot and being understanding.

    1. Don’t you enjoy those women’s magazine articles where they talk about 60 ways to drive your man wild?
      I used to read those just for comic fare. There’s only 3 things needed. Keep your body slim and your breath sweet, and don’t be a bitch.

      1. I did used to read women’s magazines but not only was their advice more complicated than necessary, it often incorporated demeaning feminist theory, and it turned out to be repetitious.

        1. It does get old eventually, But reading a list of male traits women find attractive applied to their own gender as a way to interest men was comedy gold for a while.

        2. When I was a kid (1950s) I used to read some of my mother’s magazines and they pretty much assumed the readers were confident and often had columns of real interest about (non sexual) matters. Today’s female magazines seem desperate — how to keep his interest, how to get his interest…

  12. I say this not as a Leftist, a Rightist, a conservative or a liberal, but as an elitist, that is, someone who values and respects what is the best. Outside of their biological functions, outside of their relations to men as lovers and mothers, what have women contributed to human civilization? It is men who scale the heights of science, art, literature, and philosophy; it is men who make civilization. The wisdom of every age and culture in human history attests that woman, by nature, is consigned to merely natural roles, for she has no capacity for genius.

    1. Thats true, but you cant discount the value of being a good mother i.e. having children and raising them properly with proper investment, being a good role model and keeping their father around and invested in their lives (as in marriage 1.0). Its womens most important contribution to society, and even though exceptional men contributed vastly more to society than exceptional women, the average woman was probably more valuable to society than the average man (since historically more women than men reproduced). Ironic that the role of motherhood is the one role that Feminism is most keen for women NOT to perform.

      1. Complete pussy worshipping nonsense.
        The average man is productive, the average woman is a parasite.
        Single mothers are a burden to society.

        1. *sigh* You don’t read very well, do you?
          I said “having children and raising them properly with proper investment, being a good role model and keeping their father around and invested in their lives”. That excludes single mothers, literally by definition.
          Society doesn’t continue past a single generation without new people being born, and women play an essential and necessary part in making that happen. Recognising this fact is not “pussy worshiping nonsense”, its plain fucking common sense.

  13. Women want to talk about privilege, yet the most brash and blatant example of it is right under their noses, perpetrated by them.
    When we go back to a real world after all this collapses we can laugh and wonder what happened to them.

  14. What is the real use of woman?
    Only for SEX. That’s the real truth.
    If she couldn’t or can’t provide you sex or she has no sexual value, she is practically USELESS. If you think deeply about it, Man has no need for woman if she can’t be of sexual use or has any sexual value. What else can a woman do for a man?
    Would you care for a woman who can’t or won’t fuck with you? Nope. That’s the truth. A woman without sexual value is a useless creature for a man.
    Her creation and existence on this planet would itself be useless. That is the one and only use of a woman: nature itself has created her as a sex object.
    I have gotten a lot of shit from women but I often tell them on the face that women are only SEX OBJECTS. But surprisingly, they’ve respected me later.
    Men who have realised the truth about women as sex objects have often achieved greatness in human history.
    To objectify woman as nothing apart from being a mere sex object will save men a lot of unnecessary problems. Because women are animals, they have no brains, no conscience or no rationale. A woman’s life is a life lived on whims and desires, and like an animal, she will live to achieve them.

    1. I think you mean SLUTS are only useful for sex. A good women is useful for cooking & caring for children (If you decide to have any) and some other things.

      1. NAWALT.
        All women are whores and sluts. They just need courage and circumstances to show that.
        There are no ‘good’ women. Read the story of the Scorpion and the Frog.

    2. Such is true from a biological point of view. However, in modern society, I have seen too many career women, sub-35, who bill and produce more than comparable men, and still got to fuck around a lot. Ask their bosses if their only value comes as a sexual object and they will surely disagree.

        1. Perhaps because my past experience in the fields of law and finance. It is amazing how many monthly hours a resented spinster can bill.
          Many female lawyers and financiers, having long abandoned any notion of feminity, physical beauty or interest in men, have a lot of energy to generate revenue. And they do.
          But if you mean women at marketing, management and human resources positions, yes, they don’t produce revenue.

        2. You are doing what, if you were a woman expressing this attitude towards men, would be the Apex fallacy. You take a few exceptional cases of middle aged spinsters at the apex of a few of the highest paid and prestigious fields and think it means something about women in general.

  15. You all missed the obvious counter argument.
    Where the fvck are all the uber-models holding signs begging for men of average stature and means?
    Women (ugly fat women) are unilaterally trying to shame men into accepting them as mates and using the gynocentric culture as a lever.
    The mind boggles.

    1. The sad part is that many of them are succeeding. I cannot recount the number of frumpy fatties around these parts “paired up” with rather tall, lean, svelte good-looking men. On the other hand, all of the lean and thin chicks here are usually fitness freaks and you rarely see them with men on their side. The mind boggles indeed.

      1. You want to have your mind boggled, go check out Seattle. Women there have an average score of 2.5 out of 10. There are more fat women in Seattle than in any other city in the country (maybe the world). Even the few thin women have horrid looking, manly faces. They totally buy into contemporary societal feminist conditioning believing that they are all beautiful princesses. Then there are the lesbians – Seattle is secretly the lesbian capital of the world.
        Look around at the men there. A lot of hipsters in the city. Engineering types in the ‘burbs. A boat load of gays. And they all look completely miserable. Lost. Feminized. Self-loathing.
        You’ll see some of these schlubs being led around by their noses by some ugly women. It’s horrifying really. It’s like the scariest horror movie ever made. But it’s real life there.
        Yes, most of American has gone this route (Dallas, Houston and few other cities notwithstanding). But Seattle is where you can go see the logical conclusion of societal dysfunction. It’s not a pretty sight.

        1. Let me tell you, as one who lives there, that this is true. Spo true that a 1 out of 100 you see in public transit who is actually wearing a skirt and high heels actually stands out, and there’s little more. A thirsty woman can hookup here with just rudimentary effort. I don’t see a lot of thirsty betas hovering around though. Just a lot of “skinny autist” types who appear to have given up.

        2. There’s no secret about it, Seattle is the well known ugly manhating lesbian capitol of the world.

      2. Those thin ones find solace in small canines. When they grow older, they shift to cats.

  16. Women get to decide what they find attractive about men and they have abused the shit out of that power, the less power in the hands of women the more stable a society will be.

    1. Here’s the Catch 22. You’re a monster because you hate women – because you don’t want them to have absolute power – because they can be so much more selfish and evil with it than the most horrible male dictators.

  17. The level of misogyny and resentment in the comments is too high, even by RoK standards. Why would a real man care about the verbal diarrhea of an old, deluded cunt in its 60s? A real man has a thousand things more important to do than that.
    If anyone asks about this issue again, let me tell you the short answer: any women over 35 can go fuck themselves. Not literally.

    1. True, true. But when Huffpo posts an article, we HAVE to take notice. Huffpo is an incredibly large and powerful voice in the leftist media.

  18. I couldn’t view the comments, but if they were saying how much crap the article was(which it was, but not for the reasons the women may have complained about), the whole article was a nice guy appeasement attempt. The very same thing Rollo and others here have written will back fire, making them despise the guy.

      1. Don’t know. But it’s not Jen Selter.
        Jen Selter is better than most you see walking down the street. But it’s not something to be famous for.

  19. The most alpha thing a real man can do is just to completely ignore all the screaming, ranting and raving from these dried up old hags. A friend of mine, same age 37, just had a baby girl with his gorgeous Russian wife who’s 24. And no, she’s not a mail order bride. They met at a party. My own girlfriend is 27. And do we give one single fuck about the dried up old hens wailing and screaming at us! Nope. Not a single fuck is given. Just empty silence from us.

    1. Last night my husband and I were at a concert after a Rodeo. I was watching our two children dance and run. My husband was smoking a cig next to two old bats about his age away from me (He’s 53 I’m 27, just celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary). He’s a outgoing person and is always talking, smiling and making conversation with whomever will listen to him. Our baby girl, who is 4, came up to him said something, then ran away with the other kids. I then wandered over next to him so that I could have a better view of the kiddos who had moved out of my field of vision. He introduced me to the women as his wife. The look that I received was pure ice. I could tell she was trying to flirt with him, even at a distance. She had her boobs pushed out, was batting her eyes, twirling her hair. She asked in the most condescending tone if our daughter was his. Like it mattered. We’ve always received such an unwelcome reception, especially around older women. It’s really sad. You can tell they pissed their lives away and are still looking for “mister right”. Maybe “mister right” was right there when they were 18 but they were too dumb to notice.

      1. I am 59 and my wife of 6 years is 31. I hear you and have lived with the same senseless hate from middle aged (mostly) white women. My advice is to treat it like water off a duck’s back. I have no problem ignoring these bitter old hags, but I know it is harder for my wife. Hang in there.

        1. I really try to. It was worse when we got married, I was 18. The women in his family went bat shit crazy and tried to make my life hell. It was my father in law who comforted me and made me see that they weren’t necessarily mad at me, more sad for themselves.

  20. I’m 29 and The hottest chick I ever dated was 40, 3 kids. She was a natural beauty with a body most 20 somethings would kill for. Maybe she’s the exception, but just sayin. Theyre out there.

      1. Yeah. I never did more than see her casually and never had or been into other chicks that age since, but damn she was something else

      2. Yes, she would. However, if you just met her, she is hot, 40 and down to fuck, a man would be a fool to reject her on an age basis. She may carry a lot of baggage but it wouldn’t matter when you are inside her.

        1. It’s hard to say if she’s a legit pump and dump. I think we need more pics of her without clothes to make an informed decision here

    1. I bet from that picture, she has a saggy or soft ass muscle, with cellulite, even if her ass is small, and she’s slim.
      Her slim thighs reveal fat deposits instead of the 20 something’s firmer meat. If you can post a picture of her behind or her standing, she’ll truly appear to all of us what she really is.

      1. your wish is my command

        1. That’s a comparatively flat ass, with a miniscule bump.
          Women can be slim or skinny at worst, but atleast they should have some curves on the ass – like this one (with a small but well defined ass, minus cellulite fat).

        2. Nah this 40 chick had a curvy ass, curviest thing about her. Size 8, with a nice ass. And she’s still a hotter body type to me then any of those chubby bitches up the top.

    2. Be advised I have dealt with the 40-something still in good shape type, and they are very very desperate and can pull a bait and switch on you. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT wife them. They can get fat like an auto-inflating life raft.

  21. Fourty something translates to more likely infertile than not. More population control pulp, and please not another women’s channel. Put her on a naval submarine or any smaller boat without birthing facilities. She might find Captain Hamster a soulmate. Outside of a pressurized underwater tank she ain’t finding anything as close to alpha that would ‘appreciate’ her. She’d be worth a roll of copenhagen on a sub.

  22. I hear they’re trying pass a law that I’m required to get a boner when Lena Dunham parades her giant ass around on Girls. In fact, my boner shrivels up and runs the other direction.
    Willful ignorance of how we’re all victims of Mother Nature. Let’s ask her. “What happens to a species when the males get boners for hot 20 year olds in the prime of their reproductive health. What happens to a species where men get boners for 40 year olds and obese women.” Yeah, that’s what I thought. Do the math, feminists. Hey maybe there was once such a species. Its now extinct.

    1. It’s really funny how feminists are really litterally trying to force us to think that Lena Dunham is a hottie.

  23. Good article. They seriously believe that it can change the thinking of 3,5 billion men just by writing crap on the wall and making the woman on the right be as sexy as the one on the left.

    1. I’d like a roll in the hay with the one on the right, think i’m going through a phase. I wouldn’t date her though.

      1. Almost all guys prefer the one on the left. Besides – it gets even worse, when you meet them in person. Even toddlers react to the one on the left with more interest and smiles (plenty of studies done on that). It is instinct.
        Besides – I have no hate against overweight women. The food is toxic and they fell for the trap. I know women, who are aware that they have lost discipline and are now trying to change things. But feminism encourages them to stuff their faces with more cupcakes and just accept themselves for the fat unhealthy blobs they are. If you ever see a truly fat dog or cat you know what misery looks like as they hardly move and cannot partake in much of any activity.

    2. Giving? Nice? I’m sorry but I don’t think the person who designed that photos has actually spent time with any modern overweight women. Their insecurities have made them psychotic. They are careless in the sense in that they don’t actually care what their men think, because all they can think is how ugly they are. They’re too bitter and angry at the world for not accepting them, they can’t find joy or pride in anything other than maybe their new phones or tattoos. Both of these women are narcissists but for different reasons

  24. I do some voluntary work, I made a comment to a female co-worker about another who is 19 (I’m a young 30 if it matters) to which she gave me a look and came out with a snotty ‘She’s a bit young’. Too young for what? She can choose to join the armed forces, drive a vehicle, cast a vote, buy a house. Maybe my colleague was just concerned for my need of cerebral conversation

    1. A bit young for your female co worker to have to compete with! Remember women hate each other that is why old women do not mentor young women.

      1. Golden words of wisdom from Al Bundy:
        Don’t try to understand women; women understand women and they hate each other.

  25. I think women should decide everything.
    *Walks off with an evil laugh…

        1. exactly, watch that norse survivor. five days in and they still hadn’t made a goddamned lean-to. they ate up all their rice, but had great tans.

  26. The hidden agenda of the recent outbreak of highly publicised cases of pedophilia is to withhold the natural sexual order i.e. men being attracted to younger women.
    Mark my words, gentlemen, it won’t be long before any man seen with a female 15+ years younger than he is, will be declared a pedophile.

    1. That and the fact that almost all ‘pedophilia’ (pederasty actually) both historically and in current times, has NOT been between men and little girls, or women and little boys.
      It has been between homosexual men and little boys.
      Virtually every attempt to normalize and legalize pederasty has come from the homosexual community. As have all attempts to promote sexual and homosexual education in young children.
      No, a prepubescent is not ‘gay’, and whoever made him think he was is a criminal.

      1. Thank you, I very much concur with Brigadon above…at present there are movements trying to legitimize pedophilia. It should never be tolerated and should always be seen as one of the highest crimes against humanity. PSA to all ROK readers – PLEASE TAKE A STAND AGAINST ANY AND ALL MOVES TO LEGITIMIZE PEDOPHILIA!

        1. Bear in mind, while I am truly and completely against any form of pederasty, I do not consider ephebophilia to be criminal. Girls are having sex at 15, and I’d much rather they were getting married off at that age and starting families, even if it’s with an older guy, than fucking the local football team.

        2. NGOs and our government is busy going around the world fighting human trafficking. Now I agree that human trafficking (i.e. slavery) is very bad. However, the bulk of human trafficking is in male slaves for labor, not women for sex. The vast, vast, majority of whores in the world are whores because they want to be, or see it as their best option. What the NGOs and our government are pushing is anti- prostitution under the guise of protecting under age women. That is if a man of any age screws a female hooker 17 years, 30 days, and 23 hours old then he should be convicted of human trafficking and sent to prison for life. I am not exaggerating. The penalty for human trafficking in the Philippines is life without parole, and the charge is not bail able. So if you are charged you are going to spend about 10 years in prison before you are tried. And the Philippines government is under so much pressure from the US that they are going to convict you. If they fail to convict you, millions if not billions of dollars in foreign aid can be cancelled. Qui Bono.
          Let me add that in the Philippines women working in the bars (go-gos) have to have several IDs showing they are of legal age, and the city governments have to certify their ages are legal. However, when they come to arrest you they will have a dentist along that will examine the girl’s teeth to determine her age. Wow, no matter what her documents say, the dentist will be able to testify that because her wisdom teeth aren’t in yet she is under 18.

  27. Sites like Huffington Post etc., etc., etc. all these websites, magazines, blogs, they’re each brands, they have target demographics. So they churn out articles for they’re consumers. Huffington Post is made for over-the-hill, haggard liberal women and some younger, most of whom are feminist twits and unattractive and HuffPo tells them what they want to hear. I’m sure the writers believe they’re own b.s. which is amazing. ROK has it’s audience but I find it offers more realistic commentary on sex and gender politics. lol

    1. Hey, the difference between RoK and other ‘online magazine’ blogs is that the best information is usually in the comments 🙂
      That and the fact that it is NOT an echo chamber…. We will freely disagree with each other and even occasionally come to a logical, well-thought-out consensus, even if it disagrees utterly with the basic premise of the article.

      1. Also, I like the way we insult the shit out of each other at times, on one thread and are all friends on the other. Just like guys to be fighting one moment and having beers together the next.
        Its never personal here.

      2. called and it wants its ‘comments better than articles’ crown back!
        Red pill site for financial/government/political matters.
        “On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”

  28. If only the “You’re beautiful” shit applied to men. I’d be swimming in hot pussy instead of having to now work my ass off in the gym to start the process of getting to a healthy weight (which has the side effect of at least preventing women from automatically seeing me as a non-sexual object.

    1. You don’t need to work your ass off. You need to enjoy what you do. Working out needn’t be “work”. If you don’t like your current work-out, change it.
      Btw, the quickest to lose those excess “passengers” you carry on your otherwise perfect body, is proper nutrition. If you achieve good nutrition then you can do whatever activity you like and the fat will just drip off.

  29. This has been the main agenda of the feminist movement starting with the second wave in the sixties. Heterosexual males dating preferences are morally wrong, oppress women and must be changed. Hypocrites as they are any hint from a man that women’s preferences might be wrong is met with rage and condemnation, (just look how feminists treat these “nice guys” who insist that women should be attracted to nice little beta males instead of masculine alfas. Fact is that these “nice guys” are just the male equivalent of modern feminism.
    This is why feminism attracts ugly and lazy women, instead of having to change your appearance through workout and by taking care of yourself in order to increase your SMV, women are now led to believe that they can increase their SMV by changing men’s preferences.

    1. Occasionally, on this site, you get comments from male feminists in denial. In other words, they rage when exposed to the idea that they might improve their appearance, hygiene and prospects to attract a mate. This is a door that swings both ways although the aspects that increase a man’s MV differ from those for a woman.

      1. Funny thing is that many feminist women often have traits that increases a man’s MV but not a woman’s. They are often ambitious, driven, socially dominant, independent and have a successful career. Since women appreciate thos qualities in a male, men have to appreciate and get turned on by the same qualities in a woman. The fact that in a sexually dimorphic species like human beings different qualities are considered attractive in the two sexes is something they seem unable to grasp. If men would have found physical strength as attractive in women as women do in men we wouldn’t show any sexual dimorphism in this area. That’s how evolution and sexual selection works.

        1. Well said. Personally, career women are a massive turn-off. And have you noticed how many women obsess about their “career”? I never hear a man say “what about my career?”.
          The most important thing a woman can do is rear strong healthy children. Nobody will care about a woman’s career when she’s gone but she can leave behind a proud legacy of children and grandchildren.

        2. Yup. I could not care less about a chick’s achievements in life. I mean good for her that she graduated with 2 degrees from a prestigious college, excels in her career, is independently wealthy and travels the world blah blah. You go girl! Unfortunately for feminism, my dick don’t twitch to any of it. I’ll be over here giving my attention to the high school dropout who has a cute girly voice and laughs at my jokes

        3. Did you know that in Sweden the secretary of gender affairs has publicly stated several times that in order to achieve true equality men must change their preferences and find careerist women and women with high status jobs attractive? It’s totally true, I just wonder how on earth she thinks she will achieve that.

        4. Responding to both Englishbob aND Mig1981:
          Doesn’t surprise me about Sweden, they’re feminism is insane.
          Men work to survive and/or provide for a family, which has somehow become perverted to be seen as “backwards”? Women, on the other hand, “work” to satisfy their ego. It gets worse, because if left to their own devices many women wouldn’t do this…feminism is top-down, in that, a cabal of feminist activist, likely stinking up some “gender” studies department, in cahoots with media/celebrities, dictate to other women what they should be doing. And its really these other women’s insecurities, jealousy and envy that is the ultimate motivator here.

        5. Might as well teach a cat to be a dog. I’m disturbed that there is even a Secretary for Gender Affairs. Such a waste of people’s money paying for this crap.

  30. ” declaring 42 year-old women to be the most attractive age for a woman.”..wOt !?

  31. Never get involved with old hags. Which is >26. Who cares what the old hags say about it, just pretend they don’t exist, which is very easily done, as who likes to look at old women anyway.
    I sure don’t. I’m 52 (look early 40s), present FWB is 20, and I have 2 others under 25 in the pipeline. Why? Because they are sexy.. An old hag was trying to guilt me last week with “What could you possibly have in common with a 20 year old besides sex?” – I just looked at her in puzzlement, shrugged, grinned, nodded, then said (I was feeling cruel) “Being single forever would be infinitely preferable to having to spend 5 seconds with a bitter old hag”. That’s “female logic” for you. What else is there? An “emotional connection”? Being bitched at all day? I divorced that years ago. LOL I already have 2 dogs. I love my dogs and my pickup truck and my classic muscle car.

  32. Should women decide for men what attractive is?
    F*ck NO!
    Seems like they think they can or are entitled/justified per feminist ideology…that said, if its going to be that way and we’re all “equal” and things have to be “fair” for all, that must mean that men are entitled to decide things for women. ?
    I think the whole “fat acceptance” movement is a validation of the anti-feminist and anti-progressive movement. I’ve always triy to point out to people that its easy to win arguments with progressives, indeed, just use logic/reason, we know that, but also take each of their movements or policies etc and follow it to its logical end-state. In that we MUST tolerate and accept everything it should not surprise us that we are being forced to tolerate and accept vices such as being fat.
    Of course, being fat is NOT something to celebrate because it leads to a very unhappy life, namely, the medical problems. And forcing people to see you how you want them to see you is not going to produce a genuine response. Nope, you’ll get a canned, parroted response, which no matter how many care-bear stares to the contrary, the fatty will still pick up on this, which will only reinforce their faux happiness and make them even more miserable.
    Its absurd, but that’s good…paradigms, ideologies, cultures that promote the absurd don’t tend to last for that long.

    1. about 50 years actually, two generations. and then the cultural matrix collapses

      1. It has been that long right now. The matrix seems to be chugging along so far. Not that I don’t agree that this is not sustainable, just wondering when the end point will come. I hope to be far away when it happens.

  33. “Nobody” decides what is attractive. You can’t argue with a boner.

  34. Society works better when men get to decide what women find attractive (i.e., assortive mating/patriarchy/no hypergamic indulgence)

  35. The huffpo article is blocking comments they don’t like, btw. At least they blocked mine.

  36. She’s ugly, old, bitchy, entitled and unattractive as shit. She won’t get any measure of the “D”. That’s a fact that her ego will never shake away. Sad.

  37. Ignorance of typical feminist is astounding. You don’t take away food from a hungry man and expect him to value it’s nutrition and quality.
    The true feminist dream has happened in Russia in early 20th century. EE women however retained the femininity and allure of men without losing respect and ‘equality’ That leads me to believe that western women are just dumb and incapable.

  38. The immediate answer that springs to mind is “no, of course not, what kind of question is that?”

  39. To answer the question…No.
    These women are giving excuses as to why they shouldn’t improve themselves.

  40. When I read the nonsense that Anne Brenoff wrote I smelt a rat. I then looked up her other articles. Woe and behold! She’s one of the tribe, the same tribe as Gloria Steinem, Andrea Dworkin, Betty Frieden (AKA Bettye Naomi Goldstein), Shulamith Firestone, etc.
    Why is it that the women of that tribe tirelessly write this material?

  41. Feminists dont realize that men and women are attracted to different qualities in the opposite sex. So they project their own attractions onto men and expect men to be like that and cant comprehend why they dont. Conversely, men often project their own attractions onto women and cant understand why less physically attractive men can sweep the floor in ways that more physically attractive men cant.

  42. I figured the hens would’ve been screeching praise for Tom for not discriminating based on age. When I was still interested in seeking a wife, I was eyeing women in their early-to-mid-30’s because women like that are more likely to have a general clue about life and what they want out of it. We really can’t win, can we?
    And no, they don’t get to decide what we find attractive. If I see one more photo of a scantily-clad Lena Dunham, I’m taking a hostage. She’s gross, bloated and overrated – kind of like the TV show she created.

  43. So I am reaching out if anyone can help. I am 28 and my man is 38. He hits the gym a lot. He is now becoming much fitter than I! I lean towards being active more than sedentary, but I have suffered depression in the past. This depression has really sucked my motivation dry. These days it is much, much better. I am 5’9 and size 12, most part attractive, but my tummy is what I affectionately call ‘pot’ and in photos I’m noticing how from the side it is becoming so noticeable. Is there an effective method for motivation that you guys who have become more active, could share with me? I’m thinking about putting a photo of my head on top of a really fat woman on my mirror. I don’t care if vanity pushes me to loose weight, if we are honest, thats what pushes use most (oh and belly fat is really bad for your health).

  44. Well as long as we’re all being honest around here, let us carry this further.
    Yes, you CAN SO judge a book by it’s cover, and you CAN SO judge soundly based on first impressions most of the time. To wit:
    Tom Junod looks like your typical smarmy liberal journalist. I suspect he is very good at annoying everyone, even other liberal twits – and that he delights in it. He isn’t queer but I bet he spends more time fussing with his hair than your average faggot or woman. I doubt other men would like him much either. Haven’t read any of his stuff nor to I plan to.
    Anne Brenoff looks to me like a hatchet faced hag that no man in his right mind would put up with. That is the face of a bitch – or I will eat my hat! Haven’t read any of her stuff either.
    That fatty with the war on weigh scales strikes me as one who is childish and naïve and probably doesn’t have that much on the ball in the brains department. She would probably be better than the previous two to have a conversation with.
    Beyoncé doesn’t look like an idiot to me. Perhaps she is the exception to the rule.

    1. Beyonce looks good enough that men fans don’t care if she is a feminist. She is a feminist so that she can get more female fans. More fans = more money. It really isn’t too hard to figure women (any woman) out, just look for the money trail.

  45. Should women get to decide what men find attractive? No of course not. However, ROK is always deciding what women find attractive – money and being a so-called ‘alpha’ you claim – and that is simply not true either.

    1. The obvious difference is that blogs like this push what they believe, at least, women find genuinely attractive. Women try to push as attractive to men what men don’t find attractive. That’s because much of what women find attractive isn’t physical while most of what men find attractive is. You can only alter your looks so much.

      1. It doesn’t help much that many women are preferring to forgo “lady-grooming” and pretty outfits that men like on them, while instead getting advanced degrees in shit that only dudes used to get degrees in. Women’s articles used to be about how to catch a man and keep him happy, but now their articles neglect to mention man-catching at all. Women’s articles are about “having it all”, but ironically no mention of men or sex or even LOVE being part of “it all”!!!

  46. One additional point that the author forgot:
    Tom Junod is in his 50’s and has not hit the wall. I’d say he’s like Clooney…

    1. A desiccated, ugly old piece of shit who can ONLY get laid because he’s an Oscar-winning famous person? How so?
      Take away Clooney’s fame (or Pitt’s), and see if there’s a chance in hell of getting laid. Too ugly, too old, and too non-famous (once you take away the fame). We have MILFs in society, but dudes are getting short-shrifted with articles about no longer being fuckworthy past the age of 30! Once past 30, we’re looked at as paternal now. And bitches well past 40 are still getting frat boys’ dicks hard enough to blow their whole student stipend on the chance at getting their dicks sucked by a MILF.
      This imaginary bubble we like to blow up one another’s asses seems all nice ‘n stuff, but reality points to a very different world than what we hope for in the manospheres.

  47. See, this article assumes that being “beautiful” means being “beautiful as defined by being sexually attractive to men”. Nope. What women are really trying to do is to redefine beauty standards so that we are beautiful in our own eyes and by our own definitions.

    1. What a shock. You totally missed the point of this article. The point is that these kind of women will never consider their men human beings long enough to actually care what they think or they feel. Ms. Fat Exhibitionist there could possibly hurt a man she rides on top of, because she is so heavy. Does that matter? NO. What does matter is her precious feewings. 🙁

  48. In the “Fat Acceptance” pic, I thought the girl in a grey jacket (Behind the fatty holding up the sign) had nice legs.

  49. Moved to asia 4 years ago, never looked back…Nothing interesting to look back to…

  50. Dear older woman: I am not denying your humanity nor am I rejecting you as a person, I am just not physically attracted to you and even with the very best intentions I could not sexually perform with you. I can not force myself to sexually become excited, I can not even pretend to be because the proof of the pudding from my side is an erection and I am not going to have one with you. Perhaps after long minutes of stimulation and me secretly mentally focusing on attractive women in my mind but this is a procedure I really don’t want to go through with – and it also borders on deceit if you think about it. So sorry but you know you did have your chance with me when you were still younger. Oh right but I forget I wasn’t good enough for you back then, even though now you are all but stalking me on plentyoffish. I realize you had to be picky of course in those days. Well I am sure that’s why you understand that I am very picky myself now that I am your age. I enjoy my sexuality with young prostitutes nowadays and I also try to hit on young women that have financial and low self-esteem issues. Sometimes with success and when it comes true I always have a sex partner that arouses me. All that also means I have little money for you left. It’s true. A lot of income is spent on women in a man’s life and I figured out that spending 200 bucks on a willing teenager buys me about 10000x as much joy than spending it on a fancy dinner with you. Not that I wouldn’t mind your intellect and conversation though .. we can always be friends but I would prefer to go dutch with you.
    I am sure you think it am being extremely superficial here.. and I am. This is my need for sex and not about your need for comfort and companionship as you age. Blame testosterone but I for one still have a lot of sex yet to experience and I am not ready to hang my towel next to yours. I am not done with having sex. I am not done.

  51. One of the main objectives of modern women is to grant themselves the right to determine what a woman is, should be, what is feminine and valuable about women, unilaterally, without any reference at all to the opinions of men.
    Then they turn around and presume the power for women to determine what a man is, should be, what is masculine and valuable about men… unilaterally, without any reference to the opinions of men.
    Then they turn around and presume the power to define for us, what we should find valuable in women. that being what they define as valuable.
    The solipsistic, gynocentric power tripping is astounding, but it feels good to them, and so to them, must be logical and right.
    A prime rule of red pill should be that we do not grant them those powers.
    We define manhood for ourselves, period.
    We define what we find valuable about women. They do not get to dictate ourselves to us, or how we perceive value in women. Harpies and psychotics need not apply.
    Of course, in tradition, men and women granted each other a healthy respect and allowed each other a say in the definition of each other. When subject to proper male social control, women could be trusted with a degree of input. The modern woman is not entitled to that. She cannot be trusted with it.

  52. The problem is that these feminists have more power over men today than all of the men who have ever tried to get women get healthy / sexy to please them. In fact, the self-esteem of women has perpetuated beauty standards. Let’s be honest, guys. If we could depend on women to always be there for us, to stand by us no matter what, we wouldn’t really care how hairy their legs and armpits got. But it’s women – especially modern women who want to separate the sexes and treat anything remotely masculine (ie hair) as unattractive. Paul Elam once made a wonderful video exposing women for their self-esteem issues. He separated the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence. And it’s true. There is a difference. If these women were confident, they wouldn’t be changing their looks with every new trend. They would be comfortable enough to stick with one look.
    BUT for these same petty women to try and dictate what men find attractive is really uncool. No one gets to dictate what another person finds attractive. We should be trying to make our partners happy. Not ourselves.
    BUT as history has proven, men are human doings to women. Not human beings. We’re either arbiters of their happiness or misery. How do men feel about dying horribly and alone on the battlefield? FCK. Why cares? What matters is that those men kept the women they loved from dying in the same way. Those EVIL OPPRESSORS!

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