Was Instagram Wrong In Deleting The Fat Teen Girl Samm Newman’s Account?

Samm Newman knows what she is.

“I’m a big girl,” Newman said. “I’m proud, and I post lots of body love.”

Take a look for yourself.  And I apologize in advance for embedding this photograph, but I want you to have the same reaction everyone else did on Instagram when this was first posted.

Part 1 – An OBESE Girl Posts On Instagram

Rather than rehash the facts, I’ll just let our trusted news sources do it:

Newman took part in a body positivity movement on Instagram. Four months ago, she met a group of ladies using hash tags like #bodylove and #pizzasister4lyfe. They followed each other, posted pictures and compliments.

“My Instagram, it was my safe place because when I was there, I could share anything,” Newman said.

“Body Positivity Movement” is code for obese people encouraging each other that, rather than attempting to do the hard thing and diet or exercise (or god forbid both), they will do what got them so obese in the first place. Sit around, be sedentary and yell at society through a computer. They do this because is the easy way out. After all why work at yourself when you can just seemingly validate your unhealthy and frankly grotesque lifestyle from the comfort of your couch?

Next, Newman discusses how she could post anything on Instagram because it was her “safe place.”  Sounding like the teen that she is, and furthermore the America she lives in, Newman epitomizes the entitlement complex that we know all too well in America. Instagram is her safe place.

Part 2 – Instagram Removes Fat Photo For Violating Its Community Standards

Instagram removed the photograph and deleted this girl’s account.  From the news stories I have read, they all quote the same reason from Instagram: the picture was removed for “violating community standards.”  However I have yet to see a single direct quote from Instagram as to which community standard they are referring to.

Yet amazingly according to this sourcethis onethis lovely onethis major networkand this favorite, and probably countless others – Newman’s photo violated the Instagram nudity restrictions. This is despite as indicated above, the only words from Instagram itself do not specify such a thing.

So either these media outlets have some inside information from Instagram regarding which guideline it was and suspiciously enough refuse to disclose it, or more likely make an assumption as to which community standard was violated.  I’ll go ahead and join the party now by making an assumption too, that it was the latter. As one source writes:

19-year-old Ohio student Samm Newman’s Instagram account was removed for violating the social media’s community guidelines against sharing photos with nudity. But Newman was clothed in a bra and boy shorts in her photo. “I didn’t find them or the bra at all inappropriate,” Newman told MS News Now. “They covered me entirely, and I’ve seen pictures like that all over Instagram.”

First, there is the aforementioned assumption regarding the guideline in question.  With that out of the way we can focus on how so far removed from reality Newman actually is.

I actually agree with her first statement here.  The bra and boy shorts are not the problem or inappropriate. Rather, it is her body. What most girls these days fail to understand in Western society is that people can be different.  I would look like an idiot in cowboy boots and suspenders, but should I sport them anyway and walk out into society and demand people think I look good in them? If I shaved my head I most definitely would have an odd-shaped dome and it would not look good.

Yet in today’s reality that is America, everyone has the perceived right to be the same as everyone else. And that takes me to the second part of her statement. Putting aside the absurdity the part that the outfit covered her “entirely” is that she has seen “pictures like that all over Instagram.”

Again the self-delusion pushes through. In Newman’s mind, her obese self looks the same in a bikini as a model wearing a bikini.  Pictures “like that” to Newman mean generally a girl in underwear. What she fails to realize is she cannot separate her morbid obesity from the outfit (perhaps literally given her fat folds overextending to trap the fabric).

A person does not see her picture and think to themselves “oh, what a lovely outfit.” A person sees this picture and thinks “this girl is disgustingly obese.”

Part 3 – The Media Cries Fat Discrimination And Instagram Cowers

Remember, Instagram was her place. So what happens when someone, dare say the owner of the medium, takes away that safe place?

The girl flips out and cries discrimination. Often times I wonder who really is at fault and to be honest, most of the time I can’t really blame girls like this. They have been brainwashed from an early age. Reality TV, exposure to stories like this, online “body positive movements,” friends who feed their spiral of unhealthy living to one another, or are just bitches who lie about how “cute” short hair looks on a girl, and so on. The list is neverending.

Take MyDaily’s account of the events at hand:

This latest news has us wondering who it is, sitting in their ivory tower, that gets to decide which pictures do and which pictures don’t violate their code of conduct. A picture of Cara Delevingne totally naked with just a road sign to cover her modesty isn’t nudity, but apparently Samm’s mirror shot is.

They then post this Instagram photo of the girl they mention:

This is followed by the requisite “wow, just wow” comment by the My Daily author Ellen Stewart, the variation being this time “The mind, it boggles.” Apparently Ms. Stewart also doesn’t understand that 1) no nudity was ever cited by Instagram, and 2) the difference between the picture immediately above and what Newman actually looks like.

Here’s another Instagram post of Newman (warning – click at your own risk). Does this help show the difference between her and the model above? How about Newman’s 44 likes to nearly 380k for the model? Even accounting for fame I’m pretty sure 380k people are not wrong in liking one over the other.

But according to Newmann and Stewart here, these pictures are all one in the same. I guess we couldn’t expect much more from an author with a bio that states she dresses like a teenage boy.

Eventually after getting heat from the media, Instagram succumbed and reinstated the photo and Newman’s account. Presumably to save face, Instagram made the following comment to some news sources:

When our team processes reports from other members of the Instagram community, we occasionally make a mistake. In this case, we wrongly removed content and worked to rectify the error as soon as we were notified. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Part 4 – Analysis: Did The Photograph Violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines?


If I were Instagram’s lawyer and we lived in a society that was not so twisted, I would have vehemently stood my ground. Instagram has a set of “Community Guidelines” it asks its users to follow (regarding both what to and what to not do). First, the provision that all the media outlets and Newman cited to as purportedly being violated was this one:

2. Do share photos and videos that are safe for people of all ages.

Remember that our community is a diverse one, and that your posts are visible to people as young as 13 years old. While we respect the artistic integrity of photos and videos, we have to keep our product and the content within it in line with our App Store’s rating for nudity and mature content. In other words, please do not post nudity or mature content of any kind.

Again, the nudity portion was simply assumed or perhaps used as a scapegoat.  But let’s focus our attention on the first sentence for a second. Even if we accept the fact that there is a mythical barrier for girls under 13 to access the internet, then we still are left with girls in their early teens and older – arguably the most impressionable time of their lives – seeing photos like the one above and directly being told that these bodies, that this type of morbid obesity, is not only acceptable but promoted.

As I mentioned below, there is a litany of science and studies out there detailing the horrific effects of obesity. Personally I do not think this is safe for young impressionable eyes.

Verdict – Violation.

Instagram goes on to state:

3. Do treat others as you would like to be treated.

People from around the world with different backgrounds come together to share moments on Instagram, which is great, but it also means that not everyone will agree with what you think or believe. We ask that all users be polite and respectful in their interactions with other members.

Anyone who says Newman’s picture is something that should be shown to the public at large is either lying or brainwashed to the point of no recovery. Yet for those of us that have not lost our sanity and are not afraid to present the truth, Instagram allows us to complain if something is bothers us. For example, if we don’t agree with promoting morbid obesity. Exactly like how people did when they reported the Newman photo.

Of course, Newman doesn’t see it that way.  She states that “fat is not a bad word” and “how confident can you be if you keep censoring yourself because people don’t want to look at you?” Again, completely self-centered as the only thing that matters in her world is herself.

Verdict – Violation (though admittedly not as clear cut as above).

Next up we have probably the most relevant guideline to the discussion at hand:

6. Don’t promote or glorify self-harm.

While Instagram is a place where people can share their lives with others through photographs and videos, any account found encouraging or urging users to embrace anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders; or to cut, harm themselves, or commit suicide will result in a disabled account without warning. We believe that communication regarding these behaviors in order to create awareness, come together for support and to facilitate recovery is important, but that Instagram is not the place for active promotion or glorification of self-harm.

Emphasis added. May I ask Ellen Stewart or the countless other media writers how they missed this glaring provision in the Instagram guidelines? We can go on for hours and into excruciating detail as to how obesity is absolutely horrible for one’s health, or how overeating is an eating disorder. But we all know this already, whether we ignore it (media) or not (us).

So knowing this, how can one argue that placing such a photo of herself, promoting this terrible health and lifestyle, does not violate this provision? Simply put, they cannot. Such an argument would be completely without merit. Samm Newman was promoting and glorifying self-harm in the form of obesity.

It is hard to say if anyone at Instagram actually reconciled the photo with their actual guidelines and deleted the account, or was just so disgusted by the photo itself and deleted it as a reflexive action. Either way after getting hit by media for deleting Newman’s account, Instagram could have easily pointed to this guideline, pointed to the abundance of evidence supporting the harm obesity causes, and stood its ground.

Verdict – Clear Violation.

Part 5 – The End Result

But this is America, and Instagram at the risk of offending all these women backed down. Instead we got this nugget of joy:

“I’m going to make a difference in the world,” Newman said.

The sad truth is many before her already have. I mentioned that this weekend I saw a chubby ten year old girl walking around in a tight shirt that just said #SELFIE on it. She was with her older, equally chubby sister and her dad who obviously has failed to do anything about it.

In a few years she will be the next Samm Newman, posting her obese self on whatever the latest social media craze is that year. That company will be too afraid to do anything about it, and the cycle will continue.

This story is only a minor spec in the world that we are living in. Tactics like #fatshamingweek are really the only tools we have left these days and even those pale in comparison to the reach of Western media. But at least we are trying.

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214 thoughts on “Was Instagram Wrong In Deleting The Fat Teen Girl Samm Newman’s Account?”

  1. Reading these kinds of articles has been better for my weight-losing mindset than anything “encouraging.” Sometimes you just need to be told that the way you’re doing things is wrong and bad for you.

  2. When I look at pictures of Germans from the 1930s, all the women have the “chubby decadent look”. We know what happened next.
    All the women in America, even the ones who have not gone full fat-tard, have that look.
    It’s obvious what happens next.

    1. a terrorist bombs the parliament building and the government turns into a military dictatorship, which then attacks most of the civilized world ?

      1. What you meant to say was:
        An enlightened leadership dedicated to the salvation of their nation employs a ballsy strategic deception in order to shock their countrymen out of a socially engineered impotence, thus transforming said nation into a major world power, which endowed them with the strength and courage to reunite their conquered homeland for the betterment of their race and the preservation of their heritage, flying in the face of a deeply embedded, global tyranny owned and operated by history’s most ruthless, deceptive, and destructive race.

      2. I’m thinking more along the lines of people being too self-absorbed to care about others getting hauled off in the night, prosecuted, etc. I’ve studied a lot about the Nazis and there’s a much demographic to that story. People got off on using the state as their weapon against each other. I’ve seen echoes in that darkness in the occasions that I accidentally distracted some of these “people” from their smart phones, a very brief malevolent glance.
        I recommend the book “Seduced by Hitler” as a good reference for what to expect from our fellow Americans.

  3. So why don’t the Samm Newmans in the U.S. denounce our current First Lady as a fat-shaming bigot because she wants America’s children to learn to eat a nutritious diet and stay at healthy weights?
    I don’t particularly like the Obamas, but I have to agree with Mrs. Obama’s value system in this area.

    1. Yup, you have to give credit where credit is due. By far the best thing anyone of that family has ever done.

    2. Agree. She points out that unhealthy diets cause children to become obese (thus turning into overweight adults – not healthy). Many more need to come out and call it like they see it.

    3. Michelle Obama doesn’t fat-shame, though. She makes actual productive suggestions, and encourages people to have fun, which is far more likely to encourage health than fat-shaming.

  4. I saw the new “Planet of the Apes” yesterday which is set a decade into a post-apocalyptic future, so the human extras should all be lean and, in many cases, even dangerously emaciated, right?
    lol no. it was filmed in USA, so all the background extras in this “post apocalyptic world” are bloated or outright fat fucks. The crowd was as fat as any group of gross American fucks at a Tumblr convention. (Even the main actors tended to be pretty bloated!)
    the apes, meanwhile, where shown as virile hunters and were powerful and lean.

    1. Yeah the implications in that movie, the “Revelation of the Method” level, is very very high. I’m surprised the easily offended minority groups are not saying “hey wait a minute!” but then maybe the picked up on the dark narrative and like it.
      (basically that fat white stupid America is going to be taken out by “sub humans” though in concept only, apes are merely the metaphore)

      1. I did see PotA in a racial sense, but not in the same way that you did. I didn’t see the Apes as proxies for blacks (or Muslims or anybody else). I saw the apes simply as ANY race, and how ethnostates are the best form of civilization: the apes need their own nation, fight for it, and earn it.
        The great writer Matt Parrott wrote a wonderful review of it. http://www.counter-currents.com/2011/08/rise-of-the-planet-of-the-apes/
        Essentially, the ape nation is like Israel or China: an explicit ethnostate. White people need our own ethnostate.

        1. The Neo Nazis are fighting for a white ethnostate in Ukraine as we speak. You talk a good game, are you willing to fight for the good of your race? Buy a ticket to Ukraine and take up arms with your white brothers, this is your big chance to put up or shut up! Write an article for RoK documenting your struggle, go east young man the battle awaits!

        2. Why do you hate the Ukraine and want them taken over?
          Why do you want Israel to be wiped off the map? You are a genocidal anti-semite and I hope the ADL is watching you closely.

        3. The Neo Nazis are from Ukraine and all points south, they are fighting Russian separatists. You always talk about a white ethnostate solution, well here it is. Are you scared to fight for your white race? All bluster and no action? White pride worldwide! Take up arms and fight for your ethnostate, they are literally begging for recruits and are backed by the US and the EU all you have to do is show up. It is your big chance, make the best of it!

        4. Excellent. So you are expressing your genocidal hatred for the State of Israel. You’re a genocidal monster.
          I’m not Ukrainian and so your scizophrenic rantings about murdering Ukrainians is a non sequitur (a hallmark of a schizoid).
          But….seeing as how much you seem to hate them almost as much as you do Jews, why don’t you travel there and declare war on them?
          More importantly, you clearly hate white people. Therefore, you should fully support us having an ethnostate so that you don’t have to be around us. “Ape home [points north]. Human home [points south].”
          You hate Israel, so why don’t you go to Gaza and fight for the Palestinians? They need you now more than ever.

        5. I don’t hate anyone, You stated,
          “I saw the apes simply as ANY race, and how ethnostates are the best form of civilization: the apes need their own nation, fight for it, and earn it.”
          “Essentially, the ape nation is like Israel or China: an explicit ethnostate. White people need our own ethnostate.”
          You want an white ethnostate, your words not mine. White people are fighting for one right now, today. Not some whimsical fantasy, not hypothetical, not in some inconceivable future, but in reality right now. You call me names and put words in my mouth, to draw attention away from the fact that you are all talk and unwilling to fight for a pure white race and a true ethnostate. You talk white pride but you do not mean it, you will not even fight for the Caucasian ideal. You should not pine for an ethnostate and then be afraid to fight for it. No white pride just a talker,shame….

        6. You are still very confused. Let me repeat for you: I am not Ukrainian. I’m not Slavic. I’m not even European.
          But I’m curious: Why do you so hate the Ukrainians? Why do you so hate the Jews? Why do you want to wipe Israel off the map?

        7. I am curious why do you make up shit? I never said I hated Jews, I never said I hate Ukrainians, I never mentioned Israel. I talked about you and your statements, which you obviously do not mean. You don’t want an ethnostate if you don’t want to fight for it. You are probably not even white or a man for that matter( the ad hominem argument style gave you away), and since Roosh said no replying to women we are done talking race traitor.

        8. Most Jews and Chinese and Palestinans who support their ethnostates are not soldiers. Because an Israeli is not a soldier does not mean he does not support his nation. Are you saying that old or handicapped Israelis do not support their country because they’re not soldiers? Does this mean that you’ll want to spare the elder Israelis in your terrorist attacks against them?
          lol at trying to edit and backtrack on your explicit statement that you want to wipe Israel off the map. Again, why don’t you take up arms with the Palestinians and go fight in Gaza? They need you right now.
          Let me repeat again: I’m not Ukrainian. I don’t know where your homicidal hatred of Jews or Ukrainians comes from. Are you planning to go and murder Ukrainians because you hate ethnostates?
          Why do you want to wipe Israel off the map? Why do you black dudes always hate Israel and support the Palestinains? Why do you hate ethnostates?

        9. lol. you bullies are now teaming up trying to get a stranger to enlist in a non-existent war on behalf of a nation of which he’s not a citizen.
          the angry mob of anti-semites wants everybody to go to war and commit terrorism in Gaza like them. what’s your route? are you flying into Yemen and then hiking over to murder israelis?

        10. lulz says the guy with not enough balls to admit he wants white gone. Just come out and say it.

  5. So, obesity is supposedly the greatest health threat in the United States, referred to by some as an epidemic, but we’re supposed to support, glorify, and encourage self-acceptance for the morbidly obese? Help me out here…

    1. If you devastate yourself by ruminating about your current situation, it paralyzes you from implementing any positive change. Shame pressures fat people to eat to comfort themselves, and to say “fuck you” to the mean person who shamed them. A significant proportion of them will eat in response to fat shaming. That’s probably what happened to her. If you really want people to be less obese, shame is not productive.

  6. These women grow up to believe that a man’s sexual preference is a form of abuse.
    Thankfully, diabetes is God’s way of punishing these land whales.
    And who the fuck are the men who impregnate these women? It just validates this fucked up way of thinking.

      1. Yes, these fat females may big as a smart car, but to the Black thugs the white skin is all that matters…………

        1. I’m pretty sure it’s the big ass that matters. Stop pedestalizing white chicks.

        2. Look, nobody likes a “big” ass like that. It need to be curvy. A big pile of blob is not turning anyone on, black or white. You need to be mentally sick to like that.

        3. I never understood why stormfront hates thugs. Yea, if they directly steal from or shoot at you, ok, hate them, but their very existence takes care of a lot of our problems. They may shoot that dick cop that pulled you over for no seatbelt and then smashed your light. They may shack up with that one fatass angry white bitch nobody else wants and dick her into giving men a better shake of things. And if she still remains an antagonistic fat blob, they’ll slap the mess out of her and eventually take her out for us. Consider them like the australian magpie, if you do not give them the temptation to do you wrong, it’s really likely you will be beneath their notice. They would rather shoot at each other or shoot at the feminists or their enforcers. They only want to fuck with you if it would be financially viable, or if they’re a ‘recruiter’ and trying to bust your balls enough to join the gang.
          Hell, you can even use them. You see a fat white broad at a club, you give her the wink on the way in. When she turns to you to give you a sign to buy her a drink, you nudge your local thug and say, hey look at that hot fat bitch over there comin’ onto you, givin you the rape-eye. Go get’em tiger.
          Their vices might bring down immediate property value, but believe it or not the black ones even in fractured communities still have a bit of respeck for the oldfashioned OG ways. Approach them with the proper lingo, they’ll see you’re ‘down’ with them, and you can get them to turn down the music or move their ‘business’ outside the immediate neighborhood. If you encounter one of the crazy shooty ones, try and figure out which one is actually the leader, it’s not usually that guy, and he will reluctantly go along with the leader. Just don’t try it with mexicans and central americans because they give no fucks about even their own parents.
          I lived in Detroit for about 8 years due to a terribad job transfer, and the most disrespectful shooty punchy motherfuckers were always the gang in blue I’m whitebread as fuck and obviously upper-crust but I’ve had no problems with disciples, vice lords, or the reborn purples past typical thugshit like spraypainting my building or weeklong block parties or one of them passed out in their staircase. I’ve only had two B&Es, everything stolen was insured, they never took anything that they had to work to sell, just cd players and tvs, and raiding the fridge, and when my cat was lost it was personally returned by a tatted-up chaldean.
          But I’ve been pulled over and ticketed about 60 times during the time I lived there, and about 45 times were absolutely obvious BS, and after the sixth time when I tried to fight it my tires were cut. It just took too much time and cost too much to fight them. Also all three times I got arrested were obvious BS, and I beat them all, of course not without the department having some yuks at my expense. That second time by the way I got a nice beatdown because I ‘matched a B&E description’ which was quite ironic since I had my first B&E only four days before that.

      2. In a good world it would be right to relegate such observation to the bin of “racism” however I have observed countless “fat white girl with black baby” sightings. I’m not sure the fathers are “thugs” though, but I’m not familiar with the subject on the level that blacks would see it. That is, I have yet to ask any black guys what’s up with the going after big fat white girls thing.

        1. Its because they both have no self esteem so they get along better. Most relationships, friendships included, are between people with similar levels of self esteem. Same reason why betas and ugly chicks pair off together.

        2. It’s because black girls are not good at giving head, and fat white girls arguably give the best head because it makes them feel pretty and it’s really their only saving grace in the bedroom so they capitalize on their oral game.

        3. You may be onto something there. White women in general have a monopoly on providing porn star quality head but IMHO the hierarchy is as follows:
          Jewish women > White women > Black women
          My top five “Best Blow Jobs” have all been from Jewish girls. I don’t know what they’re teaching these girls in synagogue but they’ve got the head game locked down.

        4. Have to disagree.
          When black chicks are into you they get freaky. They can give elite blow jobs.
          There are several factors:
          1.) White women are at the top of the female hierarchy in westernized countries (status).
          2.) Interracial dating is still taboo (novelty).
          3.) Black men like big butts, white men generally don’t.
          4.) Black men are more forgiving of excess weight, white men are generally not.
          5.) Some white women grow up indulging in black pop culture.
          6.) In developed countries white men are conditioned to behave in more of a feminized manner, black men generally aren’t and their masculinity is sexually attractive.
          7.) Some men genuinely like really fat women and some of those men are black.
          There are probably more reasons…

        5. Asian girls?
          Fresh lotus blossoms brush ivory
          as I watch myself, in her mouth.

        6. No.. the real reason they are better at giving head is that they are more hungry. hahaha

        7. In my travels both black and hispanic guys like big booties, big busts. I think its genetic..in places where it got really cold, men invested more in their children and looked for youth which correlates with small booties for maximal investment return (ie Northern Europe and China)..in the tropical climes, big booties were the sign of health and fertility, the more females impregnated the better who cares what age.

        8. I have something to add about black women though. If they find you attractive they will let you know to your face.I deal with the public at my job and I’ve been called “sexy” or “sexy baby” by about 4 to 5 black women the past 2 weeks. You would never in the world hear this from a white woman even if she does think you’re attractive. They just send you signals like playing with their hair or smiling at you a lot. Just an observation I find interesting.

        9. Many grown black women are FUCKING HUGE. I’d wager guys who bone fat chicks were exposed to many obese women as a child, and therefore have a warped definition of “woman.”

        10. Cuban women, and women from Mexico’s east coast will be very direct and open about admiring a man they find attractive.

        11. Thanks! She was great, nice and soft unlike the head bobbing that happens a lot. Still comes around on her day off sometimes. . .

        12. Ordinarily I would not disagree with Stalin (since I value my life) but the best head I have ever gotten has been from a black chick. Puerto Rican chicks are up there though.

        13. I have yet to get down with a black girl. Been close but I have not gotten the jungle notch. Itching to…

        14. Very true. I have a Dominican girl in my office who is so open about how she wants me. Its flattering as hell even though I’m not really interested.

        15. General Stalin? Stalin was never a general. He was a marschall and then a generalissimus, dude.

    1. I’m always a little surprised to find out someone married a fatgirl (then again they don’t all start out that way. I’m equally surprised/annoyed at the way fat chicks force their bodies on you. They already take up so much room that you can’t help but see them when they’re around (an assault in itself), but then they have to go do shit like the above. Fat girls may be the worse attention whores of them all – look at how lindy west is always “there” – when you couple in the bad feelings looking at them give you.

      1. Agreed. It’s important to not even acknowledge them, since it provides affirmation.

    2. Latinas are gods gift to men, my current Venezuelan girl seriously wants a bullet point list of what she can do to please me. She regularly sends naked photos. They have no mistake in their minds what men want and no problem giving it to them.

  7. That body AND that face. 19 years old, the age at which most women look the best they ever will.

  8. I once heard a woman at a party talking about fat acceptance for dating. “He should see me for the good I am on the inside!” claimed the delusional woman. I told her, “If you are overweight, you do not respect yourself. And if you do not respect yourself, how will you ever respect somebody else?”

      1. “How much alcohol does it take to tell a hard-hitting fatty that?”
        None if I’m having a bad day.

    1. It’s even worse than that. Most women are incapable of even recognizing or accepting that they are fat. And a woman who cannot look in a mirror and think “My God, what have I done to myself?” is basically brainless and should be avoided for reasons of genetics and personal well being.

    1. Man I’m so sick of that crap. But it was already happening in the 1990s. Back then the writing was on the wall: the typical woman would get some beta to wife her, then she gains 80 lbs to birth an 8 lb kid and keeps 72 lbs on. Meanwhile, the man is being told what to do and how to live while she watches Oprah and pumps her fist to the “accept me the way I am” dogma.
      Now the children of those women are grown up.
      Civilization needs to end. Now.

    2. It’s a war on vocabulary. If everything is “perfect”, then there’s no such thing as imperfect, and so the word “perfect” should not exist. It’s implicit in all things.
      (And note that the illustrations are overwhelmingly white women, even though white children are actually the minority in the USA.)

    1. Especially since accepting yourself is almost always the first step to changing. Shame is poison.

  9. The reason why obese women get so much sympathy from other women is simple. They pose no threat in the sexual market. In fact, this body positive movement seems to be a tactic aimed at reducing competition in the sexual market. This is what feminism has morphed into, feminist women who want to increase their SMV have rejected the most honourable and most effective way of doing that, namely self-improvement. To increase your SMV by means of self-improvement is too costly and to demanding for these lazy spoiled special snowflakes. Instead they try to increase their SMV by shaming men for having preferences and to manipulate other gullible women into becoming unattractive fat hogs.

    1. You know, the fatties could get a tattoo. That makes up for any weight they might would have lost.

      1. Yup, and men who disagree are misogynistic pigs so their opinions are not valid.

    2. Indeed. Hence the phenomena of “Fat Girl and Fat Girl’s Friend”. We see the hotty with the fat girl and pretty much know what’s coming in those situations. You have to get past the entitlement and “feeeeeeelings” of fat girl to get to the hotty. I think maybe the hot chicks kind of like that, watching men try to scale that wall of flab to get to them. It’s a most cruel form of usury on the part of the hotty, feeding into the entitlement and victimism of the fatty and abusing thirsty betas even more (though the latter are allowing it to happen to them so they have it coming). If the hot chicks flying with fat girls as wingwomen were just as ignored then the fatasauruses would find themselves not getting invited to girls nights out any more.

  10. If you wanna be a fat fuck, it’s your right to be a fat fuck. But don’t complain when people of the opposite sex don’t want to look at you. Fucking cunts talk about how men don’t accept them for being fat but then criticize men for being short or not being hawt enough. We all know how bitches criticize each other’s boyfriends appearance around each other.
    Pretty much the only fucking requirement for a woman is not to be fat and a bitch.
    Most American women fail this from the get go

    1. Men’s sexual preferences is “the Patriarchy”. Whenever a feminist complains about “the Patriarchy” she is really complaining about men’s preferences. In a feminist utopia men are not allowed to have any dating preferences whatsoever and women as Samm are considered as hot as Jessica Alba.

    2. No no no Johnny. You see these fat girls are ENTITLED. They DESERVE.
      It’s a self-solving problem though. They will cause civilization to collapse and hence a new world is born, of the sort that they won’t last more than 2 minutes in, ranging from losing their own life or being forced to adapt to stay alive. They can either “woman up” and get taken care of or join the massive legions of bones bleaching alongside America’s highways.

    3. Fat broads are much more entitled than hot chicks. The latter are at least humble enough to know that men hate and despise fat chicks, and put in the extra work and self-control to keep themselves appealing.

  11. If you want to be fat and lazy, that’s your prerogative. Just don’t expect me or any other man to like it or support it. And let’s not forget the contadictory message out there right now. One one hand, American has an obesity problem(very true) and it’s costing the healthcare system, not to mention reducing quality of life. Then you have these trolls that tell us to accept them and all their rolls as is.

  12. Besides looking like Ivan ooze from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, she’s horrendously flat chested. I men really? You’re that big and barely pushing an A? I think people like this forget that the internet is the biggest peanut gallery there is. Accomplished men from Michael Jordan, David Beckham, and Wayne Gretzky. Steve jobs to Daniel day Lewis. James brown to Eminem and Jay-Z face some sort of adversity and they’re all great at their respective fields.
    These people aren’t upset they’re being shamed for being obese, they want this attention. They want the feeling of being “hated on” so they can feel that they went through the fire of accomplishing something when in fact there’s nothing noble to this at all. It’s just sad and distasteful.

    1. If she cut her hair short, she’d look like a fat male. There are fat guys with more gynecomastia than she has tits.

  13. maybe its just me but….as much as she isn’t attractive at all in the slightest, it makes a welcome change from your typical IG attention whores. maybe they’re easier on the eyes, but nobody’s gonna be lining up to inflate the ego of a lardass.

  14. Look at these stupid hoes. I get it, its hard to lose weight. Hell a 99 cent cheese burger is easier to get than a gym membership this day and age. Here are some facts:
    1. Being fat is a disease…in medicine we call it obesity.
    2. Being obese is not a sign of health or fertility.
    3. Working out consistently is HARD…your body hurts when you do.
    4. Eating fatty foods feels good….taking a nap afterwards feels even better.
    5. Working out and having a proper diet is the ONLY healthy way to change your physical physique. Consistent effort in the gym and control of diet WILL yield good results.
    6. We are lazy because modern agriculture science has created a sedentary society where it’s so much easier to just be lazy and or fat.
    7. You must take PHYSICAL action…I repeat, PHYSICAL action to lose weight and stay healthy.
    8. You must try your HARDEST…absolute HARDEST to not follow the herd behavior of over eating.
    9. People in this country over eat.
    10. Women appear sexier/healthier and more fertile to the male brain when they are NOT obese. I’m not going to apologize for biological facts. End of story.
    11. Eat when you have to, not for pleasure. I can’t stress this enough.
    12. It’s not ok to be fat.
    13. If you do not have the will power to change your body then you do not have the will power to change your life.
    14. Being a “foodie” is NOT a hobby. I see this crap plastered over all stupid bitches dating profiles along with “wanderlust.” STFU you can wander your hands down my pants you stupid whore. Try cycling or swimming. Also work on that attitude…it’s nasty =P.
    15. We all fall off the horse sometimes…me included…but we must get back on.
    The other day I was at the gym working on some dead lifts. I go pretty consistently and I’ve noticed this obese gentleman for the past few months trying to do a pull up. I see him going around the morning time when I go where there are less people cause its early. After many attempts of failing…the other week he managed to do 1 complete pull-up. I can see the strain it took for him to do so. After he managed to complete the pull-up I proceeded to shake his hand and congratulate him on following through with his determination. Yes he’s obese and yes 1 little pull up isn’t going to change much. But he’s learning that being disciplined and determined is what it’s going to take for him to change his fate. He DOESN’T have to be fat and he’s doing something about it…and the key is he’s staying consistent. Now THAT’s something worth Instagraming. These selfie bitches can go eat some dead rats to feed their starving egos 😀 LOL

    1. Encouragement from a stranger who has noticed one’s hard work yielding results is worth its weight in gold. Kudos to you for supporting the gentleman at the gym!

      1. You got it all wrong my friend. I should be thanking HIM for teaching me a lesson in perseverance and dedication. No matter what starting hand of cards you were dealt in this game of life…there’s no excuse to not putting in effort.

        1. Truth.
          It’s why I like being a man. No apologies because no one cares, you have to man up and take what you want in life.

    2. EXACTLY – nothing but respect for the person who will do positive changes to their life (and I mean GENUINE, CONSISTENT, POSITIVE CHANGES) to achieve their goal. Obesity is a disease the same way as alcohol poisoning or emphysema by virtue of chain smoking is a disease. the centrepiece of this article is not a victim of disease she is a narcissistic, immature little twat that has continuously been showered with compliments and not enough verbal backhands highlighting what she actually is; a lazy twat.

    3. I was browsing the health section in the bookstore this afternoon, and there’s a whole bunch of “Fat people are actually healthier than skinny people” books by supposed doctors. The back of one said it was the responsibility of boyfriends, husbands and fathers to make girls feel better about their bodies. For fuck’s sake!
      Tell people what they want to hear, throw every other male under the bus, make $$$.

      1. I blame Keynes for starting the modern “tell people what they want to hear” society.

    4. Glad I read this bit today, It has been ages since I have been to a gym to lift because I am tiny as fuck (5’6-5’8 115-125 Lbs) and this is a bit of a motivation to get back to lifting and not give a fuck about looking as straight up weak as I am. I’m a cyclist so I never do upper body work outs.

        1. Everyone does. You are a little taller in the morning than when you go to bed at night, for obvious reasons.

    5. Nothing wrong with fatty foods. Now fatty sugary, oxidized and processed foods on the other hand…

      1. Englishbob. A minor technical detail but you sir are absolutely correct. Good day to you.

  15. I have a cousin who is 27 and starting to lose some of her youthful looks (she has a ” career” in theater). I’ve noticed she’s put on a few extra pounds this last year, the inevitable result of not changing beer/food consumption as one passes 25. She’s started to make lots of posts on FB about fat acceptance and such. I’m pretty sure she has resigned herself to getting fat, and her hamster is preemptively laying the ground work to rationalize her weight 5 years from now.

  16. Promoting Obesity. Why am I not surprised?? Let’s promote Pharmaceuticals too.. Oh wait we’ve done that for decades too.

  17. Body hair acceptance, fat acceptance, slut acceptance, no shave november etc etc etc…. Feminists are really working hard to lower the standard of competition in the sexual market.

    1. Thankfully, they’ll never ever have boner acceptance, which is ultimately the only thing that matters.

    2. No shave November. For real? What’s next, No Shower September? No Wipe Wednesdays? Feminists are physically and morally revolting.

      1. No Shave November is for men. It’s to raise awareness of men’s health problems.

  18. Tuthmosis and Law Dogger articles on the same day – We are truly blessed.
    Thank you for these two pieces of art.

  19. While I would like to thank and high-five Instagram for their “fat-shaming” and concern about subjecting their users to horrible images or fat chicks, ultimately I don’t think they should have removed the photo.
    While gross, the photo was not obscene or sexually explicit. Also, the only people who see this photo are those who “follow” this fat cow. It’s not like this image is going out to the world at large. If you’re dumb enough to follow a fat chick, then you deserve whatever images they choose to show you.
    Sigh, can’t believe I’m siding w/ the fatty on this one.

    1. and this is where the 1st Amendment in America is grossly misused. by and large yes only the people who saw it or follow this jello-pudding fudge roll would know and if Instagram had done nothing – no one would be the wiser, certainly not the readers of ROK.
      The problem as a whole could be glossed over, the problem for Ms Newman is she was surrounded by people who never encouraged her to change or point out her health risk – they are by definition enablers and can be attributed in part to her continuing obesity and health risk. it wasn’t until Instagram deleted her account that what I can only imagine is the sound of 10,000 mirrors shattering in her head with the inescapable truth; “a faceless corporation that you consider your happy space doesn’t want you – because you’re fat”. im only disappointed it does not get flagged by the Miller test and thus make her beluga whale self devoid of 1st Amendment protection.

  20. Her photo on Instagram is….”traumatic” to see.
    I wonder who gave her 44 likes?
    Instagram should add the “traumatic” button in the rating panel for viewers to decide.
    Am sure she would’ve gotten 380k “traumatic” votes for that hideous picture.

  21. For the sake of fairness, if they take down her pics, they’d have to take down all the others as well. That’s the problem with censorship, who gets to decide what to censor and when.

  22. Wow, it’s noon and I feel like getting blackout drunk to hopefully forget I ever saw that picture.

  23. Instagram clearly took the photo down for copyright infringement. Jaba the hut is property of The Walt Disney Company

  24. This one is pretty bad. It reminds me of Paula Deen’s cooking show – a certain southern style of cooking (usually unhealthy if consumed all of the time).
    But she kept at it until she developed Type 2 Diabetes. It was pretty much a no brainer (as to being unhealthy) but I’m sure many viewers watched and cooked in the same manner (with the same results).
    Sorry, but being obese is unhealthy and anyone promoting it (or accepting it) should be shamed.

      1. Not really apologizing here….was just ‘in the moment’. People abusing their bodies (or pushing for this type of abuse) should be shamed.

  25. “My Instagram, it was my safe place because when I was there, I could share anything,” Newman said.

    What flavor of psychosis allows someone to even think that? “This is a safe place, this place where everyone can see my exposed body, it’s safe….”
    Dear god… what do people actually think the internet is? Do they think it’s some incarnation of Jesus or something? Exposing your nearly-nude-body on any form of website is actually far far worse than going to a nude beach, it’s like taking off your clothes in a crowded times square.

    1. Your comments consistently make me LOL from the gut. Kudos to you sir.

  26. Sure the girl’s fat and nasty, but I believe in freedom of speech and under no circumstances should it have been taken down, since it violates no rules

    1. I think the pic should not have been taken down, I think that most girls who see that pic would just be more motivated to stay thin and attractive. It would act like a scarecrow.

  27. Feminists not only give the worst dating advices to men by encouraging them to be emasculated, weak, servile, wimpy betas. They also give the worst dating advices to women by encouraging them to be fat, ugly, hairy defeminized hogs. Feminism is out there to make the world an uglier and less sexy place. All this because, by virtue of being scientifically illiterate blank slatists, they fail to understand that sexual dimorphism in animals is the result of sexual selection. By fighting sexual dimorphism you are fighting beauty, attractiveness and sexiness, they are fighting what makes life worthwhile.

  28. I actually agree with this. One should not encourage obesity. Not just because it causes health issues, but also because of the social stigma. It is acutually something wrong with being huge, and the ones who are should change it.

  29. These body positive people are clearly insane. It’s not about looking good. It’s about freaking health. Don’t these deluded retards know that obesity causes a shit load of health problems ranging from heart attacks to diabetes?!? All these fuckwits just care about is their god damn narcissistic ego.

  30. I think she should be banned from instagram for having two sets of tits and exercising her “privilege”, thereby victimizing regular women with only one set of tits.

  31. That girl promoted morbid obesity, which is just as bad as promoting deadly anorexia. Her photos needed to be deleted.
    Actually, western culture would benefit as a whole if eating disorders managed to diminish the percentage of obesity.

  32. Anybody that looks like that and says “I’m proud of my body and how I look” is completely full of shit. And I say this as I used to weigh 130kg and now after nearly a year and going to the gym i’m around 93kg… and no amount of lying and pretending to be proud of my body made me feel as good as I do now. They are just keeping themselves stuck with all this bullshit ‘fat acceptance’ stuff. Anyway, great article.

    1. How does making fat people feel too ashamed to go outside encourage them to exercise in a sustainable way?

  33. It’s a fucking outrage that this disgusting morbidly obese girl’s account got taken down. Next thing you know they’ll be taking my account down for posting pictures of me shooting smack and slashing my wrists.

  34. I dont think Instagram should have deleted the photo in the first place. Samm Newman needs a dose of honesty. Tickling someone’s narcissism bone is not the answer.

  35. If your ever in the position to deal with a land whale or potential land whale either in business or in a personal relationship just flat out tell them that there inability to move quickly, or present themselves appropriately is grounds for immediate expulsion.

  36. What is wrong with a woman wanting to show off her body? If you dont like it, then dont look at it. Its that simple. Of course Instagram restored her picture and accounts, she only took a picture that thousands of other women have taken. Just because she is fat, doesnt make posting that picture any different than what other girls posted. She was sharing this picture because she wanted to prove that she loves her body no matter what you self absorbed nasty peope think. More power to her.

    1. What you fail to understand is that this young woman is very unhealthy. She and her parents have done a great deal of real damage to her mind and body. You believe we’re self-absorbed and nasty, but we want this person and others like her to get well. People like you enable her unhealthy behaviors.

      1. I think the guest understands. You’d also have to take down every picture where the person has prison tats or is engaging in extreme sports… dude, so unnecessary.

    2. If what she is doing is ‘art’ then our response is simply ‘art criticism’.

  37. I never knew what “body positive” meant before. Now I know it means “I’m fat and I’m too lazy to do anything about it and if you don’t think I’m attractive you are a bad person.”

  38. I don’t get the controversy. Someone posted a few photos a large swine. So what?

  39. I have had a few conversations with fat women. They complain that they can’t get boyfriends. I say that except for some major losers out there, men do not like fat women. When they ask why, I say that is because men want to have sex.
    The fat woman then invariable states that she loves having sex and is good at it and wants it. So, that can’t be the REAL reason.
    I say, oh, yes it is. In order to have sex, a man has to get an erection. You are grossly fat and every man knows he can’t get an erection while cringing at the sight of your grotesque body.
    So, it’s very, very simple, I say. Men are not judging you for being fat. They are simply judging whether or not they can get an erection.

    1. This is all tragically ironic because women’s brains process hunger satiation and sexual satiation as the same. Fat women usually really do like sex more.

  40. The best comment on 4chan about this matter was this one:
    >She should have uploaded her picture on Instakilogram

  41. Ah geez I was eating breakfast and I may even have a nightmare tonight. Please give trigger warnings.

  42. You’re disgusting, seriously. Women should love their body at any size. We shouldn’t discriminate just because someone is bigger than you are, or smaller than you are. You don’t know her, you don’t know what her life it like, what her eating habits are. Being overweight, or obese, does not automatically mean that you eat horrible, unhealthy food, or you eat way too much. Hell, I don’t eat healthy and I eat way too much and I’m still sitting at 138. Every body is different, everyone has a different metabolism. People have thyroid problems and other issues that cause them to gain weight, or NOT gain any weight. Do not judge someone by their looks, or their size..she is a beautiful woman. You, my dear, are pathetic, and small-minded.

    1. Should we celebrate meth addiction too? Obesity is unhealthy, it’s she who is disgusting by promoting an unhealthy lifestyle to impressionable young women. It’s like a meth addict posting pictures celebrating meth addiction. Would you applaud that too?

    2. Tiffany, you are a hypocrite. Woman discriminate against men all the time if they are quiet instead of extroverted or sometimes lack confidence or need to lose 20 pounds or are short or have bad teeth or don’t have a good job.
      I’ve yet to see a woman post “People have problems and other issues that cause them to lose confidence.Do not judge someone by their self confidence, he is a good man” Strange that men are condemned over what is biologically hardwired into us but woman are never condemned for not finding me attractive……

    3. “Being overweight, or obese, does not automatically mean that you eat horrible, unhealthy food, or you eat way too much”
      So where’s all the photo’s of fat people walking out of Auschwitz ?

    4. You’re fat because you think fat, act fat. An unremarkable mindset and an even more unremarkable lifestyle shouldn’t be celebrated.

    1. That was the most disturbing part for me, not that she is excessively overweight but that she has no intention of fixing the problem.

  43. When the Spartan general Gylippus took command of Syracuse against the Athenians in 414 B.C the first thing he did was levy a fat tax.
    I think we have just discovered how to pay off America’s foreign debts….

  44. I checked out her Instagram – she is a typical Internet Social Justice Warrior. Her bio states: Samm Newman. 19. Sociology major. Feminist. Atheist. Liberal. Body-Positive. Pro-choice. Queer Femme. Her profile pic is of her making out with another fat dyke. At least she’ll never reproduce.
    Personally I don’t care if she’s fat, it’s her right to be morbidly obese and grotesque if she pleases, and to post pictures of herself on Instagram. The problem is her victim attitude.

    1. She may – they’re working on technology right now to implant female DNA into sperm. And she could get pregnant the Martha Stewart lesbian way – turkey baster.

  45. Fantastic article! Could not agree more. The self delusion that goes on in modern society, which is actually encouraged, is frightening. This girl is hideous and should not be inflicting her image upon anyone

  46. Here’s a thought – why can’t photos glorifying obesity be placed into the same category as photos glorifying drug use? Presumably, Instagram and other sites would take down a photo of a person shooting up heroin. Obesity is similarly dangerous and deadly.

  47. My problem with the “Fat Acceptance” movement is that it is only for girls. While these fat cunts claim to accept theirselves they have no problem disparging fat men. These fat bitches also think that they deserve a thin and toned man. If you ever see a girl who claims to accept herself ask her if she will date a fat man. Most will say no.
    So the “Fat Acceptance” should be renamed “Female Fat Acceptance”

    So is a mountain, but I wouldn’t want that on top of me.

  49. The most pathetic part of the whole story IMO is the ridiculous hashtags on her Instagram picture. Does she really believe that? Fat Shaming is good and necessary because it goes beyond beauty standards. Being fat, simply, is not healthy. At all. When you have a belly her size, the fat literally pushes down and crushes your organs in that area, i.e., the kidneys. A fat face and fat gullet is the main cause of sleep apnea, because the blubber pushes down on the throat and breathing area.
    #Effyourbeautystandards? No, #Youareeatingyourselftodeath
    #Honormycurves No, #FatFeministsconfusecurveswithblubber

  50. Holy sh*t this is the most unattractive individual I have ever seen. She has between 2 and 4 boobs sticking out from her stomach that are bigger than her actual boobs. I may never get on bone again.

  51. I kinda agree with Newman’s post being innapropriate, however I don’t think they should punish her for it as others do the same. And I also believe that being able to promote annorexia is just as bad as promoting obesity. I mean fair enough If you’re a naturally big or small person. But if you eat too little/too much you shouldn’t be proud.

  52. Wouldn’t instagramming giant bacon sandwiches also violate this? Is that what we want?

  53. She is so fucking HIDEOUS.
    Fat women need to be banished to outer space.

  54. The chick, although fat, isn’t what I would classify as morbidly obese, which is definitely self harm. Her photo’s shouldn’t have been removed, when there are plenty of worse pics on instagram.

    1. Really? You are a disgusting fat enabler causing people to die early.
      You have a higher risk of health problems if your waist size is more than 80cm (31.5 inches) if you’re a woman.
      Your risk of health problems is even higher if your waist size is more than 88cm (34.5 inches) if you’re a woman
      Her waist size is over 60 inches, she will be dead in 30 years. That is why despite her young age, she looks like a 60-70 yr old

  55. She is going to make a difference in the world. She is going to corner the market on twinkies.
    Jillian Michaels or somebody should reach out and try to help her. She would probably get offended. Hell, even Richard Simmons and his “why are you still fat?!” would be offensive now.

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