Top 10 Pictures From The Growing “Women Against Feminism” Movement

Anger at feminism has reached an important stage: women are now gathering and sharing photos about their disgust against the feminist movement. While their cause is still in the primodial stage, this is nothing short of a severe slap in the face of feminism since their “default” victims are human beings with a vagina. Finally, girls are waking up and realizing that feminism is not making them happier. They are now seeking out more traditional ways of life where their feminine side is nurtured instead of obliterated. I took some time to go through the Women Against Feminist blog (and Facebook page) to highlight their ten best contributions.

1. Girls want to be girls


2. Girls want to cook for their man


3. Girls don’t like a judgemental movement


4. Girls like Mr. Snuffleupagus


5. Girls know feminism is not what it’s claimed to be


6. Girls don’t want to feel superior to men


7. Girls believe in sex roles


8. Girls like having long hair


9. Girls don’t want to be victims


10. Girls from Poland are pretty


While it’s safe to be skeptical of this new movement since it will undoubtedly benefit women first under the “equality” banner, it’s important to note that mainstream feminism, for all its gains, has failed to win the hearts and minds of its primary target. Considering such female protest didn’t even exist a couple years ago, I see it as a great step forward to educating the public that feminism is not the answer. Irrelevancy appears to be its next stop, hopefully within our lifetimes.

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330 thoughts on “Top 10 Pictures From The Growing “Women Against Feminism” Movement”

  1. Interesting. None of these girls is a hideously fat, entitled, dumb, braindead woman. They don’t need feminism because they didn’t fail at being women, and don’t need to blame men for that.

    1. No. 2 looks older than the others and has a little bit of crazy-eyes going on, but I’d chat up any of the others.

      1. I kinda like that crazy eyes look. Some of the most interesting women I’ve met have had that look every once in a while. It can sway good or bad though so take it lightly.

    2. What’s also interesting is that you can go into google images, and pull ten pictures of guys holding up signs that advocate feminism. “I am a feminist because…I need feminism because.” It’s not difficult to find white knights that are huge proponents of feminism. The more interesting aspect though, is how many of them really look like men. I mean real men. Men that you take one look at, and say to yourself, yes I can see how he commands respect. None of them do. They all look more androgynous or have feminine characteristics.
      Non feminist women look like real women, where feminist men are also starting to look like women. Only the feminist women are trying to look like men with shorter haircuts and gruffer expressions. It is an interesting phenomenon indeed.

      1. Yep. Feminism tries to reverse gender roles, resulting in men who suck at being men and women who suck at being women.

        1. Indeed. It promotes gender neutrality in the guise of gender equality. Saying women should act like bitches and men should also act like bitches. Not surprisingly, when they do get into a relationship they aren’t happy.

        2. I wouldn’t say tries to, it does so for a reason: because those who attempt will fail, and that is the point. So that they’ll be too emotionally invested and will keep going back to the well of feminism. We’ve all seen how these people reason: if feminism fails, then it failed because there wasn’t enough feminism, and one needs to add more.

      2. it’s pretty simple they are playing at the pussy casino. they spout some liberal bullshit on college campus with the femenazis and one of the femenazis who wants to test her sexuality out by being with a male instead of a female hits it up with the guy who is holding the sign and almost looks female. this happens so infrequently that its like a reward system so they need to try harder to spout the feminist dogma to get more feminist attention.they feel validated and look at men who are jocks who are getting laid so easily as possessing some profound skill that they could only have learnt from the patriarchy and the women they have sex with are indoctrinated and need to learn to sleep the the male feminist. the feminists use sex to sell their ideology. its that simple. I know because i played in the feminist clit casino and won but didn’t cut my losses.

      3. What’s also interesting is all of you drew huge generalized results of entire groups from google images and then actually believed you’re right.
        And another interesting thing is all your opinions and the way you treat people are swayed by the way a person looks and not who they really are.
        I am very glad people like you do not run the country.

        1. That’s pretty interesting, given that there’s a lot you can learn about a person by how their looks. I can tell if you get enough sleep by seeing if you have eyebags, see whether or not you’re sick by looking for a frail appearance/snot, see if you care about yourself/are healthy by seeing if you’re underweight, overweight, muscular, fit, or thick, see if you’re mentally ill by the number of piercings you have if you’re female, see if you’re likely smart by how you walk, see if a guy is likely gay by his general (feminine) appearance, and see if you’re a radical liberal by what shirt you’re wearing. Of course, this is all statistical, and doesn’t work 100 % of the time, but when you’re right about 80% of the time, that’s usually a good enough level of predictive power (if you’re betting anyway). But oh no, there’s no way anyone can tell all those things just by looking at someone! I must just have some odd superpowers.

        2. Whether you like it or not, that’s how the world works. Even you, Oh Mighty Defender of Fair Maidens, treat people according to how they appear.
          It is legitimate and necessary for most circumstances to treat people according to their appearance.
          This is because outward appearances, more often than not, are extremely telling of a person’s social value, self-discipline, and self esteem. And so much more.
          When dealing with large numbers of people for a given group for some subject, generalities are a necessity. It’s not reasonable or efficient to spend an inordinate amount of time on those statistically different examples. The average person, the statistical norm, is what we have to go by.

        3. Agreed. There are so many “tells” (indicators) that people exhibit, and give clues as to so many intimate things about them. We need only pay attention and understand what the signs are, and what they mean.
          One major reason a physically strong man’s appearance renders him more desirable by women and less likely to be hassled by males—he appears far less cowardly and far more masculine than a man with bad posture, poorly dressed, and with a less confident way of walking, just as a simple example.

        4. So, if it’s “how the world works,” then why are people lamenting the ‘decline’?

        5. That is the most ignorant comment I’ve ever come across and thank god that you and many here are the minority that believes that 80% of the time you can judge a person by their appearance be right. A statistician and someone with actual intelligence would slap you for that.
          Many people are genetically predisposed to have eye bags and darks circles, many big people workout and live healthy lives but their genetics make it hard for them to lose weight, and a girl who likes piercings is mentally ill? I think you’re the mentally ill one. How can you hate yourself so much and be so insecure that you have to put others down for liking things you don’t ? See I can tell you’re insecure because confident people don’t feel the need to put others down. Lol there’s no predictive power in ignorance.

        6. A great deal can be ascertained about people by the way they appear. Just because you are not especially discerning doesn’t mean that anyone else isn’t.

      4. I have this fantasy where 3 hot chicks start a youtube channel and start posting lots of feminist videos. An Asian, a black chick and a chick who looks like Willow from Buffy. The Willow chick also dresses down like she has Mormon parents or something.
        Then they all say the dumbest feminist crap they can without sounding like they’re actually doing a parody of it. When guys show up and praise them, they make videos responding to the comments (en masse, like a quick shout out to so&so b/c he’s a sweetie), maybe blow a little kiss or something. In short, they make the male feminists fall in love with them.
        About this time, a guy with big muscles starts a different channel on youtube and says the most disgustingly misogynistic stuff you can imagine. Even MRA’s should be attacking this guy. He should be everything feminists hate and he should be proud of it.
        Then, about a year later, the 3 ladies make a video saying they’re going to have the misogynist guy on their show to try to talk some sense into him. He makes a live appearance on their show. They start talking about patriarchy and he just starts calling them ‘cunts’ and such AND grabbing their boobs and slapping their asses. The video devolved into a light porn shoot. They post a link to a video on a different site and it’s just wall to wall porn with the misogynist guy just hammering them in every hole and calling them ‘twats’ and stuff.
        The upshot? Well, a bunch of heart broken feminists. But wait. It gets better. The feminist men leave comments telling the ladies they shouldn’t be with the misogynist guy. The ladies respond that whom they date, whom they fuck (and they should get graphic in the descriptions here) is NONE OF THE MALE FEMINISTS BUSINESS and that male feminists are NOT ENTITLED TO FEMALE FEMINIST BODIES.
        Then the ladies keep making feminist videos but the misogynist guy is always hanging around in the back ground or making brief appearances to grope them and even though they still talk about patriarchy and rape culture and all this, they’re just sort of rubbing the sex in the open wounds on the hearts of the male feminists. One by one the male feminists unsubscribe. BUT the ladies have videos of the comments left by those feminists and the fact that they unsubscribe just shows that they were really only after pussy.
        This in turn gets the female feminists wondering how many of the male feminists are only in the movement to get laid.
        Only problem with this? It might backfire with feminists pretending to be MRAs and then having sex with Pogobat or Steve Shives and I don’t want to be watching a female MRA video and wondering if she’s a plant.

    3. The Polish girl looks completely Western.
      Looks like the East is going down aswell.

      1. She has the same level of makeup Emily ratajkowski has in the video blurred lines. Its a minor issue, and she’s anti feminist so that’s a good thing

      2. I thought she was gorgeous…then I noticed the god damn Targaryen sigil….cunt.

        1. I up-voted this because Stannis Baratheon ejaculating on Daenerys Targaryen’s face. ‘Game of Thrones’ porn is good. Not as good as bacon or face-down ass, but it’s good.

      3. Still cute. (But yes they are very germanised in the big cities, more so in the west)

    4. It’s not merely that they’re NOT fat and brain-dead….it’s that they all look hot, healthy, and smart.

      1. Its easy to look hot healthy and smart when you are an attractive female, have every door and opportunity wide open and available for you, thousands of thirsty males kissing your ass for a chance to eat your shit and getting all the sex and facebook attention-whore “likes” in the world.
        All show, no go.

    5. Exactly. Most feminists are such because they’re too lazy to bother putting in effort to actually looking good. The hard truth is that, in nature, a woman’s appearance is the crux of her value. I believe that many of these self proclaimed feminists have simply NEVER been properly fucked. They have never been properly dominated and subjugated by a man and fucked hard, raw and senseless. Proper fucking renders a screeching, wailing bitch a convulsing, babbling mass of flesh, all her hysteria released in thunderous orgasms.
      In other words…

      1. A lot of these anti feminists are actually what true feminists should be fighting about. Like knowing that their value as a person isn’t based on their looks and neither does that apply boys. This is a belief both feminists, anti feminists, and people with common sense know.
        Im still astounded by the level of ignorance that shows up in this particular comment page.

    6. exactly… feminism is for women who have failed at being women, and now want to be men, but in order to do that they need to level the playing field…. at least men that want to be women, just start being trannys and don’t bother anyone about it too much….

      1. Forcing men to 50 push ups to be a firefighter and women have to do 6 while their knees are still on the ground is not a level playing field.

        1. Geez. It wouldn’t piss me off so much if it weren’t tax dollars and innocent lives being pissed away.

    7. The Polish girl has a Targaryen shirt, she may be a Dany fan. So there’s still work to be done.

    8. Right all these ladies are cute and feminine. The contrary is true about feminists ie they are ugly.

      1. Just because we would never get into bed and voluntarily be oppressed by your mysogonistic ways does not mean that we are any less attractive than any other woman on this Earth. Little do you know, the men who are more accepting, and less shallow, are the ones we do dress up for, the ones we put on perfume for, the ones we want to impress. From what I’ve read on this site, I would stay a good hundred yards away from your type of sexist, discriminatory and quite frankly, homophobic men.
        Thank god there are men who are nothing like you.

    9. You are right. They are all pretty. They dont need feminism AT ALL.
      Because they already get to enjoy all of the privilege, entitlements, benefits that come out of feminism plus loads of extra free stuff for being attractive as well.
      Must be sooo rough for these cunts.

      1. “…they already get to enjoy all of the privilege, entitlements, benefits that come out of feminism plus loads of extra free stuff for being attractive as well.”
        Yeah…until they smack into The Wall.
        The Wall has no pity, no mercy, cannot be bargained with, and takes no prisoners.
        The Wall has it’s own Justice.

  2. Whenever I see a pic of that red haired retarded dyke my skin crawls and breaks into an itchy rash …

    1. I know that feel, especially when I remember that high pitch voice from that video.

    2. The only positive is that in this post she was followed by pictures of 10 bangable women. My dick was shellshocked from looking at the bull dyke again, but then started to come out of hiding by about woman number 5.
      What we all have to remember is that most of these feminist “women” are women in genitalia only.

  3. What do all these women have in common?
    They are all reasonably bangable.
    Feminism is a sour grapes movement for women who can’t get a man.

    1. I endorse this. Feminism is essentially Communism for women; Think ‘Animal Farm’ with fatter, uglier pigs.

  4. #3, 8 & 10 .. ahh the things I’d do to them. One by one or all together doesn’t matter .. lolz

  5. What a sight for sore eyes. All of these girls are pretty, too. No fatties with bob hair cuts and tattoos here. It’s important to note that “feminism” has it’s roots in the the equal rights civil movement in the mid 1900’s – back then it was about giving women equal opportunity and rights as men – it’s good to see there are actually young women that recognized that equality has been achieved and the modern state of this now moot “movement” is simply entitlement at best and misandry at worst.

    1. No it doesnt, it’s roots lie in libertines and nihilists ex-girlfriends who became damaged after their relationships and applied nhilism from a female perspective

    2. Even a century ago, feminism was a simple goodie grab for rights without responsibilities. Phylis Schlafly successfully torpedoed the ERA because she scared women into thinking they might get drafted into war. Feminists secretly knew that equal rights didn’t mean equal responsibilities but couldn’t say so outright and the amendment was scuttled.
      Back back a century ago, women wanted equal “rights” but also alimony, “child” support, welfare, etc. and society to continue to protect women and for men to live up to the breadwinner role. That’s the fundamental problem: Women can’t earn as much as men but still have men earn twice as much so she can quit her job when she wants to. But most women who buy into this equal pay nonsense secretly think they’ll marry a guy who earns at least as much as them and some other loser woman will marry a sensitive guy who doesn’t earn money.
      It just doesn’t work economically.

  6. I wonder if these are women who are realizing that men are checking out.
    Or if they know feminists are fat and ugly, so it’s fun to run it in their faces.

  7. … but they all equality. What does
    that mean?
    tell you why girls don’t want feminism any more. Because it means working as
    hard as a man does and they are starting to realise that their bodies are not
    designed for that.
    I personally am fed up of being women’s slave and free worker so thumbs up for
    feminism. I want more feminism, not less!
    is helping men more than it helps women. It helps men realise what a bunch of
    stupid dicks we have been for millennia. Slaving for women in exchange for a
    stinking hole! What a disgrace!
    time to wake up men, feminism is good, let women work. I want to see more women
    in military, more women climbing scaffolding, more women sweeping the streets,
    more women going down the mines.
    God for feminism! I can finally put my feet up!

    1. Are you fucking retarded?
      Women don’t do dangerous or hard manual labor jobs. They work in HR hiring men to do dangerous jobs and women to supervise them.
      Don’t be an idiot.

    2. Ironically I agree with you. Feminism helps men far more than it does women – men who are okay with not getting married/having LTR’s. The only problem is the entitlements needed to support the movement. You’re still paying for women you’re just doing it through taxes – which creates many new problems. Also feminism and other movements like it destroy society which ultimately hurts everyone. For these reasons and prob a efw others, I say get rid of it.

    3. True, nothing like a sore back to make you rethink your ideology. Wait till the real Marxism kicks in and people have to do without or at best, much less than before. They will scream who is responsible. Unfortunately they will never accept the fact it was them.

      1. They’ll demand more entitlements from sugar-daddy government. The economy will collapse. Then they’ll blame the jews/immigrants and vote in another hitler all the while, as you say, ignoring the true cause of the problem which was them.

        1. Ehhhhhhhhh, 40 million on freebies sending half it to another country each month aint really helping

        2. Hitler was a Nationalist Fascist. That is the exact opposite of what is happening now. After his defeat, Communism was allowed unabated through most of the world and then began to spread thru the West. Western nations are experiencing the same things now that those Communist nations went thru early on. Not saying Fascism is good, but it is not what we are dealing with now.

        3. Fascism is another name for corporatism it is no alternative to communism. It is socialism.

        4. NO, and i’m sick of this corporatism stuff. Corporations are not as powerful as everyone thinks. They are being run off by excessive taxation and regulation. This was the cultural marxist sweep that took place in the late 50’s. It grabbed a foothold in the 60s and kept moving forward. All western type nations are all dealing with mostly the same issues right now. Everything else is just a side effect of Marxism. What it truly comes down to is Internationalism or globalism. The same agendas are being put in place all over where there was once freedom and prosperity. The only difference in how far ahead or behind other nations are in this sweep depends on size of economy, difficulty of breaking down legal barriers (amendment rights, etc) and the gullibility of the people to accept it.

        1. I up-voted this because dead pig. Bacon is good. Not as good as face-down ass, but it’s good.

    1. All that most maddens and torments; all that stirs up the lees of things; all truth with malice in it; all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain; all the subtle demonisms of life and thought; all evil, to crazy Ahab, were visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby-Dick.

    2. this chick has had one sandwich too many…. gastric band surgery would be more appropriate…

    3. “… no seriously, I’m really hungry. I’ll give you a blow job? You know fat girls and BJs… please?”

    4. The only way she’d ever have the honor of making a man a sandwich is if she worked at Subway. Of course they’d never employ her, that’d be like a fire department hiring an arsonist.

      1. The sad reality is that there are many ‘men’ who would supplicate themselves for a chance to make her a sandwich. It’s so fucking sad it’s not even funny anymore. I’m kind of ashamed to call myself a man in the 21st century, when these walking heel-lickers are allowed to live.

    5. I up-voted this because diabetes. Diabetes gives fat women heart attacks. Heart attacks are good. Not as good as ‘Game of Thrones’ porn, bacon or face-down ass, but it’s good.

    6. I used that pic in my “6 Reasons Why Fat Women Are Defective” article here. 🙂

  8. No.3 is my favorite. She’s got the cutest face, would’ve looked even more cute with longer hair.
    No.6, No.8 and No.10 are equally cute too.

  9. They are still obsessed with “equality”, the great destroyer of relationships both romantic and professional.
    Women are lemmings.

    1. True. Nothing kills romance like equality. Women yearn to serve a man of higher social standing.
      That being said, any small victory against the feminist empire is appreciated on my part.

    2. Equality is one of those concepts that sounds really great if you don’t have to think too hard about what it means.

    3. Equality is a trigger word that is devoid of actual attainment.Men are not equal to each other.Heck even identical twins are not completely equal to each other.Nature abhors it.
      Let them be satisfied that they have attained it.

  10. Great article Roosh. There might be some hope left. I’m still going to S.America though

  11. As soon as men start demanding an end to child support and alimony, these chicks will change their tune. They don’t understand what equality is.

  12. Interestingly they still have to have the obligatory ‘lean down to show cleavage whilst holding the paper ‘ pose .. Ha . At least things seem to be moving forward

    1. Because all women are twats, as we know. This I-don’t-need-feminism is just the usual attention seeking behaviour.

  13. This is a good start but for every 1 of these beautiful women there are 75 sluts who embrace feminism.

    1. Hey, don’t complain. I could be worse. I live among countless numbers of “Civil Rights” zombies who are to the modern day Civil Rights movement what irrational and hysterical feminazis are to feminism. At least Feminism is showing some cracks in the wall. From where I am however, I am seeing the Black community evolve into a Soviet style state thankx the putrid vile that is contemporary Civil Rights dogma.

        1. I live in Chicago and trust me it turned out pretty fucking good. No work, no worries-the city is paying the bills, providing free housing, every week money added to the munchie card. Maybe where you are at Al Sharpton is just an average man trying to make a living but here Al is provided all necessities for a comfortable life style. All Al has to do is not get in trouble with the law but as they say “Devil finds work for idle hands.”

  14. Finally there is concrete proof that avoiding feminism leads to a sharp decrease in morbid obesity.

  15. But we must tread carefully, and never let our guard down even for a moment. This could be one of the most devious tricks women have for us, but then I’d fall for it though. Those women are hot.

    1. Take note of the butterfly on their facebook page – popular mind control symbol.

  16. I’d say fifty percent of women agree with this. They are just too scared to voice it as the loud minority backed by air heads and fatties won’t hear their views with any respect. I noticed none of these women are fat slobs who blame society for labelling them ugly trolls rather than a high sugar diet with little to no exercise.

    1. Correct, don’t forget that feminists by their very nature are more aggressive, louder, narcissistic and probably on average more testosterone driven than other women. One feminist woman sounds as much as 10 non-feminist women. Their numbers are always overestimated.

    2. “fifty percent”
      Why do I smell a white knight? If 50% of women agreed with this, feminism would have been dead by now.

      1. Not sure about the exact statistic, but if you get off your keyboard and go meet some reasonable quality women and engage in conversation you’d probably agree with me. Not likely though, much easier to bag chicks on ROK and jerk off?

        1. “go meet some reasonable quality women and engage in conversation”
          Exactly. You have proven me correct. You ARE a f*cking white knight using this article as an excuse to absolve women of all blame.
          Get off RoK, pussy-worshipper.

        2. Sadly at bars and nightclubs in liberal college/university towns i’d say 90% of young women are feminists. They do tend to put out easier though

        3. Conversation sometimes leads to intercourse. Or do you just waltz into the disco, lift up the shirt to show off your abs right before flopping your three inch cock out to get sex?

        4. Congrats my man, you are on fire! Three inch cock? Jerking off instead of meeting women? Where do you get such innovative insults? I don’t think we can handle such a onslaught.

        5. With every single comment your white knightism is becoming more and more obvious to the readers.
          This is precisely what I wanted. Waiting for the “mommy’s basement” and “you’ll never get a woman” remarks now. Keep going. Lol

      2. Only 38% of women consider them feminists, according to an Economist/yougov poll. The problem is, like the above commenters said, that feminists are louder and more aggressive. They’ve managed to penetrate the workplace and media with their ideals. The media is a huge problem. Masculine role models such as Beyonce and Hillary Clinton have replaced their feminine counterparts such as Britney Spears.

        1. After all these years I still like Britney Spears. There’s something deliciously vulnerable about her.

        2. Yeah, check the old interviews of her. Truly a “girls girl.” Also living proof of the fallacy of a womans hamster. Her and JT could have ruled the pop world like Beyonce and her camel husband but she decided to be a slut for the rest of her life.

  17. 3, 8, 10 are my favorites.
    I bet these women have a religious upbringing.
    On average the church going women I have dated were far prettier and less slutty than non religious women.
    On a side note Mormon women on average are probably the prettiest sub-group of female in the USA.

    1. I think part of this is because a lot of their parents have never touched a drink or smoked, so they passed on decent genetics. I live in the heart of Mormon country

        1. I have a few Mormon friends as well. All have beautiful wives and beautiful children

  18. Its nice that they are against feminism but equality isn’t necessarily the right answer if they mean “equalization”. In an equal playing field men and women would excel at what they are naturally good at.

  19. BREAKING NEWS: A growing number of women are into submissive kinky sex. Hooray, feminism is cracking up!

  20. #3 Is my favorite, lovely smile great tits, she can take care of my house.
    Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

    1. I up-voted this because gun shot vagina. A bullet wedged inside a clitoris is good. Not as good as heart attacks, ‘Game of Thrones’ porn, bacon or face-down ass, but it’s good.

      1. Oh, and an up-vote for titties. Like a freshly picked tomato; big, juicy, firm. Breast-A-Sess are good. Not as good as bullet clitoris, heart attacks, ‘Game of Thrones’ porn, bacon or face-down ass, but it’s good.

      2. It looks like it’s pointed at her femoral artery. Smart spot for a gun, that.

  21. You actually think these chicks understand and believe what they are saying with their signs?
    You just try taking away any of the entitlements and privileges that their evil feminism have given them and their signs tomorrow will say the complete opposite.
    Just more female lies.

      1. And enough experience to know (and I think a lot of you guys can also back this up) that a woman’s words don’t mean [email protected] It’s her actions where she must be judged and I’ll GUARANTEE you none of these bimbos have lifted a finger to back up anything written on their signs.

        1. Well actually, I’m girl 9. Go to Women Against Feminism on Facebook. We all defend our pictures and opinions.

        2. BFD… A sign and a stupid Facebook page just won’t cut it honey. Where were you when men over the several years were destroyed legally, financially, emotionally and yes, physically by your sisters. You looked the other way. Even if you decide to make stupid YouTube videos professing your support of men fall it will far short. You have a long way to go to make up for what your gender has done to men.

        3. Jesus. Knock it off. I’m as red pill as the next guy. But these women are not the enemy. We need to be encouraging girls like this. Not tearing them down. And no, I’m not a white knight. I’m just not stupid enough to think that the way to win a war (especially one in which you’re vastly outnumbered) is to spit in the faces of people who want to be your allies. Guys like you have become the mirror image of everything you claim to hate.

        4. I respect your thoughts.
          But the war is over. Men have lost. And believe me this is extremely hard for me to come to terms with. What matters most is what men do now and how we adapt to this and continue to thrive. But these have always been our best qualities.

        5. You are right. If they are willing to be disembursed of all the delusion of equality and leftism giving up all the privileges of feminism and to be trained as submissive wives ready to please their man. 🙂

        6. Remember replying to women is a bannable offence. Not giving attention to any female in this space will keep it male friendly.

        7. I understand where you’re coming from. And I’m not about to throw out the Red Pill, drop down on my knees, and propose to any of these women without knowing if their actions match their words. But you said “We gotta’ see some real and tangible change”. IMO, a site like this IS real and tangible change. It’s a start. You wouldn’t have seen girls speaking out against feminism like this ten years ago. As far as more substantive things they can do, they’re never going to get to that point if we mock them and trash them whenever they try to do something positive. We should encourage anyone who wants to stand up to feminism. Not call them names and ridicule them.
          And I don’t think the war is over. On the contrary. I think the other side is finally just now starting to show up, thanks to guys like Roosh and Heartiste. These women are a healthy and encouraging sign. And we should treat them as such.

        8. You’re right in that beginning an intelligent discourse is a step in the right direction. I definitely feel though that defining what our goals are are also important. And also, as with anything in life, you can’t take anything on face value. Listen to everyone and believe no one unless you can prove it to yourself. I remain skeptical that today’s woman for the most part is even capable of long term monogamous relationships. Certainly exceptions exists like anything else. Are we striving for social change in this regard? (This would be very long term). Are we trying to insure equal treatment under the law (criminal and family law)? Also difficult as I’d expect great reluctance for women to sacrifice their apparent advantages here.
          I definitely believe in freedom. If people want to learn game a la Roosh and Heartiste then more power to them. It just seems that having to constantly use game and maintain frame to make a marriage work is just too exhausting and counterproductive as our energy can be better spent on furthering and becoming important I’m our respective fields. This is a tough situation. I certainly don’t have the answers but I guess in the end we all need to do what we feel is best for us.

        9. Before the doom-and-gloom report, lets take a look at other parts of the world. In the Middle East, women are treated slightly above slaves. I’m assuming you live in the US, because it is a country where females are winning. The whole world is not like that, and will never be like that if men are continually unhappy. Men are stronger, faster, more logical. If the majority of men were on board, we could take them down in a second.

        10. I agree with that for the most part,. Except that these women “slaves” in Muslim countries are actually their leaders and prime ministers in some of their countries.
          I am not asking anyone to believe a thing I or anyone else says. Listen to everyone, and believe no one unless you can prove it to yourself. My only goal is to do the best I can to prevent some of you from getting torn up in that meat grinder we call this man hating society.

        11. Way to take an educated comment clearly showing polar opposites of society and dumb it down to an untrue, sarcastic statement. Let me guess, you’re one of those who is too cool for the manosphere, yet you can spend hours of your time creating troll comments?

        12. I periodically check on MRA websites to see if points made focus on doing actual, defensible good for men. Not yet.

  22. Photoshop jobs are stupid and boring. I expect more from this site. If I wanted to look at hilarious photo shops I would go to

  23. Notice how all of them are more attractive than you average feminist.

    1. They are all likely photoshopped. They could have easily been pulled from that “bring back our girls” nonsense and doctored to say anti-feminist nonsense. 4chan has proven time and again that you should never trust shit you see on the internet.
      This who blog entry Roosh made reeks of bullshit.

      1. *White Knight Faggot Detected.
        Now go fuck your 300 whale feminazi you loser

  24. Feminism=Ironically Anti-Femininity. Hence why some women reject it wholesale.

  25. Good responses. Yet they still need to drop the equality nonsense. Nature and therefore biology does not believe in “equality” so why pretend it does?

    1. It’s not a physical thing my dude. It’s just treating someone the same in terms of character. Don’t talk down to anyone…unless they’re being an asshole of course (this includes men and women = equality).

  26. Don’t let the incredulous scrawlings of a few honey faced hotties fool you, folks. These are Attention Whores and nothing more.

    1. Furthermore, it would seem that trolling men doesn’t have the status value it once did. Back at my end of the human Apocalypse, the women here are hunting a new ‘elephant’: Themselves. Fighting, quasi-homo relationship drama, character assassination are at an all time high. Thanks to Corporate market strategies and political propaganda, contemporary Feminism has become a much more easier target. Beer, popcorn, lawn chair, ‘poolside’ view,…this freak show is going to be very entertaining.

  27. Now all we need is to have women banned from law schools along with this movement and we will have one small step for man. The worst thing that has ever happened to this society is the notion of the female lawyer. Awful awful cunts. In my pile of unsuccessful approaches and strike outs at third base…many of them were full blown lawyers or actually in law school. They are so busy mouthing off and acting disrespectful that it becomes really hard for you to really even want to fuck her. Pretty much every time I’m out and a girl tells me she’s in law school I just graciously exit the stage. No matter what level of the convo we were at. I tell my most trusted wingman the same thing and he agrees too. Sometimes we’re better off with just leaving to another venue. Cause friends don’t let friend’s fuck lawyer bitches. FFFL.

    1. Yep. A close (female) family member of mine is, she just trashed a 20-something year marriage to what any man would consider a great guy, and arguably an Alpha male (engineer, can work with his hands, build shit, stays in shape, good father to their two young boys). Apparently, he was Beta when they married way back when, turned Alpha over the years (and she got her law degree about 7 years into the marriage), and she couldn’t handle him not towing the line. Word is, she was getting drunk and texting (meaning: Cheating). I guess he stopped being her bitch around the same time.
      So glad for him. Since she is a high-earner with impeccable credentials, he got a little more balanced divorce from what I understand. No Alimony, no CS. He’s lucky to have gotten out with his sanity and some youth to still play the field.

      1. My cousin is a handsome man. Tall, blonde, blue eyed, and well educated. His aging, plump wife who is no fashion model decided that she could do better by going out in the bar scene and having drooling betas hit on her and divorced him.
        I just don’t get it.
        Perhaps she loves the attention. Even a frumpy middle aged woman can get laid if she goes out to the right places and she thought she could do better. I have seen this before and it takes about a year or so before these women come crawling back. The guys I know this happened to were so angry that they didn’t want the ex-wife back.

    2. I’m with you Bro, lawyer cunts are the worst, dated quite a few and always a train wreck, they’re bat-shit-crazy.
      Not my best text game, but check this shit out:

      1. its ok you’ve establish proper mannerisms and report. She’s entertaining your jibberish cause she likes your pics. Just keep walking that fine line of push pull…be a dick but do it in a funny way. So far its just been some bull shit talk and shes still feeling the waters waiting for you to start building attraction. This is the kinda bitch you gotta con and pretend to be her boyfriend and shit eventually when you bang out. Your little tibit about cross examining is enough to go on. Get the number and start the texting. Get off the dating app with her. If shes not down then she was never down to begin with and was just talking to you to feed her hamster ego. But thats ok you just keep approaching online and in real time…we approach every chance we get. Please do feel free to correct my analysis if you see any errors.

        1. Actually she approached me…good analysis though, I agree. thanx.
          I could feel this chick was DTF and liked me, I set the frame with the “there might still be time to save you” bit. I would have started my “Daddy will spank you” text game and she would have been calling me Daddy, Sir and Mister and her juices would be a flowing and her number would have been offered next. But, man I just can’t stand lawyer cunts or for that matter any professional chick. way too many bad experiences with those whores.
          Besides I had a Philipina and a Russian on the hook, both DTF and I got the SDL on both, (pump and dump) so I just didn’t want to waist time on the bitch and next-ed her.
          I’m a mean green approaching machine!!!! 😉
          thanks again for the analysis Bro, happy hunting and keep up the good work.

        2. She want’s the D. Give her the D…if you have the time of course. cheers mate.

  28. Maybe feminism is the outcome of being a genetic aberration. United sisters of fat ugly and angry unite!

  29. Wow….. a handful of decent looking women don’t like feminism. I guess it has to start somewhere.

    1. It’s possible that the reason why we don’t hear a lot from antifeminist women is that good women such as I remember from my childhood are largely invisible. They find a nice guy and get married in their early 20’s and stay happily married and don’t participate in groups such as this or man hating feminist websites. It’s single women who have put men through the wringer and wind up alone that tend to make the most noise.
      That does for this forum as well of course. This isn’t to say that men here are necessarily worse than the general population but rather they have a different experience and mindset than the rest of society that doesn’t ponder these things but rather spends their time paying the mortgage or looking after the kids.

  30. Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president.
    Hillary Clinton is a feminist and a woman.
    Take a moment and think – Who would vote for her in the majority?
    Women. Especially young women. Much like the young women above. These are the same women who will say “I don’t believe in feminism”, and still support feminist ideology.
    Conclusion – Never fall for what women say, but only believe what women do. It is the feminist ideology that they support, even when they won’t or don’t accept the label of feminism.

    1. Yupp…..
      These girls are getting off on the attention they’re getting. Women will always judge each other based on how good of a man they can nab and use up.
      Feminists tried to ruin the party for actual women… and it worked… for a lil while…. But the younger women are seeing their cousins, sisters, moms, turn over 40 with no kids and no man and realizing…. Oh shit these bitches fucked up…..

    2. Hillary Unleashed scares the shit out of me. She’s the real true believer.

    3. The hilarious part is that Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife’s entire political career is the result of who she married and not what she accomplished. Would she have been elected to the Senate if not for that? Definitely not. If heaven-forbid she becomes president, it will be because of her being married to a relatively popular former president.
      It is funny, but very sad, how so many young women refuse to see the blatant contradiction in how Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife was able to get anywhere politically and the message that feminism is supposed to teach, that is, women don’t need men in order to be successful.

      1. Truly hilarious. How does no one realize this? She’s second to Bill in every aspect.
        The best situation would be seeing her lose, then Bill dumping her and playing the field. That would be a sight to watch.

        1. Bill Clinton would have every right to do that. Unlike Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife, he is a self-made man and owes all of his own accomplishments to his own hard work and determination.
          I’m not a fan of his politics but I have nothing but the utmost of respect for someone who came from nothing, grew up in a poor dysfunctional family, but in spite of that went on to be a Rhodes Scholar, governor of Arkansas and ultimately President.

      1. Romney’s just as socialist as Obama. Look at his record in Mass. $500 million in tax increases.

    4. acvbgt,
      You are 100% on the money. This is why this country is in the state of where it is… Vladimir Lenin said that democracy is indispensible to socialism: women will only vote for their own interests. Women will only vote for what they perceive will benefit themselves.
      That’s why in theory we are should be a constitutional republic. “Ballot initiatives” are unconstitutional and women will only vote for what benefits themselves only. No regard for what is best for our country.

      1. Realistically that is true for every demographic. Blacks are obviously incapable of voting for a white man over Obama. Do you think any of us would vote for Hillary over a man? Most people think selfishly at the ballot. However, white/reasonable men are less likely to vote for someone based on something stupid such as gender or race. If someone like Marg Thatcher ran against Obama, most of us would probably go with logic over gender loyalty.

        1. Brethren I agree with you. For example, I wouldn’t have cared about obama being black. The problem was that he was the WRONG black man to be president. Hillary is a socialist. Plain and simple. So clearly I wouldn’t vote for her.
          The issues you mentioned are all sound. People just do not understand the principles this country is based upon.

    1. More than a mere coincidence, my friend, as has been pointed out here before!

  31. Regarding picture number 4, since when did Lindsey West become an anti-feminist?

  32. What really pisses me off about feminism is when it comes to abortion, they say “A woman should have the right to do with her body as she wishes.” Fair enough. Yet when a woman wants to use her body to make money with it, such as becoming a stripper or working in the porn industry, that’s when their hypocrisy kicks into high gear.
    Yeah, I’m a man who likes strip clubs. DEAL WITH IT!

    1. Let me say two things about strip clubs (at least in the west):
      1) Strip clubs in the west are abusive and exploitive of men’s sexuality. They rely on the sexual hunger and thirst of men to extract money from them. I have seen documentaries where they interview strippers and they all say they know they are exploiting men. They also admit that they have absolutely no problem with that. Of course that is just woman kind writ large; they are all exploiting men one way or another.
      2) Once you have gone to the Far East you will see how terrible strip clubs in the west are, and you will never go into one again. They hype up the thirst but give no outlet. Why not just take a guy to the desert and dangle a bottle of water in front of him but never give him a sip? And then expect him to tip you for abusing him. In the Far East the go-go clubs/strip clubs hype up the hunger but for the purpose of getting you to buy/rent the product. At least this serves a legitimate purpose. The other aspect is you will find, on average that the women in the go-gos in the Far East are much better looking than the women working in the strip clubs in the west. Really I have seen some truly hideous hags working as strippers in the US.

      1. No shit sherlock.if men wanted to get laid they would get a know what they are doing.

      2. I largely agree but it depends on the person going there. I know a famous brand of strip clubs over here in the UK quite often has free or reduced entry fees and the drinks aren’t expensive either. Kinda makes it a more exclusive nightclub – assuming one doesn’t pay for dances of course. Not a bad venue for a few pre drinks before going to a club afterwards.

      3. I guess it all depends. Last strip club I went to the chick giving me a lap dance started tongue kissing me. I was grabbing her ass and we did ended up doing it right there. No money changed hands. Yeah maybe she was drugged out and maybe she was a “zebra” experience but it’s happened on more than one occasion to me. I don’t know, timing is everything I suppose. I didn’t feel like my sexuality was exploited too much though. (-;

      4. Yup. I can’t stand Bill Maher. But one of his videos was one of my first exposures to the Red Pill. He was talking about strip clubs. And how ridiculous feminists sounding claiming that they exploit women. He said “At the beginning of the night, strippers and men go in. At the end of the night, the men leave with blue balls, and the women leave with all the men’s money. Now who is really being exploited here?”

  33. Sorry Roosh, but I think this post rather misses the point.
    Feminism as a genuine Leftist egalitarian project, that is, the complete removal of any distinction between men and women, which are considered by the Left to all have been nothing more than oppressive cultural/social/religious constructs, was never really accepted by most women. In fact, very few have ever been true believers in the cause.
    Roosh has said this before, but most women for the last century and a half have simply been what might be called, “cafeteria feminists.” They chose what they wanted from the movement and left the rest. In practice, this has meant not only the removal of any limitation on a woman’s behavior (legal, cultural, social, religious, or otherwise), but also the removal of any consequence for her behavior, as well as the removal of any affirmative obligation due on her part towards anyone else, that is inconsistent with her own desires.
    In truth, what we have actually witnessed is nothing short of the continuance of Eve’s Rebellion that began long ago in the Garden.
    The women who reject feminism in these pictures may well reject the rigid obligations Leftist egalitarianism imposes upon their choices. But they would never reject its lifting of limitations/consequences/obligations that has been achieved in years past. Nor do/would they embrace the equal removal of limitations/consequences/obligations on men. The old privileges must be retained, even as equal rights are demanded. Insofar as feminism serves their own desires & selfishness, they support it; insofar as it conflicts with it, they reject it.
    What I’m saying is nothing new, but it’s remarkable that we keep forgetting it in practice.
    The chief error on the part of men was ever believing that given the power to destroy the old system, that women would act any other way. The power should never have been granted to them in the first place.
    It was our own adherence to the idealistic nonsense of “equality,” which lead us to the principled application of the ideal in every aspect of private life and civilization, including to those differences subsisting between the sexes.
    And the difficulties we have been experiencing ever since the initiation of this project can never and will never be brought to a tolerable conclusion until the fantasy of equality is finally purged from our collective beliefs.

    1. Cafeteria feminists? Like the ones that think for themselves and decide which ideas they agree with? Are you just mad because they’re not following your narrative of not thinking for themselves?
      Stop embarrassing men.

  34. I see points in some of the images themselves, but the comments on them made by the editor / writing are disgustingly moronic. The women here are exposing that some feminists do not support equality, but instead push female supremacy (there are plenty men that believe in female supremacy too). However you are taking the most superficial, idiotic elements of the images, dumbing them down and exploiting them. The exact same thing you do across the board to all women (dumbing down & exploiting) whether it is to sexually dehumanize them or vilify the ones you don’t find attractive. Yall are truly stupid. Your website and this article actual support the point that women should be the superior race.

    1. You must be fat and unattractive.A Hot looking confident woman would never write this.

  35. The Polish girl is the cutest one to me, I’m glad to be in Warsaw and happy to see such a positive article.

    1. Hello Nick.
      I regret our earlier conflict. I would add that I think Warsaw women are in such good shape because they walk everywhere and cook healthy food. I’m seeing more Poles using cars a lot and this may undermine their general health.

      1. That’s cool man. Yes, more cars will undermine health, but I think the majority of women (18-25) still take public transport and walk.

  36. Are we at all surprised that the manosphere is helping women as well as man? Taking the red pill truly is to everybody’s long-term benefit once they are able to digest it properly. No mystery there.

  37. It’s always darkest before the dawn as they say…..yeah there is some serious political correct bs going on these days, BUT the pendulum can only swing so far before it starts to revert back. There are more than a few signs I’ve seen that a lot of people are taking notice.

    1. Yup. History is cyclical not linear. As you said, a pendulum can’t just swing in one direction forever. And the further it swings one way the harder and further it’s going to swing in the opposite direction when it’s reached it’s apex.

  38. Equality is the same insidious pull behind feminism and all cultural Marxist movements. Fuck equality. Most of these banners mean nothing.

  39. The women in antifeminism may no longer be card carry members of the feminist society due to what the militant feminazis have done, but these antifema still will not hesitate to take advantage of being female in a gynocentric society.

  40. How can one truly obtain equality when the world itself is so inherently unequal? Imposing equality on anything goes against nature. Imagine, if laws were passed that a zebra is equal to a lion ; therefore, to make them equal, we’ll remove a lions teeth and claws to produce a equal opportunity field for zebras. This is Feminism and any other social justice push in a nutshell.

    1. Exactly. Life isn’t fair. Nature and biology isn’t equal. Never has been. Never will be. Why is there so much animosity and dysfunction between the sexes these days? Simple. Because what we’re doing now is ARTIFICIAL. Our brainwashed heads tell us one thing while our biology wants something else. Is it any wonder that so many people, especially women, are so confused and frustrated?

    2. How is a zebra and a lion equivalent to a female and male HUMAN. You are comparing two completely different species to one another…which the former actually is the lion’s meal. Since when do male human beings eat female human beings? …. Your analogy is bunk. I’ll admit…interesting attempt!

  41. women (and men too to a lesser extent) are contrarian / contrasuggestable a lot of the time, particularly when they’ve been politically ‘roused’. Feminism has used this by arguing or suggesting that men / male society etc ‘forces’ them to behave certain ways i.e. do you starve yourself, harm or otherwise mutilate your body in order to please men; do you dress to please men; are you heterosexual because men force you to be heterosexual (heteronormativity / compulsory heterosexuality). In fact in today’s world at least nearly all of the force, coercion, bullying, and regulation of behaviour both male and especially female comes from feminism which is fast emerging as the totalitarian institution of our time. Surely it must rank as the most successful brainwashing cult in history.

  42. If women like benevolent sexism, they probably would like benevolent anti feminism also.
    Maybe this is a way of getting instagram likes. Or tinder likes.
    Wait and see if this is being done out of practical convenience.

  43. They maybe are not feminists, but they will keep spitting the “WE R EQUAAAAAAL” crap, men and women are not the same not matter how much egalitarian cocksuckers whine.
    We considered women to be equal to men and gave them rights 60 years ago and now we are paying dearly for it. Every time men exceed women in some activity, it must be the fault of the evil patriarchy and the filthy male pigs.
    Don’t get fooled.

  44. Being an anti-feminist is great, now let’s drop the equality bullshit and call it good. Men and women are complimentary, not equal. Get over it and celebrate your differences.

  45. All the girls carrying signs pass the boner test. Some more than others, but they all pass. Even Mr. Snuffleupagus gets a higher score on the boner test than red head harpy and eye glasses girl.

  46. “I don’t need feminism because being female in the 21st century is like..seriously..the best…” That’s fine, but if you think Blondie is excluding being able to falsely accuse a man she barely knows of rape , and get away with a host of other things because boobies…well I’m inclined to disagree . No, I don’t trust “anti-feminists” any better.

  47. Women and men should be equal, under the law.
    Feminists are so stupid, they can not understand easy concept like this. They have gone too far, as usual with human nature, and think we have to be equal with everything. People are so stupid….

    1. “People are so stupid….”
      That’s because most people let some idiot left ideologue do their thinking for them instead of thinking for themselves. IOW, they’ve chosen stupidity; to not think for themselves. That’s a sign of a weak or lazy mind.

  48. This article makes a pretty good point. Its only ugly, post 30 horrors who want to whine about feminist diatribe. This mirrors my own experiences with women in what should be the target age group for every man – 20 – 30; young women couldn’t care less what their “sisters” try to push on them. They are of the age where they have sexual value unlike those whining. Maybe its time the feminist movement showed a bit of honesty and just said “look we know we’re old, ugly and fat but please give us a sympathy shag if you a have a moment free from the young women”.

    Frost predicted this last year. Sadly, when feminism dies, all that will happen is that the Left will replace it with something else. Gay and crossgender (I refuse to call them ‘trans’) “rights” are going to be the new things.
    The good news: I don’t think people are going to take it as seriously. The Left has won. They’ve achieved their greatest victories. They’re now The Man. When feminism collapses, especially when Hillary wins, who is going to be able to honestly preach this continued bullshit?
    When feminism dies, the rest of Cultural Marxism is just a set of dominoes because then everyone else starts asking the simple question of, “Well shit, what else were they wrong about?”

  50. The only reason these girls are doing this “women against feminism” is because it makes them look more agreeable, and therefore attractive, to many men. There is nothing substantial about their form of anti-feminism. Do not for a second believe that they are unicorns.

  51. 3,6 and 10 are the best for me, but none of them are ugly.
    The problem with women who claim to be anti-feminist is that they still benefit from the culture that has been reconstructed to benefit women at all different levels. So while many of them may take pleasure in performing certain domestic chores, that does not mean that they would support other causes taken up by anti-feminists and men’s rights activitists. e.g abolishing alimony, child support reform etc.
    Having said that, these women are more pleasant to be around than your average feminist cunt, so it’s not a total loss.

    1. I don’t have a problem with that necessarily. Consider that feminism itself is a product of chivalrous white men that protected women and gave them special privileged status that the feminists used to justify special treatment rather than equality. If feminists can bite the hand that fed them, why can’t individual women bite feminism’s hand?

  52. Be careful there, lads. Many women who are against feminism are just traditionals wanting men to return to their role of white-knight utilities serving female imperative. These are not the allies.

  53. Even serial killers get marriage proposals. Make sure you can see their left hand while they’re shaking your right, there’s no days off.

  54. Meet the future feminists. This is all I say. Just give them 5-10 years, and they’ll change.

    1. Yes surely in 5-10 years they’ll blame men for their shortcomings and failures in life just like you do. You idiots claim to fight for what women want until those women don’t share your warped viewpoints, then they can fuck off right? Everyone must agree with you or they’re wrong by default.


  56. “The feminist movement was created to allow ugly women access to the mainstream of society” -Rush

  57. Sorry I think you may have misunderstood….. Feminism is not always man hating and wishing for a matriarchy… not at all feminism mostly in this day and age is the belief that women should socially, economically, and politically equal to men. I stress the term EQUAL!! which is seen in many of your photos 😉 If you want a woman in your life that has self respect then you too should consider yourself a feminist.

    1. Feminists are not WGTOW’s… in contrast to actual MGTOW’s (“Men Going Their Own Way”/ masculine separatists).

    2. Saying that feminism isn’t “always” man hating is a kind of excuse similar to saying that wife beaters aren’t “always” treating women badly.
      Most of what modern feminists ask for has NOTHING to do with equality. Marches against rape, or free contraception for women, free abortions for women, paid maternity leave, etc. all have ZERO to do with equality. Zip. They are entitlement grabs. Men should work more hours to pay for taxpayer funded benefits for mostly women.
      When pressed about men’s issues, feminists will almost always reply with a sneer remark such as: “Well, those are men’s rights issues. Tee hee. You’ll just have to deal with those on your own dear!” and yet, they claim feminism is about equality. If feminism was truly about equality, then wouldn’t MRA’s not need to form separate organizations to get obvious matters attended to that feminists either ignore or oppose equality for men?
      Another game man hating feminists play is the “You’re already equal” game. Feminists demand special treatment in order for women to be “equal” while men should be discriminated against because they’re “privileged”. So when a feminist says “equal”, she means that the man owes her something.
      Regarding self-respect: One of the good things about feminism is how poorly they treat male feminists because male feminists feel guilty for being men and as a member of the patriarchy (which feminists hate, and since men are members of it by default, feminists hate men but they don’t say so directly), anyways, feminists hate male feminists and treat them with disdain. They usually sleep with a bad boy when the get sufficiently horny. Everyone knows this. So the guys who are wimpy blue pillers eventually come to reality or die out.

  58. None of these women feel they need feminism now, but they sure would not have said that if they were living in the 1950s. Women could not even get a credit card in their own name at that point in time. Fact. And any man who replies with a “right on!” comment to this little tidbit about the 50s is simply reinforcing why “feminism” is still needed. Please also notice that all of these women holding these signs are young aka naive, and green to life. They know nothing about the struggles their grandmothers had, and the struggles they will face with the men in their lives in the future, due to not having their guard up against the abuse that men so often inflict, and the advantage they so often take, given the first opportunity. Check back with them in another five to ten years.

    1. Bullshit!!! Women in the Western world have nothing but privilege and more privilege…and men pandering to their every supremacist whim.

    2. Women at one time couldn’t get a credit card in their own name, a loan in their own name, or open a bank account in their own name without a male COSIGNER The reason being a husband, or father was responsible for any and all debts incurred by the woman if she couldn’t pay them off – he had to cover them! Sounds to me like it’s the man who is getting the shitty end of the stick here – not the woman. Once again – female privilege.

    3. OK? This is akin to saying we should still be at war with Germans for what they did in the 30s and 40s. Those injustices don’t exist anymore yet they’re the only example you can provide, if things are still so bad why can’t you come up with modern examples? And of course because those women don’t share your warped view, it’s because they’re “young aka naive”. Your argument is a joke.

  59. Fucking hell, again! Im so fucking tired as a woman to be one or another. Im not a die hard feminist, or an ultra fucking gym junkie glamazon. I am a normal mid 30 s mother of three of mostly annoying but loveable fucking kids. I hate extreme views on any topic. Live your own fucking life, preach, teach when it’s for the greater good. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

  60. Gents,
    do not miss the point that NONE of these #womenagainstfeminism are demanding that women criminals be held accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men.
    Don’t let them fool you….they are not after equality and they are not your friends or allies…..until they demand equal remedy for equal crime.

    1. Lol yell louder when you don’t get your way spoiled brat. No one takes you seriously except for you

  61. You will get tired of deleting me faster than I will stop posting. I repeat, FEMINISM IS ABOUT EQUALITY. THIS PAGE IS DISGUSTING.

    1. Lol your self righteous temper tantrum serves as the perfect example of what’s wrong with feminists. You have no substantive counterpoints, you’re essentially stamping your foot and demanding people listen to your whining self centered BS. But I’m sure it’s men’s fault that you can’t win an argument either.

  62. I am honestly baffled at all of you. You all talk about feminism like it’s an evil entity quite like the devil itself, and there are many people out there (male and female) who call themselves feminist who do not mean anyone any harm and just want to talk about things. You speak about them like they shot your kids and burnt down your house. What has made you people so mad?

  63. “f this new movement since it will undoubtedly benefit women first under the “equality” banner”
    It already has…Judgebitch is now a superstar…

  64. “this new movement since it will undoubtedly benefit women first under the “equality” banner”
    It already has, the media has reported all over it…These women have enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame 40 times over.

  65. There’s a reason they call it#womenagainstfeminism and not #womenforthepatriarchy.Think about it.

  66. As a woman I recognized years ago that feminism is in no way about “equality.” It is about female supremacy, entitlement, and privilege. I am very much aware that women today have it far better than men, actually we American women always have led privileged lives. It astonishes me that men today haven’t completely given up on women. Everywhere I look I see lazy, unkempt, uneducated, unemployed, females who do nothing to better themselves or the world, yet think they are entitled to have money thrown at them because they are members of the superior female gender. Thanks Barak and thank you democrats. Unmarried sluts, dependant on welfare, give birth to slut daughters who repeat the cycle, fatherless boys born to these sluts turn into the floppy haired little manginas with black lips and fingernails who, because they have had no strong father to guide them, grow up to be lazy unemployable drones hating their own gender. Meanwhile, the hard working middle class white male is taxed to death to support the human garbage that is destroying America. THANKS FEMINISM !!! I am so goddamned sick and tired of hearing some supremacist bigot like Gloria Steinem or Jane Fonda whining how we have “so far to go” in our “struggle for equality” I could vomit. We as women have – the right to marry who we want, the right not to marry, the right to a college education, the right to a career of our choice, the right to abortion, the right to birth control, the right to serve in the military, the right to own property, the right to run for public office, complete and total control over reproduction, ridiculous bias in our favor in the workplace, schools, universities, courts, government, and health care systems along with gender specific laws that ensure we get all of this plus anything else our elite little hearts cry out for. Oh… and over fifty percent of executives are now female and college graduates are now sixty one percent female – this according to the President of the United States….. and we have so much further to go before we are equal!!! Excuse me, WHAT FUCKING RIGHTS DON’T WOMEN HAVE ?? !! Thank God for the internet exposing feminism for what it is – an anti-male hate movement which is finally beginning to collapse on itself. If any other organization on earth practiced the blatant, in your face, outright bigotry, degradation, sexism, hatred, segregation, oppression and totalitarianism that feminism does it would be declared a terrorist consortium. I’m glad men are starting to finally starting to stand up against feminist bullies, and I’m sure will eventually destroy the female supremacy hate movement. Remember gentlemen, female privilege can not exist without male enforcement.

  67. Limbaugh said it best in brevity when he said this:
    “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.”
    It’s no wonder then that these anti feminists represent the polar opposite. I’ll bet very few of them are lesbos 🙂

  68. Lot of girls who don’t know what feminism is. “I don’t need feminism because I believe in equality” let me tell you something, FEMINISM IS EQUALITY

    1. Let me tell you something, NO IT ISN’T! Such a great argument, I guess men just aren’t taking your arguments seriously because you’re a woman, because they’re obviously so well thought out and supported by factual evidence.

  69. Most of the critics of Women Against Feminism often ignore what these girls are saying…because what they said is the truth.

  70. Now, how about the African American Community do the same with the NAACP? Or the Muslim American Community with CAIR? These groups influence — and others like them — is far out of proportion to how many they actually represent within their own Communities, yet their word is taken as “The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth”…and anyone who opposes them is targeted. Time for other groups to stand up and represent these — and other — Communities in America…give some competition and let different opinions, views and faces take the stage.
    ~ Nadrakas

  71. woman fighting against feminism is like afro-american fighting against civil rights.

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