4 More Lies Men Are Being Told About Women

Before writing the prequel to this article a couple months back I had a list of close to a dozen lies that Western men are raised to believe about women.  The breakdown and explanation necessary to debunk every myth at their core prevented me from putting them all into one article so I whittled my list down to eight, then wrote about the four most Anglo-prevalent.  They seemed to be received well so I’ve decided add another installment.  That said, here are the next four in line.

“Behind every great man is a great woman”

The definition of a great woman in the ‘sphere differs greatly from the definition of those who coined this falsehood.  One of the most glaring examples of this is when women like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are given any measure of credit for the successes of their husbands as Presidents of the United States. It’s amusing how the fem-centric media paints these women as powerful, influential figures in the lives of their husbands as though they are the ones pulling the strings on important decisions regarding foreign policy and military action behind the scenes.

Now don’t get me wrong, Michelle and Hillary do (did) add value to their Head of State husbands but not in the way those who dreamt up this fallacy would lead you to believe.  A man who acquires the title and responsibility of leader of the free world (or any other title or accomplishment for that matter) already had what it took to get there whether the public acknowledges this or not.  He didn’t need a woman’s influence or guidance to get him there.  What he needed was a supportive, quality woman who understood the role of a First Lady and conducted herself as such.

Both Barack and Bill publically benefited from having wives that represented what a woman should be to their powerful husbands because society responds favorably when traditional sex roles (the man leads, the woman follows) and values are evident in our leaders no matter what politically correct notions come out of their mouths.  This explains why there hasn’t been a bachelor in the Oval Office in over 150 years.

The traditional family always wins out in politics

Anyone who doubts society’s biological desire for the conventional presentation of a traditional family in public service need only remember the evisceration that Sarah Palin suffered at the hands of the media in 2008.  Most Americans will never forget the full throttle character assault that was ramped up as soon as McCain named her as his running mate. Ironically, and not surprisingly, the vast majority of Palin’s stone throwers were women. Hell, some of those female pundits continue to stoke those flames even today and Sarah’s been all but irrelevant on the political landscape since Obama took office in ’09.

Whether or not her husband Todd was the true leader of that family is anybody’s guess but Sarah was perceived to be the head of household because she was the Vice Presidential Candidate, not her husband. Perception is indeed reality and outside of Alaska, Palin continues to be the butt of political satire nationwide simply because of biology.

A year after the election they still couldn’t leave her alone

Men can accomplish great things with or without women.  Could the presence of a feminine, supportive woman make his journey more enjoyable and a maybe little more fulfilling?  Sure.  Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan enjoyed hoards of women while conquering their respective worlds and I’m willing to bet it gave both of an elevated measure of satisfaction knowing they had pussy at the ready at all times.  But I doubt either one of them consulted with their harems when faced with a particularly tough decision.  So if a woman happens to be along for the ride during a man’s conquests the only greatness he needs from her is her compliance and her body—not her guidance and influence.

“Never ask a woman her age”

Testing a man’s sexual fitness is in a woman’s DNA.  There’s no getting around this fact just as there’s  no getting around the fact that beautiful, fit women give us boners (the boner test being a man’s way of testing a woman’s sexual fitness).  Neither sex can fight its natural instincts as it’s how we are hardwired as men and women.

Females in the Western hemisphere literally run on autopilot with these congruence tests to determine sexual fitness—especially the attractive ones.  Playing with her phone on a date, demanding that you buy her a drink, and asking you if you’re gay are just a few things she does on a regular basis without even thinking about why she’s doing them.  These, of course, are examples of what are more commonly known as shit tests—a woman’s way of sorting out which men she will use strictly for validation and provisions with zero sex, and those she’ll gladly engage in hair pulling, headboard rattling sex with at the drop of a hat (ahh…the double edged sword of a woman’s duplicitous hypergamy).  Men on the other hand have one way of determining the degree of a woman’s sexual fitness…

Physical beauty.

Good looking girls from 18 to 25 years are the most desirable, thus, the most sexually fit.  Granted, there are plenty of women who look great well into their thirties but the dwindling attention from the men they want between their legs is a grim reminder that end of the carousel ride draws nigh.

So why must you “never ask a woman her age?”

Because asking a woman’s age is shit testing her. A woman’s fragile ego can’t handle rejection much less having the tables turned and having to prove her sexual worthiness to a male. And because females are the masters of deception and are capable of easily shaving a few years off of their outward appearances thanks to today’s advances in makeup and fraudulent clothing, this forbidden query pulls back the curtain of their carefully crafted attempted to mimic a fertile 22 year old.

Realizing the wall is approaching

The older American female is keenly aware that men with options prefer younger, hotter women.  She knows that once a man learns she’s well past her prime age wise, his attraction to her will be substantially diminished.  So in order to avoid having to pass the one shit test that men can effectively dismiss them (for potential LTR status) with, they chose to create this imaginary faux pas forbidding men to ask a woman how old she is.

Women can simulate youth and beauty to some extent but deep down they all know that no amount of cleavage, highlights, or ass lifting jeans can reduce the number of rings she conceals within her tree stump. Kick this myth to the curb and ask away gents.  Watching her squirm in disbelief that you had the audacity to violate this “rule” is half the fun.

“If She’s a Sports Fan She’s a Keeper”

So we’re back at the bar with our buddies a few days after stupidly toasting the ridiculous Happy Wife, Happy Life maxim when one of our friends starts talking about the “amazing girl” he just met.  We all hit him with the usual vetting procedure asking him questions like “Is she hot” “Does she swallow” “What’s her mom look like” and so forth.  We’ve all been on both sides of these Q&A sessions.  We’ve also heard, at some point, our buddy say something to this effect:

“…and she’s a diehard Giants fan.  I think I’m in love!”

The glorification of masculine traits in women continues to destroy femininity at an alarming rate.  This line of thinking is so mainstream, dudes actually think that dating a girl who loves sports as much as he does is a bonus.  But in an honest moment he’ll admit that seeing her scream at the television because the ref called a penalty on her beloved Giants makes her very unattractive.

This woman is not attractive

Men want women who are women.  Girly girls.  Being with a chick who can go shot for shot with you on tequila night, brags about her kill streak on Call Of Duty, or can name every pitcher on the ‘93 Padres is grossly overrated.

On the other hand, it is pretty cool when you’re out on a date with a sexy girl and she asks you something about your team in an attempt to connect with you.  It shows that she is trying to impress you by taking interest in something important to you. This is a good thing.  It’s also perfectly okay if your woman occasionally follows her hometown team and talks about it from time to time. But when she bolts ahead of you at Applebees to grab that seat facing the television so she doesn’t miss the 2nd half of the Manchester United match, game over.

“I wanna marry my bestie”

This is another sad example of Western culture glamorizing trends that go against the very genetic desires of females. So what girls say they want and what they actually need (and want) are two very different things. No surprise there. Case in point: “I want to marry my best friend!”

This maxim, at best, is complete and utter bullshit.  I get consistent verification of this when I hold court with my female friends because at some point the conversation always comes to relationships.  When this happens I stay silent for the most part (as spitting red pill truth gets you nowhere with either sex) but I’ll drop in a zinger or two to stir the pot when the conversation gets dull or predictable. Listening to those squeaky hamster wheels whir away is always a good time because eventually the word “friend zone” comes up. And when it does, the speaker’s face is almost always etched with disgust, cementing this slogan as a falsity.

A woman doesn’t need a man who consoles her, talks about his feelings, and curls up on the couch with her for a chick flick-a-thon.  That’s what her girlfriends are for.  What they need is a lover and protector who keeps her grounded by not feeding into her emotional shenanigans, holds frame, and shows as little vulnerability as possible.  Girls need to be able to rely on their men to be the immovable object in their lives—their rock.  It is impossible to be these things as her best friend.  This becomes evident as the marriage progresses as there will be less sex and more arguments which ultimately leads to you being friend zoned (cuckolded) effectively ending the relationship.

Another relationship close to the end because of feeeeeelings

While it’s trendy and chic to proclaim their newly dubbed fiancées as their best friends (or worse, soulmates), unbeknownst to our brothers, those relationships are not long for this world.  With each passing tearful conversation over hot chocolate about how she’s suffering “harassment” or “discrimination” at the office, she grows less attracted to him.  He would do well to remember that the root word in friend zone is friend and adjust his behavior accordingly with the next girl by not abiding by this misnomer.

In closing…

Disney movies and mainstream media are among the major purveyors of the widespread distribution of the above fables.  Understanding what they are and why they exist will go a long way in helping men to rid their minds of these untruths.  Learning Game will change a man’s life for the better but scrubbing our minds of the bogus narrative we’ve been fed our whole lives regarding the opposite sex is step number one.

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196 thoughts on “4 More Lies Men Are Being Told About Women”

  1. I rarely hesitate to ask a woman her age.
    I can vouch that it doesn’t make you any less attractive in her eyes.
    If anything she realizes you know your worth.

    1. you can “work” around it….lol…when did you graduate high school/college
      How long have you been at your job, what was your 1st car….

    2. Same here. I don’t mind asking her the age question because I point everything back to ‘equality’.
      You want equal pay for equal work but I can’t ask your age?

    3. After reading this article, I’m going to be sure to start asking age now. It’s classic flip the script. Turn the table and make them prove themselves to you.

  2. MOSTLY a good article, but I call ya out bro.
    ” Playing with her phone on a date, demanding that you buy her a drink,
    and asking you if you’re gay are just a few things she does on a regular
    basis without even thinking about why she’s doing them. ”
    Bull(except for her not thinking about doing it). If she’s doing disprespectful shit like that, it means that she doesn’t look up to you or respect you. Would she treat a famous actor or NFL player that way? You know damn well she wouldn’t.
    If she acts that don’t “pass her test”. Refuse to tolerate that behavior, ditch her, and get a woman won’t give you shit just for the sake of it……then pat yourself on the balls and be grateful you didn’t give them away.

    1. Many men spend so much time learning game they forget one very important thing, if you are a high value male you can and will attract every type of woman you want and be able to choose who you want. Game is best used to distinguish women (screen) and keep them interested long-term.
      I think men need to reflect when going through test, if your market value was high enough you shouldn’t have to tolerate this, period. Flip the script, hold frame, and if she can’t ride your wave, she needs to hop into another ocean.
      There is no excuse bc the same treatment wouldn’t be given to a famous athlete, actor, or entertainer and disbelief in that is just you rationalizing (male hamster).

    2. Women cannot resist shit-testing men.
      Once I saw an interview of a Playmate who had been a lover of Stallone. She said that he ended it after she commented that he looked short in one suit he put on. She immediately recognized her error as she saw his look, but it was too late. Of course she rationalized it away as him being too “insecure”.
      The truth is that it was a high-value man who did not have to take any shit by any woman. But those very same women are on the same shit-testing-war as soon as they have some security even with a high-value guy. Put a ring on her, impregnate her or let her move in and there she is trying to kick you mentally in the balls. It is just a normal mechanism of women – we simply have to deal with it no matter our value.

      1. Right and don’t expect to get treated like a celebrity if you aren’t one. I don’t mean accept disrespect, that’s usually an immediate next, but keep things in context.
        Most men are average, if you want to be treated above you need to give them a reason. Being able to walk away is an average mans’ strongest weapon. However, so many men are so thirsty that they’d rather get dumped then grab the sack when they need to.

        1. I agree with Roissy on male attraction:
          “In descending order of importance, here are the male attractiveness traits that women desire in men:
          Psychosocial dominance (game).
          High status/fame.
          Personality (passion/charisma/humor).
          Good looks/height/muscularity.
          Sexual prowess.”
          Game being Nr. 1 for all men, since even super-famous men can attract many women for a quick bang, they instantly begin to lose frame as soon as they enter in a LTR with her (Paul McCartney etc.).

  3. The amount of misogyny/racism/homophobia on this site is absolutely pathetic.

        1. Oh, and please go peddle the tired race card and sexism card somewhere else. That’s for brainwashed PC bots.

      1. Why? Because I don’t hate women for being women? Because I don’t hate gays for being gay? Because I don’t hate non-whites for being non-white?

        1. I’m not white, I’m a Filipino so take your strawmen and cram them up your asshole.

        2. I didn’t imply you were white, genius. I wrote that I don’t hate non-whites for being non-whites because that would make me a racist because I am white. Also, you still haven’t addressed sexism, or homophobia.

        3. If you think talking like this helps you get laid … take a look at the women available to you and ask yourself if its worth it …. I guarantee you it aint.

      1. Translation: I hate women but most of society is filled with decent people who disagree with my irrational opinions, making me a very angry man.
        Solution: Read a blog filled with hateful dickheads such as myself so I feel accepted and slowly start thinking that the content is true because it confirms my prejudices.
        Nice profile picture by the way. Fucking redneck.

        1. Yes, because calling someone “redneck,” which connotes impoverished white people, isn’t a form of bigotry.

        2. I don’t think I’d be around you people in the first place, actually

        3. Let’s stop answering him… He’s a mangina so he’s only here for attention. Let’s stop giving him what he wants.
          I was about to say this is a battle of wits with an unarmed man, but it’s starting to look more like a gangland execution. This kid couldn’t handle one of us, let alone the whole crowd at once.

        4. You’re..around us right now. This isn’t the site for you, it’s cool. Me, if a site had stuff I didn’t approve of, I wouldn’t spend a other second in it.

        5. Trust me I used to be in that camp but I can’t unsee the things I’ve seen. I judge each individual on their merits and most people can’t even live up to their own standards.
          If you think life is a Lucky Charms commercial and you’re Tony the Tiger than best of luck to you dude…

        6. You’ve been ‘conditioned’ my friend to treat women exactly the way society wants you to treat them. Many here have learned (or are learning) this truth.
          Corporations and politicians are catering so much to women because they buy, consume and vote…so it’s a big win for them.
          If women (and men like you who support women) truly believe in equality, then get together and start a march on our court houses to stop the ‘inequality’ going on in these rooms day after day.
          See what I mean? Women have plenty of marches for the things they want to change…but the court houses (and their decisions) are just fine…because they usually favor women.
          Also, any domestic dispute ends up with a man having to leave his home (even if she started it, hit him, etc….). Wake up…get educated.

        7. Anyone else notice how these virgins who regularly troll RoK sound just like the women, who only occasionally troll RoK but 10x more irrational?
          It’s absolutely delicious how much these eunuchs envy our smug self-awareness.
          At least the women try to make points. Guys like Andrew Weymouth and Steve Smithwick accuse us of being miserable and pathetic for being here but conveniently overlook the tragic irony that they’re right here with us and by far much angrier than anyone else in attendance. Their ‘Inner Male’ subconscious brought them here because it’s literally crying out for the Red Pill but their ego won’t allow it.
          It would be comedic if it weren’t so sad.

        8. I love how anyone who dissents from orthodoxy is labelled angry. Like ruining their reputation speaks to what they are saying.

        9. Seeing a “guy” say “Oooh how manly” is funny as fuck. And if it’s a woman it’s equally as funny because their intent to shame is so obvious it has less effect than Obama throwing a punch.

        10. I know, I was j/k I was just waiting on someone to call me on it. LOL.

        11. Well, it’s a very Leftist ploy, accusing you of anger is supposed to make you seem unstable and less rational. It also speaks to a lot of projection. Most people who talk like that are themselves pretty angry. And hostile.

        12. No, it’s not a lie but you’ve been fooled into thinking 2 + 4 = 1. There is no logic in your thinking pal just brainwashed PC nonsense. Maybe you’ll grow out of it. Eventually.

        13. I love how we are suppose to be a site of men helping other men, but I see how some men are hateful towards each other. It’s counter productive to the cause.
          Some guys here are very immature, ignorant and racist.
          Sheesh, children.

        14. Well, they do seem to believe you’re embarrassing mankind and they’re paying the price, so… yeah. From their perspective, they’re reasonably pissed.

    1. Cut your balls off now or take a 6 inch dildo and shove it up your ass you useless mangina.

        1. That wasn’t a threat. It was an instruction.
          You’ve got some weak reading comprehension.

        2. Weak reading comprehension and random capital letters. Starting to smell like one.

      1. That person is probably a chick… Men don’t really use the word pathetic. Don’t reply to chicks.

        1. I’m a man, and I use the word “pathertic”, but only when I follow it with the word “faggot.”

      1. Am I the only person that can see this Joel is a chick (or gay)? Don’t feed the trolls!

        1. Believe me, I caught onto that the moment I just saw the statement a minute ago…”Oooh…how MANLY!” At least…I hope that’s a woman. I hope men don’t talk like that..

        2. Pass me my feinting couch and pearls so I can boost my status in the group by one uping others by expressing outrage over sensibilities. That will show those sinners.

      2. Good point. Even if someone is viscerally repulsed by homosexuality, one can conclude neither true fear nor hate.
        Living as a gay man means enormous risk of infection, and likely an early death. It also means no biological children without a surrogate, and in a “marriage” situation one guy is definitely left hanging where offspring are concerned.
        I think that’s a sad fate and I wish I could help guys avoid it.
        Condescending, certainly. Fearful? Hateful? No.

    2. My child don’t be afraid…look within yourself and see that your mind has been poisoned and you’re blinded from reality. It’s those city walls son. You must leave the city walls to see the world for what it really is rather than live in the delusion that you most dearly hold on to. I understand you must be fearful of leaving the city walls. The founders of the city told you it was not safe to go outside and everything you ever wanted and needed was within the confines of the nice little neat city. Go out side of the walls and you will find things of horror, things that make you sick and things that will just make you mad. But my son outside the city walls is where you’ll also find your salvation as a man. You will realize that the city is full of delusional people enslaved by the programming of the feminist liberal project. Dare to go outside the city my friend and your eyes will be opened to the horrible truth. But only then will your soul be truly free. The duty of the white knight is not yours to burden nor any other man. Only YOU can decide if you want to leave the city. Once you have and you will see that we are NOT your enemy but brothers in arms. DON’T….BE…AFRAID.

    3. Andrew is right on one thing. There is too much Racism on this site esp. against Blacks and Jews. Sometimes, I think I ROK is made up of KKK rejects. As red pill men we shouldn’t discriminate against fellow men for being of a different skin color or religion. I mean just look at how some of the comment sections on past articles had people spewing hate against interracial relationships which then devolved into people posting interracial porn pics/vids. That completely takes away from the point of this site. REAL red pill men don’t have time for idiotic ideologies like Racism and they only care about Red-Pill truths.

      1. Calling disagreement ‘hate’ is childish.
        The concept of ‘racism’ was created in the 1920’s by Leon Trotsky in an attempt to destroy the identity of the Slavic people. If you want to preach the false doctrines of Communist butchers then do it somewhere else, Anti-White.
        ‘Anti-racist’ is just a codeword for Anti-White

    4. Whatever dude, if you feel that way then please leave us real men be and never to return.

    5. The amount of delusion/ball-licking/subservience to other homo sapiens who don’t give a fuck about you and would probably destroy you if given the chance and could get away with it by you is even more pathetic.

  4. The sports fanatic hoe is just another marriage trap women are setting nowadays. She’s just “one of the guys” and “the fucking coolest chick ever”.The same guys that marry these sports fan broads are the ones that find themselves trapped in their “man caves” a few years down the road into married life.
    “I don’t know what happened, she used to love watching sports with me.”
    No she didn’t dickhead, she used to pretend to love watching sports with you so you would marry her no-value-having-ass. Now the real her has revealed itself and you’re stuck in your detached garage or your basement with your balls hanging out of your underwear watching the Red Sox play the Royals – being kept company by your adult softball league trophies.
    I’d rather be fucking dead – and I’m serious.

    1. Agree. It’s mostly all show until you get a ring on her finger.
      Then, she has you and she can drop the charade.

      1. That or when have your kid. That seems to be the norm now. They don’t even need the marriage, just having a child is enough of a hook these days.

    2. when it comes to sports. if she sees you worship another man because of the way he can swing a stick. she will lose respect for you and start fantasizing about boning Jeter when she sleeps with you.

      1. Yup, IMHO, idolizing/watching sports is about as beta as it gets. Go play sports, don’t passively watch others run around the field. Sports are an excuse for men to have “man time”. If you need an excuse for that, you’ve lost frame and no amount of looking at man ass during the Superbowl is going to help you get it back.

        1. I agree. I sometimes watch championship games like the world cup final, game 7 of the world series, and the superbowl, but that’s it. I simply don’t care about following the season, fantasy leagues, or anything like that. In Western culture there’s far too much emphasis on entertainers.

        2. You nailed it – our culture here in the US idolizes the WRONG people. Athletes, actors & “rappers” are not who we should be looking up to.

      2. I’m not sure I totally understand the problem. Red Pill is about never being in a relationship so you still got laid, which is the only goal of Red Pill anyway

    3. ‘No she didn’t dickhead…I’d rather be fucking dead – and I’m serious.’
      I like you.

    4. When I see pics of women wearing stupid oversize team jerseys, posing and riding those big stupid gay-ass harleys, shooting a gun or snowboarding…
      I immediately think…someones hitting the wall.

    5. The Sports phenomena is the western world is cuckoldry. Way to many jock-sniffing cuckcolds in our society. Especially when you consider the racial element involved. No longer watch sports for the most part. Might catch a game here and there, but realize sports for the social evil it’s become.

      1. Yeah this doesn’t make any sense.
        Really sports have replaced war and military service as a source of pride and excitement in a man’s life. The alternative is becoming a professional soldier of the early modern period (I don’t mean the government soldiers we have nowadays). You see the similarities – uniforms, formations, team captains, generals (coaches), etc.
        It is for the observer to decide whether it is better to play war than be in war but I do not see the enjoyment of sport to be a significant issue in society. To say it is evil, is ridiculous.

        1. I just think white men jock sniffing black athletes isn’t a sign of a healthy culture. That’s what sports have become in the United States. We went from putting a man on the moon to the lowest common denominator garbage culture you have now.

        2. Not being into sport is fine. Being ignorant suggests you have no concept of what a healthy culture is.

        3. I can tell you it’s not those riots you had in London a couple of years ago. That’s what happens when your elites think it’s a good idea to incorporate a resentful population with an average IQ of 85 into your society. It’s much worse in the US. Pretty much every major US inner city in Eastern US is a no go zone. Diversity destroyed America, it utterly deconstructed our culture. It’s going to do the same thing to your country.

        4. I’ve often thought this as well. Sports are just a nerfed replacement for the desire for tribal warfare. It fulfills a certain part of some people’s brains to belong to a tribe of warriors. It’s still a waste of time.

        5. Sam is right. You’ve bought the liberal propaganda in the US media. Liberals love to talk about equality as they live in their safe, completely white neighborhoods. All you need to do, englishbob, is take a trip to an “inner city” as Sam calls it and your eyes will be opened. Once that group starts moving into a nice neighborhood it’s as good as done. Crime increases and they take zero care of their property. So property value drops and people start moving out so they don’t lose money. The only people who stay are those who can’t get out. Eventually, the neighborhood is empty, except for the minorities who moved in, and neighborhood looks like a war zone. Buildings crumbling, crime, drugs, and violence. It’s like a plague that sweeps through different neighborhoods. Of course, in my experience with Englishmen they all seem to think they’re experts on America.

        6. Marcus, don’t make assumptions because then you’ll look an….
          Might be I’ve been to the inner city in America. Might be I have family from there. Might be I’ve witnessed the polar opposite of what you describe. Might be that this discussion, while interesting, has nothing to do with the topic of sport.

        7. Leaving aside the fact that I thoroughly enjoy my sport, that it contributes to my health, fitness and emotional well being, that it fascinates men and women alike, what do you think I should do instead, that would not be such a massive waste of my time?

    6. Spot on. I constantly see girls try to describe themselves this way, and it’s an obvious and lame attempt to make herself more desirable. Even lower down the “pander” totem pole is the chick that loves video games. Ugh. Anytime I hear a woman talk about how much she loves sports or video games I just want to shit on her face. The “sports fanatic” girl is obviously on the hunt for an athletic guy, and the “video game” girls are hunting for a beta male. One girl told me she loves sports and pizza, therefore she’s the perfect woman. Clueless.

    7. Exactly. One of the things that has made the red pill an easier transition for me is that I pretty much always found these kinds of women suspicious. The sports fan, the nerd girl, the one of the guys girl who is just like you.
      Not only did I find them unattractive (preferring girly girls myself) but I knew a relationship needed separate hobbies and interests, not to mention the real possibility it’s just a facade.
      You see this a lot in animation fandoms where I used to spend time. I can’t imagine why these guys would want a strong woman……….

    8. “The sports fanatic hoe is just another marriage trap women are setting nowadays.”
      RED FLAG ==> “I REALLY love (hunting, fishing, camping, shooting, reloading, hiking, canoeing, sailing, brewing, raising whatever is your favorite dog breed, your favorite sex act, etc.)” <== RED FLAG
      She had better know more about it than you do if she makes this statement.
      It is good that she asks you what you like, but if she’s subverting her personality to form a bogus connection with you, trouble will follow her like a cloud of dust. Move on. You don’t have time in your life to correct the weird manifestations of anger which are sure to surface if she’s subverting her personality in favor of yours.

      1. Why on earth would this be a red flag? If she is trying so hard to please you, that she abandons her own sense of self, then I suggest that it is in your best interest to play along with it. I think you make the false assumption that the goal is a LTR, which should really never be the case, anyway. Of course, if you were seeking wife material (lol), then this would be a red flag. Otherwise, this seems like an easy notch, one which a man would to be silly to miss.
        Furthermore, I often find that if my personality and sense of self is solid, that both part onto the woman, in some regard. Women become what they feel is right, and if she feels that I am right, then she will adopt that part which she feels is right (rather than looking at the logic of it).

        1. Of course you are right.
          I was seeking wife material.
          The quote was about marriage traps. I was commenting on how to avoid them.

  5. Had a gf once, she hated me for watching sports, but didnt hesitate to watch sports with her guy friends. (note: we broke up 5+ yrs ago)

  6. This article is filled with so much truth. Great post! Men who are vulnerable with women obviously don’t have much experience with women (or perhaps have been dominated by their mothers/sisters at an early age). I’m not saying you become an asshole and cold towards her, no! But always realize that she never really “sees” you, only a shadow of you born from her own needs and subjective view of the world. Being vulnerable with anyone that doesn’t truly understand you is a questionable idea, and while you don’t need to hide your feelings, wearing them on your sleeve like some distorted version of James Van Derbeek is just stupid. Whenever I see one of these romcom/Disney type movies, a wave of disbelief rushes over me and I wonder if anyone really buys that a relationship like that could work in real life. Then I think about the thousands of couples I’ve met who are miserable and I shake my head. Lol.
    And great men attract women like shit attracts flies. (Intelligent) Women correctly smell resources and resource potential in men from miles a way. Every man here who’s ever been a leader of a group/team/company etc. knows how fast women pony up for benefits. A man’s greatness is in no way due to a woman’s contribution – indeed most women are dream killers if they come along too early in the process.

    1. “indeed most women are dream killers if they come along too early in the process.”

      1. I won’t even go as far as to call them a dream killer. Guys just become complacent and happy with a life with the woman, putting all their future endeavors on the back burner or completely forgetting them.
        When the woman (occasionally) leaves the guy because the thing that attracted her the most was his ambition, he’ll come to this site looking for where he went wrong–>feeding into his emotions and flesh and putting people who weren’t as goal oriented as him before his vision.
        I tell all my buddies, there is no rush to finding the right one! There is a rush to strike while the iron is hot in your craft.

        1. I’ve been there. You can’t get comfortable with a woman. There is no point in your relationship where you have proven yourself and you get a break.
          The complacency thing is true in a way but I think for some men its a redistribution of priorities in order to manage a family life. I can’t speak for the aftermath.
          From personal experience… in my last relationship I put personal ambitions on the backburner because I shifted towards building a long term career that would allow us to potentially start a family with an extended academic community. I put away my artistic and reckless side to buckle down on school.
          I lost that flash that she liked about me over a period of a couple years. Furthermore, we worked in the same office and I had to start as junior member with people already ahead of me. Hypergamy ensued and she cheated on me with my colleague.
          My point: It wasn’t a lack of ambition on my part. It was just hypergamy.

        2. Good point. Of course we should always strive to improve ourselves. But, if your gf sees the opportunity to “upgrade” she will leave you at a whims notice, no matter how long you two have been together or how much she “loves” you.
          Just the way things are and if it happens to any of you, don’t beat yourselves up too much. Realize the areas in which you can improve and move on.

      2. “Give not your strength unto women, nor your ways to that which destroys kings.”
        Proverbs 31:1

    2. I’m not saying you become an asshole and cold towards her, no! But always realize that she never really “sees” you, only a shadow of you born from her own needs and subjective view of the world.

      Dead on but I have to add an amendment to one part. Women only view men through their own set lenses, it’s true but from my experience, if you treat a hot girl like dirt, she’ll stick to you like mud. Which is then compounded if she’s really “into ‘you’.” I’ve never had this not be the case.
      Sometimes, I’ll string a bitch along (e.g. cancel our plans for plans that don’t exist, tell her I’m busy when really I’m watching old episodes of the Wire, etc) to create a false sense of longing. If it sounds childish, women must be childish because that shit is foolproof. Bitches love that shit.

    3. “(Intelligent) Women correctly smell resources and resource potential in men from miles a way.”
      Most women can only sense ACTUAL, tangible, resources, i.e. “He’s rich.”
      Only the tiniest minority of women have the acumen to perceive a man’s potential. Fewer and fewer women are willing to invest in a man early, as a “starter project” and insist on only dating established men, i.e., men with actual, tangible resources like money, property, fame, etc. In other words, the men who can already have their pick of the best, youngest, hottest, tightest women.
      If women were smart, they’d invest early in a young up-and-comer but they can’t think five minutes into the future. They all want to be Kim Kardashian but they don’t have her looks or connections and that’s how we get all the “Where have all the good men gone?” laments on Slate, Salon, Jizzabel, etc.

      1. This is correct.
        Are college women fawning after the electrical engineers? The computer science majors? They have high starting salaries and great earning potential.
        Girls don’t give a shit, theyre too busy fucking the 3rd string linebacker or guy on the baseball team. At my d-1 school even the punter was getting top shelf pussy.
        If youre a nerd who becomes successful treat these hoes like shit. Pump and dump.

  7. “On the other hand, it is pretty cool when you’re out on a date with a sexy girl and she asks you something about your team in an attempt to connect with you. It shows that she is trying to impress you by taking interest in something important to you.”
    And that’s as reason to go running and screaming as far away from her as you can get.
    Ever been the victim of, or seen “the switcheroo”? I have. Oh yeah. It’s when she pretend to be into the same stuff you are into, then once you put a ring on that finger. *BANG* – 180.
    Yep. They can be that deceptive, to go chameleon like that. Do I have to explain what that feels like? I can tell horror stories.
    If she pretends to be into what I’m into, I call bullshit on that.
    (reasonably though, if I say met her on a fishing trip or something and she was there fishing, and had her own equipment, boat, etc. and was doing it since childhood as a hobby or something, then we are playing on different rules but I think anybody who reads this has enough discernment)
    “Disney movies and mainstream media are among the major purveyors of the widespread distribution of the above fables.”
    Disney is the top distributor of fables (no pun intended). They just took it past fairy tales. “Pirates of the Caribbean” for example, the scene with the corset. You don’t take some corset off a rack in England, ship it to some young hotty half a world a away, and then tight-lace her in it. That’s how you kill a woman slowly. The corset was in fact a great invention that allowed women to have just enough fat on them to have a great ass and bigger breasts but still have that hourglass shape. Now it’s seen as some kind of damaging tool of oppression, but in fact a properly fitted corset, made for the owner, is even more healthy than a bra. A bra will create necrotic hard points in the fatty tissues of the breast and increase the cancer risk. But I guess it’s misogynistic to, you know, want to see less breast cancer and more women looking good too. I’m very evil.

  8. Thank you for pointing out that our wife is not our “best friend”.
    She is our wife and we love her for that.
    Even Fred Flintstone had his Barnie Rubble and his bowling (male space)
    Oh yeah I forgot, that cartoon came out in a (supposedly) sexually aggressive patriarchal time period

    1. You are forgetting the Water Buffaloes.
      (Masonic halls were also more prevalent at the time)

  9. Good article…..
    The Woman makes the man…. . should be:
    “a bad woman will ruin even the best of men”
    It’s originally meant as a warning for men to marry smart and carefully…. not as a homage to women.
    A wife should never be a friend, because in time familiarity breeds contempt. If you think back to the Lords and Ladies of old, they kept their relations very formal and cordial at all times.
    You need your own space, so the last thing you want is her barging in on things

    1. “If you think back to the Lords and Ladies of old, they kept their relations very formal and cordial at all times.”
      Cordial- Definition: friendly, sincere, affectionate.

  10. The age part is classic.
    I can’t recall how many times I’ve been verbally abused by Anglo or westernized women when I’ve asked them their age.
    It gets easier when women tell you their age by themselves. Russian or Slavic women are more open and upfront, when you ask them their age, and they don’t usually go on the defensive if you ask them about their age.

    1. Right. It’s more bullshit from women saying how much they want equality but don’t ask their age.
      Remember, they want equality only for the good things (or things that they consider good) – not everything.

    2. Women who won’t reveal their age are usually above 32. Those may not be the ones you’re looking for.

  11. I like it!
    Women with age problems, not a good signal. How to reframe their “you shouldn’t ask a woman this question”?
    Also I hate women who like sports… It’s masculine as fuck.

    1. But it’s ok for the first question out of your mouth to be how a man earns money?

  12. Today’s Disney movies are more evil than snuff movies and child porn combined, although the latter are very evil too

    1. Excuse/Pardon me are perfectly acceptable in the first instances (don’t barge into my office or cut me off)..
      Sorry not sorry is rude and is bound to start an argument with your significant other all bc of some empowerment commercial (and many males say sorry just as often, it’s a cultural thing at this pt.).
      Wow is right for this commercial, wrong message.

      1. Agree. Pretty soon we’re going to have people not even acknowledge that they are being rude?
        If you barge into my office and the door is closed, then you’d better say something (i.e. excuse me, sorry, etc…) or it will be your last day.
        Women (and corporations) are taking that message too far (and to the extreme). If anyone bumps into you (standing or sitting), then they should apologize. It’s called common courtesy.
        Again, I guess that ‘equality’ thing is only meant for some things..not all.

    2. Another attempt at showing us all that women suffer, this time by saying one word, usually out of politeness (WHICH MEN DO AS WELL).
      Once again women are just portrayed as pathetic beings, as only pathetic beings would focus on such a non-issue.
      The solution appears to be for women to not be polite, and instead be as rude as they can, which likely comes from the same school of thought as the Spice Girls’ ‘Girl Power’ which basically told young girls that in order to have attitude, you have to be rude, obnoxious, and really unlikeable.
      Well ladies, you don’t need any help in that regard, you’re already there and ads like this just make the thought of any contact with you unbearable.
      Masturbation is now a better option than women, thanks to pathetic campaigns like this, over many, many years.

    3. This commercial is insane. Why would someone pay for this?
      Well, all I can conclude is that it is designed to cause as many divorces as possible.
      A woman says “sorry not sorry to me” and that’s it. No more. She’s kicked out of my bed. Out of my house. Or fired from the job I provide her.

      1. she says sorry but it becomes a reaction – not an acknowledgement. given time she says it out of habit and doesn’t give two rats about what the word implies

  13. My usual comeback line whenever someone tells me that “behind every great man is a great woman” is:
    “And behind every great woman is a man bored or tired of fucking, or looking at her ass”.

    1. Behind every great woman is a mountain of men doing all of the important jobs her pretensions of greatness require.

  14. “Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan enjoyed hoards of women while conquering their respective worlds and I’m willing to bet it gave both of an elevated measure of satisfaction knowing they had pussy at the ready at all times. But I doubt either one of them consulted with their harems when faced with a particularly tough decision.”
    Exactly. Well said.

    1. I suspect one of Khan’s earlier wives would have thought fidelity a good idea. If he listened to that 1 in 200 men on the planet wouldn’t be descended from him.

      1. He had a lot of brothers. It’s not all him fucking by any means. The Y Chromosome his murdered Dad seeded the Mrs Ghengis with is the progenitor of that bloodline. Ghengis needed all his biological brothers to get that empire built. Once they were full grown they constituted a tribe and Ghengis was the defacto Chief. One dad and one mother producing sons who fought as one.

  15. More blue-pill lies men being fed about women – assorted from around the world:
    1. “Never break a woman’s heart, because she’s delicate and created from a man’s rib”.
    – Women today might as well plunge a rib in a man’s heart.
    2. “If you don’t marry, you’ll die lonely and bitter, with no one to care for you”.
    – With a 55% divorce rate, marriage doesn’t seem to change the odds for the better.
    3. “Always listen to your wife to be successful”. Or, “I’ve always believed in the intuition of a woman to be superior to the reason of a man.” Or “women know better”.
    – Hugh Jackman was discouraged by his wife from accepting the role for Wolverine for X-men. He didn’t listen to her. The rest is history.
    4. “Your wife always has your best interests in her heart”.
    – You can see the state of modern divorces.
    5. ” A woman can change a man’s life for the better”.
    – In the west, it’s usually the opposite.
    6. “Marry, settle down and make more money.” (Common in the Far East)
    – Partly true. But with divorce thrown into the picture, men are usually fearful of losing their money in a divorce, than losing a bad spouse.
    7. “Fuck bitches to make riches.”
    – Can work both ways. Sometimes you can fuck bitches to lose your riches.
    8.”A woman can give the greatest of sacrifices for the ones she loves.”
    – IF you are the one she loves. Which is usually a fleeting percentage.
    9. ” No man is complete without a woman.”
    – Till he’s fucking her. The real truth is :no single woman can complete or complement a man.

    1. Hugh Jackman was discouraged by his wife from accepting the role for Wolverine for X-men. He didn’t listen to her. The rest is history.

      Well played sir. Well played.

  16. How old are you? How much debt are you in? How much do you weigh? How many penises have entered your vaginal micro-flora? All questions that are normalised and perfectly acceptable under a patriarchy. Hard to think why these questions don’t seem common considering we live in a patriarchal society.

    1. Problem is they don’t tell you the truth until you are “in to them” and even then sometimes never. So there isn’t much of a point to asking them.

  17. Right behind the sports fanatic is the woman who’s into porn or strip clubs, beyond the novelty. Holy shit is that unattractive!
    You want problems in five years? Commit to a girl who spanks her bean like its a pubescent midget phallus to your favorite money shots.

  18. On Tinder when a girl has her in bio that she is a huge Seahawks fan, or has a pic wearing a Seahawk jersey, 9 times out of 10 she is overweight if not obese. The diehard sports fan thing seems to be their angle to try to get guys to look beyond the weight issues.

  19. There is a big difference between “being a big fan” and able to watch the occasional game with you because its something you are interested in and she wants to share it with you.

  20. Sure, perhaps Sarah Palin’s image as head of the household may have had some impact, but by far the biggest reason she was ridiculed was that she’s a fucking moron.

  21. This story I read on Yahoo shows how careless women are
    “I’ll try and make this brief. I’m a junior in college and since the second weekend of this semester I’ve been dating a freshman. She is pretty nerdy but she’s really hot so it was kind of easy to get in because she just hangs out with dorks. She always tells me how cool I am and how she likes that. Well there’s this one dork in her class that’s in her nerdy clique that’s always hitting on her and he’s made it clear he likes her. He just sits around and plays Warcraft all day and is a total nerd. She just tells me not to worry about him hitting on her. Last night we were hanging out with her friends and the dork that likes her was telling her how pretty she was with me right there. I had enough, and I had been drinking, so I shoved him. He got this grin on his face like he had been waiting for me to do that. Next thing I know he has me in a chokehold and he punched me in the face multiple times. My girl told him to stop but not before I was crying. We left and the first thing she said to me, not asking if I was OK was “I told you not to worry about it, now you got your ass beat.” We walked back to my dorm since I have a single and that’s where we normally stay on weekends. She didn’t ask once if I was OK and I couldn’t even help but cry a bit on the walk home since I was so embarrassed. She got in my bed and I actually slept on the floor out of embarrassment and kind of hoping she’d give me some attention but she just let me sleep on the floor. Now it’s morning and she’s still asleep. What do I do now? She always said how cool I was but is she still gonna think that? And that nerd that beat me up is in her clique so I’m going to have to face him again but how can I? Girls, would you stay with me after that? Before you say it shouldn’t matter, put yourself in her shoes and ask if you’d really still date a guy after that happened.”

    1. Is the story for real? This junior in college cried after got pummeled by a total nerd who plays Warcraft all day? Holy Mary mother of God, who knows that playing Warcraft can actually render even a total nerd accustomed to the art of war which also encompasses bare handed single combat?

        1. Thanks for the link man, that junior in college is seriously delusional for equating not-playing-warcraft as all he needs to be the next UFC champion. Not playing warcraft doesn’t make him a formidable fighter, constant training to be one does the trick. If he wish to salvage whatever left of his pride, he must make it publicly known that he challege the nerd for a rematch.

        2. Well to be fair, it doesnt sound like the author is a college football player. My guess is that he is a skinny dude and the nerd is a fatass. You can read in the article how he says the nerd “just sits around” this gives me the impression that the nerd is fat. But then the author never says his bodytype or the nerds bodytype. And who knows? Maybe the dork secretly takes fighting classes or took some as a kid.

  22. Men are the ones making women better. Who else is going to tell you to shut the fuck up when you start with your independence bullshit, even though you’re biologically dependent on a man for satisfaction. Asking her age isn’t enough: I prefer exaggerating it. Bitches are too comfortable.

  23. My short discourse on asking a women her age…
    I always ask. It is not exactly a shit test, but a test nonetheless, you can tell a great deal about a women by her response.
    If her jaw drops and she says something like, “You did NOT just ask that!”…she is nothing but a shallow bimbo…bang her and hit the road.
    If she doesn’t bat an eye and gives you a straight answer, she might be worth a bit more investment. Key word MIGHT.
    Whatever her response is, this a fantastic gaming question. If she is young, tell her, “Ahh…you are too young, you wouldn’t know how to deal with a man like me” (I think I have heard Roosh say something along these lines also). You have just challenged her, by mildly putting her down and I virtually guarantee, in this youth obsessed world, that NO ONE has ever told her that she is too young. You will have her attention.
    If she is not so young, then the obverse response is in order. Something like, “Oh 35? So, you might actually know how to take care of a man like me?” Emphasis again on the might. Talking about age automatically makes a woman uneasy, that is to your advantage.
    Like Sharpshooter says, asking this question is a lot of fun. Some of the eye contact avoidance, fidgeting and obvious annoyance I have been witness to after asking this is priceless. Ask away men.

  24. Lie #5. They Are Compassionate.
    Truth – women use compassion as a counterweight to manipulative, exploitative behavior (see “The Manipulated Man”, etc).

  25. “Behind every great man is a great woman”
    Behind every ducebag dude there is a failed cunt mother. If we follow their own logic. Women want to take credit for a man success but not his failures. Just more childish, irresponsible behavior from ‘grown’ women.

  26. I just stumbled onto this site and it is seriously the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. I know that you’re young, but please think of your (professional/social) future before you publish another tragic post like this for the world to see. The internet is not as anonymous as you might imagine.

    1. You said you stumbled onto this site and instead of running the other way fastest you can, you decided to read the post and even posted a comment?
      It’s obvious you don’t like the truth this site has to offer, well then please go away and never stumble onto this site ever again.

  27. Great article. This “sports fan” nonsense smells the same as the “nerd” fad that women seems to be going for. For my money, women being “nerds” or “fans” or members of ANY group known for focusing on one thing is horse-cock for one simple reason: THE ONLY THING ANY WOMAN IS REALLY INTO IS HERSELF.
    Everything else is just another look-at-meeeee gimmick.

    1. Reminds me of that ZZ Top song “Pearl Necklace”. Check it out if you’re unfamiliar with it. You’ll get a kick out of it.

      She want a pearl necklace…

    2. This bitch is nasty. Faking to like sports is only to attention whore and get a steady stream of food,drinks and compliments at the expense of the Betatards present. Notice how they still seldom look up from their iPhones during games? And do you really think they follow stats, go to sports websites, or read sports blogs? My ass they do!
      I dabble in sports with one toe of foot in anyway, so it’s really no loss to me as is. Still, it’s unattractive as can be!

  28. “Behind every great man is a great woman”
    All that really suggests is that the man in question is a heterosexual.
    What they really meant to say is this: most great men are heterosexuals.

  29. I can’t believe most of you haven’t caught on to this western euphemism, “Women are wiser.” In reality, that’s how post-wall women cope after and compensate for losing their reproductive capabilities.

    1. they don’t get wiser – they just regurgitate their own experience rehashed with “a wise person once said”
      “a wise person once said you shouldn’t sleep around” Translation; I spent more time on my back then on my feet.

        1. same thing, only difference is the denial that they are recounting their own experience.

  30. “I wanna marry my bestie” is pretty solid advice PROVIDED you are not one of those pijama boys and in stead are a man who knows who he is. Having a woman around who supports you when shit hits the fan is awesome.
    You won’t find such women in clubs, though.

  31. If shes a sports fanantic, or even into sports, chances are, shes been around a lot of other sports fans of the same team, and guess what she was doing with them whilst cheering for her favorite team?
    Iv seen a lot of girls nowdays that act like one of the guys, or atleast try to, most of them are sports fanatics, or have worked in construction(even if that means just wearing a yellow vest and holding the slow/stop sign) They didnt get that way by not fucking them.

  32. The age thing is bullshit. I’m 29, I never wear make up, push-up bras, or any of that crap, and I still get mistaken for a high school girl all the time. I look better than I ever have in my life, despite what ridiculous websites like this have to say. At 18-25, I was overweight and had horrible acne.

  33. OMG if I had a dollar for every time a women in her late 20s or early 30s says “I always get carded?” “People always mistake me for 20.” Please.
    A women has no problem with you asking her age so long as her age isn’t a problem for her. As soon as it is a problem for her it becomes a problem for you. lol.
    And still another reason to not want your romantic partner to be your best friend besides the solid points above is that when the relationship ends (and it will end) you lose both your friend and your lover. I have had two women I dated (FWB) that I loved hanging out with. The sex was OK but I just wasn’t that attracted to them. What I really wanted was to friend zone them but ultimately women don’t want to be friend zoned by a guy they want to fuck so in both cases I lost the FWB (which I wanted to) but also lost the chick that I liked hanging out with. Get a dog. Hang with your boys. Leave women for the sexual stuff.

    1. “As soon as it is a problem for her it becomes a problem for you.”
      Negative. This is where you drop the bitch with a nice Mcqueen-style response of “I just did, get over it” after she tells you she can’t believe you asked. If she continues to be a bitch about it, remind yourself that your still sitting there

  34. At first we started out real cool
    Taking me places I ain’t never been
    But now, you’re getting comfortable
    Ain’t doing those things you did no more
    You’re slowly making me pay for things
    Your money should be handling
    And now you ask to use my car
    Drive it all day and don’t fill up the tank
    And you have the audacity
    To even come and step to me
    Ask to hold some money from me
    Until you get your check next week
    You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
    Silly me, why haven’t I found another?
    A baller, when times get hard, I need someone to help me out
    Instead of a scrub like you, who don’t know what a man’s about
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    But instead you’re headin’ to the mall
    Goin’ on shopping sprees
    Perpetrating to your friends like you be ballin’
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    And then when the bill comes
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    Don’t know where none of these calls come from
    When your mommas number’s here more than once
    You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
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    A baller, when times get hard, I need someone to help me out
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    Oh silly me, why haven’t I found another?
    You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
    Oh silly me, why haven’t I found another?
    You triflin’, good for nothing type of brother
    Oh silly me, why haven’t I found another?
    Can you pay my bills?
    Can you pay my telephone bills?
    Do you pay my automo’ bills?
    If you did then maybe we could chill
    I don’t think you do
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    So, you and me are through
    Can you pay my bills?
    Can you pay my telephone bills?
    Do you pay my automo’ bills?
    If you did then maybe we could chill
    I don’t think you do
    So, you and me are through
    Thou shall confess

  35. Women Say:
    “Forget Online Dating!”
    reveal the easy way to get them in bed
    and a
    disastrous mistake in online dating
    that makes
    men look desperate and creepy.

  36. yeah, a woman who is a “huge sports fan” is a red flag to me. no thanks… I don’t even care for mainstream sports aside from the occasional going to a local game just for the social aspect. Women who love sports seems to have proliferated in the last 10 to 15 years and it drives me insane.
    i’d much rather they go shopping with their friends for shoes and purses. Becuase now, as a man who prefers actually doing things instead of watching other men play a game, to a lot women, I’m the weird one. never mind that I can build a 500hp truck in my garage, or a trail ready jeep or numerous other things that actually involve having my own skill and abilities. they dont care about that, only about the fact that I have no idea where the foul was in the basketball game on TV.
    I have much better things to be doing on a weekend that watching other men play a game.

  37. Issac Newton didn’t have a great woman. And well I heard that Poor Marcus Garvey’s wife as working for the FBI.

  38. ” Being with a chick who can go shot for shot with you on tequila night, brags about her kill streak on Call Of Duty, or can name every pitcher on the ‘93 Padres is grossly overrated.”
    Correction – it’s all just GROSS, period!

  39. Old ass article I know but I just want to state that the only girl that referred to me as her “best friend” was the one I treated the worst. Take that for what you will.

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