3 Parts Of The Matrix You Must Unplug From

Instead of listing the traits, habits and behaviors that successful people have and how to apply them to your life, my objective for this article is to tell you the three divisions of the Matrix you must unplug from to give yourself a better chance for success, happiness, and overall a more fulfilling life. I’ve purposely ordered the divisions in what I feel would be the easiest sequence to unplug from, though you may find your personal order to be different. Let’s begin with the first…



Companionship, also known as a serious relationship, is by far the most deceitful division of the Matrix (which is also why this section will be the most comprehensive), because while you’re enjoying the euphoric highs and dealing with the typical lows you don’t quite realize what you lost until the ride is over. Understand that it is not my intent to denigrate long-term relationships or marriage. I feel that these two forms of companionship can be very rewarding later on in a man’s life when he is accomplished and mentally ready for either endeavor.

However, you must understand that every man has three banks that he must protect at all cost: The Time Bank, The Money Bank, and The Energy/Desire Bank.  In order to be truly successful and achieve greatness at whatever you strive to accomplish you will more than likely need to devote a significant amount of your time, money, and energy.  The problem is that by being involved in a serious relationship or marriage you have (whether intentionally or not) communicated to your woman that she is numero uno in the hierarchy of important things in your life (otherwise you would have never committed to her exclusively right?).

This is where conflict arises. So you want to create the next social media site to knock Facebook on its ass? Good luck telling your girlfriend/wife you can’t take her to the movies because you have various manuals to read on source coding. So you have expensive computer hardware and software to buy in order to launch you business? Good luck telling her you won’t be financially able to take her on that big trip to Aruba for her birthday like you promised her last year.

Which brings me to the Energy/Desire Bank; do you honestly think that after getting off from your 9-5 and jumping head first into building your side business or pursuing your hobbies that you will have the energy or desire to put up with what will be the constant nagging of your woman? You’re relationship will resemble the movie Groundhog Day with repeated naggings  of “We barely spend time together anymore” and “You haven’t taken me anywhere nice since you’ve been spending all your money on that stupid project” and my favorite “It’s like your mind is always somewhere else when we hangout, you’re not the same guy I fell in love with”.  And guess what gentleman; she’s right. Women aren’t designed or conditioned to play second fiddle to anything let alone the business idea that you’ve been spending so much of your time, money, and energy on to get off the ground. Women just don’t understand sacrifice and will rarely if ever see the big picture.

Understand we are not talking about Lebron’s high school sweetheart that stuck it out with him until his NBA dreams came to fruition. We are talking about regular ole you with ambitions to be the first multi-millionaire in your family. Girlfriends/wives have a hard time picturing “regular ole you” achieving the types of things that only a small percentage of people ever will. Does this mean she doesn’t love you? Of course not. Does this mean she doesn’t believe you have the drive or intelligence to pull it off? Sometimes. But more than anything your girlfriend or wife has been programmed from birth to believe she’s the most important thing on earth and that any man who would put her at number two for “some silly business idea” doesn’t deserve her.

So what happens next? Once she doesn’t “feel the flame anymore,” she will more than likely cheat on you until she figures out that she doesn’t even have to be sneaky about it because you’re so preoccupied with getting your dream off the ground. Soon to follow will be the break up or divorce. Of course you will be devastated, heartbroken, and completely caught off guard. After all, you were working all those sleepless nights and investing your hard earned money not only for yourself but for the manifestation of your dreams that she would also benefit from.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to stay single, sleep around freely, and pursue your dreams without worrying about who you may be neglecting? Many men have found out the hard way that it’s extremely difficult to achieve major accomplishments while carrying the burden of companionship. If you have lofty goals of entrepreneurship, adventure, travel, etc make sure you stay single until you can look yourself in the mirror and feel satisfied with your life accomplishments.  Think of it like sports, you shouldn’t retire until you’ve got some championship rings on your fingers. Ultimately I feel worse for guys that never attempted to follow their dreams and let them dissolve in favor of Companionship.


The second division of the Matrix we must unplug from is consumerism. The dictionary definition of consumerism is a social and economic order and ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-greater amounts. I will expand on that definition with two different forms of consumerism the American man are often victims of.


As men we are constantly bombarded with advertisements for body washes and shampoos that will make women want to rape us, cars that will instantly make even the lowliest of nerds as cool as Steve McQueen, expensive clothes that will make us resemble models regardless of our beer guts, and expensive bottle service at the hottest club in town that will get the most gorgeous women to flock to us. All of these things are a mere attempt to exploit our inner desire for hot women.

lame 2

The problem with all these products is that they aim to bypass genuine self improvement in favor of a shortcut. Who doesn’t love a good shortcut right? The issue here is that shortcuts more times than not persuade us to spend money we don’t really have to look like something we’re really not. Ask yourself, who’s really winning here in the transaction? The guy who’s going to have to eat Ramen noodles for the next 2 weeks because he spent half his check on bottle service, or the old grey hair out of shape fart leaving the club in a Benz with three hot 24 year olds? It would’ve been much cheaper and rewarding to just buy Roosh’s game guides and develop a strict workout regime.  In due time we will be able to drop a couple grand on bottle service and purchase sports cars without looking at the price tag, but we have to delay gratification long enough to achieve our dreams and ambitions first.

The American society also gets in on the action as well. They call it “The American Dream.” I can’t tell you how many of my buddies successfully unplug from the Companionship Matrix only to fall victim to the Consumerism Matrix and buy some big ass expensive house they didn’t need because society said it was “smarter than renting”. Now they’ve unnecessarily anchored themselves to a city that might not present the best options for their success, along with owning a home that no longer is worth the value they paid for it. What happens next? Since they “feel so lonely” in that big ass house they take ten steps back and voluntarily plug into the Companionship Matrix. They find a spend-happy wife, have kids they aren’t really ready for because “her biological clock was ticking”, and now their flight to success and happiness is permanently grounded.

kim j resize

The reason you can’t let this type of consumerism take control of you is because the money that consumerism coerces you into spending on “meaningless things” is the same capital that you could be using to fuel your dreams and ambitions. Essentially consumerism is a veiled thief, slowly stealing your dreams by giving you a quick dopamine rush.


The things we tend to consume from the media whether it’s online, in a magazine, or on television play a pivotal role in keeping us plugged into the matrix and shaping our ideologies (politics included). Let me preface this by saying that I watch cable television. I have specific shows I tune into every week, and I am a huge lover of sports. The problem I find with most of my colleagues at work is that the majority of their conversations (95%) revolve around “what went down on last night’s episode” of XYZ TV show along with debates about sports teams that get so intense you would think they had a family member that played on the team. I never hear guys talk about what they like to do off the clock, or what projects and hobbies they’re working on.  It appears to me that they’ve traded in what dreams they may have had in order to live vicariously through their favorite actors and athletes.

Though I try to stick to watching shows that have some type of redeeming value in my life; I have my fair share of useless entertainment I consume like everyone else. We must keep this to a minimum. While we may be entertained sitting on our couches staring at the big screen while sipping on a good brew, we are essentially watching people who are being paid to live out their dreams right before our eyes. Do you really want to spend your precious time watching other people being paid to live their dreams, or do you want to go out and get your dreams off the ground?

The Media Matrix (via ET, Access Hollywood, TMZ, etc) has tried to mind-fuck us into believing only athletes and celebrities deserve to live the playboy jet setter lifestyle. This is false. Athletes and celebrities are a drop in the bucket in comparison to the amount of hard working no names living life on their own terms with no limits. We have no limits but the ones we place on ourselves. This division of the Matrix aims to siphon your time by keeping you distracted and unconsciously celebrating the successes of other people as if they were your own.

Corporate America

The third division of Matrix we must unplug from to be truly successful is Corporate America. This topic has been beaten to death to the point that we all should understand the importance of unplugging from the Corporate America Matrix.  Most of us will need Corporate America at some point in our lives because we have bills to pay but to be frank, you company doesn’t give a fuck about you. They don’t care about your dreams, your bills, your pregnant wife, or the new house you just bought.  Corporations exist solely to make the owner(s) and shareholders filthy rich and nothing else. Your company revenue could increase by 1 billion dollars in a year and all they would tell you is “great job guys, but I think if we dig a little deeper this year we can surpass last year’s revenues”. You think they’re going to give you a cut of that big pie you help bake? You think a 3% raise is going to change your life with inflation at 2%?


Your “REAL JOB” is to fuck your company for the most money you can and leave to pursue you dreams.  Treat your job like a slut that you would discard when she’s no longer bringing you the same pleasure she once did. What about all the great friends I made at my job? Fuck them. I mean that in the most respectful way possible. If your colleagues want to drink the corporate Kool-Aid and build their lives on a shaky foundation, let them. It’s not your job to save the world, save yourself first and they will see the light if they want to.

By no means is everything in this article an absolute for everyone reading it. If you are the exception consider yourself lucky instead of calling me a dick for not considering the outliers. For the rest of us, it should be in our plans to unplug from all three divisions of the Matrix to give ourselves the best shot at a happy and successful life. I understand not everyone reading this article will be in the position to unplug completely, but it is better to unplug from one or two of the three divisions than none at all.  You will be happier and most likely more successful than 95% of your male counterparts who are hopelessly plugged it.

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201 thoughts on “3 Parts Of The Matrix You Must Unplug From”

  1. Nice article. I think I’m three for three… I have no friends, I don’t buy shit and do I know who won the game last night? Fuck no I don’t…

      1. Incel is ok if its temporary and it doesnt affect your emotion well-being.
        Its totally understandable what with the shortage of females worth getting with at least if you are unfortunate enough to be stuck in this hellhole called the USA.
        Better to be incel than lose your dignity fucking fat tattooed and mentally deranged garbage.

        1. “Better to be incel than lose your dignity fucking fat tattooed and mentally deranged garbage.”
          I agree, but given the choice, a lot of guys seem to rather fuck a landwhale. They appear to have no ownership over their malehood, they let it be determined entirely by the grace of women.

        2. Just pay a hot prostitute every now and then and you will never look twice at fat landwhales.

        3. “they let it be determined entirely by the grace of women.”
          Or as the case may be, the DIS-grace of a woman.

        4. I’ve been guilty of this just because I was more interested in notching another conquest on my belt. The thing you need to keep in mind when you think about fucking a bitch is, could you live with yourself if you had to tell friends and family that THAT was the girl you got pregnant.

    1. You may want to get some friends bro… red pill friends of course.
      ROK is not advising a MGTOW lifestyle. Sex and good social interactions are recommended.

      1. Who cares about sex and social interactions. Its all about danger and adventure now!
        Im finally free!

      2. Finding red pill friends isnt that easy. Thanks for all you do Roosh – to at least allow us to find some red pill friends – albeit anonymous and widely spead – on this site, or some of us would have nobody at aall.

        1. I agree that finding red pill friends is tough. I have some old college friends who I tried to ease some red pill truths on, and all they said was, “that’s true but you shouldn’t say that out loud” and then called me a “sexist.” Believe it or not, the most red pill guy I know is my father, though he doesn’t put any of it in practice. When I tell him this stuff he laughs and agrees with me. When I ask him why he never told me this stuff earlier he said I was too young and couldn’t have handled it.

        2. society is full of liars…very adept ones too…its hard to see through it initially…once you do it all becomes releveant. Your father coudln’t have helped you because the truth is a man see’s what he wants to see. No amount of beating or punishing could open a mind that does not wish to be opened.

        3. I’ve said it a million times but I’ll keep saying it, martial arts gyms (specfically MMA gyms) are perhaps the best places to find these types of guys. By the nature of things, the more serious the gym, the less chicks will be there and the more red pill the guys will be. Pay close attention to the guys who started (and stuck with) martial arts after 25. These are the guys that got into it after learning some of life’s hard lessons.

        4. “that’s true but you shouldn’t say that out loud”
          This is how the modern Western ‘man’ thinks. He is afraid of the wrath of his women.
          The Western world is in deep trouble again. Didn’t humanity go through this censorship in the 1930/40s, with horrible results?
          It seems a little redundant that we must go through it all over again, despite the fact that the history is clearly recorded, on film no less. Oh, but I forgot. It’s black and white. It doesn’t count.
          History is somewhat cyclical, and humanity is always rotten.

        5. Seeing the truth is akin to staring into the sun; most people simply will not do it.

      3. This is easier said than done … since taking the red pill, I’ve had to let go of friends I’ve known 10-20 years … I’m still friendly with a few guys who are on the red pill wavelength in some way but for the most part I’m pretty comfortable with the “lone wolf” lifestyle …

        1. Yes me too. I live overseas, post 40, unmarried and I find that a few good old friends are with me still. Nothing changed with them but other than that it’s pointless to branch out to new people. Too many ‘friends of friends’, new acquaintances, any American female will take an almost immediately critical view of me. It’s so easy to read. Passive aggressive comments, oh so clever insinuations that I’m a fag (supposedly going over my head), a general ‘man up’ vibe though no one has dropped the actual phrase on me. I’m fully expecting it next time I’m home. I have almost no interest in socializing in the US anymore.
          My theory;
          -women will just criticize any man who is either not doing what they want or doing what they want. They criticize men like they breathe. Oxygen intake, exhaled as criticism of men. Who cares anymore?
          -Married men (95% unhappy) will try to vent a little of their bitterness by being subtly critical, rejecting of me. They hate to see proof that their colossal mistake was avoidable. So they bolster their denial mechanism by casting me off as an illegitmate man.
          -Latently homosexual males of which I’m started to think there is a surprisingly high percentage of. Maybe 25%? They spot a single, post 40 and their bored housewife-esque gaydar fires up, then they can burn off some of their uncomfortable latency for a brief while.
          Am I some femme? Not at all. I’m totally normal, short hair, masculine dress, quiet and decent. But the gaydar games of bored Americans is about the most pitiful behavior I’ve ever seen. It’s rampant. If you’re masculine then you’re just ‘hiding something’ or ‘overcompensating’. If you have any element of creativity in your life or dress well, then, oh man, watch middle aged men transform into gossiping middle school mean girls. It’s happened at my expense a few times, all in joking but not joking fashion. Mostly it’s at the expense of people not in the room, natch. It’s not that bad but it’s all subtle reads. I’m very good at picking up on passive aggressiveness, subtle cues, making instant reads of supposed clever insinuation, reading between the lines. It’s not as bad as I’ve made it sound but when you just know how people think (I’m post 40, always observant, bibliophile) then you can make these reads so easily. I’m starting to think it’s pointless to try to go out and make new sets of friends in the US. Fine, I’m never there anyway. There is almost no demographic that would consistently have a healthy, decent respect for a post 40 never married bachelor. No one credits me with simply guessing correctly that long term marriage is an extraordinary burden all for NO payoff at all except for the brief, front-loaded rewards. One good year of attraction until she breaks out the Haagen Dazs, steadily adding fat, farting sugar gas on your leg all night long for 50 years. Fun stuff.

        2. It is only normal that you are criticised. If all men took your path, there would be no schmucks left to marry women once they hit the Wall, and no one to pay alimony after the divorce.
          Women would be left at the mercy of alpha cocks, becoming crazier from 30 until menopause, birthrates would plummet and society would collapse. Wait, that is happening anyway.

        3. Many have the calling few are chosen… friends can fall by the way side at any time.

      4. I’ve never thought of MGTOW as incompatible with sex or good social interaction. Being a hermit or a recluse would be, and if that’s what suits a man then fair enough. A hermit is MGTOW, but not every MGTOW is a hermit.
        IMO, a MGTOW has his own life, his own values, and shapes his own world. He can share his life with others when that wouldn’t be incompatible with his goals and priorities.
        (Perhaps you don’t disagree with that, but it’s hard to tell from your short phrase here.)

        1. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Lastango. To me a MGTOW is a flexible man who can disappear for awhile, then reappear to socialize and hang out again, then disappear again if he wishes to. The main thing is to live on your own terms, at all times, and don´t get entangled with anything that separates you from your dreams.

        2. I think your last point about entanglements is key. Entanglements and threats are everywhere. There is no justice — in family court, from the police, from the university, or from an employer — so MGTOW is an indispensable form of preemption. Managing down the risk level is fundamental. It’s not possible to detect and disarm every snare. A MGTOW avoids getting system-raped by having a solid sense of direction and making a big circle around traps.

        3. Well said. I don’t consider myself MGTOW, but I like the concept. The system is clearly rigged against men, or at least the stupid, thoughtless men, which comprises the vast majority of the male population. The wise man must learn to avoid the traps and pitfalls. If occasionally avoiding women is what it takes, so be it. You’re not missing much anyway.

  2. Woohoo! I am 3 for 3: I quit my job 7 yrs ago and built a nice online business (I am making twice as much now!), spinning 3 plates and have no TV. I can honestly say that building my business would have been impossible while “in a relationship”.
    The only thing: I cannot stand modern media (TV, movies, ads everything just repulses me) and blue-pill guys make my skin crawl. WE SHOULD BUILD A COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED RED-PILL GUYS TO HANG OUT WITH, IN MAJOR CITIES !

    1. It had been discussed a little on the “gentlemans clubs” article.
      Of course if the word got out the females will do their usual shit – disrupt it, try to become a part of it or publicly shame it.
      As they always do.

      1. As I said under that article:
        Hey! Look. There’s an article on that now too.

      2. Fuck them. We do what WE do. We let them believe they’re infiltrating, then just get that pussy for free. Send em’ on their way in time for the next wave to show up. #ChampaignFacials

    2. I’m all for that.Life long bachelor here surrounded by pathetic blue pillars at work and underachievers off the clock.

    3. That sounds awesome man! I’m so envious! What’s you CPO? Are you able to find any hot chicks?

  3. Media should’ve been a 4th division on its own. Nothing else is closer to the Matrix as the modern mass media. Average american adult spends around 10~12 hours a day staring into electronic screens, which is pretty much their entire free time if you take sleep and work out of the 24 hours they have.
    TV, Netflix, MSM, video games, sports, smartphones, social media, shitty Hollywood films, etc. are all garbage for your mind. They add absolutely no value to you as a man. If anything, they brainwash you with propaganda and only steal your time and energy away. Purge them all and liberate yourself.

      1. The entire system is rigged and has been for a very long time now. This country is finished. Such a shame, we had so much potential and we squandered what really mattered. Peace, liberty, personal sovereignty, community, faith, meaning, purpose and direction don’t mean much to the average brainwashed fool you see watching Youtube videos of cats farting. The problem is we caved into women’s demands and created industrialism and the consumer culture that went along with it. Whatever women want, they get. Because men go goo goo gaga for some sweet soft wet vajayjay.

        1. Nothing new under the sun. Societies have been doing this since the beginning of time. Men build safe, prosperous societies in order to get some pussy, Things go well for a while. Then people get lazy and let women into the mix, Women quickly run the society into the ground due to their innate lack of common sense. War breaks out and lots of innocent people ( both men and women) die horrible, unnecessary deaths. The struggle makes people stronger and then the cycle repeats. Both men and women are equally to blame. Women for ruining everything, and men for letting them. Humanity sucks. What can you do?

        2. You have this mixed up. If anything, corrupted men run the society into the ground due to fundamental character weaknesses. And war is ever present, good times and bad.

        3. What we do is control our primal urges. Plain and simple. Don’t give into hedonistic pleasures. Don’t get too comfortable with your life. Always seek to improve and become better, smarter and stronger. Us men are supposed to set the standards high for ourselves and even higher for women. Women actually WANT to be lead and mentored by men, despite what nonsense you hear coming out of one’s mouth. Men lead, women follow. Historically and biologically that’s the way it has been and the way it always should be. Don’t go against nature’s laws. Don’t give into women’s selfish demands just to get some pussy. We have porn now, but don’t get too attached or become addicted to that either. Don’t get attached to material goods. All you need is a strong mind and body to live a good quality life. You have to find a center point or balance to life and everything will slowly fall in place the way nature(truth) intended.

        4. Perhaps. But who corrupts a man better than a woman? Women play a major behind the scenes role in society.
          War happens for a lot of reasons; almost always economic reasons. But women play their role as well. Although it’s mythology, remember Helen of Troy?

        5. I understand. I guess it’s strong men who build a society and weak vain men who pull it down.

        6. Yeah, and they are “behind the scenes” for a reason. The patriarchy has put them there and tries everything in it’s power to keep them there (see all articles on this site for details).

        7. Coz patriarchy!!!
          STFU you retard, as if you’ve even have the slightest notion on what a legit patriarchal system is.

        8. Troll alert (pun intended!) This is obviously an operative from either the National Organization for Women or The Hillary Campaign. Do not let this individual lead you astray. Btw, Why are you using the name of Jesus and not Mohammed? Don’t you know you are causing a disparate impact?

    1. All you really need to pass the time are your organic thoughts with no external influences. Create your own music, art, drawings and ideologies. Man is supposed to create and build things for himself. Develop your mind, body and soul and sharpen your skills. Stop wasting your limited time on stupid mindless useless entertainment. That’s for women, who don’t care about anything meaningful. Women are soulless.

    2. Not everything has to add value. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

      1. the trick i’ve found is to find ways to add value that feel like play. then you win.
        EG – I love writing, i can add value by writing, but it doesn’t feel like work.

    3. To be fair and balanced (the catchphrase of one MSM propaganda factory) you need to unplug from the Internet as well. I would guess its just as big or bigger a connection to the Matrix as the TV ever was. I for one get more news, information and opinion via my web browsers than from any TV.

    4. Absolutely right. All lies all the time. I remember a ADP commercial where a white man is breaking into a black woman’s house? Has that ever happened in the history of the world? NO. Every TV show the husband and father is an idiot and the mother is the genius, the best, the hottest. ALL BS.

  4. Well, you described the last 7 years of my life…geez where was this article 9 yrs ago. Great read….Men take heed to what was written….I lived that life…twice

  5. Arnold wrote in his Education of a Bodybuilder that when he decided as a skinny 14 year old to forge his body into the most beautiful male physique that ever existed, he made a list of things that he had to “cross off” for the next decade in order to achieve his goal; one of them was “relationships”.

  6. I work with a guy who is a self-proclaimed alpha but he never gets anything accomplished with his career because he is too busy chasing pussy, calling her, texting her.
    Dont let the little head do the thinking for the big head guys.
    These primordial urges have just been turned into — like everything — a way for someone or some company to separate you from your cash..because of yo’ dik.

    1. That’s been me for most of this summer….
      Needed to reeducate in Game after LTR but it does feel like a time sink sometimes.
      RoK has been a time sink recently for me as well tbh. At first it was invaluable rehab and now I’m addicted to reading these free market articles everyday…

      1. I agree. Pretty much now just speed skim the articles and comments section. Its nice to get other intelligent opinions and thoughts as in my real life I am surrounded by beta PC herd-minded faggots and cunts.

        1. This site is one of the only places I have found where guys can actually speak the truth. Most of the guys I interact with on a daily basis are too plugged in to be interesting. Even the guys who I have known for a long time and respect are spouting the same bullshit about getting married to their mediocre girlfriends and buying overpriced suburban homes.
          I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “You’re not married yet?” They’re like lemmings. It’s as if nobody wants to think for themselves. They want to be told which direction to take their lives in. It’s really sad.
          ROK is one of the only sanctuaries I have found where I can chat with other guys who ‘get it.’

        2. It’s sickening how brainwashed they are. I was talking to an old high school buddy and he mentioned how he might get married soon because his girlfriend and family were pressuring him and he’s too old not to be. We’re both 30 yrs and I told him that’s the peak age to live for yourself and travel around the world and accomplish your goals not just throw in the towel and conform. The look he gave me was one of great realization. Oh well it’s his life not mine.

        3. Asking a man “you’re not married yet” in this day and age is like asking “you haven’t slashed your own Achilles’ tendons yet?”

        4. Yes. You can get a real read on where you were at with people all along. You either do what they do (thereby justifying and helping them feel more secure about their own shaky, thoughtless decisions) or else they see you as some kind of detriment…criticism begins, friendship weakens. You will start to see so clearly how few are self-contained, actualized people whose lives can stand on their own. Most people need insulation (in the form of tens of millions of similar lives) or else their mediocre, unread mind will capitulate.

        5. What? You haven’t cut your own balls off and thrown them down the garbage disposal yet? What are you waiting for?
          With regard to the issue of marriage: Some men simply enjoy being miserable. Others just don’t want to think for themselves. Either way, the result is the same. MIsery.

        6. Yes, this phenomenon shows the true core of basic human nature; most human sheep prefer the safety (and misery) of the herd over the freedom and fulfilment (and uncertainty) of being a self-actualized individual. To each, their own.

        7. I find it difficult to respect men who are married with children and a mortgage. It’s like hearing about a friend who’s into the Amway cult, you just can’t take them seriously anymore.

        8. Having the courage to explore the truth and logically act upon independent thoughts has always been difficult…just like working out…just like gaming bitches with high bitch shields…just like anything and everything worth achieving in the one life we are given to live imo. When given the choice most will do less and expect more…wondering why the end result isn’t what they were originally told. When given the choice…you must choose not the easy path or the difficult path…but the path that makes most sense…which unfortunately is usually the difficult path. But something magical happens when you continue down those difficult paths…I don’t need to tell you where the easy path leads…just look at all the overweight/lazy/complainers you see in most institutions of society.

        9. It’s a scam, they make you buy expensive shit you don’t need and then try convince your circle of influence to do the same.

    2. A man that calls himself an Alpha is NEVER an alpha. A true Alpha knows he’s an alpha, but he doesn’t announce it to the world. You can just sense it in them. You don’t have to get laid like crazy to be alpha, it’s about being yourself, and actually being admired and respected for that. You got to be able to influence others around you to improve themselves. Those jerkoffs that call themselves alphas are really just dumb little boys who can’t control their high sex drives and focus their sexual energy on more positive pursuits. They are slaves to women and their sexuality.

      1. That is very true. Anyone who calls themselves Alpha is an insecure guy from the get go. It should just radiate from you if you really are,there is no need to announce anything to anyone.

      2. AMEN to this brother.
        Same as men who write so much about being men. If they were so certain of their manliness, why do they constantly need to write about it and validate the idea?
        I also don’t like peoples ideas of alpha being major PUAs and jerks. A true alpha is a man who takes care of his business, is strong in body and mind, looks after his family, and most importantly: doesn’t give a fuck about whether or not other men think he is alpha.

      3. 1-3 is a fat slob – lost cause
        4 is the geek… he has his head down and like 5 he is the insecure wimp who somtimes gets a sniff on pure dumb luck – 4 and 5 can actually leap frog to 8- 9-10 quite easily.
        6 is the try hard loser
        7 is the fake alpha (all bark and no bite – think hollering amercian muscle boy on spring break)
        8 is the silent bureaucrat alpha that rises by holding down 5 to 7 – he likes to think he has it but its all hollow conceit. Underlying are dark traits and psychological issues. (6-7-8 are interchangeable to some degree).
        9 is where you want to be since it always implies you constantly have work to do.
        10 is a bad place to be because it leads back to 7 and 8 who are both experts in draging you to their level and below.
        Theres also the married guy whose the outlier… can be a 9.5 or most likely these days a 1 to 5 with different characteristics and issues.

    3. Its a toss up between an LTR and chasing tail…. the two are both rather time consuming. The old idea was that the wife put up and shut up while the husband reeled in the $s… but these days like the article says you are practically dating your own wife and it needs constant input…. the whole concept of date night in an LTr shows how degenerated it has become….its an abberation since what married man wants to date his own wife….. a date is a lot of pressure on a man….. its not the reason men get married…. on the flip side being single means you are single because sorry…. there just isnt the energy level to work 18 hours on a break through project … pay the bills … keep the apt. and office in order, eat, exercise, stay healthy and reduce stress levels… and go running out to bars and clubs and go dating….. this whole dynamic is for bored office workers….. friday night through sunday night I am getting ready for next week…… it never stops……

  7. I’m a young redpiller and I consider to start my own company once I have made enough in my corporate job. For me it’s irrelevant will I make 100K a year on my own business or 100 million, I calculated my yearly expenses and noticed that I only spend ~15 000 USD a year with rent.
    I do not do relationships or treat women out unless it’s something I also have an advantage of.
    What do you think about this fellow redpillers?

    1. I am doing the same, saving money to escape the rat race and start my own gig. I live a frugal lifestyle too.
      Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.-Marcus Aurelius

      1. Psychological research suggests that after you make enough money to not worry about finances every month happiness and money are no longer correlated.
        Interpersonal relationships and purpose become more important.
        Captain capitalism promotes this pov in his book Enjoy the Decline and I agree with it.

        1. Gentlemen:
          I’ve done all the things or are curently doing them:
          -told my last corp $100k+ job to go fuck themselves 18mos ago
          -saved enough to start my own LLC and work for myself. No more traffic, bosses, stupid cunts at the office yammering about stupid shit, no dry cleaning bills, no assuaging weak stupid men to be PC and manage office fag politics
          -cancelled cable 3 years ago
          -stopped drinking for almost 1 year lost 50lbs and back to my peak leanest from college
          -drink again now though, on my terms
          -I’ll go out and grab water sometimes or energy drinks, sometimes I’ll get faded and talk shit…dont give a fuck
          -date relentlessly bc I can work 3 or 4 days a week and be more productive at lower cost ….so I Dont need to earn as much. Margins are much better.
          -Dont give a fuck about comparing W2s with blue pilled married beta losers
          And ….u don’t need money to pull.
          You guys are on the right path to glory.
          Women swoon for a healthy confident man that has an inner driving force.
          Keep it up and when the world punches you, laugh to yourself, sublimate, shake it off, learn from it and go back swinging even harder.

        2. Ripp, I salute you man. Its sounds like you live by your own rules and have been quite successful at it.

        3. Thanks man. I enjoyed the post as it hit home with the core changes I’ve made.
          I think one hybrid concept that could be placed under both corp america and consumerism is the change in diet habits. Especially for Americans.
          I believe a few other commenters made theses suggestions and its so important.
          look forward to more of your articles.

      2. I agree. I even quit alcohol actually because I noticed hangovers are just killing time. Needing drinks for meeting women is bluepill and the stress revealing factor is a just an escape of the objective truth of the world.
        I smoke only hookah with my friends and otherwise I’m clean.

  8. “Your “REAL JOB” is to fuck your company for the most money you can and leave to pursue you dreams. Treat your job like a slut that you would discard when she’s no longer bringing you the same pleasure she once did.”
    My philosophy exactly since I left college, I’ve had 43 jobs and counting. I can usually tell them to go fuck themselves because I’m always interviewing and on the look out for next better situation which will further my interest not theirs.
    There are only three question you need to ask yourself about any employer:
    1. Do they know what they’re doing?
    2 Can you trust them?
    3 Do they care about you?

    1. I noticed this part of the article jump out at me as well old sport. As for your questions, usually in corporate ‘murica the answers to 1. 2. and 3. are No, No and fuck No.

      1. haha Fuck No,No,and NO is right! So that’s why I pump and dump’em any chance I get.
        keep up the skulduggery and fucking bitches, amigo lol

  9. D.Lorean, wise words and true.
    However you are talking to maybe 0.000001% of men.
    “fuel your dreams and ambitions.” -> 99 out of 100 guys do NOT have any dreams or ambitions. Understand they are not like you, if you have dreams and follow their calling you are already ways ahead of the crowd.
    All they want is:
    “easy” (no self improvement”
    “a good job” (no risk, no investment) and
    “do what is right” (follow the same path gran’pa did)
    Well the interesting time will come once you have made all your dreams come true. What then?

    1. to your first, good point: let those men go.
      to your second point: make new dreams… never stop.

  10. Timely article. Safely cleared the first two categories. Still going through my 12 STEP RECOVERY PROGRAM on the third one (Corporate world even though I’m not American) though. It’s gonna be a long bumpy ride on the wagon..

  11. Very good article. I managed to develop a successful business while in relationship – it was tougher dealing with bitch at home than doing the business. She did try to subconsciously sabotage it because women are scared that you’ll move up to another league and leave her.
    If I could do it again, I’d do it while I’m single.

    1. the irony is that if you’re not working towards something she’ll still harp on you for not “having any ambition” and go fuck some other guy behind your back…

      1. The only woman who will ever support or have your back on anything is your mother. Don’t ever think you will find this in any other woman in the world. It’ pretty sad really.

      2. Couldn’t have said it any better Clark, I found my self in this damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario 5 years ago and It will never happen again.

  12. The only solution is to stay with a woman who admires you and understands that she isn’t number one. Patrice Oneal once said that “How a girl feels about her pussy is how I feel about my time.” If I wouldn’t want to spend every day with my best friend, why would I want to spend it with a wife?

  13. As someone that has “been there, done that” … successfully and unsuccessfully, I fully concur that a man’s job is to fuck any company he is employed by for as much money as he possibly can. (Obviously the equation is totally reversed if you own your OWN company).
    This is especially the case now with corporate American having been turned into a cunt fest. Knowingly and unknowingly, the corporation you work for will fuck you right up the ass. The bitches in HR want to peg you. The women that work in the company are catty bitches and will work their hardest to kill you with a billion paper cuts.
    Demand maximum pay. Complain the loudest. Always say your “bonus” is not big enough for what you have done. If you get stock options, yell that they are no numerous enough and that the strike price is too low. Then, be ready to leave at the first better offer you get. Just like with women, make sure you have 3 or more opportunities nearby.
    Save, save, save, and save some more. Learn how to invest. Believe me, if you get good at investing, you will get infinitely more satisfaction in putting money into a real investment than you will from making car payments. No “thing” that you can buy has more than a few minutes worth of reward. But build something and it will reward you for a lifetime.

    1. Do we work for the same company? Oh, wait they’re all like that now.
      I especially agree with Corporate America being a cunt fest. The conniving, scheming, and vitriolic gossip that comprises the female-driven workplace is breathtaking and nauseating. If anything, working amongst women exposes the female id completely and totally. It shows what repulsive, manipulating specimens they turn into once left to their own devices.
      God help us now that the genie is out of the fucking bottle. Let this serve as a warning to other cultures as ours implodes on itself because of feminism: Release social constraints on women at your own peril.

      1. The greatest supervillain and and arch-enemy of Captain America is… Corporate America!

    2. How often must I explain to people…”these people you work for are not your friends. They will cut you in an instant if it serves them. Stop worrying about leaving them in a lurch and take that new job!”.

  14. “If you are an exception, consider yourself lucky.” That should be just kind of assumed disclaimer on this site; we all know that “one guy”, but here’s another good article about stuff every guy including me routinely slips up on.

  15. We really need a “red pill community secret gentleman’s club” in every major city. MeetUp maybe. Since I started unplugging I moved to whole different far away city, cut communications with all my”friends” and acquaintances. No TV for years but the occasional movie or series on PC, but majoritarily blogs (ROK) and books (a lot).
    The worst about friends is that the wrong people bring you down, you are your acquaintances. Most people everywhere I’ve been, even thoseI considered the closest cannot handle red pill even dismiss it.
    However I found some all timers very well aware of it, but hardly able to practice it.
    I’ve been in the “lone wolf” lifestyle for a little while now. It felt really good. But I think it’s time to return to the light. Same question, where can I find red pill bros??

  16. I’m part of a generation which increasingly believes that everyone should and can be an entrepreneur, that it’s as easy as reading a book, as coming up with a good idea, buying a domain name and heading down to your bank to form an LLC. Maybe I’m a just a really crappy entrepreneur but I actually think it’s way, way more difficult than that.
    Develop real skill sets.
    There is a myth of dubious veracity that entrepreneurs don’t need actual skill sets. It goes something like this; an entrepreneur comes up with a really good idea, entrepreneur raises capital because they are passionate and have a really good idea then entrepreneur hires people who are smarter or more skilled than themselves to make good idea happen. Many popular business books and media focusing on entrepreneurship, in many more words than the sentence above, spread this message citing examples of highly publicized entrepreneurs who luckily found themselves at the intersection market demand, technological innovation and economic conditions. In the real world entrepreneurs need at least the following skill sets:
    A technical or trade skill set – This a skill set that is essential to the product or service that the business gets paid for. For example the computer programmer who creates a killer app that is the foundation of a tech startup, the skilled chef who’s culinary masterpieces attract customers to a restaurant, the scientist that creates a supplement that makes people healthier, the dentist operating their own practice, the engineer that creates a useful widget that makes people’s lives easier or just ask yourself how many bar owners have you ever met that DO NOT KNOW how to bartend?

    1. The age for tech entepreneuaring peaked in the 90’s. Like the auto entepreneuars of the early1900’s. Every industrial town hat start up auto companies. Seventy years later, only the big three. Tech monopoly giants now crush young renegades like mormon ‘lost boys’. Gates and Zuckerberg have become grumpy old men but certainly NOT RESPECTED PATRIARCHS. We’ll just have to wait till they are on feeding tubes ready to die out. Or till their brians are in a jar of fluid with USB cables attached.

    2. You are right. Being an entrepreneur is hard as fuck.
      You are also correct that thinking you are going to create an Internet company (“cloud,” apps, whatever) is pretty silly. Such a low percentage of those things do well that it’s like playing a badly rigged lottery.
      It may seem pedestrian, but non-technology related businesses are where most people stand the best chance of being successful.

  17. Some RoK writer should elaborate an article or something, explaining how to scape the omega male lifestyle.
    I said that because being an omega male, fat, neckbeard, who wears fedora, completly broke and hikikomori is fucking awful.

    1. 1. Ditch the fedora and get a bush hat.
      2. Shave your neck.
      3. Squat your ass to the grass, pull your chest to the bar.
      4. Eat a damn steak, bleu.
      5. Stop being a little bitch.

  18. Solid with lots of good advice. Just let me quibble on one point. Inflation isn’t 2% or anything close to that. It’s hung around the double digit level for about two decades. They just compute it differently, not including in it food, fuel or other things you might actually want to buy. The declining cost of your favorite smart phone or flat screen tv might be in the mix but not the ground beef that is more than $1 a pound higher than it was last year. Of course you might already know that.

    1. Also what they will do is figure in price substitution to everything. So for instance if beef gets expensive then of course people will substitute hunted rat meat, therefore we can say the inflation rate is less than otherwise.

    2. Beef has gotten more expensive lately because ranchers have fewer cows to put on the market this year, for a variety of reasons. Once they get their herds built back up, the price of beef will drop.
      Of course, when this happens, people’s confirmation bias won’t let them credit the Federal Reserve for their dollar’s ability to buy more beef than previously, though logically they should.

      1. Logically, the Federal Reserve doesn’t deserve a single lick of credit.
        I personally expect it to be disbanded and its agents jailed within 5 years.

  19. “Companionship, also known as a serious relationship. . .”
    This is where conflict arises. The idea that companionship must come from a providing relationship with a woman and that the companionship of your blood brothers must be homoerotic is one of the most pernicious and damaging of the shaming lies, designed to cut the weak from the herd of men and consume them.

    1. Agreed. Most men lack the EQ to have solid male alignments. To their own detriment.

  20. I would add a 4th division – Food. Avoid the SAD (Standard American Diet.). It can give you SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) amongst many other things.

    1. Avoid “agricorp” foods: fast food, corp chain restaurants, processed and /or frozen, etc.
      Prepare home meals (excellent dating activity) and learn new foods to try.
      Eat high-t man food.
      Get rid of soda! I have a bomb fridge w good water filtration and upstairs in master suite I have big 5g water cooler. Make water your staple liquid.
      Enjoy cocktails with soda water and lemon/lime or just rocks. Limit beer. Enjoy a single glass of red wine (high T) with grass fed sirloin and sauted asparagus…
      Take L-arginine, saw palmetto, multivitamins…
      Not only will you feel better, youll think better, have more energy, fuck better …..and blow bigger loads on chics (and that is always fucking awesome
      And most importantly ….PORTION CONTROL.
      Euro people are much better than fat American assholes….going to cheesecake factory and horfing down an 8000 calorie pile of lettuce and bullshit isn’t eating healthy.
      A smart diet starts paying health dividends within just days.. good health transcends good in all directions.

  21. Good article. I know it’s lame to take the bait, but this article has nothing to do with the DPRK and it’s leadership, something you know nothing about aside from what your mass media tells you. It would be a better article without the meme ripping on the DPRK, in my opinion.

  22. I like Ruckus’ fourth division; food. You can be brainwashed into the three square meals a day myth, excessive grain consumption, the loathsome 8 glasses of water a day myth (though that’s not so bad). The constant portrayal of sugar as a normal part of Americana etc. Eating right and getting your diet sorted is so important. Eating better while saving 200 bucks a month in doing so can alter you on a very deep level. Energy levels, sleep, mood all can be improved like magic.
    My fifth division would take awhile to explain. I’ll be as brief as I can. The fifth division is the message we’ve gotten from TV, family, friends, teachers etc. (the usual suspects) and it is that a successful life is a kind of long-term, contained and omnipresent personal narrative. And that’s what you should have trailing behind you like some 50 foot long, stuffed duffel bag, wherever you go. Okay, for John Elway that works and whoever else. They got it all right. Mine’s not the worst but yet I see it as a burden. “This is me, from childhood until now and this is who I’ve been, what I’ve accomplished, who has approved of me, who I’ve been with etc.” Like your current mood, today, is dependent on who you’ve been in aggregate. I think you can disengage from that more than you might think. A fifty year old man who floundered in his twenties isn’t as happy as Biff, the frat legend/letterman. Both of them are living thirty years in the past. I say do neither. You’re not a dray horse for your long duffel bag of a narrative; stuffed with trophies, smiling approvals, accomplishments, memories, crap, mistakes etc. Just drop the duffel bag and get your mobility back. Screw decades old mistakes but you also have to downplay your sacred memories too. They can be weighing you down more than you think.

  23. In my personal experience, I have found that following your gut feeling solidly helps to create success ie now I have just got my business off the ground, should I divide my limited resources of time, energy, money, motivation etc massively with a demanding LTR?… I won’t answer that. Common sense plays a huge positive role In business, abide by it. Also in business there’s the juicy rewarding bits and the boring shitty bits, if you respect both equally, put in the time and be relentless with it, along with following that gut ‘feeling’ & common sense, it’s almost unlikely you’ll not succeed in what it is you have logically and realistically approached.

  24. tHE problem with companionship is tat most people do it wrong. Wait for a woman who loves you more than you love her. Alternate between making her think you love her as much and making her think she’s projecting. She wwill then work for you. She will work for your attenton. She will work to give you time to pursue your dreams. She will work to make you happy. She will do all the work ad you jst have to enjoy. No worries abbout chasing because she puts out. No worries about the house or nagging because she wants you to relax when you get home. No worries about losing her because she’s desperate to please. Bonus if she’s lovable enough that you end up loving her almost as much as she does you. Just don’t let it show.

    1. I concur, if a man does it this way he won’t ever have to hand over his balls.

    2. Not difficult to do but requires quite a bit of money because you are going to use money to do it. Meaning spend money on things she never had before. Raise her standard of living substantially and she will bend over backwards to keep it.

      1. Nah. Just find yourself a woman who was a little bit deprived or who went it alone for a few years. The younger and poorer the more liely she is to appreciate the smaller things.

  25. This is awesome. Putting together the most relevant red-pill truths for both the choir and the uninitiated

    1. Thanks Gustavo, I’m glad you enjoyed. I didn’t think about it that way when writing it but I guess it does speak to the choir and uninitiated.

  26. This article appears to be written by someone with very little life experience.
    “Good luck telling your girlfriend/wife you can’t take her to the movies
    because you have various manuals to read on source coding.”
    You seem to be assuming that your personal issues apply to everyone else. Good luck? I have never had a woman who couldn’t understand that at times I needed to work. If anything, telling them “no” caused them to respect me more, not less.
    If you need “luck” to deal with this situation I think you need to take a look at the type of women you “companion” with and how you are handling these conflicts when they arise.

    1. Englishbob hasn’t gotten his little bob polished in a while.
      Claiming the OP to have little life experience seems more of a projection of your lack of life options.
      Cherry picking the “good luck” phrase to exhibit your point that one should say “no” to a nagging LTR suggests you didn’t grasp the overall message in the OP’s entirety.
      If your LTR is high SMV, she will most likely not stick around while you’re busting your ass to make a major change in earning capability.
      Point however is that in your 20s to ~40s, no need for an LTR. Focus on other ways to build a secure financial foundation and seek modes of companionship not through a woman.
      The days of young fertal (high SMV) women standing by their man that’s working on his MBA and 40+ for the man (or whatever professional improvement ) are all but history and plot for shitty romantic comedies. Simply saying “no babe, no movie night” has a short half life until her next ovulation cycle ….and she’s gone…getting new dick.
      These days a bored woman can and will seek adventure. Her hypergamous drive will ensure it to be so and west civ. Feminism is chanting “you go grrrll” to support her cock hopping and blame it on you…
      Now if she’s hot and you knocked her up…she won’t leave…but you for sure as hell ain’t working any life dreams.
      Sorry englishblob…

      1. You weaken your position when you start out with insults. You weaken it further when you speak for other people (i.e. the OP or women in general). I neither claimed nor cherry picked anything. You can speak only for the women you have experienced. I have never had a woman leave me for any reason and I have had plenty of LTRs. These cockhopping hoes? I don’t deal with them and I run my relationships like a train. I move in one direction and if you don’t like it you can get off at the next stop. Guess what? They stay on the train.
        How many times on this site do we talk about not giving into a woman’s every whim? And you are going to start doing this once you hit forty? Please.
        Again, your women are leaving you? Look to yourself my friend.

        1. The OP is in very close alignment with my sentiments as his comments suggest.
          Clearly put: you missed the intent of the OP message and further offer nothing except brain beat off conjecture:
          “I have never had a woman leave me for any reason”
          An inadvertent glaring admission of your lack of experience, humility and overall value add to the OP and discussion. Are you Dan bilzerian or Leo DiCaprio trolling under an alias? Probably not. Every man has experienced hardship in the SMP. Oh except you. Right.
          I agree with the OP. You object and ad hominem right away. It was befitting that I pointed out you’re a troll fag tard sandwich before I tooled your ass.
          Lastly: this is a great post about principle changes a man can make that will increase the quality of his life.
          As for English bitter bob please visit http://www.mytrain.com/fatchics for more of his insights

        2. I don’t recommend you use terms like “ad hominem” unless you understand them, it can make you look foolish. I have only disagreed with D. Lorean’s argument – I have made no personal attacks against him. Its amusing that you accuse me of this while doing the same. Not only that, your argument seems confused. I did not say I had not experienced hardship, I just said I had never had a woman leave me – not the same thing.
          As for the post in general, I think it is a good one but as made clear elsewhere I do not agree with his view on “Companionship”. For you to respond to a reasonable argument with some quite appalling insults says a lot about the kind of man you are. Somehow D. Lorean and I managed to resolve this difference with dignity. Shame on you.

        3. Even DiCaprio must have some stress over Giselle marrying Tom Brady–more of a stud than Leo and he knows it. Tom has some stress over Eli beating him twice in front of Giselle. Eli has some stress over having a brother who’s better than him. Peyton has some stress because the Seahawks and Russell Wilson pantsed him in front of the world. Russell Wilson got cuckolded by Golden Tate. Golden Tate will be out of the league in 3-4 years because 25 guys are better than him. The women will forget him once he’s broke. Everyone takes their medicine and gets some humility in life unless they are the ULTIMATE BITCH and never put themselves in a position to fail. Rich boys who just coast while invest daddy’s money come to mind. Then when the market tanks, it’s still not their fault. People who never put themselves in an arena where they are challenged are ETERNAL BITCHES. Like this stud above here saying no woman ever left him. Go date Kate Upton then. “English Bob”–is that your name or is that what you do?

        4. Poor little bob’s feelings are hurt.
          As marginally entertaining as it is to set you up and watch you tool yourself; I’d rather help you breach the gamma male aura of your comments.
          First sentence of Englishbob’s first comment:
          “This article appears to be written by someone with very little life experience”
          Ad hominem.
          not surprised dating in the US was a “nightmare” for you as stated above. Its hard. That’s why were here discussing ways to navigate through this SMP with high SMV women.
          Since your (supposed) success of never having a woman leave you doesnt apply to the US SMP, make sure to disclose this in future commentary.

        5. That’s not an ad hominem attack and frankly I have no interest in explaining to you why. You have become boring and predictable.

    2. I assume you are trolling so I will refer you to the line in the last paragraph.
      “If you are the exception consider yourself lucky instead of calling me a dick for not considering the outliers”.
      Also unlike other posters your whole comment is spewing hate but adding no value for any of us here. Lets work on that bob.
      Maybe you dated a girl that understood your work was more important than her, understand that is quite rare.

      1. My friend, it’s not good form to call someone names simply because they disagree with you. As for spewing “hate”? It’s not personal mate I just don’t agree with you. There is no hatred in my comment but I think you will find more value in someone who disagrees with you than in someone who blindly agrees with you.
        I think you and I have different ideas about what constitutes a quality woman. Could that be where you are going wrong?
        For the record I don’t think you’re a dick

        1. I just feel your comment specifically this part “This article appears to be written by someone with very little life experience” aims to question my credibility to speak on red pill truths rather than actually adding something helpful and meaningful to the overall topic. I don’t mind people disagreeing with me, but I always consider the intent. Are you disagreeing to present a better point, or are you disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing?

        2. There was no intent to impugn your credibility. If any offense was caused then I apologise. It was an admitably emotional reaction to your description of LTRs which seemed wholly odds with my experience. No doubt there are bitches out there but outside of “fun” I don’t believe we should spend any time on women of mediocre mentality no matter how superficially attractive. But there are definitely women who will put aside their short-term happiness and get in line with your long term plan. More than you think perhaps, but maybe not so many in America. I found dating in America to be a complete nightmare btw, so I understand your frustration.
          That said, good companionship with a good woman can be very rewarding.
          I never disagree just to disagree. Don’t have time for that!

        3. Its a good article. I live my life exactly as it was written for many decades now. Not sure what you mean by mediocre women but I am assuming women who are practical on their own terms with regards to the context of this article. As far as your quote good companionship with a good woman is relative concept outside the narrative of this article.

    3. All signs point to the fact that “English Bob” is really a woman on this site and she is trying to inject her ideas into this gentlemen’s club to disrupt our red pill ideas and beliefs. There are always agents in the matrix coming for you. You were clever but you gave yourself away in your other post by siding with women. Check them out! Please leave and let us have our gentlemen’s club back.

      1. Don’t be so ridiculous. If you have an argument to make, make it. Otherwise don’t waste your time and mine on pointless taunts and insults.

        1. I have never had a woman who couldn’t understand that at times I needed to work….
          Either you got your shit straight, or you’re lying. I’ve had this problem with women before at least once. My married brothers had this problem with their wives before. Two of them almost ended in divorce because of this. Eventually though, they brought their women to heel. Every man I know has had this problem. And as much as I want to believe you, the truth is, women in general are tricky and unpredictable.

        2. Yes but that’s not the same as saying I “never had a woman give me trouble”. Don’t be disingenuous.
          As for having my shit straight, well, I refer you to my earlier post.

  27. The most practically difficult place to disconect from is the corporate world. People need to eat and pay rent, after all. I am already making plans for that:
    – I go to a gym, eat well and keep fit and healthy as to minimize future
    healthcare costs. This has been proven to be cheaper in the long run than any insurance package.
    – I am minimizing most expenses. No fancy clothes, no expensive eating out, most of the stuff I buy is used and/or thoroughly researched and planned. Also, I finished my lease in a posh flat and returned to my parents’ house.
    – Even when gaming, I methodically analyze logistics, attitude and chances of banging. If the ROI seems low or dubious, I eject her immediately. This has lowered my number of yearly bangs, but also lowered the cost per bang, a lot.
    – My parents live in a nice, centric location in the city. I am planning with
    an architect an extension to the house, which will leave me with a 400
    sq feet bachelor pad in a centric, walkable neighborhood, paid for in cash.
    – No plans for children or family.
    Within 1-2 years, I will be in my early 30s, will have a nice place to live and Game at no cost other than utilities, and a small fuck-you fund. What kind of business will I enage in after quiting my corporate job, well that is the tricky part. But I will be in a better position to start it than most men in the western world.
    It all began with a random link to rooshvforum.com a year ago…

    1. “I finished my lease in a posh flat and returned to my parents’ house.”
      Putting your time and money into family instead of selling at a discount to a corporation is one of the primary things you can do to make yourself, and your family, stronger.
      It’s how dynasties are formed.
      Why do you think it’s shamed so mercilessly?

    2. Corporate America is most definitely the hardest to figure out. A lot of people tend to rag on self-help books but those books are what opened my mind up to searching for my escape route. These types of books reprogram your mind to start looking at everything as a possible way out, and sooner than later you will find it. Some good books that changed my views, The Magic of Big Thinking, The Power of Habit, Mastery by Robert Greene,One Thing. You have to read these types of books relentlessly until the ideas start raining on you.

  28. Companionship takes many forms, it doesn’t have to always be an LTR or marriage. I agree with the article, when you’re in any kind of LTR, she will expect you make her the priority. It will be assumed and if she feels like she’s not, you’re in trouble. For this reason, I also agree that men should put off LTR’s and marriage(if you even want to be married in this world which is another topic) until after their 30’s, or even later. The ball is in our court as we get older, whereas women’s stock drops rapidly. The scales tip in our favor and if you’ve focused on becoming a high value man, you’ll have your pick of ladies when you’re ready.

  29. The best example of this was a platoon sergeant I had. He joined the army and got a vasectomy at nineteen. He had a great game and never stayed tied down with any woman. He said if he ever did want kids the reversal is there. I saw him in his late forties and he was healthy, wealthy, wise, and HAPPY.

  30. This site is the most psychotic I’ve seen. Women suck, how to pick up women that suck. If you pick up a woman that sucks, you suck. If you try to pick up a sucky chick you are a loathsome “White Knight.” Fuck off as you choke down that blue pill dick! Be a red pill man like me.

    1. I am alpha male and not all beta’s do the saving. Saving a female I am fond of is like is similar to saving a pet or wildlife that is in trouble or sickly. Some alpha’s are high in empathy believe it or not

      1. are you sure your alpha? High in empathy? Wtf does that mean? Sounds like you put someone before you; that doesn’t sound alpha to me.

  31. You list 4 branches and title say 3.
    Letting go of companionship isn’t only a pipe dream it is actually dangerous.
    Other 3. Yep.
    Western MSM is a corrupt lying propaganda machine that must be ridiculed and ignored. I completely lost faith in it after OU false rape accusation.

  32. Quote: “However, you must understand that every man has three banks that he must protect at all cost: The Time Bank, The Money Bank, and The Energy/Desire Bank. ”
    On the all important #2 : Yes indeed. And unsubscribing from the legacy gov money matrix is now becoming more and more possible because of the emerging world of decentralized finance. Not to be underestimated.

  33. Great article and great advice that all men should follow if they want to live a life of freedom, self-reliance and independence. All three parts of the Matrix are detrimental to your manhood. If you cannot do away with all three at once, then start with one. I personally did away with companionship a while back and it was both very emotionally liberating and financially rewarding. Consumerism has never been a real problem for me: I never watch television and the clothes I buy lasts me for years; I cut my own hair, trim my own mustache, fix and service my own car (which I paid for in cash). My last battle will be to break free from the corporate Matrix. This I am still working on!

  34. It’s a great and well written article. If I may add that it really is helpful to a man to get sex/love at least one month a year in a city like Pattaya. It really goes a long way. Or once a week with a hooker if you can find one to hold you over until you have achieved self actualization. Even if you are using the finest Japanese sex toys and porn websites at least find someone to love you on Skype regularlly meaning companionship.

  35. The last blue pill job I had was in 2004. I kicked ass at this place and the bosses loved me. I told this one woman on the phone after a conversation “ok, thanks buddy”. This was one day after she made a nearly million dollar mistake which she didn’t even get a talking to about. I was terminated for saying “buddy” swear to God. My friends and bosses at work……silent. Nada. Best thing ever happened to me. That was the last job I will have in this lifetime where I work harder than i should or actually care about the company itself. I now work for myself. Anyone wanna meet up in Costa Rica in a couple weeks? 🙂

    1. I see your comment is 2 years old…I actually went to Costa Rica 2 years ago, in February 2014. Did you happen to be there?
      Just curious, what do you do now for yourself? I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming on how to be be able to work for myself, just not yet quite sure what to do.

      1. Well, since then…..I continued my business. It doesn’t do as well now but I got a pretty damn good job in the auto industry. I have also taught myself Spanish and have started (slowly) a photography business. Yes, I did go to Costa Rica right after that and have since went to Paris, and Colombia twice and umm someplace else I can’t remember.

  36. About Corporate America. They exist to make money primarily for the owner(s) and board members and only secondarily for the shareholders. They’re willing to screw the latter if they can. Think Enron.

  37. This is bullshit:
    “Women aren’t designed or conditioned to play second fiddle to anything let alone the business idea that you’ve been spending so much of your time, money, and energy on to get off the ground. Women just don’t understand sacrifice and will rarely if ever see the big picture.”
    Women are in fact designed to appreciate men who can acquire resources.
    So long as she can see your plan is working and you’re going to make money then she’ll get wetter than an Indian monsoon for you.
    I’m doing it now. I’m half way through a massive project. I’ve left my wife in Thailand with our daughters, and I’m in New Zealand working and saving money.
    My wife asked for money. I gave her a little bit, but I told her I have to save the rest and I told her why – I told her my full plan. She supports it, and she won’t get off Messenger with me trying to make sure she’s not forgotten because she knows I’ll be wealthy someday soon.
    Waiting to marry later in life is also becoming flawed. Lorean’s advice isn’t sound.
    See, whilst it’s not impossible to find a teenage bride – the only truly suitable bride – in your late 30s and 40s (especially if you like Asian or African girls), it’s far from easy these days.
    You’re much more likely to find hot teenage brides in your 20s and early 30s. That’s a fact.
    If you marry an older woman because you’re too old to land a teenager then you’re likely marrying a cum dumpster slut who’s completely unsuitable for long-term relationships and has a much higher chance of initiating divorce.
    Honestly, I don’t rate this article very highly.

  38. I’ve mentioned this before, but for the sake of this article, I’ll touch on military life and how it relates to the companionship section. For instance, most girls will love you when you show up in your full service uniform, as if you were an actual knight who just got off his white steed ready to take them away. However, once you take that off and wear your utility uniform, then things change, usually for the worse. They realize that they are not the 100% focus of your attention. And it goes downhill from there. You want to switch your MOS/AFSC to a better or newer career, such as flying drones? Or go the officer route and do OTS or ROTC? How about getting orders to move overseas? Nope. Even if it benefits her in the long run, it ain’t gonna happen.

    1. Not to mention, when you’re posted to Iraq for 6 months or more, odds are she’ll spend the entire time with some dude from the sports bar balls deep in her. Then you’ll get the “dear John” text along with half your belongings gone.
      And God help you if you return home missing an arm or leg.

  39. Avoid most books written after 1945. The authentic authors were published between 1850 and 1920. A good rule is to avoid anything that is promoted. A similar rule is to make a list of all the things you see advertised, and then don’t buy any of them. You can start with all the Fortune 500 companies, the multinationals, the conglomerates, and so on. Boycott ’em all. Boycott all the big brands. When it comes to clothing, boycott them all. Get your clothing second hand on ebay, for the most part. Boycott new movies. The same applies to music. Except for a handful of exceptions, I haven’t listened to new music since around 1990.
    Cell phone
    Ipod, Ipad, Blackberry, Kindle, or any other mobile device
    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other CIA account
    Magazine or newspaper subscriptions
    Cable TV, satellite TV, or any TV subscription. I currently have no TV reception
    A doctor.
    Boycott everything!

    1. actually the most amazing music ever created was born around 1990: house and techno.

  40. ” only to fall victim to the Consumerism Matrix and buy some big ass expensive house they didn’t need because society said it was “smarter than renting”. ”
    So fucking true. I rarely waste time thinking about things that I would do over given the chance, but buying a house is one of them. Don’t do it, young fellas.

    1. Buying a house is fine… just how you do it to make sure you have an asset on your terms. I bought the cheapest house in the nicest neighborhood I could afford and fixed it up.
      The thing is when you get married-as you might know- and are kind of a ‘beta’ from societal programming is that you do a lot to please the woman -so you end up in a bigger house than you can afford and then its spins out of control. Then, you are worried more about bills- which the woman in most instances doesn’t give a shit or about future $$… So , you end up with a shit sandwich without the bread.
      My belief -and what I did is “walk away” -sell (my way), or let it go back to the bank (save your payments for 2-3 years while they throw you out and you can do the reboot)…and do it the way you want while your still young.
      Now, I have a decent house that I can pay off quickly as well as boat, bikes, camper etc. My way. My retirement 15 years out is pretty well set. Also, you learn to cut bills – no cable, lowest phone, cars/trucks on your style, lowest insurance, and no woman to drag you down trying to convince of your own choices and style. you lead.

  41. Yes companionship with western women can be difficult and consuming, but i don’t have that problem in s.e. Asia though. If any red pill adventurer/ entrepreneur types want to enjoy a red pill wonderland of Philippines with myself and others, send me a message

  42. Some pretty sound advice, which I think applies equally to a woman wanting to achieve her goals.
    The relationship stuff is a tricky one. If your other half is onboard with your plans they can be a help, taking the strain on the domestic stuff while you’re busy with work. On the other hand having to consider someone else’s needs can be emotionally draining. I think it depends on the individual and the state of your relationship.

  43. Guys I need some serious advice/help. Sorry in advance English is not my native language. I’m 21 y.o. and “considering myself” a gay person. But, after reading this blog and other manosphere blogs for about 6 months now, truth has hit me. HARD. I’m not the entitled special snowflake that leftist propaganda has made me believe I am. And naturally, I’ve started to question every single belief that I’ve taken for granted until now, including my own “sexual orientation”, which hinders my Journey to become the MAN that God intended me to be.
    I remember fancying girls as a young 4-7 y.o boy. But once my father went working in some remote cities. The aunts took the responsibilty of educating me, with all that it ensues : taking up their manners, way of speaking, ideals, playing with girls only… To having solely girl friend through high-school and college.
    And today I decide to post on here because I don’t know where to begin nor what to believe. I’m really, really looking forward to hear your opinions and suggestions.

  44. At least the dude in the 2nd pic isn’t doing “hover hands”, bless his dorky heart.

  45. Hmm. Articles like this do tend to prove true the stereotype that “red pill men are only here because they had bad luck with women”.
    Perhaps the author never came across any (or they never made his radar), but many, many women *do* understand delayed gratification, and are perfectly capable of occupying themselves with their work, household arts, reading, or their own projects, and don’t expect their man to entertain them :/
    It’s easier to defend the position “some women are like this, so beware” than “all women are like this, so don’t bother”. After all, it takes one black swan…….

  46. I have a genuine question. I am taising a daughter. With the prevalence of lefties and betas and sjws, is she better off holding out for an alpha, who may just want to plate her, or settling for a beta and being less than satisfied? As much i have read that unicorns are rare, so are true red pill alphas these days (at least where i live where p.c. rules). I do not and will not tolerate a carosel rider either.

    1. We have three daughters, oldest is 12. Teach morals, keep reinforcing it with church. Google “For the Strength of Youth”, for some excellent resources (you may need to tweak it because of religious differences).
      There are unicorns out there, and she will need to become one in order to catch a true alpha who has morality.

      1. Thank you! I will get googling after kids are asleep tonight.
        I love this place, thank you!

    2. Teach her to be self sufficient, not see men as sources of goods and services, and to be happy alone. Teach her that a relationship with a man should be based on giving, not getting, and to find satisfaction in the relationship through the giving to the other person.
      When you say “holding out for an alpha, who may just want to plate her, or settling for a beta and being less than satisfied?”, it sounds like you are talking about the latest models of cars or smart phones. BTW, what did you mean by the “plate her”, assuming that’s a typo?

      1. Thank you.
        Plating is a term i learned both here and other red pill related sites. From my understanding, its the term used by men who juggle more than one girl at a time (spinning plates). I am hoping and working to make sure she is worth more than that, yet so many men have given up. And i do not blame them, in truth.

  47. I agree whole heartedly with the second and third part of this, and partial with part 1, the relationship matrix. Since I agree and don’t have anything to add to the latter two parts, I’ll address relationships. I think unplugging and realizing you don’t have to have a relationship is good. But the above article makes it seem like the relationship is something to be avoided, or the longterm partner or marriage, until you have all other ducks in a row.
    There is some truth to this and in today’s current environment, I would agree that it is a good path for most men. But as we turn this society around, i don’t think it’s the best path. In the far off future, when the average girl is again a virgin when she marries, it will then make a lot of sense again to get men to marry young, so they aren’t off trying to deflower every girl in town.
    Further, it’s stated in this article that females won’t understand you following your dream. Mine actually does and she is completely supportive of me fucking off from the corporate world to play landlord and distill gin. There is an old saying, Behind every great man is a good woman. This saying comes from a time when every man and woman was expected to get married and raise a family, and most of them did it young. What this means is that for a man to be great, his wife has to be supportive of everything he does and take care of his wants and needs at home.
    To be honest, even among sluts, there are supportive women out there. Men just have to stand up to their women and tell them what they are going to do and how they will be spending their time. The average woman will respect this behavior.
    So what a man needs to do is this. Realize he doesn’t have to have a relationship and kids yet and then decide if one would benefit him more or hurt him more. Ask yourself questions like do I want to have kids now, when you’re young and full of energy so maybe you’ll meet my grandkids and great grandkids, or do you want to wait until you have a lot of money to make sure they have no want. If you find yourself faced with one of those rare women whom is the red pill holy grail, do you put a ring on that virgin’s finger, or do you walk on and say, I’ll meet another in 15 years? Ask yourself how great you’ll truly be in life? Is waiting on having kids and maybe not having them at all worth the reward? What is the reward. Will having a family really get in the way of it. Ask how many kids you want to have? Big family or little family? The bigger the family, the earlier you’ll need to start.
    I will add by the way that there is one part of the relationship matrix everyone should unplug from completely. The idea that the relationship is what you’re in it for. As a man, it’s not, There is absolutely no point to marriage or an LTR, other than having kids. If you’re not going to have kids, why on earth would you ever commit to one women for the rest of your life?
    I had mentioned big families earlier. I would add to this that I encourage all red pill men to try to be as great as possible by attempting to outdo Jacob/ Isreal. Have as many children as you can and encourage them to do the same. See if you can create your own tribe that numbers as the stars do. Now that is a long term accomplishment. Being the progenitor of a large wealthy, homogenous nation of people.

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