The Good Men Project Wants Men To Be Blubbering Manginas Or Outright Homosexuals

Why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill?” – Cypher (The Matrix, 1999)

Mangina [man-jahy-nuh]

1. A man totally controlled by a woman
2. A weak willed man
3. The Good Men Project

Most blue pill guys are like that because they just don’t know any better. Raised in a culture that lies to them at every turn, from sissified schools to sensitised workplaces to the Electronic Feminist that is television, beta has become the default setting for modern men.

It takes strength to admit to yourself that you’ve been swindled. Often this realisation only comes after a painful experience, such as divorce. The manosphere is a valuable resource for teaching life lessons to men, hopefully before they have to learn the hard way.

But what if I told you there’s an anti-manosphere? I don’t mean the feminists, bless their confused little hearts and permanently twisted panties. I mean a corner of the web where men who should know better actively push blue pill bromides like they’re the Walter White of pussification.

Welcome to the wacky world of The Good Men Project, or as I call it, The Manginasphere.

Remember those old Star Trek episodes set in an evil alternate universe where everybody was an evil version of the regular Star Trek characters? Think of the manginasphere as being the Evil Goateed Spock version of the manosphere.

If Evil Goateed Spock was a pussy

The first clue that you’re not in for a fun time on the manginasphere appears on their About page, which grandly informs the hapless reader that they intend to “break down the oppressive gender binary.” Uh huh. Because “gender binary,” otherwise known as “biology” is “oppressive” to obsequious, orchidectomised “good men.”

The next clue is that it’s a “men’s website” run by women. Their CEO and Publisher, two of their Executive Editors and three of their Senior Editors are literally as dickless as their male colleagues are figuratively so. What kind of a man needs women to tell him how to be a man? A mangina does.

The rest of their site is crammed full of every weird and miserable social justice warrior talking point you could possibly imagine, from crying about “white privilege,” to crying about how videogames are too masculine, to crying about “shaming” and gun control and men who don’t like fatties and yadda yadda yadda. You get the point. There’s a lot of crying in the manginasphere. Often real, actual, crying, such as in:

When they’re not crying, they’re offering hilariously bad advice. Here’s what manginas think you should do to get laid:

Be Non-Judgmental  because you shouldn’t worry if she walks like John Wayne due to riding the cock carousel for so long, lower your standards and you might get to put your penis where any number of men have been before!

Fight Back Against Rape Culture because in manginaland, #rapeculture is a real thing! And women get the tingles when white knights tell them how much they disapprove of rape. You know—as opposed to all those other men who love rape.

Being a feminist ally will help you get laid because in manginaland, grovelling to feminists for long enough that you eventually get some sweet pity sex is totally worth it, you guys! Why, after only a few years of apologising for having a penis you could be banging some ravishing radfem like this plus-sized princess:

Until she accuses you of rape and/or eats you.

If you think that’s guaranteed to dry up a woman’s vagina faster than a hairdryer pointed at the crotch, wait till you hear their advice about what men should say to their girlfriends:

I respect you,” “I just love kissing you,” “I accept your drama,” and “I love that you tell me off sometimes”—these are just some of the things Good Men will be saying before they come home early one day to find their girlfriend being ridden like Seabiscuit by a more masculine man.

And here’s Tom Matlack, founder of The Good Men Project and honorary Prince of the Manginas, complaining about men who admire attractive women, like the lovely Christina Hendricks or the winsome Katy Perry:

I click on bustier-clad Katy Perry and skip down to the interview, trying to ignore Ms. Perry in full black lingerie, complete with garter belt. After all, this is about man at his best; there must be something serious here that we all love so much.

Ah, here it is: “I always wanted to suspend from the ceiling in a twirling banana,” Katy tells Esquire. I’m done.

I close the browser window and stare out the window.

“2/10, would not bang” – The Good Men Project

So what sort of women does His Manginaness think we should be interested in?

Gwyneth Paltrow – That derpy-looking airhead who’s always going on about organic enemas or something.

Patti Stanger – The orange-skinned oompa loompa / harpie from Millionaire Matchmaker.

Steffi Graf – The Barry Manilow of tennis.

Lady Gaga – Yes. Lady. Fucking. Gaga.

Michelle Obama – Seriously.

Portia de Rossi – A lesbian.

Let that be a lesson to you, boys. This is what happens when you double down on the sweet, sickly blue pill; you end up a pathetic husk of a man, going full social justice retard on the internet and fantasizing about Michelle Obama and her massive chin.

Should we pity the manginas, then? Not even for a split second. It’s bad enough that these “men” renounced their own masculinity and embraced male feminist manboobitude, but what really inspires me to hoist the black flag and set about them is the damage they are doing to their sons.

Here’s a telling snippet from a godawful piece of poetry they published recently, which boasts about raising a fourteen year old boy to become a censorious little social justice snitch:

here, between childhood and adulthood, let me tell you again

what being a man is — it is
reporting the players who say “faggot”
during League of Legends

Here’s a celebration of raising boys to be feminised girly-men:


And note this unintentionally hilarious cartoon, complaining about the “sexism” that makes normal people try to raise their sons to be masculine:

The dragon punch: an invaluable tool for the modern parent

But what happens when you follow the Good Men’s advice and raise your son to believe that girly interests are acceptable?  This happens:


Note the role of the parents in this: they send him to ballet dancing lessons. You’ll never guess what happened next:

Two of Morgan’s favorite male dancers, Derek and Justin, performed a duet that apparently changed Morgan’s life. It was a love story set in the 1940′s between two men. One of the most intimate, elegant and authentic love stories I’ve seen through dance. Justin and Derek were stellar. Halfway through the piece Morgan laid his head on my shoulder, and I cried. I felt a deep sense of gratitude to the dancers. During the drive home I asked him what he thought of their performance. Still awestruck he replied, “It was powerful and amazing!”

And, just like that, he’s gay.

Instead of reassuring the boy that he’s only nine years old and has a lot of growing up to do before he needs to worry about sexuality, instead of taking him out of ballet dancing lessons and away from the adult gay men who are giving him funny ideas, instead of giving their child a healthy masculine environment or a chance to work out his confused feelings in private; these “progressives”—these “Good Men”—decided to agree with a small child that he is “gay” and tell fucking everyone. What chance does the boy stand now? Even if he later decides he isn’t gay, this will haunt him throughout high school and possibly the rest of his life.

That, gentlemen, is why manginas deserve to be ridiculed and shamed at every opportunity. No quarter, no mercy.

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362 thoughts on “The Good Men Project Wants Men To Be Blubbering Manginas Or Outright Homosexuals”

  1. All I have to say is…
    Japanese herbivores… I’m pretty sure that is where we are heading… MGTOWs, bronies, obsessive cosplayers, incels, Elliot Rodgers…
    Just connect the dots…
    The Misandry Bubble looks more real to me every day.
    1 year ago I was working myself to the bone trying to win in the rigged system. Now… I live minimally… practice Game… keep my eyes open for things to invest in… watch as women who used to treat me like trash get old and absorbed into their careers that they’re already starting to hate… spend more time connecting with family and friends… constantly looking for ways to improve myself… enjoying more free time… And I haven’t been this relaxed in half a decade at least…
    Enjoy the Decline my friends.

    1. Hey Guys check out this RedPill band called Steel Dragon… The track is called “Pussywhipped”.
      I was turned off initially by the GlamRock thing but I saw them at Heavy Montreal last year and they’re fucking hilarious. They just tell it like it is… A total parody of the modern West. And they ROCK!

      1. Steel Panther is great. Check out all three of their albums. If anyone reading this gets the opportunity, see them live. Their strength really lies in their between song comedic banter.

      1. That’s pretty much the only option we are left with now.
        Things are reaching critical mass. The majority of human beings are buying into this nonsense. The rest are ignoring it and checking out. Common sense is deliberately being ignored on a wide scale level now. The bulwark against against this madness is quickly fading away. It’s accelerating very quickly now. I’ve always wondered what it must of felt like to live in those horrible, chaotic years leading up to WW2, where everything was totally backwards and you could sense that the shit was about to hit the fan. Now I know.
        The powers that be are cooking up the biggest, final bloodbath for humanity. End game appears to be very near.
        All you can do now is watch it burn.

        1. The only event that could lead to such destruction would be a direct war with Russia. Just make a list of the assholes making such an event more and more likely. You don;t have to look very far in the US political scene. McCain is just the most TV exposed monger. The Russians will only allow their territory to be shat upon and carved up for so long before they come out swinging with ballistic replies.
          I’d recommend that you find out which of your political masters are pushing for confrontation with Russia and tell em to wipe the rabid spittle off their chins.

        2. Never underestimate the awesome power of the lemming herd to gather up, pick up steam, and rush together headlong right off the cliff. No wonder the higher-ups literally saw their lower-level constituents as a kind of human farm to be guided and administered as such. It was not a condescending insult. It was a realization that most people really do need to be managed in some form or another for society as a whole to function properly. The problem is that the wise old shepherd has literally been replaced by a wolf in human clothing, and the sheeple simply remain none the wiser, as has long been the case.

        3. There is nothing more dangerous than a genuine, bona fide, entrenched, patriotic, nationalistic Warhawk operating out of the pentagon and able to influence military policy decisions going right on up to Washington (or any other such equivalent for other countries). They are the kinds to jingoistically push for war almost for its own sake and can go ridiculously above and beyond the commercial interests usually operating behind it, much like General Buck Turgidson’s take on the whole affair in Dr. Strangelove, bested only by General Ripper’s contrived scenario for circumventing the higher-level fail-safes and finally “allowing” for nuclear-level WW3 to occur. These are the most dangerous men of all and, where it not for the military chain of command being topped by the president himself and his advisors duly versed in the realities of global geopolitical arbitrage, the warmongers would have surely had their “football match” by now (with an atomic pigskin to boot).

        4. I’m worried that the President has already set the war machinery in motion. A war between Slavs with an expeditionary force of Brits, French, German and Americans thrown in now looks inevitable. The Russians will not back down on Crimea. So prepare for the worst. The same sharks who cooked up Iraq are writing policy on Ukraine.

        5. Agreed. Anyone with two brain cells rubbing together and a minimal degree of interest in these matters can clearly see that the whole scenario reeks of a concerted attempt to pull Ukraine (and possibly even Russia in the long run) into the pan-Western financial and commercial global management control grid. Putin is obviously resisting this push and is even threatening to create his very own competing grid with the help and cooperation of the BRICS. Even so, there truly must be something more going on in Moscow seeing as how most of the top Russian firms actually have giant American and European investment pools as significant shareholders and participants in their operations. Somebody must not be playing nice during the regularly appointed shareholder meetings and is ruffling enough top-level feathers to warrant military action on the scale we are now experiencing. What a shit world we live in.

        6. He is anti-white through and through. Any opportunity to get white people slitting each other’s throats is to be taken. I don’t see how this situation can now de-escalate without a pile if dead Europeans.

        7. If this is just arbitration by other means it is containable. It suggests that the players are reasonable and possible to satiate. I think it’s much more sinister. The Slavs might not be masters of war but it’s insane to provoke their nationalism. They’ll start up again like they did in 1943.

        8. “The Slavs might not be masters of war but it’s insane to provoke their nationalism.”
          Case in point : Vlad III Tepes aka Dracula.
          The dude fucking impaled 20,000 turkish soldiers and arranged them as examples to the invading Ottomans who wanted to conquer his country.

        9. speaking of wolf in sheep clothing, check your diction: it is the most powerful of manipulations.
          lemmings don’t normally herd together, and don’t normally head off cliffs. this notion of lemmings was fabricated multiple times, but most recently in the late 1950s by none other than Disney itself. some bloke flew them into canada, recorded them jumping off cliffs, while himself off camera launching them over it with a turn table. conveniently, the launching wasn’t recorded for the gold-disney-nature-world footage.
          oddly enough, lemmings do herd together when population density gets too high, and do march off in search of a new home. people display similar seemingly erratic behavior when resources are too low, pussy being only one of them. to the lavishly wealthy eating cake while the masses starve, this does look quite peculiar, leading to their notion that the masses need managing. that the conclusion is right might as well be an accident.
          all this aside, in the land of plenty – where the plenty is provided via the state – the erratic behavior that needs managing is altogether of a different bestial monstrosity. here, in this different case, the masses do indeed need managing, but not because of food and not to be managed by cake-overlords.

        10. Though my example is not biologically accurate I believe the imagery conveyed thereby is sufficient to get the point properly across. And I have seen enough inane boneheadedness and stupidity on behalf of these “masses” who were otherwise supposedly not lacking in any physical and spiritual dimension required for healthy human living to convince me that they truly cannot be left to their own devices without minimal degrees of leadership and supervision TYVM (doesn’t have to be by way of cake-eating centralized overlords mind you. Intelligent and perceptive community leaders can be more than adequate for the task at hand). Plus, there have also been enough recorded cases of mass hysteria and dogmatic group-think in history leading to the total destruction of the lives of completely innocent people by a bunch of overzealous, thick-skulled, do-gooders thinking they were protecting their community from those deemed to be “undesirable elements” to convince me that a higher level of rational law and oversight is absolutely required to prevent your local bumpkins from massing together pitchforks in hand and snuffing out what could very well become the next Einstein or Mozart. The raw mob is a dangerous animal that needs to be kept on a tight leash and under strict supervision. Never make the mistake of doubting that fact.
          That said, the overseers really do need to exhibit wisdom, credibility, competence, and morality to be legitimate. Otherwise, it amounts to simply one mob ruling another by way of violence, threats, and coercion. No argument from me there.

        11. Well no matter how hard you fight, if you are hopelessly outgunned, and on top of that if you are surrounded by betrayal just every quarter then if you fall, its still excusable.
          Plus his head may have ended up in the Sultan’s throneroom, nevertheless due to certain critical victories of his and future rulers of surrounding kingdoms taking example, Romania was never assimilated by the turks.
          Also : “The Slavic influence on Romanian is noticeable on all linguistic levels: lexis, phonetics, morphology and syntax. This situation is due to the migration of Slavic tribes who traversed the territory of present-day Romania during the 6th century AD, corresponding with the formative stage of Eastern Romance. ” Wikipedia entry.
          So maybe not officially Slavic but the Slavic culture is definitely there.

        12. Don’t watch, participate. I hope that the war comes soon while I am still young enough to enjoy all the blood and death.

      2. We can’t do shit to change it. Might as well as live our lives as best as we can. I lift weights, eat Paleo, live minimally, don’t watch TV/MSM mainstream media, listen to music, read lots of books on various topics,draw a little and try to maintain a positive state of mind. My own inner world is good. It’s the outside world that I have a big problem with. It’s society that’s the problem, not me. I have found personal happiness and fulfillment. Any man, can. You just cut to cut out the negative influences and people and other useless things. Happiness is not something you look for, it comes from within. I’m only 22 years old and my journey to self improvement has just begun. You don’t need a lot to be happy. It’s the little things in life that count. Be happy with what you got and what you learned.

    2. Japan’s a terminal case. When one has whole sections of a society dominated by people like otakus, hikikomoris, and others who have basically given up and dropped out of normal human relations, stick a fork in their society. They are done.

      1. How far are we from that really? How different are bronies/MGTOWs from anime obsessed/make-up wearing Japanese herbivores ?
        I think the main difference is they have a business class of women that is a generation or two ahead of our upcoming business class of women. And our women age worse than those Asian women in decent shape…
        Check out this vid if you wanna see some freaky shiat (link below)….. There is a whole movement of male prostitutes offering the “boyfriend experience” to well off business women…
        Seriously guys… If you saved up enough to get started in Japan and learned the language over 1 year… We could consider moving there as a group and offering the “Western boyfriend” experience… I’m not even joking.

        1. We’re ahead of them because, for the most part, those types of freaks operate on the underground and keep those aspects of their life secret from the rest of their social lives.

        2. We can do both…
          Go start a successful business whoring ourselves out to rich Asian businesswomen in Japan and than purchase a rural plot of land and import countless Boko Haram ladies… Keep them ignorant of Babylon and there you go… We’re set…
          Do I gotta think of everything around here? Geez…
          We can maintain this plot by charging taxes to betas who want temporary residency… We’ll sell off these women for 1000x the price we ship em in and kick em off our property.
          What was that Satan?

      2. Many of them saw the sad lives their fathers lived and the constant thankless sacrifices they had to make in order to even be accepted and “fit” into Japanese “polite society”. Would you want to go through all that yourself for the penultimate prize of social acceptance? Or would you rather go Galt? Why do you think the culture of shame, public face, and social “cohesion” held so much sway in that country? They knew that if these crucial bonding elements were to go away, society itself would swiftly collapse from the millions of men collectively saying “the f__k with this bull. I’m goin’ fishing”.

      3. Don’t write Japan off. In the last 160 years it has undergone massive, rapid, overwhelming societal change twice (Meiji Restoration and US occupation), and major societal shifts many more times than that. Today’s Japan isn’t the Japan our parents knew at our age. That Japan was not the Japan our grandparents knew at their age. That Japan was not the Japan our great-grandparents knew… etc. What makes you think you can predict what Japan will look like when our kids come of age?

    3. and what happens to the next generation or the one after that
      sure we can get laid and screw every white black indian muslim jew girl on the planet till we die but what then
      im all for self interest and shit but we need to fight back or worse case scenario it hits us while were still living but weak and old and we can do nothing what will you do then

      1. Next generation? We’re talkin’ bout the next generation? The next generation? (summoning Alan Iverson).
        Don’t worry about the next generation. If there is to be another generation, they are certainly doomed.

      2. ” . . .it hits us while were still living but weak and old . . .”
        Remember Jack Lalanne.
        “what will you do then . . .”
        Start the world.

    1. O beautiful for ponderous thighs,
      For Red Rooms of Pain,
      For purple saguaro vibrators
      An endless faggot reign!
      America! America! God’s dead and so are we,
      And crown thy men with bigot-hood
      From sea to shining sea!
      O beautiful for drinking pee,
      Whose stern shall bear my press?
      A thoroughfare for pushin’ fec’
      Across the wilderness!
      America! America! Girls mend thine ev’ry flaw,
      Bernank’ thy hole in bank-control,
      Thy sodomy in law!
      O beautiful for homos proved In liberating strife,
      Who more than self their country loathed,
      And murder more than life!
      America! America! May Ben thy gold refine
      Till all success be butthex,
      And ev’ry whore divine!
      O Beautiful for lesbo dream
      That sees beyond the years
      Thine alabaster guillotine,
      Undimmed by cismale tears!
      America! America! Dogs yap and piss on thee,
      And crown thy cats with personhood
      From sea to shining sea!

      1. there’s a lesbian poetry collective somewhere crying out for a live performance of this.
        Followed by a Benny Hill chase down the street when they’ve thought a bit about the words

    2. Its like they want the whole god damn world to be weak, gay, confused, and unhappy.
      I hate humanity so fucking much now.

        1. I am not moved to anger like the other commentors,
          but I can’t add a thing to this.
          We’ve observed everything McMahon has, but no one has ever expressed it as he did.
          Outstanding writing. Keen insight. Truly written by a person who received the full benefit of the red pill.
          From one cat-owning alpha to another, “Well done.”

      1. Bad diet, technology, lack of exercise and living away from nature got us here. Everything in nature is in balance. Our modern world/society is not balanced. It is completely unnatural for us human beings living in it. It leaves a lot of us really “normal” people unhappy. The truth is in mother nature. Get away from the really big “progressive” cities and move to a small town or rural area. People there are more real and down to earth because they are around more natural settings.

        1. I will give you ‘bad diet’ and ‘lack of exercise’, but rural areas are just as technological as big cities now.

    3. Note the implication on the website that masculine men are NOT good men. Sorry, so much is hardwired in people’s brains via biology and genetics. If your brain got wired up wrong in the evolutionary process (ex. gay men) you’re the exception, not the rule. The rule does not conform to the exception. Feminists want to believe male and female brains are completely the same, and “gender roles” are purely cultural. Wrong. Science has proved that male and female brains are in fact wired completely differently, and that the old “stereotypes” have a biological basis.

        1. Not sure…I mean I lived the article an agree with it on principle but I fail to see how giving a boy a barbie will make him gay anymore than giving a girl a barbie will make her self esteem low bc of body issues etc as per feminist narrative. If my son played with dolls I wouldn’t jump to draw to conclusions as this father has most certainly done.

        2. My boy and his buddies stole one of my daughters Barbie’s and promptly defiled it with a sharpie immediately giving it genitals. Barbie had to be retired after that move. He is 10 years old, tough to stop biology.

        3. Yeah exactly, I remember the only time I would play with a barbie as a kid was so my GI Joe had a g/f to fuck after being out at war all day lol. Some parents just need to lay off sometimes and not assume things so easily. Kids just say and do weird shit all the time.

      1. Look, it makes no difference whatsoever whether male/female differences are ‘cultural’ or not, whatever that means. Men are physically stronger on average but that’s not even the main point.
        The point is that ‘gender roles’ evolved for a very good reason: a stronger, healthier, happier society for all. You can talk about stereotypes till the cows come home, but a society where the men stay home and bake and the women fight the wars is one that is going to rapidly fail and die. And this is true no matter how many guns you give your little girl to play with and how many tutus you dress up your little boy in.

        1. It does make a difference. Nature vs nurture in gender has been debated for decades. Heartiste writes about it this the time. Feminists think gender roles are purely cultural, and can be manipulated in order to create a better society. That’s why they’re hostility towards masculinity, they blame it for all of society’s ills, and they essentially want to eradicate it. The point is that there’s a biological basis for masculinity, so you can’t manipulate gender roles in Western culture without consequences. One of them being that beautiful women aren’t attracted to effeminate men!
          The reason women don’t fight in wars is because they’re the bottleneck in human reproduction. That whole 9 month thing. If your village loses most of its men, those who remain can father enough children for the next generation. If your villages loses most of its women, it is is done for. The population will crash in the following generation. Physical weakness, less aggressive, and poorer visuospatial skills also contribute to why women probably shouldn’t fight in war. I guess I kinda see your point, but the fact is there are biological reasons for things being the way they are, and that’s why they cannot be changed.

        2. I’m actually agreeing with you. I’m not saying sex differences don’t exist. They do, obviously, and they’re pretty major. I’m just saying that even if the feminist talking point (that beyond physical strength, men and women are created equal) *were* true, it would make absolutely no difference, because just the fact that men are physically bigger and that women need to bear children is enough, all by itself, to justify a patriarchal society.
          And at any rate, it’s not like we are just our biology. Cultural learning is just as much a part of who we are as our flesh is. Discard culture and what do you get? Homo erectus, not homo sapiens. Babies are just tiny cavemen that have to be taught how to become human beings.

        3. I would actually argue that women are not capable of fighting in war. They are practically helpless.

        4. There are greater differences between Homo Erectus and Homo Sapien than merely culture.
          A baby is a tiny human being. It doesn’t have to be taught to be a human being any more than a kitten has to be taught to be a cat.

        5. The entire point of war is to kill all the men and impregnate all the surviving women. It’s gendercide in a sense. If you look at the Windrush pre-migration data for southeast England it looks suspiciously like the men are Germanic and the females Celt. whether that happened before during or after the Romans invaded is impossible to tell. However, it appears that the dominant Ydna in Scotland Ireland Wales Northern England West Country and Cornwall lost a battle on an epic scale or were slowly edged out through sexual selection over 2000 years. See area around Kent, Essex, East Anglia.

        6. Beautiful women are very much attracted to effeminate men. Used to be so big time, back when only a bona fide prince could afford to prance around like a soft handed fairy.
          Even today, spend any time around 9 & 10 14-22yo fashion models, and you will very, very quickly realize that they have no problem being attracted to effeminate men. Outright homos, even. To the point of crying themselves to sleep and babbling about killing themselves over one.
          Women are attracted to whomever is alpha in their “society.” Where “society” means the small group they travel and live in. Plus, nowadays, media introduced interlopers from outside. Pick any random female, and she will generally have been raised (perhaps even, with a bit of bit of biological help) to associate alpha with the star athlete, the Bruce Willis like action hero or Sean Connery like dapper manly man. And will, to please Mr. Connery, giggle a bit at a fairy.
          But in worlds as feminized as fashion, hairdressing and many other forms of design, homos generally are THE alphas. And women in that milieu respond to that.
          Just like Ivy league girls whose entire existence revolves around worshiping artists and intellectuals, will follow their alphas leads in looking down on masculinized “meatheads.”
          On a purely practical matter, male hairdressers (or hairdresser, meaning the one non gay one), generally get plenty more better action than his higher paid macho brother working the oilfields. Just because the girls who flock to big city hairdressing tend to be hotter than those who flock to oilfields in the middle of nowhere.
          I bet if society were somehow arranged so that gimps were on top, women would quickly learn to find their deformities exciting and titillating.
          Chances are, even the absolute faith feminists have in their ability to reprogram male sexual desires by attempting to rearrange female social status pecking orders, are simple projection on their part. Because to women, that is literally how the world works. Whoever is on top in their world, is attractive. Biological absolutes be damned. And they just cannot understand why the same doesn’t apply to males, who stubbornly refuse to get boners for manjaws, no matter how much said manjaws have “succeeded” in society.

        7. A few humans have supposedly done half decent wolf impersonations.
          Amongst less divergent species, behavioral traits more easily follow the parents. Sheep lambs raised by goats etc.
          I knew a guy who bred bird dogs, and a cat that had grown up alongside a litter of puppies, would literally point to birds and look over her shoulder expecting “someone” to help her out by shooting the darned thing. Not much practical use, but kind of endearing.

        8. What then are the poor Arab saps who are being killed 100 to 1 by Israeli women warfighters?
          American soldierettes are quite useful as well. Arguably not enough so to make up for the added hassle of integrating them in a military with plenty of more natural men to choose from. But in and of themselves, there are plenty of them I would feel less than sanguine about having to go up against mano-a-mano, if similarly equipped with a rifle and military kit.
          There are few if any traditionally male things women simply cannot be taught and trained to do. Even do pretty darned well, compared with the majority of men. Rather, the question is why? As long as men are available ( which is not the case in Israel), they are generally cheaper to train to reach the same proficiency. While, conversely, what women could alternately do, give birth, is something even the most dedicated transsexual in San Francisco cannot hope to achieve, no matter how much money tax payers poor into it.

        9. Sounds like the way lions operate. Your argument is compelling but don’t you think that the point of war is rather control of economic resources, whatever those happen to be?

        10. Women cant do anything as well as men unless it is only involves pressing buttons. Even if there is something as minor as brining in a box of printer paper that weighs over 10 pounds let no guys be there and it will not be moved for a week.

        11. That’s an interesting statistic. What is the source?
          That said I would hesitate comparing one of the worlds most well-trained, equipped and experienced fighting forces to a ragtag militia as evidence of a woman’s fighting ability.
          In parts of Africa they use children as soldiers as I am sure you are aware. And of course a bullet will kill regardless of who pulls the trigger.
          I physically fight women from time to time as part of martial arts and let me tell you they are hopeless. Even the best ones (who can hurt you), would lose a protracted fight against a similarly trained male. Recently they started their own private class because they cannot handle males – with good reason.
          The only reason you would have women (or boys) in your army is out of desperation, which might be the case with Israel. And if you give me a choice of fighting a well trained male soldier or the toughest woman you know, I’ll take the woman.

        12. I know what you mean. I live in Miami and there are a TON of faggots, betas, women pleasers, manginas, white knights here. The only real men are the poor blacks and latinos. All the other higher class latinos tend to be subservient beta boy types that take their nagging GF’s to the mall to buy them expensive trash. Don’t even get me started on the metrosexuals that pluck their eyebrows and wax their chest to go show off their “bods” on South Beach. Bunch of superficial mangina fuckwits.

        13. First of all don’t try to tinker with definitions just to make your argument correct. What you are basically doing is trying to redefine masculinity in feminist terms. Imagine men all over the world trying to dictate to you what the “ideal” woman should be. How would you feel ? Truth is we don’t give two fucks as to what you think masculinity is.
          And as for being Alpha, it means not being weak and taken for granted. It means being purposeful and also successful. Effeminate doesn’t enter the picture. But then simply saying effeminate is talking absolutes. Those male hairdressers you are talking about, I bet my butt that not all of them get the same level action that some do. Thats because effeminate they may be by virtue of their profession, the ones that hog the action are more firm and masculine than blubbering weak pushovers. They are more successful probably because of their masculine drive for success. Again it may be worth considering just how much of the effeminate behavior they project is a ruse just because the work environment demands it. Also you said “Women are attracted to whomever is alpha in their “society.” ” If the muscly older brother isn’t present in the “society” of the model, working his ass off in the middle of nowhere, then how is she going to gauge his behaviour to judge how much of an Alpha he is. So that point is a total bullshit. Plus have you considered that in the middle of nowhere with all these “higher paid macho” men working in oilfields, the women within that setting, if any will definitely go for the ones among them that are more masculine and not the effeminate (relatively) ones.
          “Whoever is on top in their world”
          Whatever the “world”, whatever the profession, masculinity’s definition remains the same. Cuz we ain’t talking macho hunkery. We are talking about what makes up core masculinity, things like firmness, resolve, self-respect, clear cut dealings with people etc. Even dudes who are macho can be total characterless pushovers. And I doubt those “effeminate” hairdressers and fashion designers who you say models view as Alphas, if they are professional and successful, will allow free service to a model or any woman just in hopes of getting laid. Maybe these dudes are effeminate just in order to smoothen their daily dealing with the drama queens models tend to be. Also they work in the industry close to women. One might think that a woman will have a harder time getting others to believe a rape allegation she has falsely slapped on a person if other women in general think he is effeminate.
          “stubbornly refuse to get boners for manjaws, no matter how much said manjaws have “succeeded” in society.”
          Whatever. Manjaws will be manjaws. They just dont turn us on. We can’t be blamed for that can we?

        14. “While, conversely, what women could alternately do, give birth, is something even the most dedicated transsexual in San Francisco cannot hope to achieve, no matter how much money tax payers poor into it.”
          Science has already provided us with the means of cloning cells as well as artificial insemination for women. Is it much of a stretch to say that time is not far when we will have artificial “gestators”, devices where a fertilized egg can latch on to a tissue culture in a simulated environment and grow during the whole term of 9 months (or less. which of course would make it more conducive to the propagation of the race. As they say, less downtime.) And you might say this might of technology would be pricey and unwieldy. But then so did first computers occupy entire rooms and cost billions. So who knows.
          So coming back to “There are few if any traditionally male things women simply cannot be taught and trained to do. Even do pretty darned well, compared with the majority of men.” Same logic can be applied reverse. Whats more, for various reasons, history supports the reverse logic making it an already well proven logic. In that case, combined with the above, which sex will be left out redundant eh?

        15. I have a bit of a hard time figuring out what you are arguing against…..
          Point is, men have a set of timeless, largely physical, traits they look for in an ideal mating partner. Females do not. Instead, their attraction is socially driven; i.e. they are attracted to the guy on top of the SOCIAL pyramid. It don’t much matter if the guy pees his pants, drools and can’t walk on his own. If he’s the prince, women will fantasize about being his princess.
          Of course, if you choose to define masculinity as simply that which women find attractive then, yes, women are attracted to masculine men. Duh! Pick any other, non socially qualified definition, and you’ll be on much shakier ground.
          Traditionally masculine virtues, like height, strength, athleticism, emotional stability etc., etc. generally do correlate with being attractive to females. But that is simply because the same traits traditionally lead to high status amongst men. And it is this status that women find attractive, rather than the traditionally masculine virtues by themselves. Which is why societies like ours, that actively try to diminish the value of traditional masculine virtues, end up with women falling over themselves for homos, emos, whiny little convicts and others of those ilks. While laughing about how silly John Wayne is for working his butt off, just so that some whiny little fag of an emo bankster on psychofarmaca get to take all his money and bank his girl.

        16. that whole 9 month thing is clouding your judgment.
          women don’t fight in wars ’cause they get their asses kicked, then raped, then change sides, and betray the nation they were supposed to protect. that whole 9 month thing was only a bottle neck if you lost, otherwise you’d take new women from other nations, and viola, problem solved. boom and busts always happened, but the greatest bottle neck of them all was never women, it was men willing to fight and keep fighting.
          less you think that 9 months is even possible without everyone else doing the work to feed the mother to be, and spend a decade or more afterwards feeding the mother and the child(ren), i assure you, men willing to be men is the first and only bottle neck that ever mattered.
          get your head out of the sand it was forced into growing up. this is another variant of the sperm cheap eggs expensive nonsense. only in a vacuum can such be concluded; in the inseparable setting that eggs and sperm exist in, provision is always the limiting factor.

        17. “that actively try to diminish the value of traditional masculine virtues”
          So what do you suggest? should be we pander to the whims of feminist influenced societies, let them define what is masculine for us, thereby letting them effectively control us or should we stand our ground, make our own image and say “go fuck yourself” to the women who reject it?

      2. The main thing that causes men and women to think and behave differently is simple. Sex hormones. Men that produce lots or atleast sufficient amount of testosterone will look and feel the way a man should. Low body fat, well developed muscles, high/adequate sex drive, confident, focused, energetic, driven, motivated, ambitious. All physical and mental signs that a man is hormonally sound. Manginas, white knights, cuckolds, omegas, skinny fat low T men don’t know what it’s hormonally like to feel like a man. Fell sorry for them. Women are more estrogen dominant, although masculinized women naturally produce more testosterone. Square jawed manly cunty feminists anyone? Estrogen makes your skin more softer and feminized you appearance and behavior. It makes you naïve, weak minded, gullible, docile, easy going. Easier to persuade and convince. Less guarded. Nicer, kinder. That’s why polar opposites attract. Masculine men(testosterone dominant) love feminine women(estrogen dominant). If you’re a feminine looking man with a low sex drive and no motivation something is wrong with your endocrine/hormonal system. Seek professional medical help. If you’re a masculine looking woman that hates men and want to constantly compete with them to prove your worth, you may have endocrine/hormonal issues. Seek medical help. Gelatinized maca helps for fucked up hormones.

      3. “Note the implication on the website that masculine men are NOT good men.”
        Such a bizarre, contradictory viewpoint. Being what nature intended you to be, is bad. This viewpoint is promoted by the weak who fear and despise the strong and so wish to pull them down. Democracy at work.

  2. Whenever I hear or read the phrase “gender binary”, I am instantly informed that I’m dealing with an idiot and I will treat any following words and phrases as satire.

    1. The whole “good men” thing is one of the biggest lies in the dating world. Most “nice guys” aren’t all that nice. They’re the same as every other guy, except rather than be honest about what they want they’re trying to weasel their way into a girl’s pants by buying her approval.
      By the same token going for what you want and being a more dominant, aggressive male does not make you a bad person. It’s merely threatening to those who aren’t and like any source of power, it’s morality depends entirely on what you do with it.

      1. Nice guys are essentially male sluts; instead of giving up sex for free like a female slut, he gives up his time and resources for free.

      2. “Nice guys” are as you state are really just manipulative guys who just feign niceness to get sex. When their manipulation fails because females are much more better at manipulation than MOST men (Except pimps, pimps have the best manipulation game of all humans). They recognize the con and don’t give in. The “nice guy” gets mad and shows his true colors. The alpha male, the player, the “bad boy” is straight forward, I want sex, I want to fuck your pussy and that is it. Take it or leave it, if you won’t fuck me I’ll find someone who will, There is no manipulation here, just an open an honest discussion.
        This threatens feminist because they realize nice guys can be manipulated for their resources, bad boys cannot, bad boys don’t engage in the manipulation game. Feminist are just the reverse of nice guys esxcept their goal is to rob them for perceived social injustice.

  3. Greetings gents !
    What we have here, is a genuine article that can simply be described as RED PILL.

  4. It’s helpful to be aware that the Good Men Project is a commercial enterprise, not an activist blog. So, GMP goes where it thinks the money is, and has therefore hard-wired itself to the progressivist establishment. GMP has run pieces with titles like “Be Honest With Yourself – How Racist Are You?” (More than you know, my friend. More than you know.).

  5. My 6 year old nephew attends a Montessori school in Seattle. It’s a full fledged indoctrination camp. He was playing with one of his friends and the friend walked away. He said “I’m going to punch you in the face.” The comment was directed towards his male friend but a girl was next to him and the mother thought it was directed towards her. The mother overheard it and scolded him and turned a playful comment into a scandal.
    He then had to get lectured by the mangina teacher and stay-at-home dads about respect. I immediately told my sister to take him out of that school. She does think that the social justice thing is out of wack at times and she even joked about it. She lives in a gentrifying area of the city and she said that he hangs out with the public school kids in the neighborhood so he doesn’t turn into a pussy.

    1. Seattle is the epicenter of mangina.
      The only hope for your nephew is to get him the fuck out of Seattle. Entirely.

      1. on the way out sell the property to a Chinese or other asian…y’hear?
        The place isn’t the problem. That’s illogical.

    2. Hmm. What ever happened to parents letting their kids figure out where they are on the social food chain? :/

      1. Problem is kids are impressionable creatures who are being exposed more and more to popular media these days. And the kind of crass in popular media these days is an entire discussion.

  6. O….M….G….
    The Good Man Project hates blacks and Mexicans. They are pure racism. I’m looking at all their pictures of “boys”….and they’re all white. Why don’t they also dress little DeAndre and Jose` in dresses, too? Because they’re racist and completely eurocentric.
    Anybody who goes to the Good Man Project is a RACIST!!!

    1. Yeah I can tell you right off the bat, there won’t be much buy in from most Mexican families on “The Good Man Project” most would laught it right off, I sorta get where they are coming from, but it’s not a recipe for long term survival, it’s premise is on western soft man civilization thriving which I wouldn’t bet on on the long term.
      Not sure what the whole point is on this Good Man even if one buys their premise , I recently visited Legoland with my wife and kids and well over half I would say near 80% of white women were there alone with kids, all the other races mostly were intact especially Hispanic/Asian families. Most white males have bought some version of the Good Man to varying degrees and it still doesn’t seem to have kept intact families, in fact my anecdotal envidence points to the complete opposite.
      I don’t believe women should be treated badly just for the heck of it, however there must be a leadership within a family just like any other group. Having struggled mightily in my marriage because of not taking a strong leadership role in my marriage due to believing some of this Good Man stuff myself I can tell you it’s a recipe for disaster for a family. Since taking back the reins early this year things have vastly improved and my family is doing better. It doesn’t involve me putting my wife down or making her feel inferior but rather setting clear outlines/expectations of what I expect family/household wise, if she doesn’t agree then we can part our seperate ways and that’s that.
      All the odds short term are against red pill guys, therefore stay away from marriage period until the pendulum swings back to a more favorable position. Have no doubt that it will, nature is ruthless when it comes to balance.

  7. If I hadn’t given up all hope on humanity, then this kind of shit would be the last straw. I dunno if I ever actually wanted and economic and social collapse to happen before, but it might be the only way to rid ourselves of this Progressive Plague

  8. Elements in society want you to turn against your own instincts because it makes you stupid, easy to control, and overall it weakens you relative to your fellow man allowing those less abled “elements” to rise above you. Females are the easiest to get to turn against their own instincts. “Manginas” are the seconds easiest. The answer is simple. Don’t hearken unto women. Don’t hearken unto manginas. In this state, these people aren’t really human so don’t waste your energy interacting with them except to help them if they are in need. If you do, you risk squandering your virtue. Become well read and learn everyday so you can judge things for yourself. Exercise every day. Avoid being idle and do something towards your dream everyday. And if you’re religious, obey God; if you’re not religious, live virtuously and with integrity. And of course read ROK for your daily dose of truth!

    1. When a society is full of passive manginas, it’s much easier to load them up on cattle cars, put ’em in camps, force ’em to dig their own graves, then put bullets in the back of their heads.
      It’s been done before. It will happen again.

      1. This is a long game. Extermination by reduced birthrates, geographic dispossession, metisage and stripping identity away from the target population. Bred out rather than shipped out. See Jacob and Laban arguing about the flocks.

        1. Agreed. Cattle cars are too dramatic and unnecessary in our times. A slow, protracted dying off of the better stock is what is actually taking place, together with the literal engineering of almost two distinct human species. One especially dumb and brutish to be utilized as cheap human labor to keep the lowest-level physical machinery operational, and another learned and sophisticated (though not necessarily cultured) to watch and rule over the former. A third, intermediary class is also groomed and maintained in order to design, improve, and manage the technology and machinery allowing for the upper caste to live in untold comfort – though I have noticed that while these future inventors and engineers are being selected for their technical prowess, they are also being conditioned away from a holistic education that might lead them to question the social hierarchy and their place below the ruling class, even though it is them who at the higher level actually make everything possible in our present modern societies. It would thus appear that this time around the Eloi are hell-bend on making sure that they do not inadvertently end up as food for the Morloks once they detach themselves completely from the dirty lower rungs of society that they despise so much.

  9. “I respect your drama”? You gotta be kidding me. I can’t run away fast enough from it. I’ll have NO part of it anymore.

  10. Behind every mangina is sexual masochism.
    Cuckolds and pussy-whipped white knights get sexual pleasure from being humiliated by a woman.
    This is not a joke. It is an actual, very real phenomenon.

    1. You are correct. There is no other explanation for the behavior.
      To clearly go against one’s self-interest in such an overt way is masochism. Plain and simple.

    2. See “Venus in Furs” by Sasher-Masoch. I can’t blame to jews for this one. Perhaps I can OTOH portion some out for exploiting that psychological weakness in effete European and American aristos.

    3. On Masochism…
      This is a synopsis of “Venus in Furs” by Sacher Masoch himself:
      The story is framed as an account of a reading of a manuscript. This manuscript tells of a man, Severin von Kusiemski, who is so infatuated with a woman, Wanda von Dunajew, that he asks to be her slave, and encourages her to treat him in progressively more degrading ways. At first Wanda does not understand or accede to the request, but after humouring Severin a bit she finds the advantages of the method to be interesting and enthusiastically embraces the idea, although at the same time she disdains Severin for allowing her to do so.
      That’s the basis of Masochism.

  11. Well the guys who wrote Mad Max were right, it appears. You wonder how men could follow people like The Toecutter, Lord Humongous, and next up, Joe Immortan? Simple. Have a world full of manginas and let things go to shit, and they’ll line up behind any cult of personality and pretty much do anything they are told. I guess Wez being all mad about his butt buddy getting killed from that boomerang is very telling… almost prophetic.
    I have had gardens so overtaken with weeds that tilling the entire thing, cultivated plants and all, was a final and regrettable action to control the weeds. I got the same feelings reading the article.

    1. If Mad Max is gonna happen, then at least tell me where I can get those biker costumes with the spiked shoulder pads. 🙂

      1. No shit. Try Hot Topic. It’s a shitty store in the mall. They sell all kinds of weird shit there.

      2. I’d prefer the dune buggy with a .50 rigged up on the roll bar, a tonne of fuel,10,000 rounds of ammo and a pile of spare parts. Give me a machine shop with a drill press a lathe and a stamping machine and i’m gold. Keep the costumes.
        oh yes and a compass.

        1. A day may come when a working CNC mill/drill and the logistics around running one will make a man a king.

        2. That’s what i didn’t quite get about the Mad Max films. The ability to ‘bang metal’ is a universal currency. The people setting up workshops would effortlessly dominate everyone else.

        3. The economics of the genre is always hard to figure. So you have to be a bit crazy to wrap your head around the central theme of societal collapse stemming primarily from everybody becoming batshit crazy in the head.
          I’m starting to think the message is more of a warning.

        4. Don’t forget the major “supply routes” to fuel, electricity, and possibly even the very source of various key raw materials (mines, chemical factories) have been cut off or even destroyed in those films. Both Mad Max as well as the various gangs pursuing him were literally running on borrowed time, able to maintain technological “superiority” as long as the previously extracted and stashed crucial resources lasted. Your CNC shop would literally last as long as your diesel reserves required to power the generator necessary for all the machinery to run and, once that runs out, good luck finding more in the vast deserted wasteland (unless you happen to live near an oil extraction platform together with a small functioning refinery like the community attacked by the Humongous in the second film). Barberton as depicted in the third film is the more likely scenario, but in reality that too would eventually collapse once the pig-shit fuelled methane generators suffered critical parts failures for which Master Blaster could neither find nor manufacture adequate replacements. Also hope they had a nice stash of light bulbs to keep the nightly thunderdome entertainments going as those don’t last forever either, and I don’t recall seeing a light bulb factory in that outpost;)
          The final stage in the Mad Max reality would involve a final collapse back down to the level of the lost children in the canyon Max eventually encounters, with a literal reversal to the stone age with some hunting, fishing, and small-scale agricultural activity once all the last remnants of the sophisticated manufacturing and supply chains we take for granted nowadays are fully depleted.
          -loved those movies BTW.

        5. There would be at minimum a 17th century level of tech. Horses would be back in a big way of course. The economics of Planet of the Apes (original) were quite convincing. The tech for automatic firepower isn’t going to vanish.

        6. At worse we will go back to 1800s tech, at least in the white & east Asian areas. We might end up using telephone lines for a telegraph effect, but as long as YT and Asians can still read, going down to a library will let them set civilization back up.

        7. In fiction women can beat up men and be productive. Leftists love sci fi because they can create worlds where everyone goes against their self interest.

        8. Yes, that is assuming that enough beta engineers are left over to sustain this level of knowledge and that they can still successfully band together into tribes, thus creating such safe havens for civilization to renew itself. The Mad Max movies however depicted a serious enough collapse where Toecutter and his gang, together with Lord Humungus and his Warriors of the Wasteland, effectively gutted the few remaining islands of civilization to the point of reducing humanity to nomadic travel and primitive trade as depicted in the third movie. These gangs are like scavenging vultures and, with the exception of a few auto mechanics and barbers (lol), did not have the inclination nor social “conditions” to preserve even 1800s level tech once they burned through what they pillaged and robbed along the way. In a way, such marauders have always existed, but were successfully enough held back by city walls behind which more civilized individuals decided to band together in order to improve their chances for survival and also preserve the knowledge and know-how to maintain higher-levels of civilizations. The city walls have held thus far, but what would really happen (and perhaps this is an Aussie thing) when ALL of them came down in the end? I realize these are just movies we’re discussing but it is still fascinating to speculate just how far things would go and just how low we would really fall in the end: 1800s level tech, or a band of caveman and cavewomen lighting up the ruined remains of Sydney’s highrises with torches and wood fires as shown at the very end of MM3?

        9. There are some survivalists and preppers out there. If I can survive to make it to my grandparents house I will be ok. I even know a bi girl that buries catches of food in the national parks & gamelands. In America you can defend yourself. If you are planning on having a harem post-shtf get some of these reusable/washable items:

        10. If you are in Australia get some cheap interior land, build an underground home with an aquaponic set up with solar.

        11. I always found it funny how they completely ignored the ten billion things people could do in a lowering technical society to reboost their world.
          First would be making alcohol. Instead of Pig shit.

        12. I always laugh my way through the scene in ‘tomb raider’ where lara croft is beating up these bodybuilding badass mercenaries that broke into her house.
          It is so ridiculous that it is patently hilarious. In reality, bouncy harness or no bouncy harness, she’d have been riddled with bullets or beaten to the floor almost instantly by the first guy she ‘punched’.
          Then again, I laughed my way through ‘rampage’ as well. Got a lot of funny looks for that, although the movie was surprisingly realistic.

  12. “The Good Woman Project” as done by a red piller would include suggestions like…
    1. talk less
    2. be more logical…
    3. learn to cook.
    4. wear makeup more
    5. lose weight….keep fit

    1. 6. don’t cut your hair short!
      7. feel a man’s balls once in awhile
      8. don’t let the dog lick your ass during sex (wha?)
      lol…had to throw that last one in there for laughs. It’s always a little tense on here when we all get going…especially this shit.

      1. #9 Get a sense of Humor..
        Women always list “humor” as a thing they want us men to have in order for them to fuck us. How about you ladies ?? Women are so UNfunny generally ( except for some professional comediennes e.g Amy Shumer) . I can’t remember when I’ve had a gut laugh from a chick on a date. It’s always up to ME to be the fucking entertainment.

        1. You’re asking for the impossible there I’m afraid.
          Why would any chick have a sense of humour? Most have never even had to open so much as a tin of beans, never mind take the time and effort to develop a sense of wit.
          They know they’ll get it handed to them no matter what, so why bother with developing themselves?

  13. They found another twist in the story and are exploiting it for money. Promising to solve people’s insecurities is an easy money spinner.
    The manosphere also makes money. Roosh sells books. It’s typical American way actually – looking out for the next market niche.
    Since the sex genie is completely out of the bottle now, in the future we’re going to see all sorts of weird websites. A matured person will not get impressed but monkeys will do what monkeys see.

    1. It’s isn’t so much the websites as it is the people commenting. I read one of the articles listed above and then I read the comments by different people. I then asked (in the comments section) – Do any men come here to comment, because I’ll I’m seeing is nonsense by women?
      I’m sure I’ll get some hateful replies…but god…the vagina in that comments section is strong.

  14. This is an excellent article. The BEST of ROK.
    I don’t have time to surf around the Internet looking for females with shrunken scrotum between their legs. So I never ran into this “Good men” nonsense.
    I would have preferred to keep it that way. Except that you are right on point at the end, about how a mentally ill father has ruined the life of his 9 year old son.
    This is a sickness, illness, or worse. A curse on decency and sanity.
    Any man you encounter like Morgan’s father must be punched. Hard. Hopefully BEFORE he has a son. Forced castration would be better, but that goes against the ideals of freedom.
    Men like Morgan’s “father” are beyond help. One can only hope that an Islamic fanatic spots Morgan’s father and goes jihad on him.
    That will not happen though, because Islamic fundamentalists realize that America is rotting from the inside, with she-males like Morgan’s father, ruining the next generation. The son of today’s Islamic fundamentalist will subjugate Morgan, making Morgan wash his feet.

    1. “Any man you encounter like Morgan’s father must be punched. Hard. Hopefully BEFORE he has a son. Forced castration would be better, but that goes against the ideals of freedom.”
      Amen on the punching part. As for the ideals of freedom, I have lived in a country whose founding documents are dedicated to “freedom” and the pursuit of happiness and LOOK where that has gotten us? Fags with the right to parade down neighborhoods sucking each other off. Disgusting obese monstrosities that should never survive in nature dictating with the force of law behind them how normal people should live and what their beliefs and opinions should be. Mutant aberrations with testosterone level of zero yet still having male genetalia and on and fucking on.
      As far as I’m concerned fuck freedom and all men are not created equal. If you don’t have the strength to control even the women in your lives I don’t want you to have JACK SHIT to fucking say in any society I would ideally live in. If they must be put down by force to end their screeching then so be it. We just need to sack up and do what needs to be done.

      1. The problem is not the noble idea of freedom in itself. The problem is the highly artificial machinery that has been put into place allowing for this mass of degeneracy to even survive, let alone mouth off to others their inane, totally disconnected “ideas” about reality. The true benefits of freedom only come with great costs and become apparent once the welfare state collapses and suddenly your EBT card stops fueling your lard ass lifestyle. When you are too fat to even walk or too faggy to stand your ground, how are you going to catch your food, let alone defend your person and property from the gangs of marauding wolves that suddenly appear on the horizon? A great culling is what would happen, just as nature intended.

        1. This is why I say that not all men are created equal. This culling you speak of is well overdue and most will die the cowardly deaths they deserve but some will rise above it and assert their will to power. Were they both both created equal?
          I do not think so. Is the sheep equal to the wolf eating him? Perhaps in a broad sense in that they both fill parts of the food chain hierarchy. The problem today is that most people do not know their place and the ones strong enough to put them in their place are restrained by the almighty power of the state.
          Perhaps I am prideful but those whom I know I can easily dominate I do not feel them equal to me in any sense of the word.
          Freedom is a noble idea indeed but historically it seems that it is one prone to subjective interpretation which over time leads to absolute tyranny.

        2. Nobody is created equal. That much is evident to all but the most deluded libtards. However, a healthy, civilized republic will seek to protect and preserve equality of opportunity for all while not messing with equality of outcome. The former allows for naturally predisposed dominant and truly talented individuals to rise above the fray by preventing hamstringing by way of financial barriers to education due to poor family environment, racial and sexual discrimination, and nepotistic cartels blocking everything at the higher levels of society. In a way, equality of opportunity, when it is applied honestly, is the most direct indicator of a truly meritocratic system, and is representative of what America used to be like (with some reservations of course), especially when compared to the very rigid, caste-like hereditary structures of the Old World.
          Equality of outcome, on the other hand, is exemplified by what you see now, where the weak and mediocre are artificially elevated in life by way of unearned privileges and confiscatory taxation on the working class, together with the generalized denigration and abasement of honest, healthy living in favor of LGBT and other perverted forms of degeneracy receiving the spotlight instead. It is a concerted effort from high on up to weaken and degrade society so as to eliminate potential competition for the present rulers and replace it with a highly malleable, easy to manage mass of veritable human cattle. Who is really responsible for this is up for speculation, as the usual publicly visible talking heads tend to be mere stooges and useful idiots in this massive operation of social re-engineering.
          The fact that you are seeing all this and reacting with the healthy degree of outrage and clarity of thought exhibited here makes you a painted target for refusing to go along with the flow like the good little slave they want you to become. You are not alone in this, I can tell you that much for sure.

        3. Basically in agreement here and well said. As the west becomes more balkanized we are going to see more groups form along ethnic lines and the last to do so will be the white man.
          The irony of history before our eyes is that whatever a man or group of men create will only be open to interlopers, thieves and every useful undeserving idiot once he passes from this earth. Even a wealthy man who toiled and struggled every goddamn day of his life will leave his fortune to undeserving children who will likely squander away every bit of it. Vanity.
          Struggle and adversity is what we need again to become violent, conquering men of times past.
          The great questions of our day will not be decided by political discourse and shaky agreements, but by iron and blood.

    2. “Any man you encounter like Morgan’s father must be punched. Hard. Hopefully BEFORE he has a son. Forced castration would be better, but that goes against the ideals of freedom.”
      Assuming, you are a male, I’d love to castrate you and ask you how it feels. It is one single man’s guilt, not the entire male sex’s so why on Earth would you fucking want to perpetrate a gesture that is so humiliating to masculinity. Now I know masculinity is a mental thing but you cannot deny the kind of message what you propose would send out.
      If you don’t mind a fundamentalist going Jihad on him, why don’t we just shoot him and be done with it.
      If you are serious about destroying someone, you don’t make matters worse by playing with your target. You just go and outright destroy him full.
      Now of course, in case a feminist troll is going through this, when I say “why don’t we just shoot him and be done with it.”, I’m not actually telling that we should shoot the dude. What I’m trying to say is that to simply shoot him would be still better than what you propose.

  15. Ok, this is the first time a picture of Andrea Dworkin hasn’t been the most disgusting thing on a webpage. The content you’ve shared from The Good Men Project somehow managed to one-up her horrific nastiness. Incredible.

  16. First, we had the site that encouraged omega males to stay as omegas. Now, we have this shit site encouraging manginas to stay as manginas and to spread their mental illnesses to the rest of the male population around them.
    I once commented that we should take the fight to the manginas and mercilessly cut them down, figuratively speaking. Because they act as supply lines to the feminazi movement out there. If an enemy’s supply lines are threatened, they will definitely start going on the defensive and start retreating.

    1. God..I just read some of that site and it sucks. Red pill men need to get over there, right away, and post comments on some of that nonsense.
      It’s nothing but wall to wall stupid shit like “List of things you should tell your GF” and blah, blah, blah…the guys on these sites are not men at all.

        1. I’m not picking a fight but the guy you are replying to has an avatar of a homosexual Homeric hero…They fudged the fudge packing in Emmerich’s Troy but erm, they don;t call it Greek for nothing.

        2. It’s part of their culture and tradition and also acted as a submission move during nude wrestling. Talk about catching your opponent off guard when you manage to discretely “slip it in” when he least expects it.

        3. lol…yes you are but that’s ok. I saw it was you (and we’ve gone a couple of rounds) so I laughed.
          Like I’ve always said…you are entitled to your opinion.

      1. I just went over there. Did a little fly-by to see what the enemy camp was like. Unbelievable.
        Eternally grateful i stumbled onto ROK less than 3 months ago. Otherwise, i’d be another functional head nodding zombie.
        Taking proactive steps by exposing these sites before they mushroom is definitely heading in the right direction.

    2. I’m currently debating on whether “figuratively speaking” should be used in the same sentence as mercilessly cutting them down. This article is a fucking eye opener.

    3. I’d take wizardchan over the good men project any day. Some guys just can’t get laid; it’s better for them to release their excess energy on imageboards than to actively encourage all men to self-castrate.

  17. The comment section should have an expanded ban on for members of the Good Man Project. Being a woman or a homosexual…well that’s the way your born. Taking advice from that site is down right autistic.

    1. Homosexuals are made, not born. And there’s nothing wrong with autistics, they tend to be amazing achievers… They just need to be guided by responsible people.

  18. The Good Man Project was founded and funded by the female feminists at Ms Magazine.
    James Taranto of the Wall Street journal did some excellent reporting about the essentially blue pill intentions of its founders. Sadly, Murdock bought the WSJ and his stuff is buried behind pay walls now.
    @chuckglp used them to get a job in media, so the Good man project isn’t 100% useless, just 99.9% useless. Go visit the website if you want to be the kind of man that feminists and other women are repelled by.

    1. You’re correct. The Good Men Project is simply another run-of-the-mill feminist site, albeit one that pretends to be targeted at men. (Surprise! It isn’t. Most of its editors, contributors, and readers are–you guessed it–women.)

  19. I was at a cigar bar with a friend last night discussing something mundane about motorcycles with a couple of gentlemen older than me. These gentlemen didn’t seem like they were seniors born in the 1940’s and 50’s (until they told me) because they were still quite fit and healthy. They became interested in my opinion on the current western state because they took a shine to the way I presented my arguments. Naturally, around like minded men, the topic of gender relations came up. I basically broke it down for them. I told them that I have to act like a different person, be very aloof and project bad boy game. I also told them that I have to “date around” and basically escalate attraction every chance I got. Anytime I tried to act genuine/logical/nice I was punished by rejection. Basically I have to be a great actor/entertainer/clown in order to gain the trust of women I found attractive. They didn’t believe me. They described to me a time where there were proper gender roles and masculinity was valued as a cornerstone of truth and the triumph of man’s spirit. I told them those days where gone. The conversation ended and one of them gives me 2 gentle taps on the shoulder on his way out…he didn’t have to say anything…I knew what he meant. I grabbed my helmet and went for a long ride along the coast. I had two thoughts from that ride…this society breeds 2 types of men…one who acknowledges the challenges and tackles them and one that surrenders completely and becomes one with the problem. I can never see myself being a man who doesn’t face the challenges…even if its a fucked situation I have to press on. Although its fun to come on here and bash these types of people…it ultimately does me no good. I still have to work to change my own fate to gain the things I want. When given a choice I must adapt.

    1. “society breeds 2 types of men…one who acknowledges the challenges and
      tackles them and one that surrenders completely and becomes one with the
      problem.” – excellent

      1. He forgot the third group, those that choose to infiltrate and ACCELERATE the problem until the ridiculousness dies from it’s own ideology.
        Yes, it’s retarded and untenable… and the only way to prove it is untenable is to take it to it’s logical conclusion, allow it to wreck itself, and then reestablish order.
        Some things are just too sick to save.

      1. I would if I could, but these bitches…they lost that lovin’ feelin’…now it’s gone gone gone..

    2. Totally agree with you. The Logic of sitting back and watching it burn makes no sense. We have a stake in where our race is headed. Ours is to act. If we do nothing, the future generations of men (and women) will curse us as the losers who stood by and did nothing. Also “I still have to work to change my own fate to gain the things I want.” is totally cool. But its equally important that we guy also act with some semblance of unity and raise our voices in order to institute societal change. Just individual airing of grievances will not do. What we need is unified action and even more importantly, widespread awareness.

  20. I don’t know about you guys but I’d fuck the shit out of lady gaga…
    Put her in a jacuzzi bubble bath, tell her to shut the fuck up, and pound that ass until she drowns.

    1. Sorry to break it to you brah, but there are rumours of gaga not being born a “lady”.

  21. Here’s a short sample of “how things are run”. Their about page says “the press raved when we launched”.
    Hmmm – coincidence? Yet there are good websites out there with real helpful stuff that exists for years with hardly a nod.
    This is the system. This is how they do it.
    Sabotage the system

  22. shit is sad man. I hope more men are waking up to the fact that feminists don’t want equality, but an advantage. Call me whatever you want, but my damn son is not gonna at the fuckin ballet. You’re not gonna be prancin around in leotards and shit. Fathers, spend real time teaching you children. Goddamn

    1. Not to mention the fact that ballet school is the most tight-assed-repressive-oppressive institution in the world… Don’t send your daughters there either…
      I’m dating a girl who did ballet seriously all the way into her twenties and when she had to quit it left her with serious scars…
      This girl is SO uptight… SO neurotic… SO mediocre and repressed in bed… She’s got a rockin’body but thats about it… Super disciplined and hard working but just WAAAAAaaaaayyyyyy too uptight. Now that she has hit her late 20s her hamster is on crack and she is joining a 10 year program to become a clinical psychologist….
      I’d have tonnes of sympathy for her if she didn’t ridicule betas who have oneitis for her so much…. Poor fucking NORMAL fucking guys… Makes me angry listening to that shit tbh… I aint gonna commit to her… Those guys would… But men aint worth shit nowadays…. FUCKED UP.

      1. lol I can believe that man. the ballet instructors are even crazier than the dancers, so you know they have to pass it down the line lol. not to mention how bad it screws up their feet.

      2. That’s interesting, the weirdest patient I ever had in 30 years was a middle ages former ballet dancer. She was lesbian but made it sound like I was hitting on her. We soon learned she was a raging alcoholic with a drunk driving record that read like a Roman scroll. Do hang-ups come with the territory? I wonder why?

  23. I went through the Mankind Project programming, which is very similar IMO. Harness your masculine energy for the service of feminism, gay rights, etc. etc… More Baby Boomer hippie-fueled un-reality.

  24. I tried for a time to point out the most absurd things they were saying. Usually, you can demonstrate to men how they aren’t logically being consistent with themselves. However, their comment interface over there is garbage which makes it hard to want to correct them, plus the moderate everything anyway.

    1. Oh, yes. They very carefully monitor the comments to screen out any negative stereotypes or prejudicial comments… ABOUT FEMINISM.
      Bashing MRAs, of course, is perfectly fine.

  25. What a bunch of fags. The guy that wrote that kiss ass what to say to your girlfriend crap needs to get his ass kicked.

  26. Is that shit a parody? Even the Monks of medieval Europe ignored the chastity shit and piled up money for Prozzies and boozing. Shit the Monks perfected brewing.

  27. More fanatically leftists brainwash shit.Trying to tell men to be supplicant to women, sit down when you piss, shut the fuck up, get in line, masculinity = misogyny etc. Gross.

    1. Well, when they basically set the kid up to be homo by sending him to ballet and watch gay semi-porn. Maybe he’ll rebel in his teens and become a pussy slayer.
      But probably not.

        1. The dikes that had an adopted son that wanted to take tranny hormones before he hit puberty was obviously mentally abused by the lesbians as they where not allowed to adopt a girl they could lick all day.

    2. Granted the natural course of things is heterosexuality and that just because there are some gay dudes doesn’t mean homosexuality must be actively promoted and advertized. But those who are already gay and can do nothing about it, we can perhaps still teach them how be gay and still conduct themselves in a masculine manner. We can still teach them to be masculine as far as code of conduct and more importantly centerdness is concerned.
      Why must gay dudes exclusively be used in order to promote the blue pill. Perhaps the people who are already gay can still be persuaded to put a stop to the feminist bullshit and feminists using them to promote their garbage. Why not homosexual dudes live with their homosexuality but still in a masculine way that is satisfying. Atleast that way shitpiles like GMP cannot use them as an excuse to sell the blue pill. And BTW, Im not Gay.

        1. Thats an extreme position. Sorry to disappoint but I’m not gay. I assure you that the prospect of sexual interaction with a man is pathologically repulsive to me.
          I was only thinking logically. Instead of people who are already gay (nothing to be done anymore) being catspaw to the feminists, why not show them a way of conduct such that, atleast they don’t work against us with the feminists. Is that not thinking tactically as a true red piller should. I don’t know how you see that as gayness.
          Not even once did I try to say that gayness must be encouraged. Its against how nature intended. Rather we must actually try to make sure that the pre-pubescent kids aren’t poisoned by such influences. But what about those guys who are past the point of return? Should they be allowed to be inflenced by blue-pill thought and made into manginas who work against us?
          Well if that was the case, what about those red pillers here who were blue-pillers previously ? Do we simply throw them back or actively educate them to the realities of the world? Something to think of.

  28. What would feminists think if we men got so fed up that we hired a private army of husky minority women to kick the shit out of them at their rallies? Just curious!

    1. I’ve always wondered if there could be profit in breaking up/harassing annoying protesters for the sake of others. Could be a fun, noble cause.>.>

  29. I’ve dipped into this long ago before realising it was a male feminist smegmathon but even allowing for the fact that such unholy creatures exist it seems particularly treacherous (not least since they seem to oppose cultural ‘binary’ systems) that the title of the site ‘good men project’ implies a ‘good / bad’ binary – something which feminism has explicitly sought to reject whenever there is a suggestion that a female identify as ‘good’ as opposed to bad. Indeed from the 80s on (madonna and beyond basically) femninist women have been subverting the supposed patriarchy (or basic standards of decency and self-respect if you prefer) by valorising every kind of ‘bad’ girl behaviour. The implication of this in terms of the kind of self-hatred these men must entertain for themselves and the sex they were born in to must be clear to them. These so-called men, genuinely hate their masculinity. They genuinely believe that the whole of masculinity is synonymous with violence and oppression. Like the author of this article I am most troubled by the fact that some of these men will be fathers, and will be corrupting their sons (and daughters) directly with their own barely suppressed self-hatred.
    These men are the quislings of our time.

  30. RoK desperately overdoes the anti-homosexual, pro white-male, super-macho-to-a-point-of-insecure-over-compensation narrative, but it’s articles like this which is why I keep coming back, as there are very few voices calling out anti-masculine shit like TGMP. I just wish RoK would turn down the click-bait “women shouldn’t have jobs” garbage articles.

  31. The advice that i’ve gained from other men here (comments and articles), from Roosh and everyone else may seem extreme and radical, but it’s not. And let me tell you, its the only advice thats actually worked for me in real world application. It fucking works! Not only that, but men in this community have offered a lifetime of wisdom that has opened too many doors for me at the young age of 23. It was like something clicked, and I started living the way I was meant to. These sissy men are depriving their sons of living normal lives, it’s a damn shame.

    1. I couldn’t of worded it better. I’ve been reading and absorbing all the knowledge from these articles and comments for about 4 months and I just instinctively and naturally became a different man. One of my coworkers actually sensed this from conversations with me and literally asked me to “teach” him some things about game and life in general, like a son would ask a father. I couldn’t believe it.

  32. It’s like nature and human behavior doesn’t matter to these ingrates. It’s like all of those years we spent in tribes and surviving in the wild has no effect on our instincts and behavior. disgusting.

  33. What could possibly compel a man to supress his biological instinct like that? And why the hell would any man thoughtfully read an article about Katy Perry! When a woman tells me she wants to be suspended from the ceiling by a penis banana she has just convinced me she isn’t eschewing her research at CERN.

  34. I recently helped organize and attended the bachelor party of a friend who is ten years my Junior. I took the opportunity at the sit down dinner portion of the evening to offer a toast to him and to spill some words of wisdom on his upcoming journey.
    Needless to say it was a red pill screed. Delivered in a tone that you would expect from Maximus in the movie Gladiator, to a wide array of men from 25 to 50 years old in varying degrees of marriage I laid out the salient points of what he would need to know in the coming years. As it happens he is naturally Alpha but you never know, he could fall into heavy blue pill ways once married.
    Upon delivering my sermon I delighted in the variety of reactions from the audience. I presupposed that various manginas present, although few in number would protest at some point and indeed their frowns throughout did not disappoint. However, some of the young men were at first aghast and then curious and then finally rolling in hilarity when I spelled out succinctly how they could maintain a steady supply of satisfying sexual congress from their respective mates and brides. It seems that in an all male context, sufficiently lubricated with alcohol, that men are ready and willing to hear the messages and lessons of the red pill and how it might improve their lives.
    For the rest of the evening I had men approaching me asking, “how did you learn all that?” or “I have always sensed this but never been able to put my finger on it”. “Also, my marriage is in a shambles, please help, clearly you have this figured out”.
    All of them instantly knew these truths once they were given a voice, all of them recognized their own experiences and all of them welcomed the message I preached that night as it of course had a focus on sexual conquest and delight.
    What was funnier however, was that we were in a private courtyard adjoining a restaurant and there inside the restaurant was a little girls stag party, entirely unrelated to our event. Some of the ladies heard tidbits of my speech and came to listen in to these raucous raw unfiltered men and their insights. Some of the ladies were shocked and appalled, others were embarrassed yet intrigued and a few more sheepishly nodded in agreement at a few points. Notably the point that ALL women love a good hard Rogering from their mates that is downright monkey sex.
    It gives me hope that so many men are receptive to the message and it was insightful that men in particular are ready to hear the message when they no they are in safe company. It was even better that all of the men present could show mutual support for these ideas.
    As for the GMP, well at least those losers leave more real women available in the world for proper men to have their way with, thanks guys for taking yourselves out of the game.

    1. Well maybe you should write out the bachelor party speech as an article, so we could all hit the salient points in a target rich environment.

  35. I echo the last paragraph.. WHAT KIND OF FUCKED UP PARENTS put their boy to do ballet, then take him to a gay play and then make a drama about his upcoming difficulties after the boy GUESSED that he is gay?? Of course his mind will be full of shit when you put him to do girly stuff and watch that gay porn and instead of telling him to wait until puberty and drive him away from that shit, you just.. you just.. FUCKING RUIN IT ALL, fuck man, all of this is bullshit but this last case angers me to no end..

  36. This Good Men Project has the look of some Vichy France setup.
    Innocuous looking simulacra of something that promises a bright future.
    Wonder if a lot of men are really going to follow that Pied Piper’s tune though?

    1. Vichy France is preferable to the Banlieu’s of Paris and Marsailles filled up as they are with African scum. I wonder, if you’d transport Frenchmen forward in time, to today’s Paris that they wouldn’t have attempted to throw back the Allies into the sea June 6 1944. Fast forward the British men landing on Juno and Sword beaches to modern London and they’d have strung up Churchill upon return.

  37. That “My Nine Year Old Son is Gay” article is complete bullshit. alarm bells ring when I read, “During the drive home I asked him what he thought of their performance.
    Still awestruck he replied, ‘It was powerful and amazing!’”. I don’t care if they are a super genius, a nine year old does not have the social construct or experience to find things “powerful and amazing”. They don’t speak this way. This is a parent speaking for their child, a parent who wants their son to be gay.

  38. No quarter, no mercy.
    I 2nd that, amigo. Damn, enjoyed the article, and I love RoK for discussions like this.

  39. “This is what happens when you double down on the sweet, sickly blue pill; you end up a pathetic husk of a man, going full social justice retard on the internet and fantasizing about Michelle Obama and her massive chin.”
    This is hilarious and deadly accurate prose. I almost spit coffee on my monitor. Keep up the great satire.

  40. Ever gone into a gay bar by mistake? For a minute you don’t quite get it. There’s cool lighting, pumping music, the alcohol is flowing, a few bros are standing at the bar having a laugh. Time to get a drink and check out the scene.
    Then it kind of dawns on you…there’s no chicks here. (Except for those two whales with the purple hair.) You’ve gotten all dressed up and gone out, and there is nothing here for you. Water, but not to drink. And what’s more, if you stick around you will quickly have a bunch of new “friends” who will be happy to do their best to change your idea of normal. With smiles and alcohol.
    That’s what sites like the Good Man Project are like. Innocent young guy surfs over, it seems legit. Fun articles, helping you to be your best, dating advice. All really positive, right?
    But there is an agenda. And it is not to deliver you your goals, but to initiate you into their world. A world where you are to be non-threatening, non-demanding, and submit so that others can vampirically suck the life out of you.
    A lot of people get sucked in by the cool lighting, the smiles, the social pressure. And they never realise that they are getting fucked until it’s too late.

    1. Damn I’ve actually accidentally entered a gay bar cause my asshole brother trolled me in to meeting him in there when visiting and that is exactly how it was right down to the t. I had to almost fight these dudes off with a stick just to get the fuck out.I got him back good though.

  41. Everytime I read a ROK article, then look at my current reality. I want to puke/go on a killing spree/cry.
    I confirm, all of north america is contaminated (im in canada and saw more than one bearded woman, not joking). The sickness has spread to northafrican, middle eastern countries, yet there is some resistance. France and europe is done for (checkthe gender theory being taught in public schools in France and you’ll start believing in home schooling). I do not know about asia, but apparently the short shorts and transgender pandemic is taking its toll. Is mother russia still ok?

    1. In Russia you would be summarily bitch-slapped into place for acting like a wimpy faggy ass faggot, let alone crying about some sort of discrimination or gay rights (lol). It’s rough and tumble, but if you can cut it in many ways it is significantly more honest and real than the artificially preserved stagnating vivarium that has become the modern West. Much of the malady that we are seeing here is simply snuffed out of existence over there before it can even make its way out of the egg and into the open. When you have direct and immediate survival concerns to address, pontificating about you cisgender sex-positive rights is not something that the general population is particularly interested in addressing, let alone learning whatever the f__k that nonsense is even supposed to mean in the first place.

    2. “I want to puke/go on a killing spree/cry.”
      Recently read about the Tom Leykis on air murder confession episode. The woman got scott free both originally as well as after the matter on pure bullshit grounds. It literally made me want to hunt down every such woman and flay them alive and sprinkle salt over their bodies. Returning the pain they have caused with the compound interest. Even though even if I had the opportunity to do so, I would’nt. Im better than them. A proper legal penalty would suffice.
      But the thing is reading about such shit makes it hard to look at women at the same way ever again. People will say not all women are like that and that they are generally supposed to decent. That woman was a fucking nurse and a wage earner. She too was “supposed” to be decent. And yet she shot to death a guy over child support (when the law clearly would have let her get that cleared), lied to the police and passed off the murder as a suicide (the police in their moment of manginaness totally bought it) and then totally bragged of it on radio.

      1. I would. The chick that cut off her husband’s dick and threw it in a garbage disposal? If I could get away with it I’d fishook out her cunt and saw her tits off.
        My mercy, my empathy, and my forgiveness has been all used up.

  42. I think the manginas should dress up as women. Not only would they be honest but we could spot them from a lot farther away.
    Lady Gaga?
    Gwyneth Paltrow?
    A 9 year old who knows nothing about what gay means is gay?
    To add: Those people who insist their 5 or 6 year old is transsexual.
    The toilet bowl is swirling faster….

    1. Ha! I remember that ridiculous video.
      The irony was that ultimately, as experienced men might have guessed, the so-called “fair maidens” of the feminist/bitch world actually got angry at the video & men making it.
      Just goes to show: being a mangina certainly doesn’t guarantee the respect of women, and actually displaying weakness to women will make them resent you, in reality
      Ugh, what a mess.

      1. It’s purely instinctive and quite normal.Women are viscerally repulsed by weak ass men who demean and put themselves into positions of inferiority before them. Hence the crime of allowing women to leverage police and legal resources in an effort to placate the men in their lives when they themselves get uppity and the guys finally push back. Those traitors to society and natural civil equilibrium (the mangina cops and judges) should be summarily brought to the public square, stripped naked, and whipped into humiliation for what they have done to us.

        1. If women are viscerally repulsed by weak men, why are they always telling men that women want “soft and sensitive men?”
          It’s truly a bizarre phenomenon.

        2. Nah, it’s actually one of their many “shit tests”. They try and convince you to act in a submissive manner to see whether they can make a servile doormat out of you and utilize you for your resources and services without actually providing the pussy in exchange. I realize it’s counter-intuitive but that’s just the way Hephaestus made them. This is just one among many of the peculiar characteristics of these creatures that has been papered over and buried under the misleading guise of the “feminine mystique”. The ancients knew all about the true nature of women without any actual hate nor ill-will towards them. The reason they have been called all sorts of names from small-dicked barbarians to misogynistic patriarchs recently is simply because they were calling them out on the elaborate con they have been utilizing for centuries in order to maximize their power, privilege, and comfort in society. There is much here for you to discover depending on how far down the rabbit hole you are prepared to travel. Enjoy the trip, Alice!

  43. The very first time I ever saw mention of the good men project, I thought it might be trying to combat the everything masculine bad, everything feminine good thing. So I went to the site to see what it was about, which meant clicking the about button.
    Read a little bit and said to myself, why does a man have to be nominated by a woman? Why can’t a man nominate another man.
    Didn’t take long after that.

  44. Great article dude it is nice to get on here and see this type of shit. It renews my hope for the world to know I am not alone. If I have a son I hope he bullies the hell out of mangina sons like this kid. Not because I want the kid to suffer, but because I think it will be his only hope.

  45. The Worn That Turned

    The two Ronnies capture the Femme Dystopia. Brilliant comedy that still holds today.

    1. Only the English could parody feminism so thoroughly. All this series needs now is for Monty Python to appear next.

      1. The Two Ronnies are genius level wordsmiths. It’s a shame they didn’t write more movie scripts.

  46. I can’t believe they let these degenerates own a website, let alone publish. If you ever needed any more evidence that the under 25 millennial generation man is going to be the most socially inept, lost, gameless, passionless, sexless, unmotivated, depressed, fat, pathetic, painfully awkward, embarrassing, self-abasing, and just a downright retarded clusterfuck of manginas, the Good Men Project will prove it.

    1. Yup. I worked with some millenials this last year; a breakdown;
      1. gay, including posing on all fours like a porn queen in the teacher’s room while looking at someone else’s computer
      2. gay
      3. gay vegan
      4. 120 pound chinese canadian non-gay who was as arrogant as Bono yet obeyed his female friends like they were world-class, paid dominatrixes. He was dating none of them.
      5. cool, mixed race guy. the only one who had a shred of maleness in his character.
      The women were even worse human beings.

      1. Teachers and anyone involved in public education are the worst. Don’t get me started. Our public schools K up through Grad school(especially here in CA) are the worst!

        1. Yes. The pseudo heroism, sanctimony and fabricated ‘goodness’ is so far beyond mere ridiculousness. I’ve been teaching for nearly twenty years overseas. Children and adults. Recently I had a problem because I had a set of classroom rules that were too ‘negative’. The fact that they worked and the kids were learning to follow good rules didn’t matter. They were even calling each other out and getting mad at rulebreakers but the management kiboshed it. I had a clip art picture of a nose with a finger going up in the nostril and it was X-ed out as in, “Don’t do this”. I had the rules written below it in bold. ‘Don’t pick your nose. It’s dirty and disgusting.’ Sorry no. The millenials determined that that wasn’t positive enough and I had to take it down. It’s so unreal. If you are in limbo as to whether or not to have children, remember that millenials will be their teachers. Case closed for me. No kids. I don’t want an insane, feminist daughter or a twinkie of a son. If I end up with a traditional boy or girl then they will be completely out of touch with this shitty culture and probably be targeted for abuse by their teachers.

        2. Melmoth,
          Hang in there. The kids worth teaching always recognize the bad leadership that we serve under. Working harder than admin always earns the respect of the hard-working student. Plus, as a Lit teacher, I always smuggle Hemingway, Maupassant,& Jack London stories into the lesson plans. Males& females always respond accordingly to the greats.

        3. Seek out conservatives for seminars. They do exist. Victor David Hanson still conducts classes I believe. John Grey at LSE… The faculty at Oxford is a hold out of curmudgeons.

      2. You forgot the Justin Beiber and One Direction looking mother fuckers. Every time I see these guys I just wanna beat the fuck out them. They are so effeminate that any average dude with minimal martial arts training could probably take 3 or 4 of them at once.

        1. You got a point. I don’t know the dude as a person (don’t listen to his music either) but Bieber’s getup is totally effeminate.

    2. Well, we could use some raw ingredients for the manufacture of soylent green by now. Not sure if the glue factories will take non-equine produce though. Would have to check on that one. I believe they pay by the pound, so the shipping costs might not be worth it in the end.

    3. I disapprove of the fuckery that they say, but I will defend to the death their right to say it.
      And that is why we lose until they destroy civilization, and then are strong again… because we are the ones who follow the rules, who have honor and strength and will, and we cannot compete with the deceivers and the destroyers unless we become like them.
      Men of honor have always held the wolves at bay. And we have always paid with everything. And we always will, even when the defended do not deserve to be defended.
      There will always be monsters, and there will always be men of honor. It’s just that, for a time, the former will become the latter until the world is set upon the right path again.

  47. What in the blue donkey dick is this horse shit?
    Its amazing how much women and men as well are trying to bury the male desire and sexuailty.
    Motherfucker, not all of us are out to harm kids and fuck animals. Men just like being men. Stop thinking that are sexual power is going to be used to rape a bitch in the street.
    You think we want to go to jail and get bent over by a bald headed bastard who is doing 25 to life? Hell no.
    Men like being men. Stop acting like are side of the coin is bullshit. The only reason you even have time for a debate is because of the hard of of these “Perverted sexist men” who bust there ass each day doing jobs you know DAMN WELL your punk ass wouldn’t be caught dead doing.
    That story about the kid watching a ballet is fucking crazy. My father would of cussed my mother out if she would of done that shit. And if not him, my uncles and even some of my aunts would cuss her out. Why? Because that wasn’t manly shit. Men had to be men or else you would get your balls checked plain and simple. Watch the movie “The Road”. You think that boy would of survived had he had a father that was showing him dance moves instead of teaching him about the evil that will come his way once he is dead? Shit.
    This feminization of the world is reaching comical levels.

    1. ” . . .”Perverted sexist men” who bust there ass each day doing jobs you know DAMN WELL your punk ass wouldn’t be caught dead doing.”
      Many of them don’t even know that some of these jobs exist anymore. They think that because they don’t see him the wolf has been driven from the door from all time, never seeing the men who hold the perimeter, while they sleep.

      1. FUCKING AMEN..
        “Like UGH. This new iPhone is so like, not cool. They need to do a much better job! Why can’t they make it work???? How hard is their job its JUST A PHONE with buttons and a EASY TO MAKE touch screen. UGH, Men. Can’t wait to they are gone and robots take over”
        Yeah, robots that MEN have to create. Fuckery. They really look at us as motherfucking slaves that are only suppose to provide, while they ONLY offer up pussy that WE raise to god like levels. More Fuckery

        1. Robot. Slav word for work, labour, slave. Probably first used to describe automated machinery by the Czechs.

    2. It’s the importation of the Swedish Model wholesale. Those freaks began these experiments with social gender reassignment at the kindergarten level back in the 70s. When are their Viking ancestors finally going to get their ass in gear and ride on down from Valhalla to slap some manliness into the pitiful disgraces that their so called “descendants” have become. WTF Odin, you blind man? Lay off the lager and roast boar for a minute and get a move on! You want the Götterdämmerung to occur before it’s time because of your lazy ass ways?

  48. Just reading this just constantly makes me bring up Victorianism and how it distorted masculinity. Yes, it’s that bad, Angles.
    Oh, also, some American WF shorter than I am even tried to attention whore on/at me, by:
    1. driving as close to I live as possible.
    2. even had a run-in at me with her husband/baby papa this past Saturday.
    3. even before I found out she has a baby papa, even flirted at me.

      1. I am talking about the time period and what you just did was serve the General into a plate of red herring.

  49. I have a loser brother who says he is liberal and isnt gonna judge a woman just because she slept with many men in her past. Hes a fat dweeb who wears flip flops in public. Ive tried to get him to work out with me but he doesnt care that hes fat. He thinks this website was written by a bunch of people who cant get laid (Funny thing is that hes still a virgin!). Hes dating this girl but he hasnt even kissed her on the lips. She once didnt respond to his texts for 2 hours (supposedly her battery died but im not buyin that). She gives me certain looks every time she comes over to our house. If I didnt have any respect for my fatass brother, I get the feeling I could actually fuck her. I have a strong suspicion that shes cheating on him…..

    1. Is she even vaguely attractive? If she is, Pound the fuck out of her, That’s what a TRUE friend does… show your brother the error of his ways in a way he can really feel.
      Be a Good brother and fuck her brains out. You know, unless she’s a fatass or a dog. Or hell, if you can tolerate her long enough to come on her face and take a picture for your brother to appreciate, do it anyway… take one for the team.

  50. I tried to warn people that this is where the whole gay thing was leading to.
    Step 1. Decriminalize
    Step 2. Force social tolerance
    Step 3. Force legal tolerance
    Step 4. Media declare widespread acceptance
    Step 5. Force social acceptance and shame those who don’t accept gayness
    Step 6. Declare anyone who doesn’t accept gay despite social pressure a “Closest gay”
    Step 7. Force all men to be gay.
    Liberal feminitards Society will always vilify and hate real men, who are masculine and rather live out in the woods than to spend $1 million dollars on a 2000 sq foot condo in the trendy area.

  51. So what’s wrong with allowing boys to play with Barbie dolls?
    Just make sure they also allowed to play with pruning shears with which to dismember said Barbie dolls.
    The real problem in this country is not the Barbie doll. It’s that women and manginas are taking away our pruning shears.

  52. Cats are great.
    Mitches are not (male bitches thanks to Kevin hart).
    Has anyone seen the episode of Vikings where they clear out a monastery full of panicking, sobbing men? That’s what would happen if any of us walked through a Manginasphere Bar.

  53. Yet another symptom of first world decadence.
    The irony is that some of these ‘men’ can afford to be sackless mangina faggots because there are other true masculine men willing to step up and do all the tough shit necessary to maintain the whole damn house of cards. Take away the men who do men’s work and see what happens.

    1. “Take away the men who do men’s work and see what happens.”
      Look no further than the end of the Roman Empire.

  54. A round of applause for the author for publishing this. It takes nerve to stand up and show these people for what they are in this fucking backwards world, and their incoming hissy fit will probably be so tedious that he’ll deserve another one after.

  55. Oh I bet Tom is ripping his hair out. I cannot imagine how it must feel to have your creation turn into a spawn of Satan.
    Did Hugo and Marcotte came back to roost yet?

  56. I have heard too many stories like this to believe people are you are born gay.
    Many of them involve parents dressing and treating their boys like faggots.

  57. agree with your points, I do with most on this blog … just wanted to add that males in ballet don’t make them gay (but probably in this case, specific comment is parents unconditional love) … the most eye opening thing for me about ballet is how many guys are straight and bangin’ tons of nubile little dancers … I used to work in “boiler room” across the street from a top ballet school and male dancers worked as servers/waiters in the deli we at lunch in, several were definitely gay but at least half were interchangeably pounding the flesh with all the straight girls

    1. I know a former male ballet dancer… he’s kind of embarrassed about it… I don’t think he got a lot of play.

  58. Fuck these feminazi mangina dipshits, who cares what they say. As if any great thing in history was achieved because of the whining naysayers, not in spite of them.
    I say this just makes the odds better for the real red pill men, since there are so few of us in the general population. Women are so starved for masculine men, they should be falling at your feet, legs spread. Ram your throbbing patriarchy right up their feminism, as somebody said here a while back.

  59. These men are the reason we have modern feminism. If only they understood the destruction they are causing to Western society by bowing and worshiping women.

  60. Most often, people are born gay, just like the 9 year old above. Dance lessons didn’t make him gay.

    1. This is bullshit. Tastes, even sexual ones, can very well be influenced by the surrounding environnment, especially when you’re a child.
      Look at all the advertising around you. What purpose do you think it serves?
      The argument “born this way” was made up by homosexual activists, in order to gain acceptance.
      It’s like saying “I love carrots, I can’t help it, I’m born this way.”
      Or ” I just find out I love spinaches. I always knew deep inside I love spinaches.”
      Even : “I’m an alcoholic. This is who I am. It’s not a choice.”
      “I’m a serial killer. I’m born this way.”
      Very soon, you will encounter the same argument, but this time it will be used to legalize pedophilia :
      ” I like little boys. I can’t help it. I’m born this way. This is not a choice. You are repressing me just because I’m different.”

      1. They still haven’t found the ‘Gay Gene’.
        I figure it’s in the same place as the ‘Wizard’, ‘Werewolf’, and ‘Vampire’ Gene.

  61. The gay 9 year old story is made up by a woman and this is how she fantasizes her son coming out to her. This line “Days later as we were sitting on the couch crying and laughing…” about how absolutely fabulous it is to be gay. There’s so much female projection in this one sentence it’s gonna give her fantasy gay son his period. She imagines that a gay son is going to be like having a daughter. Finally, she will have achieved the ultimate emasculation of her beta husband and rob him of a proper heir.
    This is what liberal America looks like.
    Fucking sick

  62. Fellas, do try to keep in mind that the entire “Good men project” is a scam.
    Like the author told you, it is being run by women.
    “Their CEO and Publisher, two of their Executive Editors and three of their Senior Editors are literally as dickless as their male colleagues are figuratively so.”
    So it`s run by bitches.
    The “writers” are just sock-puppets and faggots, pretending to be men.

  63. Morgans father seems like a work of art:
    “One day, my son shall suck the dick of ballet-dancers… then the god of political correctness (aka Satan) shall look upon me with favour, and buttfuck me too!”
    “Morgans father”

  64. Just the name “Good Men Project” implies that Men are Evil or Bad to begin with, so what can you expect from them?

    1. I’ve been wondering about that for a while. Wonder why more people don’t call out that bullshit. Why not Being MEN project? Just who the fuck are these feminists to dictate to us what being a man means.

  65. It’s said to get some pussy, I should place
    A pair of black-rimmed glasses on my face,
    And bitch about the growing gaps in pay
    While praising dykes, no matter what they weigh.
    I ought to marry when I’m twenty-five
    And haul my hard-earned honey to her hive.
    Appease a bulbous, Butterfingers queen
    Or get bisected. You know what I mean.
    My kids will learn the power of complaint
    Be blind to courage, honor and restraint
    “You stupid boy: no football, tag or fights.
    These games do not pertain women’s rights”
    I’d rather live alone until I die
    Than have that strapon penetrate me, dry.
    I wonder, does it ever go away?
    (It’s times like now I wish that I were gay.)

  66. It’s all the gender bender endocrine disrupting chemicals in the environement. It will fuck with the fetus sexual and hormonal profile long before it is even born. Our permissive culture does not help either. PCB’s and dioxins in plastic and seafood, MethylParabens in cosmetics, fluoride in the water supply that stunts mental and spiritual development, artificial female hormones in the fatty cuts of meat of chicken, beef, eggs and dairy that feminized male bodies and stunts puberty in boys and masculinizes young girls. This civilization is creating a lot more problems than it can fix. We’re all fucked. But atleast I still have my masculinity, that I can count on. Oh yeah and fuck manginas, they are the majority of “men” and they are allowing this to happen. They don’t care. Bunch of apathetic phonies.

  67. It seems that the main agenda of these losers is to procure young boys for faggots and servants for feminist cunts. Some might say that the best punishment for any men involved in this cult is corrective rape- just hire a bunch of homosexuals to anally rape the manginas so that they hang themselves- or gender reassignment surgery.

    1. This is scary. The scariest thing is the amount of positive comments.
      They want to turn men into whining weak bitches like feminists and gays.
      They hate mascunality because it finds its roots in an age when men could actually survive without the system and the consumer society.
      Masculine traits are not the traits of a good brainless consumer !
      A true man doesn’t buy as much useless things as the post-feminism woman do. A true man doesn’t buy on impuls or emotion. He can also fight back when you steal all his money off his bank account.
      Did you know that feminism was partly financed by tobacco companies, who wanted the female half of the world population to start smoking ?
      You can be sure that soon they will find a way to make the other half of the population wear perfume … oh wait… deodorant…

  68. we need articles that focus on individual “good men” project members, as per protocol. when they do a vanity search of their own names this website should be the first one that comes up

  69. And there you have it…emasculated males and misandrist females are now trying to set the standard for what a “real” Man is, regardless of the fact that the first has forgotten how to be one and the second is trying to pass for one.
    What did any of you expect? The moment they told you that God had no place in society and taught your kids that being gay is ok and pushed for “gay” laws that gave special class status to sissies and butches is the moment that they started to redefine the definition of a “Man” into this weak kneed anorchous pathetic sham excuse for a male.
    This is progresivism in a nutshell: moral anarchy. Bringing down social values and morality and replacing it with a mad max style social structure where want equals right and children are raised as little social experiments by their prog so called parents.
    It’s disgusting to say the least.
    I don’t know about the rest of you but i won’t go down without a fight.
    I am keeping the spirit of Manhood alive with every breath that i take.

    1. Hell yeah. The more this garbage is (somewhat) forced upon society, the more some of us will resist, and the more it encourages me to be a black knight for lack of a better description.
      Those “men” who don’t question the thought processes and male shaming that request that they submit and conform to those ideas that demean masculinity deserve no sympathy in my opinion.
      I’m always open to helping show other men what I’ve learned, having paid some dues, but more often than not those who are gullible are not open to listening anyhow.
      The more bullshit that’s put in my face, the more I’ll fight it, and will not hesitate to call out those clowns.
      So few people resist those who are attempting to create a generation of men who kiss ass and almost need tampons.

  70. I have a couple of friends that totally gravitate towards the ideas of the Good Men Project’s article on getting laid over the Manosphere’s ideas of getting laid. Guess what? Those are the guys asking “Why am I always in the friend-zone?” I drop red pill knowledge on them over beers, but it always goes in one ear and out the other. Some people just don’t want saving. They want to ride their sinking ship to the bottom of the ocean.

    1. Might as well have added advice on how to be grateful for the opportunity to drive your woman to the other man’s house before he bangs her.

  71. They should rename their site “The Good Mangina Project” or more aptly “The Good Bitch project”.
    Damn these manginas and white knights.

  72. Fuck. Soon they’ll start a good women prokect about how to don a [antsuit and find an Alpha when your man starts reading gmp.

  73. I’m sure that some of the writers on ROK and some of the “red pill women” should start a blog called, “project maiden” a blog raises a proper woman, let’s see the feminists lose their shit then. I would never read anything from the Sandy Vagina Project.

  74. There is one silver lining out of all this bullshit…
    There are one of two possibilities that will happen to boys raised by these manginas.
    They will either turn completely faggot and never reproduce, thus killing their faulty mangina lines, or….
    They will completely turn around and renounce everything their “fathers” raised them with. I’ve noticed that many of feminism’s greatest enemies are men raised by feminists.

  75. The father cried while his son watched two men perform ballet about gay love.
    That sums up the mangina crowd right there. It’s almost poetic.

  76. When i have a son he’ll be beating the ballet out of pussy boys like these. Not really but these kids will be bullied into heroin addiction or suicide.. horrible fathering someone needs to save these kids.

  77. Dude, you had me me until you ranted about a 9 year old gay kid. Good Men Project is the central HQ of Mangina-land, no doubt. The parent is not going to make his kid gay by watching ballet. Biology, which you reference in your intro, is too strong to be confused by watching a ballet performance. Come on man, you had an excellent argument and expose of those blue pill weaklings over at Good Men Project, until you dipped into nurture overrides nature and the kid is confused and could be gay now.

  78. I don’t like the Star Trek analogy. Spock is the only character who keeps his frame intact when the whole universe is backwards.
    The Good Men Project might be more like Bizzaro Superman:

  79. I don’t know if anyone has been to the GMP site lately but it’s steadily getting worse. there are so many gay articles, it’s hard to tell if it’s a gay sire or a men’s site. Now they have a gay fathers section. An article about a dad finding that he was able to get a child. His partner is a guy.
    The there is the articles about a “straight” guy in a gay relationship.
    What, are they recruiting?
    And as many have stated, Let’s all have a crying fest.

  80. “That, gentlemen, is why manginas deserve to be ridiculed and shamed at every opportunity. No quarter, no mercy.”
    No sir. We are past the point of talking. Democracy is not working. Civilization is not working.

  81. Sometimes I just take my son out to the bush and we hike around, navigate to someplace, camp for lunch, hang out a bit, shoot the shit or whatever then hike back. He’s 4, almost 5, and I have never, not once heard any bullshit about ballet. One time we were watching a flick and a commercial comes on, it’s Barbie. He just says “I don’t like Barbie”. Neither do I son. Being born a man is the absolute blessing.

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