The 15 Best Countries To Teach English

Teaching English abroad continues to remain a viable option for native English speakers who want to see the world and get paid to do so. With an ever changing global economy, there are plenty countries where one can teach. While it may be possible to teach English in rural areas without a degree, at least a bachelor’s degree in any subject and being a native English speaker are the requirements to teach English abroad, though many positions now require at TESOL, TEFL or CELTA certificate.

A quick google search will reveal several programs that offer certificates in any three of these. Be wary of strictly online certification courses. A typical course in TESOL, TEFL or CELTA takes between two to four months to complete and expect to pay between $1000 to $2500. There are heaps of ESL (English as a second language) job boards with job listings throughout the world, which will specify the exact requirements. While it may not be absolutely necessary to have a certificate in some countries, it may be useful to get one anyway if you have zero teaching experience.

People often ask me where the best places are to teach English. This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on how you define ‘the best place’ and who you ask. Based on my several years of teaching experience and traveling, I made a list of the best 15 places to teach. Although my choices are subjective, I have used four qualitative measures to come up with this list: SALARY + ADVENTURE + SECURITY + AVAILABILITY. 

By availability, I mean the amount of jobs available to teach English in a particular country. I am sure a lot of Americans would love to teach in places, such as France but it is quite difficult to find a job teaching ESL in Western Europe. So if your idea of traveling and adventure is limited to the security of Western Europe, you probably  are not the right candidate to teach English abroad. By adventure, I mean how fun it would be to teach in a particular country. Salary and security is self-explanatory.

1. Japan 

This is probably a biased pick on my part since I lived in Japan for four years. However, this place is awesome in so many ways. In fact, I cannot recall meeting one person who either lived or visited Japan that had anything bad to say about it. Unfortunately, jobs are not as abundant like they once were, but there still are jobs, opportunities and endless adventure in this majestic land that remains somewhat sheltered from the rest of the world. I taught in both Sapporo in the far north and in Okinawa, which is in the far south.

 2. South Korea

South Korea is where Japan was 15 years ago, which means there are plenty of well paying jobs teaching English in a strong economy. South Korea is booming in all ways at the moment and there are a great number of English teaching jobs to be had. Most of which offer free housing, paid airfare and the chance to save between $10,000 to$25,000 thousand in one year. There have been reports of the top teachers in South Korea making 5 or 6 thousand dollars  a month. Like Japan, South Korea is also an exotic land where one can sing karaoke into the wee hours of the night and walk home with little threat of danger.

 3. Colombia

Unfortunately, stereotypes of Colombia still persists. However, the reality is that Colombia has a burgeoning economy and the days of Pablo Escobar are long over. While it certainly isn’t safe like Japan or South Korea, a little common sense should keep the foreigner out of harm’s way. I’ve spent four months in South America and everyone I met from Colombia was warm, friendly and eager to invite me to their country. If you are looking for adventure and nightlife, this is sure to be a great place. There are plenty of teaching jobs throughout the country and some that pay decent for South American standards.

 4. China

China could easily be number one for several reasons. Most importantly, this is not only a land with an endless amount of English teaching jobs, but one of economic opportunity. Anyone that is interested in using teaching English as a second language as a springboard to invest in foreign countries should consider China. The downsides to China are country size, pollution, and the lack of democracy. However, I have talked to several teachers and all of them reported that teaching English in China was a great experience.

 5. Taiwan

This is  a small country that is often overlooked for teaching English. Like Japan, Taiwan has been a great place to teach for many years. I have spoken with several instructors who taught there and they all said great things about teaching English in Taiwan. The people are super friendly, food is inexpensive, rent is cheap and English teaching salaries are just below Japan and South Korea. Because its a small island, one can easily escape the chaos of Taipei and relax on the tropical beaches in the south.

 6. Vietnam

Vietnam could arguably be in the top three. This place has all the factors to make  it a great destination for teaching English. Geographically speaking, Thailand and Cambodia  are just a stone’s throw away. The real  draw for Vietnam is the cost of living.  A dollar can still get you a beer or a cheap plate of food. Teachers are reportedly making $1200 to $2800 a month. You are not going to save money in Vietnam  like you could in South Korea, but you can definitely save money, live super cheap and have all the adventures that Southeast Asia can offer.  I’ve talked to several teachers who were in Vietnam and each report indicates that plenty of English teaching jobs and other opportunities  exist there.

7. Chile  

I once spent two weeks traveling through this geographically elongated and beautiful country. I decided at the time that if I ever need to hide out the rest of my life, I am going straight to Chile. From talking to English teachers while I was there, I got the impression that Chile is a great place for teaching English. There are a fair amount of jobs, a stable economy and the pay is good for South American standards. As an added plus,  the people are wonderful and the Andes are nothing less than the work of god. Chile is also the safest country in South America after Uruguay.

 8. United Arab Emirates

The UAE makes the top ten simply because the pay is so good. I have heard reports of people making upwards of $60,000 a year teaching English in Dubai. Of course, this is in the right situation. It is also an ultra-modern place and there are plenty of interesting places to travel close by.  Most of the teachers I’ve spoken with have said good things about the UAE, particularly the money aspect.

 9. Saudi Arabia

Like Dubai, the money factor is the main reason for teaching English in Saudi Arabia. Teachers in the Kingdom can expect to make between $40,000 to $100,000 dollars per year. Of course, there is the whole prohibition of alcohol and eating pork factor. This can also be a tough place to live if you are a Western woman. Sorry, feminism hasn’t hit the Saudi mainstream yet. However, most people teaching in Saudi Arabia just hop across the border on the weekend to a magical land called ‘Bahrain’, which is kind of the Las Vegas and Thailand of the Middle East. Despite the image of Saudi Arabia in the minds of most, Saudis are extremely friendly people, kind and hospitable.

10. Ecuador

I recently spent a month in Ecuador and I cannot say enough good things about this country. The people are wonderful, the food is cheap and delicious and the abundant nature is breathtaking.  I had tears in my eyes when I departed from the airport. Oh and there are quite a few teaching jobs throughout the country. The pay is not great, but its enough to save a few hundred dollars a month since the cost of living is cheap.

11. Thailand

I spent a month in Thailand a few years ago and this place is f##king awesome. Pardon my vulgar language, but I don’t know how else to describe it. In fact, Thailand is such a cool place that it actually ranks lower in my book since I would be dead within three years of constant partying and life-threatening trips through the jungles of the north. With that being said, there remains plenty of jobs for teaching English in Thailand and one can land a great apartment for about 200 dollars a month. Don’t forget about the mouth watering, yet dirt-cheap food and wonderful people that populate the happiest place on earth.  

12. Brazil

In an ideal world, Brazil would be in the top three. There are plenty of opportunities for teaching English in Brazil and lets not forget about its booming economy, which is the largest in South America. However, all the reports I’ve heard is that it can be quite difficult to obtain a working visa. For some reason, the Brazilian government is fixated on the idea that actual Brazilians should be teaching other Brazilians English. When this changes, expect Brazil to become a hotspot for teaching English. Lets not forget about the ultra-friendly people, great food and wonderful beaches.

13. Turkey

Turkey has become somewhat of a hotspot for teaching English in recent years. A growing economy and commitment to befriend the West has resulted in plenty of jobs teaching English. From reports I have heard, the pay for teaching English in Turkey is decent and the cost of living is relatively inexpensive. This also has to be a great place for culture and history. Please note that due to recent changes in immigration policy, teachers now have to secure a teaching contract while in their home country. It used to be much easier to fly in on a tourist visa and change the status to a work visa.

 14. Costa Rica

Who wouldn’t want to teach in a tropical paradise? If you love the beach, surfing and breathtaking nature,then Costa Rica is probably a worthy destination. Since the economy was opened up  some years ago, Costa Ricans have been eager to learn English in the the hopes of securing a well-paying job. While many dream of flying into Costa Rica and finding a job in a town near the beach, this unfortunately is not the reality of teaching there. Most jobs teaching English in Costa Rica are located in San Jose. Fortunately, it is a small enough country that one could easily escape the hustle and bustle of San Jose for a weekend chilling out on the beach.

15. Argentina

This is a bit of a biased pick on my part since I will always ‘cry a little bit for Argentina’ after once spending three months there. Although there are a good amount of English teaching Jobs in Argentina, the pay and hours kind of suck. However, teaching English in Argentina is about the adventure. This place might have a sluggish and dysfunctional economy, but the people are never short on passion, creativity and will protest anything at the drop of a hat.

You can click on any of the links above to get more information about teaching in each individual country. I am sure that I left some deserving destinations off of my list. If you feel so, please do not hesitate to comment and add any great places for teaching English abroad.

This post was originally published on Jimmy ESL.

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  1. Good article…now rank those same countries 1 to 15 for the girls and their accessability for english teachers.

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    1. Hey Charles Brony. Im James, the author of this article. Great comment. I think that is what everyone is really thinking. I think the top 5 on my list are all pretty great if you a single guy. If you are cool single guy, then it will be like paradise. By the way, would you mind to subscribe to my blog at

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        1. Ok, fair play dude. I’ve had a few people complain about that and I apologize. Im a bit of a newbie in the blogging word. Lesson learned and won’t do it the future. I just thought it might be helpful for those who are interested in teaching abroad.
          Thanks for checking out my article. James

        2. Putting your invite to visit your blog at the end of each of your articles and in your bio slug line at ROK i think would be fine. It won’t be annoying and suffice it to say I’m sure you’ll get readers signing up.

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  2. I wouldn’t dare choose the UAE or Saudi Arabia as long as they have the Kafala system in place.
    I don’t know how it works for English teachers, but any country that has that system in place, there’s the opportunity for abuse. Yes, it mostly applies to unskilled labourers in the construction business, but there’s plenty of stories about other types of workers getting stuck in those countries.

    1. Yep, the kafala (sponsor) system in the Middle east is dangerous.
      Your sponsor (employer) can screw your ass, and your freedom. You essentially are forfeiting your freedom to him. You could make money, but it’s like the same blue pill corporate shit environment as in the States. You can’t afford to mess with your management.
      The best option is to purchase your own investor or business visa (which is expensive). Dubai is more friendly than Saudi when it comes to purchasing your own work visa. Choose that and work independently. And the place has hordes of horny expat women from all over the world. Western, EE, FSU, latin america, asia. It’s the sex capital of the Gulf, along with Bahrain.

      1. I don’t think the average teacher can afford a investor/business visa anyways. With the sponsor issue included, would this risk be worth the reward? It seems to me IMO that making this much, with that certain tax system, in a conservative environment would be favorable for someone look’n to get ahead(sprinting). The “Middle East” also seems to be in the center of non- western nations.

      2. Quote: ” And the place has hordes of horny expat women from all over the world. Western, EE, FSU, latin america, asia. It’s the sex capital of the Gulf, along with Bahrain”
        All these women are there to chase after wealthy oil tycoons. The second you mention you’re an english teacher is the same second you’ll be discarded. I guess if you can scrape together enough money and buy an armani suit and frequent the establishments at night where all the hotties hang out you could lie and pretend you’re rich. But then you could do this almost anywhere.

    2. You definitely have to careful over there in the middle east, but I think it is safe for the most part if you don’t act like a jackass. The ability to save is the real attraction

  3. Funny how at least three of these are sex tourist destinations. Funny ha ha. Ha. Ha,
    I’m in!

    1. Arguably four! It’s always the same on PUA style sites – on the one hand going on endlessly about “not being sex tourists” and on the other, focusing heavily on all the usual sex tourist destinations. just look at RVF for example; endless threads on Brazil and in more recent times, the DR. These places were sex tourism hotspots long before most of the RVF members were born. On the other hand, I notice little appetite for places that don’t have a sex tourism angle to them in one way or another.

      1. I didn’t say it was a bad thing. I’ll gladly go abroad to get what I want, and what I want doesn’t look like cottage cheese and jiggle like jello!

      1. True. From what I have heard from folks living there, not much has changed in day to day life and some lingering issues are finally getting handled.

      1. A lot of people have been staying and working there for many years by doing border runs every month. Take a bus to the border, step across and get a new tourist stamp. The current authorities are cleaning house and cracking down on this loophole. A lot of English teachers do this because their schools can’t (too many foreign employees) or won’t get them proper visas.

  4. I taught in Korea and Japan. It was awesome. The money is great. Japan is somewhat expensive. Comparable to the US but certain things, like housing are cheaper. Korea is very cheap by Western standards, comparable to say Eastern Europe, but the salary is high. I saved about 15k during my one year of teaching in Korea and I wasn’t skimping on the good stuff.
    Sex wise I found Japan somewhat difficult. Most girls fell into two categories. Normal J girls, who would date a western guy, but only seriously and the gajjin hunters, girls who would seek out and bang western guys. The gajjin hunters were pretty much the US equivalent of our party girls. The normal J girls seemed to least to be more wholesome. Korea on the other hand was, for me, a girl paradise. All I had to go to get laid was go out and be white. The Korean girls, especially the younger Korean girls, were all about it, AND the female English teachers far outnumber the males, most of them are rather lonely and alienated and won’t bang Korean dudes. I have never gotten so laid as when I was in Korea.
    Different people have different mileage, but that was my experience.

    1. Thanks for the review, I’ve considered doing this myself. Do they not date Korean guys because they are racist or is it the Korean guys who don’t like the white girls?

      1. I’m not entirely sure. Different girls had different excuses. Some claimed language barrier or equipment size. Others seemed uncomfortably racist about dating outside their own culture or ethnicity. I’d say for most of them dating a Korean guy would simply have taken too much effort and been “scary” or uncomfortable. Korean guys were interested in western girls, or at least they told me they were, but they also had heard that western women were really slutty and hard to deal with. Which I confirmed as the truth.

      2. High status Korean men can do way better than your average…. scratch that…. way above average English teacher and… well hypergamy.

    2. I dont know if the whole ‘white guy’ thing is true anymore. I think things are changing fast. Korea is just 10 years behind Japan. I lived in Japan from 2007 to 2011 and things had changed drastically when I got there. Im not complaining, I had a great time in Japan, but it wasnt because I was white or not white. I just went with the flow and made an effort. In the end, its all about who you are as an individual. By the way, how about subscribing to my blog at I am the author of this article. I would appreciate it as I am trying to gain support.

      1. I was in Japan in 07 and Korea in 08-09. I already said getting laid was harder in Japan. Doable, but harder. I honestly had NO problem in Korea, and this was before I knew what the red pill was, or knew any game or anything. I am white, thin/athletic and I take care of myself, but I am not tall or classically good looking. Maybe things have changed, but I’d wager the average American guy would do better in Korea then at home.

      2. I had a look at your website. At a glance, I can tell that I’ll be reading a lot of this stuff. Thanks for the link and work, James; I’ll be subscribing.

    3. The salary in Japan is crashing, Korea is a far better option for the money. You can get laid in both countries, but in Japan it is more difficult. The demand in Korea puts you in a far better place work-wise. In Japan, you can either work for a lowish salary at a public school (loadsa free time though) or at a private school where you will have to work evenings and weekends.
      I love living in Japan, but it’s very tough at times. It is worth noting as well that Japanese people dont speak English at all well, so a lot of the girls us foreigners bang are weird, looking ffor a husband cos theyre too old for J guys or low quality. They get passed around and are looking to become like US girls in the main.
      Korea might be a better option on most accounts these days, if you can put up with the much more in your face and unsubtle nuances to their culture. Also, if you go, you are better off out there as a more lone-wolf type, cos some of the waygooks out there these days are absolutely pathetic.

    1. There are jobs to find, mostly in Czech Republic and Hungary but they are either shitty or highly specialised. The pay is also low. You won’t save money. You may even lose money. A buddy of mine taught in Hungary. He ended up freezing to death in soviet era housing and dipping into his savings for the basics.

    2. You could run courses out of your own home and bring new arrivals to your country straight to your place.

  5. I call BS on Japan. It’s a great place to live, but it’s far from magical. And there’s no way you lived there for 4 years and never ran into a problem or a person with a beef. Japan has just as much horseshit going on as any other first world nation.

    1. Everyone who talks about Japan has a huge stack of complaints.
      I have no firsthand experience, but even I can’t co-sign ” I cannot recall meeting one person who either lived or visited Japan that had anything bad to say about it.” Even those who love it and say it’s worth it acknowledge serious trade-offs.

      1. Good post Joshua. Of course,there are problems in Japan and living there, but that is the same for any country. Everyone is looking for this magical country where everyday is paradise, but that is bullshit. When you can go with the flow and is when you can actually have a great time. Sure, I had some bad days in Japan, but at the end of the day, I think most people who live in Japan have a pretty good time. If they don’t, then that is on them
        How about subscribing to my blog at

        1. I’d really like your article a lot more if you didn’t fucking ask to subscribe to your blog on every fucking comment. I was actually going to go on your website until you kept fucking begging people to visit your site.

    2. Good reply skotch. Of course, Japan has issues, but everywhere has issues. I knew that going in. Those issues have to be expected, but considering that it is an awesome place. Did I have frustrating days. Hell yeah I did, but that is part of the experience of life. I dont want a life in which everyday is wonderful because then I would never appreciate or understand what ‘wondeful’ is.
      How about subscribing to my blog

  6. Hey James,
    Great post! Useful knowledge. I’ve been considering going to South Korea next year to teach and save ~15k.
    A couple specific questions.
    A) Is the work demanding or is there enough mental freedom from work to focus on self improvement?
    B) How do you think it looks on your resume? Do you think employers see it just as paid vacation or as valuable experience?

    1. The work varies. I personally had a relatively easy gig. I taught about 24 hours a week spread over 4 days. Mostly afternoon classes. The kids were sometimes a hassle but most were OK. The work is sort of tedious, grammar drills and that sort of thing but not challenging. Mostly you have to keep the kids entertained. Most Hagwons are basically English speaking babysitting services. I hear that the public school jobs have longer hours and more engaging classes but you have a lot of down time every day. I used my spare time to go to the gymgym, go running or biking, socialise in my town. A lot if wvenings I would Go out in Seoul and many weekends I took trips around Korea mostly in the southern beach regions, but I did some rural trips as well. I also did a few weeks of a temple stay and read a great deal.
      When I got back most employers seem to see it as interesting. Some positive, some neutral. I think it depends on what line of work you go into.

    2. Hey Clark Kent,
      Thanks for checking out my post and the comment. Appreicate. It would be awesome if you could subscribe to my blog at
      To answer your questions.
      a) The work can be tiring at times, but you will still have time to work on your own projects and engage your mind. I did a lot of writing when I was in Japan and even wrote half of my graduate thesis despite living a crazy lifestyle.,
      b) It is hit or miss. To some employers, it looks great on your resume and they respect you for it. To others, they don’t like it. It just depends on how open minded they are how racist they are.
      If you have any more questions, send me a message through my blog.

  7. South korea- don’t be black. I lived in SK for two years with the army. I date a few English teachers during that time the SKs have no problem expressing the fact that they do not want a darkie teaching their kids. You can also forget about tutoring work. I’d wager tiawan, China and Japan are the same

        1. No there are places where bieng black is an advantage..for example germany or argentina.

        2. Nil. I’am Uruguayan, 9% blacks here, and blacks in my country only do music and soccer. Academy? Finances? Politics? nop.
          Jews, in other hand, are overrepresented. You know. 114 average IQ versus 85.
          All Latin America is like that. Even Brazil. Look the Brazilian senate. Google it.
          Fucking favela trash.

        3. Engineering faculty in Montevideo. 5 k students in average. I have seen…. like 4 black people. 3 mulattoes. 1 pretty pure black.
          Jews? Like…. 15% haha!!!
          Even Asians (we have close to nil Asians here, but, like in every country in the world, they are gifted in maths)

        4. In fact, we have a mestizo population in Uruguay. Close to 20%. You want to look the most European looking place in Uruguay? Look no further: go to the Engineering Faculty of the public university. Yes. Is public and free. 0 cost.

        5. Of course. Its because maths are racist. If whites, jews and asians get ahead, is because “historical discrimination” and unfair advantage against poor blacks. Even in a country like Uruguay, with free education in all levels.
          And you, in the states, think that the solution to the “black problem” es more money? haha!!!!

        6. Why should Blacks be represented in German parliament ?
          Germans aren’t represented in Japan’s parliament, why do you think Blacks warrant special treatment in White countries, are you Anti-White ?

    1. I don’t know. I think things are changing fast in South Korea just as they changed quickly in Japan. S Korea is always about 10 years behind Japan. When I lived in Japan, I always did pretty good, but my friends who were brothers did exceptionally good with the ladies

      1. Whites give you a hard time in life?
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        1. sad little racist trying to be “alpha” by trolling on PUA websites. I suppose you write a lot about how much you love multiracial brazil on rvf and are planning a sex tourism trip there?

  8. I’d really like to find a lost tribe of ‘Eloi’ somewhere. I’d teach them ‘manocentric’ English and there would be no singular word for ‘wife’, but an alphanumeric series of words like ‘primary’, ‘lolita-prima’, ‘lolita-suma’, on and on. The progenators of our language hold much influence in our course as we civilize.

  9. Informative and helpful. I recommend (non-sex trolling) travel for all U.S. men that can. America treats ‘her’ males horribly, but that is not the case in most places on the planet. It’s a breath of fresh air even doing nothing in a good foreign spot, as interactions with females are far superior to the Mess in the U.S.

    1. Yeah, I am the author and I agree. I am actually thinking of bumping off Argentina and adding russia. I actually just live in Chicago, so I see russians all the time.

      1. Im here now, teaching English without Celta (I have a BA) but really, here in Russia, if you are a native speaker who is confident and can get the job done…you will get hired, even with no degree/qualifications…the pay is crap, starting aprox 500 Roubles per hour (I also have outside income) but if you make a name for yourself this figure can increase dramaically. Most places will pay you cash in hand so you can even work long-term via 3 year tourist visa (USA citizens)…and the women here are far far sexier than the alternative nations listed here. Come stake a claim in the wild wild east!

  10. Nice article. I’m thinking about embarking on that path in the future at least for a year. I noticed – a majority of those countries are in Asia, specifically East Asia. Would an American Asian be discriminated against and thus, have difficulty finding work there? Or, would I still have a legitimate chance, even if there’s some discrimination?
    I was offered a position in the past but after 2 months of being offered and nearly 2 weeks before I was supposed to leave, the job was no longer available for me. I was told 2 different reasons: from the recruiter, it was there were not enough enrollees. From my friend who’s a friend of the recruiter, it was budget problems. I suspect it could’ve been discrimination too. Possibly, parents or the director, himself, not wanting a dark-skinned man teaching the kids.
    Cool that a lot of countries in which I want to teach are listed on the list. Except for France, Cambodia, Ukraine, and possibly other parts of EE (like Bulgaria). Are those not viable options? Is France that challenging for finding work?

  11. Nice article. I’m thinking about embarking on that path in the future at least for a year. I noticed – a majority of those countries are in Asia, specifically East Asia. Would an American Asian be discriminated against and thus, have difficulty finding work there? Or, would I still have a legitimate chance, even if there’s some discrimination?
    I was offered a position in the past but after 2 months of being offered and nearly 2 weeks before I was supposed to leave, the job was no longer available for me. I was told 2 different reasons: from the recruiter, it was there were not enough enrollees. From my friend who’s a friend of the recruiter, it was budget problems. I suspect it could’ve been discrimination too. Possibly, parents or the director, himself, not wanting a dark-skinned man teaching the kids.
    Cool that a lot of countries in which I want to teach are listed on the list. Except for France, Cambodia, Ukraine, and possibly other parts of EE (like Bulgaria). Are those not viable options? Is France that challenging for finding work?
    (Sorry if this is a double post…I created a profile and wasn’t sure if it posted the first time)

    1. Hey Rich,
      Thanks for checking out my article. No, despite the sterotypes, you can definitely still find a job teaching in east asia and even a good job. You will run into some assholes, but there are small minded assholes everywhere.
      You can teach in those countries listd, but it will be hard to find work there.
      For more info on teaching abroad, check out my bog at
      Also, it would be awesome if you could also subscribe. I would really appreciate it.

  12. I am an Black-British male, who has a TEFL certificate, and will be under 25 when I finish my BA. Teaching English abroad is something I have a very keen interest in. Are there any countries (in this list or otherwise) that people would kindly recommend?

    1. I heard that British English teachers are more sought after than American English teachers in Japan. The Japanese are Anglophiles and obsessed with Hugh Grant.
      Hope that helps.

      1. Mr Biggs,
        It does help. I can attest that I do speak like Hugh Grant, but perhaps I do not have his particular brand of wit.

    2. Hey buddy, Im James. the author of this article. If you are worried about being black and being overseas, then I would tell you to stop worrying so much. If you are cool brother, then you will get more girls than all of your white friends put together. Of course there are some racist people in asia, but it is a different type of racism and sometimes it works in your favor. I can tell you that as a white dude I was refused service a few times in asia for being a foreigner, so it is not always about color.
      If you want to know more about teaching abroad, check out my bog at and please subscribe. It only takes a few minutes

      1. Hi James,
        I thought I’d check back here to see if a response was posted, and I’m so glad you replied so speedily! I assure you, I am a cool brother, however, because of the area of London I grew up in, I speak like (how some of friends, white or black, would say) a middle-class BBC reporter. I didn’t think about race or colour at all until I saw it mentioned, and I became slightly apprehensive. But, I’m glad you cleared that up for me. Yes, I shall have a gander on your website.
        Thanks again.

      2. I appreciate that you are letting the brother know that there are possibilities, and it is refreshing to hear something other than nigger nigger nigger, but he won’t be tagging more than his white friends combined except maybe in Japanese hip-hop clubs, and that is if his white friends are total weebs. I will encourage black men to give it a try if they really want to, as there are exceptions to the rules.
        Also, you are right that discrimination in Asia isn’t always about color, but can be an us and them thing. When it comes to “guaranteed” jobs and women though, it often is.

        1. Hey Grand,
          Have you lived in Asia? It might just be the part of Japan I lived in, but I met many brothers in Sapporo and in Okinawa who mopped up with the ladies. Not just with the club rats,but with all kinds of Japanese girls. Of course, Im not black, so I cannot always relate. I am sorry to hear that people throw racist slurs your way and I see people saying stuff on these post, which I think is bullshit. I think if you are a real man, you will at least say something to someone’s face and not on the comment section of a blog post.
          But I would say ignore the hatters and you will be fine

        2. I stayed in the Kansai area and in Hiroshima a few years back. I taught in China over the summer too, and I’m kicking myself for not staying. On vacation here in Taiwan before heading back to America to build my funds back up and return to Asia, unless I’m lucky enough to find a job here in two days.

    1. You got to get out of Tokyo in Japan. Once you are in the smaller cities like Sapporo, Fukuoka and even the second largest city Osaka, the girls are great. Are they really stuck up or you approaching them the wrong way?
      Please subscribe to my blog at

      1. Oh, I thought the only white guys who actually go to Japan are extreme weaboos, who think anime and manga somehow represent Japan’s reality.

  13. I spent five months in Chile so I speak from experience. The people in Chile are far from wonderful. There are many kind Chileans who are welcoming to foreigners. However, American culture has rubbed off so much on Chileans that you can’t even tell you are in a foreign country at many times. The mall culture is alive and well. Women are glued to their phones even more so than in the US.
    Chilean women are extremely flakey and bitchy. The hot ones are high maintenance and once hitched and have popped out kids, the balloon up and leave the raising of their children to the “nanas,” usually poor Peruvians.
    I dated a Chilean girl who was very nice and feminine. She was the exception and not the rule.
    The Andes are beautiful, but the pollution in Santiago is so horrible you can barely see them while in the city.
    All and all, Chile does have the most stable and transparent government due entirely to the heavy German influence, no thanks to the Chileans themselves. However, the Chileans in general are not what I would call wonderful.
    I would much rather teach in Colombia or Brazil.

    1. Interesting acomments about Chilean women. Ive heard other guys say the same thing, but I thought they were nice when I visited Chile. Personally, I love chilean women, but I could just be naive. Would you subscribe to my blog at My name is James and I am the author of this article.

    2. I never really liked any of the Chileans I met..drank to hard(and only drank) and the women were stuck up, not sexy/friendly like most latins…

    3. Indeed. Chile is westernizing very fast and i found the chilean women look like short and dumpy truck drivers with snotty attitudes. I have also gotten confirmation of my experiences there by other colleagues who have also visited. He also mentioned that he noticed the men in chile seem to have the look on their faces as if they’ve lost all hope.
      And Roosh has already weighed in about the women of Argentina.
      I would say that one would go and teach in those two countries for the experience and the beautiful terrain and landscapes, but unfortunately not for the women.

  14. Damn glad to see Ecuador on the list. Costa Rica though? there’s such a huge American presence there that most people already speak english

  15. One part of the red pill is accepting the hard and cold truth of the Darwinian reality of life. That means: there is no “male brotherhood”. There is no “fraternity”. We are competing, for food territories, and women. There is no escape to conflict. With the weaker sex, or with other ethnicities.
    Any fool writing things like “we hate feminism, but we hate racism too” it’s a fool. Or he is gaining something from your passiveness.
    We are going to band together with our equals in tribes, fight the different, and trying to gain power. Is natural, is inevitable, in all human races. Live with it.
    And sorry for the English. I need a good teacher.

  16. Who is more alpha? Gengis Khan, or Christ? What is more alpha: raping and pillaging all of Eurasia, making the Mongols the masters of the land, impregnating thousands of woman (with or without their approval) or a person who said “we all bleed red and we are all brothers? Don’t be a dirty racist, you bad boy!!!”
    I’m a bad boy? Thank you, sir!!!! jaja
    You can’t swallow only one part of the red pill. When you start, you are a beta who believes in equalism (in all forms). But if you swallow the red pill for what it is, you going to end…. like Gengis.
    The time for civilizations have past. Now, is time for a “neo barbarism”.

      1. It’s not a question of races being equal or unequal, it’s a question of being civilization builders or civilization destroyers. Genghis Khan may have conquered Asia and most of Europe, but what is Mongolia today? Nothing. ROK promotes the continuance of Western Civilization but then says, “Hey Anglos, get out there and fraternize with peoples from South East Asia and Latin America!”,most of whom have to import civilization because they can’t invent it. Somehow this spreading thin of civilization is going to preserve our way of life instead of destroying it, like it has every other empire?

        1. Latin America it’s part of Western civilization, and there’s nothing more western that taking a voyage to a foreign land to conquer women. It’s what the Eastern civilization it’s doing.

        2. All right, “conquer” them, sure, but when it comes time to procreate, a certain percentage of those conquerors are going to choose women from countries that aren’t on the same level of civilization as we are. The resulting offspring will be an improvement for the foreigners, not so much for us. Did the Moors improve Spain and Italy? Are the border towns in Southwest America improving because of Latin immigrants?

    1. Scripture verse were Christ states “we all bleed red and we are all brothers? Don’t be a dirty racist, you bad boy!!!” ?
      Nice straw man argument….

  17. And i laugh of you people. Men of the “anglosphere”. Talking about “go ex-pat” and fucking the local women. You think that local men are going to be happy with that?
    I know. I know. In the “anglosphere” is something common to have men from every corner of the world fucking your woman. Assfucking your sisters, getting blow jobs of your mothers. Anglosphere is for everyone. But our countries are OURS.
    Be really really careful if you expat to other country and behave like a god given gift to earth fucking local women. Your life are going to be really, really short. More short the more different is the local culture and race to yours.
    So…. fucking women in Ucrania is different to fucking women in Nigeria if you are white. And, if you are …. black… vice versa.
    Remember: there is no “universal brotherhood”.

    1. Try traveling a little, the only time I every had any local guys give me shit was Brazil. In Argentina guys would introduce me to other girls (so they could meet the friends). Those Argentines are silver tongued devils.

    2. You seriously need to relax.
      If I’m smart enough to go another country, and I have, I’m smart enough to act right.
      Another White Devil

  18. Colombia is a good place to live but TBH it’s getting flooded with English teachers, and the money isn’t what it used to be. Back in the 90s when people were scared shitless to come here you could come with no qualifications whatsoever and charge the equivalent of USD$60 per hour for classes.

  19. it’s something I’ve mulled over for a long time. what are some good/reputable ESL boards?

  20. Yanks cant teach english anyway its all bastardised crappy slang and not correct if your serous about wanting to be taught english correctly its taught by English from ENGLAND not moron americans English is our language yours is American slang shite, word of warning yanks are all boneheads

  21. whoa whoa whoa!! Dubai & Saudi Arabia are long past the days of $50-60K salaries. A more realistic salary would be $40-50K and you would need graduate degree & lots of experience to get that.

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