Is Pornography Really That Different From Prostitution?

Would you marry a porn star? Or a slut or whore perhaps, who simply fucks on screen?

I don’t mean to imply that men here would or should. But on the internet, it’s surprising to note the rising levels of men who are OK with it ( 61% as per this nsfw link).

“I don’t look at it as sex, I look at it as a guy with his dick in my wife, but they’re working and it’s not emotional. She never orgasms in porn. That’s for us. If it happened on the set, it would be a little weird.”—What If Your Wife Were A Porn Star?


What you see in the above statement is modern male beta hamsterization at its worst. We’ve already explored here why you can’t turn a whore into a housewife. We’ve seen how ex-pornstars have become a source of harm for their children. Now let’s see how prostitution and pornography are essentially the same thing.

What ex porn stars have to say about the nature of the ‘work’


Customer and a prostitute illustrated on an ancient Greek wine cup

Some ex-pornstars have compared working in porn as being a prostitute. Chloe Nicole, a popular porn actress of yesteryears, has said:

“We’re prostitutes . . . There are differences. You can choose your partners, and they’re tested for Aids – you won’t get your john to do that. But we’re prostitutes: we exchange sex for money.

This came in an article highlighting the realities of the porn industry.  There have been debates on the legal line between prostitution and pornography and other questions have been raised:

Do you want your daughter to grow up to be someone who is compensated financially for the consensual act of sexual intercourse? No tricks here. This is an honest question. In this hypothetical, no one is underaged, on drugs, being exploited or coerced. It’s just a commercial transaction — money for sex acts. Is this what you’d want for your daughter?”


In short, the bottom line is: pornography is cinematic prostitution.

This raises a valid counter question: “Why is prostitution illegal, but pornography is not?”

How big is porn? America has one of the largest pornography industries in the world, but prostitution is legal in only certain states. Porn rules the world in more ways than you can imagine.

Pornography laws across the world:


Green indicates where pornography is legal, yellow indicates where pornography is legal with some restrictions, brown indicates where pornography is illegal, while gray indicates lack of data.

 Prostitution laws across the world:


The legality of prostitution and brothels around the world: The green areas are places where prostitution is legal and regulated; the blue areas are regions where prostitution is legal but organized activities such as brothels are illegal; the red countries are places where prostitution is illegal. Gray areas signify lack of data.

The laws on prostitution and pornography thus vary considerably around the world. So the hypocritical demarcation between prostitution and pornography is glaringly obvious especially in countries allowing one and restricting the other, as essentially women engaging in both industries are basically being paid to have sex.

In other words, if you want to be a prostitute to be paid for sex (especially in North America) , it’s rather convenient to become a porn star instead. You’d make money yourself, become a sex celebrity instead of a ‘cheap common prostitute’ and you’d contribute at the same time to the huge porn industry’s income. Pornography is in fact a way of glorifying prostitution and prostitutes – minus the stigma attached to it. You become an ‘adult actress’, a respectable upgrade over the ordinary common prostitute.

At ROK, we’ve spoken about the dangers of porn and how it affects men. We’ve even promoted the use of condoms and safe sex.  Ex-pornstars also have spoken about sex addiction, and other horrors within an industry, an industry which has recently spoken out against a mandatory condom use bill recently imposed on porn.

But, shouldn’t safe sex be promoted by an industry whose output is consumed in huge amounts in a country where more than 75% of people will have a HPV infection at some point in their lives?

So why is the bill actually being challenged? Because condom porn ‘doesn’t sell’.

As seen from this article:

The industry says condom porn doesn’t sell and that requiring prophylactics will only force production underground, where things would be more dangerous for sex workers.

Porn leaders say a twice-a-month testing system for performers works. The business has threatened to take production out of state, although it’s not really clear if that’s happening even as mandatory condom rules cover most of L.A.”

The second argument about testing twice a month doesn’t make sense. A lot of porn stars have lied about their STD status and continued to work in porn, resulting in a lot of deaths of performers. Some recent examples are Mr. Marcus, who doctored his STDs results to continue working, resulting in a syphilis outbreak in the industry in 2012, plus a few others . Some have even tried to book more shoots while hiding their true STD status. Thus, condoms would actually protect performers from such cases where tests are altered. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Some ex-pornstars have recounted horror stories while working in porn, which has resulted in tortures as well as STDs. Prominent among them is ex-pornographic actress Shelly Lubben, who now campaigns against the porn industry herself. The fact remains that everyone in the porn industry has had some kind of STD at some point in their lives, even with the big names. More reasons why condoms are necessary for the porn industry.


The real reason why the bill is being challenged is the first and only reason: the prospective damage to future sales and consumership of the porn industry due to ‘condom porn’. Porn is all about fulfilling sexual fantasies virtually – right down to the most depraved fantasies you see onscreen. You get the porn of your fetish, unlike in the real world where women who’d fulfill your sexual fantasies could much harder to be found. Not to mention the couples who watch it simply for the appeal of it.


Porn has thus gradually become the source of sexual release for most people throughout the world, thus leading to its consumership as both men and women who masturbate to it, or even learn about sex from it to eventually emulate it in their real lives. The rise of gonzo and POV porn thus seeks to substitute a real but at the same time virtual woman in the front of the viewer.Virtual sex appears as more real than ever. But condoms take away the ‘raw’ real appeal of porn.

So, the POV anal scene where the male performer buttfucks the female with a condom supposedly loses visual (and masturbatory) appeal for the viewer, as to the one which features no protection. The porn makers understand the fantasies of their audience very well, and thus don’t want to lose their consumers due to the ‘plastic’ appeal of condom porn.


How much would this scene sell with condoms? Not much perhaps, according to porn industry estimates…

Not to mention the promotion of unsafe unprotected sex to all those watching it.  What about the scene where the guy picks up the chick on the street, takes her to her apartment, and goes straight to raw anal? The immature viewer would then go and fuck around without protection and land up with a STD and eventual hospital bills. Porn thus influences people to become real-life pornstars who could face consequences – social, emotional and physical – out of emulating the risqué porn scenes you see on screen. The fact is that porn has a script and rehearsals; while real life doesn’t. If you fuck up in real life, you will bear the responsibility – sometimes for life ; not the porn which influenced you.

Is porn thus indirectly contributing to the income of the gynecological healthcare industry with increase in STD patients, by influencing people towards unsafe sex? It may be a crazy far-fetched assumption, but the thought then does cross the mind.

Comparatively, prostitution is more responsible when it comes to the promotion of safe sex as compared to pornography.

Feminism’s ambiguous stance on pornography


It’s logical to assume that every man would think feminists would oppose pornography, considering it would ‘demean’ women. But surprisingly, some of them have even spoken out in defense of it, notable being ‘individual feminists’ like Wendy McElroy, thus splitting feminism’s views on the subject. However, sex positive feminism has been trashed by some of the cultural Marxists themselves. Feminists can’t make up their minds after all even when it comes to defending the female gender.

The irony again is the same: why is pornography being overlooked, while prostitution is being demeaned by feminists – who claim to be fighting for women’s dignity and rights? The hypocrisy is so blatant. The prostitute is the culprit, but the porn star isn’t – when essentially both are offering the same service in exchange for money.

The stooping levels of modern male discretion when choosing mates is appalling

With men choosing to wife up whores, sluts and porn stars, the end of men, a fairy tale prophesied by feminists seems even truer.  Men are contributing to their own end and destruction of their self respect in the eyes of women by making faulty choices when choosing mates. The levels of sexual thirst among modern men propelled by permissiveness in modern societies, blinds men on how to distinguish between a good woman and a slut. Unless men develop more taste and standards when it comes to choosing the women they want to mate with, the self degradation by women through slutty personal behavior will continue even more, who’d still know there’d be someone to wife them up.

We should keep in mind that the wall is softer than we think for modern women; we’re living in times when there are no consequences for women for their behavior, while men have to face the consequences for both genders.  And who is responsible for this paradigm? Complacent, spineless, indulging and thirsty men: who allowed and are allowing the continuation of such paradigms in modern society.

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        1. The Walt Disney of porn?
          Who, in the Department of Justice decided to besmirch the name of a hard working Scots-Irish visionary by comparing him with a pornographer?
          Hyman Rothsteinbergwitz?

  1. Pornography and virtually all movements to change the world come from the Jews – Christianity, secular humanism, Marxism, Socialism and Communism, feminism, and the labor movement.
    Leading pornographers with Jewish names include Wesley Emerson, Paul Fishbein, Herbert Feinberg a.k.a. Mickey Fine, Lenny Friedlander, Bobby Hollander, Rubin Gottesman, Fred Hirsch and his children Steve and Marjorie, Paul “Norman” Apstein, Steve Orenstein, Theodore Rothstein, Reuben and David Sturman, Ron Sullivan, Sam and Mitch Weston (Spinelli).
    Jews accounted for most of the leading male performers of the 1970’s and ’80’s. Hebrew studs include Buck Adams, Bobby Astyr, R. Bolla (Richard Parnes), Jerry Butler (Paul Siderman), Seymour Butts (Adam Glaser), David Christopher (Bernie Cohen), Steve Drake, Jesse Eastern, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy (Hyatt), Michael Knight, Ashley Moore, David Morris, George Payne, Ed Powers (Mark Arnold), Harry Reems (Herbert Streicher), Dave Ruby, Herschel Savage, Carter Stevens (Mal Whorb), Marc Stevens, Paul Thomas (Phil Tobias), Marc Wallice, Randy West and Jack Wrangler.
    Jewish female performers include Avalon, Jenny Baxter (Jenny Wexler), Busty Belle (Tracy Praeger), Chelsea Blake, Tiffany Blake, Bunny Bleu, Lee Carroll (Leslie Barns), Blair Castle/Brooke Fields (Allison Shandibal), Courtney/Natasha/Eden (Natasha Zimmerman), Daphne (Daphne Franks), Barbara Dare (Stacy Mitnick), April Diamond, Jeanna Fine, Alexis Gold, Tern Hall, Heather Hart, Nina Hartley, C. J. Laing (Wendy Miller), Frankie Leigh (Cynthia Hope Geller), Gloria Leonard, Traci Lords (Nora Louise Kuzman), Amber Lynn, Tonisha Mills, Melissa Monet, Susan Nero, Scarlett 0. (Catherine Goldberg), Tawny Pearl (Susan Pearlman), Nina Preta, Tracey Prince, Janey Robbins (Robin Lieberman), Alexandra Silk, Susan Sloan, Annie Sprinkle (Ellen Steinberg), Karen Summer (Dana Alper), Zara Whites and Ona Zee (Ona Simms).

    1. It really seems like in every parasitic field, there is a member of the tribe pulling the strings.

    2. Dont forget. The. Frankfurt. School who sought to make the west so corrupt that it would stink

      1. they did promote transgressive sexuality, but I’ve never heard any direct promotion of porn? Not saying it didn’t happen, I’m just not aware of it

        1. Of the Frankfurt School
          ” among those present, was Georg Lukács, a
          Jewish Hungarian aristocrat and son of a banker. He had become a
          Communist during World War I. A good Marxist theoretician, he had
          developed the idea of “Revolution and Eros” — sexual instinct used as an instrument of destruction.
          Then there was Willi Münzenberg, another revolutionary Jew whose proposed solution to the problems besetting society was “to
          organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization
          stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life
          impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.”
          Others were (according to wikipdia) Max Horkheimer · Theodor Adorno
          Herbert Marcuse · Walter Benjamin
          Erich Fromm · Friedrich Pollock
          Leo Löwenthal · Jürgen Habermas
          Alfred Schmidt · Axel Honneth
          Job Done

        2. There seems to a lot of similar internet articles on those two, and the idea that there was a meeting that took place to plan the destruction of the west by ensuring it became so ‘corrupt that it stinks’. Its difficult to find any solid sources for this though even though its not an unreasonable position to say that corrupting the west is exactly the result of the frankfurt schools writings. I believe the frankfurt school amongst others are responsible directly or indirectly or otherwise, but that the scholarship that has made this case has been unnecessarily sensationalist, which actually makes it easier to defend against.
          ‘cultural marxists’ almost certainly targeted the family, and promoted ‘transgressive’ over traditional sexuality for demolitionary reasons, but I’m not sure I believe it came down directly from the high command, let alone that that can be demonstrated

    3. “Pornography and virtually all movements to change the world come from the Jews – Christianity, secular humanism, Marxism, Socialism and Communism, feminism, and the labor movement.”
      There’s a difference between ‘corrupting’ and ‘changing’ or at least there certainly should be. One interesting thing about the Kabbalah I learned recently, is that it conceptualises the universe as governed by the principle of desire, the organisms (and the godhead’s) search for pleasure, a principle it seems to affirm. This might seem to accord with participation in something like porn, but it doesn’t quite end there – lower level desires – of which unbridled carnal desire would appear to be a variety – are supposed to be sublimated (indeed Freud may have been influenced by kabbalistic ideas in this regard).
      As for changing the world you are quite right, at least with regard to the kabballah and the Mishnah:
      “Tikkun Olam is Judaism envisioning an ideal world. Often
      translated to mean ‘repair of the world’, and even as social justice, tikkun olam underpins our religious way of life and perspective
      that works towards a time of peace – not just ending war, but a time of
      prosperity, health and justice for all.”
      How influential this is amongst jews I couldn’t say, nor do I see any obvious connexion between social justice and promoting pornography. Maybe it would be appropriate to acknowledge that the jews have been heavily involved in social justice movements perhaps for the reasons given above, while refraining to attribute the worst (i.e. necessarily hostile and conspiratorial) motives to that involvement.
      Which is to say, yes, Ron Jeremy (etc) is a jew, but maybe he got involved because he wanted to fuck loads of bitches, not bring down western civilization, even if the industry as a whole is certainly doing its bit in that regard

      1. What is Ron Jeremy’s real name? It’s like a goddamn Trotskyiite convention in the porn biz.

    4. If anybody wants to know why the “sex positive” feminists (Jews) don’t go after pornographers, or pay only lip service to going after pornographers…
      This is why.

  2. The modern (Western) man has no self-respect. He will gladly date a “former” slut, a girl who works as a prostitute/porn star on the side, and not feel any shame. He will actually be cheered for his liberal views on sex.
    It’d be funny if it weren’t so disgusting. Prepare for societies with more single mothers. And since most criminals and psychopaths were raised by single moms, prepare for more crime.

  3. Porn is viewed differently by the female mind at least in the beginning. Many young girls are doing porn now at least once (so called – one and done) and many do private vids that get posted by their boyfriends online for free. In the beginning quite a few girls have plenty of fun “exploring” their sexuality that way as an experience and some quick cash. But of course within a very short period that factor is gone for most women and it has a strong negative psychological impact on them (as they go through hundreds and thousands of sexual partners within a short time).
    Prostitution is similar, but in most cases the effects are by far more negative for the girl. At least when doing porn she classifies it as a fun experience – with prostitution it is highly different from the onset. That is why most porn stars will not be escorts at the same time (though a fair number of them are doing it).
    Porn however is inherently negative because it contributes to the hyper-sexualization of society. Nowadays children have access to it as soon as they are able to surf – which means most who have private internet access. In the end it destroys the fabric of society as one point on the agenda.

    1. I’ve never fucked a single western woman in my past few encounters in the missionary position. I now reserve missionary sex and kissing only for ‘romantic sex’ with EE or Asian women.
      But the above picture is the perfect and only position that should be practised for the bitches of the West: doggy style. You don’t fuck a Western bitch like a human with face to face fucking. I wouldn’t care to even look at her face, forget even kissing her. I’d just bend her over, slide it between her butt cheeks, and bang away till orgasm. Western bitches don’t deserve intimacy.

      1. Yes, and I am so sick of hearing that girls do porn because they need the money.
        Girls do porn because they crave the attention and the excitement.

        1. The idea of working two jobs or saving money is completely foreign to these strumpets. Everyone is already desensitized to porn. As another guy said, these girls are already riding pole every other weekend for free. Suddenly she realizes she can fuck hot guys AND make money? *Hamster starts lacing up its New Balances*

      2. Very much an attention whore… cough.. I mean victim, she’s a victim. I’m sure patriarchy is to blame here….

    2. Hyper sexualization in our society is on a steady incline so prostitution will probably be the new “fun” thing to do soon enough. Moms will push their daughters. “Go ahead and go to Vegas to be an escort to experiment. After being will all those guys you will know what you like and don’t like in a man. You can do all kinds of dirty stuff to any man you want in the future too.” Smdh

        1. But it’s the truth. That’s the end game to this whole experiment. Even your so called “good” women at some point in their lives, recognize that they can receive things of value from men in exchange for sleeping with them, be it money,shoe, rent or even forced commitment, that women takes on the mentality of a whore. And a whore can only view men according to two categories. A man to a whore is either a trick or a pimp. So as America creates more whores, it will also create more men who are pimps. And, that is when we’ll see True misogyny.

        2. “Even your so called “good” women at some point in their lives, recognize
          that they can receive things of value from men in exchange for sleeping
          with them”
          As far as I know, that was the state of mankind from 250k years ago until the 19th century A.D.

        3. True. But most “successful” societies made sure to place some type of cultural checks and balances to keep a women’s hypergamy in check. Those societies who do not soon become overrun with whores.

        4. There is becoming less and less of a place for “good women.” Even the hottest “good woman” cannot compete with the endless variety of porn. According to neuroscience, exposure to porn tends to have the effect of rewiring neuroreceptors in the arousal center of the brain, which usually brings out some degree of the “Coolidge effect.” This is a very primal underlying part of the brain (possibly stronger in males), which in many cases would be latent, and not manifest into anything other than noticing that many women are pretty. However, constant exposure to endless sexual images of many different types of females makes men become bored with or even have contempt for what is familiar to them. Hence, the “good women” is eventually going to be left with this choice of being the disposable sexless Madonna or Whore on a pedestal with diamond crown. It’s grim. Being immersed in this mess sometimes makes me not want to be on the planet.

    3. For a lot of girls, it’s really no big deal at all. They’re already taking a new dick every week, and they’re doing it voluntarily and for free. Then someone tells them they can do the exact same thing they’ve always been doing, but get paid for it as well. The only issue that may dissuade them from being in porn is the fact that everyone is going to see them naked. Not the idea of having sex with thousands of men.
      Fact is, those women you see in porn were already ‘broken’ way before they even got into the business.
      There is little difference in sluttiness between a pornstar and an average girl, save for how comfortable they are in everyone seeing them naked.

      1. “There is little difference in sluttiness between a pornstar and an
        average girl, save for how comfortable they are in everyone seeing them naked.”
        You’re kinda right. You could see the same thing in porn castings. The girl strip down by themselves very much like how you’d see in one-to-one real life. Just in porn they’re doing it in front of everyone. Essentially porn is just a platform for sluts and whores to make it big, and to showcase for what these girls are only good for – fucking.

    4. I think porn is the reason that men are so effeminate these days. LOW TESTOSTERONE. Young men are fapping at record heights thanks to porn and when you gice all your sexual energy away, you lose your masculinity. Women can smell testosterone on a man, its instinctual.
      Im also a firm believer that women that shove a 10 inch vibrator in them daily lose their sexual essence and femininity. The sexual energy needs to be stored and used with caution. We should only really be ejaculating once or twice a week.
      Stop fapping for a month and watch how much better women treat you when your testosterone is high. Most betas are just men that have given all their testosterone to tube socks and shower drains.

        1. I remember the golden age of skin magazines. A gal from my high school was a centerfold in “Hustler”.

        2. Yeah and that girl invited to her home several times but I declined, being an incorrigible beta at that time in my life. A painful memory.

        3. I am officially certain that you are a real girl, and not a guy pretending to be a girl.

        4. Fair enough. Although, really, I am more of an old broad than a “girl.” I won’t claim to have personal knowledge, but men in the ’40s and ’50s .. or even the ’80s and ’90s were not quite the same in regards to views on porn and masturbation. I have also read that men’s testosterone levels are much lower today than they were in the past. It may be a correlation without causation to blame it on internet porn. However, other studies actually show that the brain changes and testosterone decreases from frequent porn use and fapping. At the very least, most Greatest Generation men didn’t regularly use porn. IJS

      1. It’s become an epidemic. Which is why all major religions recommended some form of sexual self control.

        1. Not exactly, the motives behind religious sexual suppression are not for the good of man. Completely abstaining from sex and viewing sex as the enemy is unnatural and detrimental to psychological growth.

      2. Completely true! When you quit the habit/addiction your testosterone soars and the chicks notice on a subliminal level, and that’s not to mention the changes in mood, drive and geberal wellbeing. Try it for yourself, I’ve personally picked up chicks that are way hotter than me when I’m holding off

      3. This is tried and true knowledge. I don’t know how effective pheromones work in humans but after I work out women seem subliminally more attentive responsive .I know I love it when I go near a chick that’s straight out of the gym as long as she previously showered of that day course.

      4. I’ve tried to hold off but it’s hard as hell if you’re used to doing it regularly. I’ll try again…..starting NOW!

      5. Frequent viewing of porn is an indication of a high libido and high testosterone. Please don’t spread superstitions about porn. This is really suggestive of your own sense of guilt rather than a physical problem.

        1. My comment is not really about the viewing of porn, but the frequent masturbation caused by too much porn. The more you ejaculate the less testosterone you have. I dont watch porn or masturbate very often for that very reason. I save my sexual energy up to release on young chickies.
          Why so defensive about porn?

        2. Do many people watch porn and not masturbate? I guess some of them have great plots lines…
          You don’t need to worry about your sexual energy, trust me.

      6. Studies actually show that men today have lower testosterone than back in the ’40s and ’50s. Women also have lower testosterone levels. It might be causing estrogen dominance, and could be one of many variables that are causing record numbers of obesity and eating addictions (especially in women). We’ve been messed up. I think most of us are desensitized. If I could turn back the clock, I wish I would not have been exposed to porn before my first actual encounter. I think it gave me unrealistic expectations, and probably messed up my brain.

    5. Prostitutes, Porn Stars and promiscuous women are all in the same category regardless of how they want to tell you other wise – the first two are doing it for the money and the third for other ways of payment e.g. ego boost, drinks at a bar, etc. I read an article on the Japanese porn industry and the high numbers of women entering into the industry now compared to 15 years ago the police made a comment on the numbers of current sex workers that were former porn stars.

  4. A friend of mine has met Esperanza Gomez and her husband. Hes rich, doesn’t want kids and just wants to fark as much tail as possible. Having a pornstar wife gets him all the other women he can handle. Seems pretty Alpha to me. Then read about Tito and Jenna Jameson..and you realize how much of a Beta he was to marry such a used up bad attitude bitch. Part of being a man involves tolerating what doesn’t matter in order to get what you really want.

  5. Probably not.
    At the same time like searching for a new or used car worth buying, there is some small comfort in having an idea of a woman’s sexual history (porn-star, prostitute or general slut) as opposed to a “normal” (closed slut) woman who puts on a wholesome facade / virtuous front and outright lies about her sexual history with the likely possibility that her overall sexual history is even more depraved then the former.
    Though to the honest would it hard to justify either the open whore or closed slut as marriage material.
    Aside from a few red flags here and there one can never really know a woman’s history with regular men nowadays usually finding themselves too emotionally invested in a woman by the time she spills the beans or he finds out on his own.

    1. You can make an educated guess Caveat Emptor! There are certain things that give the game away. The best protection is to avoid marriage until 30 and get to know directly how people are. There are obvious patterns and I’d say that you will find a classification system that works to identify character flaws. Marry no less than 10 years younger than yourself ideally.

  6. This is the source of beta-weakness and female-groveling. Porn. Without it, there would be less leverage for these egotistical broads to use against the only thing men need from them. I say we find every porn star, cut our her tits, pull out her teeth, and rip off her ass, and then leave her bloodied and boobless, in front of a camera for a nice profile. For the male porn stars, well what do they have to complain about aside from STD’s? If I were in a fouler mood I would suggesting that they be castrated and mutilated as well, but there’s been enough man-ruining done already by porn.
    I guess the first thing to start is for all of you who hate porn, learn code, learn how to hack, and send major viruses to all of the main porn sites, starting with the ones that charge money, its not like they’re going to send their beta tatted up assassins out after us for disrupting their cash flow. Secondly, follow the QuitpornGetGirls program if you’re still stuck on it, the methods really do help. Third, spread the methodology to your fellow brethren so that we can start pulling our boys out of this muck.
    I will not be content with going to the grave with porn and feminist agenda’s still pulling strings, so you can either join me, care about yourself only, or do absolutely jack-shit nothing. I will fight to the very end. The very bitter blood-stained end.

    1. “I say we find every porn star, cut our her tits, pull out her teeth, and
      rip off her ass, and then leave her bloodied and boobless, in front of a
      camera for a nice profile.”
      Or, you know, just don’t watch porn. Sheesh.

    2. That’s a bit harsh. I mean,’it’s not like women will stop being harlots. That’s just what they are and now we have cameras to prove it.

      1. Don’t think so. 30 to 40% of porn viewership is women in today’s world, which shows the rising trends in female viewership of porn. So they’re being influenced towards sluttery indirectly by porn too. In the West, even normal women talk like pornstars in bed. How? Because of watching porn.
        I think if porn was banned, which is a hypothetical reality, you’d get rid of an important stimulus of promiscuity. Guys wouldn’t think too much of porn, and neither would women cavort or dress slutty like pornstars in public.There’d be less cockteasing as you’d see today.
        The proof? Flashback 20 years back when porn was only available on VHS and CDs, and today when it is readily available on the internet. See the difference in sluttiness then and now.

  7. Your last paragraph “We should keep in mind that the wall is softer than we think
    for modern women; we’re living in times when there are no consequences
    for women for their behavior, while men have to face the consequences
    for both genders. And who is responsible for this paradigm? Complacent,
    spineless, indulging and thirsty men: who allowed and are allowing the
    continuation of such paradigms in modern society.”
    This is unfortunate and true. There really are no consequences for female hyper gamy, sluttery, attention whorery and all other forms of similar fuckery. Everywhere I go now I see men who have surrendered. They walk down the streets hand in hand with tattooed shemales, short haired land whales and other genetically detestable specimen. These so called men have pretty much surrendered and succumbed to the weakness of the thirst. If we let feminism run its full pathological course, our society will become reduced to a place where the gender roles are completely reversed. Men will be at home wearing little sweaters and baking cookies and our so called women will be hitting bricks at the construction site. Empowerment of the female species is the most irresponsible thing that we as a species have allowed. Game and pick up and whatever you want to call it is just a natural, logical yet creative response real men have devised to battle against a society that clearly allowed too much freedom. You have to understand this isn’t an angry rant or some form of I hate women speech. It’s about what’s right and I know 100% that the way we are going is absolutely wrong. The only thing more difficult than being a man who knows the score is having to sit back and watch it all happen right before your eyes and not being able to do a thing about it.

    1. I think there’s some consequence, otherwise we would never hear “where have all the good men gone?” every other day. How much consequence there is, I can’t say, and it’s probably not enough, but there is some.

      1. When women say “where have all the good men gone?” they really mean “where have all the good [ALPHA] men gone?”

        1. No women actually mean. “Where have all the betas gone?” —after she becomes invisible. She only fucks alphas, but wants a bitch nigger to provide. Catch my drift?

    2. I doubt there would ever be enough women willing to labor the same way men have throughout history. Productive work is the realm of men. Women either do it out of necessity or in case of feminists, misguided attempts at proving themselves equal to men.
      In the future, men will still be the ones laying the bricks, alongside a minority of women, except with objectivity and competitiveness bogged down by endless hand wringing over workplace equality, feelings, etc.

      1. Women don’t have the strength or stamina to be firefighters, or the drive and focus to make any notable advances in things like technology. And therein lies the problem for your more radical Feminists. Sometimes it comes down to simple jealousy.

        1. Someone needs to daub the firefighter’s heads with a cool towel and bring them lemonade.

  8. It’s not a great idea. There is a book that hasn’t been translated into English called Pornocracy. It’s a 19th century warning from PJ Proudhon. Any French readers want to translate bits?
    Pornocracy is essentially like saying “Rule of the Whores”.

  9. The real reason why American porn makers are worried with the bill mandating condom use in porn production is because of the saleability of porn.
    Most of the heterosexual porn which comes out of Europe today is almost wholly anal porn – which is now the most popular of hetero porn. You see EE girls getting butt banged raw in most of the scenes. The main countries where anal porn is primarily produced now is Russia (St Petersburg), Czech republic (Prague), France, and Hungary (Budapest). Productions like Private XXX (Pierre Woodman), Rocco Siffreddi primarily get the girls for the extreme anal scenes from Central and EE, where the girls are paid for half the price for anal, as compared to the money an American pornstar would be paid to do an anal scene (beginning 1,200$ and upwards for double anal).
    Plus the girls from Central and EE don’t bother about protection. Thus, the new bill would primarily affect the American porn industry sales, but not European porn where unprotected scenes would continue. The syphilis scare in 2012 actually came out from Russia as per Rocco Siffredi himself.
    He mentioned that most of the new EE porn starlets engage in part time escort work,and around 89 to 100 porn starlets from Europe have syphilis. Thus the porn you’d see isn’t sexy at all; it actually showcases diseased women have sex.
    . Rocco Siffredi and Pierre Woodman, inspite of being established names in European porn and have the luxury of producing unsafe porn are actually promoting safe sex. Pierre Woodman himself wears condoms in the anal scenes for his Casting X series which showcases amateur EE young girls. It shows that European porn makers seem to be more preventive for STDs within the industry.

    Whereas, the main problem with the bill is with the American porn industry, which often has druggie feminist new starlets (Belle Knox for example) who’d do anything for money. Porn is huge in America, and a multi billion dollar industry which brings huge amount of money to the makers. With the rise of amateur porn, sex selfies, internet porn, the makers could not be even more threatened. With condom porn, the industry is likely to get fucked more. The porn makers don’t realize how many people they influence sexually through porn. But they wouldn’t care. They want people to replicate porn in real life, get sick and die.
    The saddest reality is men marrying up these female cum receptacles. It’s like the more slutty the woman, the more appealing she becomes for commitment purposes. This is the sick mind of the PC male.

    1. Condoms or no condoms, I can’t believe anybody still even makes money from porn.
      Who the fuck still pays for porn?

      1. Internet sites which host porn. Today’s porn consumership is through the internet. Not to mention the sites of the porn makers themselves who host exclusive porn viewership on their sites for paid members.
        These porn makers also have copyright laws for their videos, so anyone hosting or distributing those videos can land in a soup.

        1. “Paid members”
          Right, that’s what I meant – what kind of schmuck still pays for a monthly porn membership, when all the porn you could ever dream of is available for free on torrent/tube sites?
          Anyone who even remotely knows what they’re doing with a computer can get around silly copyright laws.

      2. Exactly….I’ve never paid for porn in my life…how do these cunts make any money?..oh ya…the manginas’ money! Hell, even when I rarely venture into a strip club, I milk my $9 beer for 3 hours and would never pay for a lap dance…pride I guess, bitches should be paying me to have sex, that is the way I have always viewed things. Make ME happy!!!
        If you are paying for porn, psychologically you’re ruining yourself and you clearly aren’t doing the INTERNET properly if you are paying!
        If porn is a billion dollar industry, then there are some stupid mother fuckers out there!!!

        1. Who in their right fuckin mind would even think of spending a penny on a bitch..Porn or no porn..I understand the oldest profession in the world, but I think that shit was for wealthy men to enjoy on the side.. With all the skeezers running around today its literally too easy to even think about spending a nickel..Let alone hundreds of dollars! Shows that Alphas truly are few far and between.

    2. Lol. Look at Rocco. He looks like a gaunt living corpse.
      This guy was once the cover of playgirl for his ‘good looks’. Look at what years of excessive ejaculations and raw anal has done to his looks and his body. Not to mention his conspicuous bad teeth which probably took a beating from eating those female assholes.
      His problem is sex addiction, as he even came out of retirement citing ‘sexual frustration’.
      Not to mention he boasts of having sex daily.
      And he complained of having the prostate of a 60 year old man.
      This is the sad life of male pornstars. Retured male pornstar Dale Debone criticized it himself here
      They sometimes too die early. John Holmes was one famous casualty. The only old man who’s made it so far is Ron Jeremy.
      But premature aging, graying of hair (especially due to too much raw anal and excessive ejaculations), and a body ridden with STDs are too much a price to pay. Look at the young guns now. James Deen is the most popular pornstar, he’s in his late 20’s but he clearly looks exhausted with all that constant anal raw dogging those bitches.
      Too much ejaculations depletes Kidney jing in Chinese traditional medicine, and speeds up aging in males (not to mention premature hair greying, fat deposits, thinning hair and male pattern baldness, and weak prostates.) Too much of sex – and that too raw anal- is as worse as no sex.
      Pierre Woodman : Male baldness
      Manuel Ferrara: Premature hair greying
      Nacho Vidal: Premature aging and grotesque size
      Rocco: Gaunt, premature greying and what not

        1. “He ought to star in the next episode of “The Expendables”
          – I think the right starring role for him would instead be in a movie titled “The Exhausted”.

      1. Holy shit! 51 years old, not obese and seemingly happy with life? If I look that good at 51 – I’ll take it. Look at the video at 9:11 instead of some cherry-picked photos.

  10. My foreign bride was sexually inexperienced when we met. Her childlike innocence is very charming.
    She became very aroused when we watched the 1932 version of “Tarzan, The Ape Man”. The animal scenes terrified her, and Tarzan frolicking in his loincloth with nearly nude Jane sent her over the edge. Quite a risque movie for its day, in fact the first movie to make $1million. I suppose teenage wankers back then saw it multiple times at the local movie-house. Otherwise very little “porn” to drain their manly vitality, hence I also have photos of my Mormon kinfolk and their 12-14 children.
    Highly recommended for your romantic mood video library.

    1. I never understand why some faggots feel the need to share their intimate experiences with strangers on the internet. No one cares about you and your foreign bride’s sexual life, faggot. Have some sense of decency and keep your privacy private. That’s a masculine thing. You’re otherwise no better than the sluts that post everything on Facebook.

      1. What the hell is wrong with you Bane, attacking a good man like him who did you no harm? Oh, you’re jealous because he found happiness? Then you’re probably a whining, sniveling little bitch, in which case we are not allowed to reply to you anyway.

  11. Reminds me that it’s been two weeks that I didn’t fap. The longest I ever last being 9 months, without faping or fucking.
    Never felt that free and disciplined than during that time.
    I recommand total abstinence to every young man.
    It’s hard in the first month, but after it makes you feel stronger and more productive. It gives you a self-sufficiency feeling, that makes you more confident.

    1. I’ve never at all understood this line of thinking. If I go more than a couple of weeks without fucking or fapping, I start having dark thoughts. Discipline flies out the window, in fact, my entire life pretty much stops until I get laid again.

      1. I agree. If I go too long without release I become so unproductive: can’t think of anything but sex.

        1. It sounds like you two have sexual addictions. Which doesn’t surprise one bit me given the level of degeneracy prevalent in Western society.

        2. You call it an addiction, I call it healthy.
          It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

        3. You think it’s healthy to be unproductive or have dark thoughts without sex? Where I come from those are withdrawal symptoms.

        4. No, it’s called having a healthy male libido. I know /pol/acks deny this, but it’s the truth. I’ll agree however that we must all learn to control our urges and try to release them onto actual women, or figuratively speaking,into things that are important in life. Porn is degeneracy and with that, I agree. All men should stop watching that bullshit.

      2. I know that too.
        My way to fight this is to devote myself to physical exercise, especially adrenaline-inducing activities, such as boxing or running.
        The adrenaline is so much more rewarding for your brain than sex.
        Every time I go back to sex, it is because of a lack of adrenaline or ambition, which makes me depressed.
        It is like any other addiction, in fact.

        1. Too much sex takes the zest out of life.
          It’s like you’re perennially drugged into a hangover.
          Adrenaline inducing activities like martial arts, and contact sports, are otherwise more uplifting.
          The target should be moderation in sex.

    2. Thanks for the inspiration, Napoleon! Been trying to quit for about two years now. Longest I’ve went was three weeks, felt much happier and confident.
      I will keep fighting

  12. Sweden and Norways prostitution laws are fucked.
    As a female you may sell yourself for sex completely legal, but purchasing sex is illegal.
    Fuck feminism.

      1. There are plenty of consequences – the hookers uniformly hate the laws. What hookers want is a broad, profitable clientele of decent beta provider nice-guys who aren’t getting it from their wives. The criminalisation drives those guys away, meaning that their clients are necessarily shady to some degree.
        Where prostitution is legal, sex slavery, underage prostitution, and “trafficking” happens far less, because the johns will white-night and report it to the police.
        Drug criminalization has similar negative effects.

        1. True. In Amsterdam, regulated drugs and prostitution managed to provide safe, quality product and service while increasing tax revenue. It only worked because it was implemented into an educated, rich society.

    1. That’s the fuck-up.
      Porn is legal there, but prostitution laws are twisted. It’s like men get cockteased towards sex, but there are twisted avenues for sexual release.
      The greatest hypocrisy is in the US. You got only a few places where prostitution is legal, whereas porn is legal everywhere. No wonder you have the Belle Knoxs cropping up everywhere.
      The same thing with poor girls in Central and East europe. Porn becomes a better choice than prostitution.
      The real thing is that porn is fucked up more than prostitution. And the most fucked up places are the places which have conflicting laws on both.

  13. The West is going to burn to the ground, and both genders are going to fiddle when it does. The end of an era, man, the end of an era.

  14. The content of this article suprised me. I thought it would be about watching porn vs. using prostitutes

  15. Sex positive feminism is clearly the winner in their feminist civil war. Most feminists are young and just can’t keep it in their pants. Only some old women are still clutching onto the porn-is-evil thing.
    However, there is a new angle to the fight. The new feminists have taken to promote “ethical” or “equal” porn, which is porn that does not cater to the “male gaze”, and includes all gender identities, body types, etc. So basically, bad porn featuring uggos, fatties, and faggots even where people aren’t looking for faggotry.

    Either way it’s irrelevant. If you really need a release, that’s fine. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and you should be using your sexual energy as a driver. Refrain from excessive ejaculation and you’ll find yourself meaner, more aggressive, more ambitious, more motivated etc. That’s probably why males have a sex drive in the first place. Just don’t let it slide into desperation.

    1. old fashioned feminists like catherine mckinnon, andrea dworking etc see porn as simply patriarchy in action (as in the allegations made by the deep throat actress). As the phrase ‘sex positive’ feminism implies though there was a problem with the above in that it implied feminists were anti-sex – not merely anti-porn. However as you point out sex positive feminism often focusses on porn that is acceptable to women (as you say moving away from the male gaze and the purely gynaecological) or rather feminism. There may be more than one thing going on here, including the desire to take back control of the reins so to speak but I think one of the most important things is declarative: feminists want the world to believe that female sexual desire for ‘vanilla’ heterosexual is competing with every other variety. Typically female porn directors who feature both straight and lesbian porn, will subtly privilege lesbian porn. Feminist sex positive porn is a relatively small section of the porn industry. Yes, it may have actual lesbian consumers, but that is not the main reason for the focus on lesbian porn. Everything in feminism is about denying reciprocal female desire for men & getting conventionally shafted. All feminism seeks to promote clitoral focus in sex and porn, and to deny the significance or pleasure to be gained from vaginal sex (typically citing the superior number of nerve endings in the clit. overlooking the fact that sex and pleasure is primarily psychological and always will be). Everything in feminism is about destroying the phallocracy, the privileged status of the phallus in sex and culture, with a view to raising up the clit.
      For the above reasons one should be suspicious of the feminist / lesbian sex wars of the 80s etc against which the feminist battles on pornography played out. Nothing’s changed. There is nothing in there that is actually sex positive. Its just another way of attacking the patriarchy

      1. Some of the sex positive feminists are Belle Knox and Sasha Grey.
        From this interview:
        Captain Jack: So tell me about Belle Knox. What kind of girl were you growing up? School life? Family life?
        Belle Knox: I was a really good student. I was a nerd. I was in all
        honors classes. I was involved in everything. I was on the debate team. But at the same time, I was a freak in the bed. So I was a closet freak.
        CJ: I saw an interview on YouTube where you said you came out to your dad at 18. Do you prefer women to men?
        Belle Knox: I took the Kinsey test. I am a 3 on that scale so I am equally gay and equally straight.
        CJ: What was your first scene like? Were you intimidated being in front of all the cameras?
        Belle Knox: My first scene in LA was at a big mansion in Malibu and
        the guy was as hot as hell. I remember thinking, ‘I get to have sex with that guy? And I get paid for it? Awesome.’ I remember it was really nerve-wracking with a guy watching me have sex and I felt subconscious and very awkward.
        CJ: Besides the rough stuff, what really gets you off sexually? What gets you wet?
        Belle Knox: I love dirty talk. I love having a guy just talk dirty to
        me, tell me what he’s going to do with me. Like with James, while we
        were fucking, he said, ‘I’m going to take you home and make you my sex slave.’ And that was just “ahhhhh”. I love rough blowjobs, I love getting my face fucked, I love with spit running down my face and my makeup’s all messed up. I love rough, kinky dirty sex. I love bondage. I love being pushed to my limits.
        (Feminist likes getting face fucked and being called a slave, how empowering, LOL)
        CJ: Where’s the most uncomfortable place you’ve had sex?
        Belle Knox: A graveyard, on a sarcophagus.
        (Belle Knox is a necrophilic sex positive feminist)
        CJ: Tough decision. I’ll say pussy. Speaking of your ass, are you ever going to do anal?
        Belle Knox: Maybe at some point but I’ve never done it.
        CJ: Not even in your personal life?
        Belle Knox: No.
        (She’s still an ‘anal virgin’)
        CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?
        Belle Knox: I like it all over my face.
        CJ: Are you a swallower?
        Belle Knox: Yes, I swallow sometimes but I prefer it all over my face. I mean, I LOVE cum, I love it being all over me.
        CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done off camera?
        Belle Knox: Off-camera, the kinkiest thing I ever did with a guy is,
        we went back to his house and he told me to wait in the living room
        while he went to grab something. He came back with a leash, a collar, a gag and handcuffs. The next thing I knew, I was being hung by the ceiling and he was whipping me. I had a collar and a leash on and was gagging and it was amazing.
        CJ: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy and do you want to live it out on camera?
        Belle Knox: My ultimate sexual fantasy is just being leashed and collared.
        CJ: So you’ve lived it out already!
        Belle Knox: Yeah, totally. I just love bondage. It’s great when a guy
        is really a dom instead of acting like a dom. And carries himself like a dom.
        CJ: So you’re only 18, is it weird having sex with all these older men?
        Belle Knox: I don’t really have sex with older men.

        1. Yes, there’s gross hypocrisy here, but its also an illustration of how the internal conflicts work with so many women who have to balance the demands of feminism with their actual instincts and desires. The cognitive dissonance that results (to use an increasingly popular term) is something they may not be fully conscious of. But for Bella Knox I imagine its also a proleptic defence against the kind of criticism she knows she’s going to get mostly from other women. This defence is almost identical to the one offered by Miley Cyrus after she got accused of being a bad role model. And both have a point – sort of – they are exhibiting uncontrolled fame sexuality. Although as you say in Bella’s case this involves the feminism of quasi-forced face-fucking. Odd world we live in

  16. Thirst is the biggest problem affecting our male population. It may seem that porn alleviates this thirst, but in reality, your are drinking salt water.
    BTW the pornstar husband who’s quoted above in the linked article has an unmistakable sad beta face. His express says “kill me now!!!”

    1. Well I guess he’s just lounging around the house so I shouldn’t judge but the Lakers shirt and jeans is really cool…for a middle school boy. It all goes together. Dress like a child, think like one, get treated like one. Okay maybe I’m reaching.

      1. What do you wear to lounge around the house and play with a dog, a fucking tuxedo? You sound like a metrosexual beta bitch.

  17. Pornography is permitted for a couple of reasons. One, it would be a headache to control and doing so would be far too intrusive and disregarding of peoples’ privacy, and, second, women, while considering porn a threat, don’t consider it anywhere near as much of a threat as men having the option of real purchasable sex.
    Remember, women use sex as a resource to get other type of resources. Every woman does it in one way or another — it’s written into their DNA. Yes, they’re also programmed to enjoy the activity for its own sake, but at the same time they’re programmed to use their sexual availability as a social tool for getting resources. They might have been doing this as long as human beings were smart enough to be calculating about these sort of things — I’m talking hundreds of thousands of years here. This shit is written into their psyche.
    Therefore, women, as a class, have a massive interest in keeping sex as EXPENSIVE as possible (so they can get other benefits from it, i.e, relationships, job promotions, association with alpha males, etc). What this basically means is that a man who is lost with women is denied the option of simply going out and paying for it — whereas some plain woman in her prime gets dozens of implicit or explicit offers for cock every month. In a society where frustrated guys could just go pay for it, the plain chick would, perhaps, not get as many cock offers, and the worth of her sexuality would therefore be somewhat diminished. Legalized and tolerated prostitution does absolutely nothing for the average woman whereas it would benefit men by increasing their sexual options.
    And this is why feminists and social conservatives don’t want to allow legal prostitution. Both these groups are responding to the collective interest women have in keeping sex as expensive as possible. But since the prohibition of the consensual exchange of money for sex is incongruous with tolerance and liberalism, feminists and social conservatives resort to painting all instances of prostitution as insistences of abuse/rape/coercion, i.e, “sex trafficking,” a hyperbolic term that conflates innocuous consensual sex work with outright sex slavery as to forestall the legalization of the former.

    1. Exactly. That’s why the hypocrisy of allowing porn but restricting prostitution is so glaring.

    2. Conversely men also need to cull their own competition. Heavy fines, imprisonment and frustrating the other fellow can increase one’s own options. There is also another point in favour of bans. It means that organized criminals can skim cash off the transaction. This cash makes it all the way to the top men, one way or another.

    3. It’s also why women severely punish sluts. Sluts are ‘cheaters’ in the sex economy. There have been many many studies on this over the years. Women shame and ostracize sluts, whereas men rarely do. Those “end slut shaming!” banners? They’re targeted at women, not men.

      1. You’re on a site on which in every article there’s ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’ and such mentioned and yet according to you those banners are targeted at women? Zero logic and self-awareness, good job.

    4. Pronography is permitted because is concentrates wealth, which means that a few people get rich enough off it to bribe politicians (“campaign contributions”).

  18. “I don’t look at it as sex, I look at it as a guy with his dick in my wife, but they’re working and it’s not emotional. She never orgasms in porn. That’s for us. If it happened on the set, it would be a little weird.”
    Could there possibly be any greater embodiment of the gold-plated, dyed-in-the-wool White Knight than this? Pathetic beyond words. He, and anyone who has unprotected sex, deserve whatever they have coming – no pun intended.
    The same goes for anyone who isn’t smart enough to realize that a porn movie is exactly that – a movie. Michael Savage brought up a good point in “The Savage Nation”, which is required reading for all American men, as far as I’m concerned. He said that a young man who’s weaned himself on porn will be taken aback when the first girl he might be lucky to have sex with has things like bad breath and flab, and may not exactly be “clean shaven.” I may have fallen prey to this myself. Before I became a Christian, I had seen my fair share of adult films, whose actresses had perfect bodies. Someone on another forum that I frequent posted an illicit nude photo of Jodi Arias’s crotch, and I think I turned gay for a few seconds after seeing it.

  19. I don’t think we should ban porn, let me reiterate. I think porn should be obliterated. Every website just taken down and destroyed and viciously attacked to stop the online proliferation. As for videos and dvds, they’re on their way out anyways, so I don’t think we should go out and burn down every lover’s lane and adult video store, they will die out in due time.
    Remember, the internet is a battleground in today’s world. Destroy Porn. Destroy Feminism. Destroy Everything.

  20. You;d have to be out of your mind to date or marry a porn star or stripper. Let’s take the statement “I don’t look at it as sex, I look at it as a guy with his dick in my wife, but they’re working and it’s not emotional. She never orgasms in porn. That’s for us.” Let’s say that’s true. However, any woman who does porn or strips is severely unstable and damaged psychologically. Ask even the sluttiest of women out there and they would never dream of doing porn or stripping. Getting emotionally involved with these women is insane and can destroy your life. Enjoy looking at them, but nothing more.

    1. > Ask even the sluttiest of women out there and they would never dream of doing porn or stripping.
      That’s what they tell you.

  21. You only hurt yourself when you believe in lies. The concept of the wall isn’t accurate; it’s more like a huge hedge of annoying fucking leaves. They don’t walk freely and eventually fall. They endure agonizing scratches the entire way. Although less visible, it is an even worse hell for them.

  22. Lorena Leii looks like a drone talking into the camera. It’s like she memorized a script which she’s reciting to the questions in the interview about the mandatory condom bill. Maybe she got anally programmed by her bosses to talk like that. She even blatantly lies that no one got infected in the past decade. WTF bitch???
    STDs in the industry are a horrible truth. How many guys got it.. Rod Daily got it at 32.
    Porn is a scourge. It doesn’t only fuck up the lives of those doing it, but also the lives of those watching it, and being influenced by it.

  23. The author raised the point that porn is treated differently by feminists than prostitution, but he should have expounded upon why that difference exists. It’s simple: WOMEN ARE NOT THREATENED BY PORN. Porn won’t stop a guy from wifing up a low-average chick, who’s so glad that she landed a sucker that she won’t care if he’s spending 3-4 hours out of the day watching Asa Akira getting spit-roasted by twelve guys, so long as it doesn’t get in the way of him being the loyal provider/wage slave. A guy can’t dump his wife or girlfriend and start dating porn. He can’t start buying porn expensive gifts, and can’t have kids with it. Thus, women have nothing to fear from it. All of the screeching you hear from women about porn is just smoke and mirrors. They KNOW that if prostitution became legal, they’d actually have competition. All of a sudden, women across all 50 states would collectively gasp “oh shit, we’ve gotta start back cooking decent meals and screwing our husbands more than twice a month to keep them from given their paychecks to those evil whores!” But today’s woman loves things just the way they are. With the exception of third world women, modern American women have no competition, and that little bit of competition is minimized by the fact that 1) ethnocentric shaming is enough to make most betas stay put in the states and not travel abroad, and 2) most guys aren’t smart enough to put aside enough money to make travel a meaningful or feasible investment.

      – Women are not threatened by anything – except by the thought of a true reversal of society to traditional conservative patriarchy.

  24. hardcore porn used to be banned in UK until EU harmonization led to it being permitted and then very soon afterwards the internet came in and made the type of porn that once upon a time you had to go to Amsterdam to watch completely mainstream.
    I am pretty sure future social historians will consider developments like this to have been hugely significant. For one thing internet porn demystified hitherto little ‘experienced’ transgressive acts, including anal, both hetero & homo as well as a whole host of fetishes that would otherwise never seen the light of day for most people). The article points out that anal sex is now the preferred mode of heterosexual porn (I did not know this). I am pretty sure this will have been hugely influential in for instance changing people’s attitudes to male homosexuality, after all the argument will arise if one arsehole’s legit why not the other? Likewise lesbian porn moved from soft-focus female mincing in each others direction to lets say something rather more heavily involved.
    However its worth noting this permissiveness of porn arising from the internet was not a wholesale liberalisation. Indeed as some varieties of sexual act became popularised and accepted others have been further penalised. The key criterion here appears to have been the ‘consent’ issue. Animal sex, child sex (always illegal but campaigned for by movements in the 70s and 80s in both US & UK) as well as increasingly any kind of representation that might encourage violence – has been banned. Which is to say internet pornography, has effectively led the way in terms of the evolution of ‘how society is going’.
    Perhaps the greatest negative though, and something that probably did a lot to damage relations of the sexes has been the demystification of sexuality that arose as a result of internet porn. Feminists always bang on about representation, well in terms of how sex is represented in the internet, they might not be entirely wrong. My instinct is that internet porn may be something that feminists instinctively dislike because of the way it represents women, but at the same time those representations, presenting humanity at its most joyfully and pitifully degenerate has probably done feminism great service in the damage it has done to relations between the sexes. Porn has almost certainly weakened men, and its net effect on women, is to make them more like men in their sexual behaviour (to the extent they are influenced by it) while at the same time stimulating the pride and prissiness that frequently motivates the ‘women are minds and people, before they are bodies and objects of male desire”. Indeed any time they need evidence of the domination of women under male desire, all they have to do is point to this ubiquitous phenomenon of freak sex.
    Meanwhile, while we spill our seed like Onan, we grow weaker.

  25. Prostitution is superior to porn. Actual fucking at least. Possible relationships and even offspring. Images and videoas are cool and dry. Hookers are hot n wet, at least. See end of Niall Ferguson’s brilliant “War of the World”. The Muslims v White v Yellow. Bloodbath will ensue.

  26. It is what it is. And fucking for money is the oldest profession in the world. Porn has been around since man found out how to draw shit on the walls of caves. It will be around for as long as mankind is. Porn reflects the way society is, but it’s a feedback loop. Cuz the internets it’s more abundant than ever. It will be interesting to see what the long term effect will be; it’s not looking too rosy.
    I pretty much quit porn. Sometimes I couldn’t even nut when being with a girl unless I pictured some bang bros scene I saw the day before. It’s out there, it’ll never go away. Just be aware of how it can affect you. ROK et all helped me with that.

  27. I know there’s a strong no capping community here at ROK, and in theory, it makes sense. However when I think off all the times I fapped instead of wasting hours listening to some vapid Sloot, or capped instead of bringing a crazy pill addict into my co-op… Fapping could very well save lives people.
    Oh yeah and having sex for money = prostitution.

  28. This makes me really wonder how slutty the average western woman is. How many cocks in her life has already ridden a 20-25 years old girl nowadays ?
    Does someone know ?

    1. Extremely slutty. The average non obese chick has several sex partners at once. Usually one main guy and several on the side. I’d say, at a minimum the average non obese college chick sleeps with 5 dudes a year. Many more than that by the end of her 20’s. They think nothing of it and a lot of them “don’t count” for various reasons.

      1. Yup, and the hugest irony is that the guys who are most likely to disbelieve this and claim we are exaggerating are the male feminist manginas. No wonder female feminists have zero respect for them.

        1. The hamster is strong. I know (biblically) women who don’t consider their slutty actions slutty. Usually they don’t count the guy or the lay for various reasons and keep (in their minds) their number count down. Among the excuses I’ve heard, it didn’t count, (I was drunk, he was drunk, I was lonely, I had a fight with my parents, girlfriends, boss, boyfriend, we only slept together once, we werent dating, we were dating, it had been a really long time.) The excuses as to why a slutty experience doesn’t count as sex for her count are endless. Which is why a girl will tell you, straight faced “I’ve only been with 5 guys” because according to the rules she has created, she has. This is one reason why male and female notch counts rarely add up, with men on average reporting far more partners than women. This shit isn’t new, it’s just gotten worse and more publically acceptable

    2. A lot. I once mentioned on this forum that a girl who has had only 10 sex partners would be relatively conservative nowadays, and all the pathetic christian manginas who have never actually seen a pussy immediately went up in arms.
      If the truth bothers you, maybe you haven’t taken the red pill yet. The average relatively-good-looking 25 year old has probably had 10-20 sex partners. Unless, of course, she comes from a traditional, non-western country or a highly conservative religion (like Mormonism or Islam). Being christian or not, per se, has absolutely no bearing on this figure.

      1. I think 10-20 for a 25 year old is lowballing it. Maybe a fat and or obese 25 year old.

        1. Yup, I’m just trying to come up with a conservative estimate that no one can contest.

      2. I find that both sad and scary. Especially for the poor guy who ends up emotionally involved with one of these girls.
        While he’s spending his time and money to take her out to expensive dinners with no guarantee of success (because he has been brainwashed into behaving like this), trying to convince himself that she’s special, she has been sucking and fucking every guy with a nice haircut, nice shirt, and a small amount of confidence she met in a nightclub or at a party.
        What a wonderful world.

    3. The thing is the disease of sluttiness is the same everywhere. But only in the West, the women do it openly in the name of sexual liberation,
      The female justification in the West is: ” I fucked him because he was hot and I wanted to feel him inside of me. It was just sex, no big deal.”
      It’s more or less the same in Europe, Latin America or even Asia, the only thing the girls do it in the name of ‘like’ or ‘love’.
      The female justification in these parts of the world is: ” I fucked him because he was hot or I ‘liked’ him or I ‘loved’ him. It’s fair enough.”
      (even if the ‘love’ or ‘like’ lasted only for the entire duration of the seduction and sex)
      I’ve seen girls there who’ve had more partners than western girls, just that these girls were discreet, well-behaved and modest. They knew how to cover up their sluttiness behind the garb of modesty.
      This is how women are. One thing I’ve learnt in life is to NEVER TRUST the female gender, wherever they might be. Always judge women on what they do, not on their appearance. The maxim ‘appearances can be deceptive’ was probably coined keeping women in mind.

    4. I generally assume most girls in my age range (20-29) have had at least 2000 dicks in them.
      When the time comes to marry, only marry a virgin. Men who marry sluts are indirectly supporting female promiscuity.

  29. I know a couple of chicks that pick up heaps of guys off the internet etc.. and fuck them for free for fun….. One such girl has 18k worth of credit card debt, and has now decided to get paid for it instead

  30. I wish I could remember who it was, that said something to the effect that the amount of shear effort in mental energy and physical energy combined with the amount of time needed, is simply not worth the few minutes of ecstasy most men get from the average relationship with a woman. He was generalizing I’m sure, but I’ve often wondered how most guys feel about this claim. .

    1. In the west, it’s pump and dump, bro.
      Pump and dump. Most girls already have 20+ dicks by the time they reach 20s these days. By the time she’s a post wall slut at 30, her dick count is already well over 100.
      In this environment, how can a man not get angry for having his options of having a good wife taken away by women? How can he then not get EVEN MORE angry if these same 100+ dick count women demand to be wifed up?
      Western women are Satan’s brides. But Satan, the mangina that he is, loves to share them with men. That’s why if you ever marry one of Satan’s brides, you’ll always have a Satanic wedding – which what the average wedding in the west is.
      (Western) Women and Satan. They’re inseparable.

      1. Satan is a pimp, and all those women are his girls. He’ll let you rent out one of his girls but only if you pay. But when Satan collects, he doesn’t come for money.

    1. Is the blonde kneading the brunette’s ass, or trying to search a wallet in the brunette’s back pockets?

  31. Prostitution is great for men.
    It is only women, who hate whores. Why?
    Because it makes sex for men cheaper.
    The same is true regarding internet porn.
    I would take a good looking whore/escort over internet porn any day but in the eyes of women both are an equal evil. I makes their vagina worth less.
    Think about it

  32. This noobish article overlooks the main reality of porn today – porn is the calling card to raise the rates the pornstars can charge for “privates” or their prostitution endeavors, which is really their main source of income. No one these days could make an ongoing living from just being a pornstar.

  33. Is fucking in exchange for a ring prostitution?
    How a bout fucking a once a month in exchange for bringing a weekly pay?
    How about years of alimony in exchange for a few years of fucking?
    Are these different to prostitution?

  34. I’ve said this but I’ll reiterate here:
    Both men and women live to leave a legacy to the world and the most common way is by procreation.
    In order to do that, men’s reproductive organ have to be erect. And it happens when a women with a good waist to hip ratio and a sizable breast comes along. Both are attractive due to fertility reasons.
    From a women’s perspective, her chance of survival by herself quickly decreases when she is impregnated. So she needs a good partner to take care of her. And that partner needs to have the proper power/strength/resources/wealth to take care of not only himself by 2 (or more in case of twins, triplets, etc.) all by himself.
    You can’t expect a women to be the main breadwinner in a family w/ kid(s) because it takes, on average 1 year+ to fully recovery both physically and mentally. Not only in pregnancy, but also in both their productivity that for 25% of their time, they will be experience severe mood swings and cramps due to their period and also by their fact that in terms of raw physical strength, on average, are inferior to those of a men. This means that men can work at higher efficiency and are more capable to handle tasks more concentrated than women.
    In conclusion, a bond between a men and women have always been an exchange of resources or the potential to gather them and a women’s physical appearance. And dating someone is simply testing the water for the trade off until marriage. So whether it is dating or marriage, it is ALWAYS prostitution.
    It is important to recognize the fact that this is just how the “game” is being played. Early on, I’ve mentioned the “potential to gather resources”, this really mean to be a great conversationalist as it demonstrate that you are well-read and be in good physical shape. All these aspects are the essential ingredient to be an “alpha male”. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can find your “dream girl”.

  35. I always get the feeling when I read some articles that everyone is hoping for “the good old days” when there were plenty of innocent good women and religion ruled every home. that shit is a myth man. there have always been loose and/or deceptive women playing the game. there were brothels in the wild west and whores in your precious little bible.
    as for the cuckolds who want to marry a woman who fucks anybody for money, has more mental/emotional problems than ppl slept with, and gives him left over pussy that feels like mashed potatoes. let him. better his problem than yours. they’ll eventually cannibalize each other. every ecosystem needs scavengers.

    1. There’s a lot of stupid christians on these boards. Just ignore them, they’ll never get a clue.
      Religion is no substitute for game.

      1. “Stupid Christians”?
        Wtf is that about? The Gospel is a decent warning about the Cathedral (The Temple). The portrayal of women is also quite accurate. Generally dull witted, self absorbed and ideally passive. The evil characters like Salome speak for themselves. The Apostles are also fair representations of certain male archetypes. Poor guy took his best shot at the high Priest and almost defeated them. Even in death he won a moral victory.

  36. “I don’t look at it as sex, I look at it as a guy with his dick in my wife, but they’re working and it’s not emotional. She never orgasms in porn. That’s for us. If it happened on the set, it would be a little weird.”
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this.

    1. like that one guy who’s wife gave birth to a black baby and she told him some bullshit stupid ass story about how she was reading this magazine and got xray poisoning or something and the pussywhipped poor sod fell for it.

  37. Children of prostitutes almost unanimously grow up to be ‘mother haters’. Mother haters tend to be VERY BAD PEOPLE. Aside from normal people, you have two extremes. THE MOTHER HATERS and THE FATHER HATERS. Let’s compare the two.
    If you go into any jail or prison, you will see a majority of either MOTHER HATERS or FATHER HATERS who find themselves trapped in the penal system. The two are very different. The mother haters tend to be the really despicable criminals and the ones in solitary. Wacked-out torture killers, child predators, etc. Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas’s mother was a prostitute. OKC alleged bomber Tim Mcveigh’s mother abandoned the family when he was 10 and his sister was 6. His dad never remarried, took it hard and bled it out like a beta. Mcveigh became a mother hater. Babies abandoned by their mothers in dumpsters can become worse monsters than a hookers kids. When mother is NOT VERY FEMININE, the detachment and abandonment can be worse for the child than a scarlet letter. Every fag had a domineering mother who WASN’T VERY FEMININE. So much for the mother haters. Whores, hookers and unkept holes – hey – YOUR KIDS HATE YOU. Western decadence will see an order plough down on ‘Eve’ that will make old school sharia law look like a cake walk. The West will fix itself. It won’t die. No, it always has the solution in the end.
    FATHER HATERS aren’t so bad, on the other hand. Beethoven and Walt Disney were known father haters, and not reprobates in any way. In the prisons, the inmates alienated from their dads tend to be the ‘good ol’ boy’ criminals. Horse thieves and bank robbers where ‘papa was a rollin’ stone’ and they have a heart tattoo of ‘mom’. They love mom and are not cannibals or deviants.
    The civilization that set the standard for art, architecture and even space cadets, surely will resist being consumed by its own vagina. Our turbulent age precipitated by whatever effects will pass and the dark feminism are but passing clouds which will evaporate. As we traverse through the universe, perhaps we passed through fields that shook our females ajar. But they will settle. Men realize YOU have the upper hand. It’s in your DNA.

    1. This is a fact. Great post, Mcgoo.
      Children of whores and sluts often tend to grow up to become misfits in societies and misanthropes.

    2. Bill Clinton’s mother was rumored to have been a prostie. Obama was deserted by his mother for a number of years. FWIW, his mother may
      have done some softcore porn too.

  38. I’ve always thought prostitution should simply be legal. You want my money, and I want something from you. It’s a simple exchange

  39. One major argument against making a law respecting condom use that was left out is freedom of choice. Two people can decide between themselves if they want to use a condom. How long then before they make condoms mandatory for everyone, not just porn stars? Besides even if the US Government did make a law about it porn production would just be moved to other countries. Pointless.
    As for the “influence” argument, this is ridiculous. Each person is responsible for his own decisions. You can’t make one man responsible for the actions of another.

  40. 1) the map has Brazil wrong. Prostitution is legal there.
    2) my daughter can do whatever the fuck she wants with her life, but what would upset me is seeing her as subservient to ANYONE else. All this “what if it were YOUR child” shit is just another button they push that all the betas and below respond to in a Pavlovian manner.
    3) from a totally objective standpoint, the social stigma against prostitutes has no basis whatsoever. they have LOWER rates of STDs than the general population, and provide a needed service that prevents society from getting to violent. the world needs sandhogs, doctors, trash collectors, and prostitutes.

  41. Etymology of pornography, from Wikipedia:
    “The word is similar to the modern Greek πορνογραφία (pornographia), which derives from the Greek words πόρνη (pornē “prostitute” and πορνεία porneia “prostitution”[6]), and γράφειν (graphein “to write or to record”, derived meaning “illustration”, cf. “graph”), and the suffix -ία (-ia, meaning “state of”, “property of”, or “place of”), thus meaning “a written description or illustration of prostitutes or prostitution”. No date is known for the first use of the word in Greek; the earliest attested, most related word one could find in Greek, is πορνογράφος, pornographos, i.e. “someone writing of harlots”, in the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus.”
    So basically, it quite literally means “depiction of prostitution”. Which is exactly what it is. Porn stars are whores.
    Though I wonder about the new amateur porn trend, in which couples do it for the thrills (YOLO!) rather than for money. Is that prostitution? I would call that exhibitionism, on camera.

    1. Further from Wiki…
      “Pornographie” was in use in the French language during the 1800s. The word did not enter the English language as the familiar word until 1857 or as a French import in New Orleans in 1842.”
      Typical French.

  42. “What you see in the above statement is modern male beta hamsterization at its worst.”
    I fully agree, you have done a pretty good job achieving it! Except puritanism failed, easily steamrolled by cultural-marxism, what which is smashed by a weak structure is even weaker.

  43. Wow so the author states he’s against manginas yet his whole article is a mangina white knight appeal condemning men. And porn is most certainly attacked by feminists. Just cause McElroy has a different (and reasonable view) does not mean she speaks for all feminists. Most feminists would love to destroy men’s fun.
    You’re white knighting all over the place Zach. You’re just the right wing version of an angel wing earning liberal male.

  44. All those songs out there warning us about “City women and whores” is actually true! I could never be in a relationship with a big city-girl. I prefer women I can get to cough up the number of “dicks” information easily, more suburban women… I’m just doing a scientific analysis on what I want in a true mate. I’d rather be single than in a relationship I know will fail before it even starts. As for porn, make a list of the pros and cons. There are a lot more cons. I’m not innocent. I fall to the whore every month or so. I’m just voicing how I see it. No one’s perfect, but I do not think porn is positive in reality. It might feel positive while you’re “in bed” with it. That is a temporary feeling folks.

  45. In my opinion the explosion of Porn in our daily lives has actually made young men and women afraid of real sex. Countless times I’ve met women who vampted it up desperately, told me they were into anal, bondage, 3 ways, watersports etc. but come bedtime they become painfully shy and start crying. Watching that stuff removes the need to do it in the real world so the physical act becomes foreign and therefore frightening. I’ve been far more successful with women since I reduced my porn consumption and masturbation

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