8 Essential Steps For When You Get Dumped

If you are neither seeing anyone on the side nor have a pipeline of prospects, getting dumped can leave you in a big rut: your ego takes a hit and negativity leaks all around you. Here are some of the hard truths I push myself to see when that happens. Hopefully this can help you get back on track in times of need.

1. Realize that she does not give a shit about you

I don’t care how heartfelt the breakup’s delivery was or how long she cried, actions speak louder than words: she broke up with you. She just didn’t think you were worth having in her life as a partner anymore. She left you sitting in the curb, and there is no resuming that road trip now.

If you struggle to believe this, remember how you feel when you dump someone: most of the time, you just can’t give a shit anymore and want to get rid of them. In a few rare occasions you are genuinely sad it couldn’t work out and feel sorry for her, but still plow forward regardless. Except for pity, she feels nothing for you, so get it into your head right this moment: She does not care about you and whoever tells you different is lying. Stop listening.

2. Detox emotionally

Remember the basics: you are the only one you can really rely on. At the end of the day, as long as you keep yourself alive, you are still standing. Promise yourself you will never give up and you will never stop working on improving yourself.

Look at the mirror and reflect on all you have been through. Will this finally stop you? Impossible. In the grand scheme of things this means nothing. Down the line, you will look back and laugh at how could you make such a big deal of someone so ugly—while looking at the blonde you have walking beside you.

3. Delete all her messages

And by all messages I mean everything: SMS, Whatsapps, emails, Facebook chats, letters… you name it. Here’s the kicker: Don’t read the contents of what you are about to delete. Otherwise, prepare to slump into feeling like shit and having impractical thoughts such as: “Wow, did she mean all of this stuff?” “She really cared about me,” “Oh, she was so cute the first month”… NO. Don’t. Do. This. Just delete everything. When food goes bad you don’t taste a little and see if it’s expired: the smell already tells. The content is no longer valid, all those words mean nothing.

4. Set up some roadblocks

De-friend her on social media, rename her phone number to “Don’t answer” or put an X in front of her name (e.g. “x Maria”) so that it won’t show in regular scrolling of your contacts but you still know if she’s calling not to pick up.

5. Fuck another girl ASAP

I don’t know about you, but I have a one-slut memory slot. I always remember the last girl I slept with more than any other one before. It’s not a silver bullet, but it’s a damn good place to start. In general, sleeping with other girls helps alleviate loneliness and the insidious symptoms of oneitis.

This point might be difficult for the average man, sometimes doomed to the equivalent of the infamous “waiting for a miracle” relationship status. But if you are serious about self-improvement, you know what to do: approach everything until you can’t anymore. And while struggling, remember that success is only one reward; knowing that you are the social guy who will eventually get the job done is just as valuable. It’s just a matter of time.

6. Focus on the bad if you relapse

If you find yourself thinking about her more than you care to admit, focus on her negative aspects:

  • That fetish of yours she didn’t indulge you with
  • Childish or immature behavior
  • Physical imperfections
  • General weaknesses

Above all, don’t take her back no matter what. Trust has been broken, this is a demolished house you don’t want to rebuild: the base is made of moving sands. Don’t waste concrete pouring over it and instead reinstate the abundance mentality you once forgot about.

7. Remember that she is on the next one already

Much like monkeys, women never swing from a branch without holding onto another one. Just in case you needed encouragement to carry out #5.

8. Don’t ask for anyone’s advice

If a close relative dies, would you ask anyone on how to bring them back to life? Didn’t think so. This is the exact same thing. The interaction ceased to exist. Hell, for all intents and purposes, she is dead to you.

The bottom line

Take the experience for what it was: just another stint in your love life. Women come and go, but your self-respect and dignity are here to stay. Don’t embarrass yourself—be a man. If you ever hear a girl plowing the ground to dump you (meaning that you start to see it coming), cut that shit out immediately. “Want to break up?”. If she says yes, stand up and go away. Leave her sitting there, don’t give her the satisfaction to see you hurt or in pain. Go back to your hole and lick your wounds out of sight as long as you have to. Or better, go to the gym directly after and shout and grunt your way through the most intense deadlift session you have ever had, full of anger and loathing. Get that personal record you have been itching towards for weeks: let hatred be your fuel.

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110 thoughts on “8 Essential Steps For When You Get Dumped”

  1. Good article. But I’d say go even further than just deleting messages and instead delete her number as well. You won’t be needing it anymore. After that, you go and fuck other bitches ASAP. Lose yourself in as much mindless sex as it takes to completely forget the bitch.

        1. When you commented above, that was the first thing I thought of.
          The only thing is, if she is ugly, only let her suck you off.
          The pay back of every time she greets her mother from that point on would be the cold, and highly delicious taste of revenge, for you.

    1. Yep. I’ve done this to many girls.
      I’ve hate fucked many of my exes’ girlfriends after a breakup. Not only does it make you forget your ex, actually it makes your ex not forget you. She’ll be hating you forever, and hate is powerful way to occupy a woman’s mind. You’d sometimes get hatefucks from your ex, but never fall for them. Women may forget the men they loved, but they never forget the men they hate.

      1. Her jealous girlfriends probably get a sick thrill out of fucking you. That must burn!

        1. Yep. Actually the best girls (and often easiest) girls to game after a breakup, are your ex’s girlfriends.
          Most of the time, girls talk about their sex lives among their friend circle. If you’re assfucking her, well endowed, or have a good capacity in bed, you can bet all this has already reached the ears of your ex’s friends before you even know it.Some of them will even be fantasizing about how sex will be with you….
          So exploit that. You’ll be surprised how easy they can be. But fuck not one, but MANY of her friends, as much as possible.

        2. I have done the same thing too, and have even had their mothers sometimes to sucke me off too.

      2. I would like to hear more on this topic as i am in a situation like this by now…is there anything special to consider? How to initiate contact?

  2. The first point made me think about this quote from the movie Before Sunrise: “You know what’s the worst thing about somebody breaking up with you?
    It’s when you remember how little you thought about the people you broke
    up with and you realize that is how little they’re thinking of you. You
    know, you’d like to think you’re both in all this pain but they’re just
    like “Hey, I’m glad you’re gone”.”

    1. This ideally works if your new girl is more hotter than her. Besides, trying to rub your new girl in her face would make her think you’re trying to ‘prove’ your masculinity to her. Forget your ex, man.
      The better way is to hang out with as many girls as possible, and take some pics and put them on your social media. If the idea is to stir jealousy, remember girls get more jealous when they see their exes have multiple women, instead of a single woman.

      1. Low-key and non-confrontational works – field-tested. My X has seen me with two thinner, hotter asian chicks since the break and she has both (1) double-take’d us and (2) flipped us off twice. (I smiled when she did that.)
        Hotter Next chick FTW.

      2. now, it works easier when you’ve worked entirely on growing your business while in the relationship, as I did. I made a shitton of money thanks to not being out partying all the time and focussing on work. Still spent countless days trying to “fix her” and get her to actually go to a psychologist about earlier issues she had. She ended up listening to my advice, but broke up shortly thereafter when it was the best timing for her (she was going back to her parents village for 2 months).
        Was heartbroken for a few weeks, then started hitting the gym like crazy. I legit went and bought a ferrari, and did an Euro trip with it. Then, I invited the one girl she had always been jealous about to my boat birthday party. Included with 3 russian ballerinas and 10 of my close male friends she also hated. There was a group picture of us all where I was holding the girl she’d been jealous about, while I was looking ripped. I even asked the new girl to not post it online, bc it’d only spark drama. Too bad one of my other friends posted it on FB, “public” and tagged a common friend of ours… boom.
        Funny enough, she hadn’t even thought of wishing me happy birthday on my birthday. Only emailed me going crazy 3 days after it, but couldn’t resist going sick at me. Funny thing, a few days earlier, i had tried to get back with her and she called me pathetic. Didn’t hear that word anymore after that picture.
        True story.

      3. Or just vanish completely. I don’t know why you should even bother with some ex. For all I care she is a stranger from now on.

  3. Let her think you’re the one who is happy and relieved about her decision, then disappear fast before she demands to know why!

    1. Agreed. She expects to get a reaction out of you, and expects you to be upset. Imagine her surprise when you appear happy! Her hamster will go wild!

      1. So what? You *do not care* how she feels about you after you break up. That’s the entire point.

      1. Nah, go for an oscar performance. Never been dumped, but here’s what I would do: act like you’re sad. Clincher: Make sure your acting is really, really bad so she’ll know you’re acting. Now that she knows something’s up, push the dialogue about “breaking up is going to be hard… but maybe it’s for the best.” If you do this well enough she’ll get really confused and suspicious and will probably end up saying something like, “Wait, why are you so keen for us to break up?”
        I’m so going to do it one day. Trouble is I can’t find a girl who wants to dump me before I want to dump her.

  4. She does NOT give a shit about you.
    She does not give a SHIT about you.
    She does NOT give a SHIT about you.
    No shits given. Not even one.
    If you think a shit has been given, it’s a lie and a trap.
    In fact, she will likely get a pleasure response from doing you harm. That’s just the way it is. You don’t have to like it, but you really need to acknowlege it and take care of yourself.
    P.S. As one who has championed the classical physique in these very pages, a Brownie Point for Sandow as your avatar.

  5. Here is what I don’t understand…why the fuck would you want to be with someone that doesn’t want you?
    I agree that when you break up/or get broken up with you need to separate entirely. Block her cell, her friends cells, her FB, her email, etc.
    But why all the drama about one particular woman not wanting to be with you. If you are a person of value and have any self esteem you wouldn’t want anyone that didn’t really want to be with you.
    Clearly the concept of soul mates is retarded but even if you can convince yourself that 1 in every 1,000 women would be a good romantic match for you that means the other 999 wouldn’t be. I just don’t see what the big deal is.

  6. Great advice. Would have done me good as a heart broken 21 year old back in the day. Took years to “get over” someone who looking back should not have really given a fuck about. Can’t emphasise 5 enough!!

  7. all good advice. The worst is your first real woman. I had to learn that crap the hard way.

  8. As part of #5 book a holiday, preferably OS. Realise the options out there, and definitely as you say in the conclusion….keep on lifting…especially heavy weights..go really hard…

  9. Get together with the guys. Preferably, a guy trip somewhere, even just a weekend out of town. I’d also recommend a trip on your own just to reinforce you can be fine on your own and rely on yourself. I’d suggest something outdoors.

    1. I second that. Nothing like setting up your own shelter, building your own fire from tinder & sticks & trekking or kayaking to give you true perspective again.
      Speaking from personal experience here.
      The best part is career-wise it moved me out of the office & into the outdoors as a viable career.
      Sometimes there are lights to be found at the end of the tunnel after being crapped on by a woman you were brainwashed to think was ‘all that’.

  10. Solid advice. Basically institute immediate no contact, permanent basis. The more she calls the more you ignore.
    If possible fuck her hot friends, her hot cousins, her hotter younger sister, and for maximum damage, HER FUCKING WHORE OF A MOM

  11. When dumping you a woman will take pleasure in treating you as brutally as possible. The more damaging and humiliating, the more her loins froth up.
    This will happen once, twice, three times. Then your heart will be nothing but scar tissue and you’ll be all grown up.
    Then you won’t think twice about throat fucking them and jamming it in their fartbox with no lube.
    Women of the future pay for the sins of women past. But hey, it’s the ‘sisterhood’ so in the end it’s a wash.

    1. I find the women with daddy issues or no dad growing up, dont give a flying fuck about u and in the end, she let’s her daddy issues out on u by treating u like a piece of shit!
      Women with a good relationship with their father seem to try not hurt your feelings as much during a breakup I find.
      I learnt years ago, your relationship with other men is based on your relationship with your dad. Same with your mum… if u have issues with your mum, u going to attract the wrong kind of woman until u deal with those mum issues.

  12. Who cares if u get dumped? Her face is going to melt off when she gets older anyways.
    The real reason women are afraid of MGTOW movement is they need good little puppy dog husbands. They cant handle being alone and they cannot take care of themselves. Even if they can stretch their attractiveness to maybe 34 they all know theres decades of unattractiveness looming.
    Let the bitch go, she will find another loyal poodle until her face melts off.
    My only hope is more American men leave americunts all alone like they deserve.

  13. “5. Fuck another girl ASAP
    I don’t know about you, but I have a one-slut memory slot.”
    LOL… love that one. 🙂

  14. I needed this article bad about five years ago.
    I was 100% blue pill, and was a heavy-duty male feminist without realizing it, even thought I was “against feminism” but I didn’t know how deep the bullshit went, let alone that I was drowning in it.
    I thought I was the boy next door and that first love/true love/blah blah blah meant that we’d get together at the end of the movie. After 3 years of dating, I had been downgraded to beta orbiter and I staid in orbit for a full year, passing up numerous easy bangs in the process because I was “loyal.” I’m not joking- 2 separate threesomes went unthreesomed, not to mention at least a dozen other chicks who wanted the D they smelled the stink of sadness on me.
    The red pill truly saved my life. I was using an incredible amount of willpower to be “true to my feelings” and to keep the “romance” alive.
    Learning to put that willpower to work to achieve my own goals has completely changed my life.
    No son of mine will ever experience anything like I did.

      1. I’m turning out halfway decent now that my head is screwed on straight. I’ve also got some genetics that are worth at least trying to pass on. If my kids have my specs and avoid all the brainwashing I had, they could really be something.
        I know a lot of shitheads are gonna breed, and I don’t want them owning the planet.

  15. I’m about to get dumped again right now. My girlfriend is committed to hate-reading the site. Should’ve come up with a less obvious handle for commenting.

    1. LoL. I have written on a PUA site, and certainly wrote some “disgusting” things there. Well, it probably would not be so shocking for you guys. Just things about not wanting to cohabitate, not wanting children ever, that I flirt with the girls in college and would like to bang them if I get the chance.
      She found out about my nickname (my first name) on that site by accident when browsing google (long story) I was confronted, felt caught, little bit shamed. She didn’t dump me at that time, but it definitely was a big factor in her dumping me later. She obviously never forgot, and never trusted me again. Because of that: always make sure you are anonymous on the internet, or at least easily get discovered. Don’t put stuff on facebook or twitter or put photos of yourself on public sites. Those things can make havoc.

  16. Being able to delete a number is so convenient. Ten years ago, the memory of a phone number stuck with you for a while. I still think I remember my hs gf’s digits, although, I broke up with her.

  17. Indifference is the way to go…if you seem too happy about the news, she’ll probably think it’s an act. No matter what you may think, she is disposable.

  18. #5 and #8 can be combined like this: When you hear the ground being plowed for an ensuing dump, have another girl in bed or on the furniture and call her over. Be totally open and upfront when she walks in. Introduce her to her new third wheel. Say ”This is Heidi.” (Heidi waves and smiles) then tell her ”From now on, you both can call me ‘papa’. You and Heidi don’t have to fight over who’s #2 or#3. You’re both on the totem pole and you know I’ve got a big heart.” Then invite her to join in when you’re balls deep in Heidi. Tell her that she can play the ‘spoon’ and catch the dribble before it puddles the sheet. If that doesn’t tong her platinum nerve and throw her into a 180°, then she can bite the dust. If she plays spoon with her cupped hand, then YADA! If she slides under like a mechanic’s creeper and gobbles it, then hell, she’s one up with Heidi on the totem pole.

  19. I am afraid that I handled my last dumping like a total bitch. I wish I had read this article before she kicked me to the curb. Fuck.

    1. Dude I was the same, or worse. No shame. We remember that lessons not learned are repeated, and move on.

  20. This my friends is an excellent article. Simple and to the point.
    The advice on never going back is key. This wastes a lot of time and effort.
    Look forward. Don’t dwell.
    I know some men who do the monkey branch thing too. They often find themselves going from one poor relationship to another. Don’t be scared to be single sometimes. You don’t always need to be in a relationship. If your single it’s putting you in a stronger position to make sure the relationships you enter are worthwhile.

  21. The ‘fuck another girl ASAP’ is the classic medicine to get over a chick.
    I remember one of my acquaintances doing this too, but how he overcame his ‘ex’ was not ‘game’. He was involved with a mature Russian spinster, who hooked him into a semi P4P relationship by allowing regular (and exclusive) anal. Semi P4P in the meaning was that she began asking him small gifts of cash intermittently after sex. They called themselves a ‘couple’, but essentially it was more like semi-prostitution.
    But the real problem was that she wanted to entrap him into marriage by asking him to impregnate her – as her biological clock was ticking. He didn’t want that, as he always went up her anal route, which she had used to hook him in the first place.
    Things then soon got messy between them, with fights between them about (anal)sex and her demand to have kids. It’s like finally she said that she would refuse him anal till he made her pregnant. He took it that she dumped him. But the very next day, he hired two escorts online – both 19, and that too Russian – and he cavorted with them in front of her, while she didn’t know that they were escorts. He then proceeded to fuck both of them in the worst ways possible. There it was, bingo! She was out of his mind and system. The funny part is that she ‘realised’ her mistake and tried to ‘patch up’ again by offering to do what he wanted (implying anal). But he didn’t have anything to do with her. He had moved on.
    Even though I’m against hiring whores and bitches for sex, the only possibly ‘beneficial’ time seems right for hiring a high class whore only in such situations – like when you’re dumped and find it difficult to get a new lay quickly. Since it’s fast sex, and paid too – you’d probably get the service of your type, so go for a hotter bitch than your ex. This is what my friend told me. He now uses escorts only in such ’emergency’ situations. The only caveats he said was not to go for cheap whores (who’d probably have STDs),and don’t fall in love with them, after using them to disconnect from exes. And don’t fall into the rut of being dependent on bitches for sex. They ruin the ability to properly run game again in the future, not to mention they fuck up the finances.
    Later on, he then gamed a young Brit chick for a real ‘relationship’. They’re dating for around 4 years now.

    1. The future of the modern woman. There are a lot of articles on this site and particular that talk about the desperation and sexual willingness of childless spinsters. A woman has only so many eggs though-and nature will not be kind to their mistakes

      1. “A woman has only so many eggs though-and nature will not be kind to their mistakes”
        The fucked up mentality of women (sluts) today is that they often ‘conserve’ their eggs, through anal sex. Finally, their anuses become second vaginas. With older sluts, that is often precisely the case when they become older, because their vaginas become cavernous with repeated and frequent drilling by men. Thus, nature has its payback with them.

  22. And if you dump a girl, write yourself an email or letter that explains why you did it. That way, in case your brain starts relapsing into “maybe I made a mistake” you can read it and go, “oh yeah, that’s right. I forgot about that. Fuck that bitch…”

    1. I once wrote a pros and cons list about a girl I dumped. The pros were about three lines. The cons filled the page. That helped.

  23. “Want to break up?”
    I said this to a girl and she said “yes”. Nine years have passed and she still hasn’t gotten over it! LOL!

  24. Good article and just one point of pre-advice. Never put so much into a woman that it really upsets you so much if she leaves. Always have an exit strategy.
    A good exit strategy is to maintain a group of girls in various places (the gym, stores you frequent, the train to work) that can fill in the gap if your relationship goes south.

    1. Always have a minimum of three girls you are working in one way or another. Think of it like keeping pearls on a string. Always have at least three on your string at any time.

  25. Great article man. I did precisely this when I moved abroad alone, got a girlfriend, and then she dumped me. Never waste time with someone who doesnt want you, and keep moving forward!

  26. Don’t belive her ‘reasons”
    When my ex-girl dumped me I told her : “Ok, I wish you better boyfriend then me. But can you give me any specific reason for your decision” and smile. She told me a lot of crap: that I don’t know what love really is, that I don’t understand her ‘feelings’. When I asked is there someone else she denied. I know she was lying. She was avoiding eye contact all the time. She was also suprised that i was smiling, and how is it possible to that i’am so steady. What I realised few hours later: She wanted me to suffer. She expected that I will beg her to stay with her, I will cry. Maybe it’s good for her ego, maybe she wanted to lower my self-esteem (It raises possibility of return). Don’t care.

    1. Yeah. Women always want to have “the break up talk”. While men just accept the final word and that’s it. “You still have stuff from me, or I from you?” (most important thing, get your belongings back)
      Sure you want to find out if she’s seeing other dicks, but you’re not going to get an honest answer anyway, so why bother with the conversation.

  27. Just masturbate till your dick is red raw and you cum blood. Then you will truly know what pain feel feels like!

  28. Although the human female does not practise sexual cannibalism, she DOES carry traces of the instinct buried in her. All living creatures do, that’s why in nature the male sacrifices to the female, the female sacrifices to the offspring. In female’s animal brain, once the relationship is “consumed” the male is to be disposed.
    In the course of the evolution though, she realised that her offspring has better chances of survival if a strong male is around to protect them both. So she allows the good males to stick around. BUT as soon as the male’s usefulness is exhausted, he is dumped.
    Despite all the cultural influences, the human female is STILL largely driven by her animal instincts. This is due to the fact that most women are copper dominated which has enzymatic effects that stimulate the old, animal brain. If you looking to find a long term female partner you need to make sure she’s not loaded with too much toxic copper and she’s not too much estrogen dominated.
    That’s the cold reality, gentlemen. Take it or leave it. We should be grateful they only dump us and do not eat us instead! LOL

    1. “If you looking to find a long term female partner you need to make sure … she’s not too much
      estrogen dominated.”
      Be sure to tell me when you find her…

    2. Despite all the cultural influences, the human female is STILL largely driven by her animal instincts.

      This is something that I say all the time. Emotions are instincts. Nothing more, nothing less, and women are constantly told to “follow your heart,” which is just another way of saying listen to your instincts. The problem is that those instincts are honed to survive the animal past, and have not caught up with our modern world.

  29. If you are dumped by text or phone tell her that you were about to dump her too. That why it is the cunt who is going shed the tears instead of you.

    1. She won’t believe it. That just comes off as butt-hurt. Just text back “lol ok” then go fuck her friends.

  30. i wish i’d seen this and fully taken it in years ago, though thankfully an article like this will never cease to be relevant.

  31. I’ve never been dumped from any major relationship in my life; they’ve always pushed me to the point of total exasperation where I fuck off on them. From now on it’s just dogs and whores for me, so I guess I’ll never experience getting dumped unless my dog runs away.

  32. Leave your campsite better than you found it. Among other things, this means *never* take her back. *Never*. Because if you do, all she will learn is “cool, I can behave like this and get away with it”, and that is unfair on the other bros down the road.

    1. SPOT ON! Never…I mean NEVER go back. She has proven herself unworthy and is unfit for further contact.

    1. You could do this an submit. I don’t really know much about the guy. I heard he battled addictions for 40+ years though. So could be a cautionary tale about addictions using his example. But like I said I don’t know much about the guy.

  33. The author here smartly touched on a point that I think bears extra emphasis– do not let her see you hurt. Even though you may have trusted this person, and become used to sharing your feelings with her, when the break up starts you must resist all your impulses. Don’t send any heartfelt emails, don’t text her when you’re drunk, don’t even let any mutual friends of yours know you’re sad (especially other females… they cooperate). You need to suck this up yourself, cry in your room alone, and vent to some of your trusted male friends. Why? because women need to see their man hurting when a relationship ends.
    They call it “closure” but what it really is is a last need to feed their egos as they exit a relationship. When the woman ends it, she has a natural urge to know that the man still wants her, and that she is the one choosing to discard him. It sounds sick, but I’ve seen it countless times. It is easiest for a woman to exit a relationship when she feels she has completely crushed the man, and left him as a slobbering simpering mess who is begging her not to leave. They need this to repair their sense of self-worth, so that they can move on and not give a shit about you. And as the author also mentioned, she’s already picked the next dick she’s going to hop on (if she hasn’t hopped on it already). Seeing you crushed makes this transition process much easier. They NEED to see you get emotional. So don’t. When it’s over, cut her out of your life and don’t give her any more emotional energy to feed off of.
    Oh, and I should also advise– don’t even waste your time going to extra effort to “show you don’t care”. And I would advise against running around trying to fuck her friends (unless they fall in your lap). By doing this you are still letting your feelings over this chick dictate your actions. Just actually, really forget about the bitch and cut the cord.

    1. ” . . .vent to some of your trusted male friends.”
      Bearing in mind that only now will you find out who your trusted male friends actually are.

      1. Also a good chance that one of your “trusted” male friends is the dick she is already riding. If not, and you let them know the relationship is over, watch how many of them nearly kill themselves trying to get to her first to be that next dick.

    2. That’s worded excellently. This is stuff that fathers need to tell their sons. Sadly the majority won’t. A lot of men operate solely from the scarcity mentality. That’s when you get the sobbing, they’re thinking that was the last pussy they ever saw. But in fact you can get a new snatch within a week if you just open your mouth and be persistent.

  34. This is fantastic advice, all in all. I might modify the one on deleting messages. I’d change that to “don’t look at them.” You should archive them, but never look at them. You never know when you might need these written records.

    1. I keep a folder of chicks I use to bang. When I get dumped I always tell that all her pictures will be with the other exes. Women hate that, to be one of the others.

  35. After years of using the word “divorce” as a threat to get me to do what she wanted, I called her bluff. This after 24 years of marriage. I still have a kid in college, so now, we only converse through e-mail, and it’s only business. Oh, she tries to get cutesy with me, like passing forwarded e-mails, and texting me about this stupid thing or that useless piece of information “oh, I saw this and thought of you…” I ignore it. I don’t answer.
    I can’t say that the divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me, but I don’t regret the decision I made to call her bluff. Single life is good so far. Doing what I want, when I want.

  36. Fuuuck, I shouldn’t have been with one women for 7 years in the first place.
    #breakupongoing #cohabitationisabadidea

  37. Good advice. I’d add that the best thing to do is throw away her letters, photo’s, and other reminders of her-unless they actually have value and use to you. If not, put them up for sale on Ebay. Else, at one point you’re going to have a bad night, end up really drunk, and then your mind will start drifting towards “Her”. Don’t let that happen. Act like a Stalinist and erase her from your history.
    The other thing to do is go out and start having fun again. Go out into the real world and pick up a hobby. Learn to surf or scuba dive. Go learn about hydroponics and gardening. Learn about shooting & hunting. Take a class on Byzantine history. Whatever it takes to get you out of the house, pick up some skills, and interacting with different groups of people.
    One of the things that is absolutely soul-crushing for women is when you move on with your life without them. Seriously. It will drive them into a rage when they see you living well and having fun, which is the best revenge of all.

  38. Hi everybody,
    i was reading this site for many months, but never posted a comment till now.
    This site is really great and i already learned a lot from it.
    I am 45 and its still great to learn new things about women.
    One year ago i had a cute girlfriend, but after some weeks she dumped me without a clear reason.
    I tried to talk to her and showed my sadness and disappointment.
    But she showed no regret and even had a smile on her face.
    I just could not understand why the fuck this situation made her smile.Now i do.
    Six months later the same thing:
    Another woman dumped me without clear reason.
    I became angry about this, but it seemed that she enjoyed my angriness.
    After reading this article i finally understand the mechanism and how women “think”:
    -When a man feels bad it makes them feel good…”- cause it feeds their ego.
    Sick bitches nowadays!
    From now on i will never show a woman my disappointment or angriness again in such a situation.
    I will just text her back:” I am glad that i finally got rid of you”

    1. Its all has to do with getting back at daddy that wasn’t there for them when they grew up!
      I notice when I break up with a girl and their parents are together (married), she doesn’t want to hurt me cause they learnt to respect men from her father. It’s 9/10 a clean breakup.
      Never get into a relationship with a woman with a single parent, she will totally rip you guys out when you break up cause she learnt to not care about men from her heartless mother.

  39. If a girl breaks up with you and you chase after her, she will ignore you and if you ignore her she will play guilt game on you and god forbid if you decide to start chasing her, she will go back to ignoring you.
    When a girl breaks up with you – she doesn’t want you anymore. Period!. She is not confused. If she did like you she wouldn’t have broken up with you in the first place, but at the same time she usually doesn’t want you dating anyone else. She wants you to grief over her.
    Once in a while she will contact/text you to see if you still like her by checking your attitude i.e. polite, humble etc…And once she has confirmed it that you still have feelings for her, She will go back to again ignoring you.
    I had break up with this gal in 2010. She texts me in Feb ’14…talks to me, asks many things about my current life and when I ask her. Its blank. No reply. No texts. No reply to follow up reminder…while all i was being was polite and showed courtesy when she texted me. Now again she is starting the same cycle texting me 3 days ago and constantly texting “Are You Ther?”
    Dont even be fcking polite & dnt show any courtesy.
    My 2 cents

    1. Women like it to see where your life is going. Are you more successful after they left you, did you in the end get children, a wife (that’s better looking than she) a nice house and a fancy car? That’s why they want to still “be friends”, so they can check on that. Of course nowadays you have facebook so she can spy on you, but let’s say you are anonymous on the internet, then she’ll definitely hate it when you say that a break up means no contact anymore indefinitely. I told her when she wanted to break up that she’d never hear from me again and if she happens to see me I would treat her as a stranger. The moment I told that she immediately got angry with me, couldn’t understand why I was so cold blabla. In the end its better to just kill all contact. Maybe ‘ll say hi anyway, in 20 years :p when she’s an old hag and I’m rich. Just for revenge.
      Once you are dumped, also never take her back. Because you should have respect for yourself. You don’t know if it might didn’t work out with her new lover and you’re some save haven for her. Some chicks really feel lost without a relationship, while men see it as a opportunity to aim high and exploit every stare they get from a chick while that file folder with the vids is growing (no explanation needed)

  40. I started reading red pill blogs 3 years ago before I married my second wife and started applying the concepts. The ironic thing, is that her mother first sparked my interest in the red pill (even though she had no clue she was talking about the “red pill” or it’s specific concepts) when she sat us both down and basically told me that I needed to keep her daughter in check when we married.
    Long story short, we married, I kept my wife in check (not because I was “doing what I was told to do” but because I always had this gut feeling that dominating my wife was the proper thing to do. Her mother just lit the fuse that led me to the red pill) Now, 2 years later, she wants a divorce because I’m “too controlling.” the mother controls her house & her husband is her beta bitch & my wife figures it should be the same with us. Except I ain’t playing that game. In the past when I was stupid maybe, but post red pill, fuck no. Either she gets her act together or there’s plenty of younger tighter girls at work that give me “the look.”

  41. Hey guy who wrote this article, you are sexist and I refute all of your generalisations of women you have made up because you are bitter. Don’t be so mean dude, it’s repulsive, really.

    1. Because advice on what to do when YOU are ditched is sexist. From all the articles on RoK, this is one of the least sexist there is.

  42. Good advice. Especially point 7 made me very angry when my last gf broke up with me. In the back of your head you know it’s true, despite of her denying it. Women plan their exit. The last couple of weeks they play a game with you where they try to extract as many meals, backrubs, talkie talkie time and other things from you while in exchange try to limit sex to a minimum if not make up some excuse in the last moment when fidgeting. They’re not wet for you any longer but for that new cock. You’re just a standintheway they’ll eliminate with a lie. The same evening that new cock will slide in. It’s better than cheating for sure, but still feels like betrayal.
    Deadlifting and squating after a break up is the best there is. Better idea than killing somebody. Oh man, was I angry.

  43. The Importance of Radio Silence
    I dated a hot little beer promo girl about 5 years ago while attending college. She fucked like a beast and brought no drama to my life. Doesn’t it all start out like that though?
    She found it appropriate to break up with me over Facebook messenger one random weekday during spring break, not 2 months after we commenced our relationship. I replied, “Ok,” and went about my business. My ego got in the way and I was Butthurt Bob for an hour or so but at the same time remained set on total radio silence.
    Her subsequent attempts to get back together bordered on frantic and lasted for about a week. I stuck to my guns and did not answer nor initiate contact after her emotional firestorm had died down.
    We ran into each other a few years later, long after she had left town. You could taste the bitterness in the air. She was absolutely incredulous and just looking for some–any type–of closure. I brushed her off and yet she still tried to come back to my place when my bar shift was over (to try and get knocked up, cut my penis off, harvest my kidneys–who knows?) I’ll never forget the sight of her walking away down the block, her cute butt wiggling up and down in perpetual motion. It was truly a victorious and eye-opening moment.
    Gentlemen, it’s purely a power game. Sad, but true. I know, I know, I’m preaching to the choir and many guys here were probably dabbling in these types of black arts years before I was even aware of pussy, but hopefully the message reaches someone who has his eyes closed. Had I showed any type of hurt, then it would be game over. That’s what she wanted, and when she didn’t get it?

  44. darkjohanson: Thank you for this.
    A little background: I’m older than most of your readers–late forties. I’m also conventionally successful–make 500-700k with a few million in real estate and a few more in securities. Tall, fit, present well. Athletic and worldly. No problem getting women (Guys–gets easier as you get older!)
    I’m not saying any of that to brag. I am saying it so you and your readers know any guy–even a conventionally successful one-is prone to oneitis and suffering a bad breakup, and wrestling with whether to take her back when she left for someone else. BTW, Number 7 is especially true.
    Guys need to hear the straight talk from other guys in the hard moments.

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  46. Great! Now we know where all the assholes congregate! You should all post real pics of yourselves so that we women know who to avoid! 🙂

    1. “we women”??? Women in the west aren’t REAL women! They are broken creatures like yourself being brainwashed by Feminism which was constructed by the corporations.
      There is a reason why men from the west are flocking to the East to find “real women. ”
      Enjoy your cats!

  47. Well i dont even know that this article is for men. I just find it ridiculous why does it fine and needed for men to fuck around (one night stand) with sluts after getting dumped but its horrible for women to do so. I got dumped recently and its painfully hard for me to wake up in the morning. I just wanna know from guys perspective why is it so easy for you to break up with your girl after been years in relationship? I know my ex has moved on as he does not even talk to me after he kicked me out from his place because of nonsense reason. I mean when we just started dating i wanted to break up with him for so many times because he was just a rebound but when i started to trust him and gave my heart he started to threaten me with breakup in every fight we had. Last time he dumped me and after couple weeks he came back begging me to take him back. Now he dumped me again. I find this hilarious if you really meant what you said why did you come back and left me again? Clearly most guys like chasing. And they prefer to have a woman who caused so much headache and heartaches than a woman who are willing to give them everything (with a reason; shes boring).

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  49. Very Nice Post Opened My Eyes Thank You Bro 🙂 🙂 Will Try My Best To Forget Her

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    no solution.

  51. Lord, I wish I’d of come across this article and read these comments sooner….
    couple things.. don’t read, but make sure to keep the messages; consider it evidence if she ever makes trouble for you or denies she ever had feelings.
    For my part I work with this bitch and she happens to be my boss. It is more than likely she was fuckin someone else or more than a few before she dumped me, and she was probably using me at work to get shit done she couldn’t on her own or by other people she had workin for her. She didn’t have any friends, least of all any female ones and that is a red flag for any guy. She had mommy and daddy issues too, two more red flags. Cell phone use constant/incessant and attention whore, 2 more red flags.
    I didn’t stand a chance. Guard your heart and feelings unless she’s baring hers first. Never tell her you love her or think she’s beautiful until she’s bared her feelings. If she knows she’s got you she will immediately begin to devalue you and look for another challenge. I made so many mistakes, don’t make the same.
    If you want to keep her, disappear more often without a word, don’t pick up the phone on the first call, wait for second or third, don’t text back right away and keep your answers always as long as hers… don’t ever ask shared acquaintances or friends for advice and never reveal any secrets of your relationship to anyone but your male friends who you know DO NOT have an interest in her. Point is you are not an exclusive couple until you are, so believe anything can and will happen, including her cheating emotionally and physically with anyone else besides you; keeps you on your toes and keeps you from turning into some blubbering idiot after she’s fucked with you

  52. I had a bitch put me off on her sister, and then several years later show up expecting me to walk back into the same meat grinder. Also it was all my fault, and I was a dog for (going after her sister) now too. Treat women like shit, because they deserve it.

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