Could The Islamic State Reorder The Middle East?

The Islamic State

As you have likely heard by now, the Islamic State is a de-facto nation on the Syrian-Iraq border. The brutality and inhumanity of their tactics are well known, ranging from executions to what some have construed as an attempt at genocide of the Yazedi people. Important people in Washington D.C . have recently called them Al Qaeda’s junior varsity, but nobody is saying that anymore. What is still true, however, is that the rise of the Islamic state makes strange bedfellows and could possibly reorder politics and Middle East in ways not seen since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Suuni Shia Split Politics

Of the various conflicts between Sunni and Shia Muslims have ongoing, especially in Iraq, the Islamic State’s actions are open and without any political cover story for their operations against non-Sunni Muslims, whether they are Shia or Christians. This is unheard of the last century. It could be argued that the regime of Saddam Hussein and the war against Iran was an open Sunni-Shia conflict, but it was nation against nation where both nations were majority Shia. Also the Saudi Arabian intervention in Bahrain was merely to keep a friendly monarch in power, even though they did suppress a majority Shia uprising. It appears in the Islamic state is on a mission of eradication which no modern Middle Eastern nation has advocated for outside of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

What Is Interesting

The first curious thing I noticed about operations against the Islamic state is that all the American air power used against them seems to have been launched from aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. I wonder why the F-15s and F-16s stationed throughout the Middle East in places such as Saudi Arabia Kuwait and Qatar are not participating? Could it be that the U.S. does not want foreign policy issues of launching airstrikes from Sunni nations against the Islamic state? Or could it be that the Sunni nations will not allow the United States to launch airstrikes from their territory? Remember this idea.

Another thing I noticed is that the nations that are openly against the Islamic state are traditional U.S .enemies, such as Syria and Iran. The ongoing Syrian Civil War has pitted the Assad regime against a coterie of Sunni militants such as the Al-Nusra front, the FSA, and the Islamic state. Iran has openly contributed Sukhoi 25 ground attack fighters and pilots of the Revolutionary Guard Corps conducting airstrikes against the Islamic State from bases in Iraq. It’s also interesting that the ranks of the Islamic state seems to be populated somewhat by Westerners, Saudis,and other citizens of traditional U.S. allies. This totality of circumstances presents an opportunity to reorder the alliances of the Middle East.

How This Could Change The Middle East

The Islamic state is interesting in the fact that it is a terrorist organization that has actually started to conduct offensive combat operations, utilizing firepower and maneuvers like a modern army. They have become largely self-funding with black-market fuel and energy sales, along with the loot from the capture of Mosul. They have a very slick propaganda campaign that has been successful in recruiting people to their cause. Unlike most terrorist groups, they actually stand their ground and hold key terrain until they are dislodged  through combat operations. This staying power allows them to become a center of gravity to change politics in the Middle East.

As I said earlier, with traditional U.S. allies being quiet about and possibly supporting it behind the scenes, and traditional U.S. enemies actually fighting against them, this could cause the United States to make new allies in the region. If the Islamic state is successful in exploding a Sunni-Shia conflict to something larger than just Syria and Iraq, there might be a Middle Eastern war not caused by the West or fought by Western soldiers. For example, if Saudi Arabia ceases to be allies of the United States, the royal family are in a very serious position.

Kuwait would look like a very inviting target for Iran if they no longer have the protection of United States. The Iranian nuclear program and any action against it could be shelved if the U.S. decides to cooperate with the Ayatollah against the Islamic State. The Syrian Civil War could come to a total victory for President Assad if powerful people decide the Islamic state is a more important target. A wise man would observe the situation and invest in Lockheed Martin stock.

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320 thoughts on “Could The Islamic State Reorder The Middle East?”

  1. Yep, it’s a good thing ISIS are here because, for once, I don’t really see any disagreement among ANYONE (besides ISIS, themselves) that these guys need to be wiped off the face of the earth. Note: I haven’t heard anyone calling for them to be arrested; just destroyed; forever.
    And if it turns out that this was all organised by the CIA or whoever in some shape or form then, for once, I wouldn’t give a fuck. If you need to kick out a few pebbles to get the boulder to start rolling, then kick away, in this case (not that I actually think the CIA was involved at all, I was just saying…).

  2. I don’t understand, why don’t we just a drop a nuke on shitle east and be done with it?

    1. Eh, because noone there has ever done me a lick of harm?? As in, haven’t robbed me of half my income on an annual basis, nor prevented me from arming myself to deal with them if they should change their mind and come strolling down my driveway with obvious bad intent….
      Dude, people live different lives. Some play backgammon, others kill each other. Who cares?

        1. Actually, even though I have strong views about the extremist muslems being exactly that, “a cancer to humanity,” there really are two types of muslem. I work with mainly muslems from Indonesia, and they’re extremely gentle and polite. Like, to a fault. And they’re not putting it on for the “westerner,” they talk to each other like that too.
          I find extremist Christians fucking annoying. Even moderate ones – who, “Just don’t want to see you burn in hell,” as they pat you on the shoulder and give you that patronising sympathy look – fucking annoying. I believe that Christianity is a cancer to society too.
          But that’s not the problem here. ISIS are using Islam as a recruitment tool – they’re just after power and money (look at them asking for $70m in that last beheading incident). And Christians aren’t the problem here too. Sure, every politician nowadays has got to Love Jesus, or it’s political suicide, but this isn’t about defending Christianity. Don’t think even the Churches are thinking that.

        2. I know, but the reality is that extremist Christians today don’t follow their religion as it was written in the Bible, if they did they would kill people for working on Sunday, mind you they are still a hindrance to our society but they do not actively PULL AS BACK, look at the Middle East, everything functions in accordance to Islamic law and the Quran, these are people that actually follow their religion, Indonesian Muslims don’t because they don’t wage Jihad, don’t stone women, or perform other barbarous acts.

        3. Then we’re agreed. Sort of. you’re saying fuck the Muslem extremists,I’m saying fuck the extremists. Pretty sure we both got our wordings correct, I just take it one step further. 🙂

        4. Islam isn’t a tool for them. They are not spreading a message that is not in the Quran. What they are saying is how the religion originally was centuries ago, this is THE REAL ISLAM. People in Indonesia like the thought of God but they treat it like a gay Christian might and just think that somehow he is still following the will of his God.

        5. Uh… I know. I just said I agree with you. And I also said, fuck the extremist Christians too. And all other extremists. I mean, who likes extremists? I like slim girls, but that doesn’t mean I want to be surrounded by anorexics (despite the inherent advantages of dating girls with eating disorders). It’s not about, “They’re bad… they’re badder. But They’re the baddest!” Bad is bad.

        6. I need to correct a misconception you have. Christians don’t hold any influence in this society. They’re openly mocked and reviled in pop culture. They don’t have influence in government, education, Hollywood or banking. The only influence allowed is Kosher Churchianity.
          Also, why do you care if someone thinks you’re going to hell?

        7. That is actually correct. When a Christian acts butch and aggressive and is out to slaughter thousands of people he does not know, just because they are not Christian, he does so by being a hypocrite to the actual message of Christ. When a Muslim acts butch and aggressive and is out to slaughter thousands of people he does not know, just because they are not Muslim, he is attending directly to the words of his Prophet.

        8. I need to correct a misinterpretation. Never said anything about Christians having influence on society. Nor did I say that they’re not openly mocked and reviled in pop culture. Never said they have influence in government, I said they have influence in getting elected (think Trojan Horse), never said anything about education or Hollywood or banking. Never said anything about influence or Kosher. Never said I cared if someone thinks I’m going to hell, I said it’s patronising and just MAKES you want to burst their little bubble.
          I write what I mean. No need to make shit up you useless cunt. And, yeah, I meant that. 🙂 That too. Now fuck off. I meant that too. LOL. I meant that too.
          Now if you just inferred that I somehow called you a homosexual and therefore I’m a homophobe, that’s all on you. I never said that, or even subconsciously put that idea in this reply so that people will start to wonder if you really do like the taste of cum in your mouth. Just saying…

        9. Christianity a cancer to society? Really?
          End Christianity and watch the US burn. It has already halfway happened.

        10. “Islam is a cancer to humanity..”
          I think from the point of view as a devil’s advocate – I’d say Islam isn’t the real ‘cancer to humanity’. There are more, and much bigger ‘cancers’ everywhere, within the West itself. Say Islam is hypothetically eradicated, as a sickness so ‘we can all heal’. Heal from what? Terrorism, violence and bloodshed? Lol.We’ve fought two world wars which didn’t involve Muslim armies except for the exception of Muslim Turkey. What about the cancers of feminism, whoredom, organized prostitution, drug trafficking, pornography, which are actually the real and more pressing cancers eating away our societies today? In those Moslem countries, at least they’re upholding patriarchal values by keeping their women in line, even if their measures are ‘barbaric’. They still have virginal women with whom they can force breed with. And instead, what has ‘humanity’ and ‘liberty’ given us in return? A generation full of whores, sluts, effeminate men who white knight these feminists when a patriarchal man opposes him, and hipster faggots who deny their own manhood. And what are we going to supposedly replace in the Middle east with? Our putrid decaying culture of whoredom with Miley Cyruses and Nicki Minajs, what we’re globalizing to the world? And then what? Destroy and spread corruption there as well? And are we gonna attack Russia next as the next cancer we must heal ourselves from? And destroy their patriarchy as well? I’d say Islam is necessary – even if it may be a necessary evil, for the west to grow a pair back. Let our men learn from their men. Our women today want to fuck with assholes and alphas who treat women like trash, akin to barbarians of lore. It’s proof enough that women rarely respond to respect, they only respond to barbarous authority. The reality is that the world today has become a rabid bitch which wants to bite our ass, because of the corruption, intrigue and disorder that we’ve spread with years of international meddling we’ve done in the name of being the world’s policeman. This is the reason why we don’t hold much credibility in the world today in the sphere of global politics. We’re isolated because of our dysfunctional and corrupt foreign policy. Another reason why our limp wristed prez gets ragged and owned up at foreign meetings. Our state is such that we’re at debt with China. Are we gonna bomb China too because we can’t repay our loan? How many more unnecessary wars are we gonna generate to raise funds, while the world hates every American, and begins to ill-treat every American tourist abroad? We’re just misguided fools. It’s time we cleaned our societies first from the existing cancers we already have, instead of trying to sort out the problems in someone else’s backyard.

        11. Maybe take a holiday to the middle east (not countries at war of course). Or hit up a few books on the subject. It’s very easy to sit on your desk chair and say these things without having any direct experience with the people.
          You would make a great puppet for your owners who can send you off to fight a war that has nothing to do with you. Another stupid primate who can be used for foreign policy by the elite.

        12. Only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others, thank you but there is no secret oasis of civilization in the Middle East that all we’ve all simply glossed over. I have read vast amounts about the Middle East and the Muslim religion, the reality is that the Middle East is nowhere anyone wants to be, even its own inhabitants flee it at any given chance. The reason I say what I say is because I’m not a puppet of the politicians and the media, who would like to make you believe that the culture of the Middle East is of the same caliber as our own, the same way that feminists try to say that men and women are the same, men are not the same as women and we are not the same as the Middle East, thank you but I’ll spend my money in a country where I can at least see the face of the women I’m going to fuck.

        13. If you think that the follies of our society even measure close to the folly of their’s you live inside a dream. women are not so important that our issues with them are more important than people blowing themselves up and cutting the heads off of journalists or stoning people for not believing in their shit Allah’s ideals. Don’t even try to compare the two, you thinking our issues with women are the same as the struggles of the Middles East show how much you put women on a pedestal, you shouldn’t. In the same way you are a man struggling to find a good woman there is a good woman struggling to find you, go out there and look for her, the rich don’t simply have their wealth put in their laps, they work for it, do the same for you to find your woman.

        14. I couldn’t fucking care a fucking fart for what happens in the fucking Middle east. I couldn’t fucking care if Israel went to war with the Arab ragheads there,and both got fucking ripped to shreds. It’s their shit, not ours. The last thing I want to see is a limp wristed prez here trying to save his position for screwing uip the economy by propagandizing another fucking war to fight for which we have contributed the seeds to, by meddling unnecessarily in 2003 in the name of lies by an equally corrupt government at that time.
          We’re just a bunch of misguided meddling idiots who want to show the world that we’re fucking heroes for nothing. We hate the world, for not showing enough courtesy when we try to force help them when they don’t ask us for help. You’re just another war monger. Read the book ‘Born on the 4th of July’ by Ron kovic. You’d understand what war is all about. Fighting someone else’s war and getting crippled for the rest of your life, is that what you want for our soldiers? Why the fuck did we get involved in Afghanistan and Iraq to begin with? We’re the same bunch of idiots who made Rambo 3 in 1988 which had the line : ‘the Afghan people could never be conquered by anyone’ during the Cold War. And yet we go to fight them to instill a fucking elusive peace, by fighting an unnecessary Pyrrhic war for 13 fucking years since 2001 which has still not ended..
          I repeat – We’re a bunch of misguided meddling narcissistic idiots. That’s what the average dumb brained American citizen is today, who can’t fucking read a history book coz he doesn’t have time from dating, chasing and fucking vapid sloots. I’d say No to Gulf War 3, as an article came out on RoK a couple of weeks back. Let Israel handle its own shit. Let them and the Arabs fight it out themselves. The only thing I’d want is to see our boys back on our soil – from both Iraq and Afghanistan, not risking their lives for the stupid foreign policies of our bureacrats.
          I’d say fuck off to the war mongers.
          To these fucking assholes: Get your ass there itself on the ground there, and then talk about courage and loyalty. Mongering war and letting some innocent soldier die for it is just being like the fucking mob watching a gladiatorial fight in a collosseum. Fuck all those who encourage our soldiers to go abroad to fight in these pyrrhic wars. Enough is enough. No more delusions, no more lies. War is nothing but deception, to turn the eyes of the common people from the fucked up economy back home. I’m not buying shit from our bureaucracy that some emaciated malnourished raghead would send an intercontinental missile to bomb us laced with a biological warhead that would spew a flood of camel shit on detonantion which would drown us out. 3 decades, 3 wars are enough. No more. Bring back our men.

        15. “I have read vast amounts about the Middle East and the Muslim religion,
          the reality is that the Middle East is nowhere anyone wants to be, even
          its own inhabitants flee it at any given chance.” – Were you under a rock when this came out?Do you know where Dubai is?

        16. You could be right, you could be wrong. I think you’re wrong. One thing for sure is the world is waking up to the stupidity of the Bible and the world is also getting shitter. BUT does that mean that a lack of religous belief makes the world shitter? Nope. As scientists say, “Just because a and b equals c, does not mean a and b equals c.” In other words, there are millions of fucking factors to take into account. Nothing is as simple as Christians good, Satan bad.

        17. In what way is the Bible stupid? The Bible has been the code of society for the most prosperous empires of all time, including Western civilization. Sure, Adam and Eve didn’t talk to snakes in the garden, but it makes a great analogy to real-life sexual temptation and female weakness

        18. Bible is stupid for too many reasons to describe them all. Here’s 3 examples JUST relating to the 10 commandments:
          1. Moses talking to a burning bush and everyone believes it was God, not Satan even though Hell and fire go hand-in-hand. #facepalm.
          2. The original 10 commandments in the first testament aren’t the same 10 commandments in the new testament. #facepalm.
          3. Jesus saying that there’s only one unforgivable sin: Doubting God’s existence, which renders all of the other 10 commandments as just, “If possible could you not do that,” rather than actual commandments. #facepalm.

        19. But all in all, if even one person was able to misinterpret a single word or sentence in the Bible, which results in any wrong-doing (e.g. kill all fags, or whatever), then that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the Bible was not written by God. Logic 101.

        20. You atheists always take the smaller picture. The ten commandments are extremely on point: don’t kill, don’t lie, don’t steal, etc. So what, a few stories had to be told to get the point across. Most atheists want to get rid of the Bible and have the masses blindly follow the federal government. Look how that is turning out.

        21. So in other words… you don’t deny the stupidity I just pointed out… and I didn’t even touch on the good stuff. If you really want to know just how dumb the bible is, they couldn’t even get jesus’ final words on the cross consistent!!! “Oh father why have you forsaken me….” or “It is done….” or… I forget the last one, but it’s some pompous speech. Look it up, it’s all there in your fucking book.

        22. You mean the book which has been the societal code and backbone of the most successful civilization of all time?

        23. What, the, “rape a bitch and it’s all good if you give some money to her father” book?
          Seriously, fuck off, I know more about this than your average athiest, so don’t even test me.

        24. What you are missing in the Bible is the underlying lesson in the myths.
          In mythology and legend, there is an incredible storehouse of wisdom about human nature
          collected over centuries of observation. Often the word myth is used to mean something which is
          not true, but in the context of mythology it has a very different and much more complex
          To truly understand myth, one must understand the different levels of truth possible within a
          particular description. Borrowing concepts from the science of Psycholinguistics, the study of language to understand the inner workings of the human mind, there are what are known as “deep structures” and “surface structures” in language that reflect essential building blocks of human thought. The terms are self-explanatory to some degree. A surface structure is the appearance or form that is directly perceived: something of which we are clearly conscious. A deep structure is the mental foundation on which that consciousness rests. Like the foundation of a building, these deep structures are usually entirely hidden from our view and it is impossible for the casual observer to know they are there. Only someone who has studied the manner in
          which the surface structures are built, such as an architect or a contractor, knows that they are there and how they are constructed as well as how they relate to the surface structure.
          Almost everyone is familiar with the fact that 90% of an iceberg lies below the surface of the water: thus the term “tip of the iceberg” which is used to describe the fact that often the most significant aspects are hidden from view. Often it is this hidden part that is the most significant, as passengers on the Titanic learned.
          Viewed from far enough away, a chain of islands, like the island state, Hawaii, and a string of icebergs have very similar surface structures: roughly cone shapes with the tips up. Even below the surface of the water, the structures remain similar until you go deep down enough to either get under the iceberg or reach the ocean floor on which the island rests. At this point one realizes that the two are completely different. Since islands are nothing more than the tips of submerged mountains, if the water level drops the division between two islands may disappear and their surface structure become a single island. Nothing about their deep structure has changed.
          Icebergs, on the other hand, are not joined in any way; and even if the ocean were completely drained, they would simply rest on the ocean floor which is a deep structure entirely unrelated to the iceberg.
          Adding the concepts of truth and falsehood to the concepts of deep and surface structures, a myth is a story in which the surface structure is false, i.e. things did not happen exactly that way, but the deep structure is true, i.e. that is a commonly observed way that people behave. Myths and legends of gods, goddesses, and heroes illustrate human characteristics which have been observed over and over throughout history and which have been described as a single persona or personality akin to Carl Jung’s “archetypes.” From these personalities which represent common human characteristics, and the stories of the consequences of their choices and actions, people
          can predict the outcomes of a specific act on their part and gain the power to exercise more control over their lives by the conscious choice of their actions.
          S= False
          ——– = Myth
          D= True
          As you can see from the diagram above ‘tip’ of the iceberg maybe False but not the deep superstructure.

        25. Yep, I know all about gnostism (ironic statement, I know). I read “The Jesus Mysteries a.k.a. Was Jesus a Pagan God?” when it came out.

        26. “If you break it, you buy it”.
          Simple as that. Or did you intend that another man, other than the rapist, should have to end up with a raped girl, full of another mans sperm?
          If so, you must be a faggot, “up2daelbow” witch explains your hatred of God.
          So suck it.
          If you rape a girl, you marry her. You don`t put her back on the market, so that she possibly ends up being licked out by another poor dude, who didn`t know you had jizzed in her.
          That`s worse than pissing in another mans milkshake while he`s on the toilet.
          You gooddamned atheist homos.

        27. You don`t want to be surrounded by anorexic girls – because you and Enkis are homos.
          Simple as that.

        28. Ooh, burnt hard. In the 3rd degree. Don’t know how I will carry on now that you called me a homo. But now that you bring it up… aren’t a lot of you Christians fags? Pedophiles too? It’s almost like you’re so scared of being found out that you resort to the Bible for… well, not salvation, since it’s all bullshit… but maybe as a shield, so that no one could accuse you of being a fag, no matter how lispy your voice is.

        29. Ironic statement, coming from someone who belongs to the Church of “Rape Little Boys.”

        30. Never said I hated God. That would be stupid. Like, do you hate the boogey man? No. Why? Because he doesn’t exist.
          P.S. Why is it that your fucking gay-ass book couldn’t even get Jesus’ final words on the cross correct (note: there’s 3 versions. That’s THREE versions i.e. one version, then another, then another). LOL.

    2. Because that will require a lot of nukes and the winds will blow the nuclear air to Europe or Asia.

    3. “I don’t understand, why don’t we just a drop a nuke on shitle east and be done with it?”
      because y’all too moral for your own good and even to the the detriment of your existence.

    4. Agreed. Carpet bombing of western nukes throughout the Phoenician seaboard, beginning with Israel and ending up into Iraq. But let’s begin with our Israeli masters. If peace returns when Israel is obliterated, good. If not, let’s continue eastward onto the ragheads.

  3. Great piece Douglas although your headline should be a statement rather than a question because as we all know that whatever the aftermath of the ‘ISIS situation’ will be the politics of the middle east will be forever changed. If we go down the more esoteric conspiracy theory road here you can argue that the U.S and the West has a great interest in propping up ISIS in that they are a very potent tool in destabilizing Iranian political hegemony and influence on surrounding Arab nations most notably Syria as well as dethroning Assad from his position of power. The second road which makes more sense than the conspiracy theory one is that the U.S will inevitably be forced to (as you stated) align with Iran (in a limited capacity) and maybe to a lesser (proxy) sense Syria in order to wipe this cancer that is ISIS off the map because as we know whatever the outcome of the ISIS situation will be the effects will reverberate around the world nothing major that happens in such an oil rich region goes away quietly. I suppose the point here is that one way or another massive political change is on its way regardless of whatever theory or outcome you believe in.

  4. The Islamic religion is an 11th century religion in the 21st century with barbarians wielding 21st century weapons, these people want nothing for the advancement of humanity, they simply wish to brainwash everyone else into joining their death cult and reducing the world to a pile of ash.

    1. Well, at least these guys aren’t a bunch of supplicating beta bitches, huddling together begging big bad Hillary to pleeease not take their peashooters away…..

      1. You know something? You’re totally right. You enjoy the death cult so much go and move out to that shit desert death ground, hope you enjoy sand, dumb people, and arbitrary religious bullshit. Hope you love no food, no water, no girls to game, nothing. Yeah keep talking about the Middle East like it’s big shit, the reality is it’s just SHIT.

        1. Instead of getting hyper emotional, think a moment about what he said in the context he said it. It wasn’t supporting ISIS, rather he was making the point that we in the West, us men, have basically become pussies and pseudo-women. That’s not far off the mark actually, regardless of his comical take on ‘pea shooters’ (because yes, steel core .308 is just so ineffective).

        2. You’re providing a false dichotomy, if you think the errors of the West are of similar degrees in the Middle East, there is NOTHING of worth in the Middle East. The West is the highest point of humanity thus far, the Middle East is an 11th century country which cannot uplift itself despite its vast oil wealth, there is NO similarity between them and it is an insult to suggest there might be.

        3. Whoa there little fella, I never said that they are of similar degrees. He was noting that we’ve become pussies. You yourself are here screaming for war and condemning other men for not wanting to wipe out Islam, so it appears you must by needs agree with his assessment.

        4. I apologize for your misunderstanding, however it bothers me when people compare the West to the Middle East, many idiotic people would like us to say that we are the same, however the reality is that we are not, and to draw that conclusion is something I never wish for someone to do.

        5. The West was at a much “higher point of humanity” a few hundred years ago. Which is why Islam was not much of a threat back then. Instead, the Muslims wanted to emulate the West.
          If the West was still as universally admirable as you seem to have been told that it is, it would be obvious to anyone; and the West’s enemies would suffer some serious recruitment problems.
          But, The West today, is not The West of the (non ghost of) Jefferson. Instead it is a dying cadaver gorging on past achievements while being hollowed out to the point where it can no longer reliably defend itself against outsiders. Just like what happened to the Roman empire.

        6. have you been there? if you haven’t, shut the F*** up and listen. It’s called common courtesy. I think there is an article on ROK that says don’t talk about shit you know nothing about.

        7. I hold no illusions in regards to the middle East. I am also not a cultural relativist. The traditional culture of the West is superior in every way to anything that has come out of the middle East in a thousand years, algebra and a few contributions to astronomy notwithstanding. The clear, rational scientific mind of the West, along with its devotion to individual liberty (for a while, we’re still coasting on those fumes) was the only force in history to eliminate slavery and tyranny, at least for a while. Even today I’d still rather spend the remainder of my time on earth in these decaying and wilting united States than to move to some middle East shithole and have to put up with the attendant lunacy of Islam.
          All that said, it would be extremely invigorating if men here rediscovered that they each own a penis and started acting like it again. Life amongst the manginas and hipsters is painfully dull and pathetic.

        8. hahahahahhahahhahahhaha, good I see, so you also probably drive ford and probably still vote.
          “Highest point of humanity”, what a joke. I don’t even see men in the west.
          Go tune to Oprah and keep suckling on the beta pill, I’m not surprised they also spread their lies to politics.

        9. There’s nothing to see you fucktard. This would be my trip. “There’s the mosque, there’s the sand, there’s a bombed-out building, there’s a pile of dead bodies.” Trip over, that is it, nothing to see, and nothing anyone would ever want to take part in.

        10. I completely agree, our society does need to be improved, however the Islamic religion practiced by these fundamentalists desire to completely erase our society rather than improve it.

        11. Ok, i see. good for you. Enjoy your obscure hateful ignorant lifestyle and keeping bedding your relatives, we don’t want your genome to spread.

        12. Don’t know what makes you think I’m fucking my relatives, but you know what that is something that the Middle East does, along with your mongrel Muhammad’s pedophilia.

        13. Western idea of progress :
          1) sexual revolution
          2) legalized prostitution
          3) incestuous relationships in numerous western countries
          4) normalized homosexuality
          5) acceptance of trans-genders
          6) public Pride Parades, parading the freaks of society (fetishists etc.)
          7) The Finals Frontiers:
          – bestiality
          – scatophilia
          – pedophilia
          – necrophilia
          They’ll soon break these frontiers and im curious to see what western progress will bring to us.
          Keep spinning Hillary Clinton’s propaganda, keep justifying the divide and conquer policies with bullshit arguments. Keep playing their game.

        14. No one ever said our society was without fault, the sexual revolution was great, why do you think we can all fuck so many women and use game? There is no legalized prostitution, or incest which is illegal. Homosexuality is normalized but why do you care it doesn’t affect me or you? Trans-gender people can do what they want it’s called freedom, our country has it yours does not. Pride parades are weird but who cares, no straight guy even knows about their existence unless you go out and try to find them. Sorry but the Muslims were the first ones to take pedophilia with your mongrel Muhammad.

        15. Yeah of course, its all great. Fuck all the low quality women you want, then complain why you can’t keep one or a few in your life to say like, “build a decent family”, raise decent kids. Have the masculine satisfaction of being a good father. But anyways who cares about that in the fatherless west.
          Good job on rationalizing the progressive perversion of society, you are a wonderful blue pill specimen, your owners must be proud of you.
          And the muslims are the first with pedophilia? My Mongrel Muhammad? How dare you, criticizing a prophet of peace in the tradition of all other great ones, just because you have no relevant education or general culture and no social circle large enough to get varied input and knowledge from. Wow, I won’t even bother arguing with ignorance, keep living in lalaland and blaming the current muslims (and probably the rest of the world you lowlife supremacist) for your failures as a man. Meanwhile I’ll be chilling with my international friends, in my international lifestyle, with my international girls, learning from everybody, while you enjoy your so called “freedom” holding multicolored flags and believing that men in bikinis are an example to society in all times (a sorry excuse for being having no morals and being unaccountable and unable to hold proper ground or boundaries).
          Learn a new language youu, get a visa and start traveling outside from the obscure hole you’ve spent most of your life, expand your acquaintances, talk to more varied people, start learning man, start learning, its not cool to be an ignorant hater anymore, it never was actually.

        16. I think these things are covertly or openly practiced (depending on occasion) in the conservative but liberated and westernized Gulf countries as well. A lot of westerners who’ve returned from these countries would say there is enough booze and sex there too – not to mention latent homosexuality. Everyone’s got enough skeletons in their closet.

        17. Move to Pakistan then. Live the good old Muslim fundamentalist life. Caveat Emptor. One small transgression like talking to another man’a girlfriend or wife without permission and it’s off with your head!

        18. Fuck your dumb stupid mongrel prophet, he was a pedophile and a warmonger, your the Middle East knows nothing of peace, only violence to say anything else would be idiotic. I am not a supremacist, I don’t blame all Muslims for the faults of a few, however, the reality is that if the peaceful are the majority then they have been run out of power by the minority and even with American military support they were unable to rise up and plant the seeds of a functioning democracy in their countries. The reality of the Middle East was not created by Americans, we gave the Muslims the opportunity to build their countries with the power of our military and the lives of its soldiers for 11 years and the reality is that they spit on the lives lost for those fighting for a peaceful Middle East, they are content to continue with their trajectory, we tried to force help on them but the reality is we cannot for medicine on someone who doesn’t want to drink it, the Middle East is going to have to get worse before it gets better, but if they continue down this path the Middle East will die in a pool of its own blood.

        19. yeah of course, america is the peace loving country you still believe it is, of course they are spreading democracy and freedom. You know what, go back to oprah you need your daily dose of xanax and blue pill. We tried to help, tune in to CNN and fox news and leave this debate, in a few years when you’ll open your eyes you’ll just feel dumb for swallowing every bullshit they’ve told you. “Build their countries”, yeah like its in the advantage of the US to have a free, unified, educated and strong middle east, of course, why not make them a superpower so they can have two enemies at hand, Testosterone infused Putin Russia (you probably believe Putin is the devil as he is portrayed in the New York Times, oh I forgot you don’t read, you get your politics from Hollywood movies, if only) and the Unified 1.5 billion muslim world. Yes it is perfectly in the interest of maintaining the US hegemony.
          There is no getting better, the middle east is fucked, the little values that they were holding on are slowly eroding, land invasion, colonization and now mind invasion. And of course they are people like you,
          ‘Merica, land of the blind and home of the slave.

        20. totally agree, ive been all around, western and non western countries, non western countries have totally transformed, I see a steady uniformization (westernization) of the world that keeps gaining momentum. Non western countries have become provinces.

        21. No one ever said America was a peace loving country however, Muhammad spread the word of his vile religion by the sword and don’t try to deny it. The reality was that this effort in nation building left us massively in debt, there was no overwhelming victory, only failure. You’re absolutely insane if you believe we are actively trying to suppress the Muslim world, if anything out efforts to help the Muslims have lead to a collapse of our own world. I think for myself, don’t be a woman and try to argue emotionally by saying things like go watch Oprah or take your medication, that is the way women argue when they are wrong, either stop deflecting and argue the point or shut your mouth.

        22. yes suuuure, you travelled all around the world and have been to Pakistan. Wow. Enlighten us with your various adventures from far and beyond

        23. Ah and now my favorite part of an argument begins. The moment where I start using logic and facts to shed light upon obscurantism and its human byproducts. Let’s begin by refuting every point you have made:
          1) Muhammad spread the word by the sword:
          – first of all Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), was too busy dealing with the Quraish, the tribe that he belongs to and that tried to assasinate him several times.
          – In the beginning of Islam, The Word was spread by messengers, on horse back, and sea carrying a few words on a letter to the different corners as far as modern day Ethiopia ( which was fully christian with a jewish minority at the time), some welcomed it as brothers that follow the long tradition of prophets since Abraham (has been mentionned by name in christianity and judaism).
          – After the death of the prophet, only 2 generations of rulers (Caliphs, litterally means replacer) where faithful to the faith and to a peaceful spread of the Word, however they kept being assaulted by many empires at the time, well because like Jesus (Peace be Upon Him), they were attracting gatherers and were becoming a pole of virtue and freedom that upsetted and unsettled the Status quo and powers in places. (These Caliphs are Abu Bakr and Omar Ibn Alkhattab).
          – After their death succession became an issue, values eroded (of course) and religion became a political instrumentalization. Which means, using religion as a way to further a political agenda (a similar patter can be traced back to the funding of the catholic church, popes draped in gold and crusaders justifying pillaging and raping in the name of Jesus (Peace be Upon Him), what a shame.
          2) Don’t say “We” it means you still identifying with a political entity named America, that doesn’t care a shit about you but still needs your blind support to exist. Don’t define yourself in terms of “We” or “US”, move past that step will ya, you’re a thinking, conscious individual, a human being and not part of an agenda.
          3)And yes, USA is trying their best to suppress the muslim world and the whole world as a matter of a fact. A free muslim, arab, african world, independent that doesn’t side with anyone is the biggest threat to any power in the domination game.
          4)The collapse of your world as you say it is BS. They want your collapse, they don’t care about you. “They” is the invitation only club that knows no race no culture no religion but money, the same club that has Bush, King Saud of Saudi Arabia, Qadafi and Sarkozy sipping on cigars, sharing whores and backstabbing each other once one decides to play by different rules).
          The more you the people, the individual collapse, the more your economy is in shit and in debt the more they cash in on your interest and selling you junk.
          5) Right now there is only Russia, some Latin American countries like Venezuela, Iran and others who are standing up to the hegemony and of course in your media they are portrayed as devils (what a surprise). The Arab world (a more accurate term cause you know most Muslims are not Arab, of course you don’t know you generalize) is already subjugated, Israel is doing a good job by being the regional Tumor and agent of US, Iraq ruined, Syria in process and the so called arab bullshit spring leaves them too busy fighting amongst each other than focus their energy on the real enemy
          6) This is for your information as to why there is so much shit in the middle east: Major superpowers, and emerging powers are fighting proxy wars there. You think Russia and US will start fighting each other with an all out war?? With nuclear capacity? Let them instead fight through other Pro Nato and Pro Russia/Iran that are funding these wars and sending weapons.
          I hope this has enlightened you, and hope that one day you see other people as not bearded Mofos out to kill you and that you are not a god send missionary out to bring peace and stability in an ever changing world.

        24. First off,

          I know that the big politicians don’t care about me, but I am a part of this country and my will and the will of the people does matter.No one is suppressing the Muslims if we really wanted to do so we could turn the Middle East to glass in an instant. We choose to not do so. There is a collapse of our world because we are letting you and your destructive religion into our fold, look at what has become of Europe because of the Muslims already, and watch how they fall as the time continues. The blatant violations of the law under Putin are not in the same category as Venezuela, if you think so you are deluded. I’ve responded to your lies with logic and facts enjoy living in your delusion.

        25. citing wikipedia. Bravo, You must really know what academic research is. Ok Then I hope for your sake that Islam (who s root word means peace) is not a violent religion. Cause you might be upsetting 1.5 billion potential assassins. Even 2 year olds are being bred for the sole purpose of war.
          Anyways, Im just sad that people like you exist and I leave you to your sad existence. In a couple of years we will see world events unfold.
          Enjoy the American Dream “‘cauze you have to be asleep to believe it”.
          Good night

        26. What are you a college professor? I have to source my shit from books? I’ve already seen the video and the whole series of the debate from before and Mehdi Hasan and his side lost just like you have, goodbye.

        27. As an antifeminist it never occurs to me to criticize cultures that fight feminism.
          Especially when there is so much that is wrong with my own.

        28. The Middle East doesn’t fight feminism, the reality is that feminism doesn’t even exist there. The feminists of America focus on idiotic things such as makeup and women in media bullshit, the reality is that the women of the Middle East need the first wave of feminism, for equal rights, forget the rest of it.

        29. “And yes, USA is trying their best to suppress the muslim world and the whole world as a matter of a fact.”
          usa leadership is soooooo ineffective and inefficient, it’s a joke except it isn’t even funny. if usa truly wants to suppress the muslim world, all they have to do is to strike at the viper’s head, namely to bomb the holy shity mecca back to stone age and dintegrate big black box kaba into sand in the process.

        30. Actually, I don’t believe this is descriptive of Western Civilization, per se. These ideas stem from German philosophers, like Emmanuel Kant who formulated the idea of pragmatism, “the ends justifies the means,” which is really not part of the philosophies put forward by Plato, and especially Aristotle. It’s certainly NOT part of the Hebrew Bible, which has combined with Greek philosophy, Roman organization and 15th Century Enlightenment to create the height of Western Civilization. In fact, it’s within the context of Western Civilization that the items you’ve listed above are viewed with distaste and were condemned. No, we’re moving AWAY from Western Civilization to a more Eastern concept, which recognizes these behaviors as “acceptable” within specific frameworks.

        31. Furthermore, the West could make a strong moral case for absolutely destroying islam and its adherents. Since at least 640 AD, followers of the “prophet” have been attacking surrounding people for centuries. Since at least 800 AD, they’ve added NOTHING to the world, ZERO GDP growth, and they’ve actually cost the world in terms of economic development, and millions of lives lost to war, pestilence, and outright slavery. We DESTROYED Hitler for waging war, and killed millions of Nazi “religious” followers. We could EASILY justify the destruction of all of islam, branch and root.

        32. Seriously, I loved reading your version of fiction. It’s the problem with islam, your faith is found within its cult like status. When we finally get angry enough to really deal with your puke of a religion, get ready to meet your maker. The Flash will only take a moment.

        33. Enkise is probably a faggot-atheist and a feminist.
          Otherwise he would appreciate the Virgin-wifes of Islam,
          – that comes without other dudes sperm.

        34. And there:
          Like I said, Enkise is a faggot-atheist-feminist.
          I knew the smell as soon as he started talking against a religion that so finely keeps their bitches in line, and now he finally came clean and claimed “the women of the Middle East need the first wave of feminism…”
          So go fuck yourself Enkise.
          The women of the middle-east needs to obey their husbands.

        35. the lion king: popular western movie
          english: western language
          return of kings: western site
          subject matter of site: western issues
          you: fully immersed in western culture?

        36. remember: we just have to keep more of these guys from coming here. they hate us, but are all too happy to live here and collect benefits while biding their time to stab us in the back.

        37. they’ll have the bomb soon enough. i’m surprised that a culture so obsessed with violence and killing has not already achieved it. surprised… but happy.

        38. putin is scum but militarists love him. our friend here doesn’t seem to have a problem with all of the muslims that putin had killed in chechnya. even today it still happens under the leadership of kadyrov; putin’s strongman.
          but hey: check out the vid sometime of the muslims in london chanting “UK GO TO HELL!” as they march through london’s streets. remember that to a muslim, saying “go to hell” has a very strong intensity. imagine: a bunch of british people walking through the streets of islamabad chanting “PAKISTAN GO TO HELL!” they’d be hanging from lamp posts in short order. in the UK they have a police escort. i read somewhere that this infamous march helped inspire the creation of the EDL over in the UK.

        39. it depends. malaysian muslims are okay. southeastern asian muslims are (mostly) okay. it’s the middle-east and north african muslims that are the “problem”.

        40. The problem is that these people want the Western Dollars and Euros and still be a bunch of fanatics but the sad thing is they increase racism against immigrants in general including other Muslims who do not hold these kinds of stupid views and who really are trying to fit into the Western way of life and adjust. The leftists are fucking over those who are trying hard to integrate.

    2. Although I’ll admit there are barbaric Muslims, that isn’t what stands at the heart of the religion. Those are radicals who wildly misinterpret or exaggerate Islamic teachings. Islam actually teaches people to accept other religions, so there’s that.

      1. I’m sorry but there is no religion today which could be legally practiced in the way it was centuries ago, look at how Christians are treating gays now, they are beginning to accept them, things such as these are what I like to call buffet style religion, just choose what you want to believe regardless of what your religious text says. My comment only focuses on Islam because they are the only religion which today is still practiced as it was centuries ago, the Middle East should be an epicenter of humanity with all the wealth from oil they have but it is precisely their religion that holds them back, and that is what needs to be addressed. If this was time of the Crusade I would be saying the same about the Catholics, it’s just the time of history we are in and we need to make a concerted effort to bring the Muslim people into a modern age of religion where they ignore the more barbaric parts of their culture, such as stoning, decapitating, arranged marriages, honor killings, Jihad, and lack of women’s rights.

        1. > the Middle East should be an epicenter of humanity with all the wealth from oil they have
          It’s actually primarily their oil that’s holding them back. Cheap money brings in thugs and warlords and mafia tactics masquerading as ‘government’. Look at the diamond trade in Africa for another shining example. Religion contributes too, but oil money is more important.
          There’s another factor too: Middle-eastern oil has never been ‘theirs’, really. For the past century the middle east has been a battleground for Russia, the British Empire, and the USA to compete for control of oil and gas. Sometimes they just straight-up come in and steal it (like Russia did with Iran prior to WWII), other times they put in place strict theocracies to keep the population in line and keep the cheap oil flowing (like the USA has been doing with Saudi Arabia).

        2. However, warlords and thugs would be unable to be brought in if they simply had a strong centralized government, but since the Muslim people’s two factions are at war with each other it will never happen unless if unfortunately they commit a religious genocide. America also has a decent amount of oil wealth but when was the last time you saw someone decapitated here? Never.

        3. Again, things like decapitations, stoning, honor killings and whatnot are not very commonplace in the Middle East. It’s just the negativity (or the exceptional things in general) that sticks out. I mean, I’m currently living in Saudi Arabia, and I’m living a pretty normal life. I go to school, I eat proper clean food, I have running water, electricity, a computer, video games, internet, friends, malls, etc. There are obviously impoverished people, fanatics, fundamentalists and all that, but it isn’t the standard. Saying that “there is NOTHING of worth in the Middle East” is a extreme exaggeration if not a complete falsehood.

        4. Dude all women in Saudi Arabia are still beholden to dress in the Muslim way, women cannot drive, they are second class citizens, I want women to be beholden to their gender roles not to treat them like slaves. I’m sorry but those things are very commonplace in the Middle East, there’s no other place in the world where they happen, and it’s so common in Islam that it’s making its way to Europe as well due to their embracing of multiculturalism. Besides you live in Saudi Arabia the diamond among the dirty coal that is the Middle East, you may have it better but that does not make the entire Middle East Disneyland.

        5. …which is miles away from saying “there is NOTHING of worth in the middle east.” Get your head out of your ass. A lot of people in the middle east would be more than happy to be US allies if only we let them.

        6. By the way during the 19th century Sunni-Shia relations weren’t terribly bad; I wonder what changed?

        7. Go fuck yourself Enkise.
          “…lack of womens rights…”
          You goddamned feminist-faggot.

        8. (* to the tune of “for he`s a jolly good fellow”):
          ” …Cause, he`s a feminist homo, cause he`s a feminist homo, cause he`s a feminist hooo-o-moooooh…..
          And so say all of us….”

        9. Women having rights and women trying to be men are two VERY different things don’t think I’m trying to turn women into men, because I’m not.

        10. Well man I’ve loved reading all your comments all I can say is you didn’t seem to actually read anything I said, you’re projecting what you think I believe onto me and then failing to ridicule me for it. If you’re so desperate for a virgin wife why don’t you convert to Islam, go out there and get one of those precious virgin women for yourself, the way you pedestal a woman’s virginity and how emotional you get at my comments shows just how manly you really are, instead of being a man and engaging in a battle of logic and fruitful discussion you’ve gone ahead and made it a woman’s argument involving emotions and insults. Keep being that way man, oh and by the way, everyone seems to have agreed with my rational look at this issue so you may want to re-examine your position.

        11. No. they`re basically the same.
          But I see what you`re trying to do.
          You`re trying to use peoples sympathy for that journalist dude who got his head chopped off, to sway public opinion in favour of feminism , faggotry and beta-blue-pill bullshit, by attacking and religion and culture that keeps their bitches in the kitchens where they belong.
          Well, it doesn`t work on me bitch.
          Here`s how much of a fuck I give about your journalist:

        12. Go fuck yourself.
          You`re a feminist and a faggot, and if you don`t like Virgin-girls, then evidently, you like the taste of other mens dicks.
          Because you`re a homo.

        13. Again you’re becoming emotional, I never said anything about James Foley to you, and even if I was do you really not care about the suffering of your fellow man at all? A man who was killed purely over the fact he was American?

        14. God you’re such a woman with the way you argue, look at you trying to pathetically out man me. I never said I don’t like virgin girls, but can’t you see how much you’re putting virginity on a pedestal and how pathetic it is?

        15. I didn`t know the dude.
          But if he was a feminist, they can chop off both his arms, legs and piss on his grave for all I care.
          All feminists will go to Hell, regardless, so wether they go to Hell in one or ten-thousand pieces, I truly don`t give a fuck.

        16. Dude, you can’t simply want everyone to die because they don’t have the same opinion as you do, so many women feel the same way about you and me because of how they think about traditional gender roles.

        17. Yes, cause fresh, unfucked pussy wich doesn`t reek of other dudes sperm is “so pathetic”.
          But what the fuck are you doing here?
          Shouldn`t you be watching “Brokeback Mountain” or sucking cock somewhere?

        18. Whatever man keep arguing like a woman instead of like a man I’m not going to respond to any of your woman’s anger anymore.

        19. Here`s the thing:
          In “democracies” even feminists can, unfortunately, vote.
          Thus they have an effect on the laws of the land, and the laws of the land, unfortunately, have an effect on me.
          If I want to buy, say 5 – 10 pretty little virgins from, say, Boko Haram, do you think I`ll be allowed to get them through customs?
          No? And why not?
          Because of the goddamned feminists.
          Also, because of your goddamned “sexual revolution” one can hardly find a virgin anywhere, these days.
          And you can say what you will, but I am not putting my tongue into something another man has put his dick in.
          No way, Hose. That means, dude, that I am not licking out a girl any other dude has put his dick in.
          So again: I didn`t know the journalist-dude and I don`t know wether or not he was a feminist.
          But if he was a feminist, they can chop him up with a cheese grader without me giving one, single fuck.
          All feminists will burn in Hell eternally. Wether they burn in Hell in one piece or as an assembly-kit, makes no difference to me.

      2. There is no such thing as moderate islam.
        Some islamics feel they are still too weak to take on the West, so they are practicing the “peaceful” Meccan suras and hadiths. The ones who think they are now strong enough to win have gone on to the later convert-by-the-sword Medina script.

    3. Well at least they`re not feminists.
      These guys keep their bicthes in line so fine, it resembles art.
      And their women are virgins on their wedding-nights, and not dripping of other dudes sperm, like so many Western women.
      AND in edition, you can have your women stoned to death if they displease you; FREE OF CHARGE.
      And if you want another Virgin wife, you simply buy one.
      So don`t be disrespectful towards IS.
      These guys enjoy true freedom, namely the freedom to reign supreme in their own household.
      So suck it.

    4. Well said sir! There is nothing good in the middle east. I’m Turkish and living with these Muslims and things are getting worse everyday… I’m also an atheist who constantly exposed to psychological violence by Muslims and believe me they are not alpha males, they are just pretend as if they are alphas. They are not capable of doing anything for themselves and for their family. Sorry for my English though.

    5. Well said sir! There is nothing good in the middle east. I’m Turkish and living with these Muslims and things are getting worse everyday… I’m also an atheist who constantly exposed to psychological violence by Muslims and believe me they are not alpha males, they are just pretend as if they are alphas. They are not capable of doing anything for themselves and for their family. Sorry for my English though.

    6. Very true, but at the same time the West is in terminal decline, so what else is new? The streets of many European cities resemble Muslim cities rather than European cities and the cultural values of those cities are changing as well.

  5. This is all just Oil politics. The west doesn’t have it but wants it.
    Iran just this week inked a deal to pipe its gas to the west through Turkey.
    Why didn’t Iran pipe through Iraq and to a port in Syria? Because of the crazy lawlessness going on in both countries. So it sold out and made a deal with the great Satan: it will sell gas to the west unburdened by the sanctions.
    So why did the USA just sit around and let a bunch of crazies genocide people, actually withdrawing support to allies? All to put the squeeze on Iran and get its gas.
    Such is the power politics of Oil.

    1. Such is the power politics of a fuel demonstrated by Henry Ford, Rudolf Diesel, Nikola Tesla and the events of Roswell in 1947 to be obsolete – before anyone here was born.

  6. This is just moslem war number 899370217312309812390831209. These people have been viciously fighting and murdering each other for hundreds of years now and absolutely nothing we do from the outside is going to change this.
    The way we SHOULD start responding is, instead of building another failed “democratic” moslem state in the middle east, as follows:
    1. Immediately stop importing energy from the moslem world and do everything possible to replace that energy with domestically produced alternates, or at least import energy from countries whose people aren’t trying to kill us. Energy is the only reason we give a rat’s rear end about “stability” in that part of the world.
    2. Use special forces and covert operations to take out individual terrorists who are planning or carrying out attacks against US citizens, sort of like how the Mossad operates.
    3. Severely restrict or even consider ending permanently any immigration from moslem countries. At the very least such persons need a lot more scrutiny that we’ve given to them.
    Funny thing is all of the above would work, and it would not further trample upon the rights of a single US citizen the same way the PATRIOT Act or the NDAA have done. Of course given the current political climate in the USA, none of these things will happen.

    1. Too soft-soft. What really SHOULD happen immediately is for any muslem to be deported back to the Middle East. And if it happens they’re second or third generation, then (genuinely) sorry you have to go too, you can’t have grey areas with proper reform. At the same time you deport every single foreigner in the Middle East back to their homes. Finally, you let them do their thing, and they let us do ours, and we fucking forget about each other, hell, how long does it take to realise we’re never going to get along.
      But that won’t happen, and it’s our fault, not theirs. The west is run by corporations, some of whom are in the oil business, some in the war business.

      1. Don’t forget also that a large plurality, if not a majority outright, of voters, sincerely buys the idea that islam is just another religion/culture like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. and that with the right amount of western influence they can coexist just fine with the rest of us.
        The fact that Europe has pretty much fallen to islam is lost upon them, and they choose to ignore reality.

      2. wow, you know why so many “foreigners” are in your country?
        The slave masters are replacing you, you people have become fat, complacent, drugged up, lazy and dumb, while those that are coming are much better and make better workers.
        So putting things in perspective, they are saving your sorry ass, saving your plungent country with things called values and ethics, remember those, they existed before the feminist state.

        1. I studied economics and business, I know how it works. Also I’m not dumb. Even if I were dumb they reference it all the time in the media in high brow shows like, The Simpsons, so I’d be down wit this shit, yo.
          You mention perspective, which is ironic. I don’t think short term, I don’t think long term, I think fucking long term. And fucking long term we have to draw a line in the sand because most other cultures are out-breeding whites, and if you’ve watched Highlander you’ll already know, there can only be one. And I want it to be my fucking long term decendants.

        2. Well I happen to have studied economics and business as well, and my family has been in politics. And you;re giving me simpson references, highlander references, really?
          Well if you really did think long term you’ll realise that you’re spinning NWO arguments. “There can only be one”, just one single species of humans, uniformed, controlled with a centralised government and humanoids bred in vitro.
          What happenend to cultural and ethnical diversity? You know, the diversity that breeds possibility.
          If you plan on being a uniformed worker bee, I don’t, I like middle eastern girls, white girls, asian girls, and all flavours in my milkshake.
          You still think in terms of “Us and Them”, grow up.

        3. I hate “Them NWO cunts” like the rest but I have trouble doing a blanket sweeping judgement when, long term, we need population control in a big way, and that happens to be a “speculated” (but pretty obvious) NWO agenda. But you misinterpreted me (fairly understandably), I’m 100% pro cultural diversity, 100% anti globalisation. I’m meaning, “There can only be one per country, in the fucking long term.” And I used Simpsons to highlight just how unjustifiably superior you seem to think you are that you could try to educate me on something as fucking obvious as, “immigrants are cheaper and gonna steal our jobs.” And the Highlander reference is just to be fucking cool. Who doesn’t like Highlander. It kicks ass. So pull that stick out of your ass.

        4. you people have become fat, complacent, drugged up, lazy and dumb,
          Hey bub, the slave masters run the school system and have been deliberately dumbing it down, so don’t blame us for becoming “fat, complacent, drugged up, lazy, and dumb”.

        5. And you are entirely right. I suggest you read “The Curiosity of School: Education and the Dark side of enlightenment” by Zander Sherman. You’ll be surprised about some facts concerning the modern (post WWI) educational system.
          Yet, it is every man’s responsibility to correct their own wrongs.

        6. Don’t worry, population control has been implemented for a very long while. Why do you think most guys nowadays are impotent pussies. Fags are the best thing that happened to population control, they simply can’t make babies. So I’ll let you cheer for that agenda.

        7. Cool, will check that out. One of the major omissions to the education system is “Eugenics,” which was popular before WWII. But that’s probably not what that book is on about.

        8. “and if you’ve watched Highlander you’ll already know, there can only be one.”
          that kind of uncompromising resolution is absolutely critical when you face an enemy which is equally uncompromising – “there is no god but allah”.

        9. yeah i get what you mean, but its not in the book its more about the history of the current educational system, how it was imported from Prussia in late 19th century, how it received major intention and funding from Carnegie and Rockefeller and why we get tested.
          Interesting, light and fun to read

        10. Wait a minute. In the last reply you have repeatedly used “you people” to generalize all Westerners. So why do you cry when people generalize all Muslims? Hypocrit much?

      3. So does that mean white Americans return back to Europe, white Australians return back to Europe. Leave America with the red indians and Australia with the aborogines?

        1. Nope, what that means is each group goes back to the country they colonized. It’s a fucking slap in the face that we’re allowing any cunt to come and over-breed and enforce their cultures in countries that our forefathers spilled their blood to conquer. And if someone wants to take our land, then let them try and we’ll defend ourselves and our family name.
          That’s how it’s meant to work. It’s so fucking simple.

        2. and muslims the world over go to arabian desert and cede all the territories they seized from the kuffars, hmmmm……constantinople will be a good start.

    2. I think, these suggestion are all good, but I think further sanctions should be placed on the muzzie countries, if say food export/import of gets sanctioned their people and goverments WILL literally starve to death, they have no proper agriculture or anything self sustainable industries, nothing but oil.
      Take the food, and other various necessities and you will cripple these towelfuckers for once and for all.

      1. Wooow, you serious? You probably think they live in tents and use camels to go to school? shit man, pull your head out of your ass, 2014 and can’t believe there are people this dumb

        1. believe all you like dawg but there are dumb people worshipping some big bad black box in the desert and they even blew good sum of money to be near that box.

      2. “Take the food, and other various necessities and you will cripple these towelfuckers for once and for all.”
        *camelfuckers* – there i fixed it for ya buddy.

    3. Please stop making me play the “but to be fair” game….but….to be fair…
      Name me a culture that hasn’t been at war with itself for centuries. Until 1946 Europe loved to get into huge toss ups of blood and honor, just to fertilize the soil for the next crop of war. It’s how human beings are.
      Now please, do not force me to even faintly come to the aid of Muslims again sir, as that would be in poor taste.

      1. Totally, right now at this very moment, populace of europe and other western countries are blowing themselves up, killing, pillaging and raping their neighbours…
        Yes there are no differences when it comes to the western culture and shitstain culture…
        I didn’t think, I would see a feminist/libtard logic to be used on this site, but here it is, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

    4. Great idea – a few questions to start: 1.) how are we going to build the alternative energy plants and massive smart grid needed to get off of oil? (Americans tend not to like the exorbitant taxes needed to do so) 2.) how are we going to convince the American “bigger better faster” public to live a minimalist/conservative lifestyle and give up their gas guzzlers?

      1. I agree it isn’t easy. But as for oil and natural gas, we are already making great progress with fracking. If only we could drill for more oil offshore we’d be all set.
        Fracking has actually increased our oil production to the same level as Saudi Arabia’s.
        If we stopped pursuing the pipe dream of unreliable and ineffcient energy sources like wind and solar and focused on what works, we could let the moslem world drown it its own oil.
        Of course, such things will never happen. My guess is because the modern “environmentalist” movement is funding significantly by OPEC.

    5. ah, so dumb. You know that muslim state problems (as you call them) originate from american foreign policy of divide and conquer. And honestly, you’re dumping all the 0.0001% percent of dumb fighters in the whole muslim nation (1.5 billion people) and forming your opinion about them while being uniformed.
      Do you know that in order to exist and justify spending and further debt in the US (the backbone of US economy) you need an enemy, even an enemy that is entirely fabricated, just to keep population in check, continue voting and buying useless crap while they dump feminist propaganda and self emasculation programs to make sure you never rebel (you need balls and testosterone to rebel).
      Do you know that most muslim state governments (as you call them) have always been puppet US states serving US hegemony and the only reason that they are popped up, invaded, beheaded is because they suddenly choose that they’re tired of sucking american dick and decide to go their own way (not justifying dictatorship and their legitimacy, but they are kept there, funded and all, and when they choose that enough is enough suddenly the freedom fighting democracy spreading american eagle decides to hover around).
      Instead of saying dumb things monsieur, giving opinions on what to do in a geographical location you probably never heard of before your late president bush junior started mispronouncing it: Do you research, this “chaos” is all planned and serves higher interests, the interests that allow you to pump gas in your car (and afford a second one cause hell why not) and outsource iphone production to chinese sweatshops, while unsrupulous bankers cash in on your credit card interest payments.

      1. Yes because from the year 630AD the US was constantly interfering in moslem affairs.

        1. I’m just “agreeing” with you:
          “You know that muslim state problems (as you call them) originate from american foreign policy of divide and conquer.”
          War has been raging in the moslem world since the founding of islam in 630AD. Ever since the Sunni/Shi’ite split in the late 10th century it has only intensified. Based on your premise, this is due directly to US foreign policy so “logically” it only follows that the US has been “interfering” in moslem affairs since 630AD.

        2. Which US in 630 AD? You mean the British (that were too busy struggling to get to the middle ages?) or the Native Americans (that the British slaughtered 40 millions, not a bad number and actually had to invent boats and stuff to sail to the mediterranean).
          Oh by the way, 630 AD is the estimated date of the “Hijra”, which is the estimated time at which the Islamic Lunar calendar begins and corresponds to the year in which the Prophet and his few muslim companions left Mecca to Immigrate to Medina (Hijra means immigration, or more like Exodus) to escape persecution and regroup with other persecuted Muslims).
          So technically there has been no Muslim world at 630 AD, since well Islam has been a burgeon that has been tried to be chocked before blooming. Actually there has been no “Technical Islam” since its reach was still limited to a few people in a small city in the Arabic peninsula.
          So in short, every thing you say is shit, you have no facts and no arguments and its about enough time that ignorants are allowed to vomit their hate and ignorance everywhere.

    6. > Immediately stop importing energy from the moslem world
      What everyone reading this article should understand is that ISIL came to power through US support, just like the Taliban came to power through US support, and so did the Muslim Brotherhood. These aren’t accidents. It’s not like the US supported the Taliban only to later find out how radical and fundamentalist they were. Despite all the rhetoric about ‘terrorism’, the US has maintained a deliberate policy of propelling radical Islamic groups to power. And it’s easy to see why: radical regimes do a better job of controlling their populace and ensuring the flow of oil to America. Arab nationalists (like Assad and Saddam and Mubarak and Gaddafi) are too unpredictable, and actual democratic movements (like Mossadegh’s government in Iran which the CIA co-operated with Shia clergy to eliminate ) have a tendency of demanding local control over oil, which we don’t want.
      It’s a stupid policy because it directly funds terrorists and has resulted in the USA creating its own enemies. But if the price of cheap gas is a few terrorist attacks, fuck it, the government is all for it.
      The article mentions that both ISIL and Saudi Arabia are Sunni. What it should also mention is that both of them are even the same sect of Sunni: Wahhabism, which incidentally was also the same sect that the Taliban were. Wahhabism is radical and violent. Before WWII, it was a fringe ideology of a few primitive nomadic tribes in the Arabian desert with zero political power. With US support, the Wahhabi king Abdul-Aziz took over Arabia and started the love affair of the USA and Saudi Arabia which resulted in the never-ending flow of oil that continues to this day. Oh and btw, almost all the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis.
      Maybe we should stop creating our own enemies. An embargo on Middle Eastern oil is a good start. An immigration ban on those who hail from Wahhabist backgrounds would be another good step.

  7. Islam is the future.
    They keep their women under control.
    They grow while we whither in the West.
    `Diversity`agenda is only hastening the process

    1. Enjoy living in the shit Middle East desert, the only thing that grows is their population because they fuck like animals with no regards for how to raise their children, it’s fucking disgusting.

      1. In resource constrained evolutionary systems, people who have plenty of offspring, and successfully pass on to them the skills required to either create, or take from others, the resources required to replicate the process, come out on top.The rest become at best quaint historical factoids.
        Pretty much anyone in any society thinks their particular way of life is better than everybody elses. That everyone else are “barbarians”, “stupid”, “pedophiles” , “repressed prudes”, whatever. But all that shows, is that people are easy suckers for indoctrination, with little capacity for questioning what whomever is being sold as an “expert” says.
        Pretending that having 1.3 kids and rotting way in a cubicle to be able to afford buying $15 Cosmos for post fertile Cougars is somehow a superior strategy to having 13 kids with a 14 yo virgin and raising them all to behead both you and your cougar while taking your stuff, is simply folly. No matter if Ms Cougar may think she is sophisticated by knowing a few more tidbits about some guy named Wittgenstein than Ms. Fertile-and-Underage. And, lo and behold, even if the “expert” on TV may happen to agree with her.
        There are definitely traits of Western culture and history that strikes me as superior to much of what is coming out of the Middle East. But unless the West shapes up and gets the basics at least halfway right, those particular babies will be flushed out with the bathwater. As it currently stands, the Muzzies are beating the West fair and square, on almost every front. And that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

        1. You’re speaking of reproduction as we as animals we originally meant to reproduce however you and I both know, that the West is infinitely superior to the Middle East.

      2. You know there are more muslim children in British schools than British children, right?
        We UK now
        And we`re coming for Canada and the US
        Mosque at ground zero? yes pls
        Stay mad

        1. But we could wipe you all out in a few days if it came to it. There would be zero confusion over whether you’re a civilian or a target if you all were targets. I said “a few days,” Fuck, it could be a few hours if everyone in britain or USA or Australia were given immunity from prosecution till “the deed” was done.

        2. I do know, and the UK fall to the ground with the rest of Europe because of its moronic multiculturalism. Fortunately America is full of people who are deathly afraid of Islam as they should be.

        3. Is that why they made it illegal to criticize Islam in the military?
          Your multiculti experiment is ending so well. Ferguson is a great example.

        4. Do you know why it’s illegal to criticize Islam? Because any fanatical Muslim would blow himself up in protest. Islam is the psychopath in the room that pussies don’t want to address because they fear the repercussions, I DON’T FEAR THE REPERCUSSIONS, because if I let your stupidity continue we will all feel the repercussions.

        5. No one said our society was perfect but you know something the people in Ferguson may shoot each other, but they’ll never blow each other up with bombs while screaming praise for Allah and the mongrel Muhammad, and they’ll never decapitate each other. Shit people in the Middle East can’t even build a building without fear of it being destroyed. They simply reproduce like animals, which quite frankly isn’t difficult to do.

        6. Sound pretty mad there brah. Why so mad?
          Muslims dont sit around trying to decide which whore is the least damaged for a ltr that is doomed to fail. You do though.
          I guess the strong will survive, and the weak will vanish. Youve already chosen

        7. Reproduce like mongrels? We don’t do it because we actually care about the life we bring in this world, we don’t look at a new life as soldiers for society like the Middle East does. Besides if we do that then our society stops advancing just like yours has, like I said the only thing that grows is you population, not your intelligence, not your technology, not anything.

        8. how important is your fancy intelligence when you can`t reproduce? millions of years of evolution gone to waste, for what? Materialism? Feminism?
          The entire Muslim world laughs at you

        9. Precisely, we are the strong, you are the weak. If we desired it we could turn your precious desert into glass. You would think that you would appreciate our attempt to try to help you by stabilizing the region, but you actually enjoy the shit desert you live in and backwards society you have.

        10. Men rule over the women. Easy to get a virgin wife.Treat adulterous women like trash.
          Women rule over men, impossible to get virgin wife, celebrate adulterous women and award them cash, prizes.
          Who`s backwards?

        11. Having the ability to do something does not mean you should do something, we could turn your desert to glass yet we decide not to do so because we cling to our morals and our humanity, however I pray the Middle East never forces us to do so.

        12. Of course they do, because if they don’t, they’ll be beheaded. heh
          Save us your fanaticism, Ahab. The only thing you people have gotten even marginally right is not letting your women walk all over you via the law. Everything else, mark me well, everything else you’ve fucked up so badly that you have created entire societies of unemployed, woman-less, desperate men who see no better option in life than to suicide themselves based on the promise of a whiff of pussy in heaven. How proud you must be.
          Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

        13. That will never happen because women suffrage made Western gov’t weak and ineffectual. What’s going to happen is Islam will take over. I like ISIS’s chance against the SWPL soft girl-men in the west.

        14. You can still do that without destroying the rest of our society here, which is what those of us hear on ROK desire in the first place.

        15. ‘Can’t reproduce’ Big words coming from a religious community that routinely practice’s inbreeding.

        16. They laugh at you for the same reason you guys pity yourselves
          Its not that theyre forced to, its that they dont have to walk to the grocery store and see three dudes that slammed their wife at the sorority house when she was young.
          You apparently think American women are saints when it suits you
          loooooooooooooolllllllllllll alahuackbar

        17. They arent very big words actually… did you make it through middle school
          srs question

        18. Sir, you are an observant man and have noticed the glaring flaw in my post. That I did not state that first makes me feel ashamed. heh
          Good suggestion.

        19. So what are you, twelve years old then? What you’re doing is creating a straw man and then knocking it down. When you get to high school they may teach you about this rhetorical mistake. Until then, have a better one, junior.

        20. I hate when people call me a 12 year old!
          Please dont do that! It makes me so mad!
          You lose this one Ghosty

        21. GhostOfJefferson, I must apologize for before, I did become a tad emotional, towards a comment in another thread. I must say however, that you sir write in an incredibly elegant and thoughtful way, a way that I and surely many others envy, and you words carry with them the weight of a man’s knowledge and wisdom, I hope to become more like yourself as I continue down this never ending road of growing as a man.

        22. Uh, I think it’s more of a rubber band effect. Yes, for years men have been pussyfied, but it’s been stretched thin and men are starting to revolt against the media. If the whites declared war on the non-whites today we’d fucking cream everyone (note: I’m including Russia when I say whites, obviously). The only main opponent would be the Chinese, but their main weapon would be cyber-attacks.

        23. count yourself lucky that westerners and kuffars in general are faint-hearted pussies, if not they’ve already bombed you many times over in order to render you go the way of dodos.

        24. “Precisely, we are the strong, you are the weak. If we desired it we could turn your precious desert into glass.”
          au contraire, that is exactly why you are the weak one and the moslem is the strong one, you may have the gun but not the courage or even the intention to kill your enemy when you’ve got the upper hand whereas your enemy is bidding his time and will hack you when you’re not looking because he only has his scimitar.

        25. This is the biggest BS. How can you not see that America, Yes America, not France, not Belgium, not Sweden – but America is the most wounded western nation by multiculturalism.

        26. Not at all, thanks to our holds on mass immigration harmful culture like those of the Muslims are having a difficult time penetrating our borders.

      1. And if your wife cheats on you, you and your buddies get to throw rocks at her.
        You think this is bad?

        1. And if you rape a girl, say, your niece, her father gets to murder her too. Oh, the “honor.”

        2. I’ll be a cuckold and keep my humanity and my morality, more than 3.5 billion out there, one woman isn’t even worth my effort to stone her.

        3. Nope, was referring to a case I heard about a few months ago. It’s fairly often we read about: GIRL GET RAPED THEN STONED FOR INFIDELITY stories. Gosh, you must be proud. Dirty whores, those girls of yours, always crying rape after actually getting raped.

        4. You get mad pretty easily huh?
          They say you can judge the size of a man by the size of the things he gets mad at.
          Internet comments on a game forum are pretty tiny…. if you catch my drift

        5. Haha, you’ve painted a pretty clear picture of yourself. Or should I say, “Me self. Wif a hard f, bruv.” Thinking, 15, 16. Paki. Close? You not only just used a variation on the, “U Mad Bro?” but you also used it on someone else. How fuckin’ dumb is you? That’s the way bitches argue: get stuck in a corner, go for the, “You got a small dick!” Which, btw, you also used. I think you should go have “that talk” with your mum. She’ll love you no matter what.

        6. You don’t actually think I would keep a woman who cheats on me do you? Of course not, she’s simply not worth my time or effort she leaves my life.

        7. And you`re what? A multimilionaire playboy philosopher who also types in all caps when he gets mad?

        8. Now I feel bad about mocking your stupidity. It’s worse than I thought. Do you know what a newspaper is? And do you know what a headline is? Hopefully you work out the hidden meaning behind those rhetorical questions (questions that don’t need a reply). I’ll let you sleep on that.
          P.S. Actually, just thinking, if you genuinely don’t know what a newspaper is, then you won’t possibly be able to decipher (work out) the hidden mean behind those… what do we call questions that you ask not expecting a reply…? That’s right, rh-e-to-ri-ca-l. See, there is hope asdsada.
          P.P.S. When you get confident typing with more than one hand you can try using two to make up your avatar (nickname, alternate persona e.g. pretending you’re not gay).

        9. Do you like being buttblasted over forum comments?
          Its been a real treat for me to watch you degrade yourself into a steamy pile of ad homs and anger

        10. Let me tell you right now I would not, no self-respecting man would, and as you know on this website we are ALL men, regardless if I agree with your religious convictions or not, so don’t try to offend me by insinuating I’m a beta, argue the point or don’t argue at all. The emotional tactics you’re trying now is something a childish woman would use on a weak man, these have no place in a real man’s conversation.

        11. Buttblasted!? LOL. Showing your age AND sexuality all in one word. You’ve outdone yourself, asdsada. Makes me wonder, are the extremist muslems really closet fags who hate themselves and then try and over-compensate for their faggness by acting tough. Be interested to get your inside perspective on this hidden gay undercurrent among Muslem fags.

        12. Facts is facts, bruv. You should be happy about it, you can go fuck your mother then stone her to death for being a slut. Win-win.

        13. They say you can judge the size of a man by the size of the things he gets mad at.
          allah goes apeshit if you do “shirk” i.e. worship other god, sooooo apeshit that allah can forgive any other sins except the sin of shirk

      2. Whoa! That’s not politically correct and you aren’t suppose to mention that! (sarcasm)

  8. They need to show some serious staying power first, and some ability to recruit beyond the low hanging fruit of principled philosophical hardliners.
    The world is a rather shitty place by now, and one that lacks open frontiers to bolt for, for those not too dense to be clued in to that fact. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the mechanism that was supposed to end the need for violence in conflict resolution, the popular vote, didn’t really work all that well in the end. Hence, we’re back to the age old routine of resolving conflict by violent means. Nothing new, nor particularly good nor bad, there.
    These guys do seem to take the whole violence part beyond what would seem reasonable for defense, or even offense, though. Instead perverting Islam into what looks more like a full on Warrior Cult than anything else. Basically going out looking for people to exterminate; almost indiscriminately. At least if news reports are to be believed, which is another very big IF these days. Recruiting the kind of numbers they would need to succeed for that hardline a program may prove very difficult. Most people really aren’t all that keen on running around massacring people they’ve never seen nor ever had any issue with, just over some abstract philosophy. And any society as hellbent on fighting as these guys, sure as heck are going to need reinforcements, as it ain’t no safe path to a long life they have chosen…..

  9. It is bogus because of the source of weapons and finance. Who is supplying the state of the art weapons and the finance for this so-called “Jehad”? The answer is quite obvious. It is the same Zionist Santa Claus who did it previously in Libya and Syria, who is now doing it in Iraq. The British American and French governments in particular, aided and abetted by their Saudi, Turkish and their many other clients in Qatar, Jordan, Pakistan, etc., are responsible for the emergence of that vengeful fighting force which is now proclaiming their freshly-minted Caliphate in Iraq. Where is the mint located where all this vengeance was minted? The fighters of ISIS or ISIL were born into the gruesome fires of long years of unjust western sanctions against Iraq, their teen-aged life was splattered with the blood of equally unjust atrocities and torture which was deliberately and mercilessly perpetrated in the Abu Gharib prison in Iraq, in the vast US concentration camp in Guantanamo, as well as elsewhere in hidden ‘renditions’ in other parts the world.There was a diabolical method in the madness of torture and sexual humiliation perpetrated in broad daylight post 9/11 by the political and military leadership of Judeo-Christian modern western civilization (it is important to note that Orthodox Christianity is not a part, and will never be a part, of that modern western civilization in which a man can now legally marry another man). It was designed to produce precisely the crop of fighters we now witness in ISIS.
    The “Zionist game-plan” for which we now anticipate the unfolding of a number of very startling events that will provide opportunity for Israel to advance her agenda towards the world-order of Pax Judaica. Israel believes its “promised land” extends from the Nile Valley to the Euphrates. It includes parts of Syria, Jordan and Lebanon at least to the Litani River. For Israel to survive, Yinon believed it must dominate the Middle East. It must become a world power. All challengers must be eliminated. Israel wants Arab nations balkanized along ethnic and sectarian lines.
    It wants weakened, fragmented, divided, reconfigured controllable satellites. Its Judaization of Palestine master plan involves slow-motion genocide.
    It wants Arabs excluded from all valued Judea and Samaria areas. It wants irreversible facts on the ground established.Ideally, it wants Palestine entirely Judaized. It wants Arabs ethnically cleansed by whatever means possible.
    Israel will soon reveal herself emerge from behind the curtain to take the leading role in this great war. The causus bellum has to be so well-planned that the West would be able to claim it to be a just war waged to save mankind from a rising Islam that posed a menace to mankind. Finally we may note that the Zionist West will be carefully seeking an opportunity to attack and defang Russia and China as well, as nuclear powers. NATO’s war with Russia has already commenced by proxy in Syria and Ukraine and is poised to now also include Iraq. The Armageddon Wars now appears inevitable..

      1. Kudos to Putin for being very patient. They guy knows exactly what he’s doing.

      1. Well since the military decided that it’s best to be a quota based/ affirmative action/ social experimentation club these last few years, I’ll be sitting this war out. No need for white guys anymore. Any one else notice how all the Air Force commercials are of women of various ethnic backgrounds and the pilot commercial is of a black dude? Random.

      2. Yeah, American lives at stake again. For the sake of fucked up foreign policy. Why can’t the bureaucrats and war mongers fight the war instead? It would be amusing to see them in war gear having to dodge bullets and enemy fire.

    1. As far as I know, Palestine has never existed. This “ethnicity” was artificially created 50 years ago. Why? Perhaps, muslims couldn’t stand the fact that a tiny little country could kick their ass time after time. So they’ve created a nation or a myth – a legitimacy for this war. I say cold war. Because in a raw fight muslims are cowards. They only know how to shoot at civilians hiding behind civilians. Or bomb some bus with innocent people and then cry about intolerance in the west towards sheep fuckers.
      Ask any Palestinian about history of Palestine before 1950. I’m sure no one would answer you. They only share one thing (as all muslims): kill infidels.
      I don’t think Israel is involved in the genocide of christians in Sudan, Nigeria, Lybya, Iraq, Syria etc. Let’s not forget about India. They hate you too for some reason. In fact you can insert any country with muslims in it and you will get same shit.
      Neither Israel is responsible for the crisis with muslims in Europe (muslim rape gangs, constant riots, high rate of criminality, religious extremism, high percentage of unemployment). You can only take what others have left for you (and history shows that too). This is a definition for being a parasite.
      It’s funny when you blame others for your sins or shit. Here Israel is the bad guy when people are getting beheaded in Iraq by muslims. Please, next time take your drugs before writing shit.
      I have even read you book translated into Russian (even by versions translated buy muslims). It seems it’s purpose is only to brainwash. Religion of peace? I haven’t seen any good thing about infidels (maybe except for Jews to live in Israel). Only: “kill them, torture them, lie to them, don’t have friends with them… in the name of god, of course. In short muslim > non muslim even in terms of justice.

      1. “As far as I know, Palestine has never existed. This “ethnicity” was artificially created 50 years ago. ” – You’re wrong. Palestine existed before, even in the Bible. Acccording to wikipedia :”The first clear use of the term Palestine to refer to the entire area between Phoenicia and Egypt was in 5th century BC Ancient Greece.[8] Herodotus wrote of a ‘district of Syria, called Palaistinê in The Histories, the first historical work clearly defining the region, which included the Judaean Mountains and the Jordan Rift Valley.[9][10][11][12] and formed part of the 5th Persian satrapy (νομός).” You mentioned “Ask any Palestinian about history of Palestine before 1950.”, The same could apply to any person anywhere in the world today. Does everyone know their history? I doubt many would even know about American history living in America today. The actual problem began when, as mentioned in wikipedia – ”
        The British began their Sinai and Palestine Campaign in 1915. The war reached southern Palestine in 1917, progressing to Gaza and around Jerusalem by the end of the year. The British secured Jerusalem in December 1917. They moved into the Jordan valley in 1918 and a campaign by the Entente into northern Palestine led to victory at Megiddo in September.
        The British were formally awarded the mandate to govern the region in 1922. The non-Jewish Palestinians revolted in 1920, 1929, and 1936. In 1947, following World War II and The Holocaust, the British Government announced its desire to terminate the Mandate, and the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution recommending partition into an Arab state, a Jewish state and the Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem. The Jewish leadership accepted the proposal, but the Arab Higher Committee rejected it; a civil war began immediately, and the establishment of the State of Israel was declared in 1948.” So the actual truth is there. We meddle in people’s affairs and try to ‘force help’ people when we should be cleaning our own shit. Is this warranted? Why the fuck do we want to act like policemen when we don’t know what the fuck we’re doing? Just like in the case of Ferguson. I think we’ve been ‘brainwashed’ enough by the corrupt who’ve used lies to make us fight wars and endure casualties which we didn’t need to. Are we heroes? No, but misguided meddling idiots. We believe those whose motto is : ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war’.
        ” In 1990 Israel tried to stop the book sale with a preliminary injunction. This was a rare case of a sovereign state trying to stop a book publication in another sovereign state. Lawyers for Israel convinced Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael J. Dontzin to issue the injunction, preventing the publication and distribution of By Way of Deception.
        On Sept. 13, less than 48 hours after the injunction was issued, an
        appeals court threw it out. For the week of 7 October 1990,[2] the New York Times best seller list rated the book #1 on non-fiction list.” – How the fuck can some outsider issue an injunction to prevent the sale of a book on American soil? What right do they have? Is this ‘justice’?

        1. Look, you have mentioned some facts. But who said they are related to your Palestine? I mean WTF? Give me more wikipedia sources without any meaning to my statement. I said that there is no palestinian nation. It has never existed bofore.
          It’s a known fact that ancient greeks have called this area by Palestine, because of the Fillistines – a european ethnicity who ceased to exist many centuries ago. Trust me, your palestinian are not Fillistines. Later Romans have called Israel by that name after constant jewish rebellions. However there was no mention of palestinian ethnicity . No palestinian coins, no palestinian culture, no history etc.
          I mean, who said that arabs in Israel and in Gaza are somehow related to your palestinians? There’re too many theories about them… Some say their are descendants of jews, cna’ani nation… even if that’s true, today they are just arabs: muslims who speak arabic with no unique culture or history. I can also say my ancestors were vikings! What? I have a beard too!
          Do you know what is the definition of a palestinian refugee?
          “Palestine refugees are defined as “persons whose normal place of residence was Palestine during the period 1 June 1946 to 15 May 1948, and who lost both home and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 conflict.” by unrwa (anti western organization). Look at the numbers. Isn’t that strange? I mean even if an arab had lived here less than 2 years before Israel established – he is considered a palestinian! Because they know that if they lower the years, we won’t get genuine palestinians at all.
          They are just descendants of arab immigrants who sought job and better life after jews had appeared in Israel. Read Ottoman and British archives (there are many other sources), not wikipedia. The soon to be Israel was empty of population. This land was a desert. Most of them came from Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon etc. I have many beduin friends who are proud of their Egyptian origin. Many so called palestinians have Egyptian last names (even Arafat was born in Egypt). The funny thing is that they know the truth – they know where they came from.
          Another thing… jews pre 1948 were called palestinians, not arabs.
          This is another islamic feature – erase/ manipulate pre islamic history / archaeological artefacts of every country they settle in. Palestinias follow this rule too.
          BTW. During those revolts you have mentioned, arabs committed massacres (pogroms) of jews. Indeed a tradition.

        2. “Look, you have mentioned some facts. But who said they are related to your Palestine? I mean WTF? Give me more wikipedia sources without any meaning to my statement. I said that there is no palestinian nation. It has never existed bofore.”
          – Are you retarded? How could Palestine exist when
          it was conquered by the Brits before? What did I post from wikipedia? Could you understand the gist of it?
          When did Phillipines come into existence?
          When did China or India come into existence? What are you trying to pull here? And when the fuck did Israel exist? Only after 1948. Even we came into ‘existence’ post 1776. This country was populated by native Indians before.
          So please. Produce your facts about the so called Ottoman
          facts that Palestine was Israel. Enough of that propaganda. Wikipedia itself is run by Jews, and even they’ve accepted what they’ve posted on their site.
          I’m neither Palestinian or Israeli, but from what I see it –
          our continued involvement in that shithole of the world is because we have actually created that shithole at the end of WW2. Call it moral guilt, or vested interests to protect Israel’s fucking ass and seek oil, whatever. Maybe instead of bombing Iraq again (which we’ve been doing since 1990 for 24 years), let’s nuke Israel for once and for all out of the question instead. That would actually re-order the mess in the Middle east what we created way back in 1948.There’d be no more problems. No more daily wars and uprisings. We’ve seen the place perenially plagued by problems since the creation of the Israeli state. Or if we really cared enough for them, let’s rehabilitate the entire Jews from Israel in Alaska or the Bermuda fucking triangle instead for that matter.
          Our entire bureaucracy is run by Jews, so I understand the continual vested interests to get involved in Israel’s and the Middle east’s fucking affairs, to promote ‘peace’, and also for the fucking petrodollars and oil we want from the ragheads there. The truth is that the place was Palestine, and the United Neuters gave it away to European Jews who were displaced by WW2. How the fuck was that? What if I kick you out of your home into homelessness, and instead put a nigga from Sub-Saharan Africa in your home forcibly, and state that your home belonged to him, and not you because his ascribed ‘ancestral roots to your home’? Screw it. We’ve done enough damage to the world and ourselves by trying to act like the world’s policeman. We’ve created a monster in Israel and now we have difficulty containing it, so what we do is we try to appease the monster by obliterating its enemies. Who then rebel, and come to bite us back in the ass. Look, what we did in Cuba, and Vietnam. Yeah, they would supposedly attack us in the Cold War era, wouldn’t they – as our bureacrats wanted us to believe at that time? Yet today, we date and marry their traditional women because we got scum like women back home. Had we obliterated those countries then, we would’ve seen the same cultural shit there what we have back home here. Our hypocrisy at its finest.
          I couldn’t fucking care about Palestinians, but I’m not
          buying any more propaganda lies to start another war misadventure at the expense of innocent American soldier lives. Let’s fuck it, and move on. Let them handle their own shit. We’ve gotten into debt because we’re fighting thankless foreign wars for nothing. I couldn’t fucking care if a Israeli tomorrow claimed that Ibiza was a part of his ancestral land, and demanded that we get it for
          him. Just that I don’t want us fighting wars for ungrateful , conniving and lying allies whose ass we must forever protect by sending in our troops to endure possible massacre and hate for us from the world again.

        3. The retarded one is you. Israel existed long before Islam and even before Roman empire itself. And I’m not referring to the bible. Read some books. Not wikipedia. If you don’t accept that fact, you are illiterate. I repeat, Palestine has never existed. Even when Romans conquered it, they referred to the place as Judea. Later (I wrote that) they have changed it to Palestine as a punishment for Jewish revolts. I’ve told you about the source of the name. Nothing to do with modern so-called Palestinians.
          As for wiping Israel out of the map… look. Muslims are doing mess everywhere. In Africa, Asia, Europe, America. Just look at my first comment. Christians are getting slaughtered by Muslims in Africa and Asia (and now in Europe too). Genocide that’s the word. Is it because of Israel? I mean muslims are that angry at the world because of Israel so they massacre other religion minorities? What if next time they would angry at England/ France (or any other western gay country)? Actually it’ll happen in the next 20-30 years. Then what? Wipe out England?
          The world seems to be ignorant of that. The media focuses mainly on Israel. 200K people have been killed in Syria and nearly 2M refugees but…. Israel is the evil. Israel. Israel. Israel. Fuck those 200K. Let’s report about Israel!
          Who do you think would fight the ISIS (muslim terrorists, not Israeli terrorist)? Turkey (same shit)? USA? Jordan? Yup. Israel is going to do the job.
          Why not wiping the muslims out of the west instead of the only democracy in the middle east? People who contributed to humanity (technology, culture, religion, music, whatever) or parasitic creatures? Good luck with your agenda.
          About the money US pays Israel. Today, they summon about 2% of the whole Israeli security budget. The reason for this transaction is clear: control. We pay, we control. Israel gets more damage than profit out of this aid. If not the big daddy, Israel would’ve destroyed all the terrorists around long time ago.
          Once again. Good luck with your point of view.

        4. “As for wiping Israel out of the map… look. Muslims are
          doing mess everywhere. In Africa, Asia, Europe, America. Just look at my first comment. Christians are getting slaughtered by Muslims in Africa and Asia (and now in Europe too). “
          – Bullshit. Jews have been playing the divide and
          conquer game between Christians and Moslems since before. Who covertly supported the Arabs to overthrow the Gothic kingdom in Spain? Who promoted porn to weaken the cultural morality in the west? Who introduced feminism, liberalism, and what the fuck nonsensism in the west? The answer is clear. I ain’t buying anymore Israeli shit.
          Israel today might as well have its own biological and
          nuclear weapons, which are undisclosed to the world. Who armed and abetted them? Yet, we still go to meddle and white knight for them because of our bureaucracy. In the end, for every Jew, a goyim is a piece of cattle.Their
          double-dealings throughout histroy is proof enough how God Himself punished them (as seen in the Bible) and how they influenced the Romans to persecute Jesus. Not gonna fall for the Israeli bait that Moslems want to destroy the
          west. But why would they? Because we interfered in their affairs, bombed their countries to install a ‘theatrical’ but elusive peace, to make our Israeli masters happy. The world would’ve been a better place if there was no Israel to
          begin with since 1948. We’ve sucked and are sucking enough Israeli cock for the past 5 decades. Look at our healthcare system. Circumcision and what not? These are Judaic laws installed by our Jewish masters.

        5. >>Wikipedia itself is run by Jews
          I quit reading after that line. Everything else after that can only be taken as satire as best..

  10. You know, I never really took any of the false flag conspiracy theories too seriously until the MH17 shoot down … that shit just seemed way too convenient for US/Ukraine (aka Zionist) interests in light of significant resistance by the EU to imposing sanctions against Russia … and notice how the media immediately pinned the blame on Putin and made a huge deal about the whole thing but now there’s practically radio silence in the continued absence of hard evidence (Ukraine has yet to even release the ATC recordings) … and now we have ISIS which was apparently armed, trained and funded by US/Israel in Jordan when we were helping the Syrian rebels in their fight against Assad … Was creating chaos in Iraq part of the original plan or did things just get out of hand? The only thing I know is that James Foley video looked pretty suspect — it just looked way too clean and tidy for a beheading video instead of the usual grainy, garbled and gory mess — hell, they even cut away before the actual beheading! If anyone can talk me out wearing my newly acquired tinfoil hat, I’m all ears …

    1. Hmmm. Now that you mention it there was one thing that I found extremely suspect. Note: I have not watched the video. I was listening to the radio at work and I heard a sound byte of James Foley’s dad talking about how barbaric it all was. And the thing is, the guy did not even slightly sound like someone getting over the shock of having his son beheaded only one or two days before. I haven’t seen the video footage of the father talking, but I bet his face is pretty emotionless.

      1. Are you guys fucking serious? For the love of god apply occrams razor here.
        ISIS has put out numerous videos/pictures the forcing people to fig their own graves, stonings, crucifixions, mass murders and mutilations. So the likelihood that this is fake is nonexistent.
        Moreover lack of emotion, or stoniness, is a common emotional reaction to traumatic events. The father is suffering from shock.

        1. Just listen to the voice recording and judge for yourself whether I have a point or not.

        2. No doubt ISIS has committed atrocities in the past but apparently no one really cared because the victims were only dirty, brown-skinned foreigners … we are talking about the supposed brutal execution of a noncombatant American citizen which would just happen to coincidentally provide sufficient justification for increased US action in Iraq/Syria … again, I ask why not show Foley’s actual beheading? Every other beheading video shows the act to deliver maximum “terror” … also, we only see a photograph of Foley’s supposed corpse at the end of the video … why not show the actual video? This shit just doesn’t make sense …

        3. Because those who did the video may be sensitive to how it is received in other parts of the world. ISIS is already losing support with the Sunni tribes and, lets face it, showing a dead body is going to have a different reaction to showing someone writhing and screaming ans they are murdered.
          ISIS wants to present themselves as doing something about the infidel, however, they don’t want to further alienate a group of people who were lukewarm about them at best.
          There is also the fact that ISIS isn’t exactly a unified group and there are no doubt different factions who have different methods of achieving their goals.

        4. Even accepting your assertion that ISIS suddenly wants to go PG-13 and not show the actual beheading, why do they only show a STILL photo of the supposedly beheaded corpse at the end of the video instead of a moving image of it? What purpose does that serve? What is there to hide at that point?
          We can obviously go back and forth about this but the crux of our disagreement is that you believe that this is an actual video done by ISIS while I think that this video was released by US/Israel to provide cover for an extended invasion of Iraq/Syria and we are interpreting the video through our respective lenses (granted that my view is probably in the minority) …

        5. 100% disagree, sure, his voice was flat, but didn’t have steady pattern (e.g. I-don’t-know-why-this-is-happening…” and it didn’t have a stutterred pattern. It was just… normal. A bit too normal.
          And understand, I wasn’t looking for conspiracies, I just kept on hearing that sound byte over and over since I was listening to the radio at work and it irked me more and more.

  11. “I wonder why the F-15s and F-16s stationed throughout the Middle East in places such as Saudi Arabia Kuwait and Qatar are not participating?”
    Because there aren’t any in Saudi Arabia, Omen, or Qatar….
    Even if there where, baring Saudi Arabia, fighters flying from a carrier would have a shorter distance to travel then fighters from either Omen or Qatar. The closest land base to ISIS is in Incirlik in Tukrey, however, no permanent aircraft have been assigned to that base and frankly it’s smarter that way.
    Why wouldn’t you have important military assets allocated to a carrier fleet versus stationary platforms?
    Also, ISIS isn’t bringing stability, the Sunni tribes have already started taking up arms against ISIS.
    ISIS only was able to gain as much ground as they have because of the incompetence of the Shiite led Iraqi military and aid by the Sunni tribes. They now face resistance from not only the Iraqi government, but the Kurds, the Iraqi tribal sunnis as well as the Syrian army and other Syrian rebel groups. ISIS got overconfident, failed to see how precarious their situation was, and has strategically blundered by pissing off what ever support they had with the Sunnis in Iraq.

  12. “A wise man would observe the situation and invest in Lockheed Martin stock.”
    To be frank, I didn’t care much about the article’s premise – even though it’s well written. The most important line in the entire article is actually the last one.
    I couldn’t care less – even if I wanted to – for the morality of this war. I’ve felt anger and pain at the wars in this world, and the suffering of the victims. But what can we do? War in today’s world has nothing to do with morality anymore; in fact war today is business. Business for everyone who knows how to exploit the fallout of war.
    This is gonna be another of the countless wars we’ve fought, or have been fought in the Middle east. Seriously, peace will never exist in that part of the world – ever. It’s a forever active volcanic region when it comes to conflict. As a business person myself, I understand that wars are the best time for defense companies to boost sales. The elite and bureaucracy wants wars to raise money, and the defense and arms companies want wars to boost sales. So yep, it’s wise to invest in Lockheed Martin stocks, or any other defense supplier stocks, gentlemen – at this time. You’ll get more money in return for your investment.
    Wars are created (or instigated) for this same reason. To test weapon technology. We’re just gonna sit back and watch the theatrical war on CNN or Fox News, just like how we’ve seen theatrical wars over the past decades. I’m not insensitive here; I do feel sorry for the loss of lives in such tragedies. War is a tragedy.
    But in the end, there’s nothing one can do as a common layman to avert it – irrespective of the morality of the sides engaging in war. The decision is not in our hands. So invest. Invest, invest, invest. That’s the only way a wise (or pragmatic) layman can deal with. As long as the war goes on, the more one could get returns on one’s investment in stocks of defense suppliers.

      1. The real people who’d go to Hell are the ones who instigated war, or those who actually sowed the seeds of conflict. No layman for is responsible for it directly, as none of us here. This is beyond any layman’s hands, even if we may pained at the suffering of the innocent casualties. And a layman wouldn’t meet Satan if he invested in defense suppliers, neither would his soul get dragged to Hell. That’s an extreme way of looking at it. In reality, most investment and purchases that a layman does in day to day life goes either directly or indirectly unknowingly to the pockets of the elite, the rabble rousers and propagandists of war.
        The solution? Boycott all products, and uproot yourself to a more ‘moral’ society. How many would do that? The last line itself says it. It can either be a satire, or an advice. A man unable to prevent the war can invest in stocks, make cash and instead send it to the rehabilitation of the victims of war. Is he gonna go to Hell with Satan? If you can’t prevent, atleast you can try to cure that way. How many would contribute to charity? I do. But I see moralists talking about morality and suffering, without contributing anything to alleviate it.

        1. Guess you don’t have a business degree, or else the true cheekiness and irony of my comment would have struck much deeper (I wasn’t disagreeing with you BTW). The idea is that you can put your money into a variety of securities, and the more recent appearance of highly specialized in-vestment funds literally allows you to pick and choose the “degree of human sin” you directly wish to partake in (not religious here BTW, I just really like the imagery). Some such funds specialize only in “defense” contractors (Ratheon, GD, Lockheed Martin, etc.), while others aim at more ethical sectors of the economy, such as utilities and agriculture, for instance. And while you may not be the actual guy on the ground pulling the trigger, nor one of the CEOs receiving fat kickbacks, by simply choosing to hold even a small fraction of these entities in your portfolio you are quite literally participating in human misery at significantly greater (pro-rated) levels than simply working at your local gas station, for instance.
          So in fact yes, you really are going to hell if you willfully and knowingly augment your exposure to sin in such a voluntary manner. It’s quite the Faustian Bargain really. Power and riches now in exchange for eternal damnation, or poverty and piety recompensed by an (alleged) peaceful afterlife.
          You gotta dance with the devil boy. Dance the dance of greed. He is quite the good accountant when you really think about it carefully.

  13. Iraqi army is too incompetent to do anything about this. If only the US-backed regime did not disband the old Republican Guard. The Guard was full of highly motivated patriotic Iraqi volunteers. They would have been perfect for driving out the Islamic State.

  14. One thing I find particularly curious is when people say that because there’s no game in Muslim countries as a bad thing? What are you talking about? Game develops in countries which are lacking in morals in general, nations that simply marry off virgins and impose harsh penalties for adultery need no such “game”. Only in degenerate westernized countries could “Game” be considered some sort of high value. Game is good for getting sex on an individual level as a man but bad for longevity of any empire.
    I just did a video today all about Muslim immigration into Europe(unrelated to this article):

    1. You kidding bro? They got all the game they need. It’s called bearded, turban-wearing, mandress game. And boy does it ever work around these parts. Don’t know what these guys got going but they are simply cleaning up with the local ladies here. Must be that irresistible charm and attraction of the “mysterious swarthy other”, eh?
      They also (act like) they got balls. So that’s already a major improvement over the local male stock.

  15. I am fairly certain that the West interferes in the Middle East because of the violent expansionism promoted by the Qur’an. According to their bible, they must convert everyone.
    A divided state is weaker than a unified state.
    Because of this tenacity, I believe Islam to be the true religion, if there is one.

  16. This situation with ISIS reminds me of Frank Herbert’s Dune. The novel was a “what if” scenario if Islam were to spread out and conquer the known universe. Well, we don’t need to look too far into the future to see it happening now. Religious fanatics are the most dangerous breed of crazies because they have utterly no fear of death and at the same time, are willing to commit mass murder against anyone who differs from their religion in even the slightest way. These ISIS fanatics spit on western democracy and values and will gladly behead us all while grabbing the women. They have to be opposed or at least contained in the Middle East where they can wipe out themselves.

    1. It goes much deeper. Might as well be Ozzy Osbourne’s “Suicide Solution”, which inspired, apparently, a couple of teenagers to commit suicide. Ozzy could write a song about the angst, anger and burning vengeance as a result of the u.s. invasion and you’d get the same level of fanaticism.

  17. Isis came about as a result of backing from the United States. These are the people we were funding, training and financing in Libya and then Syria in order to overthrow those countries’ governments. After the American public realized that these were the type of people our tax money was funding, the narrative had to be changed and now Isis are the bad guys.

    1. Because Israel has an army. Strong army. ISIS can only fight and kill civilians just like all muslims do.
      Actually, Israel has an agreement with Jordan to defend it when ISIS’ll invade the latter.

      1. Stronger than the US Military during 9/11? The real reason they’ve attempted no aggression towards Israel is because they’re western-backed.

        1. Please study geography. Look at the map. They need to conquest Syria or Jordan to approach Israeli border. This is the obvious answer to your conspiracy. Just google: ISIS map. You see?
          Here is another fact: Israel is also targeted by the ISIS. They also want that place. Read their manifesto. So Israel is not unique. Trust me, these scums hate Jews and Israel more than they hate Satan.
          You are partly right in the last sentence. ISIS mostly Qatar (muslims) backed. Qatar is their main sponsor at least in terms of budget. Moreover, Qatar pays a lot of money to US: it buys weapons and armory and invests in American economy. Thus, it easily influences US foreign politics. Another fact, Qatar also finances other terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, Hamas etc. This explains why the world focuses primarily on Israel and stays blind at the happenings in Iraq and Syria (there’re many other places where muslims kill non muslims).
          Egypt and Saudi Arabia are now seeking for compromises with Israel. They know that Israel is the only real force to stop the evil and consequently save them.

  18. If ISIS is going to kill journalist then they might as well kill Anita Sarkeesian and the jezable whores while they are at. We don’t give a fuck about them.

  19. Kuwait and Iran won’t clash. Similiar to Bahhrain the Royal family are Shiite( to my best knowledge). While in Bahrain the majority people are Sunni. If the Royal family in Bahrain fall then iran will most certainly move in over night. Iran in my opinion should he an ally. The Iranians aren’t Arabs and the Persians identify as being European of sorts- at least the educated ones.

  20. I think it’s a great hypocrisy that the United States supports a Jewish state, but won’t support an Islamic one. They’re both religious cults based on mythology. What’s the difference?

    1. there’s only 15 million jews and there’s 1.5 billion moslems, not too mention that moslems have abundance of land already for them to continue to breed like rabbits for the next 2 centuries at the very least.

  21. I found a few of these animals twitter accounts. They were full of children bearing their arms, men holding up peoples’ heads, and even crucifixion of fellow citizens. They are better dead than alive. They can’t keep to themselves.

  22. The only way western society is to ever come back from its decline is to become a totalitarian, unrelentless, nationalist, socialist empire. i know what you are thinking, socialism.. im not talking about international socialism, the likes of what liberals and marxists these days have wet dreams of, im talking of a nationalist based socialism, you can say what you want about hitler, but the guy knew what he was doing.
    women have shown what they are truly like, in their ‘liberation’ of the last half century, utterly immoral, rapacious, egotistical, sexual deviants with the mindset of 14 year old girls trapped in fully grown female bodies. by the time a man gets to the age where he wants to establish a family, so he can continue his family line, the women of a similar age group have had 10 times more sexual encounters than he has, assuming hes an average looker and didnt particularly win the genetic lottery. who the fuck would want to wife that up, a washed up whore whos had 2 dozen cocks inside every orifice in her body, and regularly fucks her female friends as well because shes ‘bisexual’ (translation, bipolar).
    young girls should be raised to be housekeepers, housewifes, and and a few other roles that women are best suited for, like nurses and teachers for young children. Dont let them ever think that a job is more important than raising children, as this goes against their own biology. Young women should be taught and pressured to remain virgins until they reach an age where they can be married off to a suitable male, as they will be able to bond with their husband alot stronger than a woman thats been around the block. think of a band aid, its going to have the strongest bond the first time you put it on.
    in this situation, society’s development wouldnt have been delayed like it has been since the rise of feminism, hell mankind would have probably reached the stars.

  23. American foreign policy is incredibly shortsighted though. I’ve never understood why you did not court Iran over the Sunni states.
    The Persians are clearly the most capable people in the region, and most amenable to modernization. Even during the Islamic golden ages, Persians made up a vastly disproportionate, if not a majority of their leading scholars, scientists, poets, and jurists. A strong Iran would be a stabilizing and secularizing force, plus the Shia minority would be constant thorn in the side of the their Sunni neighbors.

    1. American foreign policy is dictated by petrodollar. It is the only reason for American foreign policy.

    2. For much of the 20th century Iran was actually the most important US ally in the region. The current bad blood between the two countries started in 1953 when the CIA toppled Iran’s democratically-elected government, after which Iranians tried to assert control over their country by removing the US-supported Shah. Ordinary Americans knew nothing of this until the hostage incident, where the media showed them frothing angry Iranians chanting ‘Death to America!’
      Nevertheless, the period where Iran and the USA were strong allies (1953-1979) was probably the most peaceful and stable period in the middle east by far, and the least radical in terms of Islamic influence.

  24. The Middle East should be re-ordered, the question is can it still be? What we have known as the middle east is really a creation of the west. It was western powers that literally created these countries, seemingly, at random. In reality it was deliberate because combining otherwise sworn enemies as fellow countryman made for a lasting dynamic of divided and conquered, which meant they could be easily controlled from afar. Iraq, for instance, excluding the recent ISIS incident, is actually three countries. Its certainly true that inter tribal, ethnic and sectarian violence is common, but, “peace” in the Middle East can be achieved, or at least optimized, IF and only when the proper borders are established. However, it seems like that window might be closed since ISIS seeks to evoke the Islamic Caliphate.
    Who’s to blame? Well, certainly the preposterous notion that a designer westernized state can be engineered following a murderous rampage leaving broken families, maimed people and irreconcilable grievances/insatiable vengeance. That said, the blame falls squarely on the west, namely, america. We closed that window. I’m a veteran of that war, which means I saw the slaughter and when “Vice” covers ISIS (and I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t), I take issue with them leaving out the obvious and preferring the easier route of connecting their “zeal” to simple religious fanaticism. No doubt that fanaticism and Islam are at work, but don’t be stupid – that’s not the root. “Vice’s” anti-religion bias only compounds the magnitude of ignorance and, as such, they’re part of the problem. No, its not really the Koran, because holy book or no holy book, you and I both would be just a committed if white phosphorous melted our mother or 30 mike mike obliterated our sister or, perhaps, being buried alive for a few days. After something like that, hell, a song by Ozzy Osborne would be sufficient inspiration let alone a thousand year old religion.
    Its worth mentioning the real root of roots – the Petro-Dollar i.e. global transactions of oil cleared in US dollars, which effectively ensures the US dollar as the global reserve currency. That’s why we went to Iraq and that’s why we have this mess and ISIS. Along this proverbial “root” are some very grotesques things and one must be careful when observing lest they become disenchanted themselves because the Petrodollar gives things like feminism and diabetes, which is, as a reminder, eating ourselves to death.

  25. It’s not far-fetched to blame ongoing crisis in the Middle East on women. Women and their oversensitive vaginas constantly push their humanitarian bullshit before and even during war in the Middle East. BUT THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO!!!! Bullshit, we can’t continue to let these scum threaten the rest of the world because of some hashtag humanitarian who gets emotional about bombings and shit. If men were completely in charge, the Bush family would not have put any boots on Middle Eastern soil, only bombs. Is there any sane, rational male who would oppose turning Iraq into a gigantic crater? Set an example for Iran, Syria, and every other towelhead who wants to create havoc. Fuck war sensitivity. The citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan have consistently enabled terrorists and other Muslim scum, never fighting back or appreciating our troops risking their lives for these Muslim shits. Dare I say Obama has made a move in the right direction by turning this place into a fireworks show. The American journalist beheaded should be the last straw. Bye-bye Iraq, the world will be a better place without you as soon as we can fully man up and wipe it off the planet.

    1. yeah let’s man up and neglect to use our brains. There was no journalist beheaded, Israel is the cancer and not Iraq.

      1. Israel is not perfect, but saying Iraq isn’t a cancer? Come on. Nothing but bad news outta there.

  26. “The Islamic state is interesting in the fact that it is a terrorist organization that has actually started to conduct offensive combat operations, utilizing firepower and maneuvers like a modern army.” I have to laugh at that. That is how governments came into existence originally. What we are witnessing is something that hasn’t happened in many thousands of years – the organic birth of a new nation-state. This has been made possible by the U.S. bombing Iraq back into the stone age creating the conditions that existed 6000 years ago when States and Empires first began (ironically in the same region). And yes, those original governments began as terrorists and raiders that used brutality to enslave areas that were emerging from the stone age and were productive. ISIS is brutal and evil. Well guess what? Go look at some of the less savory history of all governments in their early stages.

  27. What’s ol Pooty Poot doing in the cover pic?
    ISIS is dangerous to US because it has potential to end US emperialism and zionism. Most people don’t realize how much hate there is for US in ME.

  28. They should call this new state, “Bomritehereastan”. It will be a great place to test all our new ordinance before we sell it to the rest of the world at Wal-Mart style discount prices, as we move on to the next wonder weapons in the developmental pipe line. America may be slipping in many ways like the Romans, but one area in contrast to our general slipping, is that we aren’t outsourcing our military industrial complex. This is something all the talking heads and nations of the world forget….. we haven’t fought a real war since Japan. Everything after has been smart bomb targeted, don’t kill civilians, protect our image, police and nation building exercises; War 2.0 if you will. In war 1.0, we have very little to worry about. Religious extremist make great cannon fodder for practice in the meantime. Maybe I’m cold, but war is as natural as one wolf pack fighting off interlopers encroaching on their hunting territory. It’s not going anywhere real soon. Best to keep our fangs and claws sharpened on something. We’re really perfecting those drones, aren’t we…….. even as a bunch of boneless blobs of fat floating around on hover recliners (Wal-E style) dropping bombs with an X-box controller, we’ll be able to take out these Koran thumpers who think they are a real army because they got a hold of some of our left over weapons that are soooo last decade. Al Qaeda had a better meta strategy. Diffuse, hidden, self directed cells. These guys are young punks who don’t know how big of a target they are making themselves. Israel is probably laughing as ISIS proudly consolidates their ground. That’s it… bunch up fellas, right there in the middle of a desert. Lol Just my opinion.

  29. I read that what is really revolutionary with the Islamic State, is that it is the first time that a guerila strategy is used in conquering purposes.
    They used only light-infantry to defeat a western-style army, which is a bad sign for western Europa.

    1. “They used only light-infantry to defeat a western-style army.”
      much like the mobile light-cavalry mongols annihilated the heavily-armored christian knights at liegnitz, mohi, etc. until the kuffars and especially the westerners learn to fight dirty & ruthlessly like the mongols, they stand no chance against the moslems.
      19 moslems dead against what, more than 3,000 kuffars during 911 twin towers? so a single moslem could bring down at least 150 kuffars, a feat which even the mongols under genghis khan could rarely establish.

        1. your choice of nickname don’t do justice to the way you chose to respond, it is no different from a feminist’s “you have a small dick” or “you’re a pig” response.

      1. Oooh so scary. The “kuffars” could turn the middle east into a sweltering, radioactive crater at the flick of a switch. The rabid cult of that epileptic pedophile overestimate themselves.

        1. sorry to say but we kuffars are simply too faint-hearted for our own good so please drop the facade of pseudo toughness “…… could turn the middle east into a sweltering, radioactive crater at the flick of a switch”. case in point – usa made it abundantly clear that they are scared shitless of striking at the viper’s head, instead of nuking saudi arabia from which almost all of the 19 hijackers of 911 hailed, usa chose to attack iraq.

        2. They’re not scared. They need the middle east for the oil. And they need reasons to be there. That’s why they support the ISIS in Syria, and bomb them in Irak.
          The U.S and Israel just dream of a strong ISIS wipping all Iran, Syria out of the map, so that they can say “oh look at this bad guys they’re threatening the civilized world, we must go fight them before they come to us”, and then launch a big war to take the loot.

  30. ‘As the Scriptures remind us, “Do not believe the hype.” The hype of
    the moment is ISIS, the Sunni militia that just drove the so-called
    Iraqi Army out of Mosul, Tikrit, and other Iraqi cities.
    This is one of those dramatic military reverses that mean a lot less
    than meets the eye. The “Iraqi Army” routed by ISIS wasn’t really a
    national army, and ISIS isn’t really a dominant military force. It was
    able to occupy those cities because they were vacuums, abandoned by a
    weak, sectarian force. Moving into vacuums like this is what ISIS is
    good at. And that’s the only thing ISIS is good at.’

    1. ‘As the Scriptures remind us, “Do not believe the hype.”
      I’d interpret that in another way. I won’t believe the hype our bureacracy is promoting in the media to launch America into another ill-fated war at the expense of our soldiers, and to deflect away attention from mismanaging the economy. Not to mention fucking taxes. The bureacracy has already fucked up our economy by borrowing foreign money, and still has the fucking grandiosity to act like the world’s policeman in the fucking Middle east and Afuckghanistan. Why the fuck did we need to fight those wars? Our stupid half-brained public supported our governments in those years. No wonder, we ‘re a culture today of half brained sloots and effeminate brainless white knighting manginas. Just what our corrupt bureacracy wanted us to become, through feminism. Let the Middle east burn, but let’s say no to another fucking war.

    1. Sure and when he nukes the great U.S.A I hope your family goes first. Dumbass. You only like him because he challenges Obama and that is just asinine.

      1. Obama means very little to me because I don’t live in his country. As for Putin, he’s not going to nuke anybody, not offensively anyway; his Deadhand will launch a nuclear counterstrike though.

        1. I think you’re right. Putin likes his lifestyle and isn’t gonna do anything to compromise it.

        2. Yup, leave it to the Ruskies to set up the ultimate in fail-deadly deterrence. Guess that whole “outlandish” idea behind the doomsday device as shown on Dr. Strangelove was not that far-fetched after all (though the device used was different):

          I had quite a bit of fun more recently pointing this out to a bunch of Yankee zealots who were mindlessly gloating over how the awesome power of the US military could annihilate Russia in a matter of days.
          Um, no dumbass, it wouldn’t. At least not without your hick ass getting fried by a massive counterstrike in the process.
          Funny thing, they ALL went silent once they read that wiki article on it. ALL of them. Nary a peep about how they could defeat that system as well. What’s the matter tough guys? All talk and no go when the rubber really hits the road?
          At least the top brass in both countries knows better than not to press that big red button. That is, until Hitlary becomes president and decides to show that evil Putin patriarch how a woman “runs things”.
          Sometimes I really do believe we are nothing more than chimps with bazookas to play around with.

  31. I’ve always said that Iran is our logical ally in the Middle East. It’s nowhere near as extreme as Saudi Arabia is or Iraq was. We fucked up in supporting the Shah against massive popular opinion. Kinda like what we’re doing in Saudi Arabia now.
    Note that the Saudis don’t care about terrorism and wahabist extremism as long as the terrorists stay outside of the Arabian Peninsula. They have been known to withhold crucial intelligence from the CIA before.
    Iran is a far more logical ally. Our Jewish elite in the White House won’t let us forge any alliance though.

  32. To all those frozen in horror and shock at what’s going on in the Middle East and more recently by the actions of ISIS, as someone who has spent several years in both the heart of Middle East and various capitols of America, I can only say that there is nothing on this planet that can surpass in pure evilness the gruesome atrocities committed by the U.S.A. for many decades now…
    Yes these ISIS guys are ripping out the hearts of so called infidels and letting the victim bleed out, yes they are beheading western captives, but I urge you to compare and contrast these crimes against even the mild forms of the numerous torture methods that are routinely being applied by the U.S. around the world on a regular basis for decades now: putting futuristic post nuclear synthetic headgear onto captives in Guantanamo and letting them rot in the scorching Cuban heat for 72 hours + while being deprived of all sensory input so that their bodies produce so much cortisol that their brain cells shrink and die, irrevocably in many cases to the point that the captive, whose guilt has not even been debated in a court of law, becomes a mindless living dead which the U.S. army discreetly proceeds to discard in the garbage.
    That is without even mentioning that the same subjects and countless other perceived enemies of the state are being kept in solitary confinement caged like rats and treated worse than pigs, routinely peed on and left to rot, get terribly sick and/or go insane in extreme cold+hot air conditioning cycles so that even if they cannot offer any useful information, at least they will be useless as a human being from then on, thereby ceasing to be a perceived threat to the oh so preciously disgusting U.S.
    Contrast the very brief pain of a beheading that takes maybe only 15-20 seconds before it’s all over to the years long medieval torture and psychotic experiments US captives experience that pale even Nazi and Soviet Era methodologies, then add to this that ISIS is a group of low tech clueless mercenaries that are already being bombed away from the face of the earth, while the real threat, the world’s self appointed policeman, continues to ever increase its military investments and try to extend the gap between it and the rest of the world in military might so that it can continue unchecked and grow more unstoppable in committing the greatest crimes against humanity history has ever witnessed, all the while trying to promote and exports its disgusting self castrating culture of constant surveillance and harassment to the free world.
    And then you be the judge and tell me which enemy should you really be preparing for ???

  33. Many of ROK readers would adjust swimmingly in the Middle East, I mean instead of bitching about western women on the Internet all day, just do us all a favor.

  34. Islamophobia, this neologism is REAL WORD in EU/USA. Thanks to Iran.
    Open anti-white speech. Whites are demonized in their medias (Watch PressTV).
    Iran is allied with many black (nationalist) nations. The blacks from ISIS at least are non-racist. While most black africans hate IS/ISIS/Sunni Radicals and support Iran
    Iran = the geographical enemy of the white race

  35. Why are you so scared from IS? If anything, the western paradigm of multiculturalism will fall easier thanks to them.
    Right now, the westerners are being slowly boiled frogs. When the frogs are being boiled softly, they will die without realizing the rising temperature. Islamophobia accusation, demographic change, exploitation of our system by non-whites. This is slow cooking.
    Support Putin (all russian white nationalists HATE him for a reason), Support Iran (one of the few nations which openly express hatred for the white race). Support them and they silently will kill you from within.
    Taqiya btw is Shia Islamic practice. Lying for the purpose of religion, this is Shia Islam. Not Sunni

  36. The US won’t do much. The US is owned by the jews and they will do as the jews tell them.

  37. I always told everyone that ISIS will unite the middle east. These ‘men’ are not simply terrorists. They have an actually solid chain of command, zealot soldiers, recruits pouring in from across the world (including wives), are actually holding strategic positions, and have access to tanks and heavy weaponry in abundance.
    If these men are left alone for at least a decade, they’ll have the entire middle east. I guarantee it.

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