How To Avoid The 3 Worst Qualities Of The Beta Male

When you think of the average modern man, what do you picture?

Is it an “alpha male” marked by confidence, courage, and determination? Or is it something different?

Unfortunately I must argue that it’s something vastly different. Rather than the strong qualities mentioned above, the average man has grown to more closely represent insecurity, fear, stagnation, and all-around softness.


Insecurity can surface from a number of different causes. For one, people are identifying more and more with material objects like cars and clothes, and external associations like where they work, where they went to school, and their social media presence. And a consequence of over-identifying with these surface-level associations is depending on them for validation.

If the rich kid isn’t sitting in his BMW, he feels naked and worthless. If the Ivy League school graduate can’t brag about where he went to school, he feels inadequate. If the cute college chick doesn’t get twenty likes on her latest status update, she feels lonely and depressed. In other words, people often depend on things outside of their control for validation and happiness.

The “alpha male” instead focuses on his own actions and experiences. He draws validation and happiness from within and reflects a genuine confidence to the world as a result. He might not be sitting in a BMW, but he’s done hard work, earned money, and could care less about what car he drives. He also might have a BMW that he really enjoys driving, but it’s not something he identifies with to the point of needing people to know he drives it wherever he goes.

He might not have a model on his arm, but he’s attracted a number of hot women in the past and isn’t afraid to approach one and strike up a conversation at a moment’s notice. He also might be dating a beautiful woman, but he exudes the same masculine confidence whether she’s with him or not.

Solution: Decide what you want for yourself, set goals, and shift your focus internally—to your own progress.


Fear is a similar illness that plagues the modern man, and this is largely a consequence of humanity’s epic progress. In the prehistoric times man had to fear wild animals killing him in his sleep. After man progressed enough to build structures to keep the wilderness at bay, he then had to fear attacks from neighboring tribesmen. In the medieval times when the average man was largely unaffected by combat and wars, he still had to fear the abundance of diseases that existed with no known cure or vaccine.

Today? We live in a time of peace, where war and disease are, for the most part, irrelevant. So what do we fear? We fear things that would seem silly to our ancestors. We’ve evolved to fear being confronted by our friends, losing our job, or being rejected by a cute girl… what a fucking pity.

The “alpha male” suffers from the same unfortunate social conditioning as his weaker counterparts. These trivial fears have been hardwired into our emotional brains over long periods of time. However, the difference is that he’s able to logically make the distinction between what actually represents a danger to his livelihood. This allows him to face his fears, despite experiencing the same natural hesitation anyone else would. He recognizes that quitting his job will lead to an uncertain future and this scares the shit out of him. But he proceeds anyway. He feels the same knot in his stomach when a cute girl strolls by, but he pushes through and stops her anyway.

Solution: Accept the fact that your fears are present and real, then confront them anyway. They will only diminish through repeated exposure.


Stagnation is largely the culmination of insecurity and fear. Stagnation is when a man yields to the environment around him and stops growing. It is the reason there are so many children masquerading around in the bodies of men—children who are more concerned with immediate acts of pleasure and proving themselves through cheap shows of aggression than learning, experiencing new things, or working towards building something of their own.

The “alpha male” progresses and grows constantly. He often foregoes pleasure in the short term in order to build the strength, courage, and intelligence necessary to prosper in the long term. He foregoes the cold beer for an evening of dedicated and focused work. He leaves his comfortable, well-paying job to try something new. He breaks up with his girlfriend and moves on in order to strike into new territory.

All of these things lead to pain and suffering in the short term, yes. And that’s why the average man avoids them. But the “alpha male” keeps his eye on long term development, and then he makes the difficult choice. He makes the choice to keep growing. Everything he exudes, from his confidence and charisma to his strength and decisiveness are directly manifested as a result of this continual growth.

Solution: Recognize when short-term comfort is stopping you from pursuing a new direction in your life, and then make the difficult choice to change.

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102 thoughts on “How To Avoid The 3 Worst Qualities Of The Beta Male”

    1. This madness has to end. The government is out of control too. The only way the scales will be balanced again in society is a nationwide disaster or nuclear war. All the previous institutions will be torn down, and then we can start from scratch again.

    2. It can be good ammunition against Hillary Clinton. Of course she will side with the bill so it will demonstrate to the average reasonable person that she divorced from reality. Even the average woman does not identity as a feminist anymore.

    3. After clicking through your link and reading the text of the proposed bill I came up with a few hypothetical situations.
      1) guy and his good girlfriend are asleep. Girl wakes up first and decides to please her man by waking him up with a blowjob. He is still asleep when she takes his dick into her mouth.
      2) guy and his girlfriend are asleep. Girl wakes up and starts touching her man’s dick and stroking it to wake him up because she is horny.
      both of these situations have happened to me before in college, under this new bill she is guilty of sexual assault because under the proposed law:
      A policy that, in the evaluation of complaints in the disciplinary process, it shall not be a valid excuse that the accused believed that the complainant affirmatively consented to the sexual activity if the accused knew or reasonably should have known that the complainant was unable to consent to the sexual activity under any of the following circumstances: The complainant was asleep or unconscious. 67386(a)(4)(A) (emphasis added)

      1. Please, any man who has this happen to him, be a martyr and charge the woman who does this to you with sexual assault. This will show the public how backwards the double standards of sexual assault are.

    4. Wow. This Chappelle skit was comedy 10 years ago. Now he’s just a modern-day Nostradamus.

    5. This got my blood boiling, man! It’s only a matter of time until that’s a law on a national scale.

    6. Everything is rape these days. Drinking a glass of water? RAPE!
      Eating a burger? RAPE! Flirting with a woman? RAPE! Trolling some bitch online? VIRTUAL RAPE!
      Perhaps I am overestimating the intelligence of feminists and their ilk, but I thought they would at least have a basic knowledge about English vocabulary.
      Wait a minute?! I think I just committed a rape by criticizing these fucks, sorry guys I need to get some female-anti misogynist- anti rape- pro progressive indoctrination!

  1. Good article.
    Another I am seeing more and more is men who call themselves feminist. You instantly know they are all beta.
    Every time some woman tweets outrage that something has been written that implies the reality that men and women are different (they don’t like facing reality) then there will always be beta males retweeting it saying “How can this be in 2014?”
    Case in point today I’ve been sent a few messages by feminists upset that a newspaper in England described a woman as a “mother of three”. Of course it’s a big part of being a woman and something virtually every woman is obsessed at various points with in life but we must pretend that men and women are the same and don’t differ in their approach to life? Fuck that. I face reality. For a woman being promoted to a job it’s interesting to know about her background. It’s unnatural for women to be in positions of authority, the kind of ruthless ambition needed is rare in the female brain and they are far better suited to caring for children (something they are better than men at). So it’s noteworthy when a woman gets to authority and of course people want to know about her. Not good enough for the feminazis.
    So yes I might just chuckle to myself thinking about how they can tweet about feminist empowerment but I still get to fuck them and they will still be so submissive in bed and will end up lonely and broken and childless at 35…
    But it stings to then see men feeding them and their self-entitled, whingeing bullshit. Take my word for it, you will never ever meet a true alpha male who calls himself a feminist.

    1. Good points. The betas are so brainwashed they don’t act in their own self interest. Women are drunk with power that feminism gave them. And the sheeple don’t even question it.
      Bahhhh! Bahhhh!

  2. Step one: Be a man who follows his set of rules and values, go down the path you find right.
    Step two: Don’t become anybody’s bitch, don’t heed the advices of the weak in mind and body.
    Step three: Become greedy and ambitious, never become content, always demand more of life, be demanding on yourself.

    1. I like this advice, I would encourage young men to stay single and make as much money as possible. Making money is and being ‘greedy’ and ‘selfish’ are good things for men.

  3. I still feel intoxicated when I’m with a very beautiful woman, and slip into mild depression when I’m not. I know its total beta male mind set.

    1. You’ve gone red way , there’s no way back from seeing the truth. I guess many red pill males would like that world would look like blue pill dream but dream always will be dream and the soon you will embrace the ultimate truth the soon depression end.

    2. This is perfectly normal behaviour for men, and a curse that many men have to deal with.
      Try not allow your happiness to be pegged to your relationship status, instead pursue things of meaning and achieve something out of life, this is far more intoxicating.

    3. Don’t worry about it. You’re at the ‘clarity’ stage of the Red Pill 12 step program. I have not graduated myself but i recognize the signs when i feel myself slipping. It’s gonna be a long road but i figure it might as well be in the right direction.
      Anyway, that’s the biological imperative at work there. We are going to find the high quality ones attractive. We shouldn’t hate them but it’s always wise to be clued in as to their true nature. In the wild, many poisonous mushrooms are very beautiful too.

  4. Among these, stagnation is the worst. Cultivate something, whether it’s your body, your mind, a vegetable garden, a hobby, an interest in antique spoons… anything.
    After years of frustration, I’ve simply moved on from many of my long-term friends who have spent the past fifteen years doing nothing but sitting around, watching television, and drinking beer.
    I don’t even care what it is a man does anymore. Want to be a corporate big shot? Go for it. Want to hitchhike around the continent? Go for it. Want to live in a van and travel around selling glass beads at new age conventions? Want to get a dog and spend your days fishing?
    Bloody go for it. Don’t sit around for decades lobotomizing yourself in front of the idiot box. Do something.

    1. That made me feel a lot better for the 5 years I spent hoboing around North America in my early 20s….

    2. Yes. Energy, energy, energy is the key. Hit it everyday. If you later find out you were misguided, then that’s too bad, but ultimately not a big deal. Your worst regrets will be when you let time whoosh by with soft behavior that anyone can do; Too much internet, computer games, TV, sports fandom, repetitive and comfortable hometown friendships. All soft, low energy pastimes (as I type on the internet, yuk, yuk). I couldn’t agree with you more. If you’re bored, depressed, disenchanted just go for a hike. Keep hiking until it’s a hobby. Keep up with the hobby until you no longer give a crap about your old toxic mental paradigms. Energetic approaches to new hobbies will flush them out.

  5. Everyone is insecure about something. But allowing the insecurity to take over your life is a beta move. Taking measures to tackle ones insecurity is NOT beta, whereas not doing anything is.

  6. How to avoid the most essential quality of the Western Beta Male? Avoid Marriage like the plague. I swear once you’ve sworn of the albatross of almost state enforced slavery, all of this other shit will come easily. To live a life unimpeded by the expectations of oneitis, commitment, and stagnation. A man who’s usually put the concept of finding ‘the one’, behind him is usually a man who’s put his career first. The utmost remedy to the enchantment of a beautiful woman is another beautiful woman, and the fact that they’ll all hit the wall at 30. Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself leagues ahead of your emasculated peers. If you wish to have a nuclear family unit, dog, picket fence and shit and still retain your masculinity… MOVE, leave the Anglosphere, especially the US, UK, NZ and AUS. It cannot be stated more clearly than that, you are not special, your masculinity will not change the law, you will not evade our Sovietesque family courts. Unicorns and fairies do not exist. Lions eat baby gazelles and give zero fucks afterwards. Your government does not give a fuck about you. Leave and never look back, other than that enjoy the decline.

    1. Agreed with the change of voice tone. It’s still the minority, but there is an increasing number of men who sound like chicks. Same intonation, expressions, etc.

      1. Also the element of ‘poseur coulture’ within America is despicable as well, and this really surfaced during the World Cup. Personally I grew up with the NFL and EPL (English Premier League) and a fan of Arsenal or a ‘Gunner’, I like both, and understand both in-depth. In Europe, Russia and South America, football (soccer) is not about being a pansy even though pansies play it sometimes, it’s an expressive form of nationalism for the fans and even players.
        In Russia some ‘soccermom’ is not driving her faggoty son in an SUV with beta-dad in tow to prevent said bitchboy from getting ‘hurt’ in American Football or high school wrestling. The kids from the projects of Russia to the favelas of Brasil, play it with grit and express it with a nationalistic fervour, that last form of internationally accepted jingoism and national militancy. Til some ‘brothas’ from Crenshaw that run 4.2’s in the 40 yd dash start playing Regulation Football (Soccer) then it’ll always be a faggoty sport in America. But what gets me the most is that white beta males in the US are trying to use football to separate themselves from rural white males and American football which they deem ‘inferior’ and a product of a closed and semi-literate culture.
        This is partially true and I do have some issues with the metric system not being implemented here, but on the whole, it rubs me the wrong fucking way to see some cross-legged faggoty high-pitch voiced hipster from Hipstersville, USA all of a sudden call himself a fan of some big EPL team or worse some continental European team, whilst pretending to understand the formations and even like the game while sipping on his microbrew craft IPA or worse, a summer white wine. Until you’ve met some skinhead Zenit FC fans from Russia, these fags don’t know what football is, and are worthy of some beat-downs if they ever come across real football fans.

        1. To go along with the regulation football off-topic thread I would have to agree completely with Lance. I lived in Eastern Europe for 3 years and then came back to the States. I lift weights regularly but played soccer through high school. It annoyed me to no end when I returned to the States and was told “but you don’t look like a soccer player”. In Ukraine and Turkey, this sport is a goddamn hard man’s sport.
          On the voices, if you live in Slavic countries you’ll notice the men speak a few octaves lower than here. I think I adjusted or maybe always spoke like that but was struck when I came back on the people that remarked on my “deep voice”. Bitch my voice is a normal man’s voice in the Eastern Bloc.
          Having most men at their full t levels and hard as nails at this point doesn’t really serve society’s direction, or the powers that be.

        2. So true, abroad regulation football is a national pastime which all the people across a wide array of classes can express a common nationalism or even pride in a town/city through a particular club. In America, soccer is a way for white urban yuppy liberals to try to separate themselves from their rural compatriots by pretending to like soccer and quoting formations like 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1, as if they know wtf they’re talking about and how it actually works. They do it because they see the inherent superiority in European norms and long for Europeanisation (I can’t blame them). But this possesses no real substance, it is as fake as the tits of some bitch from ‘The Valley’.
          It’s amazing that this level of condensation has arisen in America by white liberals and their lackeys towards Am-Football but does not exist toward routine circumcision which is anti-Euro as you can get. Regulation Football in any other country is a means of getting the masses in lock-step order against a common enemy albeit temporary, a common foe, it’s short of being a military conscription in which that people expresses its elan for war. Reg-Football may not possess the brutal combativeness of Am-Football but possesses a stronger national militancy amongst its fan base (i.e. Brasil, Russia, Argentina). Americans or most (not all) of the yuppy and ‘poseur’ fans that were wearing US jerseys do get. There is no shaking the hands of foes after the game, getting craft brews, talking about your summer at Martha’s Vineyard in your boatshoes, motherfucker this is life and death in some countries, fucking simps.

        3. Always makes me laugh when I hear people talk about soccer, NFL or whatever else being “tough sports” .
          Come to Ireland and try playing this..

          The toughest sport in the world, bar none. Nothing comes close.

        4. Any game played by the degenerates of Lucky Charms Island, doesn’t strike me as tough, seeing as it’s most likely contested by half-cocked, red-headed troglodytes who wouldn’t feel, much less mind, a spanking from another man with whatever you call that paddle. More like a less-captivating version of jai alai…. Just trolling ya, like so many Americans, some Irishman corrupted my genetic lineage a couple generations back….. My real thought is that the whole this-sport-is-toughest thing, is just a distorted form of nationalism. No sense in debating it. To be world class in any sport takes a lot of grit, no matter which way you cut it.

        5. A huge problem with soccer in America is that they let girls play. What the fuck is that? You let girls play with men and the girls will break. Simple as.

        6. Hurling – a cross between hockey and murder. Although I have managed to break two legs playing soccer…fortunately, they weren’t mine.

        7. Have you seen Christiano Ronaldo’s body? Man is ripped. He is a big powerful man. No wonder he’s one of the best.

        8. “In Russia some ‘soccermom’ is not driving her faggoty son in an SUV with beta-dad in tow to prevent said bitchboy from getting ‘hurt’ in American Football”
          Male fanny pack not included, but highly recommended.

        9. There is no shaking the hands of foes after the game, getting craft brews, talking about your summer at Martha’s Vineyard in your boatshoes, motherfucker this is life and death in some countries, fucking simps

          You’re not kidding. This brings to mind Uday Hussein who routinely imprisoned and (sometimes personally) tortured Iraqi athletes who lost.
          Americans have an especially ‘bourgeois’ concept of sports in general. Which (IMO) extends in double measure to the narcissistic, overpaid, sacks of shit some men opt to live through vicariously (see: LeBron James’ The Decision).
          To further your point regarding nationalism, athletes don’t even compete for themselves in certain countries but rather to honor their countrymen. Failure to produce comes with a heavy price but if they win they’re treated like gods amongst men.

        10. Ditto. I played competitive sports year-round from the age of 5 until I graduated from HS; Soccer in the Fall, Swimming and Wrestling in the Winter, Track & Field in the Spring. Now I swim and train in MMA for pleasure. Despite this, I’ve never understood the concept of watching other men play sports for pleasure. Sure, we had to watch our own game footage and classic professional matches but it was to improve our own skills.
          A ‘red pill’ man, who doesn’t at least play at an amateur level, shouldn’t waste his time drinking booze and watch other men be exceptional.

        11. True. Outside of Dublin and Cork soccer is not played much. Gaelic football, hurling and rugby would be the more dominant sports.

        12. Engaging in violent brutal sports is surely masculine, it’s also a bit insane. Most of those badass guys will regret it when they get old. Boxers, for example don’t age well because they beat the shit out of each other when younger and are often in pain or disabled when older. Those tough Ukrainians only live to be 65 on average I’d say because of an overdose of machismo and manly drinking. I lived in Kiev for a year and the old men there are truly old. I’ll stick with the gym, thank you.

    2. “… is it me or are American men’s voices getting higher and higher pitched…” This is especially true for college students.

    3. Yes. Even a super alpha, D-1 athlete, CEO will be stuck with an aging, entitled, hypermasculine wife, making his ‘alphaness’ moot. All for naught. A drifter who can somehow throw together 200k over the years and some kind of pension will have an alpha’s reward in some non-anglo country somewhere in the world while the world beating alpha pours himself a drink and squeezes his brain dry for some 30 year old memories of glory, night after night. It’s such a strange world in which a taxi driver in Manila bangs way hotter tail than a corporate lawyer in NYC, nine times out of ten.

    4. Why put your career first if you don’t want to provide for a family? I grasp the altruistic reasons such as providing society a net social benefit but at what cost! Those tax dollars only feed the beast that will thank you far less and demand far more than a bad wife ever will.

    5. Totally agreed on all fronts, especially on the vocal tone. Even within music, males who get ahead, tend to have voices that fall within the upper part of the register. So much so, that many great frontmen are some percentage of gay ( not that there is anything wrong with that, I’m not a hater like a lot of guys here ). The GOAT, Freddie Mercury is an excellent example of this trend. If you examine pop music from the last few decades, try to find notable singers with deeper voices. Definitely, there are some, but not many…. Side note, since you’re always spouting off about the racket that is modern marriage, I really hope that you stick to that, and don’t fall victim to some succubus who lures you in somehow. Sort of similar to how the most ardent gay-bashers are usually closet cases, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already secretly engaged… If so, back out immediately, marriage is a scam unless there are blowjobs, laundry services, and culinary duties written in to the contract.

      1. Yes, bu there is a clear difference in a naturally high voice and modifying your tone to sound like a wannabe valley girl bitch

      2. Look at Motown though.. some deep guttural voices there. Or early rap music. You didn’t get by sucking on helium in those days.

    6. The higher voice seems to come from the middle/upper middle class and above.
      I overheard a man talking to a woman who was on an exercise bike beside me, converse with her about some dates he’d been on. Pure Blue Pill as you can imagine and he seemed to match her intonation and emotion while talking, I cringed. They seem to talk more than fucking women now.
      I so wanted to drop some Red Pill advice, but of course that would’ve been completely out of place.
      Part of me chuckled though, these guys are absolutely clueless.

    7. Agreed on all points, and the “uptake” is even heard listening to Alpha male podcasts. I hate it. Also as a white guy I basically can’t stand being around other (beta) white men. Hard to believe how feminism has destroyed our race and culture in 40 years. Blacks are being fem’d also.

    8. Men’s voices are getting higher and their sperm count and testosterone levels are getting lower. They are turning into women. They are even starting to dress like them with these denim “leggings” I see them wearing.

    9. I’m patiently waiting for that fucking wall..Unfortunately these delusional cum rags still think they’re hot shit even after 30! Its a fucking joke

  7. I only blow beta males. Alphas always taste like cheese scented after shave. Oh and I HATE small dicks. So it’s Betas for this gal.

      1. We do not speak to cunts here. Especially not broken men who have invented a cunt persona simply to troll.

  8. It’s a shame because all the male friends I grew up with are all domesticated slaves. I can’t even hang out with them.
    I was supposed to hang out with a coworker/friend, known him for about 8 years now and we’ve never hung out outside of work.
    He asked me on numerous occasions if I wanted to hang, we finally made arrangements and I looked forward to it. Right before I was to head over he and the wife got into some argument and he sent me a text saying “I guess we’re fighting now, you may not want to be around this.”
    Plans cancelled, lol. Every last man I know is in this kind of situation. Married and beholden to Queen Bee.
    You really begin to feel isolated some times. I refuse to spend all my free time with my girlfriend, I simply don’t have a desire to.

  9. Excellent article, Jefe.
    Insecurity, Fear and Stagnation. Yep, these are the worst qualities which screw a man’s growth in his attainment of his true masculine potential. I could add indecisiveness and hesitation too, but these two qualities are usually the result of insecurity and fear.
    And women do often play an important role in creating fear, insecurity and stagnation in the beta’s life. Do not ever let anyone rule your life; rule yourselves.
    The one who cannot control the self, will be controlled by the self. And the self can then be controlled by others.

  10. Does anyone else get the sense that the terms ”alpha” and ”beta” are overused around here?
    I’m fairly convinced we could just trade them out for ”good” and ”bad” with no loss of meaning at this point. The average man is a beta male by definition, alphas are leaders are men, they are the one man at the top of the hierarchy, that is what alpha means. Now we’re ascribing qualities like ability to delay gratification as being alpha traits? Really? What makes that alpha? The fact that we decided it’s a positive trait right?

    1. I prefer the term ‘Dominant’ and ‘Submissive’. And yes, submissive men are BAD. ‘submission’ is not, however, the same thing as ‘submissive’. You can be a follower and still be a dominant. Dominant is male, submissive is female. swapping roles ALWAYS leads to destruction.

    2. Way, way, overused. Alpha is defined as “the dominant male in a group hierarchy, the individual with the highest rank” There are no “alphas” or “betas” in everyday human situations, fortunately our society is not that hierarchical.
      Alpha completely depends on context. Take a group of your buddies for example. You might have one friend who is the shit at everything, but most likely not. If you guys get into a fight, you have a friend who is the best fighter and he becomes “alpha” in that situation. You walk into a bar and your boy who is best with the ladies is “alpha” in that situation. Same with academics, sports, etc. A class valedictorian is alpha in the academic arena but he might be a completely lower status on the athletic field or social arena.
      Most members of the site replace “alpha” with “stereotype masculine.” The author does not mention how to become an alpha. The real way to become an alpha in a certain situation is to become the best at something. How to become an overall alpha is the become the best at something which can pay you enough to hire alphas in other arenas.
      Kobe Bryant is alpha on the bball court, alpha with women being attracted to him, men wanting to be him. However, get him in a room with finance and lawyer guys and he didn’t even go to college. He’s super beta when talking about annuities and contract law, but since he is so alpha in another arena that he can hire alphas in whichever situation.

      1. “There are no “alphas” or “betas” in everyday human situations, fortunately our society is not that hierarchical.”
        I take it you’ve never been to school, had a job or played a sport.
        “Alpha completely depends on context.”
        Certainly. There are places where you can go from Alpha to (literal) dogmeat just by crossing the street, but that doesn’t negate hierarchy; it is because of hierarchy.

        1. Funny. I reaffirm what I said. People don’t walk around with stripes and badges determining alpha or beta. It’s an extremely jaded point of view to classify everyone by a made-up social hierarchy while shopping, swimming, eating, socializing and just doing every day shit. Sports are hierarchical and thrive on the competition within the hierarchy. Jobs are hit or miss with a social hierarchy. Huge corporations have I guess one “alpha” (the CEO) and 20,000 betas? Is a CEO of F500 alpha? He still owns a very small minority of his business and takes a ton of orders from the board of directors and shareholders. Are the EVP’s “alpha?” They run large organizations but still get rammed up the ass by the CEO. How about a law/consulting firm with 5 partners? Who is “alpha?”
          School has an “alpha” for every club/social group and then some. The best players on every sports team, lead singer in the choir, best flute player, valedictorian, president of debate club, etc. Then there are your one-off alphas. The weed dealer who everyone has on speed dial. The 15 year old who bangs the older chicks. It’s touchy-feely to say this, but most people have a special ability which can make them “alpha” in a certain situation.
          I know I’m going against the grain by demonizing a pet term, but it is quite ridiculous to classify someone as simply alpha without defining the context.

        2. There is a hierarchy but there isn’t an absolute definition you can associate with every person.
          There are many more complexities in human society that cannot be compared to other animals.

  11. Good post. I do think fear and insecurity are sort of the same thing
    A mentor of mine said to me, “All decisions you make will either be based in fear or based in hope. Al fear based decisions will be wrong. All hope based decisions will be right.”
    This has never failed me.

  12. Why men can run faster than girls? Cause we got a STICK SHIFT and TWO BALL BEARINGS. Grab that stick shift, choke that baby and GET IN THE RACE. All you swingin dicks RIIISE UUP! THIS IS OUR DAY!

  13. Today’s man is indeed worried about stupid ass shit like societal acceptance, money, talking to bitches that have too many options. It’s as if there’s just too many fucken people on this planet. We are gonna need alot more wars and alot more people dying before we can return to our natural primal instincts. Until then today’s modern man is stuck dealing with really retarded problems that our ancestors would fucken LAUGH their asses off if we had to tell them what it’s like. We essentially have to generate our own purpose in life living in societies of abundance. We have to create problems and solve them just to pass the time. That’s essentially what’s wrong with modern society.

    1. “We have to create problems and solve them just to pass the time. That’s essentially what’s wrong with modern society.”
      This caught my attention the most; it’s a sad state of affairs, when thought about.
      Also, El Jefe, thanks for the article; I just need a reminder to be active, proactive, and involved.

    2. I think the sheer number of us and amount of competition is actually a positive, driving us to become better in all ways. it could even cause us to evolve into a better species, which personally, i actually think is happening.

      1. I don’t agree. The competition is just among males. The women are just getting fatter and fatter by the day.

        1. Actually, I’ve spent 15 years overseas for this very reason. You’re not American then? I guess my response assumed you were in America. That explains the discrepancy.

  14. I also get a bit tired of the “alpha” vs. “beta” stuff. It’s out of context from what these terms actually mean. But, it’s what is being used in the manosphere and I assume we all know the meaning within the context of the manosphere.
    Have said that, I boil all this stuff down to: Live your fucking life!
    To do that, you have to start by learning all the various ways that others want to take your life from you. If not literally (which is sometimes the case), then in terms of your ability to live your life on your own terms. You can’t live your fucking life if you are busy letting others take it from you and rule it.
    At the root of many problems that interfere with a man’s life is cultural feminism and the feminist state. Learn about these things. Then, strive to live a life that does the opposite of everything they prescribe, everything they try to coerce you into doing, everything they try to shame you into doing (or not doing). Live your life in opposition to this poison, and you’ll find that you are pretty damn happy. You’ll look over the wall with pity and disdain at those stuck on the hamster wheel.
    As Lance pointed out, chief among the coercive methods of the feminist state is marriage. Stay the fuck out of that ruined institution.

  15. More simply, the alpha male is a closed circuit. It doesn’t matter what he wants or does, so long as he does it for himself. The more people who need to validate a man’s experiences, work and status, yhe ess alpha he is

  16. Women’s voices become huskier and men’s higher pitched when speaking to someone they find attractive. Both men and women tried to match or mimic their partner or love interest’s voice. There was vulnerability associated with the voices of those newly in love. Perhaps people don’t want to be rejected.
    Many of the PUA have high-pitched voices which is not surprising considering how often they try to seduce women. Frequent interacting with women sends men towards the beta spectrum.

    1. I’m not sure I agree with women’s voices becoming “huskier” to match a man’s.
      Any time I’ve encountered a woman with interest she tends to turn on the femininity. A man trying to match a woman’s voice is of low sexual status.

      1. Women find alpha-male behaviour attractive when it’s directed towards the other men. If you go full alpha on a woman she would get scared. When she interacts with the male one-to-one, she prefers if the male lowers his manliness which is a sign that he might become a caring father. The pure alpha male might eat the offspring. Women, on the other hand, go huskier vocally as it a soothing sound, which is a sign of being a caring mother.
        The mating dance weaves the masculine and feminine together and there’s a temporary roles swapping as part of the process of seduction. Mating is game of deceit.

        1. It’s not that complicated, a woman wants a man who acts like a man and gets down to business.She has her friends for the High pitch voices and the girly giggles, men who act like women are not attractive to women.

    2. Absolutely, positively bullshit. This is American/Anglo propaganda all the way. When one’s voice becomes high pitched when speaking to others, denotes one key emotion, fear. You can’t tell me that guys like Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood were raising their voices when talking to women back in their heyday sounding like Justin Timberlake. The stronger men of society, the alphas or whatever you want to call them do not cower when trying to talk to women. I’ve never known a woman’s voice to be husky when talking to her, maybe it’s because you live in some Hipsterville, USA town where the women are morphing into men and the men into women.

        1. High pitched response? Is it because it was too verbose? Would you rather me say, fuck you?

    3. Never experienced a woman’s voice get huskier nor has my voice ever gotten higher. seen plenty of men with the high pitch voice but they seemed like metrosexuals.

  17. Great article.
    I’ll add another quality of a beta male. Whining. You see a fair bit of it in the comments to these articles. My advice? The moment you feel a whine bubbling up out of your lungs, slap yourself in the face and tell yourself to stop being such a fucking little bitch.

    1. Thank the Almighty someone has brought this up! Beta males and their incessant WHINING! I think I was trying to communicate that subconsciously when I wrote about ‘uptalk’ and American men’s voices become higher pitched. Usually men with deeper voices tend to be reserved, calm, stoic and reticent. Men who’ve been through real life experiences, like you know… wars, tend not to be loquacious. I think men who possess uptalk, which where I currently live seems to be about 95% of the male population, will be chatty and bitchy. These same men hetero or not, will probably be inclined to order your ‘normal’ double soy-latte faggachino.

  18. Stagnation: Staying in a job you that you become so good at, you are a subject matter expert (and recognized by those around you as such); hoping that some manager (often female) will finally promote you. MOVE ON and UP. And if you can’t move UP, sometimes it’s best to move on.

  19. I got lucky, Im glad I have a deep voice. Just a little higher than the singer from crash test dummies. Never really occured to me until now what a gift it is. Even larger dudes sound like fucking women these days.

  20. In a nutshell:
    1. Get off social media.
    2. Accept the fear. Act anyway.
    3. Always improve yourself.
    If your books and courses contain the same excellent advice without all the whining I see on this website about “the wimmins!” then you can sign me up.
    *cue the outrage and attempted “beta-shaming”*

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