What It’s Like To Date A Strong And Independent Woman

I consider myself a pretty lucky man. I’ve been blessed with the good fortune of having a great father that taught me a lot about life. I also have a great mother who has stood by his side for over three decades. I had the privilege growing up in a household where respect was of paramount importance and traditional gender roles were on active display, giving me a red pill mindset from a young age.

Unfortunately, one belief that made its way into my head and stayed there for many years is that an independent, well educated, and high earning woman is a good catch. It’s difficult to make that confession, but it actually makes sense on the surface—the joint incomes would be great and, in the event of divorce, the chances of making a relatively easy financial escape would be greatly increased.

Well, a couple of years ago I met a woman that had great potential. We were in an unofficial relationship for a little over six months—the longest I’ve seen a particular woman in over six years of being single. We’ll call her Princess for this story. Princess was pretty crazy about me and, after about three and a half months of casual dating, she started hitting me up pretty hard for commitment.

She was a reasonably attractive and intelligent doctor that had recently completed her residency. I was a tall and charismatic pilot. On paper, we seemed like a great match: the highly intelligent independent woman and the high flying ambitious man—both the same age too. A small-scale “power couple” in the making. If I had committed and eventually married this woman, by the time we were in our late thirties, it wouldn’t have been unreasonable to expect a joint income somewhere between $300,000-$375,000 per year.

A large home furnished with whatever we wanted was pretty much guaranteed. Most high-end cars, boats, and other toys would have been within our price range. There would have been five star vacations anywhere in the world, and our children would have received top notch private schooling. We could have easily raised a couple of kids and both retired multi-millionaires in our 50s.


All of this sounds really good, ideal even, but there was a problem. You see, if I eventually married this woman, I would’ve been stuck listening to her fucking mouth. Listening to a “strong and independent” woman’s blather is like a Navy SEAL drawing his Sig Sauer 9mm and delivering a double tap to your cock. Nothing kills a boner quicker than the prattling hole that comes standard on every “strong and independent” woman’s face.

Everywhere I went with with this broad—and I mean everywhere—she made it a point to let everyone know that she was a doctor. Do you know how embarrassing that shit was? She couldn’t just be Princess, she had to be motherfuckin’ Dr. Princess. Apparently, she ascended above the ranks of a normal person and was anointed by the Lord Jesus Christ himself for earning that MD. The ego on this woman was absolutely astonishing, and this is coming from a pilot for God’s sake.

Every waiter, cashier, and grocery bagger in the city knows this woman is a doctor. How do they know? Because she fucking told them, that’s how. Not to mention, she was terribly rude to these people most of the time. She felt it as if it was beneath her to associate with the peasantry, or as I like to call them, average people. This is something I absolutely cannot stand. Here are some examples.

Example 1

Cashier: Will that be all ma’am?

Her: Yes, just the Altoids, I like to chew on mints when I’m with my patients—I’m a doctor.

Cashier: I see, well, have a nice day then. (Clerk + Fucks Given = Zero)

Example 2

Waitress: Would you like me to get you a to-go box for your leftovers, ma’am?

Her: Uhhhhh, well, yes of course, I’ll have it for lunch tomorrow at the clinic… if I have time. It’s so difficult to get a lunch break when you’re a busy new doctor.

Waitress: Okay, I’ll bring you a box.

Example 3

Grocery Bagger: Good afternoon ma’am, how are you? Are plastic bags okay?

Her: My feet are killing me, I had such a high patient load at work. They are just working us doctors to death lately.

Grocery Bagger: Okay, plastic it is then.

She couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that no one gave a single shred of a half-mast fuck about her medical degree. She would tell this to people, I’m assuming, so they would say, “Wow, a doctor! Oh my God, you’re so awesome, can you please turn around so I can kiss your ass? I, of course, would taunt her about this mercilessly. One time that sticks out quite well…

Me: Hey, I just spotted some human beings off in the distance, if you run you might be able to catch them before they make it to their car.

Her: Huh, why would I do that?

Me: Well, I’m pretty sure they don’t know that you’re a doctor, and I wouldn’t want them to miss out on that very exciting and life altering news. Don’t let them get away. Better hurry up or you’ll blow your chance.

Her: You’re such a prick.


But Wait, There’s More

As annoying as all of this was, it’s not the worst part. The worst is that she was completely incapable of anything that involved common sense. It wouldn’t have surprised me if she had a Post-it note attached to her toilet seat that said, “Reminder: wipe ass after taking shit!” She was hopeless with just about anything that didn’t involve the one thing she knew—medicine.

Now, even that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing if she had the ability to acknowledge that she was pretty much completely helpless. However, the fact that she went to medical school somehow superseded everyone else’s expertise or knowledge about anything. She knew it all, and to say it was somewhat difficult to get her to shut up and listen would be like saying it’s somewhat difficult to hit a fart with a bow and arrow. During the course of our relationship, I managed to mock her and talk enough shit that she relented on some of these bad habits, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

The Endgame

We had made plans to go out with my buddy and his wife on their boat. I went to pick up Dr. Princess and we decided to take her car. I was driving her car for the first time in well over two months since we always took my car everywhere. I’m driving along and notice that her car—a $45,000 BMW—is pulling pretty hard to the left. I decide to have a chat with her about this…

Me: You know this car needs a front end alignment, right? It’s pulling to the left quite a bit.

Her: Yeah, I know [she didn’t fucking know], I did a U-turn over a median and I think I screwed it up.

Me: What? Why did you do that? How long ago did that happen?

Her: About a month or so, I was on my way to the clinic and was running late.

Me: You’ve been driving it like this for a month?

Her: Yeah, so? It’s not that big of a deal.

Telling her why it was, in fact, a pretty big fucking deal would have been about as useful as telling Helen Keller how to use a telescope—I just dropped the subject. I did decide that I would stop by a gas station and try to borrow a tire pressure gauge, just so we could see if the pulling was the result of low air pressure on the left front tire. If so, we could just service it up and be on our way—a free and easy fix.

While we were waiting at a traffic light, I noticed a dealer sticker on the windshield that said when her next oil change was due. I checked the odometer and saw it was due over 1,700 miles ago. We have another conversation…

Me: When was the last time you had the oil changed?

Her: It’s been a while, I’m not sure, why?

Me: See this sticker? It was due 1,700 miles ago, you’re going to turn a $45,000 BMW into a rolling hunk of shit if you don’t start taking better care of it—the warranty doesn’t cover negligence. You really need to take it to the shop tomorrow and get all of this straightened out.

Her: It’s not your fucking car! Don’t concern yourself with things that are none of your damn business! If it breaks, I’ll get it fixed! I don’t need you telling me what to do!

She was completely right, it wasn’t my car. So, I decided to give her BMW the kind of treatment it was accustomed to. Once the traffic light turned green, I did a U-turn over the fucking median and headed straight back to her condo. To maximize potential embarrassment, I dumped her ass by calling her a loser loud enough to ensure the neighbors heard it. I didn’t live there and wouldn’t be coming back, so it’s not like I gave a shit.

Plus, nothing drops the jaw of a snobby doctor broad like being called a loser while simultaneously getting dumped. I then got into my perfectly functioning automobile and drove to my buddy’s house. It was beautiful and incredibly efficient. I was proud.


Artist reconstruction of my U-turn.

Throughout the course of the day—which was spent having a blast on my buddy’s boat and lining up a different chick to spend my evening with—I received about 40 text messages and a dozen calls from Dr. Princess. They went unanswered. According to my neighbors, she came by my house looking for me while I was off working about a week later. Luckily she didn’t vandalize anything. She was so strong and independent that she continued texting me for nearly three weeks after I ended things, begging for another chance…


In Closing

So, where have all the good men gone? Perhaps a better question would be: where have all the women that know how to shut the fuck up gone? It’s safe to say that more and more decent men will be riding off into the sunset with their middle fingers held high in the air. A very large portion of these men aren’t exactly basement dwelling retards, either. There are millions upon millions of cumulative dollars being earned by tons of men, and these men will not be sharing that money with a bunch of yippy yappy babbling female assholes. This trend will not be slowing down as time passes by, that’s a guarantee.

The fact of the matter is real men are sick of this shit. They’re sick of the arrogance, the snark, and the ridiculous superiority complexes the women in this country constantly exhibit. This goes for all men: blue collar, white collar, and everything in between. It’s the flat-out repulsive behavior like I described in the above story that has us to the end of our wits—it’s unbearable. There were only three reasons why the relationship with Dr. Princess lasted as long as it did: she used to buy me stuff, we didn’t see each other very often due to our schedules, and I was seeing other women. That’s it.

One would like to think that earning an education would open a person’s mind and give them some perspective on life. This doesn’t happen with the majority of women, though. In fact, possessing a degree has become a reason to discard all humility and common courtesy. Where has the highly desirable and respectable female trait of modesty absconded to? Perhaps, most importantly, where has the respect for honest people trying to make an honest living gone?

Do you know what I call the guy that picks up my garbage? What about the person that works at the convenience store, or the construction worker that’s fixing pot holes on my street? I call them “sir” or “ma’am”, and why do I call them that? Because I’m grateful that they exist. I’m glad there are men willing to bust their asses for 8-12 hours a day in 95-degree heat or 30-degree cold to build, fix, and create things for the betterment of my existence. Far too many women in this country can’t see it because they’re too busy looking down their stuck-the-fuck-up noses at everyone around them. This just in ladies—you ain’t shit.

The women that say they are “strong and independent” are the most insolent, intolerable, and incapable vagina-possessing human beings you will ever meet. People that are strong and independent don’t go around trying to convince everyone in their vicinity of how strong and independent they are—it’s on display for all to see. Their actions and abilities will showcase their true potential. A running mouth isn’t compulsory to getting the point across.

The “strong and independent” woman is nothing more than a talker—a blabbering mouth that moves at a thousand miles an hour and only stops when there’s a dick nearby that needs to be sucked. It would be nice to see some talents other than fellatio come along to keep that mouth company, but I won’t be holding my breath. And I know, for certain, I’m not alone.

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710 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Date A Strong And Independent Woman”

  1. That was fucking horrifying. I’m glad you learned from your mistake. Unfortunately, it seems like 99% of women in my area are like this.

  2. Strong and independent career are undesirable. Besides their fancy possessions, big pay cheques, and penthouse suite, they bring very little to a relationship except a snobby attitude and vagina. They may be very well educated, but in my experience, they aren’t very street smart and not fun to be around.
    I remember back in the mid 90s, I used to work out my local YMCA where I met “Sharon” who was very much the go-getter. She made a point of telling me (and probably everyone else) she traveled all over the world, made over $100,000, and oh yeah, was a financial analyst. I got to know her really well at the ‘Y’, but never wanted to date her because she had more red flags than a May Day parade. Anyway, she always complained she was single and couldn’t get a date. I told her, “What about “Jeff”? He likes you and wants to date you.”
    She dismissed my comment with, “But he works at Home Depot.”
    Let’s forge ahead some 15 years later where Jeff worked his way up to manager and out of Home Depot and now owns his own glass and framing company. He’s married to someone 9 years younger than “Sharon” and has a couple of kids. What happened to Sharon you ask? Well, Sharon is still single, grayer, and a “tad” heavier when I saw her last at Chapters. She will probably die alone watch game shows in an empty apartment–with cats.
    And Nelson went “HA-HAW!

    1. The sad and dark-humor-funny part is that we all know stories like these. Ah well – optimized hypergamy, sluttiness & strong independent female hamster and Alpha Males simply do not come together.

      1. My cousin is in this situation at 35 after she got dumped by an alpha. All the red flags were there but she simply can’t accept that after all her hard work and hard earned assets she has to settle for a beta. My only advice to her when she asks for it is to find a guy in his 40s or give someone else a chance.
        She distracts herself by focusing on projects she sorta cares about that put her closer to finding guys (like sports clubs) and works on her career and assets.
        Alpha guys just don’t care about that shit though…

        1. 40s or 50s if she wants an Alpha. Some 55 year old Alpha might want her for a LTR as a 35 year old. Had some women in their 30s who accepted that, but a woman to accept that has to become at least partly Red Pill and that is a tough call for their inner hamster nowadays.

        2. Yeah.. she’s my cousin I love her but I don’t know what the fuck.
          Seeing the hamster with people you really care about puts you in a weird position… As most people just aint ready to take the RedPill without it leading to total self-destruction…

        3. “The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

        4. Fuck that . Im 56 and go 18 – 25 overseas or whatevers legal. 35 id rather be alone …they’re just nasty.

      2. I am rather worried about my sister in truth. She is a lawyer at one of the top firms in the country and just married her engineer boyfriend. Initially I passed off her fiery nature as just a symptom of her red hair but I hope he knows how to deal with her.

        1. Most Game-aware guys can assess the health of a relationship quite quickly. Sure – sometimes a Beta is quickly visible, but it does not mean automatically that the marriage will be unhappy, as some women really prefer good-looking calm Betas (the minority, but still). Female lawyers are usually the worst examples of career women out there, but hey – could be worse – feminist journalist. Heh.

        2. He is calm, but he never struck me as beta. Sort of a ju jitsu approach where he uses calm resistance rather than dead end stonewalling.

        3. Ha ha..so true …especially the feminist journalist bit…I’ve had the misfortune of knowing several….the worst of the worst

    2. I think there is a big difference between being educated, and being trained. A well-educated person, to me, is somebody who will have a bit of wisdom, culture and humility. They will have absorbed something of life’s great lessons from a broad education in first principles, reinforced by imbibing wisdom from the founts of culture.
      A woman (or a man) who has learned how to perform a task – medicine, nursing, designing a bridge or fixing a car – is not necessarily a well-educated person. They are a well-trained person in their discipline or profession. I have met one woman in my life, who began to approach the threshold of “well educated.” I’ve met maybe a dozen men. Most people are simply well trained, and this is especially true of women. Not that they are women well-trained to be women, so much as they are vagina-bearing humanoids who may be well-trained at filing paperwork or explaining why cheese is racist, or some such exciting thing.

      1. Astute point. Having worked in the Science field,I have never met a well educated woman,ever.I have met many talented women scientists and researchers,but that level of intellectual ability pertains only to their career. This of-course applies to many male scientists too,but you do come across men whose intelligence,knowledge,wisdom,insights and interests spans more than their careers.
        I guess bleeding once every month is a tradeoff for all round education.

        1. I remember well doing biological survey work with two lady PhDs. We had been given the use of a brand new 4X4 Bronco and were working on a large ranch in NW Oklahoma. It had rained and there were pools of water in low spots on the dirt roads.
          One of the geniuses, “Betty”, was driving. I gently suggested that she not slow down so much before entering a mud hole. She refused to listen to me and reminded me she was a PhD. I held a BS at that time. She came to a complete stop before every spot with water over the road. Then she would slowly creep forward, with her foot never leaving the brake.
          Her friend, and supervisor, “Christine”, knew damned well what would happen, and refused to back me up. The inevitable occurred, and we became stuck in the middle of a draw where water ran across the road during rain. Fortunately the water was not rising.
          We had MGRS maps prepared courtesy of the Tinker Air Force Base, not that either of the PhD’s understood them. It was about 9:30 in the morning, and a check of the map showed help to be 8 miles through gently rolling hills away. We were not expected back until 6:00, and even then there was no guarantee anyone else would have noticed we had not returned.
          I always had a 3 day bag with me on this job. I pulled it over the seat and began stripping excess weight out. Betty, in an irritated voice, asked, “Why are you doing that?”
          What followed was a brainless set of questions and a flat our refusal to acknowledge that I had a skill set she did not possess. Through all of this, Christine, who knew better, sat with her mouth shut.
          We had plenty of water because someone in the truck who was NOT a PhD, had the foresight to keep an 8 gallon water jug fresh and full on the job. I put what I was taking in my bag, gave each of the ladies a day’s worth of food, and took my boots and socks off. Our genius, strong-woman, driver asked again, “Why are you doing that?”
          “I’m not getting my feet wet at the start of this walk.”
          “Why not?”
          We would not be stuck if this genius strong woman had listened to my advice earlier, and she had argued with each of my answers when she had interrogated me 3 minutes earlier. My patience was thin. It was a beautiful day in May and I was really relishing the idea of being alone, away from her, and away from her supervisor, another strong woman who did not have what it took to back me up.
          I asked Christine to explain it to her and I stepped into the water.
          Three hours, which included a nice trail lunch, later I was at the ranch house. We found a chain and took a second vehicle back to rescue the first. Christine looked like she was ready to strangle Betty. I am sure that Betty had loudly obsessed over my actions for the entire 4 hours I was away.
          After that, I requisitioned a horse and a saddle. I did my work from horseback for the next two weeks on that contract, and the ladies had the Bronco to themselves. I know that they became stuck at least one more time before the two weeks were up.

        2. There are many lessons to be learned from your story.
          Most women are absolute fucking morons when it comes to technology, machinery, and overall situational awareness of their environment. You really should have known better than to let the woman drive.
          Also, never shoot guns around a woman, or allow a woman to shoot a gun when you’re around. That’s pretty much asking for a hole in your head. I couldn’t imagine serving alongside a woman in combat. Your platoon would be become instant cannon fodder.
          An entire generation of women have been brought up to be arrogant assholes who think that they can and should compete with men on every level imaginable. I don’t need to lecture the men on this site about the consequences of this failed social experiment. We all know too well what is going on.
          Women are a MASSIVE liability to a man, especially in this current environment where women are automatically promoted to the highest levels of society simply for being female. The prudent man must be aware of this, and never engage in situations where women are in charge or are expected to make crucial decisions under pressure. Avoid these scenarios at all costs. It is your safety which will be in jeopardy. Remember: If a woman screws up on the job and people(men) die as a result, the woman will naturally take on a submissive apologetic posture, and will of course be absolved of any wrongdoing. If you are injured or killed as a result of female incompetence, there will likely be little sympathy for you. Usually in such a situation, the woman will twist the frame and claim that she is the victim for having to watch to get injured or die in front of her. Society will side with the women. Of that you can be sure. You, as the injured man will either be forgotten, or outright blamed for the incident.
          Of course if you’re one of these new-aged egalitarian pussy-boys who thinks a woman can do anything a man can do, by all means board the plane with the female skydiving instructor. I’m sure your parachute will open.

        3. Ha! You’re right about the teaching strong, independent women to shoot. They will feel that they must demonstrate that they have a superior knowledge to you, just by virtue of them being a woman. They WILL put your life, and the lives of others at the range in danger. They are fundamentally incapable of focusing on the lesson at hand, and will instead choose to put their efforts into teaching the instructor a lesson.
          I have taught a few feminine women to shoot. No problems there.

        4. Disagree with the shooting of guns. If you are in a LTR or married it is incumbent that the woman at least knows enough about the sidearm/shotgun you use for home defense to be able to pick it up and carry on should you get shot by a bad guy in the house. This does not mean constant training and turning her into a masculine Tank Girl, it means taking her to the range a couple of times a year to ensure that she remembers where the safety is and can still reasonably put holes in paper. This is something I insist on not only with my wife, but also my children (both teens). To do otherwise would be, in my rather experienced opinion, dangerous.

        5. Broseph is too angry at women to be thinking about a wife or teenage children yet. Many of us have gone through this phase. I hope he recovers and has a strong family with a good wife.
          My slender, delicate, beautiful daughter will shoot a dozen bad guys before any of her brainless friends have figured out that they are in trouble.
          Both of my kids take instruction well. They are so much fun to take shooting that I have to force myself to fire a few magazines myself.

        6. Right. I’m simply angry at women. Thanks Dr. Phil. You really got me pegged. Go post your dopey psychoanalysis at Huffpost. This site is for men who think deeply about issues, not those who jump to simplistic bullshit conclusions about people they don’t know.
          I’m not necessarily angry with women. I’m angry at how backwards and idiotic Western societies have become. I’m angry at the perverse incentive structure deliberately presented to modern women which makes them act the way they do.
          You older guys seem to have very little insight about what it is like to date modern women who choke themselves on Facebook and reality TV all day. Don’t assume we want anything to do with marriage and children.

        7. Yeah, I used to think that too. Then I tried training my girlfriend on how to use a firearm. WIthout my knowledge, she took the gun, test fired it, left a live round in the chamber, put the gun away, and didn’t have the common sense to say anything about it. I only found about it after finding a spent shell casing on the ground, in front of my house, nonetheless.
          Needless to say, the incident could have led to an accident. Don’t ever assume that a woman will EVER fully internalize the concepts of gun safety and the severity of not practicing safe shooting.
          I would never rely on my girlfriend to use the gun in an emergency, I would highly advise never completely trusting your wife or daughter with a firearm. They will likely disappoint you.
          I’m just being realistic.

        8. Hilarious story; and this doesn’t even rise to the level of being well-educated; it’s simply common sense. A woman can be trained to do a thing, or a few things. But in general, she can’t act independently and thoughtfully in a situation that requires her to devise her own insights and approaches to problems. She only knows how to do something, if she has been taught to do that specific thing; she cannot synthesize information in the abstract and apply it in imaginative or predictive ways.

        9. Fine. But taking charge of your wife’s or daughter’s training, is far different from standing around independent grrrls at the gun range. They have this need to “signal” their craving for acceptance, and this means that their mind is often on several things besides the task at hand.

        10. I think your psychoanalysis is a bit unfair. Some women can get their stuff together, to be sure; but I think it is true, and certainly wise, not to ever place full confidence in most women when danger is afoot. They do have a tendency to just be a bit oblivious, and to fail at making the necessary, independent inferences.

        11. Fair enough. This is just one story about two women. I was simply relating the (different) mindset of two “strong” women in a mildly uncomfortable situation.

        12. I would like to say something to all you men who think we women are not “well-educated.” Have you ever met a country or small-town gal? We find it very offensive that men…anyone for that matter…compare us to city ladies. Very few of us don’t know how to shoot a gun, jump a car, drive on dirt roads, carry emergency items in our trunks, or whatever else it is said women can’t do. I may be studying to be a teacher, but I damn well have knowledge in many things outside of my field. I am a strong and independent woman; it’s basically required these days. But I do know how to ask for help when I need it. Also, newsflash, there are more women and minorities attending college than middle class men right now. I didn’t even need an article to tell me that; women are the majority on my campus. We can be just as educated as you.
          Side note: women have been dealing with men’s big ass egos for centuries and kept our mouths shut. It’s about time women can be proud of something. Now some women are annoying about, I don’t doubt that one bit, but men can be just as bad.

        13. Where on Earth did you determine that I “….think women are not “well-educated”.”?
          I defy you to show me where I’ve ever said anything like that.
          You seem to have anger issues. Direct them at the proper target, not me.
          If you look, you’ll see that many well educated women upvoted my story.
          You know, it is a bit sexist of a gal like you to lump all men into the same mass of throbbing stupidity. Why don’t you reread what I’ve written and re-examine your premises?

        14. I wasn’t lumping all men into one category. I was referring to the majority I’ve read comments from on this site. I apologize for being so unclear about that. I do get very passionate about subjects involving my gender. What I took away from your article was that you were saying many women cannot be well-educated. It was likely a different user who said it…I read a great many comments last night because I find it interesting what people think. My opinion still stands, but not directed towards you personally. My apologies.

        15. Did you even read my reply to Shep Schultz’s comment about my comment? If not, then maybe you should before you make idiotic posts.

        16. So you still haven’t read what I actually wrote.
          Regarding your alleged gender, you are not a noun. You are a woman. You have a sex, not a gender.
          Let me express my profound sympathy regarding the systematic deconstructive brain damage that was obviously imposed upon you. The cruelest forms of abusive manipulation masquerades as education. From your ability to write, discriminate, and use English I can clearly see that you have been harmed.
          Once again, my sympathies.

        17. I think Southern Girls who pull over on the side of the road to pick up turtles so they don’t get crushed by cars in the road are sexy as hell. But hey…I’m just an ole’ softie…

        18. I think she pulls over on the side of the road to scratch behind her ear with her hind leg. She probably chews a few fleas while she has a moment.

        19. Insert tiny bots in said dumplings that repeat over and over, “You’re stupid, Gruber said so!”
          TORTURE DUMPLINGS!!!!!!!!!! =0))

        20. Torture Dumplings. Good name for a band or a good name for 2016 team of Hillary and FauxCoHauntus

        21. There’s actually an Asian horror movie called, “Dumplings” [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472458/] and it’s about Asian women eating dumplings with fetuses in them to stay ‘young’. It’s so goulishly gruesome. Blech, but, I could totally see people being so evil and sick and vain that they would ‘soylent green’ little unborn babies. Ugh.
          On a happier note. My husband and I are singer/song-writers as a hobby and ‘Torture Dumplings’ would be a hilarious name for a band. =0))

        22. Those Asian women were liberals , clearly. Apparently the fetuses may hAve regained them their youth but you can’t fix Fugly

        23. That is a very nice thing to do. And nice to say. I’m not a Southerner, but those of us up north who live in farming counties do our very best not to hit deer, dogs, cats, and any other animal that run around back roads.

        24. I’m not quite sure what offended you so about my comment, but I apologised to you, and your response was to make fun of me? Classy. I literally told you that I mistook your comment for something else. How was that not good enough for you? By the way, gender and sex are both terms that refer to what genitals a person has. I prefer gender because sex has two definitions, where as gender does not. If you saying I have a sex, not gender in a sad attempt to demean me, it did not work at all. You are trying so hard to hurt my feelings or turn me into a brainless idiot, and it really didn’t work for you. All it did was slightly confuse me because I can’t figure out why you suddenly tried to be mean. I’ve been called a lot worse in middle school. It takes a lot more to tear me down.
          Well, I’ve been thinking and I have two theories:
          Maybe it was the fact that I still said that the majority of men commenting or posting articles are sexist against women on this site. I’m not sure how that irritated you. At least 3/4, roughly, are men who hold some or a lot of sexism against women, and I’ve read a great many comments for my own reasons that you don’t need to know because it won’t matter anyway.
          You may also be trying to insult me because I said I got your comment mixed up with another one. It sucks that you got so offended by that, but it happens to people all the time. Us mere mortals do make mistakes from time to time; we can’t all be perfectionists. I do realize that your comment was not sexist toward women. You were describing two women; one with an overly inflated ego and one who apparently had zero self-confidence or didn’t like confrontations. I do not think you are sexist, but seriously, your last comment makes me doubt your maturity if you have to bow down to the level of tearing me down to make you feel better. I did not need to re read your entire comment because once I read the first section, I recalled what the story was and I realized I took it the wrong way, which I already told you, but that apparently went over your head. Calm the eff down and treat me like a respectable person. That was very rude of you to completely ignore my legitimate apology and make fun of me instead.

        25. You know, I never did tell you how nice it was to get an intelligent and normal response from someone here. You made my day with that response

        26. Women should not be on the range for any reason. Period. I shoot at at a range open to the public that is on an Army post. I was there sighting in a new Holo sight and this guy brought his wife. She was a liberal anti gun type, of course. The range went hot and we all started our next iteration and she started bawling. Her idiot husband went through several iterations trying to unsuccessfully sight this rifle in while the range master tried to console her and explain to this bimbo the importance of our second amendment rights. The whole thing made me sick. This idiot could not sight his rifle in and his whining chuckle head was left in the care of other men. They need to be in the kitchen, on their back, or on their knees, not on the range.

        27. Ahh sweetums, the big bad man was “mean” and he hurt your feelings! Waaaaa! I hope this whole rotten, fetid regime of Frankfurt School societal deconstruction and debt money collapses into anarchy and starvation. Then we will see what a “strong independent woman” you really are. As Varlam Shalamov stated: it only takes a few days of cold and starvation to turn men into vicious, snarling beasts. A few lucky women will find an Alpha dog to fight off the other wolves on her behalf. The rest will be consumed in violence, rape, and given our multiracial melange, cannabalism. The lucky ones won’t be dried up old spinsters who once referred to themselves as “strong independent women.

        28. Life is the best teacher. Next time you’ll know to take your time and get a good night’s sleep.

        29. Even the lucky ones will be sucking dick or taking it up the pooper in exchange for that protection.

        30. I feel sorry for you guys. In the Middle East, we have a lot of smart educated women, but they are feminine and what you are referring to sound a lot like “men-wanabees” rather than educated women. Many Arab educated women are focused on becoming good mothers, ensuring that their kids success in life. Where I grew up, the family is a unit.
          I think the problem is when you remove religion and people behave as selfish individuals. I never heard a Muslim man complain about his educated wife, but rather praise her intelligence and education – because she never made it a problem for men.

        31. Many western educated women were more indoctrinated than educated. Nothing is wrong with educated and intelligent women. Kids mostly inherit their intelligence from their moms. I want my future kids to be bright and talented.

        32. We all vote with our feet. In stressful situations equivalent to skydiving you will usually find women deferring to men rather than their own. I think that says it all and reinforces your point.
          And have you noticed how many of these strong, independent and empowered women always seem to have a scowling duck face that communicates her general contempt and feigned sexual disinterest for whats left of the masculine male population?

        33. How old are you? Unless you’ve lived those centuries you can’t relate. You’re born in a gynocracy

        34. 100% agree with you. I studied university in the west, complete waste of time and money. Then I took college courses for practical skills, not a full diploma – most of the money I made in my life was from skills I acquired a couple college courses.
          I did briefly spend a year in a Catholic university – that I liked because I actually got to study classics, and that is actually useful. I think women should study classical art theory, classical music, Cicero, Marcus Aurellius. I also like Sun Tzu’s art of war. Women should study want passed the test of time, not trends, and make up their mind for themselves.
          I support women being strong and independent, managing a household and raising successful kids – that comes from a classical education. If you read Greek and Roman history, and learn about Nero and Calligula then see the decline, or the decline of Athens then conquered by Rome, you independently come to the conclusion that Slutwalks and SJWs are a very scary phenomenon. What feminists call a “strong independent woman” is a weak state dependent ungrateful miserable single idiot.
          The greek golden ratio is actually what I use to apply my makeup. And it looks better than other women because I study the greek aesthetic ratios and proportions and apply that to my face. I fully agree, a classical education of Greek, Roman and Christian classics is much more useful than this brainwashing cultural marxist indoctrination that passes for a university degree these days that causes more harm than hiring someone straight from highschool.

        35. YOU TRULY ARE IN NEED OF HELP. I sincerely feel for all the lovely men who have had their ideas twisted and warped by this SICK SITE. I love men, but stupid comments like this reduce you all to stupid gits.

        36. Heaven help any woman who accidentally ever becomes involved with you … you could be a pin-up poster-boy for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS WEEK!!! E ven get locked up for it, but I’m sure you’re part of the ‘old boys’ club, along with the local constabulary. By the way, all you guys seems pretty sensitive to the fact that many women are more qualified than you, hmmmm … more toddler-tanty behaviour, I suspect. Please, grow up and enjoy a fulfilling life instead of wasting it RANTING!!!

        37. You contradict yourself. Obviously, any strong, independent women will pretend to be ‘meek’ around you, to get the bang for their bucks, cause you are such an obvious sexist … we are actually not stupid 🙂 In a blatantly patriarchal world, we have had to learn a new skill set: pretend to be dumb and put up with your stupid platitudes (‘love’, ‘darl’, etc) or be raped, taught by your sexist, misanthropist, psychotic and sociopathic behaviour. And, I call BULLSH*T on your pathetic claim that all men ‘fundamentally understand that they must submit to the RSO’s commands. Even if it were true, what would it prove? That men are sheep, to follow each other? While lionesses ROAR 🙂

        38. You speak of the women in your life as if they were your possessions. They are people. Their value is at least equivalent to yours. You are sexist without even realising it, which is a tad better than the other selfish gits on this site 🙂

        39. All Americans are crazy – must be, to want a gun, in your house. Utterly insane. Especially with children, you big nincompoops, when will you ever grow up?

        40. LOL. LET’S LOOK AT THE STATS, OH, SHEESH, WHITE MEN SHOOTING UN-ARMED BLACK MEN, IN AMERICA … so glad I don’t live there – sick society

        41. OMG, YOUR POOR CHILDREN. POISON. YOU PASS ON THIS HATRED TO THE NEXT GENERATION. Wow, how will you cope when your daughter begins a relationship? Shoot him? That is your ‘slender, delicate, beautiful daughter’, much better than anyone else’s daughter, presumably? You guys need to get out a bit, you are scary. For your daughters’ sake. Or you will make her suffer trauma for years because of your stupid behaviour.

        42. More of the bloody same, yet not quite as chokingly sexist, so that’s a step in the right direction, yay. I do kind of apologise for hitting this site today, but it is my mission (heard about this misogynistic website at uni) and I do think that you speak like sick individuals, but maybe that is partly due to peer pressure? I hate seeing my daughter go, kicking and screaming, to her Dad’s house for a sleep-over once a fortnight (though I know she has fun when she is there, or it wouldn’t happen). I just want what is best for her. But, seriously, 3 years down the track, & he swears abuse, at me, loudly, over her little head, which is not acceptable behaviour, matey. Ever. Abuse is abuse. And him shouting, ‘F**king Christ … for f**k’s sake’ over her head is NEVER OK. Stew over that.

        43. I think you were simply liberating your inner bitch, ha, is that how you guys talk about ‘women’, lol

        44. Well, aren’t you full of crap?!? I suggest a good, strong curry to relieve you of your burden 🙂

        45. An intelligent and/or talented/skillful woman can really help out her kids as well as other kids. My flute, electric keyboard and piano instructors were all women who already had kids.
          I noticed my past musical instructors would make a nice income every week from teaching kids. It is what they love and they make money from it. To top it off, they did not have to teach 9 hours a day, mondays to fridays. They would set aside some hours a day for teaching a small group of kids.
          Another popular income earner is being a tutor for students.
          It is unfortunate that the terms empowered and independent were perverted by feminists and cultural Marxists.
          Venezuela actually had a strong feminist movement going on until Nicolas Maduro came to power. The government is broke and can hardly maintain a welfare state, inflation is going up and goods and services are becoming scarce. The feminist movement died and many of those “empowered and “independent” women ended up finding a man for resources or become prostitutes. Many strippers and prostitutes in Latin America are Venezuelans. When hard times hit, women with hardcore feminist beliefs will throw that belief away and find a man to survive.

        46. Like Jack Nicholson said in the movie “As good as it gets” the lady fan approaches him and asks Jack how do you know so much about women? He replies “that’s easy I think like a man and take away all reason and accountability”.
          Feminists are just ugly underachievers who
          need an excuse for their failures.
          Give a woman heaven, and she’ll complain about the view. Give a woman hell, and she will offer to pay the rent. – AV8R
          A Independence is for the very few, it is a privilege for the strong.That excludes females!! Nietczhe “If you want to know who is in power, simply find out who you cannot criticize.” Voltaire

      2. Excellent observation. The medical-government-corporate cartel keeps the prices artificially high for people who are trained in these skills. (A capitalist system would give us more choices than only overpriced drugs and surgeries).
        If I knew that a doctor didn’t understand that cars need to maintained, I would avoid that doctor.
        As much as I hate the idea of socialized medicine, the one (and only) good thing that comes out of it is that there is no “doctor as god” complex in those societies.
        Doctors in countries with socialized medicine are seen as people that have a particular skill set that is useful and are not thought of as a race of enlightened beings.

        1. I know several Chinese immigrants. They can’t understand why any man would have more than one skill set. Some of them look down on people with good manual skill sets even if the same person works in a profession.
          It is as if they want to shame an attorney for knowing how to use a speed lead to lay bricks. The attorney should never confess that he has manual skills.

        2. I know several native “educated” Americans who think it is beneath them to plunge a toilet or wash a car or change the diaper of their own child.
          All advanced societies have academic elites who think that manual labor is ‘beneath’ them.

        3. Of course you are right. I was just impressed with how strong this groupthink meme was with the Chinese.

        4. I used to work for an entrepreneur who’s philosophy was there’s 2 kinds of people. The corner office “big idea” people and minions that do the grunt work. Basically you’re either a Donald Trump or the gardener at Trump’s 3rd vacation house. The “little people” of society are hired for menial tasks such as oil changing, house cleaning and grass cutting. Doing any such tasks are just taking time away from the “big ideas.” He was quite a peach to deal with.
          People get so far up their own asses with their supposed “status” and how important they think they are that they can’t be reasoned with. The OP’s chick had to constantly validate her perceived status with attention-whoring. “LOOK AT ME I’M A DOCTOR!”

      3. Using your distinction between Education and Training, I note the market does not reward Education. So unless you are obtaining Education for the love of learning, that will have to be its only reward.

    3. It really does depend on the woman. My wife is very career minded and she doesn’t share any of those shit qualities. The signs will show themselves as long as you don’t have “pussy vision” activated. Good luck to you guys out there.

      1. Nice screen name.
        First wife broke the pussy-vision permanently.
        That is about all the good she ever did for me.

        1. Thanks.
          Yeah, I can’t even remember when mine was completely shattered. I think it was constantly cracking then one day, I shot the beta version of myself in my head and buried him.
          I do know for a fact that I have gotten really lucky with the woman I am with. She cooks, cleans, doesn’t want a baby, works out, makes more than I do, but still asks for my permission to make big purchases, admits when she is being illogical and over-emotional and even apologizes when I call her out on her occasional bullshit. This is AFTER two years of marriage. Probably helped that I laid my expectations on the table and that divorce was always an option if she got out of hand.

        2. If she doesn’t want to have a baby then why did you get married? Without children as a potential for your future why get married at all?

        3. I was called Omegaman and looking it up… I rather like the label. I don’t go for being either a sucker beta or psycho alpha so Omega is ok.

        4. For a completely idiotic reason (no sarcasm), I love her and marriage is a huge deal for her hahaha. I know I took a huge gamble but I came out ahead, luckily. I put her through a trial of fire before we tied the knot though.

        5. You are happy being married to a women that doesn’t want your children? #omegamale. So she has basically trapped you into being a genetic dead-end, and you think you’re happy. All of those ancestors that raised children, worked and survived so that you could have life, and you shit on their graves and end their legacy just to feel warm and cosy with an alpha female? Unreal.

    4. Agree. Many of these types of women will be single because a man wouldn’t be able to put up with her bullshit for too long.
      I have seen this display of arrogance and “empowerment” by too many of these so called educated women. They may have a degree but they can’t seem to do the simplest tasks.
      Also, they do look down on everyone like they are the fucking smartest person on the planet (your opinion doesn’t matter because she has a degree in whatever).
      The lucky lady we have at work makes it a point to let everyone know that she is a lawyer (or used to be one). She’s now married to a beta man who is picking up the tab on her (her degree), the kids, etc..and she’s not really practicing any longer.
      But she still makes it a point to inform everyone that she is now a mommy but a lawyer, too.
      Who gives a fuck.

    5. Why do all of these stories on Return of Pyjama boys sound like bullshit? And btw, commercial; pilots make peanuts.

    6. Jeez, you sound like an insecure piece of shit. Try pursuing a worthwhile college degree and maybe you can keep up next time 😉

    7. Very well educated in one specific thing. Specialized like an insect. Ignorant of many other things.

    8. A lot of my former high school and college classmates are heading down this path. They are now in their early thirties, soon to be mid thirties, and still single. I think a lot of girls don’t understand that temporary boyfriends don’t count. Girls need to find reliable men to start families with before their shelf life expires.
      A lot of those girls were pretty, slender girls. But they bought into the career myth instead of traditional family building. It’s a waste of good genes.

    9. Quite accurate depiction of career women!
      When women trade their homemaking, childcaring and husbandloving inclinations for careermaking, catcaring and penisloving inclinations, they need to know that no SANE man will want them.
      “Sharon’s” first mistake was that she used to make more money from “Jeff” in the first place. In this way she couldn’t see, even if she wanted, the good characteristics of “Jeff”, that would later allow him to go our of Home Depot and be a self-sustained manager.
      In short, women’s careerism first ruins women by destroying their natural inclinations, replacing them with artificial ones. Second, it ruins men filling positions that normally would have been filled by them and destroys women who could have been otherwise wife-material. Third, it helps ruin traditional families and hardworking men, as to sustain unnatural inclinations, artificial and parasitical posts should be opened, so that all women may have their dream career at HR.

    10. The problem is for making money she thinks she has increased her attractiveness. She thinks she is essentially Miss Universe. Of course no one else except maybe an alpha looking to score some cash sees her as more attractive. Cats begin to accumulate.

    11. Is all you care about good figures? Grow up, please. I mean, really, ‘a snobby attitude and vagina,’ LOL. How dare a woman control her own body, when there are so many men more than willing to rape her, and this seems a ‘socially acceptable mode’ of men to express themselves on this SICK SITE … HELLO, educate yourselves & grow up – IT IS A CRIME

  3. The narcissism among Western women is out of control. And it has consequences, as celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande are now finding out the hard way.

    1. The real enemy is not narcissistic women. It is the men who encourage and brown nose narcissistic women. White knights make me sick to my stomach, and should be castrated alive. Women would not have the power they do if it weren’t for the foolish men who gave them power.

        1. Pussy-assed beta faggots with fedoras and skinny jeans are the standard rolling off the factory floor in this backwards, idiotic, post-modern society.
          I must say, the Powers That Be in the Western World are fucking absolutely brilliant with their population control methods. Back in the 30s and 40s, institutionalized mass genocide was the population control method of choice. Nowadays, it’s much more sophisticated. The social engineers have cut to the chase, and have structured the society so that anyone who follows the mainstream dogma will be essentially unknowingly taking themselves out of the mating game, thereby reducing birth rates in the long run.
          As obnoxious as it is, it really is much more humane than outright genocide.

        2. Unlike most other large countries (not just China, also India, Brazil and until recently, Philippines), the US and UK do not have national population control programs.
          People in the Anglosphere are having plenty of kids. It’s just that the kids are being born before marriage, not after.

        3. Sure people are having kids, but not anywhere near long term replacement rates, and certainly nowhere near the rates necessary to keep a welfare state funded in the long run.
          I believe the birthrate per capita in the US is on the decline, and that is despite the immigrant population.
          Feminism ruins women, and makes them unsuitable for reproduction. This has been going on for many decades now. Maybe it’s on purpose, maybe it’s not.

      1. These self-entitled aberrations, poor excuses of human females, are getting their egos inflated because there’s always someone pandering to them – i.e parents, beta males, white knights, Government. It’s only on the off chance that they face the FULL responsibility of their actions. Not nearly enough – that is the difference between children and adults. Go Grrls…
        The overwhelming majority of men wasn’t born in a golden cradle, with every whim and wish fulfilled, nor had an easy route to whatever they accomplished, with people cheering them on as they went. Everything we are, everything we achieved, we had to work HARD for it, with little or no incentive – that is where our humility (relative to the supreme arrogance seen here) comes from: the sense of what these possessions / achievements are worth, not only in monetary terms, but in time, effort, stress, beads of sweat. It’s what makes us.
        It’s incredibly hard not to be bitter against women nowadays, when we can finally see their devious nature clear as day.

      2. Yes, agree. And all the more reason to put these women in their place when you cross paths with any of them.
        Let them know that you’re not putting up with that delusional shit…they are not Jesus (no walking on water going on here).

  4. Well, I have a bit of experience with these kind of women, so here’s my two cents.
    They’re just trying to be attractive in the wrong way. Someway, they’re the mirror image of beta males. Beta males try to be supportive, sensitive and kind because that is what the want in a woman, so this is what they offer. Somethink like “I like to be treated that way, so I treat that way”.
    Then women do the same and mirrowed mistake: since they like a self-confident man, a bit aggressive (but not too much) and with a nice career, this is what they try to offer. Your ex was thinking about what she finds attractive and that is exactly what she was offering.
    Of course, neither men like masculine women, nor women like femenine men. She was doing the same mistake that any unexperienced man does. But men learn from their mistakes and change. The problem with modern women is that, for some reason, they refuse to learn.

      1. That’s because they were raised under the banner of feminism, which told them that men and women are exactly the same, and thus of equal capabilities, and that gender roles are purely cultural constructs. We now know that there’s a lot of biological determinism at play, and you can’t just turn gender roles on or off without it seriously interfering with other things, such as physical attraction. This is what the Red Pill is all about.

    1. Beta females should be dealt with in the way beta males are.
      Not with spite or anger, but simply discarded in favour of something better.

      1. I think your being too hard on beta males. After all, they are about 90% of us..any beta can learn to stand up for themselves and dont put up with all the bullshit..and they will after taking the red pill.
        I think the correct term is “omega males”, meaning pussyfied hipster male feminists.

        1. Yes, beta males simply operate within the female imperative because that’s all they’ve ever known and been told. Omega males are the “true believers” who know of the Red Pill, but fight against it because they think pandering to feminists will get them pussy, when it won’t.

        2. Indeed. I think of beta level males as dulled knives merely in need of sharpening. Anything gamma & lower needs to be completely melted down & reforged.

        3. I agree, I think Alphas are 12-15% tops, Betas are like 70-75%, and the other 15-20% are Deltas/Omegas and Gammas…. Most of the “beta’s” I know have some Alpha Characteristics, so it hard to define a Beta, but the link below is a good one.
          I would class myself as a Beta Plus….. (Beta with some Alpha traits)……My Miss’s does not walk over me thank you very much…. Though she can be a bit of a Nagging **** at times (LOL)

      2. Whats the deal with beta females? Aren’t feminists the Alpha Females and Beta Females are the more feminine types?

        1. alpha means the ones with higher smv, beta lower. You can’t apply the male alpha/beta classification to women since both gender aren’t equal and symmetrical

    2. This explains womens tendencies for:
      Gym photos/squat photos
      Poor upkeep/messiness
      Being a ‘gamer’ girl
      Women have collectively tried to emulate men they find attractive in the 21st century as a mating strategy.

        1. It’s surprising how many females use “I love video games” or “I love sports” to try to attracted males. It’s like a man saying “I love to shop!” to pander to women. It’s not attractive.

        2. Girl gamers are just attention whores, nothing more.
          I remember like 10+ years ago I used to play an online FPS with a bunch of friends. There was of course a chick we’d encounter from time to time who had 100s of male “friends.” Every one of my friends added her except me.
          At one point we were waiting for a game in a lobby and she said “I’m surprised we haven’t friended each other since we’ve played together a lot.” I said “yeah, right.” I never sent the invite she was baiting me into because I simply didn’t want to be another orbiter notch on her belt. Of course she never sent me one either because it would’ve defeated the purpose.

        3. Exactly. Attention whores in serious need of validation. That you didn’t friend her peaked her interest. I would’ve said, “if it bothers you then send me a friend request,” and then never accept. Nothing drives a needy attention whore crazy like not getting the validation she thinks she deserves.

        4. Yeah girl! Nothing is better than watching you cheer on your favorite quarterback whose dick you want inside you!

      1. You hit the nail on the head with your observations. Tattoos are the most glaring example of women trying to emulate the men they find attractive in hopes of getting their attention.
        This strategy is failing miserably for modern women, as can be clearly evidenced by all the gender dysfunction we see all around us. It is truly the equivalent of the beta male trying to be sensitive, caring, and feminine in order to attract women. In the dating game, opposites attract. The feminine attracts the masculine. These beta people, men and women alike, are the losers in the mating game. Human mating behavior is a zero sum game. These people are terribly maladapted when it comes to mating. They are textbook examples of Darwinian losers. They will not pass on their genetic legacy, and this is a benefit to society and the human race on the whole.
        Nature has contingencies to ensure that the weakest losers do not reproduce.

        1. It seems so obvious once you figure it out. I noticed that after I started hitting the gym and carrying myself like an alpha, the more feminine women I attract. When I was young I gave off beta qualities and attracted aggressive, masculine girls. Opposites really do attract.
          If you go on instagram or facebook and look at the profiles of all these muscular “fit chicks”, they almost all have beta boyfriends/husbands and they dont look too happy about it. They thought getting buff would attract buff men but they were sadly mistaken.

        2. This phenomenon further separates the winners from the losers. The future will be littered with androgynous nothing people who will have few reproductive prospects. This is generally their own fault. What I clearly see is people “doubling-down” on this poor mating strategy; identifying with the opposite sex. The young high school and college women I see around town are apparently going well out of their way to make themselves uglier. They have green hair, ill-placed tattoos, are severely overweight, etc. Then they wonder why they are single or only attract loser guys. The young men I see tend to be a lost cause as well. Lots of bad fashion mistakes ( wearing gay stripped tank tops, Vans shoes without socks, shitty beards, wearing fedoras, etc.) The young men are looking like shit out there, and acting like wimpy pseudo gay guys. This behavior will not help them attract women.
          If morons continue to act in ways that do not produce the results they want (attracting a mate), then they are by definition very stupid. The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

        3. Imagine the sons of these feminine men and feminists. They havent been born and they are already doomed to sexual frustration and loneliness. I think that women want to get married so badly that betas will continue to reproduce, to the detriment of society and their ancestors’ genetics. We will need them for technological and scientific advancement anyway.

      2. Hey hey watch it with the squats. I think this gym movement is one of the best things to come from women out of the 21st century, especially at the squat rack. Being an ass-man, it is definitely good news to see legions of girls on instagram padding up their booty at the squat rack.

    3. Well dont they really HAVE to lean dont they ? When males, alpha and beta and zeta, are litterally LINING up on tinder, OKC, in bars and what have you..they would think that they do everything right.
      If you, by merely being a totally pussywhipped beta, was able to pull 200 right swipes a day on tinder, would you change ?

        1. Lean the rules of the forum and be respectful. Seek your answers and you shall find. Good luck.

    4. Awesome comment. If you can expand on this (in general; I get the gist of it), then this would be a fantastic article for ROK.
      Also, I can’t remember where, but there was a blog article that discussed something similar. May have been TPM, or Ian Ironwood’s site, but I can’t be sure. The article went on to describe Alpha women as those who are…well, our grandmothers and great grandmothers, in the way that they were kind, caring, nurturing, loving, great mothers, had children and got married to a strong man when they were young [and physically attractive], emotionally supportive, the list goes on.
      Of course, the Beta females are the scarcely desirable, base creatures that we have walking the earth today. We’re all pretty familiar with these types and their characteristics, so I shouldn’t have to describe them.
      I guess the point was that there are Alpha and Beta females as well, but their measurements of Alpha and Beta are on a MUCH different scale than they are for us, but with one similarity: Desirability.
      Anyway, I hope you consider posting your comment as an article, I’m sure a lot of us would like to see it.

    5. I don’t know if it’s so much that they ‘refuse to learn’. I think many just don’t want to admit the fact…..women and men are not equal.
      Men do certain things better and women can’t handle that fact. I know that women take better care of children (it’s in their nature) so just accept the fucking role (instead of trying to take on mine).
      Feminists can’t stand the fact that this ‘experiment’ is failing…and it’s not men telling them it’s failing..just look at the results.
      They can’t rationalize it (the hamster keeps spinning away).

    6. That’s a very cognitive thought, but I disagree. The beta males act that way because they’re submissive and trying to make the women happy and the beta males are kind of fooled by the fact that women say that’s what they want. They make demands and the men try to meet them. I don’t know too many alpha males who say they want bitchy, demanding women.
      I think the women act this way partly because that’s how they think alphas act and they want to “have it all” and the privileges of being male AND their lifestyle just makes them more masculine. They boss around men at work and then they boss around men at home. They’re basically men with pussies but not in a good way because even alpha male sociopaths at least have some self-consciousness.

  5. My brother just married a doctor and she is trying to get him to quit his job and become a stay at home dad. She’s constantly talking down to him, telling him his job is busy work and basically meaningless to their income.
    Lawyers, doctors, all women with professional degrees should be avoided for relationships. Too much false ego.

    1. I can’t think of a more unenviable position to be in as a married man. He’s got a lifetime of being a whipping boy ahead of him.

    2. He should do like women do. Quit his job, emotionally check out of the relationship and take her to the cleaners in divorce.

    3. Agree. These type of women live in a delusional world. The truly believe that everyone should kiss their asses because they have a degree in one of these fields (so they now walk on fucking water?). Jesus anyone?
      I literally walk away from a conversation when I hear one of these types of women talking. They’ll speak as if they know fucking everything and they’ll always ‘one up’ you on any story that is told.
      Plus (as Brock mentioned) they think all of these “little busy work, meaningless” tasks are just that (until they need shit fixed).
      They are the first ones who usually die when circumstances go extreme (no survival skills).

    4. Wow, good point! I will never forget what I heard Sheryl Sandberg say in tv last year. ” we need to tell our girls that they can do everything a boy can do. Let’s get more women in the workforce and more men to be stay at home dads.”
      That social engineering shit ain’t working on me.

      1. It’s not going to work anyway because there are very few women out there willing to support stay-at-home dads, regardless of their financial position.
        If you live in the Anglosphere the rule with women and money goes as follows: what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.
        They have no interest in sharing their wealth with us so it’s about time that men stopped wasting good money on them.

        1. I agree, and that is truly sad. That said many men and women out there, still believe in the “us”. Because how my folks explained marriage to me before I got married and had kids, is it is a Union of 2 Souls IN TO 1 SOUL! I made sure before we got married I clearly and sturnly explained this to my Fiance! She was with me 100% (on the same page), she was from a fairly religious/conservative and bought up in a small town, so that certainly helped. I would say 75% of American URBAN WOMEN (regardless of race/ethnicity) are DIFFICULT at best and fucking nightmare at worst!

  6. John Milton had the right idea of the proper relationship between man and woman. From Paradise Lost, Book 4, where Eve addresses Adam:
    My Author and Disposer, what thou bidst
    Unargu’d I obey; so God ordains,
    God is thy Law, thou mine: to know no more
    Is womans happiest knowledge and her praise.

    Milton would probably attribute women’s pride and mouthiness in the here and now to the Fall, which disordered this ideal ordering of the hierarchy of the sexes.

    1. You’re pretty smart for an atheist! ‘Course, it looks like you’ve been referencing the cheat sheet. 😉

      1. I didn’t have my highlighted copy of Milton’s poems handy.
        As I’ve argued on other forums, atheism doesn’t imply feminism because men can observe women empirically in the same way we can observe the weather, the stars, chemical reactions, geological strata and so forth that men have developed a scientific understanding about.
        For example, I’ve said for months now that premarital sexual adventures ruin women for stable marriages. Then a major British newspaper publishes this:
        Women who don’t sleep around before their wedding have happier marriages – but men can play the field without worry, study finds
        This finding exists empirically and it has nothing to do with god beliefs.

  7. “Women are constantly patting themselves on the back for how difficult their lives are and no one corrects them because they want to fuck ’em” – The Great Bill Burr
    This is precisely the issue with women, especially these wonderful strong and independent ones. If you want to go be strong and independent then just go do it, but instead they feel the need to tell us how strong and independent they are. They try to act like a man while still being a woman at the same time. Very few are the men who go and introduce themselves as doctors, they’re just humble about it, if it comes up it comes up. Women who have these careers take pride in it like they take pride in their beauty, flaunting it everywhere, incessantly, wanting for people to praise them and treat them, dare I say it, LIKE PRINCESSES!

  8. Another Fucking awesome article from AV8R.
    Speaks to my experience as well.
    My ex is a full scholarship PhD student in a luxurious laboratory (that I angled her to get). She has been propped up by absolutely everybody and for all her academics talents, this girl has no fucking common sense whatsoever… She is just a spoiled little kid and is absolutely terrified of reality when she doesn’t have a man to take care of her.
    There wouldn’t be a huge problem with this situation except for the fact that she is an insufferable selfish cunt who doesn’t think about anybody but herself. She does have booksmarts but there is no doubt that half of her accomplishments come from the fact that she has never had to face any kind of social or financial burden at all (except for the fact that me and my friends have basically ex-communicated her after all the shit she put us through)… And truthfully I am starting to doubt her “smarts” as well. Academia currently doesn’t seem to foster independent thinking scientists but rather people that parrot information and get good grades even in un-creative and pointless subjects.
    I really enjoyed this article because it really relates the specific kind of frustration these women give you. In theory, they’re the perfect partners… but if you take them out of their perfectly structured school-day-care environment, they don’t have a fucking clue about anything.

    1. Yes, indeed. I see plenty of these types of women and I just shake my head. It’s like dealing with someone with autism (when you take them out of their routine or environment).
      Some of these women are so socially “retarded” that I just give them that look (fucking moron) when they open their mouth.
      We’re talking about the same type of women who will gladly put you in your place when discussing anything associated with their “degree”. But once you leave their ‘safe haven’ they are fucking lost.

  9. I think you’re describing more of a cultural phenomenon than simply the consequences of making money. Did Dr. Princess have strong leftist political beliefs?
    My wife makes 80k a year, which is more than me at least before investments. She’s also more traditional and a bigger Chinese nationalist than me, which I didn’t think was possible in a woman. If I ever said something like, “Baby let’s raise our kids gender neutral”, she’d probably come after me with the kitchen knife.
    I think the difference is that she wasn’t raised in a white liberal SWPL culture. She’s the kid her hardass Asian parents pushed to excel, play the piano, get A’s, got a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management (imagine the girls on campus taking that), and planned out her future – money, kids, house, husband and all.
    Neither of us are extremely political in the Western sense, we’re both money oriented and pragmatic, so we’re not counting what’s “fair” or not in the relationship, let alone playing gender tug-of-war like a lot of white couples. There’s no arrogance or sarcasm etc because we consider ourselves a single unit. So I think it’s workable as long as you don’t have a media constantly telling women how victimized they are, how everything is a “War” against them, how scary masculinity is, and so on.

    1. I tried to bang a Chinese girl like that recently. Didn’t work out so well. She gave me a fair shot and in the end it basically boiled down to the fact that I’m clearly gaming and I’m in the midst of a career change.
      I was kinda pissed kuz of all the girls I was seeing at the time I was thinking to myself “damn… this girl has actually got her shit together and isn’t a retarded slut”… And you know what? I respected how straight up she was with me. She knows what she wants and she is going after it. We’re on good terms and function well as allies since we both have some brains and connections. I aint gonna orbit her but it was refreshing to deal with such a different kind of girl.
      If she treats you right I think you should be proud to have a girl like that.

    2. White liberal SWPL culture? You seem a little ungrateful there “Terry”, if it wasn’t for the White Man and his Civilization, you would still be a lowly peasant farming land for pennies while a local warlord collected his dues every few days. Get off your high horse there pal.
      Chinese nationalism? Commie China is a monster which will be a huge world problem in the future. Commie China is also responsible for millions of deaths dating back from Mao’s time, and continuing today with the huge abortion holocaust occurring.
      Call me whatever you want, but I’m getting sick and tired of these “folk” telling the Western man how to live and how much we can learn from them.

      1. As a white male who lived and worked in east asia for several years, I don’t see anything in Terry’s post that makes me blow up. There’s just not that strong of correlation in east asia culture between higher education and feminist posturing. Asian culture says there can’t be 2 suns in the sky, or it will too hot and the earth will burn. There must be sun and moon, man is sun and woman is moon. An east asian female can be at the top of her career, but when she’s not at work she’s still a woman and there’s no mental / emotional disconnect in her brain that way. Can’t always generalize 100%, especially those who relocate to a western country have to unconscious tendency to imitate the western princess cunt. Also its not automatic that a western woman is going to be annoying that way just because she’s successful in what she does, just more likely.

      2. Are you a white liberal SWPL? If not, then what’s the problem? Those values are shit and I doubt your ancestors succeeded because they were “tolerant” or “had empathy” or some such.
        Let’s be honest here, China was ahead of the Europe in the game of civilization for most of human history, and is about to be again. I don’t begrudge other people’s success, so what are you so mad about? I support nationalism worldwide. You can’t even fight off the leftists and immigrants in your own countries.

        1. To me, the east / west thing is overhyped. People being shitty is a problem in all societies.

        2. Doubtful. Previously China had two advantages over Europe: Europe was not unified until Christianity, and even when it was unified Europe suffered from being blockaded away from trade.
          The only thing that will bring down Western dominance is leftism, which you are right to say is an issue. But China’s experimenting with new brands of socialism will not last.

        3. Terry your assessment may sting a bit, but it’s on the mark. However it remains to be seen if those of us in the west come back with a vengeance or go out with a whimper. Right now we are definitely whimpering and after reading what went on in Rotherham England I’m downright depressed.

        4. Hopefully Trump will fight China devaluing the Yuan to compete against US companies…nothing personal, its only business…

      3. SWPL means liberal and post 1960s. Before that, many European cultures had similar attitudes toward child raising and stuff like that as many Asian and African cultures.
        Who am I to tell you how to live, as I’m a guest in the US? I don’t think that was Terry’s intent, he was just describing his own life.
        My family growing up was the same way with mom earning more than dad, but in China where I grew up (and in India, and Africa, and Eastern Europe), women frequently do earn more than men, without acting macho.

      4. White Man, China Man who gives a fuck? Its not like hes some 3rd world african thinking hes better than western europe. This man comes from a culture thats equal or even higher than yours. My precious guns wouldn exist if some “Terry” hadnt though about putting a vase on a javelin and putting gun powder in it. IME, Baldwin Thecrusader is more like Baldwin Thepeasant.

        1. Eh, Europeans have their respective cultures as do the Chinese. I would say Europeans are on the forefront of innovation, at least for the last 600 years. Prior to that I imagine the Chinese were. Somewhere along the line the Chinese became much more… stagnant and banal. The Asian work ethic is respectable, but it looks like nobody really wants to jump out of line and make a change. I mean the pollution for example, here. All it would take is a couple guys working together to figure out some way to lessen it…. but it’s been years of this and still they haven’t made a budge on it. It’s like nobody really wants to.

        2. Now imagine European innivation and Chinese discpline and work ethic together. Thats the only diversity I respect. Btw your comment was spot on, upvote my friend!

      5. I agree with your last sentiment but there is nothing wrong with him being proud of being Chinese.
        The issue with whites is not any culture of ours… it is the abolition of traditional white culture. We are not allowed to celebrate our traditions, even in europe this is fading.
        2 heads of the same beats: feminism and anti-whitism. Not saying it is just whites that can be harmed by this but we are their target right now. Asians will probably be next as California (my state) has started discriminating against them for college admissions, same as whites

      6. “Commie China” HA HA HA HA HA HA. I lived there. Paid three percent income tax TOTAL and was free to do whatever I wanted. My only run in with a big, bad communist was when I stupidly left a pay stub in my passport while crossing over to Hong Kong. I had a tourist visa right next to that pay stub so I may as well have gone up to him with my wrists clasped for an easy cuffing. He asked me if I was working in China (they never ask anything, just stamp you through). I answered, “No, of course not.” He just smiles at me and laughs and hands me back my passport, pay stub and all then waves me on through. China has 10x the freedom that America has right now. So drink your budweiser on the fourth, listen to Springsteen, let off some fireworks, hoot and holler about ‘freedom’ and then get back to being a wage slave, handing over half your money in tax to our freedom loving red, white and blue . I will live in China anyday. And I haven’t even begun to discuss the women yet. Baldwin, you’re the one who sat in the US and got your thoughts controlled by the US media. So who’s the communist? You need to go there before you get so high and mighty.

        1. Probably listens to Toby Keith rather than Springsteen…
          These Fox Newser, fake conservative “Western civilization” types freak out anytime some blasphemes the Holy Name of the good ol’ U S of A.
          …as if they personally had something to do with what was good about Western Civilization.

      7. So you take “White liberal SWPL culture” and extract one word out of it, “white”, and then bitch and moan.
        Here’s a clue “liberal” and “SWPL (stuff white people like, aka stuff idiotic liberals like) is not the same as “white” alone. They are adjectives, modifiers of the “white”.
        If you’re sticking up for the progressive idiots and their blaring feminism and socialism, you have a very messed up view of the world.

    3. – “If I ever said something like, “Baby let’s raise our kids gender neutral”, she’d probably come after me with the kitchen knife.”
      You, my friend, have a keeper.

    4. Yeah, but that is in tandem with Chinese and even Japanese belief-systems – high work ethic coupled with plenty of traditional Red Pill perceptions. They have that too in Russia, where some women make good money and still want to be feminine and submissive at home. I know a few of those women in the West, but they are rare, have usually a very very low notch-count and even prefer Betas for mates (yes – there are those women out there, who really do prefer those).

      1. I’ve had it both ways.
        First wife was a strong, career minded woman (who was happy to use me to pay for her education).
        I had kids with the second wife. She is a successful (six figure) artist and superb mother. She owns a publishing company that specializes in her field. She has been committed to us rising and falling as a single unit for 18 years. I’ll take being part of a team over being used to advance a strong woman every time.
        My current wife and I have several Chinese immigrant friends. I think we would strongly identify with Xu and his wife if we ever got to know them.

    5. It’s genetics, not culture, not money. White women who talk about being strong and independent are demonstrating their moral superiority. These women are the “Elect”, demonstrating their worthiness to enter heaven by their actions in life. They have a highly refined and selective sense of guilt and are self-motivated to do what they perceive as the right thing. Chinese people, non-Nordics and every other racial group in the world are motivated by shame. How would I feel if I were caught doing this bad thing or not doing this good thing? Not caught, no shame, so no guilt.
      These white women currently demonstrate their Electness by being strong and independent, “tolerant” and having irregular, casual sex. 100 years ago they were lady-like, god-fearing and had irregular committed sex. These religious instincts are hard wired and designed to help Nordics survive North European winters. We have abundant food now so the culture has changed but we get very similar patterns of behaviour because of genetics.

    6. Yep, agree. As long as the two of you are working as a single unit (and she’s not buying into the feminist narrative)…then all should be good.
      It’s when that (feminist) narrative starts to take over and divides you up…then watch out.

  10. On one hand I agree, the lack of common sense in intelligent women is startling. You do spend a little while beating it into them while dating them.
    On the other hand, kind of goes with the territory. Either you pick a dumb broad who’s great minding the details and she makes you feel nice but gives you stupid kids, or you pick a smart broad who needs a little more time to acclimate to the mommy role later but you get fucking awesome genius children + a woman you can actually bounce things off of and not get completely useless feedback from (sometimes).
    The smarminess over her new degree is annoying but will wear off once she realizes it doesn’t get her the results she wants and sets her Asperger’s tendencies aside. The attitude about being told she was going to wreck her car is intolerable though, unless you were being confrontational about it, in which case maybe you prompted it.
    Sounds like you’re the micromanager type and she’s the big picture type. Me, I’d have just let her wreck her car so she could have the learning experience, and then laughed about it later while she grimaced uncomfortably. I never changed my cars’ oils either and drove them for years with bad alignments, and if some chick started pressuring me about this I’d bite her head off too.

    1. “Sounds like you’re the micromanager type and she’s the big picture type.”
      I don’t date losers that refuse to take care of their 45,000 dollar cars. That doesn’t mean I’m a micro-manager, it means I have the common sense to see that staying with someone like that for any prolonged period of time means perpetually dealing with stupid decisions — decisions that regardless of how bad they are, will never be her fault. I’m better than that — it’s beneath me.
      “I never changed my cars’ oils either and drove them for years with bad alignments,”
      I hope you realize that’s nothing to be proud of and that you sound like a complete bum.

    2. “Me, I’d have just let her wreck [our children] so she could have the learning experience, and then laughed about it later while she grimaced uncomfortably. “

      1. Exactly. lol….
        That’s will teach her (I mean us)…because I decided to stay with her.
        Those were flags to get out fast…good move.

    3. There is a saying in France: ‘you don’t ask a girl to have invented gunpowder.’
      It’s really not necessary to worry that much about a woman’s intelligence. Your child’s intelligence will tend to regress to the mean intelligence of the group your wife belongs to. (If half her relatives are retarded sure, stay away.)
      There also isn’t a huge correlation between a woman’s level of education and her intelligence. I know women with fancy degrees in international politics unable to place Moldova on a map or speak a foreign language. Your local peasant girl ‘dumb broad’ might not either but she isn’t half as arrogant.
      A ‘dumb broad’ will also educate your child better as career woman will abandon the child to government childcare or a nanny. Its really not necessary to have a five year degree to teach a small kid the alphabet.
      In my experience, some of these ‘dumb broads’ understand men very well They play dumb and pretty to make us happy!

      1. So true…a peasant girl from a third world country who runs a neighborhood store has more to offer a man and society than a B.A. degree holder.

    4. That sounds like a recipe for disaster. Staying with someone (like this doctor) could eventually lead to death.
      Bad decisions are bad decisions. The single fact that a person is riding around in a ‘faulty’ vehicle with a woman because she was “too busy, running later” or whatever fucking excuse could cost you a life.
      I think about these things often. I don’t want one of these intellectual ‘dumb asses’ getting me killed (in the car, taking a hill or anywhere else).
      Stop making excuses for this behavior. If your parents taught you one thing it should have been how to take care of your things (i.e. car, house, whatever).

    5. I never changed my cars’ oils either and drove them for years with bad
      alignments, and if some chick started pressuring me about this I’d bite
      her head off too.

      And you admit this in public? If you don’t take care of your tools you will eventually face the consequences of that neglect.
      But hey, I’m a big picture type too, I’ll be glad to drive by you while you’re stranded on the highway with a smoking motor. I’ll be the one waving and smiling and disappearing into the sunset.

  11. Well done mate! More than 50% of female doctors leave their jobs anyway after a decade of education and some practice. Your ex however sounds like one of those completely obsessed career women, who derives her entire self-worth from her job – she is already married to it. No place for an Alpha man next to her:

    1. A large factor in the doctor shortage is Women doctors quit or go part time at very high rates. They waste their prime years in a 80+ hour a week residency and by the time theyre done theyre 31, exhausted and miserable.
      They find this out the hard way, and after those years of investment in education they quit because they cant handle it.

      1. That isn’t just doctors! Gotta love when you get that “big raise” that moves you up into the next tax bracket, and you end up bringing home less than you were before.

        1. Especially if you fall into the marriage trap and have to pay the AMT. Just say no to marriage

        2. Yep, plenty of these women go to law school, too.
          Then, they have to shack up with a beta to get those bills (degree) paid down plus survival.
          Those “strong and independent” women…relying on a man.

        3. The story of my young, short life as a Beta.
          Maybe you and I knew the “same” woman when they were in law school.

        4. “you up into the next tax bracket, and you end up bringing home less than you were before.”
          I’m sorry, but I don’t think you understand how the marginal tax rates work.

      2. MOST women are no longer in their field within a decade of receiving their credentials. We’re not supposed to say it out loud, but the obvious waste of resources here is appalling, especially when it comes to fields such as medicine with high investments & limited training slots.

    2. The problem is that these women assume the working world will be just as fun, and exciting as their years in college. News Flash: The Working World Sucks!!! Sure, my job was fun when I started, but that all goes away after the first few months. There is no career that will bring you everlasting fulfillment, but that’s what these women actually believe.
      Enjoy your four year vacation, University students-It will be over sooner than you think.

  12. Well well well….. she is maybe competely devoted to her work to the point she is socially oblivious of some things… but to be simply put you sir are also a complete asshole…

      1. Because only assholes can get a strong woman’s attention?
        Pleaaaase dont serve me this crap.

        1. Because i clicked on this stupid button thinking it would display the answers, eh.
          WHatever it does’nt change my message

        2. oh it is not, it’s common sense, the doc was maybe an ass to treat the car this way but the way he dumped her and his ideas about women and conversations arecompletely despicable…

        3. i get the feeling this was just the last conversation in which she basically tried to get in a dick measuring contest with him… it really is annoying to have a woman constantly try to act man-ish.

        4. Please articulate how they are despicable. You might want to oil your hamster wheel lest it fly off the base, however.

        5. Hamster? Cry? please not these arguments, i dated “strong/intelligent women” without having to deal with these oh-god forbid challenges or dramas about who’s got the bigger dick and such, without being drowned under your feared “man hatred” and co.
          And god it was good

        6. Oh come on, you can act anf think like a gentleman and be dominant in bed, no need to act like a prick.
          My gf is a tough as nails smartass chick, we love each other like crazy and thouh she is my sub. Dont think being gentle means being a carpet, we are not as you all think.

        7. well then it sounds like u really aren’t facing the same situation described in the article. And yeah AV8R has a flair for the dramatic for some reason but ultimately ending a relationship with a woman who won’t submit to u is the only real choice.

        8. Well still i dont follow his point of views, nor hiw ways, not the fact women have to submit to stay in a couple.
          It is pure nonsense and can only lead to wrong things

        9. In every relationship between 2 people there is always a dom and a sub. The roles can vary from situation to situation but for the most part when it comes to couples there is almost always a more dominant partner – someone has to submit and AV8R wasn’t going to and apparently neither was she.

        10. ‘tough as nails, smartass chick.’ ‘We love each other like crazy.’
          New to the manosphere, eh?

        11. Not even, we are together since 4 years and dont even follow any “manosphere” ideas, we live on our own and are happy about this

      1. AV8R, I think u handled that situation pretty well given that you were just spinning plates but I have to ask – If you want to get married can you continue to be 100% asshole or will you have to dial it down? Obviously being an asshole creates more sexual attraction but no one wants to live with an asshole, you know what i’m saying? Have you just abandoned the idea of marriage? Or do you plan on finding someone so submissive you can do whatever? (that seems impossible to me; no fault divorce laws…)

        1. Hey scratche,
          The most difficult thing I’ve had to come to grips with throughout the years is knowing that I will never have anything like what my parents do. Given the fact that I chose a career in an industry with a 70 percent divorce rate and hearing way too many horror stories… Hell, we actually have an acronym for it:
          AIDS — Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome
          It’s not feasible for me man — I’ve got way too much to lose and can’t risk it on an American woman, no matter how nice she seems on the surface. The only way I’ll get married is if I can live abroad and that’s not a possibility. Now, as hard as it is to believe — I’m actually a pretty decent dude, you can check out my article about finding girls from the Philippines — it’s a top 10 list article with one item being: “Don’t Be To Much Of An Asshole”. I would link it here but I don’t know how.
          Anyway, the description I give there is how I want to be and truly am at my core. I truly just want to lead and for the woman to follow. I also don’t want a whore. As I’m sure you’re well aware, just wanting a laid back chick that hasn’t fucked half the county is a pretty tall order.

        2. I think i’m speaking for a few of the group here when I say that we would really like to hear / read some of those horror stories from said industry.

    1. Why exactly? He indicated the ways in which he was unhappy with the relationship, gave her opportunities to change these issues, she did not do so, he dumped her.
      Say for instance he impregnated her and refused to support the offspring, that would make him an asshole. Refusing to remain in a relationship that isn’t satisfying does not make one an asshole. It makes one smart.

    2. Your making excuses for someone who should know better (as an adult and an educated person). If the shoe were on the other foot, then plenty of women would be tearing a man apart for this shit.
      Stop giving women a free pass. Her behavior is unacceptable (she is an asshole and she isn’t very responsible).
      and yes, as much as women hate to admit it…they are all attracted to assholes (they pass on the nice guys – the betas – until they need the financial support.

  13. This article was spot on. I know there are probably some doctors on this site, but they honestly have the worst attitudes. I am in finance and half the guys in my office (including myself) refuse to work with doctors just because of how stubborn they are. This only amplifies when you put a woman in the position. Not to mention every woman out there wants to get into healthcare and think it makes them unique.

  14. Being a doctor is just considered a normal job around here, and most of them come from families where their parents are doctors or nurses. If anything, it’ll get you pursued by prescription pill addicts. It’s like being proud to be a cop, even if you’re a mall cop, because you are considered to have some power in the ‘system’.

  15. We really should discourage women from becoming physicians for practical economic reasons. The investment into their education and training pretty much goes to waste:
    Financial Return Of Medical Degree Negative For Women?
    Instead of steering girls into med schools, if patriarchal family men would take charge of things and rear their daughters in conservative religious environments which instilled respect for male authority and disciplined them in the virtues of frugality, modesty and chastity, then these girls might turn into social assets when they marry young, without premarital sexual experience, to men similar to their fathers with the goal of forming functional, healthy families.

    1. GirlWritesWhat has a whole rant called Fempocalypse on youtube and in it she talks about how society is wasting its limited resources training women who will not exploit their training to its full potential.
      That and the lack of incentives for men to try… seeing as how hard work and wanting a traditional life is now all the sudden “beta” and you can more easily bang a women by learning how to hit her tingle triggers… is leading us to an economic downsizing.
      Enjoy the Decline 🙂

      1. Yeah. I wonder if there has ever been or will ever be a comprehensive study concerning the extraordinarily poor return our country is getting from the billions invested in higher education of females.The expenditure has been astronomical over the last 50 years. So…umm….any inventions? Anything? Hello? Anyone there? There has been almost NOTHING gained from it. Now to read that even most female doctors throw in the towel before they even make a profit, bumping a male from med. school then quitting…Now a doctor shortage. Perfect example.

        1. Socialists, L.W., Feminists, D.B., & Obama, B. (2020). Oh shit! We fucked up! Why investing in women’s education and marginalizing men as a group leads to social and economic depression. Journal of Oh Fuck We’re Fucked, 1(1), pages 1-20.

    2. Women in Medicine and the Ticking Clock
      Our careers began with the long, arduous, and intensely focused
      commitments of premed, medical school, residency, and fellowship.
      We planned our lives rationally and enacted our plans with care. Now we have long-desired and satisfying careers. We discovered something, however, that the culture of medical training and our plans had failed to anticipate: We did not allow time for the unexpected.
      For us, the unexpected came in the form of consequences from delayed childbearing. We had felt immune to failure at childbearing, as if the possibilities of infertility and loss did not apply to us; we were different. We were weeded out from the day we hit freshman biology. We were graced with the full support of families, professors, and peers. There was barely a mention that we might not have it all; that, as we toiled, we were choosing to gamble our fertility—gambling more than the ability to become pregnant; gambling the ability to deliver a healthy child.
      As many women pursuing medical careers have done, we put the dream of motherhood on the wait list. We waited for the perfect moment: a time when we were settled—training complete, career launched, financial stability attained. Only then did we allow ourselves to begin our families.
      But neither the biological clock nor complications with pregnancies were going to wait for career success. At key points,each of us arrived at the woeful realization that motherhood might prove elusive. Looking back, we are impressed with our naiveté, the effects it had on our decisions, and the
      powerful lessons that affect our practices today.

  16. You are an alpha.
    You have options.
    So you treated her like shit.
    Most men are not. 85% would never have left her.
    She would treat these people like shit.
    You gave her, her own medicine – she will love you til her grave for it.

    1. Hence why she kept calling and texting him after he dumped her.
      Hopefully, he did the other men she’ll meet a favor by smacking some humility into her.

      1. Nope. She’s officially an alpha-widow now. She’ll treat the next guy like shit for NOT doing this to her.

        1. True, the only cure for an alpha is another alpha. But that means she’ll hopefully be better-behaved to the next alpha she runs into.

  17. Good for you that you got rid of her but it is not very virtuous to bitch about an ex-partner in public regardless of how bitter you might still be about it. You could have presented it as a made-up story and told the moral that way.

    1. I disagree. I believe more of these stories (real stories) need to come out. It almost needs to be as real as possible because of all of the bullshit that society has fed us men (for years).
      I’ll gladly tell my story as true to form as possible because women need to be called out. Fuck the fiction, this is life and women have been given a pass for far too long.
      They wanted equality…now they have to live with their choices.

  18. I dated a string of these girls in my 20s, but thank God, I married a nice girl who worked at a local bookstore and wanted to settle down and have a family.
    She’s a wonderful mom and a great poet, but zero career aspirations. My kids are amazing.
    Yeah, I bust my ass and we make do with less. Like my parents did. Our lives are great.

    1. and that’s what we need to get back to….less shit, a little less money but a better life (overall).
      More shit doesn’t equal more happiness.

  19. seems to me she was not a strong independent woman at all. Her whole self worth was in her doctor title. She was an *hole just like the guy was. How did you expect it to turn out? You put up with it for 6 months? That was a big DUH! Sheesh, men are attracted to these women and then when it turns out they’re obnoxious b*tches, they seem so surprised. Women do the same thing, dating the same type of jerks and wondering why they turn out to be losers. If you’re looking for a wife that wants to be a homemaker and stay at home mom, don’t date a doctor driving a beamer…. or it may not just be the car that’s leanin’ to the left next time. LOL

    1. ” You put up with it for 6 months? ”
      From the article:
      There were only three reasons why the relationship with Dr. Princess lasted as long as it did: she used to buy me stuff, we didn’t see each other very often due to our schedules, and I was seeing other women. That’s it.

      1. Back in college my girlfriend’s car overheated late one night. I checked her oil and it was nil…. nothing showing on the stick. “When’s the last time you changed your oil?”, She answered, “I’ve never changed it.” The next day she was planning a two hour drive to see her parents. I strongly suggested she put a few quarts into her car in the morning before she left. She didn’t, her engine caught fire on the highway, her car was shot, we split up a couple weeks later.

  20. Come on. That’s a shitty, childish way to act. You don’t have to put up with bad behaviour, but just because you choose to bottle up your disapproval over months, rather than walk away calmly when it becomes clear the issue won’t go away, is no excuse to he a prick.

    1. and you’re part of the reason why so many of these entitled women exist, today. You’re rationalizing her behavior (as if that shit is acceptable) – man or woman.
      No one speaks out when it’s a woman because everyone is so god damn afraid that a mob will rise up against them. I say ‘ bring it on’.
      If someone is acting like an asshole (man or woman), then I call it like I see it. Women have been getting a pass for far too long…more people need to call out this shit when they see it.
      Then, we would have all of these little princesses walking around (on water, no less).

      1. That’s where you’re wrong. I’m not rationalising or excusing her behaviour at all. All I’m saying is that you can only truly control yourself, and that you win nothing by bringing yourself down with anger and negativity.
        As for your claim that walking away rather than acting like an utter dickhead allows such female behaviour to continue, I disagree. I think being walked away from would provoke introspection after it happened a few times, rather than provoking the defensiveness and psychological entrenchment which arise in reaction to outright hostility. For that reason, I think it is, if anything, more effective.
        You’re welcome to your opinion, but people who pride themselves on “saying it as it is” (incidentally something I mostly hear women claim) are often the boorish, impolite cunts that I tend to stay away from.

        1. I disagree so we’re at an impasse.
          I believe more people like the author need to go the correct route to at least to correct the behavior (but it ain’t gonna happen). Still, there is no discipline these days and your ‘passive’ route gives them more time, space and ammo (to act like super cunts).
          You are “hoping” that a woman will see the light but many of these delusional butterflies are lost in their own world.
          I’ve experience it (decades) so I guess…he is to hope?
          Meanwhile, back at the ranch (lol…trying to put a little humor in here)…women need to relearn “cause and effect”…because today’s white knights are making it hard on the rest of us men folk.

  21. “Career women” are good for one thing – ass fucking.
    Women that want a family, a nice home, children, and traditional life, have too much self-respect to be fucked in the ass. They will do most things for you, but they will not surrender their asshole for an unnatural and degrading act.
    “Career women,” on the other hand, are desperate to be treated like whores. They love getting fucked in the ass. The more degrading the sex, the more they submit to you, at least while fucking.
    When it comes to “career women,” all the other shit that comes along with them – big mouth, bad attitude, arrogance, inability to do anything domestic – is just not a price worth paying for the only 2 things they can do, earn a few bucks and take it in the ass.

  22. A-fucking-men. I don’t ever disrespect another mans hustle. They’re doing the shit I don’t want to do a lot of the times. Great post!

  23. A woman’s independence is really based upon a person who thinks that because she measures up socially to a man it means she does so physically, when another man gives you any kind of flack you or putting out dominant energy, you recognize it as a man putting you in your place or putting out that dominant energy. You can learn to accept it from a man for a multitude of reasons. Whereas with a woman, her independence and domineering attitude, unless she’s she hulk, is an unearned confidence on a natural level. Social contract keeps many different things intact for women. Why would your independence even matter to me in any way other than me asking you? Not to mention, your status puts you in a position where you feel comfortable enough to try and outmuscle me like you’re a man.

  24. The problem is not so much that women are independent and career-oriented, but rather that they are unable to separate their professional and personal life. If she was a serious and respected expert at work and a fun and feminine woman at home, that would be great. But unfortunately, the “independent and empowered” women are not like that at all, they are just arrogant and clueless.
    An actual independent woman would, in theory, have her own money and place and wouldn’t want to suck resources off of a man, so you two could mostly just have fun. And she definitely wouldn’t be a feminist, that’s the complete opposite of that. Perhaps not ideal for a man who wants a traditional family, though.
    I also don’t see the appeal of ultra-feminine girls that are too passive and want a man to dominate and initiate everything at all times and have all the responsibility, while the only thing they ever bring to the table is their vagina.

    1. The difference is that the feminine and submissive girl brings a vagina and a good attitude, whereas a modern feminist woman brings a vagina and fifty shades of “You Go Grrrl!” bullshit to deal with on a daily basis.

    1. It was, wasn’t it? I hope after he did it he went and got a delicious ice cream cone and ate it with a giant smile on his face while thinking of her at home trying to re-inflate her ego.

  25. This article reminds me of a man that I work with. He calls whomever he considers beneath him peasants, and that is a direct quote. To further with an example: “Wendy’s is where the peasants eat.”
    Such bigotry and superiority complexes are rampant today — in both men and women.

    1. Disagree here (bullshit). Some men may think that way and a few men may say it out lout but all women will gladly announce it to the world (like everyone needs to know their a fucking lawyer or doctor).
      It’s in the feminist narrative to announce to everyone how they are ‘strong and independent’.

      1. Not sure what you’re disagreeing with…?
        I do agree it’s within the common feminist ways, however.

        1. I just don’t think we need to continue lumping men in with women. Men have and still are…taking a beating right and left while women seem to get away with it. People have been programmed to just accept certain facts that are just false.
          Men should (and they have) been called out numerous times. An example: You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a man who’s considered a pedaphile but if a woman is at fault then..what?
          It’s one example of the bullshit equality that society is trying to push on us (when we know that it’s just bullshit).

  26. Some of the most arrogant women I ever had the ‘pleasure’ of dealing with were in med school. It’s almost like they are groomed there to be insufferable cunts. The culprit’s likely a combination of the associated professional status of an M.D. in society that gets to their heads, the feminization of medical curricula (overreliance on group work, presentations, rote memorization, etc.), and enabling professors forever stuck in blue pill world. Also, don’t believe the “women are perfect for healthcare because they are the nurturing sex” myth. Some of them would talk shit about patients behind their backs, having no qualms about it.

    1. Interesting observation. Male doctors are chased like rock stars by women. Doesn’t work the other way with men chasing female doctors… lol

      1. Career women aren’t chased period. Most men don’t chase women for money which is expressed in society through one’s career. Men chase women for their youth and beauty which absolutely have nothing to do with intelligence and college diplomas. Most women who waste years of their prime fertility and youth in college think that some piece of paper with whatever watered down Culti-Marxi degree will make them the equals of men and more ‘attractive’.

        1. Exactly. I went out a few times with a woman who was a doctor. But I liked her because she was cute, the fact that she was intelligent AND humble was a plus. So was her tight body.

    2. I agree!
      Now that I started to think about it, all women I know who apply or study medicine are real fucking cunts. It must be all that book reading that makes women so unrealistic from their natural behavior…

    3. The irony here is that nobody wants to admit these women being admitted in to med school are GREATLY benefited by affirmative action. Most girls I knew who got in had minimum 2 points lower than the guys. Also, the return of investment on educating these women? Not awesome.

      1. There is a smaller return-on-investment associated with women in med school as compared to men (http://www.parapundit.com/archives/008599.html). My guess is the higher ups in academia are aware of this, and deliberately skew admission in favor of women. In this way, over time, they can put more graduates on the job market because more women are needed to do the same workload as one man. Hence, the payouts (government grants, subsidies etc.) will be larger for these institutions. Their mistake (i.e. of administrators, tenured professors), however, lies in thinking a thoroughy feminized institution can maintain indefinitely high standards of productivity, quality, and prestige that were established in a past when these institutions were still male-dominated. There will be a critical mass or threshold of the female-to-male ratio in med school before it all starts to go down the drain.

    4. I was trying to get into the medical field and I volunteered at a hospital. Half the women were cool, the other half were incredibly angry, burned-out cunts.
      This may be representative of the entire population though. Half the people are cool, the other half are total shit. It’s hard to say.

    5. To be fair, pretty much all doctors come out that way these days, though there can be exceptions. I have far more experience in social settings with MD’s and they by and large are insufferable, quietly condescending and arrogant. I find that they talk *at* people instead of *to* people. They launch off on their diatribe to demonstrate their superior grasp of a topic, and your input is not required or desired except to gasp in awe at their amazing intellect.

      1. I think it’s their God complex; the proctologist who thinks he’s saving lives when in reality he just has a fetish for looking at buttholes.

  27. “So, where have all the good men gone? Perhaps a better question would be: where have all the women that know how to shut the fuck up gone?”
    Phenomenal, I’m going to use this going forward.

    1. Agree. It’s all about telling everyone just how ‘strong and independent’ you are as a women….until something breaks or the women is tired of playing doctor or lawyer…then a man is needed.
      By then, it’s time to marry a beta, play mommy and let ‘daddy’ pay all of the bills, pay down the degree, have kids, etc…
      It’s all bullshit in it’s highest form.

  28. I’m 42 and my girl is 26, she has 2 degrees from Stanford and a kick ass job. She is NOTHING like the women described here. She never talks about herself, is always helping others and loves me like I have never been loved before. It took me many years and tons of selfish, stupid and classless women to get here but it was well worth the wait!

    1. Better lock it down, dawg.
      Girls like that I wouldn’t let slip by, for sure. Sounds similar to what I’m looking for.

    2. congratulations, you’re dating an exception.
      I myself dated a 18 y/o who started the most prestigious school of France “Science Po”. She barely got her feet in but she showed no shame despising other men, telling everyone she is smart, have culture and is studying a prestigious degree

  29. good piece. seems like we all eventually discover that no matter what these chicks do to cover it up (career, vanity, education, etc), the majority of them still have super low self esteem.

    1. Not necessarily bad. Many manosphere guys like girls who are insecure. It’s the act of running from it or denying it through masculine traits that is the issue

      1. I can’t say I disagree. it’s much easier to manipulate someone with low self esteem, they’ll jump through hoops for you once you find the right buttons

  30. My buddies and I call these women “Chicks who pretend to know stuff”, you can abbreviate to CWPTKS.

  31. What struck me as the most amazing thing ever is how contrary this experience is to everything we are told (lied to) about women. We are taught that it is the pretty feminine women who are the most stuck up divas while the girl who gets her degree is the modest one. And while the former is true to a certain extent, the latter is most certainly not.

    1. I was at a rock concert with my 18 yr old cousin and he was chatting up some 16-18yr highschool girls…..they are much more pleasant and fun when theyre young. Once they get to college they turn into cunts. Ive come full circle in realizing Id rather have a girl who went to jr college and has a sense of humility about her

      1. “Once they get to college they turn into cunts.”
        Not to mention they gain 25 lbs, mostly in retained cum weight.
        The modern college experience completely ruins most women. This is of course by design.

      2. College is where most american females will have their first opportunity at unlimited partner selection. They can start their first year practicing at frat parties. The next 3 years can be spent getting passed around some sports team. These broads don’t usually go beyond 4 years and become doctors.

        1. As a female sadly I agree. Imagine being a female and trying to make friends with these husband hunting hoes. I started out in a ‘male’ career path; forensic anthropology. Changed it for logistical reasons to a ‘female’ career path; art history. My STEM parents lost all respect for me with that. Tried getting my M.A. because with either field I would need one. Traveled the world a little and worked many kinds of jobs. I have experienced the shallow bull crap of academia and millennial unemployment + student loan debt. These females are now 15+ pounds heavier, married and with kids and working in the office of staffing agencies. Never imagined any of them would make a good mother and their marriages won’t last. I will never get married because it is just pointless in this day and age but a life partner would be nice. Adopting or fostering may be in the future as well.
          As per female doctors….it’s a toss up just like male ones. I have had horrid male and female ones as well as great male and female ones. It’s a gamble. Indian female doctors are the WORST! Dentists are always nice though.
          This post will probably get deleted because I’m an evil bleeder lolz.

        2. What? I honestly don’t get it. I guess the point I was trying to make is that everyone is on a different path but for women that path has a clock on it. You either keep plodding along in life or intentionally take a detour to be some man hunting skank bag who alienates her friends.
          Medical culture is what it is.

  32. What’s always interesting is that women like this resent that men don’t worship them for their supposed smarts.
    But it’s not like they want to have sex with all the smartest guys. Does anyone remember in high school or college when the A students got all the pussy? Are physicists and phd students known to get all the women? Or is it guys who make a lot of money, regardless of how they may have made it?
    We’ll admit that we desire a woman who exhibits certain feminine qualities. They’re in denial of not only what they really desire, but also want to tell men what they should desire. Ridiculous.

  33. “Apparently, she ascended above the ranks of a normal person and was anointed by the Lord Jesus Christ himself for earning that MD. ”
    The difference b/w a doctor and God is that God knows he’s not a doctor.
    À bientôt,

  34. Too often “strong” and “independent” are synonyms for “Opinionated” and “LOUD!”
    That said, it pretty much is the man’s job to keep the cars maintained, b/c that’s ‘man stuff’ in a relationship. You can’t expect a woman do that shit. She’ll remember what she wore on your first date, but ask how long the “idiot light” has been lit up on the dash and you’ll get a blank stare. OTOH, you should never be expected to wash a dirty dish, either, so there are perks.
    À bientôt,

  35. One last observation. Usually women who are highly intelligent and have responsible or stressful jobs tend to be the most submissive in bed. So this may have been an opportunity for AV8R to introduce command and control in the bedroom and then extend it to other areas of their lives….assuming he wanted to bin a relationship with her, long term. Doesn’t like that her she can’t keep her mouth shut? Then stuff your cock in it. That’s why it’s open.
    À bientôt,

    1. They secretly crave a good deep dicking from alpha cock. Having being around beta men everywhere, they can only find happiness when a man holds them down and fucks them deep and hard from behind.

    2. I’ve heard differently. The “strong independent womyns” married to men I know are, as told to me, control freaks and nearly frigid in bed, and if not, then highly controlling and starfish-sex-only types.

      1. Maybe the guys you know aren’t going about it the right way. They may not be able to change the dynamic, now, but one of the things I do, the first time I bang a girl, is ask her what her deepest, darkest, secret, greasiest little fantasy is. Sure, you get “I want to bang outdoors” from time to time, but the two most prevalent are (a) some version of “Tie Me Up!” and (b) Sex with another girl. It’s basically automatic.
        As it happens, I look like I break legs for a living, so girls who actually do want a little bitch boy don’t go for me, but it’s also quite possible that your married friends never broke open the hard, outer shell of the coconut to get at the tender meat and sweet juice within.
        À bientôt,

        1. I’m certain that they’re not. They are wuss bags, by and large. I’m just describing what appears to be a prevalent observation I hear from most of them when they talk about things at home.

    3. I’ve heard that also. Perhaps the caveat is that they must not be of the “holier than thou” personality.

  36. The women of this current generation are a terrible lost cause. As men, we must “write them off”, so to speak.
    There is a biological reason why individual male sexually has such longevity compared to the female. Men can technically produce and deliver viable sperm well into old age. Women can safely have children up to about age 35, then after that it becomes a huge gamble. In extreme cases, men can attract and impregnate women two full human generations apart. Women have no such ability. Their reproductive window is comparatively shorter than a man’s.
    There is a reason for this. I suspect that many times in the past, entire generations of human females have been adversely effected and ruined by their environments or social systems, and have been decimated to being poor mating prospects. We can clearly see that this current generation of young women would make VERY poor mothers overall. Nature has a way of leveling the playing field. If an entire generation of women are completely ruined, that would mean the entire generation of men would have little chance to pass their genetic legacy on. To account for this, Mother Nature (through millions of years of evolution) has set it up so that the male reproductive window is significantly longer than the female’s. Essentially what this means is that if there is a particularly poor crop of females, the males can wait it out and hope that the next generation of women will be better.
    Basically what I’m driving at is that Red Pill men should simply wait and bide their time. Perhaps the next generation of women will be better. Ignore this generation of women and do not take them seriously as wives and mothers. Treat them like the cheap trash that they crave to be treated like. Then if you are interested in starting a family, take on a much, much younger woman to fill the role of wife and mother.
    Obviously, this is much easier to do in theory than it is to do in practice.

  37. Does she knows you post in RoK? Has she hit the Wall yet?
    She will be delighted to read your post.

    1. I always change details in my stories to give myself plausible deniability. For instance, was it really a BMW? Was it an Audi, Mercedes, Acura, Infiniti, Lexus, something else perhaps? Did I call her a loser, or say something different? You see what I mean. No one in my real life has any idea that I post here and I will never tell anyone either.
      Think of it like those crime reenactments — some names, places, and details have been changed to protect those involved.

      1. I do the same thing. I change a few irrelevant details here and there, but the gist is the same. We’re definitely not the first people to have to use anonymity when criticizing the ruling power. Guys like Voltaire did the same thing. We are the modern day Voltaires. When it was illegal to criticize Christianity, Edward Gibbon wrote a gloriously sarcastic history of Christianity in Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, which is still an absolutely joy for any skeptic to read.

  38. The “If it breaks, I’ll get it fixed!” mindset is more validation for her choice of profession – it’s all about the ‘cure’ and not the ‘prevention’. After all, we go to Doctors when something is broken and needs fixing…except some of us do take preventative measures – we work out, eat healthy, and keep an open and positive frame of mind, oh, and we see a Doctor for a check-up, not because we want to be fixed.
    People who don’t think prevention is better than cure need fixing! – pun intended.

    1. Yep…and that is truly the problem with these types.
      She should have said “you know, you are right…I do need to get it fixed and the oil changed”. That’s being a responsible adult, period (man or woman).
      I think she had (or has) problems with control (I’ve met and dated many women with control issues).
      I tell each and every one of them that there is only one man in this relationship…that’s me. If they don’t like it, then I stop the bus and let their ass off….I’m not fighting for control.

      1. Agreed. She already has a pussy, she doesn’t need another. Therefore, any fight for ‘control’ or resistance on their part is futile.

  39. Dr Princess……i love it.
    This article is so on target it goes through the target, circles around and hits it again.
    Women like this at 40 either wake up and smell the coffee or are now sitting in their apartment/mothers basement wondering why the right man hasnt come along. By then its too late.

  40. Damn straight…you are not alone…and I love it.
    Women, today, are so fucking “strong and independent” until things go to shit…then they need a man.
    I’ve witnessed the same bullshit at work with our business owner who used to be a lawyer. She lives in such a delusional world (similar to your doctor) where she must tell everyone that she’s still a lawyer (even though she doesn’t practice).
    She’s so fucking smart but at that same time common sense eludes her (she ends up looking so fucking stupid at times).
    It’s a real shame but feminism (coupled with a degree) have made these females the worst on the planet.

  41. This whole “strong and independent ™” label is screaming for a reframe. How about “loud and annoying”?

    1. Showed this to my gf a while back. Now, after she’s been taught when to keep her mouth shut, she’ll just say the kitten line at the end. I chuckle and approve.

  42. I’m sorry–I’m just going to say from the start that I was, unfortunately, born with two X chromosomes, and I hope that you can see past this.
    My grandfather was a prestigious OBGYN in Southern California. He married my petite, reserved, red headed New England grandmother, and promptly started raking in the dough. She has, for the last 56 years, done everything for this man. And he has done nothing but scream at her, cheat on her, and demean her for her every misstep. When my uncle was born with spinobiphida, it was her fault. There isn’t enough pasta for dinner. She is a fucking disgrace. Not once has she ever stood up to him–instead cowering under his raining threats and hateful comments. My grandfather is an asshole. I could never say that all professional men are such. Not only because they are the dominate demographic in the professional world, but simply because it isn’t true.
    I only say this because I have been reading the articles on this site for some time, and agree with the majority of what is said. Women are the weaker species, we are vindictive, manipulative, catty, bitchy, and utterly replaceable.
    I am 16 years old. My name is Natalie. I don’t mean for this to be a sob story, and even as I type this I can only imagine the depth of the hatred you must feel toward me.

    1. Natalie, ‘alpha’ stands for ‘advanced’, never for ‘asshole’ – unfortunately, some get confused. And you shouldn’t get confused either. AV8R stopped putting up with shit from Dr. Princess, and your grandmother should stop putting up with shit from Dr. Asshole.
      Men here are about advancing as men and calling ‘bullshit’ when they see it…being dominant is about being recognized as dominant (mostly over ourselves, our thoughts, and actions), not about dominating others through fear and abuse.

      1. Please, forgive me, I mean no offense. I certainly comprehend the distinction between the two, although I have yet to observe it myself. I only meant that he, as an individual, could be considered an asshole. Not with regards to his profession and any correlation therein.

        1. No offence taken – and I hope you do get observe an advanced alpha…just don’t expect to find him where the media and Hollywood has told you to look – he’s usually the guy going about his job to the best of his ability outside the limelight.

      2. “AV8R stopped putting up with shit from Dr. Princess.”
        No, he regressed to behaving like an efette, vindictive, victim. He made a concerted effort to damage her vehicle (regardless of how negligible her own vehicular care was – that’s on her), he caterwauled like a buffoon outside of her home and per his own admission he was fucking a plethora of other women on the side and being disingenuous about it with Dr. Princess. Condescension is repugnant particularly when exhibited towards people working a daily grind such as clerks and construction workers. The female doctor in question sounded like an ostentatious, braggadocios, nightmare – but that kind of behavior is as common a stripe in male doctors as it is in female doctors. The men who contribute to this site are not about “calling bullshit” or you’d have called out said author for perpetuating an equally feeble exhibition of childishness as his poor spectacle of a physician.

        1. You fight fire with fire, and bullshit with bullshit. AV8R tolerated Dr Princess’ shit long enough and countered in a manner prescribed by said Doctor. And while he may have had “…other women on the side…” he also made it clear that their relationship was not exclusive and that she was trying to make it such.
          Yes, asshole behavior is not restricted to either sex or any particular profession – which was my point. My point was also that it should not be tolerated – the choice is either to walk away, or make your statement and walk away….the statement AV8R made was in terms Dr Princess would understand – her own asshole terms.

        2. and, again…we’re giving the woman a “pass” (well, you really just swiftly glossed over her behavior) and focused on the man’s behavior.
          That woman is irresponsible (seems like a pretty hard fact) – she doesn’t take care of shit.
          She talks down to people, she brags, etc…. White knights and feminists gladly pile on men for this shit but here we have the woman in this role and we’re going to quickly excuse (or gloss over it). It’s unacceptable for a woman to act this way (remember, equality).
          So, again, I call bullshit on this comment because it’s so fucking one sided.

        3. I agree with you that the author’s behavior/swagger is obnoxious and laughably self-serving. But let’s get past our moral indignation here and try to examine the whole of the article a bit more critically.
          Of particular interest is the fact, in spite of further damaging her vehicle, yelling like a buffoon (again, I agree with you), seeing other women on the side (also agree with you here provided that there was duplicity and deception on his part in this respect), she did what? You see, you moral indignation blinds you to the fact that irrespective of the author’s own self-serving nature, there is value being contributed here and that is an examination of female behavior. Despite his behavior, she tried REALLY HARD (it seems) to get back with him. What does that say about female character when case after case after case of such behavior is reported? The fact of the matter is that women reap what they sow. And manosphere articles, irrespective of how you feel about the individuals penning them, demonstrate this (ignored) point all too painfully. Thus, they have much value for men who want to understand women and profit (in whatever way) from this understanding.
          For too long men have been at a disadvantage and have been taught to be idealistic while women remained shrewd calculators (with respect to “love”). RoK, if nothing else, levels the playing field a bit douchebag narrator or not.

        4. Your comment was very misdirected, and inaccurate with the exception of your opinion on the female doctor.
          A man willing to walk away is very confident and is exactly the opposite of the normal “beta” man who slouches in his seat and just takes what a woman dumps on him, even apologizing for reacting to her bad behavior. He did none of that.
          Also we can assume he drove over the median but did not damage the car. That can be done, too. I’ve done it.
          In other words, I’m “calling bullshit” on you.

        5. “You fight fire with fire,”
          If I treat my car like shit and let you drive it, that doesn’t give you the right to treat it like shit yourself, if I don’t give you any such permission.
          “and bullshit with bullshit.”
          I agree to an extent. But again, he did more than that. I agree that she is probably a huge cunt. But that doesn’t give men carte blanche like so many RoK readers would like to believe.
          “AV8R tolerated Dr
          Princess’ shit long enough”
          True; but all he had to do was walk away. And that actually would have been far more masculine than screaming and destroying someone else’s property in anger (which you can’t deny is a feminine way to behave–that is, if self-control is masculine virtue as believe it is). He chose to be an ass about it and that’s where some of us are taking issue. I don’t think this site is all about “hating women.” But when I see all the uncritical high-fiving from articles like this, it makes me wonder if a few critics are not actually getting at some kernels of truth within their overall (misguided) analyzing of sites such as this one.
          You don’t see how self-serving this article is on some level? He seems to treat women like cumdumpsters which is fine; that’s his business. But this article reeks as an attempt to turn that MO of his into some sort of high morality. As though he’s “enlightened.” And that’s where some of us (the minority, admittedly) are a bit offended. I dislike BOTH individuals in this story. Perhaps I dislike the woman a bit more but that doesn’t make AV8R some de facto hero or someone who should be emulated. It’s okay to dislike both Coke and Pepsi, here.
          “and countered in a manner prescribed by said
          “And while he may have had “…other women on the side…” he
          also made it clear that their relationship was not exclusive and that
          she was trying to make it such.”
          Did he? I didn’t see anywhere where it was made that clear. From what I remember reading, it was all vague language (and perhaps deliberately so on his part so that he may have his own plausible deniability). I only remember reading words like “casual” and “serious.” And everyone is NOT on the same page with those words and I think AV8R is smart enough to know that and cynically played that to his advantage.

  43. Couple years ago I saw a female podiatrist (only one available). Early forties, was probly fairly attractive in her prime… 25 years prior. She sat on a little chair across from me and wrenched on my foot. Had on a long lab coat with slacks or whatnot underneath. Appropriate.
    When I returned a few days later for the follow up, she plopped down in the same little chair opposite me. When I looked at my foot, I couldn’t help but notice that she had somehow traded her full lab coat for a micro-mini skirt, and was doing her best to advertise her wares. Ick.
    It’s was one part disgusting, one part hilarious, and one part irritating. They just can’t accept that they got O-L-D and that instead of marrying at sixteen and having grand-kids by now, here is Ms. PhD. Empowered, trolling geriatric men during her medical procedures, still imagining she’s Got It. No doubt she was Offended and Enraged by my distinct lack of response to her stupidity and self-delusion. Lucky I didn’t get charged with Sexual Harrassment, I guess.
    Nice going, Feminist America!

  44. The more a person, especially a woman, loudly proclaims his/her strength and independence, the more his/her insecurity, weakness and fragility truly displays itself for everyone to see.

  45. “One would like to think that earning an education would open a person’s mind and give them some perspective on life.”
    Kinda funny to hear that here on RoK, which is full of people who think that the humanities area bullshit and that education should be 100% about training for a job.
    I say – move med school and computing back to tech colleges where they belong, and reserve universities for scholars and researchers. Oh, and rich pricks.

    1. I wouldn’t say that about RoK’s authors. Many of them read and write about the great works of classic literature, and how they can enrich men’s lives. A website where the writers discuss educational treatises by Renaissance humanists, writings of the great philosophers, and ancient biographies of figures like the Persian emperor Cyrus the Great, shows more respect for the real cultivation of man’s mind than most of today’s elite universities.

  46. Dude that chick is an outlier. Doctors in general (man or woman) tend to be obnoxious assholes about it. They have their own fucking prefix for a reason…they want everyone to know they are edumatated.
    But I have dated plenty of smart, intelligent, well educated women that have no problem being submissive if they are handled right. In fact, you would be surprised by how much of that bullshit is just a test to see if you are alpha and dominant enough.

      1. Just try to imagine if a woman publicly proposed to a man and he grabbed a ukelele and hit her in the face with it. Hed be facing assault charges. The general public would call him an asshole. Beta males would try and track the man down and beat him.

        1. He could have easily gone and pressed charges against her and would have won in court. Of course he would’ve been an even bigger laughing stock.
          He was a weak loser and embarrassed himself and his woman with a grossly inappropriate public display of affection. My suspicions are he probably asked multiple times in the past and was flat told no multiple times. He probably thought that this very unmanly display would “win her heart”.
          What he did was so unmasculine it disgusts me and I have yet to see a roving pack of betas hunt a man down.
          He deserved his humiation.

      1. How do you know it was staged? Were u there? Did u plan this? Are you the man in the video?

  47. So, because you give anecdote to a singular negative experience with an “independent” woman, ALL educated/financially stable women are, by intrinsic nature, the same? What a sophisticated and well-thought out statement. Your ex’s arrogance and lack of altruism isn’t necessarily contingent on her being a doctor, attending medical school, et cetera. There are a plethora of women and men of varying education and financial stability levels that possess both narcissistic and ignorant traits. Being independent is not synonymous with egocentrism or lack of rationality. A person devoid of practical skills/knowledge can fit any profile. This article is very weak. Blanket statements, especially those so pungent with misogyny, are WEAK.

    1. Welcome to RoK. You just described the whole website and subculture. I read it because it helps to understand the way some men might think in a given situation. Online they can speak without boundaries so it can be interesting…and entertaining.

        1. Lolz no. My brother reads this stuff but also asks my advice about women so it helps to know his beliefs when I’m trying to help him. Also, I don’t have cable. Feminist lady blogs are about the same level as this with rando opinions and semi made up stories. Except they have the guts to write articles with their actual profile pics and names.

    2. Why did you write so much when NAWALT would have been a perfect summarisation. It’s pretty obvious that all of the people commenting have seen similar behaviour far too often to dismiss it as just a one off.

    3. I’d love to see what percentage of avid commenters actually possess graduate degrees. My guess would be <1%.

  48. Incredible article ! I had a good laugh too.
    My favourite part of the article :
    ,,Her: It’s not your fucking car! Don’t concern yourself with things that are none of your damn business! If it breaks, I’ll get it fixed! I don’t need you telling me what to do!
    She was completely right, it wasn’t my car. So, I decided to give her BMW the kind of treatment it was accustomed to. Once the traffic light turned green, I did a U-turn over the fucking median and headed straight back to her condo. To maximize potential embarrassment, I dumped her ass by calling her a loser loud enough to ensure the neighbors heard it. I didn’t live there and wouldn’t be coming back, so it’s not like I gave a shit.
    Plus, nothing drops the jaw of a snobby doctor broad like being called a loser while simultaneously getting dumped. I then got into my perfectly functioning automobile and drove to my buddy’s house. It was beautiful and incredibly efficient. I was proud. ”
    I won’t waste my time making a analisys of the importance of what the author did, but I will give a pointer to you guys out there – take notes, practice, practice, practice.

    1. Pilots don’t make dick she’s crying all the way to the bank and the author sounds like a effete little dick throwing a temper tantrum. His bitch ass is lucky she didn’t call the cops for deliberately fucking with her car. What a winner I can only imagine how well thought of he is amongst his peers.

  49. I actually am dating a foreign latin doctor (will be graduated by next year) right now… i think i got lucky qualities, although sometimes she does have an angry side if I really push her buttons (which I’ve been known to do because I can be an ass). I put her in the place early, she INSISTS and we made a deal that she will still cook, clean and everything as a woman should. Shit she even said it was fine if I fucked random girls (we’re living in distance right now), as long as I didn’t fall for them and stayed to be her man. She’s only been with 1 other man (and believe me I’ve tested this fucking a bazillion times.. and even to this day i’m not sure if i should completely believe it but she’s a damn good con artist if she’s hiding it).. anyways.. she has a lady quality, very quiet, reserved (for a doctor its surprising). Is very humble and to be honest there’s times I have to tell her “fucking stand up for yourself” …The only downside, she’s always busy… I hate that – it causes a lot of arguments and there’s been times where I’ve thought of ditching it but we agreed on her performing less hours once all the schooling/interning is done… so i think if you find a foreign woman who is not in america yet, though speaks perfect english, and you keep her cultures traditions in place, you’ll have yourself a winner. we’ll see how this works out, if it fails I’m traveling the world and fucking every damn girl i want.

    1. you’re lucky alright! Lucky your girlfriend can write you prescriptions when those other girls you’re boinking turn out to leave you with something besides a smile. Yep, what luck!! Two people with no self respect… a match made in hell.

  50. I have a question, anyone can answer.
    What’s the most effective/red pill way to deal with a woman who always plays the victim who over complicates and over reacts to things who takes things too god damn personally and attempts to make you feel guilty when she starts a petty argument?
    I feel like shedding truth and logic just doesn’t get through a woman’s brain, and just always apologizing and always saying “you’re right” just to get out of it is a bitch move.

    1. Your answer is in your description. She reacts emotionally and you want to introduce logic – it’ll never work. Granted, she sounds over-emotional, so any attempt to introduce logic is doomed to fail.
      First, don’t tell her she’s right.
      Second, don’t use logic to tell her she’s wrong…instead, just use her ’emotional’ language to show her how stupid she is. For example, when she’s playing the victim, say something like, “I know how you feel because this guy pushed in front of me at the checkout at the supermarket while I was unloading my groceries, I got so angry…sure he only had one item, and he did ask if he could go ahead of me, but seriously! I should never have been put in that position. He really took advantage of my good nature and gave me no option. I felt played. I hate being taken advantage of!”.
      Basically, if she plays victim, you play victim too, but make the situation as petty and insignificant as possible, and your ’emotional’ response extreme…just make sure to let her know how it made you ‘feel’. In fact, don’t just start your example by saying you know how she feels – always end your pretend example with, “…so I know exactly how you feel.” And try to use as much sarcasm in your tone as possible.
      If that doesn’t make her realize she’s being a drama queen then your only option is to tell her straight – it’s not all about her and you’ll get her to take a spoonful of cement so she can harden the fuck up.
      My ex used to hit me with, “You’re just saying/doing that to make me feel guilty!” And, at first I would just shake my head and disengage…then I started responding with, “No, it’s not me that’s making you feel guilty. That will be your conscience. If I really had the ability to control your emotional response, don’t you think I’d spend all my time making you feel horny?” Sure, I used logic to win that one, but it took about twenty times for the logic to sink in.

      1. Sounds like you’re the emotional one. sheesh! angry much? You feel that “winning” = “showing a woman you choose to spend time with how stupid she is”? Who is the stupid one here really? Who would choose to spend time with a stupid person? And you CAN control a woman’s emotional response,.men do it all the time and women do it to men all the time, it’s all part of the dance, can’t you do that? When you want to you can. If not, you need more practice or you need to raise your standards a little.

        1. Stupidity is a behavior. I never call anyone stupid or an idiot, but that doesn’t mean I don’t often have to tell someone to stop acting like an idiot or behaving stupidly. I expect an idiot to act like an idiot, so what is there to object to? However, I do not expect an intelligent human being – male or female – to act like an idiot just because they let their emotional response dictate.
          I also don’t see how you can say I “…feel that ‘winning’ = ‘showing a woman you choose to spend time with how stupid she is….’” Granted, I should have phrased it as, “…how stupid she is behaving…”, but I never associate it with “winning” – it is not a competition, and I don’t view the women I choose to spend time with as competitors. So, no I am not angry much at all, just frustrated that some people will often let their emotions govern their attitudes and responses.
          As for the ‘dance’ you refer to – well, only music videos have dance battles or ‘angry dancing’ as I like to call it. I can dance, but I don’t dance during an argument. Besides, did you not read my suggestion? Isn’t that controlling a woman’s emotional response? Do you not see the embedded commands in what I told my ex? Just because I told her I couldn’t control her emotional response doesn’t mean I wasn’t controlling it as I said it? Just because there is a question mark at the end of “…you feel horny…” doesn’t mean it wasn’t spoken as a command. Just because you can’t see me dance only means I’m not dancing for you.

        2. Yes, just like the commands in every piece of marketing that you see…but mostly in the marketing you’re not aware of. And please stop using metaphors – it is not like training a dog – the use of metaphors is lazy, never accurate, and shows a distinct lack of understanding of what true influence is. As for standards…well, being able to influence and control people through techniques such as NLP requires a high set of standards…otherwise you could use your influence for the wrong reasons. Then again, why bother trying to influence anyone when you can just threaten them – it seems to be working in Northern Iraq.

        3. yes of course, influence and control. I guess we all try to influence others in some way. If you have to influence to “control” it sounds like you’re already using your influence for the wrong reasons. It’s what the gov’t does to be sure. The Northern Iraq thingee seems to be on the edge of being a metaphor……… we have been commanded to frown on those ;-(

        4. Northern Iraq is not a metaphor for influence or control – it is an example of force and threat.

        5. just like training a dog was an example of commanding another to do something. metaphor, example, whatever.

    2. I generally tell them to cut the shit, and then tease them while doing something nice.
      Hoe: my sandwich got crushed on the subway, my life is a ruin.
      Duder: oh stop, its just a sandwich, besides we don’t want your ass getting any bigger. (Then tap her affectionately on the derier)
      Works 90% of the time. At least for me, assuming this is a SO of some sort and not just some random chick.

      1. Can I ask what happened the other 10% of the time? ha ha ha ha! And what if it was YOUR sammich that she crushed on the subway? Just curious. 😉
        I think you’re on the right track, with a few tweaks, you might have the answer and at least use chick instead of hoe, surely a funny guy like can do better than hoes, crushers of sammiches whatever… just sayin’

        1. Well 5 of the time I might get told what an asshole I am etc, but even still. She stops going on about the damn sandwich. The other 5 she’s hysterical and you can either ignore her hysterics or comfort her, briefly, with a quick hug and then going back to whatever you were doing.Obviously if the cause of hysteria in question is something more serious a different approach is necessary. I’m talking about chicks flipping out Bout stupid shit.

        2. looks like you got it covered.. 😉 and i have to say, most stuff is stupid shit……really.

    3. Use an old bouncer tactic, ask something completely unrelated to the situation. Picture two guys in a bar… angry, escalating and getting ready to throw down. They’re usually half drunk, and the argument is most often about a woman (who got them started in the first place). Face one of the angry-half-drunk guys and ask him a question completely unrelated to their argument…
      “What colour coat did you wear here tonight?” His angry-drunk face will sag and he’ll look right at you with confusion. “What?”
      “I asked you, what colour coat did you wear here tonight?”
      “…. uh…. um… (he’s thinking about it)…. blue…”
      Situation diffused. He no longer remembers why he was angry. Five seconds later the two guys are usually shaking hands.
      Next time she’s playing the victim card, interrupt her and ask something like, “Which do you think are cuter, baby ducks or puppies? I mean, baby ducks are fuzzy and have that cute quacking sound, but puppies have those big feet and puppy eyes. What do you think honey?”

      1. The problem is that that doesn’t correct the underlying behavior. You have to set the rule early on that there will be no nonsense or petty bickering and stick with it. When she pulls that shit, correct her and move on. If she persists, leave the area and ignore her. Maintain consistency and she’ll eventually fall into live (unless you have one with deep seated issues – not run of the mill attention whoring).

  51. I do have a pen chant for educated women. But I think there is a difference between an educated man and an educated women. Namely an educated women seems to know very little outside the sphere of her studies. For example I dated a lawyer. Incredibly intelligent. Spoke 8 different languages. Yet if you asked her what she paid when the standard was a 10% tip. It would draw blanks.educated Women seem to know a lot about a little but very little about a lot.

  52. I have noticed at work that e-mail signatures from women tend to have a bunch of shit after their names – MBA, PMP, etc.. Most men don’t bother with that crap.

    1. Yup same in my workplace as well… Women with Education, just ten to be more Ego and Narcissistic Driven….

  53. I have to say that it was funny to see all the “Strong, indepenedent, ‘I don’t need no man’” type women howl the loudest when the Hobby Lobby ruling came down 🙂
    So strong, so independent, so not needing of a man… but they still wanted him to buy her birth control LOL.

    1. That’s always been my point. Women demand to be equal and demand that you acknowledge they can do any job a man can then they turn around and demand that they be taken care of . Stay outta their bedrooms but pay for their birth control and since they don’t seem to be able to use it properly, and surprise surprise! they get punished with a baby, you need to pay for the abortions they will “need”. What a joke.

  54. “Do you know what I call the guy that picks up my garbage? What about the
    person that works at the convenience store, or the construction worker
    that’s fixing pot holes on my street? I call them “sir” or “ma’am”, and
    why do I call them that? Because I’m grateful that they exist. I’m glad there are men willing to
    bust their asses for 8-12 hours a day in 95-degree heat or 30-degree
    cold to build, fix, and create things for the betterment of my
    Same here.
    Female arrogance for “lower” classes is a sign of weakness and of greedy little souls. This disgusts me beyond words.

    1. Absolutely. I always treat people who earn less than me with respect and try to relate the same to anyone else.
      People are generally pretty cool because when you’re not pretentious, it breaks down barriers and people like you.

    2. This, I sometimes do this to workers I know have a shitty type job, I think they appreciate it sometimes that people acknowledge them as human and look past the lower status job.
      Just goes to show how shitty this society has become, a lower status job is associated with failure and lack of work ethic and a bad person. I can tell you this is anything but the truth, as I’ve been there myself when younger and it was anything but that, it was simply the job that was available, anyone out there working and hustling for anything near minimum wage deserves some credit, especially if it’s a dead end type job as these people instinctively know that but stay on and fight.
      I see very little acknowledgement of these workers especially among the younger generation for these sometimes older workers.

    3. Funny thing are women who are worth shit (no education, no prestige job or no job at all) but because her daddy/grandfather or her boyfriend/husband made their own way to higher class, they still think they worth more than a man with a lower class job.

  55. You guys want real fun, date a strong and independent woman who does not have any real job or degree or skills.
    I can tell you horror stories.

  56. That was a great read! It sounds like I grew up in the same house you
    did. I had a strong father who was a fire chief and a mother that was a
    full time housewife. I’ve never liked the type of woman that tries to
    run shit, especially my shit. I never went out with them and that
    attitude use to cause some friction with my buddies who would let their
    significant-others run their lives.
    You have to love the
    relationships between pilots and doctors in general. We all know the not
    so unusual outcome when doctors try and be pilots. However, I do know
    one fighter pilot that became a doctor and he’s damn good at being both.
    I really think most professional pilots could learn to be doctors. On
    the other hand I’ll never fly with a doctor unless I have a set of
    controls in front of me.
    “The ego on this woman was absolutely
    astonishing, and this is coming from a pilot for God’s sake.” This made
    me laugh my ass off!
    I think you’re right. As time goes on the
    pendulum will swing back and women will either have to accept it or stay
    single. The problem is they get pregnant and give birth to sons that
    are raised fatherless who intern are not ever taught to be men. That’s
    the sad commentary.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Aeronaut.
      Definitely similar backgrounds for sure — I have no complaints about my upbringing. I’ve come a long way since that time with Dr. Princess. I’m not interested in any of that nonsense anymore. She was pretty much the last straw. These comments are funny, as if people think this was a one time thing with one woman.
      It’s true, it always seems pilots and doctors are entangled in some way. I know a few doc’s and one is a buddy that has his private. He was looking into buying an airplane (as they always seem to be doing). He’s not a terrible pilot — adequate is an appropriate description. But like you said… it’s definitely nice to have a stick in front of you when you’re tagging along. He emails me a listing of the plane he’s looking into — a V-tail bonanza. I just started laughing my ass off. No instrument rating, about 80 hours, and already looking into buying the “doctor killer”.
      I recommended he find another doctor buddy and go half on a Cirrus SR-22 with the parachute. LOL.

      1. Gota love those plastic pigs! “I will now pull the red handle and relinquish control of this situation to Sir Isaac Newton”.
        We gave ATC a slam-dunk one night and we were outrunning their equipment. They asked us what our descent rate was. I said “We’re coming out of the sky like a Bonanza full of doctors”. It wasn’t original but they got a chuckle out of it.
        Here’s one thing my father and several of the old sage’s use to tell me. In a relationship, in a cockpit, in a business, someone has to be driving the boat. If you don’t take charge someone else will. More often than not, when you have a woman running things, it just goes to hell.

    2. How about everyone leave their “control” fixations at the door. I keep seeing it reiterated on this site that someone has to bend over and take it in the ass as a sub in a given relationship for that union to solidify. Does it defy logic that that role sounds as equally unpleasant to most women as it does to most men? Is there no room for just being cool and mutually supportive without one party having to denigrate or diminish the agency and autonomy of the other? Being so flagrantly confrontational, power obsessed and bravado-riddled in an interpersonal relationship is only going to engender strong disfavor in a partner you purportedly are partial to. Not to mention, why would anyone want to live vicariously through the accomplishments of their partner? Everyone desires an intriguing, well-versed and experiential existence. If you really like someone why not support their goals? If someone doesn’t have your back, fuck ’em let them eat your dust. The Dr. Princess described in this article sounds like a vile person (irrespective of gender or vocation). There are lots of hardworking physicians who are actually extremely noble and good natured (both male and female). So much conspiratorial hyperbole in these comments. It’s a bit depressing.

  57. I don’t know about anyone else but as someone who just started coming to this site on a regular basis. These stories have me looking sideways at every woman I meet now ha ha ha. I’m with you on everything except the car story. As someone who doesn’t have the time to fix my own car. I get paranoid about mechanics touching my car period! They literally break something, keep my car longer than necessary, don’t do what they have me pay for and offer to overcharge me for random stuff that I didn’t bring my car for. I’ve been to a least six different places and its the same shit every time. Maybe the broad just didn’t want anyone touching her car.

  58. Now this is an article I can get behind. And entertaining, too!
    People (women especially) give off little indicators of what’s wrong with them and little red flags that they are insecure, have anger problems, etc. For example overcompensating by telling everyone she met that she was a doctor, in your case.
    I was involved with a woman who did not have the ego problems like Dr. Princess, but as I’ve seen women do, somewhat made a selling point of stating that she “made her own money, can do fine on her own, doesn’t have to depend on others” etc.
    While it sounds good on paper, what I’ve found is that it can be an issue as women who are so “strong and independent” do not always give proper respect to a man’s role in society or in a relationship, or do not provide the somewhat submissive support that less “educated” women often do. I think arguments are far more prone to happen, and women are less likely to look to a man for decisiveness and they make their own decisions since that’s the mentality they have.
    The case for those who tout the “I don’t need no man” attitude is even worse, and need I even discuss that?
    There have been a few times that I realized I’ve met women who weren’t as well educated, didn’t have things to brag about (usually more humble background) but they typically weren’t spoiled and were actually very pleasant to be with. Especially overseas, or small town or country girls here in the USA.
    I used to think I needed a “smart” woman, but now I’m willing to compromise if I gain the benefit of femininity and traditional role respect.
    Food for thought…

  59. If it only were about their lame education and dead end, institutionalized job – but lately I run into a lot of women who completely buy into esoterics, feminism, urban myths, climate hysteria, the latest food and/or cosmetics scare and white guilt.
    Holy shit, what am I supposed to talk about with these chicks?

    1. what am I supposed to talk about with these chicks?

      You don’t. Pump and dump. Make them long for the old days (pre-feminism).

  60. This one strikes home so perfectly. I could have gotten together with a teacher (still could, if I get that stupid) who is much like this. It’s all about the children – and I’d be deaf because its all about the children, to everyone, ad nauseum.
    Strong, independent, proud, gotta tell everyone, etc. Nah. I’d rather run a chainsaw or mower without earmuffs for the rest of my life. Effect is about the same.

  61. Excellent article – truth is it extends not to just the high echelon of education women pursue, anything considered just “normal” for a man (getting an education, doing something, ANYTHING productive and in truth; just living off one’s own steam) seems to be cause for a female to stuff it down everyone’s throats like molten silver.
    Looking further and @AV8R you hit the nail on the head good sir; they are not – as they would like to believe, completely independent or strong. what I saw in this article mirrors life in general and that is – no one is perfect and we have our flaws just as we have our forte’s. but sadly it is men in general who are more willing to either accept those flaws and work around or try and mitigate the impact of said flaws (want to build a bike trailer but can’t weld – take a damn welding course). Finally modesty is expected and in some cases practiced with men, of course there are some who will act the same way as this doctor however in Anglo-society to rise above anything other than flat-out modesty (or negative humility) brings out the Tall-poppy syndrome in many many betas and militant bitches.
    Fortune Favours the Bold!!! And scorns the Weak.

    1. Women who call themselves “strong and independent” (S&I) are anything but. If a woman actually was S&I she wouldn’t need to tell you that, it would be obvious in every way without a word being spoken. She tells people she’s S&I because part of convincing herself is convincing others. I dated a girl like this. She told me she wasn’t crazy like other girls. Turned out she was completely bipolar, and I mean clinically bipolar! Any woman who says she’s S&I is an insecure, validation-seeking “vulnerable narcissist.”

      1. actions speak louder than words it seems :). in bars it runs the same – the loudest most obnoxious prick would be the first one to start a fight or at least egg it on, the flipside was he couldn’t fight for shit and usually relied on tough talk hoping no one took a swing.

  62. Whoa. Stumbled across this website and it had some interesting sounding article titles. Read some of the articles and they were very interesting and thought provoking. Then check the comment section of this particular article and suddenly realized that this site seems to be populated with a bunch of right-wingers. And if that is truly the case, your fucking “movement” is going nowhere in the long run. Trust.

  63. so you dated a bitch. so what. all women with high powered careers are like that? i don’t know ANY who are like that. from educators to doctors to lawyers, not a single one. whine whine whine, your stories are pathetic and 98% are products of your imagination.

    1. And of course all men with high powered careers are humble and nice persons who never talk down to others.

  64. Damn. I never thought that id see so many males on the comments blog defending these Shemales. I guess feminism won after all AV8R.

  65. Bitch (n.)
    noun: bitch; plural noun: bitches; noun: a bitch
    a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.
    a spiteful or unpleasant woman.
    synonyms:strong & independent, feisty, sassy, strong-willed, opinionated, bossy, shrew,
    Ex: “She’s such a bitch.”, ”
    I’m sassy but sweet too”,
    “I’m a feisty firecracker.”,
    “I’m a strong, educated independent woman.”

  66. Great article, just finished watching patrice o’neal to and this was a great article reaffirming my thoughts !
    I am in the healthcare field myself, not a resident though…yet. All the old fashioned doctors still make jokes about how women should not be doctors, but it has slowly converged into the phaggot fest full of beta doctors, nurses, RT’s, etc…because its actually starting to become a lot more females in the field. My clinical’s contain a lot more women then I want , sad reality man.

  67. While I’ve never dated a young American doctor (doctor’s in general play god all day long and are the alpha in their environment–not a trait I’m looking for in a woman), and while I have my own complaints about dating certain types of “strong and independent women” (especially a majority of American ones), I also have experience dating some very feminine women who I’d qualify as both ‘strong’ and ‘independent.’ The author’s experience of one strong and independent woman is just that–his experience with one particular woman–a doctor no less. Just a few examples of types which from my experience break the mold described in the article: 1) my longest relationship of 4 years was with a yoga instructor who was also a massage therapist and esthetician. She was strong in her values, integrity and work ethic; she spoke her truth–and yet was very emotional, nurturing, eager to please in *every* way, always looked her best for me, eagerly supported me in my work, kept our living space perfect and prepared nothing but home cooked meals for me, followed my leadership, etc. She’d react at times and confront me at times, but she always responded to strength and honesty. She despised women who took advantage of men financially and refused to pose in Playboy or have men buy out her integrity. She was financially independent (with very feminine ‘careers’) but in every way wanted to be my woman. Women such as her may be rare, but they do exist. 2) many Latinas–such as the ones you’ll find in Mexico and South America (not so much American ones) are passionate, emotionally expressive and fiery strong as women, hard workers, will speak up and are independent though they seek a strong man to take the lead. They wouldn’t say they don’t need a man, but they’ll speak their mind and love some good drama. Many white American/Northern European men aren’t used to women like this, and don’t know how to handle them, but they’re just looking for a masculine man who takes the lead and doesn’t put up with her shit. 3) women here in East Africa are so feminine, humble, quiet, sensual, sexual, heart-centered and hard working. strong from all they’ve faced in life and having to work the fields, cook, clean all day every day, and plenty are ‘independent’ so far as they have no husband–African men are known to never have just one woman.

    1. Wow what a flaming catch you must be and what pray tell did you bring to the table outside of your invaluable leadership (a.k.a the capacity to whine and mouth off when not getting your way like a little rumplestiltskin)?

  68. Who are the unhappiest people in America? Here is their profile.
    – Female
    – 42 years old
    – Unmarried (and no children)
    – Household income under $100,000
    – In a professional position (doctor, lawyer, etc.)
    That’s right. The most unhappy type of person in America is a woman who devoted herself to an big-shot career, and missed her reproductive window in her 20s and early 30s. She’s now 42 and grappling with the fact that her genes will die with her. On the bright side she’ll be able to afford lots of pino grigio and Meow Mix. Girl power!

  69. I’ve encountered a few of these types of women on dating websites recently…. they: 1) Make it clear they are a doctor and 2) clearly state a guy needs a matching degree or higher in their requirements
    Who gives a fuck about how much college someone has under their belt? Their thought process is that “I want someone who can keep up with me in an intelligent conversation….” and so he better have 7-years of college to get to “my” level.
    A guy like myself with a million dollar tech company and an ASSociates degree didn’t make the cut. Blessing in disguise….

    1. Be glad you didnt.
      You have the money already. Now you need a wife with TIME.
      She must not have a job if you want a stable family with kids. And she better be young and untainted by college.
      Many well off men see their women like they see their car – something to show off with. Thats an expensive mistake.
      She should be hot, yes. But other than that you are MUCH better served getting a young wife (as in 18-23), not-so-educated and certainly not with a career.
      Will make your life 1000 times easier.

      1. Still no guarantee that she’ll be loyal. Unless she is from a rural area with a strict upbringing and the parents don’t mind their 18 year old marrying a guy 35+. It’s possible, but in this society? What are the odds of that happening?

    2. she clearly states a guy needs a matching degree or higher

      One reason these women get these “high status” jobs is because they think it entitles them to an equally “high status” man. It doesn’t. Some of these women go to med school hoping to marry a doctor. I recently met a woman, at about age 37, who was a doctor. She didn’t have any kids, never been married, and was desperately trying to find a man to fertilize her moribund womb. Of course, not just any seed would do, she’s “a doctor” goddamn it. 😉 At 37 her looks were fading and she just didn’t have the attractive power that she might have had 15 years earlier when the uterus was young and fertile.
      It was actually kinda sad watching her hypergamy duke it out with her biological clock. Both forces are very strong in the hamster brain. Usually, if the hypergamy “wins” it means she ends up menopausal and childless. Welcome to Spinsterland. If the bio-clock wins she marries down and is miserable. Nature originally programmed hypergamy and the bio-clock to work together, but those evolved under “patriarchy” and the new post-feminist world is one bitch of a new evolutionary pressure to put women on. Ultimately, for these women it is Darwin 1, Spinster 0.

      1. I involve myself with a woman for her moral standing and character above all else. It’s not a matter of “matching degrees” or anything else.
        In fact, judged for what actually matters in life, there are virtually no women who equal the average man.

      2. Not only that, the risk of having a child with Down’s Syndrome, autism, or Asperger’s greatly increases as she gets older. So, not only does she have a nebbish husband she despises, but possibly a child who will never amount to anything and will be a burden to her the remainder of her miserable life.

  70. youre a fucking idiot. also, waiting 1,700 miles for an oil change is really not that big of a deal. dealers go by a set amount of time that has been deemed to be a general standard for certain cars. in reality, simply checking your oil by looking at the stick is a mucj better indicator. but youre prolly too much of a self righteous douche nozzle to listen to this advice.

    1. He is a pilot m8…these guys are trained to be adamant when it comes to maintainance.
      No pitstops up there you know.

  71. Sounds exactly like my first wife. She’s so independent that her new beta fiancé lives with her in her place. She drives him around in her car & lives off her.
    Serves her right.

    1. Makes him ALPHA.
      Beta is the guy who provides resources because his genes alone are not getting him any pussy.
      Alpha is the guy who women like to fuck even if he is a pennyless pauper because they consider sex with him (his seed) as valuable.
      If your ex is paying; she sees the new boyfriend as much higher in value than herself (and certainly as you) and is even willing to add money to free and unconditional sex.

      1. Perhaps. But the fact that he won’t even face me & literally runs in the other direction to hide in the house when I pick up/drop off my kid makes me think otherwise.

  72. Quick housekeeping note on “doctors” today. We have affirmative action and quotas to thank for all the females. This subject has been covered a lot within the manosphere. First, women have to admitted to medical school and if I’m not mistaken at at least to fulfill a predetermined percentage. Second, most end up in the easier fields and many leave the profession shortly after starting their practice. Apparently, this is one of those unspoken stressors on the healthcare industry on top of obamacare etc.

    1. My friend who is a third year resident (white guy) told me that the quota system for getting into med school is shocking and that they let in several people based on race and being female. He then went on to tell me if he was going to be getting surgery, he’d only let two of his twenty associates perform on him. So ya, I don’t put much stock into “female docs”.

      1. I’ve heard the same things. Its fucking un-sat, and then we have creatures like this “doctor” that AV8R has dated. Of all the professions out there, you might want your doctor to be the best there is? This is why feminism and social engineering is so toxic and dangerous. And at the end of they day is all this for better doctors, better healthcare or even to wrong so-called injustice? No, its for an already over privileged woman to feel superior to others.

        1. Exactly. Do you want to be treated and diagnosed by some broad that most likely got in medical school by some quota and can’t understand basic vehicle maintenance?

  73. Good article. As my second divorce progresses, I sit & contemplate what I’m going to do with future bitches. This article was good timing as career women crossed my mind. Having literally gotten a vasectomy yesterday, (no way in fuck am I having kids with 3 women, 2 is bad enough) my countdown clock to shooting blanks has begun.
    What to do… What to do…… When the clock ends & the fun begins…….
    Let’s see
    -Pump & dump/one night stands? Not likely as I have a taste for quality women not just any ‘ol skank so I’d be pretty selective.
    -spin some plates? More likely as I’d like to keep a few of them around instead of just a one time deal. Especially if they’re worth it. Hmmm, plates in different cities for my layovers…… There’s an idea……
    – Young girls? Of course. There’s always the young new flight attendants, but there’s that HR thing too, so it’ll have to be weighed out depending on how crazy she is.
    Regardless, I think that career women will be nothing more than chew toys as far as I’m concerned. You can’t marry them as they won’t respect traditional spousal roles/values, and they won’t listen to you half the time anyway as they always “want to do their own thing.” Have your fun & be done. That sounds like a motto……
    At least they won’t get pregnant…….

    1. ! Good luck with ….. All of that ! Snicker Gee I wonder why you divorced twice. ( eyeroll) get a good drug plan for prescriptions and as for the young ones , sure you can feel superior to young immature girls since you can’t handle women , but just don’t make em too young – there are laws and angry fathers out there Pray that your daughters aren’t looked at as pump and dumps bitches and that they wont be abused by old divorced creeps angry at their past failures with women.

      1. Thanks! if you want to be a white knight, knock yourself out, but a jealous one at that……
        And naw, my daughters wont be pump & dumps, I’ll actually unlearn the poison their bitch mother taught them.

        1. Yes , if your daughters are stupid and easily swayed, they will surely listen to good old dad telling them moms a bitch. Seriously, it was your poor choices , not theirs Too many people /men and women use their children to ‘get back at’ their ex. Why do they have to unlearn anything that your ex taught them? Weren’t you there for them ? Why didnt you teach them anything until now? Why confuse them now and make them choose sides. Havent your choices put them through enough. Showing hate towards their mother will not have them seeing men in a good light at all if their own dad is calling their mother a bitch. You have many issues. You might want to consider being gay or else getting a grip on your anger at women before you date more of them. Right now YOU are the guy fathers everywhere warn their daughters about. Seriously!!! Maybe you need to start making better choices in the women you date, If its just pump and dump you want don’t treat every woman you meet like a pos, some of them dont deserve that so don’t be so cheap , get a prostitute. Stay safe though

        2. Excuse me. Its the man’s fault. Like it always is. How arrogant of me to consider otherwise.

        3. No I didn’t say it was always the man’s fault. Plenty of bitches out there and evil ones at that I even said men AND women use kids to get back at their exes. I was talking about your situation as you described it . You sound bitter from your divorces and called the mother of your children a bitch and seem to imply all women are like the ones you chose to marry and subsequently divorced. Now you talk about women like all you want is sex with subservient ones and calling all of them future bitches. Why not just get a hooker? No strings attached, easy right ? It seems important to you to dump unsuspecting bitches because what ? You’re getting back at women that treated you bad? If you’re hitting the sheets with one night stands and skanks ( your word) don’t blame them if they are not up to your high standards. Youre the one who said you are pretty selective. P & D? What does that say about you though? I wouldn’t let the daughters hear the remark about the young ones though That would really creep them out.

        4. Have you checked out the websites for dating Arab women?
          Of course, I wouldn’t wish you on any of them based on what I have read so far, but chances are that you are better for them than those muslim cretins that most of them ending up goating for.

        5. He doesn’t get the fact that he is the type of guy you warn your daughters about Anyway sounds like he’s a loser going through midlife thingee. He probably has a perm, uses touch of gay on his beard to look younger and wears mock turtlenecks And he got a vasectomy so the huge lineups of young women that want him ( snicker) won’t get pregnant. That is really sad isn’t it? I think he’ll find the only lineup he will draw is at Dillards. Maybe DGCJ needs a tag team partner

        6. I don’t know. He seems to miss every cultural reference someone over 40 would automatically catch.
          He did immediately recognize Cartman, in spite of his claims to never watch TV or to follow popular culture.

      2. With an avatar like his, do you wonder if this is the real world manifestation of Denzel’s character in the movie ‘Flight’?
        I know, that might be too generous…..

  74. Why must it be wrong for women to be
    strong and independent? They aren’t toys for men to play with;
    they’re human beings who can provide for themselves and should be
    able to without shame. Sure, it was probably extreme obnoxious to
    hear her constantly tell people that she was a doctor, but she’s
    proud of her accomplishments, and you have no right to mock her for
    that. Women don’t need to be silenced, because they shouldn’t be
    silenced in the first place. You would probably complain if you had a
    woman who refused to work and would constantly ask you for money,
    despite your obvious alpha male mentality. If you want a little girl
    who you would protect with your Big Man Muscles and leave barefoot
    and pregnant, then by all means, find one. Enjoy complaining about
    how Bad! and Bitchy! women are when she realizes she deserves better
    than your self-entitled ass and leaves you. Don’t you dare ever
    discourage a woman for being strong and independent, especially in a
    male-dominated work field. She’s busted her butt with schooling,
    training, internships, you name it, to get to where she is now. As a
    man, you have no idea what kind of things a woman has to go through
    to get to that position. They have to work twice as hard as a man,
    since sexist people in power would feel she’s incompetent just
    because she’s a woman. If your horrid male ego can’t handle that,
    then stay single.

    1. This is clearly a trolling dude. I categorically refuse to acknowledge this one as being a hitter from team internal genitalia… If so, I really do concede and you blokes were right all along. Fuck rain. Way to have at it.
      NAWALT motherfuckers 🙁

    2. Rain – you dont get it.
      Women and men are NOT made equal. Women get babies and thats their main reason of existence.
      Men choose women for their beauty and it is no coincidence that beauty in the eyes of men and fertility are one thing.
      Women choose men for their power, both in body and mind, to provide good genes for their kids AND to protect/provide for the family.
      This is the core of all things. The more we leave this path, the more
      unhappy we get.
      Modern society tries to be smarter than nature. Others have done
      this before. Like ancient sparta in greece (yes the guys from the movie 300 died because of an ancient form of feminism – not enough babies anymore) or even the mighty roman empire went to dust. Again same reason, as they became rich and fat their women got less babies. Sound familiar?

      1. You really are a blithering ignoramus. Mew mew, babies, mew mew Roman dust. Take your nonsense and fucking try passing the fucking MCAT bitch. You are my inferior. Women choose careers and women choose advanced education and none of us give a flying fuck whether or not it passes your respective “boner tests.” If women didn’t want these things we wouldn’t have been pursuing them as voraciously and successfully as we have for however many decades these options have been on the fucking table for us. Got it? So it seems the overarching theme of all these articles is that you expect women to cow-toe to your insecurities of abandonment. You don’t feel like men when we can provide for ourselves or actively attain life experience that comprises a self-forged identity. You want us to have no sexual wherewithal or savvy prior to meeting you because you are all so fucking insecure its laughable. You believe you have no worth unless you have financial one upsmanship too…. So now that thousands of women know what your red pill bullshit is comprised of guess the fuck what – we still hold all the power and now WE will happily embark on a path of WGTOW . You are perfectly reasonable to consort with but we really don’t need this kind of nonsense to have a happy satiated existence. I know just as many idiot men in their 40’s all lonely and mopey and bitter with pet kitty cats as I do women. You men don’t have a fucking choice there can either be reciprocally, cool and respectful relationships with women or knock yourselves out with that MGTOW shite – don’t let the doors hit you on the way out after we’ve had fun pouncing you and notching our carousels 🙂 We aren’t going to give up our career aspirations anytime soon and surely could give two fucks about your ridiculous conjecture that unless we merely shit out babies we’re really just deluding our selves into believing we’re happy. Ok Maldek because you say so, I’m not happy, as I break into a very expensive red in my exquisitely decorated home and brace myself for a brilliant close to my challenging and fun existance as an endocrinologist.

    3. Look – it’s obvious that the term “strong and independent” is just being dispensed as an ego-boost. This character, or anyone else who calls themselves that is, as you can see CALLING THEMSELVES THAT.
      They aren’t demonstrating that in how they live or what they do, or, in case you missed the crux of the whole essay: how they treat other people.
      No-one is trying to silence this woman. They are trying to get away from her because there is absolutely no joy in being with her.
      “Bad and bitchy” is just that when people perceive it and try to put up with it. Guess what: they really don’t have to.
      If you want to enjoy the trust and companionship of others, it MIGHT be worth sparing a thought toward the idea that a inceasingly critical, self-absorbed cretin is no great shakes.

    4. Bullshit, women have it easy today. Its so pathetic to hear the whole “women have it harder and this whole thing about being insecure about how you are perceived”. Horseshit. Everyone endures being “perceived”, I started out as an assistant on a trading desk and I was “perceived” as dogshit and was told that on many occasions, so, boo whoo! Oh, and the women were cuddled by white knights and/or ring-fenced from the harsh treatment I had to endure because of the firm’s zero-tolerance for sexual harassment and discrimination. Senior traders and producers walked on eggshells around them! So, I can tell you from experience I had it many times worse than the females! And, lest we forget that only women have advocacy to force them into positions i.e. you must hire women, which in turn displaces men. And don’t kid yourself, men work extremely hard and sacrifice, in fact, thanks to forced female hires they have to work even more. You do NOT work twice as hard as men, first off that is physically and mentally impossible! I know of men that are MACHINES…twice as hard as them, do you read what you write? Do you harbor your own prejudice and bias that men are inferior, methinks you do.
      Ego? You honestly have the temerity to mention “ego”? The whole strong independent woman (SIW) is literally a trademark and creation of social engineers that play on female insecurities, weakness and conformity..ahem it plays on your ego! You have been sold an extremely perverse sense of what “work” is, simply, its something we need to do in order to survive NOT to satisfy your own ego, so, like this article above shows, you can brag about yourself to complete strangers!

    5. no shit dawg! but chu know wut? as a nigga i gotta bust muh black ass thrice as hard as dem wimin yaw! chunomesayin?

    6. Yes, of course. That’s a pretty sophisticated argument you have going there.
      She’s so strong she needs to salve her insecurity by blathering on and on to everyone she’s a doctor.
      She’s so independent she can’t figure out how to care for the $45K investment she depends upon for her livelihood.
      But yeah. She has to work “twice as hard” as those dudes cutting trees, hauling in crabs, and rebuilding engines. Poor little princess indeed.

  75. Great post. Love how it starts all eloquent and romantic, then the bitterness faucet explodes after her pic.

  76. This is only one example, one man’s experience with one “strong independent woman.” I’m sure we can find many other women filed under the same label who are just as pretentious just as I’m sure we can find many who are humble and dedicated. I think it really boils down to the personality and socialization of the individual.
    And of course there are different strokes for different folks. I’m pretty sure ther are some men somewhere who would love to have Dr. Princess on their arm, gloat over her “pride” in letting the world know what she does and might be happy to be with someone who can foot the bill or go half with them.

  77. A shame you broke up with her, AV8R. She probably could have got you a good discount on that dick enlargement operation you so clearly need.

    1. whachu talkin bout dawg? AV8R dick so large it made her pussy now can hide a baseball bat yaw! nomesayin?

  78. I laughed at the part where you mention your ex insisted on telling everyone she’s a doctor. My sister is a doctor, and while she is more humble about it than Princess, she insist on signing and having her mail addressed with the “Dr.” prefix.
    I honestly don’t get high earning white collar guys who marry fellow white collars. If you make enough money so your girl can delicate herself to domestic duties, why not just find an honest working class girl who would really appreciate it. Maybe I’m just captain-save-a-hoe, but the idea of uplifting a good woman is more appealing than constant power struggles for what amounts to more taxes.

    1. A white collar bird will be easier on your wallet during marriage and after divorce( if she keeps her job, that is )

  79. The BEST article written on Return of Kings. If there was an Oscar equivalent for writing articles on this website, I would give it to you.
    Well done.

  80. Wow. It sounds like the author clearly had mommy issues and/or a short, limp dick. Nice try to discourage women though! PS- learn to write without ending your sentences with prepositions… moron.

    1. Hiya, how ya doin’ tonite. Good? Great.
      Just want to let you know, you forgot several of the Feminist Shaming (TM) epithets, to wit:
      a) mom’s basement
      b) insecure
      c) can’t get laid
      d) gross
      e) misogynistic
      If you were at all capable of original thought, perhaps you could come up with a few new ones? Yeah, I know, too much to ask.
      No need to thank me.

    2. How about trying to refute the article instead of jumping straight to ad hominems? Or, would that be too difficult?

  81. I’d love to hear what is your image of an ideal woman. Or maybe you blathered on about it in your post. I wasn’t paying attention.

  82. I agree that driving a $45K car over a center median and then not getting it looked at is insanity and reckless behavior endangering other lives. But that being said…
    Oil changes are not a big deal.
    The 3K recommendation is usually not necessary and recommended by mechanics who just like getting money for oil changes. It depends upon the make and model. For my Hyundai, I noticed that my engine really liked having fresh regular oil (on startup, it took a while for the engine to warm up to even shift to 2nd gear. I thought something was wrong with my transmission). I went to synthetic and now that’s no longer a problem. I don’t understand why more manufacturers don’t just put in synthetics to begin with. If you google the question, most cars including BMW’s can easily go 7.5K miles.
    Even though women, especially women doctors, can be rough on cars in theory having a new BMW should make her life easier if the maintenance is included with the car for 5 years and the service center provides her with a loaner. For us working schlubs, getting all that done means taking some time in a more grungy shop and having the spouse pick us up.

  83. Great article. Just had to comment about the 375k income. Its a good income but unless you don’t have children and live in a very cheap, remote area, this is not going to get you to retire a multi millionaire. In New York City, San Francisco, etc it will just provide for a comfortable living but not much more.

  84. It sounds like both of you are pompous jackasses, you probably would have been perfect for each other.
    Don’t passive aggressively tease her, you should tell her straight up that she is being an asshole when she brags. Because of the solopistic female mind, she still has no idea what she was doing was wrong, she just thinks that you are a “bad guy.” We need to be calmly explaining to women what they are doing wrong, or else they are never going to get it.
    I feel bad for the car, a 45,000 dollar car getting driven straight into the ground. But again, I have to agree with her, it was her car, you have no right to tell her how to deal with it, or damage it even more. You should have just calmly driven her home and dumped her. it sounds like she would have wrecked the car eventually, that would have been a sweeter revenge.

    1. using the approach of blunt and obvious does nothing for the female mind. you could point it out that 1 +1 = 2 and they will argue blue in the face that somehow it equals 3, not because of any hard facts but because “I FEEL LIKE IT IS 3”. long story short women do not respond to logic (as a rule) the way men will.
      True, further damaging the car to prove a point is probably a tad extreme – however trying to get a woman to understand the consequences of her actions either involves letting them screw up their own shit or mirroring their actions and showing EXACTLY what they did, even then the latter is no guarantee because “I FEEL….”
      Agree with you on 90% of what you said, the other 10% was treating a woman as if she were a male.

  85. How weird, sad something similar happened to a lass I know who became a vet, she looks a wreck and is only 25, but is saving horses by the herd. She was war inspiring, now even with a better wage not so much.

  86. The point women don’t understand is their status and income doesn’t make them more attractive. I don’t care how rich Oprah is I don’t want to fuck her. Being attractive, pleasant and occasionally shutting the fuck up is attractive. A few years ago I dated a cute little Mexican girl 12 years younger than me I was 32 at the time. What did I see in her a female friend asked. At the time she lived with mer mom, worked at the mall and drove a crappy Nissan Sentra.
    I said simply she’s cute,she’s not a bitch and she has sex with me and seems to enjoy it. Her status or lack thereof was of no importance to me. She was fun and banged like a porn star and wasn’t mouthy.
    Also the vast majority of these women like was stated in the story wouldn’t dream of being with someone under her station. You get the rare cases like Britney Spears and Madonna who had kids with their backup dancers but trust me it was no accident that when Selma Hayek decided she wanted a kid she just happened to trip across a billionaire. Did Shania Twain really “fall in love” with Mutt Lange or just see him as someone that could give her what she really wanted which is a very successful career and large fortune.

  87. anyone who does not but themselves first is stupid. I think this guy was just jealous of the woman. and i am from omelge the best person ever since ROK is now stealing my ideas.

  88. The so called “strong” women I’ve met were bossy and overbearing, and to avoid at all costs. Yours has self-esteem problems for needing to tell everyone about her degree, is immature and pretty incapable of surviving alone, so not really independent. If you really find a beautiful, intelligent, mentally mature, strong as in “can make her own rational decisions and can stand on her own two feet” woman, look again. I’d love one of those, but I don’t think they exist.

  89. So I take it you were recently dumped by this lady? I take it you’re in the “anger” stage of grief, towards acceptance, hopefully, that people are how they are, and some women are not as nice as others, regardless their occupation, degree or financial situation. This essay is essentially trying to prove why it wasn’t worth it to date her in the first place. I cannot possibly believe that you’d spend 6 months with someone this repulsive. “Strong and independent” is a term that is made up by men who cannot muster up the strength to talk to a woman, but rather invent theories to explain why they suck anyway.

  90. Holy god FUCK you assholes. I was appalled enough by the article before I read the comments. So ALL outspoken feminists are condemned because his girlfriend couldn’t shut up about her new job as a doctor? So she was rude to people and simultaneously mentioned being a doctor in a snotty way and is thus a feminist or independent strong woman? Aren’t we ALL bragging about the careers we strive for and the things that make us proud in a lonely world? Aren’t you both rich assholes who have nothing to do but pick each other apart? This is a pisspoor excuse for editorial writing that has nothing to do with women or feminism. This is tantamount to fuel for a toxic fire of stupidity. Piece of shit. I am so sad that I stumbled into this sticky pile of gnarly dickcheese.

    1. No, we are not all bragging about our careers. You women are the only ones doing that because of your attention whoring, facebook fueled need for validation.
      Sounds like the truth hit home didn’t it?

  91. Wow… I am seriously concerned the majority of the male population in this post. After reading this post, I did conclude that this woman was indeed full of herself. Her reminder to others of her profession is tacky and lacks class. Does being a Doctor or Lawyer make you a strong and independent woman? No, it’s makes you a Doctor or a Lawyer. Strength isn’t measured by your profession. Strength requires you to learn from your mistakes, challenge yourself, and embrace humility. I am disappointed in some of these comments. I am an independent woman. I worked two jobs and put myself through school. I like to try to do things on my own. I am also lucky to have a strong man who lets me. He is patient when I am being stubborn and doing something the “hard way”. He laughed at me when I tried to move a dresser by myself and put a hole in the wall. I have learned that it takes an even stronger man to love a strong woman. I hope some of these views aren’t passed on to your daughters. Love them for who they are!

  92. I’m sure your mother is so proud of all the respect you show towards your disgustingly sweeping generalizations of women in every article you write. I bet she quotes the line “and only stops when there’s a dick nearby that needs to be sucked” when raving about her son’s literary achievements in the annual Christmas cards. I had no idea there was an entire website dedicated to bringing together this many men who are unable to get laid, or get over the women who broke their hearts.

  93. I am college-educated, but I only work part-time. My husband is the breadwinner and works ungodly hours right now. He got really down about his work hours so I told him very clearly if his job is making him unhappy, I didn’t mind if he wanted to quit. I’d just need some time to find a job myself and I had no problem doing full time work.
    He thought about it long and hard. It’d involve a lot of sacrifice because we’d have to move to the US and in the end he told me he wanted another year to think about it.
    I don’t remember ever calling myself “strong or independent”. I just tend to say “independent-minded” and “stubborn”. But I strongly believe it’s not fair for him to work such hours while I live an easier life. I appreciate the opportunities it gives me. His paycheck goes to our expenses. I never use his money for my personal spending (clothes, friends). Those I pay with my part-time work and he puts aside money for his personal interests (which is why we randomly get some new power tool or appliance every month). He should be entitled to time to pursue his own interests as well if he desires.
    He dreams of owning a really nice sports car. I told him then put aside some of your personal money every month to get it. Still hasn’t happened because he keeps seeing “other” things he wants more like that latte maker. *sigh* (I admit I do love the lattes it makes)
    He’s still thinking, but leaning to staying in his job. I think he’s reluctant to leave his country even if it means the long hours. But it’s his choice. I’ll support whatever he decides. If he wants to take the risk of leaving a very high-paying job and cast off the stress, I won’t stop him. I can live pretty cheaply myself and I have no qualms working full-time (even if it sucks). I never grew up under the idea that working full-time would be “fun”.
    While I disagree with much of what’s posted on this site, I have to say unfortunately it’s quite true at times. A lot of women making complaining about men their hobby. Men are the cause of all their insecurities.
    I think most men who are jerks to women, started out trying to be nice to women and only realizing later that they got chicks when they treated them like dogs.
    One time a female friend of mind told me very clearly how she didn’t love her boyfriend anymore. (We were both foreigners living abroad). Now that I think about it she considered herself a “strong and independent” woman. Well, miss SI there had her break-up planned six months in advance. When she returned to the US she would leave clues and then one day post a skype video crying and saying, “You’re just so far away. I just can’t do this anymore. Let’s just be friends”. Blah-blah.
    I asked why, if she knew she didn’t love him, she didn’t just break up with him now. Why stay with someone you can barely stand kissing anymore.
    Her answer: He has a car. I need transportation.
    I remember thinking, “That’s really cold.”
    And she wasn’t the only woman I met who used guys in that way. Sadly, my gender seems to specialize in shooting itself in the foot and blaming men for giving them the gun to do it.
    Man: What the…? How the hell did you?
    Woman: SHUT UP! This is your fault. If you hadn’t given me the gun and bullets this never would’ve happened.
    Man: But you wanted me to teach you to fire.
    Woman: You’re not listening! You need to apologize NOW!

  94. Dude, you’re hilarious!!!! This is the most most hysterical and delusion-ridden articles I’ve read in a long time… you’re living in a fantasy world if you think any of us believes any of this actually happened to you. Your writing just reeks of unfulfilled wishes!

  95. Every single one of you in this comments section are 100% total virgins and will never feel the touch of one of these successful “business minded” women. sorry. lol. you guys are fucking losers

  96. Hi there AV8R. First, pilots aren’t that great… A well trained monkey can do your job… Quite literally. Please stop pretending that your job is that prestigious and difficult. Second, I pity you… You are going to wonder at the end of your life why you are alone. That being said, I find your pathetic rantings highly amusing. Keep up the good work!

    1. Uh oh /-prepare for incoming hissy fit with name calling and vulgar childish insults . His ego has a bad temper

      1. Imagine this, a foul mouthed female bitch who has been insulting everyone under the son on multiple sites calling someone else childish and vulgar.
        It doesn’t get more hypocritical than that, folks.
        Conservatives sure are hypocrites.

        1. why are you on this site? They do not allow homosexuals on here. Only REAL, NORMAL, MASCULINE men can chat here. why don’t you go get your hair done and put on a pretty dress for your “man”, cupcake?

        2. Hi Nancy!
          So you’re following us around again. That’s really great.
          Which of the following best describes your sex life? I can’t wait to hear back from you!
          My bet is the rough, edge of the bed, you catching, anal.

        3. Lissen, twinkletoes…
          I know you’re not going to find much you like in this thread, so I thought I’d let you have a little of your favorite brand of eye candy.

        4. DGCJ 5 days ago
          Now you know why I’m gay. Put yourself into my mindset, because that’s how I see all women. Sorry, ladies. That’s why I like big hunky muscle dudes with hairy chests and hairy butts. Sorry, just do…

        5. DGCJ
          You asked for more links about the heterosexual men who have sex with boys in Afghanistan, here’s one from PBS:
          Just google: Bacha Bazi and you will find hundreds of articles about this heterosexual phenomenon of men having sex with boys.

        6. Well done.
          Hey, don’t you think it’s strange that a female would pretend to be a gay man? You have an avatar that is clearly representative of a same sex male company. You’re one deranged broad.

        7. How precious, a conservative female bitch isn’t winning the fight so she resorts to stealing MY profile and screen name to make comments in my name.
          We know who you are, infadelicious. You know that theft is a crime, right? You conservatives stop at nothing to get what you want. So typical. I have never, and will never, steal someone else’s identity. That’s childish and immature. That’s why 13 year old girls do. You’re a grown woman. Shame on you. Do your grandkids know their grandmother is a lying, and stealing whore?

        8. Gay men don’t have sex with boys, stupid woman. You’re not fooling anyone you foul mouthed bitch, named “infadelicious.” Your conservative friends have told me they think you are wrong in what you’re doing. They don’t have any respect for you, either. Just FYI.

        9. How mature of you. Did you learn that from the boys you’ve molested in the Boy Scouts of America when you were a “scout leader?”

        10. I don’t follow anyone, and I don’t act like an immature teen girl. That’s what you’re acting like now. And, it’s pretty funny that you’ve borrowed images from a show which is designed to make fun of conservatives, which was created by an openly gay men. Funny indeed! HAHAHAHA! I’m now flagging you for copyright violations, just FYI.

        11. Is that the husband that left you for another “younger” and prettier woman? Your pussy is so stretched out he has to put both hands in together and clap his hands just to get any friction.
          Oh, and you’re the bitch that stole my screen name because you’re too intellectually challenged to actually have an adult conversation.
          Typical conservative.

        12. This site is called Return of Kings, NOT Return of Queens, I am sure there are plenty of other sites that welcome homosexual males, but this is not one of them.. I am certain they would not welcome members of NAMBLA such as yourself either. Get some help, you are not normal

        13. DGCJ FL • 5 hours ago
          Harvey Milk had sex with anyone who wasn’t of legal age. Now you know.
          Yep, Harvey was a great man, and we miss him. I hope they eventually name the San Francisco airport after him as they have been planning to do for years. He deserves it.
          . Sorry, I’m attracted to men and boys.

        14. Harvey Milk had sex with anyone who wasn’t of legal age. Now you know.
          Yep, Harvey was a great man, and we miss him. I hope they eventually name the San Francisco airport after him as they have been planning to do for years. He deserves it.
          . Sorry, DGCJ IS attracted to men and boys..

        15. Harvey Milk had sex with anyone who wasn’t of legal age. Now you know.
          Yep, Harvey was a great man, and we miss him. I hope they eventually name the San Francisco airport after him as they have been planning to do for years. He deserves it.
          . Sorry, I’m attracted to men and boys . I lure the young ones in with piano lessons then .. i Harvey milk them,

        16. Harvey Milk had sex with anyone who wasn’t of legal age. Now you know- he was a pervert and very sick.
          Yep, Harvey was a perverted man, and we miss him. I hope they eventually name the San Francisco airport after him NAMBLA AIRFIELD as they have been planning to do for years. He deserves it.
          . Sorry, I’m attracted to men and boys.

        17. Nope, Harvey Milk never had sex with anyone who wasn’t of age. You liar.
          You forgot several points, bitch:
          1 you are a conservative heterosexual female who is pretending to be a gay man. You live in the Deep South.
          2 You oppose marriage equality, but are using the symbol of that as your avatar- bizarre!
          3 You are female, so I understand why you’re attracted to men, but “boys…..?” Why?
          4 You got up before the chickens once again, and are using a stolen avatar and screen name because you conservatives have no integrity, and you lose arguments outright. The only method which you think works is to steal other people’s names. You have no self respect, infadelicious.

        18. 1 you are a conservative heterosexual female who is pretending to be a gay man. You live in the Deep South.
          2 You oppose marriage equality, but are using the symbol of that as your avatar- bizarre!
          3 You are female, so I understand why you’re attracted to men, but “boys…..?” Why?
          4 You got up before the chickens once again, and are using a stolen avatar and screen name because you conservatives have no integrity, and you lose arguments outright. The only method which you think works is to steal other people’s names. You have no self respect, infadelicious.

        19. 1 you are a conservative heterosexual female who is pretending to be a gay man. You live in the Deep South.
          2 You oppose marriage equality, but are using the symbol of that as your avatar- bizarre!
          3 You are female, so I understand why you’re attracted to men, but “boys…..?” Why?
          4 You got up before the chickens once again, and are using a stolen avatar and screen name because you conservatives have no integrity, and you lose arguments outright. The only method which you think works is to steal other people’s names. You have no self respect, infadelicious.
          5 nope, homosexual men are not attracted to boys, stupid whore.

        20. 1 you are a conservative heterosexual female who is pretending to be a gay man. You live in the Deep South.
          2 You oppose marriage equality, but are using the symbol of that as your avatar- bizarre!
          3 You are female, so I understand why you’re attracted to men, but “boys…..?” Why?
          4 You got up before the chickens once again, and are using a stolen avatar and screen name because you conservatives have no integrity, and you lose arguments outright. The only method which you think works is to steal other people’s names. You have no self respect, infadelicious.
          Conservative morons strike again.

        21. Most NAMBLA members are heterosexual males. Since your pussy is all dried up, I have no doubt that your husband is a NAMBLA member. At least he can find a tight hole there.

        22. I used to hang out with a Cajun fellow in the Army. He had an oath that, to this day, I still find hilarious. Something along the line of fête de putain cocotte sec, or something like that. Feast of the whores dried (or dry?) pussy.
          I was a little surprised to know there was such a feast (Pretty sure there’s not, really) but I always knew when he said that, he needed a little room. We processed a lot of beer and shortly after I got out, we spent a couple weeks consuming crayfish in many forms.
          Give ya’ one guess as to what his nickname was…

        23. I’m male, don’t need a pap smear. Talk to your conservative bitch buddy, infadelicious. I wonder how her yeast infection is coming along.

        24. This is hilarious. Your geezer gang voted five thumbs up for that inane comment. Pathetic, truly pathetic. You can bet we liberals don’t travel in packs, like the rabid dogs you conservatives are. Your grandchildren must be so ashamed of you. Do they know you act like teen girls?

        25. What does that have to do with anything? An effeminate heterosexual male? You realize that most effeminate men are heterosexual, correct? I know two of the most nelly guys you’ve ever seen. Both are married to women, and are not attracted to men. They are completely comfortable around gay men, but are not gay themselves.

        26. My husband has a much more demanding schedule than I do, and he thinks I’m wasting my time trying to education you stupid heterosexual conservatives. Somebody’s got to try.

        27. your husband is probably out with another man or a bacha bazi boy. by the way you illiterate girlyman, learn how to write English.. It’s not “he thinks I’m wasting my time trying to education you ” LOL . Take your head out of Dillard’s customers @sses and proof read your stupid posts…. Later princess

        28. Extra credit to you, for attempting to *edumacate* Mr. deranged alphabet…

        29. He has been “defrocked” . He is a fraud. We have found his weakness and women are it. I can send him into a hissy fit just by saying hi to him. It’s funny. He clearly has mommy issues. I am hoping our other resident female Conservative, Barry Hussein 0bola can give him womanly advice as well, either that or tear a strip off him. 😉

        30. Why are you pretending to be a gay man? Mom’s basement is pretty boring eh? I bet you’re so fug that even an amoeba would reject your hairy arse.

        31. guess she hit a nerve with that dog picture, Did you recognize your last victim there , creepy cupcake?

        32. Chikkin’ dinner! You might even be able to guess his last name (Guilbeau). ‘Pretty sure that’s half the state… :o)

        33. Nope, not lonely at all. As a matter of fact, I’m extremely proud of how I’ve made you old bigot conservatives look like fools. Funny thing is- you’re too stupid as a group to even realize you’ve been humiliated.

        34. If I wanted to hang out with like-minded people, I would. I come to these threads to educate conservative heterosexual morons, such as your gang. That’s why I do this. Why would I need to educated liberals? They are smart enough to know that most men who molest boys are heterosexual, and that allowing gays to marry is the right thing to do.

        35. I’ve had no victims, there bitch.
          I think I just got a whiff of your fishy yeast infection. Go away.

        36. Mom’s been dead for two years. When she was alive she lived 2400 miles from me. I was happy about that.

        37. Harvey Milk was not a pedophile, retard. Even IF he had sex with a 15 year old (which has never been proven), that’s not pedophilia.
          Is that you on that picture? God you’re ugly.

        38. Nope, my husband was having a therapy session with his clients, most of whom are screwed up heterosexual couples. No doubt you could use his services. But, if your husband were smart, he would have left you a long time ago.

        39. Sorry, I don’t have a pussy, unlike infadelicious (the whore that wants to be a gay man, so she stole my screen name).

        40. Their hero is Harvey Milk. Harvey never did one thing that wasn’t
          self-serving. He laughed about his raping of a youngster. When the victim
          threated suicide… Milk told him: “don’t leave a mess”
          We can learn a lot about a person or
          group by learning about their heroes.
          By the way, sodomy laws in
          California, among the states where Harvey Milk’s crimes against minors were committed,
          have a separate legal category and language. For someone Harvey Milk’s age at
          the time, in his mid 30s, to sodomize the 16 year old minor boy, is to this day
          regarded as a felony. Either he committed a felony or he didn’t. Also, in the
          book The Mayor of Castro Street that documents his felony child-sodomizing, he
          is referred to by witnesses close to him at the time as having a penchant for
          “waifs with substance abuse problems”. Having sex with a minor who is
          intoxicated falls under the date-rape statutes and also, due to the age
          difference between Milk and his child-victims, a felony for each count, if
          memory serves..
          So that his crimes were documented, admitted to by him and even published in a
          book that had a movie spinoff “Milk”, means that his being a
          felonious child-sodomizer is a matter of pop-culture dinner table knowledge.
          Even given that, gays chose him and no other to head-up their ambassadorship to
          children no less, in California schools under the SB-48 mandate to teach
          hero-worship of gays to kids at schools.
          Gays chose a pedophile. They even have succeeded or are pressing to succeed to
          mandate a legal holiday in which children in school are mandated to pay homage
          to the pedophile as representative of “all things gays stand and struggle
          It is interesting that people who
          wrote books about Harvey Milk documented his lust for young boys. His
          confidants are quoted as saying he had a “particular taste for young
          boys” which he raped repeatedly. I mean if you have a problem with
          Catholic priests molesting young boys, you have to have the same problem with
          Harvey Milk – that is if you have a shred of intellectual honesty in your body.

        41. Their hero is Harvey Milk. Harvey never did one thing that wasn’t
          self-serving. He laughed about his raping of a youngster. When the victim
          threated suicide… Milk told him: “don’t leave a mess”
          We can learn a lot about a person or
          group by learning about their heroes.
          By the way, sodomy laws in
          California, among the states where Harvey Milk’s crimes against minors were committed,
          have a separate legal category and language. For someone Harvey Milk’s age at
          the time, in his mid 30s, to sodomize the 16 year old minor boy, is to this day
          regarded as a felony. Either he committed a felony or he didn’t. Also, in the
          book The Mayor of Castro Street that documents his felony child-sodomizing, he
          is referred to by witnesses close to him at the time as having a penchant for
          “waifs with substance abuse problems”. Having sex with a minor who is
          intoxicated falls under the date-rape statutes and also, due to the age
          difference between Milk and his child-victims, a felony for each count, if
          memory serves..
          So that his crimes were documented, admitted to by him and even published in a
          book that had a movie spinoff “Milk”, means that his being a
          felonious child-sodomizer is a matter of pop-culture dinner table knowledge.
          Even given that, gays chose him and no other to head-up their ambassadorship to
          children no less, in California schools under the SB-48 mandate to teach
          hero-worship of gays to kids at schools.
          Gays chose a pedophile. They even have succeeded or are pressing to succeed to
          mandate a legal holiday in which children in school are mandated to pay homage
          to the pedophile as representative of “all things gays stand and struggle
          It is interesting that people who
          wrote books about Harvey Milk documented his lust for young boys. His
          confidants are quoted as saying he had a “particular taste for young
          boys” which he raped repeatedly. I mean if you have a problem with
          Catholic priests molesting young boys, you have to have the same problem with
          Harvey Milk – that is if you have a shred of intellectual honesty in your body.

        42. Their hero is Harvey Milk. Harvey never did one thing that wasn’t
          self-serving. He laughed about his raping of a youngster. When the victim
          threated suicide… Milk told him: “don’t leave a mess”
          We can learn a lot about a person or
          group by learning about their heroes.
          By the way, sodomy laws in
          California, among the states where Harvey Milk’s crimes against minors were committed,
          have a separate legal category and language. For someone Harvey Milk’s age at
          the time, in his mid 30s, to sodomize the 16 year old minor boy, is to this day
          regarded as a felony. Either he committed a felony or he didn’t. Also, in the
          book The Mayor of Castro Street that documents his felony child-sodomizing, he
          is referred to by witnesses close to him at the time as having a penchant for
          “waifs with substance abuse problems”. Having sex with a minor who is
          intoxicated falls under the date-rape statutes and also, due to the age
          difference between Milk and his child-victims, a felony for each count, if
          memory serves..
          So that his crimes were documented, admitted to by him and even published in a
          book that had a movie spinoff “Milk”, means that his being a
          felonious child-sodomizer is a matter of pop-culture dinner table knowledge.
          Even given that, gays chose him and no other to head-up their ambassadorship to
          children no less, in California schools under the SB-48 mandate to teach
          hero-worship of gays to kids at schools.
          Gays chose a pedophile. They even have succeeded or are pressing to succeed to
          mandate a legal holiday in which children in school are mandated to pay homage
          to the pedophile as representative of “all things gays stand and struggle
          It is interesting that people who
          wrote books about Harvey Milk documented his lust for young boys. His
          confidants are quoted as saying he had a “particular taste for young
          boys” which he raped repeatedly. I mean if you have a problem with
          Catholic priests molesting young boys, you have to have the same problem with
          Harvey Milk – that is if you have a shred of intellectual honesty in your body.

        43. No, you are a white racist bigot who is pretending to be a black man, which makes no sense whatsoever.

        44. Yawn. You cute and pasted that.
          You have no ideas of your own.
          You have to steal other people’s screen names an identities.
          You follow a group of old conservative men around and wait on every comment to vote thumbs up.
          You conservatives live a miserable existence.

        45. Blacker than Bill. Thanks for reading my comment on the ways in which I’m superior to you. Were it not for you, I would be hard-pressed to master callow and shallow the way you’ve shown us it can be done.

        46. It wasn’t proven because the Castro street, good-ol-queer-boys weren’t interested in proving it.

        47. Yeah, she probably didn’t want to wonder if her son was a ‘top’ or a ‘bottom’. She must be rolling in her grave.

        48. Myth: gays play gender roles in the bedroom.
          Fact: our sex lives are more varied and we don’t need to follow the boring and predictable heterosexual gender roles. That’s the beauty of being gay. Our sex has more variety.

        49. Sure, whatever. And Jerry Sandusky isn’t a heterosexual male. That’s what you conservative morons actually believe. Too much Fox

        50. Ha! I am really not a mean person.. I can be your most loyal, generous friend and even give you a second chance but i can also be your worst enemy… This guy DGCJ is a real piece of work.. Check out some of his posts to women, it’s disgraceful and he treats heterosexual men no better, calling them pedophiles and other nasty names. For some reason he obsesses over me, i think he wishes he was me or any female for that matter.. He claims to be a Juilliard professor , a world famous concert pianist, best selling author and musician and claims he is married to a man who is a therapist .. He was using Brian Sims -(PA politician-gay ) picture in his avatar and saying it was him , but has the second profile above. He doesn’t appear to be much older than 16 or 17.

          LOS ANGELES (AP) — California public health officials have issued an alert after finding “very strong evidence” that an adult film actor became infected with HIV as a result of unprotected sex on an out-of-state film shoot.
          The Department of Public Health said Monday that the male actor tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS after engaging in unprotected sex with several other male actors during two separate film shoots. He had tested negative before the shoot.
          “During the second film shoot, he had symptoms of a viral infection,” the alert states. “The actor went to a clinic and had another blood test that showed he had recently become infected with HIV.”
          One actor from the second shoot has since tested positive for HIV. According to the health department, lab results indicate the first actor who tested positive “probably transmitted” HIV to the second.
          A health department official was unable to immediately release further details regarding the lab testing and investigation. The alert notes that very early in an HIV infection, the test can be negative “even though the actor really does have HIV.”
          “In this case, the actor and production company thought he was HIV-negative during filming,” the alert states. “Shortly after his negative test, HIV levels in his body rose rapidly to where he could infect other actors through unprotected sex.
          A California-based trade group for the adult film industry declined to comment.
          A health department official declined to release any information regarding when the transmission had taken place or which company it involved, citing privacy restrictions, but said the apparent transmission occurred in Nevada.
          “It’s happened before, it’s happened now, and it will happen in the future,” said Michael Weinstein, president of the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “The big lie the industry has been saying all these years, there are no on-set transmissions, has been proven to be untrue.”
          The foundation championed an ordinance adopted by Los Angeles County voters in 2012 requiring actors in pornographic films to use condoms. The porn industry has fought the ordinance, saying having actors use condoms would interfere with a film’s fantasy element by subjecting viewers to real-world concerns like pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
          A federal appeals court recently ruled the ordinance does not violate First Amendment rights.
          Several porn companies have moved shoots out of the county over the last two years in response to the ordinance. The number of porn filmmakers applying for permits in LA County has declined sharply, from 485 in 2012 to 40 in 2013.
          The last confirmed on-set HIV infection was in 2004. After that, the porn industry adopted monthly testing for a range of STDs. Last year, the industry increased testing to every 14 days after a woman who performs under the name Cameron Bay contracted HIV. Her diagnosis triggered a moratorium on adult film production until all performers who worked with her were medically cleared.
          REPEAT: The Department of Public Health said Monday that the male actor tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS after engaging in unprotected sex with several other male actors during two separate film shoots. He had tested negative before the shoot……………………….

      1. As in Matthew Broderick from “The Producers”? Amazing! What’s the name of the movie? I like that guy.

        1. the pigeon has followed me to ROK. I got him here… now…. i hope the men on here show DGCJ some ROK hospitality, if you know what i mean..LOL

        2. snicker………… you know i don’t mean to cause trouble, sugah…….(bats eyelashes innocently) Popcorn?

        3. I did live in Canada for awhile- where the Mounties “always get their man” it was only a matter of time 😉

        4. There are Mounties and there are the Mountees. DGJC is the latter. He imagines that “A man” always gets him…

        5. Due to his self-confessed chronic ED, which has plagued him since childhood, I doubt he is “up” when he awakes….

    2. A well trained monkey can also do whatever the heck your job is. Probably not flying or fixing huge chunks of flying metal. Cheers.

  97. Young women with permanent b*tch-face are going to end up literally with permanent b*tch face.
    I hardly have any wrinkles, but the few I do are from laughing or smiling a lot which are far better than angry, psycho woman wrinkles. ;p

  98. GREAT article.. It really struck a chord with me. I used to date a very attractive young blonde doctor with big tits. The sex was great too. The only problem? She was, yep, you guessed it, a fucking intolerable snobby bitch. She also let everyone know she was a doctor, and gave off the strong vibe that anybody who wasn’t a doctor (or something of equal prestige, such as a CEO or millionaire) was beneath her. The way she treated average people just made me want to puke..

  99. I read this because I write a dating blog to help both women and men understand dating dysfunction and I wanted to see your take on this. The problem is not being strong and independent, it’s about not really understanding what strength and independence is. I am capable of fixing the bathroom fan that has been broken since August. But my boyfriend said he would do it. So I let it go. I don’t say anything and I don’t worry about it. Why? Because I am strong enough and independent enough to let someone else take responsibility for something. He knows it is broken. He doesn’t need me to go fix it behind his back and he doesn’t need me to remind him. He’s an adult human being. I use my strength and independence to worry about things that I have control over. When I see a woman behave in the manner that you are describing in this article I do NOT see a strong, independent woman. I see a woman who has very low self-esteem and who needs to be constantly reassured that she is fabulous and amazing. A strong, independent woman, to me, is someone who is sure in themselves emotionally and is capable of letting things go, especially control. I took care of myself and everything in my life all the time until my boyfriend came along. My previous marriage ended in shambles because my husband was not a very good guy. At first it was difficult to be strong enough and independent enough to let go of the control of my life enough to let someone else in. Independence is knowing that you can live without someone. Strength is admitting that you don’t want to. Independence is knowing that you can do something by yourself or take care of yourself. Strength is letting someone else do it. Women who are snobby, self-righteous, and indignant are not strong and independent. And when they call themselves that it gives truly strong, independent women a bad name.

  100. ╔═════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ════════════════╗
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Repost this if ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful strong black woman ~ ~ ~
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ who don’t need no man ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ╚═════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ════════════════╝

  101. So, where have all the good men gone? Perhaps a better question would be: where have all the women that know how to shut the fuck up gone? speaking like this is disrespectful.

  102. I could not agree with this article more.
    On a first look, I’m what you would call a strong and independent woman. I just entered the second half of my twenties and I’m very career focused. I have 2 masters degrees. I traveled the world and speak several languages.
    I have also been secretly dreaming to be the perfect wife for The Man since my body developed. I always had an instinctive deep respect for my instincts and for the messages my body sends me.
    This lead me to always flatly reject feminism, in spite of my education, and before I approach any intellectual conversation on the topic I trust my instincts, which have always told me me feminism is disturbing and leading to disastrous social consequences.
    I could back up my instincts with intellectual arguments, I just don’t think it’s relevant in this context.
    People think my dream is to keep advancing my career until I reach the top of the corporate ladder.
    They are wrong. My career persona is born out of the frustration of not having material (yet) to work on my true aspiration.
    Which is finding a Man that:
    1) can see what it is that I really want
    2) wants the same, with me
    3) will financially as well as intellectually provide for it.
    I have high standards for everything and I never let go. I learned at my expenses I cannot be happy if I do.
    My true dream is to stay at home, manage the house, passionately and thoroughly take care of a Man and nurture our relationship. A healthy, beautiful, and strong offspring to raise with method and dedication is just a consequence of the Relationship, and is indeed included into and subordinated to it.
    When I say “manage” the house, I mean carefully and tastefully furnish it, hire and supervise quality household staff so that it’s kept to the best, complying to a standard I decided and pleases my Man, and makes him proud to show the house to anybody, at anytime.
    When I say “take care of a man”, I mean providing him with everything he needs. Just like a Woman, a Man needs many things, and they are all equally important to his well-being and happiness. Only people that are profoundly ignorant of what a true Man and a true Woman truly want and need would underestimate the cruciality of the importance of any of these needs.
    In no particular order, what a man needs from his woman: cooking, looking attractive to him at all times and no matter what the circumstances, fully satisfying his sexual needs, taking excellent care of their nest, being his “soft side” in his conscience and in public, being understanding and forgiving, not overshadowing him in public, listening to him and to his problems but ultimately not letting him solace in them, but instead inspire him to push himself to solve them and be everyday stronger and better and conquering more for the family the couple creates.
    This to me is the only possible definition of “being feminine”. This is, in fact, being a Woman.
    By “cooking”, I mean source the top quality fresh, whole ingredients, have them available in the kitchen and personally prepare from scratch nutritious and balanced meals tailored to the family’s needs and wants. Yes, I indeed consider my Relationship to be my family. Children don’t make a family, love does.
    By “looking attractive to him at all times and no matter what the circumstances” I mean constantly paying full attention to my grooming, fitness and clothing routine.
    Grooming: Hair long and soft, skin bright and toned, teeth straight and white, nails long and polished.
    Body: maintaining toned and shapely a size he loves, which should however be the “natural” size. Not all bodies are created to naturally stay the same size. I think the best thing to do is to maintain and improve tone and firmness staying that natural size (as a rule of thumb, the size a woman is in her early twenties). This of course presents exceptions, I leave it to your common sense to understand what I mean.
    Clothing: classically feminine, classy and attractive, but always completely respectful of modesty, because my modesty is both my self-respect and his reputation.
    By “fully satisfying his sexual needs” I mean being for him everything he wants in a woman. I mean being the ultimate whore he wants in bed. Taking the time, the patience, and putting in the brains and the energy to understand what it all really is that will make him feel a man that’s appreciated and is collecting dividends from all his hard work, his money, his time and energy spent on me. Even help him understand what it really is he truly wants, and upgrade his wishes. For me, this stays in the boundary of monogamy (pretty much the only boundaries I’d put for sexual life).
    Pleasing a Man is HARD WORK. I’m persuaded it’s also the most serious, most honourable and most crucial thing in which a woman should concentrate her efforts and it’s the most savvy investment of her time and energy. It starts with a serious study of her body determining which type of clothes, lingerie, makeup and hair style will maximise her attractiveness to him, then educating herself deeply on the many complicated ways in which she can please him. Study the male anatomy. Study massage techniques. Source the best tools to assist in these tasks.
    There aren’t many Men out there, that is true, but my impression is that there are even less Women.
    I am what I consider a high value Woman, but really I should just say a Woman, because I determined what makes one and decided to become one. I stick to my standards. Inside, I am alone and unhappy and I feel cold a lot. I am, indeed, afraid, and I can get desperate, when I start questioning whether I’ll ever find my Man.
    I also happen to be someone with an extremely high libido and it makes my life even harder. However, I haven’t slept with anybody for two years now, which is since I left my last boyfriend. I had tree boyfriends in total. I do consider this number to be too high, however what I learned from these failed relationships will minimise to the extreme my chances of getting it wrong again.
    In fact, it’s more probable I won’t get another one at all.
    I am convinced having a relationship is ultimately a decision, and love, just like anything of quality, takes time and a massive amount of work. Most of which the Woman has to do, because the Man has other work to do, that takes home the money and makes it all possible.
    You can judge me for wanting a man that provides for a comfortable lifestyle, I’m talking making very minimum $ 200k/year.
    To which my answer is: I’m sorry, but I don’t compromise on my standards. I know I won’t be able to love a man that cannot provide us with the comfortable lifestyle that allows me to love him at best and be at my best, and that, even more importantly, cannot afford our offspring the best nutrition and the best education.
    By the way, why did it finish with my exes?
    1st ex (3 years relationship): I was a child (15 years old) and couldn’t see he was stupid and a child as much as I was. He was 10 years older.
    2nd ex (5 years relationship): He had no balls. I wanted it to work so much I tried to wait if he’d have grown a pair growing up (he was my age, 18 to 23). It didn’t happen.
    3rd ex (3 months relationship): On the surface, he was behaving like the Man I want. But he was faking it.
    I would like to send a figurative warm hug to all the Men reading this. Thank you for being out there and keeping to be the way your are in spite of this depressing state the world is in. I do wish you the very best for the future, just like I wish it to myself.

    1. Well, Mary Poppins, get in contact with our fly boy author so he can vet you and make full report. Although, according to Glass door the national average salary is only $80k for airline pilots; Jet Blue pays better than the average at $140K but still far short of your minimum sell price or asking price, because as surely as the turning of the earth it will go from a fixed to a negotiable(downward)sale price with every passing year. I don’t think our readership feels the “warm hug” directed our way. I’m 53, sport a very respectable six pack and have a six figure income, but after reading that desperate plea for attention and crass sale of your flesh I would not endure a minute of your company even if it meant a good bang of a millennial.
      Also, any young man making $200k a year or more is likely to have his income and net wealth rise, he is an appreciating asset. You, on the other hand, banking on your alleged incredible beauty and extremely desirable traits are a depreciating asset, a temporary hold position, but certainly not a long term investment.
      I also find it hilarious that this concept of “love” is predicated upon God-money. As Trent Reznor said, you have a “head like a hole”

      1. Hello Ragnar,
        thank you for teaching me the expression “crass sale”. English is not my first language and it’s the first time I read this. It’s very funny! I’ll be using it and impress some people.
        I completely see where you’re coming from in the things you say against my “crass sale of my flesh”. However, this wasn’t a well-thought comment written in order to be read on this article in particular. In fact, it started out like this, but then it went much longer than expected, it was me making a point on my life situation for myself to remind me, really. I still published it here reassured by the anonymity but I wasn’t even expecting anybody to read it.
        I do not agree with you that I have “a head like a hole”, nor am I a depreciating asset. A woman like me is indeed a LT investment. I’m just a little damaged and attached to material things. But luckily I don’t have to bargain over any “sale price” at all, because at the moment I have a career of my own that I started as an insurance policy to myself and I can afford a nice lifestyle. If I was paid in dollars, I would make 6 figures too, though barely.
        But it’s okay that you think I am stupid, or shallow. No hard feelings, and I don’t take any offence on a judgement formulated on a very instinctive piece of writing alone.
        Also, I don’t think I ever said I’m incredibly beautiful, because that is always down to personal taste anyway.
        Just my 2 cents, don’t let your 6 pack define you. At 53, having it means you sacrifice a lot other things for your vanity, and not all women find that sexy.
        Best of everything.

  103. Writer just happened to meet the wrong woman. As much as i want to think all men are dicks it won’t be fair for men who are actually not a dick. Bottom line: not all women are messed up in the brain like dr. Princess. She is definitely hiding some insecurities, because a real strong independent woman doesn’t have to prove herself at all times. she didn’t know how to shut the fuck up and don’t give a shit about gender roles. So She deserved to be dumped. Regardless of education and how much one gets paid, woman should just be a woman..and man should be a man without manipulation. And for effin sake, be kind to everyone!!

    1. NAWALT: The act of arguing that just because there is one needle in a haystack, that the haystack contains more needles than straw.

  104. In example 1 it should read clerk+fucks given =1…unless there were no fucks and no clerks. .. however clearly there was a clerk…so fuck you. K thx bai.

  105. Well since most of them are so high maintenance, spoiled and selfish, they would be terrible to date.

  106. I have seen women on seekingarrangement.com calling themselves “strong and independent”, go figure…

  107. Very hard to date one of them since so many are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, and very greedy these days which is the real good reason why so many of us good men are still single because of the way that they’re today.

  108. The author of this article acted out like a little boy because he couldn’t hold frame in front of his girlfriend. What is this site about exactly?

  109. Since youre a big alpha male and your woman is your property, her acomplishments mean nothing to you. Perhaps ‘Dr. Princess’ feels the need to boast about her career becuase you make her feel absolutely worthless?
    And its funny how you broke up with her over the treatment of HER OWN car. That just seems like a stupid reason to dump somebody.

  110. I had cold chills reading this. I was in a relationship with a Dr Princess and my experience was almost a carbon copy of the above, right down to the oil change argument! (Although she drove an Audi rather than a BMW). She also had absolutely ZERO common sense. It’s like she lived in a parallel universe where the laws of reality don’t apply to Dr Princesses. Finally managed to get out of her sociopathic clutches. She still texts me from time to time. LOL

  111. Damn straight shit. I had a woman rationalize wreaking our car, and then going off to Venice with an ex colleague who was a single male. Obviously there wasn’t really much to talk about when she came back. Shit given for her were negative.

  112. “I was a tall and charismatic pilot.”
    Which meant you would never be home and she would have divorced you anyway. At least that is what happened to a bud of mine. When he explained to her that she damn knew well he was a pilot and that required him being gone for days at a time, she chirped up (stop me if you heard this one) “I thought you would change for me!” Marriage lasted 6 months.

    1. Yeah baby, I’m going to give up my life long vocation that I’ve spent years and a small fortune to acquire….all for you, Princess Muffin Sweety Cakes. All for you.

      1. Their entitlement mentality is simply beyond the pale. The are not grounded in any civil behavior standards at the same level men are held accountable. A good example are the amount of women teachers f*cking their students stems from the current woman’s entitlement in our culture. She sees nothing wrong having sexual relations with a minor despite the fact she is in a position of authority.

  113. I’ve just reached the point where I resist emotionally attaching to any women anymore. There are always too many red flags from the get go. In the west they just seem to be unable to stop lying, having concealed agendas or their compulsive use of the cock carousel. I just practice the usual formula of dancing clown, minimal inconsistent contact, hiding any deeper emotions and completely ignoring any ‘tests’. Its all a bit sad as I would still like to find a quality long term girlfriend, but they really have become unicorns.

    1. I’ve fully checked out from Americunts. I don’t even care anymore, my plans are eastern Europe or even japan. I’ve dated, approached, hit on hundreds of American women they are horrible, it’s all the same shit everytime. At some point you have to snap.

  114. Sounds like she’s overcompensating. Humility is not a trait strong and independent women have
    Lot of men and women seem to not notice that women overcompensate as well.

  115. I think “power couple” is a recent phenomenon and is not in line with traditional patriarchal society. I think it is a post-War phenomenon, WW2 that is. Before that matrimony in the USA seemed to follow historical gender roles. Men gather resources, girls raise kids and oversee households.
    Working girls seem to think “your earnings are ours and my earnings are mine”. I don’t buy the power couple notion. It never had appeal to me. Boys and girls should not be competing on the earnings front. They have different roles in a family.

  116. Strangely women in the older ages were a lot more useful and surprisingly more skilled.
    For example women didn’t make pies because it tasted good, they made it to preserve food like meat and vegetables by shutting oxygen out of it to prevent built up of bacteria. Made when there was no fridges. It was the first canned food.
    Of course feminists wouldn’t chalk that one up because it’s a traditional gender role

    1. Back then, women actually were strong and independent. They were partners, not dependents.
      ‘strong and independent’ today is just code for ‘a$$hole’.

  117. “I consider myself a pretty lucky man.” The writer thinks he’s lucky that he don’t have to date a strong independent woman. Well, he’s even more lucky that he didn’t have to be born to a strong independent woman. I’m one of those unlucky bastard who happens to be born to such a woman, and raised in a household that’s being run by her. And I tell you, I won’t even wish my enemy to be born to such women.

      1. No, still married. But did consider divorced at one point. But unlike other careerist, she at least took care of our family, and believed that divorced would actually make things worse. She is a saint, compared to other careerist women today. And since she works with such women, she shares horror stories on how these women behave horribly towards their husbands and children, and has no regards for their family’s well being.

  118. Good grief I hope that woman never gets near a helicopter’s cockpit.
    When did that hot-start light fire up? Meh, last week or so? How many times did you fly since? Bah, 2,3 times I