Need Advice? Ask The Men Behind Return Of Kings

ROK has grown significantly over the last two years, to the point where its writers and commenters represent a distinct think tank of red pill wisdom and masculinity. We’ve touched on many areas and have received various questions from the readership as our topic base has broadened.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to begin a weekly reader mailbag feature. If you are curious about or need advice on any topic you’ve seen written on at ROK, it’s fair game. This includes game, girls, sex, money, literature, travel, life advice, and many more. You are likely familiar with Roosh’s background, but there are also other men on staff who own their own business, hold professional degrees, have traveled to many countries, and have significant life experience to draw upon.

Ever wondered how Quintus Curtius managed to read every Greek philosophy text, or what 2Wycked sees as the three most influential television shows in modern society? This is your chance to get advice from some of the best writers and minds in the manosphere on a variety of subjects. Email [email protected] with your questions or comments. You can also use this anonymous form.

We can’t promise that a specific author will answer your question, but if yours is selected then someone on ROK’s writing staff will respond to you in the weekly post. Questions that are intelligibly written and applicable to many men will receive the highest priority, as well as readers who drop a donation in our donation box (mention this in your email). We look forward to hearing how we can help.

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96 thoughts on “Need Advice? Ask The Men Behind Return Of Kings”

  1. You have given us articles on bettering ourselves, in various ways (learning a new language, trying to be at the top of food chain as a computer scientist). I am trying to get through some of these books on PHD. The material is very dry. Any advice, on how to improve your reading speed or not feel like stopping when you feel, the material is dry(feels like I am reading a complete reference manual). Even worse, I can pick up a good book (noneducational) and just go through it with no problem.

    1. In The Four Hour Workweek, Tim Ferris posits that one improves the speed at which one reads by focusing on the third word in when you begin a new line of text, and ending on the third word from the end of the line. The theory is you avoid focusing on the margins and prepositions.

  2. Any suggestion on who to deal with a constant fear of failure? My life has gotten better since the discovery of the manosphere. I’ve learned a lot. But one thing that I can’t get over is my fear of rejection. Every time I see a girl I think to myself to go and approach. But then I freeze. My mind starts racing. Thinking about what I should say. Wondering what she’ll think. I just can’t get over it.
    I’m starting to wonder if I should just focus on other areas of my life first. I have a lot to fix. My life isn’t where I want it to be in a lot of areas and I’m having trouble kickstarting anything. I feel failure before I even start.

    1. You need to be like that bad guy in the Steven Segal movie who gets sprayed in the face with pepper-spray and says “Mmmm, peppermint.”.
      Seriously, take up ballroom dance. The face time with women will help you relax and you won’t be preoccupied with thoughts of failure when you have a random opportunity to approach a female. What’s the worst that could happen anyway? Stop putting so much weight on succeeding in your approach. The dancing thing, at one point I was chatting up so many hot chicks that I wasn’t even thinking about it. Then I would be talking to some babe and realize she was aghast that I had the nerve to speak to her, who is obviously out of my league. Or even funnier, realizing a retail chick was incensed that I didn’t notice her superiority when all the other male customers were fawning over her.
      Women live to reject men. It is your duty to provide them plenty of opportunities. Crazy thing is once in a while they will say “yes” and it’s so out of your programming that you may fail to get an erection. Then you got another mind problem. Just sleep on it and bone her in the morning.

      1. Me: Dude, get the fuck up this chick is naked!
        Penis: Brah… I aint getting up for shit unless it is 1080p.
        ***Puts on glasses in a hurry***
        Me: See?!? You fucking idiot! Hurry the fuck up this is really happening!
        Penis: My ass this is happening… Are you high? If you are still convinced of this crazy shit in the morning bug me about it I’m crashing.
        ***Next day***
        Me: Man… she aint that hot after all. Think I’ll grab my shit and head home.
        Penis: What are you retarded!?!? She’s touching herself half passed out with a smile on her face… I’M GOING IN!!!

        1. Excellent, talk to your dick. Get to know him. How many women swoon over their twats while shaving in the tub. They gaze down at their nonconforming structure within her gated community of a body. The eyesore on the block of her bod with the saloon doors flapping. The section 8 rathole built right smack in the middle of the park manor estates. And you send your dick in there to conquer the motherfucker and take all of its feel good dope. Your dick knows it. Give him some respect. Have you even so much as given him a name yet? He’s always been your best blind, deaf, retarded friend and go getter. You’re just a nothing face out there but SO WHAT? It’s YOUR DICK you’re doing it for. HE’S THE MAN. Just get your face into her face, wiggle your tounge and spew some damn game out and you’ve done good enough. It’s for MR. DICK. When he’s happy, YOU KNOW you’re happy.

        2. Years ago, decades before the internet, there was a hilarious series of crudely-drawn cartoons in “Playboy” (before the women and fags took it over) called “Man’s Best Friend” which showed an anthropomorphic penis arguing with his owner over various scenarios that he didn’t want to engage. Could not find it on GoogleImages. In one scene the owner is contemplating calling some chick and the penis stiffens up and gives him her phone number. In another the penis crosses his arms and refuses to go into some skank’s hole.
          Listen to your little head guys. Ignore his opinion and plunge ahead anyway and you will wake up with a case of herpes.

        3. I’m thinking fuck this psychotic, unnatural, unhealthy bullshit. Mass murder to reinstate masculine power is the way to go.

    2. Are you shy? If you talk to people a lot, any kind of people, you eventually stop caring so much what they think of you

    3. But one thing that I can’t get over is my fear of rejection. Every time I see a girl I think to myself to go and approach. But then I freeze. My mind starts racing. Thinking about what I should say. Wondering what she’ll think.

      Stop giving a shit what women think. Let them come up with reasons not to fuck you. Don’t do it for them.

    4. Just get used to talking to people and working on your body language. Be aware of how you come across. Heck, practice on the clerks at the store or the chicks at Starbucks. Have a few good stories you can share. Sure, you’ll get rejected but you’ll eventually get better. Most men fail before they even start because they psyche themselves out. I’m the most outgoing in my group of friends and that’s the advice I give them.
      And don’t worry about not being where you want to be. You’ll never get “there” but you shouldn’t stop trying to achieve those goals. Keep pushing forward and working on yourself.

    1. That’s very narrow minded. Not implying this site is bad, but you really should open yourself to as many views as possible and come up with a personal truth.

  3. You guys say that men should have their own places without women interference, i would like to know, what are your thoughts about lodges and masonic rites, can you guys make a post about freemasonry as a “men only” organisation?.

  4. What is the correct way to diddle a woman’s clit? I been doing it for 40 years and I still don’t know.
    Maybe I should be asking on Feministing.

  5. I don’t know if I should slap my woman, with left hand or right hand? I feel like I have been doing it wrong for these past few months.

    1. Use your dominant hand. Chances are she’s right-handed and won’t be quick enough to block it. Torque your spine if you need more power and don’t forget to push down. My go-to bitch slap is a modified forehand shot, punctuated with over stiff downswing. Think Roger Federer.

    2. …if you mean to humiliate and not just provide correction, never underestimate the backhand (often referred to as the pimp-slap) when straightening out your woman, or ANY woman for that matter!

      1. Don’t slap girls! That’s wrong, you leave, at best, a red mark on her cheek. Will give her enough time to take an “abuse selfie” (just coined the term. Be sure, it’ll catch on soon enough).
        Instead give a shove at a 45 degree angle under her chin near the jugular (right near where the jawbone pivots) and, if you do it just right it will knock her out without leaving a mark. Check youtube before trying this because if you’re too hard you can do too much damage.

        1. Yes, you shouldn’t leave any marks but Derby’s dose will usually cure your bitch of any misconduct.
          “Derby’s dose was
          a form of torture used in Jamaica to punish slaves who attempted to
          escape or committed other offenses like stealing food. The runaway
          would be beaten, and salt pickle, lime juice, and bird pepper would be
          rubbed into his or her open wounds. Another slave would defecate into
          the mouth of the miscreant, who would then be gagged for four to five
          hours.”The punishment was invented by Thomas Thistlewood, a slave
          overseer and named for the slave, Derby, who was made to undergo this
          punishment when he was caught eating young sugar cane stalks in the
          field on May 25 1756. Thomas Thistlewood recorded this punishment as
          well as a further punishment of Derby in August of that same year in his

  6. Question:
    I’ve got three plates i’m spininng right now, let me first clarify I’m a 45 yr. old with less than 1 yr on the red pill:
    A 53yr old who has a rockin bod and wants to make love every chance we get;
    A 29 yr old stripper who rescues dogs and loves to be naked in my house, with great knockers and sweet ass;
    A 32 yr old heroin-addicted babe with a killer tight body who wants to get on a methadone plan and become my one and only…
    Which one do i choose?
    A) All of the Above
    B) Add several more plates just to be sure
    C) The one with the biggest hooters…
    Love the website, thanks for your help, needless to say I am a very different man from a year ago, when i found this site and ended a 15 year dry spell from dating and banging chicks…
    The answer of course is D).

    1. Drop the detox babe. Try to gently suggest the idea of a threesome to the older one, then introduce the stripper. If the older one doesn’t like it, then its the stripper by default. You’ve done your best.

    2. lose them all, get new bitches ! That’s the way it’s gonna be so might as well stay ahead of it !

    3. 15 years? So you wasted your entire youth and you took the risk of becoming impotent in your 40’s. Men may decrease slowly in the ability to get an erection but there are cases where a stud has turned into a limpdick in a few weeks and the cause is unknown. Drugs and treatments may not work either. So strike while the iron is hot.
      And your choices of females are terrible. They are all whores and too old. Strippers and heroin addicts almost always hook on the side :o)

  7. Should I be using Tinder? FYI I live in a relatively small town and have a job where I interact with lots of members of the public regularly.

    1. No one should be using tinder. Small town hell no. Conduct your business elsewhere if you live in a small town. I’m in one of 4000. Wives wanting to fuck me. No dice! Easy way to get shot, reputation ruined and the list goes on. Most small towns have a city within an hour or two. Get good at logistics.

        1. At the same time if someone isn’t taken dont pass up the opportunity. Just have a framework. Gossip runs wild in towns.

  8. Why don’t you publish using your real names and photos? At least feminist blogs have the guts to do so. It makes it clear that you know what you write is bullshit and would never want to be associated with it in real life. You know the consequences could be losing your jobs and the girlfriends that you have tricked/bought into liking you.

    1. LOL @ Chiding someone for using a pseudonym…from behind a pseudonym. The irony is absolutely delicious.

    2. No one will lose their job for spouting bile in the name of feminism. But talk sense for the other side, and you’re asking for a firing. As for their relationships, what exactly do you know about them, besides nothing?

    3. Behind a pseud, nobody knows your gender or race unless you want them to know. This part of traditional web culture was intended to combat prejudice by leaving the thoughts naked. So that we could judge people by the content of their character, not the traits of their meat suit. Or their accent, or whatever.
      This was part of the feminist concept built into the internet 1.0.

      1. Stop fooling yourself. I can tell sex and race of any commenter. Nothing about the Net was feminist lol and in fact before computers and Net became dirt cheap around 2000 and the lower class proles got their hands on technology we used to use our real names and photos. Now that I think of it in 2000 only about 10% of the people on the net had highspeed and it was only about 1MB then. In 2000 a Negro with a computer was about as rare as seeing one with a book lol I recall Jesse Jerkson talking about the lack of computers for negroes about 2002 where they didn’t even have 286’s
        Now every moron is on the Net and has a nice smartphone to take videos to annoy people with. And you wonder why the Net has turned into a shithole of dumb proles and a gazillion ads to sell junk? The proles can degrade a product faster then we improve it lol

        1. I saw websites devoted to Andrea Dworkin et al around 2000, and there were plenty of sites focusing on black culture.
          In the ’90s, you had the same clueless characters online. It’s just that they were on AOL rather than Disqus.

    4. Oh you got guts huh? Try taking up any cause that doesn’t have a media army behind you
      This is why it’s a joke when feminists pretend to be persecuted

  9. This is an excellent idea. I look forward to reading the column. RoK does indeed have some outstanding writers on staff.

  10. What will it take for the non-wasps to see that Western Civilization is being subverted against their own interests?
    Why does someone like Tuthmosis (a non-wasp) roll his glazed-over eyes at the mere mention of a False Flag?

  11. It would be nice to see more stuff on how to self employ and promote yourself in that aspect.

  12. Where is the missing mass?
    What is the source of the extra light?
    Does Gödel’s Imcompleteness Theorem imply that there can be no consistant TOE?
    Gödel’s Imcompleteness Theorem means that there must be at least two theories of algebra. Are two sufficient, or must there be more?
    26 or 29mm for riding pursuit distances on poorly maintained blacktop?
    Why does the motherboard on the computer I just assembled light up, but nothing else does?
    What . . . is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

        1. ,, You have the penis, on either sides of the penis are pockets, reach your hands into your pockets…Wham ! pay the bill”

  13. Best advice: Don’t ever give a shit about what a woman thinks about anything. They are ALL bat shit crazy. That goes for my mom, my wife, and my daughter. They don’t give a shit about you. Never have, never will.

  14. I’ll send an email, but I’ll leave this open for discussion in the comments as well –
    I’m 20 years old, dating a 20 year old girl. We’re just about “officially” living together at this point, having spent weeks straight with each other. She gives me blowjobs pretty much on demand, 1 – 4 times a day. She is fine with me having sex with other women (as long as it isn’t emotional), although she prefers to only be with me. My question is; should I avoid getting hitched at such a young age, even though my relationship allows such freedom and satisfies me completely?

    1. I’m 22 years old. You seem to have a good thing going (besides the part where you live with your gf, I’d never do that because I love my own space).
      If you are satisfied completely, then will getting married achieve some metaphysical level of satisfaction you don’t have? No, it won’t. You seem to have a good thing going, don’t fuck it up with legal obligations. That’s all getting married would do. It would create a legal obligation which in no way, shape or form adds anything of value to your relationship. You’re way too young to be a potential divorcee.
      You should keep the possibility of bailing on this girl at a moment’s notice, should it become necessary, in the back of your mind (this is why I wouldn’t let her live with me). Marrying this girl would make it harder to do that in the event her attitude regarding your extra-curricular activities suddenly changes. Personally, it’s unfathomable why anyone your/our age would want to get married.
      That’s just what I would do if I were you.

    2. Sounds fishy to me; either way, don’t for a single second think she’s stupid. She’s probably hurting inside from this and hopes eventually you’ll be dumb enough to ,, fall in love ” with her and put her on a pedestile. Then comes the true blow. Either way, staying too long with a women makes you sloppy, and affects your game. From my point of view, keep it like it is but make some adjustments. DO NOT MARRY ! Marriage is for men over 33-35- If they want it.

  15. Reality fact question : Got a degre in industrial engineering, masters degree (specialized in textiles) thinking about the doctorate – currently working as a research engineer and have been working in the textile industry for 2,5 years, the pay is ok, but unsatisfactory in the long run. What to do to make more money from said industry ? Create a tailor shop ? I’m a researcher. Can I maybe write some research articles and get paid for it ? Or will I have to go abroad? ( currently living in Eastern EU. )

        1. Lol, if you can afford to, definitely try and setup your own business. Work for yourself and make money on your own terms and schedule.

  16. I’m looking to read fiction about the mind of an alpha. I read ‘God Hates Us All’ based on the tv show Californication, hoping I would find something along those lines, but it wasn’t quite was I was looking for. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  17. right now im 22 years old and im still a virgin. i used to be obese throughout my teen years, and that put me at the absolute bottom of women’s mating choices. showed me alot of stuff that would later be re told on this website. at the age of 21 i said fuck it, and a year later ive lost about 30kg. right now i have the average looking guy thing going. I still have my virginity, and i know its cock blocking me from getting serious experience with women, what do i do? i like the satisfaction of the hunt that you would get if you seduced a woman, and id hate to pay for sex.
    also, i live in an area where there is not much employment going around, im not the only male like this, (funny thing the women hardly ever are unemployed) and im unsure how to correct this. ive had a job in a fast food joint for about a year, but im seeking another place to work because they stopped giving me shifts because im too old. (would rather use slave labour).
    helpful comments would be appreciated.

    1. Find a nice young 16yo who is gagging for a shagging and is still a virgin.Then you’ll both be inexperienced and she won’t notice your deficiencies. Practise on her.

      1. the age of consent where i live is 16 but i really do not want to be known as a pedo, so the earliest id go is 18. fuck, ill even lie about my experience, unless they can see right through it.

        1. Then it wouldn’t be a pedo. That only applies to actual children under puberty anyway not the age of consent but females like to use it as a shaming word every time a man has a gf younger than them lol

        2. By feminist standards, hooking up with any chick 21 or under when you’re 30+ is rape/pedophilia. Unless of course that man happens to be a well known celebrity/(ex-)athlete or rich as fuck.

        3. update, fucked a 21 year old. got attached and she was repelled by it. whoops. never letting that beta quality ever take hold again.

  18. I’m definitely far from a seducer, since I use rejectino buffers like chat sites. I’ve talked up a few sluts in London that I will be seeing in a few months but I live rather close to there. I’m doing nofap for 90 days and will push myself not to jerk off till then (possibly a night before intercourse). My plan, if you can call it that, is not to talk away the attraction by talking about pointless shit and to be more laconic but still do what made these sloots attracted in the first place.
    When it comes down to it, it’s hotel room where the deeds are gonna take place. A total noob as me am asking how you’d do it if you were in my shoes. I know this is a damn inefficient way of approaching women but still. Having a drink in public then over to the hotel? Provided a slut has proven to be who she says she is (not a 300lbs black dude), how suspicious would you be?
    I seriously need to work on my game I reflect upon by reading this mess.

    1. You haven’t spoken to these girls on the phone and Skype? Do so first. Stop jerking off and forget the hotel room. Just fuck her in the back seat of your car with her on top it’s very comfortable.

  19. I don’t value advice from betas and black people. They all don’t know shit. So if you’re giving advice I’d like confirmation that it’s valid by you stating your ethnicity. Not trolling here, but with a name like “black knight” there’s at least a 50/50 chance your advice comes from a place of ignorance.
    This isn’t an attack against you, but I think all the writers should state accurately where they’re coming from. E.g. Is Lawdodger a real lawyer (big deal, especially if he gives legal advice)? Is C. Contrary a beta cunt who doesn’t know shit (rhetorical question; just watch 10 seconds of one of his vids to work that one out)? Actually, I can go through a fair few names here but I won’t in case I get banned again. About the only one I trust for advice is Christian McQueen. And the one who writes the most interesting articles is Billy Chubbs.

    1. You have a point. A fake lawyer can’t give you advice on law and some guy from the hood has an entirely different lifestyle that is irrelevant to the average white man. On one article a number of people said they were homeless so they don’t count since they can’t even take care of themselves let alone give you advice. And the guy who steals food out of a girl’s refrigerator is not exactly a winner either. You have to know the source or it’s all just internet bullshit.And in my opinion it all sounds like bullshit here.

    2. “You’re all probably beta losers, and the only honest person I can take advice from is Christian McQueen!” LOL
      Re: username Hey, guess what the opposite of a White Knight is?

      1. Up3daElbow really should gtfo from ROK and hop over to Stormfront/Chimpout/VNNF instead. (Don’t ask me how I know those sites, lol).

  20. Definitely got a question for writers and commentators. What is the end game of redpill on a societal level, according to your personal view?

  21. I was interested in learning about this site when I saw it posted elsewhere. I hate the way men are being treated in our culture.
    Then I read:
    “Women and homosexuals are strongly discouraged from commenting here.”
    Sheesh. Not all women are hate filled “feminists” out to destroy men.

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