Did Anita Sarkeesian Commit Felony Wire Fraud? (UPDATE)

Two independent journalists have confirmed with the San Francisco Police Department that Anita Sarkeesian, a video game social justice warrior, may have used false pretenses to raise money for her non-profit entity. The police have said that she has not contacted them as she claimed after receiving a Twitter death threat in August. Under Federal law, this may put her on the hook for felony wire fraud.

Two weeks ago we presented the case that Sarkeesian faked death threats against her in an effort to raise money and gain attention to her videos.

Immediately the gaming press community rallied to her defense, publishing article after article discussing harassment and misogyny in the gaming community. The only problem? The death threats against Anita Sarkeesian are cleary fake, and most likely made by Anita herself.

She used the death threat against her to publish several tweets that simultaneously marketed her work while also raising money donations:

Only one hour of time separated her request for money from revealing the alleged death threat. It doesn’t take a professional marketer to see that Sarkeesian timed the tweets to maximize the amount of donations she would receive. The legal problem for Sarkeesian is that fundraising through public deceit is against the law in America, as Mike from Danger & Play helpfully pointed out.



A New York woman was recently sentenced to eight months in jail for fundraising under false pretenses:

A New York City woman was sentenced in US District Court on Tuesday, October 15, to serve eight months in prison, with two years of probation to follow, on convictions for wire fraud and for making false statements in connection with a scam fundraising scheme that she created on the Internet stemming from the Sandy Hook School shooting incident last December.

Sarkeesian’s innocence rests upon the death threat she received being genuine, but two independent journalists have just uncovered additional information that puts a wide open hole through her allegation.

Sarkeesian did not contact the San Francisco authorities as she has claimed

Davis Aurini, while working on a documentary about social justice warriors and the damage that they are causing society, was able to get in touch with the San Francisco Police Department about the report that Sarkeesian filed. The problem: she never contacted them.

Aurini: I’m calling about an incident which occurred in your district on August 26th to a Miss Anita Sarkeesian; she is a prominent cultural critic who received a number of death threats over Twitter, which wound up driving her out of her own home. This has been reported throughout the gaming media, as well as in other mainstream sources such as the LA Times, and The Telegraph-

Esparza: I’m very familiar with the case… the incident. There’s nothing, there’s no record of any incident occurring on the 28th of August. I’ve been trying to reach her for the past two days. If you have a way to contact this person and ask them for a case number, we’d appreciate that. There’s no record from our dispatch centre that I called and asked. There’s no record of any report being taken. So, when I saw her tweets it says “authorities”; Anita should make sure she reports to the San Fran police how she did this because there’s no record.

Milo Yiannopoulos, a journalist working out of the United Kingdom, was told the same information.


As Yiannopoulos points out, the police record contradicts the bulk of Sarkeesian’s story:


In the top right tweet she even makes up a dialogue she had with the police, which, according to them, could not have possibly occurred. She repeatedly references local police but they have no record of her call.

Thanks to the work of Aurini and Yiannopoulos, the main part of her story is confirmed to be suspect, turning the onus on Sarkeesian to provide evidence she was actually threatened. She won’t do this because we can reasonably assume the threat was created by her own hand. Authorities weren’t contacted because her life was never in danger. Unless the police parades a man before us as the horrible misogynist who wanted to kill Sarkeesian, the most logical conclusion is that she is lying to the public about the supposed threat she received.

This isn’t the first time that Sarkeesian was caught red-handed in a lie. Even though she pretends to be a girl gamer, she doesn’t even like video games, and is simply using it as a platform to push her SJW agenda, as so many real gamers have long suspected:

Which mainstream journalists were complicit in Sarkeesians fundraising scam?

While dozens of blogs wrote about professional victim Sarkeesian being threatened (by herself), two publications of note had the largest reach is spreading what could be soon investigated as a Federal felony.

Soraya Nadia McDonald (@SorayaTWP) from the Washington Post swallowed her story without making a single call to verify it:

But this week hit a new low: The attacks were so menacing and so personal, Sarkeesian was forced to call the police and leave her home. Someone let her know they’d tracked down her home address and the names and address of her parents. The individual threatened to kill them, too.

And Julie Bort (@Julie188), an editor from the Business Insider, did much of the same:

And here’s the most horrifying part. She also shared the specific list of threats being tweeted at her (warning: it’s very graphic). They are so appalling that we won’t run them on Business Insider. What we will say is that a person threatened to rape, mutilate, and “drink her blood.”

Bort’s parroting of Sarkeesian’s now debunked story is even more galling considering that she is an editor. It’s her job to prevent exactly this very type of sloppy reporting.

Important questions are raised when the mainstream media is complicit in reporting a false story that enriches the lying party. Are McDonald and Bort acting in a public relations capacity for Anita? Have they received money from her to report on a story that wasn’t fact checked? Are they planning to publish a retraction to a story that is becoming more like Swiss cheese with ever passing day? Does McDonald and Bort have an existing bias or agenda that facilitated them taking Sarkeesian’s word for it? Does their reporting put The Washington Post and Business Insider in legal danger by those who gave money to Sarkeesian under false pretenses?

The fact that the only outlet asking these questions is ROK, a site that has a goal of helping men get laid (among others), speaks volumes on the state of the American media today. They don’t care that Sarkeesian lied and they don’t care about fixing their mistake. As long as they got a story—any story—about “misogynist” men doing mean things to women, their news day was successful.


Many of you are probably wondering how Sarkeesian could get so careless in constructing a threat that can be torn apart with a basic screenshot and a couple phone calls. The reason is that she, along with her SJW gang, have the full backing of the gaming media and mainstream media establishment to believe whatever bullshit they come up with. It’s amazing to me, a microbiology major and not a journalist major, that not one journalist or blogger inquired for the specifics on how the authorities were contacted.

It wouldn’t have taken more than three or four questions to bring doubt to her story, saving possibly thousands of dollars in donations that were raised to Sarkeesian’s business entity from people who believed her because they read it on a site like The Washington Post or Business Insider, outlets that—up to now—were assumed to do the most basic of fact checking.

In light of Gamer Gate, these new revelations concerning Sarkeesian show that no form of media is safe from the SJW and feminist agenda, and that we must do all the fact checking ourselves. The entire media establishment in the United States is potentially corrupt. Proceed accordingly.

UPDATE: The police have changed their story and now state that they were contacted.

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130 thoughts on “Did Anita Sarkeesian Commit Felony Wire Fraud? (UPDATE)”

  1. Pwnt by Roosh, a guy not even on the NA continent.
    This really shows the degree of agenda manipulation and propaganda that is the core of US MSM. Treat ALL news of US origin with suspicion, especially when it involves the narrative that TPTB want the proles to believe.

    1. I think I understand what’s happened to the media. They had to compete with bloggers for their jobs. So they started to emulate the bloggers. Bloggers are not unbiased and objective. They are open about their biases and don’t have to stick to professional ethics. Journalist have to compete or die, so they became blogs. Almost all online written news media is now essentially a blog, and almost all journalists are bloggers. However. They don’t want to give up the one thing that separates them from bloggers: prestige. So they try to cling to their laurels. They try to have it both ways: maintain the credibility of news journalism while the profitability of no pinion blogging. I can see how tempting it would be to the typical American middle class SWPL. They’re resting on their laurels while they discredit their own profession. All to make it last just a little longer. Either they will go extinct, or they will try to do away with the internet as we know it. They might try to lockdown the internet, privatize it, end net neutrality, implement an internet fairness doctrine, force out anonymity. Entire hate speech laws online.

    2. Agree…it’s all about the cause (and the cash). It doesn’t have to be true any longer (facts? what are those?). As long as the narrative is out in full force and the cash if flowing in..it’s a win win for them.
      Yes, we (the public) now have to police the “media” because they’ve lost their way (a long time ago). Follow the money and you’ll usually find a big gaping hole in any story.
      It’s always all about the money in the end.

      1. Sure, the FBI would deal with Federal offences, such as wire fraud, etc. Do you have some facts proving it’s not the broad’s claims being investigated?

      2. Perhaps you should read where Anita LITERALLY says she talked to the local PD “this week”, and the local police stating on record that she DID NOT DO SO.

  2. Fine work. It is always the mark of living in a corrupt society that the mass media is fundamentally untrustworthy.

    1. It’s no different today in the U.S. as it was in the Soviet Union “back when”. Once the one or two major corporations own all of the media outlets, then you’ll get nothing but propaganda (bought by the highest bidder with the cash).
      Politicians do it (and have done it) for years. Now, we’re seeing the same playbook used by feminists…women (and or white knights).
      You’re only as free as you think you are. It’s why the story behind the Matrix..and many other stories is true to form (but many don’t want to believe).

  3. 3 things Roosh
    1) Typo – You mispelled Davis Aurini as David Aurini.
    2) The video post was great… actually quite disturbing…
    3) Really great journalism and followup.

    1. Agree..spot on reporting. The more men (or people) who call these people out and call attention do it the more society will have no choice but to pay attention to it.
      The evidence will be too overwhelming for anyone to argue against it (except the very delusional women in nature). lol

  4. Journalism has long ceased being an entity that seeked truth. It is all agenda based. If it follows the narrative then damn facts. I’m sure many journalists have gotten this memo.

    1. There are no longer any “journalists”….just entertainment specialist, interviewers, etc….look at Good Morning America (and who’s on it, now). It’s a joke the makeup of that current group versus the original folks (who at least learned from old school journalists).
      Good Morning America (now)…a bunch of millionaires on TV laughing at stupid shit on YouTube or other feel good stuff…reporting actual news for maybe 10 minutes a day. I walk by the TV and just shake my head….yeah, we’re in trouble.

  5. I don’t know, but somehow I suspect she’ll try the “I’m getting harassed online because I am female, so you are all misogynist pigs” argument again, which she uses against every point of criticism.
    Am I surprised that she is a dishonest immoral scam artist? Not really, I expect she is capable of much worst. People who invoke arguments from emotion and simply dismiss any critique with an ad-hominem don’t have any moral fibre.

  6. I have learned that the people who destroy humanity and civilizations are not the Stalins and Castros and Pol Pots of the world. It is the simple minded sheep that propels these people to great wealth and power. My life is not without fault or failure, but I simply could not live if I were one of these people. If society is ever able to achieve greatness then the sheep either need to be bred out or awakened.

    1. No millennials think for themselves. You don’t even have to be particularly smart or savvy to understand you don’t let other people (or government) take advantage of you, but college educated liberals are fucking retarded sheep. You just have to push whatever emotional button the believe in and they fall in line.

      1. Hey don’t lump us all in there. I went to a super liberal school and I fucked a good deal of feminists right after telling them I wasn’t one. My generation is no worse than the ones before.

      2. I would say maybe 60% of them fall for this stupidity. The rest of the Liberals are not that stupid and are either neutral or opposite to them.

    1. I see that since gays and women are not allowed to comment you’ve taken a side road to conduct provocateur ops?

  7. So what will it take for the DA to file charges against her? Surely emailing him and bringing it to his attention wouldn’t change anything, or would it?

  8. 1. Loopy broad wants something.
    2. Loopy broad sees path to obtaining what she wants is paved with the attention of white knights, betas, and like minded fools.
    3. Loopy broad creates false crisis to obtain aforementioned attention from aforementioned fools.
    This is a play straight from the female playbook, and it starts when they are children. Granted, male children sometimes do the same thing but hell, more often than not we grow out of it. One more reason to perceive women as physically developed beings with the base maturity of toddlers.

      Since “women are the new men”, they need as well to start experiencing biological males undergo everyday…

  9. Feminism is just an outlet for women to do what they usually do – lie, cheat, cat fight, fuck alphas and bad boys, without fear of men (I.e., people with honor and virtue) to call them out on it.
    Feminism wouldn’t even be an issue if women were attracted to more than just 10% of the male population. If everyone looked like tatted up Christian Grey quasi rapist, they’d gladly shut down Jezebel tomorrow. The funny thing is that these sluts won’t admit it, but I’ve never, ever seen them deny the fact that they fantasize about getting raped by some Khal Drogo looking motherfucker.

    1. “Feminism is just an outlet for women to do what they usually do – lie,
      cheat, cat fight, fuck alphas and bad boys, without fear of men (I.e.,
      people with honor and virtue) to call them out on it. Feminism is pretty
      much a castigation of unattractive men or men or tell them to stop
      being disgusting hypergamous cunts (usually men that don’t fulfill the
      slut’s ideal man qualifications, e.g., tall and violent).”
      The second sentence of that paragraph correlates with the theory I have about post-Arthurian England, when the Vikings had an easy conquest of England, with the help of English women.

      1. Tim, you should write an article about this man. This sounds like something history maniacs like myself, would find in a gold mine. Keep on fighting the good fight brother!

    2. >>They sound like something Ann Rice would write about. Women are obsessed
      with vampires because there’s nothing sexier than a violent
      uncontrollable blood sucking tall dark haired freak who lives in a
      castle and is aloof and obsessed with his job (drinking blood).
      Actually, Anita Sarkeesian is known to be a fan of vampire fiction, so this would be a nice touch if she was trying to implicate herself. However, anyone who has ever been subject to threats or harassment knows that the perpetrator gets the most effect by emphasizing that he or she knows things about you. That’s why names of Anita’s loved ones were also employed in the threats.
      If the FBI is investigating the case, they’ll know if Anita is faking. It’s not impossible, it’s just not what the evidence suggests, unless you count Aurani’s discussion with a disembodied voice on skype, which, as evidence, which also came with a fundraising appeal, and which, in terms of credibility, i would rank just above a conversation with a Ouija board.

      1. Theres already enough evidence on twitter alone, she tweets about contacting the police and even conversations she had with them, but the San Fransisco police department have no record of her even contacting them. If that is the case (and we all know it is) she could be sent to jail for wire fraud since the threats were tweeted shortly after she asked for donations.

    3. ……the first sentence alone leads me to believe you’re the type who feels entitled to pussy, simply because you are a “nice guy.” dude, you’re no more a dirtbag than the bad boys you seem to rail on.

    4. ……the first sentence alone leads me to believe you’re the type who feels entitled to pussy, simply because you are a “nice guy.” dude, you’re no more a dirtbag than the bad boys you seem to rail on.

  10. Anyways I’m glad to see guys like Roosh and other playboys moving away from PUA and getting down to addressing what the fuck is wrong with our culture. At the end of the day like roosh said, were all just clowns to women. It’s high time something is done before the entire world implodes thanks to psycho incapable sluts and spurned men with itchy trigger fingers.

  11. “Important questions are raised when the mainstream media is complicit in reporting a false story that enriches the lying party.”
    It is a self-emergent machine as evidenced by the recent Ferguson debacle. Most so-called journalists are nothing more than unpaid opinion writers servicing social justice click-farms.

      1. Maybe if they keep up they’re coding, in a hundred years they’ll reach the quality of the 1st xbox. The stories will still be fucking stupid and no one will ever buy them but hey Grrrrrrl power!

    1. You don’t go far enough. When it comes to Ferguson and Trayvon, the media is more like domestic race terrorists, trying to overthrow society by starting a race war that directly results in property damaged and lives ruined or lost. It is the exact definition of domestic terrorism.

  12. Modern women will stop at nothing to get resources while giving as little possible in return. Cam whore sites like Chaturbate are hilarious but sad at the same time. You see feminist pink haired sluts dancing like monkeys for tokens while telling the pathetic omegas fapping to them some sob story about how they need money. It’s the ultimate form of cuckolding…that and the scourge of socialism.

  13. My hope is that information such as this is investigated by the authorities. My gut tells me that we will continue to live in a society where “thought crime” is ruthlessly punished by the establishment (i.e. MSM, DA office, academia, etc.), while those with “approved opinions” (i.e. leftists) are free to violate federal law and fear no repercussions. The reason Ms. Sarkeesian was so sloppy with her fake death threat and “Social Justice Warrior Marketing 101” efforts is that she quite literally thinks that nobody will call her out on it, as she clearly falls under the “right thinking” umbrella protection of the establishment. To some degree she may be right.
    It’s time to make it clear this will not be tolerated. We have repeatedly seen leftists resort to low-level violence and nasty personal attacks to silence dissent. It is important to call them out on their shameful behavior on a personal, individual level. Excellent content and research.

  14. It looks like Roosh is the only one calling her out on this. A google search shows only one article after another of fawning support for this she devil.

    1. If you believe Sarkeesian is telling the truth why don’t you evidence it, or are you just trying to sow doubt in the minds of people who’ve looked at the evidence and concluded she is (or rather remains) a con artist?

    2. She reminds me of the way the church conducted business “back when” on TV in the 80s with all of the crazy TV ministers.
      Send us a check now because if I don’t receive money by (pick a date) then god will punish me, ban me, etc….
      Yep, that kind of nonsense only this time it’s women playing the victim “and if you act now by sending money…she’ll be safe”
      Fucking classic BS…lol.

  15. Roosh you wield the truth like a righteous sword and cut down it’s enemies like the sniveling lying sacks of gutless shit that they are.
    It is indeed quite sad that us in the manosphere and anyone else in the world has to get the unadulterated truth from a predominantly pick up website.
    I suppose the Truth has no allegiance but to it’s own. This sarkeesian is one fucking UGLY person in every way, shape and form. I hope you guys do not let up on her and all her disgusting, slimy friends in the media.
    They need to get what is coming to them. Hard and deep motherfuckers!

  16. It is so scary how she lies so effortlessly . Look at her. It is still lying but I believe she believes what she says. She is delusional. She lives in a fantasy world.

    1. She reminds me of my first girlfriend. Pathological liar, attention whore, cutter, with a sweet innocent demeanor.

    2. Shes gonna fuck up one day. She believes she can get away with anything because of the white knight media always coming to her rescue. But one day she’ll take it too far.

  17. Excellent article. Roosh and ROK must be commended on the fact that they have investigated her claims and shown clearly that there are important questions to be answered.

  18. Anita career of professional victimhood is over. Unless SJW are still retarded enough to still support her.

  19. As of this moment I literally cannot think of anything less surprising.
    One other thing I’d like to draw attention to is how much more disgusting and disturbing is the actual content of those threats when you know that she wrote them herself. ”I’ll drink the blood from your cunt after I rip it open”? Seriously? That says a lot about how her mind works that she envisaged a stalker saying shit like that to her.

    1. heh, a real stalker would just DO it. And i cannot imagine a single man that wouldn’t find the idea of drinking the blood afterwards pretty gross. I mean, sure, I could see someone making her sit on a hedge trimmer, but drinking it afterwards? Only a sick female mind could come up with something like that.

      1. I’ve read or heard somewhere that when the Mexican drug gang leaders were killed, the wives took over and they were even more ruthless in the torture methods than the men were.

        1. Yep. As we all know things like the brazen bull, iron maiden, tongue tearer, breast ripper, death by saw and many other torture devices which were once used on a daily basis were all invented by feeeeemales. Oh wait, that’s right, they weren’t. There really aren’t that many groups of people who can come anywhere near the level of delusions vast majority of commentators on this site decide to live in.

        2. Oh no. This is just horrific. Feeeemales touched them! While wearing short skirts AND thongs! They even used unclean feeemale fake blood! You’re completely right, this is so much more cruel than having your tongue ripped out! Ridiculous. Keep feeding yourself those lies, I think you might not survive without them, good day.

        3. What exactly is your point? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2370976/Man-raped-baby-leaving-hospitalized-requiring-surgery.html
          This link totally proves it … being born female is fatal these days 🙁 Just so we’re clear, I’m being sarcastic.
          Vast majority of rapes on children, men and women are committed by men. Vast majority of brutal murders of men and women are committed by … gasp, men. Though they were probably all forced to do them by evul female demons. By all means, keep convincing yourself violent crimes committed by females are somehow worse than those committed by men, because acknowledging they’re both on the same level would not go over well in your little delusional cult.

        4. that’s only because every time a woman murders somebody,she gets to go free because she made up a bullshit story while crying on the stand. Kind of hard to call that one a confirmed kill when the facts are skewed.

        5. Any facts that are not in your favor are ‘skewed’, interesting how that works, isn’t it. I can think of some cases in which criminals who were obviously guilty got off scot-free based on some ridiculous story, shockingly for you, these cases also include male criminals. World in which wymnyz are running about, murdering people all day and then get to go free cos ‘ginas and tears only exists in your head.

        6. they also include… Male criminals? Are you sure it’s me that needs the CAT scan? By replying to this thread, do you think you’re going to score higher with the ladies? Talk about things that only exist in some people’s heads.
          troll harder man boobs.

      2. QFT Brigadon. It was castration for everyone under Indira Gandhi’s rule from 1980-1984. Read the book “A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry who goes into the horrific details.

  20. I hope they make an example out of this bitch in the hopes that just because you have a pussy and yell “Rape!!” when it’s a fucking sham, you’ll be getting fucked all right.

  21. Turn fake threats into cash and online attention with the Sarkeesian System! All you need are an Internet connection and a vagina!

  22. You know society has gone down the drain when Anita Sarkeesian is considered a cultural hero.
    Enjoy the Decline.

    1. I’d add that the fact that so many others support someone like her and enable that type of manipulative, nonsensical, emotional hot-button victimization is definitely an indicator of former social mores and personal sensibility rotting away.

    1. The FBi isn’t going to do shit. The entire organization has been corrupted, gutted, filled with pansies with a social justice agenda since Obama became prezident.

    2. They don’t care about small potatoes like this. My client brought solid frauds to their attention and they didn’t care; not big enough. However, since this in the public eye I might be wrong.

  23. Even assuming the twitter account she posted a picture of was real, it looks like standard stalker talk to me. Bjork had that one stalker that tried to mail her a mail bomb and killed himself on video, and she didn’t blame an entire gender for it. Welcome to being famous Anita, you’re not special.

  24. I’d be expecting a future spin job that contacting the authorities she meant twitter monitors, or whatever there is to report to prior to accounts being deemed needing to be canceled.
    She didn’t use the word police in the tweet.

      1. Okay, didn’t know about that one. The tweet I saw she said that she just got threatened and then said authorities have been contacted.
        But still expecting a spin.

  25. The feminist attacks things for two main reasons. 1. Do I like this (sports, travel, video games, etc) if answer is no then attack. 2. Does this take attention away from woman (sports, travel, video games, etc) if answer is yes then attack.

  26. I wouldn’t put too much hope in them prosecuting..this IS San Francisco we’re talking about, tolerance capital of the nation.

  27. The passion of gamers towards their medium is fucking idiotic.
    It’s becoming insanely obvious that a huge portion of this community are gamers. I can recognize the easily butt hurt, bad attitudes towards those who disagree and pointless arguing that I used to experience when I was a hard core gamer.
    If this site continues to make me feel like I’m visiting Kotaku, I’m going to find another place of masculinity.

        1. No, I don’t care about video games. I simply dislike whiners and ‘concern trolls’, and if you plan on behaving that way, I wish for you to get thee hence.
          If you have constructive criticisms, or even completely disagree with the article I would be happy to hear what you have to offer, but crying and threatening to take your ball and go home is the unmanly behavior of a spoiled child.

    1. “The passion of gamers towards their medium is fucking idiotic.”
      Same also applied to any given music genre before they became MAINSTREAM.
      “It’s becoming insanely obvious that a huge portion of this
      community are gamers. I can recognize the easily butt hurt, bad
      attitudes towards those who disagree and pointless arguing that I used
      to experience when I was a hard core gamer.”
      I have become pickier which companies I am willing to support with my money; after all, the video game industry is an entertainment business, no different to sports teams, mainstream TV, Japanese animation, and comic book industries.
      “If this site continues to make me feel like I’m visiting Kotaku, I’m going to find another place of masculinity.”
      No, it won’t; after all, women can’t handle PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY.

  28. And women why men don’t want to give then access to male spaces.
    Women literally have the reverse Midas touch. Everything they touch turns to shit and drama.

  29. The entire mainstream media establishment IS corrupt. So are the San Francisco police. So are federal prosecutors. You can’t trust any of them.
    In fact, I’ve taken to watching Al Jazeera America news because it is probably least corrupt news network. Never thought I’d say that!
    Meanwhile, this horrid bitch is not going to be punished. No way the feminist state goes after one of their own.

  30. Apparently Officer Esperza contacted someone and said she did in fact file a police report and it was bumped up to the FBI. Kinda weird how she pretended that the police didn’t care though…

  31. Listen to Stack Thornehawk my fellow brothers in arms. This Snakeesian creature is a sniveling conniving beast cowering in a dark corner, huddling with fear as the net closes its gap, now is the time to strike!
    The feminist agenda, a sub-sect of the Zionist banking cartel’s global movement to eradicate the white race, destroy all national boundaries, and unite the world under their tyrannical electrical regime is beginning to lose credibility with the general public. We must spread the word even more. This one story that our founding father Roosh worked so hard to break through to the public is just one of many facets from which we must launch our counterattack upon. Know that there is no rest for the wicked, and all women are wicked, just as all sicks, gays, and socialist weasels.
    If you see an inconsistency with a woman or a news story, tell everyone around you. Speak out! Shout it out loud for Christ’s sake! Just be prepared to be stoned and yelled at by unaccepting blue-pill-mongers. The strugglers always put up a better fight in the end.

    1. I’m on board with the dangers of feminism, but when I read post like yours it makes me question my reasoning…. Do I really want to replace fanaticism of one kind for another.

  32. So Roosh, have you contacted the SF DA or SF police to charge her? Because seriously, SOMEONE should freaking pass this article along to the cops.

    1. you already know some mangina or feminist is going to run across this, and then refuse to pass it on to the person in charge of the investigation.

  33. “This in fact was the case as of yesterday” It sounds like the police were not contacted until after this article was written. “This morning I learned” Did he learn this morning or was it reported this morning and then he learned? It would be interesting to see a clarification of the timeline.

  34. So. Roosh. Honeybuns. How about a little apology for writing so much patent bullshit closely bordering on libel? I mean, apart from that single, weaselly line at the end, this whole barrage of lies is still entirely unchanged. Maybe take it down? No?
    Oh, right. That would require some actual integrity.

    1. This is why reading comprehension is so important: The officer said what he said was true as of that moment. Now you can follow your own advice.

  35. Just that tiny line at the end after aaall that seething verbiage? Come on, Roosh. You’re so tough and smart and whatnot.

  36. In all honesty, she should have never been given the chance to do this in the first place and it makes me sad. There are many other QUALIFIED women that would actually understand the problems needed to be pointed out, but this woman has single handedly destroyed their chances at anyone listening to them.

  37. I think your update, rather than suggesting that the police “changed their story,” should be more along the lines of “This entire article was over-the-top speculation based on the information I had at the time, information that has now been proved false. Everything I wrote here is wrong.”

  38. The police’s latest statement reads as if Sarkeesian’s apparent report is under investigation now… Not the actual threats sh claims to have received.

  39. Wait so first the police say they weren’t contact, and then add that they were, which one is it? I sense a cover up.

  40. I want to support her but I just can’t.
    It’s weird through; I am a feminist but she has done some really annoying stuff, like this shit. The more I think about it, the more I think she is using the name feminist in vain: trying to gain sympathy to fellow feminist and then, “steal their money”. And btw, what are we donating for? A girl to argue about how in video games, women are degraded. It just feels so superficial and more of a “first world” issue. What about single moms stuck in poverty, etc? Plus, there are other evidence of video against her argument about video games that clearly have a better stance (in my opinion) which is far more logical and less bias (and actually have research done with sources).
    She might not be a radical feminist but I don’t see her for gender equality. Nor a promotion of female equality: honestly, I feel a lot of her videos are just saying, “look how terrible we women have it! especially in these video games, x, y and z” instead of things we can do to change the climate. I would love to see that money invested in her created a video game or an app that helps gender equality some how. It would be a lot more effective.

  41. Oh my god, people believed that? It reads like terrible fucking fan fiction! “Police: Anita u r a h3r0 have infinity dolars and u r attractive 2′

  42. Better late to the party than never but, Anita has found an easy market to exploit, demonised gamers. She’s very skilful in her craft, professional victim hood, but then these privileged white women have had decades of ease and comfort from which to perfect that craft and their role in it. She recently dropped her gamer attack, now she made a good 250k out of it, and as moved onto to pastures new. She is a con artist, but she can’t be put on trial for it because all she did was part a group of gullible fools, from their money which has been the way of the woman since time began.

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