25 Reasons Your Girlfriend Is Overrated

At some point in all of our lives we’ve been charged with the task of describing our newly-minted girlfriends to our friends and family in hopes of gaining some sort of approval or blessing. We do our level best to justify choosing her as a significant other by highlighting all of her qualities while conveniently leaving out her weaknesses. Who can blame us?  We all know that relationships are much easier when the girl we’ve chosen gets the seal of approval from the people closest to us.

However, after digesting the crimson capsule I’ve come to realize that most, if not all, of what I hear from friends and loved ones about their women aren’t really qualities at all. Especially when it comes to American women. Some of what I hear are myths, some qualities are exaggerated and grossly overrated and, believe it or not, some are even red flags. What they all have in common is that most of these so-called qualities are merely fool’s gold—a delusional spin on negative traits as a coping mechanism to the reality that there is no such thing as a quality woman in this part of the world. The sad thing is that men actually believe these qualities make her a catch and that he’s lucky to have her.

Below is my list of the 25 most prolific fake qualities I’ve heard when listening to men describe their unicorns. Chances are you or someone you know has either acknowledged or believed them. It’s time to take the blinders off and see these endowments for what they really are.

1.“She lets me be me”

…for now. But the moment an alpha gives her the tingles your cute little idiosyncrasies will turn into major annoyances.

2. “She’s an independent woman”

No need to elaborate too much on this one, as there is way too much documented evidence that so-called independent women make horrible mates, including this article.

3. “She believes in 50/50 relationships”


4. “We have sooo much in common”

No you don’t. She’s putting on an act to lock you down. As soon as that happens off-roading and weekend camping trips are out.

5. “She’s a good Christian woman”

Women who claim to “put God first” are among the most hypergamous females on the planet.  AWALT, fellas…especially this particular breed.

6. “She’s one of the guys”

Run for the hills if she actually says this out loud as this is the calling card of a bona fide slut. This is a textbook attention grab and a strategy to increase the number of horses on her carousel ride.

7. “She has a great job”

Unless she’s a preschool teacher, nurse, or any profession that requires a nurturing personality, she sits at a desk from 9 to 5, updates her Facebook status every 15 minutes, and wants to fuck her boss (FYI: steer clear of high school teachers).

8. “She is so laid back”

Women are laid back so long as you are dominant and hold frame, as it relaxes them to know you’re in control.  If you lose that quality she’ll be the bitchy, neurotic creature she’s designed to be.

9. “She’s such a strong woman”

Betas will often mistake a woman’s jaded disposition (a direct result of being pumped and dumped through her twenties) as strength.

10. “She doesn’t try to smother me”

If you’re holding frame, fucking her senseless, and running solid asshole game she’ll want to smother you. If she doesn’t, she’s thinking of smothering someone else if she isn’t already.

11. “She’s always the life of the party”

Attention whore (read: slut)

12. “She’s down to earth”

The perfect description of a female who doesn’t take pride in her personal appearance and is often seen in sweats and flip-flops. Betas gleefully refer to these women as “low maintenance.”

13. “She challenges me”

Bitching and nagging isn’t her challenging you. It’s her flat out telling you that you’ve lost frame. A woman in check rarely challenges her man.

14. “She’s great in bed”

Most girls are the same in bed, as they generally just need to be physically present to produce a favorable sexual experience for a man. Willingness, attractiveness, and blowjob skills do make a difference, but there’s largely no real skill in getting fucked.

15. “She’s fearless”

Another slut tell—especially if the word “fearless” comes out of her mouth. This means she’s impulsive. Her YOLO attitude is a dead giveaway that her holes have been plundered by countless cocks.

16. “We’re soulmates”

You’re kidding right?

17. “She’s genuine”

Beauty, as with genuineness, is only skin deep. She’s as genuine as her mission dictates.

18. “She speaks her mind”

Translation: she won’t shut the fuck up.

19.“She gets along famously with my family and friends”

Again, this is a strategy to lock you down. Getting ringing endorsements from the people who have your ear is the quickest way to accomplish this goal. Her true colors will eventually shine through, as she won’t hesitate to talk shit about your loved ones soon as you put a ring on it.

20. “She’s a good mother”

Click here.

21. “She doesn’t want kids”

…until she shows you the dreaded plus sign while swearing on grammy’s grave it was an accident. All women are biologically hardwired with a strong desire to reproduce. Not wanting kids is an illusion designed to lull you into a false sense of security so you will raw dog her and help fulfill her biological imperative.

22. “She’s my best friend”

There is a shred of truth to this, as she’s now your only friend after systematically eradicating your social circle one person at a time.

23. “She’s been through a lot so she’s wise for her age”

She’s fucked a ton of guys, been through a lot of drama, and has a lot of stories to tell. Enjoy the baggage.

24. “She’s open-minded”

She doesn’t have any steadfast beliefs or habits. Often referred to as a “free spirit,” which is code for a girl who changes views like she changes cocks. For the record, I’ve never met a slut who wasn’t open-minded.

25. “We have a connection”

She’s really hot, loves to fuck and begs to give you blowjobs. Trust me, I know this can make you feel like you have some sort of cosmic connection with her, but don’t kid yourself. Odds are you’re not the only dude who has that same “connection” with her.

So the next time you’re engrossed in a conversation with one of your buddies and he starts spouting off his girl’s faux positive qualities, do yourself a favor and take them with a grain of salt—especially if you live in the West.

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185 thoughts on “25 Reasons Your Girlfriend Is Overrated”

  1. I have to admit that although I play the game within the redpill “rulebook” I am starting to think maybe NAWALT might be true in certain regards. I’m talking about women who have been beautiful their whole lives and have had “alphas” come onto them since middle-school – they don’t seem to buy into the bs quite as much. They still respond to basic game but don’t require ridiculous levels of “alpha” because its old news…
    Anyone else run into this?

    1. Yes scratche, I can think of a few, but I wouldn’t get overly ‘vulnerable’ with them either. All women are pretty much on a ‘need to know’ basis with me.

  2. It makes me think of two quotes:
    “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”
    “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought-crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by eactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten. . . . The process will still be continuing long after you and I are dead. Every year fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller. Even now, of course, there’s no reason or excuse for commiting thought-crime. It’s merely a question of self-discipline, reality-control. But in the end there won’t be any need even for that. . . . Has it ever occcured to you, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now?”
    Both from George Orwell’s 1984, modern feminism’s destruction of language and hypocritical nature in a nut shell.

    1. I don’t get the anti dating sentiment. If anything alot of women have pushed men into fufilling their dreams. Bc women tend to like high value men who accomplish something. Having a stable family and a job is an accomplishment in itself. I don’t know who propagated the myth that unless you fufilling your dream of being a rock star or sports hero or millionaire drug dealer that you are a failure. It’s been one one the most psychosocial corrosive events to occur. If you find a girl worth settling down for do it. If you get her before the carousel then you are helping society. It’s a two way street. Women are err closer and closer to the carousel the more high value men that don’t see them as a solid investment because they would rather get more bar wench notches.

      1. maybe you should explain that to most of the women who married men primarily to get half of his fucking money. As much as I’d like to subscribe to the notion thats nothing but bullshit, you get to realize feminism has gotten so entrenched in female sexualism, that’s their version of being able to survive: like parasites.
        they’re more likely to not want to get pregnant mostly for the concept that they get stuck with the raw end of the deal. They have to incubate the little bastard for 9 months, and God knows they don’t want their genetic material come crawling back to them in need of money. This may sound cynical, but they deserve all the cynicism they get considering all the documentation they throw out there to suppress us. We wouldn’t be so weary if dumb bitches were burning their bras in the first place.

        1. That’s why you make the right investment and not the wrong one! I’ve made plenty of wrong ones but you learn a hard lesson. When you find a girl who does subscribe to feminism or liberalism you make an investment. Not all women are locked into feminism, there are hot women from Europe, America and Australia joining ISlsmic state and fighting because they reject feminism. Sadly it’s hard to find people who adopt the middle ground.

        2. dude, read the article. it says ‘western women’ and ‘american women.’ we all know there are better women abroad but this article clearly says these ‘faux qualities’ are indicative of american women. i hope you’re not a concern troll or a white knight

        3. Most women live to be pregnant. They don’t consider it a raw deal. They love the feeling of being pregnant. Its like a drug to them.

        4. Clearly the “most” that you are attracting in your life isn’t the same “most” that I am. And no one knows most people on the planet.

        5. LOL thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I doubt they would join IS because of rejecting feminism. more likely they are rejecting centuries of arrogant western colonialism spreading inequality and oppression to every corner of the world in the name of bettering our already pampered standard of living

        6. Did you know that Osama Bin Laden’s last communication and letter was that the West should read more Noam Chomsky and should do more about climate change.It’s funny how easily people on the hard left eat love this rhetoric. I’m sure many people on the left love the idea that fundamental islam is anti imperialistic and christians are bad etc. Islam is a religion of peace despite Mohammad being a the head general for Islam and fighting a 10 year war as head of its military. nearly everything men do is to pamper women or make their lives more comfortable. but if you want to trade pampered living for Islamic anarchy( Somalia) you will be deeply surprised at the result

        7. I’m not saying I want to live under sharia law. But I do believe our current standard of living, and our lifestyles in general are far too decadent and unsustainable, and things need to change in order to safeguard the environment for future generations

        8. the free market will solve the environmental issues that the world is facing. solar cells on all houses, wind turbines etc. all stuff that he free market can provide on an individual level. no individual owns a coal mine and then the coal plant for their own house alone. there are things that can be done to encourage this market change. but realistically it will progress tot he point where that will be nature of the energy.

        9. Dude there is a seriously easy antidote for that… spent all your savings having fun… or otherwise.. invest it in and forget about it… tell every woman you are between jobs. If she sticks, it means she’ not a gold digger.

      2. you’re 100% right fisherking. men are naturally predisposed to wanting a stable family and a job. any man who accomplishes this has accomplished something great. but here’s the major problem with your statement. you said ‘if you get her before the carousel then you are helping society.’ that’s the key and the problem. most girls in this country are on the carousel well before they’re even legally allowed. then if they go to college, its over. the type of women you are describing are very very very rare. its like they’re an endangered species. you honestly sound like a white knight who still believes in unicorns. if you’ve been married 50 years good for you but you sound like you’re holding out hope for ‘the one’. also, nobody here is suggesting that you have to be a rock star or sports hero or millionaire drug dealer to be happy. i understand the statement but that sentiment isnt prevalent in this forum. you’re going to the other extreme to make your point seem more valid and its transparent.

        1. Honestly I’m pretty happy with the girl I’m with- sure I reject easy tail but that’s the price to pay. I’m pretty confident I’m not holding out. I still do the occasional white knight act but only for women who earn it. Statistically lets say 1% of women are not corrupted with feminism-Out of 190 million North Americans women that still leaves you with finding someone. Most women are not hardened feminists they just read they flyers. They don’t subscribe to it. It’s rough sailing out there I agree but possible to navigate.

        2. yes, i think the stable family thing is a natural trait, not least because men are survivors they don’t tend to put a whole lot of emphasis on doing the vacuuming and ironing the shirts…..
          thus a stable home life can be highly beneficial… provided you can afford the upkeep without being the muscle that has to mow the lawn, change the light blubs and clean the pool every weekend.
          i think the death of the alpha male charts back to the death of servants… since with servants gone, yours truly gets to be driver, handy man, gardener, window cleaner etc. etc.
          Fine if you like that stuff, some men do…. I don’t like manual labor, and if I was going to get into that field, I’d jolly soon have a team of guys and all the best tools, and just run the business of it…. I do enjoy hammering and nailing and painting etc…. problem is that it conflicts with more cerebral pursuits….

      3. “If you find a girl worth settling down for do it. If you get her before the carousel then you are helping society.”
        Should we start chasing high school seniors?

      4. I don’t know who propagated the myth that unless you fufilling your
        dream of being a rock star or sports hero or millionaire drug dealer
        that you are a failure.

        Who claims this?

        1. The media by chiefly celebrating those topics through media in the forms of TV, radio, magazines, movies, songs etc. the common motif of “get rich or die trying”. Have you been living under a rock? Because if you think a doctor or teacher saving lives or changing lives is getting the same airtime you are mistaken.

        2. I’ve been living.
          I guess I don’t watch the same TV shows as you. Nobody I know talks this way.

        3. Yeah… post Enlightenment things went really down in terms of culture. Guess you missed the beat but the highest selling musicians are fat white chicks and thugs drug dealers. Mozart is kinda out. Poetry is whatever rhymes with “muh dik”. If you are in a basement held hostage by someone named Fritz I suggest you don’t leave.

        4. Yeah, honestly I try and avoid plebs like the plague but a minute with the lower class that do mimic tv and your everyday soap operas and you can see why the ruling class loathe them.

      5. Who gives a shit about helping society? I’m going to do whats good for me and settling down with any woman with these type of marriage divorce laws is a no go.

        1. That’s good for you do what’s happy for you. Not everyone was meant to be married. No one should force you to get married and the tax incentives to get married are bullshit. Your an individual and govt should view you as such. However there’s other humans out there and some of them are not all too bad. That no man is an island also holds weight. So unless you want to live like a hermit, vagabond or wolfman you may want to positively invest in society. If this site is about self improvement why not extend that to society. I’m in no way advocating any of the bullshit govt program’s or mccharities but some positive input may go a long way.

        2. I like Heartiste’s statement; “Young men, don’t give a shit about society, because it is certain that society will not give a shit about you.”

      6. Until they get bored or think they are missing something, then it’s divorce rape time.

    2. dick no need to go all extreme knowing full well that’s not how anybody introduces a female friend. no need to go from what you deem to be one extreme to the other. i think the point of the article is that women are not as ‘shiny’ as we think they are. most of these dont apply to every girl but ive seen and heard a lot of these myself and there is a lot of truth to a lot of these. so theres no need to introduce her as the slut you fuck but to take a page outta your book theres no need to introduce her as the ‘amazing girl of my dreams either’

    3. I like to keep it as simple as “She’s a nice girl.” If the person with whom I’m conversing wants more detail than that, I’ll answer their follow-up questions until they get the hint and stop asking or I get bored and change the subject.

      1. couldnt agree more bro camel. keep it simple. as a red pill man you know her true nature so why try to make her sound like a unicorn? we do this for our own selfish desires. ‘look at the girl i’ve got.’ we think our girls are a reflection of who we are. wrong. no need to seek others approval for some hole we stick our dick in. just like you said ‘shes nice, and i enjoy having her around from time to time’ thats it.

    4. My friend, if you find any of the above phrases coming out of your mouth you need to dump that girl.
      If you can’t think of anything else to say, you have a problem.

    5. let me introduce you to __________ (best to use a nickname) – her pussy’s juicy, she loves to swallow, she’s got a tight ass and perky tits… but you already knew all that right…

    6. You walk her around on a dog lead and introduce her as a monkey branching whore bitch.

  3. “So the next time you’re engrossed in a conversation with one of your buddies and he starts spouting off his girl’s faux positive qualities”
    That is, assuming your ‘buddy’ hasn’t already cut you off and severed all ties because his girl didn’t like you, your lifestyle, your hobbies, your clothing, or your attitude etc. etc.

  4. Yea, there’s a difference between being a social gal or good host and being “life of the party.”
    If she doesn’t satisfy her need for attention with you, there are problems. Even I know this.
    Although the “getting along famously with friends and family” is a little hyperbolic. It is a possibility one should be vigilant against, but unlike the others it isn’t something you should actively avoid.

  5. sometimes I get the idea that this site is a safe haven for guys who just got out of a relationship with bpd women.

    1. As a guy who fits that bill somewhat, I agree. The only tell here is that so many articles say the same thing in several different ways, don’t settle for what you hear and be mindful of what you see.

    2. I am one of those guys. A relationship with a bpd woman changes you as a person and makes you realize many things about yourself as man.

    3. I think the same thing sometimes, but I also think that for every full blown BPD woman, there are 4 or 5 with some of the traits. The more women Ive met since my BPD ex, the more I notice subtle clues of mental instability and inauthenticity.
      I keep saying that women arent built to have their hearts broken more than a few times, maybe even more than once. A girl that has been pumped and dumped ten times might not be a borderline, but she is permanently fucked up and unable to be her true self for fear of abandonment (the major cause of BPD behavior), so she will try to manufacture a relationship.

    4. everyone here who lives in the states has bad experiences with women whether they’re bpd or not. it’s the culture dude. and even if it was a safe haven blah blah blah can you blam us? you sound like a concern troll to me.

        1. I could give you 25 reasons why it applies here, but I won’t because doing so would be poor argumentation and more suited to gawker click bait.

        2. Then why make the comment? I’m not going to pounce on every little word you say if that is your concern.

        3. You started with the observation that Cracked is “completely feminized”, yet somehow, you are surprised other commenters react to you in agreement (“why make the comment?”, “how does it apply here?”). Nice trolling.

    1. go ahead and laugh and chuckle and make comparisons to ‘cracked’. it’s all fun and games until your ‘low maintenance’ girlfriend is fucking her boss because she no longer ‘lets you be you’

    The reason why is simple- the stakes are too high and you can potentially lose everything. So you have found the perfect girl (very rare indeed) but like I said, the stakes are too high.
    It is for this reason I admire Tom Leykis and see him as role model. He speaks the truth about women.
    Women are more likely to care more about their own selfish needs (such as their maternal instincts) and are also known to be dream killers. To raise a child in this day and age costs over $250,000 (that is the equivalent of a mortgage.)
    Also, she is very likely to try and hold you back on achieving your goals and dreams by manipulating you to her advantage. Remember, the day you choose to commit yourself to a relationship, don’t say you weren’t warned.

      1. LOL. It is was 4 marriages. But it gives him more credibility to talk the truth about women and how sleazy and back stabbing they can be.

        1. Its true, a man who has been with 4 women should have a better world view than a man with 1. But he does live in LA

    1. until your ‘free spirit’ girlfriend is freeing her spirit with another cock. it amazes me how many men feign amusement at these truths, it really does. wake the fuck up.

  7. 26. “Because she lets me be the “man” in the realtionship.
    In other words, you are just an walking wallet/sperm donor that does all the work while she shits on her ass and does nothing all day. And even that is putting it lightly.

    1. Exactly.
      LOL @ “She let’s me be the man”
      Chattel might need a woman’s sanction to be “the man.”
      A tried & true man doesn’t.

    2. Got a friend who told me about an expensive gift his wife bought him. However, she has no job and hasn’t worked in years. I wanted to say she bought you a gift using YOUR money, but I know better.

  8. The image of the girl holding that Bible is sacrilege, I tell you!
    If anything, Christianity and even Islam, have taught society what would happen if women took over man’s role. Religion has warned that women would corrupt society and reverse the traditional gender roles.
    Bible- you could not get anymore red pill than that.

  9. I love these articles! There is so much truth laced in those words I can’t help but laugh! If I only knew then what you shared now, I would have been single ages ago. Here’s the problem and yes they are problems. No body can live this confrontational existence all the time. Shoot, a female gave birth to me! And I plan on letting a woman close enough to become a girlfriend again. Call it illusion but I like getting laid without spending over 50 dollars to do it. And honestly I want a child someday. Preferably with a wife I can love and respect. Western women only account for but so much of the Earth’s population. Might even find a woman here.
    Probably the worst lie on the list to be exposed is soulmate. Your soul already mated with your body and every one is a whole being. I don’t know about anyone else but the greatest joy’s I felt in life was doing something that required my full attention, like writing or acting. This was independent of anyone else. If anything when I was with a woman, I lost much of my own passion for other things. I list that as my failing. So no more soulmate, no more co-steering my ship, one captain only. Me

    1. “And honestly I want a child someday”
      DUDE, DON’T DO IT!!!
      It costs OVER $250,000 to raise a child from 1 to 18. Do you have that kind of money?
      Also, most children have no future since most jobs will be automated or outsourced. Bill Gates and even Oxford University have confirmed this.
      I am so fucking sick of hearing these parents complain about “I’m so worried about my child. He just finished college and can’t find a job. What am I gonna do about him?”
      Don’t be that next sucker. Take the above two points very seriously before you contemplate about having kids.

      1. If I can control my world I probably still will. The big problems that are to be mindful of are those you listed and the character of the woman you settle up with. Plus this system rewards women who absorb feminine guiles early and take on masculine nature later. Then it rewards feminized boys early and punishes them from puberty on. Maybe it is the ego in me, but I want to impart some of my hard won lessons to the next generation in some ways.
        The biggest fears are having a baby bomb strapped to my chest (seriously, what is with women walking hands free and men strapping babies to the chest and pushing baby carriages?!), having a feminized son(to which I don’t object to the lion’s way of improving strength, off the cliff you go homey, see when you find your strength), and the potential for a lost investment. However, the rewards outweigh the risks if I can raise a hearty man or even a solid woman who respects people and life. The biggest problem was and always will be the mother. I am almost certain this feminine society we have,robbed 3 decades of valuable Americans in the name of security and protection. My only hope to avoid the jobless situation is doing my best to remove the false belief that school and education alone equals security. To quote Bruce Lee: Knowing is not enough, you must apply. Willing is not enough, you must do. Or if they are truly lazy get a job that serves the rich like police, doctors, plastic surgeons, veterinarians, lawyers.

        1. u need to listen to truth- there will never be enough jobs in the US again. I think about my godchildren alot- their future 10-15 yrs from now when they are adults is grim.
          some perspective- GM at its peak employed around 500k people(now its what? 35k?) The multiplier effect (if you believe it) is 10, so GM, once upon a time, supported 5 mil jobs (eg people working in hotels, restaurants, part suppliers).
          How many employees does instagram have? uber? airbnb?
          All these new companies destroy jobs, nothing more… no kids pal!!

        2. The funnier and more over the top the article, the closer it is to the truth, or so I’ve learned reading and testing ideas presented on ROK.

  10. Ehhh too much. There are women who amplify your life instead of bring it down. Some people here are way to negative. There is a stage for notches, and there is a stage for building your life.
    When you set to building your life, be it a business or a family you will loose friends. Lets look at business, If look at my life in buisness it developed in few distinct stages.
    When I first got started I had all my friends talking about what they could do etc… But I acted on it. Then my friends gave me the pitty speechs and started talking shit about how I would fail (dont you know 80% of business fail…oh really I thought it was easy)
    Then I kept going,I started to make more money, the same amount as my now distanced fiends. I would get invited to parties with them, where they would bitch about there shitty jobs and soul crushing schedule (probably not to great for running game). At which point I no longer related to them, sharing my life just garnered resentment. In fact I was informed that I only succeed because I was lucky and knew some guy(nothing to do with being good at what I do and building a customer base).
    Not long after, most everyone I though was a friend was non responsive. So in the end I have a few good friends that no women is going to fuck up, and I dont have to justify anything to.
    My view is if you get into a relationship know why you are doing it. It should not be to gain approval from anyone.

    1. This was a great and incredibly mature comment. RoK can be incredibly (and ironically) gynocentric at times so I suspect it will go unnoticed but I think it speaks to a much greater truth than “25 Reasons Your Girlfriend is Overrated,” i.e. Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky; Associate with the happy and fortunate instead.
      Kudos on your success.

    2. You nailed it. There is a stage to learn from the red pill fraternity here at ROK and then another where one applies the knowledge without needing the approval of same. I came here after losing my wife of 29 years to cancer. The world has changed much since 1984. I learned of self improvement, maintaining frame and the base instincts of women. Knowledge I’m thankful for dispersed here in various ways and means. Like you I run my business successfully without the approval or want of validation from others.
      I’ve met a woman six years younger than my 56 who like me has little time left in this life for BS. We don’t have time to screw around like twenty somethings because the ever closing prospect of death focuses the mind in ways difficult to explain to the youthful.
      ROK has been a great resource, but I won’t merely copy and paste the content to my life.

      1. “I’ve met a woman six years younger than my 56” lol
        You mean you made a close friend. I’m happy for you.

      2. single malt you make a good point but you are in the >1% of men who had an enjoyable, faithful marriage longer than a lot of us have been alive. and while my heart goes out to you for losing a wife of almost 3 decades to cancer, the fact remains that you are an exception to the rule. it’s easy for a man of your privilege (a good thing, mind you ) to paint the ROK is a frat house mentality but newsflash: it ain’t 1984 brother. i hate reading articles like this because as silly as they seem to be, there’s obviously truth in them. you didn’t experience what it’s like to date so-called ‘women’ in 2014. hell, the one you’ve met is 50 so there’s a good chance not even she’s ridden the carousel and if she hasn’t good for you. seriously. i give you all the credit in the world for having met a few decent women in your lifetime but to characterize this as ‘copy and pasting’ this mentality to your life is irresponsible and blanket. your opinion is based on your life and life experiences as it should be. but i’m going to let you know that what you think is the exception to the rule and that the exception is never the rule. obviously nobody here does everything on this forum as we’re all different and every situation is different. but you also need to give credence to the struggle we face with these overconfident american fatties who think they deserve a 6’3″ CEO with a 7 figure income and movie star looks.

    3. LOL. “and there is a stage for building your life.”
      Unless you married a virgin that person you are building your life with has had dozens of cocks through her. Just remember that. Never forget that some other guy has jizzed on your woman’s face before. Keep that in mind when you think she’s a princess.

    1. Even serial killers can love babies. In fact most sociopaths love kids due to their innocence. Doesn’t make them any less crazy

        1. You went too far into what I said. I am saying loving children is too little an assessment to base good character on. Saying Aww and expressing nurturing qualities are different things.

        2. Every woman says “awwww” when they see a little kid. It’s an entirely fake, robotic action and means nothing. You’d have to be a fool to want kids these days anyway. You’re just going to lose them when you get divorced.

        3. Ooooooh, I see what you are saying. Yes, I agree with that statement, but this article seems way too bitter. I understand a certain level of cynicism comes with dating, but it can get over the top. Just like the movie “Over the Top” with Sly Stallone.

  11. Girlfriend
    -A woman who expects you to take her out and do girl stuff, buy her stuff, get freebies off you and sleep with no other women but her.
    -She may sleep with any alpha cock that comes by and it wasn’t really cheating because you had some argument sometime or she was tricked into it, or her needs weren’t meant or you somehow fucked up. (Most women never even give you a reason anyways, they just kinda disappear)
    I’ll pass.

  12. Americans sure love those “X reasons why…” “X signs you are…”.
    Here are 5 simple things why your girlfriend isn’t overrated:
    1-She is feminine and knows her place and duties in your relationship. She gladly cooks for you yet she doesn’t expect you to cook and clean, but to repair, build and lead the way.
    2-She is interested in looking good for you.
    3-She is relationship material: no ONS, no hook-ups, no FWB in the past, 1 or 2 boyfriends (tops). Preferably a virgin before you took her V-card.
    4-She goes “aww” when she sees children and wants to be a mother.
    5-She isn’t a strong, independant career woman and expects you to earn the money while she takes care of the children and of your house.

    1. It is possible to find a girl who ticks all those boxes if you head east.
      3 is impossible to verify unless she was a virgin when you met her -> 1 or 2 previous boyfriends (according to her) makes her overrated.

    2. girls like that in america are rare. no FWB in the past or 1 or 2 boyfriends??? seriously?? im sure there are a few out there but they are few and far between. they’re rare dude. i get it but if you’re holding out for the woman you’ve described and you live in america, its gonna be a long wait

    3. bear in mind, the numbered lists are Roosh’s chosen format. He will often edit an article to list format, and many regular authors will simply adapt to that style.
      It’s his website, he can do what he wants. It’s not my own preferred format, but I am not running a 10K+ hits a day blog either.

  13. This article does remind me of a crappy cracked article. ROK is so hit or miss…. The list itself, and the authors comments on each item make little sense at all and contain virtually no red pill wisdom, what is the point of this article?
    I’ve had three serious girlfriends and two of them were amazing long term deals where I learnt alot about women. Sure there is drama, especially at the end, but it’s definitely a growth experience. I can say that being under the spell of the “oneitis love illusion” was probably the happiest time of my life. It sucks having to eventually come back to earth.
    There really is no value in hating on having a girlfriend. It’s neither good or bad, correct or incorrect. Just don’t get her pregnant as everyone else is commenting. Not everybody is living the playboy lifestyle all the time for fucks sake. There is nothing beta about banging one girl exclusively for awhile.

    1. Don’t let it get to you. What happens often when many guys gather is a puffing of the chest and loud grunts. When the typing stops and the crowd disperses many guys go back to the frame they had before. Don’t be surprised if half the crowd here end up married/divorced/holding wifey down in a 5-7 years time frame from today. That said, aside from the blatant don’t have a girlfriend belief, there is much truth and areas to be mindful of when in a relationship. I’m sure you can see that after being in a few relationships yourself

      1. Yes, plenty of puffing of chests going on. This is going to make me sound weak but something does worry me about the community and it’s this: Players seem to either love women or hate women, and I wonder sometimes if it’s more or the former or the latter around here.

        1. Strength comes from conviction. Don’t worry about appearing weak. You know if you’re weak when you can’t imagine any joy or life in the actions you suggest.
          I think most players love women. However, their words trip you up. I knew a dick, angry, bitter, cruel, who easily had sex with over 1000 women. Maybe 2. No PUA artist forum. No sarging. Straight hardened natural. How he sounded to guys, those of us more indoctrinated to viewing women as needing protection, was like a true dick. Yet, he celebrated Valentine’s day with his lady, celebrated Anniversaries, took his girlfriend out on dates, all while consistently cheating on her. If he could do treat his woman okay, barring cheating, and have sex with so many there must be love in there somewhere. That was a player. I doubt the majority of the men here have a hundred, let alone one thousand women, under their belt. So it would be unfair of me to consider them players. My notch is somewhere around 30 and I wouldn’t call myself a player.

        2. yes, that comment does make you sound weak and like a concern troll. you think players either love or hate women and the truth is that it’s neither. men here understand the harsh truths about women and deal with them accordingly. some females may be less likable than others but that doesnt mean that men love or hate women. we accept them for who they are and operate accordingly. and by the way, puffing of chests is what men do. sure you’re not a female?

      2. Maybe holding the wifey down, but I’d like to believe all of us have learned valuable lessons on marriage from each other. I didn’t even need this site to know that. As soon as I left college for the “real world”, I noticed the amount of thrice divorced men working wage slave jobs for the fem-state. No thanks.

        1. That is a heck of an observation to make as soon as you left school. Took me until my second year with someone I proposed to to realize I made a mistake. Good man. My reasoning for saying many here will still choose that is this statement, “Got it just don’t get it until there’s nothing at all.” Learned that one by crashing on the shores of life.

  14. to dismiss this article as ‘satire’ or ‘comedy’ or ‘funny’ or anything similar is 2 things: 1) irresponsible and 2) fearful. i can imagine some men that read this probably used a few of these to describe his girl and is a little fearful that there might be some truth to one of these 25 ‘reasons’. naturally they’d respond with things like ‘oh that’s soooo funny’ or ‘why do guys seem to reject committing to a woman?’ that fear will eventually lead to white knighting, then beta-tude, then back to the AFC they were before taking the red pill. admittedly i did laugh at some of these but not because i thought they were out of left field of some sort of crazy sentiment, but because they ring true. just as we laugh at comedians who do stand up and point out shit that’s true. taking the red pill is never easy and i think that some men dismiss a lot of what they see on sites like this as funny or not serious and ‘for entertainment purposes’ only. that’s the irresponsible part. if you think its hilarious that your girl is always the life of the party try to laugh when shes blowing the AMOG in the upstairs bathroom.

  15. This reminds me of having the girlfriend talk with my relatives.
    “b/c being loved by someone is so great” (constant validation is something men don’t need)
    “you need a GF for … you know … sex” (or just get a brothel flat-rate, ex-marital sex is legal now)
    “I want grandchildren” (But you don’t want to pay for them, do you?)
    The amusing fact is, that if you don’t have any plans to reproduce, there is no reason to keep women around in your personal space. The “girlfriend” concept as whole doesn’t make any sense. It’s only an artificial construct propagated by western mainstream media.
    It’s either full-blown marriage with kids and getting divorce-raped or living as a bachelor. Having a “girlfriend” is combining the disadvantages of marriage (alimony-rape) with the downsides of being single (no commitment). Why should a grown man do that?

  16. One thing I don’t understand about this website, is how and why it chastises sluts while encouraging man-whores.

    1. Havent u heard the old saying bro?
      A key that can open many locks if useful.
      But a lock that can be opened by many keys is useless.

      1. No, but I have heard the one that says, “you must test-drive the car before you buy it.”
        My response; When you “test-drive” the car, you “use” the car, and what happens when the car goes from “new” to “used”?

        1. Id still rather have a new BMW off the lot over a beatup Chevy Cobalt. But if thats what ur into……..

        2. Dude, did you totally misinterpret my comment?
          I was metaphorically pointing out how when a car goes from “new” to “used”, it’s value takes a nose-dive.
          Which is of course why I am totally against pre-marital sex.

        3. Clearly you aren’t going to find your intended audience here. Move on or at least STFU.

      1. Au contraire, I am one of the last “super-patient” males.
        One who would rather starve than eat from the garbage can.

        1. The rifleman scores lots of kills, but those kills are mostly-if-not-all common enemy troops.
          The sniper, on the other hand, is meant to score only one kill, and that one kill will be “the big cheese”.
          Unlike the rifleman who’s on the move to score his kills, the sniper is meant to be patient; and I kid you not when I say snipers have to go through some really nasty discomforts while waiting. You’re literally expected to defecate in your pants if its necessary to not break your comfort.

    2. Because it nods to reality. Reality is, we want faithful loyal women, but since they don’t exist in this hemisphere we learn to make do with hordes of hot sluts.

  17. Everyone will be there telling you to date, marry etc. But no one will be there for you when the divorce papers get served and your kids are stolen. You will have served your role as a worker drone and an atm machine. .

  18. “… these so-called qualities are merely fool’s gold—a delusional spin on negative traits as a coping mechanism to the reality that there is no such thing as a quality woman in this part of the world. The sad thing is that men actually believe these qualities make her a catch and that he’s lucky to have her.” < yep that covers it right there.
    The worst ones are usually the ones who are immediately comfortable meeting your family, as they’ve suckered other entire families in the past. Don’t mistake shamelessness for innocence. Beware.. speaking from experience.

  19. 14. “She’s great in bed”
    Most girls are the same in bed, as they generally just need to be physically present to produce a favorable sexual experience for a man. Willingness, attractiveness, and blowjob skills do make a difference, but there’s largely no real skill in getting fucked.

    1. Its the truth on a high level….most women cant even take criticism on sexual skill/performance.

    2. 14 is his worst mistake.
      But when I was 20 something I too did believe this.
      Now 20 years later: quality > quantity.
      And quality is her looks + her skill 50/50.

  20. 21. A girl who doesn’t want kids is the last woman you want. She’s essentially turning against her own biology. A woman like that would be a nightmare.

  21. My current girlfriend is by far the best I’ve had. I’m 34 and have had my share. And I get it, she’s one of a million, not one in a million. Early on I knew she was a keeper from her actions, not her words. Her best friend, who lived literally two doors down, became insanely jealous of the time she was spending with me and did her best to sabotage our relationship. It ended up with her then best friend giving her an ultimatum: it’s either him or me. Don’t throw away our perfect friendship. To my girlfriend’s credit, she told her “bff” to fuck off and stop texting, calling, or coming over until she worked out her insecurities. This was almost two years ago and she hasn’t heard from her once. Now we both laughingly refer to her as “that cunt Lindsey”. By the way, Lindsey is a (single) nurse who only fucks married doctors.

  22. I really wish I had this list a decade ago, before I married my ex-wife. I’m making sure my son memorizes each one of these, because this is 100% truth.

  23. Damn, I know feminism/the elite has wrecked tremendous damage to society… But come on now,, I’m started to think the guys on this site “alphas,badboys, etc.” are just as jaded as these women are.. Seriously…

  24. It also depends on the man saying this. Let’s use 12 and 13 because i’m lazy. I will take 3 of my mates as exampls. One is a complete beta pushover and doesn’t know how to hold a woman long enough to get int her pants. One is married to a traditionalist housewife who is pretty bright and reads. One is dating a woman who seems far too career focused to bemuch good, but so far has led to him getting his act together a little.
    If guy1 said either of those things to me, I’d laugh. There’s no way he would ever get anything but a shreiwsh party slut and even then he isnt fucking her. If guy2 said either of those things, it would be easy to see that by ‘down to earth’ he means she’s happy being a housewife and by ‘challenge’ he means she entertains him with little debates and devils advocacy when male conversation isnt available. If guy3 said 12 I would laugh. His woman is a high-maintenance anti-feminine careerist. He would be lying through his teeth. If he said 13 I may believe him, as seeing a woman whoop hs ass in his own field seems to have given him the determination to throw himself back into his work and he seems all th better for it.
    When he talks about friends, family or women, pay attention to the man speaking, less attention to what he says.

      1. Heh, someday I may start using spellcheck and ask to write for RoK. On the other hand I like having loads of my own tme and dont really blog or anythng.

  25. Weak article with few insights. Relies too heavily on already established cynicism in readers to cover up for poor reasoning.

  26. People like the Judgy Bitch (google her, shes’s awesome) theorize
    that all these aging 30 and 40-something feminists keep telling younger
    girls to focus on career so that they won’t snag up all the available
    men with their superior physical attributes. This theory is somewhat diabolical but makes sense in a brutal-sabotage sort of way.
    So what if the more cynical ROK writers are doing exactly the same thing in to readers here….
    “Don’t bother with that hottie. See how shes dressed? She’s an attention whore!”
    “Leave that girl alone; don’t you see that she’s carrying a book? She’s clearly a stuck up snooty bitch”.
    “You want to date a girl you met at a football game? What are you an idiot? She’s clearly there to co-opt a male space”. (or) “She’s just some hypergamous slut who is looking for an Alpha male. Are you Alpha enough? You need to buy my Game product to get to that level of Alpha!”
    What is the result? More lonely hotties for these writers to approach and bed.
    It’s funny how gender ideologues all sound alike, no matter what they’ve got between their legs.

  27. 26) She is EXCITING – She has big boobs and Borderline Personality Disorder
    27) She is adventurous – she is a slut and has Borderline Personality Disorder
    28) She takes in the ass – great quality for sex, but she has Borderline Personality Disorder
    29) She is logically minded – she is on meds that sedate her emotions, because she has Borderline Personality Disorder.
    …. I could keep going, but I think you get the point. A majority of American women have Borderline Personality Disorder. Most were not born with it, but contemporary culture, the media, and a fucked up single mother made them that way. Once she has BPD, there is no cure.

  28. such a twisted way of seeing women. they are conscious creatures that think and feel, which should take precedence over the ratio of hormones they possess determining their gender. consciousness overrides and overrules all these prehistoric ‘men are better because they have bigger muscles’ thought patterns

  29. “Women who claim to ‘put God first’ are among the most hypergamous females on the planet.”
    implying there are no women who can control themselves sexually out of religious motive

    1. Past experience agrees with what the article states about most women that attend modern churches – knew a bloke that had been thrown out of Church because the Pastor had found out he had been sleeping his way through the Parish,

  30. A little summary of the article : the perfect woman is the one who will shut the fuck up and do whatever you tell her to do. It doesn’t matter how you’ve been chasing girls, if she’s been through more than 2 relationships, she’s a slut and doesn’t deserve you. + Feminists are awful and in bed, women are nothing but a vagina. K.
    This is one of the most misogynist posts I’ve ever read, and I live in an islamic country.
    I think I’ve just lost faith in humanity

  31. Women are only good for sex. Without sex they can fuck the hell off. My favorite thing to do is get a woman to fall in love with me then turn her into a filthy nasty whore. I had a church girl after 2 months with me doing anal – I’m not kidding. That shit is my favorite. If you are good with women you can bring out the inner whore in any woman. All women are sluts. Some are just better at hiding it.
    Oh, and guys. If you have a woman who you are just friends with…stop being a douchebag hoping she’ll fuck you someday. If you haven’t fucked yet it’s not going to happen you loser. The only reason a man should ever have woman friends is if they are working on fucking her. Otherwise why the fuck would a man want a woman for a friend? You can’t talk to them and they are psycho.

    1. “I had a church girl after 2 months with me doing anal – I’m not kidding”
      Met a guy who had been thrown out of Church because the Pastor had found out he was “sleeping” his way around the Parish.

  32. Honestly, I owe this author a lot of money for this one.. god damned, I needed that. Thank you SIR. But I’ll tell you something, there are concerns when dating someone with a slut history, but there are so many benefits as well. I’m 45 and I only regret not bagging one of the sluts I had for life. The good girls I don’t even remember.

  33. 24. She’s open-minded. They always are, because there is not much intellect among them. Sciencevsfeminism.com
    26. She’s intelligent….No. She is not.

  34. #6 reminds me of that old gag: “Did you hear about the chick who went on a fishing trip with the boys? She came home with a red snapper.”

  35. This article is completely satirical right? Because if it’s not then this person is definitely a misogynist…

    1. Truth hurts alright I see its written by someone from the “snow flake generation” – notice the labelling or name calling no counter arguments or points

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