5 Reasons Not To Commit To Your Foreign Girlfriend

It’s no secret that American men have become crazy about foreign women. Given our options, we have little choice but to look outside of our own culture. This is a growing trend and will continue for the forseeable future. Even the ones that haven’t crossed the picket line and ventured into the exotic definitely fantasize about being with a foreign women—I can see it in their eyes when I am out with my girl.

I can’t blame them. Foreign women are wonderful creatures and possess all of the characteristics that we yearn for in our American women. For the most part, women from Asia and Latin America are caring, intelligent, cultured, mature, and surprisingly much more independent than they are given credit for.

While I would argue that the international ladies are superior in so many ways to our own, that doesn’t imply that they are all nice girls deep down inside. On average, a foreign women is more likely to be the type of women that all of guys are looking for. However, at the end of the day, A WOMAN IS A WOMAN. You may have that pretty Asian or Latina girlfriend as you read this, and sure it’s ok to string her along and have fun in the sack, but take a step back before you commit.

Trust me, I’m just speaking from experience. I’ve been in the international game for over thirteen years. I’ve seen it all. I’ve been with nice ones, cute ones, and ones so hot they twist the necks of every man in the bar. You may think that your foreign honey is sweet and wonderful, but here are five signs that should stop you from committing:

 1. She is ashamed of her culture and wants to be American

This one may be hard to believe, but these girls are out there and they definitely have a screw or two loose in their heads. If your girl is ashamed of her own culture and tries desperately to be like an American or Western girl, then you should be alarmed. The main advantage of being with a foreign woman is that she brings her own Japanese, Korean, Colombian, Chilean or whatever culture to the table. That is what makes her interesting, cultured, mature, and loyal. Girls that seem ashamed of their own culture or are slow to share cultural aspects such as food, customs, and traditions are hiding something. It’s likely that they are social outcasts in their own cultures and are seeking to reinvent themselves in America. Screw that shit, playa. Trust me, you want a girl who is confident in who she is.

2. She is obsessed with English

This is related to the first one. Do you sometimes feel like you are teaching English? Does your girl constantly ask you questions about English, obsess with learning it and act as if it is the most important thing in the world? On top of that, is she hesitant about teaching you her own language and feels that it’s not important for you to learn it? If so, you might want to start looking for another lady.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s vital that your girl learns English. This is even more true if you’re going to settle down in America. However, you shouldn’t feel like she is using you to learn English. I am not saying you have to become fluent in her langauge, but international relationships always work better when each person has at least some knowledge of the other’s language. Remember, understanding her language is also understanding her culture. Besides, you don’t want to be the dumbass American guy when it’s time to meet her parents.

3. She has a lot of Western guy “friends”

Remember, a woman is a woman and it doesn’t matter where she is from. All this “he is just my friend” bullshit is destroying or preventing relationships all over the globe. Don’t get me wrong—being a jealous guy is the not the way to go either and it’s perfectly understandable if your girl has male friends from her own country. That is expected. But if she is the kind of girl who is always going to “language exchanges” or if she has a bunch of other American guys posting on her Facebook, then something is wrong. She might have you believe that she is only being sociable, but she knows what she is doing.

4. She often posts sexy pics of herself on Facebook

I’ve seen a lot of American guys out there engaged to some hot Asian or Latina honey that loves all the attention on Facebook. I know because I see them posting all kinds of relationship-shattering pics on my own Facebook feed. Look, if your is lady is a confident and loyal woman, she’s not going to be posting pictures of herself half-naked on Facebook so a bunch of perverted American swinging dicks can post comments and jerk off. Enough said.

5. She seems to have a secret past

If things don’t seem to add up about your girl or she is unclear about her past, then you definitely should start running. Of course this is a no-brainer, but remember that people sometimes attempt a new beginning when they come to America or when they hook up with someone from another country. Of course, everyone is entitled to a second chance in life. I’m currently on my third or fourth, but if she is just vague and reluctant to talk about the past, something is just off. There is some serious baggage that you don’t want to deal with and will eventually come out to wreak havoc after you marry the girl.

Now fellows, don’t let my advice deter you from pursuing a relationship with a foreign woman, because you will find no bigger fan of international ladies then myself. I am just reminding you to be careful and, as you would with any other woman, think with your mind rather than your dick.

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123 thoughts on “5 Reasons Not To Commit To Your Foreign Girlfriend”

    1. I am married to a south asian, makes her own cash, is actually paying the bills while I get my engineering degree, is going to give me baby number two while she does it, speak numerous languages, is not a whore on facebook….blah, bliggity, blah, blah.
      You all have heard the drill of guys like me who’ve told you of the feminist forbidden foreign fruit!
      As a successful playa whose nailed down the vagina of numerous countries (50 flags, not to mention a few hundred bangs (individual women) I approve both this comment, and the author’s statement.
      I screened the hell outta my girl for months, on months, before popping the question. She is hot, insanely hot. Still would have walked away had she given me a hint of a warning sign after a year! Hell, even now, knowing full well what would happen to me post divorce!
      I don’t fault a dog for pissing on the lawn. I fault the owner if it pisses in the wrong spots.
      You don’t train your biotch right, or fail to recognize the signs of a bad woman, and you marry; you are an idiot. You deserve the consequences.
      For thousands of years societies, scriptures, fathers, uncles, mothers, and all manner of people have been saying “STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM A BAD WOMAN!”
      We never listen, and are shocked when something shitty happens.
      Identify the tax rot, and shame accordingly.

      1. I’m happy for you! I wish you and your family the best of luck. When it boils down to it people change, she could be the greatest woman in the world today, tomorrow, a few weeks from now, but who is to say she will be the same loving woman ten yrs from now? (referring to women general) the gamble is too big for some guys to take. If your wife is everything you say she is, then she’s in the minority.

        1. That’s the crux of the issue isn’t it. In marrying, I basically tattooed “Property of wife” on my ass. I knowing the red pill did this.
          I am only going to get older, and banging chicks like I did in my twenties is not going to be the same in my forties, fifties, and beyond definitely!
          So, I did the math on the red pill over, and over. I worked things out as best I could, and pulled the trigger.
          Some will call me a fool, others will say they understand, some will agree that what you call a player at fifty is lonely.
          We laugh at feminist women about their eventual future of cat loving. But forget the lonely dog lovers we may eventually become ourselves. Plus, it is a man’s imperative to pass himself on with offspring.
          The red pill is bitter indeed and stings everyone, man or woman, equally. It will only get better when the red pill is as common as the blue pill is now.

    1. You’re right. My general thinking on the matter is to avoid girls who know English, if they don’t speak the language they don’t get exposed to the corruption as much. It doesn’t guarantee anything though. Of course, this means learning their language, but that can only be a good thing for your own personal development.

      1. You are correct. In south america many of the toxic and retarded american tv that gets exported is shown in other countries simply with translated text on the screen.

        1. I don’t think American pop culture by itself does the damage, many other countries seem to have an unlimited demand for that but it doesn’t seem to corrupt the women that much. They like American music and movies more than their own. That can work to the advantage of an American male who finds himself there. Its when you bring the woman back with you to the west, that she can start to change. That’s when they start to internalize the deeper feminist values by interacting with other american women that does it. But as been noted, even if you found a better job overseas and we’re ok settling there, women are still women, they still require personality control by the male, its just on a different level.

        2. In North America, if you get married and your wife leaves you, takes the kids, accuses you of being an abusive husband, and gets alimony… you can kiss your ass goodbye.
          I don’t know how it works in other cultures but perhaps it is possible that other cultures understand and accept gender dynamics a little more. It will always hurt when a relationship breaks down but I feel like in NA, the culture takes extra measures to make sure the man’s life is utterly destroyed afterwards.
          The family is gone, the culture is materialistic and hypocritical, men are considered a de facto threat who need to be neutered, there are fewer economic opportunities for men, men have no say in any political sphere as a group, men are discouraged from forming groups with other men, prostitution is shamed (actually get this… in Canada, it is illegal to buy sex but not illegal to solicit it… so again, the woman is totally off-the-hook), I could go on and on…
          What does this culture offer men besides x-box? Really?

        3. US has the longest tradition of free speech in the world, but even that has become eroded in the last 25 years with rise of self appointed enforcers of political correctness. Probably any male who posts here could have their career irreparably damaged if some female HR manager stumbled on it.

        4. I’m on this forum everyday for my morning coffee because I know for a fact that if I post any of my red-pill views on facebook or anywhere else where I could be traced… I’d be fucked… utterly fucked… I’d be labelled “that creepy guy”.
          I know exactly what you mean about “self appointed enforcers”. The thought police are all the politically correct manginas and twats that tattle-tail over every infraction of politically correct speech. The worst thing about it… these manginas are the most miserable fat fuckers you’ve ever seen. I used to be willing to be-friend such people and even try to help them with their problems… but now I’m too busy pulling knives out of my back. These people don’t want to put in any effort to bring themselves up… yet they can’t stand to see someone put in the work to be happy themselves.

        5. there was a time when TV was seen as pure entertainment, but now we’re all glued to LCDs 24/7, most people have trouble telling the difference between fiction and fact… the whole celebrity culture, paparazzi etc. is only something afirly recent…. there were always celebrities of course, but nothing like on the scale of obession we have today…

        6. Are you sure that is true Canada rather than Sweden? Feminism in Canada is bad, but Sweden……

        7. You guys crack me up.
          HR should fear you, not the other way around.
          Don’t think for one minute that their own inappropriate texts, emails, voicemails, workplace conversations, and the dirty pictures you keep of them aren’t huge leverage.

        8. I know feminism in Sweden is the most culturally embedded in the world but I can’t speak for the quality of life there.
          I think economically they are doing quite alright compared to other places though. Which means that if your girlfriend leaves you, you aren’t necessarily financially fucked. Which is actually a pretty huge deal. In NA it is not unheard of to become a financial slave to your wife and the system should your marriage 2.0 not work out.

        9. Sweden simply cuckolds all it’s male citizens via high taxes rather than just the one male via alimony that the Swedish bitch was fucking. For the record Canada’s laws in 2013 didn’t resemble Sweden’s, but a bill was proposed with year and may have passed already.

    2. My advice with foreign girls would be :
      a.) learn their language… make sure they know you understand it, or they will be speaking shit about you all the time. (you’d be surprised). how can keep an ear out when you are effectively deaf ?
      b.) keep them in their country, or take them to a 3rd country ie. not to your home country, and live on temporary residency, then if she wants to leave you.. she’s going home. bye bye…
      c.) use your wealth to move her up a notch (but not too much) and set her up in her own country. Now you can come and go on ‘business’.
      d.) pick one that is not wealthy or doesn’t have expectations of wealth.
      You’d be surprised how many people in latin america and asia have
      servants, live in luxury gated communities and a drive brand new
      Mercedes. Sure the country might be a shithole, but a decent,
      intelligent girl that is not from the favella, probably has friends in
      the wealthy circles….. and expectations as such. Problem here is that
      wealthy people in latin america and asia live like kings and if you
      can’t afford that you’re a second class citizen. Westerners are actually
      used to lower standards and for example mowing their own lawns, which is latin america is work for the peasants.

      1. Exactly. You have about as much chance of encountering a rich Chinese or Korean person who doesn’t show off their wealth as you do of Halley’s comet. That’s how rare those fuckers are. I met a Korean international student recently with a great body and was turned off her immediately when I found out she was from Gangnam. I would have tried for the quick bang but this woman expects to be wined and dined and all that shit and I’m not going to that effort for a 7 at best. But that’s how it is in those countries. Men don’t understand this. Asian women can be sweet, but they can also be shady as hell.
        Urban Chinese women are some of the most materialistic bitches you will ever meet.

        1. In a way yes, although he was making fun of people that pretend to be from that district and put on airs and graces.
          There is no Asian equivalent to what you see in the American midwest or parts of the south, for example. i.e humble rich people that dress like average joes. They just don’t exist.

    You do not commit to national women or foreign women.
    Heck, I don’t care if the woman was from the Moon or Saturn, do not commit. EVER!
    If you are going to commit, then the only commitment you will be making is committing suicide when the bitch stabs you in the back.
    Leykis 101: the holy bible of being a man.
    MGTOW for life.

    1. MGTOW+cash+foreign escorts…not a bad strategy. The saddest and happiest epiphany of my life is that about 98% of ‘love’ is just physical attraction. Admit that to yourself and your life can be better. Just ask yourself;
      ‘Would you have fallen for that oneitis girl in college if she’d had an absolutely horrible, cottage-cheesed out ass? No, of course not. It was all ass. You just doctor it up mentally with other traits. “She’s quiet..that’s so cool” etc.

      1. What is so broken about you that you need to rationalize a tight ass as love? Never had hate fuck? Get in touch with your masculine side or something!

  2. I don’t know what western men see in foreign women. I guess it’s the idea that they are just less promiscuous, which might or might not be true…. depending on where you look. On the whole, yes, they are probably more sane.
    However the ones that go out looking for foreigners… I mean, come on. What did you expect?
    We can sit here all day and talk about what the fuck is wrong with local girls from American, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, wherever, when they chase after foreign cock. All of us would say that these girls are sluts, whores, traitors, etc. They have whole websites devoted to it, like Stormfront. That’s actually how I got turned onto the Red Pill, wondering why American girls like foreign numb nuts the way they do.
    How is it any different than a foreign slut from Barbados, Tokyo or Suriname jumping on western American dick? The locals probably say the same thing that we say, that these bitches ain’t shit.
    There’s a reason why black men / white women look good on paper but have one of the highest divorce rates… no racist but it’s because the relationship is based on sex, mystery, lust, power, hatred, whatever… usually not on love. How is it any different with a Chinese chick that hates Chinese guys and wants to cuckold her own father with a white guy? That’s not love, just hate, nigga, get with the program. Believe you me… it will end in tragedy. You can ask my father about that one. 60 years old and dying alone in a one room apartment in Vermont with his schizophrenic 31 year old son and me on the other half of the world with a knife to my throat every night before I go to sleep.

    1. “I don’t know what western men see in foreign women. ”
      Its an illusion. Unfortunately, most Americans will get the perception that foreign women are exotic and pure feminine. While it is true that the women from other countries such as Russia or some parts of Asia have more class and sophistication than Western women in general, it still does not mean they are perfect.
      The perfect women is a myth, or if it exists, then it is very rare. Just like Western women, foreign women also are exposed to what makes women the women they are today- social media, smartphones, taking pictures of themselves, celebrity obsession etc. The west is absolutely wonderful at creating propoganda and exposing it to the rest of the world. And unfortunately, this is what corrupts foreign women. It is a slow process, but nonetheless a working one.
      Therefore, when it comes to foreign women, you must be realistic and even realise that commitment is a bad idea in the long run.

      1. I have to say, the idea that Eastern European (including Russians) have more class is a myth. I know plenty as there are many of them leaving in my area. They are pretty average both in personality and looks.

      1. Looks pretty good, but stay off the tofu and if you have kids don’t feed them that tofu stuff. It’s why Asians are smaller in general.
        Kind of wish my family would eat some fuckin’ steak once in a while.
        But you’re on some Vietnamese time there, lol. Too much seafood. Those girls must be really poor. This is like unheard of in China, her cooking like that. Guess the girls are too spoiled here. A dying breed, haha.

        1. Tofu/soy is a poison to men and should be treated as such. Especially young/pre-pubescent men. It’s a direct estrogen mimic, the more of it you eat, the more “woman” you become. IMHO, no man should ever eat any quantity of it, and, if you really love it, in very strict moderation.

        2. Probably why Asians can’t grow beards and are more adipose in general. Honestly what pisses me off is the stubbornness of these people…. just stop with the fucking soy, seriously.

        3. She cooks a lot of seafood. She brings it back from home or gets it from her family in Texas. When I pick her up at the airport we have to wait for a couple of coolers full of fish to come down the baggage chute.
          It’s the pork I don’t care much for. But she will buy a side of bacon, not slices, and do great things with it.

      2. When I was ın the Peace Corps ın Madagascar, I had a local gırl cook a chıcken dınner for me from scratch. Once you have seen a “slım, attractıve, chaste” girl – cut the head off a fresh chıcken, pluck it, clean ıt, gut it, season it, stuff it full of vegatables, and bake it rıght before your very eyes wıthın two hours flat, ıts really hard NOT to fall ın love.

    2. You are right. all of these women are hypergamous in nature, but there are two issues that will keep Western men going for foreign women:
      1) They step off of the plane and magically get a few points for showing up as an English-speaking (preferably White) passport holder from a Western country. When you suddenly become the “Alpha” that the women want on Friday night instead of the guy posting about how all of the Alphas are getting the girls, it becomes a bit easier to forgive the nature of these women and reward them with some skeet.
      2) Foreign women appeal to our tastes. Like you have said in the past, looks do matter. Overseas you don’t see fat beasts pretending that they are sexy anywhere near as much as you do in the States.
      To top these off, you are more likely to find better behaved women overseas, but most dudes seem to go for the fuckfest.

    3. “However the ones that go out looking for foreigners… I mean, come on. What did you expect?”
      That is why you learn the language and only target the girls who don’t have any of the 5 traits mentioned in the article. For example, I know a foreign girl who is a patriot and loves her country, doesn’t have a Western fetish, is not obsessed with learning English, is family orientated and has no real desire to meet foreign men. We only talk because I speak and Russian and made a cold approach to her whilst traveling. I mean, I was shocked, this girl hadn’t heard of Burger King or Starbucks. I’d say she was as uncorrupt as you can get these days. We only talk online now but she was up for grabs had i lived there. Also, in my experience, if you blend in with the culture and learn the language most of the locals won’t resent you dating their women. Stormfront is hardly representative of most people and in my opinion most racism or whatever you want to call it stems from the unwanted mass immigration imposed onto the West. If you’re the only Westerner in the village you’re a novelty not a threat and only nut jobs would want to attack you. But you’re right, in one sense, if a girl is a self hating slut who rides white dick all day long then of course her father would be ashamed. That being said, any clued up man would avoid such whores.

    4. The idea that the grass is greener on the other side is definitely a myth. Also, it is true that intermarriage often leads to divorce due to cultural incompatibilities.
      I would say this happens way less with white American / black American couples though, due to cultural similarities. Even the difference between Western and Eastern Europe is larger.
      But the pitfalls of intermarriage are often overlooked because of guys like Roosh that tout the virtues of marrying abroad (lol).

      1. the cultural difference isn’t a problem when you are balls deep in her every night….. it only becomes a problem (and something imaginary to focus on), once things go wobbly….
        with that said…. once she squeezes out a couple of puppies you may find her becoming more like her mother, so do some research and make sure that kind of environment suits you….

        1. exactly, it’s all about cultural understanding and understanding where each person is coming from. it’s when both sides come in with misconceptions that the problems start.

  3. If she’s from a third world country, she’s probably using you to obtain that green card. Once that is accomplished, then she’ll dump you for a richer guy if she’s a hottie. Never forget a woman’s hypergamous nature.

    1. If you are 70 and marry a 20-something hottie that is a likely outcome. I was careful to look for someone within 10 years of my age. If anything happened to me she would leave this god-forsaken culture and return home.

    2. That’s more a class issue than a nationality issue. If there are great disparities of wealth when you’re dating within in your own culture that can distort things. Many countries have a similar standard of living to the US now. And in some lesser developed countries, you can still find women who have a comfortable life, some much better than the US. Keep you mind you can have a higher standard of living in some countries with less income.

    3. I hear this idea a lot, and my own personal experience does not bear it out. Sure, lots of people out there love America, or more precisely, they love the “idea of America”. But the reality is much different. Of course the rest of the developed world has everything we do (chicks in Italy have zero interest in living in America), but honestly much of the second world has most of our benefits as well. The foreign girls I have been involved with have no interest in living here. Hell, I dated one who lived in a border town in Mexico dominated by the drug gangs. She had a cousin there who was shot in crossfire with police. She loves crossing over to the American side to go shopping or go to a foreign restaurant. But she chose to stay there (ok this one I actually think was nuts to make that decision).
      But think of it this way: If you are with a good foreign girl, then she is not materialistic, values her family, likes a traditional way of life, values the femininity of women and the masculinity of man, and loves her home, not in some jingoistic patriotic way, but actually loves things about her homeland that are beautiful and good. These are not ideas that resonate in America. Plus you would be asking her to give up all her friends and family, which a good girl who values her family may be reluctant to do (I suspect that is why the Mexican girl on the border did not come here in the end).
      I recently returned from South America. The girl I hooked up with there doesn’t want to come to America because it’s too cold (she lives at the equator) and expensive and the quality of the food is horrible (fresh, delicious fruits, papayas for a dollar that cost $6 here, chicken that tastes like a different animal than the garbage we eat here), and not to mention the high debt in America. Another girl I met there just raved about how she loved her country and loved the beauty of the beaches and mountains. When is the last time you heard an American talk that way?
      When you put all the propaganda aside, if you are educated or talented and hard working, you can often make a better life for yourself in a foreign country. If you work hard, you can end up with a house you own, a maid, a cook, free health care, and a debt free lifestyle. How much would you have to earn in America for these same things? So, just to be clear, my experience doesn’t show that *good* foreign women care about moving to the USA. Honestly, it’s me that wants to escape this culture. I happen to actually admire theirs!

  4. Look I’ve been married to a Chinese woman for 20 years and although she is more feminine than an American woman and more domestic she is still a woman . She has all the usual traits that red pill knowledge says she should as a woma she just has them a little more under control. On the whole I think the fact that she came from a big family and has a good relationship with her father and older brother (plus a pre marriage low N count) most important in making her marriagable. Some of her younger nieces are quite different and have number of red flags.

    1. Beautiful Korean girls like Girls Generation, are considerably better than American, just compare the divorce rate, USA 53 (in Wikipedia ) versus South Korea 36, Mexicans are much lower at 15, they are like monks and nuns, all saints

  5. I don’t think you’ve talked to a enough foreign women. I’ve talked to a lot and yes, some are that way but certainly not all. Not all these women want to be American there are a lot that are proud of the culture and heritage. You need more experience

  6. The only one of those points that applies to my foreign bride is #2. She puts a lot of effort into her English.
    But it is good advice to carefully consider other aspects of a prospective mate’s personality, motives, and background.

  7. Women will be women.
    Here’s maybe the most concise condensation of red pill attitude towards what makes an ‘ideal woman’. It’s from a 70’s era Italian comedy B movie, no less. For those who don’t speak Italian, here’s the translation:
    “And now, Anua will recite the decalogue of the ideal woman. Go. ”
    “Number 1: Do not be a ball breaker”
    “And what’s next?”
    “Nothing, that’s it. The other 9 rules are of no consequence, don’t you think?” 🙂

  8. If she reminds you of a western women than dating her is much the same as dating a western women. Even if you find a good foreign women, NEVER EVER bring her back to states. Ever.

  9. Excellent article.
    ” If your girl is ashamed of her own culture and tries desperately to be like an American or Western girl, then you should be alarmed”
    So true. Smartphones, social media et al is spreading the american virus like fire.
    One good question to ask is whether she knows the TV show Sex And The City – if she foes and she likes such a show then you can be rest assured that girl is certIfied garbage.

  10. The problem is (IMHO, of course) that most foreign women aren’t nearly as attractive as western women. A western 10 is more common and blows away an Asian 10. Getting an Asian 6 is much easier than a western because so many western women are fat. But at the apex, there’s no holding a candle to a western woman. The best alternative, IMHO, is eastern Europe, but… Those women are notorious for becoming total ball busting bitches when brought to the US.

    1. It just depends on your standard of beauty. If barbie doll curves are your standard, then stay with american women. But they age out even faster, as all those beautiful curves become impossible to maintain and change to cellulite. This starts a whole cascading set of behavior with american women, dying their hair an unnatural color, going on fad diets, shooting their face with botox, etc. Definitely over 30, slender and athletic starts to look a lot better no matter where they come from.

    2. I agree if you want an ever-lasting beauty go for the Europeans. One of the girls in my class is Latvian/Ukrainian and wow, I thought she was 18 and I asked her for her ID. She was 25! Long wavy blonde hair, green eyes and a doll face.

      1. HAHA! Just wait. Eastern Euro women are hot, then suddenly get ugly overnight and turn into a “babushka.” Their ankles swell, they grow several moles on their face, etc. It’s a strange phenomenon.

        1. That’s what I hear from jealous western girls. I know Russian women of almost 40 who still look good.

        2. And I’ve encountered American and Asian broads that look good into their 40s too. There’s always the rare exception. Always.
          Go hang out at a Slavic church. You will get a better idea of how Eastern Euro women age. They are really not that much different than Western women. Women are women. Save a few minor differences, they are the same the world over. Once they get married, they become fat and bossy like all the rest.
          There are no special, magic, unicorn women on the other side of the planet waiting for their Western prince. They are not waiting to cook you a beautiful meal then blow you after to your heart’s delight, then have your children and take care of you when you’re on your deathbed. MODERN WOMEN ARE NOT LIKE THAT ANYMORE. PERIOD! (my apologies for the obnoxious caps, but the point needs to be hammered home). They all have cell phones, internet access, and improved living standards, and every attitude that goes with having that comfort and security.
          Hot women are a commodity no matter where you go on this planet. Men are men. They are not blind. All men know the value of a hot woman. No matter where you go on the planet, attractive women are treated all the same. They all know their value.

        3. Asians age better than Eastern Europeans for sure!
          It’s just that I don’t think eastern Europeans age any worse on average than westerners.
          My personal experience is that I can get a higher standard of women abroad than in the UK. Perhaps it’s my social circle as only a minority of the UK guys I know are with English women.

        4. I’ve heard that the UK is an absolute dating nightmare. I’ve been told it’s a wasteland of disgusting, broken women and weak, apathetic men. Like the US, but more extreme.

  11. If you want to keep your foreign GF or wife from becoming an Americunt, DO NOT BRING HER HERE.
    Even if her mind is not poisoned, once she’s hot-shotted by the vaccines, that might turn her into an obesoidal mass. And the crap in the food here, which she will not be used to, will also balloon her.
    THEN the mental shit comes in.
    Forget it. You find a bride overseas, find a new life too. WTF does Americuh have to offer any more anyway? America is dead. The best place to watch this comedy is from somewhere else, where you won’t get a SWAT team up your ass for a parking ticket.

    1. “The best place to watch this comedy is from somewhere else, where you won’t get a SWAT team up your ass for a parking ticket.”
      I highly, highly second this.

      1. What’s the plan for those of us who are too poor to leave this shitshow behind?
        Where do you go to escape this bullshit? There is nowhere to hide.
        I don’t want to move to Asia and be surrounded by Asians. The cultural differences would simply be too obnoxious to deal with long term. Asians are hard as fuck to live around, especially when you’re in their country.

        1. Why Asia?
          If you can’t leave, then prepare to go through what Russians who could not escape after 1917 went through, or what Germans who did not get out before 1939 went through.
          Those who did had a free country to run to. So there really is nowhere to run.
          Prepare to die then. In a way we deserve it. America was built by people who ran away from tyranny and then stupidly voted for it. Look at how Californians are wrecking Texas (after having wrecked Colorado) because they had to move from California after their votes destroyed their state.
          And no “go live in the woods” prepper shit either. That’ll last as long as it takes for some trendy looking for a spot to eat is Mangina Fiber Bar to spot you and report you.
          Nowhere to run. Fight then.

        2. take an abundance mentality and make some money, it’s not that hard, you’d be real surprised how much money you can make (and lose) in a year….

        3. I kind of wish you had a better answer for me.
          I really never thought this bullshit would happen to us in our lifetimes. I naively thought (although willingly) that this oppressive Nazi type shit would not happen again until after our natural lifetimes. Clearly, It’s happening again, right before our very eyes. Even though I know it’s truly upon us, I still desperately pretend that it’s not going to happen.
          I seem to be the only person in my circle of people who seems to think this way. All of my friends and family are too busy working away like slaves to care or try to understand what’s going on. Nobody wants to face this, including myself.
          But seriously, are we crazy? Many of the people who speak of the coming collapse appear to be very articulate, well read, and generally intelligent. Not all of them of course, but many. This is what scares me. I feel like I’m an intelligent guy who can connect the dots. I’m kind of shitting my pants about this. Everyone I know, even the smart people I know, don’t even think the collapse of the World economy is even possible, let alone likely. They’re all out working 50 hours a week, pumping money into their 401ks, buying houses, having kids, all that other dead-end bullshit.
          It’s hard to determine what’s going on. I’m a loser who’s just checked out of life. There’s no reason to try, at least from my perspective knowing what’s up ahead. Are all of you guys just burned out losers too? I don’t mean that as an insult. Are we delusional? Are we waiting for something to happen that’s not going to happen?
          I strongly feel that the world is in serious trouble, the kind of trouble that will engulf us all. All my friends say to forget about the big picture, and focus on your own shit. While this is good advice, I’m a big-picture kind of thinker. Most of my friends have zero historical perspective. They are all children of American born parents. None of them have parents or grandparents who suffered through the numerous atrocities of the 20th Century. Not a single one. I cannot relate to any of them on this issue. I rarely bring it up anymore, but when I do, they try to quickly change the subject.

        4. You are sane.
          First, there is in-group bias on anonymous forums such as this. And keep in mind a lot of people on forums like this are here because they can’t speak these kinds of things freely in the “real” world… so you see a lot of unedited bottled up frustration which looks pretty ugly. Some of it is spoken in absolutes and it comes across as kinda nutty… for example some dudes posted recently that you must fuck a girl in the ass on a first date for her to become a loyal girlfriend… yeah… right… lol… that is gonna work every time lol…
          My point here: Be captain of your own ship and think for yourself. I know people outside the big city and they seem to have a semblance of simple community life. Just because a speaker is articulate doesn’t mean what they are saying is true.
          With that said, regarding this “collapse”. Everywhere it is being spouted that the 2008 economic recession was a pretty nasty bubble. The next foreseeable economic bubble is likely the student debt crisis. The economy has changed so much so fast and become stagnant for so many workers (especially entry level) that they wont be able to pay back this huge amount of national debt for useless degrees (I’m one of these articulate people with a pretty much useless degree but thankfully I didn’t fall into the debt trap). There isn’t going to just be a Mad Max collapse but certainly what we’re seeing is an economic decline. We will most likely on average have a lesser quality of life economically than our parents and grandparents did.
          I’m not gonna give you any advice as I’m also trying to figure this stuff out as well. But basically you’re not totally insane… Just keep in mind someone is always saying that the sky is falling. And keep your mind sharp for opportunity.

        5. Whats wrong with Asians? From the Chinese I’ve seen nothing but extremely low crime rates, kindness, stable or growing local economies, hospitality, a wonderful culinary culture, more personal freedom (personal freedom, NOT political freedom, but who wants to waste their time fighting people who are communist only in name?) and a complete apathy towards politics.
          But if you want to avoid Asia, I would say the only solid remaining choices are New Zealand, Australia, or some countries in South America.

        6. A lot of countries in South and East Asia have a different standard of living from the US, and strong differences in language and attitude that are really distinct from the experience of most Westerners.
          For example a lot of Chinese folks spit outdoors and it’s considered nasty to a lot of people born in the US. I would say Latin America is probably a better choice for some who are interested in more familiar things. I mean it depends on the person and what they prefer.

        7. Hi Chode. Not every place in the US is the same. Have you tried visiting a rural area in the South? It might be just what you’re looking for, especially if you live in a blue state where you’ve got to work 50 hours a week just to get by.

        8. I believe American society and culture is horrid, and that America is in the midst of decline. I do *NOT* forecast a huge collapse or global apocalypse.
          If you look to history, consider the “Dark Ages” which lasted around 700 years. There is no guarantee of utter collapse, but perhaps simple stagnation, elimination of intelligence, philosophy, technological advancement, etc. in favor of war, poverty, etc.
          Also look at the decline of the British Empire. The Brits once controlled an empire which stretched around the globe (The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire…). It ended as recently as WW2 (another reason our politicians should fear war–it often results in unexpected HUGE societal changes — see the Bolshevik revolution, destruction of British empire, and indeed I would argue America’s constant warmaking of the past 30 years is leading to its decline). However, today, Brits have one of the wealthiest nations on earth and are a prosperous society.
          So another option for America is a peaceful shrinking back to stature that is more proportional to our size and influence.
          So who is to say how bleak our future will be? I read books from the 1970s on the “coming dollar devaluation”. Guess what? The dollar is the world’s reserve currency today and never suffered a huge collapse (However, the purchasing power of the dollar drops significantly every year). This is the difference I am trying to describe. The end result is the same– a dollar that will buy a nickels worth. The difference is does it happen one Saturday afternoon or gradually over 20 years?
          So don’t worry about the details of society. Find a society that resonates more with your ideals and values, and join it. Don’t worry about how quickly or in what manner the west falls.

    2. Relocating is great but I wouldn’t recommend being dependent on a work visa to stay in your new country: loose or quit your job and loose your family or have to stay illegally.
      Having lived in several ’emerging countries’ I can tell you that although human rights and freedom are on the back foot in Europe and North America, it’s not nearly as bad as most places.
      You’re absolutely correct about the food. Can you not buy organic food in the US? It’s all the rage in the UK and France.

      1. GMO food, which is illegal to sell in Europe, is rampant, and cannot even be *labeled* as GMO food in the USA. Buying organic is one of the only things you can do to have some level of food quality, and just hope and pray the farmers and FDA are being honest.

    3. This x 100.
      If and when I marry, I will move overseas and start a family with my foreign wife there. America is dead. And it is so far gone we can’t even enjoy the decline. My opinion used to be, at least we are wealthy, so leverage that. But our dollar is becoming worthless. Cheap shared bathroom hotel rooms in third world countries cost $30 a night, when Arthur Frommer wrote “Europe on $5 a day” in 1957. Imagine how bad things will be in another 50 years.

  12. Women are all the same. They offer fake tans, cellulite, debt, bad attitudes and thug spawn in tow.

  13. When you marry a woman you marry a mask. Behind it, they are all the same. Some wear the mask better than others. Soon or later, the mask will fall off and you discover who she really was/is.
    The problem (or the blessing?) with western women is that they don’t wear the mask any more. Foreign women still do (but not for long).

  14. James Soller.
    I have a question for you.
    Btw great article, someone needed to say it.
    My question is what are marriage laws like in those countries you’ve visited? Same deal with alimony and such as in North America? Splitting of assets etc?
    And lets say you get a girl pregnant, what are the responsibilities and expectations like?
    Perhaps this is an ignorant question but I wonder if there is a difference in how these issues are dealt with.

    1. All countries are different concerning marriage.
      In the PI, a divorce is extremely difficult. But you cannot get title to property easily as a non-citizen. More than one westerner has been ejected from a home he bought in his wife’s name, and said wife is now shacked up there with her unmarried boyfriend.
      If you want to live there, rent.

    2. I think this is the crux of the matter. Regardless of whether someone is Americanized or into English teachers, I have a feeling that different attitudes toward marriage come from differences in marriage legislation.
      Many Asian countries have “illegitimacy” as a legal status for children. The West used to have this many years ago.

      1. Interesting!
        I also think that culture and economics are co-dependent. When one changes, the other one will change at least to some extent.
        When you have a legal status of “illegitimate”, people are going to put more effort into having legitimate children that can reach the higher echelons of society. Then this gets incorporated into common discourse.

        1. Up until recently, Chinese orphans with anonymous fathers had special last names like nation, party, or specific names indicating what province they come from. However I think this was banned because it caused discrimination.
          Saudi orphans with anonymous fathers often still have a last name containing one of God’s names, as did, historically some Europeans.
          It is believed that some – but not all – Europeans with names like De La Cruz, Fitzroy (son of a king), etc have those names because of historical illegitimacy, when one does not know who the father is, the father is the “Holy Cross” for example.
          Even where this doesn’t exist, there’s still often a legal process for recognition of kids born out of wedlock, for example I found an article on how to do this in Thailand.

  15. This is good advice. I often tell people much the same thing about Japanese girls. Being obsessed with America or dismissive toward their own culture is always a big warning sign.

    1. Looks like someone doesn’t have the best grasp on reading comprehension.
      That’s not at all what he wrote.

      1. It’s funny how these things work out. ROK one of the sites the most against homosexuality- actually probably lusts for it.

        1. I can see why you’re here, and won’t waste my time.
          Good day. Best of luck with whatever is really bothering you inside.

  16. Great article. Let me say from personal experience that #5 is a glaring red light if it is something you encounter in one form or another.
    I noticed that most of these items were not isolated to foreign women, and it serves to demonstrate the importance to not take them for granted, especially with foreign women.

  17. I can tell you, from my experience, and the biological mother of my child, this is true. Born in the Phillipines but now a korean citizen, with multiple American guy friends and a live for R&B singers and anyone who looks like them. She never used to be that way, but the system corrupts them, yes, even women overseas will some way or another be influenced by western culture somehow. When she first gave birth to my son she wanted to work things out for him so he wouldnt experience a broken family, at the time i couldnt be there because of financials……….. Fast forwardto today, I have my son, DNA tested an everything and he is a U.S. Citizen. She still lives in Korea by choice, has multiple American guy friends, doesnt care to come to the U.S., sends her son money when she feels like it, skypes with her son MAYBE once a month, is very secretive and doesnt care to work things out….. I dont know what happened to her, but more than likely it was an influence of other ‘male’ friends, her other female friends, her obsession with female American celebrities and looking into everything they do, and being materialistic and judging me later on by how much money I make………

  18. I admit those bar girls in the clubs of Bangkok and Manila can be fun but if you’re one of those men who married one and brought her back home to show off your young fuck doll, yes, you’ll get the other men’s attention-especially when you are at work and she’s alone. She’s far more experienced with men than you are with women and my money says you are in for a heartbreak. Also, many of these girls have children they haven’t told you about until they hooked you.
    Seeing this happen to other men is why I would have fun with the “naughty” girls but when it was time to settle I picked a simple but smart farm girl way up in the sticks of northeast Thailand. It shouldn’t be that hard for you to tell when a woman has a good heart and family values. We have been living in Hawaii and married 17 years. She has her group of “good girl” Thai friends who avoid the naughty group (birds of a feather). I made some great friends in our small but pleasant world here. Our Thai wives throw great parties and conspicuously absent in our group are western women because these good foreign women don’t like their attitude. My wife needed little help from me starting her own business. In fact, she is the reason I was able to take early retirement from the medical field (eat this, HR!) and help her out. I now have all this time to play Tahitian drums and guitar at gigs. I recently took up the Phin, a 3 string Thai guitar, that amazes the Thai chicks (“now they think you rock star” my wife laughs).
    Men, I have a happy life now and I believe it has to do with the choices I’ve made. What truly saddens me is to see what young men today have to deal with today. In this order, I would advise to first learn a marketable skill and save my money to travel abroad on vacation to the foreign country of your choice after researching. I walked into a store by chance and that’s where I met my wife, she was not among the girls I corresponded with.
    I would like to conclude by saying that with all due respect to the author of this article, I don’t know him or what type of woman he attracts or is attracted to. Since we are all different, go by your gut feeling, choose wisely and best of luck to you!

  19. You don’t have to be a rocket sciencentist to conclude that if any (foreign or not) woman is an easy fuck she probably isn’t a good keep. So, instead of trying to find “quality women” in places there are plenty of easy fucks, maybe reorientate to geolocations with not-so-easy fucks? Middle Eastern women are, on average, a lot more attractive than the average Western woman and are not as “plain” as the average Asian. There are several downsides, though: They are probably religious, they tend to be bossy, and they may not be ok with your (American) government having bombed their hometown to shit sometime in the past, but if you can work around that (find a non-bossy, not-too-religious ME woman and manage to not be too American), they make about the best wives I know. Plus: They probably will stay hot until well past 40, unlike most Asians and Europeans.

    1. There are moderate muslims, Indonesia, Turkey, etc, but if you date them long enough don’t they ask you to convert to appease some traditional family member?

      1. I’d advise against Turkish women. They are very, very strenuous (say the Turkish men). Plenty are sexy as hell, but still.
        This is probably _because_ they are from a “moderate muslim” culture, which is like “dry water”. What I meant is that women from a muslim culture, but without strict muslim beliefs (they wouldn’t take you then or want you to convert – which may or may not be in your interest) are quite a catch.
        Edit: If you are interested in a caring, somewhat devout but self-aware wife

    2. I have no personal experience with ME women (I find it hard to meet them #1, and approach them #2, especially in my part of the USA), but my stereotypical view would make me assume they are not bossy, but used to taking orders from their man, since it is a very patriarchal society. The few ME women I have known (friend dated one, and met a Saudi, she is rebelling with tattoos, etc.) were both bossy and somewhat abrasive, but I attributed this to their living in America for many years. Are ME women really bossy?

      1. > Are ME women really bossy?
        Imho they tend to have a quite clear picture of what a “real man” should be, which is quite identical to most RoK authors’ understanding of a “real man”. If you don’t live up to that, you won’t be treated as a man – that could be interpreted as bossy.
        And if she thinks a real man can fix the a/c and you can not, guess who she will think is a better man?!
        There was enough written here about women (1) with tattoos and (2) with bad cultural influence as not to make your aquantiance a shining example of ME women.

  20. The sad truth: Don’t go for the 10’s from other countries.
    Now, that is only sad if all you are after is a permanent installation of eye candy and trophy status (well, until she hits the wall, anyway, then you have a nightmare on your hands).
    On the other hand, if you can live with an 8, a foreign 8 beats an American 8, 9, or 10 any day of the week. A foreign 8 has never been able to consistently use her beauty to attract foreign men. So, if she likes you, it is most likely genuine. As important, she has had develop a number of other skills and good habits because she knows that an 8 does not cut it if all she has to sell is her vagina.
    I’ve had a number of foreign 8’s. They all had their issues, but I don’t regret any of those 1 year or so “relationships.” If I ever do suffer a lobotomy and decide to settle down and have a family, it will be with a foreign 8. Most likely, I will never bring her back to the American cesspool.

    1. Agree with you to an extent about foreign 8’s. It depends on where they are from. I did notice that when I was living in Southern Europe, for example, that I met far more good looking women who were willing to give me a chance because they found me interesting or ‘cool’ in some way. I could not pull girls on their level at home on a regular basis.
      The problem that men in the Anglosphere have is that our women get constant validation for their beauty and take that validation far too seriously. When I was living in Greece and Italy, for example–countries known for having plenty of bossy entitled cunts–good looking women had a bit more of a complex relationship with their own appearance. They understood the utility and advantage of it, but they also acknowledged a downside. In direct contrast, good looking women in the Anglosphere think the only downside is that less attractive betas will commonly pollute their field of view.
      Personally speaking, I’d be happy with a smart 7 who had her shit together and wasn’t overly reliant on me for money.

  21. You really have to be wary as many have a variety of backgrounds. My asian wide has a stable family backround,a respected father and four siblings. It’s probably no wonder she turned out to be a pretty decent wife. But her three, single child nieces are awful. Pretty hot looking, even in their late 20s and early 30s, and probably pretty likely to hold their looks longer than most western women, but they have all the normal problems of the modern woman. And bear this in mind, all live pretty much in the culture of their country. But they are materialistic, narcassstic, hypergamous, they shit test like crazy and are steadily building up their N counts. Single child Asian girls can be as spoilt as hell and the divorce rate amongst them is pretty high. In some Asian countries, big and stable family backgrounds still exist but things are changing and you really need to be conscious of this.

  22. You really have to be wary as many have a variety of backgrounds. My asian wife has a stable family backround,a respected father and four siblings. It’s probably no wonder she turned out to be a pretty decent wife. But her three, single child nieces are awful. Pretty hot looking, even in their late 20s and early 30s, and probably pretty likely to hold their looks longer than most western women, but they have all the normal problems of the modern woman. And bear this in mind, all live pretty much in the culture of their country and come from the same family as my wife. But they are materialistic, narcassstic, hypergamous, they shit test like crazy and are steadily building up their N counts. Single child Asian girls can be as spoilt as hell and the divorce rate amongst them is pretty high. In some Asian countries, big and stable family backgrounds still exist but things are changing and you really need to be conscious of this.

  23. Damn. The more I read RoK, the more im getting turned off by it. Im moving to Sydney, Australia next fall from the states.. Hoping to get some culture, meet new people and experience something completely unfamiliar to me. Basically a “re-birth”. Especially looking forward to meeting different women from around the world. Yes, they tend to flock there. Especially Europeans and Asians. This website is turning into a cluster fuck of advice. One article says “Why You Should Date Foreign Women”, this one basically says dont… ???

    1. I read this article as “things to watch out for in certain foreign women” and mentally checked off how my foreign girl fares. I don’t think it is discouraging people from dating foreigners. I think you are making the right move and that this article can help you with some “warning signs”. The bottom line is simply: Don’t think that just because she’s foreign, she is wonderful.
      I visited Australia a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. The cost of living is high, and it has some strange rules (I was somewhat terrified that you need permission from a bureaucrat to *leave* the country–you must pass through customs!!! But such is a prison colony I suppose) but overall the people have a great attitude. The country is very beautiful (visit the Blue Mountains), safe, modern, and efficient. It reminded me of how I figure the 1950s in America were, everyone was upbeat, the future was bright, economy booming, positive attitude. I love the “no worries, mate” mentality, the good food, the fashion, and people are in shape.
      Indeed, there are ugly parts of this site that I don’t enjoy, such as the “fuck everything that moves” PUA mentality, the pro-religious mentality, the pro-war jingoism, the anti-relationship at any cost messages, right wing politics and of course the silly ad hominem attacks and chest beating of keyboard commandos. Just a reminder that you shouldn’t trust any source 100%. In general, this site is a breath of fresh air, and I love the intellectualism, freedom of ideas, and the positive pro-male community.

  24. I think the biggest problem I’ve seen is guys go nuts, they feel they are dating a girl out of their league and ruin the whole thing with jealousy and controlling behavior. I’ve seen this multiple times-the guy had the girl and literally drove her away. DOH! Practice, practice practice. Oh and I don’t really care if a girl post sexy pics, usually in latin cultures a womans value is in her beauty, and often you will find more of her girl pals commenting, trying to buck her up (you look good honey!). As long as she saves the super sexy photos for you its all good.

  25. All of these with the possible exception of the first two are applicaple to why you shouldn’t commit to any woman.
    my last girlfriend was guilty of all 5 of the things in your post, and I didn’t even realize it until it was too late.
    Thoroughly get to know a girl before you even consider making her your girlfriend.

  26. The first point is an important one that is rarely ever mentioned. Chances are that many foreign women no longer identify strongly with their own culture or have shady pasts that they want to leave behind.

    1. All women are gold diggers. These foreign girls just. Want a green card. If a guy brings them to America the will get frivorced quickly. .

  27. If you’re dating a “foreign” woman, then you’re already ashamed of your western heritage. So, you’re a perfect match.

  28. Well, even for a local, those are the signs that we stay away from as well. I’m from Viet Nam and current staying in Australia. While, naturally, I want to have my fun with western girls, my Aussies friends (the older ones ) have always suggested me to get a Vietnamese woman since, you know why. The thing is, while a very few of our women have the characteristics that are nice such as cooking, being feminine, know their places (men and women duties in the house) thanks to the thousand years tradition that is dying fast, many are shit. That’s right! Shit!
    Besides, after all, women are women. Do you know what my grandmother told me before I went abroad? “No matter what, women are the same. A woman will always try to control her partner, it’s in their blood, they are dangerous. You have to be careful!” And so did my aunt, mother and female cousin. In my country it’s manipulating to get what she wants or get things going her way, thanks the god they don’t go for divorce and shit that much though (tradition plays a part here). In your country, well we have all seen and heard. My friend lost his house, another lost his house and his son, another is on the verge of destruction, terrifying. So, what’s the moral of the story? Pick the best one you can and educate your woman if you want her to be your second half (or chain to death, if you may add. In Viet Nam we still think the old way with marrying. It works for us.). In Viet Nam you get your mother’s help in this as well, got to love our mothers. However, different cultures and law systems may interfere.
    Anyway, that’s my story. I still want to try for western women though since it’s not that much different (a few bank accounts and having parents owning your house should do for starters, will think of other later). How about you guys? How do my brothers from the other cultures fair?
    Ps: I do notice a trend in the western countries where women don’t cook but men do. Is that true? Any tips to fix this?

  29. I’d be very careful of the guy friends from the same country. Chances are he is not her friend or cousin and is in fact the dude who she is planning to run off with when the green card arrives. Amusing how you think foreign women are so un-American, yet, she will clean out the bank accounts, the house and head for the hills. Looks good on ya!

    1. If you were stupid enough to give her the keys to the kingdom in the first place then you deserve what you get.

  30. Thanks for the advice, but if I have the change to go to foreign lands, I will be going the sex tourism route.

  31. Hahaha….. none and I mean absolutely none of these apply to my gorgeous and mature and feminine brasileira.

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