6 Things White Girls Can Learn From Filipinas

Two months ago, I decided I was sick of rainy weather, stuck-up hipsters and high taxes and left New York for the Philippines. My friend Mark Zolo recommended the place as my first stop abroad because of Filipinos’ near-universal English fluency and love of all things American. Having slept with more girls in the past two months then in the previous year, I can safely say that the Philippines is a country every American man should visit.

Filipinas are so beautiful and feminine that any white girl who sets foot in this country should be placed on suicide watch. Just the other day, I saw an Australian girl waddling around outside the immigration office. She was twenty pounds overweight, had buck teeth, and was seething with an aura of resentment and sexual frustration endemic to white girls in Southeast Asia. It’s clear that wherever she came from, she was used to men kissing her ass just for being female, but in a land where girls are feminine and take care of themselves, she’s been relegated to freak show status.

Nonetheless, in the spirit of constructive criticism, I have a few pointers to help my melanin-challenged sisters deal with the new Yellow Peril.


1. Lose some weight, fatty.

While American fast food franchises like McDonald’s and KFC have made a disturbing amount of progress in the Philippines, the population as a whole is nowhere near Western levels of obesity. The average Filipina weighs about 95 pounds soaking wet and is so light I can scoop her up in my arms like a baby. If I tried doing that with your gwailo ass, I’d be looking at a trip to the emergency room.

Look, nobody likes fat girls, not even fat girls themselves. If you want men to treat you like a human being, you better maintain a human shape. Lay off the cronuts, go to the gym, and start skipping meals. The boner wants what it wants, and what it doesn’t want is a duck-footed, buck-toothed Pillsbury Doughgirl.


2. Put down your iPhone.

Smartphones are ubiquitous in the Philippines, almost as bad as back in the U.S. Even poor people here have flip phones, and you can buy calling cards at street eateries alongside local delicacies like tuna panga. Yet Filipinas aren’t obsessed with their phones the same way white girls are. You’ll never see a Filipina hunched over her iPhone at a bar or the beach, obsessively checking her Instagram likes and taking selfies; she’s too busy having fun with her family or friends.

White girls use their smartphones as a crutch to avoid social interaction. Every encounter they have with another human being has to be mediated by a screen, even sleazy hookups (see: Tinder). White girls are becoming so socially retarded due to iPhone addiction that they’re starting to interpret innocuous remarks and cramped subways as misogynistic oppression. If you want men to find you attractive again, stop babbling about “rape culture,” put down the phone and start talking to people.


3. Don’t be a slut.

Like all Asian countries, the Philippines has its fair share of “yellow cabs,” slutty girls who specifically seek out white guys for hookups. But there are also a lot of girls who stay virgins well into their twenties. Filipinas know that chastity is one of the most valuable traits a girl can have, so they don’t just give themselves up to any guy who winks at them.

White girls will spend their youth sitting on a big bucket of dongs, then as their looks fade away, they whine about how there are “no good men left.” If you don’t want men to treat you like a cheap whore, don’t act like one.


4. Be appreciative.

Every Filipina I’ve taken on a date so far has texted me afterwards thanking me for taking them out. My current girlfriend tells me “I love you” every time we get together. She knows that while I love her back, if we were to break up tomorrow, I would have my pick of beautiful young women just like her. She appreciates me because I’m a good man who cares about her, and because she feels honored that I chose her out of so many eligible bachelorettes.

White girls are completely self-centered when it comes to relationships. They think that the smelly hole between their legs entitles them to princess treatment and that men should be grateful to even be speaking to them. Then they wonder why the only men they can attract are losers and wusses. Real men don’t put up with selfish little brats, so if you want a good man, you better be grateful for him when he comes along. Ask not what your man can do for you, but what you can do for your man.


5. Treat marriage and family seriously

White girls love to delude themselves about how women from poorer countries are “golddiggers” and “mail-order brides,” but all the Filipinas I’ve dated so far are college-educated and middle class. In fact, my girlfriend is technically more educated than I am (she’s studying to become a nurse). Yet Filipinas don’t fetishize their college degrees and jobs the way white girls do. Ask a Filipina what she really wants, and they’ll all say the same thing: a husband and children. Jobs are something they do to get money and nothing more.

Girls are designed to bear children from their late teens up to their late twenties. After thirty, female fertility starts to drop off, and menopause kills it entirely. If you want kids, forget about your “career” and start thinking about getting married now. If that sounds regressive, I’m sorry, but that’s life. Your boring data entry or pumpkin spice latte-slinging job won’t love you until death do you part, but a husband and a family will.


6. Find a higher cause.

Filipino culture is still largely dominated by the Catholic Church, which is why divorce, adultery, and abortion are all illegal here. While I’m not religious myself, there’s something to be said for living in a society that is animated by a higher purpose. The average Filipina attends Mass weekly, believes in God, and tries her best to live up to His commandments, even if she doesn’t always succeed. The moral framework provided by Catholicism is in part why the Philippines is far less dysfunctional then Thailand, Cambodia and other countries in the region.

God is dead in the West, and white girls have replaced Him with consumerism and celebrity worship. That’s why they get more upset over a rich actress getting her phone hacked then by hundreds of girls getting raped by Pakistani immigrants. You don’t have to become a devout Christian, but you should find some purpose in your life aside from mindless consumption. Instead of reading Buzzfeed, try picking up a good book. Instead of playing Candy Crush, play chess. Write a book, learn to paint, start a rock band, but do something real with your time.

While there are a number of other things that white girls can do to better compete with Filipinas, such as getting rid of the tattoos and aging gracefully, these six changes will make a world of difference. If white girls want quality men, they need to up their game and learn how to be feminine again. If they don’t, there’s a whole nation full of petite, wifely women who will give us what we want.

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637 thoughts on “6 Things White Girls Can Learn From Filipinas”

        1. They are the most hated and forgotten group of people in the U.S.
          There are unsavory women in every race but black women have it the worst.

        2. Forgotten? It seems that someone brings them up at every possible opportunity. They doing well for a forgotten group.

        3. I’m not sure about the hate part, but bw do have a lot of characteristics that make them unpleasant to be around. From personal experience I can attest that bw have more a feminist mentality than any other woman in America.

        4. I don’t know if they are more feminist, but black american women do give off a hostile vibe. That softens with black women in other cultures.

        5. From experience, a bw will go to war for her man. Yes many may seem jagged but they stand by their men. When I see articles on feminism I primarily see ww holding signs and protesting.

        6. Your post only perpetuates the useless war between the sexes. People are tired of the finger pointing.

        7. They are just looking for a man to tell them what to do. They are defensive and have low tolerance for weak men, but you show that woman who’s boss and she turns into pussy cat. I would say they are more feminine and less feminist than white women.

        8. Bs. Black women, in particular single mothers raise weak bm. Bw constantly promote not needing men, fathers for their sons and daughters, they question any male authority. list goes on.

        9. Bw may not identify as feminist, but they sure as hell act like them. Bw adopting the bs of feminism is one of the reasons the black community is pretty much in shambles.

        10. It’s just a theory. It’s not as bad as you think. I know many bw and black families doing well.

        11. It’s not “just a theory.” It’s a FACT. Over 70% of black children are raised in single-parent households. That right there is a cultural problem that needs to be rectified before anything else in their culture can be.

        12. I agree, but is that true a 100% of the time for 100% of bw. I have met ghetto ww, and have met suburban bw. Simply a product of their environment. Even an outsider can be altered if they fully adapt to the environment.

        13. Non-hispanic whites are ~1/3 that level. Asians are below 20%. It’s not coincidence, it’s a legitimate correlation because households that are more stable lead to better environments for success for developing children.

        14. The thing with black woman, they bought the fruit too. Biology tells them they need to find a strong man and that is built in. However, do to education praise and income status, they immediately look to education to bolster their wealth while searching for a guy. This adds years and time to ride the penis train. By the time you run across her, 17 guys and their friends have had a taste, no one wants to stick around and she is eating up beta talk of being a queen. This makes for a very bitter and lonely existence with delusions of grandeur. At the very least she must be applauded for not reeking of cat urine in public.

        15. Not my words but you get the picture, Black women are at the bottom of the barrel in the sexual marketplace. Majority of black women, regardless of what they achieve, have a significantly harder time landing a man.

        16. Once they open their legs and pop a kid out of wedlock, they NEED feminism. Unlike white women.
          I can’t decide which group fucks up more.

      1. Not entirely, I was reading blogs and sites of women who are waking up to the growing reality of men either not marrying or going AWOL or Asian/EastEur. Of course, they will look at the issue from their perspective, women are not known for empathy when it comes to this subject, the narrative of “hurr durr, man opresion, man bad” is long ingrained.
        There is one option for men, MGTOW. This is an acronym that enompases a broad range of options for men. Go aWalt/Grass eater. Game away but don’t marry, or marry foreign and stay in native country WITH game. Philippines does not have divorce :D.

    1. Eh, I think my opinion of Phillipinas is not as high as this one. They are often just as bad.
      The thing is, there are soo many white guys, especially who have not lived abroad at all, let alone as much as I have, that have this jungle fevor rot in their brain about exotic pussy. Though I married a South Asian, I am no fool.
      All women suck to the Nth degree. A man must find a woman whose Nth degree is of an acceptable limit. Because without sex and babies, men and women would not have much of anything in common, and we would have killed them off eons ago.
      These little Asian sex machines are not much different.
      This genius is writing about how he flew to PI, and had all these women all over him. GIving him head, pussy, and acknowledging that he is the “alpha” male. LOL
      Typical. It never dawns on him that if they are doing that with him, they are doing that with everyone. I have been to Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, as well, and I can tell you, all these white men, unlike this one, all act like they are the kings of world when they go there.
      Perhaps these women do that with all.of.them?
      Man, gynocentrism is strong with this one I suspect. He gets laid like a king, or maybe close to, one time and he crows like a cock does on the hill after mating with all the hens. Little does he know that his predecessor was dinner the night before.

      1. Kill them off eons ago. That’d be for women’s benefit not sharing the planet with power hungry cavemen and rapists.

        1. Amen to this. It would’ve been better to die than to deal with these subhumans we call the opposite sex. Lucky for them they have muscles and that love-stick swinging between their legs or we would NEVER be birthing these pests. You couldn’t pay us enough.

      2. “Because without sex and babies, men and women would not have much of anything in common, and we would have killed them off eons ago.” And this is why some women suggest we should keep the male population at around 10%. Because you’re dumb as hell. Men, I’d say keep it at even less. lol We birth you and you’re talking about killing US off? Who the f*ck do you think you are? You’re nothing. You can’t create life, what good are you? Women should’ve been ripping you out of our uteri by the thousands at the rate you’ve been going. You’re lucky so many of you are alive.

        1. LOL. Yeah, like most every other thing you read, way to read too much into that the wrong way. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess you’re an idiot feminist right?
          You create life, by having sex with a man. You do not create it on your own. Takes two sweet heart.
          Who I think I am, is someone who pisses you off because I don’t back down when some random tart comes by and demands I stop whatever it is that is pissing her off at the moment.
          I don’t care about you.
          It is apparent you didn’t read that entire comment. Which is so typical of all you snowflakes. You get triggered on a whim, then go off on a tangent, then destroy a bunch of things, only to find out you got angry over nothing.
          But somehow, I’m a jerk for saying that men and women would do each other raw if didn’t have our biology between us? LOL.
          Get a grip, then go pound sand.

  1. You gotta be joking. American white women forget how lucky they are on top of the constant barrage of lies, propaganda, and, ads aimed at controlling their behavior, choices, and wallets. Whether people realize this or not, these women may seem out of control but in reality their behavior is tightly regulated because their decisions and lifestyles give power to so many others. Otherwise motherhood and stability wouldn’t be looked down upon like ti is. There’s no profit for the cronies and the garbage in all levels of this nation that thrive from women running amok now is there.

  2. “The moral framework provided by Catholicism is in part why the Philippines is far less dysfunctional then Thailand”
    I disagree entirely with that. I was in the Mindanao in 2007 and any island that had a strong Moro Islamic Liberation Front (that’s right; MILF) presence had serious problems. I suspect you are staying on Luzon which is why you have this opinion.

    1. “any island that had a strong Moro Islamic Liberation Front (that’s right; MILF) presence had serious problems”
      I think that’s your problem right there and it’s not Catholicism.

      1. Im not blaming Catholicism. But the premise that the Philippines are more stable than Thailand is fallacious. MILF was such a problem that the PI government reached an agreement with them to provide a degree of autonomy. Effectively conceding control of some regions to a Muslim insurgent force.

        1. The Philippines has been governed by the same constitution since 1986. Thailand has military coups every five years or so. You tell me which one is indicative of stability.

    2. I spent two months in Davao and my experiences there formed the basis for this article. MILF is completely irrelevant to foreigners unless you plan on visiting the out-of-the-way provinces that they control. The most interesting spots on Mindanao (Davao, Cagayan de Oro, GenSan etc.) are far away from the civil war.

    3. My wife is from Mindanao. I was warned by several friends that were long time Philippines visitors, and several more that were married to Luzon Filipinas, not to go south of Cebu; an island in the middle of the archipelago where Luzon is the far north (Manila) and Mindanao is the far south (Davao). MILF is still alive and well but you can’t tar everyone from Mindanao as Islamic.

  3. I can never understand white men dating Asian women. According to studies in evolutionary psychology, caucasoid women are widely regarded as the most attractive, while black ones as the least attractive.
    Asian women tend to have annoying, high-pitched voices. Dark, unexpressive eyes. A peculiar body odour. Bad breath and bad teeth. Long dark straight hair that you can’t shape into anything (no volume). No ass, no tits. Ugly vaginas.

        1. Race is taste. Personally I like dark women but thats just me. Being 225 lbs as a women is unnatural and I cant see how you can even use that as an argument.
          I really dont find blonde girls very attractive.

        2. “caucasoid women are widely regarded as the most attractive”
          I kind of agree there but by who ? By Western media in general (mtv etc). And we all know who controls them.
          There is really nothing that makes white girls more attractive, other than mainstream having decided they are.

        3. That’s the brainwash speaking. ALL other races try to dye their hair blonde (ONLY Whites are blonde) put in blue or green contacts (ONLY Whites have blue or green eyes), wear high heels to make themselves taller (Whites are generally the tallest). Why do they do this? Don’t say it’s because MTV told them to, it’s the other way around. Hell, black girls even perpetually get those hair weaves, blonde or not, trying to make themselves look MORE WHITE. They even bleach their skin, so do Asians. Asians will get surgery to remove the epicanthic fold. To make themselves look MORE WHITE.
          They all want to fuck White guys so they can have whiter babies.

        1. Wow where to start..just wow I cant even and what the actual fuck !?. Thats mysognist. I prefer my woman being well experienced, also sexually, so she is strong and independent…probably working in a HR department. well educated is a must so she can challenge me. I love to listen to her important opinions.
          NOTTT !!!

    1. Beauty is not only in exterior but interior. I dont mean to sound like a faggot but if you put a 10 with an attitude of a Super Sweet 16 bitch next to a 7 with a happy and caring woman (ie good mother) which one will you find attractive?
      Many Western women are wrecked by feminism and slutiness. Asian girls in some countries (exclude Singaporean girls as they are as western as a swedish fembot), not so much.
      Also, I don’t know if you are from the US, girls them seem to be exterior beauty, but here in the UK they look like orc stand ins in a LOTR film.

      1. They are ruined because of the amount of choice they have, compared to what you have. Naturally they will think that they are “worth” more, its only natural.
        A women here in mangina land gets 200 offers of cock a day, online and in real life.
        She knows that you, as an average man, would be lucky if a woman lifted her gaze off her iphone and looked in your direction once every third day.
        The gender economics difference is so incredible huge. Of course they are not gonna let go of such a sweet deal so every time someone fucks up the economics (foreign brides) they will fight it with nails and teeth.

  4. My thoughts on your article’s points:
    1. “Lose some weight, fatty” – SPOT ON. The western world has a huge problem with food and exercise and it reached “pathetic” levels decades ago and is steadily steaming on towards “loathsome”. This one applies to guys too. Put down the Xbox controller and do some fucking pushups.
    2. “Put down your iPhone” – Yup. Never let technology get in the way of real human interaction.
    3. “Don’t be a slut” – This one is completely invalid (unless we’re talking about pathological sluts with mental issues). You are there to fuck women. Your ENTIRE REASON for being there is to find women who put out; so how can you demonize one nationality and laud the next for exactly the same behavior?
    Also, I don’t know what kind of women you go for here in the States, but the women who I’m attracted to invariably have had far fewer partners than I have. So maybe the issue is “self-selecting” on your part.
    4. “Be appreciative” – Yeah, this one is good. A little more gratitude would be nice. Would also have been nice if you mentioned how you return said gratitude, too. You know, since this article is written for men.
    5. “Treat marriage and family seriously” – Good point. I think every woman should place her life’s goal front and center. If you want to devote your life to work, good. If you want to have a husband and kids, good. What causes problems for everyone is women who want that proverbial cake and eat it too. You cannot be on the Board of Directors AND be a mom at the same time while achieving high levels of success in both. Choose wisely.
    6. “Find a higher cause” – I’m not religious either. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever marry a girl who was devout. But to find someone who devotes themselves to something greater than their Pintrest account would be a nice change.

    1. “Your ENTIRE REASON for being there is to find women who put out; so how
      can you demonize one nationality and laud the next for exactly the same
      Notice that the author speaks of having “girlfriends”, ie a committed partner, and also makes the distinction that yes, there are sluts in the Philippines and he apparently avoids them. If he wanted sluts, he could have just saved money and stayed in the U.S and had his fill of them here. He, like many Western men, went there at least in part to find a stable, trustworthy long term woman, which is something that we have a serious shortage of here in the West.
      “Also, I don’t know what kind of women you go for here in the States, but
      the women who I’m attracted to invariably have had far fewer partners
      than I have. So maybe the issue is “self-selecting” on your part.”
      If you believe the figures they (or their friends) give you, you’re a dupe. Sorry, but it’s true. As for possible selection bias, the fact is that sluts are the bulk of women now in the West, and so naturally they are increasingly all there is to choose from to begin with.

      1. That was probably the most lucid and polite rebuttal I have ever come across here on ROK. I have to be honest, James, you are at dangerous risk of improving my opinion of the readers of this site. So, srsly…stop that.
        As to #3. I suppose this all depends on what we define as a “slut” AND the quantity of partners required for a woman’s sexual behavior to reach levels of shamefulness.
        Here is where I’m at: as a non-religious guy, I don’t care if I’m dating girl who has had sex with past boyfriends (key word here is “boyfriends”). It just isn’t an issue for me since I’m not drawing a woman’s intrinsic value from whether her hymen is intact or not. For the record, I do find something distasteful about a girl who will fuck any guy who shows interest in her. But that has more to do with risk of disease as well as liking my partners to have personal standards for themselves. (Personal standards = good self esteem = non crazy woman).
        There is a Madonna-Whore complex problem here on ROK and while I can appreciate, and agree with, desiring that more women be selective with whom they sleep with I think that much of what we read here in articles and comments is simply too black and white and relies on assumed definitions for words like “slut” to carry their message to a generally pissed off (some for good reason) audience.

        1. “I suppose this all depends on what we define as a “slut” AND the quantity of partners required for a woman’s sexual behavior to reach levels of shamefulness.”
          “Slut” is a morally neutral term in the context of the sexual
          market, where a slutty girl is viewed, justifiably and desirably, as an easy lay who will go all the way right away, and undesirably as a girlfriend or wife prospect in whom to invest precious resources. With the draconian, gynocentric law and social institutions of the modern west arrayed against men like never before in history, it is of critical
          importance that men get this part of choosing girls for long term investment and wife/mother potential down to a science.
          One of the purposes of sex is to forge an emotional bond; to a woman who enjoys the modern hookup culture (which the Manosphere calls the ‘cock carousel’) sex has lost its bond-building power. It’s become mechanical, a matter of course. This woman knows nothing of true *intimacy*. The more men she fucks, the less any one man can sate her. Her sexual loyalty and emotional loyalty are cleaved from one another. She will think nothing of cuckolding her loyal, loving, supportive boyfriend or husband with another man who has done nothing for her except said the right words at the right time and made her pussy wet and tingly.
          This kind of woman is now the majority in the US and probably the West as a whole. But us men still need sex. It’s a biological need just like food and water, so we adapt by learning skills (like Game) to sate that need, while lamenting that it’s increasingly difficult to find a woman who is good for anything more meaningful than the casual sex we’re having with her.
          On another note, an alternative is to give up on (Western) women entirely, even disregarding the sex they can provide, and instead devoting your energies entirely to bettering yourself, rather than a woman or a corporation, making just enough money to support yourself adequately. The men who do this are called the MGTOW, and they are very dangerous to the current order.
          Learning how to Game women and fuck them is all well and good, but it’s simply a way to capitalize on the shitty conditions that women have set in the dating/sexual market.
          Game is a treatment. MGTOW is a cure.

        2. “MGTOW is a cure.” — I’m pretty well acquainted with the MGTOW movement. Here is the problem with it; it only works if EVERYONE does it too. Only then would it have enough sexual “voting power” to change women’s behavior. But in the mean time MGTOWs, unless they are politically active, have opted out of the public debate, thus removing valuable foot soldiers in the fight against feminazis.
          Sigh…or maybe the zombie apocalypse will finally come. I’ll bet every penny I’ve got that you wouldn’t hear one peep from some bitch about feminism after they watch the first woman get her face eaten off. After that it would be all “Oh, dont worry. I’ll stay home with the kids and clean up while you forage the wasteland for supplies”.
          Zombies – feminism’s only reliable cure.

        3. Only a minority of men need to go MGTOW for the system to falter, possibly just one quarter to one third.
          As for politics, men can wail about their issues all they want, and no one will care because we’re the disposable sex; sperm and ejaculation are cheap, whereas eggs, gestation and birth are extremely taxing on a woman’s body and take almost a year to complete. There are already plenty of politically active MRA’s and no gives a fuck about them or what they say, they’re just made fun of.
          The best thing men can do to enact change is just drop out of the system entirely, living for themselves rather than for a woman or a corporation, never getting married, or even going so far as to expatriate, and more and more men are doing these things.
          This is a long read and you’ll probably have to break it into several sittings to really digest it, but it will help you understand.

    2. All very good points.
      The problem with women in the U.S., today, is that they’ve complained for so long that it’s the only thing they know how to do. They don’t want true equality…they just want more shit (plus control and power).
      And are women any happier after decades of complaining (and receiving shit)? No.
      It’s pretty much like an adult giving in to their kids bad behavior and letting them have their way (and we’ve seen how well that’s working out in society).

      1. Agreed. A huge problem in the US is that too many people of both genders just want to bitch and complain and hope that someone will swoop in and write some law to make it all better.

      1. Of course…any shaming language will do against men so that women don’t have to be held accountable (for anything).
        You have to love all of the “equality” that they are shooting for in today’s society (I mean bullshit).

        1. It’s the blatant hypocrisy of feminism that gets me… if they actually abided by any of their own “rules” I still would not like them, but at least I would have some small piece of respect for being consistent.

  5. People on this website, have seriously got to STOP putting foreign women on a pedestal.
    When are you guys who put foreign women on a pedestal going to realise, by nature nearly most women are dysfunctional, and thanks to social media, smartphones, women magazines, all this bullshit propoganda is what corrupts all women, regardless of which geographical place they live.
    I get it, most men including myself are fed up of Western women, but this in no way justifies Asian women or Russian women as being different and an exception. Its an illusion.

    1. Female behavior is determined by genetics and environment. When you have an environment that provides preferential treatment as you do in the west, they learn to behave as a privileged demographic group. I’m not familiar with EE women but many Asian and Latin women were not raised in those environments so they do not exhibit the level of privilege typical of western women. Of course non-western women are going to possess the same genetic propensity for the same behavior but that doesn’t mean you should discount the effects of environment on their behavior. By that account, non-western women are generally preferred. Which is why many proponents of non-western women also state not to bring their girl back to the west or else it will corrupt them.

      1. In South East Asia and many countries including Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, the women there are slowly starting to catch up with the Western traditional lifestyles. I blame this on the huge amount of technology and celebrity bullshit that is being exposed on these countries thanks to the internet.
        Just go to Mumbai India and see the bullshit for yourself. The girls there have lost their traditional values of what made Indian women exotic. They are now turning into Western type stuck up sluts, bossing Indian guys around, vomiting all over the pavements after drinking like animals, shoving feminism into the face of men etc.
        Foreign women should not be put on a pedestal. That is what I believe and men should not fool themselves into thinking otherwise.

        1. vomiting all over the pavements after drinking like animals

          This is when you know Western values have arrived.

        2. I’m not saying you should be. I’m simply providing an analysis for why it happens. And of note, all those transformations taking place with those women are due to learned behaviors from western influences. It’s isn’t from an alteration in their genetic makeup that is creating this behavior.

        3. This. Women can be trained, like any other human being.
          When western culture trains them to be self-entitled idiots, they become self-entitled idiots. Other cultures tend to raise women in a more traditional manner.
          Filipinas are not any better than western women. They just have not been given the same load of toxic SJW training. Bring one to the US, and she may very start acting like the local ladies.

        4. My lovely Filipina wife has been in the US for almost 7 years. She has not become like the American women. She still weighs 95 pounds and has waist length hair. I have finally got her to stop ironing my boxers, but she still thinks it is important to take care of her man. She still thinks being a wife comes with responsibilities to her husband.
          There are several things you can do to forestall the transformation to western slut bitch (note I did not say prevent it indefinitely.) The first is to have her integrate into a community of other Filipinas. Other than my sisters she does not associate with white American women. The secondary benefit is when we hang out with her Filipina friends and their American (and some Filipino) husbands I am surrounded by gorgeous young women. Even the women in their 40s are still very attractive.
          If possible have her work in an industry where most of the women are foreign immigrants. My wife works in a nursing home where most of the employees are female and mostly from Africa. They will tell you within seconds of meeting them that they are African and not African American. Nobody wants to be associated with that community.
          And finally, keep her away from US TV. I was late to that one. The first two years I dreaded coming home from work because the first thing I would here is how we were doing our lives all wrong, according to Oprah, and her right hand Dr. Phil. I now refer to Oprah only as Satan, and I am sincere, and Dr. Phil as the right hand of Satan. I hold this frame down to bedrock. The best thing I have done was to get The Filipino Channel (TFC) which is a streaming service through the internet that provides all the shows from the Philippines to consumers in the US.
          What all of this will do is keep her looking at the white American women as bitches that she hates rather than role models to emulate.

        5. Indian girls open for foreign guys yet? How long before they become like Asian girls and spread them for westerners.

        6. There was a time when the arrival of Western values meant the imposition of Christian moral codes and reorganization/exploitation of society to make it more productive. Now it’s literally synonymous with decadent behavior and consumerism.

        7. On college campuses, Indian and Mexican girls are the new Asians; now that that East Asian girls have been pedestalized for so long they have internalized their status as white girls’ equals.

        8. Gosh, sounds like you have some control issues. Good thing you got that TV thing straightened out because you might not have anything else that would make her want to stay.

        9. Control issues my ass….
          He’s doing what he needs to do to keep the USA poison out of his home. Good on him I say

        10. It’s the educational system. Either get them right out of their father’s house or one that was educated in foreign lands.

        11. The TV problem may take care of itself in the next few years. The average broadcast television watcher is over 55 years old – Oprah doesn’t even have a show anymore and the rest get lost in a sea of advertisements. Short answer is one will have to self-select the garbage as they now do on the internet. The good news is it’s perhaps less likely to accidentally enter your living room.

        12. They will tell you within seconds of meeting them that they are African and not African American. Nobody wants to be associated with that community.
          I never cared for them if im honest. But a couple of years ago, they began moving to Ireland. Now I know why the southern US states had slavery and jim crow laws and south Africa had apartheid.

        13. I am up here on my pedestal where my bf put me so high because i earned it and for sure I deserve it and for sure will keep it that way.:) he’s more than welcome to put me down the pedestal anytime but it’s not only me whose up there it’s also him.

        14. I’m sure the reason why all the “men” here despise white woman is because we have a voice and you’ve been turned down and it’s clear why. I hurt for your wife I honestly do. If anyone is to blame for the way some SOME women act blame yourselves for seeing women as sexual objects. How about treat your woman with respect we’re all human we’re all the same. It’s shame people still in this day in age think like this. Are you afraid that your wife is going to realize that you’re a pig that is trying to shield her of a free life?

        15. Last thing to all the sexist men on here do us ALL a favor and move out of the US trust me you are not wanted here…I’m sure you know that by now since you hate american women 😉

        16. If you bring a foreign woman to America, she will eventually become a nasty American cunt.

        17. No we are not all the same. Men are the natural dominant beasts of the Earth; women come second and always will.

        18. Since the typical Filipina is 100 pounds and 5 foot nothing, you are calling all Filipino men pedophiles. Instead of insulting women for being petite maybe you should lose some fucking weight.

        19. Have you considered that he is the poison as are most of the men infatuated with foreign women? They perpetuate the Western lifestyle and then demand submissive well behaved wives.

        20. What do you do for a living. How have you help society. There are some ignorant people on this site that dont know what love is.

        21. Indians are the people who were already in America when white people showed up and the descendants of those people. Of course at one time they were probably Asian, at least some of their ancestors.
          The proper term for people from India is “People from India”.

        22. Yea? Tell that to your mother. You disgusting waste of life. I’m sure you’re some fat ugly dork that no woman would ever think twice of even looking at let alone sleeping with and that’s why you’re a bitter sexist racist piece of shit. We don’t need people like you on this earth.

        23. Funny coming from an American woman, who thinks insulting men is a sport and feeding a stay cat is “helping society.” Jealous because USA men have options? and they can go to a country were women appreciate them…
          Nice to see when your 45 and still single but at least there will be few less homeless cats

        24. And most American men will continue to look down on you for being a creep, who has to find go halfway around the world to find a woman who he can boss around and make his slave.
          I had no idea that American men had started coming together in pathetic support groups to discuss how pathetic they were. Nice to know “Return of Kings” exists …

        25. Acutally, the “subservience” thinking is BS. Asian women are not subservient, they’re very outspoken and intelligent. My wife is. What I like about my wife is she has a handle on a REAL egalitarian marriage and not this crap my buddies are dealing with: This “happy wife = happy life” nonsense philosophy where ball-less beta-men pander to their spoiled fat princess wives. Where the more they try and make her haaaaapy the more harpy, miserable and demanding she becomes. This is not about finding submissive wives, it’s about finding women who are simply tolerable and lovable and not totally self-absorbed (or just completely narcissistic). North American women are cranky, harpy overweight cry-babies who have adpoted this cancerous form of modern feminism which is “only I exist”. And no, the fact you are all 50 to 200 pounds overweight does not mean women who are size 0, 1 and 2 have “children’s bodies”. Just because the last time you weighed 100 pounds was when you were five does not mean that a HEALTHY sized Asian woman has a child’s body. Sounds like a bunch of sizeist “fat acceptance” people who hate on NORMAL and HEALTHY sized people!
          Stop size-shaming NORMAL people and the NORMAL men who desire these NORMAL sized women! I hear it all the time. “WOmen in porn are not real. Real women are not that size.” Actually, many healthy, active and physically fit women ARE THAT SIZE. Ponder that over your next soup bowl full of Haagen Dazs.

        26. They find being “lady like” (not disgusting) to be disgusting. So they act super disgusting. That’s enough irony to make a hipsters head explode…

        27. Middle-Eastern and Indian cultures are more cohesive and for that reason less open to outsiders. I thought it was racial at first, but it’s really more about traditional values and strong communities. I recommend trying your luck with Sikh or Hindu women and pass on Muslim women, unless they *and their parents* are reasonably westernized. All that said, if they are *too* westernized you’re wasting your time. Westernized women are worthless, from a relationship standpoint. They might make good employees, or bed meat, but live with? Marry? Waste of time.

        28. Do what Canadians do. Call them “Native Americans” or “Fist Nations People”. Then Indians can be Indians again! haha.

        29. “Indians” is one word, not a phrase. Perhaps there’s a single word for people from India that covers them all. As I understand it the name derives from a Greek or maybe Persian word “Hind”. Not the same as “Hindu”, which indicates a religious group. “A Hind” and “the Hinds”.

        30. Adjusted? to what pray tell? He porposefully isolated her from the culture he brought her to live in….now if he loved her he should have trusted her…

        31. You’re wrong about Muslim girls, they put out far more often than Hindu or Sikh girls (sort of a rebellion repression, forbidden fruit thing). In particular Arab girls have an over-drive libido.

        32. No you don’t lmao. We birth your stupid entitled princess asses. Hypothetically, if women weren’t as generous and good-natured as they unfortunately are, we could choose not to have male children or at least lower your numbers the hell down. You come from US. We don’t come from you. Remember that. You can make up as many patriarchal religions as you want, tell us that some magic phallus-daddy created the world, but it will NEVER change the fact WE create you. Who’s dominant now, b*tch?

        33. Honestly I blame their mamas for birthing them (don’t give a F about their daddies/sperm donors, it’s the mamas that are in charge of reproduction). Come on mothers, take control of this damn situation, you’re putting other women and their daughters through hell every time you drop one of these cooch-turds.

        34. ‘Father’s house’ lmao @ this patriarchal world. It’s the mother that births the world. Fathers can kiss my ass, you do nothing but bust a load, you do literally NOTHING after that, and you think you’re kings. So much for being the logical and rational sex. God males are so f*cking dumb it hurts.

        35. “…Western values meant the imposition of Christian moral codes and
          reorganization/exploitation of society to make it more productive…” and profitable for the West. Sounds business to me. Religion or the Church and the government are essentially business ventures. These institutions contribute to making consumerism thrive. Consumerism is effected by and effects decadent human behavior.

      2. Which is why many proponents of non-western women also state not to
        bring their girl back to the west or else it will corrupt them.

        Eddieeeeee! I want half Eddieeeeeee!

        1. Lol true! Raw should be required viewing for all young men. They’ll be shocked at what you could get away with back then.

      3. “When you have an environment that provides preferential treatment to them . . .”
        Women get preferential treatment everywhere. In different environments it simply comes in different forms.
        In an environment that is unfamiliar to you, you will simply not see that the silver lining, which is naturally what draws and holds your initial attention, has it’s own form of grey cloud.

        1. Perhaps, but I will still claim the extent to which they are elevated is not consistent from one environment to another. And that level of preferential treatment is greater in westernized countries than others I have encountered.

    2. Ok. Truth… share some of it with us. What percentage of American white chicks are fat/obese versus Filipinas?

      1. What makes you think that foreign women are all angels and flowers?
        Have you recently seen the state of foreign women? Go to India, Japan and see the kind of shit you witness in foreign women and as a red pill man, you will come to realise that the grass is not greener on the otherside.
        Women are women. If you have dated enough foreign women, you will come to realise that most foreign women are lost and surrounded by their delusions of grandeur and inferiority complexed illusions when they see a white western man.
        Once they have adapted a full western lifestyle, whether it be in the east or most likely, west, then that exotic angel you married will one day show you her true colours.
        As I have said, it is an illusion to think foreign women are an exception. Yes they may possess better qualities than western women, but even that changes over time.
        All I simply stated was the truth- don’t put foreign women on a pedestal.

        1. I asked you about fat…
          And you respond with knee jerk….
          You didn’t simply state the truth… there are too many words, paragraphs and emotions in your comment to simply be stating the truth.
          “6 things white girls can learn from Filipinas” sounds pretty reasonable to me.

        2. There probably are less fat women in the Philipines.
          But here is a quote from the second point:
          “Smartphones are ubiquitous in the Philippines, almost as bad as back in the U.S”
          I rest my case.

        3. … “You’ll never see a Filipina hunched over her iPhone at a bar or the beach, obsessively checking her Instagram likes and taking selfies; she’s too busy having fun with her family or friends.”
          Don’t read only for what suits your bias.

        4. But most guys are better off still, by learning enough game to draw enough of both, to form more of an educated opinion. Instead of just crawling off to the third world with their tail between their legs.
          Rationalizing and attempting to trivialize your own lack of success locally by riding the wealth differential wave, just sets you up for a fall as soon as your case of foreign oneitis realize her ticket to the West is hardly much of a catch.
          Much better to promise yourself a 6 month trip to SE Asia, as a reward for having hit your first 20 or 50 or 100 bangs in the US. You’re perhaps still likely to reach the same conclusion wrt foreign vs US women, but at least you will have a much better basis on which to pass judgment.

        5. Agreed, but remember most men have other priorities than to dedicate themselves to game. Many have jobs and hobbies that they like and are dedicated to..they just want relatively easy access to pussy/girlfriend/wife.
          When they then realize that women in the west not really that good, many men will think, to hell with it, Asia here I come, and forget about western women forever.
          Sometimes the hardest solution is the best, sometimes not. But each to his own.
          And btw, as it has been mentioned a couple of times here, “a little game” is not really enough anymore. Lots of game is needed, along with social proof, steroids, being mini famous(bouncer, dj etc) , clown game etc etc.
          I think most men simply give up facing that.

        6. I read the whole article thank you very much. Regardless of how much a Flipina uses a smartphone compared to Western women, it will never stop her from being exposed to and influenced by the crap and propoganda which corrupts women.
          I like to call the smartphone, the dumbphone.

        7. The way things are going, the overwhelming risk is that Asian cultures and girls will continue to get Westernized. Meaning, if you want kids/marriage, even with a currently fairly unaffected Asian, you won’t get to grow old without her picking up on your gameless self’s lack of relative attractiveness.
          Then you’re faced with having hitched a major part of your life to someone who will dump you to make up for all the “boring” years she wasted on you……
          If all you want to do is fuck more, then fine. But in that case, the Asian girls you fuck, will definitionally be those that have picked up western sexual mores. Not “traditional, family values” ones.
          If you really want to be gameless, while still having a stable woman, converting to Islam is a better option. That’s a culture that more than stands on it’s own, and is not getting Westernized. In America, converting to Mormonism can be kind of a “lite” version of same, albeit a bit dependent on the specific Mormon community in which you settle.

        8. Im not saying you should be “gameless”. But I believe requirements to game will grow exponentially next few yeas, to the point where even game gurus will have a hard time.
          I think its healthy for the current environment to inject a little friendly competition for our princesses.
          Let them know that there are options out there.

        9. It is still a problem nonetheless. Everywhere you go, you see women hunchbacked on their phones. What do they do all day with their phones? I mean is Facebook really that important?

        10. They need an object that they can use to ignore the surroundings, especially men. They need to show you that you are not important to them.
          If it wasnt smartphones, it would be something else. I remember before smartphones women would go out their way not to look at men passing by, looking at random paper on the ground, shop windows etc.
          It has gotten worse, but it’s still the same.

        11. Correct! I know many military buddies who married Asians: Koreans, Japanese and Filipinos. Their transformation started shortly after they returned to the US and continued for many years until they became almost (but not quite) as bad as our American wives. Culture can moderate and mask biological imperatives, but not indefinitely.

      2. American food culture is pretty toxic. Americans fucking graze on carbs all day.
        A co-worker was sent to Belo Horizonte in Brasil to spend half a year setting up a partner company’s servers. His co-workers there were at first horrified to see him grazing on goodies while doing IT work. As far as they were concerned, eating is something you only do at meal times, and goodies were something served in a small portion as a desert.
        They then decided this was “American”, and started emulating him.
        I am sure he left an office full of fatties behind him.

    3. This is something that more men need to realize. The only difference between Western and foreign women is that the Westerns have been allowed to embrace and display their true nature. The foreigners will become exactly like their Western counterparts if they’re put in the same overly permissive environment.
      “Water takes the shape of the container it fills.”

      1. lol. Even fat old white guys over 60 have KNOWN for decades it’s easy to snag asian pussy in a 3rd world country – where the prettiest ones fuck for The Big Tickee to USA.
        Shootin’ ducks in a barrel…
        Still, it’s good to see Ferd amping up hiz Game…

        1. Lots of “old white guys” go to Asian countries because if they were caught banging a 12yo in their own country, it would mean being friends with bubba in the back of cell.

        2. Not interested in 12 year olds, but the thing most White girls should learn from Philipinas is how to:
          1.) COOK (Love me some pancit!)
          2.) CLEAN

        3. There is a difference between younger men who are looking toward a more global market for women to marry and old white pedophiles going to poor Asian countries for sex tours. The former are smart, intelligent, worldly and refuse to play in a highly biased and saturated sexual marketplace. The latter are perverts that should be in jail (or worse). Only harpy third-wave feminists and their mangina and white-knight orbiters would attempt to conflate the two things with a straight face.

        4. Ah yes, the pedophile card. Any North American woman can throw around the pedophile card (and rape accustation card) and ruin a man, with no proof at all. And even when hard proof is provided she is a disgusting liar, she is not held accountable. Gotta add that to my list of 1000 privileges (white) women in North American enjoy.

        5. Now you are as being as judgmental as any woman. A lot of young guys in Asia use women as sexual playthings in a deep seated racist thought process that the said women are ‘inferior’ thus can be discarded, they would never do that to a white woman of the same quality back home – they would be neck deep up her backside trying their best not to get dumped.
          Sexpats are all ages – there are enough ‘pump ’em and dump ’em’ guys living here in their twenties with all the racist, neo-colonialist atittudes of the older generation with the added bullshit about being open minded and more open to differing cultures of course.

        6. All women AND MEN, REGARDLESS OF RACE should learn how to cook and clean. These are life skills.
          (The caps are for emphasis. Not shouting at you. Thanks.)

        7. The BIG ticket is NOT the USA any more..it IS a western country…but the word has filtered back to the Philippines that their are places where conditions are better and peope are more wealthy as a general standard than the USA. All the girls are after is MONEY and NOTHING else.They are ongoing , consumate LIARS!

        8. Philippine girls cant COOK, unless it is RICE..even the poor ole doggies have to eat rice there! As to cleanliness? Hey have a peek around wit ur eyes OPEN!

        9. Problem is the “ladies” are INTO “PUMP ME PAY DUMP ME!” That is their bread and butter and then they smile at the next one…the woman are quite disgusting in their approach to a relationship .

        10. im a proud Caucasian women who takes very good care of my husband and can cook as well as clean and works as well. Actually it’s a partnership and we help each other as well dumb ass.

        11. Dude where the fuck do you look for women? Maybe you lack intelligence. If women need to “learn” to cook; 1) stop looking for a woman on the streets, 2) why are all chefs men?, 3) why don’t you get off your lazy ass and cook or did your mother never teach you anything? Cleaning is a 2 way chore. I don’t how many Filipinos you have met but did you notice they live 12 families in one home and have little else to do than cook and fuck. Their food is not always good either. I personally have never known a woman who didn’t know how to cook, on the contrary, our food is great tasting and most importantly, CLEAN.

        12. Why haven’t you called the fat pig who wrote this article a dumb ass? Is it because he looks exactly like your husband? Hey, does he also have a tiny 3 inch cock like the writer or garbage?

        13. Hey you just gave me an idea to guarantee this type of garbage never comes back from the phillippines. I have to do what I can to weed out the garbage. We don’t need 3 inch penises here.

        14. no you are wrong despite your well worded attempt. Your last line just ruined your attempt at sounding intelligent. You are trying to say anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a feminist. Wow.

        15. I guess it depends where you go to meet women. I am old enough to say that all my life, I have seen men look for love in all the wrong places. You remember that song?

        16. Did I say that single men don’t eat? Point is everyone – men and women, married or not – should know how to cook, clean, and do other household chores.

        17. oh I was agreeing with you. Should I word it like this: “yeah, like, what do single men do? not eat? get a clue males!, or did your mothers drop you all on your heads? shish.

        18. In this is a major reason why western men are not able to find women. Lazy and the only thing they want is to lay in bed and have sex all day. I can just imagine your bedrooms smelling like an Asian restaurant after the fish and garbage smell becomes too much for one to breathe.

        19. That’s what maids are for and I’m doing my part to support the local economy.

        20. Are Filipinos known only for being domestic helpers in your country? There are many Filipino professionals (e.g., doctors, engineers, teachers, managers) working in many countries.

        21. Hello Helene,
          I’m Sonja McDonell, 23, Swiss Airlines Stewardess with 13 cities in oversea, very tender with much fantasies at emergency cases in my wonderful job. I was enchanted in ma april vacations, how many beautiful philipinas in Manila smiled & winked at me, but it wasn’t easy to take them in my room in the Vieve hotel. I was enchanted about the 5 I had. 3 did also things, which are rather unusual between girls.
          [email protected]

      2. Dude, the “true nature” of any women is to have close to as many children as they can manage. The reason Western women are messed up, is because culture specifically aims to prevent them from following that instinct.
        Pregnant at 14, wearing Burqa for an entire life of producing a new generation of Jihadis, is much closer to the true nature of women than running around NYC bars hopped up on E & hormones, while pretending she is somehow lucky to be a genetic dead end.

        1. You three above may not like it, but Stuki’s entirely correct on this one.
          If you believe in evolutionary selection, for example, the people who are alive today are all children of both women and men who had kids, and as such have had both the desire and capacity for producing children selected for over many, many generations.
          If you’re Christian, you’d know that God said to “be fruitful and multiply” to humans as well as animals.
          We don’t like the idea of girls being married/pregnant early. In large part, this is because of how long and involved our educations tend to be here. But young/married/with kids (in and of itself) is still almost certainly healthier than brainwashed women having their “play period” for 15-20 years until they realize they have no time left and are effectively worthless as far as further relationships go. Ever wonder how female SJWs are born?
          We also don’t like the religion, for very obvious reasons, but as far as reproduction goes, they have it straighter than a hell of a lot of us do.

        2. What the heck? Messed up? Women that gove birth to 14 children are likely to die. You don’t need children anymore. Why the hell have them? I’m Western but half Filipina. I guess what distinguishes me more than culture is my intelligence. I dont necessarily want childre though I feel my clock ticking and it concerns me. But i want a good father and yes i want a life that satisfies me. If circumstances dont provide this then nope. No children. Anyways the world is overcrowded and edp. The philippines struggles with overpopulation. So it actually would be good to breed a little less. We have brains you know.

        3. He’s a fat fuck loser who was always rejected by white women because, …I mean just look at him. He tells white women to go on a diet, skip meals, which is not at all what you do if you want to lose weight, and there he is, a fat ugly pig nobody wants so he goes to the country where he knows he can get some just by looking at a girl, because those girls want to hook up with any white dog that comes along just to leave their country. Dumbest biggest loser around, Matt Forney. There’s a guy like him on every street corner. Filippino women fuck anything that comes along.

        4. So Canada is a nation with a future. Filipinas fuck any white piece of shit that comes along, because they want to immigrate here, but we would really appreciate it if you desperate 3 inch dick fat slobs just move to the Phillippines instead because we don’t need their parasites infecting us. If you want to roll in the dirt, pigs, stay outside.

        5. God said to “be fruitful and multiply”, he didn’t say be pigs and abusive to women, nor did he say mix with other races. Fucking with genetics is like taking a natural seed and turning it into a GMO seed. It’s a recipe for disaster, this being said, intelligent women love it when the fat, ugly freaks of nature, like the fat loser who wrote this article (ha telling women to lose weight, the irony) leave our country to go to a country we think he should stay in. Please, if you are going to sleep with something you know nothing about, stay there. We don’t need you bringing back the deadly parasites these girls have in living in their skin. Only an idiot would believe all little fillipino women are beautiful and bla bla bla all that bullshit you wrote about them. Open your pig eyes there are plenty of ugly Filipinas. In fact he beauties are rare as fuck. You are just a desperate, rejected loser, so instead of insinuating western women have a reason to commit suicide, you should get real and open your eyes to the fact that it is you who should consider suicide. You obviously have issues with yo mama, and my view is you are damaged goods. I totally understand why you were never able to get some in your country. Just look at yourself man. You need to lose weight and you need to grow a brain, also, we don’t care about your 3 inch penis dude.

      3. If you are marrying a foreign women, you have to keep them out of the wrong environment.
        Don’t live in the city. Choose a more traditional area in the suburbs.
        Monitor her friends and time. Get her involved in a church and busy having and taking care of kids.

        1. What are you, her dad? Her kidnapper? “Monitor her friends and her time.” Super creepy dude.

        2. It’s a choice, deeply rooted values counts a lot too, people who love and respect others like the way they love and respect them selves would not change over night no matter where you put them. If you put roses in the room it would smell, garbage would do the same effect. I choose roses 🙂

        3. Don’t you want a little competition? Why would you want a woman that doesn’t have a voice or opinion?

        4. I guess he is afraid she will become a lot like you.
          Jennifer your the poster woman, why USA men date abroad.

        5. I am not from the US, nor have I ever lived there. So I will take that as a compliment

        6. I am pretty sure Flavor will amass a lot more sexual experiences as well as respect than someone who calls an unknown woman a cunt without provocation and thinks apologising for rudeness is beta. Good luck to you sir, I hope someone loves you.

        7. In a women’s fantasy world you might be right, Keep waiting for your prince charming he Is right around the corner….
          The sad fact is I have met and had sex being a jerk then I had being a “nice guy” for the first 30 years of my life…

        8. Are you sure? Creepy is a very common comment USA women use on USA men. You also understand the term “Beta” Maybe your from the Shitish Islands, if not,it is clear you picked up a few bad habits from your western sisters.

        9. When did I “brag about sex”? Or “insult a man about his sex life”? I did say that I found a previous comment about “monitoring her friends and her time” creepy. Creepy in the sense that it definitely conjures images of overt control and dominance, of keeping another human being in a proverbial cage of sorts. I’m sorry if my choice of word offended you but I find your reaction slightly amiss. As to the bad behavior you accuse me of, you have already called me a slut and a cunt without knowing anything about me or my private life, which isn’t very couth nor does it give you much credibility. It doesn’t offend me because your opinion is not based on a deep understanding of my character. I will however bet your bottom dollar that calling women sluts and cunts with such ease is not an attractive quality. Thank you for the assumption that I am a skilled lover with a trick or two up my sleeve. Although mere speculation, I will take that as another compliment you’ve thrown my way (much nicer than when you called me a slut and a cunt). ‘Nice guys’ finish last because ‘nice guys’ aren’t really nice. Actually nice guys win the game because they don’t see all women as mere potential sex partners.

        10. I am half Finnish and half Portuguese and I live in London. I understand the word ‘beta’, because I’ve read the stuff on here.

        11. You must be a beta or a chic. Being an entitled princess is not the same thing as having an opinion.

        12. True, but stick that rose in the room full of garbage long enough it will start to stink.

        13. Holy crap dude. Its exactly because of men like you that women’s liberation happened in the first place. You are backwards, scary man.

        14. You are a sad man, man. I pity you that women are so threatening to you. And calling random women “sluts” on the Internet is just awful behavior.

        15. No dude, its a common comment women in the USA (by your grammar usage I have surmised you’re not a native English speaker), to describe men like you.

        16. Maybe if you stopped acting like a typical woman and used some reasoning you might understand why I am being so mean with this little spoiled brat… Honey I can knock you out with one good shot, you are called the weaker sex for a reason….

        17. Yep Shittish Islands shame you did not stay in Portugal, you them may have been a nice wife for some lucky dude.

        18. Come here in the Philippines…. Filipino men will show you what love is all about… We know how to treat Women here in the Philippines… We Romance them… Cherish them..Sing songs to them… and Cook food for them…. White Women in Western society are forced to become like Feminist…. But here in the Philippines…. White Women have no reason to be Feminist in the Philippines…. since We Filipino Men treat our Women like Queens…. In fact, Philippines is rank # 1 when it comes to LOVE… “Gallup” survey showed that Philippines is rank # 1 country when it comes to Love…..

        19. No it’s true. If you let good women not yet corrupted by North American feminism get AROUND these North American harpies, it’s only a matter of time before they start talking to each-other about their oppression while they pull their $500 smart phones out of their $2000 purses while enjoying a $10 cup of coffee. Not to mention the OUTRAGEOUS act of a male of the species DARING to look at them or *gasp* approach and say something. Since when did MEN get these kinds of privileges? I mean, really?

        20. He’s saying that when a decent woman is around urban harpies she becomes… damaged goods. It’s a comment about how infectious the rotten attitude of many women is, it does not mean that men want to “hide away” and kidnap or oppress women. If I marry a woman from abroad because she is NOTHING LIKE the women here, and I like here, and NOT the women here, then I would not want her getting corrupted by the same kind of women I tried to avoid in the first place. As for “why don’t you leave and live there?”, well, that’s just more proof of the solipsism and entitlement of the modern North American female. “If you don’t agree with me, you’re a misogynist and you should either die or move away.”
          Yeah, sorry hunnies. Not going anywhere.

        21. Filipino men are among the most possessive and controlling on the planet. Whether it’s small dick syndrome or something else, I can’t believe how they treat women and expect to get away with it. My (Asian) wife is trustworthy, so I don’t need to control her, check up on her, or even worry about who she is with or why. What a great feeling.

        22. I don’t do anything to my nails, or hair for that matter (apart from washing and brushing). But thanks for assuming that I look after them – I must be doing something right!

        23. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Come pour some of that sugar on me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        24. ASs made a valid point when many foreign women are exposed to US culture it tends to change them for the worst that’s why he mention you have to keep on eye on them granted ASs did not fully explain himself but I can relate to this comment seeing how living here changes women. Ok maybe I was a bit harsh with a few of my words but this is mild compared to how women here treat men with the audacity to approach them. Creeps if we approach, Weak if we don’t ( I read plenty of women’s forums complaining about this. ) Pretty much damned if we do damned of we don’t scenario.
          Both men and women want sex so what is wrong with men initiate the relationship? Would you prefer men approach you in a disrespectful manner? But sadly this how the night game works here in the USA.
          . Sorry I don’t make the rules I just play the game.

        25. Because Filipinas are pleasant to begin with. If you lived here in the US and dealt with our dysfunctional dating culture I guarantee you would playing a different tune… Check out Happier Abroad and read about Winston’s experiences dating US women as an Asian Male…

        26. This is true.
          Men who say they are nice are only nice to the women they want to date, with everyone else they might be nice – but more than likely they treat people with the same respect and deference as with everyone else (some people they will treat well and some they won’t).
          So, when a ‘nice guy’ is unable to get a date based on being a ‘nice guy’ it is because most women see it as an act, this gets doubly compounded with the man in question publicly complains that he can’t get dates based on his ‘nice guy’ persona.
          John Cleese gave Stephen Fry some good advice about being happy “You’ll never be happy until you stop being so polite and nice’.
          Write in stone, even if they have nice legs, treat them with the same respect as you treat the postman.

        27. Veni vidi vici wow u went to school and u know what caesar said….but still u sound like a retarded 2 year old!

        28. Oh don ‘ t try insulting me i already know ur words for insulting all women…cunt
          frustration much?

        29. Dude she wasn’ t making that point, of course u can bring ur girl in the us and nobody will have anything against but making her do this or that it’ s wrong. Or controlling her friends. sure u can tell her what u expect of her behaviour and if she loves u she might comply but imposing…

        30. Sure
          …isolate them…i mean what the hell bring em to the us, lock them în a room and throw away the key:))))

        31. Agree Bro; I expected her to keep cussing, but she didn’t, so it brought out my soft side; will keep in mind to not repeat, lol

        32. from what i can tell, women are getting scared that men are wising up, to what you may ask? Womens natural vindictive behaviour, and their DNA ingraIned hypergamous ways.
          The bitch that rides the cock train till her looks start to fade, then wants a “GOOD MAN” to clean up her mess and provide for her, but she will get bored of that good man, cheat on him, leave him, take his house, car, bank account, and 1/2 his pay check for life while they go fuck the pool boy.
          Keeping tabs on your woman wont help either, as creepy as it sounds it is still ineffective, she will still find a way to destroy you. Best to just leave these cunts to it, the more men they fuck around the more men will wake up, right up until we have critical birth decline, just like whats going on in japan right now…
          make your money, live your life, don;t let these hoes shame you for making yourself happy.
          And if you absolutely need to get laid, just remember, Prostitutes are cheaper then alimony and child support, and porn is free.
          at least they are up front about taking your money before they fuck you, rather then taking your money as a process of fucking you.

        33. Wow, you’re a fucking moron. But don’t feel bad because everyone else who visits this site and takes it seriously is equally retarded.

        34. ‘honey’ … in this generation…. there is no such thing as “weaker sex”.. physically and emotionally

        35. I wonder if you appreciate your mother who happens to be a woman.
          Women are stronger than men. Go get pregnant and give birth, you’d realize that.

        36. Don’t believe him, Jennifer. I’m a woman living in the Philippines.
          There are good and bad men, as there are good and bad women in all countries.

        37. yeah… there are good and bad in any country… but facts and figures don’t lie… philippines is rank # 9 globally in Gender Gap index according to world economic forum…. It is in the Filipino culture to treat women like queen… That is something you can’t deny…

        38. Being ranked #9 in Global Gender Gap index is no guarantee that women in the Philippines are being treated like a queen. If that were the case, no anti-violence against women and children bill should have been made into law because of the absence of abused Filipinas. If you insist that women in the Philippines are treated like queens, then you’re probably hallucinating.
          Salamat at hanggang dito na lang. Kumikita ang gender-insensitive na may-ari ng blog site na ito sa mga komentarista tulad natin.

        39. have you even read the law on violence against women and children? the law is actually unfair AGAINST MEN…. in that law, a husband can be accused if he treats his wife as sex object… A boyfriend can be accused if he treats his girlfriend as sex object. The law didn’t even determine what sex object mean. In that law, Men are not allowed to control the money of the woman, while there is no Law prohibiting the woman from controlling the man’s money….
          There are abuses all over the world. There are good and bad people… The difference is the extent and gravity of the situation….
          Let us just be thankful that statistics and figures show that women are valued in the Philippines… rank #9 in Gender Gap index according to World economic forum…

        40. Nope last time I checked men are still on average 50% Physically stronger then women, A women’s strength is her femininity but feminists fail to understand that. Honey is still commonly used in the south by the way.

        41. Jesus father-f*cking christ. This site is like a rule-book for psychotic males. And they wonder why society focuses so much on controlling, abusive partners and domestic/psychological abuse? This is why. Men are f*cking defective as hell. We women birth monsters, that’s our sin.

        42. loll And you all wonder why ‘nice guys’ can’t get laid? Look at this delightful specimen. Too many of these nuisance critters around. There’s a huge difference between a good guy and a nice guy. Good guys don’t turn into jerks when they get rejected. They’re stronger than that. That’s attractive.

        43. Never claimed to be a good or nice guy as I am just a reflection of my environment. Most men from my experience only become jerks if the woman was nasty first.

        44. Well she is no bimbo, but your comment displays the perfect picture of why so many men are failing at finding the perfect wife.

        45. And sorry I have to say this, your name, “flavor”? for a man your age, I find it really disgusting.

        46. I think he is a loner, and there is always a good reason for that. I bet if they dig deeper, they will blame their mothers for their upbringing, but maybe it’s just natures natural selection process. Even white people need weeding sometimes. Take this writer for instance, he would be breeding sons with 3 inch dicks, which would just mean another bitter fat loser.

        47. This is a men’s forum? Oh, so why does the title refer to “what white women could learn from whores…I mean Filipinas? I think if men learned from their white women, they could be happy, but white men only have sex on their mind, so from the first date they shoot themselves in the foot, by appearing like man whores.

        48. but the fact remains he called you a slut and cunt. He is two faced. I smell danger.

        49. Pure coincidence. Nice guys can get dates. It’s not about being nice. It’s about being interesting. You can be a nice guy and appear dull as fuck, or you can be nice and funny, or interesting in some other way and the girl won’t leave you alone. Just don’t be phony. If you aren’t a comedian, don’t try to be one just to get a date. It’ a big turnoff.

        50. Being interesting gets a girl! Understand! Why are men so clueless? If you are looking for a serious relationship, display your talent (watch the animals if you can’t learn from people). My thought is you are so excited and have only sex on you mind, that you don’t know how to approach women. You aren’t meeting the queen, so relax. Just looking at a woman will get her attention, if the chemistry is there. I see fat, ugly men who aren’t even interesting, looking at beautiful women who have it all, and then they cry that women are all the same. If they are all the same then open your eyes to all of them instead of looking where you will obviously fail. If an easy fuck is what you want, then don’t pretend you are looking for the same thing the woman is looking for, be honest. And if you just want to bang meat then by all means, go to the Philippines, but please stay there because they have been spreading deadly parasites. We don’t want them.

        51. I can knock you out with one shot…hmmm, you are not a man. Why are you on here. Your problem is so evident. You are an animal and no intelligent woman will ever want you. I hope you go the the Phillippines and get buried there. You are the lowest form of masculine shit.

        52. Hello Jennifer,
          I’m Sonja McDonell, 23, Swiss Airlines Stewardess with 13 cities in oversea, very tender with much fantasies at emergency cases in my wonderful job. I was enchanted in ma april vacations, how many beautiful philipinas in Manila smiled & winked at me, but it wasn’t easy to take them in my room in the Vieve hotel. I was enchanted about the 5 I had. 3 did also things, which are rather unusual between girls.
          [email protected]

      4. This ^ isn’t true at all. I come from a foreign country and am now living in the United States. I was much more free back home than I am here. Definitely not agreeing with this article but there is something to be said for the ignorance men like you who I am willing to bet, knows next to nothing about other cultures besides what you get on TV, as well as the ignorance of the man who wrote this.

      5. I totally agree! Women do change based on if they are surrounded by judgmental elderly from their home country. I’m a African woman & this is true for my people. Really most of you men sound Extremely pathetic. You complain about women to make up for lack manly of character (and most likely small penis) instead you whine about woman just because they won’t grovel at your feet. A woman who is independent yet depends on her man and strong but doesn’t have to hold it all on her own. THAT should be the kind of women you should aspire you Weak creatures.

        1. LOL no, men elad, women follow, following gets your panties wet, leading leads you to hagdom.

        2. lol I visit this site when I catch myself seeing males as humans and decent creatures instead of despicable subhumans full of hate. Fifteen minutes here definitely cures up my delusions! Reminds me exactly how they see women and that the only mistake women make is birthing them.

        3. Well said Sahra. But the man, if we can even call him that, who wrote this article is the kind of man we love to see disappear. This is the very kind who should no be reproducing. A freak of nature that needs to be weeded out.

        4. You are the image of beauty through and through. Well said. This is only one man but I looked at his photo, he is exactly the type of man I have run into 2 houses down from my home. The man was provoking all the time, and walked on my front lawn like an alley cat looking for a fight. I clearly told him to stop as I had no interest in him. Even though he was married to a Filipina, a very ugly, fat one I have to mention (because this loser is insinuating they are all beautiful and the right weight… ha ha), he was still trying to push himself on a white women (his race). He clearly had a mental problem so he wasn’t just a white man, but a white man with mental problems. I once gave in to this type of man, just to be nice and it turned out he had a 3 inch penis, which is rare, but explains it. I believe there is a genetic fault in some white men and for some reason, they tend to be quite overweight, but don’t seem to realize they are. I wish they would just accept that in their case, breeding is a mistake.

        5. Hello Sahra
          I’m Sonja McDonell, lesbian, 23, Swiss Airlines Stewardess with 13 oversea towns, very tender & with much fantasies in emergency cases in my wonderful job. I had 2 14 years old twin sister in Manila last april. I was enchanted, how both did it with me & which ‘special services’ both did with me. I know, Manila is a town, where lesbian sex is very seldom, because they want boys & men. Do you agree with me?
          [email protected]

      6. My apologies that we filipino did not choose this characteristics and attitude that your countrymen sees upon us. What we have is a compilation of attitude from of generations to generations which has been successfully passed to us by our parents. I bet your parents are divorced. peace be to you.

    4. Absolutely, femicunts are beyond salvation, however pedestalising can have a serious bitchification effect on ANY woman, regardless of background or upbringing. Game your girl away during, dating, marriage and retirement and she will always remain loyal.

    5. Foreign women may work for some guys but they won’t be the saving grace for American men. I know for one I have no intention on going overseas for a woman that may or may not better than one I can find here.

      1. Unless your rich and famous, good luck having any remotely hot woman take her eyes off her iphone and give you attention instead. Let alone having a serious relationship with you.
        Thats the deal going overseas, suddenly you hold all the cards.

        1. “they won’t be the saving grace for American men. ”
          Maybe you should just talk for yourself really.

        2. I’m with Tom Dane on this. Everything in the US is already abandoned for women. Half your work (married or not, it’s all taxed over to women), your life if you marry. The culture that you presumably would want to enjoy somehow is all gyno-centric. The feminists placing a bullseye on the NFL, of all things, is all that you need to know really. If you work and live in the US, then you’re a slave to the gynocentric.

        3. Yes, the new Fem F L is just their latest target. Just saw that CBS has a new female only sports show now. The stupid…it burns!

    6. Get it while the gettings good. Yeah, it’s flawed overseas and I’ve seen more flakes in South America than in the US, but a Lexus beats a Pontiac anyday of the week.

    7. There’s nothing wrong with using even an illusion to instruct females in how they should behave. These days everything helps, little can cause more harm.

      1. Why aren’t you being instructed on how to behave? You need it more than any woman I’ve ever met. Perhaps western women are jerks to you because of who you are and your terrible, terrible attitude.

    8. Because they probably get an enormous kick back from sites which sell foreign relationships. Always follow the money. $$$$$$

    9. Let me guess ,you base this comment on ZERO real world experience of travelling, dating or actually talking to foreign women. “Ohh white man they are superior raceee!”..said by no women I’ve talked to ever. I actually was dating a Japanese girl who was insisting that the Japanese were the superior race. Usually these women are pretty happy if your aren’t trying to faq all of her friends while dating her, and can actually make her cum during sex (most third world men don’t know how or don’t care). The reality is you are like many men who want to just justify not even trying.

      1. I doubt you have travelled to Singapore to meet our lovely Sarong Party Girls (SPGs) then. Believe me when I say that they crave white western men like starving POWs craving for a juicy steak.

      2. Bo Jangles,
        You clearly don’t know me. I have travelled around Europe, Asia and North America, speak multiple foreign languages and have been with many women to know what I am talking about.
        It is people like you, that are truly the assholes of the world, who cannot accept the truth and would prefer to live in self denial. Women from the East do have an inferiority complex for white western men and if you decided to get your head out of your ass and start learning the few truths about how the world really works, then maybe you wouldn’t be posting such bullshit and ranting against me.

        1. Is that Eastern Europe and you still managed not to pull, or are you trying to pretend like Western Europe counts? North America is not a 3rd world country, and plenty of people have talked about Asian cultures (other than the Phillipines) having women that seemed to be very cash oriented. If you’ve done all that and still havent managed to get a quality women, then I agree you should stay incel and quit trying.

        2. You really are a dumbass. If you have actually travelled and still believe that foreign women are an exception, then you really need to get your head examined.
          Most women (including foreign women) are susceptible towards being corrupt by the bullshit that makes women women. Smartphones, celebrity magazines, heavy drinking etc.
          Read my comments again jackass, before you ask me if I have pulled any quality girls or not.

        3. How do I know a woman won’t change? Because I’ve had enough experience with enough women and knowledge of how to correct her behavior if she strays, which is the same way I know you are a fag-you can’t handle the smallest amount of shit-talking without getting angry. I bet the girls you went out with smelled your beta taint a mile away.

        4. Fag? Is that the best you got asshole?
          I know women inside out from the back of my hand and am one of the few real men left, who do not put any women on a pedestal, unlike simp dicks like yourself.

        5. Angry cause dickheads like yourself will never get the message through to your thick skulls- WOMEN ARE THE SAME, regardless of where they are from.

    10. Truth,
      I think you miss the point of the post.
      He’s not elevating foreign women – he’s elevating the behaviors they exhibit that make them more enjoyable to be around than Western women.
      If the roles were reversed and American women behaved like those Filipinas and vice versa – this article would be addressed to Filipina women and about American women and how the Filipinas could emulate them.
      Ask “Why” more often.
      Do you honestly believe men praise foreign women just because they’re foreign?

      1. “Do you honestly believe men praise foreign women just because they’re foreign?”
        Yes. It is also becoming very tiring as it is exagerated. The truth is, men who put foreign women on a pedestal are themselves, developing an inferiority complex.
        I have seen enough foreign women in my life to realise the bullshit when there is bullshit being presented. Hence, you have this obsession of Western men describing what goddesses these foreign women are. I would hear stories from guys calling Tom Leykis about foreign women, or if you look at the many articles on ROK regarding foreign women, you start to sense that many of these guys really don’t know what they are talking about. Its such bullshit.
        Women are women, and I stand by my point- never put foreign women or any women in general, on a pedestal.

        1. So – the fact that Filipina women
          1) Aren’t fat
          2) Aren’t glued to their iPhone
          3) Are not sluts
          4) Are Appreciative
          5) Are serious about family and marriage
          6) Have a higher cause than consuming things
          Has nothing to do with the praise in this post?
          Do you think he is praising Filipinas for being foreign? Or for the behaviors they exhibit?
          Do you think he is using this post as an excuse to praise Filipinas more than as advice for American women?

        2. How do you know all of the above is true?
          You clearly don’t understand the fact that the west puts foreign women on a pedestal. Read the post and understand what the author is really implying, then go back to the ROK archive and read the ridiculous articles on praising foreign women. Go listen to Tom Leykis and listen to the ridiculous amount of phone calls from guys prasing foreign women.
          Read my above comments and you will understand why foreign women are truly not different from any women.

        3. I’m slender, eat healthy, exercise, cook good meal for my family. I don’t have an Iphone nor want one. I’ve only been with my husband. I show my husband appreciation everyday and vice versa. I don’t party, drink, smoke, do drugs or even have “girls” nights out. I’m now preg. with my 4th child. I spend my time with my family. That is my higher cause but shock for you…~gasp~ I’m a white western American woman. And, no, I wouldn’t touch most of the men on commenting on here with a ten foot pole. As a Western woman I expect the same amount of respect I give. I expect the same amount of love I give. I expect my husband not to be a complete prick like so many of you are as he expects me to not be a complete b*tch. No man is higher than me, but my husband will forever be my equal and my best friend. He feels the same. That is a man western women want and respect. Those kind of men are the ones the good girls flock to. Why? Because they respect themselves as women and do not have inferiority complexes. I think for the men who idolize foreign women, it’s simply because most western women have too much self-respect to ever consider dating them and because of that the only thing they’re left with is what’s at the bottom of the dung heap or in a foreign land where all women are taught that all men are better than they and should be admired. The poor innocents don’t know any better. They learn and that’s when they ditch the losers that bring them here and go on to better men.

    11. Thank you. Foreign women are just as fukll of shit. I hate the reactionary bullshit of the people on this site. It doesn’t lead to anything.

    12. It’s called golddigging. It is popular all over the world, in every culture. Seen many a white guy with that “I thought this would be different” look on their faces while they are being dragged through a supermarket.

    13. Trust – we’re all fed up with you too. Thinking that all white ladies are whores and that we should actually believe that men won’t leave you if you’re married. Get real.

      1. You get real jackass. Most men are fed up of white western women because of the drama and destruction white females bring to our lives.

      2. I feel for y’all, as a WOC. These men are SO self-absorbed they honestly think women care if they’re dissatisfied with their ‘disobedience’ and go their own way or look someplace else for slaves- I mean wives. Seriously, women don’t care. Males (and their dicks) come a dime a dozen. No tears here. If these dudes are unhappy with that, maybe they need to just bone each other since they think males are so sexy and superior and all that.

    14. NOT all Asian women date white guys because they feel inferior. I am a living example of a Filipina who was educated and raised with practical Filipino values, worked hard as an entrepreneur, put up my own company and business, I give employment and all my taxes duly paid. I am a responsible daughter, friend, lover and citizen. I pretty much have everything that I need and want in life including a healthy relationship with an American. I was surrounded by professionals, educated, respectable men of ALL races, I know what I want in all aspects of my life which includes picking the right guy for me. I am with him because i wanted someone at par to my qualities, at least right? Or better yet simply put someone who can inspire me to be the best that I can be and vice versa. I did not date him because i want to go to the U.S. Or I need something from him, I can go there myself, I can buy whatever I please, I did not date him for any materialistic reason, all i wanted was to love and be loved in return, that simple wish came true and we just celebrated our 3Rd year anniversary. You see money is a commodity,it comes and it goes and just like any other relationships we had our ups and downs too but no matter what love is the only reason why we stay together.

      1. nah you just wunt a half-white babies with light eyes.. That’s every Flipina dream. lol

    15. I don’t think anyone should be put on a pedestal. I don’t really much *care* why Asian women (and other minorities) like to date us white guys, but I think it’s fantastic. I recommend my friends marry non-whites not born in North America as I have done. All of my friends with their harpy feminist white wives are miserable. Blue-pill ball-less beta chumps trying to live by “happy life = happy wife”. That’s a recipie for (a) bankruptcy and (b) divorce because as you spoil her more and more and more, she respects you less and less and less.
      Boycott North American women, especially the most privileged of all women on the planet: North American white females. They’re just disgusting and I just turn off my ears when their mouths open and that nonsense and entitlement dribbles out. Don’t they have a false Facebook persona to work on somewhere?

    16. Maybe if American women stopped eating themselves to death, we wouldn’t. I’ve travelled all over and have never seen as many fatties as I have back home. It’s sad and sick

    17. Everything you wrote is dumb and un true alpt of filipino qomen are extremely over weifht and whores and your fat and ugly. So they feel bad for you

    18. I’ve met and got to know Filipinos. They are lose as a goose and will do anything to be accepted by whites, including fucking fat, ugly losers like dummy who wrote this article.

  6. Already said this before, non western women are an alternative to feminist western culture, but they shouldn’t be put on a pedestal. And when they relocate to the west they start to lose what made them charming.

    1. Once they get that passport, you are fucked.
      I know plenty of horror stories of what happened when Western guys brought their foreign wives over to the West.

      1. Some of them don’t want or need a US passport. Some of them have good lives back home. Its more the corrosive effect of toxic feminist culture, blaming men for their problems, aggressively pursing their own selfish interests at the expense of others.

        1. True. Feminism is a cancer, but a ton of foreign women want to marry guys for western passports.
          Check out women in places like India and Bangladesh. They will treat foreign men like a God, if he is especially from the West.

        2. Now, consider this. You are a male, mid 30’s in a middle class job. Maybe you made it to a management position. If you live in the UK you don’t own a house because the housing bubble was inflated by the tory cunts. If you are from the US, maybe you are on the same boat.
          Save money, a $/£ goes 10x further in a poor country than in a rich country. A pound saved is a tenner later on. As your company for a relocation, if possible, if not seek a job abroad. Philippines, Malaysia etc
          Find a woman there, 18/19, one thats not a gold digger. Buy a house for 15k (thats will get you a mansion there) and there you go, sorted.

        3. Don’t buy a house. Rent.
          Owning property is difficult for a foreigner in the PI, and more than one westerner has been booted out of a house he bought for a filipina. She can’t divorce you, but she can evict you and shack up with a local.

        4. Taking into account any legal problems and blah blah blah….
          This sounds like the smartest idea for early retirement.

  7. This is common experience. American man goes to Philippines for one month vacation, stays for one year. Discovers he doesn’t need to run game, because its a non-feminist culture and women aren’t on the defensive just because he is a man. Returns home to the US and hits the wall of reverse culture shock with fat loud women who hate him because he has been exposed to something different and doesn’t want to put up with their shit anymore.

    1. I was going to post the same. He hits the culture shock on the place trip back. It is easy to acclimate to Asian culture but the reverse process is pretty depressing.

    2. I’ve been in Asia for 15 years or so. I can’t come back and I’m not even talking about dating or not. I just can’t stand being around American women and their arrogance. Their constant, auto-pilot scanning of men for things to criticize. This just like breathing to them. The disgusting obesity. The things you overhear…the complaints, the entitlement. Even if I had a loyal Victoria’s Secret model to live with in Peoria or Denver or somewhere. I would still feel like my life would be massively diminished by their crap.

  8. I don’t want western women to improve as a result of any advice that you might give. I don’t want them to listen to you at all. I want them to get worse and worse, and go in the direction that they’re naturally heading. Let nature take its course.

      1. The law of unintended consequences says they’ll make damn sure they take us with them
        They’ve done a pretty damn good job so far.

        1. The answer to that is to watch from a safe distance, like outside the west; in other words GTFO. I have my escape plan in place, you should too. Don’t invest your life in a place that actively hates you and tries to destroy you at every opportunity.

  9. Yeah, it dawned on me too. Are the women interested in you, or just in your physical appearance / status? I mean milk it for what it’s worth but let’s be honest… I’ve heard how white guys say shit about white girls that chase the BBC. How is it that different from Asian girls chasing the AWC?
    If you’re okay with that, then more power to you, but I’d be pretty hesitant getting involved with a woman that has nothing good to say about Asian men. Would you want to be with a woman that says horrible things about white men? I’d rather be around a positive person, not a negative one.
    So I guess just take it with a grain of salt. Yes, I agree, Asian women are MUCH more pleasant than white women. There are pleasant white women, I have met a ton, but there are more unpleasant ones than pleasant.
    Think about it this way… if you were an Asian guy, would you really want to be around a woman that looks down on you like that? It’s pure poison and I wouldn’t want it in my life, even if I were full white, and even though I look white enough that women think I’m German or British, I avoid this kind of woman. Luckily it’s really not that present here in China, or at least the places I frequent.

    1. As a black man I must admit that white women are easier to sleep with and deal with, but they are neurotic as hell and have victim complexes. I am not talking about fat rejects, I am talking about college aged, skinny white girls in the 7-9 range. The primary reason I have sex with white girls is that younger attractive black girls want a gangster(I don’t have time to pretend) and all the reasonable black girls are married or have kids by 24. I read an article about OK Cupid where they broke down the data and white men preferred Asians overall, then Latina, then white girls, and black chicks were dead last. the order for black dudes was Latina, Asians, white girls, then black girls. for all woman it was white men first, Latin dudes second, black men third, other races(unspecified) , then Asian guys dead last. Life is unfair, but big data is downright harsh…

    2. i’m black and i agree. i have always steered clear of the white girls who “love black guys” or say dumb shit about why they don’t get along with their own race. ditto for asians…it’s just ridiculous. a lot of white men know this too, which is why you tend to see so many non white females in their 30’s tossed back onto the pile after use and they bitch non stop about white guys and white privilege.
      nobody wants a mixed up, self hating whore.

      1. Yea this. Seriously I don’t know how guys can go through life not being aware of how nasty women are when they’re young and then settle down with a 30 year old whore. I’d rather be single.
        I’m seeing justice come around recently and it feels good, as I turn 28.
        Feels good man.

      2. Try this little exercise the next time you are out having a few drinks (bar, club, etc…).
        Look around the room and see how many of these women are close to that age range (30) or (35)..and ready to hit the wall. The one thing they’ll have in common is that look of desperation on their faces.
        As I’ve aged and I’ve become better with women, I have noticed (and recognized) this “look” and it’s pretty pathetic (plus funny). They realize that the clock is ticking on the “cock carousel” and they’ll soon be kicked off (or at least less rides). The younger ones will still have a sense of entitlement attitude, ego, arrogance (bitchy)…but you’ll see her older “counter part” just across the way with that look of terror on her face.
        It’s a real time gauge for where they all end up after so many “rides”.

    3. how do asian women feel about mediterrenean and castizo looking men ?the two are so similar to NE asians that it wouldn’t cause that much of a complex .I mean uyghurs and hui muslims are half persian,and they turned out fine .

  10. I’m sorry but Filipina girls aren’t high on my list. I don’t know what it is, but if the debate was about ‘white girls learning something’ (meaning American white women), a better point of reference could have been, ‘What American white women can learn from Persian and/or Eastern European women’. Let’s face it, American white women aren’t in the remotest sense threatened one iota by Filipina women. Filipinas aren’t the first option for most American men, they’re a refuge away from the feminist hell-hole that is the USA, meaning they’re a second option. Let’s be honest here, Filipinas along with many other women in Asiatic cultures, mimic Western (read white) beauty standards, not the other way around. However, Persian and Eastern European women may have all other white women beat, dead to rights, and I mean beat. The average Ukrainian, Persian or Russian girl is hands down better looking than your average run of the mill American girl.

    1. It’s just taste. I just like asian women because, well, I’m asian, but Id really take anything except fat and sloppy chicks. Also because I’m half Chinese I have a strange inclination to black girls, the blacker the better, like African girls. But slim. I have no fucking idea why but I hnnnnnnnnng at them.

        1. Yes lol, haven’t you heard of Chinese dudes plugging black girls at alarming rates in Africa? I actually have seen a couple of these mixed kids coming back here, like working in huge rural factories and malls. Cute little black kids with perfect Chinese. There’s a dating show here with an African girl who wants eight babies and only messed with Chinese guys lol.

    2. Your black (judging from your picture) and as such like white girls. Im white, I like dark girls. You cant say one is “better” that is just your taste talking.
      As for Americanized filipina girls, its just not truth., SEA girls are the least westernized women in the world (esp in rural areas).
      Yes they are a refugee from the hellhole, but many men genuinely prefer asian women, even if they had a good choice of white women.

        1. Rebellious mate choice (garden of Eden), novel exotic experience (low percentage of population), combative mate preference (steal their women). Those are the effects I’d infer.

    3. Good observation…
      I also think that white women wont be upset about the declining quality of their average beta men until it becomes noticeable through observable comparison that high quality men are leaving the vicinity for foreign women, which may or may not happen…
      Women only get jealous of other women… they wont be upset about the lowering quality of their own men until either (a) their men stop producing enough to maintain their quality of life, or (b) enough alphas leave and they see foreign women with better quality men then themselves.
      Besides that I really don’t think they give a fuck as long as they can watch Oprah and go on Ashley Madison.

  11. Oh for fuck’s sake, enough with the goddamn praise of Asian women. If they were even remotely physically attractive, that’d be one thing, but sweet jaysus, they all look like fucking oily messes. Even assuming they had all these angelic qualities, remember we still need to be able to get it up for these bitches.

      1. This Iggy person is disturbing. Teen girls should not be listening to someone rapping about how her box tastes like skitttles.
        Its been a while, but I seem to remember it tasting like Atlantic cod in a light tomato sauce.

  12. I wont argue that filipina girls are not girls…
    But I will argue that for filipinas, family is a more central part of their lives than your average white feminist girl. It is something they think about before they hit their 30s.
    For this reason they have at least some idea of what men like and don’t like… They’re still girls but if a filipina is your girlfriend, she has more realistic idea of what she can bring to the table in order to maintain a decent home life.
    She is still a girl and looking at a man as a series of benefits.. but at least you might get SOMETHING out of it.

    1. This is exactly the point all those guys saying women are always and only women and don’t pedistalize Asian women are not willing to hear. Yes women are hypergamous everywhere, but in Asia they are still raised and socialized to bring something to the table. I gave up on white western women a long time ago. The one tootsie roll among the million dog turds is not worth the search. In Asia I found that the ratio of tootsie rolls to dog turds made the search at least not a lost cause. It did not mean that you could just make a random selection.

  13. Yes, I have seen this phenomenon with all white women that come to south east Asia. They shrink and hide knowing their vaginas will never be the hot commodity it was in some small Midwestern town or even Hollywood. White women realize as soon as they step off the airplane, they are no longer the prize. They are out gunned in all areas of beauty, and stand out like polar bears in a rainforest.
    I knew two medium built white women who flew in on a Friday, went to one bar, and Saturday morning they were seen busting their asses in a gym – All in silence!
    The arrogant, pedestalized American bitchy mouth and myth was crushed –
    They were early 30’s and knew they could not compete. They even said it out loud!! White women in Asia know their own white men do not want them, what fool really wants to bring his bitchy sand to a Asian beach? White women see worship of their often huge fake tits and blonde hair neutralized by the (Filipino) Asian girl and her natural beauty. In one week, white women landing in Asia have to make a critical decision: Be nice to all cocks in hope of getting a date, lower their prima-donna mindset to hopefully get sex, import an old beta cock (friend) from her native country… or leave in romantic and sexual frustration.
    They realize:
    1. Native girls have the dark tan skin tone all white women fantasize and bake themselves to early SMV over.
    2. The girls are obviously thinner, healthier looking and way way more feminine.
    3. Asians don’t wear a size 10 shoes or have hands like men.
    4. Asian men are not really attracted to them.
    5. Tropical heat is not good climate for makeup, they look like themselves with all the flaws.
    6. White bitchiness gives her no advantage in a land of exotic Asian 9’s
    7. Their SMV is of better use where they fool (Western) men to think a soft body 5 is actually a hard body 8+

    1. I’ve seen it all too. Love the white girl tantrums when they finally crack over their massive demotion after a mere 12-15 hours in a plane. They lose five points (of the ten) just by stepping off a plane. Your list is good. I can only add one more; –voice. Asian girls sound like birds singing and can be downright wood-inducing. American girls have made their voices into the soundwave equivalent of a kick in the nuts. Feminism is so destructive that it has altered vocal chords in less than two full generations. Even Darwinism couldn’t come close to that. Their voices are a MAJOR turnoff. That masculine, empowered growl is just fricking gross. Non-anglo women have such soft voices and it really gets the gear in working order.

        1. Funny that this is mentioned. I work with a woman who is an American born Chinese. 33, not married. Her voice is deep and gravelly, like even more than mine. It’s uncanny. It’s because of feminism, seriously. I can’t really imagine what else could cause this other than her own effort. I wish I could record it for you guys. But compare it to a local woman and it’s so different. So so so different.

        2. I call it Voice Crack Disease, when every sentence utters ends in some gravelly white noise. Sometimes the noise overtakes everything else. It’s absolute torture to listen to and, unfortunately, too persistent to tune out. Pitch as well. Imagine having to listen to that for more than, oh, three seconds…

      1. I hear you brother… that look, that voice, that tone, = soft suduction. Actually Asian women tap into a mans primal protect mode to women. They just naturally lure you in, they make a man feel like a man.

      2. Agreed. Generally, Asian women have lovely voices, but not always. No offense, but most Filipinas don’t have an accent that turns me on. The same can be said for most Vietnamese and Thai women that I’ve encountered. Southern Chinese are hit-and-miss, some of them sounding like ducks.

      3. Like Megyn Kelly from Fox News. So hot but wtf is with the voice? Why are you pretending to be a man?

  14. Well Matt, you hit the nail on the head with the fact that women love to criticize other women for what they themselves are (gold diggers, sluts, etc).
    Question thought, you say you like insecure women but the manosphere (and some of your articles) often bemoans the emotional weakness of western women. Is this simply down to the fact that western women don’t embrace their own insecurity and feminity and simply hide behind cunty bravado?

  15. “She was twenty pounds overweight, had buck teeth, and was seething with an aura of resentment and sexual frustration endemic to white girls in Southeast Asia. ”
    This is scary true.

    1. Twenty pounds overweight is a trifle. I see white girls in Asia that are about 100 pounds overweight and I see them regularly. They were obviously fat back home then the loneliness and stress of being in Asia has them mainlining sugar.

  16. I’m not saying the author is a liar, I think he has good intent, but…
    Remember gentlemen. Hypergamy knows no race or nationality.

  17. Is there a reason you singled out white women as opposed to Western women? It’s not as if non-white chicks who have grown up in the West, such as American black chicks or mestizos, are known for slimness and manners.

  18. What makes a lot of foreign countries like the Philippines so interesting from a traditionalist perspective is that they were former colonies of Western powers. Weirdly enough, many of our old values have outlasted our reign in these places, while the very values that made the West what it was have eroded in the homelands. Thus Christianity is a pillar of society in the Philippines and Latin America while it’s in steep decline in Europe and severely fractured and splintered in the States.

  19. Not only these type of women, but I believe in other countries you can find some natural beautiful ultra high quality women…. I prefer a woman that has her own look, not another celeb look alike.

  20. Since when do men get to say what’s best for women? Especially men like you and your cult of followers. Just because a woman wants a stable career before having children doesn’t mean she’s worthless. A woman’s virginity should not be used to determine her worth. I read the article about Laci Green and I agree, she doesn’t get to tell me what I can and cannot watch. But in the same sense you can’t tell me how to behave. I just turned 23, recently graduated from college, want a family someday, am not a virgin, am white, and want a career for a lifetime, not just until kids come along. I do care about what’s going on in other countries. I also don’t see how my struggle with mental illness (bipolar) makes me any less capable of voicing my opinions. I wear makeup and dresses, high heels, do my hair, etc. but I am a feminist. I tell my partner “I love you” everyday. But I’m not a Filipina. I have a tattoo but you wouldn’t know it from looking at me. I have met PLENTY of feminine women with tattoos that, and this will blow your mind, aren’t sitting around waiting for a “good man” to save them from their jobs and give them children. In fact, a lot of them are married! Holy shit, right?! Some of those women are even feminists. What? Feminists can reproduce and be feminine?! You are stuck in a 1950s mentality of what femininity means. I appreciate your opinions being permitted to be voiced but I want the same courtesy for my opinions. And your view of how women SHOULD behave doesn’t allow me that courtesy.

      1. Because that’s all women are good for, right? Our minds mean nothing if we have tits but men claim women don’t listen because of their dicks. We’re fighting the same fight. Everyone just wants to be heard.

        1. Shouldn’t you be on xojane commenting about lip injections and bulimia like a good feminist?

        2. That’s not all feminists do. If you actually researched feminism and maybe read a book you’d know that feminism isn’t what people like these boys have painted it to be. If you want to get lip injections, go ahead. I can’t stop you. Feminists just want to make sure girls know why they’re doing things. I wear makeup, but not to be more appealing and try to reach an unattainable goal. I wear it because it’s fun and I can play with how it looks. So my quest isn’t Am I pretty enough yet? It’s I know I look good, playtime.

        3. Ill tell you how…..
          It foolishly convinced you that in order to have any value as a woman, you have to act and think like a man. Except, this makes you less attractive. It shows in your attitude. I want a feminine woman who knows her worth as a woman. Who know what it means to be female and play up those aspects because it’s what she was designed for.

        4. Please, as a man, tell me what it means to be female. Clearly you know more than I do! Clearly having a dick means you can tell me how to be a woman better than I can figure out for myself. My vagina is yours to do with what I was clearly designed to do! Please tell me where to go from here! My eyes are opened!

      2. And what does my having bipolar and saying “my partner” have anything to do with anything? Does “my fiancee” work better for you? My bipolar is under control. 99.9% of the time it doesn’t even affect my daily life. How do I know you don’t have mental illness? Why attack me because of things I can’t control? I’m not attacking you for being a man. I’m confronting you for being a nasty human. Misogyny knows no bounds.

        1. I’m waiting for all “delusional” women to start taking responsibility for their actions.
          Things would not get better if men we’re gone (women would just attack each other). Then, you may see more women being held accountable.
          Knock off this bullshit of leaning on your bipolar….men deal with this shit too.

        2. I’m not leaning on my bipolar. I know men deal with it. I don’t want all men gone. Some of my best friends are guys. I have brothers, a dad, a nephew, and countless other male family members. I think men need to be more respectful and stop telling women what’s best for them. I can handle my own life.

        3. Men aren’t telling women shit. You may hear suggestions or complaints from guys that women should be this or that…but a man trying to tell a woman how to live? That’s just plain bullshit (and another example of blaming men versus looking into a mirror or at other women).
          It’s women who are telling other women (in person, the media, TV shows, ads, talk shows, etc….) how to live their lives…..not men……get it?

        4. I do look in the mirror and make sure I’m living my life for me. I do confront other women and criticize other women. But the author of this post is a man. And he is trying to tell white women why they don’t measure up to some fake standard that he finds ideal. My fiancee loves my size, but next to these women I look a little on the larger side. I wear a size 12 dress. I am pale, not tan because my lineage only lets me burn, not tan. I criticize the women in commercials and on tv. I criticize celebrities that don’t speak out against the Photoshop phenomenon. I read ads in magazines with critical thinking. I don’t follow blindly and I sure as hell don’t let anyone, male or female, tell me how to live. And this man’s “suggestions/complaints” are offensive. I hold anyone accountable that needs to be. And if you stopped reading this misogynistic bullshit and read actual books you would know that feminism is very much a personal experience and journey and cannot be lumped into one giant group.

        5. Also, I’ve read countless times on this website that “true alphas” keep their “bitch” under control and if they don’t she will spiral out of control.

        6. Feminism, at one point, was about gaining equality (i.e. right to vote, right to own land, etc…). This shit, today, whether it’s called feminism or it’s an “offspring” of it is truly bullshit.
          ROK is a site for men only (so that means your ass shouldn’t be on here in the first place). It’s another thing that “feminism” has fucked up….male only spaces.
          Female reporters want to go into male locker rooms but male reporters can’t go into female locker rooms. More bullshit and more fucked up shit….thanks to you, women. Get off of our site…..the door is —————————->

        7. So you’re allowed to blame women for “fucking up” male spaces but when women point out the oppression done by men we’re nasty feminazis. Women still only make 77 cents for every male dollar. Women are still the people getting sexually harassed, abused, raped and assaulted. Not 100% of the victims are females. I read the statistics. And not 100% of abusers are males. But look at the majority numbers. We are still fighting for equality. Just because we can own land and vote doesn’t mean we’re equals. Look up the “Mommy Tax”. I know plenty of men that are strong individuals in happy relationships with women that don’t fit into this fake standard. I’m sure not all Filipinas behave and look the way this man described. And the internet is public. Anyone is permitted to look at whatever they want, comment on whatever they want, and they should not be attacked for doing so simply because of biological things out of their control. Go to any “female only” site and I bet no one would care that you have a penis. But that must be what this site is about. Sexually repressed males measuring dick sizes by writing about how to keep bitches in line and how “fattys” should skip a meal or two. The men I know don’t treat women like that and OH MY GOD the women they know are actually nice to them and do things for them. But you wouldn’t know anything about that because it looks like the women you know have to clean the house with nothing but pearls and heels on. But god forbid a hair is out of place or she’s above a size 2 because she’ll get turned away as soon as you see her! Even the girls I know that dream of being domestic goddesses wear sweat pants and messy buns to do housework, so good luck pal. Hopefully your right hand satisfies all of your needs forever.

        8. The fact that you are bipolar by itself tells me everything I need to know. You’re in conflict with your feminine instinct vs. what you’ve been programmed to believe.

        9. ……………
          The famous ” pay gap” myth.
          Look sweetheart, I’m going to make this as simple as I can. You can even ask your mangina man to verify what I said. Men perform more dangerous jobs than women. Period. THIS IS WHY WE MAKE MORE $$$$. Jobs such as:
          Oil rigger
          Commercial fisherman
          Steel worker/any construction trade
          Show me dangerous occupations where women are the majority. Not too many women die from paper cuts in the HR office me thinks.
          Also there are more and more cases of violence against men BY WOMEN. So don’t start with that shit either. Google it for yourself. You will never be equal to a man in the way you define “equality” get your head on straight and see how you’re really valuable as a woman.

        10. I was actually raised in a very traditional home. Instinct vs programming. Funny. Your instinct is to degrade women based on their size and beliefs? I was “programmed” to believe the man is the head of the household, God is the almighty, and pink is the only color for girls. It wasn’t until I made my own decisions and stopped living seeking out mates that my bipolar subsided. And all bipolar means is that there’s a chemical imbalance caused by any number of things, not instinct vs programming.

        11. Then why is it that a man doing the EXACT same job as my sister-in-law is making $14,000 more a year than she is. She’s been there for 3 years and he got hired 2 weeks ago. And I clearly stated that women are not always the victims and men are not always the abusers. I don’t condone abuse by anyone, regardless of sex organs. How am I valuable? I am an interpreter, so I guess that’s pretty valuable to people that need to communicate in atypical ways. But I probably should be worrying about babies and wedding plans since I’m already 23 right?!

        12. oh boy…there it is. That tired, old ass comment about women making less. The reason you make less is because you (women) accept the pay. I won’t blame another man if I’m a shitty negotiator when it comes to my salary.
          Grow up and take some responsibility for yourselves (women). A woman behind you will stab you in the back for that same job (for less pay). Yes, it’s women fucking it up for other women. Get your head out of your ass.

        13. It’s amusing that you guys call yourselves “red pillers”. We take the jobs offered to us because a lot of the time if we don’t we have few other options. And when we try to negotiate we get called bossy, bitchy, narcissistic, or any other word. A man will stab you in the back for the same job as well. Open your eyes. See the world for what it is and not some fake ideal that you created in your mind. Women aren’fucking anything up. Women are trying to create a better, more equal world, instead of one where men feel entitled to whatever they want. Obviously I’m only speaking about men like you guys and not all men. Become a real “red piller” and stop believing the bullshit people, like this author, are feeding you. Fetishizing an entire culture will not make your problems go away. You need some strong women in your life.

        14. One slight correction. It’s not a pay gap “myth”. It is a lie. A deliberately perpetuated, nasty, divisive, toxic, corrosive lie. The Femplex knows it is a lie. But they cling to it so tenaciously because the lie works.

    1. The only people telling you how to “live your life” (and many other women) are fucking feminists.
      The Sex in the City philosophy is a prime example of a show (feminists) giving all women a ‘blue print’ of this lifestyle. There are plenty of others shows, ad, etc…doing the exact same thing.
      Men are complaining about the results of all of it.
      Stop spinning the bullshit and start holding women accountable.

    2. ROK readers, please note female narcissism. Count the amount of “I” and “Me” in her paragraph. Do the same with all female-written comments on Jez and Huffpo.
      Here’s one “I” from me: I don’t care about you, Caity. You might be the best girl on the face of the Earth, but this article, site, and movement is about more than you! Your female counterparts are falling apart at the seams, regardless of how you practice your personal life.

      1. Please explain how women are falling apart at the seams. I can only speak for MYself. I can’t claim to know every woman’s experience by using the collective “we”. I also use “I” because that is what is currently being attacked. If you RoK readers would read something other than this garbage you would know how to form arguments based on intellect and not what body parts I have. Ever wonder if maybe I’m a guy defending women whoop lied about my name?

        1. It’s really funny how you guys are interpreting what I’m saying. You obviously know nothing about me yet you’re assuming I’m looking for some sexual fulfillment. Why is that? Do your instincts tell you that I am a heterosexual female looking for a “webcam fuck boy”? Or is that your programming? What if I’m a lesbian looking for a good argument based on what sex organs I have? Or maybe I’m a twelve year old boy who happens to love feminism. OR maybe I’m a 50 year old grandma who gets her kicks by getting young boys riled up. You know nothing about me.

        2. Lose the attitude & show some gratitude.
          Feel sorry for your boyfriend/husband if this is what he comes home to. if you get this riled up at a article on the Internet, I can only imagine what happens when he shrinks your panties in the wash……

        3. This article did not attack “Caity.” You came on looking to argue. This article describes how Filipina feminine culture is superior to American feminism.
          At the end of the day, you’re a feminist, and we are anti-feminist. We don’t want you, you don’t want us, so we will pursue females that fit our ideals while you maintain your relationship with your boyfriend who is tolerant of your lifestyle. As a feminist, I’d think that red-pillers opting out of pursuing you would be a feminist victory.
          There is no benefit for you or any other feminist to preach your movement on any mens site. Keep your man who supports feminism, and leave us alone while we pursue who we want.
          And would you trolls quit with the “right hand” and “can’t get laid” insults? You support men boning each other in the ass and spreading HIV but act as if masturbation is a death sentence. Even the guys on this site who can’t get laid would get action every day of the week if they decided to be homosexual sodomites.

        4. What is truly wrong with homosexuals? They’re not spreading HIV. Anyone can spread HIV, even straight men. I didn’t come here looking to argue. And I never said the article attacked me. You boys did. I’m not preaching feminism either. I’m trying to show you that women who don’t fit into this ideal are not horrible, slutty women. There are plenty of white women that fit these EXACT criteria but because they’re not Filipina no one writes an article about them. Western culture has clearly ruined you boys as well. A woman who wants a man that simply puts his foot down to reign in a woman’s “neuroses” has some soul searching to do.

    3. I’m not going to sit here & write a book about why everything you just said is a load of shit, but I will say that you can’t be a feminist & be “feminine.” It’s impossible. Too much conflict. And you have no idea what femininity really means. You only know the force fed definition that was programmed into your mind by your feminist sisters.

      1. Femininity is defined as the qualities of being feminine. Feminine is defined as pertaining to women or girls. What is your definition of femininity? Because I shave, wear makeup, dresses and high heels. I clean and cook and love children. Plenty of feminists do. We just don’t bow down to your “alpha male, red pill” mentality. Do you actually know anything about TRUE feminism and not just media portrayal of radical feminists? Because it seems to need that none of you do.

        1. “What’s your definition of femininity?”
          Not having to prove yourself on a men only website for one…..

        2. I’m not trying to prove myself. What would I be trying to prove? And I hope you don’t mind if I address your other comment right here. My fiancee is a woman. And she doesn’t do the laundry, her mom’s boyfriend does because due to illness he stays home a lot while we work. Or I do the laundry on days off. AND I’m not riled up. You guys are. All because a girl posted on your cult website.

  21. I know those photos may or may not be indicative of the average Filipina females,but WHY THEY SO DAMN CUTE?!Maybe I need to visit the Phillipines-fuck D.R.!

      1. I won’t be shocked I’ve seen guys from my college go on exotic vacations and score with women who are thrice out of their league.
        Poverty creates sexual hypergamy towards money holders.

  22. I love how this praises religion and says not to be a “slut” then shows a girl teasing her bikini off wile wearing a crucifix. The author of this article is a fucking idiot.

  23. The world is so hilariously fucked that it’s almost funny. America’s leading export is cunts and alphas. If anything the American female’s sexual selection program has produced some of the most abnormally jacked and tattoo covered alpha males that the world has ever seen. You can immediately tell an American male by his swollen proportions, SS cut, tattoos, tight tshirt and cargo shorts. Lol.

  24. All I had to do was google image this dude to become enlightened to any and all explanations for this seeping shithole of an article. Keep blogging, stud.

    1. wow. i didn’t bother googling him until i saw this comment. not that there’s anything wrong with being fat or ugly, but it does undermine the validity of his article and argument about 100x.
      it’s the same story told millions of times: fat white guy can’t get laid in home country; goes abroad and finds thirsty 2s, 3s, and 4s willing to jump on that pasty cock for a shot at green paper.
      i’m an asian-american living abroad in asia. every time i see a white guy here with an asian female, the female is, without fail, unattractive. have yet to see a hot asian girl (asian-asian, not asian-american) with a white guy.
      bottom line, roosh should not have let this one onto the assembly line. ROK’s legitimacy has slipped a couple of notches after letting a guy like this (esp with some google notoriety) get published. again, not that there’s anything wrong with being fat and ugly as a guy. but all validity, legitimacy, and repute is lost on a site that claims to appeal to “masculine men.” shit.

  25. I had to have a laugh about the very middle-american kid’s comment about
    Indian women suddenly getting bossy. Anyone who’s ever actually lived
    or worked in India knows that the non-muslim housewife is a dictator
    once she’s proven her value by shitting out a kid or 6. The only person
    with more power than an Indian housewife is an Indian mom.
    of the most eye-opening jobs I ever had was in the late 90’s, delivering
    40,000 tons of ‘handshake grain’ food aid to India via ship. Watching
    over hundreds of low-class Indian men unloading 40,000 tons of grain one
    50-lb bag at a time, and their living, working, sleeping, eating,
    shitting, cooking, fucking their wives after dark on deck when the women
    brought dinner… all over the deck of my boat. No fire hose could wash
    off that smell after we left. Had to repaint the deck.
    So I
    think it’s fair to say that I’m not putting any foreigners on a
    pedestal, at least not without a handy supply of Purell. That being
    said, genetic survival mechanisms create behavioral instinct. What we
    call unsavory ‘western’ female behavior is an artifact of stability and
    resource-abundance. Give a foreign girl that same mileau to operate in,
    and only then can you see the influence of culture and environmental
    conditioning on behavior. The idea that western influence ‘corrupts’
    seems to be wrong. “Co-opts” makes more sense. Our cultures insulate
    women from the need to rely on instinctual survival behavior… instead,
    they still operate by instinct, without knowing it, but environmental
    conditioning insulates them from the impact of negative behaviors that
    would, historically, have come with self-correcting consequences.
    are plenty of success stories of non-Western women
    partially-integrating here in the west and having happy, productive
    lives within interracial marriages. I would suspect that the age of
    their immigration and degree of integration plays a huge role.

  26. All the girls inthis article except the last one are not filipinas, they seem to be mixed. These women may not have been fed fem-nazi propaganda from birth, but the moment you bring them here their indoctrination will begin. If you want a foreign chic, you best keep them in their own country. A lot of men are fooled into thinking these women are some sort of holy grail, but the truth is even beta males are treated like gods in those lands because of their perceived wealth. Getting a foreign chic is the easiest thing in the world if you’re American; no game required. What this movement comes down to really is that most men, including “red pill” men just don;t know how to keep their bitch in line. Running off to a foreign land doesn’t make our society better or return it to its natural gender roles to make our society sustainable again. Alpha men should focus on restoring our society, not to see how many of these stupid whores they can nail.

    1. All the girls inthis article except the last one are not filipinas, they seem to be mixed.
      Virtually all Filipinas are “mixed.” The only ones that are “pure” are the bush tribes that have no interaction with the wider world.

  27. The Phillippines is where pathetic, fat white slobs who can’t get laid anywhere go to lose their virginity. I’ve seen pictures of Matt Forney and he perfectly matches that description. Can’t believe this yellow fever garbage is on an “alpha male” website.

  28. I am a bit confused; the writer brags about how many more times he got to sleep around while in the Philippines, yet he likes it when women keep themselves chaste.
    Again, why does this website chastise sluts (don’t get me wrong, I applaud that), while at the same time, it seems to encourage man-whores?

  29. When a dollar is worth 50 times more than a peso, who wouldn’t want an American? Even Filipino boys would be willing to be buttfucked by Americans.

  30. There’s a selection bias. The Filipina women that these Western sex tourists fuck when they visit the islands are usually of low birth. Of course these women would be four times sweet – the “provider” drive/need is too strong when her entire family could benefit from a single fuck.

  31. Behavior or not, men will continue to pedestalize foreign women. Why? Because children with parents from two different parts of the world will have stronger immune systems, better capable of handling the shitstorm of pathogens we deal with as humans, and as vectors of disease. Evolution has a way of keeping the good genes and tossing the shitty ones, and if the shitty ones do manifest in a child, there’s always the option of infanticide, waiting for the child to die of its own dysfunction, or spending money to take care of it while praying it hasn’t the libido to procreate. You think this ebola outbreak is an issue, wait until it gets warmer and more reservoirs for naturally occuring toxins and viruses become available in our increasingly unmanagable water sources.The western intellect has arrived at such conclusions as this haughty article presents out of biological necessity, not simply for a good fuck with a more submissive female. Blame yourself for your ire toward western women out of your selfish choice to propagate the paradigm and live in this comfortable lifestyle. Either that, or shut the fuck up.

  32. You are right.
    Western women are right too.
    There are dozens of hungry men in the west who will treat every selfish 5 with 3digit cockcounter like an angel from heaven. They will marry her and the goverment will provide for her and her children should it not work out.
    As long as big goverment (big brother is no name by coincidence) is there, western women dont have to invest any work or effort. They will be pampered craddletograve 24/7. In your country the same lifestyle is reserved for the upper class only.

  33. Age gracefully? Most turn tubby or wrinkly skinny in old age. Just hook up with a philipina and watch what happens. You will have to tolerate her entire family arriving on your doorstep, house constantly full of people and screaming children. By the way, do you have pictures of philipina women in their 30’s and 40’s? Didn’t think so, their looks and femininity leave quicker than the visiting navy.

  34. Interesting tidbit actually.
    My wife’s cousin is the Chinese equivalent of an average Joe. Plain, boring, normal looking Chinese guy. His wife is pretty hot.
    Anyways, one day while at a spa with the entire family he just started crying hysterically in one of the other rooms. I asked my wife what was up and she said that his wife had threatened him with divorce. He was just heartbroken.
    This woman was apparently so insane that she ate almost nothing when she was carrying their daughter such that she hardly had a bump when she was pregnant. After that she just refuses to feed their baby daughter and only does it to make her shut up. The bitch is insane and manipulative and is always attacking other people. And this guy was just willing to do anything for her.

  35. “…seething with an aura of resentment and sexual frustration endemic to white girls in Southeast Asia.”
    Man, that is so true. But I would not limit it to only Southeast Asia – seen it all over asia! lol!

  36. Then the Filipino men start lynching you for going after their girls like Mark Walhberg in Transformers 4.

  37. I’ve been to asia a few times, and it only took once to make me swear off American women altogether. The difference in quality is epic. Being beautiful is still a thing outside the U.S.
    And I know who to blame. Back when I was in college, The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf was taught as official truth. It was one big permission slip to get fat and ugly. It be the intellectual woman’s social obligation to trash her looks. Now they’re paying for it.

  38. >The moral framework provided by Catholicism is in part why the
    Philippines is far less dysfunctional then Thailand, Cambodia and other
    countries in the region.
    O rly? That’s probably why it’s the most fucked up country in SEA poverty wise, second only to Cambodia.
    The average filipina has multiple kids from different fathers, has no education and no idea how to feed them.
    Some girls are more inclined to stay chaste due to this widespread and easily observable situation, as they don’t want to end up the same way.
    I give you 4 to 10 more months until you lose your rose colored vision of the Phils aided by plenty of first world cash, unless you strictly stay in an expat bubble.

  39. Same goes for white MEN. Why the fuck would I ever want to a date a fat, hairy, disgusting whitebread when I can date a highly educated Asian?

  40. ‘White girls will spend their youth sitting on a big bucket of dongs, then as their looks fade away, they whine about how there are “no good men left.” ‘
    Truer words have never been spoken. Chicks spend their hot years giving it up for every flashy, smooth-talking douchebag while rejecting the decent guys.
    But once they hit thirty, and they’re not as fresh and shiny as they were, those douchebags have moved on to the next crop of young hotties and that’s when the “Waaaahhh!!! Where are all the good guys!?!” nonsense starts.
    As a single guy in my late thirties I tell you, women in their thirties are the most arrogant, entitled, judgmental people on the planet.

  41. First, if you are going to go get yourself a Filipina, be firm with her from the start. Make clear that you want and expect a submissive woman that has traditional values and will clean, cook, and generally take care of all things domestic. That’s how they are raised and they will respond to that. Conversely, if you go in there treating them with “respect” per mores in the US (e.g., on a pedestal), they will think you want them to behave like they are on a pedestal. Not their fault, since they will be trying to please you. But the end result will be the same as dating or marrying a fat white American woman.
    Second, I have to make the point that this article is excellent. My God, I don’t know why I ever dated a white American woman. I guess just because I never knew any better as a young man.
    Now, when I am in the US, I am thoroughly disgusted with just about every woman I see. White American woman are fat and ugly and with big, foul mouths. And then make it worse by despoiling their lousy skin with tattoos.
    But, one thing I am noticing lately is the desperation on the faces of so many white women. They are spoiled little fat girls, so react by turning their nose up and trying to pretend that they don’t care. They are special and it’s the world’s problem if the world does not see how special they are. (Hence, all the hysteria about “rape culture” – it’s narcissistic in that white women want to BELIEVE they are so desirable that all men want to rape them).
    Beyond that, there seems to be a repeated pattern. Of course, we all know they ride the cock carousel in their 20’s. Then behave delusional through most of the 30’s, thinking they are going to be “career oriented.”
    Then they hit the wall, then they panic. What many people may not be seeing is what they do next. Many of them start looking for a place where they think it will be easier to find a man. They are quite sophisticated about this. They figure out one way or another that cities like Seattle have favorable ratios of men to women, have mostly ugly women, and men that make a pretty good living working in tech.
    So, these fat, ugly white women pop up in Seattle, Anchorage, Portland, and even the Dakotas, in their late 30s. But, they then find that most of the “hipster” types are just too narcissistic to actually even know what to do with a woman. While the more masculine men chose from among younger fat white girls. At that point, around the age of 45, they give up. They get a surrogate husband and child, all wrapped up in one dog. The dog sleeps with them. While they get to feel like they are caring for a child in diapers by following the dog around picking up its poop.
    By this point, they are the most miserable creatures imaginable. Angry, bitter, confused, and blaming the world, especially men. While a few turn to becoming lesbians, for most, their only respite is to vote for another angry fat white woman for political office. Thus, we will see a spell of euphoria while they campaign for and vote for Hillary Clinton.
    After that, stick a fork in them. They are done. Meanwhile, we all need to watch our backs. (And stay out of the cities where they land in their 40’s).

  42. Another article smearing white women. Why didn’t you mention Black or Asian women living in the West. Personally I wouldn’t go near a non white woman. I had a one night stand with a beautiful persian girl but that was before my awakening. And she looked European. How was I to know.

  43. I like this website and like Roosh but this post is totally biased putting Filipino girls on a pedestal and totally generalizing things adding up other shit from other posts referring to white girls.
    Remembers me of some “marry a Filipino girl” website text that got the website registration form with a credit card fill out thing at the bottom
    Stop ass kissing them lol
    Not interested in american girls either but no matter the nationality of the girl all have the same traits just the fact of you being an American makes them treat you a bit better as you being a possibility of giving her a better life but filipinas are also quite full of traits and lie and shit as any other woman

  44. It must be so awful to live in fear. You all are so afraid that your masculinity is diminished by strong, smart women. Is this how you make yourself feel better? Someone I know linked to this article and I read it, not knowing what this website was all about. I was appalled by the misogynist fear that lives here. Then I read the “about” section and I nodded… yes, this is the KKK of terrified men…. you are the same men who buy monster trucks with giant tires to compensate for your physical and intellectual shortcomings. I pity you… yeah, a woman feels sorry for your sad ass.

  45. First of all, no one says “gwailo” in the Philippines. It’s actually gweilo, and it’s a Cantonese word. And don’t pretend that you’re glorifying Filipinas in this article. What you are doing is taking millions of individuals and reducing them to fit into this virgin-whore stereotype you’ve built in your head. And please stop encouraging white men to come and sleep their way through our islands as you so disgustingly proclaim you did.

  46. Wow. That ‘article’ (read nasty and ignorant opinion piece) was absolutely disgusting. The author is not at all an attractive person, physically or otherwise, and maybe that’s why he has had more success dating women who don’t speak English as a first language. Seriously ugly thinking all over this piece of crap.

  47. This is the stupidest piece of shit I’ve read in a long time, so congratulations on that.

  48. Dude you are a pathetic seething lump of shit filled asshole girls don’t treat you that way in western countries because you are obviously a chovanistic know head
    Get out of your own ass you stink enough without shoving your filthy self up there too

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