Has Game Made Me A Better Lawyer?

I’m currently in the middle of the most intense, tiring, yet intellectually stimulating stretch of my legal career. For anyone who is familiar with civil litigation, trial rarely—and I mean rarely—happens. Most cases settle before trial because there is just too much uncertainty, and the cost of going to trial is astronomical. This month I had not one, but three trials.

Modesty being my forte, I will unabashedly state that I am a pretty good lawyer. I’ve previously moved up the ranks of a law firm pretty quick and have had judges, clients, and co-workers compliment my abilities. But infrequently do you get to see all your skills come into play at the same time, which would be the aforementioned engagement of trial. As they happen so rarely (my last one was in 2009), I have a means to measure my growth subjectively.

We often talk about how game translates into other areas of your life. For example, a few months ago some light flirting (and I do mean light) got me a free upgrade to business class on a flight to Europe. My game journey began a few years ago and while it will never end, after a lot of effort I have grown considerably both as a man in general and specifically in my ability to interact with women. But aside from the general statement that fronts this paragraph, how does game specifically translate? Well, let’s compare and find out.

Preparation and Chance

You leave nothing to chance when trying to bed a woman. Before a date, or a night out, I go through an entire routine and make sure everything is accounted for and I am well-prepared. I am groomed from head to toe, shirt ironed, bed made, condoms ready, dog walked, bathroom clean. I make sure I have enough cash on me so I don’t have to use a credit card and await a tab if she is ready to go. I pay attention to logistics to make sure I am close to home base. Music, additional drinks of varied kinds are setup ahead of time. Essentially, when things start happening I try to leave as little to chance as possible and arm myself to be ready to handle anything.

In court, and especially at trial, you are at war. Every little detail matters, and the more prepared you are the better you will be. Have all your exhibits ready, numbered and organized. Know all your witnesses’ previous testimonies and be ready to impeach them if they change their stories. Laptop powered fully, notepad with multiple color pens that correlate to multiple thought chains you will have. Realize how much time you have before the next break because the opposing attorney will coach his witness if you are doing a cross-examination (conversely, you may want to coach your own witness during a break). Just like in game, you need to be fully prepared at all times.

Being Calm

When I first started approaching random girls, I was a nervous as can be. Move onto dates and the same nervousness would seep out of my skin. Eventually after many many approaches and dates, I no longer was nervous. I would be calm in all aspects of dealing with girls.

I’ve noticed that now when I go to court, I am as calm as it gets. I’m almost happy to engage in argument, to publicly speak to the judge and whoever else may be sitting in the courtroom. As I look at other witnesses and the other attorneys at trial, I can see they are still nervous. Fidgety hands, inability to contain their emotions, and so on. This ability to remain cool is very powerful and makes you come across as confident and knowledgeable.

Handling Curveballs

With any girl you are trying to bed, whether following a date or within a night out, you will be thrown curveballs. She will tell you she doesn’t drink when you go meet for drinks. You have invited her over for dinner and was planning on making chicken and she’s a vegetarian. You find a random girl at the bar and her friend grabs her on your way to the taxi ride that was going to lead you to banging her silly. It happens a lot, and to all of us, and you have to be almost military-like in your counterattack to deal with such occurrences. The more I dealt with them, the better I got.

The same thing happens at trial. I’m about to use a piece of evidence and the opposing attorney tries to exclude it. The Judge starts asking questions of my own witness and ruins my flow and comfort. My staff mislabeled a key exhibit. The number of times I’ve had curveballs thrown my way with game has made me both sharper to react and figure out a solution, and also remain calm in the process. You would be amazed how many attorneys simply crack when one small thing does not pan out the way they expected it to. 

Observing Others

On a date, I am observing all her actions. Does she flip her hair, does she retract upon my touch, what words does she use when speaking and how does she react to my words and stories? Taking of a sum of all these observances I gauge how interested she is in both me and sex.

The same applies to night game. I observe and see if a girl is standing in a closed manner, who she is there with, if she is drinking wine, beer, or tequila. Is she alone while her friend is talking to a guy? All these observations will help me assess where to focus my efforts.

Again, the translation to the legal world is substantial. This is especially so with respect to witnesses and other attorneys. I listen carefully to their words. I watch their eyes to see if they dart around when they speak, indicating truthfulness (or more commonly lack thereof). I watch the judge to see if I am losing him to boredom, or if he is giving me clues as to what he thinks is important by the intensity of his stare. Know your surroundings and you will be much better off than your competition.


To answer the question posed in the title, unequivocally yes. And this is not surprising. Many men can handle themselves in all aspects of life but freeze up when dealing with women. So if you start to master this one aspect of life, which some view as insanely difficult, everything else will seem easy. Couple this with the similarities explained above between practicing law and engaging in game, and I can in all honesty say it has made me a better lawyer.

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  1. To be a man of worth is to exude your worthiness and aptitude for success in every interaction. This article should help the game denialists to take a step in the right direction.

  2. Being a lawyer would be pretty cool if it weren’t for the threat of one’s professional credentials being taken away from you should you get a criminal record. But I guess that’s the case with many professionals these days. I simply couldn’t handle being lassoed and corralled like that, but I suppose the money might make up for it. Might.

    1. Lawyers today aren’t making money.
      The median starting salary is 60k, and about 40 to 45 percent of law grads don’t get real jobs in a firm.
      The top 10 to 15 percent of lawyers make money, that’s it.

  3. The legal profession is oversaturated. There is a huge amount of graduates coming out of the law schools without being able to secure a training contract. Even with graduates spending more extra money doing the bar exam, they still cannot secure a training contract.
    Law schools just like many other college courses are now, a scam. Unless you have family connections, or are going to Harvard, Cambridge or some other top school, don’t bother going to law school. The debt you accrue is not worth it, and you will never be able to pay it off. On top of that, many lawyers are also in the front line of being laid off.
    There are many law schools that are using fake employment statistics to show that people are getting employment after graduation. What they don’t tell you is that these employment statistics include law graduates working minimum wage and dead end jobs. A perfect example of the scam being played infront of our eyes.
    On top of that, the legal profession is now becoming so bad, that even coffee baristas sometimes get paid more that a starting English barrister:
    Instead of law school, people should go into another career, like engineering or medicine. At least at the end of those degrees, there is a very high chance you can secure a legitimate and rewarding job.
    I blame television for this. The brainwashing of all those legal dramas the delusions of grandeur created by the feminist liberal education system, has led to false belief that law school will make you into a superstar in the courtroom.
    The only time that television admitted the truth behind the legal profession was when Mr Burns was shouting at his lawyers, calling them vultures and bloodsuckers.

    1. What does this comment have to do with the article posted? He’s not telling you to BE a lawyer, he’s talking about how having Game has helped him in other areas, could be any profession, really. We get it, you don’t like lawyers (who does?), everybody hates lawyers.
      Random Reader

    2. “Instead of law school, people should go into another career, like engineering or medicine. At least at the end of those degrees, there is a very high chance you can secure a legitimate and rewarding job.”
      Med school is approaching law school-like saturation. Mediocre, subpar graduates are being produced by the thousands. Believe me, that bubble will pop. Engineering, too, has its problems. It’s nowhere near as easy to secure an engineering job as it once was.

      1. Well, I must second that. You say you want a stable career ? Well then you better prepare yourself for anything. Falling asleep on your career has become a luxury that only the family privileged can aford.

        1. Well said!
          Even government employees are starting to panic as they realize that public pensions are doomed.

        2. For example in Illinois they are billions short of their pension liabilities. A tax hike to try and cover it will only cause more businesses and people to flee ala detroit.
          These union idiots kept biting the hand that feeds (taxpayer) and are now going to face the music. The gov has no money to meet its pension obligations. Fuck em all!

      2. I worked with engineers in my last position and I was shocked at how poorly they were treated and how willingly the company would replace them and bring in a new graduate. I am beginning to believe that no major in college is secure to lead to a job anymore. The economy is terrible and will never improve, it will just continue to decline until it collapses.

        1. Sorry to hear that. Its times like this I listen to Tom Leykis for encouragement.
          Unfortunately, the decline will continue. However, make the most of your life by developing and building new skills, going into different industries and never give up, even if the asshole feminists and poltiticans try to stop you in your path.
          I hope men like yourself will see that light at the end of the tunnel.

        2. Exactly the situation I’m in.
          I am on a two year contract as a mech. engineer …. zero stability.

        3. I agree, but “going into different industries” isn’t quite that easy, even if you possess a myriad of useful skills. I’m reading this a lot nowadays, mostly from naive guys who have just graduated of are yet to graduate: “I’m going to learn this and this, industry will recognize my superior skills and offer me a well-paying job”. No. Meritocracy is as good as dead.

        4. And the older generations will call you lazy for not suceeding.
          All they had to do was get a generic business degree with no student debt, apply to a company, show up on time, and earn a middle class wage.

        5. I’m doing well for myself currently working in Risk Mitigation. Working on finishing an MS in Operations and Data Analysis without taking on any debt but the thing of it is, I HATE sitting at a desk all day. I think it is unnatural.

        6. “I am beginning to believe that no major in college is secure to lead to a quality job anymore. ”
          The job market is flooded with graduates, as well as cheap H1B serfs. For the younger generations, nothing is secure anymore. The party’s over.

        7. ^LAZY KID. Making excuses.
          He thinks he’s too good for working at McDonald’s or Walmart.

        8. Yeah, I was working as a distribution manager and these were petroleum engineers making $100K+ a year straight out of college and they get treated terribly. Ridiculous work weeks, unrealistic work loads and responsibilities, unjustified firings, contract work, etc. I’m sure the moment that company can replace them with an H1-B visa holder for half that they will. It’s depressing because I don’t even know how what field to direct anyone into unless they have a connection. Starting from the bottom on your own seems like a doomed endeavor.

        9. What is happening to the younger people is a prelude. The boomers are so stupid they don’t get it … if young people can’t find jobs … never mind middle class jobs … there isn’t going to be taxable income for their retirement plans. No one to buy their real estate or stocks.
          The boomers are going to have a rude awakening …. the next market hiccup is going to be their undoing.

        10. “Meritocracy is as good as dead.”
          Exactly. The economy is so bad the only thing that matters is the connections you have. There are 100 qualified individuals for any position that becomes available so the only method for sifting through the pile of qualified, and sometimes even over-qualified, people is a connection.

        11. Connections are 10 times more important than hard work.
          It wasn’t always that way, but it is now.
          I can’t stand old people who say “work your way up”. That doesn’t exist anymore and hasn’t for 20 years.

        12. As George Carlin states “Its a big club….and you ain’t in it.”
          The man was right about so many things.
          Nepotism will be the destruction of the West. No longer is hard work and excellence and merit, considered as good. The number of jobs I could not get because of some asshole being connected to the company. Unfuckingbelieveable.

        13. I absolutely agree. Save your money and have an escape plan, when the shit really hits the fan.

        14. Yeah, they started the trend of materialism. I’m all for capitalism, but what we have now is just senseless consumption. It’s like a drug for the economy and if it doesn’t get it, it goes into withdrawals. Trouble is, so much of the economy is built consumption projections that when it starts to falter, the economy can’t sustain itself.

        15. I know jackasses with no skills, experience or excellence in their work, get all the top positions in many companies, whereas all of my friends who worked their ass off, and even after achieving excellence, could not make it in.
          Nepotism, feminism, quotas, etc. So many fucking roadblocks.
          I knew life would be challenging but fucking hell, I did not know it would be this hard. You try to do the right thing by putting off relationships, save money, live frugally, but society will see you as being wrong.
          Well fuck them. Do what you have to do in this life.

        16. All of us young men, the best ones, are getting that. We were sold out by our elders and given shit advice.
          You can still succeed, but you have to draw your own map and suffer quite a bit.

        17. Do a rational cost/benefit analysis, and you might conclude it’s less risky to go the entrepreneurial route than to try to work your way up the corporate ladder with its gazillion hoops to jump trough and gazillion asses to kiss. If ass kissing is necessary, I’d rather do it *on my terms*!

        18. “I can’t stand old people who say “work your way up”. ”
          Seconded. When I hear that, I want to eat their liver and serve it up with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

        19. Read your comment, have a proposition for you : try to direct your friends (maybe you can benefit from this too) towards developing a skill. For example, the above dude ( Dr. Orange ) says he’s a mech. engineer then by all means he should learn to automobile mechanics to make some extra cash. Always develop a skill that’s closest to your career ( you can use your already accumulated knowledge ) and try to make some cash off it. Careers nowadays are obviously not that stable anymore so, as you develop your skill using your career knowledge, you’ll develop your career by being a more financially confident person. Not to mention that we you hear of your company lay-offs you’ll have a stable activity to turn to just in case. It’s complicated to obtain, I’m currently working up a strategy to develop a certain skill but fuck it’s extremely difficult after a 9-5 job. You come home, you’re exhausted, find time to work on the next job skill. But that’s that. Get off your ass and work !

        20. Unfortunately I second this. Fuck ! Fuck ! Fuck ! We’re young, we’re supposed to live, to travel, to bang ! Back to drawing board.

        21. I think the older folk just have no clue at all what is going on…
          My professor (who has been tenured and making 150k for around 20 years) laughed in my face late last year when I told him I moved back home to save money. “What do you mean? Don’t you get sick of seeing your parents every day? I could never do that. You know you can work as a TA right?”
          I almost snapped at being spoken to this way by someone who hasn’t had to struggle probably ever. I had to verbatim explain to him that people my age need to cut corners to survive, or else end up in debt slavery… it was totally out of his realm of thinking.

        22. These boomers are the most evil, selfish people and bloodsuckers. They have sold the younger generations down the river and soon the entire global economy is going to utterly collapse.

        23. Ever heard of metabolic syndrome? Its what happens to people who sit on their asses too much… Your body starts to gradually grow softer and your metabolism slows down… your body just starts going into saving energy mode because you don’t seem to need to use it…
          Its a real thing with real health consequences. To counteract it you gotta drink tonnes of water and get up from your chair regularly… It ISN’T natural to sit in that position for hours on end.

        24. Once the Oculus Rift technology goes mainstream men will check out of the rat race even more than we’re seeing now…
          I don’t think a lot of people realize how truly immersive an experience you can get with full-view visuals that respond to your head movements.
          The visual + vestibular perceptual systems are the sensory systems that practically ALL other senses are coded in reference to. Touch, sounds, smells, are all coded in your brain with reference to a visual coordinate system… The vestibular system is necessary for eye-rotation control and the perceived-orientation of the self.
          The Oculus Rift, if it ever gets off the ground… Will make Bronies and Furries look like amateurs. If the Oculus becomes mainstream, the average man will fall for its hypnotic control no doubt about it.
          This will lead to a doubling in the overall number of housecats globally.

        25. I don’t know … I mean TV has already turned men into idiotic zombies …. 3d tech sounds dystopia … but aren’t we at that stage already of people not living in reality?
          In terms of a career, I could see you working in a start up with developing that technology… it’s going to be critical in the future.
          The problem for you will be that the big tech houses, like apple or Sony hire software engineers exclusively from places like MIT, stanford, and abroad.

        26. Thanks I appreciate that.
          I want to position myself in the research and design side of things if I can, I’ll always be a researcher at heart. I’ve got some ideas for how this stuff can be used for beneficial applications (i.e., cognitive/mental health applications) but I’m fairly certain that the general public will use this tech the same way they use television… for mindless entertainment…
          I think the psychological implications for such technology are huge. Think World of Warcraft but where it becomes even harder to distinguish reality from the virtual. If you look at the average gamer they just play games to keep themselves entertained. There is already a large market for people who need their senses stimulated to the max, and I think this tech is the next step in this direction.
          Do I think this tech will be able to compete with television? Not 100% sure but I predict so. I think they’ll be complementary, the television serves its own purpose (same way people have both a computer and television). I know there is a hardcore community of gamers that are anticipating this tech as I’ve spoken to their representatives. It is the same way practically every trend starts (even Game)… with a hardcore group of hobbyists. Other people start to wonder whats up… and then once enough people are doing it, it appears socially conventional and the herd comes along and adopts it as their own. Initially video games were a total niche market for “loser nerds”… same with house music and those “sketchy ravers”… probably the same with the internet, the cell-phone, etc.
          Once a new tech goes public, the users define how it is used. Initially the telephone was supposed to be an emergency device made for specific purposes. The telephone was not initially marketed as a way for people to call each other and gossip about their husbands… but thats what happened, and the telephone was a hit the world over.
          What I think is interesting about the Oculus is it might be a predominantly male technology. Research shows that women find virtual reality much more disorienting and physiologically unpleasant than men… who are all about it. Anyways that is enough speculation for one afternoon.. gotta get back to work.

        27. Do you have an IT guy who can salami-slice fractions of cents from the company’s accounts … oh, wait, they smashed a fax machine in that movie 😉

        28. Needed to be said. The old rules don’t work anymore. Of course, that golden generation that made it to the top by way of hard work & merit have the luxury of labeling the rest of us as..cynics.
          Having said that, it never hurts to actually be good at what we do. The frustration comes from trying to remove the blind spot regarding how the world currently works from grandpa & grandma….

        29. With the current economic situation, you’ll have to settle for having that with cheap tequila & leftover baked beans instead.

        30. Speaking of professors, let me tell you a little story…
          A former supervisor of mine (and lab head) had the nasty habit of pulling unfounded accusations out of his hat, ostensibly as a way to ‘stimulate’ his students (at the time, including me) to work harder. One day he accused me of doing nothing when in reality I was putting in long hours at the lab. The guy was holed up in his office almost daily writing grant applications and the sorts, indeed, everything short actually of going out and see for himself how his students were doing and doing what he was paid for (quite generously!): to advise and support. I stood up to him, telling him his “cattle prod” way of stimulating students was counterproductive and he would gain more results if he assumed a more supportive attitude. I also informed him of my willingness to lawyer up if he decided to go forward with his accusations. He backed down real fast, but, predictably, never apologised.
          The moral of the story? Don’t be a spineless serf.

        31. Hey, you might find this interesting.
          Chomsky came out this year with a thesis that universities have adopted a corporate business model… and the implications for education, students, and the future.
          The corporatization of post-secondary education.
          One thing he talks about is how grad students are basically treated like slaves…

        32. Thanks, will watch it later. If you ask me, not only education, but the entirety of the academic research system is in for a massive overhaul. Hell, break it down and build something anew.

  4. first, congrats to you accomplishments. but this
    “Before a date, or a night out, I go through an entire routine and make sure everything is accounted for and I am well-prepared. I am groomed from head to toe, shirt ironed, bed made, condoms ready, dog walked, bathroom clean. I make sure I have enough cash on me so I don’t have to use a credit card and await a tab if she is ready to go. I pay attention to logistics to make sure I am close to home base. Music, additional drinks of varied kinds are setup ahead of time. Essentially, when things start happening I try to leave as little to chance as possible and arm myself to be ready to handle anything.”
    why such an effort just to fuck?

        1. In what way is having a distinct plan of action and executing it an indication of being a “nice guy”. Genghis Khan had a very detailed plan of action that he used on every village he raided and burnt to the ground, and I doubt anybody would label him a “nice guy”.

        2. If I understand your mangled sentence correctly… who said anything about being nice? Law Dogger just advises preparedness. As they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Are you seriously recommending showing up to a date not know your arse from your elbow and looking this way as well? And then if you somehow convince her to come home, introducing her to your house where the toilet smells like an abominated version of last nights curry?

        3. i wasnt saying that acting according to a plan equals being a nice guy. i tried to point out that planning isnt everything, and IF you are a nice guy, white knight, or whatever repels woman, then your cleaned up home wont matter.

        4. i have no idea how you come to think i go out unprepared, or that my place is some kind of shithole.
          being prepared is a necessity indeed, but only works out if done RIGHT, which means, at least to me, if my place is “somewhat” okay, i put the most effort into game and mindset, closely followed by my appearance.
          “who said anything about being nice”
          no one said. i just wanted to point out that being prepared does nothing if you suck at other points.

        5. Genghis was also irrational like a woman.
          He had no plan. Shortly after his death all of his territory and claims were reverted or challenged.

        6. Ghosts point was the the Khan had a systematic plan on how to subjugate villages and peoples to his will, not that he had an overarching, grand-strategy for conquering the world. Was he irrational? Can you please provide what the life experience of a 13th c mongol was so we can logically determine the state of his rationality? Last, did he care about building an empire or just conquest? I will point out that his desendents ruled China and collected tribute from Russia for hundreds of years. Those are the two important legacy a but there are many more. Seems like he was more bent on conquest and the loot he would take than administering new territory. Further highlighted by the fact that in cooperative villages/city-states their civil administration was left intact.

        7. And he totally got laid a lot. Something like 12% to 16% of men in Asia are his descendants. Those fur helmets and short bows are pussy magnets….or at least were, back in the day. 😉

        8. Now that’s contemporary funny. ,,Gotta get me one of those bow & arrows. ” I couldn’t help it.

        9. Hey, chicks dig bad boys. He was the equivalent of the Outlaw Biker Kingpin of his day…. just sayin’.

        10. My friend, you directly brought up “nice guys”. Your initial point was a clear dismissal of being making an effort. You seem to be changing your argument. Be consistent or just retract your earlier statement.

        11. Stop talking about “nice guys”. You are the only one consistently bringing it up. Nobody cares and it was never the point.
          Planning is 80% of your success. Trust me, relying on pure chance will not get you very far. If you plan and fail, simply adjust your plan or recognize when you are in a no-win situation. Law Dogger spoke explicitly of this possibility in his article.

        12. Yeah its weird like that eh… I wonder if some chicks saw him raping other women and in the back of their heads they’re like “Gee, why does she get all the fun?”

        13. englishbob, you said you were black in another thread no? What did Genghis Khan go stick it in some black momma? Btw I think theres a company, that tests for this shit, we can group buy in and laugh our asses off at the results

    1. Considering I do similar things, eventually, it becomes just a habit that doesn’t take up too much time. Why wouldn’t you have cash on you? Why wouldn’t you have your bed made? It really isn’t that much of an “effort”, and it helps your efforts tremendously.

      1. I make sure I piss on the toilet seat since hell, I never use it. I always make sure there is several weeks of mold around the bathroom sink and water it regularly to ensure it blooms. My bed is an old mattress someone else threw out with an old blanket and discarded couch cushion for a pillow. I sleep in my shirts to ensure the proper amount of creasing and the dog? Fuck the dog, he can clean his own mess up like a cat. I don’t bother with condoms – raw dog baby! If she has a problem with it she can go fuck herself, literally.
        This is how I have been for years and it takes real effort to be this disgusting.

        1. It’s not my place to say, but using condoms, is the best solution to all problems. Obviously you haven’t encountered problems like pregnancy bull-shit testing, or – get ready for this one – S T fucking D’s. Now these things, are REAL eye openers. I encourage condom use ! Protect yourselves gentlemen, just because the devil ( danger ) is hidden and you haven’t see it yet, does not mean you won’t get to meet him later.

        2. I had an STD scare earlier this year with a girl I was with.
          She called me to tell me that one of the guys she was hooking up with decided to tell her after the fact that he had some version of herpes… We got checked and it was cool, neither of us contracted anything, but I’ve been way more careful about that shit ever since then… Not to mention I’ve become more paranoid about knocking a girl up too…

        3. I’ve had my fair share of raw dogging women, and unfortunately had gotten both stories. When you get news like that ( STD, pregnancy ) you block-out. I’ve spoken with many of my friends about these problems and from advice here to advice there, the best advice came from my doctor. An older woman hitting 50-60 something. She said : ,,Even if she’s your girlfriend, always use a condom. ” Those words, stuck to me like glue. There’s something rudimentary in those words that take the meaning ,, are you stupid enough to trust her with your health and well-being? ” Old, red-pill women, they deserve a place in the Red-Pill man Pantheon.

    2. Because like pretty much any other guy who’s had experience with any type of situation, not just fucking, but anything which requires preparation, we learned the following lesson:
      By not doing these things, possibly in that order, we failed at accomplishing what we set out to accomplish.

        1. I think I stole that from Churchill, who likely stole it from someone else. If you want some good reading material that will provide a lot of lessons for life, I would suggest William Manchester’s 3 volume biography of Churchill, “The Last Lion”. Actually, everything by Manchester is pretty good. I also recommend “The Arms of Krupp”, his history of the Krupp family in Germany that developed armaments, and “Goodbye, Darkness” about his (Manchester’s) time in the Marines in WWII.
          À bientôt,

        2. I’ll be looking into it. Winston Churchill sounds like a contemporary go-getter to me. The stuff he was able to do during the war makes him a notable spokesmen & leader.

        3. That’s the second time I’ve had “The Last Lion” recommended to be a solid read, from an unrelated source. One to look for, then.

        4. I am working through the third book, now. Manchester got writer’s block b/w books two and three, and so he went off to write “A World Lit Only By Fire” while he was waiting for his muse to return. Then he had a stroke. So he chose Paul Reid to finish it up for him. Reid was a columnist for some paper in Florida whom Manchester got to know through some military buddies. It took him ten plus years to finish, and it doesn’t have that same snappiness to it, but I feel like I owe it to myself to finish the series.
          The first page of the first book is about the evacuation of Dunkirk. Royal Navy vessels inadequate….tens of thousand of Tommies stranded…hard tidings…yada-yada. “And then from the estuaries of Kent and Dover, a strange fleet appeared….[list of unlikely vessels]…all of them manned by civilian volunteers. English fathers sailing to save England’s exhausted, bleeding sons.”
          And then you think, “Wow. This guy *NAILED* it.”
          À bientôt,

        5. there’s a great depiction of the Dunkirk evacuation in Mrs. Miniver, one of the finest WWII films. Makes me proud to be an Anglican.

    3. Even if the specific steps don’t influence his chances, you can tell from the way he writes about it that the mental steps to get prepared is what makes him feel prepared. Every guy is different when it comes to this, some will do a quick pushups set before they go out because that 5% pump in their chest makes them feel more ready.
      Does it matter? To her maybe, maybe not. If it matters to you, however, then it matters

      1. “Does it matter? To her maybe, maybe not. If it matters to you, however, then it matters”
        I guess that summarizes it. My place is not dirty, but not very clean either. my main preparation is getting into the right mindset, and keeping it. when we are at my place and she refuses or gets annoying beyond the typical LMR levels because its not super cleaned up then well, she can indeed go fuck herself. i might sleep alone that night, yes, but the next morning i can chose from some other numbers on my cellphone, who doesnt mind that much.
        but well, if that kind of preparation mentioned in the article helps a majority people with their inner game, then its useful i guess.

    4. Oh come on, he’s just laying the basics down for you to follow. Want an 99% chance to bang her tonight ? Then prepare your self. It’s just that easy; plus with time, you’ll be able to that stuff in 5 minutes tops. Takes me 30 seconds to make my bed, another 2-3 to tidy up the bed-room and there I am. Although I would always push for her place, sometimes, her place isn’t an option and you’re fresh out of patience. Good luck gentlemen !

    5. It’s called being prepared. Works for just about anything regardless if fucking is the end goal or not.

    1. Aye, me too. They’re easy to out pretty quickly though. A quick quip of “Nothing would go better with this beer than a nice steak” usually does the trick.

      1. Nowadays you can even tell by their look. They often have a slightly sickly cast to their skin and their eyes seem a little sallowness to them.

        1. If you look at Rome and Greece, some of the most prominent warriors and intellectuals were vegetarians… aurelius, cincinnatus, plutarch, julian, pythagoras, zeno, plotinus, seneca, etc.
          Must have all been fags of betas?

        2. I believe Gladiators were almost entirely vegetarian. I personally like eating meat a lot but with current production methods it is very energy inefficient.

        3. That was for a different reason though. High carb diet.
          I’m speaking specifically about the nutritional value and ethics of raising livestock for slaughter(as opposed to hunting in the wild).
          Most men flatter themselves into thinking meat and alcohol are manly, but if you look at the greatest sages of the west, they stayed away from those substances.
          Real men are ascetic … asceticism is restraint and discipline.

        4. They never seem healthy. I don’t date vegetarians..its an obvious sign of being over sensitive.

        5. The benefit to vegetarians is they are sometimes be weight conscious and stay thin.
          What you wanna stay away from the Ice-Creamatarians.

        6. Gladiators were not vegetarian out of choice. They were slaves and meat was expensive. Growing grains is even more energy inefficient. But the efficiency of raising food is not a valid argument for whether you should eat a particular food or not.

        7. Meat is not a”substance “. It is the most nutritionally dense food you can eat and we have evolved to eat it. It absurd to put it in the same category as alcohol. Plenty of great sages ate meat too. Your argument is invalid.

        8. That the sources don’t support your narrative doesn’t make them any less credible. I’m simply identifying that your claims appear entirely misleading and unsubstantiated. I was easily able to find more sources which I included. If I am being intellectually dishonest, then what studies support your claims? Also, what is flawed in the sources that I am citing? If you can’t provide more than arbitrary commentary on assumptions then there isn’t any reason to take your positions seriously as anyone can make baseless arguments. Feminists do it all the time.
          Gladiator diet:

        9. Nutritionally dense? Try wheatgrass or spinach. Dense meaning vitamins and minerals? Meat has protein and a few B-Vitamins, that’s it.

        10. I don’t eat meat all that often, but the conclusion “vegetarian diet
          is empirically and logically the best” is not really supported by any
          strong premises. I thought this article was quite relevant:
          also find it interesting that the vast majority of professional
          athletes with a Ph. D in nutritional sciences aiding their diets rarely
          a vegan or vegetarian diet (surely you can dig up examples but they are
          far from the norm). I don’t think this is any big conspiracy. I tend to
          follow the evidence and first listen to the arguments of the experts
          when possible.

        11. You are equivocating what I wrote. I never once stipulated that vegetarian diets are nutritionally superior in any way nor was that the argument. I eat meat and believe that the best diets for the majority of people include meat. The argument was specifically that meat is energy inefficient.

        12. Your sources don’t support any narrative. The first on gladiators was an opinion piece that was absurd on its face. The other was a conflicted piece which used obscured data on meat.
          Rather than run around the Internet trying find someone who agrees with you why not just write a cogent argument?

        13. I made the point earlier that even if true that the production of meat is “energy inefficient”, relative to grains (which is untrue) it is irrelevant since we have evolved to eat meat and not grains. You might as well say the production of rocks is more energy efficient.

        14. If it were “untrue” there would be some peer-reviewed research that supported that argument. Which of course you haven’t provided because it doesn’t exist. Also, your metaphor is entirely flawed as eating meat might be an optimal diet for most humans it is most certainly not necessary for survival.

        15. My sources are peer-reviewed and refute your groundless arguments. I’m not cherry-picking the data. You can’t provide peer-reviewed science to support your claims so you are resorting to a tu quoque. You want to turn the argument away from supporting research to ignore the fact that you have none. However, as data analysts often say, “you can’t ignore the data.” Why don’t you just admit you are wrong and there is no science supporting your unfounded claims?

        16. It wasn’t entirely clear what all of your beliefs were (few people really are clear here, and you often need to guess), but on this thread Dr. Orange did suggest that vegetarian diets are nutritionally superior. This thread kind of got all over the place, but perhaps I should have responded a few lines above instead. I rarely post here, but find vegetarians (and supporters of vegetarians) to be very faggy, pseudoscientific, and annoying. I don’t mind the vegetarians who are not faggy and full of junk science.

        17. I stated that people can choose whatever diet they wish. I firmly believe that having a balanced diet which includes meat is the optimal option. However, there is overwhelming evidence that current meat production methods are significantly less energy efficient than maintaining a vegetarian diet. I wish that were not the case as I like consuming meat but reality is unfortunately not so accommodating.

        18. “Peer reviewed” is not synonymous with fact.
          As for your second point, depends what you mean by survival. I once saw a woman who subsisted solely on crisps (chips). Not optimal. She survived. Sickly. As you will be on a diet of grains. Not only that, if you want to get into arguments about efficiency perhaps consult some of your peer-reviewed research on the medical costs of a lifetime on grains.

        19. I agree with the facts about gladiators. I don’t agree with the professors “opinion” that they ate grains for protective purposes. That is nonsense regardless of what his “peers” think.
          The data on inefficiency was limited. It made no dis

        20. I didn’t argue the reasoning behind it merely that the diet was found to be vegetarian for whatever reason.
          “Instead of just linking to articles you don’t appear to have considered in detail, why not post a rational argument instead? We can check the facts afterwards.”
          Because arguing in the qualitative is pointless and proves nothing. Feminists do it all the time. What can possibly be achieved without any comparative framework? You have zero data for you case as proven by the complete dearth of studies that support the case. Making the case unfounded. It is not due to lack of data or bias in the data. It is simply wrong. In the future I would advise against making claims that are overwhelmingly refuted by hard evidence.

        21. Peer reviewed is as close to fact as it can get. We don’t have perfect information on much but the discrepancy between what you claimed and what the data shows is unequivocally against your position. In short, you are WRONG. Accept it and move on.

        22. Stop with the “feminists do this and that” argument. It’s boring and does not apply.
          Now have you heard of a priori reasoning? Deductive logic? Of course you have. Empirical data is not always the best way to prove a point since it is always open to interpretation and never provides a conclusion with which you can have full confidence. But yes there is plenty of so called hard evidence backing up my claims.

        23. What discrepancy? What data? I already told you about the shortcomings of the studies and opinion pieces (not data) that you posted. The trouble with peer review is that politics creeps in. You are naive if you think otherwise.

        24. In this case empirical data is overwhelmingly supporting one argument against another. It’s very easy to arrive at reasonable conclusions based on the congruence of given data. Especially since you have failed to provide any of the “plenty of so called hard evidence backing up my claims.” I have yet to see one shred of evidence for your claim. Flimsy conjectures can never replace conclusions based on hard data. Any hypothesis that cannot be supported by research doesn’t warrant consideration. If that is what you are attempting to reduce this to (as you seem to be) you can engage the topic elsewhere.

        25. Your scientific illiteracy is not my burden. When you want to make claims that “growing grains is more energy inefficient” than meat the burden of proof is on you to support that claim. You have failed to do so and by any measure were effectively refuted. In the future I suggest considering how verifiable your positions and if there is data exclusively supporting a contradictory opinion, you should probably change your stance.

        26. Pot kettle black.
          You haven’t provided any hard evidence either. I have already stated the short comings of your sources and you have repeatedly refused to address them.
          I have access to extensive research on the topic. However if you cannot even address the logical problems in your position there is no point in me introducing you to it.

        27. Insulting your opponent makes you appear weak.
          You brought up the claims about energy inefficiencies. I raised two clear objections which you have yet to address. Prove your point.

        28. “Pot kettle black.”
          Not valid since one person, me, provided research on their position and the other, you, did not.
          “You haven’t provided any hard evidence either. I have already stated the short comings of your sources and you have repeatedly refused to address them.”
          You didn’t like that the research contradicted your narrative so you attempted to find ‘shortcomings’ (one word, not two) in the data that the researchers already accounted for. Of course, Englishbub is certainly more knowledgeable on the topic than corrupt researchers and their non-scientific peer-reviewed studies. They’re all feminazi sympathizers anyway right?
          “I have access to extensive research on the topic. However if you cannot even address the logical problems in your position there is no point in me introducing you to it.”
          Laughably pathetic. TRANSLATION: “I looked for 8 days and couldn’t find anything because nothing exists. I’ll try to divert the conversation away from facts so I’ll to be able to salvage a shred of dignity.”

        29. It’s pointing out your argument from ignorance, it’s not an ad hominem. There’s a difference if you are able to grasp it. Maybe you should try looking it up (also not an ad hominem- just identifying the obvious).

  5. Game can be applied to any profession where you have to deal with people. It’s mental gymnastics and psychological profiling sprinkled in with a bit of quick spontaneity and flexibility. Personally I like to add an ounce of premeditation (that’s my favorite part 🙂

  6. Game helped me when I was in private practice. “Networking” for clients is basically game only its at a Chamber of Commerce meeting and not da club.

  7. “The more I dealt with (curveballs), the better I got.”
    Quite right. In fact, we ought to welcome challenges and obstacles for how these force us to improve and be resourceful.
    Also, solving problems and dealing effectively with complications is manful. It’s a godsend when we’re out with a woman and some unexpected event gives us a chance to show we know how to handle ourselves and the situation.
    That doesn’t mean we have to overcome in some spectacular way. It’s nice when that happens, but often it’s enough to simply make the best of a bad situation and look ahead confidently. Say, for instance, the two of you go to an event and can’t get in for some reason. That’s only a disaster if you were looking for the event to carry the entire outing. But if you carry the frame that no event overshadows you, then the core reason the two of you are out together is still intact. Step up, make another plan, go in another direction. That’s what men do when making their way through the world. Any woman who doesn’t recognize and respect you for showing that kind of leadership wasn’t worth bothering with in the first place.

  8. Congrats on the success as a lawyer. There’s no doubt that game will help any man succeed in areas outside the bedroom.

  9. ,,You find a random girl at the bar and her friend grabs her on your way to the taxi ride that was going to lead you to banging her silly. ”
    What’s your strategy if she starts to take her away ? I once was in the exact same position. I tried to game her friend as well, but she obviously was too jealous that her friend was getting the main attraction. How can you game her friends to OK her leaving with you? Now there’s a question whose answer’s worth an applause & intellectual praise.

      1. That’s funny and it just might work. Damn, never thought of it like that. Food for thought ?

  10. As someone who was trained as a lawyer, I can advise where Game really helps is negotiations. Those are much more like seductions than litigation is. In my field, I generally know a shitload more than the customer does, although really I spend a lot of my time protecting the customer from…himself. I even use “seduction” as an analogy with customers and partners–“Sure, you can chase a nickel somewhere else, or see if someone else will give you this or that set of terms that you think you really want. They’ll promise you this and that. And six months later, when the bloom is off the rose, you’re going to think back and say to yourself, ‘That Mistral guy. He really took care of me. Some wine, candlelight…yada, yada’. So go lose your virginity with someone else if you want, but you’re going to regret it.”* I close 9 out of 10 of those. Higher among female customers. *shrugs*
    As for law as a career, I can’t recommend it. Working long hours with people you don’t like–and if you are a “normal” then you’re not going to like most other lawyers–none for me, thanks. And these days the debt you have to take on is INSANE. The value proposition just isn’t there. I went in-house as soon as I could (within a year or so) and then I made myself indispensable, and then disappeared. Tim Ferriss wrote a book about how to do it, which is a must for any serious student of Game.
    Most guys aren’t going to be able to do (or even *want* to do) what Ferriss did, but being the master of one’s own time is worth more than money is. I typically work from home, come and go as I please, and look forward to the day (soon enough) when I will just say “fuck it” and take mini-vacations without telling anyone (for now, I mostly just hang out at the Hacienda, etc.)
    The first thing you do, once you “get over” is get out from under. Or maybe the reverse. Either way, there nothing sweeter than freedom.
    À bientôt,
    *I realize this sounds sort of “White Knight”-ish, but I can tell you, in business, it works.

        1. So it’s been said. 😉 To get where I’m at I think the mix was 40% bright, 50% hard work and determination, 10% lucky.

        2. My job is quite similar, pay cheque every 2 weeks, office once a week the rest i’m in the trade working my territory, cycle meeting once every quarter. Not a bad gig out of school tobacco companies pay hella good.

        3. Well, The key word there is “best”. I like to say that it’s the 99% of lawyers that give the rest of us a bad name. 😉
          À bientôt,

        4. Mate its very common for lawyers to work in-house. Many of them work for law firms for a while and then go in-house when they want more money and more free time.
          Given what you have been saying about lawyers I am surprised you are unfamiliar with the term.

        5. Not really. I don’t want a lawyer who is a salesman. I want a lawyer who can advise me correctly. Not only that, by and large, lawyers suck at selling.

    1. As someone who was trained as a lawyer, I can advise where Game really helps is negotiations.

      This is true. There are many commentators here who disparage having a well-groomed, well-dressed appearance and gentlemanly persona. This is worth money to you. People (i.e. employers, customers, etc.) partially judge your worth and ability based on how you look and how you say what you say.

  11. 1). So how might one game a bitch judge? My best guess would be to get IOI and flash ‘puppy eyes’ into hers for subliminally short periods while speaking to her, meanwhile projecting the thought ‘you are my mommy’ at her.
    2). Family kangaroo court is the epitome of outrageous charade. Fart cushions are equally a total fucking JOKE. Might there be ways to strategically steer the ‘tones’ playing in a femi-commie fucking FAMILY COURT comedy theater with a concealed FART CUSHION?

  12. I’d go so far as to say Game makes me a better older brother. It’s nice to be able to pass on knowledge about the nature of women to my younger brother and he knows my door is always open.

  13. The author of this article is one of many reasons I’m happy i did not go to law school. What an incredible twat.

  14. Although most of the points in this article are reasonable, the self-congratulatory tone is bizarre and Law Dogger confuses things that are obvious social skill concepts with Game. If this were true, every 110+ social IQ person would be a master of Game. Almost all of these posts are so vague about Game anyway. It should never include basic social skills, or obvious stuff like organizing yourself and being a mature adult; that’s just changing the definition of the term to suit your needs. There was reasonable potential for a good article, but there was no need to grasp at straws.

  15. I spent several years as a lawyer (barrister) and several years as a soldier. There were a few other unplugged times in my life but these gave me the most alpha mind set. Seriously: train with the airborne for a few years and you will fear no one in a physical confrontation. Know your way around a court house and you fear no one in any other confrontation. Cops can’t scare you and every other POS you meet will never intimidate you.
    None of this adds to gaming women directly but if you can defend your manspace from other men, then women come to you.

  16. This guy sounds like an old whore, and it’s funny because he talks so much crap about women being whores yet he’s one himself!

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