Why GamerGate Could Be A Turning Point In The Culture War

GamerGate has morphed from a seemingly-innocuous case of infidelity to perhaps the single dominant issue in the blogosphere in less than two months. As such, yet another piece on the subject might seem like overkill, but as of this writing I have yet to see a comprehensive analysis of the place GamerGate has in a larger, historical context. To date, the majority of the discussion has been about whether GamerGate is about ethics in gaming journalism, or whether it is merely the Trojan horse that carries a legion of misogynists to make the world of gaming a dangerous place for anyone who is not a white male.

While this question dominates the current discussion, it is merely a part of a larger battle in video games, which in turn is a part of a larger Culture War. The recent developments in the video game “theatre” of this war have the potential to be extremely damaging to one of the combatants, as it has exposed its true colors to a wide audience for quite possibly the first time. If the correct message is taken from the GamerGate saga, it may not spell the immediate end for the defeated camp, as its ideology currently dominates popular thought. As such, change will be a slow burn, but it will be achieved.

Why Games?

In a sentence, games became a space ripe for battle thanks to its evolution from a nerd culture staple to a pop culture staple. For much of its history, video games were the domain of the ultra-nerdy, pimply-faced computer geek. To be sure, a much wider demographic of people played games growing up, especially with the rise of the console. But for most people, games were just another tool, a means to an end. It was just one of the possible things you could do with friends or by yourself after school or over the weekend. Activities like watching TV, playing outdoors, or hanging out at the mall were all simple substitutes.

Being a hardcore gamer meant that the game was the end, almost to the point of obsession. There were no substitutes. Instead of spending Friday nights going to the school dances and seeing what sort of mischief you could get into at a friend’s house afterwards, all-night LAN parties were the order of the day. The level of dedication and involvement most hardcore gamers showed, combined with the fact that this attention was focused on an inanimate portal into a virtual world, led to a stereotype with negative connotations. You were anti-social, didn’t fit in, you were just weird.

Then Halo came along. The advancement of the first-person shooter, combined with the introduction of online console play, took gaming to another level. The further advancement of gameplay, graphics, and the ubiquity of high speed internet connections turned gaming into an experience that could be shared with people across the world. 15 years ago, the pinnacle of gaming for the average guy was having a few friends over and shooting at each other a bit in Goldeneye 64. Now, it is teaming up with those same friends and engaging in complex tactical battles against people from all over the planet, in extraordinarily vast, deep, rich virtual worlds that closely resemble reality.

This transformation of gaming was mostly a visual, graphical transformation, versus a change in the content and the basic style of games. The increased visual appeal in addition to the increased depth of the games introduced a more movie-like quality, with the added bonus that the user could be immersed in it. With that movie-like quality came movie-like attention, movie-like money, movie-like marketing campaigns and movie-like releases. Video game tournaments have the capability to draw crowds in excess of 100,000. At the very highest level, individual gamers can earn millions, and have millions of viewers watch their newest videos on YouTube. As it stands now, video games are a $100 billion industry, fully entrenched in popular culture.

Through it all, our LAN-partying “gamer” never really changed, he just got older. The games kept improving, so he kept playing, even as the industry crept into the purview of the general population. It is this intersection between gamer culture and popular culture which has caused fireworks of late, owing to the fact that the former is male-dominated while the latter, as has been discussed in the manosphere for quite some time, is female-dominated.

Most would take issue with the idea of the LAN-partying gamer image as masculine, but it is more to do with the games themselves, and the environment that surrounds gameplay. On a very base level, most games involve an unstable situation which the user must survive. This dynamic is true of the real world, and although females are also subjected to this reality, throughout history it has generally been males who have had to navigate through the uncertainties of the world in a more direct manner. Think male hunters as opposed to female gatherers. Video games force one to play the hunter with efficiency, or the consequence is death.

The negative stereotype surrounding gamers is ultimately borne from the fact that this sort of masculinity is engaged only virtually. Why spend so much time shooting zombies and imposing your will on level bosses, when you can break down barriers and impose your will on the real world? The perception is you can’t, and thus the complete and total immersion into the virtual world marked the gamer as weak in the real one, rightly or wrongly.

Incidentally, that gaming has exploded to reach the masses as it has suggests this “weakness” has now spread to society as a whole (see here, and here). That is beyond the scope of this piece. What is relevant here is that video games, a predominantly male space, have now entered the mainstream. Thus any and all messages conveyed must be “appropriate.” It was ok if only a few harmless geeks ingested some off-brand media, since they were losers nobody listened to or cared about. Send the same sort of messages to everyone, including the “cool kids,” and there might be a problem, since they set the trends and have the influence.

Feminist Game Critics Want to Change Games – Not Add New “Representative” Niches

Enter the feminist video game critic.

The rise of video game culture into pop culture, and the money and power that came with it brought about a powerful medium with which political and cultural mores could be shaped. Such a large, fundamentally masculine entity such as video games suddenly garnering the attention of multinational corporations was never going to be tolerated long by feminists and their allies. The media has framed the response by gamers to the views brought forth by feminists in the following manner:

GamerGate is ostensibly about ethics in gaming journalism, but in reality its misogynistic core is tainting whatever aims the actual movement is trying to achieve

This is a disingenuous supposition. Underlying the mainstream critiques of GamerGate is a theme of gamers having their clubhouse invaded and not liking it. Brianna Wu, a game developer, said as much in an article she penned for the Washington Post last week. This visual is actually a very good tool for explaining the faults of the argument the anti-GamerGate crowd is making, as there are only two reasons an outsider would want to enter a clubhouse he or she is not privy to.

The first is because he or she appreciates the environment in that clubhouse, wants to experience that environment, and is willing to be constructive in furthering and supporting that environment. The other reason is that he or she wants to destroy the clubhouse and its environment, for whatever reason.

The feminist video game critique is clearly driven by the second reason. Perhaps the most prominent critic is Anita Sarkeesian, who is the creator of a series of videos on YouTube which examine how women are portrayed in video games. According to her, the representation of women is generally demeaning or dis-empowering to the extent they are represented at all. She has every right to express these views without harassment, and my point here is not to address her specific concerns, but rather her general concern that female representation is a huge problem in gaming.

Sarkeesian has purportedly identified a problem with a product, which has not been addressed sufficiently. In most situations, this presents opportunity. The creation of a new product which fixes a problem is a source of value in the marketplace, which is rewarded handsomely. Rather than taking this line of action, Sarkeesian would rather complain really loudly about it. Interestingly enough, she did receive upwards of $150,000 in funding for her YouTube video project, which on one level may suggest that the rethinking of women in video games is a subject the market may be interested in.

Yet wouldn’t a better use of that money have been to actually fund video game development in that image, bringing forth a tangible product that represents its ideals? If female under-representation in gaming is really such a scourge on the industry, real, tangible steps towards bringing a more “ideal” product to market would have been welcomed handsomely. Yet Sarkeesian and her allies choose to complain about the existing product. Having entered clubhouse, she is essentially screaming and banging pots and pans together to call attention to the fact that she does not like the furniture is arranged and that it must be changed.

This is at the crux of the vitriol Sarkeesian and others like her have received. The fact that they are women is not the source of the negative pushback they are getting – this would make it misogyny. It is the fact that their opinions are being couched as rock-solid fact and used to force feed sweeping changes into the industry, an industry these critics had no time for when there was no Call of Duty around, grossing $1 billion on the first day of sales. 

To the credit of Brianna Wu, she has at least made tangible steps to address what she may consider a problem in the gaming industry. She is a game developer, and helped to start an independent game studio which seeks to produce games with female protagonists. As far as I’m aware, nobody tried to stop Wu in this endeavor. The video game industry has not colluded to prevent her work from seeing the light of day or being assessed fairly. Her product has been brought to market and assessed by the market, so it can only be surmised that the source of Wu’s angst is her unhappiness with that assessment. Invading the clubhouse is seemingly not enough; the red carpet must accompany the invasion.

The bottom line is that if the repeated kidnapping of Princess Peach over the last 25 years of Super Mario games was really such a grave problem in the industry, it would have been addressed. People would have stopped playing video games which featured men blowing stuff up to save the girl, and sales would have dropped. If gamers had wanted to play games which featured tons of Strong, Independent, Empowered women (preferably overweight ones: characters like Lara Croft are no good because they become “objects”), there would have been a market for it.

The customers dictate the gaming content, and to date they haven’t cared for feminist narratives polluting them. As discussed above, the meteoric rise of games came on the back of “gamer culture” as it was prior to its commercialization. Attempting to change the culture just because it has a wider audience now is ultimately changing a winning formula. That is the concern here, nothing more, nothing less. It certainly is not misogyny.

Operation Gawkerossa

Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the media from screaming misogyny at every turn. One of the more egregious examples took place during this segment on MSNBC.

NBC reporter Irin Carmon had this to say about the relationship between games and larger culture:

Misogyny is the air that we breathe…gaming is a piece of culture, a culture like anything else, and it absorbs the same kind of warped messages that we all do about gender and power and violence…

Interviewer: At the same time, I know a lot of gamers would probably respond and say this is just gaming. We’re just having fun, we’re enjoying ourselves. Why do we have to be thinking about social justice issues, why do we have to be thinking about feminism? Why can’t we just enjoy games?

Carmon: I would say there is no world that is not imbued by politics. If you believe that you have no identity, no race, then you are probably a very privileged person. If you’re a woman in this male dominated world, you are always marked by being a woman. There is no space that isn’t inflicted by politics. I think they maybe want to slam their hands over their ears and say ‘leave us alone we wanna do our thing,’ but guess what? Your thing is politics too and it’s just a matter of opening up and listening, you don’t have to agree with all of the critiques. But people have a right to make their voice heard, and I really admire and respect the women who have continued speaking out despite the fact that they’ve been met with unconscionable attacks.

As mentioned before, there is nobody silencing feminist critiques. There has been a lot of “opening up and listening,” it is just that the message conveyed has not been well-received. This rejection has been redefined by the mainstream as “misogynist hate speech,” in attempt to garner sympathy and support on an emotional level. The stakes are very high, and losing the chance to fill a large cultural force such as games with feminist doctrine is a big risk. It means that the millions that play games will be absorbing “warped messages” about gender relations. So when the feminist message met that resistance, the next level of combat began.

In late August, a slew of posts on various blogs and online media outlets proclaimed the “gamer” as a thing of the past, a dying breed. The essence of these posts is encapsulated in the following quote from Dan Golding:

Today, videogames are for everyone. I mean this in an almost destructive way. Videogames, to read the other side of the same statement, are not for you. You do not get to own videogames. No one gets to own videogames when they are for everyone. They add up to more than any one group.

This, along with Carmon’s comments on MSNBC speaks to the crusade of the social justice warrior (SJW): the fight against privilege. Male privilege, white privilege, thin privilege, straight privilege, cis privilege, Christian privilege. Essentially any human trait that can be construed to having an advantage in any context is a threat, which must be acted against for the good of all.

With respect to games and gamers, the mostly white male demographic which comprises its most fervent acolytes is a threat to the social justice warrior because the ascendance of gaming into the mainstream theoretically means the furtherance of a mostly white male influence, which in the mind of the social justice warrior, undermines attempts to create an equalist utopia.

Thus “gamers,” or at least that stereotype, had to be sacrificed. Recall that the part of the gamer stereotype is being an anti-social weakling who didn’t get out much and was likely to be ridiculed. These shortcomings were tapped into by most of the anti GamerGate articles when painting a picture of the average GamerGate supporter, as if to say “these guys are losers, nobody should care what they think.” A more explicit playing up of the loser frame was put forth by Sam Biddle, editor of Valleywag, an arm of Gawker. He recently tweeted the following:


This was followed up later by Max Read, editor in chief at Gawker, who after engaging with GamerGaters enraged with Biddle, posted the following:


Representatives of Gawker, one of the largest, if not the largest social justice warrior enclave on the internet, established themselves as the guy who stole the nerdy kid’s glasses and laughed at him while he fumbled about trying to find them. In other words, they played the very role of the “privileged” individual they have constantly tried to denounce. All because of the gamers’ refusal to comply with the SJW narrative.

This message from such a large media entity led to a backlash on Twitter and elsewhere, which culminated in sponsors such as Mercedes Benz, Adobe, Intel, and Nissan backing away from Gawker and similar sites which espoused the anti-GamerGate position, particularly the “nerd bullying” angle of Biddle and Read.

The response of the GamerGate crowd to the SJW attempt to bully and shame gamers into submission suggests that the SJWs have picked the wrong fight. Gamers have long been natural allies of SJW causes, owing to their position as outcasts for most of their existence. Even though they are mostly white males,  they were mostly not the cool kids, meaning they qualified for SJW protective status as a group without privilege. That the rejection of feminist ideology was then followed up with full-scale SJW shaming tactics normally reserved for “racists,” “bigots,” “homophobes,” and other culture war criminals (i.e. anyone who didn’t unquestioningly accept their doctrine) alerted the gamers. They have begun to wake up and understand that their dissent is not to be tolerated.

On a simpler level, the SJWs picked an opponent which is as qualified, if not more qualified to wage a digitally-based war. It is one thing to use social media to eviscerate a prominent middle aged “bigot” for whom sending emails is an unnatural action. It is another to go after a group deeply entrenched in the ways of the internet. Indeed, the decisions of sponsors were spurred on by an uproar within online communities such as Reddit and 8chan, which worked together to voice their concerns in a large way. I suspect this has taken the SJWs aback. In many ways, gamers are perhaps first group that can effectively take on SJW tactics and use them against the SJWs. This has big implications for the Culture War generally, of which GamerGate is a part.

Is this the Reversal of the Ideological Trend?

The error of the SJWs in turning on gamers in the Culture War mirrors one of the largest errors in the history of actual wars. Over 70 years ago, a certain European power turned on another European power, with which it had a prior agreement. The perpetrators totally underestimated the nature of the operation, thinking that a certain large, frozen country could be easily vanquished within a few weeks. They were wrong, and were wholly unprepared for winter. The loss of men, time, and weaponry, in addition to starting a two-front war led to their ultimate demise, when prior to that they were in a position of strength.

Similarly, the SJWs have, like it or not, elevated themselves into a position of strength in the Culture War. The GamerGate saga underlines this, given the flood of support the anti-GamerGate side has received from heavyweights in mainstream media, both traditional and online forms. Yet, even with the advantage of currently dominating the cultural narrative, the anti-Gamergate SJW camp hit the self-destruct button.

The reality is that GamerGate would have blown over in a week if a few white knights had done the unthinkable and let a girl on the internet look bad for a few days. The zoepost, if left on its own, probably would have been forgotten as the ramblings of a butthurt guy, with a further manosphere diagnosis as another case of oneitis for the wrong girl. It was only when the SJW sympathetic parts of 4chan, Reddit, and prominent video game forums systematically shut down discussion of the issue that it started snowballing, as the conspiratorial elements of the zoepost began to look like legitimate concerns.

The discussion blew up, and the SJWs became more and more defensive, decrying any and all criticism of their position as misogynist hate speech. With their most recent move, an explicit attack on gamers and gamer culture, they risk starting a reversal of the multi decade encroachment of their ideology into all aspects of life. For those who are interested in normal human interaction, and not living in an Orwellian world, this is undoubtedly a good development. How far the reversal will go is yet to be seen.

All that can be said right now is that the cool winds of fall are warning of the freeze to come, and the SJWs are stuck without winter apparel.

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221 thoughts on “Why GamerGate Could Be A Turning Point In The Culture War”

  1. No because mainstream media will follow the path of least resitance and only a tiny percentage of people read reddit/ROK/whatever. Anti Snarkensauce, or whatever her name is, will be up their with mother teresa and joan of ark in wikipedia in 10 years time, don’t delude yourself.

    1. The problem is the author is applying objectivity and reason in his analysis which doesn’t appeal to feminists or even the average American retard that gets their information from MSM.

      1. It is even worse than that. MSM news ratings are in the toilet. Most people get their “news” from their favorite TV shows and movies. That’s why so many people put stock in the opinions of celebrities who know nothing outside of their own craft.

        1. Yes a classic case of the person who speaks the message being more important than it’s content. AKA the way women think.

      2. Even the morons aren’t getting their info from the MSM anymore. Are you familiar with MSM’s ratings freefall over the last few years? Nobody who matters pays attention to the MSM anymore.

        1. Yeah, but most outlets are portraying Zoe Quinn in the typical victim role. Garnering support for the anti-Gamergate movement.

    2. When she first started out and no feminist had heard of her, she made a lot of sense and was rational but the more famous she got, the more outrageous, crazy and delusional she got, as with all feminists. Now her, Jessica Valenti and Lindy West retweet articles on Twitter saying that masculinity is the number one cause of violent shootings and when men say that mental illness is the number one cause and claim misandry, they disagree.
      Don’t trust feminists as they always have hidden agendas.

      1. Now it makes absolute sense why Lindy West writes for GQ. She’s there to infiltrate and propagandize to the locals.

        1. I’m going to write an article about all this and more, and put it on either ROK, Takimag or Thought Catalog but I can’t decide.

      2. She’s got herself a job hasn’t she. It’s like that bird that runs the “everyday sexism” project. Not exactly working down a coal mine is she.

  2. Duh. GG is a consumer revolt. And gaming is international in nature. So it isn’t just the US or “the West” but EVERYWHERE. In Europe (and Britain) things are so bad that political correctness is no longer effective at beating down the citizens in voting for their own best self-interests against the wishes of the political class.
    Likewise, with GG, we’re beginning to see the same thing happen here. The mainstream media’s ratings are in the toilet and have been for a while, so them coming to the side of the SJWs doesn’t amount to much in a news landscape dominated by political scandals and incompetence, and ebola cases breaking out in first world countries.
    It’s pretty clear this has been building up for a while, and now people are fed up. Men were either pushed out of or ignored from other entertainment media such as books, films, or TV, so they migrated to games. Now that the SJWs wanted to go in and ruin that, the line has been crossed, and now the claws come out. They put up with a lot, but now there will be no mercy, and a very clear signal is being sent with the loss of advertisers to Kotaku, to Gawker, and the other websites that signed on off this anti-consumer behavior:
    “You want to co-exist with us? Fine. But don’t expect us to CHANGE who we are or our games to accommodate you. Do so at your own peril. DO NOT FUCK WITH US OR WE’LL PUT YOU OUT OF BUSINESS.”

  3. I disagree with the author on a certain point.
    Feminists would never have been able to easily present the zoepost as some butt hurt ex to internet readers.
    Because while this tactic is effective in circumstances where the facts are kind of squishy, this case is as cut an dry as it gets.
    Zoe Quinn is a liar, a whore and a rapist (by her definition of consent). And there is ample proof of her sins.

    1. ‘Feminists would never have been able to easily present the zoepost as some butt hurt ex to internet readers.’
      I agree, but I don’t think it would have made it that far, to the scope of internet readers, generally. At the time it was posted, it would have been a big deal in the gaming community, but to the average person gaming journalism isn’t on the radar. It was only after moderators on some larger forums started circling the wagons, banning people for discussing it, deleting threads, etc. that people started to really take notice. And from there it spread.

    2. ‘Feminists would never have been able to easily present the zoepost as some butt hurt ex to internet readers.’
      I agree, my point is that at the time it was posted, it probably wouldn’t have made it into the scope of the average person. It would have been big in gaming circles, sure, but to the average person gaming journalism doesn’t mean anything.
      It was only when moderators on huge forums started banning people for talking about it and doing mass purges of threads and search optimization on Google that people started to take notice.

  4. “With respect to games and gamers, the mostly white male demographic which comprises its most fervent acolytes”
    I actually disagree with this. Back when I used to play a lot of games (90’s and early 2000’s), even then the fervent video gamers came in all stripes. It was far from a white male demographic. It was almost entirely male of course, but not almost entirely white.
    Not that I give much credence to the cult of diversity, but we do need to be factual. Other than that this was a pretty good pathological diagnosis of the situation.

    1. Watch a fighting game tournament. Even the local events for smaller scenes are racially diverse. All those people from wildly different backgrounds can get along just fine because performing well in a game is a common goal.
      The SJWs don’t want to acknowledge a video game community where all different shades of skin get along and even cross language barriers.
      The SJWs don’t want to acknowledge a community that readily accepts a top player coming out as transgender.
      Games can be a unifying force for people, and they don’t have to be politically correct to do so. A game like Street Fighter is full of racial stereotypes and yet the players seem to be as far from racist as can be when one observes how they interact with one another most of the time.

        1. They don’t categorically bar any group of people. All they have to do is show up and perform well to get respect. No one gets respected until they earn respect.

  5. I’m still not totally convinced that a bunch of guys with really good eye-hand coordination and fair to middling social skills are going to set off La Revolution, but at the same time it does seem the SJWs have forgotten a key element of PR: the more you scream about your opponents, the more oxygen you give them.

    1. It’s less gamers leading a Revolution, and more their experience here possibly opening the eyes of the masses. It shouldn’t take too much for people to put two and two together and notice that if the SJWs are talking rubbish here, it stands to reason they’ve been doing so elsewhere given they’ve just been applying the same reasoning all along.
      It’s not anything new to us, but to the average Gawker reader it may resonate, at least slowly. Comment sections on plenty of GG hit pieces have been overwhelmingly negative, which suggests there is at least an understanding. Going from understanding to a real reversal is a huge step, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

  6. I honestly don’t think it’s a great thing to hitch yourself up to.
    The gamers are winning because they are not mainstream — that is, they are mostly social rejects with little to lose, but also people with a way above average internet aptitude and a bloodlust for winning. So, yes, they make an adversary for this specific type of thing.
    In general, though, this won’t have much impact, because most people hate the gaming geeks and nerds. Don’t like them, never have, want them to fail. They don’t get much sympathy because they are geeks and nerds. Enough said. It won’t have a big impact because of that.
    As for us, shouldn’t we also be hoping that gaming culture goes away? I mean these “guys” would be better off not playing games and doing other things to self-improve, wouldn’t they? Would it be the worst thing in the world if the SJW’s made gaming so girly that these guys were forced to lift and do things in real life instead of playing video games? I think not.

    1. “Would it be the worst thing in the world if the SJW’s made gaming so girly that these guys were forced to lift and do things in real life instead of playing video games?”
      Yes, it is a disastrous indication of things to come. I don’t even own a tv or have a single game on my computer or phone so I have no interest in games. But the last thing I want is feminists dictating what is acceptable forms of entertainment.

      1. They already do for TV and movies. So we don’t watch them. More time for self-improvement. If gaming goes the same way, no big loss and perhaps a big gain to get the gamers off their asses and out to the gym.

        1. “They already do for TV and movies.”
          Yeah, and the quality of content has declined accordingly as Feminazi political correctness takes priority over merit. THAT is the core of this discussion. Maybe next the femicunts will take on a cultural component that you do actually care about. DO NOT CONCEDE any ground to these cuntbags.

        2. I guess I am not really saying conceding ground is great, but if the ground is shitty ground, why care? I mean how manly is it to sit on your ass and watch the boob tube? Not very. So the fact that the shows suck is actually good, because it channels men elsewhere. If the same could be done for gaming, we could see an army of ex-geeks lifting, self-improving and so on, which over time WOULD change the culture. Much more than keeping video games sufficiently enticing for them to continue sitting on their asses playing them instead of self-improving as men.

        3. What happens when they push further in and tell you how to self improve? Would you say no then? You just don’t seem to get the point that they won’t stop.

        4. 1. Neither you nor I are an authority on what men should be doing with their lives. Also, much of this contention has to do with professionalism in journalism and the meritocracy of software development. Are those meaningless topics to you as well? I hope not.
          2. I don’t care what kind of ground it is, this feminazi retardation started because MEN conceded ground to the PC police. It is a virus that will keep spreading until it consumes everything. It needs to be stopped now when we still have the chance.

        5. Sure, because that’s not an activity which is useless to me as a man. There are certainly lines to be drawn, but something as inherently useless to so many men as video games seems to be the wrong place to draw them.

        6. Authority? No. But this website spends a lot of digital ink about how men can self-improve, and none of it involves sitting on your ass playing video games.

        7. Because as a matter of principal no space should be conceded where the obvious objective of the “invader” is to disrupt, dissolve or dilute predominantly male space. I am not part of gaming culture but I respect their interests. It’s possible to take a more nuanced view of life beyond “If you’re not with us, you’re against us”. That is a false binary.
          If men get a sense of brotherhood out of blowing shit up on-line with other boys, men, whatever, then I support that.
          If you want to see men self improve in the ways that you suggest, then offer them help in doing that. Perhaps meet in the middle and go blast the fuck out of a bunch of gamers on a paint ball course, tactics meets strength, best of both worlds. Seems like a place to build men up together.

        8. I agree with you and like I said, I am as ignorant as they come on video games. I have never even owned a tv. But a unified front now against the feminazis is a chance at victory in the culture war. And make no mistake, that is what it is coming down to. Just because the territory isn’t your homeland doesn’t mean they aren’t our allies.

        9. Okay, sure, but there are many more guys sitting on their asses playing the games than there are guys who are developing and coding them. Two different things, really.

        10. Tell them that when they get recruited by the NSA or the Airforce to go and fly UAV Predators to drop bombs on terrorists due to their skill sets they have developed…..Just saying, some seemingly “usless” skill sets end up getting elevated to some pretty crazy places in this world in the long run. What if a few more people had told Steve Jobs and Wozniak they were fucking losers playing in their Mom’s basements?

        11. I recalled years ago, I used to read Mens Health magazine. Enjoyed the writing style and advice on everything male. Now I’m not so sure about the advice regarding relationships on there because it was written by a woman…who doesn’t really know what she wants. Now I see Womens Health magazine and think to myself WTF! They have to get into every fucking thing and know every fucking thing you do. Can’t take a shit without them knowing what color the shit is, how long, or if it floated or sunk to the bottom. Jesus H. Christ!

    2. No woman is going to dictate what games I can and can’t play, especially a bottom feeding fucking troll feminist. To think that that would be a good idea shows a complete lack of thought, backbone, and foresight.

    3. Yeah, in the article I quickly touched on the idea that gaming being so ubiquitous now might be a sign of societal weakness. To what extent that is true is a different discussion to the issue of feminists trying to control and shape the games in their image. That discussion has wider consequences that trump the possibly valid point that gamers would do better pumping iron and reading Greek philosophy instead.
      Perhaps if gaming disappeared, it would be feminist doctrine attempting to insert itself in the weight room, who knows.

    4. Like work? This is another test of feminist power to dictate to the smallest detail what products are allowed to be sold. The internet isn’t the real world, so I guess you’ll sacrifice that too. Sports are lost, but I guess that’s not as “real” as doing reps in the gym… but gyms could very well start having women-only hours, be converted to yoga studios, etc. Male strength training is easily portrayed as a danger to women

    5. People with a way above average internet aptitude hold up 85% of the modern sky.
      Whether or not they lift weights or approach girls or play low tech games or play sports.
      The way I see it these ‘nerds’ have done more for Team Man in 2 months than the entire manosphere has done in over 2 years.
      So in light of this development I ask are you guys the real alphas? I think not.

  7. Like you said, the people playing the games will dictate the market. The hilarious thing about this, is that these stupid feminists won’t be able to stop shit. People will play what people will want to play and they will pay for it. The stupid fucking feminist context injected bullshit won’t sell. Therefore the companies will stop selling it. This lame ass fucking feminist agenda MIGHT take hold for a brief spurt but will essentially fall from games when companies bottom line is being compromised. And the bottom line is cash money. These dumb whiny chicks can complain and cry all they want but they won’t shift the market.

    1. I don’t know. You may be surprised. Many companies and corporations are willing to bow to political correctness at the expense of revenue and profit.
      Political correctness is pretty insidious. It has infiltrated corporations. Many companies will tow the PC line despite financial losses, if only to avoid the expenses associated with frivolous lawsuits.

  8. The parasitic SJW’s got involved when their favored host came under fire: the media. They simply framed the argument to be about something else: rape culture, feminism, ______ (add emo’ buzzwords here).
    When GG crosses the Rubicon and sets its energy on MSM credibility we can talk of cultural revolution. Until then, it’s just a bad girl found out story with broader implications of media bias obfuscated by SJW’s.

    1. Bad girl found out? Yes but “slut shaming” per se nowadays means that you automatically loose any argument in the MSM. Bringing women to book for their conduct is a great taboo in the western world.

    1. Femicunts portraying compliments as harassment. I also noticed almost none of the “harassment” came from evil white men.

      1. YES! I didn’t notice any silver foxes wearing bespoke suits and Italian leather shoes leering in this video, so the girl clearly knows her niche.
        The truth is one would have to consider a number of cultural and socioeconomic factors to accurately assess this video but we know that won’t happen since it’s easier and politically correct to implicate all men, even if this type of behavior isn’t characteristic of all men, only ‘some’

        1. Its the same with homophobia, the media bends over backwards to find examples of homophobia in white men that are obvious and flagrant in black men.
          Anyone that’s lived around blacks knows theyre the most aggressive in their catcalls

        2. The fact that this video is going viral and has as many hits as it does already is indicative of how widespread the grip feminazis have on western culture.

        3. Yes, and it’s not even a taboo subject.
          If anything, this video is proof of the insane amounts skirt chasing and pussy worship taking place in African-American and Hispanic communities and even stronger proof that the ’Race doesn’t exist, unless it exists’ meme is more powerful than we think.
          America isn’t homogeneous; we’re all different. Something like this deserves a more nuanced view than the overused feminist trope “Woman walks though overpopulated urban area; Gets harassed by men. All men are evil and oppressive.” What city? What area of the city? *Which* men?

        4. Ive always viewed catcalling as a weird male bonding ritual not a mating strategy since its never gotten anyone laid ever.

        5. “I didn’t notice any silver foxes wearing bespoke suits and Italian leather shoes leering in this video . . .”
          She wouldn’t even be worth a take to me.
          And we know damn well that if I said that to her, she’d make an angry video about my not giving her the sort of attention she deserves.

        6. Feminists have literally claimed that saying “hi how are you doing” and “have a blessed day” is harassment because “the men saying these things have boners therefore rape”
          Logic completely eludes them.

        7. Lol! The obvious implication is “Don’t you even think about fucking me!” It’s like Sharia law for Men.

        8. “even if this type of behavior isn’t characteristic of all men, just “some””
          But what’s wrong with their behavior?
          Seriously, guys.
          You let fems decide what’s appropriate behavior for a man hitting on a girl?

      2. “also noticed almost none of the “harassment” came from evil white men.”
        There’s supposed to be about 9 hours of edited footage showing white guys dressed like Don Draper trying to rip off her clothes.
        Were still waiting for them to post it.

        1. “Guys that dress like Don Draper aren’t going to waste their resources on a 4.5.” fixed it for you 🙂

    2. So glad someone brought this damn thing up. Most of the “harassment” she received was simple “hey how are you” or something similar. I dont know about NY but here in Texas saying “hey hows it going” is not harassment it is being polite. Although that “hey mami” ghetto bullshit is not tolerated.

      1. That’s NYC for you. It’s a non-stop parade of delusion. This is the same city where a ‘rape victim’ can drag the mattress she was ‘raped’ on around the city and still be believable.

    3. Unfuckingreal. Other than a couple borderline scenarios at best, I thought this was a parody of social justice warrior harassment movements… but… they’re serious.
      Do these people really have that much of a victim mentality that they’ll concoct this oh-so daring undercover sting to highlight the brutal realities of random, mostly positive comments whilst traversing one of the largest cities in the world? Ten hours of stone-faced strolling yielded this shocking footage of primarily “have a nice day”s and “God bless you”s? Do they have any idea what actual harassment is? Would they try this in other parts of other cities around the world and make an objective comparison? Is their end goal here a state where men can’t say anything to any woman anywhere?
      What a joke.

      1. Professional victimhood is just another avenue of attention whoring and this chick all but confirms that:

        She’s an ‘aspiring actress’ who just found her leading role. Her YouTube page is full of videos like the one above.

    4. No feminist wants to talk about the role of feminism/liberalism in creating an impoverished predominantly black New York neighbourhood.

      1. Far Leftists only value the black community to the extent that they can benefit from from it’s strife.

  9. It’s nice to see the logical outcome of cultural Marxism and SJW’s in that they ineveitably have to start eating their own tail. The fusion based fuel of their Sun is the injustice, discrimination and exclusion, the fission reaction produces outrage, the outrage is what keeps the Sun from imploding under the forces of cultural and historical gravity. Eventually they need more and more forms of oppression to keep the party going, and so they eat their tail, their own potential supporter, more every day.
    I think it’s time for some well placed irony in popular culture. I was thinking of some T-shirts for my 10 year old son and his buddies, “I am rape culture”, or “I am a rapist”, with a sub script of the U of M sexual assault policy in fine print below it.
    I know, it’s not fair to drag my son into an SJW battle as say feminists have with the Potty-mouthed princess youtube video. But it seems we could all use subtle, funny, ironic ways to point to the ludicrous lengths SJW’s will go to press their case
    Bravo on the article, it seems well thought out, well articulated and almost so reasonable that if it were not hosted at ROK, I could IRL actually re-post it on FB without being flooded with hate mail because it was on ROK.

  10. For my part, I am a self-identified gamer, in my early 30’s, and have played everything from early consoles (Atari and the like) all the way through the current generation. I was sympathetic to SJW causes pre-GamerGate, even though I knew as a business gaming would not move very hard in the feminist direction because there isn’t enough money in it; many studies show that games that do not feature male protagonists (or the choice of a male protagonist) suffer in sales, and gaming is ultimately about profit, like every business.
    Foolishly believing that gaming was an apolitical escape mechanism, I followed game developers with leftist sympathies despite being a conservative.
    Then GamerGate happened, and I think a lot of my fellow gamers found the Red Pill as a result. I know I did. Suddenly life events which previously had no explanation (the illogical actions of women, for example) were VERY clear, and I was pissed off, for months even. Gradually I have cooled in my anger, righteous though it was (reading The 48 Laws of Power helped).
    I know for a lot of alphas out there, gaming is essentially beta hypnotism, lulling the masses to sleep with pretend action to prevent them from taking real action in their life. And you’re not wrong, per se. That is an accurate way to perceive gaming, as well as any and all forms of media. But I can say for my own part that without my dedication to gaming (which has since waned), I would have never found the Red Pill, and I am partially grateful to Zoe Quinn’s lack of self-discipline, as well as elchupacupcake’s subsequent censorship of reddit gaming (of which I was a member), for opening my eyes. And I know I’m not alone here.
    So thank you, gaming feminists, for royally fucking up and opening my eyes. 8chan exists because of you. #GamerGate and #NotYourShield exist because of you. And it isn’t going to stop there.

    1. I am with you. Though GamerGate isn’t what brought me to red pill, I too found out about red pill because I witnessed the fascist behavior of feminists and recoiled in disgust. I still play games as a way to spend time with friends, and I was once an addict for games like WoW and Diablo, but the red pill has turned me away from leveling up characters in a video game and towards leveling up myself in real life. Life is a harder game but the accomplishments go with you everywhere.

      1. As a Christian and a gamer, I would like to point out that the religion of feminism is experiencing the same push back the religion of Christ experiences whenever they go on the censorship campaigns. When Chritistans gather to burns Brittany Spears CDs and bring lawsuits against Dungeons and Dragon and Harry Potter, they get some kickback, and Christians rightly view it as merited pushback, and they even think of it as an encouragement to continue fighting.
        Feminists are doing EXACTLY the same thing to video games as Christians try to do to Marilyn Manson concerts. Censorship, meddling, shut downs, awareness raising. The only difference between the Chrsitian and feminist religions is that one has lapsed as the State Religion, and the other reigns as the current State Religion, complete with an Imperial Cult and coffers full of public funds.

        1. “The biggest problem with Christianity is the Christians.” -a quote from my preacher who probably quoted someone else
          Feminism seems to have the same issue.

        2. ”One’s enemy is a mysterious nebulous confusing view of sin and an insubstantial villain known as Satan”
          Satan is not insubstantial. What he is doing is exploiting the evil nature of men to his own ends. But those Christians who attribute all sin to Satan are wrong in doing so they deny agency to men who are evil well enough on their own. Only that Satan turns that into organized evil(Nazi’s Communists etc).
          Although video games may cause a person to be interested in the occult and expose themselves into spiritual danger. Those Christians must realize that the nature of the medium ensures that it stays in the realm of fantasy most of the time.

        3. Feminism is an ideology, not a religion. Religions require the supernatural deity from which their ideological outlook supposedly comes. Without that supernatural component there is really no difference between ideology and religion. Put another way, ideology is religion without a deity/deities.

        4. Wrong.
          According to every dictionary I’ve consulted, and the common understanding of nearly everyone I’ve talked to, religions do not require a deity, only the supernatural. Thus, Buddhism is widely and correctly viewed as a religion. Feminism is a religion similar to Buddhism because it has no deity. Add in the fact that many of them admit to being “spiritual but not religious” i.e. new agers and literal witches with tarot cards, and my assertions are reinforced.
          The syllogism is this:
          1. Morals do not exist in nature, therefore are supernatural.
          2. Widespread belief in the supernatural and social organization along supernatural lines indicates religiosity.
          3. Therefore moralistic systems derived from supernatural beliefs and forced on society by organization among believers is religious behavior.
          Yes, this renders almost any outspoken ideology as a religious activity. That’s not my problem though, that’s just the facts. Morals do not exist in nature, therefore they are supernatural. Period. Waving your hand at me and saying “It’s an ideology” doesn’t cut it. Ideology is a relatively modern term. In the old days a spade was called a spade.
          “A rose by any other name…”

        5. You said it yourself: Feminism is based on myths. Equality, justice, rights, etc. Religion, once again, does not require a deity. That is your own private definition, and I don’t know where you got it. You’re telling me that if you had kids in a school and your kids were being taught non-deistic mystical concepts and being involved with mystical practices and rites and ceremonies, you’d have no complaint about the “separation of church and state”? You would; most people would, at any rate. You’d define non-theistic religious activity as religion, real quick.
          You cannot seriously be trying to say that whatever people invent and believe in their heads exists in nature, therefore is natural! This would make Yahweh, Zeus, and the flying spaghetti monster very natural, very real.
          I am having a hard time discerning from where you argue. Please disclose the name of your religion, or “ideology” as you like to excuse it.

    2. Good comment. It brings to mind the opportunity we have here, as our own community, to evangelize gamers with TRP. This opportunity probably won’t come around again, so it would be wise for us to capitalize on it.

      1. Evangelize. Perfect word. Christians, feminists, commies, and Red Pillers are all alike, in a religious sense.

    3. Good post.
      I have had at least one individual at my office open his mind to the Red Pill as a result of GamerGate. Where previously he resisted, he is now engaging in Red Pill discussions.
      Even if GG fades away, it will leave a rich legacy of RP converts ready to fight and support the next GG.

    4. There’s a difference between playing video games and viewing yourself as a member of a gaming subculture. The former is nearly universal in gen x men and younger…the later is “beta hypnotism” (excellent language).

    5. Welcome! Tell more of your friends, all we need to do is drive awareness, its that simple. And it may seem like things will be difficult to change even impossible, but again, drive awareness, conditions for men suck, so this will go parabolic. And via the internet it has the potential to go parabolic and eventually exact change at a greater speed then feminism, which by comparison took multiple decades and trillions of dollars.

      1. Amen, brother. If there was a way to unify red pill sites with indie gamer sites and broadcast it on YouTube and do Yahoo posts with actual protests, it could gain profound momentum

        1. And the good news is that the ability to unify isn’t that challenging online. So, it will happen. You can count on sjw’s and feminists to keep pushing us all together.

    6. So how the fuck did this cupcake end up censoring? Did his boss order him to or is this cupcake also a SJW?

      1. Like the most beta of betas, he reached out to her on Twitter, offering his services (i.e. protection against people who despise nepotism) in exchange for nothing. Reddit Gaming literally had threads with thousands of deleted comments (per thread!). The same happened on 4chan – the result there was the formation of 8chan.
        The joke here is that thezoepost by itself would have been a blip on the radar, a Five Guys joke with little staying power. It was the massive censorship campaign on reddit and 4chan that REALLY got peoples’ attention. Both those sites are for people for whom freedom of expression without consequence is practically a religious tenet. ANY censorship there gets the “Aw hell naw” reaction. But a concentrated, multi-site censorship campaign, followed by coordinated “Gamers are dead” articles across a dozen of the most popular gaming sites? You didn’t need to be a conspiracy nut to know something was seriously wrong.

        1. in fact, you had to be both incredibly stupid and drunk at the same time to not notice it.

    7. “for a lot of alphas out there, gaming is essentially beta hypnotism, lulling the masses to sleep with pretend action to prevent them from taking real action in their life”
      ‘Bad boys’ and ‘players’ have yet to raise [this] kind of hell with the Cathedral.
      Makes me seriously question who the real alphas are.
      Are the gamers really the ones living in their own world all the time?
      Or is it the PUAs?

    8. Women make up a little less than Half (around 40%) of the gamer community. To say there’s “no money in it” is inaccurate at best.

      1. If what you state is true, then does not the feminist argument undermine itself? If the split between men and women is nearly half and half, does it not stand to reason that video games are doing it perfectly fine the way they are, so to speak?

        1. Oh I don’t know shit about video games. Waste of time if you ask me. But to say that there’s not a market for women gamers isn’t true.

  11. Isn’t nerds obsessing over women they don’t know (positively or negatively) from behind a computer screen THE definition of beta bullshit?

      1. I know, hence “positively or negatively”…things you hate can control you as easily as things you like or want.

      1. Who gives a shit what they claim? Im not a gamer but my closest personal equivilant is the punk subculture. People outside of punk say stupid shit about it all the time…who gives a shit? If some lame alterna girl woth no scene cred wrote some article about how punk is dead I cannot imagine spending hours of my life stalking her online.

        1. Those femicunts are getting magazines to review games based on meeting their PC agenda. That in turn is going to drive profits into games that have the narrative they endorse.

        2. You seriously think EA is going to stop production of Modern Murder Duty V to make Depression Quest II?

        3. I think it will start with games like “Depression Cunts” getting more interest than they deserve and consequently lead to major game productions being infiltrated by femicunts and producing inferior productions to meet an agenda- as has happened in other forms of entertainment.

        4. God knows I have little faith in capitalism, but this is one area where I have faith in the market.

        5. Why would this be any different than any other form of entertainment? Sports, literature, film, tv have all fallen victim to varying degrees. What makes the video game industry immune to the feminazi virus?

        6. I think that’s hysteronic…insane female centric ideology is an issue in law, academia and in many work places but entertainment provides about as many view points as there is markets.
          Again…women want to and have been somewhat succesful in removing due process in rape allegations. Men are losing their educations and going to JAIL.
          Calling some dumb girl a cunt 50 times a day on twitter is a bad use of energy.

        7. Ad hominems aren’t going to influence people. The facts of the situation need to be made out for public consumption. Which is something MSM is doing all they can to prevent from happening. Organizations need to have negative consequences for harboring feminazis and their ideology (yes it is like combating terrorism). The femicunts and their supporters need to be cutoff and identified as irrational extremists that receive ridicule like one would entertaining ideas of the Westboro Baptist Ministry.

        8. But they sure as hell will cut down on the T&A in games, promote feminist themes, modify chat to ban people for “hate speech” etc. etc. Neutered games will sell, just like a neutered ESPN and NFL is selling.

        9. These dumb asses who underestimate feminists need to go away.
          Giant fucking industries have been tainted/ruined… and rather than wake the hell up, they project everyone else as afraid/paranoid/etc when they are the goddamned problem.

        10. Absolutely. I think of that Edmund Burke quotation every time, “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” It’s a time for war with feminism and anyone promoting it.

        11. I understand the frustration of being locked out of the public sphere of debate, and I think its a legitimate frustration…but remember the context here. Some guy got dumped and instead of handling it like a man (or an adult) he made a complex and lengthy blog about his gay ass little feelings. Jesus Christ, that guy ought to be the public face of betadom.
          Given that, that was the instigation of this movement and that SO MUCH of it hs been conducted through personal and anonymous attack on specific indviduals its difficult to take any suppoused ideology seriously.

        12. I would add ignoring it…. These “what’s the big deal” dumbasses like “SAM” are a huge problem.

    1. Men do not want women telling them that the only video games they can play are the ones where women rubberstamp every incidia and standard. Do you think Lara Croft having breasts and GTA causes rape culture, violent shootings and the oppression of women? It is information control, plain and simple. Now get your retarded white knight indoctrinated ass out the comments. Only retards like you think that women are oppressed and that video game developers are misogynists.

      1. Do yoy want debate or do you want some kind of combination cult/therapy group? Women’s opinions of video games don’t fucking matter, harassing the women that have them is just a particularly perverse example of putting women on a pedestal.
        Women are actively trying to eliminate due process when men are charged with rape- THAT is a problem, noy elaborate woman obsessed conspiracy theories.

        1. ROK members don’t harass women who play video games and we don’t tell women that they are wrong with how they modify video games. Yes we do bitch about it in our own male spaces such as this one, but we never tell a woman what to do with her feminism.
          Unlike feminists, we don’t advocate for legal, social and structural changes in society. Instead we give men advice, perspective and information that allows them to improve their lives from an individual level, tomorrow.
          We know that feminism is poisoning society, for several reasons, and we know that the more famous and powerful feminists get, the more they spread corrupt, ridiculous and misandrist values, so we don’t have to attack feminism, as feminists will discredit themselves with their batshit insane, deviant and cultural marxist ways.

        2. Feminism in games is a big problem. It’s not as big as women in law. Women in politics or women in journalism, but it is big. Billion dollar industry that so many young men play.
          Now please shut the fuck up. You aren’t very smart.

        3. “Women’s opinions of video games don’t fucking matter . . .”
          The women (and men) who are at the heart of gamergate are the same women (and men) who are at the heart of the Yes Means Yes and other ‘rape culture’ motivated initiatives.
          It is not a matter of them being separate issues, they are different fronts of the same war; a war which is conducted by trying to pick a weak target and forcing it into submission.
          They win by a death of a thousand cuts.
          They had identified ‘nerds’ as weak targets. Since gamers are nerds, gaming must be a weak target. Which only goes to show they have absolutely no understanding of the very concept ‘gaming.’
          Meeting substantive resistance in going after gamers is a very real problem for them, a problem which can influence how their war goes on other fronts.
          The issue is not trivial.

        4. I think a sizeable number of mostly young, mostly intelligent, mostly educated men whipping themselves into total hysteria because some women said some things they don’t like is the absolute definition of putting women on a pedestal. Spending hours maybe even days harassing some girl online because she wrote an article saying “gamers are irrelevant” is not only INSANE but an obvious illustration of how deeply fixated on women those men are.
          Whats obvious to me is that those women only have that amount of relevancy you allow them to have- not in the media, in your own life.
          Its completely analagous to letting some girl at a bar really get to you when shes a bitch to you. Just move on, she doesn’t matter.

        5. If some crazy feminists wrote an attack article about your family would you sit there and just say “oh it doesn’t matter” or would you crush the bitch?
          Responding to an attack from a woman on what you view as your group, your kin, or something you really care about is not pedestalizing women…it’s common fucking sense.
          Your bar comparison is dumb.

        6. Screwing some guy to promot an awful game is an attack on your “family”?
          You’re giving these whiney entitled college girls vastly more attention and energy then they merit.
          Some blue haired dork radiohead frizzy haired nerd girl can be published in jezebel and slate three times a day screaming Fallout 3 is only enjoyed by nazis and it wont change how much I like or play that game.

        7. The average American is a complete fucking retard that will swallow whatever load is put in their face. If Zoe Quinn is successfully portrayed as a victim and the feminists get to further indoctrinate people in video games it will be a win for them. It’ll start small and grow like a tumor. This is just a microcosm of how feminism will infect EVERY facet of life. It needs to excised now.

        8. Didn’t realize that you were too stupid to even comprehend my comment. So let’s try something different.
          1. Slut shaming it important for men’s rights.
          2. Whenever ANY cunt screams “MISGONEE” she should get major push back.
          Internalize it.

        9. I agree that posting harassing comments is counterproductive and helps sell the victimhood narrative. I don’t advocate for that either. Identifying the corruption that Zoe Quinn exploited and the efforts of injecting a PC narrative into the video game industry at the expense of quality are worthy arguments.

        10. Personal attack makes you look like a teenager, and volume of a reaction often inadervently validates a position.

        11. You’ve made a bunch of snide, snarky personal attacks in your comments in the manner of a lefty faggot, don’t bitch now because I am forthright and direct in my insults.

        12. And you’re the ridiculous feminist.
          “Isn’t nerds obsessing over women they don’t know (positively or negatively) from behind a computer screen THE definition of beta bullshit”?
          Similar sentiment but different word choice .”beta” instead of “creepy”

        13. I don’t think logic will win. Have you watched idiocracy?
          Feminist need to be afraid and ashamed. Their allies need to be afraid and ashamed.
          Terrorists like them don’t follow the Geneva convention… thus waterboarding.

  12. Looks like the search for a dedicated contributor to the Gamergate topic really paid off. Excellent piece outlining the larger concerns at hand, with a perceptive touch and an elegant, convincing style.
    Some very forceful arguments here. From its innocous beginnings this story has really turned into something important.

  13. I’ve heard objections to the idea of cryonics along the lines of, You’ll wake up in a world where you wouldn’t understand the culture.
    I turn 55 on Sunday, and that has already happened to me without having to go into cryo first.
    I notice that I don’t have many cultural references in common with younger people these days, not necessarily because I’ve lived longer, but because things have come along during stages of my life when I wouldn’t have felt receptive to them any way. Computer gaming and Harry Potter, for a couple of examples. I look at the whole GamerGate affair, and I can’t decide if it would repay my efforts to try to understand it.
    By contrast I can understand the things Quintus Curtius writes about because I have had some exposure to classical education, and the works and themes of classical literature have worth that has transcended the times in which they originated.
    Eventually you’ll get to the point where you won’t understand the appeal of the culture in the 2020’s, 2030’s, 2040’s, etc. But then you might start to think about things which have lasting value.

  14. ” It is the fact that their opinions are being couched as rock-solid fact and used to force feed sweeping changes into the industry”
    This is not a first, just “next”.
    Global warming
    Campus sexual assaults
    “assault rifles”
    “binders full of women”
    The wage gap
    I need to stop and get back to work. It is about control of the narrative.
    Welcome to the party pal.

  15. Gaming is just a hobby, a fun way to pass some time. Some games are even able to make you think, like many other art forms. There is no shame in playing video games. We are not destined only for work and sex, we are not bees, ants, or other lower animals. We have other needs too. We need time to relax.
    It is funny when you see all these “alphas” calling gamers “betas”. In reality, most of those are just insecure and try to put down others to feel better about themselves. I am willing to bet most “alphas who don’t play games” are secretely gamers…
    I have been a gamer for more than 25 years. Gaming is something i enjoy. It is not the most important thing in my life, far from it. It is not a priority. I don’t identify with any so called “gaming community”. But i don’t like insecure morons telling me how i should pass my free time. I am in a long term relationship and i have a “harem” on the side, i am a software engineer and make good money, i teach at a university and i play games. Deal with it…

    1. There’s a fundamental difference between playing games and turning it into an elaborate self identity.

      1. Sure there is a difference. I ask you, however, which one do you think is more common? Not just in video games, but in relation to all things people can involve themselves with.
        If the goal of people who oppose video games is that people seek balance in their lives then I think most people here can agree. A lot of the resistance to the idea of giving up gaming cold turkey comes from the fact that there is nothing to fill the void. We need to give people an incentive to gravitate towards productivity. It also needs to be relative to a person’s interest, so the anti-gaming crowd has a hard time trying to generalize this idea.

        1. Isn’t the incentive that people will actually feel and be better, stronger, and so on? I mean level up your strength stat in real life by lifting. Level up your agility stat in real life by taking up a martial art and mastering it. Level up your charisma skill in real life by learning Game, etc. It takes MUCH longer than it does in a video game, and involves much more work, discipline and a very long term perspective. Those are the issues. Same reason too many people eat garbage food instead of taking the time to select and prepare the best foods so that they can level up their health stat. It’s not that the incentive isn’t there, it’s that people want it easier rather than harder, because even the most hardcore games are much easier than leveling up IRL.

        2. I agree. You and I understand this, but a lot of young men do not. They do not realize the value in working hard for delayed gratification. They just do not see it which is frustrating. My goal when I try to convince my gamer friends toward productivity isn’t to tell them stop playing games, but provide meaningful examples through my actions and words that there are better things in life. I try to lead by example, and even if they do not recognize it at first, I am sure eventually they will see what I was getting at in the future when they are ready for change.
          I try to plant the seeds of productivity in them instead of cutting down the ones they have built up. Eventually they will see the ones I have planted become a forest while eventually they will realize theirs were and always have been just stumps.

        3. That’s not a bad strategy.
          I’ve known more balanced approaches to gaming as well. One of the football players for my alma mater, a kind of ass-kicker really, played League of Legends and some other video games in his spare time (managed to play a match or two with him .. the miracle of Twitter, really), but he spent most of his time building himself and so on. If it’s done that way, it fits. Or surgeons who play games to keep their fine motor trimmed up. There are ways and means, I think, to work it in, in an otherwise achievement/improvement oriented life, provided there is the proper perspective.

        4. If you spend three hours of your day trying to get a girl to like you or if you spend three hours a day harassing a girl…you’ve still devoted three hours of your day obsessing over a girl. Three wasted hours. It doesn’t matter if she’s “against video games” or not.

        5. “We need to give people an incentive to gravitate towards productivity.”
          The current level of people who are productive produce more than is required for all people.
          The problem of production has been “solved.”
          What has resulted is a problem of distribution.

        6. What I mean by productivity is that they improve their own lives in some way, but yes, distribution of resources is a problem too.

        7. My point is simple: every man’s personal objective should be to live their lives on their own terms rather then organizing themselves around women. Whether you obsessively pander to women or obsessively harass them, you’re still obsessed with women.
          The figures being attacked in gamergate are objectively irrelevant in the lives of the men attacking them. These men are spending vast amounts of time and energy on silly tumblrinas like that Depression quest girl…time and energy that belong to those men but that they’ve chosen to piss away on rediculous little girls that don’t effect them.

        8. Ah yes, I see now. Thank you for clarifying. I do not think it is the women personally that people give a shit about, but the ideas that these women represent. These ideas are harmful, and to witness how far the MSM is willing to go to push these ideas is what is mobilizing this scrutiny.
          You are right though. No one should give two shits about these women as people, but I disagree that we should not be critical of their actions which affect a large number of people.

        9. I find that it works better this way because it is easier for them to see my side of things. I play games in my free time, but I don’t let it interfere with my desire to gain financial wealth, travel, and learn Game.

        10. I used to think that about other issues SJWs and feminist used to raise, but I realize now that was just a cop-out for being ignorant, and too weak-willed to stand up to disorderly ideals such as the ones these women represent. It always starts out small and seemingly insignificant, and then it balloons up.

    2. Think of us telling people not to play videos games in a similar light as telling an alcoholic that there’s a better use of his time than getting wasted… for the social drinker we’re not so concerned.

    3. I’m one of these people who’s criticized those who play video games. I’m not trying to be an asshole, I just think it distracts men from solving real problems by tasking them to solve virtual ones. There’s so much you could accomplish with that time otherwise. All your progress exists in a virtual world that is little to no help to you in the real world. I’m not talking about when you’ve got to wait in an airport and you’re trying to pass time, or taking a shit and your other option is studying the stall door. I get it. I mean the people who gaming is a significant portion of their life.
      I’d prefer to see those guys improving themselves, spending time acquiring a skill that is actually useful when the electricity is turned off. For example, I learn new skills to help me in my career, nutrition and cooking, fitness, and foreign languages. These skills will always be useful to me. All that time I spent playing video games as a teen I can never get back, and I have nothing to show for it today. I’m not trying to be a dick to gamers, but I’m not convinced it’s time wisely spent.

      1. What a lot of men are finding out is that if they are not a disposable utility to someone then they will not be valued in society. It makes much more sense for men to put their happiness first through improvement like you are saying, but some are finding that returning to ‘male duties and responsibilities’ are not worth their energy. I know sure as rain that I will not be improving myself just for some psychophant to leech off my hard work.

  16. I think gamergate has a lot of potential because video games are part of the bread and circuses that kept males occupied while feminism ran amok around them. This isn’t just confined to video games but all games to include sports, consider that the recent feminist moves into the NFL could be producing a similar reaction. What matters here is that the manosphere has to spread awareness not necessarily about itself but of the fucked-up situation men and boys are currently enduring in this society. If you put progressivism up to a popular vote and show the entirety of their agendas from stem to stern, such as the “gender (non-word)less utopia” etc it would never pass. So, it is/was done on the down low, making it all the more illegitimate…quick aside, which makes it vulnerable to the eventual societal wake-up that will use its illegitimacy as grounds to reject it. As such, it was a key advantage of the progressives and social engineers to conduct their treachery in the dark, but, the proverbial shadow has been lifted as they foolishly transgressed into the very realms that helped them pull their conspiracy off. Now, the sleeping masses have been roused and the fullness of what “sjw’s” or social engineers are pushing has been outed. Perhaps gamergate in isolation will not be the single point of inflection, but, I still believe it will enlighten enough men, young and old, to the stark truth of their very real oppression – and that’s what we want. We can rely on a consistent stream of new members simply because conditions just get worse from men, but, incidents like gamergate will, even if its temporary, increase that flow significantly. You see, gamergate or not, it is a matter of time until we go parabolic, gamergate, could (and lets hope it is) be the inflection or it will bring the inflection point closer to us.
    Again, elsewhere, pink uniforms and all female committees running the NFL has also woken a lot of men up, as is, the politicizing of espn whether it be gushing over barry the potus or a mediocre homosexual. Its a consistent meme throughout the red pill community (indeed, apropos “red pill” a la “The Matrix”) that we’re observing people in a literally trance of sorts…well, sports and games are part of that trance. For many their Nemo moment is upon them and they’ve just burst through their gelatin membrane to see a grotesque world where they’re not the oppressors but the oppressed. Coupled with a horrible economy and everything else that is failing due to progressive policies change is a near certainty. Imagine when boys and men can use the very levers that propelled women and other aggrieved groups to their artificial station in life and, imagine, that it will be racial integrated (literally a straight male masculine front)…that plus our innate talents finally unleashed to see full potential. Well, imo, it will and is happening.

    1. Agreed completely. Personally I always imagined it would be porn. I’ve been saying for years that when the feminists finally made a serious push to take our porn away that would trigger the kind of large scale backlash that did not emerge when they were merely taking away men’s rights as parents and demonizing us all as rapists, wife beaters and monsters. It looks like perhaps video games is the thing that men will refuse to be robbed of.

      1. Games don’t have the same social stigma. Its easy to be very open about being a person who plays video games.

    2. I don’t think the analogy to the NFL works that well. The NFL is an organization with heavy entrenchment in local and national government (dem tax breaks and money giveaways for stadia are egregious, as is NFL HQ’s status as a non-profit). In short, the NFL knows playing ball (pun intended) keeps the money rolling in. Pink uniforms and socks? Sure. Clueless photogenic females on the sidelines? No problem. Anything to keep the public’s eyes on the public spectacle and off the backdoor, multi-billion dollar deals given to billionaire team owners from mayors and governors anxious to keep the franchise in town.
      It also stands to reason that an organization with a visible public leader (Roger Goddell) is inherently easier to pressure and manipulate. The gaming industry as a whole does not have centralized leadership and stands to gain little to nothing from local or national government (outside of tax shelters used to lure investment and business). The gaming industry also cannot afford to lose customers – triple A games are usually either massive successes or flops, and the lower tiers of gaming, particularly indie, count every sale, reinvest into the next installment, and are keenly aware of their communities. This is an industry that lives and dies in the realm of public opinion – bad reviews will sink a game, and even publishers structure bonuses based on Metacritic aggregate.
      Just another reason why it’s fantastic this happened in gaming. Games companies will listen to their customers more than in any other form of media (my opinion) and adjust accordingly. Those that decide their political stance is worth more than their audience will quickly lose them.

      1. Yeah, I agree with everything and well aware of the crony relationship the nfl shares with the state. What I’m saying is that many nfl fans are beginning to sense that something isn’t right and advantage to us because that’s a huge audience. Do you think the average football consumer was concerned with the tax free status of their local team prior to 2014/13? NO, of course not, what I’m saying is that during the 1990s and 2000s, while progressivism (to include feminism) was busy rewriting public school curricula, among many other things, football games and many other distractions DID NOT have politically charged memes or op eds infused into the game play, in fact, aside from an occasion jab at education levels or white QB’s it was non-existent. Hence, why much of the progressive agenda came into existence via stealth. Now today, the nfl is deliberately used as a platform for politics, admitted by the barry administration, from gun control, women’s rights, homosexualism, to even harping on how unsafe it is and wouldn’t we rather watch/play soccer? For fuck sake “they” tried to get a women in as a kicker a couple years ago. Its not perfectly analogous to games, no, but close enough since its another area of society that, like games, kept men distracted and ignorant of the treachery occurring around them. The kids I played football with are just not the type to rim job each other or act effeminate aka hardly proponents of feminism and homosexualism, so where have they been? Watching the pats, B’s, Sox or Celts (New England guy here), others were playing GTA, WOW, Madden or they were doing both (and most were). It was a trance, as I mentioned, and for us red pilled fellows it was grating to see the indifference of our peers…men we went to battle with on the gridirons or, in my case, literally into real battles, unable to see what was occurring in plain sight? These were kids that we suffered with who took no shit from no one and yet somehow they let their balls be cut off of much weaker individuals. ??? The inconsistency here was enough to drive one nuts, until they accepted that bread and circus is a very powerful thing! So, the question is – what happens if you take away the distractions? Answer: they’ll finally see, and I think they are. All we need to do is to spread awareness…once enough Jersey wearing stat talking men acknowledge that the very ads and tv shows that literally surround their precious game is right in front of them mocking them and calling them inferior AND, sadly, that many of the people who wholeheartedly believe in those images are sitting right next to them…to include, indeed the horror, their own son(s)! Yes, we can expect more of them to gravitate to us. And they will, because elsewhere, these same men are being terminated and discriminated out of the workforce because they’re the wrong sex or orientation.

        1. I definitely agree with the feminism creep (I guess it’s more like a march at this point) in the NFL and that it shares a similarity to what was/is being attempted in gaming. But I don’t think the NFL will do anything about it until it impacts (probably severly) their bottom line. The NFL has every reason to keep the status quo, whatever it happens to be, no matter how many players it has to sacrifice or pink jerseys it has to buy. That reason is DOLLARS, billions of them.
          Gaming has no such impetus for going progressive, especially when all it does is hurt the bottom line. White male protagonists sell games, bottom line. Their target (non-mobile gaming) demographic is male. That’s who buys their games. Any feminist with a website who thinks they can get game developers to change based on social pressure is having a laugh. There is so much data on what sells games at this point that developers are not going to change their formula.
          Case in point: Ubisoft recently took flak for the lack of male playable characters in Assassin’s Creed: Unity (this despite the fact there is a game in the series which features a female protagonist exclusively). Ubisoft apologized and explained that making character models and animations for a female assassin would double their motion capture and modeling budget (which is very true). Of course the feminists cried foul, to which Ubisoft politely apologized. What they should have said is “Fuck you, we’ve got decades of data which tell us dudes aren’t interested in playing as chicks, and this game is an investment of tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars.”
          All this to say, the NFL will certainly kowtow to the mood of society, and gaming will not, no matter who much Leigh Alexander wails and moans.

        2. Good, so we’ll get more from the gaming community, which is huge and, progressive or not, get people aware and awake from the crap happening in the NFL. Its all about getting to the inflection point and having this go parabolic.

  17. Here’s why demonizing Gamers was a mistake:
    In animal species, undersexed beta males tend to drop out of society or actively wage war on society. They either become drains or enemies. In the case of chimpanzees (human’s closest relative), murderers even.
    In games, not the casual candy crushes, but the World of Warcrafts of the word, civilization found an opiate other than sex that worked to pacify the anti-civilization impulses that exist in beta males. Doesn’t apply to all men, but does apply to enough men.
    The feminists attack gamers because their lives aren’t organized around sex, but they don’t in many cases want the sexual attention of these gamers.
    I think a pandora’s box is being opened.

    1. Females attack (hardcore) gamers because video games fetishise women and are mainly consumed by males, so it provides the perfect backdrop for women to call the shots. Easy pickings.

      1. All these games with ‘damsels in distress’ are like million years old. I only can think of Mario. I spent most of childhood playing games and can’t recall one female character.

        1. What’s your point. That you have a bad memory or that even if your product is sold to almost all males that you must cowtow to feminist diversity ideals.

    2. Interesting comment. It seems to me there’s another example of what happened in another side of the world – Islamic State, which is full of undersexed single unemployed muslim beta men with no hope for the future. Not as much videogames, so they went with the AK47s.

  18. The commented bellow me has a valid point on the biological nature of gamergate, however any attempt at explaining that would validate the social justice retard’s claim about gamergate, so we should just stick to reforming game jorunalism, and extricating feminism from gaming culture as a whole.

  19. I’m not sure an intelligent person would go after nerds. Stating the blatantly obvious, from the collection of nerds is where you get ANY new technology. There’s the first thing the misandry bubble warns about: alienating people who contribute to society (usually men in general, in this case, a subset of men). Side note: it REALLY pisses me off that my internet browser has highlighted ‘misandry’ as misspelled.
    Second, you know who else comes from The Nerds? Hackers. If you are plugged in to the interwebs AT ALL, it’s probably best not to draw their ire. I’m surprised there haven’t been more reports about anti-gamergate peoples having those sorts of troubles.

      1. Golden circle? 🙂 I saw that in a Ted Talk… when Ted was worth sharing, had good speeches and good ideas. Now, it’s only ideologies, feminists, and other craps like that!

  20. I enjoy video games and I hate how feminists are trying to destroy my hobby. I like to come home after a work-out and play with my friends. I don’t want their PC garbage shoved into my face constantly. PC bullshit is already on T.V./News, Magazines, Books, etc, and now in video games. We need gamers and RoK members to unite and FIGHT BACK. Take more red pills, Gentlemen.

  21. ” If you believe that you have no identity, no race, then you are probably a very privileged person. If you’re a woman in this male dominated world, you are always marked by being a woman. There is no space that isn’t inflicted by politics. ”
    On the Internet, nobody can tell that you’re a cat.

  22. If only men would unite and stop playing video games altogether for a year or so. The gaming industry would just crash. Make it known to all what caused this boycott. Punish the gaming industry for being so spineless.
    Women do not buy games, they never have, they never will. The gaming industry depends on men.
    It is hard. But desperate times need desperate measures.

    1. No. I just buy the most non pc shit I can find. And ridicule the faggy feminist shit.
      I play no female characters… and expect all the women characters that females play to have D cups and great asses.

        1. No.
          It’s not OK if the women don’t have exaggerated curves. That more than anything makes feminists lose their shit.
          I’m only recommending Bayonetta 1/2 for you.

      1. “I just buy the most non pc shit I can find. And ridicule the faggy feminist shit.”
        If truth be told the SJWs have as much chance of ‘changing’ video games as they do permanently losing weight (the game makers know darn well what side their bread’s buttered on).
        Especially so long as they think they can make men be attracted to gross misshapen fatties by changing the cull-chur (lol).
        All they’ve really been doing is creating a powder keg with their 20+ years of gender baiting.
        And now those chickens are finally coming home.

        1. I wish that were true, but look how ESPN has become the emasculated sports programming network. Or the way the NFL has feminists crafting player conduct rules.

  23. From that wanker Sam Biddle, quoted in the article:
    “Nerds should be constantly be shamed and degraded into submission”
    Lemme think about some of the things nerds have done to merit that treatment:
    – Space and Aviation Industry
    – Computers
    – The Internet
    – Everything Software
    – Gaming Industry
    – Cars
    – Trains
    – Ships and boats and everything that floats
    – Washing machines
    – Vacuum cleaners
    – Carriages
    – Taming beats
    – Hunting
    – Booz
    – Bows and arrows and pointed sticks and cool gadgets like the GAU-8
    – Soft beds where the cunts who complain about misoginy like to be fucked
    Methinks that that Biddle guy needs a reaming or two in order to get his twit brain rebooted.

    1. Its ironic that so many of the men feminists are hostile towards are the men who allow a civilization which is capable of supporting such a useless class of people.
      Without mean sexist nerds you can go be a feminist all you want…in a fucking cave.

  24. Even Gamers think the rabbit hole is pretty damn deep. The sheer levels of hypocrisy of the Anti-GG side is frankly hard to keep up with.
    Some gamers have woken up, by being exposed to the alt-right. So that is good.
    And the others are a least seeing the progressive narrative for what it is: envy and control

  25. I’m not sure we’re quite ready for a red pill conversion en masse yet. A lot of guys I know are very supportive of gamergate and can readily identify the hypocrisy of the SJW’s despite the media’s brainwashing. The same guys though think that Emma Watson’s UN speech was a triumph, and for some reason haven’t put two-&-two together and realized that it is not just gaming media that is corrupt – they still blindy trust the media in general, and read buzzfeed etc. It seems that corruption has to be utterly blatant for the general population to take notice – subtleties are lost on them until they can see society for what it is. This is why we desperately need to expose the corruption for what it is; make it as obvious as possible to people what is really going on.

  26. Tigers are most dangerous when wounded.
    Feminism is in rapid decline, mostly due to the fact that daughters have seen the impact of feminism, is having irresponsible divorced mothers who want to screw your boyfriends and still be your best friend.

  27. So…just ignore the sjws shaming , and criticisms, and any faggy fem game that they try to force down our website throats and DON’Tfucking buy it.
    I don’t see what the problem is wtf..
    Explain it to me like I was 6 yrs old please
    Thanks in advance.

    1. You are six years old if you think ignoring injustice, media blackouts, false allegations, and censorship is a reasonable response.

    2. It’s important to expose corruption when we have the opportunity. Great men throughout history have done it over and over again, often when the risks were much greater than they are now. Edmund Burke made the overused quote “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” but it’s pretty relevant in this case. Complacency and ignorance is what allowed the fems and socialists to invade culture thus far; we need to stop rolling over and allowing them to have whatever they want every time they throw a tantrum.

  28. Social justice warriors have been going from field to field, from hobby to hobby and from social group to social group to spread their filth, but now they’ve finally found a group with the numbers, the motivation and the courage to fight back.
    What’s not to like about it?

  29. The issue with this article is the dichotomy the author posits
    1. that you can either enjoy/appreciate the clubhouse you enter
    2. that you can come in and destroy it
    This is a false dichotomy. The root of most of the GamerGate issue is the fact that most of these women enjoy games and gaming, and want to be full realized members of the space, but do not enjoy the way women are overwhelmingly portrayed. The author likes to point toward how market forces should dictate how games are designed — gaming is increasingly becoming a mixed-gender space, yet the tired tropes of big breasted, scantily clad fantasy girls and helpless escort mission female characters hasn’t changed.
    The idea that you can be part of a space (ie, gaming) and either have to accept it totally or want to destroy it is absurd. There are plenty of groups that I’m a part of that I enjoy vastly but would like to see some of the culture changed. The powerlifting world is incredibly homophobic, for example, and I can’t tell you the amount of female bourbon enthusiasts the people assume are wives/girlfriends at tastings instead of fellow enthusiasts.

    1. Nobody is preventing women from playing games, developing games, reviewing games. Nor is anyone preventing homosexuals from powerlifting, nor women from going on bourbon tastings. Could you elaborate on what you mean by ‘full realized members of the space?’ Because from what I’ve seen, those that want to take part are welcomed. There are plenty of women in the space, it’s just that most of them don’t expect to earn any bonus points for the jumping up and down proclaiming their womanhood.
      Sarkeesian continually makes a big stink about how varied and inclusive the video gaming industry ALREADY IS. In her NYT piece and on Colbert she went on about how there were so many platforms and types of games that even her mother spends hours every week gaming. So what is the problem?
      The ‘tired tropes’ still exist because there are plenty of people who still want to play those games. What has changed is that there are actually a wide array of games for people who DONT want to play those games. Ostensibly, this is what people like Sarkeesian and yourself claim to want, but the fact she is still complaining suggests otherwise. She clearly wants the ‘tired tropes’ to be removed COMPLETELY, in essence creating a situation in gaming which has male interests become underrepresented. This is ok, because in her opinion male gaming interests harbor ‘warped messages’ and as such their removal is a good thing.
      We just don’t agree with that, nor do we feel that she (or anyone) is qualified to be the arbiter of such decisions.

      1. Its a classic female argument “i dont like how something is made, but instead of making it myself I want you to make it for me, howw i want it”

      2. I disagree with you that being “allowed” participate in something really means that you are a full accepted member of said space
        I’ll clarify — the homosexual powerlifting trainer at my facility frequently has to deal with other members of the gym ‘inform’ his clients that he is gay, like that’s something that they need to know despite being the epitome of a professional. The culture of powerlifting is very homophobic, with references to not being a faggot or a fairy if you can’t lift certain weight, asking if you’re giving your boyfriend handjobs in a derogatory sense if you wear gloves to lift in, etc.
        Similarly with bourbon tastings, being assumed that you’re a wife or girlfriend, or looking to snag a rich guy, instead of being a fellow bourbon enthusiast.
        Sure, nothing is preventing you from participating, but the overwhelming culture is either hostile or considers you an “other”. Your opinions and way of being are considered out of line with the majority, therefore you don’t have the same acceptance.
        Similarly with video games, if female gamers were considered “one of us”, there opinions and their objections to content would not be filed away as you said as “jumping up and down proclaiming their womanhood” or with responses of “go play something else”. Combine this with the fact that game development is overwhelmingly a male-dominated space, despite the fact gaming is approximately equal in terms of gender, you have a disparity.
        Sure, there are alternative or indie games or even once in a while a mainstream title that are female-friendly or don’t feature the “tired tropes” i mentioned, but the vast majority of resources, development, design, and marketing, is being marketed toward men by men for the major new releases, despite the fact women make up half of the “gamer” population. All the calls that women can go develop games themselves is pointless for real change in the industry unless their views and vision of game content can also be integrated into where money and power in the gaming industry are concentrated, therefore developing and marketing in an equitable fashion to both genders.

    2. “yet the tired tropes of big breasted, scantily clad fantasy girls and helpless
      escort mission female characters hasn’t changed.”
      It’s a very weird world where women claim they can do anything men can do, have the opportunity to do anything men can do, and still cannot make the changes they claim they want made.
      What’s stopping women from making their own game company, creating their own games and having the main characters be fully clothed fat women with mohawks accompanied by scantily clad men modelled after George Clooney or Brad Pitt or whoever these women want?
      Surely with all the women in the world distraught over the lack of these types of characters in games, this all woman game company could make a killing with a game like this, no?

      1. Yeah, I can see how this has absolutely nothing to do with this threads topic. Maybe I should’ve put it in a book review thread. Solid logic.

        1. Awesome! Now I know what you mean. Found the link in archive today and updated my post. Thanks!

  30. One thing that has been amazing to see is Leftists and blue pullers of all stripes learn the term “cultural Marxist.” Its no longer a term used by people who are easily smeared as right wing reactionaries, not that there’s anything wrong with that political persuasion. But people who don’t tend to think about politics are starting to imagine what the world would look like if it was run by radfems. And they are fucking terrified.

  31. Wonderful article. Something I’d like to mention, in addition to being well versed with the internet, gamers like to win. Until recently all major forms of mass media entertainment were purely passive activities. Just sit back, turn off your brain, and watch the movie/listen to the radio/read the magazine/etc. Traditional audiences have been trained to be easy cowed and easily controlled by the nature of the media they consume.
    Only recently has gaming has reached a critical commercial mass comparable to other traditional forms of entertainment, but the gaming audience isn’t like the traditional audience. Games by their nature require active participation (despite repeated attempts by certain parties to dumb down games into passive cinematic narratives). This means that the gaming audience is active. Gamers fuck around with the rules. Gamers exploit loopholes. Gamers optimize for maximum effect. Gamers are relentless and thrive in the face of adversity and challenge.
    Traditional media doesn’t “get” gamers, because gamers aren’t traditional audiences. Gamers don’t simply sit back and do as they’re told. If they were, then they wouldn’t have been gamers in the first place.

  32. “The reality is that GamerGate would have blown over in a week if a few white knights had done the unthinkable and let a girl on the internet look bad for a few days”
    Perfectly worded. That’s almost ALWAYS what it comes down to.

  33. I’m looking at the pic of that grey-haired hipster chick and wondering, are female gamers just the analogue of the yoga guy? They say they’re doing it because they like it, but we know they’re really there for the gender ratio.

  34. Pretty good perspective based on the idea we are all human, goose/gander, law, fair play, call it what you will. SJWs despise that for the simple reason their supremacist ideology based on gender feminism will never accept the idea of straight white male equality all the while SJWs bleat about equality.
    SJW logic is backwards and cherry-picks: an accidental demographic is a de facto racial or gender ideology of exclusion, but only if it’s straight white men. Boxing or the NBA? Forget it. By this standard a mens’ clothing store is up to something and so is Treasure Island. Romance fiction? Not. Only an idiot is going to buy into those double standards.

  35. Invading the clubhouse is seemingly not enough; the red carpet must accompany the invasion.
    That is the honest to goodness truth about all aspects of feminism.

  36. I disagree in some ways. SJW themes entered gaming at least 6-7 years ago. The more accurate definitions of masculinity started to evaporate a while ago–then diverging into the dumb beefcake and egalitarian nerd.
    This fiasco was just a case of SJW turning on ‘gamers’ themselves (in a ridiculous non-nonsensical fashion) rather than than gamers getting sick of PC intrusion.

  37. That Brianna Wu is just one of many looking to become famous. Nothing wrong with that, but people like Wu and Sarkeesian are basically playing roles in a Kardashian society they want to keep going.
    By the way, who HASN’T received a threat of violence against them on the Internet? I get them on a weekly basis.

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