Why You Should Live Life Like A Villain

The other night I was flipping channels and stumbled upon my favorite movie, Rocky IV. I tossed the remote aside and made myself comfortable to watch the flick I’d seen at least a hundred times. Right on cue my on-and-off FWB emerged from her kitchen bearing gifts of homemade empanadas and rice milk (love my Latinas). After she rolled her eyes at the television and handed me my plate she took to her usual task of playing with her more reliable FWB—her iPhone.

Shortly after Ivan Drago sent Apollo Creed six feet under with the left hook heard ‘round the world my cheating chica managed to pull herself away from her phone long enough to ask me a question that really got me thinking: “Why do you always root for the bad guy?”

She was right. I love villains. All of them. From real life heels like Pablo Escobar and Floyd Mayweather Jr. to fictional outlaws like Scarface and Gordon Gekko, I have always had an affinity for men who proudly don the black hat since I was a wee lad. As a kid I recognized very quickly that the bad guys always had cooler cars, bigger guns, and hotter women. I saw that they carried themselves with a swagger and confidence the good guys didn’t have nearly enough of. Once I saw the results of their ability to charm themselves into the good graces of both men and women, I was all in on malefactors, though I was much too young to wrap my head around why.

Being raised in a culture that all but castrates us from birth, men are led to believe that the hero always gets the girl and lives the good life because he is selfless and does the right thing (read: panders to women). The matriarchy finishes the job by telling us the bad guy gets nothing but contempt from said girl for his assholery or crimes and is destined to live out his days in misery and shame. Naturally we try to become heroes to save the damsels in distress and live out that dream.

Those of us who’ve unplugged from the matrix have come to accept that this isn’t how it works. And while it’s common knowledge in the ‘sphere that being a hero is the quickest way to contract the disease known as parchus cockaramus (desert dick) it’s not oft discussed that modeling your behaviors and habits according to what the opposite side of that spectrum dictates will quite literally transform you and your life right before your very eyes. So if you’ve truly digested the Red Pill, side effects and all, then you’ll understand these three unmistakable real world truths about life in 2014:

  1. Villains live more fulfilling lives than heroes.
  2. Villains command much more respect than heroes.
  3. The hero never gets the girl while the villain is always up to his eyebrows in pussy.

Now I know there could be a few men (and women) reading this right now thinking “You are soooo wrong!  Heroes are amazing and attractive and women adore them!” Answer this question fellas:  How’s that hero thing workin’ out for ya? Thought so. And ladies, when’s the last time you blew a guy who tried to “save” you?  I hear the crickets too.

I also know there are men reading this who are on the cusp of true alphadom. You’re not quite there yet but you’re getting close. You’ve gotten into shape, killed your approach anxiety, tightened up your thread game, and can leap over a shit test in a single bound.

But you’re missing something. That edge. You’re lacking that extra oomph that pushes a woman from a casual fuck buddy to devoted sex slave who doesn’t give a shit who you’re banging on the side so long as she’s in your presence. You’re missing that x-factor that commands the respect of everyone around you.  This is where implementing villainous traits comes in.

Now before you furrow your brow and blurt out “what the fuck,” just relax. Nobody’s suggesting you go out and start committing crimes. However, taking on a few bad guy attributes will most assuredly kick your life into overdrive.

Never ever apologize

“If he dies, he dies...” As a 9-year-old those words sent chills up my spine (they still do). I had always been told to repent and make amends for sins I’ve committed. And who among us haven’t been raised to apologize for the wrongs we’ve done? This was different. Drago killed someone, didn’t give a shit, and let everyone know about it while draped in the Soviet flag in hostile territory at the height of the Cold War. He showed positively zero penitence about taking a man’s life with his own hands. This was maximum fucking alpha.

Obviously you can’t run out and commit murder then tell the cops “If he dies, he dies,” and expect to get off scot-free. But absolute remorselessness is a staple in the psyche of a man who lives life on his own terms without feeling the need to utter the words “I’m sorry” to anyone for any reason.

If you forget to pick up your girl from work, don’t apologize no matter how much she bitches at you. If you piss your buddy off when you tell him his new girlfriend is the town orifice, show no contrition. If your brother tells you you’re an idiot for quitting your job to start a business, don’t justify shit. Even if your girlfriend catches you with your dick in another chick, show absolutely no remorse. You do what you want, when you want, and how you want without explanation or justification.

Villains are unapologetic. They do what’s necessary to dominate life and don’t feel a tinge of guilt about it. Adopt this mentality and you will quickly gain the respect of your peers, your parents, your women, your siblings, and even your boss.

Take what you want, when you want it

Another classic trait that serves a Bad Guy well is his ability to go after what he wants with a fervor and precision unmatched by his less than ambitious counterparts. He pinpoints his target, creates a plan of action, executes it, and most importantly, sees it through to the end.

Tony Montana is a great example of a man who carried out his plan to get what he wanted to perfection. This guy was a refugee when he arrived stateside but he was blessed with razor-sharp instincts. Scarface used his gifts to quickly identify and exploit a weakness within the hierarchy of the Miami drug trade. Yes, there were some speed bumps along the way, but he adapted and stayed the course. Before long he was the king of South Beach with more money, women, and drugs than he knew what to do with.

As a man with outlaw tendencies you must never deprive yourself of the things you want. Don’t dream about driving that badass car you saw on the lot, start saving your money now and go buy the damn thing when you have the cash. Don’t just make small talk with the hot cashier you want to bang, spit game at her today and invite her to hang out later tonight. Identify what you want and take it.

Villains are acutely aware that striking while the iron is hot is paramount to their lifestyle and never hesitate to take action to get what they want. It is very important to understand that they don’t just go all willy-nilly and start shooting up jewelry stores when they see diamonds sparkling in a display case. They carefully plan their heist and carry it out with meticulousness so as to increase their odds of success. You would do well to emulate this behavior.

Quit acting like your miserable friends who sit around playing video games wishing for shit and start taking control of your surroundings. Act as though the world is yours for the taking and take it. You’ll shock yourself when you start accumulating the commodities you thought were out of reach.

Turn your residence into your lair

A few years back I bought a very small (1700 square foot) abandoned warehouse in an industrial district downtown with the intent of eventually living there. I had my work cut out for me, but I had a vision. It took almost two years to make it livable through various renovations, but believe me when I tell you it was worth it.

Among the amenities of my new dwelling is a weightlifting area, a multi-screen computer system that rivals the Bat Cave, and a proper gun safe for my firearms. My new pad also has a roll-up door on the back large enough for me to drive my Jeep through, so I’m able to park inside. This gives me complete isolation from the outside world. If not for the deed and lack of solar panels, this place would be completely off the grid (can’t have it all). I’ve only lived here for a few days but I felt right at home my very first night. For this is a space I inhabit over which I have complete control and is a direct reflection of who and what I am. This is my lair. 

The way most homes are set up these days is under the complete control of women. The kitchen has to look like it does in magazines and always costs a fortune, the living room is in some ridiculous feng shui set up, and the act of removing the 38 overpriced designer pillows off the bed before turning in for the night is enough of a workout to burn off the day’s calories.

Men are so afraid of upsetting their wildebeests wives they rarely object to any of it. As a result they are prisoners in their own homes without any respite from the daily grind. Any sliver of space they can carve out and call their own is given the pathetic moniker “man cave.” Worse yet, some dudes in LTRs allow their women to arrange their homes to her liking.

Fuck. That. Noise.

Go into villain mode and turn your place into your lair. If you don’t live alone find a place you can turn into one. Rent a storage unit, buy or lease a warehouse, rent out the attic from the crazy old man who owns the butcher shop down the street. You’re a man. Get creative. Do whatever you have to do to isolate yourself in an environment that gets your testosterone juices flowing. 

Make your dwelling a technological wonder if you’re into computers and technology. Deck your place out with a full-scale casino complete with blackjack and poker tables if you’re into gambling. Turn your crib into a sports bar or pool hall. Whatever you’re into, your domain needs to reflect it because this is where you will recharge your batteries, regain your focus, and lay out plans to kick life’s ass.

This is one of the single most important things you can do for yourself as a man. I can personally attest to the benefits of building a lair for yourself. The few days I’ve been here have reinvigorated me. It won’t be long after you make this change that you will notice you’re more productive, more creative, and develop a much greater thirst for crushing life—just like the bad guys.

Putting these lifestyle changes into practice will noticeably improve your quality of life when implemented correctly, and consistently. While this is next-level game, red pill newcomers can also slowly work in these habits until they become second nature.

Part 2 will cover your priorities, mindset, and crew selection during your metamorphosis into a real life bad guy. Stay tuned.

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362 thoughts on “Why You Should Live Life Like A Villain”

  1. Oh fuck here we go again….
    Another article advocating being an asshole.
    The lack of morale character in the USA is one of the biggest problems and aiding to the decline.

    1. this guy I bet does not practice exactly what he preaches. Quit your job and then start a business. That is cool and daring and shows alpha traits. Cutting people off in traffic, and not at least acknowledging it, total douchbag.

      1. Cutting people off in traffic should be mandatory behavior for all male drivers. There are so many drivers, especially women and particularly under 30 women, who are constantly holding up traffic with their incessant texting, that they should be cut off endlessly and mercilessly for no other reason than payback for all the texting they were doing 5 minutes ago or will do in the next 5 minutes. Shut them down . . . shut them all down.

        1. Its getting epidemic. At least 1/3 of the time I am at a traffic light, some cunt or faggot driver in front of me, does not GO on a fucking green light, because they are masturbating with their mother fucking iPhone. Pre-smart phone, this kind of thing was rare. Now it’s commonplace. This really really pisses me off!

    2. Impossible to please ROK commenters, which is (perhaps ironically) a good sign. Posts about being intellectual get blasted just as much as those about being an asshole. A variety of criticism is a sign of health in a community just as pain is a signal you’re alive.

      1. Totally agree. Not every approach is for every man and that’s fine. I knew I’d catch heat for this article just like the other’s I’ve written. Comes with the territory.

    3. That’s a fair statement. And you’re absolutely right…western culture rewards the selfish which is why more men are trending in that direction. I’d like to think that ROK is about men trying to better themselves but sometimes it’s necessary to push the moral compass in order to accomplish this. Sometimes this does require men to be a “Joe Fuckhead” to avoid being taken for a chump. Some guys are willing to be that, some aren’t. It’s not for everybody.
      For the record, I’d love to go back to high school. Good times.

      1. Yea, but the times we live in are a vacuum. So what if alpha thugs and omega PUAs dominate? This system of inverted hypergamy won’t continue for long if civilization is going to last. Villans are just skimming off the top, because there isn’t any filter to stop them.
        If you think bad boys who pump and dump, leaving women with stds and bastards is the norm, I suggest you think more clearly about what is necessary to sustain a society. In a more traditional epoch, these men (omega and alpha thugs) would be ostracized, and beta bucks would get his wifey, raise respectable kids.
        Villans are omega males … why else would they resort to short cuts?

        1. You say “alpha thugs”, I say “disposable minions” …
          I suppose this is the Grand Evil Way of pumping and dumping alphas. 🙂

        2. Omega male … PUA who takes joy in pumping and dumping, but has no intrinsic male value.
          He does well in PUA but would normally not be respected because he is a fraud.

        3. LOLz!
          Alpha thugs are not leaders, they are degenerates who play the market without caring who gets hurt.
          I use the knowing spread of STDs as an example.

        4. Hence, why these societies fail.
          What made homo sapien intelligent is that the most intelligent reproduced more and the least reproduced less, there are always consequences for subverting nature.
          Civilization doesn´t last long when the “beta” breeds, eventually a majority of the weak-minded will lead to famines, to wars, to epidemies and even more collective insanity.
          In other words, to culling, renaissance was triggered by the bubonic plague and later, by endless fightings over religion.
          Take away the evil “alpha” male and the bitter woman takes his place.

      2. “Joe Fuckhead”?
        No, no … I’d rather be the Full Moriarty to the Full Monty.
        The game is already afoot.

    4. In engineering there is a term called fail-fast. It resolves to putting the system your building under maximal stress, to cause it to break; since it is cheaper and easier to fix flaws early than late. It really works. Better than any alternative.
      The dystopian shitholes called The West are only able to give the impression of being sustainable because there are those who do not press every advantage they have, and do not specifically attempt to destroy it all. Instead, they obediently toil away picking up the pieces and cleaning up the puke that is left after the scumbags have their parties (and orgies.) And that’s a bloody shame.
      If everyone instead decided to channnel their inner Tim McVeigh, the whole shebang would immediately come crashing down, and there would be no doubt, in even the dumbest progressive or feminist mind, that there is really noting left but utter shit.
      And then we would be one major step closer to engineering a better West.

    5. He’s a poor kid who doesn’t even know what he’s talking about and has played one too many video games in the cellar.

  2. meh..yes, have a little edge but be a gentleman too. 2 examples. My best froend in high school had all the hot chicks didn’t give a shit about anyone or anything, knocked up a few chicks , now had kids who hate him and no woman wants to even go near him, yes even mediocre chicks. Secondly, when playing pick up soccer if you at least don’t say my bad for a hard foul, expect it twice as hard on yourself. Nobody says don’t do your thing, just also have some gentlemanly qualities.

      1. I am not complaining..nor in my 30s. I’m in my 40s now and I have had plenty of pussy by being a gentleman , having manners, and not being a push over. thats all.

  3. The dark triad has always been the key to unleashing the deepest, most primal desire females have to offer. Most men never know its existence, and the majority of those who do never fully comprehend its power.
    But make no mistake, a dark triad is the only man capable of eliciting a woman’s true love. Her deepest fantasies are waiting to become reality, all at the beckoning of the right man…

      1. Pretty sure scientific research supports Dark Triumvir’s point of view.
        It certainly fits my personal experience.
        Chicks get horny when I talk about how I’m going to build my empire and how I’ll push anyone out of my way to do it. They dig it that I study martial arts and play guitar. They like it that I say I don’t give a shit about their stupid veganism… I’ll eat whatever the fuck I want. They dig it when I basically tell them they’re sluts and they should gag on my cock. If they see me getting attention from other attractive women, they wanna fuck me. If they find out I’ve got more assets and opportunities than they do, they wanna fuck.
        When I talk about my deep appreciation for existential philosophy or history, all the sudden they’re gone. If I give them a compliment, they’re gone. If I talk about my shitty boss, they’re gone. If I talk about economics, they’re gone. If I write them poetry, they’re gone. If I give a shit, they’re gone.
        If you have an alternative to this kind of game… than please enlighten us, but from where I’m standing, women don’t give a shit if you’re good person… All their tingles care about is male expression of power.

        1. “They dig it that I study martial arts and play guitar. They like it that I say I don’t give a shit about their stupid veganism… I’ll eat whatever the fuck I want. ” – that statement shows that you pursue your needs and interests. That doesn’t say fuck over everybody at work and kiss ass, and undermine your competition at work to climb the ladder. that doesn’t say don’t apologize for a hard foul when playing sports. What you said gets chicks wet does not infringe on the rights of others, or screw them over. Scamming people for money … doesn’t get you anywhere. the corporate toolbags I work with have the ugliest chicks because they have no personality. Big difference between your chosen avenue than this author’s point of view. Lastly, what the hell is the Dark Triad ? Seriously? Talk to a woman with that coded b.s. and they will run faster than a deadbeat dad.

        2. “Pretty sure scientific research supports Dark Triumvir’s point of view.”
          Where can one view such research?

        3. While the strategy of co-operation you propose is no doubt the most efficient, evolutionary biology dictates that within any population a small number of non-cooperators can become extremely successful [1].
          Clark and I are focusing on studying the current state of society, and you may be focusing on what society ought to be. We all wish to live within a fully co-operative society, and we all take steps to reach such an ideal. That does not change the fact that throughout history, complete society-wide co-operation has been virtually non-existent. As such, we must accept this fact and deal with its consequences. Particularly the consequence that females have evolved to disproportionately reward successful non-cooperative behavior.

        4. Bernie Madoff took what he wanted. His oldest kid hanged himself, he’s in Federal Penn, his other kids are looking at lifetime sentences for perjury. Yeah he took what he wanted alright.

        5. Here is a quote from ‘Psychology Today’

          What did Carter and his colleagues find? Women found the Dark Triad personality more attractive than the control. This result is in keeping with previous studies in which Dark Triad men reported their increased level of sexual success.
          source: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/head-games/201310/why-do-women-fall-bad-boys

          and here is the actual study:

          To explore the attractiveness of the DT personality to the other sex, 128 women rated created (male) characters designed to capture high DT facets of personality or a control personality. Physicality was held constant. Women rated the high DT character as significantly more attractive.
          source: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191886913012245

        6. “When I talk about my deep appreciation for existential philosophy or history, all the sudden they’re gone. If I give them a compliment, they’re gone. If I talk about my shitty boss, they’re gone. If I talk about economics, they’re gone. If I write them poetry, they’re gone. If I give a shit, they’re gone.”
          There are some women who crave and search for all the things you just mentioned, minus the boss part. If you engaged her in conversations of existential philosophy and economics, you could talk about your boss all you wanted, and even fuck her throat before/during/after telling her about it. Just a matter of seeking someone who also values intelligence.

        7. Toronto.
          Here are a couple links I just Googled… I’m mostly drawing from experiences I’ve had since I was 16… But the scientific methods seems to confirm this… There is a long-rabbit hole of the science of attraction that is quite revealing. First link is anecdotal, second link is a scientific journal article.
          Where I’m from actually… you either gotta behave like a total psychopath, or be a total mangina. There is simply no room for intellectual men unless you want what I would consider an unattractive women.

        8. Iunno… I know my dad wrote my mom love letters, loved her all up, and managed to keep her for over 20 years.
          But where I’m from that shit gets you laughed at and taken advantage of.

        9. Exactly. Women are drawn to status, power, and the journey to the acquisition of either.

        10. yes escorts, bottle rats, Anna Nicole Smith (we all want that kind of train wreck don’t we) are attracted to power. Just pay $200 for a hooker and be able to break free from years of power grabbing and wasteful activities.

        11. You’re conveniently leaving out that all women are attracted to the same things. Madonnas, whores, and every woman in between are hardwired identically and are attracted to the same things. Doesn’t matter of you’re Kim Kardashian or Kim The Virgin, provisioning is attractive to most women. Just as great tits and a pert ass are attractive to most men. Leaving out the other half of the hypergamic equation (that is, leaving out the decent women who are also attracted to status and power) is a weak argument.

        12. ah.
          Well I actually agree with you that not all girls require being a complete asshole… but if you’re in the pick-up scene, its good to know that many of them are attracted to such things. If you’re looking for a cool chick don’t lose hope, but don’t be lazy.
          Many women are turned on by vulgar displays of power.
          They’ll never go hook up with the guy that gets bullied simply out of sentimentality.

        13. Surely, one needn’t be an asshole to not get bullied. Vulgar displays attract vulgar skanks.
          One can be principled and forceful, considerate yet not a doormat.
          True balance is key, brethren.

    1. Exactly, The characteristics of dark triad individuals are what allowed humans to survive in our infancy of human civilization. Hence women had to, for the survivability of her offspring and herself, bond with the individuals that possessed dark triad traits. Who survives in a ‘hunt or be hunted’ world? The psychopath or the beta bitch?

      1. Yeah basically.
        But at least there were codes of honour.
        Nowadays if you are aggressive towards an unjust leader at any level of society, you get the whole state to come down on you.
        In tribal times, if the alpha tries to get more than his fair share for being the strongest, the betas will just kill him.

    2. Why did you stop writing on your blog? I remember reading your dark triad blog post back in 2011.

      1. Alas, I was overtaken with but a few of the tribulations that plague western men in the 21st century. I have returned, and will continue my humble ramblings shortly.

        1. Your avatar has a striking similarity to the Francois Grimaldi statue in Monaco. Anyway, just read all of the posts from your blog, and it would be a loss if you would choose to discontinue writing such informative and logically consistent articles that would certainly benefit this community.

    3. Dark Triad traits are hard to pull off if you’re not really Dark Triad. It can be helpful to implement some of the principles but if you’re not the genuine article the incongruency will eventually rear its ugly head.

      1. I think this is an interesting issue to explore.
        What do you do if you simply are not narcissistic, machiavellian, and psychopathic?
        It would be entirely exhausting to act this way all the time… and no matter how much pussy and stuff you get… in the end you’ll be thinking about the things you really wanted and missed out on because you were so busy performing.
        For me, dealing with girls… I can play up the narcissism… I can totally act like I am in love with myself… Why not? Doesn’t hurt anybody… Its fun… It is no less absurd than thinking that other people are better than me…
        However, I do not have it in me to deliberately punk somebody for no reason. And I’m too curious in nature to spend a lot of time executing some Machiavellian power games… there would need to be a good reason to do so, this is not how I behave naturally.
        How much can we bend our own nature to become what we in the manosphere imagine to be “alpha”?
        Should we rather simply invest in becoming the best version of ourselves?
        I’m playing with the idea lately that a good way to find success is to make a concerted effort to learn your individual strengths and capitalize on them.

        1. In all due respect Clark, PUA has its limits… if you and I were 18 entering college, we should just work on game, but being a bit older we should work on self improvement.
          You aren’t going to be able to create a false person and hold it for more than a few months with a girl. LTRs require game, but none of this quick fix stuff of posturing.
          Time is much better spent in self mastery than working on pick up, because the former has long term gains which relate to the latter.
          Everyone on here pretends to be some sort of Mission Impossible bad boy with women … I never seem to meet these men men in real life… Women are fickle and hypegamous but not stupid…

        2. I think what I’m saying is how do you create a persona that is the closest possible thing with who you really are.
          We’re all putting on a front to some extent anyways… doesn’t matter who’s the most genuine… we’re all characters to some extent.

        3. I think fronting is fine for hook up culture, but I’m skeptical about long term prospects if that what you want.
          I have a friend who manages to nab about two very hot women a month … I think he’s kind of a loser, but women never are with him long enough to figure out that he’s an act.
          When you live with her,the act doesn’t hold.

  4. Scarface dies in a hail of gunfire by other bad guys. If the authorities do not get to you, the competition will. I’d rather live to bang more pussy and play with more tits than be a so-called villain. It’s better to pretend to be a bad boy for a few months then drop the act after you get laid.

  5. Live life like a villain? Don’t we already do this?
    Afterall, all men are villains in this feminist society that we live in.

    1. Omega villains perhaps not alpha villains that females respect. But being a villain is not what most of the little boys on here understand as a villain.

      1. Best villain, bad guy from Mission Impossible Three. Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character. Probably about as real as a bad ass can get on the silver screen.

  6. Exactly. Take charge of your own destiny. If you’re a guy, no one is going to hand you anything in life.

    1. that’s part of what he says. He also says be a total asshole, which I disagree with and has consequences he hasn’t experienced in his short life.

      1. It is either be a “total asshole” or be the world’s doormat. You choose.
        But at the end of the day, if you do not put your own needs or wants as a top priority, they will never come to fruition.

        1. ever seen the corporate chumps that climb the ladder at work and take “what they want” ? yeah .. they end up with 3 divorces and lots of alimony payments and end up losing their life because there are consequences with being at the top.

        2. And how did they get screwed like that? By not putting their own needs first.
          At least NOW an aspiring young hotshot can see plain as day the possible negative consequences of marriage and other such life choices and pick a different path.

        3. they didn’t think of the consequences of taking what they wanted. Someone above them told them if they want the whole pie, they will have to sacrifice their life..Did I also mention their kids hate them for not being home? we all want that don’t we? offspring who hates us and become losers when there is no father figure around.

        4. or how about those chicks not signing the pre-nups? or how about never seeing your family because you’re in the Democratic Republic Of Ebola signing a deal ? or how about can’t run game because you’re in the office or airports from 6 A.M. until 10 P.M. because the President wants a presentation within 12 hours. Or how about you cannot have hobbies because your job won’t allow you to? you sure have a glossy picture in your head about reality.

        5. As long as you know what it is that you want and have the capacity to examine the outcomes etc, aiming for what you want is always one step ahead of taking only what people give you.

  7. We are the descendants of liars, cheaters, murderers and thieves. The good guy never survived long enough to reproduce. Hell the idea of being good is synonymous with repressing your base instincts so you can function in society.

        1. I am not fat douchbag but if you think so, so be it. Your a big giant bag of pussy most likely

    1. Repressing your base instincts is the entire reason civilizations can form. If you go full out abandon and work on instincts alone, much as women function when feral, then the world is filled with far more rape and murder to the point that no man would be able to build a grass hut lest some gang of fools comes by and torches it.
      It sounds all cool to feign being amoral, but I sincerely doubt you’d want to live in such a world, given a choice between it and one where men at least try to not live as feral animals.

  8. How exactly was this article published? And more importantly, why?
    If I were an enemy, this is exactly the type of article I would write. And soon after it is published, I would show this to others to sabotage RoK easily.

      1. Why are you butthurt? Hit a nerve did I? You have an affinity toward crime don’t you? I can’t say this with certainty but it is very, very likely that you are at least a felon, if not a full-fledged criminal.
        And no, I am not a woman. You think a woman would care about RoK this way? I don’t think any woman would have sufficient motivation to write what I did.

    1. What do you care? Circulate it as much as you want. It won’t change anything. Women have been mindlessly spreading their legs for men like this forever. The women who deny it the loudest do it the most.

  9. This definately is a trend that is more common now than ever before. The traits of the classic villain have now been extended towards the formation of the “anti-hero” and can be seen in many of today’s television shows.
    From Jack Bauer to Walter White, the intimidation and fear which these characters display, reflect the power and drive that many men wish to embody in this day and age. To be honest, while it is sad, it does not really surprise me either.
    It seems that honesty and morality is no longer considered sufficient in this day and age and with the shape of our corrupt economic and political system, it’s every man for himself. Bankers and politicians are good examples of the kind of parasites who love to be the bad guys.
    The praise and love for the dark villains, corrolates with the decay and decline of society, where everything that was once deemed as wrong, is now praised by the public. The constant dark themes of these movies and television shows, truly symbolise and reflect the cultural decay that is being shoved in faces of the public.
    It reflects the sad times we live in, but as a man, it is up to you to decide what values you want to incorporate in your life.

    1. It seems that honesty and morality is no longer considered sufficient in this day and age and with the shape of our corrupt economic and political system, it’s every man for himself.
      It reflects the sad times we live in, but as a man, it is up to you to decide what values you want to incorporate in your life.

      This recalls an excerpt from ‘The Prince’

      “You must realize this: that a prince, and especially a new prince, cannot observe all those things which give men a reputation for virtue, because in order to maintain his state he is often forced to act in defiance of good faith, of charity, of kindness, of religion.
      And so he should have a flexible disposition, varying as fortune and circumstances dictate. As I said above, he should not deviate from what is good, if that is possible, but he should know how to do evil, if that is necessary. A prince, then, must be very careful not to say a word which does not seem inspired by the five qualities I mentioned earlier. To those seeing and hearing him, he should appear a man of compassion, a man of good faith, a man of integrity, a kind and religious man. And there is nothing so important as to seem to have this last quality.”
      —Niccolò Machiavelli

      1. Correct. You can still be a virtuous person even though committing some evil acts may be necessary to reach an ultimate goal. People tend to think in the short term and fail to recognize another’s purpose and long term objective. I believe utilitarianism is the most logical body of ethics one should subscribe to.

      2. Allow me to bring you up-to-date:
        “We naively believe that the progress of the Good, its rise in all domains (sciences, techniques, democracy, human rights) correspond to a defeat of Evil. Nobody seems to understand that Good and Evil rise simultaneously, and in the same movement. The triumph of the One does not produce the erasure of the Other. Metaphysically, one considers Evil as an accident, but this axiom, embedded in all manichean fights of Good against Evil, is illusory. Good does not reduce Evil, nor vice-versa: there are both irreducible, and inextricable from each other. In fact, Good could defeat Evil only by renouncing itself, as by appropriating a global power monopoly, it creates a response of proportional violence.”
        — Jean Baudrillard, “The Spirit of Terrorism”

  10. For the love of God and for the sake or originality, please do not ‘imitate’ someone else. The superficiality will seethe through and other men who are really psychopaths by nature will expose you to prove a point. Now, I can understand what the author is trying to convey, and I appreciate it. However, the option in being a beta provider/enabler or asshole was until recently a false dichotomy. In antiquity, hell not even that long ago, say about 40-50 years ago, a man could have a backbone in his household, love his wife, his children and still possess the proper masculine leadership to discipline them.
    However, even this these days is seen as being an asshole, so the modern western man, has to either retain his bachelourhood while bastardising his children outside of marriage or be lesser man inside the new legal confines of marriage. I can see how being a complete asshole is attractive under these social circumstances. With that said, the sociopath/psychopath is anti-civilisation, as much as those feminists we loathe. In the current climate, I really have become apathetic to what I hear around me, just because as modern men, until things change drastically, we have no moral stake in America.

    1. bingo … and didn’t sacrifice his home life in order to climb the ladder or take what he wanted.

    2. “With that said, the sociopath/psychopath is anti-civilisation, as much as those feminists we loathe. ”
      So Lance, how do you make your way through al of this dysfunctional shit? To what extent do you compromise your morales?

      1. I just revel in the degeneracy, because the state has left me no other option. At times I play Mozart’s Requiem in D minor over a glass of Auchriosk to ponder the death of Western Civilisation.

        1. OK all well and god — but how do you conduct yourself when you interact with females? Outright lie to them? smack them senseless, fuck them, and leave em somewhere… ? (just kidding)
          I’m kinda trying to figure out how to interact with both men and women these days..

        2. Oh you must be an omega male …. referencing Western civilization n shit. That’s beta male speak for “I CANT GET NO PUSSY”.
          Mozart was a fag,
          you get my alpha swag?

        3. Mozart?
          Learn actual history moron. And put your “women’s studies guide to history back up your ass where your boyfriend found it via papercut. Before your BS fucks up the fabric of sanity. Then kill yourself. Truly, addition by subtraction.

        4. Women yes, men, I have no idea. I swing one way. And don’t hang with those who swing both.

      2. Egad! He’s just some loser on a computer with no assets. All he has is his inflated and naive sense of ‘morality’ to comfort himself with. Sour grapes that’s all.

    3. So you are saying, IMO, that “being an asshole” was never construed as such and that it’s a modern assertion. What we (or “they”) would call asshole now was normal at one time.

      1. Exactly, a real father who would see his son whine or moan and then slap him and say ‘is that the kind of man you want to be when you grow up, a moaner and whiner?… Get it together boy!’ Back then that was a normal process into manhood from father to son, now that guy would just be seen as an asshole who might get his children absconded by state and wife. What was normal then is asshole now, and what was weak (male sense) then is normal now, but of course to us, these guys are beta.

        1. hitting children is unnecessary and builds resentment. Slapping does not make a better man.

        2. But being a “asshole” & putting your wife in her place when she’s acting like a 3 year old sure as hell does.
          And she’ll appreciate it too.

        3. Didn’t make me resent my folks. It all really depends on reasoning. Hard ears don’t listen they feel.

        4. You keep referencing being a father. Couldn’t there be something wrong with choosing to shackle yourself in the first place?

        5. in my country we say that if someone didn’t get slapped enough as a children he will get the rest when he’s grown.
          and as an adult the “slapping” will come in various forms and it will hit ten times harder.

        6. And where in my message did I imply hitting someone? A woman can be put in her place I a lot more ways than “hitting.”. Get a clue.

        7. The notion of a father slapping his child when he has a problem almost makes me want to be a feminist. Corporal punishment is an outdated travesty.

        8. And where did I mention anything about hitting anyone?
          Plenty of ways to kick her ass out the door without laying a hand on her…..

        9. and where in my response did I advocate hitting anyone? You and the rest of society needs to stop assuming shit like this. There are plenty of ways to put a wife in her place that don’t involve laying a hand on her.

    4. You sound like a blue pill minister. The dichotomy is real you idiot. Wake the fuck up.

    5. i doubt the author of this article has ever met a real gangster, whereas i have met several (one imported a container full of uzis) another ran a major cocaine cartel….. and none of them fit your movie image of the bad guy.
      first of all they NEVER drive the hot car, – way too much attention and they never give much of a shit about women, who are more likely to rat them out than anything else.
      they play low key, drive well maintained shit box cars, wear non descript clothes, you’d pass them in the street and never know they have millions in the trunk….. they;re street smart and it’s all about business and performance. there’s no glamor in being a real gangster.

        1. Hahahahaha.
          The failed Eastern Philosophy joke.
          “He who speaks, does not know! He who knows, does not speak!”
          The travesty is someone has to speak to tell us this.

        2. It’s actually a Latin saying, genius.
          The mafia drug cartels used to use it (perhaps still do).

        3. the travesty is the only ones speaking are script writers and movie directors who have more idea about sitcoms than gangsters…… it’s oh so glamorous until it’s for real…..

        4. This reminds me of Dainin Katagiri’s book, which was titled on a premise that despite the Dharma needing no further explication, you still have to say something …

        5. I guess no one got my reference.
          The mafia literally means OUR CONCERN.
          So the saying goes those who are (our concern) do not say, those who say are not (our concern).
          I was not referencing the Eastern Tzu philosopher who said something similar.

        6. The word “mafia” has unknown origins and lots of speculation goes on about it with etymologists.
          Morte Alla Francia, Italia Anela ? Maybe.
          mu afyiah, meaning “swagger ? Maybe.
          Sicilian corruption of mi familia? Maybe.
          Nobody rightly knows.

        7. To clarify, I’m referring to the Italian mob, born in Sicily, La Cosa Nostra… “our thing” more correctly translated “our concern”, not the general term “mafia”.

        8. Hey doc, don’t get your panties into a twist.
          There is also a joke about EP.
          And thanks for the compliment, but I am just really smart,, not a genius.

      1. Someone who I think makes a great hero: Jason Statham. Doesn’t apologize, kicks ass but is always on the side of what’s right.

      2. That’s ridiculous and apparently you really don’t know anyone. A person who drove a crap car and dressed like a prole would be more likely to stick out in the better areas where people with money would live. If you wanted to be inconspicuous you’d buy a new Volvo or Mercedes and dress in stuff from Saks or BB. You’ll blend right in.

      3. “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”
        James Mattis.

    6. LOL
      I find the article funny. For both the failure many men will have to comprehend it, and the author who wrote a compelling piece, but ruined it by taking the “GI JOE” action figure approach to Barbie’s Doll House, calling ti a lair.
      All in all. I agree, be original. And like the author, be unapologetic.
      But please, don’t be stupid. Criminal masterminds are not just evil, but highly intelligent.
      So telling the big burly bouncer to fuck himself verbally, without being intimidating, or knowing how to handle yourself will be a disaster on your reputation; thus leaving you to sell, and spend another few years building your new lair after the “burly hero” foils your evil plans again.
      The new trend of paying homage to the suave criminal has been done before. So sleek, so rico suave, and don’t forget, positively metro sexual.
      For if the world today is trending devilish debonaire, so too are all the slutty broads dreaming of tagging one, and stealing his Jag post divorce, pumping future child support checks into it’s black hole of a gas tank.
      Did I neglect to mention that they are intelligent?
      And they always have a sordid past of nerdy failure. Replete with the one who got away, and now they secretly date models who look like her.
      I think if you wish to emulate any dashing fellow, you should look no further than two routes. Both the efficient spy.
      Daniel Craig’s James Bond. Or the less flashy, but far more inconspicuously deadly Jason Bourne/Mitch Rapp types.
      For the true hero, and his evil counterpart are like all cops and robbers trajectories.
      They are the same type of horse, fed from the same straw. One is so good at destroying the other precisely because they are so alike.
      Take the author’s advice, learn the dark side a bit, but understand, it is a dark hole that has no end. Once you go in, you may not come back.
      Bad guys go out with a flash. And they go out forgotten.

      1. “learn the dark side a bit, but understand, it is a dark hole that has no end. Once you go in, you may not come back.”
        Very true.

      2. Bond was a civil servant and didn’t earn that much money. I read all of the books as a kid and I’d guess he’d be making only about $80k today barely enough to live in a decent place in London today. He was an orphan so apparently his parents left him some money that financed his lifestyle and not at all a typical secret service agent. His equipment issued to him by Q branch that he needs doesn’t belong to him.And I’m sure that includes his custom made clothes because you can’t really fit in playing baccarat for millions trying to bankrupt Le Chiffe at Casino Royale in your Men’s Warehouse clothes.
        Bad guys? It depends what you mean. Some cocaine king, like the one they just caught, who was rather ignorant and went to the 6th grade will eventually go out in a flash.Gordon Gekko, not so much even though he went to prison, came out and then made it all back.He was too reckless the first time and was really doing illegal things and trusting a working class outsider like Sheen who screwed him after he was caught. Real people like Gekko don’t get caught and if they do something illegal it’s not as blank or white and they can get out of it.

        1. All this is true. But impossible for everyone to reach the heights of wealth portrayed in the movies, or TV sitcoms. Face it, most of the items in these houses portrayed in TV/cinema are from marketers selling their products. In real life, 80K is more than enough to live on. And most will not have all the stuff their counterparts portrayed by actors in TV would have. In fact, you will have much less, and won’t want all that anyways.
          Most who do the coolest shit do not get Aston Martins, and 10,000 dollar guns every week. That is merely the movies.
          But the real thing, many men here could get close to, and lead a much more interesting life (and thus, raise their prospects in every facet of their life considerably).
          But these two fictional characters are not the panacea of male characteristics, or a law of masculinity either. Merely guidelines to follow what is cool. Could also be done on a relatively small budget.
          I am not advocating some superficial BS about becoming a spy. Merely the guidelines for men to follow o their journey towards becoming themselves. While perhaps learning who they are, and better becoming themselves with a real sense of fashion, and inner confidence.

    7. You can be a dick, and asshole, or a pussy. Dicks fuck both assholes and pussies.
      Team America: World Police
      You don’t have to be a criminal asshole. Be a dick instead.

      1. And then pull out, and get shit over everybody. Also, try not to make too many “pacts” with a man.

    8. Live life like a villain, a total bad ass. Isn’t that what the black community has been doing for the past 40 years? Just imitate 2 Pac and Cash Money Records Boys and be a true alpha male bad mofo

    9. You do realize that marriage is a major part of why good men do nothing in the face of evil, to use such a term?
      No wonder sociopaths wins high handed even when they are as inept as Hillary or Obama, how can they not? The would-be opposition is held back by its “moral comittements”.
      40-50 years ago? They kinda failed on a collective scale, gave the awfully baby boomers, and that they did in spite of having a backbone makes it worst. Before that, they were suckers to the likes of FDR and Roosevelt, at least the dems had to use voter fraud in 2012.
      What is needed is cultivate a spirit of resistance to the parasites and their ideologies, be it the most virulent cultural-marxism or even what allowed cultural-marxism to spread in the first place…. More Viking and Roman values, not more PG13 ones! Hail Caesar, Gott mitt us!

  11. Great, another kid pretending to be an “Alpha” and writing BS he read somewhere else…
    My experience with women is totally different.
    I am a genuine “hero” type, i help others whenever and however i can, i care about everyone and everything, i never do harm to anyone, i am gentle and well-manered. I am not a doormat, i tend to lead whenever i am in a group of people. I am a devout Christian.
    You know what i have noticed? That every “villain’s” girlfriend secretely wants me. I can see it in their eyes, in their body language, in their words. They would really drop their “bad boys” at the drop of a hat if only i showed them a hint. They are jealous of my woman (a beautiful woman with a great personality and career,plus submissive and loyal to me) and when they see her they can’t hide it…
    They secretely know i don’t give a f*ck about them, because i consider them damaged goods and i show it. No good woman would become attracted to a “bad boy”, and actually i couldn’t care less about these disease-ridden, tattoo covered cheap whores. I wouldn’t f*ck them even if they paid me. And they know it.
    So, in my experience, being a total asshole only attracts whores. I can understand your preference for whores if you never get laid, but as a man with options, you prefer your women pure.
    So stop writting garbage and learn what a true “Alpha male” is and what he wants…

        1. not at all, Joel Osteen has a decent looking wife and I really do not like his sermons, but nevertheless. GOOD women will like GOOD men. Damaged whores will like bad boys, and thats what the villains usually get are manipulative whores.

        2. Joel Osteen is a bad analogy. All these “first ladies” of “The Church” are attracted to the status of their pastoral husbands. Osteen is adored and respected by many, hence, the fierce attraction his wife has toward him (the money certainly doesn’t hurt either).
          This explains the widespread church scandals with preachers boning the female congregation. Money and power yield the same attraction levels regardless of title. Preachers of these mega churches aren’t immune to this rul

      1. “Stopped reading at “every “villian’s” girlfriend secretly wants me”.”
        That was the immediate flag for me too though i did respond to what he said.

    1. Is it possible that every villains girlfriend wants their villain to be more like you, and that they don’t actually want you?

    2. “You know what i have noticed? That every “villain’s” girlfriend secretely wants me.”
      “They would really drop their “bad boys” at the drop of a hat if only i showed them a hint.”
      Sounds exactly like those married men trying to reassure themselves saying “if I were single I’d be killing it !”.
      “So, in my experience, being a total asshole only attracts whores.”
      Tell yourself that.

    3. EgotisticalFlatulence, thou art guilty of the crime of hubris as well as the deadly sin of wankery.
      Those thug-dolls are probably just trying to conceal the knowledge of the 3sums taking place with your sacred submissive broad, whence she sucks his rectum-soiled rod clean to completion, then goes home and kisses you goodnight on your lips, which in your ignorance, you take like a heroic man.

      1. You made my day 🙂
        I don’t normally respond to such comments, but seriously, sometimes you drink too much of your own kool-aid.
        There are women that have morals and standards you know. I don’t live in a Getto, i don’t even live in the USA. Have fun with the whores you bang and your stds…

        1. I, sir, regardless of what your saintly nun does with the thugs in her free time, have neither whores nor STDs, just as surely as you sorely lack what is called, “a sense of humour”.

    4. “every “villain’s” girlfriend secretely wants me. I can see it in their eyes, in their body language, in their words. They would really drop their “bad boys” at the drop of a hat if only i showed them a hint”
      ….then you put down the crack pipe. If the villain’s girlfriend is a hottie under age 30 then you are wrong. It’s always the opposite: the hot preacher’s daughter who would drop everything to be anally raped by an ex-con.
      It’s always the old, fat women past their prime looking for the niceguy because the villain doesn’t want them.

        1. Fuck you shitlord. LUCIFER is the beautiful LIGHT BRINGER and he is showing us the way!!!!!!!

        2. Actually I’m the dude that just wrote a couple of articles for RoK, the one about kundalini yoga and antidepressant drugs making women fat.
          But I guess you’re such a fucking faggot that you’re gonna suggest that kundalini yoga is the “work of the devil”?
          LOL @ you buddy boy just LOL!!!!!!!

        3. ”Actually I’m the dude that just wrote a couple of articles for RoK, the
          one about kundalini yoga and antidepressant drugs making women fat.”
          Oh come on. I was having fun shitposting. Your rationalism ruined the mood.
          ”But I guess you’re such a fucking faggot that you’re gonna suggest that kundalini yoga is the “work of the devil”?”
          Be more original man. Your use of cliches make me bored.
          ”LOL @ you buddy boy just LOL!!!!!!!”

        4. I AM THE TRUE ALPHA MALE that created the world famous Boycott American Women blog, which has recently been resurrected.

        5. Wanna see my STALK? Google “boycott american women” and see the hundreds of responses it got. I AM A TRUE ALPHA MALE! I HAVE TROLLED TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICAN BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

        6. Alpha means effortlessly having a small harem of good looking women. Any dork can write a blog.

    1. Yeah, he lost, and is destined to lose again, and he knows it, but doesn’t have the sense God gave gravel or he’d stop and reconsider. Lucifer sounds like somebody who is not only a loser, but rather dense as well.

  12. The reality is women’s brains perceive arrogance as confidence, and ruthlessness as aggressiveness. They set themselves up for pump and dump. Typical female in america now has sucked 25 cocks by the age of 25. So trying to circulate in that social environment, being a nice guy doesn’t get much traction.

    1. This has some truth to it it seems.
      However, it cuts both ways my friend. For beta males perceive cattiness as flirtation, and opportunistic self-absorbtion as loyalty.
      Make no mistake, millions of years, the famale has learned her craft. She knows it well, the skill of manipulation. Each one has a different take, and some are far more crafty than others.
      So do not try to understand yours, without knowing it’s counterpart’s wares on the other side of the gamer’s middle school chaperone dance. Girls learn they must be approached, and at first, like being approached as it raises their value. They act “nice” then, because they are using you to get the little stud they are actually after.
      Boys who approach first, often get to dance with the best chick at least once, and this later turns into a few bangs as we get older.
      But make no mistake, women’s survival has depended on her skill at dividing men, and conquering the one she is after through her ability to manipulate.
      In this realm, you are learning how to identify it, and use it to your own advantage. But it will never, NEVER, be the same!
      For your needs in the mating ritual are far different, but not always superior.

      1. Be the man they want to approach.
        Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few Oddjobs to take care of …

    2. What a silly little boy. Females are excellent at reading a man which is why you boys can never get any or at most the lowest sorts.Their entire life depends on getting a high quality man and reproducing and they’ve been thinking about it since they were 8 while you were still playing with your Lego toys.The man that you see a female with is the best she can do just as your #5 skanks are the best you can do.

      1. …and lest we forget, the natural female who hasn’t been debased by feminationalsocialistic eugenics programming, is practising and improving her sexual abilities, one chump at a time, in the toilet stalls at the club, until she meets and traps the sire of her offspring.

  13. Always have an edge. It keeps em coming back for more. This doesn’t mean be a dick to everyone or fuck people over constantly, as I believe the author states. Just be unapologetic about your life’s course and stop trying to please everyone. You only end up miserable and missing out on the life you truly want.

    1. I’ve seriously contemplated becoming “The Emperor” of my own life and simply going full-on evil. It would allow me to do whatever I want and live life by my own rules, becoming that drug dealer I fantasize about.
      The only reason I haven’t is because I do believe in everlasting damnation at the hands of a just God. And regardless of the veracity of that belief, I can’t sleep at night when I’m living in sin.

    2. Beware the light side of the force, which with its sappiness, sweetness, and pretences toward superiority will gull you into fighting enemies you can never defeat.

        1. Only because the Dark Sith Lord George Lucas wished it to be so.
          Stop being a Jedi Justice Warrior for the Rebel scum. 🙂

  14. I like this article.
    Everybody becomes a villain at some point. And in a growing police/nanny state, EVERYBODY is going to become one (unless they are in a protected group or have an SJW card in which case they can break laws openly and not be held accountable – see chump statement below).
    So start practicing, gentlemen, because we are already into a time when you pretty much have to say “fuck the law” and do what’s necessary to survive.
    We like to speak of “beta chumps” on ROK, right? Well look at how lawless the government has become. Look how “protected” people do whatever they want and thumb their nose at everybody else. If you are still trying to be a law abiding citizen, then you are being a huge beta chump bitch.Be an outlaw and help bring THEIR system down.

    1. That said, it doesn’t take much to take on villain characteristics. And realistically, often there is a fine line between villain and hero anyways. A moral thread is all that separates the two.

    2. “Everybody becomes a villain at some point.”
      It has been estimated that the average man commits three felonies – per day. The average man does so unconsciously, and thus to his detriment.
      The villain makes himself aware of what he is doing and makes sure it turns to his advantage. He knows that there is nothing more pathetic than a man who commits crimes to worsen his position.
      ” . . . have an SJW card in which case they can break laws openly . . .”
      But while they are doing so, there is a wall and a bullet being inscribed with their name. The left always eats it’s own. Always. It’s in the frickin’ strategy book. Employ useful idiots to destroy your enemies, then destroy the useful idiots.

    3. There’s a difference between becoming a criminal according to the law, and becoming a villain. A criminal can be somebody who helped along the Underground Railroad, or who housed jewish people in Nazi Germany. A villain is somebody who commits his acts with impunity and whose acts are evil (which is not necessarily the same thing as illegal, as demonstrated above).

      1. Gotta love how German skanks where even allowed to protest for the release of their jewish husbands in wartime, that is not what i would hav thought of granting them.
        What is illegal is always illegal because it is deemed evil by those making these laws.
        A true opponement is always a villain and a vermine lower than filth, never a poor misguided victime.
        Only way he gets qualities is if he repents from his rebellion, dies for his cause while his enemies remaines alive.
        If they hate him on 69 years afterward, he may have lost but he still did them some massive damage.

    4. I think a recent Mark Steyn quote sums it up.
      In many ways, Steyn said, America is becoming a society with two very different sets of rules. Some will be drowning in permits and taxes and paperwork, “and then overlaid upon it … will be this alternative America, a lawless America, where people have fake paperwork and nobody minds.”
      I’m 35 and very upset with my results from following the system. It’s been nothing but lies my entire life. I’m one of those poor bastards drowning in permits, taxes, paperwork, rubber stamps, PC hierarchies, and the like. Meantime, my future is evaporating while 47% of people pay no federal income taxes and 50 million get food stamps. Not to mention the fake disability and other government handout rackets.

      1. At least you aren’t a millenial. Let me promise you, the average 18 to 25 year old has a negative net worth, and that’s not going to change for them until past 30.
        All of our futures are evaporating. Even if I reach six figures by 30, my income will be increasingly reduced by taxes.
        Further, those 401ks and IRAs are not out of reach for UNCLE SAM.

  15. feminism positions all men as villains
    consciously it wants men to behave (or to use ‘bad’ men to control ‘good men and vice versa)
    unconsciously it is psychically and libidinally committed to the increase of male villainy, the dark triad behaviours, or crudely the bad boy.
    to play ‘bad boy’ or ‘good boy’ (quite aside of issues such any actual traits one might embody) is to accept that positioning, to ‘take-up’ one or other of the two available roles that feminism / modern society provides.
    subverting that new or perhaps not so new ‘binary’ (in a sense its always been around) may be the only possibility of any kind of authenticity
    ironically this is somewhat analogous to the ‘virgin/whore’ binary the wimmins don’t like to occupy any more (well, they seem to have abandoned the former, but don’t like to be called the latter anyway)

      1. indeed, through identifying ‘rape culture’, VAWA etc all men are ‘constructed’ as a gender through the lens of anti-rape / anti-violence

  16. I’m relatively new to the manosphere and I really like the articles posted here. I don’t agree with all of every article but I try to take something from every one of them. One thing I notice is that all the same people tear down every article and it’s just feminine. This is supposed to be an exchange of ideas and improvements and most every thread I see is some idiot marginalizing it a Jezebel like fashion. Stop responding to women or men posing as women. Otherwise we’ll end up like the cunts at Jezebel who can’t stop fighting. We’re men. Let’s act like it.

    1. That’s a fair statement but you have to understand that different people react differently to different things. Criticism is part of the gig and it’s necessary. That’s the exchange. I actually learn from it and it always helps with future articles.

    2. I did want to say that this article was inspiring.
      By reading between the lines and not taking everything as literally as some others have, I feel these sentiments have hit a chord within myself, especially when it comes to establishing one’s own space and have that ‘fierce, unapologetic edge’. As someone new to the Manosphere (under a year) I am still in that transformation state and am lacking that specific ‘ice cold’ perceptive/penetrative aura and hope one day to achieve it. I have recognized this as a weakness and am glad this article came about as one way to bridge the gap between where I am and where I would like to be.
      Thanks, and Kudos.

  17. even the hero in many plots was once a villian who is now “reformed” and leads an average life until some crisis happens and he needs to come out of retirement and use the skills he learned in his darker days.

    1. As often as not, the reformed villain turned from his former ways because he thought he was the good guy and discovered that he wasn’t.
      Robert McCall, for instance.

  18. Everything this article mentions is discussed in detail at thepropervillains.com , a site dedicated to embracing your inner bad guy and living life like a villain

  19. I liked this a lot. In fact, I’m finishing a novel on this very topic. Villains get a bad reputation, as they seem to break every “law” there is, but really, they break no natural laws. There is something to admire about a man who is absolutely truthful with himself, and competes fully, without suffering the usual self-imposed handicaps.
    I also liked the part about the lair. Your converted warehouse sounds cool. I’m looking forward to Part 2.

    1. Thanks man. My warehouse still needs a little work on the insulation side but it’s coming along nicely. Part 2 is in the works as we speak.

      1. If your warehouse is of the usual construction, it should be insulated on the outside, including the slab.
        Insulating on the inside is fighting the enemy of the building’s thermal mass absorbing and radiating heat. Insulating on the outside turns it into your best buddy.

  20. I absolutely love this article it was fucking great.. dude when is the second part coming up..???

    1. Thanks, man. I appreciate the love. I’m working on Part 2 now so it shouldn’t be too long.

  21. Many of these characters are not written as ‘Villains’. More often than not, they are Anti-Heroes. I mean there is a subtle difference between feminine villains like Madoff, Al Gore– and masculine, honor-driven types like Scarface, Walter White, Clint Eastwood (man with no name).

  22. Why does the hero get the mouthy contentious annoying woman why the villain gets the supportive submissive gf who doesn’t challenge him and be annoying in general.
    It should be the other way around.

      1. yeah like the hot chicks who back stab the villains anyways and the villain ends up betrayed and dead. Birds of a feather ….

    1. The reason heroes get the mouthy contentious annoying woman is because the supportive submissive girlfriend doesn’t need heroes anymore. I agree that it should be the other way around but it’s not. The quicker men wrap their heads around this and accept this the better off we’ll all be.

  23. Honestly, this article isn’t terrible. It could have just as easily been written to live life on your own terms and without regrets for things left undone.
    That being said, there is something about most villians. They are often suave, debonair, have a smooth approach to women, are able to convince others to do their dirty work for them. They often play the game of life with an ease and a style that is worthy of copying.
    The poor chump that get’s sent out to deal with the villain is often enough nothing more than someone else’s cat’s paw. They are supposed to represent the truly good and noble, yet how often is their paen to virtue just as bad if not worse than what the villain is endorsing.

    1. @Vagabond:disqus
      The good guy should develop into a badass that rivals the bad guy before he goes and takes him down.

  24. Nah, above villains were degenerates … Hannibal and Michael Corleone were complex and interesting, but not the guys pictured here.
    This article is bullshit. I’m a Nietzschean and I reject conventional moral codes, as well as beta white knighting and leftist humanitarianism …I support a healthy individualism and collective skepticism.
    But “bad boys” who trample on others are destroyers, not men capable of respecting themselves and higher values. To have this sort of self confidence you better have an oath to something higher than your wallet and dick.

    1. Absolutely you see it in corporate America . Those guys are actual beta and insecure . Too insecure for hot chicks

      1. There is a common trait: a large, but fragile ego. It can get you laid, but they usually run them off with insecurity at some point or another.
        Anyway, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there’s another leitmotif of the American with swagger, disregard for formality, but with basic decency. Think Indiana Jones or General Patton.
        The guys that take their cues from Tony Montana and movies should just get afros and make it official.

  25. “He showed positively zero penitence about taking a man’s life with his own hands. This was maximum fucking alpha.”
    Nope. It’s sociopathic.
    Thing is, so many sociopaths have them traits though. The guy in the pic here had em, sure. His wife daughters and men in his tribe all felt protected. But just know that at the end of his life (which was in prison) , while he was dying if cancer, his wife told him that she truly hated him and would rejoice when he finally died. Then left him to do just that.

  26. Man, “He showed positively zero penitence about taking a man’s life with his own hands. This was maximum fucking alpha.” How old is this writer?

    1. Agreed, the statement is absurd and shows an utter lack of experience in real life, regarding taking or even seeing human life taken. There is nothing uber alpha about that kind of shit, there is only sociopathy. Men on the battlefield can’t stop and mourn every kill, obviously, and can grow cold and callous, obviously, but to make it seem cool and badass reeks of comic books and pulp fiction “reality”.

      1. I second that. Killing some raging murderer is a great deed that should be rejoiced. Killing a boxing competitor? For fukssake, dumbass…

  27. At least in western hemisphere, you need to be selfish and and clever to succeed in the competitions on the other hand, not a good idea if you apply that in Asian culture.

  28. This article makes me think of Jack Donovan’s book “The Way of Men.”
    I think he is spot-on when he says “There is a difference being a good man, and being good at being a man.”
    This book deserves to be mainstream…

  29. True story. In 1994 some friends of mine and I had received invitations to spend the week end at Don Laughlin’s ranch near Kingman, Arizona. The ranch house reminded me of the modernist house in the desert in the Bond film Diamonds Are Forever where two not very attractive henchwomen named Bambi and Thumper nearly got the better of Sean Connery’s character. Towards evening Mr. Laughlin flew in from his casino and resort in a helicopter. And then during the outdoor cookout, without giving us any warning Mr. Laughlin started firing a fully automatic weapon at targets within earshot of the picnic tables. I found that very disconcerting.
    Talk about encountering someone a lot like a movie villain!

    1. I’m not seeing the villain in that, I’m seeing a man with class, style and a passion for full auto weapons, all of which can fit quite soundly into the bad-ass “good guy” repertoire.
      It is only Hollywood which tries to make those things into “evil”. Screw them and their Occutard audience.

  30. You guys are trying to paint a black and white world. Wait until you have children. Wait until you worry about their everyday lives. Wait until you start to think, I hope the teachers at his school treat him or her well. You will realize that you want your child to be treated well not be stepped on . Yes he or she should learn about being “street smart” but that doesnt mean being selfish. Don’t all of you have friends you go out with? you can share a ride with? a friend who will pick you up when your car breaks down? or a friend who will hit on the ugly friend at a bar for you? Well, villains have no friends and not much of a personality. Women get attracted to men who have friends, who are admired by other men, and who everyone wants to hang out with because they are funny; not because they step on everyone else. A lot of these comments, especially, that Dragon Slayer Triad Star Trek poster below starts touting is ridiculous at best. He reminds me of PUA guys who keep going to seminars but never actually go to the bar with you. ( I needed google translate for that load of crap he posted below). With maturity comes the realization that you DO need other people in your life and there will be people in your lives that will treat you well, and that you should treat well in return. The purpose of this site SHOULD be, maybe I am wrong, making men better, helping them make WISE decisions. Talking about Jesus all day does not make you wise or better, but all of Jesus’ actions are attractive to GOOD women and isn’t that what we want at the end of day? to have good women and to make wise decisions.

    1. My friend, rest assured that every man here, myself included, agrees with you in spirit if not in detail. Indeed, civilization itself was the result of a critical mass of men who chose to co-operate rather than compete destructively.
      Yet we are increasingly assaulted by parasites who wish to extract from us charity unearned while simultaneously vilifying us as evil incarnate.
      To defeat these vile creatures, however, we must first understand them. Since we have yet to beat them, we may as well temporarily join them. So long as we remember our true purpose, the ends will justify the means.

      1. ROMANS 3:23 Even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all those who believe; for there is no distinction;23for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus;…
        So you will sin and do evil because it is God’s will to a certain extent but remember to do good as well. THere are consequences to evil and those consequences are NOT GOOD ONES in the long run and many times in the short run.

  31. I used to get defensive and try to explain myself to this woman manager (and all the managers actually), but I decided that it never seemed to work. I decided to just start saying this is how it is and move on. The other day, the woman manager was pissed I didnt finish something according to her warped timescale, so I replied “itll be another 6 hours” and she said “Im not kidding around here”. I then gave a more realistic number and was off by half an hour. She came back and stared at me for a minute. I pretended not to notice, then I mocked her obvious intent with a completely unrelated stupid question. She said she was not amused and walked away. Didnt bother me the rest of the day and I avoided the usual fight we have.
    No apologies. No explanations. Just do whatever you can and theyll have to accept it.

    1. you handled it without emotion, using humour, and you didn’t need to act like a dick. She’s the one who looked bad at the end of the day.

  32. I don’t give a shit how many pussies will gush over me, I will never glorify or emulate being able to kill another man with no remorse.
    I will not become a monster to please women, or anyone for that matter.

  33. For christ sake, stop jumping hoops for women and just live for you and your goals and dreams. I’m not saying go celibate and abandon women entirety but stop fucking making your life entirely about them and rather or not you appear “alpha” to some dumb worthless slut couldn’t even pass her freshman math class. What YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE is what fucking matters at the end of the day. Get off this fucking never ending “do women think am alpha?” hamster. Massive waste of precious time and energy.

    1. there is no way to get every woman to want you. impossible, so when you do get the signs that a chick is into you, pounce on it but don’t stress too much about always scoring.

    2. Absolutely, anyone who must continually bloviate that he is a self-proclaimed ‘alpha’ is in fact no alpha at all. Just as Tywin Lannister told King Joffrey, ‘any king who must say I am the king, is no true king’. The absolute worst reason to improve your life, whether in the gym, money/career wise etc, would be to impress women. Chase money, and women will chase you. I hit the gym to get stronger, so I can have the ability to have stronger bone density, fast twitch muscle and the ability to knock a motherfucker out or grapple him to death if worse came to worst. If that attracts women, so be it, but women are primarily attracted to money. It amazes me how these men go on endlessly making themselves into buffoons for some dumb ass over-penetrated western pussy.

  34. Eh…. not a villan. Describing the above as “villanous” is a result of warped Hollywood programming. I’d prefer “badass” myself. Not even being an asshole…but badass. Know your shit. Take care of your shit.

  35. Maybe not a complete asshole, but if you’re gonna worship that goody-goody lifestyle your society will turn into an equalist shithole in no time
    Sometimes you do have to be ruthless to get things done, that’s just how life is

  36. Not to go off topic, but I’m sure everyone here is aware of that iHollaBack group that posted the video of the girl getting cat-called in NYC …..have you guys seen these girls that are a part of the “movement”? they are so ugly, who is trying to holla at them??

      1. An eminently punchable face if ever I saw one. His smug meekness is practically begging for a good left cross and jab.

        1. He must have been the runner-up to play “Pajama Boy” in the Obamacare ad. What a pussy!

      2. Hoping this guy gets knocked the fuck out trying to save his girlfriend who probably wants to fuck some big dick thug. I hope they post that shit on YouTube.

    1. Typical low-status women who try to increase their power in a group, because individually their looks makes them powerless over men. Make no mistake, a beautiful woman is extremely powerful and can pretty much get whatever she wants, whenever she wants. It’s the ugly ones that are usually so fervently feminist. I’d be surprised if any of those girls ever got holla’d at in their lives. It’s just another avenue to paint themselves as victims, so they jump on it.

    2. What a bunch of unfuckables .. lolz. They want the world to believe that men chase them too. Yeah right.

    3. Apparently someone has been cat calling the dyke in the forth picture down. Please stop.

    4. “As a gay woman… blah, blah, blah…..”. As a white heterosexual male…. blah, blah, blah……..there is a very valid reason you are a “Gay woman”. Please keep all the skin head, dungaree wearing, Dr. Martin walking, face jewellery, tattooed, up hill gardeners to yourself………. looks like a bloke……..

  37. Not in all movies the villain is more alpha then the hero. Sometimes the hero is more alpha then the villain.
    Commando (John matrix way more badass than Bennet)
    Punisher movies
    Matrix (Neo is so so but Morpheus is much cooler than agent Smith)
    most movies villains are cooler trough, but this is modern phenomena
    because alpha white males are vilified and good guys must pay due to PC
    dogma by being nice guys. Watch Troy and you will see that ancient
    heroes like Achilles and Odysseus had nothing nice about them.

    1. That is more or less what I came in to say as well. Modern villains are “bad but cool” because they are all, almost to the last one, white men, ergo, they have to encapsulate not only our worst traits, but our best, in order to seem believable. Hence, you find strong, powerful and remorseless as a common theme.

  38. “A few years back I bought a very small (1700 square foot) abandoned warehouse in an industrial district downtown with the intent of eventually living there.”
    Can you drive into the “living room”?
    I’ve always wanted the ultimate Rutger Hauer-like crash pad.

    1. I do park inside and it is cool to have all of your possessions under one roof. The only drawbacks are having to leave the door up for a little while after getting home because of the carbon monoxide lingering after I pull in and not being able to warm it up inside on cold mornings. Other than that it’s pretty cool to look over and see my Jeep while in my kitchen.

      1. I figured it’d be better to build the “home” part inside the warehouse shell so the Roomba Turrets can roam freely, shooting at the vermin (two and four-legged) that manage to sneak in …
        It’s really a dream — I prefer sleazy hotels with no questions asked.
        The Rutger Hauer-like vision gave way to Jack Reacher. 🙂

  39. To be fair, Ivan Drago was a psycho and Scarface wound up “swiss-cheesed” by bullet holes. You don’t really want to be like these guys. I second the “never apologise” principle but within certain conditions; a) you haven’t actually done anything wrong or b) you have screwed the other person but you don’t care if they stay or go. Otherwise, like the villain who mercilessly kills his own men when they make mistakes, you will wind up dying alone when the “hero” puts a bullet in your head.

    1. Taking responsibility for your mistakes does not require an apology. Simply taking care of the matter is the best redress you can make.
      If confronted with an issue a simple, “You’re right,” takes responsibility, but is not an apology.

      1. It depends on the nature of the mistake. Sometimes a mistake doesn’t require an apology at all. We all make them. But if you wreck your friends car, “you’re right” probably won’t cut it.

    2. More likely, that villain will likely end up getting urinated on by his former subordinates as he lays dying from the wounds received by one of them, or from the enemy they helped to do it.

  40. It figures that most of the figures referenced in this article are characters from movies . Go ahead and live like a bad guy in real life and play gangster and watch where it gets you… have fun living life in prison or worse. Real gangsters and bad boys will actually steer you away from that life because it’s nowhere as glamorous as it seems.
    For example, many of them are extremely paranoid because their illegal activities could end them up in the slammer for a very long time… or the paranoia that will come when other ‘bad boys’ are coming for your life because you disrespected them in some way or took something from them. Jail and prison aren’t fun places to be.
    Role-playing a bad guy or gangster is going ot get some of these kids hurt, and if you’re going to throw your character out of the window because that’s what some hoes like, then that’s pathetic. What are those hoes going to do for you while you’re in prison or in the hospital? That’s right, forget about you and move on to the next ‘bad boy’ circus act. Let’s just look at what happened at the end of Scarface… Tony ended up getting sprayed.
    We already have ‘bad guys’ who assemble in ‘crews’. They’re called gang members, and that’s really not the life anybody wants to get into… unless you’re fine with your homeboy’s blood flooding your lap because he got shot in the head with a .45 while riding with you

  41. Hmm I think I get what the author is trying to convey, but I feel there’s the risk of sending the wrong message.
    By all means learn and absorb the conviction and confidence of some so called ‘bad guys’, be a man with a mission, life life on your own terms and all that. But don’t think that becoming some low life scum bag who back stabs his friends and colleagues will help you in the long term. You can cultivate a strong character and still use it for both your own as well as other people’s good. Don’t apologize for who you are or want to become, but make sure that who you become is someone worthy and to be proud of.
    It’s the difference between being a bad-ass or just an asshole.
    Just my 5 cents adjusted for inflation.

  42. I like this. Some people will point out that being a legit bad guy is a terrible way to live and they’re right but the thing is that most guys are so far to the pussy side that injecting ow ever much bad guy they can into their character will only yeild positive results

  43. The article is priceless for those who understand it.
    I have a natural red pill wife. She has the bats in the belfry but she would actually tell me if I get beta on her. For example, if I get soft and say that I did something especially for her, she’d say: Why did you have to spoil it now?
    She would sometimes complain that I’m being selfish in bed but as I never apologies for it, she keeps coming for more.
    She once told me that she did not understand how she had never contemplated cheating on me as she has done with previous partners. Again, I usually do not even respond, just laugh.
    Cumming in her mouth, the occasional butt fuck and refusing sex altogether is what keeps her on the tight leash.
    Women are programmed to submit to a male who does not give a shit.

  44. This article was not bad and contained the seeds for some very excellent writing. However, the author does show a little immaturity. I do not mean this in a negative way, only to say that with time and experience I feel that this could have been much better given the author’s natural abilities.
    Some things that struck me were the idea that Tony Montana from Scarface just took what he wanted when he wanted it. This is incorrect. The beauty of the Scarface character, in my opinion, and what set him apart from others (either those who were with him or against him or simply in his way) was that he understood the value of putting things in the right order. Of course he wanted the cars and clothes and money and lifestyle and women right off the bat but he realized, in the defining statement of his character, “first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.” You don’t get the goods without paying the dues first.
    Also, the idea of villainy in general and never apologizing is a slippery slope. Again, I think it has the kernel of something very important there, but rather than look at Drago I feel we should look at a true alpha hero like Patton (I have the George C Scott character in mind because we are talking about movies, but the historical figure works as well).
    Patton didn’t kill or have people killed or send people to die because that’s what he wanted. He wasn’t a sociopath. He saw it as his duty. It was a great personal sacrifice which he made to bear the responsibility of casualties and deaths (even of the enemy) and he bore it with dignity — even as people who should have been thanking him were cursing him. This is the mark of the great hero. Not to kill and not care but who, when necessary, kills regardless of the fact that he knows it will take a great toll on his soul and conscious. He does it because he is right to do and that is why he doesn’t apologize, not because another life simply doesn’t matter to him.
    He knew the value of appealing to a higher power…a gift I wish I had. He understood a chain of command which ended with the lord. Yes, he was brash and arrogant and broke rules when he felt it was right but in the end he was just “an old soldier” doing his best to do his duty.
    When commanded to apologize he did and hated it…but it was nevertheless sincere.
    This, on a much smaller scale, is the same as fathers striking their sons to teach them. I think the author is correct here too, yet in an inexperienced way.
    My grandfather, like Patton sending men into battle, realized that taking on a wife and children meant responsibility. Those responsibilities were not just the standard of providing food and shelter and pushing them to success so that they could achieve more than he did, but the responsibility to be a man who did what he thought was right despite popular opinion.
    I am sure there were nights when he just wanted to have fun with his children and be their “friend” like so many fathers do today, but he knew that young men and women needed a father and not another friend. Sometimes this meant being stern. Same too with his wife. He wasn’t a cruel man. He would probably have enjoyed nothing more than coming home, watching a game and laughing with his wife but he knew that as a woman she needed a husband who was a man just like the children needed a father (and indeed, just like he needed God). This isn’t easy and you will sometimes get cursed for it, but it is the only correct way to get it done.
    As a result he reaped the benefits of getting to be fun and silly with his many grandchildren and passing the responsibility of parenting off to the children that he trained.
    Again, an excellent idea for an article which was well communicated but, I fear, lacked the kind of gravity that this topic yearns for.

  45. Never let your girlfriend or wife decorate your home.
    Letting women have creative control over your home let’s them think:
    a) They know more than you do.
    b) They have better taste than you do.
    c) They control this space.
    d) It is a female space.
    Bad ideas all around.

    1. Maybe yours killed it, or the other unfortunate skanks.
      Some women are really good at taking care of the home, it should be their job.
      Menginae and their daughters killed it…

  46. I like the concept of this. I do agree that the author does seem to lack a bit of maturity and seems to have a bit of an infactuation with bad guys but I understand where he’s coming from. To me it seems the message is to change your behaviour to skew more toward a man who takes control of his own life at all costs which is indicative of a villain. It seems pretty clear to me that the writer isn’t attempting to coax men into a life of crime like some have suggested.
    “Nobody’s suggesting you go out and start committing crimes.”
    My flat mate has a wicked computer set up in his room that never fails to get its share of attention from my mates so I may have to turn my room into a lair myself. Good article though. Lots of good points.

    1. That’s way too broad a brush you’re using there. Jesse James, a real life bad guy and bad ass, didn’t give two shits what women thought of him. Charles Manson manipulated women to go out and kill at his command, hardly a pussy beggar type if you ask me. He even has a 25 year old “girlfriend” now that he mocks and makes fun of in interviews, and she laps it up like a submissive little bitch.
      Media “villains” are also not uniformly pussy beggars. In fact, many of them give two shits and even hurt women for pleasure (Jack Nicholson’s Joker).

      1. the Manson girlfriend is doing it for the fame not the beautiful swastika tatted on his forehead and his strinking good looks. I doubt he gets any pussy because of prison regulations. Those women that followed him were nuts to begin with. Quit thinking of women as innocents who are mesmerized by bad boys. Those girls had rich families that paid no attention to their activities and raised them incorrectly, the same that can be said of serial killers, rapists, etc who are male.

        1. I in no way was thinking of women as innocents. I was marking Manson as a master manipulator of women. He was using uber hard core game, if you think about it. And since it works for men with modern women, it’s no surprise that he used it to great effect on women in his circle. Ultimately however I hold women accountable for their actions, whether they fall for a Manson or fall for some douchebag club player who convinces her to have sex in a bathroom stall without even knowing his name.

        2. I’m aware. It was the hippy era. The one on the far right (as we’re looking at it) isn’t terrible, given the time period. Put her in club clothes and makeup today and half the guys on this site would call her “a solid HB 8!!!” (not that I’d agree).

        3. you’re right about the guys here. One time I met up with PUA guys @ Hotel Zaza in Dallas. They got so hyper about running game, trying to be ultra aggressive Don Juans, they were interrupting couples having dinner dates. I had to almost stop 2 fights.

  47. nice Jaguar ad at the top. gotta love the precise targeting. If Scarface was the lead image I woulda gotten an ad for Promises Malibu.

  48. I grew up with one of the baddest boys ever. He got a lot of pussy. At 41 years old he looks like shit from pretty much not taking care of himself, his last wife was maybe a 4 out of 10; chubby body. Life and your choices will catch up with you in good ways and bad ways.

  49. This is a fantastic post and I have always rooted for villains myself. Mainly for the reason that I often see society as creating the “heros” which most benefit them…..essentially slaves who sacrifice their own self-interest.
    I always say, do what best suits you and what is in your best interest, fvk society and their expectations. This is what society labels as a villain today.
    If that makes me a villain, then I am the proudest villain you will ever find. More men need to have this mentality, and it truly does shower you in pussy.

  50. The real villains of this society (read: psychopaths) are the ones that can cunningly deceive other people to get what they want. A ‘villain’ cares what people think because it’s ultimately an act. You will no matter what shift into roles to keep others pleased. Psychopaths are successful because they can keep the illusion that they are friendly and have integrity, at least to those who have influence and when in the public sphere. A sociopath, by contrast, simply ‘doesn’t care’, and any and all social prospects will disappear to them without their minding. All famous people, including the narcissist jerks are incredibly sensitive to what others have to say (Kanye West).Villains such as the Malfoy Family, The Riddler, etc. have bruised egos due to inferiority complexes and ultimately lose because of their insecurities. Villains like Tyler Durden and the Joker are the sociopaths who knowingly destroy themselves for no other reason than creating chaos.
    I prefer the unruly good guy chracters like Groucho Marx or James Bond. They’re the protagonists who always win; they may not always do things the way the boss wants, but they get the job done. They also don’t pander to women’s bullshit which makes them desirable. They play for the right team, but they are veritable badasses in their own right.

  51. You are right.
    There are no laws other than the laws of nature.
    Everything else is just ink on paper, subject to change on short notice and only worth as much as the fist behind it. Always remember that.

  52. Interesting worldview.
    I just do not fully comprehend this manosphere in regards to the matrix red pill.
    Remember dude, it’s all just an illusion, there is no spoon.
    While the evil doers do seemingly get it all; bitches, money, power, etc.
    They don’t last.
    I think what the good guy aspect to a story shows is that the virtuous aspects are worthwhile;
    Rocky had Adrian, a woman who gave him her virginity, and faithfulness etc. etc. through richer and poorer..
    Whereas Scarface’s Pfifer went where again?
    Granted, these virtuous girls are a rare breed now a days, and probably downright extinct here in the west. But if there were no thirsty men, less scum around (men that would’t bang another man’s woman)… well who would the women have to be these typical whores with?
    Obviously, that is not the world we are living in.

  53. I’d really like to hear more about the warehouse you’re living in!
    I actually had the same idea some years ago, maybe it was wishful thinking but hearing the details of what you did would be great. Parking your vehicle inside would be awesome, too.
    Imagine all the work you can do on your vehicle indoors, and the all the peace and quiet you want at night living in an industrial area. Nice!

    1. It can be expensive though, I don’t know where you live but here warehouses are more expensive (per m²) than normal house. Plus, those places are a nightmare to heat, it’s only good if you get a great deal like sharpshooter did.

  54. I think that men should try to live life like a rogue. A rogue really isn’t too hero-like and he also isn’t too villain-like. Heroes run the risk of being too goody goody, while a villain tends to attract crazies that are just like him.
    Batman and the Joker are both rouge figures. Even though they need each other to have a purpose, you can’t deny the fact that by them doing whatever they want makes them rouges. The Joker is a rouge for obvious reasons while Batman is a rouge simply because he carries out his own brand of justice. He even said himself that he is the fear that keeps criminals in line. That is not something a hero would say, but he was made a member of the Justice league. I know that I am talking about fictional characters, but there is still some merit there.
    Even some of the more respected figures at ROK are rouge like. They use their life experience and writing to teach men about reality. They are in no way heroes or villains. They are just men who do what pleases themselves.
    Not to slight the author of this article, but there is more to consider than just the good guy bad guy dynamic. At the end of the day, aren’t good and evil just words that we throw around to make ourselves feel good when everyone is on this rock simply out of self interest anyway? Its better to be a rouge simply because you guys aren’t bombing people, but then again you aren’t saving the damsel in distress.
    You are just another person who lives for the self, as it should be.

  55. Hey SharpShooter, just stop, please.
    You are not a bad ass or alpha and the I’m sure this is your first time dating a “Latina” considering you have to use some cliche Mexican dish to prove your point.
    Real “villains” usually have kind, personable characters to throw off any scent that they’re about to fuck you over.
    Be yourself dude, and if your gonna “date a Latina” have her make you something better then fucking empanadas.

    1. He’s probably living in a storage unit somewhere, that’s his ‘lair’ lol And no quality Euro female from south of the border who happened to be a national of any of the countries there would refer to herself as a ‘Latina’ That’s some new name used for the mixed breed girls.They don’t eat that peasant Cicano food either and pretty much live as an upper class European or American would.Your warehouse ‘lair’ is not going to impress them unless it’s in Soho and in a converted warehouse that’s now a condo and sells for $10m. Furnishings may be double that price. And no motorbikes or exercise junk in the living room lol

      1. I think it should be mandatory on this site to show pics of the women you hype up. For all we know this chick could be a f

      2. A fat Guatemalan from south central with 4 kids that your passing off as an exotic “Latina”

  56. “Tony Montana is a great example of a man who carried out his plan to get what he wanted to perfection. ”
    We should probably stop using fictional film characters as role models.

  57. “1- Villains live more fulfilling lives than heroes.”
    Because contrary to popular belief, it is much easier being evil than being good. Evil people only cares about themselves, and will do anything to win, no matter how many innocents they will destroy in the process.
    “2- Villains command much more respect than heroes.”
    Not respect. Most of the time, it is fear, or sycophancy.
    “3- The hero never gets the girl while the villain is always up to his eyebrows in pussy.”
    Women will always aim for the men on top. If the men of a society promote the corrupt and jerks to leadership roles, as well, the result is our modern society.
    Me? I like Wolverine, Punisher, Constantine, John MccLane, Snake Plissken. The antiheroes.

  58. Villains live life in their terms and don’t take shit from anyone. They also don’t give a shit what women want and thus by having that attitude have what women want.

  59. In movies nowadays there are no villains. Take for example the batman series the most recent one. The super elite socialite Bruce Wayne become disillusioned with his wealth and status and leaves home. To join a group known as the leuge of shadows, they train him in the art of misdirection and give him a powerful hallucinogenic, this imitates satanic cults of today he leaves the group because they want to destroy society as it is and start over, the basic tenants of feminism and communism. So this group poisons the water supply to make people go crazy( fluoride in your own water calcifies an important part of your brain that allows you to acces your unconscious brain making you more vulnerable to mind control and suggestion) in comes the batman and saves the city he is the good guy right. No he’s the villain and so are the people he’s fighting. Next movie the sequel, a crazy man comes out of nowhere and starts hanging people and blowing up hospitals classic terrorism. He the bat man stops them by tapping everyone’s phone a huge invasion of privacy. Against your own constitution he then destroys the device, kinda like this administration says they stopped spying on you the common people. Totally false it’s classic brain washing. Last movie the most important one because this one is a look in the future. Batman who had been in hiding emerges to stop a crazy man from destroying the city. He fights this man and is defeated and put in a hole in the ground (hell) he rises from the hole and stronger and stops the crazy dude who has been on a rampage destroying everyone who resist his rule and takes back over his surveillance state. Sound like they ripped of the book of revalations. And these unoriginal movies keep going on and on. It’s all mind control to get you used to that idea. It’s priming your mind for when it really happens

  60. Psychopathic criminals in prison are flooded with fan mail from hundreds of stupid bitches. Go figure.

  61. One more article like this on Rok, and I am ditching Rok permanently. I have noted the name of the author for future boycott references. What’s actually disheartening is the number of scum men approving this article. I mean seriously guys? I don’t know why this website attracts scum, but it does. You know, the ones with criminal and deviant type mentality. Pathetic.

  62. Yeah, girls go for the villains, but this is a sign that shows that our culture is decaying.

  63. I find fictional villains entertaining because it takes far more acting skills to play a good villain. Most of recent Hollywood trash isn’t worth watching even on Youtube.
    Whole Judeo-Christian belief of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ is ridiculous. There is no such thing and whole idea is limiting. It has no room for shades of grey.
    Fictional villains say truths that producers cannot make so-called ‘good guys’ say because of status quo and PC bullshit. Hollywood is obsessed with happy endings. Most of dialog is so predictable, it’s nauseating. It’s not only boring, it’s a reflection of lack of cultural growth, a reflection of enslaved society limited by so-called ‘progressives’. Irony escape these people because they simply do not possess the intellectual capacity to detect it.
    Most of western media is turned into social engineering propaganda machine. Artists lack true creative outlets but there is no stopping of creativity. It escapes and find ways.

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