Preventing Hangovers With A Pre-Drinking Drink

ROK’s November sponsor is Prevail, which sells a hangover prevention drink that you consume before heavy drinking. Here’s a message from the owner:

Would you like to enjoy a night out with your friends without worrying about waking up hungover the morning after?

We are pleased to introduce ‘Prevail’ the healthy new hangover prevention drink. Made from 100% natural ingredients Prevail is easy to use and proven to prevent hangovers. Simply empty your sachet of Prevail into a drink of water and consume before drinking alcohol.

If you suffer from particularly bad hangovers our studies have shown that consuming a second Prevail drink before bed delivers the best results.

Order a sachet of Prevail before the end of the month, and we’ll give you a second one completely free.

If you’re not 100% happy with the results of Prevail, we promise to refund your money with our money back guarantee.

I have slowed down drinking as my age advances, but this sounds useful for a weekend binge fest. Check out Prevail to learn more.

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32 thoughts on “Preventing Hangovers With A Pre-Drinking Drink”

  1. Seems more legit than other products I’ve seen. Did you know that you can prevent drunkenness and hangovers by eating yeast before you drink? Koch from Sam Adams does this so he can taste beers all day and still maintain a clear head throughout the workday.

  2. And stop drinking that god awful sugary rice beer swill and borderline rubbing alcohol booze. I can drink two double deuces of a 10% ABV, complex, locally crafted brew and have less of a hangover than 3 cans of Bud.

    1. Really sweet stuff does make for a worse hangover. The worst: champagne, mad dog and flavored malt liquors (fourloko, dogbite, etc)

      1. So true. Throw is a couple cigarettes with those and you can basically incapacitate yourself for 24 hours (minus the times you are explosively shitting for your life).
        The 100% hangover free option is to just eat a pot brownie before you go out and not partake of the demon rum.

        1. I’m not morally against weed or anything like that, but I love liquor and uppers. I can’t stand boring drugs.

        2. Understandable. It knocks some people out. I’m in the minority that it wakes me up and makes me more extroverted.

  3. Jim Koch uses a good trick for drinking a lot without getting shit-faced drunk – kind of the opposite of a hang over cure but cool nonetheless.
    The good news is – turns out saturated fat found in red meat and other delicious stuff is protective against the damage alcohol does to your liver.
    So eat a nice fatty meal before going out drinking, stay hydrated and party on, Garth. I’d go with that approach personally.

  4. You get a hangover when you drink all night and then get dehydrated. Don’t waste your money on this gimmick. For every alcoholic drink you drink, drink a cup of water. Stay hydrated. Yeah you’ll be visiting the bathroom quite a few times in the night, but you’ll wake up fine without a hangover

    1. Yup. Best hangover cure is waking up…down two bottles of Propel Fitness Water and taking two asprin. Works every time for me.

  5. Just take 2 multivitamins before you drink and make sure you drink plenty of water during your binge session.

  6. I’m still not sure why no one makes a hangover drink that’s simply the alcoholdehydragenase enzyme with some salts mixed in water. I mean what could be more of a “after drink drink” than pumping your body with the enzyme that breaks down and recycles alcohol sothat it can exit the body quicker? Probably some food safety regulations

  7. Brewers yeast supplement, is probably better, if you want to avoid systemic yeast infections, you get the B12 and all just as well.

  8. Sure… you can drink this overpriced crap.
    Or… you can do what the pros (and more importantly, diplomats and statesmen) have done FOR CENTURIES:
    Yeast in warm water before going out.
    Look it up.

  9. I think this is a good product for people who really need it- Americans, Italians, black people, the Chinese, Hispanics, and and all the other girly-men. If you are Irish, British, Czech, Scandinavian or Russian, then don’t bother, as it will only remove the need for a settling drink the next morning.
    The hangover and the general self-loathing and depression, aka The Fear, is very important, as the suffering is the acceptable price that one must pay to balance the karmic books and offset the sins of the previous night.
    However, I would point out that if you give this to a girl the night before, she is far less likely to be feeling bitchy the next morning, so you are good for the bang.

    1. Drank so much I woke up having shat myself once,felt awful for days afterwards. Dark ales need to be respected, and I needed that learning experience.
      God Save the Queen.

    2. Nothing more girly than ignorant bitchiness. Your Irish, British fellows are manly as they slosh down estrogenic beer, feeding that beer baby and growing bitch tits to go along with the gout and ruddy complexion.

  10. First step to avoid hang-overs – don’t drink more than four units and not within six hours of sleep. If you fail at this, drink a pint of water for every two units of alcohol. Alcohol is a toxin which causes you to secrete cortisol disturbing your sleep and worsening your hangover. To offset this, a DHEA and melatonin solution will help. Take some melatonin every time you wake up.
    Then when you do wake up, eat a meal loaded with healthy animal fats and proteins. Fat absorbs poison. Good luck.

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