Haiti Shows How A State’s Unstable Foundation Can Undermine A Willing People

This year I visited Cap-Haitien, which is on the North coast of Haiti and about the 10th largest city in the country. Here are my observations and thoughts on what I saw during the 4-day trip.



My impression of Haiti is a country in complete disrepair…buildings, utilities, water, electricity, police, government fiscal management…nothing works in Haiti. I did see one exception. Everyday a garbage truck came by and collected garbage. I found this interesting that somehow the government was able to get that done when they are so ineffective at most everything else. My only conclusion was that garbage piling up makes such a visual statement about government failure that there is a motivation to at least get that taken care of.


So how is it that things don’t get built in Haiti? Haitian men have excellent construction skills. I’ve watched them work. Block, cement, stucco, tile. Quality skills that US contractors pay top dollar for. Is it lack of money in Haiti? Well, yes and no. There is money. It’s just not being allocated to creating anything. To learn why you have to understand the roots of Haitian politics.

Haiti’s history is one long cluster-fuck of thugs, bullies, coups d’etat, takeovers, corruption, and theft. In its history, the people who came to Haiti were mainly soldiers and pirates. They didn’t come to build anything. They came to conquer and take. The typical cycle was some strongman conquered and took over. He confiscated and stole from any producers. He exploited resources. He enriched himself and bankrupted the country until his time came to an end under the weight of his ineptitude and corruption.

Another thug conquered his way to power and the cycle repeats. Basically the history is hundreds of years of piracy. In other words, the one with the biggest gun takes ownership, a culture of piracy that remains today. This threat of confiscation or “nationalization” has to be a big factor when multi-national companies decide against locating a plant in Haiti.


To further understand Haiti’s history, compare it to how America was settled. American settlers were not soldiers or pirates. They were tradespeople who came to America to build things. They were farmers and carpenters and stone masons. They came to America with their skills and they brought with them the English rule of law which would protect their private property. They built homes and farms and businesses, and built a legal system so that what they built could not be confiscated by would-be pirates.

But, in Haiti the law of the jungle prevails. The people in charge use their power to enrich themselves. The resources are squandered. The well-meaning foreign aid is stolen or mis-allocated. The UN has a large presence in Haiti, but an effective and honest local police force is desperately needed. It’s one of the many things the Haitian government is incapable or unwilling to provide. All of the Haitians I spoke to told me the UN presence has made a big difference controlling street crime. At least now Haitians are secure to go about their daily lives.



Everyday at 8am, noon and 5pm the sidewalks of Cap-Haitien overflow with students coming and going to school in their uniforms. There’s a strong respect for education in Haiti among the parents and the kids. I saw all the kids doing homework. While out walking in the evening I saw groups of kids sitting under street lamps reading their schoolbooks when the electricity was out at their homes.

I saw the enthusiasm among the students and I heard the commitment in the words of the parents. Every parent was proud to make the financial sacrifice to send their kids to school but then they would ask, “Why do we do this? There are no jobs for my kids when they graduate.” There is this recurring theme in almost every aspect of Haitian life—the frustration with a dysfunctional government and economy.


Listening to these parents got me thinking. In America the politicians all tell us the answer to unemployment is education. If we “invest” in education the economy will strengthen and jobs will miraculously appear. But what I saw in Haiti tells me this is not necessarily so. Haitians are going to school and studying hard, yet that changes nothing.

Of course, American politicians are talking their own book. They want the electorate to accept the importance of unbridled spending on education. So when unemployment rears its ugly head what are politicians going to do? Lower taxes to stimulate the private sector so businesses start hiring? No. They will choose to raise taxes to “invest” in education. The fact the school system is progressively less effective at preparing a kid for constructive employment is never discussed.

But, back to Haiti. Am I knocking education or suggesting those parents are fools for sending their kids to school? No, not at all. Those parents have no choice but to send their kids to school. It keeps them off the street and gives them a valuable gift of education. And what becomes of all those Haitian kids embracing a good education? The lucky ones will someday make their way to another country where they can use it.

Free-market capitalism

Haiti is an interesting study in free-market capitalism at its basic level. In America we walk into a grocery store and find packaged food on the shelf. All of this is created by large corporations which we are told are evil. We don’t see the farms. We don’t know what’s in those semi-trucks on the freeway. We don’t see the process. Is it any wonder Americans don’t understand how capitalism works?


When I arrived in Cap-Haitien I walked around the center of the city and couldn’t find any stores. I told my Haitian friends I wanted to go to a store. I thought I could learn more about Haiti by seeing the products on the shelf. My friends took me to a huge street market. I walked through it in wonderment.

On the periphery I saw pickup trucks filled with produce. Inside the market men carried goods with wheelbarrows. I was especially taken with the pride each vendor took in displaying their goods encouraging me to buy their tomatoes, garlic, onions or peppers. I want to be there when some politician tells them, “You didn’t build that.”


As I walked through the crowd I had a clear vision of something my favorite economist, Thomas Sowell, talks about: “the invisible hand” of capitalism. And here it was. Some farmer outside the city has produce. Some guy has a pickup truck and brings it to the market. Vendors display the produce and the consumer comes to buy what he needs.

At each step along the way a person’s role creates profit and wages. If the farmer produces more, his reward is greater profits. If the farmer produces too much then he adjusts his output. If the truck owner is unreliable then another truck owner steps in to fill the need. So much gets done and all simply by individuals pursuing their self-interests.

When one considers the myriad of details which go into a complex economy, it really is astonishing to watch free market capitalism work so flawlessly in a country like Haiti where virtually nothing else is working. It’s a tribute to the power unleashed by individuals free to pursue their self-interests. Imagine if these ambitious, resourceful people had a legal system which protected them.


A crisp 100 Gourde note – about $2.14

Why is most of the commerce done in the street by small vendors? There are no jobs in Haiti so the people create their own by becoming these small vendors. In this dysfunctional country, free market capitalism is the hero. It’s what keeps the people clothed and fed and employed. Where the Haitian government has failed to provide what is necessary to support a growing economy, the entrepreneurs are the only thing keeping the country going.

Haitians know where the problem lies

In all the conversations I had with Haitians I found a recurring theme. Haitians see government and politicians for what they are. Haiti has a culture of mismanagement which goes back to Columbus’s arrival on the island. The Haitian people have suffered corruption, theft, shakedowns and abuse for over 500 years. So Haitians are not under the delusion government is going to come along and fix things. They know government is the problem and not the solution. I found that refreshing and healthy. Haitians know about self-reliance.


So what holds the country together? The answer is found in the Haitian people. Their resourcefulness, their ambition, their talents, their love for education, and their devotion to family all play a role. They face the daily struggles with such grace. It’s humbling to watch them, especially when so many in the world show little appreciation when an easy life is handed to them.

All photos taken by the author

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705 thoughts on “Haiti Shows How A State’s Unstable Foundation Can Undermine A Willing People”

    1. The differences in the fortunes of countries can generally be attributed to the people that settled them. If Haiti had been settled by Northern Europeans and North America exclusively by people from Africa, then Haiti would be the wealthiest country in the region and North America something like Haiti is today. Ironically there would be a stream of Afro illegal immigrants into this Haiti claiming a hundred reasons why they were unlucky enough to end up with such an unproductive and poor territory.
      Countries settles by Northern Europeans tends to do better than those settled by those from Southern Europe. (Compare Australia, NZ, Canada, the USA and even South Africa and Zimbabwe before black rule v’s Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Phillipines, Argentina, Mexico etc)
      Compare these to countries or regions or cities where blacks rule . (ie. Africa in general. Zimbabawe and South Africa since the end of white rule, Detroit’s decline matching the change in racial demographics, every black area of every city in every country in the whole world.

      1. This is such an ignorant and uninformed opinion. Please read up about colonialism and what happened after the Hatian Revolution. About how the French Government taxed Haiti to its knees in the years following the Revolution and how up until today CIA operatives actively undermine governments. READ before you spew opinions. The effect of colonialism on much of the 3rd world will never go away because the system was set up so that these countries would be forever dependent on foreign aid.
        I won’t even mention the IMF or the World Bank, who have NO interest in seeing 3rd world countries develop. The level of ignorance in this comment is frightening. It’s like you live in a totally different dimension.

        1. “The effect of colonialism on much of the 3rd world will never go away” is the words the lazy want to keep hearing to justify their laziness. To paraphrase the good Obama (George), the reason why South Africa is better than Kenya is because the White man (colonialists) stayed there longer. Colonialism did FAR more to make a region stable then modern bullshit politics does, which is more about flooding a region with money rather then building resources within a region.
          But hey, believe whatever leftist lies you want to believe about former Western admin since it justifies the lies your life is built upon. Don’t confuse former colonialism with postmodern globalism.

        2. I believe leftist lies and you believe what, right wing lies? Give me a break.
          The intervention of the US in Jamaica and Grenada are two potent examples of how the United States has constantly intervened in the affairs of other nations, owing no doubt to doctrines such as Manifest Destiny and the Big Stick Policy. I’m almost sure you know next to nothing about those two countries. Appreciate, just for a minute, how incredibly disadvantaged any country would be if a much bigger, much more powerful nation keeps intervening in their local affairs, undermining governments and setting up puppets. Imagine if Russia had such a sway on the United States.
          The IMF and the World Bank hold the economies of many Caribbean and 3rd World nations in their pockets. Their interests are not the interests of these nations, but the interests of the US and other Imperialists. Thankfully, Trinidad & Tobago gives some positives in the Caribbean sea of poverty and capitalist control.

        3. Oh my god. We can never win. These countries will still be blaming the whites in a thousand years. It’s like if the UK blamed the Romans and Normans for their problems. Passing the blame and not accepting responsibility is a black specialty.
          Of course there are many examples of when blacks have slowly become the majority in many US cities and the said cities have basically gone from thriving cities to ghettos. No matter how much the blacks complain about the whites as soon as the whites leave town, the thin veneer of civilization leaves too and things fall apart. The process then starts again when blacks target another predominately white successful city to populate until the same happens again.

        4. So are you really telling me, that all of the well documented and serious breaches of Haiti’s sovereignty stretching back almost 200 years are so minor that the country should just “take responsibility” and become a thriving nation? How exactly can that be done when any leader who wishes to sever the ties with the U.S. would be met by serious economic sanctions?

        5. Do you realize that interventions are CURRENTLY occurring, you are supposed to be Mr. high IQ. Black people do accept responsibility and they do address the breakdown of the black family and education in our communities. Why don’t white leadership talk about White on White crime, and their youth, or the reason why young white kids that live in Middle Class communities with seemingly everything that a young urban kid doesn’t have still feels isolated and depressed enough to shoot in a public space?

        6. I don’t completely disagree, but there’s a difference between colonialism and what you refer to (which I called globalism). Whether or not USA makes things worse begs the question, how better off would Haiti be otherwise?

      2. Compare Egypt, the country with the most white people, to Angola. One is an islamic hell hole, the other is a black paradise.
        Funny how you leave out DC a black ruled area with the only black majority state which is the one in the top 10 for incomes and development for states. Compared to west virginia, white rural shit hole

        1. While WV is a dump, you couldn’t be more wrong about DC. Poverty, crime, disease, education are all major problems for DC. Only those directly connected to Federal government are doing well. It’s also a highly segregated city so I doubt most DC blacks would consider it a model for success.

        2. I thought you said the Egyptians were black? Your a liar, and your trying to kill white morale and self esteem, thus not being better than a feminist.

        3. Modern egypt has been colonized by whites for well over 2000 years. Between the romans, the turks, the ottomans, the ottoman’s white slaves called malmuks, the persians, the french, the germans, the english and a few other white colonizers, modern eGypt no longer has a black majority. It probably has more people of white of Anglo descent than any other country including South Africa. People like Robert Buvaul, who wrote bbooks called blacked gensis, where he, a white egyptian of anglo descent, details the black origins of egyptian civilization.
          White morale has nothing to do with ancient Egypt because they played no part in it except as destroyers, enemies and slaves. The ancient Egyptians believed white skin as a sign of a curse or leoprosy, and whites were generally killed on sight.
          Notice the phaoroah killing all the yellow skinned people and how he is black skinned.

  1. All the aid coming in from wealthier countries allows the government to continue their bad policies. The market is certainly keeping it alive but what the Haitians need is for their own government and foreign governments to stop intervening. Easier said than done I suppose. At least most Haitians realize where the problem really lies.

    1. why do you think all nations aren´t wealthy? some nations need to be poor in order to support the richer ones. In return the richer nations “help” the poorer ones, by filling their leaders with money, in order to keep them in check. that´s the case of haiti
      This is totally different from what the USA did to Japan and East Germany after WW2 by rebuilding them interely and giving them a solid economy

  2. “If we “invest” in education the economy will strengthen and jobs will
    miraculously appear. But what I saw in Haiti tells me this is not
    necessarily so.”
    It is prima facie nonsense.
    “We don’t see the farms.”
    Today I said “hi” to the chickens who laid today’s free range eggs. Paid the same for them as I would in the store. The eggs that I get from the store come from a family farm that I have also visited. They’re cheaper than the eggs from the closest (not Walmart) supermarket.
    I didn’t see the cows that produced the milk to make the cheese that went with my eggs, but I saw a couple of the farms they reside on (the milk is co-oped to produce the cheese, which is a available in a store a couple blocks from my house).
    I’m sure things are different in LA or NYC, but I don’t live in the country either. I just know where to find it.

  3. Jesus, is this a joke? An analysis of Haiti’s failure without a single mention of race? I get that Return of Kings doesn’t want to get down with HBD and that’s cool, but do you have to insult your readers intelligence with stuff like this?

      1. The justification for any other color of the human race’s failure always falls back to a lack of superior (white) genes.
        Generally, a person with racist tendencies can not fathom that humans are similar to them despite color.

        1. No need to justify your racism to me. Just hold it to your chest.
          I love the purported genius you flaunt. So where do you fare on this scale of affluence?

        2. I do. Where the difference is, culture, is very different. Genetics, not so much. We can share blood at a hospital just fine. And I won’t get any stupider from having your DNA in my system.

        3. The word “racism” was first coined by a communist Jew ~100 years ago, it means nothing to me. It’s a tool by which to stifle discussion and force people into believing that their opinions are not valid in the court of public opinion. As you can see, I could give 2 shits about your attempts to shut me up with your labels.

        4. Personal insults because even you know your argument is not supported by any real world facts. MANY things can be pointed out about the race of a person by skulls, bones, blood type etc. None of what you spew is supported by science.

        5. So, simply put, what is your argument? I read your wiki facts, and they disprove themselves or does 48 to 100 children used for tests prove the idiocy of a nation?

        6. So support your own. Science has longed debunked the idea of differences via genetics with blood banks. Specific blood types exist per region, black B, Asiatics A etc. That also goes with the types of food a group eats. And what does this have to do with a nation?
          Sounds like you’re going the lazy route to say, but they’re black. That’s the problem.

        7. What the problem is…..so it has nothing to do with apartheid or established tribal differences within the populace of some African nations?
          The article is pretty interesting. As it goes out of its way to suggest that black people do not have the same intellectual capacity and later suggests black celebrities have a special racial mix. So…what you’re saying if I extend this to black America, through genetics, because that is the argument right? You are saying that the blacks of America, even with the fact they are descendants of slavery, and containing white DNA,a are doomed regardless, right? So these, whatever percentage of white DNA holding, black people are doomed, correct?
          So what straw man theory will you use if America and other classical ‘white’ society collapse? They got too much ‘black’ genetics in them?

        8. Ill try and cover your various points…..
          The tribal differences are for Africans to figure out, it’s no different than the English, Spanish and French (who fought many wars against each other) and were still the super powers of their day and still considered first world countries even today.
          It’s well known that blacks in the US have roughly ~10% white blood, that’s not enough to affect anything really and the reality is that American blacks are quite a bit different than Africans and it shows. With that being said, blacks have other benefits genetically speaking, after all, whens the last time you saw a non African win any of the major marathon races. Unfortunately, running fast doesn’t really allow for someone to build a first world country.
          And finally, regarding any collapse of any “white society”, many things can affect this, but yes, I would say too much “diversity” in “white” countries is a real concern.
          Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide.

        9. Ah, White Power. Clearly you have a grave personal stake in this 8% white population thing. When you are dead and gone, and the white side of the race grows or fades away, hopefully you’ll be at peace knowing your arguments meant nothing either way. And I guarantee whatever white you think you are, will be snuffed out in a heart beat if you dared even talk to the real white race.
          You need all the diversity you can get, as your women are driving you out of the race. With your attitude, I can see why.

        10. LMAO!!!! The oldest civilizations and engineering are in Africa and the Middle East. Many of the beginnings of European Civilizations were influenced by African Civilizations. You speak English one of the Indo European languages which is just one branch from African languages. When they were world powers. African States were partitioned and their resources continuously siphoned off.
          Whites were also very good in sports. Boxing for a long time was dominated by the Irish and Italians when they were on the bottom of the economic scale and living in urban society. After they were starving because their Cash crop failed the Potato which was developed here by native groups. LMAO!!

        11. I don’t even know what youre talking about, Seriously, you’re randomly talking about things that don’t even make sense. Whats a real white race? Why would I be snuffed out??? How do you magically know my racial makeup?
          The only semi coherent thing I understood was the “women are driving you out of the race” which Im assuming means they are marrying / having kids with other races on some sort of large scale??? This is not true, actually white women are the LEAST likely to marry / date / have kids with other races, several studies have shown this. In addition the census shows that all people (regardless of race) have fewer kids the more educated they are.
          And finally, as far as “needing all the diversity I can get” not true, white people benefit the least from diversity.

        12. First ‘by’.
          I’m glad you found a buddy to support your race ideals.
          So you’re asking, why is a super power colonizing a non super power?
          And Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Palestine, while lovingly called the middle East, are also a part of the continent of Africa. So, China is conquering where again? Because I’m sure if they conquering Africa, America will have to break their new buddy buddy code if Palestine is on the list.

        13. Look at a map.
          Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Palestine are on the Arabian Peninsula which is part of Asia.
          China is stripping Africa of every thing of value because they can. Because the Chinese are superior to Afros. Just like every other race that has conquered and enslaved Afros. Just like the Arabs. Just like the Europeans.
          Even the name “Africa” is not of African origin..

        14. I’m following the train of thought that apparently the white race is down to 8% of the global population. Stands to reason, something is off if not too long ago this was closer to 35%.
          You don’t get what I said because you don’t know: you aren’t white. You identify as white because of your genetic make-up. If you are Italian, you aren’t white, Spanish, gets the same treatment, even a majority of Europeans aren’t considered white. Slavs were slaves. So what am I talking about when I saw you aren’t white? If you aren’t of old money, can’t trace your direct lineage to a few centuries back, untainted, no racial mix, are of the upper crust in wealth, as typical white people are truly, that affluent, then you are more the middle class, who just happens to have white skin. Much like the Spanish living in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, who would be aberration if they head to Spain and claimed Spanish, so would you if you went to a truly ‘white’ person and claimed white. Ever wonder why some things in society, while you felt entitled to talk about, you just couldn’t breach it?

        15. Once again, super power. Africa has been being carved for well over 3 centuries. What the Chinese are doing is allowed by US government, but Africa long lost power to protect themselves. Things would shift quick if they had aa nuclear weapon.

        16. I can tell you what it is, people of all races have fewer kids, coupled with the fact that YTs magic JUJU medicine (which doesn’t include raping infants like in Africa as a cure for AIDS) has allowed the African population to grow for example much more than it otherwise would have.

        17. Ahhh great points sometimes I tell this to my Latin American friends who claim to be “Spaniard.” Great points

        18. Lived in Colombia and Mexico for periods of time, I speak 3 languages fluently (Spanish being one) and never not once have heard anyone from any country in Latin America claim they are Spanish so Im not sure what kind of people you manage to find.

        19. YTS magic JUJU…………took some inference to get that first part down. Sounds like you are holding more than hate to that chest of yours. Must be soft and supple.
          You said people of intelligence have fewer kids. Now, you are saying all people have fewer kids. So which is it, we are all equally intelligent, YT JUJU fixed things, or only intellectuals have fewer kids. I realize the rage is bubbling on overload, so take your time before you respond. Clear headed rebuttals work best.

        20. No, my point is clear, I will explain it dumbed down so you get it. It’s a fact that higher educated people (of all races) have fewer kids. Take this fact and understand what the majority of 1st world nations are white. 1st world nations are 1st world because they are able to produce things that other people need/pay for and so this implies as a general rule they are more educated because they as a populace are capable of producing said “things”.
          Japan and other countries birthrates are also at or slightly below replacement level as well for the same reason. It’s not a difficult concept.

        21. HAHA Yes I have seen Caribbean people do this…the real White skinned ones including not so light-skinned. They are trying to deny their African ancestry. Como los negros que dicen que son Indios y blancos pero no Africanos. Entiendes? LMAO

        22. Again, I have NEVER not once heard anyone say this. When it comes to Hispanics it’s easy to spot the ones which are more Mestizo, African or more European.

        23. Why doesn’t Africa develop a nuke? North Korea, India and Pakistan did. Is Africa waiting for Whitey to hand them one?
          Things would shift quick if Afros didn’t have an IQ that would classify them as retarded by western standards.
          How many will drown, this year, while trying to make it to Europe to live of of the white man’s dole?

        24. They may produce this. That is a testament to the culture promoted. You still stepped off the rails when you spoke on YT. Anger is a heck of a thing.
          Lower birthrate are a combination of several factors. Could be several things, higher education, lower distribution of wealth, marriage laws, fertility rates, destruction of social roles. Corporations and sedentary work, single handedly put the working man on an playing field with anyone who can think, from teen to elderly. The provider role has been damaged so lower birth rates are a given.
          On 1st Nations and white, yyou don’t even know what white is. You sound like a battered child looking to pair off with a strong guardian, white race. Be careful of that hand you say eagerly serve. ‘White’ people love you no more than a man loves his cat. Sounds like an odd pairing don’t it? Think on that as you ponder this, if you are so white, why don’t you break bread with ones who are worth half a billion or more?

        25. Should have never mentioned the whole nuke thing. It’s like your brain has been splayed with hate and you long lost your faculties to rage. High IQ and low IQ matter little when you don’t have much resources to go with other than land.
          All the gold in the world means nothing as the majority of commerce is backed by credit.
          I’ll give you points on the nuke I guess. Why, it must be a sign of grave intelligence for a group of people not to decide to create weapons of war when they can not fund one, or feed their people. But clearly, ability to destroy millions trumps basic necessity and those who don’t destroy are invalids.

        26. Clearly. For a matter so trivial that truly has no impact on yourself considering your standpoint, you seem to be taking this discussion rather personal. What? Did some alpha male of African descent dick your girl down real good and you just could not manage to let it go? You seem rather salty.

        27. Guys like this have literally no self-esteem. They have a need to believe there are people inferior to them in order to feel like they’re worth something.
          They co-opt the efforts of noteworthy people who they believe have a shared ancestry, people who probably wouldn’t look in their direction if they passed them on the street, let alone acknowledge their existence.
          Notice how many posts and how much time is spent arguing about how dumb black people are, they don’t realize how telling it all is.

        28. It has nothing to do with color, its about facio-cranial differences. Yes, people who still discuss skin color as a predictor of intelligence are retarted bigots and racists.

        29. Slavs comes from Cyrilic Slava meaning glory aka The Great People or The Glorious Ones. Cyrilic comes from the Bulgars, which mixed with the Thracians and some Slavs( mostly women Slavs). Thracians were the true kings of the Greek and Roman empires.

        30. I wish I could say he was wrong on the “real white” people but hes not. Even though I come from a noble southeastern family, my dad doesnt come from money. He worked his butt off on his business, so he could retire and write books when he was old and teach at Uni’s, and got dirty rich and married into an old family. They never forgave him, even though he was lily white, green eyes, handsome, tall,etc. They never looked past the “almond” eyes. Sadly, ( for my grandfather haha) I look exactly like him. No trust fund, nothing, while my brothers are somewhere on the Cote DAzur fucking Russian models.

        31. That was kind of you to reveal. It pains me to even have to address that fact but what pains me even more, is seeing how such racially charged drivel, masked as intelligent debate, is purported by men I consider to be of a high aptitude. Whether they can be a bit bull headed at times or not, I say, we all have our moments.
          There is truth in what they said as well, but the rage they feel still holds them in place. I wouldn’t go so far as to suggest an answer, it is clear in their dirt cookie comments the bond is strong to group affiliation over sociological facts, international policies, and geographical features. The easiest path to solving problems is to excuse it. Hardest is looking at yourself and admitting, fate didn’t create this, human behavior did.

        32. Whats sad is that my mother pleaded him to get tested. He got an almost 70% nothern european and like 20-30% med, which is lily white by any standart. His eyes were a birth defect, and didnt even look Asian. To this day, I think he just had a higher neanderthal admixture which explained his eyes and brow ridge. He was actually a pure white, but that still didnt convince my grandad. Its also about money and family names and some other bullshit. Plus the Thracians were described as blue eyes gingers so cortez cant go fuck himself when he says the true “whites” are only in north europe. Or maybe he means the true ” white” peasants.

        33. I also think they are many different Black or African ethnicities, even more than in Europe. I have seen broad headed satright nosed big chinned purple blacks( as in very dark), and convex nosed ones too with straight, curly wavy hair. And they were all 100% blacks. We should stop calling any black just black and start using their different sub-racial names. Without a doubt Ethiopians are Africas Thracians, same as Kongoids are Africas Spaniards or SOuthern Italians. Different sub-races of Blacks vary greatly in intelligence for sure.

    1. OP writes an interesting, thought-provoking, well-written article on Haiti and then some guy in the comment section yells ‘RACE!!!!!’… and he’s the one calling the OP stupid.
      If you think race/ethnicity/skin color factors into this (and I’m not saying it doesn’t), why don’t you write your own article and make your points, instead of insulting OUR intelligence by having to read your erratic neural firings?

      1. Well said. The truth is, Hati’s problems go back almost two centuries:

        Haiti’s legacy of debt began shortly after gaining independence from France in 1804. In 1825, France, with warships at the ready, demanded Haiti compensate France for its loss of men and slave colony. In exchange for French recognition of Haiti as a sovereign republic, France demanded payment of 150 million francs (modern equivalent of $21 billion). In 1838, France agreed to reduce the debt to 60 million francs to be paid over a period of 30 years.
        source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/External_debt_of_Haiti

        Race realists have a tendency to invoke Maslow’s hammer way too often and quickly.

        1. I actually had a modicum of respect for the Haitians when I believed that they had defeated the French and won their independence like the US did with England.
          Nope. Haitians did what all blacks do; became a nuisance thus causing White Flight.

        2. The United States made several deals with the English after the initial victory against The English. You also have to remember Benjamin Franklin and John Adams had gone to Paris to make deals with the French so that they can also help the colonies. While Haiti a much smaller Nation had a larger mountain to surmount.

        3. I think race “realism” is sometimes just race bigotry…
          To claim that these people are too retarded to figure out that their government is fucking them and to start free trade amongst themselves seems like something an idiot would say.

        4. The real question is how many spliffs did you smoke today? And is it the good stuff? LMAO!!
          By the way Snoop Lion’s Album was not bad at all.

        5. it’s amazing some people blame what happened in 1825 for the problems today…during that period Europe has been through several wars and massive debts but come out fine. The Jews who were decimated in WWII have recovered in a little over 70 years. I am sure if we could go ahead in time 500 years blacks will still be blaming slavery and the 50-100 years of colonialism instead of themselves.

        6. You NEED to read up on your history and even current events. The Jews were handed a cut out territory that was never theirs. Who gave it to them? The United Nations.
          It’s always astounding to hear that people have no grasp on how Imperialism fucked the 3rd world. What happened after the Revolution was France forcing Haiti to pay exorbitant “damages” if you will, for the loss of their slave economy. Haiti was not traded with by most countries because they refused to recnognise them as a legitimate state.
          Fast forward to the present day, after being held back for 100 years, then having governments undermined by the CIA, placing puppet leaders in charge who serve the interests of the United States and other Imperial nations, factor in the IMF which has never helped any 3rd world economy to thrive…plus a series of very unfortunate natural disasters and leaders who do not care. This is why Haiti is where it is today. Most of its problems come from outside, not inside. Educate yourself.
          The same United States we claim to love shafted a lot of the Caribbean and Latin America with Manifest Destiny and the Big Stick Policy. Read a book.

        7. I’ve read plenty of books.
          How long do the black nations and black people use this as an excuse?
          By the way most of Africa had 50-100 years of Imperial rule. They were not exactly a shining success during the thousands of years before and neither have they been since. For many that period of Imperial Rule is the first time they got to see railways, schools, courts and roads.
          You’re obviously used to talking about this stuff to people who hold exactly the same opinion. It’s called confirmation bias. Look it up.

        8. I wonder how different the world would be today if Europe and North America hadn’t used slave labour to fund the industrial revolution and construct these ivory towers. I don’t think you appreciate how deep the tentacles of Imperialism go into the underbelly of the 3rd world. The CIA and the U.S. Government has a well documented history, and is still up to this very day, intervening in the affairs of sovereign states. I don’t know how a country can prosper if the U.S. is over their shoulder saying “I don’t like this new law you want. Change it or we won’t trade with you.” It’s called economic warfare. The U.S. uses its power to direct local affairs in many 3rd world states. To deny this would be to commit intellectual blasphemy.
          I’m not saying that the Haitian people are not part of the problem, but you cannot be true to yourself and completely underplay the role of foreign intervention. You must understand, that a country who was held down for so many years, has systemic problems in education and welfare. It’s a vicious cycle.
          One day, the people must make a conscious decision not to let that history hold them back, but don’t come here and talk shit about Imperialism doing these countries good when 400 years of barbaric slavery was unleashed on human fucking beings. What kind of fucked up person are you?
          Manifest Destiny and the Big Stick Policy are all alive and well today. But of course, once the West panders to your refined and delicate tastes, you don’t give a flying fuck about what happens to the rest of the world. And the irony is that the U.S. fucks all of us, even those who live within its borders. Countries like Haiti have been fucked the hardest. So go ahead, celebrate your totem-ism.

        9. Jews had been there for thousands of years. King Solomon, David, Abraham, etc…they have a long history of being in the Levant. Palestinian’s and Jews have like over 85% of the same DNA lineage. Arabs got the rest of the middle east, giving Israel their tiny nation shouldn’t have been a big deal

        10. Most of those Jews are Akhenazi Jews from Central Europe…Mel Gibson should have chosen a Palestinian actor to play Jesus more accurately, but hey they are churning out another Egyptian movie with White rulers again so its the same false story.

        11. Michael, brother please dont defend the Jews. Its fallacy for a White Man to defend any Jew or Jewess.

    2. Im into HBD, but this has almost nothing to do with HBD. Haiti has been screwed by the US and France for 200 years. France refused to allow it de jure and got the US to ensure that Haiti had no trading partners. It couldve been much different.

    3. There’s only one race fuckstick and that’s the human race. I think you are referring to ethnic backgrounds.

    4. There are a lot of “blue pill” brown people on this site concerning the subject of race. We’re all “equal” except when it comes to evil (where whites excel) and sports like basketball and avenues like dancing (where blacks excel); and don’t forget penis size (where blacks come out on top as well). Whites can’t “naturally” be better at anything (like building civilization). Only blacks can be “naturally” better in areas. Otherwise, it’s “racism.”

  4. Haitian History was glorious probably the biggest event in the Western Hemisphere. After The United States Independence from England, the Haitians as a Black country gained their Independence in 1804. It shook the foundations all over South America the Caribbean and even here in America where people feared a similar slave revolt here. They also heavily influenced the independence movements by providing funding and troops to Simon Bolivar in what later became La Gran Colombia. France captured their leaders and they had a tumultuous relationship with their neighbor the Spanish Haiti or the Dominican Republic and Spain to the east (the oldest European established city in the Americas). Although many Dominicans also were in support with the Haitians.
    Outside influence and a corrupt government has left Haiti a shell of itself. Once a breadbasket for Europe…and now the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The Haitian people are very bright and hardworking but their Government continuously fails them, all they care about is themselves and they are easily bought off. Haiti is in a terrible situation and will be for some time to come. Hopefully someday with stronger leadership, more education they will be able to bring a level of respect to that country, and wont have to immigrate to other countries around America.

    1. “It shook the foundations all over South America the Caribbean”
      And look at Haiti now.
      Also, the eartquake analogy is a bit… distasteful, haha.

  5. And Australia was founded as a penal colony full of thieves and prostitutes..and today its considered more honest than England..history doesn’t always decide the future of a place.

    1. More honest than England? Barely.
      From what I’ve been hearing, Australia is in a race to become the first Western nation since WW2 to go full-scale totalitarian.

      1. I’m talking in international rankings..but yeah they do have a feminist problem..and taking away the guns in a largely rural country??..Insanity.

  6. Haiti is screwed because the french and American governments want to make an example of them. You are talking a country whose legitimate head of state was kidnapped by the cia and put into exile in south africa. i AM not talking 100 years ago, I am talking since 2004.
    Imagine the cluster fuck America would be if Russia just invaded us willy nilly and kidnapped our presidents and members of congress when ever they wanted.
    Haiti is essentially a vassal state of Anglo-Franco American alliance and any government who threatens the iron grip of this alliance is basically thrown out of power and replaced with an incompetent one who will be entirely dependent upon foreign aid.
    Some say well if we withdraw foreign aid from Haiti, then Haiti will collapse. This is partially true. The government put in place by the Franco-Americans is put their because it is known to be incompetent. What would a semi competent Haitian government look like. Well you get something like Cuba, communist or socialist-nationalist, who despite some flaws is still able to run a fairly decent government.
    Withdrawing aid from Haiti would FORCE Haitian government to balance the books, cut out imports, and to produce results or parish. Problem is, these types of governments are almost never in the best interest of American, French or English businesses and therefore are blocked from rising to power.

    1. Much of Latin America is manipulated their “leaders” easily bought off or threatened. Its like the Mafia. Colonial societies have been part of the problem. Also the leaders of these countries only care about themselves. Haiti’s next door neighbor had a brutal leader named Trujillo who was considered “Right Wing.” When strong moral leaders arise they are threatened or coups are sprung to topple them. There is a wider conversation when it comes to this issue it is not simple and clear cut, like the media portrays it as here. Thanks for the comment!

      1. “We have been ruled more by deceit than by force, and we have been degraded more by vice than by superstition. Slavery is the daughter of darkness: an ignorant people is a blind instrument of its own destruction.
        Those who have served the cause of the revolution have plowed the sea.”

    2. I’m so alarmed that more people on this post don’t know or appreciate this. Thank you for educating these commenters.

      1. I may have to copy and paste a bunch of these posts. This post is historical gold. And hand crafted gold. Not sure if this will help those with racist tendencies, ease a smidge of the hate they hold dear, then the posts were worth it. Heck, the majority of non-racists, are getting a solid lesson history lesson. It’s a beautiful thing that occurs when knowledge meets ignorance. Ignorance will fight with all it’s might, but when knowledge shines a light in even the darkest corner of ignorance, the only remaining choice is to embrace the truth. Or sulk knowing you lost an argument. For a very long time.

    3. “Imagine the cluster fuck America would be if Russia just invaded us willy nilly and kidnapped our presidents and members of congress when ever they wanted.”
      We’d probably be better off without their interference in our lives.

      1. Would you invest in a country, as in your life savings, where a foreign government can come in and take out whatever it wants whenever it wants? I wouldn’t.

        1. I wouldn’t personally do it or recommend it. Though in some sectors, such as defense and energy, investment in foreign markets where external actors can whimsically and dramatically alter operations isn’t uncommon either. I also feel very strongly that Americans, if not capable of preventing foreign actors from undermining their government, would mitigate the effects the puppet government could play.

        2. America despite having the largest reserves in coal and some of the largest reserves of natural gas and oil in the world still cannot become energy independent due to internal politics. The concept we can get our energy act together in the face of foreigners dropping bombs on our nuclear power plants and coal and gas plants is pure fantasy.
          Americans would not be able to mitigate a puppet government, if that were true, no one would care about “obamacare” “Destroying” america. Because the resilient businesses would just operate in light of the “GROSS HARDSHIP” of having to pay for your employees not to drop down dead and die.

        3. America has been getting an increasing percentage of its energy from domestic sources despite the lack of political guidance and will to formulate a plan. Also, MANY American companies are finding ways to mitigate the negative effects of the Affordable Care Act.

    4. Bullshit
      The first thing Haiti did after gaining independence was to murder/genocide all white people… Even non-French, even supporters/sympathizers of the new government.
      With no white people around, Haiti reverted to African cultural norms.
      This is why Haiti has African levels of single motherhood, the most in the Americas.
      No country with as many single mothers as Haiti has ever pulled itself out of poverty: they are all gangland hellholes.
      It’s the culture stupid.
      As for the industrious few mentioned in the article: in Haitian culture, they are expected to support their mother, father, sisters, nieces and nephews, lazy brothers, their children, and their baby mommas on their income. In other words, they never generate wealth and stay poor.

      1. There’s no point in debating hernan cortez. Seriously, he’s a nutcase in the true sense of the word. I had a long debate with him where he insisted that the Ancient Greeks were black Africans! No amount of overwhelming evidence was enough to convince him… uh, ancient Greek marble sculptures were of white people! This guy hates, I mean HATES white people, and there’s no amount of evidence or reasoning that will convince him that whites have done anything good in the world. He’s a troll and a racist moron. Best to not feed him.

        1. Now you know how annoying white people trying to claim Ancient Egypt are, welcome to the club.

        2. Oh and the earliest peoples before the so called Greeks could had Black features…the Greek language comes from Africa as well.


        3. The Ancient greeks were black africans. There capital city Athena was named after a black african goddess called neith. Dodona after the african dodoma. Ares after Ras. Several Greek writers make it clear the origins of all things Greek were Egyptians and the Egyptians of ancient period were undoubtedly black according to the greeks who describe them as being a colony of ethiopians.
          You had no evidence. In fact, the black figure pottery demonstrated quiet clearly the greeks were anti-white and prejudice because it involved images of primarily white foreigners being murdered by black hercules. You came up with no credible explanation as to why hercules is constantly portrayed as a black man killing white people.
          Only a compelte deluded person could look at a painting full of blacks and conclude they are whites.
          Ancient Greeks as portrayed by themselves
          Those are not white people.
          Hercules killing more whites
          White slaves
          Whites with brown skin cornrows and broad flat noses?
          Who is deluded here?
          Why are their clothes white but skin dark brown like modern black people?
          Greek boy 100 bc
          900 bc
          Whites do not have elongated heads like that nor noses like that.

          This book is the first book in the world that debuted unravels the mystery figure of Luqman Al-Hakim ( Luqman the wise, in the Qur’an) in history.
          Research undertaken by the author, provedthat Luqman the wise was the expert Athens philosophy, namely Socrates (469-399 BC).The tradition of Islam (hadith) states Luqman the wise is a black man (negro descent), thick lips, flat nose, and a former slave.
          But Socrates who is known as the originator or the father of western philosophy, believed white European descent. Obviously this case is contrary to the physical form of Luqman.However, Based on the synchronic-diachronic comparative analysis, content analysis, frameanalysis, and semantic analysis components, Muhammad Alexander @ Wisnu Sasongko foundthe existence of two equations:First – the Physical of Socrates was same 100% with Luqman the wise, namely blacks andformer slave. (Socrates was a former slave of Alcibiades. Socrates was
          that always keep Alcibiades, and not the gay couples of Alcibiades. The
          in Greek history was a slave whose job keeping the child from his master)Second – The teaching philosophy of Socrates has the same thematic 100% with the advice of Luqman in Al-Quran surah Luqman. (Advice of Luqman to his son was the same as the adviceof Socrates to Lamprocles, the Socrates son’s)Luqman the Wise was Socrates (469-399 BC) The Skinned Black | wisnu sasongko – Academia.edu
          You cannot accept facts.
          The two most famous stories from ancient Greece are about black africans. Homer and the odessey; odessues is black. And the trojan war, whose hero memnon is the king of ethiopia who saves greece with 300,000 african soldiers. The greeks were undoubtedly black africans, and anyone who can’t accept that, needs more red pill.
          NOT WHITE
          Classicist James Dee found that “the Greeks do not describe themselves as “white people”
          “Discusses the historical factors that contribute to the origins of the terms white people and black people. Reasons behind the conclusion that Roman general Julius Caesar is a white person and the mythological character Odysseus is a black person; Significance of Romance philology to the classical origin of colors; Background on the involvement of Europeans in African slave-trading.”
          For those who don’t know who the black king of greece odyseeus is let me provide some background.

          also known by the Roman name Ulysses (/juːˈlɪsiːz/; Latin: Ulyssēs, Ulixēs), was a legendary Greek king of Ithaca and a hero of Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey. Odysseus also plays a key role in Homer’s Iliad and other works in that same Epic Cycle.
          Husband of Penelope, father of Telemachus, and son of Laërtes and Anticlea, Odysseus is renowned for his brilliance, guile, and versatility (polytropos), and is hence known by the epithet Odysseus the Cunning (mētis, or “cunning intelligence”). He is most famous for the ten eventful years he took to return home after the decade-long Trojan War and his famous Trojan Horse ploy to capture the city of Troy.Wikipedia and
          The most famous Greek stories are centered around blacks being the hero. Does this sound like a white civilization to you?
          Godfrey Higgins (white man born in the 1700s) archaeologist, Freemason and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, humanist, social reformer, and author; Anacalypsis
          Quote:”Osiris and his Bull were black; all the Gods and Goddesses of Greece were black: at least this was the case with Jupiter, Bacchus, Hercules, Apollo, Ammon.The Goddesses Venus, Isis, Hecati, Diana, Juno, Metis, Ceres, Cybile, are black. The Multi-mammia is black in the Campidoglio at Rome, and in Montfaucon, Antiquity explained.
          Page 138
          Quote:”All the hero Gods Theseus, Bacchus, Æsculapius, &c., were saviours and black saviours too. These black icons were made when man himself was black. He made his God after himself, and then said that man was made after the image of God.”
          Admit you hate truth and facts!
          I already explained that modern greek fakes were plaster museum models created by white supramacist who invaded greece including nazi artist and british in the last 200 years.
          You are a troll, I present facts from authors and experts.
          Dr. Graham Campbell Dunn a white New Zealander with several degrees from oxbrdige wrote several books including who were the minoans an african answer and the african origins of classical civilization, and has published over 2 dozens papers supporting that the ancient greeks were a black civilization. There are other professors inculding author of black athena and harvard educated professors like maartin bernalls black athena and dr. winters who demonstrate this as well. Trolls do not cite harvard professors or oxbridge professors. They just make comments like you do to rile people up.

        4. The Greeks are fairly dark-complected compared to most of Europe. After all, they live next to the fucking sunny Mediterranean, but that doesn’t mean the ancient Greeks were black. The color choices came down to what was available to pottery makers. I suppose the reason those “black” Greek women had long hair was because bitches had relaxer back then? Maybe if they had afros you’d be on to something.

          You came up with no credible explanation as to why hercules is constantly portrayed as a black man killing white people.

          As I explained last time, Hercules is NOT constantly portrayed as black, nor is he constantly killing white people. Here’s an example below. Greek pottery generally tends to be black and brown, which is the natural color of clay. The white color is rarer, and there were definitely people from the north who were lighter skinned than the Greeks, but that doesn’t make the Ancient Greeks black, dumb ass.
          Here’s Hercules with white skin.
          Here’s Hercules with no coloring at all, fighting someone of the same skin color.

        5. Greek is an Afro-Asiatic language family just one of 6 major languages from Africa the main two branches fueled most of the worlds languages you can look it up yourself educate yourself and everyone else who thinks like you please…
          “The Indo-European languages are a family of several hundred related languages and dialects. There are about 439 languages and dialects, according to the 2009 Ethnologue estimate, about half (221) belonging to the Indo-Aryansubbranch.[2] It includes most major current languages of Europe, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent, and was also predominant in ancient Anatolia. With written attestations appearing since the Bronze Age in the form of the Anatolian languages and Mycenaean Greek, the Indo-European family is significant to the field of historical linguistics as possessing the second-longest recorded history, after the Afro-Asiatic family.”

        6. You do know that there are blacks in Africa with long straighter hair like Ethiopians, many types of Black people…but you wouldn’t know that…sometimes I think why do I educate these guys? I should let you wallow in your own ignorance.

        7. correction to my first post… I mean Greek comes from Indo European
          and you do know minority speakers of that language exist almost completely in Sub-Saharan Africa today! But Afro Asiatic or Indo European its still comes from…..AFRICA!!

        8. But what you showed us is not evidence that they were black Africans. You realize that right?

        9. Afro Asiatic is also AFRICAN influencing the middle eastern languages and early Hebrews and Arabs Jesus spoke Aramaic an Afro Asiatic Languages and yes Afro Asiatic also includes parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. However you cut the cookie you still get cookie. Now eat it and learn something.

        10. Afro Asiatic languages are based in the middle east. The parts that are in Sub-Saharan Africa are on the fringes, which mean they were influenced. If you want to know the source of something find its center, not the distant edge. Let me guess, Jesus was black?

        11. I want your evidence of white greeks. I already provided more than enough evidence, I want you to refute dr. campbell dunn’s linguistic papers and books one by one line by line.

        12. Ahhh what part of AFRO in AFRO-ASIATIC do you not understand? Africa is home to Homo Sapien Language as well as pre-Homo Sapien Language if you agree thats also “language”
          And I’m 100% sure Jesus is NOOOOOTTT WHITEEEE!!!
          Especially not BLONDE HAIRED AND BLUE EYED like the movies. LMAO

        13. The Greeks are dark complexion due to black admixture and nothing else. Nice try, I originate from Spain, and guess what, spain is on the mediterrean and Spaniard blondes stay blonde despite being on the Med. Italians blondes in the north stay blonde. Sun doesn’t change your hair color from blonde to black, racial admixture with africans does. If the color was just a choice why are all the murdered enemies white and the victors black. There is only one logical explanation. Dislike of whites.
          As for blacks having wavy hair, occurs all the time, even within the same family. Notice the child’s wavy straight hair.
          Only a foolish person could try to claim the above people as not black on account of their “straight hair”
          A close up demonstrates that often the hair is dreaded which is why it is clumped together
          Additionally microbraids and sometimes naturally straight hair can be portrayed this way as well.
          White? All are from “sub-saharan africa”
          The natural color of clay below is not black, the man killing the white guy in the second image i linked is black, the loser of war is white. Nice try liar.
          Hercules skin is not white in your image. It was black and altered to look white. Which is why his left leg and left arm still have giant patches of black skin on them fool.
          The white supremacist went through a period where they tried to make the black images white. In doing so by scratching off the black paint. This is why it has so many black spots left on it still. Further the base or background like in all paintings was white. Hence it was known if you pick off the black skin you could make an image look white. However the age made it hard to do, and it was redone in an era with primitive tools by modern standards, hence why often in images like this you have black feet and legs with a white head. Even half of his fingers are black!
          In your second image, hercules is being portrayed with brown skin not white! also not both men have afros!

        14. Oh yeah, this is the part where because the word “AFRO” is used it supposed to mean black people. Well, uh, let me give you a little geography lesson. There’s actually a giant fucking desert separating Mediterranean peoples from the Sub-Saharan black Africans. Africa is a big continent. Did I say Jesus was blonde haired and blue eyed? I’m an atheist. Like I give a fuck. He may not have even existed, but if he did he probably looked like a typical middle easterner.

        15. Very interesting thanks for all research! Thing is many of these “Racial Realists” will hate to admit this even if the evidence is right in front of their face.

        16. It wasn’t always a desert…..lol
          I didn’t say you said it but the media loves to portray this…even if Jesus never existed, the media and Racist White Pseudo Science and Christian religion loved to push that idea of Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Jesus. So its not so much if he existed or not that’s another debate I’m not interested in, its just the reason for why he is portrayed in this fashion that is what I’m discussing.

        17. Afro-American. African people based in America
          Afro Asiatic. African people based in Asia
          Get a brain.
          -Sub-saharan africa is an entity only in the mind of modern white supremacist. Historically it had no relevence in antiquity for africans. The largest African empire was the kanem bornu empire from nigeria to libya crossing the sahara. In fact the empires of the Sahara were the most profitable like the Malians, the Songhai, the Egyptians, the Kushities, Nubians and so on.
          The trades routes went right through the Sahara

        18. Yes many here believe that black only have a stake in Ancient Egypt without failing to realize all the Empires also below Sub Saharan Africa. They will continue believing foolishly in their ideology its not use.

        19. Overtime, I have come to take the red pill on race. I use to think like redpill army. But after substantial research I realized if anything, the opposite was true and the blacks were a far more peaceful and civilzed race. When I consider that my race is responsible for wiping out two continents full of indians a 3rd full of aboriginals, invaded and colonized asia and africa and wiped out blacks from most of the north and much of central asia. And on top of that is responsible for 2 world wars. What does that say about us as white people?
          We have been the most destructive element on this planet. Add on the fact that the black man didn’t even seek to revenge against whites after slavery and jim crow and not treating you like humans for 600 years and you are just willing to forget. That caused me to look at my own race more critically. Because all white people have done since entering europe, was murder each other in revenge killings, and you can study roman history and see it.
          If the shoe was on the other foot, white people would never forgive blacks and would try to wipe them out in a race war. I have never heard of a black doctor or scientist who tried to make diseases to wipe out white people, can’t say the inverse is not true.
          I am now able to conclude that political correctness is not really saying things that “offend” non-whites like not calling blacks the n-word or chinese gooks or making mexican jokes. The real political correctness in the west is that no one is allowed to tell the truth on white history. Or people like red pill army attack them as racist or reverse self hating white racist.
          and the truth on white history, is that it pretty much starts somewhere between the time of colombus and industrialization and we didn’t even build our own countries for the most part. We stole land from indians and asians, kidnapped blacks (or paid other blacks to do it because we were too lazy to do any work) and then forced the blaks to built our capitol and white house because we were either too incompetent or unintelligent to.
          Benjamin Franklin
          Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, etc.
          “The Whites who have Slaves, not labouring, are enfeebled, and therefore not so generally prolific; the Slaves being work’d too hard, and ill fed, their Constitutions are broken, and the Deaths among them are more than the Births; so that a continual Supply is needed from Africa. The Northern Colonies having few Slaves increase in Whites. Slaves also pejorate the Families that use them; the white Children become proud, disgusted with Labour, and being educated in Idleness, are rendered unfit to get a Living by Industry.”
          In short, Franklin says whites who own slaves have lazy white children.
          “That the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth. I could wish their Numbers were increased. And while we are, as I may call it, Scouring our Planet, by clearing America of Woods, and so making this Side of our Globe reflect a brighter Light to the Eyes of Inhabitants in Mars or Venus, why should we in the Sight of Superior Beings, darken its People?”
          Here franklin makes it quiet clear. In his time, the majority of people in Europe are not white. They are quadroons and mulattos called swarthy. The principal body of white people on earth were the english
          So where did all these non-whites go?
          blue blood:
          1834, translating Spanish sangre azul, claimed by certain families of Castileas uncontaminated by Moorish or Jewish admixture, probably from thenotion of the visible veins of people of fair complexion.
          Why did it take until 1834, for The Royals of Spain (recall Franklin makes it quiet clear most these people at his time are NOT white) to be able to proclaim they were free of Jewish or Moorish (black) admixture. In fact, if Europe was lilly white, why even care about the 5 people in a country of millions with some jew or black admixture.
          By the time of Hitler, most of the Jews had been expelled out of every country in europe except germany and the surrounding nations of eastern europe like poland and russia. Hitler’s obession with jews, is the same. There were alot of non-whites around in Germany in Hitler’s time, some of the major cities were 20-30% jews. Likewise of much of europe prior to race wars of the 1800-1830 which modern white historians have disguised as religious wars were blacks were systematically wiped out and the history books re-written to eliminate their presence.
          Why do you think it was illegal under punishment of death in the slavery south for a black man to read? What would that do to your slave to find out there was a black general in france killing whites by the tens of thousands called thomas alexander dumas?

        20. Such a claim doesn’t even make sense. Why would blacks magically stop populating Africa at the border of Egypt? Do they not realize egypt is hotter than most of tropical Africa? Is this a symptom of poor us education system? Do they not know Mali was the centre of the medieval world, hence the phrase from here to timbuktu and trade was done all over the sahara? Almost all of the most important African empire straddle the sahara. Mali, Songhai, Egypt, Kush/nubia, ethiopia, Mande. It is pretty logical that the africans from West africa moved into ancient greece. Once you read books on the subject. You realize the nigeria and greece are closer than Nigeria and south africa. Yet, no one dispute the nguni people of south africa originate from that region. so why is there an issue with a movement in the other direction? It must suck to have to admit that the origin of your entire culture, religion and existence, is based off the people who your ancestors thought were subhumans and you enslaved.

        21. By God, when you say you took the red pill, did you mean the Red Sea?! The amount of knowledge you just dropped, you straight up, bombed the article. Much obliged to you for knowing as much history as you do.

        22. Really? White people altered the pottery to make Hercules white? When you have to resort to conspiracy theories you’re desperate. If the Ancient Greeks were originally black Africans then there would be traces of Sub-Saharan DNA in their genes. Here’s the average genetic makeup of the Greeks and the West Africans. As you can see, the average native Greek has ZERO Sub-Saharan African DNA. Keep spreading lies.
          Source: https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/reference-populations/

        23. Sub-saharan africa is an entity only in the mind of modern white supremacist. Historically it had no relevence in antiquity for africans.

          Wrong. Is National Geographic a white supremacist organization? The Sahara is a multi-thousand mile desert that separates the Mediterranean peoples from the West Africans, who modern black Americans are descended from. While there was always trade, the desert largely acted as a barrier and isolated the two groups from each other. You can sequence the DNA of a West African, and an Egyptian, and without seeing the two tell which is which. There are many DNA sequencing services that do this, and can tell you exactly where your ancestors are from. If there wasn’t a difference, then this would be impossible.

        24. The Sahara acted as a natural barrier. It’s a 3.6 million square mile desert. Yes, there is a difference in DNA. There are plenty of DNA sequencing services that will tell you exactly where your ancestors came from. The Middle Easterners certain thought of the Sub-Saharan Africans as a different people, whom they called, “the Zanj.”
          “As for the Zanj, they are people of black color, flat noses, kinky hair, and little understanding or intelligence.”
          -Al-Muqaddasi, 10th century Arab geographer

        25. The Boy lovers had influences from Phoenicians Ancient Egyptians/Africans and middle eastern areas…they don’t Cluster from Sub-Saharan Civilization but ultimately all Civilization comes from Black Africa….Greek is the foundation for White Society and much of their learning comes from Africa which predates even the thought of a Greece by many thousands of years.

        26. The blacks enslaved each other as part of the Arab Slave Trade. West Africa had no prison system in the 16th century, so they got rid of their criminals by selling them to white people. Whites did not “kidnap” blacks. Slavery goes back forever. The slave trade was finally ended by “white people,” the British Empire, in the 19th century. If they had not done that, slave trade would certainly still be around. Whites did not invent slavery, but whites DID end it.

        27. Source: National Geographic
          Who’s in denial? People like you and hernan are exactly like Ken Ham and the Creationists, who believe the world is 6,000 years old. You simply cherry pick the evidence to conform to your own worldview, and throw out anything that contradicts it with conspiracy theories. It’s crackpot pseudoscience and the world is laughing at you. You have an agenda and you seek out evidence that confirms your worldview.

        28. Ah, “boy lovers.” Do you get your history from movies? If you want to talk about child molestation, the modern black community has that down packed.
          “Race and ethnicity are an important factor in identified sexual abuse. African American children have almost twice the risk of sexual abuse than white children. Children of Hispanic ethnicity have a slightly greater risk than non-Hispanic white children (Sedlack, et. al., 2010).”

        29. No you are like a Radical Feminist, don’t switch the conversation…Crackpot Pseudo Science was hundreds of years of EURO CENTRIC BULL we were subjected to.

        30. Wonder how many of them Greeks would’ve been incarcerated under American Law…or maybe they would get lesser sentencing here given Historical Racial Trends.
          Enlighten us on Public Shootings, and Serial Killings as well.

        31. Its not conspiracy theory to use my eyes and observe a pottery figure with a white face has black arms and legs.
          The pictures I posted were of blacks not “Dark skin middle easterners. Although blacks are often dark skinned and often middle easterners.
          If the ancient Americans were originally native indians then the average American today should have substantial American indian dna. This is your arguement which is false.
          Firstly, Yoruba people do not even originate from west africa nor sub-saharan africa at all. They do not trace their ancestry to sub-saharan africa but rather to ancient Egypt, as such your comparison is faulty.
          Further Mediterranean would include black africans dna as they are the original inhabitants of this region, so your interpretation of the data is again faulty.
          You are essentially playing with data you don’t understand, so it is blowing up in your face.
          Your source is using autosomal dna, which is limited with current technology to 300-600 years with decreasing accuracy. Hence it cannot prove nor disprove my point about ancient greeks race.
          Secondly, the Greeks have substantial African dna. It is really irrelvent though because modern greeks have substantial admixture with non-black greeks. Even your own chart demonstrates that modern greeks have 46% genes from north european invaders and asian invaders and hence would not relfect the ancients.
          Thirdly, allosomal dna, definetly proves that modern greeks have subsaharan african admixture
          E1b1b, look under Greece. 30%. E1b1b originates in sub-saharan africa in the horn of africa and is one of the most prevelent groups for african americans as well as many other africans from south africa to the sudan.
          In otherwords, 1 in 3 modern greeks have an african male ancestors originating in sub-saharan africa in the last 5k-25,000 years.
          This is confirmed by numerous peer reviewed studies finding greeks african origins and relatedness to other black africans..
          HLA genes in Macedonians and the sub-Saharan origin of the Greeks.
          Arnaiz-Villena A1, Dimitroski K, Pacho A, Moscoso J, Gómez-Casado E, Silvera-Redondo C, Varela P, Blagoevska M, Zdravkovska V, Martínez-Laso J.
          Author information
          1Department of Immunology and Molecular Biology, H. 12 de Octubre, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain. [email protected]
          3) Greeks are found to have a substantial relatedness to sub-Saharan (Ethiopian) people, which separate them from other Mediterranean groups. Both Greeks and Ethiopians share quasi-specific DRB1 alleles, such as *0305, *0307, *0411, *0413, *0416, *0417, *0420, *1110, *1112, *1304 and *1310. Genetic distances are closer between Greeks and Ethiopian/sub-Saharan groups than to any other Mediterranean group and finally Greeks cluster with Ethiopians/sub-Saharans in both neighbour joining dendrograms and correspondence analyses. The time period when these relationships might have occurred was ancient but uncertain and might be related to the displacement of Egyptian-Ethiopian people living in pharaonic Egypt.
          HLA class I and class II polymorphism in a population from south-eastern Tunisia (Gabes Area).
          Hajjej A1, Hajjej G, Almawi WY, Kaabi H, El-Gaaied A, Hmida S.
          Author information
          1National Blood Transfusion Center, Rue Djebel Lakhdhar-Bab Saadoun, Tunis, Tunisia. [email protected]
          In conclusion, the successive invasions of North Africa in general, and Tunisia in particular, did not modify markedly the genetic makeup of present-day Tunisians. With the exception of Greeks who have a sub-Saharan genetic profile, all Mediterranean populations depict a typical mediterranean substratum.
          Ann Hum Biol. 2011 Mar;38(2):156-64. doi: 10.3109/03014460.2010.504195. Epub 2010 Jul 29.
          HLA class I and class II polymorphisms in Tunisian Berbers.
          Hajjej A1, Sellami MH, Kaabi H, Hajjej G, El-Gaaied A, Boukef K, Almawi WY, Hmida S.
          Author information
          Greeks seem to share genetic HLA features (Chr 6) with Sub-Saharans. The relatedness of Greeks to Sub-Saharans has been confirmed by other studies based on chromosome 7 genetic markers.
          Population genetic relationships between Mediterranean populations determined by HLA allele distribution and a historic perspective.
          Arnaiz-Villena A1, Gomez-Casado E, Martinez-Laso J.
          Author information
          1) Greeks share an important part of their genetic pool with sub-Saharan Africans (Ethiopians and west Africans) also supported by Chr 7 Markers. The gene flow from Black Africa to Greece may have occurred in Pharaonic times or when Saharan people emigrated after the present hyperarid conditions were established (5000 years B.C.).
          Genet Test. 2008 Jun;12(2):299-304. doi: 10.1089/gte.2007.0120.
          VNTR polymorphism of the DRD4 locus in different Pakistani ethnic groups.
          Mansoor A1, Mazhar K, Qamar R.
          This analysis grouped most of the Pakistani ethnic groups together and closer to the European and Middle Eastern populations, except for the Mohanna from Sindh, who grouped with the African populations. In addition, the Somali and the Greek samples analyzed in this study grouped closer to the previous data obtained on the African and European populations, respectively.
          How Africans spread into ancient Greece map
          “”The expansion time for the E1b1b1a2 (V13) subclade in Greece is estimated around 4-9kya, somewhat preceding the estimate for the origin of this subclade, which is due to the use of different mutation rate models. The estimate for expansion on Crete is 3kya, which coincides with an influx of Mycenaean culture from the Greek mainland during the end of the Bronze Age.”
          “The Northeast Africa-based E1b1b1a subclade is defined by SNP M78. Somalia, Sudan and Egypt are among the present day countries with very high frequencies (60-90%) of the E1b1b1a M78 subclade.”
          “The E1b1b1a (M78) subclade of Haplogroup E predominates in Europe wherever Haplogroup E is found. Since this haplogroup is most frequent in East Africa, it is likely connected to Africa via the Middle East and the Levantine corridor through Egypt. The exit from Africa is estimated within the Mesolithic era. The route to Europe continued through Anatolia and used the Balkan Peninsula, e.g. Greece, in the expansion of this subclade to the West”
          High-resolution Y-chromosome haplotyping and particular microsatellite associations reveal … an East Africa homeland for E-M78.Origin. See Ornella Semino, Chiara Magri, et al “Diffusion, and Differentiation of Y-Chromosome Haplogroups E and J: Inferences on the Neolithization of Europe and Later Migratory Events in the Mediterranean Area”http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?tool=pubmed&pubmedid=15069642
          HLA Genetic Relationship Between Ancient Greeks and Black Africans
          The Spread of Malaria to Southern Europe in Antiquity: New Approaches to Old Problems BERT SALLARES, MA; PhD,* ABIGAIL BOUWMAN, MSc, PhD,* and CECILIA ANDERUNG, MSc*
          Author information ► Copyright and License information ►
          “Haplotype analysis has demonstrated that the sickle-cell trait in Sicily, northern Greece, and western Arabia is in linkage disequilibrium with the Benin haplotype in western central Africa.62This constitutes direct evidence for gene flow linked to human migration from central Africa to Mediterranean Europe in historical times. The
          Failaka individual might have been a descendant of a
          Macedonian soldier from northern Greece with the
          Benin haplotype”
          Y Chromosomal lineage E-M78 (sub clade of E3B) according to the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS:
          “In conclusion, high-resolution Y-chromosome haplotyping and particular microsatellite associations reveal regional population differentiations, an East Africa homeland for E-M78, and recent gene-flow episodes consistent with the Neolithic in Europe.In particular, the spatial distributions of J-M172*, J-M267, E-M78, and E-M123 indicate expansions from the Middle East toward Europe”
          And of the “CLASSICAL” Greeks? Did they carry East African lineages?
          Well lets look at what the AM Journal of Human Genetics said.
          Geneticists wanted to test the hypothesis that Greeks colonized parts of Italy starting around 750 B.C.E. They decided that the best way is to test the populations in the relevant regions of Italy for “Greek signature lineages”.
          What are these lineages? J and E3B (E-M78)
          “”Southern Italy (Apulia and Calabria) contains sites of the early Neolithic period (Whitehouse 1968), but we know from history that these regions were subsequently colonized by the Greeks (Peloponnesians). To test the relative contribution of Greek colonists versus putative earlier Neolithic settlers, an admixture analysis (Bertorelle and Excoffier 1998) was performed, using E-M78 and J-M172(xM12) as signatures of Greek and Anatolian lineages, respectively.”:
          Semino et al. (2004) Origin, Diffusion, and Differentiation of Y-Chromosome Haplogroups E and J: Inferences on the Neolithization of Europe and Later Migratory Events in the Mediterranean Area. Am J Hum Genet
          When scientist want to test for presence of ancient greeks they are using sub-saharan african dna you banana. What does that tell you about thei race?
          BENIN HBS SICKLE CELL – originates in Benin West Africa and was carried by Neolithic and ancient Greeks.
          This migration finds some support in the presence in Mediterranean populations (Sicily, Greece, southern Turkey, etc.; Patrinos et al. 2001; Schiliro et al. 1990) of the Benin sickle cell
          haplotype. This haplotype originated in West Africa and is probably associated
          with the spread of malaria to southern Europe through an eastern Mediterranean
          route (Salares et al. 2004) following the expansion of both human and mosquito
          populations brought about by the advent of the Neolithic transition
          Cranial Discrete Traits in a Byzantine Population and Eastern Mediterranean Population Movements
          Human Biology , Oct 2008 by Ricaut, F X, Waelkens, M
          “We conclude that the beta S gene was introduced to Sicily from North Africa and that the gene flow originated in Central West Africa and traveled north through historically well-defined trans-Saharan commercial routes.
          Ragusa et al. (1988) Beta S Gene in Sicily Is in Linkage Disequilibrium with the Benin Haplotype: Implications for Gene Flow. Am J Hematol; 27:139-141
          “The consensus is that the gene was introduced into Sicily and Southern Italy from Northern Africa through the trans-Saharan trade routes, or, alternatively, by means of the Greek colonisation….”
          Russo-Mancuso et al. (1998) Survey of Sickle Cell Disease in Italy. Haematologica; 83:875-881
          Recently, it has been proposed that E3b originated in sub-Saharan Africa and expanded into the Near East and northern Africa at the end of the Pleistocene (Underhill et al. 2001). E3b lineages would have then been introduced from the Near East into southern Europe by immigrant farmers, during the Neolithic expansion (Hammer et al. 1998; Semino et al. 2000; Underhill et al. 2001).
          Cruciani et al. Phylogeographic Analysis of Haplogroup E3b (E-M215) Y Chromosomes Reveals Multiple Migratory Events Within and Out Of Africa. Am J Hum Genet. 2004 May; 74(5): 1014–1022
          Reconstructing ancient mitochondrial DNA links between Africa and Europe.
          Cerezo M1, Achilli A, Olivieri A, Perego UA, Gómez-Carballa A, Brisighelli F, Lancioni H, Woodward SR, López-Soto M, Carracedo A, Capelli C, Torroni A, Salas A.
          Author information
          Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) lineages of macro-haplogroup L (excluding the derived L3 branches M and N) represent the majority of the typical sub-Saharan mtDNA variability. In Europe, these mtDNAs account for <1% of the total but, when analyzed at the level of control region, they show no signals of having evolved within the European continent, an observation that is compatible with a recent arrival from the African continent. To further evaluate this issue, we analyzed 69 mitochondrial genomes belonging to various L sublineages from a wide range of European populations. Phylogeographic analyses showed that ~65% of the European L lineages most likely arrived in rather recent historical times, including the Romanization period, the Arab conquest of the Iberian Peninsula and Sicily, and during the period of the Atlantic slave trade. However, the
          remaining 35% of L mtDNAs form European-specific
          subclades, revealing that there was gene flow from sub-
          Saharan Africa toward Europe as early as 11,000 yr ago.
          ” The E-M35* lineage shows its highest frequency (19.2%) in the Ethiopian Oromo but with a wider distribution range than E-P2*. Indeed, it is also found at high frequency (16.7%) in the Khoisan of South Africa (Underhill et al. 2000; Cruciani et al. 2002) (suggesting, once again, their ancient relationship with Ethiopians) and observed in southern Europe (present study). ”
          “In Europe, this clade is restricted to the southernmost regions, such as Iberia and Sicily, and the absence of microsatellite variation suggests a very recent arrival from North Africa, consistent with previous observations (Bosch et al. 2001). The frequency pattern and the microsatellite network of E-M2(xM191) (fig. 3) indicate a West African origin followed by expansion, a result that is in agreement with the findings of Cruciani et al. (2002).”
          Origin, Diffusion, and Differentiation of Y-Chromosome Haplogroups E and J: Inferences on the Neolithization of Europe and Later Migratory Events in the Mediterranean Area
          Ornella Semino,1 Chiara Magri,1 Giorgia Benuzzi,1 Alice A. Lin,2 Nadia Al-Zahery,1,4 Vincenza Battaglia,1 Liliana Maccioni,5 Costas Triantaphyllidis,6 Peidong Shen,7 Peter J. Oefner,7 Lev A. Zhivotovsky,8 Roy King,3 Antonio Torroni,1 L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza,2 Peter A. Underhill,2 and A. Silvana Santachiara-Benerecetti1
          Using archaeological evidence and the classical literature Dr. C.A. Winters (1983b) explained how the African/Black founders of Grecian civilization originally came from the ancient Sahara. Winters(1983b) makes it clear that these Blacks came to the Aegean in two waves 1) the Garamantes a Malinke speaking people that now live along the Niger river, but formerly lived in the Fezzan region of Libya;
          So there you have it, over 100 professors on peer reviewed studies all saying the ancient greeks were blacks. I await your reply.

        32. I’d argue they subscribe to a system of white supremacy. After all, its an organization, made up of almost entirely white people, who has portrayed a clear pattern of distorting the truth.
          King Tut according to Nat Geo
          Some strange looking mulatto
          King Tut’s facial reconstruction based on X-rays from :
          “In late 2002, scientists and special effects artists from Britain and New Zealand managed to construct a fiberglass replica of King Tut’s head from X-rays of his skeleton. The cast is now on display in London’s Science Museum.”
          Read more: King Tut-Ankh-Amen | Ancient Egypt | Egyptian Pharaoh | Artifacts | Death Mask | Mystery http://www.kidzworld.com/article/2640-egypt-king-tut-revealed#ixzz3JCYiF900
          Follow us: @kidzworld on Twitter | kidzworld on Facebook
          King Tut as portrayed by his royal artist
          Cairo Museum
          To me there certainly is an agenda going on here.
          The Sahara does not separate as millions of people live there. Entire countries like Mali, Niger Chad and the Sudan sit on the Sahara.

        33. So first blacks weren’t arabs now they are arabs and enslaved themselves. You can’t even keep your lies straight.
          Whites did not kidnap blacks, LOL, what do you call a slave plantation? What do you call all those white people’s whose job it was to kidnap blacks, you know, like 12 years a slave?
          The British people only wanted to “Stop” slavery for other countries because they never wanted them to get rich off the same free labour like they did. The british hate competition.
          Most West African countries were colonies of European whites for hundreds of years. If they didn’t abolish slavery it is because the whites who ran it chose to keep it legal so they could continue enslaving blacks.

        34. WHITES R EVUL
          Your grammar is terrible and it makes it difficult to take any of your arguments seriously. Skip the Black Pride History readings and try some fucking elementary English.

        35. Ok, relax dude because this is going too far, not that I really care what race Jesus was. The image above is a reproduction of the centuries old holy icon of our Lady of Czestochowa, the Black Madonna who is the queen of Poland. I seriously doubt that the Polish people are black.

        36. Yeah yeah sure. Reproduction. You pray to a white jesus while your pope prays to a black one. They know what race the real jesus was, and its not white.
          The black madonna is jesus and mary, the poles portrayed jesus as black just like everywhere else on the planet did before white supremacy took over.

        37. Jesus, so wait swarthy means they were quadroons? Jesus way to go genius. Plus Caucasians are not all pale white, some have slightly yellowish skin and green veins. Its called being Alpine or Mediterenian.

        38. Third Eye, we cant argue if we dont have our definitions straight, Caucasian, Negroid, Dravidian, Mongoloid, Astroloid are facio-cranial race types. White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Swarthy,etc are skin color types. Without basic definitions we have cortez confusing everybody and then pretending he won the argument.

        39. And then we have the mixes of the skin complexion and the facial features…in some cultures we have very specific names for certain facial structures/features and skin complexion while in Anglo-America the “One Drop Rule” was imposed by the White Anglo-Saxons.

        40. Look the whole discussion is very delicate, and yes I will admit it has rustled my feathers. It’s obvious alot of people, blacks whites and others in this discussion need to come to terms with some facts. Yes the light-skinned Afro-American had a white great-great grandfather who probably owned and raped his great great grandmother. Yes, the slightly yellow and broad headed German, probably had Genghis Khan or some Mongoloid rape and pillage his ancestral village a couple of centuries ago. Yes, the blue-eyed Morrocan probably had a concubine ancestor from Italy or France. The world is a fucked up place and this discussion has brought up the worst in us.

        41. I agree with you. The thing is that it is certain people who bring the conversation to this level, me and others who agree with me, we are not the ones to always degrade the conversation in this fashion. I don’t care where a person is from. I have friends from all different backgrounds and cultures…but when simply mirror a certain level of interaction, the fingers never get pointed at the ones who actually initiate the negative turn in the conversation.
          This not only occurs in this forum but I observe it in day to day activities.

        42. No Swarthy means black. Swarthy comes from the word Swarth, North Germanic from Svart = black. You have a basic language problem.
          Caucasians can be of any race so its irrelvent in discussing race. There are plenty of black caucasians and I already posted nuermous examples. You seem to have a mental block that prevents from getting over the fact..
          Mediterraneans of the color that are not white are not white, it is quiet simple really. Black hair, brown skin = mixed race “whites”. This is why people from North Italy and Spain are blonde hair and blue eyed, yet those from down south are darkies.
          This is why when the Germanics moved into Spain in the 1830s they declared themselves of blue blood, free of jewish and moorish (black) admixture. They are the small minority like myself with blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes, true aryans. All those dirty whites are not white but mixed race mongrels.

      2. Oh you sympathize with The colonizers and abusers, and boo hoo it’s “genocide” but when the shoe in the other foot, its bringing “civilization” and you excuse the action. You are the definition of a “Bullshit Artist.”!

      3. -Given that the French genocided the Haitians first by invading their country, raping them and their children, robbing them of their language, religion, culture, history, and knowledge of self. Kidnapping them out of their country and bringing them to a strange and foreign land where they stripped them naked and sold them like animals and poured feces and hot oil down their mouth. Given all that treatment, the white people who spent hundreds of years torturing the blacks in Haiti got off easy.
        -The highest level of single motherhood is amongst white mormon clds who milk the welfare system of utah and multiple marriages are not recognized by the state so they apply for welfare as single mothers.
        -Ironically, the african countries who throw out all the white people like Libya, Angola, E. Guinea, Botswana and Nigeria tend to be the ones that do the best economically. The ones most colonized by laRGE numbers of white people like Egypt and Zimbabwe are drowning in white failure.

        1. Why are you so obsessed with saying over and over again how the whites raped you over and over again? And then you say whites have weird sexual fetishes. The egyptians, your deae “black” people, castrated black men and raped black women on a far greater scale than whites ever did. For Whites it was only business.The Arabs actually took pleasure in denigrating you, humiliating you, yet you never called them out. Its cause you hate white europeans plain and simple and have some kind of weird Stockholm Syndrom for egyptians. I hope you see the truth one day, we are not your enemies…

        2. Whites did not rape me, although me being white, it is likely that someone white did rape my anceestors at some point, given white’s propsentisty for rape historically.
          The arabs, youc laim are a caucasian people whoa re white. So make up your mind, are arabs white civilizers who raped blacks, or are arabs black savages who raped blacks?
          My enemies are white supremacist like you.

        3. Its true, your ancestors offered themselves for food and shelter at the grand tangra of your region. Face it, your a peasant that thinks hes white and even if you are who cares your still nothing more than proletariat. Youl never even touch my bloodline, even though WE had the grace to touch yours. Dont worry about it, we did if for the lulz.

        4. Its Thracian, Fillipopolisev. Search it. Dont get scared, when you realize my family has enough money to buy you and your whole family, or kill them or rape them…good thing im a civilized person unlike yourself. You northern sami/celt monkey.

  7. So an “unstable foundation” can undermine a society. Okay. So whose responsibility is it to build and maintain a stable foundation? Why don’t these resilient, willing people you describe build it themselves? Are they just victims of their own bad luck or did they actually have a hand in creating their circumstances?
    (Extra credit: Would a european society ever go so long without electricity and running water? Given these realities, is it possible that european colonization is actually a good thing for unstable societies? If ROK wants to talk about these issues, they have to be willing to go these extra steps.)

    1. The Soviet Union held in there for awhile didnt it? And it doesnt help when two powerful countries have been trying to destabilize you for two centuries.

  8. Really random article, but I like it a lot and agree almost 100%. Haiti is a beautiful country with so much potential that was basically raped by France and America for 200 years and now the UN. I was planning a vacation there once and would have been there for the earthquake, but my plans fell thru.

  9. This is some blue pill bullshit. IQ is everything and Haiti’s average is in the toilet.
    “So what holds the country together? The answer is found in the Haitian people. Their resourcefulness, their ambition, their talents, their love for education, and their devotion to family all play a role.”
    Typical liberal “noble savage” garbage. Get the fuck off this site and go back to Gawker.

    1. IMF and the World Bank are much more relevant than IQ, whose significance is a moot point. France extorted billions of dollars in gold from Haiti as compensation for the loss of capital and land, in Haiti. America then lent money to the Haitians with unfair interest, to pay the debt. Haiti was defeated by financiers, not IQ. There isn’t a single country in Europe that doesn’t tell a similar story.

        1. Look at places in Eastern Europe (their governments and finances also manipulated) and look at Ireland and their situation with the banks there. Look at their homeless problem.

        2. Are they living off dirt cookies in Ireland or EE? If so, please enlighten us because it’s been absent from the news here. Germany has been paying reparations for WW2 for forever and day, do they look like Haiti?

        3. Europe still lives off of everything beautiful before guillotines lopped off the heads of the creators of all that beauty. Nothing worth mentioning has followed but even then, the wonder isn’t so much in what came as in the persistence of the beauty despite the present villainy. Today, it’s mostly just villainy, masquerading as what had once been.

        4. Good, glad you feel like that, because from what I have seen the 5th world Muslims and Africans haven’t gotten your memo, think you could let all of them know that so they quit dying trying to get to Europe?

        5. Well if they are homeless what are they living off of? I actually saw the Irish situation today on a special report from Ireland. Germany also had a lot of help from the Marshall Plan in Europe and for many decades was propped up by the Allies on one side and Russia on the other side (if you can call that propping up. Also Europe was able to make use of their industries and they were able to be equals in leading a formation of an International currency which Haiti can’t do. Eastern Europe/Soviet satellites suffered massive crisis in poverty. They often faced in fighting as their countries collapsed and also resorted to eating garbage and cannibalism. I don’t wish to go tit for tat…but usually theirs a tendency to always point the finger at one group of people when it is a larger economic issue.

        6. Exactly, because your tit for tat bullshit proves my point, all peoples have had bad things happen to them, but only africans are constantly given a pass for it. Germany was DESTROYED after WW2, Japan and Chile had earthquakes recently just like Haiti, but look at the difference of how the recovery has been.
          Some things don’t need long complicated explanations. The reality is for whatever reason God has seen fit to give different people different strengths and Africans got the short IQ stick, period. You can make up every justification under the sun you want to but one day (probably in the not to distant future) people will laugh at the “all people are created equal” religion that exists today much like people would laugh at you if you still tried to claim that the earth was flat.

        7. Sure but I’m not sure how this logically follows what I said. Would you stay in Europe even if your life were in danger? I hope not.

        8. By your comment you implied that Europe hasn’t matured or produced much of value since the guillotines, my point is that is bullshit. It’s even more ironic since in the last day or so they managed to land that rover on the comet. Perhaps you can enlighten us on when Haiti might do that, oh wait, I know, when the IMF cuts their interest rate!

        9. You seem to get severely annoyed when I point certain situations in Europe yet seem perfectly fine putting down others. Thanks for providing me little bit of comedy for the night thank you.

        10. Not annoyed, but your attempts to equate the condition of Haiti with Europe is the only comedy I have seen.

        11. My comment implied that majority of Europe’s beautiful architecture and infrastructure is centuries old and nothing comparable has been created since for very similar reasons. I promise Haiti’s situation is more nuanced than it seems.

        12. You do know that India had a recent Mars Mission at a fraction of our cost here a few weeks ago. Also your decimal system came from Northern Africa through what is now Italy, and the number 0 and Algebra from India and Arabs….Checkmate (oh yeah chess a game given to you by the moors.

        13. Well shit, don’t tell the people in Frankfurt that then. I guess they didn’t notice all those nice modern architectural buildings in their city.

        14. Yeah, and Egyptians were once in north Africa also, however I think it’s pretty common knowledge that Sub Saharan Africa is quite different than north africa. India was also colonized, why aren’t they suffering from the same colonial legacy that Haiti does???

        15. and you can’t fathom how none of it would be possible without the proper finances? As I said before, I promise Haiti’s situation is more nuanced than it seems.

        16. And where do the finances come from? Do they come from a tree? Do they come from YT’s magic pocket in the sky? Germany has a population of people capable of creating things of value for which other people are willing to pay, i.e. they have the money and need for buildings like that.
          With that being said, Haiti does not, unless you have uncovered some secret multi-billion dollar market for dirt cookies and jenkem.

        17. I can tell you were being facetious but ironically you’re not far from the truth. Banks create finances. Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is the master of industry and commerce. Further, You use Germany as an example but only call attention to your lack of knowledge.
          Germany didn’t always look the way it does now. During the decline of the Weimar Republic, Germany and Haiti had much in common: famine, lack of infrastructure, millions of citizens living in abject poverty; So on and so forth. Once Germany, was purchased by international financiers, millions of American dollars helped rebuild Germany after WWI during the depression.
          As I said before, the situation in Haiti is more nuanced than it seems and my intuition tells me you’re no economist.

        18. Oh there’s no doubt external forces can affect this. The conditions of Germany during the Weimar republic after WW1 are well documented. But what you are missing is that they still had a populace which was able to produce something of higher value for which people need and are willing to pay. Germany was helped (as Haiti has been) but you see the difference in the results.
          Germany’s people are capable of producing products for which people are willing to pay money for in 2014. Now if the the whole planet was starving and didn’t have anything to eat, Im sure Haiti would be a rich nation producing dirt cookies for which other people would need and be paying for. It sounds sarcastic but I don’t know how else to explain it to you in a manner which you can grasp.

        19. “I don’t know how to explain it” is the only think we agree on. Germans have always been innovative but innovation is worthless without an investment in physical, human and knowledge capital.
          Further, as I keep saying, the situation in Haiti is more nuanced than it seems. e.g. In 1994 Haiti’s president had returned after being forced out of the country, to resume his presidency but only on the condition that he implement IMF and World Bank policies aimed at opening Haiti’s markets even more to international trade, which wasn’t in Haiti’s best interest.
          I won’t bore you with more examples, since you’re clearly incredulous and if we have to spoon-feed you, you’re not hungry enough to gain from it anyways.

        20. But the Germans did it. Let me explain it to you like this, noone is making an investment in Haiti to say build the new iphone, why wouldn’t they, they could pay the workers shit and would make more money. Haitians are not capable of producing high tech devices because they don’t have factories which can do so, noone will invest in building them because they don’t have people capable of designing and building them. You see the chain reaction, it’s not magic that people invested in Germany and got something out of it, it didnt just magically appear one day.

        21. HAHAHA that comment is my entertainment…what will you say next that Ancient Egyptians were white? And actually Sudan/Nubia is considered Northern African by the United Nations. Also you are discounting thousands of Human settlements and Civilizations in Sub-Saharan Africa…Including where many acclaimed archaeologists believe the firs humans came from, modern day Ethiopia lol

        22. All the distortions and lies in the world and false Hollywood movies will not change this Egypt originated as a African Black/Brown Society, and definitely NON-WHITE…and the first know Homo-Sapiens come from modern day Ethiopia. And you can’t Believe that away or wish it away.

        23. Eastern Europe and Ireland are nowhere near the state of Haiti. Even in the worst former Communist states, nearly everyone has access to clean drinking water, central heating, motorized transport and plenty of food.
          Haiti’s underdevelopment is on another level entirely. It’s Africa-type poor (famine, civil war, dictatorship, general lethargy), not Eastern Europe-type poor (some scarcity, but a functional and more-or-less capable government).

        24. The truth is that, in terms of general economic depravity and violence, there is not one European country anywhere near as bad as Haiti. All European countries have a somewhat functioning and accountable government, and all European countries guarantee a minimum standard of living to their citizens that is appreciably higher than the average standard of living in Haiti.

        25. are you are really comparing living in ireland with haiti?
          even eastern europe is far far better. it’s not just about wealth but also the peacefulness and educational level and non violent culture of the people.
          eastern europe has also just come out of the communist system and every year moves closer to the norm and the rest of europe

        26. there is a major difference in the genetic make up of africans and everyone else..i think that those that left africa (everyone but africans) went through many evolutionary bottlenecks that favoured higher intelligence and the ability to work in a social group. This is because its so much harder for a population to cross the deserts, seas and mountains and then make a life in less favourable weather conditions. Where do you think its easier to live day to day? A beach on the African West Coast or Northern Europe with its cold winters and harsh weather.
          The other great revelation is that all humans have 2.5%-4.5% of Neanderthall genes in them. All apart from Africans that is. I am sure this explains that while you can make a list of hundreds of civilisations all across the world and list thousands of inventions from China to India to Europe and the Americas – black Africa created barely any great civilisations (apart from the oft quoted Great Zimbabwe and a relatively short period ruling Ancient Egypt) and they didnt even invent the wheel or the written word.
          I am convinced the biggest folly of the modern age is the belief that everyone is equal in intelligence and ability. This belief leads to blacks genuinely believing that they are being discriminated against, when in reality their intelligence and abilities and other characteristics explain fully their lack of achievement and success and high incarceration rates.

        27. the people who live in north africa are caucasian. of course they would probably have looked a bit like those from the middle east today.
          egypt went through a brief period of black rule when the nubian part of the empire had a dynasty that became the pharaohs. it didnt last long
          bar that the black africans didnt even invent a written language or the wheel. and have been poor and barbaric for thousands of years. the greek and roman texts refer to their animal like intellect and culture, and this has been the mainstream opinion until very recently.
          Even Ghandi, Lincoln and Churchill all looked at blacks as not worthy of the vote. Lincoln wanted to return them to Africa. Churchill didnt want them in the UK. Ghandi understood their lack of intelligence.
          If you open your eyes and just look at the world today and look at the wealthy countries and compare to the poor, compare the least violent with the most violent, look who commits the crimes etc and you will reach the same conclusion. If you want to make excuses then you won’t.

        28. There are huge gaps in your reasoning so I’ll fill them in for you: Post-WWI, Germany’s planetariums, gymnasiums, public swimming pools and highways, factories, etc were created with finances from the Federal Reserve Board. Her economy had also been rejuvenated with those same funds. An absence of said funds would have kept Germany in squalor. Next time, try educating yourself before attempting to pass an opinion off as fact.

        29. Show me where I said Germany received no outside assistance. My point is that in order to have people want to invest in you, they have to have confidence that you can succeed and produce with what they give you.
          Secondly, Haiti has been one of the top pet projects for every leftist for god knows how long, I hate to think of all the money flushed down their completely non-working sewer system. So the idea that Haiti has somehow been left to fend for itself and has received no outside assistance is an out and out lie.

        30. Haiti’s value proposition, or lack thereof is a moot point. The fact is there are only a handful economically sovereign countries left in the world. No country is allowed to thrive without consent. e.g. Haiti reportedly received approx. 10 billion total in Earthquake relief; Israel’s annual military subsidy is at least that much and their top exports are nothing to write home about. I’ll leave you ruminate on the double standard.

        31. Try taking someone living in “advanced” Western Society and place them in a jungle in Papua New Guinea and a child will think that “intelligent” person is a retard as they don’t have a high survival IQ in the jungle. Incarceration rates is a combination of poverty level, higher chance of getting arrested for similar crimes whites commit, and also a lack of father figure due to breakdown of the family. Same can be said for white middle class communities like in Northwest Massachusetts who are suffering from a Heroin epidemic and subsequent breakdown of the family, no Bloods and Crypts there.

        32. Yeah Indians are racist against there own and view darker Indian people as inferior, as in Asia and Latin America even as far as denying their own history. This colored people suffer from self hate many of them and “colorism.” You seem to think you are “superior” but you are really not. Europe is probably the most violent and successfully area of the World. Western Society unleashed the most powerful weapons in the history of mankind. In my personal observations and interactions the most idiotic violent things I have witnessed was actually white people. And I have friends withing all racial groups. Also some of the weirdest sexual things I have seen have been with white people. But I also have great Irish, Italian, and European friends that treat me with respect as I do them. And some of my bad experiences with whites won’t make me paint all of you with a broad brush.

        33. At one point they were practicing cannibalism just like the early colonists here were doing before Massachusetts Indigenous helped feed them…before the colonists paid them back SAVAGELY.

        34. Isn’t eastern europe that extremely violent place full of all those separatist wars and mass shootings and multiple world wars and mass murdering dictators like stalin, lenin, hitler, tito, mussolini, ceausescu and milosevic? Yeah child slavery, rape and murder, east europe is on the brink of civilization.

        35. White people did not invent the wheel, nor did we invent words, we borrowed them africans called the phoenicians. If whites have more neanderthal dna and neanderthals are not humans, wouldn’t that make us less human than blacks?
          If whites went through higher evolution than blacks, then why are they statisitcally less human. also why is the smartest family in britain black and black nigerians outeducating all white americans and white immigrants?

        36. ”The Greeks referred to Egyptians as dark skinned, and they went their to
          learn from them. In fact Greek and Latin ORIGINATED in
          AFRICA…including the ENGLISH you speak now.”
          Where is the evidence for this?

        37. I think its economic factors and the breakup of the family, which can be seen in other communities like white communities if the economy continues to go down.
          The bulk of the languages of the world originate in Africa…including Afro-Asiatic which influence Arab and Jewish world and all its similar languages. Greek was influenced by Africa by a lesser degree and is more close with Indian/Persian… Early Greeks learned a lot from their travels to Egypt…One of the most famous Egyptians was Imhotep who was a Doctor, Philosopher, architect, and top priest he had numerous title. He also developed the Step Pyramid. Ancient Egypt had a form of Calculus, an PI, later Italians and Europeans learned the decimal system from Northern Africa, the 0 from Indians and Arabs. Romans evened revered Imhotep as a God.

        38. Do you have Archaeological evidence and evidence from historical texts to prove it? How do I know if this wasn’t made up?

        39. Just stop dude. No one believes you are the least bit white.
          ” statistically less human”

        40. Ancient Egypt existed long before the Greek Golden Age…
          In Western Society they always point at Greece as the starting point for Western Civilization leaving Africa out of the loop. Research for yourself here is a few starting points.

        41. The Wheel was invented in several places including Summer they even had a wheel in Pre-Colombus “America” as it wasn’t called America back then but existed with the original civilizations here.

        42. Ancient Egyptians were not Bantus. Hell, modern East Africans are not for the most part.
          It’s West Africans who tend toward ruining a place.
          The pure, unadulterated, irrefutable truth is thus:
          Virtually every ethnic group seeks it’s own. For example, my people seek out one another and always have. Sure, white and Hispanic people are sometimes involved in our lives, but we don’t flee our areas seeking out another race.
          Bantus do this in every area of the world. They seek to flee their own kind and live off of others. Look at what they are doing to the Cherokee nation.If Bantus were superior, or even ” equal,” then they’d have little problem living amongst one another.
          Everyone bitches about ” white flight.” The truth is that ” black flight” is what causes problems. The second a Bantu can escape other Bantus he does. When we have to struggle to flee Bantus at all costs, so our children don’t grow up terrorized.
          And Haiti is a perfect example. Fucking Haitians can’t stand being around their own kind, so they come here and eventually remake parts of this country into Haiti.
          Why the fuck can’t people stay where they’re at?

        43. American blacks have received 50 trillion in aid. Therefore they should be MUCH better off than people in Europe or Japan right?

        44. Ancient Egyptians were Black and different shades of Brown…later you had others from the Middle East and some Greek come there. There were thousands of Civilizations in Sub Saharan Africa and in West Africa. Black migrations like most migrations are based on economics many whites wanted Blacks to work the Industrial Jobs up north…groups like the white poor including the Irish (Who were put down and called Mugheads and the Blacks of Europe) would assault the blacks. Irish and Italians were put down also at one point and had rapid crime and gang activity as well…but even with their own abuse they felt better by trying to put the Blacks down also. During the Draft Riots in New York City these poor Irish were threatened with competition from the soon to be emancipated slaves that they would take their jobs and outperform them.
          Immigration is based on economy if they don’t have to leave they simply won’t. The Irish came here because they were starving to death because of the potato famine. Africa has been colonized and their resources plundered for many centuries. Maybe if these countries stop siphoning the resources and these countries can control their resources and BEAT them back with a combined unified military…They will happily stay where the “fuck they’re at.”

        45. Whites never had $50 trillion to begin with. secondly, it was whtie peopel ewho got reparations for slavery when slavery ended, white slave masters were paid by the federal government to release slaves, so it is indeed the whites who got money from blacks.

        46. The Phoenicians were caucasian.
          Please note that Africa is not all black.
          Sub Saharan Africa is predominately black.
          The Northern Coast is Caucasian.
          The wheel was invented outside of Africa.
          There are no native written African languages. Please note I am talking about written language specifically. Blacks of course had language but never codified it into written form.
          All non Blacks have 2.5%-4.5% Neanderthal genes. The impact of this 2.5%-4.5% seems to be that these humans (Neanderthals are human too by the way) went on to build, explore, invent and create far more than those that didn’t have these genes.
          It always amazes me that no one would doubt that different breeds of dogs have quite different characteristics. Some are far more intelligent than others and some far more violent.
          If you gave a scientist a dna sample from several different breeds of dog they would not be able to identify one breed one another. So tiny differences in dna and genetics can make a massive difference. A bit like in Formula One, where if a team that is less than 1% faster than the rest of the field, they will end up winning the majority of races, while the slower team will struggle to win a point.
          In the 120,000 years where blacks and the rest separated those people that left Africa traveled across deserts, seas, mountains and then made a life in harsher climates. This all favoured those with more intelligence and social skills. There then seems to have been some interbreeding with Neanderthals, and then these peoples went on to civilise the World and build cities and civilisations.
          Yet in Africa time stood still. Africa favoured the strong and fast, and violence.
          This is borne out when you look at the pictures of the 1000 wealthiest or 1000 greatest inventors or explorers. It’s also borne out when you look at the greatest boxers, runners, dancers and singers. Blacks excel in these areas. But go and visit Facebook or the research centre at Apple and you won’t find many blacks at all.
          Of course this is all averages. It doesn’t mean there are not intelligent blacks or stupid Asians.
          But if you are a white of average IQ it makes you more intelligent than 80% of blacks. All of this has been researched and tested to take account of cultural backgrounds and parental support. Even then blacks under perform others in IQ and intelligence tests.
          But where blacks have a decent IQ they actually achieve similar success to whites with the same IQ level.

        47. true, when advanced people fight they have the ability to cause much destruction. Everyone would agree an alligator is more vicious than a human but because of human intelligence they cause much more damage when they do fight.
          In Africa the violence is at a much lower and widespread level.

        48. And you should see the differences in Southern and Northern Europe…and European migration patters. Also AFRICA is AFRICA…There were thousands of Civilizations BELOW Sub-Saharan, Ancient Egypt is not the only Black Civilization, but many whites think its the ONLY thing we hang on to like many here try to claim. Whites try to Claim Ancient Egypt but get mad when people assert dark origins of Ancient Greece which came after Black and Brown Ancient Egypt. Fact is the mixing came much later and current Ancient Egypt has Arabs because they swept in as other peoples did before them.

        49. I have more stake saying the Ancient Greeks were not white in your sense of the word..and were colored, than you have in your statement about Egypt. Yet you continue to whitewash Egyptian history without appeal from some of your peers just because it appeals to you and your conception of the whites of being the best at everything….yet when I have evidence of the strong middle eastern and African influence on the “Boy lovers” the Greeks everyone gets their panties in a bunch. lol

        50. Actually i have never the whites are best at everything, i said clearly that everyone who left africa seems to have been able to create civilisations, cities, invent, discover and explore more than the Blacks left behind. This is because blacks have the lowest IQ’s of all the races.
          There are differences in all the races. The Jewih seem to provide the world with a very big proportion of scientists and business people. The Asians in the far east are well known for their organisation and technical abilities. The Americas had their fair share of great cities. India and the Middle East had their empires, cities, great texts and progress. Europe saw the age of exploration, the agricultural revolution and industrial revolution.
          Black Africa…ahem…didn’t manage to invent the wheel or the written word, and today drives cars built and designed abroad, use pc’s invented elsewhere, medicines and cures discovered elsewhere and have created nothing of merit. Africa relies on the rest of the races to get their oil out the ground, extract their gas and mine their resources. They are transported in trains, lorries and ships all developed and built in other places.
          Every race has an advantage. Just because blacks tend to be less intelligent (as a population), more violent and less organised they are good at sports and fighting that rely on physical size and power. Although it’s been a long time since an African army has defeated any other because the technical disadvantages they suffer. They are also good at music, dancing and the arts. Not writing though, you will find not many great black writers – but go in to Barnes and Noble and you’ll find the reason – a distinct lack of black readers.

        51. Ancient Egypt was not black. There was a brief period where there was a black dynasty from Nubia ruling, but they didn’t create the civilisation.
          Please name 20 other great African (Black) Civilisations and please dont be so ignorant to claim Carthage as one of them.

        52. Nok culture, Mali Empire, Ashanti Empire, Kingdom of Mapungubwe, Kingdomof Sine, Kingdom of Saloum, Kingdom of Baol, Kingdom of Zimbabwe, Kingdom of Kongo.
          The Kanem Empire, The Kindom of Nri, Kingdom of Benin, and the Great Songhai Empire….
          Also the Great Ashanti Empire….and Kingdom of Nok who built huge structure 5000 years before Christ.
          EMPIRE already had iron smelting thousands of years before
          Christ…correct me on my spelling Greeks here but they were called
          Aethopia or “BURT FACE” by the Ancient Greeks for their BLACK skin.
          Including various Sultanates but I didn’t mention them here.
          Also in the Ethiopian and Eritrea existed was the Axumite Empire…also city states: Opone, Mosyllon and Malao…
          We also have the Kingdom of Kongo, Kuba Kingdom, Kingdom of Rwanda Kindgom of Ndongo….
          lso Horn of Africa Zagwe Dynasty…I missing many by the way cant remember…SouthernAfrica: Kingdom of Maputu, the Khosian speakers a language group unrelated to the two that left Africa Afro-Asiatic and Indo European that’s responsible for the bulk of modern European languages going back Before Christ of which the language of the Ancient Greeks which wrote a lot of the knowledge that carried Europe after Egypt of course….but lets move forward shall we….Monomopata, Also the Great Zulu Nation!

        53. These were never great civilisations but tribes that over ran and killed their neighbours. Please give me links to the great ruins of their great cities, their acqueducts, viaducts, canals and roads and bridges, their amphitheaters, temples and ports, their castles, courts and senates, their palaces and other great buildings….

        54. There has been been writing long before Europe learned to clean themselves. There are many talented black Writers and Poets. I myself am writing several Historical Books on Ancient Middle East Societies. Many Black Writers don’t get the exposure that White Writers do. And we get discouraged…When I was 11 years old my level of writing was such that my white teacher DOCKED points off thinking someone else wrote it for me, at that age I was mad but didn’t seriously fight my grade….Many Black and Latinos are put down at a young age and many get dismayed…When I got older I learned to read and to study. The Wheel like I said before if you use your reading comprehension is not accredited to WHITES it was invented INDEPENDENTLY in various areas of the Globe to include MESO AMERICA. You keep sticking to the IQ thing I don’t like to even state my own IQ as I think its only a small window of true overall INTELLIGENCE but its BETTER than YOUR NUMBER!…but many of the people I grew up with boasted IQ well over 100 over 130 and 140, since your discussions keep revolving over Intelligence Quotient tests….Furthermore Whites also excelled in sports like Boxing namely the IRISH and the ITALIANS because traditionally people that get into those sports come from poor backgrounds, and they had a will to train hard. If you come from an affluent background you don’t need to dedicate all your energy into FOOTBALL OR BOXING like Blacks and Latinos do. Whites excel at Golf and Hockey doesn’t mean they are genetically better than Blacks at playing that sport…just mean they have access to that sport monetarily and they have role models they can follow. But Blacks can also dominate any sport if they strive for it. They say Blacks are horrible swimmers but there is a young teen now that might be better than Phelps in the future, as long as he continues to train and remain dedicated….and you know what if he is successful other black kids might see swimming as another potential avenue for success.
          I can argue that Whites are also the most violent concerning their track record of destruction and depravity, but I don’t bring it up cause every section of society can develop that warfare culture even within the same racial group. Whites are also great at dancing, there have been many great white dancers, my friends younger brother is a great break dancer. IQ test is just one region of overall intelligence as I seen people that are geniuses suffer from Social Retardation. We as a community always take personal account for our situation and ways to improve it, it always seems like the onus is on US, however we never say why do whites kill each other at a rate of over 85%? We get painted with a broad brush when a member of our community does something bad, but YOU DON’T

        55. Its also perception in Basketball which is predominantly Black theirs a huge brawl everyone says look at those savages, yet in Hockey (predominantly white) people say “Oh that’s part of the game, its a Manly Game” When Jack Johnson first Black Heavyweight Champion came up everyone would say he’s sneak for dodging punches a white would be referred as “Crafty” If the white boxer can take a punch…oh He’s a “Brawler” a Manly man, where a black would be called a “BRUTE” They said blacks aren’t intelligent enough to be quarterbacks…there are plenty of good black quarterbacks.

        56. I challenge you name me 20 WHITE CIVILIZATIONS that existed at the dawn of Greek Civilization…which was influenced heavy by Africa…
          I answered your challenge and only answered with a low quantity of Civilizations. Does not matter how many “likes” you get on your post, how much you wish your argument to be true, or pray facts are facts…we always have to defend ourselves but we never tell YOU to PROVE YOURSELVES. NOW read below. Class dismissed…I got to attend an event where yes I speak the foreign language and respect their culture. It’s called having a high Cultural IQ. How high is your average?

        57. Get out of here with that, answer my challenge, “D’Vere. Pathetic.
          And your Europe and thousands of years of TRIBAL WARFARE. Don’t give me your holier than you Crap.

        58. Thing is Michael I don’t preach what white people are “good at or not” If any young white kid brown kid black kid puts his mind to it, and works hard and avoids most of the pitfalls of life they can succeed at what their interest is…if they fail they can try something else but at least they gave it a good shot. I address issues in my own community all the time and people like you also point at them, and we don’t point at nothing but the truth. The potential lies within everyone. There are ruins and many inventions now and currently, thing is when a society has abundant income and ability they can support a level of thinkers that can make a career out of pondering the secrets of the Universe and the various scientific disciplines without worrying about basic necessities. Especially when they have over abundant resources that are siphoned off to support the societies that you belong too and gives you a chance to look down on others. If they had leaders to develop weaponry on par with Europe and strong leadership that are not bought off maybe they can reshape the world….ideally we shouldn’t have to resort to that stage, unless it becomes necessary. A man can be the master of multiple disciplines no matter what cohort he belongs too.

        59. Phoenicians were blacks. Caucasian merely denotes facial features and has nothing to do with racial type. You are describing post colonial racial boundaries of modern africa, not pre-colonial ones were all of north africa and the mediterreanean was black.
          Civilization, writing, laws, religion, math, science were invented in africa.
          You are simply wrong, pre- Nubian A group had writing as early 6000 bc, before whites even existed.
          Neanderthals are not modern humans. Neanderthals were stupider, with smaller brains and larger bones, hence why its an insult to call someone an neanderthal.
          Bull mastifs are now considered violent, 150 years ago, they were viewed as poodles and people use to take cute portraits with a bull mastif holding their baby in its mouth.
          Your own claims are contradictory. You on the one hand are forced to acknowledge blacks left Africa. Yet on the other hand, you portray the myth that blacks are rlegated to one part of africa south of the sahara. strangely, you offer no explanation for why blacks moving into a hotter climate like north africa and the near east from tropical africa would become white.
          There have been far more than a fair share of black inventors, much more propotionate than white ones. Half the inventions whites claims were invented by great black inventors like lewis latimer and washington carver. Whites greatest asset is our ability to steal others histories and pretend it is our own to cover up our own laziness.
          Apple was not started by whites, it was started by a lebanese who is most likely racially admixed with black like most lebanese are today.
          Facebook was started by a vunch of jews, again not full whites mixed with black. So even in attempting to put down blacks you just demonstrate how backwards whites are. The biggest companies in our countries aren’t even own nor run by us.
          According to the B.I.T.C.H. IQ test, blacks have on average 37 points out of 100 higher IQ points than whites. By your line of argumentation blacks are therrefore smarter than whites.
          Strangely, I am not sure where this obession with IQ testing comes from anyways. Many brilliant people would likely have failed the modern eurocentric IQ test including einstein, newton, michangelo, jesus, beethoven and so on. IQ test are entirely cultural, and cannot measure intelligence.

        60. Africa has far lower crime rates than most european cities. In the last few hundred years, whites have spent it all murdering each other.

        61. Steve Jobs was of Syrian origin, and Homo Neanderthalis did have larger brains than Homo sapiens. Also, in some previous comment of yours you said that blacks had larger bones and brains than whites. So which one is it? How come blacks have larger bones and brain ( not true, head circumference in blacks is inferiour by 2-3 inches than whites of the same height and bodyweight, i think you mean that large long face and big lips and mouth) but Neanderthals who you described in terms similar to blacks dont? This not an attack, just looking for an additional explanation, the subject is interesting.

        62. Caucasian is a racial type. Indians, Arabs, Bulgars, Celts, Slavs,Iberians, Illyrians are Caucasian for example. But the phoenicians did not have kinky hair, large flat nubian noses or the large african glutes and quads.

        63. Hey its Third Eye! Hows it going mate, hows the job, the wife the kids, your mom. Even though we tend to insult each other alot when you come to ROK, I still like to think of you as a genuinly intelligent person. But you have to stop with the black supremacy shit dawg! And Im not even the white people you hate ( Western Europeans) mate, yes Im Caucasian ( with some apparent mongoloid mixture, dem eyes!) and to an extent Denisovan ( large back head, mesocephalic). Now I know, neither you nor your family were treated very nicely by some whites when you were growing up. I can sense it in your writing. Still you should look into something more positive to channel that intensity! All the best DLD

        64. You mean they got money from whites, cause the black ex-slaves didnt really have any money at the time, which I dont blame them between working like an ox and juggling white balls all day.

        65. People need to stop saying Eastern Europe as if its some united ethos or region. Ive never heard of Western Europe including Spain, Portugal or Italy even though they are on the Western Side. Thats cause a brit and a spaniard have not much in common. Same as a serb and an ukranian, one is from the Balkans the other is from TransCaucasia.

        66. I love debating with the mentally ill. They don’t have to justify any argument with evidence. That or they imagine evidence that isn’t really there.
          The warped, parallel universe in which Slave-owners were compensated for the loss of their slaves, or in which blacks supply the needs of whites, exists only in your head.
          The truth is not only were southern slave owners not compensated, but they were in many cases utterly ruined. Having the U.S. Federal government wage total war against you can do that.
          And yes, 50 trillion has been spent since the Roosevelt administration on behalf of black Americans. 21 trillion alone just from the welfare state. Add in the value of affirmative action, government jobs and set-asides, education funding, etc. and you reach the 50 trillion mark.
          I don’t personally dislike blacks anymore than I dislike my own people. But like my own people, blacks need to stop blaming others collectively. You’d think high-achieving blacks would serve as role models but no-they are derided by the black body politic as soon as they are successful, e.g. Charles Barkley.
          Much of this is driven by the bitterness of black women, who resent successful black men dating others. That’s one burden Indians dont have to deal with. The biggest downside to our women is the severe level of obesity. The attitude is little more severe than white or Hispanic women. Black women take attitude to a whole new level.

        67. Define white and define Caucasian, cause your mixing Dvere up and some other commenters too.

        68. That’s fine, you can try to pass yourself off as a Berenstein Bear if you want. But don’t get mad when you don’t fool anyone.
          Your whole ” black people are the master race” Madness is fun to argue against. I find it entertaining. Worldwide black cultural dysfunction-basically a universal sign of blackness, is somehow twisted into superiority in your mind. I’d love to analyze your thought processes.

        69. Lol how are you…its been awhile, its just showing a different perspective…see I dont ”hate” white people, im just responding to your hate. And I educate those that need.education. At the end of the day the chips fall where they may, all i am doing is putting a light to the truth.

        70. In no way were the ancient Egyptians black. This is completely and utterly disproven/ not merely by a HOLISTIC analysis of art ( I.e. Not cherrypicking a small number of samples), but more importantly by forensic evidence ( Ramses II had red hair and clearly Caucasian facial features, and especially genetic analysis. It’s been firmly established that modern Egyptians share a size able majority of their genetics with the population of 10,000 years ago. What’s ironic is that modern Egyptians are not in the least ” Arabs.” The Arab conquest, at best consisted of around 5,000 migrants ( typical of pre-modern demographic shifts). Therefore the afrocentrists argument that ” modern Americans don’t resemble ancient Americans, therefore Egypt….” had zero validity. The ancient and medieval world was much different than the age of teams-oceanic travel.
          Another ironic twist is that the vast majority of sub-Saharan genes in the Egyptian population date from the early modern era, due to the large influx of black African slaves.
          One way afrocentrists try to get around this is by defining everyone as black; Italians are black, Greeks are black, Sumerians were black, Chinese are black, etc. On the internet sometimes afrocentrists will pull up a picture of a black African with red hair as if that is anything but a statistical outlier. These ignoramuses don’t understand statistics and the nature of normative patterns.
          But think of it this way; could a race of people who constructed the pyramids allow itself to become the worldwide pack mule and pariah? Simply not possible.
          And they never realize that it isn’t about ” color,” it’s about lines of descent, and there connection to cranio-facial makeup, I.e. Whether or not the group in question exhibits frontal lobes and grey matter on par with other groups. A South Indian Dravidian can be pitch black yet never exhibit the pathologies of sub-Saharan Africans.
          And I’m not even talking about immigration. I’m talking about migration within the U.S. If blacks were capable of surviving and thriving on their own we’d see them doing just that. Instead they flock to white areas to feed, and though they are dependent on the white population’s largesse to survive and reproduce, they still deeply resent the white population as a projection of their own self-hatred and sense of inadequacy. In general they lack the brainpower to understand this contradiction, and remain in the same destructive cycle.
          I like being around other Indians. I am fine with whites, Hispanics, and Asians, but still prefer my own. Blacks are the only group who flee their own kind. They have to be first to whitey’s table.

        71. What I love about honest men is at the end of the day, even if we dissagree we can always go and grab a drink afterwards. Too bad I dont drink, so then a tea? Some good pork ribs and a beet juice last weekend made me realize how good Ive got life women, finances, happiness. Maybe I need to go and spread the hapiness more in my life. What are those books you were talking about, that your writing/co-writing?

        72. Ahh I dont.want to.talk about that in a public forum. But a lot of research goes into.writing books when dealing with history as you want to make sure they are.accurate.

        73. The Ancuent Greeks had a lot of.influence from Africa and black people. You are in no way an authority in talking abiut Egyot as it was a black Civilization in origin. You are laughable.wgen mentuining whitey. A people that were fed and protected. And still.managed to cannibalize themselves. And then acted savagely towards tge people that helped them. Lol truth is I named many civilizations before the beginnings of colored Greece yet in Northern Eurooe people can maybe name ONE. No one wants whiteys scraps. Self hatrednis a disease.after a teaching of your false psuedi science that has people believing in a blinde haired blue eyed Jesus, you are non dominiant.and is pathetic that your kind can be breeded out simply through the act of sexual.intercourse. Pathetic.

        74. My dad is heavy into research too ( economics and risk management), so I completely understand. You dont want to shoot yourself in the foot, before a finished product which satisfies your mind is created. Ive always loved writing, after music its one of the few healers of the soul.

        75. I visited the African civilisation section of the Smithsonian museum while training at the military base in Washington DC. The art produced by the sub-Saharan civilisations was way inferior to whatever else I have seen. They could not even get a chair straight. Nothing to even compare by far to the of grace and elegance of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. No wonder that no one has even heard of them, except maybe the kingdom of Nubia. I do not say to put these people down, because there are other amazing features to sub-saharan Africa such as its wildlife. However, great civilisations are not one of them.

        76. During many of the older African Civilizations Greece was not around…and Northern Europe Civilization was non-existent/inferior wouldn’t even be a word to describe it. Ancient Egyptian again was a Black/Brown Civilization at its core and NON-WHITE.

        77. Egads.
          I get not addressing anything I’ve said. That’s par for the course with afrocentrist nuts.
          But the spelling. My god. I’m far from a grammar Nazi, but damn. Of course, I’ll forgive anyone if they’re drunk.
          “Colored Greece” Lmao!
          You want someone to believe your idiotic, unsubstantiated claims about ” black people invented civilization,” then how about teaching some of your black brethren to, I don’t know, actually be civilized?
          How about teaching one how to solve an algebraic equation? ” we be egypshuns and sheeit” would make more sense if simple algebra and geometry didn’t scare blacks away.
          For the last time- the great majority of “North Africans” are not black. They are not now, and DNA analysis proves that they never were.
          Look at the Coptic language, the closest to ancient Egyptian. What color are it’s speakers? What’s that? They are the whitest people in Egypt? Those crackas must have stole that like they did rocknroll and the traffic might ( of whatever the stupid black history month nonsense is this year).

        78. There are no great ruins. A kingdom is just a form of government but Africans think because the word kingdom is included, that must mean these were great civilizations. Black logic in action.

        79. One of those “Kingdoms” produced one of the most Richest men Black or White in the History of Humanity. Mansa Munsa.
          Dumb-ass Logic in action^^^
          And other than Stonehenge name me 20 Northern European Civilizations at the dawn of Greece….I hear crickets chirping.

        80. Well I was responding to you while in the middle of another conversation with more substance than yours. Have you seen the aborigines of Australia before the criminals invaded? It always stands that Egypt a “colony” of Ethiopia was a Black Civilization from its onset. The only unsubstantiated claims are yours and your the other people with your flawed mentality. I have seen many civilized Black people, and many “uncivilized” whites, but every cohort has there good and bad apples. The thing is that you want to put down a whole group of people while I do not wish to do so. You say “stupid” black history while I call the hundreds of years of WHITEWASHING by Europeans and false science the true virus of honest critical research when it comes to history. Black History is only one month when throughout a whole year all we learn about is European History. We are all taught from a young age the Glory of Greece, yet when someone starts to put a different more complete historical narrative you call it “Afro-Centrist.” That’s like calling Obama a Communist…and if you are one of those retards we should end this “conversation” right now. I’m by no means what you call an “Afro-Centrist” as I don’t say everyone is black, for example Jesus, I would say he is medium to dark medium BROWN but surely NON-WHITE, I am a realist who seeks the truth. You see my boy, it was not us who brought this Racial Hierarchy based on Pseudo-Science to the world it was many of the Europeans. Quadratic equations scare most people away lol unless your culture stresses Math and Science. We are not a monolith…Just like I wouldn’t list all white people as one monolith. Maybe you should tell Billy Jo Bob to stop screwing his sister and learn some differential equations, I’m just shining a big light on your centuries-old Bullshit, and having a bit of fun doing so might I add!
          Note: Rock n Roll was heavily influenced at its onset by black music thus Little Richard is considered a founder of the genre, the Rolling Stone were HEAVILY influenced by the Blues and black artists. I can write a whole book on that. Black music is also Latino music as it also heavily influenced that. You don’t see me taking credit for Mozart, so you and your flawed thinking should pay homage and respect to the music we created. You can keep country music though LMAO I’ll take my MONTH of History, you can take the rest of your BULLSHIT year kiddo.

        81. Lol. This have me a chuckle. How you can type so many words and yet say nothing of substance. OnCe AgAiN:
          1. The DNA doesn’t lie. Modern and ancient Egyptians ( 10,000 Before Present) are genetically similar. In fact the vast majority of the sub-Saharan DNA enters the DNA through the gene pool due to slavery.
          2. Ramses II had red hair, green eyes, and clearly Caucasian facial features.
          3. A holistic analysis of Egyptian art ( as opposed to cherry-picking) reveals that Egyptians were ( and still are) Caucasian.
          4. Somehow these great blacks existed on the past (yet left no clear evidence of their existence as such) yet EVERYWHERE there is a significant number of blacks there is ruin and chaos.
          It’s always the same with you glorified “muh diks”. You don’t understand the concept of proportion. The presence of Billy Bob doesn’t describe the vast majority of whites, unlike Pookie and Ray-Ray. Furthermore, as poor and offensive as Billy Bob might be, he is nowhere near as stupid, violent, and destructive as Pookie. Also Billy Bob probably has some kind of trade skill, other than making and abandoning a brood of little ” muh diks.”
          Since I live in north St. Louis it’s time for me to see to the defenses of my neighborhood. If you haven’t heard, all those great black genius mathematicians and descendants of pyramid builders are going to be out in force tomorrow. But no
          worries, I will just tell everyone they are going to be working on quadratic equations lol.
          Sometimes it’s fun arguing with a child lol. Though I do feel a little guilty for putting that burn on so thoroughly.

        82. Lol actually you make me laugh. Egyptians are Caucasian LMAO!!! Greeks originate from people of color. And Billy Bob is even more dangerous because sometimes he wears a police uniform, I have witnessed those Two-first name degenerates. Billy Bob has a brood of backward inbred little pink apes that like to ride around with a confederate flag and like to watch cars going around in circles for hours…I know I had to live with those backward people (I don’t attack kids) but you can see the beginning stages of their WHITE Supremacy bullshit starting early. And yeah I’m keeping up with Ferguson, don’t worry you have the national guard, pathetic people with your guns and corrupt law enforcement backing you up, but behind that you are a little shit-stain, with a rotting spirit.
          And “mud dick” ironically I haven’t mentioned my phallus but you seem to have an obsession over it….maybe its a psychological issue you have inside that little frail heart you have, maybe you are afraid of some “Muh Dick” giving your woman something to think about. Or maybe secretly you have a cuckold fetish….whatever it is let it go not all of us are into your degenerate sexual practice…Have fun in St. Louis moron. lol

        83. Even if he was Syrian, still not white.
          Neanderthals operative parts of their brains were smaller and were missing a frontal lobe. Their part of the brain that is larger is merely for vision. They were stupider depsite having a similar brain size and never progressed passed the stone age. So how does this makes white smarter again when they never had writing or agriculture?

          Science Shows Why You’re Smarter Than a Neanderthal
          Neanderthal brains had more capacity devoted to vision and body control, with less left over for social interactions and complex cognition”Neanderthals never invented written language, developed agriculture or progressed past the Stone Age. At the same time, they had brains just as big in volume as modern humans’.”
          Now, a new study by Oxford researchers provides evidence for a novel explanation. As they detail in a paper published today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, a greater percentage of the Neanderthal brain seems to have been devoted to vision and control of their larger bodies, leaving less mental real estate for higher thinking and social interactions.
          Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/science-shows-why-youre-smarter-than-a-neanderthal-1885827/#7iEALk3Iqc6cA3Re.99
          Give the gift of Smithsonian magazine for only $12! http://bit.ly/1cGUiGv
          Follow us: @SmithsonianMag on Twitter
          Blacks are on average bigger than whites with larger brain mass. Put in similar conditions, blacks consistently outperform whites.

        84. Caucasian is not a racial type. The definition has been constantly changing such that it cannot be considered racial typing. Further white skinned groups with flat noses or kinky hair are never counted as not caucasian.
          You will claim he is caucasian, despite him not fitting your own model. Caucasian is just a fantasy word with no meaning. Arabs very in race, plenty of black arabs
          Bulgars are not even white, Pulev is Bulhgarian and a boxer heavyweight, he does not have caucasian features but rather features much closer to a black, dark skin and a flat nose.
          He’d not be considered non-caucasian even though he could pass for black or bi-racial in most circles.
          Slavs are whites too, even though many throughout Europe suspect the south slavs are not full whites, and for good reason.
          Here is Rita Ora, a flat nose black skin “Caucasian” from Albania.
          Darker and flatter nosed than the blacks.
          The original celts are not black, but most the celts today are.
          The Iberians were actually black first. They were part of the African Carthigian empire before Rome came in and invaded after 3 punic wars.
          Phoenicians were undisputedly black.
          Whether or not their nose was flat is irrelevant. IF ALL these flat nose people can be counted as white, it would stand to reason that the follow thin nose would be counted as blacks.
          Yes often blonde hair blue eyed people are flatter nosed than black africans, yet your bias doesn’t permit you to see it. So this image will blow your mind.
          By your own logic, the white woman must not be caucasian and the black man is a secret caucasian.
          You also claimed indians were caucasian?
          You claim that blacks cannto have straight noses, it makes no sense in light of the prevelence of straight nose in blacks even in nigeria
          You are looking pretty ridiculous right now.

        85. It was no surprise many of the slaves were juggling white balls, after all, the whites were known world wide for being prolific rapist during that period, raping every race from indians, chinese, asians, black, africans, mexicans and so on. You must be one sick puppy to be proud that your ancestor raped people.

        86. It is united under the slavic peoples mostly, a bit of germanic. Because Spain Portugal Italy are considered south europe and are culturally very different historically and racially different. Both Serbs and Ukrainians are slavs. Both are former ussr.

        87. The District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act:, or simply Compensated Emancipation Act, was a law that ended slavery in Washington, D.C. by paying slave owners for releasing their slaves. Although not written by him,[1] the act was signed by U.S. PresidentAbraham Lincoln on April 16, 1862. April 16 is now celebrated in the city as Emancipation Day.”
          “Britain’s colonial shame: Slave-owners given huge payouts after abolition
          “As a result, there are now wealthy families all around the UK still indirectly enjoying the proceeds of slavery where it has been passed on to them. Dr Draper said: “There was a feeding frenzy around the compensation.” A John Austin, for instance, owned 415 slaves, and got compensation of £20,511, a sum worth nearly £17m today. And there were many who received far more.”
          Being ignorant of history is great for you.
          Black Americans are over 1.3 trilion in economy. Multiple by 600 years and the 50 trillion is a mere pittance to their actual contribution of over 600 trillion to the total us economy. If black America was its own nation it’d be one of the largest economies on the planet.
          Black Americans were not even eligible for most of the Roosevelt goodies made by and for white people. As the southern states only agreed to sign onto the new deal if they were allowed to exclude virtually every industry that included blacks. The black economy was independent of whites back then. When whites were having a great depression in the 1930s, the blacks were having the harlem renaissance.

        88. White world wide dysfunction is far more interesting to analysze, despite being given everything on a silver platter all of our countries ar driven into the ground once the minorities stop keeping us from sinking.

        89. “The Persian Version” (Herodotus, Book 1, chapters 1-6)
          “According to the Persians best informed in history, the Phoenicians began to quarrel. This people, who had formerly dwelt on the shores of the Erythraean Sea, having migrated to the Mediterranean and settled in the parts which they now inhabit, began at once, they say, to adventure on long voyages, freighting their vessels with the wares of Egypt and Assyria.”
          The ancient persians and greeks make it perfectly clear the Phoenicians were Eritrean immigrants into the Mediterranean. You try to claim they were Med not black, but they were black Mediterranean migrants.
          Nice try liar.

        90. You already finished claiming they are from the Med. Now it is proven false, you have to run back and invent a new location, which contradicts the Persian historians (who by the way at that time CONTROLLED BAHRAIN). The royals of Bahrain aren’t even from Bahrain, they are saudi immigrants who migrated in during the 1800s. Prior to the spread of islam bahrain was part of the persian empire. So if that were the case, the persians would have recorded that the phoenicians were persians.

        91. Ireland even after the rrecession is ranked by the human development index as one of the best countries on the planet…consistently. Eastern Europe has some of the most beautiful cities on earth and are developing at a rapid rate without resources and Chinese investment. Relying on human capital is a luxury non Africans have or is that white privilege?

        92. They do have beautiful cities…and many European cities have suffered greatly but have also benefited greatly from cancellation of reparations and other debts. There is a difference in the way White Cities are treated after war and civil war than Black Nation. Call that what you may, those are avenues Nations like Haiti don’t have access too. When President Aristide demanded France pay Haiti 91 Billion the equivalent of the over 90 Million Francs Haiti had to give to France in the 1830s under threat of Canon Fire, he had a coup de etat in 2004 . Replacing the only Democratically elected President Haiti has had. The puppet they replaced him with went against the organization of Caribbean Nations (Caricom) and went along with the program of the IMF and the major powers. These nations just gets all their valuable resources stolen for centuries now, and get their leaders replaced or bought off if they don’t go with the “program.” It’s a shame really.

        93. I love how you picked out Kubrat’s darkest looking pick.
          Hes clealry not Black. Asian influence, I aggree but black dude your going places haha..

        94. Also if Bulgars arent white, what are they? Black? How so? Plus Rita Ora is a perfect case of momey fucked the foreighner, look at her family and siblings.

        95. Lmao! It’s your kind given every break imaginable yet can’t do basic functions or maintain basic order.
          Put 300 Indians, whites, or Asians in a place and watch civilization bloom. Put 30 blacks anywhere and watch them produce a whirlwind of destruction.
          You know it.
          P.s. I won’t be able to reply for a while. There are rioting “Egypshuns” out here I have to deal with.

        96. Lmao! This is great! The emancipation in D.C.- nowhere near large enough to support your argument. The British issue- irrelevant. We were discussing the U.S.
          The 600 trillion number is so funny! That one trillion in the black community is almost entirely either govt. make-work jobs or redistribution through welfare. If it wasn’t, 97 percent of those dollars wouldn’t be spent outside that ” community. ”
          You want to strengthen your argument that blacks are superior to all others- get most of your ” Egypshun” brothers and sisters to graduate high school lol’

        97. Doesn’t matter that I’m
          Non- white. Blacks have a hot hatred for all non- blacks.
          And DNA doesn’t lie. North Africans then and now are MUCH closer genetically to S.W. Asians and Europeans than sub-Saharan Bantus.
          Lol @ ” Neanderthal.”- at least I’m
          Not a Homo Erectus!
          Both the ” Billy bobs”
          And ” Pedro’s” work on construction sites, power and light, merchant marine, agriculture, etc. Bantus have drug-dealing and govt. make-work jobs lmao.
          wtf is the ” people of color” nonsense? First of all take a look at the Macedonian Alexander with his blind self, or ” Moorish”
          caliph abd-ar-Rahman with his blond hair and green eyes, or Ramses II and his red hair lol!
          And also I’m a ” person of color.”
          While we didn’t build monuments or develop writing we did be one masters of land, instead of being scared of rain, dogs, and any wild animals lmao!
          And as far as your typical
          Hateful screed, I’m sure most of the Bantus will destroy their own communities only lmao. That’s mean 67 I.Q for you :).

        98. “Blacks have a hot hatred for all non-Black” I can simply say All Whites have a hot hatred for all non-whites, which I know is false…what proof do you have on your sweeping generalization. The reason I pointed out your background is that with the same anger and vitriol that you lash out on Black people with you don’t seem to apply to certain whites who put you down for being a Kiowa Native, notice I said certain or some whites. Thing is I don’t dislike you as a Native person I’m actually an avid supporter of the Native people and I won’t denigrate your society. You don’t know my background culture or race although I do identify with one race clearly as a so called “colored” young man. I don’t fully believe in IQ as the end all be all of intelligence and my community’s average is not that low.
          As far as my “Hateful screed,” I am like a mirror when it comes to the tone that you use when you have a conversation with me, if you are civil I am civil and if you wish to take it down to a certain level I will respond with the same.

        99. “Blacks have a hot hatred for all non-Black” I can simply say All Whites have a hot hatred for all non-whites, which I know is false…what proof do you have on your sweeping generalization. The reason I pointed out your background is that with the same anger and vitriol that you lash out on Black people, you don’t seem to apply to certain whites who put you down for being a Kiowa Native, notice I said certain/some whites. Thing is I don’t dislike you as a Native person I’m actually an avid supporter of the Native people and I won’t denigrate your society. You don’t know my background culture or race although I do identify with one race clearly as a so called “colored” young man. I don’t fully believe in IQ as the end all be all of intelligence and my community’s average is not that. You seem to go along with the same whitewashing techniques used against the natives by centuries of whitewashing, and deny that Blacks contributed to any form of society and early civilization which is completely false, and when presented with truth you quickly denigrate said truths. You also take the bad elements of one cohort and expand it while minimizing the bad elements of societies you tolerate or admire.
          As far as my “Hateful screed,” I am like a mirror when it comes to the tone that you use when you have a conversation with me, if you are civil, I am civil and if you wish to take it down to a certain level I will respond with the same, and judging by your initial commentary to me and others I feel that that’s the level that suits you.

        100. Yes I seen this video before its called economics and poverty, faced with extreme poverty many societies would respond in the same way…you seem to have a hatred of certain people, a Hatred you share with many people…I don’t have the same feeling you do.

        101. All it proves is the claim of caucasian being whites is bunk. There are just a hand ful of whites and they all come from north west europe and the rest of europeans today are mixed raced mongrels as franklin describes. Caucasian is a fantasy race.

        102. Whites have been butchering each other in europe for 2000+ years since the time of cesar and are still doing it all over italy and the ukraine.

        103. You are proven false again, you denied whites were paid money at end of slavery, I demonstrated it was false, whites as usualy got big government money.
          Most of the problems in the black community are white driven, which is why once blacks in America get away from whites they get the harlem renaissance black wall street, atlanta and so on. Once the white factor reaches critical mass, the place implodes as blacks can no longer hold up the lazy whites on their back.

        104. Lol! You present no evidence, no facts whatsoever.
          Show me one clear example of a large-scale, functional black society, that can maintain a first-world civilization. Blacks inherited South Africa, the wealthiest nation in Africa, and have dragged it into the pit. What about Liberia? A more intellectually capable band ( due to some European and Native American genetics) of blacks from America ended up building, once they obtained freedom and significant aid from the U.S., a society where child soldiers cook and eat their enemies’ hearts.
          Lol- I’m going to let you have the last word- I know that equates to victory in your irrational mind , because you have the mentalities of women.
          You know I actually don’t like putting down a whole group of people. Actually I hate it. I tried my damnedest to believe in equality, that ” race didn’t exist,” all that jazz. But I was finally faced with two facts. Most blacks are severely racist against all non- blacks ( if you valued Indians you wouldn’t try to steal our history, claiming the first Indians were Bantus, same thigh with Chinese). And since the vast majority of blacks will NEVER be functional and will always make excuses and blame others for their dysfunction, resentment and black- on-non-black violence, as well as non-black to black wealth redistribution, will always be with us unless we segregate and establish peace. The blacks simply hate us too much, and cannot cope with life in a post-industrial nation. They are designed by nature to produce matriarchies. Haiti, Liberia, Ferguson.

        105. You are the one with the mentality of a woman here lol …and who is trying to claim that Indians are black? Do you mean Indians from India or Native people of the so called Americas? Cause I never claimed that..(Although Dravidian Indians are very dark)…however if People originated from Ethiopia as well as other hominid groups and Homo Sapiens it would be natural for Blacks to move into Asia and southern Europe, there was a documentary with an early human that was brownish complexion with Black Asian and European features who many archaeologist say are Blacks that could have changed into the phenotype of early Southern European or early middle eastern/Asian. Thing is this disrupts the racial hierarchy which European made up after the 17th century to justify their colonialism, and this bothers many of the people who hold this to be true. I don’t see this as a big deal but you and many whites feel bothered by this.
          Majority of Blacks do not blame others or make excuses…they work extremely hard and have to prove themselves so people don’t yell affirmative action when they do make it. Latinos and other groups also work hard, yes there are bad apples but we get painted as a whole all the time and the onus is always on us. No one says hey white people stop shooting up schools or lower white on white crime!
          . Also blacks come from the Caribbean Africa Europe…we are not a monolith Blacks have an abundance of different cultures. And many smart hardworking people. I am just a seeker for the truth and I don’t believe someone is better than me simply because he was born with less melanin than me, that’s foolish and flawed thinking.

        106. Kenya is doing good, Ethiopia and a few several Central African Nations….however these countries get their natural resources stripped and are subject to predatory loans. Many of these nations are only a few decades old and fragile and operate on a new world model….While Europe went through civil war strife cannibalism for thousands of years…we just didn’t have internet or 24 hour media criticizing Europe for thousands of years. And you mention South Africa which was subjected to Apartheid so your idea of a success is to have blacks mistreated and killed while other non native people strip and use your resources, like they did to Native American peoples. Read Below.

        107. the reason you’re funny is that everyone knows how much crap you are talking…take a look at the ‘like’ count and you’ll see my arguments make a lot of sense to a lot of people.

        108. Mixed race mongrels? And then you get pissed when people say nigger hmm…or maybe you didnt mean it in the insulting manner I understood it? Where I live mongrel is usually used to describe a race of dog so mixed up that you cant recognize it, as in whorish in nature. Is that what you mean of modern Europeans?

        109. The second pic proves you completely wrong. Hes whiter than fairy dust in that one, and still he had a yellowish tint not brown. Of course, you have convinced yourself you know everything about Caucasians, Whites and Europeans. We are nothing but animals to you am I right? Dont worry, we will wake up soon.

        110. I didnt mean my comment to swell with pride. Of course, rape is horrible, and any race it was perprated on deserves my full pity and empathy. Still, again with the dog references, hernan your lucky you dont live a working class white neighbourhood. You and your family would surely have been vandalized by now, for your hatefull and bigoted views againts Caucasians, the “myth race”.

        111. Modern europeans from northwest europe like scotland, norway and iceland are of pure stock like myself. All those pigs out east like the slavs and most of those from germany going south and east are mixed raced mongrels. Just like a dog.

        112. Caucasian isn’t a race, and if it is a race, it only includes people as its founder intended, and that excludes over 95% of modern europe. Meiner viewed only brits, northern french, and half of scandinavians as whites, the rest he viewed as mixed race. You are using terms you don’t understand.

        113. If that’s ” doing good” then your cause is lost. The victims of witch-burning in Kenya would argue otherwise. http://m.liveleak.com/view?i=1fe_1310865020
          (Warning-that video is very disturbing. I was not able to watch it without bring overcome).
          1.the average life expectancy of black South Africans doubled under apartheid.
          2. The black population skyrocketed under apartheid.
          3. The per capita income of black South Africans grew dramatically under apartheid.
          4. Crime, even in black communities, was largely minimized during apartheid.
          Whereas now South Africa is the world leader for rapes, assault, and robbery. The educated white population is leaving and the country is returning to black African ” standards.” I.e. People cooking and eating children, having sex with Virgins in an attempt to cure HIV. Even the black African president stated that a cold shower could prevent HIV. Seriously.
          Expect the infrastructure in South Africa to devolve and disappear over the course of the next thirty years. Blacks simply cannot maintain that level of civilization at present.
          If westerners and Chinese. weren’t TRADING for African resources ( with the full consent of African politicians, those resources would just lie dormant anyway. Africans could not maintain an infrastructure necessary to harvest those resources on their own. Otherwise they would do so, as China, Japan, India, and other non-western high I.Q. Societies have done.

        114. As a Haitian I would say… its the fucking government that’s holds us back…having stupid liberal laws that a country is not even rich enough to implement. Its doesn’t help when liberal ‘education’ is teaching them faulty keynesian economics.

        115. This is the kind of denial I’m talking about. The entire black body politic in the U.S. Is one of blame-shifting and racism. The entire ferguson ordeal proves that.
          The differences among blacks are largely superficial in this context. Low I.Q., dysfunction, and anti-non black racism are common denominators. Only when you take extremely small, outlying populations, such as Nigerian graduate students, does that pattern disappear.
          If blacks aren’t generally inferior, if they don’t blame others and are worried about perceptions of affirmative action, they can always advocate to get rid of it, and stop blaming whitey ( in my instance non-whitey and non-blacky). Should be relatively easy to build functional societies.
          The melanin isn’t the issue. Dravidians, as you stated, are very dark. They don’t have the cranio-facial structure and thus brain structure of the vast majority of west Africans. I.Q. Studies reflect this. When’s the last time a Dravidian assaulted a cop, and when he justifiably shot and killed the thug the entire community of Dravidians destroyed their own city? We Kiowa don’t see the worst of us as the most important, not do we defend our criminals. For some reason blacks rallying around their criminals as if they were heroes. It makes them look like they like reasoning skills and an understanding of rule of law.

        116. This is absurd. The cart majority if southern slave owners had their fortunes destroyed.
          Are you really suggesting that proximity to whites is a source of black poverty and dysfunction? Lol. It’s actually the opposite. Haiti’s full of blacks. Why aren’t they better off than blacks in Britain? Why are blacks in the U.S. Better off than ANY black population in West Africa? No amount of white imperialism could hold down the Chinese, or Indians, or Vietnanese. Hmmmmm.
          And the ” Harlem Renaissance” was an impressive movement, but it was one centered around music, which no one doubted blacks could excel at.
          And further proof: look at the Harlem of the age of segregation, and compare it to the Harlem of today, filled by blame-shifting blacks such as yourself.
          It’s like the old ” CIA out drugs in our community” stupidity. Even if that was true, why did you take them? Why didn’t Chinese, or Hispanics, or Russians end up wrecked? Certainly blacks are not the only ones using drugs. That’s not my point. They seem to be the only group blaming their drug usage on other people, rather than their own retardation.

        117. Germany(German people not government or ‘nation’) had more or less free reign to develop as a people. They didn’t have to deal with slavery, with all the BS that comes with it as purposely being kept stupid made for a better slave. And after overcoming that now you have to deal with a group of very mix people..slaves that came from many different ethnicity and cultures from Africa and Europe(that’s right they were a few white slaves in Haiti this whole race thing is fairly new), indigenous population(native americans) so basically they were not as cultural homogeneous as Germans. Then its does’t help when the whole world pretty much sanction them after Haiti independence and the constant invasions and interference from from foreign powers didn’t help. When the world got a little more ‘enlighten’ they try to help Haiti with often times damaging neo-liberal economic policies. And then we wonder why Haiti is in such disrepair. And its sad cause I see the same shit in America, government getting in people way to better themselves either out of ‘good intentions’ or self serving ends.

        118. I grew up in abject poverty on a reservation in OK, yet I NEVER witnessed anyone eating someone else’s heart or any other body part. I’ve never heard of it happening in Eastern Europe either. Not as an accepted practice anyway. Isolated serial killers don’t count.
          Liberia was created by American blacks. In fact it’s against the constitution for a white person to own property there. The same as in Haiti. Yet both are failed states and in ruins.
          We can’t blame Haiti’s dysfunction on the U.S. When the U.S. Pet project, Liberia, is almost equally hellish, and that’s all the fault of Americo-Liberians and indigenous Liberians.

        119. The lighter skin arabs that you see in many northern african countries didn’t come in till the Muslim-Arab invasion. They come from the turkic group mostly. Its like going to America and saying all the Americans that are here now are Native Americans which is not the case obviously.

        120. See the thing Is that it’s a combination of factors, many here on this site try to denigrate the Role of Black people now and throughout history, this isn’t done to no one else at the degree in which you and others like to put down Black people for some reason. Yes Haiti’s leaders and government are corrupt but to say that it is greatly to do with external disruption and manipulation is academically dishonest, this goes for other Black Nations. But in several instances Liberia also served a purpose, to protect United States’ “interest” in Africa. Liberia was supported by Whites based on their racist principles which you share of Blacks being inferior. This agenda that you have been pushing as well as the establishment has been the norm for centuries now. Always placing the onus on black people to defend the negatives in their communities where whites seem to be given a pass for any negatives their community has. I believe any man with the right guidance, support, and right culture can succeed in life if their government can also give them the avenues to make full use of their talent and hard work.

        121. I don’t hate my white grandpa which is German by the way..and the red hair came from the process of mummification…You keep harping on this IQ..you know what affects your IQ mostly how you are raised…even from when your in the mothers womb your IQ can be affected if the mother is overly stress. Unstable environments and overall bad parenting is what largely determines a person IQ

        122. Question who is defending criminals here? You miss the whole point…no one defends a black who outright commits a crime. You don’t seem to grasp the situation. Historically and currently Whites committing crimes against Blacks have been given a pass….Blacks will always go to jail, if they commit the crime than they deserve it, but even for lesser crimes they get full punishment…can you say that if it was the other way around? To say no would be dishonest or ignorant. When a white kid commits a petty crime they separate the unrelated petty crime and don’t use it against him, for blacks his whole criminal history no matter how petty or unrelated the “crimes” are. If you can’t see that then you are not looking at the entire picture. Your hatred or strong dislike towards black people blinds you to the overall picture. Whites have the luxury of dissociating themselves from negative elements withing their own community Black are not allowed the same, and are treated as a single unit without looking at different nationalities or cultural differences.

        123. What a pathetic state of Affairs Africa is in, you keep pushing this I.Q. thing over and over again….Blacks ARE NOT inferior to you in any way…Those on Top will fall and those on the Bottom will rise….You seem to casually gloss over the history of Apartheid and the injustice that it created, should I say that it was best that Whites destroyed your ancestor’s and PLACED you FORCEFULLY in your little shitty “Indian Reservation.”?
          History has a funny way of reversing itself…and I hope it will be the truth.

        124. No one is defending “Criminals” you are missing the whole point. Also there are some criminals which may arise because of an abusive system they were under. Would you call Geronimo, Red Cloud, Mangas Colorodas, “Criminals” because they were fighting the United States government and the British and Spanish were systematically DESTROYING your OWN ANCESTORS. Would you call George Washington Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams “Criminals” for disobeying England and King George’s laws? Would you call William Wallace who fought for Scotland and the oppressive English under Richard I a “Criminal.” Would you call The IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY “TERRORISTS” for trying to separate from England…ironically Irish people that support the IRA are quick to call a black person, a terrorist supporter when supporting groups like the Mau Mau from simply trying to get out of the oppressive European Government that colonized their society. What about The Confederates they surely are considered rebels for their will to overturn the Union.
          We also love to celebrate Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Al Capone, various Mafia the Purple Gang and various other white criminals who were making money from illegal activity or stealing from Banks (who also rob from the citizenry. So if a black kid get killed and they bring up petty theft, or if an African immigrant gets shot at 41 times (Amadou Diallo) and they move the trial away from the community of the Bronx to a mostly white community and they escape justice, if they killed Emit Till and the whites are found not guilty after mutilating the boys body simply for looking at a white woman, its not “celebrating criminals” its called seeking justice. You overlook all of that and seem to always point at Black people, yet your own people suffered GREATLY and now many whites also put YOUR PEOPLE DOWN for being DRUNKARDS, and that they should be grateful cause the white man CIVILIZED them.
          Read Below

        125. Southern slave owners had their fortunes destroyed, primarily through gambling and lazyness. Basically, the blacks did all the works, so what ended up happening was the whites, particularly the white children, grew to be EXTREMELY lazy. This was somethng ben franklin complained of and I cited it earlier. What ended up happening was once slavery ended, no more free income coming to white kids. Most of them either gamled the money away to new yorkers on the stock market, or lived off the money and died on it for several generations. Some very wealth slave masters descendants are still living off slave money. Proximity to whites is a proven source of black poverty and dysfunction. Haiti is ful of blacks, but Haiti’s closest neighbour includes the largest white majority state in the world, USA. Blacks in the US are not better off than an group in West Africa. The GDP in countries like E.Guinea is higher than that of America’s substantially. India has more people living on $2 a day or less than Africa, china or any other poor place in the world. And yes, white imperialism near well destroyed china. Between all those invasions that wiped out most of its territory, followed by several opium wars pushed by the british, china was more or less destroyed and run by communist who executed 1 in 6 of the population and 1 in 2 who were by then heroin addicts thanks to the brits. Vietnam is at a gdp level at or below most of the black majority countries in africa. You are grossly out of touch or confused if you think white imperialism didn’t destroy countries like china, vietnam and india. I am not black. But Harlem of old without whites was a much better place for most blacks. Once the whites were allowed in all they did was soak up government jobs and start selling drugs in the nice clean black communities. Have you seen hispanic communities lately, double the national employment. Chinese did end up wrecked by the white man’s heroin wars. What are you stupid. The communist run china today thanks to the white man’s heroin wars.

        126. Your not white, and even if you are your some “white” peasant coming from a bloodline of farmers and slavish serfs. I can actually trace back my ancestry a few centureis back through my family annals writings. I bet you could not say the same. Your pobably a Sami or mixed ” Spanish”. Just cause your blonde doesnt mean your ‘white”. Your a dirty northern monkey, and are lucky my ancestors bothered using yours as concubines and prostitutes.

        127. Meiner suffered from an inferiority complex and tried to diminish the much whiter than himself Eastern Europeans and Slavs, and even some Illyrians. He was an Alpine at best, and a mongrel as you say at worst. Also, stop projecting we know your not the “white blonde prince in shining armor”. Not your fault, most northern monkeys are actually mongoloids. And the picts, or scots arent whiter than freaking illyrians their both dinarids you fuckwith. Stupid peasantm I hoped we had added some intelligence to your bloodline.

        128. You are an idiot. If you are going to discredit Meiner by claiming he suffered from an inferiority complex and was basically bias along racial lines (racist). Then just admit the Caucasian classification is bogus. You either accept Meiner’s classification that white is just north-west europe and slavs and central europeans and southern europeans mostly are mixed race. Or you accept the logical conclusion that Caucasian is not a valid racial classification.
          Northerns are not mongoloids, if anything it is the eastern huns in germany and the slavic bestial hordes of central asians who were controlled by mongols who are mongols like the poles and russians and ukrainains

        129. When did your black cuckhold fetishes start? Was it after or before your LTR was double teamed by a slav/black combo or when your mommy admitted you are a bastard? Northern monkey my people brought you civilization.

        130. Im not slavic even though my blood probably runs in some selected royal slav lines. Maybe even in your peasant bloodline aswell. Who knows? Ask your momma

        131. I see so it was when mommy admitted you were the bastard of some turkish gasterbeiter, while your poor daddy was working at the factory with the rest of the “Aryan” brothers. Nice try cro-mag haha, melonheads created you to be a slave and a slave to us you shall stay.

        132. “The ancient empires fall, the dark-skinned peoples fade and even the demons of antiquity gasp their last, but over all stands the Aryan barbarian, white-skinned, cold-eyed, dominant, the supreme fighting man of the earth.” – Robert E. Howard

        133. God that’s torturous.
          It’s absurd- Haiti might be close to the U.S., but that’s not relevant. It has no white politicians, no white citizenry or electorate.
          The fact is the blacks are largely parasites who feed off of the infrastructure built by whites.
          The closer you get to whites, the more prosperous blacks are. This is an immutable fact. No amount of twisting it can change that.
          How many whites are immigrating to South Africa now that groids run it? How many groids are immigrating to North America and Europe?
          This is basic logic. More blacks equals more dysfunction. Less blacks equals less dysfunction. It’s true all over the world.
          You really amaze me, though. Most ignorant aftocentrist ” We be egypshuns” types at least attempt to twist reality to their own ends. You don’t even do that. You make up an outright silly world, in which whites are the drug dealers in Harlem, and in which whites are lazy while all these hardworking, industrious take up the slack lol. I’m intrigued by whatever particular mental disorder you have. You should give more details about your personal life :).

        134. My people are considered drunkards because many of them are. For example my father and mother were BOTH alcoholics. The reason that I’m not, that I have wealth and freedom now, is because I accepted reality and tried to change my circumstances.
          I accepted the open hand held out to me by white society. I accepted and understood that most whites are penitent regarding what happened in 1880, and that times have changed.
          When three white men are helping me start a new business, free of charge, I don’t get in a tizzy because some person says ” dot or feather,” or some other such insignificant statement. I don’t care if some football team has a name I don’t like.
          Blacks don’t want to accept modernity, individualism, and capitalism. They need to face reality- that they are only harming themselves whole remaining dysfunctional and clinging to ridiculous mythology about building pyramids and driving around in flying cars in Atlantis or some other stupid shit. If I disagree with someone, I don’t get savagely violent and frustrated. I make my points rationally and move on.
          I’m not obsessed with white people. I define myself as a Kiowa-and that concept can stand on it’s own merits. I don’t need white people to do anything to soothe my ego. Being a Kiowa is worthwhile regardless of what white people do or don’t do.
          If I can be honest I don’t ” hate” as much as internet rhetoric makes things seem. But it seems like black people are never going to be functional. They are always going to be in decline- because they are always going to run from reality and the truth about why they are in the straights they are in.

        135. Time changes, what was will be and what is will not be.
          This time is but one drop in Ocean of Human History….

        136. It’s not going to reverse itself.
          One reason that blacks seem so pathetic is the “tit for tat” thinking. You have some Indians who think this way- who think that whites can be driven back to Europe. The idea is beyond stupid. The fall of American Indians wasn’t just a function if white colonialism. It was due to a convergence of forces, not least of which was due to differences in our immune systems.
          Those conditions are not going to be repeated. That’s the difference between me and most blacks, and many Indians. I accept the past for what it was , and try my best in the world we have now, as it is, rather than in some irrational, unrealistic revenge fantasy.
          White people don’t have to do anything for me to be successful in life. I don’t have to get their approval, nor do I have to get some stupid idea of revenge.
          There are many more helpful whites and Asians than blacks and Indians. Precisely because they don’t revel in grudges and as a result they ate much less dysfunctional.
          It’s amazing that so many Indians and blacks think that white people want them to be poor in 2014. It’s just ridiculous. The burden of supporting us with tax dollars alone is enough to dismiss that idea. The best thing for everybody is for the dysfunctional to prosper. But race obsessed blacks and some Indians can’t see that. They hate themselves deep down.

        137. No one is looking for “The white man’s approval” Everyone is trying to work just as hard are harder than you work…don’t group everyone together there are lazy people in every cohort. Personally in my own life more Black people have personally helped me out along with some Latinos and south east Asians…than White or East Indian people…should I say all White people and Indians are not Helpful. Its not that most “white people want” black to be poor, it has been generations of systematic forced pooling of Blacks into certain sectors and out of mobility in certain jobs. That’s historical fact and you can look it up. Of course things have improved, and Blacks themselves have issues to work on as a community but to deny external forces acting on the Black community is Academically ignorant or dishonest.
          Many of the ones who “hate themselves” are those who put their brothers and sisters down to sit at the white man table as well. Just a thought. Happy Thanksgiving a Holiday where Natives helped The Pilgrims and in return they got screwed just like your people.

        138. Haiti is de facto run by white foreigners who kidnap democratically elected politicians who try to raise minimum wages. You don’t see many whites on the street in Haiti, but they are there and they are running all the slave camps.
          Actually lots of whites from europe are moving to SA, you’d be surprised. very few blacks immigrate to north america. Whites immigrate into europe first and displaced its original black populous.
          If more blacks = more dysfunction, why are all the best cities having large black people like dallas, nyc, chicago, la, etc. and all the white cities… wait a minute, whites don’t have any.
          Whites are the drug dealers in harlem. You will claim how dumb poor and stupid all blacks are, then turn around and claim but they own 747’sand major shipping boats that bring in the tonnes of drugs into america. It is really a preposterous argument.

        139. You differentiate yourself from your stereotype yet in the same breath you lump all Blacks in one group…There are much more blacks in the world than Native or White people…you do know that Black people have a large array of cultures and individuals who view the world differently. It is not victim hood mentality to realize our history and work towards bettering ourselves.

        140. Also look around White people are also not accepting this form of”Capitalism” look at the poverty rates and the widening wealth gap between the rich and the poor! Even whites are going out into the streets. They are just beginning to experience that which has afflicted the Black community for hundreds of years.

        141. That doesn’t address anything I said though.
          The rich/poor gap is due to corporatism, which is a mixture of crony capitalism with state enforced socialism.
          But put “capitalism” aside. Simple responsibility is enough. If people use events from 1870 as way to disavow responsibility, that is a huge problem. True for my people, true for everyone. Custer isn’t alive-he has no power to affect whether or not Indian kids study geometry.
          It’s just sickening, really. All that potential wasted, to soothe egos. Saddens me every day, but my people are who they are.

        142. The difference is in the sense of entitlement and the anger.
          There’s something going on with people who are so mired in their own past, whether that’s the true past of exploitation or the false one of flying cars and pyramids.
          It’s as if the worst thing that could happen for blacks would be the disappearance of whites. There’d be no more scapegoat to blame their dysfunction on.
          It’s like the claim,” white people destroyed the black family.” Nevermind that the black family was actually stronger during slavery and Jim Crow than today, what about the obvious?
          It’s like claiming that whites have engaged in some conspiracy to keep black men and women apart-why would anyone need a conspiracy to keep men from giving a damn about morbidly obese women with fake hair on their heads? Don’t get me wrong, indisn women are fat as hell. You just don’t see me blaming some mythological white superrace for it. They’re fat because they eat frybread and don’t exercise.

        143. Lol. Again blacks not bring able to take any shred of responsibility, even when they are 99 percent of the population. Has the U.S. Intervened in Haiti? Yes. Does that absolve Haitians for being dysfunctional, and creating a country in which a full 50 percent of the women have been raped? Obviously not. Again- no black society can ever take responsibility.
          As far as “wiping out the original black population of Europe,” again-id love to really study your thought processes.
          As far as Chicago and other cities are concerned- the black areas in the are post-apocalyptic war zones. Obviously that contradicts everything you’ve said, but I understand that your unique mental processes prevent that from sinking in.
          And no-net numbers of whites in s. Africa are dramatically shrinking.
          A predominately black environment is Haiti, Detroit, Niger. It is desolation, superstition, irrationality, and barbarity.
          The old ” we don’t have any planes” argument tickles me. Ok so you didn’t import it? Tell me again then why you feel the need to sell it?
          Just so silly Hernan. I don’t mind discussing this with you-but you can really be out there.

        144. This is just silly. There is positive discrimination in favor of blacks. Corporations, academic institutions, hell even the Republican Party bends over to accommodate qualified blacks, yet there are still so few of them that they’re rare.
          It’s due to I.Q. , combined with other factors. I.Q. is relevant. You can deny it all you want, hide from it. Throw fits at it, etc., but it’s there, it’s relevant, and it’s demonstrated that it varies between groups.
          Again going back to bullshit from 1600. The first thanksgiving has no bearing on what I do. But negroes just can’t help living in the past.
          If negroes were truly equal, they’d be ascendency right now, not even merely equal, given their preferences in hiring, promotion, etc. the fact is that stupid, impulsive, violent men, regardless of color, who have to ” keep it real” 24/7, who are proud of their “swag,” are never going to advance. And that’s not racism, it’s logic.
          The minority of intelligent, orderly blacks are utterly vilified by the savage majority of their coethnics. And of course this can stunt their development; of that I have no doubt. But again, it’s other blacks who are the problem.
          Jesus the damn president got his position primarily because he was black, and people are still bitching.
          They will never stop. Blacks will never stop with the racist hostility, entitlement mindset, deflection, blaming others, and dysfunction. No matter how much non-blacks open themselves up, blacks will not change. In fact they’ll be even more hostile, more savage.
          The nerve of it all- a thug goes for a cops gun, gets smoked, and they somehow doesn’t make sense to negroes. Just shows how much resentment and irrationality can dry brains. Non-blacks are suffering from serious negro fatigue right now-and that’s definitely not good for the Ta nehisi Coates race pimps.
          It’s not 1860. It’s not 1960. There’s no validity in the idea that a big fat black lady beats the utter shit out of her kid in the checkout line at walmart because she’s a ” victim of white supremacy.” Maybe you could argue that in 1940. Not now.
          Plenty of opportunity for blacks out there, much of it just for being black. The ” systemic racism” deflection doesn’t fly in 2014. White supremacy didn’t make michael brown’s mother a total retard, who only valued her worthless brood after he was killed. Because of the fame and money she could gain.

        145. HAHAHAHAHAH What sense of entitlement are you talking about? Do you even read history and the FACTS presented in history about how blacks were treated and how they were kept from upper level management.. ITS WRITTEN DOWN FOR YOU IN WHITE PEOPLE’S OWN WORDS!!. For the record some women put FAT on their buttocks and lips to mimic The Black and Latina shape…even going to go get artificially radiated to appear darker. Yes lighting cream has been used because of a mental inferiority complex whites have inflicted on Black people for centuries. However I LOVE my darker complexion its natures way of combating the suns rays…its better than being Pale. I love my dark complexion my strong well over six foot physique and my handsome attributes…Thank you Africa!!
          Personally I like those Dark skinned Caribbean women with their small hips NATURAL HAIR and round buttocks and supple breasts. I love south east Asian women and their brown complexion and thick lips. And dark Indian Women….Brazilian women are some of the most beautiful with their astounding mix and huge African influence. There is a reason Venezuela holds the record for Ms. Universe winner and Latinas overall and I don’t even think they showcase the true beauty of the people. Get real man lol

        146. I see people like you pushing this money crap! I will point out your arguments and why they are not valid. I WRITE IN CAPS SO PEOPLE CAN SEE MY POINTS!
          1. When people like you BITCH and say “why no outrage over black on white violence?” its because JUSTICE IS ALWAYS SERVED!! hasn’t always been that way for white cops on black violence or WHITE CIVILIANS on Black Violence.
          2. When people like you say “WHY DONT YOU LOOK AT BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE?” Black Leaders and the President himself started the “I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER INITIATIVE” SHARPTON ALSO SPOKE OUT AGAINST BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE. Also over 86% of WHITES KILL OTHER WHITES why don’t I question your outrage over that?
          3. The Collectivization of all Blacks into a single entity, when a black criminal commits a crime you say “ALL THESE BLACKS ARE SAVAGES” When a WHITE CHILD OF PRIVELEDGE shoots up a school, or a White man bombs a FEDERAL BUILDING we don’t say “ALL THESE CRAZY WHITE PEOPLE” Also Black are a WORLD WIDE MAJORITY with MANY DIFFERENT CULTURES…my COMMUNITY has FAR LESS WELFARE RECIPIENTS THAN WHITES.
          4. The outrage I see by idiots when the President says “Trayvon could have been my son.” Should I quote the rest of the WHITE PRESIDENTS WHO HAVE DEGRADED and talked down the humanity of BLACK AND BROWN PEOPLE HERE AND ABROAD? I bet you their language was far worse than OBAMA who also does not agree with the looters in FERGUSON. So forgive if I laugh at your bitching when there is a mountain of true racism coming down on my people. Also the idiot TEABAGGERS AND BIRTHERS WHO SAY OBAMA is a MUSLIM and was born outside of this country! YOU GUYS MUST BE DRINKING MOONSHINE OR SMOKING SOME GOOD SHIT!! Also if you call OBAMA A COMMUNIST OR EVEN A SOCIALIST you are officially a MORON. A Socialist or communist would be offended and the global population laughs at your level of ignorance I AM ashamed to be compared to these Americans.
          5. When a Black kid is in a controversial death. You are quick to pull out his criminal record no matter how unrelated or petty his crime record is, even in Brown’s case where I haven’t heard any serious criminal record by the way. Counter that with Walsh on his show ‘The Hunt’ where a white male is killed by his roommate another white male, they are searching for his roommate. THE VICTIM WAS A DRUG DEALER…he stated that we should not look at his drug dealing or other criminal activity because “THATS WHAT KIDS DO, and WE WERE ALLYOUNG ONCE” if that victim was black you would be the first person to call him a “THUG.” Also look at Ethan Couch in Texas Kid KILLS 4 PEOPLE with a BAC of over THREE TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT and permanently PARALYZES HIS ‘FRIEND’ HE GETS NO JAIL TIME. HE ALSO HAD PRIOR DUI’s. HOW ABOUT THE THOUSANDS OF WHITE PEOPLE WHO KILLED BLACKS AND GOT AWAY SCOTT FREE…I BET YOUR LIFE SAVINGS YOU CANT FIND THAT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, THUS THE UNIQUE SITUATION OF WHITE ON BLACK CRIME IN THIS COUNTRY.
          6. Also you say that BLACKS DONT LIKE BLACK CONSERVATIVES. It is because like you they don’t portray the full picture but many serve as voice boxes for GARBAGE NETWORKS LIKE FOX NEWS WHICH WHITEWASH HISTORY. COLIN POWELL IS A BLACK CONSERVATIVE THAT MANY BLACKS RESPECT BECAUSE HE DOESNT WHITE WASH HISTORY! Also ironically THE WHITE PREACHER WHO SUPPORTS JERIMIAH WRIGHT WAS CALLED THE ‘EMINEM’ of PREACHERS BECAUSE HE DOESNT FOLLOW CONSERVATIVE LINES. Jeremiah Wright speaks mostly the truth about our history which is very accurate but because you don’t like it you hate it!
          7. YOU ARE ONE SIDED I on the other hand understand the ills that face the black community but I also understand the historical and current external issues that inflict the Black community and Third World Countries.

        147. Also people like you Minimize the Black man’s Success and exaggerate the negatives and failures. I can Argue that Obama became President because as a Black Man he HAD TO DO MUCH BETTER THAN A WHITE MAN to get to high office. Are you kidding me…As a black man OBAMA HAS TO MAKE SURE HE IS ALMOST PERFECT. OBAMA CANT AFFORD TO FUCK UP LIKE BUSH!! Whenever a Black man “makes it” you look for a way to denigrate his success. It is not me who brings up the race bullshit on this site it is others who infect the dialogue with it at every opportunity I merely respond to it.
          Did you know many of our parents teach us we that have to DO BETTER THAN THE WHITE MAN TO BE CONSIDERED EQUAL? Through all my education I was constantly drilled to be much better than a white guy just to be considered even. And I will teach my kids to give 150% in their education and to read like their life depends on it to workout out and excel in everything so when people like you talk your bullshit they will laugh and pass you over.
          Read Below.

        148. Why don’t whites have cities. Why do blacks have New York, Chicago, Detroit, Missouri, LA and whites have nothing in Idaho?
          Whites cannot build a thing without the blacks to do it for them, east europe is the best evidence of that. They tried and the ussr crumbled into its initiall white corrupt state before the asiatics developed it for them. Just accept whites are the dumbest race.

        149. Holy shit that’s amazing!
          All of those cities were built and populated originally by non-blacks, and the only areas with huge numbers of blacks are destitute ghettos.
          Your whole point is a complete and utter distortion of reality. New York had almost no blacks in 1750. Blacks came to New York in increasing numbers much later. Same with the other cities listed.
          If you think blacks are the ones doing the heavy lifting you are hallucinating. Somehow you see parasitizing as working? I really want to
          Understand that.

        150. Obama has earned virtually nothing- he was elected by white guilt. Both Obama and Bush were unqualified and horrible leaders. One president owed his position to his lineage and wealth and another to his race.
          But i disparage Obama because of the damage he’s done as my leader.
          Believe me I have ZERO desire to keep black men down. The financial aspects alone are relevant there.
          I want one thing and one thing only- for blacks to cease their race war against nonblacks. I don’t hate blacks. I want to get along. I
          Also don’t want to get my head bashed in though.

        151. 1. The reason black on white violence matters is because it’s much more common than the reverse. The fact that the perpetrators are arrested and punished is not what’s relevant- that’s a poor consolation for the lives lost for utterly no reason. Furthermore in the very small number of cases in which a white person commits an act of violence against a black person, there is often at least a great amount of ambiguity, or even outright clarity, such as with the case of Darren Wilson, the renders the homicide justifiable.
          Contrast this with the sheer brutality of black on non- black murders. Of course these vicious brutes were punished. You can’t claim self defense when you rape and murder a 102 year old woman. The nature of the crime matters. Zimmerman shot a thug who was slamming his head into the ground. Wilson shot a robber who had attempted to take his gun and was charging him. To compare those incidents to the senseless murder of Kaylah Peterson , or Hoang Nuguyen. The fact is that when whites do rarely kill blacks, it’s usually in the pursuit of fighting crime. Blacks murder children, rape elderly women, and all sorts of sick acts of brutality.
          But what really is the issue is the fact that blacks are waging a full scale race war on nonblacks, while nonblacks aren’t even fighting.
          Darren Wilson killed a thug resisting arrest. To compare that to the savage murder of a 13 month pjs by two teenage savages, is a sign of irrationality. It’s obvious why ” justice is served” in the sense that you mean it- Nonblacks very rarely kill blacks, but when they do they are criminals. Blacks kill innocents out of racist hate.
          2. I never mentione black on black crime. I don’t care of dysgenic, 75 I.q. Sons of single mothers kill each other. Most of them should have been contracepted to start with.
          3. I don’t out all blacks in one category. I acknowledge general patterns. You and must blacks do not.
          4. What Thomas Jefferson said is irrelevant. This is 2014. That’s a useless deflection. Plus I never brought up Sharpton or anything like that. As far as I’m concerned sharptons approach of shaking down nonblacks is totally logical, if reprehensible, given the black collectives inability to produce and it’s need to feed off of its nonblack hosts.
          5. No one is out protesting for whatever irrelevant issue you are trying to argue there. When whites have records it’s brought up when relevant. The problem is they you don’t understand logic. Mike browns crime was relevant because it demonstrated his state of mind AT THE TIME. On top of the need to refute the ” gentle giant” nonsense the media was pushing
          6. Not just conservatives, most blacks hate blacks who are remotely competent and functional.
          Face it- your condition is of your own making. We don’t owe you anything, and while I oppose mistreating anyone and any form of discrimination, it’s high time you realize that you too must obey the law, and follow the rules. And even though it might be mentally painful for many, they must learn to grasp logic.
          And if you can’t do for self, you don’t deserve to prosper.

        152. What the hell are you talking about?
          It’s obvious black women less attractive, that’s nut relevant though.
          The sense of entitlement is on display in ferguson. Blacks think they can rob a store, walk in the middle of the street daring someone to say something, attack a cop, try to take his gun, charge at him, lie about it to law enforcement and the media, threaten to riot in order to have your way, and then riot,
          Lives like michael brown don’t matter, to anyone with some damn sense. The Indian ” Michael browns”
          Deserve just as much scorn. The difference is that I hate all criminals. Blacks deify theirs.

        153. I never said ” all.”
          And of course that’s evident. Hardly anyone thinks or talks in those kinds of absolutes. It’s just a deflection.

        154. Jesus you are a moron, no one “deify” criminals. No one is supporting the looters why don’t you mention the black people that defended the business from the looters…and its how is it obvious black women are less attractive? I been with all races of Women including Asia. White like German blonde haired and blue eyes…I personally prefer dark brown women from the Caribbean or Asia.
          No one is is glorifying criminals you are missing the point…when have you seen the black community protest the killing or sentencing of a Black cold blooded killer? The thing is that Justice has not always been equal it has to do with Race and Class. Even many whites acknowledge this. For example in the south a respected County Sheriff found his wife cheating with a politician and he killed the politician, his defense was crime of passion and he served no jail time…a black person would’ve gone to jail. White on Black crime the Whites historically have had instances where they don’t go to jail…I’m amazed that you can’t see that. The Black community doesn’t have the systemic backing that whites have or the money so they have to voice out the frustration in protest whenever they see an injustice in the justice system….you have to understand the justice system is not equal to everyone.

        155. Obama is much more intelligent than Bush was. We are taught that in order to succeed we have to be much better than the white man in this society just to be seen as “equal.” For Obama to get elected he had to be an extremely skilled politician. Obama just outright beat McCain he was a better debater and fresh and young and a Democrat at the right time when Bush’s 8 years were awful. Obama came in with the economy in free fall. Also as a black President he has to be extra careful as every minor mistake he makes will get blown out of proportion. If he made the blunders that Bush made and other Presidents he would’ve been impeached a long time ago.

        156. You must have a mental disorder lol. Let me put you in the shoes of Blacks historically in this country (LETS REVERSE HISTORY BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE READ SLOW AND GRASP THIS SCENARIO)….Lets say those vicious murders committed by Blacks that you mentioned and raping were occurring. Jury selection is All Black or mostly Black Jury, they move the Jury to a majority black town and the Black judge sets that criminal free or gives them a light sentence. I wonder if you’re so “outraged” now.. how would you feel if the above happened in your community tens of thousands of times over. And then I came to you as a black man and say hey man you know white people kill black people too?! (Although the white person always goes to jail). You would probably think i’m a moron right?! for not have a parallel argument. That’s my perception of people that say what you say.
          And I’m not comparing a vicious Black on white crime you are putting words in my mouth….stay on the subject here ok.
          I do look at patterns and throughout this countries existence blacks have a had a whole different reality than white people have had i don’t know why you don’t acknowledge that…you’re hatred blinds you. You talk about Blacks wanting a race war? Do you notice that blacks here never bring up race but when a topic like Haiti comes a long a bunch of idiots start calling blacks savages, I simply respond to it, we don’t’ come here and put down white people all the time. There are idiots in all groups but many blacks have a general pattern and don’t trust the justice system because it has failed the black community more than it has whites this is simple and you can fact check it yourself. My condition is of my own making in terms of getting an education which I did working hard which I do and never using welfare which me and my family have done.

        157. Blacks are not “waging war” against non blacks…in fact there were many Whites protesting alongside the Black people today and yesterday all around the nation….however the people who always brings up race is not me its some of your fellow commentators here who scream white supremacy at any chance they get whenever the article like this mentions anything relating with black people which you also do, although you yourself are not white. Ironically many whites who put down blacks are also the ones that would label you a Drunk ass Red dot feather by the way lol. I wouldn’t cause I respect Native peoples But they don’t…just a thought. Maybe since you’re in St. Louis you can go and talk to some of the protesters who are doing it peacefully or just a black person who sides with the protests and calmly ask him why. Many whites understand my point of view but you have so much anger and a sense of superiority which I don’t believe you have any superiority over anyone lol….read below.

        158. Lies, New York was 59% black at the time Washington declared Independence. Half of its population slaves and another 9% of so free blacks. Blacks numbers decreased in new york as mass white immigration turned it into a hell hole.
          Wall street was originally a slave trading market.
          “But the sordid history of Wall Street is actually much older and darker. December 13, 2011 was the three hundredth anniversary of the law passed by the New York City Common Council that made Wall Street the city’s official slave market for the sale and rental of enslaved Africans.”
          Whites are the lazy one, who can work harder than a slave? That is why whites had slaves, too lazy to work.

        159. Just more great fun facts!
          Would you mind showing me where you got those numbers from? I’m interested in what goes on in your mind.
          The idea that blacks are hard workers and whites lazy is so contrary to reality that it’s interesting how you might come up with such delusions.

        160. You’re right! That’s why the only shoes not looted off the shelves in Ferguson were work boots lmao!

        161. Tell it to the family of Zemir Begic.
          You bring up no historical facts at all, just more of the blame game. That has reached it’s expiration date. I have no white guilt and most whites are done with it too.
          3,700 blacks were lynched in this country’s history. The majority were guilty of crimes. 1,500 whites were lynched.
          The fact that the perpetrators from back the weren’t arrested is not relevant for 2014.
          Zemir Begic-brutally murdered by the feral. The reason we are upset about black violence is that blacks are so damn disproportionately violent. It doesn’t mean shit if my murderer is convicted-I don’t want to be murdered in the first place. And the safest single way to avoid that is to avoid blacks and their centers.
          Blacks hate us (whites and successful minority men) because they claim we’re “oppressive,” yet they follow us around wherever we go, and refuse to create healthy communities amongst themselves, parasitizing the hard-working and ruining otherwise beautiful cities like Detroit, St. Louis, Johannesburg, etc.
          If non-blacks are so damn bad, and blacks are just as capable as anyone else, why not stick to yourselves? Why not get away from us and go your own thing? You’re capable of that right? Just as capable as anyone else? We Kiowa largely do just that.
          As far as me being an Indian- I don’t care what whites think or do. Unlike blacks I’m not jealous of them and have no inferiority complex. My culture is justified by itself. I don’t need white’s resources or approval. I’m my own man.

        162. Obama is a skilled rhetorician. That’s it. His policies are even more boneheaded than those of Bush. At least When Bush illegally and unconstitutionally intervened in other countries he was halfway successful at first. Obama had completely fucked up. Nevermind the economy, healthcare, and hell, race relations are at the lowest point in a LONG time, and getting worse. Wasn’t he supposed to fix that? Lol.
          Don’t give me more excuses. It’s just excuse after excuse and blaming others. Obama was elected twice. He is no more limited than any other president. He’s the same kind of corrupt politician as bush and Clinton were. On top of that he had unprecedented support in 2008. And man did he fuck up!
          Don’t give me this ” we have to work twice as hard” garbage. Because of affirmative action and political correctness a black person with just a sliver of intellect and ability is airlifted to the front of the line. Conservatives constantly search for qualified blacks even more than liberals. If a black man isn’t named some degenerate shit like ” Tariquavius” and has the same credentials as a white man, with no prison record and no obvious red flags ( like showing up to the interview thugged out), he will get that job every time. The problem for blacks is that it takes an exceptional black to perform at the level of content nonblack. How many white, Asian, and Hispanic surgeons are there? If you’re a black surgeon, you’re rare enough to be a viable candidate for the freaking republican nomination for president. So don’t give me all that.
          As far as “thug” goes, blacks created that persona themselves. There are consequences to ” keeping it real.” If you have your pants hanging off your ass, are an ignorant degenerate, constantly out up an aggressive, hostile demeanor, have contempt and hatred for non-blacks, are intrusive, and have a MUCH larger propensity to commit crime, you are going to go nowhere. It’s common sense. It’s about like me wearing war paint and walking around with a spear and thinking people won’t see me as a threat. Common sense.

        163. Just on the t.v., Christ. Good ok ” gentle giant” and mr. “Watermelon era and skittles” aren’t deified? They are damn near close to it.
          What happened in 1940 is not ongoing today. This is 2014. It’d be like when Indians justify drunk driving by using events from 1880. It doesn’t fly for rational people.
          There was no injustice in ferguson. And these people aren’t “protestors,” they are terrorists. Those black men who defended the stores are honorable. However those who burnt them down are scum. People are tired of their behavior.

        164. You seriously got a mental issue Affirmative Action was created BECAUSE THERE WERE SYSTEMATIC RACISM AND LIMITED UPWARD MOBILITY FOR BLACK PEOPLE FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS!!!..and no I rather have to work harder and not use Affirmative Action so people like you don’t use it as an excuse when I outperform you. We work just as hard as anyone to be able to “make it” in this country….we are not “airlifted” if we have a “sliver of intelligence.” Last night another cop was not indicted by a Grand Jury even though his situation was captured on camera. No one is making “excuses.” And again you do what people like you do which is generalize not all blacks agree with sagging pants are violent behavior…last time I checked black people came in many different cultures and countries…that’s like me saying white people created the cult of Billy the Kid Al Capone and the Mafia ignorant trailer park trash Rednecks and Hooliganism in England, and then say all white people. You have a mental disorder.

        165. They let a cop go after the death of a black man in NY, many came out to protest (Black Latino Asian and White Protesters) in New York mainly peacefully which was great because it didn’t provide the fodder people like yourself love to use to deviate from the real issue here…which is the INJUSTICE in a specific criminal dynamic in this country. We are not “Deifying” them in fact I have noticed when its a white kid in a controversial killing any petty crime or slightly deviant behavior the kid is involved in is separated from the important issue of his wrongful death….if he sold weed its “all kids do that” “its part of growing up” but you don’t seem to notice that other side of the conversation do you. The same people back then in 1940 were saying “Blacks have no issues this isn’t slavery?! ” Yeah Natives do protest things like America’s Holidays like Columbus Day when the great slaughter of your people began…maybe more of you would protest but the vast majority of you were wiped out.

        166. The protesters who destroyed King George’s property and caused civil arrest were terrorist too. The Natives like Red Cloud who went up against the encroaching and genocidal American Government were “terrorist” to you as well…William Wallace who went up against Richard the Long-shanks was a “terrorist” as well Also there was a large protest in New York which was mostly peaceful I personally loved it cause it didn’t provide fodder for people to deviate from the main issue. “People are tired” please if you were in the other boat imagine how tired you would be…people complain “oh the President Holder they are unjust and Obama said Trayvon could’ve been my son boo hoo” I can pull a library worth of Presidential quote which DIRECTLY DEGRADED THE NATIVE THE BLACK AND BROWN HERE AND ABROAD!! We have a right to complain…that’s why I find it laughable your complaints…or saying Sharpton and Obama are “fanning” the flames….really?! They both called for ONLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS AND CONDEMNED THE LOOTERS!!

        167. Whites have always been lazy, that is what slavery was about, lazy whites not wanting to farm their own land so they got the most productive workers in the world to do it, blacks. even after slavery was over the white man refused to work his own land and paid his former slave to work it. When more blacks moved north to work in the industrial factories and build great cities in chicago and detroit and new york and philadelphia before white mass immigration ruined and flooded them, the lazy white farmer still refused to do work and ended up being white trash or rednecks or hillbillies. People with lots of land but who are simply too lazy to work. Some in texas maanged to get mexicans to do the hard labour, but those east of the mississippi just continued to do what whites have always done on farms, nothing and be lazy.
          Most of the frauds are run by whites, this is because whites are too lazy to actually build a decent functioning business. If a black isn’t there to run their business, the whites business quickly collapses if he cannot find some other brown person to take over the job.

        168. I go by percentages, and a solid majority of blacks in the U.S. are dysfunctional. The most functional blacks are those who live in almost entirely white environments.
          Again it’s not 1969. When one of your group can be president, it’s time to renounce special help.
          You’re running out of nonblack guilt to exploit. I have none, but most of these whites are no longer caring. That happens when damn near everyone has had an experience with one or more savage blacks.

        169. I’ve had bad experiences and noticed negative white behavior but I don’t paint all whites as “Savages” again that word “savages” is a word used to diminish ones own Savage behavior. Just as your destroyed ancestors were labeled “savages” and “non-humans” and there were scientific debates to whether your ancestors had a “soul.” Its not “guilt” and I don’t exploit, its simply the truth.

        170. Eric Garner was wrongfully murdered, I will give you that, but Clive Bundy was in the right also. Ironically both of them face the same federal enemy.
          Again, I don’t care about 1880. There’s a limit to how much the past can be used to explain away behavior.
          I’ve never had a white person aggressively put hands on me. I’ve never felt unsafe around any white people, even if said white people were angry. There’s a big difference between my experiences between how blacks and whites have reacted to me in life. Whites tend to be overly apologetic, and while their fetishizing my culture is slightly annoying, it’s nothing compared to the danger you face in large black cities. This isn’t just the case for me- the vast majority of black individuals will admit to this when cornered. Some will admit it of their own accord. Sensible, heroic men like painless risen and tommy sotomayor.
          All it takes is for blacks to be realistic. To let go of their constant need to protect their status as physically powerful threats. No humility, empathy, ever comes out of the mouths of most black people, even towards their own children. I can show so many videos on worldstar, and while there are videos of whites being murderous, like in the video of Eric garner’s murder, there are so many for blacks it’s pitiful. I know of several accounts of kids HERE killed in schoolyard brawls. Without weapons. Blacks are the only Folks who best people do brutally, after the fight is over and they’ve won, kicking people in the head, stomping and jumping on heads. And let’s not even look at the women. My peoples women are largely unattractive. They aren’t meant to eat western food, such as high levels of carbs, and as a result are super fat. But unlike black women. They don’t walk around as if they’re above everyone else, acting like they own the world. Also they nurture their children. I’ve seen dozens of black women beating their kids in the grocery store. I’ve seen ONE Indian woman spank a kid on the behind.
          Cops shoot black men because said cops are sociopaths, that’s true, but the idea that these black men aren’t threats is patently false. Even Eric Garner, whose killers should have been indicted in my opinion, had a hand in his own unjust murder. I’m not blaming him, mind you, but if he had not resisted arrest and been rational, and understood that once a cop arrests you that’s it, and the only way to fight him is in court, then he wouldn’t have given cops the excuse to be so brutal.
          I will never understand how blacks can be so duplicitous. I get the desire to be hyper-masculine. But if that desire is unrealistic, and never tempered with any humility or empathy for other people, they are more or less bound to do violent things to other people.
          The needless arrogance of blacks it’s real. Their word for it is “swag.” Intellectual blacks don’t have it. But most dysfunctional blacks aim for it at all costs.
          Just think about it this way: Michael Brown’s mother’s man is in his thirties, and STILL had his damn pants below his ass. The piece of shit is a grown freaking man, dressed like a delinquent teenager. I’ve never seen that level of dysfunction in any other race, at least not on a media figure. Honey boo boo’s fat ass white trash mother isn’t even that pathetic, and she’s a paid clown.
          Why is it so hard to stop that stuff? Seriously. Why is it so hard to reject all that culture, not have kids out of wedlock, wear their pants below their asses, act defiant and arrogant at all times, like “nobody gone tell me sheeit,” and have six or seven bastards. Hell I don’t have a bastard. And you don’t. Why the hell can’t these people get it together?
          It’s because the intellectual blacks, who should be role models and provide instruction, spend all their energy thinking about white people and events from the 1920s. That’s where Indians are better off. The future of the nation is important to us. I want my people to survive the coming decline of America. Even if that means recognizing harsh truths and making difficult choices. Blacks seem to revel in dysfunction, and when called on it blame whitey, and then state some nonsense about building pyramids, when every other child in that person’s community is a freaking bastard. It’s surreal.
          No. I don’t hate black people. I admire many black men. The Man I most admire is Frederick Douglas, who was black.
          But no one- whites, blacks, Indians, whoever, can ever improve without acknowledging the truth. And the truth is that it’s sickening that anyone, of any race, who hasn’t ever done a solid day’s work can claim that they deserve the same as a law-abiding, hard working man is amazing. And many blacks believe this to the point that they will wantonly rob you. Hell they don’t even have to be hooked on drugs like most white robbers.
          If black people go for together they’d be leaders. It really is a shame.

        171. AS I said before you generalize “Blacks”….Black people are a WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY, you can have American Blacks, Caribbean Blacks, Latina brown and black women. Many of them are the most beautiful women I have even seen, Latina black and brown women are some of the most beautiful women in the world, are you kidding me. My equivalent is to go to a trailer park and see a bunch of fat high on meth women and label all White women as such. You again generalize, yes “swag” that is young kids being young kids, and yes I don’t advocate the criminality however we never question white people and make them answer for all the ills in their community the way we do with blacks especially to deviate from certain specific concerns like Fox News does. I have also seen some very beautiful Native women as well. Many of the teen parents on television are teen white girls as well. Many American Blacks are also upwardly mobile and hard working like Latino people. Caribbean black women many are also more conservative. Off course you have liberal women…but in my experience the most serious women have been black women. In fact I have met Black virgins from the Caribbean who focus on marriage and the family and find your words to be offensive. In my personal experience some of the sexual loose women have been white women to be honest. Offering Fellatio easily to me and my buddies and sleeping behind their husbands back which I didn’t want to be apart of I may add. But I don’t lump all white women together. Again I grew up in the most diverse communities in America so my social IQ and cultural IQ is probably higher than most on this page. That doesn’t mean I’m culturally cocky as there is still much I need to learn and I love to enjoy learning about different cultures. Black and Black crime and social ills in the American community are addressed in the black community, to stop that nonsensical narrative that Fox Loves to spew. I myself believe in traditional family values but that is eroding in entire American society, yes Blacks have a particular problem with broken families but other races are going to catch up in the future…and I hope I am not right. Fox continues to use Ferguson looters which everyone except the looters condemns including blacks….so far there has been three days with little violent outbursts so Fox can’t use that fodder to deviate from the questions of inequality in execution of Justice. But they still go back to Ferguson and the looters to shift the conversation conveniently leaving out that other black protesters help mitigate the looting when the police did not.
          I’m glad you admire Frederick Douglas I do as well, also WEB Dubois and many black authors from the Harlem Renaissance. But the black community is constantly only portrayed as negative and the negative aspects of their communities gets overblown specifically by Fox News which present whitewashed history and current events under blind patriotism. They say we worship “criminals” which is patently false, we just protest what we see as unequal justice…black criminals face the full brunt of justice the same can’t always be said by white criminals and that is factual. Also some innocent blacks have served jail time while being innocent of the crimes they committed. Cliven Bundy had GUNS POINTED AT FEDERAL AGENTS, not one of them were even cuffed, let alone choked to death or killed and left on the pavement to boil in the sun and they were celebrated on Fox News and by many conservatives. Technology which is used to keep tabs on us backfired this time and now we have full evidence of the occurrence which has occurred continuously since before the Untied States was formed. When the Irish and Italians had nothing they also robbed and formed gangs like Mayor Giuliani’s father. Giuliani is the media darling for Fox News but he participated in a police led drunken rally against Mayor David Dinkins who actually began the policies to drastically reduce crime in New York if you read up on it. Giuliani also got destroyed by Ron Paul for his lack on insight on foreign policy his only claim to fame being the September 11th attacks. Again I have been around all races in my life and I can honestly tell you the hardest working people I have seen has been blacks and Latinos, and Asians. My community has less than HALF of welfare recipients as compared to White people yet I might get lumped in as a Welfare abuser. Blacks addressed both black on black crime as well as external factors which are inflicted on the black community, you do understand you can do both right?
          People talk about when Obama stated his son “would’ve looked like Trayvon,” I can fill a library of quotes about all the White President before hand which has stated extreme racially motivated slurs and statements about Black Natives and Brown people domestically and abroad, and talking about Governors and Presidents backing the KKK. And carrying out experimentation on Black and Brown people in America Latin America and SouthEast Asia…yet WHERE is the outrage by conservatives and Fox News on these facts. But yet this is ALL LOST ON YOU. Blacks are not a monolith there are many cultures within the worldwide community and within America, I don’t lump all whites with the depths of that community.

        172. And Fox News and some conservatives EVEN WITH VIDEO EVIDENCE are still criminalizing and looking to shift the obvious crime within that video.
          Read Below.

        173. The most beautiful women in my opinion are Latinas, South East Asians, and specifically some African women. I prefer Nigerians but Ethiopian women are tall slender and elegant…I have been with women of all races and in my opinion brown Latinas dark Asians and Ethiopians have the perfect blend of beauty..Ethiopia the land where Modern Humans come from and our MOTHERLAND!! And I haven’t even shown dark Asians and Latinas…I’m not sure what you find beautiful but these women to me are the most beautiful in the world.
          Read below….

        174. Lmao. Of course Ethiopian women are beautiful. Ethiopians aren’t Bantus and have had civilization for over 2,000 years.
          Ethiopians also have a significant infusion of Caucasian blood-more than enough to drown out Bantu deviance.
          Stick to what we’re discussing. Bantus with chimp noses and Brillo pad hair.

        175. I’m talking about west Africans and their coethnics in the Americas, Europe, etc.
          On the whole they do little but destroy if they weed different, their countries would not be eternally on bottom.

        176. You make ignorant sweeping claims like “99 percent of Blacks.” I would not elevate this “talk” to a conversation since you need two parties with legitimate thought and you sir lack that severely.

        177. You are a humongous idiot, a native who had most of his ancestors raped killed and mentally degraded by the White Colonials, yet you rather associate and elevate them when you are not white yourself….you are pathetic and a disgrace to your people…nothing worse than you. Your job application at Fox News is waiting for you so you can be used as a mouthpiece to degrade other people of color specifically when controversial Native American issues are being discussed. What a disgrace.

        178. You do know many populations have West African Genetics within them…I know plenty of people who do from many regions around the world not just simply your stereotypical image of them. And they are twice as smart and more ambitious than you are. You have serious issues. And you say eternally at the bottom without acknowledging external factors involved and specifically targeting internal issues…a privileged whites get to enjoy.

        179. By your logic maybe you hope that whatever Caucasian blood you have may drive out your Native American blood that maybe in your own mind you deem as inferior…and if you do you are a self hating idiot and a sad pathetic case.

        180. So now you’re psycho-analyzing me lol. Sure sign of a narcissist with no logical argument.
          Stop the deflection. I have zero reason to be ” self-hating,” as my people have always behaved honorably. We don’t kill each other at record rates. We don’t drive down property values when we move in next door. We don’t raps, murder, and steal at wildly disproportionate rates and then think deflecting to
          The 1850s or poverty, or whatever other excuses we can come up with allows us to avoid taking responsibility.
          Our race is struggling at times, but we are fundamentally broken. Furthermore whites are not antagonistic to us-neither are Hispanics or Asians. It’s just negros who try to steal our heritage and then commit crimes against us.

        181. Lmao-you have zero evidence regarding my ambition, and you should be aware of my intelligence seeing as how I’m schooling you so utterly.
          No amount of “external factors,” could explain the sheer, utter dysfunction of Bantus worldwide. The tiny minority of functional Bantus means nothing. Look at I.Q., GDP, crime, etc. WORLDWIDE the more negroes there are the worse it gets.
          Hell, a HUGE chunk if Bantus in west Africa and Haiti can’t even grow their own food, despite being surrounded by rich soil and a warm climate year round.
          They are just built differently.

        182. Again the useless reference to 500 years ago. Why? It doesn’t refute anything I’ve said, neither do ad hominem attacks.
          I don’t want to be white, or receive anything from white people. All I want is to ” do for self,” and not pay for parasitic negroes, and have them continually commit crimes against me and everyone else.
          It’s really very simple, and the entire bit of irrationality and name-calling isn’t necessary. Just stop committing crimes. That’s it. And maybe start producing something instead of consuming. Hell, you’re just as equal as anyone else, right? Surely you can achieve something that simple as a people.

        183. Lmao. More of the same from you. Again, give up the grievance obsession, stop commuting crimes disproportionate yo your numbers, and start building something instead of destroying. This isn’t a problem for any other people. Just yours.

        184. Then you would have 0% evidence about making sweeping ignorant statements about 99% of Blacks as well.

        185. no one has a “grievance obsession.” Just stating reality…maybe you should focus on your people instead of putting a whole race of people down and elevating a race that is not your own who probably looks at you as dirt as well.

        186. It’s not reality. It’s 1880s reality.
          Your people are the ones everyone pays thousands of dollars to flee from. That wouldn’t be the case if you would get it together and stop victimizing nonblacks, then justifying your hatred with endless screeds about emmet till and ” black Wall Street” and slavery constantly.

        187. Nope sorry that’s not the case. Civil rights act in 1965, affirmative action, etc.
          You can’t run from it. You need to get it together.

        188. I turned on to Fox News by mistake..yeah they also make sweeping ignorant statements. You should apply there they can use you as the Native who insults native people and whitewashes their history. lol You can sell out and get extra points with conservative white america. LOL

        189. Some natives were savages by my reckoning. My people were not, though.
          I can acknowledge that we were wronged by white people in the past without despising white people in the present. They are different people. Today there are plenty of opportunities for me and other Indians ( including many blacks for that also) I don’t see why that’s hard to see.
          What good does it avail you to deny the reality and continually blame another group? It doesn’t seem to help Kiowa or blacks.
          Do you think we can get rid of the whites? Drive them out? Replace them? Or can we go back to the past, with me hunting buffalo in Nebraska and you harvesting yams in Nigeria? I want to live within a system I prosper in, that has rewarded my hard work rather than one in which I can absolve myself of responsibility by blaming others, yet pay for it by festering in a ghetto/reservation.

        190. No one is blaming another whole group of people….its just being knowledgeable of history and of current events…that does not mean you cant work hard and have goals, and strive for a better life. You can do several things at once. People love to say “victim mentality” and laziness which is false. In fact having an active mind always questioning and being active in your community is healthy and is also related to HARD WORK.
          Also how do you know I would be harvesting Yams in Nigeria lol. Blacks are everywhere, and there are a variety of cultures as well.

        191. Ahhh yes SOME Natives key word is Some but some Whites would group ALL natives as savages or denigrate their society in general. Its not “continually Blaming another group” its understanding facts and history as well as Current Society, while also trying to succeed in the opportunities a person has…you can do BOTH! Also many here lump ALL BLACKS and don’t afford Blacks the same language you used when you said “SOME NATIVES were Savages…”

        192. In fact one of my favorite.abolitionists was JOHN BROWN he was WHITE. He felt the other.blacks were too SOFT when asking For FREEDOM amd he took A VIOLENT APPROACH FOR BLACK.FREEDOM.

        193. Did you edit that in? Slick.
          Nevertheless, plenty of blacks see ALL whites as devils. Plenty of Indians see ALL blacks and whites as trespassers.
          I don’t begrudge them that right, however. Let them think what they will. My issue is that I want to live in a ” white” system (rule of law, respect for private property, economic freedom), so I choose to abide by the constitution and traditional cultural conventions. If an Indian or black wants to live a different life, in which they can have everyone stop what they are doing so they can commune with an eagle spirit , or rob stores/be violent/”keep it real” then more power to them-they can do that in their own areas and I can get what I need in mine.
          But don’t expect me to pay women to breed children who are going to assault/rape/murder my children. Then throw their hatred in my face, justifying it because of what happened in 1948 or something.

        194. LOL oh boy I don’t like to pay for women to have bad children no matter the race…i have seen some pretty spoiled bad white kids. Why do you take the negative of the black community and enlarge it…its like me driving to the trailer park…(there’s quite a few around her) and stating ahhh WHITE PEOPLE few teeth racist throwing that in my face, loud, smelly, violent watching their Nascar a damn car going around in circles, unclean and uncivilized. And throwing their false superiority in my face not knowing that my people were here long before their came and murdered raped and pillaged.

        195. They at least do blue collar jobs, or at least tend to. Furthermore they don’t make all sorts of demands to be included on anything. Those “white trash types” exist but they exist away from me most of the time. Secondly they are not ANYWHERE near as violent and destructive. Compare the murder rate in Boone county, West Virginia with that in southside Chicago. Not even close, despite the fact that many Appalachian people are actually WORSE off financially.

        196. He was right-the southerners were wrong. I agree there. Black people should have been given their own territory after the civil war. That would have been best for all, as we would not have to continually deal with their dysfunction.

        197. You sir are deranged. lol This is not simply ad hominem it just your hatred for the Black Community.

        198. go live with them you can be their native spokesman, I’m sure they appreciate natives as well.

        199. I asked you to simply list that you did not hate whites, that you did not believe it is right to blame them, and that violence against them is wrong. You could not do it.
          You prove, time and time again, that you have little of value to add. Basically you engage in the typical black mental gymnastics of denial, alongside ad hominem attacks and your typical attempts to change the subject. That’s not going to work against me.
          The simple fact is that I willing to allow blacks to go their separate ways. Hell, I’m even ok with their remaining integrated, provided they abandoned victim hood and racial hatred. You can’t make such concessions. You want blacks to be able to parasitize nonblack society yet guilt-trip it at the same time. That’s fundamentally contradictory and is unraveling day after day.

        200. I don’t need to live with them. But yes-they do typically tend to be much kinder and more tolerant than blacks.

        201. I lived around Black people all my life they have treated me very kind in fact most of the backstabbers in my experience have been white people believe it or not.

        202. Its not “mental Gymnastics I acknowledge negatives of the black community but also external factors however I notice the onus is always put on black people for every negative aspect which is not placed on white people.
          It’s not “victim hood” its being aware of reality, you can also work hard and improve your life both are not mutually exclusive.

        203. It’s not possible to truly take responsibility if another person has that level of control over your life.
          If I blamed the ” white man” and held wounded knee up in everyone’s face daily I would not be where I’m at.
          I’m intimately familiar with that kind of mentality-plenty of my Indian relatives play that blame game, and ALL of them are extreme alcoholics or severely diabetic, jobless, shiftless, and dysfunctional. If they’d take responsibility they’d be able to succeed too.

        204. Its not a “blame game” its noticing certain aspects of reality which can a problem with a certain community as well as external to the community. Also you can acknowledge this aspect without being shiftless , jobless, etc In fact you can be sober and hardworking with clear goals you actively try to reach everyday.

        205. I don’t believe it. If the last person who tried to rob, assault, or bully you was white, then you are an exception.
          Whether or not it stings psychologically is not really relevant – some white person talking about you behind your back or some white woman clutching her purse while you walk by is nowhere best the same level as a black stranger trying to assault you for no reason. I’m 6’8″ and brown, and I get the sane reactions sometimes. I just ignore it. I certainly don’t agree with white racists that I’m inferior and then prove them exactly right by assaulting or robbing them. Hell, black FEMALES are running around assaulting people!

        206. Not just talking behind your back but backstabbing you are claiming false allegations. Just like I don’t judge all whites by the actions of right wing extremists who Bomb entire Federal Buildings or “Sovereign Citizens” who are a DIRECT THREAT to Law Enforcement and the Federal Government and are organized to inflict real large scale damage.

        207. It’s too easy to cut corners and remain inert when it’s someone else’s fault. If people could largely do both, we’d see much less dysfunction.

        208. Well I agree its easy to blame others and stay complacent, but real activists and conscious people are the opposite of that they read, work, and improve themselves to exhaustion. They want to stand out.

        209. I think the majority of people would say they have not experienced an attempted Murder, I had racial slurs thrown my way by Texans who many seem particularly ignorant and he threatened me almost came to blows, cause I stated steers and queers come from Texas lol

        210. “The Arab conquest, at best consisted of around 5,000 migrants ( typical of pre-modern demographic shifts).”
          What do you base this on? I’m guessing the ancient egyptians were white from this?

        211. Most africans have neanderthal ancestry by way of back migrations into africa over the past several thousand years. It also come out recently, since this comment was written, east asians are a THIRD neanderthal. A full blown third.
          Are they the master race now, if single digit ancestry from them is what gives a people an advantage?
          I mean, you might be trolling with that bit, but I wouldn’t put it past you, since there’s all sorts of fundamentally insane, retarded theorizing about the meaning of neanderthal ancestry that crosses into fetishization, for a people who more closely resembled australian aborigines and papua new guineans than they did europeans, not to mention they were far more genetically distant from europeans than modern africans and their brain sizes were identical to cro-magnons. Then again, brain sizes were much larger worldwide during that time, including africa and australia, and the oldest negroid skull, asselar man, was over 1,500 CC’s, but uhhhh…… cold climates caused what we see today, yeah!

        212. Why don’t you bother to look them up instead of “uhhh, ni66ers are dumb, so they were just tribes that overran and killed their neighbors!”

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