Geordie Tait’s Epic Meltdown Shows Who #GamerGate Is Up Against

We all have an emotional crisis from time to time. It’s understandable, because we’re human after all and having uncontrollable emotions is just a part of the package. On some days, things aren’t going as intended—the coffee cup spills all over your shirt or you get stuck in traffifor hours on end. Maybe if your job is particularly stressful, you can be forgiven for needing to vent once in a while. Especially artists are prone to being emotionally unstable because their delicate sensibilities can’t withstand the onslaught of the cold, harsh reality.

Copypasta in the making

But a certain Geordie Tait completely lost his shit and experienced what could only be described as a nuclear meltdown of epic proportions. If Chernobyl could be put into words, this would be it. Forget about the Navy Seal Copypasta, this is the real deal. You might be tempted to go and check out Geordie’s rant out of morbid curiosity. Please don’t, as setting your gaze upon this rambling diatribe in its entirety will probably cause you to develop multiple brain tumors. Instead, keep reading and I will dissect the writings of this raving lunatic and show you the most hilarious parts.

What prompted Geordie to go on a rant in the first place was that a certain website,, apparently stopped hosting his articles. In reality, they merely reorganized the layout and made articles searchable by tags instead of author names. Like a true SJW, Geordie didn’t want to investigate or have a moderate response, but instead vomited a massive 2000+ word rant about how GamerGate supporters should literally be murdered like Jews in the Holocaust.

Geordie Tait rant 2

Centipedes are not worms

Throw it at your wall

The entire thing just keeps going and going, it’s like a car pileup that happens right in front of your eyes, you want to look away or do something, but you can’t. It’s gruesome yet mesmerizing. Geordie musters all his artistic imagination to link GamerGate to women’s right to abortion, women running the Boston Marathon, getting credit and so on. You think I am joking?

Geordie Tait rant 1

Now that’s how you weaponize stupidity

It’s one twisted analogy after another. But why would Geordie even consider GamerGate as the cause? In September, GamerGate supporters have quietly started several e-mail campaigns to advertisers to remove their ads from the SJW network of faux-gaming websites that inject their ideology into the gamers’ consciousness. These campaigns were successful to a degree and resulted in mass panic and butthurt amongst the SJWs and their allies, prompting Gawker’s Max Read to tweet:

Max Read - they want us bankrupt

And see if it sticks

It’s simply a war of attrition and every single cut counts in finally bleeding the SJW press dry. The idea is to starve the mainstream dens of SJWs of oxygen and show to everyone what happens when you proclaim that “gamers are dead.” Finally, Geordie ends his rant on a positive note, by offering an olive branch and an absolution from the sin of critical thinking.

Geordie Tait rant 3

Please provide us with more entertainment

Even when he realized GamerGate had nothing to do with the apparent removal of his articles, Geordie continued insisting that the privilege is real and we must all join forces and allow women to live their lives to the fullest and without the oppression patriarchy subjects them to:

Geordie Tait rant 4

He went full retard with the microbial jobs part

This deranged behavior extended beyond Facebook and Geordie continued to have mental lapses on Twitter as well:

Geordie Tait twitter 1

Note the passive-aggressive wording

Funny as it is, Geordie’s rant shows several interesting things. SJWs are full of hate towards what they perceive as a “white cis hetero” movement and are just waiting for the right opportunity to spread their venom, using their allies in powerful places who will give them coverage and favorable exposure in the media. The cause doesn’t have to be even remotely related to GamerGate, as shown in this example, it simply has to give plausible cause to the SJWs.

Battle of the giants

As GamerGate continues, some sensible gaming websites have started to reform and reject game review embargoes or issue official policies on who can report on who. While this is a welcome change, it feels like too little too late. Other media outlets just want GamerGate to end immediately, by using any means necessary.

But, how do you silence 10,000 GamerGate supporters who are present at every turn, criticizing, asking questions, inviting to debate, screenshotting everything you ever said? As SJWs quickly found out, it’s impossible to defend against massive criticism, which is why it’s their favorite tactic.

Instead, SJWs turn to silencing, shouts to check your privilege, and outright censorship. If one of their own SJWs criticizes them, well, they aren’t true believers, are they? They must be cut out of the fold and only the most hardcore zealots will remain in the inner circle.

If all else fails, SJWs will turn the victimhood dial up to eleven and demand strict controls on who can say what online, simply to maintain the crucial part of their ideology—echo chambers. Since we’ve already seen Anita Sarkeesian play the victim card to perfection, we can expect a similar attempt in the future to associate GamerGate with physical violence against women.

2 + 2 = RAPE

In fact, in the absence of such an event that would mobilize SJWs worldwide, I predict one will be created. Whether it involves Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn, the target will definitely be a woman to incite maximum outrage and finally bring us closer to the totalitarian state that’s been long in the making. The purging will happen, but it will probably be virtual, rather than physical, with massive ban campaigns and radical censorship methods implemented on all social networks. We’ve already seen this happen on Reddit, but it is happening on a daily basis, silently and behind the scenes on Facebook and Twitter as well.

GamerGate has become the de facto patriarchy and how it started or what it actually represents doesn’t matter to the SJWs. They are intent on infiltrating everything and poisoning it with their agenda. If they can’t, then it’s time for some equality.

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159 thoughts on “Geordie Tait’s Epic Meltdown Shows Who #GamerGate Is Up Against”

  1. I guess we will always have the retarded SJW type to be around. It’s not like they want the whole “opression” to end… it’s lucrative for them. Even if everyone did what they say they would still come up with some bullshit to bitch about. Why would retards like this guy, Aneta Sarkeesian, those people at Helloback ( from the “10h walking in NYC as a woman” video) and all these other failures at life want the “patriarchy” to end?? So they can get a REAL job and talk about stuff that REALLY matters?? Naah, it’ a lot easier to just keep bitching and spilling bullshit in their retarded videos and get donations for their “social experiments”…
    Fortunatley, more people are rising up against them.. I”m curious to see what’s the end of this, if there’s any.

    1. Essentially, these schmucks are the sheltered suburban version of Sharpton and Jackson. They are great at fanning flames not because they seek to offer solutions to what they perceive as problems, but rather they see that they can profit from bitching.

    2. Yea, its not like if they got all they wanted from men, they would suddenly be like ‘now I can focus on smoothing out this algorithm’.
      They need to bitch cause it’s all they know how to do

      1. Exactly. They cannot compete with men in the realms of creation. They invent nothing (but bullshit), write no life-changing novels (other than eatprayfuck type bullshit), and design no great business models (other than prostitution).
        Bitching about ‘patriarchy’ and ‘oppression’ are the only things they’re good at

    1. Is this a trick question? They don’t think now…why would they be expected to develop cognitive skills over the next two or three decades?

      1. Indeed. They appear to simply emotionally react rather than think. It should prove hardly surprising that they hold the positions they do.

    2. They won’t be thinking at all; or perhaps they will be thinbking up ways to best avoid the rape gangs in the true ‘rape culture’ they created

    1. My great great^9999 power grandfather microbe was a true playa.
      He banged so many slut female microbes right up their nucleus makin’ em sludge around all sore and wantin’ more.

    2. We’re going to have a water bear, some amoeba and down in the pond some algae for the paramecium. I like them. They’re soft.

    1. Never heard of him before. But that was a hell of a rant.

      1. Hahahahah! This is exactly what I was picturing in my mind. Seriously this idiot needs to leave the house more.

    2. I invite Mr. Grody Taint to debate me. I type at 117 words per minute, and I’ve been known to write ten or twenty thousand-word essays and diatribes that piss SJWs off to no end. I have a collection of mechanical keyboards. As a matter of fact, if he tried to out-type me, his keyboard would simply break long before mine.
      You know, in a moment of vulnerability, I’ve told a few SJWs about me. About my gender dysphoria, and about how I don’t like people like Anita Sarkeesian presuming to speak for all women when they equate pacifism with power (word to the wise: it isn’t – power is power). They told me I was faking it. They reduced my suffering to a mere footnote. They minimized, shamed, bullied and unpersoned me, simply for speaking out against the insane, collectivist, dogmatic bullshit they spew.
      I was raised in an oppressive Evangelical Christian household, and when I sought out progressive-minded people online as an escape from my upbringing, I expected them to share in my newfound libertinism. No, not libertarianism. Libertinism. Difference. Look it up.
      But no, instead, I found sex-negative, puritanical, think-of-the-children shrinking violets who wouldn’t be satisfied until everything even remotely objectionable was banned. I found people so authoritarian, so obsessed with rules and strictures that they made the flagellants look tame. I found people who desired nothing more than the comfort and security that came with absolute and total conformity. I found exactly the same religious zealotry that I’d fled from.
      If the powers-that-be wanted unthinking, sheep-like behavior out of people, well, they got precisely what they wanted. I bet some cigar-chomping spymaster in some NSA or DARPA workshop is snickering at how effective their social engineering has been. The man finally won. They infiltrated and destroyed the counter-culture, turning an entire generation of students into credulous, sniveling little zombies who no longer pose a threat to the system.
      Or have they? After all, we’re still here.

  2. Not going to lie. I thought the “male microbes were raping and denying microbial jobs” part was funny.

  3. Not sure why we keep giving this omega attention (like Mike giving him a stream). He’s a nobody. Use him as an example of SJWs and move on.

  4. Is he really pushing for no fault divorce? How could that be anything other than a terrible idea for selfish people?

    1. No fault divorce almost sounds like a good idea… for the men whose wives can refuse them sex but financially rape them if they don’t remain monogamous. Of course, that’s not really “no fault” if our society would realize how idiotic it is to expect men to remain and stay faithful in sexless marriages.

    2. Exactly. Plenty of the things he listed are not oppressive, evil acts at all. They are common sense. He makes it sound like women are entitled to whatever they want simply because they’re women, and denying them the right to do horrific or foolish things is “oppressive.”
      It’s not like men lived peachy lives thousands of years ago, either. In a dangerous world of violence and bloodshed, men had the NERVE to ask their wives to stay home and take care of things they had got for them. Meanwhile, the men went out and exercised their privilege hunting, scraping, bleeding, dying, toiling to feed all the mouths back at home. Those bastards!

      1. You should know by now that they never really appreciate anything you do for them. NEVER ever! It’s always expected like they’re entitled to it.
        Once you start thinking this way, you’ll be able to deal with them better.

      2. The Patriarchy kept society together. The feminists are destroying the natural order of God/all major religions. May they burn in hell.

  5. Male microbes denying microbial jobs to the female microbes…
    This dude went full retard for sure

  6. With their own standards, Geordie Tait needs to be put to court and tried for inciting violence, making death threats, slander, libel, offensive language and all that.
    Wonder how he forgot not to call for genocide..?
    The problem is that society has given these insane weaklings the power of Gods.
    Yet, Gods also fall.
    the more they rant the more ammo they give to us mere mortals to show their insanity, their never ending light and life sucking insanity, their lies, never ending lies, lies that contradict each other.

    1. The problem is that society has given these insane weaklings the power of Gods.
      Yes, kind of. They’ve been given *my* power, your power, the power of every rational, strong man. Once we get enough men savvy to this, we can disempower them, and feminism and every other craptastic-ism, by simply refusing to allow them access to our power any longer.

      1. More and more men are wising up. Even those not actively aware of TRP are learning to read between the lines and dismiss wimmin’s bullshit for what it is…self-serving lies and echo chambers, a game of pretend that will never end, and the Ultimate Shit Test

  7. The really irritating thing is that mentally unstable nutjobs like Geordie Tait are taken seriously by the media.
    These people need mental help, and shouldn’t be anywhere near a computer until they get it.

  8. It’s funny how i only read about all these guys and never actually heard them say any of this in person. I work as a doorman at a what would call “hipster” or “yuppie” in Norfolk, Virginia. It’s in a part of the city called ghent which is basically the breeding ground for suburban girls and boys to migrate too to think they’re living the city life. They actually have a group on facebook where they discuss things like this and most of the are the SJW type. Had one of them threaten me with violence so i told him next time i saw him out that he was welcome to act upon it. He came into the bar i worked at a few nights later, didnt say a thing, and couldnt even look me in the eyes when i checked his ID. Sad really.

      1. SJWs can only act via the safety of social media. They as well as the feminists would love to be able to use SWAT teams to kill their enemies. Of course those teams manned by burly powerful Alpha cis-males. They are the lowest scum of the earth – though occasionally reach powerful ears and can ruin a man’s reputation, can get him fired or even banned from a country.

    1. Sums up the pathological nature of the left wing mind: Any stupid thing is justified as long as it’s for equality and positive feelings. Doesn’t matter if it’s worthwhile, functional, or even true

    1. That movie was one of the few honestly fucking hilarious movies to come out in a long, long time.

      1. You know a comedy is great when black people can laugh at a white man that is essentially in black-face, Downy killed it.
        Ben Stiller is hilarious in damn near everything he does.

  9. So I don’t follow the GamerGate stuff other than what I catch on RoK.
    What is the gist at this point? What are the GamerGaters trying to accomplish exactly?
    Has it become an attack on feminism? Or is it still mainly focused on video game journalism? How exactly do you enforce journalistic ethical standards? Isn’t the only option to boycott those magazines that are obviously corrupt?

    1. That’s why they keep sending emails to the companies advertising in the corrupt journo sites, despite the drama going on. Their goal still remains; it’s just that feminists keep injecting themselves into the conflict to try and make it about female harassment and misogyny.
      In a way, GamerGate did get sidetracked from that goal. Unfortunately for the feminists, it’s also making things worse for them because their agenda is slowly being unraveled in the process, making them look worse in front of everyone as a result.

    2. they just want their hands in something else that others enjoy. The object is to ruin as many fun things as possible

      1. Yup. I’m not really following gamergate, but it’s obvious the feminists hate the fact that men are capable of surviving and thriving without the aid of the opposite sex. Women hate being dependent, but cannot change the fact, so they work to make men miserable instead. Not all women, mind you, but a whole lot of them. What sad, silly little lives

    3. GamerGate basically wanted to expose the shady deals in gaming press. I mean, it was never intended as an attack on feminism (which doesn’t exist anymore anyway) or SJWs. For example, GamerGaters had a big fuss about Shadow of Mordor promo deals, where the only way to get a copy of the game was to say good things, not expose glitches, talk about the nemesis system etc. Then the stories of game devs who talked about data leaks being hushed up, nepotism and so on.
      The problem is, SJWs and the gaming industry/press are by now fused inseparably. By going after the corruption in gaming press, you inevitably have to touch into the transgender hornet’s nest. Think about how GamerGate started. Zeo Quinn, a SJW, used the power of her vagina to gain access to gaming press. When GGers said: “Corruption!”, SJWs heard: “Misogyny!”.

  10. Hey in other news.
    An old female friend of mine posted this on Facebook (see below). About a boy that became transgendered and grew up and now lives as a woman. I honestly don’t really care that much about the transgender thing, you can dress however you want its a free country.
    But what I really wanted to post in the obviously “GoGrrl” comments section of the post was… “If I am on the Titanic with this man/girl, I can get on the lifeboat before him right?”
    Made me wonder what kinds of privileges men get if they dress, act, and completely identify with being girls. Seems a little unfair to me… This guy doesn’t have a pussy or womb… why should he get all the privileges that a woman would get?

    1. “This guy doesn’t have a pussy or womb… why should he get all the privileges that a woman would get?”
      Welcome to the unspoken motivation of the TERFs.

      1. Definition of TERF = Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist
        Huh.. Didn’t know that was a thing…

        1. If you liked that one, look up ‘Cotton Ceiling’. There’s actually plenty of fractures and disputes within the various SJ movements that can be effectively leveraged against one another, hence why most tend to be closed-minded touchy types that don’t really question or probe into their chosen ideology, better to remain ignorant and present a façade of unity than dig deep and expose divisions.

        2. Yes, women are inherently backstabbing, so any movement comprised mostly or entirely of women will have a lot of drama, betrayal, perceived betrayal and double-scheming, topped with a massive layer of butthurt.

      2. Definition of TERF = Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist
        Huh.. Didn’t know that was a thing…

  11. It doesn’t take long for even the most unobservant of people to recognize psychological defects.
    When I started at my current job, everyone loved a certain girl (short hair, sickly, Tumblr SJW, OCD, germaphobe). I, however, immediately saw the crazy in her eyes.
    Sixteen months later, and nobody even talks to her. She is all but shunned for everything from lashing out at her friends, to making false accusations and then recanting. She is so at battle with the world that she has begun to swing her sword in circles.
    People like Geordie are going to suffocate their own flames. They are only preaching to their choir right now, and the cracks are beginning to show. The movement only seems so loud because you are hearing the desperate escalating screams of a few.
    A school cafeteria sounds nothing like an arguing family of four at the dinner table.

    1. You are grossly underestimating the enemy. If they were going to “suffocate their own flames” it would have happened a long time ago. Their movement has influenced every facet of western society. They need to be taken seriously and aggressively combatted.

        1. Like zombies, only one of the afflicted in the communicable positions, say President, can infect entire populations.

        2. Yet in singles or groups, they all wilt like flowers in October to laughter.
          Their raving psychosis can take everything thrown at them, as their rationalization engine is on overdrive, but laughter busts them down nearly immediately.

        3. Also, like zombies they shamble about everywhere, destroying society as we know it in their mindless mission to devour and destroy every brain they can find

        4. . . . then they make action-movies about, well, zombies, and sit through the entire three hours without comprehending the film is about themselves. Guess they figured they were the heroes!
          No wonder they’re so fascinated with zombies. To these punks, if it’s not self-referential, then it doesn’t exist.

        5. I envisioned an action movie where the SJWs were, in fact, vampires: blood sucking parasites out to infect the world with their nonsense.

        6. The three oxymorons you learn in law school: CIVIL litigation (it aint), legal REASONING (not really), and feminist THOUGHT (none to be seen).

      1. Desensitization is the key element. They can only cry wolf for so long before their buzzwords lose all meaning.
        The best stance one can take is to firmly assert their beliefs. Yet most are too afraid of the consequences of speaking out against issues such as gay marriage, while homosexuals openly straight-bash every chance they get. If you argue with a delusional feminist you are wrapped in yellow tape and branded as a misogynist predator.
        The fix is in. And aggressively combating that side is now a “Hate crime”.

        1. I think Gamergate has the right idea of putting them on the defensive quite effectively. Logic and reason have no place in winning arguments in western society but you better believe loud simple messages do. The more voices they attempt to silence with their buzzword labels the less effective their narrative becomes.

  12. I legitimately feel bad for SJWs after reading his meltdown. Like this guy has no sense of joy at all. I don’t think he can fathom a woman actually being happy about anything.

  13. I and my friends at the ADL will be glad to fuck up this POS at the drop of a hat. I wonder if precious will be wandering around ComicCon in April.

    1. Why?
      I say let people like this rant. Give them the stage. Give them a megaphone. Don’t fight against them, let their own energy and their own inertia destroy themselves.
      Lena Dunham. Geordie Tait. The women complaining about Matt Taylor’s shirt while history is being made. The feminazis exploiting their own children to sell t-shirts on the fckh8 website.
      Put them front and center. Let the world see what feminism is actually about.

      1. I agree with your point but it is hard to overlook his comments when your grandparents were murdered at Birkenau.

        1. Bob Chipman aka moviebewb also called for another holocaust (just the implication of it is very bordeline) in 2014. So the AntiGG crowd is a bunch of very different kind of radical insane maniacs i would say. At least their “megaphones”…
          Good luck with fucking up this asshole. I told this guy if he ever comes to berlin, germany i would like to know. Tell some friends and give him a big “hug”…

        2. And I had Eisenhower murder over million pow’s, killed 300K at Dresden, had over million German women raped and starved a million more after the war! Their money built Israel and they still paying reparation today! Flower, we had to stage Pogrom and lie on Holocaust to keep Tribe strong. Oy Vey! But if I to be German Goy, I be in jail today for these words. Hahahaha

        1. No, but I have several friends involved with the ADL but they dont work there. They are actually JDL but have to involve the ADL in some of their (non-violent) work. Full disclosure: I am half Jewish.

        2. Full disclosure, although I was raised Catholic (just like Hitler), I am also 1/4 jewish. This is meaningless in todays USA, but would have been enough to get me in the gas chambers and ovens in Nazi Germany (which is where my jewish grandfather emigrated from, Germany well before the Nazis).

    2. ADL is the mother of SJW. The entire SJW strategy is built on the guilt control and victimarian communautarism your elite invented.

    3. Don’t hurt yourself, precious flower. One half-jewish fingernail is worth 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 SJW lives!

  14. How can this guy even call himself a guy? Does he think that women are now gonna drop their panties and fuck him all night long? How pathetic!

  15. I’m so glad I don’t follow this crap. It seems so mentally exhausting.
    All I keep thinking about are the people who are making money by clicking on anything controversial and it keeps me from being interested.
    Knowing anymore about this garbage only makes someone else richer. The same hold true here at RoK. However, I obtain some knowledge here can improve my life.
    I challenge you guys to just stop reading about this garbage. Things are created to be controversial to make money. None of this shit matters if not one reads it.
    None of this will matter in a few months from now.

    1. The owner of ROK does not get rich -. Notice this site even has a ‘tip jar’.
      No big-money advertisers would advertise on this site due to the PC backlash they would get. It’s more about the ideas here

      1. All I see is the god damn McRib pop up ad. So fkn annoying. But hey if it pays the bills so us men can talk about man shit without fags and stupid bitches I’ll deal.

    2. It is exhausting. I’d rather be spending my time jogging or riding a bike than reading the products of Geordie’s psychosis. Reading through his Twitter and piecing together an article from 60-character tweets is mind numbing and depressive. But, this is the fight we have to take sooner or later.
      SJWs will not stop. You can run, but you can’t hide. Whatever your hobby is, whatever your belief is, SJWs will creep into it, demand “equality” and suck all the fun out of it. I too thought I can just keep gaming and forget about SJWs. But that’s not the case.

  16. I have to warn you guy – the “empire” of SJWs and their ilk are going to strike back.
    Look at the accounts they use and what “other things” they are for. You’ll see an interesting pattern.
    They love net neutrality.
    Now what does this have to do with it? Simple. As of last week, “running the internet as a public utility”, implied by one of their leaders (Obama) is a really big deal for them.
    Think about the internet as a “public utility” regulated by the FCC (read: US government).
    The same entity that is all for affirmative action and quotas. The same entity whose members are signatories of “anti bullying” campaigns. The same system that churns out things like “using the term ‘brown bag’ is racist”.
    The SJW were having orgasm when their tyrant king took the podium and made that implication – almost on que. The think tanks did their homework on this.
    Now what else are public utilities?
    Well, the roads. Where you need to register every vehicle on it (and computers have harder IDs and CPU serials that can be used like a VIN) and have a license to use it – a license no doubt that is not going to be an alias or “handle”.
    Or maybe, going with the FCC angle, run it like the airwaves. Ever look into HAM radio? They license the shit out of everything worthwhile. Oh you don’t need a license for FRS. FRS is about as useful as a cordless cell phone with the same range.
    Remember, while they go into sperging triggerlord mode and we can laugh at them, they are working in the background to get their way. When you point and laugh you are focusing on one target and don’t see the truncheon headed for the back of your head.

    1. Possibly, but from what we’ve seen so far, SJWs and their allies are utterly incompetent. This meltdown of Geordie Tait is a perfect example. Instead of being rightfully angry, he went off the rails, plowed through the corn field and into the disused mine shaft, never to be heard from again.
      If the government does start censoring speech in that way, which is quite possible, then it also loses the pretense of righteousness, without which the entire judicial system can’t function.
      The most likely option is that SJWs nag social networks (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook) into submission. Actually, this is already happening. Facebook removes “offensive posts”, including pictures of fit moms. Twitter has WAM (some group against the patriarchy) and Reddit has been infiltrated by SJWs. In fact, Zoe Quinn is one of moderators on anti-GamerGate subreddit. 4chan has also been destroyed for the same reasons.

    2. But what difference does it make. The corporate fags are just as bad as the government fags.

      1. Pretty much. Just the corp fags charge you more for less service to be able to afford bonuses. (Maybachs don’t come cheap.)

  17. Reminds me of a history class I had once, given by a female professor (TA). As an aside, she mentioned that the frequency of rape was one of the “worst horrors of the war, if not the worst”.
    I laughed out loud.
    She called on me and asked why I was laughing. I replied that her comment about rape being possibly “the worst” horror of the war was so absurd as to be funny.
    She hurled her chalk at me, missed, and nailed a girl in the eye. (This elicited a pretty loud round of laughter from the room, even though the girl next to me was pretty pissed.) Then the professor went on about “belittling rape” and that “rape was the unspoken horror of all wars”.
    I calmly agreed that rape was in fact a horror of many wars, but that her comment that it was possibly “the worst” horror was “frankly silly”. (I said, “frankly silly” btw).
    She said “Frankly, you’re being rude. And rape is nothing to joke about”.
    I said, “I would never joke about rape. But you’re belittling the deaths of millions of people.”
    At which point she turned bright red and told me to stay after class. I calmly thanked her for the invitation and told her that I wouldn’t be able to make it because I had an appointment — but would be happy to see her tomorrow. (Btw:I have always maintained that no teacher has a right to demand your time — ever. You pay them. Not vice versa).
    When I finally did meet with her, she told me that I was “very young” and didn’t understand how “damaging” my words were.
    My response, which I had prepared before hand, shocked her: I asked her very calmly if she would “rather be raped or burned to death.”
    Me: “Can I ask you a question?”
    Her: (Struggling to contain herself). Yes.
    Me: “Would you rather be raped or burned to death?”
    Her: What?!
    Me: “I’m trying to establish if even you can possibly believe that rape is the worst horror of war. So again, would you rather be raped or burned to death?”
    Her: (Hamster in overdrive) Don’t you DARE make fun of rape?
    Me: No one’s doing anything of the sort. How about if I asked “Would you rather drown or burn to death?” That question’s not so bad. Why is the first one so bad?
    Her: Oh wow. Am I going to have a problem with you?
    Me: Please bear with me: I’m trying to establish if rape could possibly be considered the “worst” horror of the war — even by you. So why can’t you answer my question? Is it because you’d rather be raped than burned to death?
    Me: Please excuse me. (I left. I was actually scared she was going to accuse me of something).
    Needless to say, I dropped the course. She was batshit crazy. Incapable of having a rational conversation.
    Turns out, it’s next to impossible to get some women to say “I’d rather be raped”. They won’t / can’t do it.

    1. Awesome. Pure brilliance sir. This is what all men need to do, call out the bullshit and start taking back all that we’ve lost. Well done

      1. One taught at Boston College for thirty years claiming bat shit insane crap like that, and refusing males in her women’s studies classes.
        She also believed that 25,000 years ago, before men supposedly ruined everything, everyone lived in perfect harmony where women ruled, and all worshiped the goddess.
        I have a theory for her insanity, and inability to leave, she was growing, selling, and smoking her own unbelievably amazing shit.
        Because honestly, to do what she did and maintain tenure, not get fired, and say the crap she did; required severe and powerful drugs for everyone there.

        1. “She also believed that 25,000 years ago, before men supposedly ruined everything, everyone lived in perfect harmony where women ruled, and all worshiped the goddess.”
          And now it’s mostly the MRAs that buy into that idea.
          Only now it’s been spun it into “Men took us out of grass hut wilderness and created civilization” claptrap.
          Here’s a rare example of someone attempting to enlighten them.

        2. Someone needs to put a rubber helmet on that article’s author before he hurts himself.

    2. Excellent. And a good example of why women should seldom be in academic authority positions. Too many feelingz, offensez, and emotionz getting in the way of clear, critical thinking.

    3. Dang dude, that’s amazing!
      I never had it go to that extreme. Worst I got was some dyke-ish teacher going on about Playboy’s response to a feminist writer at the time (Playboy’s response to the feminist writer was, in big letters across two pages of their magazine something like “Blow me, bitch”). I laughed out loud when she held it up as some kind of oppressor’s symbol. She asked me why I was laughing and I stated that I found the response amazingly appropriate and funny. She yelled a lot after that while I stared out the window basically ignoring her.
      You however, did some yeoman’s work there. Well done!

    4. This type of bullshit is so common in American colleges and universities. On a lesser note, I once took a “Modern Lit” course; the feminist professor only assigned books by non-whites and women. When I asked about such modern authors as David Foster Wallace, Don Delillo, Jonathan Franzen, etc., she claimed “white men have already said all they need to say”. Basically, because white men built the society in which we all thrive, we have no right to contribute any more.
      Unless that contribution comes in the form of taxes, alimony and child support, of course

      1. Isn’t that the fucking truth.
        A woman will gladly “hear out the white man” when she’s collecting government benefits or taking half of a man’s salary but white, male authors? Nope, no time for them.

    5. Your questions made too much sense (it seems like she actually started to short circuit?).
      Logic is like fucking Kryptonite to feminists.

  18. I’m not sure whats worse for humanity- social media or high fructose corn syrup.
    maybe we do need total war, might give these people some perspective.

    1. I’ve thought this for a long time. The “patriarchy” should announce that there will be a brief, one-month period of open-season, no-holds-barred warfare on women. Then, when it’s over, we can ask them: “Was refusing to pay for your recreational sex lives anything like a real ‘war on women?’” If they say yes, repeat the process until they finally understand the difference. It infuriates me that they compare their petty inconveniences to the tragedy of war. If they want to cry rape, war and oppression, I think perhaps they need to experience the real things, in order to gain the perspective you mention, and see that they experience nothing of the sort.

      1. I´m in it. On the frontline or the dungeon where ever you need the one for this real war on sluts and feminists!

      2. The funny thing is, we could win a war by simply walking away for a month, at high summer heat season, beginning on garbage day.
        And they’d swear to God it was worse than the Somme.

      3. Sir Cui, you present an interesting idea. May the Patriarchy make a grand return! Muhahahaha!

  19. When (and if) engaging these vermin remember one thing, remain calm. Harness the mentality of the Samurai from the Far East, that of a statuesque zen warrior, only requiring striking when one is required and with absolute maximal force (using cold hard logic).

  20. I wonder what the psychology of someone thinking along these lines are? Like, he literally believes he is saving the world one homosexual/transgender/woman at a time.

      1. And still not getting any. Someone forgot to tell him only alphas get the ladies with just being themselves. Lol Ladies can smell beta bitch from a mile away.

  21. The Navy Seal copypasta was all well and good but the Tumblr Psychopath also gives it a run for its money.

    I think someone in the comments did a mashup of the two of them.

  22. One can definitely see, in retrospect, how Mao’s Cultural Revolution could have occurred with the purging of millions. In fact the only thing stopping it here is the Second Amendment. That is why the SJWs absolutely hate an armed citizenry. That includes the SJW-in-Chief.

  23. Guy sounds like a 15 year old white girl pretending to be self-righteous while shrieking about her victimhood

    1. In my experience, most 15 year old girls are far more sensible and in emotional control than this loser.

  24. BTW that’s not a meltdown in that picture. That is the largest artificial explosion called Tzar Bomba or Кузькина мать

    1. I believe the photograph is of one of the French tests at Moruroa. To give ’em their due, the French have always produced very photogenic, almost Haute Couture, atomic explosions. It must be something in their genes.

  25. There’s only one conclusion to be made from that Facebook post.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. I leaned to the left as a bright-eyed young lad, but have long since seen the hopeless utopianism of liberals and their ilk.
      I don’t recall who said the following quote, but it’s a good one: “Those who aren’t liberal as a young man have no heart; those who aren’t conservative as an older man have no brain”, or something like that

      1. That quote is generally attributed to Churchill. It’s a good one, even through I was never anywhere near the left as a young man…… Guess I’m pretty heartless ;D

        1. Or perhaps you were just wiser as a youth than I was. Idealism is nice, but not applicable to the brutal world in which we live. Human nature trumps idealism every time

    1. We need to take Geordie and model a horror movie character after him, like in “Hostel” or “the Hitcher” and have unsavory experiments performed.

  26. ‘Since the male microbes were raping and abusing the female microbes?’ Wtf does he know anything at all about the animal kingdom? Males of all species have to impress the females by either prancing about and putting on a big show and dance, and fighting other males to the death to get a chance to mate. In the spider world the massive female spider often eats the male spider after mating with him. Female animals in contrast are courted, given supplies, looked after and protected by the males. Rape is not something that happens in the animal world, the female animal submits willingly to the strongest and most impressive male so that her offspring will be the strongest. That’s how evolution works.

  27. Hey there Geordie Girl! Why do all the girls just pass you by? Could it be you always lie, or is it the trendy glasses you wear?
    This impotent twerp making death-threats against actual men is hilarious. Geordie Girl couldn’t kill his cancerous pet hamster if they were all at the Vet’s with syringe in hand. His photo reveals another emasculated Western male-thingy desperately trying to be edgy and radical — so, another conformist coward, a Social Justice Weasel.
    He has to attract females by supplication, cause it sure aint gonna happen by looks!
    Good stuff Greendestiny, thanks.

  28. What a dickless little bitch. I’m glad I don’t give a dead goats choad what these simpering idiots think. I hope they all die of brain cancer.

  29. Seriously…..why can’t this website put out a single article that isn’t filled with juvenile nonsense? Your perspective on this is correct. Your opinion on this subject is right, you obviously have the moral high ground. So why do you ruin it by unnecessarily peppering the entire thing with idiotic comments like how artists have “delicate sensibilities” and other inane bullshit? It’s not alpha, it just makes you hard to take seriously.

  30. This guy HAS to be at least bisexual or transgendered judging by his irrational hatred towards his own gender.
    In any case, manginas like him and that Onision fucktard from YouTube that made a video bashing women against feminism are pathetic lowlives.

  31. This dude is a menstruating school yard bitch. Look up his image with the nazi uniform on. It’s a relief to realize this fruitcake won’t breed. You can read his screed with a lisp.

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