College Showed Me The Cultish Nature Of Feminized Christianity

Coming to college, upon the recommendation of a blue-pilled beta friend, I joined an organization called Chi Alpha. They were the real deal: crying and shaking, guitar-strumming, tambourine-banging, born again evangelists. But being an immigrant, and clueless to boot, I had no idea what kind of craziness to expect. Full disclosure, in my beta boy angst, I was easily seduced by the easy smiles and talk of community, acceptance, and Christian life. I even went on a retreat with the group where I saw feminized Christianity at its best. Luckily I made it out unscathed, with a tale or two for you, dear readers.

I’ll never forget the time that a middle-aged (read: post-wall) speaker came to talk to us on special invitation. She lamented how God had not yet sent her a man and described how hard she had worked at her career and how she had a few men that walked out on her earlier in her life, leading her to take a break from dating. She claimed that she found God at this time, leading her to only pursue men in a Christian manner, which I assume meant not frequenting the same dive bars.

Either way, this new “Christian approach” to dating didn’t seem to pan out, because the subject of her talk was all about God not giving her a man and how it must just not be her time. The trials that this poor spinster faced elicited comparisons with Job and Rachel from the Old Testament. I remember how her voice trembled, and I couldn’t help feeling how awful those men were for dumping her while she was trying to pursue a Christian lifestyle.

She even talked about the debt that she had accumulated from going to graduate school in her early 30s, and how she hoped that God would help her find a way to pay off her debt. I wonder how much the first goal and the second goal were related in her mind. As always, the “hook up culture” was decried and the disrespect for women by males at the university was constantly a subject of pontification. Naturally, the true causes of the hook-up culture were never addressed, the broken nature of the old dating model never mentioned, and slutty behavior by women never called to account. But hey, what do you expect from gynocentric feminized Christianity?

The girls all shed thick, heavy tears and nodded emphatically about how hard it was to find a good Christian boy to fall in love with. Needless to say, there were Christian boys all around them, only none of them seemed capable of igniting a fire in their loins. I wonder why. I’ll venture to say selection bias had something to do with it.

Whiny femme-boys with no applied charisma skill (game) trying to justify their involuntary celibacy as part of a wholesome Christian lifestyle don’t make college girls swoon. But rather than confronting their sexual marketplace value and working to improve their game, their character, and hell, maybe even working out a bit, they instead found religion as a balm for their broken hearts. Here’s the pitch:

Pastor: Do you feel out of place and rejected by girls?

College boy: Boy, do I!

Pastor: Never get invited to parties?

College boy: Not really…

Pastor: Come join our cult club and Jesus will take all the pain away.

College boy: Maybe I’ll get a cute Christian girlfriend if I’m good and God rewards me!

I only saw one match-up occur between two Chi Alpha members: a reformed slut and a football player. Full disclaimer, the girl was a 3 or a 4 on a good day, and on the big retreat to Virginia beach, broke down during discussion time and sobbed out a story about how she had lots of pre-marital sex with her boyfriend and felt abused because of it.

Now a black football player, at any university, is a prime catch for any girl, and this guy wasn’t bad looking at all. His big problem though: he was too nice and had no game. Naturally he tried with several girls when he came to college, and flamed out spectacularly several times, leading him to join Chi Alpha as the savior intended. After being “set up” with this damaged goods “Christian,” the football player became the toast of the club, a shining example of what every good Christian ought to do. The fact that this 3/10 had had more sex with more partners in her short 19 years of life than he ever would probably in his entire life never seemed to bother him.

How noble of all of these angsty betas to renounce their involuntary celibacy for a voluntary one—the sacrifice must have been immense. Here is my main point about these religious groups: they are INCREDIBLY damaging to young men because, like youth groups of the past, it puts a skewed moral burden on many young men and actively prevents them from developing their skills with women.

The sexual marketplace has changed, and all those beta traits that church groups used to foster in their young men are totally useless. You know that hottie sitting next to you in the pew? Chances are she’s banging some random dude she met at the university pub on Saturday and sitting there talking to you about “Christian values” on Sunday (true story). Why? Because its alpha or die, dear readers.

And as long as she continues mouthing platitudes and shedding tears during the group sing along, no one will know. Even if she should choose to confess her sins or something, I guarantee you that she would be forgiven. Evangelicals are predominantly female. Evangelicals love reformed sluts. Jesus has been re-branded as the perfect white knight poster boy for the feminized Christianity cult that I see in America. Try pulling that shit as a guy who got drunk and had a one night stand, you’d be standing before an honor council by the end of the day.

According to Chi Alpha and evangelical groups like it aimed almost exclusively at youth, one would think that Christ came down from heaven for one reason and one reason only: to prevent underage drinking and pre-marital sex. In a nutshell, this was the point of the group. Any group that takes awkward betas and reinforces their tendencies to the point of associating religious holiness with social awkwardness deserves to be purged. There are enough conflicting messages from Hollywood, clueless parents, left-wing school administrators without so called religious “conservatives” jumping on the bandwagon and skewering men as well.

Where was the tradition? The whole, “women be loyal and submissive to your husbands,” “don’t whore around in your 20s and expect a husband when you’re overweight, pushing 40 and drowning in student debt” stuff? It wasn’t progressive enough I guess. Our university’s brand of evangelicalism even avoided condemning gays the same way their southern brethren would. I asked several times about the church’s position on the homosexual lifestyle, and got no replies, probably because we had many homosexuals in the congregation. Pretty conservative, amirite?

There was nothing truly Christian about the experience. The movement felt like it had been spawned in the early 90s and that Jesus had died as early as the 9/11 attacks with only a tenuous connection at best to the actual crucifixion and the story of the early church. Long story short, it wasn’t for me, and I decided I needed a church based in tradition and not drowning in progressive platitudes, and based on the “make it up as you go along” attitude of the Protestant tradition.

A short epilogue:

After I overcame my weird, guilty, religious phase, stopped showing up (I only went for about 3 months), and read up on some game material, I turned right around and banged a couple of those religious girls. Praise be to God.

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    1. It really depends honestly, if one is talking about Sunday morning in America evangelicalism, or smuggling Bibles into hardcore middle eastern countries evangelicalism.

  1. Well i´m not sure if that is “christian” at all. Maybe i´m stuck in the period of time where christ was god´s son and the new testament not open for misinterpretation by anyone claiming to know what the bible and so the christian faith beyond that -is about. It must be a shock for a time traveller of our christian heritage to accidently land in those groups and has to hear all the heretical nonsense these idiots are saying. I mean, I´m realy not someone who can call himself a christian because it´s a little bit more then just thinking “yes i believe” and fuck the rest of the complete tradition so I´m honest to myself. And here is the key, most of these people dont care about the faith (faith and rituals cannot be separated) …
    They see this “god” or what they made up about the christian faith as some sort of service for them. Which is completely wrong. It´s like the disney or hippy interpretation of the christian faith. It´s just blasphemy.
    But funny story anyway and yes… the new age “churches” are social institutions and no churches anymore. It was a big mistake to allow the term churches to be used by all these sects and cults. Even the evangelical churches shouldnt be allowed anymore to use the term “church”. compared to what Luther said and did and preached (Which was heretical too) the modern version is just a freak show!
    Imagine all these christian faggots trying to defend the people from some radical taliban on their crusade… They dont understand a single thing anymore about our traditions as man, fighters, priests and there connection when shit hit the fan. Fuck that faggotry in these heretical sects.

    1. There are some good churches left and some good Christians in them, but they are increasingly few and far between in the western world. My understanding is that the church is healthier in China and the middle east, because where it is persecuted it thrives, it’s membership is more pure, so to speak. When there may be severe penalties for being a Christian, only true believers tend to identify as Christians and there is not as large a problem with people twisting scripture for their own ends. When the church becomes nothing more than a social club like in the western world it causes serious problems and makes it difficult to tell true followers from false ones.

      1. Yes i know and I didnt want to bash everyone but the general feeling i have with my observations at least here in my country is just sad. And here is the established evangelical church realy a joke. It´s a joke institution that couldnt even combat one radical muslim or so called anti-fascist radical with 10 of their own man. No one would help them except the police. Islamists have robbed some church treasury and no one said a thing! And this alone is just sad. They are so weak it disgusts me with all their feminine bullshit that man must be helpless and all forgiving victims (as if jesus was a hippy SJW masochist…) to come closer to god. NO!
        You just need to use the message of him storming in the temple with lots of pharissee (or so) and how he trashed them without any fear. HE must have known these people are very dangerous. He shamed them all in public for anyone to see and hear. So well. HE was one of the bravest “man” around that time i bet!

        1. In Christianity there are many pacifists, and there is a good theological argument for personal pacifism, although no theological argument in forcing pacifism on others. This leads to the observation that Christians are weak. Yes, in a way it is true. However, once the pacifists have been persecuted and killed and removed from the equation, the other fighting Christians will come to the top, and you will observe a different breed of Christian. They will fight.

        1. Well at least someone is listening. The whole american education system is overrun. There is a reason Sweden doesn’t even allow home schooling and it ain’t good.

  2. Good article. I do disagree with this though:
    “all those beta traits that church groups used to foster in their young men are totally useless.”
    They are very useful to western women and in fact, I would argue the foundation on which modern feminism can exist. If betas weren’t so readily supplicating to the feminist agenda, they would lose considerable influence.

  3. Compare this with the Eastern Orthodox church which is supported by the most red pill man on Earth, Vladimir Putin

    1. Putin is a real man, something rarely found in western politics, but he would be far from my archetype of red pill philosophy.

  4. No wonder so many young white women in Europe are turning to their local mosques for their fill of alpha-spirituality.
    It’s sad that Christianity does not have the leadership needed to overcome the machinations of the frankfurt school

    1. Yes i think the key element is leadership and people of charisma to turn people back to our heritage. The young muslim hate preachers here are like a plague infecting younger minds that to be a muslim means to have respect (on the streets…). It´s all done on purpose to dismiss the real faith as some faggotry that makes you a weak faggot and the media is a good ally to the ones who always hated the faithfull.

    2. Western Christianity has not the tools. Non-western Christianity is a whole nuther ball of wax, not subject to the same temptations and failings that Westerners are. Just because Christianity is ending in the West does not mean that Christianity is ending in the world.

  5. The only “cult” is the cult of Christianity. It’s a Roman story, developed politically to control and subvert the population. It is by default a blue pill activity to partake in and I want no part of it as a red pill man.
    So pardon me while on relax on Sunday morning and contemplate what I want to accomplish today instead of wasting my time in Church, praying to a phoney-bologne God that is supposedly capable of universal miracles, yet wants all of my money for some reason.

      1. Are the Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, and Zoroastrians all going to burn too? Because they grew up in a culture that does not recognize the Abrahamic God?

        1. Your original comment made no mention of an “abrahamic god” but a “phoney-balogne god.” Which implies your adherence to atheism, not that you belong to a different belief system.
          Criticizing the values of an “abrahamic god” is fine, in fact, I do it all the time. Even not going to Church because you think its a waste of time, or too feminized is lamentable, but also not damnable.
          There is no reason to go full fedora though and deny the existence of God just because you disagree with certain aspects of a particular religion.

        2. Umm, this article is focused on Christianity. So by default I would have been referencing the Abrahamic deity anyway.

        3. You should know what that burning means. It doesnt mean you sit in a bubbling cauldron together with hitler or stalin forever. Ask a real cleric about heaven and hell and dont use the images some weirdos told in a YT video.

        4. Genesis (Tower of Babel) and Revalations, the whore of babylon, which is itself a church.
          Bill Coopers ‘Mysstery Babylon’ is a good series to listen to on Youtube for a better explaination.

        5. I also think i understand now why they “burned” the witches. Makes completely sense from a biblical perspective when the burning of the flesh is something to overcome… dont ask for more 😀

        6. It’s not accurate to claim that the culture one grows up in determines the belief system one will adhere to as an adult, U.S. Religious Retention Rates data show that it is simply not the case.
          And look at the history of Christianity itself, it grew by spreading to cultures that did not recognize the Abrahamic God. Look at Christianity today, and how it is growing in Asia, especially in China, where there is a distinctly atheistic culture with a government intent on suppressing believe in God because it undermines state power.

        7. The “witches” were unruly proto-feminists. And our Christian forefathers knew how to spot a problem early on and uh, “nip it in the bud” so to speak.

    1. Sorry pal but the Romans were very successful at controlling people long before Christianity came around.
      I don’t think god cares about money, and I’m sure those who did in his name are toasting for eternity.

      1. God: “Hey Church goer. You got another couple of bucks to spare? I’m capable of everything, but I just need some more money.”

        1. I don’t know why more Christians don’t get it. In the Bible, God mostly only talks to the richest dudes. He makes a few exceptions and talks to some poor people but mostly God only had time for you if you were royalty or at least a major landowner.
          God’s a manipulative dick so of course he hangs out with rich kids.

        2. Tithing is more about recognizing that everything that one has is God’s anyway, than it is about anything else. Though it does have practical purposes too of course.

        3. Do you mean in the Old Testament? Because in the new Testament Jesus (God in human form), spent most of his time talking with the poor, the beggars and manual laborers and trades people, etc. When he did talk to the wealthy or the religious elite it was generally either to accuse them of being hypocrites or tell them to give everything they had away to the poor.

        4. I mean Jesus’s real Dad- the Santa Claus-lookin’ motherfucker who knocked up Mary before she married Joseph

        5. God doesn’t actually look like Santa Claus, that is just a depiction humans came up with, technically, God the father doesn’t have a physical body at all. But I digress…
          As for the old testament, that’s simply not an accurate claim. Yes, God often spoke to wealthy kings or herdsmen and so on, but God often spoke to the very poor as well. David was just a poor kid when God arranged for him to be king, Job was very wealthy but God allowed for all of his wealth to be taken from him before talking to him later. Neither Joshua nor Gideon were particularly wealthy, and all of the prophets and minor prophets weren’t “the richest dudes” either.
          And it can’t be forgotten that the major landowners you mentioned, were often only major landowners because God himself made them major landowners! The tribes of Israel and their patriarchs wouldn’t have had any land to begin with if God hadn’t first given it to them. That means that they were dirt poor and God then led them into wealth!

    2. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen your name used for those fake reddit stereotype accounts that always post ridiculous (but funny) comments on YouTube videos. “Quincy Degrasse LeMeme”, “Berta Lovejoy”, “Trilby McTip” etc.

      1. “Hubert Cumberdale” is a pop culture reference to a sock puppet from the Salad Fingers cartoons on Youtube. Trust me, numerous people are using this name.

    3. The whole “Roman story developed to control the population” thing is bunk , mostly pushed by that guy (Joseph Atwill) who had a book to sell last year. It’s weird how Internet atheists always claim to be so rational but they’ll latch on to any wackjob’s theory if it’s anti-Christian.

    4. Your knowledge of traditional Christianity is very limited and you are basing your entire argument on heretical Social Gospel teachings from the late 19th century.

  6. I posted this anecdote in another church article, but it bears repeating:
    My GF made a “friend” at her job who is a short, fat, short-haired, virgin, “gamer”, super-christian broad who believes she is going to find a man to marry her, pay off all her school debt (which she is making no effort to do) and make her a stay at home mother. This girl is so delusional its almost sad. These type of girls are the active congregation who run modern churches.
    The really sick thing is, these broads run youth groups and get young, thirsty, desperate beta men in the program and fucking brainwash the fuck out of them. They basically groom them to be docile money (credit signer) machines and then hitch up to them.

    1. Thats why wymin are not allowed to preach to man. Wymin are not choosen by god to tell man what to do! And for an atheist the evolution never intended wymin to tell you what to do either. In fact nothing ever told man to be preached down by a wymin to only become her servant!

        1. i use the term wymin like the “wyrm”. It´s a dragon abomination (like a snake) and i dont care about feminists… you should know this 😉

    2. How is she ‘delusional’? If she can shed some of the weight then her plan will easily work.

  7. Unfortunately most churches have been deeply infiltrated by the very same mental sickness. A few pastors stick to their guns and teach traditional values, but mostly the churches have become the hunting grounds of former aging or fat sluts, who want to catch a decent provider Beta – of course divorcing his ass as soon as possible to return to her old fornicating ways. Men are taught in church to marry those sluts or be a save-a-hoe and make a single mother a decent woman.
    Men it seems have to find their convictions as well as their faith rather by themselves.

    1. Haha yep that’s it. Real men don’t want to settle for trash like that female. Send them back to the gutter, or pump and dump as you see fit. Female’s like that don’t deserve us

    2. Marxism and leftism have the same root values as Christianity, instead they seek to make them public policy.
      You have to forgive a whore, you have to feed the hungry. The meek mus inherit the earth.
      Christianity’s main distinction is the focus on each soul having equal value, again the left has taken that egalitarian principle and made it law as well.
      People always say Judeo-Christian values, well communism was thought of based on the values of Karl Marx after all.

      1. Except feminism hates real Christianity. Because they don’t have the same root values.

        1. Catholics and protestants hated each other. People with similar outlooks can bear animosity.
          They hate Christianity because it still teaches standards.
          It does not mean that feminism is not a marxist outgrowth that warps the same values as Christianity by mandating them through state power

        2. But feminists and real Christians don’t have similar outlooks. Female promiscuity, gender, reproduction…
          Your comparison is dumb.

        3. A good point, but more important than your point is how often that’s forgotten.
          I’ve met a lot of ostensibly “Christian” girls who seem to believe that their behavior is justified because they were “in love” with the dude plugging their chocolate starfish…..only problem is that nowhere in the Bible or any religious sect’s Catechism will you find the teaching that being “in love” is the requirement to have sex.

        4. What part of feminism and Christianity don’t have the same root ideas is hard to fathom? Cause they don’t

        5. I wrote real Christians for a reason. Most churches have succumbed to Marxism/feminism and thus produce considerable amounts of churchian whores, which is tolerated as progressive as if that’s an actual Christian value.

        6. Whether Gnosticism is real or if Christianity really was the brainchild of Constantine in the 3rd Century – while relevant to believers – should be triply believed by agnostics.
          The Council of Nicea showed the real value of religion – to create a uniform body of beliefs which could unite large swaths of people and form a cohesive, national unit.
          There is no civilization that has ever existed without a religion as its base – religion uniforms people’s beliefs, allowing them to function as a large group – into the millions.
          All of this nonsense talk of modern psuedo-intellectuals trying to discredit religion by talking of Easter (or whatever else) being related to Pagan religions of yore… proves one thing indeed, that religion is neccessary for civilzation.
          Richard Dawkins can squeal like a little fucking baby till the cows come home about religion… but if he was really scientific, he’d realize that no Atheist ideology has never taken hold, although, it is almost assured that it has been tried.
          A true scientist would understand that without a religion to unify a society’s belief system (into the millions – not just you three geeks smoking weed at Dawkin’s weekend cottage), no such amalgamation of social beliefs would exist.
          A true agnostic scientist would understand that the best way to integrate his beliefs into society, would be to transmit his values through something that resembles a religion.
          Dawkin’s name is probably so close to Dworkin’s for a reason. Both froth at the mouth over insane issues that make no sense to anyone with an ounce of intelligence.

        7. You make an excellent point with which I have one caveat. An “Atheist” civilization did emerge in the form of totalitarian Communism – oh I know, the atheists of today will whine that I’m conflating two different things and that athiesm has nothing to do with Communism. Except it does, it’s the only major atheistic philosophy to ever gain widespread following in the world.
          And it’s legacy of suffering, death, and destruction absolutely dwarfs all the atrocities of the Middle Ages combined.

        8. I have had 3 encounters with good church-going Christian girls. And, within the confines of their self-imposed sexual restraint, they were the horniest girls I have ever been with.
          You can’t stop human nature, and things go badly if you try. (just look at the state of the Catholic church, and issues of sexuality in their clergy and faith).

        9. “something that resembles a religion”.
          How about feminism as a pseudo-religion.?. It certainly seems to fit the bill, in its ability to rationalize its own contradictions and cruelty.
          And the zeal with which many western feminist writers/bloggers go after alleged “sinners”, certainly merits comparison with the holy crusades of the middle ages.
          But to call it a religion would be an insult to a belief system such as Buddhism. Better to just call it a sick, self-delusional cult.

        10. Pretty much every widespread belief system is universalist. In no way is it a measure of simmilarity.

        11. Christianity was already developed and powerful by the Council of Nicea. Constantine was more of an observer, and he did not have complete control of the bishops by any means. His main concern was choosing which branch of Christianity he should endorse, Arianism, or Trinitarisnism (Catholicism) the gnostic heresy had more in common with platonic philosophy than Christianity, and it was effectively anathema well before the council of Nicea. Gnosticism survived as Mandeanisn in Persia and along the Silk Road, until it was finally eliminated by Muslims during the 10th centurey

        12. The idea with Communism is/was the State became god, it was only atheist in the sense it officially rejected the major Abrahamic religions. Worth noting the major founders of the Soviet Union were all ethnic Khazars (Jew) although they professed to be atheists themselves.

      2. Damn. Nailed it. Take Richard Dawkins, who has referred to himself as a “cultural Christian.” The problem with Christianity, as far as the Left is concerned, is that they can’t control it. By becoming atheists and making an interpretation of Christianity law they’ve effectively siezed power for themselves.

        1. It’s not a control thing. The left is absolutely opposed to core values like female chastity.

        2. The so-called “core” Christian values are fundamental human morality, and were co-opted by Christianity (and Judaism).
          Religions love to pretend they have some ownership of morality, as if they came up with it.
          It’s truly amazing how many people believe that their religion came up with “thou shalt not kill” and “thou shalt not steal”.

        3. Yes and no. Christianity was revolutionary at the times, because it stressed that EVERYONE was divine and important as Soul. Back then the slaves, the poor or the ones with a different belief were regarded as little more than animals. Currently also the SJW – PC propaganda is pushing back on that. Also the government assesses your “value” based on your age and tax earnings potential. That’s why the new completely materialistic guidelines are so contrary to this Christian core value system. We already seem to forget that “every life is sacred” was indeed once a highly unorthodox thought.

        4. What do you mean by fundamental human morality, and where do you believe it comes from?

        5. The core christian value is that God is perfectly within his rights to torture people forever because he’s butthurt that they won’t kiss his ass. We are talking about a being that human-sacrificed his own son to appease his own terrible anger.

        6. Oversimplified. In reality it’s closer to Karma, with the difference being that Christians believe your “Karma” comes into play after death rather than during life.

        7. No, they believe that if you confess your sins to Jesus and accept him as your lord, your Karma gets magically removed and you don’t have to pay the price for it.
          Furthermore, the only sin that really counts as being a sin is rejecting the gospel, which they hold as being the same as rejecting God.
          God is first and foremost a king. Like all patriarchial political authorities (Papa Joe, Uncle Idi), he calls himself a father. In this, he makes reference to the natural authority that a father has with respect to his kids. In the bible, a father owns his kids, to the point of legitimately being able to offer them as a human sacrifice (Abraham, Jephthah).
          King God demands the allegiance and vassalage of all who live in his realm. Hell is a gulag for political dissidents. It serves the same purpose as do all torture chambers everywhere – to terrify people into compliance. People were shocked that Abu Ghraib came to be known about publically. Naive. The whole *point* of a torture chamber is that everyone knows what goes on in there. It’s not like you actually get useful intelligence by torturing people.
          The christian afterlife has very little to do with justice, or karma. It’s living under a vicious tyranny forever.

        8. You wrote: “In the bible, a father owns his kids, to the point of legitimately being able to offer them as a human sacrifice (Abraham, Jephthah).”
          This is yet another case of conflating the Old and New Testaments, i.e., painting Christianity with the most primitive age of Judaism as a brush. As proof of how misguided this is, I submit the crucifixion of Christ by the very people he was sent to save. Christ was murdered by the religious authorities that his message rendered obsolete.
          As for your “gulag” metaphor, I can only propose that perhaps the description of God as King and Hell as dungeon was merely a useful (if imperfect) attempt to describe a divine concept in terms that the average desert tribesmen of the day could understand. The actual doctrine of salvation is, according to most mainstream Christian theology, much more nuanced than your summary indicates.

        9. Actually, I don’t know any Christians who believe this. The Church explicitly teaches that such things are natural law and comprise “Natural Religion,” and believe they must be the basis of all societies. Christians are under no illusion that these are specific to Christianity. The core, specific values of Christianity all have to do with right doctrine, especially as it concerns the work of Christ in reconciling man to God – the True Incarnation, Crucifixion as Atonement providing the medicine of immortality against Original Sin, the Trinity, Grace and the Supernatural Life of Participation in the Divine Nature, etc. St. Paul even admits plainly in the Scriptures that morality is written upon the hearts of all men, of all faiths and all times. Christianity has never claimed to be the “owner” of these truths. I would recommend that you interact with some more serious Christian thought, since the misconceptions you have formed about Christian belief are way off the mark.

        10. Why do you bother advancing such straw men? Even you don’t believe the things you say; who else, then, would take your affected posturing seriously? Only those who are already emotionally invested in the caricature.

        11. They “came up with” thou shalt do no murder. If killing per se were never allowed, the Pope would not have armed security with very real bullets, now would he?
          History is rife with examples of civilizations which would challenge the “fundamental human morality” you take for granted.

      3. christianity says that all souls have equal value in heaven, but it has NEVER attempted to support the position that their value here on earth is the same.

        1. Exactly. Jesus even said “my kingdom is not of this Earth.”
          It’s not exactly a veiled prescription.

      4. Judeo-Christian blablabla typically spewed from the ignorant’s mouth. Whether you see it or not, genuine Christianity has not been preached or practiced for decades in the West. Marxism and Leftism are what’s left with the rejection of Christian values that uphold the existence of natural hierarchy across sexual and social lines. Even in heaven were all souls “have equal value” not all angels are equal and even not all saints are equal…

      5. how does marxism have the same ‘root’ as Christianity when karl marx himself said religion is the opiate of the masses and marxism is based on secularism?

        1. Well, I should have thought it was obvious. It is secular, with the state in the place of God.
          In order to subject people to a real tyrant , you need to make them stop believing in the invisible autocrat.

      6. Christ never “forgave” the whore.
        He said He did not *condemn* her, He did NOT say He *forgave* her.
        But the main point is still, that He told her to FUCK OFF and SIN NO MORE.
        That`s right! He told her to fuck off and sin no more.
        He did NOT MARRY HER. He did not take her out on a date.
        He did not ask her to stay around, No:
        He told her to FUCK OFF and SIN NO MORE.
        So why on Earth men think they are supposed to marry reformed harlots, is beyond me.
        Christ didn`t.
        He simply told them TO FUCK OFF AND SIN NO MORE.

      7. There are some serious and irreconcilable differences between Marxist thought and Christianity, the greatest difference being that Christianity demands repentance, while progressives demand that there sins be accepted as virtue. There is nothing more repulsive and evil than the twisted reflection of that which is good.

    3. I”ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Mainstream “beta” christian culture is poisonous for men’s success in relationships. Even assuming that they do just want to marry a good woman who will support them in life and run a family their programming men in such a way as to almost guarantee they wont’ find and keep a woman like that.
      I’m glad that there is a bit of a pushback occurring in the Catholic church. For example in nearby churches I’ve seen flyers for a men’s program that meets weekly and claims to be all about teaching men to be leaders in the their households and in their community. I doubt it’s aggressive enough to be effective yet but its a good start.

    4. For the wall: We’ve got a lady in my town who runs a speed dating group and has described the same concept in different terms.
      I’ll give her credit. She’s well aware that she made a mistake by focusing too much on her career when she’s younger. Rather than rationalize it she fully admits her mistake and actively advocates that women shouldn’t do what she did that they shouldn’t waste time looking for a good man.

      1. Of course feminism only sounds good on paper with Blue Pill men and most women being the victims in the end. Most women later on realize that they have fucked up, but the hamster usually cannot accept their own mistakes.
        She advocates for girls to marry earlier, but even that can mean 18-30 and she likely does not advise them to be submissive and feminine to their man. Nah – the girls should have moxy and use their sexual attraction to pull in the big fish, when they can. Usually happy Red Pill women are happily married with children to a dominant Alpha man – if an aging spinster is giving them advice, then it is similar to a homeless guy advising guys to do the opposite of what he has done to become rich. Essentially both of them have hardly any idea what they are talking about. A woman like Judgybitch could advice girls on what to do, but they would likely not let her talk in church, since it is too far off from the feminist indoctrinated church doctrine.

        1. Don’t forget the good married Christian couples who give marriage lessons to those who are walking down the aisle.
          #11. Thou shalt covet thy neighbour’s wife’s ass.

    5. I stopped attending the last church because I didn’t fit in. As I wrote in my initial comment, as long as it was, many of the Christian men that came to the church were either married, in a relationship or engaged to be married. Slim pickings indeed. The Christian ladies who were single didn’t have much going for them except a good job and an education; no man or children. Many of them volunteered in so many activities (like one lady I knew) they had no time for a relationship. Most of these single ladies were also gossipers something fierce. The one church lady whom I cut contact with not only said bad things about me, but probably even spread a rumor about a shy guy who was going there because he talked to other women…not all the time btw. But, they (especially the gossiper at large) assumed he was a “pervert”. She may have been “sheltered” like she claimed, but college most likely changed her for the worst. They were just a reminder of what I don’t wanna become when I get older. I wonder if these 30-40 somethings even like men to begin with? They consider themselves conservative, but probably have very worldly ideologies.

  8. After taking the red pill (so to speak), my intuition tells me that primordial Traditional Christianity is the path to follow.
    Most of my biggest bluepill male friends have been raised in a catholic family but they don’t believe in God at all. They now lean towards SJW tendencies.
    On the other part, my redpill friends and I are often discussing philosophy, meaning of life etc… and we often end up talking about Christianity, and I’m not talking about the Catholic church, but the Christ’s message.
    I think there is a trend there.

    1. The church of Christ isn’t a building, and it isn’t a school of theology. Our bodies are our temples in which the Holy Spirit resides.

    2. Agreed, Christianity as the Bible actually teaches is the way to go, not the useless, white-washed PC bullshit “churches” so often teach.

  9. You would think no feminist would be a Christian, since that is the ultimate level of patriarchy.

    1. Protestantism a little less so. They at least allow female pastors. But Catholicism? Much much more

      1. True, but I am referring to God being a male figure. In the bible, females are primarily the bane of man, only useful if procreating.

  10. I find it very difficult to settle(as a Christian man) for the plethora of either washed-up former hotties or the average-looking broads who haven’t been given the village bicycle treatment.
    Personally I’m not happy with the over-exposure to female sexuality I received in my earlier years and if I do anything with my life on this planet, it’s to maintain my dignity and not be some whipped husband.
    Sorry ladies, but I demand wifely submission.

    1. Agree 100%, wifely submission or nothing. Proverbs 25:24 – Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

    2. If you’re Catholic, try Not my site but a lot of the women on there are VERY sheltered, old school types who actually are looking to be a full time housewife.

    3. My church is coming around to these messages. Churches need young men to grow and we’re doing them a disservice when we don’t prepare them for the realities of the modern world. A young, submissive, dedicated wife is a beautiful and will pay long-term dividends to a man’s happiness. Even good Christian men need some game to get a woman capable of meeting his requirements for a mate.

    4. If you are truly a Christian man, you shouldn’t be reading the garbage presented on this website. Read the bible.

  11. I don’t see the point of trying to rescue or reform christianity, a doomsday cult whose members didn’t want to abandon it when it became clear during the reign of the Roman Emperor Trajan that Jesus’ original followers had all died and Jesus hadn’t “returned.” That makes about as much sense now as a young hillbilly woman from Kentucky I met earlier this month who told me she believed in a revivalized Norse religion – I think she called it Asatru. Religions do outlast their welcome, after all.

    1. Asatru and some other neopagan religions appeal to some because they are at least based on native European beliefs, as opposed to those of Eastern mystery school invaders.
      I mean, really, there is something of the amusing in Western Christians defending the culture from ‘invaders’ from the East, when they themselves are the Eastern conquered.

      1. Ironically the genomic evidence shows that “Europeans” came came into existence when farmers from the Fertile Crescent region migrated into the continent and interbred with indigenous hunter-gatherers.

        1. Latest I’ve seen says, “Oops! Make that Kazakhstan, and through the Ukraine, not Anatolia.” Of course they all started in Ethernopia, but may have taken the scenic route through South Africa.
          I am an African American. My family just took the leisurely trip up the Rhine and across the North Sea before tackling the Atlantic.

    2. Atheists will never “get it” that’s why I would be more like Vlad and have a garden of them impaled from the rectum to the buccal cavity.

  12. The church has made Jesus into some super-humble, non-confrontational, always loving guy. Basically a beta. Then they point to this “Jesus” as the model for all guys to be like. I’ve practically given up on the church as they read the Bible through a blue-pill lense. It’s full of red-pill truth (Jesus calling out the Pharisees; he pissed people off as he had this unmovable frame about him) but the church always finds some way to explain it away or distort the true meaning behind it to fit the popular feminized model. Forget the church; the words of the Bible itself won’t lie to you

    1. My new favourite thing on Christianity is this:
      “When people say to you the key to Christianity is asking yourself ‘What Would Jesus Do’, remember that handcrafting a fucking whip and upending tables is within the bounds of the answer to that question.”

        1. Red Pill Jesus – Using the killing of sluts, feminists, and bastard children, to illustrate Jesus’ character and justice.
          Rev 2:
          I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants[c] to practice sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols. 21 I gave her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her sexual immorality. 22 Behold, I will throw her onto a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her works, 23 and I will strike her children dead.

      1. Hah, I’ve actually used that line before, it… didn’t go over too well… think they might have stopped wearing the bracelet though.
        Another annoying one is when girls claim Jesus doesn’t condemn them so no one else can judge them either. They forget that Jesus also commanded to go and sin no more…

      2. Jesus also adhered to the old time religion. If it was good enough for Jesus it is good enough for me.
        Christianity lost its way when it stopped being a Jewish sect.

    2. I agree completely, people seem to forget that Jesus commanded rough, working class men to leave their jobs and follow him, and they did. Can you imagine a weak, effeminate churchian “Jesus”, some sort of PC hippy, walking onto a modern construction site and doing the same? Not bloody likely.

      1. Jesus may have been genetically engineered to have esp/psychic powers/etc if you read between the lines and take a ufological perspective. If you can “perform miracles” and do shit no one’s ever been able to do before, it wouldn’t be too hard to get people to follow you.

        1. Other way round. Humans are specifically engineered in a manner to prevent them from having those abilities.
          Also note that the system reacted violently against his presence, trying multiple times to kill him and they also tried (at least initially) very hard to scrub his existence from the history books. Those efforts appear to have shifted to attempting to co-opt the church after it spread regardless.

        2. Okay, but if humans are as you say “specifically engineered”, that implies an intelligent design.
          So why can’t they tweak the blueprint in Jesus’s case?

        3. Jesus wouldn’t even need to have been genetically engineered if he truly was God.
          I find it easiest to look at it in terms of how video games work. If you have programmed the video game yourself to operate with certain sets of rules, you can hit the tilde key and type in dev commands at anytime, doing things that break the game rules. In a video game, it might be giving yourself unlimited health or spawning 1000 pumpkins in Skyrim.
          In the case of Jesus, it might be turning water into wine /wedding.removeitem water 1, /wedding.additem wine 1. If you created everything it would be easy to mess with it.

    3. Being super-humble, non-confrontational, and always loving has nothing to do with being beta. If you can utilize this personality and frame it correctly, you can become super alpha. Who wants to kick it with cocky asshole who starts fights? Guys like Marley and Lennon became huge alphas by using this personality.

      1. Marley and Lennon were not alphas. They were talented entairtainment who happened to be in the right place at the right time: when beta ideology (feminism, anti-war movement, multi-culturalism, etc.) was taking over the West.

        1. I’ve never fully understood the term. People seem to use it to define completely different things.

        2. In the animal world, alphas are the strong males of the herd and are its natural leaders. Females want primarily to reproduce them.
          Human alpha then would be the males with strong character, innate leadership, etc. Women usually get wet in their presence.
          I don’t think Marley and Lennon had these traits. On the contrary, they advocated a weak vision of humanity which was trendy at the time (and which still is).
          Still, I think they were very talented and are worth listening.

        3. Strong as in physically strong? Mentally strong?
          Marley and Lennon were clearly leaders. Their legacy is still being talked about. I’m sure they both got plenty of pussy. They might not be a Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather, but they obviously had a strong presence.
          BTW, I’ve never listened to either of them. Just can’t figure out for the life of me whether this alpha business means juiced up MMA fighter or someone with a real following. I also can’t figured out whether alpha relates to character traits or social standing. Everyone uses the term differently.

        4. Scientists don’t use the terms differently. People don’t react to alphas differently bcause they have more or less the same profile: strong mental and often strong physique.
          People feel subconciously the need to respect alphas. Marley and Lennon just had ideas who where trendy. Nobody would have cared about them 50 years earlier

    4. A religion aims to unite people around common ideals. “Forgetting the Church” is totally missing the point of Christianism.

      1. The Church is schismatic. The original schism was forgetting their Jewishness. Which led to some very unfortunate circumstances for a very long time.

  13. Used to be very anti religion in general. But it seems actual Christianity contains a lot of red pill truth. But since the bible is open to every single persons interpretation these days we get a blue pill faggot fest in churches these days.

    1. Correct, the Bible is (not 100% but close to) red pill in reality, but people today dismiss that by saying it is ‘culturally outdated’ and ‘scientifically irrelevant.’ What arrogance.
      The proverbs 31 passage tells young women what they should be. Unfortunately they are too busy shaming the men who won’t marry them to follow the advice of the scriptures they claim to follow. Proof IMO that to most of them Christianity is just a label and not a true change of heart.

      1. I think Proverbs 31 tells women what a wife should be like. There are some women not destined for wife-hood, as there are some men not destined for marriage, according to St. Paul.
        It also has a line about her husband, who should be known at the gates, and sit among the elders of the land.
        He is an alpha male so to speak, and she does him good, not harm, all the days of her life.

    2. The Bible has red pill truths based on empirical observations of human nature which anyone can make, like its generally negative view of “loose women.” We can embrace those truths because we can test them against our own experiences. But I think we can safely discard the woo-woo stuff about gods, angels, demons, heaven, hell, prophecy, miracles and so forth.

      1. Except ‘anyone and everyone’ didn’t make these observations… so no, we can’t safely discard the rest of the Bible that you don’t agree with.

      1. They’re all corrupt when viewed through a glass, dimly. Yet a light still shines in the darkness, and we can see it.

  14. Look up 501c3 and you’ll understand why these churches are turning away from the scripture!

  15. “The trials that this poor spinster faced elicited comparisons with Job and Rachel from the Old Testament.”
    FFS had that stupid old woman ever actually read the Book of Job? How could she seriously compare being unable to find a willing dick to penetrate her orifices with the unrelenting Pissing-In-Face that God gives to Job?

    1. Job is practically the poster child of every Christian woman these days. She’s up there with Jesus in some crowds.

  16. Frustrating for Western Christian men who aren’t feminized pussies (are there any??)
    Book after Christian book has been written shaming men into ‘manning up’ and telling single women that its OK to be single because ‘God wants you to be single.’ The message of Christianity has been dumbed down in the west because it has become a moneymaker. I have very strong opinions about this. I am sick and tired of pseudo-‘pastors’ and authors interpreting the Bible however they see fit and putting social feel good messages into every book.
    It is now even infiltrating the reformed tradition in America, which was initially the group of Christians who lived their faith most biblically. Most shocking to me was this recent article at a ‘parachurch’ reformed website that has been steadily become more sanitized and pro-social justice over the years:
    As soon as ‘Bible believing Christians’ acknowledge there is such a thing as ‘rape culture,’ you know they are not worth reading. Also fuelling the fire have been books like this one:
    Christianity is bigger than and therefore more genuine than its Western interpretation, but that doesn’t change the plight of men who practice it who don’t want to move overseas. Suppression of masculinity within Christianity is turning it into a pathetic, conformist ‘social movement,’ but traditional Christianity should look radical and transform the life of the one practicing it.
    There is no answer to the problem for young Christian men because the rules of the game inside the church are in the iron grip of petty women. Men will continue to play by the rules of this game because they want to have sex. Christianity is seen to be a regulation standing in the way of sex (this is a terrible attitude to have, but brought about by feminism’s ‘liberation’ of sex in Western society). This causes young men to marry ridiculously early and enslave themselves. It truly is a mess.
    I hate to list a bunch of problems and no real solution, but there is none. Move overseas. That’s about it. The Christianity practiced overseas is less sanitized because it’s less culturally accepted, so it’s normally closer to pure Christianity without all the bullshit.
    Other than that, if you want sex it’s either play by the rules or break them altogether, learn game and take the women you want.

    1. Amen. Oh, my dad bought me that I Kissed Dating Goodbye book. He was trying to be helpful but it was the biggest piece of crap ever. I got about 20 pages in and couldn’t believe someone would write that propaganda.
      If you show any type of masculinity, genuine of course, and aren’t willing to accept the kool-aid and brainwashing, you can pretty much kiss your life at church goodbye. They want conformists, not people who question the pussification of the church.

      1. Yeah. My church in the last 10 years has gone from preaching sermons about gender roles as based on Genesis 1-3 to Jesus-less sermons week after week based on issues like accepting homosexuals, loving immigrants indiscriminantly, anything but the gospel really. It is sad to have seen such a decline occur progressively over such a short length of time.

        1. Like I mentioned elsewhere, if you speak up against it or don’t drink the kool-aid, you get shunned and labeled.

        2. That sucks, sorry to hear that. Have you thought about starting your own church/fellowship/study?

    2. I am in the Reformed tradition, Sovereign Grace Ministries to be exact, and while yes, most Americans are feminist to some degree, the Reformed circles are still the most masculine that I’ve found. Outside of Traditionalist Catholics, nobody is more masculine. I even liked Mark Drisoll *gasp* even though he was way off when it came to shaming males in exclusion to females.
      I have had my arguments with authors on TheGospelCoalition, especially Thabite Anabwile, but overall they do a good masculine job. The article you linked does not author rape culture as a cause for what’s ailing America, but instead is appropriating a secular term that secularists use to describe a secular problem, and then the Christian authors propose the solution: Christ. In other words, secularists call it a rape culture, and Christians are happy to use this term in order to contrast secular culture with Christian culture.
      I have not read Kissed Dating Goodbye but I have read Harris’ other books, although I was blue pill at the time. I’m not so certain you’re being fair to him or his approach to courting and marriage. Yes, it’s hard to court and not date. I am not surprised you didn’t like it if you’ve resolved to sleep around and “take the women you want.”

      1. Thanks for your insights Sgt P. Sovereign Grace Ministries resources have become pretty widely used in Anglican and Presbyterian churches here where I am (Australia), and I do like a lot of them theologically. My problem with the church in general is that no matter how good the theology is, (and I admit there is a sizeable Reformed resurgence happening in America which has a fair amount of backflow into Australian churches) the culture has become so intertwined to the ‘non-essential’ issues in the Church that anyone espousing traditional Biblical gender roles is often questioned or ostracized even in theologically sound churches like Mars Hill or Redeemer Presbyterian. There are exceptions, obviously (Wayne Grudem and John Piper come to mind, they have some fantastic books on complementarianism), but most of these pastors are either egalitarian or similar to Mark Driscoll (correct about telling guys to ‘man up’ but omitting vitally important “red pill” truths about women and stripping them of any sort of responsibility).
        In my parents generation, by all accounts, men in our churches were hard working, encouraged to be elders or leaders at a young age, and taught truths about women. By contrast women were feminine and wanted to marry YOUNG – not sleep around the ‘carousel’ as it were before ‘settling down.’ Motherhood and family with a responsible young man was the goal in the church.
        By this stage (70s) obviously 3rd wave feminism had corrupted culture, but not the church (yet).
        I guess what I am saying is that now, despite a refreshing swing back to good theology, the traditional family and man/woman roles remain undiscussed and elusive within a church which has largely embraced secular values regarding divorce, marriage, discipline of children, motherhood and gender roles.
        We would benefit greatly from reintroducing these concepts back into the conversation and showing people what the Bible ACTUALLY says about these things, not writing articles about ‘rape culture’ in order to ‘contrast the secular culture.’

        1. I struggle when I see men withholding their contempt for female misbehavior. But in thinking it over and actually having to do some counseling, I have a theory: men in the church give women a pass because they know that too much pressure on women is tantamount to killer more babies via abortion.
          In other words, women get a pass from pastors and other Christians like me who would like nothing more than to crush them with the weight of their sins (as I was lovingly crushed) in order to straighten up and fly right (as I came to straighten up and fly right.) However, crushing women will have a very certain effect: they will kill their unborn at the first opportunity. Although technically a pastor or counselor is ethically responsible for these deaths, I can still see that there is a sense of responsibility.
          I myself have concluded that women are not equal to men, are more like unruly children running around with loaded guns, and do in fact need to be treated very differently than men in general. There’s no way around that. Unfortunately society has taken all the tools a father or brother needs to use to bring his daughters under loving authority. There’s no going back- short of a social collapse that dismantles the anti-patriarchy. We’re all at the mercy of stupid children running around with loaded guns.

  17. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to believe that the religion that gave us Charles Martel, St. Ignatius of Loyola, Don Juan of Austria, and Jan Sobieski III has devolved into what we see today.

    1. Many U.S. service-members are very Christian. They’re very quiet about it, and are now being silenced about it as well. They have no problem reconciling violence with the faith.

    2. Many U.S. service-members are very Christian. They’re very quiet about it, and are now being silenced about it as well. They have no problem reconciling violence with the faith.

      1. Having moved several times around the U.S. with a Christian wife (whom I went to church with as an atheist) and as a Christian myself, yes, it is pretty bad. If you end up in a small town you might find yourself completely alone. You will find yourself having to make a lot of concessions, thinking long and hard on the bare minimums of orthodoxy and fellowship.
        For example, I am not a premillenialist, yet have no amil/postmil options in my small town. I have to inordinately hear about getting Raptured out of the world and how the U.N. is the 4th beast of Daniel and Jerusalem is practically the center of creation, even though these are very minor details open to much debate in theology, and I find them very silly discussions to constantly have over and over again.

        1. No gender studies program is gonna teach that the U.N. is the 4th beast. Which is one of the reasons why I think their is still a big difference between gender studies and church. To be specific I was actually talking about the pro slut and careerist propaganda of feminism. What sayeth ye on that subject in regards to the churches you’ve experienced?

        2. Feminism in America is just unquestionably orthodox. There is no escaping it, for all intents and purposes it is the air we breathe. So to go to church at all, or be in America at all, is to accept that your closest friends and family are feminists. If you lived abroad you might have to accept other distasteful traits within your Christian community: ancestor whorship, death occultism, mysticism, socialism, legalism, syncretism, pacisfism, papism, etc.
          And by feminism I mean the mass shared delusion that females have agency, strength, and independence. Yes, they technically have these things, artificially for now, and only at the great cost of men and machine. But realistically, take away women’s legal privileges and technology and they are easily seen by all for what they are: Dependent, weak, and morally limited by their biology.
          Therefore even the most (statistically speaking) red pill churches are not going to thoroughly question things like female suffrage or divorce or single motherhood. In addition to the all encompassing nature of feminism there is the other issue: That any pressure Christians put upon women to “act right” results in more aborted babies. That’s because women don’t want to act right, they just want to appear to act right, and little sucklings ruins appearances, so they abort when the pressure is on. Women must be forced to act right by all of society; only patriarchy can force women to act right by taking away their special legal privileges and technologies.
          It is true (and something I noted while attending premillenialist churches) that the churches calling the UN the is– while probably theologically wrong– still useful. Anything that causes people to mistrust government and take a cynical view of international collectivism is a godsend in my mind, and a direct shot across the bow of liberalism/leftism.

  18. Our family church didn’t do the fiery speeches. The churches mainly functioned as community glue. Did your house burn down? The pastors will be the conduit that gets you the help and army of volunteers you need to pull through it.
    Your child has cancer? The pastors will get everyone doing what they can to help.
    Need a good, but reasonable eduction in a private school for your children. The church will help with that. Need to know if anyone has a place available for rent. The pastors might’ve heard someone mention something at one of the church’s barbecues.
    Was your house flooded? The church knows capenters and tradesmen in the congregation. They’ll help out at no cost.
    Thinking about it, a lot of the families in the area could not have endured these hardships easily without the church. I think church does best when it does something concrete and important for the community.
    Hooking up people is not what I call vital or concrete. Church should stay out of the dating game.

  19. This may be slightly off topic but I heard a funny saying today: Smart people have husbands, dumb people have wives. A female acquaintance of mine was generous enough to share it with me. Apparently, it is gaining momentum in the distaff portion of our population. The status of married men is declining by the hour.

  20. Christianity is a cult, period. Religion completely goes against human nature, it’s human made. It was created to explain the unexplained because it fills in the holes of fear and curiosity of the common questions asked by humans thousands of years ago.

    1. Did you instead mean to say that religion goes against nature because it is human made? Because it seems to me that attempting to explain the unexplained is part of the very essence of human nature. Without that we would never have created the scientific method of inquiry and all that entails.

      1. Explaining the unexplained with lies, especially acting as if it’s true to millions of people is NOT right. Religion does more harm than good.

        1. I wasn’t making an argument for it being “right”, I was making an argument for it being natural, as you claimed that religion “goes against human nature”, which is incorrect.
          Argue the point, constantly changing the goalposts in an argument is something women do.

        2. Okay, asking questions about how we got here is human nature, yes. But that’s not what I meant. Religion goes against human nature regarding to the standards and “laws” the bible or any other holy book says about how humans should be.

        3. I completely agree with you there. In fact, I’d say the Biblical laws tend to be precisely opposite what is in our human nature to do.

        4. “Religion does more harm than good.” Ah! The mindless quip from an ignorant shudra. You never hear atheists claim the same thing about government. Atheistic governments have killed more people in the last hundred years than religion has in all of recorded history.
          The fight against racism and social inequality has pushed more than 1 BILLION people into early graves since 1900. All the revolutions since the French Revolution have been about equality and they have all ended bloody! The term terrorism was coined to describe the original state-sponsored terrorism called The Red Terror!
          Nature abhors a vacuum and when you kill God He must be replaced with something else. This is always the state. The state is deified and we get our new prophet Hitler, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini, Mao, Reagan, Obama, etc. ad nauseum…
          The idea that all men are created equal, first proclaimed as part of a national ideology by the American Declaration of
          Independence in 1776, is probably the most influential socio-moral-political idea of the modern world. It is also the most fundamental and axiomatic; for the Declaration of Independence, after declaring the “self-evident truth all men are created equal”, goes on immediately, in the same sentence, to assert “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights…” In other words, the whole Human Rights philosophy (or religion) of the so-called “international community”, is based on “the egalitarian dogma”; most of the actions of modern politicians are justified on the basis of “human rights”, which in turn are justified on the basis of egalitarianism. Even after witnessing the vast upheavals and huge rivers of blood that have been poured out to force equality on the nations of the world since 1776, the world still loves the dogma, still worships it, is still prepared to die for it. Even most Christians, who should know better, regard it as an article of their faith which they believe in with greater sincerity and passion than any other article, including the Holy Trinity or the Divinity of Christ.

  21. “The sexual marketplace has changed, and all those beta traits that church groups used to foster in their young men are totally useless. You know that hottie sitting next to you in the pew? Chances are she’s banging some random dude she met at the university pub on Saturday and sitting there talking to you about “Christian values” on Sunday (true story).”
    This happened to my friend at church who was a virgin until he got married a few years back. I told him if he was a virgin he should expect his wife to be a virgin–none of this “born again virgin” bullshit. Needless to say, it was very challenging for him to find a virgin at church down here in the South. One girl he went on a few dates with who sounds exactly like the girl in the example above, attractive and talks about “Christian values” etc, told him she had SEX WITH FIVE GUYS IN THE LAST MONTH. He told me his jaw dropped when she told him that. A year after that she wound up getting pregnant (SHOCKING!) to a non-church guy (opposite race). She wound up being the poster girl for forgiveness blah blah blah–“cant judge me”–to the college women group. She is now married to some white knight guy who is raising her mixed race baby.
    I can’t prove this but I think women know “christian” (and I use that term loosely) guys are typically white knight in nature and will accept their sob stories and baggage. It’s kind of like they seek out these pathetic guys.

    1. I’m on my way over! I got the rope and we will string up that miscegenating whore from the tallest pine we can find! I know some slave traffickers in Cuba where we can sell the little mamzer for a nice profit!

  22. I would suggest that any Christian man who is red pill become familiar (and have any future Mrs. Christian Man become familiar) with Stingray’s blog and videos.
    Margery and the Man was also good, but it appears to have gone private, now.

      1. There’s also a book called “The Surrendered Wife” that you might find useful. Or so I am told. I haven’t read it but supposedly it teaches xtian wives to be submissive to their husbands, which, really, all women should be. Stingray’s vids are golden, but I can’t seem to bring them up on youtube. I’m traveling, so I can probably put my hands on them next week. They’re good even for non-xtians.

        1. Thank you for the kind words and the link. However, I don’t make youtube videos. Maybe you are thinking of a video I posted at my site?

        2. Oh, and Elspeth’s blog. I’m something of a “grazer” and I read a lot (I only need 5 or so hours of sleep, so I have some extra time).
          À bientôt,

  23. There are plenty of church folks who show up on Sunday to get forgiven for what they did on Saturday night. When Betas turn to the church, they often discover young women who are (a) looking for George Clooney with a bible in his hand, or (b) girls who mouth the words, but are busy mouthing other things the rest of the week until they have to gargle with holy water.
    And when a girl boasts of being a “born again virgin” what she’s really saying is, “All that HAWT sex my previous boyfriends got? The great head and access to the 3rd input? You won’t be getting any of that, Beta Boy, and that includes after marriage. So even if you wife me–which I fully expect you to do–you still lose. Although I will get frustrated about not getting the good loving, so I will backslide with some random guy I meet and cuckold you, but you will have to forgive me for it, because that’s what good Christian betas do.”
    The problem that many churches have–particularly Mainline Protestant churches–is that they’ve taken that “Christ” out of “Christian”. Regardless of ones views about Christianity, that can hardly bee seen as an improvement from a red-pill perspective, b/c they’ve replaced that “Yay, JESUS!” bits with Left Wing political SJW bullshit.
    So I turn up for weddings and funerals and otherwise seek the Higher Path through the Greater Mystery in my own way.

  24. Very amusing and interesting article Vincent! You should send it to Dalrock – he might have fun going through it on his blog. That is exactly what happens with young Christian men – unfortunately most NOT learning Game like you, but staying in involuntary celibacy for a long time until the very same girls find them “suddenly” attractive as their market value declines and theirs ascends.
    Of course Game with Christian values could be taught telling men to become better with women and then looking for a young girl. If a former slut renounces her promiscuous ways in her prime (18-22) and follows your lead, then there might be some hope for her, but I don’t see that happening unless you have strong charisma and Game yourself.

      1. Have seen some examples in Eastern Europe with super-hot girls who engaged with Alpha youth church leaders. When a woman in her absolute hottest prime (being a 7-9 & not one becoming fat already at age 21, also she must not be ugly as a 3-5) forsakes visibly even looking at other guys and really goes through an epiphany stage at age 20-22 instead of psychologically useless 28-32, then you might have a shot, but would have to test her and be aware of her possible weaknesses. Also you would best be an Alpha with choices or it might not work. I met a few of those, but all of them in Eastern Europe or further East.

      2. They cannot change, it’s the best advice you can give a man who is considering marring a woman with a history. Women with a high notch count have similar characteristics that most men have, which is the ability to separate sex from emotion. This a key characteristic of a slut. The hard part is figuring out if Miss Innocent is a lying slut.

      3. I’m pretty sure many sluts who say they’ve renounced their former ways really mean it and believe it themselves when they say so. Power of hamsterization.
        The post-wall slut who “reforms” is much like the previously mentioned involuntarily celibate guy who became “voluntarily” celibate out of religious devotion.

  25. I just left my campus crusade. You are right these “conservatives” are oddly similar to the SJW feminazis. They will freak out if you hit on girls like a man, and may host an intervention to protect women I mean “help” you. However, these guys do not have the balls to actually tell you to leave coed functions such as dance night but will whine that you are such a bad person for not respecting their advice.

  26. I have a couple of thoughts on this. Firstly, it may be important to realize that “Virgin” explicitly refers to females in the original languages. Chastity and virginity until marriage did not reeeally apply to males, an ancient understanding of our basic differences in biology. While Paul does make comments about avoiding prostitutes it’s hardly the same thing.
    Secondly, Christianity has become so watered down and beta-ized by the left that it’s lost much of the power it did have. Even then it was what Nietsche considered to be “Slave Morality” that is, it trumpeted the virtues of kindness, compassion, meekness, empathy, charity, etc – versus “Master Morality” like the Roman pagans that enshrined the values of strength, conquest, ambition, power, etc. Some historians have even speculated the Christianity was a central reason for the fall of Rome.
    Not attacking religion here, either it is true or it’s an evolutionary mechanism for social stability and cohesion – in any event, it’s far preferable to fat ass, loud mouthed, low class, cunts spewing leftist/feminist dogma.

    1. Maybe if women actually placed a value on male virginity it would have some meaning. All we get when they troll this sight is complaints about the double standard. Men would stop sleeping around if women actually put a value on male purity instead of mocking them as socially awkward. I certainly would like to see more women who want to remain virgins until their wedding night. I’d pass up the easy pussy if such women were available.

      1. Maybe if women actually placed a value on male virginity it would have some meaning.
        It doesn’t matter to them at a biological level, that’s why they don’t care and why can’t stop sleeping with all the man sluts.
        Women have limited child birthing years. When humans were first evolving and setting up their societies, no man wanted to take a mate who sleeps around…there’s a good chance while he’s off providing food for her she’s getting knocked up by someone else. He’s now lost one of her relatively rare child birthing years to another man’s DNA and he’s wasting resources on her and that offspring.
        Over time, it became engrained in us to avoid taking sluts as mates for that reason. Women who could preserve their bodies and their child birthing years for their mate became more prized. Sluts were okay to knock up on the chance she got pregnant and somehow managed to keep the baby alive to adulthood with no help or the help of another man, but men’s mates were their more successful chance at passing on their own DNA. Your mate gave you 15 to 20 chances to pass on your genes…you wanted them all for yourself.
        There is no such issue from the female perspective biologically. There’s no natural selection mechanic at work making virgin men more valuable to women…so it’s not valued deep down in their DNA.

        1. I enjoyed your response I’d like to cut and paste it for every female troll who posts on this site.

        2. You can’t talk sense to feminists. They’ll just pretend biology isn’t important. “It’s 2014” they’ll shriek. And then ironically run off to engage in hypergamy…

    2. Yes, not many Christians will even discuss it let along admit it, but male and female sexual standards are different. Jesus said only the man can divorce the wife for porneia. He was very specific, but modern Christians want to read “You can divorce your spouse for porneia whether you are a man or a woman.” It’s just not there in the text.
      Being a prostitute and visiting a prostitute: not the same.
      Having multiple husbands and having multiple wives: not the same.
      A husband having an affair with a single woman is not the same as him having an affair with another man’s wife.
      I’m not going to get in to how these are not the same, I am just going to leave it at that. They’re not the same.

  27. “How noble of all of these angsty betas to renounce their involuntary celibacy for a voluntary one—the sacrifice must have been immense. ”

  28. Mainstream 501c3 state approved so-called ‘Christian’ organizations are the worst. UTTERLY CASTRATING. You would swear that they are an extension of the ‘Christian’ dating sites, full of the same recycled fat used leftovers.
    The categories of web dating sites officially will list as: Latina, Asian, Black and Christian but not ‘White’. ‘Christian’ has come to mean fat White cuckolding leftovers. No category for ‘unspoiled young fine fair (White) virgins’ can be found.
    In fact to search ‘White dating’ online often results in a few far right or white nationalist or separatist sites that have some accessory link with a few chicks showing their confederate tramp stamp looking for another white dick to hook up with. Still the numbers are precious few, maybe a hot pierced den mother or Celtic cross t-shirt model honey who is by no means virgin and is beyond spoken for by members of her klan. Bangable sure, but the volume of keepers simply isn’t there. Any quality virgin White females have to be sifted through other ‘leftover’ sites.
    The ‘strictly White’ political groups have serious issues controlling their women. I heard right wing radio regulars like Pete Peters and Bo Greitz announce how they were ‘a broken man’ after the passing of their elderly wives. They radiated red pill on a few fundamentals but lacked a command of game and insight on locksmithing the flappy gates and keeping the pussy stocked, not just the ammo and food stores. Even Alex Jones shys away from discussing dickchopping (circumcision).
    Mainstream ‘Christian’ groups are just like ‘Christian dating’ sites. They have become synonymous with used cuckolding carousel and single mom preying mantis skanks. The best bet is to go into the mainstream church with club game but with higher expectations. Hop the different groups but don’t join. Be the first at the door to greet and get # for newbies and quickly exit with any keepers before they get corrupted and turned silly with the games.
    The beta rules of enslavement will begin to creep in if you hang around too long. ”FUCK THE 501c3 government bullshit” – but just don’t say it out aloud. Run with the goodies and get her some real food ELSEWHERE. The coffee, junk food hot dogs and especially the donuts served in the typical church group are WHAT KILLED ELVIS.

  29. – the most honest christian article on dating I’ve ever seen.
    In sum the problem with modern evangelical Christianity is that there is a ton of naivete and that overall their answer is wrong.
    For you see, if Jesus is an answer to anything, he’s an answer to a spiritual problem. But Jesus is not an answer to your obesity, your debt, your inability to find a spouse, etc. And that is the issue. Christians inject Jesus and God where he doesn’t belong. If you’re fat, lose weight. If you’re in debt, earn more money, manage your financies, etc. If you’re bad with women, learn game.
    The kind of Christians that are “cool” and or hot/successful/wealthy are people who would be so outside of the context of Christianity. They are people that are charismatic, have a good work ethic, etc. And therein lies the rub – instead of telling their peers/congregations that need to take pragmatic action to further their lot in life – they telll them that they need to “Trust in jesus” and “wait on the lord” and that “God provides”.
    It’s bullshit.

    1. I just started reading a great book that addresses this way of thinking head on,its called ” Manly Dominion- in a passive purple four ball world ” it’s written by a pastor named Mark Chanski

  30. Unbelievable article. Bravo.
    I’ve been to some of these groups. I would absolutely recommend them as people of strong morals and character, but the women are mostly reformed sluts and the men are straight beta. I’ve had lengthy discussions with the women over their “virginity.” They find Christ, get baptized post carousel, and consider themselves virgins.
    I’m glad this article doesn’t take a cheap shot at Christianity. Having an alpha attitude works in the dating scene, but it works much better with a good-guy side story. Your best bet at dating is bad-boy alpha who teaches Sunday school and volunteers at a homeless shelter.

    1. You don’t know what you are talking about, Christianity is the key to the Patriarchy. Maybe if you went to a church or read a bible you could pick up on a few things like Women be submissive to your husbands, Women do not nag your husbands.
      I know a lot of people pick and chose what they want to believe when it comes to religion but to call Christianity weak and disgusting is very insulting. Jesus was not weak, he always stood his ground, he didn’t take crap from anyone, and he always called people out. He was crucified by a bunch of asshole Jews who were jealous of him. He never backed down he didn’t run away is that what a weak person does?

      1. Right, Biblical scripture itself is patriarchal to the core. It’s funny that Greek gods and dieties portrayed male and female, like a bunch of celestial powerful boys and girls playing in a sandbox. At least a female was assigned as goddess of love, femininity, fertility,etc. Zeus was war.
        The modern ‘Christian’ values preached are very opposite from core old and new testament. Church leaders advocate bowing to the state and seem to give SJW’s the same honor and power by proxy as if the cultural marxists were the official authority. Even ‘on the fence’ jews or their statist cousins in the congregations often react to any hard core movement within to face off to the powers. Their money changer roots or affiliations never allow them to bend against the overriding evil. They result in being more like installed chunch schills for the system in its enforcement. If not by proxy or by their associations, they police the compliance.
        It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a big church denounce abortion. Christ abhorred the state and the money changers and there’s a blackout in big churches on even the discussion of the money changers. It’s funny how outside the church the topics are ALL OVER the alternative medias 24-7. The old mantra of being well behaved and quiet during a service has turned into a decree to be DEAD SILENT on any state related issues or whistle blowing and exposure.
        The force behind the corrupt system must therefore be female. Only could a whip carrying dominatrix BITCH GODDESS have such a way of beating a group into trembling beta simps. God is YOUR FATHER not your mother. The feminists have stated that they actually want to CHANGE THE SEX OF GOD. They want to throw HIM OFF the throne and re install their own BITCH FIGUREHEAD. NEVER!

        1. You have some valid points, however Im very sceptical of “turning the other cheek”-mentality.

        2. The teaching only applies to insults. Turn the other cheek when a man insults you. Read it again.
          Now, if he punches your pregnant wife in the guts, see that justice is done; make a citizen’s arrest.

      2. “He never backed down he didn’t run away is that what a weak person does?”
        Jesus is simply a rip of off Hercules, Dionysus, Mithra, Gilgamesh and half a dozen other gods from around the Mediterranean area. But Jesus is the biggest pussy of the bunch. The mother gods slayed their enemies and fucked every good looking women in sight. Your pussy god feed the homeless and died on the cross.

        1. What are you talking about? Jesus was a historical person. Whether he was also God or not is certainly up for debate, but it makes no sense to say that a historical person is a “rip-off” of some polytheistic deity.

        2. “Jesus was a historical person. ”
          But yea, Mohammad, Jim Jones and Joe Smith were real people too. Jesus, “the man-god” is simply a rip of off Hercules, Dionysus, Mithra, Gilgamesh and half a dozen other gods from around the Mediterranean area.

        3. I’m going to need to see some citation on this. Hercules was half man, half god. Jesus was fully god and fully man. Gilgamesh was a demigod. Jesus is God. No serious scholar, Biblical otherwise, thinks that Jesus was “ripped off” from Dionysus or Mithra or anyone else.

        4. It absolutely is a fringe theory. Do you like math? Statistics? You think the Dionysus theory is the mainstream theory about Jesus? LOL

        5. Here. I cut and pasted the Dionysus entry on Wikipedia for you: “Most modern biblical scholars and historians today, both conservative and liberal, reject most of the parallelomania between the cult of Dionysus and Christ, asserting that the similarities are superficial at best, most often vaguely general and universal parallels found in many stories, both historical and mythical, and that the symbolism represented by the similar themes are radically different.”[63][67][68][69].

      3. You have some valid point, however Im skeptical of the “turn the other cheek”-mentality. Christianity has been hijacked by subversive element, also.

        1. I call bs on that “turn the other cheek” as well. Churches like governments and many other self serving organizations are trying to convince people that being submissive and not questioning authorities is the way to go and It serves people`s best interest. Once they accomplish that, They can do whatever They want without any consequences or resistance, cause Your already in a weak, accepting any exploitation state of mind.

  31. Protestantism gave every retard with a Bible in his hand the excuse of having the Word of God. No wonder Christ is used to justify every blue pill and any other lunacy that conforts frail men and women.
    Christianity is about obidience to Truth, love of Truth and defence of Truth. Fellow Red Pill Men that see the true value of religion and are not ego inflated atheist zealots, I urge you study the Roman Catholic Church teachings and always have in mind that the same way a stupid student does not erode the validity of Mathematics a liar does not change Truth and a catholic sinner does not represent the teachings of the Church.
    The priests at answer most questions about the Church in the most direct and Red Pill way I have seen in the internet.
    Christs peace to all of you.

    1. I wish and pray that I could some day go back to the Catholic church, after it reforms itself, and rids itself of its errors.

      1. On what grounds do you interpet scripture? Why is your interpretation of the Bible any better than the Blue Pill Men that use to justify their effeminate behaviour?
        Nobody puts Holy Mary before God, we honor our Holy Mother as Jesus did. Because He honored the commendments as He said we should.
        I beg you, do not attack straw men created to diverge you from Truth. Study the doctrine without prejudice. On the link I posted many of these objections are answered. There is a whole section about Mary.
        Be with God.

        1. I interpret scripture by tradition and reason. How about you?
          By tradition I mean language, culture, and those that came before me.
          By reason I mean philosophy, theology, and personal conviction.

  32. Christian girls want to marry a pastor. And if they can’t marry one, they’ll settle for fucking one. In church, you will see the dark heart of hypergamy. The reason the girls want to marry a pastor is that if you marry the boss, it automatically makes you boss of all the other women. That’s what it’s about. The pastor that loses his church soon afterwards will lose his wife. She’ll divorce his loser ass (it’s ok – Jesus said she had permission) and look for a winner.
    Seen it happen.

    1. Yes it happens. It also happens that the men desire their neighbor’s wives. Lots of sin going on in there. I seent it mahself too

  33. From what I can decipher most of these churches can’t be bothered to teach what the bible says. I literally had a recent “born again” Christian tell me how she only needed to ask God’s forgiveness for a transgression. When I asked her where she heard that bunk, she smiled and said her pastor told her that.
    She wasn’t smiling when I told her that pastor is leading his congregation straight to hell. Then again I found out he is a new way Christian pastor, everything is always the man’s fault and he should listen to the vagaries of his woman… I went to one service and walked out halfway through. Other then a Christian I have no affiliation and haven’t in years.

  34. Xainity has always been the faggotiest religion on the planet.
    God rapes a women- virgin women gives birth to the same god who raped her. Man/God gets tacked to the wall like a Justin Beiber poster- Man/god returns from the grave but takes no revenge.
    Yea, if I ever find myself in the market for an invisible best friend, I will not choose the zombie jew.

    1. An interesting and probable valid view.
      BITCH GODESSES rampaging about the universe are ‘escaped’ etherical vapors from the bowels of the universal HE-CORE. The characteristic ‘swirl’ patterns of mater in the universe are in reaction to and driven by the HE-POWER / SHE-BITCH ejecta. Controlled colossal ‘bitch storms’ in the universe tempered with masculine derived order. The ‘pancaking’ force that flattens galaxies upon their axis of spin IS MALE ORDER. Otherwise the matter proceeds ever outward to join another nearby system of order.
      The two tethered forces, ‘male’ and its progenic ‘female’ form an energy differential which is the motive force which drives the all encompassing LIFEFORCE. The female force cannot go rogue without the male force.
      Bitchforce in rebellion dissipates and dies, whereas the male force is progenator and is constantly creating new female forms. It is a necessity of life. Woman came FROM MAN from the stem cell of his rib. Consequently HE fertilizes HER and then SHE returns the life force that stemmed in the beginning FROM HIM.
      It’s no riddle but quite simple.

    2. “Jesus is simply a rip of off Hercules, Dionysus, Mithra, Gilgamesh and half a dozen other gods from around the Mediterranean area.”
      If that were the case, Christianity would have died in its infancy, because everyone would have called bullshit on the obvious rip-off.

  35. Hmmm this explains why so many Christian guys stay single until their 30 or 40s also I believe you forgot to mention that most churches tell men to repress their desires such as kissing or cuggling to their girl etc….is so sad that to hear this. Also this is like a burden to me since I’m a christian and i dont have a gf yet. So what’s the point of having one if you are told to repress those natural desires like I’ve mentioned before

    1. thats bullshit. You are no priest so you dont have to live in celibacy. You have a cultural heritage and tradition and this combined with the christian faith. How do you think society in europe during the middle ages went ahead if every man choosed to live like that. Celibacy is not something for the ordinary guy whose mind is here and there. Thats why priests or monks are special in that regard. It´s a passion and not a burdon!
      And natural desire is pretty perverted in our modern society. What people call today desire is very questionable to me…

      1. I wasn’t referring to sexual activity desire to have her in bed. I was pointing out just cuddling or missing your gal just like any other guy would do….the church is telling guys to repress that….

        1. Yeah, “keep a Bible’s length apart”, or “leave room for the holy spirit”, can’t even count the times I’ve heard that sort of BS.

        2. I don’t think the church should be repressing those passions. The teaching comes from Paul in 1Cor 7:9:
          “But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.”
          You should not repress your passions but you should instead channel them into your marriage. Obviously you should control yourself until you’re actually married. Obviously sometimes youngsters will fail- and this was known as a “shotgun wedding” or “doing the honorable thing.”
          The reason you should control yourself is not for your own good only (to keep yourself pure) but also for her good, to keep her pure. If you defile her or yourself and then break up you will have to bring that baggage into your eventual marriage. While this may not be costly for you, it is more costly for her.
          Think of it this way: would you rather marry a girl who gave in to her passions with some youngster before you met her, or a girl who’s never given in? Well, please help our society produce those pure girls: control your dang self until marriage!
          Make sense now?

        3. This is adults trying to be witty and/or funny while guarding over children whom they’ve been charged with protecting. It is an enormous ethical responsibility to be given a child and have everyone watching over you to make sure they’re obedient and safe. Ever try it? I have 5 kids.

        4. Point taken. I’m too young to have had kids but I can understand how that responsibility might change one.

  36. A new pastor pulled this shit on the congregation recently. A full freakin’ hour of chicks singing, giving testemonial, ect. I was livid. We haven’t been back since. That shit is disgusting trash.

  37. do not abandon the church and the Christian people. You are only allowing the feminzation to continue. This is what i have seen men doing in the church for years now. They have been stepping aside and allowing the women to run the place with the exception of the head pastor role, at least in the churches i have attended. Side note, i would never attend a church lead by a woman.
    I once heard a preacher say the men are not doing their due dilgence and leading in the household thus women atep forward and change the rules.
    If you want to know what a good solid Christian lday with the correct response for feminism has to say check out Laura Woods run the site and has brilliant insight into the deterioration of Christianity due to feminism.
    Men on this site often complain of the poor prospects for finding a wife. They also complain about Christians. I met my wife, a virgin in church, and we have been happily married for thirty plus years. I know everyone always says women in the church are just as bad as society at large. Well, this is the way i see it. You can fish in a river downstream from the sewage treatment facility and maybe catch a good fish. You can fish in a clear mountain stream and maybe catch a bad fish. Where you do your fishing makes all the difference.

  38. do not abandon the church and the Christian people. You are only allowing the feminzation to continue. This is what i have seen men doing in the church for years now. They have been stepping aside and allowing the women to run the place with the exception of the head pastor role, at least in the churches i have attended. Side note, i would never attend a church lead by a woman.
    I once heard a preacher say the men are not doing their due dilgence and leading in the household thus women atep forward and change the rules.
    If you want to know what a good solid Christian lday with the correct response for feminism has to say check out Laura Woods run the site and has brilliant insight into the deterioration of Christianity due to feminism.
    Men on this site often complain of the poor prospects for finding a wife. They also complain about Christians. I met my wife, a virgin in church, and we have been happily married for thirty plus years. I know everyone always says women in the church are just as bad as society at large. Well, this is the way i see it. You can fish in a river downstream from the sewage treatment facility and maybe catch a good fish. You can fish in a clear mountain stream and maybe catch a bad fish. Where you do your fishing makes all the difference.

    1. Good point re. where to fish. What “bait” were you using? And how do you tell a clear mountain stream from downstream from a sewage plant?

      1. You can only do your best. Meet a girl when young, get to know her parents and family, search her out and qualify her, watch over her until you’re both of age, and then marry her and keep her pregnant into her 30s.

    2. Fishing upstream uses a neat spatial analogy, but really requires fishing in the 4th dimension: time. And you can’t go back in time to do some fishing.

  39. I’m a Christian and I hear you. I don’t want to marry an aging/overweight/ single mother/divorcee/former whore, but that’s largely what I seem to find in church. Male pastors all seem feminized and rarely talk about how wives should be submissive to their husbands, modesty, marrying young etc. Basically, the church has been infiltrated with progressive ideology. I hope you don’t let this bad experience you’ve had with this group taint your relationship with God because He is real. Just because a girl is easy doesn’t make you a genius for figuring out how to bang her. And just because they’re willing to have sex with you doesn’t mean that you should. You’re just adding to the debauchery that is corrupting American women. And then you’re going to turn around after a few years just like the rest of the PUA community and decry how slutty and unmarriagable our women are and then in an oblivious manner continue to corrupt foreigners like Roosh does, spreading this disease of fornication throughout the world, all the while chewing on a deep cynicism that takes all the joy out of your life. If that’s what you want, keep doing what you’re doing.

    1. If that kind of women are all you find in church, that raises the question, what’s a pastor to do? These women (with the exception of the fat ones) have all irreversibly damaged their MMV, no amount of Christian-manosphere wisdom is going to change that.

  40. I met my wife at Chi Alpha. The lack of testosterone was very evident with the guys there. I was eighteen at the time. I practiced Judo, I lifted weights, I was studying hard, and I knew where I wanted to be in ten years. Without even trying very hard, I eclipsed every guy there, some of whom were even in their late twenties.
    A bunch of these poor saps were making googly eyes at a cute brunette that I was interested in. Without giving anyone a second thought or glance, I strode over and invited her to Swing Club to dance with me. Two years later, she’s got my ring on her finger, my baby in her belly, and a constant hunger for my manhood. When we were married, she told me that she had been planning on pursuing this one other guy in Chi Alpha before I showed up. She completely forgot.
    What these poor guys had been deceived by was the lie that you need to be the perfect man before you ask a girl out. Nope, not true. You just need to have a little substance, a little muscle, and believe that you are the most important man in the universe. When you believe you are valuable, you carry yourself differently. Jesus saved you and made you a Son of God, Heir to the Throne of Heaven, One who will Judge Angels….ACT LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  41. It is hard to read this article and conclude that it is written out of true concern for the state of the Church. It smacks more of cynicism and insincerity. Vincent Law has correctly identified that feminism has infiltrated the Christian community. However, the effete nature of the individuals he met is more a product of our wider society than of the Church. If people spent more time in Church they would be less effete.
    There are a lot of valid critiques on this site about feminism. I think the whole red pill/blue pill analogy is very useful. However, it seems that this site does not do a very good job in defining manhood. It presents an alternative version of manhood than that offered by the postmodern West. Yet I get the impression that Return of Kings advocates a lot of practices rooted in narcissism. I agree that women like strong, confident men. But simply because a man is capable of bedding a whole lot of “8’s” or “9’s” does not mean he should. Neither does it follow that he is a man. Manhood implies more than having pretty women swoon over you. Manhood is about character and that is what the Church preaches.

    1. Agreed. The Bible encourages more masculine traits than the “pump-n-dump” lifestyle does (perseverance, self-discipline, being brutally honest with oneself/others and speaking the truth despite social consequences, etc., vs. impress as many women possible) If anything, the sexual attention and involvement of countless easy women would only boost all of those ho’s egos and give them the control of possibly falsely claiming rape if she wanted to. It isn’t really something to brag about. Too many beta men these days do anything for pussy – recently came across a facebook post that said “no balls are better than blue balls”. Promoting “pump-n-dump” lacks the moral integrity and the self-discipline of a mature adult male and revolves around social approval. It also promotes feminism in an odd way – feminists wanted to break down the family unit, and the bar-hopping/sleazy lifestyle does just that. The whole idea of trying to impress women so much that she’ll get in bed with him is pedestalizing women and giving them sexual control over men’s bodies and behaviour. How can a man truly focus on bettering himself if he’s too busy wasting time, money and energy trying to impress women?

  42. The churches are in this state of affairs, because they preach what’s popular, because of money. Ever since Christians borrowed the concept of tithing from the Old Testament and changed it from “giving 10% of your crops” to “giving 10% of your income,” the money has just been rolling in. Get rid of the false doctrine of money tithing, and maybe you can make churches the sanctuaries of Western Culture instead of the crack houses of liberalism.

  43. There’s a few traditional Red Pill Christians out there, and I am one. 1 Peter 3:6 Sarah obeyed her husband, Abraham, and called him her MASTER. You are her daughters when you do what is right without fear of what your husbands might do.

  44. Why I’m a traditional Catholic. One thing I leaned about these types in high school and college is the more they wear the psuedo “I’m a good christian girl ” on their sleeves the shadier their past.

  45. Modern Christianity isn’t even Christianity. If you take the time to read the Bible for yourself, It TELLS you in the Bible that women should have no authority over men and should not teach them. Men should be head of the household and that women should submit. People don’t want to listen until it’s too late.

    If you find a young, sweet, innocent, Godfearing, virgin girl,
    THEN YOU MARRY HER. Simple as that.
    If you encounter some used-up pre.fucked whore,
    you either stone her to death, if you yourself are sinless, or you tell her (like Christ did) to fuck off and sin no more.
    It`s that simple.
    And always remember this:
    When Christ encountered the hooker, He said
    “let him who are amongst you, who is without sin, cast the first stone.
    Christ was amongst them, He was without sin, thus He was refering to Himself!
    And that means that He in reality offerd to stone her, Himself!
    IF the people had paid him the respect He was due, and had they aknowledged His sinlessness, and said_
    “You Lord, you are without sin, here is the first stone, please cast it”,
    then He would have thrown it bang in her head, no questions asked.

    1. You obviously don’t know who Jesus is. He would never have stoned her. Read John 3:17 and John 12:47.

  47. “Now a black football player, at any university, is a prime catch for any girl,”
    LOL Wait now RoK promotes mudsharking and coalburning?

  48. I also dislike the progressive “new” (false) version of Christianity, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon my core beliefs and values as a Christian. This progressive infiltration reminds me of the other article on here, about Soviet subversion (spread of communism in “enemy” territory to divide and conquer, results now seen in academia).
    It’s not unknown that anything where women’s power/authority has increased is usually ruined. A church’s atmosphere is no exception, sadly. A church that has a woman pastor is not really a church anymore. College campuses aren’t really the same anymore in the sense that it’s not really about enlightenment or real education now, it’s more about how well you can regurgitate liberal indoctrination and chasing easy women at the party scene (drinking testosterone-killing alcohol in the process and risking false rape accusations, STDs, unplanned pregnancies). Women have entered the workplace, and many people express frustration and disdain for unproductive, gossipy women coworkers and unstable female bosses.
    But that doesn’t mean we should abandon the teachings of the Bible (nor go along with the “homosexuality is not a sin” BS that progressives claim, for example). We shouldn’t give up on real education, nor should we blindly believe that the professor must always be right (looking up unbiased research, what the “other” political arguments are, etc.) Further, we should not abandon our work ethic or give up on our career goals just because women ruined our experience. To do so would be to give them that much control.
    If men were to reclaim their masculine dominance within religious, academic and career spheres of life, and things would improve drastically. Praise be to God indeed.

  49. I moved to deep south Texas in the late 1990’s for my job. These sharks start circling the waters for fresh meat the minute I and others arrived. Only one guy got sucked into the praise the lord BS that they were spewing. We tried to help him by staging an intervention to point out the Christian slore was trying to suck him in but it did not help. However, he eventually returned home (Canada) and was out of reach. Despite the calls to “come back” he never did.
    There was plenty of fornicating, sinning and out of wedlock babies in this small town. Us Canadians continued our sinning ways with drinking, drugs, smoking, new cars, no church and refusing to date hillbillies except for the odd hook-up. They still talk about us to this day.

  50. God doesn’t want Beta males, i’m pretty sure it says Effeminate men will not inherit the kingdom of god, If you look at what any of the main characters did in the bible it would have most definitely taken an alpha male gut to do so. As for the woman complaining about not having a “man” she doesn’t realize god created woman to follow and not to lead.

  51. Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality”
    Revelations 2:20
    “When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on the Earth?”

  52. The term “premarital sex” doesn’t exist in the Bible. Anyone interested in digging for some gold nuggets of Biblical truth on the subject would benefit from studying the Greek word the KJV translators translated to “fornication” in the New Testament. The English word fornication definitely means “premarital sex”, the Greek word it is translated from does not. The NASB translates the word more accurately as “sexual immorality”. From there, the context of the verse the term “sexual immorality” reveals what sexual sin is being spoken of.
    A “sin” literally means a transgression of Gods’ law. So, for something to be a sin, it has to be present in, get this, Gods’ law. Gods’ law is found in its entirety in the Old Testament. If someone tells you something is a sin, they should be able to clearly produce the Old Testament verse that backs it up as breaking Gods’ law.
    The term “premarital sex” doesn’t exist in the Bible, Old or New Testament. The act of premarital sex is not a sin unless it breaks one of Gods’ laws concerning sexual prohibitions. These are incest, marital infidelity, taking back a woman you’ve “divorced” after another man has “had” her, incest, bestiality, homosexuality, prostitution, and interracial unions. All of these things “adulterate” (you shall not commit adultery), or pervert, Gods’ design for sexual relations.
    A man and a woman having sex without breaking any of these statutes does not pervert Gods’ plan for sex and is not a sin, and “Christians” teaching that it does is part of the reason “Christianity” has lost the culture war. Good riddance to it. The closest the law comes to speaking about “premarital sex” is in Deuteronomy 22 and Exodus 22. These deal with the property rights of the father over his un betrothed, virgin daughter. In one example the daughter is seduced, in the other example the daughter is forced. There is no sexual sin here and this is demonstrated a number of ways. The most obvious being there is no judgment against the act itself. The sexual act is allowed to continue in one example, and commanded to continue in the other. If an act is sanctioned by Gods law to continue it is not an immoral act. There is one other close example on the subject about a girl playing the harlot in her father’s house.
    On a closing note: People are stupid today about what “marriage” is. Today, it’s nothing more than a state sanctioned ceremony and it does not resemble or embody the Biblical definition of marriage. Marriage, Biblically, was a ceremony to celebrate the giving of a virgin to her husband. It celebrated and looked forward to the physical union of a man and his bride. Today, people put the cart before the horse and take part in the physical union, then think there is some kind of moral advantage to having a ceremony, and then they become “man and wife”. Biblically, when a man penetrates a woman, she’s your “wife” regardless whether or not you have a ceremony to go along with your physical union.
    Happy truth hunting, husbands.
    Ecclesiastes 2:8 NASB
    “Also, I collected for myself silver and gold and the treasure of kings and provinces. I provided for myself male and female singers and the pleasures of men—many concubines.”

    1. Correct, no such thing as “pre-marital sex”. Sex between a man and a woman is marriage, just that simple. Jesus and woman at the well. Read it.

  53. Let’s be clear- NAE(vangelical)C(hurches)ALT
    Having said that I speak from the UK

  54. i can confirm this.
    I am a mormon christian….this happened a lot, but to relate on particularly dumbfounding speechless moment….the bishop was giving us young single men(singles ward) a lesson. now if anyone is familar with the book of mormon and specifically our book of alma, you will know that book is 60-70 very long chapters, all about brutal war. and it does not spare the details. arms are cut off, people pass out from blood, thousands get killed like its nothing(verses will literally say and thousands died and a few verses later another few thousand die), heads get cut off, etc.
    now the particular part of the lesson was about Gods prophet and captain of Gods people….Captain Moroni….now Moroni is a curious fellow, on one hand he’ll hand out death threats that he will follow through on if you dont support the cause of liberty, if you are a kingman he will come and find you and execute you. he takes no shit from any traitors. yet on the other hand it is said of him if all men were like Moroni Satan would never have power over us again.
    so Moroni was building some hedges and forts to fortify a city
    and this bishop somehow some way related all of the above i just typed out, to you young men need to man up and get married.
    I wish i remembered how it related….but even has a blue pill fucktard beta, i couldnt stop facepalming. me thinks if he met the real Moroni, this bishop would get his ass kicked.
    but hey…Jesus is a liberal you know /sarcasm

  55. This was a very good commentary and I’m saying this as a woman. Alright, here’s a little background on my story. I’m someone who’s in their early to mid 20s, tried joining a church around 19 because I wanted to find myself. Left the first church close to my 20th birthday (you could get lost in a crowd of three), joined another church who had the same values as the first and didn’t belong in either one. Yeah, the overall church structure was conservative in both congregations. But, I’ve met another woman in church #2 much older than I was btw, who pretty much gave me some worldly advice. I was almost taken aback.
    It started when this lady at church #2 said little things like bringing pepper spray with me to wait at the bus stop in the morning because I used to get up before sunrise and caught two-three buses to get there. I eventually stopped doing this. This same lady may have also spread a rumor about a shy guy who was coming there talking to other female congregants because he’s hint-hint a pervert. That same night, she decided to hurt my feelings by saying I was too trusting of others. I admit I said too much to her and now I wish I didn’t. Silence was the best answer for me. Anyway, I came to realize she wasn’t a good person and was just using God to save face. She and her other lady friends would gossip about a lot of people including me because the only thing they had in their lives was their careers. Another one of her friends volunteered in pretty much everything because her life is so empty. She also has a brother who’s into gaming and whatever else to pass the time (don’t think either of those two will ever be married). Back to first lady I was talking about, it’s pretty apparent that if she did grow up shy and sheltered, college changed her for the worse.
    She claimed she was conservative and worked for a republican delegate here in Maryland, but still held onto worldly ideologies. Sadly, she and all her other friends decided to become missionaries for the church to make up for their emptiness. What a hypocrite. Eventually, I stopped going to church #2 this past year (2016) and finally deleted her phone number out of my cell. It’s not very likely that we’ll see each other again. And I couldn’t be happier! I still keep in touch with my other church pal and that’s only because I realized she’ll eventually leave once her parents pass away. I don’t blame her. When you have lonely career women around you that just gossip all damn day or do other stuff to make up for their “voluntary celibacy” as mentioned in this article, you get tired of it. Yeah, she still talked to the other lady I considered a “friend”, but her heart’s not into church. One thing we can agree on is that many of these Christian ladies don’t even like Christian men. And a lot of them may secretly hold onto feminist views even if they say they are conservative. Whether or not “bad boys” entice these ladies, I don’t know. Knowing these people, they probably think all men are bad.
    Furthermore, the women I was around are a perfect example of what I don’t wanna be when I’m in my 30s and 40s. Many of them have no man or children and the only thing that’s going for them is their jobs. I was also a spectacle to them. I was overweight, unemployed, a community college student turned drop out and never became a church member. I’m still trying to find my path in life and the one thing I don’t need is judgement from my rotten family or pulpit judgment from “Christians” who claim to be better than non-believers. I’m almost 25 and frankly tired of figuring whether or not someone is my friend. It’s very clear that many of these single Christian women I knew haven’t grown up. One thing I also noticed at church #2 is many of the men that did come there either had girlfriends, wives or were engaged. Hmm…interesting.

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