Why The Media Uses The Death Of Michael Brown To Promote Racial Division

According to the FBI, in 2010 a total of 6470 black Americans were murdered. In 2011, the number was 6329.  In 2012, it was 6454. A total of 19,253 black Americans were murdered over this three year time span; a truly horrific number.

There is no reason to think that the annual butcher’s tally for black Americans in 2013 or 2014 will be materially less; it may be higher.

The FBI keeps track not only of those who are killed, but also who the killers are. Of course, not all crimes are solved, so the race of the killer is not always known. However, from 2010 through 2012, in cases where the race is known, 90.76% of the killers of black Americans were black.

Less than 10% of the killers were of a different race.

Logically, if it was the desire of the editors and producers determining which stories are covered in the American media to shine the light of truth on the neverending carnage in the black community, then nine out of ten stories would focus on the perpetrators of that carnage. Makes sense, right?

Well, not if you are one of our cultural Marxist media overlords. According to these self-proclaimed paragons of truth and justice, the most important issue facing the black community in 2014 is the shooting death of one strong-armed robber, Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri.

The Three Whoppers

The falsehoods spewed about the Brown case by the cultural Marxists in the media and their political fellow travelers are too numerous to list in full. However, it is important to mention three of the biggest whoppers to get a taste of the lie fest that Americans have been subjected to:

Lie #1:  Michael Brown was shot by the police for walking down the street and is therefore completely blameless in the events leading to his death.

This is a nice fairy tale. Unfortunately, for those who have been telling it, it has little basis in reality. The facts show that less than fifteen minutes before his death Brown committed a robbery of a local store just blocks away from where he was shot.  His robbery is on video and therefore cannot be disputed. The policeman was aware of the robbery and suspected Brown’s involvement before he attempted to exit his clearly marked police vehicle.

More importantly, Michael Brown knew he had just robbed a store. Given that fact, he had two options. Cooperate with the policeman and go to jail; or violently resist arrest. It is pretty obvious which choice he made.

Lie #2:  Michael Brown was shot in the back.

For weeks the media coverage repeatedly stated that Brown was shot in the back. This was reported so often as a “fact” in the televised news coverage that one has to wonder whether the producers were willfully resurrecting the old American western film trope where the innocent man (played improbably by Brown) is gunned down in the back by the nefarious villain (played by the cop).

Of course, all good westerns and media fabrications must eventually come to an end. When the autopsy report was released it was learned that none of Brown’s wounds were in the back; not one. All the media reports and commentary to the contrary had no basis in fact. Predictably, the media’s enthusiasm for reporting the autopsy results was a fraction of their prior false repetitious claims that Brown was shot in the back.

Lie #3: Michael Brown’s character was “assassinated ” when the police released a video showing him committing a strong-arm robbery.

Videos are objective pieces of evidence. They show what they show. No more, and no less. This particular video shows that less than fifteen minutes before he was killed, Brown robbed a store and assaulted a store clerk.

All this occurred at a neighborhood store where Brown likely had been dozens of times in the past and where the security cameras were in plain view. His actions at the store are an indication of Brown’s rationality and judgment on that day; or lack thereof. The store clerk called the police after Brown and his accomplice fled on foot.

At the same time that Michael Brown was pulling off his last heist, the policeman was on a neighborhood call with EMS personnel to help a baby that was having trouble breathing. If Brown had been helping a baby gasping for air fifteen minutes prior to being shot do you think that there would have been whining in the media that a great injustice had been committed by the distribution of such a video?

The question answers itself. Instead, the media would have used such a video to demonstrate to the world what a great humanitarian Brown was. No doubt there would be insistent demands from CNN that the Pope start the beatification process for Brown immediately.

The chorus of objections in the media outlets to the release of the robbery video was solely because it shows that less than fifteen minutes before Brown was shot he was stealing, and when caught, assaulted the clerk. This completely undercut the false media narrative the Brown was a “good boy” who played no role in his own demise other than that of passive victim. Instead of a model citizen, he was shown to be a thug and a thief.

As a famous preacher would have said, Michael Brown was demonstrating the “content of his character.”

Why They Lie

To understand most of the media coverage of Michael Brown’s death, one must revisit an old word that has fallen out of common usage. That word is “agitprop.” According to the editors of The Encyclopedia Britannica, agitprop (agitation propaganda) is a:

…political strategy in which the techniques of agitation and propaganda are used to influence and mobilize public opinion. Although the strategy is common, both the label and obsession with it were specific to Marxism practiced by communists in the Soviet Union.

The word agitprop explains the veracity free basis of most of the media coverage Americans have endured of this event. The underlying purpose of the media’s coverage in Michael Brown’s case is to foster a climate of racial division and hate so that the need for political “change” can be sold to the American public.  This is the the cultural Marxist media’s raison d’être; their “purpose for being.”

Despite what you may have been told in Journalism 101, the truth is wholly beside the point from most of the media’s perspective. Their sole concern is to push forward a version of events that serves their “social justice” agenda while making money. Not uncommonly, this version and reality are polar opposites.

The actual truth of why Michael Brown was shot and whether the policeman has any culpability in the matter is completely meaningless to them. The entire story for them is merely a means to advance their agenda of “change,” which is the most profitable stance possible.

The Federal Cavalry Arrives

The controlling political class is marching in lock step with the media in using this event to foster racial animus to drive social change. This is why it was no great surprise that when Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in Missouri one of the first things he was quoted as saying was “change is coming.”

Consider what an odd comment that is for the chief law enforcement officer of the nation to make about an investigation that had barely begun, much less been completed. It almost seems like the fix is in, doesn’t it?

Will The Media Improve?

Given the false nature of most of their early reporting of the events of Brown’s death, can we at least expect the “social justice” media to trim their sails on the Brown story going forward and reset a course for the lighthouse of truth? If only to preserve for a little bit longer the few remaining tatters of credibility their journalistic sails have left with thinking Americans?

Not likely.

There is no doubt they will double down on their agitprop lies because that is what they do. After all, we have the George Zimmerman fiasco as a sonar gauge for the depths these folks will sink to when peddling racial division. By telling the nation repeatedly that Zimmerman was a “white man” after his photograph had been broadcast nationwide, they demonstrated that they are capable of saying anything to promote their cultural Marxist agenda. Truth just simply does not matter with them.

The Red Pill Response: A New Approach

So what approach should red pill men adopt going forward?

Over multiple decades, American men have made a grave error which has endangered the civilization and republic built up by the arduous toil, sacrifice, and struggle of our people since Plymouth Rock.

That error was the belief that compromising with the unreasonable would promote reason; that compromising with the loud would promote peace; that compromising with the angry would promote calm; that compromising with the stupid would promote intelligence; that compromising with the malevolent would promote virtue; that compromising with the innately dishonest would promote candor; and that compromising with evil would promote the common good.

And where has this emasculating policy of unending compromise led us? It has led us exactly where those who promoted it always intended, at the edge of a societal abyss with their hands, as well as those of their useful idiots, reaching for our back.

Shall we continue down this destructive road of ceaseless compromise with those who are insidiously and relentlessly destroying our civilization? Or shall we end this dark destructive era of false compromise by defiantly turning and facing the rabble behind us and saying, “No more.”

The choice is yours. But remember, whether you turn or not, the abyss remains, as does the rabble behind you.

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1,286 thoughts on “Why The Media Uses The Death Of Michael Brown To Promote Racial Division”

  1. Good article. It amazes me that not one fucking person in the media discusses that he got what he deserved. They act like his parents are martyrs. Nobody has a shred of concern for the poor bastard that was paid $30k/year to protect us and had to sit in legal limbo for 3 months while the federal powers that be played the pc game trying to lock him up. Also, see what good it does to have a whole race of people where no one has a fucking job? Do you think those animals would be outside rioting every night over what they know to be a bullshit cause if they had to get up and go to work every morning? Of course not. We working people have become the slaves and I ain’t gonna sit here and preach hope that it isn’t too late to save ourselves.

    1. A whole race of people where no one has a fucking job? Really? You mean to tell me you have never seen a Black person with a job before? Are you by chance, fucking retarded?

      1. Mainly civil service make work or other patronage sinecures.
        That’s the cold reality for black men. Most manual labor is automized these days. So what you have left is sport, entertainment and crime. It’s horribly unstable.
        Half he unskilled labor blacks used to depend on will soon vanish or be fulfilled by compliant Mexicans.
        It’s a fucking bleak future. Mike Brown probably understood that on a deep level, even if he couldn’t articulate much.

        1. Ive worked with roughnecks who can barely read and they make fucking $120,000 a year. There’s work out there if you fucking look and are willing to move. But it’s easier to bitch and play the victim.
          If theyre not smart enough to realize Obama’s amnesty is directly fucking them out of work, then maybe theyre too dumb to work anyways.

        2. Those roughnecks often have high intelligence. There are many brilliant and wise men who are unlettered. That’s also a characteristic of the mechanically minded and competent.

        3. My point was, normal men can still make decent money, going to shitty schools wont necessarily stop you.

        4. A normal or more accurate average white is to an average white what an average 115 IQ is to an average white approx 100 points.

        5. You have to be willing to accept and follow orders.
          Some black men seem hard-wired to fight for the alpha spot in all circumstances, regardless of the cost. They will fight a cop with a gun, or a manager that has the power to fire them.
          Obviously that’s a minority of the total number, and there is a much smaller percentage of non-blacks who are like that, bit it’s still partially why you won’t see many blacks in high paying skilled or unskilled trades. Some seem designed to fight for immediate dominance and little else.

      2. I give you it was an over generalization. But come on where are the black people standing up and saying it was Browns fault because he was a strong armed robbing thug. It seems to me they are fighting for the right to steal, loot, and bully people in public and not have to face consequences. If they dont want a police man to be able to defend himself do you think they want me defending myself? No they want me to lay down and take it. Well I ain’t gonna take it motherfuckers. Regardless of Eric holder and the rest of the federal thugs it appears that the juries still ring true regardless of their skin color. I’d rather judged by 12 than carried by 6. See what Allen west had to say about it. I’d vote him for president the people siding with a low life thug can kiss my ass.

        1. If no one will say it, then I will. I’m half black and I think Brown is an absolute piece of shit. Good day to you, sir.

    2. What is Wilson’s value in the real labor market? He’s probably too much of a pansy to handle a lawnmower

      1. Apparently he was effective in the law enforcement arena. He put down a robbing thug then went home.

  2. Their leftist masters really know how to push their buttons, whether its women or minorities. They can whip them up into a frenzy at will.

    1. Slavery is not just chains of the physical as we often think of. Dependence is a mental slavery, that the slaves will promote thinking that it helps them. If a person is dependent on you 100% do you realize how much power you have over them? The slave’s mind is yours, as long as you give them gifts, they will always obey.

      1. A standard deviation on the bell curve does exactly the same thing. First World infrastructure (that blacks enjoy and take for granted) is more or less a white thing. There is your dependency.

      2. The slave also wants a workable excuse for why they are not expecting better of themselves, and often the slavemaster will provide such an excuse.
        “You’re oppressed! Racism! Sexism! The Elites! Its not YOUR fault you lie in bed everyday and don’t do anything to rise above your situation! Its THEIR fault!”

  3. There are only two kinds of people in the leftist world: Victims and Oppressors.
    The moment black folks or anyone else stops being victims, they become oppressors. That’s why they want underperforming groups to continue underperforming. It sounds ridiculous, but try being successful as a group for a length of time, and see how ugly the liberals become towards you.
    This is why it’s important for minority men to realize that Democrats are not great at all. If the Republicans are the party of old white men, then the Democrats are the party of spoiled white girls and professional victims. Don’t buy into one just because you don’t like the other. They’re both fuckups for different reasons.

    1. Big government economic policies have failed (crushed) minorities and young people, the race card is all they have left.
      USA has had decades of taxpayer funded programs to assist minorities and its like theyre still at square 1.

      1. Blacks are very racist and biased.
        I know that if a black cop had done this to a white thug, I would applaud it, but the blacks won’t be rioting.
        The blacks hate white men.

    2. The party structure is plainly the following:
      White men with technical and scientific know how.
      The opposition is virtually every one else.

  4. This is their bread & butter. Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, etc.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that black people will never break free of this party. They’ve been groomed for far too long. You literally cannot reason with most about how it hurts them.
    I haven’t read much about Malcom X, but I do know he was a strong proponent of self reliance, guess that’s why he’s dead.

        1. Sowell is legit. I’ve seen a video or two of him. Amazing how nothing has changed in 40 years despite everyone being on board to change things.
          I like how Sowell is ice cold, looks into the interviewers eyes and says the things he does.

        2. He’s an underrated genius and one of the foremost economic thinkers of our time. The only reason he doesn’t get more recognition is because he doesn’t follow the Sharpton/Jackson victim rhetoric. He tells people what the fuck is up and doesn’t apologize. I’ve read a few of his books and he has a knack for explaining complex economic concepts so that every layman can understand. Brilliant man who will never be adequately celebrated because he won’t spew Keynesian BS or pander to the the Black Victim Mentality.

      1. Booker T preached self-reliance and vocational development for blacks and was opposed by DuBois. It was a heated debate in the early 1900s and the DuBois faction won the hearts and minds of blacks.
        Incidentally I am related to Booker T. Washington. He exemplified the men in my paternal line, along with George C. Marshall, also a distant cousin. Notice the similarities in their photos. When I look at Marshall’s portrait I hear my old man giving me a lecture “Now look here Elmer..”. It’s unnerving :

        1. Thanks to you I just did a quick read on Booker T. vs Dubois. Dubois makes a good point that economic gains are no good if the political powers can take them away, but Booker T is rock solid and more Marxist. If black people can produce and offer something of value then the racial issue will go away. I’d argue that once they have economic power they also get political power.
          slight tangent: Germany unified in the late 1800s and became a European power but France, Russia and Britain didnt want to give them much sway in the concert of Europe. So Germany took all their base. After WWII Roosevelt, churchill and everyone knew Germany would come back as an economic power and treated them as such. Likewise they knew that the viability of the UN was dependent on the co-operation of the USSR and thus Red China was given a seat at the table. It was also correctly guessed that China would become a world power in the future. Economics is the bottom line. Booker T knew about leverage.
          It would appear to me that this black struggle hasnt changed much in the last 50 years and possibly the last 150. I’d change tactics.

        2. “Booker T preached self-reliance and vocational development for blacks and was opposed by DuBois”
          Can you state exactly where W.E. Dubois said he was against self reliance? I just finished reading “Dusk of Dawn” by W.E.D. and quite frankly that is the last I got from it.

        3. OK point taken. Have not read much of DuBois. He and Washington had differing philosophies regarding social improvement of blacks. Washington recommended vocational and industrial development while DuBois was for political action and advanced education of capable blacks.

      2. But how popular can he be? I know he’s a genius and correct but how much appeal is his message;
        —Instead of opening up your mailbox and finding cash in it for doing nothing, then playing hoops, partying, fucking, rapping, sleeping at will…You must start waking up daily at 7 am and working to gain very possibly less resources than are currently found in your magical mailbox twice a month.
        In fact until someone starts them out at 70k a year, it is actually wise to remain in the welfare state. It is not admirable, heroic, moral or anything like that, but it is economically sound.

    1. It’s sad to see that African-Americans have let the American government turn them into reliable voters in a votes-for-welfare scheme where they’re essentially trapped in the loving arms of big government in exchange for their continued political support for the government, or rather the party that embraced them with that grip of death.

      1. I make it a point to mention this anytime I can. But one of the biggest reasons blacks have been conditioned to vote for big government is due to the removal of the black male from the home in favor of daddy government.
        “The rise of the welfare state in the 1960s contributed greatly to the demise of the black family as a stable institution. The out-of-wedlock birth rate among African Americans today is 73%, three times higher than it was prior to the War on Poverty. Children raised in fatherless homes are far more likely to grow up poor and to eventually engage in criminal behavior, than their peers who are raised in two-parent homes. In 2010, blacks (approximately 13% of the U.S. population)accounted for 48.7% of all arrests for homicide, 31.8% of arrests for forcible rape, 33.5% of arrests for aggravated assault, and 55% of arrests for robbery. Also as of 2010, the black poverty rate was 27.4%(about 3 times higher than the white rate), meaning that 11.5 million blacks in the U.S. were living in poverty.” Thomas Sowell.

        1. Segregation however, including Jim Crow led to family formation. Take a look at Matriarchal Africa. What family life is there? So what’s happening in every ghetto is Africa.

        2. Stefan Molyneaux has commented on this a fair amount. Poverty was going down something like 1pct every year and Black people had higher employment than white people and Detroit was a great city for black people. He admits they were making less but the gap was closing (Did Thomas Sowell comment on this?) and made a good argument for why it was there and how it actually ended up benefitting everyone. I’d like to see primary sources but if you picture your stereo typical black man back in the day he was well dressed and working towards and education. The stereo type of a black man or black family back in the day wasnt one of degeneracy and baby’s mommas or ass hanging out your pants.
          I remember seeing click bait posted on facebook a while back. It was candid color photos of black people back in the day. The family was in-tact, everyone was well dressed and healthily thin, they had a car and the black kids were playing with the white kids. The “horror” was that the family was getting ice cream from the “colored” side of the counter and there was a small group of black kids looking in on a playground they SUPPOSEDLY couldnt play on.
          Anyways, the assertion that government has replaced the black father is pretty accurate. It all makes sense now. Getting lazy because you have welfare doesn’t stand on its own, but the destruction of the family does. I think Thomas Sowell said its affected black the most because they were poorer, and its coming for whites too.
          I cant tell any man to step up and be a father. There’s too much incentive for the woman to divorce a man, get child support, fuck another guy in exchange for further support from that Beta, and government to throw the woman welfare. There’s no respect for the man to be a father either.

        3. I recall when my dad an I drove though black sections of St.Louis in the 1960s how well-dressed all the black men were. Banlon shirts, pork pie hats, crisp trousers, and highly polished shoes were the norm.

        4. There is no shortage of impoverished White people, in Appalachia for example but they have much lower crime-rate.

        5. Before Whitney came around they didn´t know how children came about but things changed once they were told the chocking truth.
          It is a common practice in African countries for parents to trade their children, so when the French authorities decided to use genetic tests to determine if black immigrants childrens really where theirs, it caused a lot of butthurt.

        6. Hey, anything to keep people busy while the government and the ruling class take more from you.
          It’s all about the divide and conquer strategy. Could you imagine if all working class people started to look for similarities (versus differences) in this country? The enemy (us) would be at the gates (of the White House) demanding change ‘by any means necessary’.
          They know this…so they keep people busy. Busy paying taxes, busy working, busy making life hard for all average Americans.

        7. I’ve seen it reported before that the out of wedlock stats were at one point as low as 7% in Af-Am communities overall. The dems realized that as they competed (some winning, some losing) they were gradually losing their consolidated identity. The voting block would soon start breaking up….Enter welfare, of course.

        8. Good point. I’d say that strategy used combating any extremist group (far left or right) at this point.
          We have to get back to good common sense. People know the difference between right and wrong. They just need to stand the fuck up and point it out (instead of excusing it).

        9. Have you been around blacks? I mean around blacks when they are +30% of the population?
          Do they riot because one of their own being killed while trying to seize the gun from a policeman of another racial group?
          Does Chinese riots in Nigeria over having problems with the authorities because they have overstayed their visas?

      2. White Republicans are doing them no favour by constantly murdering black children. That is sure a way to get them on your side, murder their children and engage in coverups

        1. ok, with every subsequent post that you make here, your IQ seems to be dropping faster than the temperature outside my house. baby no matter what the hell happens, maybe Brown should have taken responsibility for his actions it just turned himself over. The fact that Wilson had bruising all over him from Brown punching him in the face repeatedly, it’s pretty fucking clear at this point that it wasn’t about race, at least in the fact that the white cop wasn’t a racist. Maybe if black people stop using the race as an entitlement, there wouldn’t be racecards to cash in.

        2. Wilson was the murderer, what actions can brown have responsible for a grown adult prowling the street with a gun killing people?
          The law clearly states you have the right to refuse unlawful arrest and arrest that are illegal, assault and involve excessive force. Brown was well within his rights to punch Wilson in the face after Wilson illegally assaulted him and nearly ran him over and hit him with the car door and then pulled him into the car and shot him.
          It is quiet obvious race is the only factor for Wilson’s racist behavior. How is race an entitlement or even a card. Such a claim is completely illogical. Whenever a black person does mention white racist behavior, the vast majority of whites deny it and shut down. And since there are more whites than blacks and whites usually hold the position of power, who really wins here? It would be far more accurate to say, that us whites deal out the race card with an automatic card dealing machine as a way to shoot down any legitimate grievances over white racist behavior as the fantasy of unhinged whites.

        3. yeah, I just skimmed over everything that you wrote, and you completely forgot one inevitable problem that actually pegs Wilson as justified and brown as a criminal. Less than 15 minutes before he got shot, brown robbed a convenience store and assaulted the store owner before walking down the god damn street and causing shit with Wilson.
          there’s racism, and then there’s actual law enforcement. Cherry pick much?

        4. did michael brown deserve to be arrested for stealing cigars? his actions do indicate an aggressive demeanor. i don’t know what happened between him and the police officer (neither do you) but the video at the store does tell a story. we are all biased. you are very biased.

        5. Don’t get in it too deep with this guy unless you’re truly up for it. This guy is schizophrenic. I’m not even insulting him. He’s unable to think rationally and he conjures up “facts” out if nowhere, e.g. that Wilson tried to run Brown over.
          Look back through his comments and you’ll see how crazy he is. In his mind blacks pay all the taxes, whites receive all the welfare. Every single good thing that ever existed is due to black men, etc. He’s beyond even the most retarded of afrocentrists- just completely immersed in fantasy.
          I myself am fascinated by his views. I wish I knew more about him as his psychological state is interesting. Stockholm syndrome? Extreme self hate? Or is he a black guy trolling? In which case he would be the greatest troll of all time.
          Anyway. Just a fair warning.

      3. Blacks are over-policed and routinely stopped and searched and arrested for minor drug possession which is not the experience of whites. Once blacks have a record they can’t find a job let alone a good job which leads to poverty. The war on drugs is really a war on blacks.

    2. Honestly, what incentive is there for blacks to ever break free from the race baiting tactics? None. Even if blacks hold all the wealth in the USA, and whites are enslaved in poverty, it’s still in blacks best interest to keep using slavery and “racism” to justify those actions. There’s simply no incentive for them to ever stop playing the race card. EVER.

      1. Exactly. Same dynamic for feminists. Their insanity doesn’t matter as long as the resources keep shifting to them for whatever hilarious grievance they can come up with. Rape hysteria as ridiculous as it is, is being funded by taxpayers as we speak.
        This is not going to end well. It can’t. The only way to change is to run out of money. By then, thug culture combined with decades of entitlement combined with obese people accustomed to 8000 calories a day combined with bankrupt super markets combined with massively underfunded police/swat units is going to be a free for all. Look at how insane the reaction is to a cop defending himself. Imagine the insanity when those first legitimate pangs of actual hunger start hitting.

      2. The incentive is personal fulfillment and success, but I am hard pressed to find many other black people who think like this. Pulling away from the stereotypes is hard but doable for black people, but at the same time the bottom-feeders want to keep them down as well.

      1. I saw a documentary that was pretty convincing about the whole race/IQ debate, and the conclusion was this: African IQ is in the toilet, but it’s increasing at a greater rate than any other race, therefore IQ is simply an indication of how well adapted someone is to modern civilization, since Africans weren’t introduced to modern civilization until recently, they’re basically playing catch up.
        For the record I don’t think they’ll ever catch up to white IQ since each race has it’s strengths and weaknesses, but I think it at least gives hope for the future.

        1. There were huge increases in during the first half of the twentieth century in black intelligence, as conditions favored intelligent black men with conscientious personalities. Since the 1960s and the emergence of the welfare state, that has been reversed. The provider role was taken over by the taxpayers, do conditions started to favor less intelligent, but more robust super-alphas (In the r-selected, African sense).
          Until this issue is addressed there can’t be progress.

        2. No surprise, blacks are mixing-up with other races, black males want dem white wimminz and black women don´t mind a white guy either.
          Most blacks in the USA today are mulattos, they have more than just a little White ancestry.
          I wonder how long before this website have a chocalicious article.
          On the other hand, sheer inteligence is not everything. In theory, blacks with a +100 IQ could take power in at least some african countries, after that they could dominate the lesser bretherns using even harser methods doing so than the White south african governement due to western politcial correctness.
          This while avoding the same mistakes, thorough eugenic programs and making sure both their living expectancy and birthrates remaines higher.

    3. Malcolm X was another one who talked about personal responsibility. He often spoke about black people (and the black community) taking charge of their own and not waiting for someone else to do it (or blame others).
      He, like a few others, noticed what was needed the most to help (not hurt) his own community. Many considered him hostile but it was merely an attempt to gain traction (within his own community) to get many men to start acting like god damn men and be responsible.

    4. Black yellow dogs is a great book about how ignorant blacks are to politics and it’s written by a black guy named Ben kinchlow. It’s full of documented facts from the colonial times to present and a great read for anybody into political history involving the races and manipulation

    5. Strangely, the white racist keep playing into their “Race cards” and hands by dealing out race cards. After all, if whites stopped racism, then it’d be hard for jackson and sharpton to “Sir up trouble

      1. sadly, everyone has racial biases. jackson and sharpton need to move on from their victim mentality.

  5. Thank you for writing this. It’s a huge uphill battle when ever people are talking about this one. Nobody has the facts, it’s the salem witch hunt going on. Mob justice.
    As someone who worked EMS during the Rodney King riots, I’ve seen this all before. “We’re the victims. Rodney really wanted me to have this big screen tv. And these Nikes.”
    It’s all a huge load of crap. Don’t want to get shot by a cop? Then don’t assault one. I’d have been shot too.
    Want to improve your situation? Then improve it.
    Don’t glorify criminals.
    Don’t put gangster rappers on a pedestal.
    Don’t perpetuate myths.
    Praise and preach education.
    Develop a culture of improvement.
    Don’t want to be treated like a criminal? Then don’t dress, speak and act like one (or don’t be one).
    Quit blaming everyone else for your situation.
    Is it easy? No. But it is something that needs to be done. I can’t do it for you. You have to do it for yourself. Like I did.
    What I want to know about this is where are the other arrests? The ones of the people who are instigating this? The people yelling “Burn this bitch down” on national TV, before it was indeed set on fire?
    Where are the mass arrests of the assholes who are “protesting” while wearing masks? Who the hell makes a stand while hiding their identity? I can answer that – people who are looking to commit crimes.
    And speaking of protestors, that is the correct word when people gather and protest. But when you throw bricks/rocks/molotov cocktails at other people, you immediately stop being a “protestor” and turn into a criminal. Stealing from stores? Looter. Setting a building or car on fire? Arsonist. Language is a great thing. It has lots of specific words that describe actions. Learn to use them.
    Anyway, this has turned into a ramble. Thanks again for this article. It is far more accurate than anything I’ve read or seen reported.
    One more quick thing actually. Those statistics are great. You did miss the one where double the number of black on white than white on black murders occur yearly. And yet I don’t see people out rioting/looting/burning/committing assault after those occur. Oh wait – I forgot – those don’t get reported. What am I thinking…

      1. Blacks are more equal than whites.
        When they riot, that’s acceptable.
        When they kill whites, it’s justified.

        1. Id wager that if whited rioted government and politicians on bith sides would be bandwagoning to get on their side. Then again i should probably do my research on vietnam protests. Occupy wall street protest were too peaceful.
          My sociology professor said a good protest is a violent one. Its leverage. Maybe someone more in the know can debate that.
          conversely thomas sowell said the only way to stop a riot is overwhelming force and when riots are stopped people complain about why it was so violent. If its not stopped the govt is in trouble.

        2. That’s nonsense. Blacks are about 10% of the population and yet make up the majority of the prison population. This feminism thing that white men are complaining about has already been field tested in the black community a long time ago and it was effectively used to break up the family structure there and now it’s being rolled out nationwide..

    1. Well put. Especially this: “Who the hell makes a stand while hiding their identity? I can answer that – people who are looking to commit crimes.” That is spot on.

      1. “Who the hell makes a stand while hiding their identity?”
        THE KKK that’s who. They did it first and they’re the best at it,by a country mile.

        1. I think the burqa has been around for quite some time. You’re have a very small one track mind, even for a hired troll.

        2. Not trolling if it’s the truth. Only white people commit acts of terror and evil against others and then hop on their hypocritical high horse and judge people. That delusion borders on mental illness.

        3. Your trolling is Busch League, at best. I have no interest in the conversation you’re trying to have with me, perhaps someone else will oblige. Also, it is “not amused IN the slightest”, not at the slightest, but I’m sure a man of your intelligence already knew that. Stay golden, SJW. More importantly, stay black my brother.

    2. It really was and is a modern day witch hunt. Young black men commit a disproportionate amount of the violent crime in the USA. Isn’t the contempt for police obvious in the black community? Obviously, then wouldn’t it follow that they would also commit a disproportionate amount of violence in situations involving police officers? And if it’s true that blacks are more likely to commit violence against others and police, then wouldn’t that make them more likely to be shot and killed by police? How are people not seeing this?
      The rioting is purely on the head of the race baiting media. The reason things won’t ever improve for black Americans is because they’re trying to fix the wrong problem. The problem largely isn’t police, the problem is black people. The media keeps trying to treat the symptom instead of the disease.

      1. yeah. or maybe they get caught and convicted more often than white men because they’re black and the juries are white. and maybe they are more often associated with the crime scene because of social disparity and ghettoization.

        1. Maybe, maybe not. Evidence? That’s an assertion you’re asking me to take on faith. The poorest part of the USA is white Appalachia, and they have virtually no violent crime. So you can’t just blame poverty, something else is at play. Why don’t we allow scientists to investigate the connections between race and crime? If Leftists truly believe there’s no connection, then they would do the studies. That they won’t tells me they don’t actually believe the nonsense you’re spouting, which is nothing more than political propaganda for the Left.

        2. Exactly RedPill. There is something else at play, and it has been identified before but quickly been squashed as it hurts the SJW’s and the politically correct. There is a connection between race and crime, yet that truth will never come out. Instead we are left with a lot of other lies connecting race and dick size, physical prowess and the rest of that garbage. Just lies designed to elevate certain people who are unfortunately not as gifted as others.

        3. So it’s leftist propaganda if you automatically don’t agree with it, even without taking the time to at least entertain the idea that the opposing point my have some validity? There was another article on here about that. Just as an observer, that doesn’t sound mature, fair, or justified. Not to be that guy, but do you yourself have facts and figures supporting your claim? I would like to see about this Appalachia place myself.

        4. Bla bla bla, maybe they’re more associated with crime, unemployment, children out of wedlock, ignorance and stupidity, because that’s the choices that they’ve made. There is no white conspiracy to keep the black man down, idiot. There is a black man conspiracy to keep the black man down.

        5. No, it just actually is leftist propaganda. You are responsible for the vast majority of crimes and problems in this country, yet somehow you’re always the victim.

      2. Yeah white people will let the police turn them out of their home without a warrant. No knowledge or respect for the Constitution. Totally under the heel of the State like good little Sheeple.

        1. What does that have to do with my original post? Last time I checked, the only people who gave a shit about the constitution were conservatives, who are mostly white. I remember reading where you said you’re black. Mad because I dared criticize your people?

        2. Doesn’t matter if what I described pertains to you, in general it’s true. If I say women are shorter than men are you going to come in here and say, “Not all women are shorter than men!” Please, that wasn’t even what I was arguing. You pulled your accusation out of your ass, with no evidence to back it up, but we have stats that show blacks commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime. Stop committing violent crime against police and blacks won’t get shot.

        3. i tell you what after living in these so-called high crime areas and never had a gun i will be getting one now after seeing white folks claim fear and shooting unarmed black folks and fucking kids

        4. Right back at you. In general what I said about whites is true, etc. etc. There is plenty of evidence. The Boston Lockdown is but one example.
          Anyway man, stop being an apologist for the police. They are not your friends, white or black, they are all one colour and thats blue.

        5. Anecdotal. Stop being an apologist for criminals. They are not your friends, black or white.

        6. It’s not worth arguing with people like that. You’re just going to drive yourself crazy.
          A better use of your time would be to try convincing people who are on the fence. Liberal hippie douches just aren’t going to change their mind. Let them live in their own little world in which race is a social construct, and a penis is even a social construct (I’ve actually had a girl tell me that once).

        7. englishbob is black. Black men benefit from accusing white men of racism, because it allows them to extract more resources from white men, just like the feminists. You’re right, it is pointless trying to reason with people like him. As Upton Sinclair once said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” I reply only for the fence-sitters who read the comments.

        8. “According to the right wing you cannot be a racist unless
          you consciously believe, and act on the belief, that ALL black people are
          subhuman AND that they are subhuman BECAUSE of their skin color. They
          think they are “not racists” because they believe they are willing to
          accept any black skinned person as being “just as good as” a white
          person, IF that black person believes exactly what they are
          “supposed” to (IE, you have to “get over” slavery and
          believe there is no racism in the USA) and PROVE to the Republican that they
          are essentially the same as a white Republican. In other words they think
          they cannot possibly be racists because Clarence Thomas. When they react
          to any strange black male as a threat, they don’t realize it’s a racist reaction,
          because “it’s not my fault that black men are criminals so I think you are
          one until proved otherwise”. Books like The
          Bell Curve aren’t racist, because “it’s not white people’s
          fault blacks don’t value education.” They claim that poverty has no
          racist aspects because “skin color doesn’t make them that way, they’re
          lazy because their parents taught them wrong values.”
          Not only are they insistent that they aren’t racist and that
          racism doesn’t exist, they’ll immediately tell you that “Blacks are the
          true racists!” and then mutter something about Jesse Jackson or AL
          Sharpton (names which have replaced the ‘N word for them).” HA HA

      3. how many unarmed black men do we have to see die,i never see these scared bitch asses shooting at the real killers ever.get the fuck off the police forces if you fucking scared

        1. As long as unarmed black men attack police, just like the unarmed white man did in the video I posted, they should expect to get shot. That goes for everyone, including the white guy in the video. I’m not on the police force. Not sure where you got that.

        2. Dude! Facts are racist and you are a racist for using facts to back up your claim.
          We have a race problem in this country and we need to ban the truth. Once we can successfully put an end to truth-telling, we can demonize whitey for the scourge that he is.

        3. ^Says a scared, bitch ass sissy,^ typing in safety on a behind a ^ computer. Satch7 who would poop his Underoos in real life if anyone ever attacked him..

        4. They aren’t scared. But the dumb*sses like you who get shot by cops know the law and they violate it and get themselves killed. You deserve the same fate.

        5. You’re typing from the same safety of your computer, you scared, b*tch *ss little sissy. You know what you’re really afraid of? Books and jobs.

        6. Is satch7 the bottom boy in your homo love fest, are you his, or do you two take turns? Curious.

        7. More chance of that than you ever doing it, or trying anything on anyone else, that for sure – “mofugga,” lol.
          Go play with your squirt gun, Negro X.

        8. ^ internet tough guy talk. ^
          very scary. Yo momma must be proud of her boy.

    3. “Is it easy? No.”
      Actually, apart from the first point on your list, it is easy. Just normal life for East Asians and Whites.

      1. And do t forget most American Indians, and even a minority of blacks.
        Indians might drink themselves to death- and believe me this leads to all sorts of SELF-IMPOSED problems, many of which are justified by irrelevant, ignorant deflections based on what happened in 1880 or something like that.
        But with all that said- the acts of brutality- the murders, the rapes. I never saw that on the reservation. At least not in a large scale. It wasn’t until I move to an inner city area. Damn was that a shocker.
        Many inner city blacks are mentally ill, and unlike mentally ill Kiowa, they won’t even acknowledge it and seek to be treated.

    4. Dont have out of wedlock kids and promote single motherhood.
      To kick this, change welfare that prioritizes single motherhood
      Stop listening to Sharpton and Jackson. Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams never led you astray

      1. There are cottage industries built on criticizing black
        people and how they live their lives but when you point out the bad things that
        goes on in the white community it is dismissed as only a few bad apples
        compared to black people, this argument is no accident

      2. Protip: Blacks don’t listen to Sharpton or Jackson and somewhat despise them much of the time for their lack of responsiveness and and lackluster representation of their community.

        1. No, they don’t listen to anyone. I just learned about Sowell myself reading this article and have some youtube videos to watch so that I may learn myself something. He just isn’t that well known, neither is Williams.

        2. Let me clarify: most of the non-ghetto black who are somewhat affluent (2/3’s of Blacks) do not put much stock into what Sharpton has to say, especially those over 50. Organizations like the NAACP and others are almost entirely defunct because they have failed to imbue the younger generation with experience or graduated them into leadership positions, so their relevancy is minimal at best. It would take a new generation of thinking and mature african americans to get organized and to have a voice in any advocacy group with any impact but the chances of that happening are almost non-existent

    5. You really have to wonder what leaders such as the late Martin Luther King Jr. would have to say about our climate today in America.
      Even he promoted ‘personal responsibility’ for everyone. Everyone (black, white or other) was responsible for their own actions.
      Today, it’s too fucking out of hand (and the MSM has been turned off at my house for years). The MSM has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for politicians and the ruling class (similar to the old Soviet Union).
      Don’t be surprised one day when your neighbors start turning you in for stupid stuff (at first) and then more serious crimes as time goes on. It happened in this country not too long ago. Black lists were created to keep people (writers, directors, etc…) from the big studios in Hollywood. It’s happened before..it will happen again (and yes, in America).
      Average people are just too fucking stupid (and busy watching reality TV shows) to pay attention.

      1. MLK would be in favor of what’s happening.
        Conservative leaders like Glenn Beck present MLK as some prince of peace based on his dream speech but ignore his actual career.
        MLK promoted civil disobedience, shutting down business, getting in people’s faces, disrupting activities… Basically being intentionally provocative in the hopes a fight might break out.
        Plus, MLK was fully aware that when Malcolm X preached hate, or the rioters burned buildings, that his status as the ‘reasonable one’ gave him more power with whites. Thus he could never effectively restrain the worst impulses of the black community, because he benefitted from them.

        1. So, what you’re saying is that scene in Coming to America where the one barber claimed to have been punched in the face by MLK has some truth to it?
          And here I thought it was a joke.

        2. No..it’s a little different (what’s happening, today) versus a few decades ago. It’s just like we are discussing how feminism (and unions for that matter) have lost their “usefulness”. Civil rights (and feminism) had it’s time and place.
          Women can vote and own land (make their own money). Civil rights have been extended to the black community, at least. You can only get away with that same narrative for so long (it’s why ROK is here for an example) before it becomes pure nonsense.
          My main point on MLK was he spoke about personal responsibility (like many of the old Republicans used to before the party fractured).
          It’s what is sorely missing, today.

      2. You need to do some research, not take the media narrative.
        MLK was a degenerate. He was a Marxist hedonist … a paid actor who has somehow become a Saint.
        Malcom X is a figure I respect.

        1. Yup. MLK is just another deified person in blue pill indoctrinating American history books.
          Any criticism of Abraham Lincoln or MLK is forbidden. They were infallible beings. Everything MLK ever said was the infallible word of God.

        2. I recently read and taught MLKs speech to my students. I was surprised most of it was fluff. In fact i make it an exclusive effort to teach facts and memorize them before opinions are formed. I struggled to get much sustance out of the i have a dream speech. The real desires and content that was there was good but everything else was rhetorical rabble rousing feel good fluff.
          The next week of LBJs signing od the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was worse.
          Lincoln and the civil war was deified. The creature from Jekyll Island proved my suspicians. Lincoln was a good man for a lot of reasons and held to his campaign goal of holding the union together at all costs not necessarily ending slavery. He was a great man but his hands aint clean amd the decisions he made hurt some people along the way.

        3. No, I’ll have to disagree with you. MLK is being used by many, today, but he was very much a conservative and he spoke to people (all people) about being personal responsible – especially the black community. It was my main point regarding the comments here.
          If you want to discuss “paid actors” I raise you – Ronald Reagan. I believe he was a decent President but If you’ve been around (age) for some time I think you’ll note that he definitely wasn’t the guy “in charge”. Either way, many are “immortalized” or used as “Saints” after they’ve moved on….depends who you talk to in a discussion.

        4. Towards the end of his term he was a senile old man, pure and simple. Regan’s presidency is damning proof that the nations of the west are not democracies, that the elected officials actually hold very little power.

        5. Agree. I view all politicians in this light. Politicians only “appear” to serve the best interest of the public. They serve their own interests, first, the interest of the largest donors, second, and coming in at a very distant third is the interest of the public.
          The sooner, the better, a person takes note in this reality.

      3. what the fuck you think MLK would say after seeing white folks raise 650,000 dollars for killers of Black teenagers.motherfuckers like you would hate him too

        1. If you followed by point(s) earlier, then you would have found that my main point was about “personal responsibility”. Hell, the (mostly) white Republican party platform (for years) had it.
          Personal responsibility (again, my point) is not a white or black thing. I used MLK because he preached (to his own community) about many things (I didn’t agree with) but he was “on point” with this one.
          Anyone who preaches personal responsibility, in my book, has at least part of “right”. Read it the fuck, again.

    6. That is unfortunate that the propaganda machine affects your group so harshly. I daresay reality trumps propaganda any day.
      In regards to your many points on crime and stats. There is one thing that might stop everything. I know it is a touchy subject but…..Well….we could actually cut the real head of the beast off by addressing the drug situation in America. With marijuana almost legalized, in small quantities, why not either stop shipping drugs into America along with high powered rifles, some of which are military grade, into black communities or make it so every drug was purchasable over the counter? Let’s call a spade a spade. The black community has a high level of people under-performing in a country that supports under-performing of blacks while providing tools of murder and mindlessness and countering it with social ostracizing. Perfect divide and conquer. A little cocaine is worth being permanently afraid I guess. Until your group collectively stops drug shipments and drug use, your counter arguments of race will be rhetoric to me. Why should I have to duck bullets because a gang war over turf to sell you, or others, the latest shipment of kush or smack or whatever new code word exists for drugs?
      It is utter nonsense to see these arguments when it can all be solved by taking back your drugs. Take back your guns too. And since you’re so keen on having a black face to sell your drugs, take them and out them in your neighborhoods.
      I truly can’t care much about the crime wave of blacks especially considering some of the fastidious grip many have as to why Blacks are inferior. I say take your superiority with your drugs and chuck it. See what happens to this country if you are so bold to do so.

        1. It was horrendous at first hearing all the cries of racial inferiority, but after seeing it for a bit, I was forced to look deeper. Much like our political ‘leaders’ red herrings needed to be discussed to pull away from the real issue. And when you move from your immediate country, which can close your eyes to the truth and look globally, you realize one unilateral truth. Drugs are the core behind a nation’s stature of being a deplorable place to exist. Funny thing, the worst nation to allow this is a Spanish nation. The Mexican cartel murder freely and are allowed stay in America in exchange for reduced labor costs. America emirates them freely. No insult on their intelligence, yet between their unhealthy drinking water and murder habits, one would beg to think the lawlessness makes Mexico far more deplorable to visit than say Hedonism over in Jamaica. I’d have to out of my mind to visit Mexico with a smile. But all red herrings. Who profits from Blacks being thought of as sub-standard? Who profits from cops being excused from murder because, he was just another black thug who didn’t pick up his pants?
          Another reader once commented about the black condition in America and stated this: We are the experimental canary for policies before the government acts them out on the populace. What does protecting cops help? And who do they think Feminism is gunning for? Our governmental thugs know. But genetic theorist will try to sway you otherwise. Here are some colorful images to remember and please, correct any of this if wrong.
          We are a pretty bright group of men collected from several walks of life. There is no reason to think we can’t affect some change in regards to any of these images whether small or large. But we won’t get there focusing on the nonessentials.

    7. Black on black homicides have been an issue in the media and elsewhere for decades, nothing new here.
      The various stories mentioned above were all reported in the media right from the start nothing new here.
      It doesn’t take the media for black people to be upset about the cops shooting a black teenager. This has been an issue for decades.
      More to the point the cops shoot people, innocent and otherwise all the time and rarely go down for it. Cops are a protected class.
      All of you have gone down hook, line and sinker for this one. If cop shooting can be perceived as a black problem white people will continue to sleep and ignore the steadily lengthening arm of the State.
      This article misses the fundamental point.

    8. Otherwise known as, stop disgracing MLK jr and embracing stupidity and laziness.

  6. @The Archangel Michael
    I’m a black man and I just want to point out a few things
    The black on black crime argument ? More blacks were killed by blacks than by whites under apartheid in S.Africa and more blacks were killed by blacks than by whites under Jim Crow segregation in the USA. Why ? Because those are the people we live around. But according to you, blacks should not have worried about something as trivial as Apartheid or Jim Crow and got our own house in order.
    O and by the way black community leaders, do in fact discuss crime in urban communities often. That most white folks don’t know this, is simply because you don’t know many if any black people (at least not those who live in black communities), haven’t spent time themselves in those communities, and don’t read or listen to black media, where not only are such issues covered, but the efforts made by people in the community to address those problems are also highlighted.
    Oh, and needless to say you don’t praise groups like the Nation of Islam, which have a long track record of effective anti-crime initiatives in urban communities (and a history of getting black men with records moving in a more productive direction), or folks like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose tenure at Trinity United Church of Christ, in Chicago, involved multiple initiatives aimed at addressing violence and crime on the South Side.
    The worse thing about it is that It makes the worth of black life conditional. Conditional on good behaviour, like whites would say would stop practicing racism if blacks got their S**T together. Yeah right. Meanwhile the worth of white life is taken seriously, as absolute, as not being conditional.
    It’s very telling when people are more concerned about businesses being destroyed than lives destroyed. Black person murdered ? ”Oh well they deserved it they were a thug” Business being destroyed ? ”Oh no that poor business !! How dare they”
    A business has insurance and can be rebuilt; You only get one body.
    In the USA they teach school kids about the Boston Tea Party (Whites destroying tea because of taxes) and how great that was, but black folks destroying property or shutting down businesses because of blacks being murdered ? “Evil black people !!”
    We knew he was going to walk.
    Even the cop that killed Aiyana Jones hasn’t been convicted yet, if they can’t even convict someone for killing a sleeping child you know they won’t convict someone for killing a teen or young adult that they view as a thug and they wish to goad us into fighting back so they’ll have an excuse to exterminate us and use our organs for sustenance.
    The main lie is that the protesters started rioting when in fact the PD (Police Department) started shooting (not smoke bombs) but cannisters of tear glass, attacking people who were on the side lines. I think the PD in Fergurson is be made up of some of the most brutal vicious individuals I have ever witnessed. Michael Brown’s blood is the price that is paid for that system to be upheld.
    You do not need to get into the details because it is clear from a mile away that Wilson committed murder and that both the police and Bob McCulloch, the county prosecutor, know it. Their actions speak louder than words. But from the way McCulloch and the police acted you can tell they think Wilson is guilty. Why else the hideous show of military force ? Why else did McCulloch prevent it from going to trial ?
    Because they knew Wilson was guilty as sin. Therefore they abused their power to suspend democratic norms to protect him. What the hell do you think all the protests were about ?
    So now we have the white people trolling out their courses in respectability politics to blacks. White people love this narrative to death because Blacks, not whites, become the source of Black American issues.
    Nothing whites do will get them shot by Police (Generally). To white people, police are the good guys. But that is not the black experience by and large; and black people know this, however much whites don’t.
    Whites can remain ignorant to police misconduct, thinking it’s these paranoid blacks playing the “race-card”
    And now these slick white supremacists like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity Rudi Gulliani will be put out front and trying tell the world how f*cked up black people are.
    The constant drumbeat of negativity is so normalized by now that it forms the backdrop of every conversation about black people held in white spaces when black folks themselves are not around.
    Of course the mother of all cowards; The Ku Klux Klan has vowed to use “lethal force” against “terrorists masquerading as peaceful protestors” – a view apparently shared by the white decision-makers who have authorized the use of a militarized response to non-violent protesters.
    Frank Ancona, Imperial Wizard of Missouri’s KKK Chapter, has boasted that Ferguson has been great for their recruitment efforts.
    What used to be strange fruit hanging from Southern trees is now taking the modern form of black men and women being in the wrongplace (Trayvon Martin) or making white people feel threatened (RenishaMcBride).
    The white supremacists are pretty happy tonight. They are all over twitter celebrating this.
    Get ready for Darren Wilson book deals, interviews, dolls, t-shirts maybe even a film, might even see him on “Dancing With The Stars” or some other reality show, he’s going to make a tidy packet of this.
    Darren Wilson is a pretty much a millionaire now, no wonder he is retiring from the force

    1. Yeah buddy that post was WAY TOO LONG. That being said, I completely agree with most everything you said. The way you explain it makes perfect sense. Too bad, this will go over most White people’s head because they have an ingrained “Us vs. Them” mentality which is turn causes certain blacks to adopt that same divisive mentality as whites. Most of these White people that continually talk negatively about the Black community or Black people in general, don’t have any Black friends and they live in Gated communities surrounded by White People and the rest are White Trash who want to feel better about themselves because they are so low on the White Totem Pole. The only people your post will reach are people who adhere to logic and most racists don’t so I think you won’t get many upvotes.

      1. “Too bad, this will go over most White people’s head because they have an ingrained “Us vs. Them” mentality which is turn causes certain blacks to adopt that same divisive mentality as whites.”
        You’re telling me black’s don’t have an “Us vs. Them” mentality?

        1. Blacks voted like 95% with Obama, even the second time when everything kept getting worse and they have the nerve to call us racist? Even when they deny inner city kids school vouchers they’ll still vote for them just because they have black puppet ‘leaders’

        2. No, he’s saying black people do have the mentality but whitey started it so you can’t blame black people. At all.

      2. If whites can’t be trusted to police blacks (and vice versa I might add) the only solution is segregation. This goes over the head of most of the black pundits I’ve seen bitching about the predominantly white PD in the Us .

      3. I’ll have to call BS on that one. From my experience, almost all sheltered upper-middle class white ppl who almost never had contact with black folks are the goody two shoes, politically correct, pro-multiculti who push the SJW narrative and pretend they know more about the black experience than black ppl themselves.

      4. The only people this will make sense to are those that have NEVER INTERACTED OR LIVED WITH BLACKS. There is no logic whatsoever here. I have lived in Jamaica and all over the Caribbean. They were given PARADISE and totally destroyed it, Haiti and Jamaica being by far the worst due to the LACK OF WHITE MEN.

    2. Very well written and completely true. Lately, I have been seeing that this blog has become more about racism than red pill.

    3. Wow, what planet are you from? You just regurgitated 50 years of racist propaganda. My friends at work ask me why I live so far out in the country and put up with the drive every day. It’s so I can get as far away from nut jobs like you as possible. Out were I live we don’t kill each other over pairs of Nike shoes. We don’t burn down our neighborhoods if we don’t like what we see on the news. We help our neighbors if they fall on hard times and we don’t expect the government to fix all our problems. We are the ones who get up every morning and drive an hour or more to work to have a third to half our income taken in taxes to pay for people who sit around and do nothing productive all day. If anyone is the slave it is us. If anyone is being oppressed it is us. Get over it already.

      1. At least when black people riot we choose important issues to raise hell over — like police brutality, poverty and racism — whites lose their minds college football or basketball games or over the twin oppressions of cover charges and midnight last-calls.
        You say “don’t expect the government to fix all our problems” and “I live so far out in the country and put up with the drive every day”
        But you ignore that your white flight was directly subsidized by the government, which spent billions of dollars on highway construction (which helped whites get from work in the cities to homes in the ‘burbs) and low-cost loans, essentially available only to whites in those newly developing residential spaces.
        Finally you say “If anyone is the slave it is us. If anyone is being oppressed it is us. Get over it already. ”
        Ask yourself, would you, without hesitation, switch places with a black person? No. You wouldn’t. Now generate a list of reasons why not. Even the ugly ones you don’t want to admit.
        We aren’t equal. Not that I’m interested in winning gold medal at the oppression or persuading you.
        I talk about racism for my own understanding

        1. No group of thugs that riots and destroys private property deserves any respect or to have their opinions considered, under any circumstances.

        2. “We aren’t equal” is the only part you got right. You obviously have a lot of superior White blood in you, as evidenced by your ability to write coherent sentences.

        3. White flight. Really? We call it the country. It’s were crops are grown. Where cattle and chickens are raised. It’s where you get your lumber. It’s where you get your energy from coal and oil. It’s where you people in the city get everything you need to survive. We are the ones subsidizing you, with your mass transit, your subsidized housing, your social services, your expensive highways. Go ahead. Cut of your access to food and natural resources. See how long you last. When it all finally does come to and it won’t be us coming to you for support. And don’t expect a friendly welcome when you get here.
          No you’re right. We’re not equal. I came from a poor family. I grew up on a farm. I had to work summers in the field so we would have food to eat in the winter. My dad was a low paid school teacher and my mom stayed home and raised us. My dad was also the high school basketball coach and gave free lessons to the poor kids of all races so they might be able to go to college with scholarships. I was the only one of my brothers and sisters to go to college. They had to take out a second mortgage from the bank to pay for it. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science and have been employed as a programmer for most of my adult life. I did something with my life. I would not want to be anyone in Ferguson. I feel sorry for them but it’s the life they chose. They chose to be poor therefor we are not equal. We could discuss this more but I have work to do.

      2. And we minorities also pay 1/2 to 1/3 our incomes in taxes, much of it at higher Sch. C rates because POC have higher chances of being an independent contractor, into the pockets of predominantly-white bureaucrats.
        We help our neighbors if they fall on hard times and don’t trust the government officials that our taxes pay for *because* of Michael Brown incidents.

        1. Actually, the leader, the head of the predominantly-white bureaucrats you abhor is half black last I checked, and he just ran up the national debt from $4Trillion to $18Trillion. Big baller spender I guess, but THAT DEBT just enslaved EVERYONE who is a citizen to higher taxes for a long ass time. So what went wrong?

        2. Stupid comment. Go fuck yourself.
          Blacks and Hispanics pay virtually no taxes (proportional to the top 50 percent, mostly white tax payers) and get all the benefits of living in a first world country.
          You would think they would say thank you to white people … but their inferiority complex is too strong.

        3. Blacks don’t work, we all know that. They are locked up because they want to deal drugs rather than work … how boring!
          The idea that they are paying more in federal taxes than they get out as a community is hilarious to me.

        4. Then tell me why non-rural neighborhoods in countries like Mexico and Colombia generally have potable tap water, reliable services and are basically like living in a first world country?
          If Hispanics pretty much don’t pay taxes, then they wouldn’t be able to support such a system. And yet they do, in their native countries. It’s the same in predominantly black countries in the Caribbean.

    4. Why do blacks insist in living around whites? We are safer.
      Ferguson was a white flight township. Built to give respite to beleaguered white working class St Louis residents.
      Now? It’s a 70% black shithole.

      1. I lived in Florissant in the 1960s, less than a mile from the shooting. There were zero blacks living there at that time. Most of my neighbors were French, Italian, and Anglo working class who seethed with animosity towards the blacks they had moved to the new subdivisions to get away from. The Ferguson-Florissant school district was excellent but careened downhill once bussing was forced on the inhabitants.

        1. This is the reality that blacks and their enablers cannot process. Or if they do understand the reality suggests an evil aggressiveness at the heart.

      2. It’s not that blacks want to be near whites, it’s more that finding caucasian-free zones in more prosperous suburbs can be a tough task.
        Blacks who wish to avoid whites in their neighborhoods will typically find themselves limited to the poorest, most crowded areas of town — places whites long ago abandoned.
        Whites can more or less live wherever they wish. Even if black people seek to avoid whites, our ability to do so will be directly constrained by the larger opportunity structure that has skewed power and resources in your direction.

        1. So, why are black’s unable to improve their own neighborhoods? In fact, why is it that even when they start moving into a more prosperous neighborhood, as soon as they start becoming the majority, the neighborhood starts deteriorating? To be clear, I am not asking why this is the case with minorities, which it is not, but with blacks.

        2. Agreed, it’s the same thing with predominantly Asian or Hispanic areas on the East Coast

        3. Not true. There are plenty of crappy Asian and Hispanic areas out there, and higher income black suburbs.

        4. That’s because whites create attractive cultures. Even debased trailer trash have a certain charm. The average white area is generally peaceful though. The average black dominated area is a dump. Even a nice looking black burb is hyper violent and ridden with burglary and dysfunction.

        5. Originally Posted By AnteMortem
          So, why are black’s unable to improve their own neighborhoods ?
          When was the last time you were in a black neighborhood and how long have were you there ?
          And even if you have lived in a poor black area (Which I very much doubt) then your understanding will remain
          limited compared to those who actually live there every day.
          Yes. There are things about poor urban communities that fit the stereotypical imagery, but lots of rich people eat caviar, but that is not the essence of their daily routine.
          So when middle-class whites see buildings and houses falling apart in black ghettos they think it is because “blacks do not take care of their neighborhoods”.
          What you do not know is that it is hard to get a bank loan or insurance for property in a place like that. Because the banks and insurance companies redline black ghettos,
          refusing to put much money there. The ghetto is not the product of the people who live there, but those who don’t
          In the poor black areas you ignore mothers trying to work two jobs to support their kids, without childcare, without adequate health care, having to choose between buying them clothes for school or paying a heating bill.
          You ignore kids who persevere against all odds, going to schools to learn and finding not enough textbooks, or buildings that are crumbling, and yet they still show up every day, hoping to fill their minds with knowledge.
          You ignore elderly women in public housing who look out for everyone’s children, whether or not they are their own, because they see them as a treasure and vital resource in the community.
          You ignore ministers who run day care programs, and job training programs, and whose churches are involved in rehabilitating housing for low-income families.
          You ignore families that still pray, despite an environment that would make many of you wonder if there even was a God in heaven at all, let alone one who still cared about you.
          So black folks are doing self-help all the time. We have to; after all,we have enough experience with white institutions to know that such institutions have never done much to improve our situation
          Originally Posted By AnteMortem
          Why is it that even when they start moving into a more prosperous neighborhood, as soon as they start becoming the majority, the neighborhood starts deteriorating ?.
          This is how your argument seems to me : Whites leave the inner city and let it fall to pieces and then they blame the consequences of that – crime, dropout rates and so on –
          as an excuse for letting it fall to pieces.
          Once a neighbourhood becomes more than about 10% black, more whites will move out than move in. It
          becomes a snowball effect: white flight. After a point only the old people are white. When they die off it becomes all black.
          White flight has little to do with class, crime or wanting a nice place in the suburbs. It has to do with whites not wanting to live with blacks no matter how rich blacks are.
          Some whites say they are selling because of crime. But the facts do not support that. Their move is based not on a close
          reading of police reports but on racist stereotypes about blacks, like you have.
          That said, a real estate agent could argue that he himself is not racist, but it is his customers. Whites will pay more for the same house in an all-white neighbourhood than in a mixed or black one. So it makes sense for real estate agents to maintain white neighbourhoods – it pays in the long run.
          To be honest I’ve never seen the thrill of white suburban life. It’s an unnatural form of social organization from a human perspective. No other culture on earth has chosen to organize its social networks on the American suburban model, for good reason: humans are social animals.
          You need community to thrive. Suburbs represent the death of community, with each nuclear family retreating into its individual oasis, interaction amongst themselves limited to occasional formally defined functions — “having
          the x’s over for dinner,” for example — with tightly constrained limits on duration, subjects for polite conversation.
          As a result, children grow up in a relative social vacuum. Many of the pathologies we see in today’s youth — the school shootings, the “emo” culture, cutting, eating disorders, etc. — are pretty clearly related to the social
          isolation imposed on young people by the suburban lifestyle.

        6. Their neighborhoods? You say it like they own the neighborhood. It’s America. There is no theirs and ours. There is only a neighborhood. It’s your thinking that ruins it. In America if you don’t like the neighborhood you live in, you move to one you like. You don’t own it. It’s not republican neighborhoods and feminist neighborhoods, its land for sale and rent via the free market.

        7. You can move to Jamaica, which was once THE WEALTHIEST ISLAND IN THE CARIBBEAN. Then it was turned over to your “bruthas” and is now a disease infested, poverty ridden shithole that is the MURDER CAPITAL OF THE CARIBBEAN.
          Explain that one, genius.

        8. Go visit Haiti or Jamaica, you obviously high yella genius. If you LIVE through it, tell us about it.

        9. Several factors to blame for Jamaica’s decline, most notably the horrible politicians. However, the CIA actively destabilised the country in the late 1970’s, which was the beginning of the end. How many times have you been to Jamaica, btw?
          Jamaica isn’t nearly as bad as you make it out to be. Shithole is way to strong a word. Crime is confined to only certain neighbourhoods and there is a sizeable middle and upper class in the country. Jamaica has produced world champions in sports, and world class musicians. That being said, Jamaica is definitely 3rd world and probably won’t ever become 1st world because of extremely poor leadership.

        10. A lot of assumptions in your comment. I actually have lived in a predominantly black neighborhood and the high school I went to was about 90% black. My family is originally from the Southeastern Europe and we came to Saint Louis City in the 90’s as refugees, escaping civil war. Came here with no money, not speaking any English. Within about 10 years as tens of thousands of refugees from my country came to Saint Louis, predominately with high school level education or less, we have rebuild a huge part of the city that was previously falling apart. Did not do it with the help of whites, as there really weren’t many around it that part of the city. Just through hard work and very strong family/community ties and traditions. Where I cam from you probably have less then 5% of divorces, if that.
          My point being, you seem to argue that black, or better put African Americans, do everything right, yet to simply can not succeed to to white people and white institutions. Which, no offense, seems like just excuses. I personally think the problem is with African American culture. To many broken families, to much emphasis on being cool and tough, but to little on education and career. I am not saying all are like that, but having lived in Saint Louis form over 15 years, most of the time in predominantly black communities, that is exactly what I have seen. Also, I want to emphasize that I am not talking about black people or communities in general, but African American ones. I have had friends and colleagues from Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. They all were successful and actually agreed with me in these regards. In fact, it was a friend from Zimbabwe, who was studying medicine here who first made the point to me to distinguish between the African American community and black directly from Africa.

        11. Did not say they own them, but if an ethnic/cultural group makes up 90% of a neighborhood’s population and wields most of the local political and administrative power, to some degree it is their neighborhood.

        12. The vast majority of predominantly Asian neighborhoods, for example, on the East Coast are very high poverty and moderately high crime. Yet Asians on average have high income and educational levels, and crime rates comparable to the general public.
          It’s the same with European immigrant neighborhoods on the East Coast and Hispanic neighborhoods on the West Coast.

        13. Liberals are too busy convincing them they are victims and parenting them. There seems to be a underground marxist presence in those inner city communities blaming everyone but themselves. If they took responsibility, they wouldn’t have a problem. I’ve known some great black people they seem to have a harder time dealing with other blacks than whites. If they are educated, speak proper English and strive for a better life, they are considered sellouts. I suppose if those SJW marxist progressive liberals backed poor white trash they’d do the same thing.

        14. “CIA actively destabilised the country in the late 1970’s, which was the beginning of the end. ” Yea. I can believe that. Thanks to the Dulles Brothers.

      3. People have the same reasons for living where they live. Regardless of color. More space, easy commute to their jobs. There are just so many people that you can fit into the “ghetto” before it’s like 10 people to a room.
        Black people moved to Northern cities in the 1950s (and Asians and Hispanics are doing the same right now) just like white immigrants moved in in the 1900s. You think Anglos didn’t complain about the Irish, think again.

    5. Okay. Let’s take your argument to a logical conclusion. I agree that whites ought not police blacks. However that means the reverse should also hold. No blacks should police whites.
      That is AKA segregation.

      1. Rank and file white cops have agitated for black only policing of black neighborhoods for a long time. It never gets implemented because the black rank and file cops fight it tooth and nail. They know like you should that the predominately black neighborhoods are dangerous as hell and they don’t want to spend 100% of their time there any more than the white cops do. I know guys who are cops before they were cops. Black and white makes no difference. When you deal day in and day out with the scum of society and 99% of the time it is black scum then your opinion of blacks becomes prejudiced. Note I am not saying 99% of blacks are criminal scum, I am saying that 99% of the criminal scum that most cops (especially big city cops) have to deal with are black.

    6. Darren Wilson has earned it. He suffered for doing his job which puts them in harms way. If I were a white cop I would be scared shitless. Statistically speaking the vast majority most of the criminals you are going to cross will be black and if you have to shoot them to protect your life everyone from the president on down is going to be trying to put you in jail regardless of the facts

      1. Sorry, but I’m white and black men don’t scare me when they act up. That’s fear mongering. However, I believe in this case the cop was probably in the right. Dude was beating him before he could gain footing, was warned numerous times, took warning shots and actual hits to the body, and kept charging, and finally one to the head. End of story. You can get hit in the head and pass out from it 60 sec after you’re hit, if someone’s jacking me in the head and I’ve got a holstered 40 cal on my hip I can’t get to, I’d be really worried about him getting the gun and killing me or using it in a violent crime if he stole it.

        1. I think you missed my point. I Would be scared of being convicted of murder because I was doing my duty to protect and serve by using necessary lethal force. But fuck those white cops they don’t deserve to go home at night

        2. Dude was beating him before he could gain footing,”
          Do you have a video of this? Please provide the link.

    7. No one wants to “exterminate” you or to use your defective disease infested organs for ANYTHING. We just want you to LEAVE.
      Why don’t you just move to one of the all black paradises such as Haiti, Jamaica, or Liberia? WHY NOT?

    8. I’m sorry to say this, but your community leaders need to fucking stop backing thugs and people with criminal behavior. Seriously, black leadership credibility is a joke at this point. If you seriously believe white people aren’t killed by police for little or no reason I doubt you get out often. FBI crime statistics show crime going down but the police are even more heavily armed than they have ever been. It is a problem for all of us. We have more of a class issue than a race issue. The thing is, the Media pushes the race issue. Why? I’d say to push for the militarization of the police for complete control of the population to absolutely crush dissent and empower lawless, corrupt politiicans.
      Really, the Police are indiscriminately killing, beating people of both genders and of any color. Equal opportunity beat down. Armored vehicles, drones, etc. The police are rapidly becoming more militarized every year. The media race baits and every government program to “empower” people actually strips us all of rights and liberty. Your Liberal overlords push for social programs to “parent” you from a distance. They don’t want anything but your vote. It is easier to bullshit you than to rig an election. They run buses to pick up people and give them classes on who to vote for.

  7. MB signed his own death certificate assaulting a police and trying to steal his service weapon. How many felonies did this young man commit in the last 30 minutes he was alive. MB is the reason why MB is in the ground!

    1. That’s not the story I heard.
      I heard he was a “kid” who was randomly shot in the back six times by an Aryan white supremacist police officer full of hate.
      Is CNN and Msnbc lying to me?

    2. That’s not the story I heard.
      I heard he was a “kid” who was randomly shot in the back six times by an Aryan police officer full of hate.
      Are CNN and Msnbc lying to me?

        1. yeah but to make a specific font and hot-key for it seems like it should have been done already know what I mean?

      1. My favorite bullshit line is that he was an “unarmed teenager,” which conjures up images of some pigeon-toed, 112 lb nerd shuffling “aw shucks” style down the street. MB was a full grown MAN over 6 ft. tall and quickly approaching 300 lbs. I don’t know DW’s stats, but dude looks like he weighs a buck sixty tops. Cop or not – if a 300 lb man is charging me like a crazed fucking bull amd I’m packing, he’s catching lead.

        1. Its so easy for the Starbucks MacBook pro warrior to judge…
          Most people have no concept of what you just said.
          Most people don’t even realize that one punch to the face, and you are on the ground… and quite possibly dying right there…

    3. “MB signed his own death certificate assaulting a police and trying to steal his service weapon.”
      Is there a video showing this? Please provide the link.

      1. what do you need a video for? The forensic evidence and witness testimony already tells the story of what happened!

        1. “what do you need a video for?”
          to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt the exact nature of the events
          “The forensic evidence and witness testimony already tells the story of what happened!”
          Let me fix that for you:
          “The forensic evidence and witness testimony tells many stories of what happened!”

        2. The blood trail is what it is. It demonstrates that MB charged the cop.
          It’s clear there was a struggle over the gun in the car.
          It’s clear that MB was shot entirely in the front.
          It’s clear that he was charging at the officer- the blood trail extends a good distance behind where his body fell.
          It’s so strange that this discussion is even occurring. We have actual video of the same genre of behavior by the brute MB.

        3. “The blood trail is what it is. It demonstrates that MB charged the cop.”
          How does a blood trail demonstrates that he charged? Please do tell.
          “It’s clear there was a struggle over the gun in the car.”
          How is it clear? Is there a piece of evidence that showcase the victim’s fingerprint on the gun? If so please provide the link. Also did the cop pulled the gun first, or did the victim went after the gun before the cop pulled it out? In either case, how would one verify this?
          “It’s clear that MB was shot entirely in the front.”
          How is this clear? Did you see this happened? However, some of those shots could have entered his arm while running away from the cop. That too is a possibility, no one knows for sure.
          “It’s clear that he was charging at the officer- the blood trail extends a good distance behind where his body fell.”
          What how do you determine? It is also possible this blood trail was when he walking to surrender, that too is a possibility. Oh, and please do tell how long that blood trail was given that you know it extends a good distance behind the body. Do tell.
          “It’s so strange that this discussion is even occurring.”
          Feel free not to respond.
          “We have actual video of the same genre of behavior by the brute MB.”
          We have a video of him pushing the store owner. What was said before this? You don’t know. I do not know. You’ve never pushed anyone before? You’ve been a gentle puppy all of your life? The cop who puts 9 bullets in the victim’s body is beyond a brute then per your standard.

        4. The blood trail extends a distance for where his body fell, demonstrating that he was moving forward ( a good distance ) from the first time he was shot to the shot the killed him. That’s irrefutable.
          There were also powder burns on his hand, as well as residue showing the gun went off in the car, corroborating the officer’s story. The powder burns on browns hands prove that he was inside the car, struggling for the gun. The reconstruction was clear.
          You ask me if I’ve never pushed anyone. I’ve never pushed anyone significantly smaller than me, and I’ve never pushed an elderly man. Furthermore this brute did a little more than ” push.” He intimidated and bullied the little guy.
          Don’t take this personally but how can see that video and go to such lengths to defend an obvious bully? If an Indian bullied an elderly man half his size I’d be glad he got what was coming to him, especially if it was proven he went for a cops gun, was shot in the front, and there was a blood trail proving he was advancing towards a cop.
          Feel free to retort but i request please don’t repeat the ” why didn’t he shoot him in the leg,” or ” why didn’t he let him go?” nonsense that keeps popping up. I’m a little weary of having to refute that over and over.

        5. “The blood trail extends a distance for where his body fell, demonstrating that he was moving forward ( a good distance ) from the first time he was shot to the shot the killed him. That’s irrefutable.”
          You still didnt answer question: How does one verify if the blood trail was due to him walking to surrender, or him running to the officer? Many already stated that he did stop and turned around to surrender wit his hands. In case you did not know, the distance was about 20-21 feet. Try to convert into yards, and you will see that it is not of great length. Better yet, walk 20 feet to verify it yourself.
          “There were also powder burns on his hand, as well as residue showing the gun went off in the car, corroborating the officer’s story. The powder burns on browns hands prove that he was inside the car, struggling for the gun. The reconstruction was clear.”
          Again all of this was already known. The question remains how did he get in the car? The officer said one thing, and others another. The question is still, can anyone points to the victim’s fingerprint on the gun? If one cannot do so, then how can it be known if the victim was wrestling with the gun? The close distance of the hand to the gun might be the cause of the residue being on his hand, yet, it cannot be concluded that the victim’s hand was on the gun. Even if I take that as a possibility, the question is did the victim started going after the gun when it was pulled out on him, or was it before it was pulled? Either way, verifying this would be much more difficult.
          “Don’t take this personally but how can see that video and go to such lengths to defend an obvious bully?”
          I am not defending anyone. If you are a skeptic one must always question the different narratives. It seems everyone here is taking one side as if it is the gospel.
          “I’ve never pushed anyone significantly smaller than me, and I’ve never pushed an elderly man.”
          It sounds like the same narrative females push “you should never hit a woman, no matter what”. Should a 40 year old man never hit a 15 year old kid? You are applying one standard, but changing it on a whim. I don’t know if I would never hit an elderly person, it is not like I have no limit as to how much I can take. Everyone has their boiling point, even with one’s love ones.
          “Feel free to retort but i request please don’t repeat the ” why didn’t he shoot him in the leg,” or ” why didn’t he let him go?””
          Feel to find me posting that anywhere in this thread.
          At the end of the day I am highly skeptical of cops. It has been proven too many times that they lie to protect their own. Just this week it was reported a 12 year old kid was shot. The narrative was that he was pointing the gun at the officer. After watching the video, one can tell that the story reported by the cops does not match what was shown in the video. There are more than ample evidence to showcase that cops do lie, and faked, or tampered with evidence. To say otherwise is to remain blind from all the obvious.
          In this case, there were many instances where the officer’s own testimony was contradicted by himself. Some of the evidence supported other narratives besides the cop’s own statements. Point being, no one knows for sure what occurred. However, I will not be taking the cop’s side when lied, numerous times, and his story does not add up considering certain factors.

        6. The trail demonstrated he was coming toward the officer- despite having been shot. It’s extremely unlikely that a man would come toward a police officer who had just shot him, while trying to surrender. There’s really only one realistic explanation there. If he were surrendering he would have stopped down and out his hand up, not much towards the officer.
          He moved closer to the officer until the last bullet took him out.
          It’s not believable for a second that the cop pulled Brown into the car, where he would have a massive disadvantage. That doesn’t even deserve to be discussed.
          Besting up elderly people is pretty damn shitty, especially if they are half your size. And no matter what was said by the clerk, we know it was MB who got violent first.
          If we stay with a realistic approach it’s pretty clear what happened. I can’t imagine any scenario in which a surrendering man would move forward, or in which a seated cop would pull a larger man (accompanied by his friend no less-who is also a proven liar) into his car. That’s insane. It’s contrary to instinct. And it’s also clear that MB was a Bully who used his size to control others. It’s on video.

        7. “The trail demonstrated he was coming toward the officer- despite
          having been shot.”
          That is all. Nothing more. You cannot tell me if he was running, or walking? Or if he was walking slow, or fast? Was bleeding a lot, or a little? How much of his blood got on his own body before it reached the grown? Essential questions, but you have no way of providing the answers.
          “It’s extremely unlikely that a man would come toward a police officer who had just shot him, while trying to surrender.”
          How do you know this? How would you prove this? Try to stay objective, instead of stating what is unlikely or not. Plausibility is not reality. One can merely argue that most people comply with police officers. So if you’ve been shot and are trying to surrender, it is possible you turn around with your hands up. Remember 5 shots were fired at the end, so it’s possible he had his hands up, first shot hit, his hands went down after, and the rest of the bullets entered his body as his hands were reacting automatically. You see how easy it is to say what is plausible, and what is not? I have no way of verifying it one way or the other, and neither do you.
          “It’s not believable for a second that the cop pulled Brown into the car, where he would have a massive disadvantage. That doesn’t even deserve to be discussed.”
          I’ll challenge you as well: go read what the cop said happened, and tell me there were no inconsistencies in how he described the event.
          “Besting up elderly people is pretty damn shitty, especially if they are half your size. And no matter what was said by the clerk, we know it was MB who got violent first.”
          Replace elderly with women and you get the same narrative feminists, and women, have been spouting for decades now. “it is never ok to hit a woman, no matter what. She can get up in your face, say whatever she wants, do whatever she wants, because you know, vagina.” You know better than this. Old or not, they both have agency. There are some people, if you are going to insult them, you better be ready for a physical confrontation. I have no idea what the clerk said to him, and neither do you. What is known though is that something was said. Should the victim have grappled with the store owner like he did, no way. However, context matters, nor would I ignore the clerk’s own words. May be he can come forward to explain as to what exactly happened in that store.
          “I can’t imagine any scenario in which a surrendering man would move forward, or in which a seated cop would pull a larger man (accompanied by his friend no less-who is also a proven liar) into his car. That’s insane. It’s contrary to instinct.”
          Then broaden your imagination. I’ve seen quite a bit that bugs the imagination. I’ve seen too many situations that I used to think to myself “no way would a mother butchered her own child”. Have you ever seen a baby’s limbs that have been decapitated by its own mother? If you ask a lot of women they would probably say the same thing you are saying “I can’t imagine a woman saying that”.
          Here you are letting your bias to blur your judgement. Imagination is not reality. Sometimes humans do insane things. The cop is also a liar. Go read his own statements. You keep referring to instincts as if you know everyone’s instincts? You’ve never gone against your instinct before? Have you ever been in a fight before? You don’t try to control your impulse or suppress them? You’ve never done anything that would classify per your standing as “insane”?

        8. Get out of here with that trash. I’ve heard some blacks argue some dumb shit on this issue but this takes the cake! It’s common sense that if a man shot you and you wanted to surrender they you would not move forward. Furthermore if he were slowly approaching the cop the cop would have ordered him down. If you want to engage in mental gymnastics to deny that fine, but don’t get angry when rational people ate dismissive. Furthermore if he was moving toward the cop, even with his hands up, the cop would logically perceive that as a threat and have the right to shoot him. I’m any case, there’s do much reasonable doubt here that no jury in the nation would have convicted Wilson, and rightfully so. Of course, the key word here is “reasonable.”
          Goddamn. Why are blacks SO irrational ? Every other race can process this kind of logic. Yet you are actually thinking it’s plausible for a wounded, surrendering man to move forward, approach the man who shot him. On top of that, you’re telling me “not to assume,” yet you’re inventing this story that brown approached the cop, calmly, trying to surrender. That’s so unlikely, so irrational, that no jury would ever entertain that. In Iraq and Afghanistan I NEVER witnessed surrendering people approach us- because they knew we’d shoot them of they did. It’s pure logic. You don’t move toward someone unless you’re trying to rush them. You lie down and follow orders. Of course, if brown had been willing to do that then there would have been no problem to start with. He never would have assaulted the officer and never would have gone for the cop’s gun.
          This while witnesses reported that he charged the cop. The witnesses who claimed brown were surrendering were completely discredited as liars by the autopsy, including Dorian Johnson.
          The piece of shit thug robbed a tiny Asian man, bullied him, and went for a cop’s gun. In a sane world his death would be seen as consequences of his own actions, but with tens of millions of grown children, that’s somehow impossible. Believe me there’s no “tragedy” here, just a worthless thug getting his comeuppance. They need to give Wilson a medal and a ten million dollar reward. Insane that a violent robber can attack a cop and go for his gun and people are angry he got shot. I hope every nonblack cop in America quits working in black areas. Let black cops handle all that dysfunctional violence and generational failure.

        9. “Get out of here with that trash.”
          Great argument bob. You spend your entire rant essentially saying, well, nothing. You failed to address any of my comments, and questions. Instead of responding directly all you could must to write was “common sense”. When asked to demonstrate how one knows what is “common sense” to another person, I received the same response. That is circular. You can do better than this.
          Unless your brain is fried, then please do some research as to what a grand jury is there for. An indictment can happen if that was the goal of the prosecutor. They are not there to convict a criminal. Simply if there is sufficient evidence to warrant a trial. The prosecutor can present any evidence that they wish.
          “Why are blacks SO irrational ?”
          Ok honkey, it’s too early to bring out your white hood. You are also assuming that I am black. When your conclusion is wrong, go back to your premise.
          “Every other race can process this kind of logic.”
          Most of my friends are not Americans. They too are wondering how can white Americans be so bloodthirsty and hate the blacks in the US so much.
          “On top of that, you’re telling me “not to assume,” yet you’re inventing this story that brown approached the cop, calmly, trying to surrender.”
          It seems your reading comprehension has been altered. I was not inventing stories to say that was the exact nature of the events. I was simply demonstrating that without clear and concise evidence, i.e. a video, there is only “hearsay”, and I hope I do not have to define that for you.
          Your other rants are so illogical, that it’s even pointless to respond to.
          “The piece of shit thug robbed a tiny Asian man, bullied him, and went for a cop’s gun.”
          Did the shop owner called the cops? What did he say to them? What did he say afterwards? What did he say to the victim? How do you know he reached for the gun? Did he reached for the gun while the cop pull the gun out, or before the gun was pulled out? Where is the evidence that has the victim’s fingerprints on the gun?
          “The witnesses who claimed brown were surrendering were completely discredited as liars by the autopsy, including Dorian Johnson.”
          Are you saying the cop did not lie? Are you saying he told the truth? Did you listen to his own testimony? He never contradicted himself?
          “They need to give Wilson a medal and a ten million dollar reward.”
          They used to that in America. Actually they still do for those who commit their atrocities abroad. Were you part of that Abu Grahib group? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.
          “I hope every nonblack cop in America quits working in black areas. Let black cops handle all that dysfunctional violence and generational failure.”
          I hope they do too. However, we both know the white men in America cannot help himself but try to emulate the blacks in every way possible. Most of them cannot help it, but listen to the music of the very people they hate so much. Fantasize about them. If the black men do congregate together, and building something for themselves, the white men can only feel hatred towards them. Just look at what happened in Tulsa, OK. Those cops are not being forced into those jobs. They can quit any time they want. But their hatred won’t allow them. Just like your hatred has clouded your mind to see things clearly.
          If you have anything else to say, be on topic, otherwise I won’t bother responding to your vitriolic nonsense.

        10. Again-irrelevant shit from 1920 brought up, seriously.
          The fact is that the scenario you invented is retarded, and goes against basic logic. You are actually trying to posit that it’s remotely likely that a wounded man would walk forward to surrender. Even if he somehow was that retarded, the cop would have clearly issued commands otherwise.
          And Notice how you never address the witnesses who described brown charging forward ( the only witnesses proven to not be lying, unlike the liars who started this mess).
          And now you’re trying to downplay the robbery, asking irrelevant questions about “who called the police?” Jesus Christ we have the damn thing on event and as STILL negros are compelled to try and twist it. I really do believe that we need to explore the Inabilith to grasp logic, and the desire to distort. It’s exceptional.
          We know without a shadow of a doubt that he reached for the gun because brown had POWDER BURNS on his hand. I’m really looking forward to hearing about the creative ways you twist that!
          So here’s what we have to go on:
          1. Thug robs a store, on tape. He is an absolute thug by the classic definition of the term.
          2. Thug has been proven to have gone for the gun, du to powder burns on his hand.
          3. The blood trail proves that Michael Brown was moving FORWARD when the cop finally neutralized him. To a logical person, this corroborate Wilson’s testimony as well as that of the credible witnesses. If you’re retarded, you might could get that he decided to hop-scotch up to cop as an act of surrender lol.
          4. ALL of the witnesses who claimed he had been gunned down after giving up were proven lists, by the first autopsy. Those orcs weren’t smart enough to know that the authorities would easily be able to tell which side he was facing.
          5. That last little delusional narcissistic screed made me smile. Trust me NO ONE wants to be black, especially like a Kiowa like me. That’s how blacks think, though. They see some idiot imitating their degeneracy and suddenly think everyone wants to be like them. The most embarrassing is when black women claim women get lip injections to look like them, without admitting that that’s a very small number of people, and that even in that case, those injections would only look good on a nonblack girl, 90 percent of black girls not registering as women to non-black men. The only ones who are attractive are the ones with significant nonblack features.
          [email protected] honkey. I’m a redskin. Kiowa. I wouldn’t have a problem with blacks except for their love of law breaking, lying, and brutalizing non-blacks. I wouldn’t even care about ” black on black” crime as long as no no blacks were involved.

        11. “Again-irrelevant shit from 1920 brought up, seriously.”
          It’s very relevant. The point is to show no matter how much the white men preach he wants the black men to have his own place in the US, he will always try to destroy it. You mentioned that all the white cops should leave those black neighborhoods. We both know they will be back in their white hoods.
          “The fact is that the scenario you invented is retarded, and goes against basic logic.”
          It goes against your logic. You’ve never done anything illogical? My scenario is exactly as credible as any other scenarios. Like I said before, without any concrete proof (i.e. a video), this will only amount to “hearsay”.
          “Even if he somehow was that retarded, the cop would have clearly issued commands otherwise.”
          How do you know this? Do you know this cop personally? Do you know the daily routine of this cop? What proof do you have that this is what this cop would have done?
          This is the guy you are trying to defend?
          “And Notice how you never address the witnesses who described brown charging forward ( the only witnesses proven to not be lying, unlike the liars who started this mess).”
          I’ve already addressed it. There were many “hearsay”. The only witnesses proven not to be lying? Where is this coming from? Did you read all of the testimonies? Did you read that person’s testimony?
          “And now you’re trying to downplay the robbery, asking irrelevant questions about “who called the police?” Jesus Christ we have the damn thing on event and as STILL negros are compelled to try and twist it.”
          So if the store owner come out tomorrow, and say “he never robbed the store, we did have an altercation, and i said some things i should not have said”, would you change your mind on this stance? Keep calling me a negro, because you obviously know the color of my skin. Not only that, you are assuming that I am American. You’ve never been in a fight before? Someone never said something to you that irks in a way, and pushed you to be aggressive?
          “We know without a shadow of a doubt that he reached for the gun because brown had POWDER BURNS on his hand.”
          You do not know this. Yet you ignored my question: Please provide the fingerprints on the gun. Go ahead. I’m waiting. Try to find it. The only thing you know is that his hand was close to the gun when he was shot. That is it.
          You also ignore my other questions: Did the victim reach for the gun before the cop pulled it out, or after the cop pulled it out per your narrative?
          “1. Thug robs a store, on tape. He is an absolute thug by the classic definition of the term.”
          So you never stole anything? I will assume that you have. Therefore you are a classic thug per your definition. The questions still remain: Who called the cops? Did the store owner agreed there was a robbery in his store? If so, please provide it. Was there a scuffle in the store between the store owner, and the victim? Yes there was. Was the victim in the wrong? Yes he was. Until, the store owner comes out and said exactly what happened that day, I will remain neutral.
          “2. Thug has been proven to have gone for the gun, du to powder burns on his hand.”
          I will ask the question again: Did that happen before or after the cop pulled the gun? The gun powder on his hand simply state that his hand was close to the gun. That is it. Unless you can provide a source that has his fingerprints on the gun, you have nothing to add.
          “3. The blood trail proves that Michael Brown was moving FORWARD when the cop finally neutralized him. To a logical person, this corroborate Wilson’s testimony as well as that of the credible witnesses. If you’re retarded, you might could get that he decided to hop-scotch up to cop as an act of surrender lol.”
          From the witnesses narratives it was stated that the victim turned around and walked towards the cop with his hands up to surrender. It was at that point that the cop continued to fire until the victim was completely killed. Where did you think the hash-tag “handsupdontshoot” came from? Your statement itself is contradictory. How can he move forward if he was “neutralized”?
          “4. ALL of the witnesses who claimed he had been gunned down after giving up were proven lists, by the first autopsy. Those orcs weren’t smart enough to know that the authorities would easily be able to tell which side he was facing.”
          Please rephrase. Too many spelling errors to understand.
          “Trust me NO ONE wants to be black, especially like a Kiowa like me.”
          No one? Let me help you here. When it comes to logic, it is best to avoid using definite words as a matter of fact, such as: always, never, none, no one, all, etc…
          Kiowa, Cherokee, Cheyenne, etc…they usually put down “White/Caucasian” whenever they have to put down their “race”. They tried to steer away from “Indian”.
          “The most embarrassing is when black women claim women get lip injections to look like them, without admitting that that’s a very small number of people,”
          That is why you should not have used the word “No One” wanted to be like black people. You just refuted yourself.
          My point is: If you walk into any reach white neighborhood, and you ask them, “hey, do you guys the name Jay-Z”? They would start to drop his lyrics by heart, as if the record itself was being played. Try to walk into a black neighborhood, and ask them “hey, do you guys know who Toby Keith is?” They would look at you as if you were asking for a ghost.
          “I wouldn’t have a problem with blacks except for their love of law breaking, lying, and brutalizing non-blacks.”
          The white men has committed the most atrocities on this planet. What happened to your people? You don’t remember? The statement above it’s as if blacks are the only ones that do these things. Your hatred couldn’t be any clearer. Non-blacks don’t break the law? Lie? Engage in criminal activities?

        12. No, I’ve never stolen anything. And I don’t care what nationality you are. You being an American or not does not matter to me. Plenty of idiotic blacks in The U.K., France, etc., and they are damn near just as dysfunctional.
          It is absolutely against human nature to consider it a possibility they a man would physically apptoach someone with an intent to surrender. Even animals understand this. No one, unless clinically insane, is going to try and walk up to a person who has already shot them in order to surrender. It makes absolutely no sense and goes against basic animal instinct. For the purposes of the law, we have to rely on normative circumstances, not completely implausible, reaching excuses like the irrational scenario you’re making. Have you ever shot anyone? Have you ever been shot/shot at? Have you ever see a video of a shooting? There’s zero chance of a man who had already been shot, is in fear for his life, approaching an armed cop pointing a gun at him ” to surrender.” IRS universally known that when you surrender you out your hands up and stay where you are. Is that so hard to grasp? Even for a typical black who can’t grasp logic it should be evident.
          2. It’s police protocol to issue a verbal warning. Maybe he didn’t. The fact that he was pointing a gun him suffices. Anyone who approaches a man pointing a gun at him, whether charging at him ( what actually happened), or in your absurd fantasy ( him strangely approaching him to surrender) is rightly perceived to be a threat. Especially if that man previously went for a cop’s gun.
          2. The powder burns are a fact. They, like the blood trail, are hard evidence that you can’t deny. They are described in the now released grand jury documents.
          3. The witnesses weren’t ” hearsay.” They were present at the event. Look at the documents. Furthermore we know that Dorian Johnson is an utter liar, along with the other liars, because he claimed the ” gentle giant” was shot in the back-a claim totally debunked by the first autopsy. The anti-Wilson case was doomed from that point on.
          4. The excuses you make for the robbery are amazing. It’s on video. The fact that it was someone other than the store owner who reported it is irrelevant. Furthermore, Dorian Johnson admitted that that Brown robbed the store. And on top of that, you think it’s actually important that the store owner hadn’t spoken publicly. Irrational orcs already burned down his freaking store! Your attempts to irrationally weasel out of this reality is proof positive that a black men cannot ever accept that another black is in the wrong, under ANY circumstances. Forget it being on VIDEO, of you saw it with your own eyes you’d still deflect, because you’d bring up some irrelevant event from 1950.
          Finally, a thug is a thug. Brown actually claimed to be one in his lyrics, and not ironically. I’m sure you’ll try to weasel out of that. Pictures with pot, with guns (a la Trayvon), can be direct appeals to ghetto black ” thug life ( shout out to Tupac). We couple that with robbery, bullying a much smaller, elderly man, and and assaulting a cop, eventually going for his gun, and the stereotype ( self-imposed) is complete.
          I love how you even deflect when it comes to robbery! FYI no, I’ve never stolen, and no, while I’ve been in fights when I was younger, I never bullied an old man who was half my size. I fought other boys like myself. I wasn’t a piece of shit who bullied the elderly and stole from them.
          But to complete your ridiculous attempt at deflection, if I was, people would have the right to call me a thug., because I’d be one. And if a cop shot me, he’d deserve the benefit of the doubt, too, especially once the hard evidence proved he was telling the truth.

        13. “No, I’ve never stolen anything.”
          You’ll probably say you never lie either.
          “Plenty of idiotic blacks in The U.K., France, etc., and they are damn near just as dysfunctional.”
          It seems your reading comprehension is lacking to say the least. You keep saying that I’m black, when I’ve already indicated that your conclusion is wrong. Is that clear enough for you, or do I need to dumb it down for you?
          You went on a long rant, while ignoring my questions. I’ve refuted your arguments, yet you cannot even acknowledge them.
          When I mentioned “hearsay” I was referring to you, and I, creating different alternatives as to what occurred. Furthermore, some of those witnesses did not see the full events unfold from second to second. Some of them would fall under that category.
          It seems your other points failed to address any of my questions directly. You simply try to avoid them, and engage in some other narrative. About bullying an older man. It’s the same argument that feminists have been arguing forever. “There is never a time to hit a woman. No matter what she does. No matter what she says. She can spit on you, call you names, and even hit you, etc…Simply don’t hit a woman.”
          As if to say women have no agency. In this same case you are arguing as if someone who is older have no agency. In other words, they cannot say anything to irate another person. What a load of none sense.
          When you have something of substance to say, feel free. Otherwise I will simply ignore you, the same way you ignore my questions.

        14. Lmao. You have not presented a single logical argument. I think you can’t understand basic reason.
          The evidence I used cane from that released by the grand jury. Your was fabricated in your own mind.
          On top of that you managed to argue that assault and robbery are no big deal! Typical Orc mentality but it’s always amusing! It shows how orcs are not ready for civilized participation-they can’t understand an open and shut case!
          Finally, I love how because a witness doesn’t notice absolutely everything that then gives you an excuse to invent all kinds of crazy scenarios.
          Orcs never cease to entertain and amaze. But the lack of logic, understanding cause and effect, future-time orientation has consequences in the long run.
          The grand jury made the right decision. Obey the law or face the consequences. That’s the moral behind all of it- that’s what orcs just cannot grasp!

        15. It seems as though your critical thinking skill is beyond that of a fifth grader. With every refutation that I gave you cannot even acknowledge them.
          You used no evidence whatsoever except to say “it’s common sense” this and that would not happened. That is all you did. No logic.
          When I asked direct questions you failed to respond.
          It’s as though your brain cells disappeared whenever you try to address a point, or answer a question.
          I’ll skip over your other insults, given that I already proven you wrong, but you could not even comprehend it on an intellectual level. You keep saying that I was black, and yet that is far from the truth. Yet, for you to acknowledge that would be a miracle.
          “Finally, I love how because a witness doesn’t notice absolutely everything that then gives you an excuse to invent all kinds of crazy scenarios.”
          You surely do not understand basic logic and reasoning. You first sated that I did not know what hearsay was. After refuting that little argument, you went on to refute yourself.
          If a witness did not notice something of an event, by definition that is “hearsay”. Imagine two people are arguing in a room, while a third is observing (person A, person B, person C). During that confrontation the third party walks outside, and upon his return he noticed one of the two on the floor. Are you saying this person is a witness to that particular event? It would be absurd to say yes. By stepping outside of the view of the altercation, person C cannot say they saw what unfolded.
          Question, how many witnesses said that the victim had his hands up when he was shot?
          Ohh back to obey the law, otherwise die. What a load of none sense. That was the same crap being preached under Jim Crow, black laws in your own country. The country that lynched a lot of black men just for being black, or walked into the wrong neighborhood. The worse part about these same sick white individuals took their kids, and families to go watch. Obey the laws? Did America said the same thing under the British rule? Was it by obeying the laws that there was a civil war over slavery? This country was founded on bad laws. It is only those who are sick in the head who thinks that laws are absolute, and if someone does not obey, death is the right punishment.
          Is that what you did during your tour? Did you torture people as well? Sick, you people are.

        16. This is so funny. You call me illogical, yet you refuse to use any logic whatsoever, ignoring all the factual evidence entirely and inventing whatever narrative you want, reality be damned.
          You argued the idea that he could have been approaching the cop ” to surrender.” That kind of argument is so illogical and absurd, it demonstrates that you completely lack reason. Sane with the witnesses. It’s a fact that those who claimed the criminal had his hands up have been completely discredited by the autopsy, while those who have corroborated the cop’s story have been proven right by the physical evidence.
          In terms of law we go by ” reasonable standards,” meaning what reasonable people expect and how they behave, unless the subjects have been demonstrated to have been proven clinically insane. Furthermore, we focus on the evidence we do have, rather than speculation, which can lead us anywhere anyone wants to go.
          That’s pure logic. You inventing scenarios that are completely absurd doesn’t meet those standards. Furthermore your complete dismissal of the rule of law demonstrates your complete and utter ignorance. Your pathetic attempts to shield black dysfunction by deflecting to Jim Crow, which apparently every black brings up every five minutes, is the same old irrelevant, broken record. Your comparison with the American Revolution is even more sad. You actually are comparing an act if revolution, for which legal, philosophical, and moral arguments had to originally be made, to pure criminology and lawlessness, reveals the mind: you don’t believe blacks should be forced to obey any laws whatsoever. I’m fine with that- just go be lawless amongst yourselves.
          Lmao at the ad hominem ” torture” bit. Here’s a challenge for all pro-black, back to Africa negroes:
          Craft a LOGICAL argument about any subject without:
          1. Referencing Jim Crow, Slavery, etc.
          2. Name-calling or other forms of Ad Hominem attacks.
          3. Inventing illogical, speculative scenarios that defy reason, i.e. “What if he moving toward the cop who had just shot him in order to surrender,” or ”
          They didn’t see every second of an event from every angle, therefore we get to pick and choose what we want and ignore the rest of the testimony.”
          Totally absurd! Of course, we know negroes can’t do this. This has been demonstrated by James David Manning, Michael David Carroll, Painless Risen, Tommy Sotomayor, etc. Time and again. It’s not entirely your fault though. A good bit of the irrationality and histrionics comes from being raised exclusively by black women.
          Think about this: this entire time you’ve been defending a criminal. You’ve minimized robbery, assault, created a fantastic, absurd, completely illogical scenario, and now finally, argued against the very concept of ” Rule of Law.” This while reflexively bringing up whites, as if whites are the only group sick of black dysfunction, and when there’s no way you’d say my brown ass was white irl. Of course, many ” uncle toms” and African blacks point this out too, but the ignorant grievance culture black can’t use basic logic.
          Mike Brown was a criminal and a bully, demonstrated by irrefutable video evidence, and assaulted a cop after going for his gun, demonstrated by irrefutable forensic evidence and credible eyewitness testimony when logically taken as a whole clearly vindicates the cop.
          If there’s a hell Brown is in it. A vindictive, mean, dysfunctional, mentally retarded negro assailant and possibly a potential murderer ( that’s a question a logical person asks about someone who goes for a cops gun)- no one with any sense has any pity for him or his ilk. Let them riot and burn. Sympathy for feral negroes has ”
          Jumped the shark.” Your think hearing that from a Kiowa Indian would make you think about that, but no. The narcissism of the negro marches on.

        17. Ahh the real racist in you cannot help but glut in his sickness.
          If you hate black people so much why would you wait so much time arguing with someone whom you think is black? Then again racist whites always want to be around the blacks, and imitate them in every way possible. You denied this fact, but I demonstrated this clearly with rap music. Even on this site they ran a piece about Jay-Z. Well over 60% of rap music is consume by whites. If you hate them so much why do you want their music? Dress the way they dress? Mimicking them? Why?
          “ignoring all the factual evidence entirely and inventing whatever narrative you want, reality be damned.”
          You have yet to cite any facts from the hearing itself. You cannot even cite on what page, what was said and what was not said. I am merely demonstrating that other scenarios exist. Whether they are true or not is irrelevant. The point is there are different ways of seeing things. Like I’ve said from the get go without a clear video, one cannot say what happened without some doubts.
          “It’s a fact that those who claimed the criminal had his hands up have been completely discredited by the autopsy, while those who have corroborated the cop’s story have been proven right by the physical evidence.”
          Are you dense? Where did you get this from? Faux News? It seems the American right in this country is really sick to the head. Even the woman who did the autopsy couldn’t even come to that conclusion.
          Here is the whole interview: http://12160.info/page/forensic-expert-i-never-said-michael-brown-s-autopsy-confirmed-da
          I know you are too lazy to do your own research.
          “It’s a fact that those who claimed the criminal had his hands up have been completely discredited by the autopsy, while those who have corroborated the cop’s story have been proven right by the physical evidence.”
          Look at the video above.
          “Your pathetic attempts to shield black dysfunction by deflecting to Jim Crow, which apparently every black brings up every five minutes, is the same old irrelevant, broken record.”
          I know it is hard to argue away how the white men hated the black men so much in this country. When you say “obey the law”, that was the same record being played back in those eras. Like I said, those people were sick. They hanged the black men out of pure hatred and sickness. Now they have a better method, shoot him down, and say “well he was not obeying the law”. Sick.
          “you don’t believe blacks should be forced to obey any laws
          Can you quote me saying that?
          What I believe though is that laws should apply fairly to every person. Unlike you, who would support Jim Crow laws, and apply them to one group of people, while not doing the same for another group. You would support those barbaric laws. Sorry, you are alone in this one.
          “I’m fine with that- just go be lawless amongst yourselves.”
          The black men have been trying to do since they were brought here. However, the white men love them so much, that they decided to abuse the black men, and put him in chains. After giving the black men their freedom, the white men did not know what to do. So they put on the hoods, and go out in the night to destroy the houses, and the lives that those black men were trying to build. The black men have been torn down in this country by the white men. The black men’s surroundings are in chaos. Though, you always see the white men there. They can’t just leave the black men alone.
          “They didn’t see every second of an event from every angle, therefore we get to pick and choose what we want and ignore the rest of the testimony.””
          Do you see the difference in our ways of arguing? You cannot quote me saying certain things. You cannot respond to me directly. What you try to do over and over, is to create a strawman, and act as if that is what I was arguing. When someone does not see a portion of an event, that person cannot be said is a “witness” of said event. Though the portion they observed is what they witnessed, not the part that they did not.
          “his has been demonstrated by James David Manning, Michael David Carroll, Painless Risen, Tommy Sotomayor, etc.”
          I have no idea who any of these individuals are.
          “this entire time you’ve been defending a criminal”
          Can you quote me saying that I am defending anyone? I am merely asking questions that you yourself seem unable to answer.
          “You’ve minimized robbery, assault, created a fantastic, absurd, completely illogical scenario, and now finally, argued against the very concept of ” Rule of Law.”
          Yet you cannot quote me of saying. Rule of law in the US is totally absurd. Your whole history is filled with bloodshed, and the government, alongside its own people ignoring its own laws.
          “assaulted a cop after going for his gun”
          Here again I will ask the questions that you seem to run away from:
          Did the victim assault the cop in the car, or outside of the car? Did the victim reached for the gun before or after the cop pulled the gun out? If the victim did reach the gun, then where is the evidence for his fingerprints on the gun? Also, where is the dashboard camera of this event?
          “no one with any sense has any pity for him or his ilk.”
          The white men in this country did not have any sympathy for the black men. That is why they continue their hatred even today.

          Here are more questions for you: Did the cop lie? He told the truth and nothing but the truth? Do you believe every word?
          Then again, you are the one that seems to be defending a killer.
          You say that you are Indian, but I ask: When you are filing an application what race do you put down? “White/Caucasian-Asian-Hispanic-Black”)

        18. The autopsy revealed that he was shot from the front- the “hands up, don’t shoot” witnesses all initially claimed he was shot in the back. They were proven liars.
          I have been citing physical evidence, released by the prosecution after the grand jury verdict, this entire time. You have not addressed it other than to come up with utterly fantastic speculations that no reasonable juror or judge would ever entertain.
          Liking black music, or liking a few black musicians, does not entail “wanting to be like the black man.” That’s a desperate attempt to be relevant. Plenty of black music was popular during segregation. It’s largely irrelevant when discussing the value of blacks to the overall society.
          You even admit ” without a clear video one cannot say what happened without some doubts.” First of all, there is video evidence that mike brown muscled and robbed an elderly Asian man. And no, it’s completely irrelevant what was said beforehand. It shows mike brown was scum who got what he deserved, from a moral standpoint. Secondly video evidence is mot the legal standard did guilt or innocence. You are actually that stupid? If that was the case ninety percent of crimes could not be prosecuted. And finally, you said yourself that there were a lot of doubts, right? Well in U.S. Law you’re INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, which means that doubt exonerates the defendant.
          It’s amazing that you’d defend this position. Absurd, really. Witnesses discredited, a blood trail that completely corroborates the cop’s story ( and the witnesses who were proven credible), powder burns on mike Brown’s hands which prove he was going for the gun to any reasonable person, and video evidence that mike Brown not only possessed a violent, deviant, criminal character, but also had motive to try and combat the police officer, as he knew he would easily face years for the robbery.
          And here we go again with Jim Crow and slavery! Im sorry but that gives you no pass to disobey the law or argue illogical points. You absolutely have tried to
          Dismiss the robbery, his muscling the little shopkeeper, his going for the gun, Etc. You even claimed that demanding that blacks obey the law is racist! I’m sorry, but you Have to obey the law whether you like it or not. I understand most blacks feel as though the law doesn’t apply to them, but the American legal system feels much differently , as hundreds of thousands of blacks fill the prisons die to just such an entitled attitude.
          But look, I don’t actually enjoy forcing you into such desperate arguments. If you will state the following:
          “I, Ender Rigg, acknowledge that black people have no right to commit crimes against nonblack people, including but not limited to whites, and that we are owed no special treatment but are only entitled to the same equal treatment everyone else receives. Furthermore, we black people are not entitled to maintain a philosophy of racial hatred and grievance towards non-blacks, regardless of history.”
          If you will state that, I will NEVER make another anti-black statement on ROK. Surely you just want equality, right? You said so yourself. Shouldn’t be hard to state that yourself, given that it will completely silence your opponent.

        19. The problem you have is that the witnesses’ testimony isn’t hearsay. They saw the shooting. In fact gig can find a video of a black witness stating that MB ” charged the cop like a football player.” Regardless of what you think, that’s not hearsay.
          All you can do is throw childish insults. You can’t grasp basic logic. You go into wind speculations that are completely absurd and unreasonable regarding the physical evidence.
          Just come out and say it, man! You believe that a black man has the right to kill a white cop/ that that is simply justice, and that a non-black doesn’t have the right to defend himself with force, much less lethal force!
          Just go ahead and admit it! Admit that you are just like the negro who said, ” we don’t care about facts. We mad!”
          You actually want to ” get even” for slavery and Jim Crow, Nevermind the fact that the vast majority of lynchings were predicated by black on white rapes and assaults aside. Even ” black Wall Street,” which is the negro professional victim’s favorite go to story, was in response to black rapes of white women.
          Believe me-we are not the ones keeping you around. We (all groups of nonblacks) in fact pay huge sums for housing and schooling in order to be safe from your hatred and violence, your penchant for rape and hate crimes, and your sense of entitlement and belief that the law doesn’t apply to you.

        20. You are off, no one “Belive that a black man has the right to kill a white cop…” Are you Insane, ignorant, malicious, just plain stupid…or all of the above!
          Don’t you see that the LAW IS NOT APPLIED EQUALLY WHEN IT COMES TO BLACK PEOPLE. Those cops who kill the black people don’t even go to trial!! White Civilians who have killed black people have sometimes not gone to jail. It’s a simple observation a 5 year old can do…even innocent blacks go to jail. A BLACK CRIMINAL ALWAYS GOES TO JAIL IDIOT! IF this happened the other way around White people would be rioting much worse and taking down government buildings!! Are you kidding me!!? In the history of this nation only a few times have whites felt the justice system didn’t work out for them you know what they did..THEY KILLED INNOCENT BLACK FAMILIES AND BURNED GOVERMENT BUILDINGS!!! And whites have not even experienced 5% of the Injustice Blacks have felt…its simply reality and historical truth!! You are a moron, meanwhile the same people you defend RAPED YOUR PEOPLE BURNED YOUR PEOPLE SCALPED YOUR PEOPLE AND DECIMATED AND MENTALLY REDUCED YOUR PEOPLE!! YOU ARE A PATHETIC SIMPLETON!! I’m done here.

        21. Most of the lynching were not because of Blacks raping white women. That was a fear that White men had of Blacks having sex with white women….some white women actually sought after black men to sleep with. Lynching were usually false allegations. Why don’t you talk about white men raping black girls little boys and native women…why do you conveniently leave that out. You have serious mental issues man, focus on building your native people. The decimation natives have experienced at the hands of whites were extreme that your petty grievances do not compare to that, yet you conveniently leave that out! Disgrace!

        22. Lmao. ” Muh Dik.” Black guy has to try and be macho even when talking about the 1880s! The stats now demonstrate that race is overwhelmingly a black male problem. White males almost never assault black women, and when’s the last time an Indian committed a rape?
          Again, with the 1880s with you. Black people are holding grievances as if this stuff happened yesterday. It’s always going to turn our negatively for them-as the white guilt stops and the black dysfunction spreads we will see even more of this kind of desperate pleas about 1915.
          A white immigrant was beaten to death with hammers by blacks in ferguson in 2014. A white girl was doused with lighter fluid and set on fire in 2014. MILLIONS of blacks are collectively pissed, some even rioting, because an overt, proven criminal was shot after going for a cop’s gun.
          It’s the dysfunction now that matters, and if “oppression” was responsible:
          1. Black people would be better off the more separated from non-blacks, whereas the opposite is true.
          2. Black people would be better off further away In time from slavery/Jim Crow/apartheid, etc. The opposite is true.
          The problem is their own to deal with. Custer’s men raping a Kiowa woman in 1885 doesn’t make it so that I can’t do algebra, find a decent job, control my impulses, or be productive in general.

        23. Ugh. 1880 again. Now it’s just getting sad.
          Several black cops have shot and killed unarmed white men with no charges filed and no uproar.
          This was an open and shut case. 99 percent of the time, those blacks shot were busy beating, raping, or otherwise destroying. When a white guy shot a black guy unjustifiably (Jordan Davis) he went to prison.
          Michael brown’s death is justifiable by anyone possessing logic. This is so evident the media tried to soften the impact of the decision WEEKS before the decision was actually handed down due to the discovery of evidence. Still there was a category five chimpout.
          Again, besides the attempt to take us back to 1925 in perpetuity, blacks for some reason don’t understand the connection between many of them being dangerous criminals and many of them being shot by police. Assault a cop-you dying is a huge possibility. Threaten cops and resist arrest- and don’t submit to the legal system-expect violence. And if your violence in resisting is serious enough to warrant an escalation, don’t get mad when it escalates. Simple logic. Break into someone’s house, be in the process of brutally beating or robbing them, think that you can get out of your charges ( why they think they can run forever puzzles me) by overpowering the cops- these are all the reasons non blacks don’t seem to get shot justifiably.
          You don’t have the right to break laws, assault people when you’re frustrated, go into a rage at the drop of a hat, brutally beat white and Asian people smaller than you and push them around (mike brown’s mo). Fairly simple really.

        24. No one should brutally beat up white and Asian people smaller than you, but also in the right wing media they distort the facts of the case to over-criminalize the victim (especially Blacks and Latinos). But you can’t deny that most of the cops don’t even go to trial let alone get convicted. Garner was not selling loose cigarettes when he was murdered by the police officer…and even if he did its a petty victim-less crime.
          And for the white killed by cops that’s also wrong, also if they were killed by Black cops (which is rare), the thing is that White Cop killing Blacks in controversial situations without even going to trial is simply much more prevalent.

        25. Again Those Blacks that commit crimes are dirt bags and they GO TO JAIL! When white people have felt injustice by the System they rioted in worse ways by burning down black communities and killing innocent blacks…and the “injustice” they felt was very remote from the level of injustice to the Black community and that is simple logic.

        26. Also where is the video with the White Contractors holding their hands up, conveying the fact that Mike Brown had his hands up?

        27. Their going to jail doesn’t change the reality of the disparity in crime. The vast majority of their crimes are fairly unambiguous.
          Maybe these white shooters aren’t going to jail because those shootings are justified? These blacks who get killed are often engaged in severely assaulting someone else ( Trayvon) or engaged in an even more destructive endeavor (brown). Shooting someone in self defense isn’t Injustice.
          But what’s much more important than whether it not anyone goes to jail is the sheer gargantuan number of nonblacks brutalized by blacks. Of course an idiot who recklessly blows a person’s head off as part of a robbery is going to jail. That still doesn’t change the fact that a completely innocent person was killed senselessly. Furthermore the sheer brutality of some of these acts, suck as purging lighter fluid down Jessica chambers throat before setting her on fire, raping 101 year old women ( a crime exclusively done by blacks), shooting a baby in the face over a gang initiation, etc. Bear NO comparison to a homeowner defending property from a burglar ( Marshall coulter), preventing his head from being bashed in by a degenerate thug ( Martin- Zimmermann), or preventing a giant brute bully from overtaking him and taking his firearm ( Brown).
          We are victims all-around, due to the aggression of another ethnic group- the same group we pay taxes to keep alive and multiplying. The fact that justifiable homicides aren t punished Is a good thing, that’s true justice.
          The true injustice is that baby Antonio’s are allowed to be murdered again and again, while leftists hurl ” white privilege” accusations at his lifeless two year old body, and his grieving mother.
          And I’m supposed to have sympathy for a troglodyte thug who smokes his mind away and goes around assaulting people. That’s who really matters to these rioters-the enemies of the innocent.

        28. In an alternate universe?
          I’m already arguing all of this with another delusional black person who can’t use logic or understand cause and effect. I’m just going to copy and paste my responses to him, if you seek to try to dispute the obvious- the open and shut case that resulted in the vindication of the cop and the violence of the degenerate.

        29. Well at least we agree on something. I believe Mike Brown’s death was unwarranted. We still should see all the evidence…also with Garner we finally a video I can confidently bet that if there was no video you would be using negative language about the Garner case as well.

        30. There are many heinous crimes that sprout from different races including white people. Also does it occur to you that I can be also against black on black violence as well and the inequality of Justice when it comes to White/Cop on Black Violence. Also does it occur to you that The President and Civil Rights leaders have also addressed black on black violence which Right Wing Media erroneously claims never happens to deviate from the main point of the unique case of inequality of White on Black Violence.
          Also going by Conservative Fox’s playbook of criminalizing a person to justify a controversial action….that Zimmerman had a record and had assaulted a plainclothes police officer…that he was told to wait for Police Backup, that he aggressively approached the teenager with a weapon when he was unarmed. How about all the other issues with police relating to a gun that Zimmerman has had since the trial? Also with the Brown case did it occur to you that the Police Officer is also a big man over 6 feet and over 200 pounds. That the video showed two white contractors holding their hands up conveying that Brown was surrendering while the shooting occurred. Did you take into account what the forensic analyst said on Fox News which they promptly hushed up cause it doesn’t go with their narrative? Did it occur to you that the PROTESTERS have been mostly peaceful since Ferguson but that Conservative Media keeps using looters to deviate from the conversation? Did it occur to you that black protesters also mitigated and helped reduce the looting by the few?
          The protesters have been largely multiracial all around the country and no amount of diversion specifically from conservative media will stop the conversation when it comes to specific issues that needs to be addressed….largely abuse of power by the police towards citizens with special emphasis on Blacks and Latinos, and the widening gap of Rich and Poor in this country.

        31. I’m sure its in this universe…anyway the proof is in the videos not that it will make a difference anyway as we saw in the Garner Case…and here in the Mike Brown case below…

        32. What about the video in which the black witness describes the thug charging the cop ” like a football player?”
          So fucked up how people can desperately try to get out of the obvious -the blood trail proves without a shadow of a doubt that he was moving toward the officer. Combine that with the entry wounds of the bullet on top of the head with the blood trail and the “charging like a football player” testimony, with the powder burns on MBs hands, and there’s more than enough there provide reasonable support for the cop’s testimony.
          I know that that will not matter. But I’m not interested in any fantasy argument. The vast majority of rational people, even the highly pro black news media, can see this for what it is. Which is an open and shut case.
          Who cares about this worthless piece of trash anyway? His ratchet mother didn’t until she could get some fame lol. Of she had he wouldn’t have turned out like he did most likely. Ol ratchet heffer going before the U.N. with a lb of Malaysian on her head. Just disgraceful.

        33. All I see is the video where the two contractors are holding their hands up. Also the “ratchet” mother is simply a MOTHER just like a white mother or a brown or Asian mother is. Check out this video.

        34. Lmao. I live in ferguson. Or did until very recently. These mofos are far from peaceful.
          If you think the media has an anti black bias you are living in a pure fantasy land. The evidence is clear on both-Zimmerman was getting his used pummeled into the concrete when he shot trayvons thug ass-no way around it. Plus all they about him being told to wait for backup, etc. Is irrelevant. Was he on danger when he fired the shot? That’s all that matters there.
          Was the cop in danger with brown? The physical evidence, as well as the testimony of all the witnesses who testified under oath AND whose testimony wasn’t reduced to ashes by the autopsy ( the ” hands up” folks either didn’t testify under oath or claimed originally that brown was shot in the back) cirri orated the cop’s story.
          As for black on black crime-I never brought it up. The people who do that are blue pill conservatives who believe American blacks can be saved by getting off the “liberal plantation.” I myself don’t care about black on black crime. It’s the extremely disproportionate black on non black crime that I’m concerned with-valuable, productive human brings being done in by hopeless, unchangeable criminals, time and time again. And frankly, Pookie killing Ray Ray is not anything approaching a ” tragedy” in my opinion. That’s two less negros to beat Zemir Begic to death with hammers or savagely best Hoang Nguyen to death as part of the Knockout game ( and don’t tell me it’s not real-I’ve seen it with my own eyes).
          Show me a link where a white man (or Indian for that matter) has-
          1. Raped a black woman over 60 years of age.
          2. Poured lighter fluid down a black girl’s throat before setting her on fire.
          3. Walked up and shot an eighteen month old baby in the face for no reason.
          4. Collected a mob of whites who beat a black war veteran into a coma and brain damage because he went into a Waffle House.
          The mass media and the state are always hungry for white on black murders. That’s why Trayvon and brown are all they have to work with. And unfortunately for the left and for the negros those cases were not in the length-victimization camp’s favor. Both of those worthless thugs were in the process of attempting to severely harm another person-whether it’s Trayvon bashing Zimmermann’s head in or brown trying to wrestle a cop’s gun away. The both got what was coming to them.
          Baby Antonio and Jessica Cambell did nothing. The deaths of those savage thugs don’t even remotely compare in importance to theirs, to any sane person.

        35. No the situation is different. He was twisting, yes- which proves he was a total retard- but he was choked out by a whole slew of cops.
          He didn’t go for a cop’s gun. He wasn’t bashing anyone’s head into the bloody pavement. Those are clear differences. Garner didn’t have powder burns on his hand, or a blood trail demonstrating he had moved towards the officer after he had been shot.
          That said, while garner was wronged, and I think some form of punishment should be instituted for the police responsible, I don’t think garner himself was much of a loss for the world.

        36. Wow There are many degenerate crimes that white people commit are you serious?! The list is exhaustive…no one is excusing Black Criminals again you miss the point those Black criminals GO TO JAIL they GO TO JAIL they GO TO JAIL…kids that play that stupid Knockout game GO TO JAIL one kid who played that game got shot and guess what he WENT TO JAIL…and he said he deserved it and he learned his lesson for playing a dumb game….White kids have also participated in that dumb “game” here and in Europe…they also have Hooliganism in Europe associated with Soccer games…and they throw bananas and chant racist remarks at black players.
          Now lets look at Cops who killed Amadou Diallo, who was unarmed and far away they moved the trial! Whites have escaped JUSTICE for killing blacks, and supported by the SYSTEM.
          Again black criminals no one supports them and …THEY GO TO JAIL what is that again you ask THEY GO TO JAIL…Whites have rioted over sporting events, College parties, they have rioted because a black criminal who WAS FOUND GUILTY was not given to the white masses…they break the jail and LYNCH HIM….whites in the past who have felt that the justice system wronged them (The Justice system didn’t wrong them they found the black criminals GUILTY) burned down black neighborhoods and business and KILLED INNOCENT BLACKS!! now imagine those blacks that killed that white guy if they were found not guilty!!! that’s a proper comparison or the rioters killing masses of white people…that’s a comparison….RIGHT WING MEDIA IS BIASED….
          Again you miss the point like Fox News Does…the Black Criminals GO TO JAIL even innocent blacks sometimes end up in JAIL!!!
          Got it good I’m done with you.

        37. He was a loss to his family just like i can say your loss might not be much to the world…but it would mean a lot to your family….anyway I spent three days defending your people to racist whites who were whitewashing and denigrating your people’s history….and calling natives all types of names just as you do with blacks smh….maybe you can join them.

        38. I’ve never been called a racist name by a white person, only by blacks.
          The vast majority of whites feel tremendous guilt about the past, including over slavery. Yet no amount of remorse would ever be enough, because you use the “ongoing legacy of slavery” as a means to deny reality.
          I don’t need to keep pushing history in peoples’ faces, because I know I am an equal to any white man.

        39. Some white cop shooting a black male as part of policing, or even as an act of malice, is nowhere near on the level, in both the degree of brutality, as well as the extent of frequency, as black male brutalization of innocent non-blacks. Going to jail is irrelevant. Some Trayvon thug type getting a used by a cop is a problem because the cop is taking things too far. When that same Trayvon and his friends gang rape an eleven year old Mexican girl, or using numbers brutally best an innocent white person to death or in a coma, there is no comparison. Regardless of punishment.
          So we have had Some instances of police brutality and profiling. This is only to be expected, given the overwhelming presence of blacks in crime. But what is the cause of a black male raping a 101 year old woman? Or assaulting people out of sheer malice?
          Show me an instance (not from 1911) of white people hanging up and beating a black child to death or gang raping one. Show me an instance in which a white man rapes a 101 year old woman. Or how about one in which a white brutally beats an innocent black person minding his own business, all the while hurling racial slurs.

        40. Ratchet is ratchet, and no, she is not just a typical mother. She’s a dysfunctional thug herself. My mother never assaulted anyone. I never had to live with my grandparents because my mother is a dysfunctional grown child. My mother was poor but she nurtured and loved me. She cherished her children and never abandoned them.
          These “parents” only give a shit after the fact, when there is something to gain. If they actually cared they would, you know, put effort into raising them. If my son was walking around with his pants below his ass, speaking like a degenerate, posting pictures posing as a criminal thug with blunts and guns, I would have a damn fit. Brown’s mother actually is with a 35 year old man who is doing those things. That’s a huge difference.

        41. You lose all credibility with me when you use the word “thug” its a loaded coded word used to criminalize victims. Perhaps I should start using the word Savage to describe Natives…like some white people do. By the way I just got finished debating one of your buddies trying to generalize all Native peoples as savages and constantly at war with each other to justify the taking of their land and way of life by force.
          And you dehumanize them by saying they only give a shit when they have something to gain…how about the young man who got shot carrying a pellet gun in a carry state at a Wal-Mart. They released a 90 minute video where they questioned his girlfriend and asked if he used drugs or if she was on drugs to criminalize them to justify the killing of the black man. The detective was cold and callous and only informed her of the young man’s death after 90 minutes. He was trying to get a “forced” confession to justify the shooting. Again the media does not criminalize white kids as “THUGS” who smoke weed…by the way most of the harder drugs I seen kids do for fun were done by whites…blacks and latinos mostly stuck to weed. Now you use this Indian word “Thug” as your new word for nigger. Shameful especially when I just got finished defending your people from your white buddies when they refer to them as “Savages.” idiot.

        42. That’s the thing I don’t use the “ongoing legacy of slavery” on forums like these its some WHITE PEOPLE that denigrate Blacks ALL THE TIME such as yourself, I merely respond to it. Its you who has this weird fascination with black people and can’t seem to think critically, and you’re not even white. And I’m equal to any man who walks the earth…I SIMPLY RESPOND TO IGNORANCE THAT YOU SPEW. Because although you state “I know I am equal to any white man.” in one breath, you make it as Blacks are UNEQUAL in the other breath. It’s Hypocritical and lacks critical thinking on you and your cohorts behalf. lol

        43. The difference is that I’m not a savage. I can read. I am economically productive and law-abiding.
          Michael brown was a thug. And if it talks like a thug, dresses like a thug, and commits crimes like a thug, well….,
          And don’t even bring the little kid into it (Shakin Ma Haid). Yes he was killed unlawfully in my opinion, but isn’t relevant to anything we’ve been discussing. There have been cases of non-black kids shot in similar circumstances. And again, blacks have a bad reputation for a reason, though it is unfortunate that the innocent minority wind up lumped in with the guilty majority.
          But Again, more changing the subject.
          Shakin ma haid.

        44. That’s the thing many of the victims were not in the act of committing crimes! What is it that you don’t understand? Yeah you are not a savage but the way many people on the internet lump all blacks would be the same as if I called you a savage or disregarded a complex case and called the native kid a savage every chance I get.

        45. What do you gain by posting that? Don’t you understand I can do the same and post every single heinous crime white people commit around the world as well.

        46. Crimes committed by non-blacks are already broadcast 24/7. They are magnified by the media a thousand times over.
          While black crimes are minimized, denied, and covered up by the same media. In fact one way to discern that a criminal is black is when the news article doesn’t mention the perpetrator’s race. If a criminal is white it’s front page.

        47. That is not true…Black are criminalized extensively especially by conservative media, and they criminalize the black victim and use petty crimes no matter how minor or distantly removed to justify the action. I don’t understand how you do not notice that…that’s what happened with the Garner case…he died cause he was selling loose cigarettes and he is overweight etc, even though we actually have the video.

        48. The mainstream
          Media is not conservative, it’s pro black. Even the conservatives can’t accurately describe things due to p.c. Restrictions. The leader of the nation is black. So is the highest ranking law enforcement officer. Criticizing blacks can get whites fired instantly. I’m only immune because I’m non-white.

        49. I’m not seeing whites doing this. I’m seeing whites kidding ass constantly in order to avoid p.c. Wrath.
          Eric garner was wrongfully killed, but he wasn’t ” innocent.” An innocent person would not have resisted and tried to slap
          A cop’s hands away. If Trayvon were innocent he wouldn’t have doubled back to assault Zimmerman and slammed his head into the concrete.
          If you have a felony conviction, or clearly fit a stereotype, expect to be pry underprepared scrutiny. It’s an unavoidable part of reality.
          But none of that compares to shooting a baby in the face or raping an octogenarian.

        50. LMAO!!! Now you sound like you have a “victim mentality” The last what 42 or 43 Presidents were….ALL WHITE MEN!! P.C. Restrictions also negatively impact black people, there are certain things they can’t say as well. And the thing is that Obama and Holder don’t even come close to true power and corruption and racism at the high levels. White Presidents were OPENLY RACIST towards black brown and red people. You had Woodrow Wilson OPENLY PRAISING Birth of a Nation a KKK movie as well as KKK rallies in Washington D.C. And now you complain?!

        51. Don’t act like blacks are defensive. It’s a constant stream of accusations. There is no black body politic that can be separated from the grievance industry.
          Think about it- as an Indian man what interest would I have in arbitrarily being wary of blacks? My opinions were all originally extremely liberal on the subject. Living in Ferguson/St. Louis for four years out a stop to that.
          I rarely met a black person on the reservation in Oklahoma. When I did, it was almost always positive. In large numbers though blacks hate other races and are viciously violent. It’s purely out of self-preservation that I argue what I argue.
          I want to get along. For that to happen, blacks have to stop brutalizing others. The law is what it is and is a permanent fixture of a first world society.

        52. Again we are going in circles the real black criminals GO TO JAIL. In the media especially conservative media they criminalize the victim…things like “oh he smoked weed 10 years ago” to justify that persons controversial death. We are not excusing people who shoot babies here.

        53. I have not seen blacks on this forum start a conversation by saying “all whites are animals” usually it begins with people like yourself and others who take something like Haiti’s economic situation and turn it into “these people are animals” type of situation then it becomes this racial conversation.

        54. John Crawford a black man was killed by Police for carrying a pellet Gun in a open carry state. No Charges!! At first they tried to criminalize him by saying that he was a deviant waving a gun at people..then they had video of the entire incident. So they tried to find anything like if he was under the influence of any type of drug anything to COVER their ASS…many whites tried to justify this situation as well with Bullshit. Then the video comes out of the interrogation with the detective the victim used drugs or if she herself was under the influence of drugs for an hour and a half without telling her he was already dead. But idiots still try to justify it somehow.

        55. Ok. Hang those cops.
          I’m still not seeing non-blacks raping 101 year olds, or shooting children in the face, or gang raping 11 year olds.
          Whites have been killed unjustly by cops also. I’ve been harnessed by police both black and white. I only truly am concerned with black crime, however, given the stats.
          Again, don’t show me over zealous cops-we all deal with that. Show me a white person raping a 101 year old black woman.

        56. Race is a factor in Haiti’s ruin. It’s just a fact.
          And no we don’t generally see blacks saying that ON THIS SPECIFIC FORUM. ROK is a safe haven- blacks call us racist names, assault us, and kill us in REAL LIFE. Some overzealous cop shoots a negro, who in many instances is a criminal, and you can’t see how that’s different from “youths” shooting babies in the face, or gang raping an 11 year old.

        57. It doesn’t matter that they go to jail. A black thug blowing a baby’s head off is a HUGE problem in matter who gets arrested. It simply should NEVER happen. Some cop getting off after roughing up a thug is not even close in severity there.
          Trayvon, brown, etc. Had plenty to be condemned for. They both were your typical shiftless, purposeless, and violent dysfunctional black make youth. The evidence of their lack of character is glaring. Hell even garner, who was closer to bring murdered, was still a rotten idiot.
          Really the issue is simple. This article sums it up nicely.

        58. Yeah,
          in 1914! Jesus Christ. Anyway the problem isn’t that Obama and holder are black, it’s that they are the two highest ranking men on earth and still act as if they are helpless plantation field hands, victimized by evil rednecks. It demonstrates to the average person that no amount of concessions will ever be enough for blacks. They will always underperform and they will always blame others for their underperformance.
          There’s nothing we can do. It’s becoming clear that we need to go back to segregation. Having the law in your favor, easy favoritism for jobs, the mass media on your side, and yet most blacks are worse off than ever. They cannot adapt to this system, and they will never abandon their rage, hatred, and victimhood. This is why we have to separate.
          What can’t black people say? Black politicians and academics can openly call for white genocide.

        59. The Black man GOES TO JAIL!! White people have killed their own kids, many serial killers are white, they eat their victims. Bombing of Federal Buildings, the UNIBOMBER…White on White crime over 86%. Overzealous cops MURDERED THIS young man. Lied about it to the media, then the tape comes out then the interrogation comes out and you see how they try to criminalize her and the victim again…come on man.
          Anyway you seem to have a Black fetish/obsession all your posts are hating black people and giving everyone else a pass or justifying the injustice. Just go kiss the white man’s ass. We have nothing else to talk about.

        60. Are you slow or something? An aggressive cop kills a Black Man sometimes with no prior record or with petty crimes…HE NEVER GOES TO JAIL!
          and yes there is a different with Youth “shooting babies in the face” cause wait for it….THEY GO TO JAIL!!!! LOL what the hell is wrong with you lol
          ROK is a safe haven for people to constantly bad mouth Black and Brown people it happens all the time black and brown people are not doing it here.

        61. Underperform George Bush is the definition of Under-performing. Obama is much smarter than Bush was with far less fuckups. IF it was Obama fucking up like George he def would’ve been impeached a long time ago. Truth is Obama has to be that much more careful and smart about what he is doing. They are not acting like helpless plantation filed hands. I seriously think you have mental issues….Jesus Christ you have the white mans dick in your mouth so deep you cant think straight.
          What in the world are you talking about having the Law in the Black Man’s favor? Are you retarded?! Blacks are more likely to face a stronger punishment for the same crime as white, Blacks get stopped/profiled more often…BLACKS WILL NEVER GET AWAY WITH A CRIME LIKE WHITES HAVE IN THIS COUNTRY!! THE BLACK PANTHERS WILL NEVER OPENLY KILL WHITES WITH THE COUNTY SHERIFFS APPROVAL AND THE PRESIDENT’S APPROVAL LIKE THE KKK DID.
          What world do you live in?!
          “Easy Favoritism for jobs?” Again are you from earth….you don’t live in the real world man i cant continue this conversation lol wow

        62. White College student murdered by his roommate, they are trying to find the killer…I believe the white guy didn’t deserve to die…guess what! He was a drug dealer and sold drugs to his eventual killer…you know what Walsh says!? “Sure he was doing a few negative things..but what kid doesn’t? We all did things in our youth that are a little questionable!”
          You see the difference if it was a black guy…they would’ve used that to justify the killing!

        63. I agree that there is a tendency to think in those terms- but that’s primarily due to peoples’ negative experiences with violent blacks. People stereotype blacks because 80 percent of then behave accordingly. Yes that’s not ideal, but it’s another example of why blacks need to either separate or change their behavior.
          As for that white drug dealer being killed, so what? No tragedy in my opinion. And John Walsh doesn’t speak for me.
          Mike brown was a physically threatening, brute and bully. I am seeing it with my own eyes. Any punk who steals cigars and muscles in on a much smaller, elderly man who is just trying to make a living is bringing it on himself. Play stupid ass games, win stupid ass prizes. And if an Indian or white goes around threatening productive people and harming their livelihoods, may they face the same.

        64. Again with the refernce to the past. And no, Obama is not any better than George Bush. He’s just as incompetent.
          Obama isn’t impeached because conservatives are afraid of being called racist. Fortunately after Obama we will never have a black president ever again. It’s just too much of a liability.
          And you know the special advantages I’m referencing- affirmative action, quotas, the leftist push to be ” inclusive,”ethnic scholarships and hiring preferences.
          Furthermore when you control for past convictions and

        65. (Continuation of comment below). When you control for past offenses and the brutality of crime, blacks actually recieve slightly lighter sentences.
          Black victimization ignores the circumstances of black criminality. A nerdy college kid selling drugs out of his dorm room is nowhere as dangerous as a physically threatening, armed thug swaggering out in public and just daring someone to fuck with him.
          But blacks actually think that a white person talking behind their backs, calling them racial slurs, moving to the other side of the street is comparable to
          Bashing someone’s head in producing death or brain damage.
          Blacks NEED these false equivalences. They are easy to tear down.
          Before my accepting reality I participated in a number of “conscious” black social groups. Keep in mind in aware of EVERY kind if racist meme, argument, and attitude racist blacks maintain.
          Posts with pictures claiming non black women want to be black because some celebrity got a butt injection. That picture if the skave’s back with lash scars circled around THOUSANDS of times. The false equivalency arguments . The narcissism. The ” wet dog smell,” ” cave people,” nonsense, the ” moor” mythology and lies.
          As for the past, Jim Crüe, and the kkk- that has no bearing on the fact that blacks are savagely brutalizing non- blacks in the present day. You will NEVER get the chance to ” get even.” So get rid of that notion right now. Accept reality. Assimilate, accept reality, or find an all-black culture.

        66. Again-it doesn’t matter to me if they go to jail. That’s a false equivalency. A black ” teen” needlessly killing a productive, innocent person, even when the killer is convicted, is a hundred times worse than a white cop being overly brutal and killing a black criminal. It’s fairly common sense.
          Show me ten stories in which white teenagers murder innocent blacks. Show me where truly innocent blacks are brutalized.
          Again-if you want to me rid of police brutality, stop committing so much of the damn crime. When feral black ” youths” are walking around terrorizing the weak and the elderly, ruining the lives of the productive, no sensible, logical person is going to care if a cop occasionally goes to far in administering the law in stopping them.
          We need more George Zimmermanns and Wilsons. Maybe then innocent productive people would be safe.
          To compare Rodney King or mike brown to Kaylah Peterson, Zemir Begic, or Hoang Nguyen proves most blacks lack basic moral reasoning.

        67. Then stop posting!
          Again- them going to jail means little. It’s much more difficult to convict a cop for being too brutal to a criminal than a thug for killing am
          Innocent FOR GOOD reason.
          And again with the ” Jeffrey Dahmer”
          Deflection that blacks LOVE to use! The truth is that Jeffrey Dahmers are extremely rare- meanwhile there are entire neighborhoods of trayvons and mike browns to destroy civilization.
          And again ” they go to jail” doesn’t mean anything. It Doesn’t help protect us from overwhelming black-in-origin violence, crime, and brutality. And the black resistance to basic morality and logic. Our main purpose is protecting civilization from the black undertow. Blacks being jailed has no bearing on this, aside from preventing future acts of black-in-origin brutality.
          But if you can’t see how a cop killing a thug illegally is nowhere near as immoral as that same thug raping a101 year old woman, you are never going to understand civilized law.

        68. ITs not a false equivalency…the very fact that YOU as well as Conservative Media BRINGS UP Blacks criminals and Black on Black Crime when describing White/Cop on Black violence and the specific inequality of the Law is THE FALSE EQUIVALENCY.

        69. Jesus Christ the guy was not a “nerdy white kid” selling drugs..what I am saying that if the Nerdy kid was a black person conservative media would label him a thug and immediately criticize him and justify the crime that is the crux of the discussion here.

        70. In many instances they don’t deserve to be murdered. You’re right there. But the non-black victims deserve it EVEN LESS- and these acts of police brutality against black criminals/destroyers, while regrettable and immoral, pakes when compared to the gravity of innocents being killed. No amount if convictions can ever mitigate the brutality of these acts.
          It’s like when conservatives disingenuously appeal to ” black on black violence.” It’s no snot out if my nose when one thug, regardless of race, kills another. It has to be punished legally, but it certainly isn’t a ” tragedy.” The only truly innocent victims there are the innocents and children killed by idiot negro drive bys- a crime only blacks are primitive enough to engage in consistently.
          The ” drive-by” is basically a black tribal raid, adapted to an industrial society. Again, where is the white equivalent? I know negros love to point to warfare as equivalent. Organized warfare, while evil, isn’t a threat to me personally, unlike black-in-origin violence and dysfunction, which is ruining OUR cities!

        71. Obama is brighter and more prepared than Bush but that’s not saying much…anyone with two brain cells except you and hatred filled Conservatives can clearly see this.
          Again Affirmative Action was to level the playing field, although I personally don’t like Affirmative Action because people like yourself can use it as an excuse when a black man accomplishes something you cant do. Too say that black people have “advantages” over the white man is absurd. For most of history Whites even incompetents were given supervisory work…usually a brown or black person who advises and teaches the white man earlier on later gets passed by the same white person he TAUGHT genius I have seen this personally countless times.
          I was at work with my cousin who was teaching this young white guy everything about sales and merchandise, and he told him “don’t worry pretty soon you will be MY Boss.” Later on the white guy became his boss and got snarky with my cousin…and my cousin told him…”remember what I told you a couple of years back?” In my personal life I am multi-lingual pass my exams with higher grades than most white people and still get passed over. I have to make sure that my grades are a large percentage ahead of my white counterparts for me to have a chance even with the “quota” system involved. I read relentlessly to the pace of one or two books a week to prepare. If I changed my name to Robert Johnson, or maybe Michael McCrae I feel I would’ve gotten hired earlier.

        72. No one deserves to get murdered also non black victims no one is saying they are. But Blacks have gotten the shortest end of the stick worldwide its simple reality. That is not excusing their bad behavior as well.

        73. You have a fascination with putting Blacks down…but don’t point out White Violence and White rioting as well. They used the same talking points against the Natives while they were still actively resisting…like Geronimo and Red Cloud my REAL HEROES. Now Natives are almost non existent and sitting in reservations. And we got little natives riding around putting down another group while giving the white man that put them down a pass historically.. good going good luck.

        74. It’s only natural that conventional names are taken more seriously. Every society is like that.
          The entire government sector gives blacks the first dibs. If you are black and have a 105 I.q. Opportunities abound due to policy.

        75. That does happen. And it’s wrong when it does happen. But it’s only a natural outgrowth of intense criminality. It’s further exacerbated by blacks defending the worst among themselves and persecuting the greatest.

        76. Black criminals being brutalized by cops will never equal innocent non- blacks being brutalized by black criminals. Furthermore the ” conservative” media is utterly marginalized. If it wasn’t ROK wouldn’t need to exist in the first place.

        77. They are not Hardened Criminals if they were there would be no uproar, it is petty past crimes at best or none at all, and the cops getting OFF….Black violent Criminals are not supported as well as Criminals of any race. The Conservative Media has been the overall media for much of this nation’s history and even prior to be honest. So your gripe does not compare now that they have been finally questioned for several decades. That’s the issue.

        78. Its nowhere defending the “worst” among themselves that’s the point they are angry because people who are carrying a pellet gun, or a 12 year old playing outside when the caller said it was most likely a toy gun gets killed within 3 seconds of the police officer pulling up and officer doesn’t even go to trial. Its white civilians in the past getting away with murder literally with jury manipulation which doesn’t happen with Black Criminals. Its Black people serving sentences for Crimes they never committed, or force to take plea bargains when they were innocent, and have to live with a criminal record. Conservative Media and people like you deviate the conversation to try to Criminalize the victim even when the “crimes” are petty and completely removed from the situation. Bringing up real Black criminals is a false equivalency 1. Because Blacks do not march for them and protest. 2. Because they get found GUILTY TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW. That is why its a FALSE EQUIVALENCY, APPLES TO ORANGES.

        79. That is not true…Blacks have to work very hard. My Calculus teacher in high school told me that as Black and Brown people we have to work that much harder to escape the way people like you view Blacks and Latinos. Of course that doesn’t match the OVERALL ADVANTAGE AND HEAD START Whites have had in this country. And real outright racism by those all the way up to the President. A person like me almost laughs at the audacity when people like you say it isn’t “fair.”

        80. There is no “headstart,” other than the one created to benefit blacks lol. There’s absolutely no reason that black first graders shouldn’t be able to keep up with white ones in learning to read. For Christ’s sake, the children of Asian immigrants come here and do better than the white kids.
          It doesn’t actually. ” take a village” to raise a child. It takes two non-retarded parents. It doesn’t take millions to teach basic reading and mathematics. Kids in schools composed of grass huts are learning these subjects in India , yet black students csnt be relied upon to pull their pants up lol.
          Think about it: requiring blacks to produce an I.D. Is so difficult for them that it prevents a great many of them from voting. In my opinion , if you’re too stupid to produce a photo I.D. You’re too stupid to vote anyway , but then again I’d force everyone to pass a basic mathematics test to be allowed to register.
          Black students whose parents make over $200,000 per year score the same on the SAT as white students whose parents make under. $20,000. That is just the stomp down truth. There is no ” headstart ” when it comes to learning basics, like the alphabet. There is only a difference in innate ability , which the vast majority of blacks lack.

        81. 1. I seem to recall blacks protesting for a certain Mike Brown, a proven thug. The murdered little boy with the toy gun is just an afterthought to most blacks.
          2. The vast majority of blacks brutalized by police have criminal
          Records, of were engaged in some sort of criminal enterprise when encountered, a la Rodney King. With Mike Brown we can’t even use the word. ” brutality ,” as self-defense is evident. No one with critical thinking skills is ever going to equate mike brown , a violent, dangerous thug, with the non- black victims of a black gang rape.
          I know I have to say the same thing over and over, because all you can respond with are pre- prepared taking points, but here it is again : whether or not the black brutalizers of non- blacks go to jail is not relevant. It doesn’t make society significantly safer, nor does it bring anyone back from the dead.
          When cops. ( non-black and black) kill blacks, the majority of the time it’s in the line of duty. Regardless of whether or not their actions are justified or not , shooting a black male criminal who is in the process of brutally assaulting someone , or who had just been part of a gruesome gang- rape , is never going to be seen as as serious an outrage as a black brute taking and killing a nine year old child. Whether or not the policemen ” goes to jail ”
          Will never be as critical
          An issue as removing violent predators who brutalize actually innocents of the street, at least for logical , thinking people.

        82. Again you keep wanting to go back to 1919. That’s in the past. I deal with the present. And the present mainstream media is pro -black to the point of insanity.
          I never trust a black
          Person as to what constitutes a “petty crime,”
          As robbery, assault, even murder has been dismissed by blacks as “petty crime.”
          About it- most blacks believe that it should be legal for a black person to beat a non- black person to death for calling them racial slurs. When s logical, thinking man says. ,”wait a second- calling someone a name, any name, is never a justification for violence , ” and you get all sorts of crazy rationalizations. Just another example of black
          Public servants who kill violent criminals are never going to receive the same punishment as thugs gang- raping a 98 year old.
          You have yet to
          Show me an example of a non-black raping a black senior citizen.

        83. You cannot state that Blacks as a group in the country have an “advantage” you must be delusional. I am from the inner city and we don’t have the money for tutoring and all the after school activities. White School have all the technology and best teachers. I actively had to SEARCH OUT college level courses as early as my sophomore year in High School and started in Junior high taking High school classes but teachers didn’t actively work with me. Also I used to walk to the expensive White High schools and see all the money poured in to their educational facilities. I also witnessed them using drugs smoking weed and harder drugs like ecstasy and popping pills within sight of the police yet I never saw the cops stop them. meanwhile most kids at my high school who smoked weed were almost always watched and stopped and received records before they even thought about going to college.
          Yes I agree it is also the Black community who has to rise up and work that much harder to succeed, Asian kids… Indians/Korean/Chinese come from a strict educational background and that is what I personally am trying to change in the black and Latino community as well because the talent is def there. I myself would at times help the Korean and Indian students with concepts in Organic Chemistry and I didn’t study as hard as they did. They are strict in their study while some of us are focused on Sports and women. On the other hand we turn out more well rounded (if the education and drive is there) than the Asians coming from other nations.
          Also Blacks from the Caribbean outperform Americans in general as well as Nigerians. So its a combination of INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL FACTORS. You on the other hand seem to focus all your negative on Black people and turn a blind eye on certain negatives of other communities, especially the same ones who raped your people and some of them continue today to denigrate your society and people like yourself NOW but I bet you would put your head down and keep it moving with them right? lol

        84. Again NO ONE RALLIES FOR A TRUE VIOLENT BLACK CRIMINAL how many times do i need to say that! A Gruesome rapist is not going to get people marching out on the street (multi racial protests by the way.) I have witnessed white people partake in weird sexual and sometimes aggressive sexual activity that at times were made women feel uncomfortable. I stayed away because I have a feeling that I would get the brunt of the blame, so I was always careful around white females for that same reason, if I slept with a white woman it was in a just and honest way. Usually they would seek out the sexual activity and I stayed away from heavy drinking for that very reason. Whites have raped older people they have raped young boys and girls…even Jewish Rabbis. They also have blown up Federal Buildings formed organized right wing organizations which ACTIVELY ARE ANTI GOVERNMENT and may shoot police ON SIGHT like SOVEREIGN CITIZENS. ARE OPENLY RACISTS AND IN THE PAST HAVE BEEN SUPPORTED BY THE PRESIDENT and all LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT. Imagine a bunch of black people aiming GUNS AT THE GOVERNMENT LIKE CLIVEN BUNDY but conservative held him as a hero?! Get the hell outta here.

        85. AGAIN NO ONE SUPPORTS ANIMALS LIKE THAT…and they GO TO JAIL!!! lol Jesus its like a broken record.
          WOW! you seriously seriously have a mental issue Kiowa.

        86. Also I’m not sure where you get ” most blacks believe that it should be legal for a black person to beat a non- black person to death for calling them racial slurs?”
          I think its understandable to punch someone in the mouth especially when its a racist ignorant prick. However I personally advise to avoid the legal trouble unless the person touches you.
          An Irish racist prick kept yelling racial slurs at a Black Guy who was minding his business during St. Patrick’s Day he kept being a racist prick and finally the Black guy knocked his ass out. Although understandable the Black guy faced charges….but the video is there for everyone to see. I myself have been called racist slurs by ignorant fucktards in Good Ol Texas. And the worst part about it is they get their history and slurs wrong…but most of them are backwater hicks anyway. I bet they would call you all kinds of names too…but I advise self control.

        87. It’s never licit to hit someone over name-calling. The fact that so many blacks can be baited into it is a sign of a lack of impulse control. The same lack of control that makes one young man murder another.

        88. Again that’s irrelevant! It doesn’t matter whether or not they go to jail.
          If 1,000 people are eaten by bears, and two poachers kill a bear and aren’t punished, no one is going to have a problem when those bears are put down.
          Black criminality is a huge problem, did everyone, including other blacks. No one is going to care when an Hispanic/Asian cop kills a thug in an arrest-gone-wrong. When those cops start murdering large numbers of non-criminal blacks, raping old women and small children, pouring lighter fluid down a young girl ‘a mouth before setting her on fire, then those cops will go to jail, just like Michael Dunn did. He deserved jail and he will spend the rest of his life there.
          It’s sick to compare Darren Wilson not going to jail for shooting a brutish thug whom forensics proved went for his gun, to a young girl being burned to death. The discrepancy in going to jail is irrelevant. The alleged crimes ( Darren Wilson committed no crime, neither did Zimmermann) are not equivalent.
          We ALL have to walk around in terror of violent young negro males, ESPECIALLY other negro males, while only criminal negro males have to deal
          With police brutality.
          Black thugs being abused by cops is nowhere near as severe as non black
          Innocents brutally murdered and raped by feral black males. It’s only natural that there is a difference in who goes to jail.
          Hopeless young black makes are the danger. The occasional black thug being abused is nothing compared to that danger.
          If they’d just acknowledge their hatred and anger, they could put it to positive use and change. They’d be good neighbors. They’d work hard at their jobs. They’d show respect to elders and consideration to children. Instead of shooting up the place because someone scuffed their $200 sneakers.

        89. Umm Mike brown? Rodney king? Troy Davis?
          Plenty of Kiowa criminals. Probably even a higher percentage than blacks. I have no problem saying ” fuck em.” I don’t get why that’s so hard.
          You break the law, resist cops, fight, steal, rob, kill, rape, destroy, and civilization is going to deal with you. And if a Kiowa ( or anyone else) stays on welfare without even trying to work then no one with sense should respect them.

        90. It doesn’t take technology to teach basic reading. Plenty of third world students are outperforming even white Americans.
          Why is it so hard to look at the culture clearly? I looked at mine clearly and decided I was not going to go down with them. I was told I was ” acting white” my whole life. Now the same dysfunctional Indians want to borrow money.

        91. Exactly I do see negatives in the black community I also see external factors as well…why can’t you seem to understand the fact that people can have two or more thought processes…their are many different factors.

        92. Rodney King didn’t KILL Mike Brown didn’t Kill, no one supports cold blooded killers. Thing is that when their is a controversial killing by a police officer towards a black victim…the police and media especially conservative media seeks to quickly criminalize the victim even if they have petty unrelated crimes. AGAIN I have seen instances when a white person is the victim and they have sold drugs or had other petty crimes and they do not bring it up and CRIMINALIZE the white victim or call him a “thug”…which I AGREE with as it is not part of the main incident…Diallo was unarmed did not have a criminal record he was shot at 41 times and they manipulated the jury and the cops walked free. I bet if he would’ve smoked a joint in the past they would’ve brought that up. You see now what I mean I’m talking about specific patterns we see.

        93. “No one is going to care when an Hispanic/Asian cop kills a thug in an arrest-gone-wrong..” Zimmerman was half Latino and has the same thought process you do their was outrage. Also the Asian Cop who killed the unarmed man in Brooklyn there is currently outrage…again most of these incidents will result with the cop in question NOT EVEN facing a jury. Again everyone does not like true criminals no matter the race. I’m not sure how many times I have to say that…the only thing is that you seem to focus ALL your criticisms on Black people.

        94. No its not unwarranted but if someone called you a Injun over and over again and insulted you its natural to feel angry about it. Also the N word used by a white person towards a Black person is very insulting and carries a negative stigma BACKED by over 500 years of REAL HISTORICAL RACISM created by Europeans. It carries more weight than a black person calling a white person a cracker..although it is insulting as well.
          Also I have seen Whites lose their tempers over sports, women, jealousy, and sometimes very small insignificant things now imagine if they were put down by Blacks for over 500 years and called “thugs” and a black insulted them how you think they would respond. Actually white rioting has been far deadlier than black rioting in this country, when whites have felt betrayed by the Justice system which honestly never betrayed them to nearly the level it has Black people. You have to stop putting all your criticism on black people alone and start seeing the bigger picture.

        95. Ridiculous. The idea that something that happened two centuries ago could ever justify assault. You weren’t alive , neither was any other living person.
          Blacks have been proven to be narcissistic, with the highest levels of self- esteem , despite having the least achievements of any group. This is because low I.q. Means “ignorance is bliss.”
          Slavery is not the cause for black dysfunction. If it was then blacks would be worse off closer to
          than today.
          It’s freedom blacks can’t handle. Their destructive nature compels most of them to. ” go hard,” regardless of ethics or even common sense. The fact they they don’t even see others as human with feelings is icing on the cake.

        96. Well , blacks will make an idiotic fuss , along with a few retarded nonblack liberals.
          Blacks have gotten the most worked up over the criminal Mike brown than anyone else , including the criminal Rodney king.

        97. You don’t have to commit murder to be a violent thug, which mike brown was.
          Face it-he was trash. Good riddance.

        98. I guess one can blame oneself and Mythical ” white supremacy” at the same time , but I never see it. I see narcissistic negroes blaming others at all cost.
          Hell , a large number of blacks actually blamed a guy for shooting a robber who had a gun to someone’s head .
          “He didn’t do nothin , he’s a gentle giant/ starting college/ etc. Etc.

        99. the only thing you “see” is the negatives of one community the Black Community but seem to excuse the negatives of other communities. You are the type that would put down a black person and, Black people in general, for looking at you wrong but be ok by the slap in the face a white person gives you.

        100. How about Amadou Diallo what “crimes” did he commit when he was shot at 41 times? And the cops walked away after they moved the trial.
          He had no record. Or how about Tamir Rice a 12 year old boy killed for playing with a TOY GUN, he had no criminal record neither. Also the man who called it in said it was probably a TOY GUN. He was sitting by himself when the cops pulled the car and shot and killed him within 3 SECONDS of pulling up. Is he a “thug” too…that’s your favorite word nowadays isn’t it.
          How much you want to bet the cops won’t even go to trial?

        101. How about Tamir Rice, Amadou Diallo etc what crimes did they commit?
          No one wants to get utterly destroyed like the Natives were.

        102. Again I also am bringing up present day occurrences..history and present day occurrences tie in to each other. Again you generalize all Blacks with your ignorant statement. I can do the same with Kiowa Natives for example.
          and most of the people in my class were blacks with triple digit IQs measuring above 140 and 150…but I don’t care about IQ personally I think mathematics is more of a worldwide determining factor…than linguistics for example…and I believe there are many forms of “I.Q.”

        103. Most Kiowa are flat out stupid and ignorant. That doesn’t change anything.
          I am fine calling my own people out. Because any of us who get anything get torn down by our own people.
          Charles Barkley said the same thing and got crucified by these red black and green types. If you’d ditch the Afrocentric types you could then get rid of the thugs they defend.
          Then blacks with. 140 I.q. Would be able to thrive.

        104. They were murdered. But the fact that cops do sometimes get out of line, doesn’t change the fact that black dysfunction is the root cause of the problem.
          I have no problem saying those two were murdered and that the killers should be punished to the full extent of the law. But I’ve never seen that kind of nuance with blacks, even educated ones ( Mark Lamont hill, Ta-nehisi Coates, etc. They are all broken record fanatics.

        105. Those two wrongs don’t influence my point. Most blacks killed by police are criminals involved in something.

        106. I already have.
          The scale of issues matters also. We have lost over a dozen large cities to black dysfunction, are strained by paying for it, and our society is constantly undercut by having to care for those who cannot or will not change.
          Look up. ” Kansa City School Experiment,” in which two BILLION dollars were given to Kansas City schools – all to uplift blacks. The results? The intelligence/ education gap actually deepening. Standardized test averages among blacks dropping even further Crime and dysfunction growing.
          How do you explain that ?

        107. God. Third eye. What’s up with Bantus believing a lot of new age goofy ish? It’d be one thing if it was traditional African religion. Instead it’s just silliness, kind of like American Bantu names, like Quantavius, LeKwisha, and other ahistorical names that just seem weird and pathetic.

        108. Already have and on multiple occasions.
          I’ve spoken on them much more than any black has on Jonathan Foster.

        109. Too much truth for you?
          Truth is truth. Hell a quick scan of YouTube videos will prove me right.
          Bantus are obsessed with two things: Sex, and their physical prowess. They live in an animalistic, primitive world, in which beating the other Bantu, often to death, is the truest measure of success, and it’s rewarded with sexual access to femsle Bantus, who also perform the vast majority of the economic activity in that community. That’s why Bantu communities in west Africa, the Caribbean, and American inner cities are female-led.

        110. Again you concentrate on a small set of Black people…I can also focus on poor white trash and judge Whites in general by what I see at my nearest Trailer Park…same thing.

        111. Blacks don’t speak about true criminals buddy that’s the thing and if they do they are wrong. They don’t defend cold killers whether they are white or black…again they don’t like the inequality under the law.

        112. You have some serious mental issues…I’m seriously trying to understand where you are coming from…and some of the behavior you describe other blacks are against as well…yet you lump all of them together. You have a lot of anger and hatred.

        113. I have never heard more than a tiny handful of blacks condemn the fact that blacks murder whites at 18 times the rate of the reverse. In fact those who have like James David manning are crucified as ” sellouts” by the majority of blacks.
          You say I have hatred- let’s try something. You couldn’t do it earlier, but can you post:
          ” I Third Eye, condemn black racism and grievance against all nonblacks, including whites. I believe that we are all equal. I believe that modern people of all races should not be held accountable for what happened in the past. I believe that black on nonblack, including black on white, criminal activity-murders, rapes, thefts, assaults, Etc. Are immoral and should be condemned universally. ”
          I can agree to the same thing for blacks. Can you? Earlier on you couldn’t. Either you will post that or you admit that you see nonblacks, especially whites, as the enemy.

        114. It’s funny how every black whines about ” not all” when the overwhelming presence of black on nonblack crime is discussed, while the most sweeping generalizations are made when alloting positive traits to blacks. Lol.
          Mike brown most likely tried to murder Darren Wilson, yet hundreds of thousands of Bantus support him and condemn the officer for defending his own life.
          Black thugs being removed from society IS justice. Blacks commit such a disproportionate level of crime it’s ridiculous. True Justice and peace means few blacks present, or at least not large numbers of your typical racist, ” hate whitey” negros.

        115. This ” trailer park” deflection is plain silly. Ghettos are so much more dysfunctional than trailer parks. Reservations have problems too, but again, nowhere near the level
          Of black ghettos. Black ghettos are little Haiti’s reproduced in America.

        116. Its not silly, they all have issues I’m not denying it but it is foolish to judge an entire race by the problems seen by SOME individuals in lower income communities. I am from the Ghetto myself I turned out pretty good as did many of my friends who got educated and followed the examples of our families who worked extremely hard to elevate themselves. Also with the exception of a few fistfights the majority of my life in the ghetto it was not bad. I no longer live in Urban society. But there are things people can start doing to make even poor urban society better, but the economic factors hinder the ease of that progress.

        117. Its not whining about “Not All” its that Blacks have to make it a point because media for much of our history and conservative media makes it a point to COLLECTIVE entire groups of blacks for the negative actions of a few…White people in all media are not collectivized…when a white person shoots a school no one talks the ills of White People and they need to watch their high percentage of white on white crime.
          Again you simplify the issue by Criminalizing the black victim as a “Thug” but how about innocent kids and grown men with NO CRIMINAL RECORDS. Its hard in those situations because they can’t find a way to criminalize that individual.

        118. Yes I disagree with Black criminals and what they do, everyone with sense does too! Like I said their are internal issues Blacks have to work at. And many do voice out their concern, at the very least they go to jail or get the death penalty…imagine the outrage if they were let free or they manipulated the jury as has happened to white people when they commit crimes and wealthy people. That’s where the real outrage comes from.

        119. Black cops DONT go to jail. So already the ” script is flipped” lol.
          A two year old’s murderer not going my jail is a totally different story.
          You, like most blacks, believe that a criminal, even a violent criminal, deserves as much care and benefit of the doubt as a murdered toddler or productive adult citizen. Never going to happen.

        120. You gonna make that post? I’m still waiting.
          Virtually no one thinks it’s ” all.” In the words of Eric Cartman, ”
          All it takes it most of them.”

        121. Exactly but you seem to focus all your criticism only towards blacks seeming to turn a blind eye to the ills that others do.

        122. “Yes I disagree with Black criminals and what they do” This is what I wrote word for word you JUST replied to this post and you completely disregarded and said i believe even violent criminals. Do you know what Reading Comprehension is?

        123. You can’t even state that you don’t hate non-blacks. Your disingenuous attempts at deflection aren’t convincing. You defend the Gentle giant ( a criminal) and yet you say that you don’t agree with black criminals?
          The fact is that non-blacks are killed, raped, stolen from, assaulted, etc. by blacks MUCH more often than blacks are by non-blacks. It really is as simple as that.
          I would feel guilty if we were doing the same to you- but we aren’t. Some idiot thug getting pummeled by a cop for resisting arrest is not remotely the same as the sheer volume of innocents brutalized by bantus.

        124. Because no one else is harming me.
          I am not a “conservative.” like a lot of these whites who care about being called racist. I care about my own self-interest. What’s in it for us besides being attacked, raped, killed, etc.? Why should I open up a store in a black area, or employ blacks, or advocate for their presence, when they repay that good deed with violence?
          Not one white person has ever tried to lay a hand on me. Not one. That’s why I don’t care about what they do. It’s really as simple as that.

        125. That’s the thing lol are black people constantly harming you? I rarely have had fights with Black people.

        126. Its not just an “idiot thug” are you mentally retarded,,,,lol what about Amadou Diallo Eric Garner Tamir Rice…THOSE ARE NOT THUGS the police DON’T EVEN GO TO TRIAL….do you hear yourself talk sometimes you are missing the whole point…why do you justify this…no one is defending real criminals here we are just mad that people who get killed at times with NO CRIMINAL RECORDS still get criminalized and the Cops don’t even go to trial…I don’t understand how you can miss this…or are you choosing to remain purposefully ignorant of the real issue. WOW!

        127. Because the fact that non-criminals are very rarely subjected to that kind of treatment, whereas every one of us has to walk around in fear of Bantu dysfunction. Hell, we pay anywhere from $300-$1,000 a month in extra rent just so our children don’t have to go to a violent hellhole ”
          School” filled with feral negroes.
          Only rarely is it a situation like Tamir Rice. Most of the time it’s a Trayvon and Michael Brown. And fit some reason you expect us to love ” their kind,”
          When their very presence ruins our peaceful communities?
          There are very, very, VERY few. ” Urkels”
          In the world, and a whole lot of Jontavious types.
          It was wrong for garners killer to go free. But it’s just as wrong to expose our high I.q., nonviolent children to a violent population. And for our lives to be critically impacted by a dysfunctional population that can never adapt to civilized society.
          We aren’t concerned with a ” tit for tat” childish game- rapes robberies, assaults SHOULD NOT be happening period, regardless of whether or not perpetrators ” go to jail.”
          We live in a society where half the crime and the vast majority of homicides are committed by makes of one race. Therefore occasionally there are mistakes by the authorities in trying to contain the violent tendencies of that race. We aren’t going to get up in arms because some black guy was wrongfully treated by police, when they are all that stands in the way of blacks looting and burning our homes.

        128. I don’t believe that for one second. That’s a pure lie. There’s no way you are not constantly bickering with others on the Bantu Facebook groups, bossip, etc.
          We all pay significant sums so our children can avoid having to share space with Bantus, and to keep Bantus from destroying our property and it’s value, and to escape the undertow of Bantu violence and crime, and here you are spouting something so silly lol.
          I lived in north St. Louis. A few minutes away from ferguson. You aren’t going to tell me that these feral Bantu communities are dysfunctional and a huge problem for others.

        129. lol Im not constantly fighting with black people, most of my friends are black people and I get along with most of them just fine…they are all hardworking people trying to raise their families. I lived in the ghetto myself had minimal problems outside of childhood scuffles…I didn’t engage in negative activity and that made things easy for me.

        130. Yeah it is. And really Whst has me most pissed is how my children are treated.
          Think about it: I’m the same color as George Lopez almost. I have no reason to look down on black Americans.
          But after experiencing by daughters being called ” african bootyscratxhers” and being attacked at school by girls jealous of their East African features, I had enough and put them in a white private school and suddenly no problems.
          My wife looks very similar to Helen Getachew, and trust me, black women hate her for it. “she think she pretty,” constantly. It gets old fast. And my wife comes from real poverty. When she was a little girl she lived off of U.N. Aid, and here folks are judging her. If they’d act right and learn to please a man they’d be married too.
          But Indian women are the worst: “you won’t marry your own but you’ll marry this chocolate covered white woman.” Ridiculous.

        131. What people pick on you…you are a 7 foot plus brown guy…how does trouble manage to find you?

        132. Of course it ridiculous now we are having a good dialogue. Yes East Africans are very beautiful I personally like Ethiopians. West African countries also have their share of beautiful women. I was having a conversation on one of the more latest articles…about colorism and self hate….for centuries whites have placed themselves on top of a hierarchy establishing racism. The lighter skin black and brown people were looked upon more favorably than the darker shades, and the white standard of beauty was imposed on black people. I think its also foolish thinking..but this is 100s of years of mental brainwashing….By understanding what I talk about its easier to wipe or mitigate this type of mentality away.

        133. But Ethiopians and Somalis were colorist well before substantial contact with whites. It isn’t inherent in whites only.
          To be honest I’ve never heard a white person openly say 1/10 of what was said about my children daily in public school.

        134. You ever been in a McDonald’s full of black women? You, a black male, should be well aware of how large numbers of black women, and especially thirsty black men act.

        135. Yes I have been. I prefer black women from the Caribbean..but I didn’t have any problem with american black women…just as in any race you have different types of women and their own personalities.

        136. The thing is that Europeans INTENSIFIED IT and made SLAVERY INHERENTLY RACIST! This occurred directly through VIOLENCE for 100s of YEARS. They also imposed their own standard of beauty…those things are not easily erased.

        137. Tommy Sotomayor has his opinions and I agree with some of them…no one is turning a blind eye towards negatives in the Black Community but like you he seems to base all his opinions solely on the negatives of his own people….without also including other factors..of course whites and people like you LOVE him because he is a black voice box for them.
          Like Fox News who love using minorities to voice out negative opinions of different racial communities like Blacks Asians and Natives.
          However the whites get mad at a person like Michael Pfleger a white reverend and social activist in Chicago for agreeing with Reverend Wright. Fox News HATED HIM and called him the “Eminem” Reverend. So they state that blacks get mad at Black Conservatives but then they get mad at a white man who agrees with many of the issues the Black community brings up.

        138. It wasn’t nearly to any degree as it was when the Whites made it an Institution where the Blacks were permanently enslaved as well as their offspring. They also degraded people such as yourself. Some on this site are also quick to insult you if they ever bring up a Native issue as well. I have noticed that most people here love to dump on one group of people and that is Blacks! Including some Indians, Natives, Hispanics etc….however i find it ironic and funny when they bring an article criticizing Islam, or Arabs, or Indian women how many of these same people get defensive and start defending themselves…(And they should). I love to point this irony out to some of these commentators.

        139. No one here has insulted me based on ethnicity. No one.
          And there was inter generational, chattel slavery in many parts of Africa.
          And there still is today, unlike in any white society.

        140. People agree with sotomayor because its what they say.
          College kid was killed in a robbery yesterday here- Abu guesses as to the race of the perpetrator?
          That’s nine out of ten freaking times too.
          It’s blacks who don’t want to live with us and follow the rules, not non blacks.

        141. Tommy Sotomayor makes good points fair enough but he BLAMES Blacks entirely on his critiques. The thing is that what the protests are about again for the 100th time is the Inequality in the Justice System…if the black commits the crime he will ALWAYS do the TIME, even if he didn’t do the crime…that is not always the case with a white criminal or Cop. We are arguing different things. NO ONE is turning a blind eye to true black criminals or white criminals or anyone in between.

        142. Chattel Slavery was specifically a product of European Slavery upon Blacks. Also Slavery does exist in Europe today as well, even in the most developed societies in Europe which is even worse because they do not face third world poverty levels. Namely Sexual Slavery upon women. This is illegal and not equal to above ground legal sex workers.
          Also they have NOT insulted you because there hasn’t been an article casting a negative and generalized view of Native Americans and their women yet. I have seen Arabs, Indians, (haven’t seen Asians do it here yet) collectively insult Black people on this site..since its everyone go to people to dump on..but I have noticed a few articles ago when they talk about Extremist Islam or talk about Indian women, those same people who a week ago were insulting blacks now are getting defensive and argue with the whites. Which I find ironic since they loved the black bashing party just days ago.

        143. I find it funny some Arabs who join whites insulting Blacks people yet now there are Islamic articles just recently like Ending Islam in the West or “Why does the Left Support Radical Muslims?” or the most recent articles on ROK as of 3pm today about Islam in Sweden. Some of the same Arabs who talk bad about Blacks or Latinos along with racist whites are now upset that now the “whipping boy” is them! One of them is even shifting the conversation again towards blacks and Hispanics and they were not even mentioned in the article!! But they all love the Black “whipping boy” however. Irony at its funny…and this is just a microcosm of society in general and how whites and many non whites look at the blacks and Latinos. Not all but a certain element such as yourself. Maybe someday they will have an ignorant article of Kiowa and Native people….don’t worry ill be there to defend your people. Who knows maybe you’ll agree with the whites. Read below.

        144. It depends on the context. Muslims in Sweden commit shitloads of crime and are a drain. If it was Muslims where I live they were talking about it would be a different story.

        145. Chattel just means that the slave is total property, meaning he has no rights whatsoever. And yes, it existed in Africa, and it still exists. In fact, legislation in many southern states made it a crime to kill a slave, so we can’t even accurately use that term for the U.S. After a point lol.
          Sex trafficking is largely a myth but I don’t want to go into that.
          Nevertheless it is not sanctioned by law. In african states it is de facto legal if not de jure. HUGE difference.
          I don’t care about what people think of Indians. Many Indians are alcoholics. Hell, my best friend from high school died from cirrhosis a year ago- at 32 years of age.
          I acknowledge the reality of indian alcoholism, that my father was one, my grandfather too. I acknowledge the fact that we are genetically prone towards alcoholism.
          And I avoid alcohol as a result. That’s what blacks need to do. Own their problems, give up their racialized hostility, stop with this “most high” and “egypshuns” and “Edomites” bullshit and recognize there is good money to be made above board in this world.

        146. That rarely happens. But when it does happen, it’s simply the logical outcome of one group creating such a huge chunk of the crime.
          If group a is ruining society with crime and violence, and group b is constantly having to police society to protect it from group b, who end up being arrested in overwhelming numbers due to their group’s penchant for crime, it only stands to reason that there are occasionally going to be incidents in which police go too far against Members of group b, especially when those members are committing other crimes and otherwise degenerate.
          We live our lives fearing black crime and violence on the daily. So do blacks if they are being honest. It stands to reason that police will sometimes have to shoot them. It therefore stands to reason that legally the cops will be given the benefit of the doubt on most cases.
          What if michael brown lived? That’s the fear for many non blacks.
          Every day I fear my wife will be raped by the pushy negros who obsess over her. She has light brown skin, beautiful East African features, a small waist, ample bosom, and shapely rear.
          And thirsty negroes just can’t stand it. They apptoach no stop, even though there’s a ring. And it’s not out of jealousy I say this- they get hostile when they get rejected. That’s why I made her get a concealed permit.
          But forget about me- if something happens to her it will be the Somalis these thugs need to be afraid of.

        147. jeez man the thing im talking about is things like Garner and Amadou Diallo the cops get off even in the worst of cases that’s all I’m trying to debate here.

        148. Sex slavery is real man, yes there is Indian alcoholism but I won’t say ALL Indians are alcoholics, when actually mostly white males died of alcohol poisoning. And actually the blacks that uplift themselves and are educated and are taking back their history are usually the least of your worries..because they will try to get their lives in order and try to avoid the Prison Industrial complex to begin with.

        149. The history has to be true. That’s my major issue. If it’s based on lies( and Racist ones at that) then there’s the potential for fanage, even violence.
          We automatically attack whites who even hint at such revisions- in parts of Europe it’s actually illegal, yet we don’t even wince when afrocentrists do it. Most of the ”
          Establishment” just laughs it off.
          Whereas the truth can actually empower people.

        150. Those cases the cops should have been done in. I agree there.
          But the racist rhetoric, violent behavior, etc. Has to stop, too. A lot of people are terrified. Im fearful that it will not end well, that the future will be even worse.
          I want everyone to get along. yet only one group seems to be constantly airing their grievances.
          For example talking a couple of legit injustices and magnifying them, while completely disregarding the threat they pose to other groups.
          Let’s punish the cops, but also the grievance obsessed negros who can’t stub their toe without blaming a white person, or inventing tons of stupid, narcissistic mythology that will get them nowhere.
          How many times have you heard “the black man is God” from idiot afrocentrists. That statement says it all.

        151. That’s there belief, and its trying to reestablish a history and spirituality forcefully taken from them and inserted with one stating that the whites are superior. You seem to conveniently leave that out. Whites in America stated that if you had a drop of black blood you were “Black.” So going by White man’s rule (which they made into laws in this country) you can see why they would consider Jesus black…more accurately he would be BROWN as the Hebrews were brown and not European as most Israelis who were imported from Europe are now or Ashkenazi Jews. Also if Black men are the original men, then you can see why they would make such statements. Me personally I don’t use that language…but at the same time you seem to base ALL your criticism to the black person but have everything nice to say about whites who ironically did more damage to your people (Execution, taking of land, rape, made many of your people drunks etc) than any black man has.

        152. Its almost laughable you keep excusing whites…Whites FORCEFULLY ENSLAVED AND created FALSE SCIENCE and recreated History and Jesus to make themselves on top of their own created Racial Hierarchy, yet you got your panties in a bunch about people trying to take back their history or some things you don’t agree with on the net how does that compare?

        153. Those events happened long enough ago that they just don’t inform my thinking about the present.
          Since whites were once racialist regarding science and history, does that make it ok for black to be?
          That’s my take on it.

        154. Applying the ” one drop rule” is ahistorical when discussing events from 3,500 years ago.
          Furthermore the one drop rule is mostly a mechanism to prevent mixing rather thsn a legal policy. My great-great-great grandfather (on my white side), married a woman who was 1/4 black and her descendants are standard white rednecks.
          MANY white people have “one drop” of bantu blood. Are they considered black? If so then great- let’s give them affirmative action and allow them to enjoy all the other privileges blacks possess.
          The point is that the egyptians were not bantus. 19th century racist whites knew they were part of a North African caucasoid population- only a handful of fruitcake and nazis believed they were blond haired blue eyes Aryans.
          IF afrocentrists were serious about learning their history they’d focus on west Africa. They don’t thiygh- their goal is to craft a pseudo-history that olaces then above whitey, because that’s a major source of insecurity for them, and they know most whites don’t care about west african cultures.
          Even when it comes to pseudo history and myth making, so many negros are just obsessed with the white man. I will never understand it. He is no better than anyone else.

        155. Many whites do have some “black” in them but many would hate to find out the truth. Also this little “Affirmative Action” crap you have in your brain doesn’t really apply. All my life I have had to compete very hard and have earned what I’ve earned. That is a little ignorant buzzword to denigrate black people achievement even when they actually had to work HARDER and STANDOUT more than the white guy or other non white guy. Whites do not need Affirmative Action in the first place, because on average they have it easier in this country than blacks (not taking class into consideration). That’s the entire REASON for Affirmative Action in the first place to counter blatant inequality.
          People are fighting for their history back…just like the natives were fighting for their self respect and lands but of course those people are the first to die leaving people such as yourself now.

        156. See that’s the thing if the shoe was on the other foot you I’m sure you wouldn’t have responded like that. The historical narrative has made an impact…in fact history is not just something that should be forgotten the historical ripples come back to us in present day. European and American colonialism later came back to impact those societies CURRENTLY. When we kill generations of people through warfare “shock and awe,” Economic Warfare its not just something that happens in the past..it creates BLOWBACK which effects us NOW or in the FUTURE.

        157. Given enough time, the past becomes much less potent. And that’s true of slavery and segregation. In fact, slavery has had virtually no effect on anything but the black ego. Black families and communities were more Intech to the closer we go to slavery then otherwise. This is because during slavery Western-style family structure was imposed on blacks. Now that blacks have the freedom to institute bantu social organization, they are doing it, just like in Africa, Detroit, and Haiti.

        158. Why do you care so much how they would feel about having black in them? See that’s the thing the black ego is so damn fragile. It’s like you want approval from whites and just can’t stand it that you’re not going to get it. The idea of self-reliance doesn’t even factor in.
          Black entitlements go way beyond affirmative-action. Some of them are not even monetary, though there are significant monetary advantages to being black in this country now. For one thing blacks can’t be criticized in the media without the credit being called racist. Another thing is that blacks can wreak havoc wherever they wish and they are guaranteed that a significant portion of the white population and establishment
          Will side with them.
          Do you think that if a white thug, a worthless predatory criminal, bullied an
          elderly Asian man, robbed a store, tried to take a cop is gone, and then tried to assault the cop and was killed by the cop, that thousands of protesters would be allowed to burn the city, and that the federal government would get involved and openly side with the dead thug over the cop?
          Hello all of the lying witnesses in the Michael Brown ordeal, despite glaring lies is proven by evidence, they’re still not tried for perjury. If there were they would be on trial immediately. Louis head is another example.

        159. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for you to grasp. One happened a long time ago, and isn’t relevant anymore. It’s not happening now. The other is happening today. The other is affecting our lives.
          White racists didn’t tear up the community I live in. It was black racists A bunch of white slave traders in powdered wigs never showed up and did all this damage. That’s the big difference.
          White people moved on and made, realistically speaking, a valiant attempt at an integrated, colorblind society. And blacks just are going for it. They want to be specifically cater to them or they throw fits.

        160. do you understand that I always mention history and CURRENT issues…also do you know that historical situations impact your life TODAY and in the FUTURE why is it difficult for you to GRASP that. White people who BENEFITED from RAPING AND KILLING your own people and from bad business practices benefit from that TODAY. Inequality under the law benefits race and class. Whites benefited from FHA Federal Housing and Administration 30 years BEFORE the Civil Rights ACT and got their foot in the door to VA Housing Loans and Free schooling, historically they were given 50 Acres or more of Lands going back to the time they were ROBBING YOUR PEOPLE and Mine by the way (Cause my people were ROBBED FIRST way before American Natives were! If blacks got these government aids they would be demonized today by people like you! These deals were much better than Affirmative Action which was ONLY meant to CLOSE THE GAP of WHITE ADVANTAGE in this nation. But you focus on blacks only. I never used Welfare, and work during the day and all night and don’t need an idiot racist making comments on how people like me like government help. Idiots.

        161. Read my first response above about “Entitlements” you sound like a conservative Mouthpiece. Again 1. No one supports real criminals its NOT ABOUT THAT, you and some ignorant whites don’t seem to grasp the real issue 2. Whites have literally have gotten away with murder under the law BY DESIGN. Also Whites have never in this country faced the levels of INEQUALITY in this country like Blacks have, that is a FACT. If they did they would riot ALSO and it would be MUCH WORSE than the Blacks as evidenced throughout history of America. And the Whites who rioted did not face any level of real inequality under the law to give you perspective. And when they were mad they killed 100’s of innocent blacks and their kids and burned down BLACK BUSINESSES AND COMMUNITIES. For you to even talk with me you have to show me cases where a Black criminal commits a real crime against a white person then is found INNOCENT by RACIST SYSTEM. You cannot! And that is the CRUX of the real issue here.
          White rioting makes Ferguson actually look like Sesame Street especially cause the bulk of the PROTESTERS denounced the looters. White Riots in American history as follows.Agana race riot
          Airport Homes race riots
          Anti-abolitionist riots (1834)
          Atlanta race riot
          Battle of Liberty Place
          Beaumont Race Riot of 1943
          Bellingham riots
          Broad Street Riot
          Chinese massacre of 1871
          Cincinnati riots of 1829
          Cincinnati riots of 1836
          Cincinnati riots of 1841
          Colfax massacre
          Detroit race riot of 1863
          Detroit race riot of 1943
          East St. Louis riotE cont.
          Elaine race riot
          Fernwood Park race riot
          Greek Town Riot
          Hamburg Massacre
          Hard Scrabble (Providence)
          Knoxville Riot of 1919
          Lombard Street Riot
          The Marrow of Tradition
          Memphis riots of 1866
          Meridian race riot of 1871
          Muncy Abolition Riot of 1842
          New Orleans riot
          New York City draft riots
          Ocoee massacre
          Omaha Race Riot of 1919
          Pacific Coast Race Riots of 1907P cont.
          Phoenix Election Riot
          Pittsburgh Riot
          Pulaski Riot
          Red Summer (1919)
          Robert Charles riots
          Rock Springs massacre
          Rosewood Massacre
          Salinas Lettuce Strike of 1934
          San Francisco riot of 1877
          Seattle riot of 1886
          Springfield race riot of 1908
          Tacoma riot of 1885
          Tulsa race riot
          Watsonville Riots
          Wilmington insurrection of 1898
          Zoot Suit Riots

        162. Again, you have to go back a hundred years.
          It’s today that matters. It’s strange how you can’t acknowledge that. It’s because you’re hyped for revenge. That is only going to lead to disappointment however

        163. First of all you are hanging on to my comments. It isn’t me who is in pursuit lol.
          Furthermore white society has attempted to move on. It’s blacks who won’t. They are perpetually stuck in 1865.
          I know why they do it- they have to find some kind of excuse for the rampant dysfunction and failure.
          That’s why no negro can let go of a past he or she was never a part of. The megro lacks the intellect and impulse control to succeed in a complex society and therefore attempts to shift that blame.

        164. You have a serious mental problem, does your wife knows your disgust for her fellow blacks and Africans? Also like I said a million times before there are current issues that occur now, its not 1865 we are talking about.

        165. She is the one who persuaded me on this line of thinking. Believe me, she is much more intense about it than I am.this is due to how much she’s been mistreated by them.she calls bantus “jareers,” which roughly means ” nappy headed ones.”
          is all you have ad hominem attacks? That and appeals to the distant past? I’ve lived for so long and predominantly black environment, that I don’t even need to go to the standard set of statistics. I can tell so many stories of black on black violence. Hell you probably equate a white person talking behind your back or something silly like that with brutally beating a non black person. Just sad. How can you have so much hate for people who are different?
          I can’t count the sheer number of black people who have defended this monstrous woman in this incident. Another example of what I’ve been talking about this whole time.

        166. That’s not what this study said. This study demonstrated the opposite, that cops, even like cops, but much less likely to pull the trigger on a black suspect than a white one. Because of the feral behavior that might result.

        167. Lmao. If a ” troll” means not drinking the pro black, red, black, and green kool-aid, then I guess I am a ” troll.”
          I told you when you first started in on me that my being nonwhite, I have Zero white guilt.
          And now it looks like even you are out of deflections lol.

        168. Wow I would not marry a woman like that, that would talk about other blacks especially to a non black person or a white person. I don’t have only adhominem I have actual points accentuated by choice words because your posts are idiotic.

        169. Do you have any evidence of per capita rates? Because that’s really what matters here. Police tend to encounter black certain assumptions, because blacks Behaven ways that make those assumptions warranted.

        170. Because they are targeted more…I was stopped 4 times in one night, and I don’t have a criminal record! We are targeted more, also petty crimes like marijuana use we have to be extra careful to not get arrested meaning a criminal record meaning less access to jobs. Whites in my experience use hardcore drugs much more often than their black and Latino counterparts and are given a pass, as boys will be boys. This is my personal experience again I’m from the most diverse city in America I have LIVED with many races…and I have lived in many areas around the country.

        171. This masdivd discrepancy can’t be due to bring “targeted more.” It’s abdurd to think that blacks are arrested so much more frequently for assault, homicide, etc. Just because they are ” targeted more.”
          The black apologist always wants to go to drug crimes, trying to make out like these negros are going to prison for smoking a joint; the majority of inmates in penitentiaries are there for violent crime, not drug offenses. And it’s abdurd to think that’s because they are ” targeted more.”
          Blacks are just more violent. Here’s proof:
          East St. Louis ( where I lived back when I wanted to live in racial harmony with my “black brothers”) – 24,000 people. 24 homicides in 2014.
          The state of Maine (95 percent white, 1.3 percent black) – 1.3 million people. 24 homicides in 2014.
          How many Maine residents brag about how violent their state is? How many indigent hood rats are all about representing “Chiraq.”
          And I have been stopped by police too, as has most whites I know. It’s part of life.
          The notion that Bei g ” targeted more” is at fault, when blacks are going around destroying the place and committing crime after crime.
          I do think that whites get caught less for drugs, as they are more intelligent and do less stupid ish. But violent crime and theft- hands down blacks own it. And that’s one reason why drugs are so destructive in the hands of blacks.
          In East St. Louis they made a huge deal about “40 Days of nonviolence.” This lasted all of a week, when murders began to happen in large number.
          Consider this:
          Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. THE poorest place in the continental U.S.:
          Pop- 28,700
          Per Capita Annual Income: $2,600.
          Pct. below poverty line: 85.
          The HIGHEST infant mortality rate in North America.
          Murders in 2014 …………………….2.
          East St. Louis: 24.
          Pine Ridge Reservation: 2.
          It can’t be poverty- pine ridge is poorer than East St. Louis. The “urban ” excuse is just weak, as population density doesn’t increase crime rates significantly for white, Hispanic, and Asian populations. 60 percent of households on pine ridge lack a single TELEPHONE!
          And it can’t be the ” terrible, terrible legacy of slavery,” as the Lakota endured much worse treatment; avtusl genocide.
          So what gives?

        172. Again refer to my comment above, also whites have violence, drug use, over 72% of alcohol poisoning death, have engaged in large scale terrorism against the United States overshadowing any “gang banger”, and when they have rioted have caused large scale destruction and murder of innocent black people and their communities, something that makes even the worst cases of the Ferguson protests pale GREATLY in comparison. The native were practically wiped out by the whites and continue to suffer today, their lands lost, and mocking by some of the same whites you heartily defend while talking to me, many on ROK.

        173. Damn it seems like you really can’t grasp the difference between 1780 and 2015.
          Whites were definitely brutal when committing acts of war.
          Negroes are brutal savages when at ” peace.”
          I love how whites suffering from 72 pct alcohol poisoning, an act that only really affects themselves, compared to blacks owning the majority of homicides!
          To top that off, why to the majority of the population. Blacks are a relatively small minority. And yet look at the disproportionate amount of crime committed.
          I have no idea why Negroes can’t mentally grasp the concept of per capita, and why they can’t understand the difference between the distant past and the present.but it’s definitely an interesting topic that psychological research about which psychological research should be done.
          Is it really just a desperate attempt to grasp at straws’s? That’s what it seems like.like the alcohol poisoning thing. That’s not really remotely relevant in terms of looking at crime. Or at least, it’s about as relevant as suicide statistics.it in no way compares to issues like murder. You think that would be self evident though.

        174. Again reading comprehension read…yes Whites are brutal when committing Acts of War but also in times of PEACE as well…White Rioting in American history is extremely brutal and even the worse Black riots pale GREATLY in comparison, and whites never faced the level of inequality blacks have faced as well. (This is well documented look it up!)
          lol its not distant past i list current society as well, namely targeting and more likely attempts of injustice under the Law and convictions for the same crimes. Also Blacks have been falsely accused of crimes they did not commit including violent crimes. This negatively impacts many of the statistics you speak of. In fact the Black Crimes of which you speak has been on a steady decline for a couple of decades now, Chicago is an outlier.
          “Again, black homicides, like all homicides, are in a steep, 20-year decline. In fact, the rates at which blacks both commit and are victims of homicide have shown sharper declines than those of whites. It’s true that Chicago has had an unusually violent last few years, but this is an anomaly among big American cities. The 2012 murder rate in Washington, D.C., for example, hit a 50-year low. Violent crime in New York and Los Angeles is also falling to levels we haven’t seen in decades.”
          Black on Black violence is a problem but so is White on white Violence which is over 85%.

        175. White on white violence is not a problem. It’s occurrence is much rarer. That’s why white neighborhoods aren’t war zones.
          You have zero data to back up the idea that negros are falsely convicted. Face it, in 2015 the negro cannot advance. That’s why they have to appeal to 1917, which grows more and more abdurd every year.

        176. Lmao. ” sellout.” Like you ”
          Heru” negroes have any property to sell in the first place.
          I see you’ve been communicating with yet another idiot who is trying to harrass me online. That’s ok. I can keep it going with both of you, as the simplest Google searches prove my points.
          No other race requires such extreme measures to stop murdering one another. Why no Indian ” 40 days of nonviolence?” Hell, why no Hispanic ” 40 days of nonviolence?
          The bantus of ESL started back killing each other just after five days, and even outdid the previous month in terms of homicides.
          They are just not designed to live in a hi tech, free society.

        177. lol you actually made me laugh I read the comments and I believe you initiated the conversation, yet you say he is “harassing” you! You hold a level of ignorance and dislike for blacks which would be comical if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic, and you comment on Black sites where people laugh at your ignorance.
          The other mistake you made is taking a link from the biggest joke in media which is Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News the bastion of ignorance and bias. And yes CNN and what your type likes to call “Mainstream Media” but Fox shows the ultimate level of bias made fun of by many within America and all over the world. And actually embarrass the rest of us when foreigners base their opinions about us on Fox News…I have to constantly remind them that not all Americans believe that garbage. Also Fox News is basically watered down ignorance that was formerly stated more directly in the past and acted upon lol.

        178. Lmao. Ever article I’ve posted has relied on third party stats my man. You attacking it as ” Fox News” is just a cheap way to try to wiggle out from under the truth.
          You are the one harassing, as it was you who are obsessed with me ( I get it- I don’t blame you for it) and who just can’t let it go!
          And Looking at my other conversations lol! Are you that desperate? if you had an actual argument you’d know better lol.
          It’s weird how long you’ve dragged this out for lol! That’s ok. I can be the center of your world for a good while longer lmao.

        179. Dude you are the one who keeps showing up to my doorstep lol.
          You replied to my comments, so if you want this exchange to end, feel free to ignore this and not reply lol.

        180. my last comment is Blacks were here at the beginning are here now and will be here long after our bones are white. Now fuckoff sellout, and kiss more white ass.

        181. Lmao.
          That’s great! Blacks will be here for a long time. I guess that means you’ve won our argument right? After all my main argument is that all blacks are going to spontaneously combust then dissapear in 2015 (sarc).
          You are too dumb to realize that I’m actually on the side of more blacks than whites. I encourage all minorities to abandon leftist thought, race grievance, and the idiocy that stems from it ( Afrocentrism). It really is too bad you can’t see that.
          Like most negroes ( And Indians I might add) you will stand there spinning your wheels for decades, blaming your lack of success and your communities utter dysfunction on what some white people did in 1905 lol. Instead of embracing capitalism, taking advantage of the opportunities you are presented with, and becoming prosperous.
          You cannot ” keep it real”
          Abd become successful at the same time. The black underclass cultural dynamic is dysfunctional. Either abandon it or expect to always come in last. It’s that simple.
          Acknowledging that harsh reality ise being a ” sellout” to you lol.
          First of all- since when did I owe you loyalty?are you Kiowa?
          So arrogant. Like you are owed Indians loyalty just because we were mistreated by the same people a long time ago. That makes utterly no sense lol.
          You do what you want, but don’t try to include me in your dysfunctional cycle of race grievance, blaming others, whining, inventing fake history, and all the while becoming ever more dysfunctional and wretched.
          Lots of men of color are waking up to see the truth though, and these men will eventually take control of their own destinies and leave the race hustlers twittling their thumbs.

        182. People like you have problems because you are completely unbalanced. Angry. What are you angry about. You come across like a person with a huge problem with blacks — AND INDIANS — even though you are Indian yourself. You are obsessed, clearly, with criticizing urban black behavior, yet your unbalanced attitude has you implying that all blacks are the same, and that none are successful. Most blacks are doing fine.
          Why are you going on about African cannibalism. There is MUCH more cannibalism among you people (Indians) than there is among Africans.
          Watch it to believe It !! The terrifying Aghori sadhus. Haridwar (Cannib…: http://youtu.be/kPjWZljb7yE via @YouTube
          Anyone can do what you are doing.

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