10 Things Every College Student Needs To Know

College is a huge part of the average American’s life.

As a society, we put it on a pedestal. It’s all but expected that you start your career, meet your best friends, meet your wife, and learn everything you need to know all during those four sacred years.

Well, like anyone who’s been through college, I feel like I have wisdom that can be shared. And I believe my advice is particularly valuable and relevant because I went through college just four years ago, and more importantly, because while my college experience was definitely good, I’ve experienced the four most fulfilling years of my life since graduating. And that’s what you want: for college to be a stepping stone to crushing life afterwards.

College can make you or it can break you. It’s the first time you’re living on your own and it takes place at a crucial time in your development. So it’s important that you do it right. While you’ll make plenty of your own mistakes, and learn plenty of lessons because of them, it’s important to at least to try to learn from the mistakes of those who came before you.

1. Your school is small and insignificant

Almost every college student “buys in” to their school. Their life revolves around the campus “happenings.” And this makes it far too easy to confuse your campus with the rest of the world.

It’s natural for it to seem like the social hierarchy of your school is absolute and making a name for yourself at your school, getting the best grades, or dating the hottest girl is the most important thing you can do. But you must remember: even the biggest colleges are tiny relative to the world you’ll live in afterwards. So don’t take it so fucking seriously.

2. No other student is “better” than you

This phenomenon occurs because of the above fact. When you think that your college is so damn important, you start to put other students on a pedestal. The football player can seem like a god and the hot girls can seem untouchable.

You must remember that everyone has their insecurities—no matter how “cool” or “important” they may seem. Rather than assuming a particular social position, remember that you’re all just a bunch of college kids trying to have fun, get laid, and feel important. Again, don’t take the social hierarchy so fucking seriously.

3. You don’t need to know your career yet

I stressed out about my college major like everyone else does. Don’t sweat it. The vast majority of people don’t end up working in the field they studied.

Your motivation, social skills, and appearance will determine how far you can climb a corporate ladder at the end of the day, not your bachelors. Sure, some jobs require an MBA or similar graduate degree, but outside of those select few, just focus on learning and trying new things. This is what will pay off in the long run.

4. Take classes that will actually help you in the future

This is in line with the above point. While you’ll never use the skills and info you learn in most classes, there are a select few that should be required. Find the time in your schedule to take the following classes because they’ll pay off big-time in the long run: personal finance, basic accounting, public speaking, writing, and web design.

5. Getting rejected is good for you

When it comes to women, don’t be afraid to burn your bridges. There are far too many girls I wanted to bone that I never even approached and expressed my intent. And guess what, I never got what I wanted. Getting rejected will build your confidence and get you laid. Take the initiative and ask any girl you have your eye on to hang out—it will put you leagues ahead of the average guy who just relies on getting drunk in frat house basements to meet women.

6. Networking is essential

Make friends with everyone. The jocks, nerds, hot girls, hipsters, and everyone in between. Whether it’s in class, in the cafeteria, or at the gym—talk to everyone. This is how you get ahead in life. It’s what gets you the job, the promotion, and the girl. Don’t get stuck with a couple of friends that you spend all your time with. You don’t have to be best buddies with everyone, but being able to talk to have a quick conversation with most people is important. When you graduate this is of the even more important, so get started early.

7. Work hard, play hard

This is cliché as fuck, but it’s true. If you (or your parents) are paying the massive bill to go to college, then make sure you get a good GPA. This will help you with getting your first job, so don’t shoot yourself in the foot. But also don’t forget to party hard because the bar scene gets quite different after college. Not worse, but different—so enjoy the crazy house parties while you can.

8. Fuck the haters

There are inevitably going to be guys who are dicks and girls who are bitches. Don’t worry about it. Don’t get caught up in some stupid beef. Just move on and meet more people.

9. Lift weights and eat well

So many people let themselves go while at college. They drink a lot, eat a lot, and put on the infamous “freshman 15.” Do yourself a favor and get on a proper lifting routine. Also, if you’re going to go out and get hammered, avoid the pizza and Chinese afterwards. If you can maintain your body during college, you’ll put yourself in a great place to do so afterwards too.

10. College is just the beginning

This is the main takeaway. College can be a place where you learn a lot of social skills and some useful other skills too. It can be a place where you set the foundation for a lot of growth in the years to come. But college is not the game. It’s just the “pre-game.” Treat it as such and you’ll fare far better, both during and afterwards, than the average chump.

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101 thoughts on “10 Things Every College Student Needs To Know”

  1. And filter everything you “learn” through the lens of skeptical objectivism
    Remember that every lesson taught in Western universities is tainted by equalism and feelings, even the respectable fields. The equalists depends on colleges to indoctrinate kids and churn out legions of acolytes, subservient to their childlike moral worldview – don’t be one of them. If someone is trying to talk you out of reality with some relativist, “you’re hurting people’s feelings” or “everyone’s opinion counts” shit, disregard what they’re saying

    1. Applause…living near a college town for the past 30 years, I don’t even want my children to go to college. Almost 100% of the ‘instructors’ or ‘professors’ or whatever, that I’ve met are people who went to school…all their lives…and nothing else…they never left…the furthest thing from a ‘well rounded’ individual. In a lot of cases, especially lib arts, their views bear little resemblance to reality…which matters not the least as they remain well insulated by tenure.

    2. So I’ve taken up a tutoring job for a first-year Psyc 101 student who has some extra benefits given to her by the school for being a minority and “disabled” (she appears to have no mental health issues from what I can tell so far… totally normal coherent person).
      She is a first year in 2015 and I can’t believe how different she is as a first-year compared to when I started university half-a-decade ago. She says she wants to get out of psychology and I asked her why. “I don’t like how they talk about how women and men are different in the textbook. I don’t agree.” I responded, “You don’t agree with the research, or you find it morally distasteful?” She said it was the latter, and she is not interested in reading about research. I was dumb-founded…
      What really made me uncomfortable though was when a male adult came into the graduate studies quite-room that I took her to and asked to see everyone’s student cards. She whispered to me “I don’t like this big scary man.” My response, “He is not scary, he just asked to see our student cards.”
      I can’t believe how overly-sensitive the new crop of kids are… Even compared to my me and my millennial peers. I’m really hoping she doesn’t represent a significant portion of the population of young people where I live…
      Spuriously milking benefits, acting afraid of any kind of authority, complete disregard for evidence based research… I just don’t remember any of my peers behaving like that when I was in first year…

  2. The number one rule is never ever take a gender subject / elective or one that resembles one, I mean ever, it’s a trap that has destroyed the lives of many a young man in more ways than one. When at college, be very disciplined and finish your course as quick as you can with the best grades that you can. Leave the socialising and pleasure seeking for the years after you have gained employment in your chosen fields. If you can wear horse blinkers at college that distracts you from all the crap, do it.

    1. Disagree. The Classical Women course where I went was taught by a history professor who was known as the most vile, misogynist professor on campus. I wish so badly I had taken it.
      First day of class, he says, “If you were a woman in the ancient world, you were either raped, sold into slavery, or you weaved.” One time he caught a woman knitting in class.
      From what I heard, most of the women studies students dropped it, leaving mostly the history and classics kids.

      1. Ok, Good point, I correct what I said above, don’t take a Gender subject taught from some obese feminist hairy loud mouthed middle aged lesbian from San Francisco, as I did to my regret.

        1. I took his History of Roman Republic class. It was a stream of profanity and sex jokes. He said that no matter what class he taught, he always tried to find a reason to read Cicero’s speech on how terrible it is that women can read.

        2. Lilac Haze, her nazi brain
          Thinks men and women should all be the same
          She’s acting funny and we all know why
          ‘Scuse me while I watch her cry
          Lilac Haze, still around?
          Don’t know why her white knight can’t be found
          You’ve got the power to blow her mind
          Ignoring her burns her fat behind
          (Jimi: “Help me, help me, blows my mind, yeah”)

        3. He said that no matter what class he taught, he always tried to find a reason to read Cicero’s speech on how terrible it is that women can read.

  3. But the writer never gives us a reason to go to college in the first place. If you are spending more than $10k on the whole thing, “that once in a lifetime experience” is not worth the price tag.

  4. All of the advice given here is great.
    But the truth is college, is a huge gamble in the United States. The biggest mistake for the college industry, was Government getting involved. Government is a problem, not a solution.
    When government got involved, the student loan bubble was created and as a result, gave the corrupt college institutes the power to charge the most ridiculous tuition fees imaginable. This very much reminds me of The Sopranos episode where Tony defrauds the Housing and Urban Development fund, where with any government program, the tax payer gets fucked over.
    Also, government is responsible for creating the illusion that without a college degree, you cannot be a success. This in turn, has created a surge in demand for college degrees (which in turn gives more power to charge ridiculous tuition fees) and has oversaturated the graduate market which has also devalued the true value of a degree.
    The overall result is that college has turned many people into dependants on government and corporations, rather than teach real skills and innovation, which is really, one of the best ways to pursue a better life.
    One trillion dollars in student loan debt, with college graduates screaming for jobs. It really should not take you that long to decide on whether to go to college or not.

    1. “It really should not take you that long to decide on whether to go to college or not”
      Good point, good sir. It’s better to pretend to be a college student to enjoy the frat parties and avoid everything else.

  5. 11. Find out what the instructor wants and give it to them.
    12. Don’t make an ass of yourself in class. The nail that sticks up gets pounded down.
    13. Enroll in Ballroom Dance 101. Multiple times if necessary.

    1. 14. Milk the campus student resources.
      15. Get to know the Teaching Assistant for your class. If you set up a meeting with them regarding the coursework it will show iniative. When it comes time to grade tests/papers you will stand out and they’ll more likely give you the A+ compared to an equally qualified student.

      1. That’s true. I slogged through too many classes without seeking help from TAs. You can also milk the campus resources long after you graduate. As an alumni can use student health services and the gym.

    2. “11. Find out what the instructor wants and give it to them.”
      Oh, I always gave “it” to my professors.

    3. I didnt enroll in the actual class but was in a salsa and ballroom club in college. It was awesome. The ratio was about 8 women to 2 guys. Best part of college. Just wish I would have done it sooner.

  6. 3. You don’t need to know your career yet
    Captain Capitalism is going to have a field day making a rebuttal on that one

  7. If you’re going to tell people they don’t need to know their career or major before they start college, at least tell them they should major in Math until they figure it out. You can switch to anything after two years of that. Good luck on finishing in 4 years if you decide to do engineering halfway through college with only Gen Ed classes. And if you’re having trouble in Algebra, you shouldn’t be in college.

  8. Jesus Christ, do people still believe college is the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory?
    Honestly you are better off being a stripper or porn star. No joke- at least you won’t be in debt and can make money.

    1. guys can’t be strippers or porn stars. we actually have to spend years of our lives and fucktons of money to train for mentally exhausting careers and professions which can barely afford us to have a crummy studio apartment and keep an aging Toyota Corolla full of gas.
      Because you see, we are “privileged” like that.

  9. 11) If you’re smart already, go into a trade school while working at shit job. Learn the trade, make the money, live like a minimalist, and get talked down from your friends when they are either unemployed or make 30-40K a year tops and you make 50-60K.
    12) If you do go to college, learn how to make money online(Whether it be investing, making a blog or youtube channel, or something else). Learn how to do your own taxes and when you graduate you’ll be miles ahead of your classmates.
    I love how the government came into American colleges to make them more affordable for poorer students but now it ends up that almost no one can afford it besides the extremely poor and the upper class.

    1. You mean like how they caused the housing bubble by guaranteeing loans that no sane banker would take on?

  10. Cocaine = Pussy.
    I learned that nothing turns a college girl into a porn star faster than “Coke”. When I was in school, I’d by the white boy special -no doubt being ripped off . I’d then cut it by at least 50% with baking powder. After 9-11-01 the borders got shut down and nothing was coming in. That is when my “Coke” became baking powder and Ephedra . The sluts never knew the difference.

  11. 3. You don’t need to know your career yet
    But when you do figure it out make sure it has some value to your future.

  12. #1. Join a fraternity. If you went to college and you’ve never experienced an all male, red pill, semi-secret society which conveniently controls campus social life I feel bad for you

  13. Learn to handle your liquor before going to college. Know your limits. You don’t want to be that fool that puked everywhere and made a fool of yourself or of your buddies.
    If you were smart in HS and in the top 10%, there many other kids there that are way smarter than you.
    Study the days lesson from the textbook. Don’t rely on the professor to “teach” it to you. After all, they’re human and make mistakes. Use your textbook. You’ve paid for them.

    1. “Learn to handle your liquor before going to college. Know your limits. You don’t want to be that fool that puked everywhere and made a fool of yourself or of your buddies.”
      This is great advice for anyone.

  14. Community college is a great option that a lot of people pass up. Colleges usually offer a lot of certifications and trade programs in addition to more academic classes. Also, the tuition is much lower than at a university, and in many cases you can transfer your credits to a four-year institution if you want to pursue a bachelor’s.
    Unless you’ve got a scholarship, someone is willing to foot the bill, or if you’re damn sure it’s want you want to do, starting out at a university is an unnecessary expense, especially if you don’t have a career plan.
    If you don’t have a career plan, community colleges are cheap enough that you can still take some classes while working. As the author mentioned, there are classes like writing, public speaking, etc that are beneficial regardless of what you eventually decide to major in.
    Lastly, make sure to explore all your options. Look into trades as well as more academic professions.

    1. Good point. People always poo poo community college, but it’s a cheap way to get you first twon years out of the way.

      1. Yes, be wary. Universities and colleges can have transfer agreements, and there are some state-wide transfer agreements. When deciding which school to go to, make sure to research if and how many credits would transfer.
        Also, stick with public institutions or well-established private schools (not for-profit schools), especially for online programs.

  15. This feels like it was copied and pasted from one of those FB click bait articles “10 things every “insert demography here* article with just a little “red pill” thrown in to fit for this site.

  16. ” I’ve experienced the four most fulfilling years of my life since graduating. And that’s what you want: for college to be a stepping stone to crushing life afterwards.”
    I’ve heard so many times the exact opposite of this… I’ve always thought life starts when you FINISH college since you’re finally free to live life on your own terms. Whenever someone tells me they are afraid of ending their degree I immediately see them as losers.

    1. One of the best decisions I have made thus far in life, was dropping out of university. It is not worth it anymore – let it burn.

  17. The biggest thing I learned from college was how little it mattered. If you are a heterosexual, white male you likely won’t be in competition for the top jobs anyway. No one has ever asked to see a copy of my diploma or transcripts. The friends I made start trailing off after a year or two as everybody goes their separate ways. At about 5 years out relationships and marriage claim the rest. You won’t see these people again except through FB if you use that. Use your time there to leverage the transition into adult life. Don’t be overly concerned with the overrated social environment.
    Realistically, the goals for college nowadays should be:
    – Major in engineering or computers, even if you don’t like them
    – Have a good time without getting in any legal trouble
    – Graduate without a crushing debt obligation
    – Milk the college infrastructure for networking opportunities and job experience
    Let’s face facts. College now is usually followed by a six months to two year residency in your parents’ basement. Anything you can do while you’re there in addition to a degree will shorten this period of purgatory. Programming, bartending, welding, or internships are all easier to do through college setups. Once you get out the training wheels are off and it is much harder to gain these side skills.

    1. Why do you even need to go to college in the first place? As far as I can tell, the whole system is a scam designed to keep the masses dumbed down and distracted from the real issue- THERE ARE NO GOOD JOBS LEFT.
      You don’t even need to go to college for something like computing. A family relative of mine, didn’t even go to college to become a computer business analyst. That relative of mines now earns over six figures.
      Its all about thinking outside the box to get to a successful place.

      1. That’s why more women go to college – they cannot think outside the box. Their liberal regurgitation is all they have. Degrees are worthless

      2. you have to go to college so you can become a work slave, um productive member of society and help pay for the 40% of our country that doesn’t pay taxes, are unemployed, and could give two shits. So get out there, get in debt, and go to college!!!

    2. If I could go back, I would save all that money I spent at college and get my career started sooner. I did not need my degree to start my job. My licensing matters far more than my degree. It’s just a wall decoration that impresses people who see it in my office and don’t know any better.

    3. This is the truth. I wish I could travel back in time and tell the younger version of myself to not be afraid. Venture outside of the realm known as society and see just how “civil” we can be. Everyone is afraid to leave the herd at a young age and mindset…especially with bullshit feminist dogma being drilled into your mind from age 5 through 18. I have learned so much through actual trial and experimentation with people that I am convinced of the true nature of the creature known as homo sapien. After all the trial and errors with “friends” “gf’s” “ons” “fuckbuddies” I don’t think I can ever return…the truth struck my soul “if I had one (a matter to be debated)”. Once I started noticing all the repeatable cycles in nature the grand unified picture manifested upon my existence. The problem was, with this new found knowledge came a very debilitating disease that very few understood and the ones that do surely must have shot themselves or retreated deep into the woods. I am 99% convinced that I have gone off the deep end and 1% convinced is because I suffer from nihilism. I know I went really off the beaten path here but the scientific approach to life and this western society requires exploring boundaries that challenge your perceived realities (sometimes deeply held beliefs). The confusion of navigating out of a feminist man castrating reconditioning camp (aka public education, college, media, western society in general et. al, is indeed challenging, especially when done alone). To sum up this psychotic tirade I always go back to the principles that have kept me alive and needs met till now…of course always kept in the back of my head is “You are alone, nobody is on your side, never forget.” Also “Don’t be Afraid”…not a butt hurt rant…but just another fleeting thought in this universe drifting off into space. Keep up the game faces gents.

    4. You’ve hit the nail with this one. There are just a shit ton of useless degrees colleges offer these days. Sometimes, it’s better to go to a community college and learn a trade.

  18. The man falsely accused of raping Lena Dunham has set up a legal fund to sue her for libel
    Donate if you can (or want to)…..you can google many articles outlining how he has a strong case for libel based on the bullshit in her book. I’m completely sick of this shit so I gave $100

  19. Learn your professors rep. The worst professor can ruin a great course but the best professor can make boring topics interesting.
    Learn a language. Preferably one spoken in a pussy paradise. Or French, b/c French will get you laid by girls who don’t speak French but like that you do. If you suck at languages, audit the classes.
    Better yet, do a semester abroad *in* a pussy paradise.

    1. German is the easiest language, and it makes you look more cultured than everyone who takes Spanish, since that (unfortunately) has the very accurate reputation of being the dumb kid flunky language.

      1. I’d put Russian, Spanish and Portuguese ahead of German for practical reasons, i.e. banging young attractive women.
        À bientôt,

  20. 11. As part of the hiring committee at my employer, GET A JOB! I have hired engineers with 3.0 and rejected candidates with 3.8’s be case that 3.0 student worked all year round. Don’t care if it’s in the field or some mall job. Show an employer you can balance two big responsiblities at once and that’s a huge feather in your cap.

  21. I really don’t understand why people go to college nowadays if they’re not going turn become an engineer, doctor, or lawyer. Do people not realize how worthless college is and how low its ROI is?
    I always hear people talk about how expensive college will be for their kids and how they started a college fund for them, but you’ve got to be foolish to push your kids to go to a useless 4-year college vs a 2-year trade school or entrepreneurship

    1. Because they don’t know jack shit about what their want in their futures.
      They have their parents telling them they have to go college if they want success in life, any degree is better than no degree. On the other side, they don’t know what to study, so they go to the easy majors, the humanities.
      This bluepill mindset is the same as women, being with a fat/single mother/bat shit crazy woman is better than no woman.

      1. Liberal Arts degrees are crap. Until you want to teach them, they’re pretty much useless.

    2. I would tell my kids to take a year off after high school to travel the world and discover themselves.

  22. “3. You don’t need to know your career yet”
    What? I’ve been a fan of your work for a while now, but this is ridiculous. If you don’t have a solid plan, you shouldn’t be in college, period.

      1. Very fair, but it shouldn’t mean you need to shell out 50k+. i have many friends who obtained management experience even through menial fast food positions.

    1. I disagree my friend.
      It’s a good place to try your hand at several different disciplines and see what you prefer – but I supposed that’s a plan of its own.

  23. Love it! I definitely gained the freshman 15… but it was solid weight, because of hardcore lifting! I’m in the best shape of my life. While I suck socially and still have horrible anxiety, I have started taking steps this year to improve myself by getting involved in organizations. Freshman year, I just went to class and went home. While I still kind of do that, at least I now have an in-group and some people to interact with. I’m a part of the Exercise Science majors club, a national honor society, and a co-ed honors fraternity. I’m finishing up 1st semester sophomore year. I can’t wait to get the powerlifting club started up next semester! I just need to eradicate my social anxiety, and I think I’ll be well off.

  24. Here’s advice I would have given myself 5 years ago knowing what I know.
    1. Don’t go to college because everything I do at my office job now I could have done without going to college.
    2. GO INTO TRADES!!!!! Although where I live in Toronto, Canada the trades programs here are a joke apparently.

  25. Join the Army.
    Try to get an ROTC scholarship. Enlist if you can’t. Most enlisted I know get they’re 2 or 4 year degree using tuition assistance. After that, they still have their GI Bill.
    I earned my BA with a ROTC scholarship. Then got my MS with tuition assistance. I’m now trying to figure out how to use mu Post 911 GI Bill. I’m thinking flight school.
    The army will work you like a rented slave but after 4 years you’ll have veteran’s preference and the GI Bill plus what ever you earned with tuition assistance and maybe a trade depending on your job.

    1. Provided the president don’t fuck up at a dinner meeting, talk shit and then they are shipping you off to die in The Sandbox.
      I’d deal with the debt, and be thankful I have my legs/arms and no ptsd.

  26. 1.) If you are not any good at math/chemistry/physics then go to trade school rather than major in some business variety. That is, unless Daddy is going to make you V.P. after you graduate. If so, enjoy 4 years of unbridled fun. Otherwise, better to learn a trade, work for somebody doing air conditioning (or the like) and then start your own business. Working for others in the trades is unlikely to make you rich. You must be self motivated, and willing to take a chance and possibly fail before family makes complete failure a disaster.
    2.) Without a big scholarship then Junior college is a great, cheap stepping stone, and there are scholarships out there for your final two years if you do well in J.C.
    3.) Every single high school kid I meet wants to be a physician. You will make a decent living, but the golden age of medicine is gone. Way too much gov’t intrusion, and many physician extenders(P.A.’s, Nurse practitioners who really want to be physician’s) and with the ACA’s help, as a lower cost alternative, they will win. Dentistry is still fairly good, however, and you can remain somewhat independent of controlling powers.
    4.) So, looking back, Engineering, hard sciences, or marry the only daughter of the guy who has the local natural gas distributorship, or is a board member of the tri county electric association. (you don’t really think those are cooperatives working in the best interest of their clients/shareholders do you?)
    5.) If you want to succeed, sometimes, no matter how much fun the guys down the hall are having, you must shut your door and study.
    6.) If you major in a science each problem has a real answer, like a=2, not b= the authors problem with his relationship with his parents. In English comp we were asked what the jar in Tennessee represented…30 different answers. In hard sciences, you get the right answer, nobody can take it away.

    1. I give it a D. Half a grade off for spelling. I know you can do better, so you weren’t even trying.

  27. It’s a bummer. I just got my Bachelor’s. I went in older than i should have, so half the fun things i wouldn’t be able to do unless i want it to look like a scene from Old School.
    I can’t slag academia. Yeah, there is shit that you don’t agree with— but that is happening everywhere now. You do get out what you put in. But don’t be a lemming, do your research. There are many worthless degrees out there, make sure the professors aren’t bullshitting you.
    But the increased influx of bachelor’s degrees have made it the new associates. Master’s is the New bachelor’s.

  28. Put pussy on the bottom of your list of priorities. College is short and you have the rest of your life to chase ass. Women can and will fuck up your grades if you get emotionally attached.

    1. Do the opposite – grades are worthless but your youth is not.
      You can have a great time and plenty of fun with 40+ but it ain’t not the same as it is for a 20yo.

    2. You’re absolutely right, but that’s a very big “IF”. No need to EVER get attached if they don’t first!

  29. Agree with all the points, but, there’s another that should probably be at the top of this list.
    1) If you’re not going to major in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) don’t go. I’d add some other technical fields to this list as well, accounting and business being the most obvious.
    See, here’s the thing. Most of the non-STEM majors don’t teach you anything that’s actually useful in the workforce today. Sure, it’s interesting as hell to be a psych or history (or my favorite, English) major. But it doesn’t translate into a high dollar skill. You’re setting yourself into a job path that’s going to be much harder than it needs to be.
    STEM has a lot of things going for it. There’s a universal recognition that STEM is much harder than the other majors; if you get out with a degree in math, people are going to respect that (no matter what you wind up doing). STEM trains for you for jobs that actually exist; no, it’s not perfect (a lot of what you learn won’t be all that useful in modern environments because the field changes so fast) but, as an employer looking for these skills, they are going to only bother interviewing people with STEM degrees. STEM teaches you how to think logically, something that’s very important.
    And finally, perhaps most important. STEM is not arbitrary. The answer is either right or wrong. Sure, there are “right” answers that can be “better” than they are, but they are right! Same with wrong answers. Isn’t not like psychology papers where you have to divine your teacher’s political bent before you even think about the first sentence.
    Oh, and as a bonus. STEM is almost always taught by men. Men who rarely speak English very well, but men nonetheless. They typically have no patience for crying/sobbing about your grade. You will find your classes are 95% men. And you will learn to compete with other smart/driven men who are trying to get to the top of the top heap.
    Major in STEM, fuck psych girls. That’s the way to “do” college today (if you really want to go).

    1. Agreed. Plus, here’s an idea, all of those non-stem degrees you can learn as a hobby by researching them at a library, at a museum, etc. History majors? I’ve learned more on my own than I did in college. Art appreciation/art history? Travel to Europe and see all of that stuff in person. Go to your local museums and galleries. Why spend all the money?

  30. I think the college system and american society needs a massive change. I don’t see the point in dishing out $30k a year just to get into college, only for most people to either drop out or get a useless degree, or something they’re not entirely interested in.
    I don’t think everything should be free, but there’s one thing that absolutely must be- Education. Primary and Secondary school is free for students, which is excellent because every human deserves the chance and the right to be educated.
    Yet in college, most the time it’s going into a huge room with a hundred other students, taking notes of what the professor says, and then studying your ass off to try to actually pass the class. A lot of times, the teachers aren’t even good at teaching in the first place.
    Yet in Elementary ~ High, you have teachers working their ass off, helping each student at the rise of a hand.
    So normally school only costs tax payers. You get all the help you need for free, during class. You can fuck up all you want.
    College, you pay a FUCKLOAD of $$$ for, get shitty teachers, have to do everything yourself, and have a low chance of success.
    In america, College is Bullshit!
    Lol penn and teller

  31. ” college to be a stepping stone to crushing life afterwards”
    That’s up to any student – and this mindset is depressing quite frankly. How could anyone just go along with this? You still have s choice not to have s crushing life. Travel, learn 1 or 2 foreign languages, absorb other non westernized cultures….blaze yout own trail on your terms.

  32. I got a BS in Electronic Engineering in 1990. It is the most valuable thing I own. It has afforded me jobs and opportunities that have taken me all over the world. I paid for it myself and graduated with no debt. I won’t for nothing.
    Unfortunately today, the world has changed. The cost of a 4 year degree at a very affordable State University is about $80K (tuition, books, living expenses, misc). I could not do it today without debt.
    That being said, pick your degree carefully. A liberal arts degree is not worth going into debt over. Get a STEM field degree. It may be very tough but man your way through it.
    BTW, STEM field are still dominated by men. Makes you day to day work life easier having to deal with rational, logical, decisive and compartmentalized individuals. Too many women and the work environment turns into a social club.

  33. So Excited about driving a muscle car butm gas price in my country are skyrocketed, basically you have to drive under 70 km/h everywhere, taxes are top for this cars…i´m afraid i prefer to drive an electric snail than manly paycheck beacause of my ride.

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