The Shameless Exploitation Of Domestic Violence In The NFL

A few weeks ago Quintus Curtius and Roosh had an impromptu conversation regarding the poisonous western culture and its irreparable damage in the U.S. During their talk Quintus opined that sports is one of the last bastions of male space. Unfortunately, his statement becomes more inaccurate by the day because the influence of feminism continues to chip away at the very fabric upon which competitive sports were founded upon—namely masculinity.

Women have tried competing on the same playing fields as men for as long as anyone can remember and the more they try, the more definitive the inevitable conclusion becomes. The ridiculous stunt pulled by the PGA allowing Annika Sorenstam to compete in a male tournament without requiring her to qualify for the event like everyone else turned out to be a complete disaster. She finished 84th and missed the cut. More recently Danica Patrick (who didn’t waste any time jumping into bed with another driver on the circuit) hasn’t come close to winning a race in the five years she’s been on the NASCAR circuit. These and many other examples continue to prove that women simply cannot compete with men on the field, court, course, track, or any other professional or athletic sport.

Sports in the courts isn’t going away. -Roger Kosak, ESPN Legal Analyst

I couldn’t agree more, but this is the very crevice that SJWs and the feminized media have used to infiltrate professional sports leagues and college sports programs in America. The biggest fish in the pond is the National Football League, and that’s who they’ve got in their crosshairs.

Females are a lot of things. Stupid is not one of them. Countless defeats have forced them to accept reality and rethink their strategy to bring one of the last public male spaces to its knees. With help from the endless supply of white knights it seems they’ve tinkered in the lab long enough to have concocted a virus and a delivery system that just might do it.

The Virus: Agent Lavender

I remember when a player getting busted for weed or drunk driving was a big deal. Sure, there were a few minor domestic violence charges filed here and there but they were never really given much copy. Meanwhile, drugs and DUIs were all treated the same: The usual grandstanding would ensue with commentators and pundits chastising athletes for their poor choices (as if they’d never rolled a joint or got behind the wheel after a few cocktails), the player would be suspended for a game or two, given community service, and placed under some type of probation which usually included drug and alcohol “counseling.” The case would be talked about for a news cycle or two but as soon as the next shiny story came along everyone forgot about it and went on with their lives.

These occurrences didn’t give feminists much to latch onto. They knew they couldn’t take down professional sports on the field so their efforts would have to be focused on events off the field to carry out their plan.

The first chink in the armor they capitalized on was when NFL players started wearing pink for breast cancer awareness month, as it increased the perceived value of female life. They also had the backing of the politically correct blue pill media. But they’ve only just realized the final ingredient of their poisonous formula was plentiful and readily available to do their bidding. All they needed was a flame to the beaker for this catalyst to reveal itself and activate a poison more dangerous than Agent Orange.

By now we’ve all heard the details of the Ray Rice saga and the fallout from the elevator video that led to his suspension and subsequent release from the Baltimore Ravens. There seems to be a relative happy ending for Rice as an arbitrator ruled in his favor on November 28th, making him eligible to return to the NFL and sign with another team. This is a small victory but the damage has been done. Scores of white knights in the media surfaced in the wake of the revelation of the video which successfully completed the compound specifically designed to destroy masculinity.

The Delivery System

Thanks to that video, the sisterhood acquired massive amounts of the most important component to their mixture (further proving they can’t get much of anything done without the assistance of men). They finally had their formula but they knew it would be powerless without an effective way to deliver it to the masses. Predictably, white knights stepped in solved this problem for them—again.

Aside from the new draconian domestic violence policy announced by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the Rice case has spawned a slew of initiatives to further scare men out of being comfortable in their own skin, not the least of which is the new ad campaign dubbed “No More.” This 60-second video is just the tip of the iceberg, and you can bet your ass more like this are on the horizon.

Did you happen to catch the Yes Means Yes plug? “No more…she was drunk”, “No more…he was drunk”, and “No more…she never said no.” So if she gets drunk, bangs some random dude, and never said she didn’t want to, she’s as innocent as a snowflake. But if he’s drunk and closes the deal with some random chick he’s in the wrong? 

The real tragedy of this ad campaign is that it quite literally absolves females of any and all responsibility in these matters while simultaneously placing all of the culpability on the athlete. Player after player (retired and current) gives free pass after free pass to all women. She can dress the way she wants and act the way she wants, but when the shit hits the fan, she’s the de facto victim regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident. Hell, they even managed to make men that aren’t even involved and keeping out of other people’s business as guilty as the men on the police report.

Using NFL players from multiple generations to to appeal to men of all age groups is a can’t-miss delivery system. It’s a crafty strategy that takes full advantage of a beta condition I refer to as “hero worship” (most prevalent among the psychologically damaged) to brainwash men into cementing these ideas into their psyche. Proof that this campaign has been highly effective can be found on Twitter, Facebook, sports talk radio, and just about any other medium where every John Q. Public has a voice. Comments, posts, calls in to radio stations, all skew heavily in favor of the feminist imperative and it’s not even close.

I’ll admit that the overall scheme is actually quite brilliant. Spreading an agenda isn’t easy much less convincing most people to come to your side but they’ve managed to pull it off. However, there are major side effects to the general public being exposed to this lethal pathogen.

Infection & Side Effect

So the feminists have exactly what they need. They’ve got their testoste-cide and the ability to spread it far and wide. The result is that it rapidly escalated the conversation and debate, then swayed a huge number of fence-sitters in the process. One of the most disturbing side effects is that it is changing very landscape of crime and punishment right before our eyes. Case in point: San Francisco 49ers defensive end Ray McDonald.

My previous article briefly touched on this, but the long and short of it is that after the accusation against him players, pundits, feminists, and everyone who could get in line to pile on called for him to be suspended before he was even charged. They wanted him off the playing field until the case was adjudicated. This response isn’t unique to his case. The media is now calling for just about every athlete involved with a domestic dispute to be suspended immediately and indefinitely, due process be damned.

The 49ers did the right thing and stood their ground by allowing McDonald to remain in the lineup and in the end he wasn’t charged. But if his General Manager Trent Baalke and the powers that be in that organization caved to public pressure to punish him before anything was settled, this would have set a clear “guilty until proven innocent” standard (if it hasn’t been set already) which is a clear violation of the Constitution.

It’s become clear that the feminized media wants the NFL and other American sports leagues to start acting as the judge, jury, and executioner in legal matters. This is not their job nor should it be. Yes, the player’s code of conduct was collectively bargained and gives the NFL some authority to keep their players in line in order to protect the image of the league. But dolling out additional or preemptive punishment to satisfy the blood lust of the public before these cases even go to trial is not only irresponsible, it’s borderline illegal.

There’s only one court of law in this country, but if this unconstitutional agenda stays on course that number will unofficially double sooner than later. When that happens (and it will) no athlete is safe.

Do They Really Care About The Victims?

A hypocritical wrinkle to this current cause is the lack of attention the public at large gives these victims. The overwhelming majority of the focus is on the athlete and what his comeuppance should be. I have yet to see any significant outreach to these women to offer them help and support. If anything, they’re ridiculed and questioned for staying with their men (though we in the ‘sphere know the reasons they stick around).

Only recently has Janay Rice been the focus of their attention, but that’s likely because they’re digging for more dirt in an attempt to keep her husband out of the league just a little bit longer. They’d scoff at this assertion but those in the know, know the score.

So here’s the raw truth: feminists don’t give a shit about domestic violence victims and neither does the public. There are countless reasons for this but here’s the main one:

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Women hate each other. More importantly they know each other. Females know how other females operate. Deep down they know that every domestic violence complaint or accusation isn’t as one-sided as it appears to be. Add that to the fact that they judge each other harshly and almost never take anything they say to each other or to the public at face value (for good reason) and it’s easy to understand why women don’t really care about or believe other women in these situations, whether their accounts of abuse are true or not.

Here’s a great example: I remember back in ’08 when Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall (now with the Chicago Bears) was going through his domestic issues with his then girlfriend, Rasheedah Watley. Watley was all over television telling anyone who would listen what a nightmare it was to be a battered girlfriend. At one point my now ex-wife, who was watching it with me, let out a loud, short cackle. I looked at her with an incredulous look on my face wondering what the hell was so funny. After all a great injustice had been done to a precious woman! Without even looking at me she shook her head at the TV and said: “That girl’s full of shit.”

My ex’s instincts appeared to be correct because later that year she wrote a letter stating that Marshall had never hit or hurt her because her family pressured her into filing false charges in order to extort money from him. But at his trial she changed her story saying she wrote the letter in an effort to protect him.

I suppose both scenarios could be true given the nature of women, but when these so-called victims flip flop on the facts it makes it tough to believe anything they say.

This doesn’t mean that every wife or girlfriend of an athlete is lying or that the angry masses don’t believe any of their stories. But women know the true nature of women, and they display as much with their lack of solidarity with their allegedly abused sisters. If they were really as concerned as they pretend to be they’d focus the lion’s share of their attention on the victims rather than the alleged offenders. It seems the shaky credibility of women, which doesn’t do them any favors in the court of public opinion (the vast majority of which are women and feminized men) is indirectly held against them.

What Happens When They Don’t Get Their Way?

Women are overgrown children. When something doesn’t go their way they throw a fit until they get what they want. Society hasn’t spanked this behavior out of them so they continue to throw their tantrums. The case of Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston perfectly illustrates this point.

The reader’s digest version is that Winston was accused of rape last fall and when the smoke cleared, he wasn’t charged. Much to the dismay of feminists, he went on to win the Heisman Trophy and the National Championship, cementing himself as a guaranteed first round pick in the NFL draft. A great outcome to a potentially career-ending accusation. But the SWJs wouldn’t let this juicy opportunity slip through their porky little fingers. Not even when the justice system decided not to prosecute him.

Thanks to a Title IX “investigation,” Florida State University has opened a case of their own against Winston under the student code of conduct policy. A number of hearings were held to determine whether or not he was in violation of their student code of conduct. This could lead to his expulsion from FSU, which means he’d be stripped of his athletic scholarship and dismissed from the team.

No doubt this was provoked by fit-throwing feminazis hoping this farce will lead to some sort of retribution for Winston. They squawk about how the system is broken and has failed the alleged victim when they know full well there are photos out there that fly in the face of the accuser’s account of what happened that night (Google “Jameis Winston accuser”).

They claim they’re fighting for “closure” (read: conviction) for the alleged victim but we all know why this double-jeopardy inspired inquisition is happening to Winston: they’re hoping he incriminates himself so as to trigger the reopening of the original investigation. No matter what other reasons they give, it’s as simple as that.

Luckily Jameis didn’t take the bait.  He was smart enough to listen to his lawyers who smartly advised him to refrain from answering any questions. But the fact that these hearings happened in the first place is a scary prospect for college athletes. The bright side is that this experience gives Winston insight on what to expect when he goes pro so at least he’ll be prepared for what awaits him at the next level. But it’s a shame that all of this hoopla has been manufactured over a typical college slut (pictured above) trying to save face.

The Bottom Line

Feminists and SWJs are exploiting the very women they claim they’re trying to protect. They’ve shown they couldn’t care less about how the alleged battered wife or girlfriend of player X is doing. These women are being used as a means to an end. Everyone pretends to care but it’s obvious they don’t. They feign passion for this cause as a ruse to be angry which gives them the vehicle to call for heads to roll. All they’re really passionate about is getting men fired, or suspended, or whatever other extreme measures they deem necessary to take away anything and everything that means something to him.

There were no ad campaigns or discipline changes when Leonard Little and Donte Stallworth were charged with DUI manslaughter. There were no protesters or outrage when hoards of players were getting popped for drug-related offenses every other day. Yes, there were a few discussions here and there but nothing significant or thought provoking.

The only reason the sisterhood is making a big deal out of domestic violence in professional sports is because it advances their imperative while simultaneously castrating the leagues—college and the pros. They’re seizing an opportunity to invade and ultimately destroy a male-dominated sphere and so far they’re winning.

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137 thoughts on “The Shameless Exploitation Of Domestic Violence In The NFL”

  1. I stopped watching NFL highlights when I saw 3 women and 1 man on the panel on ESPN. The whole network is turning into The View.

    1. I was never a fan of football, so the doings of the NFL have been largely invisible to me, however my wife watches a game now and then and I did see the bullshit “pink” campaign. It’s no surprise that it’s come to where it has nowadays, these “men” apparently cannot line up fast enough to white knight for man-hating feminists. They deserve their eventual fate.

      1. Amazing, isn’t it? But is is a natural progression. Slowly – bit by bit, feminism takes what it wants. It is a black widow, sucking life where it can. The only response is a swift stomping of feet.

    2. No shit. I still don’t get how women got full access to locker rooms. The double standard is incredible. These bitches sense of entitlement on the one hand and the limitless willingness of men to give them whatever they want.

      1. “Im not saying they belong in the kitchen, but they definitely dont belong in the dugout.”- Mets great Keith Hernandez.
        And of course he caught a lot of flak for saying that….

        1. Hell now they have kitchens with $10,000 stoves that never get used. Why do men kowtow for women? It just makes them worse.

        2. They belong to the spotlight and they become attention whores and want more $$$. Even their designer clothes, purses, and expensive cars and homes aren’t enough.

        3. That’s what caused the bank collapse of 2008. People buying more house than they could afford, and the woman is the decision maker 75% of the time in residential real estate. The man just rides around in the car with the wife touring homes, until she makes her decision that he agrees with.

        4. Why do men kowtow for women- My favorite response I’ve seen: “I have a blood legacy”. That sounds so fuc-ing redneck to me. Blood Legacy. That’s the male Third Chimpanzee’s downfall. Your average male wants nothing more with his life.

        5. You can have children without having to sacrifice your masculinity and give Princess Powderpuff full reign over your life.

        6. >>he caught a lot of flak for saying that….
          Of course the females bitched. That’s what they do. It’s the male reporters, in media and male stooges in the league that willingly, happily cause it that we should focus even more on. Women will bitch and be placated temporarily and then bitch more. Pampered girls grow up to be SJWs.
          I think the manosphere needs to explore, to focus more on white knighting, manginas and the war of all against all that is on some level always there in the background of any brotherly solidarity that can be achieved. Men compete with men. Men compete with men for women. Men care more about females than other men.

        7. Apparently men used to not believe in raising their daughters to be cunts. Most of them want to have a little Princess now as of course do the.. I was going to say wife, but these days mother is more accurate, judging by our personal lives, the news, divorce stats, etc., etc.

        8. No oven, no lovin.
          Nothing says lovin like a bun in the oven.
          The stove? Yeah honey, it’s that square metal box in the kitchen that has a clock and four burners on top.
          Oh, we have a kitchen?

        9. You know I’ve done alot of online dating, and I’ve learned that the word Queen or Princess are red flags of entitled women(not surprising).

        10. Profoundly unattractive but honest of them. Ghetto rats, lots of Latina women I’ve come across, the proverbial trailer park white trash and hell lots of rich bitches (see Madonna’s “I’m a material girl” vid. What a whore) proudly proclaim their hypergamy.
          AWALT or damn close. And their daddies helped raise ’em that way. American Dream! nightmare.

      2. Do you realize that some colleges are now allowing college age women — studying journalism — into male lockerrooms?
        I just have to wonder. Are male journalism students given access to female athletes in their lockerroom to gain experience in sports reporting? I HIGHLY doubt so.
        And regarding the NFL. When players in the past have spoken out about women in their lockerroom, they’re fined. The only thing which drives me more insane is when these fully clothed women complain about the “sexism” they experience in sports reporting.

        1. >>Are male journalism students given acces..
          I blame men for this.
          Bet you if you took a poll most male jocks wouldn’t care about women in the locker room and probably like it. Same with male fans. That’s fine. Go jack off to some cfnm. Problem is, assholes, double standards like this make for a shitty society for men to live in, ultimately. Even if your little head likes females getting to see naked men. You compete with these entitled princesses for jobs now, dicks! Let them in every male space while keeping female spaces female, give them special passes, rules to advantage them, laws written to limit male freedom and opportunities.. Most men don’t care.
          How did we get so dumb? We need to better understand and come to terms with the evilness of men towards each other. I was focused on women’s wicked ways and now sort of feel they’re just takers and users of men, primarily, and cannot help it. They’ll lie, bullshit, rationalize till society collapses and blame men for it all.

        2. Most male jocks don’t like it, and neither do their most of their wives if they have one. But they get reprimanded as sexist when they show it. The legal system forces the organizations to allow it.

        3. Hand to careerist women and feminists- they’ve defeated the majority over and over again and shame and silence opposition. What’s called for? Organized political response, cultural resistance?? All that. No to gynocentrism.

    3. I have not been able to watch football since I realized who much of a game is just commercials. I gave up my television for my last year of college so I could focus on an 18 hour course load, and after being unplugged for awhile, I lost all patience for advertising. Football games feel like 15 minutes of action for a 3 hour game with a solid 2 hours being commercials.

    4. I actually stopped watching mainstream sports entirely about 2-3 years ago. I haven’t missed it. Honestly, I could never stand the playoff broadcasts anyway, they were always so filled to the brim with bullshit human interest stories.
      These days, I follow the more obscure, sometimes extreme, and often non-televised sporting events. It’s been great actually.

      1. I remember when that “human interest” stuff started to ramp up, right around the beginning of the 1990’s, on the Olympics. I almost gagged on it after seeing a few segments and realizing that this was now the standard format, stopped watching the Olympics and found better things to do. Then it spread to other sports as well.
        Here’s the clue sports teams: I don’t give a flying fucking fig about what kind of “adversity” JeMalaka had to go through as a child. I really don’t. In fact, it rather disgusts me to even have to sit through an endless retelling of “struggle” and “hardship” for each and every athlete. And contrary to your marketing wizard’s barking, men are the majority audience of televised sports. You are literally driving away your base with this crap.

        1. Isn’t that the god damn truth. They are driving away men, everyday, with the pink and all of the “feel good” bullshit.
          All to cater to their growing base of women?
          It won’t matter. In another few years with all of the pink (plus more colors to come) and rule changes ever year….it will be an entirely different sport.
          I’m out.

    5. I’m beginning to see why homosexuality has become so prevalent in the Anglosphere. Even though I could never do it, these men have nothing to lose and everything to gain by throwing bitches over.
      As one blogger put it…
      To gain:
      Unlimited sex
      Financial security
      Ready made status – gays are lionized by the media
      Upward mobility (high status gays often form relationships with working class men. High status females never do)
      To Lose:
      Sexual disappointment and frustration
      Financial chaos, insecurity and penury associated with divorce
      Negative status – straight men are vilified in the media
      Downward mobility (Straight men nearly always marry down)

      1. Many gay men that I’ve known (not including the neon haired, lisp-smacking, skinny-fat mangina fags) appear to be healthy and successful.
        The couples I’ve seen encourage each other to keep in shape (sometimes in great shape), develop themselves professionally, extend their friendship networks, and chill out and have fun. The types that I’m thinking of have been European and African (not anglo), and all good-looking.
        Honestly, these guys are doing pretty damn well for themselves… And I’m pretty sure they’re bi-sexual to be honest… They’re just done putting up with the constant menstruation of the “fairer” sex…

        1. And the complete loss of self respect. If you’re done with women, fine; I certainly am. But better celibate, than to spend the rest of your life holding your ankles in order to “help a bro out.” That’s not the kind of help that men require from other men.

    6. NeoBushi, I stopped thinking you were anything but a phony after you banned me for making a harmless tongue in cheek comment on your single article. The other readers got the humor but you were too busy sniveling and quivering over your delicate fag feelings to be reasoned with, so fuck you.

      1. I thought I told you that I didn’t ban you, someone else did. I’m not an administrator on this site. I’m surprised you are still butt hurt about it 6 months later.

        1. No you never told me after several attempts to reason with you even on your own site. But hey, I’m willing to let butt hurts be bygones (even though I lost my cool handle) and offer you a virtual beer!

    7. How anyone watches ESPN, I’ve not a clue. It’s become a tabloid outlet pushing the social justice agenda.
      I actually can’t believe it’s taken this long into the 2014 NFL season for someone to write a piece regarding these damn “NO MORE” commercials. Any independent thinking male knows what these commercials are really about. They have nothing to do with actually ending DV and Sexual Assaults as this article points out. NO MORE of these damn commercials!
      As many people have noted in these comments, it’s getting increasingly hard to watch football. The male shaming in the commercials during games is unbelievable. Has anyone else made the observation that commercials played for a modern sitcom during an NFL game routinely show a female punching a guy in the balls? I’ve seen this a few times now. Is it not mind boggling? You have a “No More” commercial telling men merely looking at women is DV and Rape then the following commercial is a female assaulting a male in the genitals.
      I picture a little boy watching football asking his mom and dad, “mommy and daddy … why is it bad for a boy to hit a girl but okay for a girl to hit a boy in privates?”

      1. Yet I catch flack from Beta white knights and manginas for saying the West is fucked. Your observation just illustrated one of the many reasons I can’t wait to see it all come crashing down. Better to die on my feet than live on my knees.

    8. I work at the NFL. It’s sad seeing this once great basin of male sports being taken apart from the inside. Mandatory pink clothing days, female empowerment seminars, gender neutral training etc etc… The entire league is going to continue to go down the tubes.

      1. You should change your screen name, pic and delete the fact u work at the nfl… posts on this site could get you shitcanned…

        1. Thx, edited. I don’t worry too much. Site it blocked at work so I only post on my own time/off work hours.

    9. I’ve stopped watching the NFL altogether. I can’t stand all of the female bullshit that has infiltrated (yet, again) another male space.
      The pink clothing. The latest asshole in charge – that new bullshit commissioner. The white knights and females on the pre-game shows giving their fucking two cents. I’m done.
      All in an attempt to attract more customers (women) to the game. I didn’t know the fucking NFL was doing that badly?

    10. I stopped watching pro sports years ago, I consider it part of bread and circuses. So many pros use steroids and the US would be better if all the men on the couches watching sports got up and did something.

  2. I’m fuckin’ done with sports, period. Beyond tired of the whole victim narrative. Every month it’s something different. Men are bad, women are good. I hope these pussies get fucked over by the conniving they put on a pedestal.

    1. There are still sports worth keeping up with. None of them are televised. Notice the pattern?

        1. Lacrosse is fantastic to watch, and it is getting a slight bit of coverage now. Highly masculine sport (although a wimpified female version does exist, but nobody watches it). You get to run at full speed, toss a ball at 100 mph at another man who skillfully catches it, you get to body check AND hit other men with a metal stick. It’s great.

        2. Irish hurling is insane. Flat wooden bats(think cricket) no helmets. Guy I know lost 4 front teeth, still plays lol

        3. By feminists. That was the whole point of the *last* fake rape allegations a few years ago, to destroy a thoroughly masculine sport.
          The typical college/pro lacrosse player is by and large in the shame shape, height and weight as your average NFL quarterback. Most of the lacrosse team at my son’s school are also starters for the football team in fall. No wimps or pussies need apply.

        4. I was booted off the field hockey and lacrosse team because I used the stick to knee cap the opponent. Was told that was not “lady like”. Whatever.

        5. Men’s lacrosse is highly physical and aggressive. There is no “lady like” about it. Why you would knee cap an opponent though?
          Feminists have tried since the last bullshit false rape episode to demonize Lacrosse. I don’t buy it.

        6. okay, thats fine I guess, I just want you to know: this type of behavior aint a good look for you people. Most of us dont like it.
          Additionally, the increasingly vulgar humor of female comedians ( non stop boob/box/rag jokes) is not a good look for you either. Do you want men to find you repulsive?

    2. Spectator sports. Right? To for a run or a climb, kick a ball around or hit a ball around yourself.

    3. Yep same. Part of me waking up to reality was to stop watching other men run around with a ball. Fucking waste of time without including all the leftist political overtones being imposed on every televised sporting event.

  3. How the NFL should have responded to the Ray Rice situation at the beginning of the season:

    The NFL is hereby reinstating Mr. Rice as he has satisfied the terms imposed upon him by the criminal justice system. Mr. and Mrs. Rice both acknowledge that this was a terrible event that occurred, but both of them wish to leave the past in the past, and to focus on Mr. Rice’s future career in the league.

    But as RoK pointed out not that long back, white knighting will be the death of the NFL.

    1. I don’t know. One could hope a severe backlash to this feminist incursion would ensue and a real message be sent, “Do Not Fuck with Us”, but… we’ll see. Do not underestimate the cunning female collective and the ever growing legions of manginas and white knights. The Elites and corporations are one with the feminist ideologues at this point. Corporate boardrooms are the domain of white knights and feminist lean-in bitches. The brotherhood places like RoK builds is still small and largely unknown outside the Internet. We’ve just started.

      1. You’d think that there would be millions of feminists and white knight manginas that would be ready to burn down the stadium, but remember that the number of feminists and white knights driving this story is small. It is only their voice that is loud. Sadly, their loud voice and public platform can drive the opinions in corporate boardrooms and other such places.
        Ray Rice got a standing ovation at his last game, with even the women in the stands cheering him. It is obvious that the actual customers of the NFL did not care about this, and they just wanted to see him play the game.
        Unfortunately the NFL doesn’t recognize this, and every year they grow more and more pussified…

        1. “Unfortunately the NFL doesn’t recognize this, and every year they grow more and more pussified…”
          And its the very reason why I stopped watching it. It’s starting to rot from the inside out (with the commissioner at the helm).
          I can’t do the pink and the stupid ass commercials any longer.

    2. Seeing as how the average man can get fired for being 10 minutes late, not smiling enough, or getting tagged in a drinking photo on Facebook, I have no sympathy for a low-intelligence lottery winner like Rice. Football players are a dime a dozen.

      1. Never understood “men” who either have public FB pages, or who give their information to an employer. Make it private, or better, get rid of social media entirely.
        Off topic I know, just venting a bit.

    3. imagine the irony–gamers fought back against SJWs, but 300 lbs aggressive pro football players caved. Pussies.

  4. Nice article. As a side note on Jameis Winston, there was a really insane article over at the nation where the author actually says:
    “In his own defense, the Heisman winner writes, “The only thing as vicious as rape is falsely accusing someone of rape.” Read Daniel Roberts for a searing statistical breakdown for how gobsmackingly ridiculous such a statement actually is. The chances of being falsely accused of rape are about as likely as being struck by lightning: one in 2 million. Meanwhile, 25 percent of women on campus say they have survived a sexual assault.”
    I mean, that has to be up there in the top 5 dumbest things on the internet…and that’s saying a lot.

    1. We should repeat, at every opportunity, that the 25% statistic–is FALSE. The study from which that figure is taken, “The Sexual Victimization of College Women”, published in 2000 actually found that 1.7% of college women reported a “completed rape”. Add in another 1.1% who reported an “attempted rape”, and you arrive at 2.8% (higher than we would want, but nowhere near 25%). How do you get from their to 20-25%? Well, for “completed rapes” you double it–just because–and then extrapolate it over a 12 month period (N.B. Most students aren’t at school 12 months of the year) and then multiply that by five (which is apparently now the typical length of college now). Suddenly, you’re at 25%, which is the same rate as Congo, where rape is used as a weapon of war. Where does that leave us? Well, Will Rogers may have been onto something when he said (paraphrasing) “It’s not what we don’t know that’s the problem, it’s what we do know that just ain’t so….”
      Now, as men, we don’t want our sisters, daughters, nieces to be raped *at all*, but the SJWs apparently thought that nobody would get excited over 1.7%.
      So they lied.
      And the lives on innocent men are being destroyed because of it.
      À bientôt,

      1. Correct Mistral and, I must say, I even have a hard time believing the 1.7% number.
        I love how this twit actually says that only one in two million men are falsely accused of rape and in the same breath says that 25% of women “say they were sexually assaulted”
        I mean, if you are going to phony up the stats to make a moronic point, at least do it in a less obvious way.

        1. Lower is probably more accurate. The idea that nearly 1 out of every 50 women is raped by any meaningful definition of that word is preposterous.
          But isn’t that the rub? Like other words like “hipster” or “genius” over use has expanded the meaning of the word so much that it no longer means anything. Now that it means nothing one can claim that all women are raped every day as long as they carefully define “rape”

      2. They got the 25% number from poor data collection.
        It was a survey taken at only two colleges and was extrapolated out to be a nationwide phenomenon somehow. It had a low response rate, and it also included an incentive for replying.
        Most importantly, in my opinion, the people who conducted the survey never actually asked anyone if they had been raped or sexually assaulted. This is relatively important because now you have people asking indirect questions and determing for the respondent if they had been raped or assaulted.
        They simply asked a number of questions about their sexual activities. “When you were drunk, high, drugged, or passed out and unable to consent, how many people ever had vaginal sex with you?”
        Not many people will argue that passed out is a violation, but drunk or high? Married couples drink and have sex all the time. But if someone answered yes to that question because they had a few drinks with their boyfriend and had sex, the surveyors counted that as rape/assault even if the women did not feel it was.
        In addition, the criteria for sexual assault was greatly expanded to include things like “attempted forced kissing”.
        On top of all that, any sort of pressure such as:
        telling you lies, making promises about the future they knew were untrue?
        If you promised to marry them or buy them a TV and did not, this was counted as rape, despite the sex being consensual.
        repeatedly asking
        You bug your girlfriend for 2 hours for oral sex and she gives in to shut you up, that was counted as rape.
        showing they were unhappy
        Moping on the couch until the woman finally let you have some so you’d stop moping was counted.
        With all of these stupid questions being turned into an affirmative response for rape/sexual assault it is no wonder the rate was so high. I don’t even think many of the women realized their answers would be taken as such. They were just answering questions about their sex lives.

        1. Good info here.
          Pretty soon people will be conducting these surveys with Yes means Yes criteria and it will show that, statistical, 114% of all women will be raped at least a dozen times a year. The absurdity is that someone out there will take it seriously,.

      3. When Surveyed, 100% of women who ate a diet loaded with saturated fat and high calories and who never get any exercise responded by saying “I look good”
        Findings: McDonald’s and a sedentary lifestyle is excellent for you.

      4. I’m convinced that SJWs support rape. Yes, really.
        Without rape, and without that mythical 25% figure accepted as fact by so many, they’d have no power.
        Most of us support all women having all means necessary to protect themselves against rape. This includes insisting that women carry a firearm and learn how to use it, but SJWs oppose this.
        We insist on women being responsible, not getting drunk to the point of passing out, or not accepting drinks from strangers, or engaging in street smart behavior that helps to prevent them from becoming victims of any crime including rape, but SJWs oppose this.
        And look at the SJW reaction to the Rolling Stone work of fiction being exposed as such… they were HOPING it to be true… how could anyone who calls herself human wish for such a horrible thing to happen to someone else?

        1. Most of us support all women having all means necessary to protect themselves against rape.
          The feminists don’t want women to protect themselves.

          Four students from North Carolina State University have invented a nail varnish that detects common date rape drugs by changing colour.
          Very simple. Dip your nail in your drink, if it changes color it’s drugged. Who in their right mind would oppose this or find something wrong with it?
          I’m not gonna post a ton of quotes, but some women’s groups outright oppose the idea, and others are not in favor of it because they don’t think it addresses the core cause of rape. They don’t view it as women taking precautions to protect themselves, they view it as society placing all the responsibility for preventing sexual assault on women.
          Very similar to how locking my front door when I leave for work in the morning is accepting all of responsibility for preventing crime, I guess.

        2. Why shouldn’t women have the responsibility of ensuring that they are not taken advantage of? Nobody assumes the responsibility of making sure I’m not mugged, which is why I carry a sidearm when out and about. Nothing wrong with that.
          These double standards are revolting and make me want to spit.

  5. I was always impressed with Hootie Johnson at Augusta National for rebuffing the feminist Martha Burke. Augusta traditionally had a male-only membership. Burke had demanded that women be admitted to the club. After corporate sponsorship dried up, Augusta ate the cost of broadcasting The Masters on CBS for two years, showing the tournament commercial free. Betas within the Board of Directors at Augusta finally won out and extended membership to women in 2012. So goes the world. Men can’t have their own clubs.

  6. I played and watch hockey. NHL players were all sporting mustaches last month for Movember; raising funds for testicular, prostate, and mental health.

  7. “Women hate each other. More importantly they know each other. Females know how other females operate. ”
    TRANSLATION: “That bitch on TV is prettier and thinner than me and thus get more male attention, burn her at the stake!”
    “Yet still, I can’t take my eyes off of the TV and continue to tune in to her program and heckle her the entire time…”
    Makes great sense, doesn’t it?

  8. A microcosm of the feminist mindset at work here: last night while driving along I caught two local sports announcers on the radio get into it in mock serious fashion. After bringing up favourite childhood games, the two guys started arguing over who was the better table hockey player (yes, this is in Canada). Trash talk ensues.
    Well when they set up a contest to decide who’s the best, this female news reporter in studio doing some inane bit just has to chime in, immediately wanting to be involved. One of the guys, known in these parts as being trademark goofy in his delivery (and in keeping with the childish theme of this whole exchange), says “Oh, you’ll be in the Girls’ Division.” It was like a record stopped. You could hear the immediate ice in her tone. “What did you say to me?” She was offended beyond belief. It got all sorts of awkward.
    “Look me in the eyes and say that to me,” she’s harping. “I can’t believe you just said that.” Yes, her panties were all in a bunch over this innocent little quip… the sarcastic nature of which went completely over her head. And not to take this outrage lying down, she also threatens, with befitting ominous tones, “Oh, just wait for what you’re going to hear about this on Twitter.”
    For Christ sakes. How easily offended they are! How desperately they want to be considered equal in all things… even a mock retro table hockey tournament. How quickly they’ll sick their herd of indignant followers on any man who crosses them.
    I’ve never used fucking Twitter or care to so don’t know if anything came of that terrifying threat, but this entire exchange lasted a mere minute or two with a significance that blew me away. This bizarre feminist worldview is infectious and it has spread deep. Thank God we’ve got outposts like this as some last bastion of sanity to help combat the disease.

    1. Easy reply.
      “Oh, sorry, didn’t realize that you weren’t female. Thanks for clearing that up for us, Bob”.

      1. I love shit like that. Wasn’t Serena Williams trounced by some nearly not pro male tennis player? He was like rank 300 “pro” or something, and she was at the top of her game. Trounced her. Bad.

        1. Yup, both she and her sister actually. ten plus yrs ago, they both said they could beat a man who isnt ranked in the top 100 (he was like 106). He destroyed both of them.
          Then they changed their stance to anyone who isnt ranked in the top 200 🙂

        2. There we go, thank you for posting the correct numbers, I was going off of foggy memory.

        3. The main reason women’s tennis is popular is the short skirts which neither of the Williams sisters look particularly good in.

        4. Hadn’t heard that. So I looked it up. Karsten Braasch.
          At the time ranked 208 in 1998. Played one set against each.
          Beat Serena 6-1. Beat Venus 6-2.
          His highest rank he ever got to was 38.
          Said he was known for not having much of a training regime. Even smoking cigarettes during the changeovers of a match.

      2. You guys really need to understand why this video is amazing.
        Firstly, Jill Mills is a powerlifter and strongwoman competitor, not a bodybuilder. So her training is to be STRONG not to be BIG. So it’s even more hilarious to see her lose, considering the specificity of her training is EXACTLY for this type of event.
        Secondly, I’d be willing to bet Jill’s hormonal profile is, uh, different, from that of an untrained woman, if you get my drift.
        And yet, a normal walk-on, probably un-injected, is still stronger than her.
        Women need to realize they can’t be men, never will be men and trying to compete with men on men’s turf is idiotic to the core.

        1. worst part: one of the two male winners SHAMES HIMSELF for the victory. un, fuckin. real.

        2. But, it is a great example of: even when we give a woman a bit of an edge it shows that men and women are not equal.

  9. It makes sense to me that hordes of white knights also watch football religiously.
    When you are inadequate and lacking of normal levels of testosterone like the average pear shaped fuck wad then you need a “hero” to worship and to whom you can project all your unattainable fantasies of winning and being competitive onto.
    Also it seems they project their entire belief system onto their idols as well. This belief system is of course the only system they have been indoctrinated to know and love, the entire lexicon of equalist faggotry.
    When their hero somehow offends their very effete sensibilities then its off to the gallows with him! The poor damsel with snot running out of her nose and whining like a stuck pig on television is hurt can’t you assholes see that?
    She must have justice!!! Now the offended must feel vindicated for anchoring all his precious hopes and closet homosexual fantasies on this evil man by making sure he is punished!!
    The perturbed white knight is now going to take this shit serious. He pulls out his sword (iphone) and goes on a rampage demonizing the athlete on social media!
    Now feeling morally uplifted he can choose another hero from among the catalog of athletes to worship and masturbate to.
    Fuck this gay ass faggot filled earth.

    1. It is no coincidence that the men who have the most experience with women are the least likely to take them seriously when they whine and cry.

  10. The NFL can’t reconcile the fact that the college and HS system basically favors the strongest, meanest, most thuggish males for the pro-ranks with the fact that they don’t want to come off as violent.
    It’s a bit like letting a bunch of hard-time prisoners out into a peaceful society and expecting them to change overnight and integrate themselves. These guys have been bred for violence since they were quite young; is there any surprise they are violent?
    I think what the NFL is trying to do isn’t per se, white-knightning, it’s just cynical and manipulative. They know exactly what kind of psychological profile it takes to make it to the NFL. By bringing out the smoke and mirrors (pink gloves, suspensions on suspicions) they are trying to have their cake and eat it too. They can allow the violent players to play while claiming they’re taking strong action against violence.
    The problem is this is the approach of appeasement. SJWs don’t back down when appeased, they just escalate their demands more and more until the threshold of absurdity is a distant memory. Keep appeasing the SJWs, and soon we’ll have players giving us cameos asking us to recognize pansexual squirrelkin rights. Or worse yet, female referees.

  11. Look for a new penalty next year:
    “Unnecessary meanness; 5 minute group hug, automatic first down.”

  12. I’m surprised that NFL still has cute cheerleaders. You’d think they would put a few land whales in for fat acceptance.

    1. They’re getting close. They’ve already got a post-wall broad shaking her wrinkled pom poms in New Orleans.

    2. Please don’t introduce any new ideas.
      Look what happened to stewardesses. Airlines are no longer allowed to hire / fire based on appearances and they are called flight attendants because of the token gay male. Look at photos for Southwest Airlines from the 1970s. They used to look like cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys.

  13. No more Marrying him for his money and splitting
    No more calling a guy, ‘creepy’ who’s hitting on you, because he isn’t hot
    No more!
    No more starting shit with other women and or men while out drunk and expecting your man to get you out of it
    No more blaming everything on men while remaining a divisive cunt.
    No more!
    What an obnoxious campaign. You turn on your tv and they’re yelling at us like we’re the fucking ones throwing haymakers at our loved ones. As if some heavy handed commercial is going to stop a cycle of violence. Fuck them.

    1. Well said. Their own are mucking up (and some are not, but hey who cares about fact when “feeeeeelings” are involved) and somehow WE are the ones that need preached to.

  14. Spectator sports are really fucking stupid.
    Is say that Boxing and rock climbing are two sports with some credibility.

  15. The problem with false claims is going to get worse and worse. The objective is to remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process. Feminists want to push ‘yes means yes’ up to the criminal justice system. For the time being, men will just be expelled from campus through preponderance of evidence, with no due process, without attorneys, with no right to question the accuser, via kangaroo courts.
    The colleges don’t want the women to go to the police because it affects their reputation, insurance costs and opens them up to civil litigation. This also gives women the power to destroy innocent men’s lives when they’re late for work, didn’t prepare for a test, when they’re mad at a former boyfriend, after being rejected, for purposes of extortion, to open civil suits, after they regret drunk sex and after they’ve cheated on their current boyfriend (all proven excuses used by women in past false rape claims).
    There are many men who are now suing universities for being expelled in this manner. Expect an explosion of false rape claims at universities. The “yes means yes” law is going to backfire and finally expose the cluster B personality disorder that feminism represents.
    False claims of domestic violence exploded with the advent of VAWA. Know what’s funny – you can’t prove you were falsely accused of domestic violence. All she has to do is say that she’s afraid and the restraining order is issued. The same will happen with “Yes Means Yes” after it has been incorporated into VAWA. The goal is to remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process. It worked with VAWA and it will work with “yes means yes”. The parallels are stunning. What’s more stunning is that men aren’t marching, en masse, in the streets.
    Feminism is not about equality. It’s about giving women the power to destroy men when women don’t get what they want. Feminism is a gigantic, lethal, feminine temper tantrum. Feminism is about destroying the mythical patriarchy. Feminism is about oppressing men.

  16. The NFL long ago sold out to the government, by getting itself declared a “charity” for tax-exempt status, and forcing taxpayers into building lavish new stadiums that are used 10 days per year. There is no such thing as free lunch and the government is here to collect on the deal, using the league as a vehicle for their whackjob agenda. Everything from politically correct team names, forced diversity, radical feminism, and the gestapo goon security forces is in play. They made a deal with the devil, and are now a wholly-owned subsidiary of evil.

    1. Forced diversity?
      I have looked at the lineup of many NFL teams and I don’t see a hell of a lot of diversity going on.
      Otherwise, yeah, that about sums it up.

      1. I wanna see a chick in a burkhah running the point, throw down a tomahawk dunk. There would be a springboard at the top of the key (for the ladies only of course) and once she hits the board, no man is allowed to block her dunk attempt.

  17. And how about that fag player? Jeeezzzzuuuusss imagine being in the showers and that butt jockey looking you up and down…..eeeewwwwww…….and it’s all yay, the first open shit stabber in the league…..fuck off…..

  18. Janay Rice wants $$$ and so do all these football wives. Reason why they are so well off is their husbands. White Knights and feminists make it worse.

  19. I’m currently in the West Bank, Palestine, visiting family. It’s such a refreshing feeling to be in a place where feminism doesn’t even exist. Men know their roles and women know theirs.

  20. Seriously, why doesn’t that opportunistic bitch that invented accusations against Jameis Winston just not work ever and simply dicksuck her way through life? She totally looks like the type of parasite that would be a pro at that!

  21. The NFL is on the same path as all other sports in America. They are limiting the physicality and bashing the nature of the sport in the public eye. All this to weaken the competition and let women join up in the men’s leagues. Anybody in their right mind knows that this will never happen. The best female at any sport has thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of men miles ahead of her.

  22. Sports are now the realm of the beta and feminist. I refuse to engage western sports culture and supplying it with my time and money. Men need to play sports instead. Join a rugby team. Stop living lives on your couches and on your phones and computers. I would even suggest you abandon video games.
    There are no more countries left to conquer and no lands to discover. The next frontier is the spiritual frontier. I don’t mean shi-shi new age non-sense. I am talking about red-pill, the ultimate reality. Facing your worst fears head on and discovering your God in the process. You will be amazed.

  23. Domestic violence is more prevalent among the normal population outside the NFL
    They just go nuts over this because america worships victims like a 14 year old girl

  24. Rice was on video tape assaulting another person. The NFL knew it and hid that evidence. There is no grand conspiracy in his case, just mendacity all around. Inclusion of that case in your piece weakens your argument.

    1. You need to reread the article. The author didn’t question the guilt or innocence of Rice. He highlighted the fact that feminists are using the case to advance their agenda without caring about the victim which was his wife. Also there is no mention of conspiracy. It says exploitation in the title. Not conspiracy. If you can’t comprehend a concept as simple as this I would suggest reading remedial writing, then maybe take another stab at it. Nice try though.

  25. “The first chink in the armor they capitalized on was when NFL players started wearing pink for breast cancer awareness month,”
    Anytime I see this I question who is not aware of Breast Cancer. Ironically the wife has the same question.
    The NFL is the last vestige of warrior men. Strangely its the worst of the 4 main sports when it comes to coddling to SJWs

  26. NFL will probably get a female commissioner soon, and will make all men wear bra and tampons! Men need to stand up and say no to all these feminist bullshit!

  27. While pro players are slaying tail left and right and are partying the likes of what we’ll never see, they’re telling us “No More”. Fuck you. The NFL has turned into a big vag. And I hate that ad.

  28. The NFL has become a mind control propaganda tool.
    Example ban on pro 2nd Ammd. commercials.
    Hank Williams Jr. fired because of his 1st Ammd. views of the current President.
    Real men live in the real world. Not “spectators” in bread and circus.

  29. Women are wired to do this. Infiltrate male spaces and use those organizations to further the feminine imperative.

  30. I put more blame on men for this one. Especially the acceptance of suspending a player just for an accusation.

  31. the NFL responded to pressure, its not something thats a conspiracy. And why shouldn’t domestic violence be seen as more of a problem than drug use? It actually has victims, unlike smoking a joint

  32. The feminizaton of Professional Football has already begun. The owners allowed a weak shiftless spineless weasel to be the commissioner. The cancer has already progressed.

  33. Dafuq… are you all on crack? This is insane, the writer clearly has no intimate knowledge of the victim advocate or legal process. And in regards to achieving change, if you’re going to kill a weed, you go for the source, how is this any different? People do care about the victims, however that isn’t what the news stations care to broadcast, otherwise you’ll be following a victim’s story for years. Publicity doesn’t help the victims, justice does. Often they just want to be left in peace to heal. Those that don’t may fall into a different category from that of victims.
    There are a ton of instances of violence in the world, and not every one of them qualifies for air time. The best you can hope for with this coverage is that it doesn’t slip back into the closet with the rest of the skeletons. Sometimes widespread coverage is the only thing that will bring light to these instances. Do you even care that women contribute to 45% of the overall NFL fan base? I can go on, but this audience is probably not that receptive to a lesson on these matters.
    Male chauvinism is an ugly thing as is female chauvinism, but do any of you really believe that ignoring the transgression just so that the game can go on is the right answer? Also, assuming all women victims aren’t victims and are always out to get men is a false stereotype and infuriatingly narrow-minded.
    America is better than this, but God help us if people continue to think like this.

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