UVA Woman Probably Not Raped: Anna Merlan Calls It A “Bad And Shitty Day”

This a bad and shitty day, and it’ll remain bad and shitty for a long time – Anna Merlan

Despite the great paucity of men who actually rape relative to the entire population, each new rape accusation brings another opportunity for Anna Merlan and Co. to spruik their trade. According to them, men catch Rape Culture like the common cold. They rape like the wind blows. Beyond reasonable doubt is so last century. I need a new tattoo. I wonder who saw my latest tweet.

Rather than expressing her relief that a woman was not raped and chastizing Rolling Stone for shoddy-at-best reporting, plus the coterie of human pitchforks going after UVA fraternities, Merlan is unabashedly upset. A situation shows to a wider public that maybe, just maybe, due process is not so bad after all. And that just doesn’t fit with Merlan’s misandrist worldview.

Before Rolling Stone made a bullshit quarter-retraction, Merlan was busy at work trying to brand anyone with the audacity to question both the story and the ethics used to publish it as de facto rape apologists. Some of her now oh-so-sweet gems can be accessed here.

I hope Robby Soave is screenshotting, printing out, and framing Merlan’s pathetic but still butthurt mea culpa. The beauty of feminism, even with its insidiousness, is that when it fucks things up, it causes the bed to collapse and then splinters fly in every direction. They overextend and nail themselves to the exact points being made by anti-SJWs all along.

Let’s face it, Anna Merlan was licking her lips with glee when the concocted Rolling Stone piece about UVA hit the stands and web. A sister who alleges rape, regardless of any preposterous claims and circumstances, means a group of brothers who can be defamed, witch-hunted, and socially crucified without that pointless requirement of police investigating facts and combing for evidence (or lack thereof). Oh, and did I forget that additional step of a courtroom for when SJWs whip authorities into bringing frivolous cases to trial? (Mike Nifong represent!)

The exposure of the inconsistencies (read: lies) in the UVA piece strips Merlan of a raison d’être for the next five minutes. Like Stalin signing off on a quota of executions during the Terror, feminists need an ever-growing number of convictions and scandals sans due process, replete with obligatory character assassinations. The temporary removal of such opportunities generates a rage that forces their uglier side out into the open.

It is important to also recognize the inherent sociopathy of the Anna Merlans of this world. No acknowledgment, not even fleeting, of the male lives turned utterly upside down by such a blatantly false indictment of their characters. The only view she sees is via the prism of “Who can we convict next?” In this reality, mere accusation is conflated with conviction.

Merlan joins a long and continuing line of see-only-what-you-want social justice bile factories. Jessica Valenti, disappointed that even the kangaroo court-style procedures of Columbia University found an ex-boyfriend not responsible, called Emma Sulkowicz a “rape survivor” and referred to her “rape” in September. Alleged is simply a word The Guardian forces her to use from time to time.

Thankfully, many have been outing Merlan on Twitter and lambasting her feigned, self-serving attempts to apologize there and on the Jezebel website. Even more encouragingly, she is being taken to task for expressing disappointment at what is clearly a case of a woman NOT being raped and a group of men being herded to a social slaughterhouse.

I encourage everyone reading this to make their own private cache of comments similar to what Merlan said about the Rolling Stone article. The anger and deluded self-importance SJWs attach to their views means that they cannot always suppress their intractable hatred for not having a crisis to manipulate and distort. Be prepared for and commit to spreading these repulsive musings of theirs more publicly. Embarrassment is a powerful, powerful tool.

We should not see Anna Merlan as a gift. But, on occasion, people like her will be the gift that keeps on giving. Happy Holidays, Anna.

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142 thoughts on “UVA Woman Probably Not Raped: Anna Merlan Calls It A “Bad And Shitty Day””

  1. She apologized to the other writers, but noticeably didn’t apologize to the actual victims, the uva frat.

    1. She is too childish to do so and wants attention. She needs to grow up but unfortunately, she’ll still be applauded by these feminists and white knights who will support her only because it furthers their agenda.

      1. I don’t remember which article it was from on this site so I don’t know whom to attribute it to but “women don’t mature, they just get old”

        1. You’ll come to find that the girls that are (genuinely) mature @ 35 were always that way(from their teens onwards).

      1. A liar’s pants are on fire. She (and other feminists) is a liar and therefore her pants are on fire.

    2. That’s because, in her mind, the rape still happened. Sure, she might have failed to interview the other side, and as a result published potentially actionable libel, but she’s still “right” somehow. She apologized to her readers for failing to do due diligence, but she’s probably still feeling great about her article.

      1. I think the term is “inaccurate but true”, a specific incident not being based in reality, but the false narrative it created being illustrative of a larger “truth”. The media is still referring to Jackie as an “alleged” rape victim, if they even have the decency to include the qualifier “alleged”. The way they’re bending over backward to maintain the sanctity of the accuser while admitting her story has crumbled is actual insane- not in the sense of modern parlance- but actually, clinically, certifiably insane.

        1. “Inaccurate but true.” Geez, that is a very apocalyptic sounding phrase. It’s like courtroom decision jargon from a dystopian film set in the future. No wonder women aren’t drawn to STEM. Imagine a chemistry thesis being ‘inaccurate but true’.

        2. Most women aren’t even into math/science related fields so even STEM programs don’t interest them much.

        3. Most MSM outlets are ignoring this altogether, or publishing articles/speaking about it at 4 a.m. on a saturday morning. Modern journalists should be ashamed of themselves; most aren’t so dumb as to believe SJW creeds, but follow along to ensure they get a paycheck and stay relevant. If the devil exists, he has more souls than he knows what top do with, at this point

        4. Watch out w/ those heresies!
          Larry summers, prsident of no less a school than Harvard, was fired for suggesting that…

        5. Jackie is not the victim, she is the assailant. It’s a pity she is treated as a mentally ill person rather than a typical liar who is so caught up in her own story she lies more.
          She needs a trial and jail time. False rape accusations are a form of slander and libel.
          Women who make false rape accusations should be punished to the same degree as their accusation would have lead to.
          False accusations in many countries using the British system are often covered under “perverting the course of justice”
          In Australia the sentence is up to 7 years.

    3. The frat boys should have sued Rolling Stone and its lynch mob disguised as journalists, despite the magazine’s quarter-hearted non-apology. Yeah, force them to have a documented public record of publishing fabricated stories. Even if the case is later dropped, it will likely make it easier for future defamed victims to get justice. First time might be construed as a mistake; the second time will be deemed a pattern.

  2. Women in the Western hemisphere really do epitomise everything that is sickening about living in the West. First the feminists deprive men the right to work, then they deprive them of all of their financial assets in the corrupt family courts and now, they want to deprive men of their freedom by falsely accusing them of rape.
    What will be next? This freakshow that we are living in, is getting worse by the day, and I can only observe with great disgust at the state of today’s women, and how repulsive their attitudes and mannerisms are towards men.
    It honestly does not suprise me that men are now choosing to walk away from it all, with movements such as MGTOW. The chaos and destruction created by feminism and the manginas in power, really have destroyed the traditional values of women, and what it meant to have a nuclear family.
    All of the religions have warned of this, and it seems that the damage done by today’s women, cannot be repaired.

    1. We are already at “what will be next”. If you are a man living in the US, you are essentially living in an Open Air Jail, where the slightest variance with local customs can land you in jail, whether overnite or for 30 years. The State can strip you of all your property out of “fairness” to some woman you either were, or were not in an actual relationship with.
      I sometimes wonder who so-called “moderate” feminists, the kinds that pretend they are normal, by getting married to a Beta and pumping out kids (boys), actually can sleep at night, knowing their own sons are going to be prayed upon.

    2. What will be next?
      It’ll be them being able to clap their hands and say “Guards! Take him away”.

    3. Men have been allowing women to walk all over us for too long, and they’ve concluded that they are outsmarting us. Using our compassion against us won’t last much longer at this rate, and men will remind women who is the smarter sex (as well as stronger and more capable).

  3. She was soooo disappointed that Jackie wasn’t brutally gang-raped on shards of glass. This like total hurts her political agenda!

    1. It not only discredits her, it puts a secret feminist sexual fantasy back on the shelf.
      No more 50 Shards Of Glass to think about at night and rub themselves off to.

      1. 50 Shards of Glass

        Hilarious! That’s what that dollar store, rape fantasy erotica should have originally been titled.

    2. I have enough left of my “traditional southern gentleman” upbringing to be completely disgusted by how the writer and RS used this obviously disturbed girl. I mean, Jesus H. Christ.

    3. Tell me again that we are not dealing with a socio-political force that won’t stage mass shootings…

      1. No need to stage mass shootings, they have an army of undersexed and friend-zoned betas to simply carry out mass shootings for them.

  4. Notice how, like the Salem Witch trial, the false accusers–that type of woman–almost always have a penchant for bloody, gang rapes, complete with gagging, rough anal, bukkake, etc. Lena Dunham speaks (lies) of being fucked so hard the walls were splattered with blood. Women have a bloodlust that starts with their period, continues through the mutilation of their sons (circumcision) and continues throughout their life with emotional “bloody victories” over men in family court, the corporate world.

      1. The Salem Witch Trials were not Pilgrims, they were Puritans, and you missed the larger point…women in the white western world, have no problems with their sons having parts of their privates ripped off.

        1. Actually, as a helathcare professional, I hear a lot of Moms tell me they are reluctant to circumcise, but that the dads insists that their son “look like him” and so the moms give in and don’t refuse.

        2. That’s a feminist meme that well played out, in fact, I was waiting for someone to post that. It is almost ALWAYS women that want their sons to be circumcised because that’s what their MOTHER’s prefer. Single mothers STILL choose to have their sons circumcised and in fact, the largest market for younger men getting it (non infant) are single moms forcing them to. The “look like him” cliché is like the “why do you make me hit you?” cliché. Tired. Worn. Out. False.

        3. Well that’s my experience in 20 years of medical practice. So where do you get your information?

        4. From my brother, who’s been practicing about the same (little longer), who is married to an Asian (Doctor as well), who has made a note of how it is ALWAYS the mother that insists, even when it’s an unwed mother where no father is present in the hospital, or on the BC. He also related that other non-Beta, non-Jewish doctors had noticed the same. And in fact, as it turns out, we both noted how WOMEN always say things like what you said…but yet, you can’t find a man who, will fart in your presence, but somehow can’t say, “I want my son to ‘look like me’”. So it’s not like it’s too private of an issue to discuss. Men never say it, because men don’t want it or are indifferent if anything. They may not even protest BECAUSE THEIR wives/women want it.
          It’s a feminist meme to claim it is fathers who want their sons mutilated, not based on any truth, nor even logical from a man’s perspective. Most men in the world are NOT circumcised. It is WWW that prefer it, which is why it’s the norm in female-oriented porn.
          BTW, you think for a minute if women had the SLIGHTEST concerns about circumcision, it wouldn’t already be banned? Are you not from the West?
          Do you also go around saying men beat their wives more often on Superbowl Sunday?

        5. Look, I’ve received my knowledge from 20 years of actual practice of medicine. It has nothing whatsoever to do with religion, but is a cultural expectation in the U.S. I can give out medical facts until I’m blue, but women who consent to a cosmetic surgery on their son to please their husband, hardly seem “feminist” to me.

  5. Sometimes it seems that in the modern-day feminist worldview, that being thought of as a rape victim (regardless of whether one has been genuinely victimized) is the equivalent to attainting the rank of Eagle Scout.

    1. Followed closely by being a “victim of domestic abuse”, which is defined at “my boyfriend refused to change the channel when I walked in the room and told him to turn on The View”.

      1. Now that men are catching on though, the victim status for women might lose its power to move us; we are compassionate creatures at heart (for the most part), but once we have decided you are a liar and a fraud, the jig is up. The power of victimhood is entirely reliant on male sympathy. Without it, ‘victims’ become no more than whining children in need of a firm hand

    2. White girls use being victim as a status marker, same reason they pretend to “bisexual” or like 1/64th indian or some shit

  6. I’m writing a children’s story and i’m going to use this broad as the inspiration for the main witch and i’m going to use a lindy west as the inspiration for her fat witch sidekick

  7. These rape stories make me fucking angry, especially the story of the girl who turned her “rape” story into public art by carrying around the mattress she was “raped” on.
    Disgusting. This is a mental illness. It has to be. What rational human being would play around with the concept of rape? Do these degenerate women not understand that it is an insult to genuine women who have been raped.
    If you have been raped, go to the police. But that won’t happen right?
    I choose not to believe anymore rape stories that are appearing everyday in the media.

    1. Right there with you man. Remember though that they are not driven by reason or logic, and recognizing consequences is a result of reason and logic. Extending that recognition outside of oneself is to *defy* solipsism, so it will never happen. There’s a Sisterhood as long as they’re all shrieking the same song, but if a few get thrown out of the nest and genuinely hurt, well, who notices? The shrieking continues.

    2. False Rape Claim + Woman(en) = Attention-Seeking Whore (If accused guy is rich, the bitch wants $$$)

    3. Rape probably is not that serious to subject to women, not only because it’s an unlikely experience, but because they know very well that their snatch is not valuable. Someone grabbing her iPhone is more serious

    4. Unfortunately, the outcome of “I’ve been raped” culture is the diminishing of belief when a woman is truly raped. The feminists simply don’t realize what they are doing and how their screature behaviour affects true victims.

    5. Being wanted by men is all that matters to the Western woman. If she is raped, actually or allegedly, it gives off the idea that a guy wanted her so much he couldnt take no for answer. She feels so hot now because a man couldnt control his sex drive around her. I bet women secretly get extremely jealous when a girl gets raped.
      My ex in college had a friend that was always lying about being drugged/stalked/almost raped, etc. It made her feel good about herself to pretend that men found her irresistible.

    6. Such an individual is not suffering from mental illness but rather from selfishness. Typically, their families and the culture itself caters to female’s whim due to their sex when in reality they require the opposite. Females are typically quite impulsive (driven by emotion) and become significantly more so if no limits are placed on their behavior. This emotional impulsiveness becomes significantly augmented in the absence of limits. Eventually, this type of individual begins to think only of herself.

  8. http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/salem/SAL_ACCT.HTM
    Salem Witch Trials, very apt reference in this day and age. 200 arrests, 19 false executions, and two dogs executed. By the end of the trial (ala McMartin child molestation trial in the 80s), the allegations were so outrageous, and nearly or certainly physically impossible, that sanity finally resumed…how could so many people be guilty of witchcraft? STILL WAITING FOR TRADCON MOTHERS TO STAND UP FOR MEN/BOYS..

    1. Thanks for mentioning the McMartin child molestation trial. Not a shred of evidence.

  9. David Garrett: You’re a good writer. Nice use of colorful language to bolster, but not detract from, the article’s point. Very hard to do. Job well done.
    Regarding the actual content itself, I say spread that shit. Merlan’s “bad and shitty day” tweet is as close as we’ll ever get to a Peter North-type load of spunk with which to facialize the entire internet. Full-out bukake. Here’s indissoluble proof that a high-ranker cares more about Scandal than Safety–and of her “own kind” no less! What can supporters say in the face of such damning evidence?
    It’s sickening. Who’s Oceania going to be at war with this week?

  10. After she wrote that article attacking Richard Bradley he ripped into her a bit. ha
    “According to her LinkedIn page, Anna Merlan is a 2010 graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism who has also worked at the Dallas Observer, the Village Voice and now Jezebel—a downward trajectory, you might say, but never mind.”

  11. Of course it’s a bad day for her that a rape does not occur. She is interested in only two things: Taking down the male hierarchy, and undermining superior women. She doesn’t have the slightest compassion for others. It’s all about improving her position.

  12. Also, feminist icon Lena Dunham is very upset that people have discovered her bullshit false rape claim and could get sued by the innocent man she claims to have been raped by. The publisher of her book (the book where she describes sexually assaulting her younger sister) is changing the wording for all future copies. It’s a sad day for feminists who want everyone to falsely believe they get raped on the regular.

    1. For celebrities claiming to be a sexual assault victim is $$$$. Ever girl who has been raped, or secretly wants to be, will buy everything she makes to feel like they’re a part of rape culture.

    2. This is why false rape and rape hysteria aren’t just one-off cases, they’re an undercurrent in girls with diseased mentalities

    1. Those are the Prozac eyes complete with nasty color tattoo. Mental issues personified, in one picture.

        1. Better bust out the whips, chains and shock collar, Grody.
          That bitch needs heavy-duty “50 shards of glass” style BDSM.

        2. You sir, are a brave man. However I believe that discretion is often the better part of valor

    2. And then you factor in the purple hair, the tattoo and piercing. It’s not just a warning sign, those are claxons going of in your head.

  13. It’s really amazing how deranged these social justice activists can be. Good news is that they are not procreating! Unfortunately we will have to suffer their insanity, but it will calm the soul to know these creatures are all destined for extinction.

  14. To blind ideologues, being right matters more than anything else.they will happily be the “king of ashes” so long as they can say I told you so.

  15. That’s some serious crazy eye in that pic. Don’t even need to see the tattoo to know that bitch is nuts

  16. Think for a moment about how retarded this logic is: there is no problem, but I wish there was a problem so I could scream about how we need to fix it so there would be no problem.
    How do people who are basically functionally retarded get through our schools with this type of thinking?
    When are these morons going to start their #IWishSheWasRaped hashtag?

    1. How do people who are basically functionally retarded get through our schools with this type of thinking?
      Because vagina.

    2. Even if there were a problem, the same mechanics are in place. Solving the problem is never what the left wants. The visceral pleasure of indignation is getting to be an outright physical addiction to the left. Take away the problem (that they claim to be outraged by) and you are actually depriving them of pleasure. Imagine snatching away the needle from a junkie right before their hit.

  17. ? I’m guessing now ?
    Maybe the “journalist” found 7 females at UVA, student population 16,000, who claimed they had one drink and woke up without their panties at different frat parties. They believed they were slipped roofies and raped but couldn’t prove it. In order to make a more sensational story, the “journalist” created a “composite story” of “historical fiction” of their experiences, combining it into a gang bang by 7 men.

  18. A shitty day for this woman is likely when her beloved purse dog nearly dies, so I can’t put much stock into her descriptions of her day. Western White Women Problems are the funniest.

    1. They cannot even see the irony of constant complaining about “da patriarchy” or “oppression” or “whatever-the-hell-is-the-cause-du-jour culture”. The richest, most pampered, privileged and revered class of human beings who have ever lived in the history of the planet, white women.
      As they say, it is to laugh.

      1. If one didn’t know any better, it’s almost as if they WANT a “Brave new world” or “1984” styled dystopian society with a real rape culture (think post-apartheid South Africa).

  19. I was reading the comment section of one of her articles last night. One of the men she accused of being an “idiot” posted a polite comment. Some of her response:
    “Hi Robby! Thanks for stopping by! One small correction: I don’t think you’ve ever ‘reported’ a goddamn thing in your life. I have a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia. Thanks for asking!”
    Why are they so angry? Why are they so hostile? Also, anybody who can be so odiously elitist to say they went to Columbia and so, therefore, are inherently better than you, has no self-awareness (or decency) whatsoever.

    1. Wow, and for her to swear at you too. Is that what they teach about professional journalism at Columbia these days?

    2. You need a masters degree to be a reporter? It’s simple you observe something you report it. If you are an investigative journalist you investigate and report. No degree what so ever is needed either you can write or you cannot. I just saved young person a lot of money.

    3. you may have missed the substance of that particular reply.
      she was attempting to stem accusations of amateurism, content theft, and villainous multi-faceted petty self advancement. that she did so via such a blatantly over-compensated projection attack is only a further testament of just how amateur she truly is. ad nausem, her inappropriate hostility to the individual poster is yet another further psychosis (transference), redirecting angst from torrential global deconstructions that irrefutably invalidate not only her work, but her cause as well.
      taken well, her reply is best considered as a self-expose, despite her self, no less. no self-awareness or decency indeed.

    1. Someone should write an article on RoK about how to tell if a woman is dysfunctional… Oh wait, Matt Forney already wrote it! Haha

  20. Here’s what’s coming to UVA and probably all universities. Accuse a guy of rape/sexual assault = instant suspension. If you have a son, I suggest you send him to an online college. Author of this piece predicts mass pandemonium on campus. UVA has stated that they’re working on a zero tolerance policy. Who will be the “prosecutors”? What exactly is an “offense”? “Who determines guilt?” What “culture rooted in excuses and violence”? Instant suspension for an accusation without any merit or even cursory evidence? What about punishment for false accusers? Will they be prosecuted and expelled?
    Left unchecked, there will be no end to this insanity. Many an innocent man will be expelled thanks to a cluster B infected feminist. Accusations, without any merit, from sometimes months or years earlier, are already flying on other campuses.
    “A zero-tolerance policy would mean that any group, be it a fraternity or other organization on Grounds, with repeated sexual misconduct offenses would immediately be kicked off Grounds. Additionally, any individual who is accused of sexual assault would be suspended as soon as a University official is notified of the event, and expulsion would be the only punishment the accused is found guilty. This is not the fairest way; we would be punishing people by association. And it is not the easiest way; we would be forced to endure countless expulsions and scandals. It is, however, the only way to change a culture rooted in excuses and violence. By punishing entire organizations, it forces people to look out for their friends to make sure they are doing nothing wrong. Instituting mandatory prosecution and harsh punishments sets a iron example of what will happen to transgressors.”

    1. Considering that the current feminist statistic is 20% of all women get raped in college, what parent in their right mind would send their daughter to college? Those numbers are higher than any rape statistic anywhere outside of a war zone. As a man I would avoid anyplace where I would have a 20% chance of getting raped such as a prison. Either we are dealing with some insanely stupid people or the stats are all a lie.

      1. The rape stats being used by liberals and feminists are false. So are the false rape stats. They’ve been debunked. Look it up. The whole reason rape hysteria proliferated is because the stats being used by liberals and feminists are false. If you go by successful prosecutions, the actual rape rate is far, far less than what’s being used by liberals/feminists. Why are the false stats being used? To forward the ‘war on women’ hysteria.
        Only by estimating unreported rapes and reported rapes with no prosecution do you come up with 1 in 4. This is the new liberal/feminist math everyone keeps talking about.

      2. I posted this elsewhere, but I’ll repost it here as well.
        It’s nowhere near 1 in 5. They got the 20% or 25% (they use both) number from poor data collection and a terrible methodology.
        It was a survey taken at only two colleges and was extrapolated out to be a nationwide phenomenon somehow. It had a low response rate, and it also included an incentive for replying.
        Most importantly, in my opinion, the people who conducted the survey never actually asked anyone if they had been raped or sexually assaulted. This is relatively important because now you have people asking indirect questions and determining for the respondent if they had been raped or assaulted.
        They simply asked a number of questions about their sexual activities. “When you were drunk, high, drugged, or passed out and unable to consent, how many people ever had vaginal sex with you?”
        Not many people will argue that passed out is a violation, but drunk or high? Married couples drink and have sex all the time. Couples take drugs and have sex all the time as well.
        But if someone answered yes to that question because they had a few drinks with their boyfriend and had sex, the surveyors counted that as rape/assault, without ever asking the woman if she felt she had been raped or assaulted. Someone else determined for her that her answer qualified as rape.
        In addition, the criteria for sexual assault was greatly expanded to include things like “attempted forced kissing”.
        On top of all that, any sort of pressure such as:
        telling you lies, making promises about the future they knew were untrue?
        If you promised to marry them or buy them a TV and did not, this was counted as rape, despite the sex being consensual.
        repeatedly asking
        You bug your girlfriend for 2 hours for oral sex and she gives in to shut you up, that was counted as rape.
        showing they were unhappy
        Moping on the couch until the woman finally let you have some so you’d stop moping was counted.
        With all of these stupid questions being turned into an affirmative response for rape/sexual assault, and no one at any point asking the woman herself if she felt she had been raped or assaulted, it is no wonder the rate was so high. I don’t even think many of the women realized their answers would be taken as such. They were just answering questions about their sex lives.

  21. “Be prepared for and commit to spreading these repulsive musings of
    theirs more publicly. Embarrassment is a powerful, powerful tool.”
    Every cretin that supports the Rape False Accusation Culture needs to be named and shamed until they no longer have a career.
    (except perhaps as the in-house deranged click-bate cunt on certain liberal-ass websites. They can serve as a reminder of what batshit crazy feminists look like and serve to further discredit their unholy cause).

    1. They need a one way ticket to the middle east to see and experience a real rape culture up-close and personal. Many western women already have, ironically…. still waiting on the feminist outrage over that.

  22. I used to think women don’t lie about rape. Now I think they don’t lie about rape nearly as well as they used to
    sorry to real rape victims but how are we supposed to know who you are in a feminist world which encourages pretend rape?

    1. Just hold rape to the same standards of any other crime. Evaluate it based on the objective facts and evidence provided. I would hope that anyone who is a victim of this crime would report it immediately to the police.

      1. “I would hope that anyone who is a victim of this crime would report it immediately to the police”
        that should certainly be pretty much a minimum condition, but since they’re out for historical vengeance they won’t settle for that.

        1. Indeed. Worse, their attempt on historical vengeance is based upon an ideologically created imaginary history.

        2. There is a lot if shame that comes with being raped. It’s embarrassing. You’ve been violated. It’s difficult to get the courage to tell the police. In any society, not just western. My grandmother was raped. It took her weeks just to tell anyone because of the times she lived in. It’s difficult shit dude

        3. Sorry to hear about your grandma. I don’t think anyone here is saying rape isn’t a terrible crime, but rather that there is a culture right now, deliberately created by an aggressive, and politically motivated feminism, that is using rape allegations as a weapon in the sex war. That’s a bad situation for everyone except feminists, and its incompatible with a fair system of justice

  23. The official SJW position is: “All Fraterities should be banned… aside from black fraternities. And gay fraternities.”

    1. Currently, as we see with the recent debacle at Smith College (“All lives matter” says the white feminist), White Women are walking a very fine, purposely fine, line with blacks…once power is completely secure, expect them to completely turn on “black issues”. In fact, the recent NFL crap and the “Cat Calling” video are the creeping signs that privileged WW want blacks to know where they are in line….and that is BEHIND white feminist women.

      1. Not so sure about that. Black males are not controllable. One of the reasons for this is that black women–at least by comparison–tend to have their back. Whoopie publicly fought the fat loudmouth on The View whilst defending Cosby, for instance. I think white feminist scum will continue to employ Doublethink there, and try to keep the focus on common enemy: The Straight White Male.

  24. A Western twenty-something with tattoos on skin that looks like an undercooked slab of bacon. Shocker!

    1. The only reason such allegations are made is because there’s hardly ever a comeback from the justice system on behalf of the victim of a false rape accusation. What you tolerate, you encourage.

  25. They compared the cosby rape to the uva rape. Does this mean the cosby rape is false too?

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