Women Should Save Their Virginity For Marriage

In a relationship, men want sex and women want attention. Some men give attention knowing they won’t get much sex, and some women give sex knowing they won’t get the full attention they crave. These men are in stressful relationships or are friend-zoned, and these women are easy. The men are known as feminists or beta males, and the women are known as sluts. Both have the same distorted view of the sexual economy, both are this way because of the lies of modern secularism, and both are absolutely miserable and lonely.

However, at least the man can learn and change how he interacts with the opposite sex. For a woman, sexual encounters can’t be taken back. As typical Americans, they’ve neglected long-term fulfillment in exchange for short-term recreation. Feminists squawk that a woman should be able to have all the fun men are having, but in reality, it is in a woman’s best interest to save her virginity for marriage. I realize that it’s too late for this generation, but maybe our children will stumble across this and learn from our mistakes, much how the prudish Victorian era followed the hedonistic Georgian.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Studies have shown that the more sexual partners a woman has had, the less likely she is to describe her marriage as happy. Shocker, right? It’s like women were designed to be property.


All kidding aside, there is a reason a woman’s virginity has been a value in almost every culture ever. Not only was her father trying to make her more appealing for the suitors, but he knew that she would be able to enjoy the marriage more herself. There’s a reason the #NoHymenNoDiamond on Twitter has resonated.

A 15-year-old girl may think it’s a good life decision to sleep with the captain of the football team, but since when do teenagers know what they want in life? Kids complain that they aren’t sure what they want to do for a career while making irrevocable decisions about whom they share their bodies with.


Sex is a union. Manosphere writers will often say that they’ve watched so much porn, masturbated so often, and had so many partners that sex has become stale, but this becomes reality far more quickly for women who live that lifestyle, because sex for a woman is much more personal by design of her anatomy. The more men a woman has united with, the less the next union will mean. Men can slip into a marriage with his past being of little consequence, but unfortunately for women, nature is not an equal opportunity employer.

Feminists will claim that some women don’t want a husband or children, but I do not believe them. Women are clock-like. Granted, so are men, but we are a different clock. Even if a woman decides she does not want a stable, committed relationship, in a few short years she will be too old to get more than a meaningless one night stand from a desperate man, and in a few more years she’ll struggle to get even that. Again, the fathers knew best when they tried to marry their daughters off at a young age.

Not only is the fornicated woman less able to bond with her future husband emotionally, but her lady parts are also further changed with each sexual encounter, being stretched out so that there is not the same kind of intimate contact she would have if she had only been with one man ever. And then there is the sexual disfunction. I used to date this fat, career-focused whore who conveniently found Jesus shortly after graduating college. We were both 22 years old, and to my horror and naivety, she told me that she was no longer able to orgasm during sex. This is the empowered woman in all her glory.

What Is A Virgin?

Virginity was an exclusively feminine concept until the advent of Christianity, but even with Christianity it was generally applied only to those who had decided upon lifelong celibacy. Ever wonder why, before feminism, nuns were allowed to administer hospitals and schools? That is because the religious celibate transcends sex roles and becomes something else.

The flip side of the nun in charge of the orphanage is the monk who makes lavender soap and obsesses on what new flavors he can infuse. It’s perfectly fine for a monk or a nun to disregard traditional sex roles because they have dropped out of the sexual marketplace. Both roles need to be filled, and so the monk or nun has to compensate with both.

How we got the idea that every man is born with a virginity is beyond me, but the physical reality is that there is no such thing as a male virgin. Considering most literature from that time is lost, the first use of “virgin” to refer to men is likely in Revelation 14:4. St. Basil and others called themselves virgins to make a theological point about ascetic identity, not to define the broad culture or make a statement about biology.

Unless one is going to live a life of prayer and dead languages in the woods, a man should never say, “I lost my virginity at age [x].” Just say, “I had sex the first time.” Did anything actually change when you had sex for the first time? No, you just felt embarrassed and disappointed but held her close anyway.

For A Woman, Virginity Is Power

Both men and women innately understand the great value of a virgin. Men frankly prefer to commit to women without an illustrious sexual past. Yes, some men will still commit to a woman with a lot of experience, but they never prefer it. By keeping her virginity, not only does she has a wider pool of men to choose from but also greater influence. She is more valuable and so can demand that her suitors increase their own value.

Sluts are a dime a dozen. The word “easy” implies powerlessness. If one slut isn’t pleasing him in some way, a man can move on to the next. Virgins today are rare, and a man will put in much more effort to keep her around. He’ll be hesitant to overplay asshole game. Recall Edward Thatch’s virgin game, now a lost and largely unneeded art:

How did I approach my latest virgin girl? I left the cocky and aloof game in the bar where it belongs and conducted myself like a gentleman who’s not ashamed of his dick. I took both of her hands, looked her straight in the eye and said, ‘I’m going to kiss you now.’

Virgins also don’t have to weed through the players. Because she won’t put out until marriage, she doesn’t have to judge whether a man will bail on her if she sleeps with him on the first date. Most men who pursue her want commitment, and they will likely be willing to abstain for a year should the reward be great enough.

That being said, a virgin who is ugly or bitchy will have the same trouble finding a man to invest and commit as a 40-year-old divorced mother. The same is true with attention whores or virgins who are whores at heart. No one is more contemptuous and dysfunctional than the woman (or man) who uses her (or his) virginity as their sense of identity.

The more value a person has, the more power they have. This is why someone with a bachelor’s in chemical engineering makes far more than someone with a Ph.D in English. A person whose sole talent is reading has the same financial value as a slut has in sexual value.

Why then is a man who has never had sex so valueless? There are a variety of theories, but in part it is because men are expected to seek out sex instead of waiting for it to come to them. If a man is seeking and failing, then he is of course labeled as a failure. This is not a double standard but a different standard, and it would be easier to adapt to it instead of demanding it change. However, if a man in his 20s has not had sex but can communicate that he easily could, then it makes little difference, since women are more interested in his ability than in his history.

“But A Woman Has To Put Out To Get Noticed!”

More lies. Women are the gatekeepers of sex. If the average woman demanded a wedding ceremony before having sex, then most men would be unable to fornicate. Feminists talk about the culture of body image, but who started that? Men have always liked naked girls. It is women who decided to start wearing revealing clothing. True, it can be hard to purchase modest clothing today, but that is because it does not sell well anymore, which again is the fault of women, the buyers of such clothing.

If a woman maintains her physical appearance, she will get noticed. It’s the way she acts that determines by whom she gets noticed. A woman doesn’t need a low-cut blouse to look beautiful, and she doesn’t need to blow men in order for them to want to sleep with her. True, a virgin is terrible in bed, but she can easily learn in time.

They won’t teach you this at church, but women like to have sex. The Greeks and Romans actually believed that women had less control over their sexuality than men, and people today are more and more finding this to be true. I’ve heard it said that women are so prudish because they are afraid of themselves. That might be true, but what is certainly true is that women have more than just six deadly sins.

Even in today’s world, if a woman is a) young, b) sexually inexperienced, c) domestic, d) pleasant to be around, and e) maintains her physical appearance, she can choose any man she wants. Such a woman has the right to demand that a man wait until marriage, and more often than not she will be able to enforce that demand.

If the man is not willing to abstain from sex, then she can dump him and take the next man in line. That being said, if she still gives out head or anal, then she is still a common whore and has even less value than the garden variety slut, since the “everything but” virgin is also dishonest with herself. Remember, feminine females get masculine males. It is the androgynous who have to beg and plead for the opposite sex.

Conclusion: The Root of the Problem

Have you ever noticed that the women who discourage conventional sexual temperance are the most promiscuous themselves? Women always encourage other women to make the same sexual choices as them, whether it is to have more sex or to have less. These whores have made an irrevocable choice, and now they try to drag others down with them so they can avoid feeling regret. Feminists demand that a career should be empowering because they have relinquished all the power they already had. Likewise, a sexually temperate women will not encourage licentiousness.

This one writer for AskMen is named Sarah Stefanson. In addition to writing articles discouraging men from sleeping with virgins, she’s written about the best way to 69 and how to buy women drinks. Nearly every article from her on this “men’s” site is something encouraging men to value the licentious girls and discard the temperate. Is it possible that she’s biased?

Telling a woman to save sex for marriage is the same as telling her not to get a tattoo. In the old days, this advice was common knowledge, but now it’s a regular and permanent choice, like a rite of passage. Regret is one of the most averted emotions, and people will do anything to avoid admitting they screwed up. People would rather double down on a bad mistake than admit they’ve cut their own legs off.

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872 thoughts on “Women Should Save Their Virginity For Marriage”

  1. It’s always the same with these women. They want to destroy other women because they are destroyed themselves and they are lonely. Feminist is synonymous with misogynist (the original definition).

    1. I don’t even think most women understand that they are literally destroying themselves when they start fucking around. Too bad, ’cause they are.
      I agree, misery loves company, and they want other women to be pigs covered in mud too, whether they understand this explicitly or not.

    2. In the old days the women of age taught the daughters of society how to behave and carry themselves like a lady and a respectable woman.
      Today they teach them how to destroy themselves in mind, body and spirit and convince them that it’s in their own best interests to do so.

      1. There is certainly more than one reason for how we got to this point. But one thing that tends to stick out is the fact that the women of today aren’t women. They’re overgrown children.
        They burp, fart, cuss, and cackle like they’re in highschool. No responsibility, no morals, and no respect for others. I pity the men of my generation (Millennial), but they’re going to have to grow up and swallow that hard red pill or they’re fucked.

        1. I don’t use Twitter or any of those other stupid social media things, but as a millennial, “No Hymen, No Diamond” is perfect to tell girls. I thank the author for bringing it to my attention.

        2. Indeed. The only people who complain about someone having standards are the people who can’t meet those standards.

    3. that is not true. it is because it makes them angry that some women accept to be inferior to men to please society, as men seem to want

        1. when being considered pure, innocent, clean and untained is associated with women submissiveness and lack in equal rights.

        2. when being pure, innocent , clean and untained is associated with submissiveness and lack in equal rights to men.

        3. feminists only say it out loud, society does it.
          if men sleep around it is ok but if a woman does the same she is tainted 🙂 . that is just a small example

        4. Different standards for different creatures.
          Men don’t like their women to have other men in their lives. Women don’t give a fuck if their man has slept around. Plain and simple. Not sure what that has to do with rights.

        5. women don’t give a fuck if their man has slept around? that is not true, it shows he is or will not be trustworthy at some point, as does not seem to look for something serious and moves form one woman to the next and even if they get married she might not be enough at some point. of course it all depends if the man was in serious relationships before or just in flings. yes she might be in love and overlook all that just to be with him, but the thoughts are still there ( as they would be for any average person )
          what I meant with submissive is that if a woman escapes the role of housewife ( and feminists are all about that ) she is tainted , meaning that she does not submit to what men want.
          so , according to what you say is if a woman does something else than what you want she is destroyed and lonely. ( your own words )

        6. Ha, you’ve just projected the way women are in relationships onto men. That’s great.
          Most men are deltas and want nothing more than a woman that loves them and will be loyal to them and their children. Women who have slept around are less happy with marriage. Men who have slept around are perfectly fine: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2733220/Women-don-t-sleep-wedding-happier-marriages-men-play-field-without-worry-study-finds.html
          Housewife? I’m talking about how many cocks she’s had between her legs, not if she stays home or not.
          I want women to be happy, strong mothers of future generations, not batshit crazy cat ladies. Are you saying that’s a bad thing?

        7. the whole argument started with you calling feminists destroyed and than, implying that they would be inpure.
          so you are saying that feminists are women who let many cocks between their legs ?
          being a feminist means supporting the idea that men should be equal to women ( yea, some people abuse that, but that is what feminism stands for ).
          saying that all these people let many cocks between their legs sounds kind of funny, sorry.
          and why should a woman be looked down upon if she is having fun with a lot of guys?
          she can at some point decided to settle down but that will be all the time her decision, and women should be making their own decisions with their lives.

        8. Ha, man. You sure do like spinning words around.
          I said women who encourage other women to sleep around are destroyed and lonely. But we could add that if they’re not those, then they’re just idiots.
          Feminism is no longer about women’s rights. It’s been highjacked by psychotic, social Marxists hellbent on destroying western culture.
          Why should we look down on sluts? Because sluts make bad wives.
          Women can settle down whenever they damn well please. But myself and all the good men feminists are always bitching about don’t like buying used goods.

        9. It’s always the same with these women. They want to destroy other women because they are destroyed themselves and they are lonely. Feminist is synonymous with misogynist (the original definition).
          it pretty much looks to me like you are saying feminists are women who are destroyed and lonely 🙂 . so no I am not spinning words.
          I seems to me you hate women in general , witch is sad because they are human beings with feelings and it hurts them when you try to abuse them 🙁 .
          Saying that women are either destroyed and lonely or idiots, is just you shouting your hatred and is not an argument for anything.

        10. They brain washed you good. It’s a shame you think someone who disagrees with you is somehow angry or hateful.
          My observation that women who promote sleeping around are destroyed and lonely or idiots is simply that, an observation.
          Good day.

    1. “And if it didn’t go the direction I wanted it to in the end, the guy was a douchebag/awkward/creeper (repeated ad nauseam), if I regretted doing it after overthinking it for many hours, or if I got heckled by my friends for doing it or for any bullshit reason I can invent on the fly, it DOESN’T COUNT!”

        1. Right, and somehow none of the life-altering PTSD associated with raped psychologically or physically was present on you then nor is it now. Very strange how that works out!

        1. Honestly, it forbids any form of premarital intercourse. But the modern definition of marriage within the church is not what it was back then. Think of how Isaac married Rebekah in Genesis. No priest, no ceremony, just took her to his tent and banged her. Then they were married.

        2. The Bible isn’t a complete statuatory code. For example, nowhere does it forbid pedophilia, but it doesn’t condone it either.

        3. I’m not sure if they even understood the concept of pedophilia, considering that it wasn’t unusual for a girl as young as 12 to be married off to an older man back then.

        4. It doesn’t forbid anal sex. It simply allows a husband to divorce his wife for “porneia” which includes adultery, premarital sex, forms of sex, virginity fraud, and probably anything else that displeases him about her sexual behavior with others (Mark 10) outside of his authority. The husband has complete authority over the wife’s body when it comes to her sexual activities (1Cor7). (Likewise she has authority over his sexual behavior with others).

        5. No human can deliver nor comprehend a complete statutory code, for that would require a level of intellect approaching omniscience. But- we got what we got, thankfully.

        6. Extrabiblical evidence:
          The Mishnah sets the age of maturity for a female at twelve years and six months:
          “she won her case in court before she matured [at the age of twelve years and six
          months], lo, they belong to the father.” Mishnah Ketubot, 4:1.
          The Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible in volume 2, page 1407, under
          “Marriage”, states this about Jewish marriage customs:
          “Subsequently, minimum ages (for marriage) of 13 for boys and 12 for girls were
          Jim West, Th.D., writes in an online article titled, “Ancient Israelite Marriage
          “The wife was to be taken from within the larger family circle (usually at the
          ‘outset of puberty’ or around the age of 13) in order to maintain the purity
          of the family line.”
          There is also ample biblical data that supports this:
          Pedophilia was not condoned even in such a society. It was common sense that such a behaviour is abnormal. And hence legislation is not needed against it.

        7. For those who read the scriptures, Sodomy clearly referrers to two men having sex.
          That it counts as sodomy for a husband and wife to do it that way was lie made up by the homosexual crowd.

        8. I’m talking 4-year-old girls. At no point in the Bible does it forbid to marry a 4-year-old and take her into your tent to have your way with her.

        9. If a woman have sex with an animal, it is a confusion.
          The Earth is flat and have 4 corners.
          Great book to base a modern society on, so great that the Roman Empire collapsed as a result.
          Roman society just couldn´t keep up with so much wisdome and enlightement.

        10. No, just quoting the good book.
          A lot of “betas” are turning toward bestiality and worst. Are you familiar with furries and bronie subcultures?

        11. I’d love to see the Revised Code of Jesus, but this time maybe Moses won’t trip on the way down the mountain and damage one of the tablets. 🙂

      1. LOL!
        Q: So they save their virginity for marriage and what do I have to give for that?
        A: A happy famileee!
        Q: And?
        A: 80% of your income.
        Q: And?
        A: Give up any ambitions you may harbor and be a good little workmule.
        Q: If I have children, how will I spend time with them and make sure they get the proper care?
        A: Women have that nurturing nature…
        Q: Must be why most children killed are so by their biological mothers. In other words, no.
        A: yeah but your wife will be happy, the more useless she is, the better she will feel.
        Q: But what if I have an accident or there is a war going on?
        A: She´ll be on her own and helpless.

    2. There was a time when the ass was the surrogate vagina and women would only do anal before marriage… i still know a few girls who started out like that…. one of the reasons why it’s called ‘greek’ is because greek girls were famous anal sluts while remaining virgins for marriage….
      now the shit hole has become something ‘special’ and a vagina is like a public highway…

        1. Greek women who live in cities are big sluts. They are pretty good at hiding it though. Athenian women are sluts with massive bitch shields.
          On the plus side it’s a lot easier to lock down a decent looking Greek woman for an LTR than it is in the Anglosphere, but they are cheaters too.

        2. About ten years ago I was in Athens. Simply stunning women. Not a player, but I did like the scenery.

        3. I’m referring to Greek-American girls. They are either the most virginal church mice you will meet or the town bicycle. An ex of mine used to date a married man.

        4. I wasn’t really a ‘player’ either. I just got lucky because I fell into the right social circles which gave me access to women with similar interests. I just took advantage of the opportunity.
          Greek women are definitely hot, no doubt. They are starting to get fatter though unfortunately, which wasn’t the case in the early 00’s.

      1. yeah, cuz most girls get so much road miles on the vagina that their labia are due for a retread. Probably with how many dudes ran through that, it would be like fucking a leg in a pair of jogging pants. with options like that,I’d be going for the ass too

        1. Hehe… driving along the highway, seeing big old strips of second tread littering the side of the road. “Welp, looks like it’s spring break already…”

      2. I think it’s called “Greek” because the Ancient Athenians were all sodomites. But I could be wrong.

    3. that be like rapists sayin “oh it aint rape i only stuck it in her ass n mouth”…..course thatll never fly

  2. Women just aren’t the way they used to be. Once they were traditional, feminine caring and looked after the family and more importantly, knew how to treat their husband right and to never challenge men.
    Today, women no longer have the qualities that men really desire. They are obnoxious, unpleasant and do not know their place in society- always questioning and pointlessly challenging men, thinking they can reverse the traditional gender roles.
    Women no longer understand nor do they care about honour and self respect- only thinking about themselves and short term pleasures, rather than long term goals.
    They are a real pain to deal with this, which is why they are now screaming and wondering where all the good men went.

    1. trying to rewind the clock is a hopeless approach:
      “That is because the religious celibate transcends sex roles and becomes something else.”
      Generally these religious nutjobs become psychotic abusers in this day and age.

      1. Only in the MSM. most traditional monks and celibate priests are NOT sex abusers or pederasts…
        However, the ‘Real’ rape culture of Hollywood, where boys and girls are passed around among the elite as young as 12, is given a pass. “That’s just show biz’ they say, while crucifying religions for their 1 in a thousand deviant ratio, and ignoring their own 4 out of 5 ratio.

        1. Secularists try to paint priests and the religious to look like their own celebrities and public servants.

        2. Of course they do. And one day when they make raping young boys legal, they will turn it about and say it’s a ‘religious right’ first.

    2. Now you see why I seldom watch TV shows anymore… the women that are supposedly ‘the ultimate catches’ possess qualities which are frankly repellent.
      Who would want to date, and compete with, the ‘superlawyer’, the ‘woman cop’, or the ‘chick CEO’? All attractiveness, all appeal are subsumed by her masculinity.

      1. Have you seen ‘Sherlock’? I enjoyed this series but Watson’s marriage was an insult to all Englishmen. This character works as a doctor, was in the army, has exciting adventures and is a minor celebrity. He marries a wrinkly aged woman who has killed for the kgb! It really annoyed me.

        1. Not to mention she was apparently smarter and more perceptive than Sherlock himself.
          I guess they were desperate to get a few female watchers, or something.

    3. So much shitty behavior is written off with “You go girl”. Maybe no one uses the actual worn-out phrase but the spirit is still there.
      “I totally ruined my ex-husband’s life.”
      “You go girl!”
      “I completely emasculated my own son through 18 years of constant gender-shaming”
      “You go girl!”
      “I pushed an innocent man off a cliff to his death while hiking. No one saw me do it.”
      “You go girl!”
      “I tossed a two-year old boy off the roof of a skyscraper.”
      “You go girl!”
      On a serious note, they have nearly all lost all ability to ever even feel empathy for males in any situation. They might maintain propriety for their own self-image needs but I think they can never really care about a man’s situation.
      At least they’re making it soooo easy to avoid them and seek foreign women or get some escort lifestyle sorted out. Imagine if these destructive women all looked by Venezuelan bombshells; tall, curvy, long hair, hit the squat rack 3 times a week, sensual in voice and demeanor and THEN came after men’s balls so hard. That would be a real predicament. Then the battle of the sexes is officially over. But the binge-drinking, twerking, belching, man-growl, bitch-eyed 190 pounders make avoiding the gynocentric enslavement of Anglo culture into a very easy dodge. It’s a lay-up, tap-in putt. So easy. Thanks fatties! You’ve set me free.

      1. [y]ou g[o] gir[l] > [y]ou [o]nly [l]ive Once > yolo is the new phrase. the “o” provides the extra phonetic flair to make it sound feelz good. further, the phrase removes the inherent modest culpability of young girls with the word “girl” itself being dropped. yolo: the aspiring tinder twiddler’s twatty tune.
        “I tossed a two-year old boy off the roof of a skyscraper.”
        “You go girl!”
        “You only live once!”
        “You only live once! haha lol!” < could actually hear this spoken.

      2. How about “you should go to jail” and “you are a disgrace”, does that work? Oh right, they don´t have any shame.

    4. Add me if you like to comment. This is what I have to deal with. Getting shutdown from my own “friends”…truly sad

      1. lol that date comment might have been funny or meant something coming from niuska sky, as it is Angelina not hot, and her man looks homo, she don’t get to talk about dates to anyone, tell her that

      2. Whining like that in public is the least sexy thing you can do. Any girl who had the most remote interest in you is now thinking, “nope!”. just saying.

      1. What else does she have to say?
        You’re doing something positive for you (working out) and it’s one of the things that women do best….shaming. They’ll try and shame a man for anything.
        Meanwhile, she is an attention whore or she sits her fat ass on the couch eating chips.
        Too funny….but true.

      2. Top quote from larsa, says that women are not better than men, that they are exactly the same, except that women are better in every way.
        Wow, the hamster is strong with this one.

      3. hang on. are you really Dick Masterson? as in the guy who gave Dr. Phail the verbal azz whuppin on his own show?

    5. She shares my post, bashes my opinion and is now reporting me to the the “authority”… How pathetic!

      1. As for the authorities/crime part: Well, that’s why Canada sucks.
        As for the “I have no time for you”: Lolz. Oh, and you should click like.

        1. I live in the USA (thank god)… I ended up getting 46 likes on it lol… I wish you guys could add me and throw in some comments to shut them down..Can’t believe they posted it on twitter… on her last comment she contradicted herself to the max

      2. Of course. Because just like every dumb broad she rants about how she’s as strong as a man, then shoots herself in the foot and proves men correct by running to authority for help. Dumb slut.

    6. yea wondering where the good men went, because there are none :).
      if you look down on women for wanting to challenge men than you are clearly a misoginist.
      women are people with skills, desires and pride and not all of them want a submissive role ( never challenging, always approving ) and if you can’t respect that than you don’t want to admit you simply want someone to provide you with goods and services and not in any case an equal.

    1. Several guys? I’m in college and I’ve seen girls get ran through by the whole football team in the 1st month

        1. Timmy beta takes her out on a date telling her how much of an asshole Brad the quarterback is, only for her to fuck Brad after the date and feed him with the doggybag from the date with Timmy

        2. Doggybag leftovers? She has Brad on her mind the whole date. She ordered the lobster for Brad to go and said it was for her. Timmy beta paid for it, of course.

        3. Nice guys, not being nice at all, often try to steal another man’s girlfriend, especially a girlfriend with a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend because that’s how those sleazy, underhanded bastards roll. So-called nice guys love to get crushes on other guys’ girlfriends and follow them like puppies and badmouth the boyfriend. It’s all too common, and all too pathetic. So what do you do if you’re at one school, your lady friend is at another, and there’s some dopey undergrad flattering the hell out of her, trying to get some approval and maybe a kiss and furtive grope?
          No, you don’t have to kill him.
          Try this. Some guy, let’s call him “Brian,” had a girlfriend at a school in Lexington, Ky. when he was going to grad school. Brian heard about this would-be suitor before he went to visit his girlfriend whom we’ll call “Maria.” Brian invited this nice-guy dope to a party in Maria’s room and plied everyone with alcohol. Pretty soon, everyone was playing “Truth or Dare.” He dared this guy to kiss his girlfriend while he watched, stripped down to his underwear. Maria’s roommate was sitting there stripped down to her bra and panties and obviously aroused. There were a couple of other spectators who were too wussy to play. Anyway, Maria slobbered drunkenly all over the dope’s face and fell back, her big brown tits bobbing out of her burgundy Victoria’s secret bra, a half-moon of a 3 inch wide coffee colored nipple sticking out. The nice-guy fuck got disgusted and left, never to contact Maria again.
          Problem solved! Then Brian fucked her so hard she almost turned white while the roommate furtively watched from her bunk. Debauchery is always the best policy.

        4. Why would anyone want to date a person like that? It sounds like you KNOW the girl is just gonna go fuck “Brad”, and really you just want to fuck her too, so aren’t you alllll using, lying, assholes? I mean if your experiences are really this bad all the time, then generally you’re either a) an asshole or b) need to find different people to try to go fuck. It’s not that hard to find people to fuck. Seriously. But you all want the hot girl who’s an asshole, because you only like her because shes hot and shit….and she like the guy who’s an asshole and is hot because you’re all fucking assholes…. There are more fucking assholes in this hypothetical situation than there is in some gay porn. Sweet jesus guys…I’m so confused.

        5. they are basically whining that they can’t get laid like alphas and are throwing little tantrums over it. its not worth a lingering over.

        6. You’re not confused. The “lying assholes” demonstrates your complete understanding of these pos.

        7. whats pathetic is all of the whining guys here and the women who lie to themselves about not regretting giving or losing their virgin super power LOL, Before they really needed to that is. You hurt yourself and hurt men who go on to hurt other women and in turn more men etc.
          Your virginity is a seal to be opened by one man who will love you for your whole life. You being a woman with an inability to not judge men as one man. Will treat him bad for all the bad you allowed on you. Just get married earlier or wait your life and mind will be much better. All you have to do is commit to one man who really loves you. Stop treating men like they exist on a shelf for you to experiment like a collection of sex toys. You will forever search for that first experience in your subconscious if you do not protect your one and only virtue.

      1. In college I saw pretty girls get wrecked in less than six months; cocaine bags under their eyes, excessive weight gain, etc. Don’t get me started on the stds.

        1. I often wonder what the purpose with college when people just wreck themselves. All girl/boys schools seems like a good solution to this.

        2. A century ago feminists demanded coed colleges. (Some, like the University of Texas, were coed since the 1880s or so.) Now some feminists demand sexual segregation and claim coed schools are a patriarchal invention.

        3. When boys did better in school – patriarchy! Excluding girls!
          Now girls are doing better due to feminist policies/control over law/education and society.
          Segregate schools by gender, boys are trying to bring girls down!
          Feminism is pathetic.

        4. They are heretics by today´s standards.
          Some of the advocated eugenics, that has prooven to be a critical necessity.

        5. And some men are going their own way, and some men sit on this site whining about how come they can’t get women. There’s a spectrum of feminism just as their is a spectrum of men’s rights. What’s your point?

        6. Obviously ignoring good studious girls for the hot party animals. That’s exactly why you beta chumps can’t find a girlfriend. Try expanding your options, the way you expect women to do for you. Your male entitlement is showing.

        7. Thus feminism is a joke. They can’t handle being outperformed in certain areas (e.g. math, science, etc.) by a man. More men are in STEM fields than women despite extra efforts to recruit more women. Also, in some colleges, more womens’ sports teams than mens’. Then all these all women colleges outnumber the number of all men colleges. It is more likely that an all mens’ college would turn coed than an all womens’ college (most of them being ran by lesbian feminazis). Coed colleges being a patriarchal invention, I call bullshit!

        8. ummm… no. Men used to outperform women because it was social taboo for a woman to get a job/ education, genius. Luckily the younger generation are being treated more equally

        9. care to elaborate? You can’t just make a false claim because you’re saddled with manpain. How are teachers brainwashed b feminists?

        10. what feminist policies? Men still control the vast majority of politics/law/education/society. Boys used to do better in school because it was social taboo for women to get a job/ education. Nowadays girls are encouraged to reach their full potential, which is why they are excelling. You just can’t handle the thought of this, which is why your preaching your prejudice all over the internet.

        11. The problem is that coed schools are too distracting to boys, they have a biological need to compete and show off in the wrong ways to get the girl. its hormonal girls cant help it either, its just a bad idea. Women don’t really understand guys and should not be allowed to teach them really. Men and women’s brains are different enough that this should be understood

        12. This really isn’t a war of the sexes as the feminist agenda would have you believe. Females teach and learn differently than males. This is biological. All evidence proves that for all but the very intelligent men females fail miserably to educate men. Males have become less driven to learn due to the race to fuck that cute girl who keeps sending all the signals. Wouldn’t want to seem like a faggot now would he. God forbid he ignore her, it would destroy her ego.

        13. You are programmed to believe lies like that because, you must believe in your mind that women are superior to validate your continued support in the fight for “so called equality”, when the fight was never needed to begin with because women were always put on a pedestal to begin with. The only fight for equality that was ever needed was one to remove the silly idea that men are expendable because we are capable of producing more sex cells. How many so called superior alpha males have perished trying to save sub beta females? Alpha means What exactly? In my mind it means strong handsome intelligent etc… an intelligent man would never risk his life to save anyone other than those important to him. That would be the nice guy / beta that would do that right?
          You want to know how stupid the average female is, they give up their only sexual currency as soon as they can. I am in no way saying that women cannot excel what I am saying is that the youth needs to be segregated to different schools and taught properly again. Then both sexes can excel together in our excessively fucking stupid species. Every time I get online I am bombarded by so much new stupidity, the sad thing is even the topics just get recycled and made more and more ignorant. I predict that in the near future that in order to have sex men will have to ask the following.
          Excuse me I couldn’t help but notice how sexually attractive your intelligence is I would very much appreciate the chance to rape your vagina if you consent.
          That’s right RAPE will replace all other words that would actually make that last section sound nice.

        14. You cant get laid can you? In here fucking with men. For what reason, is it because you don’t agree that men should have an opinion or because men shouldn’t have emotions? I bet when you get lonely and cant get dick you fuck you bed post.

        15. I would hope any man would know better than to ask an average woman to attempt logical thinking.

        16. Men were designed to take those kind of stresses. Also, we don’t get fucked we do the fucking. You cant count LGBT members in a discussion about the majority of male issues because they have basically became a new collection of genders.

      2. Rather than college why not find a husband straight away? Its not like husbands requires a wife to get a college degree.
        Be a SAHM early. And get ahead of the competition.

        1. No. Why should a good husband´s time and wealth be wasted in such a manner?
          The wise ones does requires women with jobs, women with jobs are sure to gets less alimony than housewives, especially if they are the ones making more money than their husbands.

        2. So which are they? Are all women career-minded bossy-ass bitches (who incidentally get LESS alimony, so obviously they WEREN’T out to ruin you in case of divorce)? Or are they good pious, uneducated, unemployed, barefoot and pregnant (and out to take EVERY DAMN PENNY from you)? God, women are the WORST! You just can’t win with them! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why can’t they be exactly how i want them to be??!!!!!!!

        3. Getting married to get divorced I see.
          I have a better idea: don’t marry a fucking cunt that will leave you

        4. the world would spilt in half if you made a girl
          drop out of college,its not a social acceptable Story to be told.

        5. I don’t know why either it definitely just makes them much dumber on average. I have met so many educated idiots.

        1. homeschool to 16, work from home or with my trusted friends, curfew until they leave home, uni fund for after 25, no phone, restricted internet, red pill education so they understand why im doing it. Let the suckers be social outcasts, its not like in tdays world they can’t start life anew someplace else once theyve grown a brain.

        2. There was a cringe post on the bodybuilding misc a while back. This guy found his 13 year old little sister texting some 19 year old kid. The 19 year old was inviting her over to smoke weed and have sex. The 13 year old sent pics, but the guy says they were at least not nudes. Makes me want to hunt that little shit down.

        3. HAHA I emailed a Chrsitian church in UAE to see if the UAE is my reactionary answer to the West. They never wrote back and my wife doesn’t want to be around a bunch of muslims under any circumstances.

        4. Wife’s a sociopaths. Would probably be funny if i took her to a muzzie contry. then agan, the kids would be somewha moral

        5. Yeah she wouldn’t make it. My wife is an introvert, so under the social system of “women who go without a brother/father/husband anywhere and get raped are automatically at fault for getting raped” would be a breeze for us. Western women who go party and get drunk in Dubai bars and get raped have a hard time understanding their subsequent arrest and sentencing for “unlawful sex.”

        6. Your wife doesn’t want to be “around a bunch of muslims”? Your wife sounds like a racist cunt.

        7. Uh no. I don’t consider females that have passed the age of Menarche and having grown other secondary sexual characteristics as girls anymore likewise this will be a stage where maturity begins or should begin. They should be given more of the responsibilities of adulthood. Likewise I would consider that male come of age at 15 years and eligible for marriage which is approximately when the male has the earning ability to support a family.
          Treating teenagers as children is why we have irresponsible 20 year olds nowadays being yolos rather than responsible adults. Likewise people like Thomas Edison and Alexander the Great achieved much before the age of 18.
          We don’t need irresponsible teenagers running around being promiscuous. Likewise I base my arguments on this article:

        8. >15
          >able to support a family
          I’ve seen enough, you can throw the acid in my face now

        9. you are one of the many pieces of shit on this website, but that comment just made me realise you are actually stinking runny diarrhoea.

        10. i dont get it why we treat 17 year old teenagers as children when in other countries they usually treated as adults? Why we delay adulthood so much from them?

        11. Stupidity at first. But now its for protection of virtue for some families, but it fails due to society.

        12. Doesn’t it make women feel so disgusting to be a cum dumpster, who wants to stick their dick where a lot of nuts have fallen in lol. I mean condoms are really a joke. no one fucking likes them. They don’t work for shit on
          a lot of guys who are well hung and thick, especially if you really get into it and are fucking her till she goes full retard. Its kind of funny I could make a woman cum till she passed out not pay attention to that and ass fuck her afterward and she might wake up with a bleeding ass not remembering what happened. Why are women so eager to take that risk just to say hey I fuck around like the football team that makes me equal to men.

        13. The fucked up thing is they are probably biologically both compatible. At least he is not a fag. At least its only 6 years difference. I don’t think its an awesome idea. But what the fuck are we all to do anymore.

        1. But would always have an aluminum bat at the ready to fend off the schmuck parade always orbiting around her!

        2. that is unkind.
          at the end of the day it is the woman’s decision when she wants to have sex and with whom.
          and I don’t think that women should be looked down on because they got played for sex 🙂 . it is more like the other way around

        3. Other way around? How hard do you have to work to get sex, not at all? What do you have to do to get any besides keep on living? Exactly. Men who aren’t millionaires actually have to actually put a shred of effort forth, which makes it more of an accomplishment. Women just have to Dial-A-Dick. So keep exerting that “decision”, just know that it devalues you faster than a used RV with four flat tires.

        4. devaluing a woman for having failed relationships? that is unfair because life is life and bad things happen.
          looking down on women who had multiple partners is really just resentment that you cannot completely own them because they have done it all before so you won’t be so special.
          do you think of women as a vagina?
          if you do you are missing a great deal
          looking down on women because men took crap from them?
          that is just wrong 🙂
          experience, makes people better partners in any case, because we learn from our mistakes.
          marrying a virgin may be extremely catastrophic for a man by the way, because if a woman does not like the way you make love there is not a lot of sex in your future.

        5. Was “failed relationships” anywhere in whatever I said? Where exactly? Because I’m lost.
          I have no interest in “owning” somebody, that takes too much effort. And I like to be left alone a lot of the time as is so owning somebody has no appeal anyway. And I don’t need to feel special at the behest of a woman, and her sexual past (or lack thereof) isn’t going to make or break me. It’ll just kill any potential relationship dead in the water.
          Maybe I just don’t want a woman who reckless gives her body up to any schmuck at a bar for petty and shallow reasons such as he’s tall, he’s got a certain skin color, or he’s got a British accent, as a few examples. Maybe you haven’t done all that but you certainly know women who have. And I have every right to decide who I might want to invest the precious little free time, money, and energy I have. Women have innumerable lopsided “standards” a man has to meet before getting any acknowledgment, so this is how many of us do the same from our own perspective. If someone comes off as damaged goods they’ll get treated like damaged goods, so perhaps some things are better let unsaid.

        6. you say you have no interest in owning someone yet you compare women with goods . by reading your post I noticed you think women who have a rich sexual past should be treated badly, instead you do not respect their decision to do what they like with their body and their life.
          I live in Bournemouth UK and over here every women over 50 has had at least one abusive husband, and 35 % of marridges in the uk are tainted by domestic violence.
          The UK IP is planning to give men the right to harrass women , men the right to rape women if they are their wife, and allow the discrimination of women against men in the workforce.
          Knowing this facts can you blame a woman for not wanting something serious with a man?
          Really ?
          Maybe those damaged goods have very good reasons to stay away from anything serious with a man, and you should not disrespect them.

        7. I don’t where you got “disrespect” and “treated badly” from. I’d want nothing to do with them in general (I could care less if we worked together or had mutual friends, as examples. I could tolerate them if I had to.), so I wouldn’t treat them any sort of way, truthfully. Who I decide as a worthy candidate for a potential relationship and under what criteria is my business and my right. You can’t possibly tell me women pick THEIR mates under the most well thought-out and sensible decision-making all the time as well!

        8. I realize this post is a month old, but I feel as if you think women with a “rich sexual past” should be treated good. And your discussions from your disqus profile seems to hint that you might have not have a loving attitude towards men. And since you described your country and how they treat women I can guess that either you are going into the realm of the misandrist or is already there. And it seems as if you’re adding your own opinions in a lot of discussions you seem to deem worth commenting.

        9. Please don’t call me a misandrist for criticizing abusive behaviour in men.
          Treating experienced women badly is like saying that women should not have the right to leave a relationship where she is treated badly.
          Now you wouldn’t be a misogynist would you ?
          Think about what I write a little bit, and maybe hesitate the next time you try to undermine and humilliate someone for making decisions with themselves and their lives.
          Just think a little bit more before abusing people next time.

        10. and why do you want to tread women with a rich sexual past badly son ? you think you have a right to punish them ? do you think there is some ownership involved ? I know you are better than that, I know you can think.

        11. Read what I wrote- rather than skimming through it- and please don’t outright call me a misogynist, I might assume that you want to be talked down to, because I responded based from your discussions, and it seemed as something a misandrist might say- assuming me as a women hater. And “experienced women”? http://www.returnofkings.com/21904/women-are-responsible-for-slut-shaming
          These so called ” experienced women” sound like sluts to me. And maybe people with your train of thought deserve to be verbally abused, since one such as yourself would search through every article pertaining men and women and what men write based on their observations from women. Maybe you’re sexist( does it feel good to be called something outrightly?)

        12. Well we all treat each other badly that come from one’s past i.e a a terrorist or even a common thief. And since I have when has ownership ever been involved? Where do you come up with these kinds answers from what I wrote? And if a women is an outright slut, she will be criticized by all genders. For example if you’ve figured out your mom had more men inside her than a (insert witty punchline) you would treat her differently too.

        13. Referring to women that choose not to enter into serious relationships as sluts is abusive and misogynist so yes, you are by definition a misogynist.
          So far you have ignored all the arguments that I have given against your ideas and I can only assume you simply don’t care about my opinion, or you cannot defend your own.

        14. yea , that is demeaning. however you have not managed to contradict anything I ever said.

        15. I pick men who are decent human beings. I don’t base that judgment on who or how many times they have had sex. I’m in a happy relationship with a man who respects me. I respect him equally. You will never have to capacity to respect any woman, as all your previous comments have shown.


        17. I always got laid easier when I didn’t put any effort in until I was actually fucking. Who needs to try I mean they want it more than we do they are fucking throwing their pussy at us what the fuck are you talking about.

        18. Its important for men and women to feel special. the problem is we have different standards and women refuse to accept ours.
          any woman who doesn’t think her man should feel like the only one ever should never marry and just fuck around her whole life letting guys get more experience to please his virgin love.
          Women want experienced guys that’s good.
          whats bad is they want more experiences that makes the man experience pale in comparison if he is not a man hoe. Its important to women that the man feel special because no matter how good a faker your man does know even if he denies it. how is that good for either?
          That’s why he will cheat he is still in search for someone to make him feel special like he matters in life and the woman failed or lied which destroyed him.

        19. Interesting how you degrade him by calling him a term meaning pussy. LOL See guys even they know they are no good. I have never had a hard time getting laid but maybe its because I am not a whiner. Also, I have no problem laying in bed ignoring her and beating my dick right in front of a woman or if she is not around I am much more capable than any woman as far as pleasing myself so i just don’t give a fuck. I know ill get that pussy when I want it, because thats how they get the validation they need.

        20. A good husband cannot rape his wife. You are the same person by oath. So…… that being said he should respect her if she says no. Then he should slap his cock hard and beat his cock right in front of her, show her he can get off without her used up pussy and that he only wanted to share a special moment in life with her. Then he should go grab a beer at the pub and let the bar flies suck his cock for drinks but he should never fuck another woman.

        21. A man is not to respect a woman a woman is to respect a man a mans place is to love his woman.
          Ephesians 5:22-33King James Version (KJV)
          22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
          23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.
          24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.
          25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;
          26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,
          27 That
          he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or
          wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without
          28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.
          29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:
          30 For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.
          31 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.
          32 This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.
          33 Nevertheless
          let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself;
          and the wife see that she reverence her husband.
          King James Version (KJV)
          Public Domain

        22. “rich sexual past” LOL I SEE WHAT YOU THINK YOUR DOING HERE. THIS MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER DOESN’T IT. There is no good way to say dirty filthy nasty used woman. Women physically mature faster than men so they can learn how to say no before we are stronger than you and can just fucking take what is ours not yours. That’s right you don’t own your own body your future husband does.
          THAT’S WHY THEY HAVE Vaginal rejuvenation surgery. because women lie to men.

        23. Women have no right to any relationship other than marriage period. get over it. you seem like a very nice young woman and i am sorry if i am coming across ass a complete ass but I am sick of feminist and Male Disposability being ignored. women just want to whine and bitch about everything.

        24. That’s not abuse your a fucking moron the truth is the fucking truth grow the fuck up.
          No one is ignoring you you refuse to see truth loose women are no better if not worse than a standard dirty crack whore. <—————-truth
          women choose a mans worth men choose women’s worth its how it works. that is equality. You can choose to ignore that but truth needs no permission to be.

      1. Females start to be horny since menarche(1st menstruation). Hence Menarche was the minimum age of marriage for females. Menarche was the transition from girlhood to womanhood in many cultures:
        An initiation rite helped mark that transition.
        Only recently has this age crept up. Since the 19th century. Now we have women at the other extreme putting off marriage until they are dried up hags after riding the cock carousel.
        Personally I prefer that they be married rather than lose their virginity to high school jocks and college.

        1. personally, i prefer that too.
          but then, don’t all those haggards get to have a say? and since they’re superiorly designed, an even greater say – no, the only say? like jenna marbles, emma watson, ad nauseam! and what do these self-proclaimed compasses of young maidens prefer? what do these supreme consummate consumers of men dictate? what do perpetual children deem intelligent? why, none other than to destroy their younger, more valuable competition, and eat all the attention for themselves. that these wallards screach their subversion on the belief that they’ll keep men’s attention for themselves is pure childish delusion. but the child doesn’t understand: conniving other women into sluttery doesn’t make old sluts any less slutty, or old for that matter; the relative lowering of every one else doesn’t magically make you above the absolute minimum worth-while-ness bar.
          the conclusion laid the finger correctly, but left no action spoken. but until we are ready to force our preference over those of witches, more future will be lost to short-sighted childish selfishness. on the edge of this oblivion, burning these witches doesn’t seem bad anymore…

        2. if you have to refer to wikipedia regarding basic biological processes (i.e. puberty), you have no business commenting.

        3. There are references in the article itself. I find wikipedia that is unrelated to politics more reliable.

        4. I am keeping the wikipedia entry however since it is a good starting point to the cultural significance of this biological process. You may check out the references used at your leisure.

        5. you prefer that they be married ? why should you make that choice with someone else’s body ?

        6. Personal preference does not preclude coercion. Likewise such women can choose who they can marry.

        7. To add to what I said. If they want sex they should get married if not they should keep their hands off each other.
          Since sex has such significant impacts on the mental physical and spiritual. It should be handled with care. Lest the storm that is created lay waste to society. Marriage(not the state sanctioned bullshit we have today) is the best environment for any potential children that results from that union ensuing both a mother and father cares for the children.

        8. yea, you still use the word “should” . what makes you think you should have the power to command someone do do what you want?
          I don’t think you realise what you are saying.
          Really, you are talking about someone else’s body and someone else’s free will that you have to entitlement to. I think that is the reason why most people here hate feminists because they simply cannot conceive the fact they are not entitled to control women.

        9. And where had this free love gotten us? This fornication outside of marriage but broken homes,relationships and families.
          You can have your sexual utopia elsewhere like at the matriarchies of the Mosuo or some other matriarchal tribe. But you will not have civilization. You will not have Fathers mentoring their sons and daughter bringing home provisions, protecting them for they cannot trust their women to bear their children.
          Yes I used the word ”should”
          ”Really, you are talking about someone else’s body and someone else’s free will that you have to entitlement to. I think that is the reason why most people here hate feminists because they simply cannot conceive the fact they are not entitled to control women.”
          Do you believe that men should be controlled? Do you believe in government?

        10. do I believe that men should be controlled ? No I am debating with men that are ageinst women’s rights and believe women should be housewifes, instead of joining the many voices that call you pigs.
          do I believe in government ? Yes.
          In society in general power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so a government is the closes thing we ever had to something decent as leadership.
          Your idea of civilization, is women being enslaved by men, that however only befits one side.
          I believe there are some serious problems with people here in genral, SOME HUGE PROBLEMS.
          The whole article is about how women should want men to marry them for the purity of their vaignas.
          All this page is about how women should think and behave as men want them to , and associating menlyness with treating women badly ( insults and ridicule of women geting the most likes ).
          I believe these to be more debasing to men than to women.

        11. ”Your idea of civilization, is women being enslaved by men, that however only befits one side.”
          The army compels the soldier to obey is that slavery?
          ”The whole article is about how women should want men to marry them for the purity of their vaignas.”
          Sluts are not trustworthy. They will almost certainly cuckold the man. Why would any man want that?
          ”All this page is about how women should think and behave as men want them to , and associating menlyness with treating women badly ( insults and ridicule of women geting the most likes ).
          I believe these to be more debasing to men than to women.”
          Well if women stopped having sex with men that insults an ridicules them men will change. Likewise preference does not imply compulsion. The women can still choose to act the way they want to but they will be more unattractive to men in general.

        12. you make very poor arguments ( maybe you were just not pondering your words ).
          if an army compels a soldier to obey of course it is slavery.
          for example if you live in a regime that has brought you only misery and hunger you would love to let a more capable government take over, and it is your decision to go to war or not. you see the difference of having an open mind ?( take Afganistan )
          free will walks hand in hand with freedom of opinion and expression, and with the awareness that the world constantly needs to evolve, and that requires a lot of ideas being herd and applied.
          forget about vaginas, people are not trustworthy in general, they all seek their own advantage, but indeed if you have a girl that has had more men she is more likely to leave you because she will not think you are so amazing because there are more men like you waiting around the corner, but that has nothing to do with trust.
          blaming women for male abuse ? isn’t there something wrong with that picture? most of the time those women don’t really have a choice about leaving that kind men at all.
          just as an info, the more experienced the woman will be , the better the sex, the better the conversation, the lesser the fights and the wiser she will be. is that really all that unattractive ?
          the reason why I post here is because I think misogyny affects both genders extremely badly and it is all because of a distorted view on women ( we are human too LOL ).

        13. you want to have sex with children I see. I had my period at nine years old. If a man had impregnated me then I probably would have died or been severely hurt by the process of pregnancy and labour. The term ‘dried up hags’ really shows your lovely opinion of women. You really are disgusting.

        14. No you moron. I am referring to healthy females that do not have puberty at such a young age.
          Yours is an exception. Which I am in agreement with in terms of the health risks and damage involved.
          Puberty at such a young age is premature if conception and pregnancy and labour is so damaging to the body.

    2. “several” guys LOL. By the time they graduate, they’ve racked up double digit notch counts.

      1. Getting her degree in women’s lit, paid for by daddy, blowing the lacrosse team. Google Karen Owen at Duke Univ.

        1. Bitch is wasting her dad’s money. She needs to major in something productive or better yet, not go to school and get a fucking job.

    3. Her: “Oh, I didn’t even have sex until I was in college.”
      Him (thinking to himself): “Maybe I’ve found one that’s not a total slut…”

      1. She’s not hated for sleeping around. It’s just that for obvious reasons, guys would rather marry a virgin than a non-virgin. There seems to be a response in today’s culture to that fact that says that women have no choice because they have to put out in order to land a guy. Essentially, our culture says that women DON’T have a choice in whether or not to sleep around, so it would be unfair to choose not to marry someone based on their lack of chastity.

  3. Two of the most memorable things I’ve read on ROK were:
    1) A woman truly has nothing interesting to offer other than her vagina.
    2) Put on a blindfold and go out in public using only your ears and you’ll have a hard time telling one woman from the next, they’re so ordinary and redundant these days.
    For the life of me I can’t remember which articles they were or who the authors were, but these were pure platinum!

    1. “A” is absolutely true. The vagina is the reason why men created the idea of the female beauty. Only to convince ourselves that the object of our sexual desire is something valuable and worth all the sacrifices we make.
      In fact, if you can view women from a different angle, you will discover that the female body is not so beautiful. They usually have short legs, the walk funny, their knees are locked, narrow shoulders, their posture is as if the whole body is about to collapse and their faces are too narrow and when they are pretty, their face is actually infantile.
      When a woman has a well developed physique her body resembles the man’s body, which is a proof that THE TYPICAL FEMALE BODY IS UNDERDEVELOPED HUMAN BODY.
      On top of their natural imperfections, the current role model of female beauty is a creature which is weak and skinny, which makes women look comical.
      In the animal kingdom the male is always the more attractive. In human species we have fooled ourselves to think it’s the female. It is not. The universe is male.

      1. Well consider women in their more “natural” form and I think a lot of men wouldn’t chase them just for a piece of the bloody pie between their legs. All the waxing, fake tans, make up, skin care products, clothes, suction garments, high heels, lipsticks, fake nails and all the money they pump into their hair. Take all this away and they’re nothing special.
        To me if a guy is chasing women and trying to fuck as many as he can to the detriment of his own development and life, I pity him. He is blind.

        1. most ‘gorgeous hollywood starlets’ are really seriously plain when they haven’t spent two hours being primped by a beautician.

        2. I (generally speaking) prefer women without make up and such. Or at least with a lot less make up than the average girl uses.

        3. I second that notion. If she can’t pass the boner test in her “natural” state (basic grooming without 1/2 an inch of facepaint) then she’s probably not worth more than a ONS.

  4. If women are to remain virgins, who exactly are unmarried men to have sex with? Are they supposed to turn to gay buttsex?

    1. This behavior weeds out the whores at heart from women of better moral fiber, and helps men gain experience to satisfy marriageable women. Sometimes you just have to let a ho be a ho, and use her accordingly. It’s the only male shit test. “Can you think of your long-term future instead of your current desires?”

    2. If most women saved it for marriage, people would get married young. But the reason why it’s an impractical solution is because female sluttiness is not the only problem. There is also the fact that we live in a culture where people are basically children until their mid or late 20’s. People always say “don’t get married at 20, that’s way too young!” The fact that everyone gets a full-time education for 12 years but no one gets established, becomes independent, is able to function as an adult, or has a place in the world after that 12 year process raises this question: What the hell has been going on the whole time? I mean, the schools have allegedly been educating you for 12 years, and your parents had 18 years to raise you, but you need another 4-10 years before you’re “grown up” and ready for marriage?

      1. I’m a high school teacher,I used to work in language schools. One month of twice weekly lessons in a language school is worth more than a whole year of daily lessons in high school. School is mostly very inefficient because it is compulsory. You cant teach those who dont want to learn

        1. Not only that but what is taught in school these days is complete and utter shit! Common core being the latest in a long list of fuck-nuggetry.

        2. Most teachers don’t get the opportunity to educate their students because they are too busy covering the government mandated curriculum.

  5. These whores have made an irrevocable choice, and now they try to drag others down with them so they can avoid feeling regret.
    That’s all it is. They slutted it up, can’t find a mate because sluts are unattractive as long term mates, and want other women to be miserable as well. They try to convince everyone their sluttiness shouldn’t matter, but try as they might, women have still found no way to control male DNA.
    Sluttiness is okay for short term relationships, but long term males are programmed to seek the non-sluts and chaste women.

    1. I can’t tell you how many early relationships I’ve terminated because a girl decides to volunteer-reveal her sexual past when I didn’t ask. Oversharing fucking every race and religion and both sexes every which way but loose and trying to cop out with “It just happened!” makes my goddamn skin crawl. No bitch, you LET it happen! Adios!

      1. They brag about it. “Oh, I am bisexual”. “Oh, you are a Typhoid fucking Mary. get lost.”

        1. I wouldn’t recommended bisexual women for a long term. Most trouble you’ll ever experience. They are crazy.
          Wasps become Lesbians
          White Trash become strippers

        2. There’s no such thing as a bisexual woman. She hasn’t the equipment for it.
          Just like there’s no such thing as a lesbian. It’s a myth created by hags.

        3. They think by saying that (even if untrue) it somehow give them allure and more market value. Maybe Betatards respond with something pathetic like “Cool! Can I watch sometime?” I always say “Wow, that’s so original! Got any Chinese tattoos, too?” Playing “trendsbian” for attention, even just saying it to say it is just another sad Ms. No-Daddy attention stunt amongst many others.

      2. This happened to me with a girl I thought was long term material. I think millennial chicks are just fucked in the head with no boundaries, no sense of honor and no mentors to teach them how to treat men.

        1. Well this is the result of lack of fathers, clearly. Much the same way as they love to hype up that you can tell how a man treats women by how he treats his mother or lack of one, the same is true in reverse and on steroids!
          Even when I girl asks me any details about my past I tell them it’s not up for discussion and that everybody has some shady shit in their past and some things are just better left unsaid. Seriously, if you’ve ever had a girl you actually are into beyond just a sexual level volunteer that she’s done shit with a guy you know personally the feeling of your stomach turning over is indescribable. I can’t think of a worse dealbreaker than that of all things!
          Yes, we judge you by your past. We have every right to do what we need to do to be happy, especially when we don’t have a different option every five feet like you do so we actually have a higher quality control standard. Don’t want to be judge by your past? Then don’t create one!

        2. A lot of their mothers were of the “free love” crowd, so really, they’re no help.

        3. It’s because these girls (women) have been told they are “special” their whole lives (by everyone).
          At home, in school, etc…everyone just telling them that they are special and that they can do anything and everything (thanks, Oprah….we’re glad you’re off the fucking air, now).
          Meanwhile, it’s the boy (man) who has been the “privileged” one all of this time and he is bad.
          So, today we have all of these “princesses” running around thinking how special they are, that it’s just fine to sleep around and wait for Prince Charming to show up.
          I don’t remember the part – in any Disney film – where the Princess gets banged senseless by everyone and ends up with the Prince.

      3. Sex math
        Girls stated sexual partners * 3
        Men stated, divide by 3
        equals true number of sexual partners.

        1. That only applies to the pre-00′ era.
          2014 Sex math:
          Girls stated sexual partners *4-5
          Men stated, /4-5

        2. Assuming an equal number of men and women, it is not possible for the average number of opposite sex partners to be greater for men than for women or vise versa.

    2. Most likely that is true. Non-virgins know virgins if equally attractive are more desirable for marriage. If they can talk virgins into being non-virgins, they eliminate some competition and they can compete better for the available men.

  6. I question the proposition that a male “never loses his virginity.” I’m sure I’m not the only one in this community who had a markedly powerful first relationship. Does anyone remember their legs shaking the first time they kissed a girl? It’s a memory that stays with you.
    Try to remember the first kiss you had with a girl you picked up from the bar a year ago…it’s not as striking, if you can even recall the moment at all. Cynical men will mark this up to a childhood delusion like “oneitis” or something, but I think there is a chemical bonding happening during a man’s first time as well.
    Even before I came to know the truth about women, each disappointing encounter I had with them had less impact than the time before…the first heartbreak was devastating, the second wretched but tolerable, the third a dull, lingering pain, etc. I seriously doubt this has nothing to do with chemicals, as you feel these things so deep within you.
    The advantage for men is that their value is not damaged by these experiences. In fact, the more rejection and letdown a man experiences, the greater his potential for worthiness…heartbreak is no more than a growth spurt for the man who is willing to learn.
    Women have no such luck. Though they may become wiser from a heartbreak, it is not wisdom that men seek, but purity and loyalty.

    1. The advantage for men is that their value is not damaged by these experiences.
      Women don’t care about how experienced or inexperienced a man is because it has zero biological benefit to them either way. There is a strong biological value for chaste women in men, there is no such benefit (or penalty) in chaste men for women.

  7. The implication of women retaining virginity and the importance of that – hence the legends of dragons and other dark creatures requiring the sacrifice of virgins. It’s a metaphor of the struggle itself.
    Can you imagine a feminist movement based on self respect and not “giving it away” cheaply? I always wondered why that never happened. But seeing what they are really all about answers why.
    Feminism destroyed women, and men are signing out of the whole deal, whether by grass eating and playing games or being a PUA. Women will suffer most for this, as each year they find themselves closer and closer to last call at the bar until they are sitting alone at closing time and looking at “that one fat guy who’s always there” that she would never give the time of day to.

    1. Can you imagine a feminist movement based on self respect and not “giving it away” cheaply? I always wondered why that never happened.
      It was part of a plan to destroy the family.
      Excellent article by Mallory Millet (sister of Kate Millet). Very interesting read to see what was going on early on by someone very close to one of the feminist leaders.
      Why are we here today?” she asked.
      “To make revolution,” they answered.
      “What kind of revolution?” she replied.
      “The Cultural Revolution,” they chanted.
      “And how do we make Cultural Revolution?” she demanded.
      “By destroying the American family!” they answered.
      “How do we destroy the family?” she came back.
      “By destroying the American Patriarch,” they cried exuberantly.
      “And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?” she replied.
      “By taking away his power!”
      “How do we do that?”
      “By destroying monogamy!” they shouted.
      “How can we destroy monogamy?”
      Their answer left me dumbstruck, breathless, disbelieving my ears. Was I on planet earth? Who were these people?
      “By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!” they resounded.

    2. “Can you imagine a feminist movement based on self respect and “and not giving it away”?” That was the way feminism was presented in the beginning in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when suffrage and temperance movement were combined. I always wondered what made the earlier forefathers fall for the feminist argument, when they could have just squashed it. It was because it was presented by women who had cornered the morally upright and loving position, and who can say No to a little equality to someone like that?

      1. No, it was because they wanted women on Juries, in the failed assumption that women would be less likely to render a ‘not guilty’ verdict based on a pretty face.
        Basically, they figured allowing women to vote and be on juries would stop other women from getting away with murder… How wrong they turned out to be.

    3. Yes. Women are the real losers in under the feminist regime. 60 years ago, western women had the best deal in human history served to them on a silver platter. I guess it wasn’t good enough for them. Go figure. Now look what they get. The cat is out of the bag and it’s not going back in; likely ever.
      The average man has been getting the shaft in one way or another since time immemorial. We just adapt to whatever comes. It’s in our DNA. It doesn’t hurt that it’ll always be a man’s world too.

      1. If women are so nurturing and good at raising children, why did the lamest generation turn out the way it did?
        The rethoric of the traditional woman amuses me, that too was a mean to shaft the man, just with a polished wooden baton instead of a rusty pipe.

      2. that best deal meant being a wife ?
        the problem is that women are not being seen as humans with ideas, desires and feelings.
        men are getting very angry when women escape form their control it seems, now why is that.

    4. “Can you imagine a feminist movement based on self respect and not “giving it away” cheaply? I always wondered why that never happened.”
      No opportunity there to dictate what other people should do, and thereby control them.

    5. Plenty of ugly feminists claiming that all cisgender male-female sex is rape. Andreas Dworkin, anyone?
      The purpose of feminism is taking as much possible from men as possible, same purpose as virginity back then but on a much larger scale, harsher and less sustainable scale.
      While being sex-obsessed is warts, virginity is still a loser´s value. No wonder the conservatives lost the culture war to the libtards.
      Better destroy the wealth extraction completely.

  8. You lost me on the first sentence. Women want sex as much or more than men. If this isn’t your experience, you’re doing it wrong.

    1. Its case by case with women, some do some don’t. 50% of women don’t climax with intercourse. It doesn’t matter what the man does. Even the 50% who climax, they might only be in the mood part of the month. Also women’s reproductive system burns out in their 40s, while men keep going long after that. Men and women are different by nature. No feminist dogma can change nature.

    2. Ever heard of “lesbian bed death”? Its a thing.
      Ever heard of “gay man bed death”? Nope…

      1. lol… lesbian death bed… if there isn’t a male to initiate sex then females just sit around and talk about their feelings… or food or fashion.

    3. You are living in a strange world if you really believe this. Study after study has shown the same thing, men, BY FAR, think about and act on sexual desire more than women. Ask any married man. Ask any lesbian couple (mentioned below). Without testosterone for initiation, sex quickly drops to a trickle.
      Women enjoy sex, that much I agree on. But men think about sex a LOT more, want it a LOT more, and are 95%+ of the time the initiators in sexual contact. Thinking otherwise is just feminist brainwashing.
      What is certainly true is that women have dramatically more access to sex than men. Any woman who’s a 3+ can go out and have sex with a new man every single night with no financial investment at all. No man who’s not a 10 (actor, rich, famous, incredible looks) has a shot at doing that. And even our hypothetical actor friend doesn’t have the access to sex that a really good looking (but poor and dull) woman does.
      There’s a reason that P4P is hugely dominated by men paying for sex with women. And it sure as shit isn’t because “our sex drives are equal”.

      1. You’re correct in saying our sex drives aren’t equal. Women’s sex drive is dependent upon a man to be given it’s fullest expression. This is just the nature of men as the aggressor in human sexuality. But to compare men’s aggressiveness to women’s aggressiveness towards acquiring sex as the marker for who has more sexual interest is a false dichotomy.
        Men want sex period. Women want sex, but there are conditions because that is their biological role. My whole point in saying previously that “you’re doing it wrong” is that you’re not creating the conditions which are necessary to unleash a particular woman’s sexuality. I’m not talking about science. I’m talking about you and one woman. Actually, I’m just talking about game. Aka, getting a woman to respond sexually.
        And if you game them properly, you will find out that they are just as sexually charged as you are. No science or other observation will explain away the experience of those that have accomplished this.
        One story quick story. I’m fucking a Russian girl right now who speaks almost no English. I asked her what she looks for in a man. She said,”good sex “. She’ll fuck me as often as I am able. Is she a nympho/exception or did I do something correct?

  9. Once I had this 27 yr old foreign student telling me that young girls need to experiment sexually as soon as they get to the age of consent. She told me that when we both were lying on my bed after having sex and while texting his boyfriend.

    1. Yeah I picked up this slut once and took her back to my place and proceeded to continuously smash her for hours. In the morning she got a call and answered it and started talking to her fiancé that I had no idea about. She started saying “I love you” before I grabbed the phone off her and told him what went on.
      Last I heard……they got married. Fucking pathetic

  10. As ideal as it would be to date/marry only virgins, there are so few of them over the age of 16 that it would be ultimately illegal most of the time.

    1. Agreed. Purity culture made sense before the birth control pill. In that era women remained virgin until marriage, and got married before age 25. But even in the current culture mothers could still raise their daughters to understand that they can get just as much sex with a few long term relationships, instead of many short term ones.

  11. American culture is approaching peak beta. There are so many beta males who will fuck anything with tits, and tolerate any behavior from a woman.

      1. Once the idea of MGTOW hits threshold, I will not be surprised if men en masse adopt it.
        It is quite possible that we were just ahead of the curve for whatever reason.

        1. I do think there’s merit in the idea of finding a foreign wife (aka non-western). Rather than exhausting yourself in the search for the diamond in the rough, it’s much better to go where your chances in finding a good woman are higher.
          Though I would personally advise to avoid Eastern Europeans, despite their appraisal among the manosphere. As far as their track records for divorce, infidelity, and out of wedlock child-births go, they don’t appear do be doing much better than their American counterparts. So clearly most of Eastern Europe is culturally just as counter-conducive to long term marriage and family stability as the west, even if it is for different reasons.
          East Asians really can’t be beat in terms of loyalty, stability, and commitment. The only problem for me is, I simply don’t have the same attraction levels for East Asian girls as I do white girls. My current girlfriend is Vietnamese, and while she is cute, sometimes I’d like a more sizeable girl with larger assets, which is terribly uncommon for them.

        2. MGTOW – I keep hearing about it but I’m not sure what exactly it entails. Does it include celibacy? Because if it does, it’s completely ridiculous.

        3. The way that I use the term is basically anybody that has joined the marriage strike.
          In my mind, PUAs, MRAs, incels, Japanese herbivore men, etc. that have decided that marriage and white-knighting are a scam, are MGTOWs.
          Pretty sure the “True MGTOWs” don’t want to associate with women at all… so unless they become monks I don’t see that working for very long.
          I basically mean once men en masse realize how much of a risk modern marriage is we’re going to see an exodus… And when the femicunts realize that men aren’t going to “man up and marry those sluts” things are going to get interesting…

        4. Younger men just need to realize how much they have to lose, today, by getting married (or even getting involved with a woman).
          Society and our laws favor women to a point where a man (his fortune, his reputation, etc…) can be cut down on just a woman’s word. Laws are not equal and they favor women. A man’s wealth can be transferred to a woman in no time.
          Men need to be pretty damn picky about who they get involved with in today’s world. I would recommend that the women have the same income, at least, and give it time (think hard) about having kids.
          It’s all gravy for women today (between your paycheck and the government) while a man can be devastated with half a pay to live on.

        5. Yeah we’re on the same page.
          I think young men (up til mid-20s) are completely controlled by their dicks. It wasn’t until my mid-late 20s that I swallowed the red-pill and realized I’m in a giant Skinner box.

        6. Come down South. Northern and Western girls are trash, but we still make modest girls once in a while. HOWEVER, you may have to become a Baptist, so there’s that.

        7. It doesn’t help that society has pretty much pre-programmed all younger men to think and act a certain way. To be “socially accepted” it meant bowing down and acting a certain way or women (and white knights) would reprimand these guys. It helps having ROK and the manosphere around to “right the ship” for many men in their 20s.

        8. How exactly do you think the Thai and Filipinos males are going to react to a tidal wave of yankees and a fair number of blacks?

        9. Turns to a 1-0 trade right after the gold-digger have shat out her anchor babies and brings her husband(s).
          At least for the next year, after that the gold diggers will loose interest in westerners really quickly.

        10. Every woman is a gold digger. We can give them a better life than they can get (most of the time) with men in their own countries. Women over here do the same thing.. You’re dating pool isn’t going to be very big in the U.S. if you’re only making 30k a year. You might get a lot of pussy if you’re a DJ or something tough.. The best thing to do is get them to sign a prenuptial agreement. They’ll never know what they’re really signing.

        11. hehe yeah whats you’re point?
          Perhaps bronies/furries is more accessible to men than MGTOW, which puts the onus on the individual to live his own life? Perhaps the bronies/furries give these group-minded people a structure to work with.
          MGTOW is a little daunting to someone who absolutely needs attention from other people.

        12. I’m not a gold digger. I go out and make my own money and do not expect anyone else to keep me. I’ve had lots of sex. It’s been great. If I married the first person I had sex with I would be divorced by now. The sex was terrible and he blamed me for this. It was both our faults. We were inexperienced. I’m now in a relationship with a man who teaches me a trick or two as I do him. Do I expect him to support me financially? No. Do we support each other emotionally and sexually? Yes. Because we see each other as equals.

        13. The problem with the have your cake and eat it too approach is that it is not compatible with the nuclear family model. Women who have had multiple sex partners in life are overwhelmingly more likely to file for divorce than women who marry virginal. It is virtually impossible to not subconsciously compare how your current partner measures up to past partners. Call me insecure all you want, I’m just advocating for the position that is most consistent with human nature. Hate the traditional family all you want, but it’s what kept the social fabric of society in tact. Nowadays the majority of children are born out of wedlock, which is one of the strongest predictors of future incarcerations. What we’re headed for now is a world of illegitimate, unruly bastards running around with no sense of morality or justice. The problem is that because this is an inconvenient truth and a hard pill to swallow, it simply does not sell to the public. Western culture is not much different from a fat, unhealthy person looking in the mirror and saying “I’m beautiful.” Our denial of our flaws will not improve anything. Pursuing every means of self gratification and bodily pleasure to the point where you’ve completely sold your soul and degraded yourself beyond any meaningful existence whatsoever will ultimately leave you unfulfilled and discontent.

        14. Marry a foreign wife and within two years the American women will have brainwashed her into being another American woman.

        15. MGTOW = Men Going Their Own Way. They still have sex but they don’t marry or live with a woman and they try not to have children. After all, children belong to women; not men. By doing that, their property, and income is not taken away and given to a woman.

    1. If you feed the geese, they will just breed and shit everywhere. Quit validating career-obsessed and fat women.

  12. Female hypergamy won’t ever change. The solution is to slut shame and cut off all govt aid to single mom’s. Make then become back page escorts at 20 a pop. They got their bad boy thug Spawn which is more than childless men get. Women are overgrown kids and they act like them. The just don’t think a beta man deserves her vagina when she is is young. If she is allowed to go all in and try to have it all, a man should be allowed to do the same. . I’m astounded at how a fat women or single mom can think she is in a position to reject men. I’ve seen it countless times, fat single mom talking down to men and my logical brain can’t figure it out. The hamster is powerful. I guess when someone is told their entire life they are amazing and that person has sex and money thrown at them…. When that woman gets a free house after divorce and goodies from her home ex… She will begin to believe she is special. . There is no turning back. What of the tens of millions of men who were denied a family, or job. They can’t get time back and those thug spawns can’t be put back in a sluts snatch. . Society has to accept that there is a large portion of society that is and will be unhappy campers. .

    1. Make then become back page escorts at 20 a pop.

      It takes a brave man to purchase a $20 whore.

      1. It takes an even braver one to buy one for 20 years of servitu… child support and the like.

    2. They won’t change, they are not a dominant sex, they don’t have much selfcontrol. Modern society excuses women of everything, while making men responsible of anything, even their own wombs… this will continue forever because it is supported by the state and pathetic men.
      What would fix this or make society better:
      – remove all laws that transfer money from men to women
      – remove female contraception, nature never wanted females to control their ovulation. Sluts are the result of female sexual masculinization. And this is clear as sluts are a contradiction to reproduction:children and family.
      – forbid abortion, single mothers, sperm banks
      – Make it illegal to have or raise a children without a father
      – Shame sluts
      – Change culture. make men realize about women sexual exhibitionism (true intentions, true context), instead of hiding it with false accusations of sexual harassment, that only intends to inhibit the sexuality of men, as always.
      – Make women responsible of their womb and pregnancies, abortion, etc
      – Make women responsible of the consequences of their promiscuity
      – No privileges, like affirmative action, or pro-women programs. (all equity).
      – etc.
      Or, just adapt. This is a new era.

      1. All we have to do is end welfare for unmarried women. Either she gives up the kid for adoption or she marries the thug who knocked her up but the government cannot be the father.

        1. That won’t change how women behave. It won’t make women, people you’d want to share your life with.
          The damage is too severe for simple solutions, IMO.

        1. – Accepting the limitations of our society.
          – Be realistic about women.
          – Remove doubts, accept things as they are, not as you want them to be
          – Avoid marriage, but enjoy women as they are.
          – Focus on yourself, improvement, wisdom, real happiness rather than superficial fun.
          Many men make severe mistakes because they believe the illusion rather than being realistic.
          – Learn from other men in the manosphere
          – Don’t try to change people or society
          – etc.
          Realizing how thing are, makes me happier, as I don’t have to fight against me, trying to find reason were there is none.

        2. Thanks will take this into consideration. As a 20 year old I have
          learned so much on ROK…wanted to thank my brethrens for opening my

      2. If there were no birth control, women would be too scared to sleep around. Also, this would require them to avoid having careers if they want to get married (and hence have sex). Therefore, pretty much all red pill issues would be solved if we banned birth control.

        1. It’s never a simple solution. We would have to make a ton of other changes as well.
          End ‘equal opportunity employment’ tax breaks for corporations to stop paying women more than they are worth in a vain attempt to make their earnings ‘equal to’ those of men who work much harder.
          Abolish voting rights for anyone that does not enlist or sign up for conscription as an ‘open soldier’, meaning they could see actual combat.
          Change the payscale for the military so that those who actually participate in or are ready for combat are paid what they are actually worth, while BEMF’s are relegated to flipping burger pay, what THEYR are really worth.
          Fire most of the government workers, which are overwhelmingly female.
          And that’s just the start of the list…. it goes on and on. It cannot happen without an entire change of government.

        2. Haha, banning things never works, and requires laws, enforcement, jails, ect.
          Just keep .gov from supporting this system with your tax dollars and everything with fall back into place, just as nature intended.
          Remove all the tax supported safety nets and police enforced theft and imprisonment of men, then actions will have consequences again.

        3. I often battle with two opposing forces in my political mind. On the one hand I cherish liberty and vote for Ron Paul because his philosophy is simple: defeat the Left by simply defunding them. They are parasites, so cut off their food. That should really go a long way toward solving out social problems. It also absolves most of us of the sins of our countrymen since we are no longer paying for their sins. (i.e. Much of the pushback that comes from conservatives is due to the left forcing them to pay for all their abortions and establishing that it’s legal to kill the unborn. Conservatives don’t like having to pay for that, and they don’t like it being LEGAL to kill the unborn. If abortion was not legal it would still happen but conservatives wouldn’t care all that much outside of compassion and disgust.)

        4. Really? The pill has messed up women because it messes up their hormones, causes stroke and weight gain. Which man will be happy getting drugged up everyday so he can have sex every once in a while?
          And what about STDs? You may take a pill, then realize you still need a condom after all. So what’s the point of the pill?

        5. It is derived from a medicinal plant that a certain tribe uses with no ill effects other than the inability of the sperm to penetrate the egg.

        6. Why would they want to avoid careers in order to get married?
          It is better if they have careers so they don´t have to live exclusively at the expense of their husbands.

      3. The adapt part.
        Women won’t change. We should stop lamenting about it. What will change is that women will get better at hiding their own sexual past.
        As women adapt to the new regime so must we.
        Red pill or blue pill there is no question.
        Or, sex-bots if all else fails.

      4. “are a contradiction to reproduction:children and family.”
        Naturally, sex results in children.

    3. my ex got half of everything…. that was 8 years ago. i’ve now got my own house, she’s still in the same council supplied dump. she’s run through all the money she had, i’m earning steadily (if not spectacularly)… she’s always complaining that she’s hungry, poor, or forgotten. tough; you divorced the only decent bloke you ever had. live with it…..

      1. I love these stories. It makes me sick when I see a woman leave her otherwise good husband, move in with a Richer more successful man, and then the ex’s child support on her new lover. I see it a lot and it never gets easier for me to tolerate. I just want to go up to her new man and slap the crap out of him.

        1. Yeah, these stories should be made more known instead of the common myth that you can divorce your spouse and find someone better. I won’t say that it never happens, but it’s rare.

        2. That is why I find all the whinning about sluts funny.
          Whores are much worst, they ruine a man´s life, career and ambition and destroy her own children´s lives.
          Also, since they like money and wealth more than sex, it makes sense that they don´t care about their appearance and just let thesmelves becomes fat and hideous.

        3. yea I totally get you, but keep in mind hat there is no reason to hate all women because some people do that

      2. “I’ve seen it countless times, fat single mom talking down to men and my logical brain can’t figure it out.”
        The problem is too many men not standing up for themselves. I don’t let any woman talk down to me (fat, ugly or hot)…doesn’t matter. If she steps out of line, then I hit her hard (verbally) and she backs down.
        Women will try (shit test) a man…and if she gets away with it then so be it.
        Not here, not on this bus.

        1. I make a point to take pictures of fat women on motor scooters in Wal-Mart. I make sure they see me.

    4. Yeah not all single mothers are the same. Some go into marriage young and inexperienced, have children young thinking they’ll be with that guy forever, (the type of girl I personally like), then he leaves them. You can’t always tell what a person is going to do down the track, I’ve been blindsided by partners before.
      You think these girls should become hookers? Just as some good guys are screwed over by bitch women, so are some good women screwed over by asshole guys.

      1. So she shouldn’t face the consequence of having a kid with a dirt bag?
        Do you agree with a government backed and enforced system of limited consequences for stupid women with YOUR tax dollars?
        Haha, not me brother.

        1. No I don’t agree with it, and have said so recently. But I also don’t agree with the suggestion that all single mothers should be forced to become hookers because they chose the wrong guy to commit to.
          I believe some women are disgusting sluts who deserve everything they have coming to them, but I don’t mindlessly lump all single mothers in that category. IME, many single mothers, between having been married and then needing to look after the kids, have slept with less men, are more conservative-minded and less selfish, narcissistic attention whores than the equivalent-aged childless party girl hitting the clubs every night and racking up notches in her pussy.

        2. But that’s not how it really works is it?
          Even with all the laws and financial support of women who make bad decisions, there are countless white knights, beta bucks men, churches/organizations and fathers that will take care of these women when they make mistakes.
          Women forced to become hookers? Nah, not for a few mistakes. Those women are f’d up beyond compare and rejected a lot of help along the way. Most continue to reject help for all sorts of reasons.
          Stop thinking that a world without .gov help will descend into scores of homeless hookers. There will be the same old, time-tested safety nets for those that want it.
          Poor actions should have consequences, even if that means Susy slut loses her independence and becomes the ward of her father. It will be just dessert for her father too.

      2. It would certainly encourage women to become much more selective about who they choose to have children with, no?

      3. Compare the behavior of women in 1914 versus 2014. Yes, you could argue that this is “old fashion” thinking but at the same time a women, back when, protected her reputation above all else.
        She made decisions based on how society would view her or accept her and she made choices on who she would marry, have kids with, etc…
        Today, the feminist narrative is: you don’t need a man. The equality bullshit is just that…bullshit (it’s about power, control, money) or getting even with men.
        Women are very unhappy (many will outright lie that things are great) but how many women do you see (who seem to have it all) are still miserable? How many are on prescription drugs?
        They’re only lying to themselves.

        1. I agree. Feminism fucked over traditional-minded women, the ones who in the past would have got married young and for life, had kids young and who don’t believe in birth control or abortion. The women who do ‘need men’, who are maternal and want to have kids, seeing it rightly as their main point in life.
          Some of these type of women end up single mothers because they lack experience in relationships and naively choose men who have either been fucked-up by feminism and the whole ‘sexual-freedom is king’ BS, or who get led astray by shameless whores, or for whatever reason are just douchebags. Feminist societies may support single mothers financially, but its main narrative still sees them as losers for being mothers or for getting married young. Feminist thinking is that studying, careers, travelling overseas and having a heap of abortions while fucking around with abandon are seen as the things women ‘should’ want to do while they’re young.

        2. I have seen many beautiful sweet young women either turn whorish or become obsessed over a career they didn’t really want. It’s sad. Feminism is not about options.

    5. Simple, fat single mothers know they got no chance to score what they would like to have, just like betas whinning about sluts.
      Better shame women who dates ugly, fat dudes or other women. The whores who uses the familly courts to robbe a good husband of his wealth and children. Shame and work camps.

    6. if you think a woman should not be in the position of rejecting sex you have serious problems. you need help and I am not exagerating.
      single moms have to raise their kids alone after being screwed over by men.
      dehumanizing people can be very low 🙁

    7. If, as a group, men should ever decide to take all the power back, it is over for women. There is nothing they can do to enforce their privileges unless men enforce it for them.

  13. A woman’s fertility is really the only thing a woman can offer to a man that he can’t get himself, or from another man. This is the honest truth, and women hate hearing it. A female virgin has maximum value, and no baggage. The reason men avoid pair bonding with sluts is because the chances of raising other men’s children becomes so much greater if you wife-up a slut. Women don’t have to worry about paternity fraud.

  14. If the average woman demanded a ring to fornicate, sexbot technology would have been perfected by now.

      1. How do you understand women so well. .
        A woman is like a man, but you remove all. Logic and responsibility. Best line ever. So true

  15. My father told me a story about one night out to dinner with my mother, my uncle and some friends the conversation turned to sex. My mother being younger and I guess quite innocent asked the question, “A woman who hasn’t had sex is called a virgin, what do you call a man who hasn’t had sex?” My uncle known for his keen wit replied, “a bollox”.

  16. This is what we are dealing with when it comes to the modern day women.
    Not just from a emotional standpoint but, sexual wise. Its really become a free for all and the cages have been open. The awareness is at a fever pitch, Santa clause is dead, and Tupac is not coming back. Basically, women have gone against the order and stricture that once helped build stable families and traded it in for short term pleasure of shot glasses of Alpha nut and use beta toilet bowls when it becomes too much and the have to throw it up.
    There was once order in the world when it came to men and women. Certain rules you had to follow not because it was forced (Somewhat) but, the way we as a species moved it was just apart of our nature and helped build the world we have toady. Women want to (and are) destroying the rule book and just cranking up the NOS on nature. You can’t expect a shark to be able to swim in a Dolphin pool and not find dead dolphins floating around later like dead white girls in local lakes. It goes against nature. Yet, at the same time our nature can kill and destroy. Thus, rules and a system was develop to keep things in check. If women were to have been the ones place in charge we would still be living in cages trying to read cave drawings while doing our best to tune them out like we do with TV. Its not about trying to keep women as slaves. It was about keeping a BALANCE in place. Women just don’t get that. Granted, some women back then did suffer bad relationships but, so did men. It was a grey area but none the less, I think women were a little bit more happier back then.
    This is what modern day women as a whole after being poised with the ideology by feminists and become sock pockets are doing to the world. They have went against the code and started to place the genders on shuffle mode while sticking straight to their raw nature. No more complete albums just shuffle, shuffle, shuffle creating a Frankenstein of a monster that is terrorizing the world with their pink glittered horse shit.
    The article up above in a nutshell just the The Red Pill as a whole is about develop codes, wisdom, concepts, ideas, blueprint, etc. If women were to read this they would think we are misogynist and stuck in the caveman days but No. No sweetheart. This is in fact helping YOU just as much as it is helping us out. Codes must be in place in order for this world to continue.
    You think I wouldn’t want to walk up to my boss and slap the blue blood out of his nose and walk the fuck out of that job without looking back? C’mon now. I would love to do that but I DON’T because I understand that you have to have some type of order in this world or else chaos would endure. Women complaining about the Red Pill at this point is silly. They really don”t get it and only pay attention to the surface. Its so obvious now its quite daunting yet hilarious at the same time. They are really just saying words with no true thought behind it. Like the guy in the video above, its all emotion while using logic as a stress ball and throwing it at a Pinata with Rihanna’s face on it.
    Great article man. Its all about having a firm belief and system, while also and finding the right pieces and making them fit when it comes to women. They are just emotions and words half the time. They have no true meaning by what they say. If you catch that right spot you can get a nice flow going with them by finding the right puzzle pieces.

  17. Women do not really understand their natural power over civilization. I haven’t met a single one who really understood it. They’ve all been deceived into thinking the only power in society is male power, and that they’ve somehow been denied this male power.
    In some ways, I attribute this lack of understanding to how quickly women “mature” and how much maturation in such a short time our modern society forces upon women.
    Women have no understanding of the power/value of their virginity.
    Women have no understanding of the power a virgin wife has in a marriage. Even decades into the marriage, even after arguments and tough times together, that husband will have very little reason to doubt the woman’s honesty, because he knows she gave herself to only him. Compare that to a “standard” marriage where the man has nagging thoughts of other men in this woman’s life, there is no comparison.
    Women have no understanding of the power of their role as fulltime mothers in raising well-adjusted new human beings. They fail to grasp that this is actually the foundation on which men build civilization, without that foundation, civilization collapses.
    It’s sad. There’s no one person/thing to blame, but yeah, if you could somehow make every girl under 20 aware of the power they wield as a virgin looking for a lifelong partner to allow her to be a fulltime mother, if you could make them aware of their crucial role in providing a stable platform on which to build a functioning society.. then maybe you could reverse the trend.
    Stefan Molyneaux is fond of saying, “We’re only 1-2 generations from literal human bliss, if we could eliminate the abuse of children.” He’s right, but women don’t see that power, they abandon their role, and civilization continues to decay.

    1. They fail to see that their youth and sexuality is the carrot. Now all men have is the stick.

    2. Women have no understanding of the power a virgin wife has in a marriage.
      I disagree with that part. Women knew very well that power. They’re ignoring it now and trying to rewrite human interaction dynamics, but they knew it at one time.
      That’s where slut shaming came in. Slut shaming was a female construct to help protect the value of their daughters when looking for a husband. It’s why women call each other “slut” with much more venom and vitriol in their voice than men do when they say it.
      It’s why for centuries every girl’s mother and grandmother told her to save herself for marriage. The village sluts were shamed by all the older women. It was a very implicit knowledge that chaste/non-slutty women commanded higher status males when it came to marriage.
      Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free is an old time saying for a reason. Women understood.

      1. There’s actually a much deeper reason as well. Women slut shame because it’s in their own best interest to artificially inflate the market value of pussy. If your competitors are giving away your #1 asset for next to nothing, it decreases overall female power.

        “Stigmatizing female promiscuity — a.k.a. slut-shaming — has often been blamed on men, who have a Darwinian incentive to discourage their spouses from straying. But they also have a Darwinian incentive to encourage other women to be promiscuous. Dr. Vaillancourt said the experiment and other research suggest the stigma is enforced mainly by women.
        “Sex is coveted by men,” she said. “Accordingly, women limit access as a way of maintaining advantage in the negotiation of this resource. Women who make sex too readily available compromise the power-holding position of the group, which is why many women are particularly intolerant of women who are, or seem to be, promiscuous.”

        This is also why so many women are disgusted by prostitution, porn, male sex toys, etc, and shame the men who participate in those things. Pussy alternatives hurts her market value. Women WANT to keep men desperate and thirsty because it helps them extract resources from men.

        1. Yes!
          The answer is simple, that sex cartel must be thoroughly and utterly trashed. Smash it to pieces, smash these pieces to smaller pieces and then burn those smaller pieces.
          Women should pay for what they want, that is fair.
          Show the women that slut-shames and shames men for porn and other such things two raised middle-fingers and tell them to fuck off.
          Shame them for being greedy whores and moochers.

      2. Women understood.

        They don’t now. I don’t know any current, living women who understand this.

        1. They’re definitely dwindling in numbers to the point they’re endangered. I will agree with you 100% on that.

      3. Agree…and those old sayings were by women, made for women to be used against other women. It kept things “in check” for that very reason.
        I know feminists love to preach that men are keeping them down or making these types of statements but it’s not true.

      4. Did all those fathers victims of the family courts marry bad girls with tattoos?
        Hardly, more like they fell for the lie, they all went for “good girls” and “mother-material” that wasn’t.
        More like the greedy and lazy ones will use that image to marry a much wealthier but naive man, avoid prenups, have his children and divorce him.
        If she doesn’t, she will not remain slime for very long.
        Here is a better advice. Claime to be unemployed, if she never calls again, you dodget a bullet not marrying her.
        She demands that you pay, sees you as a walking ATM.
        You are right about that, the slut-shaming is part of the “traditional” (not for 99% of human history) female sex-cartel.
        A cartel to get a lot more than what is necessary to have children and it sure ain´t the children who gets the surplus.
        So the answer is simple, that sex-cartel needs to be methodically smashed to pieces.
        Women should pay for what they want, that is fair.

    3. Women know the power a virgin wife has. The problem with it is it is very hard to attain for a woman. The weak willed sluts will try and take down higher quality women, and usually succeed in doing so.

      1. Agree. I’ve always said that if you remove “the man” from any environment or equation then women will tear each other apart.

    4. Do you want them to understand something like that, assuming they are not playing idiots?
      Those who value wealth, power over children and material possession will pretend to be good church girls, seeks out a man with much more wealth and higher income than her, once she believes she can find better she will divorce him.
      If that is too challenging, she will outweight him soon enough and crush him with debts and work to keep up with the lifestyle.
      All these good husbands who doesn’t get to see their children again, all the successful men separated from their propriety and hard-earned money married women they believed they could trust.
      Because they all got what they believed were “good girls” but it was all a lie, it was all an illusion.
      Even 60 years ago, such “traditional women” kind of overwhelmingly failed the baby boomers.
      It was a way to shaft men of their wealth using their egos, press them like lemons and make them good little slaves ready to sacrify themselves, who wouldn’t upset the plutocracy. The difference with feminism is that of a wooden baton and a rusty pipe wrapped with barbed wire.
      I got a better idea, no more wealth-extraction schemes.

  18. “Nature is NOT an equal opportunity provider”.
    I hate to admit it; but contrary to the popular saying, women DO NOT “age like fine wine”. More like milk.

    1. Yes as a man I’ll still have a college degree and good money and be tall when I’m older. That won’t change, but a woman will sour like old Milk. In the waiting game. Men always have the power.

  19. I have a friend that’s a nurse and the other week a mom brought her barely 13 year old daughter in for birth control so she “wouldn’t end up like her idiot friend who’s pregnant” and so after a quick test before giving a birth control shot she found out her daughter was already pregnant, sad state of affairs these days…

    1. I feel tempted to do some racial profiling on this family, though white trash girls can behave this way as well.

      1. I’ll find out but what surprised me was that this was on Ft. Hood and to a military family but all that girl did was ruin her life to give herself a little sister/brother basically

    2. Similar story (a friend’s cousin kid):
      15 year old daughter confessed she’s pregnant. After the initial shock the questions start rolling in and one of the first is “who’s the father?”
      The answer was: “I don’t know, there were more than one.”
      To be read as group sex.

      1. That’s sad but I believe it, I’m 29 and I know of couple girls that got the train ran on them in high school, I just shake my head and think “man that’s gonna be someone’s wife someday” also when I was working in northern cal around the SF Bay Area recently a woman at the barbershop had told me they had caught third graders from her sons class performing oral sex already, I look at third graders as functioning toddlers not someone trying to catch head on the playground and most schools have the “well as long as you do it safe” mentality to it all

    3. hold up! why is she being blamed for getting tricked into having sex?
      the blame is not only on her

  20. As a Red-Pill man who has fucked his way through quality AND shit-quality women, this is the issue where I draw the line with PUAs.
    If you’re a PUA and you’re going around playing actual family-oriented virginal girls (especially if you’re giving them the impression that you give a shit, only to “pump’n’dump” once you’ve fucked her), stay the fuck away from me unless you want someone to track you down.
    In this God-forsaken land, an actual decent woman is worth more than gold.
    I’ve seen it myself… A woman with fewer partners doesn’t compare men in the same way as a woman who has been banged out. This is time tested wisdom here… it is as true now as it was thousands of years ago.

    1. A true serious woman with traditional values will sniff out a “PUA.” and won’t easily be fooled. Serious women usually go for decent young men with ambition.

      1. Women with principles aren’t necessarily discerning. They can still be easily fooled.

        1. Yes I agree its a level of street smarts with traditional value that’s very rare…but some traditional women although they still get fooled, will still not cross certain lines. These women are rare especially in Western Society.

        2. And once they get on that Cock Carousel, there’s riding it for life …
          Well, until The Wall, but we don’t count what happens after that as living.

        3. It’s really sad to see these women trying to gain attention of any man after they’ve hit the wall.
          I watch these two older women at work trying to get any attention at all from males. Nope, invisible.
          Twenty years ago, they may have been something….now, dust in the wind.

        4. When that western society collapses, you want an extra, dead weight on your shoulders or something resembling an asset?

        5. I agree with you but she also should be team oriented in terms of working efficiently with you and for the family.

        6. “The wall” happens especially early for women on the carousel. Have you ever looked at a young woman who’s already been slutting it up throughout her teens? She has all the good looks of a smushed baloney sandwich.

      2. well the players all know how to look decent my friend :), otherwise girls would not put out to them.
        It is not right to hate on women for being deceived and lied to 🙁
        that is how girls loose their virginity…. that or they were just curious

        1. Hello Adela it is not “Hating on women.” As I don’t hate anyone or dislike all Women. I am just stating that there seems to be a willful ignorance…or direct coveting of certain type of guys by many women in western society. This usually occurs a lot during the teenage years and their 20s. Then they complain that there are no “good guys” around. Yet many of the so called decent men who wanted these women were treated as friends or “brother types” by these women. These decent men also have a “right” not to accept these same women if and when they decide to want them in the future. Truth is many of these guys do not want them after these women been with many of these type of guys, and just like women decent men don’t want to feel like they are the “last option.”
          Some women and they are very rare this generation are decent honest women who seek out decent men….(the men usually passed over by the previously mentioned women). These women have little patience for the men that so many western women clamor themselves after. I noticed that more traditionally minded American Women as well as the average foreign women would agree with me. Thing is in Western society we have a culture where its cool to be “sexually liberated” and while I don’t judge those women in general I have a right to personally go with what I find attractive and suitable for a long-term relationship. No amount of telling me not to “Slut-Shame” will stop or hinder me from what I feel is personally attractive. In fact I don’t shame so called slutty or “sexually free women” in fact I respect honesty and fairness, basically I want to know what I’m getting myself involved with. Should I tell women not to “poor-shame” if they don’t talk to men who don’t make a certain amount of money…should I tell a woman not to “Creeper-Shame” if the guy is slightly awkward and nervous but means well( yes I agree there are real creepers out there as well!). We are attracted to what we are attracted and women in general in America either set the bar very high or they like questionable characters.
          To be honest Adela I’m probably one of the most progressive guys on this site…and I advocate for basic women’s rights especially in foreign lands where women are really oppressed. But even I get annoyed with a lot of these hashtag campaigns like “street harassment” where the girl received mostly decent compliments yet she still complains!? Or the “slut shaming” thing…no I don’t look down on a slut in general but I know I don’t want her to be my wife!! lol. Relationships are dying in the west/America, divorce rate is high, dating is horrendous for the average man. Yet many traditional women are much easier to talk to, more pleasant and straightforward, FEMININE and still believe in family and relationships (while still following their career goals if they choose to!).

        2. I don’t look down on a slut I just dont want her in my life. What planet are you on? Basic human rights for women, not to be judged on her sexual ‘value’ alone. Instead to be judged as a person, a fucking human being.

        3. Probably the one of the best and most insightful comments on here. Thank you, sir.
          I don’t understand what these men receive from slut shaming and referring to sluts as the scum of the earth or as ‘cum receptacles’. What kind of sadistic human being gets pleasure from that? You don’t like sluts? That’s fine. Leave them alone. Don’t pursue them, don’t give them your attention and go after the kind of girls you actually like.
          Don’t be the idiot that comes on the internet to bitch and whine about some slut that was attention whoring or worse, brag about how ‘you put her in her place’…whatever the fuck that means. Be the bigger person, be a man, and determine the kind of people or woman you want in your life and then spend your free time actually making something of yourself. If you spend half the time that you do chasing these sluts that you so despise – in order to humiliate them and prove to yourself that you can conquer them or whatever bullshit hamsterlation you’ve managed to conjure up – to actually going after worthy girls or improving your personal goals and ambitions, your lives would be so much better. But of course many won’t do that, they live and die for the drama, and are either too cowardly to admit it or too stupid to realize it.
          You’re not alphas. You’re not men. You’re all just pseudo-betas, forever slaves to the pussy.

    2. I once told a christian girl we were done because i would end up ruining her. But then I wonder, if she were to let me in would she have been worth it? I really agree that, ironically, PUAs that fuck traditional women are holding a double standard. In traditional societies relations between the sexes hold far less friction. Personally banging lots of different girls never carried the same satisfaction as my fiance, who is from a foreign country. Oddly enough, upon coming home I can’t hold attraction towards even the finest women here in the US because the experience with them, I know, is just not worth it. Side note: I still wanted to bang all the women in my wife’s home country)

      1. don’t feel bad about the “Christian” chick. She was probably a fake like my STBX is. She probably did you a favor.

    3. Greatly underrated post.Hypocrisy and deception deserve to be criticized regardless of who the culprit is. One of the real issues though is that deception is enormously beneficial to a player.

    4. Women with fewer partners are far less likely to see men as dogs.
      I really wish I had red pill knowledge back when I was living in Greece 10 years ago. I just couldn’t figure out why this young hot 21 year old Greek bird I was dating had such a fucked up attitude towards men(e.g ‘they are dogs, cheaters etc’), but then it clicked years later: she was banged the fuck out. Banged and dumped a countless number of times.

      1. We’ve alm been there. Its a major red flag if she thinks all men are dogs. She is most likely attracted to players and will not stop giving it up to them no matter how many times she gets used.

        1. well it is because they know who to lie and deceive her not because she likes players,,,, oh no no no….these people don’t do anything else than to lie.

        2. There’s a certain type of guy that lies and deceives and she must be looking for them if she keeps meeting them

        3. that makes no sense.
          no person is looking for people to take crap from them.
          if they would than why would someone go trough the trouble of lying to them ?
          it makes no sense.
          and why are you blaming women when someone did something bad to them?
          because they believed their lies 🙁 ?
          hating the victim?

        4. women are not looking for someone to take crap from them.
          otherwise these people would not lie and deceive in the 1st place.
          how to know what to choose if you have been lied to?
          why are women being blamed for being lied and taken advantage of anyway ?

        5. Some women subconsciously look for men who will mistreat them. They would rather be with a player than a nice guy because he’s boring. Some girls love drama and chase after it.
          Im not blaming the victim. If you keep entering into situations that hurt you, youare no longer a victim, you are an accomplice. There are millions of good men out here.

        6. you are insinuating that women want to be mistreated?
          I am sorry that is nonsense.
          blaming someone for being lied to, abused and deceived is clearly blaming the victim.
          you are saying women are to blame for men mistreating them, because they made the mistake of trusting them.
          if a man does not want a woman to think that he is a player she won’t 🙂 , that is a skill that they learn.
          maybe you should accuse them for using and disrespecting women, instead of the other way around.

        7. My good friend was a virgin when she got married. Met her husband in church. He had slept around but never told her just how much. Gave her an STD from his cheating with multiple women. It was passed to her unborn baby. He continued to cheat for their entire 14 year marriage until he left her for another woman. So now she fears men obviously. In my church that is quite large, I have lost count of the married men that have had to confess adultery to the congregation many more than once. So any virgin teenage girls sitting in the pews could easily decide that men are dogs without ever sleeping around!

        8. holy crap, you fucking piece of shit! I’m not blaming the victim, I’m just victim blaming. just look back on what you have written you vile man. Lots of girls end up in abusive relationships because they have fathers like you who think they are less because they were born with a vigina.

        9. Adela, this website is full of misogynist pigs who love to moan about women today because they can’t seem to have any decent relationships of their own. They don’t ever once seems to think why? It is likely because of their piss poor attitude towards women. Hardly rocket science. I wouldn’t go near any of them with a bargepole whether I was a virgin or not.

        10. What part of my comment gave you the impression that I think women are less than men? When I was young, I had a string of relationships with crazy, slutty, unstable women. I had to look at myself and admit that I was choosing these kind of girls over kind, cute girls because they were fun, exciting, seductive, etc. There was alot of fun, but there was alot of unnecessary drama.
          I’m not saying women leave the house saying “I’m looking for a man that punches me in the face” but some are attracted to angry, aggresive violent men that are more likely to raise his hand to her. Men with tattoos all over their body, motorcycles, boxers, etc.

        11. These are the kind of stories that you hardly ever read on blogs like these. It shows that some of these men are just as truly despicable as the feminists and sluts that they despise or claim to ‘pump and dump’.
          Just like the stories of some men here getting screwed over by girls because they were too ‘beta’…stories like this one you’ve recited, is also very real and not uncommon. It makes you realize that at the end of the day, you can’t trust anyone. Marriage has even become a risk for women. Both men and women have got to be on their guard at all times. Self preservation and basic survival at its finest.
          This world, and everyone in it, is all kinds of fucked up.

      2. I don’t know about the European ones (although I’ve heard), but Greek-American girls are either very chaste or complete whores. There is no middle ground with them.

      3. dude, nobody is blaming you but why do you call her attitude bad?
        she got lied , deceived and treated like shitt and now she is bad because she sees men for what they are 🙂 ?
        experienced women are the devil?
        she is a bad person because she got lied to and emotionally manipulated?

        1. Because she used her past experiences as an excuse to be a total bitch. She picked the same jerks over and over and took zero responsibility for it.

        2. you are saying that she wanted to be with jerks ?
          a woman looking for people to mistreat her ?
          really , that is not plausible.
          how do you think those jerks won her trust in the 1st place?
          stop blaming women for the bad things that were done to them by other people.
          if you mistreat someone you are to blame, not someone who trusted you.
          stop blaming the victim,
          saying that women want to be treated badly makes no sense at all.

        3. nope, they are not, abuse destroys people.
          saying is ok to mistreat women, is very wrong.
          saying women should be treated badly because they are masochists is just looking for an excuse to do it, with no arguments.
          if it were how you say women would not divorce for domestic violence, accept mistreatment, and would stay with men who are generally abusive ( out of their own free will not because of threats or financial dependency ).
          don’t you think there is something wrong for saying it is ok for men to be abusive?

        4. Your self righteous tone is misplaced. Nobody said it was right to mistreat women. However, when women are being mistreated, they will often stay in the relationship if it benefits them in some other way. e.g he is great looking and good for her image, he is rich, he has a great job, he is good in bed etc etc. Women very rarely get nothing out of the deal, unless they are ugly and desperate and low class and have to tolerate men’s bad behaviour because they don’t have many options.

    5. Agree….not to mention all of the emotional baggage and shit that comes with these types of cock carousel riding women.

    6. Just like in the Liar Liar movie.
      [after sex]
      Miranda: Ummm that was incredible. Was it good for you?
      Fletcher: I’ve had better.

  21. My (male) friends have told me, “Girls are like cars, you have to test drive them before you buy them.”
    My response:
    “When you test-drive the car, you ‘use’ the car, and when a car goes from ‘new’ to ‘used’, it’s value takes a nosedive.”

    1. Yes, and truth be told, even a shitty Korean car holds its value over time better than most woman.

    2. Would you marry a girl you’ve never had sex with? More importantly, would you abstain from sex for possibly years while in a LTR with a virgin?

        1. I sincerely hope that works out for you. If it doesn’t you’d have wasted a whole lot of time with nothing to show for it.

      1. It’s unrealistic to expect a virgin adult to wait for “years.” If you want to marry a virgin, get her young and marry her sooner rather than later.

  22. The 80’s generation have destroying it for this generation. Mental Disorders are the highest in this generation and its only going to rise in the next generation. With divorce courts favoring women and rising trend of feministic men, its only a matter of time before men no longer will exist. May be an epedemic will wash feminism away.

      1. I used to think that that would be an overly extreme way to burn out the cancer. Not anymore. Besides, the look on the feminists faces as they cheer the end of our ‘white privileged tyranny’ only to be handed hajibs and burquas by their new overlords…priceless.

  23. I think a virgin bride is the ideal one. My mother was virgin when she married my father. Now they are almost 30 years together with 3 kids. My father should thank her parents to raise her as a decent young lady. Yes she is a lady! Today you can’t compliment a female to be a lady. Sadly, but I think my father is one of last representatives of our generation to marry a virgin.
    I’ve told my parents that I won’t marry unless the girl is virgin. I’ll not listen to excuses. All I know is that today the rate divorce is ~50% or even higher (I’m not american but in my country this is the number). I don’t want to be part of that statistics. I want to have a family just as my father does.
    Another issue is ex-sluts. These are very dangerous species. When they approach their late 20s they are realizing that “the game is going to end”. Then they seek some successful asshole (I mean educated with good career who wants to settle) – the type of man they’d constantly turned down before who would save her and “make her forget her shitty past” (I’ve heard it from some ho). No way.
    I think we all know why people divorce today. It’s not because of the high educated percentage of our population neither because of the “strong woman” phenomenon etc. It’s because of the high “slutty” rate, people just don’t take marriage seriously any more.
    We all know about the sluts. They should be used as sex tools for other guys. But tell me, what is the difference between a girl who had a (or more than one) serious relationship for n>1 years and a divorced woman (assume both without kids). I say none. In both cases the guy probably pounded her in all her holes in all possible positions. Went with her to the same places and buy her same stuff etc. You just can’t easily surprise her any more. Only our laws distinguish the difference between those two.
    Some of these thoughts led me to follow the “think with you head and not balls” golden rule. Good luck!

    1. Yeah my mother was a virgin when she married my dad. My dad is as red pill as they come, mum attends all the homely duties and cooks up a storm. They are happily married still and have 3 houses and numerous assets. They are successful in every sense of the word, yet hold this up as an example to modern women and they detest it. Can’t for the life of me figure that one out.

  24. ”Sex is a union.” absolutely
    When a man and woman lay together during coitus, their bodies at that moment become ‘ONE FLESH’ as described in scripture. While one partner is inside the other, this ‘ONE-NESS’ of corporal body ALLOWS DEMONS to pass freely between the two suitors.
    THAT IS: Any demons contained within the body of the female can AT THAT POINT ENTER AND INFEST the body of the man – and vice versa of course.
    THIS IS WHY PROSTITUTES are so dangerous. They potentially carry around with them the demons which possessed every sleeze bag bum, every serial killer and mother hater cannibal the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer and every loser and mobster thug on the gotham strip that she collected her cum loads and demons.
    YOU WON’T BE THE LAST MAN that she goes down on if you weren’t her first. WHAT ON EARTH MAKES YOU THINK you’ll be her last if you weren’t her first. IT IS THE BIG WESTERN LIE.

    1. Some entities (discarnate souls) love being inside a woman’s vagina. When people have sex, particularly casual sex with people not their spouse, entity attachment is extremely common. It almost goes with the territory. This is a powerful reason to not engage in casual sex, even if you are single and unattached. It is very easy for entities to attach during and after sexual intercourse. For one thing, the person is vulnerable. For another, sex always depletes the body to a degree, and this greatly favors entity attachment.
      This may sound odd, but women pick up entities or odd energies through the vaginal opening on a daily basis. Men do not have this problem.
      A woman’s husband or partner can clear these entities easily, in most cases, during sexual intercourse. Interestingly, it is a reason many women marry and want to have regular sex. In other words, it is not just about intimacy or pleasure, or distraction. It is about clearing certain energies from her lower organs.
      The way this is done, men, is you insert the penis fully, and then slowly withdraw it, using a sucking action as though the penis were a soda straw. Doing this about 5 or 6 times often – perhaps daily, if you and your partner want it this often – will remove these stray energies that really bother some women. Other women are less aware of them, but the problem affects them all.
      Preferably, do not have an orgasm during this procedure, and your wife need not and best not have one either. If it occurs, it is not a problem, but it is not related to orgasms at all. In fact, they get in the way a little with this cleansing procedure.

  25. I really look forward to the patriarchal restoration, where strict fathers sit down with their daughters around the age of 10 or so and tell them that they have no business masturbating, having orgasms, seeking sexual fulfillment or any of that nonsense until they get married as virgins at age 18 or so. Then they can put our for their husbands exclusively and come as much as they have the opportunity to do so.

  26. I hate to say it guys but if hypothetically all women decided to withhold sex until marriage, us guys would not be a big fan upon realizing we can’t get laid as easily. I mean, are you really going to get married extremely young, say 21, to get access to the poon? We’ve become far too accustomed to easy access now so turning back the clock to that extreme would make for many unhappy, frustrated dudes. Just trying to consider the unintended consequences. The older generations didn’t know any different. Plus, men from those generations I’m told visited many a hooker to get some action since girls didn’t put out. So maybe legalize and regulate prostitution along with this idea of virgin brides to tide men over? Just thinking out loud.

    1. In medieval Europe, prostitution was grudgingly tolerated for exactly this reason. I believe there was a case in France where some particularly religious king aggressively clamped down on prostitution, but he had to relent when he learned that young women were suffering a steep increase in unwanted harassment.
      Ironically enough, in our current feminazi society (at least in the USA), prostitution seems to be even more taboo than it was in medieval Europe.

      1. Interesting-I had a feeling this had happened historically. I just feel we are too far down the rabbit hole at this point to return to the mostly virgin brides. Trying to change everyone’s mind would be impossible. All you can really do with true sluts is treat them as such and move on. Just find the girls with the lowest possible partners to actually date.

  27. From a scientific standpoint, it makes sense to not be attracted to sluts, for they are fixated solely on themselves. Sluts are greedy and make terrible mothers and wives. On a subconscious level, they’re more concerned with carnal pleasure, rather than the well being of their loved ones.

  28. The other good point with women waiting for marriage, is that it’ll rule out irresponsible impatient men.

    1. The thought of not having sex for possible 2 or 3 years just because I’m in a LTR with a virgin is quite disquieting for me. I’d have to get some side action.

  29. Great article. You’re 100% right about sluts telling sexually prudent girls to take the road they’re on. Not only are they doing this to delay the onset of regret, but also to cripple their competition…much the same way women tell other women they look “cute” when they chop their hair off.

    1. Or if they’re disgusting fat broads. The definition of “misogynist” is, after all, a man who hates women as much as women hate each other.

      1. Marrying women your own age is a serious mistake, and the only reason it’s so common is because it’s driven in our society by its feminist and equalist bent.

        1. Agreed. What’s worse is I know some guys dating women OLDER than they are. That’s just fucking beyond dumb. I’d say date as young as you can possibly go-don’t let the typical shaming keep you from the young hotties. If you’re 40 and can score a 23 year old, why the fuck wouldn’t you go for it?

        2. Henry VIII had to kill his child bride because she was banging a young fresh pageboy. There is a serious downside to 17 year age difference. 10 years is a good age gap.

        3. Well young is good, but it’s not everything IMO. I’d rather bang a hot, fit 33 year old than a fat, ugly, 22 yo. I judge ’em on looks, not age so much. To a point.

        4. Henry VIII had other problems. The fact that Anne Boleyn played him like a violin suggests he was one of those classic “alpha with men, beta with women” types. Also, he was horribly obese and probably smelled terrible. Couple that with his apparent betaness, and it’s no wonder young Miss Howard ended up cheating on him.

        5. A 33 y.o. woman who’s unmarried usually has a ton of mental problems that her self ten years before wouldn’t have.

        6. Well if she’s hot, I’d still rather bang her than the ugly fat 22 yo. I can’t see her mental problems.

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