The Two Most Unforgivable Things A Woman Can Say

Let’s face it, dating today is quite an ordeal, akin to tap dancing on a minefield while blindfolded. Texting and smartphones, along with general ill-manners and this bizarre need to act aloof out of some misbegotten fear of “showing too much interest” has made dating a constant game. It almost makes you question if it’s even worth it when you finally do meet somebody you have a good amount of interest in and chemistry with.

And therein lies the dilemma – what does happens when you meet someone, they actually reciprocate the level of interest you show, don’t invent last second cop-outs to get out of dates, and maybe even aggressively pursue you? The next logical step seems to be more dates, more time, more overnight stays, essentially 1-2-3-BAM!, relationship.

While this may be the norm for most blue pillers out there, let’s face facts: sometime even the best of us get enamored easily and next thing we know we’re in it to win it, along with all of the stress, anxiety, and general chaos that lends itself to that. Yes, sometimes every day can seem like a war in a relationship, and along with the arguments come threats, manipulation, and plenty of vendettas to settle.

Unfortunately for men in the west, the odds are terribly stacked against you that you’ll ever stand a chance in court, whether family court or superior court. With the act of exclusive, serious dating (and even to a lesser extent, courtship) being similar to playing with fire these days, here are two things you must never hear directed toward you by a woman:

1. “I can go sleep with (Beta Schmuck X)”

This is usually spewed during arguments about sex, whether it be accusations flying either way of infidelity or when a woman with a voracious sexual appetite (usually suspicious on its own) doesn’t feel like her man finds her attractive, or isn’t providing enough sexcapades for her, whether in duration or frequency. A woman will say this to assert that she is still attractive and desired by many guys and uses it to make her feel young and pine for her “glory” days when she had her pick of men for each night of the week and practically had to beat them off with a stick.


2. “I’m calling the police.”

This is often thrown out when a woman wants to assert eminent domain. For example, she may say it if the man is at her house, an argument ensues, and voices and tempers escalates. She often says it when she insists on the man leaving, whether for good or not. Sometimes men may really feel strongly about staying and fixing the problem, be it because of a misunderstanding, good intentions somehow gone awry, or the woman is flat-out being unreasonable.

Regardless, this is a power posture no matter how you slice it. If there truly is no imminent threat to the woman (or any other persons in the building) or animals or property (and let’s be real here—often perceived threats do not amount to verbal or expressed threats having preceded them) this is still a preferred gesture of a woman not of sound mind. Running to Daddy Government when throwing a tantrum is often a women’s sole guerilla tactic for making her point when she wants it made.


In either situation, it is your best interest to simply cut all ties from that point on, period. Think of them as dead to you, as walking dust. Nobody talks to somebody to claim to love or respect in either manner. NOBODY.  How she was raised (or lack thereof!), socio-economic class, education level, and any and all other circumstances are completely irrelevant. There is no leg to stand on here.

These are inexcusable to even think, let alone mention out loud. Face it, if she say either one, she really must not care about you that damn much! And be honest with yourself, if she said it once and even if the situation settled itself and cooler heads prevailed, she can say it twice, and then she can say it a hundred times. Even once is unforgiveable and it’s then time for some serious soul searching.

Do you really want to look into the mirror and repeat to yourself over and over “Do I really want to stay with someone who threatened to go and fuck her thirsty beta ex just because I didn’t feel like having sex with her after coming home from my second job at 5am?” or “Do I really want to be in a relationship with someone who acted like they were about to dial 911 because I wouldn’t leave?”

Granted, these are rather mundane and silly-sounding examples, but they serve as examples nonetheless. Sometimes they really are that level of ridiculous anyway, and you never know exactly when you’ll be thrust into such a scenario. As we all know, they often just manifest out of thin air even when everything in the relationship can seem fine and dandy.

If you find yourself faced with either situation, it’s time to exert some self-respect like you’ve never exerted it before. And if you truly are the relationship type, understand that there are millions of women out ready and available to at least give something an attempt to get off of the ground. Find yourself someone far superior and more respectful who can handle stress and problem-solve better. Your future will thank you for it!

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285 thoughts on “The Two Most Unforgivable Things A Woman Can Say”

  1. Woman got all those power because they played the victim insecure card for too long. The media is not helping with this they actually create fears by showing in priority woman that are victim of a crime while low priority the opposite. So woman in America are paranoid and fearful, they see their life as fragile and not secure. All those fear are pure propaganda because strong evidences show that woman life 5 years longer and are less likely to be homeless or murdered.

    1. “Woman got all those power because they played the victim insecure card for too long. ”
      That, and the cuntry is being destroyed by design.

    2. You’ve got a lot to learn.
      They didn’t get it by anything they did, feminists got that power because their movements were heavily funded and backed by an assortment of shady characters ranging from Western elites (e.g. Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations) from soviet agents.
      Useful idiots all of them……and blaming “women” or “feminists” is(to put it in fictional terms so some of you can relate to what I’m saying better) is like blaming the invasion of Middle Earth on the orcs.

      1. like blaming the invasion of Azeroth on the orcs.
        Please tell me you did not just use a WoW reference and expect it to be accepted as common rhetorical currency? Heh.
        I do agree otherwise, second and third wave feminism are a direct result of the direct manipulation of our institutions by the former USSR.

      2. Care to share the knowledge then? You say that women really can’t be blamed and not even feminism itself can be blamed, they’re just useful idiots. I tend to strongly disagree with this. I blame women a lot. “Women are peepole too” isn’t a radical notion (except in the minds of deranged feminists).
        The answer to why women have the power that they enjoy now in West and men are experiencing the problems they are now is “an assortment of shady characters ranging from Western elites (Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations) from soviet agents” without whose support feminism and apparently the resultant changes in laws, social norms, gender roles, etc., would not have occurred.
        Sheit, this is a BIG statement, with profound ramifications. I mean fuck.
        So what’s your basis? I’m interested in resources: books, papers, websites, any analysis out there, writers making this claim, reporters -and the evidence, the facts.
        No snark here brother, sincerely interested. I’m here to learn as are many other men.
        First and foremost we want to better understand the truth about
        ourselves and the world we’re in.

        1. Wish I could answer your question succinctly, but it’s an assessment formed over a long period of time.
          You aren’t going to find out this in most mainstream sources. There’s a lot of good books on the matter from conservative publishers, and plenty of blogs/alternative news sites that cover it….some batshit crazy, some sane.
          Here’s one example:
          I’ll see if I can’t dig up some more of my old sources here. For now, start reading those and similar but DO NOT take them at face value. Instead use them as compass points. A lot of the time they’ll tell you what to look for and what specific topics to research.

        2. Also: this one’s presented in a bit of a “crazy” manner, but again this can be researched independently. The information on Gloria Steinem can be found independently, although it’s much easier if you have access to an academic search engine so you can pull up photocopies of old magazines.
          It’s an accurate summary. Feminism isn’t designed to “help” women, it’s designed to push them out of the home so that the state can fill that void.

        3. See how far the rabbit hole goes is the idea. I’ve been convinced that gynocentrism is a fundamental fact of human nature. Feminism is a product of this natural tendency among humans, female and male, to place the female above the male. If a label wears out, isn’t serviceable to gynocentrism any longer, it’ll simply be discarded eventually. Culture/ideology can stretch only so much. If certain aspects of feminism aren’t useful, they’ll be dropped like a sad manlet for something better in the eyes of women. Human nature can be exploited, warped, made evil, used against itself, for the benefit of different individuals and groups. Ideas matter, culture and politics matter, but people are people. Anyway I was just looking for a Razorbladekandy2 article.. couldn’t find it but he’s got some interesting things to say on these issues..
          Thanx for the links. I’ll do my homework.

  2. From what I’ve seen, #1 is employed not when the female wants sex and the man doesn’t, but whenever the female wants to assert dominance and let her man know that if he doesn’t succeed at giving her EVERYTHING she wants, she might leave him for another guy. They are always bluffing when they say this, but you have to leave them anyway because that level of manipulation is unacceptable.

    1. People call it shit test. I can take some but the nasty one like the one you described is indeed unacceptable and she should be avoided at all cost.

      1. Or when she asks you “Like did you get snipped or something? Cause I have not had one scare in like months.”
        That in of itself screams welfare professional sizing up a “lucrative contract.” BY lucrative contract, I mean you.

    2. No, I only had it thrown at me when I was leaving and sick of her crap. Like I was missing out if I walked out the door.
      I found better.
      You just have to know that before a certain age, say like thirty, they can, and will find better to.
      Yeah, I won’t miss her either.

  3. Ultimatums aren’t just a different kind of shit test. If she’s talking like that she’s already psychologically burned her bridge to you. For the effort it would take to repair that bridge, you could be starting over clean with someone else.

  4. “The Two Most Unforgivable Things A Woman Can Say”
    I thought “Lets just be friends” was going to be one of them.

    1. Not necessarily. It could sometimes mean the occasional NSA fun as friend with benefits. It depends on the situation.

        1. Isn’t it Kentucky that has like 5 million people but 4 last names?
          Sorry, couldn’t help it. 😀

        2. ironically, appalachia does have a dearth of last names… but it’s not because they are all related, it’s actually a weird post-white-slavery artifact.
          But, there’s a reason most ‘normal’ folks don’t understand Appalachians. They don’t understand the feuds, or the reason more west virginians have died in every american war than any three other states combined, or why most appalachians still believe ‘some men just need killing’ or why they will beat someone bloody who implied they aren’t christian but in the very next breath admit they don’t really believe in God. Yes, it’s a subculture, but a very proud american subculture, that too many people mistake for ‘redneck’ even though the two have absolutely nothing in common.
          It’s something you have to grow up there to understand.

        3. You know, you sound kind of like a girl who’s on the make, yet you have some kind of dude vibe going on there… fascinating.

        4. Why did they send the virgin bride back?
          “If she ain’t good enough for her family, she ain’t good enough for ours.”

        5. “Son, what are you doing out back of the barn again? I went to all the trouble of gettin’ you a new wife so you wouldn’t have to flog your frog all the time.”
          “But daddy, her arm gets tired!”

      1. “So you fuck your brother too?”
        Everything has a response. Worst case, she leaves. Nothing of value lost.

  5. Yes, cut that relation quickly. AS in complete removal in minutes.
    No fancy words, action. Decisively.

  6. OK sit yourselves down for a story regarding #2.
    I had a friend once who got into an argument with wifey who went and “called the police”.
    Of course what had happened was she attacked him while he was holding the kid. Yes they were already married and had one kid. So he already screwed that up but we both come from the last generation of the NAWALT carrot dangling in front of us so there you go. (You kids have it easy for you KNOW that NAWALT is a lie and can press on withing being trapped).
    Anyway, she called the cops but did not say directly what had happened – basically a “he’s getting out of hand” sort of thing. He in the meantime simply put the kid down and was not present when she called the cops.
    The long and the short of it was that he didn’t know the cops were out looking for him when he stormed out.
    What ended up happening ultimately was that they both had to go to the judge. Now here’s the fun part and here’s why ANY woman who “goes to the state” is a liability and why every man would be better of slamming his dick in the door before putting up with any “american woman and HER state”.
    You see what had happened to my friend was that the state decided to say “Case closed, no crime committed” but they did not mention that “cuntocratic” part where a later prosecutor can decide to charge later and haul his ass into court. So when they decided to haul his ass into court again, they didn’t tell him about that either.
    Years later he goes in to get a concealed carry permit and gets arrested.
    Further details are unremarkable but he was 5000 bucks poorer.
    That’s what you get for not following number 2 from the article.
    My own experience with #2 was having a 6 month long threat of “if you leave me I’ll tell your base police that you tried to rape me”. You see I was a soldier back then and the base was notorious for “arrest and fuck you up first ask questions later”. So she knew she “had the power”. I had to wait 6 months to separate with my honorable discharge and then break up with her with more legal protection of NOT being in the armed services where for the most part in the 1990s was an early experiment in “the man is always guilty ” cuntocracy (a lot of the crap we deal with started in the military from rape to “total quality management” BTW because soldiers are always experimented on).

    1. That last paragraph…. D:
      I feel like I’m part of the last generation of men who had to learn women’s true nature the hard way.
      Its not that my 15 year old self didn’t notice that girls were going after guys with cars, apartments, drugs, money, popularity… but rather that I gave NAWALTs the benefit of the doubt… And the blue-pill narrative all around me was that you go to school, get a job, find a girl, start a family, and live happily ever after… Seemed like a decent plan to generally organize my life around… Assuming that is how the world worked…
      Turns out every single one of those steps comes with the potential to completely mince a man’s balls into butternut-squash…
      I can’t imagine who I would be today if my 15 year old self discovered the manosphere as developed as it is now. I’d either have turned into an armed-to-the-teeth Commando PUA or some kind of hopeless anti-establishment Palliaci clown freakshow.

      1. Damn, you’re 15? A whippersnapper. I wish I knew all this shit when I was 15. I was raised in the “girls want a nice guy” culture and Disney/Hollywood rom-com propaganda. I still vaguely remember the shock of realizing that girls actually wanted to have sex. Anytime I noticed a woman behaving outside of this worldview, others would explain to be she was not normal. I now know better, obviously.

        1. Serious about what, girls wanting sex? Yes. When I was young I noticed that girls never made moves and assumed it was because they didn’t like sex as much. I thoughts girls had sex with guys mostly as a favor. Yeah, it’s weird, but this was a different time.

        2. Actually this is a “new York Irish Catholic thing” – though to some extend the Roman Catholics as well – this “sex is horrible and dirty and only done as a favor to the ‘right man’”.

        3. Oh man, I remember when I was 17 and a girl came while sitting on top, no touching or rubbing – just straight in and out sex. Told her she didn’t have to fake it, she got angry and told me it was real – it was, as I dated her for some time and this happened every time.
          Thing is, I thought it was pretty much impossible for women to come, as all the chick magazines said so. This was 1988.

      2. Heh heh.
        Yeah growing up in Gen X we might have had things a little better in regards to having a little more freedom, but there was still like “1 out of 20” women who were NOT completely fucked up in the head. Problem was, you had to find out the hard way.
        While I have had a lot of beta indoctrination back then I was always stuck with what I call “alpha realizations” but this generally is an inability to be easily hoodwinked. So I was able to notice that the women were all going for loudmouths and fancy cars and know that the choice was be a dateless wonder OR become a loudmouth with a fancy car. I liked cars, but working two jobs just to have a car just so I can get laid struck me as equally bad as being a dateless wonder. But by this time I had already been on one too many dates where I’m sitting at a table with my date and she’s talking at me and I’m thinking “OMG what the fuck is this? She a fucking whore but won’t even give me the fucking honor of dressing like one for me”.
        Still, there was much lamentation in not trying. This is what is so unique about the millenials: say what you want about them, they actually had the guts to say “fuck it” and just go play games. Back in my day, we were all convinced that if you dared say “fuck it” to the pussy it means you were going to automagically wake up next day and start wearing dresses and/or sucking cocks. Against your own will even, as if God said “oh, giving up the game, are you? OK here’s a huge cock you know the rules start sucking”.
        Women are, ultimately, going to be the ones to suffer more for the “Sexodus” as recent articles have pointed out. The reason is simply this: today’s fat 25 year old neckbeard can still get a clue and hit the gym and get better jobs and even leave the country for better pastures of not stick around and fight to free it himself. If it happens when he’s 35, 40 or 45 or even 50 he’s still got a chance at a life and some success and a family.
        The women on the other hand: well we already write about the wall and all that. But ultimately there is only one thing that a woman is perfectly born to do right but has limited time to do it. A man may or may not have kids and may or may not be good at what he does but nobody cares and when he dies a new fellow is along to take his place (thus is the agency of men: the freedom to be anything that comes with the implications of easily being nothing).
        My main regret in life is that I did NOT pick up the game controller in my 20s (we only had Nintendo and Pentium 1 in those days anyway) and give up when I should have. For being hard to hoodwink, I was not immune to it and can share tales that would have most younger fellows joining monasteries or fleeing the country on the next ship out.

        1. Amen brother. I love this part you wrote…
          “A man may or may not have kids and may or may not be good at what he does but nobody cares and when he dies a new fellow is along to take his place (thus is the agency of men: the freedom to be anything that comes with the implications of easily being nothing).”
          Being a man is such a weird trip… one day you can be king of the castle and everybody looks up to you like your cock cums money and is made of Belgian chocholate… the next day you can be a total zero and feel loneliness so deep you hate yourself for being such a coward that you can’t end it right there.
          But as a man you have to always remember that if you’re alive you have opportunity. No matter what you can turn your ship around… you can’t magically fix how you feel… but you can get up on your feet and walk away… or perhaps walk towards.
          Doesn’t matter if you’re 15, 25, 35, or 65… you’re still plagued with the same suffering of being in this world. At any moment a man can choose to take a new path. And like you said… so long as he maintains or can repair himself, he will always have a chance to create something new and wonderful.

        2. At least you recognized what a rigged ‘game’ that feminists and their female enablers have set up, and had the guts to admit it and change your own behavior thereby…you’re still MILES ahead of the Blue Pillers and TradCons who either are too spineless or too pussywhipped to admit that the sky is blue and not green.

        3. ‘(thus is the agency of men: the freedom to be anything that comes with the implications of easily being nothing).’
          Damn… that sums up so much right there… Funny that Clark was struck by the same thing.

    2. Young person here and somewhat ignorant of the law: How could he have been prosecuted again if the judge threw out the case in the beginning?

      1. I can’t speak for him, but in these united States of America there is in fact double jeopardy. If a case fails to prosecute in “normal” court, then the “victim” can sue you in civil court (or whatever they call it, iow, sure you for violating her “civil right” or whatnot). It’s fucked up and a total perversion of our rights.

      2. It depends if jeopardy attached, i.e., whether the jury was already seated in a jury trial or the prosecution called its first witness who began testifying in a bench trial. This oversimplification also doesn’t take into account lesser-included offenses and, as my learned colleague GhostOfJefferson stated below, civil suits.

        1. Agreed.
          “She often says it when she insists on the man leaving, whether for good or not.”
          If you are on someone else’s property and refuse to leave, then *you* are responsible for What Happens Next. In many states, the woman in this situation – like any homeowner – would be within her rights to pull out the shotgun and unload.

        2. One of my wakeup calls in life was … an episode of “COPS”. In one episode they were arresting a man who was being kicked out of his house by wifey but he needed to get his truck and his tools so he could go to work next day. So he had returned to get this stuff and he was pleading that he needed his work truck and his tools and I watched a big fat cunt put on her tear spigot and not even let the man have his tools. What the fuck was she going to do with it that stuff? It was purely vindictive. It was heartbreaking.
          If a big fat ugly woman would do that, I pondered, than any woman, especially one that can get another man in a day, would do that just to clear out the space for the next fellow.

        3. Then she should have never said she loves him to begin with, nor started something she can’t finish.
          I do see your point, and it makes sense, but the vibe I get from the author is when the woman is acting impulsively and irrationally and there was no buildup to this prior to that fleeting moment, as in the relationship was going okay then a crescendo of rage imploded over a disagreement, not so much a scenario where a legitimately abusive man was violating an existing restraining order or anything to that effect, in which case it would justifiable (or even the shotgun you mentioned would be).

      3. It was a strange case but one “feature” I recall is that his wife even said “No there as no abuse” but once you get that ball rolling it’s not even in the hands of the “victim” who made the call.
        This was only explained to me once (because my friend got tired of me saying “Man, I would have divorced her”) but he was “cleared” by the court but not “free and clear”. That’s as much as I could understand. Since I don’t marry nor put up with cunts It’s not something I study up on.

    3. Ten year LEO here. I don’t understand how he could have been arrested for the gun-related incident if the domestic violence/abuse charge (I assume that was the initial charge) was dismissed. It is true you cannot possess a firearm if you have a prior DV conviction, but absent the conviction and a clean record, you can enjoy your 2nd amendment right. You mention that the prosecutor could have brought it back up again…which is true if the charge had been nolle prossed (essentially says they can bring it back if additional evidence is found).
      Had it been brought up further down the road, he would’ve been notified, and likely arrested again, having to go through the process and eventually convicted. There’s no way he could’ve been convicted for a DV charge and not know. You can’t be barred from owning a gun or having a CCW if you were arrested and the charge was dismissed. Not throwing stones at the OP, but just discussing.
      As for the OP’s personal story. It’s truely a testament to how evil women can be….

      1. No no he went to get a CCWP and they run your records for that. He did not get any gun-related charges. Basically it’s one of those “Oh there’s a warrant on you for not appearing” or something on that order.
        Last I checked he did not even get a DV conviction because while they wanted to haul his ass into court again, they pretty much decided not to charge him for anything anyway. The county he lives in is notorious for that kind of crap. Frankly I don’t know what happened to the DV thing if part of that 5 grand was a fine or bail or what he ended up having to pay the lawyer to get all that cleared up. I think the time of the arrest was roughly 2 years after the incident.
        I had a friend in that same county end up getting arrested on a paid-for traffic ticket (even had the receipt on hand) but the had no record of it being paid because of “jurisdictions” meaning the county or the township took the money for the ticket that was paid online but didn’t tell the state. . They took her bail money and then made her jump through 100 hoops to get it back.

      2. Then own one illegally and just don’t get caught. Especially if your circumstances don’t justify any conviction and you got a bum deal (imagine that!) in court for your sentencing you should have absolutely no moral dilemma against this. These laws are bogus, so shirk them. They’re written by mortals anyway and punish good men who are often victims of circumstance and horribly skewed statutes that are archaic and draconian. If the firearm is always in your own home you really have nothing to worry about.

      1. By the time it all ended I was having facial tics whenever I spoke of her and for a year had nightmares of her showing up in my life and refusing to leave.
        You see you young whippersnappers are lucky to have websites like this because if I had seen stuff like this before I was say 20 I would have avoided an ocean of sweat and tears.

        1. ^^^^^
          I spent four years of my life with a mild BPD case, then a year of my life with a more serious one, and I have to say while it was agonizing, it left me a lot stronger.

        2. Wow. My heart goes out to you. Lots of sympathetic ears out there. Well, at least she didn’t destroy you. Plenty of us do get destroyed.

    4. Your story will NEVER end up on television, radio, or film in the USA. That’s why the Manosphere is so valuable and feared at the same time. Because people like you are just supposed to disappear and die, accepting the torture you’ve been put through.
      I’ve been to hell and back because of crazy broads: fake assault charges, falsified pregnancies, extortion, physical abuse.
      Let the truth be told and may the guilty be brought to justice.

        1. Women don’t lie about rape… They fantasize about it, and dwell on it, and keep making it more and more detailed until it BECOMES real in their heads… reality doesn’t matter in the face of far ‘more real’ imagination.

        2. So when the chick says that he “raped her” and he didn’t even touch her, it means that she wished that he’d have raped her because that way she’d have had some agency, and that the false rape allegation is her revenge …
          That’s sick and ugly, but that’s an Ockham’s Razor sort of clarification of what may be the essence here.
          I don’t blame guys who opt out or give up after this sort of depraved bullshit.

        3. or she simply wished he’d raped her period. You have NO idea of the sort of bondage fantasy your modern, liberated women are having. There’s a reason stone cold asshole doms like me get our pick… because women are genetically predisposed towards a slave mentality, and a world in which that is utterly unfulfilled is a world in which a woman will never be happy.

        4. “My female friend told she was raped and I laughed at her so she unfriended me on facebook and now I know that rape is an illusion because I’ve never been raped.”

        5. “I made unwanted sexual advances on women and they stopped hanging out with me so I feel attacked.”

        6. She mindlessly quotes memes therefore she is a brainless herd-beast, placidly standing by to be milked of opinion and resources and bleating piteously when those resources and opinions are ignored for too long, even when they are utterly irrelevant or nonsensical.
          Of course, the fact that those women tend to look like animals is hardly relevant.

      1. Once again, I have to wonder… Where the hell do you spend your time that you meet all these crazy broads? Try expanding your horizons. Oh wait, only the crazies will have anything to do with you.

        1. Well actually let me tell you something. It’s gotten to the point where a man can do everything ‘right’, meaning looking for women in more upscale circumstances, NOT going after women of ill repute, not presenting himself as a loser, and still end up with a woman who is batshit crazy.
          You see when a man and woman cross paths, he’s not the one wearing makeup. If he has scares or lives a life of such manner that would make a fellow look run down or just plain bad, that’s what you will see. He is not going to be wearing spanx or a corset that hold in a beer gut if he drinks too much beer. If his ass sags from being out of shape he can’t lift it with high heels. The eyes are the “windows of the soul” it’s said – well his eyes are not going to be painted up.
          Therefore if he’s not taking care of himself and has had a hard or “wrong” life, it’ll show. I recently met up with a friend of 4 years who has been getting the runaround from a woman and he looked bad.
          Anyway to make a long story less long, I have had absolute dolls sit across from a table in a restaurant and say things about their lives or past sexual encounters that would make a satyr cringe.

        2. Exactly, Greenwithenvy and her sidekick dontregretathing are just angry feminist trolls. They don’t actually make arguments, they just insult people. There was one feminist that actually tried to use polite, rational arguments, a few weeks ago. She quickly found our arguments were far more developed than she thought they’d be. She disappeared. Maybe she’s on the Honey Badger Brigade now?

        3. “It’s gotten to the point where a man can do everything ‘right’, meaning looking for women in more upscale circumstances, NOT going after women of ill repute, not presenting himself as a loser, and still end up with a woman who is batshit crazy.”
          True that.
          Always keep in mind the hot/crazy matrix:

          The baseline # for female crazy is 4. You’re starting at a 4 no matter how “cool” or NAWALT she portrays herself.
          So the question is not, “Can you handle a crazy broad?” but rather “What’s your threshold for crazy? Because it’s gonna happen…”

        4. Exactly. You notice this whenever you see some asshole posting snotty one-liners and nothing else. If they had something real to say they would. Unfortunately the only skill they have is mocking the pain of others.

        5. I have been informed by the “Cicero” of ROK that asshole refers to men only. Women are cunts.
          Why waste time arguing with anyone here? You’re always right.. In your own minds.
          I’m not mocking anyone’s pain. The contempt and disgust you display towards women gets a response and you don’t like it. Too bad.

        6. “Greenwithenvy and her sidekick dontregretathin…”
          … are the same person. Everyone needs to understand that now before you think “either one” seems to have some sort of sisterhood support from the other.
          These two accounts belong to the same cunt… which… interestingly enough… supports the notion that women are deceitful, conniving liars.

        7. You’ve hated men for so long that you now assume that hatred of men is the natural condition of all women.

      2. So open up with their names and where they live. Justice cannot exist in a vacuum.
        Silence only protects them.

      3. Generally men are not expected to seek help with their problems. If a man has a problem and seeks help, others may pretend to be helpful, but the reality is that the man will be punished and beaten until he no longer asks for help. “The beatings will continue until morale improves” is the basic fact of life all men have to deal with.
        The problem comes when some men genuinely need help. They need help to avoid being beta orbiters and they need help to stop wifing up 35 year old women with three kids. They know they need help. But no one is out there to help. Except us.

        1. The book “The Manipulated Man” talks about this. Vilar critiques women as being cold/ruthless, since they are incapable of allowing a man to cry. If he was to break down, they would lose their attraction to him. Vilar concludes, what kind of person is incapable of acknowledging the suffering of another? Only somebody cold and heartless.

        2. “I listen to every sexist lie about masculinity and men not being allowed to feel emotion because emotion is a human thing and women are humans and it makes me feel DISGUSTING.”

    5. dude, I totally hear ya. early 90’s was hell for military husbands, I know this from experience.
      The worst part was, as a not-infrequent MP I was pretty much FORCED to haul these guys in on the most spurious of bullshit. Orders are orders, but I tried to arm them with as much useful advice as possible before they had to talk to the master chief.
      it was the intermix of the old ‘girls are to be protected’ mixed with the new ‘my husband just left on a six month cruise, time to see how many men I can fuck and how much of his money I can spend before he gets home’ paradigms. Many a sailor found himself getting hauled away because his wife filed divorce while he was on cruise, and he discovered he was 6 months in arrears and being held in contempt of court for missing dozens of court dates he hadn’t even heard of. Finding his bank accounts drained (This was before the era of easy computer access) and in some cases, his house or other possessions literally sold.
      Frankly, I am of the opinion that any woman that betrays a man while he is off risking his life to protect her, is the worst sort of monster and deserves to be beheaded in public. Regardless of how crappy or unhappy the marriage may be, you do NOT take advantage of someone that is deployed.

      1. Jesus fucking Christ.
        Yeah you got that right.
        One of my “red pill realizations” in life was when I was TDY stateside (spent most of my time permanently stationed overseas) was all the military wives at the enlisted club or in the locale all dolled up and hubby was out doing a rotation in the sandbox or gone to some other TDY.

        1. yeah, a naval station was a fucking sexual playground for the wives of deployed guys.
          Hard to believe barely twenty years before that sort of behavior would get a wife ostracised, or even jailed.

      2. I was in San Diego in the mid-90’s and Norfolk during the late 90’s and can back-up everything you said 100% @brigadon:disqus
        We had a double-minority play the system like a fiddle back in San Diego during a training course I went through. The way the senior-chief treated her, you could be forgiven for thinking that she was royalty.
        No joke—-that’s exactlyhow the training cadre treated her.

        1. not to mention the Ombudsman basically playing Madame and shut-eye sentry for the wives, always ready to cover up their infidelity and testify against the deployed husbands.
          it was insane.

        2. I’ve rumors—–unsubstantiated—-about prostitution onboard the first carrier to deploy with an integrated crew. Basically the story goes that (the Nimitz?) the senior female NCO’s were pimping out the junior enlisted females to the crew underway with the female officer knowing about it but turning a blind eye.
          NCIS picked up on the expensive cars being bought after the deployment and investigated. The CNO’s staff got involved and reassigned most of those responsible and forbid the Captain from talking about it.
          So glad I got out.

        3. Let’s put it this way, on the Essex (My first CoEd ship) it was well known that a certain female seaman would meet you in a fan room if you slid 500 bucks and your name through the grill of her locker.
          Frankly, I didn’t have much of a problem with it, as it cut way back on the fights.

        4. @brigadon:disqus And I bet later on she married some poor shmuck who was completely oblivious about his beloved’s former lifestyle. Lol!

    6. Are you the long-winded, mind numbingly boring “Sam”?who used to hang around here, in disguise?

      1. As “doktorjeep” has indicated…. “no”…. but….
        …. everyone here knows that you ARE, in fact, the same cunt who uses the “dontregretathing” account… and your “disguise” has been blown.
        Your multiple personalities are a fine testament to, and a premier example of, the conniving and deceitful practices that all women employ. You’re all a bunch of sorry-assed liars who can’t even keep your own hypocrisies straight.
        It’s also an example of women’s abysmally unique mental health condition known as, “multiple personality disorder.” Women love to act as though they are more than one person. This way, when you fucking unhinged cunts demonstrate crazed levels of tumultuous and psychotic behavior (which is fairly normal for today’s self-entitled cunt), you can collectively blame it on Sybil, or Carrie instead of yourselves. And certainly, Men need to understand and appreciate the nuances of this debilitating mental condition. Personal responsibility isn’t one of your strong points, is it, you conniving cunt?
        Stay frosty boys…
        Doktorjeep’s quip about “prozac” is actually more accurate than he might even realize in this case with our mentally deranged friend, “Greenwith/athing”. I guarantee you this demented bitch is medicating because, of course, her psychotic behavior MUST be a “disease” of the mind… and really no fault of her own.
        For the younger studs out there who seriously think that women are worth your time of day… for fuck’s sake… put your time into knowledge and skills that benefit YOU….. get yourself a motorcycle and ride with the wind… travel ALONE and see as much of the world as you can… document and appreciate your adventures and achievements in life… develop a connection to, and a gratitude for, the arts, music and self-expression. This is YOUR life gents… and you have numbered days on this planet. Spend them well…. and stay frosty.

    7. I tilt my hat to the men that lived through this. My respect and I pray to God they get a brandy and cigar and a enlightenment moment.

    8. I met a guy in Denver this past summer. He and his wife divorced 3 years ago. The emotional pain he’s still in is incredible. When we were talking about how current laws are stacked against men, he told me a story. One afternoon his wife went off the deep-end and started screaming at him while “threatening to call the cops.” The guy — for what he thought would be his own protection — called the the police and said he’d be waiting outside reading a book. When the police came, they immediately went inside, talked to his wife and asked her if she wanted him arrested.
      But wait … it gets worse. I just heard of a case now where police are just arresting men in their own homes. A wife was going bat-shit crazy on her kid for something. The neighbors heard the yelling and called the cops. The husband was holding his wife from beating the kid. When the police came in, they saw the husband restraining the wife and AUTOMATICALLY arrested him. Even when the wife proclaimed what happened, the state overruled. This innocent guy is now facing bogus DV cahrges.
      What’s brought this on? It’s all a huge money making industry for feminist orgs. And to get cops in on it, they get a kick back. Innocence is gone. Anyone who still believes in the Innocent until proven Guilty thing is out of touch.

      1. And some wonder why guys kill their wives. Easier to hide the body than go through all of that.

      2. Wow, I’m going to start avoiding this type of stories, or I’ll get fucking scared out of my mind.
        Seriously bring the sex-bot revolution already!

    9. The cunt of my wife of several years has done both: told me that “she can go out with whomever she likes” and actually gone to the cops for minor arguments.
      Knowing that she can get undress me financially in case of divorce, I’m biding my time and making her feel safe and cozy …
      Know that, if she lobs shitballs in your direction while she has “power”, you can always turn that against her: use those shitballs to make a swamp of shit through which she can wade, and get yourself professional counsel to make it deep and stinky 🙂

      1. It sucks, but the best thing to do is forget the whore after you’re done with her. (Women are like tax-returns. After three years, you throw all the memories away).
        As someone entering in the mid-life stage (44yrs old), all I can say is Facebook is truly a blessing, as I can watch in vivid detail as my ex’s bloat up into disgusting blimps over the years, rack up children in “blended families” with multiple fathers, divorce, and remarry again.
        Some of the “princesses” I once loved are now middle aged whores with multiple tattoos who experience mass confusion each and every Father’s Day.
        Once I would have done anything to have stayed with them.
        Today, I pity them and laugh at the losers getting my sloppy seconds. Although, at least I spurted my love-juice onto a nice clean belly or back, rather than these clowns jizzing on her tramp stamps (which she got to mark the moment of her break-up or first divorce)… and the other three she’s gotten since which apparently mark her “individuality.”

        1. Nail, meet hammer.
          There’s as woman I watch on FB who was my prom date. She did a flake job on me – kissed me once then for some reason would not have anything to do with me.
          Anyway, she’s a single mid 40 typical fatasaurus now. I look at her now, her big fat meaty head and her barrel-shaped body, and wonder why women these days lack the presence of mind or self-awareness to realized what’s happening to them. But then I see pictures of her family and everybody is a “typical white middle class fucked up wreck”.

      2. Pretty much proves that they all ARE “Like That” — if not now, they will be at any time in the future.
        I have never known of such a large group of people who have made themselves avoidable for so many good reasons.

    10. Fucking attention whore bitches, they have major issues! But the U.S is a stupid cuntocracy, unfortunately,,,

    11. It’s one thing when a girlfriend does it (horrifying enough), but someone who “earned” the privilege of being his wife does it is where the line is drawn!
      One mention of running to Daddy Government to use as armor in a battle that shouldn’t even be fought to begin with is unacceptable. As the author said, if they even think it and then say it or do it after thinking it, they are dead to you. Let them graciously go off and become some other poor sap’s headache and parasite from then on!

    12. Agreed, I served in the Army from 9-89 / 9-92 I remember the when that TQM BS started and we were forced to sit though all these PC type courses. TQM was a program were the lower ranks had so call input via group pow-wows and had a supposed say on how things were done in the New Army What a joke it’s the F&*king Military: Officers lead, NCO’s manage and Privates follow orders. There is a reason our military if not efficient is at least has been effective since 1776. People tend to forget when you enlist your Government Property, don’t agree with, don’t serve…

    13. FUCK! I went through the same shit when I was in. The older wizened cunts would instruct the new cunts on the intricacies of how to fuck around on you and not get caught and how to use the military justice system to punk you out. My wife split 7 months before I got out and told me “I’ll show you. I can make it out here in California on my own without no help from you!” Yah sure. 2 months later after I refused to give her a dime she’s telling my command I raped her. Good thing I was giving her a ride twice a week to her shrink and my company 1st. Sgt. was going on his SECOND divorce! I had to give her $150.00 a month till I got out and she moved home back east to mommy and daddy’s 3 days after I got out and didn’t have to pay her ass no more. Oh and she was a feminist.

  7. Don’t know if this applies here or not but recently my moms got pissed and called me and my other siblings dumbasses.
    Don’t know how to feel about that

    1. She was probably just trying to be “cool” and use youngster lingo, instead of saying some egghead insult like, “Neanderthal” or something like that.

      1. Boundaries, resolution, unflappable frame. Never let a woman set the dynamic. Also important to let go the unicorn myth. If you go like to pursue and fuck pretty women, you will be dealing with NPD or BPD. NO exception to this rule in current America. Any American female hotter than a 7 will have one of these personality disorders. Which is why I pump and dump, because as soon as the cunt side of the female emerges, I’m done. They are nexted. If she displays any cuntish behavior whatsoever, around you, or especially TO you, next her pronto. Bye bye. My strategy is to tell her she has just displayed behavior unbecoming of a fit girlfriend, and therefore my genes are now forcing me to start fucking another pretty woman who behaves better. This serves to humiliate and expose her bullshit, and reinforces Alpha frame.

        1. That was a fine study in current social psychodynamics of the average western female.

  8. 3. “I’m going for a quick vacation with my girlfriends”
    4. Slut: “I’m in-love with you”
    5. “Please hold my purse”
    6.” I’m too tired for sex/ I can’t have sex because I have a [insert bullshit excuse]
    7. “I don’t want you to go to [insert a place were you hung out often before you met the bitch]

      1. Indeed. And the common denominator in all of these “bad men”? You sweetheart, pure sweet angelic *you*.

        1. I once had a date start shouting “Harder Daddy!” once I started screwing her as hard as she wanted it. It ain’t that uncommon.

      2. Haha. Translation: she can’t wait to timately replicate that behavior in YOU.
        RUN, do not walk

      1. Nah, age of consent in most states is 16. heh.
        Don’t tell her that until she drops that line of course.

        1. If she dropped that line with me, I wouldn’t tell her shit is let her to go the cops and fuckin embarrass herself.

      2. “You know I’m actually 17 and what you did to me was illegal”
        Answer (if you look young enough to pull this off): “I’m 14. You’re a bad lady.”

    1. Don’t forget “I don’t want you to associate with (fill in blank) anymore; he (or they) are bad influences.”

  9. LOL I have had variations of those lines in the past:
    #1 “I am going to spend the night with [some friend I have not seen for so long] instead of you as we planned.” Action: Nexted on the spot
    #2 Yelling at my apt. door so white knights nearby could hear her.
    Action: deescalated politely and then nexted permanently

  10. Also, never let a woman use sex as a commodity or weapon.
    She might say something like “Thank you for doing X. Let me show you how grateful I am….” This makes the whole affair sound a little too much like a transaction, but she might just be trying to be playful.
    But, if she treats sex like a commodity and says something like “If you do X, then we’ll have sex,” then that’s a really huge red flag. If she’s otherwise not a cunt, you can just point out to her that you don’t date prostitutes, and then train her to behave properly. If she’s already sorta cunty or you’ve already given her a chance, then cut your losses and move on.

    1. Nothing wrong with using a prostitute. When they are up front about it, you know you can just pay her to go away afterward.
      Just be aware that the stealth prostitute outed herself.

    1. Is that before or after she catches you with your dick in the sink? [Old Eddy Murphy joke reference, nothing personal]

  11. More and more posts, articles, stories, etc are waking men up more and more each day.
    Its amazing now how many times I see “Alpha”, “Beta”, “Game”, “White Knight”, etc in the comment section from various websites that I visit. I am starting to see men waking up more and more to the bullshit that women are doing. Its almost in a way returning back to “normal” as enough men are starting to say “Fuck this” and turn their back on the pretty little innocent snowflakes as the media likes to make them out to be, while at the same time screaming “THEY ARE SUPERWOMEN HEAR THEM ROAR YOU SEXIST PIG” what the fuck ever.
    As crazy as it sounds I really do see a change in the future for the better. As more men are giving the shoulder shrug and doing as they please more and more, women I believe are going to have to develop a more, *GASPS* submissive and more respectable vibe about themselves if they hop to gain a man. Granted though by that time men will be laughing as they will know its just another trick before the real side of these women come out to play. Also, while more men will be enlighten there will of course still be those same thirsty dudes that will sell their soul just to get a 15 second nut off a broad that worth pre-cum off a dick to lick if she was starving for food if not for her looks. But, I believe those men will be laughed at and seen as the new weirdos more so than now. I say that because even my younger cousin and his era has a more “Eh. I’ll just get a new bitch” attitude about girls his age. He is only 20 and, while that is not too young, he still has a better mindset than I did at that age that is for sure.
    Bottom line is women have left too many breadcrumbs for us to find and know their tricks. Most men now want to not look for the crumbs and take a leap of faith at building a home and creating some kids with women and, cool. More power to you. Let me know how that Dr. Dre Detox album sounds and when Tupac goes to the barber shop to keep his bald head shiny and fresh. Point is, the game never stops no matter how many Disney movies and 90’s R&B songs we want to watch and listen to all day. The only reason women were “better” back in the day was because they HAD to be just like Black people back then HAD to be stronger and more civilized in order to be given the same respect as other races.
    Fast forward now and, as much as it hurts to say this as a Black man my people are looking foolish these days. Love and Hip Hop and many other bullshit shows and trends we follow are the result of what freedom looks likes. Just as with women had they had the freedom back then to do as they please who knows how much more worse shit would be now. They were restrained for a reason. Too much freedom is actually a bad thing when a sense of order has to be a focal point in this world in order for it to continue on for the kids of the future.
    Again, women have left too many breadcrumbs around for us men to spot and develop a game plan to counter the bullshit. Posts and sites like these continue to better the mind of men and, in a way help keep these broads in check.

    1. some how this message has to get out to guys in high school before they find out the hard way.

      1. Not somehow. There is a way. Become a father. My son is so fucking red pill and rational that he dares teachers to give him less than an A in liberal arts classes, since he flays their emotion based curriculum like so many freshwater bass caught on a lazy summer day. Fathers directly impact their sons, I know this first hand.
        That said, be a father outside of the West. I’m GenX and could do it when there were still quite a few “unicorns” to be found. Millenial men have no such luxury.

        1. Or via the Internet, that’s how the message got to me while still in high school, and thank heavens for that!

        2. Aye, well, that’s why sites like this not only exist, but are becoming noticed by people outside of our little segment of adherents.
          As somebody else mentioned on a thread, and I agree with, our terminology is starting to spread like a meme across many comments sections of blue pill orthodoxy. This is heartening.

        3. I just got home now at 4:20am ;-D from a house-party.
          At around 2:30am I walked upstairs from jamming in the basement and there are 4 naked guys (my age mid-late-20s… completely naked… dicks and balls everywhere) sitting in the living room… alright… cool… Enjoy the decline I guess…
          I go to the kitchen and people are asking me if I’m gonna take off my clothes. Nah. I just met you people, and quite frankly I don’t find any of the women here attractive enough to justify getting naked for a bunch of strangers.
          Some chicks got naked too and it started turning into a real party. Testosterone and erections rising, girls giggling, drunk, excited, and just a little confused… the undelicate beginnings of an orgy.
          The only decently attractive girls were my female friends. Unfortunately they’ve all dated buddies of mine at one point or another… And I don’t like dating friends’ serious ex girlfriends… There are plenty of women in this world… my inner circle of men would never cross these lines without bringing it up first.
          Anyways, the point is that finding a unicorn seems impossible where I live… I’m quite certain that none of these girls are ever going to mention this incident to their prospective husbands… he just gets the sloppy-seconds… er… super-sloppy-seconds. And my female friends, as much as I love them, have too much baggage and require too much constant stimulation to be worth it for the long haul. They’re cool but they don’t have good relationships with their families and wouldn’t know how to maintain that cohesive structure.
          It was an entertaining evening. But I am definitely realizing that I need to take some kind of action if I want to end up having some semblance of a normal life.

        4. Damn Kal. It seems more and more like you some how ended up in Gotham instead of clean Metropolis. IDK man…
          It might just be time to expand some from your inner circle. Never imagined I’d say this but, expand your circle and clean it up. As interesting as seeing your female friends ride the cum bucket train can be, I know You can do better.

        5. Sounds like he wound up at the EyesWide Shut party mentioned lower down in this thread 🙂
          Hope you remembered theres no second password!!

        6. Women nowadays outgrew “baggage” a long time ago.
          It became “freight” awhile back.
          It has now become “cargo”.

        7. That’s a shame as I always wanted to visit Toronto. Seems like a beautiful place. Guess it is pretty tricky to navigate as New York can be. Most places aren’t conducive to existing as a bachelor. You would need to be able to have an income that equates to quality of life. Which doesn’t always mean a high income. As good looking as the women are in Canada, struggling while in a profitable job either signifies you need to manage your finances better, add an additional source of income, or get out of dodge. Explore your options but those friends need to be demoted ASAP.

        8. Toronto has it’s charms. It has some unique elements I wont knock it completely.
          But for setting up shop it can be a hard place to live in for a long period.
          I wouldn’t try and settle down here but check it out for sure.
          Just do some research b4 u go, u need to check out the interesting areas.

        9. Also, I’m open to the idea that it is just me. But there are so many blogs that rap about how rough TO is for men. And upon realizing the impossible real estate market and mediocre job prospects, I want to see how ppl live elsewhere.

        10. It will eventually become “ballast”, once these women are blown out of their orbit, after which they will burn up during re-entry …
          This does not end well for Major Tom either since he’s the idiot White Knight piloting the spaceship.
          Ground Control had ceased to give even zero fucks.

      2. Every man over 30 has a DUTY to get the word out to the young guns. I do it every chance I get.

        1. Yeppers, that’s what I do. See, I had to start over at 53. Oh well. Found out about the red pill too late for me. Now, after I’ve settled down, I’m MGTOW. I speak fluent Spanish, and as such, talk to a lot of young guys from Mexico. They find blue pill men weak and pussified. I get a chance to talk to young white guys occasionally. Most of them have no use for a feminist.

  12. With women you need to have set boundaries they can’t cross, if they do next them, there can be no compromise on this. I wish I knew the things I’ve learnt from the red pill when I was younger, it would have saves me some stress.

  13. #1 is right on, and it’s becoming more common as girls flaunt their sexual ’empowerment’ and use it as a manipulation tactic. Some canned responses before you walk out forever (to be delivered in the most calm and non-butthurt way possible):
    “That’s cool babe. That would make us even. I fucked one of your friends last week.”
    “I’m sure your parents would be proud.”
    “Awesome hun. You should probably be dating that guy then. He’s more of the provider type than I am.”

    1. When they give you the choice between a) doing something that they know is not in your power or b) I’ll divorce you – I took option B 2 years ago – basically called the ex’s bluff. She figured she’d let a few weeks go by and I’d cool down and then we’d resume where we left off. But something snapped in me that day. I’d had enough. I found her a lawyer and basically forced her to go through with Option B, and I haven’t looked back since. I can’t say, after almost 25 years of marriage, that it was the best thing that ever happened to me, but I CAN say that I never regretted the decision to call her bluff. Nobody wants to give up after that many years, but you come to a point where you CANNOT let your spouse or significant other dictate ultimatums to you like that.

      1. Brother, that sounds like something was festering in you for some years (decades?), it had to blow.

        1. yes, for at least 12 years, but the weird thing about it is that I put up with it out of fear that she’d divorce me, and in the end, that’s exactly what happened anyway.

        2. Had to edit my post, including the word “never” before regret. Thank goodness I caught that!

      2. When they decide to ‘push the DESTRUCT button’ half-way, they truly shouldn’t be surprised when you decide that you have had enough and push it the rest of the way.

        1. But she WAS surprised – that’s the scary part. She really thought I’d calm down then go back to business-as-usual. I remember the day I moved out, she had a look of shock on her face. It’s like she played this game of chicken with me, and was completely taken by surprise that I didn’t flinch. But frankly, I was surprised too… I guess when you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough.

        2. My friend is going through this right now–let’s call him “Andrew.” I babysat his kids several times, and I considered his wife “Sheila” a friend as well. Well, a few months ago, Sheila decides that she’s had enough of this pleasant life with Andrew and wants….”more.” She “fell in love” with a married coworker, worked on getting an apartment with him, and proceeded to separate from Andrew to move in with the coworker. Andrew was stunned, but decided to take the high road and move on. He immediately got himself an apartment, a girlfriend–several, in fact–and is still extremely active in his kids’ lives.
          Sheila is not so lucky. Married coworker decided he wants to stick it out with his wife, leaving her completely in the lurch. She even had the gall to tell Andrew that, “she thought he would b begging her to come back as soon as she’d come to her senses,” which to me implies that she knew she was in the wrong during this entire fiasco, but went along with her baser instincts anyway.
          I’m sad for her, but I am so happy for my friend. I am very happy that you moved on as well. I feel like, as women, we’re currently being conditioned to behave like entitled pieces of excrement. It drives me crazy to see people–male or female–treated without RESPECT. Scare tactics like the ones listed above are disgusting acts of low level cunning for weak minds. Be above such things, cut these poisonous people out of your lives, and move on with those more deserving of your time and effort.

        3. she thought he would b begging her to come back as soon as she’d come to her senses
          That just means she’s a narcisstic, self centered asshat and he’s far better off without her.
          Don’t be sad for her. She brought it on herself and deserves every miserable moment she gets from here on out.

        4. He seriously seems like a new person. I first met him when I acted in a play with him about 3 years ago. He was always sweet, supportive, and hilarious, but he also seemed beaten down. He was “whipped” in the classic sense, I guess, but he hid it from me very well. In these past few months he’s lost at least 30 pounds, added some muscle, and just seems free. She, on the other hand…well, she brought it on herself, just as you said.

  14. I’ve never had a woman say either of those specific things to me, thankfully. But when I went overseas on holiday I had a woman I was seeing do the ‘Can I sleep with other guys while you’re away?’ thing, as a joke, but to express her disapproval of my going away. Even as a joke it really gave the shits. Which was her intention.

  15. Having been in a relationship several years the most hurtful comment I received was ” I don’t want children , with you” . Needless to say I quit.

    1. At least you gave her what she wanted. It would be poetic justice if she NEVER had children.

    2. Wow… this can make you feel quite down. Better red now than blue forever. There are a couple of avenues a man can take to regain some mojo back. My recommendation would be go to a bar, order a scotch or bourbon, neat, ask the bartender to be generous, in fact order a few. Before you go, do not dress like you would at work. Go with shirt untucked at least. Call an escort girl to arrive at your place when you get back, but whilst at the bar hit on any girl you see fit, just ‘spit game’. If you manage to get her home, cancel the escort, if it doesn’t work, you still have the escort and $200+ spent towards regaining your sanity.

      1. Meh.
        Take escort to gun range, shoot guns with escort.
        Fuck the escort.
        Enjoy classic American bourbons, pass out in bed …
        Yell “I WANT ROOM SERVICE” when you wake up.
        See if you actually get it.

    3. See…
      There is no need for that and women know that shit.
      “She is just emotional OKAY! LEAVE HER ALONE’
      Fuck that. Its common decency flat out point blank. You don’t want to be with him? Cool. being adult about it and explain to him that it is just not what you are seeking now.
      Why the extra shit? Kids get a pass for this not adults but, as I have gotten older I have seen that there really seems to be no difference between women and children.
      Man that was cold. I am sorry you had to go through that it was just uncalled for. There is a better way to handle conversations like that.

  16. A few years before I discovered the red pill, I attempted emailing a ex-gf of mine from college in hopes of starting a dialog with her again. I wrote her a nice emailing telling her of what I had accomplished and asked how she was. What happen next was a series of nasty exchanges between the two of us where ultimately she declared she was going to the police about me. However the thing was that we were in different parts of the country nor knew where each other lived. What had happen though was that I had actually stood up for myself, pointed out her bitch behavior and called her out on her faults.
    I learned that ‘you can’t go home again’ and there was a reason why it hadn’t worked out between us.
    The rub now is that she’s a 25lbs overweight New York hipster, pushing into her mid 30’s, and still single. I’m going out with an 18 yr old personal trainer. Quite the turn around.

    1. Good for you. One should never return to an ex hoping to revive the flame after many years. She will just resent you for being succesful. And yes there is often a good reason why it never worked out in the first place. People stay basically the same. Much better to seek out new territory.

        1. True. After everything I read here, she pretty much fits the standard bill of the modern American woman. She drank and party all though college (where she was young, fit, and hot), rode the dick carosel with multiple guys, even engaging in some gang bangs with a local hip hop group. Even while I knew all of this, I still wanted to be with her. Now I wouldn’t go anywhere near it. She’s hit her wall, lost a ton of her attractiveness, and will likely remain childless. Even with her fancy master degree, liberal new york lifestyle, and success, there is a emptiness in her eyes that I’ve seen.

        2. Even while I knew all of this, I still wanted to be with her.
          This is the wall we need to hurdle in the manosphere. Many men here can hearken back to this exact same sentiment in their blue pill years. It is not uncommon at all. How we guide young men who are not our sons directly away from it is anybody’s guess. My boy has his red pill “vaccination”, but my ability to influence other young men is rather limited. This is a problem that needs solved.

      1. Truer words were never spoken. Not only will she resent you for that, but also she will have no real respect for you because you did not maintain frame.

    2. Respect.
      I think this inspired me to write some more shit.
      Its amazing how insensate these bitches can be these days but, at the same time its always been in their blood. We men were just sleep at the wheel and expected not the car to crash.
      Well, fuck that. I took my bruises and now will always keep my eyes on the road. Never again man.

    3. Just to clarify: you werent with her at the time she got trained by the Wu Tang, yes(I hope)??

      1. No she had already dumped me by that time, but yet I was still chasing after her and doing every stupid thing I could think of to get her back. Changed my major to something I thought was cooler, hung out with different crowds and basically changed my entire personality to someone I thought she would want. Little did I know that changing myself drove her more and more away to begin with. I actually wrote up this entire 3 year ordeal on another website as a short story. Needless to say it had a major impact on my entire dating/college experience.

    4. Not only can you not go home again, but you should take it as read that the hot chick in your old hometown is now a tatted up Future Cat Rancher with a bad diet and worse attitude …
      At best, if she isn’t, she’s probably doing porn.

  17. “Eyes Wide Shut” showed that it wasn’t enough for Tom Cruise to be a handsome young successful doctor and devoted husband. After proclaiming his love and loyalty to his wife then saying he trusted her, she responded to his beta display by shit testing him, revealing that given the chance she would have dumped Tom and her child to run off with an alpha soldier she didn’t even know. There’s a reason Stanley Kubrick showed masks throughout the movie.

      1. True, their parties rock and just about everyone in the movie was tethered to them one way or another. That’s why Cruise was always being followed!

    1. Eyes Wide Shut is not only my favourite Kubrick movie, but my favourite of all time. It’s genius is only now being made comprehensible to the mass of idiot watching ‘Transformers’ troglodytes. However, it’s complete genius won’t be fully appreciated until another 10-15 years. It was truly that much ahead of its time.

      1. I completely agree, I am among the minority that believes his greatest masterpiece flew over the heads of most people but I have faith tha t our Prodigal Viewers shall one day return home and beg for Kubrick’s forgiveness.

        1. Oh yes, the themes, motiffs and symbolism of this movie was akin to watching a series of bright Gustav Klimt paintings in motion. The colour was astounding. The story itself, when comprehended is a work of Napoleonic genius. No French soldier at Austerlitz could have possibly thought he was taking part in an act of grand genius but 20-30 years later, even enemies are astounded at it. Eyes Wide Shut is really about the entirety of society engaging in one form of prostitution or another for a very small elite. That no matter if a smug looking Ivy League educated WASP doctor is on the upper tier of society, that he too is a prostitute for the owners of society. His role is no different from the real prostitutes he believes are his social inferiors. He confronts this grand reality at none-other than an orgy. That even someone of his societal status was barred to something as low as an orgy, speaks volumes about the social ladder of society.
          The second layer to this film, is that the primitive nature of women’s desires is not fundamentally the measure of security we’re led to believe but that women crave raw, unadulterated masculinity, as a whore prostrating herself before a statue of ‘The Rape of the Sabines’, hoping that she may become fertilised by this act of nature, this man beast. Women make sacrifices to their own primitive femininity for security when they marry men such as secure doctors at the expense of nature. A thick film, incomprehensible in genius. Arrogantly enough, I wouldn’t advise anyone with an IQ below 120 to watch this film. Plebeians wouldn’t appreciate it, much like a painting of Klimt, only to come away saying ‘oh, that’s pretty’.

        2. The movie was Kubrick greatest masterpiece, I’m not sure if he was warning us or mocking people who didn’t understand. I just watched Paths of Glory a Kubrick war movie that was banned in France and was banned all US military bases when it came out in 1957.

  18. The two most unforgivable words a woman can say to a man today is ‘you’re a NICE GUY’. See in womanese, bad is good and good is bad. If you’re a nice guy, you’re officially unfuckable to said woman.

      1. I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong though, being a Nietzchean myself, sad is the wrong choice of words there. This is an in-built mechanism by women to separate the guys with bad genetics from the guys with good genetics. Being an aggressive fit bad ass man beast is the only evolutionary option that makes sense for a male population in any species, and women pick up on this. So can I blame them for weeding out the human race of weak and inferior genetics? Those diseased, pacifist genes. I in fact laud them.
        Some homely white girl getting impregnated by some 225 Ibs NFL linebacker who squats and benches an insane amount of weight and runs a 4.4 dash, is probably a bad deal for her day to day stability but she’s passing down some wonderful genes. The last three centuries of Eurocentric romanticism (which Nietzsche and Schopenhauer were vehemently against), technology and modern day political correctness has tried to continuously foist beta males onto women, especially those women in their prime. Truth is, if you’re a truly nice guy, nature wants to breed you out. Nice guys always… finish last.

        1. Devil’s Advocate: Nature’s only hard cold iron requirement is breeding and propagating the species so that future generations can breed and propagate. This seems a rather objective fact when dealing with life forms.
          Postulate: If highly advanced simians figure out a social arrangement whereby the somewhat less physically fit genes propagate (and let’s be honest, engineers and scientists are not that linebacker, but genetics wise they advance our species light years beyond ol’ Lamar and his bench press), then perhaps doesn’t it stand to reason that the more successful life strategy, objectively speaking, is keeping women’s choices constrained to mating predominantly with ‘beta’ males who are, no question, the scientific, engineering, agricultural and military leaders of the world hands down?
          Just a bit of a mind exercise, if you will.

        2. It’s funny that you turnt our hypothetical NFL linebacker into a black guy, it could very well be Clay Matthews as well as Patrick Willis, both are athletic and genetic specimens. With that said, even on a fundamental genetic basis weak men pass off a host diseases to their offspring. if simply saying ‘weak’ is too opaque, a sedentary, poor-choice eating and soft male population will develop their own ‘diseases of civilisation’.
          Yes any one can pick up a gun, yes the scientists and engineers create military marvels, but it’s those men who are genetically prone to violence, that will put them to good use. Also I believe it’s time we fundamentally rethink our betaisation of scientists and engineers.
          Nature point blank will not ensure successive generations keep breeding if they and their forefathers pass down weak sedentary genes. It will create its own diseases to kill you off, to which some scientist will try to invent some vaccine to keep the weak alive. Those fucks who refuse to go for a simple jog, or stuffing their betaised American faces with Krispy Kremes. Yes nature rightfully so what’s to kill these fucks off.

        3. but it’s those men who are genetically prone to violence, that will put them to good use.
          If you ask most here, betas are the ones who will flee to violence first. I do not disagree with this view. It’s alphas that will utilize deadly violence firmly and without mercy, but betas always turn to some form of violence to slake their tempers – either through the state (the domain of Betas) or personally (muscle head white knights).
          It’s funny that you turnt our hypothetical NFL linebacker into a black guy, it could very well be Clay Matthews as well as Patrick Willis, both athletic and genetic specimens.
          Was going with a football player meme. Most highly talented pro football players are black. I’m not going to apologize for adhering to statistics.
          Also I believe it’s time we fundamentally rethink our betaisation of scientists and engineers.
          If you mean “we shouldn’t consider engineers and scientists naturally beta”, I agree. Otherwise…
          …That goes against nature’s design. The species must survive and flourish. The skills you and I have physically are now rendered mostly obsolete as far as raw gene propagating advantages. Physical strength, aggressiveness, hunter instinct, none of these play a role in day to day life *unless* they are under the umbrella of a beta controlled world. Thus, we become athletes, we become businessmen, we become politicians, but we do so under the mentoring eye of boards and boards of betas ready to put us in jail for even pretending to step outside the line.
          I say “we” here, I mean of course alphas in the manosphere sense, not so much historical alphas who utilized high intellect, social awareness and raw violence when necessary or desired (Genghis Khan & company) making them the forefathers not only of the athletic hard violence men, but also of the scientists and engineers. We all proceed from a common set of anscestors after all.
          Nature point blank will not ensure successive generations keep breeding if they and their forefathers pass down weak sedentary genes.
          Our world: Feudal and prior times. World population: nearly nothing. Today: 6-7 billion and rising, on the tails of lab coats of scientists and engineers.
          We’re becoming weaker Lance, in physical and aggressive traits. I wish it were not so, and it may not be in the future, but we do come to today’s world because beta men bred in droves for several centuries with a cultural model that restricted women’s hypergamy.
          Those fucks who refuse to go for a simple jog, or stuffing their betaised American faces with Krispy Kremes. Yes nature rightfully so what’s to kill these fucks off.
          Agreed. But not before they reproduce, most of the time.
          Look, I actually do come from a line of very high men on both sides of my family. I do not like what is happening to humankind. But we have to face the realities in front of us, it was the shackling of women to (mostly) betas that brought us from a natural anamoly into the dominant life form on the planet in the span of 20 or so centuries.
          Nature doesn’t care about betas in the wild, it is there we rule and dominate. Nature also doesn’t care about us in this soft, putrid beta world. What we have on our side is that in this soft putrid beta world the betas have allowed their manjawed “women” so much power that this will self correct in short order. We will again rule for a while, I guarantee it.
          The question is, will be we be so dense as to keep the world primative, or will we put women back in their place AND punish beta men who try to change that social order that allowed this to happen in the first place? In other words, keep them working for the common good, keep women aligned with the social contract that advances us technologically and as a species WHILE not giving them (women) the out that betas provided stupidly from the 1700’s forward?
          Time will tell.

        4. “Yes any one can pick up a gun, yes the scientists and engineers create military marvels, but it’s those men who are genetically prone to violence, that will put them to good use.”
          In the real wold, when the real killing starts, strange stuff happens. Dudes who seemed to be alphas can piss themselves, either run away, or die standing still due to fear. The scrawny weakling with glasses that everyone bullied turns out to be a natural killer, racking up +100 kills. For real example, Koreans on rooftops in the LA riots. Which has the true gift of violence, the guys who make lots of babies but can only burn down their own immediate surroundings, or the people who can build/run things and can whack massive amounts of idiot breeders when it comes down to it?

        5. The Koreans are a bad example of this, yes they are a model minority, one that is capable of compliance and servitude to the dominant culture. Japan resembling in behaviour as a sort Germans of the East (OId Germany anyway which is dead) in many ways, conquered the Korean peninsula, bred successive generations of Korean men out with their genes and did the same with China. Yes blacks idiotically burnt down their own surroundings and Koreans were on the roof tops defending their property, in only a defensive capacity. However, they are not, and have never been historically a group possessing the wanderlust and malice bloodthirst of Francisco da Gama or any of the other Conquistadores. As I like to say if you are already in a position of defence, you’ve lost half the battle. Aggression is honed through centuries of fighting, as with the Teutons, Slavs, Japanese and Romans. This world of hypothetical nerds morphing into vicious killers when SHTF, is a world that is largely… mythical.

        6. “The best strategy to keep the species alive is the one that creates the most of the species.”
          This isn’t correct. In species with no natural predators and in large predatory species the ideal survival strategy is to strictly limit the breeding rate so as not to exceed the carrying capacity of the environment.
          If tigers bred like rabbits, it would mean the extinction of the species. It takes a lot of environment to support just one tiger.
          Even bacteria colonies often fail through too much success.
          Man is a large predator with no effective natural predators and has been experiencing rather extraordinary success of late.

        7. Good reply. Its sad in the way that many guys are misdirected with the advice given. The PC propaganda that you alude to. Some never recover if they have been brought up to be “nice” all their life,
          But naturally its good for society in the long run. It has a eugenic effect if the weak are bred out of existence. And women are adapted to sense weakness in males, they absolutely despise it. Thats why confidence is seen as attractive, its an indirect sign of potential bravery.
          Only problem is that culture has a huge impact on human behaviour, its not just natural selection at work. Who is then the actual weakling? The natural alpha who has been brought up as a weakling, or the beta who learns how to simulate alpha traits? Most likely the last one. The true alpha is the one who is able to adapt and overcome beta inclinations. As always, life is struggle and overcoming resistance.

        8. Lance, alpha males were favored by evolution a couple thousand years ago prior to civilization, because in that world only the strongest and boldest lived to survive and reproduce.
          In modern times, other traits such as ghostofjefferson mentioned, are more important for success. The only reason women still favor alphas so strongly is that it takes time to undo hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. When in modern times is it actually useful to run fast or lift heavy, unless you are a pro athlete or a minimum wage laborer?
          Those who are prone to violence will not, as you suggest, put a gun to good use. In a civilized society, guns are to be used for self-defense.

        9. Civilisation is an artificial veneer that covers our base instincts. If you think man will change nature, or rather the beta will overcome nature’s quest to annihilate him, then you’re wrong. Civilisation is ephemeral and subject to change. The United States hasn’t even been a country for 250 years. Most governments for human history were reflective of human nature. Christianity in all of its Judaic sliminess subjected Europe and its colonies into a period of self-hatred. We are finally coming out of that phase, ironically with the help of the Jews, to the dismay of whites who still long for the shackles of Christendom.
          Women will never acquiesce to wanting nice guys, in essence guys who are on nature’s shit list. Why? Because nature has equipped women from the marrow of her bones to reject every aspect of these men. Let’s take the average scientist in Germany circa 1940, in Herr Werhner von Braun, this man was a genius par none, and also a pussy magnet for every German and French whore that passed his way. We will see in our lifetime the symbiosis of athletic and cerebral specimens. Nothing will save beta males, nothing. In fact evolutionary biologists have proved that a woman’s cervical mucus will reject the sperm of men it deems weaker. This is the main cause for infertility in marriages in fact. We will have governments again reflective of the nature order. The supermen of humanity will rise from the ashes of the mediocrity of democracy once more. I will never castigate the female side of our human race for attenuating the herd of weakness and disease, applaud these women.

        10. This situation, regrettably, will not make our civilization stronger, quite the opposite, in fact. Women can only demand the sperm of the best men and nothing more. Under this system paternal involvement becomes non-existent, and, as a result, we become weaker.

        11. Fuck outta here. Stop inventing straw arguments. I never said that men wouldn’t be involved in childcare. You’re insinuating with some accuracy that it’s a beta tendency to be involved in childcare (at least from ages 1-10). The blatant ignorance of science on the site is astounding. Weak men breed weak children who in turn possess diseased and weak genes which nature will exterminate. Why most this happen, so betas can feel happy knowing their propagating themselves? So we can uphold a civilisational structure which is flawed in of itself? The only thing that can keep these weak children and men alive are vaccines, whom nature would otherwise kill off. A child who can’t defeat the common cold or flu with his own immune system without the help of science is a child who is slated for death by natural law. His genes are void. This is the brutal truth. So why shouldn’t women want to breed with the best? Giving their offspring maximum genetic survival? Oh that’s right so we can have a weak ‘Christian’ civilisation, where beta males can vaccinate their diseased offspring and stuff their faces with McDonalds. Yay!!!

        12. If you look around you and all you can see is bad and problems. Then maybe the real problem is you.

        13. I see reality which is reflected through the lens of nature which is raw and uncut. If you look around and all you see is rainbows and unicorns then maybe the problem is you. But you know I’m sure you’re ‘God’s little special creature’. The ‘meek’ shall inherent the earth. Go back to sleep.

        14. Your system sounds like a lot of fun. But everybody in it is disincentivized from being a productive member. The best men don’t need to do anything but copulate with women, since they are guaranteed tremendous procreative success just by virtue of existing. The betas are denied any procreative rights and won’t do a fucking thing over what they need to do to survive. As for women, well, they’ll have babies as long as they have resources. Which brings us to this: Who is going to provide resources?

        15. I generally agree with you. I wasn’t saying that alphas will cease to be favored, only that aggressiveness and physicality will not be as important as they used to be in terms of defining what is alpha (it will still benefit people to be healthy, but physical dominance is no longer half as important because rarely does the modern man have to physically fight anyone). Von Braun, as you noted, is an example of that.
          You are right about our base instincts, but by the same token, those instincts are the result of genetics and genetics are subject to change based on natural selection, the forces of which have been fundamentally altered by civilization.
          Also, alpha males, despite having lots of sex, don’t necessarily pass on their genes as they used to, because they tend to have short-term relationships where the women are more likely to use condoms or abort the kid, so that is another factor detracting from the long-term reproductive advantage of alpha males. Then later on when the woman settles down with a beta provider, she has the kid with him.
          I’m not detracting from alphas, I personally support masculinity in all its manifestations, and despite being a proponent of civilization, I am disturbed by the long-term impact it may have on our species. But there is no denying that in the past thousand years the environment in which our species resides has changed tremendously, and in the long-term, our evolution will undoubtedly be majorly impacted by this.

        16. The long term impact is disease. Weakness in nature if it isn’t exterminated by another species will be exterminated by other living organisms such as diseases. When sedentary royal inbreds have children guess what happens?… Hapsburg’s Jaw and Haemophilia. I can go down the countless list of diseases whether it be Tay Sachs or certain cancers, but frankly I don’t want these type of weak men proliferating their own kind because they are socially acceptable as ‘good men’ by whatever ephemeral standard that exists. Civilisation will not change nature. Man has invented vaccines to curb his contact with the inevitable, but I can’t imagine seeing fatty with fanny pack and his host of genetic diseases propagating his kind into perpetuity. Nature and evolution has a limit to weakness in a species, and the brains of others are keeping ours alive. This sounds brutish but I’m looking at the big picture. Imagine this, certain cancers would virtually be non-existent today if the pool of eligible fit men bred with the eligible pool of fit women, but instead we have 2,000 years of consanguinity, marrying women to old men for assets and etc. I model of civilisation has changed for some parts for the better.

        17. Agreed. The meek will inherit the earth … in 6×3 plots. Then again, we all end up there, some with bigger plots and more mourners than others. I’d rather try to enjoy the ride.
          Intelligence is starting to displace brawn for selection, but brawn still triggers over a million years of hominid evolution. I suggest smarts, brawn, and Alpha behavior.

        18. Absolutely, we will see in our very lifetimes the symbiosis of brains, brawn and alphadom. This is the natural evolution of our species, at least the men. Anyone who would want otherwise is advocating for the mediocrity of humanity.

        19. “Keeping women’s choices constrained” is a non-starter …
          Normal curves apply to women as well, and the only relevant matter is how you keep the hypergamy and hamster rationalisations of women from altering where the male and female normal curves intersect or overlap.
          In the case of extreme drift, radical means may be employed in order to make the curves come back into alignment.
          In the past, this was usually accomplished by sending the “fit and able” sub-average men off to war.
          Wear that “4F” badge like it’s a goddamned prize, soldier!
          You’ve been selected for strategic genetic advancement!

        20. I think your post is, honestly, a bit moot. An interesting thought experiment, albeit an academic one.
          The advantage of the alpha is that an alpha takes care of himself. He does not rely on the system to take care of him. He simply notices how the system operates, and, if he is smart and well-positioned enough, can game the system to his advantage.
          There are scientific studies suggesting that brain sizes in humans have decreased, and, as a result, so has aggression. This reduction in aggression correlates with an ability to better work collectively, hence the advancements you describe (or so the theory goes, but which I am inclined to believe through my own experience and education).
          There will always be alphas at the top. It is simply a natural order. Look at what happened recently with the last mid-term election. The Republicans swept them and the libs stayed home. Why? Certainly not because the Republicans have the better interests of the entire country in mind. It’s because the Republican leaders are far more savvy than the Democrats at promulgating their own self-interest.
          There are always going to be alphas at the top or knocking at its door. The ability to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, step out and actually be a wolf, and then revert to sheep’s clothing is undoubtedly paramount for anyone desiring of political power in this day and age. While you will draw the ire of some, your life will be far more enjoyable and rewarding than any “betas’”, constantly under the stress of serving the interest of social justice.
          Actually putting that philosophy into practice effectively is the difficult part, as it is for any endeavor. I believe, as many other intelligent people do, that intelligence involves both the ability to serve oneself and others. We likely have “weakened” as a species, because it kind of sucks to be on both the losing and winning side of a relationship. I hate breaking a woman’s heart, and I hate being heartbroken. I hate hurting people, and I hate being hurt.
          The only “rational” way of being is to exist in exact harmony with one’s environment, but, since most environments are not rational, the safer bet is to err on the side of “shoot first, ask questions later”, or, to “swallow the red pill”.

        21. Lance, plenty of alpha men have been crippled or killed by diseases. Look at Franklin D. Roosevelt. The thing about viruses is that they don’t care how strong you are and may use your strengths against you.
          Al Capone, a virile, alpha man, died of syphilis. A weak man who never got laid would never have had the “opportunity” to contract such a virus.

    1. Years ago I dealt with this by saying calmly and seriously, “So, we’re still going to fuck”.
      She replied, repeating, “But I thought you were a NICE GUY?”
      I answered, “I am, so what does that have to do with us fucking?” She said no, I walked her out to her car, we kissed, and of course I ended up drilling her behind a big dumpster by a housing complex somewhere (that she drove us to in her car, that whore!).
      I guess that takes me right out of the “nice guy” category, on second thought…

    2. With the modern western woman being called a ‘nice guy ‘ means you are a non sexual entity to her. There is nothing more emasculating a modern western woman can say to you.

      1. The typical Anglo woman reminds me of the lawyer-like chick in “Vicky Christina Barcelona”, cock-blocking for her friend like she was the Mighty Reds …
        “Are you her lawyer?”

        1. Yea modern Anglo women are ruined beyond repair, it’s as of the entire modern Anglo female generation was born with a mental illness.

    3. Yes being called a nice gay is the worst insult a woman can use against a man. It means you are an atm machine and she doesn’t want to fuck you.

    4. There are places where being nice (as in polite, not as in being a floor mat) will work well for you …
      But you’re right: do this with a typical Anglo chick and you’d better book that room with Rosie di Palma, the mistress of the five fingers.

  19. Rule #1
    You don’t argue with a woman. You do what you think is right and she will follow or leave.
    Rule #2
    If you dumb enough to ignore rule #1 don’t ever get emotional in the argument.

  20. Thank you God, for the people that write articles likes this one.
    I remember the time I discovered ROK and the The Red Pill it was with the in the following waking up recipe :
    Add a 1 year relation ship.
    Add 7 months of her cooking, cleaning, loving, acting like an angel ( I was still on blue pull).
    Add one remark where she says the following during a quarrel : ,,Who ? Him ? (Ex-boyfriend whom she’d been with 6 years), he is like a brother to me, I have to see him.” I heard that the guy had been in an accident and all of her friends went to see him, I had no problem if they would make a get together and she would participate and something STANK about the her and the situation, they way she said it didn’t stick to the case. Thus my instinct went into overdrive and later on accused her of having feeling for him, just to see how she reacts. In my mind she only one option of resolving the issue :
    1. To calm me down and assure me that my thoughts are misplaced and that her heart and soul was with me 100%.
    Anything other than that and I would take my shit and leave instantly.
    To sum it up, she started acting like a bitch threatening to call the police. And I didn’t even wait for her to finish her sentence I got my shoes on and went away (I always kept a spear rented room ( man-cave as you might call it). After 2 days I came and took my shit and that was it. Drive the story later with 6 months and I still get text messages but no ferm apology. Thus moving on would seem the logical and healthy and sane solution.
    Never put up with a woman’s shit. In fact, never put up with anyone’s shit.
    Always have a back-up plan. If you don’t, well, start building one.

  21. If a woman ever threatens to call the police:
    == as soon as you get out of there, write down everything that happened, even details that seem insignificant.
    == only agree to see her again if there’s a chance she’ll say something that will reflect badly on her. For instance, you might want to ask her, “Why did you threaten to call the police?”. Be recording the whole time.
    == save any messages she leaves.
    == never be together with her, except in a public place. If the situation is threatening enough, your lawyer should be somewhere nearby observing.
    == if you own firearms, don’t let them be seized. Get them out of your house and into safe storage somewhere. (ps… as a general principle, never tell a girlfriend or any woman you own firearms. Only bad things can come of it for you. For instance, you could get SWATed.)
    == back up your important data. If your computer is seized you may never get it back.

  22. 1- “He is only my friend and it’s normal for women to have male friends. You are jealous and possessive to complain about it.” Translation : “I am going to fuck with another guy.”
    2-“I don’t want sex too soon; I don’t even know you”. Translation : “You are ugly as shit and I’ll never want to have sex with you”.
    3-“I don’t want to see you now, I need time to think about the relationship.” Translation : “I am breaking up with you”.
    4-“I am not that kind of woman!” (the kind that have sex on the first date). Translation : “You are ugly as shit and don’t interest me.”
    5-“I can’t see you this Saturday, as I am going to play Scrabble with my grandmother.” Translation : “I don’t want to hang with you, ever”.

    1. It depends with #2 and #4. Most who say that are just putting out the token display not to appear like sluts. I’ve bedded many a chick on the first date after they said those very same words .. haha. Actually if they even bring up the ‘but no sex tonight’ thing, it’s even more of an indication that they will want it if you build up the attraction during the date. They are already thinking about it, you see.

  23. I love the things I don’t need to worry about anymore.
    I don’t have to worry about the game being rigged or the house always winning, I’ve stopped playing. As Mike Rowe so eloquently put it, “Because passion and persistence – while most often associated with success – are also essential ingredients of futility.”

    1. It took me a long time but Ive finally accepted the true nature of women at 28. I held out hope I could get a nice girl here but Ive realized I have to go abroad to find a suitable girl.
      American women are terrible in every way, I can’t believe there’s still suckers chasing them much less marrying them.

  24. Never take a bitch seriously who calls the police to win arguments. My foreign wife proved she was wife material on our first date, after I hyrdo-planed a ’95 BMW M3 on a mountain pass and a fucking pig rolled up after the wreck. Before I said anything she stated, “Don’t say anything, he is not here to help you.” BAM marry me! I put an ex-GF on blast at and she resorted straight to the legal authorities. Restraining order and tried to sue me. End result: I said what I always wanted to say in my petition to her restraining order, never even bothered to respond to her civil suit and she was out $20k in lawyer fees. Seems her lawyer submitted my restraining order response to prove I did it and the Maricopa county female judge liked it so much, she refused to even issue a default judgment. Stick to your guns when you know you’re right & keep your head up, people like us are out there. (I also converted all assets to gold bullion so any default judgment could fucking blow me and I’d mail them a treasure map with a shovel).

    1. Good for you. Not a lot of balls out there anymore.
      Gold is fucking awesome for securing your way past a tricky situation.

  25. “Running to Daddy Government when throwing a tantrum is often a women’s sole guerilla tactic”
    Women run to the Alpha for support. Then happily let him violate her, while cheering him on and getting turned on, by him violating others.
    The fact that there currently exists self described “men”, who support the existence of, and propping up of, a universal Alpha like the government for women and beta chumps to go running to, just shows how utterly pointless the dystopian hellhole currentoy being passed of as “society” really is.

  26. The fact re. the law and courts: If one was to personify the “system,” it is that the system does not care about your well being, your kids. your wife, parents, brothers, or sisters. It cares about protecting a revenue stream. And that revenue stream is taxes. Most laws, when codified in the 1950s.. no longer referred to as “law” but now “code” have ties directly to the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code).
    So re. #1 in article, which might as well be the preface segueing into #2 (cops), is that cops, judges, courts maintain the facade that all this is done to protect individuals, when all they’re doing is protecting tax revenue, and court/leagal revenue, thus feeding the system. On the back end, prisons are necessary to justify the front end (law and order enforcement), not the other way around. A balanced growing system pervades, a self-feeding monster, slowly stripping away rights.
    What this means for you is you can be on the positive revenue stream side, where law enforcement prefers MOST of us, to feed the system they’ve been duped into believing is “for the people,” as a “tax payer.” or preferably on both sides, mixed up with the courts but for the most part out of jail, or worse, lengthy stays in prison thus rejecting you from the tax positive revenue stream and into the tax negative side in prison or sucking off entitlement programs. The system MUST maintain some balance.
    So when you and some Ameri-cunt are arguing and cops get called, by proxy all the police are there to do is keep one “citizen” (read socialist slave) from disturbing another “citizen” from interrupting the revenue stream that keeps them in “order.” Which is bullshit because society generally keeps it’s own order, EXCEPT when empowered with SJW b.s. like race rallies, etc.. Which are also a product of the system’s dependent socialism in the first place.

    1. Thank you for recognizing the obvious thing which most cannot see. “Society generally keeps it’s own order” True, very true.
      It actually takes very few “authority” figures to control any societal function. These “authority” figures do not have to be government agents to be effective, and are usually far more effective if they are not.

  27. I agree with both.
    w.r.t. #2, if a woman ever threatened to call the police on me for little or no justification, or if she ever did call the police on me just to get her way… that would be the end of our relationship. I literally stop talking to her right there, gather what things I need to start up elsewhere, and leave. She gets nothing after that, period. Attention is permanently withdrawn.

    1. Is “calling the police” usually the last resort for women to control the situation? Or a way for them to ultimately get rid of an annoying male?

      1. Both. Not either/or.
        They do it to control the situation. It is because they are women and have blind faith in government agents to “help” them, and their inability to accurately forecast repercussions or become over emotional that they call, causing permanent damage to themselves (and their children) by hurting the one that they love.
        They also do it to get rid of a male that they no longer want, which is extremely cowardly and cruel, but women rarely say what they mean and have very limited empathy for men and very limited remorse for their actions, much like children. Unfortunately love is a trait that is only for Men to Women and Women to Child, so many Men will hold on after their once darling love has moved on.

  28. Any woman who calls the cops on you should be dumped. How can a man have power if a woman can just run to the cops or call bdg to force you to comply? . They hold all the cards.

  29. One thing I do now, is on the rare chance I am actually interested in a girl in any way, I let them act as they will, and I use their behaviour as my filter. I have no attachment to any outcome, I give them the benefit of the doubt, and if they fuck up in any way, that’s the last they hear from me. No troubles, no drama. I have standards and if you want to be part of my life you WILL live up to them.
    One of the last times I was out with a girl, we went to go see a movie. On the way home she made some kind of a joke about how she gives “awesome BJs”, which is automatically a warning sign for me. I made some little quip about it something to the effect of “yeah yeah, sure sure”, and then she proceeded to “laughingly” smash me over the head 3 or 4 times with the rolled up little magazine you get for free at the theaters now. She thought it was funny. I didn’t say a word, just dropped her off at home and that’s the last I ever talked to her.
    Guys need to develop standards that suit their life, and make women live up to them. The very moment ANY chick said either of the two things in this article, I would just up and leave and that would be the last she ever saw of me. There are SOOOOO many women out there, why the hell would I ever put up with that kind of BS?

    1. I ran across that same sort of shit a couple times too. It’s the perpetual brain washing that they get from the boob-tube, which teaches them that men are idiots and should be subject to ridicule and that violence or degrading acts is common and acceptable.
      Society is fucked brother. Grab a young chick with raw potential, and then own that shit. Lead her, teach her, maintain frame, and be firm. Not much else as far as choice unless you get lucky, go overseas and find grade A meat or go to a place that Hollywood has not mind raped.

  30. Good list. The slightest hint of anything you don’t like is a get you another slut que.
    Women are such sluts now days with no end in sight that there is no reason to take shit from them .

  31. I’d like to this by adding that if you’re in preliminary negotiations and she mentions having called the cops on previous boyfriends walk. If he was as much of a monster as she’s making him out to be then she may be in the habit of dating violent men. If this is the case she may push hard to turn you into one. If she gives you no backstory then understand that she’s willing to use the violence of the state against you.

  32. Well, as a man, I don’t think that either of those are unforgivable, or even that bad. Most times a when a woman calls the police, it’s because she feels understandably threatened. The problem is that MRA’s never really think from a woman’s point of view, and they just tell themselves that she’s being irrational. I’ve never had the police called on me, but I’d say women by and large are too hesitant to call the police, when a man in their life is going nuts. Verbal abuse and outrage can so easily turn into domestic violence, and it’s definitely better being safe than sorry. As for number one, who among you hasn’t said some stupid shit that you regretted later, because somebody bruised your ego in some way? My motto is to cut people some slack with that stuff, because next time it could well be me saying something obnoxious. Also, somebody called “doktorjeep” commented about his ex threatening him. That sounds like a really bad experience, but not one that would really be the norm when women call the police on men.

    1. “Most times a when a woman calls the police, it’s because she feels understandably threatened.”
      Do you ever have any statistical basis for the generalisations you spout, AC/DC, or is it a nervous tic or something? Seriously, you come out with this shit as if it’s common sense or generalised wisdom when it isn’t. Read some fucking Erin Pizzey and start learning about the world as it is.

      1. It is common sense. You call into question perfectly plausible statements solely because you don’t like them. So what’s the alternative you’re suggesting, when women call the police? That it’s not for their safety, but to punish men? Grow up.

        1. I can call them into question because they don’t reflect reality. Like I said, read some Erin Pizzey if you want a real idea of how domestic violence isn’t anywhere near as one-sided as you make it out to be. Proof is on he who asserts, not he who denies, so, again, stump up some actual statistical facts to support this “common” sense you’re spouting.

        2. Is she? Again, where’s your statistical basis for that assertion, bearing in mind Erin Pizzey built the first domestic violence shelters in the UK, and did in fact collect statistics on the subject?

  33. Always have your cell phone’s voice recorder ready. When your woman makes threats like this, record immediately. Trick her into repeating it if necessary. That recording may save your life.

  34. If you have let your woman get so worked up that either of these statements comes out of her mouth, it is YOUR fault, not hers.

  35. if you troll like Sauron666 you really need to get a life. NOTHING a chick does is a guy’s fault. Sauron666 sure sounds like a chick pretending to be a guy.

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