5 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Indian Girls

As America becomes increasingly diverse, prospective love tourists have the ability to sample foreign dishes without having to book a flight to the country where they came from. To the uninitiated, Indian girls seem like one of the most enticing items on the menu. If you had a middle-class or wealthy upbringing, you probably grew up knowing a few Indians, and you might be fooled into thinking they make a better bet then the hordes of selfie-addicted, socially retarded white girls you’re used to.

Don’t. Do. It.

If you live in the west, dating an Indian girl is one of the worst decisions you can make. Indians combine the worst of their native culture and the worst of American culture in one disgusting, rancid stew. Here’s why you should never date—or even pump and dump—an Indian girl.


1. They’re unattractive

Forget about Aishwaryi Rai and every other smoking hot Bollywood actress you’ve ever seen: the average Indian girl has a Coke can physique and bad genes. While not as disgustingly obese as the average American, even fit Desi girls are packing more poundage than any girl should be legally allowed to have. Even if she’s in shape, expect her to balloon up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man the minute she gets a ring on it. Have you ever seen a skinny Indian woman over the age of 35? Thought not.

Not only that, even decent-looking Indian girls have unappealing bodies. Desis may have big butts, but their asses and breasts are always squishy and soft, like a bowl of Jell-O. Additionally, every single Indian girl I’ve ever known had too much body hair. Combine that with their obesity-prone genetics and you might as well be sleeping with a fat guy.


2. They’re prudes

When I say Indian girls are prudish, I don’t mean they’re hard to get in the sack: God no. I mean they have all sorts of bizarre sexual hangups that make banging them about as fun as thrusting your dick into a vacuum cleaner. Indian girls have sexually conservative attitudes thanks to their parents, and navigating their sea of rationalizations is a prerequisite for getting your rocks off.

The first Indian girl I ever banged, in college, was an “everything-but” virgin, in that she did everything but normal, vaginal intercourse: blowjobs, anal, the whole nine yards. She actually believed that this excused all the slutting around she did. Another Desi I met not long after refused to go down on me, saying it was “gross”… even as she bragged about how much she loved it when guys went down on her. These selfish attitudes are reinforced by the spoiled, daddy’s little girl mentalities that Indian girls have.


3. They’re self-loathing

Members of the Roosh V Forum are well aware of Indian Race Trolls, self-loathing Indian men who hijack discussions by whining about how they can’t get white girls because of their brown skin. Indian girls possess the same exact inferiority complex. Every Indian girl I’ve ever known secretly loathed her ethnic heritage, wanted to be white, and fetishized white men to a degree that was downright creepy.

What separates Indian girls from other Asian girls, who wear their lust for white men on their sleeves, is their obsession with their native culture. Indian girls raised in the U.S. will never shut up about the glories of India, a nation where poor people shit on the streets and the government has to force people to use toilets. Meanwhile, these same loud-and-proud Indian girls date white men and complain about Indian men being “misogynistic” and “controlling.”


4. They’re feminists

For some reason, Indian girls in the U.S. are unusually susceptible to feminist and social justice warrior brain rot. Despite their wealthy, cushy upbringings, Indian girls almost always become ardent feminists, swallowing the cultural Marxist program whole. SJWs like Beejoli Shah, who invent stories about being raped, are representative of the average Indian girl and the noxious ideological soup she bathes in.

Indian girls justify their misandry by claiming that Indian culture is “sexist” and “patriarchal,” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Indian families are matriarchal, with mothers dominating their husbands and children. In particular, Indian mothers control their sons with guilt trips and shame, which is why so many of them become sackless weaklings and Indian Race Trolls. Indian girls growing up in America are some of the most privileged people on Earth.


5. They’re mentally ill

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but Indian girls are almost always off their rockers. When you combine SJW ideology, racial self-loathing, and bizarre attitudes towards sex, you end up with a psycho. Dating an Indian girl will be a constant roller coaster of fights, drama and frustration, with your only reward being getting to nail a hirsute chick with a pudding pop ass.

The absolute worst types of Indian girls are the ones adopted by white couples, fairly common in upper-middle class America. The most insane girl I ever banged was an Indian with white parents: she was a borderline who tried to provoke me into hitting her because she felt I was “neglecting” her. While she didn’t mindfuck me in the way that BPD girls usually do to their men, the abusive relationship screwed me up for months after it ended.

The only justifiable reason to pursue a Desi girl is because you want to get your Indian flag. But hanging around them longer than it takes to bust on their faces will end in tragedy for you. When it comes to girls, any ethnicity or race is a better bet than Indians.

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  1. They also stink and they’re inbred. Indians (male and female) are the best argument for ending immigration aside from muslims. You hope to be controversial but anyone who has spent time around Indians knows the score

    1. In the US we need at least about a decade long moratorium on immigration to allow for assimilation…& an absolute moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries with the possible exception of refugees of other faiths.

      1. I’m afraid the US has already sunk past crush depth, not to mention western/northern europe.

        1. barely 20% of babies born in California these days are of unmixed White ancestry. Hispanics, Asians, and Half-Whites with one Asian or Hispanic parent is pretty much the norm now.
          What’s trendy in California soon follows the rest of the nation

      2. “We” need but not our wonderful, patriotic elites. They want MORE immigrants even when they’re laying people off. It’s all out class war.
        “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”-Warren Buffet. Actually that’s a famous older quote. More recently: “It’s been a rout”. “My class has won”. Now most younger Americans are globalists, passionate members of the Church of Anti-Racism.

    2. Completely uncalled for
      As far as immigrants go, Indians are some of the better ones

      1. Just because they’re better than muslims doesn’t mean much. Sitting at the front of the short bus means you’re still on the short bus

    1. They are typically ugly. Oh, sure, when they’re hot they’re HOT, but that’s about one out of a hundred Indian women. Consider the average Indian woman, not the hottest Indian woman.

      1. Oh come on, the whole article is complete nonense. Just Matt Forney trying to stretch his 5 reasons pieces one article to far.
        He doesn’t do anyone but himself any favors when he writes ignorant click bait like this. Do return of kings really want to become the manosphere equivalent of gawker ?

        1. Israel then India I reckon. Someone needs to create a top trump card game from these ASAP, it would be awesome.

  2. Interesting. Never got my Indian flag, but I have just about everything else. I will start paying more attention to this.

    1. Haha bullshit! 😉
      So you got flags from all the “Stans” have you. I’d imagine they are rather difficult flags to get for sheer logistical, language, cultural, and religious barriers.

    1. roosh,Forney and Curtius we got another.Watch out for all the short 3 lettered accountes.
      amazing dissed black women 2 days ago and not even half the response as this one

      1. Well put. Men ultimately are physically dominant and in the history of the world all the other PC feminist bullshit goes out the window if we choose it to.

        1. Sure, but I meant that if there is someone toxic in your life you just cut them out. No one is forcing you to put up with their bullshit. They only have any power if you chose to give it to them by staying and tolerating it.

      2. Well, that, and all the muscular guys in uniforms with guns and the automatic assumption that they never lie. Other than that, though, you are right.

    1. Ahgreed, and indian women smell but the worst part about indian women is they all go derpa derpa derpa and they STANK

  3. Forney is just trying to outdo his tattoo article. What better way to make it happen than to piss off the worlds most populous country (India) that doesn’t have restrictions on social media. (China blocks Facebook)

    1. it’s true. clickbait article, even though everything in here is probably more true than not haha. i don’t have much exp with indian girls so i can’t personally attest.
      i live in the marketing world so on the one hand i get it. do your thing to get clicks. but i also live in the world of honor and ethics, where buzzfeed, upworthy, and even some of ROK (this article for example) are barred from entering the holy kingdom.
      its an internal struggle trying to map my way through the contradiction.

      1. I’m neither praising nor decrying Forney for this article. Just stating the obvious.
        By the way I checked out Upworthy for the first time not too long ago. Another marxist agenda craptainment site like Buzzfeed where it’s all “look at what this bigoted straight white male did today!” and “10 reasons transgender homo sex is awesome” etc.
        I dont need to revisit

    2. More truth in this Forney article than a couple of recent mainstream media ‘I was Raped’ pieces that i don’t need to name.

  4. Except for the first point which is absolutely ridiculous, I agree with all the four remaining points. There are drop dead gorgeous AND butt ugly women in all the races. That aside Indian girls are indeed prone to acting aloof. Blame it on the moronic Indian culture which literally worships women as God fucking Almighty. Vomit inducing Indian movies never miss a chance to lavish praises and exalt womanhood as if women are arbiters of virtue and success.
    What bullshit!
    Couple this with Indian mob mentality which ardently believes women are always right and voila you have a recipe for generations of insufferable whores who think the Sun and Moon revolves around them. White dudes indeed have an edge in pumping and dumping Indian sluts bcoz Desi girls feel they achieve higher status by spreading their useless pussy to be ravaged by Caucasian phallus.

    1. Desi girls feel they achieve higher status by spreading their useless pussy to be ravaged by Caucasian phallus.

    2. I agree Tinesh!! Not only Indians but many women who are not BLACK (Most Blacks stick with their own) are more likely to spread their legs to white men no matter how useless they are cause they have self-hatred in their heads.

        1. I mean that as stick to their own Black Men in general, not referring to specific individuals, there are obviously loyal and un-loyal women in the Black community as in other communities.

        2. You seriously think people report all their hookups to dating websites.
          Scandal is the most popular TV show among Black women for a reason.

        3. They don’t need to “report” anything. It’s data monitoring what these people are interested in. Monitoring actions not words – especially important in a place like the United States where everyone is full of shit.

        4. OK Mr Technocrat. If a website says, then it’s true.
          I have to go. My Black girlfriend ditched me for a Swede.

        5. I got to agree it seems that those blacks with some known European heritage do want to settle with someone of European origin. No idea why. I was incredibly surprised when one black said this and she has Mauritian features so a mix of Indian, African and a splash of some Euro.

        6. Black people are meant to live in small communities with simple. There they are the bes people on earth.
          Colonization and slavery put them in a model of society fit for White and Asian. So, the only way a Black person chas to mix in order to have a kid who can survive in this environment.
          I know a lot of Black guys who put up with ugly beasts or bitches so they can have mix-raced kids. I wouldn’t do it myself but I understand them

        1. Feminist infection is all over Western Society. Believe me I believe in equal rights for women, and treating them with respect. But I also believe that Heterosexual Men and Women should work together as a balance when coming together for a relationship. I think the economic problems combined with some of the legal issues is creating problems in the marriage rate. Personally I prefer Black Caribbean women and Latina, but I have dated American Black women before I just let them know what my expectations are.

    3. There are drop dead gorgeous AND butt ugly women in all the races
      perhaps but some races more then others. Like you want slim girls, youll find plenty in the asian demographic. You like ass you gotta go latina.

        1. so do indian women but they use fire too. Middle east women are bat shit isane and thai women will shop off your dick if you cheat…:bangkok hairdut”.
          I have latinas in the family they are hot headed but compared to the indians anarabs they are alessor devil

    4. All women spread their legs to achieve higher status. Girl can be icy, and disrespectful to a decent guy in conversation and even prudish if the conversation goes that way, but some high value man comes along with higher status than everyone else and its like she’s ovulating.

      1. Stop hurling ad hominem attacks at me fuckwit and give hard cold evidence that I’m a bitter man. Let me tell you something you sonofabitch, next time debate with decorum you bonehead

    5. Interesting information. Ironically, you appear to have also described Western culture in relation to its attitude regarding women, unless of course you are suggesting that it is even more extreme in India.

      1. Haha.
        Have a feeling the real Beejoli would be too insecure to post a chick hotter than herself.
        Btw, WB (Not Beejoli! The chick above)

      2. I’m aussie. I have no idea who beejoli is. I just googled ‘hot Indian women’ and that pic came up, had no idea who she was either. I’ve now been banned for posting that pic? Really? Well ok Roosh. It’s your site. I was enjoying it and liked commenting. Cheers, bba

    1. Sorry, but this whole post is fucking stupid.
      I’ve had 2 Indian girlfriends in my life, one was a model, the other was a very successful businesswoman. Both were 9’s. The latter was actually hotter than the former.
      If I had a problem with either of them, it’s that they were sluts. They went to bed far too easily, couldn’t hold their liquor for shit, and they had fucked far too many guys. The businesswoman also had a bit of a coke habit too, which I have a pretty low tolerance for. Apart from that, everything in this post is just way off the mark.
      I’d like to know how much time Matt has spent in India, and where the fuck he hung out? I challenge him to take one single night out in Mumbai’s best clubs and TRY to not see a dozen hot chicks staring back at him. Just try.
      Or was this written from a basement somewhere?
      Disclaimer: I am decidedly not Indian.

      1. The point of the article is that Americanized Indian women show certain consistencies of behavior. He never claimed to have visited India. Matt’s style is not to sugar-coat his words. He puts the rawness out there, in all its nakedness. Some people can handle it, and some cannot.

        1. I’ve dated Indian girls and Indian girls usually tend to be either really, really hot or really, really ugly. They really have a different view of society and come at things from a different perspective. If you don’t understand their perspective, you get idiots spewing nonsense like this article.
          Quite frankly, the guy that wrote this article is kind of an idiot (not just from this post). As Ob mentioned, Forney’s pic of “goateed baldness” really says everything we need to know. We got a guy who’s not only an idiot, but looks like a pig (literally). You can’t expect attractive Indian women to be attracted to that guy.
          This brings us to the next question: why are we relying on ugly guys who’re kinda stupid and asking for their opinion on matters where they’re clearly only gonna take one side? It makes no sense, but that’s a different issue for a different day.

        2. The point of Ob’s comment is that if you are a hideous troll of a man, your experience with attractive women of ANY race is going to be non-existent. The majority of ROK readers are ugly, awkward, basement-dwellers. Hot women of any race will not engage them, so they shouldn’t comment on subjects they have zero knowledge on. Would you ask a physicist for advice on how to bake cupcakes? Why would you ask guys with zero game about women?

        3. Thanks for deciphering this complex and intrinsic BS in the name of journalism, Quitus
          Curtius. Btw it still is crappy journalism, even after your mammoth efforts of simplifying it.

        4. OH OK, btw do you know whats 2+2? oh no you dont and why should ya, when you can just go around calling people dipshit hahhaaaa gosh you Americans are soo funny really. hahahaaa

        5. I’m not the type to sugar coat things either, BUT unlike Matt, I have the actual SENSE to not judge a WHOLE RACE based on a handful of people, especially when there is NO proof and basis on which he had made his accusations. DON’T TAKE IT TO HEART SWEETHEART, BUT IT’S PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT RUIN OUR WORLD. WELCOME TO THE 21st CENTURY, WHERE I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU EXIST. GET THE FUCK OUT, BITCH.

        6. Upvoting just for the mention of it being crappy journalism. He probably has nothing better in his life to write about.

        7. But that doesn’t cover up the fact that he completely insulted Indian women. He doesn’t have the authority to be going around trying to change people’s perspective on Indian women. Just imagine that he objectified and insulted you like that? You’d still think that he just described you in a raw way and accept it?

        8. Interesting, I wonder if he would do the same when it came to white people and all the harm they do across the world. But then again, white people are angels aren’t they.

        9. I couldn’t agree more. He is spreading hate in my opinion. People already have such skewed visions and he’s making it worse. Reading things like this is so infuriating. Thanks for saying this.

      2. I use to take my niece to swim class when her mom couldn’t go. Those teenage Indian girls are like hairy monkeys.

        1. Buddy, no one waxes or shaves when they are teenagers. Your white girls probably have golden hair, but they are just as fucking hairy. Indians just happen to have darker hair.

        2. So what? Isn’t hair normal? They have a lot of hair because of where their country is situated. It’s adaptation of the body to the country’s climate. Sucks to be you, not knowing science and all

      3. http://www.singledudetravel.com/2013/12/indias-shocking-lack-of-attractive-women/
        Its even said among indian men that our women look hotter when born in the west then in the motherland for some reason. Must be the hormones. Ive had friends and families that been to india and they confirm it. And your rating of 9s is questionable. Im thinking they are 7s and 8s. ONly millionaires get 9s.
        Yes every nation has hotties and uglies but some more then others.
        Like youll run to brazil and russia for women but you wont got uk usa sudan. But as a whole the talent sucks in india. The indian women NYC are way better lookin than in the motherland. Hell NYC has among the best looking women in america compared to other cities.
        Always look at the average. Like average american is fat the average korean is slim.

        1. This is because the arranged marriage system exempts both Indian men and women from having to be attractive.
          Hence, Indian women are ugly and Indian men are short/weak/beta. When you take away the pressure to be attractive, this is what happens.

        2. actually the pressure to be attractive is there. If the family doesnt approve of the bride theyll take off. SImilar with the guy, they look at his money and status number 1 then his behaviour then appearance.
          for women its good family rep,chastity,domestic skills and looks.
          just the average talent pool sucks. In fact worse since there are more men then women so now the women can slack. WHich gets worse if you have a western born inidan boy marrying a local rural girl.
          though that is changing, they tend to look down on foreigners even if they are inidan. Now adays its demonstrating lower value,back in the 60s-80s it was good,not anymore

        3. .AGREED that arrange marriage structure makes people not work on their looks ..
          Lol yeah agreeed…indian girls back in india look down upon less educated men/ american ppl..as american men love FAKE stuff..fake boobs, fake nails, fake giggle( of whites and poor asian nations) the avg american man earns less.he doesnt mind abandoning his own child easily ;BTW .the indias have started earning good.. they live with thei own kids for long time ..and they have brains ..

      4. Yeah, pretty sure Matt’s experience with a hot woman of ANY race is non existent. You know how to get a hot babe of any race? You gotta be hot yourself!

      5. Challenge him to take a night out to Mumbai’s best clubs
        Well here in America, in order to find hot chicks, we don’t need to go to the city’s “best clubs”, we can find just as hot women in a local bar!
        I’m Indian btw

      6. lol obviously you know nothing about syracuse its not a hick town its a city. the college alone which is just a tiny part of the city cant even be considered a hick town. its a very diverse place and although its considered a medium sized city it has big city problems so calling it a hick town is just ignorance.Source: lived here for 23 years

      7. This comment👍I thank you for that, especially for the first two lines.

      8. I can’t even believe how this guy is generalizing Indian women. Yoh u are a sad person. If we are so bad why are you getting into bed with so many Indian women lol sick thing

      9. U are saying they are sluts. Are u a slut. Though I never use that word in fact I hate it. How is ur character. How many women have u slept with. What gives u the right to judge them. Men think they can sleep with any number of women yet think they have the right to judge some women who sleep with a few and call them sluts. Are u from this century. Do u watch the news. How educated are u. Just judging people only on appearance. How would u feel if u were only judged by ur looks. There’s more to life. I could be wrong. Maybe not.

      1. There are exceptions to every rule, the fact that you are posting every hot indian in the world doesn’t change this fact. Also note he says even if they are fit they will balloon after 35″, you are posting a bunch of 20-25 year olds. Sorry you are so butthurt but the experience of one person.

        1. Personally, Indian women have the highest rating of 6’s than any other bracket. They do also have an odor, and from experience have the highest tie to social perceptions when it comes to who they date or sleep with. It is like they culturally, can’t be seen as anything other than status mongers.

        2. I’ve always wondered about that but to be polite, I wouldn’t ask. But that scent is rather pungent.

        3. an indian 6 is a 4 here in the west man.
          If you are a girl competition is easy like a white guy in thailand

        4. While doing dumbbell presses at the gym today, an Indian girl decided to do some dumbbell rows on the bench right next to me.
          To be fair she was cute, but once she started busting a sweat–my freakin’ lord I almost vomited. I had to finish my sets with mouth-breathing and I had to turn my head while recovering in-between sets.
          For me to say that the odor was “pungent” would be too kind. It was absolutely disgusting and tore through my olfactories like a vile of smelling salts.

        5. I see where you’re coming from. A six in America can go across the board and a lot of Indian Women, max out at 6. That picture posted of the beauty pageant winner is proof. How does she rate against the average score from a one night stand? And while you should be taking home someone who is okay to be seen in daylight, they typically won’t be seen as better looking than thousands of women. That Indian beauty queen beat out thousands of women to win. Gut or no.

        6. No it’s not, dude. It is just biological. Seriously, I have known Indians who eat no curry nor garlic, whom you could smell from rooms away.

        7. Because Western chicks are BIG-TIME BABES!!! If you’re a chick and you want to ball against the hotties in Great Falls or Birmingham you better be bringing an hourglass figure, minimum. Don’t even step against against the trim in Des Moines is you haven’t been LIVING in the squat rack.

        8. And Americans smell of all the fat meat and fries they eat, right?
          How stupid are you?

        9. Oh so when a white girl sweats, does she smell of flowers and unicorns?

        10. Who cares what I think? Sweat your ass off and stink up the whole place while achieving your goals. If you’re self-conscious about your stench, then get a home gym or join a “judgment free zone” like Planet Fitness.
          Do you think I care that people who see me flexing or posing in the mirror think I’m a fag?
          Anyways, have some pride… Indians are coming up: https://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-58424.html

        11. Ya. Cus u spend ur whole life just thinking about womens appearance. Since nothing else is important in life. Only how someone looks. Just like the only thing that defines u melmoth as a human being is how u look. Nothing else matters. Not ur accomplishments or ur job or what uve done for the world. Only ur diffferent aspects physique and face. Grow up!!!!

      2. The fact that you guys are posting pics of models makes this very suspicious. Why can’t you just bring pics of regular girls?

        1. Because most of the guys on here have zero game and the only way they’d have pics of real girls is by stalking them.

        2. Damn…. I think half of the problem is that every single one of them has a flat, patted down hairstyle with a braid on the back.
          No flowing, voluminous hairstyle that would actually move in the wind.

        3. because most of the woman chooses to apply hair oil everyday. Your hair will be rough as old rug in the climate and pollution like India if you don’t put oil in your hair.

        4. There’s plenty on fb
          Just type in a regular Indian female name . you’ll see

        5. Dude, I hope you realize that most of the women in this picture are around their forties and married…

        6. Yes have you seen her nose before her plastic surgeries uterly disgusting and without make up google candice swanepowel

        7. Indian girls are far better than this. It’s just that Indian girls don’t apply makeup everyday as American girls do

      3. It doesn’t really count when it’s a modeling shot. Lights, makeup, photoshop and mining thousands of pictures for one or two to use means that even a truly repulsive girl could look hot.

      4. man face flat chest, freashly waxed, photoshop make up and lighting wasnt enough. Indian women are almost as bad as black women. DOnt try and bullshit us

      5. Not buying it, there are a handful of makeup plastered photoshopped indian models who are either not fully indian or plastic surgery to look more white and pretty. Most indian girls I encountered are just not attractive. I’d say of a class of 500indians 250 indian girls, less than 2-3 were doable.

      6. That woman actually she has a hideous face.Just her body is ok and her face is scary like a witch too

    2. This woman’s name is Koena Mitra. Her career was temporarily ruined after she had a botched nose job. Eventually she had to have several more surgeries to “correct” her nose. In other words, this is not a natural specimen, but one that’s had plastic surgery to give her a white woman’s nose.

        1. You’re obviously clueless. SouthAsian (including Indian) women rarely if ever get boob jobs, they don’t need it. It’s practically unheard of in India. Boob jobs are a white girl thing.

      1. She actually looked amazingly better in the before picture. Such a shame. Odd, the mole on her chest seems to have moved, was she trying out for a Mel Brooks film?

        1. Um no. There are certain push up bras that lift breasts up, they don’t look augmented. Augmented breasts are hard (factory made silicone or saline) and real breasts are soft (God given fat), and augmented breasts have very tight skin at the breasts and loose skin at the neck/collarbone region. Indian are much curvier naturally than their white counterparts, it’s just genetics. If you want to see what augmented breasts look like, check out ANY white chick with big boobs (they are all fake).

        2. So when u look at a woman u only see her boobs. Man u are really deep and insightful.

      2. Natural specimen???? Is she an object?? Are u an object?? Are u a specimen???

    3. Koena Mitra has a man jaw even before the botched nose job. See her without make up,photoshop and lighting and she aint shit. Like every other bollywood actress
      its a disappointment like when I saw Jessica Nigiri last summer. She had nice cans but dam square manface,ice pic marks all over her face. No wonder she said no pictures.

    1. Gypsies come from the Indian subcontinent originally.
      That having been said, I once knew a Gypsy girl down in Grenada who could give a dead man a hard on. One of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.
      I never hit it though… I’m pretty sure her entire family would have come after me.

      1. Also Gypsies is a misnomer as they were falsely thought of as EGYPTIANS….just adding to your comment.

        1. They’re also the root of the phrase, “I got gypped!” Due to their infamous criminal lifestyles.

        2. lol wow…Gypsies are really disliked…I met a Gypsie young lady in Western Washington State as they have a community in neighboring Idaho! Very very beautiful woman!!

    1. Waaah, help me big daddy government, somebody said something on the internet that I didn’t like.

    2. So, this is one good looking Indian woman out of a population of 614,397,079. Congrats, you failed the internet.

      1. Was wondering that as well.
        Sounds like a woman thing. I saw something that I didn’t like, so naturally, someone must pay.

    3. Literally ALL Indian women who are considered beautiful use whitening skin creams and plastic surgeries to look white.

      1. No. India is a racially diverse place. Many of the lighter Indians are of Teutonic ancestry and descended from tribes that moved down into the sub-continent a few thousand years ago. There is also some European colonial blood mixed in.

        1. bulllshit they are not tectonic. those are northern europeans. Its iranic people that came from azerbiajian and persia that settled into north india. After Hitler took the aryan term to refer to his nordic germanic race people get the concept of white mixed up

    1. Because the repercussions for stomping ones feet like an adolescent girl and spouting racist crap on the Internet are so onerous?
      Matt can’t get a hot chick. He’s upset about it. He blames the chicks, mostly. After that it’s the culture that created them.
      Maybe if he wasn’t a pudgy, bald, white boy with a 1990’s goatee he’d be able to get hotter chicks?
      At least you write literary posts Quintus. But this Forney tripe is devoid of value or merit. It has little place here on RoK IMHO and it brings the whole site down.
      We’re all entitled to our opinions. (As is Matt). Here’s mine: Matt’s a loser. Losers shouldn’t write red pill articles until they solve their own personal problems.

      1. Forney is just a troll, you shouldn’t take him so seriously … that said, he really should work on getting in shape and post new pics online as the current google image search results aren’t doing him any favors … glass houses and what not …

      2. The author is expressing his own personal opinion based on his own experience with the subject. But remember that Matt is talking about Westernized Indian women in the US. He never claimed to have visited India. If your personal experiences differ and have been very favorable, then bravo for you. Maybe you could write a rebuttal article to Matt’s post here, and explain why an American man should date Westernized Indian women.
        Attacking the writer personally solves nothing. If we are going to have a rational discussion about this, I think you should submit us an article and we’ll go from there.

        1. While at first glance, that may sound like a reasonable response, it isn’t.
          Here’s why.
          Racism is essentially an ad hominem attack on a grand scale. Saying “Black people are stupid”, or “Mexicans are lazy”, or “Indian girls are ugly” all equate to ad hominem assaults — and none of them warrant rational debate. To debate this lightweight would elevate his position to a plateau worthy of discussion. And let’s keep in mind what his position is: “Indian girls are ugly”.
          Seriously Quintus, are you asking me to respond with a “rebuttal article” to “Indian girls are ugly”?
          I would posit that the only avenue of response in this instance *should* be ad hominem: Matt’s a loser. He’s a white, pudgy, bald, can’t-get-laid, racist, blogger from Bumfuck, NY who writes over-the-top, clickbait articles in the hopes that he’ll piss off some segment of the blogosphere enough to generate a tsunami of outrage.
          That’s not why I read RoK, and I’ll wager it’s not why most of your readers read this site.
          But hey… it’s your blog too. If you like sharing these pages with an out-of-shape, racist loser who can’t get laid — but writes “how to” guides on that very subject — then that’s cool. Here’s a clue: He’s making you look bad.
          We all make our own choices, Quintus. They reflect on all of us correspondingly. Yours are noted.

        2. While at first glance, your response to my response sounds reasonable, it isn’t.
          Here’s why.
          The author is relating his own personal experiences. His own personal experiences. If they have been negative with a certain ethnic group or class, then that is his experience.
          To say it’s “racism” is just a way of dismissing his own personal experiences. A person has right to talk about his negative experiences without being called a “racist.” That’s SJW behavior and will not be tolerated here.
          You, on the other hand, have claimed to have had positive experiences with American women of Indian ancestry. Or have you? Your experiences were with Indians from India, not American women from Indian backgrounds. So, unless you have had experiences dating American women of Indian ancestry, you are not making an apples-to-apples comparison.
          Even so, your experiences don’t sound very positive, either. By your own words, one of the “9s” you dated was a coke-sniffing slut, and the other was a ball-busting whore. I don’t see that as anything too great, either.
          All the same, I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and give you a chance to back up your comments with a real article. If you think Mr. Forney is so off the mark, tell us why in a well-written article. The choice is yours.
          People make choices, and yours is noted.

        3. Interesting that you list being ‘white’ as one of Matts faults, and in the same sentence call him a racist.

        4. Yup. ‘White’ got top billing in a long line of insults. He also calls him ‘pudgy.’ Where’s the fat acceptance?

        5. “To say it’s “racism” is just a way of dismissing his own personal experiences.”
          This is just total intellectual dishonesty.
          Let me quote:
          “If you live in the west, dating an Indian girl is one of the worst decisions you can make. Indians combine the worst of their native culture and the worst of American culture in one disgusting, rancid stew. Here’s why you should never date—or even pump and dump—an Indian girl.”
          That’s personal experience?
          See, now you’re just flat-out embarrassing yourself Quintus.
          As dozens of others have noted here, the writer very clearly uses a broad brush to make blatantly defamatory generalizations about an entire race. What is that besides racsim? What’s next? A rant about niggers? Hey, it’s just personal opinion, right?
          Let’s go over to the dictionary for a minute:
          “Racism: The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”
          Yeah… that’s pretty clear.
          And by the way, Mr. “Anti Ad Hominem”, did you just call me a “SJW”? Jesus, that’s funny. But more importantly I guess you can add intellectual inconsistency to your intellectual dishonesty, because you’re apparently now calling me names.
          Lastly thanks for banning my account. So much for the right to express an opinion. LOLFAG.

        6. Why the fuck would you think I’m a chick? Because in your little corner of Alabama, dudes are the racist ones and women aren’t? Go back to your Klan rally, Jeremiah. Git yerself a nee-gro fer a beatin’, yeeeeeah boyeeee.

        7. I’m not from Alabama or white. And why would you attack the writer’s looks unless you were a chick or a fag? Cause that’s something they would do. All that we as needed was the little dick comment and bingo your posts would read identical to any generic angry chick or fag. Fine if you’re either, which I’m sure you are. Just know that this site isn’t for you regardless js.

        8. I’m not white or from Alabama. What else can I call someone who analizes a man’s appearance, and calls the author everything short of little dicked basement dweller ? Either a chick, or a homosexual..js.

      3. Yes, Forney you need to start writing more TL;DR, tedious, soporific articles that no one finishes and that drive traffic away from the site.
        Stop generating controversy and stirring up debate in the comments section, too. It takes up too much bandwidth, engages too many visitors for too long, and causes too many return visits.
        And while you’re at it, hit the gym or get a personal trainer or something. Some of the guys are apparently thinking of asking you out or something, and while they’re sufficiently obsessed with your writing that they feel compelled to search for your photos, and apparently can’t stop themselves from reading everything you write here, they still judge that you’re not quite cute enough for them yet.

    2. I wanted to combine the name with “Terminator” like that old SNL skit such that someone named “Jones” might be “The Jonesinator”.
      Then I thought. “oh”.

    1. When I was in France I was shocked by the lack of attractive women. There were some, but they were few and far between. Italian women are much better looking.

        1. dam that must boost french plain janes ego when she sees the ugly migrants an their men cat callin her

    1. Mullet Boy and the Italian Stallion slapping high fives.
      …That can’t possibly be more appropriate.

  5. Not sure what to think. I currently work in a place with a high number of Indian women. They all seem nice enough. Some of them are quite attractive, and they’re all pleasant and friendly.
    Admittedly it’s work, so any interaction is kept as short and professional as possible. I don’t see any of them outside of work, or even talk about things outside of work with any of them. Could be I am just seeing one side of them, and not getting a full picture.

  6. You can find pictures of unattractive women in any race. East Asian women also loathe themselves as a general cultural trait when they assimilate. So why are you picking on Indian women, were you rejected by some Desi? Way to generalise. Smh.

    1. “were you rejected by some Desi? Way to generalise you bald fat fuck.”
      Did some broad hack your account or something, Lance? Not that there’s anything wrong with disagreeing with the piece, but going one step above the tiny dick/basement dweller approach generally isn’t your style.

      1. Fair assessment. I deleted that last part. Just seems there was some underlying animosity. No issue. But fuck it tho. It was said.

        1. No worries, my friend. You’re too smart for that shit – I actually was thinking you might have been hacked, that’s why I said something. Edited my post as well.

    2. Perhaps. but since you live in an area with few indians you wont know unless you live in canada or uk. This is no different then the not to date black women article 2 days ago. Honestly indian women are about as bad as african american women.
      They may not be as slutty and have some chaste girls(thankfully) but they can mouth(close to black women), manipulate,guilt like no other and they are the queen of drama.
      This whole post is meant to generalize, since this is whats happening to our community. It sucks.
      But that bit of unatttracitve women everyhwere,yes but some more then others. Like uk we know sucks and russia is awesome for example. Sure youll find exceptions to the rule in those lands, but thats what they are exceptions.

  7. I dunno. Article seems way over exaggerated. Good for click bait.
    Of all the Indian girls I’ve gone to school with or worked with over the
    years in the US and Canada, I would say that they were on average
    *slightly* hotter than the average white girl – less body fat, better
    dressed, better behavior, etc. Have no idea about body hair, as I never
    banged any but I imagine they wax and shave like any other girls as
    their legs and arms were not hairy.
    As to the feminism thing, I disagree as well. In my experience a
    *smaller* percentage of US-born desi chicks turn feminist than white
    girls BUT when they do they are:
    (a) More driven and outspoken than their white counterparts
    (b) Stand out more due to be being minorities
    So I can see how someone, at a glance, could think they are more
    feminist than average. But that’s not true. Most come from conservative
    families and generally carry on that mindset.
    The only accurate point in the article is that most do suffer from
    varying degrees of self-loathing. Part of that is ancient residue from
    the caste system (whiter/Aryan/Brahmin is better), British colonialism (whiter is better) and growing up in the West (whiter is better).

    1. Political correctness has got people in denial, but you’re hard-pressed to go anywhere in the world where whiteness isn’t appreciated. (Consider the Asian trend to have plastic surgery to make their eyes look less Asian.) The only exception I see are self-loathing white SJWs in the West, and brainless bandwagon-hopping white girls who buy the propaganda that being white is shameful, and mixing with other races is beneficial. Get angry and call me names, but being white will always have value, especially the blonde/blue eyed types which are becoming increasingly rare. That’s a big reason why everyone loses their shit over Eastern European girls. Truth hurts.

        1. It absolutely is envy. So many ethnic types are absolutely desperate to give their offspring white genes, and they try to rationalize this in various ways. If you state this truth plainly, they call you “Hitler.” A spade is a spade.

        2. People hate what they envy. In this one life, either you’re white or you’re not. No matter how much hate is directed towards whites by the media, the reason is obvious; envy. It’s the same concept when ugly bitches hate on hot chicks.

        3. What they are trying to do is improve their gene pool….
          Look at all the White who-res squirting out mud babies…They’ve been brainwashed by the jew media into mass reverse eugenics….

      1. you’re hard-pressed to go anywhere in the world where whiteness isn’t appreciated.
        Certainly true in Southeast Asia and Latin America. The whiter the better.

      2. Any white guy with blue eyes or blond hair will have women swarming them right on the Texas/Mexico border those towns are 90% Mexican-American and those girls love white guys. The whiter the better, just don’t marry them you’ll be stuck there forever.

        1. I have buddy who’s 6’2″ blonde hair and blue eyes. His girl is nice, but he could do better. I keep telling him to travel and donate to sperm banks.

        2. Good looks can get you so far, without game or initiative you will only settle for the low hanging fruit.

        3. Your buddy really should donate to sperm banks. It is a crying shame that blond hair is breeding itself out. Someone seriously needs to do something about it.

    2. Part of it also is that Indians have been the most spectacular failures in resisting colonialism and then in building a viable economy in the post-colonial period.

    3. True about the Latino soaps. Even Indians are played by whites or quasi Caucasoid mestizos.. I mean really? In a part of the world where more than two thirds of the populace are native or darker complected mestizos?
      You see more darker skin Latinos in american TV. Js…

      1. hell latinas are taking over bollywood now like bruna abdullah of brazil. Its actually giving local indian girls a hard time to get modelling gigs sine the slavics and latinas starting shwoing up

  8. Indian women age like spoiled milk. Not that I’m suggesting anyone spend their entire lives with these (or any) heaux but the ridiculously short shelf life of Indian women should have at least deserves a mention.

    1. Definitely true Helmuth. Numerous people have pointed that out over the years. I know on RoK we pretty much rip on all women over 30, but most White and Asian chicks “can” hold up fairly well until they are about 38-42.
      Not Indian women. They’re pretty much gone by early 30s

      1. I work with lots of Indians. Most of them are very nice. I’ve even met a couple that are drop dead gorgeous. But they were young and single and they knew they were beautiful so almost unapproachable. But I’ve never seen a married Indian that was thin. Their culture I think does encourage them to let it go after marriage.

        1. agreed. I have just about every race in my family but native american. And the indian women just hit the wall between 27-32. They age worse then white women, which is sad.
          in my experience indian women age the worst then middle eastern white woemn latinas,pacific islander and then asian.
          Dont have many blacks so I cant say.

    2. You are right. I think it is a combination of little exercise, kids, and a high-starch diet. Most of the beautiful young ones explode into a fat Auntie in their 30’s. I’m not sure it is inevitable or lifestyle.

      1. Yeah, due to a number of factors:
        (1) High starch/high fat Indian food (though delicious)
        (2) Pumping out a few kids
        (3) No “exercise culture” in Desi life (few even do yoga)
        (4) Married for life due to cultural pressures, therefore no dread game to worry about – so no consequences to letting yourself go

        1. ick. indian food?
          delicious? seriously?
          It’s brightly-colored garbage. Most of their food tastes like an old mop smells. Overseasoned, poorly-cooked, and anything but fresh.
          Even Irish slop (meat you can slurp through a straw) is a thousand times better than the overspiced garbage Indians refer to as ‘ethnic food’

        2. pregnancy is no excuse to being fat. My grandma had 10 kids and still slim. She worked and healthy. Theres a difference between baby weight and weght gain

      2. Ah, i’d sent my reply before i read yours to Helmuth. Looks like were in agreement here though.

    3. It’s almost a given that the ‘hot babe’ Indian chick under 25 years old will balloon up & become the ‘auntie’ within a year after popping out a spawn or two. Reference? The various anectodes from Indian male buddies & personal observation.
      Granted, i’ve also seen the odd Indian yoga chick outlier. But…that’s an outlier too far…

      1. Having grown up among Indians in the US and Canada, age 40 seems to be the magic age for Indian women – they all become fat aunties from that point forward.
        Below 40 I would say most are in better shape than average and look a few years younger than their white counterparts.

      2. Could someone comment about Paki woman in the U.S.?
        I frequently notice some petite beauties wornig menial jobs…
        Where do they fit in here????

        1. they are the same but crazier thanx to the muslim background. Pakistani,indian,bengladeshi,sri lankan and nepais are all “desi” or south asian. The same rule applies. But autoher used indian since most are not fmailiar with the term

        2. pffft thats a lie. Those are the top tier of that community.Kinda like redheads either they ugly or they really hot,nothing in between. And they use heavy make up. Logging in with “hotpakistani” and claiming to be lusted after,is trying alil hard(slight egoism which is now sterotypical here now),kinda like what black women do.
          Many guys have been in pakistan and Ive met them coming here,most part few are pretty. #1 and #4 arent really all that they just average here with make up and lighting. The others They do look good but thats all work and lighting to look like 8s.
          Farayl Khan is ok kinda bony face but with make up shes good, otherwise nothing special. Figure Amir Khan coulda gotten a better deal.
          Pakistanis arent mixed unless you go way back. Though kashmeris seem like the better looking in the area, they usually have nice eyes in the country. Trust me, pakistanis may have tradition and chastity going for them but they got their work cut out in latin america. Trust me they can tell we foreign unless we are really attractive then they have hard time telling. We may have a few lookers (unfortuantly prolly due to cousin marriages)but the foreign competition is too much at the moment….until they screw it up with tattoos,piercings,pixie cuts,obeisty, and quarrelsomeness

        1. The gene that 99.5% of blue-eyed people carry originated near the Black Sea ~6-10,000 years ago. Groups of people with “light eyes” (e.g. blue or green) are primarily found in Europe (including places colonized by Europeans) but can also be found in parts of North Africa, the Near East, parts of the Middle East and even in the ‘Stans. That’s how Sharbat Gula (the famous National Geographic “Afghan Girl” cover) could have those freaky green eyes. (Incidentally, they tracked her down and, if you haven’t seen her updated photo (age 30), you’re better off skipping it. Let’s just say life if rough in the ‘Stans and she undoubtedly hit the Wall at about age 24.)
          À bientôt,

        2. I’ve seen the picture it was a real disappointment. She could of grown up to be a real hottie if she lived anywhere else but that hell hole.

        3. That image leaves me to believe that the Ancient Aryan’s did Invade and conquer a Dravidian society. Not to mention bring Hinduism with it. That the early hindu art seems to portray an image similar to this narrative. Afghanistan had a long Buddhist history pre-Islam and has many people who have much lighter skin and lighter eyes and would have been less influenced by high population Dravidian areas of the South. The caste system there favours those with lighter skin. Not sure who believes in this idea but i guess it is up there with the Jewish Khazar theory.

        4. I like to put a bit of science into the show now and then. Any with 21 upvotes so far and three replies, I’d say you were wrong. It’s not such a bad thing to learn stuff, now and again…..

        5. You think a place defines what you look like? oh my god you are all such illiterate fools. Shame on you.

        6. War zones, poor diet, and the stress of hard living affects how you look. Yes, a place can define what you look like. Here in the US we have access to unlimited food and some people eat like there are no consequences. I live in Vermont and fat bodies are abundant I can easily spot an east European (we have few) by just how thin they are.

        7. I somewhat agree but at the same time I would just like to say that India is a beautiful place. It is not just “war zones, poor diet, and poverty”. There are many people that suffer with that. 1) If you are concerned, I would suggest that you use your power as a white man to promote helping India by encouraging the Yoga business in America to give a share of their profits to India, where the art has originated. Also, please encourage white folks to STOP APPROPRIATING OUR CULTURE !!!!! It makes me extremely angry that you call indian women ugly when white women walk around with henna and bindis and are seen as “trendy, original, and cute”
          2) India is a beautiful place, and there is so much to see. Indians are beautiful hardworking people, and it is highly offensive when white people say that indians are ugly when they put so much effort into getting tan skin like us and spend money towards appropriating our culture. Every person is beautiful no matter the color of their skin.

        8. I’m not defending the current status of white American women too many act manly, have tattoos, weird hair, overweight, careerists, actually the list is too long. I haven’t been around a lot women from India to make a comment as to their attractiveness there’s more than 1 billion people from India. In fact I have met many women from India that I found attractive. My comment was a response to a picture from national geographic of a formerly attractive Afghani girl who now is a woman and has aged horribly.
          I think your idea of American Yoga instructors sharing a portion of their profits with India is a terrible idea and reeks of charity. You should not encourage you country to accept handouts. Nothing is more condescending than when rich Americans give money to poor people in some far off country. You want to help those people leave them alone.

        9. Okay, white American women are allowed to look and act the way that they want. Its their life, and they are allowed to do what they want to, and its not a woman’s sole purpose to be a mother and a wife. Also, my point about yoga was not directed towards charity, but rather cultural appropriation.

      1. they look like man faced trannys and the one on the left has no tits like and asian girl. If this is indias 10s this is sad. THis is why foreigners are taking over bollywood.
        WOnder how will they look without the make up and lighting.
        THe indian girls born in the west look better for some reason though(not talking fatties).

        1. The one in the center is pretty cute…All 3 look to have injected lips….It never comes out right…

        2. they don’t look better its all makeup. Indian girls in uk put on substantially more makeup so look a little better but aren’t nothing special

        3. well thats why they look better. know how to use make up,actaully waxes and better deit provided she aint fat. also noticed lotta girls from india have bad skin then the ones here for some reason. plus growth hormone make them bustier like comparin western asians to fobs.
          they just care for themselves better. like you can just look at them an youll know if they are western or fob fegarfless of how tjey dress. some about them

        4. Still have masculine face because of the square jaws and some facial features. With the female moustache, the face of an early adolescent boy. Make up just makes them look somewhat like a tranny or a man with a ‘pretty boy’ face. That is no 10!

        5. Well the one in the far right corner of the picture isn’t that bad, but she has on a lot of makeup and clarly has put alot into hiding her real features and hairiness. I agree most indian girls are ugly as in 99%, but NOT all. With the standards of some on this board, its gonna be a matter of time beforre they say you want to be a true alapha you gotta take it in the ass from another man because that is what alexander the great and julius ceasar did and they are true alaphas.

        6. what about 3/4 of the Victoria Secret Models who look HIDEOUS without their make up…

        7. said the mediocre looking girl.
          Aish is over rated shes all make up and lighting and sad part is shes as good as she gets. 99% of indians dont even look close to their bollywood counterparts and they aint all that(apperently by people that have met them in person). Lame part is she gotta hell a fat after 1 kid like a typically indian girl.
          though for some reason(probably due to growth hormones) the western borns are better loooking hence why boolywood tries to get them along with their white and latina friends.
          When I say better as a general rule the western ones have more defined jaw and cheeks while the motherland tend to have more of a small soft face(male and female). The guys here are bigger and stronger(which youve noticed as arjun singh bhullar beat your country man for gold) and the women are more curvy.

        8. got pics this I gotta see. Shouldnt be a shock, its usually whose more photogenic in the pics then actually seeing them. But for the most part the bone structure has to be good at least. Modelling is hella competive.

        9. Says the cunt with the surname McGowan. Didn’t men in the UK wear powered wigs and beauty spots at one time? LOL

        10. Your generalisations are as ridiculous as your existence. Go back to sleep or something.

        11. This only proves the authors assessment of indian girls being hot headedness, feelings over logic so to speak(same can be said about middle easterns latinos and southern europeans). People from that part of the globe, if they like you, they blindly love you, if they dislike you, they want you dead. They are sterotyped for crime of passion and honor killing but known to be family oriented and affectionate at the same time.
          If this really hurts your ego, go back to the part of the net that gives what you want to hear then what you need to acknowledge. This is not the part of the net that cares for feelings or is meant to be overtly as an attack(have to think stoic like russian or japanese so to speak)

        12. what the hell is wrong with you? do you have any idea how many indians have won the miss world and miss universe titles? indian females have ruled over every beauty pageant every created. This is definitely not a 10. You have not seen real India. do not talk like an ignorant fool. Have you ever been to India? i guess not. Indian females are beautiful. We are not always this dark. Very often we are fairer then any of your white girls. We have the prettiest eyes and the lovliest hair. And your talking about the size of her tits? LOL. have you never seen the flat chested whites? These are just a few, and they are pretty too. But not the prettiest. You seriously have no idea about this world. and a blind loser will always be that. Blind.

        13. Indian women do not always have bad skin. We have glows that could put ur ladies to shame.

        14. you think all your white bitches look good without lighting? oh please. come to india and see what we have got. sucker.

        15. Don’t listen to him, he’s a 40 year old white guy that probably got rejected by many Indian women.

        16. ANANYA beautiful women need not justify their beauty to anyone… someone needs to donate eyes for these blind losers..:P

        17. we have indians here, typically the western born ones male and female tend to look better even if they copy our style. Think its the growth hormones we eat. Like in the face motherland indians have a “smaller” and “softer” face while the western ones have more prominent jawline and cheekbones.
          Plus the game is different since theres more men then women there so a 4/10 will be a 6/10 there, due to competition, while ukraine its the inverse since more women then men.
          Put it this way 6/10 american girl goes to india shes an 8 but a 4 in russia, just cause of competition, similar rule with guys going to italy,japan,jamaica,etc.
          Body wise we have more muscle tone and height, while the girls got better curves hence why many of the pretty ones in bollywood like sunny leone(such a shame shes a pornstar) katrina kaif or lisa ray.
          Not all white women look good, typically the uglier ones are those roscea piggy blotched british orgin ones or man face german or irish blood girls. But as whole when you go out and or go on the net they usually look better, though as of late they been getting fat, the french and slavic girls here are the pretty ones now for white girls.
          Like if we see more indians that at least hit the weights and keep up with their appearance then yes but excercise is not their thing. THey think putting on skin lighting cream will make em sexy not getting fit….Worse if the guy is using it…they must be closet gays if they are using that.

        18. Im half caste, the full bloods look down on us anyways. Id be biased if all I said was good things about them. Id like to see them improve but Im not gonna lie about their weak points either. Otherwise Id be just like the article said which is true where they hype themselves up more then they really are and lose their shit with any disagreements. Was hoping the indian girls would prove that wrong but not the case here…so many are delusional and think too highly of themselves, serious princess complex but thats expected when your country is a complete sausage fest.

        19. dont always, but many do,this is generalizations cuz theres always exceptions to the rule, believe me its a rarity but problem is they lose it around 30 or when they have kids. Asian skin is something else gotta find out what they are doing.
          Ya they get that glow when they make it fair then it looks nice, but like I said few pull it off and the other communitys can be tough to beat. Like black girls arent considered attracitve but when yyou see a good looking one…DAYM
          When you step outta india, believe me the competition is steep. Right now youre on easy mode like a white dude in the philipines.

        20. lol, this is the foolish arrogant emotional indian heat I was talking about and warned a couple commenters not to prove forney right. QUick with the shaming and quick with the exceptions suddenly being the rule. Very easy to take things personally.
          Yes india has thankfully done great on those pagents but for a billion people they are 2nd to venezuela with 33 million and phillipines are getting good or iceland has 4 winners for a population of 300 000 which is imppressive. The bad part about is the typical indian dont look anything close to them, like no indian guy looks close to hritik roshan. True bollywood is dominated by certain races but so is the miss india. When will we see a tamil win it. Or a good looking indian with typical features like the ones here in the west.
          Least in those nations you see some sorta consistency but with india they just find that one gem in a coal mine.
          If all you see is indian females you are gonna be biased, we got fobs and homegrown here. NOt all are good looking a few are espically when they come here. Nothing wrong with being dark though. Thats BS indians are typically darker then all races except blacks and islanders. Few north indians are fair skinned or haired and eye. If we are fair we usually get mistaken for italian or latin, but rare. But our features have to line up to pass not the small face sharp nose look or lack of facial symmetry(latin people realy have proportional faces)
          we are guys we determine what we like, you going off and ttelling us otherwise proves our point, theres only one number 1 and its not your people unfortuantly.
          Indians do have the best hair Ill admit, problem is we get too much on our bodies(doesnt make sense for hot climate), Prettist eyes, eh that varies but bengalis usually have that down. But thats hard call many persians an slavics may have the most striking eyes.
          yes there are flat chested whites but they are rarer, indian girls are smaller, and asian girls tend to be the flattest. But when born here they can compare….No they aint pretty. What guys and girls think are pretty is always differnet like girls think fashion models are pretty but guys dont. Guys think mr olympia is a stud but girls dont.
          youre the one end of the day is acting like a sore loser and cant let go of her ego to see the truth right in fornt of her. We you see foreingers youll eat your words

        21. Ananya, u know what Grapes are sour for them… they are talking about Jewish, Indian, American , British, German, Finnish, Russian, filipino, japanese girls like they have met and slept with 50% women of all these races. I am sure these racists are always rejected by all of them.

        22. Ma’am, let it go. I think there’s enough proof (half a billion of them) that Indian girls don’t cut it. It’s not the skin tone at all. Hispanic women (especially in the Guadalajara belt) look pretty much the same as Indian women but are much better formed – curves, breasts, tighter bottom etc. it’s due to their diet and exercise regime mainly and some due to genetics. But there’s no excuse for Indian women to not make working out a part of their daily life and eat right. This would go a long way in making them acceptable. However, like many suggested they’re more interested in looking ‘fair’ than ‘fit’.
          Bottom line is : majority of the Indian women are unattractive, Indian men themselves wouldn’t go for them if they had a choice. It’s just a fact. And it’s undisputed.
          Sources : American living in India on business.

        23. You are an absolute shithead. I am a white man who fell head over heels with my Indian wife. You have no idea what you’re talking about, and I’m very sure you would repel anyone, regardless of Indian or not. I hope one day you find an Indian girl and realise just how natural and beautiful she is, and i hope she turns around and says that you’re too white and too much of a dick. Die a lonely bastard.

        24. dude those are the few bollywood stars and they nit pick off of north indians only, apparently punjabis mostly but sweep the southerners under the rug.
          You basically proved my point though, they look ok or nothing speaical without makeup and the other 2 look like the latinas here after the makeup. Like I said before the ones born here in the west male and female tend to look better, and much better shape.
          It shouldnt be a shock that Katrina Kaif,lisa ray or SUnny leone are the hottest ones in bollywood they are either mixed or born here. Its very easy to tell the FOBS and western borns apart here, even when they copy our style.
          the first girl and last girl without make up are ok, but wont be getting second glances or pretty much not turning heads the others they aint gonna care. COmpetition is more sitff here man, trust me.

        25. lol youre an indian girl that made a new account to spite me…..Sounds like what a lonely bastard does.If you did marry one youll know the indian drama quite well. Proved my point. Indians espically the girls(similar to latinas and middle easterns) are hot headed and wear their emotions on a sleeve(lotta passion). If they like you they love you if they hate they want you dead. it shouldnt be a shock that latin america and italy has the crime of passion wile middle east and india has the honor killing aka ego killings imo. But same time place like inda and italy baby there kids so you get these mamas boys for example. Northern euros and asians tend to be more stoic and lil more logical when speaking. They say things as it is without intention of being rude.
          If you are a guy you seem to be a very feminine beta man happy with what he gets and naive about it. Earlier indian guys got criticism like this and get a SHIT ton more hate but they take it better and debate, instead of cursing and wishing ill like a typical indian girl. Its starting to be a sterotype with the young ones now if you live in UK,canada or australia,NZ and now surprisinlgy USA. Didint think it catch on there since they are so few and barely a community there.
          Girl getting riled up proving this guy righ doesnt help, And I didnt warn them not to prove him right, when this artilce came out I knew it was eventually gonna be a bigger shitstorm then the race totem pole…Knowing indians its just how they are….few are exceptions to the rule

        26. Indian girls are very foul mouthed. As a person who understands hindi, I have to say that they curse like a sailor. Besides this, if you hear them trying to make up an English or American accent, you would want to stab your ears.
          Katrina Kaif is not even indian, her father is Kashmiri and her mother is British. Same goes with Sunny Leone and Lisa ray. Yet these indians regard these actresses as their home-born.
          Same goes with their make actors. Shahrukh khan, Salman Khan etc etc have Pakistani or Afghani roots.

        27. Ya its pretty bad. The insults are bad, dogla,sa la nhe to, bain chode,mai chode, bloody bastard,etc. Its not hard to rile them up compared to girls in other communities so you quickly learn how to act and behave.
          There were 2 articles and many jokes about indian men usually called “indian race troll” but wasnt too worried about it, but knowing indian people and especially the women when this article came out, you know its gonna be a shitstorm. Eariler then this there were artilces dont date black girls but no one carries sine its sterotypes we all know that black girls accept, indian girls arent use to it, its new for them.
          I know Kaif and Ray are half white from moms side and Sunny is canadian, But I dont understand why they consdier them their own but thats just bollywood hyping them up. But my point was they are among the hottest girls in Bollywood and they are foreigners. And I consider the Khans non indian, if you are pakistani you better be punjabi to be indan, the rest I consider iranic.
          But I dont like the indian style of what looks good, indians born here may not care about fairness as much (esp men cuz its gay) they look better since the guys work out rarely Do I see a big guy from india(if I do its punjab) or curvy girls (only saw 1). Usually they are skinny fat with lil muscle tone due to carb based lack of protein diet…So Forney is right there,never a toned skinny just soft skinny.
          Plus the growth hormones here give the girls here more curves and height.Plus you kinda see it in the face, I dont know how to explain it but its like our asian friends.Um the FOB indian and asian faces look smaller and softer compared to western born counterparts whom seem to have a more defined jawline and cheeks. Like you can look at the 2010 commonwealth games heavyweight wrestling match, you dont even need to look at the colors to find out whos the indian and whos the foreigner. Just had to look at the face and the inidan guy was baby faced compared to Arjun SIngh Bhullar.
          ps, India should never accepted sunny leone, shes just a used up whore here that couldnt make it and inida basically took the wests leftovers. SHes western when young when shes used up suddenly shes indian.
          Alpha fucks beta bucks eh.

        28. lol, your perception of Indians is spot on. It seems you have spent some years there.
          Lack of good looking new actors and actresses force them to look for people in other countries. Recently there is a trend of hiring Pakistani actors in their film industry because they are tired of their own overused and overrated actors. Check out Irani actresses or Paki actresses. Drop dead gorgeous (0_0)
          Hiring a pornstar, sunny leone, is the lowest bollywood can get.
          Lol, what really pisses me off is their constant denial of the truth.

        29. one of the reasons for their small structures is their religion which prohibits beef.
          Somehow their huge complex is not their fault 😛
          Their race has become used to slavery. During the Great Mughal Empire, they were ruled by Mughals who were a blend of Persians and Mongols. They were aryan descents.
          After the fall of Mughal Empire, they were ruled by British. They have gained freedom but mentally they are still slaves.
          They are ready to shun their relegion, identity and culture just for a one-night stand with a western guy. If a person of their own race approach them, instead of politely declining them, they will insult him. As if he is an inferior being.

        30. well, im half caste and most of my friends are indian, both local born and foreign born.
          I didnt know they were pulling pakistani and irani actresses. THought they were only getting latinas and slavic women only.
          If people dont go an watch her movies, they will cut her. Bollywood sucks about as bad as hollywood.
          Think they can get better looking people if the people of india workout like seriously do 5×5 stronglifts its a good start or do wrestling, best sport to build your physique,strength,power,endurance and mental strength(in mma they are the toughest martial artists).
          Media does that alot like here too, as long as you dont pay then they listen. They like to do shock value to get your money wether u like it or not. But if you dont then they quit. The consumer has more power then u think.

        31. that is true, south indians mostly think its also due to the cousin marriage problem too. Its must up since south is more devolped then north so they should be healthier. But they still can get protein in other meats like youll get tall arabs or pakistanis in europe but they dont touch pork. Protein is protein.
          Of course they think that, girls have an extrinsic locus of control not intrinsic like males.
          Hindus too of the north are indo aryan as well, its the south that are full blood, too bad they are having too few kids.
          Kinda heard about this, but we get here in the west that the FOBs keep to themselves and dont mingle with outside the community usually the indians born here will mingle out but now a days you see them hanging amongst themselves just like the other ethnic enclaves, but they have friends outside their race.
          But they should be like the muslims in europe or the sikhs here, just dont give a fuck. Like ive seen 2 turban punjabis when I went clubbing first time with 2 white brunettes 1 8/10 the other 6/10. My buddy is turban,fat and missing a finger and he deflowered a cute canadian born punjabi girl here, but keep in mind he was raised here though born in india.
          Those westernized or white was or liberal type of girls, just treat em like they are, not wife material. If shes north of 25 and single, keep it that way. THeres something wrong with her or her past. Start reading through rooshv, hes got a lot of good points, like in russia asingle girl of 24 is called an old maid japan and china say left over women. In the west we dont say it but we do think it. SInce they get lots of attention so says alot if she couldnt hold a man down.
          Beware of girls that worked or studied overseas.1 guy was telling a story how he took a indian girls virginity in his office or 1 commenter here said he banged 3 girls from inda and 1 had a boyfriend. Its how you game them, those girls see westerners as sluts. Just fuck the gori gora then shaadi with the hindustani larkha larkhi.
          The indian guy has to be more valuable then the western dude, so shed think twice, money,game,style,physique and interesting hobby. Be a man of options. WHen you do that youll have fun in russia or anywhere in the former soviet union, thanx to bollywood they see inidan men as good husbands and plus more females then males, just watch out for con artsits an youll be fine. Other nations like japan taiwan phillipines vietnam are other options. OR get your fill in goa and make the foreign guys look bad. And shame the girls with e,. Youll have to work hard since there are more men then women in india.
          But a weapon a guy should get is how to tell the diffence of a real and fake hymen, since girls will pay up for it. Dont be conned.

        32. Says you lol. I dont know if you know this, but everyone in this thread is actually looking at your ugly ass profile picture and dying of laughter. Sorry to break it to you man. You look like a mushroom.

        33. Anaya, these boys have obvi been rejected OVER AND OVER again by indian women. So sad isnt it?

        34. Shhh, it’s okay little boy. One day a woman will find you attractive, and want to be with you. Until then, do the
          world a huge favor and stop posting about your failed love life anonymously, okay? 🙂 maybe you need a less ugly face to neutralize your personality? America has some nice places for botox, i heard.

        35. This was the attitude I was referring to and what I was saying to the indian girls not to do, to prove forney wrong. Very easy to rile up, even when you are not trying to insult them, but they fly off the emotional handle very easy take it personally, and are quick with the shaming,insults and condescending attitude. It also says alot on your part to make a fake account to get your point across to sleep at night,since a cute girl probably wouldnt care…Or at the least dont bother uping your own comment. For all I know your face is as ugly as your attitude.
          This is the attitude thats putting many men off assuming they arent desperate.
          I will give you this, I am ugly and I wont change it through non natural means.But can you be honest with your flaws instead of lying,rationalize and going to people that will reassure you the answers you want to hear. Have some some self respect for yourself and dont be insecure about. Make the most of it.
          Its delusional behavior thats best avoided,and I really hope that Mefhil magazine isnt right about the high rates of mental illness in indian women typically depression,mood swings,bi polar or anything that results in a mental breakdown…This was years ago when I read this, bad enough with diabetes and cardiovasular disease….From the comments in the article,they maybe right unfortunate.
          but yet for some crazy ass reason Im better looking then most that come out of india(kinda sux when you think about it), the ones born here is another ball game. Ive gotten to know some girls ranging in the 4-7 range,but I dont have patience for the hot temper. When I was younger I had more patience because I was the nice guy doormat that would do anything for her. But thats pathetic behavior.
          Personality I like the laid back attitude or the more stoic nature you get from slavics or cool behavior of asians, especially japanese. The hot headed temper of indians,latinas and middle eastern is not compatible for me.
          true storys here
          ex: I can say to a japanese girl, oh you are getting fat,shell joke or no maybe alil and we just talk about it.
          Indian girl joked this guy wasnt strong enough to carry her, then you respond either that you or you gained weight and she got mad and threaten to hit him.
          rational girl, youll be fine, hot headed ones youll have to sleep with one eye open….Best to bring a person of value into your life or not at all.

        36. Lol, if you havent guessed by now, I am not an Indian and I look better than the person in profile picture.

        37. Well it is quite a popular trend. When the indian girls parents come to know about their affair with a gora, they quickly marry them off to an Indian ten years older with more money and less hair. Its hilarious.

        38. sucks to be those indian guys, if shes virgin its fine but dont pay full price on a used car while someone had fun it.

        39. “that was exactly the kind of attitude I was referring to”/small face/jawline/growth hormones/half blood/half cock..”
          hmm.. you are fucked up man. some really twisted and degenerated shit is creeping inside you. you sure you are not suffering from the “yoda balls” syndrome, the one with forcefully imposed celibacy on limp dicks by women, or are you “outcastrated” by the opposite sex, with your ego and wanker, both humiliated publicly? mclovin89 says – see, that was exactly the kind of…” and I say – fuck you.
          your posts are hilariously disturbing. i mean who the fuck cares about the shit that you are crying your dick about? you appear to be the kind of dude who could be sodomized by the Indian brownies in their hinterlands. mclovin89 says – “ohh, so you admit that Indian men are queers because their women are so ugly”? and I say – fuck you. god damn you are so alone. I mean does your small faced pa rape you? did you somehow get pregnant with your brother? how many months? that way I could deduce the play of the real hormones on your crap laden psyche. then I won’t have to blame your real self, as the hormones would be to blame.
          as for the white dudes, they are caucasians – broad shoulders, long faces, sharp nose AND obese hippos, small/limp dicks, wet dog stinkers and born out of 6 different fathers. yup, the white chicks out in the west get dicked like they are on the conveyor belt of a manufacturing plant, each section doing it’s job on them(read: your fathers), and you being born out of it. amazing isn’t it?
          a bit on that small face assumption – the white dudes have hilariously large foreheads as if a plasma screen could be fitted on it. their actual faces are so small that it looks funny. in the morning, if and when they wash their faces, most of the water is used to clean up the areas till their brows, below which a puny face exists, and which is quite low maintenance.
          the european and the american chicks are so fucked up that they start procreating by the age of 11(growth hormones, i guess..) now this is just sad. sleeping around with a dozen of dudes, only to marry and divorce and then remarry a dozen others to create an abomination in the form of a child, is also sad. I have on various occasions met white chicks, and man, they wear those sleeveless clothes as if their armpits smell of lavenders, oblivious to the rancid and putrefied stench it emanates, driving a young and lively dick to commit suicide. I have met many chicks who care the least about their personal hygiene, relying solely on their “white skin” for looking clean. nice trick. the bitches eat so many pigs/cows/buffaloes and what not that it is almost impossible to stand near them. the BO is unnerving. the white dudes and the Indian men residing their have gotten used to sniffing and worshiping those odorous women.
          the white dudes can hardly write a few lines about their country, and when they go to a third world country, they suddenly become “experts” on some vague and incomprehensible subject, which has no value in the market. know less, boast more. i have caught many of such individuals off guard and then humiliated them…and then they cry that their jobs are stolen!! but hey, they are white(and they have growth hormones induced jawlines/faces and strength) so they have to be experts!!
          the whities can’t even survive properly without “mineral” water, whey protein, juices and a constant supply of pork/beef to buff themselves. the fuckers are over glorified in a few hollywood military drama productions, and you have bucket loads of falsely projected notion of patriotism and strength to fool the whole world into believing that they actually have some balls( Ohh Vietnam..)
          P.S. – get some help bitch, you need it.

        40. Dam and another indian is flying off the handle again, and judging by those weird insults you are born in india. Are you bi polar or are you on your period?…Hilarious and disturbing you say …sadism and malevolence seems to be a common among the indian females as i posted earlier. So you laugh at those that are sick and degenerate, instead of trying to ask questions to get into their head and discuss the issues on where you disagree and perhaps help. With that atitude you probably laugh at rape victims and homeless
          And of course you care thats why you made up an account. It struck you personally thats why. Have some self awareness damit you are embarrassing the indian race. I tried to warn others not to fly off the handle but as predicted…dam.
          Describing facial features is not meant to be racist or insulting but in the minds of hot tempered or bi polar people it is.,in the latter which thinks the world is out to get them or hurt them, and suggest you get that checked.Because you are proving this ugly sterotype correct which many western born indians are embarrassed by.
          No dispute on whites, the degenercy is bad here espically among millenials and now its affect minority groups and increasinly influence other nations like India for some retarded reason wants to be westernized and their feminism they imported is fucked up and so much like ours, and I hope they go back to traditional culture…Hate to see them emulate anything of our culture Id rather see indians be more like their grandparents. And Id like to see indians defend their tradional culture instead of going oh its patriarhial oppressive honor killing caste system etc instead trying to explain why its good and why their values are like that instead of changing it for western feminist/liberalism. Like they are doing with blowing up the whole rape crisis in india and giving the country a bad name, with all those insults you throw at me, those are more likley to happen to you thanks to those lying feminists in india.
          girl the west is crazy and needs help but so does india for wanting to follow into it, you yourself will need it to. Otherwise if you dont control your emotional highs now you can get a nervous break down later, which has been a problem among south asian women according mehfil magazine, like diabetes to indian people. Then you will be put in hospital and put on pills for life. DONT be a stupid irrational delusional cunt, be emotionally disciplined. At least the indian men were alot cooler(as expected) when they had their bit by bojangles.

        41. your butt, it hurts, i know, it shows.
          below are some solid inferences that I can draw about you:
          1. you were so deeply affected by my comment that you could not even frame sentences properly.
          2. you could not come up with even a single counter argument to defend yourself.
          3. you are simply so alone.
          what is happening is that you are trying to cover your physio-psychological failure by putting forward the concept of “Indian stereotype” in each and every argument. you are so embarrassed of your own existence that you could easily be driven to commit suicide if someone criticized you even slightly more. grow some balls, man(you may need growth hormones for that).
          actually, people like you who cannot survive in your own country flee to Europe/America for some socio-economic and cultural leniency/benefit. outcompeted, outmoded and unable to match up to your native countrymen in terms of skills, you settle abroad, try to match up with the whities, fail and then cry hoarse about your own community. easy, isn’t it?
          this failure stems from the very fact which you are criticizing so vehemently – “aping the west”. this can be proved by your earlier comments where you have been constantly trying to compare and ridicule the Indian attributes. this again takes us to the the depths of your inferiority complex and your constant pursuit to come out of it by trying to ape the west for their society(not culture) and ridiculing the Indian stereotype. and now, you would say – ” this is exactly the kind of Indian stereotype that i want to change/was referring to/embarrasses me”. again easy, isn’t it?
          you do not know anything about the social. political or economic climate of your native country, don’t know about the changing demographics, the latest developments or achievements but suddenly become an “expert” like the whities by aping them…? you are so involved in the “hedonistic” aspect of life that you are blinded about what really matters. sitting on a piece of furniture in the comfort of your western home is different from being in the middle of the things and then commenting. it is the people like you who bring shame to India.
          am i hurt due to the unfair criticism and bias against Indians in your thoughts and comments? not exactly. about being bothered and commenting on your post, yes it is partially true. to see an internally humiliated self pitying retard on this forum trying to belittle his/her own country/countrymen just because he/he is physically/mentally inferior, affects me to some extent.
          about me referring to you being sodomized in the hinterlands is quite true. not because of your appearance/nri type descent, but due to your attitude and being an arm chair wannabe agent of change. you must probably be 25-26 years old if i go by your username. you have a lot to look ahead in your life, a lot to still learn. don’t be so hasty.
          if you want to change the so called “habits” and “appearance” of the Indians, you should come over and get your hands dirty. uplift the underprivileged, feed the undernourished, educate the uneducated and then comment.
          but as they say, I am a “troll”, isn’t it? instead of paying heed to my advice you would try to further pump your inflated ego and come back with a vengeance. i know. it is not easy being advised to do something. but it is never too late.
          P.S. – flying off the handle – no
          cutting the wings of your crap flight – yes

        42. dam, youre really taking this internet blogging real serious.Or youre just obsessed with me. And you have this protective mechanism that anyone that insults you must be a loser in some way or rip on the grammar, if thats how you cope in life thats pretty sad and you mustve been exposed to american “youre special culture’. ive addressed your points but it seems to go over your head. you must be oblivious to the things you do in life and anything wrong is someones else faults. im familiar with he motherland thanx to the foreigners and internet and Im telling you its different here with NRIs and fobs. And many can confirm this when I speak with them.
          Your comments are ar more butt hurt by throwing rape out there by the media hype(which is false) youre more likley to be the victim plus youre female.
          There is no bias with my observations with the Indians here, I just dont like to overtly hype them up like the uber entitled ones like the article proved correct like yourself. Its makes them look like entilted narcissists. If I were to talk to the exceptions theyll agree. i know one humble one, she was cute in India had bfs but here game is alil harder.
          Im not you, i didnt grow up in a culture that wears its emotions on a sleeve so when I say “these negative things” its meant as observation not loathing. When you talk to foreigners youll see the difference on how you must speak with them. The indians,latinos, middle easterns and southern europeans you have to be more sensitive when you speak to them as a oppose to asians and northern europeans. Plus knowing their language helps its gives a peek into their mindset and culture.
          your advice is only helping the dirty work on your end, but its not self improvement for you. You just want feel good vibes for the moment. You are cut by the article and the posts thats why you are commenting to us. I only return since thats how it goes. manning up invovles look at what you cant change accept it and make the most of it but you cant do that can you. You have to lie to yourselves that those bad things dont exist or you must rationalize it….Not the way to go. Otherwise you set yourself for frustration and with your mindset..suicide. I dont know how this came up but dont let this be an option.
          You throw that alone bit quite often…are you alone? is that why youre here on a mens site. Loneliness is a state of mind either with people or not just like peace is a state of mind be it in peaceful place or not.
          You to are living the western life in the east, you see the poverty but go about your normal day. you follow what activists say on changing terms. Like you dont know that when India could have an aging population now that their fertiltiy rates are gettinglow, you probably dont kow that south india is below 2.11 in some provinces which is what many western nations are doing so they bring migrants which changes the demographics in coming decades(its a pretty interesting did quite a few discussion on that and recommend it).
          The overseas is not the case typically foreigners come here, actually take jobs of many whites and they complain or they school here and they go back home to do business since theres fewer competition, since the skill level isnt there yet. Were starting to get western born guys doing that now like many nris born here do business in mumbai now if youve kept up and among other nations, china being the biggest. And how you cannot see the westernization of india I dont know, every person from india will say the same thing.
          Now what stereotypes is what affected you the most. i had been from india, youd probably agree, the second an outsider makes those observations suddenly its all wrong. Im telling you if you travel to the west and see the difference first hand youll know what I mean. Theres some aspects that the motherland have thats better like traditional values but thats on the decline when they come here and try to emulate the locals.
          if all this is somehow insulting then you have some 3rd world iq.
          glad you gotten off your emotional high, but I aint buying your BS,delusions or your insecurities(which you should fix to best of your abilities or accept) and no way do i hate indians, i actually ant them to do well, but Im not going to ignore thier faults. Other communities acknowledge whats wrong but for some reason its all hush hush were not all that from the fobs…NRIs will tell you similarly. If we dont call it then the cycle continues.

        43. 7 paragraphs, so many words, but zero coherence and meaning. what exactly do you want to say? where have you addressed any of the points? why are you not clear in your expression? why are you not able to defend yourself? did my replies hurt you so much?
          it seems like a carefully crafted ploy to use sentences like – “dam(it is damn) you take internet blogging seriously”/ “are you obsessed with me”, to cover up your non sense arguments which you tend to vomit out later on. somebody is taking trolling lessons I guess…
          as I advised you, do not be hasty, even while typing, as this tends to highlight your deficiencies even more, like the use of some tried and tested anecdotes to form a defensive barrier around your weak logic. your application of learned and conditioned behavior exposes you even more. i guess it disturbs you that someone could read you like this.
          moving on, the problem is that you know nothing about India, literally nothing. making use of a few technical words like fertility rate, cmr, imr, demographic dividend in some random discussion that you might have had, as you have claimed above, does not help much. as i had told you earlier, armchair agents of change have zero value. many can confirm this when I speak with them.
          another issue is that you are too embarrassed about your own existence, no matter how hard you try to prove the opposite by claiming to be just an independent “observer” commenting on some warped reality of your own. you mentioned delusions, and i present to you a mirror.
          i know that life is hard for the nri’s. in most of the cases, they are the weaker individuals of India who are unable to cope with the rigors of life in their native land. many are simply runaways, suddenly expecting to be at par with the whities in an alien land despite of having sub-par skills, physique and psyche.
          i have seen much more life than you could ever have. i have survived, not only mentally, but physically too. the moment you land here in India, you would transform into a chicken. softies like you would be cut into pieces in no time, not because it is “The India”, but because you never acquired resistance or resilience. It takes guts to survive here. and then we have people like you “observing” and “commenting ” about it from a safe distance. nice.
          moreover, wearing emotions on sleeves/aversion to criticism etc. is just few of your failed observations, probably through some 45 minute documentary on India. difference is that we are not stones like the westerners, but hard as fuck. you are enjoying your privileged existence in a 1st world democracy with a 3rd world IQ and i am sitting in a 3rd world democratic anarchy with a 1st world IQ. this leaves you with a limp.. okk leave it. this sums it up.
          P.S. – a man here, sweetheart..

        44. ahh you must be an sjw….or gay man assuming you aint a woman.
          THis is typical with the internet, the whole you dont know me, youre insecure and dumb and dont know better and im special because I said so, bad grammr the usual.
          When you look in the mirror, you must accept what you see, not lie about what you see. When you accept it and make the most of the hand you were dealt you hold up better like a short guy being called a manlet for example.
          India is a 2nd world nation unless you are leaving in bihar maybe where its kinda lawless like say western pakistan. Your high IQ should know that.
          The tougher indians are those that live in the slums,the hoods, or the villages. if you arent typing this from your hut or punjab apperntly, then you are just as pampered, you only just see the poverty going by which has desensitized you over time….But thats normal, happens to all of us.
          The whole point of immigration was for greener pastures just like leaving the village for the cities,otherwise youre just best off staying there. A weak work ethic wont get you out off poverty. The “strong” ones that stayed did not do it out of patriotism but because they didnt have the option. If you give them the option they will take it just like any refugee.
          India will get skilled in time and making progress buts not there yet. Surviving mentally? Were you in depression or bi polar? Because you are misusing the word and perhaps will throw out all legitimacy in your arguments. But outside observing is very much needed. Its easy to see mistakes and make assessments logically then to be the guinea pig making the impulsive moves. This is a rationalization saying the latter is better. The test subject cant read the scientists. But his mental game will be different.
          Ive seen how immigrant indians are and how they behave and compare them to other immigrant groups. This is easy for me to do then you since my city is a huge international port. India doesnt its usually with in the country.
          When it comes to competing it varies. like physique no but their western born kids yes. WHen it comes to work, if its labour and farming then the punjabis do well, and those south indians do well in computers down stateside. But you get many qualified professionals that wind up driving cab which sucks to be honest. But many unskilled laborers are needed like in canada and australia.
          Look through the data and the changing demographics too, you cant be wrapped in just your personal experiances or see what you want to see, we have to look at the numbers or whats actually there…even if its something we dont like.

        45. Well Vinod Kumar.. Off course u r not an Indian or else wudn b such an ass 🙂 sunny leone is full indian and katrina kaif and lisa ray half indians.. shahrukh’s mother is from Andhra and Salman’s mother is Indian too .. and father was from indoor.. from afghan ancestry but Indian WAS tht big at tht time! (but u wudn know 🙂 )u talk about Pak ancestry.. whr was Pak 70 yrs ago?! new breed of top bollywood actors are ALL indians and only a cpl of em are from Pak and offcourse it didn occur to you tht they may themselves wanted to work in India and are genuinely talented actors 🙂 u r just a poor soul who has been thrashed by a cpl or more Indians girls for looking like an idiot thts all (as evident from ur comment).and rightly so.. u know nothing about Aryan or any other race for tht matter..its beyond ur and mclovin’s (fake name!)comprehension what diversity India has.. and u linked the eratic attitude of indians to not eating of beef?? wht .. r u on the path to become an epitome of Dumbassness??? This mclovintohatinIndia is a partner in assholeness wid you.. so enjoy.. and u do look like a mushroom and yes u cant be Indian..:D (m suspecting a sri lankan)

        46. “Check out Irani actresses or Paki actresses” well check out Italian actress, czech actress.. so?? forget actresses pak news presenters look better than Indian new presenters as well.. but a fool of you wudn do some research and chk if the “actress” in pak wud reallybe “actress” (as in talented) or just a pretty face?!!! Indian top actresses except a cpl of them ARE talented and can act.. u cant say tht for Pak actresses as they r just for the show.. and who is hiring the porn star?!! She is an Indian working in the movie industry.. who the fuck are you to say otherwise????

        47. aaah… here is some openmindedness 😀
          Mr Halfling.. enjoyin ur stay wid Vinod kumar? why such fondness of this douchebag? is he the first one to agree wid u on smthin in life?

        48. O Cock looking Man.. she is still pretty 😛
          u dnt know wht ugly is.. thts u 😀

        49. Racism and misogyny all over this article and comments section. Brown guys, how dare you go against your own women. Your mother who carried you shit heads for 9 months would be so disappointed. Also, feminism isn’t a bad fucking word. It’s asking for EQUALITY of all genders. No gender is superior to the other. But do you know how hard it’s been for women since the beginning of human kind? No. Because you aren’t a woman and you will never understand. The author is probably a balding racist white guy who was turned down by many Indian women and now he’s whining like a fucking baby about it on the Internet. Indian women are some of the most intelligent, beautiful, hard-working, inspiring women I know. All you need to learn how to be compassionate, kind people. Women of all races are beautiful, good fucking bye.

        50. Vinod Kumar is actually a stinky goat humping terrorist aka a muzzrat.

        51. you all should be ashamed of yourselves! I mean I get it, you don’t find Indians attractive, get over it! I mean yeah, not all Indians were blessed with beautiful features . So what? We know this, we aren’t stupid. What’s the point of bitching about Indians or any other race for that matter. Everyone who is either bitching or defending themselves have self esteem issues. It’s not fair to talk about others this way. Im Indian, i admit. I’m pretty ugly myself lol. Not out of shape but I don’t have gr8 features. I don’t care though, cuz luckily my brain isn’t a pile of waste:). There’s rly no point of calling us out. Whoever finds is attractive, just does, and whoever doesn’t, oh well. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but this conversation isn’t going to solve any problems

        52. I mentioned Irani and Paki actresses but you got butthurt on hearing the word “Paki”. Why so much obsession with Paki’s?
          There is talent everywhere. Acting is no rocket science. Anyone can act. As for bollywood actresses, they only get paid more. Pakistan produces fewer but successful movies.
          As for Sunny Leone, She was a pornstar before. You cannot disagree to that. And she says she is not ashamed of her past.

        53. CORRECTION-Katrina kaif is not at all Indian. Her father is Kashmiri, her mother is british. That is the reason she is pretty.
          Secondly, only indians can look as ugly as the person in my profile pic 😛 Of course he looks like a mushroom, he is one of your kind.

        54. And mostly half-indians are able to work in bollywood as full-indians are ugly as fuck. I know about the Aryan race and the Dravidian race (to which you people belong). U people were originally Dravidians who were conquered by the Aryans.

        55. look carefully how she has covered the dark patches around her eyes and mouth with makeup 😛

        56. oh so u cudn fathom at all wht i tried to say..forget Sunny leone. even most Indians are not ashamed of wht she did before! thts the level of acceptability you have in India.. now coming to race.. U r the racist of first degree whn calling dravidian race as ugly.. u belong to 19th century probably.. what ethnicity u belong to? (coz race doesn really exist scientifically.. but thts beyond you :))

        57. umm Chutiye.. Kashmir is INDIA!!.. and this profile pic is u only.. comeon.. or u r so obsessed wid Indians or insecured tht u cant even have ur pic as the profile pic ?!! :DDD
          what about sridevi, madhuri, hema malini, waheeda rehman, and on and on and on.. and katrina is not beautiful.. she is just cute by most standards :S
          oh god wht am I doing.. its like teaching maths to a Donkey :((

        58. stinky asshole.. search for hollywood actress widout make up.. or any ethnicity actresses without makeup.. ull get worst possible pics of em.. but since ur birth is dedicated to fight a lost battle.. go on scrotum ! :))

        59. are you butthurt by any chance? :p
          If I had a choice between humping a goat or an Indian woman………….I would be happily choose the goat 🙂

        60. Kashmir is illegally occupied by India as well as Pakistan. It should be a free country. You Indians calls it your state but cannot explain the huge protests taking place inside it.
          Coming to the actresses, all of these are average looking actresses without makeup. None of these would get second glances.

        61. I don’t give two shits whether you’d hump a goat or an Indian woman. For all I care, you could hump a fucking pig or, well, your own cousins like you muzzrats usually do. And why are you even telling me all this? You don’t think I’m Indian, do you? Well, I’ve got news for you sand nigger, I’m not.
          When it comes to ethnic women slutting around with the ‘gora’, your burka bitches are not too far behind. Here in Bradford not only do they fuck us ‘goras’, but they also fuck those niggers. Of course they would never tell their families about that. The only difference is when those smelly curries find out that there women are fucking around, they marry them off where as when you terrorists find out about your women doing the same thing, you kill them.
          You see it’s a very simple scenario: Muzzie whore is taking some white cock. Family finds out. And ALLAHU FUCKBAR! KABOOM! The whore disappears. A week later it is in the local newspaper that the whore was killed because she brought shame to her family of terrorists. It’s become a rather common phenomenon here in the UK.
          It’s due to this why so many of them go out of their way to hide their sexual history and even go through hymen reconstructions surgeries before they get into arranged marriages. They know that after playing with some superior white cock, they’ll never be able to enjoy their beta bux, but those poor women run risk of getting murdered if they tell their muzzie husbands that they can’t feel their tiny chopped sticks.

        62. o god im so enjoying this thread 😀 keep it coming bro, I love it……..you sure are one butthurt indian 😀
          god, it will take months to heal to burns 😀
          you uglies just cant hndle the truth. Poor people used to live in a bunch of lies.

        63. LMAO! You stupid packi. You think I’m one of you curry munchers. How fucking retarded can you be? Go blow yourself up you useless waste of space. After all that’s the only thing your kind is good at.

        64. Foul mouthed? You are one big retard !
          Are you dead inside ? Talking about origins, color ?
          President of USA is afro-american ! The world is not what it was 100 years ago !
          We have Indians working in Nasa, Google, Microsoft ! You name it !
          I can say on and on on this subject but you dumb ugly fuck isn’t worth my time !

        65. Just don’t not bother. All they can ever think is getting in a girl’s pants!

        66. Right now I’m talking about beauty. I admit that Indians are smart but they are not the best-looking bunch.
          I never said that you guys are dumb.
          I was adding a missing point about Indian girls. Peace 😀

        67. and whenever someone insults your bunch, you think he is a packi 😀 rofl
          I know that you are Indian 😀 You cant hide it from me.
          Your attitude gave you away and I can smell something burning as well. 😀

        68. this is not “fun” its absolutely disgusting. please do not make rape jokes, they are not entertaining, and rape is a very serious crime.

        69. these women are beautiful and hard working, and you indian men treat indian women like garbage until you need to get married. to be honest, i suggest you take a look in the mirror. you’re absolutely disgusting.

        70. what the fuck are you even trying to say. There are people of different colors and shapes and sizes across the world. Doesn’t mean that we should shame a woman for being anything other than a white woman that’s a size 0 but also curvy. Nothing makes men happy, and it always ends up being the woman’s fault.

        71. Ananya, you don’t need approval from white dudes. It’s okay if they find Indian women unattractive. The author who wrote this piece is very obese and looks like an albino (google his image). If he thinks brown women are ugly it’s not really offensive, b/c h himself looks like a white whale – that’s why he’s so cranky. Other men find them attractive, if ugly angry dudes don’t it’s ok 🙂

        72. subtle racism, thats pretty douchy mate.
          Its called a conversation where people go back in forth like in real life. You live in a nation of a billion people how can u be lonely.

        73. girl take it easy its not meant to be personal, no need to be that insecure. Im sure when you are with your friends you will discuss your observations of what you notice as well. We are not fully saying indians are ugly ugly, but its rather overhyped thanx to the media during a time when they wanted to tap into the indian market for cosmetics. Those miss worlds are rigged, miss Jamaica shoulda won. Its ok we aint number 1 but we still can be the best we can.
          We get quite a few that are dumb and they get inflated ego, and its kinda of embarrassing when they get a superiority complex, they ruin it for the down to earth types. But think they have fragile egos instead of accepting who they are with their faults and making the most of it.
          You maynot have great feautres but as long as its in the right place you can look good. Just a body physique, a cool head, warm heart and live up to your traditional upbringing and youll be good trust me.
          google superskinnyme.com…..awesome site for girls and like 80% is useful to guys when it comes to training. Best of luck and take it easy.

        74. Man stfu you have no life lmfao. You keep coming back month after month just to keep up with this post and you have the nerve to call someone else lonely? Hypocrisy is real. You might think that Indians are ugly and whatnot. And cool, you’re entitled to your opinion. But the fact that a vast majority of them are hard working people that tend to mind their own business and are VERY family oriented says a lot about their personalities. I highly doubt you can say the same about your family due to the way you turned out.

        75. Lmfao, love how you have the nerve to call anyone ugly when you look like a mf burnt frog.

        76. Show your pic freak. And stop hashtaging on a forum. It only proves that you’re new to the Internet. Welcome.

        77. Don’t call anyone poor when it looks like your old blind bat of a mother still cuts your hair at the age of 43. How does it feel knowing that you’ll probably end up dying a virgin?

        78. You’re obviously an Indian that’s in denial and in shame of your own ethnicity. What happened? Your mom doesn’t feed you samosas you fat chunk of lard? You know way too many slang terms to be white. Or GORA as you call it. Lmfaooooooo mental case, you’re funny af for letting a bunch of Indians bring you down and make you weak minded enough to stick around on this thread for weeks. Ahahhahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, hope you come back mf cos I can’t wait to get under your skin and eat away at your brain.

        79. “The learned are envied by the foolish; rich men by the poor; chaste women by adulteresses; and beautiful ladies by ugly ones”.
          Sounds like a soft spot has been hit, with the name calling from a faceless girl thats been pumped n dump too many times and getting riled up on a side of the interent that she doesnt visit, whats next getting riled up a White nationalist site too newbie.

        80. no one asked for u to come or for your opinion. This part is a pua site where we come back for info so we can have a better life. Its better then your feel good buzzfeed or huffpost “5 reasons youre special just the way u are crap’. All they do for you is nothing and doesnt help with your life. But making an account to show youre upset breeds insecurity and boredom on your part. And if you read the posts the other fellow started the name calling
          That last bit is true indians do tend to work hard and keep to themselves and have good values (said earlier)that Ill give, but thats at risk when the kids are getting westernized and have fragile “im special” egos like yourself, hence why youre compelled to it….Its ruining the indian culture. If your family raised you right youd have humility, Ill admit mine aint perfect but least I have that. Better to have the ugly truth then the happy lie.

        81. http://naughtynomad.com/2015/07/01/the-swan-effect/
          girl youre at the anger stage, just get to acceptance, build up a thick skin and real confidence and be the best you can be. U ask for pic to riddicule but wont show yours. Thats fine its actually smart not to give your identity away….Btw that hashtag is actually a real thing.
          COme back when you have acool head to talk cuz youre proving the author right

        82. how does it feel that you are part of the ugliest race ever. I just heard that durex is going to launch the smallest sized condoms for India……………….
          ……………………………. hahahahahahhahahahahhaa

        83. what kinda illeterate loser are you? elephants are animals they live in our forests. how is this related to the discussion? we dont have them roaming around on streets. thats a common misconseption that you have. i mean what kinda school did you study in? were you never taught that elephants are animals? so what if they exist in our country? thats the stupidest thing i ever heard, and ive read alot of stupid here. gosh. im not even going to honour your comment with insults. just. dont even try. ask ur divorced parents for advice, while theyr in the middle of a threesome with there neighbours all the while cheating on there third spouse.

        84. Most of the miss worlds are crap. Priyanka chopra, lara dutta. Only aishwaria is a true beauty. And india exports pornstars, just because she has white skin.

        85. Dude, this guy has lost his shit big time…trust me when I say it…women in India are not like this…they are pretty.

        86. Mr AK, you are talking about indian women not staying in shape? How many indian men are in shape? Most of them look more pregnant than a pregnant woman, they are lazy to the core, ordering wives to do everything for them, do not know how to cook.. Compare your self to english men.. they know how to cook, stay in shape ( Paul Mccartney at his age still looks hot and well in shape).. Indian men dont wanna marry indian women.. dude thats the only option you have got, with your pot-belly hanging around no white girls would prefer you anyways.. you should be happy indian women are still down to earth to tolerate bean bags when she deserves much better

        87. Ananya, indian men salivate more for whites.. and they blame indian women.. any bollywood movie you see, indian actor donkey dancing with a white gal.. y? because they think they look better with white women.. but actually they look even more pervert there

        88. Vinod Kumar, indian men show no respect for their women, thats a pity. You think only indian women are foul mouthed? Have you tried acting pervert with a blonde? When she will give you back left and right you can decide who is more foul mouthed then… Indian men are no decent baby cows

        89. Really anyone who says that we should not date someone because they are feminists… really hope they weed themselves out of the gene pool.

        90. What is Kashmiri though? Kashmir is a state in India, so that’s Indian. That’s like saying someone is Gujarati or Marathi so they’re not Indian. It doesn’t make any sense. Sunny Leone and Lisa Ray have Indian blood. Sunny is fully Indian & Lisa is half & she wasn’t even that big in Bollywood anyway she did one movie Water. I agree with SRK & the Khans though they have Afghan roots but some of them are mixed (Afghan & Indian) its complicated because of the complex history of India. I never understood SRK’s fame. He is not only unattractive with his big Arab/Middle eastern nose but he is not much of an actor either. But he might be a very nice person who knows I just don’t know why Indians have made the Khans untouchable in Bollywood like they can do no wrong.

        91. ur stupid! India is full with good looking people, but it is giving chances to other countries. Bollywood movies are global now and other countries will be interested in watching Bollywood movies if they see actors from their countries having part in it as well….Idiots like you should not make comments. Keep your hands of your keyboard please.

        92. if same article was written about Indian men these same Indian women whose side u r taking would be calling names to Indian men. U will never get the support from them like u r supporting them and leave whites these same Indian women call Indian men ugly and write shit articles about them then why r u such losers why r u supporting these cunts while every word of this article is true about these cunts.

        93. Vinod Kumar, are you Chinese or what? From the name of it you look like a South Indian and if you think that Indian Girls are foul mouthed I guess so are your relatives.
          I am amazed to see how bad your cultural knowledge is! Afghanistan and Pakistan were born out of Indian not the other way around. When Alexander the Great invaded India he was stopped where we have Afghanistan today. And Genghis Khan was not Muslim but Buddhist. If you are ugly you don’t have to show that you are an ignorant Indian and spoil our reputations.
          Most of the Miss Universe/World are from South India including Aishwarya Rai who was born at Mangalore, Yukta Mookhey, Bangalore.
          You guys are so ignorant and this article racist and sexist. I am sure the guy who wrote it has never touched a single Indian Girl.

        94. Okay I thought you were Indian with that name and profile picture. Katrina has a British mom and Sunny a Canadian Mom. So what are you trying to prove, that if an Indian man fucks a white women you get beautiful children. How mad you are. By they way there is nothing like Aryan race. This was a hypothesis which is now debunk. Anyway no point in wasting my time of a few retarted blokes who know nothing they are talking about.

        95. There are good and bad people from all walks of life. Maybe you don’t find them attractive, but someone else out there does. Making fun of other people just because you don’t understand them doesn’t fix your OWN Flaws. They are human beings just like you. And life isn’t all about sex. Indians are BEAUTIFUL, at least on the inside. Just because they don’t always express it, doesn’t make them ugly. FUCK OFF AND STOP ATTACKING ANOTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL SOMEHOW SUPERIOR ABOUT YOURSELF. INDIANS ARE GREAT. GET OVER IT!

        96. Kashimiri is indian, you self-loafing, racist jerk! Sunny Leone is Punjabi. Both her parents are indian. Mad cuz you don’t think you look as good as them or something? WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM? LEAVE INDIANS ALONE! Why are you so insecure about indians? Get a life and stop defaming a group of people to make your flaws stick out less. you’re PATHETIC! RACIST ANIMAL! Sharukh’s great grandparent has a little pakistani/afghani roots-oh my gosh- that doesn’t make him indian anymore? Did you know Afganistan was once part of india, you uneducated dirtbag? WHAT WHAT!

        97. Your comment only shows your stupidity. There are millions of unattractive fat western women. Only stupid people will generalize

        98. It’s amazing to see how shameless white men who are fat themselves, ugly and bald with big bellies condemning Indians for the very same thing that they are. As if ugly, hairy, fat American women don’t exist and as if ugly fat pot bellied American men don’t exist. Only the stupid will generalize as there are good and bad in all races and all cultures. Seems that many Americans here are racist pigs.

        99. America has one of the highest number of obese people so look who is talking. Utter idiots. Most American women do tons of plastic surgery and book transplant as if they are their natural self, they will probably look the ugliest of all women. At least Indian women are natural and not fake like American women

        100. Dont kid yourself, we all know you could easily be the person in the picture, go look in the mirror.

        101. Yes, they do hold a lot of patent titles, even though it’s one of the more conservative cultures; but calm your tits, White girls set the trends of beauty as well.

        102. Ananya I am black American and I think women from India are some of the most beautiful women in the the world I just read this and don’t like someone talking about our brown skin women like this western women have to ware the makeup each day just to have a damm face ,and as for their attitude they suck they want to be the man they want everything and don’t want nothing go figure ? your beautiful and all of the women ,daughters ,and sisters of India
          are beautiful tell this guy take a hike

        103. What the author doesnt know abt Indian guys is that they are irritating,controlling,double standard & sexist to the highest possible level.He hasnt cme across too many indian guys i guess or an article named “Why you should never date indian men even in ur dreams” would have been obvious.I am an Indian man(quite an exception) & from all my experiences & observations i can say Indian women are much better compared to indian men.Also the average Indian woman is quite attractive. All the points in the article are true for men and women of almost all races not indians in particular.And for those saying whites or indo-white people are more attractive than full Indians u seriously need to extend your definition of beauty beyond skin color.I find beautiful people in all races and ugly in all races too.I see a lot of white people everyday & i dont find anything specially attractive in them except a few..same with indians.And for FYI you are totally mistaken Sunny Leone hasnt got a canadian mom..she grew up in Canada and both her parents are sikh punjabis so that makes her fully Indian.

        104. What the author doesnt know abt Indian guys is that they are irritating,controlling,double standard & sexist to the highest possible level.He hasnt cme across too many indian guys i guess or an article named “Why you should never date indian men even in ur dreams” would have been obvious.I am an Indian man(quite an exception) & from all my experiences & observations i can say Indian women are much better compared to indian men.Also the average Indian woman is quite attractive

        105. All the points in the article are true for men and women of almost all races not indians in particular.And for those saying whites or indo-white people are more attractive than full Indians u seriously need to extend your definition of beauty beyond skin color.I find beautiful people in all races and ugly in all races too.I see a lot of white people everyday & i dont find anything specially attractive in them except a few..same with indians.And for FYI you are totally mistaken Sunny Leone hasnt got a canadian mom..she grew up in Canada and both her parents are sikh punjabis so that makes her fully Indian.

        106. What the author doesnt know abt Indian guys is that they are irritating,controlling,double standard & sexist to the highest possible level.He hasnt cme across too many indian guys i guess or an article named “Why you should never date indian men even in ur dreams” would have been obvious.I am an Indian man(quite an exception) & from all my experiences & observations i can say Indian women on an average are much better compared to indian men.Also the average Indian woman is quite attractive

        107. What the author doesnt know abt Indian guys is that they are irritating,controlling,double standard & sexist to the highest possible level.He hasnt cme across too many indian guys i guess or an article named “Why you should never date indian men even in ur dreams” would have been obvious.I am an Indian man(quite an exception compared to d typical indian bossy man) & from all my experiences & observations i can say Indian women on an average are much better compared to indian men.Also the average Indian woman is quite attractive

        108. You’re saying that to make yourself feel better, not because it’s true. Indeed, brown skin is uneven, blotchy and more susceptible of spot pigmentation.

        109. Sir this site is made to glorify white supremacy… I did not know that before I commented here… The people who read this website are mostly bigots, male chauvnistic, racist men who are frustrated with their evil hearts… This is tragic to have such people on earth but I think the balance of life is such that the good is neutralized by evil people like this.

        110. Ananya let them be darling… They can’t begin to fathom the depth and beauty of Indian Women. The smart intelligent, responsible women of India are too difficult for them to get. I think any woman would despise such assholes in their lives… Let them be… They are not worth it…

        111. Thank you for this comment its srsly the kindest thing written on here
          I dont think people realise how much their words hurt it really isnt that easy listening to your entire race deemed as unnattactive physcos who are prudish and overrated
          Whenever someone has paid me a compliment is always been oh youre pretty for an indian or you dont look that bad considering your asian well gee thanks so i suppose im now supposed to change my ethincity because it could possibly never compare to that of a white person or a hispanic womam or any other race and its not just me its everyone i know why does everyone have to be so degrading about each other and why do they feel the need to base an entire race of off the examples of a few people . If you dont want to be with an indian women fine your choice good for you but please there is no need to create horrible articles and then bitch about them behind a screen .

        112. Hi Tunvi your very welcome
          don’t let jerks like that effect when you wake up in the mornings you dont have to do a thing but western women have to paint on a whole face with makeup
          in the morning just to have a face and they have no morals at all the women from India are complete please
          remember this

        113. Hey girl, I find Indian girls beautiful, same as some white girls. You can find beautiful girls of all kinds, blondes, indians, african, asian, no matter which one. But for one thing I have to agree. People in India much less take care of themselves how they look, so you find westernised indian girl or guy more attractive than most of those born in India. Also dating in India makes it difficult to find woman, because again because of conservative habits, they tend to extremes, to be married and then have sex, or oposite, to be so easy and to have sex almost always on a first date. Both of those things turn me off in a long run.

        114. Lol.. What makes you think that the opinions of an ugly asshole who does not have the balls to put his picture matter to me. American men are anyway too dumb and stupid for the far more intelligent Indian women. You are just upset that your stupidity is a put off to women.

        115. Foreigners taking over bollywood? You must be really stupid. One or two foreigners does not mean they are taking over bollywood. If that’s the case then Indians are now taking over Hollywood.

        116. Lol… Look at who is taking. American women have shitty complexion full of freckles. Indian women have million times better complexion with their clear milky complexion.

        117. Are you stupid? It is lighter skin that is susceptible to spot pigmentation. That is why white women have such ugly complexion full of freckles.

        118. Wow – it’s people like you because of who the whole world abuse our country – you can’t even stand with your own country people you sour bitter man (I had used a swear word before but I know it would be wasted on people like you)

        119. Before calling me names look at urself u bastard sluts. There are many articles written by sluts like u against Indian men and now a white guy has shown u ur true ugly face now it becomes matter of country?

        120. Indian women are just dogs. Never found even one that’s attractive. I live in London and there are millions of them around, and these are the ones that have access to diet, gyms, and makeup. Problem is bad genes combined with the above as follows: Bad distribution of fat with a lot going on the abdomen and upper back. Skinny or badly shaped legs, so after 30 most look like a lemon on matchsticks. Double chin and hairy face. Dark circles under eyes even when rested and healthy. Purple lips uugghhh. Floppy fat arms especially upper arms as no exercise..ever. Fat but squishy and jelly-like boobs and bottoms which pass for attractive until later twenties. No body tone. Blotchy skin with patches of lighter colour on boobs and very dark sexual bits. Too hairy all over. Smells of curry powder if she lives at home. Terrible attitude. Is a prude but wants you to marry her instantly and full of praise for her shithole ancestral homeland. Can’t dance. A White boyfriend is the biggest trophy and achievement. Please stay away! Lol

        121. Vinod Kumar, indian men show no respect for their women, thats a pity. You think only indian women are foul mouthed? Have you tried acting pervert with a blonde? When she will give you back left and right you can decide who is more foul mouthed then… Indian men are no decent baby cows

        122. No, it’s because the Indians with the best genes and most money bail from that shithole and move to the west

        123. Ya, nothing says intelligence like shitting in the street when the governement will pay you to use a toilet or “bathing” in the same river that you shit and dispose of dead bodies in

        124. A sheboon could use a spackle trowel with roofing tar on her flat mug and still look like a giant pos

        125. “Scar Jo” is butt fuckin ugly even with make up, so not the best candidate to make your point. The beak on her, but still in the same category as your skinny wog !

        126. Milky? You have brown milk in India? How ironic that you call Americans racist when you have the caste system which makes you the most racist country on earth .

        127. Ya you people need to extend your beauty standards to light color eyes also like the only examples of attractive indian women you could find lmao

        128. By ‘beyond skin color’ i meant facial features & personality (wich is not specific to any race) & NOT the color of any facial feature as some douchebags like u would love to interepret.Sonali Bendre,Yami Gautam ,Deepika,Gayatri Joshi,Sheetal mallar, & many more have dark colored eyes & they are irresistibly beautiful

      2. thoey dont have tits esp the ones on the sides they look like mosquito bites. an how can the one on the right have small am droppy tits in her prime wtf

        1. They might as well put bandage on those pimples instead of bras lololol 😉

        2. Amount of butthurt people here are too much. You better sit on your Eagle and fly out of here as soon as possible 😛
          They are out for your ass, man.

      3. these women are not even indian, buddy…most of these so called indian “models” come from other parts of the world other than india.
        that is ultimate con game that bollywood plays with most brainless indians – importing actresses from the middle east and passing them off as being indian.
        The worst kind of indian female is the one who may have been humble when she first came to the US, as a simple minded indian bride from the village. but then she got fat and comfortable will her privileged lifestyle in the US and her hubbie making $$$$$. now she is such the bitchy cunt who yells at everyone are treats people like shit, all while spending her life in hair salons and going to high end department stores.
        I feel sorry for the indian woman’s husband.

        1. Are you literally saying that women don’t yell in general? Like are you stupid? What’s to do with being a fat indian coming from an American? She probs eats your unhealthy food.
          Not every simple, humble Indian woman becomes fat and settles down in the USA. Don’t flatter yourself. There are women who look fucking brilliant even if they aren’t models.
          I feel sorry for your narrow mind.

        2. no it is indian women who are worst yellers that is what i am saying. indian women should not promoted into any positions of leadership for this reason. I know indian female bosses (the worst) who yell at their employees all the time and fire people at will. other women can control their emotions…indian women cannot!!! just like another commenter suggested – indian women play the victim game with their husbands while being tyrants in reality, run guilt trips on their sons, beat their children intensely….face it lady: they are total emotional fuck ups. most indian women make lindsay lohan look like a saint.
          and the indian women are fat because they choose to eat and don’t exercise not because they eat “my” american food. the author is 100% right – indian females have so little respect for themselves that once they get married, they bloat up to epic levels of obesity.
          reality check time for you, hon.

        3. Umm.. looks like you hate the fact that Indian women and their husbands make shit loads of money in America.. and people like you find it really hard to make a living in your own country 🙂
          Most of my Indian guy friends have dated white girls in America and.. each one has had nightmares .. with their loud and abusive psycho behavior.. almost identical to whats been written above.. also..they hate the fact that white gurls don’t brush their teeth or shower regularly..which is also true for most white men my white and Indian friends have dated.. they have anger issues..most do drugs..or are on medication for mental illness since their teens..or are on marijuana prescription for mental illnesses.. they live off unemployment money provided by their government and also off their well to do indian boyfriends/girlfriends!! They are depressed and lonely and also have eating disorders. And of course..the classic pet they are emotionally dependent on..given their mental condition..Chances are..they are divorced multiple times and have at least one kid who needs to taken care of by the indian boyfriend.. lets not forget how dumb they can be..remember ‘blonde’ jokes?? and please.. Obese is America’s nickname..so lets not even get there.. Even then..to generalize on the basis of origin is a very shallow thing to do. But its important to say..keeping in line with most Americans.. you seem to be bitter and hateful.. its sad that you and the guy who posted this would target All Indian women on the basis of a handful of bad experiences.. grow up .. there is way more to life!!

        4. Are you serious? Have you even been to India? And you boast of knowing our women more than us? Stop making a fool of yourself. All the bollywood women and 99% of the Indian models are born and brought up in India. You have never met real Indian women, and they are with brains- good brains. It’s better if you as an American don’t lecture about others being “brainless”.

        5. unfortunately, i have visited india. biggest mistake of my life. people there are so rude, smelly ignorant of basic hygiene. all the great qualities you look for in human beings. and you are wrong – those bollywood actresses are imported, like everything else in your country. and yes, i have met indian women.then i ran away.

        6. i am not jealous of those who work hard to earn their income and wealth…unfortunately those examples are few and far between. most indian people cheat their way through college and life. i have seen this behavior first hand in the workforce. and indians are not the most hard working people out there (another common misconception that needs to be debunked). the chinese, japanese and korean work 100x harder than the average indian in the US. even other indian living here will be the first to admit that. I know an indian boss who spends most his time chatting away with his favorite coworkers….and it is the WHITES who are working late in the office.
          Dont stereotype white americans as being lazy…most are very hard working even if they don’t make as much as some indian people. the hardest working people are actually the hispanic people in america because they always have to pick up after smelly indians who leave their curry laden lunch lying around in the local cafeteria. and working in america is not easy like in shitty india. an indian worked can almost never get fired, but here in the US companies look for reasons to get rid of people all the time. your ass is always on the line in corporate america (even those indians who come here)
          your most ignorant statement was concerning mental illness/depression…hello? depression and mental illness are serious epidemics and not something people can work on or study hard in school to overcome. you wouldn’t know anything about those issues would you? because your indian society snubs their nose at anything related to mental illness and writes it off as being a controllable issue like alcoholism or drug use.so of course it is the person’s fault right?? tell me – what does the idiot indian government do to the mentally ill patient besides throwing them out on the street? right, shitty country you come from.at least in the US those who suffer from depression and drug use can be taken care of and are shown a road to recovery. your country only labels people with personal issues as being outcasts. and btw, UI is only short term, not for life like you people think it is. nothing wrong with having Unemployment Insurance when your income taxes go to paying into the system. bet you didn’t know that you are actually paying for your right to be on UI. i think you are the one who needs to grow up and see the world.

        7. Yes, because you are a runner, and a freak. Intimidated by a woman? I understand how you feel. You visited India once and you think you are all-knowledge about India. We are not a nation of hypocrites. We are not rude to immigrants. There is solidarity. But, yes India shows people it’s place. I don’t wonder it happened to you. I don’t need to explain my country and people to you. Doesn’t matter what you think or believe.
          Your argument is cheap and immature. You know what is the difference? When we argue or get into a debate or discussion, it’s pure fact and reason. At least it’s not nonsense. Talking of being rude? look at your comments. They are obvious. You have been crushed real bad I guess.

        8. Yes,
          because you are a runner, and a freak. Intimidated by a woman? I understand how you feel. You visited India once and you think you are all-knowledge about India. We are not a nation of hypocrites. We are not rude to immigrants. There is solidarity. But, yes India shows people their places. I don’t wonder it happened to you. I don’t need to explain my country and people to you. Doesn’t matter what you think or believe.
          Your argument is cheap and immature. You know what is the difference? When we argue or get into a debate or discussion, it’s pure fact and reason. At least it’s not nonsense. Talking of being rude? Look at your comments. They are obvious. You have been crushed real bad I guess.

        9. I am a runner? ok, yes like to run long distances for fun and exercise….and when i do see indian women i run much faster.
          i have visited india a few times and was equally disgusted with each passing visit. but it is not only me…many other tourists feel that india is a terrible country to visit.while most countries respect foreigners and tourists, india looks at them as ATM machines.
          “how do i , darkie rip off this local white foreigner? “that is the thought going through every indian person’s mind.
          you want to look at facts about india? ok….75% illiteracy and poverty rate. 1billion people clustered into tight spaces…rape on every tour bus…..chauvinist attitudes toward women. corruption in the local governments. dirty roads, filthy and contaminated water outlets…lack of hygiene. diesel fuel used in every city car adding to the already dangerous pollution levels. these are facts, as i observed these behaviors with my own eyes. what is your “indian” proud response? and don’t deny these observations because you know they are all true.

        10. Do not exaggerate the rates here. 74% literacy rate and 21% lives under poverty level. I’m very well aware of the facts here. India is a developing nation. India has given us enough to stand united and fight for it- That is the feeling of every Indian. You talk of corruption and bad people. Tell me if America or any other country is free of all that? You don’t like India, that is your personal choice. I have friends over the world who loved India. It is how you look. A dirty mind will see what it wants to see. Talking of being chauvinistic? What are you doing over here? You are the biggest misogyny and you talk of people being bad and corrupted. Look into yourself. People like you have been tarnishing America. Cheap and dirty minded. You have been overthrowing the characters and images of every women in India- Why? because you had bad experiences with a few. Grow up man! stop whining. Let me tell you the truth. It’s not only with Indian women, it’s with every women you come across. You are a misogyny. If you don’t like India, stop talking about it and stop replying to my comments. Get off!

        11. You are arguing me with all the wrong data and facts. It’s baseless and poor. You seriously need to stop. You are making a fool of yourself here.

        12. Oops! Looks like I caught you at a bad time kid..
          Maybe we can have a ‘respectful’ debate once you are done with your therapy.. by then you will also be able to analyze your own posts for the number of times you have contradicted yourself..and also figure out that you are exhibiting the same behavior you are asking of others not to exhibit towards your glorious country and countrymen 🙂
          Hopefully by then..you would also figure out why that Indian boss never got handed the pink slip..hmmn..
          I hope you feel better soon kid 🙂

        13. another misconception you turds think about…all americans being in therapy? not so, but at least we deal with our problems and talk about them in the open…unlike indians who are taught to internalize all their problems out of fear for being ridiculed by their pathetic society and culture. indians are some of the most miserable people i have ever encountered…always depressed because their shitty upcoming and parenting teaches them that if they don’t do engineering or become doctors…they are failures. at least americans have a positive outlook on life and are relatively happy. i am sure you are one of those indians who has deep internal problems and only releases them on your coworkers and family members.
          and that indian darkie boss was only retained because her department was not cut. not that she was a good worker, or even a halfway decent human being. get a clue, moron.

        14. your facts are all inaccurate. indian has one of the worst poverty levels in the world. your friends that “liked” india were only saying that because they wanted you to feel good and were being nice so you didn’t end up crying about why you are still living there. (i guarantee you if i talked to these people they would tell me about the horrors of visiting india). and telling me that i am the biggest “misogyny” is classic coming an indian who lives with and will eventually be married to an arrogant indian man. you will learn the true definition of misogyny and chauvinism when you marry the turd. at least i don’t command women to clean up my room, make me food, and mop the floors. good luck with your future indian husband. and still dating a hot white girl. so no, not all women dislike me. only the bitter ones do.

        15. Oh my god! You are so insecure! You have been incessantly talking about India for a week now. I get it honey! You have been crushed real bad. I have been living in India my whole life, and If I’am defending the men and women clearly shows that I love and respect them. India is no match to you. The diverse culture, tradition, language, food and style. The diversities you haven’t ever dreamt of. We remain in awe at it’s capacity. But this is not for you- your hell hole is the perfect place for you- a cliche of one culture. A woman attesting for the men of India is enough to show how women are treated. And you honey, you don’t have to worry about me- Your life is all fucked up! Guess you have all defined yourself in comment as “a classic Misogyny”

        16. not hell hole here, lady. i have clean air, good job and decent looking people who don’t make me cringe every time they breathe. india is shit. enjoy.

        17. Right, so you’re calling every Indian woman a yeller? Am I yelling at you? Oh, you also indirectly stated that I’m fat. Am I?

        18. Oh and people like you are supposed to be given authorities?
          Someone who’s a racist is supposed to be given leaderships of any positions?
          Honestly, whom do you think would vote for someone like that?

        19. Well, first off nobody is “voted” into leadership positions in the corporate world. they usually have to earn it with hard work or get lucky (in the case of the above mentioned indian female boss)
          And i guarantee if i was in a leadership position i would treat all my workers equally and with respect. and not show favoritism (like indian managers do). my feedback would be constructive in nature and not personal. all you have to know about how idiotic indian managers are is go back and listen to those statements Microsoft’s indian CEO made about women getting promoted in management.
          All i have read is what how racist and chauvinistic Matt Forney is towards indian women. yet look at your own culture and you will see who the real male “pigs” are.

        20. awwww.. look at you..you poor thing. still stuck a decade back in time about his knowledge on India..maybe you didn’t have a chance to catch up cuz of all that medication.. poor lil kid.. hope you feel better in your happy little home with your happy lil therapy mates.. 🙂 take care u poor thing..

        21. your shitty indian society, rape epidemic and rampant poverty rates is an ongoing reality, lady. look at any city or village in india and you will see this first hand. look at how women are forced into marriages at age 12 even before they have the chance to develop their breasts. and then they are beaten by their 40 year old husband…until the bride decides their life is so miserable that suicide is preferable. Also, look at how indians are run over if they dare cross the street. look at dead bodies lying in the middle of the roads… look at the indian rape culture, especially when our white women walk around alone in cities. Also you may want to look at your educational system which accepts bribes to let richer students get ahead and into better colleges….this is why i say that your indian engineers are not that smart (they only get into top colleges because their parents had enough money to bribe the admissions counselors) I also hate your fucking south indian marriages where these indian turds poor milk over the feet of the bridge and groom for what purpose? other than to show that your culture is wasteful. meanwhile, the local village children who could use the extra milk for nourishment starve and fall sick. the only reason americans do go to india is to finish the work indians are too chicken shit to do….and that is to take care of these starving children. you look at them as being the burden of india.
          yeah go ahead be proud to be indian….but we both know that you are the one in need of medication.

        22. Haha.. you are definitely jobless..and sadly uninformed.. and have nothing better to do than to spit hatred on a social discussion site..on a topic that is completely inconsequential to your existence.. so clearly.. you are a bitter, jobless hater.. and I totally understand your pain..
          Well.. I have a job..so im going to stop responding to you now.okay.. take your meds on time.. and do happy stuff..go hug a tree or something.. taaaaaaaaa! 🙂

        23. And they feel sorry for you you miserable prude. you will never know the fantasy it is to have an indian woman. go live your miserable chauvinistic life somewhere else.

        24. That is where you are wrong you big retard. Indian cultures promote each and every type of career and we have alot more art in our society. Also we are moistly always highly educated, if you leave the poor citizens, who can do nothing because the likes of you have stolen from them. You need to come out and explore the real Indian, not just get your ideas from slumdog millionaire, which was nowhere near the truth. You suck, and i pity everybody who has to tolerate the likes of you everyday.

        25. Bollywood actresses have not been imported. all our Bollywood award shows have 100% of our pretty indian females, whilst you import Arabian beauties. You are a racist bastard and have no right to condemn a society that can easily put an end to yours. Your white privileged ass couldn’t take in the the rich culture. And what bodies on the road, son? lol. now your just desperate. Did you visit a graveyard accidentally? where you beloved peoples bodies are rotting away to glory?

        26. This is so true. I’m an Indian guy and you just described my mom and sis to the dot. They are confused uncontrollable emotional freaks. I pity most Indian guys and girls who grow up with these crazies. Only their egos are bigger than their fat thighs.

        27. Lol.. India is poor because Americans stole from us?? what kind of a shitty excuse is this? Who said we can’t do anything? Poverty is there in India today because of our screwed up values and lack of financial discipline and disciple in general. Most Indians are lazy and have a crooked mind with no ethics what so ever. Highly educated my Az. People here study IAS to loot the public money and demand exorbitant amount of dowry and then we have the MBAs from IIms to steal the private money from citizens with their awful management of services and products. Don’t live in this false reality that India is a great country. We are at best a country trying a little bit to be a good country with a very long way to go. The more you try to cover the shit with your ego the lesser we progress/

        28. Lol.. I can’t believe this shit!! A woman willing to attest for a n Indian man!! its more like you don’t mind telling a lie to win an argument. Stop living in denial lady.

        29. Whoever you are! You nailed it bruh! I’m Indian in India and I can’t agree more. I really hope Indians introspect and rectify themselves rather than pamper their egos with their false and meaningless Indian pride.The bitches arguing here are classic case prudish Indian females. They feel like they have been endowed with some God given privilege to be exempt from criticism.

        30. Ha Ha.. Lol.. fantasy??? Its a fkn torture. ask any Indian guy he will tell you the fantasy he is living in. This is so funnny . made my day.!!

        31. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha BUNCH of FUCKING STUPID WHITE MEN. If you spend as much time you spent online (bashing Indian women) on something relevant, we won’t be taking all your jobs. IGNORANT FOLLISH BASTARDs !

        32. You’re a dumb ass idiot. Instead of pointing out what YOU see as negatives of indian culture, why don’t you look at your own god damn culture, oh wait that’s right you don’t have a damn culture! And if you knew anything about history nothing in India is imported from other countries it’s the other way around. So instead of making false assumptions on what you think Indian culture is, go learn about the FACTS or at least educate yourself before you make yourself look like a fuckin dumb ass on the Internet.

        33. You are definitely by far the most retarded commenter on this article. Do you even have a mother? Or Sister? Because from the comment you just left obviously you’re once of those indian men that don’t have any regard for Indian women. Nobody is privileged to be exempt from Critisim, but this article isn’t critisim it straight up ignorant, not only ignorant of Indian women but of women all around the world. What kind of idiot would support such a dumb ass perspective? Just remember when you refer to any girl as bitches you’re talking about your mother and your sister as well. Get your shit together and realize the moron that you are supporting.

        34. What do you mean? If someone questions an Indian women’s attitude towards men and life we don’t have mothers and sisters? I fail to understand you logic. Sorry, this article is not ‘ignorant’. There is a lot of truth in it. But.. it is a ‘sweeping generalization’ which means that not not all Indian girls are like this. However most are. Please learn to use the right terms though it is a lil boring for you guys. I say there is a a lot of truth in it but you wouldn’t be able to see it because like most Indian girls you would not have heard the term “empathize” (to view things from others perspective). I still tutor my mom n sis on this day in and day out and they never get it. and remember when you are calling him a moron you might be calling your father and brother a moron. I love Indian women, their body their innocence and love they have. I have a gf who is really nice but she is very different. I keep telling her everyday you are not like the other girls. But this is very rare.

        35. Check your facts bro. And i don’t know why and how u came to think of Indian women like this, but it’s wrong. Keep your narrow-minded, conservative thoughts to yourself. Indian women and girls aren’t that way. They are Indian, not imported from the Middle East. Again check your facts.

        36. pls o plssss name all the actresses who came from Middle East !!! and whn you cant.. kindly slap urself

        37. I hate this generalization. I feel bad for a lot of wives out there, especially those who have husbands that have the same mentality as you! You disgust me so much. My mother is a single indian mother, and she is the most hardworking person that I have ever known. I am not saying that because she is my mother, but because it is genuinely true. Also, indian women are not bitchy cunts !!!!!!! Just because she shops for clothing, does not make her a cunt! White women do this too, and they are not put down due to this! Either way, nothing a woman ever does is good enough for any man is it? No matter the woman’s race, religion, sexuality, etc. she will always be put down for what she does. People like you disgust me. The worst kind of man is the kind that puts down women and has this kind of mentality. You’re honestly the scum of the earth.

        38. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE AGREEING WITH THIS GUY AND APPLYING IT TO YOUR SISTER AND MOTHER!!! Your mother has gone through so much for you, and in my opinion, it wasn’t worth it because you turned out like a piece of shit

        39. Well said! I can’t believe this guy!!! Honestly, he’s complaining about how “everything is imported” but ???? His culture is literally made of other cultures. His people steal Indian culture and appropriate our culture and use it as a trend, but turn around and say this kind of stuff about Indians??? Indian culture is beautiful, Indian people are beautiful, and Indians are honestly original, unlike white folks that have to look towards other cultures to seem like they’re original !!!!!!!!

        40. Yeah.. I never said anywhere that she has not done things for me. She has done lots for me. So have I . She stays with me and I take good care of her and intend to do so till the end. But this has nothing to do with the fact that she is Egoistic manipulative and selfish behind a cloak of religion and conservativeness like most many Indian Moms. Now do u believe? or do you want me to support Indian girls just because I am Indian?

        41. I’ve got a question for you…., besides colour, country of origin, language, religion or gender, as a human being what makes you different from me? We’ve both got a brain, heart, lungs, eyes, nose. So who gave you the right as a human being to judge another human being and that to such a large number? Yes you live in a free country with freedom of speech, but that doesn’t give you the right to abuse it and go against an entire country without even knowing the history or culture or a matter of fact the people. I live in Canada and not once have I been to India, even tho I am Indian, but any person with enough knowledge and manners would know to not discriminate an entire population, because of hurtful things like these, girls are ashamed of themselves and who they are, I hope your happy being apart of those arrogant ,ill -mannered people who get a kick out of cyber bullying. I’m Indian and proud, and you can take your job, air and “decent looking people” and stick it up your ass, at least the rest of the world can sit back and laugh at your poor manners. Have your heard that quote, don’t judge a book by its cover? Well yeah buddy don’t judge an entire fricking country if you haven’t seen it or experienced it for yourself. Good-bye.

        42. Indian guys are irritating,controlling,double standard & sexist to the highest possible level.The author hasnt cme across too many indian guys i guess or an article named “Why you should never date indian men even in ur dreams” would have been obvious.I am an Indian man(quite an exception) & from all my experiences & observations i can say Indian women are much better compared to indian men.Also the average Indian woman is quite attractive

        43. Truth is Indian guys are irritating,controlling,double standard & sexist to the highest possible level.The author hasnt come across too many indian guys i guess or an article named “Why you should never date indian men even in ur dreams” would have been obvious.I am an Indian man(quite an exception compared to d typical indian bossy man) & from all my experiences & observations i can say Indian women on an average are much better compared to indian men.Also the average Indian woman is quite attractive.

        44. Truth is Indian guys are irritating,controlling,double standard & sexist to the highest possible level.The author hasnt come across too many indian guys i guess or an article named “Why you should never date indian men even in ur dreams” would have been obvious.I am an Indian man(quite an exception compared to d typical indian bossy man) & from all my observations i can say Indian women on an average are much better compared to indian men.Also they are beautiful,smart,caring,well mannered & make lovely partners

        45. Truth is Indian guys are irritating,controlling,double standard & sexist to the highest possible level.The author hasnt come across too many indian guys i guess or an article named “Why you should never date indian men even in ur dreams” would have been obvious.I am an Indian man(quite an exception compared to d typical indian bossy man) & from all my observations i can say Indian women on an average are much better compared to indian men.Also they are intelligent,beautiful,smart,caring,well mannered & make lovely partners

        46. You aren’t taking anything, shit customer service jobs are being outsourced by greedy bastards to shitholes with no labour laws or minimum wage. The wogs outside India are all token, affirmative action hires used to promote the ridiculous equality myth.

        47. Even if you are “moistly” your own men still have no desire to fuck you if they have any other option it appears

    1. Truthfully I am glad that after all this years the real naked nature of Desi girls are exposed to the world. Take for example the virulent rape hysteria raging across India right now. The cunning media and tabloids began chastising Indian men and even brazenly accused them of having mentality of a pack of hyenas.
      Go figure!
      BTW as a response to the first point in the article, here is a pic of a smoking hot Indian seductress

      1. Too much abdominal fat for her to be classified as “smoking hot”. The flabbly upper arms are also an indication she’ll balloon in the future.

        1. You are wrong. Her thick hips are suitable to hold on to while screwing her. She is neither morbidly obese nor repulsively anorexic. Her perky boobs and good facial features and jet black curly hair are added bonus.
          Here’s another pic of this chick.

        2. Your abject stupidity mystify me. Feel free to point out where did I mention she is India’s top of the line model. Different dudes have different taste in chicks. I like my thick around the waist but definitely not obese like a beluga whale.
          BTW I’m definitely not from India. I’m a Southeast Asian dude.

        3. Dude, she is not that attractive.. If she were white with the same kind of body – probably a 5 or 6/10 at most. I have seen enough Indian women age in my life to know that her belly would go full-blown spare tire with rolls and boobs would sag as soon as she had a kid or aged past 35. also tons of makeup. probably looks like garbage without.

        4. Sheesh cool down bro.
          Btw u mentioned ur an ethnic Indian.Tell me ur first language (obviously Hindi is not the first language for all Desis) and which state ur ancestors originate from.

        5. just stating she is less than ideal and there is much better out there, but I guess taste does vary to some degree.. I’m English speaking but my family is Gujarati, from various parts of Gujarat.

        6. Belly fat is a sign of ill health. She eats way too much grain and will get fatter with age.

        7. You may have a point there. Most of India I assume is poor and people are starving, thus thin. Having a slight layer of fat shows she has some wealth and eats well. Her offspring will also be well fed.
          In the West, we have abundance and we easily get fat. Staying thin then to us seem attractive.
          Just like us men like big tits and nice asses (signs that show she’ll feed the offspring well and give birth without complications). Women check out men by looking at bellies, arms, and chest. Bellies (not huge and not shribble up) shows well fed. Arms and chest shows ability to hunt prey and provide meat.

        8. I see what you’re saying. She has attractive qualities like the ones you said, but I cant get over that THICK layer of paste.

        9. Yeah, white guys and their unfair ‘demand’ that white girls be thin…Grrrrrr…Bad white boys! Now all the white girls are starving half to death right? They’re walking around the malls of Omaha, Trenton and San Antonio looking like skeletons. I also just ‘demanded’ that the universe place a billion dollars of diamonds on top of my desk.

        10. ☭☭☭{{­G­o­o­gle­ is <-paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it
          ☭☭☭☭☭{{Go ON to it and visit proof page—–

        11. Then don’t date Indian women, it’s not that hard. I’m pretty sure they would all heave a collective sigh of relief that you’re not interested in them. Actually, never mind, they don’t give a fuck who you are and never will.

        12. The smile helps. But really dude, she’s maybe a 6.5 after some beers and some shots on a dark and rainy night with nowhere else to go.

        13. 6/10 if she was white? Are you kidding me? She’s fat. On her way to “roll me over please hun, I’m getting a bedsore”. If she was white, she’d be a 2-3 to me. Might bang totally fucking hammered. Definitely would NOT tell anyone about it.

        14. She looks disgusting and needs to workout. Arms may be skinny but probably too flabby. A shit ton of sit ups, cardio, and some weight lifting would do her good because it will tone her overall body. Nevertheless, terrible genes…

        15. Sorry pal but maybe after a few months of Jailhouse Strong or Crossfit programs, she might pass the Rook Boner test.

        16. Gorgeous face but that’s the kind of body one might expect to score a 2-3/10.
          Not worth my time nor sexual energy.

        17. An evolutionary explanation. Great. I’ve a better one.
          They are fat because they don’t compete with other women for the best of the males. Settling down and marrying here isn’t a matter of choice for most, since arranged marriages are the norm. So there’s a ceiling to how high value a man you can net, and for most part, looks don’t figure that much as money as status for a man. It’s just luck for most of them (or to be more precise the cast and the social status of the family). So why bother going to the gym and eating healthy when you can enjoy your dose drama on the TV eating chips and shedding tears.
          It’s socialism on the sexual market with weird hypergamic underground economies. Try solo daygaming here and then you’ll understand.

        18. Sorry, but her abdominal fat is disgusting.
          She is only a 7. In the West, the average mall on a Saturday will have at least 10 white girls better than this.
          Now, Priyanka Chopra…… she is hot.

        19. Precisely. This is also why Indian women in the West are prettier than Indian women in India, despite being genetically the same.
          The arranged marriage system has exempted Indian people from putting effort into being attractive. Indian women have no beauty, and Indian men are weak, flabby, and lack Game.
          Arranged marriages are just proof that socialism destroys value, even in areas not directly related to money.

        20. That nose is so pointy, the jaw male-like, and the fat disgusting. Now I can’t say anything about the arms. They look normal actually

        21. Or, she could just stop eating so damn many carbs. It beats the shit out of endless cardio and feeling hungry all the time. BTDT

        22. Women’s appearance fetishes are driven by women. Men mostly just tag along and obediently lust after whatever the alpha females tell them is attractive. This is true for everything from fashion to foot-binding.

        23. I think, Matt Forney should be grateful to God that God didn’t give him any illness and made him obese or wish that God won’t disturb his daughter’s hormones and give her hair all over her body including her face and then men would say the same thing to her that she’s so hairy and they won’t date her. So rather than putting your hatred to all women of a particular race just because one woman dumped you, you should ask for forgiveness from God and delete this article and apologize everyone. No one is ugly in this world. your thinking makes u ugly. How u treat others makes u ugly.What u say to others makes u ugly. Haven’t u heard? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Who is asking u to date Indian woman. They are satisfied in their own community. They don’t need a bald ugly white man like Matt Forney. So stop putting hatred over the internet………………………………..

        24. I think, Matt Forney should be grateful to God that God didn’t give him any illness and made him obese or wish that God won’t disturb his daughter’s hormones and give her hair all over her body including her face and then men would say the same thing to her that she’s so hairy and they won’t date her. So rather than putting your hatred to all women of a particular race just because one woman dumped you, you should ask for forgiveness from God and delete this article and apologize everyone. No one is ugly in this world. your thinking makes u ugly. How u treat others makes u ugly.What u say to others makes u ugly. Haven’t u heard? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Who is asking u to date Indian woman. They are satisfied in their own community. They don’t need a bald ugly white man like Matt Forney. So stop putting hatred over the internet……………………………………….

        25. **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
          I think, Matt Forney should be grateful to God that God didn’t give him any illness and made him obese or wish that God won’t disturb his daughter’s hormones and give her hair all over her body including her face and then men would say the same thing to her that she’s so hairy and they won’t date her. So rather than putting your hatred to all women of a particular race just because one woman dumped you, you should ask for forgiveness from God and delete this article and apologize everyone. No one is ugly in this world. your thinking makes u ugly. How u treat others makes u ugly.What u say to others makes u ugly. Haven’t u heard? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Who is asking u to date Indian woman. They are satisfied in their own community. They don’t need a bald ugly white man like Matt Forney. So stop putting hatred over the internet………………………………..

        26. Have you ever, EVER seen any Indian woman to even pass such a comment? Go do some research before making a fool out of yourself on public forums like these.

        27. Graph means nothing without a graph of race by population. There just aren’t that many alaskan natives.

        28. Plenty of thin chicks in India. Thin men, too. The fat ones have access to HFCS, GM grains, and in general the glory that is western mass-produced “food”.
          In India, eating food raw is something only poor people do.

        29. personal ancedote: I knew an inuit girl who stewed Alaska Airlines, a real alchie, she kept peeing the beds at the nice hotels until they made her stay on skid row. She quit and later died.

        30. you fucking dumbass there were about a million featherheads until 1812 and then we killed as many as we could, thank god for small pox

        31. Thats bangladehsi men, over there they love fat women.
          The local prostitutes even use steroids to fatten up to get more sales belive it or not.
          Perhaps it ma something to do with all the starvation in the country, its like indias mexico

        32. wonderful people don’t really know what indians are indian girls are what makes them like that no one ever cares. Indian girls are more of an emotional kind well never mind but just don’t judge people before knowing them completely. You can’t just say about people by having a look at few girls. If possible please try to understand them

        33. first off this girl is from a low grade industry.
          she was probably picked from her highschool or whatever, shes not the best iv seen.
          The men within her demographic, quite enjoy the large bodied woman, and such a woman is widely available in south india.
          When you go to central india, like Maharastra, MOST women are wheatish in skin and quite thin, naturally so, and rarely loose too much shape after pregnancy. although they might sacrifice some bosom overall.
          In the North/Desert area youll have Rajputs who are magnificient and virile people. Tall, Long and strong limbed women. Beautiful dusky skin and never have i seen one with an ugly smile.
          Go to Mizoram and youll find more asian looking Indians, with small figures but still a lot more meat than the actual asian.
          Bengali girls tend to have that apple bottom thing going on, and their skin is…. has this..honey glow to it. Tiny noses and big juicy lips with a strong forehead too.
          So honestly ^^that picture cannot show you what indians are like.
          All your sterotyping indian stuff is based on a very poor set of people. If one has no means to become cultured then why would they even try?
          Besides I think its america that is making Indian girls stupid. My best friend was so perfect before she moved… shes still my best friend, but the culture around her has forced her to become so vapid..
          And yes, most brown girls like a bit of melanin in their men. But you white boys keep calling us either Exotic or FOB so…..

        34. kinda proved his point
          with that comment, this type of reaction is giving indian girls a similar rep to ghetto black girls.

        35. I found your name more interesting then your comment ! 😀 hahahah . . . I love the beauty and don’t give shit to shits !!

        36. Dumbest reply !
          Don’t talk about Indian man dude. My dad and in fact my grandfather is still fit and fine. They both were in sports too. And yeah boyfriend is again a national player apart from very talented photographer not to forget fit and hot ;). Go and talk about something else.

        37. Indian women have the second highest number of Miss World awards. What the fuck did indian men bring to the table? Now let us focus on Indian men stereotypes shall we? Big noses, hairy ass crack, small dong, RAPISTS(yeh that’s a big one), big noses, short, female baby murderers and wife beaters? Now how does that feel? It is clear that the poster of this article had his heart ripped out by an Indian chick.

        38. Oh look beautiful Indian girls who ARN’T bollywood actresses, plus they are both educated!

        39. Oh.. I thought poor people only eat samosas and pao bhaji. Anyway dude, the it’s not just about thinness and stuff, it’s about femininity. Indian girls aren’t feminine and have an unhealthy sense of entitlement mixed with a sense of being on a high moral pedestal, loosing no chance to shame the men for their masculinity when it comes to their sexuality and at the same time criticizing them for not “being a man” when it comes to equity in household finances and responsibilities. Put those same girls on a foreign land and they’ll loose no time taking up a dick up their ass, like matt writes in this article.
          But then, most people instead of self introspection, would be busy taking offense in the name of race, religion, culture and calling me names when i point this out. In the end however, the indian man suffers and he knows it, yet hopes that woman will shower her love on her like a cheesy bollywood movie that we’re brought up on. Guess what? Doesn’t happen. And if you don’t change and fight for a change, you’re better wanking off for the rest of your life just like you wank off each night before you go to sleep.

        40. We have a winner here: “Most of India I assume is poor and people are starving, thus thin.”
          Just lol! There’s a reason why we have a 600 million people strong middle class… thats twice the size of the entire american population you inbred hillbilly piece of white trash! Ignorance flows in ur blood! And you could be poor and still be fat, as we get to see in the american homeless lowlives! They munch on burger, which re cheap and yet fattening. Go kill urself, ur existence is a sin upon the earth

        41. hmm i think i will disagree isn’t the karmasutra an indian guy
          ,for Indians sex is religion so i don’t think they are boring second the food you people in the north america eat will blow anyone up like a baloon second indian women are not as controling and liberal as north americans of European descent ,being a cultured people is nothing to be ashamed of everyone knows north americans are uncultured.i would date an east indian from india but not one raised in north america because almost every northamerican woman is a whore many cant count the amout of men they have been with white women age too quickly and even if they are not fat the have cellulite problems,indian women are more dutyfull and family oriented wont make their husbands feel less than a man by bossing them around

        42. hmm i think i will disagree isn’t the karmasutra an indian guy
          ,for Indians sex is religion so i don’t think they are boring second the food you people in the north america eat will blow anyone up like a baloon second indian women are not as controling and liberal as north americans of European descent ,being a cultured people is nothing to be ashamed of everyone knows north americans are uncultured.i would date an east indian from india but not one raised in north america because almost every northamerican woman is a whore many cant count the amout of men they have been with white women age too quickly and even if they are not fat the have cellulite problems,indian women are more dutyfull and family oriented wont make their husbands feel less than a man by bossing them

        43. well i look through its basically the guy doin most of the moves..though helpful if ur flexabile espically the girl lolin in 2 surveys of sexual satisfation india came in 1st n 3rd(nigeria mexico won in that one).
          that was a point i made earlyier in a different post. true the modern western diet sux now unlike then but indian food lacks protein its mostly carbs. makes sense their parents were poor and made with ehat they got kinda like soul food cookin parts on what slave masters wouldn’t
          eat.but india has a malnutrient an obeisty problem. they need to train cut the carbs an get more protein in.
          but indian women are known to blow up quickly like mexican girls. probably due to india historically havin famines an thus slow matabolisms like natives in mexico or arabia.
          dude trust me like youre seein in the comments indian girls got hit temper n drama,good thing they aint strong like black women or youll gwt hurt. but its like that in india middle east latin america n south europe where they put emotion on a sleeve feelins over facts like if they like u they love if the dislike ur dead. passion is what they have. family orinted cultures but sterotyped by honor killin n crime of passion.
          trust me indians and espically tgeir women are masters at manipukation an lying an thus kinda controllin. i dont think anyone can be more cunning theb them.
          motherland indian girls may not be as hot as their western counterparts but they make better wives an mothers. youll just be given a different set of drama in some ways more difficult…hard to explain.
          the western born maybe lil easier to handle but they got the worst parts of both they juat look better thats it…not worth committing to like white women aka the new black women which indians are there if they sleep around an not tradtional.

        44. You’re fucking stupid. Asians account for only 2 percent. Regardless of what their race is, it’s RIDICULOUSLY less than any other major race on this planet.

        45. I don’t think a lot of them have the agency to ‘demand’ women to be skinny. Once you are married to an Indian woman, she has essentially ‘trapped’ the husband and can bloat to whatever proportions she wants. There is pretty much nothing the man can do.
          Just a cursory mention that she is bloating up would be enough to bring hell upon the husband (including a month long dry spell). Given that the average middle class chump isn’t exactly the ladies man, that’s a very real threat to keep him in line. Plus, under laws like s498 IPC and 304B IPC, a husband and his entire extended family can be jailed for saying that a certain dress doesn’t fit her because her hips are no longer 28 inches.

        46. “But then, most people instead of self introspection, would be busy
          taking offense in the name of race, religion, culture and calling me
          names when i point this out.”
          Hit the head on the nail. Contrary to what someone said here, Indians are obsessed with markers of identity that have nothing to do with their accomplishments AND taking offenses over anyone who ‘insulted’ their feudal perception of ‘honour’ (izzat, naak, etc. etc.).

        47. No, “most” of India is not poor. Not everyone is starving. India is not just slums, contrary to popular belief. Get your facts right.

        48. Yeah, and pathetic half-men have been able to generate the world’s second largest population.
          You’re smart af. 🙂

        49. I’d sleep with both of them. I love thick girls. Those skinny really athletic girls are annoying as fuck. With their diets and shit.

        50. ma’am, this is a racist post full of sh!t.I am an Indian guy and was searching for some beautiful Indian women pics ,instead I ended up here.Lol

        51. You don’t seem to be an educated guy considering your low regards for women even though your vitriol is mostly directed towards non-muslim women.

        52. No moron your assumption is wrong. In india pepole don’t showoff they hide it to save for future or roll it over for generation to use, indian’s have that much money which u cannot imagine they invest in properties,share market,gold and business. If google u will find we have beggar’s who have millions in account and almost two or three flats of themslef. We as india looks poor. Because britishers concerd india for 200years and took our money n gold, still we developed overself.
          Otherwise India was known as Land of Gold. We think from heart n ready to help others unknowingly that’s why we are idiots.

        53. They laid the foundation for your entire current economy. You’re welcome. Also, begging with 2-3 flats is low as shit, plus doesn’t really exist. Indian men are the most myopic in the land lol

        54. Thats so ignorant. Even if conservative community ss some Indian women have a choice. Also even poor Indian guys have looks so obviously the wealthy would so that point dosnt make sense. And by that logic American women shoislnf be fat becuzw they have to compete

        55. Also they dont just watch serials, maye your wimin dbeciss it’s not like serials are slecific to just Indians. The Spanish & Mexicanos don’t have there tele novas. Or you guys font have your daytime stuff

        56. And white guys aka you base all your wgo on your so called Indian girls just dontM know where to base or start their identity theyre in a tough position. But you guys had a better chance and still have such a small mentality

        57. I love all these ignorant western comments. Youve obviously never seen wealthy Indian, Europeon, or African women. They’rw MORE gorgous. They have a great culture and theyre not wasting their money on plastic surgery they dont need. They dont need to live in the US to diet or any other BS. They dont even NEED that becusew things like tumeric and other herbs that grow in places like India are much better cosmetic agents then thr crap women put on in the west that makws them age 20 years in 5 years. Oh and lets not forget the diet, its not all somosas & calories. Indian diet is one of the most healthiest diets of the world

        58. Indian food is one of the. Kst healthiest it doenst lack anything. Esp not fromthe indian women who slaves ro roivedie it. Sure some poor people cant afford gooddfood. But most middle class women can. Also all indian women know how to BARGIN. Now what’s America’s excuse?

        59. White women emassuclate you tons more. Cuz they can afford to be bitchy. Indian women have the higher moral ground b/c they gave up being regarded as equals as bastards like this authir for good morals(and taking care of their family). Theure feminine cu they are trained to be ready for marriage. And theyre not used to dressing like trannys like perhaps… Western cultures? And if they take dicks up their asses because it’s what they see American doing

        60. By ehat starving half of our population to sickiening low skeleton figures? Straling all our riches? I’m sure the imperialism was heartfelt and for th good of India. Perhaps we should send Britian and Portugla thank you cards? While we’re at it every other formely imperialozed country should send them. And the descendents of African slaves & the natives should send you Europeon & Americans some thank you cards too.

        61. Not all indian women are fat.And indian men normally don’t see their women naked before they select them.So they are selected for other less shallow traits.Plus most indian guys aren’t fit n toned either.

        62. Are u worth anyone’s time or sexual energy? Would u like if someone only defined u by how u looked. Not ur job or intelligence or anything else. Wait that’s all that matters in life. I forgot. The sole purpose in life is banging a hot chick and bragging to ur friends about it. Yeah!!!! Awesome life.

        63. How many hours do u spend in the gym that u are demanding so for someone u don’t even know?

      2. It is interesting for me to read inside opinions in regards to Indian women from the mouths of Indian men. I have dated and slept with 4 Indian (or part Indian) females in my life. So admittedly my experiences with them are limited. All 4 of them were westernized Indian women. However my time with all 4 of them was a good experiences. I found all of them to be intelligent, sexy, well spoken, and quite adventurous in bed. They all treated me well, and were proud to have me as a boyfriend.
        To be fair, I find Indian women to be very sexy. Not all obviously. However I tend to find a large percentage of them attractive in the physical sense. In fact I might go so far as to say that I may find the single most attractive race in the world. So maybe I am biased in my observations and generalizations.
        They seem to have a very good mix of features. Northern Indian women in particular. Northern Indian women tend to have sculpted European/Caucasian features. Sculpted features, strong noses, and well defined facial features. Coupled with a soft smooth brown caramel complexion they are very unique in their physical appearance. Their hair is second to none as well. In my experience, their hair was some of the softest hair my fingers have ever ran through.
        Anyway, I didn’t post this to be argumentative. But I thought I would add my 2 cents to the discussion from my own personal experiences. On a sidenote, they do seem to be very susceptible to the whole Social Justice Warrior mindset when they are westernized.

        1. It’s actually a known stereotype in India that northern Indians are far more attractive than those in Southern India. The joke is that Southern Indians have all the brains but no looks while northern indians are beautiful but have little in the heads.

        2. It’s actually a known stereotype in India that northern Indians are far more attractive than those in Southern India. The joke is that Southern Indians have all the brains but no looks while northern indians are beautiful but have little in the heads.

        3. Oh plss equality is what we believe in n don’t compare between south n North Indian girls .. In India nly u r comparing..!!!!

        4. I think you need to check your english. “In India nly u r comparing” is illgeible. Also this is not my stereotype. This was the stereotype told to me by several Indians who were studying at my university. One, whom I was dating, taught me a lot of the jokes between. Over the years I’ve met several Indians who told me about this. So if you want to call all those Indians liars, then so be it. I trust their word on the matter over yours.

        5. Bro, i have hardly seen any Indian chick in US, CANADA , UK or Australia dating a white guy, 95
          % of the time they date only other desis, infact i have known many, Indian guys even the ugliest looking sleeping with 10/10, 9/10 white girls, Dont try to fool people by acting some kinda stud, this website itself is racist towards Brown and Black guys and women, u whites are just insecure and jealous that we brown and black guys are taking away ur women

        6. and u are saying totally the opposite, Indian Women in the West( Westernized Indians ) are the most conservative, they dont lose virginity before their marriages

        7. Then you have never been to Australia my friend. There are TONS of Indian females that are married to White dudes (and dating them) out here. I have no reason to lie, I simply made a comment off of my own observations. In fact the amount of Indian women I see with White dudes out here initially shocked the shit out of me. I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. So I never even met Indian females when I was young. But out here in Australia, it is a different ballgame. Don’t get me wrong, “MOST” Indian females out here are with Indian men. But the number of them that are with White men just surprised me. I didn’t expect that. Ironically enough, my wife and I have to take our 5 year old to a birthday party today in which the mother of the kid is Indian, and the father is a blonde haired Auzzie dude.
          I think it is you that are insecure. It is YOU who decided to take the time out of your day to try and deny what my own eyes tell me every time I go to the mall out here in Sydney Australia.
          I get along well with most Indian guys. In fact I have several that I consider my friend. That being said, most White women find Indian men anywhere from unattractive, to outright disgusting.
          The most amusing part of your comment was when you said “u whites are just insecure and jealous that we brown and black guys are taking away ur women” Come on dude. Brown Indian dudes should not even be mentioned in the same breathe as black guys when referencing White women. No offense, but I have known White women that preferred Black dudes, and I have known White women that preferred darker skinned Latinos. However I can honestly say that I have never in my life met a White women who even remotely had any preference for a Indian dude.
          And I don’t say that to be rude. I say that only to illustrate how ridiculous that last comment of yours sounded to me. LOL!!

        8. Pretty much all Indians are Caucasian. The only exception is maybe the Adivasi. These people are more related to Australian Aboriginals. They are the indigenous population of India. Dravidian peoples (who are generally dark skinned Caucasian) then invaded the region over 4,000 years ago, probably from Southern Iran. They might have been related to the ancient Elamites. Dravidan peoples built the great Indus Valley civilization.
          Finally India was invaded by the Indo-Iranians (commonly referred to as Aryans) around 3,000 to 4,000 years ago. The Indo-Iranians originated from the Andronovo Culture in Central Asia. Most studies of this culture suggest they were a relatively light skinned Caucasian people similar in coloring to modern day Europeans.
          The widely accepted theory is that the Indo-Europeans arose in Ukraine and Southwestern Russia. They dispersed from the region a long time ago. Some travelled West and became known as the Greeks, Latins, Germanics, Celts, Slavs, etc. Others travelled East and became known as the Medes, Persians, Tocharians, North Indians, etc. That latter Eastern group are lumped in together as simply the Indo-Iranian/Aryan branch. Like I said before, this larger Indo-Iranian branch grew out of the Andronovo Culture and spread across Asia, eventually arriving in India and bringing the roots of Hinduism. This is why many North Indians look European. The two groups are closely related. Although over time the Indo-European tribes in India probably mixed with the local darker peoples just like the Indo-European tribes in Europe eventually mixed with that continent’s local peoples.

        9. No way are Indian women in the West conservative. I see them dressing really slutty, spending all of their money on superficial items, and sleeping around with random guys. Indian women from India are the conservative ones. Those from the West are are very vapid and only care about money, accessories, and sex.

        10. I don’t know about that. White guys date interracially (particularly with East Asian, Indian, and Hispanic girls) at higher rates than white girls. And I’ve never seen a white girl with an Indian guy. Pretty much all of the white girls who date interracially are with black guys or Hispanic guys. I don’t see any reason why the white guys will be insecure over this though. Seems they are big winners when it comes to interracial relationships. I think I heard that Asian men (including Indian men) and black women get the short end of the stick.

        11. hahahaha nice in trying to convince me into believing that White women never prefer Indian Men, But the fact is U r the one who is insecure and extremely jealous just becoz We are banging white Chicks every second, and the Prefer US INDIANS over Latinos and Blacks any day, on top of tat in ur earlier post u were talking to a guy about how quickly u met ur White Wife as soon as u arrived in Australia so even in Australia u havent met any INDIAN Chick so stop faking, also from the way u said abt White girls hate Indian guys itself anyone can figure out tat all ur comments are a big lie, please research more on why white women prefer dating Indian guys, also research Why Many Young White Women come to India after Barbados as sex tourists ,specially In the States of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana where Indian men are known for their sexual prowess, In the US and UK u will fing the ugliest Indian men going our with 9/10, 10/10 White Blonde girls, on top of that in ur previous comments u are siding with Blacks just to make me believe that what u are saying is all true, but in ur other comments u are degrading Black Men and Women, ,this sites ifself is racist to any non whites,so there is no chance in believing any info on this site, remember one things the more u try to curb us non whites thru any means possible in planet Earth the more we will rise u mainstream racist western media will always portray Indian men as chodes, But u visit the Northern states and the extreme Southern States of India u will have an Idea how we really are.

        12. Actually, I live in Australia and it’s extremely rare to see an Indian woman with a white Australian man. They’re easily outnumbered by the white Australian women who are dating Indian men. The overwhelming majority of Indian women seem to find white males to be rather unappealing. In western countries like the U.S, the statistics clearly demonstrate that Indian men are more significantly more likely to marry out than their female Indian counterparts. I imagine that the situation is similar in Australia as well. Sorry, but when white males have to resort to fabricating outright lies in order to make themselves feel more secure, I feel compelled to step in.

        13. LOL!!!! Good to see you created a new profile just to comment at my remark. I feel important. My remark seems to have really hit home for you. Anyway, your wrong my friend. According to the 2010 U.S. census, (I was unable to locate Australia’s stats, maybe you can) 22.6 percent of Indian women who were born in India (but raised in the USA) had a White spouse. That nearly DOUBLED the amount of Indian men (who were born in India and raised in the USA) who had White spouses. Only 13.3 percent of Indian men had White spouses from that category.
          read about it here if you like. It breaks down all the various Asian sub-groups.
          For Indian women who were born and raised in the USA, a whopping 37.8 percent had White husbands. Dam near 38 percent of all Indian females born and raised in the USA had White male spouses my friend. Seeing as though many Indian women still cling to traditional values, I would say the percentage that dates (but wouldn’t marry) White men is probably even way higher than that 37.8 percent would indicate.
          If 38 percent of Indian females born in the USA had White male husbands, then from my own observation I would guess that atleast 45 to 50% of Indian women born and raised in Australia have White husbands. Simply because that paring is so much more common here.
          So stop deluding yourself. And quit posting under different names when trying to refute a simple statement I made. (Your not fooling anybody) Why is it so hard for you to accept something that is clearly happening? I am not trying to make White men sound like they are studs. For fuck sake I am happily married and in the process of raising a family. I don’t come online to “fabricate” what my eyes see everytime I go to the movie theatre, or the shopping mall. Indian women do not belong to you, or any other Indian man. So get over your feelings of insecurity and jealousy. Indian females are independent women with the freedom to choose.
          One of our Australian cricketeers just landed himself a beautiful Indian model from India. Good for Shaun.
          I am not saying this because I am a White male. However I do think that White men and Indian women look good together. Maybe its the Brown/White contrast.

        14. Yup, just as I thought. A classic case of yet anther insecure white male loser fabricating completely made up statistic to disguise the fact that where the interracial dating scene with Indian women is concerned, non-Indian males fare very poorly. This article from the New York Times which dates back to 212, explicitly states that along with Vietnamese men, Indian women have the LOWEST rate of interracial marriage. I’d say that it contradicts your deluded claims that Indian women are more successful at securing partners of other races than their male counterparts.
          Obviously white losers such as yourself have absolutely no luck when it comes to convincing Indian women to date your overweight, obese asses. Otherwise you wouldn’t feel the need to belittle Indian men who have relatively little trouble when it comes to dating white women. I understand that you feel bitter and envious but making completely unfounded claims is just going to undermine your credibility.
          Not just Indian women, but women of ALL races need to be liberated from creepy white perverts who try to compensate for their micro-dick syndrome by developing a disturbing fixation with ethnic females. My suggestion is that you get a brown blow-up doll to satisfy your Indian fetish. ROFL.

        15. Man i have Turkish,Kazakh,Mongol and very little slavic ancestry, but i was adopted by Indian parents so raised in india from birth. I really agree with you when it comes to indian girls. They are real beautiful, most of them, i’ll say they are more beautiful than those we see in indian films(my opinion only). They have sense of humor, they talk spicy, i really enjoy time with them. I live in state of Bengal , where i think girls are most beautiful with dusky skins, as compared to north or south indian girls, 95% of them wear western clothes, i dont really understand the fact why indian men in every website talks shit about their women, god knows what kind of pathetic breed they are.

        16. You must be south Indian. nothing of this sort exists. Both are equally brainy, but I differ with the beauty part definitely north are more beautiful and good looking primary reason is their colur of skin envied by the whole world. Black wana become white. white wana sun tan and become brown. But north Indian complexion is God gift

        17. Gr8 knowledge, Robert how do you know so much. Are you a historian by profession.
          Only that we Aryans are outsiders. Dravadians who love gold than we do are the orginal inhabtants of India. Our ancestors invaded india and settled. We love gold less than dravadians. Then came alexander but lost here in india. then came mughals then the british. Only difference being all came here to settle down except the british and some parts of india with French. But all Europe searched for India the Golden bird. Not so much extracted and explored but india still finds lot of gold at many places. This was the reason india is known to all.

        18. I know that’s the truth. But stereotypes are not about the truth. They’re about perceptions. 🙂

        19. I can’t believe the kind of assholes you’ve got in the us. I guess the stereotypes are true. All white Americans are inbred.
          (No offence to all you decent folk who are gonna get offended by the comment)

        20. This is a stereotype told repeatedly by Indian men and women to me. But I guess you just want to get on your high-horse and act like you know anything. And you complain about a “stereotype” by stereotyping others yourself. What a hypocrite. I guess that’s typical of then so-called men in your country?

        21. I would have expected a school kid to understand that the last comment was sarcastic. You really ain’t smart, are you? People tend to exaggerate sometimes. And also, India happens to be a country which is super attached to its cultural roots and midieval morality. A majority of Indian men grow up resenting the other sex because there is very little contact with them. But its not the case in most “big cities”. You really Dont have much authority on the subject if you have never really experienced the country or the people. I had a dannish friend staying in the us who told me that us is full of inbred racists. That’s a stereotype I heard. If you think youre justified in your comments, I’m more than justified in mine. Also I now a french dude who stayed back in India for over 2 years cos he was with an Indian girl.

        22. And a friend of mine is married to an americanamerican guy and have settled down in India. Honestly, you have no clue what you are talking about.

        23. Lol. If you can write that and not realize how silly you sound you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. _You just want to act offended.

        24. Sure. You’re entitled to be full of ignorance. I’d expect no less of a school kid like yourself.

        25. Bro, before you fuck that girl’ case because of her limited proficiency with English, you should know that it’s “illegible” not “illgeible”
          Seems like you’re like the typical American dude: high school dropout who failed 11th grade literature.

        26. Wow, you’re so ridiculously stupid. I can’t even believe it.
          Please go get some original comebacks before you comment upon people from different cultures.

        27. So… people are “pretending” to be offended about repeating a stereotype that was told to me by dozens and dozens of Indians who apparently must not know their own culture? Also the stereotype is played on in Bollywood movies.
          *sigh* the stupidity of the “pretend” to be outraged crowd who just want to feel special by making up some issue.
          I have lived in India. This stereotype was told numerous times to me by I Indian people who thought it was hilarious. It was the source of many of their jokes.
          I don’t care one way or the other if it was true. But to say that they don’t have the right to remark on their culture. That’s stupid. They have every right. They come from it. Fine. You think all these Indian people are wrong.
          But don’t pretend you are more entitled than they are.
          You sound very pretentious. But I guess “pretending” to be offending is the only thing that you have going for you. Really sad.

        28. Lol..Isnt it funny that a white guy says Indian women are appealing and smart while Indian D-Bags talk utter rubbish about them.

        29. Awww… I feel sorry for you! You must have got dumped really bad…. by an INDIAN GIRL.

        30. Nope. I don’t date women. I’m straight. Sounds though like you’ve never dated anyone though. Must be lonely be that person everyone avoids because they look and go “Eww….” 😉

        31. Hm… so Bollywood which uses these stereotypes for certain jokes. So you’d be an idiot for believing that there exists a stereotype about white people not being able to jump or dance. That Asian people are nerdy. You’d be an idiot to believe those exist because westerners explained there exist such stereotypes. Got it.
          It’s not that I agree with them. But I acknowledge there existence. Only an idiot would pretend they don’t exist. Or someone in denial of reality. Look they exist. Get over it.
          I never said they were true. Just that they exist. Stereotypes are often not true. But I don’t pretend they don’t exist. That’s just silly.

        32. I so agree with you! Indian men are nowhere near as hot as white guys or Hispanics
          They’re the worst but want the best

        33. Unfortunately ur right about this.north Indians hv sharper features n a fairer complexion.women are more petite as compared to those down south. However you can’t say they’re not as pretty as the ones in the north.those that are beautiful ,are so in a different way.


        35. Don’t worry, the North vs South Indian stereotypes exist. What your friends told you are absolutely true. Indians are the most racist among their own kind. People who disagree are just being ignorant.

        36. You’re right Roxanne. A lot of it seems to come from the caste system.
          Almost all of my friends were low and middle caste. They had such sad stories of what the higher caste members did to them. The higher caste were always so dismissive of their stories like “oh whatever. You’re just making it up”. It was horrible. They openly bullied and destroyed and traumatized the lower and middle castes and didn’t care. Many of the higher caste described how they felt entitled to do it.
          How could they feel so entitled to treat their fellow people like dirt just because of the caste they were born into? I suspect the trolls on this — from the way they speak and act — come from that “entitled” crop.

        37. I’m sure there are many beautiful southern Indians. I only remarked on the existence of the stereotype. But I don’t agree that it’s true. You’re right that beauty comes in many forms.

        38. Speak in ur own language with MSM like he/she is doing….or ask him/her to talk to u in ur language…. Coz as per him/her u “need to check ur English”… Lol

        39. kind of, when it comes to color and a certain frame yes, when it comes to the face not the case. You can google the composites of the miss world africa america europe asia pic and despite the race difference they look very similar when you put the world 10s together.

        40. What if she would have written everything in Hindi . . . i Wish 😀 !! Mein tumko Chand kehdu magar usme Daag hai,Suraj kehdun usme to Aag hai,
          Socha Tumko Bandar keh Dun…
          Magar us kambakhat me Bhi Dimaag hai.

        41. Debating The Mighty 1-to-10 Scale

          as someone from chateau heartiste wrote when it come to the face,facial beauty is univerisal. Even if its not your preference it carrys through.
          like not being into redheads but see one with a good face boom it carries through over your blonde preference. As long as face body masculine/feminie roles is present will matter most unless you have some tie then your preference takes over like blonde 9 over redhead 9.

        42. im glad im not a turk. u dirty muslim lol
          in UK many turkish girls date Indians and Pakistanis btw

        43. not really. the one itself mentioned in the article aishwarya rai is a south indian so are the 2 anushka sharmas deepika padukone shilpa shetty a lot more and also the one in the pic namitha. think again 🙂 .

        44. You are officially a retard! Caste system has NOTHING to do with this u illiterate faggot! North vs South stereotypes are regional stereotypes rather than caste stereotypes. There are literally no stereotypes related to castes! You could be a fair skinned person and still be a low caste, or a really dark skinned and be a higher caste. It has no recognition anymore, not at least in the urban India. Don’t talk about stuff which you have no idea about. Although I can imagine you are just one of those fat, stupid, burger munching, uneducated trailer trash who just decides to vent out his frustration here in sync with few losers (‘writers’) like this fucktard who wrote this article. Go burn in fire!

        45. as an indian staying in india i totally agree. i would just say its the way we are brought up we are brought up with the standards where skin colors defines beauty not just that its often for people to judge fairer ones as totally innocent and from a better social class and the darker ones a bit thug type and lower social class it is pathetic we indians are the worst kind of hypocrites in the world . trust me if you were brought up in our shitty mentality you would also be the same regardless of your race. the society here is as fucked up as it can get it will take a lot of years for their mindset to change

        46. It’s really terrible. I remember once a long time ago when Orkut was a thing, a guy was chatting with me, and I wasn’t interested, and he stalked my profile and saw I was not from the North, like he was, and he started abusing me and calling me black and saying how I’ll never find a man. I’m from Mumbai, and my colour is average, not dark, not fair, but to have any kind of abuse directed to me when I was much younger was a bit too much. I blocked him. He made 3 more profiles to just continue those obscenities. This is how stupid people in our country still behave and it’s appalling.

        47. Actors n models are not representative of the general population vis-a-vis looks
          I’m talking about the an average northern vs southern girl