Speak To That Cute Girl Now, Because You’ll Probably Never See Her Again

You are on the subway, walking down the platform, when you see a cute girl overloaded with shopping bags, full of Christmas presents. She is wrapped up warmly in a scarf and a long coat, but you can discern that beneath her seasonal garb here is a shapely, pulchritudinous young woman that you would like to get to know better.

As you walk past, you look at her and she looks back and smiles. You smile too, feeling a fuzzy, warm (and irrational) sense of validation. For a split second you consider speaking – saying “hi,” anything. Then in that split second you decide not to. After all, it’s busy here, there are a lot of people around and it might be embarrassing. And your ego has already been boosted by the fact that she’s smiled anyway – perhaps that’s sufficient. And also, you live near here – perhaps you’ll see her again another time when it’s less crowded, or you’re in less of a hurry, or you’re wearing better clothes, or you’ve had a shave, and you can talk to her then.

The truth of the matter, though, is this. If you live in a city of any size at all, then the chances of you ever seeing a random stranger again are negligible. Face it, if you walk by now without taking a shot, the likelihood is that you will never, ever see that same girl again.

Rollo of The Rational Male, has talked frequently about a concept he calls “buffers” – that is, those barriers, mental or otherwise, that men erect in order to protect themselves from female rejection. An example might be remaining in the friendzone with a girl for a prolonged period of time. While the guy probably has an inkling that this situation is not good for him, a perverse benefit is that he is not compelled to seek out and approach special women as he is already tied (in his mind) to his special snowflake.

Another buffer is the concept of “leagues” – by believing that a woman is out of one’s league, a man is effectively insulating himself from the imperative to approach. These are both rationalizations, ways to let oneself off the hook from the scary task of actually manning up and speaking to a girl (and how pathetic does that sound when written down?).

The irrational idea that you might see this random girl another time is another such buffer. So, too, is that small sense of accomplishment you feel when you get an IOI (indicator of interest) from a cute girl. “She smiled at me,” you think. “My attractiveness as a man has been validated. That’s enough for today.” Except it’s not enough – not if you have any ambition to be a player.

Instead, you must follow up on each IOI and push through to failure. The reason most guys won’t approach the girl who smiles at them and ask for her number is that they want to protect themselves from rejection and retain the good feelings they are already experiencing. But those good feelings in themselves mean nothing if your goal is to get laid.

When a girl smiled at me on the subway the other night, I very nearly let the opportunity go. The usual excuses came up – I was tired, needed to get home, was carrying grocery bags and so on. But I steeled myself and approached her anyway. We had a nice little flirtatious conversation and she gave me her number. By following through on an IOI, there’s a good chance you’ll get a result, but even if you don’t, you haven’t really lost anything – only the illusion that something could have happened, which in reality is worthless.

That is why you need to act now, and see each opportunity that presents itself through to its logical conclusion. So next time a girl shows she’s interested in you, walk up and start chatting to her. You really have nothing to lose.

Happy hunting – and happy holidays to all ROK readers!

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231 thoughts on “Speak To That Cute Girl Now, Because You’ll Probably Never See Her Again”

  1. A brief but excellent article Troy. As for the RoK readers, don’t waste your life, dilly-dally, ask yourself “what if” all the time, and live life to your own devices and to whatever puts a big fucking smile on your face everyday.
    Don’t be another victim of the “Top 5 regrets of the dying”. Be a King, and Be Amazing. Merry Christmas to you all my masculine, pussy-loving, feminist-hating brothers!

    1. It’s worth repeating because the Red Pill and the men-sphere changed my life 2014.
      Merry Christmas ye band of brothers and a joyous New Year.

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    2. Not that I am on the market anymore, but it is strange that it took me so long to learn that if a girl looks at you then she want you to talk to her. She would like that. Its really that easy. Go for it. Women know not to make eye contact with anyone undesirable. So if she’s even looking at you then she is interested.

      1. Its true but you might still get dinged. Some women will forget themselves and check a guy out even if they are with someone. Then they will act like proper bitches when you talk to them.

    3. Every guy on this site should watch this vid Every Fucking Day until it sinks in.
      From 0.54 through 1:20 is what you are fighting.
      From 1:25 to 1:46 is the Path Forward.
      From 1:50 to 2:00 (and really to the end of the vid) is what you need to listen to, Every.Single.Day until you internalize it.
      When you face your fears, they get weaker, and you get stronger, until they die and you win.
      Now Go Forth and Be Men,

  2. Excellent work. Something nice guys and people who fall in love from afar do all the time. Easier to erect a pleasant fantasy than to face the reality of the rejection that accompanies the numbers game that we play.

    1. It’s not the rejection that’s the problem, it’s dealing with some ‘demonic’ airheaded, entitled cuntbag, that pretends to be so nice for 5 minutes and then switches on hell mode. The problem with Red Pill is you learn to see the truth and that can be rather bitter, thus when looking at 99.9% of women in the street, I’d happily bang them if they stripped naked and slathered themselves with massage oil, but other than that, engaging them in any intelligent way, makes me feel like worms crawled into my ear and started eating my brain.

      1. Even worse is when the girl feigns attention. You think you’re getting somewhere but she’s “just being nice” and it can get your signals crossed.

        1. Yep, and plus since it’s Christmas and all this big chase of gifts and stuff, girls don’t have time to dedicate to your game.

        2. They want your constant desire. Best to stoke their constant desire by fucking their friends.

        3. Simple fix for that. Use the “Brad Pitt” or “Channing Tatum” rule. It goes as follows: “If I were a famous actor, would she be have done what she just did?”
          If the answer is no, then ditch that bitch.

        1. What is this look that young chicks have on their face, of contented superiority… like they’ve just invented a teleporter or something…. the only secret they have is how many cocks they’d had up them and how many times a month they masturbate, and how many of their friends pussies they’ve sucked on….. since we all know that number in all cases is pushing into 3 figures…. there’s little I can see for them to be smirking about… perhaps it’s a side effect of the herpes medication ?

        2. Heh, honestly, I think that the smirk belies their sense of power over men.
          I’ll either stare back with steel or bait them with my own smirk. In the former case, I think the message is clear: “you have no power here sweetheart.” In the latter, I will sometimes prompt an approach from her, in which case I shoot some terse, negative-game her way and basically say, “nah, ain’t interested…find someone else in your league.”
          This is my schtick; I’m not sure if others get-off on rejecting self-esteem whores as much as I do, but I’ve learned over time that it suits me better and more profitably than to actually try to game these harpies for sex.
          I could give two-shits about getting my dick wet. Occasionally it’s nice, but on the whole I’m more concerned about keeping girls out of my life rather than in it and interjecting some reality into their expectations. Choose your methods and goals accordingly.

        3. Not only that, but sometimes I just feel sick interacting with them and their stupid pointless drivel. My game plan is generally avoiding American women–hold off and use porn and the occasional hookup until I go abroad and then find a real feminine woman that I am naturally attracted to.
          I like articles like this, because I’m going to start approaching just for fun, even if I have no intent of going further. Even then I can only go so far, and it’s not that rewarding, so I suppose it’s best to just consider it practice. I mean, I can guide the conversation, talking about interesting things like what places I’ve been too, cool things I’ve done, but I’m not an egotist and it’s not interesting for me to hear myself talk. It may get the girl interested but then she has nothing at all she can say back to me that I give a shit about.

        4. Yup. Not an ROK reader but someone will. The manosphere loves to think that the typical bitch we usually discuss is in for a rude awakening or something. Not if she can dip below a buck sixty for a few months and grow her hair down past her shoulders.
          Just stay out of it, overtly and also emotionally. That’s my advice (if anyone was curious, heh). Don’t go for the collective sentiment and suffer for the dope that makes the mistake. Keep your individual mindset. That’s what an American is supposed to be anyway. Some dummy couldn’t be bothered to read a few of the very nearly mainstream books about modern marriage; Helen Smith, Rollo, Vilar. I would like to see if anyone could wife up a 35 year old after reading those books. But the dummies who can’t be bothered to read a book will have lesser lives, in this realm and others too. Screw ’em. That’s one less guy on beach in Rio, Cuba, Thailand, Phills. Just quietly win the game.

        5. Don’t worry about their validation. You can always put them down when they are rude. Or just laugh in their face.

        6. I was talking to a couple of very attractive looking models in a bar the other day (Miami). Plastic, but they still looked good. I actually was not trying to pick them up but ask a sincere question about the performances that night (which they were part of).
          The one I addressed tried to answer the question but her friend (naturally the less attractive one but only by inches) interrupted and attempted to dismiss me by saying “bye! bye! bye!” and sarcastically waving her hand. I actually looked at her in contempt and asked “why are you being so rude?”
          She carried on with her weak attempt to dismiss me and I stood my ground. She gave up and dragged her friend off elsewhere into the club.
          Even 9s get mad if you talk to their friend…

        7. They’re smirking because they fail to realise that one day the Sun will set on their youth. And then it does.
          As a man, your star keeps on rising as long as you maintain your health. And then you ignore the old ass bitches who ignored you when you were young and you date the smirking young ass bitches, smirking yourself as you explode your man juice down the back of their throats…

        8. That doesn’t rob them of the satisfaction of knowing they attracted another man to them by merely existing.

        9. Part of this millenial stupidity is because we live in a society that more or less brainwashes people to “live in the moment”, aka not stop to think about the future or plan ahead.
          It’s what makes that sense of smug self satisfaction possible. She can feel that she’s “freakin A-mazing!” thanks to the fact that she just got some narcissistic validation from social media or at the club last night……nevermind that for many of them they’re stuck in dead end cubicle jobs, the odds that when they do try to settle, the kind of man they want to marry will already be with younger prettier and loving housewife type, and their friendships are mostly shallow, vampiric relationships.

        10. I’ve met a couple really interesting, sweet, domestically inclined women. The catch is that all of them came from strongly religious backgrounds, small towns, and hadn’t spent any time around liberal academia(one was an Air Force cadet, the other had an accounting certificate from a community college).
          They’re out there, they’re just hella hard to find for a pretty simple reason: they’re as disgusted by the vapid culture as you are, so they tend to isolate themselves socially.

        11. Who cares?
          That said, it can be pretty fun to screw with their egos and make fun of them to their faces.

        12. Depends on the put down but you can’t really worry about things you can’t do anything about.

        13. Actually it is nice to read the blogs of middle-aged women, when they describe the moment when they realised that they had become “invisible”.
          Men stopped opening the door for them, hooting the car at them and smiling at them at the bar.

      2. Well said, at least from a male perspective you are validating her by approaching her and making her behavior worse. If she smiles and you don’t approach I hardly doubt she feels rejected. They get approached so often nowadays that they know the game better than men. They know you need them but if its not done for the purpose of keeping superiority (or the perception of equality on level terms) and in a nonchalant i-dont-give-a-fuck way it might confuse them. I think approach until you achieve a comfortable confidence in doing so and always always think AND believe that you are indeed her superior. Whether you are or not doesn’t matter to her you are nothing but a mystery and irrational confidence will only help. Do it for fun just to see it where it leads and go for the kill quick to sort them out.

        1. “They know you need them…”
          Nope. What exactly do we need? Elton, since you can relate so well, give me her perspective on this, please.

        2. hmmm…… I think I’ll just wait until slavery is legal again… won’t be long now…..

        3. I don’t agree. It takes a huge amount for a woman to smile at a strange man. She’s crossing a ton of societal barriers, it’s pretty safe to engage.

        4. What men need is a purpose, a vocation, a life with a dedication.
          And it might involve being a dad who raises children to be exemplary people, or it might involve being the captain of a boat and more than just a captain to his crew, or a scientist, or a warrior, or a poet.
          Talking to cunts to validate their misguided existence is not one of them.

        5. You need them for sex is what I meant so they use that as a weapon. I am not so experienced as you think but you get the point.

        6. A huge amount? Societal barriers? really?? Unless you live in Iran or a conservative Muslim country where she can be stoned but here in the US she can do it on a whim if she feels like it.

        7. You know I have given this some thought for some time now and it is good that you brought it up. I think there is an unconscious sentiment in the West that our society is lost because we gave the female sex too many rights than we should have. How else would you explain the fact that ISIS has so many Westerners in its ranks today and to everyone’s surprise some of them are females. 10 years ago if anyone remembers, an American was caught in an Al-Qaeda prison in Afghanistan and that made news big time. Is anyone surprised today that so many Westerners fight for ISIS? I am not. Islam as ISIS defines it has immense appeal to many people in the West. If the current trends continue and genders relations deteriorate I would expect the average man of mediocre intelligence at least not to be willing to fight for the US military. It is already happening to our troops in Afghanistan, they are de-moralized and without a sense of purpose of what they are actually fighting for.

          WHY did it get that way? Do you think feminism really “just happened”? Are you REALLY so stupid that you think that “feminists” rule America?
          Or perhaps…just maybe….(nor not just maybe, there’s overwhelming evidence) they’re just useful idiots and pawns in someone’s agenda?

        9. And then there is a smile, and a smile from ear to ear that lasts and is genuine. You’ll notice attraction when it’s there. And for a woman to show real interest in you is something special nowadays.

      3. What’s with the whining?
        She loves your resentment.
        Truth isn’t bitter. Your judgment is.
        Return of kings, what a joke. What kind of king complains about the truth. Who goes to visit an amusement park just to rant about the attractions? “Boo-hoo, the roller coaster isn’t high enough.” Don’t you have anything better to do?
        You and some of you guys sound like entitled princes yourself.

        1. Tom Arrow certainly emotes like a sister would.
          Ball-less mangina or to-the-balls-filled vagina?
          You decide.

        2. Because they mistake their wishes for rights.
          Then again, if being broke and unskilled doesn’t stop you, that’s fine. But you’ll be banging those girls instead of complaining about them.

  3. Agreed. If you aren’t good at conversations like i am just keep the interaction as short as possible. After you say “Hi” to her ask her how is her (morning,day, night) is going then just tell her that you are interested in getting to know her more and ask for her number. Most of the time she will and if she doesn’t it isn’t a big deal. Very short, no time wasted and you have no time really screw yourself up by saying something stupid.
    We need more game articles more often.

  4. RoK should have a minimum of one third of game articles per week. I came to this website and stayed reading due to the positive masculinity I found in it.

    1. Agreed. I don’t comment much on game articles because I consider myself a a novice, but I read them all and it helps reaffirm my commitment to improving.

    2. Why? Not to say that I dislike the game articles but what more can be said that hasn’t been reinforced repeatedly? Pretty much every game article will encourage being opportunistic with women as this one does.

      1. There is always new information to learn and fresh experiences to share. Better game articles than ones complaining about feminism every day….

      2. It is more about compensating the “enjoy the decline” articles. I would include self-improvement articles as well.

  5. rosie rosie rosie rosie…
    but yeah, game well and game often. approach anxiety tneds to subdue after you get the ball rolling.

  6. Back in June, I was rejected by an average looking girl* that smoked like a chimney and had a bit of a gut. I thought her face was cute and I didn’t know she smoked until we went to a party- but despite my zero tolerance policy on smoking I asked out anyway. I learned my lesson.
    The next day I went out to have a day of enjoying myself. Stopped at a sandwich shop at the end, a couple of the male employees talked to me about some of the electronics I had with me. I also had a bag from an game store. So a cute girl that worked there approached me and asked me if that bag was mine. Then she started saying all the right things about what type of games she liked.
    I didn’t ask her for her number and I’ve regretted it ever since. Now I’ll probably never see her again.
    *PS growing up, I used to think that my romance failures were from shooting too high. So I stopped going for the prettier, hotter girls and started going more average or below average. Yet when thinking back, I realize that when someone was interested and I didn’t notice, she was usually one of the hotter girls. And even when the hot girl wasn’t interested she was usually sweet about it. It’s the average girls that have treated me like crap the most!

    1. One important thing I have learned is not to value average looking girls. We have been conditioned to respect the opinion of all people. But there is a good reason why you don’t find average girls attractive, and it extends well beyond her looks. The reaction of an ugly girl to your approach is pretty much worthless.

      1. Yeah. Fat girls are not fat and ugly because of genetics. Most of the time, it is because they are lazy and do not care about their looks and do not care about pleasing men. So chances are, a fat girl’s personality will be just as shitty as her looks. Some people think that fat girls compensate with their personality, but I find it’s totally wrong.

        1. Even the ones who do compensate with their personality (or at least try to) become really snotty once they achieve some weightloss, even if it’s barely noticeable.

        2. Absolutely. The myth of the nice fat woman is just that: a myth.
          Fat girls tend to be more neurotic in my experience. They have more emotional problems. It’s bad enough dealing with attractive skinny girls let alone fat ones! There is just nothing in it for us.

        3. Fat girls = bitter bitches. Hot girls who care too much about being hot, who wear a lot of makeup and blow dry their hair before ever leaving the house and wear expensive clothes and heels = high maintenance and entitled bitches. Pretty girls who don’t care about being pretty, wear little make up, hair in ponytail, and jeans = the best natured.

  7. That’s the greatest thing about talking to random woman from different moment to moment. It’s exciting, it’s fresh, it can build up experience for a better prospect in your future and no matter what always remember you win in the end. What I man by that is, the worst thing she can say to you when you walk over to her is no ( speaking generally, she could be a mass murderer ) so if she says yes and you spark up some sort of organic interaction, even if it ends and she’s a total off balance woman you learn and figure out ways to pick up on what to see in the next woman
    men just have a persona that we set the guidelines and conduct of how the relationship flows, unlike women where they have to get lucky by talking to the right guy….if you’re thorough enough you can get her to be on your side by consistently turning her into the kind of woman she needs to be to cater to you.

  8. Good article. some people chicken out because they start thinking: ” what the fuck should I say…” and then they end up screwing up the chance not saying anything because everything they came up with sounded too fucking dumb. I on the other hand sometimes bypass such things by deciding to say the most retarded shit I can come up with instead. Does it backfire a lot? Hell yes it does, but when It works, it works. In fact, acting like a retard actually landed both me and my friend some LTR material. So to those who are still trying to get their shit together and have trouble coming up with what to say to that lovely chick that can’t take her eyes of of you, remember the following: “Even a retarded approach can get you more than not approaching at all”

    1. if they are attracted to you, it does not matter what you say unless it is perverted or violent in nature.

  9. When I get rejected I walk away with a moment of frustration but never regret.
    When I create excuses the regret lingers until I eventually approach the next girl.
    I got rejected 4 times this week… by 6.5s lol… But this is the righteous path to sharpening my game.
    Happy Holidays Mofos.

    1. This one time I decided to go full retard. I was in a bar and I decided to go against the common sense rule of never approaching groups when going on a 1 man mission, to make things harder I targeted the grumpiest chicks I could locate in the bar. The results were devastating, 8 rejections in a row. LOL. All those failures served their purpose though. because after being horribly rejected by the grumpiest harpies in town, I was so calm and indifferent that the encounters that followed were as smooth as butter.

      1. the rejections provide great entertainment after you have exhaust all the options at a bar.

      2. There you go bud. You went towards the paradigm shift.
        Approach with the INTENTIONS of getting rejected.

        1. It was an life changing event for sure. After going through with it, I firmly believe every one should pull such a thing at least once. LOL

      3. Stay away from girls with a fat friend. The fat bitch will try to sabotage her friend. I had exactly this problem the other night.

        1. Oh, boy do I know! I used to date this chick that just had to take her fat friend everywhere we went. Lets just say that it didn’t last….

        2. A fat chick told me the other day I had too much cologne on (I had literally just showered and it was a fresh bottle). I said “bitch the slim girls never complain!”
          I didn’t really say that but that’s what I was thinking!

        3. True in my experience. If they have an ugly/overweight friend, you can almost guarantee that they will try to sabotage you.
          There’s two options. Talk to them first, give them attention, and pad their ego to get their approval first. In other words you treat them what business professionals call “gatekeepers”: they control access to your target(hot girl, sales prospect, hiring manger, etc) and your job is to get past the obtacle they throw up.
          Second, wait for a vulnerable moment and quickly get them away from the fat friend. This can be easily achieved if you wait for them to split up and quickly pull the girl you’re interested in to the dance floor.

        4. I would have had lots to say but unfortunately she was the receptionist at my hotel. I didn’t want any surprises from her in my hotel room…

        5. Speaking of fat chicks, I was dancing with a slim Chinese chick who essentially “put” me with her fat Korean friend. I was drunk enough I didn’t care. All I wanted at that point was a wet hole.

        6. My fatty friend had hotter friends and was cool enough to let me hook up with one of them. She’s lesbian though and her friend was straight.

      4. “never approaching groups when going on a 1 man mission”?
        Where the hell are you getting your “game” advice from? You should ALWAYS hunt alone.

        1. Why? I think having a wingman can sometimes be more than helpful. Like in the above mentioned situation with the a hot chick with a fat friend. Me and a friend used to had each other back with that shit. Depending on the occasion one of us would game the hot one while the other one would take one for the team and distract the land whale.

        2. I disagree. Having a wingman is disadvantageous to strongly masculine men, because having other males around will only diminish your own aura. You don’t want any other males distracting people from your presence.
          Exceptions exist of course(all of which involve you being the obvious leader), but the principle holds true in most cases.

        3. I am a lone hunter now… like a cat. But in my youth I used to hunt in a wolf pack. I think the callow wolf draws comfort from the pack but the mature hunter hunts solo.

        4. Consider this: hunting alone makes you appear bold, confident and alpha. The best approach though, in my opinion, is to approach solo females or small groups of hot chicks. As we said, fat bitches run interference.
          However, I think your idea about the wing is a very good one when there is a fugly in the mix. The wing approaches first and distracts Jabba the Slut while you slide in and grab the hot one from the side…

        5. Well, I’m glad we agree that there in fact ARE exceptions. Notice, that I don’t exactly advocate having a wingman as the way to go, I’m just saying that it can have it’s applications. what I’ve noticed about gaming groups of chicks is that jealousy can be a bitch.
          For the sake argument, lets imagine the following situation: I approach a group of 3, all is cool, all is well. I manage to spark an interest in one them so I decide to focus most of my attention to her. However her friends start acting increasingly bitchy towards me and they start undermining my progress. I, unwilling to have to deal with both my game and thinking out comebacks for their poor attempts at mockery, decide to introduce a third party to the equation to even up the score.
          I do understand how such a move could backfire, for example the chick that showed interest suddenly likes one of my friends more. I also understand that putting her friends into place with witty comebacks can win me her approval, but doing so usually leaves me with only her number. And I perceive my time to valuable to go through that much shit for just a number.

        6. I always hunt alone – I have never had a problem. Sure, women might look at you weird at times but are you a man or a gay male therapist girlfriend? The goal should always be to separate your target from the herd. If you can’t get that far than she probably didn’t like you enough to begin with….you can’t project attraction on a gal. They are not guys – they like for all sorts of reasons and test.

        7. Agreed, If you woman is attracted to you she will do some of the work. If she is not willing to stand up to her friends when I came back with a witty response then she is not worth it. Another reason I hate all this PUA crap because man now work even harder and by default women less so.

    2. sometimes you will find out that the 6.5 reject you because YOU, my friend, are out of THEIR league !… and they do not want to get hurt. At a bar I start out with the hottest ones and work my way down to 7s…then I leave for another bar.

      1. It’s an oversimplification. The game isn’t simply one of the hotness number scale……a 7 goth chick is not going to like the same guys that a 7 library-mouse chick likes, who in turn will like different guys than a woo girl.
        The game becomes dramatically easier when you can figure out what “type” of chick is into you and then focus your efforts on that group.

        1. Very well said. Another approach is to resemble the kind of man she likes. So don’t wear a blazer and slacks to a goth club…

      2. Haha I can totally relate.
        I moved by UC Santa Barbara in this college town a few years ago and started gaming again after a long break. I’ve had interactions at parties where girls told me I could get any girl I wanted or that I was a player… Half the time this happened, it was with little to no words exchanged prior. My first taste at getting rejected for being perceived as “too good”

      3. As an average looking female I can confirm that. He’s either desperate or drunk and I really don’t want to see the disappointment in his face when he gets back to his senses.

      4. – gals either like your or they don’t. I always find the ugly ones to be more aggressive…yuck.

    3. I used to bask in getting rejected.
      When I was in Europe, it was for the most part a “poosy paradise” as advertised but this was back in the 90s so the main export of the USA was starting to spread out from it’s entertainment media beachhead.
      I would hit on the most snobby, uptight, my shit-does-not-stink bitches I could find – and not in some “RSA” manner that would get me kicked out but bouncers back then were not white knights and they didn’t like the atmosphere that these stuck up hoes brought with them anyway.
      They would get so pissed they’d leave. It was fun.
      Those that didn’t leave were the sort everybody liked having around.
      Did I ever end up banging one of the stuck up hoes? NO. I never wanted to and liked going with women I could tolerate in the morning.
      The best game that worked for me is the “I don’t give a fuck” game. I will even talk to women I would not even touch with a borrowed 10′ pole. Why? Practice that’s why – and feeling out the wide spectrum is knowledge. Besides, women compete with each other so if I’m talking to some fatty I would not bang her friend who I would could show up and think she could “steal” me. I’ve watched this play out numerous times and to this day wonder why we let women do adult things like drive cars, handle money, etc. after displaying such childish catty behavior with each other.

      1. Sorry never works to approach fatties because the friends back off to not steal the one guy she ever got.

        1. They don’t but I know from experience, I’ve tried it 5 times, everytime, the other girls backaway. Will work on an ugly girl who is thin, or has some redeemable quality but not on a fatty.

        2. Not if you look to be sufficiently high value. If you’re solo, and all the hotties are in cliques (college bar where the sorority girls arrive an hour prior to the frat boys, TGI Fridays in corporatopias for that friday hour when the HR staff’s weekend has started, but the male staff is still wrapping up at work….. ), developing rapport with the least attractive girl in the clique, even if a fattie, will make you much harder to “freeze out” later in the night, when her hotter friends start feeling the effects of the booze and let their guards down.
          Road Warrior “lifers”, battle hardened specialists in admitting themselves into fleeting social circles, since they never had permanent ones, do this all the time. First, foot in the door, then………. Fatties, fuglies and awkwards pretty much always have “some” attractive friends, even in fattie capitals like Missouri and Mississippi. And, they’re always eager to show off any guy who is simultaneously both not obviously degenerate, and willing to talk to them. To as much of their little world as they can.

        3. UYou can never look high value hitting on a fat slob.
          You will be pussy repellent because those girls will back off for their fat friend and let her have this one.

      2. I never understand the “I don’t give a F*ck game.” If a women doesn’t interest you why bother in the first place? I have done the same with women that do some of the work themselves. Think about Not only are you giving these women validation when you try and game them, If many of these women were not be approached by men at all or they at least made them work a bit then women would actually have to do some of the work as well in the mating game…

    4. Mate I have had weeks like that. And then this past weekend I got more numbers than I can actually call (only one rejection and she was married… even so… I still think I could tap it if I could raise my game…).

      1. Y’know, sometimes married women are easier, b/c you’re only competing against *one* guy. Just sayin’.

    5. 6.5s? If you forget everything else I’ve ever said, remember this: Swing for the Gawddam Fences.
      What I discovered as a younger man is that 8.5s and 9s don’t get approached as much b/c most guys are scared little bunny rabbits. So it was not unusual that I had a higher batting average with Smokin’ Hot Sarah than with Plain Polly.* Besides, if you get negged by a 9 is it even going to bother you? No, you’re going to think “Oh, of course she negged me, she’s a knockout”, which is better than thinking “I can’t believe I got negged by that skank! WTF?!”
      And when you get greenlighted, it’s going to be by a girl you actually want, instead of the girl you settled for, b/c you were afraid.
      Now go forth and SLAY, my son!
      *These days, Plain Polly may as well be invisible to me.

        1. Two Reasons:
          1. Fortune Favors the Brave.
          2. I basically piss confidence.
          Really, it’s that second one more than anything else. And there’s a 22 y.o. girl in my bed at the moment who would agree with me.

        2. Close, but those are contributing factors and not the root cause.
          The best way I can describe is that “like attracts like” and people who vibe the same way are drawn to each other. If your spider sense is telling you that a girl seems like your type, then you should approach for that reason. My advice on looking for eye contact is actually newbie advice. Once your game reaches a higher level you will literally be able to walk into the club and “feel” which girls you should talk to.
          In your case, the extreme confidence is what contributes to your strong “vibe”. Hot girls can instinctively sense that on you and know that you’re on their social level.

        3. My “vibe” tells me I like tall, leggy women with tight asses and nice figures, long hair and feminine, symmetrical faces, and my confidence bellows “Let’s ROLL!!” If I see a girl I like, I go chat her up, vibe or no vibe. But hey, if following “vibe” works for you, then great.

        4. Agreed, often in the initial approach you often don’t have a chance for eye contact. But while talking with her I observe eye contact. Looking at me or away or at the item we are talking about? Blinking is it faster? pupils delete? When the pupils delete this is a sign of attraction…

        5. Yes that is important. You can read a lot about someone’s intentions by their eyes. Obviously not only in this context.

      1. Mistral… you are the man!
        In fact I have always gone for the prettiest girl in the room because I never saw the sense in starting at the bottom.

      2. Mistral I guess you never been to NYC area. Men here often approach attractive women they are not shy here. But I agree quality before quantity…

        1. I’ve been dating and mating in NYC for many years–and note that my advice reflects the “not shy” thing that you mention 😉 –but the poster to whom I replied lives in (IIRC) Canada, not NYC (indeed, as most readers will also not live in NYC), hence my advice.

    6. Better to be that way than the opposite way.
      And in regards to the article….if she holds eye contact and smiles, that means “I think you’re cute and I WANT you to approach me!” If you don’t that girl is going to be disappointed.

      1. Night game I agree, but when your day gaming you have to read the subtle ques of attraction, which alot never starts out this way. once she smiles and looks at you a while your pretty much good.

    7. I agree with the writers below, you could be aiming too low. I’m not sure exactly when my approach changed, but I think it was about 7 years ago when I started living and working in Hollywood. There are women here who are legit 9’s and many are from all over the globe. Time became a factor because in this stretched out city it’s an ordeal to make it to an event, and like the article states, you probably won’t see that particular woman again. Though I will say the entertainment circle is actually a small town embedded in a big one. I quit going after ‘gettable’ women and going straight for the top. My friends and I called them ‘boti’ for Best on the Island. The island being whatever club, house party, venue we were at the time. Suddenly it was easier, for all the reasons Mistral writes about below. They aren’t used to comfortable approaches. They are used to guys with no game getting drunk enough to talk to them, or thinking their 911 parked outside is enough. Talk to the hottest girl in the room as you would one of your guy friends. Chances are they have been the envy of all their female friends so they appreciate no pretense or hidden motives. I never liked the concept of ‘leagues’ because I don’t believe anyone is out of my league, but sometimes I think ‘damn what did I do right?’
      Similarly, as for the 6.5’s they may want to be gettable for more than one night and since they don’t think they can keep you around, they pass on you.

      1. I took yours and the commenters comments below in stead, they actually make sense.
        I actually have tended to have better luck and better conversations with attractive girls (7+s) in the last year in my cold approaches and I think the reasons you guys put forth explain that.
        Fact is it is true I am not looking at any of these girls I mentioned as potential LTR material and they can probably smell that on me from a mile away.
        I’ve changed a lot in the last couple years (coming into late 20s). I’m mentally more mature and well-rounded, I’m physically the strongest and biggest I’ve ever been, and I’m the most educated and intellectually voracious I’ve ever been, and I’ve already experienced some of the best and worst of women… I also just don’t put up with bs from people anymore… I don’t feel like a boy anymore… I’m a grown ass man… and I bet my Game and vibe reflects that… Maybe Rollo’s SMV graph is right and I just haven’t readjusted my game to fit that yet.

        1. Then have fun and socialize, don’t lead them on when they could be spending their time getting serious with someone who gives a shit about them.

        2. Define “getting serious” and define “giving a shit” and explain why it matters?
          …p.s. People only give a shit about others because it makes themselves feel good (or makes them feel bad through guilt trips, which results in good feels when the guilt is no longer present). At least if it’s a brief encounter(s), it doesn’t waste much of anyone’s time in the grand scheme of things. If both parties get something out of it (good times, great feels, socializing, attention etc) then where’s the problem?

        3. “Getting serious”= a serious relationship. Not what this site eloquently labels a “pump and dump”. Spending time developing a connection and all the other dreadful mush associated with actually liking/loving a person beyond their body. “Giving a shit”= caring about them as people beyond their sexual utility for you.
          If you want to get deep down into it, yes, humans are ultimately egotistical creatures, and every supposedly “selfless” thing we do comes back to help ourselves in some way, whether that’s through dignity, self-assurance, etc. But it’s much better for society in general if you don’t lead people on to believe you “love” them so that they’ll sleep with you. People here get upset about the nation’s addiction to SSRI’s and alcohol, while they plot the next method to nail down a woman and then trot merrily away. If you want society to be healthier, treat people more humanely.
          Being friendly with someone, or even having a mutually agreed to one-night stand(where you’re both up front about there being no strings attached) is one thing, but fooling someone into believing you really care about them just so you can use their body whenever you feel like is dangerous, and is only negative for society in the long run.

        4. You mean like fooling someone so that you can use their resources?
          The fact of the matter is that people are always wanting more out of something but there is no “fooling”… the feeling of being fooled comes as a result of entitlement. Nobody is entitled to anything and that’s a cold hard truth right there. How one deals with it is up to the individual.
          Also, define “love”…

        5. Where did I advocate cheating someone out of their resources? I said leading people on, period, is horrible. It’s always a waste of time and resources to the party being fooled. If you’re bringing someone under the illusion that you’re in a serious, committed relationship, then they’re entitled to know the truth.

  10. The initial scenario you describe is one from the fairy tales. It is a rare thing, just like a/the unicorn. Nonetheless, a good article that gives a boost in motivation to approach.

  11. approach approach approach….once you get rejected a few times, it actually becomes fun. Women have told me 2 things. They respect a guy who approaches them, even if they reject you, and if you make them laugh, chances are the women will give you their phone number. It took 1 marriage, 2 live in girlfriends, and age 40 to figure this simple concept out. For intros I just say, “mind if I sit here and chit chat with you?” Women are too scared to reject you unless they flat out think you are ugly. The rest will think about giving their number away if you make them laugh .

  12. WOW this happened to me a couple of times before dam it if you posted this article way before then I wonder what would happened if I took this advice…but thanks anyway now I know that I got nothing to lose!!!!! Merry Christmas !!

    1. come on now…it’s not that bad out there in the dating world, just be careful that is all. Many women are very sexual and will openly talk about it without ulterior motives.

        1. the world is filled with approx. 5+ billion people. not all served in jail for raping and impregnating their victims.

        2. it took me a huge attitude adjustment before I stopped giving a shit about what women or people think. your outward appearance and attractiveness change, when you change your attitude. at the end of the day my friend, you need women and a woman…like Yosemite Sam says “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

        3. I meant online dating. 10 man for 1 woman. Its bad. If you invest your money, would you invest it in a stock that has 1/10 chance to grow or would you go for the one that has 9/10?

        4. live,…..i should clarify, we still need pussy. you have to either pay for it , game it , or marry it.

        5. I spend 1 hour per day , at work, on pof and okc. i invest little time and no money on it.

        6. you’re human and thus require human interaction, plus the seals on that thing will wear out eventually.

        7. are you really happy that way ? believe me when I was pissed at women, I used porn to escape too. once I got away from it, I feel much better and more of a man.

        8. The majority of the time we can. The minority of the time, we still need to fuck them. It’s a biological need that, when repressed, can make us feel as miserable as Scrooge.

        9. When feminism is high and thriving with no human interacting, respect and social balance, MGTOW usually comes back in your head.

      1. It’s not that bad…yet. Not too long ago, enthusiastic/affirmative consent was widely considered to be a fringe feminist concept. It’s now enshrined in law ala “Yes means Yes.”
        As Ayn Rand said, “Today’s uncontested absurdities are the accepted slogans of tomorrow.”

        1. I keep all texts from women who flirt with me and text sexul with me. the best proof to exonerate you from any liability.

        2. That’s a good strategy, but it’s no guarantee. Just look at the Jodi Arias trial where they played the phone sex tapes, which clearly showed that she was really into it. Nevertheless, her defense team argued with a straight face that she participated in the phone sex without saying no or communicating her supposed discomfort in any way because she was intimidated by Travis Alexander.

      2. Yeah. One time at work, I was sitting at a table and eating my lunch by myself minding my own business. Then this one girl comes up to me and gives me a plot summary of 50 Shades of Gray…

        1. I sure hope she ended up somewhat towards Northy where the shade of grey is a bit more exotic – like in the janitor’s supply closet getting the treatment she needed from you.

  13. Off topic, but just wanted to share what I just stumbled upon. We all know Lena is a 3/10, but here she is “looking good with no makeup! ” who writes this shit?

    1. She knows she’s not pretty. That’s all that matters. She has to look at that face in the mirror every day. We should cut her some slack.

        1. Some trannies look like very passable women.
          The girl in the pic is actually Korean tranny named Harisu,

    2. She has a very masculine face. And those disgusting tats don’t help. She should lose weight and get rid of that butch haircut. And laser those tats away. Maybe then, maybe she’ll look like a 6.

  14. “Speak to that cute girl now before you never see her again.”
    The title works with the philosophy every man should have. If the cute girl rejects you, so what. As long as you live in a metropolitan area the chances of you seeing her again is slim to none.
    Even in my city, which is more of a small suburban metropolitan area, I noticed that the chicks I approached at this burger bar in town I rarely to NEVER see them again. I think it’s because surrounding towns go there, and not just the townies.
    Win-win situation in my eyes.

    1. even if you see her again, chances are she will be alone, with a beta, or crying about the alpha who dumped her. win-win-win.

  15. You know who also makes a GREAT philosopher in terms of game?
    I sense an ROK writer will be writing an article on him somewhere down the line?

    1. two chicks i know stayed at his ashram in Puna…. free love is on the menu and they were expected to start sleeping with the ‘instructors’….. they had to break into the office in the middle of the night to get their passports back and get the fuck out of there….. but hey… if it works on 3/10 they’re doing alright… nothing like religion and self development to get the panties dropping….

  16. “As you walk past, you look at her and she looks back and smiles.”
    You see there’s the issue. They don’t do that anymore. It’s usually a stern-face pursed lips expression like “how dare you look at me you horrible man”.
    When I went overseas and saw a pretty woman smile in public for the first time I started looking around to make sure she was not a distraction for pickpockets.

    1. hahahha so true….
      Foreign women are also much more excited about life in general I find.. they have true passion for something, be it the outdoors, their family, their country, dancing, or just living.

    2. Totally agree.
      When I took a trip to Montreal me and my buddy went to a thrift shop and tried on some weird clothes for fun. As I was looking at myself in the mirror two cute girls looked at me smiled and laughed.
      I couldn’t say anything or do anything in response… I just stood there dumbfounded and confused… while wearing a ridiculous outfit… Then I tried to see if I could fly. I couldn’t.

    3. LOL man! It’s so fucking true! I had the exact same experience when I lived in Europe.
      One thing I have also noticed about European women, at least Southern European women, especially in comparison to women in the Anglosphere, is that they really want you to be yourself. They don’t want a clone man. The hottest women I dated in Greece all said the reason they liked me is because I was straight with them and played no games while being extremely direct. They loved it. All of these women could have dated better looking men any time they wanted, but it wasn’t about that.
      I felt like I was being valued as a man and not as a utility.
      I really hated moving back to Australia.

  17. This hits home.
    I think men need to realize that women want to be gamed by a masculine man; they crave it. Because of the different social arrangement between the sexes, every time a women smiles at you and you do nothing, you’ve just rejected her!
    Let’s all work hard to become men that women want to be gamed by. How do we do this? Practice!
    Don’t waste those opportunities, boys!
    (Stolen from the forum):

  18. the best place to overcome the anxiety of talking to women: Stripperville…take your 2 best friends, 4 interesting bottles of liquor (in the shapes of guns, high heels, funny foreign named bottles), take a few props like a garter belt or some funny panties with you, do not pay for dances or vip, pay for about 4 glasses to drink your liquor and 1 extra, make it look like the table is stacked with liquor and fun guys.. them girls will come like a revolving door. entertain them, they come to you, reject the dances, and make small talk. don’t insult them or the profession. throw in funny shit like you’re gay and your friend, next to you, bets that you will convert to a hetero. you will be guaranteed fun conversation, hot girls sitting on your lap, and an all around good time with YOUR OWN liquor. you’re welcome, gentlemen!

    1. Meh. To be honest, even in a best case scenario, you’ve gotten validation from strippers. By definition these girls aren’t worth your time or attention, and 90% chance all they’re hoping for is that you get loose from the booze and buy dances, or come back some other time to buy.
      False validation is false

      1. it’s about overcoming the fear of talking to women, which many men below seem to have. it is practice. who cares what the strippers are thinking? I actually ended up dating 3 of them that way; remember they are women at the end of the day and get attracted to “different”. . It works.

      2. These are just girls. OK maybe the 32 year old “career stripper” is a head case, but I was in a strip club once, met a 19 year old college girl who drove 2+ hours every weekend to come work there. I saw this cutie, tipped her a couple of bucks, talked to her briefly after her dance. I was with a bud who was married, he wanted a lap dance, so I gave him all my cash. She came back to me after her second dance and sat down and we talked. I hadn’t tipped her that dance, and told her I gave my older married buddy all my cash.. she hung out talking for the next 15 min or so.
        This kinda blew my mind because she clearly was interested and had no opportunity to make any money off me. She was literally losing money by hanging out with me. I asked for her number, but she said they’re not allowed to give out and she could be fired. Gave her mine and she put it in this miniscule purse thing but I never heard from her. Oh, well, that was a good enough ego boost for me anyway. The point is, just be interesting, be different, make a connection with somebody, and they will be attracted.

        1. …and most likely she didn’t call YOU because you had social skills. Most guys she probably dated had zero social skills and thus she was intimidated by you. One stripper said that I was better than her so she was freaked out by dating me; low self esteem on her part, not because she wasn’t attracted to me.

  19. Day game.Nuff said.I pick up every woman I ve met employing day game lately.I suck in the bars/clubs because I’m out with my friends having a good time not giving a shit about a woman lmao.

      1. I work in downtown Charlotte NC.Lunch time French quarter,after 5 epie center on college st. I’m a blue collar guy (lineman) .Most of the women I’ve been out with lately I’ve met in said locations.The woman I’ve been dating though for awhile now I met while pumping gas here in Gastonia NC where I live.This is why I like day game its just so random .When you’re out in the club etc its a different dynamic IMO.

        1. I noticed a redhead at a Dallas gas station (Race Trac, these stations are huge with like 20 pumps) the other day. I had my soccer kit on and she stared at me. As I was about to approach, I tried to get her attention, but she was in a hurry and took off. I think the gas station is so random yet a great spot for a pick up. are the French quarter places, bars or coffee joints ?

        2. Re: day game, I’d say just talking to a woman puts you above the majority of cowardly guys out there and will ultimately increase your odds. Women are everywhere so day game is preferable for me. Like you, not a big fan of talking to women at bars and clubs. I’ve had success at the grocery store, public transportation (on the city train to which I would advise you that the time of day really changes the dynamic of what the quality of woman will be like), librarians at libraries, and sporting events.

        3. I like them all.Restaurants and coffee shops are great.Gas stations and target work good for me lol.random as hell haha.Target in downtown Charlotte where I work is a target rich environment .Nice women of all ages.

  20. Always remember, gentlemen…..you are the prize.
    That’s it…it’s enough for me and no woman is beyond my “reach”. If you always have that mentality then nothing will stop you, let you down, hold you back, etc…
    You are the prize.

    1. Yes, but the problem men in the west have is this. The expectation is you do the approach on the girl, so right off the bat you are selling. I don’t care how you want to frame it, the person approaching and selling is always coming from a position of weakness, because you are working to convince someone to change their thoughts.
      How are you going to frame being the prize, I’d love to hear it….

      1. Good question, hernan.
        You’ve probably read through many of the articles on ROK. The key is confidence and it starts with working on yourself (again, outlined in many articles).
        It means (men) getting their shit together and being successful. It takes planning – different strategies – to: succeed financially (get your financial house in order), to succeed physically (any type of workout for the body), dressing well, finding balance in your life, hobbies that you enjoy, etc…etc…authors on here have written countless times on these many subjects. They all lead to confidence…..and any man who can place a check mark next to these items will start to have the mentality of “being the prize”.
        It means instead of trying to revolve around someone else (as a planet, so to say) get your shit together and you’d be surprised how many of these planets will start to revolve around you. Don’t chase – when you have your shit together you’ll actually start to pull people (including women) towards you.
        For me (an example), I don’t approach a woman trying to sell myself (I don’t have to). I approach her with everything that I know have and I look to her (to qualify her) – what does she bring to the table and why should I give her any of my valuable time?
        You’d be surprised how this works on many women. It is another form of a sales technique, if you will, with ‘qualifying the customer’ – no one likes to be told “sorry you don’t quality for….”. The technique on approaching is one thing but having a “prize mentality” is a must…and they go hand in hand.
        But really, in the end, it’s about knowing everything that you have to offer (a man who has his shit together) and why you should spend any of your valuable time on her – right then and there.
        You are the prize.

        1. I understand how you frame it to yourself, but now, what are you saying to the girl, be specific, you are being a bit too general. You say hi my name is…. then what. Give me a run down.

        2. Usually, I’ll let it happen (I won’t force it). One example is when I was standing in line at a favorite local place of mine that has different glasses of beer (or wine) to try out. If I’m standing next in front of or behind a good looking woman I’ll open up with a slight joke about something or talk about anything good listed on the board. It all usually “flows” pretty well and it’s nothing forced. I’m not chasing this woman..I’m just let the conversation happen. If I get all of the signs, then I ask her if she’s sticking around (sitting at a table) and join her.
          The best way I can explain it is to let it all happen in a natural way…let it flow. If she’s into you and the conversation is going well then you’ll know it (I do anyways).
          I hope that helps.

        3. Yes, that’s the best way to approach it in my opinion too. Just strike up a fun, relaxed conversation.

        4. I concur. This technique works for me as well. Nothing is forced between both parties & the conversation happens naturally. And you don’t seem like you’re trying too hard.

    2. I like your mentality sir. When I was single I gave absolutely zero fucks and would talk to women no matter who was around or where I was at. Chatting up an attractive girl in front of her parents has to be one of my proudest moments.

  21. “, you look at her and she looks back and smiles. You smile too, feeling a fuzzy, warm (and irrational) sense of validation. For a split second you consider speaking – saying “hi,” anything. Then in that split second you decide not to…”
    …and thus avoid a false rape accusation and / or a few STD’s and added bullshit that a man has to contend with today’s westernized female.
    I’m just offering an alternative option.

    1. a defeatist attitude won’t make you any happier. even getting rejected makes me a happy guy because when I hit on a young 9+, then I know deep inside that I tried and that I put in the effort. God says man shall not be alone so you need to try to get what you deserve no matter the mental price or the difficulty in obtaining it. as for the STDs and rape charges, lets not get carried away by the hysteria in the news.

    2. Well, with many men having extremely negative opinions, there is less competition and thus more women to choose from.

  22. Here’s my anecdote and a “do as I say and not as I do” moment: A few years ago this girl who looked like a younger, hotter Andie McDowell (Groundhog Day) worked in a different department but same building as me. I was only in town for a temporary assignment and knew I’d be moving across the country in a few months. We ran into each other in the halls a lot and I’d get huge smiles every time we passed. One time she even held the elevator door for me while I was 300ft down the hallway.
    Did I get her number? Nope. My rationalization was 1. She was “different” and long term relationship material and I was leaving soon 2. She was out of my league 3. Not fucking with my workplace
    It was like a little secret. This girl who every other guy drooled over was giving me the eye, but I told nobody. I thought I was cool to keep walking and be so nonchalant in the face of someone who looked like an actress.
    In hindsight, asking her out and facing any sort of rejection would have been preferable to wondering what if. I’m less critical of my no-workplace-fucking rule, but even then, sometimes you just have to say fuck it.

    1. why reject a great time with a hot chick? I always go for the really hot ones at work and I am not ashamed of doing it. I am respectful, keep all my records and emails, and keep it on the down-low. the Indian chick I banged at work pretty much threw the pussy at me and i took it. no drama at work or any blowback from it.

  23. Excellent article. So many times I let an opportunity to chat it up with a cutie-pie slip through my hands. There’s never any guarantee of anything (especially with the common problem of flaking today) but an opportunity lost can’t be regained.
    Trust me, hard lesson learned. The girl you saw & want to get with will be gone, moved away, or with a new boyfriend when you finally decide to not be lazy and make up excuses why you can’t talk to her.
    “You snooze, you lose! “

  24. Suggestion: After IOI and ‘passing’ smile is registered, approach from side angle then IOI direct. Ready for sales pitch. Then in French accent (PePe LePew) ”I couldn’t help nooticing yoo noticing me noticing yoo” then flip over to normal accent with ”How’s my French? See I’m practicing for voiceover work. I just need the opinion of a total stranger”. Talk fast and clear like vacuum cleaner salesman. If she interjects at any point, give her the floor. Make wide eyes at whatever she first says like you’ve just bumped into an old childhood friend, like exclaiming ‘°wow” or ”no way”. Mention or bring up an alternate ‘getaway spot’ quick like comment on Starbucks new amazing flavor of whatever.

  25. A thin attractive woman is like a unicorn. They are rumored to exist yet most people haven’t seen one in real life who was single. Half of women are single mom’s and half of women are clinical overweight. Right there you eliminate half of women and give the other half of females who did what they were supposed to do and remain thin and not bitchy single mom’s immense bargaining power. Fat women are the problem. Why would a man bust ass for a fatty? You won’t hear that in the. Msm. Woman can’t take that truth.

  26. There were some cute girls that were into me. I never gave them any attention. Now I regret it…

  27. There were some cute girls that were into me. I never gave them any attention. Now I regret it…

  28. Only a moment. All the women in the world could be in our lives for only a moment, but the people that make a difference stay with you long past when you meet and interact with them. Rejection doesn’t mean anything to me anymore, you just move on, but I will agree with Troy on this and am glad someone finally posted it on here, never miss a chance at happiness, even if its something minute. Just go for it.

  29. Great message, Troy.
    When we start to fear approaching and rejection, we should think about these guys here. Kind of puts thing in perspective ….
    Happy holidays to all the fellow Kings!

  30. Rejection is the key to freedom. Embrace getting shot down in public places. Embrace getting doors slammed in your face. Embrace boyfriends getting pissed that you were ballsy enough to approach his girl in front of him (within reason). As a result of this, you will see rejection isn’t really anything to be afraid of. You won’t fear fear anymore and people will be attracted to you and they won’t know why. Yes, it’s about getting the bitches you want, but on a deeper level this whole red pill/game thing is about freedom and living life on your terms. Rejection is the key to all of it.

  31. “act now, and see each opportunity” – life in a nutshell. Never hesitate. Nothing worse than people who hesitate and cannot make a decision. Whether right or wrong.

  32. A lot of women are beautiful……A guy should be able to tell within about 5 seconds whether they are interested or not. Just a simple – hi whats your name…if she doesn’t ask you yours or give you a I want you in my underwear smile – move on. The difficult part isn’t sleeping with a gal – its trying to figure out there is any mutual interests 2-3 months down the road that make you want to stick around. Also, I think guys should practice turning down women for sex- know what you want …just not sperm everywhere.

  33. It’s always better just to approach asap. Being smooth and clever helps, but its overrated. I met a girl at the San Francisco airport just before my flight to Europe two days ago and invited her for a quick coffee. All I told her was that she looked nice and exotic (Persian). I moved to the sit next to her on the plane and eneded up making out. I was on the doorstep of the Mile High Club but no dice this time. It beat watching movies for 10 hours though.

  34. Game is game. If you can hit on a cute girl earlier in the round even if you cnat set the cards up for later you played a good hand either way.

  35. This year I got dozens of IOI’s. Most of the times girls smiling in a way others won’t do. So I think it are genuine IOI’s. Well, I have to admit most of the time I don’t go into the invitation they give. But I should, and will from now of on because it’s a real waste if you don’t use your youth as a male.

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