How I Dealt With A False Rape Accusation

If you’ve been paying the news any attention at all lately, you’ve likely become familiar with the recent rape allegations that arose at the University of Virginia. The basis of these allegations has been proven questionable at best in recent weeks, providing us with yet another incident in which the topic of false rape accusations can be broached.

The Rolling Stone’s manufactured UVA campus rape fiasco, it seems, will serve as yet another reminder of the negative impact that false accusations of rape and sexual assault can have.


Having followed the story (and the debate surrounding it) closely, I found myself thinking about a few pertinent questions whose answers I hoped could aid those that may find themselves faced with such allegations in the future:

What are the effects of a false accusation of rape or sexual assault on the accused?
How can the accused deal with these effects?
What can the accused learn from the experience?

In order to answer these questions, I thought I’d share my own experience.

The Experience

It was the winter of my freshman year. I was hanging out in a frat, drinking and trying to chill and hang out as I often did that winter. It is important to know that at this point in my life (just about halfway through my 18th year), I had almost literally no experience with women. I had never dated, slept with, or even kissed a girl before.

Outside of a computer or television screen, I had never seen breasts or a vagina. Much of this stems from the fact that in high school I was a goal-oriented nerd who never took his mind off of books or football. This mentality got me the chance to play football at a great college, but it cost me socially. I was way behind, and knew literally nothing about how to interact with women by the time I set foot on campus.

I realized this, and in winter that freshman year I became all about self-improvement. I had spent all of high school in my shell, and I was determined to come out of it. Things were going to change: I was going to go out, meet people, and (most importantly) talk to girls. I got into game (Roosh first, later Roissy) and started practicing in earnest.

I also started drinking for the first time in my life. I was insecure and shy, and thus entirely too afraid to speak to girls when sober, so I resolved to use alcohol as a crutch. My nonexistent drinking experience ensured that I had no idea how to properly hold my liquor, so this reliance would prove costly over time.

On that fateful night I was hanging out in the frat house when one of my teammates called me to leave with him and head to another frat house. He had four girls with him, all fellow athletes, two of whom I knew. Though I was at heart a shy, quiet, inexperienced nerd, I had become a different person after a few drinks. Alcohol removed my inhibitions and made me more extroverted, expressive, witty, and above all very sexually aggressive.

All approach anxiety disappeared. This was why I’d originally leaned so heavily on it as a crutch – I relished this freedom from the inhibitions that had shackled me romantically for so long.

Thus, my response was to follow him out the door smiling and saying “Let’s go!” before quickly putting my arms around two of the girls as though we’d always been best friends (I had never met them). We marched off to another frat. I had my arms around the two girls the whole way, joking and laughing, running fairly competent cocky-funny game.

Looking back I realize that I was doing remarkably well, actually, for a kid who had never been even this close to a single girl, much less two, in his life. I didn’t sound like the nerdy virgin I was at all, and we all enjoyed the walk.

We got to the other frat and started dancing, talking, and laughing. I continued trying to scope out which one of the girls I’d make a move on. The first one, a tiny blonde, practically ran away as soon as I stepped toward her—I resolved to just leave her alone. The second, also a blonde but taller with a very athletic build, responded well to some playful banter and ass grabbing, but her body language indicated that she clearly wasn’t willing to go anywhere with me – she was polite, but she wasn’t that interested and she certainly wasn’t gonna hook up that night. I decided to leave her alone too.

I locked onto the last one, a girl with reddish brown-hair who’d been giving me the most aggressive signals all night. She seemed interested— she’d been closest to me the whole night, and we got closer as it continued. I teased her about her inability to dance and her funny “moves,” got her to qualify herself to me repeatedly, and began making out with her on the dance floor within a half hour. Just like that I had, for the first time in my life, kissed a girl.

I was pretty nonchalant about what had been my first ever kiss (thank you, alcohol) and, actually, didn’t really think about it much at all; after leaving the dance floor for a bit I just continued to drunkenly hang out and joke around with nearby guy friends about other matters as if nothing had happened. Soon, she called me away from my banter to go upstairs with her and “show her the bathroom.”

We got up there and at one point (after her insistence) we were in a stall together, alone. Shockingly enough, I actually managed to blow this opportunity, which I did not know at the time should easily have resulted in oral sex at a minimum. Looking back on things, I suppose I can’t be too hard on myself—I had only just had my first kiss 20 minutes before, so there was no way I was advanced enough to secure 3rd base yet even if it was handed to me on a silver platter (as it had been in this instance).

I had no idea what I was doing. In the stall, she asked “What do you want me to do?” In my shitfaced state, I just asked for sex in not so many words by just telling her to bend over (penis in vagina still made sense to me, at least). She looked at me a little frustrated.

“Look, you’re hot. I mean really hot. Then again, I’m sure you know that.” I smiled drunkenly, my ego enjoying the quick stroke. I didn’t think much of my looks, so the complement was welcome.

“But we don’t just go straight to sex. That’s not how it works!” I smiled stupidly and didn’t really say anything (I was too drunk to care about much), but soon she led me to an empty room in the frat. This girl quite clearly wanted something, but I simply didn’t have the experience to give it to her.

Somehow, after we had reached the room, I was quite quickly able to initiate a hookup and get her shirt off for a while, exposing her chest after fumbling with her bra for a few seconds. After couple minutes worth of tit sucking and making out, I moved to unbutton her pants. I was too quick and too clumsy about it—she stopped me and became indignant before asking a question.

“What, do you think I just have sex? Just like that?”

I’m standing in front of her drunk out of my mind in a situation in which I’d never been in my life. I don’t know what to say. My response?



It all headed downhill from there.

Suddenly she starts anxiously saying that she “has to go.” She retreated into her phone, paying increasingly less attention to me as I anxiously failed to recall her name in a bid to salvage the situation. After a few minutes of this awkward de-escalation, she grabbed her clothes, put them on and headed out.

A few minutes later she regrouped with her friends. I actually heard them all talking to her as I passed the bathroom later, where she was crying. I was surprised, I couldn’t figure why she’d be so distressed. After they all came out, I tried to catch up to her and make some amends as I sobered up a bit (I was smart enough to realize I’d done something wrong).

I had finally remembered her name and sought to speak to her, but her friends guarded her closely. The polite, athletic blonde I’d approached earlier in the night happened to be her best friend, and she took the role of lead protector. She shooed me away, but did so fairly politely (in hindsight, I do appreciate that).

Later in the night I’d again started hanging out with my friends and, as we joked around, I saw this friend leading the girl I’d nearly hooked up with out the front door of the fraternity. I thought I’d get up and see what was wrong. As I poked my head out the front door after them and called the girl’s name, I saw her friend grab her hand and say something, after which the two immediately began to accelerate their departure. I stood there and watched as the two girls ran (I mean literally RAN) away from me and away from the house. That was that.

The next morning I was sober and back to my shy, insecure self. I sent her a “hope you got home safe” message on FB. She responded positively, and I therefore concluded that all was well. I resolved to continue to make amends and get her back. My typical oneitis, muted by the alcohol for that night, had kicked right back in. I wanted to “do the right thing” (the more proper, gentlemanly thing), as my fairly conservative upbringing had taught me.

Everything seemed fine

As I attempted to make casual contact again around campus, I saw that things were very awkward between me, her and her friends. I recognized this for the bad sign that it was. I caught up to her that night at another frat party. I said sorry and unwisely tried to move on from where we were before by dancing with her. She pulled away, and moved to dance with other guys.

I was drunk again and somewhat aggressive, so I remained undeterred. I moved to dance with her once more. She eventually pulled away after a minute or two. I do this twice more, unable to take the hint. The final time, she pulled away into the arms of a blonde guy who had been hanging out and dancing nearby, a fellow athlete who played her sport (though on the men’s team, of course).

He was a part of her social circle – they never dated (my understanding was that he was always in an LTR with a girl from his hometown), but she and her friend group trusted him and they knew each other well. He was well liked and well known in that social circle. The damsel in distress had found her knight in shining armor.

video games knights horses artwork_www.wallmay.net_88

I’ll never forget the look they both gave me as she sank into his arms for protection – hers was a mix of fear (of me), anger (at my persistence and her inability to be rid of me on her own), and relief that she had backup (in the form of a guy she trusted from within her social circle). His was a look of stern determination that didn’t betray much in the way of fear (despite the fact that I was much larger than he was).

He simply stood there and said, point blank: “You need to leave her alone”. Others around them were observing too, and up to that point I’d never felt like more of an outsider on that campus or anywhere else I’d been.

I had spent most of that winter trying to improve and become a part of normal social life, and after receiving my first kiss the night before from the girl in question, I’d felt confident that I was making some progress. Tonight, I felt like a complete failure in that regard, like a criminal that members of this “normal social life” I sought to become a part of had united against for their own protection.

The wagons were circled, and my needy ass was outside. Far from having made the improvements I’d hoped to make, I’d marked myself an outsider – a threat. My foolish inexperience and over-persistence had earned all this and, as demoralizing as it was to be faced down like that, I learned a valuable lesson from it in the end.

I stared the guy down for a tense few seconds before saying “fuck it” out loud and moving away. Still fueled by liquid courage, I ended up in a heavy make-out (my second kiss ever) with another female athlete at the party (nothing came of it). My oneitis had not died off, however, and as I sobered up at the end of the night I remained pretty bummed about losing the girl I’d set out for.

The next week, back to my beta self, I resolved to make things right (or try, one more time). My football coach was insisting that we find dates to take to a charity team ice skating event, so I decided to invite the girl. I sent her a text. Five hours later she responded in the negative. A similar thing happened the next week as I asked her to one more event.

It would be around then that I’d figure out a) why she was crying on that first night in the frat and b) why it seemed that certain folks’ opinions on me had cooled quite a bit in the past couple of weeks and things were so awkward around everyone who knew her.

The accusation

She had been telling everyone around her during the weeks following that night that I had attempted to rape her. She implied that on that fateful night we’d met and ended up alone together in that empty fraternity room, I hid her clothes (the ones she grabbed quickly the breakdown of everything – they weren’t hidden from her at all) and that I’d locked the door of the room we were in (the door was busted and had no handle or lock, and I never tried to lock it).

While I had been foolishly trying to win her over during the past couple of weeks, she had been debating whether or not to go to campus security (who, of course, would turn it into an administrative and legal matter involving the police as well). Word of my alleged impropriety was all around campus – my teammates had heard of it through the grapevine, and that was how it circled back to me. I had kept on trying to approach her, blissfully unaware of the possible trouble I faced stemming from her interpretation of what had transpired that night.

I got scared shitless upon learning this, and cut off all contact with her (as I should have done weeks before in any case). I figured my life was over. Here was a pretty, fair college athlete accusing a relatively large, dark skinned negro (whose aggressive behavior that night had many witnesses) of attempted rape. Who wouldn’t believe her? I was an outsider, after all.

My mother had spent my entire adolescence warning me of just this scenario, and here it was. I stood no chance in court, did I? Would I ever get to graduate school? Would any girl ever want to go near me again? Never mind that, would any employer ever want to go near me? I could probably say goodbye to football once coach found out…

Fortunately, I lucked out. One of her friends (I suspect it was that polite blonde I’d approached secondly on that fateful first night in the frat and who’d played the “lead protector” role after the fact) had likely talked her out of it. We wouldn’t speak for many months, but about a year later (towards the end of my sophomore year), we exchanged pleasantries.

I apologized to her, she reciprocated, and we pretty much buried the hatchet. I teased her one more time about her dancing and we both laughed as a dark-haired friend and teammate of hers (who was likely aware of who I was and probably sought to protect her from me) pulled her off. I never spoke to her again.

The Consequences

That wasn’t the end of things for me, however. I read a recent article on “The Sexodus” impacting the current generation of young men in the west, and I saw much of myself in it.

Jack Rivlin is editor-in-chief of student tabloid media start-up The Tab, a runaway success whose current strap-line reads: “We’ll stop writing it when you stop reading it.” As the guiding intelligence behind over 30 student newspapers, Rivlin is perhaps the best-placed person in the country to observe this trend in action. And he agrees that the current generation of young men find it particularly difficult to engage with women.

“Teenage boys always have been useless with girls, but there’s definitely a fear that now being well-intentioned isn’t enough, and you can get into trouble just for being clumsy,” he says. “For example, leaning in for a kiss might see you branded a creep, rather than just inept.”

The new rules men are expected to live by are never clearly explained, says Rivlin, leaving boys clueless and neurotic about interacting with girls.
“There are also a lot of blokes who ignore women because they are scared and don’t know how to act. It goes without saying that boys who never spend any time alone with women are not very good at relationships.”

In my inexperience as an 18-year-old, I made mistakes on the night of my first meaningful interaction with a girl. As a result of this, my first romantic engagement with a female ended in a false rape accusation. That incident put an end to my fledgling campaign to come out of my shell. I stopped going out completely. I also stopped drinking almost entirely, fearful that another drunken night could lead me to do something stupid and invite another charge of impropriety.

I became paranoid and neurotic – talking to girls seemed too risky with too low a return on investment. The negative impact the incident had on my reputation didn’t help. My school was a small one, and there wasn’t much more than one degree of separation between most. I could sense the negative perception of me in my peers even when I made a few attempts to socialize normally.

The incident had drained my social capital and turned any positive pre-selection I could have built into negative pre-selection – the incident had helped to color me as someone no girl would want to be seen with. I felt increasingly that nothing positive could come from my interaction with women – the end result would be either a) a rejection on the basis of my being a “creepy” outsider or b) some initial success followed by some small mistake of mine leading to an accusation that could end my life. I had gotten lucky once – surely, I’d not get lucky again.

So I quit talking to girls. My confidence hit rock bottom. I stayed in my room whenever I had the choice. I kept to myself. I was a ghost for almost the entirety of my sophomore, junior, and senior years. I took solace in exercise, studies, the internet, and video games. I essentially became a herbivore – I gave up and I checked out. I didn’t know it then, but I realize now that I was a part of “the Sexodus” now being discussed in mainstream media. I had essentially gone into a romantic exile with no real interest in coming back.


After several years, I showed some signs of recovery. Fortunately, much of the time I’d spent during college in isolation (the time I didn’t spend playing video games) was spent on self-improvement: I put romance out of my mind altogether and just worked to get smarter, fitter, dress better, and become better able to objectively analyze some of my biggest faults and eliminate them.

I gleaned as much information from the internet as I could in order to accelerate this process. This allowed me to slowly but steadily build up the confidence I needed to begin speaking to women regularly again after several years, and do so much more successfully that I’d initially been able to. In short, the incident essentially pushed me to fully digest the red pill and, as a result, I’m in a much better place now.

Impact upon the present

I’ve not fully rid myself of the consequences of the incident and the accusations it wrought. Having digested the red pill and successfully killed the chronic neediness, oneitis and outcome dependence I suffered from as a teen, I find that I still remain more romantically apathetic and aloof than I’d like to be. At times I suspect that the incident and my subsequent recovery and digestion of the red pill left me a little too romantically jaded, cold, and cynical – while I enjoy far more sexual success now than I ever did, I fear I’m no longer capable of the deeper, more romantic interactions I longed for before.

I don’t value the love of a single woman (and the consistent emotional intimacy that could come with it) the way I once did; in fact, the value I put on that love has declined to such a level as to leave me wondering if I could sustain a healthy long term relationship even if I wanted to (I’ve still not bothered to try). My desire to seek out that kind of relationship remains at an all-time low.

The problem is that remnants of my more conservative, traditional self do still exist—I still dream of having many children and a large family. I wonder, however, if I still have the ability to trust a single woman enough to successfully form that family. Having come through this incident I’m unsure if I’ll ever be able to face that question and say “yes,” at least not in the western world (perhaps the expression of those remaining conservative and traditional elements of my self would benefit from time spent in a more conservative, traditional society).

That being said, I’ve learned that you can certainly get close to a full and successful recovery from the emotional, mental, and social ravages of a false accusation. One need not remain a part of “The Sexodus” forever, so long as one remains dedicated to their self-improvement.

The Lessons Learned

My experience taught me several lessons that I feel could be applicable to any man subject to a similar set of events.

1. Know That False Rape Accusations Are Real


Over time, I found out that the accusation I went through wasn’t an isolated incident on my campus and that plenty of my peers had gone through similar situations. This is a real problem, and it is not rare – there is far from a minute chance of you facing a false accusation. Do not let feminists try to convince you otherwise – they look out for women’s interests, not yours.

To a feminist, a man who has dealt with the stigma of a false rape or sexual assault accusation is a) an unfortunate but minor blip on the radar relative to the greater realities of rape culture (read: bad, but not as bad or as common as other things and thus deserving of much less concern), or b) collateral damage, part of a “small” price worth paying for the purpose of promoting awareness of “rape culture” and helping victims (read: a price society shouldn’t hesitate to pay).

Neither of these perspectives offers much help to you should you be faced with this fate, but they generally sum up the view held by modern feminists and the mainstream media that is now dominated by their perspective. Protect yourselves – nobody else will.

2. Be Very Careful When Engaging Intoxicated Women (assuming you can’t avoid dealing with them all together)


Drunk girls can look like fun to hang out with on first sight (especially when you yourself are intoxicated, along with everyone around you), but they can carry with them quite a bit of risk. The most common sources of false rape claims are those quick, drunken one-night-stand types who were intoxicated when you met them and got into bed with you rapidly, going all the way.

These are the ones most likely to leave the experience feeling “guilty” or “weird” about what happened. When knowledge of the hook-up gets out, the false rape accusation becomes the weapon used to defend against this feeling of having been “too slutty,” and the judgment that comes with that from her peers.

Now, she’s not a “slut” because it wasn’t her fault—it was yours. You made her do it. Continued engagement in quick one-nighters with intoxicated girls you do not know ensures one the highest level of exposure to false rape and sexual assault claims.


The safest thing to do is to avoid intoxicated girls altogether. Assuming you can’t do that (given the prevalence of alcohol in modern social scenes), exercise caution. Get confirmation texts after the fact, and be very sure to adhere to the following point…

3. Limit Your Alcohol Intake (know yourself)

It is hard to exercise the caution I recommend above without first ensuring that you are in a state that will allow you to apply it. Learn to handle your liquor: find the level of intoxication at which you can enjoy yourself while still maintaining some sense (different guys may have different levels – know yours), and learn to limit yourself to that level whenever you drink and go out.

Don’t go out looking to hook up while intoxicated until you do this. If you fail to ascertain your personal limitations before drinking and try to give it a go anyway, you’ll find it much easier to find yourself in a situation in which you (or you and your friends) failed to exercise caution, hooked up with the wrong drunk girl under the wrong circumstances for a quickie, got clumsy and made a few mistakes, made her feel uncomfortable, and exposed yourself to an unwarranted but still potentially dangerous accusation of rape or sexual assault.


The better you become at keeping your wits about you while engaging these women, the more likely you will be to recognize and guard against the pitfalls that could increase the risk of a false accusation and the less likely you are to be exposed to a false accusation. If you’re the type of person who loses all sense after even a handful of drinks and can’t avoid clumsiness and a loss of control, then don’t drink at all before engaging women (learn to game while sober).

In short: never go full retard.

It would be several years after the incident before I became comfortable drinking on nights out again. I have learned to drink less, and I regulate as I do it (getting glasses of water intermittently after I’ve had a few) so I stay in my most sensible “zone” of intoxication and never get too far beyond that point. Find your zone (that range in which you can enjoy drinks without getting sloppy or out of control) and stay in it.

4. Know That Game Is Necessary

As observed in my story and in the article describing the nature of “The Sexodus” and those men who are a part of it, game is necessary. We no longer live in a man’s world, at least not here in western society. This is a world where natural male instincts and behaviors are more commonly considered pathologies and diseases than simple facts of life. Harmless follies made in the male process of understanding the opposite sex are no longer mere follies – they are affronts to society itself and matters of national concern.


The modern dating arena in the western world is, in some ways, a minefield for young men. Their very nature is offensive to their society. Teenaged males have long been clueless with regard to the opposite sex, but whereas in the past such cluelessness may have been laughed off or treated as harmless folly, today it might be treated as grounds for a criminal investigation, or (as was more mercifully the case in my instance) the costly smearing of one’s reputation (along with the anxiety and isolation that comes with it). This makes cluelessness more costly than ever.

Had I maintained a more firm understanding of some of the most fundamental principles of game and red pill thought (ex: outcome independence, basic rapport building, etc), I might have left the fraternity house that night absent any experiences I’d come to regret. The same goes for millions of other young men who have paid the price for a lack of basic game.

Many false rape accusations are based on a girl’s regret. My case was one of these: I attracted the girl, showed my weakness and inexperience as the interaction went on, and made the girl regret her decision to let me anywhere near her (and risk her reputation in the process).

If you are able to build and maintain a decent level of comfort and rapport with a girl (such that she genuinely enjoys the time spent with you), you will be less likely to do something that makes her uncomfortable and she will be less likely to regret your interaction. The better your understanding of game and the more complete your digestion of the red pill, the better you will be at establishing this comfort and rapport on a regular basis.

In short, my experience can be added to the already extensive list of things indicating that game is necessary.

I’ve come a long way and matured a lot during the last few years, and perhaps I have these experiences to thank for that. Maybe I would not have come as far as I have without having them to violently shock me into taking the right path. Had I not been punished for being a needy, gameless idiot, I’d probably have carried on being a needy, gameless idiot.

Incentives drive behavior, and these experiences gave me incentive to make a change for the better. Regardless of their possible utility, however, I am above all just glad that they’re behind me. Hopefully, if you can learn the lessons that I hadn’t yet at 18, you’ll not need to put such experiences behind you.

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296 thoughts on “How I Dealt With A False Rape Accusation”

  1. similar to my experience when I was falsely accused, Being in the military made it worse, when the entire government seems to be against you and the team, service, and country you loved to serve turns its back on you… hits you in some crazy ways.

    1. The Military is hopelessly enmired in the 50’s, I have dealt with backwards assumptions from military justice many, many times.

    2. A girl in my unit had a huge rape drama against one of our most promising non-NCOs in our Battalion who had just picked up a meritorious promotion to NCO. What a mess. She was promiscuous, especially with a certain demographic that our young stud belonged to. He almost lost everything- his rank and his training opportunities and his reputation because of the drama. She was at a club and went into a car with him and there they engaged in sex, but she says it was violent and forceful. She went to the hospital and got all the rape kit and injury stuff documented, but he ended up getting out of the whole thing with nothing more than a warning to stay away from her and our unit.
      As a red piller with white knight tendencies I had a hard time dealing with this broken women under my authority. What was I supposed to do with this broken woman who would not show up to PT, would disappear from work, and then badmouth the Corps to no end? Tell her to suck it up, rub some dirt in it, hydrate and take motrin? That’s exactly what I’d tell a male. Oh no. That would have resulted in me losing my billet. So, one day when she was having a breakdown and ruining our mission I asked her WTF was I supposed to do with her, how could I help, I wanted to help her. She just got worse and worse sobbing, until she said “nothing.” I told her she needed to just get out of the Corps ASAP, she was a liability and the Corps was not a good place for her. I put her down as a mission liability and eliminated her from the unit mission and stopped depending on her altogether.
      Why can’t women wait until rape doesn’t exist anymore before they push women into the service? Because they accept a few rapes as the cost of feminism, and feminism must be pushed at all costs. Women are a nuisance in the military, EVEN IN THE POG OFFICE/SHOP POSITIONS BEHIND THE LINES. They are a nuisance and the Corps especially is no place for women, let alone most men.

      1. She knew the system she was in. Sorry, the military is a welfare program. It is summer camp for 20-something C-students. If it wasn’t she wouldn’t have been so confident pulling this stunt. By your “mission this” and “mission that” it is clear you refuse to open your eyes to the truth. I am truly sorry for you.

      2. Honestly you did what you could under the circumstances, the female who accused me was told she wouldn’t be punished for the ffalse claim or the underage drinking she said led to the incident, she was then PCS’ed to an overseas location. She was rewarded for this. My command told me that if it was up to them they would have “likely jumped to conclusions at the beginning and made a wrong decision due to the political climate”

      3. wait wait wait…violent and forceful? Yeah that’s rape. So your telling me when your with your girlfriend your violent and forceful against her will and consider that normal? Thing is, most men don’t rape women and most women, even promiscuous women, won’t complain about rape if they haven’t been raped. It’s pretty easy to not rape someone and it’s pretty clear where the line is. Problem is sexism and when some men don’t know how to treat women like human beings.

        1. Jesus no one wants to go through an expensive court battle with lawyers of they don’t think they have a case and your high out of your mind if you think in criminal law it’s easy to get convicted of rape when you haven’t done anything. Do you know what beyond a reasonable doubt is? That means proof. Jesus you people have no faith in the justice system. Don’t want to get accused? Pretty simple don’t be a rapist! The percentage of false accusations is probably very very low relative to the number of unreported rapes. Don’t worry guys, you still get the better end of the deal. Women don’t spend their time planning to accuse men of rape. Goodness your all so inept with women it’s hopeless.

        2. Some women, in fact A LOT of women, like to get fucked violently and forcefully, and say that it makes them cum really hard, and ask to be fucked that way during consensual sex. The fact that sex is violent and forceful is entirely irrelevant from the issue of consent if consent to sex has been given and not withdrawn. Stop trying to tell normal heterosexual people how to have sex, some people like it rough.

        3. The problem isn’t so much with false rape convictions in a court of law (at least not when due process is afforded) but rape false rape ‘findings’ in college campus administrative hearings, which almost always make a mockery of due process, and totally derail the falsely accused person’s education and reputation. The guy who wrote this article didn’t try to rape anyone yet this didn’t make a difference (and without due process protections an accusation is often all it takes.)

        4. Then when your found not guilty, sue the college for defamation. It’s too bad that there are so many actual rapes that undermine the case for the very very odd scenario of a false rape. People tend to make assumptions based on stereotypes rather than looking at the evidence. The whole campus culture is beginning to kick back on rape and poor treatment of women – which is a good thing – however, administrators should leave the judging to the judges when it comes to criminal activity. Women are told that they ought to avoid getting drunk at parties to prevent themselves from being raped. Its basically told to us that it’s our fault for getting too drunk. So maybe men should avoid getting really drunk at parties and sleeping with random women if they don’t want any rape accusations. A women’s reputation seems to be destroyed the minute she gets raped or sleeps with a random too.

        5. That’s the thing, there is no criminal case, because the prosecutor won’t even file charges, but this doesn’t stop campuses from expelling the accused male students for rape. It’s an absolutely indefensible and unconstitutional practice that only exists because the federal government mandates it. All allegations of criminal misconduct on college campuses and dorms should be referred to law enforcement, and administrative action by the school (such as expulsion) should only occur after a conviction. This is a far cry from the farce that we have today which is why it needs to change.
          Yes, women should avoid getting drunk enough to not be able to take care of themselves (as should men,) since no matter how much society criminalizes rape and discourages it there will always be people out there who will do it. Throw onto this these same women getting drunk and pursuing sex, which, if a man is also drinking and pursuing sex, and they together choose to engage in sex, is considered rape. but only by the man, and the situation is even more untenable (with no criminal sanctions or responsibility whatsoever imposed on the women.)
          Women can’t have it both ways, either there is true equality under the law, including equal responsibility for bad sexual decisions made while drunk, or there is not, in which case women exist midway between adult men and children in agency (in which case women need to stop expecting equal authority and complaining when they don’t get treated like adults.)

  2. Don’t listen to intoxicated bitches! Good point! They are one of the stupidest girls! Good article, overall! Keep on writing, man!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. As more stories like these are published, I can only hope the social justice warriors fueling all this rape hysteria and the false accusers haphazardly ruining lives get what they so richly deserve. What contempt I hold the person who would level this false charge against another, and the bizarre distortion of such a serious crime into these flimsy, fluid definitions of rape are a mockery to those few who’ve actually suffered it.
    But it’s inspiring to see you come through such a harrowing experience and make it out on top. It could have gone down much worse. Respect for passing on the lessons learned, and I’m glad the trials and tribulations only tempered you into a better man. Sometimes the path we walk is a strange and winding one indeed.

    1. Well articulated comment in general, but contempt is still too polite a description for the type of negativity I harbor toward this type of individual.

    2. What do you want to bet being black actually saved his ass, not made it more likely to be believably accused?

      1. I just read the article and this was the very first thing I thought to comment. Had Athlone been white he would have been far more vulnerable.

      2. load of crap–remember the good old days when all it took for a black man to lose his life was for a white woman to just point to him and said “he looked at me”? then all the WSJW would have lynched him…and what you think that all of a sudden black men gets a free pass? im sure you heard of the case of the black dude who was killed (lynched) last year for dating a white girl, right?

        1. I wouldn’t make a fuss over this if I were you. The Black on White rape rate in the USA is astronomical (around 29000/year) whereas the reverse virtually nill (0 cases on 2006, typically less than 50 recently). That’s an outrageous difference even in context of different population ratios that should leave us gobsmacked but for the politically correct matrix we live in. The SJW ruled media is now totally on the side of the Black man. Conversely White males are an official target of SJW, feminist, main stream media. The whole rape culture thing is targeted at them and then alone.
          Goodwill to you but those are the facts as I understand them.

        2. “The Black on White rape rate in the USA is astronomical (around 29000/year) whereas the reverse virtually nill (0 cases on 2006, typically less than 50 recently).”
          is this coming from the same source that claims all men are rapists? or “1 in 4” women were raped, will be raped?
          put it in full display–
          i also guess those mixed babies just popped out of nowhere, white men never raped bw…no no sir…0
          “The SJW ruled media is now totally on the side of the Black man.”
          How in the world are they on the black men’s side? I mean seriously Bill Cosby? Do you know who that is? No evidence, just the mere “he raped me, 20 years ago” got him destroyed in 2014. So where are those passes?
          “Conversely White males are an official target of SJW, feminist, main stream media.”
          You mean like that video of that white girl walking in NYC? How it mainly focused on black men who were “hello, smile” were crucified in the media as perverts, creeps, rapists. That was 2014.
          “The whole rape culture thing is targeted at them and them alone.”
          Nope because no black men have never been falsely accused of rape? (The author of this article doesn’t exist) Never been falsely convicted of rape, or sexual assault either? Apparently wm falsely accusing bm of sexual assault or rape have virtually disappeared. The white jurors (mostly white men) who would gladly convict them without any shred of evidence simply vanished.
          “Goodwill to you but those are the facts as I understand them.”
          It seems you have your own facts versus reality. Goodwill to you too.

        3. Sorry, I am in my 30s and don’t remember those days. They might as well not exist as far as I am concerned. When I look around I see something else: polar bear hunting/knock out game, flash mobs, a very liberal anti-white media, and an insane violent crime rate with certain demographics in America.

        4. In other words you have no argument to what I said. Nor can you back up your previous claim. As such, you are fairly dismissed.

        5.… he fairly well destroyed what you said…
          As I’m not going to read your reply please feel free to flame me… with the caps lock on of course.

        6. From the National Victimization Crime Survey [NVCS], considered the best crime statistics in the United States.
          The full statistical tables stopped being published in 2009 (The year Obama became president.) Some speculate it is to hide results that were shining a harsh light upon black men.
          Year 2003 – Rape/Sexual Assault
          White on Black:0
          Black on White: 20,309
          Black on Black: 21,104
          Year 2004 – Rape/Sexual Assault
          White on Black: 0
          Black on White: 11,610
          Black on Black: 35,330
          Year 2005 – Rape/Sexual Assault
          White on Black : 0
          Black on White: 37,460
          Black on Black: 36, 620
          Year 2006 – Rape/Sexual Assault
          White on Black: 0
          Black on White: 32, 443
          Black on Black: 7,705
          Year 2007 – Rape/Sexual Assault
          White on Black: 0
          Black on White: 14,092
          Black on Black: 12,780
          Year 2008 – Rape/Sexual Assault
          White on Black: 0
          Black on White: 19,292
          Black on Black: 34,841
          Total over six conservative years:
          White on Black: 0
          Black on White: 135,206
          Black on Black: 148,380
          Average over six consecutive years:
          White on Black: 0
          Black on White: 22,534
          Black on Black: 24,730

      3. I would bet the farm being black actually worked to his advantage, and good for him – when you’re falsely and maliciously accused of a crime you take any and every advantage you can get.
        I wish the guy well.

      1. That is bone chilling footage. It’s a pity having cameras roll at all times seems to be the greatest defence against these sociopaths. Appreciate the link. This video needs to be circulated.

        1. I’m going to get myself one of those pen cameras. If a pair of policemen need it what chance has an ordinary guy have.

  4. Shieeet, if you know for a fact that a couple of drinks makes you an easy slut, why don’t you just… You know… Not drink?!

    1. That would require accountability and personal responsibility.
      So now you have the answer to your question.

      1. You pretty much summed it up in one neat package and delivered. Thank you, that was beautiful.

    2. Why not just cut off a limb of most college-aged White women while you’re at it, Effendi?

        1. But then they can’t text or take any spandex selfies to Instagram, so you might as well just off their oxygen!

  5. Why don’t you go and fuck black women instead of trying to rape white woman?

  6. I know a good number of 30+ year old men that are simply incapable of drinking in moderation. I don’t really understand it. The appeal is completely lost on me at this point.

    1. Same here… there were a couple girls in my social circle (one is 29, the other is 31) that would get shit-faced plastered everytime we’d go out. There were many times where a girl was too damn drunk to even go into the bar/club, so we’d just leave her in the car sleeping lol
      Like how do you not know how much to drink?

      1. Most women don’t, unfortunately. Then the next thing you know, they’re in slut mode and too drunk to function.

        1. Or they know exactly what they are doing but drink to excess for the purpose of losing all inhibitions, so it can “just happen” and she’s not responsible for her actions.

        2. Seems to be a cultural problem. The French, Italians and Germans seem to do fairly well at moderating themselves. They are raised with it from childhood, excess intoxication is frowned upon. You might see silly behaviour on a holiday.

        3. True. But the incident of the story happened in the US. And in the US, this is typically what happens since Americans don’t raise their kids to drink.

      2. i understand it in the younger crowd, but when once you get to 25+, those nights should be less and less common. Not a habit like these people I know.

    2. Marriage does that to most men. Finding that being married is actually more lonely than staying single, and being legally unable to resolve the dilemma without incurring highly unfair outcomes, most turn to drink. I see it as well with most guys in the ages you indicate as well.
      They gave up everything, put pussy on a mile high pedestal, sold their guns, sold their futures and sold their souls thinking that they would continue to get sex from wifey if they did so. Bunch of fucking limp wristed pseudo-males.

      1. None of them are married. Rather red-pill in the philosophies and raging alcoholics. It’s a shame because I do enjoy their company when they aren’t completely inebriated. I suppose since I go out often, I attract such people.

        1. Wow, that is surprising then! I drink, but in moderation, and not all the time even at social gatherings. I wonder what is at play? Frustration with the world? Or simple impulse control problems?

        2. I don’t even drink much, don’t see the point. It only ends in a hangover. I drink in occasion but with a meal usually.

        3. I think a combination of both. I notice none of them ever want to address the reasons behind their drinking if I broach the subject. There are some wines, vodkas, and craft beers I like so I drink some. Generally in social situations, I drink the bare minimum to keep up appearances. Usually <3 drinks. I have only been legitimately drunk once in the last two years. I certainly could never envision drinking to the point of inebriation regularly. It’s terrible on health as well.

      2. Married men do not live longer than single men. It just feels like your death is taking forever.

        1. Married women live longer than their husbands. That’s because all their nagging takes 5 years off a man’s life!

        2. Nagging = Stress. Stress shortens life. Yep, there is a correlation. Then the woman gets the money and all the property after her husband dies. She might as well be asking for your hand in marriage, not the other way around. We’re just here to game. Contrary to what feminists think about marriage being slavery for women, it’s the other way around. She benefits more than we do. If there is a divorce, guess who pays child support? Us! Who gets the kids? them, more likely than not. Not to mention the fact that most women are not tight anymore once they decide to marry. Let the beta marry her.

        3. I believe it is paraphrasing something I heard someplace, so I won’t take credit for it.

        4. Myth. Unmarried men live shorter lives because they have issues that make them unattractive to marry. Alcholism, drug abuse, mental illness, poverty (who helps a begging male?) low income, low IQ etc. These likely lead to the shorter life span as well as its no surprise that women seldom marry such men.
          In other words getting married doesn’t lengthen your life span. What is happening is a statitical artefact of unfit males not being able to marry and also dying of their unfitness earlier.
          Always remember correlation is not causation. We’re men not feminists.

        5. You know, most logical guys already understood this… facetousness does not require explanation.

      3. Only thing I had after my marriage that I had before was my truck, one handgun, and one rifle.

        1. Yeah, the courts strip males of everything. I have heard pro male divorce lawyer commercials on the radio the last year, that cater only to men and try to head off divorce rape. Good sign I think.

      4. Agreed. Ive lost touch with my married friends from college- by choice. They suck to hang out with and they bring me down.
        Besides the fact they wreck my game and are gameles themselves, they’re passive aggressively envious of my swinin single lifestyle seeing I’m sti banging hot young strange -just like in college- and the result is they get super trash faded retarded yearning for their past. Hoping somehow shots and excess booz will time warp them back…and it gets old in minutes.
        Then I have to stupid mediocre nostalgia about that one time they banged 2 different chics one time in college (one of them is their wife now probably)…
        Then to top it off they blame their shit drinking night on me to save face to their wife/family etc when they miss whatever family event…
        Marriage …heh

      5. Yep. Even my friends who are in long term relationships lose their spark. It’s like they can’t relax and be themselves anymore. They’re constantly censoring themselves even if their girlfriends aren’t around. Some of the most alpha dudes I know have had their confidence sucked out of them by relationships.

  7. Thanks for the article. Obviously a harsh experience motivated you to write it.
    Thanks for pointing out how young men will have to grow up learning non-natural characteristics just to avoid being punished for normal social interaction.
    What a messed-up society we’ve created here in the USA with the “princess mentality” parents promote in girls as they grow up. We see the depressing results in stories like the one you wrote.

  8. Two things. I was once at a party where a woman was shit faced drunk and was lunging towards and making out with anything with an orifice in the middle of the living room. Men, women, it didn’t matter. (I stayed far away from that.) No one called this assault – it was just some drunk girl acting like an idiot. She was the aggressor. Under the SJW thinking everyone she grabbed would have been a sexual predator.
    In reality, no guy tried to take her home (or girl), eventually her friends took her away and the general feeling of the party was that this drunk chick was responsible for her own actions.
    Second, could there be a method to the madness? SJW lose in what used to be the normal social/dating dynamic. But with hot women enjoying their attention and giving it to only the top alphas- you have a large number of guys who would/are afraid of false accusations and will therefore attempt to get the “enthusiastic consent” as required on more and more college campuses.
    Hot women will be turned off by this, and will reject accordingly. Rejected, these guys in the 6-8 or so range will start to lower their standards where SJW hope that at a certain point they are low enough for otherwise solidly decent guys to finally give SJWs the attention and sex that SJWs currently lack. On top of it the SJWs get to be “bossy” and in complete control.
    In other words- this is looking more and more like a dating strategy than anything else. Men are paying the price.

    1. I will bet that if men started carrying voice recorders, hidden, on them at all parties, these kinds of things would vanish overnight. Most states have one party consent laws for recording, so you rarely ever have to worry about informing anybody (check your state laws to be sure though).

      1. Even in two party consent states, to me the choice to record is simple. Would you rather be accused of illegal recording, or rape? And is any prosecutor in their right mind going to prosecute someone where the recording protected them from a false rape claim?

        1. To attach a legal theory to it, even if prosecuted, you could use a necessity or lesser harm defense.

    2. As has been said previously feminists an SJW ‘s don’t want red pill alpha type men being successful with women.

    1. I must admit he was courageous to be so honest. Saying he was agressive due to alcohol and looking at his other failings honestly.

  9. Safest thing men can do is avoid women.
    After that, go to the pros. The donation is a small price to pay for reducing the risk of a false rape accusation to almost zero.
    EDIT TO ADD: Absolutely great article, btw.

    1. Nah, voice recorders. I learned a lot about a fail safe witness since joining the open carry movement years ago. A recording of a chick repeatedly telling you that she wants your dick inside of her is the perfect witness should she go full retard two weeks later. Recordings do not lie and are nearly always accepted as unimpeachable witnesses in court.

      1. “o. A recording of a chick repeatedly telling you that she wants your dick inside of her is the perfect witness should she go full retard two weeks later”
        I agree but that really kills the sexual experience for me. It’s just not worth it, period. How sad that today’s females are so retarded that it has come down to this. It makes me want to save my $$$$ and visit south america or asia and write off american females entirely.

        1. How so? Keep it running in a pocket and forget about it. Most have battery lives of several days straight running.

        2. Wait… making a woman beg you for your dick ruins the sex for you? Seriously?
          Hell, I cannot even get off unless a woman shows some signs of submissive femininity. Begging for dick is one of the best ways.

        3. It makes things difficult for those of us who don’t want our race to become extinct and who value all the amazing things we have brought the world as a people… I suppose there are some white women outside of western feminist influence, but not many.

      2. I think that as technology progresses, faking audio and video becomes so easy that a layperson can do it. At some point, the recordings will be less fail safe. This is just my opinion, though, and I don’t know when that point comes either. Could be a long ways off, could be a short ways off.
        I agree they help, though. Much better than nothing, and for now a very good option. My own opinion is still #2 pros, #3 recordings.
        I guess I just disagree with the ordering a little.

        1. Easy solution. Meet an office one without the ability to move files off the recorder.

        2. “faking audio and video becomes so easy that a layperson can do it. At some point”
          Its really not easy. I can see why people would think that because we’re over marinated with digital media these days. However to create a mock digital a/v recording of another identity and have it pass even a non a/v professional as authentic is extremely difficult.

      3. “voice recorders”…..?
        Just get your phone out and film her giving you her giggly enthusiastic consent….then email the file to yourself….

        1. Filming is too overt, unless she is game for it. A hidden voice recorder need never be known about UNLESS she decides to falsely call rape.

        2. In a lot of states it’s illegal to record someone without their consent wherever there is a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” and all such recordings are inadmissible in a court of law.
          You would literally have to have a large sign posted above your bed that all events in the room are being recorded.

        3. Not as many as you would think. Check your laws, last I looked there was Illinois and maybe one or two other states that require two party consent.
          Besides, a bathroom stall and fucking would hardly qualify as a reasonable expectation of privacy.

        4. Well, even if that was true everywhere. Would you rather get in trouble for recording someone without their knowledge, or rape ?

        5. Just put a sign by the front door of the building that says audio and voice recording are in use.

      4. Back in the 90s those large VCR cameras with the full size cassette were a real pain in the ass to conceal.

  10. Now, after reading this, how exactly can I not half-blame the woman involved for the entire thing? She went to a party, kissed a drunk man in front of everyone, then dragged him away from the party, still drunk, and she was upset that he wasn’t coherent enough to not insult her female value? She was already devaluing herself by her own behavior.
    She expected a drunk man to indulge her horniness and complement her value in the process? She was a moron, and frankly she got what her moronic behavior deserved.
    But thanks to those wonderful laws the feminist-whiners got enacted, those same stupid cunts can hold men criminally responsible for their stupidity.

    1. He basically got punished for having bad game, she gets absolved of all responsibility on her part.

    2. Two people are intoxicated and choose to have sex.
      The drunk woman is a mindless blob who is not only incapable of giving consent, she is incapable of even understanding what consent is.
      The drunk man, however, is capable of understanding the concept of consent, understanding he needs to give consent, understanding she needs to give consent, and understanding that he needs to get that consent from her.
      It’s feminist equality.

    3. And this is why when or if civilization collapses, we do not do one damned thing to help, feed, save, or protect Modernus Americus Maximus Cuntus. Let them become extinct.
      Save your ammo and don’t give up your position and just watch the rape gangs in your scope to make sure they are not coming your way.

  11. Gentlemen, to recap:
    Chick gets drunk, drives a car and kills someone – society says she’s responsible for her actions.
    Chick gets drunk, consents to sex and later changes her mind – society says you’re responsible for her actions.
    Bottom line: women are children. Treat them accordingly. This sucks. I’m sorry to read this whole thing.

    1. Let me add – you’re a bigger man than I am. If someone falsely accuses me of rape, there will never be forgiveness. Ever. In fact, I will spend my life trying to ruin such a person. If they want war, they’ll fucking get it.

      1. I’d probably be the same way depending on the consequences a false accusation conferred. I’d certainly never forgive them.

      2. File a rape charge in retaliation, if you were drinking.
        If intoxication removed consent, then she raped you as well.

    2. Nothing new.
      If she gets knocked up and wants to abort. YOU have no say.
      If she wants to keep the baby and you don’t, YOU still have to pay.

    3. I always talk down to most women as if they’re children. It really pisses them off. Makes me laugh.

    4. Don’t try to use women just for sex. We aren’t built to respond positively to that. Never have, never will. Especially when men loose respect for women once they do have a one-night stand. Women want respect, and, unfortunately, women loose respect after a one night stand and the only way to gain it back is via a rape accusation. If women were more liberated to shake off one night stands then this sort of thing wouldn’t happen. So it’s men’s fault for shaming women who have sex. Slut-shaming leads to rape accusations. Because it’s better to be raped than to be a slut. Women are people too and when cornered they will do what it takes to protect their dignity. If you cornered a guy in an ally he would try to fight his way out. We are all just humans and trying to survive. Don’t be so aggressive when she’s not your girlfriend and especially when she’s drunk. If your out “hunting for women” then your a sexual predator and it won’t end well. Get a girlfriend or make arrangements when your sober.

      1. Are you honestly trying to justify falsely accusing someone of rape because they don’t call you? Cunts like you belong in prison.

        1. It’s a false accusation so there is no ground for charges, nor did he get charged, clearly. He was, however, entering rape zone and had she been drunker and he been just a bit more aggressive then this could have ended badly. It’s a complicated legal problem and one that needs to be thoroughly evaluated from all angles prior to a quick resolution. If it’s false and there is no proof then why would you be afraid of being convicted? Goodness this is a social problem not a legal one, you need proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Just trying to illustrate that the predatory nature of drinking and trying to pick up women is what might lead a man to eventually commit such an act. If there was no rape and he let her go then it’s not a rape conviction, and it is a false accusation and a lie that will easily be resolved in court. But the courts aren’t always perfect, and men, just like women, have to watch where they tread to avoid legal action. What I am trying to single out is that the mindset of trying to “score” with a women is a precursor to rape convictions in this college environment. It’s very similar psychologically to a rapist who stocks his victims and looks for opportunities to strike, while clearly not thinking of their well-being. If your too drunk you might end up loosing your inhibitions and actually committing the crime without realizing. You also have to realize that women of this age are just a naive as men of this age. I fundamentally believe that there wouldn’t be these accusations and the whole “rape culture” problem would be resolved if women were seen as people and not hunting trophies.

        2. Furthermore, I am 100% certain she is white so this is a terrible manifestation of a combination of subconscious racism, cultural sexism, and a college drinking culture that continues to plague our society with ignorance….sigh.

        3. Falsely accusing someone of a felony is a crime. Innocent people are convicted on false accusations every day. Cunts like you belong in prison.

        4. What would I go to prison for? Is this a false accusation? I heard that was a felony. D-bag I’m not even bloody american!

        5. Non Americans can go to American prisons for falsely accusing people of rape, sweetheart.

        6. Good for you, you learned how to use google. I wouldn’t worry about being falsely accused, your dick is probably s small no women wouldn’t feel it anyways. I’m sure with your shinning personality though you’ll find a nice person to love in the next prison you get sent to for a false rape accusation. Then you can wine to your inmates about how unfair the big bad world is.

        7. Oooooh! The “tiny dick” argument! Looks like I’m winning this round.
          Honey, I’m an attorney. And you’re out of your league, like most women.

        8. Oh no, he’s an attorney, oh my heavens I thought that meant you were good at arguing! Everybody stop and look at the attorney who can’t provide any good counterpoints to the issue. Nobodys asking for your services for a reason. Everything you say isn’t just part of the “women are inferior premise”, which, if you weren’t such a doornob you’d know the modern science. See if that holds up in the court of law. There’s no judge here drumstick. Clearly whatever law school you went to was a bad investment because you still are out of touch with reality.

        9. Why don’t you crawl back into your business litigation or whatever crap you do and stay out of public policy, your nothing but a fucking embarrassment to your code of ethics and the laws of western society. Go live in Saudi Arabia where they share your views. It’s a strange thing when people take more from society than they contribute. Typically these are the losers that end up in prison. Good for you, you’ve found a way to weasel your way around the system you pathetic cockroach.

        10. And furthermore, don’t “honey” me when your prissy little pampered male priveledge life has been a far cry from what women endure on a daily basis. Your a prissy little shithead and if you actually had to do the work a women has to do to get anywhere in this day and age you’d probably be homeless. That’s why you are so against feminism because you know deep down that your fucked without playing on your sweet little handicap. Oh it’s cushy and nice isn’t it being given everything you need on the silver spoon.

        11. “Your” cognitive dissonance is impressive. You try to justify false rape claims by women while asserting that you are oppressed. Haha! OK, honey, “you’re” retarded.

        12. Yes, tell us more about your valuable societal contributions, false rape accusor.

        13. One of us is sitting in an office making a high six figure salary for dispensing legal advice. Guess which one?

        14. People like you, quite literally, are the ignorance that’s plaguing society.

        15. Everything you have said is absolutely spot on. False accusations deserve harsh penalties. As a lawyer have you ever thought of creating a sex contract. Whereby a man and women sign a contract to say they are both consenting, then putting it up for sale as a PDF?

        16. I don’t think it would work. You can’t avoid liability for a crime by contract. Even if that weren’t the law, her signing the contract wouldn’t necessarily help – people break contracts all the time. She’d just claim one of you broke the contract and claim rape anyway. Besides this, I’ll spare you the boring details, but there are ethical problems for lawyers with this kind of thing, and it’s not worth risking my bar license. Finally, there are practical problems. We all know how fickle chicks can be about sex. Do you really think some girl is gonna let you close if you whip out some 30 page contract for her to sign first?

  12. I’m sure most people here were with you until you revealed you were ‘a dark-skinned negro’.

      1. Maybe, it was tongue in cheek. But it is a shame that a lot of this site’s contributors verge into politics and regurgitate tired, trendy cliches you could see on Fox News or read in the Daily Mail.
        On the other hand, the articles relating to bodybuilding, dating, some social commentary can be very good. But when Pick-up artists start taking on politics they don’t offer much…and gives me a similar feeling I imagine I would have if a Politics and Economics Professor started talking about Game.

        1. Which nobody mentioned until YOU brought it up. You are purposefully creating the situation that you are bemoaning.

        2. No, I mentioned it because of some of the articles and comments I’ve read here?

        3. No, you mentioned it to stir shit. Nobody was talking race until you started the ball rolling.
          Please stop replying to me, your future posts will be ignored.

        4. Some stories do revolve around Race, but in this case it simply helped explain what was going on in the story.
          In many cases, men of different races don’t have common ground, but in the case of false rape accusations, I will freely admit that those few successful black men in college are more likely to be accused than white boys. As to whether or not that is because it is more believable, that is surely an entirely different conversation.
          Unfortunately, John is right with those race-baiters because he fails to recognize the distinction between senseless bigotry and race realism which is often discussed on RoK.

        5. “I’m sure most people here were with you until you revealed you were ‘a dark-skinned negro’.”
          “Maybe, it was tongue in cheek.”
          Bullshit. Many on here giving comments are spending time giving their advice, thoughts, suggestions, etc….in order to help add something of value to the conversation.
          You sound like you’re trying to derail the whole thing with pro-feminist nonsense.

        6. What was bullshit? What’s all this sniveling about people giving their time, adding value blah blah etc… oh grow a pair. Take a joke.
          And what was pro-feminist? Stop sounding culty, there’s no whole thing to ‘de-rail’, stop dramatising.

    1. And you are a racist asshole. I sincerely doubt you could have wrtten such a well reasoned and eloquent article for this site.

      1. There’s too many Johns here I’ll need to change my name. Sarcasm can be hard to detect in a comment, I know. Actually my comment was anti-racist and I can spell it out for you if you don’t get it.
        Tbh I thought a site built upon masculine principles would be a little less hysterical and serious.

        1. I hear you, sorry I did not see the sarcasm. This site is full of racist trolls. Many are about jews, others about blacks.

  13. Something about girls drinking always bothered me. For me it goes in the same category of tattoos, smoking, etc. It is just unattractive in women. The problem is these days girls can’t relax without a drink. Every girl I have met in America has had layers upon layers of emotional sediment buildup that prevents them from having meaningful social interactions without the help of alcohol or some kind of medication.

      1. Read The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. See if any of it sounds familiar. Then ask yourself what group was there and are still here.
        A man can lead a horse to water, but twenty men cannot make him think.

        1. Gibbon’s quite dated. An early generation anti religious liberal. Archaeological evidence shows that the barbarian (Germanic kings and Barons). Considerably expanded commerce in the 250 years after the collapse. They didn’t want to destroy the empire they wanted to control it. The city of Rome collapsed but the outer lying towns and cities expanded. The city of Rome was a huge tribute seeking extractive parasite so it is no wonder it was no longer supported and its roads of no use. The likely cause was the Islamic Jihaads according to Emmmet Scott. All of the Middle east fell to islam and trade of materials such as papyrus collapsed. This was originally proposed by Henri Pirrene in 1918, then was challenged in the 1970s but now broader archeology supports it again. The tribe was definetly around.

        2. YTisPissed referred specifically to Gibbon’s work and asked what major group was constant from the collapse of the Roman Empire to now. It’s Christians, whom Gibbon’s identifies as being a detriment to the Roman Empire. I have no doubt that the Islamic conquests of the 7th century likely stagnated development and maintained the dark ages. But that was still after the collapse of the Roman Empire, though the Byzantines were able to remain for much longer until the Turks finally conquered them.

        3. Could you recommend a better history book then? The history of the last 2000 years has to be covered in segments, but what people mainly talk about is Rome, dark ages and rise of muslim conquests, resultant crusades, renaissance art (a non-threatening PC neutral topic), industrial rev, slavery/colonisation, French rev, world wars/rise of communism. Civil wars seem to only be of interest parochially. What’s interesting is when more controversial historians delve into the non-PC approved narrative of who might be the main drivers behind these events. However, you can never fully trust stormfront or christian biased historians. Maybe more so than the Hollywood socialist approved narrative, it has to be said.

    1. Western society has reached it´s peak of prosperity and that´s the reason for all this sick behaviour in people.
      Moderate lifes and no real life-threatening worries make people bored and therefore they start doing all kinds of crazy shit, always on the search for a little bit of feeling special and standing out. The result of this is drug orgies, transsexuals, feminazis, vegans and a lot of other weird but oh so trendy and innovative stuff.

    2. My problem is that I am a drunk. I have a hard time telling them not to drink when it is my crutch.

  14. “The safest thing to do is to avoid intoxicated girls altogether.”
    Yup. It´s called having PRIDE in yourself. Fucking an intoxicated woman is a certain sign of no self-respect and no self-control.
    A man without self-respect and self-control is no more but a female trapped in a male body.
    If you´re drunk every weekend or even more than that, you should overthink your situation and maybe replace some of your friends, because:
    “It´s no measure of health being well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti

    1. Who are you to define pride? Some men take pride in scoring a certain number of notches, some take pride in making a woman beg.
      Honestly, demanding that a man take Pride in only fucking sober girls ignores the fact that perhaps he just wants an easy score so he can relieve his thirst and spend his time, instead of catering to hamsters, doing something meaningful and real with his life.
      Frankly, if I had to spend all my efforts catering to the pussy to simply relieve my itch, I wouldn’t consider it something to be proud of, or even particularly masculine.

      1. Pride is the state of feeling proud, as you can read in any dictionary. Where did I define it?
        “Some men take pride in scoring a certain number of notches, some take pride in making a woman beg.”
        And some like smearing their own shit on walls….so what? If they are proud of this they are still fucking idiots, wouldn´t you agree? And if you stick your dick inside a girl who can´t keep her eyes straight anymore and smells like puke you´re an idiot too.
        At least try to be honest to yourself here, man.
        “…the fact that perhaps he just wants an easy score so he can relieve his thirst…”
        Someone with pride just wouldn´t think this way and that´s exactly my point. And for the thirst thing:
        Write it down a hundred times somewhere, Jesus Christ!

        1. would ’empty his balls’ be better?
          Frankly, tying your pride to women is what got us into this shit in the first place.

        2. Ignore the word pride and use self-respect instead.
          You have no self-respect when penetrating a passed out drunk and you can´t talk yourself out of this.
          I don´t care if some boys do it because they can´t control their libido, but it doesn´t change the fact that it is spineless behaviour if your body controls your mind. Should be the other way around, you know?

        3. Yes, remember YOU are the prize. Make the bitch EARN that prize. Banging drunk bitches is weak, she can’t beg for it when she’s drunk.

  15. I have to say, I’m rather saddened at how much damage women/the media is doing to male/female relationships today. As a woman, I see that the guy who wrote this article was doing everything a “normal guy” would: seek out a sexual encounter with an attractive girl. It’s basic birds and bees here. The thing I do not understand, why are women so inept at handling men these days? They do everything “wrong” in dealing with men. Women are to balance men. Most of them don’t do this anymore.
    1. A woman should take a “hit” by any man as a compliment. It’s not the case today unless it’s a hit from someone they like sexually. I can’t tell you how much it makes my day to get a glance, a comment, an offer for a date. I don’t even mind the 80 year old guy calling me “darlin’.” What’s with these girls? Why can’t they smile and say, “thank you?!” and leave it at that? They try so hard to look attractive and attract men… and then can’t take the compliments that result?
    2. A woman shouldn’t be getting drunk. Period. Way too easy for her to be taken advantage of because she isn’t in her right mind to have control over her actions.
    I went on dates where the some of the guys would be knocking down the alcohol and become impaired. I’d have one. I had to remain in control of myself, especially when one-on-one with a man.
    3. Women should never give a “go” signal and then say, “no!” It’s biologically very difficult to slow down a man when he’s in “go” mode. So what’s with this putting on the breaks when she shouldn’t even brought him that far (even giving the him the idea to go to the bathroom) to begin with? Just stupid. I thought everyone had sex ed these days????? Useless I guess…
    I believe that years ago, this guy writing the article wouldn’t have had to develop “game.” Girls expected guys to come on to them, but they could handle it and deter them, yet still remain friendly. I wonder: Would I be right in saying that men have developed “game” to adjust to modern women?
    Hope you don’t mind my rant. This whole false rape issue put out by women is plain stupid. It takes away from the RARE FEW that do get raped by the real criminals.

    1. “This whole false rape issue put out by women is plain stupid. It takes away from the RARE FEW that do get raped by the real criminals.”
      Agreed. +1

    2. Good post. And yes, men developed Game as a strategy against modern brainwashed feminist controlled women. Men are problem solvers, it is what we do. Game is applied psychology that men have codified, and it works. Give us a problem, we solve it. Too bad for feminist women I guess, they probably expected us to stay compliant and accept their bid for social cuckholdry.

      1. Most men don’t want to believe it until they’re divorced, and their ex is sucking off random guys on a dating site.

        1. Quite so. At least now though we can armor them against making the same mistake twice.
          This war has only just started. Feminists have bitten off more than they can chew. In the end, we win.

        2. If by “we” you mean the few that develop game and Enjoy the Decline, I agree.
          Overall, though, both men and women lose; society loses.

        3. The White man will become extinct. This is the plan. Any other men are just collateral damage.

      2. You know what strikes me about this, is that women will go with bad men over and over.
        But men DO learn, as the author has described.
        That’s what having agency and being responsible for your actions (and not having an entire system of safety nets provided by government) does do you: learn or die.
        And game will be learned. Because it has to be. And there needs to be information for the younger fellows to avoid the very trap the author ended up in.
        Now as for the women, well… here comes the trouble with being in a gang and wearing gang colors. Until the women do something about these screeching mentally ill harpies among them, then all women will suffer. The Sexodus is already happening – has been for years only now it’s being written about. Men will not suffer most for this, and any reaction to it by government, like a bachelor tax, will only make things worse.

        1. EVERYONE suffers for it. Without women there will be no men. Correction, without men FUCKING women there will be no men. This is all that women are good for. This is why they must be controlled.

    3. Girls expected guys to come on to them, but they could handle it and deter them, yet still remain friendly.
      Yes. It was a skill of sorts. One that was developed and refined, particularly by the women who got hit on a lot, but even the average ones learned how to handle themselves if someone spoke to them without losing their marbles and having a meltdown.

    4. Thank you for the comment. I have two high school age daughters, and I am teaching them all of what you say. Take some responsibility for your situation and have some respect for yourself.
      The ineptness of women is related to a larger ineptness that seems to be increasing as time goes on. I don’t have a lot of interaction with millennials, but I hear anecdotal reports that they are terribly socially inept. Case in point: People now think it perfectly acceptable to harass the parents of a teen suicide. I don’t care what your ideas of justice are; that’s just displaying appalling insensitivity.
      My two daughters, in 9th and 10th grades, are both attractive and bright. One would think them good candidates for the dating scene, but neither has been on a single date. I ask them why not, and they smile sadly and tell me how clueless the boys are. It frankly has me concerned.

    5. Some good points.
      “A woman should take a “hit” by any man as a compliment.”
      They usually will but not until after they’ve hit the wall and are mostly invisible to men (past the SMV). Most of them claim men are creepy or cry false rape claims until that wall comes for them. It’s at that point many wished one of those guys would even look their way, let alone hit on them.
      Sad…but it’s the way it is, now.

    1. They would only publish it if he broke the mirror and kneeled on the pieces while she was screaming no.

      1. Not to mention leaving DNA evidence around that nobody would ever bother to collect.

  16. wow… drinks and groping and he didn’t touch her below the waist and he got slandered by the girl talk later. Sounds like something else is missing from the story. Should have called her out about it. Asked her directly or thru her friends why she was doing that. You’re entitled to correct the record about yourself. Likely scenario is her circle of female friends thought he was a very low status male, or another male was trying to cock block. She likely was sucking a different guys cock within the next month who was only slightly more experienced with women and gaming their hamster brains.

  17. This article is golden and it is something every man needs to read at least once in their life.
    Between my hs and college football teammates I have heard plenty of false rape stories and experienced it myself, not fun. The lessons learned part is a guideline I have been following since.
    ***Bachelor bad essential: Hidden CCTV with audio recording. I plan on hooking it up at my next spot. Until then, saved text messages and photos together.***

  18. If you’re looking for a pity party, you’re not gonna get it here. The fault is not with the girl, the fault is with you. Your enemies in this particular scenario were not her cockblocking friends or white knights but a combination of your alcohol intolerance, your ignorance for her signals and your ego. There were so many red flags in your encounter with this bitch that I’ll just identity a handful.
    ” had no idea what I was doing. In the stall, she asked “What do you want me to do?” In my shitfaced state, I just asked for sex in not so many words by just telling her to bend over (penis in vagina still made sense to me, at least). She looked at me a little frustrated.”
    Why shouldn’t she be frustrated? She was basically begging for you to fuck her without her telling you that. She wanted you to be direct.
    “What do you want me to?”(translation)-“I want to suck your dick but I don’t want to initiate anything in case you think I’m a slut”
    “But we don’t just go straight to sex. That’s not how it works!” I smiled stupidly and didn’t really say anything (I was too drunk to care about much), but soon she led me to an empty room in the frat. This girl quite clearly wanted something, but I simply didn’t have the experience to give it to her.”
    She didn’t want anything at this point, she realized that you weren’t man enough to be direct and tell her what you want so what she did was lead you to a session of cock teasing to validate her attractiveness.
    “As I poked my head out the front door after them and called the girl’s name, I saw her friend grab her hand and say something, after which the two immediately began to accelerate their departure. I stood there and watched as the two girls ran (I mean literally RAN) away from me and away from the house. That was that.”
    This was the nail in the coffin for you, in her eyes. After she rejected you, and put you in the ‘beta bucks’ box, she sensed the extreme thirst in you calling her name again, after she rejected you. Why wouldn’t she run away from you?
    “As I attempted to make casual contact again around campus, I saw that things were very awkward between me, her and her friends. I recognized this for the bad sign that it was. I caught up to her that night at another frat party. I said sorry and unwisely tried to move on from where we were before by dancing with her. She pulled away, and moved to dance with other guys.”
    (face palm) You apologised?! Another beta move, your smv dropped significantly with this apology. Never apologise for trying to fuck a bitch that gave you signals, you’re man and she is a woman. By trying to dance with her again you went from beta bucks to creep. This bitch rejected you 3 times now.
    “The next week, back to my beta self, I resolved to make things right (or try, one more time). My football coach was insisting that we find dates to take to a charity team ice skating event, so I decided to invite the girl. I sent her a text. Five hours later she responded in the negative. A similar thing happened the next week as I asked her to one more event.”
    Talk about scarcity mentality. This bitch attempted a false rape accusation to save face of ever being attracted to you as she probably told her friends that she liked you and to make you stop pursuing her. I would be more sympathetic if you she made the false accusation after the first night with her but you repeatedly tried to pursue a bitch after she keeps rejecting you time after time. This wasn’t the girls’ fault Athlone, this was yours. I might give you pass due to your age at the time and inexperience but I can’t act surprised at the girl being freaked out by you

    1. He’s not trolling for sympathy, and informed us that these were all rookie mistakes and took responsibility for his naïveté, from what I can see.

    2. Its not that unusual for a college freshman to be a virgin. Drinking in college is normal. If a chick is hot for a guy she wouldn’t care if he was a virgin who was lubricated with a few drinks. She’d be all over him, pulling his shirt off, getting on top. Sounds like this guy only checked one box on her long checklist of traits she needs for sex. He had one and only shot with her. He fumbled it. She had to destroy him publicly afterwards to maintain her own princess cunt status.

    3. In case you hadn’t read the rest of the article, He acknowledged and recognized his flaws already. good job of beating a dead horse, though… perhaps it will get up and start running.

    4. Can’t help but notice how women and teenage girls have tons of magazines telling them all about dating and crap like that and teenage boys have nothing.
      (Well, they do now – articles like this).

    5. And that’s why were are all here at ROK. To hopefully help young men avoid these types of situations in the future.
      The sad part – many years ago a young man could go through this act it would all be chalked up to a nervous young man with little to no experience with women (by society). Today, we have this bullshit rape culture and men have to be careful when they say “hi” to a woman for fear of being called out for rape (or at least creepy).
      It’s pretty fucking sad. I didn’t have to put up with this bullshit as a young man. We are here to help and I’ll gladly dedicated many hours helping to coach young men stay out of these situations.

    6. If you’re looking for a pity party, you’re not gonna get it here.

      When did I ask for a “pity party”?

      I would be more sympathetic

      When did I ask for more sympathy?
      If I may be honest, PSquare, your critique leaves me wondering if you actually read the article at all. Most of the points you make are points I do not contend, and in fact openly acknowledged in the article itself. For example…

      By trying to dance with her again you went from beta bucks to creep. This bitch rejected you 3 times now.
      …you repeatedly tried to pursue a bitch after she keeps rejecting you time after time. This wasn’t the girls’ fault Athlone, this was yours.

      This was acknowledged in the article. Perhaps you missed it, so I’ll quote it for you:

      The wagons were circled, and my needy ass was outside. Far from having made the improvements I’d hoped to make, I’d marked myself an outsider – a threat. My foolish inexperience and over-persistence had earned all this and, as demoralizing as it was to be faced down like that, I learned a valuable lesson from it in the end.

      Can you explain to me, Psquare, how this passage left you convined that I did not think myself at fault for any of this?

      She didn’t want anything at this point, she realized that you weren’t man enough to be direct and tell her what you want

      Yes, I agree. As you can see from this portion of the article:

      We got up there and at one point (after her insistence) we were in a stall together, alone. Shockingly enough, I actually managed to blow this opportunity, which I did not know at the time should easily have resulted in oral sex at a minimum…
      …I had no idea what I was doing.

      Can you explain to me, PSquare, how that portion of the article left you with the impression that I did not understand the role my lack of directness played in creating problems?

      This bitch attempted a false rape accusation to save face of ever being attracted to you

      That is what I said in the article (which I will now quote, again):

      Many false rape accusations are based on a girl’s regret. My case was one of these: I attracted the girl, showed my weakness and inexperience as the interaction went on, and made the girl regret her decision to let me anywhere near her (and risk her reputation in the process).

      Having said all that, I’m left with just two questions:
      1. Did you actually read the article?
      2. Do you enjoy fighting strawmen of your own manufacture?

  19. You know, I’d like to get away from college false rape accusations and move into the realm, sometime, of dealing with the aftermath of family rape accusations.
    Yes, it sucks to get thrown out of school because of some whore’s hamster, but it’s much worse when rape and child abuse are used as an excuse to separate a man from his life and children.
    I would tell my own story as an article, but frankly, it has a shitty and depressing ending. Unlike college rape accusations, such stories never have a happy ending.
    The best you can hope for is “Well, she never went to the cops, and the prosecution would have thrown it out, but I still am stuck with supervised visitation and have to pay a grand a week in child suppor.”

  20. btw I love the message. “Being drunk and saying yes is NOT consent!”
    Well, actually, cunt, it is consent. You don’t like it, stop getting so drunk you say yes.

    1. Agreed. Words meaning don’t change on basis of inebriation. What a skanky, entitled fucktard.

      1. I just figure, as long as we hold ‘drunk drivers’ responsible for killing people, we hold drunk whores responsible for fucking.

        1. lol..I see your point, Shortest.
          I’d have to say, no, though…I’m a man (that’s the difference).

        2. When that cop pulled me over last night, I told him I was too drunk to consent to his sobriety test. Therefore he let me slide, of course.

      1. I think pissing on yourself, puking, or passing out crosses the line into poisoning, and makes it doubtful that they could even coherently express consent, so having sex with someone who is in such a bad state is qualitatively different than having sex with someone who is merely drunk but is not incoherent.

  21. Another great article by Athlone Mcginnis. You should know that by being a black male that if a white woman “claims” rape all the Beta White dudes will believe her even if she is the campus slore. What kills me is that these hoes act like virgins and that they are offended by guys going in for the kill or if a guy is awkward when it comes to escalating to sex(aka no game). A lot of these girls act like whores and then get mad when you treat them like one instead of the princess they feel they should be treated like. It’s a good thing we have sites like ROK where we can learn from other guys mistakes on our road to self-improvement.

  22. In college a female’s peak popularity is her freshman year, and she slowly goes down in desirability every year until she graduates as males come to learn more about her. Just the opposite for male students. Males are least desirable their freshman year, and become more desirable to females in college the longer they are there.

  23. this is one of the many reasons to why i don’t go outside by myself anymore and the last time i went outside by myself was when i was in middle school and since then i have not gone outside by myself and i have made great decisions since then because i have paid extremely close attention to false rape in recent years and now i just stay in my own little world in my own little corner in my house and now i only go to parties with my family and i go to indie pro wrestling events and cartoon conventions and comic book events like comic con and anime conventions and anime events and video game conventions and video game events and video game tournaments and and most important of all both official vocaloid live events and official vocaloid live concerts and unofficial fanmade mmd vocaloid live concerts that get live streamed on niconico (niconicodouga), me and my family are friends with powerful politicians in my town and we are friends with the mayor of our town derek armstead and another politician in ny who just so happens to be friends with donald trump’s son. derek armstead is the man in the middle of this picture and i am the one with the hoodie on.

  24. My son, attend unto my wisdom, and bow thine ear to my understanding: That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge.
    For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a twoedged sword. Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell.
    Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them.
    Proverbs 5

      1. Reminds me a bit of myself back then. Everyone thought I was socially awkward, inexperienced and annoying. And girls were scared of me yet I acted like a needy omega/beta to get them. Luckily, I didn’t experience having a rape accusation and that was all because I distracted myself with school, lots of video games, a few friends and didn’t party much. If I did, I had my friends with me.

  25. I was kind of shocked by the author’s level of persistence after the incident, on the dance floor. “Sexually aggressive” he certainly was. And if she was so wasted during the incident that she could think you hid her clothes when you didn’t, she would quite clearly have been too drunk to consent. Taking advantage of drunk girls is creepy as fuck, and for too long has been considered an acceptable social norm. As for the ‘false accusations’, the FBI says that 2% of all rape accusations are false, based on what the law would consider sex without consent. The criticism you faced wasn’t frivolous. That said, lessons 2 and 3 were good ones.

    1. So is lesson 4. It’s better to learn game than be shamed for a bad one like the author was.

        1. Well, yeah. Putting aside your misogynistic use of the word bitch to describe an innocent woman, that’s correct. Drunk people can’t consent, and usually males are the aggressors in those situations. Your point didn’t contradict mine, but it seems you think it did. You don’t need to tell me that drunk people can’t consent properly, I completely get that. But a lot of the creeps on here don’t seem to agree.

        2. She was a bitch for falsely accusing him of rape. Why call her something nice? She’s not some special snowflake that needs to be placed in a pedestal by us men. She is just a fucking human being (a shitty one) like us. And I’m a ‘misogynist’ because I don’t buy into all this feminist bullshit like you do.

        3. Hang on. You said she was drunk so she couldn’t consent. He tried taking her pants off, even though she’d explicitly said that she didn’t want to go that far. Even if she had wanted to, it would still be wrong to take advantage of a woman who, by the authors account, was absolutely wasted (which you seemingly agreed with earlier). If you have sex with somebody without proper consent, that’s rape. There was nothing false about it, although you changed it from ‘attempted rape’ to ‘rape’. She’s not the shitty human being at all, you and the author are.

        4. It is not inherently “bad” to be sexually aggressive. Sexual aggression can be very attractive when expressed tactfully by a man who know what to say and do and when to say and do it.
          When a man who does not know what to say and do and when to say and do it is sexually aggressive, the result you see is very bad game (ex: over-persistence, impatience, neediness, poor rapport building, etc).
          Thus, in this case, the problem was very much bad game. One can be sexually aggressive without behaving in the way I did on that night and turning a woman off, but one would have to actually understand how to interact with women. I didn’t.

        5. Even if she had wanted to, it would still be wrong to take advantage of a woman who, by the authors account, was absolutely wasted

          I too was “absolutely wasted”. Neither party involved here was sober enough to consent to anything. You do not acknowledge this as a factor in this discussion at all; you only mention her intoxication.
          I thank you for posting this comment, as it perfectly illustrates what I had hoped to show with the 2nd and 3rd pieces of advice given in the article regarding men watching their alcohol intake and avoiding intoxicated women. This is why they are so crucial.
          Feminists will absolve a woman of her actions when she is intoxicated. When a male is similarly intoxicated, he will be held responsible as “the aggressor”. Even though he is no less impaired than she was (and therefore no more capable of rational thought), the feminist will presume (as you have here) that he is at fault – he must have taken advantage of her. He is a bad person; she is the victim.
          Two parties, two totally wasted individuals, and two completely different conclusions. Women are not sensible enough cannot consent when drunk, but equally drunken men can not only consent, but maintain enough sense to consciously take advantage of her.
          This is the mainstream view on situations like this, and it is the one that will inform the social and legal consequences that these men will face after the fact. The only way to guard against the risk posed by situations like this is to avoid putting yourself in them to begin with. When you hook up with a drunk woman, she will always be the victim even if you are equally intoxicated, so avoid them. Drink less so you can make more rational decisions about who to avoid and end up in fewer hookups in which you are absolutely wasted with a partner who is also wasted (and can turn that against you with impunity, regardless of your own intoxication).
          These are the realities men must face if they want to protect themselves.

          She’s not the shitty human being at all, you and the author are.

          I am most certainly not a nice guy. You’ve got that right.

        6. She couldn’t consent properly. She was drunk. Everyone knows drunk bitches can’t think and go into slut mode when they are. It was also her fault for leading him on, but unfortunately, she isn’t the one to blame. Instead, stupid manginas like you only want to put the rest of the blame on the guy. And no it was not rape. Heck, your stupid kind want to redefine rape and making it something else. Feminists say it’s rape if a guy jacks off to a picture of a woman. And think they can wear whatever the fuck (i.e. immodest clothes) they want and expect to not get raped. What’s a guy to do, of course, he’d be tempted. Any fertile male would until he’s gay. Yes, real rape is a vile crime, I’ll agree with that. But because of feminists, it’s rape if women are basically being objectified. Your SJWing here is annoying so go somewhere else. There are more mangina, pro-feminist sites online than sites like this.

        7. You’re the only shitty human being I see here.
          She said she didn’t want to go that far and he stopped. You think she invited him upstairs to the bathroom to make out? lol…
          Clearly he made her feel like a slut when he told her that he thought she did this all the time and her soft ‘no’ became a firm ‘no.’ That might have made him inexperienced or even an asshole but it definitely doesn’t make him a rapist.
          At the end of the day, she was the slanderous slut.

        8. They said ‘attempted rape’, not ‘rape’. This incident is at the low end of the spectrum, because he stopped immediately when she challenged him. The fact remains, she told him she didn’t want to have sex, and then he tried to take off her pants. And it’s fucking ridiculous the way you assume that she was going to have sex with him, just because she took him upstairs. As if that was the guaranteed outcome. Women don’t always want to go that far. That you seem oblivious to that is very troubling. He didn’t tell her he thought she did this all the time. He said that she thought she was going to fuck HIM, which is the same thing you wrongly assumed. She didn’t want to, at any point. She wasn’t a slut, and she wasn’t slanderous.

        9. ” It was also her fault for leading him on”. Holy shit you’re a bad person. Rule number 1 of the Misogynists’ handbook: blame women for things men do to them. She told him she didn’t want to have sex. And no, I never said it was rape, and neither did she. It was attempted rape, but at the low end of the spectrum, because he backed off when she challenged him. And this, “And think they can wear whatever the fuck (i.e. immodest clothes) they want and expect to not get raped.” Again, you’re a terrible person. Women have every right to wear whatever they want. It doesn’t justify rape. And you blamed women (again) for something that men do to them- they can’t control that. Misogynists love to blame women who get raped, for drinking and dressing attractively. But that doesn’t take into account the fact that fully-clothed women get raped. Sober women get raped. Men and children get raped. What you’re doing is making arbitrary excuses for perpetrators, which is vile. Also, I’ve never heard of of feminist saying that a man jacking off to a nude picture of a woman is ‘rape’. Sounds like you’re making shit up, that’s certainly not the default position of feminists.

        10. Ok, first of all, I never anticipated that you the author would read that. A previous commenter got on my nerves, and I lashed out at him, and included you as an aside. I apologise for that, that was undeservedly harsh. Having cooled off a bit, I don’t actually think you’re a bad guy (although some of the commenter’s certainly are).
          However, I still think that you, for a moment, were doing what could be reasonably interpreted by the woman as ‘attempted rape’. But you backed off immediately when she challenged you, so it was fairly minor. And you seem to have learned at least a couple of good lessons from it.
          That said, it’s still inappropriate to try to take off a woman’s pants when she says she doesn’t want to have sex with you. But given the protracted social isolation you experienced, I think you’ve faced enough backlash. But people need to better understand boundaries, and I think this article promotes the idea that it’s ok to try to have sex with a woman when she’s said she doesn’t want to, and hasn’t recanted on that. And more worryingly, a lot of the guys on here think that a woman going somewhere private with them guarantees sex. It’s really not rare that a woman will hook up with a guy, but not want to have sex with him.
          As for your argument that you were both drunk, you were still the instigator. She didn’t try to take off your pants, did she? That’s the key difference that gets lost by a lot of anti-feminists. That men are typically the aggressors in these situations. That matters. Thankfully though, you were the type of guy to back off, not the type to up the ante and force yourself on her, as a lot of angry, entitled males would do in that situation.

        11. Ok, first of all, I never anticipated that you the author would read that.

          You should. I read all of the comments on articles I have submitted.

          That said, it’s still inappropriate to try to take off a woman’s pants when she says she doesn’t want to have sex with you.

          When did she say that?
          “But we don’t just go straight to sex. That’s not how it works!”
          That is what she said in the bathroom after I’d told her to “bend over” in the stall without having even gotten to second base or initiated ANY sexual contact beyond the kissing we’d done downstairs.
          Did you read that as “I have no intention of having sex with you at any point in time tonight”? Because I doubt that statement would be interpreted that way by most, certainly not unambiguously so. You want to talk about “boundaries”, and that statement did not in any way establish a clear boundary to sex at any time later that night. She said “we don’t just go straight to sex” not “we’re not going to sex at all” or “I will not have sex with you”. If she was attempting to communicate to me that she had no intention of having sex with me that night at all no matter what happened, then she did a poor job – her statement did not make that clear, nor did her actions.
          The fact remains that, at the point in time at which I attempted to unbutton her pants, I had not been informed that she did not consent to their removal. When I was informed, I stopped immediately. There were plenty of inappropriate things put forward by me on that night, but I do not believe that was one of them.

          However, I still think that you, for a moment, were doing what could be reasonably interpreted by the woman as ‘attempted rape’.

          There was nothing at all reasonable about that interpretation. I clumsily made a move (the first move I had ever made in my life, and the only one made that night), and stopped as soon as she asked me to stop. I made no attempt to override that objection and force sex with that female against her will.
          Keep in mind that no attempt was made to go anywhere with this girl in the bathroom stall (I was too drunk and stupid for that). I barely even touched her in there.
          The only attempt I actually made to physically initiate sex was in that room she brought me to. It was in that room that the interaction began to move forward. We moved to first base – all good. Took her shirt off and went to second base – all good. I moved to unbutton her pants – no good.
          She had consented to the makeout and the topless activity. She made it abundantly clear that she did NOT consent to a further progression beyond that. She only made this clear ONCE, and I only needed to hear it ONCE. I tried ONCE to make a move; that move was shut down ONCE, and that was the end of it. I did not argue with her, I did not continue to touch her, I did not presume that her consenting to the prior steps assumed consent to moving further, and I did not in any way seek to coerce her. The interaction ended.
          If you’re willing to label the above “attempted rape” (as most feminists are), then the reality is that pretty much every young, heterosexual guy is or has been a wannabe rapist. That is the kind of absurd conclusion that has turned the word “feminist” into a dirty one.
          Was I innocent of all wrongdoing? Certainly not. As noted in the article, I was a needy idiot who largely deserved (or at least needed) much of what he got. What I was NOT, however, was a rapist (or a wannabe rapist).
          The fact that so many feminists are happy to attach that label to young men whose greatest failing is their inexperience illustrates very clearly why I will forever be at odds with them, as should most young men. That is perfectly illustrative of the anti-male perspective at the heart of modern third-wave feminism. This ideology’s adherents are as bad as all of the angry “entitled” MRAs they moan and groan about seeing on sites like this one.
          The logic is absurd. This statement here further illustrates my point:

          …could be reasonably interpreted by the woman as ‘attempted rape’. But you backed off immediately when she challenged you, so it was fairly minor.

          If I am attempting to rape somebody, how can it be that I will also back off as soon as I am informed (well in advance of the making of such contact) that I do not have consent to make the sexual contact I had hoped to make? The very act of rape is defined by the endeavour to initiate sexual contact against the consent of another. How are you going at once immediately respect one’s expression of non-consent prior to the contact being made and still attempt to rape them?
          By your logic, every young man who attempts to hook up with a girl, gets a little ways toward it before being told by the girl that she’s not interested in going further and respecting that wish (read: stopping) is an “attempted rapist”. Madness, that, but this is feminism.
          As I said, young men must protect themselves. Thank you for helping to illustrate why that is.

          But people need to better understand boundaries, and I think this article promotes the idea that it’s ok to try to have sex with a woman when she’s said she doesn’t want to, and hasn’t recanted on that.

          I cannot even fathom how you can read all 4000+ words above, absorb the 4 or so pieces of advice given to young men toward the end of the piece (particularly pieces 2 and 3) and come to this conclusion. If you’ve managed to do so, then I think it fair to say that your mind was made up well before the fact and nothing could possibly alter it.

          As for your argument that you were both drunk, you were still the instigator. She didn’t try to take off your pants, did she?

          Hypothetical: woman accuses man of rape (or attempted rape). Man notes that during their interaction she had enthusiastically moved to undress him and taken off her clothes. She was wasted, and so was he.
          Was she the “instigator”? Did her actions (moving first to enthusiastically remove her clothing and then attempt to do the same with him) while heavily intoxicated amount to consent?
          The answer, as we all know, is “no”. She may have “instigated” the act in fact, but her alcoholic impairment negates the validity of that instigation. She cannot be held accountable for her actions while drunk. The fact that she essentially expressed consent on that night while she was drunk does not mean she actually consented.
          Let’s switch this up: the “she” in the earlier part of this hypothetical is now a “he”, and vice versa. He instigates the act, but does his alcoholic impairment negate the validity of that instigation?
          The answer, as you’ve made clear, is no. Though she cannot be held accountable for her actions while wasted, he most certainly can. He is still the aggressor, regardless of his alcoholic impairment, and the actions he takes while impaired will be given weight (unlike hers). She can’t consent, but he can.
          Again, I appreciate your making my point: the male is still held accountable for his actions while drunk, while she is not.
          Men must accept this reality and protect themselves, as steps 2 and 3 in the article indicate.
          In any case, the larger revelation here is that, by your standard feminist logic, any male who attempts to hook up with a girl, gets a little ways toward it before being told by the girl that she’s not interested in going further and respecting that wish (read: stopping) upon the first request to do so is a wrongful “instigator”.
          And you wonder why it is that so many men today are “anti-feminists” or expressing many views to that end. You’re illustrating the “why” right now.

        12. Taking off a girls pants when she’s too drunk to consent: don’t do that shit. And another tip, even if a woman’s sober, maybe actually ask before trying to take her pants off, especially if you’ve never been with her before. That’s not asking a lot, and it should be routine. It’s weird that guys think it’s romantic or cool to just go for it, just roll the dice and hope she’s ok with it. It’s not the young, inexperienced you I’m referring to, it’s the you now who doesn’t seem to think you were in the wrong.
          And your definition of rape is a little off. It’s not necessarily against their consent, it can also be in the absence of their consent. You didn’t have consent (she couldn’t have consented anyway), and you went for it anyway. Hell by your definition of rape, ‘against consent’, a person could have sex with a girl who was unconscious and it wouldn’t be rape. After all, she never said you didn’t have her consent. It’s similar when a woman is too drunk to know what she’s doing. That’s why the law and feminists focus on whether you were given consent, not on whether you were denied it.
          And her taking her top off is not ‘essentially’ expressing consent to full-blown sex. At most, in and of itself, it consents to second base. What troubles me more is not the incident itself, but your attempt to justify it now. I think actually getting consent should be the default, not doing whatever you feel like until you’re told to stop.

        13. And her taking her top off is not ‘essentially’ expressing consent to full-blown sex.

          When did I say that? I don’t enjoy having words put in my mouth.

          Taking off a girls pants when she’s too drunk to consent: don’t do that shit.

          Translation: Avoid drunk girls and drunken hookups. Already covered in the article.

          And another tip, even if a woman’s sober, maybe actually ask before trying to take her pants off, especially if you’ve never been with her before. That’s not asking a lot, and it should be routine.

          You say that you are not a woman. If you’re anything like your namesake, then you’re a bisexual male. This is the internet – I cannot be sure.
          Regardless of your sex, this statement leads me to wonder exactly how sexually experience you actually are.
          This incident occurred about half a decade ago, and I’ve been fortunate enough to acquire plenty of experience in that time. You’re suggesting that people play the “question and answer” game during sex.
          “Can I take your pants off?”
          “Can I take your top off?”
          “Can I take off your bra?”
          “Can I take off your panties?”
          Of course, that game would have to go much further in order to have any legitimacy.
          “Can I kiss you?”
          “Can I put it in?”
          “Can I touch your breasts?”
          The reason that these questions are not routinely asked during sexual encounters is because they’re unnatural within that context. One does not pause at each stage of the interaction to ask if they can progress to the next “step”. Anyone who has any significant degree of sexual experience should know that.

          And your definition of rape is a little off. It’s not necessarily against their consent, it can also be in the absence of their consent.

          Which, by default, turns every interaction into attempted rape. Every young man who attempts to hook up with a girl, gets a little ways toward it before being told by the girl that she’s not interested in going further and respecting that wish (read: stopping) is an “attempted rapist”.
          If you kiss a girl without explicitly asking “can I kiss you”, you’ve not obtained consent and can be suspected of attempted rape. Amazing.
          Thanks for making my point.

          What troubles me more is not the incident itself, but your attempt to justify it now.

          I’ve made no attempt to justify the incident. I have admitted quite clearly that I was in the wrong for a multitude of reasons.
          What I have done is resist the claim that I attempted to commit a felony. I do not deny that my conduct that night was clumsy at best and downright idiotic at worst, but I do steadfastly deny the claim that I was a rapist (attempted or otherwise). I maintain this denial, and I will not apologize for that.

          I think actually getting consent should be the default, not doing whatever you feel like until you’re told to stop.

          You don’t merely “do what you like”. Normal sexual interactions involve mutual, non-verbal consent. Most people do not ask for permission to kiss a partner, but both are aware of when it is and isn’t appropriate. The same goes for other stages of sexual interaction. If there is a misunderstanding, then one party verbalizes that and the other respects that boundary.
          This is how normal sexual interactions go. The “default” does not involve asking for permission every step of the way, as you suggest (“Can I kiss you?”, “Can I take off your shirt?”, “Can I take off your bra?”, “Is it alright if I touch your breasts?”, “Can I unbutton your pants?”, “Can I take off your pants?” “Can I take off your panties?”, “Can I eat you out?”, “Can I put it in?” – note that these are just the questions guys would ask girls. In order to follow your logic to its inevitable conclusion, girls would have their own long list of questions they’d need to ask to get consent, i.e. “can I take off your boxer?”, “can I suck your dick?”, etc). Normal sexual relations simply wouldn’t be plausible if people interacted the way you suggest they do.
          The fact that you seem unaware of all this leads me to wonder about just how much in the way of “normal sexual relations” you’ve enjoyed.

        14. Yes, sober women can get raped and so can men and children but all the stupid media publicizes are the rapes of women. I wasn’t saying it was all her fault either but she had a part in it too. Nowadays, many women’s clothes get more sexually provocative but I guess you don’t see that because you are probably some mangina who tolerates everything a woman does and put her up on a pedestal. Keep doing that and maybe one day you’ll wake up and find out you’re married to some ugly, fat feminist bitch!

        15. “If a drunk woman can’t consent to sex a drunk man can’t form the intent to rape.”
          What’s good for the goose is good for the gander (literally!).

        16. Bullshit it was attempted rape! It wasn’t even that!
          First, a drunk man cannot form the intent to commit rape.
          Second, trying to take off the pants of a woman who dragged you upstairs, into the bathroom for some kind of naked play, then into a BEDROOM is NOT attempting rape. By that logic if he kissed her after she said “no” he was assaulting her.

    2. Nice…way to play up the “helpless victim”…the woman, as usual. I noticed how you took no time at all putting all of the blame squarely on the man when in fact she participated (equally) throughout the evening.
      This happens quite a bit and the poor, helpless victim (the woman) always needs rescued. She’s only poor and helpless during these times (remember) – other times she strong and independent.
      You can’t treat women like adults until they start acting like adults. Accountability and responsibility go with that title.

      1. And what about accountability and responsibility for sex pests? You followed the first rule of misogyny, blaming women for things men do to them. She told him once that she didn’t want to have sex, and even after that, without her recanting and giving permission, he tried to take off her pants. Just because they were both hammered, doesn’t make that ok at all. That’s a clear violation. That you can’t understand or acknowledge that makes you a threat to women.

        1. You are obviously a woman. She told him once that she didn’t want to have sex, then led him to the bedroom, where, after more making out she removed her shirt, but then when he, encouraged, tried to get her pants off, he became a rapist. As a rapist, he let her split to tell tall tales, like rapists always do.

        2. Right. She didn’t want to have sex but she dragged him to the bathroom, played “dumb” the entire time (which most do so they can play innocent), and then when things go south they can play “the victim”.
          Women want equality but only selective equality. They want to be strong (but only sometimes). You can’t have it both ways.
          Many of these women don’t act like whores or sluts….they are whores or sluts. Stop giving them a free pass.

        3. Not a woman, and she gave him no indication that he was ok to take things further than they already had. Just because you get to second, doesn’t mean she owes it to you to go all the way.

        4. A very ugly and stupid statement. Just because they go off with a guy, doesn’t mean they necessarily want to have sex, and it’s a creep who assumes that they definitely do. You can do a number of intimate things with a person without having sex. You assume to much. They don’t ‘play’ the victim, overwhelmingly (in 98% of cases) they genuinely have been victimised. You’re the one giving out free passes: to sexually aggressive, creepy men.

        5. Well,’s your opinion (I really could give a fuck).
          You’ll always defend a woman playing the victim or whore so there is no point in this discussion.

        6. By that same logic, just because she refuses to use birth control or have an abortion doesn’t mean you owe her for any the childcare bills that follow.

        7. You’re a fucking idiot. Of course she’s gonna give a soft “no” initially even if she likes the guy and want to have sex. …if she just allows him to do it and says nothing she knows the guy will probably view her as an easy slut. Clearly you have zero experience with women; either you are a woman, a virgin, or only fuck heffalumpugus.
          “No” means “no” – but 1,5,10, or 50 “no’s” followed by a “yes” mean “yes.”

        8. That’s not the same logic, that’s just a retarded false equivalency by somebody who seems to resent women. And it’s usually men who make an issue of the birth control thing, not wanting to wear condoms.

        9. Suggests I don’t understand women, then suggests I must be one. Well that was amusing. I do have experience with women, and overwhelmingly when I have had sex, they’ve just been ‘yes’ from the get-go. That’s not to say that these women were ‘sluts’, as you try to demean them if they don’t fit your sitcom version of what women are supposedly like. There was just a bunch of normal social interaction that eventually led to sex. To assume that women don’t mean what they say, as a rule, is sexist nonsense. Most of the time, even if she doesn’t say it ‘firmly’, no will mean no. I can think of maybe one encounter of mine where a no turned into a yes. And it wasn’t due to persistence or pressure, either. It was one no, then a lot of other ‘warm-up’ type stuff’, then a yes. And if you’re pressuring a woman by repeatedly asking her, you’re not really giving her the freedom to say no and leave it at that. That you view consent as wearing a woman down is gross. You’d make any woman feel unsafe with you if you don’t take their ‘no’ seriously.
          I only go for it if she says she wants to. If she’s not in the mood, I accept that. The problem is that you feel entitled to it, and also that you imagine a woman saying no is just a hurdle to her saying yes. Also gross. A woman putting up resistance is not ‘normal courtship’ like you imagine it to be. If you don’t get a yes, maybe stop pressuring her?

        10. And for an encore you go to ad hominem, which is cute when calling out others on alleged logical fallacies.

        11. Ad hominem, attacking a person’s character. Which I think you earned, with what you said. I think it’s worthwhile pointing out when somebody’s being horrible or irrational. And it was based on what you said in your argument. It’s not like when politicians or the media go digging up dirt on somebody to attack them with totally irrelevant information, just to hurt their standing on an issue. And you’re not really in a position to complain about that. After all, you’ve repeatedly sneered at your unfounded perception of my sexuality, which could be taken as an attack on my character. It’s certainly got nothing to do with the argument.

        12. Ad hominem is not earned by a debating tactic. It simply means you’ve decided to go off topic — as you frequently do when you’re on the back foot — and start insulting people to take attention away from the debate.

        13. Everything you are saying proves you don’t believe women are adults and free moral agents responsible for their actions.
          My mother used to tell me all the time, “You keep doing that you’re going to get hurt and when you do, don’t come crying to me!”
          Women need to be told, “You keep leading a man along like that and one day you’re going to get hurt.” And we need to enforce the, “And when you do, don’t come crying to me.”
          And P.S. I don’t believe in promiscuity and fornication. I believe people should obey God’s command and not fornicate, etc.
          But if you go to the Devil’s Dance, you got to pay the band!

        14. OK. Now I know you’re Victor-Victoria!
          “I think it’s worthwhile pointing out when somebody’s being horrible or irrational.” No MAN would put those together in the same sentence. LOL!!

    3. Even feminists are acknowledging now that the 2% figure is false.
      If you’re a young male participating in the modern hookup culture today, your odds of facing a false accusation of rape OR sexual assault are very far from trivial. Young men must realize this and protect themselves.
      I made some suggestions as to how they could do that in the post. It just so happens that if they follow said suggestions (ex: drink less, avoid drunk girls if possible), they should help to protect women as well, so I don’t see what problem you or any other feminist should have with that.

      And if she was so wasted during the incident that she could think you hid her clothes when you didn’t, she would quite clearly have been too drunk to consent.

      She wasn’t any more intoxicated than I was.

      The criticism you faced wasn’t frivolous.

      Not entirely. I may not have been a rapist, but I was a needy, gameless idiot and I acted like one. I learned my lesson the hard way; hopefully a couple of young men will read this and get to learn the easier way.

    4. OK, I don’t know who you are, but Marcus said you were a closeted bi-sexual so I am going to assume you ARE male and not a Jezebel troll like Hector-above. But I guess you could still be a white knight mangina.
      So wtf are you talking about? “. . .she would clearly have been too drunk to consent”? The idea that a drunk woman cannot consent to sex is ridiculous UNLESS the law also allows that HE was too drunk to form the INTENT to rape!! Under no other circumstances that I am aware of does alcohol relieve a person of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY! If she can’t consent to sex, he can’t intend to commit rape. Can she consent to drive her car? If not, there’s no such thing as drunk driving!
      Perhaps we should start charging BOTH parties when an alleged rape happens while drinking?
      Hey! That makes sense! Both parties should be charged with CUI – Coitus Under the Influence. We can make it a misdemeanor. And no charges of rape will be allowed if both parties were intoxicated.

  26. Excellent read. I can completely understand the way you view your interactions with women, which you articulated very well.
    I had a tragic experience with a girl 3.5 half years ago that left me with the same cautious, apathetic feelings you have about them. My success has also gone way up since I’ve learned game – but no matter how hot and affectionate the girls are, I constantly find myself asking “is this really worth it?”
    I don’t need to chase her. I don’t need to be romantic. I don’t need to win her over. Once you know the truth, It’s hard to forget a similar or better specimen is just a text or a few approaches away. Porn is even more convenient, but relying on that is more or less giving up on love and life.
    If she is good on paper, I’ll force myself to take her on a few dates to see if she can make something happen to me emotionally. I feel bad for her – she’s cute, affectionate, laughs at my jokes, and might do everything right – shouldn’t I value her company more than this??? Aside from ejaculating and cuddling, I haven’t been able to find any activities that are truly enhanced by her tagging along. How the hell am I supposed to pick one to marry and have a family with?
    I don’t hate women at all – I really WANT to feel love and see real value in romantic relationships. I’m told it’s really nice. I guess I’ll just keep banging away and talking to my psychologist in the mean time.

  27. Thoughtful and honest piecde on a subject that must have been very hard to write about let alone share.
    Young women, now schooled by feminism, on how to think, how to evaluate interactions, and how to blame everything they do on men, have effectively become autistic as a sex, and are becoming more so.
    “Many false rape accusations are based on a girl’s regret. My case was one of these: I attracted the girl, showed my weakness and inexperience as the interaction went on, and made the girl regret her decision to let me anywhere near her (and risk her reputation in the process).”
    This is an analysis and message that needs to keep being hammered into the public consciousness: not just the ‘regret’ thing which most people understand as an idea (whether they agree or disagree) but particularly the fact that what is being criminalised and pathologised is ‘bad sex’, sex that turned out bad either as it played out or after the event (retro-actively) through regret or re-evaluation. That’s to say even if there was no such re-evaluation, men are effectively at risk of being accused of and tried for sexual assault / rape on the basis that they were incompetent at some aspect of sex or courtship, or that their performance was somehow so lacking as to be criminal. With the growing domination of the woman’s perspective within the legal system this effectively gives each woman an effective emperor’s thumbs up (well done you get sex and I won’t accuse you of rape because you look and behave like George Clooney) or the thumb’s down – game over – forever.
    As the article points out the ‘creepy’ label has now replaced the clumsy, and places what was clumsiness, gauchness on the continuum of sexual predation’ – someone somewhere needs to do some urgent discourse analysis of the type feminists have done so effectively to throw it back in their faces.
    One last note: point of information feminism does not have women’s interests at hearts. As I said feminism is autistic, and can only see the feminist perspective, and at best the woman’s point of view. Ultimately though feminism will devastate their gender’s self-interest, and that too is a message that needs to get through
    Glad the author has been able to begin to recover from this

  28. Rape is all a part of history, without it, we wouldn’t be. I have raped before, and been in prison, but those two aren’t correlated. Many people think I’m evil or something. It’s too bad for you guys over there in the US, your society is dragged down by a bunch of brainless pieces of meat with attitude, and the tryhard betamax campaign pushers in office. I come from a very different background, and compared to mine the culture in the US is so.. indoctrinated. Like a festering pustule thats about to burst, and spray everyone in sight with its infected miasma. Hopefully the next civilization to reach its zenith will be more fun than the US

    1. Was getting butt-raped correlated with your time in prison? Let’s hope so. …because admitted rapists like you are pieces of shit. If it weren’t for the real criminals like yourself; regular Joe wouldn’t have to worry so much about false-rape claims.

      1. Foreign prisons are not like your American prisons where homosexuality spreads like a virus. There are more death threats and mutilations from what I saw than butt-hole gouging. Don’t be angry at me lol, whether or not rape happens the femicunt imperative will try to undermine men until its last gaggling breath

      1. This is one of the first pictures I’ve wanted to save for future use!! LOL!!!
        And in this case,SOOOOOO appropriate!!!!

  29. I am at the point now where I just assume every “date rape” accusation is false.

        1. As you should, a refuted accusation does not amount to proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and so the defendant remains presumed innocent under the law, i.e. believe the defendant.

  30. If you don’t want to die by stepping on a land mine, don’t go walking in a land mine field. If you don’t want men thinking you are a easy slut, don’t act like a easy slut.

  31. Dude, Athlone, the beginning of the story before the accusation is like a 1:1 match for my experiences in college. The liquid courage, coming out of my shell, getting success not knowing what to do next, being labeled a creeper, everyone circling the wagons and Im on the out. Its all the same!

  32. Athlone, you say to this day that incident affects you. You’re a confident guy and I am too at times, but the truth is even confident people have weak points. Here’s my advice.
    Are you a rapist? No. Did you do anything wrong? No. Then dont worry about it. People will try to act weird toward you but its THEM thats acting weird. If you didnt do anything wrong then why act any differently? To try to act differently is a real tough thing as the thoughts in your head are telling you otherwise.

  33. “Had I not been punished for being a needy, gameless idiot, I’d probably have carried on being a needy, gameless idiot.”

  34. If you have a college bound son, let him read this to prepare him to face the real campus social life.

  35. You mentioned something very interesting…to be not be perceived as ‘slutty’ she claimed you attempted to rape her.
    While we use the word slut a lot, this could be our own downfall.

  36. Also, pull out your phone and tell the girl you are silencing it when all actuality you are turning on your voice recorder. Get audio of the entire interaction so if she tries to claim rape, you have proof of other wise.

    1. Cop encounters aren’t the only meetups you need to be recording these days! LOL!!
      The last two accidents I’ve been in, before I even get out of my car, I get my phone out and start audio recording (video is too difficult, intimidating and unnecessary). They probably assume I’m calling 911, which I might well have done. I get out of the car and start talking to them, saying all the usual things you say after an accident. “Are you O.K.? You’renot hurt? Do you need an ambulance? No, I’m fine. Etc.” I then say what happened and get them to agree.
      Then I tell them I am recording so we have a record of what happened. I repeat my point of view and in both cases I emphasized that I was NOT hurt and did not believe I was. I then get them to say their name and phone number and record their side of the story and whether or not they feel injured. In neither case did the other person object or cause me any problems. Plus, their insurance paid with no problem. SOOOOO much better than trusting someone blind!
      Thank God for modern technology!

  37. That was a close call, it could have been much worse. Once they go to the police, shit gets real, fast. I’ll quickly share my similar story. I was 18, finishing my last year of high school. A group of us were down the coast, surfing, drinking the usual shit teenagers do. During the day as we were sitting on the beach drinking, we were approached by 4 local girls all between the ages of 16 -18. After some light banter, they were keen to join us at the shack. For the next 3 hours or so we continued drinking. I had already laid some solid ground work on a 17yr old brunette. As we were kissing on the couch she asked if i had a condom. My friend heard this and quickly threw one in my direction. We then went to the bedroom, had sex and 10 minutes later we were back in the party (charge 1. rape) Not long after that another girl went absolutely mental, slamming shots, drinking wine anything within reach wasn’t off limits (charge 2. Providing alcohol to a person under the age of 18). she then started throwing bottles and plates around the house. We quickly herded her outside only to witness her headbutting the fence ( Charge 3. assault with intent) shortly after they were quickly ejected from the house. For a good half an hour they were at the front shouting and demanding we drive them home. We were all drunk, no way and get fucked was our response. This decision not to drive them home would lead to a series of events that would literally change my life. After that night we enjoyed the next day, packed up and drove home. On the way back we were followed by a police car from the house to the city and were then greeted by another 2 cars. Anyway, after searching us and the car for weapons and drugs (a claim made by the ‘victims’. I was quickly taken to a police station to be interviewed. I was facing charges of rape, assault with intent and supplying alcohol to a 17 yr old. The chick I had sex with accused me of rape and the other mental one accused me of punching her in the head and forcing her to drink. Completely different to what had actually happened. I was looking at 8 years As you can imagine word quickly spread around the college I was attending. 18 months later, 80k in lawyers fees (second morgtage on family home) and many court appearances, I was found not guilty on all counts. This same ‘victim’, only a year prior to my incident had accused another male of the same crime who was also found not guilty. Even though I was innocent I could have easily been in a jail cell for some of the best years of my life. My only advice is, if you are falsely accused, even if the ‘victim’ hasn’t made a formal ‘statement’, get a fucking good lawyer and destroy. And don’t worry, there can be positives after, I wouldn’t be the man I am today if this hadn’t occured.

      1. It was the best 80k I have ever spent. I didn’t fancy my chances with a 24 yr ‘lawyer’ old from legal aid.

      2. Hence the need for ‘loser pays legal costs’ laws across the country, including criminal cases. Having the person who is found to have done nothing wrong end up being out $80k makes a mockery of justice.

  38. If the law considers a woman accountable for whether or not she drinks and drives, then it should also hold her accountable for whether she drinks and sleeps.

  39. i like how the author of this story devotes like 6 paragraphs to explaining why his state of mind, his background, his sexual history, and his thought process, but then hers is just collapsed into basically “she was crazy.” to the author’s credit, at least, he’s not one of these bat-shit commenters, who are all complaining that “contempt” isn’t a strong enough word for a false accuser. question: if you dingbats have your side of the story, how come girls don’t? why can’t girls ALSO be inexperienced, and insecure, and confused or drunk? if this author was drunk, couldn’t it be that he doesn’t remember things clearly, and maybe he exaggerated something, or skewed something, or omitted something? couldn’t it be that her accusation WASN’T out of malice, but instead out of something like fear or confusion? why is every “false” accusation necessarily because she’s a cunt or a whore? maybe everyone here who is claiming that just needs to grow up and accept that today’s society is not a “cuntocracy,” but instead just a fucking society that is trying to make men and women equal. HOW SHOCKING. jeez, what a terrible world we live in where men can’t just slap a bitch, amirite??! you’re all jokes. grow up.

    1. because falsely accusing someone of rape is a cunt act and defending false rape accusers is more than fucked up. Insecurity and inexperience doesn’t give you a green light to spew bull shit and attempt to ruin other peoples lives. You fucking moron.

      1. YEAH CUS THAT’S WHAT I SAID MATTWYTE. GOOD CONTRIBUTION MATTWYTE. I SAID THAT INSECURITY AND INEXPERIENCE GIVES YOU A GREEN LIGHT TO ATTEMPT TO RUIN PEOPLE’S LIVES MATTWYTE. THANKS FOR MAKING THAT CLEAR TO EVERYONE, MATTWYTE, THAT THAT IS WHAT I OBVIOUSLY WROTE. “you fucking moron.” i can do that too. HEY EVERYBODY, MATTWYTE RAPES CHICKZ FOR THE LOLZZ WUTTT. see how that works? do you see yet how stupid you are? no? me calling you stupid doesn’t immediately make you think “oh no i have to change my ways”? that’s so strange, cus here when you call me a fucking moron, i call into question everything i’ve ever known. THANKS MATTWYTE. in your defense, though, i am a fucking moron for having wasted my time on dipshit sites like this and faggy cunts like you. AT LEAST I GOT TO BE MATURE FOR A WHILE THOUGH, HUH, MATTWYTE. YOU GUYS ARE PRETTY KEWL. #rapechicks #chicksarecuntsrightguys? #etcetc. BYE MATTWYTE. HOPE WE MEET AGAIN SOMEDAY.

        1. See what happens when you challenge their delusions? They have a frickin’ breakdown right in front of you! LOL!!!
          Fucking troll.

      1. nope. pretty sure i’m not. i’m pretty sure i’m just saying there are two sides to a story, and here we were only provided with one such side. the self-deprecating nature lures the reader in with false honesty and makes her non-cartoonish but realistic actions more believable. that doesn’t mean that’s what actually happened. all we have is his word. so pardon me for withholding my blame on this specter of a concept of a girl before i hear both sides. especially considering that the overwhelming majority of the members of this site wouldn’t afford nearly the same level of deference to a woman who WAS actually raped and alleged as much. in that case, everyone here would flock to slut-shaming. i’m not “victim blaming” at all; in fact, i’m not “blaming” anyone. what i said was simply that the girl might have been just as inexperienced/confused/whatever as the GUY was, so whatever sympathy we have for him might be just as well deserved on the other side. that’s not “blame,” that’s the precise opposite of blame. thanks, though, appreciate the input.

        1. I’m just parroting feminist harpies. If any critical evaluation of the facts ever cast doubt on a female-victims rape claim, it is labeled “victim blaming.” I’m just as sane and rational as you are; I just enjoy playing the feminist game. Feminists demand we listen and believe. But, if you look closer, you’d realize they want us all to “listen and believe” women and completely ignore men.

        2. Now I SWEAR I had not read THIS comment before I wrote my EXPOSE of this commenter above!!
          If I had, my ripping away of her bodice and exposing her sagging breasts would not have appeared so insightful because this comment comes straight from Jezebel!
          What the frick are you doing on this sight DEMANDING with your female privilege that our writers conform to YOUR manual of style?
          We are simply turning the feminist maxim on its head. You know, the one that says “All rape allegations are true unless proven false”. Around here, all claims of false rape allegations are assumed true unless proven false (like the law requires, by the way). And why? Besides the fact that it’s the fair way to do it?

    2. i like how the author of this story devotes like 6 paragraphs to explaining why his state of mind, his background, his sexual history, and his thought process, but then hers is just collapsed into basically “she was crazy.”

      1. You can hardly expect me to devote the same amount of detail to a description of her sexual history as I could to mine. I was not and am not privy to much information about her sexual history. I do know that she was, like myself, not terribly experienced (though she’d probably gone a little further than I did).
      2. When did I say “she was crazy” in order to sum her up? I don’t believe that she was crazy.

      why can’t girls ALSO be inexperienced, and insecure, and confused or drunk?

      They can be. Both of the parties involved in this story were inexperienced, insecure, confused, and drunk.
      The problem in this day and age is that when the male party is “inexperienced, insecure, confused, and drunk”, he tends to be treated a bit more harshly for his actions than his equally ill-equipped counterpart.
      This is why the article emphasizes the fact that men need to be more cautious. You and the girl you hooked up with may both be equally wasted, inexperienced, and insecure, but only one of you will be the “aggressor” in the eyes of this society should anything go wrong, and only one of you will be deemed to have consciously worked to “take advantage” of the other (even though neither of you were anywhere near sober enough to consciously carry out such a plan or give consent). That is just the way things are; they’ll not change, so young men must adapt.

      maybe he exaggerated something, or skewed something, or omitted something?

      What you have is a very complete picture of that night’s events. The fact that it doesn’t paint me in a particularly favorable light should tell you all you need to know.

      couldn’t it be that her accusation WASN’T out of malice, but instead out of something like fear or confusion?

      Her accusation was more than likely intended to save face. She regretted ever being attracted to me after discovering just how inexperienced, weak, and needy I was. She had probably told her friends that she liked me, which she also deeply regretted (this made her look and feel like a very poor decisionmaker). The accusation allowed for her to cover the mistake and make it look reasonable in the eyes of her peers, who otherwise would have judged her for choosing to associate with a needy, gameless idiot.

      why is every “false” accusation necessarily because she’s a cunt or a whore?

      When did I say that?

      HOW SHOCKING. jeez, what a terrible world we live in where men can’t just slap a bitch, amirite??!

      Is that what I asked for in this article? The right to “slap a bitch”?

      you’re all jokes. grow up.

      You’re not sounding like one to be giving that kind of advice.

      1. like i said, at least you presented the story as relatively even-keeled, which is far more than most of these repliers can say. you didn’t resort to words like “cuntocracy,” while some of the comments below absolutely do. so you dissecting my post is a bit of a missed mark, as i was responding not only to you but to the comments they made that followed you. given how “time” and “sequences” work, and how later things generally follow earlier things, i believe i’m well within my right to do so. and the first words of my post–referring to the “author” in the third person, as opposed to the second person–should have tipped you off that maybe, perhaps, i was responding to more than just you. as for the things that did directly implicate you, it seems you also kinda missed the mark. when i said, for instance, that you “collapsed [her story] into BASICALLY ‘she was crazy’ ” (emphasis mine), i was paraphrasing. if you’re not sure how paraphrasing works, basically–there’s that word again–it means i’m not quoting you directly. but thanks, i appreciate the input.

        1. Why are you trolling here with a false identity? I have no doubt that you are NOT a Hector, but a Hectorina.
          Everything about your comments oozes feminine privilege. Even your use of the term “cuntocracy” it’s said bluntly, yet without real conviction, as if you’re trying to shock us. Men don’t use terms like that to shock, but to express rage or amusement.
          Even your white knighting lacks a masculine timbre. You whine and whine. “Why can’t she be treated fair like a man, like a man, like a man. And maybe the author this and the author that! And maybe she didn’t really say or do that!”
          You forgot to add: “NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT!”
          But the “piece de resistance” revealing your true sex is your attempt to SHAME the author and commenters for their evil, masculine point of view which didn’t apologize to the feminine sensibilities.
          “[M]aybe everyone here who is claiming that [that she was a cunt and a whore-which no one had done!] just needs to grow up [said only by women to men they can’t control] and accept that today’s society is not a “cuntocracy,” but instead just a fucking society that is trying to make men and women equal [as long as all the laws favor women]. HOW SHOCKING. jeez, what a terrible world we live in where men can’t just slap a bitch, amirite??!” How canned.
          “[Y]ou’re all jokes[.]”
          Who? Us MALES?
          “[G]row up[.]” Said with a huff as she storms away to tell mommy the boys won’t play nice!
          Good God! You sound just like my sister when we were kids!
          Go away, little troll.

  40. This is why I think woman are just crap, with all of their selection crap, it seems it comes from the old centuries not from nowdays. They must change, not only us. A men is happy but when we starts to interact with womans problems start to arise with all their selection crap, what do they think they are? If they decide not give me pussy, no problem, I can go to sperm bank and have even more children. They just live in the past century with the rules of the past century, not in nowdays. They need to change.

  41. Its a catch 22 you have to make a mistake to learn to do it right, our society is critical of any mistake. Best to learn how to deal with women when you are young, the worst that can happen to you is juve-hall. Here you have a seemingly sane intelligent girl, and she is willing to pull the rape card, just because you didnt do it right.

  42. Just avoid marriage, serious relationships or sex / near sex with women…. doesn’t matter IF they are drunk or NOT .. don’t worry about the White knight taken them all …let him have them !!

  43. The “Impact Upon The Present” section of the article strikes close to home for me. My experiences with women as an adult have left me much the same way, and I waffle between a desire to have a family and just staying single with plates spinning forever. Somehow a part of my brain still thinks there’s a chance for a deeper connection despite reality saying otherwise.

  44. Rock solid article, Athlone. Your account and more importantly the glimpse into your mindset during the interaction is priceless. Your story proves one of the pillars of red pill wisdom: Girls may not reward you if you push for sex or game her right….but they will always punish you for not trying or coming off as a needy beta. Glad to see you back.

  45. Once my gf of 2 years acused me of raping her because i attempted to initiate sex probably 3x over the course of a night and the last time she reaponded in the positive. She later apologized and said sorry she didmtnmean it.
    The point is, women r genuinely fucking insane. Be very careful in dealing with them. If i was single again and gaming i wudnprob install a hidden cam in my room and refuse to have sex anywhere else. That in itself is probably illegal but at least u have the evidence needed to salvage ur reputation.

  46. I used to work for a domestic abuse helpline and then on a helpline for a women’s refuge, and I always believe that there are two sides to a story. A lot of rapes never get reported and those that do often never make it to court due to lack of evidence or due to the witness retracting their statement due to fear of their attacker or fear of how the world will see them.
    If crimes of sexual violence are dealt with by the proper authorities then condemnation by the court of opinion would perhaps not be so commonplace, and the police would have an easier time acting on evidence (victim & witness statements, and forensic evidence that is sadly all to often lost due to the time between the crime and the report of it) and those truly guilty would face trial by court with a proper jury, and those truly guilty of such horrific crimes would rot in prison rather than be able to re-offend with no fear of persecution.
    However I think that it is a very valid point that regret over drunken ‘mistakes’ can have a very serious impact upon all those involved, and the accused often looses their voice in the aftermath of regret.
    Yet once again I want to state that, as a lot of rapes go unreported, the sad truth is that rapists are able to get away with a crimes that have far reaching consequences for the victim and often too few consequences for the perpetrator. In no way am I saying that false allegations never happen, but this is a serious crime, and should be dealt with in the same way any other crime is. Until that happens real and false allegations will be jumbled together as unreported statistics that minimise the chance of victims being given justice, and criminals being given concequences, be it jail time, or registration on a sexual offenders register.

    1. “However I think that it is a very valid point that regret over drunken
      ‘mistakes’ can have a very serious impact upon all those involved, and
      the accused often looses their voice in the aftermath of regret.”
      A drunken “mistake”, by definition, is not a rape. Everyone does shit they’ll regret in their lives. Most rational people don’t try to put others in prison for their own poor choices, but feminism is encouraging women to do precisely that.
      “In no way am I saying that false allegations never happen, but this is a
      serious crime, and should be dealt with in the same way any other crime
      More minimisation of false rape accusations. Accusing something falsely of rape is otherwise known as attempting to pervert the course of justice. It goes as high as 8 in 100, nearly 1 in 10, according to the FBI’s own estimates. What about false rape accusations themselves? They’re crimes, too, but are infrequently, if ever, prosecuted and punished. Where’s your demand for that crime to be dealt with “in the same way any other crime is?”
      As it is: rapes, when reported, *are* dealt with the same way any other crime is. They are assessed to see what evidence is available and the matter is handed over to a prosecutor and taken to trial if necessary. If anything, rape is dealt with exceptionally: rape has special protections — closed courts — that no other crime bar matters of national security have.
      Rape remains as it was in Blackstone’s day: a horrendous crime, easy to allege, difficult to prove, but even more difficult to defend against.
      “Yet once again I want to state that, as a lot of rapes go unreported,
      the sad truth is that rapists are able to get away with a crimes that
      have far reaching consequences for the victim and often too few
      consequences for the perpetrator.”
      The assertion that “a lot of rapes go unreported” is a logical fallacy. If they’re unreported, you can’t make any sort of useful guess about how many there are. It’s Inappropriate Generalisation in the extreme to assert anything about the number of rapes that occur and are not reported from the number that are prosecuted. There have been plenty of studies done on the number of false rape accusations, peer-reviewed, and the proportion that are motivated by something *other* than stereotypical fear of one’s rapist or society’s judgment is appallingly high.

      1. Bravo!
        It never ceases to amaze me how far women will go to defend other women. From child murderers to pedophiles to frauds.

        1. Female herd mentality. Women have a strict hierarchy of social status. Right now being a victim is “high status” because the media says so.

  47. Thank you for writing this. Last year I was falsely accused of assault by a former female room mate as a way for her to get revenge when I asked her to move out because her room was so filthy, it was attracting bugs. I was dragged into court where I was presumed guilty until proven innocent. After several visits to court, I cleared my name, but not before a lot of damage was done. I lived for weeks not knowing if I was going to jail or being kicked out of our apartment since she issued a restraining order. What you said about never wanting a long term relationship – I am completely there. I never want to give that much control over to someone who can destroy my life with a few words in court. I know I won’t be believed because our justice system is biased against men when protecting a female. It’s been nearly a year and I am slowly trying to get over it. But it’s not easy. Trust is next to impossible to rebuild.

  48. It’s because your black and aggressive and people are racist as much as they are sexist. Women want dating, romance, and marriage and maybe a make-out session on the dance floor. They NEVER want a one-night stand so don’t even try.

  49. The problem starts with before the drinking. In a women’s mind, she is going to a party to attract maybe a new boyfriend or future husband. Someone she can have a connection with or maybe just make-out. She is not going to a party looking for sex. Yes, she is attracted to men, but doesn’t want a situation where she is being used. The problem is in a man’s mentality before he goes out drinking. The man is thinking, “I’m going to go hunting for sex tonight”. He brags to his buddies and counts his conquests like a scoreboard. This is BEFORE any drinking and he’s already made the decision that he’s going to go and find a one night stand. It’s his objective and he’s not thinking that maybe women don’t want to be goals or conquests. So he thinks her flirting (really because she is insecure and want’s male attention and to feel pretty) is giving him the signals to move onto the final act. It’s a terrible misunderstanding and I think men need to approach parties with women differently and not try to get sex from going to a party. Mix that with booze, and you get rape.

    1. You delude yourself if you think women don’t go out looking for sex. Unless she is druged or hammered with alcohol to the point of unconciousness; one night stands happen because women want to have sex and you happen to be the right guy at the right moment.

      1. Less than 5% of rape accusations are false. I’m always told to not get too drunk at a bar maybe men shouldn’t either or you’ll end up with a lawsuit and an std. You guys are such whinny little brats. Man the fuck up and take responsibility for the pain you inflict on others. Women are people too and don’t like being treated like shit. It’s so much easier to blame one night stands on women isn’t it. So much easier being a coward and whining about things even when you don’t have the short end of the stick. Women always loose when it comes to sex you boys need a taste of what that feels like and maybe then you’ll stop fucking whining and realize that you have it better. You’d have to be incredibly daft to think women in this day and age can go out and enjoy themselves the way men can and suffer even remotely close to the same level of consequence. Life’s not fair, women go the short end of the stick, so be a little mor ducking greatful and quit crying about it

        1. Nothing of what you wrote has any correlation or logic to refute my argument. Try something else dude; even for trolling some intellect is needed.

        2. Your “argument” is so inaccurate. I don’t waste my time conversing with morons. Your a women right? So you know what women want? Makes perfect logical sense. Except that you don’t and your wrong. Logic would be understanding that you don’t know how women think not putting thoughts in our heads. How many times have you heard a women explicitly state that she is looking for a one niight stand? I think that any logical person would see that if women are accusing you of rape they probably did NOT want you to sleep with them. In fact so many women are making statements contrary to your point. We actually don’t want you to sleep with us when we are out drinking. Is that clear to your now? How many times does it have to be stated to get through your thick skull? Want to know what someone is thinking? Try asking and listening instead of making assumptions. No, all women are not liars, you guys are just TERRIBLE listeners. So as for your “argument” you have to be deluded to not get the bloody message that’s being broadcast every 2 seconds by 90% of women with regards to what we do and don’t want. Being a women and knowing women I think I know better what we want and we most definitely do not go out hunting to get laid in a predatory fashion. Maybe like 1% of women might (Cougars). Blows your little brain doesn’t it? Omg everything you thought was so completely wrong this whole time.

        3. Sorority girls are dolling themselves up to have fun/look good in Instagram photos and maybe make out or meet potential boyfriends and husbands. Frat boys are going out to see how many sorority girls they can exploit and have sex with while they are drunk. Hmmm…kind of sounds a little rapey.

        4. And when the waiter asks me if I want the special and I say “no”. It means no and they don’t bring me the flipping special. Pretty simple they don’t try and guess what I want unless I ask them to surprise me with a good glass of wine to pair with my meal. The people at the restaurant can understand what I want when I’m drunk but you can’t? Because that makes sense…

      2. I delude myself as a women thinking I know what I want? Can you read your own post? It’s like ordering the steak at a restaurant and having the waiter tell me I really want the fish. I said I wanted the steak, you don’t read my mind, give me the fucking steak. What women are you getting your intell from? Because I’m getting my man intell from men. I would never come up with all this predatory rapey conquest shit from my own mind. My gosh I was shocked and appalled when I heard it. Yeah, it’s rapey, your rapey.

  50. I had such a similar experience Athone. Some of the circumstances were different for me. I gleamed the same insight from my experience. I wish I had the courage to write a post like this. You are never alone.

  51. at least this gameless noob was only a virgin in college unlike Roosh who was a virgin after college. Who takes advice from guys that couldnt get laid in the prime of their youth?

  52. You did not lack game – you lacked the EXPERIENCE.
    Under normal circumstances these awkward moments are necessary in order to gain some notch to get the feel.
    Unfortunately you have resigned yourself (I don’t blame you) for a long time thus today you feel that you have been shackled for years.

  53. If a woman ever accuses you of rape and it goes to trial, we know the courts hate men so your guilty before the trial even started!!
    In order to get less jail time and JUSTICE, buy a gun and put a BULLET in her fucking head! You will serve less time in jail and you will get rid of the witness (fake rape charge dropped)!

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