Game Is A Journey Of Character Development

As I get older and more experienced in game, I realize that I’ve been developing a strong character like you would writing a script for a movie. Nowadays, because there’s such a lack of character in pop culture, guys might not really understand what “character” means.

I remember one of the screen writing classes I took in film school that taught me the difference between a dynamic character and a static one. I must say that I never forgot what I learned in that course, and still use it to measure my character development in game.

1. Static Character

Static characters are the opposite of dynamic; static characters do not change. The personality of that character when he is introduced is the same personality when the story comes to a close. And all his actions in between stay true to that personality.

While our story is our “journey in game,” most of us are static characters even when we seek to transform our personalities by learning how to pick up and seduce women. We become frustrated when we try to mask who we are by cheesy pickup lines and dead-end routines. Truth is, fake it ’til you make it is necessary for most of us, much like a hero in a movie must first wake up from his delusion and hear the call to duty.

If a character in a movie is to become a successful hero, then he needs a wizard or “guru” to show him the way, which boils down to convincing him that he has it within himself already to make a difference. If the character is a good person to begin with, then there’s no reason to change.

The only thing that can make his character more interesting is to make him face very difficult challenges that will test his ability to overcome personal weakness. In pick-up, we advance our inner game when we challenge ourselves with different interactions that test our emotional weaknesses.

2. Dynamic Character

A dynamic character is a literary or dramatic character who undergoes an important inner change, such as a change in personality or attitude: Ebeneezer Scrooge is a dynamic character.

If our game lacks empathy or genuine interest in a girl, then it’s going to be very difficult to seduce her. For example, how are you going to overcome different obstacles or objections if you can’t offer a “false time constraint” so she feels free to leave anytime she feels uncomfortable? Every good seducer has either changed to become or already is an “easy-going” person. Therefore, one needs to determine if they are going to be a static character or a dynamic one in their journey in game.

3. Nice Guys vs. Bad Boy Characters

Believe it or not, both the “nice guy” and the “bad boy” are static characters. In fact, a woman who is attracted to you will test your character to see if you can handle her emotional state. The nicer the guy, the more important it is for his yes to mean yes and his no to mean no. The more a guy has a bad attitude, the more thoughtful and flexible he must be towards a girl.

It’s not congruent in your character to be a nice guy and then attempt to be “dynamic” by becoming a “bad boy.”  Movies with these types of characters are generally comedies filled with lots of laughter and embarrassing humor.

Women hunger for drama like men crave serenity, so give it to them by simply being congruent. Don’t worry about creating the drama, because she’ll create most of it for you while on her emotional roller coaster. One minute she’ll be excited to see you and the next she won’t be able to stand to be near you. Your static characteristic and that immovable look on your face will provide plenty of drama for her emotions to feed off of.

A good “chick flick” that most women drool over is when the masculine character is super congruent while the feminine one goes on this epic emotional rampage. At the end of the movie, the girl always falls in love with a guy who can handle her emotionally and the male figure realizes again how easier it was to stay true to himself.

4. How To Develop Character

A well-known professional screenwriter John Truby says that Hollywood discovered what makes an audience care for a particular character in a movie, and that is not necessarily a specific goal to be achieved. Instead, it’s a particular weakness the main character has to overcome while on his journey to success.

This is how the method should be when developing our character in game; to overcome some personal weakness or flaw in our persona. In fact, this is the only way we as an audience to ourselves, will stay engaged and interested in game.

One of the greatest movies of all time was The Wizard of Oz, because each of the main four characters had some sort of weakness to overcome while on their journey to the Emerald City. At the end of the yellow brick road, the wizard turned out to be not that powerful. However, the Lion found courage, the Tin Man finally had a heart, the Scarecrow did have a brain, and Dorothy discovered it’s better to dream big and always risk adventure.

What our journey in game leads to is the realization that so-called “top dating gurus” and products in the pick-up community were never enough to improve your game overnight. We find out how much of an adventure it is to learn game for real so that a man’s life is never boring and always full of character.

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27 thoughts on “Game Is A Journey Of Character Development”

  1. When I think of “game” with Americunts I think of the beat ’em up video games of the 90’s where the enemies are all repeated with slight pixel variations and the game basically involved repetition of button mashing.

    1. “I’m not that kind of girl”? It seems that all americunts have the same manual or something.

        1. Yes, that’s a variation of the same statement. A sign of a higher degree of sluttiness.

  2. The few girls I got, (not very interested in game) I got them by lying about my age, (what ever her age I was always older), my income (if she is a college girl, I’m already working and making money, if she’s a highschool girl, I’m a student with big plans for the future), and by leading her into believing I’m some kind of player, who gets some different girls every nights.
    I’m a pretty good actor and I always came with a different character following the requirements of the different social classes.

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  3. Having been doing game for a long time, I’ve come to the realisation that game or namely what is taught by many ” gurus” can actually be adverse to your character development, and your development as a whole.

    1. Only if you follow a guru that doesn’t compliment your core personality. One has to choose a mentor that resonates with your core beliefs and philosophies. e.g a hedonist cannot relate to a Buddhist philosophy as it is counter productive to his hedonistic desires. When it comes to game, if your core philosophies are different to your mentor than you will begin to not only question yourself but your mentor as well. Leading to cognitive dissonance that spoils your character development.

      1. A guy doesn’t need a mentor to pick up chicks, evolution and biology has taken care of that, ” gurus” tend to confuse inexperienced Men with info that is largely suited to themselves and their experience, and more often than not their info is marketing geared, both seem to be ineffective in the real world. I know a lot of guys who have learnt game who wished that they didn’t learn game, it screwed up their whole view of girls and social interaction.

        1. I think you are seeing only a portion of the picture. I’ve run across at lest two gurus that compliment my style perfectly and showed me things that easily sky-rocketed decent success rates. I’ve also tried others like Mehow or run across Mystery and think you’d have to kill me before I tried this in any way. My reactions were completely negative because their style was counter productive to my own. I never liked the concept of dissecting game to a direct say this for that, because I love the spontaneity involved with interacting with women. All guys take on mentors at one point or another when it comes to game, whether it is an experience of spending thousands to get lessons or having older family members around who simply slay 10 girls a week on an average week, allow you to model them. Men learn from each other. Or refine what we now by being around others of near or better caliber.

        2. As a young man I would have definitely benefited from a good mentor. I sure as hell would have weeded out a lot of the time wasters and time bombs had someone I respected given me a solid opinion on the matter.

    2. It’s true what you say.
      Game often comes as a way of packaged deception. We posture ourselves as being better or different through body language, or imply interest that is not there, we become very deceitful and dishonest over time.
      This basically stems from a lack of security or belief in the notion that we can get our needs met if we do not act this way.
      Love may be a slow process, but you will find your mate, in general.

    3. Living for yourself, being masculine(Alpha) as opposed to feminine(Beta), doing the things you want to do instead of what other people want you to do, fucking girls, all terrible things that only broken people do. Am i right? Betas bitch about game being adverse to your character because they fail to understand that what the feminine imperative has conditioned men to be is not who they are. Internalizing game isn’t easy, nobody ever said it was. Connect with your inner masculine nature, or flail in the hell that is betatude.

  4. Game is very powerful and in application of all human interaction as well. To simply learn game “just to get laid” is a monumental waste of energy just to play the entertaining clown to that black hole of resources money and time (the western woman).
    Game should come first in the portfolio of our being as a source of betterment and character building and “getting laid” should be just one folder in that portfolio.
    (Hence having all the tools in place, the “getting laid” part is actually the easiest part, meaning: don’t be an aspietard with nothing else positive about you just bettering yourself only in the scope and purpose of having sex)

    1. Yeah it seems like a lot of game should be looked at as a mindset in general. One way to define game is;
      -Living your life independent of social approval paradigms.
      Agreed? Maybe yes, maybe no. But if you agree then think about a guy trying to front like he is not into approval, yet he is only doing it in order to win female approval….Cancelled himself out.
      A guy analyzing texts like a hieroglyph is a conundrum. “How can I make her think I don’t care what she thinks.”
      I’m glad that I am a bit too old to even care. I don’t even live in fatass USA anyway.
      So ‘life game’ is about recognizing all of those social approval paradigms and just letting them die off. That’s the hardest thing…letting them die instead of actively struggling against them, overcompensating against them, ruminating on them, reading about them. That only keeps them stoked. It’s like the people trying to eradicate bigotry by constantly discussing it and seeing it everywhere.

        Ignoring the approval of others comes naturally with red pill. You become aloof and superior to not only what YOU were before your ‘born again’ red pill awakening, but you also become better than what your contemporaries amounted to as well.
        Suddenly you find that you can hold an argument like never before. With staying power, you can debate, fight and pound away at an adversary FOREVER once you have seen the truth. Like a black belt arguer on the street you can flip the enemy into the gutter as need be.
        SJW’s are eagerly sought out for a fight by a fresh red piller. I remember waking up to the truth years ago. I sat over the coffee table with a marxist relative and called them out on their shenanigans when previously I would politely acquiesce to their guilt trip shit at every visit. Always prodding and testing I could ‘find the hiding lefty’ like a needle in a haystack. The soul sold feminists and marxists would eventually run from me exclaiming ”wtf, he’s trying to convert ME?”. I projected the mindset on them to ‘convert or die’ if they were truly die-hard enemy that couldn’t be reasoned with. And they CAVED AND FOLDED before my eyes. They were gone from my way and I wouldn’t ever see them again.
        Lost sheep and ‘enslaved’ folks on the other hand can be guided and freed but the hard core enemy gets ploughed down or driven out. With red pill awakening, the physical prowess is there, but when mentally leveraged a man of average strength can subdue with his browbeating stare alone. For the red piller with a notch count accumulated, his anticipated words are feared and avoided by the enemy and are enough to avoid any confrontation in the first place, but a physical ass kicking will still fall on those too stupid to process anything verbal in the first place.
        After a red pill awakening early in life, I looked in amazement at my former self, propagandized, guilt ridden, one foot in the grave and blinded like a work mule to nearly every influence on me. AFTER waking up I found I could face off the enemy endlessly and never run out of ammo.
        Almost like a feeding frenzy I became energized when engaging an enemy and could spiritually SUCK THEM DRY if they were truly malevolent. Feminists, social marxists, sjw’s you name it.
        Uniformed or titled strong arm enemies that were packing their potentially lethal ‘war on the go’ got the vibe that they were in enemy territory and would disappear themselves and drive away with locked doors.
        Always look around and commune and link with the friendlies in your sphere or area. The red pill body politik generates an aura that repels evil and its adherents or enforcer servants from your proximity. ‘Good’ authorities or ‘friendlies’ though always appreciate a high five when encountered. KEEP THE LINE IN THE SAND DEEP like a trench.

    2. Getting laid sux, I hate condom and I am too paranoid to not use it. Fuck all that bullshit, Use porn.

  5. The best mentor or ‘guru’ should be GOOD OLD DAD. And I say ‘should’ be in light of the feminist/mangina/gender-traitor’s purge of fathers from their families.
    In the preserved and fortified patriarchal family model it is a fathers duty and inclination to teach his sons game like a master or at least to the best of HIS understanding.
    Likewise a father may have a son who can bat better than anything he’s ever seen and that kid is going to the ALL STARS and his coach daddy knows it. Don’t divert the kid at the actual baseball field too much with the bleachers full of cuckolding bitch mothers but focus on his development mastering the peripheral scenery. The approach anxiety is overcome early and the kid realizes the GREATER GAME dad talks about.
    Game will become second nature by definition when handed down from father to son. Just like teaching your kid to bag a deer, from the munite the kid sees the deer spotlighted from then on, HE ALREADY KNOWS the routine and can visualize the sucker down, strung up, cleaned and on the table.
    With the younger kid still on the playground, he will at least acquire a grasp of the field in forming social networks to establish a position where he GETS the orbiting and doesn’t become one. LEARN THE BASICS EARLY. Then as the boy matures to different fields later in life, then dad can proudly see his champ BAG THAT ASS. Talk about garnering love and respect for your dad, that’s where it all begins and is the least that dads could do for their sons. If that chain was broken, then bring it back once again FOR YOUR SON. The patriarchy NEVER DIES.

  6. Number 4 is the key. Great article all around but 4 is where it is at once you have build a inner foundation and belief within yourself.
    A woman can tell when you are coming off as a robot and not being genuine with her. Its like when a dog smells fear or, those zombies from “World War Z” can smell fresh blood on you. Point is, it is a balance between showing you have a heart and being ice cold to not have any remorse in turning around and leaving her where she stands. If you stay for the abuse she has no choice naturally to treat you as a spider would treat its food. Wrap it in a bow and serve it to themselves as a personal gift. Overcome your fear and find a way to master it to the point it looks easy. Many people nowadays criticize Eminem’s current music but, if you really breakdown the way his lyrics are written you can tell it takes a massive skill level and attention to detail that majority of the world does not have nor care to even try.
    Once you move away from the “blue pill” world and find the truth, the best thing to do is develop on yourself and create your own world in which no one can tell you what is right and wrong. Like “The Matrix” movie goes, you wont have to dodge bullets once you are able to see and stop them from ever coming in contact with you.

  7. So I have a date and the women at work told me to get my date a rose. However, said action is running counter to what I learned here. What do you guys say? Rose or no rose?
    I figured I would ask since this is a game article.

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