35 Things Wrong With America

1. Americans are unnaturally overweight, with little shame on being “plus sized.”


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2. They have cookie cutter lives that they alleviate with a hopeless addiction to entertainment, technology, and celebrity gossip.

Fans of singer Justin Bieber scream as he performs on NBC's Today Show in New York

3. There are significantly more horny guys than available girls in most metropolitan areas, creating a demographic imbalance that enables low quality girls to act like supermodels.


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4. A victorious feminist movement has institutionalized man-hating in corporations, universities, government, and the media.


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5. Soulless suburbs, sprawls, and office parks create stress, malaise, and depression.


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6. Lack of proper cafe culture encourages social isolation and obesity. We’re left with Starbucks, where people go with their internet-enabled electronic devices to drink sugary milkshakes that no self-respecting European soul would call “coffee.”


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7. Frightful public transportation systems that seem to have been instituted as afterthoughts.


8. The existence of Hollywood, which poisons the world’s culture by normalizing narcissism, consumerism, and bad movies.


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9. Expectation to tip 20% just because someone served you a food or drink item with a fake smile.


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10. Pervasive politically correct environment where dissenting thought is labeled sexist, racist, or homophobic. This is usually immediately followed by a witch hunt to end the person’s employment.


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11. Treatment of smartphones as both friend and passionate lover, which replaces time spent in face-to-face interactions with real friends and lovers.


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12. Sailor and debasement culture where both sexes engage in excessive amounts of cursing, tattooism, head shaving, and all-around general vulgarity.


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13. Universities that serve as liberal brainwashing factories instead of palaces of wisdom, enlightenment, and masculinity.


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14. Frankenfoods with dubious origins, some of which are prohibited for sale in other countries.


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15. Disposable culture where still-functional items are thrown away instead of being repaired or reconditioned.

A man crouches in front of television sets broadcasting recorded footage of 2014 Brazil World Cup group match between England and Uruguay, at a home appliances store in Wuhan

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16. Competitive conversation culture where people talk about themselves instead of listening. Contemplative silences are looked upon as boring or even creepy.


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17. Women who prefer entertaining clowns instead of good men who want to provide for their future families.


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18. Rule by an oligarchy that spies on citizens who don’t even care about its government’s illegal acts because they are too busy playing Candy Crush.


19. Homosexuality openly embraced and displayed in public around children who don’t yet understand the nature of human sex.


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20. Complete ignorance of world affairs by citizens due to being comically manipulated by media propaganda. Russia bad! Saudi Arabia good!


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21. People who can no longer handle original thoughts without being offended or “triggered.”


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22. Militarization of police whose monopoly on violence allows them to taze and kill with impunity.


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23. Having to constantly be exposed to Spanish announcements, signs, and advertisements because immigrants are too lazy to learn English.


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24. Welfare state that redistributes money from hard-working provider men to a growing population of single mothers who are subservient to the state instead of husbands.


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25. Effeminate men who act like homosexuals even when they are straight. Masculinized women who act like they were raised in jail or the urban ghetto.


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26. Unusable city parks that are occupied by homeless people soaked in their own urine.


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27. Calling corporate customer service and having to converse with robots. Also: self-checkout lines.


28. Mindless adoption of technology as the end-all-be-all solution to humanity’s problems.


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29. Unreasonably early last-call in most cities and Puritan-like DUI laws that primarily serve to withdraw money from citizens via the judicial extortion complex instead of preserving public safety.


30. Allowing women the right to vote, which has allowed immoral progressivism to dominate the political landscape.

Same-sex marriage

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31. Unsightly premature aging of women due to false tanning, late-night pizza eating, and other unhealthy lifestyle choices.


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32. Widespread societal denial of the problems men face while catering to every female problem or conflict under the sun.


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33. Death of flirting and real seduction in place of fake arrogance and cheap insults. The mating game in America is a combination of email spamming and schoolyard name calling.


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34. Too much comfort. The avoidance of real struggle or hardship has given adults the emotional development of children.


35. White knight culture where men will immediately attack their own to defend a girl who will never ever have sex with him.


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Did I miss anything?

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798 thoughts on “35 Things Wrong With America”

  1. 36. Chateau Heartiste closes it’s doors and may not open them anymore
    [if you don’t know what I’m talking about you are new to manosphere]

  2. 30. that’s why we need more money in politics and put the elites in power since most Americans are too misinformed to know what is good for them. They vote for benefits and little else.
    24. that’s why we need some sort of eugenics program . The war on poverty has failed. entitlement spending keeps growing
    13. Caltech, MIT, Ivy League and or and STEM, economics, finance , literature, history and philosophy majors are worthwhile, but the rest is dubious or outright crap.

    1. I wouldn’t say all arts and humanities are worthwhile. They are only worthwhile when they are from a good and well respected university.

  3. 11. Treatment of smartphones as both friend and passionate lover, which replaces time spent in face-to-face interactions with real friends and lovers.
    Artificial intervention (Cell phones) —is the blame for having men seek women out through social networking. Most women in our generation have their eyes glued to their phone screens because they’re always getting buttered up by beta white-knights that boasts their ego and confidence to the max, thus making them impossible to get with in person. As I mentioned in a few articles before…the game has gotten a lot harder due to artificial intervention

  4. How do you fix this shit? The American conservative movement is terrible. Libertarianism is highly flawed. Liberalism is a cancer. What we need is an ideology that: gives a nod to the past, decries the present, and looks to the future. The problem is nihilistic narcissism. No sense of community, unity, we are regressing into barbarity rather than progressing. We have no goals as a society.
    For ideology I am looking at Russia and the European “New Right” (rather, they are a Revolutionary Right). The theorist I have been most impressed with is Aleksandr Dugin. He’s the guy that wrote Putin’s entire strategy for the future of Russia.
    As far as I am concerned – we ought to militarize society.

    1. oh brother….yeah Russia, it is convenient to point at the 0.05% of Russian Nationalists as examples of their “great” society but when you get your hands dirty there and see the REAL Russia, all you get is corruption, bribery, mail order wives looking for a Greencard, and RUSSIAN WOMEN selling their kid’s spleens for a Dolce & Gabbana purse.

        1. yes 3 times. I’ve hung out with the Russian community here in Texas as well. I don’t wear the rose colored glasses you guys seem to sport. You sound like Lee Harvey Oswald. He was so pro-USSR so pro-Russian he moved to Moscow thinking he was going to be given the Highest Stalin Order for Bravery. When he got to Russia, the Politburo employed him as a TV repairman.

        2. Clearly there is corruption in Russia. But it’s been working toward the right direction for over a decade now. We are, on the other hand, going in reverse. No nation is going to be perfection here. We have a shit ton of corruption in the US too, you just don’t see it.
          The problem ultimately is ideology. We don’t have shit in that department. Nothing. Nada. The only interesting alternatives I am seeing are coming from Russia and The European New Right. You got something better? Or are you going go on and on about how even French women are terrible sluts??

        3. In the USA politicians are corrupt but the vast majority of people, the vast majority of Americans, are hard working people.
          In Russia the vast majority of people and the vast majority of politicians are corrupt.
          One time in Moscow I wanted to go to Tretyakov Gallery but the sign said it was closed after 8 PM. It was 8:15 PM when I got off the metro. the police guard told me I could go in for $20 (bribe) because it was not completely closed there. When I got in the front desk told me I couldn’t go any further than the gift shop.
          The guard I wanted to scold was nowhere to be found. The people there do not give a 2 shits about nationalism.
          I do not know about France, never been there.

        4. I do not think the vast majority of people care about Nationalism as much as you do. I certainly could care less . Nationalism breeds even more corruption. When the ideology is in its infant stages, then it sounds great and is probably a worthy cause, but in the end, when the power vacuum is filled the players at the top become as corrupt if not more corrupt than their predecessors.

        5. do the right thing for YOURSELF and your family and live a humble and meek life. If you choose to be religious, then believe in Jesus Christ as your savior and as the Son of God, the cleanser of your sins; everything else will work itself out.

        6. The point is that Russia is a low trust society. Third World mentality is rife.
          On the upside society is more traditional. less infected by liberal degeneracy.

        7. maybe in the rural communities, but Moscow and St Petersburg is more inundated with commercialism than in New York City.

        8. This is a completely unfounded statement. Ethnic nationalism can potentially conserve trust. Anti-nationalist multicultural society erode trust in the long run.
          Your own country is going down the drain, since it has abandoned its core anglo-saxon identity and turned into a utopian liberal consumer paradise.
          America is not a model worth emulating for any country in the world.

        9. Societal problems are not solved by the maxim of “every man for himself” christianity. This is the sort of thinking that got you into the mess in the first place.

        10. Who made it liberal? There’s plenty of anglo-saxon whites who opened the gates of hell and invited corruption and sin all in the name of nationalism. You take a group of 20 people and they all claim to be nationalists I can bet you 15 of the 20 are thinking of themselves and not the greater good. the NAZIS were beta to the core and wanted power not make Germany a Germanic country. If that was the case, they wouldn’t have invaded Africa, Poland, or the USSR.

        11. Name one “Christian” at the top levels of any government in power today and then tell me how Christianity started this mess.

        12. Of course do the right thing for yourself and your family. But you also have to concern yourself with the environment in which you live. Your kids will inherit all that. To not concern yourself with your tribe or your nation is just as bad as liberal narcissism.

        13. The nation, at the highest levels, will always be corrupt. You can only affect what is at the community level; schools, neighborhood safety, and private education.

        14. That sounds like a pretty passive ideology. You can always affect what happens on grander scales. How do I know this? Because feminists sure did.

        15. and we see how successful they have been. Maybe they ruined a few male lives and beta-fied us males for a while. In the end, all they did was screw women over so much so that anti-depressants are served with the Pumpkin Spice Mocha at Starbucks. Just look at the dating websites, there’s more 30 years old + women looking for Mr. Right but getting messaged about sex instead. They have been largely unsuccessful in the REAL world.

        16. so gassing the handicapped and conducting human experiments the Mengele Way is your belief system?

        17. Sure and every country in the World claims to be for human rights. Calling a regime nationalist does not necessarily make it so, it all depends on the policies pursued.
          All politicians are thinking of themselves to a large degree. The point is if their implemented policies are beneficial to the people at large. Your own country has pretty much been highjacked by special interest groups, resulting in the undermining of every single important institution in the long run.
          National socialist Germany was quite an extreme ethnic nationalist country, with the aim of uniting all germanic peoples into one nation.
          Their invasion of North africa doesnt really invalidate this aim. No more than the invasion of Russia, with the aim of acquiring lebensraum, does. Your logic is way off.

        18. This is just pure strawman argumentation. You are presenting a caricature of eugenic policies. And nationalism does not even logically entail eugenics. What is your point?

        19. when has nationalism worked? Give me an example and I’ll stop with the simpleton arguments.

        20. Most of these problems are rooted in ideology, so these problems can not necessarily be ascribed to single individuals.
          Even if I were to admit that christianity has had a positive role in maintaning traditional values, the absence of christian leaders in a country founded on calvinist inspired christianity is quite revealing. The traditional christian elite has simply been out played politically by zionists, corporatists, left-wing radicals, and ethnic minorities.
          Seclusion and White flight will not save America from the imminent crisis which it is facing. You can only flee to the suburbs for so long.

        21. No. We simply cannot ignore nation. Whether you define it in terms of borders or in terms of ethnicity and culture, you simply cannot avoid it. Because feminists and Cultural Marxist SJWs won’t.

        22. Maybe you haven’t heard about the nice “Yes Means Yes” law they managed to successfully lobby for in California…

        23. Their invasion of Africa and the USSR was about power and the acquisition of it. What else was it ?

        24. I keep texts with every woman I date and sleep with. I never joined a fraternity where you buy your friends. Problem solved.

        25. It worked in much of Europe in founding modern nations. Though initially a Whole lot of wars were fought.
          The most stable nations in the World have been the nations of moderate size with relatively homogenous populations. The Scandinavian countries, as an example, have been quite stable until recently. Although not explicitly nationalist countries, many of the basic founding principles have been in accordance wth nationalism.
          Japan is another good example, which has worked fairly well. The problems that they face would only be worse if they also had to deal with multiculturalism.
          All else equal, homogenous societies are preferable to multiethnic ones. This is just an iron law of history.

        26. This has to be satire. A Godly man sleeping with bitches and never joined a frat. Problem solved, amirite?

        27. You’re correct, the people were humble and had just came out of a depression. The people behaved properly and communities expected proper behavior. Again, that was at the community level and worked itself upward. Money corrupts everyone eventually.

        28. It’s an example of when nationalism worked. We even had the USSR as our evil empire boogeyman.

        29. so the Roman, Ottoman, and Byzantine Empires were all failures during their 500+ years?

        30. again, it only worked for so long, because after that the people had too much money and time on their hands. Eventually people rebelled against the mechanical nature of nationalism in pursuit of financial and sexual WANTS.
          It didnt last long is my point.

        31. Which happened by and large around 1991-1992 when the Soviet Union collapsed. We no longer had goals and enemies. We started eating each other alive.

        32. I am not Godly. I am not Jesus. I sin, I don’t deny it but I try my best to do what is right. I still have needs. Sex is a need.

        33. Interesting brand of Christianity you have going there. How do you justify the repeated sin of premarital sex?

        34. I don’t believe that there will ever be a band of do-gooders thinking of the greater good; you seem to think there will be or can be.

        35. It’s very bad. Plummeting head first into decay and degeneracy. It’s like we are repeating Rome to the T.

        36. I don’t.I never wanted to be divorced either. My parents were nuclear with a high level of morality instilled in us. I married a FORMER USSR woman who thinks her career and purses were more important than her family.
          American women love the sex appeal of a player. They do not want a family man. SO I give them what they want.

        37. well it is not better in Russia as you think it is. The women there are more into consumer goods than Americans are.

        38. Defeating a lethal enemy was of paramount importance. You do understand that WW2 was about competing World views?
          More power to NS Germany meant that nationalism could spread to the rest of the World.
          NS ideology was quite an extreme and aggressive form of nationalism, I wont argue with that. Protectionism is another version. Nationalism is not anti-power, nor will it eradicate politicians lust for power.
          What matters is if the policies in a nation benefits the people as a whole, and creates stability. Nationalism as an ideology has at least the potential to meet these goals, since these values are at the core of the ideology.
          Its not utopian, since it wont solve every single problem in society. Its just far more sane compared to the current reigning ideology.
          A nation founded on liberalism, multiculturalism and individualism is bound to descend into a chaotic state in the long run

        39. your only hope then is Northern Canada. Don’t tell me Russia is the answer. Moscow is more inundated with commercialism than NYC.

        40. Bernie Madoff stole $60 billion. Apparently it wasn’t enough for him. It all collapsed eventually. Greed has no end, so let those fraudsters win. It only lasts so long.

        41. You’re supposed to control your urges, not indulge in them. That is the essence of Cheistianity. You are not improving things by giving them what they want. You only perpetuate the status quo.

        42. This is not the point. Do gooders do not exist at face value.
          You have to look at the larger Picture. People can to some degree accept that politicians are lining their pockets or seeking power for its own sake, as long as they are serving the interests of the people.
          This is the only thing that matters ultimately.

        43. It’s not better in what sense? The only good and forward-looking ideas that have come around the past 100 years have come from France, Germany, and Russia.

        44. Women are a reflection of us. Of the women are shit, it’s because men are shit. Women will never take the lead in fixing things. It’s up to us to do so. Behaving like a degenerate is only going to make women degenerates. Get it?

        45. I tried to control my urges for years. It’s like caging a rabid animal who hasn’t been fed for 3 days. I didn’t get married a second time because I want all my attention to be focused on the 1 child I do have.

        46. Germans have always been an industrious successful people. Russians have not. The few literary geniuses in Russia do not speak for the majority of people who are more into BMWs than Nationalism.

        47. I am saying I have no other alternative. I am open to ideas to be completely Christian and yet satisfy my biological needs. Maybe I am not smart enough to think of a proper way to behave as a divorced father.

        48. Are you kidding me? They went from a backwards agrarian nation with a mish-mash of peoples and cultures to a massive powerhouse in under a few decades.

        49. Absolutely. If a politician is lining his pockets, fine – so long as he actually does work for the common good and the greater good. Corruption is a given in ANY society. Even the most Christian of empires were corrupt. The whole of the First Crusade was called under false pretenses. Yet we can look back and say: “We needed that”.

        50. I agree. That the fall of the Soviet union, accelerated the decline enormously. The decay was already there, but only spreading slowly since WW2. The babyboomer generation around the end of the sixties marked the first major declining shift.
          1991 was the second shift. And it has been quite evident in my own home country in Scandinavia. Moral depravity and degeneracy has been taken to a whole new level, once American ideology was allowed to rule uncontested.

        51. Individualism will ultimately decay into Nihilism and narcissism. We are seeing this unfold right before our eyes. We NEED a higher cause. And if there isn’t one, we need to invent it.

        52. because of oil? that whole country lives and dies by the price of oil. There’s been more capital and human intellectual flight from Russia than anywhere else.
          you nailed it…backwards.. the Germans have never been backwards maybe 3000 years ago…

        53. lol each and every day I hear about the insane bullshit going on in Sweden. There are even sites and forums dedicated to SWEDEN YES humor thanks to the utterly absurd things happening there.

        54. My personal view would be this: Top priority = child. Next Priority = finding a woman of virtue. If not woman of virtue, find the closest thing and mold her to be virtuous.

        55. thats great if you can limit your corruption. Look at Cuba or Venezuela… you can’t . there is no end to GREED my friend.

        56. Empires are as a rule not stable. You can only expand for so long until internal cohesiveness breaks Down. If size of empire and quick expansion are your main criteria for success, then they were clearly not failures.
          Personally I would prefer living in a organic nation compared to a multiethnic empire. But to each their own.

        57. Despite all the faults and horrors of Soviet socialism, the one thing I can give them is they had strong social mores. Degenerates were regularly dispensed with. Feminism would not have been allowed to exist in the Soviet Bloc. An excellent example is the DDR. Homosexuality was illegal. There was NO immigration. Degenerates were taken off the streets by the Stasi.

        58. TV made women degenerates. I only focus my attention on those already gone astray. I don’t taint the innocent.

        59. You know it when you see it. If the guy is greedy but is at the same time doing all he can for the greater good, that offsets his greed. Right now politicians are greedy and doing fuck all for anyone but corporations.

        60. easier said than done my friend…..I am trying to do just that. Nothing out there that I can mold into a virtuous woman.

        61. underneath it all were people stealing and lying and throwing their neighbors under the bus to the KGB. Nice glossy view again…

        62. There are plenty. Just stop looking for fuck-and-chucks. Women are your mirror. They will behave like you do if you are of strong enough will.

        63. going to Church is not better, I only find former drug addicts there who have aged exponentially. I am sure they are out there but I am not running into them on a daily basis.

        64. TV only made women degenerate because we allowed it to. If your partner can’t dance, it’s up to you to take the lead and make the dance look awesome. If you can’t dance either and don’t take the lead, the dance will be shit.

        65. Nationalism is (and was) great right up until money (and greed). The country, here, was sold out by a few to the almighty dollar….and other countries followed our lead.
          All the while, politicians (and corporations) sell the idea to Americans that it’s good to “advance” our trade policy (or policies) to “open new doors of opportunities” in the U.S.. (more bullshit).
          I hear what you are saying about the trust issue…but I have seen it time and time, again (over decades).
          The money always wins over any kind of nationalism (or trust).
          It’s the very reason many, here, do not trust politicians (and many thought the fucking used car salesman was the worst).

        66. The churches are corrupt. Church is not the best place to find a mate anymore. Try a sweet country girl.

        67. uh…no immigration??..the Central Asians and the Tatars are/were immigrants to Russia. I am an example of that. Armenian whose father was born in Russia.

        68. USSR was very evil. because the people underneath it were evil already before it even formed.

        69. I agree. There are many who make a nice profit and that is still not enough.
          I’ve argued with many over this issue (especially politicians). They make 10 (they want 20), they make 20 (they want 30). The greed (and the gap) is getting pretty ridiculous.
          I’m all for someone making profit, capitalism, business, etc….but when you don’t have a balance the whole thing falls apart.
          Big banks? We should have left them to fall…that’s the name of the game (yes, it would have sucked but if you truly believe in that system you take the good with the bad).
          The problem: no one wanted to lose their money so they rigged the system. It’s only a matter of time before the bottom falls out….you have to have checks and balances.

        70. Those places, including Armenia, were part of the Soviet Union. East Germany had a policy of NO immigration. Any migrant workers that went to East Germany had a contract to work 2-5 years. Once they contract expired, they were required to go home to their native countries.

        71. the people used their local KGB agents as ways to make inroads into a better life, meaning even sending their relatives to Siberia if they happened to be making a little side money.

        72. Dallas, Texas is not rural. It takes about 1 hour East for me to be in rural territory.

        73. done that. I’ve only run into Cows and Russian Boars . I’m not marrying them 🙂

        74. haha … take off those rose colored glasses..it was very common. Everyone was a thief by Western Standards

        75. Yes you are right. Its basically a contradiction in terms.
          America was built on liberalism and calvinist christianity.
          This explains why it has developed as it has. Nominalist christians are now mostly concerned with their own consumption and material prospects.

        76. Come on. Go to some country music places with live music and country dancing. There has to be such a place. Put your moves on a nice redneck girl. I find them to be very pleasant.

        77. It’s that “worry about your own soul” mentality. It’s nihilistic in its own way. There’s a lack of social cohesion.

        78. Perhaps not. But then you need a system based on checks and balances.
          What you are talking about is the presence of low level of trust, which is another issue. There are no quick fixes for countries stuck in an equilibrium of a low trust society. The former Soviet union and Russia is an example of this, as is the US.
          But no matter what, a multiethnic state will be more dysfunctional and corrupt compared to a monoethnic one.

        79. I understand what you are saying. I am just not convinced that it is an iron law of history that capitalism always trumphs nationalism.
          What is important to remember is that the US was founded on enlightenment liberalism and materialist inspired calvinist christianity. Kept in check by a more conservative strand of thinking.
          America was basically founded as a progressive nation, or this aspect at least had the upper hand. This is naturally a huge weakness, since it is a settler nation with a short history.
          The old nations of Europe never had this problem to the same degree, there is always the old primordeal nation to revert to when the progressive ideology gets out of control.
          For the US there are no easy solutions, but secession might be the answer. Secession along ethnic lines, and a reassertion of this new nation rooted in a anglo-saxon core identity. This is necessary, since the sewering of ties to the old World is a threat to a more organic sense of identity.

        80. pot calling the kettle black? it is obvious we both have cynical views.The difference between you and me is that I believe there is no utopia. You think utopia is waiting for you at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow.

        81. I wont deny that you have a point. I see the same pattern here in my country everytime East Europeans settle in large numbers.
          The poles are by the way quite hard working and honest in my opinion. But many people from the Baltics and Russia are semi-criminals who are here to game the system. One immediatly senses that they bring with them a culture of swindel and short term thinking.
          And its even much worse when considering poor Romanians and Bulgarians, or gypsies for that matter. They are just as manipulative as many of the phony muslim “refugees” who arrive waiting for handouts.
          I am not saying that all of these people are manipulative scammers, but open borders policy in the EU has a tendency of attracting some of the lower strata of society.
          After all, being a gypsy scammer is far more lucrative in Scandinavia compared to Romania.
          Multiculturalism and multiracialism is just proving to be a very destructive ideology in practice. Best to dispense with it completely.
          The US is at the moment experiencing a fast downward slide from high trust to low trust society. And this effect will sooner or latter filter down to ordinary Americans.

        82. No, I believe nationalism did work in this country for a short while. It was similar to the ways that the unions (at the start) were good for promoting better working standards. But, in the end, that too failed because of money (and greed). I’m not sure if “secession along ethnic lines” would work, here. Good thoughts, though.

        83. Yes it was ruled by classical marxist principles. Not cultural marxist ones. The chief ideologues correctly identified the liberals as bourgeois degenerates, as part of the problem.
          This part they got right, much of the other theory was wrong however.

        84. Luckily I am residing in Denmark, which is less worse than Sweden. Living in Copenhagen is however only a short train ride to Malmø Sweden. No one is safe from the insanity happening across the border.

        85. You are very correct. Liberal individualism is the probably the least stable ideology out there.

        86. I’m Armenian and I think Armenians from the former USSR are scammers plain and simple.

        87. What if Moses, Gideon, Paul, or any of the men God chose to be heroes had taken this que sara attitude? Sir, I believe your position is fundamentally anti-Christian.

        88. Former soviet sphere states are filled with scammers. And the more east you go the worse it becomes.
          Communism just bred corruption on a large scale, although I wont deny that it was pervasive before the communist revolution.
          But I do know from a study that levels of trust were higher in Poland and Czech republic before the communist takeover. So for some countries there is hope.

        89. Hard working armenian guy I know feels the same. He has tons of relatives out in North Hollywood, CA, and he says most of em game the system…

        90. They sure have gone full retard on liberalism.To much trust in government and the false ideologies they promote can also be a huge drawback. This combined with a nasty strain of PC puritanism has proved to be quite lethal.
          I just hope the patient regains its senses and wakes up before the liberal lobotomy is completed.

        91. This is part of the problem I have with the lifestyle which Roosh is promoting. The BANG abroad lifestyle wont really fix anything.
          It will only accelerate the decay if every Joe decides to go abroad to bang Babushkas.
          Its an interesting anthropological experiment he has been doing, but it is not a lifestyle I want to see promoted.
          But I understand that he has personal economic interests vested in his book sales.

        92. How so? If enough American men opt for foreign women, American natives will either be forced to adapt or die.

        93. Because it will break down the family further. He is not even promoting a lifestyle of family formation abroad, its basically just a man whoring backpacker pussy carousel lifestyle he is promoting. Lets be honest here, this is what sells books.
          The (american) dream of finding “Poosy paradise”.
          And with rampant feminism, women will follow suit. Women also choose to go abroad to bang “exotic” men in backward countries. Sometimes they even return pregnant with the offspring of these savages in their wombs. Or perhaps just sexually transmitted diseases which they then can spread to the rest of the population when they return home.
          Single White welfare/working poor mother with brown baby is not exactly a model Family.
          Degeneracy is exacerbated, and society loses when this lifestyle becomes normalized. Even if families are formed by White males, this will result in massive outbreeding.
          With massive outbreeding social cohesion is damaged, and miscegenation will also increase. Identity is diluted, and you risk that the potential offspring will have a confused or rootless cosmopolitan identity.
          The BANG lifestyle is degenerate, something which only sailors and soldiers engaged in for brief periods in former times. The older generations recognized this.
          If you want societal improvement, you dont encourage people to run away from the problems. You try to fix the problems at home by taking responsibility and calling for action.
          The BANG lifestyle is basically a White flight strategy for single males, with no strings attached. It might Work for the individual here and now, but will in no way solve collective problems in the long run.

        94. Roosh’s personal life is man-whoring backpacking, but I think his overall message can be generalized and interpreted as an easier method to meet high quality women regardless of whether you treat them as ONS or marriage. I’ve taken away the message that you can meet higher quality feminine women outside of western society. It’s the individual’s decision whether family formation will follow suit.
          The Bang lifestyle doesn’t have to be white flight at all. In fact, since Americans all originate from foreign locations, the pussy-outsourcing can lead you back to women of your original heritage.
          I enjoy your writings thoroughly by the way.

        95. Yes you can adapt the message to suit your preferences, say if you are looking for wife material abroad. But “BANG country X” pretty much makes it clear what the target group is, which is sex tourists.
          And yes Roosh is very perceptive working as a sort of anthropologist improvising his own methodological brand of “participatory observation”.
          He is usually very spot on, althought he occasionally is way off. Danish women are not particularly fat. Not quite as slim as their slavic sisters, but they are far better looking than your average American women. American women however would on average look far better if they got rid of the sneaker and T-shirt look, and lost some serious weight. Fatness is a nasty ballbuster.
          And it is true that you potentially can connect to your roots if you are a White american. But the books are also targeted at non-White Americans, encouraging them to go pussy hunting in Europe. And I have to admit this is not to my liking.
          Thank you for your compliment. I also like reading your replies and comments. I have a hunch that we are politcally on the same page. I am quite an extremist by any standard, even by ROK red pill standards. ROK in my opinion is not red pill enough, which is why I rant on endlessly about far right politics.

        96. We have very similar views. I love your views on multiculturalism and mass deportation. I tend to agree with far-right politics but I also like your criticism of big business and how greed affects the general population.

        97. Thats great to hear.
          Yes in some ways I also critic of modern day capitalism, does that make me leftwing? Hard to say so. Alternative right is probably a more fitting label.
          By the way, where are you stationed

        98. I would not call you left-wing for pointing out flaws in a capitalist system. Capitalism can appeal to the ugliness of human nature. Using an extreme example, methamphetamine or heroin sales. They can be sold in a free-market capitalist system, but they end up royally fucking over the buyer. I like to make a similar argument for Iphones and social media. They’ve been wildly successful in a free-market capitalist system by pushing buttons of human narcissism and have radically altered human communication, seduction, and lifestyle.
          I am in the southwest United States.

        99. I see many advantages in a capitalist system. Hell I am even trained as a (neoclassical)economist. But one thing that most people dont get is the power of corporations.
          That many markets in practice break down, that cartels or monopolies are regularly formed. What is known as “market failure”.
          In addition several types of goods and services dont work particularly well in markets. Insurance is one type of good, another one is healthcare.
          Another problem is the power of marketing. Many ROK readers have no problem recognizing the power of media and state propaganda. But see no problem in private firms polluting the public space with tons of Commercials. Its really quite sinister when you think about it. Commercials are sophisticated tools of brainwashing.
          But you can never get libertarians to admit this. They think all is well if government power is restricted and taxes are low. That when everything is privatized major societal problems will evaporate into thin air.
          And that people always can choose “freely” what they buy and who they vote for. But preferences are rarely stable, they can be quite easily manipulated with the right tools.
          And they would neither admit that libertarianism is a desperate attemp at filling a spiritual void, A void created by consumerism, hedonism, and nihilism.
          Libertarianism is really just another version of liberalism. They are so stuck in liberal ideology, that it is impossible to break out of it. So deeply immersed in the matrix, that there is only a dual choice between left liberalism and libertarianism to pick from.
          As an informed outsider I clearly see these ideological tendencies in the American mindset. I almost feel like a modern day Tocqueville. But offcouse I am humbly just trying to expand some of the ideas that this man touched upon in his time.
          In the south west eh. Then you must have a lot of experience with hispanics?

        100. Spot on. I used to self-identify as a libertarian until I realized the inherent malleability of human morality. I do believe in the free markets, but I understand that the “consumerism, hedonism, and nihilism” needs to be consistently countered by strong spiritual and moral forces.
          I’m early 20’s, so relatively new to the world, but my impression was that the USA did a fairly decent job of promoting free-market capitalism while encouraging a spiritual existence.

      1. Agree. You have to remember that when any empire falls you’re going to have the “wild west”. I believe all of the corruption was under the surface (in the form of black markets) when the Soviet Union ruled.
        Now, it’s out in the open and who knows (if or when) it will settle down. Appearances can be deceiving (look at the U.S.).

    2. Radical traditionalism and ethnic nationalism are the only long term solutions.
      Dugin is however just a russian imperialist trying to revive a new version of the Soviet state. The fourth political theory is not the solution.

      1. I my opinion, a tweaked brand of fascism is needed. I’ve looked at the ideas of NRx and there is no way we can go back to that. You have to work with what you have.

        1. lol….everyone goose step in the morning before work. Should we have loud speakers in every neighborhood blaring nationalist songs all day long??

        2. many not all. If I had to wake up to the national anthem everyday, I’d get tired of it quickly. I’d rather have it played on national holidays and sporting events.

        3. I hope you’re not serious. So you would also police bars/nightclubs and outlaw them ? Prohibition?

        4. You don’t need laws to effectively outlaw something. The way things are going for Feminism, it will outlaw itself socially.

        5. so you advocate passive intervention and let the hands of God handle it? as I said …. before…the natural processes are what God put into the hands of humans. Evil will fizzle out like a rock being thrown into a puddle. You chastised me for that passive mentality and now you advocate it.

        6. what is social intervention? you want to share a glass of chardonnay with a feminist and convince her you disapprove of her actions?

        7. Social acceptability. The KKK is not socially acceptable. Feminism is headed in that same direction.

        8. Nobody outlawed the KKK or had to kill them off? they are still a fringe group. how did they become socially unacceptable? people who saw the evil and rejected it, when they started hanging innocent black people. no physical intervention was required. Again, I do not see how that concept is not passive.

    3. One problem that I have seen over the course of a few decades is letting politicians “group” Americans (by dividing them with wedge issues).
      One example: many Americans are labeled conservative, Republican (right wing) if they go to church, read or quote the bible, etc… I’ve met plenty who practice religion on a regular bases who do not see themselves belonging to this party.
      Same with gun rights.
      My point is Americans need to start thinking and using a little common sense. I don’t let anyone label me because – on many issues I’m conservative but on others I’m liberal (we’ve discussed many times on ROK).

      1. Divide and conquer Works very well in a country made up of practically every ethnicity on the earth. America is doomed to fail.

        1. All empires fall. I know many people who do not consider this country an empire but it is. We do have many problems…and it will probably take men (again) to fix it all.

        2. I disagree. I see it’s power waning, relatively speaking, due to the rise of China and emerging powers such as Turkey, Brazil, Dubai, etc. Some may argue Russia is a developing economic power but their people are far less motivated than the Chinese but much more greedy than the average American.

        3. It is declining. Growth is lower than previously. Militarily it still reigns supreme, but zionist intervention in the middle East is becoming more troublesome. The natives are slowly losing trust in the government, and anti-americanism is on the rise globally
          Its slowly becoming more evident to the outside world that America is the hub of cultural degeneracy. This means that the US is losing its role as a global role model.
          America probably peaked in 1990 or so, but has in the last 25 years been in a slow decline.
          Relative power is of course important, but when Americans on a very large scale start losing faith in the american dream, since prospects are becoming hopeless, then the empire is in trouble.

    4. You cant fix the problem because humans should not live in such large groups like we do today, human nature dictates that we put our selves first above others we think along the lines of my wants and needs are more important than the persons next to me not that everyone in this world is an asshole but the human race as a whole are always going to be governed by human nature and that means as long as people are so called running the world its going to be up shit creek without a paddle every country has the exact same problems corruption, greed, the so called social elite and financial elite it does not change no matter the country. WE ARE ALL FUCKED.

    5. How to fix it…
      1. Make people responsible for their own lives. They mess up their lives, it’s their problem, not mine.
      If someone is busting their butt to fix their life and they ask for me to voluntarily help, I absolutely will. Want to do nothing and use the guns of government to force me to make up for your laziness? F**k you.
      2. Stop rolling out the red carpet for women and let them earn their way in life and relationships by working for it.
      What a difference gender relations would be if there were something in the water to lower men’s libidos to well under those of women so that they (men) would stop giving away the entire farm to curry the least little bit of favor from an average woman who has done nothing of worth in life.
      3. Shrink the government to almost nothing.
      These three steps alone would be a massive step in the right direction.

  5. then there’s Russia, where the average female sells her Grandmother’s kidney’s for a Gucci purse.
    Then there’s India, so filthy, that people shit in front of you just so you TIP them money to stop.
    Middle East – home of the IED and harems for the rich.
    Mexico – quieres Mota Quey?
    My so-called homeland called Armenia – one week there, and I feel like my bank account has been raped. They even call me a foreigner even though I can speak the language fluently.
    I think the social issues you mention can be defeated with common sense. I am a slave to corporate America too but I also save money and invest in things that, if need be, I could be self sufficient. It’s how you react to the outside negative stimuli, it doesn’t mean America sucks. We have to make America better, and we can, by not giving up our ideals.

    1. It is going to take a whole lot more than ideals. Hell most people here in this country don’t have ideals let alone know what one is because they were led their whole life and told what to think and what to feel.I don’t know how far gone we are yet but I have a gloomy feeling about the fate of humanity. I personally adhere to the principle of not throwing pearls before swine also known as people with their heads so far up their asses that their fate is already sealed

      1. I’m with you on that. I have this conversation with likeminded individuals every now and then and the consensus seems to still be you can’t change this place. The best that you can do is to maintain your frame and pad your bank account so you can continue advancing your agenda be it gaming bitches/hobbies/etc. It’s kinda like a tire fire…you just have to watch it burn. Good thing no one lives forever haha.

    1. Yes, it’s too bad the focus in the manosphere is usually on the U.S., while exactly the same trends are rapidly infesting Western Europe.

      1. wait until money infests the developing world. Money is what drives people to misbehave. As the Bible says: the meek shall inherit the Earth.

        1. The meek don’t inherit shit. That is just more beta nonsense to justify their lack of strength and to put down their betters.

        2. do the uber wealthy gain anything from their wealth? most have spoiled kids shooting up heroin. Tell me how wealth makes one alpha.
          Meek does not mean that you have to take b.s. and let people use you as a punching bag. It just means live within ones means.I didn;t say go live on a park bench drinking 40s.

        3. Actually, that is exactly what meek means. It has nothing to do with living within ones means. Further it has nothing to do with drinking 40’s, being homeless or anything else.
          Further, this (being born poor/wealthy) has nothing to do with the alpha/beta distinction (a distinction that, to my thinking, is becoming increasingly more meaningless because of over use).
          Meek is a value that you have been fed so you can be a fucking pussy and be proud of it while people who know better are using you as a step stool in one way or another.
          Also, can’t you post nonsense like this on some occupy board? You really want to claim that “most” very wealthy people have children who are addicted to heroin? Thorough research or just resentment that you don’t have legacy style money?
          It is actually the lower middle class that tend to over spoil their children (on credit) and give them a) a false sense of where they stand in the world and b) a bigger hole to climb out of. If you want to find the problem of the American economy look no further than the middle class.

        4. when you strive for wealth you have to buy people, plain and simple. Most higher ups in my company cannot even approach a woman let alone communicate with one. I don’t disagree with middle class problems. that’s not my point. How many of the wealthy , other than Hugh Hefner, have natural social skills and are wealthy? Most wealthy guys I know marry ugly women and buy escorts. The wealthy are more beta and insecure than anyone else. All they have is their money, because thats what they have focused on day and night. Is that an ideal for you?

        5. Every single experience in my life is opposite to everything you just said.
          I find that the people I have met who have a great deal of wealth tend to be both intelligent and confident.
          It is, of course, totally possible for you to have different personal experiences. I think, however, that the general principle you are operating on is total bullshit and hopelessly simple minded.

        6. I never said the guy with looks and money is miserable. There are those I am envious of, Hugh Hefner, like I said. that’s 1%.
          How many people become the 1%? those are bad odds don’t you think so?
          the vast majority of people aren’t shit , aren’t running google or Microsoft or GM.
          Attorneys & CEOs – immersed in their careers and many as you read in the news get taken for a ride by women and lose much of their hard earned wealth.
          Plastic surgeons – many of them are married for their 4th time with women who only see them as an ATM.
          Middle managers – most of those guys exceeding $150K or more do not have hot wives and are insecure bullies.
          Simple minded? that sounds like feminist or pro-commercialism jargon if you ask me.
          If you have a business idea that can take off and can make you a better person then I agree with it, but wealth does not make you more attractive to women or get you admiration like you think it does,

        7. I guess I have had different experiences. Most of the attorney’s i have met are strong minded and outgoing. I don’t know anyone in a CEO position but plenty of CFO and COO and all of them are sound of mind and strong of confident. Not sure I’ve ever met a plastic surgeon, but from what I hear they roll through the trophy wives with prenups like collecting Patek Phillipes. What you say about middle managers I find to be true sometimes and not true at others. I don’t think it has as much to do with what they make as whether they are assholes or not to begin with.
          I think what you are doing here is saying negative things about a class of people who it is alright to denigrate (the wealthy) and then using it to prop up your argument.
          Much like your original statement that “most” rich people’s children are using Heroin. This goes beyond hyperbole.

        8. if you do not think drug abuse is rampant in that economic class, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Attorneys are miserable, just ask any of them outside of their attorney social circles.

        9. As he said, the meek shall inherit nothing. Christianity worships the meek, the “poor in spirit”, tells you to love your enemy, to turn the other cheek…..Christianity is really proto-liberalism.

        10. as long we’re quote mining.
          “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” – Jesus.
          Basically Christians could give the bird to anyone who threatens them. Can you do the same with power on your side?

        11. “to turn the other cheek.”
          The verse you are referencing (inappropriately) does not mean that it is asking you to allow yourself to be cut down. Back then an insult was rendered with a spit in the face or a slap to one side of the cheek, by turning it the person doing the striking would have to use another hand which would indicate that the aggressor was taking the victim as an equal.
          Christianity does not “Worship the meek” it worships the one true God, the “I AM” that is the God of the humble and the meek and the strong and the courageous alike worships in totum.
          Christianity is not “proto liberalism” to tether the two philosophies even in this rudimentary fashion is inappropriate, given that the religious and political tenets between both are wholly incongruous and only bear a resemblance on a purely aesthetic level.
          Jesus for his part is far from the liberal hippy the left tends to paint him as. he threw over the money tables, went around whipping people who defiled the temple, called people hypocrites and vipers and went shopping for swords with his flock.
          He has more in common with Rambo than with Bill Clinton at least in that respect.

        12. Well first and foremost the book has so many contradictions that you and me could go back and forth for ages about what means what. The book extensively speaks of how the rich can’t get into heaven, how you should love your god and hate your family, how you should liquidate your wealth and give it to the poor, how you should not care about building in the present and worry instead about the afterlife, how blessed are the “poor in spirit”, etc etc. Does that sound like great advice? Keep in mind I didn’t write it, it’s all there in print.
          It’s also very suspect that what’s in the New Testament is the mirror opposite of what is preached in the Talmud to the Jews, and how the Jews have done everything in their power to make sure that no Jew converts to this suicidal religion that their own people wrote.

        13. If there are any such contradictions it’s only because the person reading them has an inadequate understanding to truly make those contradictions seem intellectually plausible. I make myself readily available to answer any such contradictions you may have. I only ask that you not copy paste from other sources, i want to know what YOU consider to be a contradiction.
          I would also ask that you reference the verse itself, since your paraphrasing of scripture is not evidence of the contradiction in question.
          The talmud is a collection of jewish commentaries on the judeochristian religion, it bears no scriptural reference nor it is considered part of scripture.
          There are of course Jews who believe in Jesus…were you aware of that?
          “suicidal religion” lol. Please, elaborate on that. Are you sure you don’t mean islam? 😀

      2. Western Europe has been a collection of vassal states/colonies of the US since 1945. So American Empire and its political and cultural hegemony is the source of the problem.

        1. Correct. The American marketing machine made Western Europe another state of the U.S.
          When walking through any European city you´ll likely see more American flags (on clothing, books and other stuff) than national flags.
          It all started with the marshall plan after WWII and slowly over the decades transformed most Europeans into little Americans.
          There´s no real European culture anymore…it´s almost completely gone.

        2. I suspect you think there isn’t, but looking in from the outside there appears to be whole depths of culture. Having a McDonalds or Starbucks in your neighborhood does not mean your culture has tanked.

        3. No probably not. But it is usually a symptom of cultural decline.
          Just in the last 20 years , McDonalds has increased its number of restaurants 5-10 times or so in my home country.
          This is a staggering Development.
          No Wonder obesity is skyrocketing when greasy and sugary foods are rampant.

        4. The scary thing about it is watching all the dumb zombies waiting in long lines in front of a newly opened Dunkin´ Donuts (for example) just because it´s a well-known, “cool” American franchise they feel the urge to spend their money at. Like moths to flames.
          Try this with some no name shop….you would have to declare bankruptcy within month because nobody really cares about the donuts. It´s the brand they worship.

        5. Yes the power of consumerism and marketing is great. Just watching television with all the commercials feels like brainwashing.

        6. This is true, but why did America have the opportunity to export its culture in the way that it has?
          The Somme.
          Europe largely did this to itself.
          It decided to launch itself to the calamity of 1914 for egotistical reasons.
          It embraced totalitarianism.
          It decided to give up its faith and trade the Kingdom of God for the Welfare State.
          It decided to stop having children and import the 3rd world.
          Yes, McDonalds and MTV are alluring. But a more confident culture could have resisted them.
          Europe gave up being Europe.
          See, this clip of James Garner from the Americanization of Emily., (except for the part blaming everything on 2000 years of greed, barbarism and superstition; the film itself was heavily left-wing in tone and content)

        7. “This is true, but why did America have the opportunity to export its culture in the way that it has?”
          They did it with the very clever establishment and use of all kinds of treaties, partnerships and alliances (e.g. NATO, United Nations…). This way you´re gaining control over economy and politics of a region.
          Hollywood and TV (especially news and commercials) did/do the brainwashing of the mob.

        8. Just asking here, is there a Euro culture or one to each nation? What the heck is Euro Culture? Did you mean culture in European nations?

        9. If Europe was really as culturally strong as many of you fancy it to have been, the Marshall Plan, a bunch of ad men from Madison Ave., and MGM wouldn’t have subverted it.
          There seems by your calculation to be no complicity by Europeans in their own decline. As though everything was just peaches and cream, and then some overwhelming force just happened upon them, and took from them their past, like a thief in the night.
          Sorry, but you bear a great deal of responsibility for your present morass.

        10. Well, the people in Europe back then allowed it because they were glad that the war was finally over. You could have done anything to them without resistance. Why would they care about some treaties being signed in their disadvantage? Not to mention that half of Europe has been defeated, not just liberated. Nobody asked them about their opinions.
          “…some overwhelming force just happened upon them, and took from them their past, like a thief in the night.”
          That´s exactly what happened. Not overnight but over decades.
          America sowed the seeds post-WWII and then the reaping started.
          As a result we´re alltogether living in the EUSA.

        11. You wont believe the amount of liberal brainwashing which went on in Germany just after the war. Its an issue I really want to look into at some point in time.
          But from what I have been able to gather, the full Machinery of Frankfurt school critical theory was unleashed on german Citizens. Especially the younger generations.
          And in this particular case there really was no choice. America simply took control of Germany, making sure the country became a US lapdog in the process.

        12. If Europeans are Little Americans, why aren’t they playing basketball, baseball, and american football, then? 🙂

        13. Because they didn´t lose their minds completely 😉
          And we know that football should be played with the feet…so that´s what we´re doing.

        14. “shop….you would have to declare bankruptcy within month because nobody really cares about the donuts. It´s the brand they worship.”
          Do true. It’s all about the branding. This is why MacDonalds dedpite serving chemical sewage is so popular. Liiewise for Starbucks but I have to say that even in europe and in cities that have great coffee, Starbucks will still thrive.

        15. There is a slight sense of commonality, all being Europeans but my impression, having visited most of Europe is that the countries look more inwards to their own identity than to a united Europe. They only did that to be a stronger currency and trading force in a more globalised world and cause they possibly felt it would reduce the chance of war.

      3. Many of us here (in the U.S.) do understand it’s happening not just here…but in all westernized cultures (countries).
        I grew in Germany (West Germany back then) and I could see the effect the US had on it. We understand that the U.S. is the starting point for many of these issues and that others follow suit. It would be the same for us (here) if in reverse because they are all following the same culture (and culture shock) or trends.
        The one thing that I am glad to see is that many other countries recognize our problem with regulating food (and they don’t purchase any of it). We need a stand somewhere…otherwise they’ll keep making this bullshit and selling it (anywhere and everywhere).

        1. This is what happens when you deregulate markets. You give power to greedy Corporations. Ordinary Americans have a hard time understanding that the freedom of individuals is not the same as the freedom of a business enterprise.

        2. Agree to a point. Regulations are needed but, like everything else, it requires a balance of some sort. There cannot be too much but there cannot be too little, either. Greed is still the problem behind it all (not making a profit, making money….just pure greed).

        3. When greed becomes the new religion this is what happens. Its basically secularized calvisnism + radical liberalism which is ruling America at the moment.
          Gordon Gekko and his neoliberal ilk have won the ideological battle (for now at least).

      4. Europe needs to get its shit together quickly. The US with its stronger traditions of flying the flag, pledging allegiance, gun ownership, Christianity is, despite suffering cultural decay due to all the things you read about on ROK, better placed to unite and strongly resist crazy government plans, introduced migrants etc. There is not much pledging allegiance to the German flag or the British flag.. Certainly not to the European flag, the blue one with the ring of stars… Everything “left” has in common a sense of idealism and and ignorance of human nature. Whether it’s the welfare state or trying to tell people it’s okay to be fat, or that all races should live happily mixed together. The European project is also rooted in ivory tower academic idealism. It is human nature to be patriotic – nations are extensions of tribes. The smaller European countries like Denmark, Austria, Switzerland are generally doing better to resist the various modern cultural curses than the larger ones like Germany (we won’t mention Belgium..) There was an article on RT that the EU is the new soviet union, it is more or less certain that this ideologically based socialist experiment will sooner or later come to an end and be replaced with a more natural situation of sovereign countries. Unfortunately Germany will the last to get with the program, with all its guilt for past sins that it still somehow thinks it needs to suffer for.

    2. Many of the points are, but some are also specific to the US. For instance liberal laws on food regulation or the tipping culture.
      But the point is that America is leading the way. The US is in many ways both culturally and militarily the leader of the West.
      Degenerate trends originate mostly in the US, and then spread to Europe and the rest of the developed. The US is therefore on average on a higher level of degeneracy. For instance in promoting disgusting trends as multiculturalism, feminism, gay culture, etc.
      The US is the number one anti-traditional country in the World.

      1. “For instance liberal laws on food regulation…”
        This will change as soon as the U.S. has forced TTIP (transatlantic trade and investment partnership) and
        it´s follow up treaties upon the E.U..
        Than Monsanto will roll over Europe and you can eat their unhealthy shit or, as an alternative, buy expensive organic food.
        I´m sure the treaty will be signed this year because European politicians are too americanized and brainwashed to deny things ordered by their puppeteers.

        1. Agree. Politicians always love to “sell” us (in the U.S.) on how good these trade deals are for us (more bullshit).
          Any fucking idiot who is bad at math can figure this one out. Now, it will spread across the globe (with this secret new trade deal and others following) and it will have a rippling effect (at a much faster pace).

        2. Yep..all about the quick buck and bail. Look at how many shopping malls are sitting collecting dust, where they used to be thriving. Now replaced by another mall a few more mile away.

        3. Worst thing about TPP is this that this agreement trumps existing laws in the US. For example, one southeast Asian country(might have been Vietnam) is feeding raw sewage to their farmed prawn(yummy). Under this agreement, they will be able to ship those shrimp here with no problem.
          Thats just one example.
          Dont get the shrimp fried rice anymore. 🙁

        4. I read that part as well. Corporations are, also, getting too much power. They aren’t really spelling too many of these new laws out in the TPP (that’s why it was behind closed doors). That shit might fly in other countries but I believe Americans (at least) will be (or should be) up in arms about it. It’s scary to think that a foreign corporation can dictate laws (directly) in the U.S.. This trade deal isn’t necessarily about trade….it’s more about new laws and power.

        5. Doesnt matter if Americans put up a stink, once it passes, thats it. Its damaging to people on both sides of the Pacific- if Thailand currently has a ban on GMO corn, it wont matter, they will have to purchase our GMO corn as part of the TPP.

        6. Yep, good point. It’s all about changing current laws (and policies) and less about actual trade. People need to be aware of the damages – all due to this new “trade” deal.

        7. Monsanto food is already around the world. We even export grains and rice to other countries, although I don’t think either is any more unhealthy than their non GMO varieties….you shouldn’t eat any of it.
          The real problem is that almost alll of the food sold in the US today is run thru 4 huge corporations..

        8. The TPP is about more than trade, as you correctly point out. I don’t believe foreign corporations can dictate laws but rather there are provisions in the proposed treaty that change U.S. law. For the worse. Same with the proposed trade deal with the Europeans.

        9. Right. I know that our politicians are going to “sell” it (to Americans at least) as something that’s good (or needed) for this country. They always do when it comes to these trade deals. Data from 20 years under NAFTA – the results are in – the average American got fucked and we have a major trade deficit. The real concern with this one (TPP): once again a politician (the President) is going to sell it to us and say it’s a good thing. The laws won’t directly change or directly impact us but as you said there will be provisions in it (and another politician will tap dance for us with his hands tied saying there is nothing he can do about it). The U.S. (average worker) always gets fucked in these situations. It’s always good for the few but bad for the country and most of it’s citizens.

        10. I recently read how the U.S. TV industry was gutted by Japanese dumping years ago. We were the world leader in TV manufacturing and suddenly we weren’t. The U.S. government just meekly accepted what the Japanese did when it was really dumping.
          It’s simply amazing. You can’t rely on our leaders to look out for American interests that are just as plain as day. Surrender to the foreigner is the Prime Directive for those traitors. If there’s an American interest to be given away for free, they wet their pants to be the ones who make it happen.
          I think that Americans simply can’t conceive of any level of our government not protecting the interests of productive Americans. We’re beginning to wake up, though. This “comprehensive” immigration “reform” is a con job of the first rank and a lot of people are getting it that the establishment Republicrats couldn’t care less about what the voters want. We just handed a major victory to the GOP and already they funded Obamacare and parts of amnesty for illegals. Heck, the new Congress hadn’t been sworn in and they sold us out.

        11. Right. All of our “leaders” all belong to one big group (one big party)….and you aren’t invited to it.
          More people need to realize that all of these politicians answer to special interest groups (the real people) and they “appear” to answer to the rest of us (to keep order- make sure we don’t march on Washington and pull them out of office – take over). It’s all an act. It’s all about the money in the end (I don’t care which politician or group is standing up there talking (aka selling) to the American people).
          They all belong to the same club, they’re all doing well and the average working American can just keep on working (to death). They don’t give a fuck about you (George Carlin).

        12. I used to not like the “it’s all about money” idea. Now it makes sense. Esp. money to get reelected. That’s vital to those people and as soon as they’re back in office we start getting form letters.
          Off shoring, out sourcing, illegals competing with Americans, indigestible Muslim immigrants, unconstitutional spending, Muslim Brotherhood heavily infiltrated into the federal government, open borders, mass illegal immigration, vote fraud, cheapening of citizenship, a subversive, dishonest Supreme Court — all a matter of indifference to Congress to the polls.

        13. You severely overestimate the intelligence of the average American. The average American gets up, goes to work, does his 9 to 5, goes home, watches TV, then goes to bed. Rinse and repeat. They care not at all for anything outside of their immediate lives.

        14. You are correct on that one…until something happens (something clicks). Whether it’s losing their last job, paying taxes (and seeing them wasted), etc..etc.. There does come a point when they have no choice but to pay attention.
          I’m not saying it’s easier for them to go back to “sleep” – avoid it all. But there comes a time when that American can no longer look away (pretend it doesn’t exist). Something in their life actually makes them stand up and take notice.
          It’s happened before in history with other empires…it will happen to us as well.

        15. That’s a great routine and I bet everyone of those who’ve seen it went back to voting and acting as they always have. They probably believe the same stuff now as then about “the rich,” “capitalism,” socialism,” and a benevolent government.
          I rarely encounter any outrage among normal people (as opposed to deranged leftists). Certainly, none cares about the subversion of the Supreme Court. Roe v. Wade and Sibelius v. N.F.I.B. were constitutional atrocities. The dishonest use of the Interstate Commerce Clause dating from the ’30s simply doesn’t bother the vast majority.
          The massive federal government is just a normal fixture of our “constitutional” republic — just like the Founders designed it.
          I do think the last elections indicate that the natives are restless and I think the tenor of comments on conservative internet sites has become more realistic. There’s more willingness to challenge liberal nonsense.
          Still, it’s not an “awakening.” The pace of attitudinal change is more apparent in Europe. They have many more parties to choose from but they have increased their support for nationalist/salvationist parties at only a glacial pace. PEGIDA is an absolutely new phenomenon.
          We’re probably changing at the same pace. Not like there’s any urgency or anything.

        16. Also Europe doesn’t have urban sprawl, they have better public transit, and people are skinnier…

        17. Sprinkle Bud Light and obsessing over favorite sportsball team in there on the weekend hours.

        18. relatively few starbucks.. No “competitive conversation” where contemplative silences are strongly disallowed..

        19. he’s right but he’s blaming the wrong people, we are to blame, we invited these fucks into our homes and empowered them via our addiction to voyeurism consumerism and escapism. it was the easiest takeover silent siege known to mankind. we have no one to blame but our pathetic weak selves for allowing this to happen.

      2. US is trying to spread it to Arab countries as well, but they don’t want any part of that but the US still keep at it. They fight back so our leaders here call them terrorists. They brainwash us in the media.
        It’s almost like the spread of Christianity. Those that did not convert were considered Anti-Christ and was portrayed as the devil or savages and must be eradicated.

        1. “It’s almost like the spread of Christianity. Those that did not convert were considered Anti-Christ and was portrayed as the devil or savages and must be eradicated.”
          That’s because they often were savages. When Europeans colonized the Orient they didn’t consider the Chinese, etc., to be savages, because they weren’t savages. If the Chinese had discovered the Americas first then things wouldn’t have gone much differently. China runs its modern investments in Africa with the iron fist of a colonial power:

        2. Please, don’t compare this to Christianity. At least Christianity left a good and memorable legacy behind (civilization). The same cannot be said about liberalism being spread today…

        3. Oh, please. Christianity has fisted Western culture in the ass. One of the first things Christianity did was to literally destroy the knowledge base by burning books (and not just literature, but text books, medicine, astronomy, etc.) because they had been written by “heathens.” If you recall, after the glories of the Greeks and Roman Empire, Europe fell into the Dark Ages, where much of human progress was lost and had to be rebuilt.
          Even in the process of rebuilding, the Church fought much of the progress, torturing, murdering and/or threatening those who contributed to the body of knowledge that didn’t tow the line with doctrine. Remember the pograms? The Inquisition? The Salem witch trials? No?
          How much artistry, how much knowledge, how much medical innovation was lost? What passes for civilization occurred DESPITE the best efforts of the Christians, who STILL don’t want evolution taught, who still dispute geologic time, who still dispute the age of the universe, etc.
          What have the Christians contributed? Conformity and superstition. Furthermore, most of them don’t even do a very good job of following the rules in that ambiguous book of poetry they call the Bible. Most “Christians” are conservatives who do nothing more than hate, exclude and tell people outside of their little club that they’re going to hell.

        4. Oh please yourself. Any evils committed in the name of christianity pale in comparison to the death toll arising from atheistic communist regimes.
          Check your bullshit because it sure does stink. You list the inquisition where a total of around 20k people died. That’s a drop of water in the hoover dam compared to say Stalin’s 60 million bodies.
          You may shit on christianity because your so progressive and hey it’s the hip thing to do these days but really you just are a low information troglodyte like most of the brain dead cretins residing in this current idiocracy. The truth of the matter is that the bible is the most copied literary work of entire human history. So while someone like you hates it and can’t even muster the cognitive ability to read something you hate I’m sure, hundreds of thousands if not millions throughout history and even today have risked life and limb and paid the ultimate price just to possess a few words of this book.
          So keep snarking away from your first world country which likely would never be there with all it’s technology and affluence without christianity.
          When you don’t believe in a higher power which also has an absolute moral code you will do absolutely anything to be ahead of everyone else for such is human nature. In fact the romans and greeks which you seem to admire all said their laws derived from the gods.
          You don’t believe in anything higher than yourself? That is fine but you have no right to fret or question when someone bigger,stronger and meaner comes along and decides to curb stomp your fucking head on some pavement just because he can. For that is the law of nature and evolution. Survival of the fittest….so don’t fucking whine like a little bitch when you find yourself on the wrong side of a machete.

        5. Wow, struck a nerve, did I, princess? I’ll try to control my outburst of laughter while I read your semi-literate assessment of my intellectual capabilities. However, there are also a few faults in your little diatribe that I’d like to point out:
          1. You write: “The truth of the matter is that the bible is the most copied literary work of entire human history.” That’s right: LITERARY work–as in FICTION. Sherlock Holmes is a close number two, by the way.
          2. You then offer this bit of drivel: “So while someone like you hates it and can’t even muster the cognitive ability to read something you hate I’m sure, hundreds of thousands if not millions throughout history and even today have risked life and limb and paid the ultimate price just to possess a few words of this book.” Who says I haven’t read it? How would I know I hate it, otherwise? Maybe some rabid loser like you flies off the handle and makes snap judgements, but I like to know my enemies–you know, assholes like you. I don’t care how many people have risked their lives to read it; people have risked their lives to attend a concert by The Who, but that doesn’t make their music holy writ.
          3. Next was this bit of lunacy: “So keep snarking away from your
          first world country which likely would never be there with all it’s
          technology and affluence without christianity.” The Greeks and Romans (see how capital letters work?) produced intelligent, coherent philosophies that indeed did have a spiritual component; however, instead of trying to wipe out learning because they did not care for the source, they assimilated new knowledge–regardless of the source. Greeks and Romans read books, Christians burn them. Had they been allowed to continue, who’s to say that they wouldn’t have produced even MORE technology and academic wonders, given that the Church repeatedly stifled learning with torture and threats of being burned for heresy for simply stating that the earth goes around the sun? You don’t have an answer to that, do you, bitch?
          4. Here’s the clincher in your fanatic little rant: “You don’t believe in anything higher than yourself? That is fine but you have no right to fret or question when someone bigger,stronger and meaner comes along and decides to curb stomp your fucking head on some pavement just because he can.
          For that is the law of nature and evolution. Survival of the
          fittest….so don’t fucking whine like a little bitch when you find
          yourself on the wrong side of a machete.”
          Just like every other “Christian,” (see how I can spell your religion correctly and you can’t, you intellectual giant?) when you can’t compete in a debate, you go back to threatening violence. Your supposed “love” of Christ and his teachings is demonstrably thin. Didn’t he say to love your enemies? Where’s your love for me as you masturbate to the thought of me receiving bodily harm? Yes, spoken like a true Christian.

        6. I never claimed to be a following christian. Besides loving your enemies means telling them the truth even if it offends.
          Sorry I got it wrong..you ARE an intellectual prodigy because you can spell correctly. LOL.
          Where in my post did I threaten you personally? Simply pointed out that the end game of your religious views….oops I mean “philosophy” is one in which the strong devour the weak which in your case means you are going to end up some one’s little dog on a leash if you aren’t already.
          You didn’t refute any of the facts I stated by the way but you did confirm that yes indeed the bible is the most copied literary work of our entire written history so A+ for being redundant chief.
          And yes it is obvious you haven’t read the bible nor any works from christian writer’s and philosophers. I guess Descartes, Pascal and many many others are simply morons according to prestigious intellectuals like you!
          Your worldview relegates man to that of an animal whose only purpose is to fulfill the unending lusts of his body. Don’t try to pretend you are spiritual because you read some stoic philosophy.
          You are a common rank and file materialist drunk on post modernist indoctrination.

        7. Actually, I DID address your claims, ones which you back with no specific facts, but rather with broad assumptions slanted to your pedantic, homilistic view of events.
          Further, even though you are merely semi-literate, you are trying to rewrite my response by including things I never even mentioned:
          “Your worldview relegates man to that of an animal whose only purpose is
          to fulfill the unending lusts of his body. Don’t try to pretend you are
          spiritual because you read some stoic philosophy.”
          I never said any such thing and as far as my pretensions go, I’m free to represent myself as whatever I wish. During your “deep” study of civilizations and freedom, you seem to have missed that–just as you are free to present yourself as the apologist for the morally bankrupt Christian church without actually claiming membership, which you seem to think is your pass to bully people without having to claim any moral or intellectual responsibility for it.
          An example of this would be the delight you exude as you portray brutal consequences for me not towing the Christian doctrine like some mindless drone.
          “when someone bigger,stronger and meaner comes along and decides to curb
          stomp your fucking head on some pavement just because he can. For that
          is the law of nature and evolution. Survival of the fittest….so don’t fucking whine like a little bitch when you find yourself on the wrong side of a machete.”
          This implies a direct cause/effect relationship, that somehow I deserve physical punishment (or maybe even death, right) because I don’t subscribe to your philosophy. Typical of someone who evinces a drone mentality, you hate all who aren’t exactly like you. You’re so jealous of their freedom that you wish them either assimilated like you, or murdered.
          Violence is the failure of intelligence and you’ve failed in this discussion like George W. Bush playing Trivial Pursuit. You hate me because I’ve beaten you and so violence is your only recourse. Therefore, yes, you are a practicing Christian.

        8. I actually don’t hate you bro. That would imply I care enough.
          Furthermore your entire diatribe against Christianity is guilty of the genetic fallacy and is the type of argument I’d expect to hear from a pimply faced hipster faggot fresh out of high school.
          You go on a tirade against the atrocities you claim Christians committed against people like you are some concerned citizen for all those who died under oppressive ideologies.
          If that is the case, where is your condemnation of Marxism and the millions upon millions of dead innocent people it brutally murdered just in the last century? Where is the faux outrage?
          Very telling that you choose to level all your criticisms towards the only religion that is kosher to constantly slam by the establishment. That makes you a conformist coward.
          Like a schoolyard bully kicking the kid with a cast on his leg you try and shit all over Christianity like you had an original thought. You pretend to be actually concerned about the few thousands that may have died under the Inquisition or the witch trials but we don’t hear a peep from you about the horrid atrocities committed by the ideologies which all fall under the umbrella of secular humanism/atheism/communism.
          I never implied that I would commit any sort of violence against you whatsoever. As you should be aware since you alluded to the fact that you read the bible that it is God who brings violence and judgement down on those who war with Him. You fight with someone do you not expect people are going to get hurt?
          It would make me immensely happy though to see you get the very world you clamor for. A world without God and without Christianity.
          It won’t be in any way you starry eyed secular humanist dipshits wish but it will be everything you deserve. That is what I want to see. Everyone getting what they deserve.. That is justice.

        9. That’s the best you’ve got? An indirect ad hominem attack suggesting that I don’t read? You’ve hardly established yourself on as an authority on literacy; one stupid, lazy comment like that is uninformative, unhelpful and useless–much like you, I’m guessing.
          I’m sure your home features a library lined with books. Oh, and by “books” I mean porn mags so that you can beat your dick like an unwanted stepchild while fantasizing about the mail man. And by “home,” I mean “trailer up on blocks.”

        10. Ah, where do I begin? Well, let’s see:
          1. Once again, you write a post tinged with violence; it must really get you off to think about people being hurt.
          2. Yet again, you’re elementary school education has failed you; I presume by “genetic” fallacy, you mean “generic.” There’s this thing called a dictionary you might want to consult.
          3. The reason I don’t discuss Marxist horrors is because that had NOTHING to do with you original post in which you were sucking Christianity’s gold-encrusted cock. Go back and look for yourself.
          4. You demonstrate the intellectual sophisticating of an 8 year old by lumping all people not like you as one liberal mass; according to you, if someone doesn’t share your exact, same thoughts, they must all be Marxists.
          5. You refer to me as a “faggot.” Again, a pathetic combination of straw man and ad hominem fallacies. In your diseased, little mind, I must exemplify everything you obviously hate, projecting your twisted fantasies upon what you presume to be my character. Again, this has nothing to do with facts, but is instead a pathetic attempt to inflict emotional abuse.
          6. “I actually don’t hate you bro. That would imply I care enough.” And yet, here you are, spending all this time to lovingly craft these messages to me. It’s like having my girlfriend bring me my first cup of coffee in the morning. Oh, wait, I mean boyfriend, right?
          7. You argue in absolutes because your mind simply cannot envision someone who doesn’t tow the line exactly on your philosophy, resulting in another fallacy: you’re either for me, or against me. What’s it like in your world? What’s it like to see everyone as an enemy, to cower behind hate and willful ignorance?
          8. “You fight with someone do you not expect people are going to get hurt?” Disagreeing is not fighting; that’s something you fanatics never seem to understand.

        11. No worse than you firing off that idiotic comment about me not reading; you have no basis whatsoever for that. Furthermore, I have referenced books I’ve read–not that I expect you to be sophisticated enough to comprehend that line of thinking.

        12. Oh, princess. Back to the emotional appeals and insults because you know you can’t beat me with facts or logic. There’s no point in continuing this; I refuse to continue feeding steak to someone who would rather dine on scraps.

        13. Well, that was nice bit of leftist conformity and historical ignorance. Replete with some gross imagery at the outset. But do tell us more about artistry, civilization and the Dark Ages.

        14. Why would I bother? Like all other Christian apologists, you simply deny any wrongdoing on the part of the Christian church, but you offer no proof, no coherent counter arguments. I’ve stated my position while all of you have just laid there, like some welfare queen waiting for the next dick to impregnate her. Just lay there; I’m sure some stud will be by soon to service you.

        15. i really really really really really fucking love that associate atheists with communists, and basically call him one.

        16. you’ve cared enough to keep this comment fight going for a while

        17. Well, for one thing they contributed to keeping the Muslims out of Europe for a very long time. Now look what’s happening. And they kept women from being the outright whores and degenerates that they are today now that people have almost completely abandoned religion in the West.

        18. You forget that the “knowledge” we have was preserved in… wait for it… CHRISTIAN monasteries.
          Europe fell into the Dark Ages because the Romans and Greeks became soft and lost their values (kind of like modern liberals have lost values) – when you abandon your values and tradition/ideology the civilization is ripe for conquest. Christianity took over because the Romans had lost their own culture and values to degeneracy and an obsession with entertainment (watching the circus games and gladiator fights) – what comes from having it too easy.
          Barbarians took over.
          What have the Christians contributed? The modern university and the foundation of modern knowledge. A better response to your question would depend on your definition of “contribution”.

        19. Somehow don’t think liberalism, which I understand to be a soft “anything goes” politics and all races are equal will be thriving in its current form for much longer.

        20. Here’s a fun little fact you may want to try to remember for the future: Atheism =/= Anti-theism, Those communist leaders you were talking about were anti-theists not atheists. Anti-theists are practicing a religion of sorts, atheists are not. Anti-theism is the belief that there are no gods, atheism is not believing there are any gods. It’s subtle but important distinction between the two.

        21. The distinction being a perceived set of beliefs or belief in some doctrine. Anecdotally I’ve talked with self professed atheists many a time who had a great number of beliefs and faith beyond measure when it came to their own bias.
          You’re splitting hairs here dude.

        22. No, I’m not splitting hairs, you’re simply failing to recognize the truth. Atheism is a lack of belief in any gods, they can believe in anything else they want though and still be atheist. Anti-theism is an outright belief that the gods do not exist and just like any religious belief system they can have extremists amongst them. You can’t develop an extremist version of belief that doesn’t exist.

      3. I am 55, and in the 1960’s and 70’s, the complaint is that we were following western Europe’s trends
        The only reason people claim it is US who started it, is Hollywood, where people think that movies accurately portray Americans
        Americans act differently across the country, there is definitely a different Southern culture and New England Culture which is different than a New York/Northern New Jersey culture, none of which are similar to California which is different than Oregon or Washington state, which is different than Missouri
        California has re-become latino mostly, the southern half nar the coast
        Washington is like Oregon
        The dakotas and Montana and Idaho are similar
        The upper Mississippi states are similar in character
        South east US is similar in character, but Florida is split
        Maryland make more money than delaware, but not northern delaware
        If you dont live here, you dont know
        I am fortunate to have lived and travelled and seen the differences between people
        the greatest difference hat you can accurately stereotype, I suppose, is : Does a person come from a city or from a small town
        Small town people are usually more polite and decent, people from a city have more of the higher bad issues mentioned here
        But some of these complaints here are true because we followed EUROPE in the 60’s and 70’s, especially the feminization of men.
        And there are a few here that are dead wrong, such as defending a woman who wont sleep with you??? That is wrong to defend a woman just because you aren’t dating her or married to her??

        1. I wont deny that there were European cultural influences on America back in the 1960’s and 70’s. But for one thing, this is at least 40 years ago. If you try to think about it, can you come up with a major cultural trend which has its origin in Europe, and which has had a major impact on the US?
          One thing that is important to remember, is that it primarily was America that won WW2. The other Allied powers also played major parts, but they came out of the conflict quite weakened. The UK and France were economically stagnate, and had lost their empire. While the Soviet, the other great victor, only had influence on the EE countries, due to the Cold war.
          The US in other words emerged as the most powerful nation on earth, both economically and militarily, and this indirectly was a justification of its cultural and ideological dominance.
          What happened in the 68 revolution perhaps took of initially on the ground level in places like France, UK and Germany. But its ideological origin is mostly to be found in jewish leftwing intellectuals exiled from Europe, now stationed in the US in the aftermath of WW2. I am talking about the Frankfurt School of social research. The intellectual centers of the World switched to America in the same period.
          When you take all of these developments into account, the American empire was really born in post WW2.
          I am 38 years old, and from a small Scandinavian country located in the North of Europe. I am old enough to remember the fall of the Berlin wall, and the cultural hegemony of the US which it entailed. And since this period American style cultural marxism and neoliberalism has been immense. I see the change in lifestyle and outlook from then to now, and the differences are striking.
          Hollywood and American pop culture has no doubt played a huge role, exporting attitudes and lifestyles. I am not to sure if Europeans do understand that Hollywood does not paint an accurate Picture of ordinary Americans. I think people sense that it is mostly a Potemkin prop. an artificial construct made to entertain.
          Nevertheless, PC culture, multiculturalism, liberalism, hyper individualism, hedonism and corporate lifestyle has taken a strong hold on the culture. Even if people understand the phonyness, they are ultimately still influenced by the mass cultural imperialism.
          The US is a vast country. And I think that most Europeans understand that the country is characterized by huge differences regionally and ethnically.
          When I am discissing the degenerate cultural influences on the rest of the World, I am offcourse referring to the mass media and other cultural products which have their origin in large urban centers on the West or East coast.
          The people leading these degenerate lifestyles are far from the majority of Americans. But their influence is growing, and their fraction is significantly larger among the youngest generation. So not only size matters, but also the direction and speed of cultural subversion.
          Anyway, thank you for your thoughful input. It made me rethink some issues.

      4. Well, the secularization and the hippie/anti-culture movement originated in Europe right? That seems to be the originator of most of the problems.

        1. Well thats only partly true. No doubt university protests in western ueropean cities played a major role.
          But its main origin is mainly to be found in some subcultures on the West coast. Mostly around the San Francisco area.
          Which is not surprising, since a lot of degenerate cultural trends have their origin in this area.

        2. You’re right. San Francisco has/does contribute a lot of demagoguery and immorality to this country.

      5. Why do you care so much about other people’s sexuality? I’m gay, but don’t go around making a big deal about. Personally, I hate the whole ‘gay culture’ thing myself. Not all gay men/women are the stereotypes you perceive them as.

      6. 20% Tipping Culture is rampant on the West Coast. When I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I vividly recall my 1st time going out there. I was at the McMenamins on West Burnisde. Why I remember this? It was a Wednesday Night and there were literally only 3-4 other folks in the bar. I pulled up a stool, sat down and waited and waited and waited and waited. The bartender walked past me multiple times. Literally sitting there for 10-15 minutes, she finally came over. I was sort-of in disbelief but found out as time moved on, this is standard operating procedure out there.
        Places like Portland and Seattle, the FnB crowd expects minimal 20% tip, yet ironically, the two cities are (hands down) where I’ve experienced the absolute worse service! F n B folks who are obnoxiously slow and give you serious attitude even as a respectful patron.
        Since moving back to Northern New England, I’m refreshed by stellar service. What’s interesting is because of the much better attitude in service here, I absolutely want to tip minimally 20%.

    3. Nothing has changed in 30-40 years, America was always the cultural laughing stock with an addiction to technology (think 1950s cars, or 1970s TVs in every room)….. blabber mouth media, propaganda, arrogant uncultured attitude, opressive Govt. (NSA scandal today was Nixon in the 70s), lots of fatties, xeonphobic or unable to think beyond their state of birth, I know people in Southern Cal. that barely left Orange Country…. American tourists were seen as dumb ass gringo, walking wallets even 30-40 years ago… The women ‘might’ have been slightly better, but do you really think a 1960s hippy chick was any better than today’s hipsters ? A little more feminine perhaps, just as much attitudes and wierd leftist opinions etc….
      If anything the traditional flag bearing Texans etc. have held up the decline while Europe, UK, Aus, Can, are in worse shape because they don’t have a solid constitution and their Govts tend to lean harder to the leftist nanny state model.

      1. Good points.
        Also, hippie chick much worse than hipster chick.
        Both intolerable, but at least the hipster probably doesn’t have a muff.

      2. I once lived in Charleston, S.C. There were many people that would loudly proclaim that Charleston was the best place in the world to live. When asked they would say, “No I have never been outside the city limits; since this is the best place why would I want to?”

      3. During WWII the Nazis; Goebbels especially, routinely mocked the United States for being anti-intellectual, lacking any culture, and being obsessed with material goods. This was in the 20’s and 30’s. The seeds were sown for this problem a long time ago, although the 60’s were the catalyst for what we’re dealing with today. I think most people don’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes as to the extent of degeneracy in the 60’s and how it changed the United States forever

      4. not right that “nothing has changed”. I lived through the 80s and you only need to watch a few films and ads to see there is a sad cultural decline from 30-40 years ago till now, is not to be denied. It is probably mainly defined by the rise of political correctness and too much multiculturalism. There was already reasonable equality and tolerance 30-40 years ago but since then it has gone to luny extremes and the culture has gone from a bit silly and technology addicted to warped.

    4. Not just the West. Have you read about marriage and divorce laws in places like Iran?
      Feminists run the planet. Beyonce for president.
      Good luck fighting your own wars cup cakes. I’m collecting your pay check at the house, watching sprotscenter, and banging your sister. Who doubles as a female draft dodger.
      If you can send me to die overseas, then upon surviving to come home, strip me of access to my kids because of that service….Why should I protect a woman?

      1. “Not just the West.”
        That’s why I said “all Western nations nowadays and then some.”

    5. Several points in this article are spot on. However, I can’t help but notice that a couple of the points are the same that Muslim extremists typically mention when they criticize the West.

    6. I have travel a lot . And don’t forget they are becoming like America because of the American media ,sitcoms and etc.. So yes ,we will see less feminine women, less morals and less marriages and more divorces ,

  6. #29 hits the nail on the head. The last few years I lived in NC there were license checks/dui check points set up at all hours of the day. I remember one being set up 2 days before Christmas around 5 in the afternoon. This is a thinly veiled money grab. When cops pull you over they couldn’t give two shits about your safety or well being. “To Protect and Serve” is now a bullshit slogan they plaster on cop cars. It’s a fallacy at best.

    1. I agree. It’s doing just that plus they’re pandering to these groups who do nothing but bitch and complain.
      It’s definitely a money grab (no doubt about it) but it’s these groups using the state to do their bidding as well.
      I do the “Protect and Serve” – my own family, house, etc.. When things go south, then you can believe the police will be at home “protecting” their own.
      Remember Katrina and that fuck up?

    2. It’s not just a fallacy, it’s a lie. The SCOTUS has clearly ruled that cops are under no obligation to protect you as an individual, their charge is the “protection of society as a whole”. This explains why they often stand around when school shootings are going on, instead of rushing in.

  7. When a lazy fat hog has a higher SMV than a 6’+ fit guy, you know something is terribly wrong.

  8. Twitter might be the most dangerous invention of all time. It even beats out nuclear warhheads.

    1. Something almost no one notices is that the military, independent of the politicians in charge of it, has already emerged as the most respected institution in our country.
      What or whom else do so many people trust and respect? Politicians? Teachers? Our public education system? Our institutions for higher learning? Lawyers? Our healthcare system, which is still frightfully bureaucratic and expensive, teeming with incompetents and profiteers? Trade unions? The news media? Hollywood? Wall Street? Corporations? The FBI or the CIA? The post office? The Catholic Church? Jesus Christ? God?
      You don’t have to look too hard to find someone bad-mouthing the Lord of all creation Himself, and yet almost no one disrespects the military–not from fear, but from admiration.

  9. These are symptoms, the root cause is creating money out of thin air and then allowing it to be given to favored government stooges.

  10. 27. All stores still have the option to use regular checkout lines, but the self-checkout is much faster once you get the hang of it. Technology is making our lives better ;there’s no need to resist it

    1. If you want to attach a face to the notion of a dumpster diver, a simp and a weak beta male all in one, go to google images and search for “lena dunham boyfriend”.

      1. Nah, I trust you. Seriously, even the most unattractive women usually have one redeeming physical characteristic- great ass, teeth, ass, whatever. She has zero and she is somehow a star. I think Im in love man!

  11. “Widespread societal denial of the problems men face while catering to every female problem or conflict under the sun.”
    I’d add that prejudice still exists toward minorities but mainstream society is either unaware or indifferent. Black men for example, even those that are professionals and well-dressed are still feared by some whites and occasionally have to endure police profiling. The broader society is unaware of the emotions that that segment of the population must endure on a daily basis. Without meditation and having an outlet to discuss feelings, some can develop mental health issues and paranoia (thinking most whites are out to get them). Hispanics are also looked down on by some, even though most are amazing human beings that are warm individuals and would be a great friend. No one discusses their emotions. Then there are those who oppose interracial unions (black women hate to see it, and some older whites hate to see it).
    Then within the Hispanic and black communities, there are infighting between certain groups that no one speaks about but if you pay attention you see the patterns and trends.
    Solution is we as a nation need to be more accepting of others that don’t look or sound like us and have a more community spirit instead of being so self-centered. Just my thoughts on broadening the conversation.

    1. Methinks you are a “progressive” subversive trying to inject egalitarian lies into the conversation.
      I’d add that prejudice still exists toward minorities but mainstream society is either unaware or indifferent.
      Notwithstanding every manner of discriminatory “affirmative action” programs from the academe to the workplace, the nonstop noise-making the past months being shoved into our faces over the grievous, institutional “racism” against minorities (sometimes literally, as in the case of “Black Brunch”) has given me a lifetime’s worth of Negro fatigue. Seeing as you can’t go one day without reading about America’s continual sins against minorities, only an radical egalitarian could seriously claim mainstream society is “unaware” of these fabricated issues.
      Black men for example, even those that are professionals and well-dressed are still feared by some whites and occasionally have to endure police profiling.
      Are you saying that criminals cannot be “professionals” or “well-dressed?” In any case, if you’re going to argue against profiling, then doing so on the basis of increased scrutiny of groups that are statistically much more likely to commit crimes is not the way. Furthermore, I would disagree that postjudicial bias is a bad thing (in this case, considering there were 300 black-on-white murders in 2014 alone); if anything, people have lost the ability to discriminate if their lives depended on it.
      The broader society is unaware of the emotions that that segment of the population must endure on a daily basis. Without meditation and having an outlet to discuss feelings, some can develop mental health issues and paranoia (thinking most whites are out to get them).
      Boo-freakin-hoo. I bet you think these traumatized tulips should be provided unlimited taxpayer-funded psychiatric treatment and counseling as well, right?
      Hispanics are also looked down on by some, even though most are amazing human beings that are warm individuals and would be a great friend. No one discusses their emotions.
      Whatever you say. No one discusses my “emotions” either.
      Then there are those who oppose interracial unions (black women hate to see it, and some older whites hate to see it).
      Well you don’t have to worry about it, since no media outlet in the country will ever dare report expression of any such sentiment unless to lampoon it.
      Then within the Hispanic and black communities, there are infighting between certain groups that no one speaks about but if you pay attention you see the patterns and trends.
      I agree that this is something wrong with America. To avoid any racist incidence of police brutality, all law enforcement should be pulled from these ghettos. Seal them off and eventually, the “infighting” will reach an equilibrium.
      Solution is we as a nation need to be more accepting of others that don’t look or sound like us and have a more community spirit instead of being so self-centered. Just my thoughts on broadening the conversation.
      The more diversity you inject into a society, the less trust and more friction there will be among its inhabitants. Any attempt to forcibly bring about acceptance of those who are culturally or linguistically alien will result in resentment, such as that we’re seeing in Europe today.

    2. From the perspective of a heterosexual Black man with yellow fever that also likes to make money, I have to agree with you there. However, this dream world that you envision will never exist, for better or for worse. Also, the language that you used there comes off as pretty fruity, dude.

      1. I haven’t heard that term (fruity) in years, you’re hilarious.
        But yeah I know given human history and nature my vision is unlikely to be realized, especially in America, but MLK isn’t the only one that dreams. sometimes people fight each other without even knowing why.

    3. > Black men for example, even those that are professionals and
      > well-dressed are still feared by some whites and occasionally have to
      > endure police profiling.
      Guess why? Instinct (biology) trumps conditioning (political correctness) every time.
      What few people understand and even less accept is that blacks are a completely different species of hominids, what is in concept 100% anti-equalist and thus extremely un-PC. While they are “human”, they so in the same way as a fox is a “dog” – homo africanus vs. homo sapiens.
      For an intro to this and related issues, read http://erectuswalksamongst.us

      1. That you believe that says a lot about your intelligence. Especially considering the historical violent nature of white males: Native American Genocide, Slavery, Conquistadors in central and South America, Hitler, Hiroshima, Columbine, to name a few.
        But what I will say is there are blacks in the Caribbean that treat whites that emigrate there well, but the reverse is not necessarily true.
        My thing is though, regardless of ones initial skepticism and pre determined attitudes, why is it so hard as human beings to make an effort to treat another man (who behaves well) in a way that is cool and fair regardless of race?

        1. Oh come now. Yes, whites are violent *as cultures*. Individually we’re likely far more peaceful since European culture, especially northern European, developed a rather deep “trust culture” which places a lot of responsibility on individuals to act according to rules of decency in society and to expect that they will be reciprocated.
          In groups though, fuck with us, and we’ll turn your country to a glass packing lot.
          Blacks (not all blacks, I mean inner city ghetto blacks) are individualistically quite violent as is borne out by crime statistics, but lack the social cohesion and trust necessary to stick together beyond small groups (gangs) and a few voting issues (“vote for Obama, he’s black!”).
          Unfortunately a lot of decent normal black people are forced to pay the price for the healthy distrust whites, and other ethnicities, feel for blacks due to the inner city scumbags. My suggestion, fix the problems in the black communities and stop blaming everybody else except the actual participants in inner city black culture.

        2. I can’t argue with you there about the inner city problem. The chains were taken off of their feet and placed on their heads. But to say that the distrust and disdain that others have for blacks will evaporate once the inner city changes its behavior is wrong. Before the inner city cesspool even existed whites already killed countless native Americans and enslaved Africans. Before the inner cities of today existed the Supreme Court had a few choices for dred Scott. Even professional and educated blacks that behave well still face some whites that try to look down on them or refuse to hire or promote them. Even the Africans that come to America and get good degrees still grumble every now and then about the prejudice they face.
          So both sides need to take personal responsibility in changing this systemic distrust bad behavior bad treatment and us vs them kind of mentality. We are all humans.

        3. You’re talking about Americans 100 years ago. Americans today, hell the West today, is so scared of offending anybody that they are nowhere near what they were a century ago. Cure the inner city, let the crime statistics start to reflect that, and people’s attitudes will change. I feel zero fear around my black neighbor whatsoever, great guy, but you won’t catch me walking down a big city street at night without my Colt Series 80 on me and my head on a swivel.
          So both sides need to take personal responsibility
          Sorry, we did take “responsibility” by giving these inner city types every single advantage they could ask for, asking nothing in return. And look where it got us. You can’t even try to get out of that culture without others in it trying to pull you back down.
          Cure the culture, cure the problem. We’ve done enough on the outside, it’s time for inner city “leaders” to step up, stop blaming others, and get down to the nitty gritty of getting their men and women in line with the rest of civilization.

        4. You must have magic powers to infer anything at all about my intelligence, since you have obviously not even read the link. Also, to infer that I treat anybody unfairly for whatever “pre-determined reasons” seems to me to a case of assuming more than you know for fact. “Historical violent nature of white males” is so marxist a trope … my heart bleeds each time I read or hear it.
          Sure, there are decent people everywhere, but the experience of my family and me in Jamaica was rather clouded in that respect.

        5. Attitudes don’t change without familiarizing yourself with other people. Slavery might have ended long ago but you can’t tell me that the white superiority complex that led to the genesis of slavery in the first place ended once slavery ended. We saw Jim Crow after slavery. The white superiority complex still exists. It may be subconscious but it’s there. Hell, MLK died trying to fight for a more perfect union well after slavery ended. Why did the FBI take such interest in this man and why did they kill this man that wanted a more perfect union? Because he was a threat to the white power structure.
          Regardless of whether you want to admit or not, white superiority complex is alive and well in America. I’m not saying all whites look down on black bodies but some do. Especially those in power.
          You speak about fear of the inner city. That’s understandable, but you’ll find that some inner city dudes are quite cool. But I understand your fear. L I really do.
          But what about prejudice in the workplace: hiring or promoting? I’m not saying hire or promote a black person just because they’re black. I don’t support that at all. but if they are actually equal to or greater than their white or asian male competitors, they still have to deal with potential discrimination. Even Google recently admitted that racial makeup of its executive ranks was most likely due to unconscious bias in its practices so the phenomenon is real.
          I want a society where there is more familiarity and less distrust.

        6. I’m not saying all white males are bad, I have several white male friends, but the history of the North and South America, the Caribbean, and large parts of Africa speak for themselves. When whites invaded, they killed to dominate. This is undeniable. No other race of people in the past 500 years have done that.
          What’s been your experience in Jamaica?

        7. I can’t familiarize myself with their nihilistic “culture” because I’m not welcome to do so.
          Spare me the white guilt dude. It really doesn’t play any longer.

        8. Negroes broke into our house several times. One of them tried to murder my mother. We had to live in a white enclave because of the danger of racist violence and seldom went far from certain safe places. Got bullied at school for being white.

        9. You are saying hire blacks cause their blacks . You are saying just that. “Unconscious Bias” I’m trying to think of the way you measure unconsciousness …

        10. > So both sides need to take personal responsibility
          Chimweizu Mbekwe (of “Anatomy of Female Power” fame) posted somewhere (google it) that about 1200 AD iirc Arab traders who went into Africa reported seeing cannibalism, slavery, bestialism and such. CM attributes those reports to “racism”.
          In the same vein, I’m sure that all the “fellow black humans”, rocket scientists, physics and maths nobels all of them, who use our public transportation to push drugs do so only because of “racism”, because, of course, the evil white man doesn’t want to employ them in a way commensurate with their abilities. It must somehow have to do with racism and “superiority complex” of the evil white man that he doesn’t want his bridges and houses built, software designed and written, medicine dispensed … by people whose average IQ is around 70.
          Anonymous Conservative (another bunch of evil white racists), state that blacks are what they are due to a very r-selective environment: fathers mostly absent (matriarchy is strong among blacks), mild climate and fertile soils with abundance of easy to get food, etc. which are environmental/evolutionary conditions which force people neither to invest much in their offspring nor to excel at anything (perhaps beyond pointing fingers at and demonizing more successful groups).

        11. The unconscious bias means that people tend to surround themselves with those that they are most comfortable with and in many instances that means those that look alot like them. People that they feel that are most like them.
          But there are people that may not look at all like you that are still equally if not more qualified than someone that looks like you to do a job or task. Should this “other” be completely excluded because their DNA codons selected for more melanin in their skins? Or selected for some feature that is distinctly different in physical appearance than you?
          If a group of people are unqualified and excluded due to superior competition from more able others that’s one thing. But if they’re more than qualified, and they also have a good personality and character system, but still get excluded, then that’s another thing altogether.

        12. Truth is that all White people try to avoid places with many Blacks, either consciously or not. That is unless it is an obese mudsharking skank with a death wish.
          Blacks in large numbers are just bad news. That is the reason why people who are considering moving into a new neighborhood always need to know what the demographic makeup is.

        13. My stepfather was working for the UN in a “development” project. That’s why we ended up in that shithole of country, whose main income streams appear to be “obese mudsharking skanks” (LOL) and ganja.

        14. So ?? I could give 2 shits who a company hires and what they look like as long as my stuff works. You’re a race obsessive . A company should be able to hire and fire whoever they want for whatever reason. Why don’t you start YOUR OWN BUSINESS and hire all the lesbian sherpas you want.

        15. That sucks. I understand where you’re coming from. The bullying was probably more due to you being an outsider than anything, though that doesn’t excuse the treatment. And the breaking into your house thing, that’s definitely a problem especially with poor/drug people living around you. Keep the faith man.

        16. But what’s the difference between those that complain about racism and those that complain about feminism. Seems to me anytime a white person is told to take responsibility for anything here comes the same ol rhetoric or excuse making.

        17. So basically your basing your distrust of a whole race off of a couple of incidents. However let a minority share a similar experience and the reply is much different.That white “superiority complex” is alive and well because according to some on this site the white man is the greatest human being created,but somehow always seems to to get the shaft from all of mankind. Stop blaming “darkey” for all your views.. Not to get off topic but I watched “gone girl” this week and it’s the perfect example of how people view race,class and gender in the U.S. like a bunch of programmed sheep… smh

        18. If a group of people unlike you and your kind dominated the society you lived in (from the government who grants business licenses, to the leadership of most of companies that provide employment, etc) and they hired whoever they wanted for whatever reason — at the near total exclusion of people like you — then you’d feel a bit different about being excluded. This kind of systematic exclusion from high paying jobs would render your people to the second class or worse.
          Now luckily in America, this kind of system doesn’t exist anymore in the same form, but it once did. Nowadays there is much more opportunity than before. However, a big part of that reason for more opportunity is because of conversation about why white males dominated the advanced/high-paying work place at the near exclusion of everyone else.
          And to stop it from continuing means continuing to have a conversation about unconscious bias. You don’t have to like it.

        19. If you think this such atrocities are exclusive to white people, then you seriously need to brush up on your world history. White people are often quite the underachievers in that regard.
          You mention Africa, look what happened after the white people LEFT Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia, South Africa, etc. Killings, violence, rapes, and more all exploded, and continue nearly uninterrupted to this day. Look at Muslim Arabs not only in the Middle East today but throughout their entire history. I know these are just two examples among many, but your association with invading/killing with only “white” people seems strange to me.

        20. “So both sides need to take personal responsibility”
          As a non-black individual, having massive chunks of my money taken away in the form of taxes to pay for endless welfare, affirmative action, government “diversity” and civil rights initiatives, importing Somalians into our neighborhoods, and more aren’t enough? How much more “personal responsibility” do I need to take here? Maybe you need to analyze some other sides of the story?

        21. “the white superiority complex”
          It’s a majority-white country. Was as much as 90-95% white until just a few decades ago. Why aren’t white people allowed to utilize their people and resources for their own benefit first?
          If you want to live in a country that benefits your race first and foremost, you have plenty to choose from across the world, and many treat whites FAR nastier than American institutions have ever treated blacks. For example, I hear Zimbabwe is nice this time of year.

    4. To be honest it sounds alot like social Justice warrior whining to me.
      Miscegenation is not popular in many quarters since it will destroy the racial fabric of a people. Some also view it as extra competition, but this is not the main reason for disgust.
      Black men are looked on with suspicion more often, because of a higher proneness to commit crime. Its a bad thing if you are a lawabiding Black person, but there is a rational reason why Things are the way they are.
      A short term solution is to stick to your own kind in your own neighborhoods. This way negative racial interaction is avoided. “Racism” problem solved.
      Long term solution is secession and ethnic/racial separation.

      1. Well I’m sure the American Indian would probably say the same thing about y’all because you white people seem to forget this isn’t your country either. We definitely didn’t ask to be here The problem with that thinking is that you guys seem to try to copy us a lot. Our music,our culture is something that is emulated throughout the u.s. almost like an unhealthy jealousy. But that’s another thing that’s wrong with the US. People like you and other racists regardless of color

        1. Willie I am not an american. I am a foreigner who just happens to have spent som years in the great old US. So you are right this is not my country. But I did come to the US on my own free will.
          And I am certainly not trying to copy black culture in any way. There no doubt are segments of wiggers who crave to be Black, but they in no way define all white people living in America. And here I am speaking from personal experience.
          You need to look beyond what the mass media and Hollywood is promoting.

    5. Simple statistics explain the apprehension that reasonable Americans feel around blacks and Hispanics. Doesn’t help that they’re treated as “protected classes” by our progressive overlords, meaning they receive extra benefits, affirmative action, and preferential hiring for the same level of talent. You can’t have a proper community with people who operate on different standards.
      In addition, blacks are only 13% of the American population (although you’d think it’d be more by the way they’re injected into every advertisement, company image, movie, TV show, etc in this country). The other 87% of the populace aren’t going to bend over backwards to appease a small minority when they have their own issues to deal with. That’s something you need to accept.

      1. Being overrepresented in the media is one of the major problems for blacks. When they do something great they get a lot of attention, and when they do something bad they get even more attention. Anyone with half a brain knows that blacks do not commit the majority of crimes in this country because they do not have the numbers. In my opinion they should fight for less media attention, keep things low key, and focus on building stable families and making money. Screw fame it’s overrated.

        1. “blacks do not commit the majority of crimes in this country because they do not have the numbers”
          Unfortunately, in many areas throughout the country (especially in cities where they make up a significant proportion of the population), they absolutely do commit the majority of crimes. Even nationwide, they commit the majority of homicides (http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008.pdf, page 12). I wish it weren’t true any more than you do, but you underestimate the extent of the problem I think.

        2. I agree, in the urban slums, it’s pretty bad and spills over to the other areas of the cities and suburbs. Many middle and upper-middle class blacks (and Latinos) don’t even go to those areas too, out of fear for their own general safety.

  12. 36. Everyone is obsessed with watching stupid sports that has nothing to do with them personally at all.
    37. K-12 school is a prison camp where conformity, boring, useless work is expected to be done and where everyone has to put up with cunt feminazi’s and manginas as ‘teachers’ who don’t actually teach anything at all and kids are forced onto ADD medication when they don’t’ actually need it.
    38. Where all women y the age of 21 are either massively overweight land whales, narcissistic cunts, used up sluts, or single mothers and all of them are undatable.
    39.Where 98% of men are either mangians or white knights.
    40. Where over 100 million people are either unemployed or working part-time jobs that can’t sustain a living while collectively we are in trillions of dollars in debt yet somehow corporates are making record profits in a country that is rapidly becoming 3rd world.
    41. Where millions of illegal immigrants (and their diseases ) are flooding into the country at will.
    42. Where 2 of the most common causes of death are related heart diseases and cancer
    43. Where there are only 2 political parties that are both bought and paid for yet most Americans believe that their is no problem with this at all and still vote as if they are actually making a difference.
    44. Where everyone is on some short of drugs for something legal or illegal.
    45. Where fathers are absent and mother abused and neglected their children.
    46. Where twitter and facebook are now everyone favorite activity.
    47. Where democracy is the the state religion that always fails no matter what.
    48. Where the nation infrastructure as not been updated in the past 50 years and hundreds of car wreaks happen daily because of it.
    49. Where criminals like Casey Anthony walk free while men false accused of rape like Brian Banks get to rot in a jail cell all based on the word of an American cunt.
    50. Where everyone is happy that we are racing to the bottom.
    51. Where wal-mart is the only place where anyone can afford anything.
    52. Where food isn’t a meal but just 5 mins of grease and fat.
    53. Where the mainstream media pre-determinants everyone’s view of an event before the facts can ever be presented.
    54. Where welfare has turn into a lifestyle.
    55. Where higher ‘edumafacation’ has turned into an constant 4 year frat party.
    Did i leave anything out?

    1. I think you missed a few and I think if you really cared you could’ve hit 60.
      I’m joking…good list there, bravo.

    2. Im not obsessed with sports at all. As you get older it gets harder to get together with friends..to nail down and commit to a date and time. Sports events to me act as a way to force a group of friends to get together, and thats how I view them. F whats going on on the field or TV.

    3. Astronomically high property taxes. Even if you own your house outright it is absolutely laughable to fork over 8k or more to the government each year on a 3 bedroom house. People in Europe that know about this literally laugh at us for it. Property tax on many homes in Poland is about $50.00 a year…..

      1. Americans complaining about taxes…Go living in a country like the Netherlands, Denmark or Belgium…you might as well get the lube ready, because you gonna get raped.

        1. At least you dont have to worry about going bankrupt due to healthcare costs from no insurance or inadequate insurance lol

        2. NO one goes bankrupt in the US because of healthcare costs.
          You go bankrupt if you can’t pay your other bills.because you are sick.
          If you have a serious illness or accident,, the banruptcy laws allow you to have your medical bills, all your credit cards and other outstanding debts to be dismissed.

        3. When you can’t pay your monthly healthcare insurance premium, the governments in those countries typically seize your income, after which you get the minimum to survive until the debt you have is paid off. But indeed, at least you get the minimum and won’t have to sleep under some bridge.

    4. 56. Tying into 15&34, many people lack even the most basic practical skills, like changing a tire, sewing on a button, or cooking a meal from scratch.
      57. There is no pride or understanding of heritage and tradition, and history is unknown. If history is known at all, it is from watching TV or movies.

        1. I wish there would be more pride in this too. Of course there are specific movements we can support like anti-islamification, but how about just a general pride of western heritage and tradition, even a certain quiet acceptance of the colonisation chapters without all the damned white guilt. “Western pride” or “White pride” but with a general pride and gratitude for everything the west has done..

    5. 56.Where men of true knowledge and virtue are defeated by institutions.
      57. Where every social system created punishes masculine strength and rewards weakness and servitutde.
      59. Where winners are liars and all must adapt to play the game.

  13. I agree with everything except one-half of #27 – self check-out lines. I have nothing but contempt for most people I see, and if I can get my groceries without having to interact with a 23-year-old, pierced, tattooed, obese, self-aggrandizing turbo-whore, then I am a happy man.
    Other than that, spot-on, my brother!

    1. I can understand not wanting to deal with these types but the flip side is these people become unemployed or underemployed.
      Then, it’s government (state or federal) benefits and subsidies to the rescue – we pay for it.

  14. Good list. Some of them I agree with more than others, and some of them annoy me more than others, but I can’t completely deny any of them (at least not after just one reading on my first coffee).

  15. I’ll use this comment section to go on a personal rant.
    36: Men’s obsession with pro football
    I’m sitting here at work and I’ve already been asked three times in less than an hour if I thought yesterday’s play in some “big game” was a football catch or not. Uhhhhh, what? If I’m not playing in this “big game” or if it doesn’t affect me why am I supposed to care again?
    I had no idea what these schlubs were talking about but two of them were getting in a heated argument about it. Seriously. A heated argument about a meaningless event by some sports player who wouldn’t piss on any of us if we were on fire. And this is sadly the norm.
    I understand escapism. I just read some depressing article on here yesterday about “The Void” and how life is ultimately meaningless. That right there, is why we need to escape. But escape in something else for Christ’s sake. Read a good book, lift weights, do a project, draw, anything other than watching a bunch of grown men live out their dream while you sit on the couch drinking beer.

    1. thought i was the only one who didn’t like football….. guess that makes two of us. there’s probably more…..

      1. American football is most likely to greatest compilation of trash I have ever seen.
        Every players rap sheet is longer than the entire field.

        1. Another funny thing about sports fans is that they defend all the off the field actions of players on “their team” and then are quick to call other team’s players “thugs”.
          The reality is that most pro sports players are just morons who are gifted athletically. Most of these guys got their tutors to do their homework for them in college in order to get their rigorous Family Studies degree. If not for the male soap opera, most of them would be overnight stockers at Target (or in today’s America, on welfare).

        2. “Family studies degree”, LOL. I didnt even know that this specific bullshit degree existed.

      1. I understand that. But I look at a non-physical sport like soccer as more of an art. Football is more a version of tribal warfare, where the warriors are a bunch of fat guys arguing on the couch.

        1. Your opinion is outrageously subjective and inconsistent. So sport A is an acceptable form of escapism but sport B isn’t? Either sports are or are not an acceptable escapism. I personally don’t care until people start disrupting other societal functions (most common in soccer).

        2. lol….
          I can tell you’re a feisty one.
          I’ll concede this e-argument to you. Go ahead and add it to your tally.

        3. I love soccer myself and play it. It is very aggressive and physical. Lots of fat people who watch and get drunk at soccer games.

        4. Aye, Soccer is physical. It is the sports equivalent of Leftism. A whole hell of a lot of motion for very, very little actual results. heh
          Can’t stand the game myself, but in fairness, I can’t stand watching most any sport.

        5. ever get kicked or tackled in the shins, quads, or in the calf? it can be more painful than a broken bone. It’s not the pussy sport many think it is.

        6. I’ve played, in the military. I’m not saying it isn’t physical, I agreed with that actually. Lots and lots and lots of running around, sometimes even injuries (though most are feigned, which we all know), but no real action. At least none that keeps me interested. And again, no sport particularly appeals to me to watch.

        7. yes, the flopping is a stain on the sport. that’s one part of it I hate as well. I used to do it to an extent competitively when I was younger. Now I know better. I play fair.

        8. Soccer is a very physical sport. The IQ of an average soccer fan is not higher compared to an american football fan.

        9. Hockey and lacrosse are a lot more fun to watch and play than soccer. Far more physical too.
          I certainly give soccer credit for the amount of endurance required to play.

        10. Soccer is basically 90 minutes of wind sprints, sometimes kicking a ball. Fuck, even Matt Damon in “Dogma” called it the most exhausting activity you can do bar genocide.

        11. Sure, it requires plenty of endurance.
          Lacrosse and hockey are far more violent and fun in my experience due to the level of contact. Not just bodychecks, but in lacrosse you can wail on your opponent with your stick as long as they are in possession of the ball.

    2. A good point here and I’ll add a little to it.
      I think if men are going to get together, then they should get together to have beer (drinks) and discuss important issues, share ideas, knowledge, etc…
      I don’t think there is anything wrong with catching a little sports now and then but men need to put this shit into perspective (it’s not your life, not your game, it means nothing to you)…so you are right in that manner.
      Yes, many should take up worthwhile activities: weights, books, hobbies, other…and not so much time focused on nonsense.

      1. I agree, nothing wrong with getting together, cracking open a beer, and watching a game.
        Alex Jones is entirely against football, but look at him. He’s not exactly somebody I would want to be either.

    3. I’ve honestly never had that problem. Yes, lots of guys are immersed in it, but when asked I reply “Eh, not my thing”. Nobody gives me shit, and if they do follow up with a “Really?” the answer they get is “I prefer playing sports for real instead of watching somebody else do it”. Shuts them up pretty quickly and it rather underhandedly points out their own pitiful lack of health consciousness to boot.

      1. That’s the same answer I give also, and it’s true. I’d much rather be doer than a spectator/scorekeeper.

    4. Football obsession is annoying. Everyone thinks the Superbowl is a big deal and Superbowl parties are the norm.

  16. All of these are terrible, but most are just symptoms of the root cause. In my opinion, #30 is the real problem. Fixing that would fix most of the rest of these.

  17. Well, I supposed that the list could be “35 Things Wrong with Men”, because, in fact, they facilitated all of them. Typically with the strong relationship with their smaller head and wallets. Heavy emphasis on wallet.
    The fact is that women have very little influence on any of these. Men allow it, and it’s not exclusive to America.
    Furthermore, stop harping on homosexuals, frankly, they have more game than any of us. It’s nothing more than jealousy.

    1. Oh please. Homosexuals who go about their lives without trumpets blaring at every turn, ok, whatever, my libertarian nature does not frankly care. But the strong push of homosexualization on culture is so blatant that even on the fence types are noticing. Maybe they should be quiet and accept that they are “equal” and get the hell on with life instead of demanding not only equality before the law, but actual celebration of their depravity in the public sphere.

      1. You sound angry and probably don’t get much attention from women either.
        Stop using homosexuals as a scapegoat for your inability to get it wet.

        1. Ah, ad hominem. I figured you weren’t up to a rational discussion.
          Don’t bother answering, I’ve no inclination to engage with a person who can offer nothing except emotional appeals and insults.
          Don’t let the door hitcha where the Good Lord splitcha.

        2. once LARD said you have a problem “getting women” … you already knew what gender or beta type this person is.

        3. ” no inclination to engage with a person who can offer nothing except emotional appeals and insults.”
          But you did…typical hypocrite.

        4. Yeah, typical feminist moron, clearly. And the usual shaming tactics. It gets so boring, and they don’t even know that their boilerplate ad hominem can be transcribed to a book it’s so consistent.

        5. it’s like they have canned phrases they copy and paste from Elite Daily or Jezebel .

        6. Best solution is to ignore her/”him” and stop replying. They go away after a while, their need for attention needing slaked to stick around too long in a dry fishing hole.

        7. You call yourself Ghost of Jefferson as if that moniker is some type of cultural breakwater.
          It’s a good(abet old) story, but keep trying.

      2. Yes it’s not just tolerance they want but it’s adoration. You must adore the gays. You must promote homosexuality. Why it’s just as good as being straight don’t you know.

        1. Exactly.
          One need only take ten minutes to observe popular culture to get the message. To deny this is to deny the nose on one’s face.

        2. For what? Jealous, of what…homosexuals? Why would someone be jealous of them? I don’t understand?

        3. No, they want more than tolerance they want access to our teenage sons. They worship youth and having sex with a young man is the holy grail of every homosexual. They want to confuse the minds of our youth so they will experiment with homosexuality and they want to be the ones conducting the experiment.

    2. what game is there in homosexuality. Just go to one of their bars and offer up your colon. It’s the easiest way toget laid.How do you think AIDS spread amongst them faster than anyone else?

        1. Funny how the title of this post is What’s Wrong with America.
          #36….Americans think they are the only people on the planet.

    3. Homos are down to fuck and suck all the time, with pretty much any guy. There is no game involved.

  18. “Having to constantly be exposed to Spanish announcements, signs, and advertisements because immigrants are too lazy to learn English.”
    I don’t totally agree with this since some parts of the US have substantial Spanish-speaking populations (historic reasons or otherwise). However, I am aware that there are some people who won’t even take the time to learn English to a good enough level to communicate outside of their little ethnic circles.
    The US, unlike many other countries, has no official language. And Americans aren’t exactly the most eager learners of foreign language; as they show when many of them travel abroad.

    1. English is unofficially the main language. The latinoes should learn English as all other foreign gringos like myself is expected to.
      Many of the Americans I have met are actually quite eager to learn a foreign language, if the intend to settle Down abroad.
      So I think your explanation is a poor excuse.

      1. I agree with you, but I still do think you’re overestimating how many Americans are willing to actually learn a foreign language (and not recite stuff from inadequate schooling). Outside of larger cities there really aren’t that many…

        1. So? What need do they have to do so? The land mass of these united States is huge, on a scale that is simply incomprehensible to Europeans who have not traveled either here or to Russia. One can spend their life in a new town every single day and still not exhaust the entirety of the land of the U.S.
          Europeans learn different languages out of necessity, they sit on top of each other and have for thousands of years. It’s a requirement. When you deal with a huge continent where two of the three major countries speak one language (yes, I know Quebec in Canada is not officially English speaking, I’m talking generally), you don’t have to.

        2. Perhaps. But if you choose to stay put within the borders of the US, there isnt that dire a need to learn another language.
          Spanish speakers should however learn how to speak english.

        3. p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }
          I would of thought that a Latino
          living in the US would want to learn English. Not just because they
          live in an Major English speaking country but because 1.It is the
          language of trade and where better to learn then one of the many
          English speaking country and 2. Many people around the world speak
          English as their second language, it would help both with work and traveling around the world

  19. Excellent article Roosh!
    Its not just in America either – countries all around the globe are to a greater or lesser extent adopting this same bullshit.

  20. Wow, that police sketch. Apparently the suspect left a swim meet, chemotherapy treatment session, or the set of a new Matrix film in order to make a very half-assed attempt at blowing up the Colorado Springs NAACP headquarters.

  21. Roosh… trigger warnings…
    I’m eating breakfast and that effeminate pseudo-anti-male at #25 almost made me puke a little.

  22. It’s all part of the grand masterplan of the Western elite to install the NWO everywhere in the world: subverting everything to make you powerless.

        1. I sort of thought you could have been joking, but since it was a horrible joke I thought maybe you were serious

      1. Why would we need public trains precisely? Most of the U.S., outside of cities, is quite happy to drive automobiles, and we’re so vast in land that public transit makes zero economic sense outside of big cities. I figure, why prop up inner city sewer cultures any more than they are now. Screw public transit, walk or get a car. Don’t like the crowds, move out of the deep blue shitholes we call cities.

        1. 95%? I call horseshit. If you pulled a slightly smaller percentage out of your ass, I wouldnt have even noticed.

        2. She’s a troll. Best practice is to ignore her, she’s here to stir shit and call names and spout leftist bromides and insults. Best left to sputter in her own little mental prison.

        3. Its a woman? I thought it was a quad-gendered pansexual evergreen forest pixie. But its the internet, and you never know who you are talking to.

  23. The word “cities” are self explanatory for problems listed. Most big cities, outside of the Midwest and Old West (with exceptions even there of course) are bastions of cobalt blue “culture”. You’d expect to find decent human beings there much in the same way you’d expect to find a living mastodon under the La Brea tar pits.
    Note: I know of no Tea Party individuals in my sphere of friends and acquaintances who approves of any NSA spying whatsoever. The cartoon above was drawn by a leftist who is all about smearing the Tea Party and who tries to blur the lines between them and the establishment GOP. Bad idea.

  24. These sick people are even promoting homosexuality to children now. CHILDREN. It’s in children’s cartoons that used to be wholesome.

    1. Honest question, can you list examples? I’d like to have some at hand for an article that I’m thinking about writing, but my kids are far removed from cartoons at their ages.

      1. I havent seen what Damien is referring to, but I mentioned SheZow on Cartoon Net(boy turns into a transvestite in order to fight crime) a few days ago…It is mindblowing that this shit is on TV.

        1. Ah yeah, that whole Manga thing right (or is that the same thing, whatever, the Japanese animation).

        2. No, its not japanese anime. The best anime was very red pill.
          Im referring to a recent, American-made cartoon on good ol cartoon network.

        3. Ah, then I’m totally out of the loop on the topic. Will look up the reference you provided, thanks.

      2. The show Good Luck Charlie, and now a show called the Legend of Korra. They turned the title character of that show into a dyke for no reason. And the creators used straight up SJW lingo to say why they did it.

        1. I was about to say this. The Legend of Korra shit deserves it’s own article on this website. SJW’s went way WAY over the top with that one.

        2. It just pisses me off so much, you don’t even understand! “Guess what little girls, your can’t be strong and independent unless you’re dyking !” One of my favorite franchises infected by the SJW agenda.

  25. Americans are unnaturally overweight, with little shame on being “plus sized.”

    Solution: Complement svelte, in shape or otherwise healthy weight women in front of other women, especially in front of overweight/fat women. Don’t even look at the fatties, just offer the compliment sincerely, and if possible, without flirting. A kind of matter of fact: “Hey, it’s nice to see a lady who manages to take care of herself and look nice in public. Well done” or whatever.

      1. Chances are, you’re a troll.
        I’m in shape actually, very much so. But thanks for more ad hominem. I guess you really cannot deal with somebody who does not embrace homosexual culture. Deal with it.

      2. And…chances are you’re overweight, IF, we go by current stats.
        But, this is an anonymous internet comment thread and I don’t think GOJ’s avatar picture is him in real life. Look, I’m just being honest, you’re on a comment thread…there is no way to know anything about GOF’s outside of what he says, so, there is no way you could ever know is current weight or BMI.
        Fucking stupid.

        1. The irony of somebody calling me fat, with a handle of “Lard”, was not lost on me, heh.
          I’m only surprised she didn’t say “neener neener” at the end of her post.

  26. Lets not forget crushing student debt that ends many peoples lives before they even begin. Student debt alone is reason enough to ditch this country.

    1. Nobody forces anybody to go to college. That’s a self inflicted wound.
      Take up a trade with your hands, apprentice with working men, and come out with a high paying job where you get to be outside or at least not in a cubicle, you get job satisfaction for doing real work, and you come home at the end of the day satisfied.

      1. Im glad you brought that up and i agree to a certain extent but way too many ppl pretend that the trades are the answer to everything. We are not all going to be electricians or work on the oil fields. The trades are equally suffering because people are not spending money on renovations or building new things. Plus i know many tradesman who have inconsistent work or simply have to wait their turn due to other men having more seniority than them. The fact of the matter is everything is going to shit.

        1. Sure everything is going to shit. My suggestion is not an end all be all, but it’s a way to avoid stupid levels of debt. Most trade skills men I know are pleading for anybody under the age of 30 to come on board, at least where I live. All of the crews are getting old and no new blood is coming up through the apprentice ranks.
          I believe Home Depot released a demographic survey not too long ago about their customer base, and found that the majority of their customers are 35 and older, and their < 35 demographic was shrinking drastically. That there suggests that the market is wide open for any up and coming Millenial who is good with his hands and wants a future.
          But yes, no perfect solution to be sure. But then again, college debt is a self inflicted wound, as I mentioned. And a totally unecessary one at that.

        2. “I believe Home Depot released a demographic survey not too long ago about their customer base, and found that the majority of their customers are 35 and older”
          These are the people that have the time to wander around Home Depot and enjoy it. Did the survey also state that the majority of the men were illegal aliens?

        3. Yes thats true but it stops being a self inflicted personal problem and begins to be a nationwide problem when an entire generation of young people are not participating in the economy because their whole salary goes to loan payments and rent. The long term consequences of this are inescapable when most of our economy relies on people buying things.

        4. No, it’s a self inflicted problem for each individual who took out a loan. I do not deal with collectives, sir.

        5. Sure you can always say its peoples own problem. And I wont deny that people are responsible for making informed choices.
          But before 2008 at least, potential students were misinformed about the future prospects of holding a college degree. And this from many different sources, including the government.
          So it is some what easy in hindsigt to tell people in their twenties that they shouldnt have been so young and naive, and least of all to put trust in the government authorities.
          When this takes place on a mass scale in a bubble economy its really more an issue of manipulation and scamming, as opposed to a simple question of personal responsibility.

        6. Parents are responsible for informing their children of the hard truths of the world. There was no shortage of information on how silly it is to go 200k in debt for an ‘education’ back in 2007.
          No, each person is responsible for his own debts and bad choices. If one is not informed, one simply does not care to investigate. I could have told you in the 1980’s that most college degrees were worthless, and there was zero real “internet” back then. Simple observation works.

        7. Well whos responsibility is it now, parents or the early 20 something kid planning on going to college?
          What if your parents are wothless cretins or gullible beyond belief?
          What if your parents are actually advising you to take out the loan, since they believe in what the nice govenrment and student advisors are telling them?
          Sure there was much info on the stupidity of obtaining student loans, but there was also alot of info pointing in the exact opposite direction.
          It is not a question of laziness or indifference, but of conflicting information given in an environment of carefree optimism.
          And we are not talking about a few lazy or stupid individuals, but millions of people being scammed into loans. With the government assuring the students that they are “investing” in their future.
          You make it sound like it would be a pretty simple task to determine what the relevant information is , when this was not the case.
          Internet does not necessarily make the case any easier. Just a whole lot more complex information to get through, with very different conclusions.
          If it was a question of simple observation, few people would have taken the loans. But this clearly isnt the case.

        8. Bad experiences breeds life lessons to learn from. Stop absolving individuals of responsibility for believing easily falsifiable lies. They get hurt, they learn. Coddling them keeps them servile and dependent on others.
          Sometimes life is pain. This is how we grow and come to acquire wisdom, do not cheat others of this opportunity.

        9. These were not easily falsifiable lies. When trusted authorities give conflicting information it really just creates confusion. Who should you trust in this situation?
          And we are not talking about individuals with plenty of life experience able to adequately discern what the relevant information is.
          We are mainly dealing with young gullible adults who put trust in authorities, who believe the governmennt has their interests at heart. When the government is telling all these people that there will be plenty of jobs for them once they graduate, its really a question of straight up lying. The government violated the trusting relationship with its Citizens in this case.
          Its fine learning a lesson in life. But you are not keeping track of the proportions here. Getting a slap in the face or perhaps getting banged up will teach you a lesson. Financially crippling people for most of their remaining life is a whole different thing. Its just plain and simple punishment.
          And the crime consisted of nothing more than being naive and trusting in authorities.
          “What does not kill you makes you stronger”, is strictly speaking not true. Sometimes it just breaks you, in this case financially. You dont need to bankrupt people to teach them a lesson, far less can do the job.
          The mentality you are espousing is typical of a low trust society. All reducible to “dont be a trusting sucker, or its your own fault”.

  27. “hopeless addiction to entertainment, technology, and celebrity gossip.”
    JHC! The irony.

  28. Just yesterday, I watched a man use his EBT card to buy a bunch of junk food at the gast station….junk food that he probably could have gotten for probably 1/2 the price if he had gone not even a mile down the street to the grovery store. But hey, lets just keep throwing money at his ass.

    1. I used to work at an overrated gas station chain named Quik Trip. Probably about 95% of the people that would pay with EBT cards would get a bunch of junk food almost every time or even cigarettes and beer. Then you look at the people and they are either single moms or a bunch of low life looking men and women with multiple tattoos and piercings who also smoke and drink but come in with their kids looking ragged. Saw it way too often. I know having vices like getting tats, smoking, and drinking isn’t cheap yet instead of only getting things they need they throw away their money on stupid junk. Makes me sick, glad I don’t work there anymore.

      1. Think of it as a learning experience most of us speak about the gluttonous welfare cheats but you speak from first hand knowledge. There is a reason why America’s poorest are the fattest, poor people make poor decisions in money, relationships, and diet. On the other hand I cannot explain the office hogs with their bloated salaries and bloated bodies those I see daily with my job.

        1. The office hogs probably fill their gut with junk and fastfood out of convenience. They spend most of their time in a depressing office environment and dont have the energy or motivation to Cook when they come home.
          America requires a food revolution. People need to relearn how to Cook and eat communal meals. And also far more regulations of the food industry. Some of the stuff sold in supermarkets is practically lethal from a nutritional standpoint.

  29. We all know America is going down the drain… so where would you guys recommend moving too? I’d love to live in Seville, Spain. I spent a week there and loved its laid back lifestyle. It’s very homogeneous, pretty much only white Spaniards, very few ethnics or minorities from shitty 3rd world countries. The women are beautiful and very modest. The food is amazing and inexpensive.

    1. Planet X, Nirboru….whatever its called…that renegade planet is passing by sooner rather than later…

  30. Brilliant. I was nodding to every item on the list. And yet, I got ridiculed for wanting to get the fuck out of that insane asylum. It makes for a fun story to tell though. Americans in their arrogance think they are the standard by which all other nations and cultures should be judged. It seems their sense of self worth and entitlement is as bloated as their waistlines.
    The eye altering, alters all doesn’t it.

  31. Another wonderful article by Roosh. It’s sad that many hispanics don’t want to learn English, although I always try to improve mine. And even if It sounds awful, It is true: women’s vote is shit.

  32. Wow….just wow. This is some of the worst garbage I’ve ever read. I mean it’s so bad that I feel the need to comment about how horrible it is.

    1. Wow….just wow.
      God how I love when this happens from a female poster. It’s like a gift from the Gods of Setup Lines.

        1. I wasn’t speaking to you dear. It was to the general audience. Your post doesn’t require a direct reply, only mockery.
          I write this particular post to you directly because at my core, I’m a gentleman, and felt you should know you’re making yourself an object or ridicule.
          No further posts to you shall follow.

        2. Thank you for making me aware that I am the object of ridicule to a group of anonymous men on the internet. You realy saved me from personal embarrassment.

        3. Inherently an emotional and narcissistic statement if it can be even called a statement. “wow just wow”…means that the person has just had a severe emotional response to something and because of that you, and everyone else, must know about the subject’s current, yet recently transitioned, emotional state. Such actions are meant to rapidly attract attention and garner knee-jerk sympathy. Its likely a derivative of throwing a temper tantrum, because both seek to evoke similar responses in people. Certainly its emotional, but although subtle, its also very selfish. After all “she”, in this instance, was offended…and, as we all know, the world revolves around this person.
          I give you credit GOJ, I see that and my skin crawls. Whoever uses such “statements” is sub-human. For fuck sake if you disagree with something fucking say it clear and concise and, if you really feel that bad, explain why. But simply vomiting out “wow just wow”…if I’m antagonizing you do you honestly think I give a shit about your emotions let alone self interests? So, why even use this?

        4. Whaaa. You little girl. Booo whoo…whimper pout ” I……..am the object of ridicule” OH GOD NOOOOO! BY WHO! BY WHO!
          By…..sniffle sniffle whaaaaa, people on the internet.
          You pathetic pussy. Yes, I am ridiculing you…want to know why because you’re weak.

        5. Because it’s what the herd uses. One must never deviate from the norm, no matter what the band Rush says.

        6. If you have a point, state it clear and concisely. Moral outrage wont get you anywhere.
          What is specifically wrong with points 1-35?

        7. 14 and 23 for starters. The fact that the United States embraces technology in their food production that science has deemed safe hardly seems like a major problem with america. Outrage at the fact that immigrants don’t learn to speak English, understandable. Outrage that you have to see signs and hear announcements in a different language, quite ridiculous, especially given you can find multilingual signs in most other countries.

        8. 2. The fact that not everybody is a special snowflake is a human thing, not an American thing.
          9. There is literally an electronic tip jar on this website.
          12. From my experience men are just as vulgar in other countries and have always been just as vulgar.
          22. You think our police are corrupt? Lol. Spend some time in the Ukraine.
          24. We’re assuming single men are hard working and we’re assuming that they are providing for someone? We’re assuming single mothers are single because they weren’t subservient to their husband?
          30. Immoral progressivism, women voters. Did the woman voters cause the progression or is the fact women can vote because as a people Americans are progressive?
          31. The sun, hard work, and child bearing will also wreck a woman’s looks pretty fast.

        9. 2. More so in America than anywhere else in the world. Narcissism and indulgence is as American as Apple pie these days. Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada aren’t far behind.
          9. I tip, so not going to disagree there
          12. Vulgarity is deeply frowned upon in other countries that I’ve been to and lived in. Yeah, some people do it, but you are seen as lowlife if you do.
          22. Been to Ukraine. Yep. The police are corrupt and everyone knows it. All over Eastern Europe the cops are corrupt. BUT they do not randomly execute people or beat them senseless for “contempt of cop”
          24. The assumption wasn’t necessarily single men, but men in general, perhaps married “providers” that get taxed to pay for single moms to be single moms. The government is her husband.
          30. Women in general love big government. See study here..
          31. Rather her looks be wrecked by those that you mentioned, to be honest

        10. In my experience woman tend to be more vulgar in the United States but men even more so in south america, not necessarily in Europe though. I’m not searching the article again to double check but I do believe it said single men. Women also don’t tend to support immoral things…..I tried to add a link to a pew study on woman’s views on abortion. Long story short public opinion is that woman support abortion actual conclusion of polls was that women are less likely to support abortion than men. Ha, I guess either was I won’t always look like such a gem :p I the route he gave to premature aging sounded a lot easier than mine.

        11. Well, you know I’m vulgar, at least on here. The effect of saying cuss words in English is not nearly as bad as saying the equivalent in other languages. Saying “cunt” is bad, but it is very VERY bad in, say, Russian or Slovak or Hungarian. I made the mistake of saying it in jest in front of a Hungarian girl and she was pissed.
          As far as supporting immoral things, I don’t know. The media would have us believe women like Miley Cyrus are the norm. So not immoral but perhaps amoral. Your view on this?
          There are certain things that seem to be male abstractions, like honor. Could morality be another male abstraction?
          Premature aging… I dunno. I just like the natural look of a woman without all the hair dye and layers of makeup.

        12. I can’t say I’m not vulgar. I grew up with the rule that you swear in the barn not in the house and in one way or another i, and actually many of the men I work with, seem to live by that. The difference I’ve encountered between here and south america is that here I only deal with men’s vulgarity in the work place where I have been raised to deem it appropriate whereas I cant reconcile with a strange man saying things to me on the street that would make a salior blush.
          I suppose mortality is subjective, I tend to align what I find moral with the teachings of the catholic church because of my upbringing and experiences but there are very many ‘good people’ out there who would tell me my beliefs and what I thing is right and wrong and very far from what they think is right and wrong.
          We can look at a woman like miley Cyrus and condem her for her actions along with the ‘loose’ teenage mothers but we don’t look twice at the well kept college students who may have done just as many drugs and slept with just as many guys but had daddy bail them out and a few abortions to go with.

        13. Agree with you on the college girls. They need a sweet old kick in the ass in their sheltered existences.
          You Catholic? DEUS VULT!
          But do you understand honor? or at least how it works for a guy and why it is important to him?

        14. I get what honor is to a guy and how it works for him. Understand it? Yea, not really

        15. Heh, then it might be difficult to explain. Imagine it as an abstract currency. Clearly the more of it that you have, the more social status and respect that you command from others that recognize the value of the currency: i.e. other men. It is in the most simplistic terms your “cred”. For the same reason you give more weight to the opinion of a scholar over some average Joe, you give more weight to those with higher honor than those with lower.
          The honor system came about from the fact that men have spent eons being the warriors of society. It’s a militaristic social system. Your honor is everything. That’s why samurai who lost their honor would commit suicide. Death was better than dishonor.

        16. I understand the theory of honor but as I have actually seem it play out it seems a lot more like grown men getting really butt hurt when they are corrected or even offered help by someone they see as inferior like a younger man, a woman, or a male who they deem ‘too feminine.’

        17. Of course butthurt will happen at times. It’s a military mentality that is deeply ingrained in the male psyche. Sometimes it comes off as condescending. It probably IS condescending. The reason is that male social structures are defined around merit. If I spent years working hard to get a degree in Engineering, of course I’m going to be irritated if a college intern comes up to me and tries to tell me how to do my job.
          You earn your medals and you take your bruises. That’s how it works.

        18. Also, when men get butthurt like that, it is a male version of a “shit test”. Getting upset because we looked down on you means you failed the test. Proving yourself despite our condescension toward you means you passed the test. The correct response to anger or annoyance is wit and charm.

        19. On a third note: attempting to help a guy that wants to do a job himself or believes he can do it himself is seen as an act of aggression. He interprets this as you questioning his merit. So he responds with hostility. The best thing to do is not respond in kind. Remember, charm and wit.

        20. respectfully disagree, cunt is not that bad a word in Russian or Ukrainian. its like fourth or fifth on the list. unfortunately the words they consider worse can only be translated to cunt because we do not have equivalent horrible worlds

        21. Ha, well that explains a lot. Assisting and keeping quiet until he has royaly screwed the job up all by himself and then stepping in and doing it properly seems to work pretty well.

        22. no there is a very bad one that I have no idea how to spell but is pronounced something like “blah” yes pizda is one that is much worse then “munda” which is basically cunt I know a number of Ukrainian women that use that one off handedly without batting an eyelash.

        23. as a non native of the language I could be off on the pronunciation but was informed to not say that word around Russians its asking to get beat.

        24. Let’s say you are a 50 year old male who has worked a desk job all your life and I am a 20 year old girl who drives a semi for a living, it makes no sense to me for you to be irritated when you can’t back up that lawn mower trailer you’re pulling behind your car and I offer to help. To me it comes off as weak because you find your masculinity threatened by a little girl.

        25. You are looking at it in strictly female terms. A guy is eyeing you. How do you interpret that?

        26. Lol doesn’t that mean the fact that a man got upset in the first place means he initially failed his own test?

        27. And a guy would interpret another guy eyeing him up as wanting to fight. Men and women interpret things differently. We just need to be patient with each other.

        28. Lol working on that. Sometimes it’s hard to put the Smirk and condescending voice away.

        1. What? She tends to be sensible (we follow each other on Disqus). I would just like to hear what bugs her so much.

        2. It was the “Wow…just wow” that made me laugh. It’s possibly the single worst phrase to lead off with on this site.

      1. 14 and 23 for starters. The sheer number of gross overgeneralizations and assumption that most of these things only apply to the United States.

        1. You do realize we consume a lot of food that is banned in Europe and parts of Asia, right? It’s banned because there are serious health concerns with GMO.

        2. And also on #23: Having spent a shitload of time in Europe, while they do post signs in multiple languages, they have little tolerance for people that live and work in their countries that refuse to speak the native languages.

        3. Aye. Hell you can’t cross the border three miles into Scotland without hearing them mock “those Southerners” as idiots. And you can’t speak to an Englishmen about the Welsh without him letting you know in no uncertain terms that they are thieves and malcontents.

        4. First they are very nice. They can speak English and they tolerate you. Then slowly they begin to bust your balls about not learning their language. “You’ve been here X months. Still no Slovak?” They of course say this with a smile, but they mean it as “learn fucking Slovak, cunt”

        5. There is no scientific proof supporting serious health concerns with GMOs. Their banning in Europe has more to do with competition then anything.

        6. You could be right. But what makes it especially suspicious is all the special protection Monsanto seems to be getting from Uncle Sam. They are known for their vile business practices.

        7. They are a publicly traded company so are only about as honest as the board and shareholders. As far as government protection goes the media can put a spin on anything, if you were to actually read most legislation that involves Monsanto or other seed companies it is about protecting farmers who buy the seed, our food supply and as a side effect helps seed companies.

        8. Yes you are right. Even in Scandinavia or the Netherlands where the level of English literacy is probably the highest outside the anglo-american sphere, you wont get a job apart from newspaper delivery or cleaning, if your command of the native language is not at least decent.

    2. I love the fact you self-identified as a retard with your opening three words. Thanks for saving me time.

  33. Fox News should be at the top of this list. It represents a malignant propaganda that is constantly deceiving and warping the people’s minds. It’s the biggest threat that we face because it’s destroying us from within. A hideous evil that seeks to squash the common people by pitting the lower economic classes against each other.

    1. Right, because MSNBC is Gospel truth.
      Media in general is stupid. Picking one over another shows a strong bias and agenda on your part.

  34. “8. The existence of Hollywood, which poisons the world’s culture by normalizing narcissism, consumerism, and bad movies”
    And as far as America goes, this has caused people to be put into two classes: 1.) Those who are among the rich and famous celebs and are worshipped regardless of what kind of assholes they are, and 2.) Those who are not famous and therefore are considered losers and nobodies, and not worthy of any consideration, even though said non-famous people may be decent human beings.

  35. Two things wrong with America that cause all of the 35 other problems:
    1) Zionist/Israeli lobby
    2) Military black budget (area 51, andros island, etc)

    1. But what about the lizard people? You have conveniently ignored the lizard people AND the Greys.
      Wait a minute…you’re one of them, aren’t you?

      1. Women are our lizard people and they’re all about those Greys, all 50 shades.
        but for real, the Roswell crash was reported in the NM newspapers and by the army; the CIA was formed mere months afterwards.

        1. I believe the initial reports indicate et bodies recovered. That being said, they’ve also been test-flying reverse-engineered ufos out of Area 51 for some time.
          It’s plausible the Nazis came up with UFO tech on their own. I’ve been doing some preliminary research into anti-gravity. I’m no physicist, but it seems ridiculously simple – have opposing magnets in counter rotation to each other, and you can overcome gravity.
          Apparently this is the method used to build the Coral Castle down in Florida.

        2. Actually in the very first reports there are no mentions of any bodies being recovered. Those stories didn’t start emerging until the 1970’s and even then they were from 2nd hand accounts. In the book. Dr. Farrell breaks though years of misinformation from both camps of naysayers and believers. You should definitely give it a read. All the supposed tech that was recovered was things actually already in development during different parts of the war.

      2. Don’t be silly, Ghost, it’s actually the Freemasons who run everything. Matt Groening even tried to get a coded message about it out in “The Simpsons”, and they killed him.

  36. You need to modify the Facebook, Twitter, etc sharing bar. It puts itself smack in the middle of all the pics. It’s annoying

    1. What is your browser and screen resolution? Or is this mobile? You can email a screenshot to [email protected]
      There is also image sharing that appears after your mouse hovers over an image.

  37. I like self-checkout lines. It saves me the hassle of having to deal with a clerk who takes too long to bag my items or who has issues giving me back change.

    1. I will never use a self-checkout again. Last time I tried, the machine messed up time and time again. The college-dropout Walmart chick would walk over and reset it, and then walk back to her chair, offering no help whatsoever. Besides, as Roosh points out it makes the experience less human.

        1. Seeing that a college graduate is unlikely to willingly hold any part-time job, I will go with B’s assessment.

    2. What if the check out clerk is a super hot girl? I’ve seen a few of them at my local market!

      1. Sadly this results in the checkout lines being backed up because everyone is trying to flirt with said females.

    1. Wow, having to see a sign in a foreign language, that you don’t even have to read. Must be tough.

  38. None of these problems existed in the Communist Eastern Bloc. Of course there were other problems like censorship or no small and medium business, however these can be fixed overnight.

    1. another naive person …. everyone was/is a thief in those places. you couldn’t trust your own parents. How about those women swimmers who were forced to take steroids so East Germany could win the 1976 Olympic games?
      How about those drab concrete Commie buildings? now that’s depressing.

      1. Well, these are exaggerations. There were less prisoners than now. (with the exception of 30s in Soviet Union) It is true that there were quite a few ‘class traitors’ in prisons but most people felt completely safe. Yes, these are valid issues though, however how difficult is to fix them? Just put one law in place ending censorship and problem fixed. How can you fixed a completely messed up society?
        About the commie buildings. Yes, they ARE pretty ugly, however they still stand, meaning nothing has improven since ‘capitalism’ came. On top of that the very same apartments that now cost 30-100k USD (which in EE is very expensive) were given for FREE by the government. You could BUY a different one.
        By the way the very same buildings are in the west, especially in the UK and even in the USA in the poor black areas.

        1. Sounds like Utopia, the religious freedom they had was awesome too. You were free to criticize your government and point out corruption wherever you saw it. If you wanted to move to another country it was so easy back then. The good all days of communism and I can enjoy it in Cuba or North Korea today but I just don’t want to move there for some reason.

        2. you know what amazes me? those of you guys who think EE and the X-USSR are the new utopias, are not living there ,currently or in the past, but you will joyfully tell us the great benefits of living there before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Let me answer you point by point.
          1. Commercialism – there are more glittering billboards of Luis Vuitton handbags and Christian Louboutin Red Bottom $5K shoes (also known as hooker heels) in Moscow & St Petersburg than in NYC or Hollywood. While you’re online battles against capitalism and consumerism take on new heights, the average Russian is masturbating at images of Ferraris.
          2. Concrete Boxes, also known as homes, in the former USSR. Everyone has , every has got one. Every been in one of those buildings? I have. You ride the 2 foot X 2 foot elevator to your floor, clutching your Crucifix , hoping this isn;t the last time you see light but happy that you will be prepared for your funeral in a dilapidated 2 foot x 2 foot box. What other benefits of a concrete building with substandard electrical wiring? The kids get to charge their new iphones(because they love American inventions) by wrapping cables to the non insulated 240V 3 phase lines that haven’t been insulated since 1955.
          How many slums are their in the USA versus nice suburban homes , you know the answer just drive around and American roads and homes are well kept compared to anywhere except any Germanic country, Japan, South Korea….
          3. Scammers and thieves. If Americans have done anything wrong it has been allowing former USSR thugs to come into this country and bring down medicare and welfare via billion dollar scams.
          4. Mail order wives. DO we want to go there? or should I stop now?
          5. Chernobyl
          6. How many relatives of people were imprisoned just for talking smack about Stalin or Lenin? You had to raise your hand and pay homage to Stalin. If a doctor got caught taking a little extra money on the side, after all according to your utopia, a doctor should make no more than a street sweeper, he was sent to Siberia.
          Stealing became a way of life AND CULTURE for those people. So you can change that with a simple law?
          7. Why haven’t you moved to your beloved utopia yet?

        3. Fat boy Kim Jung Un … eats caviar and drives Corvettes while the people eat the finest culinary masterpieces such as invasive grass weeds , and drink from mud puddles.

        4. I was talking about ‘Communist Eastern Bloc’. EE is not communist and is now destroyed by capitalism, all the problems you named such as brides and thieves are a result of Hayek-inspired reforms of the 90s. Standard of living NOW is still lower than in the 80s.
          Its funny that all of the things you wrote are pure nonsense but it is probably useless to argue with someone fully indoctrinated with propaganda.

        5. so you want to live in what you deem to be a now defunct utopia? so if it was a Utopia, then why does it not exist? you carry around a wallet sized picture of Lenin??

        6. The ruling class of the Communist countries decided that in a capitalistic system they would get richer so they threw communism over board, destroyed the countries, looted them together with the western imperialists and imposed free markets.
          I also did not say I wanted to live in a communist country. I was just saying the problems described above would be non-existent in a different system.

        7. Yeah the New Deal legacy made America the country with the highest standard of living. Everything started going down with the destruction of Bretton Woods.
          In terms of social issues though America was the most racist country in the world and even in terms of the gender issues I don’t see it as great as you do. That is when women became the leisure class doing nothing sitting at home living off of husbands, the only thing that kept them from divorcing and taking off even more through alimony (that does not exist in Europe) was religion and mainly no fault divorce being illegal.

        8. you got all incited while reading this article, thinking this article made your week and the only conclusion one can infer from your babble is that 1988 Czech Republic was a Utopia. Go design a fucking time machine and move back then.

  39. I recently came across this last night on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/cosplayguardians
    Basically a bunch of white knight dudes standing around and “protecting” the hot cosplay girls while they walk around a convention showing off their bodies. They even offer their services to these girls if they don’t feel comfortable during photo shoots.

    1. Which in beautiful irony, is really just their lame attempt at getting laid from these same girls.

  40. Agree with many points but there are some that I just don’t agree with. Giving the right for women to vote does not make a nation any bad. For example, in Asian countries such as the Philippines, women can vote yet the Filipinos still have a lot of conservative values that many Americans don’t have. If anything, I doubt that feminism is started by women but rather the Elite. They are the ones responsible for social engineering US society. When women first got the right to vote, the US still wasn’t declining. If anything, the decline began around the 1970s way after women were given voting rights. Besides, if women can hold jobs, join the military and own property then they should be given voting rights. Everyone should have a say as to how they want their country ran except for felons.

  41. Of these, I find #19 the most wretched. It should be criminal to promote a lifestyle to boys that carries a 1 in 5 risk of catching HIV.

      1. A significant portion of the gay population is extremely self destructive they are aware of the risks since they get VD multiple times before acquiring HIV or AIDS. Instead of condemning it we celebrate it.

  42. Apart from the point about GMOs, this is true for the UK also.
    Especially 16, all this conversation and none of it is worth having.

  43. Western Culture is degrading at a fast pace. And family building is hard to come by. Things are going to get worse.

  44. Seems like East Africa and the West Indies are the only places left where women havn’t been poisoned by feminism.

  45. 23. “Having to constantly be exposed to spanish announcements, signs, and advertisements because immigrants are too lazy to learn English”
    How about: American people are too lazy to learn a foreign language?

    1. You mean American people in America? Most American expats can speak the language of their host country.
      But please, go ahead and bash Americans since that’s what you want to do anyway..

      1. Exactly, I meant “Americans” living in “America”. I find it ironic to blame “lazy” immigrants for being exposed (#first world problem) to spanish signs while most of the population speak only english. Just put things in perspective. Maybe I am just tired of people bitching about USA on RoK. I mean, leave or live with it. Last time I checked bitching was the woman’s job.

  46. 42-5 in the Ultra bar and that one guy has 3 of them.
    “Frankenfoods with dubious origins, some of which are prohibited for sale in other countries.”
    I have found street food in nations outside of the US better for you (and cheaper) than the fast food crap here.
    “People who can no longer handle original thoughts without being offended or “triggered.””
    No one is allowed to provide constructive criticism for fear of offense.
    “Having to constantly be exposed to Spanish announcements, signs, and advertisements because immigrants are too lazy to learn English.”
    I dont believe immigrants are too lazy by default. They are lazy because of the idea of “multiculturalism”. If it comes easy there is no reason to learn English. Take away the signs and that changes in an instant.
    “Too much comfort. The avoidance of real struggle or hardship has given adults the emotional development of children.”
    this could be points 1-1035.
    There is one additional item to add:
    “36. No one is allowed to fail. Everyone must get a happy star for participating”

  47. I do nice things for people and I do not expect sex.
    Life isn’t a points system. We aren’t living in an arcade!
    “Sailor and debasement culture where both sexes engage in excessive amounts of cursing, tattooism, head shaving, and all-around general vulgarity.”
    You should rename your site to return of grandpas. Then you can add
    #36 GET OFF MY LAWN! Damn kids and their skateboards!

  48. While most of the points are true (some are contradictory), the truth is, almost every Western country will end up like this relatively soon.
    The Rest of the World just hasn’t produced competing entertainment, media, and political systems.
    Hollywood sucks. But where is the competition?
    Americans are fat, but those foods are fattening up other countries too. Britain and Canada are fat too.
    Women can vote, but that is true in all Western countries, as well as Japan, India, etc.
    Overall, as goes America, so goes the world. Places that seem ‘good’ like Latin America and Eastern Europe have just a 20-year window between dirt poverty, and Western culture.

  49. Do not give up. I have good news, The baby boomers who came into adulthood during the 60’s and 70’s are at dying off age, This group retained their god awful far leftwing liberalism far more than the generation before them, and even more than the generations after.
    All generations become more conservative after 25 but the baby boomers retained much higher percentage of lefty crazy liberal.
    These people are at dying age now. As each day passes , they are dying off at a higher rate.
    This last election was so good for the Republicans because the lefties are literally dying off. And the more “liberal” the more drugs and booze they consumed, so the crazy is dying faster than the conservatives of the same generation.
    This current generation will turn more conservative, when they find out that liberalism is the source of their suffering.
    There is hope.

  50. “We will not give in. The spirit of ‘I am Charlie’ means the right to blaspheme,” lawyer Richard Malka told French radio Monday.
    I mean really folks, we in the West should be so really proud of ourselves deploying 10,000 troops in the streets in order to defend the fine art of blaspheming. A show of real balls and real class I must say…
    Lets ignore all the other real day to day problems and injustices that remain unaddressed for years. No, forget those things.
    Lets focus on defending those in the tabloid business-MILITARILY!!! Lets put 10,000 trained soldiers on the streets for the tabloids.
    Honestly, who would’ve thought that the tabloid tycoons also own our military…
    And so the narrative goes: We need more twerking, more mind numbing, more blashpheming, more Miley, more Kardashian, and more Charlie.
    And we need more graduates from university journalism programmes going into the tabloid segment of the business.
    That’s what this lawyer and the deployment of 10,000 troops seem to suggest: Trash is good. We need more trash! Trash, sanctioned by law and backed by force. (…btw, way to misuse my tax dollar you scumbag elite assholes.)
    No wonder things have gone to shit in the West and its only a matter of time before the absurdity gets ramped up.

  51. #34: Too much comfort.
    We (the West) are a world without a cause, without a struggle. Everything is easy on demand instant gratification. If it isn’t, well we just don’t have time for that.
    America needs to be dragged kicking and screaming out of its comfort zone to regain its soul. #34 is enabling the remaining points. If there is real struggle, conflict and hardship….watch how quickly feminism, homosexuality, fat acceptance, academia marxism and the rest are tossed out the window. The world that is fighting to survive has no time or place for such man made fictions.
    Rape culture? We’re trying to feed ourselves. piss off
    Social justice? We’re trying to keep from getting shot. piss off
    Climate change? We’re trying to keep a roof over our heads. piss off
    Ask anyone living in the 3rd world what his country is doing to ensure voting rights for women, freedom of expression for homosexuals and promotion of green energy. You will probably have to wait a minute for him to stop laughing to get an answer.
    The rest of the world struggles. America has no more real issues.
    Adversity breeds men, prosperity breeds monsters. (Look at the picture of Lena Dunham and read that sentence again).

  52. Hilarious. White boys. ….you built this…and used slave labor to do it. Now you are whining like little girls with pigtails about your creation? red pill indeed.

    1. Actually, we gave the place to little girls in pigtails like you. And you fucked the joint up.

      1. How could we have fucked it up? We have had no power..no you whiny little cunts had all the power…psychopath, rapist, political thieves..willing to ruin the US economy because of your profound greed. …and now the chickens come home to roost.
        And now you blame people of color who HAVE NOT BEEN in control
        You can’t have it both ways Jim Bob
        Go fuck your cousin again
        Cuz merica and white power
        What a bunch of whiny bitches.

        1. Sounds like somebody needs to get over the fact the great-grandfather she never knew came over here in chains.

    2. Oh? What hand did I personally have inn building this. Dates and project names please where any of us here were present during the women’s suffrage movement or Gloria Steinam get togethers during the seventies. Otherwise, you come across as clueless.
      Stupid collectivist.

  53. Guys, any chance of getting rid of those sharing button popups that appear over every image on the mobile site? I can’t actually see the images. Cheers.

  54. Regarding the Starbuck’s criticism – I agree, however there are tons of Starbuck’s in Europe in major cities that are true hardcore coffee capitals like Vienna, Salzburg, Paris, Prague, Zürich etc, and those Starbucks are still popular and serve the same shit iodine-water & sugar as the Starbucks in the States. The difference is that the European Starbucks the women are not fat….not yet anyway.

    1. while these internet warriors tell us how great EE and the X-USSR are, the average male over there is masturbating over images of Ferraris and the average Russian woman is Facetime fighting another hooker over the latest Paris Hilton-Christian Louboutin handbag.

      1. Hahaha are you so proud of those 3 sentences you gotta copy past them all over this site? Funny thing is that I did not even talk about EX anything dumbass.

        1. I would classify someone who doesn’t live in any country East of Poland but will talk it up as if it is paradise, as the true dumbass.

        2. I live in the Czech Republic, until the year 89 a relatively well off country now a complete shithole after the privatization of the 90s.

        3. that’s because they infused both Capitalism and Socialism and was taking advantage of each side if the Berlin Wall. the ones at the top were making money and had a little leftover for the masses. so take your utopian b.s. and put it where the sun don’t shine.

        4. you’re confused. you are describing socialism and communism. in capitalism , you have to still sacrifice your life to be at the top.Everyone else can quit and find something more humble to do. We have that freedom. We have the freedom to buy a double wide trailer and park in the country and shoot wild hogs. In Communism, you have no freedom to even talk much less change jobs or hunt with guns without having the approval of the Politburo.

  55. A great list …but you missed one of the biggest points There was an economic report that came out that stated the rich increased their bottom line over 30% while the rest of us working slobs barely kept up at .5%. Most kids and adults are still living with their parents because the cost of living is so fucking high. [NOTE, I do not dislike rich people. I dislike rich people who think no one else deserves to be wealthy….]The disparity of income due to the total destruction of the middle class by our overlords is practically complete…those leaders who have sold off America one factory and industry at a time until there is virtually nothing left but burger flipping and paper pushing jobs around major corporations. The USA does not make anything anymore !! All this service economy is a great idea but please point to a strictly service economy that has survived ? why do you think the usa is playing war around the globe to secure the last real resources for its survival ? The destruction of Detroit is the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the country. Wages are stagnant, real estate for the most part is shot. Useless and mindless television programs fill dozens upon dozens of channels. Even the new CEO at Discovery channel said “no more bullshit Megaladon programming”. I mean [they] were able to pollute the last educational line up of anything with history, tlc and discovery actually having something on worth watching. They lost all of my respect and my programming dollars when they pulled the firearm programs after sandy hook. I fully expect Smithsonian channel to have love it or list it or some mindless food network dribble pollute the last bastion of educational programming. Well forget that too because I dropped direct tv’s $150 a month programming package for all the crap and commercial stuffed programming over a year ago.. Even football has become a scripted and fixed event on par with pro wrestling. With any luck a Romney or someone just like him will sell off the last of made in USA to the highest bidder at the next election. My only parting thought is that all of you who voted for this will leave your children to live among this chaos. Eat your msg soy filled estrogen laced cud out of the bpa lined containers and wonder why no one has any backbone anymore. Hope your payoff was worth it. What a nice legacy you will leave us. Oh, but hey, gas prices are low..happy happy..Until men start acting like men instead of programmed little sheep and change the conversation and the outcomes of critical problems, it is only going to continue to decline.

  56. Roosh I’ve been a reader of yours for a few years now. I enjoy ROK and your site too. Some of your articles are so well written and well thought out that in another time, they would have been picked up by national / major news services. Alas, that time has long since passed. Keep up the good work, and know that you are providing a valuable service. Just as an afterthought, I’m a 50 year old businessman and have witnessed this rapid decline of the west primarily during my generations watch. It sickens me and I fight it at every turn.

    1. Agreed. Keep up the fight…
      The Boomers ( excluding you) have fucked screwed the society up royal…

  57. You know you live in Upside-down Land when…
    •A Muslim officer crying “Allah Akbar” while shooting up an army base is considered to have committed “Workplace Violence” while an American citizen boasting a Ron Paul bumper sticker is classified as a “Domestic Terrorist”.
    •Your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend more money.
    •A seven year old boy can be thrown out of school for calling his teacher “cute” but hosting a sexual exploration class on a college campus is perfectly acceptable.
    •The Supreme Court of the United States can rule that lower courts cannot display the 10 Commandments in their courtroom, while sitting in front of a display of the 10 Commandments.
    •Children are forcibly removed from parents who appropriately discipline them while children of “underprivileged” drug addicts are left to rot in filth infested cesspools.
    •Working class Americans pay for their own health care (and the health care of everyone else) while unmarried women are free to have child after child on the “State’s” dime while never being held responsible for their own choices.
    •Hard work and success are rewarded with higher taxes and government intrusion, while slothful, lazy behavior is rewarded with EBT cards, WIC checks, Medicaid and subsidized housing.
    •The government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide 99 weeks of unemployment checks (to not work).
    •Being self-sufficient is considered a threat to the government.
    •Politicians think that stripping away the amendments to the constitution is really protecting the rights of the people.
    •The rights of the State come before the rights of the individual.
    •Parents believe the State is responsible for providing for their children.
    •You can write a post like this just by reading the news headlines.
    •You pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest big screen TV while your neighbor defaults on his mortgage (while buying iphones, TV’s and new cars) and the government forgives his debt and reduces his mortgage (with your tax dollars).
    •Your government can add anything they want to your kid’s water (fluoride, chlorine, etc.) but you are not allowed to give them raw milk.
    •Being stripped of the ability to defend yourself makes you “safe”.
    •You have to have your parents signature to go on a field trip but not to get an abortion.
    •You can get arrested for expired tabs on your car but not for being in the country illegally.
    •An 80 year old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA but a Muslim woman in a burqa is only subject to having her neck and head searched.
    •Using the “N” word is considered “hate speech” but writing and singing songs about raping women and killing cops is considered “art”.
    You know you live in an upside-down land when…
    When the “politically-correct” says that a normal guy doing a double-take on a hot chick is a pervert, while another guy who openly explains to the world how he prefers to have sex with other guys rather than taking a girl as his mate, is considered “normal”.
    When selling military technology secrets to Communist China by the White House (Clinton) is considered ok, but exposing (i.e. via Wikileaks) a “classified” scandal conducted by our own government is considered espionage.
    A business can refuse service to a licensed gun owner for political reasons, but a baker can’t refuse to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple for religious reasons.
    A woman asking for artificial testosterome so that she can become male is just fine; but a male asking for the same thing so he can improve himself gets shunned.

  58. The tatted girl looks familiar… If it’s the same girl (which I doubt it is) she’s fairly involved in taking MDMA.

  59. Mmm…Fat, gay, brown, black or girl pride.
    But no, the worst are the most ridiculous ways to call things up:
    Black; african american
    Amerindian; native american
    Yellow; asian american
    South and Central americans; latins
    Latins; because the speak a latin language and are from american continent. OK, like Celine Dion or Georges St. Pierre
    African American; because they are americans who can trace their origins to Africa…like Charlize Theron or Steve Nash
    Native american:…It seems five centuries of history don’t make you native.
    Asian american; the border must be some place amidst Kazakhstan. So armenians or persian are not asian americans
    And having turned down Ron Paul despite being the best, by far, pre presidential candidate in 200 years

  60. My country is really beginning to depress me, I’m in my early 40’s and I can’t believe how much things have changed. Technology is the ultimate gift and curse. I really miss seeing kids play football in the street or hang out and play ball at the park. I only know one of my neighbors and if you ever see people outside they never say “hello” they are just stuck to their phones.

  61. #30: Allowing women to vote. Really? You want to live in a country that denies political participation to half its population? Jesus…

    1. This was a major step in the feminization of society. What do women vote for? Essentially for taking wealth from men and transferring it to themselves. Allowing women the vote was a very bad idea.

      1. Look, I hate to feed a troll but come on, it’s the 21st century. Women don’t all vote together anymore than men do. Your world view is contradicted by facts. Do you really have so little respect for women’s intellects and moral compasses that you would deny your own mother, sisters, and wife political participation?

        1. Mate fuck off for calling me a troll. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them a troll. Fucking grow up!!

        2. Well, to be fair, trolls often make statements that sound just plain stupid. And this was a pretty dumb one. You mean people will vote for who they think will make them richer? Wow, didn’t know only women do that.

        3. Actually what is dumb is that you have hit on the core problem of democracy without realising it. You are aware that the architects of democracy knew this was a problem and attempted to restrict voting rights accordingly. I guess they were plain stupid and not as smart as you.
          And lets not forget that plain stupid fool Plato who pointed out these problems more than 2000 years ago. If only he had had you to tell him he was worrying about nothing.

        4. Women have a tenancy to vote for things like food stamps, government subsidized healthcare, daycare, section 8 housing, the list is long. If we continue to give women, specifically single mothers all these benefits then they don’t need men. The thing is they still need men to pay the taxes to support all these freebies. Now the state becomes the husband, by default the children become children of the state and the men the slaves.

        5. I think it’s the person who is filled with myopic hatred towards an entire sex who needs to grow up. Women are people. I won’t be returning to this website. Whatever real insights are contained in here are ruined by being drowned in an echochamber of hatred, sexism, egotism, and paranoia. To be an adult male is to see women as varied human beings with their own interests, complexities, failings, and virtues. Only little boys will gather on a website where women are all painted with with the same broad strokes (out to manipulate men and take their money) and called inferior to men. I feel sad for everyone here because your views on women will prevent you from ever experiencing the kind of connection I have with my amazing wife.

        6. Make that two in the affirmative.
          There should be one vote per household and the head of that house (which is the husband) should cast that vote.

        7. If you think it’s mature to insult people that you disagree with then you have issues.
          I don’t hate women, I just don’t think they should have the right to vote. These are two different positions and if you argued logically instead of emotionally (like a woman) you would be able to keep these two different ideas separate in your head.

      2. Excessive education has ruined women, basically pushing them away from the ONE thing they can do BEST and better than men, on average: motherhood and family formation.

    2. Let them vote and sign them up for the draft…. no representation without duty… see how many of the ladieees want true equality when they have real “skin in the game”……..

    3. Are you serious? What does that have to do with it? So minors under 18 make up like 20% of the population or something like that and they can’t vote so you think it’s OK to deny 20% of the population their rights? What the heck man?

    4. I’m not in full agreement with #30. Women’s suffrage has been present for the majority of the 20th century and 100% of America’s peak years. Plenty of women vote conservatively and plenty of men vote liberally. There isn’t enough evidence to suggest that women’s suffrage triggered immoral progressivism.

        1. Come on. Plenty of women at the Trump rallies.
          For the record, I said “not in full agreement.” Do I think we would be better off without the female vote? Absolutely. Am I convinced that it was our downfall? No. Women always react to the social environment, and if that environment promotes degeneracy through the dissolution of family, women will vote along those lines, hence single females being the Democrats largest contingent.

  62. okay roosh you may be right in some points but not in all of them. look at Poland for example. 20 years ago it was an industrial shithole like Siberia. and now life there is significantly better. the reason why you could enjoy your trips to places like czech republic, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania is because they are somewhat westernized. other than that they were quite miserable under teh communist rule. the things you ve mentioned are the so called “side effects” of the western civilization but overall the west is till winning. there is a reason why every year thousands of men migrate to the horribly feminist Germany ruled by a female president while I dont see a huge migration flow to countries like India or Afganistan where men rule over every thing.

    1. Consider the plight of a cockroach trapped in a flushing toilet.
      The turd the cockroach is sitting on is heading towards the bottom of the bowl, and rapidly breaking up. The cockroach therefore, being concerned with its self-preservation, manages to swim up to the surface of the water and scramble onto another turd which, at least for these few moments, is circling the whirlpool of water and is not at the bottom of the bowl.
      That the turd is currently floating and not breaking up into pieces at the bottom of the vortex does not mean the turd is not headed down roughly the same path as the first turd. It merely means that the cockroach has managed to preserve itself for the time being.
      And one might note the significant problems that occur in Western countries when first-generation and even second-generation escaping cockroaches crash at full speed into Western life, including Western feminism. In not a small proportion of cases, extremism happens; in a larger proportion of cases, ghettoisation happens deliberately on the part of the immigrants and indeed a refusal to accept or buy into Western values or Western practices.
      I doubt very much that an Iranian Baha’i considering where to go when the religious police are pounding on his door is going to say “Hey, I really like the way the West treats women as superior to men.” His choice is going to be driven by the issue of where lies the nearest secular democracy with a rule of law and a big fucking army to defend itself. Most of these issues are things an immigrant will only get hit with when he gets here, not when he’s asking which escape route to pick.

  63. I can’t even. I’m using tumblr speak, I know. But I literally can’t. How the in the ever loving f*ck did we get here if two grooms are better than one? How the hell does that work?! How the hell do these Buzzfeed bastards sleep at night promoting full-on destruction of the natural family?

  64. this article gave me pause. the worst: overweight & masculinized women… neither are an attractive look ladies! take note! (my suspicion is the fatties & the masculinized women are one and the same, except the former try to transform into the latter through help of the weights at the gym… blechhh… how about just keeping the sugar out of your mouth ladies!). as far as the debased/self-mutilation trend… that just screams ‘i’m easy but absolutely avoid me as a long-term mate.’ :sigh:

  65. I just came to peace with my thoughts on number 30 yesterday. I’ve wondered for a while whether it’s really a good idea to let women vote, then realized a short while back that it’s actually absurd to give them equal say with literally zero knowledge of world affairs or any idea how the world works. I just openly admitted it yesterday for the first time and damn did it feel good. Even at the level of red-pill I’m at, there are STILL layers blocking pure truth. The rabbit hole has no bottom…

  66. Only 35?????? I would’ve thought Feminism and people who shouldn’t be in charge- are and where being a man who thinks is a crime in itself; was enough.

  67. These are true all signs that American society has lost its more compass and its ultimately on its way decline, decay and finally destruction. Interestingly enough during the height of the Cold War a KGB agent who defected to the west, and who went by the name of Yuri Bezmenov, claimed that subversive activities by the KGB within the territory of the USA were geared toward destroying every facet of tradition American life. The aim was to destroy America, or rather, to have America destroy itself, without the Soviet Union having to engage in open warfare with its Atlantic enemy. This was to be achieved by financially supporting and infiltrating movements and organizations who the Soviets deemed were receptive to subversion and by recruiting people in the media, hollywood and the government as useful idiots . The goal became simply to destroy every facet of traditional life. Religion was to be destroyed and replaced by atheism and nihilism; homosexuality, drugs, promiscuity, feminism and the hippie movement were all to became mainstream and viewed has normal by the general public. By financing the American media, who has the power to control and manipulate public opinion, the KGB was able to achieve many of these goals by the 1970’s. The state of affairs we see today in America is a product of these efforts set forth by the KGB and the useful idiots and organizations who were open to subversion as early as the 1960s.

  68. #2 especially really who in their right mind would follow the likes of the Kardashian clan or un talented singers like Miley Virus and Kesha. Not only that but attempt to emulate them

  69. “Ultra bar (Washington DC)”.
    The only reason I would not think it was a gay bar is that the customers dont look particularly queer.
    I am glad I am not living in Washington DC.

    1. Yes. Women became the majority of the electorate in 1980 and since then the welfare state has exploded. Men vote with all societies interests. Women are selfish and only vote for free stuff that is taken via wealth transfer from men.

    2. Women will vote for candidates based completely by their physical appearance…seriously.

  70. Please outline solutions that do not involve governmental coercion. Or, just be an internet whiner (What’s Wrong With America #36).

  71. You should move to North Korea or Iraq or Somalia. I think you’d find those countries more “livable”.

  72. 30!
    Also, I blame the blacks (and illegals) for police militarization. They’re so unruly and out of control, the cops HAVE to be militarized. And the so-called “peaceful protestors” provide cover for the rioters and vandals. Stupid Occupiers.

  73. No homo here, but the dude in number 25 is a tight little hot spinner. Would have him shag me as a power bottom.

    1. Everything you said was homo. Every word. Penis in male rectum, is very homo. You are a homo for wanting that. Live with it.

      1. Oh no. I think we have a misunderstanding. I would be top not bottom, and the twink would be riding me cowgirl style.

        1. What’s the difference dude? You shouldn’t mate or have sex of any kind with another man. Faggot.

        2. So what. The twink is by far hotter than say for example Rosie O’Donnell or ellen degeneres. Just smash that ass pussy like the real thing. Being attracted to the feminine is not home imho.

  74. This is the most prolonged “Eww” reaction I’ve had to a post in a long time–sometimes a response to the American trend, but more often a response to the poster’s frame of mind. I don’t want to link this even to mock it.

    1. I’d rather be speaking German or Russian (I already do, but very badly) than Arabic or Chinese.

    1. Yes. That’s what it is. Massive debt, bad attitude and the threat point of divorce and taking you to the cleaners. . A fleshlight costs 80 bucks. .

  75. Main problems with America. Most jobs are shit . Low pay, no benefits. Most women are fat single mom’s who have ugly tats. Most women are trash and unworthy of a man. It won’t fix until women marry young and stop being sluts who have womb turds from thugs. It won’t get better until. Men are given job preference. . If women want a society where men are weak then they will need to stop bitching about a lack of good men. So tired of this shit. . Strong men equals a strong society. . How fucking hard is that concept?

  76. Thats why i hate westernised countries! i only date foreign women and have friends that arent EASILY bashwashed by social standards!

  77. I, for one, enjoy self-checkout lines at the store.
    They are much faster if you dont have many items.

  78. Hi!~ Fat black girl here!~ I lurk a lot around this website and I actually agree with a good amount of it (sometimes). I am a huge fat girl (Though I have converted to Raw Vegan recently and I like exercise now and stuff), and it may shock you, but I am REALLY concerned about the state of the american diet. I am really concerned.

    1. Good girl! Now go learn about birth control and spread the word around your hood.
      Spread the word, not your legs.

    1. I agree. I’m an old guy compared to many of you- and I can say that Roosh is a young man with a soul. I find him to be perceptive, sincere and truly concerned. I wish him well. He’s doing terribly important and basically thankless work- being a voice in the PC/LGBT wastelands of the Western

  79. Some of the points mentioned here are extremely offensive to women and homosexuals. It is clearly evident that a male chauvinistic pig wrote this article.
    The ones I found most offensive,
    1. White knight culture where men will immediately attack their own to defend a girl who will never ever have sex with him.
    2. Widespread societal denial of the problems men face while catering to every female problem or conflict under the sun.
    3. Unsightly premature aging of women due to false tanning, late-night pizza eating, and other unhealthy lifestyle choices.
    4. Allowing women the right to vote, which has allowed immoral progressivism to dominate the political landscape.
    5. Effeminate men who act like homosexuals even when they are straight. Masculinized women who act like they were raised in jail or the urban ghetto.
    6. Homosexuality openly embraced and displayed in public around children who don’t yet understand the nature of human sex.

  80. Hit the nail on the head with #17. But a lot of these are just the rantings of a bitter manchild.

  81. What is wrong with America? It harbors people like YOU. If I were to believe the internet, Americans are racist, anti semitic and totally intolerable. Perhaps you guys need to clean up your own back yard of the shite that is going on at home instead of blaming everything on everybody else…And maybe the right wing can stop polluting the internet of the fact that they disagree with the liberal democrats – yeah, we know you don’t agree with them (but all the same you don’t have a solution either), just don’t harass normal ppl with it…Thanks.

    1. For your information, Armenian and Iranian immigrants are among the MOST educated people in the US on a per capita basis.

  82. Many of the points raised here are valid and true – then the author completely trashes his own credibility by including infantile points or sexist claims, or the misuse/dubious use of the word ‘liberal’.

  83. 4chan/10
    This post is so 4chan I’m horrified
    And I think men under 5’10 are manlets
    I took it somewhat seriously before your foolish attempts at saying women should not vote
    /pol/ is with you, dearest child
    Enjoy your eternal virginity, my darling

    1. Your comment is a perfect argument for revoking voting rights from women.
      Zero logic, total emotion.

  84. By the way, my dearest /pol/ack, if you kept out the part about womens voting rights I would’ve happily used your post to scare away Tumblrinas

  85. It’s called being a human evolve you asshole s you know jack shit but can talk big game on a post super stupid asshole s

  86. There are some good facts in here that I agree with, 1, 2, 11, 22, 23, 26, 21, 33. But I’m pretty sure 12, 19, 25, 30, 35 where just a joke, I mean, no human in the world would say to detain the women, and the gays. I mean, no human in the world would say that people shouldn’t be themselves. I mean, no human in the world would be sexist and say that men only attack their own t have sex with a girl. No one in the world. or at least no one in America would. Because thats who we are in America. And honestly, we have just as many pros as we do cons. So thank you for that laugh, because no one I know would say 12, 19, 25, 30, and 35. No real American would, at least.

      1. No, I’m not mad at all. This was written by an idiot, and a hypocritical one at that. What I expected to see was something like “America has singlehandedly doubled the amount of homeless people living in this world”, or something similar. Not to mention, he says Starbucks is what “no self-respecting European would call coffee” (as if they’re the grand jury on what coffee is), but then goes on to call Americans narcissistic. This is hypocritical because you give yourself this sort of entitlement and respect (that you didn’t earn), and most-likely everyone around the author acts like this, you can just see the arrogance in his writing, and then put down Americans for it.
        Then there’s the feminism, queer rights and all that jazz; that’s what’s wrong with America? Seriously? “Progressivism is immoral”? This was written by an idiot!

        1. Well starbucks cofee is legit poison for the body. Real coffee isn’t loaded up on hundreds of calories of sugar. I’m for reasonable amounts of sweetening OP’s point isnt idiotic. Since I’m a longtime ROK reader, ofc I’m prone to defending most articles, but I still just don’t see much that the author got wrong at all.
          This country is alien compared to it’s heyday in the 50s ~ 70s.

        2. To me, it’s not about the sugary drinks themselves – that can be found literally anywhere in the world. I’m talking about the arrogance of the poster, they have the nerve to name all “self-respecting Europeans” the grand jury of coffee drinks, but later mention America’s narcissism and arrogance as one of the major issues in America.
          My point is, I came here for a history paper about a year ago, looking for real-world issues, problems that are causing people harm that are America’s fault, maybe systemic oppression, oil spills, drones, something of that nature that’s an actual issue. Not some baby-boomer complaining about “this generation is doomed”. Fuck this article, fuck the writer for his privileged bullshit, and fuck you for defending the dick.