“Manspreading” Shows The Social Retardation Of Young Women

In the past couple months, there’s been a sudden explosion in articles decrying anti-social behaviors that men apparently are guilty of. The most well-known is “manspreading,” the idea that men spread their legs too wide on subways, encroaching on womens’ rightful space. Indeed, in part due to pressure from hypersensitive millennial women, the MTA has launched a campaign against “manspreading” on the New York City Subway.

“Manspreading” is far from the only “man” behavior that women in the media whine about. There’s also “manslamming,” the idea that men don’t move out of the way of women on the sidewalk fast enough, as well as “manterupting,” the claim that women are frequently shouted down by men at business meetings and the like. “Mansplaining,” a term feminists use to describe men who infringe on their feelings of narcissistic superiority, has been around for a few years now.

It’s easy to dismiss these crybaby articles as first world problems; indeed, it’s a testament to how good Western women have it that the only thing they have left to complain about is men bumping into them on the street. But the agita over “manspreading” and its sister afflictions speaks to a deeper pathology in modern women. American girls have a deep-seated fear of masculinity and men, created by cultural Marxism, and this fear is the central reason why male-female relations are so dysfunctional.


How Men And Women Became Enemies

The adversarial relationship between men and women is one of those aspects of American culture that you don’t really notice until you’ve spent some time outside the country. In my case, it took three months in the Philippines to realize that American sexual mores aren’t just actively harmful, they have almost nothing in common with the way the rest of the world does things.

Unique among world cultures (except maybe the Middle East, which has its own problems), American and other western societies are extremely age- and sex-segregated. Boys and girls grow up in same-sex cocoons, consuming sex-specific entertainment and having no real interaction with the opposite sex until their teen and college years. This shift can be seen in pop music: in contrast to the aggressive male musicians of the past such as Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, millennial girls prefer either grrl-power acts like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé or unthreatening boy bands like One Direction.

In the specific case of girls, they’re also fed a constant diet of anti-male propaganda. They’re told that they’re special just for having a vagina and victimized by virtue of having that vagina. The lies about the pay gap, the prevalence of rape and other debunked feminist bugaboos steadily condition girls to resent and fear men. At the same time, mass media’s constant depictions of men as stupid and evil (in commercials and TV shows etc.) leave girls without any positive male role models.

The problem with this is that while girls may fear men, they still want to sleep with them and have to interact with them on a daily basis. This lingering unease in American women—being attracted to that which they’ve been conditioned to fear—is the genesis of America’s screwed up sexual landscape. Roosh V Forum member AnonymousBosch has correctly identified millennial girls as having a “dismissive-avoidant” attachment style, characterized by narcissism and an inability to form relationships with others.


Fear Of A Male Planet

Virtually every interaction you will have with a millennial girl will be defined by her fear of your masculinity. “Rape culture,” for example, is one of the most destructive effects of millennial social retardation. Because young women are not properly socialized on how to deal with men, they have no idea how to navigate sexual encounters beyond their animal urges. When women sleep with men and regret it afterwards, they rationalize it as “rape” because cultural Marxist and SJW ideology has trained her to assume the worst from men.

For example, Columbia student Emma Sulkowicz, who is carrying her mattress around campus in protest at her “rapist” not being expelled, was clearly not taught how to interact with men. Her relationship with Paul Nungesser was very clearly consensual and her only problem was that she did things with him that she later regretted.

In decades past, Sulkowicz would have been told to suck it up and move on. But because modern society socializes women to fear men and indulge their feelings at every opportunity, she thinks that making a show about being “raped” is the best way to deal with her heartbreak.

“Manspreading,” “manslamming” and the like are just the latest manifestations of this pathology. Young women are so retarded and entitled that they believe they have a right to not come into contact with any man that they don’t want to… even in a crowded, public environment like the subway. It’s like they’re a bunch of little girls afraid that touching boys will give them the equivalent of cooties.

The Personal Space Box is the perfect visual representation of how millennial women think. Narcissism and poor socialization combine to create a monster. She exists in her own reality, oblivious to the humanity of those around her, and woe befall any fool who punctures her bubble of delusion.


Gender War Is A Racket

Living in the Philippines was part of what made me realize all this. While Filipino women more or less have the same rights as American women, and arguably have more freedom—the Philippines has had two female presidents while the U.S. has had zerothe adversarial gender politics of the West are completely alien there. This is because of the strength of the Filipino family.

Unlike in the U.S., where women are conditioned to think of themselves as a class in the Marxist sense, in opposition to men, Filipinos view themselves as part of an integrated whole. Filipinos are brought up in close contact with their extended family, meaning that by the time they become adults, they have a strong grasp of how those of other ages and/or the opposite sex behave. Filipinas don’t fear masculine men the way American girls do because they know them and how they think.

Cultural Marxism works to undermine the family unit because the family is the most effective way to contain leftism. By encouraging men and women to oppose each other, by breaking up families, the government-corporate complex can transform a nation into obedient consumerist drones. America is a giant shopping mall filled with 300 million atomized, rootless individuals, buying cheap crap and working mind-numbing jobs in lieu of creating anything real.

“Manspreading” is just the latest salvo in the war between men and women, a war that benefits everyone but the people fighting it. And as the constant stream of man-shaming articles from the media shows, women are all too eager to take up arms for their corporate masters against the men their instincts tell them to love.

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  1. Yeah. The most normal chick I ever dated had 3 brothers. She knew a lot about normal male behaviour and she even laughed at fart jokes.

  2. We live in a world which is so screwed up. A world where “manspreading” is a despicable evil of masculinity, and feminazi Sarah Silverman’s brand of dog-humping “humor” is lauded as comedic genius. At least The Simpsons aren’t buying into it.

    1. Sarah Silverman is a textbook case of last-name nepotism (I won’t say the origin for fear of getting Eichmanned; if you’re the least-bit world savvy you know it already) in Hollywood giving her no-talent ass a career. Some stereotypes simply perpetuate themselves.
      Really, have ANY of them been funny or groundbreaking in any way since the glory days of Mel Brooks or Woody Allen? Look at the comedy scripts they write, too. Most are straight-up insufferable!

        1. Okay yeah, I’ll give you them. I impromptu brainstormed on a whim and overlooked them.
          Even a young, nascent Adam Sandler, but his schtick (look, I’m even using their slang!) wore thin REALLY quick!

        2. And even that one got tiresome after hearing frat boys constantly quoting and referencing it in college.

      1. Oh C’mon, Eichmann. There’s a reason why you always single us out more than anyone else (or only).
        Anyway, gene wilder was hilarious too. Ben stiller and Adam Sandler have had a few good ones. So did Rodney Dangerfield. Most comedians have their good and bad ones. Chosen and non-chosen alike
        Even honorary jews like Robin Williams, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, David Spade and so on have had their good and bad ones. But for some reason you gotta Eichmann yourself. Sheesh

        1. Hey now, I never said ALL of y’all throughout human history aren’t funny! Okay, the ones you mentioned are also solid. But this recent crop? Seth Rogen? Adam Samberg? Yikes, man!
          And who from your female camp is even worth mentioning? Just Gilda Radner? Help me out here!

        2. You can have Joan Rivers, also. The older and more insane she got, the funnier she got. Did she jerk Abraham Foxman’s chain or what?

  3. In Pakistan, women are stoned during “honor killings” for alleged adulterers. In Papua New Guinea, women are burned at the stake for being “witches.” And in the United States, women are victims because a man took up too much space on a subway train.

    1. well i live in pakistan for the last 10 years along with 190 million other pakistanis. Never seen or heard anyone get stoned ; perhaps it was one single case that you heard on fox news. But, I get your point. Feminist have fucking ruined the america people used to dream about.

        1. Also @disqus_qyjGOugLDS:disqus These incidents do happen but only in the most rural, underdeveloped, ass-backwards areas of certain Middle Eastern/Islamic countries (yes, even the poser “European” country that is Turkey as well) where lawlessness reigns and the government has very little reach and is even afraid to penetrate. So if in fact Fox News catches wind of one such incident per year in some remote area they can’t even pronounce, it’s “Oh! Look at how that heretical doom cult over there operates! All one billion of them condone this behavior!” Same thing their media does over there if they find out one rogue Christian priest in Podunk, Arkansas pulverized little boy’s anuses for many years.
          You can bet this kind of thing seldom takes place in the capital cities, because even though you and I may have no interest in visiting, a good chunk of the world does go visit those countries as tourists (even if they are “weird” and “crazy” they have plenty of historic draw. Pyramids and Petra, anyone?) and they simply can’t afford to scare away tourism revenue.

        2. Not saying you’re wrong but Wikipedia frequently is. Be careful using them as a source. Its something of an irony that you accuse Ozzai of committing a logical fallacy and then a weak source to back up your argument.

        3. Those incidents are illegal It’s the same thing as when you hear of a horrid crime in NYC.
          And Wikipedia is not a valid source for anything.

        4. True, but having experienced this in Afghanistan, the discrepancy in culture and lack of common identity between the urbanized and the rural regions is far more dramatic than most Westerners have ever encountered. And stonings/similar activities occurred routinely where I was without registering any considerable attention more than minor reporting.

        5. Afghanistan is a failed state entirely, hardly an ideal example. Each region of Afghanistan has its own tribal/feudal/nepotistic/warlord-run agenda and the rule of law isn’t a thing to be found anywhere (and Sharia is libertarian in the sense that you can practically make it up as you go along. The Sharia in Iran and that of The Taliban and of ISIS/Daesh all have glaring differences and they happen to be along the same corridor). Plus Karzai is merely a stooge who couldn’t even catch a cold if he wanted to. When I brought it up I meant more functioning Muslim states (and don’t anybody sound like an idiot and say “B-b-b-but NONE of them function!”, you know better!) that do happen to have areas of tribal autonomy that march to their own beat.
          Thanks for your service, by the way.

        6. Yeah I have a serious issue with someone NOT of a certain culture… telling someone of that culture how they supposedly “are”. Come on, people!

        7. Well I was in Paktia province which border Pakistan and we had reporting on what was happening across the border so I know it wasn’t entirely inconsistent with what we were experiencing. Pakistan isn’t a failed state to the same degree as Afghanistan, but their government also has almost no control over significant regions within their own country. In addition to having major power struggles within the government with their intelligence service (ISI) behaving rather autonomously. Sharia law is instituted by imposing on others. Which I believe is decidedly counter to Libertarian beliefs.
          BTW, while I appreciate the thanks, I did it for selfish reasons that likely did nothing to the benefit of most Americans.

        8. It’s okay – 99% of what you do day-in, day-out should be for selfish reasons as is. You can justify it by saying you’re just following everybody else’s lead. Pretty damn hard to re-set a precedent once it’s been set!
          Yes, these incidents happen,but not in many of the more forward-thinking countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia, Kuwait, Bosnia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman… at least not at the behest of the government. Rogue elements in tribal areas like Paktia do their own thing, however ghastly to us. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Pakistan and now Libya (Way to fuck that one up, Barry and Hillary! I do miss Gadhafi’s silly antics, I can’t lie!) and Yemen are the worst examples to give. At least Iran is TRYING to clean up its image after realizing how few friends it has in the world.
          And I meant “Libertarian” in the sense that you can mold something into however you see fit based on your own interpretations and desires. It isn’t always a good thing.

        9. They provide 40+ references at the end of the Wikepedia entry. You can’t really use the inaccuracy of the site as an excuse.
          Arabs/Muslims are pretty damn barbaric, It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they stone women and take part in ‘mercy killings’.

        10. References don’t make it accurate my friend. But as I said, I am not saying you’re wrong, just that if you want any credibility don’t use Wiki as a source. I have actually found serious errors in it.
          Yes Arabs would be far more civilized if they conducted their killing from a computer lab in Texas.

        11. That’s a crockful of bullshit. Mercy killings are like the Magic Carpets of Arabia. You keep hearing about them but they don’t really exist.

        12. I lived in many middle eastern countries for a very long time, I mingled with the poorest of the poor in the most backwards villages, and I never saw a stoning happen. Most likely scenario for an adultress? Expulsion from the village, with an optional beating beforehand. ISIL does stone people but you have to understand that they are a fringe radical group

      1. hello brother iam from Pakistan too. I know what you mean when you say that you have never seen anything like that happen. In big cities these kind of things rarely happen and I reckon you live in a big city like me. It could however happen sometimes in rural areas. However, the attention these kinds of incidents attract is enormous. So even if such a thing happens once in a blue moon in a third world poverty stricken country where the majority of people are uneducated it makes western headlines, just to exaggerate ‘crimes against women’. It doesn’t matter that numerous injustices are committed against men too. For example in a traditional society like ours men do all the heavy, dirty, dangerous work. Everyday many MEN die in target killings ect, but that becomes a crime against ‘citizens of the state’ and not MEN. However just because the western media wants to advance its male bashing agenda, telling people how horrible men are and how victimized women of the third world countries are it paints our country with a broader stroke. The fact is in a traditional society like ours there all always certain injustices against both sexes. Men for example are treated like atm machines by families. They are beaten up in public on roads by mobs of enthusiastic lads if a woman just shouts that he touched her inappropriately. This is a pretty common scenario. Even the policemen join gleefully, teaching men lesson for insulting a woman. That being said, obviously there is no excuse for treating women horribly, and I support equal rights for women from the bottoms of my heart. I always try to respect women and stand up for their rights. I just hope that as feminism spreads to our part of the world, as it gets more and more modernized, we may not delve into insanity as the west has done by completely absolving women of all responsibilities of their actions.

      1. Sharia’s not coming. You sound like a conspiracy theorist. Besides, why wait for sharia to get your women in line? Do it yourself.

        1. This says there will be a lot of Muslims, not sharia. Most Muslims don’t support sharia even in their own countries. Your brand of hyperbole discredits the real battle against multiculturalism, and is very easy for leftists to parry.
          What you should be saying is that even regular Muslims who don’t support sharia should be barred from Europe, solely because their presence makes the country too diverse.

        2. This is blatantly untrue. Many surveys of Muslims in Europe clearly indicate that the majority of these Muslims want Sharia law to be introduced. The majority is smaller than in majority Muslim countries where north of 75% want Sharia imposed, but it is still the majority.

    2. nearly 40% of honor killing victims un pakistan are men. but media ignores them. but regular homicode men die 2-3 times over there. its a made up term so local feminsts can get attention and they define it in such a way that its primarrly a female issue as of recent years. dont fall for this and do not white knight for them.

    3. Make no mistake, this is not a space issue. There has always been public announcements telling people not to take up too much space on the train.
      The fact that this has now been taken up by feminists to whine about men demonstrates that “manspreading” is not so much an issue of space or with men, but rather one of female entitlement.

    4. Yet American women ignore these issues around the world because they are stuck in their bubble being spoiled by their manginas everywhere.

  4. Women by nature, are dysfunctional wrecks, In the past, it was normal to see a woman treat her husband with the love and respect he earned, and she would also work hard to protect the family home and take of the children. This is the biological factor in a woman’s gender and what helps to maintain the nuclear family. It was also the norm and standard to be expected.
    As time moved on, we have started to witness the demise of traditional gender roles, and now see that women are defying everything that was once considered as moral, and are now contributing heavily towards the demise of not only Western masculinity, but also towards their own biological gender roles.
    Women are screaming for equal rights, and yet, are afraid to compete with men on the same playing field. Instead of believing in the concept of meritocracy, feminists believe in special privelages and handouts from the Government, and this alone, shows the flaws of the feminist movement. As a result of feminism, men are now being deprived the right to work, the chance at being the breadwinner and protector of the nuclear family, and now what we are witnessing, is the reversal of the traditional gender roles, where men are being stripped of their masculinity in this fascist poltically correct liberal driven society.
    This article proves my earlier point- that women are dysfunctional wrecks. They will at all attempts, try to castrate men and bully them into submission, because by their nature, they are deemed to be out of control. With celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Claire Danes and political figures like Hilary Clinton, all acting as the poster faces of feminism and further spreading and influencing this corrupt ideology, men should constantly be on their guard and to ensure, that the evil forces in our society do not try to turn us into weak and pathetic males who are dependant on women to make ends meet.

    1. This is ALL about invasion of male space- even where we sit.
      They are not doing this because they want to be a part of something (or even to have a seat)
      They are doing it to piss us off.
      We are being trolled en-masse by feminists for a) clicks b) so feminist “theorists” can have a job and c) so we are agitated.
      When we are agitated, misogyny happens. And so the machine trundles on.
      Further, invasion of male space can just as easily take the form of “leaning in”. That concept was not chosen at random as it cloaks, through plausible deniability, its REAL meaning. A woman showing her cleavage (leaning in) is a means of power, control and dominance. All women know this. It was nicely hidden from plain sight in the form of that catch-phrase. “Lean in” is code for “use your womanly power, but NEVER EVER let it be known you actually have power”

  5. Fifty years ago, men would have been required to give their seat to a lady. The feminists wanted equality. Now they got it and they don’t really like it. Fuck them.

      1. Not by law, but by the mores of polite society, yes indeed they were required to do so

        1. Untrue. A man only gives his seat to to woman who in his discretion deserves it. These mores you talk about are a fiction written about in stories.

        2. Presently, yes they are a fiction; our society has shed the twin burdens of mores and standards in favor of no-holds-barred boneheadedness…but there was a time when men rightfully respected women enough to offer that seat. It was a privilege women earned by being a respectful part of society.
          Of course, the time I’m referring to was before wimmin’s ‘liberation’ (liberation from what? a life of ease and comfort?), pre-60’s I’d say….but I’m in my early 30’s, so it might indeed have been a fiction, just seems like we once had a chivalrous, gentlemanly society

    1. From hindsight I wish that white guy hadn’t demanded to take Rosa Parks’s seat on the bus.

    2. If they want to be treated like men then they should accept the consequences but unfortunately, they whine.

      1. Cunts like these are a lost cause, you know cunts who demand us men do certain things, feel certain things, etc etc.
        Please do not delude yourself by thinking that those cunts don’t know when they’re wrong, ‘wrong’ in the sense that if someone do the same thing to them then they won’t like it 1 bit.
        Most men want to believe that women are all about feelings and emotion but that is only the half-truth of it. The other half-truth is of course that they are more than capable and willing to be really stone-cold-calculating and snake-like-unfeeling towards “lesser men” whenever they know they’ve got the upper hand.
        Google ‘Omaima Nelson’ , a 5′ 100 lbs woman who managed to kill, dismembered, dissected, castrated and partially consumed her 6′ 190 lbs husband, you won’t view women as the “weaker” sex ever again.

  6. Roosh V Forum member AnonymousBosch has correctly identified millennial girls as having a “dismissive-avoidant” attachment style, characterized by narcissism and an inability to form relationships with others.

    Pretty much every comment AnonymousBosch makes on RVF is totally on point and worth saving. It really is a pity he doesn’t write articles for ROK.
    His take on the “cult of sensibility” of modern women is equally masterful:
    We have to accept that any society where women from privileged, comfortable backgrounds hold the power will naturally encourage a cult of sensibility, and, as such, will celebrate neurosis and react with hysteria instead of common sense.
    Read his entire post (via the link above) for the proper context.

  7. Well this is what happens when you give women political power. They focus on all the important stuff.

  8. A woman got mad at me for “man-spreading” with my shoulders. I have broad shoulders and it was winter so I was wearing a large jacket. She complained that I was taking up two seats. I gave her all the attention she deserved.
    Which was none.
    She got up and moved to another seat. Which is what I do if a fat bastard sits next to me. Easily done.

    1. Perhaps she went home & reflected upon the lesson learnt if she was a fat whale & some man chastised her for taking up two seats 😛
      Most likely she didn’t.

        1. lol….”I’m” taking up too much space? At least I am wearing a big jacket…what is your excuse?

    2. For 3 agonising days last year, I had to use public transport on my 30 mile commute.
      Commuter trains in my region seem to be populated mostly by women for some reason. Female city workers and students. At one station, I saw 15-20 feet down the cabin a pregnant woman get on. Heavily pregnant – like 8 and a half months.
      As a brief thought experiment I watched if any of the girls and women down in front of me offered her a seat. None of them even looked up from their Ipods or mobile phones at her, so good old manspreading, chauvinist pig me gave up my seat.
      3 days later I got my car back. I nearly wept with joy. Fuck interaction with the public. Seriously

        1. Because she actually needed it. She looked like she was gonna blow.
          And for selfish reasons, to make a point about minding your surroundings to the drones on their ipods and iPhones

        2. Because, by giving up his seat for a woman, he furthered the goals of the patriarchy — his largesse was, in fact, a micro-aggression and oppression.
          Just kidding, but some pixie-haired twat on twitter might see it that way.

      1. These are the moment where men need to call out women for this type of behavior. It was your choice to give up your seat for another person who you thought needed it more than you did…good on you. But, you should have called out the girls and women for not making a seat available for her. That’s the problem. All of these special snowflakes want the good stuff that men have (the equality) but none of them want to give up anything else.
        You have to call them (at the moment) on their shit. It’s the only way things will change (I believe).

        1. I did make it really obvious I was going out my way despite the fact there was probably 15 people closer than me
          But as you know, people don’t give a shit. There’s no shame. It’s always “someone else’s duty”

        2. Man sees a problem. Fixes it.
          Woman sees a problem. Bitches about it for twenty years.

        3. …or “Man sees a problem, fixes it.
          Woman sees a problem, bitches about it until a man fixes it, then complains that she has no agency even though she is totally empowered and can do anything a man can do. Then she finds another problem.”

        4. Hahaha! Great addition.
          She will even find “problems” that aren’t even problems, but dealing with them will actually cause real problems.

      2. Lucas, I’ve noticed the SAME THING, too funny..years ago I made this observation, and I once commented on it, with an older (white) woman…I gave her my seat and said, “since none of these 20 year old white women will…this old man will” even though I’m only in my mid-40s…she laughed and thanked me…she was from the old generation.

    3. This shit. This really pisses me off. I’ve had a few cunts pull shit over that with me, and it is incredibly aggravating.
      I couldn’t possibly shrink my shoulders, what the fuck do you want? I have my hands put on my thighs so my arms don’t stick out but these old hags will still relentlessly flap their chicken wings out at me like there is anything in the world that I can do (no, I will not sit with my body twisted sideways). The worst part is they have options for seats and chose to sit right beside me, and then start this shit. By the time my stop comes and I say “excuse me”, the dead blood stare they get is enough to ensure that they sit on the other side of the bus from now on.
      The big men that sit next to me do just as I do, and try to keep our shit in our own area as best as we can and chill the fuck out.

    4. “Man-Spreading” that is the most retarded term I’ve ever heard. If you’ve got broad shoulders then you’re born with it. There’s no way you can fix it and if you take up a lot space then she should deal with it. Women these days can be annoying.

      1. I boarded a shuttle bus at the Honolulu airport to catch a ride to the appropriate airline terminal. Being the only passenger on board I sat on one of the wide bench seats close to the door with my backpack next to me. Then a fat middle aged bitch boarded the shuttle at the next stop. She came right up to me and angrily complained that I was keeping her from sitting next to me because of my backpack. Since her smaller pussy husband stood next to her saying nothing (like “for Christ’s sake honey, the bus is empty”) I slowly looked up at her without saying a word and gave her a prolonged Charles Manson glare until she lowered her eyes from fear thinking that perhaps I wasn’t such a nice safe white male to fuck with after all (they were white as well). They retreated to the rear of the shuttle to avoid further confrontation with what could well be a psychopathic misfit of society. Just more proof that in today’s world of animosity it is better to be feared than loved.

  9. There was a very good point made in this article, about how populations are extremely segregated in the West. It was not that long ago that people of all ages mixed and lived in the same houses or streets. There was interaction between all sexes and ages. People gave birth at home, became ill and died at home. People were then buried by the community. People had to grow their own food and kill their own livestock if they wanted to eat meat or fish. This was the case just 100 years or so ago.
    All these things have now bee ‘sub-contracted’ out.
    Elderly people are taken away to do their declining and dying away from the rest of the population. Someone then deals with the body and the burying.
    Women give birth in the hospital and have far fewer kids than just a century ago. The children are then kept inside or close to the home and brought up using nurseries and schools. You must have all seen those old black and white pictures of cities like London from 100 years ago – what’s the first thing that you notice? Hundreds of kids all over the place, playing in the street etc.
    People with mental disabilities and defects and taken away to be dealt with somewhere else. It would not have been long ago that these people would have lived amongst us and worked amongst us.
    We get someone else to raise the animals that then need to be killed, processed and eaten.
    If you’re in your twenties you don’t have contact with children, other generations, death and the realities of where your food comes from. Many older people don’t have contact with people outside their own age either. They live in different areas and inhabit different zones of the same cities. Even when these different generations share the same space they often ignore each other.
    One thing i did notice while living in Eastern Europe and also in the UK when I observed Young Eastern European people, was that they are perfectly capable of interacting with all age groups and holding a decent conversation with an older person without giving the impression that they are trying to break away to do something else. They are genuinely interested in talking to people of all ages and a young girl will not see a conversation with a man in his 70’s or 80’s as a situation where the old man is trying to ‘chat her up’.
    I think this is because in Eastern Europe the family is much more traditional. It means all generations are interacting with each other within the family and also with other families in the community. People actually help look after the older generation and interact with them – instead of trying to push them off to an old peoples home. Because of this women in these societies seem to understand that every interaction with a male does not have to be because the male is out to have sex with her. In the west, (UK in my case) , I see that younger women seem to think that any interest a male shows in having a conversation is because the male wants to take her to bed. So if they don’t fancy that male, they are trying to get away as soon as possible.
    When you see Eastern European girls talking to an older male, they seem to be able to have the conversation for its own sake instead of thinking there is anything sexual involved.
    I talk generally of course and about the average/typical examples. There are some English and Western women who are fine too, but by way the majority seem to struggle in holding genuine conversations with men just for the conversation’s innate value alone.
    My point about the fact that in the modern age we ‘subcontract’ a lot of things out to other people – illness, birth, death, slaughter of meat – also has an impact on the politics of people. They see the world as much cleaner and perfect than it is. What they don’t realise is that the animals still get slaughtered, people still get old and then ill and die, dead people have to be dealt with and children have to be brought up. This then allows them to build up unrealistic ideals and political views based on the sanitized world they live in.
    You see this in places like the UK. All the old dirty factories, pollution, smoke stacks and hard jobs of the industrial revolution have disappeared. Gone away…..But no, this is not the case, they have just been relocated to other places. There is still great pollution, tough low paid jobs, back breaking labour, long hours, air pollution and smoke filling the air – but just not in the UK. It’s now in places like China, India and Bangladesh. Once again because we don’t see it in front of us we believe it’s not there anymore. We live in a distorted reality, a sanitised reality and this has a massive impact on the political views of the people that live in this reality.

    1. Its very hard to fully capture this idea, but you see it even in the US when you talk to people who live on the coast versus in the midwest/central part of the country. Go to a city like Portland, S.F. or New York and most of the new urban class look down on the industries that provide for them. Industrial power, agriculture, slaughtering, metal production, automotive plants, construction etc… Many view huge sections of the country as something you fly over, its too dirty. These people see the world like no mess ever has to made.
      As you said, the factories used to be in the cities, now they are just pushed over the horizon. No one wants to see the undesirables lumbering into a factory or the rail cars full of raw materials. If it can’t be update every month with a software push it must be low tech and removed.
      We end up with a disconnected agenda, created by people who don’t understand how the things they take for granted are created. The new urban class thinks it can sterilize and clean the entire world when it doesn’t have a clue. This goes broad spectrum, not just low level BS like manspreading.
      As an aside, as part of a buyout I worked in a well known brand’s factory for 2 years on a capital investment engineering team. The people in the front office had a separate parking lot, cafeteria and security card door between them and the factory floor workers. The people in the front office were laughably afraid of the unwashed workers, and made every effort to avoid any unplanned interaction.
      Any policy that came from the front office to the rank and file was never received well. There would be some brief noise, then it would die. The front office staff did not understand how things were really done, could not relate, and could not effectively force the issue.
      As long as women in the city continue to act like social retards, they can make all the noise they want but it wont stick.

      1. Agree..and the same can be said about war (out of sight, out of mind). The mindset becomes “why are we supporting this nonsense?”
        So you can play on your Iphone all day, sweetheart, and update your Facebook posts with selfies.
        Fucking clueless.

        1. War is a good example. people don’t understand war as people used to in previous generations. Now those who have experienced the army and war are a tiny minority. In effect warfare has been subcontracted to a few per cent of the population to do on our behalf. Where as in the past the majority of men would have experienced the armed forces, now its a small minority. The TV news tends to avoid showing the true horrors of war, so people generally have no idea of the realities and horrors of war. People actually complain when news footage and movies depict war realistically as too gruesome.
          This means those in power have no understanding or concept of what is happening at the sharp end of any conflict, which is the result of their decisions and orders.
          Of course there were no sons or daughters of Blair, Brown, Bush, Clinton, Nixon or Obama fighting on the ground in any of the wars they got involved in, so they never personally take the risks or pay the price that the members of the armed forces often are made to pay.
          To credit the Royal Family in the UK – despite of course not being universally popular by any account – they do tend to have a habit of sending their own family members to war zones unlike our politicians.

        2. Of course. Wars today are even more of a money making machine than in the past (so no, the government with the media want to keep it “out of sight, out of mind”). Too much money to be made (and lost).
          Yes, it’s always the minority group (or average American) who goes to war and it’s very rare you’ll find one of our elected “leaders” children in harms way. It’s one of the perks of being a senator, congressman, President, etc….of this country.
          It used to mean something to go and fight for your country. Today, many people are realizing the truth behind it all (it’s not worth it). As men, we’re realizing this more and more.

        3. I am a veteran. Less than 6% of the US population are veterans. Only 1 or 2 members of congress have children in the armed forces (IIRC).

      2. A nice point….
        A good example of how this disconnect effects politics is in the environmental arena. Places like Europe are busy pushing up the price of their electricity while they try and find ways of creating it with a low carbon footprint. What actually happens is all the heavy industries move out to places with lower priced electric and lower environmental standards. The people in the west feel they have reduced pollution but all that has happened is all the ‘dirty’ industries have relocated. China builds a coal powered electricity generating station a week and this powers the heavy factory that used to be in the North Of England. In effect despite the environmentalists feeling pleased with themselves the carbon footprint has just been relocated, maybe the carbon footprint has been enlarged because the Chinese power station pumps out more pollution and also the product now needs to be shipped back to the UK where it is needed.

    2. I can’t help but notice that there are really two groups.
      Group 1: white heterosexual men living in a perpetual sausage convention
      Group 2: A Moss Isley tavern of GLBT, protected minorities, and whateverkin along with other damage goods mixed in with women who live like they are high on tranquilizers.

    3. So many American women love to talk, but have no idea how to hold a conversation.

  10. the more powerful and less victimised women are the more they will complain. This is because their power derives directly from sense of victimhood and from the weaponry of complaint. Manspreading, manslamming, pissing with the seat up etc are all examples of a resources that is dwindling faster than the world’s fossil fuels. That makes feminism equivalent to oil companies & car manufacturers who oppose cleaner alternative fuels to victimhood, and are prepared to manufacture wars to get the energy they need.
    Problem for feminism is that manspreading, slamming and pissing sitting down is a violation of the male physiology and a very tangible example of how fucked up feminism is; something that in places other than Sweden will serve to wake men up and not before time: we should capitalise on this issue IMO. Its time for some low-level (somewhat passive aggressive?) civil disobedience – take up as much room as you need on the metro, deliberately piss on the seat and the floor if a woman asks you to put the seat down (at your own risk I guess) but make clear its a political statement, and never give an inch on the pavement if you think some woman’s making a point (don’t slam back it will be used against you). This can’t be used as evidence against us if it is linked back to feminist aggression against us. Time for some push-back

    1. Exactly. You can do the civil disobedience easily and in subtle ways, just refuse to give attention and higher preference to women around you, ignore those with whom you have no business. They’ll learn the lesson.

      1. Yep especially in Toronto and those big metro areas around the US. If they can have some Slutwalk then we can have Manspreading!

      2. Yes, if they can have a no-pants subway ride in cities across the world than we can have a Man-Stance Subway Ride! (TM)

    2. the more powerful and less victimised women are the more they will complain. This is because their power derives directly from sense of victimhood and from the weaponry of complaint.
      I can think of another group that applies exactly the same tactics.

      1. I think all victim groups will apply those same tactics to the extent they see themselves in that way and see the advantage that can accrue from that position

      2. They wouldn’t happen to have spawned feminism…would they have? No, we must be thinking of different groups.

    3. Yup, and women will start pissing standing up to prove their animosity and when the piss runs down their leg they’ll say its a man’s fault

      1. I’m some man hasn’t designed a lady urinal for ladies to do it standing up like men

        1. They already designed something for women to use so they can piss standing up but they can never have a real dick!

  11. I’d heard about this stupid shit on Rush Limbaugh. Really couldn’t believe it was real. To anyone desperate enough to have a relationship with an American girl, my recommendation is this : look at how she interacts with her family. If she comes from a strong family where both parents are not divorced, has a healthy relationship with both father and mother, has a mother who is domestic and respectful to her father, and is a very loving kind daughter to her folks..there is a chance she’ll be a good one. Truthfully they are nearly impossible to find these days

    1. Also isn’t “talking” to (which you can define in pretty much ANY way, shape, or form you wish!) at least one, if not ten, other guys already.
      THAT is even more impossible to find now, my friend, for their iPhone lifeblood conduit gives them a virtual dial-a-dick buffet and the ones that they find most attractive or have the most money or the highest local party scene social standing will be the ones they aren’t “Too busy with work and school” for.
      Hence, assholish or not (and really, who gives a fuck what some other homo sapien thinks?), pump n’ dump is the best way to go. You can be damn sure they’re scheming the same against you as is.

      1. I am with a gal now who fit into the categories I described above. As a buddy of mine said to me after meeting her.. ” very wholesome gal” She’s been great , but I discarded many before picking her… most of the women I’ve met in my life aren’t worth shit in my book when it comes to a relationship.

        1. My friend, you should assume EVERY SINGLE woman you meet is a fucking shady scumbag until she proves otherwise!

    2. Good points. The family history is going to tell you a lot about how the girl is going to behave, react to certain situations, behave as the female in the relationship, etc, etc….
      If her dad wasn’t around at all, then there is probably a very good chance she didn’t have a positive male role model and (or) she’ll have abandonment issues. I’ve dated enough women to know (experience first hand). Any woman who came from a home where mom was single, dad wasn’t around or a step dad was present all led to a dysfunctional woman.

    3. Even that wont protect you.
      I went to catholic school, a lot of girls from good families turned into total cunts and whores. Don’t give them credit just because their mom stayed loyal.
      Even in the 70s-80s society was a lot more conservative, that environment probably contributed to her parents’ healthy marriage.
      Many girls from good families are too dumb to know how lucky they are, and when they turn into whores they always have their own family to fall back on. What her parents have done isn’t really a reflection of her character.
      She will always have more loyalty to her own family than you. They don’t actually give a shit about their husbands

    1. “I remember the good old days (I admit I cringed writing that), when my favorite place in the world, the place I felt most at home, was the club.”
      I couldn’t get passed the first paragraph.. I will try to translate it…
      “I remember the good old days when my favorite place in the world, the place I felt most at home was in the club’s mens’ room taking it up my ass and sucking 2 dicks at the same time…”
      What in the fuck has this world become? There is absolutely no decency left.. Unbelievable…

      1. These articles need to be mass e-mailed to every fucking beta .. no every fucking male …. it shows their life’s ambitions.

      2. Yes, we’re at rock bottom here. I’m hoping the next generation of young women see what happens to their elder sisters who spent their best years getting wasted three nights a week and sucking salty dick behind clubs as empowerment.
        It’s a thin hope, though; young girls–who we all know cannot think for themselves 90 percent of the time–will never stop slutting it up provided they can thrive off the attention of thirsty betas and internet lurkers

    2. Hmm. A reaffirmation to the readers in the power of belief in the messianic figure of Captain Save-a-ho.

      1. funny how the author never describes what Captain Save a Ho is really like! .. those minor details are left to the imagination.

    3. What dumbasses millennial girls have turned into.
      I understand the need to go out and have your own experiences in life, but sheesh, if you have reasonably competent and responsible elders in the family, they warn us about the consequences of doing certain things for a reason. You would do well to listen to their advice. If you can’t find anyone like that in your family, you can look to other adults who have their acts together, and you can talk to them for guidance. “Mrs. Smith, should I go out clubbing this week end, get drunk and have guys with tattoos and criminal records pick me up?” “No, honey, you shouldn’t do that. You’ll regret it afterwards.”
      This seems to fall into a binary distribution, however. Some young people who have bad role models can see that this behavior makes them losers, and they do the opposite to try to have more functional lives. Yet other youngsters with bad role models think that their elders show the proper way to live, and they act accordingly. We see a whole lot of the latter in the black underclass, for example.

      1. Speaking for the tattooed criminals, I must ask you to please refrain from telling these hard truths to my future conquests. Thanks you

    4. WOW. This is straight up animal kingdom stuff. It goes beyond human culture. One of the main ‘wins’ in the animal kingdom is to have your genes propogated as another male provides resources unwittingly. This is not my opinion. That is widespread animal kingdom behavior. Sound familiar? Animals play this game too, it’s not just some new thing that is a result of the ‘war on poverty’. Think of some species of hawk. A male hawk has to hunt over a wider and wider territory (work harder). Another male will swoop in and mate as the provider hawk is out working. The worker hawk is an evolutionary loser. No genes propagated and a life of unrewarded work. The scumbag doesn’t work and wins mating privileges through cheating. Sound familiar?
      In order to distinguish himself from worker hawks, the mating hawk develops new stripes on his wings (tattoos). Shallow female birds fall for it as do shallow female humans. (Look at that tally on elitedaily. Look at how many different character traits are attributed to having ink injected into your skin. Phenomenal) Back to the hawk that develops stripes. This establishes him as a ‘mating’ hawk, not just a worker hawk that is lazy. The whole ‘tattooed males are sexual’ trend is straight from the Discovery channel. Non-tattooed males are ‘good’ and are there for resource extraction, not sexual privileges. I am so done with that culture.

      1. Good analysis, though surely it’s not a widespread phenomenon in nature. Regardless, I feel more inclined to forgive the hawks.

        1. I read about it in one of Steven Pinker’s books. I can’t remember which one. I think it’s quite prevalent from how he explained it. It’s just a natural push in that direction. The point by point correlation between the times that it does occur in nature and what we’re seeing in the West is fascinating to me.
          Unemployed, tatted up ‘bad boys’ —sexual
          Responsible, mature, decent grown men—suckers
          The thugs are adapting, kids crapping out of various swollen buttocked females while the good-guy ‘man-up’ crowd pays for it. Thugs sleeping in, shooting hoops in the afternoon, drinking, getting sexual privileges while whitey drives his health into the dirt with overwork, has sex 4 times a year with a non-fertile woman who outweighs about 1/3 of the players who will take the field on Super Bowl Sunday.

        2. It is fascinating. Check out the comment by tickleick I responded to before you who gives a great run-down on the primal power games that may be at play. We can’t underestimate the role of television/film/internet/music in promoting, or at least reinforcing these behaviours. They are mass brain-washing tools, after all. eg ‘u an me baby ain’t nuthin but mammalz..’

    5. Every guy/potential sucker should be forced to read and digest that shit.
      Never, ever date an ex party girl.

      1. oh you can date them (I find often these days dating or dating around is gets used by women as a nice euphemism for fwb or sleeping around), but just don’t get carried away with committing to a long term relationship. Just get your share of the fun times like the guys before. Some of the more savvy ex whoohoo girls do change their style and persona (eeww I’m not that type of girl, and will bad mouth players…now) in later years, so they can better dissociate from the past and shift to dating more dependable men. The past is the past and not relevant to you she’ll say if she happens to drop a few hints about being bit of a wild thing in the past.”Ive had my share of fun’ gets used as a bit of a proforma statement by more women these days in terms of wrapping up their party girl past without discussing it any further.

    6. Right. The Sex and the City philosophy is another source for this behavior. The show was everything about “having your cake and eating it, too”. Women are free to go out, have careers, bang multiple partners and in the end “Prince Charming” shows up to save them (pay for everything).
      They should come out with a show that displays the next generation…a follow up of what happens after they’ve hit the wall (about 35, 40), married that guy, took the resources, became unhappy and started on depression meds, left the relationship or marriage, and single with cats.
      I’ll write it if someone wants to produce it. Not sure how well it will do but at least I’ll know my audience (I’m talking to all you cat ladies out there….lol).

      1. Sex and the city ten years later…call it “Sex, out of Pity”. or “Life, it ain’t Pretty”

      1. I just read that article. Yeah, that article is talking about having a fucking girlfriend (not a man). Going on salon trips together…sharing hair ties?
        I’m not your god damn girlfriend…we’re not going shopping together, either.
        Women are fucking delusional.

        1. She might as well just date a lesbian.
          wtf is wrong with these women? I’m not going to the salon, I’m not going shopping, I don’t give a shit about hair in the shower, you really don’t want me advising you on beauty tips, and if you see me with a hair tie of my own just shoot me because I’m either rabid or delusional.
          I can’t wait until women go back to being women and men can just be men instead of these androgynous, half-womyn things.

        2. Plus, remember (just like rape culture) it all depends on the man with long hair. If they think the man is unattractive (and has long hair), then they’ll ridicule and shame his ass for doing this “man bun” thing. It’s only the men they feel are the most attractive (with long hair) that can get away with this bullshit.
          Either way, again…I’m not her girlfriend.

    7. crap like these articles make me long for another great war.
      and yes, its coming…

    8. LOL in the 2nd article one dude called her out in the comments and described the Alpha fux=Beta bux paradigm and sooo many White Knights came to the rescue.
      Fucking sad how people can be so blind with the facts right there under their noses.

      1. Aaaaaaand he was being reasonable to GIGI! Too many men are also starting to behave like women because it’s their only excuse for their lack of sex or quality girlfriend!

    9. I read the article.
      What really struck me about it is these attributes that guys with tattoos supposedly have… are really not that specific to guys with tattoos…
      Lots of guys are passionate, have been through rough times, are great in bed, artistic, romantic, aspire for original occupation, etc.
      This article is hamsturbation 101. they just can’t admit that guys with tattoos are trendy and look “cool.” Right now the trendy thing is guys with beards and hair-cuts that make it impossible to get a job. Tomorrow its going to be some other fashion trend. Why not just say, go and date that guy who is passionate and does his own thing? Its not about that.

      1. “This article is hamsturbation 101” -F**kin oath it is. . Tatted up guys want to leave their mark on the world (all the juggalos have tatts don’t they) & are committed and true to their word & is mysterious (more like trendy in 70% of cases), he’s artistic (95% of tradies I know have tatts and they def not the arty creative types) & he’s romantic and sees life doused in poetry. Sheesh I cant list anymore bs from that article. She could have stopped at #1 – he has the bad boy look.

      2. Modern women are incapable of making correct judgements about character. Things like tattoos are actually considered DESIRABLE traits, even though in reality they indicate either severe beta-ness (constant need for attention/approval), impulsivity/psychopathy, or a criminal background. I’m not complaining, I’m somewhat impulsive myself and it’s resulted in my giving women the tingles and getting laid. But it destroys women. Women are not psychologically capable of having sex with ten men in the span of a week. It really breaks them down and causes all kinds of neuroses.

  12. I’m glad to see the heading “How Men And Women Became Enemies”.
    Not enough men realize that all too many women seek to disenfranchise, exploit, and victimize men — and will do so without regrets or consequences. Nor are these men aware that women encourage and celebrate one another in their buccaneering and hostility.
    There’s a saying: “You may not be interested in war, but War is interested in you.” Men need to wake up to the threat such women pose to a man’s reputation, prospects, career, financial position, rights, freedoms, and fatherhood. “Enemy” is the right word to describe these women, and they have become so by their own choice.
    Real-life story: My own first, direct encounter with this sort of viciousness came when I listened to a girlfriend laud Thelma and Louise because they killed men. She experienced their murder of men as juicing her own sense of empowerment, and a victory for women in general. I was stunned by her superficiality and childishness, and by her obvious glee. That was an ugly side of her I had not seen until then. I could feel the vibe of the sisterhood standing behind her cheering; she had the confidence of someone backed by her tribe. One lesson I learned is how an inhumane mindset can lay quietly in ambush behind conventional female sociability, and that a man should not expect to easily discover it.
    Ever since then, I’ve assumed every woman I meet may be like that until she proves she isn’t. Said another way, I figure there’s a good chance she sees herself as my enemy, and is prepared to translate that into action.

    1. This is very correct.
      It sheds light on the stinging hatred jealousy and fear women have for men yet which their incapacity for self reflection and introspection denies them the awareness to realize.

    2. Women act this way because they are beaten.
      They instinctively know they are not nor will they ever be as good as or as valuable as men. Look at it as a half full glass. Women are personified misery. They hate men because they wish they were men.
      Now that their misery is unchecked they are free to consume themselves.
      The world has a way of balancing itself out and purging itself of impurities.

      1. I call bullshit. Women are significantly more valuable than men in the grand scheme of things. They are the vessels that bring the new humans into the world. Men, by and large, are incredibly expendable. That’s why the powers-that-be send them into wars, wave after wave, to meet their deaths. Ever heard of World War 1?
        I raise chickens. Hens are significantly more valuable than roosters. Humans are not much different. You can’t sit there and tell me that you’d rather spend your time with the bottom 90% of loser men in this world. Most men are lame ass, shallow, boring losers, not to mention huge cowards. At least women have a vag for entertainment. Let’s not pretend that the majority of men are awesome. They’re not.
        As for your other points, I really can’t agree more. Women truly are misery personified. I don’t think I’ve ever met a happy woman in my life, and the ones who claim to be happy also seem to be lying through their teeth.
        I also do believe that women are envious of men. They think our lives are all just high fives, beer drinking, and casual sex. Women never see the rejection, isolation, etc that so many young men go through.

        1. “They think our lives are all just high fives, beer drinking, and casual
          sex. Women never see the rejection, isolation, etc that so many young
          men go through.”
          You hear about the lesbian journalist who pretended to be a man for 18 months. She couldnt believe how difficult it was just to be a guy day-to-day, and she almost had a nervous breakdown. Would be nice if that was turned into a documentary or featured on the nightly news, no??

        2. There are over 7 Billion people on this planet. Most women are reproducing at less than replacement rates (which is just fine for now), but still want 100% transfer of resources as if she was dedicating herself full time to the next generation. They have made themselves useless as women and that is why they are trying to be men. They are pretty much useless at that too, so you get a bunch of miserable useless humans that are in control of society. Not a pretty picture.

    3. It’s scary, but women’s sociopathic **feelings** can be curbed by a nice dose of man logic. When I was in college, we read a play about some disgruntled wife who kills her husband. We had to write a short essay about it to read to the class; every female and most males lauded the murdress for her bravery, though it was plain that pretty much all of them didn’t give a fuck either way and just wanted to be done with the assignment. Then I went before the class and pointed out the woman’s horrible nature, called out the murder for what it was (laziness, for she could have left her husband, but she was happy in the house) and…was the only student to receive applause, including from bitches who ten minutes before claimed the murder was a noble act.
      Of course, i’m a handsome bastard, so that might’ve helped

  13. I went back to America for the first time in 5 years. I messaged my high school crush– you know the one you obsess over and think about all day every day. She met me for dinner. Lets call her “Liz
    Liz’s mother dropped her deadbeat dad shortly before or after she was born (details details). Then her mom married another man within 2 years and had a son with him. That man helped raise Liz and her half brother until they were 16 and 18. Then Liz’s mother divorced him and got another husband. My blue pill mind be like: aww, girl thats too bad, sounds like it was rough for you and your mom.
    My red pill mind be like: You mom fucked some guy, who probably wasnt a deadbeat, but not that good, popped you out and in a panic of not being able to handle being a single mother she uses her pussy to latch on to another man and uses his resources to raise you in a stable environment and once you and your half brother are of age the man is disposed of.

    1. The second dude was a fucking pussy. Raising a strangers kid…pfft! Not one cent I would pay for this child.

  14. Outstanding article – correct assessment of the current Marxist state on the way to a Brave New World kind of way where everyone lives alone & is encouraged to sleep with a new partner every day.
    I don’t see a way out – the madness will spread:

    1. Is that fucking nutcase black widow bitch of a woman really trying to tell another woman she was “raped” regarding something she wasn’t even present for? Wow.
      I feel REALLY bad for you cunts when the big 4-0 hits and you’re all alone with your cat and your Billy Idol haircut and your yoga mat and Starbucks milkshake while constantly thumb jockeying on your iPhone and hoping some sad sack of a man is also pathetic enough to buy what you’re selling.
      Wait, no I don’t. Nice half-assed attempt at looking sexy in your stupid selfie (men, please, don’t take those unless you’re actually taking them to send to a direct recipient, EVER!!!), you dumb twat!

      1. Yes – this exactly what is happening. Women simply start believing in rape culture by association. They are designed to feel and empathize when hearing different stories and for them it is proof when one friend of a friend tells a story of how she was allegedly raped. I’ve had women who said that this is proof of a systematic rape culture while I cited statistics of 1 in 2200. They simply could not believe it – women are like that – all emotion and little reason and science.

        1. So why are there not exponentially more men in jail for rape, and how come you and I don’t know myriad rapists everywhere we go or have any in our social circle, workplace, or families? Hmmm, strange!

        2. It’s not “rape” when the right man does it. It’s not rape when, say, it’s Brad Pitt or a Channing Tatum. No, it’s rape when mr. unattractive or mr. not-attractive-enough does it. Or if feelings of regret hit her after she already spread her legs, because he wasn’t as alpha as she initially thought.

        3. Or when Mr. Big Bucks or Mr. Hip Local DJ does it.
          Lest we forget, it isn’t ONLY about looks with women as far their shallowness and pettiness when it comes to choosing men.
          They tend to compartmentalize men who are repeat sexual partners into three very utilitarian categories:
          1) Looks – Always tall, often White (though several make exceptions here), sometimes has a “cool” accent from The UK or Australia (now THAT shit is petty as fuck!). Chances are, he fucks the best too since his exterior may lend him lots of chances and thus lots of experience, but he probably works some blue-collar job and lives a very itinerant, bachelor lifestyle with a messy one-bedroom apartment and as such doesn’t have a whole lot of money and drives an unimpressive low-end Japanese sedan. Which brings us to:
          2) Money- Hey, SOMEBODY has to buy them the luxury items they can’t live without that they can’t afford with their cushy ten-dollars-an-hour desk job their Aunt got them (fake boobs to crassly display 24 hours, latest iPhone to take innumerable selfies with to Like-collect, various Michael Kors accessories, etc). Probably significantly older and out of shape (when you have money you can get complacent, especially if women flock to you for it and you feel you have no need to be fit) so he doesn’t fuck so well, hence why #1 is kept in her dial-a-dick rotation.
          3) Social standing – Often a popular DJ, nightclub promoter, local restauranteur, college or pro athlete, etc. This way they can brag about “seeing” (to put it VERY lightly!) someone whose shadow everybody else wants to occupy and who can get them into privileged events or the front of long lines or into VIP-only areas. The ultimate selfie and Like-collecting opportunities and social media bragging rights are gleaned from this. And if the man is juggling several other women because he’s popular and because he can and she even knows about it, it’s no big deal, for what’s dignity these days at the expense of attention whoring and narcissism, right?
          And then they turn 30 and things start to get “weird” (which is “everybody else’s fault”, of course. Those assholes!). And then they turn 40, and, well, kaputski!

        4. ” Or if feelings of regret hit her after she already spreads her legs, because he wasn’t as alpha as she initially thought.”


        6. “And then they turn 30…”
          …and beta males, slowly, will get a chance.
          “And then they turn 40…”
          …and all of a sudden even omega males become an interesting option.
          And then they turn 50 and not even omegas will be interested in their stinking vaginas anymore.

        7. I am 1 (except for the White part) and 2 (but in shape) except I am stingier than a motherfucker and won’t buy a bitch shit! That doesn’t seem to bother them though….

        8. Hahaha….as a recovering 25 yo beta, i now can’t date bitches above 25…they are past their prime.Women have their chips early in their lives meant to capture a suitable male.Young women have an intrinsic power over men which withers with due age.Now i visit the gym…eat better and approach without a care if i fail.

        9. Rush had a woman on who was complaining that Cat calls she was getting were offensive in NY city, she then went on to say that when she was in France a Frenchman in his French accent told her she had nice legs and she told Rush it was very flattering, Rush then called her out on the obvious, that it was okay because the Romantic French accent appealed to her but the same comment in an American accent was offensive. Women operate entirely out of Emotion. Ever notice animal rights a movement made mostly possible off the emotions of women help out animals that are cute and nice? Have you ever seen women concerned with the animal rights of spiders or other nasty insects? They are still creatures with lives after all but a woman most always will scream in disgust and kill the spider. Woman only are concerned with what appeals to them emotionally and not what is logical.

        10. I agree that under 25 is the best time body wise. Beyond that, listening to their conversations…the way they talk and what they talk about…I just can’t fake it anymore. I can’t sit there and play interested in their mindless bullshit. I’m not saying after 25 gets much better, but there is definitely a difference.

        11. women have almost caused the extinction of pubic lice with all this axe-wound shaving and waxing. of course their desire to look pre-pubescent for the next alpha doctor/secret service spy who undresses them is more important than the existence of the beautiful pthirus pubis. save the whale-tail indeed.

      2. remember they also have their “careers” and UBER, for when they get drunk at the “cougar” bars, don’t have to worry about that 3rd DWI.

        1. Yep, because a $20,000 piece of paper in a frame Daddy paid for while you got drunk and sucked athletic dick for four years really impresses men, sweetheart.

        2. oh but wait…they didn’t suck athletic dick, they were forced to do it, via, a man’s charm. …those fucking, charming, disgusting pigs…

        3. I used to drive for UBER. I encourage all men to give it a shot for the experience. Nothing will make you red pill faster. I actually had a girl try and get me to call the cops on a totally innocent guy once; and all kinds of other negative behaviors. I will never, ever go to a club, or date a girl who goes to clubs after driving for UBER. Those girls are out of control, and often dangerous.

      3. I mentioned this in a previous article.
        This rape-culture put my dear friend in jail and his dreams of becoming a doctor was crushed..
        –This also reminds me of a chick in my high-school (freshman year) that accused me of sexual harassment for poking her (I was asking her a question and she wasn’t responding so I poked her by her rib). She took this case verrrrry seriously and reported me to the Deans. The dean told me if he ever catches me poking any girls he will have me arrested and jailed. That was my first red-pill moment and figured out how women manipulate the system . God I wish I coulda told him what a cuntsack he was for siding with this bitch even though later I found out she had a sick crush on me by adding me through all of my social media (denied them all). Females that accuse men of rape get a thrill of it – I highly suggest to watch out for these types of vermin’s or they will ruin your life.

        1. If you are freed from The Dean’s yoke by now you should write him a very scathing letter calling him a fraud and wishing nothing good to come upon him and his family. As long as you don’t make any overt threats there’s nothing you can be charged with. I definitely would (and have, to former employers). Sometimes you need to foment a little chaos to teach people a lesson that they shouldn’t start fires they can’t put out.
          Or, if they play with fire, they get burned.

        2. she may have been adding you to torture you. don’t underestimate latent female sadism

        1. hahaha, love the pictures where her friends and family celebrate with her. That’s some sorry shit man. What a fat idiot.

      4. no shit, right, fuck them… open season on natural born whores when the Big One Hits, eh? some well deserved punishment on some natural born whores, who are just worthless parasites off mankind, etc. WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH… THE WIMP GIRLS JUST WANT TO GET SOMEBODY ELSE TO SAVE THEM FROM WHAT THEY DID TO THEMSELVES. Society isn’t supposed to judge a whore parasite for being a worthless whore parasite, oh what will they dream up next?

    2. More bullshit (as usual).
      The women even admits to having sex and regretting it (no big deal, move on)…would have been the usual and acceptable response in the past. Not today. Today, women have to analyze or take a second look at everything just so they can “see” a crime.
      We call this shit “crazy” on my planet.

      1. Reasons why it’s better to not fuck psycho bitches, which is the majority of Western women.

    3. Bro do you happen to have the link to the website (was it Tumblr?) where you took the JPEG of the Tweets from? I want to read the comments on there. I might even want to chime in with my usual brand of assholishness. This shit has got to stop, lives are ruined everyday over NOTHING!

    4. “When I was young, I read an article about a ten-year-old girl who was raped by a stranger on a dark road… And I never forgot this story, but I didn’t remember until many days AFTER Barry fucked me. Fucked me so hard that the next morning I had to sit in a hot bath to soothe myself. Then I remembered.”
      Lena Dunham – “Not That Kind Of Girl”

    5. They like to think they’re important but all they ever do is spend the majority of their useless lives on social media prowling around like hyenas for shit to complain and squawk about.
      Other than shooting kids out their vagina, women’s lives are so mundane and their minds so lacking content that they are hard-pressed to find anything to do with their time so they target men and find shit to complain about.

      1. I was just thinking about this fact today as I ate lunch with a group of 3 (fat) women sitting at the table next to mine, all complaining NON STOP about other people and life in general. Not one positive thing was said throughout the duration of my meal.

      2. That’s why reality shows are so popular – they appeal to those who love to look down upon others (almost the entirety of the human race does to some extent, but men have a certain restraint in that regard. honourable men, at least. honour is an abstract concept, that modern women can’t grasp, coz you know, relativism). To listen to women go on about fashion, and other people’s lives is to really appreciate the depths of shallowness.

      3. Lots of women talk constantly about others lives. They read about stars life, they have magazines with stories etc. Even at work I hear them talking about others, gossips etc. Its disgusting and really pointless. It turns me off instantly and turn me into nazimysoginist. I staaaaay away from people like that, very toxic environment. Too bad my mom sits on facebook too much trying to be cool with fucking stupid videos etc. I’m on red pill therapy right now and see my feministic mom which fucked up her first marriage and I see her fucking up second so she will be alone 50+ years old with cats. AND WHAT?! DOES SHE EXPECT I WILL RESPECT HER AND LIVE WITH HER? FUCK OFF! Its really sad Im losing more and more respect towards my mom ;(

      1. The first girl is no feminist, but the second one is. I think this took place as part of a longer discussion that the Republican girl had with the feminist & the little deluded SJW tried to convince her that she was raped. She is actually not amused about the popularity, because that little tweet got shared a lot. https://twitter.com/_leannnicole/status/559955570527326209
        But it shows the madness about the rape hysteria. What if the girl was an inexperienced girl like UVA Jackie? It would be rape already.
        Of course anti-feminists know already their idiotic memes, but many other girls take it for real and cry rape even after having texted with the guy after sex like mattress-girl, thus the male students don’t get expelled, because you don’t text your rapist after the rape that you had a great time and would like to see him again. Ah – whatever – it’s going to shit anyway since YesMeansYes is spreading to other states.

  15. The worst thing about the whole “manspreading” thing is that it’s women who sit in cubicles for a living complaining about the collapsed resting pose that mostly working class men sit in on their way home via mass transit. I mistakenly thought the left liked the poor apparently.

    1. and this shit, like manspreading, is only going to happen in metro (city) areas like New York, Toronto, etc….not going to see this shit happening in rural places down south or out west (again, excluding large metro-city areas).

  16. Wow, bitches are fucking crazy. I didn’t even know shit like this exists. Fuck ’em, I’m spreading my legs open wide as fuck now! That’s what she said.

    1. The threat of “manspreading” was covered in a local paper where I live as well. I thought it was satire at first.

      1. Also @jizznutz:disqus what about “womanspreading”? I mean, if your spandex-clad attention-whoring ass is going to spread your legs wide apart and threaten me with something that bleeds for seven days yet doesn’t die as you take selfies on the subway for your Betatard Brigade to Like, I sure as shit fear for my “personal space”, and then some! Somebody write me a fearmongering article right quick!

      2. I don’t just manspread with my legs, I stretch out both arms and take up about three seats. But hey, if a hot chick wants to sit under each arm, that’s OK with me.
        But its those damn “Pole-Huggers” I can’t stand!

        1. Yeah its true… reading that stuff only made me want to become obnoxious on the subway.
          Now I’m that guy with his feet up drinking coffee with papers everywhere and a huge grin for whoever happens to glance my way…

      3. These women are crazy. You know you are an entitled piece of shit, when life is so good, that you complain about men spreading their legs too wide.

      4. “The threat of “manspreading” was covered in a local paper where I live as well.”
        Pussy town? lol

        1. seriously, like i just mentioned above, isnt it time for a good ol war to clear out the deadweight, re-prioritize what’s important, good in life, etc??

        2. Only if we die. A bit of chaos, death and dismemberment will certainly put things in perspective. It sucks, but humans have proven time and again that we will frolic like idiots w/ our heads up our asses until the shit hits the fan and all hell breaks loose.

        3. Agreed. It’s the cycle of humanity. It will never change.
          Although I must say, never has there been a group of humans more deserving of the impending horrors of WW3 than the worthless crop of fuck-tards that currently inhabit the planet. I fucking hate going out in public anymore because the proles are so unbearably obnoxious, not to mention numerous. My god, where the fuck did all these god damn people come from?
          It’s gonna suck pretty hard, but all I can say is bring it on!

        4. Compared to the absurdity of the modern western world, I think a bloody revolution would be a relief. I am confident in my survival skills; I doubt any SJW could say the same. Once war breaks out, the only “F-word” women are going to be saying is “Fuck, someone find me a man!”

    2. The thing is with this, most women, even chubby ones don’t take up a lot of space. Its because they have small shoulders and they sit with their legs crossed. As such, when you sit next to a woman, you won’t usually touch them at all. In all honesty, “manspreading” is a bigger problem for men, because when you sit next to a guy, its a fight for dominance over who gets to spread his legs the widest.
      And don’t get me started on foot-tappers. God that’s annoying.

      1. What about purse-spreading? When a 90 lb. girl carries a purse twice her size, and uses it to take a bus or subway seat next to her own?

        1. That actually really annoys me. Especially when they put it half on their lap and half on yours. I push it right off my lap.

  17. It’s weird though. A lot of these things are common among in certain Asian countries. I remember the time a male relative of mine was visiting. He peed standing up and later the very embarrassed Japanese family he was staying with asked if had peed standing up into their toilet. They were shocked because men It was just common sense for men to sit because it’s cleaner that way.
    After his story, I talked to a few others and realized how shocked many of the men were at the idea of men standing up to pee into toilets. Now they still use urinals while standing. But for a toilet their mothers train them not to stand.
    Maybe because trains are so much more packed, but a lot of men don’t seem to spread their legs. Of course, you’re usually so packed together you barely have room to breath.
    And yet still the average feminist would not be pleased with these men. You still hear them listing these Asian countries as not doing enough for women’s rights.
    Clearly they won the toilet and manspreading war? What more do feminazis want?

    1. Heads bowed, men taut and rippled with muscles, serving olives and feeling nothing as they dance between servants and sources of sexual pleasure. Maybe feminists should just cut the lies and create Amazonia already but then they would need to create something.
      If feminist ever create anything it’ll be the Apocalypse.

      1. Nah, the women will still get pissed at each other because one has the “hotter” male servant. They tear each other apart for him and then blame all their problems on men.

        1. Funny but I’m of the mindset that many women (72% or so) already do this with their ‘boyfriends’ anyway. Plenty of men get to ‘cheat’ with a woman’s best friend. And those are the lucky ones who will later be called dogs. The others get financially raped. Socially raped. And sometimes cuckholded out of blindness. Feminism is an outgrowth of some of the worst qualities of women and May not slow down as more people are driven to serve in the hopes of more access to sex.

      2. Well. they’ve already created the shittiest females ever, what more do ya want from them? A gal needs her ‘me time’.

  18. I can’t help but wonder if all of this garbage isn’t just a series of shit tests. They actually want men to resist the nonsense and take charge, but instead men are giving in and allowing the feminist insanity to get worse and worse. Enough will never be enough for the nightmare bitches. They’ll keep pushing until it’s illegal and punishable by death to be male.

    1. they can’t stop by themselves so yes, the emotional (if not the theoretical) root of their whining is the fact that men are not putting them in their place

    2. Yup.
      Women want chivalry back. They realized they fucked up.
      So they are using government coercion to force men to be chivalrous.
      This is nothing but a perpetual validation scheme because more and more men do not want today’s woman.

      1. Good point. And again, men need to call out women with their behavior on these trains (feet up on seats, laying down taking up multiple seats, etc…).
        Men should call them out on the spot. I’m never afraid to voice my opinion or concern. I call it common sense.
        “Sit the fuck up…this isn’t your living room couch.”

        1. Yea, and if they don’t comply hit the emergency alarm. They are technically harassing customers by denying them a seat.

        2. …at which point you’ll be laughed off the bus. Men cannot complain about women and be taken seriously; it’s why women shouldn’t be given power in the fist place

    1. The actual term there is marking your territory. More lovingly, it is referred to as passing gas. If you master the silent and deadly now, you’ll be ahead of the game.

    2. Men are bigger on average than women.
      And men are more active and athletic.
      So naturally our bodies will consume more air than women.
      We must allot a certain cubic quantity of air to men to rectify this air-gap.
      It is oxy-rape.

    1. Yes, it’s okay for that thing to transpread.
      Feminists only care about oppression when it’s white males doing it. Anyone else is free to do whatever they want.

      1. I think it will be white men (at first) but they’re coming for all men. Right now, society will push back a little if a white entitled woman tries to berate any other type of minority but regardless it will change soon (because the person is a man, nonetheless).
        The white man is the “boogeyman” of today. It can change at any moment with feminists and SJWs (it just depends on the back lash…see Gamergate).

        1. Agree, if Hillary or the “native American” blonde haired chick get in office expect the meme of “all mens be da eeeebil” to finally come out. Just wait black friends, you’re gonna love it!

  19. “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” (I Corinthians 11:3)
    “For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” (I Corinthians 11:8-9)

      1. 1) I do not believe in doomsday.
        2) I will post how God created man and woman, therefore Mr. Stalin you can shove your directions up your ass, where you will take it with you to your next Pagan Cult Meeting.

      2. If you want the freedom to comment as a non-believer, then you have to respect the freedom of others to comment in ways that are contrary to your own views.

    1. Yep. Religion was the only thing that kept female nature in check.
      Women are naturally man haters.

  20. Woman = dog; Feminism(as a result of liberal marxism) = rabies
    Before the animal contracts the disease it exists in a harmonious state living within its natural means. When it contracts the disease it becomes aggressive and attempts to spread the disease. There is disharmony, confusion and the animal cannot control its new found urges.
    If the animal isn’t treated immediately there’s no stopping it unless one exterminates it or sequesters it.
    What we are experiencing is an epidemic of rabid women

    1. Fucked up white women are not the reason for feminism, they are just the product of a society that has reached its peak of prosperity.
      Other products are: homosexuality, transsexuality, manginas, vegans…..

    2. I disagree with this. The black community was the litmus test for matriarchy. This has to do with females inherent hatred of men. Religion was the only thing that kept them in check.

      1. This is true, however, the “insult you and make you into the evil villain all the time” in the media was not. As I recall black women were taught to chant “we done need no man!”, and then the feralization of urban black males occured (by and large, and with exceptions of course).
        If you take even a passing glance at media today, the role of Ultimate Villain and Stupid Dupe is filled exclusively by white men. All that’s going to happen in the future is that y’all get to join us in the fold.
        Don’t worry, it bounces off and you can mock it with ease, heh.

      2. females inherent hatred of men.

        Hatred is one thing. White women going full feminazi is another. Whatever black women are, there is no feminism in Africa.

        1. It’s the PC lot that did them in. Africa answers to no one. Look at Uganda with their anti-homosexuality laws. If whites are ever to save their race they need to seriously start a campaign against white knights. Women have no power. They think they do because they have the government backing them. But women are effectively useless in any capacity beyond breeding. MGTOW is doing a good job already by denying them marriage and children. Make this generation of women an evolutionary dead end.

        2. It’s the PC lot that did them in.

          Ahem, what? Women are the source of PC. PC wouldn’t exist without women.

          Women have no power. They think they do because they have the government backing them

          That _is_ power. That’s the most important power you need in modern democracies.

        3. Who enforces PC violations?
          I stand by my statement.
          They are given power.
          It can just as easily be taken from them.
          MGTOW is achieving this.

        4. Great article. I wish I was in school again; I would take great joy in setting off trigger warnings and creating an “Orwell Society”; maybe founding a student group called ‘The Ministry of Truth”‘

  21. This is just another way to complain about men being men. Alpha men (or men that are learning Alpha traits) take up as much space as possible.
    Many Male animals have some form of this in nature. Women don’t understand this on a conscience level. However, when they see a man who does this correctly, they are rarely pissed, more often attracted. But when some guy is still developing these traits, they want to complain since he hasn’t mastered it.
    If women want space, fight for it. That’s what men have always done, now Women are equal, deal with it. If you are smaller and can’t take the space you think you deserve, I have no sympathy, that’s life for small servile men as well. And it makes yet another point to men to make sure you go to the gym and take a martial art. If I want space, I’ll take it and there is little anyone will do about it.

    1. Spot on with that comment. In a land of gender equality, women need to learn to compete in both the realms of intelligence and physicality. So sorry if that creates another unbalanced playing field

      1. Since women’s study majors aren’t exactly going for hard science classes like biology, feminist women think biology is just social construct. However when the reality that they are smaller and weaker smacks them in the face, all they have left is cognitive dissonance. I showed my GF this article and she rolled her eyes and said it was just silliness on the women’s part. Then she googled it and she was disgusted by the way these women act. She is one of the few good ones left, but she also had a decent (seemingly authoritarian) father.

  22. Why not just give all females the same status as handicapped in society? They get priority seating and parking anytime anywhere etc.
    Women are strong and independent, expect when they want their privileges.

    1. Don’t you understand. That would just be another sign of Patriarchy. Because it only happens because men ALLOW it.

      1. So it requires a new social theory, so women can “feel” good about being granted special privileges because of their gender. Re-frame it as affirmative action for public spaces.

  23. Fat acceptance, man spreading as criminal, ‘Have a nice day’ harassment, thought rape. Like Rush says, the left’s tropes start out as laughable. Fifteen years later they will be legally entrenched.

  24. In all seriousness, I fucking worry about the future of civilisation when I see some of the shit out there.
    Talking to women = harassment
    Parting your legs to avoid crushing your own balls = some overt sexually aggressive act
    Have sex with a guy who turns out not to be as cool as you thought = rape
    Girls with fucking perimeters around them on trains.
    Lunacy. This is how societies die

    1. There is no way to be charged for talking to a woman in public. Normal talking I mean, saying “Hey, sup, whatcha reading” on the subway is not a prosecutable offense. Let’s keep things in perspective.

      1. Not on its own. But things escalate.
        What if she comes back with something really fucking rude that puts you on the spot? The expectation is you just absorb it or you’ll be marched off on some public order shit.
        I’ve seen a girl angrily confront guys in a pub for supposedly looking at her. She drove them out because the bouncers decided it was easier if they left.

        1. So you tell her to fuck off, or point and laugh at her and turn your attention to more important things. Escalation is a chick thing, it’s code word for drama. Fuck drama. Laugh, walk away.
          Stop giving women carte blanche power that they do not have.

        2. Telling someone (especially a woman) you don’t know to fuck off on public transport will get you arrested.
          Simple as that

        3. No it won’t. Christ almighty, get some perspective. I’m not stating walk up to some random woman and tell her to fuck off, I’m stating that if she cops serious attitude, laugh at her, tell her to fuck off and walk away. There is nothing legally actionable there, except perhaps whatever subway/bus rules against cursing exist, which at most will get you kicked off the train/bus.

        4. And which respectable, professional guy wants to be forcibly removed from public Transport?
          Life isn’t a fucking gangster film western you know.
          Look I know what you’re saying. But you’re talking about things as they should be. Not how they are.
          Talking to a random and telling her to fuck off if she’s a bit rude. Not gonna go down well on your average commute

        5. And why shouldn’t you absorb it, it’s meaningless, it is literally a cipher? What does it fucking matter what she says? She’s some strange chick on the metro that you’ve never met before who was rude when you commented about the weather. Why in the hell would you even care about her opinion after she snarls? Drama is a self giving gift, you allow it to happen, or you don’t. If you feel “laugh…fuck off…laugh (walk away)” is too much for you, then don’t say fuck off and let her continue to think she’s perfect princess, yet still walk away and laugh at her. Honestly I really don’t care. I still think you’re giving away the power to the girl on the train by being so fearful.
          I’ve seen a girl angrily confront guys in a pub for supposedly looking at her. She drove them out because the bouncers decided it was easier if they left.
          Fucked up bar right there. Sounds like a good reason not to patronize it, if you ask me.

        6. It used to be a good bar.
          It was a horrible incident. The girl was barely 18, the guys in their 30s. They did nothing wrong at all. And she essentially harassed them out. There was 3 young girls surrounding by 10 or more beta guys.
          I don’t believe this scene was that atypical.

        7. And which respectable, professional guy wants to be forcibly removed from public Transport?
          For what? You’re giving women *way* lots of power they do not actually, in real life, have. So some bouncer escorts a guy out of a pub, that is nowhere near the same as what we’re talking about here, that I’m aware of.
          Where the hell do you live, NYC, London or D.C. or some other Leftist hotbed (serious question)?
          And I didn’t say “a bit rude”, if she just looks at you and rolls her eyes, who cares. I meant if she goes through the whole “conversation rape” thing or starts the perma-sneer snarking. If that wasn’t clear then I should have made it clear.
          Life isn’t a fucking gangster film western you know.
          Gangster film? Laughing at a chick who is giving you shit and saying something like fuck off or “idiot” (or whatever) is not gangster, it’s simply acting like a man who regrets even talking to her in the first place.
          Talking to a random and telling her to fuck off if she’s a bit rude. Not gonna go down well on your average commute
          And yet you’re willing to give her a pass for *her* acting rude? Blow for blow, or simply refuse to engage women at all on public transit, I say. Engaging then clamming up like a good little puppy when she scolds you is a feminist wet dream.

        8. Where at? Never saw it before personally, which isn’t to say it doesn’t happen of course.
          18 year old girls in a bar and your use of “pub” suggests to me you live in Europe, perhaps the U.K.. Am I correct? If so this likely explains the differences in our perceptions.

        1. I remember that movie, and scene; he’s swearing to get TP for an upcoming dump, I believe

        2. i can’t believe you don’t know what the three sea shells are!
          (one of my fav movies when i was a wee teenager)

  25. Great article, I’m going to spread my legs as wide as possible next time I’m on the subway.

    1. Don’t forget to step into one of those “personal space” boxes of women if you see one.

      1. Nah, cowboys were highly masculine and had self respect. In many ways they were the first MGTOW (although eventually most of them married and settled down, but in an age when that was possible of course). Sure, they had saloon prostitutes, but they were usually fairly decent looking, at least on the outside (I collect antique paper ephemera and can verify this from what I’ve seen over the years, exceptions of course are present).

        1. You know how “Buying the farm” became the term for passing away? From the Cowboys.
          Marriage was figured into settling down.
          I think after a month on the trail a saloon girl was a Godsend.
          There was an old episode of a series called “Sugarfoot” I recall when there was a saloon being harrased by a bunch of old lady “temperence types” and the woman managing the saloon said “You women could put us out of business in days if you started treating your men right”. Yes it was a little dose of red pill there, but also why the gynocracy we labor under will never decriminalize prostitution.

        1. she didn’t even write her songs and most of it was a perversion of Blues, which was by all intensive purposes, black music. she just had a voice.

        2. David,
          Go and check your facts. She wrote all her own songs.
          They don’t tend to give Ivor Novello wards to people who don’t write their own songs.
          Winehouse won three Ivor Novello Awards: in 2004, Best Contemporary Song for “Stronger Than Me”; in 2007, Best Contemporary Song again, this time for “Rehab”; and in 2008, Best Song Musically and Lyrically for “Love Is a Losing Game”.
          You’re right she had a fantastic voice but also wrote more or less everything she sung. If you look up her album track details you can see this for herself. Mark Ronson was on the radio the other day and said he has never worked with anyone so talented, and probably will not again. Apparently she wrote most of those songs on the Back To Black album in about a week.

        3. Go and check. She wrote all of her own songs and even won three Ivor Novello song writing awards.

        4. she didn´t have too much control over her songs and even said she didn´t like the way some of her songs turned out in the end due to the production process.
          She has more control over her songs, but includes loads of covers (which are then obviously not written by her) in her repertoire. She has co-worked on quite a few of her songs, but collaborates heavily with other songwriters – which is not a bad thing to do. 🙂

    1. I will manspread always but its cool she can sit on my lap. Hell even if she is a lil chubby….

    2. Yep, if you don’t fit in your seat, why is that the man’s fault? Fucking stop munching down on Taco Bell Gorditas occasionally, poof, problem solved.

  26. Matt, you minced the words a bit. It’s not their “fear”, it’s a systematic and institutionalized attempt at criminalizing anything male and reducing men to second class citizens. Something that has been already successful to a degree. If you have to get out of women’s way “quickly” then you are a second class citizen, just like blacks in segregated South. I myself never “get out of” a women’s way on the sidewalk unless she is old, pregnant or carrying heavy stuff. I do this for the sake of “equality” and I encourage you to do the same.
    P.S. The reason men spread their legs is because their testicles have to have a lower teperature than their bodies.

    1. Who the fuck gets out of a woman’s way quickly aka. deferentially like a serf would a queen? I don’t make it a point to purposefully collide with people, but if a chick is going full steam ahead and expects me to jump out of her Go Grrrrrrrrrl! way, she’s got another thing coming.
      The reality they don’t show you on television, of a 225 pound weight lifting tall man colliding with a 130 pound You Go Grrrrrrrrrrl! is particularly amusing.
      *bonk, fall*
      Just like that. *bonk, fall*.

      1. Agree. If a woman walks full steam and she collides with me, then she’s going to bounce off, hit the sidewalk, spin, etc…but I’ll be in place.
        Women talk a good game but when it comes down to it…it’s all about science (another subject that many women don’t have time for, today).

        1. I consider it a lesson in applied physics, which I’m happy to provide, free of charge.

        2. It’s physics and it’s pretty elementary physics. Your average 3th grader can tell you the outcome without knowing any of the formulas for force or velocity or anything.

        3. Agree..yes. The problem with women: it’s all about feelings, first. Logic, common sense (or other) always takes a back seat to feelings with women.

      2. I don’t even open doors for them any more.
        Only one exception: the modelling agency I work next door to has some highly gorgeous 7-9s in “10 mode” (they do the photography there). And sometimes they make a wrong turn. The doors around here are difficult to handle for these women who on average weight below 110 lbs and are wearing gratuitously high heels.But since they are a sight for sore eyes (sore because this is Seattle were dressing in anything other than lesbo-wear is considered yielding to patriarchal oppression or something) I am more than happy to be nice to them at the risk of having a fedora mailed to me by “the commission”.

        1. I’ve always been of the mind that feminine, pretty women should be rewarded with praise or compliments in a non-sexual way, at least if it’s done in front of anti-sexual fugly fatties. If the hot chick is a bitch though, well, to hell with her too.

        2. Indeed. I’ve been a promoter of pinup girls and the custom culture where they appear at car shows. That is, money has gone out of my pocket. Again, at risk of ending up owning a fedora. But I know what I’m doing, merely putting my money where my mouth is in actually promoting women being sexy.
          Not up with car show game though. If I were looking to get laid I’d be all over the RDL in Amsterdam.

      3. There’s 130 lb. girls in America? Where the fuck are they? Last time I bumped into an american girl, I was sucked into a roll of bellyfat and had to lube myself up with spit and spilled cheez-wiz before I could wriggle my way out

        1. I live near a major university…THE Ohio State University. Plenty of young, svelte nubiles around here, and the campus is so friggin’ huge that they spread out from the city AND influence other non-university women to not balloon out.

        2. I always imagined midwestern girls were heifers, but I suppose they might not start growing sideways until they’re hitched

    2. Yea I made bitches get out of my way. I walk straight towards them until they move. And let me tell you, these queens of the sidewalk are ready to walk right into you. What a pathetic breed.

      1. A body language trick I learned in my late teens was to walk with your fists slightly in a ball, not with your fingers extended naturally like most people do. It conveys aggressiveness without being overt about it. People do notice, it’s freaky to try it out on a public sidewalk and note the difference. Not a tightly clenched first and angry face, just a curled hand. Neat stuff.

        1. yeah …keep the hands balled up in a perpetual fists. There was a recent anthropologic study that claimed that homo sapiens hands developed so as to make fists to better pummel stuff. Keeping the hands balled up turns the chicks on and it keeps the thugs away. Sends the message “don’t fuck with me”. Teddy Roosevelt was famous for having his hands in fists. Every photo of him shows his hands in fists.

        2. A buddy of mine pointed out to me that I did it when I was younger, and told me to note how people naturally made a path on either side of me, giving me a wide berth. Granted, this was the 1980’s when people still looked forward when walking. I told him it was because I was tall and took up a lot of space (just got out of the military, probably could have went amateur body builder at the time if I’d tried). He said no, flatten out your hands and walk like other men do. I did and suddenly the path I normally assumed was “just there” went away. Balled up the hand, the path parted like the seas before Moses. On off, on off. Amazing stuff.
          Doubtful anybody did it consciously, it didn’t seem like anybody was naturally staring at my hands. I suspect it’s something deeper, like a kind of reflexive call to subconscious fight or flight instincts. Or something.

    1. She is probably some fatty laying down and taking up three seats. She’s taking up a lot of space yet no one complains about it because she gets a pussy pass. The fucked up world we live in!

        1. This has very little to do with this pic, but…
          I’m amazed at how many selfies must be floating on the internet. The outright narcissism needed for one to pretty oneself up, take one’s own pic, and post it online in search of compliments pretty much sums up not only the difference between men and women, but the reason why women are mostly useless beyond a fuck or a family.

      1. No one complains, because it is the tube, after all. ‘I’m terribly sorry, but may I just say, the delightful aroma of your delicate ‘pieds’, as the french say, reminds me of my childhood summers we spent vacationing in Steeple Bumpstead.’

  27. The whole anti-concept of “manspreading” requires a really staggering denial of biological reality. Men’s acetabulae (hip joints) are oriented more laterally than women’s. Somehow the very structure of our skeletons is evidence for feminists’ ridiculous conspiracy theories.

    1. Wait, are you suggesting that this is a biological conspiracy!?!? How dare men conform to biology! Down With Patribiology!

    2. Right. Add that us guys have MANPARTS and that crossing your legs can crush your nuts. It’s uncomfortable for fucks sake. Fuck you women.

      1. I’m squish my nuts with my thighs when women stuff their tits back into their shirts

    3. Biology is just misogyny in disguise created by the patriarchy to suppress women’s natural physical superiority over men.

  28. The Personal Space Box is the perfect visual representation of how millennial women think.
    Is this for real? This looks to be too dangerous for a subway car.

  29. Feminism and it’s cousin political correctness have accomplished what the Cold War failed at. To inch western society closer to totaliinatism.

  30. There is a whole website here in Toronto dedicated to people who take up seats on our commuter rail line.
    Most of them are….wait for it…WOMEN!
    Stop Bitchlounging.
    I personally have not seen as many men putting their feet on the seats as I have women.
    Remember, everything they accuse us of are the very things they do.
    This is about male subjugation.

  31. Now that I look at those pictures it seems like the guys are keeping their knees out of the aisle, in a feminist society boys will have half their femur removed to achieve equality, and women will bitch about there not being enough tall men.

  32. So women who want to be in the military and the special forces are threatened by manspreading/manslamming ? Gals want to be in the army rangers surrounded by men who they say 1 in 5 are rapist ?? Madness….

    1. The really sad part about having women in the military, special forces or even as firefighters….we’re having to lower the bar for women so that they can pass the entrance tests (exams).
      Here is another example of giving someone (less qualified) a seat (over a more qualified man) because we need to be seen as a “diverse” nation. Yeah, fuck putting out the fire, carrying people out of a burning building, saving lives…it’s all about appearing “diverse”.
      And the bar gets lower and lower…

      1. I’ll re-post a comment I was sent by a woman who served. You be the judge of what was sent. America in a bunch of ways is a funny shit show.

    2. This is what’s crazy. They want to claim they can hold jobs like front line infantry and firefighters (both incredibly important jobs with lives on the line), but they have emotional meltdowns over shirts (Matt Taylor), and some guy sitting on the subway in a way they don’t like.

  33. In NYC, 99% of the dudes fall into 2 categories:
    1. Limp-wristed wusses who if a woman asks them to do anything, they jump to it. So if a woman merely asked these men to stop “man spreading” the men not only
    would stop, they would apologize and probably get up and give the entire seat to their feminist master.
    2. NAM dudes who would tell these broads to fuck off and slap them and start groping them.
    The dudes who aren’t NAMS and aren’t manginas make up a trifling 1% (they are the 1%!) of testosterone-laden, natural penis-having set in NYC. They wouldn’t physically attack feminists for yelling at them or try to molest them; they would instead laugh at them and then ignore them, driving the female hamster into a wet-pantied spin of desire they’re “not supposed to have for assholes.” It is, ironically, this near-imaginary 1% set that feminists are pretending are everywhere—due to the feminists overwhelming wish that these sexy alphas were everywhere.
    The irony is that “manspreaders” who are the most notorious and common are the NAMs, but this kind of feminist harassment will be used instead against the confused manginas, who will now be jumping through another feminist hoop, while the advertisements against manspreading will contain that near-mythical 1%. The feminists will rightly be too scared to use it against NAMs, and the uber-sexy non-NAMs are so fleeting in NYC that the appearance of one will send a stampede
    of wet-pantied chicks to him to offer to sit on his lap since he won’t close his legs. See James Remar’s older alpha character in Sex and the City, who turns merciless, empty slut Samantha into a puddle of girlish insecurity just by being the only guy in her life who isn’t a fairy or a sensitive male.
    So again, betas lose by cowing to the female imperative and are henpecked even more, NAMs get away with doing what they want, and alpha non-NAMs have yet another reason to shake their heads and avoid blue areas of the country and feminists in general.
    Civilization loses. Anarcho-tyranny.

    1. What’s a “NAM”?
      As to NYC, I’ve always found it a mistake to take the barometer of what a man or woman is by citing one of the huge Blue cities. Those places are worlds unto themselves and petri dishes for everything wrong that can be done by or through humanity.

  34. Those propagating social Marxism and immorality, apparently are in it for the $$$ only.

  35. Emma Sulkowicz was the guest of NJ Senator Gillibrand at the State of the Union address. Absolutely infuriating. One thing I’d like to point out though is that the alleged “rapist” insisted in a New York Times article that he is a feminist. Difficult to sympathize.

  36. Honestly, I’d say over 50% of the females on the bus have a bigger butt, wider hips, larger waist than me, which I am supposed to politely ignore. This is america.
    How do american women reconcile manspreading complaints with their ‘fat acceptance’ movement?

    1. I want to put one on and walk down the street.
      Just to see the reactions & what happens…

  37. “The atomized individualism of capitalism works to undermine the family unit because the family is the basis of community. By encouraging men and women to oppose each other, by breaking up families, the government-corporate complex can transform a nation into obedient consumerist drones. America is a giant shopping mall filled with 300 million atomized, rootless individuals, buying cheap crap and working mind-numbing jobs in lieu of creating anything real.”
    There. I fixed that for you, Matt.

    1. Given as all socialist movements were sprung from “free love” movements in the 18th and 19th centuries, which all eschewed everything about the traditional family, I suspect that the quoted paragraph is full of beans.

      1. Clearly, the worker/labor movements that brought about workplace safety laws, the abolition of child labor, the 40 hour work week and etc., those were simply free-love commie plots to get our dicks wet and have bastard kids.

  38. 1. Manstanding
    They just have to let you know they’re taller than you.
    2. Manchewing
    Masticating a steak like some animal with an insatiable manpetite. Now we remember why smoothies were invented.
    3. Manopausing
    He’s about to say something, but he forgets mid-sentence, and then he stands there like some ape, mouth agape, and you’re supposed to just wait for him to remember?
    4. Manworking
    Whether it’s construction or garbage collection, there he is with that in-your-face physicality, all tool-wielding and soiled clothes. And do they really need to shout when they say, “Back up the truck so we can load this cement mixer”?
    5. Manhanding
    As if you hadn’t noticed that you’d left your purse at the cash register.
    6. Manpeeing
    We know they’re in there. Standing. Mocking our need to sit down. Strutting like preening peacocks.
    7. Mansmiling
    Puffing out their oh-so-rugged jaws and flashing their teeth.
    8. Mandescending
    Your car won’t start so you look for a suitably handy-looking male to weigh in. He pops the hood and barks in a sexist voice, “Looks like someone stole your battery.” Like you didn’t already know that.
    9. Mandancing
    Literally shaking the dancefloor like a rutting rhino with a line of fire ants crawling up his ass. We know how to develop into lithe creatures, so why don’t they?
    10. Manalyzing
    There he is offering to calculate the tip, the neural networks of his “larger” brain firing angrily, trying to show off his bulging frontal lobe.

  39. Good intentions Forney, but women will only come up with more and more stupid ideas as to how they are offended by men being… men. Until there are no men left, and then women will complain ceaselessly and ENDLESSLY about there not being any men in society. Their entire narrative from birth to death is run by complaining. They NEED something to complain about, otherwise their boring lives are even more meaningless. I think the best thing you’ll want to do is subvert them into realizing that they need to compete for men, not vice versa. If more men act alpha and do not sway to female attention, think of the strife it would cause them! They would be so busy fighting each other, trying to out compete one another to be the sole prospect in a man’s life. The betas and manginas are the source of the issue. Get rid of them and the female ego sinks to the depths of nonexistence. Woke up two more betas since last time, how about you all?

  40. Dear Bitches:
    Shut the fuck up.
    1. There is no such thing as “Man-spreading”. Men sit how we sit. Our hips are made for running and other physical activity, not to surround and protect gestating babies.
    2. There is no such thing as “Man-slamming”. Your eyeballs work, too, and if you could manage to un-glue them from your smart phone and look where the fuck you’re going, you wouldn’t bump into men…and light poles, and fire hydrants and trees, and newspaper boxes, just like I’ve seen you do in Manhattan, regularly.
    3. Men are the reason that where you live doesn’t look like Fallujah (or some other fucked up place), why you don’t have to wear a bed sheet when you go out, or why you’re not starving to death with a bunch of kids that look like aircraft carriers for flies.
    4. All that “Girl Power!” shit is fine, as long as you keep it to yourself. When Shit Goes Bad, we know you’re hoping for the All-Testosterone Fire Brigade to show up, and not the Happy Horseshit Diversity Non-Hierarchical Contiguous Group.
    And while were’ on that topic….
    5. We know that you know it, too. That’s why you fell “uncomfy” in “male” spaces–it’s because your pussy knows you’re living a lie, too.
    So yeah, we’re the reason that your biggest problem in life is that you have to make shit up to “prove” how oppressed you are. Except you’re not. There has never been such a wide group of more entitled, over-privileged*, narcissists in history.
    So let’s examine how well you’ve been holding up your end of the deal.
    1. Ok, for you fatties, just get up and leave the room now. Put down the Hagen Daz, get to the gym and come back and read the rest when you’re in some kind of fuckable shape. Not “round”. Round is a shape, but not a fuckable one.
    2. Can *any* of you bitches cook? That boxy “mini-closet” in the kitchen that you use to store shoes is actually called an “oven”. Women in prior generations used it to make ‘hot food’ that didn’t come loaded with chemicals in a plastic, microwavable dish. LURN.
    3. That lukewarm hole between your legs? That has a stale date. Find a man to give it to, regularly, and maybe he’ll keep you around–if you also learn how to cook.
    4. And that’s ONE man, not a different guy every night. If someone calls you a slut and it stings, you’ll know why.
    5. A little courtesy wouldn’t kill you, either. And fewer tantrums. Why must you come uncunted over your latte being two degrees warmer than you wanted (like you can tell) or why you didn’t get upgrade to business on your flight and it went to that “old guy” instead.**
    6. And you know all those opinions you have? Usually ones about things you don’t know shit about? Have less of those. And don’t share the ones you do have.
    7. The Wall. It is Your Enemy. It cannot be bargained with, it cannot be evaded, it has No Mercy. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…..
    End Transmission.
    *See that word? That’s how it’s supposed to be used. Not to denigrate “achievement” which is how you use is on men.
    **Y’know, the guy whose business is probably way more valuable to the airline then you trip to “Whore-fest” in Miami or “NoLa”.

    1. This may very well be the comment of the year in my book…that about sums up exactly how I feel about the modern girl-child. The fact that they know their own bullshit is what sucks the most. They know that they’re just fucking with everyone, and continue to do it anyway.

  41. I don’t move out of the way of women. They move out of the way of me, or we bump into eachother. And then they move out of my way.

  42. The thing with mansplaining is that it cuts right through a woman’s attempts to rationalize her emotions on the false premise that her opinion on women’s issues are more valid solely because she is female
    In other words, mansplaining is when the man is right and the woman doesn’t like it.

    1. From what I can garner, “mansplaining” means using logic, fact and reason without regard to worrying about how it makes others “feel”. Which honestly is how it should be when talking about things that involve facts, logic and the requirement for a logical solution. It may not apply to watching a chick Rom Com, but then what man would try to “mansplain” a chick Rom Com?

  43. Govt. has to get out of these marriage and divorce business, let people marry based upon contracts drawn up between them, if it s broken, the union ends without bias. In addition to that, get rid of all these social services departments, it is a drag to families.

  44. I spent some time in my lab today, thinking and sketching. I found a solution my american friends. If women acted like women you’d have a perfect match.

    1. They shouldn’t even be making a law to allow this. If a guy wants to urinate standing up, what’s the deal?! It’s easier that way! Unfortunately, this world is fucked up.

  45. Basically American society is crap. And many women do not have an ideal of how to be one. One thing I love about Europe, is that you will never, (at least when I lived there), hear any of this bullshit. You will never hear about sexual harrasment, or hear that some guy is “creepy”, or any of the other crap. A European girl would never accuse you of being a pedo or whatever, if she caught you checking out her ass. She would think it was normal, and as in my case, even smile and shake it. Sorry, rant over.

  46. So, that girl (pardon thing) standing on the train in a box isn’t even fucking good looking! Hey woman, you don’t need to worry about people or men getting in your personal space because most wouldn’t want too.

  47. Its not just cultural Marxism. One of the flaws of republican paleo conservatism is that it reduces all problems to cultural Marxism. These problems are older. They were around when the republic was young. To believe the modern world’s problem is cultural Marxism is to think that feminism and the centuries long betatization of men was fine and dandy until the 1930s. Otherwise, spot on article. I “manspread,” “manterrupt,” and manslam” all the time.

  48. Note that this is mostly middle/upper middle-class, college educated, White females. I wonder what will happen when the system they claim to despise utterly collapses? For my part…..they are on their own.

  49. Here’s an important question to ask: Was your mother like these women today?? What about your grandmothers??
    Mine weren’t — although I can see now how they could be. But they definitely weren;t. So why the change???
    And equally surprising, why don;t the earlier generation of women SEE what is happening to their daughters and granddaughters?? Many don’t—in fact they think ‘equal rights’ and all that stuff is GREAT!!!
    But your daughters not married —– when does the hamster wake up???

  50. I have a lot of Filipino friends an visited The Philippines an what I observe is that Filipinos are taught that men an women are biologically different an have different roles to play in society. Unfortunately western feminism calls that repression when it’s simply the natural order of things.

  51. Could somebody explain that box the women is in? IS this an actual thing??
    Do you carry it around?? IS it actually in the subway to keep other people/vampires at bay???
    If so this is INSANE.

  52. Our For fathers new it best, also the bible says that Men should be the leaders, when women are left unto themselves to decide things of importance they will do so using emotion and not logic, in the past men would decide matters of importance for his daughters or his wife, very often women were told to be seen and not heard, the men were very much in charge. Now we face a dilemma, men instinctually know they are dominate (even the white knights and betas deep down inside) but women are being Empowered to believe they should be in control and equal or dominant
    ( Empowered=external motivation, men on the other hand find power from in themselves), so men and women are competing and when a woman becomes uncomfortable emotionally she reacts and the man is labeled a creep or sexist or rapist ect ect. There was a method to our For fathers reasoning they understood what woman was and how woman is lead by her emotions and not logic. The world of Man is something woman does not understand and when she becomes afraid of it or uncomfortable with a certain man she accuses the man of being wrong.

    1. This is why women shouldn’t vote.
      This is also rationalization as to why all social programs specifically targeted at women need to be eliminated before any type of societal correction occurs.

  53. Manspreading- Methinks this is more the domain of our negro friends. Can I ‘Fat Shame’ someone – man or woman- if their gut floods into more than one seat?
    Manslamming -Fuck you cunt. If you and I are on a collision course, why the fuck should I give way to you? Hell, you’d probably accuse me of a “Micro-aggression” if I did. You’re free to get the fuck out of my way. “Cuz ur a lady”? Welcome to equality, twat.

  54. I manspreaded twice last week on the subway. Once in full view of a cop, but it was early in the morning and the train wasn’t too crowded so I wasn’t actually preventing anyone from sitting. The real alpha asshole move would be to man spread in a crowded train and block some twenty-something americunt from sitting, while just staring up at her with a blank face. Extra points if she’s a porker!

  55. I’ll never forget the time I was at university/college and happened to place my bag on a table quickly to search for my keys, and this entitled cunt was really bothered by my presence and told me that there were plenty of other tables in the room that I could use instead. I told her to ‘relax’ and that I wasn’t going to ‘sit down’, and she gave me a real dirty look. I then told her that she didn’t own the table and that it in fact belonged to the university and was available to anyone who wanted to use it. Again, another dirty look.
    No doubt if she found me attractive enough she wouldn’t have minded, but she obviously saw me as a lesser being and thus felt it was her right to tell me to move along.
    These bitches want to create an environment where they don’t want to have to deal with ‘lesser men’ at all unless these men in question are doing them favors on their terms.
    I agree with whoever said that we need to retaliate. I NEVER give my seat up on public transport for a woman anymore unless she is pregnant, old or disabled. I don’t care how many bags she is carrying. It’s not my problem. If I got there first, it’s tough shit for them.

  56. You guys really need to get out more away from keyboard jockey mental masturbation. I’ve lived in a Barnard dorm building for over a decade. Last week I actually saw the matress chick in the grocery store, and she had classic social justice warrior blue hair highlights. Just as when I was a science grad student in the 1990s such radical looking students were a tiny minority. Not a single Barnard gal I see among the several hundred I live around have any sort of such a radical look. Radical feminism peaked in the early 90s with the fat bulldyke look. You guys are making a bogeyman out of media hype, blaming society for your personal problems just like third wave feminists do. On top of that you alienate yourself from women as people by describing them only as a single word description along with a 1-10 scale rating, with every interaction being purely sociopathically sexual. You are deeply intrenched in the pickup artist community still, all of you.

    1. Yeah, I can’t see tatted up chicks anywhere dude. It’s all a magical mystery illusion that we’re all mass hallucinating.

    2. Good to hear your observations. Indeed, its refreshing to know that not everything is, in fact most things remain and aren’t, SJW’d etc. However, what do you make out of this “manspreading” bullshit…all you said may be true, but this is a real thing? And its one of many things being bantered about. Elsewhere, equally crazy shit, like consent laws in California, are, in fact, friggin laws? As well as allowing someone who happens to feel as though they are a certain sex can get total access to a respective sex’s bathrooms.

    3. It’s true that most women don’t identify as feminist, nor are they quite as unhinged, but how many feminist talking points has the general populace accepted as conventional wisdom? How many people believe the “1-in-4 women are raped” myth, or the “gender gap” myth? How many women believe they are entitled to free birth control?
      You yourself has accepted the Feminist premise that PUAs are “sociopathically sexual.” Feminism has made great strides over the years.

    4. I don’t think this is true
      With the advent of the internet, SJ types have congregated, grown, and polarized themselves even further. They might not have blue hair, but can you deny equalism is being pushed more than it ever has? Not even a rational form of equal rights, but complete batshit things like “Men and women are the same”, kind of spiel. Even if it is media hype, it sure dominates much of the public atmosphere.

  57. I don’t see a point of giving any feminist whining any sort of credence. It’s irrelevant noise and should be treated as such.

  58. love the personal space box. Can she scream any louder “I want attention – look at me!!!”.

  59. Just something to consider … The same individuals (i.e. feminists) who think American women have a need for “trigger warnings” and “personal space boxes” also claim that the same women are just as capable as men of defeating Chinese/Russian/Iranian/etc. forces in the field of battle.

    1. Victim in need of being in a protected class, and Strong Independent Heroine capable as any Man… All in one.

  60. What is that stupid bitch standing in? I truly hope she was simply transporting it but we’ve seen feminists go full retard and carry their mattresses around so who knows.
    If I tripped over that dumb cunt’s fish tank, I’d make sure to land on top of her.

  61. *palmface*
    we communicate 80% through body language…. looks like the feminists are trying to kill muscular body language in men now!
    whats next, men aren’t allowed to stand up right with their shoulders back and heads high? next men will only allowed to have submissive body language such as legs crossed and closed body language like slaves did in history!

  62. I kinda wish the femys would make all bathrooms unisex, rip out the urinals and expect men to piss seated. I’d make it my mission in life to piss everywhere but the bowl; on the seat, the toilet paper, the wall, the flusher, the floor. I’d crimp my cock and aim for the ceiling.

  63. I never realized I had privilege as a white hetero male until feminists and SJWs told me I did and called me an oppressor. Now I take advantage of this ‘privilege’ by purposely taking up as much space as possible when I ride the subway.
    Except when I see handicapped or elderly people who need a seat. I may be an asshole but I’m not a chick. Millineal girls don’t even look up from their phones for a dude in a wheelchair. Even to a guy like me, that’s cold.
    Feminism creates the very things they fight against. You’re welcome, bitches.

  64. Another brilliant piece.
    Matt, the points that you make are so obvious that it truly is a sign of how sick our society is they appear to be amazing insights. This society is so sick that not only is it allowing cultural Marxism to destroy our basic humanity, but it has given it the state. Now, every politician, government agency, and media outlet propagates the sickness.
    Good read on the Philippines. The cultural Marxists have worked hard to infiltrate and conquer most countries in the West. Little did they know that an archipelago rarely in the news and seemingly so innocent and naive would be a hold out that provides an example for Western men of what a healthy society looks like.
    Spending time with a Filipina in the Philippines is a remarkable experience. A man from the West will find that it takes him about a month to unwind all of the defense mechanisms he has put in place as a result of Western’s societal sickness. But once he does, once he finally sees that he can talk to just about anyone without stress or self-censure, he will wonder why on Earth we allowed our culture and society to be ruined.

  65. Manslamming is by far my favourite. Hearing about it has actually made me far MORE likely to just run straight over any woman who tries to get stand in my way, thinking she’s making some kind of point.

    1. I often take my dog out when I go for a walk. He’s a kinda big dog and real friendly, so if women don’t get out of our way he’s only too happy to stick his nose right in their pussy

  66. I like where the site is going.
    Step 1 – Change ourselves to our peak powerful version as a true and complete masculine men.
    Step 2 – Influence other males which are struggling.
    Step 3 – Change the world.
    Any takers ?
    Article idea : how to change the world.

  67. Man you guys are dumb. They are just self centered aholes eithier unaware, or just trying to take up 2 seats.

  68. most women in social arenas do however tend to have greater understanding of social space.

  69. This is an excerpt from that article:
    ‘Another example is “man-spreading”, defined by New York magazine last month as “the male practice of sitting on a crowded train with your legs spread wide apart”. This is seen not simply as annoying behaviour carried out mainly by men. It is viewed as a manifestation of “male entitlement” and micro-aggression, in which a man is seeking to assert dominance over his environment. Such micro-aggression, we are told, can lead to marginalisation, victimisation, and even trauma.’
    Spreading legs is a manifestation of male-entitlement? It can lead to trauma?? I’m having a seizure merely by reading the shit some of these feminists are saying. What’s next, stop raping my knee with yours?

    1. How the fuck is that an antidote?!?! She still beats him over the head with her purse when she catches him looking at her starting to get off with a tennis racket.
      Stupid bitches. Want everything only on their terms.

      1. Just made me laugh, way better than reading about silly bitches whining about nothing. At least over there they seemed to have retained a sense of humor.

  70. ” Emma Sulkowicz, who is carrying her mattress around campus in protest at her “rapist” not being expelled”
    She didn’t tell the authorities because she felt that was impersonal and creepy, but she drags her big, stinking, bodily fluid laden mattress into open public spaces, including classrooms her classmates pay for, just to THEN make a statement about the crime that happened to her?
    My head hurts.

  71. I don’t know if Terry Xu has beat me to it already, but a HUGE reason that women in America are allowed to carry around such silly beliefs is the liberal university.
    Let’s face it- these problems with women disappear if you go to a more rural area where the people do not often go to college. Unis are echo chambers for liberal junk, and feminism is just one type of it.
    There is no reason your tax dollars should be spent to support the lifestyle of crazy feminists in the Women’s/Gender Studies and Communications departments, who spend all their time promoting their politics to the students and publicizing every nonissue regarding gender/sexuality that pops up in the university. And it is absolutely about politics, not scholarship.
    People who are “low self-monitors” who go to uni end up mindlessly picking up these ideas, as well as certain crazies, and next thing you know, our entire cohort of educated people is cluster-fucking all over their facebook upworthy bullshit.
    It would be easier to just marry a small-town girl, and say a big “fuck you” to all the educated women we went to uni with, who are in cat lady territory if we don’t step up, but alas…I need my women to meet a standard for IQ.

    1. IQ is important for friends. I never understood dudes who want to talk politics and philosophy with girls. Save that shit for your buddies.
      Provided she hasn’t gone full retard, more important characteristics I look for in a girl are 1. good family 2. feminine/ nurturing traits 3. looks/weight control. 4. stayed off the cock (how you determine this is open to debate, and sometimes it’s even hard for a red pill man to know the full story).

      1. I don’t want to talk about politics and philosophy, hell no. I just want to make sure my kids get good genes. Also, intelligence is generally attractive to me.

  72. I’m Muslim, and I recently sat next to one of these 30-something, attractive, white female professionals on a plane ride. When she came on (late) she was huffing and puffing that no one was picking up on her cues to help her with her luggage (and she made note of that, with me, then had the seat next to me, turns out). She talked with that annoying “frying” talk (lilting the ends of sentences…starting them out with “so…”), although I only picked that up from her comments to the stewardess. I took off my outer winter hat, revealing my Kufi (Islamic Cap), and I refused to talk to her and gave her the same “something stinks in here” look that she probably gives 90 percent of the men she encounters all day. I do this all the time now…might seem petty, but I want these entitles cunts to know that they get NO PASS from me or men like me. I ended the ride (once landing) by talking on the cell with a buddy, and noting that I sat next to this “really creepy white racist…” so she could hear me…yep, I have ZERO evidence she’s racist, and I’m white, but I like playing their same games back at them. Should said I got a “rapey” feeling from her. She was UTTERLY CONFUSED I am sure…because she was attractive I am CERTAIN she is used to glass slipper treatment everywhere.

  73. Thanks to this article, I will never take the subway when I go to NYC. I’d rather walk or take a cab. I can’t believe that I live in a world where I have to fear on acting like guy I am. God give me strength!!!

  74. Considering how absolutely fucking oblivious women can be of their surroundings, I find charges of man-slamming hilarious. When I’m doing necessary shopping, I like to move at a fast pace to get it over with. I lose count of the number of times I have to stop on a dime because some dozy tart has just stepped right out into my path without even looking to see who’s coming because she’s too busy running her mouth or checking her phone. I’m a big guy, 6’4″ and 260lbs (mostly muscle with some paid-for middle-age spread) – if I even clipped a 140lb woman at a fast walk she’d go flying. Conversely, I always look where I’m going before I move in any given direction because I’m privately terrified of trampling some poor senior citizen or out of control toddler.
    The worst are the small groups of women, usually college-age, who decide to take up the entire sidewalk walking abreast. They look everywhere but at me, treating me as the invisible elephant on the sidewalk, and keep their fucking formation like a flock of geese. When that happens I just keep moving with a loud, firm “Excuse me, girls.” They have to move, because I’m not going to slow or change course for them, and the alternative is a collision they’ll come off worst in. The dirty looks at being called ‘girls’ is just icing on the cake for me. 🙂
    I know, I’m a horrible patriarchal bastard aren’t I?

    1. Good point. It’s called consideration and everyone should have a little bit of it. The problem is that the latest round of feminism is brainwashing this new entitled group of women that moving out of the way (especially for a man) gives the man too much power (and makes women look weak).
      I was taught to be considerate around other people. I guess that’s “old school”…but it was never about a power trip.

    2. LOL great strategy I will try that.
      Usually I just stop and make the bitches move.. As the song says:

      Move aside and let the man go through!

  75. Matt, as always a great article, really spot on. One quibble. I continually see (on this and other red pill sites) to the “personal space box”. This simply isn’t a thing that is used to any noticeable degree. I live in Brooklyn, have for over a decade, I take the subway everyday. I have never seen a personal space box. Ever. Women do a lot of messed up things, and struggle to express themselves in mature ways. But, let’s not use bad examples to prove our point s.

  76. “How Men and Women Became Enemies”
    Because of resentful, circle-jerk groups that vilify and diminish one of the sexes in inane fixations with superiority, shaming, and victimizing. Including this site. The sentiment of Return of Kings is just as toxic and destructive as the SJWs and feminists it complains about. It parallels many of the same behaviors, too.
    Misandrists, misogynists, and the bitter, overblown narratives of both are poison to society. They perpetuate each other and hurt everyone. Men and women should work together and support each other so they can both become stronger, as allies. We all make mistakes, and it’s our responsibility to make sure we don’t throw ourselves into a downward spiral of toxicity over them. All sites like this do is contribute to the irrational cancer that prevents us from reaching harmony. These discussions over equity are over-saturated with belligerent, biased drama queens and lunatics.

      1. Because being married to (and I assume you’re implying brainwashed by) a woman is what’s supposed to make me think this is all ridiculous?
        I grew up to respect both men and women. Some are resilient and hard-workers, some aren’t. Some are very sociable and nice, some aren’t. Some are reliable, skilled, and experienced while some aren’t. What I’ve learned about men and women in my life is very simple: we’ve all got pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages on all levels. We should appreciate the good and associate ourselves with it, and address the bad without being bitter and untactful about it. That’s all.
        Men aren’t the enemy. Women aren’t the enemy. (Few people actually think of them as enemies, even today.) Extremism, ignorance, and poisonous attitudes and communication are the enemy. Trying to combat them by doing the same is self-defeating. Look, we’ve got tons of various equity, media, and social issues/debates these days; fairly predictable new challenges in the very young globalized era. It’s disappointing, then, that attempts at constructive points are so commonly buried under destructive resentment, dwelling, shaming, and vain posturing.
        Were we ever ready to deal with each other like this Honestly, if this is how adults treat their issues with each other, it’s no wonder our children don’t grow and mature past that level of thinking and behavior.

        1. The problem with your shite philosophy is the idea that things are “grey” a mix of Black, and white = grey)
          The problem with “good and bad” is that, the parts which are left to linger, are seeds for future problems to manifest
          We need to adopt an ALL GOOD, or ALL BAD mentality, or we will continue to leave remnants of garbage that escalate into problems all over again later on
          “middle ground” ideas are just an excuse , Life is not ‘good and bad”
          To me, it is good OR bad. A mix of bullshit is unacceptable
          The “grey” consensus is a cowardly excuse to accept injustice, even small amounts of injustice are vile, Why have ANY tolerance? Explain, things should be good and bad and not good or bad?
          my metaphoric explanation is that even a small amount of contaminant poisons the entire well,
          I guess we are super tolerant of good and bad in society so long as the bad is reserved for your fellow man to endure in misery and so long as the good is preserved for yourself than your good and bad mentality is completely acceptable to you isn’t it?
          If you leave a single small seed in a field after harvest, with enough time, there will be an overgrow of weeds,
          Its too sloppy to have “grey” standards. It passes or it does not. No middle. No partial.

        2. you should write articles for RoK, i think many would welcome your perspective and face counter points with logic and respect. i have not read any articles on RoK that i think were blaming women, but rather them pointing out the way of females. the writers being far more accepting of their hypergamous nature in that it becomes something we as males must consider and work with. there is no rejection of women here and females are not the focus of RoK. this is a good and necessary web site for men and i recommend it to my fellows whenever one is ready to face truth. you have not answered my question though and having been faithfully married myself for 25 years i find RoK and place of great solace for my weary and frayed soul.

        3. I see a lot of talking down and blaming on women in the articles about them. The sexes are allies and we hurt ourselves and drive each other away by condescending and diminishing each other. For instance, when I see articles talking about self-esteem being bad for girls, or the belief that sleeping around makes women sluts but not men, I’m a bit disturbed. It sounds like a lot of vain self-validation, posturing, unfair and generalized judgments, and double-standards. Similar behavior as particularly extreme feminists, and thus hypocrisy.

        4. i understand why you would have that perspective. women have been more damaged by feminism by its disavowing male authority then by the self depreciation so many wantonly engage in. the modern female is now free to do as she pleases yet has no idea what she wants. the effects of hormones in the human behavioral matrix is so powerful in its action that it subverts freewill. what i have taken away from many articles in RoK is more of a sympathy for the modern woman’s current state. such pity is not given with out a proper amount of just criticism at the willfulness with which so many females engage in behaviors that take them farther from their own deepest desires. it is made apparent in many, while certainly not all, RoK articles that men are deeply affected by this situation. many men want what women also want, a wife to take care of the home and children while they go out to procure the resources every family needs. we are all suffering from this modern state of being. Justice begins within.

        5. I don’t agree with that. For one, women do have the skills and time to contribute to the workforce and arts. Being a mother and home-keeper is no longer a full-time job anymore, due to automating technology like washing machines and public schools that takes the kids away. This is a major reason why women became a major part of the workforce in the first place. Women have been working as caretakers, managers, hosts, counselors, etcetera for all for all of history, so it’s only natural they’d generally be attracted to occupations associated with those. They can have productive lives outside of the family, and they can afford to in very different circumstances of the world today.
          I also think the problems are overblown, much like how feminists overblow problems. My mother worked a full-time job, cooked and cleaned, got all us kids through college, and still had time for friends and hobbies like reading. I used to work in a group home and many of my female-workers and superiors were reliable and very pleasant, hard-workers. Many of the younger women I know do well, and sometimes exceptionally well, in academics and careers because they’re bright and mature. The majority of all of them are sociable, kind, and pleasant to be around. The new generation is worse overall, but I’d attribute that to many things like a leisure-time attitude due to all the new media and distractions these days, unethical politicians who tell our kids to have immature and unreasonable attitudes so they can get votes, and the growing sense of entitlement as products with those factors which also affect men. Feminism today is bad, but there are many factors beside it that are involved too. Regardless, no woman I know acts for feminism, cares about feminism in any meaningful way, and only one is a bit hesitant interacting with men (she’s a molestation victim, at that); they’re a very vocal minority.
          In addition, I see many talking about “The Game” which I see as immoral promiscuity. If RoK doesn’t like sluts and bad women, why does its community and contributors talk about sleeping around and brag about that? “PUA culture” is at odds with the allegedly moral beliefs here. I also think it’s very arrogant to assert that men know what women want and are capable of, even on the highly variable individual level (in a vain fashion and tone, I’ll add). Finally, I’ve seen a comment from Roosh V calling women the “opposing team” which is just antagonizing and backwards. These don’t help give any rhetorical credibility to criticism, and often come off as juvenile, hypocritical, and ego-centric.

        6. if all a family unit wants to do is maintain the status quo then sure, continue to replace males in the workplace with women and robots. i would question the validity of a vision that holds a completely demoralized and dehumanized populace with little real work to do because god-human skills have been replaced by automation. i would warn others of a future in which sexual discrimination consists of making men second class citizens in the nation their sweat blood and tears built. we are rapidly heading to a world where men no longer pursue anything or anyone for both fear of being unjustly punished simply due to the whims of a fickle female or lack of power and interest because everything is made by machines. i suppose some desire that state for humanity and perhaps it is the last stop on the road to our extinction as a species because stagnation = extinction. as for the articles on “sluts” i know you are offended but if a man wants to have concourse with a female today what choice does he have? to be neutered by marriage or make payments while cuckolding another man’s child with no profit or gratification for his hard work? what would you call women that go on these “slut” walks, that wantonly engage in promiscuous sex with many partners, that willfully trick men into marriage only to divorce them and extract resources from them through the thuggish government vicariously? should these people not receive just criticism? if a woman is living a life of lascivious behavior then she wants to be “pumped and dumped” and articles helping males identify those females by their behaviors and appearances so both parties can get the sexual gratification they obviously desire are good. to focus only on those articles and not the ones that bemoan the current state of males and females is to not view the entire truth of RoK. the content of RoK is diverse and i maintain necessary for men and women to understand the real consequences of the course we have set for our selves. hedonism is the grave of every culture that has come before us do we think it will not be the grave of ours?

        7. I thought it was funny that someone asked a simple question and you couldn’t simply answer it. This is always the first sign that you’re not dealing with someone, or a discussion, logically.
          Next time, just answer the question. Shaming us (men) here won’t do at all. You need to take that bullshit to the “other” site and work on women.

        8. I’ve got no interest in sharing that detail here. The question also wasn’t relevant to my original rant in the first place, so I brushed it aside the question with my interpretation of its intent, which I assumed was to construe me as either brainwashed or inexperienced. Turns out the guy was pretty respectful, which I appreciate. Regardless, we carried on the discussion without dwelling on that question days ago, which you should have noticed.
          Understand that I am not shaming men by any measure, and never did I target men. I criticized RoK, PUAs, and others like them; not the male sex. There’s no reason or need to play the “Stop shaming me!” card over it, and that you did so doesn’t really give me a good impression of your discussion mindset either.
          What I was actually doing is calling nonsense on this whole “gender war” and saying that places like this are hardly any better, if at all, than feminism. Bitter whining, antagonism, and hypocrisy are childish and don’t solve anything. Just another case of the alleged “oppressed” and “oppressors” being dark reflections of each other more than anything. Preaching the evils of feminism, and then behaving so symmetrically to it is self-defeating and will only drive off the people you’re trying to convince. Neither side is reasonable, fair, and mature enough to be taken seriously on any of the issues they bring up. That was my point.

        9. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You’ll find many men on here will disagree with you (we’ve all walked a different path through life). But, having this “higher than thou” attitude will get you nowhere (just my two cents) – not here.
          We get women commenting on here, quite often, preaching the same bullshit that your preaching. The problem is guys like you will wake up one day and you’ll need men (and this group) because you’ll finally realize how fucked you really are at that point.
          For years, guys have been doing nothing but backing women, women’s rights, etc….and for years women have been taking and taking (plus complaining). They, now, have the full force of the government backing them. Again, you are entitled to your opinion and we appreciate you stopping by.
          But, you’re preaching to the wrong crowd.

        10. If you believe I’m defending feminism, you’re mistaken. I know its corrupt and petty, and that it’s become malignantly influential. Many are aware of that and increasingly so.
          The problem is construing women in general as the enemy. They aren’t, and the vast majority of women live their ordinary lives without any significant concern for social movements. In reality, men and women are friendly and work peacefully together far more often than not, despite their flaws and issues. Unfortunately, the discussion and policies of gender-related subjects is dominated by embittered, insular ideologues who believe the two sexes are antagonistic and that one sex is primarily responsible for all societal ills. They’re the actual enemy, promoting and hyperbolizing this nonsense “gender war” struggle that isn’t nearly as tense as they make it. Most feminists are guilty of this, and certain parts of the manosphere.
          I’m not being “higher than thou” by pointing this out. I merely want to express my severe disappointment with these sorts of critics of feminism, and how hypocritical and ineffective they are on the issue. If what I see in front of me is supposed to be the solution to feminism, then the entire debate may truly be beyond equitable resolution.
          Contrary to your assumption, I don’t personally need the manosphere and I’m completely comfortable with the women and men in my life; most of whom are positive people deserving of total respect. I’m not “fucked” by any measure. Others have probably had worse experiences with the people and circumstances in their life, but that’s no logical reason to become spiteful and derogatory toward a gender. Feminists do the same, and they’re wrong too.

    1. It’s very nice sounding, but you’re making a false equivalency
      Feminism is the problem in the first place, you cannot equate that with the response to the problem. In a more rational world men and women do in fact, get along fairly well – not perfectly, and with social expectations, but the traditional style does work better as a whole before feminist idealism took over

      1. I can equate their viewpoints, attitudes, and tendencies. The response to the problem is concerning, as the problem itself is. Feminism is wrong and its narrative is skewed and the anti-male and pro-entitlement sentiment and activism from it is bad for everyone. This is clear.
        On the other hand, many critics of feminism use many of their destructive tendencies, such as:
        1. The silly deconstruction of every little thing in society, construing them as insidious sources or reflections of oppression.
        2. Shaming those they advocate for if they don’t completely fit their role ideologies.
        3. Employing blatant double-standards, often to reason around and exempt their hypocrisy.
        4. Saying, doing, and even buying things just to spite something the other side said.
        5. Promoting black-and-white, antagonistic, and derogatory beliefs and attitudes toward certain demographics.
        See what I mean? It all amounts to a predictable discourse of insular circle-jerking and debate dominated by ineffective hypocrites and profoundly fussy cultural critics. All things considered, both sides are similarly wrongheaded and whiny, despite any good points they may have. It’s unfortunate that they are a powerful influence in the debates over important gender-related issues, because their general worldviews and attitudes are clearly unfit. Feminism may hold responsibility for starting many of these issues, but evidently no one is held responsible to be fair and constructive when addressing them.
        I guess it just worries me how people end up adopting the worst traits of what they perceive in their opponent, which I am seeing here. The hurt become the hateful, the discriminated become the prejudiced, fighting fire with fire, etc. I want to stop feminists, but I’m not going to sink to their level. That only provides ammo to feminists and it drives away the people I want to convince. People need to realize that men and women trying to cut down each other down in an overblown “gender war” isn’t the answer. Reasonable and considerate people who live in the real world need to step up and take back the discussion.

  77. Agree with many of the points made but I have no issue with people speaking out against the manspreading. Why is it asking too much for some dope on a bus or train to contain his body within one seat space? It’s not something that just affects women. I (a man) have had instances of riding public transportation in which I ended up seated next to a guy who took up too much space. It pissed me off.
    It’s GAY when a man sitting next to another man spreads himself out like that. I’m not into dudes so why does “Chunky Chuck” or “Fat Forney” sitting next to me think I want to rub legs with him? Hit the bathhouse if you want to rub up against other men.

    1. Is it too much to ask women, today, to drop a few pounds (to take up less space)….and it’s better for her health?
      Women and women’s magazines have been setting the high bar for a woman’s appearance…not men. Men love a happy, healthy woman. But many women, today, are as big as a minivan.

    2. If it was about space they could’ve just put up some public announcement thing telling people not to take up so much space
      The fact that this thing seems to play well in feminist circles tells me that it’s a female entitlement issue, one used to play out their fear of masculinity
      Those are the people who need to be attacked, seat spacing is just a side issue

  78. By reading the comments here, the majority of the younger males seem to be just as clueless and retarded as the woman the article is referencing. You people deserve each other. Have at it.

    1. Can you summarize your observation? Don’t want to read through 444 (and counting) comments. Are you saying Forney is full of shit or Forney is on point?

      1. Neither, what he leaves out is that men are clearly just as “socially retarded” as the woman these days.

  79. Here’s an irony. ROK writers often look back to the good old says – America in the 1920’s-1950’s when men were men and women were women. Do you think there was much manspreading going on back in that era? Do you think if you were riding a bus (trolley?) to the office in that day that the guy next to you was spread out with his legs rubbing up on yours like you were in a gay nightclub? That’s not the picture I have in my head of that era. Its a product of our current culture.

    1. Let’s take a look at the whole picture.
      Women “back when” bitched about how they wanted ‘equality’…same rights as men. Over the years, this wave has morphed into women bitching about what they still “don’t have” more or less……they want to be men or “the man” (at this point).
      You don’t have gentlemen any longer because you don’t have any ladies (cause and effect). You need to start shaming women for their behavior and knock off this shaming shit towards men. I’ve seen plenty of women taking up space on subways, buses and airplanes. Hell, they won’t even get up to let an elderly man or woman sit down.
      You want gentlemen back? Great, because I sure as hell would love to see a few ladies.

    2. I see more bitches putting bags in the seat next to them than I see men spreading their fucking legs. This isn’t about space on the subway, this is about feminists hating men. If they were actually interested in space on public transit they wouldn’t turn it into a fucking gender-based shaming campaign. Where’s the campaign to stop “cuntfiscating” other people’s seats with your fucking purse and H&M bags?

  80. “why do Western women fear masculinity” Really?? The question should be “why do Western women fear addressing this new, repugnant form of anti-politeness that is pervasive in our society today”. Women aren’t “afraid of masculinity”! Maybe.. lesboes are? Women love masculinity, that is what we *want* in a man. What we do NOT like are rude men taking up space on busses, trains, etc to the annoyance of the seat-coveting public. There is no “conspiracy”. Get real.

  81. If the average American wasn’t so fat and obese, maybe just maybe, the seats would be wide enough and everybody would have his and her space.
    Just a thought from Europe where a lot of people begin to realise you yanks have gone totally bonkers….

    1. It really gets old, how much Europeans stereotype Americans. Who cares if Americans are on average fatter? Why would someone in Europe even care? Of course, when Americans stereotype Europeans they get their panties in a wad. I suspect it’s some combination of jealousy and inferiority complex.

  82. I don’t even disagree with your premise here, but the examples of US culture you use to back up your theory are out of touch with reality. You claim we in the US grow up in same-sex cocoons. Don’t most kids go to co-ed schools? And play co-ed sports until puberty? And your lament about millennial girls listening to feminized music instead of the “aggressive” Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Who do you think was listening to the entire genre of 60s Girl Groups? The love songs of Motown? The BeeGees? Girls having different taste than boys is not a post-feminism phenomenon. And the medias “constant” portrayal of men as evil and stupid. Some of the most popular shows and movies – Dr. Who, Boyhood, Guardians of the Galaxy, all the superhero movies, True Detective, even the women-driven Parks and Rec – portray pretty heroic boys and men. And the ones who may be “evil” – Frank Underwood, Don Draper, the men of Game of Thrones – are certainly not stupid and are still anti-heroes.
    You accuse women of being narcissists, but you seem to only consider your own life experience and impute it to everyone in “society.”
    Not to mention, your criticism of sex-segregation seems to fly in the face of this site’s complaint about women invading male spaces and support for traditional gender roles. How would you have a culture that enforces traditional gender roles but also have boys and girls consume the same entertainment?

  83. While I agree with the general premise of the article, that feminism is getting out of control based on girls’ fear of/attraction to men and their growing social retardation, I don’t know what to make of your “Marxist” explanation for this phenomenon.
    Firstly, in Marxist terms, a class cannot, by definition, be comprised of just one gender. “Classes”, to Marxists, are defined in socio-economical terms only.
    Secondly, do you realize that the influence of Marxism/Communism in the US has been blown out of proportion for ideological reasons? The US is the most right wing country of the Western world, the Democratic party would at best be considered ” moderate” if not outright right wing in any other Western country, capitalism here is running absolutely rampant (witness the latest financial crisis and its aftermath: 0 punishment for the bankers who caused it, more fat bonuses instead), the environment is getting destroyed everyday, and yet the manosphere keeps whining about how cultural Marxism has taken over, it s so delusional it s unreal.
    Thirdly, your claim that the state is transforming its citizens into mindless consumers (I agree with you 100% that this is happening) through Marxist processes shows again your misunderstanding of what Marxism stands for. In fact this process is a natural outgrowth of the current capitalist-consumerist socio-economic system that we live in.
    I realize that blaming Marxism for all of our society s current ills is trendy within the manosphere, but talking about complex ideas in simplistic and erroneous terms only undermines your credibility.

    1. The manosphere is doing itself a real disservice by parroting this bullshit talk radio caricature of Marxism and pinning all our issues on it. Write an article and submit it. Can’t hurt none of our brothers to hear a different perspective. Just explain you’re not a Red, just that you’ve actually read what Marx said, lol

      1. Good points. We all don’t always have to agree here and it’s always good to have different “takes” or opinions on topics of discussion.
        Men should always listen, learn, debate and grow..it’s what makes us different from women.

        1. Lots of room for discussion. We’ll be stronger. As men were on the same side of the barricades in this gender war waged on us by feminists and traditionalists that want us to sacrifice more and more for spoiled women in a prejudiced anti-male culture while putting up with laws made to disenfranchise us.

  84. I’m tired of these people. Always whining about shit. Half of women are obese and they cost us money via health costs as well as money to support their thug Spawn. These fat girls have alot of nerve saying men take up space and won’t move. I’m always being bumped by fat girls who can’t move out of the way or seeing them take up two seats. .

  85. Re- Philippines having had a president while the US hasn’t.
    I’m waiting to see if Hillary runs, how her statement about in war the real victims are women and children will be used against her.
    I can see the commercial right now.

  86. Androphobia or the irrational fear of men or the essence of men masculinity has always been there, women in their infinite need for security because they are physically weaker than men, and the fact that they’re responsible for the propagation and birth of life, will call upon other men to protect them from harm, this isn’t the result of “cultural Marxism” but basic biology. Feminism by and large an extension of the nature of women, will amplify this need, and successfully done so, at the expense of innocent men who have done nothing wrong except to make room for his nuts on a subway seat.

  87. Cultural Marxism is an oxymoron. It was people that hated both Marxism and social justice warriors that coined this term. I am NOT a fan of social justice warriors and they do a lot of harm. But the idea they have is that injustice and oppression stem from race, gender and culture. Marxism posits class and wealth as the things driving inequality. I do not want to say we need to control every word we use out of sensitivity. But by making something that should worry us all into a left-right wing political dichotomy it makes it harder to get people of all stripes behind his idea.

  88. Bravo. Millenial women wonder why they’re alone… then block you on social media when you tell them why. lol

  89. You guys are seriously so great! This is a really refreshing point of view!!!!! It’s so nice to hear from real world men, even if they’re voices are coming from their mother’s basements. I guess it’s fitting that you hate women so much, seeing as the feeling is very much reciprocated. I eagerly await the day when women are legally allowed to castrate meaningless, impotent, vermin like yourselves. I can guarantee that as you painstakingly construct these comments in your “fuck bitches, get money” t-shirt and your pinstriped fedora, that women are out in the world doing more than you could ever hope to achieve. Vanessa out, bitches.

    1. Thanks for taking a break from achieving things in the world (i.e. spreading HPV over Tinder) to share your irrelevant screed.

  90. One of the best articles I’ve seen in a long time … kudos to Matt Forney for making a thorny issue 100% crystal clear.

  91. Great article, great analysis.
    But one thing bothers me.
    “Cultural Marxism works to undermine the family unit because the family is the most effective way to contain leftism. By encouraging men and women to oppose each other, by breaking up families, the government-corporate complex can transform a nation into obedient consumerist drones.”
    It’s not only leftism that break up families, it’s rightism alswell. Think about all those families that suffer because their sons, brothers and fathers suffer from PTSD due to the wars enabled by blind patriotism.
    I’m left because I think it’s good to socially cooperate for the benefit of the poor and it will benefit everyone to live in a society of equals. Where a millionaire can walk everywhere at night without the fear of robbery.
    But still I’ ashamed of the SJW-types that are associated with the left.
    What I want to say is: Don’t assess people on a scale like right or left. Those are directions.
    Assess them on the scale of peaceful and violent, cooperative or destructive, harmonic or riving etc. This one-dimensional thinking is what makes us consumerist drones.
    Speaking of the goverment-corporate complex. They follow the old rule “divide et impera”. Let us not be divided in left and right. Remember: United we stand, divided we fall.

    1. Yes but the modern woman couldn’t careless about the sacrifice men have made, they couldn’t careless about the fact men have invented every known major improvement to the human race including tampons, stockings and perfume

  92. A book by a social anthropologist ( a woman) on the English- I was interested to find that ” manspreading “( what a vile term, happily she did not use it )is in the UK, primarily a mannerism of the lower class.
    This, if reflected in USA would then relegate the act to one of class/ culture not gender? If so, to me this means confronting feminists about the absurdity of gender issues and tackling them on their unconscious class issues. Eg- a lower class woman would be used to such postures ( I back this up with my own exp of working low income jobs- quite below middle class status, wherein usual behaviors to men – girly mags, profuse swearing, macho behavior – and leg spreading, I myself found no issue with( besides being sensible) as it obviously is the norm. Far be it for me to take offense!
    So could it be said that sitting in such a manner, by low class men- who have very little in the outside world by way of status, is perhaps a way to say- I might not have money/ status/ higher class- but at least Im proud of being a man. Which one could say, is even if unconscious, a admirable defiance.
    So feminism is not only trying to emasculate such men for their own fear but being as most fems are middle class, some kind of uni education – also a classist snub, that recognizes such defiance and wants to further ” put the jackboot in?”
    I myself, have only seen middle class men in other countrys( primarily on planes) sprawl suchly, if they were overweight. The issue being, not statement but physical limitations ( eg- fat thighs.)

  93. ‘Man spreading’ on public transport is just totally rude and shows a complete lack of manners. You are taking up two seats and denying someone else one.
    This is loutish behaviour that I cannot understand why anyone, with even the slightest hint of manners, would defend.
    The picture shows it all, a lout taking up two seats while a female stands. I am of the generation where no self respecting male would do that. In fact, that lout would be told off by another (and real) male to move.
    You want to be respected as a man…act like one. Act lke an uncouth lout then don’t be surprised when people treat you like one.

  94. 1. Men created the word “manspreading”.
    2. Men at MTA created the subway campaign against manspreading, specifically targeting other men.
    3. Men at NYC police department decided to arrest men on the subway for manspreading.
    …and once all of this got to court…
    4. A female judge dropped all charges, citing the arrests as bogus.
    There is only one explanation for how women are responsible for this debacle. Feminists, you see, have rays that come out of their eyes and their nipples. It’s like the triad power. And when it hits those guys at MTA and the NYC police department, they turn into blank-eyed mindless robots, ready to follow any feminist command.
    You guys at Return of Kings better watch out. I suggest tin foil hats and a little foil on your man parts couldn’t hurt either, to reflect against the evil fem-rays.

  95. Feminism is slowly creeping into Philippine society though. Some schools have gender studies classes now.

  96. next the rude, udderly disrespectful (pun intended) crazy parasites will attempt some pathetic bill putting boys in jail for not have a girlfriend and men in prison for not having wives, lol… women fucked the whole world up, talk about a parasite trying to get MEN to fix what they broke = themselves. men got way better things to do, like crush the Great Whore council of women who gabble worldwide thinking they can manipulate and cuntroll the whole world… through American media, daytime TV and their pathetic gestation. one use, most of them, no love, any of them, just a cold, empty, dark “feeling” they run and try to fill with anything, for a purpose other than gestation, fuck, their “feelings”, just another ruse, they do not have any, not like man does. children their whole lives. full of udder bullshit, they did it to themselves, PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE WHORES. Idiots.

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