The Modern Rise Of Anal Sex

The popularity and prevalence of butt sex today could be aptly described by what is correctly pointed out here:

In 2014, the chances a woman was previously fucked in her asshole by an ex-boyfriend are greater than the chances that she washed and folded his jeans and t-shirts. 

With modern societies increasingly becoming unnatural today, it doesn’t seem surprising that even “unnatural” sex is now considered as natural.

And in the same societies which sometimes seem to be hypocritically hung up on sex itself, I find anal to be sometimes ironically over-hyped and pedestalized to the point of a modern day obsession, especially when it is increasingly becoming common among modern women today. Familiarity to anything over a period of time does breed contempt for it—and as predictable sex with the same woman gets boring over a long time. Anal is no exception to that rule too.

A few “anal” observations on societies today

After personally experiencing quite a number of women, I’ve learned quite a bit when it comes to their attitudes towards anal sex. As many other men alongside me might’ve already found out, it’s something which can be found commonly practiced even by the “conservative good girl” types. Additionally, I’ve found that the women who tended to be most enthusiastic (or skilled) about it were:

Basically, the list encompasses most types of women, doesn’t it? Some of the types mentioned on this list might overlap too. Besides, some additional observations were:

1. Some of the worst female hypocrisy can be seen with how some modern women use or perceive anal

In today’s modern world, female hypocrisy along with female hypergamy is unchained. And in a world where men are constantly and hypocritically demeaned by women about their wealth, age, relationships, careers, and sometimes even gender politics, what’s even more amusing is to see female hypocrisy when it comes to sex.

Moreover, I’ve encountered women cheating on their men by offering anal exclusively saying that it didn’t count as sex. On the flip side, some of these same women cheated on their men by offering anal exclusively saying that anal was something special they reserved for the men they truly desired (the men whom they cheated with)—and not for the unfortunate men they already were committed to in their lives.


Worse for those men feeling jealous, whose women weren’t interested in anal—after these women had already done it enough times before with others to know that it wasn’t really their thing. Thus, anal either meant taking a non-meaningful casual “reverse dump” or “intimate soulful sex” for such women—depending on their hypocritical reasoning and mood for it.

2. Anal sex’s popularity today is partly influenced by overrating, over-hyping and over-promoting the female ass, in today’s world

Don’t misunderstand me. Like many other fellow men, I’m an ass man, but not an anus man. Flash back to 50 or even 20 years ago. What was usually considered the epitome of female sex appeal at that time? Large titties.Today, it’s primarily the female ass, which has always been a important factor in female sex appeal since antiquity, but even more so today. Moderation is often lacking (even in hyping something) in today’s modern societies which breed excess in everything.


3. Rising porn viewership and its increasing promotion in porn is making anal sex more popular

The physiological and psychological effects of modern day pornography are already well known.

Porn often influences human sexuality more than ever today, especially with increasing consumerism as well as its easy availability today. Today’s porn actually promotes “analworship,” along with “assworship”—with anal becoming a staple in almost every heterosexual porn scene. With the influx of porn into homes and the oversexualization of women in modern societies, it’s common to see modern men being increasingly pornified, baited, and socially programmed towards anal.

4. Anal sex’s value and popularity, however, varies from culture to culture

You’ll find conflicting sensibilities among people throughout the world when it comes to butt sex. Anal sex may not be everyone’s cup of tea and still remains taboo in some parts of the world.

5. It can sometimes be found just as often in sexually repressed or traditional societies

Bullshit on the modern feminist claim that “most men pressure women to take it up the back door.” I’ve seen pseudo “conservative” women or pseudo virgins mostly use anal and oral to enjoy “pleasure” before marriage. But, at the same time, we have modern women themselves giving reasons as to why women should have anal sex. Who’s pressuring these women again?

6.  A woman’s skill at anal sex (or the elasticity of her anus) is a major slut tell

‘’Whores will give you in bed what your wife won’t’” was a ‘relevant’ aphorism in olden times. Out of those things given, anal was common, which was probably one of the whore’s “specialties.” However, with the rise of whorish or slutty behavior in today’s modern societies, more often than not there is not much difference between an ancient whore’s and a modern woman’s sexual expertise and experience.

Thus, you need not necessarily find a whore to “specially” provide anal today, especially in times when modern women often begin sexual experience through the back door during their years on the cock carousel. The more loose her anus and the more eager she is for butt sex, it could indicate her (vast) prior experience in riding the cock carousel with her butt (hole).

7. Anal sex is still a popular choice of birth control with modern women

It’s something which is not only restricted now to “professional” working girls and rural women, as in earlier times. I’ve seen modern, career women who simply wanted anal because they didn’t like pills or condoms.

With more men fucking eager modern women in their asses, it shouldn’t surprise many about an innocuous factor which might be contributing towards falling birth rates and rise of HPV and other STDs in modern societies. But what shouldn’t be overlooked is that in a hypocritical feminist modern world where male sexuality is often demeaned, women can be (and often are) more “perverted” than men.

8. The definition of virginity in the modern world is often a joke, thanks to rising popularity of anal (or even oral) sex

This hypocrisy of pseudo-virginity (women claiming to be virgins while taking up the ass or mouth) has been even been showcased and parodied in porn.

9.  Anal sex can be pleasurable – under certain conditions. Not always, and not with every woman

Anal scenes in porn require a lot of preparation, as the actresses usually have to take an enema to avoid crapping during the shoot and for anal play. What you seen in porn can carry great health risks if you’d try to replicate it without proper precautions in real life. Anal sex can be gross and disgusting in real life, unlike what you see in porn.

10. Women who do it frequently tend to have mental issues or personality problems

At first I didn’t believe this, but after observing and knowing women who were into it, there seems to be some truth to it. Quite a number of times, I’ve noticed BPD type behavior or in some even worse cases, dark triad behavior commonly in these women.

11. A sizable number of modern women mostly think they’re porn stars

Possibly influenced by the increasing narcissism and popularity of porn among modern women too. However, the lack of enough anal hygiene among some modern women is sometimes quite apparent. Bangable women can still be gross, and even grosser when it comes to anal.

12. Anal sluts could be good at sex, but don’t ever commit to them.

I’ve seen quite a few men in real life choosing to commit to women solely because of the woman’s willingness and expertise at anal. True, she might be a great fuck, but if a man’s shameless enough to desperately wife up a woman whose asshole has been used as a sperm receptacle by Tom, Dick, Harry, and Pimp Daddy prior to him, who could help him?

Anal is often used as a “power move” today by women to sexually ensnare and dominate men into commitment, as compared to being a sexual domination move used by men on women.


So if she’s ever ready and eager for anal during the first time you’re doing her, do keep in mind that she could’ve (or must’ve) provided the same to many before you. Don’t gloat about her and what her ass can do for you in bed, and do try to ascertain her real motives for providing anal.

I’ve often felt sorry for men who’ve walked down the altar wifing up an ass which had been opened up by (many) men before. Probably the previous anal penetration that their brides enjoyed from others didn’t count as “real sex” for these grooms, as much as it didn’t for their brides.


 The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex, and picnics. ― Christopher Hitchens

When it comes to anal, personally I’d say to each man his own. Don’t tell a man what type of woman he should be attracted to, and also the type of sex he should enjoy with her—whether it may be vaginal, oral or anal.

And if you’d think and observe carefully enough the hypocritical feminist sexual trends of today, there’s nothing special about the woman who provides anal. Heterosexual anal sex has been around since antiquity.

With the degenerating quality of modern women today, sometimes anal expertise can actually be the only thing “special” about a woman—or the only specialty she could bring to a relationship, should you choose to ever pursue that with her.

Don’t let women rule your life, or the sex they provide to rule you either. So whether a modern man may like anal or not, he shouldn’t make it an obsession should he like it, because modern women with their feminist hypocrisies can exploit his fetish with it (and their asses) to eventually make a jackass out of him.

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469 thoughts on “The Modern Rise Of Anal Sex”

    1. >Why do you think male circumcision exists?
      To reduce the sexual pleasure for men, or as Rambam (the most famous Jewish Rabbi) wrote:

      “Similarly with regard to circumcision, one of the reasons for it is, in my opinion, the wish to bring about a decrease in sexual intercourse and a weakening of the organ in question, so that this activity be diminished and the organ be in as quiet a state as possible.
      It has been thought that circumcision perfects what is defective congenitally. This gave the possibility to everyone to raise an objection and to say: How can natural things be defective so that they need to be perfected from outside, all the more because we know how useful the foreskin is for that member?
      In fact this commandment has not been prescribed with a view to perfecting what is defective congenitally, but to perfecting what is defective morally.
      The bodily pain caused to that member is the real purpose of circumcision. None of the activities necessary for the preservation of the individual is harmed thereby, nor is procreation rendered impossible, but violent concupiscence and lust that goes beyond what is needed are diminished.
      The fact that circumcision weakens the faculty of sexual excitement and sometimes perhaps diminishes the pleasure is indubitable.
      For if at birth this member has been made to bleed and has had its covering taken away from it, it must indubitably be weakened. The Sages, may their memory be blessed, have explicitly stated: It is hard for a woman with whom an uncircumcised man has had sexual intercourse to separate from him. In my opinion this is the strongest of the reasons for circumcision.”

      1. What happens if someone uses pieces of cotton around his circumsized penis permanently? is that a good way to evade the negative consequences of it, my brother have been doing that since his circumsicion and he feels great, without cotton he don’t know how he would live

        1. is that a good way to evade the negative consequences of it

          The male foreskin has been called “an organ of its own”. You can never substitute an organ by cotton. The foreskin produces anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, pro-skincare substances nonstop (and I’m not even talking here about the loss of sexual pleasure). No cotton can replace that.

        2. Anti-cancer? Anti-Bacterial? Where do you get your info dude?
          I’ve never heard of the forskin having anti cancer properties because there is no such thing as cancer on the head of the penis.
          Also there are many articles and interviews with guys who had their foreskin removed for hygienic purposes or were forced to remove it because of complications (too tight around their penis) and have stated that they had minimal to no loss of sensation on their penis.
          The only real loss of sensitivity you get is if you wear uncomfortable/rough material underwear that scratches it and causes scar tissue to form so the cotton idea is actually a good one.

        3. Anti-cancer? Anti-Bacterial? Where do you get your info dude?

          “The inner prepuce contains apocrine glands, which secrete [..] lysozyme, [..] cytokine (a non-antibody protein that generates an immune response on contact with specific antigens). Lysozyme [..] destroys bacterial cell walls. In response to pathogenic bacterial infection, preputial plasma cells increase.”

          Also there are many articles and interviews with guys who had their
          foreskin removed and have stated
          that they had minimal to no loss of sensation on their penis.

          Look, there are even men who claim that removing the foreskin makes sex BETTER. But you have to know that the number of these men is in the 5% range. There are far far more men who say that it was the biggest mistake of their life.

          The only real loss of sensitivity you get is if you wear uncomfortable/rough material underwear.

          “The glans of the uncircumcised men had significantly lower mean ( SEM ) pressure thresholds than that of the circumcised men, at 0.161 (0.078) g ( P = 0.040) when controlled for age, location of measurement, type of underwear worn, and ethnicity. The glans of the circumcised penis is less sensitive to fine touch than the glans of the uncircumcised penis. The transitional region from the external to the internal prepuce is the most sensitive region of the uncircumcised penis and more sensitive than the most sensitive region of the circumcised penis. Circumcision ablates the most sensitive parts of the penis.”
          3. Read also my comments at

      2. Another important reason is to mark the person as a member of a certain Group. If for instance you are jewish or muslim, then this scars you for life. It is really difficult to retract membership once the procedure has been completed. Making conversion even harder.
        It is much like a branding or a tattoo, just far more extreme. As it is comparable to ritual torture.
        When you view the practice from a neutral standpoint, it is really an evil and despicable act of mutilation. And when done on small children or babies, without their willing consent, even more so.
        Its origin is most likely in the middle East, among semitic tribes. Any person of European stock should naturally refrain from practicing this custom. It is totally alien to european history and culture.

        1. Dont the moyles(moils?) suck the foreskin off the penis orally? I know Im simplfying the tradition/procedure, but isnt there a muth to penis part of it?
          And if there isnt, dont flame me, just looking for clarification here…you hear lots of wild stuff over the course of your life…

        2. Post circumcision they suck the blood off the penis.
          Babies have died from contracting HSV1 (oral herpes, which is very common) from this
          Jews are capable of some sick shit.
          I met a Jewish girl’s parents one time. They blabbed in front of me about the grandkids’ circumcision ceremonies. I was tempted to tell them I flew my teenage daughters to Africa for clitoridectomies.
          Fucking sick little hypocrites, they are.

  1. Poking your wiener into a poop chute is a surefire recipe to get infected with STD’s. Unless the skank bothered to use enema beforehand. I’m repulsed by anal sex due to this. Besides, humping the VA-JAY-JAY is way more fun but that’s just me.

    1. Poking your wiener into a poop chute is a surefire recipe to get infected with STD’s.

      No, it’s not, it’s vice versa. It’s the vagina that is full of strange bacteria which are hardly ever cleaned away.
      The female vulva and vagina is so tough to clean and are so full of microorganisms that are harmful (‘Oral Sex May Cause More Throat Cancer Than Smoking in Men’), that anal sex is the logical choice.

      1. You are delusional.
        There is quite literally no basis in medicine for your ridiculous assertion.
        You are going to argue that the vagina, with it’s ability to cycle itself, and lubricate, is inferior to a cavity that digests food producing methane gas, uses bacteria to break it down (harmful to human skin I’m assuming), and not to mention some of the other more “tasteful” attributes of the anus… more clean than a vagina?
        What are you smoking fella? I want to know what it is. Because I probably don’t want it. Only creatures like dogs and koalas eat their own shit. Let alone that of others. And they are built for it.

        1. You are delusional.

          And you are triggered. Are you a Muslim or just the usual moralfag?

          with it’s ability to cycle itself, and lubricate

          T-that sounds b-beautiful, anon, shall we put the pussy on a pedestal?

          Only creatures like dogs and koalas eat their own shit.

          Vaginal sex is what animals do. Anal sex is typically human.

        2. You sound remarkably like an insufferable know-it-all.
          Your snarky response permeates with abject stupidity.
          Does the name Jesse James rings like a Muslim name?
          He pointed out the obvious health hazard of anal sex but you hurl infantile ad hominem slurs.
          Anyone with basic grasp of Biology can attest that vaginal sex is natural because it inevitablely leads to procreation.
          Unlike anal sex. Look mate, aren’t we supposed to be matured red pill men? Then stop spewing inane nonsense.
          Debate with decorum.

        3. He pointed out the obvious health hazard

          He made up a health hazard. There is no additional health hazard from anal sex (except maybe for the woman). There is however an additional health hazard from vaginal sex.

          Does the name Jesse James rings like a Muslim name?

          I don’t care about his username. The pedestalization of pussy very much sounds like a Muslim.

          Anyone with basic grasp of Biology can attest that vaginal sex is natural because it inevitablely leads to procreation.

          Yeah, it’s natural as in “animals do it”.

          aren’t we supposed to be matured red pill men? Then stop spewing inane nonsense.

          YOU stop spewing feminist bullshit. It’s the feminist who talk nonsense like “anal sex degrades women.” And if you were redpilled you wouldn’t advocate vaginal sex that may lead to alimony and child support.
          Part of the redpill is that “men do what men wanna do”. If you criticize men for having anal sex you are bluepilled as fuck.

        4. Sheesh you really are dumber than a bag of hammers.
          Feel free to point out where I mentioned anal sex degrades women.
          I simply stated my preference for vaginal sex.What’s that again fuckwit, it leads to child support and alimony?
          Have you been hiding under a rock since you squeezed out of your mom’s Va-Jay-Jay? Ever heard of Durex,Playboy etc.
          If I’m a blue pill nancyboy I won’t even enjoy reading the Manosphere. But alas basic common sense cannot be processed by your pea brain and keyboard warrior attitude

        5. What’s that again fuckwit, it leads to child support and alimony?

          Yes, you mentioned procreation. That leads to child support and alimony.

          If I’m a blue pill nancyboy

          Then don’t mention nonsense like health hazards, procreation and “natural”, if you don’t want to sound like the typical bluepilled moralfag.

        6. I reiterate my point. I stated my sexual preference and I’m free to voice my opinion. I don’t need bullshit spouting retard like you telling me what is acceptable and what is not. Hold on, looks like you modified your second response to Jesse James!!! Ha looks like you got nothing productive to do then agonizing about the next sarcastic comment. That’s blue pill as fuck mate.
          To conclude, I don’t give two squirts of piss on what is another man’s sexual preference. To each his own.

        7. I’ve never had a woman complain it was degrading – which, after the things I did to them beforehand, it certainly wasn’t.

        8. A yeast infection is a natural result of a woman not cleaning. It has a natural, genetic function.
          The crap that happens to those who do anal, and then go at it with the mouth like homosexuals, is a catastrophic list.
          You are crazy if you think anal is natural. The rectal cavity is not built to self-lubricate. It is a fetsih only. And more often than not, a harmful one at that.
          Men often, who do it frequently straight or gay, or both, get bacterial infections in their urinary tract. I have heard they are painful.
          Good luck with that.

        9. Man, one of the few pet-peeves I have is delusional know it alls who make crap up.
          Fact, it is a biological hazard. The bacteria that help break down the crap, and their byproduct/waste is methane (you know, what you fart dumb-ass?), are built for pushing out waste.
          The orifice of the rectal cavity does not produce any lubricant. therefore, the only lubricant one gains is sweat, if it goes that long, and the damage is already done.
          So what, you like the long strokes your BF does. I don’t care.
          But you still need a head shrink budget, and a great deal of medical care for the future ailments you are going to get.
          Enjoy your urinary tract infections.

        10. LOL, I guess I missed that. I was too busy getting laid, and learning calculus, chemistry, and electronics.
          My bad, if only we all had the time to write useless shit about topics beyond our depth, and ability to grasp even the most fundamental aspects of like our mutual detractor here.
          Moving on.

        11. And some hetero vaginal as well. I bet they love oral though? The ability they have at verbal gymnastics makes one believe they can recite Shakespeare while servicing the infantry. Which, supposedly, they want a more front seat view of “servicing the troops.”
          So now our boys get the tax payer to fund the escort services? As long as they don’t knock her up. Then the tax payer, and him get to fund her for life.
          Yayyyy! Progress. Hopefully I get to write a treatise on how left-leaning I am after their future hell spawn kill me!

      2. That and it is also more likely to be infected with yeast. Even guys can get yeast infections. And it is also tighter than the vagina.

  2. I’ve never understood why a man would fuck a woman anally. The best hole is only inches away. Why choose the “shittier” one.

      1. Giving oral pleasure is a sign of total submission before the bitch and it´s weird and disgusting. I´m in my mid 30s and I have done it once in my life for curiosity only.
        Just think about all that nasty stuff flowing out of a pussy day in day out….ehh! I´m not putting that in my mouth.

        1. “Do you ever deign to get off your ancient norse throne and sully your dominance with human flesh?”
          No, NEVER!
          Don´t get me wrong. I would do oral with the right woman…so far I haven´t met her. I´m not giving this special gift to every dirty slut. She has to earn it.
          “zero fun for any woman to get fucked by you”
          You´re underestimating my dick and fingers. They are very experienced 😉

        2. It’s nasty with a slut, but I’ve never had any problems doing it with my wife. She’s only been with me and keeps herself clean. Oral sex with a decent woman isn’t disgusting. Of course, a decent woman is rare bird…

        3. True but you have to be very careful and make sure she doesn’t have HPV.
          That shit causes throat cancer in men almost as much as smoking does.

        4. Yeast infections come even without them women being sluts. And it’s transmittable. So take care with that.

        1. It’s a classy move that suits all occasions. I’d almost say it’s a bit diamond geezerish.
          Now you have no excuse not to try the stink instead of the pink.

    1. I never liked the idea of anal, It came to my mind several times during sex but there’s just something about it that completely turns me off. Like the fact that I’m sticking my dick in the same place a women squirts her shit.
      I’m all for tittyfucks, blowjobs, facials and many other types of unconventional erotic stimulation, but anal? No thanks.

      1. Same here. I’ve tried quite a range of heterosexual erotic stimulation, but can’t say I’ve ever been tempted to try that hole…

    2. Yeah I agree. But again I’m a rim enthusiast and can’t keep my tongue off that hoop for the life of me.

    3. It’s nothing more than a “forbidden, unnatural” type of fantasy. The reality is it’s just another hole that’s not particularly interesting or exciting, less so to the extent that it engenders the possibility of producing a shit-covered cock.

    4. Because it’s more tight. And let’s admit it: Most women nowadays are so used up, their pussies are falling apart. That being said, can’t say I have experience with anal – only with loose pussy lol

      1. It’s clear that the “Gay rights” battle is over, and we know who won. The last year they’ve been beating the tranny drums. That’s the new battle cry. The problem is, they’ve really jumped the shark. Ordinary people are getting confused about “cigs gender-pan sexual-semi sexual whatever” nonsense. Hopefully it’s not just wishful thinking, but I sense some rumblings as people start to finally see through some of this. The common man’s well of goodwill for absurdity is not bottomless.

        1. Yup. I have noticed this as well.
          Even “normal” gays are claiming that transgender have some mental instability, and what they do is not normal. Because they sense, I think at least, that if transgenders get what they want, the “nice gay” image they have built these last 30 years is going to be exposed. People will start digging into the whole host of “not so nice gay people” stuff. And society will is never happy when it feels it’s been duped.
          Even when it knew all along, but capitulated because of peer pressure. Society will never take it’s fair share of the blame. Merely find the most available “scapegoat”…………………

        2. The pic narrative will redefine what a normal man is. Used to be uncomfortable with gays, next will be trannies.

        3. all they are doing is giving each other AIDS and dying. They are their own worst enemies. Let them have whatever they want.

        4. Don’t forget that homosexuals are more likely to be peadophiles too. How they can claim that they have a ‘nice’ image is beyond me when they regularly fuck children.

        5. I wish they were dying. They hop themselves up on all kinds of antiboitics and continue doing what they do creating super-bugs.

        6. “all they are doing is giving each other AIDS and dying.”
          I’ve read that married men having homosexual intercourse are the ones spreading the virus into the heterosexual population.
          Not to mention all the young “bisexual” partying millenials.
          I heard that it is getting trendy in some wealthy urban parts of Europe.
          Despite all of this, the medias keep glorifying that destructive behaviour.

        7. Sadly know one who has successfully gotten HIV. Although he is British, for work purposes, the Queen should still be safe. The ‘queens’? That remains to be seen.

        8. Only the West is losing.. The rest of the world has created more laws limiting and even outlawing homosexuals activity

        9. Something many miss. This is not by accident. Many of the pedophiles are homosexual. Yet even if a male is attracted to very young males, they are loathe to admit that he is gay. A skeleton is also in their favorite closet. So to speak.

        10. But if you follow some of the themes of this site, that is explained. Instead of the modern women choosing freely from normal, everyday men…they will chose gay or bi men to partner up with. Probably not on a conscious level, but they still are the ones responsible for making that choice, thereby exposing all of us to AIDS and shit.

        11. I remember in the 90s and before, gays couldn’t even be in the open walking down the street! Nicely done Brokeback Mountain! hohohoo

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      2. Here in Germany members of the Green Party suggested to legalize pediophila and incest, but I think these ideas aren’t mainstream enough at the moment.

        1. They made the mistake of showing their cards ahead of time. The left will try again.

        2. At the moment they are pushing an agenda to provide sex education for toddlers.
          I remember an incident in Switzerland where a local Kindergarten invited an amateur sex educator who even brought sample genitals made of plush and shit.
          The whole operation was stopped because angry parents which found out about it went into berserker mode.
          But you’re right, the left will try again being the perverts they are.

        3. Wir haben die selbe Politiker hier in Frankreich. Viele bekannte Figuren der Linke, die 1970-80 für die Legalisierung der Pädophilie sprachen, sind immer noch aktiv.

        1. “And fucking scumbag whores like this have the nerve to judge unemployed men on coffee dates. Amazing”
          Good point.

        2. “And there are guys with PHDs in Physics that she will not bang.”
          Yeah, apparently in the eyes of today’s broken westernized sluts a horse has more game than a decent human man.

        3. See, you said that in jest but I think there is some truth there. Horse do in fact have a surprising amount of game.
          Think about it, they are large muscular creatures, they don’t give a fuck what any woman says, she can keep jabbering on as much as she likes he’s just going to keep chewing his grass/oats/carrots. And if she gets in his face with some outrageous shit he just gives her a two legged kick in the chest.
          Sounds straight up alpha to me.

        4. Here´s what a 16 year old modern girl has to say about things like this (real comment from youtube):
          What I’m saying is, girls should do whatever they want. If they want a dick in their mouth all the time, then so be it. If they like sex, then so be it.I mean- most guys like sex all the time, am I correct? So what’s wrong with a girl liking sex? Nothing.
          So yes, there is nothing wrong with sucking dick since it is natural. It’s called oral sex. Just like a guy “eating” out a girl. Sex is natural, part of human nature. 🙂
          She actually thinks gagging on a penis for hours is perfectly natural. If she would watch her own dogs sucking each other off she would be grossed out (same goes for anal dog sex). If she and other chicks do it….suddenly it´s all super normal and natural.
          Of course she will never have the chance of watching her dogs doing it. Why? Because animals don´t do nasty shit like that. Only humans and maybe some primates are fucked up enough for sick sexual behaviour.
          Natural means biologically necessary. Oral and anal sex both don´t have any natural you can´t call it natural.
          Being on the recieving end of oral sex, as a man, is a good thing though (anal is sick both ways).

      3. I read somewhere the other day that that is already happening – animal brothels in Denmark and Germany. If that is true that is fucking repulsive. The Japanese already do vomit sex.

    1. it takes quite a bit of practice to get good at anal sex…for both the top and bottom….. it can be incredible…. i was always into the idea, long before it became a staple in porn… i also really tried to understand and be aroused by the gay thing but it turns me right off…..
      i therefore conclude from my own experiences that having a girl in the ass, especially breaking her in and having her learn to love it and even ask for it, is a great way to make her bond to you and become more submissive…
      there is also an element in sex, that is about opening the woman, strengthening her muscles and preparing her for birthing which is particularly difficult in the biped human…
      one obstacle is the rectal muscles so helping her learn to relax those, is helpful…. it’s also her built in condom…….
      many benefits, no major disadvantages, but not really for drunk ONS at 4am, unless you fancy resampling the spicey kebab she had for lunch…

    2. Biblical prophecy states that when the Last Days are close, the “sin of Sodom” (homosexuality) will be portrayed everywhere…

    3. I guess that’s why Ancient Greeks advertised buttsex with young male disciples in order to ‘pass on’ the knowledge?

    1. Hhaahahahahahaha.
      I want to make this into a shirt, and see what my mother, wife, and former nun aunt have to say? LOLOLOL

  3. “6. A woman’s skill at anal sex (or the elasticity of her anus) is a major slut tell”
    Good point.

    1. Wow I didn’t know that guys could tell from this! glad I’m still cherry back there 🙂

  4. Moreover, I’ve encountered women cheating on their men by offering anal exclusively saying that it didn’t count as sex.

    And it doesn’t. By the way, oral sex and sex with condoms also doesn’t, because sex is defined as sexual organs touching each other. Bill Clinton was right.

      [all] sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse
      physical activity in which people touch each other’s bodies, kiss each
      other, etc. : physical activity that is related to and often includes
      sexual intercourse
      Life in Post-Truth America:
      Next month Americans will experience the fifteenth anniversary of the time that the President of the United States shook his finger at the country and informed it, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never.”
      Bill Clinton was lying. But the lie was more significant than the thing that he was lying about.
      When the lie came crashing down, Clinton and his defenders deconstructed the English language, questioning the meaning of every word in his sentence rather than admit that the lie was a lie.
      Given a choice between telling the truth or challenging the definitions of such words as “sex” and “is”, they decided to burn their dictionary.
      Clinton’s antics set the stage for a current administration which can never be caught in a lie because it’s lying all the time. Obama and his people don’t just lie, they lie about the lies and then they lie about those lies. Bringing them in to testify just clogs the filters with an extra layer of lies.

      1. sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse

        Exactly. And penetration with condoms is not a sexual activity because the sexual organs don’t touch.

        1. (INVOLVING the sexual organs, thus even indirect arousal triggered by physical activity such as kissing, see Merriam-Webster definition earlier) That’s a really broad definition, not your Bill Clinton “sex” = direct penis to vaginal contact with no barriers :

          physical activity between people involving the sexual organs
          If You Ain’t PWNed Me By Now (1:48-1:56):

          “Now, we’ve all got our favorite battlegrounds…. you suck at ’em all.”

        2. INVOLVING the sexual organs

          You mean like rubbing your butt with an itch scratch tool? Hey, didn’t know I had sex so often.

        3. “You mean like rubbing your butt with an itch scratch tool? Hey, didn’t know I had sex so often.”
          If you’re getting aroused while you do it, especially if you’re moving it closely around, directly over, or into your anus; you’re performing a sex act on yourself.
          This is why in other posts about this article, you used the word: “anal sex,” because sexual acts involving the anus are “sex.”

          [all] sexual activity, including [but not limited to] specifically sexual intercourse

        4. you used the word: “anal sex,” because sexual acts involving the anus are “sex.”

          Just like jellyfish is fish. We use the term “anal sex” because there is no better word. However, it’s not sex. It’s “mutual satisfaction” or something like that, not sex.

        5. My name is Alice, but — ”
          “It’s a stupid name enough!” Humpty Dumpty interrupted impatiently. “What does it mean?”
          “Must a name mean something?” Alice asked doubtfully.
          “Of course it must,” Humpty Dumpty said with a short laugh: “my name means the shape I am — and a good handsome shape it is, too. With a name like yours, you might be any shape, almost.”
          “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”
          “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”
          “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master— that’s all.”

  5. I had to argue against homosexuality once. So, I looked up the Mayo clinic for the argument against anal. It was hilarious. I’m assuming, because of politics, the Mayo clinic was telling gay men to stay in touch with their doctor. And not going into great medical detail about the hazards of it.
    So, I had to get creative. I started to look for what doctors would tell women about letting their man do anal. Well, if it is the same, or similar, for a man. Then anal is bad juju.
    Anal sex has a high rate of incontinence for the consistent receiver. Also, there is methane, shit, bacteria, and plenty of other wondrous creatures (sometimes tape worms) in one’s rectal cavity. Not to mention the reason why gay men get AIDs more is because anal sex is not natural. It forces the orifice to bleed. Thus swapping fluids.
    Essentially, it is an out hole. And only that. The gay movements claim of it being natural is so easily refuted. But the left, and social-Marxists of every kind, are loathe to let anyone speak who says that.
    If the gay movement fails, and it most certainly will, progressive ideals go with it. In order to strike down traditional values, and heterosexual, read normal, sex. They have to keep the lies going in order to support all the grievance industry’s groups they co-opted to distort people’s view of traditional values.
    As always, ancient societies which practiced these values did well. Societies that did not, and also did not have our modern healthcare system and wealth, did not do so well.
    It is precisely because of the modern health care system, and the wealth we give out as charity, that these groups can hide the disastrous consequences gay sex has on the human body. Not to mention the fact that most of these poor creatures struggle with mental issues. Gay men are not openly claiming that men and women getting sex changes have severe problems. It is most likely because they see the writing on the wall. As the article quoted “Familiarity breeds contempt.”
    The MSM, liberal education (indoctrination) is starting to fail. When the studies are brought out from the statisitcal gulag called the FDA, and others, that gay parents are statistically destructive in many ways to kids… will be a bad day to be openly gay. Even comedians who protect homosexuals with humor often use the hilarity of gay people, usually men, as the “butt” of their jokes. Let’s face it, they know that gay sex is not normal or genetic. They merely are keeping their pay check.
    It is all a cycle. Human stupidity lasts only as long as said humans can afford to be stupid.
    When Uncle Genetics comes a calling to see his investments status, they go under.

  6. I always thought anal sex was kind of erotic.
    A girl has to really trust you to let you plumb her depths like that.
    Pretty sure anal sex in porn is very exaggerated.
    Real anal sex is slow, controlled, tight, with an overwhelming finale.
    I don’t really understand the hate…
    The Amish have sex through mattresses. Are they the ones doing it right?

    1. A girl has to really trust you to let you plumb her depths like that.
      Or she just doesn’t feel it’s such a big deal.

    2. Ehh, I had it a few times with a couple women. It was not all it was cramped up to be. All of these women, save one, turned out to be real basket cases.
      Of course, when you have my notch count or higher, sex becomes a big blur. You either continue, or just stop. Eventually starting up again months, or in some cases years later when you need another fix.
      But I am not saying I won’t hit it there again. I did not get the pleasure from the actual sex. But from the power I had pulling her hair, and dominating her. One even told me she loved the way I dominated her in bed. This after I stuck it in once, her telling me to take it out, then thrusting it back in again.
      She was beyond herself.
      However, one of the others was just a straight up freak. People in the adjacent rooms at the hotel were slamming their doors. I would demand she tell her daddy how much she loved it. She loudly proclaimed his praise. Much to the to other visitors chagrin.
      That being said. I did not really enjoy it all that much. And can do without.
      After reading about the side effects, medical, I can really do without. Although if a woman cleans herself out, and is prepared for me, it is the better.

      1. I’ve done it with 3 girlfriends.
        2 out of the 3 it was their first time and seeing their nervousness turn into pleasure was what got me off about it. Plus its just way tighter…
        The other girl though was a total slut, and I hardly ever use that term to describe a woman… With her there was nothing particularly special about the anal sex, it was just tighter and she loved being dominated by a man. It was great fun while it lasted but I prefer relationships with less burnt out girls.

        1. Yeah, I get that.
          But if anal is a consistent thing, every woman you do it to will burn out. If you don’t care about her, and she obviously (like the slut) could care less, then merily proceed to destroy numerous rectal walls. However, if it is a chick you like, or want long term, better pay for the doctor visits.
          Anal has consequences. They are not all entirely pleasant for either party, Let alone the receiver.

    3. This article, and most of the comments, is evidence that that redpillers are not a whole lot less confused about sex than everyone else.

  7. This degenerate bullshit passes as “music” these days. A 45 year old used-up Latina divorce fiend (J-Lo) and a 20-something Australian illegal alien who puts on a ghetto fabulous (“fabulous”) fake singing voice for novelty appeal. It’s all about praising a big big booty over and over. Final message “who want’s a butt fucking?”

    1. Ehh, I quit after the first ten shots. I have seen them both. J-Lo is alright, even at 40. But Iggy is not all that. Her shit is more cellulite than ass.

      1. there is something strange about iggie, and its not her fake ass- she looks like the Wayans bros in that White Chicks movie…I know she isnt in whiteface, but she looks like she is….

        1. just go to look up the movie white chicks…you’ll get what Im saying…

        2. I see it now! There’s a paradox I read about where the mind is freaked out by rendered images of faces that look ‘too real’ but I can’t think what it is called. This feels the same as when I was looking at the test images of the paradox I mentioned.

        3. Uncanny Valley problem. Could we call her an “uncanny valley girl”? Or should it be the “Tranny valley problem”?

        4. thanks for this, see, Im not nuts, am I?
          This was a funny movie by the way…

        5. You just nailed it. There is definitely something odd about the way she looks but I would still bang her.

    2. I never understood how Iggy Pop Azalea is considered “hot”. Same with Lady Gaga. Both are appalling.

        1. It is sad she prances around the stage like this, she did a duet wirh Tony Bennett, an old swing or jazz standard, and she was dressed sexy, not trashy, and it changed my opinion of her…it takes an 80 something man to clean her up nice?

        2. she is so close to fetching in this video; of course its the green hair that destroys it…granpa, not dad, reigning her in…

        3. I think that spells out Miley’s problem completely. She needs to put the shit back in

    3. This degenerate bullshit

      It’s the opposite of degenerate. It’s waking up. Women are sex objects and should be treated as such:
      [video src="" /]
      Not treating women as sex objects is degenerate. Treating women as equals is degenerate.

    4. Despite being a total tit man myself, it is fun to boink a girl from the backside. But if you’re going in the poop shoot, you’re in the wrong hole. Try again.

    5. Just watched the video, and this is a cunts hair away from “ow! my balls!” from Idiocracy….gee whiz

  8. This is silly. Don’t like anal? Then don’t fuck a girl in the ass. Don’t like oral? Then don’t get a blow job. Anal is no more “unnatural” than oral. Or a hand job for that matter.

      1. That’s that bukkake madness. Only girl who gets that is if she inspires that objectified, you’re a smut, treatment. Then it’s all face shots, no kisses.

  9. Sodomy does not deserve an entire article, but the glorification of it does, because it’s pretty telling of how much our civilization is going back into anal stage.

    1. Here’s an irony for you. When Rome adopted Christianity as the state religion, many rural people stuck to the old gods. Known as pagans, Latin for “villager” and “heathens” (Heath dwellers) they were the equivilant of modern day rednecks and country bumpkins. To this day, heathen and pagan are synonymous with non-Christian. Sodomy was one of the customs the newly Christian city people liked to accuse the pagans of, and used the accusation as a reason to despise country folks.
      Fast forward to 21st century America, where one of coastal liberals’ favorite reasons to disdain “fly over country” is that we do not wholeheartedly embrace ass fucking! How times change.

    1. omg I saw a “double anal”??? The porn actresses are younger and younger and are often NOT skanks. It’s becoming mainstream

  10. Pornography has definitely been a vector of social change in the age of the internet. Pornography has its own internal logic which always tends towards the perverse, and taboo-busting, which is why it focusses on non-vanilla sex (which is why I don’t really buy the conspiracy line). The most influential varieties in terms of becoming mainstream and filtering into people’s actual sex lives have certainly been a) anal and b) bi-sexual / lesbian sex, both of which would once have been exclusively homosexual, and whose adoption by heterosexual men, has facilitated the social acceptance of both male and female homosexuality into society, normalised through mass representation and mass consumption in private. Oddly though in both instances etc., well at least anal sex, feminists have argued that the exploitation is being done by men of women, when arguably male deviation from straight boring vanilla sex has served well those who wish to dis-establish penetrative heterosexual sex as the archetypal sex act. There’s a strong case for just returning to the latter. Not least because the novelty of the above acts is dying fast.
    Interestingly the historical pervert Marquis de Sade recommended anal sex as a means of denying pleasure to the other party as his ‘sadistic’ philosophy of pleasure meant that for the passive party to experience pleasure would detract from the pleasure of the active participant. Feminists welcomed this insight, as it confirmed their
    view of male sexuality (as selfish and solipsistic) while also implying that female sexuality might actually exist beyond the passive.

  11. Pounding a bitch with a big ass from behind is one the best things in life. Not necessarily anal, just from behind.

    1. The avatar of Thomas Sowell with hisands clasped together, made this comment that much better.

      1. With those 3 in the picture? Of course. You may as well start sucking cock if you wouldn’t.

  12. I was in tears laughing from the beginning of the article. I’ve ventured downtown in the mean streets of Brown Town a few times myself.

    1. I’ve been laughing all the way through myself – the comments man, and some of the misguided stuff. Notice that it’s one of the highest commented on articles?

  13. Not only have I fucked a number of girls that demand anal, even webcams bitches are 90% dildo to the ass. Anytime a girl says it won’t fit she’s lying. Anybody see that video of porn bitches crying about their assholes being destroyed & having a hand full of STDS?

  14. Not related to the article, but this has been pressing on me for a LONG time but have no one to discuss it with, – what is it with this “Gentleman” and “Chivalry” bullshit? I’m a guy who will give door courtesy, among other things to ANYONE regardless of gender or age. I do this within reason, meaning I’m not gonna hold up a line to let a female the same age as me board a public transit bus.
    Men (VAST majority Black and Brown) will look around for any females, even those nowhere near the bus door and let them come to the front. Then when they see no more and only guys, they’ll board – even if there’s an elderly male waiting to board. When an elderly man is looking for a seat, it takes him much longer to find one on a crowded bus or train. Today I left a dollar store, and noticed a person coming in, as I left I used my right hand to push the door open since my left was full, and the woman (much older than I) says “Gentleman do still exist – Thank you honey!” I gave a friendly nod as I was rushing out. I was somewhere in between indifferent and annoyed.
    Interestingly, when I was crutches taking public transport, very few people gave a shit, the few who did help out were mostly women, interestingly. This gives me the suspicion that this behavior is done out of the need of female approval as opposed to helping someone out in need. Anyone else notice this bullshit? Please let me know if I’m not making sense on anything I’ll clarify

    1. “VAST majority Black and Brown) will look around for any females, even those nowhere near the bus door and let them come to the front.” Where do you live? I Mostly see that from white guys and asians.

    2. You’re correct…. this is why I’ve always said nice guys aren’t really nice. A true nice guy will be courteous and helpful to everyone, not just to pretty females.

      1. Exactly. Most of these ”nice guys” you encounter in work, for example, are some of the biggest passive-aggressive, shit stirring, whiny bitches, who’ll stab you in the back at a moments notice. If it wasn’t for physical appearance, I’d confuse them with the typical office women.

    3. Be altruistic when you can afford to be altruistic, be a manipulative, abusive bastard when you need to be. That is not related to any gender.

  15. I’ve never understood the guy in porn who accepts a role as #5 in multiple creampie scenes.

  16. “cultural differences in anal sex rate”—Seems Brazillion gals love it up the butt at least when I watch their porno. Do you guys notice that???

  17. No thanks.
    I tried it once. The girl bitched the entire time despite the fact that I only got it half way in. And poop. There was shit on my dick.
    It’s not like the porns were Jenna Haze or Bree Olson get love it and it’s clean.
    I’ll leave anal to the fags

        1. Here here! I pulled an old tampon out of a chick once! Talk about a terrible experience. I felt a small bump on the wall of her vag with my finger, and I was asking her “what’s this?” She says “what’s what?” So I started to pry at it saying “THIS!” She said she didn’t know. So I get a nail under that sucker and pried it out – for a nanosecond I thought it was a dead fucking mouse in my fingers. Brown, shriveled, and furry. Just as bad: an old bloody tampon that “she must have forgot about”. Fucking sick. Jumped out of bed and into the shower. First horror experience with a vagina, but certainly not the last. Dumb cunt was still in my bed when I got out of the shower and dressed.

    1. Well, in case you ever reconsider doing it, now at least you’ll be informed: You will require 1) a buttplug that needs to placed there several hours before anal intercourse (pre-stretching) 2) an anal flush (it’s kind of a tube that the woman puts in the ass in order to flush it out with water) 3) Taking a shit before intercourse 4) Lube. 1) isn’t really necessary if you use your fingers for pre-stretching, but a butt-plug is less of a hazzle. Source: Friend with arab (muslim) ex.

  18. Humans are the weirdest animals when it comes to sex. We are the only species which have sex face to face. With other animals the sex act is public and eating is private. With humans it’s the opposite.
    Anal is perhaps the least weird of human sexual acts. For example:
    – The Sambian young men are made to ingest the semen of their elders, which is thought to sustain growth and strength.
    – The Mardudjara youngster eat the skin of their freshly circumcised penises. After it heals up, the penis is then cut lengthwise on the underside, sometimes all the way to the scrotum. Blood is then dripped over a fire in order to purify it. From then on, the male will urinate from the underside of his penis instead of the urethra.
    – The Trobrianders from Papua New Guinea start having sex from the age of six – both boys and girls. However, while everybody is having sex whenever they want, premarital meal-sharing is a big no-no. You’re not supposed to go out for dinner together until after you get married.
    – The ancient Egyption perferomed public masturbations as a ritual and the pharaohs would masturbate into the Nile to ensure an abundance of water.

    1. Actually Bonobos (another primate species) has sex face to face. They are the only other primates in nature that do it the same way as humans. Also Bonobos are highly sexually active engaging in both heteros and homosexual acts. They’re also the most peaceful of all primate species as well. Often using sex to mediate disputes and arguments as opposed to killing.

      1. Tread carefully. I read that some of the prevailing wisdom about bonobos is fabricated or is observed in zoos.
        There is speculation that the sexual matriarchy of bonobos has been concocted, or at least exaggerated, because it reflects female wishful thinking. Margaret Mead was the first to indulge in this with her Samoa book

  19. it’s not a modern rise…it’s been around for thousands of years, it’s just more “open” for discussion now.

  20. holy shit, that Hitchens quote is on point- lobster and picnics(esp lobster during a picnic) suck.
    Someone told me that a substantial amount of gay men need to start wearing adult diapers by middle age due to the pounding of the pooper- is this true? And, if it is, I guess this will apply to women in the not too distant future…

    1. Yup… prolapsed assholes as they have to use larger cocks, toys, fists etc., to get the same high, similar to long term drug users. Finally as the sphincter muscles collapse from all the abuse they have no control over their bowls and all that entails….. also you don’t hear a homosexual fart…
      Lobster and a picnic followed by some anal???? I think Hitchens was overrated….. ha ha……..was told anal should be for a special occasion….. like Christmas…..

      1. wow.
        Heres a follow up question: do homosexual animals(whatever, giraffes) actually have anal sex? I only ask because, if they do not, it means the highest animal on the food chain is also the most depraved.

  21. Personally, I have no problem with it on a moral or intellectual level. I just find it revolting for hygienic reasons. I’ve never done it and have no intentions of ever doing it.
    Think about it. Crap comes out the anus. Talk about disgusting. Not to mention the fact that anal sex is the most effective way for transmitting STD’s, particularly HIV.
    What I don’t understand is how it can be pleasurable for the person who is receiving anal. It would feel like you are crapping. This is considered a sexually pleasurable sensation? How is that?

    1. girls like being violated and treated like dirty sluts.
      actually they LOVE it.
      Read genesis. Remember Eve? forbidden fruit and all that.
      Women love being mischievious

      1. So, its not the actual sensation they are seeking. You’re saying that they are seeking the experience of being dominated by a dominant man and it is this dynamic itself which turns them on. This explanation makes more sense to me, as the actual sensation of taking it in the ass can’t be that pleasurable (even if real life anal is done in a slow deliberate manner).

      2. Isn’t there a better way to sexually dominate a woman without getting crap all over yourself?

    2. Crap comes out the anus. Talk about disgusting.

      That’s why anal sex is so important. Some men can smell the health problems of a woman during anal sex.

      This is considered a sexually pleasurable sensation?

      Women love it. It intensifies the organsm while at the same time it does not drain a woman so much.
      Anal sex is superior sex, and if only for the contraceptive reasons.

        1. Seriously? How does anal sex intensify the orgasm?

          For men: Because the anus is much tighter than the vagina.
          For women: Because the anus/rectum is very sensitive and also because it increases the feeling of being penetrated. Women love to be penetrated.
          Also: Orgasms from anal stimulation do not drain a woman so much. She will come back for sex faster than after vaginal sex.
          WARNING! If a woman says she does not like anal then maybe she has some illness (e.g. hemorrhoids, worms etc). It’s a very bad sign when a woman is against anal. Healthy women love anal.

        2. The benefit is mostly for the male. The woman has greater clenching control than with her vagina. I don’t know what the benefit is to the female, maybe there are some females lurking here who can comment. The benefit to women might be mostly psychological, its the most submissive thing a woman can do. Its also considered more depraved. So it lights up a different part of her brain. It makes her feel like a slutty / kinky / bad bitch. Makes her heart beat faster, makes her pussy wetter. She might not climax, but puts her in heightened sense of arousal.

        3. If the woman’s vagina is in tact how it should be, then it will be tight. Just because she’s a slut doesn’t make butt-sex “superior”, because what happens if her butthole gets stretched out? Does that make handjobs “superior”? There’s something odd or queer about insisting women should partake in some perversity that originated from 2 homosexual men. It’s like you want some sort of approval from them that you’re straight.
          Also, your idea of “healthy” is exactly what libfags and dyke feminists would agree with – nothing healthy about a disease-ridden, “open to all” whore. What is healthiest is abstinence or sex only when married (with that, science agrees).

        4. If the woman’s vagina is in tact how it should be, then it will be tight.

          And if her anus is intact, it will be tighter.
          The rest of your post is what I expected from a troubled moralfag: butthole gets stretched out… There’s something odd or queer about… some perversity… originated from 2
          homosexual men… some sort of approval… dyke feminists… disease-ridden…”open to all” whore….
          What a collection of nonsense.

          What is healthiest is abstinence

          Sure, moralfag, sure.

          only when married

          Divorce lawyers approve your message, moralfag.

        5. So you’re admitting that you’re okay with leftist ideas like homosexuality? You can’t actually refute my arguments, so you just resort to calling me a “moralfag”, lol.

        6. So you’re admitting that you’re okay with leftist ideas like homosexuality?

          Don’t change the subject. The subject is anal sex, not homo sex.
          The most frequent sex homosexuals have is oral sex, are you against oral sex, too, moralfag?

        7. If you’re not okay with homosexuality, then why did you mention the “originated from 2 homosexual men” part when dismissing it? You didn’t even bother arguing against the butthole stretching point I brought up. Do you have a source that says homosexuals do oral sex, rather than anal sex, the most? Or did you make that claim just from experience?

        8. You didn’t even bother arguing against the butthole stretching point

          Because it’s nonsense like the rest of your post. The average male penis diameter is approx. 3.8 cm. If you think that that will make lasting damage to the strongest of all sphincter muscles in the body, you are very misinformed.

        9. Nobody is insisting women do anything. Its not any more gay than oral sex. Using condoms greatly reduce the hygiene risk. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it.

        10. One thing many men are surprised to find out when they first try anal, is just how close together a woman’s backdoor and vagina really are. If you had to insert one finger up her anus and another finger, or your dick, in her vagina, you would feel them rubbing together very easily. Having a penis up her ass therefore also stimulates her G spot and probably also the deeper parts of her clitoris.. I remember a woman remarking to me with ecstatic surprise how she was also feeling filled ‘up front’ as well.
          Now I’m not making an advert for anal sex. To each his own. Just sharing technical information .. haha

        11. You’re wrong, not every pussy is ‘tight’ and maybe you never experienced it because you didn’t have sex with a lot of women, but some vaginas are naturally more loose than others (which, I repeat, has nothing to do with how much sex they had).

      1. You’re okay with getting someone else’s crap on your private area? Health problems are supposed to be between the woman and her doctor. “Anal sex is superior sex”. Yep, you’re a confirmed faggot. This site doesn’t allow your kind here, especially if you’re going to try to spew your PC-BS. GTFO.

        1. Yep, you’re a confirmed faggot

          No, you are the confirmed moralfag. Porn shows what men wants to see, and as it stands there is hardly any porn movie made these days without anal sex (except porn movies specializing in fetish, e.g. foot feet, of course).
          Get over it, women are there to be fucked, and moralfags like you should have no say in how to or how not to fuck women.

        2. I’d rather be a “moralfag” than a faggot. You’re the one telling everyone what kind of sex is superior (anal sex), yet you’re also trying to shut down discussion. Porn has been shown to have detrimental effects on men that regularly watch it. It is your type of degenerate mentality of accepting everything that has led to society’s current messed-up state. Quit spewing your pro-anal sex propaganda here, because this isn’t the place for it.

        3. I’d rather be a “moralfag” than a faggot.

          OK, then be a moralfag.

          Porn has been shown to have detrimental effects on men that regularly watch it.

          Link? (Oh, and spare me links that are about porn addiction, and spare me links where it’s unclear whether the porn consumption causes mental problems or mental problems cause porn consumption).

          It is your type of degenerate mentality of accepting everything that
          has led to society’s current messed-up state.

          You can’t stop your moralfag BS, can you?

          Quit spewing your pro-anal sex propaganda here, because this isn’t the place for it.

          The opposite is true, here’s not the place to spew pro-pussy propaganda.

        4. Addiction to anything is never a good or healthy thing. Porn can lead to erectile dysfunction, and less productivity in life. There are many articles you can read if you’re interested: (“overstimulation brought on by viewing pornography can produce neurological changes—specifically, decreasing sensitivity to the pleasure seeking neurotransmitter dopamine—which can desensitize a person to actual sexual encounters with a partner.”
          You need to stop telling an audience of straight males that they should enjoy practicing something that was made up by homosexual men, to enjoy getting crap on themselves. You need to stop convincing them of liking pussy, because men never will stop liking it. This site advocates normal intercourse, so you’re obviously at the wrong site.

        5. Addiction to anything is never a good or healthy thing.

          So we both agree then that addiction to pussy is very bad.

          Porn can lead to erectile dysfunction

          That’s a GOOD thing
          1. that women have not only to compete against other women but also against porn stars.
          2. that men are less attracted to real world women so they become less white knightish.

        6. so you’re all about gaming and having sex with as many women as possible? that’s not morals..

        7. “…something that was made up by homosexual men, to enjoy getting crap on themselves. You need to stop convincing them of liking pussy”
          Ancient Greeks used to use anal sex as a way of enjoying more intercourse without having more babies. I’m sure they would not have been the only ones. Use a condom, get her to use a douche/enema, or just wash/wipe your cock off when you finished shooting your load. Its no great crises for the sake of some pleasurable & dominating sex. A woman has 3 holes that can be used to fuck and some guys like to experience all 3.
          Women are clocking up higher partner counts than ever and you can bet a number of her past lovers have tried it on for anal sex and she’s at least tried it with one or more, especially the more desirable guys she’s screwed and wanted to please them more.

        8. Only a small fraction of heterosexual actual have even tried penis in the arse anal sex.
          The studies with 30 percent numbers include as little as rubbing of the outside of the anus or a slight insertion of a finger.
          The actual numbers of frequent full on anal sex is very low among heteros with the exception of blacks and some types of third world latinos

  22. For millennial chicks anal is the new oral. They don’t think its a big deal. Probably because they grew up watching internet porn, who knows. You can assume most of them have “tried” it even if they say they don’t do it.

  23. Gotta be careful with that stuff, lads.
    You don’t want to find yourself with the old dreaded ‘chili dog’.

  24. I’ve never admitted in public that I’ve never tried anal nor have any intentions of doing so. Ironically, I would anticipate homo-shaming if I ever admitted this to my buddies. The biological infeasibility and resemblance to homosexuality disgusts me.

    1. You must have alot of gay friends. What planet are you living on?
      No straight man shames a man for not having anal sex.

    2. I agree with woo, that none of my straight friends would shame anyone of us for not having anal sex with a gf/wife,but at the same time most would not shame any of us for having anal sex with the gf/wife/hookup. A number of my player buddies have done it as part of their sexual repertoire and wouldn’t give a shit if the others tried to shame them for being homo, which they certainly don’t seem to have doubts or show inclinations over the years while they seeked out many women to screw every which way.
      When I see a beautiful woman’s beautiful naked curvy butt raised up in air when she is on all fours, I certainly don’t have to fight off thoughts of men/homos in my mind. I’m not going to shame any guy that does not want to do it, but likewise I don’t equate a man dominating a beautiful women who’s totally submitting her body to him as gay. Lapping out your gf’s snatch could be seen as submissive but I’m sure numerous guys here have given their gfs orgasms doing it. I’m surprised this is a red pill issue. I know rp its seems to be very aligned with conservatism, but to each his own in the bedroom. If anal sex (on occasion) is considered part of the downfall of society then pua & womanizing should be shamed to.

  25. Yes, this is an interesting part of modern life. I used to have anal sex with almost every girl I slept with. A couple of reminders of where it was I was ramming my dick eventually put me off. Now I’m married I have zero interest in boning my wife in her butt.
    My final revelation came a few years ago when I was at a festival on acid. I went into a portaloo and the padded seat started winking at me like a leering anal sphincter, with a stinking smelly pile of crap behind it, and I understood how ridiculous it was to obsess over anal. I also was suddenly convinced that was what the elite were representing with their ubiquitous “all-seeing eye of Horus” on most company logos, and music videos ie “eat my ass peasant”. Odd theory, but in porn you often see guys make a pyramid with their hands with the girls ring piece at the apex.
    I did enjoy it while I enjoyed it but.

    1. Mate you can get ass fucked by your lover all you want. Trying to shut down discussion because of some rules you perceive is very blue pill beta though.

      1. Nobody mentioned anything about shutting down a discussion. But part of the repdill is that men wake up and do what they like and stop listening to the constant barrage of “don’t do this” and “behave like a good boy”.
        If you don’t like anal sex, don’t do it. But don’t go around claiming that it’s degenerate or whatever. That’s what feminists do: Claiming that Male Behavior X is degenerate and Male Behavior Y is acceptable.

        1. There has to be a reason behind the argument.
          If one says “anal sex is bad because its unhealthy and leads down a slippery slope to perverse behaviour that is bad for society at large,” that is a lot more interesting than “anal sex is for faggots and degenerates.”

        2. Once men are awake and aware they have been raised on lies and that the world is a tissue of lies it’s good to have a forum to compare notes on truth. My saying below that I was no longer into anal for instance is not a commandment that thou shalt not take pole position on the Hershey highway. It’s my experience for what it’s worth and some speculation on the forces shaping modern taste.
          Bonk like buggery, bugger like bonkery if that’s what you feel inclined to do, but be a master and observer of your inclinations. Understand also, people seek to shape your inclinations, overtly and covertly both.

        3. If one says “anal sex is bad because its unhealthy

          And the article didn’t mention “unhealthy”. Instead it focussed on oversexualization and other moral issues.

          and leads down a slippery slope to perverse behaviour that is bad for society at large,”

          And THIS is my main point. There is absolutely no proof aside from moralfaggotry that anal sex is bad or leads to a worse society. The opposite is true: Treating women like princesses and equals (instead of like fuck holes that exist to please men) is the thing that ruins a society and degrades men.

        4. I cringe at spineless “morality is relative” liberal queers who use the terms “moralfag” or “moralfaggotry”. Nothing wrong with having standards, unlike what homofags think.
          Anal sex leads to STDs, AIDS and colon cancer, and as an act, it originates from 2 faggots butt-humping each other. Normal intercourse on the other hand, results in progeny. You can thank heterosexual penis-to-vagina intercourse for even existing. Back in the day, women weren’t whores and men were able to treat them with respect (without turning into doormats), and that is what kept 50’s society healthier and better functioning (real gender roles, real family units, no obesity, no feminist insanity) .

        5. Nothing wrong with having standards, unlike what homofags think.

          But there’s everything wrong with having baseless standards that try to shame men or ristrict them unnecessarily. You see, I have nothing against people who don’t like anal. But they shouldn’t go on other peoples’ nerves by shuting “Anal is bad! Anal is degeneracy!”.

          women weren’t whores

          Which has nothing to do with anal sex. A woman can have anal sex just with you, that doesn’t make her a whore. Having vaginal sex with 1000 guys makes her one.

        6. If that’s someone’s opinion (that anal sex is disgusting), then they have a right to express it without being judged as “moralfags”. It’s hypocritical to only allow for your opinion, and silence others, just because your opinion more “modern” or whatever.

        7. If that’s someone’s opinion (that anal sex is disgusting), then they
          have a right to express it without being judged as “moralfags”

          Correct, if they don’t base their opinions on morals. If they argue “anal sex is bad because it’s degeneracy” or “perversion” or “because it’s deviation from god’s way”, they’re moralfags. Which is especially bad, since ROK is supposed to be a redpillish website, and not a website that shames men into pedestalizing pussy.

        8. So? Not everyone thinks the same, like you seemingly want them to. If you don’t believe in morals, there are scientific reasons why anal sex shouldn’t be practiced, as someone in the more recent comments up top noted (Martin Woo’s post).

        9. So? Not everyone thinks the same

          True, there still a lot of bluepilled people out there who think that shaming men into certain behaviors is a good thing.

          there are scientific reasons why anal sex shouldn’t be practiced

          And there are scientific reasons why oral sex shouldn’t be practiced. And yet, what upsets moralfags like you, there are psychological and emotional reasons why people do practice it.

        10. If some activity originated from homosexuals, has several health problems that can occur from said practice, then it should be shamed. I’m not upset, just trying to figure out how someone can be so absurd in claiming “anal sex is superior”. Why are you so butthurt over what other people think?

        11. If some activity originated from homosexuals

          Vaginal sex originated from animals.

          Why are you so butthurt over what other people think?

          I claimed the opposite. I have nothing against people thinking that vaginal sex is superior. But I have something against people who try to shame men based on moral/naturalist grounds, especially since it’s anti-man and bluepilled as fuck.

        12. do you walk around with shit hanging from your a-hole? it’s much deeper up the colon and not near her anus during sex if she cleans her ass properly, as should you and everyone else.

        13. what is moral about this site? being a villain ? gaming women just to bed them? red pill is not moral. Nobody is moral except Jesus Christ.

        14. “Correct, if they don’t base their opinions on morals.”
          Total non-sense. Morals do exist If they didnt’ then there would be no society , no rule of law, not internet at all.
          IN fact, if there are no morals, anyone can punch a pervert “just cus”.

        15. “Morality is a man made construct. It doesn’t actually exist”
          This is non-sense that is not actually no longer defended l by even the most atheist philosopher.
          It’s just something perverts say in the sad attempt to justify their perverseness.

  26. “The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex, and picnics. ― Christopher Hitchens” Great quote, I met Hitchens before he passed, a leftie but a cool dude.

        1. “in thru the outdoor, outdoor..” sorry I thought you were referencing an old prince song 🙂

  27. I tried it once. The girl said it felt more like somebody sticking their finger up her nose than anything else, we had lubricated pretty well. At the end it was a gross sort of messy. Just give me plain old vaginal and oral.
    Leave the buttfucking to the fags and the pornstars. At least the pornstars know how to prep before hand.

  28. Women will indulge ANY perversion if it means controlling you with it.
    I NEVER put anything past them.

  29. What the fuck is up with ass eating though??? I was talking to this Filipino girl from there (came here at 20 now 27) dated a and engaged a dialysis patient of hers that couldn’t have sex, then a fuck buddy for a YEAR, then a 3 month fling with a guy who “really liked it” i.e. ass munching, and she said “it felt really good,” now trying to husband me up. This girl is low in experience in bed I can tell, but even she has had a YEAR FUCK BUDY and likes her ass eatin’? The best “good girl” Ive found and there is that shit in the past !!! I just don’t understand anymore!

    1. I wouldn’t do ass eating even with a very beautiful woman. But if she makes that requrest try using that as a moment to suggest 3 way with another woman. With the idea the 3rd woman will do the stuff for your gf that you don’t want to do. Any time a woman suggests something kinky, that’s your opener for 3 way.

      1. Smart thinking but this is an every sunday church going catholic girl. Her Filipino crew are super traditional she is the only one who is a little “liberal” And she wants a husband BAD. I’ll keep that in mind for the future though.

        1. Lots of catholics are freaks between the sheets. Run wild all year, go to confession in lent, start all over again. If she’s into hardcore butt sex, you’re not going to scare her away by suggesting 3 way. She might not agree to it, but she won’t get all angry about the suggestion. If she says no, then you’re off the hook for her ass eating fetish. If she says yes, then you get to have 3 way and some other girl does the lube work.

        2. “this is an every sunday church going catholic girl”
          dude, you should be smarter than that. going to church unfailingly every sunday does not take away from the fact that she’s a whore. I have known an immigrant lady who was cuckolding her man and never missed communion. I have known another who cheated so much she had a child for another man while still married and living with her husband. She never missed mass. Don’t even get me started on filipino women. the church thing is a routine. some could slit your throat and show up for sunday mass one hour later.

      1. This anal thing is nothing new (historically not new – obviously) – was doing this with girls who really liked it in the 80’s, and it was far from unheard of then.

        1. moist taco juice..
          actually she would squirt from her vagina while I did that so I was licking vaginal secretions and the mucous membranes of her anus. She cleaned it deep, and I never stuck my tongue in too far.

        2. Go back to biology class dumb-ass (or maybe just read a f’n book) women don’t squirt; she was just pissin on you.
          I swear, these young cats nowadays believe everything they see on the net. SMH
          Look if you like “water works” – read “piss play” – then say so. But don’t push biologically impossible sh#t as if it’s some great treat to be sought out.
          Unless you like piss that is…

    2. Even worse. I’m sorry, but if you decide to “rim” somebody, you deserve every affliction you get.

  30. Some chicks are just freaks that way and they don’t know why. If you don’t give it to them the way they want, they move on. Women have little or no understanding why they feel they way they do. You can’t rationalize with an irrational mind.

  31. Slow clap.
    I’m really turned off in porn when suddenly the guy switches from vaginal to anal. It’s a massive boner-killer. I’m such a porn freak that I know which porn stars never or rarely give anal sex, and like them more because of it. You already have a hole down there for that! And POOP comes out of there!
    It’s in the realm of interracial sex: it lowers their value. You’ll note that the porn girls who are “anal princesses” fall into the same categories as the porn girls who do a lot of black sex on camera: 3rd tier in terms of looks of porn stars.
    Martin Amis (!) noted the rise of anal sex in porn more than a decade
    ago. He was werided out by how much he saw anal sex suddenly being pushed from porn producers without any demand from consumers. Like it was part of a social engineering plan….
    I think we do have to think that gays have pushed the anal sex agenda into straight porn—this is just another subtle slippery-slope form of gay recruitment. Once you’ve got a guy thinking anal sex is ok and fun and got him sticking it where POOP comes from, the gays can say “well an anus is an anus and a mouth is a mouth” to a lonely or confused or drugged-up straight guy and get him into their little beds.
    But we also have to remember that the SJW push of black standards over non-blacks means that the black worship of ass is more prominent in society than it should be given the average male attraction to it. Like the way most non-black women do not find blacks attractive, most guys do not find anal/ass worship attractive—in fact, most guys like tight asses and long legs, not big booties. But everyone’s afraid of being a racist, so neither the girls nor the guys speak up.

    1. Don’t over-think it. Porn is only about making money. There is no social agenda. If porn is getting more extreme, its because there is an audience for it. What’s surprising is how hardcore young females have become, more open to kink. I read somewhere that search analytics show that lesbian porn is the most searched for type of porn, and that straight women are most likely to search for it? How do they know that, I don’t know.

      1. I go back and forth. My default position is agreeing with you that there is no conspiracy/agenda on a given topic, but I see too much organization from the SJWs to discard the thought.
        A very high percentage of the power players in Hollywood are gay. People who want to get into the film industry fall into porn. It isn’t unreasonable to suspect that many of the more powerful people in porn—producers, distributors, etc.—are gay or close with the other gays in the industry.
        Furthermore, gays have had remarkable success in organizing and slipping into media gay-friendly themes—definitely using the slippery slope. The rise of the nonthreatening gay in media was deliberate—Paul Lynde in the 1970s to Jim J. Bullock’s character in Too Close for Comfort to Soap to various “very special episodes” of 90s sitcoms to Chandler from Friends (who was supposed to be gay, but changed at the last minute) to Seinfeld’s “not that there’s anything wrong with that” to Will & Grace, the L Word to now Modern Family. The slope is obvious and deliberate and planned.
        It’s not too much to wonder that in the 90s and 00s, with the Will & Grace push, that gays would try to push anal sex. If not to recruit straights–which is always a goal—at least to “normalize” anal sex (which gays practice) so that, again, gays become less threatening.
        Anyway, food for thought.

        1. If it didn’t sell, they wouldn’t make it. That’s just how fucked up the american market has become. You forget that with the internet people have the ability to self publish porn, hollywierd is more likely playing catch up, not leading the audience.

        2. It’s not a total money-driven system, it’s also ideology-driven.
          Consider that Hollywood leaves money on the table in Red State America because it refuses to make red state-friendly movies by and large—this is why American Sniper is breaking records, because it’s the first red-state-friendly oscar bait out in years. It’s an undeserved market. It’s also why Hollywood stopped making Westerns (besides revisionist westerns, which always fail)—because those movies speak to Red State sensibilities.
          The porn industry could make a ton of money with movies where black dudes try to rape an unwilling non-black girl and some non-black dude beats the crap out of him, calls him racial names, and then fucks the girl as a reward. But they won’t, because that’s anti-p.c.That movie would be condemned by the AVN and every other mainstream porn network and never get distributed and protested to death.
          And the anal sex isn’t going to make you not watch most movies, since it’s usually only a small part of the movie. If you’ve bought the film and are disgusted by it, you’ll go to the next scene/hit fast forward. Like slipping in a gay character or an anti-red state glib line—which happens all the time in MSM film and TV —the point is to subtly normalize it.
          At least that’s how I see it. But anal sex in mainstream porn really did come out of no where.

        3. “The porn industry could make a ton of money with movies where black dudes try to rape an unwilling non-black girl and some non-black dude beats the crap out of him, calls him racial names, and then fucks the girl as a reward.”
          Wtf is wrong with you dude? Did a black dude rape your mom or something because you seem to have a deep rooted hatred for black people. lol This article isn’t even about blacks and yet you found a way to bring race up multiple times in your comments, You’re like the white Al Sharpton.

        4. You’re a sick human being. Your unsolicited violent anti black racial sexual fantasies prove that.

        5. Being revulsed by something the vast majority are revulsed by isn’t sick, it’s normal. Your SJW-attempts to paint normal revulsion as sick and aberrant behavior as normal won’t work here.

        6. You raise some interesting points, but porn itself could be an agenda, period. Of course, agendas can be furthered by slipping in inter-racial, and the no.1 search: female homosexuals. Make the women wild and unchained, and let’s see how society turns out.

        7. It’s 100 percent agenda driven. Do you think anyone makes money off all the free porn? No matter what they tell you, you don’t make profits from giving shit away for free. There is so much free porn out there that there is no point in paying for any, so it’s not roping anyone in to becoming paying members. No one buys the cow when the milk is free.
          Of course, the usual suspects are out in force here. What do all the porn merchants have in common?
          And what gang is highly overrepresented in the LGBT crowd, among other things? Why would they want to push anal sex in everyone’s face?
          Just a cohencidence, of course.
          THIS IS WAR.

        8. LOL please educate me with your Nazi eugenics how the negro’s are inferior because of their skull shapes compared to the aryan master race!
          Being a bitter child and race baiting is not red pill in the least. Theres a balance between a self hating white far left liberal and a bitter black hating KKK far right conservative, find that balance.

        9. Noticing black savagery and black low IQ (the two are not the same) isn’t anywhere near Nazi eugenics. Declaring a war on noticing is a very SJW tactic. Denying reality won’t make it go away; take the red pill.

        10. Amateurs are uploading their porn for free, for kicks. Some amateur porn is in fact uploaded to pay per view sites were some people view it and download it then upload it to the free porn sites.The vast majority of the porn of the free site I log into is swiped from dvds, vintage vhs tapes, and steaming subscription sites. Many porn production coys will distribute teaser video clips to the free sites where you get a 4min view to encourage you to go the producers site and subscribe for the full 30 min clips. The free porn site I visit is registered to some island country that probably doesn’t give much of a crap about copyright and treaties.
          Its all about making a buck, from the free websites to the subscription sites to the dvd production coys. There is no secret anal porn agenda/conspiracy being run by hollywood’s gay mafia. They (the many porn producers around the world not just SoCal) make what the punters want and what the laws of their county of operation allow.

        11. Meh, generalizations get you nowhere. I’ve met many ghetto low IQ blacks, many low IQ spanish people, and many low IQ whites.
          Also what is black savagery? Whatever it may be it would be hard to compare it to the annihilation of Native Americans by whites or the near extermination of the Jewish race by Germans. Also the many genocides that took place in the wars amongst Asian countries. These examples are just scratching the surface of the atrocities done by various ethnic groups and races. I could generalize every race as terrible if I were to use your logic.

        12. technically, you can get a lot of money from advertising – porn gets the most page clicks, so advertising revenue comes in. The agenda is to destroy family values and human morals. Homosexuals might have a hand in things by promoting lesbian cunnilingus and anal sex, but how many heterosexuals do you think they can ‘convert’? It would be a very small minority (although with women, the more impressionable sex, probably some more will experiment with licking out another female to taste her cherry chapstick). The bottom line is that all the varieties of heterosexual sex on show (inter-racial, threesomes, etc), which is what most people look at, encourage promiscuity. And THAT is what erodes the foundations of society (people are constantly competing in the sexual market place for new conquests, engaging in recreational drug and alcohol abuse, fighting over mates like animals, etc). Going back through the pages of history, there has never been a society who has had the technology and conditions to broadcast pornography into people’s pocet phones so they can become sex-addicted. And it’s no cohencidence.

        13. The difference is that their violence got them accolades, conquests, and spoils. Our violence gets us nowhere but stigmatized. To the victors go the spoils and the copyrights of history.

        14. Savagery and cruelty are not the same things. One may be civilized and cruel at the same time; for example, the ancient Jews who exterminated other tribes, or the Mayans who sacrificed prisoners.
          Savagery is the inability to behave in a civilized manner—to spurt into random acts of violence, to not behave logically, to rape, assault, and murder based on impulse, to not have empathy for others, to prove incapable of planning ahead. Blacks have long been noted to be savage and incapable of basic civilized behavior; this is why they have constantly been restricted by law from intermingling with the civilized people they come into contact with. The fall of South Africa from a first-world nation to a third-world all due to the end of apartheid and the shift from a white-run nation to a black-run nation .
          And generalizations get you everywhere when the generalization is statistically supported. Blacks are continually proven to have on average much lower IQs than non-blacks, no matter which non-blacks you measure them against. No black society has come even close to the advanced civilizations of non-blacks–and, no, the ancient Egyptians were not black, before you go spouting off that urban legend nonsense.

    2. Haha. A woman is allowed to do all types of disgusting sex acts on camera and still be respectable, as long as it’s with white males. A n*gro inserts his penis in her and suddenly she’s lost value. Haha . Oh gawd the American psychosis.

      1. No, I didn’t say respectable. Pay attention and stop acting autistic.
        There is a continuum of disreputableness amongst whores, and interracial and anal sex princesses push a girl further down the ladder than if they do not do them. Same is true with gang bang girls. This is why the big budget porn companies like Vivid severely restrict their contract female stars from such activities on camera in order to keep their value up.
        It’s not an American psychosis, it’s a human condition. In all non-black cultures, non-black women who sleep with black men are considered lowest of the low. Arabs were so disliking of even the possibility of their black slaves interbreeding with Arab women that they had a policy of castrating blacks. The Japanese call the girls who sleep with blacks very bad names, much worse than if she’s sleeping with whites. I could go on, but the point is that women having sex with blacks is universally considered a complete degradation.
        Perhaps instead of blaming all this dislike on “psychosis,” you should try to discern if there isn’t something about blacks that makes this disgust such a universal human condition. After all, if 90% of humanity shares a revulsion, it’s not psychosis, it’s a natural human condition.

        1. I dunno… sex with an inner-city Negro is a lot like sex with a farm animal. One loses respect when one fucks a creature incapable of consent. It’s irresponsible.

  32. I bet some people are going to accuse us of only doing missionary. Aside from anal, I almost lose my lunch when someone mentions ‘rim job’. The only time I ever need to hear the word ‘rim’ is when I’m talking about cars.

    1. trigger warning?
      How about salad tossing? Or cleveland steamers?
      You need to work on that vomit reflex, buddy, you never know when you may have to live on a diet of cockroaches, and ‘almost spewing’ risks wasting good food.

  33. the authors of this site are against anal sex with a woman, which if you are not fixed (have a vasectomy), is a great way to derive pleasure without getting a girl pregnant. However, they are totally pushing the agenda that spending tens of thousands of dollars marrying a Russian mail order Greencard bride; despite the risk of divorce and a financial train wreck, is acceptable.

      1. then they have citizenship already and are good for pump and dumps, which almost, I stress almost, all women deserve regardless of country of origin.

    1. Anal sex is wrong
      You’re not allowed to have any female friends
      Global warming is a conspiracy
      You should fuck as many women as possible and then marry a virgin.
      You should worship PUAs but also pay homage to monks.
      Be alpha at all costs.
      Get with the program buddy.

      1. My first marriage was to an X-USSR virgin, total disaster. I was able to use the legal system to my advantage , unlike other men in divorces. Red Pill theory has made me street smarter, but with decreased morals. Luckily, I also know that I do not have the answers, just a little more wisdom.

      2. lol no doubt. and increasingly lately, you must only follow a conservative political ideology. no exceptions! you’re not a real man if you don’t.

        1. HUH? Rejecting the disgusting and unhealthy practice of feces filled anal sex is not a mere “”conservative” political idealogy
          No modern religion embraces anal sex, BECAUSE it’s demonstrably destructive and unhealthy. There is no if ,ands or butts about it.

  34. I personally find anal sex to be reprehensible, but if it’s between two consenting adults and no one else is getting hurt none of our business including you bible thumpers.

    1. According to the progressive narrative, everyone who doesn’t share their point of view must be a “bible thumper”

      1. According to the Johnny Smoggins narrative, everyone who doesn’t share his point of view must be a “progressive”.

    1. this is priceless.
      Zappa had one of the better quotes of all time(and Im paraphrasing):
      when the powers that be have nothing left to get out of this system, they will raise up the house lights, pull up the screen against the wall, and reveal to the people nothing more than a brick wall.”
      Im kinda close on the quote, but I think you all get what i mean…

  35. Modern society is going anal in all respects. Even reasoning is being forced out of anus while a few years ago the same thing took birth in the brain and found its way out through great books, outstanding articles, awe-inspiring speeches etcetera.
    Perversion is the norm today. You are a pervert if you are not one. Yes, the society is that illogical.
    Look at what is happening in the name of human rights. Germans are trying to legalize incest. LGBTQIXYZABC… have special rights now. The have “Pride Parades”. People are proud of being biological discards.
    The word “rights” is being raped and mutilated everywhere. In India, people have the right to almost everything and no duties. Just look at the following and decide for yourself if this is right:
    A serial killer and his adventures –
    Human Rights activists help this parasite to enjoy his life on taxpayers money –
    I think the right attitude is to let people do whatever they want to. In fact, we should just help them along to their doom. Do not be a part of this perversion that we call society. Be a liberal, a feminist, a whatever the society wants you to be. Within, we remain what we want to and rejoice at every deathblow the society suffers. It is when the current society dies, we rise and build a new, better world and hope that the next generation values our contribution.
    People are beyond repair. They repent, but when they are old and fragile. They do not give a fuck about morals in pink of their health.

  36. I thought I was the only one not into anal sex. Nice to see from these comments I’m not alone.
    Tried anal once. Let’s just say the first brown bit of digested food I saw on my junk ended the night. Also, a friend of mine that did anal a lot told me it really isn’t as great as some make it seem. Half the time it isn’t even a good feeling for him since the girl isn’t lubricated there naturally. Add in the literal shit and it makes you wonder why even bother.
    I’m a vagina man. I will get down with oral too if she does it right, but even then I want the vagina. If I meet a girl that does anal then she is off the list of wife material…but then again I don’t have such list anyway.

      1. A lot of chicks who are into anal have a crap diet and only shit every few days, so it was probably last week’s happy meal chased the dude out rather than yesterday’s.
        You won’t find many chicks on high fibre diets thinking its safe to risk a dick in there.
        Luckily for western men who love anal, most western women are constipated.

  37. I’ve read that anal sex causes colon cancer. I wouldn’t doubt the rise of anal sex has to do with the increase of “acceptance” of the lgbt freaks (influence of fringe groups pushed into normal heterosexual relationships).

    1. I’ve read that anal sex causes colon cancer.

      And vaginal sex causes vaginal/uteral cancer. Choose wisely!

      1. Incorrect. Uterine and vaginal cancers have actually had stronger positive links between LACK of sexual intercourse and lack of reproduction than sexual intercourse.
        A woman that started having kids at 18 lowers her risk for uterine/fallopial/vaginal cancers by nearly 700%

        1. Uterine and vaginal cancers have actually had stronger positive links between LACK of sexual intercourse


          A woman that started having kids at 18

          So? This has nothing to do with coital frequency.
          Quote: He served as a gynecologist in a few Quebec nunneries for several years, and it occurred to him that he had never seen a case of cancer of the cervix in a nun. Among 13,000 deaths of nuns, 12 were recorded as due to corpus cancer. If the same ratio of cervix to corpus cancer exists among nuns as among the general population, there should have been 5 to 8 times as many cervical cancers. Instead there was none. These observations and the subsequent identification of risk factors led to the conclusion that cervical cancer is associated with coitus

        2. You are the one ignoring HPV. You claim nonsense like “lack of sex -> less Uterine and vaginal cancers”. I claimed the opposite: More sex = more cancer.

  38. Busting a nut in a little Vietnamese girl’s booty is probably the pinnacle of my sexual existence.
    We used baby oil and the orgasm was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It felt like she was milking my dick with her asshole. I must have busted in her ass over 30 times and not once did I ever see or smell shit.

    1. Must be an American girl thing then. My first time I was able to I.D. what she had for lunch that day.
      Needless to say it was a bad experience.

      1. This Vietnamese girl would hardly ever eat. Usually she would just gaze lovingly at me while I ate my meal. Sometimes she would have a salad.
        Another thing I noticed was that after I finished in her ass she would never rush from the bed to the toilet to flush my juice out of her. It was like she wanted to savor every last drop.
        I hear you though. I don’t want to ever have anal with another girl. I don’t want the memory ruined.

        1. “This Vietnamese girl would hardly ever eat. Usually she would just gaze lovingly at me while I ate my meal. Sometimes she would have a salad”
          I applaud this sentence.

  39. A good lesson I’ve picked up on. Many women are so used to men begging them for anal sex, that if you never ask them for it they eventually become suspicious and thus offer it up to you preemptively.

  40. Without either person having any STD’s , and with a condom , and as slow and easy as can be, anal sex is unhealthy
    Tiny tears in the rectum occur with any penetration. Your lower colon is full of naturally occurring digestive tract flora including E.coli strains which are necessary in healthy people for proper digestion .
    These flora can not normally pass the intestinal barrier so intrusion into the blood stream does not occur.
    . During any type of anal sex, the tiny tears allow flora into the blood stream. causing systemic blood infections , which can be fatal in the worse cases and negatively affecting health in all cases.
    Further more , anal cancer is very rare except among people who practice anal sex of any kind.
    There is no way to have safe anal sex. of any kind.
    As for number 9….women do not have prostrates , They do not get off on anal sex, regardless of what the hooker is telling you
    Number 10… A case can be made that anyone who confuses their digestive system for a reproductive organ is clearly insane.
    Protect your health , concentrate on the pussy and forget the crapper .

    1. Actually if you’ve studied a dissection of a clitoris, or seen a drawing of the full structure; Some women can indeed physically enjoy anal if the lower third of the clitoris wraps completely around the vaginal cavity. In those cases the pressure from a penetrated anus will stimulate her.

      1. I have studied that very particular thing. and there is no physical stimulation for women during anal sex , from the anal sex.
        I have also seen the studies that link men who identify as anal loving heterosexuals and homosexuality

  41. If you want to put your dick in a girls ass, go ahead, that’s your choice. There are two other holes you could put it in instead, which will be probably more pleasurable, and less likely to end in a mess (e.g stains on your dick, bed, and a god knows what other hygiene problem). Back in high school, one of the most attractive girls in my year got fucked in the ass by some guy and crapped all over the bed. There’s always a risk!
    There are some kinky bitches out there that love it. What you going to do when she’s begging to get fucked in the ass when you’re both horny as fuck? Say no and spoil the mood?

    1. If he doesn’t want to get crap on himself, he shouldn’t have to. If she’s empowered and doesn’t need a man, she can screw herself in the anus using any random nearby object invented by a man. lol

  42. Hi Oscar,
    In this day and age of perversion I still know guys who cannot figure out a way to transition from vaginal to anal with theirGFs. I tell them: put her on her back, get her pussy so wet its dripping down her asscrack. Run your co co in her a few times to slime/ lube it also then flip her to doggy. Then, like it is the most natural thing in the world, set your helmet against her asshole and push. Don’t back down, double-down. If she fall forward, follow and keep pushing. When you pop in take a second and savor the sensation, it gives her a few seconds to get used to the intruder stretching her hiny. At this point she shouldn’t give you any shit, you should be able to work into her and slide your hand to her clit (bet you dollars to doughnuts her clit is hard and her pussy won’t have dried up) and wiggle your fingers like the best game of “fruit-ninja” ever!
    This is a particular issue for a close friend who is In my younger peer group. Any different advice you would give my pal? Mr. Jack, I know he would appreciate it, and he and I plan to celebrate being how he has never gotten anal before. He is only 23.
    Anyone else wanna give pointers on seamlessly transitioning from pussy to ass?

    1. Do it in the shower with lots of soap and shampoo and what have you. Start by massaging the rectum with your thumb, until it’s ready for a good, slow, steady push. Don’t get too crazy the first time. After all, you are fucking somebody in the ass.

    2. Invest in a good lube, like Astroglide etc. Makes a world of difference. Start with one finger very gently. Then two fingers, again very gently. When she can take two fingers comfortably, she should be ready for your dick. But absolutely use a purpose made lube (spread it well on your fingers, her ass, and your dick). Her own pussy juice, water, soap, even massage oil .. none really provide enough lubrication to keep it comfortable. Many a woman was curious about anal but ended up being turned off permanently from it, cos it was too painful the first time they tried due to lack of adequate lubrication.

  43. Mm I do like a girl with a nice ass, more than tits. I don’t care so much about tits, as long as they have nice perky nipples. I love grabbing onto a good ass. But I’m not particularly into anal.
    Really, I give credit to a girl more if she tells me she doesn’t do anal, she either tried once and hated it or has never tried it and doesn’t want to. It shows she has as least some standards about herself.

  44. What the fuck is this, pessimism week on ROK? What a shit article, I read it expecting some good tips about anal sex, instead I get this whiney bitchy mass of text complaining about it. If I want to read this shit I’ll go on a Christian website attacking the evils of anal sex.

    1. Women into butt sex are more “adventurous”, have had more partners, are more slutty or whatever. What was the point again…? lol

    2. Stick your dick in a pile of warm shit if it’s so important to you.
      The Roosh V forum has a “game” section. ROK is about making civilization better for men, not participating in its debauched destruction.

      1. hahahahaha…you’re delusional … your skewing this site to fit your life…gaming women is immoral according to the Bible if you’re going to be literal.

        1. Western society is obviously being subverted but you’re more concerned with how licking a girl’s asshole makes your dick hard.
          Grow up, buddy. Or at least get a brain.
          When did I say anything about the bible? You’re the one being delusion, Fairy FunShip.

        2. The western world is obviously being subverted and you’re more concerned with how licking a girl’s asshole makes your dick hard.
          How is being concerned with the downward spiral of society delusional?
          Lol, just another half-witted, pussy-first manospherian. Carry on, Fairy Funship.

        3. “not participating in its debauched destruction.” – DOUCHEY .. GAMING WOMEN is debauchery, whether you like to hear that or not. This site has articles by the hundreds when it comes to gaming or just having sex with women. That also leads to chaos. Now I game just like any othr guy on here but I don’t fool myself that I am the better sex by doing so or manly because I game women into bed. a perfect man waits for a perfect woman to marry and have sex with and none of us fit the bill. At least I am humble about it, you egotistical asshole.

        4. This anal sex can easily be proven to be vile and unheatlhy without anyone’s scriptures so you have no point
          And no modern religion is for perverted sex so limiting your comments to the Bible is absurd.

        5. But having sex indiscriminately , vaginal or oral is okay in the Bible or from a moral standpoint? Please cite versus .

  45. I’ve never seen the appeal of inserting my penis into the female anus. Maybe I’m missing something? You get the feces smell, and risk a urinary tract infection. The only thing I like when it comes to the anus is seeing it wink when I’m pounding the pussy from behind.

  46. Never was into anal sex, don’t ever expect to be, I can’t even get off to porn depicting anal sex. I simply have no desire to stick my dick into another person’s intestinal tract.
    It almost feels like I’m the weird one these days.

  47. There is a difference between “popular” and “natural”. Just because something became popular doesn’t mean it’s no longer unnatural/abnormal/immoral.

  48. “Tom, Dick, and Harry”? Weren’t those the names of three tunnels built in a famous German POW camp? The Great Escape?

    1. You mean like plagues that are often triggered by anal intercourse?
      Sorry, but plague is not a ‘first world problem’ like you are implying.

        1. You should probably do the research yourself, you won’t believe me, but HIV (modified) strain has been observed in the droppings of certain great apes, Syphilis has been found in the intestinal tracts of uninfected humans, the new resistant strains of Gonnorhea has a dramatically higher chance of being infected through anal intercourse, and just about every other communicable disease has a much greater chance of being passed through anal intercourse than any other method, including needle-sharing and deep kissing.
          All strains of HPV have a hugely enhanced likelihood of being contracted through contact with anal tissue, and many otherwise nearly harmless diseases can become life-threatening if contracted through anal tissue. In addition, E. Coli strains which are NORMAL in most human’s fecal matter can easily become malignant by passing the blood barrier, either through rectal stretching (and tiny tears in the rectal membrane caused by anal sex) or through contact with a penis that has any skin breach at all (many regular strains of acne have a minor effect on all sensitive skin, including the skin of the penis, that causes tiny tears through which E-coli can infect the giver of anal sex as much as the reciever… even if you bag it, a LOT of people occasionally get a minor pimple on their dick or sac that they may never notice.
          Fecal matter is DANGEROUS stuff, and has been the cause of more deaths in human history than any other cause. Willfully violating proven hygeiene practices for the sake of a sexual thrill is flat out unsafe, even if you take correct precautions… and any of those can cause the flare up of a new breed of bacterial infection or disease that was previously NOT contageous due to it being contained effectively by your digestive tract… There are literally MILLIONS of diseases and bacterias that exist in the intestinal tract that normally would never have a chance of becoming dangerous with standard fecal practices.

        2. That just didn’t answer it at all. Note you use ‘greater chance’. Which doesn’t mean anal intercourse is the main or exclusive transferrer of a virus – any virus for that matter.

        3. Where in the world is HIV rate the highest? What is the main method of transfer? Where did the 97% statistic come from?

    1. *hands up*
      No matter how hot a woman is, getting shit in your vas isn’t worth it.
      Perhaps the article should be entitled “The downfall of modern hygeine’

  49. The anus is an exit, not an entrance. When you are a man that likes buttsex you are secretly gay. You say you like something tight? Then go look for a tight vag instead of dishonouring your penis with sh*t.

  50. When God outlawed “man lying with man” in Leviticus, I think He meant a ban on the whole back-door thing in general. As others have said, ignore the nature of the plumbing at your own risk.
    ‘Exit Only’

    1. Still is a-lot of Sluts that won’t do it ,it’s maybe more popular on the internet, but it’s something in the real world that women are still pretty uncomfortable with. Not attainable for most one night stands, maybe with the Super Slut yes, however if you can get a girl to like you enough anything is possible, especially if you’re in a relationship.

  51. A smart article, but it omits one hazard: Many a woman who invites you into her bum is just itching for the chance to do you that way – and she figures that once you’ve had her hiney, she’ll be able to claim reciprocity.

    1. This^^^^
      The darkest of all truths. The strap-ons a coming. Male anus G spot action is a popular topic amongst the homosexual and bisexual crowd. Many women have added finger plugging to their arsenal of things to do to men. All it takes is one slip up to the wrong woman during a blowjob. Then you’ll hear the infamous, “My last boyfriend loved this. Don’t you like it? I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

    2. Just explain or show your dominance over her, tell her your the Man and you do the penetrating not her,takes care of the Pegging problem.

  52. Joke template:
    “Can a woman get pregnant from anal sex?”
    “Of course, where do you think [preferred hated people] come from.”

  53. Butt sex with a woman isn’t more gay or unnatural than oral sex with a woman. Use a condom or you deserve whatever surprise you get.

  54. This ROK site is a bit of a haven for misogyny. You readers want to be masculine and you’d like women to be feminine, yet, the men here are incessantly trying to find fault with and place blame on the opposite sex, like little girls.
    Women like to be dominated, and to feel possessed and used. Some have a sense of adventure. Owing to each person’s unique anatomy, some women can have penetrative orgasms only via anal sex.
    Give women a break. If they want to be fucked up the ass, and you are willing, great. Just bear in mind that you are also responsible for the good health and hygiene of your woman, so exercise prudence in that regard.

      1. Really. If you genuinely feel that much hostility toward women, you may find yourself better suited to homosexuality. Or bestiality. Follow your bliss.

    1. Misogyny is a diluted word, It has been used to describe heinous acts of genuine violence and hatred against women, to Men simply sharing ideas about women like in your case, because of this I laugh to myself if I am ever called one and find the word no longer carries any gravity.

      1. I will distill the word for you. Much of the content and commentary on ROK reflects an active dislike of and even hatred for women in general, which would seem to reflect insecurity, inexperience, internalized feelings of rejection, and/or a over-developed sense of pussy-entitlement on the part of readers and contributors. It’s kind of weird and sad, but maybe that’s just the culture nowadays. Otherwise, not a bad site.

        1. The word is still diluted along with sexist and other SJW words, that’s a interesting rationalization you have there, it sounds like the feminists were successful with you.ROK Is a place Masculine Men share ideas some of those ideas might be offensive or intimidate but it’s a place where freedom of speech can live without PC censorship.

        2. Misogyny has become some over-used by millennial females that it has lost all its meaning. Its thrown in the face of any man who disagrees with a woman. The word is now meaningless. The women who use it have no credibility. Most women into butt sex are sluts. That’s not a value judgement, just an observation.

        3. Man brutally dismembers and kills woman Misogyny, Man brutally Beats and rapes woman Misogyny, Man slaps woman Misogyny , Man disagrees with the concept of modern woman presented by feminism Misogyny,Man shares Ideas contrary to feminism Misogyny, Man disagrees with woman Misogyny. Feminist have Diluted the word down to where a woman who might have suffered from true misogyny is placed in the same category as a simple disagreement between a man and a woman because feminists have thrown the word around for every occasion . Feminist are also doing the same thing to the word Rape, They’re women who have actually been raped and then there are women who consented but latter felt regret and feminists are pushing to classify “day after regret” as Rape. Misogyny Is just a Scarlet letter word designed to quickly end a argument, when feminists are in a argument they are losing they call the man a Misogynists in hopes it will immediately end the argument, being labeled a misogynists will then discredit anything the man has said …in the minds of feminists. The Woman who has suffered from true Misogyny is now thrown in with the feminist (Victim) who uses the word because she lost an argument. In Using the word so liberally the feminists have discredited the word from cases of when misogyny has truly effected a woman’s life.

  55. Anal sex is very dangerous. The reason HIV is so prevalent in the homosexual population is because they practice this so frequently. Anal sex can also lead to fecal incontinence. Don’t do this with anyone under any circumstances.

  56. I get the feeling people over 30 don’t understand how millennials are the first generation to grow up with access to hardcore porn 24/7. You can’t go back in time to when the postman delivered playboy magazine once a month. Women are getting off to porn that a previous generation would have called degrading. Yes that’s right, some female in your family… your wife or your sister or your daughter… finger banging herself to sleep over images of james deen turning the girl next door into an anal whore.

    1. This is an outstanding comment and should be given a lot of prominence. The devastation that the current social conditions (porn, social media, smartphones, music videos etc) are wreaking on the minds of young, impressionable people today beggars belief.

  57. Anal sex is healthy fun between males and females and has been for millenia. Women like to be taken and penises like being snug and feel soft, vibrating skin around them as well as enjoy the female butt. Needless to say, it is also the most natural contraceptive measure, and provides the most intense orgasms.

    1. No it hasn’t. It wouldn’t even exist today if not for antibiotics, which remove the eventual fatality of anal misadventures.

  58. This article is a hoot! Since I’ve read it, I’ve been looking at all of them women in the gym, stores, and every where else I go and having fun speculating on which ones take it up the ass and, if married, from guys other than their husband. Its really an entertaining thought!

    1. Assume all women are whores to one degree or another and that if they haven’t been fucked in their asshole they would for “the right man”. It’s “empowering”, if you will, for guys to take away the lie of innocence women propagated on men for..well since prehistoric times I reckon. They’re frauds, with multiple faces and all sluts or sluts-to-be.

  59. The sex appeal of the booty isn’t over rated. Current examples of good ones usually are. Blame fat acceptance, thirst from guys, the internet and the lowered cost of the digital sensor, narcissism, the FI mission to maximize female choice and minimize male choice(everybody is beautiful if you’re a girl), no talent pop stars that always use other groups ideas for the sake of trying to come off as cool. And there are other things that factor in.
    That’s why you saw the shift from breast to butts. Be it back in the 20-40s with zoot suits and the jazz scene, to doo whop singers and R&B of the 50s, soul of the 60 to 70s, break dancing, rap and hip hop, right up to now with the booty craze. Young white folks always look to black folks to copy something to feel cool. Mass media comes in later, maybe uses a few examples of whatever the new thing is that black folks have thought of, but really wants to know if they can get any white guys(or girls since we’re talking about the ass) to do it and put in a commercial or movie.
    In a way it’s like the feminist moving into male spaces. Copy it, move in, then change it to make it more accommodating. That’s why you have so many flat ass celebrities being celebrated for having a nice ass.(or twerking ala Miley Cirus) Either that or they pass of wide hips and a weight gain as a nice one (ala Kardashian or any other pudgy girl that comes up from a google search)

  60. No thanks, I’ll pass. I once met a poor chap who got his rectum perforated by a toy during sex play with girlfriend and needed emergecency surgery because his crap leaked out into his abdomen. She almost killed him.

    1. Jesus, ouch. Sounds like he gave her a bit more weapon than she was ready to operate. If you’re green lightin a chick to stab you in the ass…you better be sure its a paring knife not a broadsword!

    1. You have a couple of holes too. Would it be a shame not to use them? 😉 Nice dildo for butt and so on?

      1. Sure why not. I got nerve endings too…if some lady wants to give me a finger while we’re going to town, have at it love.

  61. I’m more fascinated with a ‘Dark Triad’ description. Seems to me like long description of a sociopath.

  62. Just the kind of way in which feminism has “empowered” women. To each his own, every man should have fun just remember girls like that are just for fun.
    No hymen – no diamond; the golden rule. Applies just the same to oral and anal sex.

  63. I’ve never tried anal sex and never will. It is sick, unhealthy and dangerous in many ways. I am quite sure it is not as popular among women as you make it sound.

  64. I’ve always like the female ass, but, I must say I prefer vagina over ass. I think its good every so often to change things up, but, I always have the same experience. Get it, or force it in, adjust the lube settings…and usually I pull out and either finish in her vagina or rub one off between her cheeks. We’re all different etc. And for me the female ass is my favorite part. The curves the shape…drives me wild. But, a vagina feels a whole lot better…for everyone. Plus you can get that whole ass feeling and via the vagina. Lay a girl on her stomach or doggy…if you didn’t know any better you’d think you’d be tagging her ass anyway.

  65. ummm… Not that anyone care about the perspective of a huge fatty fat girl…Anal sex doesn’t sound very…fun or sanitary. I mean…vaginal sex can hurt on its own…why suffer though the pain of anal? And what guy wants to look down and possibly see a mixture of blood and shit on his dick? WTFFFFF. I don’t know though, to each his own….Find it odd though.

    1. “Not that anyone care about the perspective of a huge fatty fat girl”
      No, they don’t.

  66. something written in the introduction backs me from going on the reading: “With modern societies increasingly becoming unnatural today, it doesn’t seem surprising that even “unnatural” sex is now considered as natural.”.
    anal sex is as unnatural as kissing. These are used in complex biological interactions,and comes as some sort of communication between two or more individuals.
    Anal sex is present in the lifes of many mammals,being that an expression of dominance,or pleasure. or both of them,which is the most common case.(I doubt Cleopatra or Maria Joaquina did not get an extra-vaginal act,just to note.)

    1. I bet you are single. Single, unhappy, and bitter. And you’ll stay that way, unless you change your perspective.

  67. The OP wrote about the type of women that take it in the back door, mostly objective observations. There was absolutely nothing in there about men getting pegged, but notice how many comments got flipped to make it about that. Those commenters made themselves look like they are struggling with gay issues, not the article itself.

  68. The ass culture should have stayed in latinamerica but unfortunatley was promoted by Hollywood to promote even more perversion and the gay agenda if anything more. Latinas have great ass by nature at least the men have reasons to like ass in this part of the world and that is because pear shaped or hougarglass figure is the most liked body shape in a female. If you looked in the paintings of the conquistadors, great part of them had very round hips and ass, the natives didn’t and still don’t have even today that body shape by nature unless the have some spanish mix in the add. The round ass shape came frome Spain or to be more precise from the iberians, in their art they are depicted to have very round butts and a V shape shoulders (the hougarglass figure). I still can’t figure why Hollywood tryed to portray that kind of female figure in USA since the majority of their population(white) are of german descent (England, Germany) and they usually like big breast, very long legs, with a very thin figure unlike latinos who like the small waist, round hips and ass with a proportionate and very shapely legs not necesary big breasts? Still a mistery to me.

  69. “Anal sex’s value and popularity, however, varies from culture to culture
    You’ll find conflicting sensibilities among people throughout the
    world when it comes to butt sex. Anal sex may not be everyone’s cup of
    tea and still remains taboo in some parts of the world.”
    *Some* parts of the world? The overwhelming majority of the world. Hetero anal sex is largely an Anglo-American perversion. You don’t even see it in the Kama Sutra. It is unthinkable to most people.

  70. “And in a world where men are constantly and hypocritically demeaned by women about their wealth, age, relationships, careers, and sometimes even gender politics”…. Who? Who is doing this to you? Show me the woman saying this to you.

  71. I wouldn’t let any guy fuck me up the ass until I met my husband.
    This article helped me see why he was so happy that I never tried anal with anyone else.

  72. Men who are obsessed with fucking women up the ass are GAY. An asshole is an asshole. Trying anal out if curiosity is one thing…begging a woman for anal all the time is quite another. Hetero men prefer pussy over ass.

  73. Anal sex is one of the most searched terms on the web. It’s always had a taboo connotation through time and I think that’s what gets people off. I remember reading I think on xhamster or that it was what people were ready to pay the most for when requesting custom amateur porn.
    There seems to be a level of excitement with heterosexuals with this practice. To point #11 I agree that a lot of women tend to think they are porn stars at times…

  74. Only done it a few times with one girl. Seems like too much of a bother for her to prepare properly, then you have to be careful what you do with it once you pull it out. The ATM is seriously messed up IMHO.

  75. I thought I was on one of those “repent for your sins” christian websites for a moment.

  76. Yeah, I take it in the ass . . . every time I go to Arby’s. Have you seen what they charge for gelatin sandwiches?

  77. This is the first time I’m on this site but reading these comments, my faith in humanity is restored a little bit. Thank you for not being the sick pervs they try to make youse seem like, much respect.

  78. To each his(her) own but the one obvious point, or at least should be, is make sure everyone is clean, before and after, and the best way to do that is with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. It provides a powerful water spray located right at the toilet and can even be used to spray water up inside to get thoroughly cleaned out.

  79. As I perceive it, sodomy is a great instrument of natural selection.
    Furthermore, it should be added that, “In a free society, it is easier to spot those people and tendencies that ought to be avoided”. A free society can be a more honest society.

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