Why Men Who Travel For Sex Are Not Evil

Are men who travel for sex evil? Let’s rephrase this question in a way that makes it sound more polite: is traveling to another country in order to have a sexual adventure unethical?

Well, opinions differ on this topic. I guess you already know what answer I would give you if you would ever ask me this question. I am convinced that travelling to another country in search of sexual adventures is anything but unethical. The experiences you gain from those adventures are worth more than every amount of money in the world, and I think there is no better feeling for a man than to wake up next to an exotic beauty in a small beach bungalow.

However, if you would ask a hardcore feminist who studied gender equality and who has shorter hair than 90% of all soldiers, you would probably get a different answer. She would say that I am a bastard and that I should burn in hell for exploiting poor and innocent girls from developing countries. I love to seduce women all over the world and they have reciprocated the enjoyment, so how can I possibly think that this is something unethical?

Why Traveling For Sex Could Be Seen As Unethical


I don’t know if it is plain ignorance or frustration that leads to anger against everything, but whenever I tell people that I have a website that focuses on seduction in an international context, I always get the same stupid questions.

“You encourage men to exploit women?”

“No, I encourage men to have sexual relationships that are based on mutual attraction and affection!”

“You encourage men to pay poor girls for sex?”

“No, I never pay for sex and I don’t encourage men to pay for sex!”

“Are you a sex tourist?”

“No, I am a seducer!”

I have the feeling that some people just ask me those questions because they hope that I fulfill the cliché they have in mind. All they want is to label me as something they heard of in the media in order to put me in a box, without having the courage to admit that a lifestyle that includes sex with amazing women from all over the world doesn’t sound that bad.

At least it sounds better than waking up next to a fat and grumpy woman every morning and jerking off to internet porn every night, which seems to be the life of many young men today. One reason is that a lot of people consider prostitution as unethical. I personally don’t consider it as unethical but I am also not the biggest fan of it. If somebody wants to have sex with prostitutes he can do it, but I am not interested in having this experience.

Nobody has ever said that traveling to another country to improve your love life necessarily includes paying prostitutes for sexual favors. I had sex with a lot of women who had more money than me and I never paid for sex during my travels. Whenever I tell this people who criticized me, they suddenly become speechless because I don’t fulfill the stereotype they had in mind.

Why Traveling For Sex Isn’t Unethical

Even though sex is still a taboo topic for some people, it is the most natural thing on earth. Sex is universal. It is the one thing that provides human beings with the most intense feeling of pleasure that we can experience. In my opinion sex is the main driver for most achievements in our society. For us men, the prospect of having countless beautiful women in our life who want to suck our dicks is a huge motivator.

If sex is nothing bad then please give me any logical reason why sex with women from other countries and cultural backgrounds is suddenly bad and unethical. It makes absolutely no sense. In case you are American and you have sex with an American girl nobody has something against it, but as soon as you have sex with a Colombian girl, some people immediately think you are an evil bastard.


Don’t these people realize that the Colombian girl enjoys your penis inside her in the same way as the American girl? Don’t these people realize that both American and Colombian women love sex? Sex is good and traveling for sex is even better. Traveling for sexual experiences combines the pure enjoyment of sexual pleasure with an epic chance to grow as a person and as a man.

The moment you decide to travel for sex you also decide to embark on a journey of personal development. In order to travel the world in search of the most delicious vaginas that this world has to offer, you have to overcome your fear of judgment, your fear of women and your approach anxiety. You have to embark on a path of personal development in order to crush your fears and to approach, date and seduce the women you truly want. During your journey you will learn a lot about international dating customs, cultural behavior and you might even learn a new language.

How the hell can this be unethical? It isn’t and it never was. The only reason why so many people are convinced is because the leaders of our society want you to believe that you are a bad person if you live out your sexual fantasies. Welcome to the matrix…

Why They Want You to Believe It Is Unethical


Do you know that the western hemisphere will be faced with a lot of problems in the future? In case the current development doesn’t stop, which it probably won’t, our society may go the way of the dodo bird.

Nobody wants to get married anymore because the divorce rate doesn’t stop rising. When young men are asked if they can imagine to get married and to start a family, the majority of them say that they never want to have a family in their life. What do the women say to this?

They are too busy focusing on their career until they realize at 40 that they won’t find a man anymore and that they are too old to have children. Welcome to a world of embittered single women beyond the child-bearing age who believed in the Sex and the City myth for too long.

What do the men do? If you’re smart, you will realize that there is a world of women who are more than happy to start a family with you before they turn 30. You might start to travel for sex because you want to have a good time with gorgeous feminine women, and eventually you will fall in love with one of those girls, start a family and be happy in a relationship in which you can be a man.


Now, why do they, and with “they” I mean the leaders of the western countries want you to believe that what you are doing is wrong? The reason is simple.

More men who travel for sex leads to fewer relationships in their home country. This leads to lower birthrates and eventually to the extinction of the society. This extinction leads to countless things that the leaders of our countries don’t want. Fewer men who are stupid enough to pay for mortgages, less marriage expenses, less divorce expenses, less educational expenses, and less consumption in nearly every other area are only a few examples.

The more men realize that it can be beneficial to live in a country where you pay less for an apartment with pool and gym than for a doghouse (If you ever lived in London you know what I mean), the less money a government will make off those men.

Stop listening to the opinion of other people who are nothing but manipulated drones and start to ask yourself what you really want out of life. It is your choice if you want to enjoy your life with amazing women or if you want to end up living the same miserable life as the majority of men nowadays.

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317 thoughts on “Why Men Who Travel For Sex Are Not Evil”

  1. This also illustrates how a lot of SJWs have racist prejudices they disguise as “concern.” You went to a South American country and banged Colombian chicks? That makes you a big bad white man, and those poor innocent Colombian women were like children, too ignorant and naive to see through your evil white man ways.

    1. Yes, those poor brown women who are too uneducated, too naive, to unintelligent to know any better!

  2. Only in the eyes of women and jealous men in relationships (most likely with fat/old hags).

  3. I mentioned to a girl at my crossfit gym that I was traveling to Thailand. She then indicated that she lived in Thailand as an English teacher for a few years. The conversation immediately turned to her creep shaming guys for going there to just sleep with girls. She assumed all men only go there to exploit underage girls.
    While illegal sex tourism is reprehensible (men having sex with kids) and must be punished, men going abroad to engage in mutually beneficial sex with adult women is the best thing a man can do to combat feminism and western women. While at the same time gratifying his God given right to pursue sex with whomever he chooses.

    1. Men travel for sex (or marriage) and they’re given a negative label.
      Women travel for sex (usually never for marriage) and Hollywood makes a “love story” out of it.

  4. “Shaming” men who have sex with foreign women (which is what this is *really* about) is an attempt at social control, specifically controlling male sexuality.
    Because feminists and other leftoids want to decrease male sexual options, force us to have to put up with their shit, take their shitty deal, and wife up sluts who, having ridden the cock carousel for years, are magically entitled to a good man who makes a good living as a corporate drone who will be happy just to get sex once a month, lights out, in missionary, from a woman who has let herself go. Oh, and if the guy wises up and bails, he can look forward to asset stripping/divorce rape.
    A man who travels is going to gain broader experience in life, change his horizons (both literally and figuratively), become exposed to different cultures, and become a more well-rounded person. The journey changes the traveler. Of course, having sex with different women is going to be part of that.
    American women will *RAGE* against this, because for every man who travels and learns that he doesn’t have to take their shitty deal, a mangina dies, and a spinster is born. A spinster who will live alone, with her cat-children, and a dry, dusty raisin of a womb that cries out in sorrow for the babies she never had, because she was busy being Too Cool For The Universe….
    À bientôt,

    1. I wrote the same thing. I’d add this:
      1. Sex toys are weird only if men own them.
      2. Prostitution is bad only if it’s engaged by men.
      3. Men who date much younger women are “gross, dirty old men,” but women who date younger men are admired (ex. Demi and Ashton).
      4. Watching porn (male pastime) is “cheating,” while reading erotica (female pastime) is harmless fantasy.
      5. If a man cheats he’s a pig, but if a woman cheats it’s because the man isn’t satisfying her or is just generally a shitty partner.
      These cultural memes are mainly enforced by women, and are all about limiting and controlling male sexuality while getting women what they want. Ironically, “slut shaming” is also enforced by women because sluts lower the market value of pussy, thus making it more difficult for women to use sex to manipulate and milk resources out of men.

      1. 6. Men who travel abroad to find a traditional woman with good family values are “creepy” and “awful!” and all that bullshit, while a woman who travels abroad to suck cocks in a disco on a Greek island are “Experiencing the freedom and joy as described in Eat, Pray, Love!”

        1. You are really off base there, LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOL
          Men don’t travel abroad to find traditional women! They travel to have sex with exotic women! DUH! And that’s perfectly ok. Stop trying to decorate the truth…whats the point.
          Whats so hard to believe that women and men do the same thing. Whoa!!!! Is your mind blown?!

        2. Actually marriage to a traditional foreign woman is becoming a better option to many decent men in the west. (Cause marriage in the west is not likely anyway). Cause that is very rare in Western Society, many foreign women are beautiful, hardworking, have the careers but also would love a family while they are young and happy, and they actually seek it out.
          Its not completely about sexual fun..although that is part of the reason to go abroad. Women don’t have to travel abroad as they have advantage in western countries to begin with, in terms of dating and sexual access.

        3. Oh wow, that hamster is in full sprint. This coming from the femmie who wrote, “I’m not really curious about foreign dick….I guess because where I live…There is enough diversity that I don’t need to travel to have sex (outside the us)” Hypocrite. As if the same thing doesn’t apply to most American men. It’s usually not Farmer John from Bumfuck, Idaho who’s taking these trips.

        4. I’m not a feminist first off, you idiots stop CALLING ME THAT. Second off, A man IS going to a foreign place JUST FOR SEX (not always but most times). its in the article. CAN YOU READ? I don’t see the point in it, but if other people want to. Go ahead dude, its like whatevers. I dont hate you for doing it, because I don’t care. I’ll chillax with myself dude. Relaxxxx…

        5. Well that’s fine then. But the truth is, alot of men go for sex. I didn’t say that was bad, I just made a statement. The fact is they mostly go for sex. Sugar coating it is pointless in this company.

        6. The ROK favorite is Eastern Europe. Maybe you should google pictures of “eastern european women” and educate yourself as to which race they are.

        7. My ex was a UK (any nation of the island, for fuck’s sake) accent whore. She hinting at “hanging out with” plenty of men who were British before me, and I know exactly where those hints went. The whole thing was just weird to me from the start, to where I’ve almost wanted to burn a woman at the stake who even remotely hints at finding those accents attractive. Even though deep down I know better than to “punish” women I just met for something someone else did that they don’t even know exists, hey, it isn’t beneath them to do that on the regular, so honestly fuck if I even care. It is childish and immature of me but I never said I was perfect.

        8. I just think their way of communication is so much more pleasant and straightforward than what many deal with in Western Society, and believe me I’m the last guy to put groups of people down…but I think our culture is very materialistic, flimsy, and destroying our relationships.

        9. You aren’t just technically obese.
          Lose some fat, and you can stop being jealous of asian chicks.

        10. Really? This actually only applies to the minority but even if the majority of men want for sex they still need to put far more work then women. But if you did any actual research you would know that most men that go abroad are seeking marriage.

        11. You are totally off base. There are many men that travel for the expressed purpose of finding traditional wives. I didn’t start out to do that but I did end up doing that. There are a large and increasing number of AMerican men that are marrying overseas. So, if no men are traveling to find traditional marriage minded women, how is this happening?

        12. Unrelated to the article but in a previous post you addressed something about the American women and our military. My laptop was giving me issues so I had to some searching to find the exact post that I received from a woman who served. I don’t even think she knew how many reasons she gave as to why women shouldn’t be in our armies, police force, fire departments, etc. Here is the post.
          Becks to Red Hood’s Assault
          “Sweet! I am happy for you (and I mean that with sincerity) I wouldn’t want any man to feel otherwise. Be proud of your gender! And
          no, I do not hate men. Never have and never will. I served with more men as a U.S. Marine that I much prefer the company of men, as they are
          straight-forward and usually not cady as women have the proclivity to do. I do NOT believe that any gender should be dominant over another. I
          have been in charge of men and have never felt any sort of power trip when requiring them to fulfill their duties. I have also been under the command of men, and never felt like I was being abused due to my gender.”
          “I do believe that men and women are equal, where reality is concerned. I do not believe that women should serve in a grunt unit with men because I do not believe that all women have the physical strength that men do. I do think, however, that they should serve as grunts, as long as it is a
          all female unit. I am certain there are many other examples out there, but this one was the first that came to mind.”
          “As an American woman who has served overseas, I know for a fact that I have a great deal more freedom than many women of this world. Having seen such things first hand, I know my privilege and I keep it well in check, as long as I am not placed into a category that I am not, simply for being born female.”

        13. The world is a funny place. In the U.S., we have professional sports divided into men and women. That, alone, should give women a “signal” that we’re not competing on the same level (we’re not equal) in, at least, some areas.
          There are actual physical requirements (well, there used to be…we keep lowering them) to join the fire department. Some men can’t even meet these requirements (past the test) but we lower the standards for women to join? It doesn’t make any sense and any woman arguing against this point is delusional.
          We do nothing but weaken our military, our fire fighting units, etc…by lowering standards.

        14. Nah, she’s most likely busy stocking up on a winter’s worth of spare batteries right now for her companion when she ‘chillaxes’ with herself soon.

      2. While I agree with most what you say I
        think I have to disagree a little with
        3.Men who date much younger women are “gross, dirty old men,” but women who date younger men are admired (ex. Demi and Ashton).
        Is seen as admired for the women to date a younger men? She is called a Cougar is she not? I think it is seen more as a joke by people. Though
        I think younger men dating a older women is also laugh at and often
        joke at having mother issues.
        The younger women dating older men though is about the only person not made fun of and the blame is made to be the men fault (even if both
        parties agree. The younger women is some how can’t make choices).

        1. I probably didn’t choose the best word. My point is that older men are often publicly criticized for dating younger women, while older women do not experience similar hostility.

      3. you missed one. Rape culture is purely a male domain especially when the author is female( 50 shades) or the filming director is female( Blurred Lines).

      4. 3. I get hounded by younger women (me 40s, them 20s). Are the ladies gross or am I? And what am I supposed to tell ’em… “no”?

      5. There are worse manifestations of the double standard. If a guy murders his girl they ask “what did she do to DESERVE THAT? (ie. he is a murderous asshole) but if a girl murders her guy they ask “what did HE DO to deserve that?” (ie, he was an asshole that deserved to be murdered).
        I can’t wrap my head around the whole slut thing. On the one hand you have women slut-shaming each other (as described above) while on the other hand you have the anti-slut-shaming movement where women march down streets dressed like sluts and assert their right to dress, act and behave like sluts without any societal judgment. Either their is a civil war going on among feminists or else it is just a manifestation of women wanting what they want when they want it regardless of the incoherence of the various wants.

    2. The louder the protest, the closer to home it hit. An american woman’s desirability decreases the minute she travels abroad, while an american male increases.

    3. Touche! Also, remember that American feminists can only marry American man – their hypergamy will not allow them to marry a man from Africa, Asia, Latin America, etc. For them, it’s domestic or nothing.

      1. I’ve seen it firsthand. It was hard enough for me to swallow that. White women stick with their own kind but would be with a black guy if they are a BBW. I’m neither.

    4. “American women will *RAGE* against this, because for every man who travels and learns that he doesn’t have to take their shitty deal, a mangina dies, and a spinster is born. A spinster who will live alone, with her cat-children, and a dry, dusty raisin of a womb that cries out in sorrow for the babies she never had, because she was busy being Too Cool For The Universe….”
      This should be drilled into the head of every young fellow. You have just worded what I felt in a way I never could. Let this be chiseled in stone.
      The only thing I would add is a “commandment”:
      If she won’t give you her best years then don’t be there for her worst.

      1. Doc, that last sentence was fuckin rad!
        I love twisting feminist bullshit into something real.

      2. “If she won’t give you her best years then don’t be there for her worst.”
        lmao someone should tattoo this on themself

      3. One small addition…
        “If she won’t give you her best 10 years then don’t be there for her worst 40.”

    5. interesting point. but i think its not foreign women that get hate since leftoids promote immigration and mixing. think its the picking up of women in 2nd and 3rd world countries where you are preselected and high value right when you get off the plane. bring a thai bride theyll be pissed. bring a japanese then no.
      i think they are picturing some vilkage or struggling ghetto girl then dome rich ass girl in the downtown area hence why they look down on it.
      this is my attempt to jump in their heads which is unde
      rstandable. but the world has changed sonce the 80s. its not like wrre gaming refugees.

      1. They’ll get mad at a White guy bringing home a Japanese girl too, because that’s one less White guy that they want. They don’t get mad at Black guys getting Japanese girls in the rare cases that we do because Black men are not desired (unless it is Black feminists or white girls that want to use us as a last resort).

        1. Bruh… I have had three Japs… One of them used to hang with the brothers on the B-ball team and let them run trains….
          That worried me when I found out.

        2. Of course. Black guys had a notable following in Japan back in the 2000s. Not so much anymore. Also, notice that the Black guys had to run a train, whereas non-Blacks get to have multiple girls after them.

        3. They didn’t have to run a train man I was joking. Just that she pretty much worked her way through the team. And she didn’t tell me that until after I hit it. Thanks… bitch!
          I get multiple girls after me bro… its a problem…

        4. so less heat due to its rarity. act the part that u are bigger n better. they get racist on they should bring a japanese oy and shoot ur parts that ur better

        5. the Jap girls black men get are usually groupies of one sort or another-hip hop,military,sports whatever.White guys definately do have an advantage there with ”normal”girls.

      2. Talk to any successful white man with an Asian wife or gf, including Westernized ones. He’ll tell you about the angry glares from white women.

        1. I can testify to this. I came back with a beautiful Filipina bride and get hate stares from middle aged harpies constantly. It is like water off a duck’s back. However, my young bride occasionally catches some of the hate. She is not as tough as am I. She used to cry about it, but in the last couple of years she has gotten in their faces and basically shoved it back down their throats. I choose to ignore it as they have no impact on my life and I refuse to cede them any space in my mind.

        2. i find it funny when i hear that since whites are the most librarl race. black muslim and indian women have issues when they see their man dating out esp white or now adays asian

        3. Don’t be fooled. White liberals are only trying to achieve moral superiority so they can claim a right to lead. It’s about power. When push comes to shove, and they’re the ones affected by their own shitty policies, they’ll quickly flip political positions.

        4. pretty much well anyone that plays the moral supiority card. Noticed it seems to be the most western influenced ones among ethnic comminitites

    6. When I was growing up I saw girls acting like sluts and thought they are going to be worth nothing when they become adults. Now the feminists are doing damage control to help these women still appear valuable who gave away their best years to the football team. It’s bad when the only thing women have left in their arsenal of attraction is Shaming Men to stick around.

      1. Same rule applies to older women. For so long they’ve bought into the “Sex and the City” philosophy until they’ve realized there are no more shopping days left. Now, they’re trying to convince society (men) that they are actually just as valuable.
        To younger men who don’t know any better…they are the perfect prey. It’s up to the older men to educate others and call out this bullshit.
        A woman (after the wall) is way past her SMV. Don’t let anyone ever convince you of anything other than that. The rest is bullshit to make women “feel good”.

        1. From a distance Their lives look like.. Born, Work ,Die. No Love, no Family . Feminism has ruined Woman.

    7. In 2005, when they re-upped VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), they also instituted IMBRA. International Marriage-Broker Act. Guys like the author, were being attempted by feminist, at being labeled a “broker” of marriageable age girls overseas. IOW, targeted for legal assault.
      Essentially, if you used an international website aimed at getting a foreign bride, you had to make your complete history available to her before the law allowed you to contact her.
      Basically, it was feminists trying to limit men to fat, cat-loving, man-hating neo-feminazis.
      With each stroke of their vote, and subsequent stroke of their favored politicians pens, men increasingly get agitated, and leave.
      I think critical mass may hit in the early 2020s?

      1. Too funny. Women bitching about “where have all the good men gone?”.
        They’re trying to leave the damn country to find a “good woman”. You’re holding them back.

    8. Here here. Ever since I got engaged to a beautiful, kind woman from the Philippines, I have received nothing but hateful, bitter scorn from the American women in my life. I wasn’t good enough when they were young and having fun, spontaneous, sexual relationships… now that they’re older, they are no longer good enough for me and I’m not interested in the planned, boring, all-responsibility-no-fun, sexless marriage that they offer.
      That’s one less guy who will play their shitty game.

      1. Yep. It just goes to show the alpha fucks/beta bucks philosophy.
        Now, you are “taken” by a foreign bride…just when these American women need you the most.

        1. Well like someone else said… if she won’t give you her best years, don’t be there for her worst.

        1. Homo suspicion points for the length of time they held hands and looked into each other’s eyes.

        2. Last year, two hometown, tall, successful, most-handsome men married Philippine women and posted details on Facebook. Happiest guys, and wives, ever shown. No man I know who has married a Philippine woman ever divorced. My cousin’s only issue was his Philippine wife worked so much (in a pizza joint) to make extra money! Congrats to you.

      2. I got hate from all the white chicks I worked with when I once dated an NFL cheerleader. Women hate it when you prove the stereotypes right.

        1. It’s not about stereotypes. Women just hate other women taking THEIR [as they believe] dicks. Sometimes, oftentimes, always? Foreign chicks in China are jealous on Chinese ladies, because they ride foreign guys’ dicks and don’t fuss around. I had a woman tell me she thought the men who like Asian girls are pedophiles. Strong words…

        2. You are right of course (about their sense of ownership over their mens’ dicks!). When I refer to stereotypes I mean the stereotype of a man’s preference for a young, pretty wife who keeps a good home and looks after the children or the stereotype that a man wants a sexy, voluptuous woman for fun.
          In this case, a woman who cannot match up to the “stereotype”, rather than take responsibility for where she falls short, will blame the man (you paedo, pervert, sex tourist, etc.) for going in search of a real woman.

      3. American women are brought up to believe the world revolves around them. Foreign women are brought up to support their Husbands and family.

    9. there was a major survey of women( wish i could insert survey-sorry) that interviewed women as to why they moved to the Syria and Iraq and they said so they could find eligible husbands. Funny that women look for love abroad too and they find it in the hands of the man who is selling girls at the local rug and carpet market. Who hands were cutting off the head of another man with a butter knife while Mr. Sensitivity wonders why he can’t get laid.

    10. Its those men who keep all the 22 y.o.s to themselves that need shaming.
      Selfish bastard.
      That said, I travel all the time for sex. Its awesome and gaming these chicks is easier for two reasons. The first is that you instantly achieve “exotic” status wherever you go. You will have an air of mystery that the local men cannot match. Instantly the women will be fighting over you.
      Second, you will be highly motivated because you are on vacation, not worried about work, or getting up in the morning and you will be really up for a good time. This changes your perception and increases your approach confidence. You also have an instant lead in women (“would you mind taking a photo of me, thanks, hey you want to get a drink? Yeah, cool, and afterwards we can shag.. after that? Hmmm breakfast?”).
      As for people who have a problem with this? Fuck ’em!

      1. Its those men who keep all the 22 y.o.s to themselves that need shaming. Selfish bastard.
        They make more 22 y.o. every year, you know.
        Anyway, in March, I won’t be hogging them all…b/c one of them turns 23. I have been joking that she will be too old for me then. I think she’s actually a little scared about it now. *grins*

    11. This is the gospel.
      It’s about much, much more than the higher quality women you’ll find abroad. That’s the icing on the cake. Being out of the Matrix and gaining new insights on life is the cake itself.
      There’s no pleasure like flushing all the bullshit that’s been programmed into you, and realizing you can retire with fit, feminine women falling over themselves for you in 5 years with even an average salary if you minimalize for 5 years and make the proper investments.
      Having that realization alone vs. slaving away for a lifetime for an Anglobitch is priceless.

    12. Mistral,
      If you wrote a book, I would read it. Your comments are always well-crafted and hilarious.
      I tip my cap to you.

    13. I was talking with a female friend who asked me why I didn’t want to return to Canada from China and find a girl. I told her that the divorce rate in North America is about 43% while in China it is about 4% (excluding Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong). Her response was to ask what was wrong about women being able to stand up for themselves and get out of abusive or unhappy marriages? In summary, my comeback was that if she truly believed that, then she has bought into the feminist narrative.

  5. If it’s not illegal, I couldn’t give two flying fucks what women think about it.

  6. Her body, her choice. If she wants to take cock for money, what “misogynist” has the right to stop her?

      1. “I’ve got 3,000 dollars in unmarked cocks. Just slide what I want across the counter and don’t ask any questions. M’kay?”

    1. – If she wants to take cock for money, what “misogynist” has the right to stop her? –
      Because men are misogynistic pigs who won’t give women money and stuffs without taking something in return.
      Source : Female Logic 101.

      1. If she wants the cock in exchange for money, then let her. Who are we to stop her?! If anyone wants sex in exchange for cash, let them!

  7. not evil, just desperate. Asians Parlors only charge $160 for 1.5 hours in most cities in the USA.

    1. And the chances are the girls working there are trafficked. My weed dealer actually worked as a narc and helped bring down a parlor that set up next to her classy day job. Unless you are paying top dollar, chances are most hookers aren’t doing it of their own free will.

      1. you think the whores in the rest of the countries enjoy it as a hobby? they are all in it to feed someone. Hookers are hookers everywhere.

        1. There’s a difference between “it might suck, but my hot ass can earn me some cash” and “abusive dude won’t give me my daily fix of smack unless I suck 10 dicks.”

        2. ask any whore, in any country, if fucking a fat , sweaty, smelly dude is in anyway enjoyable.

        3. You’re totally missing the point. Most hookers are not choosing to fuck fat, sweaty men on their own free will. Most are doing it because they are being forced/coerced to by somebody else.

        4. most…in any country … that’s my point…in most countries someone needs to be fed and the woman sells her body for that purpose. The rational behind it is irrelevant.

        5. Neither do I find my dull boring cubicle as a great joy to go to every day. They pay you because otherwise you wouldn’t do it. The same is true for about 99% of working humanity. Whores are no different from the rest of us prostitutes.

        6. “Most are doing it because they are being forced/coerced to by somebody else.” is total BS. The majority of studies done have shown that most are doing it for … wait for it … Money. They are not being forced by anyone. They can make more money flat backing with less effort, less time, and less preparation than anything else they can do. There are hookers in Thailand (where prostitution is 100% illegal) they make more than full time employed professionals; and they are totally unskilled labor with maybe a 6th grade education.
          The other SJW argument is that it is horrible because these poor women have no other way to escape grinding poverty than to enter the oldest profession. What is so evil about this attitude is, what about their brothers that have absolutely no way out of grinding poverty? But of course they are men so fuck them.

      2. Narcs will say anything to save their own asses. Slavery is illegal because it is unprofitable

        1. “Slavery is illegal because it is unprofitable”
          What? It’s very profitable. That’s why it still happens quite a bit. It’s illegal because society has deemed it immoral.

        2. Do you honestly think in Thailand those whores are “free” to do whatever they want ? Pimps are everywhere man.

        3. No they aren’t. My point is that prostitution is for the most part nasty and unethical and you’re pretty much an abusive creep if you’re buying hookers, especially the type found in Asian massage parlors because they are most likely sex slaves. Bunny Ranch hookers, probably a safe bet.

        4. the Asian parlor girls are selling a sob story. they knew what they were getting into when they took a “mysterious” plane or boat ride to L.A. for a “job interview”

        5. I know one who left the parlor and is on her own escorting. She walks around in Nordstrom shopping all day. There’s no slavery there my friend.

        6. Lol, I can’t believe there are guys on this forum who actually believe in the myth of widespread sex trafficking in first world countries.
          Next I suppose you’ll bring up the gender pay gap, or the 1-in-4 college rape boogeyman? Get real.

        7. No. In Thailand probably not. In the Netherlands it’s a different story though. I doubt trafficking has been eliminated in countries where prostitution is legal, but the Red Light districts in Europe have prostitutes who are working by choice. I compare them to strippers here, a multitude of reasons may lead them to this type of work, many of those reasons beyond their control, but they are not actually being trafficked. At least not all of them.

        8. Yeah the Netherlands is pretty liberal when it comes to that. I know a friend that has been to Amsterdam.

    2. Why is it desperate to seek a non-Western non-3rd Wave feminist precisely? Mind you, I haven’t so it’s not like I have a dog in this race, but ‘desperate’ just reeks of the feminist shaming tactics we’re all so used to.

      1. because most men think these women “overseas” love them at first site and the men buy the charade hook, line, and sinker. I am not shaming them, just throwing the proverbial bucket of ice on them so they wake up to the act. I would say the success rate for men married to foreign women is no better than what they would get in the USA or Canada. I see the same behaviors in the foreign women that I see in the “Western” ones. The guys just pretend to be “happy.”
        Asian whore are $160 for a half hour in Dallas & Houston, so why spend thousands screwing whores anywhere else.
        Hell in Mexico whores are $60 for an hour.

        1. I didn’t ask about most men. I asked why it was wrong to seek non-Western, non-3rd wave feminists. It is not desperate. Some men may be desperate, no question, but that doesn’t make seeking non-Western non-3rd wave feminists in other countries desperate by association.
          All women are the same at a certain level, but there IS a difference that culture makes, especially if a woman was raised from birth in a traditional patriarchical culture. Yes, she’s sneaky and all that, but she still will value family instinctively and likely not extinguish her progeny for her “career” and other mindless bullshit like most feminists will at the drop of a hat.

        2. only because “over there” in “non Western” countries she is poor and has no luxuries. Give them a Greencard and see how they quickly they change. A foreign woman only acts “right” until the paychecks come rolling in.

        3. You didn’t answer my question. How does a man seeking a non-Western, non-3rd wave feminist acquire the title “desperate” by needs?
          He doesn’t.
          My advice is to move “over there” if you’re so inclined, and live a nice life. You can buy castles in Poland on the cheap now for what is a mere pittance over here. So buy one, move and get your chick. That should filter out the green card types (which is another feminist shaming tactic – “she only wants you to get a green card!”).
          Yes, you’re taking your chances with a foreign chick, but you are absolutely getting fucked over if you go domestic these days. Better a roll of the dice than an assured fate, I’d say.

        4. he’s not desperate if he finds a woman or meets a woman and dates a woman he communicates with , he has dated, he has met the family, he will love and understands her life, culture, and vice versa. 90% of dudes go over there to grab a wife and bring her back on the second visit. That’s desperate. He tells everyone in the office that she loves him and neither speak each other’s language.
          How many American guys do you think have bought a castle and is living in Poland with above said circumstances?

        5. So then there is a distinction. Some men do A and some men do B. The act itself thus is not automatically “desperate”. Which was my point.
          As to men moving to Poland (or wherever) I have no idea, but they surely have the means and ability to do so if they are so inclined. In today’s world, I probably would consider it if I were suddenly single again, assuming Wyoming didn’t work out for me.

        6. your point is understood. I really doubt many men who have a corporate job or business, can afford the time or money to do the task right. Talking via skype or eRussianHarmony.com doesn’t count either.

        7. If he’s single he’s not chained to a job, except through his own choices. The choices when single are so much less dire and less future threatening than when married/with kids, so I take single guys telling me that they are trapped in a job rather less seriously than not seriously, heh.
          But we’re talking about other men here, and single men can make the right choice(s) if properly educated in the hows and whys.

        8. okay..so at the end of the day, how do you know the finished product, the non Western woman you keep in Poland, won’t pull bullshit on you..like channel money to her family (many foreign women do this via a man’s funds) and spend money on Luis Vuitton purses?

        9. Its not only desperate, Its pathetic. ON a few circumstances is it totally understandable. If you really want to experience sex in a new way, neato. Sometimes you are attracted to certain features, thats fine. You’re attracted to asians , cool have at it bro, you like Scandinavian women, dude that’s totally rad, go have fun. But if you are going over there because you think the game is EASIER. You are pathetic and not even a man.

        10. How do I know that if I buy a car, it won’t break down on me ten feet out of the dealer’s garage?
          I don’t. There are zero assurances in life. There are however things you can do to increase, or decrease, the odds of a given outcome happening. If you want only guaranteed results you’re living in the wrong universe.
          As to “channel money”, what kind of man who claims to own a penis lets the woman control the money such that she can “channel” it, precisely?

        11. so why uproot your life and tap into retirement funds,etc, when you can live right here in the USA and get the same with a prenup ?

        12. A prenup?! Did you actually say a prenup with a straight face? Are you aware that it’s 2015 and prenups are as valuable in court now as a used bubble gum wrapper?
          Should I also put cookies and milk by the fireplace and hope that the Divorce Fairy grants me good favor in court?!? heh
          Besides, there are no real cultural conservative, 100% family women here to “get a prenup with”. At least there’s still a chance outside of the Anglosphere, however slim. And speaking of slim…well…look around.

        13. you’re watching too much TV my friend. Prenups are solid provided they are signed by both parties, meaning their respective attorneys, not written up on the wedding day under duress, and does not include verbiage concerning future child support. So at worst you’re out of child support if you lose a custody case. Prenups do hold their weight in court when done correctly. Guys are afraid the women will not marry them if the word prenup is brought up during the engagement.
          ..these days custody, in Texas since I live here, can be won by the father. I won custody and child support from my ex wife in August. She’s an attorney but my son’s word held the most weight.

        14. Um, I don’t watch television. I do however read the news and see news about prenups being the tissue paper that the (usually) female judge blows her nose on before awarding a bimbo 75% of a man’s net worth.
          This is all beside the point. Again, the culture here is 100% toxic. You can “take your chances” with a domestic, but you and I both know she was raised from birth to loathe men and see them as resource extraction vehicles at most. We do not have a pro-family traditional culture any longer. Other places do. The odds then suggest that you have a 50/50 chance of being fucked by a domestic *right out of the gate and without any other qualifiers needed* where with a foreign (if you live in her land) you odds are much better in your favor.
          Great for you on your kid, and Texas in general, but the rest of the nation may not be like that, and in fact, generally isn’t.

        15. I say it is 50/50 everywhere and it seems only American men and maybe British men think the grass is greener east of Austria. Troy Francis even admitted to me most of the EE Unicorns are materialistic bitches.

        16. 50/50 meaning chance of divorce. This was not the ration even thirty years ago. So no, it’s not the same everywhere, most traditional countries run a 5-10% divorce rate at best.
          Anywho, gotta go in a few, things to do.

        17. You are pathetic and not even a man.

          Then why do you care if a guy goes abroad and fucks a woman that isn’t you?
          Or is the fact that a guy is willing to do this, even if it means incurring a great personal expense and inconvenience just to not fuck a domestic woman that offensive to you?

        18. Sorry dude but even lawyers know prenups are worthless. And you are only the exception not the rule.

        19. So, if he obeyed your dictates, and only sought sex with overwieght americans, you would have sex with him?
          I didn’t think so. SInce you are not having, or wanting to have sex with this person, then why should anyone care what your opinion here is?

        20. According to data from the 2010 census in the US the divorce rate for white American men marrying Filipina women is 20%. That is as opposed to the 50% rate going domestic. I like the odds. Disclaimer: I am a white American man married to a filipina woman.

  8. As technology opens up borders, giving more opportunities to work anywhere, and as cost of living arbitrage takes place, things are going to get very very ugly for Feminists and super leftists. Because the earners, the doers, and the get it boys will do what they always do, which is Adapt. We’ve already seen 3 straight years with a record number of expats from America. The trend will continue exponentially. Why deal with Feminists at a corporate job when you can work for yourself and/or join a company in South America or Asia and not have to deal with the drama? And just like a steamroller, these things snowball. So the guy from America who moves to dodge Feminists at a job for a better cost of living, now says to himself, “Wow, these women are much easier to deal with in this foreign country.”. So Feminists and Super Leftists essentially price themselves out of the market because now they are stuck. As more earners leave, there are less to pay the taxes. Illinois is seeing the drastic effects of this. As more men of value leave, there are less to shower attention on attention whores of the modern age. Cost of living, Economic Opportunity, and Sexual Opportunity will come together in a trifecta crescendo and the Super Leftists and Feminists will be left hanging out in the wind.

    1. I am starting to see this big time. It’s panic time for mean-spirited single mother, who stepped on nice guys throughout her 20s. Now she is 38, and she is realizing that her options are not as golden as she thought they would be.
      God, I love to watch them scramble.

      1. I’m going to love watching them living in their Subarus and having to eat their yellow labs and cats.

  9. Hmmm…Traveling for sex…Trying to imagine myself doing this, but I just can’t because I dont see the point. From a mans perspective I suppose you think it would be great to try new things, and I wont fault you for that, but from my perspective…its pretty pointless. Let me throw my woman hormones all up in the equation. Sex is sex. Its like sex and that’s all it is really. I have a pretty healthy sex drive to the point that my boyfriend get annoyed. But I’m not really curious about foreign dick….I guess because where I live…There is enough diversity that I don’t need to travel to have sex (outside the us). Its kinda pathetic( especially if you are using your “look im a rich white man, fuck me!” tactic.) There is only two reasons I can think of that a man would really need to travel (outside of the us) for sex: his hometown is full of porkers or he is looking for something…not exactly…legal. If you are all manly men like you pretend to be, then you can pull foreign women right here. Unless you live in absolute whitebread country. But even then you wouldn’t have to travel outside the US to do it…just to the next large city. I dunno dude, I personally am happy for you, if you want to travel to fuck, man go ahead, I support that. I just dont understand why you would HAVE too.

    1. You have understood nothing, and contributed nothing, to this article or to the topic at hand. Your female perspective has zero bearing on the perspective of men and you demonstrate this in your post. It isn’t “sex is sex”, and if it was, you would be the very last person to line up to jump on the dick of the pathetic “nice guy” that you and your sisters, guaranteed, made fun of and “LJBF!” when you were teens. Because as it turns out, most people don’t like to have sex with the kind of folks that they loathe, and honey, most modern American women are large stirpots of crazy with a dash of snark-sauce these days. Many guys are not interested, and more and more are rejecting you and your sisters nearly daily now. Sex is sex, my arse, you and feminists say that *only* to try to beguile men into accepting substandard women as equal to quality women. If there is no difference, then why bother looking for something other than substandard. Bah.
      You have no context to understand and your shaming tactics are rejected.

        1. When I respond to trolls, I’m actually writing for the reading audience. I’m well aware that trolls have no interest in discussion or facts. But a lurker might, and seeing a troll put in her place firmly will thus be of value to him.
          What she thinks of it or accepts is irrelevant.

        2. Umm.
          A) I’m not a feminist.
          B) What you said was a complete contradiction to the article… If you are traveling for sex than obviously “sex is Sex” no matter who you decide to have it with. WTF are you talking about?? You went on a whole tangent assuming you know who I am. Calm down idiot. You hate american women so much you place them all in one box and that’s your biggest mistake.

        3. You’ve already been responded to, do not expect any more exchange of words between us.

        4. Because You do not know HOW to respond. Your red pill shit doesnt work on women like me. Only “modern Liberal” women does it work. This isn’t California son, wake up.

        5. Bertha pls… I can see why your boyfriend gets annoyed when you try and have sex with him, from your picture you literally look like something a female pig shit out after having butt sex with a gorilla or something. lol

      1. They just gloss right over those lines about the difference in attitudes between women in different countries. Sex isn’t just sex when men have to put up with different levels of bullshit to get it.

        1. Yep. So easy to understand for a man, utterly incomprehensible for a Western woman. Oh well.

      2. I admire your diligence in responding to her. I read two sentences and my head was hurting.

    2. I wish you were smart enough to see the irony in what you just said. If you really want to understand why men are leaving this country to be with feminine attractive women go look in the mirror and you’ll have your answer.

      1. Hmmm. Ok. I did that…but no answer appeared on the glass….That’s odd. Maybe I did something wrong…

        1. If you have to insult my looks to get your point across…You have failed in whatever point you were trying to make. I’ll reply to other articles so you can try again. 🙂

        2. Reply all you want! It won’t make your face stop looking like someone hit you in the face with a rusty shovel lol.

        3. I know right, I am surprised no one mentioned it before you. She looks foul as fuck lol.

        4. Thank you. Get the fat one out of here. They just make me wanna vomit when I see them on the street let alone here. Disgusting human beings… and they wonder why we look elsewhere: Because you are FAT, ugly and have a nasty attitude on top of that sack of shit.

    3. this is unrelated but could you please use another picture when posting? I normally ignore girls on here but that mug is a visual abortion

    4. – I have a pretty healthy sex drive to the point that my boyfriend get annoyed. –
      Is that you in your avatar? If the answer is yes then I can fully understand why your boyfriend got annoyed.
      – There is only two reasons I can think of that a man would really need to travel (outside of the us) for sex: his hometown is full of porkers or he is looking for something…not exactly…legal. –
      If the early Christians gave a fucking fuck about legality then Christianity would have died out under the Roman law.
      – If you are all manly men like you pretend to be, then you can pull foreign women right here. –
      LOL …. different wording but same old tired tactic. “if you a real man then you must do this you must do that”.
      – I just dont understand why you would HAVE too. –
      Because it’s fun, you understand the concept of fun, yes?

    5. what if you like fat ass colombianas and you live in beckyland?what if beckies want you,but you don’t want them?not everyone is physically attracted to northern white girls.

  10. Most women are particularly interested in controlling male sexual behavior. This is why most are vehemently anti-prostitution, and they rationalize it as sex slavery. However, actual prostitutes laugh as they roll in the money, while the feminists try to convince her she’s a victim of men. They have various ways of trying to control male sexual behavior. If a woman owns a sex toy she’s empowered. If a man owns a sex toy he’s weird and desperate. Why? Because it’s a sexual outlet for a man that is NOT a woman. There are lots of women who think reading erotica is engaging in harmless fantasy, while men who watch porn are “cheating.” These tend to be your uglier women who are threatened by porn, and see it as something she has to compete with, sexually. No wonder they hate men who travel for sex; they can’t control his behavior.

    1. I know plenty of men who own sex toys…I don’t see it as weird. One of my fiances friends took me and my fiance to a sex shop and was showing us all the things he uses and how to use them and stuff. It was an educational day.

        1. Lmao!!! That would be the date her selfies on facebook hits exactly 3x the likes they get now.

    2. Yep. Nothing says “cuntocracy” more than a country (or cuntry) with sperm banks but prostitution is still illegal.

      1. But last I checked, English society and culture have been that way for at least a millennium!

    3. This is true, mainly because women have nothing else to offer men other than sex, and they instinctively know this. (They used to offer children but that is no longer the case in the dying West.)
      If men are able to get sex elsewhere, suddenly women lose their one bargaining chip over men’s lives.

  11. The best lesson learnt travelling is not to give a fuck what the Ameriskanks like or want or approve of. And not to look to the betaboys for advice or a model as to how a Man should live his life.

  12. Move heaven and earth to break the western fat woman cartel strangling the life out of of sex and good times. Free trade now

  13. “Is traveling for sex unethical?”
    Response: who gives a shit. If it makes you happy do it. You hit the nail right on the head when you mentioned the domestic effects of fed up men bailing on a system thats been fucking them in the ass for years. Articles like this need to be spread around so that men can wake the fuck up and realize they don’t have to put up with bitchy entitled overweight women along with a system that is blatantly stacked against them.

  14. Any man that listens to what a woman tells him he should or shouldn’t do is not a real man. There is nothing unethical about traveling to have sex with better looking women. When I was in Spain, I made out with a 17 year old. Told my friends about it and the females in my social circle called me a pedophile… but I don’t let the words of single 30 year olds affect me. I would proudly hook up with another 17 year old. So hooking up with an 18 year old is ok, but if she’s 17 years &11 months then I’m a sexual predator? GTFOH!

    1. They try to shame you because younger hotter women are a THREAT and a man with options is a man who cannot be controlled.

      1. I think it was Roosh who said (and this sticks on my head permanently such that I live by it now):
        “A man cannot be harmed when he has options”.

      2. What’s funny is they would always try persuading me to go after women my age instead, saying it’d be better for me to be with a more mature woman, someone closer to my age, someone I could relate to better, blah blah blah Keep in mind in 35, so why in the world would I pursue women that are 30+?
        When I would resist, they would then blame it on my Middle Eastern upbringing, and that’s why I like young girls because it’s in my culture, as if that was supposed to be insulting. They know my dad at 30 married my mom at 17, so I’m just “following my dad’s footsteps” in being a pedophile like him lol

        1. Yep. These older women are trying to control the playing field. They know they can’t compete with hotter, younger women so they make up anything to put the brakes on men their age (with a higher SMV) hooking up with younger hotties.
          It’s embarrassing and it’s a shame but I didn’t tell them to believe in the ‘sex and the city’ fairy.

        2. No one has ever advised me against dating/marrying an older woman. I briefly dated an ex-girlfriend who used to be hot but who had hit the wall so hard she looked older than me (she is 3 years younger). No one said anything.
          Some acquaintances recently encouraged me to date a 30 year old woman saying she would be a good wife. No one said anything like ’30 is too old for a woman to get married, I’m sure you can find a younger girl.’
          It could well be ignorance, but its as if no one cares about our interests and they just want us to ‘save’ some woman who waited too long.

        3. Go to El Salvador (where my dad is from) girls at the age of 15&16 are going after guys who are 24 or 26 yrs old. And guest what!! These girls from El Salvador are proberly much happier than western girls pursuing her major in women studies…

      3. I had this happen today, in fact …
        What the would-be shaming woman didn’t realise is that I’ve been overly polite about my true feelings about this town, and that I am in fact counting the days until I can be back on a plane to somewhere, anywhere but here.
        Sometimes my work assignments really suck, but it’s always the irritating people who think they’ve got things nailed who make them suck even harder.
        Still, as doktorjeep notes, I can’t really be harmed because I have options (and after this flight, elite status once again with my preferred airline) …

    2. In the USA the states have variable marriage ages. So what gets you locked up in one state is 100 percent legal in another (kind of like our gun laws).
      So I would say that maybe a 17 yo in the USA is “too young” because they’ll be emotionally retarded until 35 anyway and at 17 they have the mind of someone who is 7.
      But in other countries, Spain for example, they are women at 17.

      1. I never thought of this, but this is why I’m not attracted to American women. By the time their brain develops, they are no longer physically attractive. I’ve had interesting talks with girls approaching the wall, and tried to interact with a hot bodied emotional retard, but neither is fulfilling.

    3. Women in their 30s feel hopelessly insecure around younger, more fertile, more beautiful women. That’s why they shame men in their 30s who go after younger women. By creating a social taboo against an older man and a younger woman, even if it’s consensual, it improves the sexual market value of older women. Supply and demand.

      1. Yeah, they shame us all the time.. I am wondering why are WE not shaming them for their whoring just as well. What if when I am at a gathering and listening to one of them bragging how she dropped one cock for a new and shinier one, just go ahead and say it like it is: You, mylady, are a whore and you should be ashamed of yourself. Why don’t WE do the same? Why do we still go along with the double standard?

        1. Depending on the night before, she might have been breakfast. And brunch. She would need to make dinner to be dinner.

      2. When I was in college, girls would shame guys who slept with fat girls. I don’t know if they shame men for that anymore, but I fully support that form of shaming.

    4. hooking up with a 17 year old does not make you a pedophile. It may or may not be illegal depending on where you are in the world, but a pedophile is someone who finds girls or boys sexually attractive prior to their secondary sexual characteristics developing. Having said that, I was once a 17 year old girl involved with a man quite a bit older than me. It wasn’t illegal where I live. I don’t regret it, and I would never be angry with this person. I went into the relationship willingly and I was not exploited or manipulated sexually. That said, in retrospect, I wasn’t nearly as mature as I thought I was at that age and there was definitely a strange dynamic to the relationship in general. I don’t think of myself as a victim, nor have I ever played that card, but in reality I wasn’t yet an adult, and certainly wasn’t emotionally equipped to be in an adult relationship. These situations don’t often work out in the long run, with a fair degree of heartache all around. I realize you and most men on this site have a terrible opinion of women in general, perhaps it’s deserved, perhaps it isn’t, but some of us do actually develop into reasonable people, and teenage girls aren’t nearly as grown up as they may appear. It doesn’t make you a predator to be attracted to or “hook up” with girls in their late teens (again depending on the laws where you live), however appreciate there is certainly the potential for a good deal of manipulation when one person is an adult and the other a teen. I don’t feel any differently about a grown woman becoming involved with a teen boy either.

      1. “teenage girls aren’t nearly as grown up as they may appear”
        I know grown women that aren’t nearly as grown up as they may appear.
        And just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it’s ethically wrong.

        1. You’re right, but in general you’re more likely to find a lack of maturity in a girl who’s still in high school. I wasn’t actually making arguments for or against the legality issues, since that differs depending on where you reside. Conversely, just because something is legal doesn’t make it ethically right. In any event, I wasn’t suggesting all relationships of this nature were unethical (as evidenced by my own personal experiences). I was suggesting that, in general, relationships where one party is in a position to manipulate or dominate the other are unethical and this was more likely to occur when a fully grown adult enters into a relationship with a teen. There are exceptions of course (apparently your parents), but as a general rule I personally believe this to be true.

        2. – I was suggesting that, in general, relationships where one party is in a position to manipulate or dominate the other are unethical and this was more likely to occur when a fully grown adult enters into a relationship with a teen. –
          American men are in much more vulnerable position if they were insane enough to enter marriage. The wife can slander him for domestic violence, sue for divorce, take half his asset with the full weight of the state behind her.

        1. It’s never going to be to easy to assign an arbitrary number to when a teen can consent to sex, but the line in the sand has to be drawn somewhere. I don’t love everything about Canada, but I think our laws are pretty sensible. Not sure what the actual age of consent is, but irrespective of that “line” there’s a five year rule, colloquially known as the “Romeo and Juliet” clause. Assuming the age is 16, it means there are exceptions when the parties are within 5 years of age of one another. So, a 19 or 20 y/o male cannot be accused of statutorily raping his 15 y/o girlfriend (or at the very least he has a defence). Hopefully most people can see the difference between this and a 30 y/o sleeping with a 15 y/o. In addition to this, an adult in a position of authority over a minor (under 18), can be convicted of sexual exploitation should the parties become involved. So, 30 y/o man hooks up with 17 y/o girl (assuming 16 is the A/C)–legal. 30 y/o old teacher/counsellor/basketball coach hooks up with 17 y/o student–illegal. As I stated above, fully grown adults chasing after teens can be recipe for disaster, but at the very least our laws (as I understand them) make sense.

    5. I remember being a 17yo beta boy in high school and most of the girls in my grade had already lost their virginities in middle school. And yes I was angry because I was still a virgin at the time.
      Personally the age of consent should be lowered to 16 imo.

  15. Why is it anyone’s business where anyone engages in a legal activity with another consenting adult?
    I can’t blame anyone for traveling to get away from bullshit.

    1. I don’t object to anyone travelling for sex. I do object to men or women (frankly it’s usually men) travelling for sex with underage girls or boys. Many, many years ago my late (first) husband and I were travelling in Bangkok and staying in a very expensive hotel (relative to other area hotels). Believe it or not, our room was freezing (AC turned up way too high). My late husband went to the front desk to complain about this. This was before Bangkok was a trendy vacation spot and English was not as widely spoken. My late husband (thought) he had indicated to the front desk that our room was too cold but somehow the message was lost in translation. Next thing you know a child prostitute arrives to “warm up the room”. As in prepubescent. I’m guessing her age was about 8 or so. The only words she knew in English were “wanna fuck?”. Needless to say we were horrified and didn’t partake in the hotel’s “compensatory offer” but it’s not an experience I’ll ever forget and still makes me want to vomit. THAT’S what I object to. I don’t think this type of thing is as prolific these days, but I’m sure it still probably exists.

        1. No, I absolutely did read what you posted. And you’re 100% right. It’s just certain countries have developed a reputation for exploitation, and unfortunately people seem to muddy the issues or assume all travellers are consuming the under age sex market. I for one have first hand experience with why these areas developed these reputations in the first place. Just sharing an experience. It was certainly shocking to me to see how open child prostitution was at the time, to the point where it was basically assumed a man at the front desk was looking to exploit a little girl. I guess that’s what still shocks me the most. Not the assumption that a man would be looking for a prostitute, but that he would be looking for a child. It really was prolific not that long ago.

  16. You know what’s unethical? I’m actually at Costco right now and there’s this guy pushing his whale wife in a wheelchair (looks like she broke her ankle) with one hand and pulling the shopping cart with his other hand. If she can’t walk and he has to do some shopping, couldn’t he have kept her ass home?

    1. She probably wants to keep an eye on him, or she probably controls what gets purchased or not or lives on the “oh the man is too dumb to shop” routine programmed into her by TV.

      1. If you saw her you’d know she was in control. This was an older couple, probably in their 50s. She was heavy set with a bulldog face and a man haircut, and he was just some skinny emasculated guy
        I really don’t get how guys can accept their wives cutting their hair as short as guys do.

    2. camel, just thank your lucky stars that you aren’t THAT ‘man’ pushing around that carbon-blob.

  17. For sex is fine but for procreation, I prefer my kids to look like me.
    Here’s a joke:
    A friend was telling me that one day he stopped his car at the zebra crossing. A woman with four young boys was crossing it.
    He said:
    “And guess what, it was my ex-girlfriend with whom I had a child, and my own kid was there with her right in front of me.”.
    So I asked him:
    “But how did you know which one was yours? You’d told me you’ve only seen him as a baby!”
    To which he replied: “He was the only white one!”

  18. Its not coincidence, american women have the highest obesity rate in the world, and they are the most vocal feminists in the world. That’s enough right there for any american man to seek social options. If you want legal adult fun, there’s always vegas. You can have 3 way on your b’day. But when I travel abroad I’d do it for other reasons, for example you’re taking one month vacation to go scuba diving, and you’ll only actually spend 4 days / week in the water, the rest of the time enjoying the night life. Otherwise I’d say you’re just pedstalizing some foreign hookers.

    1. Exactly….I travel to experience the world. When I hook up overseas that’s just an added bonus. I don’t think men should travel specifically to have sex with foreign women. Travel to see the world and experience different cultures and peoples.

  19. **light-bulb moment** so if i’m avoiding the american-whales by travelling overseas for sex (and potentially finding the right girl for me), i’m also fucking-over the country whose society is going to hell in a hand-basket? fan-friggin-tastic!! double-whammy. great article!

    1. You are doing what makes you happy….and that is all that matters.
      Women do this shit all of the time and get away with it. Fuck em.

  20. You should have titled this article ”Why the transparent jealously of ugly feminists doesn’t mean shit”.
    Even putting forward this logical a rebuttal to their nonsense gives it a dignity it doesn’t deserve. Women who whine about men traveling abroad to meet foreign women are just trying to use shame to reduce sexual competition because whining at some man is easier than ceasing to be hideous and unfeminine. Nothing more to it than that.

  21. Feminist and their manginas are stupid. There ain’t anything wrong with travelling for sex. They just want to control everything and have everyone bow to them.

    1. I’ve never heard anyone make judgemental statements about men travelling for sex. Travelling to third world nations for underage girls (or boys) is beyond contempt, but sadly I’m pretty sure you don’t need to leave North America if that’s your pleasure anyways. In any event most developing nations are seriously cracking down on “pedo tourism” for obvious reasons. I don’t see why someone would see travelling to get laid with consulting adults as problematic. Hell, there are entire resorts set up for that purpose. Having travelled a lot, I’m not sure it would be my primary motive for exploring the world, but hey, different strokes for different folks (pun intended). i also don’t know too many women or men for that matter who think prostitution shouldn’t be legal, again with the caveat the people involved are all adults. Frankly, legalizing it should (in theory) reduce trafficking and free up law enforcement resources being wasted trying to obliterate the “oldest profession”. Not sure that legalizing prostitution will eliminate trafficking, I guess we could consult the Netherlands on that, but I also doubt it increases it.

        1. I agree, and there is some biology to support this. Evolutionary psychology suggests women are attracted to men with resources, because they would be able to provide for a child more.

    2. Exactly if men do it it’s “creepy” and “desperate”, when women do it it’s “experiencing new things” and “expanding her horizons”.

      1. Another movie “Eat, Pray, Love”…a perfect example.
        She’s unhappy in her marriage so she divorces and takes a journey around the world to “find herself”.
        Yes, things are so bad here that she is now traveling for dick. But, Hollywood makes it into a feel good movie so that all of the new customers (women) will go watch it.
        A man takes that same journey…he is desperate looking for foreign women.

        1. That’s right there’s another movie about rich older women tracelling to Haiti to fuck young Haitian men an by them gifylts in return for companionship. I forgot what it was called but it won a heap of awards, I can’t imagine the same reaction about a movie with a middle aged man doing that in The Philippines.

        2. Heading South (2005) …..movie about three women traveling to Haiti for purpose of sexual tourism?

        3. I saw that. Those decrepit hens led to the death of a minor. All because they had the tingles that no sane man would want to handle.

        4. Another, dealing with the same theme, only in Jamaica, is “How Stella got her Groove Back”. In both this movie and “Eat, Pray, Love” the movies were based on real life experiences of the author of the book the formed the basis of the movie. In real life Stella’s much younger hotter guy turned out to be gay, and only married her for the green card. In real life EPL married a much shorter and older guy, who also dumped her once he had his green card.

  22. Women travel for sex too. I guess they are heroes (heroines, well under modern feminism you have to call them heroes because it’s gender-neutral blah-blah-blah).
    I see nothing wrong with fellows going for greener pastures, whether it’s to what they want, or what they can attain with greater ease. if Chinese girls gave brothas play, I would have taken that job in Changsha. Oh well.
    Club going UP, on a Tuesday.

    1. zhongguo nu ren ai bai ren, zhongguo nu ren tao yan hei ren
      “Chinese girls like white people, Chinese girls don’t like black people”
      did I get that right? My Mandarin is elementary at best

      1. actually it says chinese girls detest black ppl
        the export of western race hierarchies are spreading throughout the world from asia to latin america… shows the negative influence of hollywood

      1. Asian girls are sometimes like that. You can’t tell if one’s 16 or 36 years old. She might be 27

        1. True. I knew women in their 40s that looked like they were in their 20s out there, unlike women here that look like they’re 50 when they are 20. Not all of them are like that, because I saw plenty of less-attractive and youthful-looking women in Xi’an, but we’re talking about averages here.

        1. Mr. Grand Admiral, it looks like I might have to supply you with some links to ‘special interest’ forums where little mid-twenties-but-pubescent-looking asian broads are seeking those of darker complexions with african genetics and purported larger reproductive apparatii for fornicatory purposes (keywords: asian hottie BBC)

        2. Well, that changes the strategy a bit since you don’t want those westernised broads living off of some tool whilst living for getting off on your tool.
          Is living in any of those countries an option, and if so, do the broads there (or enough of them) dig you enough to make it worthwhile?

        1. OK, roger that. Maybe you’d have a chance. I am Black but i am attracted to Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese women. Would take and have taken South Korean or Singaporean if they made it available. Fives and up, though preference is for sixes and up. Would take fives after long dry spells like what I’m in, or as part of package deals (aka threesomes). I find everything else sexually repulsive.

        2. I’d have an ONS or short term with an EE. In terms of LTRs, a lot probably want the money or a green card.

        3. do you think when north korea opens up it will be open for black men?I wonder if north koreans are as racist as their southern counterparts .

        4. Would not, even if would want, wood wouldn’t fit in tiny knotholes and lips to thin for this Joe.

      1. Depends on your type. She’s bangable, attractive enough to me, but I have yellow fever. I don’t like white girls, black girls, latinas, southeast asians, etc., especially not the sloppy ones and fat ones that Black men are relegated to; they all make my penis retract like a teenage mutant nigga turtle. Given that i am trapped in America for the time being, and abundance theory cannot go into effect by any stretch of the imagination for me, she’s looking mighty good and I’d go for it if I weren’t Black.

        1. You mean to tell me you couldn’t pull a chick like that one in the picture?
          Come on, she’d be lucky to get anybody!

    2. dude chinese women are filthy and have no personal hygiene.you’re not missing on anything.

  23. I agree with the article but..
    “Traveling for sexual experiences combines the pure enjoyment of sexual pleasure with an epic chance to grow as a person and as a man.”
    If sex is so natural then how does it supposedly help you “grow as a man”.

  24. Women are like ice cream: you have to try all the flavors before you know which one is your favorite.

    1. I never tried some of the weird shit flavours. I know I’m not gonna Licorice so I ain’t trying it. I’m racist with ice cream like that

  25. When I travel abroad, it is invariably *I* who am seduced by the incredibly sexy, feminine, fun, happy, erotic women I meet there. I’m not an advocate of pump and dump. I have even tried to continue a relationship with women I meet abroad, visit them again, invite them to visit me, etc. There is absolutely no one being taken advantage of here, except the poor lonely fat feminist who is increasingly ignored when the option is introduced of a long haired high heeled, attractive, intelligent, thin, funny, sexy, erotic but not slutty woman. I also don’t travel for sex. I travel for adventure and knowledge and because it is a stimulating experience for me, and I am more open to meeting women when I do so because I feel more alive. I really think I would be happier living abroad, but I have some business obligations (debt) here I need to resolve first.

  26. I live near Cancun, and believe me, women come here to get laid.W happens in Mexico stays in Mexico and all that. We get a fresh crop of sluts every week, from all over the world.
    And THEY LEAVE after a week or two. It’s spectacular.

    1. But most of the women traveling to Mexico are not paying men for sex. However, in the Dominican Republic there is a large trade in “vacation romance” for traveling women. The male resort workers that provide this service are called sankies. I have witnessed this activity in person. All I can say is that no matter how much these men are getting paid, it is not enough. Large amounts of Viagra must be involved.
      Being American I have little personal experience with the European vacation sites, but I have read that large numbers of European women travel to North African and the Middle East to get their romance on. It has even fostered the phrase, “but my Mohammad is not like that”, when they bring them home.

  27. Why do people photoshop Asian girls heads on other women’s bodies? Can’t stop laughing at that bikini pic.

  28. I’ve travelled to a lot of areas of the world where men are frequently seen travelling with companion prostitutes. Not dates, prostitutes, I’m savvy enough to recognize the difference. What always strikes me as sad is that these men are clearly looking for company as much as sex. They treat their “ho for hire” as a girlfriend for the week or two. They take her out sightseeing, bring her to dinner etc… It’s clearly as much about companionship as it is about gratification. I’m not judging or making fun of them. They’re probably nice men who are lonely and I’m sure this wasn’t their first choice.
    P.S. Should the unthinkable ever happen to my hubby and I’m left alone in my “golden years” don’t think I’m above getting me a hot Cuban “pay for play” boyfriend. In the absence of real company, a roll in the hay with a young hottie ain’t a bad thing. Can’t shame a man for doing the same. The way the Canadian $ is dropping I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford one but “Hmmm Carlos, rub my corns….” (in the Marg Simpson spinster sister voice)

  29. To be fair, there shouldn’t be any shame in paying for sex either. Some guys can’t get laid on their own accord – why do they deserve to be shunned?
    Funniest part about the argument is how “pathetic” or “gross” it is to go abroad to find a woman. If these “gross” men are moving abroad to date, why is it such a big deal?
    Why? -because these men are the most logical and masculine men of their respective country.
    Don’t complain about a “man shortage” when feminism itself is drying up the pond.

  30. Does the girl get any enjoyment out of the act of sex? Yes, therefor it’s not evil. End of discussion .

  31. older women shame younger girls because they cant compete with them. deep down they all know , for most of them, their appearance is the ONLY thing they have to get alpha cock or some poor sucker who is oblivious of her sexual partner count, and once it fades their finished. and more to the point, women mature until the age of 18, (although in the western world it seems more like 16) and never mature further. contrary to this, a man doesnt reach the peak of his development until he is in his late 20s.

  32. Bitches travel for sex all the time. Not unethical for them to seek the tall, dark and sexy locals apparently.

  33. The old travelling abroad for sex conundrum…. fine for fat middle aged harridans to go to African countries for some black cock and come back with all sorts of surprises while men are condemned….. the double standards know no bounds….

  34. No, provided the women aren’t underage and they’re not taking unfair advantage of them. I don’t see any issues with it.

  35. Why do you feel the need to justify your actions? Whining feminists is positive sign. Whining feminists is a reason I’m on this site.

  36. I live in Los Angeles. The women are horrendous and vile here. Really sick. After many years of plate spinning and harem building, among them a Miss USA, and Vogue Cover models, I couldn’t stand the entitled sluts any more. I went to Brazil and met and married a beautiful, feminine, family oriented, conservative Brasileira ;-). A long drink of water for a thirsty man. My advise to young men; get out of America (indeed, the west) and find a woman who knows how to love.

  37. Love the irony. If you leave the UK like the rolling stones to avoid taxes you’re a smart businessman. If you move your business out of New York or California USA and put it in Florida or Texas (no state tax), you’re brilliant and making a political statement. BUT if you quit doing “business” with American and British pussy because the price is too high and the rewards too low (demands, complaints, divorce fraud, cash extraction) you are a “predator.” Lol, feminisnts keep telling yourself that… late at night alone while we’re all partying with babes in Latin America and Asia. I love this article but at the same time I can’t help thinking that to even acknowledge this topic and try to explain our position at all gives feminists credibility. Their rantings and hysteria deserve not explanations but back turning indifference. Women love to keep secrets and let men die on the vine, frustrated, lonely and never figuring it all out. They love to laugh at the guy asking them out to dinner and movie who doesn’t know about the yacht party where they’ll be snorting blow off a billionaire’s cock for free. I prefer to keep this OUR little secret… letting American and British females (not women) wonder where all the great guys went and why we balk at their demands with an equally coy smile and mysterious smirk.

  38. Just one thing that needs to be pointed out. The article states that divorce rates are ever-increasing. This is and isn’t true. The overall divorce rate (i.e. divorces per year per 1000 married couples) peaked in the 80s and has declined since then.
    A little bit of subset analysis shows, though, that US divorce rate varies greatly between different races and socioeconomic strata (and I wouldn’t be surprised if at least the socioeconomic variation would be about the same in other Western countries). The divorce rates of each subset have indeed just kept increasing. The reason why the overall divorce rate has been declining is simply that the subsets with the highest divorce rate (poor, low-educated, certain minorities) have seen a drop in the rate at which they get married in the first place. So, while both today’s urban ghetto blacks and suburban SWPLs are getting divorced at a higher rate than those populations did 20 years ago, the overall divorce rate is still lower because the urban ghetto blacks aren’t marrying as much in the first place, and SWPL marriages make up a larger percentage of all marriages.

  39. As I have commented before, the stigma that is attached to men who do this has put me off of visiting Eastern Europe for quite sometime. I find myself not giving a god damn anymore. I can say with a clear mind and an honest heart that I have had some very high quality ass in this country(Canada). I just don’t see the rewards out weighing the risk. I recently dated a woman who bragged about going downtown Toronto to bars where there drinks are $20 and that isn’t including tips. What makes her good enough to go to these places? Why does she feels he belongs in a social circle well beyond her economic means? She certainly did not make damn near enough money to be spending that kind. How many receptions making $15 dollars an hour at dental or a doctors office make the mistake of thinking that they are actually part of that social circle?
    Why would any Western man put up with such bullshit?

  40. Well, spending all the time, money, and energy to travel and have sex (not marriage) with exotic women definitely is fun but what is the return of investment? Nothing substantial really, just a fleeting feeling of pleasure. This kind of lifestyle is definitely not evil but if enough people of your country adhere to this lifestyle then sooner or later it would make your race extinct.

  41. You all are going about it completely in the wrong way. What the fuck are you doing, trying to justify sex tourism as not evil? You sound weak, like you’re trying to justify what you do and why you do it to idiotic harpies who deserve neither the consideration nor explanation.
    Here is the proper response to when someone accuses you of being unethical because you’d rather bang a nice, feminine foreign girl over a spoiled Americunt: So what? Fuck you.
    Men need not justify.

  42. Men are attacked for sleeping with poor girls for the same reason they are attacked for sleeping with younger girls (16-18-(depending on legal age in your country) to 25). When a YOUNGER HOTTER, girl is impressed because you buy her a coffee, or just by the fact you are going out or HAVE a car. It becomes impossible for the 29 or 39 year old heffer to compete.
    When a girl will sleep with you for basically nothing, how does the 33 year old spinster convince you to buy her a bunch of shit, take her on expensive dates etc. to sleep with her? You can’t, its not possible.
    In otherwords, foreign girls devalue pussy in men’s eyes/ It did for me. No girl will every get more than a $3 coffee from me. Why would I pay anything to be with a girl when I have 8 messages in my vietnam cupid account from girls who WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH ME FOR FREE!
    In the US or most the west girls who are 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 etc. will sleep with you just for going out is enough.
    Western Women have no options when it comes to travel. They can go to Italy or Spain or maybe fRance to try to land a man. And of all those countries, the only one they won’t get a man who is basically poorer is norway, london, paris, milan if they come from money. But most likely such a monied european man would not put up with a boorish american female. Hence, American females have very low international sexual market value.

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