12 Signs She’s Not Who You Think She Is

You’re putting gas in your vehicle one sunny afternoon when a car pulls in to the pump next to yours and out steps a fit, long-legged brunette your eye balls can’t tear themselves away from. She has a pretty face, no visible tattoos or crazy body piercings, and could easily pass for an 8. She slides her card and begins pumping her gas. Being the stone cold assassin you are you immediately open her and strike up conversation.

She’s receptive to your game and engages in a short but pleasant conversation. She seems kind and feminine so you number close her—successfully. Over the next day or so you run solid text game, and arrange a meet up. The two of you have a great time and agree to meet again that weekend.

The next few weeks go particularly well for the two of you. She seems to genuinely enjoy your company, she’s giving you regular sex, her femininity and kindness seem to be the real deal, and best of all your slut-dar hasn’t picked up any blips yet. Sure, there are a few minor cracks here and there but nothing to be overly concerned about.

The more time you spend with her the less you’re wanting to spend with other chicks on your roster. After a while you decided she’s earned LTR status and give her the title. This isn’t a bad thing because spinning plates can become tiresome and much of the time more trouble than it’s worth. You understand that while the game never ends, it’s nice to be able to relax on some level and concentrate your efforts on one girl for a while.

You’ve done your homework and read 25 Reasons Your Girlfriend Is Overrated because you know there are quite a few red flags most men aren’t aware of. But you’re investing time and resources into this girl and you want to make damn sure all your I’s are dotted and T’s crossed so you’re digging into your red pill archives to make sure you leave no stone unturned.

After all, it’s been a while since you’ve been committed to one woman and there are some pretty stark differences between LTR and ONS game.

Well you’re in luck my friend, because I’ve got a dozen more “qualities” for you pull the emergency break on before you get your hopes up. This version’s going to be a little different in that I will break each one down in two different ways:

1. What it could mean: This will describe the outlier situation. Odds are this will not be the case but there are always exceptions (albeit very rare).

2. What it probably means: This will describe the norm as it pertains to the typical western female.

“Hang on, Donovan. Your last article made it very clear that these ‘so-called qualities are merely fool’s gold.’ All women are like that, remember?”

That’s a fair statement and trust me when I say you’re getting nothing less than 100% agreement here. But while we all understand the AWALT doctrine, this doesn’t mean some girls (and by some I mean a minuscule percentage) can’t possess a few authentic traits that increase their value as mates, however scarce they may be. Though they’re few and far between it’s very important to recognize, appreciate, and cultivate the honest to goodness qualities in your woman.

By the same token it would behoove you to stay on your p’s and q’s in order to ensure those qualities maintain status quo and to recognize and act accordingly if and when they start to erode.

So without further ado, here are 12 more so-called qualities about your girl you may need to rethink before bragging about them, or prematurely congratulating your buddy for snagging a “keeper.”

12. “She’s well-traveled”

What it could mean: She’s done some traveling and has been exposed to many cultures which gives her an appreciation for different perspectives, ways of life, and how lucky she is to have been born America. She has very interesting stories to tell which makes for great conversation.

What it probably means: She’s been to a bunch of spring break destinations and other party-like countries notorious for exploiting the overt sluttiness of American girls. You can bet your bottom dollar her notch count is exorbitant if she reminisces about trips overseas where she was no doubt fellating foreign phalluses most nights.

11. “She’s educated”

What it could mean: She didn’t attend a traditional four year college but has numerous certifications in early childhood development because she enjoys children and hopes to start a family soon. In the meantime she she makes her living by working in a daycare center. This hones her nurturing and child rearing skills which have the potential to make her a good mother.

What it probably means: She went to a typical four year college and got a useless degree which she likely earned by cheating or fucking (or both) her way to a passing grade. She did, however, pass Sex Ed 101 with flying colors, which was taught nightly at the Alpha Chi Alpha house (classes at the Beta Phi Omega house were cancelled due to continuous false rape claims).

10. “My girl’s got curves”

What it could mean: 

What it probably means:

9. “She’s spontaneous”

What it could mean: She follows your lead and is up for whatever you are at any time whether it be an impromptu weekend getaway, meeting you in the back room at your buddy’s house for a random quickie, or a night on the town at the drop of a hat.

What it probably means: She’s impulsive, has little control over her emotions, and rarely thinks things through. When she finds herself in situations such as whether or not to buy those new shoes or new phone she can’t afford, or whether or not to meet up with the hawtee she’s texting while you’re at work, she yields to temptation more often than not.

8. “We have sex ALL THE TIME”

What it could mean: She likes having sex with you and enjoys satisfying you.

What it probably means: She’s either laying the groundwork to control your behavior by withholding sex (similar to drug dealers who always give first time clients a freebie to get them hooked, then price gouge them later) or waiting for you to “screw up” (incessant, labyrinth-style, unpassable shit-tests). As soon as you lose frame or show the vulnerability she nags you to reveal, her legs will snap shut like a bear trap.

7. “She can cook”


What it could mean: She is capable of preparing proper, home cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She rarely uses the microwave and is always trying to improve her cooking as the alerts on her phone are often “The Recipe of the Day.”

What it probably means: Microwavable meals, box dinners that are “quick and easy and prepared in minutes!”, and the nearest delivery restaurants are the extent of her culinary aptitude. On the flip side she just loves to surprise you with her gourmet hot dogs and oven baked fries.

6. “She has a sense of humor”

What it could mean: She’s self-aware and playfully makes fun of herself. She occasionally pokes fun at you in a flirtatious way as an excuse to make physical contact with you or to get your attention.

What it probably means: She’s a loud, brash, wannabe ball-buster who thinks she’s funny because women she sees on TV and movies are rewarded for the mannish comedic behavior. This is also a typical projection play. She wants a man who calls her on her bullshit and is unafraid to make fun of her so she assumes the role herself thinking this tact produces boners.

5. “She played hard to get”

What it could mean: She knows her value and understood that being too easy would misrepresent her. So she channeled her natural instincts and innocently played coy whilst simultaneously dropping hints that encouraged you to keep pursuing because a) she liked you and b) she, like all women, loves being pursued and subsequently taken.

What it probably means: Her responding to your texts every six hours wasn’t her playing hard to get—she was playing musical cocks. Her long response time and delayed commitment was a tell-tale sign your that game wasn’t tight enough to secure a seat when the music stopped.

She likely chose you because the guys she responded to every 30 seconds fucked and chucked her and you were the only one still looking for a chair.

4. “She never gets jealous”

What it could mean: She knows two things: 1) she’s a quality female and 2) she’s holding it down as your girl. She’s a kind, sexy, feminine, submissive, woman who understands and abides sex roles and most importantly, keeps your balls drained.

She’s acutely aware that she is a rarity and isn’t worried about some purple-haired slut with a lip ring and a tramp stamp taking you away from her. When you do flirt with other girls in front of her (remember fellas, the game never ends) she doesn’t get jealous—she gets naked.

What it probably means: You’re not running dread game or openly flirting with other girls in front of her so she doesn’t think you’re going anywhere. Smart money says she’s got backup cock on stand by ready to be deployed if you continue to fail to generate tingles only the drama of impending infidelity can provide.

3. “She spends money on me”

What it could mean: She doesn’t mind picking up the tab from time to time because she wants to do her part to help you, contribute to the relationship monetarily, and ease your financial burden a little. She does this to express her appreciation for you and to let you know she doesn’t view you as a meal ticket or an ATM.

What it probably means: You’ve been banging her brains out for two weeks whilst simultaneously running extreme asshole and dread game to perfection. You dominate her body, her mind, and her soul. She’s addicted to you and thinks she’s “in love.”

Girls who fall head over heels this quickly are severely damaged and will do anything to keep you around in order to get those hits of euphoric ups and downs you supply to her. You are her drug and she gladly compensates you handsomely, both sexually and financially, for your pharmaceutical-grade emotional roller coaster rides.

2. “We dated for three months before sex so she’s a good girl”

What it could mean: She is a good girl—a high quality female with a low notch count (two or less). She knows her value so she doesn’t give it up to just anybody. She gave up the goods when and only when she was damn sure you weren’t a beta in an alpha’s clothing (read: PUA).

What it probably means: She was fucking other dudes on the side showing that, once again, your game didn’t warrant her sexual submission (this is what you get for paying for dates without getting the goods first). The only reason she started ponying up the poon was because her FWB pipeline dried up and she needed validation.

1. “She tells me she loves me”

What it could mean: She is verbalizing genuine appreciation for a man who protects her, provides her great sex, takes care of himself, and doesn’t allow himself to be emotionally manipulated by her. She is so grateful for these attributes she can only describe it with that magical four letter word. You, of course, know better than to reciprocate often responding with “I know,” or “Join the club” which only solidifies her feelings.

What it probably means: She’s throwing out beta bait because she sensed your scarcity mentality and wanted to confirm her suspicions. Tossing out that chum is the shit test to end all shit tests and if you tell her you love her too you’re finished.

So there you have it. A few more hidden red flags for you to look out for when you make a girl your main chick. I’ll say it again: Do not get your hopes up if you think your girl has any of these faux attributes. Chances are, she falls under the probably category.

“Well I don’t fall under the ‘probably’ category on any of this stuff!”

Of course you don’t, sweetie.

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337 thoughts on “12 Signs She’s Not Who You Think She Is”

  1. These are all true. However, as I experience life further and interact with more and more women, I find myself starting to feel sorry for, rather than loathing them. I think we in the manosphere need to remember that this is all that women know. They’ve been so indoctrinated by the Matriarchy that they don’t understand how they are supposed to act. So, yes, we should criticize and mock unfeminine behaviors, but also remember that your average, day to day Western girl doesn’t know any better.

    1. They are children, nothing more. Im only 27 and I wish I could get a refund on all the time I wasted expecting consistency and maturity from a female. They only know how to think for themselves and that thinking is almost always done with their vaginal tingles. No consciousness, foresight, hindsight; just tingles, impulses, and emotions.
      90% of millenial girls admire and imitate Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Snooki. That really explains everything….

  2. If you dated a woman for 3 months without sex, I don’t know what that says about her, but it says YOU’RE a fucking loser.

    1. Your comment lacks context. If you’re dating a woman who was, two months earlier, part of a vibrant Amish community and now, on Rumspringa, she has taken a fancy to you but knows better than to give away the milk, that doesn’t reflect on you so much. Hard, lifelong instilled traditional values are nigh impossible to dislodge in some people, especially the strictly religious people (not the faux religious like you find in the South).
      All this being said, if you’re not planning on joining the barn raising beard with no-mustache crew on a permanent basis, you might want to move on, because dating her knowing you ain’t ever gonna get any is rather pointless, as you allude to. Of course, raising barns is fun and the Amish are far more sexually adventurous than people have even the slightest clue about once you lock one down. Plus they drink like fish. And no social media. Or iPhones. Or tatts. Damn…now I’m wondering why I didn’t go that path, heh.

      1. Got A Mennonite community springing up near me. The women look pure, appealing,Family oriented and Beautiful. Lightyears ahead of the Picasso canvas that is modern woman.

        1. It’s like a different universe isn’t it? Mennonites are *not* Amish of course, but they come from the same root more or less, although most Mennonites have completely given up the simple lifestyle (and unfortunately more and more Amish, especially those in Pennsylvania).

        2. I used to live in a rather rancid town in the North of England, full of mostly fat, ugly slappers. Every Sunday the town would fill up with Jehovah’s witnesses as they have a big meeting hall on the outskirts of the town. The difference in the quality of the women was like night and day.

        3. While I’ve seen JW men roaming here or there on occasion, I can’t actually say I’ve seen any of their women in real life. Strange now that you bring it up, I can’t recall *ever* meeting one.
          Sounds like I need to though.

        4. near Newcastle? I’ve been out on the town there many a night, freezing cold, but all the fat girls still wearing skimpy dresses 2 sizes too small. BTW, I’m from Cincinnati,

        5. HAHAHAHAHA
          My ex is a “baptized” JW who went on to torch our family for no reason.
          Don’t be fooled

        6. She’s very beautiful. But since her mother & society have been successful in poisoning her mind with christian feminism, her beauty has been cancelled out.

      2. Context, schmontext. If you’ve been dating a woman for 3 months with no sex, you’re either in high school or a loser.
        No exemptions for dating the recently Amish: if your only dating option is a formerly religious woman who won’t fuck you, that falls under “fucking loser.”

        1. So what do you like, women who don’t fuck you? Real alpha, man.
          “Cuck” is a stupid word.

        2. No, I like women who want to wait until engagement or marriage to have sex. They have much higher relationship satisfaction rates and are less likely to cheat. And while you may think you are just have superior relationship skills or some bullshit, I assure you that any girl having sex after less than 3 months is also having sex with other guys. Thus, you are a cuck.
          Btw, Alpha is a stupid word. What is an alpha? I assume you mean alpha the way people talk about social-animal alphas, but that is bullshit, the success of humanity and in particular western culture is due to the fact that humans cooperate and that we don’t physically fight. If you want to live in a culture with “alphas” go to Africa, and tell me how it is there.

        3. 1. You’re making that up, about women who wait till marriage having greater satisfaction and fidelity. There’s no evidence of that.
          2. Maybe she’s having sex with other men. Maybe she’s not. That’s another thing you’re making up. Based on your very limited experience with women you’re really not in a position to say what they’d do. You’re just repeating what you’ve read on the internet.
          3. I know alpha is a stupid word. I was using it sarcastically in response to your use of the word beta. You suck at this man. You’re out-classed here.

        4. “1. You’re making that up, about women who wait till marriage having greater satisfaction and fidelity. There’s no evidence of that.” No I am not. You haven’t even asked me to give you any evidence and you are already dismissing it? Do you think you are psychic or something? http://nationalmarriageproject.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/NMP-BeforeIDoReport-Final.pdf There are several other studies that have all made the same statements. I mean, how else do you explain the high divorce rates in America?
          “2. Maybe she’s having sex with other men. Maybe she’s not. That’s another thing you’re making up. Based on your very limited experience with women you’re really not in a position to say what they’d do. You’re just repeating what you’ve read on the internet.” Yeah but women who at least hide that they have had sex with other men are typically much less promiscuous than ones who openly lay claim to having sex with half the high school football team.
          “You suck at this man. You’re out-classed here.” I can clearly see you are a narcissist, thus you are probably also a homosexual.

      3. Context, schmontext. Unless you’re in high school and a virgin and still in the learning-about-girls phase, 3 months with no sex means you’re a loser.
        No exemptions for men dating formerly Amish women, as per your outlandish example. If you’ve been sexlessly dating a woman with religious hang-ups for 3 months, that falls under “fucking loser.”

    2. Most women these days give it up by 3rd date (or sooner) when they’re interested. Three months means you’re bottom of her list, unless there’s some powerful reason she can’t act.

      1. 3 months… of course it hides something.
        perhaps it is the friendzone coming in disguise.
        or perhaps it is not a real woman…

    3. Actually it means you found someone who isn’t a slut. Stop pitying yourself because you can’t get in a semi decent relationship…

      1. 1. You don’t know that she’s not a slut. All you know is that she didn’t fuck YOU in 3 months.
        2. I don’t pity myself. Things are going great for me.
        3. My relationships are great and you don’t know anything about them.
        You are clearly one of the losers I was talking about.

  3. Good article. I liked the last one as well. I think your points are excellent. However, one thing missing (though I feel it is implied) is a destruction of the standard binary we, as men, seem to be fed.
    The idea that our choices are “spinning plates” or LTR is a false binary. I agree, spinning plates can get annoying, exhausting and, if you aren’t careful, can monopolize all of your free time and resources. However, too often men see the solution to plate spin burn out as LTR.
    There are other options however. Just disconnecting for a bit and spending some time on yourself is the best I think. If you are juggling a roster of 4 or 5 sport fucks, a couple of girls to date and are actively laying ground on new prospects I would suggest that every now and again you stop, get rid of them all and do something that doesn’t involve women. Build a ship in a bottle. Read The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, make a website, research stock picks and make an investment, do a home DIY project, whatever. Just get out of the game.
    If your burn out becomes too great then an LTR seems more attractive and I can promise you that once you get involved, no matter how good a deal you think it is, you will wind up hating it and being miserable.
    By taking periodic breaks from women you can continue to appreciate their good qualities (Their looks and the holes which are big enough for you to squeeze a cock into). It is a lot like the cycling at the gym. Yeah, you may go 3 months on huge calories, doing very heavy weights every day, pumping pre-workout and creatine into your system etc. But then you will need some down time to do some cardio, take in a yoga/cross fit class and just give your body a break.

    1. @lolknee, I think the problem with this strategy is that you WILL “lose your step” and the following “rebuilding process” is going to be even more lost time, while trying to get back into your paces.
      Women keep upping the “minimum requirements”, just like employers have. So, step away from it all, even briefly, and you’ll find yourself overwhelming when you decide to “get back into the game” later. The reality is, that Its FAR easier to maintain “the process” than it is to just stop for a break and then try to restart all over again. Its like taking a grueling job for two years, saving lots of money, so you can then take one year off. However, how miserable is that first year back at the grueling job, after having been “away” and not answering to anyone in the previous year off?
      There is much less stress in “maintaining”, than taking breaks and having to “restart” at the end of those breaks

  4. Remember my fellow Kingsmen, never be the first to say “I love you”. And when she says it for the first time, this is how you respond.

    1. All jokes aside from that Family Guy clip, any man who still has any functioning brain cells should know THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LOVE TODAY. Maybe before feminism there still was no love, but there was, at least, an unspoken sense of mutual respect each had for the other. Maybe one could argue that mutual respect is a form of love, but that debate is more or less for academic contemplation.
      But as for today, if any chick says “I love you” My knee jerk reaction is almost the same as Peter Griffin to say “fuck off”. I don’t outright say it verbally, but I do get put off full well knowing its a manipulation tactic, and I lose respect for her.

  5. Don’t just date one girl. Always have a few side chicks. Women are boring and disappointing. Having a few of them means less chances for any one girl’s flaws to overwhelm you.

    1. When you find the absolute right one: you’ll know you just need one. In the mean time…congrats on your shield.

        1. Can not find the connection between the article and your question. (But yes. Widow.) So???

        2. You’re right Laura, there is no connection. Come on dear, let’s leave these wannabe men to themselves, they are obviously intimidated by you!

      1. My grandfather had 21 wives, so i kind of doubt your argument. One good one beats any number of bad women, and men really only NEED one woman, but I highly doubt that one is ever enough.

    2. Agree. Also, always have low expectations while spinning a few…that way you’re never surprised by the actions of any one of them.
      I know too many young guys who end up settling for one (because he thinks he’s found that special snowflake) and cuts the others loose (big mistake). A woman is always looking to trade up (and that will mean you at some point if you’re playing it all wrong).

  6. 13 – She likes You Raw Dogging Her
    What it could mean:
    She likes feeling you inside her in a natural way… because then she can give you 100% of her body and soul….and of course she is on the pill….she said so…..
    What it probably means:
    You’re fucked.

    1. Yeah, its either std’s(if you think you’re the only one that has raw dogged her, than you’re clueless) or its pregnancy, with a bastard spawn thats probably not even yours considering 5-10 other guys are raw dogging her

      1. Most likely, it’s both. And if she’s a real whack job, she’s using it to gather rape kit evidence for a false accusation.

    1. But so do guys. If the GF walked out at breakfast, I could be in some decent strange by dinner. That’s human nature.

      1. All women have a backup cock on standby. Never ever forget this.
        Gundog KP • 42 minutes ago
        But so do guys.
        Whoa dude, speak for yourself. I’ve never had a backup cock. Ever.

        1. Baddddda chiiingggg! The seven thirty show is entirely different than the nine oclock show. Tip big and drive safe, folks!

      1. no. you’re paranoid. I’m a woman and I don’t know one single girl who’s fat and/or ugly and has “backups”. even average looking women don’t have that many options as you think.

        1. no. god what’s wrong with your perception of the world. you underestimate men and overestimate women. at least I know men that have standards and aren’t slaves to their dicks.

        2. Good lord. What’s meant isn’t necessarily that you have a man that you are *currently* fucking on the side that you can ditch your beta monkey for on a dime. It’s that you have options/designs on three or four orbiters that you know you can drop in on and have them banging you in an hour should simpy little provider beta boy get out of line and ask for a sexual frequency more than you’re willing to provide.
          “Honey, can we please have sex on a date other than my birthday? Pleasssse? You’re so puuuuurty”
          You: [door slams, heads over to Enrico’s pad for “consolation”]
          Every woman has a horse she’s riding (explicit) or has saddled up in her mind for when she ditches her current stallion. Some call it branch swinging I believe. It’s not an unusual trait to observe in real life.

        3. No you don’t. You may think you do for one of three reasons:
          1. They’re asexual/closet gay.
          2. They have their eye on you but are too pussy to try anything
          3. They don’t actually find you attractive

        4. Too bad you’re wrong dear. A decently attractive girl can have a random decent looking guy with about 10 minutes work in a half arsed bar, pretending otherwise is beyond silly.
          Now run along, the men are talking.

        5. The world doesn’t revolve around me. I’m not talking about men who are/ aren’t interested in me, I’m talking about men who don’t fuck every woman I would deem average or even attractive. I’m living in a flat with two men, both have girlfriends at the moment, both had many one night stands before – still they don’t fuck every girl that would open her legs for them.
          However, yesterday I read the „If There’s A Mess On Her Floor, Then She’s Probably A Whore“ article and wondered what kind of guy would do that to himself. Most of the commenters had a story to share about dating a girl who leaves shit stains in the toilet. So I suppose RoK users truly have no standards and are the ones who supply these women with orbiters.

        6. Why don’t you go do something a women should be doing? Like baking a cake or cleaning the house.

        7. The world doesn’t revolve around me.
          Oh? Let’s put that to the test then, shall we?
          I’m not talking about men who are/ aren’t interested in me, I’m talking about men who don’t fuck every woman I would deem average or even attractive.
          Your anecdotes and your standards of men you deem at a certain level of attractiveness.
          I’m living in a flat with two men, both have girlfriends at the moment, both had many one night stands before – still they don’t fuck every girl that would open her legs for them.
          Your anecdote, your experience (which you cannot possibly know and only assume based on what you’re allowed to see).
          However, yesterday I read the „If There’s A Mess On Her Floor, Then She’s Probably A Whore“ article and wondered what kind of guy would do that to himself. Most of the commenters had a story to share about dating a girl who leaves shit stains in the toilet. So I suppose RoK users truly have no standards and are the ones who supply these women with orbiters.
          Your experience, and then your judgment about the commenters, which of course is ad hominem.
          But it’s not all about you sweety.
          Don’t bother to reply, I’ve had my fun at your expense, run along and find something new and shiny to get outraged over.

        8. ok, and now how’s your argument different from mine? you are also drawing from experience. saying the world doesn’t revolve around me meant that I’m not talking about my PERSONAL experiences but about what I observe in others. That’s a valid method called induction. Empirical prove would obviously work better and if you have a survey on how many options the average woman has I would love to read it. But as long as there’s no empirical prove given my observations are just as valid as yours.

        9. Those men just find you incredibly ugly and that’s why they haven’t tried to hook up with you.

        10. Jesus Christ you’re stupid. You say “it’s not about me”, I point out how it is, and you say “You are also drawing from experience” because I pointed out your typed on the internet hypocrisy. Fuck woman, go find a pool to drown in.
          Later, gator.

        11. It has nothing to do with overestimating women, its just the way human sexual relations are set up. All a woman has to say is “wanna have sex” in one way or another and sex is happening. With Tinder and OKCupid, girls have dozens of men trying to meet up with them. I should add that I live in a major city. Men also have several matches on these sites but its much more difficult. Im not complaining about it, thats just the way things are.

        12. The push for mental stimulation is strong with this one. Nice rebuttals though, definitely know where you’re coming from.

        13. Not sure you’re that clued up about men. 95% of the time I wouldn’t fuck 95% of the women I see. But then there are those 5% times. Those times when you just NEED to bust a nut and you honestly could give a fuck who it’s with, as long as they’re female.

        14. Ah, the things you catch on the second go around. This was hilarious!

        15. Just because women can have backups doesn’t mean they do. I don’t know where you guys are finding these examples, but this site makes me feel terrible. I don’t beat down my man, nor do I cheat on him. I am strong and independent, but I take good care of my man and love cooking for him and loving him.
          I feel badly that there is so much hatred towards women in the world. None of the women I know have hatred like this towards men. I love and respect men and, frankly, don’t understand where all of this comes from.

        16. You have clearly missed the point of this website. Return of Kings is not a site dedicated to hating women. It is not a “pro rape” site, nor does it condone violence against women. It’s a site that is dedicated to masculinity, patriarchy, and a return to the traditional values that make Western culture strong.
          See, the problem here is that you women have been told a massive and elaborate lie. This lie tells women that noble female pursuits such as chastity, child rearing, and homemaking should be rejected. It tells women that they are equal to men in all things and that women can be as promiscuous as they want without consequence. It tells women that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. It is one of the greatest lies ever told. We call this lie Feminism.
          Of course any woman with half a brain that hasn’t bought into the lies of Feminism can see that nothing it promises is actually coming true. Marriage rates are plummeting thanks to gynocentric family courts and Feminist approved “no fault divorce”. Men see other married men reduced to poverty, losing all their assets and forced to pay outrageous sums in child support and alimony and scratch marriage off life’s “To Do” list. Contrary to what Feminism promises, women are not happy in the workplace. Women who burn through their SMV riding the cock carousel don’t end up finding their Prince Charming. Instead they unhappily settle for a beta chump who falls laughably short of their standards, if they can find one. All the while bemoaning the lack of “good men” who are willing to buy the equivalent of a used car with a few hundred thousand miles on it and a dozen previous owners. Simply put, Feminism has written a check that can never be cashed. Instead of liberating women, it has constrained them.
          Enter Return of Kings, a site dedicated to promoting masculinity, nuclear family values, and a return to the patriarchy that literally built the entirety of Western civilization. Nothing on this site promotes hatred of women. No author here supports a “pro rape” agenda. No reader here supports violence against women. Rather it seeks to inform and educate men on how to be better men and how to not only survive in a Feminist infected society but to thrive in it as well. We NEED to stamp out Feminism, along with the SJW movement and cultural Marxism if civilized society is to stand any chance of survival. The ideas presented here are not radical and that you disagree with them does not automatically make them wrong or place them on the polar opposite of the spectrum of ideas you do agree with. To suggest a woman’s place is in the home, tending to the nuclear family and supporting her husband is not demeaning or hateful towards women when you look at it through the lens of reason and logic and not through the perverse lens of Feminist indoctrination. Teaching men to be better men is not evil except to those who embrace the false promises of Feminism.

        17. 4. Or they are in the friendzone and accepted that. Would be interesting to know how many “friends who are not interesting in her” that niobe has orbiting around her…

        18. “backups” isn’t always literal. Most women have backups in a figurative sense, where they subconsciously keep the men in their lives for that exact purpose, even though they never consciously think that, and aren’t ever aware of it.

        19. I count 9 uses of “I” or “me” in two paragraphs that start “it’s not about me”

        20. I almost always encourage men on this site not to reply to women who are trolling, but my lord not you….that was some quality stuff.

        21. Hey dick ed, you have your own forums, you have your “safe spaces”, this is OUR place to gripe. GTFO

        22. Well, it seems ROK isn’t shit test free, articles nor commentary sections. It is useful though.

        23. Then I hope 95% of men over 30 are smart enough to commit to only 5% of women. Because probably most women are not worth it.

      2. Fatties are now the norm. The average dress size in the UK is 14. That’s a full blown fatty eating all the pies.

        1. Ug. Like an American Wal-Mart….just plain disgusting how much these women let themselves go. I am sorry for us as men in the USA. I went to Poland and got a Polish bride. She is conservative and was surprised at all the fatties here when she first arrived.

      3. Yeah my ex was ugly and she even had a back up. Short chode lookin’ dude though so I couldn’t care less.

    2. I know a guy (friend of a friend) who’s been with some girl for 5 years now and has her on complete lock down. She doesn’t have any friends apart her sisters, nor is she allowed to speak to anyone or have any males on her facebook. This guy goes out on the weekend fucking other girls and she is completely fine with it. She even stayed in last New Years eve, until he wanted a lift home at 5 in the morning. And she actually came and got him. Never seen or heard anything like it.

      1. We call that a unicorn, as it doesn’t exist. But in this case, I might as well be shitting gold after cannibalising a leprechaun.

        1. As real as a train hitting you. And he’s no ‘alpha’, far from it. Nor is he rich and doesn’t have a good job.

        1. And I’m pretty sure that’s you upvoting your own comment, which is pretty pathetic.

        2. ” She doesn’t have any friends apart her sisters, nor is she allowed to speak to anyone or have any males on her facebook”. That’s a textbook definition of domestic abuse. Do you condone domestic abuse?

        3. Depends. If it’s a fat chick then… well I wouldn’t date a fat chick… Of course a slap or two, when required, never goes astray. It’s what women want. 50 shades and all.

        4. Didn’t have to explain nothing, she accepted that the slap(s) were required to keep her from going all female on me.

        5. That would be the First Set of Books. The Second Set says that even though half that stuff pretty much defines the way men are treated in a conventional relationship these days, the women aren’t abusing the men.

        6. Yeah, women are like children, they need their behinds spank, they need to be scream at, and they need to be slap around when they do something wrong, because if you don’t, you will be spank, scream at, and slap around for not doing it to her, sorry dawg, its mother nature, HAWHAWHAW!!! But don’t worry, I’m a law abiding citizen and MGTOW.

        7. So it is ok for women to abuse men and abuse kids, sorry your feelings are hurt, but women need to get their asses kick real good.

        8. Nope, if a woman is an abuser I feel the same way.
          You can think what you want, but you beat a woman, you are breaking the law. You are asking to get thrown in jail.

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        10. I want to show great work opportunity… three to five hours of work daily… Weekly paycheck… Bonus opportunities…Payscale of $6k to $9k /a month… Just few hours of your free time, any kind of computer, elementary understanding of web! and stable connection is what is required…Get informed more about it by visiting my profile>page

        11. I condone any agreement between consenting adults, you sad piece of shit. You think you’re some kind of male feminist or some shit, but you’re really a true misogynist–you think you know what’s best for each individual woman, and if a woman’s individual choices don’t conform to your rulebook, she’s the victim of “domestic abuse.”

        12. Hey folks, we have a resident psychiatrist here, you all need to thank him for giving away his advice here for free. He’s doing you all a favor. Cmon now

        13. agreed on everything here but the yelling. I think that once you are yelling you have let emotions seep in and once it becomes emotional rather than logical then you are playing their game.
          When a woman needs to be corrected it is important, I believe, that it is done calmly so she doesn’t think you are operating on her level.

        14. ” ‘She doesn’t have any friends apart her sisters, nor is she allowed to speak to anyone or have any males on her facebook’.
          “That’s a textbook definition of domestic abuse. Do you condone domestic abuse?”
          Are you saying you hate Islam and Sharia law? Are you Islamophobic? Don’t you support Sharia compliant relationships within western societies? If not, why not?

        15. Judging by John Pauwels’s comments, I expect he condones Sharia as long as it’s compliant with the law of the secular western state in which it’s being practised,

        16. You think this is abuse, you cocksucker? You can’t take this, how can you take the abuse you get on a sit?! You don’t like it LEAVE.
          You want to know what it takes to comment on ROK? It takes BRASS BALLS.

        17. Depends on what the definition of it is. In a sane comminity run by men I would put a stop to it for the sake of order.
          But what I definitely do not condone are treacherous white knight faggots looking to use law as a means to undermine other men.
          What goes on in any relationship is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
          Do I see you at the local family court protesting the destruction of me? Are you anywhere near divorcing women shaming them for selfishly deststrpying their children? Do you ever use your big mouth to tell the government to stop ripping off men?
          Of course you dont! Because yiu dont give a shit about any of that! Those people are powerful and scary, and youd rather pick an easy target for your bullshit morality.
          TL:DR you are fooling no won with your crap. And the white paint on your horse is flaking off.

        18. Nice guy? I don’t give a shit. Good father? Fuck you! Go home and play with your kids.

        19. I agree with you that wholesale abuse of women, or ANYONE, is wrong. But because it means the abuser has issues and is out of control. But as for “the law?” Hmmph! The crash of 2008 showed that “law” depends on what you can get away with. Cops are there for me because I’m not rich enough to have a gang of hired thugs doing what I need.

      2. Yeah I have a friend who was in a relationship like this once. She was not okay with the cheating, really; she looked the other way because she was so beaten down by his emotional and physical abuse. Eventually she left.

      3. He sounds beta as fuck, like he’s completely dependent on the girl.
        Either that or he is insanely weak emotionally and mentally.
        All good men uplift everyone around them. The only men who keep others on lockdown are those who aren’t capable of improving themselves.

      4. I wouldn’t say there is anything wrong per se with this, but it would annoy me. See, once you separate the girl from the world you need to fill the void you left. You wind up being the girls lover, best friend, advisor, father and a million other things.
        To me that is just annoying.
        Other people may like it or may even thrive on it, but I don’t have the patience to be a girls everything which you do by necessity if you are in a relationship where she doesn’t have anything else.

        1. Agreed. I pretty much treated my last gf like this. At some point I realized I wasn’t sure if I was capable of “loving” a girl like the way I always imagined
          Knowing this I realized also that her love was different and lacked any substance aside from emotional.
          When I realized this a cold indifference came over me and I basically stopped putting any effort into the relationship until she finally left.
          While I did feel bad about it, the truth is she wasn’t offering me much besides her negativity and jealousy and i grew complacent and even got tired of fucking her.
          I now realize that I am probably going to always be like this and putting any effort into other women seems like a real waste.
          It is a bit tedious and annoying to be someones “everything”.Even though she may want to see the man she “loves” as some kind of deity…the truth is we are just human too and having to invest so much with so little return is pointless from a pragmatic view.
          The last girl had no true friends…just a few from high school that stopped talking to her some months after we were together. She always had to be around me and got nervous/jealous when i was away or at work. What in the hell is the point of all that?
          To this day I do not know the answer so I spend time in more profitable endeavors.
          The older I get, the more amazed I am at the bottomless pit of both female stupidity/vapidity and male thirst.

        2. I have had many similar experiences to your last girl in my life. A lot of people have a hard time being alone. I, however, truly enjoy it. I often say that being alone is the only time I don’t feel lonely. Because of this I wind up meeting or attracting less than social girls sometimes and it seems good at first to be the center of their universe until you realize that being the center of someone’s universe is a big job with a very small or sometimes negative pay off.

        3. I too enjoy being alone. Question: how do you meet less than social girls in this type of environment?

      1. Try uploading a decent picture of yourself (typical MySpace pic optional) and wait a few days. Not discounting men you find unattractive, how many swipe rights will you get compared to a man of your age, weight, all those other factors aside?
        Men have been proven to desire sex for it’s physical elements moreso than women. It’s a natural byproduct of testosterone.

      2. Surely you jest, unless you’re 8 years old, then I’d have to say, beat it jailbait, the adults are busy.

      3. and you girl, seem to be oblivious of how the sexual market is working. You’re on the easy side of the game, so i guess it is easy to find us exagerating our statements. or perhaps you’re genuinely naive about this ?

    3. If she is anywhere near the 7+ range she has a bf and at least 4-5 betas liking every picture or stupid cheesy comment she posts on facebook.
      Doesn’t mean she won’t fuck you if you put the moves on, just a warning of what you are going up against.

    4. Another way to look at it, is that there are always guys trying to get your chick. They know she has a boyfriend (you) and they will constantly tell her how awful you are and how they would treat her much better.
      A man who will wait around for a girl to break up with her man is a dark soul indeed.

    5. Ha sorry to break it to you, but there are plenty of high quality women who see no need for ‘backup cock.’ But they’re with high quality men (hint: not misogynists posing as alphas).

    6. Women with a love for social media = problems. They have orbiters by the dozen. When a guy comes by who is: richer, more muscular, more handsome, taller, has a bigger cock…
      you’re not on place 1 anymore.

  7. The author said “fellating” (I normally say blow job and rare instances “fellatio” but “relating” makes me laugh”)
    Musical cocks

  8. Other day on a radio show there was a guy interviewed who wrote a book on how women can pick up guys by being more direct, etc. The host of the show (a self proclaimed feminist) carried out the interview “you go girling” and all that shite, he is a total prick and I regularly text in just to piss the guy off. He posed the question that the guys book was very mercenary and “where was all the love gone” blah blah. I texted in “you can thank feminism for destroying love between men and women” (exact text). The host went on to read out the text ridiculing what I texted. His words were, “how can equality destroy love between men and women”. This is the kind of sjw bollix that is pushed through the msm all the time here.

    1. Shes a virgin, went to a small private college (preferably all female), doesnt drink, has a science or tech major/degree….

        1. I would be more than happy with one who actually can cook at all (except of microwave and vegetarian shit).

      1. I don’t know. I like a girl who can carry on a conversation about art and books and things. Like, the girl who was an English major but realizes that it was a fun easy degree.
        All female college? Usually far leftwing.

    2. Has lived with her family for an extended period of time. Has a great relationship with her father and brothers.

      1. Relationship with father is key. Probe into this indirectly. Ask stuff like, “Have you ever taken your father’s advice about something?”. Her reaction will tell you lots. If she snarls and says “God no”, call it off.

    3. Yeah what the other guys said, and also loves children. Would never have an abortion. Speaks nicely, has a sweet voice, doesn’t swear all the time. Is kind to strangers and anyone she meets because she has a kind nature (not to impress anyone). Likes animals is a clue for me, and not in a weird obsessive treat-my-pet-like-a-child way. Just like she respects other living things and doesn’t want to kill everything or be deathly afraid of it.

    4. A very good question. The bar has been lowered to such a level that even most of them can’t even meet it. Stay fit, eat healthy (and prepare a meal), dressing a particular way, etc…
      Men don’t ask for a much from this new generation of women and they are still failing miserably at it. You can’t cook? How the hell do you feed yourself? It’s not being oppressive, it’s an honest question (and it’s something that all adults should be able to do). Women take pride, today, in ‘not’ knowing how to do shit (like a badge of honor). They make themselves look dumb by stating they won’t do things because they don’t want to be oppressed (by men).

      1. My wife (from Poland) said there is a serious mismatch in the USA of normal looking guys with way way way below average and straight up fat pigs for wives and girlfriends. What the hell is wrong with men in the USA that they stand for this?

      1. Interesting point about the smartphone. I got a girl’s number a few months back (unfortunately she didn’t follow through). She had never had a smartphone and was afraid of them, which puts her in .01% of girls. BUT she had a nose-ring. A likely sign of wholeness, and a likely sign of brokenness. Also, she went to Southern Mississippi University, which is famous for its sluts. Would have been interesting to find out where she fits in with all this.

  9. Watched “Wolf of Wall Street” again last night. I think every man should watch the scene about Ben Jensen, the guy getting blown in the lift by a skank, said skank goes on to suck off the whole office. Ben marries her then the next scene shows a bathroom with blood on the floor, and an arm extended out of a bath. Ben kills himself…..a short but oh so prophetic scene…….

    1. Scorsese knows whats up. I’d recommend any of his films if you want to watch something truly red-pill. He doesn’t sugar-coat anything.

      1. Kubrick is another. There’s hardly the smallest detail in a Kubrick film that doesn’t carry some red pill message or other.

  10. Does this work with women of all races or just white women? Cause if it’s the latter I’m gonna need another guide.

  11. #8 – another thing that it probably means – she’s banging other dudes. She’s either trying to throw you off the scent, or she will be banging other guys the first time you don’t give her what she wants. Broken spine? Better prepare to fuck or she’s on another cock. And she’s probably on one anyway for good measure. Women like sex, but be wary of nymphos. These women are tremendous fun in the short term, but no LTR is possible unless you are the type of weak beta that likes to make cuckold videos while a bunch of strange dudes gangbang your woman. It’s dazzling to have this level of sex, which is what these women are all about, but remember, if it seems too good to be true, it is.

  12. 13) “She says she loves pro football”
    What it could mean: She follows stats, dedicates Sundays to watching football and puts everything else about life on hold and actively talks about the sport on all social media outlets.
    What it probably means: She sort of understands the rules, she likes wearing jerseys and posting selfies on Instagram, she has no shame in indulging in the food and drinks her Beta brigade provides her with on Sundays and is all about being the center of attention during games while oddly seldom looking up from her iPhone as the sport she claims to “love” so much is on TV.

    1. Of course girls love all pro sports, its alpha heaven for them. Fit, attractive, rich men, its the equivalent of the Hooters swimsuit pageant for us.

      1. Quite true. And if they were honest about this I could at least respect their view. Instead you get to listen to them try to pretend to actually enjoy the sport as a man does, which falls flat on its face every single time I hear it.
        Just say you like rich alpha jocks in tight pants and be done with it toots. I don’t pretend to admire the intellect of Hooters girls or to try and care about the social struggles of strippers after all.

        1. I like hockey for the fights. That’s it. Nothing more. Two guys punching each other in the face is completely barbaric, except on the ice. Then it’s noble, justified, and fucking hot. Don’t know why, it just is. I just sit there praying for one of them to get jerseyed, which is the male equivalent of a nip slip. I know a lot of Canuck women who feel like me. Hockey fights are like women in tickle fights–doesn’t actually matter if the parties are good looking…we just can’t look away.

        2. I like Hooters for the tits….the wings are ok, too.
          Nothing is hotter than a good looking, younger woman with a tight shirt, nice tits walking out with a beer in each hand.

        3. It’s why I could never get into soccer. Just not physical enough. Supreme athletes, no doubt, but just not enough smashing for my taste. I do always watch the World Cup though, but that’s more about nostalgia than actual interest. My late father was a HUGE soccer fan. I honour him by rooting for the appropriate teams.

        4. That’s very disappointing. I thought most men went to Hooters to pursue stimulating conversation and have philosophical debates with the wait staff. Perhaps it was the restaurant name that confused me…the owl is reputed to be a stoic, intelligent creature. Just have one question for you: what’s with those awful orange shorts? I realise its not the focal point, but still, they look like they’ve just jumped off the set of some terrible exercise video from the 70s. I don’t get it. You’d think a restaurant chain designed around hooch would do a better job with the uniforms. Am I missing some irony or something?

        5. “philosophical debates with the wait staff”
          Yeah, that’s why I go….for the stimulating conversation with the wait staff. Like I said, I don’t give a fuck what they are wearing….nothing beats a pair of nice tits with two beers.

  13. All women are manipulative by nature, the only question is how often and to what degree. It really comes down to what you’re willing to tolerate as a man.
    For example: she says she “works in law”. You find out later she had an executive temp staff job in a law firm a few years back and wants to do that kind of work again, but right now she does retail at the mall. I can tolerate that, I don’t care as long as she’s figured out a way to pay the bills. Another example: she says she’s single without kids. You find out later she has 3 kids with her ex living in PH that she never sees. All credibility destroyed forever.

  14. its sad that you cant really return your affection by saying “i love you too” when they say it. if you do, then somehow she sees you as weak or she knows your caught in her penis flytrap.
    All modern women have backup cocks (and pussy, most of them are filthy bisexuals) on standby. The only time they dont is when they are post wall and their looks go to shit.

    1. I saw lesbo couple at the gym. One about average in looks, could potentially be dating men. The other repulsive ugly. Why would a woman want an ugly girlfriend even if she didn’t want cock?

      1. Why do insane people do anything? Who the fuck knows, it’s why they’re considered insane, they simply do not work by rational values or rules. Might as well ask why Sybil’s voice is higher than Janice’s voice between two personalities in one body, heh.

        1. I think the hot chick is a porn star and her “partner” is her manager. Don’t know her name though.

        2. Nah she’s a brazilian fitness model and that is legit her girlfriend. Or whatever you want to call it.

        3. Wait a second, just as long as the shrimp with tatoos doesn’t have a cock (and left the strapon home), it’s threesome time.

      2. i know a bi girl who dated lesbians before. All of them were ugly as a monkey’s asses. I don’t understand what is going wrong in those people’s heads.

      1. up to you. you could say say i love you too, but you run the risk of her thinking you are less ‘alpha’ then she thought of you.

      2. I say, “come over here”, and well, let’s just say I then “show her my love”, because as we all know, actions speak louder than words.

  15. “She’s well-traveled”
    Avoid overshare-volunteering (as in, giving you stories when not even asked) travel-braggy women. God only knows what when into what hole before taking their token Eiffel Tower selfie!

  16. Good stuff in this article; its a must read. Always be looking; complacency is one of man’s mortal enemies.
    I look at most things in life, especially women, this way: “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”
    That’s actually what the oncologist told us when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Sad that it’s so applicable to society and women in general.

      1. …aaaand this one is also a troll, except she stuck around longer and therefore likes us.

    1. Nice try at shaming…..not here.
      Yes, too many. Too much money spent and too much time wasted.
      Many men are seeing (for the first time) the real motivating factors behind women choosing a mate, a boyfriend, a husband…and it’s not pretty (it’s a woman’s ugly reflection). It shows how women actually ‘are’ versus the sugar coating that society (the feminine imperative) wants many men to believe in.

      1. You know, maybe if you have to spend $$ on your girlfriend to have her tolerate you, you might wanna look at yourself.

        1. Yeah, yeah….typical feminist bullshit. We’ve been very “fair”, understanding or even equal with women over the last how many decades to only have them constantly complain about “what they still don’t have”. How long must it go on? It’s fucking ridiculous.
          Thanks for playing and the door is fucking that way ——————————–>

        2. You know, if everything around you smells like shit, you should probably check your own shoe.

    2. Hmmm. Four-post Disqus history comprised of typical butthurt, single-line responses to articles s/he didn’t like, in which his/her insults moved from accusing everyone here of being a paedophile to an allegaton that no one here has any girlfriends. I smell troll.

      1. Honestly, you guys are hilarious to troll. Love it. You get soooo defensive, because all you do is complain about women, instead of going out to have fun and experience life as it is. Have fun studying your mind games with women, while I go out and fuck them suckers

        1. Someone who loves trolling is pretty much a narcissist. Why don’t you stop projecting your defensiveness and admit the butthurt? You’ll possibly grow a little that way.

        2. Hah. Got me there. Btw, theyre both grads of top 10 universities, who make 10x what you do in a year, and have done more with their lives than anyone on this forum ever will.
          Btw my girlfriend says hi.

        3. “Btw my girlfriend says hi.”
          Of course she says, “Hi,” to us. Now the question is how long it takes for her to say, “Bye,” to you.
          Although, in seriousness, you’re probably a woman, because you appear to make the typical assumption, that status has the same large influence on male sexuality as upon your own, that what you describe below is more desirable in a partner than things that men actually want (youth/beauty/fertility + loyalty/chastity/femininity):
          “Btw, theyre both grads of top 10 universities, who make 10x what you do in a year”

      1. Actually, 6-3 185. But thanks for asking. How about yours, 5-8 250? Might be nice to get off this site and go for a run.

      1. Currently do. And no, I don’t rely on mind games to have a healthy relationship, which apparently isn’t in your vocab.

        1. Judging from the fact that you take this website somewhat seriously, I know all I need to know.

        2. Yeah, you know it all, like I’ve got a terminal condition (I’m old already so dry your tears, snotnose), and this joint makes me laugh, the best medicine.
          Party pooper.

  17. You just don’t want any guy to date.. to date, find a girlfriend/wife.. to you it is all crap. OK do think so – but not all people share your view..

    1. There are many men who are still plugged in….we’re working on it (to get them out). They still believe in the bullshit Disney narrative and how women will (one day) find value (love) in them.
      Yeah, once they are done riding the carousel and hit the wall. Then, they’ll start looking for a provider (guy with a little money who can have kids with her). Many of these guys have bought into a system that does not serve them well (their best interest).
      Enough men are realizing (after going through the courts for divorce, alimony, child support, etc…) that it’s a fucked up system that works against them (not for them).

      1. True enough, but how many guys went through an ugly divorce that you know, and the wife came from a nice family and had 4 or more kids together (only from each other)?

    2. “not all people share your view”
      Irrelevant. And also argumentum ad populum, an intellectually dishonest debating tactic.

  18. Hmm. Some of this qualities I don’t value anyway. Why would I gaf if she’s travelled or educated? I don’t. Every slut in the world is both those things. Or spontaneous. Even cooking… meh. Not a biggie for me. Saying I love you also means little, it’s just words. Any bitch can say words.
    I do care if she’s kind (biggest one), easy going, likes to laugh often and likes to have sex with me. I care if she has a good body and pretty face. I want her to be jealous, because that’s normal if she cares about another person. Also that she took a bit of time to get to know me before having sex. Before I get into any relationship she’s gotta check those boxes.

  19. There’s a weird phase in your red pill growth where you hope all of the “what it could means” outlined in the article are true, that all of the red pill understandings are not true, but when you meet more and more women you discover that the “what it probably means” are devastatingly true 99.9 percent of the time. Hope there’s a nice girl out there (still a bit delusional), but I doubt she exists and I doubt I’ll be able to recognise her if she does.

    1. “I doubt I’ll be able to recognise her if she does.”
      That’s what I find sad about this site. Many of the guys here say they want to find a nice girl, but they’re so obsessed with the “red pill” stuff that they’re almost garaunteed not to recognise an awesome girl, or (if they do) they’ll almost definitely drive her away with all the cynical anti-woman bullshit. I know a lot of guys are scarred by their bad experiences with women, and I’m not saying that’s not fair, I don’t know what it’s like. But it does seem like many writers and commenters here are so obsessed with “seeing through” women and not being taken advantage of, that they’re not open to healthy positive real relationships.

    1. If you don’t want to date black men, that’s fine. I can’t stand the “black girl” attitude anyway.
      You’re one in a million sweetheart. Don’t flatter yourself.

        1. It’s so nice when you have a man who takes care of you and allows you to be in a position where you can be vulnerable, delicate, submissive and you can give yourself to him in every way. it’s a beautiful thing when a man makes you crave submitting to him, when you want to cook for and take care of him and have him touch and fill you every where on your body. to be connected with him, all because he makes you feel protected and he cares for you and he’s tender, yet firm…the kind of man who makes you yearn for him to give you his babies.

        2. here’s the problem. the above video doesn’t happen. i’m not racist but african american girls ain’t too high on the totem pole. drop the act. you know good and well that white (and Italian) men aren’t blowing up your phone. if you’re basing your happiness on this video or using it as validation you’re in a sad state girlie. if you don’t want to date black guys that’s fine. that’s your prerogative. but acting like you have a plethora of options out there including high value white men isn’t fooling anyone. you’re not delusional enough to actually believe that.

        3. Oh honey, Black women have more options than you’ll ever know. If you’re a good looking, intelligent black woman, you have plenty of options. Trust me at the end of the day when you’re in a relationship with a man who appreciates you, cares for you and protects you (something probably none of the men on here do for their women) and who you love and support and can trust, the last thing any one is thinking about when the lights go out…is totem poles… 🙂 well actually that’s not true I do think about totem poles. In fact, Black women don’t need to be on top of “societal totem poles,” as long as I’m on top of my man’s totem pole…and boy do I love getting on top of that totem pole *wink*
          Honestly though, I really prefer being on the bottom though if we’re gonna be talking about poles. 🙂

        4. I don’t really have a problem with all Black men btw, just ignorant Black men. Really ignorant men in general.
          There are some nice Black men out there though.

        5. exactly the type of stupid black man the article is referencing. thanks for validating that. 🙂

        6. Your fake confidence doesn’t give any more credence to your delusions. You’ve got the good looking part right, but men don’t give a damn about intelligence. A woman can be as dumb as a box of rocks so long as she looks good cooks good and isn’t a neurotic bitch. The totem pole is exactly what we’re thinking about when the lights go out because where you’re at on that pole dictates how many opportunities you get to turn out those lights. Just because you think you believe what you’re saying doesn’t make it true and at the end of the day you’re trying to convince yourself and you know it.

        7. *yawn*
          yeah keep telling me it’s not happening and I can show you 50 examples that say it is…
          telling someone “the above video doesn’t happen,” when they just showed you evidence to the contrary is idiotic.
          so wait… a minute, you’re in the heat of having sex…and you’re thinking about societal totem poles…you must not have very much sex or it must not be very good then…

        8. “The totem pole is exactly what we’re thinking about when the lights go out because where you’re at on that pole dictates how many opportunities you get to turn out those lights”
          now I see why you’re on this site in the first place…too busy thinking about totem poles in the literal sense

        9. So now you’re copying my responses. Awesome. I’ll give you the win because I’m 100000% sure you’re married to this perfect man you squawk about because you’re the best woman out there and the exception to every rule even though you’ve been raised in this country. Obviously the female entitlement doesn’t affect you because you’re special. I’m sure your “husband” would agree because he’s already put a ring on it and wants to be with you forever.

      1. I am going to apologize if my comments offended anyone. I really don’t have any problem with Black men (and I know people on here probably don’t even care) but it was hard for me to write some of the things I wrote about Black men because I don’t see Black men in general as all being the same and I hate stereotypes, but I had to respond to some of the rude comments and stereotypes about Black women that were made in another post by Donovan Sharpe, particularly 5 reason why i no longer date black women. its fine if you have preference, but the negative stereotyping is ignorant and it’s detrimental to everyone.
        I made some of the remarks I made about Black men and shared the blog that I posted because I wanted you all to see how it felt to be stereotyped, but it was hard for me to even bring up that post because I don’t like to hurt people and it makes me feel bad when I do that.
        So I just wanted to say that I’m sorry if the post offended anyone, but you all really should think about what you’re saying and stop stereotyping people.
        Not all Black women are materialistic, not all Black women have attitude, we are not all overweight, we’re not all ugly, we don’t all have 13 different children by 12 different men, and it is just rude and dehumanizing to put an entire group of people (all of their hundreds of millions) into one box and then say “they aren’t worthy of my love or respect,” JUST BECAUSE of the color of their skin…that is cold and it is mean and it is racist (whether you are black or not) and I wanted you all to experience how it felt to be put into a box, but I can’t bring myself to degrade a whole group that way, so I apologize.
        This article is terrible and put shame on the individual who writes something like that: http://www.returnofkings.com/50375/5-reasons-why-i-no-longer-game-black-women
        I am sure that none of what I said will mean anything to anyone on here though, clearly some are too prejudiced to see any other way…

  20. My girlfriend’s, “sense of humor” is something that I mostly ignore because she falls into the, “What it could mean” column for most of these points.

  21. Why do all you lonely losers hate women so much? Mommy issues, I surmise. Have fun reading all yer little articles to become “alpha” and hopefully get laid someday. Listen up morons, you think women are the weaker sex but you’re the ones who dedicate your entire pathetic existence to trying to “get some pussy” or even just trying to get an attractive woman to pay you any attention at all. Smfh.

    1. This is a classic feminist histrionic outburst. It is laced with name calling and personal attacks yet none of the few claims are backed up with an actual argument. The limits of PUA and excessive manosphere perspective are many but this is not offered; it is simply asserted that she is the enlightened one. And as with all who fit this archetype, no real work is ever performed such as writing one’s own blog and linking to it. Keywords: laziness, girls who live off their looks. This world view is the key reason real men do not take you seriously and adherence to this communication style will cause continued and recurring failures in business and interpersonal relationships. In the end, the most damaging trait of this female archetype is the inability to consciously acknowledge her own flaws and then take action upon improving them, the normal course of such a life climaxing with solo drunken trips to the “boulevard of broken dreams” martini bar at age 45+, balling to whomever will listen at closing time: “I just can’t figure out why i never found prince charming and how come life’s been so hard.”

    2. “Why do all you lonely losers hate women so much? ” We don’t. “Listen up morons, you think women are the weaker sex” Physically? Of course! But no, women aren’t “inferior” to men, they are just different and should try to be men (which is what feminism teaches). “but you’re the ones who dedicate your entire pathetic existence to trying to ‘get some pussy’” No, we don’t.

    3. I don’t hate women. I love fucking them, especially pulling there hair and spanking their asses while I’m at it.
      And I don’t mind chatting it up with a woman who seems cool and is fun.
      Women are definitely the weaker sex. This is a fact.
      Somewhere, at some point, some man didn’t put you in your place like he should have and as always, you grew up as another woman with a childish attitude.

    1. Why would we ever delete your comment? This way your failure as a troll is preserved evermore for us to laugh at.

      1. Someone must have left the door open.
        A serial cock carousel rider flew through it (Sailor Moonshine).

    2. Actually we wont delete your comments. Why would we? That is something only feminists such as Steve Shives would do…

    1. You shouldn’t come here alone sweetheart. It’s dangerous. These men will hurt your feel-feels. Didn’t your sisters warn you about this place?

    2. PUAs are winners, not losers. Men who don’t learn anything or make the effort for getting women, and believe that being “nice guys” is how you get women are “losers.”
      Of course, you’re a female, and assume free priviledge to judge & criticize all men and especially deem those you disagree with as being below you.
      Sounds like you need your uptight ass tamed a bit.

  22. “You, of course, know better than to reciprocate often responding with “I know,” or “Join the club” which only solidifies her feelings.”
    I thought you were supposed to say something like “I think you’re ok/decent/whatever too”, and then say it back the third time she says it. Then repeat per a 2/3rds rule.

  23. “She gave up the goods when and only when she was damn sure you weren’t a beta in an alpha’s clothing (read: PUA).”
    Guess I was the only one who found this extremely funny lmao..Can’t fake it, have to internalize it..

  24. 3. “She spends money on me”
    She has decided to dress you up like a Ken doll to signal to other women that you are off the menu. #1 sign of this is the pink shirt. “Oh, but you have to be really masculine to wear pink!” This is BS. The pink shirt indicates that a man is taken.

    1. A pink shirt indicates that a man is gay or is open to being gay.

      1. I don’t agree, or at least not exactly. I’m definitely masculine/muscular and my pink shirts get me compliments & looks from women.
        Of course, I can see how with effeminate men it just amplifies their “gayness.” Just a funny, laughable look in that case.

  25. “She likes it when your cock goes up her ass 9″ deep”. Means she’s your slave-bitch and you better take full advantage. You can take her money, her pride, her asshole and it’s all good. Enjoy!

  26. I met up with an old fb of mine tonight. I haven’t seen her in ONE month but i think she might have ate Kentucky, and all the fried chicken since.

  27. “She’s a woman”
    What it might mean:
    She is a woman who brings joy into your life and she enjoys that you are a part of her life, and all that entails in a normal, healthy emotional and physical bond between a man and a woman.
    What it probably means:
    She is a highly trained parasite who has been chewed up and barfed out by feminism; been completely brainwashed into thinking that men are the enemy and that men nothing more than useful pieces of shit. On the flip side she’ll come around once WWIII arrives and she begins to understand what it means to being Human; but when that happens I sure as fuck won’t give a rat’s ass by then.

  28. “The next few weeks go particularly well for the two of you. She seems to genuinely enjoy your company, she’s giving you regular sex, her femininity and kindness seem to be the real deal, and best of all your slut-dar hasn’t picked up any blips yet.”
    Where I come from, if she’s giving you regular sex (or any sex) within a few weeks of meeting, your slut-dar would be blaring and flashing red lights.

    1. I caught that too. I don’t think it’s beta though to figure out pua tools on your own in a journey of growth and self discovery. With self discovered tools, you hold the ‘key’ to their working and discovery. This enables you to pass on or be a teacher of what you’ve figured out. With the ‘key to the code’, you can then pass on your knowledge to sons and younger tribesmen as a learned wiseman of game. Of course you can also ‘can it’ and sell it to the many men blinded with ‘pussy-slopped-on’ eyes who are climbing out of the toxic emasculating environment.

  29. A telltale sign is the cooking- if she does it without making a fuss, does dishes, considers it her duty to her man etc. As an American male, if you help with any part of this or cook a bomb meal for her, it will just rocket her opinion of you. Real men own the kitchen, and can throw down mean meals to further shit test her woman’s worth. Keep those kitchen knives razor sharp for her & she’ll also not forget it. If your girl can’t burn, really she is also probably shitty at cleaning, appreciating small details of life, and laundry. People who live in poverty yet are morally straight have these principles locked down. (further edit, if she drinks Central American coffee black…)
    Something to consider, relationships that start slow & cold are often forged into something untouchable…even think of people from foreign background who have parents that met this way. Those that start hot & fast usually fall to boredom and wondering.
    OK if you haven’t caught the hint yet dudes, true blood Catholic Latinas are damn fine women & loyal to the bone. I ain’t religious, just know that white girls only want more more more $$ and Latinas are satisfied with real happiness in life. & love a gringo more than some blonde gold digging bitch.
    edit- Roosh nailed it in his essay of the unicorn, find a woman with a belief system who is young and pretty. Like finding a needle in a haystack, but you better know it when you cross it. They can be taken from virgin to cock monster, don’t worry, just don’t let the good ones go.

  30. What if you walk in the front door of your house and she’s spread eagle on the living room floor getting pounded by a rastafarian?

    1. Not good. But that reminds me of ‘doorway game’. The phenomenon known as ‘doorway confusion’ occurs when you confront someone exiting a doorway while you’re entering. The other person moves to the left as you move inadvertantly to the left also. Then both of you reflexively move to the right and a peculiar embarresment ensues. You can then sieze the moment if it’s a hottie. Continue playing the door game (left-right-left) as long as she can stand it, apologizing only once and then improvising with ”this is getting routine, it seems. Hey, why don’t we just go to the same place ?”

    2. Turn around, lock the door and find a woman who is not an absolute whore at the next place you pass. Easy peasy.

  31. Bitter post. At the end of the day everyone has to either find someone to reproduce with, or go extinct.

    1. That’s why neomasculinity is so important. To eventually give an opportunity to men to build their families. Because the current conditions, stink.

      1. I have to agree. Seeing a family member’s wife leave him and try to prevent him from seeing his child really just drives the point home further.
        As long as the courts are “Big Daddy” and women are enabled by their families/parents, the disaster will continue.

    2. Yea there is a lot of bitterness on this site, however with the current state of man, it is also mostly true to some regard. The odds of marriage and reproduction being a good investment is currently 50/50. So basically a coin flip.

      1. The odds of marriage being a good investment for a man is bad. The odds of marriage being a good investment for women is great.
        There used to be a time (in western society) when it was a good deal for all. Today, a man can work hard building up a business for years and have it all taken away (by the courts) just because the wife is “unhappy” (bored with life). Marriage really is a bad deal for young men, today.

    3. Then welcome to the “sure you fucked her, but welcome to raising some other man’s kid” point of view, chief.

    4. I consider it less “bitter”, and far more warnings. Having read something like this years ago would have saved me a hellish experience with a woman.
      I’m grateful and glad articles like this are being put out. Who knows who’s life he might help from being shattered?

      1. Many posts portray all girls as bad when people ultimately still have to settle on someone to reproduce with. MGTOW doesn’t work biologically, it’s a dead end.

        1. Yes, and you are basically reaffirming what are some fundamental ideas here and in similar men’s sites:
          – Many western women are not worthy of long-term relationships
          – It is possible to find those that are worthy, but not easy any more. And that may require knowing a woman from another culture
          MGTOW is not concerned with whether or not it’s a dead end. It’s men who no longer care to do the dance and deal with the risk of marriage and the hoops men have to deal with. I don’t consider myself MGTOW, but I understand their perspective.
          Not all men want to reproduce.

        2. We’re here on earth to reproduce. Guys who don’t want to are no better than fags. It’s giving up on life’s purpose.
          Finding girls of other cultures, all right so be it. It’s not an insurmountable task.

    1. For woman, zero is a clean garment. If there is a cum stain I discover on my brand new suit I just bought and I want my money back, why do they push me aside and hand her the money? Then she does it again. I’m starting to notice a pattern here. And she gets fatter. ”But don’t complain boy. She SUCKED you off like a demon didn’t she?” . . ”Yeah, right. She SUCKED the numbers right off my gold card.”

  32. “no visible tattoos or crazy body piercings” spot on! Whenever I see blue hair, tattos or piercings I next them straight away!

  33. Totally agree with the travel, I’ve met girls who are very innocent in their home countries and go on university exchanges or backpacking trips for a few months and come back with dozens of new notches.
    One girl I met in HK, she has only had sex outside of HK, she has fucked over 35 guys and all of them were from when she travelled abroad, she has never had sex in her home country.

  34. Very entertaining and eye opening. Gentlemen, raise your daughters right…so they embody all the characteristics from the “what it could mean” side of the tracks. That’s the best gift you can give your daughter – her MMV will be through the roof!

  35. This may be off topic, but any tips on how to interact with girls who have a different ideology/worldview than you? e.g. politics.
    I have no intention of committing to her.

    1. I can’t say I have a definite, solid plan yet, but I know I keep my “red pill” ideas quiet and never discuss them with a woman (unless she brings it up in a way showing agreement with what I know to be true).
      Also, on any point of contention I try to avoid the subject or pretend like I’m fine with it. Whatever you have to do to get what you want.

      1. Solid advice, thanks. Problem I run into is my pride. Hard for me to suppress my red pill principles. I have to do a better job at avoiding the subject and focus on what I want.

        1. I understand. It’s hard to know something so true, then be stuck in the middle of blue pill guys or with a woman and something relevant comes up, then having to deny reality.
          The Reddit r/TheRedPill guys often repeat the mantra, “do not talk about the red pill truths.” I understand why now.
          Women hate the facts that like those I see come up a lot (hitting the wall, unattractive single moms pursuing men, unattractive women having a lower SMV etc etc).
          Rather than risk rocking the boat I play along. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I would kiss her ass, just that I watch what I say until the situation allows for more, or play along if I need to.

        2. THIS!
          Part of my problem is wanting to expose people to red pill philosophy, and the dynamics and importance of gender roles. I thought about playing along but it made me feel like a hypocrite. However, the situation or game–if you will–is complex and very strategic. As a man navigating through the SMP and gynocentric society, I have to use every advantage available to me in order to achieve my goals.

        3. Yeah, I know what you mean.
          I believe one of the 48 Laws of Power philosophies covers this, too (at least 1, I’m sure more would).

        4. I actually finished reading the 48 laws of power several weeks ago. that book is extremely valuable. I need to skim through it.

        5. Me too. I bought the Kindle version to read on my phone, and it’s too valuable to not read again and really let it become part of my thought processes.

        6. Precisely! You have to apply the literature consistently to your daily life. The book contains many golden nuggets.

  36. 14. “We’re so intimate”
    What it could mean: You’re both on the same wavelength, and by same wavelength I mean you’re holding your frame and she’s into it.
    What it probably means: She’s (possibly literally) grooming you to unmake you. This will make you both miserable and probably occurs as a way to secure your commitment to her. If she succeeds expect a 1 in 6¹ chance of at least one of your kids not being yours.
    ¹ I’m not sure this is the exact figure but you get the idea

  37. You have to be pretty stupid to pick up a girl from cold-approach without realizing she’s promiscuous. Or wait…do you guys REALLY think you’re the first man she’s ever done that with? This is one of those funny “PUA paradoxes” that people don’t talk about often enough…you take a girl home from a club, for example, have a one-night stand and then you’re surprised 3 months later when it turns out she’s done it with dozens of other guys. Are you kidding me?

  38. This article sounds like a Cosmo list.
    If you can’t trust your girl when she says “I love you” then that says a lot about you and the women you choose.

    1. Plenty of women use those very words to imply faithfulness and honesty, yet are some of the most manipulative & damaged women a man will meet. Whether or not a man “chose” that.
      Haven’t experienced much in life yet, have you?

      1. “yet are some of the most manipulative & damaged women a man will meet”
        Right. Avoid those women. Why is this so hard for the red pill crowd?

        1. I agree with that fundamental statement, but the issue isn’t that simple (often).
          “Red pill” men often state how they ended up here and at other parts of the manosphere: after finding them themselves being “put through the wringer” with some woman who was terrible, not before.
          After understanding the warning signs and sure, after getting that hard-earned experience, yes it’s different. However, I can tell you from personal experience that some women don’t reveal themselves until a man has already invested himself with her, and he’s not aware at that point that he’s playing with fire being with a destructive woman like her.
          Sometimes a man’s over his head with what he’s dealing with because he’s too dependent on those old blue-pill beliefs.
          Ideally no man would get near or continue to tolerate a terrible woman, but we all know that’s not realistic. Being “red pill” means getting wiser and hopefully breaking those old thought processes/emotional weaknesses that so many of us were programmed with growing up.
          We put the words out there to share the information and hopefully help men heed the warning signs.
          One of the first ways I came to understand red pill truths was when learning about the experiences of other men who had been put through hell when dealing with a woman with B.P.D. (borderline personality disorder) when I was involved with a woman like that. That opened the door to learning more, as we do here.

        2. No, it is that simple. You can always tell a woman is damaged from the very beginning. There are red flags, and if you trust yourself you’ll see them.
          I think a lot of red pill men are stuck in a victim mentality. This article is pretty shallow and serves that bias. It’s like an article on BPD women for little children.
          Ultimately avoiding manipulative women is about learning to stop being manipulative yourself, and to learn to trust yourself and be more trusting of others. Then you will have an easier time seeing the red flags for what they are.
          For starters, you shouldn’t be dating women who drop words like “gentleman” on the first date. That was my first clue the BPD woman I dated was trouble. But as you said, her extreme behaviors didn’t manifest until later. But by then I already had a laundry list of red flags that I chose to ignore because I had to learn the hard way.
          That’s why I believe the simplest advice is the best: avoid those women. You already know them when you run across them.
          You just have to learn to trust yourself.

      2. It’s not about the words. It’s about all the other behaviors.
        Damaged women will show you are they are damaged. You just have to watch. Red flags come early and often. You shouldn’t be making it this far with a girl if you are paying attention.
        Seriously, if you’re at a point where a lying bitch is saying “I love you” and she doesn’t mean it, you fucked up real early by not paying attention to your gut.
        Mosy on over to my website, GetItGoing, you might find some helpful info on getting in touch with the intuition.

  39. I find it terrifying that so many women apparently behave like this. It is difficult not to feel ashamed of my gender, and myself since suh behaviours appear to be part of feminine biological nature.
    This is probably just an example of my seeking validation, but an you forgive me for being born without a Y chromosome? It was not my fault, but that of my mum and dad. 🙁

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