It Doesn’t Matter What Women Think Of You

There comes a time in every player’s journey–generally towards the very beginning–when he realizes that women’s collective perception of him is not favorable. Recall that most women will treat a man the exact same way as most other women, which is entirely based on how their vaginas feel around him. In that light, the young slayer-to-be has come to the realization that dry vaginas around him means loneliness, bitterness, anxiety, anger and self-doubt.

Being a male and therefore capable of connecting cause to effect, the young man decides to alter his presentation, body, haircut, belief system, and whatever he must change in order to more usefully impact the vaginae of his peers. If and when he does so successfully, he begins to live a life of sexual adventure that most men can only relate to because they’ve seen it in porn. One-night stands, 15-minute pulls, threesomes and bondage regularly. All without a shred of real commitment. Yes, now the young man is surely living the dream!


But change is a law of nature, and so eventually the young man grows tired of it. Depending on how far down the rabbit hole he goes, he may even realize the utter futility of attempting to find a suitable LTR in the modern dating and hookup scene. If he goes all the way to bottom of the rabbit hole, he eventually hits the Truth that trumps all others he learned on the journey:

Women’s opinions of you are completely meaningless. As mentioned, the only thing that interests them is your utility, measured by the frequency and intensity of vaginal tingles when they see or think about you (or, if you’re a beta male, measured by the amount of money in your bank account).

Whether they want to sleep with you, hate you completely or utterly ignore you, not one of those opinions is truly based on your character, your values, what you’ve accomplished, whether you are righteous or wicked, or what kind of man you are in general.

Eventually, should you attain a certain level, you will come to find that you would much rather spend time in the gym, reading books, playing music or working on your business than trying to “win” childish mind-games with women who will sleep with you a few times and then either move on become difficult.

And this is the point at which your game because even more focused and efficient–because now you are living in an abundance of yourself, which is far more important than an abundance of women. Abundant with self, game will become the shortest possible path between two points, with no extra effort exuded and it makes absolutely no difference to you whether she’s on board or not–so long as you find out quickly so you can either escalate or leave.


Then, once you have NEXTed enough women for slight grievances that earlier on your path might have caused you to engage in battle, an enormous weight will be lifted. The pressure to perform will be gone. It will be on women to impress YOU and not the other way around, and they can smell this truth in the air when they’re near you.

It is a myth that you need money and social power to think and behave like a king. That is the wrong order of cause-and-effect. In everything, mindset comes first and creates the results in physical reality. Many call this the Law of Attraction, which is true but only one small part of what is true.

And then, brothers, once your boundaries are drawn within and around yourself—then you will realize your rightful place in this world.

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170 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter What Women Think Of You”

  1. “Then, once you have NEXTed enough women for slight grievances that earlier on your path might have caused you to engage in battle, an enormous weight will be lifted. The pressure to perform will be gone. It will be on women to impress YOU and not the other way around, and they can smell this truth in the air when they’re near you.”
    This is one golden rule I follow.

    1. Well I suppose if you attain a high level of narcissim and lose the ability to empathize…this can probably happen. It just sounds like a stale, boring life though.

    2. Pretty much. If you worry about what every woman thinks you will get anxious and worry about looking bad if a girl turns you down. If you talk to 10 women and fuck 2 out of those ten you are an above average player. Do you give a fuck what those 8 girls thought while you fuck the other 2?

      1. And by fucking those 2, you have likely become more attractive to at least one of the other 8 that had no interest.

    3. It’s not as simple as not care what they think I’m afraid. Obviously you can’t “just be yourself” and expect to attract women, if “yourself” likes to wear propeller beanie hats and loud plaid pants after all. We are social animals, we have “caring what others think” wired into us to some degree in order to just function coherently with each other. I think a more accurate message would be don’t over-think or dwell on what particular people think. So chick X doesn’t like your cologne, well fuck her you like it, and later chick Y shows up and she likes it too. This is different of course than “I refuse to wear deodorant when out in public and my hair has never met a comb” which would be true “don’t care”.

        1. The manosphere, like anything else created and enjoyed by human beings, has to adhere to the Aristotilean Mean in order to have value, just like anything else does. There are extremes, and the sociopathic narcissism you can get to with some levels of manosphere teachings is as dangerous as going full blue pill beta and hoping not to get divorce raped while you’re slipping the ring on the 280 pound whale who “won your heart”. If you *truly* honestly don’t give a flying fuck what others think, regarding everything in life (as the article suggests) then you are on the fast track to either suicide or mass murder.
          Also, really, everybody except the true mentally ill will still give a shit what others think, or more accurately, have thought about them in the past. We all get our likes and dislikes because we were raised around certain people and experienced certain things in life where we learned to judge the value by other people (usually parents, family, priests, teachers, good friends, etc).
          Once we get to the point of locking ourselves in the oven and, because we no longer believe in God (He’s so gauche, dah-ling), we cannot even hope for Decartes deus ex machina rescue as we slide into the abyss.
          Not caring because some broad, or some mangina, rejects your choices in life is fine, in fact, preferable to caring about such things. Not caring about anything other than your own narrow views is so limiting as to be self destructive however.

        2. Do you wear clothes? Speak in your native tongue when talking to others? Not throw food at strangers in restaurants? Not randomly punch people in the face when walking down the street?
          Then you care at some level about the opinion of others. Disregarding legal consequences in all of the above (for any that apply), it’s doubtful any sane person would do those things no matter how much he might actually feel like he wants to. It is this restraint actually that shapes our humanity, as any animal can walk around nude, shit on sidewalks and attack innocent bystanders. It is in self control of animal impulses that we truly realize free will.
          As to women caring or caring that they care, yeah, no problem there, but if you actually want to have sex you will care at some level about at least basic things (hygiene, dressing in socially acceptable ways, etc). There’s no getting around being a social animal.

        3. I understand what you’re saying and you’re right.
          What I’m trying to get at though is that agreeing with social conventions because they are conventions is not good enough. There has to be some agreement within yourself. You have to agree that wearing clothes makes for a cleaner and more aesthetic society, that taking a shit on the sidewalk marks a person as having low standards for health.
          But to be honest I’ll sacrifice a sense of belongingness to stay true to what I really believe. As you said, unless you are a psychopath you will inevitably care about what other people think. But this is a drive just like any other. When you want to lose weight you tolerate a little more hunger, when you want to learn a new skill you tolerate a period of hard work.
          The trick is figuring out what really matters to you.

        4. Quite so. You are speaking of the Aristotelian Mean I was referring to initially. That’s really all I’m saying. My concern with “no judgment but my own” is that it leads pretty quickly to the same SJW mindset that tells us that fat girls are pretty because “they know they are pretty inside” and all the other psychopathic, atomistic bullshit we hear come from their Hivemind on a daily basis. “Transexuals are perfectly normal, they are special in their own right!” and other bullshit. No honey, they’re mentally deficient and quite likely insane, no matter what they think of themselves and their utter rejection of even their own chromosomes.
          Independent thinking and opinions without going hermit, seems the preferable path, heh.

        5. I prefer God’s ways over my own. Once you get that vanity, pride, and rebellion don’t do you an ounce of good in the long run is when true change can happen.

        6. “Do you wear clothes?”
          “Speak in your native tongue when talking to others?”
          “Not throw food at strangers in restaurants?”
          Well, not if it’s any good. I prefer to throw the furniture.
          “Not randomly punch people in the face when walking down the street?”
          OK, ya got me. I’m definitely choosy about who I punch in the face, although in my own defense I’ll point out that that has more to do with what I think of them, rather than what they think of me.
          And just in case there might be an element of doubt I’d like to point out that I’m a very serious fellow – sometimes.

        7. I might add that you “stop caring too much” about any “particular” outcome.
          You do care about the eventual outcome of the overall endeavor. Otherwise you wouldn’t be there.

        8. Good point.
          In terms of game its true, my best game is when I’m indifferent to the outcome of gaming that particular girl.
          But I’m not indifferent to the entire endeavour if I’m putting time into gaming chicks, or becoming more fit for example.
          If the overall endeavour is failing then I do care and need to respond accordingly.

        9. I consider what others think in relation to the consequences of actions and how they’ll be perceived. I don’t care in a personal or feeling sense, it’s strictly economic. Does running about with a machete hacking at people, eventually getting gun downed, take me to the ends I’m after? No. It’s not consideration for others, it’s not care, it’s not feelings. It’s cost and benefit. High risk and cost with little to no benefit isn’t my thing.

    4. Care about results. Don’t care about capricious judgment. If wearing a Gucci suit gets you money, glory, and sex, keep caring about wearing Gucci suits because you are caring about the results, not what women think.

  2. All you need to know about how stupid women are and why their opinion is worthless I can sum up in a quick story…
    Back in 2007 I was at a popular nightspot and I saw a group of black girls from Spelman College. I went up and tried to start a conversation and they blew me off and made some snide remark or joke at my expense as I walked away. 20 minutes later a white girl (solid 7 and I was sober) comes up to me and starts a conversation, we hit it off and start making out at the bar. The white chick decides to leave with me and goes to tell her friends she is leaving while I wait by the bar. The black chicks give me a shitty look and say “you know you are wrong for messing with that white girl” and act offended. I did not say shit and left with the white girl.
    The moral of the story is women are fucking stupid and care to much about what other women think. None of those black bitches wanted to give me the time of day, and only cared when someone else did. It would have been just fine for them after clowning me to watch me struggle and go home alone. Women’s opinion of you does not matter.

    1. Pfft, Spelman. Lol! I hate those bitches. Even the 5’s think they deserve Idris Elba. Fuck em.

      1. had to look-up idris elba there helmuth… side-note: your nephew really dropped the ball on The Great War you know. 😛

        1. Moltke the Younger most certainly crapped the bed. Had he followed the original Schlieffen Plan it may have turned out differently but history has already been made. Also, if you haven’t already, you should check out a BBC series, Idris Elba starred in, called Luther. It really is great television.

    2. The moral of the story is women are fucking stupid and care to much about what other women think

      Women can’t understand higher life forms (men), hence they need to check what other women think to make a decision.
      It’s a special case of group think.

    3. It’s a great article and essentially shows the end game of PUA / Player is PIMP!.
      Not some hoodlum running crack whores or the master of a high class brothel, but a pimp in mindset…. this mentality has been so discouraged because men with the pimp mindset are seen as a danger….
      The chicken and egg of being successful / abundant / wealthy, verses having the mindset of someone who is successful abundant and wealthy is most certainly a hard balancing act to get right. Many rich people have gone broke as a poverty mentality crept back in and they became stressed over maintaining wealth and success…
      Many poor people with a rich man’s attitude have failed due to lack of humility, over leveraging their ventures, attempting too much too soon and basically being impatient and over confident….. anything under too much pressure will fail or seem like a failure….
      Doesn’t matter if it’s money, women, professional pursuits or educational accolades, no one likes the arrogant prick… although you have to think like that on the inside….. otherwise lack of experience and under confidence keeps you in chains….
      It’s not necessarily the case that true success brings confidence and attitude – (plenty of rich rockstars having mental breakdowns and drug addictions) – however true success will bring a certain amount of respect, admiration and adoration and that will off course plays back into your confidence levels….
      Rich or Poor – it’s all a balancing act.

      1. Boom!
        This article is what most players should be! Straight to the point, no fluff, and comfortable in one’s own skin to not need the validation of any woman.
        Even your wife.
        The fact is, women are fickle creatures. So are men. As women go for a man with a bank account, or some level of attractiveness…men go for biggeer boobs/ass over character as well.
        Eventually, the wisest amongst us who slay the dreams of our opposite sex come to realize that it is meaningless. Yet, even if we have the sexiest, most character filled mate, the temptation to cheat with a hotter body is always present.
        One must be content if they are going to settle down with someone. Because you can always find bigger tits, tighter pussy, more lithe body. She can find a bigger dick, better abs, bigger bank account.
        But if you find someone who checks off most all of your boxes, and has no red flags, and walk away… damn well better have a lifetime full of young poon. If not, you are a fool. Like most of the women we trick.
        There is no morality in this modern hook-up culture. Merely those who can see it for what it is…and those whose hopes, love, and dreams will be dashed against it’s rocks.

      2. Agree and disagree with the overstretching. In simplest terms if you go out looking for a 9 or 10 (groom and dress accordingly) you might go home with a 7 or 8. If you go out for a 7 or 8 (groom and dress accordingly) you might go home with a 5 or 6 BUT you’ll never go home with a 9 or 10.

    4. I see black women more so than other races show their regret through disdain. They always think they can do better until you actually leave with someone else and they’re left at the bar/party/whatever with the friends they came in with and no men.

    5. The same thing happened to me here Chicago. I say hello to 3 black chicks. They proceeded to look me up & down, roll their eyes, and looked away. Within 10 minutes I’m laughing and joking with a cute Filipina, and they looked at me like they caught me stealing from the collection plate at church. No Fucks Given….

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    6. Dont pat yourself on the back too hard for getting a white whore. Considering,she is imundated 24/7 with the media myth of black male superiority, it is only natural for her hamster to go into overdrive and try to get a new status symbol from sleeping with a black guy.

        1. I hate to say it, but as a black man I have to agree with him. The majority of the time, white women only want black cock as a one time thing because of their curiosity of the BBC.
          All due to the media. It hurts my chances of a LTR with a decent woman because of it.

        2. This may be so, as a white guy I do regret that european traditionalism is dead… but this is the reality I was given, and that reality is lined with better poon in better lands. Its a cliche but it really is better in the east

        3. None of them are fit for LTRs, and even if they are they may not be ready for it in that moment in time. Bitches get dick thrown at them 24-7. You eat 2-3 times a day when you’re hungry but not every time you pass a place to get food.

        4. The Black bad boy functions as a novelty for most middleclass White women. Once they are ready for marriage and children they go White.

        5. …so true. I’ve often experienced this white flight female behavior (or been completely ignored altogether) and I’ve also witnessed WFFB with many of my most awesome buds. Women in general and white women in particular tend to be malleable, fickle and socially off center. But a weird transition often takes place once their pu88ies begin drying up with age and the kool white bros no longer get a hard on for them. Many of those biyothches seek the c8ck of non-white bros like a f88kin heat seeking missile—especially during the second half of their c8ck-carousel mission. Get that (kid or two later), freshly less-fertile shyt away from me. But for the most part, its obvious a may-day simp will bag it all day long!

        6. It kinda works both ways – black girls in my experience are most attracted to white guys. While there’s no explicit media agenda for black girls to pursue white guys, the degree to which this phenomenon occurs is due to the overall promotion of miscegenation, imo.

    7. I have had that same experience with black firls.
      Isn’t it interesting, with any women, that when you have women you get more women?
      It’s not typically like that with guys.

      1. I have always found that second point to be the case, and also very interesting. Almost like they need to see a guy is desired by others.

        1. They do…Women are the biggest followers for social proof. Guys follow it some what as well but with regards to those who take command. Sometimes with a woman who turns a lot of heads. But unlike women, we’d notice her whether we were the only head or a hundred guys broke their necks to stare.

        2. In simple terms, men know what they like and could care only a minimal amount what other men think of their choice. Women have no idea what they want or like and need other women to tell them what is attractive in a man. If I went completely crazy for a few days or a week every month I might need to cross check my opinions too.

    8. Got a similar story. Got aggresive with an older but fine woman at the waterski club. She rejected me and acted like a victim and thought i was a creep and a half… fair enough. I was aggressive and improperly calibrated.
      Two weeks later i brought a much younger and cuter girl with as a date. The shit eating grin on that womans face was priceless. I went from the worst kind of asshole to a respectable man. Her face said she totally forgot how she felt about me and told how much she respected me. While she smiled at me I just gave you a stone cold look on my face and shook my head like “you’re fuckin dumb.”
      Play on and slay on.

    9. The best way to hand a group of women is to completely ignore them. Don’t even give them the satisfaction of momentary eye contact, a smile, or anything more than the sense that you walked by nothing more appealing than a pig’s fart.
      When this becomes the majority response of women in packs, they’ll perhaps figure out that their illusion of strength-in-numbers and resulting bitch-synergy is actually detrimental to any one of them receiving what they crave most — attention and validation.

      1. I am glad to see the acknowledgement that this is not just a black girl thing but an all races common trait. I also appreciate the proposal of an actual solution to the problem. Good on ya.

    10. Jesus Christ, you are a fucking pantywaste. Please kill yourself. No wonder you need online help to get laid. Loser.

    11. Funny thing about black chicks. I almost exclusively dated them for years. Recently I have opened myself up to women of other kinds (Spanish and Italian currently). Whereas black girls can be quick to give you are hard time, these girls react with excitement and enthusiasm. What to make of that?
      I will say that white chicks seem to be a little sluttier though.

  3. I thank my lucky stars every day that I am a man. Im a tall well built male, but I would rather be a short, bald, blob of goo male then a Cindy Crawford female. F that junk.

    1. I believe there is a prayer that all jewish men are supposed to say first thing in the morning that says basically, “Thank you lord that I was born a man.” The older I get the more true this seems to me.

      1. He’s a government troll to get men vs women and hence divert attention from ongoing theft and what’s really coming down the pipeline. How else would he have time and the sheer volume of images he has trying to get men vs women. Paid trolls get paid good.
        And just in case he/’false friends’ under different accounts/etc try to defend yourselves, you can all go fuck yourselves, because when your employer is done with you, both he will get abandon you and the general public at large will hunt you down.

    1. I swear, the comments section of this site is top-notch. The problem with the Red Pill reddit is that with close to 100k subscribers, there’s too noise you have to filter out to read a quality post or something that hasn’t been said 100x.

  4. Most women’s thoughts are shallow and uninteresting.
    Just go talk to a woman and ask her some questions… 99% of the time they’ll run their mouths about themselves for hours on end… Talking about how this other girl is a bitch and how that other girl is a skank and how she is annoyed by this and how she is bored with that…
    Its the rare properly raised girl (or ugly girl frankly) who is going to talk about something at least somewhat interesting… Or knows how to continue a conversation or at the very least show some interest in asking you a question and getting to know you as well.
    Most women are fucking idiots who just think about themselves all day who gives a shit what they think?

    1. Well there is an art to asking questions.
      How’s your day? = boring stuff you could care less about
      What do you think about (insert subject you find interesting)?

      1. And when she finishes her soliloquy, calmly and unapologetically remind her that you asked her what she thinks, not what she feels. When you get past her immediate butthurt reaction by remaining calm and unapologetic, you’ll finally start to learn something useful about what’s in her head (if anything).

        1. You are forgetting that they are never finished. Their talk just goes on an infinte loop; repeating the same thing over and over. It reminds me of the man that is taken to a doctor by his wife because he has not spoken in over three years. the doctor finds out that the cause is being too polite; he was waiting for her to finish talking before saying anything.

    2. I can count on one hand missing 3 fingers how many women I’ve met in my life that truly had something of interest to say. I gave up on looking for that long ago. I believe it’s been stated on this blog or similar ones that you won’t get any kind of intellectualism from women which I agree with.

        1. One can still enjoy the company of a woman… But to care what she thinks about you is not a good starting point…

        2. Also @disqus_HP9YXnkYIN:disqus and @PrinceRevolver:disqus you don’t see men running around saying “I’m Alpha, I’m Alpha!” the way women like to over-overemphasize that they’re “independent”. We just show it, regularly. And actions speak louder than words, to sound trite. It’s so silly how women think there’s even any need to say that. I don’t know of any man dead-set on taking any woman’s independence from her (which would involve having to think about her too much anyway!) and never once have I encountered a girl and started thinking to myself “Oh I bet this one isn’t independent at all!”, you know?

        3. The unfortunate reality though is that you wouldn’t be able to afford a family on just a man’s income, unless he puts tremendous effort and years of dedication into being a 5%er.
          If you’re hunting for pussy than you don’t give a shit about a woman’s independence. But if you’re hunting for a wife then you kind of have to think about whether or not you can afford it. If she has no career prospects you better be ready for indentured servitude.

        4. I’m at a point where I can enjoy a woman’s company if she only says one thing and I don’t have to see her face.
          That one thing is “oooh oooh”

        5. 5 years ago I would have thought your statement absurd and overboard.
          I’m not quite at that point but I can definitely understand the sentiment.

        6. “And I pray, Oh My God do I pray
          I pray every single day, for a Revolution!!” –
          4 Non Blondes What’s Going On

        7. Let me fix that for ya, “But to care what they think is not a good starting point.” I might also add the wisdom I recieved from my father; don’t worry about what they think becuse they rarely do.

        8. It took me years of introspection and effort but I reached the point of not giving even one shit what other people thought quite some time back. It is hard to truly achieve, but worth the effort.

        9. Let me guess, someone who you were trying to impress or do good for fucked you over? Been there. Not going back either.
          Being a white knight ends in tragedy for the hero.

      1. God grants us a break as we age- we slowly lose our hearing, but at opposite ends of the spectrum, so as time goes on, you hear less of what she says and vice versa.

    3. I’ve had girlfriends who would get on such a roll I could put the phone down, go take a piss or get a beer and come back and she’s still going at it.

      1. You did that too? I love ROK! I wonder if they can tell when they are talking to space? I’ve taken showers, played games, written papers, even slept while continuing useless conversations.

    4. A Red Pill man who cultivates himself and works on improving his Game has little to say or hear from most women. By now, when I go into first-dates, I am able to sense, within 30 minutes, whether she is DTF and how much time/effort will I need. At the slightest sign of negativity or bitchiness, I eject IMMEDIATELY. I waste none of my time. Sometimes, I have stood up and paid my part directly to the waiter, left her sitting there. Years ago, I would never dreamt of having such self-love.
      That is to say, if I sense good-will in her, if she is nice, engages into conversation, and is open to my advances, then of course I continue, pay for the date, and do my best to give her the great sex we both deserve -that night or eventually-. The problem is that you have to look for such women among the hordes of cunts among the modern females.

  5. Excellent article.
    From “Uncle Mistral’s Field Guide”
    1. Have an “abundance” mentality. I see too many guys who act like the woman they are talking to will be the last woman they will ever talk to. This is a grave mistake.
    2. Be ‘Outcome Independent’. If one girl doesn’t work out, the next one will. What’s the worst thing a girl can say? “No”? So what? It’s not like she’s got the only pussy on the planet. One-itis is the Waterloo of many a modern man….
    3. Build a Better Beast. Take actions and put things in place to make success easier. Get fit. Stay fit. Learn a language. Start a business. Travel. Learn to play an instrument or a cool sport. It will build your confidence and make it easier for women to find you interesting.
    4. Don’t Pay Attention to What Women Say. Understand what they want, and give them that. They say they want an ‘nice guy’ but they have ten of those in their Friend Zone already; what they want is a guy who is indifferent to them, really, and doesn’t put up with any of their shit.
    5. Fear No Evil. I don’t even remember what approach anxiety was like, anymore. Your audience (the chick and anyone around you) will absorb the tone and vibe of your presentation. If you’re nervous, they will pick up on this, if you’re cool and calm, they will be also.* Way back when, when I was a law student, a professor once asked the class some heinous 10 minute question, and then called on me for the answer In Front of God and Everybody. The kid next to me actually said, under his breath,“Thank God he didn’t pick me!” So I said, “Professor….even *God* doesn’t know the answer to that question,” and that broke the tension and everyone laughed. If I’d displayed fear or anxiety, the pucker factor of those around me would have shot way up. That’s bad enough in school, but will kill you with girls.
    Now go forth and SLAY!
    À bientôt,
    *Note: this does not apply to the No Man Having, Cockblocking Cunt Friend, who has to ruin everyone else’s fun. Either have a wingman at the ready to dive on that hand grenade for you, or have a couple of missiles ready to launch– Here’s one from the Archive:
    Cunt Friend: [undifferentiated rage b/c she was ugly and bitter.]
    Uncle Mistral: “Why are you so crazy-enraged, honey…did someone drop a house on your sister?”
    CF: [Sputtered and then announced, LOUDLY, that my parents weren’t married when I was born]
    UM: “So wait, I just give you the Ruby Slippers and you go away and leave us alone?”
    You may not be able to overcome the cunt friend, but sometimes slaying the dragon is its own reward.

      1. LOL. It’s a work in progress that I keep scattered over the comments section of RoK. I should probably collect it all in one place, some day.

        1. Oh lol, I wanted to read the full thing. I mean it makes sense. Unfortunately I do suffer from the first and trying to break myself from it

      1. Absolutely true! At this point, I basically piss confidence, so I don’t think about it. And maintaining Solid Steel Frame is essential. You frame must be stronger than her frame, otherwise, you’re dead. You lead, she follows.

        1. There’s just too much involved with meeting/fucking chicks for me to give a shit any more. Game, text game, having money, controlling the frame, super confidence, body language, cock-blocking, false rape accusations, just to bed a chick who will do nothing but take your money. Women hate men today. I can’t tell you the last time a woman cooked dinner for me. Fat, foul-mouthed, in-debt, and clueless except for the Kardashian news.

        2. What’s crazy about wanting decent pussy? What, you actually thought by “prize” I meant marriage?
          Fuck that noise.

        3. The want isn’t crazy. I’ve been there and in some ways am still battling back from that setback. Still may choose marriage or something as I wish to have a son. Maybe other kids too. Boldly entering a second marriage and seeing the nature of women play out is pretty intense.
          I know many men who went through one and have since opted for simple pleasures like hookers, business creations, and artistic pursuits.

        4. For some guys, it’s not worth the effort. I totally get it, and that’s fine for them. That said, they may be fishing in the wrong pond….

        5. That’s the reason I did it twice. I really wanted a family. But after the second went tits up, I’ve come to the realization that it’s not possible anymore with modern women. At least in this country.
          I plan to enjoy being single and dating & making sure my kids don’t get completely fucked up by their millineal mothers.

        6. Unless if you remove your biological imperative, learning some game is helpful. If you have a life you enjoy, you’ll be alright with women. It isn’t a competition with every other guy in existence. Women don’t hate men. Except the feminist. But they hate themselves too. Just look for an area where the women are receptive to you and build from there. Rock concerts get you attention? Go there. Your office building has hotties nearby that pay attention to you? Get with one of them. No reason to give up your God given right as a man to dominate your desires instead of being whipped by them.

        7. Women in America are very hypergamous. It is a constant battle in which many are told they deserve something they could never earn. This is a tough age to get married with sexuality being unrestrained and resources equally spread.
          Good luck with your children. Being an aviator, you have a solid supply of resources. That was a smart call for a vocation. I wish in my teen years I had knowledge of what I looked forward to doing day in, day out.

        8. You really must get out of the anglosphere and see the rest of the world. After that you will never want to spend one second with a western woman ever again.

        9. I grew up with 6 sisters. I have been married 4 times. I have bedded more women than I can remember (that is one way of saying I am older than dirt). If you think that only feminist women hate men, then you are deluding yourself. All women have an innate hatred of men based on their well-earned inferiority complex; it is just feminist that get in your face to tell you they hate you.

        10. I was very fortunate. One, I am old and had a shot at the white picket fence before it became impossible. And two, my second wife died, so I got 100% custody, 100% of the time, for 4 of my 6 children. I believe that now a days that this is the only way for a man to actually have children, except for maybe surrogacy.

    1. Yep,…that first one out the gate is crucial (abundance mentality). Don’t try to grab on and hold on too tight to the one. You should always act like there is another one (woman) coming around the corner. This move, alone, should pay off and set you on the right path.

      1. I do say, from time to time, that “All the young men are my sons”. Even though I am apparently the “Dutch Uncle” to the Manosphere, now, I’m still going to say it that way because “All the young men are my nephews” sounds a bit too much like a party at Rock Hudson’s or Roy Cohn’s…..

    2. I have found that a simple, “Why is there always one girl in any group that feels she has to protect all the others from meeting a man, and why is she always the most unattractive?” Not neccesarily 100% effective, but always 100% satisfying.

      1. When a girl is rude to me, I sometimes use a firm “Make it stop. Make it stop.” as if I were talking to a tardy child. In that situation, condescension is your friend.

  6. I have news for you, gents. Neither self-worship nor the relentless pursuit of pudenda brings us lasting or deep fulfillment. Just like confidence with women is useful, improving yourself is an inherently good thing, but it’s a means to an end. Self-improvement is not the goal.
    If you follow this rabbit hole in a search for meaning, you’ll find disillusionment at the bottom just like you did when you chased pussy nonstop.
    Pursue wisdom. Learn from those who have gone before us, and you’ll begin to clear away the fog of modern life so you can see the point of our existence. Do a quick Google search for “ Bible Iliad Twain Dante” and look for the reading list posted by the odd but perceptive guy who calls himself GBFM. You’ll be happy you did.

    1. That was an epic post by the one and only GBFM. Thanks for the link. Here’s an epic lozlolzolzolzolz in honour of all great men!

  7. I’ll take this a step further and say it does not matter what HUMANS think of you. If someone isn’t blood-related then for the most part (and only in special circumstances of YOUR deciding) unless they write you checks or have some other form of financial dominion over you whether they even live or breathe is irrelevant.

  8. Women’s opinions of you are completely meaningless. As mentioned, the only thing that interests them is your utility, measured by the frequency and intensity of vaginal tingles when they see or think about you (or, if you’re a beta male, measured by the amount of money in your bank account).
    Whether they want to sleep with you, hate you completely or utterly ignore you, not one of those opinions is truly based on your character, your values, what you’ve accomplished, whether you are righteous or wicked, or what kind of man you are in general.
    No truer words were ever spoken or written.

  9. Excellent article. This is something I have been pondering on lately. I have come to realize, as the author touched on, is that the further you progress in game the more it seems to loop back to the beginning. It’s all about Frame Control. You realize the Game whether it’s used with women, business , or relationships is all about Mindset. Seeing yourself a certain way, believing until it becomes Truth. Is where this whole thing starts and ends. Once you truly embrace this, the possibilities become endless.

  10. The union of the article epitomizes in this statement: “and they can smell this truth in the air when they’re near you.”
    “It is a myth that you need money and social power to think and behave like a king. That is the wrong order of cause-and-effect. In everything, mindset comes first and creates the results in physical reality.” <, some of the strongest words of wisdom on ROK I’ve read !!

  11. It is a feminine trait to react. Men act and are not acted upon. Unfortunately, today’s habitat rewards men who react rather than act. The young teen who goes out and shovels driveways gets a citation from the police for not having a business license. The young man who sits by his phone all night waiting for a text reply gets the girl. And yet, while it may not get women like it used to, like its supposed to,being proactive is still rewarding.

  12. Great article such an uplifting message.
    I love Inner Game articles, I believe that’s what men need before anything.
    To start your roots to grow into an Oak Tree.

  13. It really is difficult to give a fuck about their opinions anymore; it’s shrug-worthy at best. When a girl tries to shame you, tries to manipulate you, or tries to drag you into any other nonsensical wastes of time, just imagine your 10 year old niece, cousin, sister, or whoever calling you a poophead and treat the situation as such. There you go.
    Once I climbed out of beta world, overcame my depression and confidence issues and focused on my mission, I began to view female drama as just noise that should be ignored. PLACE A HIGH VALUE ON YOUR TIME AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW.

  14. For years I was striving for female acceptance. I was trying to be accepted by them, and be considered “attractive”. What I gained from it? Nothing. Today I no longer care at all about what women think of me. I don’t care about their acceptance of me. And IMO, this is better this way.
    Women are not worthy of trying to gain their acceptance. First they are dishonest. Behind the political correctness and lies, we never know what they think really and never will. So they might say they prefer a certain man, while in reality it’s a lie.
    IMO work toward being an alpha male and this is how you will attract women. The men who are not scared of anybody, not shy and who can look at others in the eyes will have success with women, regardless of their appearance.

    1. “For years I was striving for female acceptance. I was trying to be accepted by them, and be considered “attractive”.”
      And the question you have to ask yourself is, what is the difference between this and asking women what to do, to control your life as if you were their puppet?

  15. Yep. True. It hurts so much when one girl you’re into treats you like shit, it’s easy to think you therefore are shit.
    Years ago, after my worst break up with a total soulless bitch, my self-esteem was crushed. I felt like nothing. Lucky before I jumped in front of a train I hooked up with this other girl who was the sweetest nicest little thing. She’d give me massages, enjoyed being with me, appreciated me, said I made her so happy blah blah, but I felt like she must be lying about it. I was so damaged by what the other bitch thought of me, it took me a while to understand this one didn’t see me like that at all. In fact she thought I was so fucking perfect I had to ditch her in the end it was tiring.
    Point being, like this article says, what chicks think of you is not the truth of who you are. What chicks think about anything is complete bullshit 99% of the time. So don’t ever let it affect you.

  16. “I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of ‘Women’s Rights’, with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to ‘unsex’ themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings, and would surely perish without male protection.” — Queen Victoria, 1870

    1. He does. It is His will that we arise from this present darkness and restore order and harmony to primarily ourselves, and through that, into material manifestation in the outer world.

  17. Great article. Indeed, every man needs reminding that it’s folly to desire the approval of such laughably inconsistent and illogical creatures.

  18. Women are the weaker sex, but you pickup artist losers waste your pathetic lives reading articles online to become “alpha” so that hopefully, one day, a hot chick might give you the time of day. So who’s the weaker sex again? You bitter, beta, pussy chasing retards..

    1. In another comment on this website, you encouraged another commenter to “kill himself.” As if that weren’t reason enough to discount and dismiss your opinions, you refer to yourself as a “faery princess and rainbow enthusiast.” So, while I must admit I went back and forth on whether to put you in your place or rightly deprive you of the gift of my attention, I decided in the end it’s worth it to all other readers to know exactly what kind of person feels the need to come onto male territory and start slinging around insults.

    2. You are so transfixed in the faults of others that you seem to only live your life in the faults of others, much like the “bitter, beta pussy chasing retards” we presumably are.

  19. Keep deleting my comments, losers. Women are weaker, yet you all are slaves to vagina.

    1. You dumb fucking asshole. Clean yourself up and maybe, if you are lucky, a quality man will give you the opportunity to have a nice life someday.
      Meanwhile, back to XO you go, dummy————–>

  20. “Whether they want to sleep with you, hate you completely or utterly ignore you, not one of those opinions is truly based on your character, your values, what you’ve accomplished, whether you are righteous or wicked, or what kind of man you are in general.”
    This needs to be drilled into every male mind from the age of 5 upwards .

  21. “Eventually, should you attain a certain level, you will come to find that you would much rather spend time in the gym, reading books, playing music or working on your business than trying to “win” childish mind-games with women who will sleep with you a few times and then either move on become difficult.”
    I wouldn’t have believed this when I was younger and psychologically wrapped up in chasing skirt. Now that I’m older I am prepared to say that this just might be the most true thing ever said on this site.

  22. so this girl my friend had been seeing on and off was getting too needy so he sidelined her and gave her some space. She is a digger and player too so she sees him this past weekend and tells my bud this new b.f she has been seeing has bought her a new car, put her up in a big house and has been showering her with all sorts of bling. Chik actually admits once the house is in her name she is going to leave him !!! Hearing this I was personally kind of horrified but realized the many truths here at ROK are their doing not ours-this example proves it..!!!. In the next breath my friend says good for you, nice knowing you and tries to leave thinking she is telling him to fk off since he ignored her…. He never made it to the door, she banged him that night and so much for the beta chump and his big bucks… Spend no money on them give them as little as you can and they will love you for it. A good lesson for Valentines day.

  23. So accurate.
    I was a “loser” and “strong personality” women were exceptionally critical as were guys. I sloewly didn’t give a fuck. Losing weight and getting style I’m getting hotter all the time. Suddenly same bitches start complimenting me. You got to look fit, be an alpha, be cunning and not give a fuck. Now I avoid issues at work. I’m distant as fuck esp form the fat sluts but they thnk i’m a ‘good guy’ lollol. Being selfish, shallow and apathetic is doing me good.
    I think of uppity bitches like this. Deep down that woman is a stupid insecure bitch. She’s probably sucking of a retard or whoring around. I just see them as sub par fuck meat and nothing else.
    I’m getting awesome and so should you

  24. YOUR opinion of you is what really matters. The last thing you need to worry about is what women think of you; they change their minds constantly and most aren’t very bright anyway.

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