Barbie Is The Perfect Role Model For Little Girls

Feminists claim that exaggerated beauty standards are toxic towards women. They point to Barbie as the supreme patriarchal oppression propaganda for little girls, no matter how often Mattel makes empowered versions of her. Doctor Barbie teaches little girls that women can both be sexually attractive and have a high-status career—as opposed to something embarrassing like an electrician or Applebee’s manager. Barbie has it all, even though she can never convince Ken to settle down and give her a baby.

For feminists, what bothers them is that Barbie is beautiful. Feminism is an ugly ideology that overtly seeks to glorify both inner and outer ugliness. They claim that Barbie and other images cause girls to be so obsessed with their appearance that they turn to eating disorders. Furthermore, Barbie’s physical proportions are so unrealistic that she would be dead in real life. To them, Barbie represents a vile standard of beauty.

Barbie Is Not A Standard

This claim of being a standard is a great misunderstanding. Barbie is not so much one to be copied as she is a hero in the classical sense of the word. Barbie is an over-man to little girls. She transcends reality and inspires admiration. Like Theseus for the ancients and Batman for today’s boys, Barbie goes beyond what a normal person can do. Barbie is not a standard; she is an ideal. She inspires aspiration, not imitation. Barbie is the modern Aphrodite.

Nor is this a double standard. Little boys idolize Wolverine and He-man. They play make-believe to be like them. Little boys know they will never be as strong, fast, or accomplished as their heroes, but they play pretend just to have a little taste of that glory. Through these heroes, little boys learn to aspire to be their best. This finds its way into youth sports and education.

Little boys want to be as fast on the soccer field as Achilles or Flash is on the field of war. If public school was actually engaging to the mind, little boys would strive to be as quick-witted on their tests as Odysseus or Spiderman is in battle. Little boys view professional athletes in the same way little girls view models and pop singers.

Even little children know androgyny is to be avoided.

Even little children know androgyny is to be avoided.

We all want someone to look up to. We all want to worship a person greater than ourselves. And most importantly, we want that person to have some kind of similarity to us. Many people—particularly in rural areas outside of North America and western Europe—have a heavy adoration given to particular Christian saints. Even Muslims in the near east have a deep reverence for Saint George.

Saints are the exaggerations of what it means to endure resolvedly through difficult times, the ultimate ethic of Christianity (as opposed to the feel-good “love” that is preached today). Reading some of these saint stories, whether eastern, western, recent, or ancient, one soon realizes that many of these people had severe emotional instability that is often confused for holiness.

That is of no consequence, for what their idolizers truly desire is someone to exalt above themselves. They want someone to imitate even if only as little as they are able.

Barbie Should Be Aspired To

If characters like Indiana Jones are the apex of masculinity, then Barbie is the same for femininity. She is beautiful, intelligent, domestic, social, gorgeous, hard-working, wealthy, attractive, outgoing, healthy, confident, pretty, talented, lovely, has great tits and hair, accomplished, alluring, charming, elegant, unblemished, graceful, and committed to only one man. The same is true for most of the 20th century Disney princesses, despite the spike in feminism during both’s heyday of the 1990s.

Little girls want to be like Cinderella because Cinderella is desired both for her beauty and her mind. On every level of her person, Prince Charming wants her. It does not matter to him that she is the equivalent of a beta as a dirt-poor servant girl. Cinderella is beautiful and graceful, and that’s all that matters to Prince Charming.

Cinderella is a pleasant person to be around and has a heart full of kindness. Prince Charming was the first person in Cinderella’s life who ever made her feel like she was wanted. How could she not fall in love with him?


Both sexes are impacted by fascist beauty standards. Men have to grow muscle, which is a journey that is painful, expensive, and filled with misinformation. And if he’s under six feet tall, his chances with women are drastically cut no matter what his other characteristics.

Women on the other hand have to buy an exercise video and keep their hair long. I suppose make-up can be time-consuming, but fashion is not nearly as expensive as women like to claim.

Exaggerated Beauty “Standards” Are Beautiful

I’ve written before that most men don’t actually want a woman who is so skinny that she looks unhealthy. The sunken eyes, the skin that one could swear was translucent, the weird sag in her features, the lifeless hair. Eating disorder girls are not attractive.

Despite her long hair and otherwise pleasant face, 2/10 WNB.

Despite her long hair and otherwise pleasant face, 2/10 WNB.

It would be both mentally and physically unhealthy for a man to obsess about achieving the impossible body of Beowulf. So if Barbie and Aphrodite inspire women to turn to unhealthy practices (like eating disorders or fad diets) in a way that He-man doesn’t to men, then what does that say about women?

Either it is a lie that strict beauty standards cause women to obsess at the risk of their own health, or it is manifest that women are mentally and emotionally inferior to men. If media is so damaging towards women, and if little girls are unable to want an ugly doll, then is it best to keep them outside of society in general?

Of course that’s not what I’m actually advocating. My point is that exaggerated beauty “standards” are not harmful. Feminists would have you believe that there is a binary choice: A woman can either shove her fingers down her throat or she can be comfortable being overweight.

In reality, this is a spectrum, and the golden medium is called “growing up.”  Both anorexia and fat pride are shortcut cheats to beauty. Mature adults achieve what they want through hard work. Nothing says “strong, empowered woman” like diet and exercise to keep a good figure, and that is the kind of self-discipline that men are attracted to.

The face that launched a thousand blog posts.

The face that launched a thousand blog posts.

Also, notice that the picture of Aphrodite at the top has a little bit of a belly. Golden moderation.

Drawn To Escapism

Since leftists assume kids are unable to tell fiction (toys and television) from reality (almost everything they encounter), the feminists have made a new alternative Barbie. You can give her acne, scars, stretch marks, and trash tattoos. Personally I want to see some eczema scars on that tramp. That’ll make her just like my wife, and since Blairina is perfect as is, of course I would want a second one in doll form to replace her with.

Kids don’t like entertainment that is realistic. Children want escapism, exaggeration, and utopia (c.f. every toy or movie made for kids during the 20th century). Kids are attracted to perfection, and the older they get, the more they sense that they won’t get it from the world.

Escapism is the only entertainment that has ever sold. The fantasy and sci-fi genre developed off of European folktales collected by people like the Charles Perrault. The panty-wetting romcom was not invented by Hollywood, because Goethe had women literally killing themselves in the 18th century.

Action flicks and violent video games go back to the Iliad and on through historical fiction and folklore like King Arthur. The lyrics in music are just romanticizations of life emotions, whether a bad country-pop song in 2015 or an anonymous coal miner song from 1875.

Why Beauty Standards Are More Stringent Today

I’ll grant that beauty standards formerly valued women who were slightly more plump. There’s not as much difference as people today claim, but there has still been some change.

It is widely claimed that people used to value overweight and pale women because those traits were signs of wealth. However, I’m skeptical. After all, arts and entertainment were always geared towards the top 1% before the industrial revolution made it inexpensive to produce, meaning that the elite were more easily able to avoid images of poverty. I don’t buy the narrative that society used to value obese women or that most people in all human history were on the brink of starvation.

My guess why beauty standards are a little more demanding today than they were 100 years ago is because today women are ugly. They are overweight, they have bad hair, they lack social grace, and they think hideous products are fashionable by sole virtue of their popularity. Women and little girls know this instinctually and over-correct through their fantasies.

Perhaps little girls love Barbie and Ariel so much because they see how frumpy mommy and their teachers at school are. Females have an innate need to be surrounded by beauty.

An ugly purse coveted only by ugly women.

An ugly purse coveted only by ugly women.

If our world today—with its ugly people with ugly faux personalities buying ugly faux merchandise from chain stores and eating ugly faux boxed meals—If our world today is so ugly, then I would wager that this inescapable ugliness is what causes little girls to search ever harder for beauty. We live in a society of plastic and look-alike wood. Perhaps it is not a great mystery that Disney made such a strong recovery in the 1990s when feminism was at its strongest.

Despite their questionable morality, Disney cartoons are truly beautiful for all ages. And when little girls grow too old for princess stories, they turn to romantic movies and novels full of beautiful people with beautiful creative careers working in a bakery or advertising firm. And when they grow tired of that, they turn on the tv and watch beautiful people doing beautiful dances or singing beautiful songs on competition shows. And during the day before those shows come on, they watch shows about how to have beautiful houses or beautiful food.

Women just want to be beautiful and have a beautiful life. Barbie gives them the inspiration to achieve their dreams. Then feminism sweeps along and tells them to remain stagnant.

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129 thoughts on “Barbie Is The Perfect Role Model For Little Girls”

  1. Barbie, or Raggedy Ann? It’s pretty clear which role model these repulsive feminists prefer. Lindy West is basically a living breathing embodiment.

        1. Cabbage Patch dolls are babies and infants, and healthy babies and infants are nice and plump.

  2. I disagree with Barbie as a role model only because it’s a consumeristic bullshit thing. Barbie has lots of stuff, needs lots of stuff really, to be “happy”. This is a toxic ideology.

    1. To expand on that: He-Man has the tools to save the kingdom, Barbie has tons of useless shit for no other purpose than status. A little girl’s version of keeping up with the neighbors if you will. Ken, himself, is a neutered accessory that exists to provide Barbie with useless shit at best.

      1. Which goes to show the predatory female. Ken is just a tool or accessory. He is no different to her than that Corvette she rides in with Ken as her chauffeur.

  3. My girlfriend played with barbies and is in medicine. She absolutely knows how to put herself together…but she’s learned it through YouTube videos. She laments that her private education did away with Home Economics and is currently learning how to sew.
    But she is not gifted just in her mind, she was gifted with genetics. Girl looks like that Russian model Natalie.

  4. The feminist attack on society has occurred, often times, via fiction.
    – Action adventure films where the female beats up 12 guys
    – Super Bowl halftime shows, where a singer rides in on a giant tiger
    – Avatar world, where a blue he-she rides a flying dragon
    Meanwhile, back on earth, no women are volunteering to work in a Chilean mine. Or, when it’s time to move a piano down a flight of stairs, they are nowhere to be seen.
    Now, more than ever, it’s time for men to boycott these gender bending fantasy tales. Vote with your dollars. It might not make a huge difference, but it’s a start.

    1. It’s funny you mention boycotting progressive products, etc. because I feel the same way. If Men decided to unionize for the sake of masculinity and the faithful restoration of our Republic then I believe the War against us could truly be won. A man can dream can’t he…

    2. I wouldnt work in a mine either. Thats horseshit. And it pays shit. Especially if im mining for expensive metals for rich cunts.
      If theres one thing I hate, its goddamn rich cunts. I kill rich cunts.

    3. Why not start a boycott section on ROK that would list movies producers or firms that spread antimale propaganda.
      That’s what the fags did with non-homo-worshipping psychiatrists and it worked well.

      1. Agreed completely, hit em where it hurts, their cash flow. Should also have a section for pro masculine movies and shows, “thinking man’s entertainment” . Everyone should Check out Lilly-Hammer if you stream Net-flix a No PC show.

      2. Perhaps we need our equivalent of the Bechdel test? – Never watch a film that –
        a) has any female lead characters
        b) who beat up a guy with unrealistic ease

    4. I’ve said this before,..When I first saw Predator, and Arnold and his team of elite commandos were getting ripped apart, I thought to myself well, if these guys can’t kill the predator nobody will, the film was gritty violent and it was believable that the commandos were utter badass’s because of their intelligent tactics and muscle density. Fast forward to Predators and there was the introduction of the Female “Tough chick” sniper, immediately the dread of an unbeatable Foe was removed from the film at the beginning of the Film, if this woman could kick predators ass or survive then the” Predators” in Predators were pretty big pussies. The Female Warrior, tough chick, badass syndrome in movies immediately removes any kind of dread or doubt of impending doom or annihilation, because if a woman is kick-ing ass, it really sissifies the Foe or the Enemy, and a certain aspect of fear for the heros lives is removed from the film.

      1. Other movies were the sequels to Terminator where Sara Connor became the heroine. We can also add Aliens to the list of movies.

        1. I agree with what you guys are saying but I think Ripley is a great exception to the rule. I personally found Ripley to be a believable character. A shrewd tough chick who called out bullshit when she saw it. She is supposed to be an outlier… she is herself an “alien.”
          But most of the time the strong independent woman character comes across as trying to pander to the masses, and it ruins the movie.

        2. Notice The connection… James Cameron… I have a tolerance for those movies only because i’m a big Sci-Fi fan , and I would argue that they were done in a more acceptable believable manner than a-lot of modern “tough chick” action movies, but yeah I roll my Eyes sometimes at some of the Tough chick scenes in those movies.

        3. Agree. Ripley in Aliens was tough and a leader, without saying a single word that could be construed as standard feminist orthodoxy.
          “just deal with it, because we need you, and I’m sick of your bullshit”
          I would love to say this to some of the girls at my work.

        4. Yes, quite correct. She is strong precisely because she’s playing to her feminine instincts, specifically when she’s in the nurturing protective mother role. Nothing wrong with that.

        5. Does James Cameron believe any of this shit, or is he just trying to make a buck on team feminism?
          Maybe he is one step ahead of the curve on this. He might be thinking, “Let me drain these bitches of their excess cash by keeping them addicted to their fantasy world.”

      2. Not to mention that it’s a hard on killer.
        Now, after Mrs. Female Warrior has beaten up a Tyrannosaurus, we see the male lead swooning after her. He is so turned on by her brutish ways, her lack of traditional femininity. It’s the new social programming – teaching men that they need to find the he-she attractive.
        We know it’s bullshit, but I question how many women do.
        I used to have a gym membership in an affluent neighborhood, One day, I walked by an exercise class. There were 50 or so women in there. They had boxing gloves on, and they were kicking and yelling. There was more testosterone in there than in a New York Jets locker room. I thought to myself, you would never see this, even 30 years ago.
        It’s time to flip the script. Start calling bullshit on these movies in public forum. And NEVER pay to see one.

        1. There is also the Male “Tote Along” trait that they are trying to socially engineer into people. In the Amazing spider man 2, Peter parker is facing this dilemma because mary jane wants to go study abroad, He basically tells her that what ever she wants to do he’ll follow, Follow being Key here,..Not Lead, So he’ll just be the go along puppy, I forgot what happened at the end of the film, if he went with her to study abroad or not , the film was so bad.

        2. There was also “Good Will Hunting.” The Matt Damon character gets a major gig working with the government at the end of the flick. But he ditches it, and leaves for California to chase his ex. Turn down millions so you can make pennies and be with your dream girl. Yeah, that’s a good plan.
          These movies are designed to work on women, to expect certain behaviors in men that, at the end of the day, make neither happy.
          It would be laughable if so many of these chicks didn’t think it was real.

        3. I must confess, in my bluer-than-blue pill days I also followed my then girlfriend, now wife. We met in London, she moved to Brussels and I followed. What was I thinking? Six wasted years. I eventually insisted on moving back to the UK and we now live in a house half the size in one of the most expensive cities in the world and I pay for all the day-to-day expenses like mortgage, bills, groceries etc. It was the best thing I ever did. In case you’re not aware, Belgium is considered a joke here in England. You just have to say it and you get a laugh. Living there was just plain embarrassing.
          Anyway, my point is: don’t ever follow a woman and her dreams, she should follow you and yours. She will never respect you otherwise.

        4. In Traditional Gender Roles the Woman followed and the Male Led, Feminism is trying to flip flop things around and it has resulted in a Society that is confused and dysfunctional.

        5. “Anyway, my point is: don’t ever follow a woman and her dreams, she should follow you and yours. She will never respect you otherwise.”
          Bingo. That’s why the moral of these stories will always be an epic fail. They refuse to acknowledge human biology.

      3. You won’t find a modern action movie without this token female ‘tough chick’, who is every bit as bad as any man, and then some. Yeah, right, lol. That is why I don’t rate any new action movies. Predator and Terminator – still the best out there after all these years, in my opinion. Not even a flicker of feminism

        1. Did you ever see Tony Scott’s film `Domino` starring Keira Knightley?

          I always liked Tony’s work, it was fun and unchallenging to watch, and usually the visuals were good. Like an ultra-violent pop video. However, I’ve never seen such an example of bad casting. Ms Knightley is stick-thin and at the start she’s seen carrying a weapon almost as big as she is. Also, her accent is all wrong for the part. I had to stop watching within two minutes, it was too painful.
          Maybe I’m getting old? If I am then it’s no bad thing.

    5. Remember when the SJWs/Fags tried to boycott Chick-fil-A and Barilla Pasta?
      Supporters of those companies and those who were against SJW/Fags stood their ground; and the SJWs/fags retreated.
      Same with feminists and Gamergate.
      I agree that we should boycott them too.
      Furthermore, they are truly weak. Anytime you show firm resistance to them they become cowardly and retreat.
      That’s their nature.

    6. “- Super Bowl halftime shows, where a singer rides in on a giant tiger”
      Woman riding the Beast, Mystery Babylon the Great Whore, America (New York City especially) destroyed in “one day, one hour” (nuclear exchange) by Russia.
      2014 Superbowl Ad: “Remember, we were like a wind [unclean spirit] appearing out of nowhere,” waiting in shadows, NOW WE STRIKE, symbol of Maserati and the Ukraine are the trident (see also Trident missiles):

      “As tens of thousands of people watched in St. Peter’s Square, a seagull
      and a large black crow swept down on the doves right after they were set
      free from an open window of the Apostolic Palace.
      While speaking at the window beforehand, Francis had appealed for peace for the UKRAINE”

  5. Excellent article. Beauty for women, honor for men. The only way society will be mended is if we reclaim what we naturally desire. As cheesy as it sounds to say it… the early medieval life of primal struggle was probably the time when humans could be happiest. Sure we have lots of luxuries and comforts nowadays, but they will never make us happy. I’ll leave you with a quote from Varg Vikernes:
    Between the bushes we stared
    At those who reminded us of another age
    And told that hope was away
    We heard elven song and
    Water that trickled
    What once was is now
    All the blood
    All the longing and pain that
    And the emotions that could be stirred
    Are away
    We are not dead
    We have never lived

  6. barbie is a vapid, shallow, air head…much like many modern women today. Barbie is lame and so is sons of anarchy

      1. Barbie: “I’m a blonde bimbo girl in a fantasy world”
        The description of today’s stupid, narcissistic Western women who want to live in their own world and have everyone bow down to their every whim. Ken is just Barbie’s doormat/White Knight.

  7. After reading article after article on this site and just living life and having to deal with women on different levels what makes me want to even bother with them? As it stands right now I have zero interest in them as they don’t bring much to the table. The life of a monk is far more appealing than catering to institutionalized bitchiness.

    1. If it wasn’t for the sex drive, we wouldn’t want anything to do with women, am I right or am I right?

  8. Yesterday’s article: High, but demonstrably achievable standards should be ignored. They’re bad for you.
    Today’s article: Standards so high they are impossible to achieve should be paid attention to. They’re inspiring for you.
    ” . . .Barbie and Aphrodite inspire women to turn to unhealthy
    practices (like eating disorders or fad diets) in a way that He-man
    doesn’t to men . . .”
    Haven’t you read any of the body building articles on this very site? And even those are pretty tame (and pretty well critiqued by the commenters) compared to the sites that actually cater to the body dysmorphic.

  9. The reason why feminists and the delusional left wing idiotic women in today’s society cannot find any good men in their lives, is because we chose to walk away from them. They still will never understand that the reason why men are giving up on them is because of their delusional nature and the disgusting behaviour of the modern day woman.
    For too long, feminism has destroyed the qualities and traits that women once had. In otherwords, they no longer have the characteristics of the femine nature that men desire. Staying at home, taking care of the kids, cooking a nice warm meal, providing love and comfort for her husband and more importantly, knowing her place, helped to provide strength, stability and the foundation of the nuclear family.
    What feminists have done, is destroyed all of the above and have turned themselves and their fellow “sisterhood” into monsters and low life degenerates that women have become today. What we have now in society, are career minded, selfish, narcissistic, self entitled, bossy and intolerable control freaks who are out to destroy masculinity and anything resembling male independence.
    Which is why women are contributing greatly towards the cultural decline of the West. From becoming the breadwinners, taking up more of the jobs in the employment sector and winning everything in the divorce courts, women have lost their minds and can no longer see the light of day. Which is why men are now fed up, walking away from the system and the establishment known as marriage.

      1. Absolutely agree. There was even a campaign by the feminist movement to try and ban the word “bossy” because they consider it to be “sexist.”
        More like, the truth really hurts them. If they honestly believe that being bossy is a great way to live and pursue a family, then they will never find a real man.

        1. “I order you to stop calling me bossy.”
          You don’t even have to write the jokes anymore. You’re living in them.

        2. Bossy is watered down form of bitchy, which feminists didn’t like. The PC term is “controlling”. As in she’s a little bit controlling sometimes… (spoken with tone rising at the end of the sentence like it could be a question)

    1. Western women are responsible for almost all SJW nonsense whether directly or indirect. Friends of mine have taken to targeting these women and retraining them to be good, obedient girlfriends ready for marriage purely because the available pool of suitable women is running dry. Desperate measures, but the results are worth it.

    2. And they get their good jobs through that affirmative action crap, sadly (i.e they didn’t have to be as qualified as a man to get the same position). That isn’t even them being career-minded, they’re just narcissistic and being enabled by feminism. If someone was career-minded, they’d work hard to get where they’re at. Divorce courts are stupid. They can’t have it all. Fine to get a job while married but the family has to come first. Or just have a career and no kids. That’s just how it is. Men are meant to be the breadwinners. Single moms with careers are not a good sign.

      1. Absolutely agreed. Feminism is depriving men the right to jobs and now more men are committing suicide than ever before. Yet the mainstream media will never report this, but would rather talk about women being “harassed” on the street by men giving them compliments.
        Disgusting. As I’ve said before, feminism promotes special privelages and entitlements, rather than responsibility and accountability. I can’t believe the number of times I have been rejected jobs because of the HR department, who most likely, gave the job to a female candidate.
        Not to worry. The end times are here, and all the mainstream religions warned that one of the signs that would indicate this, would be that women will outnumber men in society and will become like men- which is happening right now.

        1. So how do you explain the fact that women still get paid less than men? Yet we get all the jobs? Do you know how hard it is to get a job in your 20s as a woman? You get discriminated against because they think you’re in baby mode so I think what you are saying is utter nonsense. But then again do you take what I say seriously? I am a woman after all….

        2. you are a fucking liar, plan and simple. If women get paid less, it is on account of fewer hours put into the job, and less experience. And you claim it is so hard for young women to get jobs, well in all of three colleges I attended, all the administrative positions were filled by females, young frequently, and never males.

        3. cat. thats a falsehood promulgated by democrats bc single women were the biggest voting block for the big O. They are simply telling you what you want to hear.
          The pay gap myth was even debunked by a gov agency- I believe the bureau of labor and statistics. Its online.

    3. Some very good points. You’ll never (or ever rarely) hear a woman blame other women for this decline. It’s always the default, go to answer (men are the problem) or something else…but never women.
      The day women start calling out other women will be the day that we’ll start to reverse this downward trend. Many women, today, are unhappier than they were in the past, anyways. You can tell by the number of pills being prescribed to women as they get older. They’re not happy (they know or don’t know why) so they’ll pop pills and hope for the “cure”.

    4. So is that all we are good for? Staying at home looking after the kids and cooking? That is not what men are attracted to. My boyfriend has encouraged me to get my degree and we will both provide for our children equally. That is the world we live in today. It sounds like you belong in the 50s. Do me a favour and keep up with the times. And by the way I aspire to be like a real woman not a plastic doll.

  10. Have you ever heard about Cindy Jackson? She grew up in a small town in Ohio, with limited life prospects. She pestered her mother to buy her a Barbie doll, then she aspired to try to live like a real-life Barbie when she grew up.
    So when Cindy came of age, she moved to London, England (and why wouldn’t Barbie live in London instead of Ohio?), and she survived precariously for several years as a rock musician and bohemian. (This raises interesting questions about the UK’s immigration and residency laws.) When her father died, she inherited some money and used it to get cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance. Then she started, er, “dating,” fashionable British men above her paygrade.
    I’ve actually upset people by interpreting this part of her story to mean that she became an escort. If she had gone to L.A. instead, and then after her surgery she started to show up at Hollywood parties with high-earning men she wouldn’t have any organic reason to know, we would see more clearly how she met those men and what she did for them.
    Any way, after Cindy figured out how to make more money, she got more procedures to become more Barbie-like, at least in her mind, and she now runs a consulting business in the UK for people who want advice on cosmetic upgrades:
    I learned about Cindy from a series on the A&E network in the late 1990’s, The Unexplained, in an episode about “Human Transformations.” The show featured Cindy in one half, and in the other half featured a Star Trek obsessive who wanted to live as much like the characters in The Next Generation as possible, including making the interior of his home look like the bridge of Picard’s Enterprise. Naturally his wife left him
    I came away from watching that episode feeling more respect for Cindy than for the Trekkie. Cindy picked a fantasy which she could approximate in the real world: She moved to London, she got cosmetic work done and she started to bang higher-status men, apparently for money.
    The Trekkie, by contrast, couldn’t do anything of the sort because we don’t have interstellar travel. He just has his Trek collectibles, conventions and make-believe.

    1. Ha ha. Try Europe for your next observation….. it is littered with a plethora of toothpicks. The West is full of sweathogs though, so you’re right about that.

      1. Toothpick < Sweathog. Fit is ideal but when there are two choices always side with the one that isn’t a fat pig.
        I had a friend who drunkenly went home with a bar whale. He showed up to my place covered in grease and shame the next morning. I could literally smell the fat girl on him.
        Years have passed and while the smell is gone from his body, his soul still smells fat.

        1. Lol…. wait
          “I could literally smell the fat girl on him” – Damn, unfortunately I’m attuned to this lesson example. Times still exist to this day where I curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep for my sins. My only excuse: I was a horny teenager. I did it once and vowed to never venture “there” again.
          Exploration first, standards second is not condusive to sexual sanity: I learned the hard way.
          (off topic)

    2. Barbie doesn’t cause anorexia. It’s actually a woman’s peers that affects the way she sees her body, not the media and toys. Even if the media did not exist, a woman would still feel like shit if she knew a colleague looked better than she did. That’s just the way they are.
      When men were surveyed on the “most attractive” female body shape, few men chose the skinniest woman. Some body shape is good, as long as it’s still feminine. Once she gets too big we can no longer tell if she’s male or female. Fat women have androgynous body shapes, which is the reason men are repulsed by them. Come to think of it, women don’t like fat men either. Did women ever both asking men what they like? Apparently few care, as it’s not well known that the average man prefers a size 12. Beauty standards are largely dictated by women, who try to one-up each other to express dominance over their female competition. Women’s ideal body shape is a size 8.

    3. Yeah but Barbie is to blame for women feeling insecure about their meat sandwich flaps down there. If you lift Barbie’s skirt (don’t pretend you’ve never done that) you’ll notice the patriarchal men have “designed” her to have a perfectly smooth clitoris.
      It’s not right, dammit. Barbie should have flaps and should also smell like a yeast infection down there.

      1. If you’re not attracted to actual people’s vaginas, you’re probably not sexually attracted to women.

  11. Reading this makes me want to stand on my balcony naked and start windmilling my cock at all women passing by.

  12. Our society encourages people to focus on what they don’t have. Women and immature males often have a diminished capacity for agency, and so they become other-oriented, wanting others to give them what they lack, leading to a sense of entitlement. They see others as means for the fulfillment of their own needs, like infants do. Mature adults (fully-formed men and, on occasion, women) have a developed capacity for agency, and so they take active measures to pursue what they want.

    1. Thats pretty much a checklist for narcissism that you wrote, very telling of the state of psychological health in our culture.

  13. Just a reminder guys, Barbie has been, among other careers:
    – An astronaut
    – An Olympic Athlete
    – A surgeon
    – A scientist
    Barbie has been teaching little girls for generations that they can accomplish whatever goal they want in life. And yet feminists call her a bad influence because all they can focus on is her appearance. And they cal US “body shamers” lol .

    1. I came in to say the exact same thing! Women objectify each other more than men do. They never look at a woman’s accomplishments, only how pretty she is and what clothes she’s wearing.

      1. Women are far more critical of women than men are. And usually in a very bitchy and cruel way.
        A man would say – maybe you should grow your hair long.
        A woman would say – you look terrible with that short hairstyle.
        A man would say – I like that top.. nice and tight (-;
        A woman would say – That top is too small, makes you look fat.
        A man would say – She kind of looks like a model.
        A woman would say – She has no tits.

        1. The funny thing is that if they could really know how our mind works(like they clame to)in terms of who we find attractive, they would know that the we like any lass that isn’t grossly fat or anorexic. It’s so simple and they still can’t(won’t) see it.

    2. They can accomplish any goal in life if they stay pretty and feminine as well as put in some effort.

    3. Women have been given every opportunity to achieve the same as men in almost every field to which they (feminists) claim their aspire.
      And they have systematically failed to do so. This is because
      1. They really don’t want to, because sitting at home is easier.
      2. They are not intellectially capable.
      Pick one.

      1. Both. I remember female friends whining about how “tired” they were when they had to walk 100 metres more than they thought they would..

    4. If we really really hate women like they said, maybe we just let them have their way. No more Barbie, no more little girls’ inspiration…

    1. No it’s not, but a lot of girls don’t see the point in putting in the effort when men don’t.

      1. Women and manginas want instant gratification. It takes a couple of years to achieve something like that. A lifestyle change to maintain it.

    1. They need to include the necessary accessories for today’s “Woman”…
      …like tramp stamps, an anal orifice that you could fit a bowling ball through, and some jizz strings that can be attached at any point on the body.
      Cock carousel sold separately 😀

  14. Beauty standards aren’t more stringent today in america. Average american female is now 160 lbs. That means 50% of the female population is heavier than that. Its normal in america to see couples where the female is obviously heavier than the male. The issue I have with Barbie is fake blonde hair. Seems like every american female lightens her hair to some fake color that looks like a cheap wig.

    1. While it’s not nearly as much work as a man has to do, please modify this view. A truly good looking woman does exercise regularly / eat right to look great. Proper musculature helps maintain a youthful, e.g. hot, appearance. Breasts are perkier on women who work their upper body, plus butts and legs on women who do squats / lower body are awesome. Those flat tummy looks, they require core work. Now, we’re not talking about the 10%-12% range, but the (average) 15%-22% women will wow you with how their body is just perfectly curved. 25% starts getting that softer, droopy look. The lack of muscle to hold things where they belong, it’s just not quite right. Beyond that, they just start looking like fat cows.

      1. I prefer women about 20-25% body fat. Ripped chicks with 6 packs are gross looking. She’s supposed to have extra fat on her because those fat stores are used to develop the baby’s brain when pregnant. Too little body fat like 10-12% looks … barf!

        1. Oh, I didn’t see there was more image. Yes, 25% or 30%, although perhaps it’s just those wide hips of the 30% that’s doing it for me. 35% is a little too much.

        2. Ripped chicks (10%-12%) don’t usually have babies anyway. At that level their ability to get pregnant usually shuts down. I think 20% is my ideal, but it would vary a bit by how it looked on the woman. They are individual after all, which is why healthy weight is a (small) range. What’s healthy for one woman could be emaciated or flabby on a different woman.

        3. I don’t think I could date higher than 25%. I don’t like seeing waves during sex. Fat isn’t sexy.

        4. On a young (under 25yo) woman I think 25% is ok. The problem is that when she hits 30-35 years old that lack of muscle is going to lead to saggy breasts and flabby (undefined) ass.

      2. 15-17% and 20-22% look good. 25% and up just keep looking bad the more fat they have (would take 10-12% over 30% upwards though).

        1. 10-12 is bad because it’s below safe reproductive body fat. At that point, a woman can literally stop having her period, and thus the ability to bear children. Personally I like 20%.

    1. Great Scott …
      “As a fly shitdang fat lady who used to be all shakey about sex, I get
      this. You’re fanatstic. It took me a while to realize that I should
      only have sex with people who actually liked me. Liked ME. My fiancé is
      crazy about my billboard sized butt and boobs, but he likes my brain the
      best. I shrudder to remember the people I had sex with before, who did
      not like me, who did not want to touch me, who helped me hate myself.
      Awareness is a beautiful thing. I am so glad for you.”

  15. Fuck He-Man. He’s built, which takes too much effort and “you’re beautiful no matter what”. He’s blonde and White, the standard criteria of racism since 1492. He walks around with his shirt off, which only men can do and not women. And he oppresses Teela and She-Ra because… he just does!
    Fuck He-Man, man.

  16. That men used to prefer larger women is bullshit. Marilyn Monroe was NOT fat.

    One of Marilyn’s dressmakers actually chimed in, years ago, with her exactly measurements he took from one of her carefully preserved dresses. She was 5 foot 5.5 inches tall, had a 35 inch bust, 22 inch waist (2-3 inches smaller than the average in 1950 and 12 inches smaller than the average today), 35 inch hips, and she wore a size 36D bra. Her weight fluctuated but she always seemed to come back to 115-120 lbs.
    Even with the fluctuation between brands in the sizes of clothes, Marilyn would probably have worn a size 4 today or a size 8 in the UK. Her jean size would have been below a 0 in American sizes thanks to her extremely small waist. Elizabeth Hurley actually comes in incredibly close to Marilyn’s size, at 34-24-34.

      1. A lot of people focus on Marilyn’s face, but they forget she had a banging body. Narrow waist, wide hips, and a natural D cup.

  17. If females didn’t want fantasy type Men, they wouldn’t flock in a whorish herd to sausage catering strip clubs.
    Likewise if little girls didn’t want to be fantasy type girls, Barbie wouldn’t have been as big of a success as it ended up being.
    You can remove the response but you can’t remove the stimuli that creates it.
    The stimuli being: wanting to be something or be near something that is out of the ordinary. Boys want to achieve the same superhuman feats as their heroes, and girls want to approximate the same superhuman superficial traits as their dolls. As they get older males realize that being a Man in a feminized society is superhero enough, and females realize that looking good and dressing good as Women should are as close to emulating Barbie as they can reasonably get.
    The irony here is that feminists tend to think of Women as a whole as weak and stupid creatures who stay stuck in a puerile mind no matter the age unless they subscribe to feminist ideals.
    Barbie doesn’t give Women an inferiority complex because Women are smart enough to realize that she is an ideal, not a standard, as they mentally graduate from children to adults, as you basically stated. Only feminized females believe this sort of liberal crap.
    This “alternative” barbie will only be bought by feminists and feminized males and females for the further indoctrination of their unfortunate XX progeny.

  18. The admiration and aspiration to be like a hero with positive traits is very virtuous. Most heroes are ideals that cannot really exist in reality, but their behavior and characteristics are worthy of aspiration. The character John Galt and other heroes of Rand’s Atlas Shrugged come to mind. They were used to represent the ideals Rand wished to communicate. While one cannot be as perfect and virtuous as Galt, people can still aspire to live like that to the best of their ability, and that is all Rand wanted people to do.

    1. Where can I get ‘she wulf’ waffen barbie in original box! How many men end their lives with but one testacle in their mancaves without having ever acquired this relic?

  19. I still think playing with dolls is a precursor to VOO DOO. Children who immerse themselves and become masters in doll play will find it an easy transition as they graduate to VOO DOO MASTER. Same with playing with small plastic army man figurines. How objectifying. Get REAL. Go out with a magnifying glass and burn some REAL LIVE ANTS. Now THAT’S childhood fun.

  20. At least Barbie is not a fatty (at least not right now since the fatties haven’t invaded Mattel yet).

    1. Plus size Barbie is what the feminists really want. The more girls that grow up fat, the less the female competition in the social market place.

  21. I, too, miss Ye Goode Olde Days when women covered their smallpox-scarred faces with lead makeup that caused their eyebrows to fall out.

  22. Barbie is beautiful because she does not say a word.
    How many times have you met a pretty/sexy girl, and she has ruined her attractiveness by opening her mouth, and spewing out some gen-Y, entitled duckspeak about her need and wants ?
    Life is quite simple. If you are a guy, and you want a girl, get a BMW and a decent suit. If you are a girl, and want a guy, get a boxgap and shut your mouth.

  23. “Little boys idolize Wolverine and He-man.”
    “Little boys want to be as fast on the soccer field as Achilles or Flash is on the field of war.”
    I really liked this. In greece, spartans worshipped the twins Castor and Pollux, and tried to emulate them in the battlefield and in the athletic games. And who they took as an anscestor? Heracles(Hercules) who was, you guessed it, the strongest man in his world. I don’t know anyone, except for some gay, that couldn’t relate to this as a boy or even now as a man.

    1. bitch shut the fuck up!
      I know many Americans who share similar political views.
      Stop this train, I wanna get off.

  24. Geez loweez, another article hitting on Christianity? Really Blair? What is Return of Kings turning into, the conservative version of Atheism Plus?
    Yes, some saints had psychotic episodes. But they were in the midst of intents spiritual and physical suffering during those times. When they’re sober, saints tend to write treatises and works that someone who’s fucked in the head can’t possibly make up.
    If you imbeciles are going to address religion, at least show a neutral tone or be respectful. I know you’re a brooding emo whining about how modern Catholicism sucks, Blair, but the least you can do is approach the topic respectfully. Nobody wants your bitching about Catholicism supposedly mistaking insanity for holiness here. Hell, the whole Saint George thing was him refusing to allow a local town to sacrifice a girl to a dragon (probably an overgrown reptile or lizard) and refusing to renounce Christianity under Diocletian. He just killed an animal the local villagers worshipped and refused to renounce his faith. Nothing wrong with that.

  25. There’s no cure for women’s obsessive neuroses and hysteria. We see that when they aren’t “oppressed” — when they can try to make their own way — they become more and more hysterical and obsessed. They can really only be given healthy ideals that come natural to them and rejected when they deviate because otherwise their irrational obsession will take over.

  26. Wow, this entire site is hilarious. Reading the many MANY flaws of women you’ve listed on here, and there are a lot – we sound like utterly awful beings to share a planet with. We’re stealing all your jobs, rejecting your sexual advances. We’re mentally, physically and emotionally weak. We’re never quite the right weight, damn us if we’re fat but heaven forbid we’re too skinny. We have no taste, no manners, no charm, intelligence or wit. We are just so revolting. And yet…you guys still desperately want us, NEED us. You spend hours of your day writing blog posts about us. You spend your teenage years fantacising about the first time you’ll get to see our hideous bodies up close. And then spend your remaining years incessantly pursuing us, catcalling us in the street, leering at us in bars, desperately trying to get us to sleep with you, to show you any attention. Now, what does that say about men? Your standards are that low? Women may reject your sexual advances, because they actually have standards. And maybe, just maybe, when your wife rejects you, it’s because she looks at you, sees your enormous ego and disgusting idealogies and thinks…he is so repulsive I can’t bear the thought of having him close to me.
    You want women to respect and adore you…but you don’t want to do the same for her? I feel sorry for anyone who’s in a relationship with someone who they dislike so much. What an awful way to spend your life. I’m very fortunate in that I must have found a rogue male who doesn’t play by your hilariously stupid rules. He adores me, is proud of me, encourages me to live my own life. And I do exactly the same for him. And funnily enough, sexual rejection isn’t an issue for us…because he’s not a complete arsehole to me…and I quite like that.
    Anyway, good luck with your prehistoric set of rules for creating the perfect wife. I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll fail, as the problem undoubtedly lies with you. You don’t deserve the company of another person in your life and by the sounds of it nobody will ever measure up anyway.

  27. Barbie is a dumbass who in a book she’s supposed to be an “engineer” yet she’s can’t avoid infecting her laptop nor her sister’s laptop with a virus because she’s doesn’t have common sense. What does she do? She grabs two betas to help her then takes credit for a project. My apologies Mr. Naso, but I hope this is not your prospective wife. A woman who blows a tire when she drives, perhaps with your baby, then waits for a Prince Charming to fix it for her. Isn’t this the kind of behavior you rail against? What’s the matter with you son? Get your head out of Barbie’s Ken infested cooch.Also, Barbie is exactly the type of you go girlism that red pillers don’t like correct? If she wants to be a doctor or (not kidding) a Marine, she can get it if she wishes it hard enough, even if she gives someone a wrong vaccine or can’t carry her fellow Marine. And she won’t settle down and have kids, even if Ken is a fey son of a bitch.
    Last but not least, who the hell wants to be like that closet Nancy boy He Man. Maybe as kids because we didn’t know better but today? Unless you want to hang around a guy with a giant fist call Fisto, then be my guest.

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