Jezebel Shows Us The Results Of Unrestrained Hypergamy

The lovely ladies over at Jezebel have outdone themselves yet again in their celebration of human debasement. A post from last month asked the site’s readers a simple question: who’s the most embarrassing person you’ve ever slept with?

The answers poured in, and with each the faith of a red pill man in a woman’s true nature should be assured.

– Racist (revealed later) drug dealer
– Technically homeless musician(s)
– Ugly dude who didn’t really fuck me so much as grind my inner thigh with his dick
– HS boyfriend with lip ring and Ronald McDonald dyed red hair

He was this short, scrawny, metal dude with really long, luxurious black hair. He also had a big dick, but was such a douche I could not deal. He was a pizza delivery driver and completely nocturnal. He’d stay up noodling on his electric (not plugged-in, dude wanted to be Yngwie Malmsteen or something). And playing video games. I’d beg him to turn off the television and he’d launch into this diatribe about how going to college is for suckers and he was a freethinker and had attended the school of hard knocks. I hooked up with him for about 3 weeks.

Hot Italian guy in my exchange program who smoked cigarettes (which I hate), treated women poorly and wanted to sleep with me because it would help him toward his one-from-every-country map, Barney Stinson style (although this was ten years before Barney Stinson was a thing). I knew all these things and slept with him anyway.

The most embarrassing ever was the ‘Famous Writer’. I thought I recognized him and we got to talking. He was clearly hitting on me and I said, “Aren’t you married?” He said yes, but that his wife was actually a lesbian and they had an “arrangement” so I went for it.

Unfortunately the sex was really terrible. He had a micropenis and hadn’t developed any other skills to compensate. Still, I tried to be a good sport and act like I was having a good time, because, Famous Writer! Until afterwards, when, with this smirk on his face, he said he had to tell me something.

Surprise, surprise, his wife was NOT a lesbian and they did NOT have an arrangement. (“They always fall for it,” he said. “I’ve done this like 100 times. I just get bored and have to ‘play,’ sorry. Thanks for the good time though!”)


I slept with a guy who had to repeat his junior year and senior year twice in college. He was a white boy wanna be rapper. Got really drunk one night and almost died and was taken to the hospital…was told they found me being carried off by a dude to his apartment. A month later I had sex with the dude who was carrying me off the night I was drunk and incapacitated. So I basically had sex with my wannabe rapist.

This guy was only ok-looking but he had crazy-good game. He was cheeky and a great conversationalist and he could charm the habit off a nun if he wanted to. He was also a known womanizer and he’d cheated on pretty much every girl he’d ever dated.

18 year old taxi driver with an obsession with Joey Buttafuoco and whatsername, who ran away from home, fleeing a shoplifting charge, trying to get to the Galapagos islands.

I was on a mission to have a one-night stand, got really drunk and didn’t notice the nazi tattoos on the dude I banged until I sobered up the next morning.

Neo-nazis? This was a surprisingly common theme actually –

My very first. A loser wanna-be Neo-Nazi. Who was 15 years older. Did I mention that I’m a Jew?

He drove a pick-up truck, was a hard drinker and a tough guy. We drank and fought constantly then had really rough sex. He was in the shower after one of those sessions and I started flipping through his CD’s and seeing lots of cover art featuring guys with shaved heads and swastikas. Alarmed, I started snooping a little more and discovered that yep, I was fucking a white supremacist.


Do you need any more evidence that the manosphere knows what’s what? How many times have we said that girls like bad boys? How many times have we warned of the results of unrestrained hyergamy? Do people understand now that being a nice, beta provider is about as obsolete as the horse-drawn cart or the cassette tape?

This brings us to the question—who is to blame here? Obviously the guys themselves are acting like scumbags, but hey, if something works—it works. Your average man will go to the ends of the Earth to bed a pretty lady. Say what you want about the morals of asshole game, but its merits are undeniable.

But do we apportion equal blame here? Or should the women take some responsibility for their behavior?

Any Jezebel writer would demand men bare the onus of restraining themselves when it comes to physical violence. We’re naturally larger and stronger than women. It follows that it is our responsibility to maintain law and order in our society. It would be ludicrous to insist a five-foot-two girl should defend herself against a six-foot, knife-wielding mugger.

Biological differences cut both ways however, and the opposite is true when it comes to sexual restraint. Studies across the board show that men desire sex a great deal more. Women need to understand (then again – I’m positive they already do) that when it comes to sexual relationships, they hold all the cards. If you sleep with arrogant, dumb jerks, men with no jobs, principles or prospects, ones who will never make good fathers, that is what men will become.

People say men act this way because of “toxic masculinity” but the only thing toxic is women’s base desires when allowed to run free.

And someone may argue – well these are meant to be the most embarrassing accounts. At least girls do feel embarrassed about it. But I digress. If something is the “most embarrassing thing” you’ve ever done, you take it to your grave. Bragging about something on the internet doesn’t show embarrassment, it shows nascent pride.


The bottom line is, I basically agree that many of the men depicted in this article are assholes—but who are they trying to impress? Somebody needs to keep the country running, but if the blue-collar men of our society don’t have a loving family to return to at the end of the day, why should we expect them to keep turning up for work?

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        1. A non dissenter, or supporter of the site. That doesnt mean agreeing and supporting every article, as it is not rare that posts here get backlash from the readership, but agreeing with most articles and views here.

      1. hahahahahahaha
        i’m a nerd. those kinds of guys (men and women) i.e. “alphas” bullied me in school. i don’t mean black guys because you find them in all races.
        i just rage when it is revealed that alphas keep winning. they first shove us into lockers then they beat us in the world of dating. all the while we are paying taxes to support their stupid habits like fapping while trying to be yngwie or kanye

        1. That’s not alpha dude… that’s definitely “alpha” though. I can’t think of many times in public school when I didn’t get in between bullies and nerds. It’s too sad kids having an awkward interaction and its often over the line.
          (edit: I was going to change too to two but I like it as it stands).

  1. Hot Italian guy in my exchange program who smoked cigarettes (which I hate), treated women poorly and wanted to sleep with me because it would help him toward his one-from-every-country map, … I knew all these things and slept with him anyway.

    HA HA HA. Someone’s been reading Roosh’s Bang guides…

    1. Its kinda sad though – most women of our day will sink us; but they will end up being de facto debt slaves who aren’t worth a fuck; they will have to work for peanuts and get crushed by the jackboots of their paymasters – and all because most women have acted like thick degenerates.

      1. Its just so contrived though – makes me wonder about the agenda of the people who promote such shit. Half of the mainstream media stories including blogs etc are FAKE or involve fucked up people/women on purpose, and are for social engineering.
        And most men will fuck anything, so exotic means jack shit. Exotic is a word women use when they get tired of the menfolk in their town and want to justify their need to fuck the next guy who lives 20 miles down the road.

    2. i searched Dan Bilzarian on the site thinking it would be filled with hate and it was crazy how many of the Jezebel fans wanted to sleep with him and loved his cat. This all made me laugh of lead me to believe that feminism’s biggest advocates are men who think that an unrestrained female sexual marketplace will help them get laid. haha however they get the short end where they virtually get the fast food,left overs, damaged goods and last call sales. While I hold out and get quality assurance.

    3. “…and slept with him anyway.” And still their first argument against us is “I bet you’re not getting any and that’s why you don’t like us!”

  2. Women are still subject to their mental hard-wiring. Evolution is a bitch. Feminists want a nanny state so they can fuck bad boys, and then have obedient beta boy’s paycheck garnished by papa guv’ment to pay for her illegitimate bastard spawn. That way she doesn’t have to answer to Mr. Darwin for obeying her irrational, obsolete hindbrain instincts.

    1. “Feminists want a nanny state” to hand out “rape cards” to assuage guilt or exact revenge.

    2. And you stupid millenial boys don’t make a peep about it. You know I really do believe now that testosterone levels really have dropped off. You think that Boomer men would tolerate this shit? You boys better grow some balls before it’s too late or they really will castrate you and use you as eunuchs. If females behaved the way they do today we’d confine them to a mental institution with a diagnosis of hysteria and have their ovaries removed as a cure for their disease.And for good measure give them some shock treatment so they’d stay cured. Don’t argue with dykey femtards, get into their heads and find out what they fear and do that to them. It doesn’t even have to amount to much just something that makes them look so stupid that no other normal girl will want to be associated with their crackpot thinking.Use the old O’Brian technique as he did to Winston Smith.
      I was watching an old film called Bwani Junction, I think.The Indians wanted independence and some of the Brahman class were blocking the train tracks. Now, the British officer didn’t want to use any force or violence to remove them so he got some untouchables to throw sewer water on them. Yowl! Oy vey! now we’ll have to perform cleansing rituals for the next 6 months lol Get my point?

      1. “You think that Boomer men would tolerate this shit?” I don’t hear anyone trying to actually defend the boomers as a generation often, for obvious reasons.

        1. Agreed; given the Boomers basically had the reins of power from roughly 1970 or so, they not only tolerated this shit, they encouraged it and made it the system.

        2. You’re too young to know any better and you also confuse some leftover Jew communists and troublemakers from the 30’s with real Boomer men. And remember that Boomer men were either little kids or teenagers in the 60’s.Females were concerned about looking or behaving unladylike even though that would fuck like the biggest slut today.Tattoos were unheard of and found only on circus freaks or something you’d see in National Geographic on primitive peoples.Being fat was just as disgusting as it is today and if you were fat you’d try to hide it, not flaunt it on the beach. People drank just as much but I have never seen a girl drunk and puking or passed out. Actually I’ve never seen this today within my class either. Rape? I have never heard of even 1 case of real rape or any female making an accusation.If a female was drinking and had sex she would keep it to herself because she’d know that she’d either look like a slut (I guess they don’t worry about this now) or that people would just be amused if someone found out and make jokes about her.Drinking age was 18 which means that 16 year olds were drinking and the driving limit was .15% in NY and as long as you didn’t kill anyone it was just a fine (I’m not saying that a lot of this was good but just letting you know)No one used condoms yet no females got knocked up so apparently they used something. Female’s responsibility and there was no way to prove paternity anyway.It was pretty much like you see in Mad Men and in fact the character of Don is based on my friend’s father who was in that business. By today’s standards some of this stuff is bad, and even I sometimes think it was as well, but that’s all people knew at the time and didn’t think anything of it.It’s still preferable, even the bad parts, to today’s total insanity and nanny state.

        3. Like most kids you’re getting your eras confused. Most people are just barely conscious at 20 and even then generally just know their own little world and friends and can’t see the big picture. 10 years seems like an eternity to a kid or even a 20 something. I can make a list of just recent things from 2000 that didn’t exist then that you now take for granted.Things that may have been around but yet most people didn’t have them. Think about it or ask someone older who was an adult in 2000.

        4. The whole american divorce debacle happened with boomers. That’s when divorce rates hit 50% – 66%. Its millennials that had to grow up with feminist single moms raising them to be compliant betas.

        5. Most people are just barely conscious at 20 and even then generally just know their own little world and friends and can’t see the big picture.

          Bullshit. Third-wave feminism, the really nasty anti-male kind grew in power in the 1990s, when the boomers were around 40 years old. Certainly, old enough to know better. It was female boomers who were responsible for that shit.

        6. That’s after the Boomer men pumped and dumped them and went on to younger females.The females that you should be shagging. They’re bitter because they were too stupid to understand that females have a short shelve life and as they say ‘misery loves company’.They’re like the fugly girls who aren’t getting any and don’t want their hotter friend to either and are cockblockers just for spite. Now I know that none of you boys wants these old obsolete females so you need to marginalise them and keep them away from corrupting young girls. Do whatever is necessary.

        7. And as extra lube around the asshole of society, Generation X was convinced that it was cool not to care about anything, so to ensure they did nothing about it.

        8. Boomers are also too stupid to understand the effects of gov’t debt, immigration, political correctness, affirmative action, outsourcing, NAFTA, no-fault divorce, etc
          How cute it is that you are calling us “boys”

      2. I’m pretty sure the boomer men fucked their future offspring over by allowing such laws/ideals to happen in the first place, as well as all the fake wars, allowing debts to enslave whilst allowing offshoring of jobs etc..
        We need men from the 1910s giving advice, not boomers.

        1. Blame the fake ‘greatest generation’ for that.Those people brought up in the FDR and depression generation. The Boomers were trying to eliminate all that as well as the fake puritanism and socialism. In fact, the Boomers were really against communism while the previous generation were indoctrinated in it.

        2. 1910? You could not even survive in 1970 lol Of course not even I was around in 1910 but my grandfather was a teenager then and he lived to a very old age, my great uncle died at 110 so I have a lot of first hand info about the era but yet I still don’t really know it. Like most kids you have this delusion that somewhere in the past things were much better but men and women really haven’t changed it’s just the lifestyle at the time and how they were conditioned and didn’t have much choice in the matter.
          And btw, even if every man was a loser in the past, you’re living today so what are you doing outside of bitching on some blog.

        3. The Boomers were trying to eliminate all that as well as the fake puritanism and socialism.

        4. Hey hey my my the Boomers will never die :o) and btw, you boys need better music with some testosterone in it. This chick music you hear everywhere is sick

        5. You mean the generation that endured the depression and the war? They did spoil the fuck out of you guys, though.

        6. Joplin died of a drug overdose…
          Morrison died of a drug overdose…
          Keith Moon died of a drug overdose…
          Bon Scott choked on his own vomit…
          Bonham choked on his own vomit…
          Hendrix choked on his own vomit…
          Jerry Garcia became so overweight he needed to be cut out of his pants on a daily basis. So on and so forth…
          Only a boomer would, without a tinge of irony, claim to have attempted to eliminate the fundamental ills of society and in the very next sentence worship a gang of decadent, degenerate one-percenters. Thus is the hypocrisy of baby boomer generation. You can keep your dusty relics boomer.

        7. I like Hip-Hop, the classic stuff anyway.
          I also like some rap but again, mostly the classic stuff.
          Most of the first and second today sounds like it came off the assembly line of a corporate business. The soul is no longer there.

        8. Oh agreed. But Dudes like the Migos are still preaching the ol’ Snoop line “We don’t love dem hoes.”

      3. You think that Boomer men would tolerate this shit?

        Boomer men are RESPONSIBLE for this shit. I’m not a millennial, but I’ll stick up for them. They largely inherited this mess, they didn’t cause it. Millennials have been brainwashed by a system the boomers either endorsed or were apathetic towards. Some of the biggest betas I’ve met are boomers who came out of that flower power bullshit. Even the so-called “greatest generation” didn’t do enough to stop the feminists and Leftists in general.

        1. The problem is that the Boomers were not only a very large group, hence the name but also spanned the late 40’s to the mid 60’s so they are all different as well as being from all classes and areas from cities to country bumpkins.Feminists who started a lot of the trouble were pre Boomer and adversely effected later generations.

        2. If the Boom started in ’46 then it was in the early 70s that they became a force to be reckoned with. It was the previous generation that elected Johnson and Trudeau, who began the long slide.

        3. I’m younger than that but in this era even a few years made a difference. People like Bubba and Hillary actually belong to the precious socialist generation.

        4. For all intents and purposes, it was the generation that enjoyed the post-war boom. I put it at being born between 1939 and 1955 or so.

        5. Judging by their birth year, Billary were the leading edge of the Boomer generation, although their sensibilities lie with the previous generation: the war babies and the pre-war babies. There are always exceptions like in my family: my father and uncles lean conservative despite growing up in Toronto.

        6. No, the worst feminists are from the third-wave, which started in the 90s. Boomers played a major role in that. Third-wavers are the ones who started “political lesbianism,” developed “patriarchy theory,” and started that “gender roles are a cultural construct” bullshit.

      4. “You know I really do believe now that testosterone levels really have dropped off. You think that Boomer men would tolerate this shit?”
        You raise an interesting point, but I would clarify this statement in saying circa 1960 twentysomethings would not take it vs circa 2015 twentysomethings. Boomers today suffer from the same lack of testosterone issues due to age and poisions in food/water/air etc.

    3. The nanny state is what has removed ‘evolution’/natural law and left us with social engineering. There is no real alpha or beta; just the criminally rich cabal and everyone else.

      1. The nanny state is what has removed ‘evolution’/natural law and left us with social engineering. There is no real alpha or beta;

        For modern women the state is the alpha. Compared to that, every man is beta.

        1. The state is the modern “provider male.” What’s funny is feminists will cry out “men are obsolete!” without realizing it’s men who are feeding her welfare state.

        2. If the state is the alpha, I must be a woman: the government has fucked me so many times and in so many ways I have lost count.

        3. Well, at least you aren’t a whore – in all those gov’t fuckings, they never even offered to pay, right?

        4. There was the whole “go to college, take out student loans, a great job will be waiting for you when you graduate, oh sorry but you owe more than we said you would” thing.
          Then there is socialized medicine (I’m Canadian) which lefties think justifies having the government completely control your life because it might increase taxes if you have a negative health outcome from actually enjoying yourself.

      2. Big business engineered feminism. Its is still engineering the “war of the sexes” ( not to be confused with sensible treatises as those on ROK, which seek to enlighten. )

    4. “Feminists want a nanny state so they can fuck bad boys, and then have obedient beta boy’s paycheck garnished by papa guv’ment to pay her illegitimate bastard spawn.”
      The US explained more concisely than on CNN or FOX.

      1. No one can repeal female suffrage. Are you the same guy that has spouted that before? We’re looking at a situation where feminist’s outright fantasies (rape, unequal pay, AF/BB) get FULL attention and respect from the gov’t. This same gov’t is NEVER going to go back to suffrage issues. Stop.

        1. There’s no way to fix it ,the system must crash and we bring it down a little each day by avoiding marriage. And fatherhood ,spending less and producing less revenue.

        2. And earning less. I earn at the median and because I don’t have a family, I don’t need more. Heck I even got surplus. This means I don’t have to be a beta schlub working 50+ hours a week to pay for a fat wife’s SUV and screaming brat kids wanting a new toy every two minutes in some overpriced mcMansion “because the schools are good”.
          None of that for me. When I see a vagina I see a Penis Fly Trap.

        3. Haha I can’t even tell you how many times a month I have a discussion that ends with “Fuck if I’m ever moving to some bullshit, boring, pitch-black suburb with absolutely nothing to do ‘because the schools are good’”!

          The US debt is now so big that they can’t even pay the interest on their loans. This means that the debt will keep increasing endlessly. Unpaid obligations (pensions, welfare, etc) is ten times higher.
          This can only end in three ways: Hyperinflation, default, or a war that makes the last one look like a firecracker. Most likely some combination.
          It’s not soothsaying this time. It’s math so elementary that anyone can follow it.

        2. For 100 years, ever since the FED and WWI got started.
          Remember how for 5-6 years people kept warning how the housing market was going to crash? Well….

        3. Peter Schiff Was Right… check it out on youtube and watch the ‘financial experts’ laugh in his face when, in 2006, he predicted the housing crash and the recession.
          If you’re looking for the truth on a television or a mainstream media publication, you aren’t going to find it.

        4. So true ,but we need to try make its death quicker instead of a few more years on life support the sooner the beast is dead. The better off we are!

      2. It’ll be easier to collapse civilization first.
        Women will learn a lot about real rape culture when that happens and look back to the good old days when being told “have a nice day” in the street or a man sitting with his knees apart was about all that would happen.

      3. Better still, make voting compulsory for women (but optional for men) on every trivial matter – district councils, school boards, choirmasters, etc.
        They’ll soon get sick of it. This is the subject of a short story by British writer ‘Saki’ (Hector Hugh Munro) written during the suffragettes era called “Hermann the Irascible”.

      4. The death of liberty in the United States was marked by giving women the right to vote.
        You see, most women (if not all) prefer security over liberty, safety over freedom.
        Our forefathers knew that, and weren’t afraid to speak the truth.
        Politically correct handcuffs on speech did not exist back then.
        Lots of redpill truth in their writings. That’s why kids aren’t being taught as much about them (except that they were racist).

    5. I’m a casual observer to the failings or rather the irrational thought process of feminism that really undermines the self confidence of males and the mixed message that affects both the casual sensibilities of both sexes. How do i justify myself to say that i am rational and others are irrational. here’s how: Emma Watson a woman who plays a witch( character that was killed or viewed with suspicion at any point in history in any and all cultures) speaks to the UN ( the highest court in the world- decides everything from finance, war to legal jurisprudence)about how feminism is here to save men from gender roles that negatively affect them. All this while she simultaneously dates an alpha rugby player who beats men into submission. he is one big rig with a bad ass beard. Emma now dates every woman’s dream for all of known history( the bad boy prince ). Now imagine all the men praising Emma thinking that they are exactly what she wants and desires in the movies the fake image of a kind misunderstood girl who is the classical ugly duckling turning into a swan and falls for the non alpha guy. ladies and gentlemen i hope i have given you some thought on why red pill awakens you. Once you take the red you are forever free.

      1. Emma Watson:
        a privilaged, rich, white girl who has never known suffering in her life, wilfully sleeps under the blanket of security that men provide whilst simultaneously lecturing men on how they need to sacrifice themselves to the feminine imperative.

    6. By not wanting your “paycheck garnished by papa guv’ment to pay for [the illegitimate bastard spawn conceived by two people]”, aren’t you not taking responsibility for your own hindbrain-driven actions? Maybe you should only be having sex with the type of women who are either ok with abortion or with whom you wouldn’t mind fathering children with instead of fucking what ever nasty slut walks your way to get your rocks off, without expecting for there to be any possible consequences of doing so.
      Pro-tip: actions have consequences. You don’t live in a nanny state where you can stick your dick in anything without having to face the fact that sex can and sometimes will makes babies. Sorry. Boo hoo. lol
      Maybe your big problem with this type of woman is that you are the same.

      1. No Jessica, here’s a pro-tip – go read the fucking article before spouting ill-informed bullshit. I’ve copied and pasted the relevant bit for your attention..
        “Women need to understand (then again – I’m positive they already do)
        that when it comes to sexual relationships, they hold all the cards. If
        you sleep with arrogant, dumb jerks, men with no jobs, principles or
        prospects, ones who will never make good fathers, that is what men will
        As soon as woman begin demanding good, honest men (instead of degenerates), we in turn will become just that.

        1. Jessica surely you can see, with no safety nets, women would have to be ALOT more careful about who they fuck?
          lets start there

        2. I’m just saying… the idea that women should be more responsible than men is equal and opposite to your issues with feminism. Truths aside. And in truth I think men should be equally responsible. So does Uncle Sam and his paycheck garnishing ways.

        3. Women aren’t attracted to responsible men. They are attracted to entertaining, hyper-confident badboys.
          Therein lies the problem.
          If there were no safety nets, women would naturally look for responsible, honest men out of necessity. The idiot badboys would be cast aside sexless.
          Government forced safety nets have given women free reign to fuck with complete indiscretion while being able to blame the man at every turn.

        4. Some women would gladly trade a partner for a paycheck. I pity them. They are the vast minority. Eliminating child support would do just as the name suggests – and children would be the primary ones to suffer. Do you really value being able to sleep around without consequences more than your possible offspring having food on the table? What kind of generation would come after this one if that were the case?

        5. I don’t think most men around here are in favour of eliminating child support entirely. The problem is usually with the ridiculous amount that men often have to pay and the penalties for not paying(fines, imprisonment etc), along with the fact that women get to decide whether they want to keep a baby or not and the man has to pay even if he has no interest in being a father.

        6. You think so? I’m sure that in the old days when a female got knocked up by the useless bad boy who she knew couldn’t support her and the kid that she’d seduce and marry some wimp mangina and then palm the kid off as his.Before DNA paternity tests the father was presumed to be the husband and unless he objected within 2 years and had proof he couldn’t possibly be the father (he was at sea or in prison or something like that) he was legally the father.You know, like back in the good old days that you boys believe was so great.

        7. I’ll admit that it’s not fair women get to decide if a pregnancy goes to term. But there is really no ethical way around it. Abortion has a lot of risks and you really can’t force any one else to undergo a medical procedure such as that.

        8. All men need to buy a bottle of Dr Benway’s magic elixer. Put a few drops in her orange juice the next morning and it does the trick.Morning after pill, no kid or child support.Perfectly safe.

        9. Oh lord I hope you’re kidding.
          I wouldn’t mess with a woman’s hormones, especially a random you dragged home from the bar. Her baseline crazy is probably touch-and-go. Maybe not but more likely than average I’d say. Now add enough progesterone to expel whatever might be in her uterus and you’ve got the makings of a lifetime movie.

        10. I have to disagree.
          Women should be held more responsible because they have to bear the brunt of the damage. Say for example, you have a friend who says, ” Hey, let’s go shoplifting.” You know that if you get a caught you will receive an automatic 9 months in jail with 18 years probation, while your friend will only get 9 months probation (and possibly) no jail time. If you know that your punishments will be so different right off the bat, (and you will be punished more severely) then you should be the more responsible one and say, “No”.
          A woman knows that she will be the one to have to suffer with a 9 month pregnancy and possible 18 year single motherhood, yet chooses to lay down (unprotected) with irresponsible men anyway, because she knows that the government will swoop in and save the day.
          If the government did not play “hero” then these women would have no choice but to make better, more responsible choices and society would become stronger as a whole.
          Everyone wins.

        11. “You know, like back in the good old days that you boys believe was so great.”
          The “old days”, like any era, had its advantages and disadvantages. Obviously the present era is preferable in some respects due to technological innovation. In certain respects the past was preferable since the nation was essentially built on strong families and a semi-free market. Both of the preceding however have no disappeared. This will likely create a situation where the present politico-economic and cultural paradigm will be forced to end. What will replace it however is an open question.

        12. I would agree that women have to be more responsible in their choosing. The article is great. The reason being: Men and women ARE different by nature. Trying to make the playing field “equal” (women can have as much sex as men w/out consequences) is a big lie. Women, by nature, bond to men via sex. Men don’t. Men bond to women by getting to know and value a woman by her NON-sexual assets. It’s a woman’s job to integrate a man’s physical sex desire into an emotional connection. This site always demonstrates proof positive: men don’t connect emotionally with all the women they “bang” and most of the time, respect for that woman is lowered when she is THAT easy of a target.
          Perfect example: Watch the movie “The Graduate.” Mrs. Robinson was “hot” and bangable. Dustin Hoffman’s character enjoyed having sex with her, but that’s all it was for him. She got so attached through the sex that she went NUTS when he didn’t reciprocate. BUT, who did Dustin Hoffman fall in love with? Mrs. Robinson’s daughter who he’d never slept with. He actually got to know “her” so his sexual desire integrated with her personal likeability. Newsflash: We’re different, not equal! Equal in value, but not equal in abilities/strengths.
          Another note: Feminists who are so “independent” relying on government assistance just exchanged the provider as being from male husband to the male-dominated government. Not so “independent.” Also, how many women drive cars, use phones, live in homes, use computers, appliances all designed by men to make their lives better? We need to quit blaming and work together and appreciate each sex’s differences that make us better as a whole.

        13. You mean women are irresponsible idiots, like children? The Devil you say!
          IN other news, water is wet. I

        14. As a medical doctor did you think I was going to poison her? It’s simply a one time dose of levonorgestrel and it’s 95% effective. It’s not an abortion pill. The RU486 comes later if this fails :o)

        15. You got the Graduate all wrong.It was Benjamin who wanted to talk to Mrs. Robinson while all she wanted was a good fuck.The reason that he went out with Elaine is because his parents were pushing for him to take her out. Mrs Robinson wasn’t happy about this so he promises to take her out and bring her right home and during the date treats her like crap.Towards the end when she gets upset he tries to console her and starts talking to her and he finds her attractive and then it progresses. See the film.

      2. Jessica – you just named the solution to the 72% illegitimacy birthrate in the black community. Bravo.
        You seem to understand personal responsibility very well, so it’s confusing why young women vote heavily for the democrat socialist safety net provisions.
        I agree with you – get rid of safety nets and government laws dictating male-female interactions. Let people live with consequences of their decisions.
        That’s one of our major gripes about feminism- they want more government control to help them.
        Women control sex, if they realize a badboy impregnates and leaves them helpless, they will be ALOT more careful and choosy about who they fuck.
        Nice, polite guys will get laid more.
        Government safety nets have removed much of the risk for women. So even if they fuck irresponsible men they are still safe from starving. Thus women give into their animal instincts and fuck the obnoxious badboy, whilst the hardworking polite man has to pay into the safety net subsidizing your hypergamy.

      3. Always make breakfast in the morning for the girl and make sure it has a ground up ‘morning after’ pill in it :o) And also remember that no matter how much the female claims you’re the father you can be almost certain that some other guy slipped his dick in that she ‘forgot’ about.

      1. “A man is given the choice between loving women and understanding them”
        ~Ninon de L’Enclos (a woman)

        1. How is it possible to love a woman after realizing the truth of their nature.They are just biological entities to propagate life to the fullest.

        2. That’s why it’s a choice. You can’t do both. Once you understand them, I don’t think you can love them.
          Given the choice between the High Road or the Low Road, I’ve found that most women will indeed choose the low road (and snicker about it with her friends). I can’t love someone who does that 85-90% of the time.
          Let Ninon hit you with more truth.
          Feminine virtue is nothing but a convenient masculine invention.
          Ninon de L’Enclos

        3. Love is what slows men down.I guess my only option is get a young nubile bitch impregnate her and raise a family where only my RULES operate.

        4. Thats why we force them to get in line.But physical attraction is a dire neccessity, for game to work your SMV MUST be higher.

        5. Love is an abstraction, an idealism. Men are romantics, women are pragmatists. Love belongs in books and poems. Feelings, on the other hand, are real; hormonal rushes both felt by men and women.

        6. Love has many faces… Men must be like the peacock with humor and wisdom to attract the sexiest dames!

        7. Hard to do brother in America! Too much social media here to try sway her otherwise. Look at all the craziness of Real Housewives series.

        8. There’s no such thing as love when it comes to females.Men and females have nothing in common outside of reproduction(sex) and are in fact in many ways adversaries. They do not compliment each other as so many naive people believe.Get these crazy ideas out of your heads. Humans, like all other animal species are primitive matriarchies.What we call ‘love’ is just a primitive sexual attraction between two people who are like strangers to each other and drive to reproduce.Men are really just sperm donors and wallets to women so that she can support herself and offspring.The average ‘good’ woman is no different than the prostitute because they both want the same things from a man. The ‘good’ woman too wants it in advance in the form of marriage and it all comes down to security (money) for themselves and offspring.Prostitution comes naturally to the female(even her body like some porn Ho is suited for it) and if she is in some dire straights the first thing she thinks of is how to get something from a man even if it means fucking him.
          OK I better stop because now I’m even more depressed lol

        9. In this world you’re either the predator or the prey.It’s kill or be killed.There’s a hierarchy and pecking order based on dominance.No, you don’t have to be some nasty violent guy but you do have to face reality and understand what human life is based on.

        10. Yes, it’s just some primitive programming to reproduce and is how life evolved on earth.Reproduction is the most important thing in Nature.Salmon swim upstream dodging bears and predators just for the chance to spray their sperm on the eggs and then die.
          I think that people invented religions and gods and take drugs etc because life is basically boring and meaningless and is just a cycle that never ends. Birth>fucking>death. To make it bearable they have to delude themselves and believe that they will go to the 7th heaven and get those virgins and everything else they believed would make them happy on earth.Doesn’t exist, just a loss of consciousness (death). You won’t even know you’re dead.

        11. So much is said in the manosphere to the contrary of this, so I guess you won’t believe me, but I’m a woman and can honestly look inside myself and say I’m interested in meeting a good guy (good meaning he has noble, positive character, and I expect the same of myself) with a personality that engages me (and of course it’s important he finds mine engaging) and in pure physical terms, we both find each other attractive. I’m not interested in seeking money for money sake, but like any one else, I want to avoid being destitute. The ability to support a family – for all of us to survive, is important. Our society makes it difficult for one person to shoulder that responsibility themselves, so it’s likely I would need to bread-win to some degree too.
          I wouldn’t commit to someone for life without knowing that I love him – care deeply about his well-being, and respect and admire who he is. It bothers me deeply reading posts like yours, and you sound like you would judge me as having low character and purely self-interested motivations simply because I’m a woman…so with that, I am disposed to be a little pissed off reading what you have to say. Anyone who values possessing noble, constructive character hates being proclaimed as innately lacking it, simply because of their chromosomes.
          But anyway… then I got to the part where you say you are depressed at knowing this reality. And that turned my slight anger into sadness (mingled with hope that offering this outlook might help). For as much as anyone can know his/her self, I don’t see corroboration with myself and this reality that’s depressing you.
          You believe it so powerfully and I’m sitting here reading a lot of this schlock, and just thinking ‘yeah there are many crappy people in society, of both sexes, but there are still people who know what love and respect (and personal accountability) is, within both sexes – not just one of them.’
          Debate on whether it’s a real thing or not aside: maybe any time people look to others for the fundamental grand things (like love) that men look to women for, and women look to men for, there’s plenty of opportunity for disillusionment.
          If you’re a straight male, it’s women you’re interacting with in this context, so your cause for disillusionment disproportionately seems like a woman generated thing, rather than a reflection of what the average person in general is made out of …I don’t know. Just an incredibly simple thought to throw out there.
          Side note: I’m only just now realizing that many men (and maybe many women?) have taken the oft-repeated statement that “men and women are equal” to mean ‘similar to each other.’ I have a biblical worldview on this (Galatians 3:28) so I’ve always thought the ‘equal’ was equal standing of worth in the eyes of our creator. We’re similar in that we are one species, but of course men and women have marked differences, and we were meant to. We’re equal in human value, all individual souls, but we are dissimilar in some significant ways, to neither’s discredit.

      2. The hilarious thing is that they deride these guys for being piece of shit losers as they simultaneously admit to the fact that they SPREAD THEIR LEGS for them AFTER knowing what losers they were to begin with.
        But remember…the men are the problem here, right? Riiiight.

        1. Women are like children they don’t want to be blamed for messing up the house but still want a toy for cleaning up.

        2. Those types of women will get their Karma in the long run! Since the beginning women were the start of it all! Since the CIA allowed the ‘Choas Project’ 1940’s (domestic) to fall thru! Feminism only increases the masters monopoly 10 fold!

        3. What hit my mind first when I read what the question they were responding to was: these women are admitting something embarrassing about something they did. The guys were embarrassing, and that embarrasses them. They’re pointing fingers at themselves by responding in the first place. This would be like a guy talking about a lay he regrets…is he blaming the girl he laid, or himself? He might really diss her in the process of explaining it, but he’s blaming himself. As a woman that’s how I interpret these women.

      1. Never ignore any court papers even if you’ve never heard of the person suing you. Never sign for anything or accept service by mail. If you are served in person file an Answer to the complaint denying all claims because if you ignore it after being legally served a default judgement may be entered against you.Even if you think you have no money and the court can’t do anything to you still do not let a judgement get entered against you because in these child support cases you may end up in jail for not paying even if you don’t have a penny. Fight everything. If a judgement was entered against you but you were not properly served file a notice of appeal with the appellate division requesting dismissal due to defective service. And even if it was years before you even found out about the judgement entered still file that appeal and also a motion for the court to toll the statute of limitations and the reason they should eg. you’ve been out of the country for years and never received the summons, or whatever etc.
        Most men don’t know how to handle legal matters and get sucked in even when they are not the father. Get a lawyer or find some free legal advice. Many Unis have legal clinics where you can speak to a lawyer for an hour by making like a $20 donation or something and get advice even if you file papers yourself.

        1. I’m going to type this in all caps because it is one of the most important things you will ever hear. IF YOU ARE ARRESTED, SUED, OR SERVED WITH LEGAL PAPERS GET A LAWYER. What it is just a bullshit charge and the cop was cool. GET A DAMN LAWYER. You don’t understand what Action for Support is but whatever you are moving states. GET A FUCKING LAWYER. Your old landlord sued you because you walked out on a lease a few months short but whatever its only going to be a judgement for a few hundred bucks. GET A GOD DAMN FUCKING LAWYER.
          If you don’t follow the legal process the first time properly you are going to get completely screwed. In court, you get one chance to get it right and ONLY one chance. Arrest warrants, default judgements, and support orders will haunt you for decades of your life. Got pulled over? Enjoy sitting in the back of a cop car while they check your out of state warrant every single time you get stopped until you answer for the warrant. Old default judgement (wait what its for $10,000 I only owed that bastard landlord $1,000 in back rent) good luck ever getting a loan until you clear up the judgement. Uncontested support action? You might as well move to Indonesia or another country that won’t enforce the order.
          I don’t care if you don’t have the money for a fancy lawyer. Or if you can’t be bothered because it is in some city and state you have never heard of. Or if you would rather drink at the bar down the street then make a filing deadline. GET A DAMN LAWYER.
          If you can’t afford a lawyer call up your state bar association and ask about free legal services. Go on a public bus a write down the numbers of attorneys that have ads there. Call them up and tell them how much you can pay for their services. They are used to dealing with low income clients and will make it work. You aren’t going to get the best representation, but anything is better then nothing.
          Just always remember, if you find yourself in legal trouble, criminally or civilly, GET A DAMN LAWYER.

        2. Of course I meant get a lawyer and some of what I wrote was as a last resort and to show that you objected to a complaint by filing an Answer denying all claims. At least now a default cannot be entered against you and the female is going to have to prove her allegations. Even if you lose you can still file an appeal which stays any judgement until it is heard and frequently overturns the lower court order. Always fight everything and never leave any loose ends regardless of how trivial you believe they are.
          And btw, it’s not going to be a few hundred with landlords because rents in places like NYC may be a few thousand a month and most people are behind a couple of months before the owner takes them to court and manages to get it on the calendar so it could be $10k.But a lot of owners are dumb and just go to get an eviction order which means you have to leave in 10 days or whatever but without a judgement for the $10k which he would probably have to sue for in regular court (too high for small claims) Always check your credit report and they are free once a year to obtain. If this owner has you on the report contact the credit reporting agency and deny it and they’ll have to remove it and notify the creditor. Now he has to prove that you owe him money and he can’t do that because he failed to get a judgement (just got the eviction order) It’s off now. In some States(Florida) even authentic debts on the report must be removed in THREE years if you demand it.Of course many companies keep their own records so don’t run up a $50k Amex bill and think you can just get another card 3 years later :o) but at least no casual observer will see any debts.

        3. The crux of my comment was that if you have a legal matter you should get a legal professional. The “regular Joe” approach to legal matters is going to screw you in the end.
          Lots of people think the legal process is the same as it plays out in TV shows. Really the legal process is two professionals engaged in negotiations that will ultimately be rubber stamped by a judge. The number of cases that end up in any type of trial or even a hearing are small. It might be maybe 1%. Cases resolved on appeal are even smaller and those that have the capability of bring any type of question to the appellate level are far and few between.
          A lawyer is the same as a real estate broker. It is a transaction cost in a specialized industry. You are better off paying it then trying to go it alone.

        4. I also have a degree in law and sometimes forget that you 20 somethings don’t even know the basics to handle simple small claims or landlord tenant cases which of course are handled by law clerks and are negotiated unless one party is so adamant that they want the judge to hear it. The problem is that the sums are small that it’s hardly worth hiring a lawyer who may also lose the case and then you’ll also have to pay his fee in addition to the judgement. Of course in family court and for support etc Always have a lawyer. In many areas if you don’t have the money there is Legal Aid for the indigent in these civil matters and they’ll also assist in landlord tenant etc. The problem is that the lower class areas are swamped with cases and can’t handle them all so if you’re broke it still may be better to appear in court yourself rather than to just ignore it and have a judgement or order entered against you.Of course in criminal cases you’ll get a PD but it isn’t always so easy because the income threshold is low and you may still not get a free PD or have the funds to hire a lawyer.I’ve seen judges in Municipal Court deny defendants a PD based on the fact that they were a bit over the income threshold and I could see by the person’s income that they could barely survive let alone afford a lawyer.They’re pretty much fucked because a judge can send them to jail for 6 months (sometimes a year in the local court) and there are no juries.So of course get a lawyer but what if you don’t have one? It’s still better to put on some sort of defence than nothing or be railroaded into a plea deal which is the same as a guilty plea which you cannot appeal.Better to plead not guilty and then let the judge find you guilty and appeal it, at least you have some chance and slow the process of going to jail down.Let me just mention that many people charged with something like pot posession or even DWI may really not be eligible for a PD. Suppose you can’t afford a lawyer and don’t qualify for a PD based on income. You may be earning say $2k a month which is barely possible to live on but yet may be over the limit for a free lawyer.Now, in the more advanced states a judge will appoint a lawyer even in Municipal court(even if you don’t qualify on income) if there’s any chance that a conviction will end in a jail sentence but what if you’re in Sheriff Arpaio country where you don’t qualify on income and can’t afford a lawyer? I think that things like law, economics etc should be taught even at the highschool level so that you’re not completely clueless rather than most of the useless courses like sex or drug education.

        5. Study some law at college as an elective so that you know at least the basics and if it interests you you can go on to law school.Drop the useless electives that amount to nothing and that you’re paying full tuition for. I think that we all know the crap courses to avoid and that are more like hobbies that you could learn on your own if they interest you.
          At Harvard, 3 credit hours cost $13,000! Are you really going to pay $25k for two semesters of something like French or Feminist studies?

        6. But the broker is only of some use to you if you have the money to buy a property. If you don’t have a penny then he is redundant.

        7. If you want to gain some general knowledge in the law order an undergraduate text book focusing on that specific area of law.
          If you want more formalized instruction to develop general knowledge about the law try Phoenix online university. (Don’t bother if you actually want to get a law degree only do it if you want to do so to expand your knowledge in the area).
          You can also offer to assist a local attorney with cases for a minimal fee (he will have to pay you something because of legal and ethical concerns). Being an apprentice of sorts is a great way to develop knowledge quickly.

        8. Just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean your life cannot get seriously messed up if you go it without proper representation.
          Last time I checked it didn’t matter how much money you had, if you are convicted of a crime you can go to jail. Think you will just abscond or slip into another state? Arrest warrants are registered in a national database (this wasn’t true as little as 15 years ago). It doesn’t matter where you go in the US, if you are ever detained by police or subject to a background check you will be held on the warrant at least until the other state declines to extradite you. Planing to hop on a plane? The TSA is known for spot checking manifests. Crossing the border? Your ID will get run. Applying for a job? In that application language the prospective employer uses reserves the right to run a criminal background check. Arrest warrants also don’t tend to expire. They will stay in the system until you take care of it.
          The same about civil judgements. They will hang over your head for years, wreck your credit, stop you from getting any type of legit loan, and if you ever come into any money they will be enforced against you no matter where you live.
          If you don’t have any money call the state bar association and ask about pro bono services. Go on a public bus and write down the number for a few attorneys that target low income people. They might not be high quality, but something is better then nothing. Call up the local law school and ask if they have any legal clinic that provides services. Call up a big law firm in your metro area and ask for the pro bono coordinator. Give them your sob story and ask if you can get put on the list. Associates at big firms have a certain number of pro bono hours they can bill per year and they love doing it because it means they aren’t working on shitty doc review for a few hours. At the very least, show up for your court date and tell the judge you have no money and do not feel like you are competent enough to represent yourself. In most jurisdictions they have the option to appoint you counsel at the cost of the court even if you are not legally entitled to it.
          Don’t just ignore a legal matter EVER especially because you don’t have any money.

      2. First day of macroeconomics today and the professor told us that people without income don’t pay taxes and get public assistance so the only solution is for the government to borrow more money. Everyone nodded along but I spoke out, “What about if the government gave out less public assistance?” I said. The professor answered “No because then that person won’t buy stuff from company A and company A would be forced to lay people off”. I told him that want necessarily true and the class laughed at me. Then he said how politicians care about themselves and getting re elected more than anything so they won’t create policy that reduces public assistance because then people won’t vote for them. I told him that may be true for some politicians but that doesn’t mean we should just ignore other options. The class laughed again. I told him that the government will just be forced to always borrow more from the fed and always be in debt and he told me I was jumping off topic to “stay with him” then he said how it was his job to be fair and unbiased and not subscribe to a political party…
        From day 1 he is already shoving a liberal narrative down our throats. He is ignoring the option government has of not paying tons of money to simpletons because to him that type of government would be bad. The class, who are a bunch of betas and feminists, also subscribe to this view (Most of the school are Asian and Hispanic “minorities” and collect some sort of Government aid) Its not that I disagree with unemployment pay or financial aid or food stamps, but I believe that the US is giving out way too much of this stuff to people who contribute jack shit to society.
        He couldn’t even acknowledge that it was an option worth teaching. And the university brainwashing continues.

        1. Might be time to drop that class. Or wear earmuffs and take up lip reading in order to keep your sanity intact.

        2. “What about if the government gave out less public assistance?
          What happens in Nature when there is not enough food and resources for the animals?
          They just naturally breed less. Some species look like they have gone extinct for years until some naturalist sees them again when the conditions are right for them.

      3. Are those feminism in action images trading cards? Sell that shit. Make copies and leave them everywhere

    7. Men are in the process of going Galt ,that means more beta men are going to stay singles and less hour thus generate less revenue for single moms.

      1. Boat, windmill, water filter, buddy and a few cans of beer. Sail around europe. Bitcoin to stay semi-off the grid and avoid whatever totalitarian financial controls come in the near future.

        1. Overstock was among the first to accept it. Microsoft, recently. Expedia and Cheapair for hotels and plane tickets. A number of VPNs accept it including airvpn which I currently use. Tigerdirect and Dell and Newegg for electronics.
          Check google for whatever else you want, americans can buy pretty much anything with bitcoin these days. Maybe check out if you wanna know more, about any aspect of bitcoin. It’s good to understand what you are sinking money in.

        2. Thanks, did a little research while trying to apply for a job where I had to write about Bitcoin. Been interested in it’s application ever since.

      2. The ONLY power men have today is to not marry them and if we do, wait until we are much older. Its the only weapon we have in this fight.

        1. And the conscious collective withdrawal of our consent in politics and our contribution towards society and women.
          We’re fighting the fight right now, by making our thoughts visible on the internet for every heartbroken, frustrated and disillusioned young man to find. This is it man, give it time.

        2. No, you actually have more power than that. A LOT more. I may write my own article on it pretty soon. Maybe ROK will let me submit it as a guest?

    8. I think the below quote says it all:
      A sensible woman should be guided by her head when taking a husband, and by her heart when taking a lover.
      Ninon de L’Enclos
      This is nothing new.
      Understand that Ninon was a French woman born in 1620. Women have always been this way. Lovers (aka Bad Boys) are chosen by lust. Husbands(betas) are chosen by Strategy. One would think the person you choose to spend your life with would be the one you actually “loved”, but that would mean you’d have to use Logic. And let’s face it, women have never really had use for logic.

      1. Have you avenged your family’s death Ninja Gaiden? sorry cant help it, i was a former gamer :^)
        but yeah i agree with the 1600’s French chick.

        1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Smashes table with fists)
          But I will.
          I found that some of the Fiends were hiding with the Feminists…so I am currently investigating…

    9. Wait a minute.
      This means you alpha red pill PUA guys have been going through all that trouble just to fuck Jezebel readers.
      Oh and this is gold:
      “If you sleep with arrogant, dumb jerks, men with no jobs, principles or prospects, ones who will never make good fathers, that is what men will become.”

      1. Come to Africa and see what beta bucks can do.The equation here is screwed…under extreme poverty women have to condition themselves by taking sugardaddies.

      2. Women are stupid. They’ll fill the gene pool with men who have “success” indicators for a hunter-gatherer society, as that’s what women are hardwired for. They follow their hindbrain and forget these guys are losers in the modern world. Like moths to a street lamp! This is why we need to reinstate arranged marriages.

    10. First day of macroeconomics today and the professor told us that people without income don’t pay taxes and get public assistance so the only solution is for the government to borrow more money. Everyone nodded along but I spoke out, “What about if the government gave out less public assistance?” I said. The professor answered “No because then that person won’t buy stuff from company A and company A would be forced to lay people off”. I told him that want necessarily true and the class laughed at me. Then he said how politicians care about themselves and getting re elected more than anything so they won’t create policy that reduces public assistance because then people won’t vote for them. I told him that may be true for some politicians but that doesn’t mean we should just ignore other options. The class laughed again. I told him that the government will just be forced to always borrow more from the fed and always be in debt and he told me I was jumping off topic to “stay with him” then he said how it was his job to be fair and unbiased and not subscribe to a political party…
      From day 1 he is already shoving a liberal narrative down our throats. He is ignoring the option government has of not paying tons of money to simpletons because to him that type of government would be bad. The class, who are a bunch of betas and feminists, also subscribe to this view (Most of the school are Asian and Hispanic “minorities” and collect some sort of Government aid) Its not that I disagree with unemployment pay or financial aid or food stamps, but I believe that the US is giving out way too much of this stuff to people who contribute jack shit to society.
      He couldn’t even acknowledge that it was an option worth teaching. And the university brainwashing continues.

    11. Even slaves eventually revolt or run away and the masters then have to agree to be nicer to them and require less working hours and give them some perks otherwise they make no profit and spend their money and time trying to catch them while making no profit on the plantation.

    12. Interesting persecution fantasy. Anyway, you realize that feminist are generally pro-contraception and pro-choice? Anyway, most progressives want to the extremely wealthy, not common workers. And you rarely see hardcore feminists with “bad boys”.

      1. Persecution fantasy? Ad hominem fallacy.

        Anyway, you realize that feminist are generally pro-contraception and pro-choice?


        Anyway, most progressives want to the extremely wealthy, not common workers.

        English, do you speak it?

        And you rarely see hardcore feminists with “bad boys”.

        You don’t see “hardcore feminists” with bad boys because they’re far more likely to be lesbians. They hate straight men because they see them as sexual competition, and are jealous when they see a straight man with an attractive straight woman. “Hardcore feminists” commonly slander straight men in a vain attempt to convert straight women into lesbians. See “Political Lesbianism,” which is very much a part of modern radical feminism.
        I wrote “feminist” in my original post, but I really meant all Leftist women who want the state to replace the role of individual provider (beta) males. In other words, instead of her having to provide sexual value in order to attract a quality mate, she instead opts to have the state extort resources from men via taxation.

        1. I’m just stating the facts about your persecution fantasy. You can’t back that shit up.
          Anyway, they don’t need you “beta boys” to pay for their children too much if they have access to contraception and abortion.
          They want to tax rich people not “beta boys” like Haven.
          Many hardcore feminists are heterosexual. Most people are heterosexual.

  3. I like Jezebel’s female logo. Too bad none of them are actually good looking like that.

  4. Disqualified. Not one good LTR prospect in the lot. Every one of these turds has effectively flushed herself down the toilet of life as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Do you need any more evidence that the manosphere knows what’s what? How many times have we said that girls like bad boys? How many times have we warned of the results of unrestrained hyergamy? Do people understand now that being a nice, beta provider is about as obsolete as the horse-drawn cart or the cassette tape?

    this is why 200yrs ago all cultures even the west did arrange marraige. Love marriage today was never the norm. They basically looked at everyones assets and backgrounds like a job interview to see whose right for their kid.
    Think back in the day,being nice was appreicated when there wasnt a strong policing presence. Now a days everyone is nice. If the cops disseapered or we werent pc or had strict laws about conflict. Id say wed all be more aggressive and women will once agian be that scared little girl hoping to find a nice guy. Kindness isnt a weakness but in todays age it has,since we become doormats.
    Dark triad men back in the day would probably be killed by the “betas” for deflowering future brides. But this day and age they can thrive since no one can legally touch them. COuld you imagine it being legal to kill any man that goes near your female relatives. It was then and they had to approve which guy to introduce to their women.

    1. The lesson here is to maintain a strong frame in all aspects of life. Business, family, job or life in general there are people who want you to submit to their will through guile, treachery, subterfuge or the promise of pussy.
      Red pill is like wearing a t-shirt that says “only on my terms”

    2. You’ve just stated the the real, actual purpose for traditional chivalry. It was to impress and win the favor of the men in the girl’s family. Particularly the father. If the young man demonstrated enough self-sacrifice and protectiveness, the father and her older brother , cousins etc then felt he was right for her and gave the prospecting young men their blessings. But it didn’t ever get the young girl wet.

      1. well until they see him in action. But either way females cant be trusted with free choice, just like with kids. Theyll bring themselves down and sometimes those around them.

    3. The people of the west have been fucked since birth. You need a completely new generation untainted by current ideals, and brought up as such from birth. This is ridiculous, of course, which is why empires and groups of people historically always fall.

      1. hence why many migrants refuse to integrate. Doesnt matter how nice the mental ward is, never lose your sanity.

  6. You fucktard pussy whipped millenial bible thumping mama’s boys have ruined everything. And your nasty obese tattooed feminist counterparts should all be liquidated in a boiling pot of shit.This is what the Boomer men had in mind for the future and you arseholes ruined it.
    Girl puts herself on the ‘circuit’, aka as the cock carousel, which means she’s open for a bit of the old in-out in out. No problems, no money wasted on ‘dates’ no fake rape bullshit. You know, I never even thought Jenny Agutter was that hot when I was young but compared to today’s dumpy females she’s looks like a goddess lol Knows how to dress for a date as well.

    1. I’m pretty sure the Zionist-Communist version of Christianity practised in the west is known everywhere else as a variant on Satanism. Can’t just blame one group though – all groups are responsible for western degeneration, especially the older ones who threw the Bible to the winds.

      1. The books of the Bible were copied from more literate societies by the Jews and just changed the stories around to suit themselves.These southern Khazars who invaded the mid east were all originally shamanists like their cousins in the north, where they later returned.After Abraham invented his new Allah/Yahweh religion only some of them even followed it and many were still sacrificing infants to Moloch and Baal. Abraham even built a primitive shrine to Yehweh where the Kaaba now stands in Mecca taken over from a pagan religion then it went back to pagan until Mohammed came along and dedicated it to Allah. The location there is special because it’s right near a well that never dries out.Muslims and Jews both count Abraham as an ancestor and Patriarch.There were all sorts of other cults in the area as well

    2. “You fucktard pussy whipped millenial bible thumping mama’s boys have
      ruined everything. And your nasty obese tattooed feminist counterparts
      should all be liquidated in a boiling pot of shit.This is what the
      Boomer men had in mind for the future and you arseholes ruined it.”
      That was never going to happen. Only what happened could have happened. You ruined it yourselves for yourselves but not for me and mine. Chumps.

    3. So Millenials stopped the world of Logan’s Run from happening, and Logan’s Run was the goal of the Baby Boomers? And I’m supposed to despise the Millenials because, according to you, they stopped a brutal dictatorship dystopia?

    4. Smart millennial men use the carousel to train for capturing a decent female. If you’re monetarily sound, have a confident personality and can fuck like you’re tearing the devil out through her vagina… you’re going to have her like roots in the ground.

  7. This article shows women for who they really are and they wonder why good men don’t pick up their tab after they hit wall ,M.G.T.O.W .

    1. MGTOW is a forced choice though, not a viable long-term strategy. Neither is PUA a strategy for a stable long term society. Both are for the most part concepts that have their time and place, but are not lasting.
      The only societies that ever were strong and self-sustaining involved traditional conservatism. This usually ties in with a belief in God, which is more necessary to do what needs to be done. Atomised societies based on money forming the basis of society are doomed to bad dictatorship and painful suffering.

  8. Women are what they are, like a polar bear is what it is. Only our naive attitude gets us hurt. Who’s to blame? It’s our recent ancestors who let this come to pass. Years and years of cowardly men caving to Eve’s Rebellion. Abetted by those with personal or ideological interests, no doubt, but all of this could have been prevented if men had just said “NO!” But just like Adam failed, so those who have come before us have failed.
    It’s now up to us to begin to say what our cowardly fathers lacked the will to say.

    1. Eve’s rebellion was fostered by banking interests and lobbying by a group of people committed to removing whites and enslaving all others.
      Feminism is a curse and spiritual cancer upon society, just like the seemingly-white man who promotes all this degeneracy. It is also true, however, that recent white ancestors have been shameful in their conduct in allowing all this to pass whilst they had a great time.

    2. Feminine virtue is nothing but a convenient masculine invention.
      Ninon de L’Enclos (a woman)

      1. Virtue was never contemplated as innate, it was a practiced trait. Not everyone had it. Just as a man’s virtuous traits were not.

  9. Unfortunately, the vast majority of women born between 1970s to 1990s are complete degenerates, especially most white women. The men, in living in such a society, have followed suit. I just assume that respectable and accountable. people no longer exist. Unfortunately this kind of social atomisation is always seen at the dawn of a totalitarian regime, if you look at human history.
    There’s no enjoy the decline. We currently live in a dictatorship and the next 5 years will make it official. This is for most if not ALL western countries. We need a mass awakening of our relationship to money, the land and each other. And of our need to seek a better relationship with God, for those who believe. Without all of this happening real quick, we are collectively so screwed, even the banksters and their brethren who think they’ll get away with all this manipulation.
    Unfortunately, most people seek the past of least resistance, and so will go along with the flow (the flow being totalitarian, of course). Fucking idiots. Seeing as the white race went from 30% of world population to 8% today, I expect that it will approach 5% in the next 10-20 years, followed by massive oppression of whites, engineered by the other white guy (though almost all races will suffer). The global communist superstate is already here through corporatism and political lobbying.
    Lastly, know that human rights are under attack HERE IN THE WEST. Not just father’s rights and men’s rights and human rights, to a degree you wouldn’t even believe. But the 4th amendment has been more or less annulled in practice by the patriot act/martial law like in Boston when searching for the Tsarnaevs, and the 1st amendment is under attack on the 26th as Obama and the FCC, one way or the other, REGULATE THE INTERNET! No more free speech, as both sides are owned by banking and corporate interests – and so since people cannot communicate, the 2nd amendment becomes useless as well as oppression becomes overt. Many parts of the world and even in Europe have become no-go zones for even criticising governments and corporate policy. Death is not the worst fate one can have in life – enslavement, torture and spiritual death are far worse. What will it take for people to wake up?

    1. You don’t need the Net to communicate. Use short wave ham radios. You can even communicate without the Net with a wireless card to people near you. Put a more powerful one with a signal booster. There’s also the telephone :o)

    2. So true. The brainwashing in the West goes deep. The evil agendas to pacify men go from screwing our rights to bear arms to lacing most foods/products with chemicals, soy, hormones etc. With pacified men what are the chances the people will rebel?
      The internet is a blessing and a curse but a curse first. Mostly because of the mass amount of Porn messing with our heads and idiotic ideas that go unchecked: sjw’s, so much crap to zombify us even more etc. The blessing being 10%useful information, sites like this to keep us aware.
      I wish I was ignorant of this but I’ll just take a deep breath and pray to God for mercy.
      Blessings and peace y’all.

  10. “I basically agree that many of the men….are assholes..” Nope. I’m not even saying that. They were doing what seemed to work for them. They’re no more assholes than the stupid puerile women they banged and who are now basically bragging about the experience.

    1. Most women are assholes as they expect the men to pick up the tab, and many men are assholes for promoting women’s degeneracy.
      So its no wonder women love assholes, as the westernised woman is the biggest asshole that ever existed in human history, next to criminally insane evil banksters and their cult of death.

    1. BTW I always found Christina Ricci to be oddly allurring and attractive. A dark, strange, skinny introverted girl. Seems like she thinks deeply about shit.
      shes over 30 now so who fucking cares anymore, but unusual girls similar to her turn me on.

    1. I’ve heard of that happening to black and Jewish girls. The guy may not be a nazi but he really doesn’t like blacks or jews and just fucks them like dogs.

  11. How do we know the commentators on Jezebel are not frequent flyer members at McDonalds or Jenny Craig Dropouts ?

      1. Not always. My ex wife was a very strident Fem. She was very fit, had a nice body. But her hair was cropped short. The short hair is always a red flag

  12. I don’t really think you can hold the idea that men are the more logical, responsible, etc. sex – which I assume you do since you’re “red pill” – and place the onus on women for men’s most unsavory behaviors. Aren’t you supposed to be “above” that? Kinda weak, dude.
    After all, men want a woman who is gorgeous without too much going on upstairs lest they be labeled “opinionated” (aka a pain in the ass). Men want women who are sweet, docile, sex goddesses, and will do their laundry in leu of pursuit of a career. If you want to make the argument that men would be better creatures if it wasn’t for the fact that it gets them laid, I’ll have to argue that womens’ perceived “weakness” are not due to their true nature but rather so they can score an alpha male.
    I thought the “red pill” crowd’s biggest issue with feminism was their (perceived) predilection for demanding respect while in the same breath blaming men or at least not taking responsibility for idiotic behavior?
    Just pointing out a logical fallacy here as a gentle reminder to hold yourself and other men (and women) to higher standards. We have vastly different views on the way women are and should be treated, but I’ve always at least respected the standards to which you guys hold yourselves – unlike most men in the US.
    -Coming from a girl who doesn’t blame men for her problems, and instead holds herself to high standards in all areas of intelligence, attractiveness, and interpersonal skills. Feminist at work and sweetheart at home.

    1. But we should place the onus on women for repeatedly sexually rewarding men who violate every tenet these same women pay lip service to in their everyday lives. Whether or not men should take their share of the blame for adapting to the reality on the ground is ultimately neither here nor there. As the author noted, women generally hold all the cards when it comes to sex and relationships. Despite our proactive role in the seduction process, men are reactive agents in this dance. Until women, collectively, actually start rewarding the change they want to see, your gender deserves the bulk of the blame for this sordid state of affairs.
      Furthermore, men may want what they want, but at least they don’t muddy the waters by pretending to like something that they don’t. Nor, insofar as sexual incentives have a cumulative effect on the direction society takes (and they do), do men’s preferences have a detrimental effect on said society, unlike women’s.

      1. I see your point. It’s similar to how women should stop saying ‘no’ when what they really mean is ‘put in a little more effort and I’ll fuck you’ because it creates a confusing situation for men which seeds the grounds for unwanted rapey behavior since men have no way of knowing a true ‘no’ from a playful one (aside from those who are gifted at reading body language).
        But men don’t want the girls who are easy to get. They want a couple of ‘no’s’ or they will think she is pump-and-dump material. Men are the reason girls do this.
        But that doesn’t mean I think girls should keep doing this. I stopped doing it. Instead, I only get into a situation where sex is clearly on the menu (aka hanging out at home instead of going out on dates in public) if I’m ready for it. So there are other ways, albeit a bit more sophisticated, of attaining the same outcome. We all have evolutionary drive to do what works, but we are evolved at the same time. So too should you strive to be better. There are ways of being badass and sexy to women without being a fuck-all.
        Edit: yes women should stop having sex with the type of men they distain. Yes it does influence men’s behavior. No it doesn’t excuse it. Your dick shouldn’t dictate the kind of person you strive to become. Like I said, there are better ways of accomplishing getting it wet

        1. Jessica, it all starts in high school. All that mumbled vague jargon that you spew is nothing but muddying the water. In high school your goal should be to graduate and attain behavior that would suit you as an adult female; not to binge drink, or find your future sorority sister so you two can beer-bong together at bars. In college your goal should be to find a husband as a virgin, plain and simple. You will find plenty of men who are virgins in college. Instead YOU WILLINGLY CHOOSE to go to frat parties, drink, get inebriated, and have drunken sex which you regret. By then you become a pump and dump slut. IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO BECOME a pump and dump slut NOT a man’s behavior that determines whether you are or not. YOU ARE AGAIN blaming men for WOMEN’S bad behavior and excusing it, because you’ve done it yourself and it makes you feel better to share the blame.

        2. I was referring to the fact that I used to say ‘no’ when I meant yes to avoid becoming a pump-and-dump. I did this with guys with whom I was already dating regularly. It wasn’t really necessary, but it made them want me even more than they did already and get super worked up, and it was kind of fun. And by “guys” I mean probably 2 before chaining my behavior, after which time I haven’t been with many more. Full disclosure because why not, I’ve been with 6 men and no not 6 times 3. Maybe I should have said 2 since you probably won’t believe me but whatever. I’ve never had a sexual experience I regret.
          In college I was a biochemistry major with a math minor and now I’m about to graduate med school. I wasn’t in a sorority and I’ve never had a one night stand. I got wasted a few times, sure, but when I’m drunk I’m happy and giddy, not looking for some rando to take home.
          I was speaking of societal pressures that exist outside of my own personal experience.
          Edit: sometimes a guy will court a woman for a long time but still peace out after they have sex for the first time. Hence the extra measures to avoid pump and dump. I know this because it happens to many other women. Not everything I know is solely through personal experience.

        3. …having six men, meaning they are part of your past; thus you are not with any of the six now, qualifies you as a pump and dump no matter how good or bad you act while with #4, or #5 or #6. You have no societal pressures. It’s you who wanted to act upon them. Now that you are a “career medical woman” meaning you are approaching 30 also qualifies you as a pump and dump because now you “expect” men to impress you or whatever TV standards you may be adhering to this week. You are almost a barren womb with no value unless you submit to a future guy. If I had to listen to half that shit you wrote above, I would only think pump and dump myself.

        4. 26 is approaching 30? Ok well every age under 30 is approaching 30. I might not be married but I’ve had excellent long-term relationships with men which have taught me how to be a good partner. I’ll be a better wife for it.

        5. Doctor. 26. Never had an STD or unsavory sexual experiences. No kids. No baggage. 5’11 BMI of 19 hourglass figure with 34 DDD natural but fake looking boobs and naturally blonde and very long hair. Pretty face. Knows how to treat a man well and support him. Has her own life and career. Doesn’t go out drinking except on rare occasions and conducts herself with dignity when she does. Tell me you’d only consider this woman for pump-and-dump. I don’t care whether or not you think this is actually me – after all, it’s the internet and i could be some pimply fat dude naked eating cheetos in my mom’s basement but if not having an intact hymen makes women of this caliber unmarriable to you, then I feel sorry for you.

        6. I have no incentive to lie. This is the internet and it’s anonymous. If I was going to lie about it I would have picked a number under 3 because that seems to be the point at which you guys freak out.

        7. “But men don’t want the girls who are easy to get. They want a couple of ‘no’s’ or they will think she is pump-and-dump material. Men are the reason girls do this.”
          Men who are either trying to put on a good front, or who aren’t articulate enough to air their true motivations, might express these kinds of thoughts, but for the most part, this is pure female projection. And it’s a myth that can’t die soon enough.
          While easy-to-get is unfortunately a decent proxy for past promiscuous behavior, which for many men (including myself) is a deal breaker for a long term relationship, it isn’t in itself what disqualifies a girl. Speaking for myself, all other things being equal, I much prefer an easy girl over a difficult one. I’d go as far as to say that there are better odds I’d give a relationship to the easy girl over her difficult twin sister, for whom I’d have probably grown at least some resentment for making me waste my time trying to crack her little get-laid puzzle.
          I dare say, if a woman not unlike the one you described in your previous post (chaste, young, sweet, docile, gorgeous, domesticated, a sex goddess, not a pain in the ass) let me fuck her six ways from Sunday five minutes after meeting her (yeah yeah, impossible, I know, but bare with me), I’d consider marrying her the next day. What gives?
          Men are opportunists (because they have to be). They’ll take what comes their way. But whether or not a man ditches a girl who made it easy for him has absolutely nothing to do with the speed at which he was able to get her into his bed. It has everything to do with whether or not she possesses the qualities he’s searching for (namely, the ones listed above). Making him bust his ass doing his little dance-monkey-dance routine to get you in bed does not actually improve your odds of a relationship. Nobody likes to feel like a performer. It’s dehumanizing in much the same way, I assume, that women find it dehumanizing to be treated like nothing more than fuck toys.
          “There are ways of being badass and sexy to women without being a fuck-all.”
          Not everybody can be the CEO. Men will continue to take the path of least resistance, as long as women continue to reward them for it.

        8. Already married to your profession, and the ever-growing mountain of red tape that comes with being a government bureaucrat doctor. Any man in your life will forever play second fiddle, and you can always gain from a divorce if he one day decides not to yield to the AMA and HHS.

        9. I don’t think most guys expect women to be virgins at 26 these days.. 6 is a pretty decent number given the notch counts most sluts these days have.
          You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and if you’re as attractive as you seem to think you are, you’ll do fine I’m sure with finding a quality long-term partner and husband if that’s what you’re looking for.. unless of course, all your attributes make you far too selective, or rather, unless your high achieving career, status and looks pretty much price you out of the market. I mean I assume you’re going to want a man with high status career.. or at least, as high status and high income as yours.. which is already ruling out a lot of men.. then he has to be super handsome to meet your high standards, intelligent, masculine and alpha, but with feminist leanings to support you and your career. That narrows things down considerably for you.. especially these days with women out-earning men when it comes to degrees. So you probably need to hold on a high quality guy who meets all the above criteria and high standards, which I reasonably assume you have. Good luck.

        10. Like I said, I stopped doing that. Partly out of maturity, partly out of politics, but also because I stopped seeing men and partnership as a – for lack of a better word – game to be won, and started seeing it as two people coming together to enjoy and support each other. I realized that I was so afraid of being objectified by men (a fear that was not unfounded – I was 13 the first time a random older guy grabbed my ass without my permission and about 15 when men started being aggressive in trying to get me to sleep with them. I hated it, it kind of scared me, and I didn’t lose my virginity until college) that I did what I thought I should to make men see me as more than my appearance. I was misguided in the ways I went about doing so and inadvertently objectified them in the process, just in a different way.
          I really like what you said. I wish I had stumbled upon it when I was younger. Even though I no longer act that way or view men that way, I still gained a deeper appreciation by reading it.

        11. I don’t mind if they don’t earn a lot as long as they love what they do. I don’t need a guy who makes a lot of money, although admittedly it would be a little odd to be the breadwinner. Thats something I could sacrifice though. I respect any man who aggressively pursues his dream job. I just need a good-looking respectful funny guy who doesn’t get weird about the fact that I’m successful. Or a guy with those things who makes more I mean that would be fine lol
          But yes the struggle is real

        12. I read that. My parents didn’t give me spending money growing up so I worked as a waitress in high school and college and hence have respect for customer service employees and treat everyone the same. But a lot of my classmates don’t and it bothers me to no end. Entitled shits. It’s easy to be successful when you’ve been cradled your whole life. I have no respect for people like that, no matter what they’ve accomplished.

        13. Well at least you’re honest about the fact that him being good looking seems to be first in your list and more important than anything else it seems.
          I remain skeptical though .. that a doctor like you would be ok with a guy who doesn’t make a lot of money. I think you would have to actually be in a real relationship with someone like that to actually test out that hypothesis. It sounds good in theory. .and I’m sure part of you actually is sincere and does believe that, but I think you will find in reality you will not be satisfied with a man unless he brings as much, and probably more, to the table than you do when it comes to income and status and career. That, unfortunately, is female nature.. and specifically, the hypergamic aspect of female nature that the manosphere has analyzed and written and obsessed over a thousand times.. as have men throughout history in trying to understand and attract women, and that is probably what lies at the root of much of the exasperation and frustration men have with women. I don’t think most guys really care about a woman’s career or success.. for most men, those aspects about a woman are at best neutral.. and perhaps sometimes detriments. I really think it’s women who make guys feel “weird” or like failures if they aren’t at the same level as the woman… and it is women who in their selection process reject men who aren’t at the same level as they are when it comes to career, success and income.. .and this is why feminism is a source of friction and is in many ways a detriment when it comes to cultivating attraction between men and women and cultivating long-term, stable male-female relationships.

        14. The problem you will also have is that if your future partner makes less money, there is a strong possibility he will be working less hours too, which means he won’t see you as often as he would probably like.
          I avoid career women. I can’t be bothered with them anymore. I have no interest in waiting until 7-8pm until a woman comes home just to listen to her complaining about her boss or workmates etc.
          I have no problem with the idea of women having careers and making a lot of money, but time is the most finite resource of all, so if a woman is time poor that doesn’t work for me at all.

        15. Or worse – excitedly talk about the disgusting pancreatic psuedocyst that practically exploded when the resident accidentally punctured it with the trochar going in and god-knows-what nasty juice sprayed 10 feet across the OR. Yeah, I’m not for everyone. I rarely complain about the people I work with, but I tend to tell gross stories sometimes lol and will get home late until I complete a fellowship in some specialty requiring less hours.

        16. 42% of female doctors work less than fulltime. Hospitals have complained significantly about the issue, but nothing is done since med schools must ’empower’ women so 1/2 the class will always be women.
          Im sure if you ask around older people in medicine will tell you the same thing.
          Working all the times sucks balls. Despite media glamour of women ’empowered’, putting in 80 hours a week in residency is hell.
          You were probably better off being a PA. Its good money and less hours. I daresay girls who are stuck as an M.D. regret it as your prime years will be spent servicing naked baby boomers.
          Good luck to you, but I think youre going to find out the hard way you will regret giving up your social and dating life in exchange for a career.

        17. Good for you. But in the mean time, girls five to ten years your junior, most of whom don’t have the kind of harrowing back story that you do, start to travel down the same path you were on, with no end to the madness in sight. And we’re all the worse for it.

        18. thats probably why 42% of female doctors quit or go part time within the first 10 years of their career. This is a large factor in the doctor shortage, the fact that so many female MDs dont even work fulltime.
          Hospitals can’t do anything about it because med schools must admit 1/2 women into their classes….you know, political correctness and privilege.

        19. I want to do surgery. Can’t be a PA surgeon. But that also means I’ll be working over 80 hours a week (which I’m already pretty used to).
          Yeah, not going to lie. Guys don’t like it when you have to schedule things way in advance, and when the time you spend together revolves completely around my schedule, which it does from time to time. I don’t either! It’s ended one of my 2 relationships in med school – the other one was in the military and got placed overseas.
          It’s possible my only real option is getting with another doctor. Which I’m open to, but in an ideal world I wouldn’t be so limited. Who knows though
          I do think girls are misled to think they can have it all. And overachievers such as myself eat that shit up like candy. It’s kind of a problem.
          I really love what I do though. Still holding on to the hope that I and other women like me can find a balance.

        20. That’s only because women are still expected to take on the lion’s share of household tasks and child rearing.
          The doctor shortage isn’t because of women, and it isn’t a new phenomenon but it’s getting worse. It’s because a) medicare pays residents’ wages for some unknown retarded reason and severely limits the number of new doctors that can be trained especially with all the cuts to medicare that have been happening, and b) the shortage is created even though it need not be, with the intent of keeping doctors salaries high.
          This year, for the first time in history there aren’t enough residency positions to employ 100% of US graduates. That’s not even counting Caribbean and other overseas grads.

        21. I know a female physician (an Endocrinologist) who works “part time” at 60 hours/week. Doctors’ hours are ridiculous.

        22. From the last 40 posts on this article all focusing on YOU, I get it: you’re the smartest, prettiest, hardest working doctor at the ball. Down to earth, with not a hint of narcissism in sight! If only you could just find a decent man…
          Same bullshit story as every other woman.

        23. its been proven in many scientific studies that babies respond better to a woman’s curves and soft voice.
          Theyve even determined women can tell what a baby wants based on the tone of 13 different cries from a baby whereas men cannot.
          This is also why women are naturally better at reading body language than men are – babys can’t talk, you have to deduce what they want.
          So GTFO with that ‘women are expected to do childrearing’ social construct bullshit.
          Nature made women BETTER at caring for children. It’s not a fucking social construct, women are better suited for the job.

        24. nobody cares about your career. it is useless to a hard and horny penis or to a baby who needs a mother.
          if you know how to treat a man, why aren’t you with one of the 6 exes then?

        25. if those 6 “excellent long term” relationships were so great why aren’t you married to any of them? now you’re spewing feminist drivel. How does having 6 dicks in you make you a better wife ?

        26. this message sounds like a dating profile on OkStupid or Match…
          “I just need a good looking funny guy” who doesn’t mind being a mangina and who makes more than me and puts up with my rancid bullshit. 26 and alone…what a surprise.

        27. yeah…it’s funny how she crept in trying to be sweet then the devil came right out after a few posts.

        28. didn’t you see her qualifications? the guy has to be good looking, has to entertain her all the time, make money, and has to put up with her bullshit. she wonders why she is alone.

        29. get real dude, she is trying to justify her own stupid behavior. she’s also miserable or she wouldn’t be here.

        30. Lmao look, it’s a unicorn special snowflake! 5 11 blonde DOCTOR with 19 bmi and triple D tits!
          If this is true you’d be a supermodel or movie star, not posting on websites for MEN.

        31. “I want to do surgery.”
          Good luck. It is a worthy goal provided the individual in question is even more concerned with the well-being of their patience than the income itself given the nature of the profession.

        32. “Hospitals can’t do anything about it because med schools must admit 1/2
          women into their classes….you know, political correctness and
          When virtually everything in a culture becomes politicize, one should always expect a significant decline in all aspects of that civilization.

        33. The first three years of your life should be devoted to your child. That’s less than most BS degrees, I’m sure you could handle that… smarty pants 🙂

        34. I wish I could meet a girl and not have to act like a CIA spy to get laid without legal or social complications. We all have our irrational hopes, it seems.

        35. tell that to your 3rd wave feminist sisters. dont let their pussy dictate the kind of person they should be… which is responsible mothers to future generations.
          banging non-responsible men is not indicative of responsibilty.
          if men think with their dicks then women think with their vagina tingles. we as a society are all poorer for it.

        36. *patients. And you’re right. I doubt many surgeons are in it for the money. The ones I’ve worked with anyway have all been passionate about what they do, and the reason I chose the specialty is that I felt that same passion myself

        37. Funny how when I was in medical school, there were no 5’11” inch BMI 19 blonde women that looked like supermodels.
          Shit, must’ve missed them!

        38. Bullshit.
          Most endocrinologists work less than 60 hours/week when they work FULL TIME.
          Most part time working female physicians work a few days per week.
          Stop lying.

        39. Once again, you are lying.
          NHS in Britain has shown that women work far fewer hours, take far more time off, etc as physicians.
          This is why there is a “pay gap” between male and female physicians.
          Medicare pays the same rates yet the female physicians make far less.
          How could that be if women didn’t work far less?

        40. I see almost no female surgeons. They all start out in a surgery residency and quickly quit for “easier” professions in medicine.
          We will see.
          Also, what was your MCAT score? I am just curious. Most of the women I saw in medical school were in with at least 3 points lower than their male colleagues due to affirmative action.
          You will probably just lie about your MCAT score though.

        41. 31. In case you don’t believe me, I went to the trouble of locating my score report. BTW the average MCAT score for men is 26.3 and for women is 24.2

        42. lol yes, tenderness that starts at the periumbilical region and within a day or two moves to McBurney’s point is, of course, the classic presentation of acute appendicitis – along with a few other signs and special maneuvers. I could have looked that up…. whatever. These patients don’t technically need ultrasound or CT before operating but nearly everyone who walks into the ED gets a CT (always non contrast – good in this case but would be useful in others… sigh…) so that is basically a moot point.

        43. I don’t remember wtf the writing sample was – I seem to remember they were testing it out the year I took it and it was widely known to not factor into med school rankings – seems like I really blew it off lol probably typed some bullshit and used the extra time to chug red bull and eat my PBJ. It brought my reported % down, a 31 without the writing score factored in is 80-85th %

        44. Of my colleagues that I’ve talked MCAT scores with (no one really cares so not really that many lol) the highest score was a guy (37) but so was the lowest (27)

        45. I was speaking about the avg female MCAT score.
          Your anecdotal information is irrelevant to the discussion.

        46. The avg score for an ADMITTED medical student.
          Not the avg overall score of all test takers.

        47. Mine was 3 points higher but thats IRRELEVANT as an anonymous internet poster.
          When I interviewed at Georgetown for medical school, the female who was giving the tour admitted having a 27 MCAT score (despite the avg admitted student being 30).
          She attributed it to being “good on the interviews” which was BULLSHIT.
          The avg female matriculant into med school is 2 to 3 points lower than the avg male.
          The highest MCAT scores are by White and Asian MALES for admission.
          Affirmative Action is the reason women are 50% of the class.

        48. Avg score doesn’t mean squat.
          Its avg matriculant score that matters.
          Why are women being admitted with significantly lower scores? How is that “equality”?
          Only in feminist land does that mean “equality”.

      2. Women outwardly praise all the traits of the beta, which they are inwardly repulsed by. Their panties get wet by alpha, which they constantly complain about. In other words, feminist frauds.

    2. Your idea of what red pill is about is wildly off the mark.
      You should do some more reading on the subject.

    3. I am stronger and faster than you, far more intelligent than you.You bear children i don’t. Does that simple analogy explain why women are submissive by default.I fight wars, build and sacrifice my body for OUR foetus.Visit Africa and watch how genders embrace their roles.

  13. I’m a casual observer to the failings or rather the irrational thought process of feminism that really undermines the self confidence of males and the mixed message that affects both the casual sensibilities of both sexes. How do i justify myself to say that i am rational and others are irrational. here’s how: Emma Watson a woman who plays a witch( character that was killed or viewed with suspicion at any point in history in any and all cultures) speaks to the UN ( the highest court in the world- decides everything from finance, war to legal jurisprudence)about how feminism is here to save men from gender roles that negatively affect them. All this while she simultaneously dates an alpha rugby player who beats men into submission. he is one big rig with a bad ass beard. Emma now dates every woman’s dream for all of known history( the bad boy prince ). Now imagine all the men praising Emma thinking that they are exactly what she wants and desires in the movies the fake image of a kind misunderstood girl who is the classical ugly duckling turning into a swan and falls for the non alpha guy. ladies and gentlemen i hope i have given you some thought on why red pill awakens you. Once you take the red you are forever free.

    1. Women chasing the alpha cock: The start with male models, and quickly discover half are gay. Then the move to rock stars, and learn their personalities make them damaged goods. Then they move to jocks and hope they don’t get a sports injury that leaves them selling used cars. Then they reluctantly move to beta males, the richer the better.

      1. that pattern is repeated with almost every female I hit on, I’ve fucked, I’ve dated or are girlfriends of my guy friends.

    2. I really dislike the fact that she isn’t seen as hypocritical for dating a rugby player. I was told by a few women online that what a woman is attracted to has nothing to do with her views on gender issues. They were essentially defending hypocrisy, but that’s what we are up against.

  14. If you want to be a writer, learn the difference between “bear” (as in “a burden” not the genus ursus) and “bare.”

  15. Good article. A guy I know told me about a gorgeous girl who was against drinking because she didnt want to be taken advantage of, ended up getting drunk at a party, hooking up with some randok guy, puking a shitload, passing out half way, dunking her head in it, getting cleaned up by her gross friends, then immediately finding a guy to fuck. Theyre all pigs who eat the asses of the scumbags who just skullfucked them. They drug themselves to absolve themsekves of any reaponsibility when they achieved what they set out to when they went out that might, which was to get fucked like a whore. Women are pigs. Treat them like pigs. Even nice girls are pigs. The odds of you meeting the special snowflake who turned William Munny into a farmer are 1 in a million. It will bot happen. Just fuck, puke on their heads, and play video games and pickup basketball.

    1. Take up religion and get a Duggar girl. I’m sure they can suck cock and fuck like any other.

    2. Nope.Own the bitch…give her guidelines and inflict punishment when she deviates.They respect men with adamantium frame. I realized that man is a god. Read theprinciplesofmanhood

  16. Now feminists are screaming about “wage equality”. Because a college degree in feminist literature should be worth as much as engineering degree.

    1. It is false that the majority of executive positions are held by men. Women hold 60% of executive positions – in non-profits.
      They don’t know there’s a difference between sucking money into a black hole and producing wealth.

  17. “- Racist (revealed later) drug dealer”
    Really? So she knew he sold drugs but his being a racist is what screwed the pooch? Seriously?

    1. He was probably her dealer. When a fiend needs a few hits she’ll spread those legs for free.

      1. I went out with a chick whose former boyfriend was that very fucking story. She hates us both now. Hahaha

        1. Sure she hates you two – since that time you two “spit roasted” her for 3 hours, she can’t stop masturbating to the memory.

        2. You could be right, but now I’ll have the memory of that rancid bitch and her filthy old meatbox in my head all night, damn you!

        3. I suggest you immediately start working as a janitor in a sleezy nightclub, and drown those memories in some fresher ones.

    1. they got bored learning how to cook and dating a nice guy. The losers are exciting and fun to try to fix.

      1. Millennial females don’t know how to cook, they know how to take pics of food at restaurants and post it online for their girlfriends.

    1. Its enormous, thats why men TELL women what to do.The problem appears when men assume women have the same mental capacity as man.They are sickly daft with no visions whatsoever.Their primary roles is to carry a fetus and suckle it.Getting a woman is fucking easy, get money, be stronger than her and dominate her physiologically and physically. The importance of leadership is highly emphasized.

      1. That’s also why the parents would pick a husband for their daughter. They knew her emotional brain would make a stupid fucking decision and she’d end up an abandoned single mom spinster.
        In the 21st century, with gov safety nets the taxpayer (males) pick up the tab for women to make stupid decisions without facing consequences.

        1. Yes, but her brain is not emotional.She selects the male that her SMV can afford physically.Its sought of a phenotypic upgrade, she will compromise ambition to favour physical masculinity.Soon after bearing the fully developed foetus she will hunt for a provider, as long as he can support HER and the foetus. Make sure the kids are yours is seriously underrated in the manosphere.Do you realise alphas will still raise another alphas sperm? Women cannot be trusted to fight off evolutionary programming.

  18. I also think of lot of those were made up. But they still reveal sexual fantasies. Either way, yes, these hoes doth protest too much.

  19. Women are built to want men in charge; that’s how it’s always been and how it will continue to be even after the fall of feminism and women take their rightful place in the kitchen under their man’s authority. Sooner or later this hypocrtical doctrine is gonna catch up with them, and if 2014 was any indicator of time Id say we’d be looking at the fall of feminism very soon.

    1. All the instability in the world is finally starting to hit home with Americans. People are beginning to realize theres much more important shit than young rich white girls bitching about being ‘oppressed’.
      Im not race trolling, but white girls are realizing they dont want to live in a society of Muslims and Mexicans.

  20. Thank you for writing the first ROK article I’ve actually been able to read from start to finish in weeks.

  21. All nations were built on the dead bodies of men who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of future generations. All nations pride the sovereignity which is bought in exchange of lives of young men. They are forgotten the moment media wants them forgotten (once their TRP needs are met). Their pensions are stolen. Their families are left to rot (at least in India). But nothing can stop men from protecting their nation. Nothing can stop them from getting themselves killed to protect the people that inhabit their nation, around 50 percent of whom are women.
    People like me work hard. We do not expect anything form the society but have no problem in shelling out our hard earned money as taxes for its betterment. Where does it go? The “poor” need help. The poorest of all poors is “women”. You now know where your taxes are going, don’t you?
    The article concluded by saying:
    “Somebody needs to keep the country running, but if the blue-collar men
    of our society don’t have a loving family to return to at the end of the
    day, why should we expect them to keep turning up for work?”
    After the long eye-opening lesson that has lasted for more than a century, you surely have to be blind to not see the plain truth.
    Do only what is necessary for survival. Why sacrifice your life for these degenerates?

    1. That’s why i will be self sufficient.Have my own farm…generate my own power and avoid taxes like poop.The world is corrupt, only intelligent alphas sustain their families devoid of external influence.Get a gun, build your family a house and make sure you depend little on the economy.

      1. Easier said than done my friend.
        It’s a lot harder than it sounds. It can be done.
        My advice: if you’re serious, start now. It takes years to ‘figure it out’.
        Wait too long, and you may not have the years required.

  22. Most of those men have one thing in common: They are more masculine and Alpha types of men in the definition of the ‘sphere. There is no surprise that women will fuck strong dominant men while sharing none of their convictions. Women’s id and ‘gina tingles don’t care whether he is a Nazi, a militant Black Panther, a serial killer, a homeless dude etc. – as long as he is irrationally self-confident and masculine she will put out 100 times more willingly than with the Beta Nice Boy she agrees with on all points.

    1. she tried being vague at first, few posts later, she spewed the attention whoring feminist agenda right there out in the open.

    2. Read my mind, are females and those who respond to them no longer being automatically banned?

  23. Dont hate the assholes. eventually we marry some sociopath and the rest of yo dont have to deal with her. Consider your gfs anus payment for the lower number of absolute psycho bitches in circulation. Keep it cool brah

  24. A good article. Feminism is a very poisonous ideology. I actually feel some sympathy for these women. They have been told they are “liberated” and “free” to “empower” themselves – note how one slut even went out to have a one night stand. When they are under 30 they can do this and feel like there is no cost and no judgement – that is what society and feminism tells them all the time.
    What they never quite understand, women especially lack logic, reason and foresight, is that soon they will be over 30 and competing with 18 year olds and they will lose the competition. And the very slutty behaviour that “liberated” them will mean they never find a loving husband.
    Yes, these days, with the help of pathetic beta males they can use the government to vote themselves more money and free abortions. But it never will fill the void in their lives. They will be miserable when they are old and will never have that loving devoted husband who would treat her like a princess if she had saved her virginity for him.
    We can’t really expect young women to understand such nuances and care for the future. That’s why every great civilisation had to control young women, fathers were responsible for looking after daughters just as husbands had to provide for them – and in nearly all cases did so until the day they died. This care, loyalty and love was however considered “oppressive” by ignorant and simple-minded feminists and all traded in for the “freedom” to sleep with bad boys. However no matter what they say or do they they can’t change the simple fact that the more sexual conquests a man has, the more desirable he is to women while the more sexual experiences a woman has the less desirable (other than for pump and dump) she is for men. It’s as simple as that; hard-wired biology that feminists thought they could ignore.
    Well, feminists, you have your wish and your freedom. And it is us bad boys who will win in the end as no matter how much you whinge or try to shame men for preferring beautiful young women (note how they’re out around the Oscars arguing that women shouldn’t be slim or wearing nice dresses etc), every single year there is another set of girls turning 18 – feminism has ultimately made women totally disposable. The victims are women themselves. I know women in their late 20s and early 30s who are seeing it and feeling very cheated and lied to, who suddenly want the happy ever after loving husband but it’s too late for them as they’ve had holiday flings, one night stands etc. It is a dreadful thing long term for society and for women too, long term they simply vote themselves more money and destroy the economy and they particularly love immigration – note how “empowered” women have turned bits of Sweden and Norway into some of the most dangerous areas for rape through immigration. Fatherless families have a habit of raising sons who are less productive and more likely to be criminal. The list goes on, it’s bad for society but for the natural bad boys and alphas, and those here who want to learn how to join them, it means good fun for now. Feminism is an utter disaster for the west and for women.

    1. Great post…. just think of all the women pushing feminism as THE ideology of the modern era, as the agenda for equality between the sexes….. they are all fucking borderline mentally deranged. They want to punish men for all their oppression under patriarchy and men being masculine. The irony is they use men to enforce their ideals. They have no power without men.
      Recent example, Patricia Arquette’s speech at the Oscars the other night. I didn’t watch the shit fest but I heard the speech on the radio. This woman screeching the same old platitudes, wage parity, etc., with Meryl Streep fist pumping the air. They live in their celebrity bubble without realising they can say those things over the bodies of centuries of male dead.

      1. Thanks. You’re right, much of modern feminism does seem to border on mental illness where they find that reality/science/human nature/most normal people/history not matching their extreme ideology so they want to force everyone else to accept their interpretation of reality, namely the nonsensical idea that men and women are the same or that “their gender is a socially enforced form of oppression blah blah blah” and women wearing nice dresses means they are oppressed by the “patriarchy” etc.
        The speech at the Oscars is a good example – millionaire women with life chances that virtually no men will ever get still determined to insist that they are oppressed – almost beyond parody yet so many in public spaces are now terrified and won’t speak out.

  25. the article is correct. The next stage in human development is going to require that women are held accountable for the choices they make. Puppy does a shit on the carpet and nothing will change until its nose is rubbed in it. Jezebel harlots get ready to look in the mirror and see what you really look like

  26. I agree that women’s sexual choices are bad, but how is this hypergamy? This is the opposite. This is women without any pride having sex with men who are idiots to make themselves feel better.
    At a certain point you have to look at white culture as a whole and realize that it is broken and screwed.

    1. I’d agree. If anything this shows how far “modern independent women” have declined by opening their legs to any loser who comes along.
      I say good for these guys. 🙂

    2. Hypergamy is more accurately defined as a woman “trading up” or chasing men with money. The term gets thrown around here to describe a woman willing to trade any man for whatever reason.

    3. I look at black culture and I see ‘broken and irreparable”.
      Different strokes for different folks, right?
      Also, you shouldn’t place the values of one tribe on the entire white race.
      Just because that tribe owns the Central Banks, Media companies, and inhabits many of the highest government offices in this country.
      Far out of proportion to their 2% of population.
      They don’t consider themselves ‘white’ or ‘of white people’/
      Interestingly, they lump all of us, regardless of color or belief, who are not in their tribe, into a category of creature they call goyim, literally translates to cattle.
      If you want to know who rules over you, look to those you are not allowed to criticize.
      Godwin’s law likely to be invoked now.

  27. The open contempt a cop has when he arrests a wanted felon is the closest way I can describe the female attitude towards ANY conventional man. We civilized men dislike violent,maladjusted thugs-women in fact prefer them. Yes, including the good girls and ESPECIALLY the churchgoers.
    Keeping a non-judgemental frame has caused me to learn more then I ever bargained for about female agency. As the ‘other guy’ who’s heard his share of post-coitus confessions and stories, know this- women do NOT subscribe to morality as we know it. That’s not a statement of cynecism-its an observed truth.
    Much like how a spy adopts a cover to get a job done, women adopt a facade of morality to blend into society. Internally, she’d fuck every hardened criminal she could. There’d be no fucks given when the time came to find a guy to pay for the offspring. In fact women in beta provider relationships feel CHEATED- how unfair it is she has to associate with some disgusting shadow of an emasculated man in order to fund her progeny and lifestyle.
    Those of you men who still bring morals when you game really should stop. Check your civilized behavior at the door anytime you interact with women, because their agenda doesn’t include it. I don’t mean be a neo Nazi thug or some Tupac wannabe-dont try to ‘leave them better then you found them’ or do right by them . They not only do not care, they’ll actually hold you in vapid contempt .

    1. ‘Feminist efforts to politicise experiences of women and antiracist
      efforts to politicise experiences of people of colour have frequently
      proceeded as though the issues and experiences they each detail occur on
      mutually exclusive terrains. Although racism and sexism readily
      intersect in the lives of real people, they seldom do in racism and
      antiracist practices.’
      Taken from the essay of the woman who created the term.
      Basically ‘intersectionality’ is an attempt by white feminists to usurp the position of black people at the top of the oppression stack due to the fact that they can’t do/say certain things when it comes to trying to get around black people (specifically black men). I can easily see this as an attempt to expand ‘racism’ to the point where it includes white women.

  28. Do not reproduce with feminists and their ilk. Your babies will end up being freaks of nature.

  29. No.
    I will not accept you if you’ve fucked more guys that I deem tolerable. Whatever I determine as tolerable, at that.
    I will not think it’s “okay” that you fucked guys just because they had “cool” accents, were from some supposed “exotic” place you want to travel to, had prior knowledge was married, had a certain skin color, were a certain height, was much older than you and looked in your general direction and opened his mouth and you took the bait because you’re so skullfucked from Daddy issues, had money/Daddy’s money to toss around like candy, had certain social privileges in your local club scene, was a pseudo-celebrity in your town, was a big-time celebrity worldwide… No, I don’t want you for relationship material, I don’t want to be just another one of your “options” until maybe “something better comes along” and I’m not here for your amusement, last resort when everybody else is otherwise occupied, or to be a steady stream of free food, gifts, compliments, and attention.
    I just want to pump and dump you, because that’s all you’ve proven yourself worthy of with your sordid history.
    See how this works, ladies?

  30. It’s amazing how Open women are these days about there sexual escapades, years ago women would not talk like this.Slut Shaming Really needs to come back. The Men’s Rights Movement is really starting to pick up, i’m seeing familiar Mano-shpere vocabulary in the comments section of youtube and other places on the Net.The Men’s rights movement needs to take the next step now and get involved in politics, for every unjust feminist law the Men’s rights Movement (MRM) needs to check and counter it.The MRM needs to be unashamed about it’s desires, Removing women’s right to vote, Slut shaming, Removing “Creep” stigma culture for Men ect ect.

    1. My impression is that the Men’s Rights Movement is a bunch of fathers who got fucked over by the legal system and it’s basically too late for them.
      I think ROK is primarily younger guys who are smart enough to realize how rigged and dangerous dating has become for men so they avoid marriage.
      Both are good, but I think a lot of MRA don’t see the big picture of why women do these things.

  31. Interesting question on what is an “acceptable” number of past sexual partners for a woman who is looking at either an LTR or marriage.
    My answer is three, maximum, for a woman in her 20’s. The first doesn’t really count. It was probably a one time thing in high school when she decided she would lose her virginity. The second one is probably a college boyfriend or fling. That’s fine. It is college they are not thinking about the long term yet. The third is either going to be a straight up “bad boy” one time fuck or an after college “going somewhere” relationship that hits the inevitable dead end.
    Given the in’s and out’s of modern society, this is the most I would be willing to give any woman who wants an LTR or anything along such a serious nature. Obviously, like most men, I would prefer less, but unless you want to find a ultra-religious Duggar style woman you just aren’t going to be able to find that these days.

    1. Don’t do it. No hymen, no diamond. It means probably finding a non-western woman. The downsides of marriage are huge though, no need to rush.
      As a girlfriend to have a good time with, a woman who has had a few flings is fine, not for marriage. The statistics are clear – she needs to have had no sexual partners before or you will be taken to the cleaners and paying for her to raise other children from other men through divorce settlements etc.
      No hymen, no diamond.

        1. I said it likely means a non-western woman. Among Indian women for example most will be virgins when they marry; they key is finding one who hasn’t had her mind twisted by feminism.
          It’s also often though not always about age, got to be more aggressive – even just for fun of course it’s nice to get a virgin and they still exist – a few weeks ago I took a Dutch girl’s virginity and she was 18. She’s already the party type who had been brainwashed by feminism and had made out with other men so I felt no shame about enjoying her first but the point is they can be found even in the west.
          If you can’t find one for now the answer is dead simple – don’t get married. Work hard, make more money, advance your life then in time find and choose a good girl raised by religious parents. Far, far better to live alone and free than to marry a slut.

        2. In america now its common for females to go crazy their first year in college away from home and do 10 guys their freshman year. Notch count of 25 by graduation. Including that one weekend when she did 3 guys. That’s all by the age of 22. She’s got a few super slutty pics on her cell phone she sends out to guys when she needs a booty call on short notice.

        3. True – there has never been a greater time to be an alpha male bad boy. Our grandfathers had to promise to love and provide for a woman for life – and society made sure they kept that promise – before they got a woman in bed. We just have to have good game or money and most women can be seduced and we get to enjoy hot young women before some beta male wifes them up after they hit the wall.
          The point is though, never marry those women. The tiny number, I have no idea if it’s 0.5% or 2% or whatever it is who save their virginity are the only ones worth marrying.

        4. Sounds about right. I’ve dated a couple of virgins who were Christian and determined to do nothing more than kiss before marriage. I wasn’t looking for marriage but found myself respecting them once I realised they were just not open to being seduced; some women do draw that line. I remain good friends with one who has now got married to a man who is devoted to her and I am very happy for them, he knows she never slept with another man and they are starting a family. She is so much happier than the party girls are once past 30 it’s really cruel to not fully explain to young girls what they are giving up.
          So it is rare but it is possible. If you have a daughter it is also a good idea to expose her to religion too and I say that as an atheist. The media, the schools, the internet, Hollywood, politicians etc are all going to constantly tell her that men and women are the same and that promiscuity is her liberation. You need all the voices you can find in your corner to protect her.

        5. The female version of “no hymen, no diamond” is “on with the ring before in with the thing”.
          Apparently it is a 20th century creation where couples wanted to have sex before marriage but the girl wanted insurance against a dump following a pump. Back then there was a social value associated with being a virgin. That value has been slut walked into the sewer. . .but they still want the ring.

      1. You may as well give up. Not to be a jerk, but even the church girls have a double digit notch count before university.

        1. Then don’t marry them, pump and dump and enjoy life. If you find one special one during your life then consider marrying her. You better remember that once married the woman will demand and expect an awful lot from you so before marrying a man with self-respect can demand she is a virgin. If not, enjoy her then move on.

        2. How would a man verify if a woman really has “only” three partners?
          Its not a rhetroical thought-her word is fickle, and changes with whatever circumstances she is in.Standard and Poor’s wont help you, and Equifax only tells you where she buys her birth control. Neither will her friends , or her female family. They’re in on the hustle and will pereptuate the lie for her benefit.

    2. Being realistic, a woman who has a new sexual partner every year or two is far from being a slut. However, that adds up: if they start in their teens and your run into them in their 30s they have 10 or so notches. That assumes they were single the whole time. A 30 something divorcee might only have had 3 partners if you catch them quickly on the rebound.

  32. Women reflect men’s behaviour like mirrors or as in another popular saying here, they are like water taking the shape of the container.

  33. haha, these guys were not bad boys or “alpha dudes”. They were loser guys who slept with loser girls. End of story. Don’t EVER stoop to that level for mediocre pussy.

  34. When women complain about men, just tell them it is because women made men that way. It might be through thousands of years of selective breeding in the pre-contraception days, or it might be nurture rather than nature with men using learned behavior to get more pussy. Either way, it is women’s choices and reactions that drive how men behave with them.

    1. Don’t bother reasoning with women. It’s best to teach your idea to your male friends and slowly dye your social circle red. The women don’t have to know a fucking thing. They will just click into place.

      1. I was being more rhetorical, so you are correct. Revealing your unplugged status just makes you a target.

        1. Yeah, and it’s bothersome with no result. As soon as you try to convince them of something or teach them some logical way of thinking, they either think you are complaining or you want to “change them”. Both end up making you an unworthy male in their eyes. I’ve learned it’s best to avoid talking sense to them altogether. I only talk childish gibberish that produces fun in their brains or command them to do things or flirt with them.
          To be fair, I suspect there may be women somewhere, where this doesn’t apply 100% of the time, but I haven’t met them.

  35. It’s funny because if men were asked this question, I would approximate that 95% of responses would be: “I had sex with a really fat chick once.”

  36. Its occured to me that some folks might be confused at this state of affairs-why are women choosing to bang straight criminals and lowlifes , yet categorize it as a “regret”.
    Its simple. If you offered them a choice to do it again -as in choose between quiet beta or the same thug alpha-theyd jump back in the sack with Mr NeoNazi every time.
    The characterization of sex with these scumbags as ” regret” thus isn’t truly applicable. Rather, these women-and most all of their kind-are simply emulating social custom. Its not socially approved to fuck drug dealers, neo Nazis, or unemployed artists Hypergamy or not. So the fact they did so has to be justified according to the cultural zeitgeist, hence ‘regret’. Unlike men, the prompt doesn’t suggest remorse at ones decisions. Its just social camouflage; if it were socially acceptable to regret sleeping with boring mechanical engineer husbands, they’d say so-and with substantially more validity.

    1. Because of the nature of sex men also don’t have the same kind of “regret”. The market value of a woman decreases each and every time she opens those legs for a new lover. The loss is permanent and she knows this. If the new lover wasn’t worth the loss, then she is going to regret it.
      A man who has sex with a new lover though doesn’t have nearly the same paradigm. Assuming that he did not get her pregnant or acquire an STD, he probably just got his rocks off and went home. Even if you banged a fattie which in the morning you regret it is the functional equivalent of going home and just rubbing one off. For women it is far different.

      1. Disagree.
        The “Market Impression” of a woman to provider mates running beta game decreases with every sexual contact. They solve that the same way shady used car dealers lie about the “market impression” of their products-roll back the mileage.Every young woman in a relationship has lied about her notch count. 37 “becomes” three.
        For a man, banging a fat girl exposes his resources to a evolutionarily substandard choice. Yes there’s true regret there,especially if she starts drama or tries to collect via legal measures.He’ll likely take meaures to make sure that doesnt happen again.
        Women regretting lays with scumbags doesnt compute , any more then i’d regret banging Scarlett Johanssen.The male analogue to the Jezebel respondents position is a man who sleeps with a 9, but is socially mandated to tell his friends and family it was a mistake.Given how feminist oriented society is , that may not be far from reality in time.

        1. But even when you buy a used car, you know its a used car and you can compare it to other used cars. There’s only so much the used car seller can do to roll back mileage. Kelly blue book value isn’t going away.

    2. Feminists say they didn’t realize until the morning after that he was a skinhead. But if they’re fucking men within an hour of meeting them, it all makes sense. They get degenerate alpha cock under the cover of sex positive feminism.

    3. Hey, don’t pick on mechanical engineers. My $600 calculator generates massive tingles. And if that doesn’t do it, then my bank account surely will 😉 I just “accidentally” leave my bank statements out in plain sight… “oops, how’d that get there?” Compounding interest is your friend.

    4. You!
      I demand to subscribe to your newsletter, post-haste!
      seriously tho, you make so much bitter redpill sense man. women are pragmatist & wear these social masks to deceive. couldnt real grasp what vilar was saying but in two posts ive read from you, it unifies the theories together. a hearty mr. burns huzzah for you!

  37. The ironic thing is that the article was probably written by a woman who had had a ONS the night before writing it, and needed to justify her regret by seeing some other women’s failures. I have no doubt she thinks many of them are whores.

    1. Its not ironic, its totally congruent with alpha fux / beta bux. Its the online equivalent of sunday brunch with girls giving their report of cock they sucked the night before. Except they’re too cheap to actually go to a cafe and buy brunch for themselves without a beta male to pick up the check, so they do it online.

  38. Something tells me a lot of these girls are into guys just as horrible as them. “Ronald McDonald red dyed hair and a lip ring”? Sure she wasn’t describing herself? “Guy who I hated but my heart desired”? Need to be introduced to self-control?

  39. Females cannot seem to help their nature as they go about living their lives. They will seek out the “bad boy” because in their emo-instinctual minds he is best equipped to defend them in times of situational peril. In their defense, this is how nature (or God, as i prefer) has designed them to be. It’s why they need us (despite their words to the contrary) because no matter how “empowered” they feel or even if they own a gun, deep down their biological instinct motivates them to seek out the Alpha male in any group for safety, security, stability, and so forth.
    Women observe male socio-interaction with the same zeal Dian Fossey observed gorillas: to find the Alpha male in the group and study him with particular interest to see how he influences and or controls the others. Generally speaking, beta males in any group are not considered dominant leaders among males and so they are perceived as weak, permissive and passive and by consequential effect, are considered “unworthy” to become their protectors and therefore ineligible to pass on their genes through their progeny.
    On a related note, female empowerment has done nothing to advance civilization; it has in fact harmed it, because it makes the survival of the species predicated on the emotionally based “choice” of a female, when that female’s choice is made due to purely selfish aesthetic prerequisites related to herself and her potential progeny.
    Females have become so empowered that they have been arbitrarily given the keys to the future of society by establishing them as the gatekeepers of biological reproduction, thereby making society in essence, more matriarchial than patriarchial. The knee jerk response to this by the feminists is “you’re wrong, because most men are in positions of power” but what they fail to realize is: not all males are necessarily Men. When you have beta males in positions of power who are males by nature BUT feminist by intent or feminized by application, you thereby fabricate a matriarchial society by proxy and through piecemeal legislation designed to push the leftist feminist agenda in government, schools media and so forth.
    We have seen examples of this in US courts (with Roe V Wade) with gender based affirmative actions programs by state legislators, senators, etc, with feminist and misandrist curriculum in schools of so called higher thought and of course with the feminist and mangina media. To say that we are a patriarchial society is therefore highly specious if not downright duplicitous.
    It is our seed alone that unlocks the door to the future. However essential a Woman’s eggs are, without our seed their eggs would amount to nothing more practical than genetic window dressing. Having females “empowered” to believe that Men are not indispensable only breeds narcissism and superficial motive in the collective minds of those females as well as subconscious hypocrisy as their conscious actions speak to the contrary. Even lesbianism is evidence of subconscious need for Men, as the lesbians in question frequently use phallus shaped sexual aid devices in their sexual interactions with each other.
    If left unchecked, this corrosive philosophy is then passed on to their progeny through direct inculcation and/or indirect example, and only serves to further give them far more power than nature intended and civilization requires, thereby sabotaging the latter through their superficial motives and emotionally based decisions.
    It is no coincidence then that where Men create, females stagnate, or whereas Men innovate, females simply imitate. This is true a lot more often than not.
    Any canard that feminists push for can be easily refuted through a persistent search for the truth. The claim that “women would make better presidents” is one such canard if one looks into the corrupt presidency of Argentinian president Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, who could for all intents and purposes be considered the Hillary Clinton of Argentina.
    It is a Man’s God given right to lead a Woman not just in terms of personal protection, but with regard to all females in society. When this is the case, overall society benefits as a result.
    Whenever females have far more influence than they deserve, civilization collapses, as they help push forth leftist agendas that are likewise rooted in emotion over facts, and symbolism over substance.

    1. “On a related note, female empowerment has done nothing to advance civilization; it has in fact harmed it, because it makes the survival of the species predicated on the emotionally based “choice” of a female, when that female’s choice is made due to purely selfish aesthetic prerequisites related to herself and her potential progeny.”
      “Even lesbianism is evidence of subconscious need for Men, as the lesbians in question frequently use phallus shaped sexual aid devices in their sexual interactions with each other.”
      ^^Both of These^^
      Excellent post. Deserves to be it’s own article.
      And since you were speaking about God, I’m going add Genesis 3:16-17 in there. It explains it all:
      Then he said to the woman, “I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy, and in pain you will give birth. And you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you.”
      And to the man he said, “Since you listened to your wife and ate from the tree whose fruit I commanded you not to eat, the ground is cursed because of you. All your life you will struggle to scratch a living from it.
      Long story short, We rule over them whether they like it or not. Women (especially feminists) seek to control us everyday but we rule over them no matter what. How you may ask? Everything they do is a response to us. There has rarely been any feminist law for Women’s sake. Everything they do is usually to spite men just for the thrill of it all. We say we like women of a certain shape, they purposely gain weight to try to force us to like it. We say we don’t like tattoos, they cover themselves in them just for spite. The funny thing is, they are still allowing us to control them.
      If I say I don’t want you to wear the color red and you wear it everyday for the rest of your life just to throw it in my face, who is really in control here? You for “protesting” me? Or is it me because you have altered a large part of your life in an attempt to anger me? I go with the latter. Furthermore, would you have even considered wearing red everyday if I had never said anything at all?
      Also, let’s not forget the man was punished for taking the females lead when he knew better. This story repeats itself everyday throughout the world. Every single feminist law that has ever been passed, was passed because a man somewhere allowed it to happen. We are being punished today because we are still allowing them to lead when we know better.

      1. Thank you for adding that. I’m always thrilled when someone understands that having faith gives someone a red pill perspective that has been eroded constantly thanks to permissive society and high technology.
        This part especially was insightful:
        ” Every single feminist law that has ever been passed, was passed because a man somewhere allowed it to happen. We are being punished today because we are still allowing them to lead when we know better.”
        Just like with Adam the originally designed Alpha turned beta, it is a beta male’s fault for the current state of feminized affairs today. God designed Adam to be an Alpha Man but when he listened to Eve he became the world’s first and most infamous beta male. Today many formerly Alpha Men follow in his poor tradition by allowing their wives to control them emotionally and especially when they have daughters and those daughters manipulate them emotionally into passing laws or supporting laws that pushed the feminist agenda along to the detriment of the whole of society.
        It is interesting to note that even with the so called Women’s suffrage movement, there were still Men involved in helping them achieve things like the vote. This proves once again that even with a movement by Women designed to given Women equal rights, there were still Men involved in helping them, because by themselves they would have been far less successful, if at all.
        History has shown that when you are given perks through no real blood shed or loss of life given, you appreciate those perks far less than those who did. Perhaps those Women most directly involved in the beginnings of the suffrage movement did, but it’s quite obvious that their female American descendants as a majority do not.
        Incidentally, unlike Women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement of Blacks well understood the horror of being considered less than human. While Women were marching for specious things like equal pay for equal work, Blacks were marching for the right not to be forcibly segregated from schools, in public accommodations, and fighting not to be treated like animals or killed just for being Black.
        How many Women had to endure literal slavery? Or literal segregation? I’m not saying they didn’t have to go through difficulties, what i am saying is those things paled in comparison to what Blacks went through, as they were hunted and killed in certain areas just for being who and what they are.
        Women never had to be hunted by the gender equivalent of the KKK for example, which is why even after earning things like the vote not through blood but simply by protest, females waste it by voting for people who appeal to their emotions instead of their sensibilities.
        This is why Men (and even Women) who serve and who served in the military are more adept at understanding just how precious freedom is, and just how easily it can be taken away by legal attrition through communists and autocrats in power.
        Females who gained equal rights through Women’s suffrage never really came to understand how precious those rights truly are, because they didn’t bleed to get them, they only used Men to help them get them through protests and marches. This is why i tend to differentiate between Women and females, because the first carries herself with class and an enhanced understanding, made possible through red pill logic that the Christian faith provides. The second is what passes for the majority of secular American XX today, much to my dismay.
        Men like myself don’t hate Women…far from it. I love a real classy Woman who is humble enough to understand that a Man can lead her better than she can lead herself. It’s the unclassy, unkempt, misandrist, spiteful and narcissistic, childish secular broads of today that i reserve my contempt for.
        But i digress…
        Thank you again for your follow up!

        1. >having faith gives someone a red pill perspective
          I have to note, just for once, an observation: Usually when red-pilled guys bring up the virtues of faith/christianity, it’s not about saving souls from the hellfire of atheism or opening people’s hearts to the lord or whatever, but rather some more pragmatic social and cultural issues.
          So, *do* you really believe the shit in the bible? Is it just a new strategy for spreading the gospel? If so, I’ll admit, it’s pretty convincing, although it’s not necessarily going to tide people over to *your* religion. I’d personally go with some old-school Asatro.

        2. Yes i do believe the ahem, material in the bible.
          Just to share some facts about myself in brevity, let me begin by saying that I have a foreground in faith but also a background in science, but that wasn’t always the case. I was a former atheist in my youth because i believed that the most essential and profound knowledge could be garnered from the knowledge of man and not from some collection of ancient questionable scrolls. What made me different from most atheists however, is that despite my iconoclastic views i didn’t necessarily dismiss the validity of something pious just because of those views. I sought to back up my beliefs in secular fact by trying to debunk the bible through reading it. What happened caught me completely by surprise: my analytical mind came to understand that the bible explains things not just from a religious point of view, but a scientific one as well.
          For example:
          The bible explains how you need matter and water to support life, how light came before plants, and plants came before animals, and animals came before people, in that specific order.
          If you have even a rudimentary scientific background, you can understand how it is necessary for light (through photosynthesis) to feed plants, how plants feed omnivorous animals, and how animals feed carnivorous human beings. It is undeniable contiguous logic, yet it is nonetheless explained through a pious manner in a book of religious perspective.
          Mind you, this was during the times when the Hindus had long considered the earth to be in motion on the back of a serpent, and other cultures likewise thought the same through the use of different anthropomorphized animals.
          The bible also speaks of the earth being round like a sphere decades before Plato was established as being the first to teach such a thing in schools of higher thought. Carbon dating has shown that an understanding like this was explained through the precursor of modern day Christian faith before science was taking steps to establish it as fact, so how then does one explain this? Mere luck?
          These and other things is why I can reconcile the two (faith and science) where applicable and i think and believe the two can exist on mutually respecting grounds. Science explores and seeks to answer the “How’s” of the world, whereas religion seeks to interpret and explain the “Why’s.” Both have a fundamental use and benefit in that regard. While not all religion has such a noble purpose, not all science is likewise perfect, considering the potential innate biases of scientists themselves coupled with the limitations of technology.
          Our society however, is being increasingly indoctrinated to dismiss and condescend against the first while taking the views of the representatives of the second at undeniable face value, which speaks of a hypocritical, elitist double standard. In our increasingly secularized society, secularism is philosophically marketed as a sophisticated (in actuality, pretentious) fleece to be thrown over the skin of a majority of religious American citizens by the minority of secular citizens for the same reason clothing is thrown over the naked skin of an American citizen by that citizen…to prevent embarrassment and ridicule, as if having faith was a thing of undeniable shame akin to walking around naked, and therefore something to be marginalized if not outright eliminated.
          This is the equivalent of the tail wagging the dog, given that most Americans do consider themselves religious, and specifically Christian.
          I therefore have more respect for agnostics who basically believe that God may or may not exist, than the atheist who tries to peddle his or her view off as fact when he or she cannot provide the necessary evidence to establish such a view as factual.
          To conclude: There is logic in my faith just as there is faith in my logic, which is not altogether different from what Einstein once said when he said “science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”
          I will get off my soapbox now 🙂

        3. There is something i neglected to mention.
          Black Women experienced slavery just as Black Men did, so my example of how females have not truly understood what it is like to be enslaved therefore does not include them.
          They TRULY were enslaved, TRULY existed in a rape culture, because they were viewed as the entertainment equivalent of ipods and their masters treated them accordingly.
          What i was referring to earlier had more to do with White SJ females who marched in the sexual revolution for “women’s rights” due to a perceived sense of slavery, when they had no clue as to what that actually meant and therefore have little to no understanding of just how good they had it, especially compared against Black Women.

        4. And I agree with everything you said yet again. The Old Testament is literally nothing but Red Pill. Just the fact that these women adhere to Jezebel says it all. The real Jezebel was nothing but a horrible woman who had lots of people killed. The only reason she was able to do this was because her husband Ahab ( a man with power) refused to raise a hand to stop his wife…

        5. Good follow up point.
          I suspect it’s why that site took the name “jezebel”…for the same reason saul alinsky dedicated his “rules for radicals” to satan; these antiChristian anti American people throw in with satan and every satanic goal which not coincidentally, stands for everything mainstream America does not.

  40. I reinvented myself back in the mid-90s, which included shaving my head and growing a goatee (before it was popular, let alone ubiquitous) and getting a biker jacket.
    Question: How do we know Frankenstein’s creature was not a monster?
    Answer: If he was, the chicks would have been all over him.
    It was like the women EXPECTED me to be an asshole and treat them like shit. But there they were ready to hop into bed.

    1. In the feminist vision of the ideal world, they want a variety of alpha males to give them NSA fun whenever they want, and a reliable beta male to pay the bills on time.

    2. Erm, just remember that it was written by a female, Mary Shelley. And let’s also remember that those poets at the time like her husband Percy, Byron etc all had groupies following them around like rock stars of today.By today’s standards they’d also be viewed as drug addicts from their laudanum drinking and other activities. They were bad boys in their own right just like the monster character in her book Frankenstein(the doctor and creator) I’ll have to read the book again one day but I’m pretty sure that the monster in the book was not like the Hollywood version and was quite literate.

      1. It’s a joke, doc. Don’t read too much into it.
        And the movie with Deniro in the lead is pretty close to the novel.

  41. My mother says that a woman with a career is about as valuable as a donkey. Both can do work for you but at least the donkey doesn’t talk back.

  42. All those assholes, drug-addicts, broke artists, liars and neo-nazis had something in common: balls, initiative, arrogance and no fear. Those things wet panties. That such men lack any long-term viable life-plans, guess what? neither most women.
    The pasty guys working 9-5 in a cubicle, with fear, stress, no initiative, no balls. They do not get panties wet.
    It’s as simple as that.

    1. my best friend was a pot smoking, pot dealing guy who also broke into army surplus stores (now that took balls). He had 3 or 4 hot chicks back in the day and knocked them up. He’s 40 now working security at a mall with a fat wife. it’s not all peaches with those guys.

      1. He was a natural alpha who was not red pill. He lacked the direction and tutelage necessary for long-term personal and financial planning.
        Sometimes, dreams of youth become the regrets of maturity.

  43. Why did they name their magazine Jezebel? God hated her in the Bible.
    “Jezebel incited her husband King Ahab to abandon the worship of Yahweh and encourage worship of the deities Baal and Asherah instead…Jezebel met a gruesome death – thrown out of a window by members of her own court retinue, and the flesh of her corpse eaten by stray dogs.”

  44. Damn! These Boomers just will never die and go on like the energiser bunny. Here’s OMD a few years ago. He’s even dancing in that Pretty in Pink style! I bet that he has no problem getting laid at 50+ with those 18yo girls in the audience.

  45. Hahaha! What a load of absolute shit. These women are so anti-white male. Where did they find all of these Neo-Nazi men to sleep with? The one girl also had to point out the fact she was Jewish, quite suspect. Considering there aren’t many actual Neo-Nazi out there, I’d have to conclude that ladies of Jizzbowl, you’re doing it fucking wrong.
    Fuck you –
    A Proud White Man.

    1. I watched 2 episodes of Girls with a clothes peg on my nose.Not one girl shagging a negro and this is in NYC and in fact not even anyone in the cast. This Jizzabel crap is just fat fugly girls projecting fantasies but in real life it rarely happens. It’s like that 40 Shades of Crap film. Just female wishful thinking like men do with (whoever) Girl gets the great looking guy who is also a gazillionaire who gives her everything she wants AND all the kinky sex she can take lol

      1. Well I shouldn’t have to clarify, but me being proud of what I am brings me no hate towards others. It is a fact that these bitches hate men but specifically the “MAN”. If you are a White male that has a contrary opinion to any of the tsunami of bullshit thrown at us, you are a racist lol. I won’t bother watching that show because I am going to take your word for it.

        1. I don’t watch TV but watched it on the net. And yes, I bet the guy was not some sort of skinhead or WN but just a normal man who didn’t follow the bullshit feminist line. With these feminist types if you say even one thing that doesn’t fit in 100% with their warped thinking they’ll label you some sort of Nazi even if you’re the nicest guy in the world. it could be something as simple as a word. You may have said female instead of woman, now you’re one of those MRM’s misogynists. Or you may have said negro instead of black, now you’re some big racist and Klan member. I’m sure that these fugly crappy looking feminists stay awake at night thinking up new things and words to be offended about and the words change daily.Just ignore these morons because like all females they’re looking for attention, even negative attention so you engage them. The worst thing for a female is to be ignored and every thing a female does when men are around is to get attention and if they can’t do this by their looks they’ll make themselves even more repulsive looking just to get attention or even pity. Something. Observe females when they are around men and the antics they pull, some subtle, some blatant to get attention.Giggling, making sounds, pretending to be lesbians, arranging their clothes, putting on lipstick in public etc things that they never do if they’re sitting in their living room with each other and no men are around.I guess in the primitive tribe the female who got no attention whether it was sexual attention or just pity like a child would not last long.

        2. It is a fact that these bitches hate men but specifically the “MAN”. If you are a White male that has a contrary opinion to any of the tsunami of bullshit thrown at us, you are a racist lol.
          For women, hate is just another form of love.

  46. Do you need any more evidence that the manosphere knows what’s what?
    this quote is precious

  47. Women who knowingly fuck married men are scum of The Earth. Why the fuck would you ever try to make someone who’s done that into wife or mother material? Speaks volumes about their character!
    And don’t buy their “I didn’t know he was married!” bullshit. Women are masters of subterfuge and know when it’s being done on them. They supposedly have this “instinct” for games like that because their day-to-day consists of so much of it!

  48. As much as we all hate feminists, you gotta give them credit for one thing: they sure have been successful at dragging other women down to their own gutter level. Just read those comments.. just look at all those sluts.. and to think, some beta chump is probably gonna end up marrying them!

    1. Revolutionaries always want to make sure everyone has blood on their hands so none can ever go back. That’s why feminists push so hard and so relentlessly to allow children to have abortions without their parents’ permission for example. Give a 14 year old the power to kill an unborn child and it is hard for her to ever step back and regain innocence or give up that power for moral reasons. Throughout the 20th century in revolutions the murder of the old kings etc was always important and everyone would have to get involved. If you read any of the accounts of what it is like fighting with ISIS they pay particular attention to any of their recruits who show anything less than complete enthusiasm for helping carry out beheadings or other murder.
      And this fits the same pattern. Feminists need other women to become promiscuous. Even though most feminists are anti-men and anti-sexuality they know that promiscuity destroys a woman’s chances of settled married family life and will make her angry with men, upset and sad in life and perhaps never able to return to traditional morality. They also know it renders her less desirable to men, those 35 year old gender studies students really hate having to compete with 19 year olds anyway, they can’t possibly compete with a 19 year old virgin so they have to make sure fewer such girls exist.

  49. They’re always surprised when a guy with a throat tattoo turns out to be abusive. Funny how that works.

  50. Jizzybellies are the facepalms of the female gender.
    P.S. so much judgment, ladies!
    p.p.s. do you think these sluts would complain if the blacks they’d slept with had Nation of Islam and black panther tattoos and listened to rap music degrading/hating whites? rhetorical.

    1. It’s funny that you mention that because Jezebel is ran by a racist Jewish woman. By the way feminism (suffragettes) has always been a racist institution that has hated black men and does to this day. Your comment is invalid. I do agree that feminazis love Islam but hate Christians which I find to be comical. It’s obvious that you do not know too much about history or do any research. Get your facts straight before posting. You’re just like the feminazis and hate all black men. Take the red pill is a joke to guys like yourself.

      1. I dislike blacks because they are a net, violent drain on civilization who do not wish to become a positive. That is an unequivocal fact born out by tons of crime statistics and welfare statistics. You cannot blame the Jews or feminists or whitey for that.
        And feminists and Jewish movements have long allied (in this century) with blacks and defended/hidden black dysfunction in order to attack white gentile culture. It is the enemy of my enemy mindset. And the alliance is only tenuous at best. No one besides Southern WASP plantation owners was more anti-black and pro-Jim Crow/slavery that Jewish-American traders in the 19th Century—a rabbi in New York even famously gave a pronouncement that slavery was A-OK under Jewish law. 19th C. Feminists, too, disliked or ignored black issues because they noted that women were the victims of black crime—and that 19th C. feminists were still ostensibly pro-family.
        In the 20th Century, however, Jewish movements and feminists shifted, and sought common cause with blacks, in the perception that taking down white gentile culture was the key to happiness of all 3. This is probably due to communist leaders seeking alliances amongst all 3.
        Take the red pill.

  51. It’s funny that the women I know especially the few feminists that haven’t cut me off yet keep pushing the blue pill beta myth that if you respect women enough, have a good job, and good manners, that you will get laid.
    This Jizzballer’s article turns that on it’s head.

  52. Who is truly worse? The betas who can’t get these women or the women for fucking guys like “amanwhohasamicropenisbuthasreallygoodgame”?

  53. A couple years ago i would have agreed with this article but today I don’t. Why? Who says these women are any better than the men they had sex with? The truth is not that hypergamy has run rampant. Its that women have always been overrated. Because some neurotic woman with a degree in gender studies waitressing at a night spot has a vagina that makes her any less of a loser than some dude? That’s how women think. No matter who they are, how they act or what they do, their sex entitles them to something. Once you get enough experience with women you will understand just how overrated they are.
    And this isn’t even meant as an insult. There’s something in men, some crazy biological urge that tricks us into transmoging women into these dainty, magical princesses. There are no magical princesses. Leave it To Beaver’s mom wasn’t real. I might not agree with any of the guys’ lifestyles that the Jezebel women talked about but who’s to say they got anything but the men they deserved?

    1. what isn’t mentioned is the lifestyles of the women themselves whihc is every bit as dreadful as the men they are dating and probably more so. As a very wise man once told me, ALL women are narcissists, it’s only a matter of degree. And a defining characteristic of narcissism is a grandiose sense of entitlement that is not congruent with one’s resume or accomplishments… along with the notion that all of one’s troubles are someone ELSE’S fault. Islam and Mormonism have it right: 4 wives keeps them competing with each other instead of leveraging the man.

  54. Somebody needs to keep the country running, but if the blue-collar men of our society don’t have a loving family to return to at the end of the day, why should we expect them to keep turning up for work? I have been saying this is the end game for years. You simply can’t force men in mass to work At 100% and go home to an empty apartment with no family, kids and sexual access. A man would have to be stupid. People seem to just think men will cave and do what they are told, but more are awakening to the truth. There are tens of. Millions of men now who have no hope. Of a life, a family or happiness. And as Tyler Durden said in fight Club.. They are not too happy about it. Women simply have no respect for beta men. It’s amazing to watch. . They bite the hands that feed them. Sooner of later it all evens out. Women only using 10%-20% of their fertility, men unable to find work. . A corrupt family Court that puts men in jail and forces them to. Pay a woman alimony for life or cs for a kid that isn’t his child. In the end, it is woman who will suffer and I honestly don’t give a fuck. God knows I much like most men have been abused enough to last several lifetimes.

  55. Females love to tell about being embarrassed. It’s a fairly common feature of women’s magazines.

  56. I suggest do not marry them at any cost. More young women these days are turning to “Sugar Dating”, including feminists. Using sites such as they hook up with generous, high-powered men (generally older rich guys), to pay their college tuition fees, living expenses, and to buy them luxury gifts.

  57. “ran away from home, fleeing a shoplifting charge, trying to get to the Galapagos islands”
    – laugh of the day, thanks mate.

  58. I’m sure more than a few of these guys would consider these girls an embarrassment too.

  59. After reading this artlcle I can’t bring myself to attack the Jezebel website. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Proof you can’t repair no matter how much power the feminists have.

  60. These women mostly found out later that these men were bad, because these men hid it initially. So the idea that women went for them because they were ‘bad’ is pretty flawed.

  61. I was watching a repeat episode recently on the History Channel of the TV series “Vikings”. A woman who was part of Royalty that was looking to align with Vikings was OVERT in her lust for men. When she met the Vikings she sized them up, feeling their arms, tugging at their clothes to judge their sturdiness, and openly declared her desire to breed with them, birthing “Giants”.
    The king, whom I believe was a blood relative, just looked in whimsical amazement at her honest desire for sexual fulfillment.
    Many a woman have just this goal but won’t express themselves openly like this female character.

  62. Women obviously don’t listen to feminists tripe when choosing men who they fuck. Badboys always come on top.

  63. Agreed, when men nag and women neg then you know society is all screwed up.

  64. “Do people understand now that being a nice, beta provider is about as obsolete as the horse-drawn cart or the cassette tape?”
    How exactly does the Alpha Provider fit into all of this???

  65. Guys, the only solution might not only be to not married american women but also to not have sex with them. Feminism works through the hook up culture if we deny women of sex what would happen? Unfortunately, this is very, very difficult because most of us really want sex. But still it might be the ONLY way of stopping this. Then the women will have to start sleeping with normal guys.

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