Mercedes Carrera Explains Why Cytherea’s Rape Was Not Covered By The Feminist-Dominated Media

We recently reported on how the home invasion rape of porn actress Cytherea was met with complete silence by feminists and the media, in spite of the fact that they are actively pushing a “rape culture” narrative where men are portrayed as privileged date rapists.

If ever there was a story for feminists to get enraged about, this would be it. According to SJWs, America fosters a “rape culture,” where sexual assault is trivialized and men are encouraged to feel “entitled” to womens’ bodies. You can’t get more entitled than a gang of ghetto thugs invading a woman’s home and raping her at gunpoint.

—From Why Are Feminists Ignoring The Violent Gang Rape Of Porn Star Cytherea?

One of Cytherea’s industry colleagues, Mercedes Carrera, was instrumental in publicizing the incident and starting a fundraiser with the help of the following video, which has received over 100,000 views on Youtube:

I interviewed Ms. Carrera to find out why there has been a lack of response to Cytherea’s story. Below is our conversation, with my questions in bold.

Can you describe your relationship with Cytherea. Is it mostly professional or are you on friendly terms with her as well? How does she feel about your involvement in publicizing what happened to her?

Cytherea is a colleague of mine and we have mutual friends. She is beloved as a veteran of the porn industry. I got involved in fundraising because I heard the story through several mutual friends, did some research, and realized that her fundraiser could use more people to additionally boost it.

When I spent a little more time on it, I was disgusted by how the mainstream media was ignoring this very relevant story (as lately there’s so much talk of “rape culture”, yet a real rape against a celebrity was only reported on our industry websites). I made that brief video of my frustrations then talked to Cytherea, a few of her friends and other people in the industry. All have been supportive on the video and concurred with me. Even several long time industry veterans reached out to me specifically to thank me for saying what many of them have been thinking.

For me, this is and always has been about getting as much support for Cytherea as possible. As a result of the video and fundraising, Cytherea and I are in fairly constant communication and she has said she appreciates the efforts that we have all gone to to help.

You pointed out the feminist hypocrisy of glorifying fake victims (the cases of Emma Sulkowicz and the UVA rape hoax come to mind). Feminists have a platform where they seek equality and opportunity for women, but they were eerily silent when a woman was genuinely harmed and needed help. Why do you think that is?

I believe the feminists that get media attention these days are the same ilk as the wealthy Victorian era suffragettes: wealthy white women whose panties are in a bunch over imagined slights and imagined injustices. They do not, and never have, spoken for women who are on the outside of their exclusive group. Sex workers, women of color, economically disadvantaged white women are not part of their platform. Those women who have to think about how they are going to eat or live are excluded from the conversation. Women who cannot afford $29.95 “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirts made by female slave labor in Madagascar are excluded from the conversation.

Additionally, because this was a random example of “rape culture” and the attackers were disadvantaged young black men (not wealthy white lacrosse players) it is too complex of a social issue for them to want to delve into. Issues of race, socioeconomics and rape cannot easily be deconstructed into the binary paradigms of “patriarchy” or “misogyny” so they’d rather ignore it altogether. Further, a sex worker is less “valuable” in their imaginary class system hierarchy than a “proper” wealthy feminist college student.

Bottom line: It cannot be politicized to fit their left marxist agenda. At the core, modern sex negative radical feminism is less about gender and more about the societal control of all groups that are not them.

In the manosphere we have a term called “red pill” to describe beliefs that go against the current cultural Marxist narrative that attempts to hide uncomfortable truths of our reality. It seems like you have come to very similar conclusions as myself and other men on Return Of Kings. What would you say are the main influences or experiences that allowed you to see the lies and fabrications that are pushed upon the masses by the media and their feminist allies?

Having had experiences in “blue pill” environments and having the faculty of discernment has led me to most of my current conclusions. Additionally, in my current environment, many of the players are surprisingly “red-pilled”. I believe this is the result of being in a fringe type industry that is often attacked by those who adhere to the current mainstream narrative. I was raised in an environment of working class people who had a lineage of, ironically, being members of the Socialist Labor Party (SLP). While I am most certainly not a member of this group, I grew up hearing stories of sedition and McCarthyism and am thus familiar with how far the reach of government, especially when working class people band together to protest the narrative.

You’ve been involved in Gamergate from the beginning, a consumer revolt against unethical journalists that have pushed the social justice narrative upon gamers. What seems to have happened in that gamergate has stopped being acute activism and now become a prolonged movement that is causing continuous damage to the SJW narrative. Do you see a connection between gamergate’s origins and how the media has been silent on Cytherea’s attack? How deep does the rot go?

I was not involved from the onset [of gamergate] but joined several months in when I saw the inequity of the reporting done by the mainstream media. What I see is a consumer revolt centered around the unjust media and corporate collusion happening in the microcosm of gaming. What I also saw were people who, instead of taking personal responsibility for their collusion, decided to paint all of their detractors as abusers and harassers.

The most out of place of these is Anita Sarkeesian, who made herself relevant by hijacking the media narrative and narcissistically turning this well needed consumer revolt into a conversation about her. Part of the reason I spoke out is these anti-sex radicals such as Sarkeesian make quite a lot of profit pretending to speak for women like myself. To me this is completely unacceptable and something I will not stand for. Additionally, having a minority female sex worker protest the media narrative that GamerGate is a misogynistic hate group has been hopefully useful in disbanding that myth.

I believe the silence on Cytherea proves again that the media is currently under the stranglehold of people who would like to monopolize the narrative for their own purposes. If rape culture is so prolific, then why not report on the rape? In fact, many of the sex-negative radicals have gone so far to victim shame and in some way disgustingly imply that because porn stars are responsible for “rape culture”, Cytherea in some way deserved the attack. This proves the point that the current anti-sex radical feminist groups are not about justice for women or about ending “rape culture” but rather are about weakening others so that they can control society with their ideology.

The truth is, that the only “rape culture” they want to focus on is that which they imagine exists on college campuses, which makes me wonder if their current targets are actually wealthy and middle class young men. If that is the case (and I believe it is) then it is consistent with a left marxist narrative to actually decimate the last remaining caste of people who might oppose their ideology.

An ideal world would ignore privileged women favored by the media such as Anita Sarkeesian and focus on genuine hardships that both women and men face. In terms of solutions, what steps do we need to take to get there? Is gamergate the ideal model for how the narrative can be beat? Or maybe you can give me direct advice since I publish sites that reach a lot of men, and increasingly as of late, women.

I wish I was as adept at identifying solutions as I am identifying problems. It seems, and correct me if I’m wrong, that the best solution would be a strong independent media. Fortunately, in spite of the current power play to monopolize the narrative, technology has allowed independent voices such as yourself to speak freely and reach larger markets than would have been possible several decades ago. I believe as independent sites pick up stories that mainstream media neglects, it will lead to you all gaining credibility as the voice of the people. Further, even though there is a current push to monopolize discourse, I believe more people than ever are questioning the drivel they are being fed by the mainstream.

Unrelated to Cytherea: Return Of Kings has a lot of male readers who are tired, frustrated, and even angry about how modern culture is pushing them aside and punishing their masculine instinct to portray them as a privileged gender that needs to pay back for the sins of men of the past. It doesn’t help that modern young women are less interested in relationships with a good man than chasing 50 Shades-style excitement with bad boys. The advice I’ve been giving them so far is to simulate bad boy behavior by learning game or outright moving to countries that have women who primarily seek relationships. Do you have any advice for these men? What do you think they should they do?

Again, I see the problem clearly but not the solutions necessarily. I believe self awareness is key as well as not tolerating any bullshit behavior. As soon as people play games with each other their relationships are doomed. I do think there are many women out there who are just as tired of the modern culture (as is evidenced by the large female proportion of GamerGaters).

Although, at this point I would advise any young man on a college campus particularly to be especially careful when engaging sexually with a new woman and if possible have consent recorded in the form of text messages or other social media in case he is ever unfairly accused of rape. If I had a son college age, I would be particularly concerned about the rape culture hysteria and the potential possibility of false accusations (as we saw in the U.Va. case). As it stands, this behavior will be more damaging to young women than men, as more and more men decide to either marry foreign women or decline relationships altogether. I hope very much that the pendulum will swing the other way and young people will buck these trends that will have long term negative impact on their relationships.

For those who want to help Cytherea, how can they do so?

To help support Cytherea, please go to the You Caring fundraiser.

Additionally, we are collecting 30 second videos for Cytherea for those who would like to participate. #30SecondsForCytherea is the hashtag and people can email their links to me at [email protected] These snippets will be compiled into a video in support of Cytherea.

Thank you again for your willingness to cover this story!

Special thanks to Ms. Carrera for sharing her thoughts on the matter. Follow her on Twitter at .

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260 thoughts on “Mercedes Carrera Explains Why Cytherea’s Rape Was Not Covered By The Feminist-Dominated Media”

    1. It’s not a coincidence that both of these trash of women are jewish in these videos. Feminazis is a jewish concept always has been. Look at the leaders of the movement. These videos are a propaganda of hatred for black men.Last but not least, follow the money.
      Revelation 2:9
      “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I
      know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but
      are the synagogue of Satan.”

      1. Exactly right. Feminism was created, financed and executed by a small group of mega-rich men who identify as Ashkenazis — not to be confused with the garden variety J*w who owns your local bakery or jewelry store and attends synagogue, and certainly not to be confused with the so-called Israelites of the Bible.
        These psychopaths have “run the show” to greater or lesser degrees for 2,000-plus years, using usury-style banking, monopoly of precious metals / stones and even esoteric black arts, not to mention old stand-byes such as blackmail, assassination and perhaps their favorite calling card, “false flag” terrorism.
        Marxism (communism) was also their creation, which is the parent of Feminism. The goal of Feminism (and it’s spinoff, PC-ism) is simple: to preserve their power and societal control by emasculating / weakening / persecuting / destroying those who can knock them off their perch –> strong, righteous, intelligent men who are focused and coordinated in their approach. They cleverly turned our own women and children against us to achieve their goals, and it’s worked until now very well.
        The character known as “Jesus” mentions this group in the Bible, as do essentially all of the truly great leaders who were assassinated or badly defamed over the last 2,000 years. Narrowing it down to only American political / military leaders, that list would include Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, George Patton, JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King etc.
        Perplexingly, this remains the pink elephant in the room even until this very age — we have parasites among us draining our life-force in a myriad of ways, but we still feel inclined to blame hapless women for the downfall of our civilization… lol. We all know that men are the gender that BUILDS and DESTROYS civilizations, so we better start looking for this destroyer among us a little more intelligently. Just my 2 cents.

  1. Good stuff. She sounds clear headed enough. Don’t go jerk it to her videos now though, porn is bad for your brain.

    1. not necessarily. Porn is better than knocking up a random chick when your too horny to think rationally.

      1. And playing gta is better than murdering real people. That doesn’t make video gaming good for you.

        1. it’s relative. Video gaming isn’t bad either and in some cases is healthy. The games are so complex these days that it teaches decision making. My son and I learned a ton from the Fifa soccer series. You learn positional chemistry, formations, utilizing space from a bird eye’s view of the soccer field and playing to the strengths of your field players.

        2. I think video games are better than porn too. I was just responding to your silly first response.

        3. It’s silly because there are so many ways to shoot a load with a woman other than vaginal sex… oral, anal, hj, titty fucking, etc. If you’re retarded enough to fuck chicks with no birth control you’re gonna get what you get.

        4. condoms are about as pleasurable as fucking an inflatable doll. Its tolerable between the ages of 16-22, but most guys will agree that it sucks as you get more experience and older. The other birth control methods are left in the hands of women and I revert back to my original statement.
          Lastly, you cannot get PHYSICAL & PERMANENT diseases from porn

        5. condoms suck,even thin ones,most of the sensation of a warm pussy is the wetness and heat and a condom doesn’t let you feel that.

  2. This woman must scare the shit out of feminists – clear, articulate, with well thought out answers, and leans red-pill. The one thing I can’t square is her decision to become a porn star, but to each her own I suppose. Modern women probably fuck just as many men, she at least has the business acumen to get paid for it.

    1. Some people can come off as smart, but their decision’s they make can say otherwise about them. A beautiful woman deciding to go into porn is not a smart woman.

      1. I see your point, but I think you’re confusing the distinction between smart and wise.

        1. Fantastic observation, intelligence and wisdom are not the same thing.

        1. If game is a reaction to what women have become in the west, can Mercedes’s choices not be seen as a counter-reaction to the state of our society?
          I don’t *like* gaming women. I would prefer to treat them the way I used to in my blue pill days. But I am forced to game–that doesn’t make game evil or fucked up.

        2. Such persons fill a need in “society” — meaning they fill needs in many other persons, preventing who knows how much trouble. Be glad that for whatever individual needs persons do it.

    2. This woman must scare the shit out of feminists – clear, articulate, with well thought out answers

      …and Mercedes Carrera is not white. Hence femishits cannot pull the usual *ism cards.

      1. Actually, Miss Carrera looks pretty white to me. Do looks even count or is all you need a vowel at the end of your name and, wallah!, you are person of color. Unless of course you are Italian. Poor [email protected]

    3. I did a little bit of research on her (go ahead, tell your jokes; I’ll probably laugh at a few, too), and it turns out that she actually has her bachelor’s degree/a background in engineering. Not only that, she has also created a scholarship for high school students with a propensity for all things STEM, funded by her webcam show earnings. That’s right, it’s out of her own pocket. Check out the link.
      I’m also thinking that she probably does adult videos because it makes her happy, but here’s the thing. You remember how the femhags were all up in arms [back in the day] about their bodies being their business? And about how they and the SJWs were–and still are–shrieking about how the STEM field was so misogynist, amongst other things? And how these shiftless harpies claimed to have the best interests of women in mind? Making sure they they have their own income, independent of a male provider?
      Then why, Gentlemen, do they consider Ms. Carrera their enemy? She’s hit all the points that femnazism claims to represent. She’s exactly the type of woman they should look up to and aspire to be…except they don’t! Big surprise.
      Could it be that I was wrong, and women like Cytherea and Ms. Carrera don’t match up with the all the points as we were lead to believe, or could it be that they don’t fit the bullshit narrative that the femhags have been pushing on us for the past 4 decades? OR…even crazier…could it be that they’re being dismissed and demonized for doing something that (regardless of how you feel about porn) men enjoy? Or maybe their very positions (heh) pose a threat to the aforementioned bullshit narrative, proving that femhags want women to be coddled and treated like helpless infants?
      I could go on, or maybe I should just shut up and pick one. I’ve got a lot of options to choose from.

      1. A smart woman that makes her own life choices, stands by them, her colleagues and her friends. I can’t help but respect that.

        1. Nor can I. And like I mentioned before, that is exactly what femnazis DON’T stand for…taking responsibility for their choices and actions. Ms. Carrera not only does that, but she also does her part to make a positive difference.
          …and the Sarkeesianites HATE that.

        1. She needs to teach a class to the rest of these “Women” on how to actually live.

      2. I posted this story quite early on ROK. Maybe 2 weeks ago. here are some points that one should consider. Sex positive feminism is really only a thing when one is discreet especially the males but less importantly the female. Women having sex on tape leaves a record and a means of social stigma in terms of retaining the princess narrative. therefore it’s seemingly rare for feminists to defend porn unless maybe the case of violence where they can turn in into a personal narrative of “women can make their own choices and should not be berated for them” as was the case with “WarMachine incident and his pornstar wife.
        Porn is in and of itself something that women are turning to a means of self measurement. There is some talk of body image especially penis side in terms of men watching it but in large women decry porn in terms of “unrealistic body image expectations” or “performance expectations’ now this may be especially pertain to the case with Cytheria.
        WHY YOU MAY ASK?Well Cytheria was the girl who popularised the squirting within modern sex dynamics. There is many a thread talking whether this exists or not but clearly when it is all for the world to see then it becomes much harder to call its existence into question. I’m under the belief that feminism in its non purely academic form which modern feminism is finding an audience among girls who don’t want to break barriers that limited them but rather find drama or social hot points( gamer gate). So Cytheria disadvantages girls who can not match her performance.
        Finally i think the popular porn narrative is one that is changing and if it changes then it will have a direct affect on other sex industry practices which highly disadvantage the social market of women.HOW? Well as Cytheria and other pornstars like mercedes are showing they make these choices sometimes but not always out of some personal choice. Women within the greater narrative of patriarchy have no agency. if women are not in porn because they are third world sex slaves as is the general cry against prostititon. then they are in because of…money …pleasure. The first is an easier position for women to defend but the second would then question why some women can make a decision for all women. Now obviously porn or sex industry affiliated activities is not what i want o to choose for my female friends, lovers or family to do.that is my personal choice. Now obviously these industries will exist and therefore one should take the libertarian model and deregulate them. However this greatly deregulate the sexual market place and greatly inhibit the feminist social imperative of men fighting over the carrion that is women who have had all their ‘fun” and now need to husband up to stay not he money train. that is main demographic that supports major industries and they at all costs do not want the narrative of “i was a good college and would not have had sex if not for the pressure of the patriarchy” broken.

      3. She went into the tech side of the porn industry before going in front of the lens – I think she may have been in there during the early days of porn streams.. when the tech was being perfected before the mainstream adoption.. and around the time Flash-based iPlayer was coming in…

        1. I was in and around the technical side of the adult industry for years, hence my familiarity with it. You are correct.

        2. Was I right in my guesses around the timeline?
          Could you quote years? Just that I could then sync it with my coming online for the first time in about 1995.

        3. I likely wasn’t involved quite as early on as you are thinking, but by the mid 2000s I had worked on the tech side of some adult performer’s projects.

        4. Around 2001-2005? I think BBC iPlayer was being worked on around that time – and Flash became the lingua franca in streaming tech..
          As I remember it – porn led the way then Youtube, then the Beeb went live with Flash iPlayer for Linux at around 2005-2006…

      4. Can you imagine this woman doing math tutorials? Addition division and all that jazz … just got … well its the old joke? Add 2 people, divide the legs, next class is multiplication.
        Never considered paying for web cam … stopped believing in charities for all their corporate thing.
        She seems more genuine.
        I wonder how it might go for her if she took donations and taught classes on interwebs or something. Possibly topless. *shrugs* I couldn’t help it. Sorry.

      5. Such women have been around for years. The only reason we never hear about them is that they’re too busy with a real job to do the paid bitching and moaning feminists do. Feminist productivity – their sole contribution to society – is the manufacture of hatred for men and victimhood for women.

        1. Thank you for recognizing that. I am one of those women-not a porn star, I don’t have the boobs 😀
          Yeah, I’m glad I was born in a time where I had a lot of choice as to what path my life would take, but my parents also instilled from an early age to take responsibility for my actions. With great power comes great responsibility. Despite being fairly successful in my career, I also have a great deal of respect for men (and women–just not the ones who’ve hijacked every media outlet with their fictional tales of woe). I don’t understand why everything has to gender neutralize in order to be fair. Different can be equal. I’m also right sick of the SJWs trying to tell me how I should feel. Thanks, but how about I let you know when (or IF, more to the point) i ever feel oppressed or victimized. I must be lucky, because 99% of the shit they bitch about I’ve literally never experienced in my life.

        2. From what I can tell, you have to be in a women’s center or a protest line to experience those things.

        3. Every time they manufacture a new “patriarchal problem” they are making a mockery of women in this world who’ve suffered real abuse and inequality. Every time I hear the word “misogyny” being thrown around loosely I want to pipe up with “hmmm why don’t we ask the women in Afghanistan who’ve suffered acid attacks for trying to learn how to read what they think of your suffering”.

        4. What do you mean? Those women is Afghanistan help keep American feminists in their cushy jobs. Feminists here thrive vicariously on the suffering of real women around the world and throughout history. After all, though these women may not be related, share the same values, live in the same culture, follow the same political beliefs, care about feminism or believe that inequity exists, they’re still women, and therefore suffer as one big homogeneous – but economically disparate – blob of disadvantaged womanhood.

        5. “one big homogeneous – but economically disparate – blob of disadvantaged womanhood.” Nice. I’m going to try and work that into something. You forgot supplying western feminists with affordable t-shirts that have catchy “progressive” statements. Love it every time I see one of these and the label says “made in Bangladesh”.

        6. I don’t think the poster says she’s a feminist, only that feminists should celebrate the achievement of being treated equal to men.

        7. a. I was joking.
          b. Some women (not all, but quite a few) celebrate being treated like an equal in theory, and then complain when it actually happens.

      6. Just more proof that Engineer Degrees are worth their weight in gold no matter where the graduates wind up in the world.

    4. Where on earth do you get the impression that feminists are against porn? Feminism and porn are both about empowerment – albeit indifferent ways. It’s the red pill bible thumpers that vilify porn while cheating on their spouses. You’re really stretching by trying to drag feminism into this mess.

      1. Porn haa been shown by science to be deleterious to the human mind. And not all men on here advocate cheating. Go pull your liberal “bible thumping” language else where.

        1. show us the science and make sure the data shows that it is 100% detrimental to everyone all the time.

        2. I’m not searching on pub med for you right now. If I have time later I’ll post some links.

        3. Fallacy in your requests. It suggests that if 100% harm cannot be found, then an activity is harmless.
          Some people have fallen off of five story buildings and lived, ergo, jumping off a 5 story building is not normally fatal nor a problem.
          See the error in the request?

        4. Porn has been shown by science to be deleterious to the human mind.

          A lot of things can be bad for the human mind, for example coffee or sports.
          Show me a study with at least 1000 average porn users compared to 1000 non-porn users, that proves that porn is the cause (not the symptom) of something undesirable or that shows that porn’s negative effects outweigh porn’s positive effects. And please no studies on porn addiction. Porn addiction is something completely different, like coffee vs caffeine addiction.
          And while I agree with your reply to tinybubbles (“Go pull your liberal bible thumping language else where.”), that principle applies to you, too: Go pull your moralfaggotry somewhere else.
          [video src="" /]

        5. I don’t have any moral problem with porn. I think it’s sweet… just from the studies I’ve seen it’s bad news bears. Science, have you heard of it anon?

      2. Porn is one of the worst things a Man can Allow himself to fall into, it is a selfish Lust that brings a man to his knees to Fiend over. A Man is not owned by Himself when he allows these demonic temptations to become habit. I know first hand it’s destruction, I’ve talked with other Men who have experienced it’s effects.When a Man masturbates 2-3 times a day for weeks at a time, tripping the dopamine trigger in the brain that often, has physiological consequences. It’s not how God wants to see Man live, There is more to a Man’s life than masturbating his God given Strength away.

        1. Interesting. What were the deleterious effects the men experienced? Do these problems occur with masturbation once per day or only multiple times per day? Do the problems subside once a man starts to refrain from masturbation?

        2. I’ve known a couple of guys who seemed unable to get along without porn. They weren’t normal guys who liked to look at pictures of naked girls, but they actually obsessed over all manner of porn: sitcoms were no good because they weren’t porn, books that weren’t porn were of no interest, sooner or later porn was the topic of any conversation.
          However, these guys weren’t typical of everybody or even a large number of people exposed to porn any more than everyone is an alcoholic or a pothead.
          In their cases there is a need for some kind of treatment though I admit I don’t know what that treatment should be.
          It should not be draconian punishment of everybody else.

      3. Disagree, there are plenty of feminists that vilify porn. In fact, this is one of the main rifts in modern feminism. I will agree that not all feminists feel this way, but there are plenty who do. Go look at some of the feminist analysis of Belle Knox being a porn star from Duke – plenty of support, but plenty of condemnation too.

      4. There are very few bible thumpers here – I’d say we’re more atheist than the left’s pretend atheists
        And empowerment porn is usually bad porn featuring ugly chicks anyway, it’s their way of trying to apologize for diversity

        1. I’m a Bible thumper now, but I was staunchly atheist when I first came here. I can see why most men here are atheists though. You’ve been lied to countless times, so it’s difficult to take a wild claim (like the existence of God or Christ’s resurrection) as true without a fuck-ton of evidence.

        2. Tinybubbles is an older feminist/middle age white woman. A single mother/business owner who has a very masculine nature. She takes pride in her corvette(s) and the amount of men she can enjoy relationship free. She doesn’t post often on here. There is a whole other section of right wing/leftists that cross between ROK and political sites. For the most part they are pretty well informed commentators.

      5. Feminism (and I’m speaking in general) is often quite hypocritical, and that includes the sex industry.
        Men who consume porn are often portrayed as perverts, and the porn industry as “oppressing” or the same old tired arguments and yet at the same time revel in the “empowerment” of women who are involved in the same industry.
        This is the mentality in the feminist agenda and I have seen this many, many times. Normal male sexuality is more and more often treated as something evil and the root of violence & the victimization of women.
        No stretching is needed…policies, protests, and outrageous opinions held by feminists clearly indicate this is the case.
        Mentioning “bible-thumpers” is a distraction and isn’t relevant here.

    5. I don’t mind her and she’s at least an 8 in my book. An example of an exceptional female and I don’t give a shit if she’s a porn star. At least she’s making her own money. Sluts don’t bother me much anyways (if they are upfront about it). Moreover, she explained why feminists don’t give a shit about Cytherea’s rape.

    6. The reason she relates with us is because she is rejected from the very own enemy that we are fighting as well – feminists. She is a pornstar, so automatically, she is considered bad breed. Hence, she supports our side. But do not confuse her support with what she does for a living as “right”. You should never make a whore your wife, as a previous ROK article stated. For now, we can agree that “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”.

      1. Believe me, I’m not trying to be anyone’s wife. For now, it’s more important to me to stand with whatever allies are available to crush the narrative that will soon censor us all.

        1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. However, while morally opposed, you aren’t an enemy per se. I will watch porn today. Maybe tomorrow. Or even the day after that. Nothing to do with you. Nor are you to be blamed for the moral degradation of society. It is a job that pays you to do something that you enjoy. The moral degradation occurred outside of your control and it is the reason a 7 yr old can find shemale porn in between classes on his/her smart phone. The agenda to demoralize society is far bigger than just being a porn star.
          Solid points you brought up in both your interview and your youtube video. This is less about your profession and clearly about the narrative being promoted. Masculinity is supposed to be oppressing us all. Except when it comes dangerously close to slandering a feeling argument. If you continue on your path maybe some logic will enter this feminism argument because currently, present day positives, are leading many people down to future discomfort and narcissism. And I say logic because as easy as it is to jump on the color rant (feelings argument to be sure) there is much to be said for the types of crimes the classes of wealth get involved in. Maybe the new wave feminism is a red herring for the ever widening middle class.

        2. I believe that modern radical feminism is being used right now in an attempt to disable the males of society. The only ones that can have so much impact to demoralize men are the women of the same class/race. As the minority groups are already impoverished and are thus not a threat to the nanny state, the last group that would oppose totalitarianism are the (largely Caucasian) middle class males. Thus, they are being targeted so they can be disabled (and eventually disarmed).
          As a half minority half white woman I am very aware of this and unfortunately have been watching this trend since childhood. I am very concerned about the coming state of this country.
          And while people may not agree with my choice of career, it is ironically the best vantage point from which to discuss such matters as this. When I was an engineer who wrote a blog on this topic nobody cared to hear my voice. As an agent of depravity people do. Some may question my methods but this is the state of the world we live in. Wealthy celebrities are so for doing poor sex tapes. I do highly produced ones and am paid well for it.
          I hope to have some impact in a little way if possible. By standing against the accepted narrative created by the feminist groups I’m hopefully able to deflect the critique that the only opposition they face is from “white male misogynists”. Perhaps when more women speak out the critiques and opposition against this increasingly totalitarian narrative will grow. Thanks for your comments.

        3. As a black male, that I come dangerously close to supporting any of this disavows the feminist narrative. However, a person has to be blind to not see the direct affects within society. On the positive end of things everyone is now given latitude to be and do whatever makes them feel happy. Except if you happen to be a male who is middle class. To get ahead as a male you must go above and beyond what anyone can expect of you and even then if you hamper the wrong person’s feelings you may be out of an income, home, or livelihood. If not worse.
          Seeing what happened to Cytherea hasn’t changed how I view crime or the people it affects. It does make me hopeful that people, especially those of the bright minds that post here, can step away from feelings and really address what makes a criminal. The day classism can be addressed without feelings placed in it, is the day we can close the middle class up, and start employing and regaining the many men America loses annually to suicide. In effect, the destruction of the white upper class is the final cap off to what has happened to many of the other minorities in America. I can’t even begin to address what it would take for Native Americans to become relevant to America again.
          With regards to your stance, I wholeheartedly agree. If you weren’t a sex worker whose beauty and presence known, you would not be as heard. It says a lot more about your character that your voice hasn’t changed throughout professions so maybe this was an eventual outlet that found the right time to come forth. The current age is one of narcissism and vanity. If the deconstruction of our economy continues though, my fear is when help is required, those who could would have left the reservation for greener pastures.
          Eloquent response Mercedes. I am always impressed when I see someone who addresses their argument with a high level of logic and reasoning. I’m impressed. Not sure if you’ll go back to stem, but maybe when you retire (and if you go by some porn stars like Lisa Ann or Kelly Madison that could be well into your 50s) you can add something to the field of STEM. Would hate to miss a valued addition to the sciences.

        4. Thank you for your thorough answer. I always enjoy and appreciate to understand how people came to similar conclusions. As you are kind of on the periphery due to your race (as am I) we are perhaps more able to see and articulate clearly what is happening without as much negative consequence from the world. In many ways my race and gender are a boon in being able to speak truth on these issues. However that’s not to say I don’t receive push back for telling the truth- it’s just less possible for people to play the racism/sexism card with me.
          Regarding STEM- I actively am involved in several low key projects where people are not aware of my current profession. Unfortunately it must be that way for now. I also created a scholarship fund for STEM students (entirely merit based- no exclusion by race or gender). So that’s my little piece of contribution.
          Thanks again for your comments and be well. Mercedes

        5. Mercedes, thanks for reaching out to us.
          Also, I find it sad that the concurrent radical feminism has Victorian roots, so much to the point that I find it rather appropriate to parallel Zoe Quinn’s actions to Gwenhwyfar.
          PS: I can’t believe no parody of the Knights of the Round Table exists yet, especially given Gwenhwyfar’s reputation.

        6. Well said. Men need women as well to speak on their behalf. The link below is to a useful article on women in the men’s rights movement. Mother Jones has recently done very poorly by the movement, but this article at least refers to women you may not be familiar with. Cheers, and keep up the great work.

          If you don’t know her, Karen anti-feminist Straughan in particular is brilliant. She has many videos available on youtube. Her “Feminism and the Disposable Male” has well over one million views, and deservedly so.

        7. The women are being pumped with bad stats and lies, and kept from unbiased critical thinking. Most articles are now just concoctions to feed the narrative. Disney has been supporting this as well, so the youngest kids are indoctrinated long before they even enter school. Yet with all this, I can hardly find the true source of their impetus – and how a gynocentric critical mass could take place in a largely male-led world.
          A UN body recently urged Canada to focus on the “missing and murdered Aboriginal women” propagandi-schtick. Despite an article by the Toronto Star showing that Aboriginal men were far more victimized, popular discussion, protests, government agencies and even this UN body continue to support the myth. How in hell could feminists get such a stranglehold at so many levels when so much of their message contradicts real life experience and reason itself? This I find astounding, perplexing, disappointing, and especially downright insane.

    7. Ms. Carrera, if you are reading this, well done. As Nemesis said, very articulate.
      Before this story I naively believed feminists were pro women in porn, seeing it as a form of female empowerment. Bit shocked… at my naivety.
      This is one of the few times I’ve seen a women passionately speak out against feminism. It’s actually a turn on. You should do anti-feminist themed porn, think there’s some money in it… maybe. Also, the major turn off with porn is when the women acts like a bimbo (like a MAJOR bimbo), dunno if there’s sophisticated porn out there, but if not, I reckon there’s some money in that too. Worth a shot, since you’re clearly pretty smart.

      1. Thank you Floyd. I think the old stereotype is slowly going away (in regards to bimbos in porn). There are *some* pro-porn feminists, but most modern feminists are sex negative radicals who want to live in hugboxes of their own creation. So the pendulum has swung the other way. However, my issue with feminism currently has more to do with the victim narrative they spread while treating men unfairly. I think their current agenda is a recipe for societal disaster. Thanks for your comment!

    8. I have a different theory of why the feminists are so silent about this. I think it’s pure, bitter female jealousy. Cytheria is beautiful enough to get paid to have sex and a simple Google search such as “Cytheria nude” on Google Images will show you what I’m talking about. Then you do the same thing, but something like “Anita Sarkeesian nude” or pick your favorite feminist and google them for nude photos. A surprising number of them have nude selfies floating around on the net. It only took me a matter of seconds to find a nude selfie of Anita.
      Nobody is going to pay Anita Sarkeesian to take her clothes off and have sex on camera. No man in his right mind would want to rape her. And look at who has to call them out on this deafening silence over a woman who got gang-raped in her own home. Mercedes is everything the feminist icons are not: Flat out gorgeous, intelligent and articulate. I’m willing to bet she can make sammiches too. As CH would say, Mercedes, I like the twist of your shiv.

  3. Feminists love violence when it’s directed against Hetero Cisgender White Males and Women who don’t agree with their B.S.

    1. That bitch would go right over my knee, right there in front of God and Everybody. Of course, she’d also know not to pull that shit on me in the first place.

  4. Rich white women, most often ugly, live in their disney suburb and have a beta hubby they despise.
    This is the rot that breeds feminism.
    They hate themselfes because they are not hot enough to get an alpha. Maybe they had one once back at college when they were younger and he was very drunk.
    Maybe reading 50 shades is all they have.
    More than themselfs they hate their husbands. These guys may be good men but they have one flaw. They are beta. Second class males. Not the prince charming with white horse and castle. Just old Bob.
    After years of hate they gang together to fight -> other females!
    Exactly hotter females.
    These are the ones who get the alpha fucks. These are the ones who (in their view) are responsible for them beeing stuck with betas and they see them as threat for the female children.
    A good looking girl like the one raped and the one in this interview are the prime evil of feminism. Feminism is NOT against men. At least not all men – it is certainly againt betas/omegas as it is certainly against hot female.
    Or in short: Feminism is for ugly chicks who want alpha dicks.
    (Hot young females and beta men are the enemy.)

    1. Rich white women, most often ugly, live in their disney suburb and have a beta hubby they despise.
      This is not the definition of feminism. This is the red pill household baby!

    2. “Or in short: Feminism is for ugly chicks who want alpha dicks.
      (Hot young females and beta men are the enemy.)”
      Spot on. This should rank right up there with “Who Bitch This Is?(TM)”
      But I’d like to add to your point, specifically the last part. Alphas are their enemy as well, as they can rightfully disrupt the narrative, and betas are only the enemy once they wake up to the truth of their [often self-inflicted] delusions, and lies shoved down their throats. Before that, they’re useful idiots.
      Omegas, though? Hah. Unless they’re willing to climb the mountain before them, forget it.

    3. Precisely. The rape culture narrative is about girls giving up sex to betas and regretting it. The anti-body shaming agenda is an attempt to even the playing field by stopping people from harshly judging female attractiveness. Slut shaming is bad because the sluts dont want to be seen as second class women for being easy.
      Everything about female nature involves competing with females for high quality males. Its only natural that the second rate females would come up with schemes to level the playing field. Men improve themselves (ligting weights, tattoos, making money, motorcycles) to improve their status; women fight other women.
      The only thing I’ll add is that feminism is for older women, single mothers and sluts also, even the attractive ones.

  5. Bottom line: It cannot be politicized to fit their left marxist agenda

    It doesn’t fit their anti-white male agenda.

  6. that needs to pay back for the sins of men of the past.
    There are no “sins of men of the past”. However badly women suffered, men suffered, too. Think life was crap in 1870? Sure. Now imagine working in a coal mine 12 hours a day added on to that crap pile.
    And this goes all the way back to pre-history. And who made it better? Men. You think women would have mastered fire? Fuck no. Without us, they’d still be living in caves, sitting around in the dark, bitching about how it was cold and dark.

    1. You’re goddamn right about that, my friend. That’s the bottom motherfucking line. ALWAYS.

    2. And posting about it on their wall
      …with ocher paints!
      Heh. Couldn’t resist.

    3. Women would never have ventured into caves without men. They needed men to kill the spiders.

      1. That hasn’t changed. Back during the last of my horridly blue pill days of living with a feminist dyke as a roommate, she touted the same tired, age old, clichéd bullshit…
        …until she needed me to kill a spider or get rid of a dead mouse. I am not joking. Let’s just say that this was one of the miniscule cracks that started forming in the matrix for me.

    4. I’ve been thinking…
      If men today have to be responsible (suffer) for sins of men of the past, by that logic, shouldn’t we also be responsible (thanked and praised) for the good deeds done by men of the past?
      Instead all we get is attitude but no gratitude.

      1. There’s some eponymous law on this….don’t remember the name, but it begins with a “B” I think. Anyway it basically says that women only stay with a man so long as it benefits her, and once it no longer does, she’s gone…and past benefit is immaterial (which is the applicable part here).

    5. Lesbian feminist professor Camille Paglia stated the following:
      “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.”

    6. That actually happened when the television show “Survivor” segregated the groups into male vs female. The female group was not able to survive so the groups had to be reintegrated and the men sent to the women’s camp had to pretty much do all of the work to catch them up. I for one am grateful for the men of history and today who created technology that make all of our lives better. I think western women who complain of imaginary patriarchy should be forced to live without male inventions for the day and see how much they like it.

      1. I regret that I can only upvote your post once.
        I believe the show you reference was on the Dutch version of Survivor. It was referenced in an article here, IIRC.
        The problem becomes that we have favored one gender so much at the expense of the other that we are now well into an “over-correction”. That said, men are a forgiving bunch, and women who find themselves wanting male companionship would do perfectly well if they approached it with less “attitude” and more “gratitude”.
        At the end of the day, men and women need each other, and the politics just gets in the way.

      2. THANK YOU, Mercedez. THANK YOU. You’re worth more than half the women in all all of the US and canada.

      3. Women have capacity to design and problem solve mechanically, but they don’t usually hone it and it’s not often (genuinely – rather than just politically) nurtured.

      4. Identity politics, and all this gender theory stuff proliferating the humanities is a product of the very same privilege they denigrate so much. That “spectrum” gets real when you bring civilization down to zero. I thought I was a liberal, progressive democrat or whatever before I went to University. Now, I realize that I piss everyone off. I’m a black male and people are often disgruntled when I don’t engage with the narrative they try to set for me. I only wish the economy had more jobs that were labor intensive. So I could do something old school like build furniture, sell it locally, lift things, and/or smash things into bits while writing fiction in my free hours. Instead there’s this rat-race service oriented economy with forced arrested development. You need a permit and a license for anything that creates material value in New York City.
        As for the patriarchy…
        In almost every pivotal moment of my education and upbringing it was either a female teacher or the matriarch at home that decided whether I was trustworthy, lived or died. I was molested at an early age multiple times by women. One time I was falsely and publicly accused of forcing myself onto her by a former childhood best friend after I rejected her and was called a bitch. I’ve dealt with largely white female teachers could accuse me of plagiarism or perceive me or my peers as a threat and place us into a system at an early age in public school. My dad had his credit destroyed by my first stepmother while working two jobs when I was young. He had to finish filing for divorce while pretending to make a relationship work, and knowing that I was being abused at home. The second woman he partnered with was a strict disciplinarian who abused me psychologically, attacking my self concept, and trying to control almost every thought I had. A self-described feminist who offered love only conditionally.
        She helped with homework, was an stem-person, but also damaged by the abuse of her childhood. OCD, obsessed with material artifacts, and how people perceive her. Also an ex-marine. She’ll buy a bunch of electronics, furniture, and crap that no one asked for on credit, and then complain that we’re all ungrateful rather then just work on something with my dad so they could build a business together. Always battling for position and authority. Obsessed with form over truth. Questions and undermines every move, makes everything about her when she cant get her way. Constantly sways between victim and persecutor. Disempowers my father and everyone when things don’t go exactly the way she wants.
        My biological mother was never fit to raise me, but is white. However, despite that side of the family’s honest ignorance of a lot of things, and that we’re essentially the only black friends they have, I often feel more at ease around that side than at any time. Its not that they’re perfect, they just lack that level of dysfunction. And I feel like all this shit is by design. Its affected my self-worth, identity, relationships, haven’t even been with anyone in 4 years. Depersonalization, and all that lol.
        *End Rant* *Almost a whole life story here* lol
        Anyway Mercedes, I’m really glad you’re lending your voice to these issues. I think people from mixed and atypical backgrounds will save this planet from dogmatism.

  7. She is well spoken and articulates her points well. Now I have a question for ROK though – doing a search on this site there is zero mention of boys being molested or men raping other men. Why was there no outrage when people rioted against the firing Joe Paterno, a football coach who covered up another coach who raped young boys? Seems like you are more obsessed with feminists then you are about actually stopping rape or protecting men’s rights.

    1. Actually I was quite disgusted with Paterno’s actions and said so online on many occasions. Pederasts are homosexual predators and are easily called out as such. Helping a pederast cover up his criminal perversions is awful.
      Straw man much?

      1. Not really. I’m more concerned about going after actual criminals – ROK seems to go after college liberals and intellectuals who talk about weird feminist theory. Not really a threat to our physical safety.

        1. Criminals are gone after. Intellectuals and college intelligensia however, the “culture setters” if you will, influence things like hard law and actual culture. To disregard them as somehow not a threat in any sense is foolish. To change the culture to your liking is far more effective than taking over a nation by force of arms. Ignore it at your own peril.

        2. Last time I checked majority of Congress was male. Many of those congressmen have made some controversial comments over rape and have been busted with prostitutes. Not saying all of law makers are like that, but I doubt old dudes deciding our laws are being influenced by a small minority of college aged feminists. As for this article, I’m pretty sure these 3 rapists will be tried as adults and have the book thrown at them. Feminists will not influence a judge to prevent them from going to jail simply b/c they are black males.

        3. If anything hard law doesn’t really do anything to stop rape of grown men or small boys. Vatican reshuffles priests – have you seen lawmakers pass laws allowing the Vatican to be held accountable? Is that also a conspiracy from weak college liberals?

        4. Culture is influenced by culture makers, not Congress. Congress is reactionary and by definition has its finger in the air at all time to determine prevailing trends so that it can jump on the bandwagon and claim credit for leading the charge.
          The master power brokers have always acknowledged and used cultural trend setters to set public opinion. Lenin referred to them as “useful idiots”.

        5. Those things are pretty mundane compared to the ideology that comes from college leftists
          Without the framework of ideological equalism, feminism cannot stand – hence the need for anti-equality around the world

        6. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I will keep my trusty shot gun in my house to defend myself against violent criminals. You guys worry about people in a classroom. If I was to give advice to the woman who was violently attacked it would be to learn some self defense and consider purchasing a fire arm for protection – not focus your attention on non-violent feminazis.

        7. What you are saying would at first seem to be true if it weren’t also true that the things being discussed here aren’t purely “academic” or about people in a classroom.
          In case you weren’t aware, these people are influencing American culture and continuing to push an anti-male, misandrist agenda and are actively influencing policies as well as the treatment of men. There are numerous headlines in current events which support what I’m saying.
          For example:
          – A continued push to push a feminist agenda on young men entering college
          – Continual portrayal of consensual sex with males a “questionable” and easily portrayed as rape, regardless of clearly demonstrated free will, even encouraging women to portray consensual sex as rape and said men as “predators”
          – Attempting to remove the presumption of innocence from men accused of violence, sexual or otherwise, both inside and outside of college campuses. But especially removing the right to a presumption of innocence and the requirement of solid evidence for those young men in college
          …and there are more.
          These are things that matter, and effect real people (specifically, men). These cannot be allowed to stand. A societal divide is being created and laws & policies are being changed have a very real impact on life here. And other countries as well (which share similar issues with dysfunctional females & manginas attempting shoehorn their distorted views into public policy).

        8. i think we are talking about 2 different things. the author is describing violent criminals breaking into someone’s home and then assaulting that person in front of their kids. what you are talking about requires a different way to battle – how does what you’re talking about and what the author oddly changes the subject to – help keep a person safe from violent attackers? if you eradicated feminism does the author believe that violent crime will magically disappear?

  8. So it boils down to this:
    1. Cytherea is HOT. Fugly feminists HATE hot women almost as much as they hate men who won’t have sex with fugly feminists.
    2. Cytherea is not only hot, she makes her living having sex, which feminists HATE.
    3. The perps were black males, and nothing gets put in the media black hole faster than black on white crime, b/c it’s not PC. If you’re reading a crime story in the New York Times and they assiduously do not mention the perp’s race, then he’s a black guy. If Cytherea had been a black woman–even a hottie doing porn–and the perps had been frat bros, this would have Blown Up.
    Everything Orwell wrote in Animal Farm is 100% true and exposes not only Marxism but radical feminism as a big, fat, ugly LIE.

      1. We used to. Look up the Chicago and Tulsa race riots. Things are getting so bad now that I can see it happening again. After the Zimmerman affair and officer wilson, fewer and fewer whites believe or trust blacks anymore.

      2. Especially black on white rapes, which I know of a half dozen incidents just from my own personal life and the women in it. The very term “hate crime” needs to be eradicated. Crime and criminals come in every shade. Yet, the media and the legal system pushes things under the rug every day so that those with an agenda have an easier time of creating their own landscape. The focus is almost always skewed and this article shows once again that this trend continues. If it wasn’t for independent media the truth of things would hardly ever get voiced. No wonder the Internet is in the sights of those that want total control over the flow of information.

        1. I had a buddy who looked into being a cop and did a bunch of ‘ride-a-longs’ which I’m surprised are legal but this was awhile ago. He said that absolutely ALL they ever had to deal with was our more rhythmic friends. My buddy is no racist but he was astounded.

        2. The first myth of rape culture was the black man raping the white woman in the Antebellum times. When these feminist bitches are at college campuses today, they still harken back to it if they get caught with us fucking them, but the school tribunals try to keep it under wraps because they’re sjws who want to avoid accusations of racism.

        3. There is nothing to be astounded by. Lower middle class to poor. Fatherless children. External verification for identity so will do things if others are impressed by it. Desperate to be heard but only appreciated for being physical. Taught to be victims/value victimhood so have an excuse already in play. Prisons are placed within yards of schools. Maybe your buddy was just thinking in regards to race and assumed being black meant one thing and now thanks to cops he thinks being black means another. No different from what is happening and is more a culmination of years of deplorable behavior, that being white means one thing. Rape, sexism towards women, classism, racism, pedophilia, violence towards society, to name a few.
          In fact, what is happening currently to whites, while you may call it sexism, borders closer to the feminist movement but for men. There are men within the class of men who aren’t considered men. Or at best degenerates of society. If tooled correctly the MGTOW/ Men’s Rights movements can shed a light on the classism and the destruction being enacted by the upper class through anti-humanity laws.

        4. Agreed. I think it’s important to note that a lot of SJW rhetoric in public affects white males, our women have been infected with that virus as well and are now behaving like their white counterparts. This causes them the disregard the history of people of color in the country and their disenfranchisement (Not talking about now) in the past, thus skewing their view toward feminism.

      3. The black people rioted when cops killed black people (eric gardner and mike brown) if I’m not mistaken. They were not about random white on black crime. Also the blacks that commit crimes against these white people will serve their sentence while the cop who choked an innocent black dude to death while he was begging for mercy did not even go to court.

        1. We still should be stronger than that. There’s no need for this stuff to blow up. It just gives fuel to the Marxists, who hijack our cause and end up making us look silly by association.

        2. Firstly we as a people have been fed a line about things changing and while I don’t want to get on a damn rant about race, it hasn’t. We’re looking for some semblance of justice, not for attention but because no one seems to be held responsible for their actions (Like choking a pleading, unarmed man to death.) There is the issue that our Civil rights movement didn’t benefit us but rich white women. We also have to remember that our culture was converted into an over Matriarchy a long time ago.

    1. 4. Because this rape is real and horrific, it has to be ignored because it provides an inconvenient juxtaposition to Sulkowicz’s mattress bullshit, and Sarkesian’s anonymous internet rape threats.

    2. I’m sure feminazis only object to heterosexual porn. On one hand they preach that women should be free to do whatever they want with their bodies but on the other hand they say porn is “degrading” to women and that women should not do porn! The reason the feminazi filth is pissed off at female porn actresses is because they cater to men’s enjoyment. I know they wouldn’t object to homosexual (lesbian) porn at all.

    1. Eh, I kinda see what you’re saying, but no person, no matter how heinous, who has not actually harmed anybody, deserves to be brutally raped in the truest sense of the word. On some level they’re still human, even if their choices in life are revolting.

        1. Because it lacks consent. Don’t minimize real rape, it does us no service as a group. She may be an immoral person, but that doesn’t mean that random men she’s never met can break into her house and violate her against her will.

        2. I do think what they did was stupid but I have a hard time feeling sorry for her.

        3. Indeed. Her husband was also assaulted in the process. Additionally, the individuals who committed these crimes against her family were also thieves. Nothing Cytherea or her family did or did not do warrants being the victim of such criminal behavior.

    2. Then sympathize with her children who were present when she was raped (at least according to the earlier article on ROK).

      1. I do sympathize with her children. They’re being raised by a mother who’s a whore for a living and by a father who decided to settle down and live with a whore.

  9. I have no idea what kind of outrage you’re trying to generate here. The Cytherea was a brutal home invasion that cumulated with a violent rape. The perpetrators have been apprehended and are being tried in court. The justice system is working.
    Rape culture, on the other hand, is a product of the justice system not working. It’s a failure of recognizing rape as a crime. It’s the idea that a woman should acquiesce to rape and that a rapist can go unpunished. That’s the short definition of rape culture.

    1. I have no idea what kind of outrage you’re trying to generate here.
      The Cytherea was a brutal home invasion that cumulated with a violent
      rape. The perpetrators have been apprehended and are being tried in
      court. The justice system is working.

      Rape culture, on the other hand, is a product of the justice system not working. It’s a failure of recognizing rape as a crime. It’s the idea that a woman should acquiesce to rape and that a rapist can go unpunished. That’s the short definition of rape culture
      The justice system is working, you say, because the perpetrators have been apprehended and are being tried in court.
      You then say that the justice system is a failure and not working because it doesn’t recognizing rape as a crime.
      So the perpetrators are being prosecuted for what then, home invasion and jaywalking?
      I think it’s fair to say that you won’t see this even if you re-read your two sneering SJW paragraphs fifty times, but to any objective rational observer you made a joke out of yourself right out of the gate.

      1. Lord, what has gotten into you guys. You’re doing exactly what you blame the feminazis – creating false outrage and hysteria.
        I never said that “the justice system is a failure and not working because it doesn’t recognizing rape as a crime.” Those words are not in my comment. What exactly are you reading, or attempting to read into my comment?
        Regarding her specific crime the justice system is working. End of story. Her crime has nothing to do with rape culture and whatever feminist issues you want to drag into it. Move on.

        1. I never said that “the justice system is a failure and not working because it doesn’t recognizing rape as a crime.”
          From your post:
          Rape culture, on the other hand, is a product of the justice system not working. It’s a failure of recognizing rape as a crime.
          You’re going to have to learn, Princess SJW, that while you may be adept at Doublethink and can easily ignore words that are staring you right on the screen, the rest of the world deals in reality and has this neat thing called a “scroll bar” that they can use to re-read your words.
          Her crime has nothing to do with rape culture and whatever feminist issues you want to drag into it. Move on.
          Rape culture is a meaningless phrase. There are rapists or there are not, but culture implies an acknowledged shared set of values and customs across a swath of people. Rapists exist. They are tried when found by the justice system. The system thus works.
          What you’re *really* bitching about is that the justice system doesn’t recognize stupid things like “stare rape” and “I voluntarily slept with hottie frat boy and he didn’t call me back and I’m sad two weeks later that he rejected me – rape”.
          Begone. Back to the nunnery with you.

        2. It’s Duchess, thankyouverymuch.
          And I had to google SJW because I had no idea what it meant. Not too keen on it.
          Nonetheless, to your point, yes rapists are tried in court when found by the justice system. My point about rape culture is that at times rapists go unpunished and that is where the problem lies.
          I’m not *really* bitching about anything (I’m a Duchess after all), I just think in this particular thread it’s a stretch to manufacture some sort of faux outrage over a crime that’s properly working it’s way through the justice system.

        3. Then read the article again.
          SJW’s bitch about false rape claims and honk on about a ‘rape culture’. They believe any and every charge a leftist woman makes about any kind of perceived rape, and they publicize their scorn and outrage on public outlets up to and including prominent national outlets and we’re expected to kowtow to their outrage and believe their charges without any shred of evidence. But let some politically incorrect women get legitimately raped and they fall silent because many of her “victim group” check boxes are not properly checked AND the rapists were, uncomfortably for them, not white cisgender males.
          Rapists who are tried are convicted if there is ample evidence to prove the rape occurred. Insufficient evidence provides an acquittal regardless of the crime in question. There is no more a “rape culture” due to lack of conviction based on rules of evidence than there is a “knock over a drugstore culture” because sometimes there just isn’t enough evidence to convict.
          In all honesty there really isn’t a lot more to say. I’m not interested in getting into a pedantic game of sophistry wordplay and definition twisting with you.

    2. Hey that makes perfect sense I never thought about it that way before, now get the fuck off this site.

      1. Nah. I’m bored with Jezebel. Plus you guys tend to get more hysterical than women and it makes for a fun read. But you have to admit that my comment is salient!

        1. No, your comment is contradictory and a great example of the ability to say two opposite things at once while trying to pass them off as a cogent argument.
          That may fly on Jezebel, but it doesn’t here.

        2. Whoa Nelly!!!! You guys are the masters of saying two opposite things at once while trying to pass them off as a cogent argument. Masters.
          Explain to me this sir, how is it that you (not you specifically, “you” as a general term regarding the ROK’s) can talk about running game and bangin’ hos, then bitch about how all there no good women to meet, only hos. You want to marry a virgin, but then when she has a bunch of babies she’s suddenly a fat cow housefrau. But if she’s not a fat cow and she keeps her figure she’s narcissistic. So many contradictions. So many! Unfortunately too some very meaningful points on this site have been lost among the hyperbole.

        3. Interesting tactic. Ad hominem and deflecting attention away from your contradictions by demanding that one person answer for the actions of others. A form of argumentum tu quoque (look it up).
          None of this changes your glaring contradictions which I’ve already outlined.
          Emotional outbursts mean nothing to me. Ad hominem means nothing to me. Deflection will be pointed out as such and disregarded as irrelevant.
          You’ve lost this discussion. At some point you will come to realize this, or you will continue on trying cheap Saul Alinsky word game tactics, oblivious to your error.
          Either way it means nothing to me. I answer this post now only in the case that you did not yet read my reply below. I have no interest in bothering talking to you further. Your post was used as a foil so that I could point out errors in SJW arguments and nothing more. The actual value of your posts to me beyond that goal are zero.

        4. Bertha pls… you can’t even use the word salient correctly, and if you’re bored just go eat some more ben and jerry’s

    3. You should read the article again. The feminist narrative privileges a female aristocracy that serves only itself but lays claim to the suffering of women like Cytheria who have actually been raped or abused just as aristocrats of yore stole land and treasure. You’re narrative is dying. Its going over the edge of the waterfall and if you insist on holding on you’re going to go with it

      1. Some victims are more equal than others.
        How anybody can defend this with a straight face is appalling.

    4. In other words, rape culture does not exist
      Which makes feminist concerns over it even more farcical

      1. Now you see here! The rapists were charged with rape and are being processed so the system works. On the other hand rape culture does exist because the system fails in that it doesn’t recognize rape as a crime!
        Black is white! Love is hate! War is peace!

  10. How can anyone reading this not be utterly appalled at the complete lack of disrespect and dignity extended by feminists to a woman who is a victim of gang rape. It is sickening to think that a victim is completely ignored by feminists while they look down from their Ivory Towers.
    I made a donation, because unlike feminists, I am truly offended by actual rape and believe victims should be helped and not ignored. Fuck You Feminism…seriously, fuck you.

  11. Mercedes dropped almost as many pearls of wisdom in this article as he has had roped across her face.
    She’s extremely articulate and informed on the media and feminism’s selective outrage.

  12. Why did you plug the Cytherea fundraiser? If she wants funds she could ask the 3 rapists to star in a movie with her instead.

  13. Well she sure is right about SJWs being completely out of touch with real problems that regular people have. I was reading about the “struggle” of tranny vets to have their DD214s modified to show their modified sex. The change on this important paperwork to feed the delusions of these mentally ill souls involved a complicated bureaucratic process that involved board meetings etc. (the article claimed that 134,000 vets suffered from the tranny mental disorder, I found that number very high)
    Meanwhile, there are thousands of veterans struggling with disabilities, homelessness, and joblessness.

    1. If the stat is correct, I believe it is 22 veteran suicides per day.
      Per fucking day.
      The SJW’s are of course silent on this. Depressed and mentally impaired soldiers are not part of the Privileged Victim Status class.

    2. Considering that the last number I saw regarding the total number of trannies in the US was around 700,000, that number is way too high.

  14. Once again, we see that feminists don’t care about women. We saw it with Rotherham and we saw it with this.
    If either situation had been reversed however, they’d be all over it. They care about themselves and their warped ideology that allows them to profit. That’s it.

  15. This is an excellent interview – the kind that should be gracing the pages of mainstream publications – if that weren’t precisely the issue.
    Mercedes Carrera remarks come across as incisive and on the money. I do believe we are getting to the stage where the same methods that marxist critiquers have used to erode the world they so hate are being turned against them, not least because the narrative they seek so desperately to erect in its place is such an absurd and shakey piece of cowboy workmanship. Counter-narrative events and experiences, be they an appalling rape like cytheria’s, the grassroots revolt of gamergate or the growing realisation amongst non-privileged women that those who claim to speak for them are actually shafting them on the sly can be used to explode the fake fantasy politics that is being imposed on all of us by the progressive / feminist elites.
    “The truth is, that the only “rape culture” they want to focus on is that which they imagine exists on college campuses, which makes me wonder if their current targets are actually wealthy and middle class young men. If that is the case (and I believe it is) then it is consistent with a left marxist narrative to actually decimate the last remaining caste of people who might oppose their ideology.”
    This is a very astute comment. People aren’t stupid. There is ironically a ‘preponderance of evidence’ that the rape culture attack has nothing to with women’s safety and everything to do with a hostile attack by an alliance of feminists and other elite groups against their main rivals for power and influence. Rape culture legislation, with its creation of an environment hostile to men and its complete disregard of ancient principles of justice and evidentiary standards has the potential to decimate the number of the most able and talented men in positions of power and influence, positions that feminists want for themselves. The real agenda is slowly but certainly being exposed

    1. Cowboy workmanship?!?
      Sir, I’ll direct you to travel the grass plains of Wyoming and search out ghost towns, relics nearly 125-150 years old that are still standing due to strong structural integrity, all erected by cowboys.
      Cowboy workmanship, indeed. heh
      But yeah, otherwise, great post.

      1. lol – in UK bad workmanship is often describes as done by ‘cowboys’ – I actually have no idea why come to think of it

        1. Because cowboys are a large cultural marker for American masculinity in the history books. The (usually, but not always) former warrior who retires to a life of hard work and self reliance, who rejects society and constraints, while also being (usually) fairly well read and stoic in nature. Hard drinking, hard playing, quick to fight, quick to forgive, unashamedly gun toting and undeniably rugged by all accounts. It’s no surprise that it would become an insult in a culture where masculinity is to be mocked and belittled. Brokeback Mountain was no accident from Hollywood, they recognize that the legend of the highly masculine American role model has to be destroyed at all costs.
          Australians do it as well, which is interesting insofar as they had their own form of cowboys at the time.

        2. yes cowboys are the warrior knights of the americas, and I can appreciate why brokeback mountain was a deliberate progressive assault on that reality. I am honestly unsure why its a pejorative term in the UK re. unreliable builders / contractors. Other than that the word cowboy has positive connotations

        3. Here is something that I found that sheds a little light on this subject (I was interested as well). It sounds like it makes pretty good sense.
          In the U.S., some would refer to this work done by some “fly by night” person or company (plumbing, construction, carpeting) or other terms. – meaning a not trusted or not proven company with no warranty, shoddy work, etc…
          “While I haven’t been able to trace documentation for this, I think the
          term ‘cowboy’ in the UK for a rogue workman refers to someone nomadic.
          I think the image of cowboys is that they move around a lot and so aren’t dependable. They also take temporary jobs.
          Typically a ‘cowboy’ builder will want payment in cash, and will be
          impossible to get back if a problem appears with shoddy workmanship.”
          This is another example of differences between the U.S. and the U.K. (i.e. Rent a Car vs. Hire a Car)…and so on.

        4. that could well be it. It never occurred to me that it would be controversial on the other side of the atlantic, but it makes sense I guess

        5. Yeah, I found a few things between the UK, the US and Australia that are very different. Interesting though, because you can only improve yourself on site’s like this one (men having discussions and educating one another)….to get better and improve.
          I can see women tearing each other apart if this came up on another site.

    2. Call me cynical, but I have a hard time believing that Carrera’s comments weren’t HEAVILY edited and paraphrased by Roosh — and then she happily signed off on the edits. If they weren’t, then we are truly watching a living breathing unicorn because I have never encountered a woman in my 45 years that came close to this kind of rational insight and effective verbal communication.

      1. Her answers don’t are polished. But if so that could be because they are practised

        1. Actually, the thoughts I have formulated for some time but the answers were off the cuff. I wrote my responses in likely 20 minutes total time. Thank you.

        2. Thanks for clarifying. They were very good answers. Hope your campaign raises awareness of this betrayal of Cytherea

      2. Hi there, no my comments were not edited or polished in any way by Roosh. I can give you screenshots of the emails if you’d like. Thank you for the nice comments on my communication style.

        1. If that’s the case, then I stand corrected. Thank you for the response and best of luck with your mission, Mercedes. Despite your profession, you certainly seem to have great potential for inspiring people to take a closer, more critical look at feminism and perhaps gender relations in general.

    3. Those affirmative consent rules have become prosecution guidelines in the UK.

  16. One fact I got from all this is this:
    The good part is, when *we* change the hivemind, the cowards will shut up overnight.

    1. That fact is a beautiful thing. The problem is will they shut up before or after a new law is in place to handcuff the privileged gender?

  17. There’s no mention of her rape on her Wikipedia page. And that page was edited 2 days ago.
    The reason her story isn’t getting covered is because it’s irrelevant to most women. Women are not interested in a true rape because it’s rare. Because it’s rare, there is very little chance that it will happen to them and therefore they cannot use the threat of an actual, honest to God rape as leverage to gain anything. This is why women are so interested in redefining consensual sex as rape. Virtually no real rapes occur, but hurt feelings and regret do. If women can define regret and a boo boo on their feelings as rape, then every woman is suddenly deserving of redress for a grievous wrong.
    In the practice of triaging society’s issues, elevating real rape and demoting regret and emotional boo boos means that most women will be ignored. There’s no power in being ignored, therefore there’s no power to be gained for women by what happened to Cytherea.

  18. What’s up with this ho’s stage name? Does she think she’s Asia Carrera’s sister?

  19. This reveals the cruel hypocrisy of the modern feminists. Feminists are only interested in the rape issue when the narrative fits their poltical agenda. Black men gang raping a white woman is back page news like a traffic accident because blacks are supposed to be victims of white male patriarchy. And hillary clinton gets a free pass for defending the rapist of a 12 year old girl and laughing about it afterwards, because she’s the only chance feminists have for female president etc. Feminists only care about the rape issue if it can be used to advance their own political agenda.

  20. You know the world is going in a seriously weird direction when the porn stars are the ones dressing up fairly classy and all the “regular” girls are dressed like prostitutes.

    1. They have to go with what sells the best. Turns out ugly, overweight, seriously pierced and tatted up, shaved head corporate chicks do NOT turn guys on sexually.
      Who knew?

  21. And that’s the crux gentlemen. True feminism; the stuff that women are meant to stand for – exhibits a woman who makes decisions and stands by them while acknowledging her place in western culture and still being a decent human being through it all.
    So of course modern feminists hate it! Because they’re not about being equal or doing right by the women who really need help. We have to continue introducing people to the red pill and maybe one day soon we can see the return of the nuclear family and women back to their senses.

    1. I learned, the hard way, there is a big difference between a ‘feminist’ and ‘being feminine’. Let’s not confuse the two. There is no such thing as a true feminist. Only a third wave or second wave man-hater. A real woman finds no need to fit into some societal pigeon hole; she goes her way, following her children and her husband.

  22. “I do think there are many women out there who are just as tired of the modern culture.” This is something we don’t hear too often around these parts, but it IS true!
    Thank you, Mercedes, for a great interview.

    1. isn’t it sad the only female with the gumption to go against the grain is a porn star. It shows how herd-like women are. Whatever liberal academia tells them about ’empowerment’, they buy into it hook, line and sinker

      1. Women in porn are outliers to mainstream culture, they must think for themselves.

        1. Mercedes Carerra up-voted my comment.
          Is there anything else you want to up-vote?

    2. A lot of women are tired of modern culture. It’s not that I want things to return to the way they were during my grandmother’s generation, it’s just that a lot of the SJW BS flies in the face of feminism. You can’t cry “I am an independent, strong woman” and then scream “Misogyny” every time some man does or says something you don’t agree with.

      1. Recently a man on this site said something I disagreed with. He told me to fuck off, I told him to fuck off and we’re each satisfied with our choices. Equality is beautiful.

      2. I’m in my mid 40’s. My grandmother’s generation had the choice to stay home or work, and many did work during WW2 out of necessity. She was treated kindly and with respect by men, and inside the home was the queen bee that my strong, masculine alpha grandfather, a man respected and feared outside the walls of his home, would defer to with a smile when she told him to get his feet off the table that she’d just dusted. She was able to raise a large family and keep a wonderful home together. My wife’s grandmother raised a similar sized family then returned to her job as a teacher and nobody said anything cross at all about it. She was also a pillar of her community and men would open doors for her instinctually. Both were capable, competent and strong women who were in no way oppressed or “beaten” or any other myth feminism gives us about “the old days”, and if any man would have tried they would have had not only the husbands to deal with, but the law.
        It would just suck to have to put up with that, eh?

        1. I was not suggesting that women of my (or your) grandmother’s age were beaten or oppressed (at least not in the West). I was only suggesting that women have more choices, and I’ve taken advantage of those. I don’t have children (for reasons I’d rather not discuss), and I believe in previous times there would have been more of stigma attached to this. I was able to develop a very successful career and a very happy marriage, despite not following a traditional path. I have, for the most part, been treated kindly by men, but I like to believe you get what you give in that respect. More choice isn’t necessarily the problem, poor decision making skills and a lack of personal responsibility is a huge issue, but I’m not convinced this is solely endemic to women. How many men and women still live with mommy and daddy well into their twenties? Don’t bother saying they started their careers in the midst of a financial crisis. We are both X (I am towards the tail end of it) and I started my career amidst the crash. It sucked, but I also didn’t have a cocky sense of entitlement with respect to my earning potential. I sucked it up and worked two jobs and lived in shitty basement apartments until I could do better. The average household in the West is reaching record levels of debt, and for what reason? Greed, plain and simple. Instant gratification, with no concern for the consequences. And yes, the SJWs of the world are contributing to an over arching refusal to accept personal responsibility for anything. Contributing, not solely causing.

    3. Thank you for reading. I very much hope things start to change. Best to you all.

  23. So did roosh actually get himself in the same room in front of a porn star? Or was this “interview” done over the internet?

  24. I’m a woman, a feminist, who has never found a home in places like NOW or Jezebel. Mercedes is MY kind of feminist. It’s truly a relief to have discovered her, thank you. I wandered over to this site bc all the women at Jezebel were bitching. I had to find out the deal. While I don’t agree with everything I read here, it’s certainly more thought provoking than another inane, Jezebel dissection of the damned Fappening. I’m certainly going to contribute to Cythereas fundraiser & begin speaking publicly about this issue.
    And Cytherea, if you’re reading this, you are not forgotten, mama. We’re with you.

    1. You’re just another feminazi communist drone who deserves no respect at all. You support genocide, racism and destroying all of society. Here are the origins of feminism. You support all of these quotes and are nothing but a trivial man-hating dyke. “We do not want word to go out that we
      want to exterminate the Negro population”-Margaret Sanger(feminazi,
      founder of planned parenthood)
      “What will we and our daughters
      suffer if these degraded black men are allowed to have the rights that
      would make them even worse than our Saxon fathers?Elizabeth Cady
      Stanton, 1815-1902 (Social activist, abolitionist, author of the Womans
      “White supremacy will be strengthened, not weakened, by
      women’s suffrage.” – Carrie Chapman Catt, 1859-1947 (Founder of the
      League of Women Voters)
      “Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism.” — Catharine A. MacKinnon (feminazi)
      “I have an opportunity to present in a
      planned parenthood meeting…it was a great privilage when I was told
      that I was recieving this award I admire Margaret Sanger, enormosly. Her
      courage, her tenacity, her vision.” -Hillary Clinton (feminazi,
      Not to mention they were all members of the WKKK. Feminism has never been about so called equality which is a myth.

      1. There’s no need to flip out. It only serves to subvert your argument by exposing your lack of impulse control. I suppose I’m more in the category of dissident feminist. You can continue to verbally flog me, but growing up with three sisters I’m immune to histrionics.

        1. So you are a feminist. That means you are part of the problem and are not here to help but to be entertained. being female this all sails over your head due to the female inability to have empathy and love. Not an insult just the truth spoken out loud. So enjoy the male company and just remember we know who you are and what little you have to offer.

        2. I’m not here for company. I have a husband, a father, three brothers, numerous male friends/professional associates and two beautiful sons for that. Get off your high horse your Jezibel is showing.

        3. This and other comments here have made my point. BTW you know I’m not really talking to you but to other men reading through the comments. Women with your attitude are great training aids for young men to see how women are.

        4. ..due to the female inability to have empathy and love…
          Pardon me!! A woman’s ability to feel empathy and love is one of the things that make them different! Kinda like how men know the difference between a Phillips and a Robertson. Women are made to feel empathy, in the same way men are made to feel protective. If you don’t feel that way, you are the wrong kind of man to be preaching.

        5. I don’t know where you got that idea from. But if that is how you want to be seen and people do see you that way then good on you.
          Abortion is legal, Take a look at this article we are commenting under. This is normal, this article is not about bashing women it is about informing men of the truth of female nature.

    2. It is quite telling that many of the “misogynists” over here are more concerned for Cytherea and her family’s well being than the feminists at Jezebel.

      1. Yes, because most of us don’t actually hate women, we just despise feminism. Jezebel on the other hand snarls about feminism and hate women.

    3. I’m a woman, and thus don’t always agree with everything on this site, but it’s a helluva lot more thought provoking than Jezebel. One overriding theme I do agree with is that the SJWs are doing more damage than good, taking non-existent problems and trying to create a media storm. Every time I hear some story comparing “cat calling” or “man spacing?”–(that complaint regarding men taking up too much space on public transit), to actual violence, I cringe. All of these types of complaints make a mockery of women in the world facing real threats to their safety. We are becoming a society of nellie whiners who can’t seem to stand up for ourselves and want to make every little inconvenience a social problem.
      Let’s get a few things straight:
      Cat calling: generally crude and unwelcome behaviour from men, which can sometimes result in the recipient feeling a little embarrassed. In extreme cases, flipping the bird may be a proportional and satisfying response, which should negate the recipient needing therapy and/or taking her cause to social media for “change”. Either way, this is NOT sexual violence.
      Men taking up too much space on public transit: that’s just fat people (men and women) taking a transit system designed before people were, well, fat. No foreseeable solution. Face it, if having to wear elastic waist pants didn’t shame people into losing weight, it’s unlikely no longer fitting into regular size spaces will.

      1. I NEVER hear men catcalling anymore. I kind of miss that form of lighthearted, harmless flirtation. If a grown woman can’t handle a whistle or sexually charged compliment then she’s definitely the one in need of a hard banging. Manspacing? What a load of shit. Try getting gang raped in your own home in front of your children.

        1. “Manspacing? What a load of shit. Try getting gang raped in your own home in front of your children.”
          Indeed. The two situation are worlds apart.

      2. One small observation. Manspreading (I loathe that term) can also be a tall man on a seat located on a narrow passageway. When you spread your legs like that, you shorten the distance between your knees and the seat you’re in, which makes room in the narrow aisle for others to pass. It’s why I do it when on public transit, as I’m 6’3″ and have some rather lengthy legs.

        1. a. manspreading sounds like some sort of medical screening all men should get after the age of 40 🙂
          b. I don’t know how you fly. I’m 5’4″ and find myself increasingly uncomfortable on what passes for modern air travel these days.
          Good point on the height/transit issue. I live in a Northern climate, we are all twice our size during the winter months, but at least it reduces your chances of sitting next to a hot sweaty person who forgot to deodorize. Perhaps BO can be the next great social issue. Think I’ll start a FB group about my human right not to smell other’s stank.

    4. Thank you very much for your comment and your support of Cytherea. I believe the definition of such terms needs to be examined. My definition of feminism looks strikingly similar to the definition of egalitarianism, unsurprisingly. I am happy to be a woman and I like men. Therefore I want men to succeed in the world just as much as I’d like to see women succeed. I believe it is very important for reasonable people to band together against the hysteria that is brewing amongst extremists these days.

  25. Mercedes Carrera — a REAL woman!
    She is correct in saying it ultimately hurts women the most long term.
    Men will check out of marriage, or like many guys on this site will marry foreign pussy.
    Hot young white girls don’t understand this and see the big picture. They’ll figure it out when its too late

  26. This civilization is 100% hopeless. However there is a light at the end of the tunnel if we want it
    History shows civilizations always collapse, like any other economic cycle, civilizations have a period of decadence where it’s populations develop all sorts of ridiculous delusions and become mentally insane than it collapses, hence the “zombie lore” which i think is based on metaphorically showing the nature of the human spirit if it were external and not just internal
    we need to just use each other for our technology and than colonize space where we can all run our own civilizations, we need to really examine the social instinct and re-create it artificially so that no man needs another man, that is how we all enslave each other and waste time
    First, we have the aging problem to deal with, Advocate, and help fund research against aging and it’s diseases, this is our enemy #1
    This planet is an insane asylum where it’s members survive by preying on eachother like rabid dogs, where you own biology is programmed to make you sick and eventually worm shit
    -Arthur shoepenhauer said: this world is the battleground of tortured and agonized beings who continue to exist each only by devouring the other
    in the 1800’s.
    We must scientifically stop aging and it’s diseases it is out-dated
    history shows humans can combine their intellects to combat a shared enemy such as AGING and DISEASES,
    Than, We must fund research on artificial intelligence, why? we can combine the speed of the electron with human creativity and have “Einstein on a chip” software, which essentially is smarter than any human combined and simply gets better and better, This will solve all of our problems,
    Our smartest scientists are using complex algorithms as tools to help them gain even more reach
    this is a form of “intellect/creativity magnetization”
    Human development is halted by our enemy which is AGING , By being just another link on a generational chain of innovation, you are all decadent and dont care about your own demise through aging, you self-sadistic guitl tripping red-pill bullshit
    its time we stop ignoring the horror that is AGING and DISEASES, like a bunch of cowards

  27. At least deep down she enjoyed it and it was real porn! Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to shoot it on camera. Fuck those sluts destroying many young masturbators. It’s all a publicity stunt.

  28. Great article! Thankx! Probably one of the best reads I’ve ever encountered on ROK. Mercedes knows her shit. I was very impressed by that!

  29. I like her, especially her cutting straight to the point about this rape not fitting with the feminist’s Marxist agenda. The political left is extremely dangerous to civilisation.

  30. What’s ironic is that the pornstar Christy Mack received so much attention when she was beaten up by War Machine. So many news media outlets covered her story. I wonder why this one went under the rug?

    1. Really you don’t get it? Feminists believe all their unhappiness in life is caused by white male patriarchy.

  31. I love her! Now that’s an intellectual woman. What she said about feminists being only after middle class and wealthy men is so spot on. These selfish women just want men to be obedient dogs.

  32. Up next, Roosh tells victims of violent crime, don’t listen to the NRA and arm yourself, focus your attention on wussy feminazis in college class rooms – the true threat to our safety!

  33. If anything, this shows us feminists and SJWs don’t give a shit about women. To be perfectly honest, I think the reason they didn’t they touch this story with a 10ft pole isn’t that the scums who did this were all black, which contradicts their narrative of “entitled” white males being the cause of all the world’s ills.
    I honestly think it has more to do with Cytherea herself than anything else. If there’s one type of people feminists hate more than men like me, who they consider unworthy, it’s people like her, who produce and make sexual content easily accessible to us.
    That’s really all modern feminism is about; it’s not even about women’s rights anymore, it’s just about making sure the men that they’ve deemed to be unworthy of reproducing have no access to sex or any type of sexual content.

  34. You couldn’t get an honest intelligent interview like that from the mainstream media.

  35. The rapes depicted below didn’t fit the so-called SJW “narrative” either: You’ll also notice these rapes don’t fit the narratives of Roosh or Mercedes Carrera.

    1. Actually, my quote in the article above directly addressed this:
      “I believe the feminists that get media attention these days are the same
      ilk as the wealthy Victorian era suffragettes: wealthy white women
      whose panties are in a bunch over imagined slights and imagined
      injustices. They do not, and never have, spoken for women who are on the
      outside of their exclusive group. Sex workers, women of color,
      economically disadvantaged white women are not part of their platform.
      Those women who have to think about how they are going to eat or live
      are excluded from the conversation. Women who cannot afford $29.95 “This
      is what a feminist looks like” t-shirts made by female slave labor in
      Madagascar are excluded from the conversation.”
      And thank you for bringing this to my attention, was not aware of the case because, as you stated, feminist media has not reported on it. Which is the reason that white feminism diverges so greatly from the feminism of women of color.

  36. Damn, this she is one bad lady. She’s intelligent articulate and humble. An entrepreneur and a fucking engineer. Everything these feminazi’s wish they could be.

  37. “Bottom line: It cannot be politicized to fit their left marxist agenda.
    At the core, modern sex negative radical feminism is less about gender
    and more about the societal control of all groups that are not them.”
    Modern feminists are not marxists, you flaming idiots.
    Modern feminists are liberals, and liberals are right of center capitalists that support free trade/wage slavery and the private ownership of the means of production.

    1. The view the world in terms of class warfare, with women being the “oppressed class” and men being the “oppressor”. Therefore, they are indeed cultural Marxists. To suggest they are free market capitalists is quite absurd since the latter do not believe in utilizing government coercion against other individuals. Furthermore, feminism is supported by government and it’s supporting institutions, not the market.

    Ruhama. Irish FemiNazi organization (funded by our tax Euros) dedicated to stamping out prostitution everywhere. Claims all prostitutes are forced into the business (nothing could be further from the truth) and uses fake stories from fake prostitutes to back up its claims. Their goal is to “rescue” women from the oldest profession and force them through a bunch of “exercises” aka brainwashing.
    What they don’t want to admit is that most of them come from Eastern Europe where a monthly salary is about $200 (and turning tricks in Ireland makes them that in a night) and that they are sending the money back home to support their families.
    There’s loads of these organizations all over Europe, helping prostitutes by giving them Jesus pamphlets and the like. I really believe they are just heterophobes who can’t stand the idea of hetrosexual people having a good time. In previous generations they would have become priests or nuns and raped children.

  39. With ALL DUE RESPECT, Mercedes, While you are 100% correct.
    Feminism is all about making sure women get hurt !!!!
    Everytime a woman is raped, beaten, or murdered, a professional feminist cashes a pay cheque !!!!!
    And that means YOU Anita Skankessian !!!!
    Feminists are doing “CHA-CHING” at the rape of Cytheria (and ALL rape victims) because helping women would be ending their meal ticket !!!!!!
    And the mainstream media are simply the feminazi’s whores who do their PR work.
    They need to be exposed, challenged, and if need be, legally dealt with.!!!

  40. “In the manosphere we have a term called “red pill” to describe beliefs that go against the current cultural Marxist narrative that attempts to hide uncomfortable truths of our reality.”
    “Bottom line: It cannot be politicized to fit their left marxist agenda.”

    Interesting article, but this is trivializing nonsense. The right and especially the far right are scarcely any less destructive to men than “cultural Marxism.” How many men died absolutely pointlessly in the far right-led war of choice in Iraq? The right has also led the War on Drugs which is better described as a War on Men and a War on Black Men.
    In addition, while the left in the United States is becoming increasingly authoritarian, there’s nothing remotely Marxist about it. It, sadly, wants more government control, but it does not want a socialist economy in any sense. The mindless government = socialism is destructive nonsense.
    This “cultural Marxist” marrative tripe is as blue pill and blind as anything out there. The overwhelming majority of men who identify as Democrats or as left-leaning Independents (those so identifying make up a majority of the US electorate acc to a recent gallup poll, btw) do not identify as feminist and certainly do not identify as Marxist or socialist (the two are hardly synonymous).
    Do some original research and original thinking, please.

  41. I’d already seen her video, but damn I’m gonna hold onto this article. It’s a wonderful read from start to finish.
    And despite the fact that the issue is several weeks old, I notice feminists have STILL refused to even comment on the issue. This seems a pattern for them. When there’s an issue that SHOULD concern them (like say a UK sex trafficking ring) that doesn’t fit their white male patriarchy rhetoric (the sex ring was run by muslims) they instead just ignore it, and hope no one else notices it.
    They’d prefer others not note their non-involvement on issues that should be their main focus, even if it means major social problems don’t get solved as a result.

  42. Mercedes is a very special kind of woman. So rare to find these days. Especially in the public sphere. Not a manufactered victim or “strong, independent” woman. Just a woman who has the courage of her convictions and takes responsibility for her own actions and choices.
    A very rare find these days. Nothing but respect for her. Stay strong, Cytherea. We love you.

  43. You know something is very wrong with the world when you have more respect towards a porn actress than towards the so-called “princesses” of this modern times.

  44. You know something is very wrong with the world when you have more respect towards a porn actress than towards the so-called “princesses” of these modern times.

  45. I take this do-wop dago jew nigger’s opinions very seriously. Your eyes are extremely far apart, it makes you look wise.

  46. What I find most impressive about Mercedes is her willingness to break ranks from the sisterhood and actually speak out for what she sees as reality. I work in STEM and I’m familiar with smart, competent women so that side of things doesn’t impress me so much. Putting herself in the feminist firing line IS impressive though.

  47. Racist and antifeminist bloggers are jerking themselves to a frothy finish over this home invasion.

  48. The funny thing is that in a patriarchal system, Mercedes Carrera couldn’ shoot porn movies. Hypocrisy.

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