Sugar Baby Culture In The U.S. Is Creating An Open Marketplace For Prostitution

Everyone but those living under a rock in the deepest hamlets of the Amazon rainforest knows about sugar babies. These girls, who are disproportionally students, typically get “allowances” of thousands of dollars every month from their sex-desiring male benefactors, plus jewelry, electronics, expensive trips and other goodies in exchange for their “company.”

But before we really get into things, why aren’t you already a member of Seeking Arrangement and other sugar baby websites?

An experiment in reality

You should have an account, and you should be logging in at least once a month to remind yourself of the blunt, never-something-for-nothing world we live in. Never underestimate the need to condition your red pill outlook. The world you live in, despite constant evidence refuting the blue pill, is all about making you swallow small doses of cultural and personal arsenic.

Create a fake profile, with or without a photo (not your own), and make yourself out to be a relatively wealthy middle-aged man who wants a sugar baby (or five). For better effect, pictorially represent or describe yourself as an out-of-shape mid-life crisis type. Triple points for the best balding, pudgy-faced mugshot you can find and put up.


Can you guess why he’s so popular?

Our brains love to play tricks on us, remember. You may have taken the red pill, but don’t tell me that you always see things through the prism of reality and not fantasy. We all have hours and days where blue pill I-wish-it-was-like-this functioning motivates or controls us. Seeing the sexual marketplace in action can snap you back to reality.

Most of the girls on these websites will play the poor student card. I’m not trying to pretend that studying is cheap, or doesn’t require sacrifices—Unless you’re the spawn of an upper middle-class or wealthy family or have an especially marketable set of talents in your youth, studying is not a free meal. But it’s nowhere near as hard as people make it out to be. In what workplace do only half of employees show up every day, as is the case with most non-compulsory classes at university?

John Boehner didn’t need a sugar daddy

Whether or not you admire or loathe his politics and personality, John Boehner is a paragon of scholastic self-sacrifice. He hails from a quintessentially blue-collar Ohio family of twelve, yes, twelve, children. Many of Boehner’s siblings have been or are still unemployed. The family of fourteen made do with two bedrooms and all twelve siblings shared one bathroom.

Far from being a silver-spooned scion, the current Speaker of the House knows more about middle (and lower) America than most Democratic legislators ever could. And also infinitely more than the lazy, hypocritical sugar babies populating Seeking Arrangement and similar websites.

It took Boehner SEVEN years to complete his degree at Xavier University in Ohio whilst he balanced a multitude of occupations to fund his studies. That is commitment, instead of sucking at the resources-providing teat of a sugar daddy. Despite this much later start in life, he is now the highest-ranked Republican and one of the half dozen most powerful political figures in the country.

This man talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to personal responsibility. He didn’t need to slut himself around to get through college.

Because of where he began and his work ethic, the achievements of Boehner, intellectual, political and life-wise, far outstrip the comfortable middle-class trajectory of an Obama, the undeserved opulence and head-start of a Ted Kennedy, or the shameless sluttiness of every sugar baby.

Working in order to study doesn’t stop at John Boehner. There are hundreds of examples of people we know in the news cycle who gained degrees through sweat and hard hours. Gary Johnson, the 2012 Libertarian Presidential candidate, was a door-to-door tradesman during college.

Former Italian Prime Minister and billionaire Silvio Berlusconi, whose family was by no means rich, funded his tertiary studies by performing as a singer on cruise ships. Comedian Ed McMahon of Tonight Show fame was known on Atlantic City boardwalks as a hawker of vegetable slicers, not a future funnyman. Outside formal studies, Brad Pitt, Megan Fox, Rod Stewart and a litany of others had downright bizarre but honorable jobs to keep themselves afloat before hitting the big time.

Poor excuses

In Europe, Canada, and Australia, the need to become a sugar baby is even more non-existent and unjustifiable. In many EU countries, higher education is either free or intensely subsidized. In fact, much of the blame for European debt crises can be laid squarely at the feet of over-generous study endowments and other support schemes.

Obsessed with projects such as the Erasmus program, which are highly beneficial to students but often a waste of taxpayer dollars, EU member states have devalued the self-earned component of education to the point of triviality.

Sugar babies are sluts. They could get a normal job like this but pretend they can’t find one.

In Australia, students are given a net interest-free loan to fund their studies. Only the costs of inflation, linked to the Consumer Price Index, are added to the bill. Even then, students need to be earning around $50,000 either before or after their studies before they even have to start paying this sum back.

Undergraduate students in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia are invariably lazy. Don’t try to pretend otherwise. I was one of those inveterate student slackers and was still on the honor roll. I never handed in a serious assessment piece until the day it was due. There is absolutely no comparison in almost every instance between an undergraduate student and that same student when they have graduated and find themselves in the private sector.

Sugar babies are prostitutes who decide to be prostitutes

Plausible deniability. You’ve heard the word before. And now you’re hearing it again. Sugar babies are not only sluts, they’re prostitutes who cannot admit it. Being paid by older men to be fucked (this is exactly what the industry is about) is nothing but prostitution. However much you romanticize the idea of a woman having her “education” paid for by an older man, or picture the value of an education, it’s a choice made to avoid harder work.

In addition, why aren’t these girls paying taxes? Given that in the United States you pay taxes even on lottery wins, these girls are also, at least ethically, cheating the system.

We should not make sugar babies illegal. But just as a slut is a slut, a lazy prostitute is a lazy prostitute. And let’s refer to them correctly.

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220 thoughts on “Sugar Baby Culture In The U.S. Is Creating An Open Marketplace For Prostitution”

    1. Sugar slut culture, where women get handed a big monthly allowance for working on their backs.

      1. My hangar neighbor is banging a 19yo sugar slut. I’ve talked to her, and she’s a piece of work. She didn’t know I knew the arrangement, so was trying to keep it soft. Always looking for the upgrade though. Quite a piece, 5’4″, maybe 115lbs. According to him, he gets everything (every hole) for $750/mo as much as he wants. He said the trick was to find former chubby girls, i.e. they were pudgy in HS. They will be cheaper and do anything to keep their meal ticket.
        He showed me a video of her servicing him with a gusto that would make a $20 crack whore blush. She lets him do her like that at least 4 times a week to keep that sweet green payments. He flew her (in his Baron 58P) and her friend to St. Barthelemy over New Years and the girls didn’t spend a lot of time clothed. Best part, he was going there anyway, so some extra meal money was all it cost him. Heck, it was cheaper than finding a slut on the island. The only thing about that trip, her friend was a chubby slut. Then again, he did get to fuck her hard in every hole along with his sugar baby. Chubby was soooo grateful, and obviously trying to steal him (lol, maybe if she lost 25lbs) in the end, that his sugar baby got jealous toward the end. She (sugar slut) woke up a couple days to find her chubby friend on her knees swallowing his cock and him pushing her head down. Then he told sugar slut she’d have to wait for her turn, and promptly fucked chubby.
        Worked out well, he got his threesomes. Chubby took it like a champ in every hole. His sugar baby was so jealous of her friend she started waking him up after she washed up in the morning. Chubby tried even harder
        It doesn’t have to be a big allowance, just the right slut.

        1. Wait until he gets sued for rape 20 years from now. She will claim he abused a “position of power”. She was in a weak mental place and he took adventage of that. Whatever.

        2. If you have access to a private plane, its like the ultimate aphrodisiac. Nice girls turn into hardcore porn stars. They will fuck you, your male friends, other women.

        3. That sounded like a reject from Penthouse Letters of the Month! lol
          A man paying for sex isn’t cool. It’s sad. Especially in America, the most sluttified nation on the planet.
          Having lots of planes and money makes it worse. Even reasonably wealthy, Mr. Hangar still can’t attract young females. So he buys what he can’t come by naturally, via masculine merit. Buying sex is feminism-lite. . . like the dorks that marry 40 y.o. American retreads after half the state is done with them.
          While sugar daddies are playing peacock, and sugar babies are transferring wealth from men to the corporate matriarchy, American boys go without dads.

        4. She costs less a month than his hangar lease, assuming it’s close to my cost, by $400 / month. Keep in mind, he’s not really paying for the sex. He’s, as Charlie Sheen would put it, paying her to go away when he’s done playing. She’s a whore without the direct label, and just as expendable. He’s in shape, and could easily get a 30 something without trying hard. That 30 something woman would be more expensive, plus she’d want to move in, et al.
          I guess it’s a matter of scale. To you $750/mo x 12 probably sounds like a lot of money. To me, that’s ~4 hours of flying my plane. To him it’s ~90 minutes of flight time. I fly 200hrs a year, he’s at least double that. Cost / benefit analysis: 19yo hardbody woman that’s a sexual dynamo for peanuts, or a 30yo softening body that wants it all.

    2. Taxes are unethical. Thus these sluts are not cheating anyone. Its a voluntary exchange between people. Honestly, I have bigger issues to worry about, like the government stealing half my shit (where have I heard that before) every year.
      Think about it. Living under a government is like having an annual divorce.

      1. Yeah, I’ll go for that. I probably pay more in taxes, even using an accountant to minimize them. So I’ll tell you what: stay the fuck off my roads, stay the fuck out of my airspace, quit eating your subsidized food, stop accepting subsidized medical care you fucking hippie. Unless you’re in the top 3% the taxes you pay don’t even cover the services (not even including defense, you can thank me and others in the upper brackets for funding that too) you use everyday. I (and my compatriots) likely pay for all the shit you don’t even think about. You think welfare queens, and the poors in general, are the biggest leeches? Wrong hippie, it’s the $50k-$250k people that suck up the most tax dollars in services.
        They also tend to whine the most about taxes, especially those starting at ~$75k salary.

        1. That’s just the thing right? I don’t use any government services except the ones forced on me but I still have to pay for half the country to use them.

        2. Considering the biggest expenses are the military, which could be scaled back 80%+, SS/Medicare – which only go to the old and the scammers (50% goes to this), and interest – to pay back the cost to borrow for the military – I’ll argue against your only the top 3% cover their expenses. It’s probably the top 25-30% cover their expenses and then some..maybe even less when you allocate corporate taxes to those working in corporate America.

  1. I have a female friend that’s a sugar baby. She always saing she can’t find a school but she’s always taking some low baller trips to Miami or something like this. Once she propositioned for a weekend in New Orleans and all she needed was 2grand. I just told her yea right and I’d never pay her to hang out w/ him. I’m still talk to her, I’ve known her for so long but she isn’t a drag on my life. This article pretty much nails on the head with what I do know about sugar babies.
    Serious question, can a person be to too old to be a sugar baby? late teen and early 20’s sure but late 20’s?

      1. I’m sure there are plenty of sugar babies in their late 20’s sucking the shit out of their 55 year old sugar daddy. Sluts will be Whores.

        1. There are sugar daddies that are well into their 50s who are screwing woman in their 20s. An its not like they necessarily are paying a ton of money for it. A lot of 20 something women are not charging more than above average prostitutes, and thats for several hours of shagging, if not the whole night.
          The brutal truth is that many well off guys in their 40s or 50s have more options than the average beta in his 20s or 30s. Money, status and experience makes a huge difference, even if a guys looks are starting to fade.

  2. Prostitution is a good thing for 85% of males.
    Beta males best chance to get quality pussy. Never look down on a whore if you are a beta or omega.
    If you are an alpha you tend to respect whores anyways. Why? Because you know many women and you know a lot about women. You understand all women are whores to some degree (that is a good thing) and some are just more honest about it than the others.
    Some say even Jesus did marry a (former) whore. The christians were not always like you were told in church.

    1. “Some say even Jesus did marry a (former) whore. The christians were not always like you were told in church.”
      wait, what? tell me more please. any sources? 😀

      1. Source: the holy bible
        When jesus was removed from the cross the romans gave the body to maria magdalena – a former prostitute.
        According to roman law (and the romans were hardcore beaurocrats) only the mother or the wife were allowed to get the corpses of dead criminals.

        1. That’s reading in exegesis as well as stretching Scripture beyond reason. The Romans are Italics, ultimately a culture of people that even today make a myriad of laws yet obey or follow few of them with any regularity.
          There is no source that actually suggests that Jesus married anybody.

    2. In most circumstances I don’t have any problem with whores but nowadays I can’t justify paying a college girl $200 for sex…. It’s too easy for them and I resent them for it.
      A woman with absolutely no skills in life can earn an upper middle class income by lying on a bed and giving out her phone number?
      And I’m supposed to work my entire life to be able to afford her temporary services? Yeah right.

      1. Sadly, many of them are earning way more than that. Most of the sugar daddies are multi-millionaires and are paying their “babies” a 5 figured monthly allowance and buying them all kinds of luxury gifts.

        1. No they are not. There simply arent enough multi-milionaires. And the few that exist dont sign up for sugar dating sites. They dont need to, they have plenty of other options.

        2. You are wrong sir. Multi-Milionaires do sign up on sugar dating websites. Take a look at seekingarrangement as an example.

        3. I pretty much doubt that they are common. They are rare for sure. If you are that wealthy, chances are that you have connections and you able to visit Clubs where you can meet young women. On a SD site you waste lots of time convincing the women that you are wealthy.
          Then there is the math to consider. Only about 3 percent of the US households are multi-millionaires. In other western countries their share is even smaller.
          This in itself will make it unlikely that they represent anything resembling the average Sugar daddy. Stastically this claim makes no sense at all.
          The average sugar daddy is most likely just a guy with a slightly above average income.

        4. The phenomenon of “sponsorship” is huge. And I mean *huge*. It always surprises me how there are guys -even among those who claim to have swallowed the red pill- think a girl can afford to go to tropic beach resorts twice a month, buy Hermes bags, the newest Iphone, just by “working hard” behind a desk at the human resources dept.

        5. Lots of men don’t want to believe its true. Like a parent in denial about how their child has turned into a disaster. The reality is the better looking the female, the more whorish the behavior.

        6. There are only about 3% households in the US with an income above a million. This makes me suspect that many of the daddies are faking it some what. They might actually be using a large amount of their savings to finance that resort stay in the Caribbian.
          The daddies have an interest in appearing wealthier than they are. As do the babes, it gives them social status.
          For this reason one has to be a little sceptical about the actual wealth of the sponsors.

        7. Who said it was necessary to have annual income of $1mm ? Hos don’t have access to your bank statements.

        8. Yes this is exactly my point. Some readers however seem to have the impression that millionaires dominate the SD sites, or at least are very common. I dont think this is correct. Both daddies and babes have an interest in presenting the daddy as more wealthy than he in fact is.
          I come from a small Scandinavian country, and millionaires(measured in US$, PPP adjusted) are even rarer here. From what I can gather, the daddies on the 2 recently started SD sites are on the whole just above average guys in their 40s and 50s looking for women in their 20s or 30s.

        9. Sponsorship sure isn’t limited to millionaires and richer, it occurs across the entire spectrum of wealth.

        10. College girls want new clothes, shoes, handbag, new iphone. If you let a woman live in a condo rent free like a mistress, that’s a whole order of magnitude different, and she should be centerfold quality.

      2. “A woman with absolutely no skills in life can earn an upper middle class income by lying on a bed and giving out her phone number?”
        That’s right. A woman who can barely count to ten is able to outearn an accomplished engineer probably by an entire order of magnitude, just by spreading her legs, and sometimes not even that. It’s that easy.

        1. cam girls make ~10K/month working 3-4 days a week in front of a cam.
          They dont even have to fuck somebody.
          Inserting dildos, vibrators and often only faking it is enough to make this sort of money if you are female and 6+ (yes you dont even have to be a hard 9 to make 10K, 6 with some talent in orgasm faking is enough).
          Who pays this? People like you Clark who are honest, hard working people. Unlike you they never learned about the red pill. So they get little to no sex in and will suit themselfs in front of their PC while chatting with cam girls.
          The hordes of thirsty betas are like a zombi plague. No joke.

        2. Aye but whose fault is that really?
          Because we let the system convince us that we will roll over and die if we don’t get laid. It’s all about up versus down. The cuntocracy is run by women who “get the tingles” but no, it’s men who are animals with uncontrollable urges (and hence all kinds of shaming and laws are needed – especially laws to “protect” the women).
          And for those men who might go their own way, the system deems them as “they must be gay or something”. So there is shaming against putting the pussy down a notch in ones life priorities.
          So of course some dumb bitch is going to be able to get rich just by spreading her legs. The problem is easily solved by not worshipping pussy and not letting the system control what we think.

        3. What’s worse still is that a lot of them probably make a career out of it, not just to pay their college fees.

        4. “we let the system convince us that we will roll over and die if we don’t get laid”? Really. It is the system’s fault if we are so thirsty for pussy? I thought the raging hormones had something to do with that. What are you suggesting, that we adopt a monk life style?

        5. This reminds me of an interview I saw with Marilyn Manson, I think in Bowling for Columbine. It was all about how men (especially teens) are bombarded with all this fear of not getting women.. Use Ax body spray or women won’t want to fuck you! Buy these shoes so you look cool enough to get attention from the cheerleaders! All about the fear of not getting any attention from women as if that’s the worst thing in the world. Hell, if a girl is attracted to me because I do something consumerist or trendy, that is a turnoff for me and personally I’m not interested. Although I guess it can be used for pump n dumps, if you’re into that.
          When you look at all the sex in advertising, the underlying message is this product is needed in order for you to get laid.

        6. Men who pay web cam models are omega males. Omega males are so intimidated by women they can’t date them. Beta males try to date, even if its not working for them.

        7. she cant count, but she knows the alphabet:
          A is for Armani
          B is for Bulgari
          C is for Chanel

        8. You know, there are other places to “shop” besides Europe and North America where quality is better at much more competitive prices…

      3. They have to use what God gave them. He gave them power over men and not much else. Be glad for what God gave YOU. Intelligence, creativity, will, ability to create..I know I prefer those rather than getting well paid in front of a web cam.

        1. Totally agree. Let the whores be whores. Be grateful you don’t have to fuck dirty old men for money.

    3. Right Maldek, we christians need someone like you to tell us in an Internet forum what were we like in in the past and what did Jesus do.

  3. If anything, this article suggests that we should not educate the poor like John Boehner.
    Class distinctions are remnants of caste, which exists for a reason: the lower echelons may be able to study just fine, but they lack the sense that higher levels have.

    1. I think those of lesser intelligence have much more sense than the spoilt, high IQ corporate lackeys. The poorest live closer to the edge and not in some lily white bubble like most of the elites.

      1. while i disdain many of the leisures of the uneducated i at least believe they are not on a psychological and physical suicide mission. the intellectuals that i have met are so steeped in their ideology that they go to amazing lengths to defend its irrationality. Example. Noam Chomsky might hold the position that radical Islam is in principle middle eastern self determinism. he might hold that israel is in principle very like apartheid state but the more people that believe this the more likely he himself as a jewish person will suffer the consequences of that very same thought process.

    2. Yeah, there’s a difference between the American petty bourgeois and the old rich. It’s not just about IQ but a general sense of culture. Maybe this is more of an Old World thing than an American thing though, like the British idea of class.
      As a prole, this isn’t in my self interest but meritocracy is probably part of the problem. In some other countries, you cannot join the upper class through money alone. You can become rich, but not upper class.
      You know, countries that have stronger class distinctions also have more prostitution. Remember what you’re asking for.

      1. Money usually is a poor metric of the quality of a person. Other nations realize this. America thinks that anyone who is able to hoard enough federal reserve notes is someone worth emulating. Not true.

        1. Snorting coke off the hood of a porsche on sunset blvd isn’t good enough? Hos are getting demanding.

  4. Not paying taxes lol. The same men who cheat the system out of taxes(the sugar -daddy) often squander all their wealth on useless women who basically rob them and give back to the state. A relative of mine avoided 500K in taxes in a year, spent about a quarter of that defending his position against the State and the deadset ugly whore he cheated with was given a 100k diamond ring. At the end of the day the State is having the last laugh on that one.De-facto Socialism has never been stronger under feminism with beta’s and alpha’s alike gifting their hard earned dollars on women who don’t even scrub up to par.Even i myself as a casual traditionalist enjoy’s playing the occasional providing role of a thoughtful gift. And that ladies and gentlemen is why the red pill will never be mainstream. Feminism as a cult relies heavily on using traditional institutions as weapons within the modern framework of equality. For equality could only ever be achieved until women drop on one knee and give men 100K rings for which men have no desire nor need to wear.

  5. In America….first you get the money…..then you get the power…..then you get the sugar (baby)

  6. It is a win for the guys paying for sex. As the old adage goes… they keep getting older but the women stay the same age.

  7. Porta potty girls in Dubai and now sugar babies…… is the planet now full of fucking whores??? I’ve met my fair share….. really there is no saving women from themselves any longer…..

    1. But how different are they from women who make lousy wives and mothers? With sugar babies, prostitutes, and porta-potty girls money is being exchanged for “something of value”.
      With a marriage today to the typical low value woman, money is being exchanged for what?

        1. No reason to get married *even if* he wants a child. Lettuce bee real tea- just knock up those whores and give them a fake name, using your buddy’s address. Then introduce her to some beta schlub who gives a fuck!

    2. Its almost mainstream now. With the internet its not like working from a hotel, or strip club. Its difficult to discern sluts from hos on the online dating sites. Hook-up culture has blurred the lines. Is she a pro, or dedicated amateur? If she’s sucking different cock every month anyway, why not take expensive gifts from some of her dates?

      1. No it’s not the oldest trade. There must have been a trade before that what else to pay the whores with ?

        1. Think about the word ‘trade’. Hunting is probably the first in line, but that is an occupation – what did the hunter trade the meat for?

      2. That was originally a joke made in a novel by Rudyard Kipling. Some dimwits popularized it as a factoid, having not had the intellect to understand it as it were – or perhaps merely lacking the context.
        Anthropologists studying primates observe hunters do not necessarily get more poon – those exhibiting traits of sociability/generosity do.
        Hunters and gatherers who share their spoils (so not only meat, and not only with the sole female in question, but in general) are pursued by females who then want to engage in coitus. Male primates who share their fruit engage in coitus a few hundred percent more often than those who hoard.
        (it is theorized this is because female pregnancy, if its to be successful, demands more calories; of this the female is innately aware)
        The provisions are relatively unimportant thereafter. (i.e. in nature males aren’t needed to “protect and privide” but for in limited scenarios)
        Among wealthy men, the philanthropists get the most and the highest quality poon.
        I’ve seen very wealthy men remain lonely. (usually the greedy ones)
        You’ll observe even financially poor men get great poon if they exhibit sociability and kindness.
        I’m surprised this isn’t discussed more.
        If prostitution is the intelligent /deliberate application of sex, then it arguably IS the oldest profession, and arguably then we have prostitution to thank for our evolution. The female primates do not have sex to earn resources from the males; the male generosity is merely rewarded with sex. No matter how ferociously we fight this, or pervert it, this component of interaction is deeply seated in our nature and our psyches.
        Kipling was being cute, tongue-in-cheek. He was rather funny. 🙂

    3. Once you’ve had a ‘date’ with a girl that winds up feeling more like a monetary transaction, you’ll have a whole new outlook on the whole “all women are whores” thing.

    4. Women are as sexually depraved as men, if not more. For the right man or money they’d do anthing. Even eat shit,

  8. Most of them are delusional sluts. Its easy to get a cute-hot girl girl, 6-8, for regular hooker prices, 2-4, but instead of one hour, you fuck her the entire night, often times every hole,.multiple times, and without a condom. With creampies, if you seem trustworthy enough. They’re not making thousands to rub an old mans ear, thats for sure.

    1. Make sure you have a vasectomy before hitting it raw. SBs for the most part are not pros.

  9. Sugar dating is huge in the States. Most Sugar babies are young 20 year old college students looking for their tuition fees to be paid for by regularly fucking some old rich dude, or even several. Sad state of affairs….

  10. What I find so fascinating about the Sugar Baby setup is how poor value it is compared to just hiring a whore as and when you want to fuck.
    Prostitution is legal where I live (Northern Ireland) and I’ve had sex with women that looked like models; it never cost me more than £60-£80 per session.
    The only reason I can think that a chump would blow thousands on one girl is that he is lying to himself that it’s not prostitution and that he’s in a relationship with a younger woman who is attracted to him. Which is complete bullshit.

    1. too right. but it’s the lie that they are paying for not the sex.some sugar daddy sites explicitly state that there is no sex involves and the highest level of intimacy is a hug. for many betas that’s enough and they live on the dream that they will get more.

      1. Yes a friend of mine used to know a girl who got paid a few hundred pounds just to have dinner with businessmen. It’s amazing to me that someone can be that successful financially yet have such low self esteem that they pay just to sit across the table from someone.
        I think you are correct that some women actually cock tease their sugar daddies – imagine that; paying big money to be friend-zoned! Congratulations, you are king of the Betas…

        1. Lol, that’s a crazy thought. But I’m sure the sugar daddy will lay down on the table what he wants out of the “relationship” before he hands over any cash.

        2. My friend use to visit this old crippled geriatric. She would let him play with her tits for a hundred bucks.

        3. No, no, no. The girl is a lying slut. These sugar sluts lie all the time about what they REALLY do for their money.
          Let me explain, the businessman pays her a few hundred pounds for the evening, that much is true. They go out to dinner and enjoy each other’s company. Then they go back to the hotel and he does anything and everything to and with her all night long. THAT is what she is getting paid for. But these girls like to leave that part out because they don’t want to look like whores, which is what they are.

        4. Technically, anyone who engages in work that offends or damages the integrity of his/her body is a whore. It used to be that blue-collar men, working men, laborers and such felt comraderie with prostitutes.
          And yes these women know exactly what they do and are not ashamed – they merely don’t want to be arrested.
          All it takes to not get arrested, however, is to record the prostitution on film! Then its porn, and is ok. 😉 It gets the, sticky, stamp of approval.
          Sugar-Daddy/Sugar-Baby trend is lending privacy to prostitution again (allowing freedom for it to occur off film). Essentially these relationships are going to upset a lot of third-wheel leeches – Porn consumers (broke Johns / lazy men who dont want to pay nor pleasure any other human being) and Porn Agents (pimps).
          Frankly speaking, SD(or M)/sb is akin to “traditional” marriage. It is distasteful, to say the least, to many feminists.
          Let’s be honest, all relationships are transactional – and not every person of the same sex want the same thing. I’ve known women who don’t give a flying hoot about money or “resources” – and literally only care about cumming. And I’ve known men who want to cuddle and chat, or even go shopping, rather than fuck. Might sound odd, but to anyone with the vision beyond that of an adolescent ought to know the world is vast and full of contrast and mystery!
          And let’s be honest, the only men who “hate whores and sluts” hate women in general, and honestly probably aren’t all too fond of themselves themselves. (yes, two ‘themselves’ was intentional and necessary)

        5. Technically, anyone who engages in work that offends or damages the integrity of his/her body is a whore. It used to be that blue-collar men, working men, laborers and such felt comraderie with prostitutes.
          And yes these women know exactly what they do and are not ashamed – they merely don’t want to be arrested.
          All it takes to not get arrested, however, is to record the prostitution on film! Then its porn, and is ok. 😉 It gets the, sticky, stamp of approval.
          Sugar-Daddy/Sugar-Baby trend is lending privacy to prostitution again (allowing freedom for it to occur off film). Essentially these relationships are going to upset a lot of third-wheel leeches – Porn consumers (broke Johns / lazy men who dont want to or can’t pay nor pleasure any other human being) and Porn Agents (pimps).
          Frankly speaking, SD(or M)/sb is akin to “traditional” marriage. It is distasteful, to say the least, to many feminists and, hillariously, misogynists alike.
          Let’s be honest, all relationships are transactional – and not every person of the same sex want the same thing. I’ve known women who don’t give a flying hoot about money or “resources” – and literally only care about cumming. And I’ve known men who want to cuddle and chat, or even go shopping, rather than fuck. Might sound odd, but to anyone with the vision beyond that of an adolescent ought to know the world is vast and full of contrast and mystery!
          And let’s be honest, the only men who “hate whores and sluts” hate women in general, and honestly probably aren’t all too fond of themselves themselves. (yes, two ‘themselves’ was intentional and necessary)
          There’s something vaguely homoerotic about obtaining sexual gratification while watching other mens’ penises be pleasured (i.e. wanking to porn), and surely this is a [honestly in my opinion, superfluous] source of shame. These men conflate prostitution (or, namely, the display of the female carnal appetite) with their own sense of inadequacy, remorse, loneliness, or otherwise self-percieved and self-inflicted humiliation. There, simply put, can’t be whores without Johns. The inconvenience of this knowledge predictably stirs animosity and aggression, as cognitive dissonance is apt to do.

      2. They say that to cover themselves legally, as paying for sex is illegal. Pretty sure they all know that in reality its quite different.

    2. Jesus, where do you find the hot prossies. The ones I see are uglier than normal women!
      Just joking. I did once (15 years ago) bang a supremely hot girl one night in her fancy riverside apartment in Belfast. I thought that daddy was paying for that, but it turned out she was an escort earning shitloads.
      Based on my performance that night she offered me a job servicing ladies, starting on £100 per encounter, and increasing (a lot of money for me back then).
      Sounds like a good idea, right?
      Most of my friends went ballistic when I told them, “that’s disgusting” etc. And a couple of them said “Can I do it too?”. The ones who hated the idea very rarely got laid, the ones who liked it regularly got laid. And that was when I realised the difference between Betas and Alphas (though didn’t know the terms).
      In the end, I did it a few times and then stopped, not for any moral, religious or sexual reason, I just thought that being a man, and therefore relatively empathetic and caring towards others, I may face the situation that I would refuse to fuck some wheelchair-bound, or ugly creature, that could never get conventionaly laid, and they would go kill themselves. I did not want to face that. And that showed me that women don’t give a shit about consequences (long or short term) and don’t have any real emotional maturity.
      Thank you to that young lady, for a great fuck, for opening my eyes to what women really are like at a young age, and the massive ego boost of women paying you to be fucked.

      1. Based on my performance that night she offered me a job servicing ladies, starting on £100 per encounter

        You can be honest, you were Ireland’s fudgemaster.

        1. Hmm, either that is a typically Beta jealous response attempting to suggest that I enjoy homosexuality (I do, but only lesbianism, I find their cinema thoroughly engrossing) or a humourous response that doesn’t translate well via typed words. May I suggest the use of smileys to denote whether you are being humourous or not?
          For example, You faggot! is bad, You faggot! 😉 is joking.

        2. Problem is, 😉 implies that YOU are gay. Don’t get in the habit. Friends don’t let friends use smilies.

        3. I know you are legit bc of your gaelic screenname. How is that pronounced? Frank? 🙂

        4. 🙂 Dunno. It’s not a universal rule, but the reasoning is simple: Most people use them to appease or ingratiate or deflect hostility. That, of course, is weak. What’s a girl going to respond to better:
          What’s for dinner, bitch? 🙂 or What’s for dinner, bitch?
          Smilies are feminine. About the only time I’ll use them is to reassure, or as a reward.

        5. I have to insert smileys into texts and emails and so forth. That is because my humour verges from cheeky cutting remarks to deepest darkest stuff.

        6. Hah, Cuchulainn is pronounced Kuhullin. And Frank in gaelic would be Proinsias! To make something Irish, just pour a bucket of random letters over it, but with most being c, t, h, e, o or i.
          Its a mental language, of which I speak a grand total of 20 words, including “telefon” and “bus”!

      2. I also see a lot of butt ugly prostitutes, that would have to pay me to fuck them. Around here quality goes for around $200, I did it a few times when I was high as fuck and didn’t care about blowing cash.

    3. “The only reason I can think that a chump would blow thousands on one girl is that he is lying to himself that it’s not prostitution and that he’s in a relationship with a younger woman who is attracted to him. Which is complete bullshit.”
      ^^^^ This.
      It would appear that the need for men to delude themselves is quite strong. Even Quintus Curtious wrote an article for ROK on why man needs his myths, and one of our biggest myths that 99% of men out there delude themselves with is the false idea that women actually care for men.
      Aint no such thing as ‘love’. All interest women show in men is resource based, nothing more.

        1. This £ might have given you a clue but these girls are not local, they are just drawn the same £ sign.

  11. I think it just shows that the US is sliding backwards economically. This is quite common in countries like Columbia and Ukraine.

    1. Yup. It’s actually known as the Hot Waitress Effect. The worse the economy gets, the hotter waitresses and bar girls get. I would assume that it applies to hookers too.

  12. Why is paid sex in such high demand?
    Here is solid data from *** SCIENCE ***
    Nov 28th 2005 published study.
    Title: How often in the last 4 weeks did you have sex?
    13483 men and women of all ages *IN A PARTNERSHIP* (married of not)
    17% did NOT have any sex in the last 4 weeks.
    57% did have sex 1 per week or less
    The median was 5,6 times sex in 4 weeks.
    28% did have 2 sex per week or more
    Only 11% did have 3 times sex per week or more.
    This is what *science* has to say.
    If you are a young guy 3-5 times sex per week sounds ok
    If you are a 40+ guy (like me) maybe 3 times per week is good.
    If you are 60+ guy (like my dad) maybe 1-2 times per week is enough.
    Thats what healthy men want.
    Now look at the data again. There is a LOT of sex missing.
    Part will be internet porn, part will be cam girl masturbation, part will be prostitutes.
    There is a lot of money to be made because the difference between “want” and “get” is soooo hudge.

      1. If you read the above:
        The average guy gets 5,6 times sex in 4 weeks.
        This is because the female part will not give him more and he is too weak to take more by force. The law is not going to help him if you dont know.
        The average guy WANTS 12 times sex in 4 weeks (and I am beeing conservative, there are guys who want it twice a day).
        Thats 100% more than what they get.
        So thats the market where they pay to close the gap.
        Your question implies that men can use game and get ONS/sex for free/less than paying a professional. The truth is, most are so blue pill they wouldnt get laid for free in months if their current wife/girl friend would leave them.
        Even those with game will have to invest a lot of time and effort to get a 7+ in bed. Most guys (even with red pill) end up fucking fatties or 1-4s more often than not if they rely on pick-up.

  13. Just a reminder, please do not post nude images in the comment sections. Thanks.

  14. My dad has been dating this braindead bitch.
    She put a real wedge in between our relationship early on. She was “working” (stomping around in high heels and playing dress up) for my dad’s company and I found out that she was banging this guy at a financial firm. I saw that my dad was having a meeting with the other guy’s firm in order to switch the business retirement plan over to his company.
    I eventually told my dad and he fired her. However, they are still together and she lives in a condo he owns in downtown Seattle. She is a total degenerate and is basically out of other options as she is now 45 and needs a retirement plan due to the fact that she is unemployable and has NO assets at all. My dad just takes her on trips and pays her an allowance and expenses.
    My dad is one of the best surgeons and is smart as shit. However, when it comes to pussy he is a doofus.

    1. Good looking quality pussy is very important for men.
      This does not change when you are 40+ or 60+.
      Very often older guys offer money in exchange for beauty.
      It is not easy to get quality pussy for non-alphas, even more so as you age.
      A greater betas biggest asset is his ability to provide resources (money) and get decent company.
      A 50 year old man who is poor will not get much better than 1-3 scale.
      You are a young man – dont judge your dad, learn from him.
      You will be in his place faster than you can imagine. No joke.

  15. How is a sugar baby any different than an actor, politician or anyone else who trades on their good looks? If you are good looking, things just come easier to you.
    Older men just don’t have the options that young men have. They still have the desire to bang hot young ladies. If the old geezer has the bucks, who gives a shit? Sounds like jealousy from the young guys who have to act like clowns and have to constantly game in order to get prime pussy.
    Prostitution should be legalized in the USA. Prohibitions of prostitution were instituted by proto-feminists (suffragettes). Legalization would accomplish several things:
    1) Give marginalized, butt-ugly or genetically disadvantaged guys a sexual outlet.
    2) Give competition to otherwise hot women because guys have alternative options to meet their sexual need. Thirsty men could be quenched.

    1. Meh, I’m not condoning it, but I suppose if you enter into a long-term arrangement like a sugar baby thing, there’s no ambiguity in the relationship. Certainly not like there’d be in a traditional relationship where the woman gets fat, lazy, and combative once she thinks you won’t/can’t split.

  16. I have a friend who does very well, he makes upward of 2 million a year and he is sitting on 10 million. He is an MD with an MBA and lived for the last 12 years in a one bedroom apartment and has driven a Honda Accord the entire time. One of our friends got cancer and died (at 38!) and that changed my friend. He bought a sports car, a nicer place and started living more. He plays for pay, I tried to put him up on game because he already works out, has all his hair, and is around six feet tall. He said he just does not have time for all that with his 12 hour days.
    Here is the kicker- He pulls chicks off instagram, pays them $3000-5000 for a weekend. If they are porn stars he gives them $1000 for the night. I showed him tag the sponsor and he started cracking up! I know we frown on play for pay, but a for a dude like him it makes sense.

  17. Working in order to study doesn’t stop at John Boehner. There are
    hundreds of examples of people we know in the news cycle who gained
    degrees through sweat and hard hours. Gary Johnson, the 2012 Libertarian
    Presidential candidate, was a door-to-door tradesman during college.

    Factory work, full time third shift, while having a full time class load (at the time 15 or more credit hours per quarter), and moving into my first house about half way through, with zero financial support from anybody. No subsidies, no grants, no scholarships, no money from parents, nothing. Almost five fucking years. Best thing I ever did, not because of the useless “education” from the university, but rather because it built a hell of a lot of character and steel sharp discipline.
    Lots of people used to do this. Still should if you ask me. Unfortunately public universities are now entirely unaffordable to the common working man who is forced to finance them with his hard earned tax dollars. Yearly increases in tuition, usually 7% or more per year basically throws you out in the cold, working man.
    You get a loan and hock yourself into debt to the same levels you’d have to in order to buy a nice home, or you can go to hell – sincerely The Public University System.
    Sugar daddies – well, eh, not really on my radar. Big whoop. Old men with money and young chicks who trade sex for money seems a song as old as the universe. This isn’t “shit on my face” stuff (well, I hope not) but the general Super Beta/Lesser Alpha Provider in his old age getting in a few more fun days before he is confined to a hospital bed until he dies. No skin off my nose. In fact I rather approve of the cold hard nature of hypergamy being exposed in front of snarling feminists. They can only wish to be as pretty and capable of resource extraction as the chicks doing the sugar daddy thing.

  18. College tuition is too expensive if women are whoring themselves out to pay for it.
    It should be made free for students, but also massively cut so that most adults enter the real world at age 17-18 instead of age 22-30.

    1. Um, no. Pay your own damned way.
      Now that being said, public universities shouldn’t be charging private tuition rates. They were originally conceived to be affordable for the common man. Pegging their tuition rate per credit hour to, say, 2 x the minimum wage would go a hell of a long way towards ensuring affordability without creating an even larger army of entitlement expecting, sneering Hipsters.

      1. Higher education and medical service are the two largest out of control monopolies in the country, and it’s all due to the way its financed.

        1. I absolutely agree.
          Everything the socialist state touches turns to shit, and corrupt crony capitalist types are more than willing to jump on board and help (insurance industry). Given my real druthers I’d eliminate public universities AND all government support of medicine (Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, etc) entirely. I’m rarely given my druthers however.

        2. So true. If we as a society choose that a certain amount of education should be provided to all, it can be done. Other countries provide health care and university education to their citizens for a fraction of the cost of what the US does (and it is higher quality to boot). But the USA has a weird public-private partnership system of fascism where someone makes a profit at every turn. IE you must pay a for profit administrator for a loan to finance your college or for a policy which covers your hospital stay. And this is enforced with the power of the feds guns.
          Another example of how financing ruins a public monopoly is the primary school system–the US is one of only 2 other developed nations that finances its schools locally, so that amounts per pupil range widely, which sort of undermines the whole rationale for having a universal “free” education system. And at the same time there are universal federal mandates that each school must adhere to.
          This fascism is seeping into every level now. Even state services such as EBT food stamps are being outsourced to for profit firms. There is no effort expended to make government services efficient or reasonable. Only paying someone else to fix your problems with a back room no bid contract deal that makes someone a millionaire, all at the expense of the taxpayer. Avoid feeding the beast in any way you can.

    2. Education shouldn’t be free or it will attract students who aren’t really motivated. Look at the education system before college, its like warehousing of students who don’t want to be there. But costs should be controlled. Big state universities are good value in the US, many students work their way through college. Working your way through college actually means you want it more.

      1. As I understand it, most developed nations will pay the costs of educating a doctor, engineer, etc. if he proves his aptitude in that field. There are strict tests and one must qualify before scarce resources are diverted to invest in the future career of a skilled person. In the US, everyone is entitled–no forced–to complete 12 years of education which is mediocre at best and often a joke. And higher level education is offered at 0% interest loans to anyone who can meet the threshold of acceptance into community college. Which means anyone with non-mentally retarted IQ and $25.

  19. What The Hell did Megan Fox do that was of any merit before having her midriff steal the show in Transformers???

    1. She did a few of your basic, teenager service jobs, including a stint working in a smoothie shop dressed up as a banana:
      But she started modeling when she was 13 and got her first movie role at 15; she didn’t exactly work her way up out of the salt mines.

      1. None of that seems particularly out of the norm for anybody. Besides, all teenagers have unglamorous jobs as their first one. Unless they start sugar babying at that age now, which wouldn’t strike me as weird at all.

  20. This is the world’s second oldest profession, thus there is a very old word for those women who practice it:

      1. A distinction is being made between the streetwalker offering a one off lay for pay and a woman offering the full “wife experience” for an extended period.
        While they’re both whores, the latter is a more sophisticated development of the former and traditionally actually confers some positive social status on the woman.

    1. Concubines are official mistresses that can produce offspring. Though said offspring will not have the rights of legitimate children.

  21. Yes gentlemen, whenever a cute girl has nice, expensive things or travel brags on social media with pics in front of Big Ben or The Eiffel Tower (they love their Europe, where they feel safe among other English-speaking White Christians and the men have “sexy” accents!), ALWAYS assume it was garnered through shady means! Either Daddy or Sugar Daddy is paying for all that, there is no Option B! If she tries scamming you that she “worked” for it, you can pretty much conclude how!

    1. That cracks me up how white american girls will fuck anything with a french accent. Say the stupidest shit with a french accent and the panities come off.

      1. Because they’re shallow and petty and miserable creatures. If a girl tells me she fucked some scrawny, unkempt-haired schmuck just because he had a French or British or Scottish or Irish or Australian accent (I just ran the gamut of all of their perceived “sexy” and “cool” accents), I immediately disqualify her as a candidate for anything and take a virtual Sharpie(TM) to her name! I always judge them by their past, since they judge me by my right now!

        1. All women are looking for that NSA fun. But they want some excuse why he was ‘different’ or ‘special’. But why french? If a canadian switches from english to french is he more fuckable? lol

        2. Again, they’re petty and delusional. Whatever suits their immediate needs where they are standing right then and there without consideration for future consequences or judgments (yes, I judge them by their past, always. They do too, don’t let them try and scam you otherwise!) is all that matters, dignity and class be damned!

        3. The guy with the french accent is like vacation sex for them, except they didn’t have to travel for it. lol If a man with a french accent says “you are a storm of a woman” her pussy gets wet. Same guy without the french accent says the exact same thing and she laughs.

    2. “Either Daddy or Sugar Daddy is paying for all that, there is no Option B!”
      Or a Dubai Sheik.

      1. Yeah, we learned about that recently, didn’t we? I was always wondering how some cute girl in my apartment building whose family has no money (there is no Dad around and her brother is away at “school” for a long time) gets to go overseas so much for “modeling jobs”. I fully understand it now!

    3. You could try a Hans Landa on her ” And where in Paris can one find such a wonderfully paying job, my lovely ?”

      1. Sounds like something I’d do. I either act brash when women try bragging about how cool they are (especially at the financing of someone else) or just walk away abruptly.

    4. I know a girl like this… She was poor, with no job, but somehow she traveled all over the world and spent like one year and half in Italy. I find this very shady. I wonder what she did to live.

  22. It is a BIG LIE that prostituting is the OLDEST ‘profession’. I’m shitting my pants that’s so fucking LUDICROUS. Even calling it a ‘profession’ insults every male inventor, statesman, physician, builder, architect, philosopher, explorer and so on and on and on and on! Hey, YOU’RE NOT IN THE CLUB you stupid hooker. G-T-F-Outta here and be a toilet attendant somewhere.
    Who makes this shit up ‘OLDEST PROFESSION’? Come on, it’s too funny BWAAA HA HA HA. I’ve got snot dripping it’s so funny. Is that the best that a DINGBAT can come up with for a trade?
    Now loyal tit feeding mothers and spouses I RESPECT. There’s a big difference.

    1. The saying is ancient. Protesting it at this point is a bit futile. We all understand the implied meaning, there’s no need to be pedantic about it.

      1. Pedantic – good one Jefferson. You walking thesaurus. Someone on here should compile a ‘HE’saurus.

        1. It helps having grown up in a home where proper English was spoken despite us not being in the upper tiers of society (grandfather was a diesel mechanic). The number of times I was corrected on improper use of language is uncountable, heh. Which is not to suggest that I do not still mess up most of the time, but when I do, I do so with gusto!

    2. I understand where you are coming from, and don’t disagree with that, but it is worth noting that it is the only profession practiced by monkeys and nonhuman apes. It is primal.
      Even before the lab boys proved it, men knew. Oh yes, men knew.
      A man does not need to trade, as he can obtain his basic necessities by taking them or making them, but he will trade what he has taken or made for a quick lay.

      1. Wow, the monkeys had whores? I know I’ve seen some pretty gross hookers who look like monkeys with lipstick. I guess the mothers and the whores can argue amongst themselves then who practiced what first, mothering or whoring for favors.
        Now before the first female was a glimmer, Adam was busy INVENTING LANGUAGE so as to name the animals. This was of course before Eve came on the scene, strutting down the boulevard.
        Wouldn’t hunting/gathering be a profession?
        Holy shit, epiphany – sex for money – began when the first hooker conceived the idea for the first COIN. It all started with money. The root of whoring and vice versa.

        1. “Wow, the monkeys had whores?”
          Yes. They hang out on the monkey corner and actively solicit males, who pay them for sex with monkey bon bons.
          It was first observed in a lab psychology experiment with chimpanzees, where they dispensed raisins for performing a desired action. Rather than eating the raisins, the males hoarded them until they had enough to meet the hooker’s price.
          Since they then knew what to look for, it has since been observed in the wild as well.

        2. Thanks I’ll remember that. I won’t forget to have my monkey shine ON the next time I’m headed for a night out on the strip.

        3. Theye’ve hlways blamed Adam for not teaching her and controlling her as he was commanded to do.

      2. Female birds too will mate with the male bird that has the most badass nest in the biggest tree with the best view.

  23. Interesting… I’m curious what spurred the OP to write this article. It’s self explanatory imo and doesn’t need light shed on it. A whore is a whore is a whore.
    Decent read either way… thanks.

    1. I found atleast 100 guys “helping” a female CS grad fight the “male dominated” world of IT on Hacker News. Apparently, some guy who interviewed her asked her out. She was very “upset”. She said the guy was in his 30s and atleast a decade older that her. These guys seemed completely oblivious to the plight of men and the nature of women. One even said that women should be encouraged to protest against male domination. “Had our great grandmothers not fought, a woman still would not be considered a person.”, he said. Or something similar.
      There were men mentioning the DongleGate and how the woman who protested was destroyed by patriarchy. What the fuck? Where are these men coming from. Are they the real zombies?
      I feel, we need these articles. Young men have no idea what shit they are getting into.

      1. Hmm, perhaps you are right. Luckily I was raised by two strong parents who instilled good values in me. My Father was the very essence of Alpha and my Mother an amazing nurturer and competent provider to the family, as well as helping to make my Father the strongest version of himself through her unending support.
        “Where are these men coming from. Are they the real zombies?”
        Hell, maybe you’re onto something there… unfortunately. I blame three things:
        1. Todays parents (not all obviously, but a good majority of white parents are to blame for the current downfall of the USA). Blacks and their lack of a father figure in the family what… 60-70% of the time?
        2. the Media in general (controlled by we all know who)
        3. Schools and parents inherent enabling of illegal, asinine, and overreaching policies (Elementary all the way to High School).

    2. Yea, but if his point was, “Sugar babies are becoming more mainstream and acceptable,” then it sounds like decent inspiration. Everyone always knew that an Arrangement was possible, but it’s only recently that there are ‘dating’ websites dedicated to them.

      1. Ahh, I didn’t know this was a new phenomenon. I’m not up on most things, “net social” which is why I’m in the dark for things like this.

  24. Its a whore planet nowadays. Like others have said it seems hiring a street walker would be cheaper than supporting the education and lifestyles of these women who dont want to get a real job.

  25. Sluts will do anything if the price is worthy, nothing easier than opening their legs for a good pay day. There are so many sugar daddy websites around now such as the mind boggles.

  26. Soon in the US, if you get into a girl’s pants without furnishing them with material possessions, it will be rape.
    Everything rape.
    Did you wake up this morning, make a coffee and look up the news online? Rape.

  27. I like a lot of articles on this site, but this one is ridiculous.
    a. young attractive women hooking up with old rich dudes for the sole purpose of material gain is nothing new. Not all women do it, some do.
    b. There wouldn’t be a market for it if the old rich dudes didn’t want young, seemingly unattainable women.
    c. Both parties appear to understand the arrangement.
    What exactly is shocking about this? The fact that young women won’t sleep with paunchy old guys unless there’s material gain to be had? A lot of young women won’t, a lot probably will. This has been going on since time immemorial.

  28. “[Boehner] talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to personal responsibility. He didn’t need to slut himself around to get through college.”
    He lives off of extorted tax money and gives it to foreign countries and corporations who profit off the laws he passes. He is their whore – but he doesn’t even have to use his own money or body – he whores us out instead.
    Oh, but he paid his own way through college…I guess that makes everything OK.
    At least on SeekingArrangement, the women are giving something valuable in exchange for the money they get…and not robbing from others.

  29. Here’s my take on it…
    Lots of very attractive young women on that SA site. I’ll be honest, it’s tempting. (None in my area as they’re a joke with uglies & fatties seriously thinking that a man will pay to fuck them, so I’d have to play this game on my layovers in other cities) The reason why the attractive ones are there is because they know their pussy is their only real asset when they’re 18-23 years old & they’re either too lazy or stupid to go be “independent” as feminism tells them to. Either that, or the economy really is that bad or they stupidly frivorce their husbands and are on welfare and can’t make ends meet so they resort to prostitution just as many (and the Bible if I’m not mistaken) have predicted. The SA site gives them a convenient excuse to rationalize in their heads that they’re not hooking. They’re providing “companionship.” The actual supply of men (who portray themselves as & actually are successful) is a lot less than the enormous demand for successful men from women due to hypergamy. Economics 101. That’s why successful guys like me can have our pick on SA. That’s why its SO tempting. There’s a thread on Roosh’s forum about SA game, which is a entertaining read if anything else. But regarding SA game in particular, you can’t fuck the same girl twice (unless you want to be a fool and actually start paying their superficial asses) because then they start wanting money from your ass after your first taste. These bitches must take after drug dealers…..
    I’ll pass. If I end up fucking attractive 20 year old Asian woman, I want it to be because she genuinely wants to bounce her tiny ass on my chocolate cock. I also want to keep her in the rotation. Only way to do that (for free) is if there’s some sort of mutual feeling from the beginning. If she puts me in some sort of “relationship box” all the better for me. It only makes it that much easier for me to fuck her on the regular since I’m so high value to begin with & she’ll try her hardest to hook me & all I have to do is dangle the “provider” carrot in front of her face & milk that bitch for all she’s worth. She doesn’t need to know that I’ll never commit. I wouldn’t want to go in with these sugar babies from the get go with her having the expectation that she’s expecting to be paid for her “companionship.” And since these are western women we’re talking about, we all know she’s only in it for the cash and she very likely has no mutual feeling towards me, so what’s the fucking point? All that for a taste of 9+ pussy once?
    Fuck that, I’m gonna stick with real world game. Maybe supplement with online, haven’t decided yet. There’s some hotties online along with the usual fuglies, just have to search. There’s plenty of fatties & fuglies on SA trying to get paid too so it’s all relative. At least the girls online aren’t in the “prostitute” mindset to begin with.
    To each his own.

    1. I hear you, but it’s just another type of game really, which is “try to fuck the Sugar Baby without paying her”. Come across as richer than you really are, dangle the promise of shopping / travel, etc. and game her knowing full well that she’s after a monthly allowance. I find that kinda fun. For the cost of drinks and a few nibblies (maybe a hotel room also), you have a full night of psychological jousting and pretty wild sex. It’s just entertainment and an environment to run some social experiments that might be useful with other women in different situations. Last time I banged a Sugar Baby it cost me about $200, but I was with her about 14 hours (she stayed over at the hotel), had drinks and a tasty dinner, and 3 good nuts — one doggy, and 2 BJs of high quality. Plus, we had some pretty wild conversations that were quite eye-opening for me. All in all, well worth the $$$, but no chance of a repeat, naturally.

  30. You don’t think Jonnie boner has ever sold his ass and his country to AIPAC? If an AIPAC lobbyist pulled his dick out and told “boner boy” to suck it there on the spot; there is no doubt in my mind that boeners chin would be balls deep to get his shekels. To call boner boy a whore is a disservice to the thousands of hoes fucking and sucking to make an honest buck.

    1. Exactly. I hate when ROK writers use celebs and politicians to prop up their points. All are mind-controlled drones singing for their supper. And the chef happens to have a Star of David on his apron…

  31. Am I the only one that sees this as a good thing? This brings us one step closer to legalizing prostitution. Imagine a world of abundant, cheap, hot, wet, quality pussy. They’re all whores at the end of the day anyway.
    Imagine being able to get your rocks off at a moments notice, and then going back about your business without putting up with her bullshit.
    Imagine being able to fuck 9’s and 10’s at the drop of a hat, regardless of how tight your game is, or how big your biceps are.
    A quality escort can be a very relaxing, rejuvenative and healing experience, if you find a good one that knows what she’s doing.
    If you think your precious cupcake is more devoted to you than a garden variety whore, you need another dose of red pill.
    Why the Manosphere doesn’t support prostitution in any form is beyond me. This is a woman’s true nature. They fuck powerful men with status and resources. The notion of a docile, well behaved woman that loves and cares about you is a myth.
    Be glad you dont have to fuck dirty old men for a living.

    1. Problem is like alcohol prohibition less women will be willing to engage in this. I mean did you know prostitution was legal in the United states prior to 1915
      It would however separate the whores from the women like the pre-1915’s

  32. I currently have a profile on Seeking Arrangement and get great mileage out of it! The first Sugar Baby I met off the site was a black chick — 22 years of age. About a 7 body, big tits, not a real pretty face per se, but very attractive eyes and smile. Sucked back her red wine and ordered some shots for us. Good conversation actually. I cut to the chase and asked how much, and she said $2,500 a month for full access! I said, “But I only want a chick 2 weekends a month, 4 nights max, which comes to over $600 per fuck plus food & hotel.” So I asked her why wouldn’t I go with a mid-range escort for half that amount and not have to buy meals / drinks? I shit you not, she was shocked that I’d use an escort!!
    So after I paid the tab, I said thanks but no thanks, but she wouldn’t let it go. While walking out to the parking lot, she starting rubbing the cock on the outside of my pants and suggested that we get a hotel. I said I was tired and didn’t want to use a credit card anyway, and she was adamant that I go to an ATM and pull out $300 for her (the price I told her for an escort!) and we could go to her apartment. I said no thanks, and she literally jams her tongue down my throat while we’re standing beside her Scion XB. I then jacked up her skirt and started finger banging her, completely oblivious to other customers coming and going. She then drags me into the back seat, pulling off my blazer and shirt — and I really thought I was going to bareback her — but she couldn’t figure out how to lower the back seats so we could lay down. Anyways, more making out, finger banging and cock tugging before I get bored and say, gotta go. She then grabs my car keys and won’t give them to me. 20 minutes later, I’m real pissed off and have to tear the keys from her sweaty hands. I storm off to my car, then she has the balls to block me in her Scion and yell to me that she’d take $200! I had to agree just to get her to move, then I peeled off in the other direction and haven’t seen her since, despite her texts. True story and that was just my first experience on the site.

  33. I came to the realization that as men, we pretty much all fight for the same young women. So basically even if you are young, a hot girl might ditch you to go with a middle-aged rich man instead. Women past a certain age have little value in the sex market.

  34. I have to wonder why any guy with that kind of money would spend it on one woman when he could do the escort thing and have as many as he wanted, probably for less money per fuck. Makes me think a lot of these guys have the same moral conundrum as the women they’re paying to fuck, that is, they aren’t buying a hooker, they’re helping some nice young college girl get her life on track. Whatever helps you sleep at night/keep face with your social circle.

    1. The idea is that the suggar daddy is the exclusive customer.
      The baby may (often) be allowed to have a male friend/fuck buddy but no other customers.
      When you go to an escort or in a studio you will number x she had this day.
      Another guy may be waiting outside until you are done. This is something people with class and style do not like.
      If you have the option you pay for 2-3 suggar babies, all in their appartement and you are their only client. Whenever you want, you visit them, often without prior notice.
      Compare it with leasing a car (babe) versus rent-a-car (escort).
      It is not the same.
      Buying a car and keeping it until it is 20 years old and rusty would be marriage :O

      1. You have made the correct analogy. The one thing you need to remember is that the sugar baby might get too attached. I think this is the point Ryan 754326 was trying to make but did not articulate well. The sugar baby can turn into a problematic “second wife”.

      2. And most of the time in the US, it’s a high mileage used car. Not many new cars on the ‘marriage lot’. Know what I mean?

  35. It is kind of amusing seeing some women that I know whom have average salaries taking these exotic vacations. From their pictures they seem to be traveling alone, they need to Tag that Sponsor.

  36. Sugar babies, in my book, are actually BELOW prostitutes. Prostitutes are obligated to provide sex or give the money back. And the pimps would drive the point home.
    Sugar babies, however, could actually talk their “daddies” into just giving them shit without performing sexual duties, i.e. they convince them to treat them like dolls – “buy me some clothes and jewels and dress me up”. There are tons of “daddies” with empty wallets and blue balls. Fucking thieves.

  37. I am European and it is clear the author of this article doesn’t have a clue about the costs of studying in Europe.

  38. I don’t get how these “men” pay for women yet don’t push for sex. Honestly I would push for sex first meeting and if she didn’t put out I would dump her ass.

  39. I think women who marry purely for money are prostitutes as well. It is just legally sanctioned prostitution. Sugar babies are just whores with a pretty name.

  40. I have to say though. I checked this site out. Why? Because I just turned 27 years old and I make almost $200,000 a year. I spend the majority of time in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. So when I come back to America I think to myself – okay, you can go out and game bitches and have an almost 50% success rate to pull a bitch after working for it. Or you can find one of these little hoes who will drain your balls 3 times a day like clockwork for a month for less than a weeks worth of your salary.
    Beyond that, if your young and good looking in addition to being well off, and you have a little game? It’s too fucking easy. These little tricks just fall over themselves for a chance to catch a load. It’s a nice inversion of what you see almost anywhere else. I am no longer deceived about the nature of woman. At least I know them for what they are. I will never be fooled again.

  41. While I am sure there most be definitely a percentage of sugar baby women who will fall into this category of prostitution, and we define prostitution a sex act in exchange for money or some other type of financial reward, I am sure there are some sugar babies who tend to be more genuine regarding their intentions, emotions, and what they bring to the table.
    There is sex involved, of course, but sex is also involved if she has a boyfriend, whom, instead of helping her by simply cooperating with the mutual expenses of attempting to run an apartment where he visits her, he actually constantly borrows money, brings friends to drink beer and play xbox, or watch sports, and still waits until she comes home, from her job, and ask “what is for dinner?” I guess that is more socially acceptable, and only makes her a “good girlfriend” if she is sort of ok with that. She thinks he is in a phase, and will grow out of it, he will change, he will mature, etc.
    I met a 21 young beautiful woman once. She had a sponsor who was 25 years her senior. She was also a single mother, and they began ‘dating’ by spending time socially going to events, and of course, having sex. He did not fully support her, but only assisted her for about five years. With his assistance, a part time job, and a lot of effort, she was able to put herself through nursing school. When she graduated, she was actually able to marry him, but decided to move closer to her family, out of the state. I believe both of them gained perspective, grew together, and created fantastic memories, and I never thought for a second of her as a prostitute. But, hey, just my opinion.

  42. Back several years ago, I had a sugar baby coming on to me. She was a cute, little blonde thing, but nothing exceptional. What came out of our conversation was that she was nookie for the company boss but his wife found out. So she was fired and being evicted from the apartment he had been paying for. She offered me play-for-pay several times but I refused. I just treated her like any other girl and, literally, didn’t give a fuck. Then I invite her to a party where she got drunk and started talking shit that pissed everyone off. I don’t really remember what it was that she said, but the end result was that I took her back to my apartment and gave her something just shy of a hate fuck. And I told her “you are a bad girl and need to be punished.”
    Having lived in Asia for a few years, I’ve opened my mind to the idea of laying out some cash to have some LBFMs. However, I still don’t get guys who would pay for sex in a western nation. A sugar baby is even more retarded as the money to sex ratio is astronomical.

  43. You’re blatantly projecting.
    “I was one of those inveterate student slackers and was still on the honor roll. I never handed in a serious assessment piece until the day it was due. There is absolutely no comparison in almost every instance between an undergraduate student and that same student when they have graduated and find themselves in the private sector.”
    Not every person on Earth, especially not every woman on Earth, thinks like you, or behaves in a manner such as this.
    But to get to the real nut of the matter; What is wrong with prostitution? Your whole piece here beats around the bush – You (allegedly) absolutely loath prostitution, yet you won’t say why..
    In my estimation, Johns (or third-party Johns, such as porn consumers) are no more faultless than prostitutes.
    It bears mentioning prostitutes are not strictly female. The men who are featured in porn are prostitutes, and male prostitutes pander their bodies on the streets and online to both male and female consumers.
    Sometimes the circles we run in shape our personal understanding of the world. In my life, I’ve seen predominantly females supporting male financial dependents. It’s sooo common where I hail from, that its tempting to think the whole world functions in this manner (working women with dependent men), but because I’m an adult I can fathom that my singluar experience is not a perfect representation of reality.
    Nothing is cut-and-dry, black-and-white. If you limit yourself to false dichotomies you’re going to miss out on a lot of life’s complexity and limit your own capacity for intellectual discourse.

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